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The Daily Canadian Nov 20, 1906

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Array ' ".:.
Villi Ml*
I.    No
Fifty Cents a Month
hce President of C. P. R.
lalks of Country
hll Nut Pay Because Bad  Men
Obtain Control   Through
Political PulL
|k.*,i ���
In lollowlng from lhe pen of
ni, i, iai pouter appeared tins wtm-x
hi Sunday editions of the leading
icd   talcs papers:
had  a talk with one of
men of lbe British North*
i    Mr.  William  Whyte. the
ml vie** president ot  the Canadian
railway, and   manager    of    its
, utcrprisea between Lake Bnpe*
and  the  Pacific ocean.    The  Ca-
is   I'aciflc   Ib  a   developing   com-
well u-< a transportation com
lr nut only has the longest count   roads  under one  man-
u<-;ii nu litis continent) hut it owns
<>i,   nl aeres of lands, great tracts
and valuable mines, which it
eli     It  haa under way  hy
largest   irrigation   project     in
��� iiierica,   und   in   addition   has
msliip lines on  tbe  Pacific  which
���<    if   with  Japan,  China.   Alaska
.ii tmllu and the South Seas, und
on the Atlantic which con
n with England.   The oompany
i'*.  its own Bleeping cars and a
It is now building here
in Winnipeg one of the higgeBl ho
in Canada at a cost of something
a million dollars, and it has great
��� la  in  the  Hockies arid  at
-������-���: cities along its line.   It has
ciiM-l   telegraph  company   uf  Can-
mnl ji   operates  its  own  express
L.iiiailiaii-Panfflg- was-foe���first
to   open   up   this   Northwest.
iHiHitlon to a certain extent  is
al one.    II gives special rates
I'Ttailon for fine stock In or*
"*lp Uie farmer, and not long
ii the luinher lords were over-
ii    Bottlers for building ma
I"!  company brought them to
li 'aiming to start  sawmills
it threatened to open coal
lien  the  coal dealers  charged
!   rates, aud  it now  proposes
"tit   education  cars   to  teach
���un  raising,
lalked   with   Mr.   Whyte   we
i   some   maps  of  the   Xew
��id  discussed  Its  relations to
���""iss    the    Pacific.      Mr.
1 en several times to Japan
and  he has  travelled  over
and  Blbeiis examining into
"".   as possible traffic pro-
flrst   quesl ion  was as  to
"I  the Japanese-Itussiun war
ade of the Orient.
Ii    Whyte   'I  think  that  the
'���������iitly   lieneflt   the Japanese.
"pie   will   explhit   Manchuria
���<   anil  they    will    then  turn
'"ii  to China.    The Japan-
j?  have many investments in
l".'   do it   large  part of the
'rnrte for the    Celestial    nm-
they have lines of steamboats
i panes*,     rivers.      The\     are
misers  and   they  realise That
"'  Ik  to  be    induslrlal    and
They are taking the lies!
���i our civilisation and mak*
their own. We are ftl read J
rKely with Japan and I ex*
n steady increase lu that
1 Japanese are largely rice
i* wi are now sending them
11 ,,,,,v will in time he wheat
1 meal eaters, It Is this fea-
" dnvelopmenl which inter
wc oxpecl to supply a large
��se product!.'
1 pxpeol    much    competition
r'fl in your wheal  raising?'
nia and Ohio people are nettled there.
They have big barns, Just as in thu
United States. The land there produces the finesi oats.   I know tanners who
grow from Sn lo 1UII bushels per aero
and Ihe oats will weigh 40 pounds to lhe
bushel, it grows timothy as (all an a
man and also barley and other grains.
It is not so cold near lhe Koekles as
farther oast, and in many respects it
Ih more deslmhle fur seiilemeiil than
the wheat licit proper,
"'British Columbia promises to develop somewhat like your states of
Washington and Oregon- It has many
small vuUcy's which can he Irrigated
and which will produce the fines I uf
apples, pears, poaches and prunes.
That country is just opening up and
we expect il to have a great increase
in population In the near future."
"I see, Mr, Whyte. that both the Dominion nnd ttie provincial governmenl
of Canada arc going Into railroad
building. Ontario Is pushing a line
northward toward Hudson hay, aud
the (irand Trunk Pacific from Winnipeg to the Atlantic is to he built by
the federal government Will it
the governments to own nnd
iheir own railways?'
"'1 think not.' wak the reply, 'Rail-
r ading is ; p-of-'Ssion, and It takes
trained men to manage the business
successfully.    Politicians  cannot   make
good railroad operators. They are dependent upon the people for their
election and continuance In office, and
they must lake Iheir constituents into
consideration in making railroad posl
tlons, and good men may lose their
jobs. Indeed. I do not see how a railroad enn he successfully handled hv
our government With nur present no
lUlcaJ machinery.    It will not pay.'"
provisionally ai least, in our industrial
system, based us ii is on the general
[elation between capital aud labor and
trying to continue the Improvement of
1 ���'" relation In a peaceful way. withoul
class war and havoc. Progress, In a
word, seems more hoperul Ihan revolution.
Dominion Copper    Company    Acquires
Athcliton-��� Smuggler   Fined.
Bomb In St. Peter's.
