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The Daily Canadian Jul 3, 1906

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tar MM lo Nel-
fan's Triumphs
Marshall    first,
ting and Clean sports Make
ajoyable Programme���Log*
Rolling Hakes Hit.
n   Da)   celebration  has
.1 ii, any in i's lung
I,                 ii-     The    lirsl    day
|          nml clear, nnd the pi ople
tin I early, ihe young-
ili   iiopulation being par*
I Huns.
. . ii.iiilli    auspi-rnleil,
�� i roils and many win-
rated, though  lhe Idea
I in   ,i   iiie chief Canadian
was nol specially em-
iin  majority or ihem.   The
i     open, nnil tnnal  of
| inn adorned   with
ii i maple leaf devices.
Lhe opening, waa the
!i.  , II)  hand, led hy Charlie
n lias  siifflclently reoov
nl  illiiesa to act na
 les and to gratify the
, hlldri ii io participate In
Charlie    place would   ho
I En the nilinls of tne
itics  be fulfills no    ac-
no-,i Important feat-
.i lebratlon,
'" in ihe morning the program
{ .vim:, and lhe crowds   of
.   llora  were  illvhtcd  ac-
I flieii several tastes���at  the
i.   Hi.   ;. n.'ila courts
recreation grounds.
l.i.. very i|itlel anil
ilili ihe ehnractei isilc
',. see nil sports comlucted
ni' rly, ami lo accord ini-
��� ii > ' nil eolitestauls.
tvi re all fair specimens of
; 'le' greati r proportion ot
II to lot nl spoilsmen.   It
in   i i good fortune and
I physical freshness
with ihe ground that
the liome team.
ii BUlta of Moiiiloy's
en the third page.
i .em   win, weather ex-
rday, warm, clear   ami
li   uml i!i,  crowds were out early.
Log Rolling.
eveni of tbe day was   a
Hie log-rolling  contest,
li in-' en  ihe harbor Jusl
'in wharf.
 niesianla i.ike up position! al
| ��� ml    "1 n sub .'aniial log,
���     whh a long pike pule. They
ipidly In the water witb
:-   aim or each being    io
to lose his position on
��'il "i   rerun,irs gathered
find    In launches,   row-
noi    ihe occupants ur tbe
h' bu comfortable lhal    li
lnf��i .He 'hm only one event
program   was  visible   from  Ihe
I '   onlj two entries for tbe
"'   iieorgp Brodorlck,   of Creston,
v Mullen, of Phoonli    The run
'""'t. Mullen winning twice
 li B    While il Iniileil
" " pretty and Interesting sintg
Cnlrdonian  Sports.
1 rowti then made Its way to
ml    al    the    recreation
fitness   the   miscellaneous
1    of which Harry Wright,
In charge.    The events
1 closolj  ,,i���t, sated, except   fal
'"   which was easy for Herb
Hie Ihree-leggsd   race   ro-
, . ,       '" " "fad heat, ami ihen In
,;,( ;'�� i'lei.es i��� ��� hundred
',u  Imlland Jonas, who wen-
 n nve yards of the finish.
,; ,;, ,'""��� Prospectors' race   and
.���",,'"���������"�������>��� pig aroused greal
1        results were:
",. ''"���''   four entries;    Car-
,,,       '"���''  ' nd,   Time.  II   1-4
"���;:,' ;..'i";   "l��l . l-lv.. emrles:  Kra-
"���' ���i i Inches: Mimics >et>
i[r     "' ' Inches.
! ,���'."'ii    rnce_Two    entries'
mi  ;'���',;' ''",l:l�� iimi. Carroll   and
Ion !",'.','Y""'",   Fivi' enirles:    Pul
,,��� ( ��� ��� i-ynch Boeond,
I i       ,,'u''u   Three ontrlesi   car-
totiiiH    ""'" iccond.    Ti,,,,., u j.j
,: ':,,',';,;" ontrie��< �������>"
 """"'��'    �����.    with     M-pound
sacks    Six    entries:
Steel second.
The greasy pig was then turned loose
and six Indians started in pursull  Bach
time a hand toucl    the porker   be
spurted, mui the race was cresting m-
Hiusliisni, when, wllh tbe animal in-
S..HCI for shelter, the pig tod, ���, lho
tall timber In ihe southeaal uormr of
ihe grounds. There Its chances wero
fewer, ami It was linally caughl ex
Gun  C ul).
Tho trap shooting tournamenl ended
early ihis afternoon. The shooting for
tbe day was excellent. Bhlngren made
BE iier cent, Forbes and Ooepel   each
:��i and Blackwood 88. The scores for
the events wero:
Events ... 9 lo II 12 ta ll U li; T
No.   of
birds   . .211 20 211 20 20 20 15 15
Bhlngren .20 20 Is. is 19 in li 16���148
Forbes    .in i; 19 i.-, in is ii 13���135
B'lcwood  ..15 111 in is in 17 n H���182
,nK 15 14 14 1(1 1(1 16 l:l 1(1���111
Ward ....11 7 12 9 ll 18 (i 6��� 7S
Watson ,.10 16 15 .. in 15 12 in���in
Melrose ..17 is is is ic is 111 13���12s
Burden ..18 17 16 11 15 11 12 11���117
Desmond   In lo 15 13 11 1:1 11   s��� '11
Wells   ...If;  15  IS  [fl ��� fl,,
Snyder ...IS 17 15 Hi 15 17 n 1::���120
Qoepel ...20 it; 17 17 17 14 11 1:1���135
Voung   II ... ..   3 ��� 20
The Ashiliiwn cup, won lasi year by
.M.in.se. was lied for on No 9 event
hy Snyder and Burden, tbe former win-
lllllg   III   llle  sllOOI-olT.
The Ink and Ward trophy for high
average was won by C. I), Blackwood
with 2li; oil! of 300. g2 per cent. It
was open only to llrillsh Columbia
A close and interesting game of association fiHiiliall between Coleman and
Kelson resulted In a victory for the
home leam by 2 goals 10 1.
The teams lined up as follows:
Coleman. Position. .Nelson,
Johnson   goal  Emerson
Hillson  right liark  Sharpies
Seo'i    Ion hack  Klasaob
Mel'arlane   . ...riuhf half  Warren
VV. Smlili   centre  Ihu per
Fraser   left half   Corry
d. McParlane. right wing Gill
Hauler    right   wing    Sadler
lluiion     centre   Herkmor
Haines  left  wing  Taylor
T. Kmllh  left wing  Cox
Ileferee, P. II. Hawthorns.
The Aral huff was clean anil fast.
Nelson was equal to her opponents In
every other respect ami superior in ag-
gresslve iwwer. Two goals resulted,
scored in ('<i��-iiiiu iioiui.
In the second half Hie terrific lea:
told on bulb teams. An easl wind sent
clouds of dust towards X�� Ison's goal,
eml made kicking and heading very uncertain. Barnes scored one for Coleman about the middle of lhe second
The baseball match between Nelson
anil Colville is In progress as The Dally
Canadian goesl 0 press.
The rock-drilling contest win he held
In lhe usual place opposite the Tre-
inon! hotel this evening at (> o'clock.
The Faillds brothers are here again to
Firew'orks. the minstrels nml a grand
ball will close a very successful two
daya' celebration.
Small Attendance of Members    in    the
Ottawa, .Inly 3.���Tin first Saturday
siding oil he session waB held lust
week, when good progress was made in
supply. Iii the discussion on public
works estimates Hon. Mr. liynuin said
be had told ilie contractor tor the Laurler tower thnt ir he is nol satisfied
with the Judgment of the commission,
an opportunity will be given him to go
Into the colitis.
11 mine oul that chlci Commlsslonei
Curry is a paid officer ��l the govern
Tho vol.- of $20,000 for the Cumber
I.mi,I public building ��...-- carried al ei
a little discussion. Mr. Ilynian said
the siie had been bought ni a cosl ol
ffOO,   The a 1 10 be voted   would
nol nn ei tbe en ii coal of the building
The vote oi jn,.  fur 11 building in
New Westminster was changed to
read for a building tor the murine and
fisheries department and Indian branch.
On the vote of (20,000 tor the Osoy
oos building the minister admitted
there was no settlement on this point.
On the voie of (100,000 for Vancouver, Mr. lljniau said the proposed cost
oi ilie Vancouver postoffloe was $i::i.-
I , but Ihis did nol   Incluile 1.10 cosl
ul' the site.
Mr. Borden sent the following Domln
Ion Day greetings to lhe Winnipeg Telegram:
"Thi" Dominion enters lis fortieth
(���ear in a season of wonderful prosperity ami development, which, although
apparent In tho older provinces of ibe
east, have Iheir greatest exemplification iii the great progress nnd growth
of Canada's western domain, Although
separated from our fellow-countrymen
in the wesi by 11 broad.stretch of country iih .vol unsettled, wo In tho easl
wulcli nol only wllh Interesi, but wllh
Intense pride. 111 ��� - progress which Is
llius being achieved. May IIiIh eoniin
ue und Increase, and may the He which
hinds the east to lhe wesl slrcllgllu 11
Mill more lhal spirit id unity and common purpose, which no Icsb llinn mule-
Stoiltj  CanaMcm
Fifty Cknts a Month
rial prosperity Is essential to th- true
national life of this great country."
.The customs revenue for the twelve
months ending with June was (46,274,-
(81, an Increase of (4,609,838 over lasi
/ear.   The Increase for .lane wus (333,.
The  Noted Criminal  is Again    In    the
Vancouver, July 8. -The re-arresl of
Desire Brothler .-is soon :,s he was
brought hack to Ibis clly by the Hulled
Btates Immigration agenl is a mailer
oi general congratulation among the
Citizens, A final attempt to secure his
liberty for him was made on the arrival
of the steamer at this port, bul withoul
avail. Ills appeal to Washington dill
not result in any check being placed
upon his extradition. Today being a
holiday, the case did nol come up in
the courts, hul a leading firm of solic-
liors have been retained u, defend
Brothler, There Is a question raised
In re whldh Indicates whin will proba-
bly be lhe line of defence. Thai rjusH-
Hon is whether, In the knowledge of all
the (acts, ihe governor-general, on lhe
advice of the minister ol justice, having
pardoned Brothler, he can he prosecuted on iin. ni,i charges. The charges
on which he is to be tried ibis time are
by no means as serious as those under
which his Former conviction was s-i
His Millenium Has Come.
Richmond, Va��� July 3���Rev. W. 0.
Thurman, who predicted that iho mll-
lenium would come In 1S75, and whose
prediction was believed by thousands
ol persons, some of whom w, re residents of Chicago, where he then In. if.
died here yesterday,  aged 80.
Stringent  Measures   Taken   ti   Prevent
Spread of Revolt���Creates
81 Petersburg. July 3.���An incipient
riot Is reiKirled to have occurred among
the cuirassiers of the guard at Tsarkoe-
Selo because ihey had been ordered not
to road the newspapers. Officers of
the guard who were queslloned on ihe
subject declared that the severity of
the measures taken to prevent the
spread of the revolt among the troops
Is arousing such Intense resentment
anions the men lhat the lives of the of-
ficets themselves are endangered. They
speak pesttmlStically Of the spread of
disloyalty in tlie army.