Rome, Nov. 20.���A bomb was exploded tn St. Peter's today. The edifice was crowded and an indescribable
scene of con fusion followed. Then,1
were no fatalities. No trace of the
perpetrator of the deed has bean
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Grand Forks, , Nov,. 20.���Word has
reached here from ("arson lhat Customs Officer McAulay oi that [dace
captured a prominent rancher of this
vulley who wa�� in the act of smuggling three 5-galion cans ol coal oil
across lbe line. As a result the ranchers' wagon aud team Were -Seised and u
tine Inflicted wtiicn, wnu other costs,,
aggregated 1260. This made the coal
oil cost lhe rancher u triUe over $sj
u cau.
\\ ord has reached here today lhat
tlie Dominion Copper company lias
j usl complet ed arrangemen is lor tho
taking over oi the AthelHton property
In Wellington camp, for which il bus
lieen negotiating for some time. This
news is welcomed here, as a greal number of tbe residents of the valley have
Athelston stock, which up tu tlu; presenl time was practically valuless, owing lo the unsettled State of the affairs
of this property. The ore of the Athelston runs $7 in gold und copper.
With the addition of this new property
ll is the aim of the Dominion Copper
company to produce 760,000 pounds of
copper by January  1  _.t a cost It, tne
company of only s cents per pounl.
Power Plant Will Be Ready
For Operation
was app'-'Mted minister of inland revenue In th eMackenzie administration,
but was defeated on going to his const lluents for re-election. Quebec Bast,
however, elected him and has remained
faithful to him ever since. He assumed leadership of the Uhcral party In
IRH7 aud in 1800 he bec.mo premier.
Mayor Gillett Views Work and Says
That Engineers Are Using All
Possible Expedition.
Prices of  Metals.
New   York.   Nov.    2ll.���Silver,
copper. 21  ,'ISc;   lead, $5.75.
London. Nov. 20.���Silver,
li-ait.  1:19.
lis-w |.|(.
"���piled  the  vice  president
utslde ��r Canada-, is uboui
""mtry which    promises    to
���niiiii In Hn- wheat mar-
I "ie  world.    For u  rew  yours
*���"* war Siberia was producing
""'���  bUBhela of wheal. That
*  i'^'iiik ��� during  lhe years be
'-*���'!* nnil 1902.   In 1908 the cro]
'." .'? O��,000.000 bushels, nnil It
""���"ly exced Unit, now lhal th
II "io something ahout the Ce
' "��'��� Mr. Whyte.    Is It ilcpei.
"""���ly upon  wheat for lis nuo
, ;  "   moans,  ,-e|,li���,i the railroad
^���s-s'i.,1 .     A ���**r*a l"lrl of Alberta
fcinni', -e."n h **'&*' 10 ml*
ik. Ihore ls n great dairy
Mil near Edmonton which Is
ni,,,;" ""���Hiii butter  for  llrltlsh   Co-
sin.,   '.,'."' wsatern markeii. Thai
Goldwin Smith Reviews Economic The-
oriei and Expresses Confidence in
Progress Before  Revolution.
In a recent interview Dr. Goldwin
Bmiih, ioronto ��� of Canada's foremost
philosopher, discussed the economic
-theory of Socialism. In part he said,
as reported:
"Socialism is u naiuial growth, and
so far as it has abstained from revolutionary method, or Incitements to vio-
leuce may have been not only deserving of sympathy, hut useful as a lesson
to' us all. Human society Iu its general Btrueture and features appear to
be an ordinance of nature, and while
It ls capuble of gradual improvement
and is heing greatly improved, not to
be capable of sudden and violent trans-
for mu tion.
'The term 'socialism' is very loosely
used. It ls applied to tbe assumption
by the public of railways, telephones
and Btreet cars hitherto lu the bauds of
private companies. That policy would
be evidently good where the public administration is honest. This, however.
Is merely u matter of particular policy,
involving no general change of fundamental principle or of the constitution
of society. Hut when tbe services have
been left to private enterprise and private capita, has heen embarked, eonfis-
Catlon, to which soihe extreme reformers seem disposed, would lie like robbery of any other kind; worse, indeed,
than robbery of nny other kind, since
it would make the legislature a robber,
"Socialism has never told us distinctly. If it has tried to tell us at all. what
its form of government is to be. Can
it devise n government which shall hold
alt the Instrument! o( production, distribute our industrial parts, regulate
our ienumeration, yet leave us free?
Without freedom and personal choice
of callings, how could there be a progress, bow could there he Invention?
How could (here he a dedication to In-
telleotual pursuits. Can the government pick out inventors, scientific dis
OOVOrers, philosophers, men of letters.
���artists, gel them to work and assign
them reward? By what standard will
it measure remuneration? The products of manual labor it mlghl conceivably measure, hut apparently those
"Competition, of which the ardent
communist hopes to get rid. has no
dOUbt its harsh aspect; and we should
he glad to change for universal cooperation. Btfl it has been hitherto,
and so far as we can see. is likely to
remain, the Indisputable spur.
"Let the communists take any numii-
faclured article and trace out, as far as
thougbt will go. and In different parts
of the world, what contributed to its
production, including    the    making of
machinery, shipbuilding and all the *>m-
ployments and branches of trade ancillary to these; let hiiu consider how. hy
the operation Of economic law, under
the system of industrial liberty, the
pric" It may be a single penny. Is distributed lustly among all these Industries and let him ask himself whether
his government or his group of governments  is likely   to  do  better  than
nature. .       ., ,
'���*    ���*'���"*   nigra  Ir
Toronto   Business    Man    Provides  for
Future as Kootenay Farmer.
A. K. Thome of Toronto, Western
representative of the Toronto Fancy
(ioods company, has started on his return to the Kasl after making a wise
provision for the future by Investing
In a fruit ranch in Kootenay, to which
he will retire after it bas reached maturity.
Mr. Thome spent nearly a fortnight
visiting the various fruit-growing se<*
tlons of Kootenay, including, besides
the Nelson distrit, Creston, Kaslo and
the Arrow lakes.
Alter careful comparisons he decid
ed to locate in the Slocan Klver valley and purchased a part of tlie Crescent -Valley estate, thc property-��*"
Messrs. McDermid & Mcllardy. The
consideration   was   $3000.
Mr. Thome will have his newly-nc
quired property planted with fruit
trees early In the spring. He expects
that within four or five years his or**
chard will he sufficient to engage all
his attention and to enable him to
abandon the tedious career of a com
mercial traveller and live the happy,
contented life of a Kooteuny fruit
Storm Reaches South.
Topeka, Kan., Nov. 20.���The storm
over this section of Kansas lias abated
today, dying away with a rainy sleet.
The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe offices report the main line to Kansas
open today, but several trains are snowbound on the Panhandle division,
Where the snow is four to five tout
deep in tbe cuts. Between Carlsbad,
N-. Mi and Amarillo, Tex., along the
San i a Fe line, the worst storm ever
known has prevailed, the snow being
fiom 10 to 15 Inches deep. Cattle are
sin fei ing from the Storm all over the
Memphis. Tenn., Nov. 20.���With the
rain still falling, at times reaching a
downpour, tlie situation in ihis secliou
of the state becomes more and more
serious. It fs estimated itiat already
the flood losses will .ippi'oxlinitl-e u
QUa-rter of a million dollars iu Shelby
county alone.
The oft-deferred date of the completion of the Nelson power plant and its
Operation seems now to be actually in
sight. It is not likely to lie ready by
the first of December as was hoped,
but it will not be postponed, as some
pessimists anticipate, until the new
year, nor even till Christmas.
Mayor Gillett spent this morning at
the plant, returning to the city at noon.
Seen on his relurn he said:
"Progress Is being made as fa-st as
possible under the circumstances. All
tht: machinery is now In the power
house und arranged in the must convenient way for rapid prosecution of
the work.
"The water wheel has to he lowered
only IC inches further. Then the various collections will be made, the shaft
erected and the generator installed.
'if the hydraulic and electric Installation could go on at the same time
we should he much further ahead than
we are. Mut the electric work had to
wait for the hydraulic, and the hy
drnulic machinery wus the last to arrive.
"However, I am satisfied that Mr.
Nezas and Mr. Uullis are doing their
best for us and that no time will be
lost unnecessarily. There are 13 men
at work, and they are working under
some disadvantages. They are In thc
pit, nearly 50 feet below the level of
the generator flour, and the work of
hoisting un and down takes time and
cannot well he hurried. Beginning with
today they will work double shifts.
"When will it be ready for operation? Well I can't yet sny, exactly.
I'm afraid not by _the first of next
month, hut I believe Tt will not be
many days later. I think another two
wi e_CS���from teday���should see every*
th'ng complete."
Little Rock, Ark., Nov. 20.���The second /annual conference of the eighth
missionary department, of the Protestant I'.piscopal church opened in Llttlo
Rock today and will continue until
Friday. Bishops, ministers nnd distinguished laymen are in attendance
from Texas, Louisiana. Tennessee, Oklahoma and other states.
Reflects on Britain.
London, Nov. 20.���The Westminster
Gasettfl today urges the government lo
Baled a man of supreme ability for
I i Nt isl* ambassador at Washington,
lhe papers declare lhat Great Britain's former Influence and prestige at
Washington have been usurped by thu
German ambassador, adding that Mr.
Roosevelt Is In more close and more
confidential communication with Emperor William than with any other
ruler or statesman in Europe.
Peary Still Weatherbound.
Sydney, N. S., Nov. 20.���Tlie American Bteamer Roosevelt is now weatherbound in St. George's bay, Newfound-
laud. She baa been I here since lust
���Saturday and has taken ou a further
supply of coal. The Koosevelt was expected to leave St. George's hay, Newfoundland, today. St. George's bay is
880  miles  from  Sydney.
"���     !r""*nnm!|i   iui1 ul ig, rr^ worm,   .��  _rT_^________*S_t*_r
"��">y nf your Ponnsylva-     something to be said  for acquiescing,
Denies the   Impeachment.
New York, Nov. 20.���The report that
Andrew Carnegie had promised $1,000,-
ouo to Congressman Richard Bartholdt
of Missouri to promote tlie cause of
international arbitration was denied at
the residence of Mr. Carnegie in this
..ity today. Mr. Carnegie sent word
thai there was no ground  for tbe  re-
Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 20.���Artists
of note from many parts of the country are gathered in Indianapolis to
take part in Ihe ceremony attending
the dedication of the new I^ron Art
museum. James Whitcomb Riley, the
poet; Halsey C. Ives, director of the
St. Louis museum, and other men of
note are on the program.
Phoenix    Syndicate    Acquire   Cariboo
McKinney���Work  on   Moreen.
(Special  to Thc  Dally  Canadian.)
Greenwood, Nov. 20.���The Greenwood Amateur Dramatic company presented "Our Boys" to a full and appreciative house on Friday evening
last. The cast was excellent In iu>
entirety. The entertainment wus giv
en under the auspices of the Roman
Catholic church and a nice sum must
have been netted for a worthy cause.