Interior Minister Stolypin has sent a
circular secretarily (o the governors of
the provinces and prefects of lhe cities
warning them that they will he held responsible should anti-Jewish outbreaks
Peterhof. commander of the Vladimir
dragoons at Bialystok, in his report to
the emperor printed in the Kitssky Invalid today, charges the .lews with throwing bombs and llring revolvers (lining
the recent disturbances there He
claims that lhe troops did nol lire ex-
cepl in response to such provocation.
Fate of the Grand Challenge    Cup    is
Henley, July 3.���In lhe.second heat
[or ihe grand challenge cup today the
Argonauts (Canada) beat the Thames
Rowing Club. The time was 7 minutes
.ol seconds. Tin- Canadians fed the entire distance und won easily.
..ot a mini oi ihe Argonauts showed
tlie slighlosl sign of ilislress They all
sa. up as Straight us poplar trees at tho
ilnish. mui were accorded a inn- reception. The Argonauts are Improving
wiih raclngi mui many experts alreadj
consldi r thai ihe fate of the grand Challenge cup ii- sealed, and ihat it v.ill
leave England tor Hie first time In iis
Tireless Precautions.
London, Jul) 8.���In the house of
commons yesterday ihe bin giving ihe
pun sanitary authorities of Manchester
special powers for the Inspection of all
food products conveyed lo Minx hosier
by the ship canal, passed its second
n ailing.
John Hums, president of the local
governmenl hoard, however, pointed out
thai tho bill was necessary In ordor
thai lhe people might be protected rrom
foreign Importers of hud meat.
The recent Chicago meal packing
Bcandals were urged by Mr. Burns as
n further argument in favor of ihe Ml1
Reported  Train  Wreck.
Sew  York, July  3.���II     Is    reported
lien- iimi tho Montreal limited express
mi ihe Delaware und Hudson railroad
has been wrecked near lltillaion, N. Y.
Emperor's Solicitude For
the Peasantry
Socialist Schemes Are Delusive and
Will Lead to Inevitable Misery
Says tlie Czar.
St. Petersburg, July 3.���The government's agrarian bill has finally been approved. Introduced in lhe lower house
ol parliament, and nlxo published In the
official Messenger^ accompanied by a
.���'lit of proclamation to the peasant*
glorifying the emptor's constant solicitude for the peasants. It attempts to
enow thai the retfjJtaUon of the socialistic schemes for iin nationalisation ol
the lands, with which the country has
been deluded, Instead of improving the
lot of the peasants, would result in In*
evltable misery. :is iin distribution of
all the arable slate lands in European
Russia would give each peasant less
than one additional deciatine, which
hud bi en subject to constant diminution
owing to increases In the population.
Besides, it would deprive the peasants
of ihe opportunity of obtaining work
irom the landlords, from whom a large
percentage of their income is derived.
As finally submitted, the government's
-so'uLion makes the following propositions:
First, to distribute upon "favorable
terms" all the arable lands in European
Russia to ihe peasants who have not
sufficient laud.
_econd, to pnrchase for the account
of ihe state iUe..aiM which private own
ers are willing to sell.
Third, to sell such land to the peasants on reasonable terms, even if this
involves the assumption by the state
oi ..o difference in the cost and the
selling price.
Fourth, to establish the principle that
new as well as old peasants' lands are
not saleable to persons not belonging
to the peasant class, besides exempting
tne laud from seizure for debt.
Fifth, to assist immigrants to reach
.-lueria and Central Asia, and to help
them in installing themselves there,
not only by allotments of land, but by
the building of government roads.
Sixth, to make arrangements for the
sale of the lands the immigrants leave
beuind them for the benefit of these
immigrants; the rigorous improvement
of agriculture, correcting the Inequalities In plots of land, and the right of
Ihe distribution of the lands severally
where desired.
'i ue statement accompanying the publication of the government's agrarian
measure gives figures to prove thai the
peasants* dream that a universal distribution would ghv ample land to all
is fallacious.
Warsaw, Russian Poland, July 3.���
'lhe terrorists' determination to exterminate the police force shows no signs
of wavering. Uefore noon today two
more police sergeants were added to
me already long death roll, Moth men
weiv shot and killed in lhe streets, and
iu each ease the nssassins escaped.
Seattle Police Warned of a  Plot to Assassinate the German
Seattle, July ;'..���in a building ooou.
pled until May 1st bj August Rosen'
berg, ii German bricklayer, the Seattle
police have found a planl eo.nlpped tot
making bombs nn') Infernal machines.
Rosenberg, who was mysterious In nil
of hln ilolngH and was known ns a tnnn
of anarchistic tendencies, led Seattle
May lnt for Hamburg, flormnny.
At nlioui ihni time tho Qermon government received from n ninn In Sent-
tie, who wns nn acquaintance of Rosenberg, n warning thai au attntn.pt would
be made to assasslnato the German emperor,
Herr GelHsler, German conp.nl nt Se-
little, BUbseQUontly received n enlile
from Hamburg Instructing him to Investigate Rosenberg's recprd here. The
Seal lie police who were called upon lo
nssisi foimil ihe plant mentioned in tlie
basement or Rosenberg's house.   The
arlleles neizoil inelnileil more than Hen
bottles of odds and esTpIostves, cruei-
liles, mortars, moulds, a furnace urn! a
large quantity of scrap iron. Rosen-
hers had lived in Beattle nearly fifteen
Important Decision Rendered in  Insurance Cases.
San Francisco. July 'i.���United Sfafes
Ctrcnll Judge Morrow rendered a de-
rinion yesterday morning which win he
of interest io policy holders Intending
to hrlug suit against foreign or home
Insurance companies. The mailer came
up in the argument on the demurrer of
Andrews anil llengatel In the anl's of
fhe Harneson-Ilihhanl Company vs. the
American Alliance Insurance Corpora-
Uon anil Ihe New Zealand Insurance
Company of New Zealand, and of Ihe
Ilarneson-Hilihnrd Company vs. the
London Assurance Corporation anil llle
Ocean Marine Insurance Company. The
action was to recover insurance on a
vessel lost al sea. but fhe decision may
be applied to fire insurance cases as
well. The defendants demurred to fhe
complainis. on ihe ground thai a separate suit should he hioughi against
each company for Ihe recovery of each
company's share of the loss.^ind counsel contended lhal lhe California statute allowing all the companies defendant in any loss to be made defendants
in one Bull was unconsilliillonal.
Judge Morrow, In overruling the demurrer, said lhal the law. In his opinion, wns a wise one, and lhal It iliil justice lo hoih parlies. The matter, he
added, Mis one of grave Importance to
the public al Ihis lime, and he was fully
satisfied that lhe law was constitutional.
Rival   Railway   Lines in  Conflict Ov*r
Disputed  Right of
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Grand Forks, July 3.���John W. Jones,
contractor of this place, hns just returned from a trip to Republic, Wash.,
and intermediate points. He says there
is considerable excitement now in Republic over the fact that the Great
Northern railway hns two survey par-
tics, comprising ^2 men, now at Republic, who will start at once to survey
the Great Northern line from Republic
to Wenatchee, Wash. They will go by
way of the San Poil valley through tho
Okanagan district. The sensational
feature about this survey is the fact
that the Greal Northern are running
their line directly over lhe previous
suney of the Kettle Valley line to a
point near the Columbia river, where
the Great Northern line will leave tho
Kettle Valley line in going to Wenatchee. It appears that from Republic
to the Columbia river, a distance of
about 30 miles, the Kettle Valley line
lailwny ran the first lines, then tho
Belcher Mining Company ran a ePfcond
line directly over the Kettle Valley
line, and now the Great Northern railway is surveying a third line right
over the two previous lines, so Unit
from Republic to the Columbia river
there will likely be endless trouble between these three roads over disputed
surveys. There are many narrow
gulches on this route, making It impossible for these roads lo prevent con-
Qlcting. It is also stated that the
Great Northern graders will follow the
survey parties up at once, and thus try
and steal a march on iheir opponents.
Word has reached here that the
Belcher Mining Company are experiencing great difficulty in operating
their new line of railway from the mfne
to the Kettle Valley track. It seems
thai this company built this railway
spur themselves, and being Inexperienced in railway work, made one of lho
curves too abrupt, In consequence of
which Ihey cannot get an engineer who
will run an engine over this piece of
tiack. This being the case, it has been
found mcessary to lift this objectionable portion of the road nnd make a new
curve, which It Is expected will he
completed and the mine resume ship
ping to the Granby smelter again by
September 1st.
Of Far Reaching Importance.
Buffalo, N. Y., July H.���Justice White,
Iii the equity term of ihe supreme courl,
yesterday rendered a decision of far-
reaching importance to the members of
the Catholic Mutual Renedt Association, The judge holds that the advance In rales adopted by th-? supreme
council at the 19113 convention held lu
Pittsburg was illegal, on the ground
that a certificate of insurance Is a contract, and the rates named In the cor-
tlllcale cannot be raised.
Thi' Judge also Issued an order directing Ihe 0, M. U. A. lo pay Io lhe plain-
tJ i In the actions, who is Michael Dow-
dell, all the moneys paid by him into
the treasury of the organization in excess of the rate paid previous to the increase.   It (s said that the decision will
be appealed.
Dowdel] sued to recover all the money paid by him In excels of the original
rate since Janii.-iry I, 1904. Justice
White also granted an order restraining the defendant from ci.llecting or
attempting to collect from the plaintiff
any rate of assessment in excess of that
paid by him previous '<> January 1, 190C
Bodies Will be Shipped Home After Religious Services.
Sa-IJsbury, England, July 3.���The bulletin iKjsied this morning at the infirmary, where those injured in the wreck
here on Sunduy morning are being
cared for. announced that Edward Sen-
tell, of Brooklyn, N. Y., had passed a
good night, but his condition is about
the same. Robert S. Critchell, of Chicago, had a restless night, hut Is very
slightly improved.
The removal of the bodies of the victims has been postponed until evening,
owing to the non-arrival of the leaden
shells. Nino; bodies will bo taken to
Southampton thiw evening and five to
London, namely, those of John E. McDonald of New York, C. F. McMeelln of
Lexington. Mrs. Lilias Hard Waits of
New York, Mrs. Charles W. Eiphicke
of Evanston, III., and Miss M. E. Howie-
son of New York. All the friends and
surviving relatives of these five victims
desire that religious services be held
in London before the bodies are shipped
to America.
It has also been arranged to bring
tue body of Frederick Henry Cossltt, of
New York city, to London temporarily.
Edward B. Tennant, member of parliament for Salisbury, has cabled lo President Roosevelt tbe sympathy of the
citizens of Salisbury with the relatives
and friends of the victims.
Government    Defeats   Hostile   Amendment by Small Majority.
London, July 3.���The discussion of
the sixth clause of the education bill,
which makes the attendance of children on elementary schools compulsory
only during the hours of secular Instruction, occupied much time in the
house of commons yesterday. The government succeeded in defeating the
hostile amendment by the small majority of 1G votes, and carried the clause
hy a majority ofo nly 47 votes. The
Irish members protested strongly
against so important a point being set
tleu by such a small majority. The
small majorities were partly due to the
government giving to the house a free
hand, with the result that about 40 Liberals, Including James Bryce, chief secretary for Ireland, and Sir Henry Fowler, chancellor of Lancaster, voted
against the bill.
Mother's   Feelings  Spared.
Tillsburg, England, July 3.���The news
of the tragedy in the Madison Square
roof garden in New York on June 25th,
when Harry K. Thaw shot and killed
Stanford White, had not been made
known to his mother, Mrs. Thaw, when
tho steamer Minneapolis, from New
York June 23rd, docked here today. Extraordinary precautions were taken on
hoard to keep any story of the tragedy
from her until relatives were able to
break the news.
Mrs. Thaw, who had heen unusually
cheerful through the voyage, was met
by her son-in-law, the Earl of Yarmouth, who came to Tillsburg to welcome her, and her face was wreathed in
smiles when she lauded. It Is expected
lhat the news will be communicated to
her while on the train bound for Loir
London, July 8.���On her arrival lu
London Mrs. Thaw was driven to lhe
residence of the Karl of Yarmouth,
wuorc the news of the tragedy at New
York was broken to her. She bore up
splendidly under the blow, but has not
decided on her future movements,
Generous to Poets' Memory.
London. July 3.���The British commit
lee having in charge lhe Auglo-Amerl
can project for the purchase of the
house in Rome in which the poet Keats
ou.. as a Keats and Shelley memorial,
has issued an appeal lor donations, Intimating lhat the money raised privately has been contributed on a much
more generous scale in tho United
Slates than in Great Britain.
International Golf.
New York, July 3,���Eighty entries
have lieen received for the national golf
championship tournament to he held on
the links of the Englewood golf club
July 10*14. No entries have been received from abroad, but George S. Lyon, ihe Canadian vh'amplon, recently
wrote asking If his name would be acceptable.
Salmon River Valley Said
to be Unequalled
Timber  Inspector   Carney  Makes
Strong Statement as to Fertility of Large Tract.
Just as the available ranch land
along the shores of the lakes and rivers
of Kootenay has risen in value beyona
Ihe means of poor men to acquire It,
comes an authoritative announcement
ihat within 25 miles of Nelson by rail
Is a fertile valley with an excellent climate���that was already known���and
with a soil whose fertility has not been
suspected hy the general public, nor
even by the timber cruisers and prospectors who have travelled through It
for years.
The valley of the main Salmon river
Is 15 miles long and one mile wide, or,
counting the sloping land on either side,
about two miles in width, giving an
area of nearly 2(1.000 acres of potentially rich farming land.
There are already a few settlers In
the valley who are raiBlng grain, vegetables and fruit, but roads are poor,
their attempts at marketing have not
been very successful, and little attention has so far been paid to their claim
of having the best land In the district.
A. Carney, timber inspector of Southeast Kootenay, has visited the valley
at the requeBl of the district government agent, R. A. Renwlck, to decide
whether certain pre-emptions In the
valley should be classified as timber
land or not. He has decided that It
should not be so described, but an addition to his report will prove more interesting than the report itself.
Seen this morning by a representative of Tbe Daily Canadian, Mr. Carney
"It is certainly not timber land; there
is not more than enough timber on It
for fencing. Btit as agricultural land, I
have never seen anything superior to It
In my life.
"I was positively amazed to find such
land so near Nelson and unknown. I
can only attribute It to the fact that
lack of roads has made ranching in the
valley unprofitable so far, and has retarded Its development.
"The valley runs almost straight
south from Salmo for 15 miles. It Is a
mile wide on the average, and the two
slopes would add at least another mile.
You can easily calculate the area.
"Although the only object of my visit
was to make a ruling as to timber land,
I -ave taken the liberty to add to my
report a recommendation that a road be
built. 1 think that an expenditure of
between ��S00 and ��1,000 would bring
Immense returns to the government In
revenue from Ihe land, and I don't
know any possible Investment of public
money wiser than the encouragement
of actual settlement upon the land.
"The pioneers of that valley are to
lie congratulated, and, in my opinion,
they deserve in their own interest and
that of Ihe province generally every
encouragement that can be given to
New Coal  Classification.
Washington, July 11.���It Is nol generally known thai two main groups of
30ftl below Ihe grade nf bituminous are
recognised In this country, nntl thut officials of llle United Slates geological
survey have recently adopted mimes to
iIIkiIiikiiIhIi them. In ninny or the coal
Holds of the wesl there nre large deposits of SO-ealled black lignite, which Is
somewhat interior lo bituminous coal
lu three Importanl respects, it has
lower ealoiitlc value: It Is lighter In
Weight, so that In a forced draft a
large percentage Is thrown out of the
smokestack iincoiisumeil, and It breaks
down or "slacks" very easily when exposed to the atmosphere
The Dame "sub-bituminous" Is applied
to the class next higher. It Is commonly known u lignite, lignite coal, black
llgnlie, brown coal, etc. It is generally
blank and shining, closely resembling
bituminous coal, but it weathers more
rapidly on exposure and lacks lhe prismatic structure, which Is such a characteristic feature of bituminous coal. Its
calorific value Is generally less than
that of bituminous coal and greater
than that of lignite^
Begun at Wrong End.
l.ucedla, Miss., July 3.���In nn attempt to extermluate his family, Charlie Bremer lasi night shot and killed
his wife nnd his mother-in-law, wounded his wife's grandmother and his Infant child, and then shot and killed him
self. //
The Daily Canadian
��� STORES ���	
Tents, Blankets,   ,
Overalls, Boots,
Mackinaw Clothing.
Everything for the camper, prospector, hunter and
PalilUhed six days n iveeh by Hi,'
Baker Si., Nilson, H. C.
Bubearlptlon rates, 60 contan month delivered
in the illy, or |A.ot>a roar if Bont by man, wtion
paid lu advance.
A.lvorllNlnit rules oil application.
All monios paid In settlcinclil ol Tho Dolly
Canadian an its Dither toi subscriptions or
advertising, must bo rocolplcd for on lhe printed
f-.rins ol ilu- Company, utlo-r reoulpts are nol
���' By out- word w\. arc sometimes judsrad lo Im
wise nn.I '.y one word sometimes fudged lo bo
looiisii. lei ns tboretore be carelul wnat we
lay."���-Conpih lua.
When vision Is Impaired, it distorts
the image presented to the mind, and
makes all estimates or calculations
based upon sueli vision more or lef,s
speculative, according to tbe degree ol
distortion, There Is, besides defectlvt
ocular vision, such a thing a* dlstor ed
mental vision, when the organs bj
which the mind seeks to travel to o
logical conclusion Ineffectually perform
their part, or when, hy habit, the mind
has become prejudiced, and tho ordlna
ry Incidents   of   life   are   pn st i I
through a coloring of prejudice or
smoked glass. For some such reason
as this the morning paper In this city
is seeking to lind some (sense for hold-
Ing the Conservative government of the
province responsible for Iho campaign
of Mr. .1. II. Hawlhornthwalto, who Is,
as be alleges, lecturing In Iho Intorosi
of his party and In harmony with a
plan of lho Soclallats >>i Oanadn to
covor the wholo Dominion with tliolr
propagandist!).    Tho News coucludoa n
lengthy editorial in its Sundnj  nlng
issue wiih ihe following iiaragrapb:
"Dim wo Incline to the opinion that
Mr. Hawthornthwaite Ib following bis
own bent, and is slmpl) using lhe Bo
cliiliM part) in tliis province lo enable
him to play lhe game of ins ally, Pro
niler Richard  McBride."
The News chose to Invite Mr. Haw
tbornthwaite in dlBouss political issues
when be came to Nelson. It asked him
to account for his action In Boveral in
siiinees  iii voting  with    the McBride
lgovernmenl on  suits that were in-
'fore the house. Mr. Hawthornthwaite
did nol evade the Issues raised, and in
answering the questions asked by the
News, he sold some things very plainly
which musl have been em dlngly ili.s
tasteful in that paper, He certainly
sialed Iii the iniisi unqualified terms
his reasons fur his course "i conduct
In the house. Whether Ihe reasons he
gave for hi* Bupporl of lhe governmenl
were good on. s or not, Ib no concern
of thb paper. Whelher Mr. How
tbornthwaite was and tij consistent or
Inoonslstenl ns between his Socialistic
creed and bis votes In tho house is not
our concern. He Is responsible t.i his
party alone., and thai party will no
(huh! uive effect io whatever concltj
sions it may arrive ut in this matter
without any advice from thi News
'file News would huve Its Soeinllsl
readers believe thut it, is in sympathy
wiih Socialistic principles, inn it dare
not say so. mui skilfully evades thai issue.    Hut   11   Is  not  so skiillll   when     il
sooki to argue thai an alliance exists
between Premier McBride nml life lend
er of the Socialist party. Mr. Haw
thornlbwalte did nol say one word that
could lead to thut conclusion hy any
fair proeess of reasoning, but tbe News
sees a way to creaic a little unwarranted prejudice?, and rushes into the arena
wiili Its full battery of badly aimed lie-
tlilous assertions, li will he Interesting to rend lhe News' discussion of fie
C. & VI. land grunt, If, as Mr.   Ilnw-
tbornlhwalte Btatoa, tne editor of thai
|i.i|iet wns :i member of Ihe governmenl
which orlginnlly made the granl and
hound its successors in office and the
eiidor himself voted for such it grant.
Tlie voter is often blamed for having a
short political memory, hm it must ho
slmrl Indeed (Nl will lie misled by lhe
specious pleadings of a paper on fcho
question of a land Kraut for which the
edilor of thai paper is as responsible
as anyone else. If Mr. Hawthornth-
walte's statements are correct. The
matter of the C. & W. land grant will
receive further elucidation in these col
The Victoria Times bus hud another
attack of "rumor," and in a recent issue.
has the following:
"ii Is reported that not one of the
supreme courl Judges of Hritish Columbia can he Induced to undertake tbe
tusk of Investigating the affairs of tlie
lauds nnil works department, tun this
luci he wondered at, and does It not
imply the severest possible reflection
upon ihe management of the department uml those officially responsible
tor ihe unique connection the chief commissioner bus established uml the savory collection of adventures, etc., who
ore speculating advantageously und living riotously upon the property of tbo
Il musl he flattering to the readers
nl Hie Times to know thut that paper
is so deeply In lhe confidence of lhe
liiKli officials and Judiciary oi British
Columbia. It wns the Times office from
which liisi came tlie rumor thai the
goverumeul had been forced to seek
nn Investigation into the affairs ol the
inn,is uml works dopnrtmenl by the
ii, wly Bworri lloulonant-govornor, n re-
port which bus since been emphatically
nml authoritatively denied. Now ihe
supreme conn Judges have all taken
ibe Tiines into their inner confidence,
und fold it whal Ihey will uml will not
iin. Blither thai, or else ihe Times is
doing ii little more "political jollying,"
for we me sure thai its statements ;ue
nm Btiscepllble to proof and nre not
based on any evidence, li is Just "reported." ilm tlie rumor will travel
through ihe opposition press, und thai
Is jusl whal lhe Times wants. A pretty low sort of political warfare Indeed,
and line quite unworthy of ibe Victoria
evening paper.
The lliirly clulilh nnnlversnry of confederation wus again celebrated with
eclal In this clly Mils year. Three Idoal
days lor celebration purposes, from n
i liinuiic standpoint, were fully taken
advanlngo of by nil olasses of citizens.