A local syndicate, which reee.Utv
incorporated as a development company, has secured lands on the Caber-
fue and Canada claims, adjoining the
No. 7 In Central camp. Considerable
work was done on the Canada during
tbe summer aud a large body of ore
opened up. The company is now prospecting the Caberfae, which is considered one of the best properties iu tlie
Work is to he presently resumed on
Moreen, In Deadwood camp. It is un
derstood that an electric compressor
and hoist will be installed and development   vigorously   prosecuted.
A syndicate of Phoenix people have
acquired the Carlboo-McKinney und-r
lease and bond and have begun work
on the famous old dividend payer.
Fierce Attack In French Senate Voted
Down Today.
printed report on the membership of
the house of representatives of the sixtieth congress hns just heen Issued by
Uie clerk of the house. The Republicans are shown to have a majority of
r>fi. The Republican membership is
222 and the Democratic membership Is
Paris. Nov. 20.���Senator de Vlllane
created a sensation today by making
a vicious attack on tbe foreign and ln-
terlor policy of the government. He
charged the government with playing
Into the hands of Great Hritain and demanded to know whether the report
was true that a military convention
had been planned between Great Britain and France as a prelude to the
great adventure in which Foreign Minister Pichon and War Minister Pic-
juart had embarked with Premier Clemen ceau.
Premier Clemenceau. after defending M. Pichon and General Plcquart,
announced he could not. say anything
regarding the Franco-British understanding, biit stated that he did believe
a military convention existed.
The senate rejected the interpellation by 213 to .2 and voted a resolution of confidence in the government
 1  ���
French Authorities Determined to Carry Out New Law.
Paris, Nov. 20.���Although more resistance was reported In the taking
of church inventories today, no grave
Incidents occurred, and in only one
case, at Villi* Lengue dc.Ia Salargue,
where the clericals had been standing
guard for two days, were the authorities balked. When the soldiers broke
down the doors of the church at Vllle
Lengue de la Salangue they were drlv
en out by sulphur fumes and the prefect was compelled to postpone taking
the inventory. In most cases the parish priests and bishops, after protesting, yielded to a show of force, but
some of the prlesta defended their
churches uni 11 the doors were broken
down. In hundreds of cases the priests
were taken by surprise, the authorities
and soldiers arriving before daylight
and completing their work before an
alarm could he given.
Landerueau, France, Nov, 20.���Three
squadrons of hussars, 100 cuirassiers
and all the sappers and gendarmerie
of this district were divided into de
tachments of 40 yesterday and departed at night to support the officials
charged with taking the inventories of
the churcheB.
Marsefj.es, France, Nov. 20.���The
authorities here, by a ruse, today accomplished the task of taking the Inventories of the churches without dis
order. Entering the churches and ca
thedrals before dayllg'ht they completed their work before the peopl.
had arisen.
Big Operations Planned
Alnsworth Camp
G. Barnhart  Will Extend Tunnel
1,000 Feet to Tap  Veins-
Promising Outlook.
New Orleans, La., Nov. 20.���Tho
famous Sau Carlo Opera company
opens Its American season nt tbe
[Trench opera house in this city tonight. Mine. Lillian Nordica, Mine.
Schuninn-IIeink, Alice Nielsen and
Ouiseppe Campanati ure included In
the oompany, Their season will take
them as far west as San Francisco,
Portland, Vancouver and Seattle, and
places in Kasleru Canada and New
Btngland will nlso he Included in the
general tour.
Scbuectady, N. Y��� Nov. 20.���The
stockholders of the General Electrlo
company al a special meeting here to-
dny approved the recommendation of
the directors for an increase In the
capital Block from $60,000,000 to $80,-
000,000. About $11,000,000 of the new
stock Is to he issued in the nenr fu*
t ure. The proceeds will bo used to
furnish nddlt.fona*. working capital nnd
for the extension of some of the company's plants.
Cardinal Vazzary Dlyng.
Rome, Nov. 20.���Tbe pope has sent
his benediction to Cardinal Vazzary.
ptimate of Hungary, who is at the
point of death. Vazzary is the richest
cardinal and contributes $200,000 yearly to the maintenance of the holy see.
Laurler's Anniversary.
Ottawa, Onl., Nov. 20.���Sir Wilfrid
Laurler, premier of the Ilominion, received congratulations today on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday. Sir
Wilfrid was born at St. Lin, Quebec,
November 20, 1841 .and has heen oc-
llve In public life Blnce 1871, when he
was returned to the Qu-eliee legislative
uSfl-nihh'    In   1X-M  >l_�� -At.turn.;   '.he hnnaj*.
For the first time in three years the
sous of Scotland residing In Nelson
will celebrate St. Andrew's day. Already preparations have been made
and ihe Scotsmen declare that the
forth < ming banquet will be the greatest in the history of Nelson.
A. T. C.shlng, of Edmonton, brother
of K -u. W. H. t.'ushing of Calgary, ia
iu the city, looking over the situation
in connection with his firm's timber
interests. Mr. dishing says that the
problem of the day in Kdmnnio i fs
the necessity for an electric tramway
service, espeefully for an Interiirhir.
line between Edmonton nnd Sua n
The mamy friends of Sergeant Thomas Luscombe will be glad to know that
he has been granted a veteran's |>en*
sion by tbe India government in recognition of his service during the Great
Mutiny 50 years ago. Sergeant Lus-
combe's active military career begaai
with the Alma on September 20. 1854.
lie, after many years' service in India,
wns invalided homo. Me has resided in
Canada for many years, first at Belleville, Ont. where for several years ho
sat in the city council.