'the Sunday wns patriotically observed
in tiio churches, while yesterday nnd today ibe eiiy wns en fete in the vnrli ty
and character of the sports and pas
linns. There wus u hup. representation of visitors from outside points, uml
ihe free and easy festival spirit which
prevailed made the entire proceedings
harmonious, ii wus remarked by ninny
that Nelson is enterprising and up-to-
'hue, generous und loyal to herself, In
view of the fnei that flic Mlllptitlans
bad  had a  week of crowded  bouses at
the usual high-class opera rules, followed by the Kirmess, which was a costly
Investment to many people. These, followed hy ihe popularity contest nnd the
subscriptions toi the celebration fluids,
show Hint the clly hy tlie hike Is anything hut parsimonious In matters lhat
touch Ik r public spirit. They Indicate
also u degree of material prosperity
and good limes throughout the upper
country such us have nol been enjoyed
for years. There was a notable absence of any scenes of dissipation atid
licentious orgies such an so often mar
the celebrations of the older provinces,
uml altogether the wesi is to i"' con
Now that tbe midsummer festival Is
over, we opine that ever) one will take
up again lhe tasks of life, aud with the
same perslsten unl patriotism In   n
local way make tbe city a model of
commercial enterprise.
'I'lio morning pnper'a defence n' itself
against the scorings of the Colonist
may he safely set down us pretty cheap
Deadly  Method of Checking an    Elope
Bristol, Va��� -Inly 3.���As a Irflin wus
pulling ou' of tiio inline passenger Bin-
lion in this ciiv yesterday benrltlB Mis,
Nils Hit. wit',, nf John .1. On-, nf llris-
lol, uml George s. Jones, who wero
nboul to elope, Iho husband appeared
upon the scene, nud wiili deadly nlni
deliberately Bhol Jones in Uio back
three limes, nil the slims taking olft cl,
from ufii.lt In- died Borne hours Inter.
.Mrs. on- ion nn iin. train im- Hie east,
nml  il   is not   known   where she    has
Hams and Bacon
J* Y. Griffin & Co,
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in Btapleantl fancy Groceries.
Butter, Eggs,
Camp mid Minora1 Supplies.
To tfiR Members
of the
20,000 C!ob.
Pntranisso (he BOOO who oro
lioro now, ftiul we will
ho ;i long wny toward uiir flonl.
Thorpe's Lithia
is oqtut] r<�� nny aperient
an IJ -Hu umatic waters lH.tCii  >n
the United
If you use enough of it wo
can support another
family In Nolson.
& Co., Limned.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fwt, Fuel
& Poultry Co , Lid.
^"���^/MAl  ii MOMI  ^2a   9H
F  WITHOUT mi ICC H��li?lf  ^
Deliveries made daily tJiron^Jioid Kelson
and its suburbs, Phone 148.
No:ier ii hereby yivftn iii.ii ooditri afterdate 1
intend i�� appl/ it. Lho Rotu-rablo Ibo niicf
loramiutnrerof LauiUaod Wuriir. fur pernli-
uio.i to mirehaie Uio following dwcrlbod laudi,
Fittjf.k'il   (a Blocan  Dfafilct.  V mt ii< ins m
nortii i-nut I'tirn-T ppil i.f Lol BS 0, Iimht riiiiii-
iiik �� md 80 bhatna, thenco ea��| BOchaloi, Ihenre
noriii 4>i (iiHiiin, Uteooa weal aoolijtini in<*. P. H,
rjghl iif-wtiv, following uma mniii west io a
poini \ot��rtepilog >i"iih line nl Col 8820, tbenoo
eaittopolul nf < nuMirnii nl, contalolng 180
terounore at tens
MaySOtb 1900,
(.'.wil lln
[he iionn
��� and Wei
S,   -1111(111'
le  Airnw
A limit NU
HIN, MleU-
iv, theuco
NoiK-f la bereb
Intend toapnly t
lIli-llt.lHT nl  l-llll'
purcbaie tbo following deicrlbed
ki [to- nitiiiiii nt flui''iii-(.n crock <
l,i.tis in tbo Weat Kootenay Pl��i
acrei ot land; commencing m ��
w. a. P. 8. W, poit. tbonce no th i
t n*it aoebafna, theuco aouth lo
weat 20 chaini to polnl of contnen
Dated tills 4th day of Juno IW6,
Wll.l.lAM IfAHl .  I1
Wll.l.IAM J.  It., V-   AliK
Notlcfl i- hereby given tbal <���" day�� from dato I
Intend to apply fo tbo Honorabl tbe( blel Com>
mlailoner of i.hh.Is Hint Wnrks Tin permlailon in
purebaae 180 acres of land ��' Vau Houteu creek
In the Arrow Ukeiluthe Woit Kootenay lua-
irict. Btartlug from a pott markfd A Mj H W,
post, tbonce lo chnlni oust, thenco 10 chaini
south, thonoe40 dm.us weaitthenco -in tintiint
north io point of commencement
Dated .hii 4th day of June 1006,
AhTiii'B John Logo,
 ^"���tu��|J_ToYE( Ajent.	
Notice Ih hereby irir;ti Unit 00dayi after tlato
we intend to i.i.n.v io tbo Honorable iii�� vhM
CommiiiloDer of Landi and VVorki ��t Vlotofla,
h C. fnr permlulon to parchaie the foiiowjiin
duorlbea landi, alt��iato Jti Weal Koolenay dla-
irict. roiiiin. oelns nt 'i poll I'lmnoi nt I homai
Jerome'a s B, poat, nn��i mnrki-d Petor I'ccii
nn.I A Ohoquetu N W. Corner; thonco30ohalna
eaal thonce W obalni routb, tin nee HO cbalui
weit, tbence 80 obalni north to tbo coinmeucing
|ioMt, loiii.iiiiiiiK in HiTew won* ot leu.
Dalod May r>.
W. A. IhM\ AkciiI
Notice Ii hereby given thatilxty dan after date
i intend toapply to the UonnMi.iV th.' tlnlel
Oommltilonorol Landiand Works, Victoria, [or
pcrmlnlon tqpurohaao the following domrlbcd
landi in vvi+t Kootonay. Commencing nt a post
marked Rdgar IV. I yneiaouth ���.vest oojnor near
to t.'aniet erccb mui nl.otit 3 miloi louth of Mo-
nultooroek aud about I mllea wesl oi I olmnhf-t
Kiv.-r; thence north SO ebAlua, thenco eaal U
ctmiiis, (benceiouth 80 chalm, tlienco wool 10
ohalna to place ,.f commencement, containing
B20 aorei, being the name moro or lew-.
Dated June i, two.
BtwakW. Dymrs,
V. pYwia Agent.
None, is hereby given that 60 day* afler date I
mien.i in iiinke application tn 'he Uunomblf} tho
i hlcf''ominiMfoiicrol I laand Works for nor-
inlwlon to purchaao tho hillnwlng deaerllHf*!
lands: Commencing ��t n poil placodon the eiwl
ahoro id Uwor Arrow Uke, adjoining J. Uatea'
pre-emption on tbo aoulhwoat marked''T f.'a
N u c ruorpoal."  Thence running ffl thiiiuR
east:  thenee So elitiin.s louthi llu'llee s,l e|in Ins
mora or leu, weal to the lav.- shorei Llionco following lakj ahore to point of eot nccinout,
roiiI imiiK 040 acres, more or less
TllOS   KlNAItAg.
)(ate,l ihis 7th dav of Juno, ^WtV
Notice Ih horehyglvon thai go dayi ufurdato l
>iitend to make uppncAiiun to ihe Uonorablotho
Chief Commlsilouer id Landiand Worki for permlulon in purchase thu following described
I-hhIb: Commencing at a post placed on the
ruKthea*) rornor ot T Klnanan'�� A ppllcallon to
I'urchast'.iiitrkeii "H. t s ro'ncr poat." running
80 ohalna ea��ti thonce 80 chains moth! ihence hii
chains west; theuco MlowiDg T  K ilia linn's e.i.-l-
ern bound a'y to point oi commenoement, containing 640 aorei, mor* or less.
Banna n Tikanby.
Hated this 7th day of fune, moo.
Notice it hereby given thai oooaw afb rdate I
ii. ten I io make appl cation lo [he Honorable the
(dilef rommlitloner of Undi nnd vVnrla for per*
minion to purchase the following deicrlbed
lauds: Commencing ai �� poil placed at the In-
te lection of the east boundary of J. Hates' preemption and Ibe north boundary of T Kinahan'i
Application to Purchase, marked "T.K.Jr'i m w
coiner poit " Th nee following J. Bates'outern
boundary, 10 chains north; ihcnceflocbalnieait;
thonce to cbalua to tho no thern boundary of
llaniiali 'iTiiey's Applit-.ititiii iu Purchase;
ihence following thenortherli boundary ofMattu*
and northerly boundary of t. Klnaban'aAppll.
cation to Purchase, to pol< t of commencement,
containing 820 acres, more or leas.
it* daya from date 1
Hated this 7rn day of June, Pax;.
Notice is herby given thai I intend* 80 davs
after dale lo apply to lhe Chlel Commltsiouerof
Ijindi and vte*kn tor permission to pun ban tbe
fo lowingd 'scribed Iniidadtuitte at Biro Pallay,
Kootonay district Commencing al a poll (marked tieorge Voung North west cornor) placed al
tbe north weal corner of section 28 town-hip flu;
ihcnce east 80 chains to ihe norih eaat cornor oi
sain section 28; thence south 40 chaini, thonce
west ho chains, tbonce north 40 cimitiM in tbe
place of Imp In nlng riiiMainfiif; 810 acrea, hiuI
beiug the northerly half oftald section 88, town-
hated at Nelson, It. C. June 'itb Irtrt
Hbobos yppwo,
Notice is beroby given that I intend, GO dayi
after date, to apply to the Chlel Commlsilonor ol
Lands and Worki for permission to purchase
the following described lands, situate at Kire
Valley, Kootonay District Commencing ai a
posl (marked Goorgu Vouna north erdjl cornor]
plated at the north ensi corner of suction &
township 00; Iheure south SO chalna In tho i h
'" l km ��� of laid section 82; thenee wesl in
i haina, thonce norlh BO chnlni, and llieneo oasi
in i hiiiiis lo the p.ace of bcgjiinfug,containing
sau acres, and hefns tlioeaatorly half of said sec
tion ::.', loftuslilpOO,
Puled at Nc1h.hi, B. t', June Bth 1005.
QgonnK VoiM;.
Noiloo la hereby given tbal 1 intend Oo daya
afterdate toapply to the Chief Commlialonoi of
l.an��ls and *��..rks for permission to purchase
the following described laitds, situate al Fire
Vallof, Kootenay I'latriot. ''onmonrlng at a
ppitfmarkod I. Ual'aghor���south weat corner]
placed at the south weal comer of seclioo M
township 09 tiu-uce north so chains in the norm
west comer .d raid  SOOllon 88;   Ihence cast   10
chains, ihonoo wniih an ehalns to the aouth
boundary of aald section 8S,and theme weat 40
cbalm to the place of LeRinutinf con tain Iur 820
ncns, and bcitiK Hit- westerly half of nah1 8QC-
tion 88, townihlp 09,
Dated at Nelson, B 0. June.vh IWO,
L, Qaj i.aoiikk.
Notice Ih bereby given  tbat   I   Intend, on  .lays
niter date to apply to ibe Calef Commissioner ol
' V1,Is ' Wor�� fur pormnwlon to purebaae ihe
following deicrlbed lam Ih and preinisei sitntie
nt Kite \aDey, Kootonay District Commencing
at a poal (marked P. it. O'Connor north oa*i corner] placed at the north oast corner of icction
B, townihlp 09; thence south 40 chains ihence
weal 40 chains, ih.ue- moth io chains to the
northerly 1 idirjofsald section 21; and then'
oeesai Id^baioatotheplooo, Cf beglnnlog,con-
laininc iroturres, and being the norlh eaal one-
ijnarterofaaltl section 21, ktwnablpOO,
Nelson, B.C. June.ith 1000.
P. H, O'CoHNon.
  Osoaqs Voi ���..,, Agent.
Notlco li hereby given ihatOO dayi from -hue
1 Itttond to  apply   lu   lhe   Honorable   the  Chief
' Hsa'ouei oi Undiaiid tt'orki for nernils
afonlopuichaaa ||,o following deser I lands,
hi ih. Heal Kootenay Dlatrlct,easl side of Col
umbla Hlver.aboui Hmtlei north of bur City
commencing at a poal marked LcoU Wmieri
h W. earner, al Ihe N. U', cornor nl it. n. Huiiibv
preomptlon claim, thenco norih 40 cbalna more
orlea* totheaoutli boundarj ol Hlloa < aimirn
|ileelll|'llnll Claim, thenee eiisl  ill CIlMlill, tlli'Iiee
 "'J'!' htlni more or less to the North bound-
-ii) n   R li   -niiib's preempt! laim, ihence
west hi chains i., p,,int nf conmeticemenli con-
mining s��iacr��s mora or less.
Dated this Und day uf June, igoe,
I.KO M.  WlN'lKlt.
Ralph Blvs, Agent,
NotlCO Is hereby given Unit HlMy (CU) ,|��� VS lifter
date I intend to apply lo the tfnoorable tbo
���hlcf ' mlnlonor of Lands and  Wmks for
permlulon to purchaao ihe fulhmiug doner I laid
truci of land: annate el Queoni' Bay on lho weal
shore of Koolenay  fjUtO Dl UtO   W*ir|e|   of   Wesl
Kootenay, Province i,r British Columbia and
containing by admeasurement 194.180 acres bo
the name more or less, which parcel may be
' ������' particularly described us follows,   Com-
ineneingnta point on the westerly boundary of
L, 7080 0. I Vloti Kootenay District, being the
southeast cornor of I mHQ. UUioncewoltorly
following the southerly boundary of L. 0B81 u I,
SO ehalns more or lens tu ihe south well corner of said Lot iwi (I. i; them-e aslronoinlo
south   40   ehalns   more   ur   lens   to   the   norlh
cily boundary ��� f D. K. Ballooli's Appllenllon lo
'IT'-I I Ihence easterly  following  the  norlh.
crly boundary of-aid I). It. Balloch'i Application
to  I lirchaso 21.872 chaftiH more ur lc����� to ihe
shore of yneens' Pay; thonce following thoslnt'.
osltyoftliclaidihoreIns norlh easterly dlroc
llnn70ebaliiimoroor less toiiiesouti, weil cornor of sail !.o|7u,SO(l. |; theuce iiorlheilv following |i e Westerly h. thiry Of Mild lot  70M0 tt. 1
1 008 cllBlm mure or less lu indut   of  eoiunicnce-
Dated June lfi, inon.
h. M. fiayiHias.
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Notice li hereby given thai i Intent), GO daya
afler dale, loanply w the chlel Commbolonei ol
I iiuds nnd Works fur permission in i urrbaso ihe
following described leodi, situate al Kir.- Valley.
Koo'eiuiv District. Commencing al a post (mars*
cl I". H u' Connor south easl corner) placed ��t
the nonh east tornor ol se illou Si, township (Wi
theuce west in chaini, thenee north nn chaini,
ihence east -iu i baloi, nnd thenee south BO chalna
to the place nf beginning, containing 9S0 acres.
Dated nt Nelson, B. C. June Bth 1906.
gkokgi V"i ko, Agents
Notice i> bereby given ihat m dayi from date l
Intend to appl j to ibe Honorable the Chief Commluloner of I audi and Worki lor permission to
pun iin-- the foil..wing deicrlbed landa, In the
Weil Koolenay DUtrlcl Pnnd Iilaud, in lhe
Columbia Hlver about4 inllei north of Burton
city; nil of -nni Iilaud above blub water, being
10 ie re- more or less.
Dated this 1st Dayof Juno, 1906.
Kkank Nortoh
t. c Makiwsoh, Agent
Sixty days afterdate I Intend to annij to the
CommlMtnner ol Landi mm Works, victorlai to
purchase 100 acrei of land. Commencing ��i n
posi planted on Ibe west shore of Arrow Lake, at
tin- -on in eul corner of J J Cbrtille'i pun haae,
running north 80 ohalni. thenoe eait w cimiim.
ihence south BOehaini, ihence west Nil cbalm lo
place of commencement.
Located May, Bth 1908,
Notice li hereby given Dim i-u dayi from data I
Intend toapply to the Honomide (he Coramli
si .ner nf Uodi mid Works for nermlialon to
purchase tbe r.dh.uing deaorlbod lands, iituale
in ilie w.si Koolenay Dlatrlct. Winning from ��
post marked William Krneat Davlaon'ia t, fm��t
nlioul two miles easl id Deer park ou Die Arrow
Lakes them e lOchalni south, thence lo ehniun
weit, thence 10 chaini north, thenco easl to point
of commencement, containing about iwi acrea.
Dated thh 8lh day of June, 1906.
Wm.i.hh Frnkst luvi-ms.
Notice is hereby given thut B0days aftoi 'iur. i
Inlcnd toapply to Hie Hon,unl.Ic the Chief Cum-
missloner of Undi .md Worki for perminlnn i,.
purchase tho foi low Ing described lands m iho
Wesl Knntcoai dlslrlcf; rommcnclng al a post
marked "Nathaniel Mclnlyro's H R mrnei '���
I'hinie.l oi  weal side of the CnlumbU Klver
mI.ooi 7 nillos norlh of RurtoilCity,and Nii-luilus
"'���'ih of i h-westcomer nf Lol 873, thence
north wi chains, Ihcnce wesl mi chains, lhe	
s hSOchulns, Ihence easl ml ehalns i.. [xdntuf
coin no in. lnciii, containing wo acres.
Dated tltli 12th dav of Juno, ItW.
T (   Maklnsnti. Agent.
Notice is bereby given that 00 dav- afler date I
llllelld tO Bpply lo thell.uitiral.le the I'lilef (,,���.,
mi.-si irof Undi and Works for nennlaslon o
purchase   the  followiiiK  described  lan-l-:   ( om
mencing ��i a imal placed on the north shore of
lho weal er f Koolenay Lake, al the northeast
corner of John etranka1 preomptlon, thenee
wesl i" chnlni, more or leas, n. the s beasl
corner of Ul No.740fl, thenco nonh 40chalm,
hence east iu ohaloa more or leas, thenco north
tueioiins to the poini of commencement
Dated June l/ith, 1900,
0. jj   All'I.BTOK.
Notice is hereby given tbat oo dayi after date i
intend toapply m tne Uom rable the Chief Commissioner of I.HiidsHiid Work- f -r pcrmi��-i..ii to
purchase the following described lands, i|l I
in ih<> dlitrlet -if w.-si Kootenay. adjoin I tm lot
790on tbe west arm ol Kootenay Laka com.
mencing at an initial poit placed at ihe south,
weit oorner of Ui 790; thenee north H . IiuIhn
Ihence  west  10Ohalni, IhonCfl lOUlh  80 ehalns
thenco '-an' io chalm to polntof commenosment.
Dated May 38, lyofi,
,  .  Jas, Fhazkh
Blxty dayi after date 1 Intend to ipplv to the
Rominlisiiinerof Undi and Works Victoria to
l'imd}ase��o acrei of Und iltnalo and descrll	
u> roiioH'i   commencing ni a post |.i,iik.,i ,,lt
I lie east shim- of Arm w I uke Opposite Ifdiraw I
u Kllpy . pro .-ini>iion nn.I niftrkoi] I' I. N ll
.���i.iii.t; iiii-ii,.,. oost M oliallis,tlienw sonlli ni
i Imlns, 111, i...  ivosl DOcliftln, r���. i.,,. |n|tti .i,,.,,.
j1"1"'1 ,""MI im if"- l��k" shore lo pli i
Juno J.tti ItHM.
P. I.AMnNr.
W. Cl ,  f.,.r���|���r
NoIlM I- li.iil.y en, || ll,,.!,,, ,|���..H ������,., ,,���,,. ,
In'oi"! i ;|il)  (ton Iilo lho Clilrll.'nm
"" lerol l,ni,|. nm iv,.,i , for irermlsslii   in
purollliso llio lollawlliii .lis, ,,l���,I |���,���|K (.,',.
 lii'lni.'ul ,i |..,i.| mail,,.,1 \v, K   tfo  M )���; ,.,,.,���.,
film  ill llio N ��'. rornor nt w a enti cr's
fin- ;iril'lmil In Klro Vnlliy, riiiinlin wi,.|,���|���H
nortii, loclmlns west, SOclinlnssoulli, loci ���
east la pin fcommoi monl.
W. H. Ml.-.-ANI.I.IKII. |.l,|.,||���r
VV, A. CALDKn, Aki.iiI
Jimpaiiii.f.si, '   ���' "'
Null.,. I.Ii.ivIi.VkIvi.II llnil ni,|i,v��i.[|,.r,|,il,.|
mnrkoi M. Moo. N K corner ,,,ni .11. ' "
north ,,( Uio B. w. ,.,,������.,  ,i W '." ',,,''':'""���"
t^J&SSsg- "���'"'��� "";
Msni.B Mri'ANin.iB,,, 1 ���lnr
.i,..,.. milium.       tt *��� ' ��"'��ll. A��e��t.
 I  l.,iilk..,l   M. MoO   H1   I     ',.,.' . ''"',".","
Hmllm WOll Ol I. 0, Mnr,",,,.     ,'   ; l"��"""' ����
nl   lis crown ur .,, [��� ,,'," , 'i '."',v' t","""'r
nln, 1.1 ciiniiil; ,.���,,. '���!",5,1,1!. ^������V",!!,?i.".l.��-
went, lu chains
Imperial Bank of Canada!
Head Office:   Toronto.
OAHTAL PAID UP...,$8,900,000 KKST... 1 ..
D. B. WlLKli:, Praddant,       ,lo.\. BOBHBT .IAKFKav. Vloe-pJ2
Branches in British Columbia:
AKKOWIIKAl),      t;<il,|i|,,N.     miLBOK,     HKVKI.NTOKK.     TBODT ufl
���it nml Interest sllowed nt tmrrsnt mw* frm
NBUSON BRANCH J.   M.   LAV,   MMnnger.l
 0''l��wits nv.-iv.<t nml Intersal allowed nt rninvnt niti'ii fnuii date nt ������>:. ;r|
count uml credited hnlf ycnrly. r"���**m
Juno Wtli, ���mt;.
..imi',',!',' 1;'|1'"!."","""11' "0 ok��in��
" '''"' I oommonoomaiit.
��j   Ml:l-,,��|���.,���|   |x���.llt,>r
W. A. OAIDIB, Annul.
P. Burns <& Co
iimiiili Mnrkota ,���  RoMlnnd,  Trull,   nyIm,,,, k���s1,i,  Bandon, Tl,,.- Pbtb Ml
Denver uml Blooan Oily.