Nelson's fire department organized
a relief association last night and arranged for monthly meetings nnd socials during the win lor months. Chief
Deasy was elected president; W. I'eur-
cy and F. Hell are members of the
board of trustees, and W. 15. Davison,
secteiury. Tbe object of the association Is to aid firemen dfsahled through
,*i reld-nt or illness and to insure the
members in case of death. A committee consisting uf Assistant W. .1. Phillips, Roy Sharp and Win. Hipperson
was appointed to make arrangments
for a series of entertainments.
Called Out Militia.
Hamilton, Ont, Nov. 20.���The police
commissioners  today  decided    to call
out the mllltla to aid    the   police'In
keeping order the street railway strike
Department  of  Agriculture Perfecting
Arrangements With   Salvation
Army Officials.
(Special  to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, Nov. 20.���The work of the
"*_opartnient of agriculture In regard to
bringing Immigrants Ifom Qreat Brit
ain to the province is well in hand.
Hon. Mr. Tutlow han received Information from R. M. Palmer to the effect that he has had an Interview with
the governor general at his request
and that Lord Grey has furnished him
with letters of introduction to General
llmith. Commander Booth Tucker and
Colonel Lamb of the Salvation Army.
He also has met Brigadier Genera]
Howell, who tells him that the chiefs
of the Salvation Army look upon British Columbia very favorably as a feild
work on the part of farm laborers and
similar people and that he believes
there will lie no difficulty in getting
from 1000 to 2000 selected peoPle-
Slr Thomas Shaughnessy was also
Been by Mr. Palmer in reference to
low rates of transportation, lu connection with this work It Is proposed
to hold a public meting in Vsncouvei
under the uusplct-s of the Salvation
Army, at which Mr. Tatlow will preside. Tlie date of the meeting Is De
cember 3.
Peached on Their Pale.
Warsaw, Russian Poland, Nov. 20.���
Thi'iiugh bribing a member of the
gang the police have arrested another
liatch of purtlc1 pants In the train rob
bery at Rogow on November 3, by
which the revolutionists are said to
huve secured atiniit f630,000, making
Bsltogether 34 persons arrested lit this
connection. They will all be Immeill
iiii-ly trieil by drumhead court nmrtlul.
of  commons and   two  years  later  he
Baronets Loses Daughter.
Washington, Nov. 20.���Miss Isoidse
Moncheur. daughter of Huron Mon-
cheur, tlte Belgian minister, and Bareness Moncheur, died today ai*ter a
brief Illness.
Rtpukllc��A. Mi-.cr/_i/.	
Baron Sternberg to Speak.
New York, Nov. 20.���Baron Sternberg, the German ambassador, is in
the city to speuk at the iinnual banquet tonight of the New York chamber of commerce. The yearly dinners
of this organization are among the
most iiii|iiiti;tni events of lbe metropolis ami that of tonight promises to be
no ixrepilnn. The chamber ulwayB
musters iioUible speakers and distinguished men around lis Isiard. Utterances thnt have moved the policy of
the government have been made on
these occasions, and it was at one of
the chamber's dinners Ihnt Secretary
of the Treasury Wlndom wsr stricken
with sudden tltnth some years ago.
Pursue* Investigation.
Washington, Nov. 20. ��� Secretary
Metcalfe, of the department of commerce and labor, hns directed the commissioner of commerce to make an Investigation of the action of the fire
insiiranoe companies in the settlement
of claims for losses resulting from the
catthqtiake and fire In San Francisco
and other places in California.
Hilllard Powell Wedding.
Knglewood. N. J., Nov. 20.���St.
Paul's church was the scene of a largo
and interesting wedding today when
Miss Grace Fortescue Powell, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Powell, Washington D. r, became the bride of Rn
rler. tl'*
Alnsworth Camp, tbe oldest tn Southwest Kootenay, whlcb was rehabilitated this year by the sensational discoveries ln the Krao aud other mines, la
the scene of great activity at present
and ai very extensive campaign has
been planned for the coming winter.
The general restoration of confidence
In the camp has led to the undertaking of big development iterations,
which are still further encouraged by
the steadily improving returns from all
Ihe working properties.        *
11. M. Stevenson returned to the city
rfom Alnsworth las tnlght with a- budget of good news.
The contract for thc 1000-foot extension of the Higlander tunnel hae been
awarded to George" Barnhart, who has
also taken the contract for clearing
and restoring the old tunnel to working order.
The Highlander is owned by Mr.
Stevenson's father, M. Stevenson of
Philadelphia. A tunnel has been driven across the property, 2610 feet. It
was completed in l*s-t It starts from
a point. 800 feet froth the shore of
Kootenay lake, 320 feet above the lake
level, and runs due west. It Is now
proposed to extend this tunnel westward for another 1000 feet.
It Is expected that It will tap the
Krao vein at that distance, but If not
it will be continued uaill It iSnes. it
Is certain, within thrt distance, lo cut .
three intermediate veins, on the Donald, Little Donald and Black Diamond.
,Of the other properties ln the camp
Mr. Stevenson said:
"The Spokane, operated by Mr.
Barnhart, shipped a carload of good
ore last week and has four or five
more carloads ready.
"On the Maestro, between the Spokane and the Black Diamond, operated
by Giegerlch and King, there are BO
tons now sacked and waiting ror shipment. They are running a- crosscut to
open up the ledge at a depth of 220
"At. the Krao the boarding house Is
completed and the force of carpenters
Is now engaged building, the shaft
"The No. 1 has heen leased again
io Donald and Alex Grant, two weeks
ago. I am told that last Friday they
struck the old No. 1 vein of high grado
native  silver in  two different  places.