Order, brms.ll lo.nj branch will hare
.-in |ir,,ni|,i ,1,1,j iur,.,,,, aitoiaion.
Heid Office: Nelson, B.tl
&/^_ Kootenay  Agents
LQV        R. A. Rogers & Co.
Limited. Winnipeg.
Wholgaala l>r<��vlwl.)nw,
Dominion Qovernir,enl pren n One-Ponnd Brlokn rooolred woolcly frtrt
ti'iiii tin. 1 in,,���.   j.-,,,. Kiii.. i,v nu leadinggrooen,
Ollloo nml vrorehotuei Hontton Block,   Phone W.
^Josephine Street.       .       .       .       Nelson, B. C.  J
The Hall Mining and Smeltiflri
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Coal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Hunt Bntider. will find 11 to their ftdvantagB to nse onr Htoh.
Nelson Coke and Gas Co., LtA [***���������������������:���������������������������������������
Canada Dtag and
ook Co'y> Limited
fe fo��e a fe1# Slo'ft Goods and Odd
| Iwe.s o/" sfocA f/iaf we wish to move
oat this Ifoeek. Cost does not come
into the prices ive are selling them at.
[SLAT HAMMOCKS, just the thing fur a
shady nook, rain won't hurt theiu. Original price #3.35, clearing at  each    50c
��� LUNCH  BASKETS, the regular 45c, 35c
anil 25c kinds, clearing at each     20c
BABY   HAMMOCKS,   regular price $1.50,
clearing at each     75c
regular ?7..S", clearing at each$4.75
, LACROSSE STICKS, regular $2.00, clearing al     each$J.OO
\. * im  Pound Packets (a,'/: quires) Cream Laid
Sni Octavo Notepaper, worth 15c per quire-,
Clearing at  a packet    20c
quare or Oblong Envelopes to match, a packet 5c
Twelve Inch Hand Bag 53.00, for $J.5o
[���'otirteeu Inch Hand Bag $3.50, for   J.75
Sixteen Inch Hand Bags S3.75, for      2.oo
Eighteen Inch Hand Bags $4.25, for  2.to
Suit Cases S3.50 each, for  J.7o
Suit Cases S4.25 each, for  2.00
Suit Case $5.00, for  2.25
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y* Limited
^44444444441 ���������������������������������������
.Tie Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd.
Beecnsou t.i k. ��� KfrrrKKhK ,t CO.
II. ...-.,in,I Until..rs ..I I MiiliulH..liir..r�� ill
fine Lager Beer and Porter     |   Every Known Variety Soft Drinks
Ami (he Celebrated "Red Ribbon Beer."
na.i :eu< tests n,>. a.
' 11. m >\ ju.��.
WM. GOSNELL, Manager
l,>^*MMVvWMsM*A^����^l*A '
tl Curiosity Shop I     KOOTENAY STEAM
mi Mum 1.1 buy nr rcii anything, I       L��/\l���'i^H-Jrv. 1
 10 Old Curiosity Shop, A  now i 	
i ��f Japanese aoods now on ��ala. All I ��,��,     r   .    ...   ,        ��     ,���
'! innorwuro in bhicu.  Pit-  The Latest Modern Appliances
now iu use at this
Anu i>i!i.ivi;mu> i-'wi-i:
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
Excursion Rates
My 4th
Also Pare and One-Third
1,1 "'I  U, S. points
"K 'ml, Drrt, 4ih.   l<'iutil
limit .Ii.lv mil.
���,'������ DOUGLAS,
' "    l'll��S011|0I A��|.|||.
* "��� I*. A., Bonitli
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit,
Thorpe'a Dice 000) .IrinkH.     Imnohoa
full up 11 spiviiilly.
W.J. Walker,  &S
And Builder
Solo ngant for the Porto Rloo Lumber
Co., Ltd., retail yards.
Rongh and dreaaod ltunbeTi turned work
nml lirnrlii'lH, Oonrt lntli mui slltnglMi
mihIi mui doors.
Oomenti hrlok uml limn for nnlo, Auto,
matin grludor.
y.irrf ami foctnry Vernon, St..
cist of Hall.
Telephone m   Nelson, ti. C.
The Daily Canadian
Detailed Scores in All Athletic Events
���Nelson's Reorganized Lacrosse
Club Promising.
birds ...
Korbes  ...
H'Lwooii   .
WatHun ..
liurilen ..
Snyder ..
Wanl ...
Tli'rney .
Melrose ���
Wella ...
Hunter ..
Irwin ...
Lewis ...
young ..
Bishop ..
Yesterdays sports included two baseball matches, a lacrosse match, a lawn
tennis  tournament and  trap shooting.
Tho results were as follows:
Lawn Tennis.
Nelson won men's doubles, Dewdney
and Cran. of Rossland, to play off for
ilie men's singles.
Men's singles���Dewdney defeated
Crawford, 8-2, C-:i; Dewdney defeated
Uoilmer, (Ml, (1-2; Dickson defeated
Swim, G-l, (i-2; CJran defeated de Veber,
"���ti, c-;i; Kaldlng defeated Fernau, 4-c,
HI, 0-1; Fernau defeated Ooodeve, C-o,
B-J; Dewdney defeated Dickson, ii-fi,
im, i-5; bran defeated Fernau, ti-4, c-7,
li-l.   The Hauls between Dewdney  and
Cran, both of Rossland, win be played
on in Rossland.
Ladies' doubles���Mibs Fulding and
Mrs. Young defeated the Misses Fernau, 2-ii, (J-:!. Ml Miss Fernau and Miss
Robertson defeated Mrs. Hunter and
Miss Ooodeve, G-l, 6-1, und in the linals
defeated Miss Faldlng and Mrs. Young
In ibe best game of the day. 2-G, G-4.7-G.
In the mixed doubles, Dickson anil
Miss Robertson defeated Faldlng and
Mrs. Young, li-u. Gil.
Dewdney and Miss Faldlng defeaied
Bodmer and Miss C. Fernau, 7-ii, G-l.
Crawford and Miss Fernau defeaied
Cran and Mrs. Hunter, nt, G-l.
Dickson and Miss Robertson defeated
Swan and Miss Fernau.
Dewdney and Miss Faldlng defeated
Crawford  and Miss  Kerniui.
In llle linnl Dickson and Miss Robert-
i.iii defeaied Dewdney and Miss Faldlng.
Trap Shooting.
The following are the results of yesterday's sliool:
Event  1   2   3   4   5   G   7   8     T
No.   of
20 20 20 20 20 20 15 15
19 14 IH 20 17 1G 13 15���1:13
17 19 1G 17 15 19 13 11���127
16 1G 14 18 14 15 12 12���114
16 18 14 14 13 11 12 13���114
1G 15 14  18 13 13 11 14���114
II 12 1G 14 15 17 14 12���114
10 1G 13 18 18 14 13    5���111
III II II    9    li 11    9 11��� 79
11 12 13    8 II   11    8    4��� 7s
 13 15 16 11  11��� 66
 13  17  14  14��� 58
��� II  15 13 ��� 42
,8   4 1 ���   S
12 9 ��� 21
.12 11 12    9 ��� 41
9 G 5 .. 4 3 .. ..��� 27
.12    8  11  10 ��� 41
The money prises were won as foi
First event���C'hingron. $10.84;
Forbes, $7.8G| Blackwood, $8.50: Ink.
$i.7o; Watson, $1.70; Snyder, $1.70,
Second event���Forbes, $10.66; Ink,
$7.92; Blackwood, $8.04; Will son. $8.04;
Snyder, $8.64.
Third event���Chlngren, $10.06;
Wells. $5 ur,; Korbes. $3.76; Snyder.
?.:.75: Burden, 1)3.75; Blackwood, 8.r.r;
Ink, S5c.
Fourth event���Chlngren, $10,85;
Korbes. $6.15; Watson, $3.75; Snyder,
$.:.75;  Blackwood, $8.60.
Fifth ovenl���Chlngren. $10.21; Snyder, >7.ii8: Blackwood, $3.60; Forbes,
$1.70; Burden, $1.70; Desmond, $1.70.
sixih event���Forbes, }lo.(iS; Bnrden,
$.1.78; Melrose, $:i.7S; Chlngren, $1.70;
Blackwood, $1.70; Desmond, $1.70; ink,
Seventh eveni���Ink, $4.80; Burden,
$4.80; Melrose. $4,30; Chlngren, !2.15;
Forbes, 12.15; Blackwood, 7iic; Watson,
70c; Desmond, 70c.
Eighth eveni���Chlngren, $8; Ink. $4;
Watson, $3; Burden, $i; Blackwood,
$1: Snyder, $1: Ward, sue.
The total winnings were as follows:
Chlngren, $r,2.4:i; Korbes, $41.07; Ink,
$19,57; Snyder, $18.71; Burden, $14.68;
Blackwood, $11.61; Watson. $12.64;
Uelroae, $11.08; Wells. $6.06; Desmond,
$1.10; Ward, 80c.
In the morning the Junior teams lined
Trail. Position. Nelson,
N. Tnissell  pitcher  Brown
Morgan   catcher  Bard
Swart*  lirsl linse   Stevens
C. Morrow., si eiuul base  Kblis
Brown   third base raokaon
A. Mel.enil .. shortstop.M. MoCandllBh
I).  Mel 1   ....lert field Newlll
11  Trusseil ..centre field l.eet
Hush   right Held  Clore
Nelson scored 9 In the third Innings,
and finished In a cantor by 111 to I.
The Nelson senior loam defeated Colville in the afternoon by 8 to 4 in  n
game ihat  wns a very fair exhibition,
The line-up wns as follows:
Colville. Position. Nelson.
.1. Wright pitcher  Gllpulrlck
Townsend   catcher ���Harrington
Hard  llfst bnse Shroeder
Phillips   second base.Mi, McPhee
llieiner  third bnse A. McPhee
li. Wrighl  ,,,.shortstop ....A. Illshnp
Ryan len Held H, Hislliip
Jonaa  centre Held ...Dr. Brlggs
Sharr  I'lghl   Held    Barker
Umpire���Hurry Wright, M. P. P.
The following Is 11 simimiir.v uf the
lills and  runs by Innings:
Innings 12 3 4 5 0 7 8 9
Colville 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0��� 4
Nelson 1 II 2 2 (I 2 (I 1 *��� 8
Bnse hits���Colville 9, Nelson II.
Nelson and Rossland lined up as follows:
lln.island. Position. Nelson.
Dr. McDonald.   ..goal  Clreyerlilolil
McDonald point  lefTs
McQueen  cover Sharp
Hrown   1st defence  K. Dell
McQuade ... .2nd defence Bishop
Buohahan .. .3rd defence  Manllart
Donohue       centre    Thompson
Reld       1st   home   ....  Davison
Clothier  2nd home  Sicad
Howarth   third home   Steel
Kunk    outside  home    R. Bell
Keating  InBlde home  Ball
Both teams were about midway between senior and intermediate in composition. The game was fast and clean,
and ended 4-1 in Nelson's favor.
Summary of goals, scorer and time:
1���Nelson:    Ray Ball, 2 min. 15 sec.
Quarter time.
2���Rossland:    Funk, 0 mln. 45 sec.