"I have taken a contract on the Tariff to drive a crosscut 450, to open It
up. We will make about 125 feet a
"George Barnhart has a lot of good-
looking ore out on the Llbby, which
he now hns under lease.
"Squ're brothers are working on the
Tiger with good results and are making preparations for work through tho
"AIto*rother, the ramp Is Very busy.
Everything accomnllshed shows greater promise and everybody Is feeling
Lemieux Makes Promises.
Montreal. Nov. 20.���Speaking In St.
s\nne's election contoid today, Postmaster General l,t-iii!.'ii\ announced
thnt It was his Intention lo utilise the
Hiirplus shown lu the postoffice finances last year to ?he Improvement
of Ihe Bs-rvlce. He also Intended giving protection to the Canadian press
ngalust the "Yellow" press from the
southern republic and to give Rrltlsh
periodicals  and   newspapers  the   prut'-
Settled Amicably.
Scranton, Pa��� Nov. 20.���The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western railroad
and Its switchmen arrived at a satisfactory adjustment of the demands of
tbe latter today, and entered Into an
ngreement which will continue for one
year from January 1 next, when the
present agreement expires. The men
wi-re granted an increase of 10 pei
cent nnd a 10-hour day on all divisions of the road.
Probably half the pleasure a- woman
gets out of life is due to her ability
to change her mind and her complexion
at will.
*!!  * .���
��Mt i��>i��_��w.Wfs
Washington.  Nov.   20.���The official | l.ard, the actor.
7t*I.auuii  isfiiii a '.nan In a tone that
savors of a scolding.
-^^f^^^^ The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now in order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
We have plenty nf them In ivd nnd Hue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blankets are Justly celebrated for their excellence. We alone carry
ihem In this city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillow*, Comforters. Gloves and Mits. Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing, Oi! Ctothng, Sweaters. Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of tne
Best quality and prices surprisingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID OP... .ft.1.00,000 REST  (4,900,000,
D R. WILKIE. Pw-ident. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-Presiirtent
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and intern, allowed at cum-nt ratea from d_.t. of opening ac-
co-ant and ccnnpotuided hall-yearly.
tVESCSON BRANCH *��J��   _VI_    LAY��   _V\__naj*jer_
The 9foy__/ 'Bank of Canada
ASSETS, $39,771,803
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accounts nf firms and individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches  iu  British  Columbia.
Specl&>]  attention   to out  of town business.
T.  K.  KENXY, Pres., Halifax.        B, L    PEA8B, General Manager,  Montreal.
_���_?. W. HYNDMAN, M*vutget NELSON "BRANCH.
Published ��u dayi a wee* i��y iht*
Baker St.. Nelion, B.C.
���eutr.i��-Ttpiion rate*- &*j oenti a month delivered
in ibe citv. or f-VW) a year if sent by mall, when
paid la advanci*
AilTtTtisine ntei on application.
All moniu paid In Kitlement of The Pally
Canadian account!, either Un lUbKrlptiottl nr
advertising, muit be receipted (or on the printed
forms of the < mptuiy. uiher receipt! are not
** By one word we are lometlmei Judged tO be
wiie ami by one word Mffletlmei Judged to be
foolish. Lei Ul therefore be enreful whul we
Now that the organs of the opposi*
tion manifest some disposition to leave
the question of better terms when* il
belongs, that is, tn the realm of state*
manahip, as a Question between the
province and the federal authorities,
aud outside the sphere of partizan politics, it may be Worth while lo review
the creditable record of the goVt rn-
meat Btnce the secession ot the McBride administration,
it Is ever to be remembered thai the
province has eaeh year new acquisitions to Its cttlsenship. These consul
oi ranchers, miners, una of business,
mill meu and lumberers and laborers,
together with others who, satisfied
with ihe conditions prevailing Id Hritish Columbia, determini i<> settle down
aud become one of ourselves, in the
court of a Quadrennium many ol these
men become entitled to vote and take
the stepa necesaar. to secure the privilege of deciding the governtmental
policy of the country hy assisting in
ih election ol this or the other party
to power.
This fs particularly true "! the interior and vi the Kootenay districts,
and many who will be entitled to vote
at the earning election will have hut
a vagti ��� idea of the political history
of the present administration.
Anyone who has read the journals
of the legislative assembly, or the
votes and proceedings of the house
daring the years of political turmoil
that were immediately previous tu the
Bccesafon of the present government
will be amazed at the shif-lessness and
lack of honor with which the business
nf tho country was carried on The
���ji-444^?*s^-T-S7T-rT7.c_Tv7"   ^ulwi apparent
ly made this excusable to those who
practised it was. during the rapidly
changing personnel of the various governments, the one thing which brought
the affairs of the country to the verge
of disaster. The charter mongerlng
and double dealing of some of the previous ministers during the period when
extreme care should have heen exercised in the framing of laws and tho
granting of concessions is startling to
those who take the time to inform
themselves of the facts, antl it was this
heritage of confusion which has made
the task of the present government
truly Herculean.
Yet immediately on their attainment to power the McUride admintia-
tlon announced a clean cut and unambiguous policy the terms of which have
been adhered to With a rigor that has
annoyed many who have In time past
been acustomed to lobby their way into tin; favor of ministers and profit
al the  expense of the country.
The taxes upon railway lauds have
been heavily increased, and because
of the firm attitude of the new administration on this question the railways quietly accepted the situation.