D���Ni Ison:    Steel, 5 mln. 30 sec.
Half time.
4���Nelson a    Bell, 1 mln. 30 sec.
5���N.lson:    Steel, 7 mln. 45 Bee.
Three-quarter lime.        \
No score in fourth quarter.
The officials were as follows: Referee, Arthur Perrler; umpires. Wells,
Nelson and Prest, Rosslund; timekeepers. Ed Langdou, Rossland, and Beckett. Nelson.
The basket ball match was easy for
lhe high school by 2510. The teams
were: High school, Luring. Wallace,
Clllnis, Weir, Swanneli; R. M. R., Lead-
well, Edwards, Corry, Elvery, Nicker-
'1 he pony races were won by McDonald's Buckskin, No time was kepi, but
the race was amusing.
Will  be  Amicably    Settled  by  British
Washington, July 3.���Sir Henry Mortimer Durand, the British ambassador,
left Washington today for Lenox,
Mass. where he will be with his family
mosl of tho summer.
Before leaving Washington the ambassador had.a long conference with
Secretary of State Root eoncerning Anglo-American affairs. He expects to
visit Canada Ihis summer, and it is believed that when Secretary Root and
the ambassador return to Washington
In the fall they will be able to frame
satisfactory treaties for the adjustment
of ihe boundary and fishing disputes
between the United States and Canada
A man seldom   loses  ihe respect  of
others until he has lost his own.
Look In ami h-i tis show ymi Hit'
The i.iI.t Is
ind taking Uio price <>f other high-grade much-
(nutut*\bull i: simply moans tluti rouge)
flttsOU Wortll f ir Wnm.    11 Ii (lit* molt ex-
ti'iisiwiy iisi-ii machine in B.O. today.
Y1.11 Uini ihem in use everywhere.
W. G. Thomson
BI1I1K8EI.I.KK anil    VT���1C,M,     T)    n
h'l'.UTO.NKK. INCISOU,   li. t_.
I'luiiiu ,1-S.
Gait Coal
Term Hrot OmU
Tiiirtv days after data ' Intend nuking applies u ���!. ii' tbe Honorable ihiti'iii<>frnimiii!.r.i<HHT
of html* aud work*, lor a ipoolal Umom i<> mi
mui ri.rn nwuy timber from tin- [uIIowIhk described landi. Commencing nt a poni placed on
tin- N'lUiiiiiTi hotni'Ury of Timber Uoenie No.
M76, ami about ii> olialni n rili ol Hie N. <\ corner oi lot 5B8U. 1 weit KootMiMy, in 1111 nu- thonce
wo* 1 w chaini, thenee eonth K ebatbi. thonce
eul B0 oh* ni, tbence north xorhuiuti Lo poim ol
Dated rJth April 1908.
Da.viki. Ti-omkv
Thirty day* after dato I Intend to apply to the
Commlulonorof Undi and Works, Mrtorin, for
aipeelnl llcenmtncut nml carry uwny timber
from the following doicrlbed iini.t.-. Commenc*
Ink ��t a post iiiark.''! J. B. a , h, w. cornor, plant*
od on the wosl bank ��i( Oayouio Oreeh wluri' the
oroek interseoti iho Onsi boundary of lo(A8l7 ami
rinliiihi;  norlh 100 olialni, Ilii'iicv cilkL Itl t-lnitilN,
tbence south 100 chains, thonoe weal to point oi
June Dili 11HH1.
J. K. ANNAllltt.
Notloe is hereby given that* thirty days after
dulf,  I   Intern! to apply  to ||I(> Uini,.rubli* the
i in. i Commissioner of Lamln, and Works for a
Hitci'liil lleeuso to till and carry uwny tlmbtT frmn
the (oii..��int:.li-< -iii'-.t landi, hIIiihIv oh Inuoii
oreek In thodlitrtet of wosl Kootenay: Commencing ni a posl planted on Lemon ore k.
eleven <l-) miles from Kootennv Luke, adjoining
Lot '2ulH, marked "B. W'h S. K, corner post*']
thonco fortv (lu) cbalm west] theuce eighty (��n)
Hoiitli;   thenco forty (Hi) rhatim eait;  thenee
eighty (Ki'i Oltalui norlh   in |<-iut of .'oiiitiH nee
men 11 containing ihree hundred nnd twenty (830)
acres, more or lots.
Dated theaiih day of June, A.l>., twit.
HlUM'K   WlllTK.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
Rooms are well furnished.   Table as good as any
io Nelson.    Bar supplied with good
Honors and cigars.
W. E. McOANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tfemoiit House
European anri A-m ri'-mi IMin
Mffti.�� >'i cti.   Kooms from '2b cli. to 11
only White Uelp Employed.
Bakei Ht., Nelnon Froprletori
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar li tbe Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Joaephlne St,
The Big Schooner IV,       |A
Or "Half ind-Hilf"   D\Xl    \ UC��
The only GIuhb of Goixl Boer iu Nelson.
Hotel AecomiuodntioiiH pocond to
nono iu British Columbia.
Special Htttes to Monthly Bourders.
The only Home Hotel in Nelsou.
Lake Vieto
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two blockn from
Bates 11.00 per Day
and up.
No Chinese Help employed.
fcSaSfli      NELSON, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
.T  A. BBIOKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open r>ay and NiRht.
Sumi'li' iiihI Bath Kooms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
The Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Clooc.1    Saniplt:    Rooms.
Baker Htr-tet, Neliou. B. Q,
Lighted b.v Klwirrioity and
Healed by Hot Air
Lhi-ru tunt ('(iinlt'ituMe B��droomi and First-
clan T'liilnn Kooiu. Sample Rooms for I'ommer-
ftlil Mun.
MR8. E. C. {'I.ARKE,  Prop r let rem
Tho Wei] known
Our Beer Garden is
tho Finest i�� tho
West Transfer Co.
(iiiiKirnl ToimiHtorH and Doalom iu
Ooiil nml Woo 1.   Kxpivss aud
I ureiiKi' Tninslor
1  ii. Ilux III,
Choice Froit
58 Acres and
50 Acres.
Both Pieces of Land Near Nelson
Olearinj; light nnd noil excellent.
Vory easy tonus on payment can be arranged.
Phone 247,   Offlce next Canadian Bank of Commerce.   P. O. Box 6M.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelsou District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
insurance!   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest cstnblished Real Estate
llusinoss in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
L hi' ��� for Sale the Choicest
Frait Lands in this district.
Most of it simato on the West Arm and Main Lake.   See me before yon decide to locate.
S. M. BRYDGES, inpeS��ck!ank
We Will sSefl.
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDermid & McHardy
Choice Fruit
I Have J 0,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frait Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
whnii'Btiif mui Retail Deaten la
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oampfl Ruppliod on shortest notice nnd
lowest prtoe. Nothing but fitwli nnd
whnlefumm meats nud supples kept in btook
Mail Ordan) receive careful attention,
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
Thompson & Douglas
Sinn   Writing i> Spsseimty.
Wall Piipcr ..nil liu.-li.p.
I'Mrst Cllims HnitiiiK Plant* and Modern
Sanitary Appliauoes.
90 Day Round Trip
Winnipeg, Pt. Arthur,
Duluth, St. Paul.
Phone 181, Opera House Bik. Box 401.
TlirouKh Kxiiursimi Ratoa
Toronto, Montreal,
Maritime Provinces,
New York, New England
on application.
Dates of salo : Juno 4, 6, 7, 23, 25;
July 2, 3;   Aug. 7, 8, ��;    Sept. 8, 10.
Tickets subject to usual rarlatloas or
route and Include meals and berth on
C. P. It. steamers on (treat Lakes.
Pull particulars from
, U. P. Ajent, Nelson, B. 0. The Daily Canadian
The finest stock we have yet shown.    It includes some
special  pieces  iu  new  and   beautiful   designs.     In
smaller pieces the prices are ijiiitc as attractive.
Finely cut Nappie and Bon-Bon Dishes at
$3.00 and $5.00 are our leaders.
Three Big Leaders j
I     For Hot      j
1     Weather     I
��� ���
l     Drinks.       j
��� ���
��� ���
fMonseratt Lime Juice!
'The Store of Sweets/'
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
i j.o:al and provincial j
Horn, Saturday evening, to Lhe'wife
ol B. c  Wrasse, a daughter,
Cooling and Refreshing,
: Welch's Grape Juice  ���
To one qnnrt sweetoned lemon- 4
ode mill o��p tumbler (Irope ���
Jiiii-c, mui you have 0 dolicions*
beverage. T
Phone 88. Baker .st.
Our. Vernon und Wf.rU  Sii-.iuls,
m:i.si)N. b. c.
.1  FRED HUME, Proprietor.
Morton's Raspberry   :
The only genuine,    We nave*
thorn Imt. tlu'.si'nrr tin-sciisi in's ���
fLvnnrlrAH I
Names  of Candidates  for   Educational
Bell Trading j
Company        X
44 cA Tip* for a
44Canadian Morning.*
Kootenay Coffee
The education department's annual
examinations for high school nnil loar-h-
i rs' certificates began ihis morning in
Ihe principal's room of the fiiihlie
school building, J. W. Church, M. A.
principal of Corrlg college, Vii'toriu,
The following are the names of lho
candidates, arranged in the classes in
which Ihey are writing:
Senior���Olaf Ansteil.
1 rmedlute���Oeraldlne Brown, Alberta Mlddleton, Lottie McViear, Nellie
Park, William Brown, Kenneth Weir.
Junior���Louise Allison. Minnie Eller,
Mllen Fawcett, Olive McLeod Eva Mc
Vicar, Ethel Ritchie, Amy Swannell,
Agnes Staploton, Christine McDougall,
The two lasi nnmeil are teachers,
The others are pupils of Nelson hiKh
British, Roman and Grecian history,
geography and grammar were the subjects of examination today.
Trains and  Steamers.
Crow boat:   On time.
Slocan train���On time.
Coast, Boundary ami Itossland train
-On time,
Too many drawing-room smiles deteriorate  into kill hen frowns.
toy's Cash Grocery)
you conic to Nelson on July
1st call and see
It will pay you to take some'
of liis slock home with
JOY will meet you at
the door.
JOY'S Cash Grocery
cor, JoMpninQand mui Bt��.    Phono Ifl
We have Jusl received a shipment of
Shlrrirs Jelly Powder In ilie following
Wild Cherry
I'ine: Apple
Mrs. 11. B. Dill lefl ihis morning for
Moosomin to spend e pari of tbe Bummer with her mother.
The metal quotations have fallen
sllghtlj since yesterday, silver declining -1 points in. London and 6 in Now
Mrs. George Hunter and children will
leave for Carleton Place, Ont., In the
morning.   They will be accompanied by
Mr. flu r as far us Medicine Hat,
Every hotel in the city Is crowded to
lis full capacity. The lisi ol arrivals
sini-i- Saturday's issue is so long that
The Dally Canadian hasn'l space to
prlnl them.
Sheriff Turk will return tonight from
Spokane, where he wenl to meet his
daughter, Miss Isla Tuok, who bas
come Irom Victoria to spend fhe sum
iin-r with her father.
There will be an Ice cream social on
the lawn of Pastor and .Mrs. Shanks
tomorrow evening. .Music during lhe
evening. Everybody Is Invited. Tho
proceeds are for the general funds o]
the church.
Wilfred Ebbs, son of Mr. William
Rlilis. a strong member of the local
baseball club, fell in tho thick of tho
game yesterday and Buffered n severe
ankle sprain. Ho will be laid up for a
few days, though do bonos aro broken
Frank .Mahara's Minstrels were well
received al tho opera house last night.
Their specialties were vory good, notably that of ihe Juggler. Their engage-
meal in Nelson eiuis ibis evening, when
thoy will give their farewell performance, ami should in- greeted wllh a
large house.
The Baptlsl church of Nelson is to
in congratulated on a raoBl successful
financial year. The annual statement
of the treasurer Jusl Issued shows a
fofai of receipts and disbursements of
13,017.(19, which Includes contributions
to home and foreign missions, bul does
not include accounts   of tbe   S lay
Bchool or Baptlsl young People's Union. Pastor Shanks wishes to express
Ills heaii.v appreciation of ihe inns!
generous responses from the people and
members of tbe church and congrega
The home of Mr. ami Mrs. Fred Uos-
i|iiei was the scene of a domestic celo-
liratiim last evening, tho occasion peine the birthday of Mrs. Bosquet. A
number of friends who were In town
entered Into an arrangement to effect
a surprise, and gathered at the house
mi Vernon street, to tbe complete astonishment of tin- family. A happy
evening was spent In games and music Among Ihose present were Mrs.
Soliwartemeyer of Deer Park, Mr. and
.Miss Blanchard of Pllol Bay, .Miss i-iit
l|i of Porl Arthur, Ont., and the following from the city: Mr. and Mrs. Toye,
Mr. ami Mrs. McQuarrle, Mr. and Mrs.
Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. Paxtou, Mr. and
Mis. Sturgeon, Miss Sung ,  \v   l>;.
Vinson and F, Vigneux.
Tell phono 101.
Ice Cream Sodas.
The Finest in the Land.
Tonight���July 3rd
Kuttirn engagement of
Maharas' Mammoth Minstrel
2fi Colored Sturm 2K
I'lcM-iniiig tho cleverest features of
Minstrelsy, Opemand Vaudeville.
Mahnra's Challenge Hand nml Orchestra
Watch for Big Street Parade.
UiUinl prices. Seals on Sale nt liullici-.
foul's l-'alnril.-iy.
Hold girl. Apply al Club Hotel. K
.1. I'iirran.
Hoy wanted Immediately, aged 15;
porniaw nl Job, to work on steam launch
ami do chores In garden, etc, Further
particulars from W. I). Husk, room No.
I, K. w. v. block, between the hours of
l and .'! p. m. except Saturday,
A bartender,   Address Box 102, Nel-
son, 11. C.
Shearer  Delayed.
The following announcement lias
been received from Rev, J. Q, Shearer,
and is self-explanatory:
"Ottawa, June 27.- Hear Sir: I r,
grol very much in be compelled to defer ihe proposed tour weal of Mr. Rochester anil myself until Aiigimy or September. It will lake perhaps two weeks
jet in gel through with the legislative
battle at Ottawa. Von will hear from
us later as lo changed dates. All is going well, only simvly. Yours faithfully,
The Store of Quality
The Good Old
Summer Time
ir yon wanl lo keep cool iho besl way
h> do ho is to buy some of our
Hot Weather Drinks
our s'ocli is complete aud you can
Mini almost anything yon wanl here.
Mine Juice
Chanipagno Older
0rape .luice
Lemon SQuash
Raspberry Vinegar
Thorpe's Aerated Waters
Mason's Lemonade Crystals
Mason's Herb Deer
K, W. C. nioek . Plume 10
Hot Weather Drinks I    ���EC��� ,
| Soda  rotrntain
in town at lhe
Morton's Raspberry
Vinegar Hazlewood Parlor
Quart Bottles   -   65c
Pure Grape Juice Tfy our DouWe jersey
Ql,arts   "   " 70c Bu! termite.
Lime Juice
rA    A F/nc Assortment of Fruits,
Quarts   -   -   -   50c       ., , _   .
Nuts and Confectionery.
C. A* Benedict
('orner Silica nml Josephine Sis.
is not complete without a good
We have a full line of litem at prices to
suit your purse.   AI-o Wash Boards,
'Julis, Clothes I'ius, Clothes
Lines, Pulleys, l-.'ic.
Nelson Hardware Co.
riiti.M-; ib,     M.i.s.ix, ii. o.
Phone 206.
A full lino of QroQkmry,
China and OltiMiiwarv*
AlinSe "nl Hani] f'mwl .-[ Kver�� I urrlp
Hon,   We have pol tliegn iilnauti w II ftl
U)we*l I'rii-.s tn 'lnwn.
Baker Bt, next tt> f.P.lt Ticket Office.
W. E. Gosnell's Impressions of His Last
Hurried Trip.
\v. B. Gosnell, who hurried back
from an Importanl business iriii to
Princeton in order tn In- in Nelson for
ihe celebration of Dominion Day. re
lioris that the Siniiiliaineen boom is
still on ami gathering fresh Impetus every day.
The people of the vuley are well
aware that their rich district is the
subject of keen rivalry ami tense struggle between ihe two greal transcontinental railways, ami feel satisfied thai
they ��i;i soon have railway connection
wllh  tlie outside world.
Tin- grading for tin- Qreal Northern
has now heen completed as tar vv, st-
ward as Keremeos.
Meanwhile the settlers In the valley
have been working hard all spring. They
have hail abundance ol rain and warm
weather, and they expect record crops,
The brewery ul Princeton, in which
Mr. Gosnell is Interested, will, he
thinks, lie completed nml lu operation
within 00 days.
Altogether ihe outlook for ihe simll-
Itameen, in Hie minds of those mosl
deeply Interested, is more encouraging
than ever before, and none ni those
who have held on so long are likely lo
lei go now.
For RftetythingGood
t" Smoko.
Imported an-! Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know n.u.man\ Sp��fa] Mixture?
Price of Metals.
Xew Yoili, .Inly ::.- silver, i;i -,-s;
copper, Is; electrolytic copper stock,
IS 1-8 ii, \s 34; lead, S5.7S.
London. July S.���Silver, L'H ir,.|i;d-
lead.   (Jill 13S lid; zinc,   L'l'T.
Steamship Arrivals.
Xew York. July 8.���The steamer
Grosser has arrived from Kurfttrst,
The steamer Btatordam has arrived
irom Itollefdnm. nit
Cm sip ef tills
Wl/ii:.iii IIIdti.in,i/ spirits ill tltliqfif
tltp.'Jtih ills', tfdm ii;s-tjttitiiiii,tlii;slt
r>n> VOL'  KNOW
that the (IrluliirervedatoiirSodftPoQiHttln
im t tonic propertlM i-rnMm refruhlorT
Wo ii e only teal fruit ijrupLpf tin Hu-m
(lualiiy Kiiuiiiniii, ooanterTalanei hh<i
receptaelei tn.   kept ���ernpaloualjr dean
Baltffr sir.-i I, helton, 11 C.
An Appeal to Naturalists.
Tlie president (,i the Natural History
Society of Victoria has Issued the r,,|.
lowing appeal: "The Natural HJstorj
Soeletj has undertaken ihe worli ol
establishing a wild flower garden in
this city. We have Becured a mosi eligible site in Beacon Hill park and the
illy authorities have promised to make
UP Iwo small  reeky ponds.    Our aim is
io secure a representative collection of
tin- many beautiful wild flowers uml
shrubs native to ihis province We
now appeal to anyone wis, is interested
ii ihe flora of his particular looallty to
help us. vVe want this fall only those
subjects lhal will thrive on rucks and
in ilrv situations, as we shall nut havo
water limn noxl seas,,,, Our funds are
Inline;!, and we cannm offer in pay for
Plants, inn win giadlj pay the freight
charges,   n is a |���|,0!. ���r :,n.��� (1|l   ,1||r
Dart, ami we .shall be glad to I r rrom
anyone nb mi willing to help us in
If you wiiin to piano ,.,���,,. ,������,, Ul hn
llllous ipiarlers take ��� |������|, .,, ,������.
Fancy Cottons at 25c and 3Bo.
Lisles at 50c to 75c.
Cashmeres, 25c, 35c and 50c.
,*' ir,�� �� I" rndsrwmr V��lu��s '	
Jffignai tram SM m fl.oo, N,,i���r���i w������i ���,������
If hiii wish non! ,������i Mi.iniiiL.lilr
noiiiforfulilo Bye Glasses thai  will
nol full of
Out Sta-Zon WillStitt Yo��
JMWHUaiR     ������d     OPMOIAN
is a uw-.nity fosvary well ������-sri.l.ii.-.i hr.nx-. Oar clocks t-omhi	
i,i.i,..ikii��iii, tbioluuaccuracy u lho. Imparl   ��. ���,.     ."'"'<"'
and iiiurm, Bt W up to the nm- IraporlW ones.     ��-.��� ��� .,,,         k
fKiniiiis iiiilc iitnrin ones ��f unlv If fin. Comi in lodsr       	
*************************************��***..��� ttt
���"������'" "" * **""in i i ���  ���   II    ..
I   I
: Standard Furniture Compaayi
��� A. il'.M'S ,.,.,. .   . I|
f    Miis-io .1 II sell Plan
Complete House Furnishers and Underlikm
*      ml irraoor" \i.un..-. tu*
J   tllobe w,ri,i-i,- Book C ises and Oflm Purnltur.
'""    Repairing and Jobbing a SpeciaHyl
Sliieinieiul vVorlr, Oaatlngi, BoUders' Materia] and Mining and Mill .M.i,|iiin,l
iillieiiiiinl Works Kool of IVirk si.
I'll,,,,...      Oil.
���Scl��������. fl. tl
f. E Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd
We would Invite yon to impeol our lurgi' nnd varied itock of
No n 1 to raffer from heal if
will only enll and
ZTJUZ Hot Weather Requisite!
Store oiH'ii fnmi T a.m. to li p.m. every day except hiilidiiy�� and Siouliiv.
B. A.  ISAAC J. A.  HONEYMAN'',���~,
Rapalrlna lindflabhlnu ��.��ui��i �� in, i>u��p���icii.  SH..I M.l
Work.   Moliimoul Mill Mucllloci-v.      MiiiHlfncllirvr.-, Ol
'"'- ��-���"�����.. R. IV.   ContraetorW Cnr��.
NELSON,   B.  C.
j Don't Forget we are SEMI-READY
MANUFACTURERS   T 4 c*4 *       1
and dealers in Lumbetf shingles,
Lfith, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
I urned W���rk and l��r-,,cket��. Mnil Did,-.* iiromotlv al W|
i pronipi
rVBLtSONi H. o.
have demonstrated to ns, and if you will let us inula'yon
one suit we'll convince you that the olbtlies wc
make are superior to all other makes
in every detail of
in,.i, i-t,,..�� -I-..,,  ^< ^-"   ""
Hlgh-Olan Tailor
Baker Si., Nelaon, H. 0.
Carpet Sweepers
Are Aoknowl��di����d t.> ba withoul a ��vi^"'-
VVIJ  Nail Tlsu.il.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y, Ltd
NEL.SON ������"-<""
���~~> yBWf -
i.. .iwws.ii|i.iisiMi.wsiJS)iuwi.liiMwitlssilwiiwiwssiisiais..


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