The mineral tales also have been made
to add materially to the revenue of
the province without in any degree Inconveniencing or hampering the mining Industry, and cither taxea have
been adjusted wfth a businesslike
equitj thai has, worked out greatly to
the advantage of the country. While
ia\ legislation is always considered a
thorny subject after the lapse of a
coujde of years under the new schedule.-. _-.��� can scarcely Hud anyone who
would go hack to the older system.
Leglala-iion affecting the remuneration, hours and qualifications of laborers has also heen enacted, statutes
have been made effective and the
rights of both employer aud employed
have been defined and regulated tothe
great satisfaction of each.
The minister of finance has so ably
conducted his department that the
present stable financial conditions are
the greatest compliment to the efficiency of his work. The expenditure
ui>on public works has been greater
than iu any former yeurs, but a flat-
t ring equilibrium between receipts
and expenditures has been maintained.
The   administration   uf  justice   calls
for no criticism.   The laws of the land
a2._ $J2fflll��A&LJ!l��c*to^���-^^r-rci^
and   by   comparison   with   other   prov-
tnces the law-abiding character of
Riitfsh Columbia stands out preeminent.
The school laws have ben thoroughly icvisevi. the responsibility for the
tdncation of th-.1 ri>l.ig generation being shared alike by tbo government
and the cities and rural districts according to their several needs. The
placing of a certain amount of responsibility on th shoulders of those directly interested in the education of
their children has had a good effect)
and has been everywhere appreciated
excepting in a very few cases, where
part) f-ding has worked to tin* dis
paragement ot the new  law.
In ihu lands and works department
a thorough revision has taken plaoe,
tlu* houseeleauing there being par ex*
clltnce the housedeaning of the whole
machinery of the governmefttL Thfl
nee s-.st-.-m of timber licenses hat enlivened the vast foresi resources of lhe
province into revenue producers, and
while development has in no case been
retarded, the locking up of immense
areas fur speculative purposes has
bttu entirely obviated. Under ihe
present system, while licenses are renewable from year to year, the government bas absolute control of the timber under the royalty clauses, and
ihese may be changed from time to
time so that the timber wealth of the
country is absolutely conserved to tlie
Thes*_< are briefly the principal matters upon whicli the government may
take pride in its record, tuotigh there
aie, of course, many minor matters
which in their sum total make quite as
respectable a showing to their credit.
Tlu-y have done these things in
spite of the obstruction of the opposition, who have throughout the three
years of the present government's
regime been guilty of every possible
atun.pt to discredit lhe ministry. The
time of the members and ministers of
the house has been taken up and the
hus.ness ut the country delayed, and
thuusauds of dollars of money spent
that lhe opposition might have lhe
privilege ol sifting something which
the opposition has querulously called a
scandal. Yet, while every opportunity
has been afforded them to make out
a case against the administration,
there has been nothing revealed of
which any (man neud feel ashamed.
From every investigation lhe ministers have come forth stronger in the
coiilidence of the people and the op-
pusiiion more under the ban of suspicion. People have come to feel that
opposition leaders should have some
reasonable ground before formulating
serious charges, and when, as has beeu
the case, sensational charges fall flat
and the most thorough investigation
shows nothing wrong, the public is inclined to have Us own opinions. As
for the opposition press, we shall deal
with thut again.
It is with such a record that the administration will go before the people
and we have no doubt that the solid,
sensible electorate of Hritish Columbia will write the note of their ap-
probation upon the actions of the government.
There are two sides to every question and lt depends somewhat upon
which side one stands whether he is
able to see thai there is another side.
Thus a local fluster has arisen over
the question of professional advertising and the press has enlisted In raising an issue which need not have been
raised, but having heen raised, may
well be considered from both sides.
Both the legal and medical frater-
ternltles of Hritish Columbia have regulations prohibiting advertisement and
solicitation of business through the
medium of the press. This province
is not alone In the prohibition, Ontario and perhaps others having similar laws. Whatever may be the apparent Injustice���we say apparent���
which this rule perpetrates, It must
Ih* obvious on a moment's thought that
the ruin Is on the whole a good one.
Quackery is the bane of the medical
and legal professions and it is in these
two professions more than in any oilier where the public need to be protected from quackery
To permit advertising at all is to
open the door to constant and baneful
advertising tactfes and the evil of over-
advertising would be vastly greater
than any Injustice which Is suffered
und��*r the present system. As an evidence of this we need only look at the
fictitious statements, testimonials and
claims published by unscrupulous professional men where advertising Is
permitted. To permit advertising
would necessitate the adoption of a set
form, and when nothing more than
that Is tolerated the benefits either to
the advertiser or the public may be
called iu  question.
In the medical and legal professions
a man may rise rapidly hy merit and
the stone steps of the doorway to the
office of the   successful    practitioner
..Krd-O  clients.    In  these  two  professions more than in any olher nothing
sumeds  like success.
While permission to advertise mlghl
bring to The Canadian offlci a goodly
number of paying professional cards
we incline to the opinion tha: thai is
an affair in which the professions involved should be permitted to make
rules for themselves.
A protective tariff is maintained in
Canada iu order to benefit the whole
country, to encourage manufacturing
which is always desirable on account
of the labor thus employed, and be
cause it is always aa economic advantage U) change raw material into fin
lahed product Bubji factories make
a good market for farm produce, therefore the whole community is benefited.
This is th.* theory, and in tbe main it
is true. Hut under protection as under
lit*, trade the combine it, developed
This is, roughly, a carefully made arrangement whereby certain manufacturers or merchants can rob the public.
All the men in these combines are respectable, many of them are church*
members, and it is this fact more than
any other that has Induced pessimists
to wonder if common honesty is to be
found anywhere in these days.���Toronto News.
It was of the action of that doughty
Liberal Mr. W. C. Wells, when he was
chief commissioner of lands and works,
that Mr. Shaughnessy telegraphed to
his agent at Victoria: "I do uot see
that we have any means of forcing
the government to keep faith.
Apparently politics permit with impunity methods that would destroy character in business life."
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made daily throughout Nelson
and its f-ubnrbF Phone 148.
Notlci* Is hereby given that -90 days Rttf r ilale I
Intend toapply lo thi; Honc-rahle the Chief Com-
Dii-'lniicr oi ��-__! and Works fir permlulon
tn porchaee '.'Niacrt". of land, situate nn lti.- Utile
MojU' river about 1 mile from International
Boundary und about i nllc from sj>. Iiiue Inter-
iiiiliiUiftrRj*.: Commencing ut n poit marked
D. Orant'i H. E. corner pnft. jh-nce vrul to
eh i-i ins; thence north m cimlu.s, vtfence wil s"
chains; thenre imrth '2h ehaiiih; thence east ft)
chains; thence Moth 64 rhiios to place nt commencement, c-tiiti-iiiiiK 280 aorei ol land
Located Oct. -nth now.
Notice ls hereby given that 80 dayi alter date I
Intend to apply m the Hnii.t hiefrommt--.i--iiiii.rnf
Laud, and Worki, Victoria, fnr permlMlon In purchase the following deurlbed land, situated in
the We-l Kontenay  distriet. ou the we��t si.!,- ..f
JMihamci (or Bli Mil.*) ereek, near wagon mad.
about three mllei frnm Knntenay lake: Oommenelng at a poit marked '���tame*-' J. Duek'iS \v.
post," runniiiK 30 chaini eait, thenee 20 chaini
north,  thenee Xi 'hain-  weet, thenre ilO chalm
sooth ��� t" the point ���>. (wmmencement, con'aln-
iny 40 acres nl land, m-.n* nr les.-..
Deled lath November, 19CW.
Located hv J-uraJ. Dm k.
per John E TatlOb, ARem.
>l\ty day* after date I iniend to applj-to the
Hon Chief Commtiiloner nf Landi and Wnrks,
Victoria, tn purchase IfiOacrei of land at*ut tun
miles iriow Uurtmi City, WeatKootenajr,commencing a' a poll murt.-d "J A. IfTlng'l eail
-���'���-rue- post," said i����t heitiK ..11 tlie .������ist,-rjv ,-nd
��� <i an i-dan-gHest nf Lotfl_H7tand claiming all the
land eontanRFd tu r-aid laland, being abouCone
tulle in an eaiterly and treater.-? direction end
ahoul '2o ehains from north to aouth.
KovemUT lllh, l'ji>i. J. I, IftvtKO,
J. K, AHIMBLB, Am-iii
SUt]   day* after dale I iniend toapply to the
Hot.CblofCommlulonerof Lands and Wnrk-.
VinnriH,!,. purchaaelflO acres of land, located on
tlie west side nf Acrow lake, ahout liv* mil.- I-.*-
low Hurt..n I'ity. and described as follows: 1 .,m-
inenc-lriK at  a  |��.-t marked "F Q. If-snnthea-l
corner,"and befngnOchalnieaitof the northweal
corner of Lot 2719* thenoe north K)cbalm; thence
west 4'J chains; thenee ninth   in 1 hains; them .
.*it*-t 1" i-hains li the place .,f la-j-lniiinp
November lllh, 190C. K. (i ttBEB,
|>er J. E Awn*: **;
Blxty dayi after date I Intend to apply lo tbe
Hon. Chief Commluloner of Landi atnfWorks
Victoria, tn pnrebaie 10 acrea of land, aitoated
on the weat aide of .iron*. Uke. ebotii -���
below Hurt- ii. ami de-ribed as fntinirs;" Commencing at a jn-: planted at (he norlhea-l
corner of Lot t*jto, rtnd run tunc north 20 chalm;
thence wcei -m chalm, ihtnee aouth ft) cbalni
thence eaat 2o chalm to place of t--.-ujmiir.ii..
Nov llth, 1906, ji K \>m
J. E. Annaw.k, Aptent.
JUxti da;,- after date I Intend to apply to the
11'"' the' blef 1 ommiMlonernf i_iii>i*. ��n>'i w urfcK
10 purehaae .WO ��� reiofland   Cumracnplna al a
������m-M   mark.M -N, I   n> .,,M|:, ...    .      ,
��t,*i j...-1 being it the northeut corner of ��eo
Hodi ni pre-emption rlalm, about 1-,*-, mllei
���outbeail of Burton 1 It]   - H . halm
���onth -���"���: ilm. ��� 11 i* cbalm. north lOchalm,
�����! ���" ��� WW, ��� lo place of com-
meoeement, containing -'i
LocataxiSlh dayof No. ifiM   Nairn T, Bibb.
-my dayi aflei data 1 intend loapply to the
-Hon. thai hi. ft ommlnloner of Undaand Worki
toporcbaai i- ��� ���   tnd    - 1 ��� ���,- ��������� ingal 1
post planted mi Lbe weit ilde of Six mile rreei
nu wagon road, aboul t*,*,.- and one ball mllei
from   K'Miu-nav   lake,  and  mnik.d   "Nell   Mc
Kechni'-'s B.Waat ���������ner boat," then nst lo
ehalni, ih-nc* north io cna na, thence ivoai n
chains, thence aouth W chalna, lo nli* oi eon
IiOeat^l lliis 10th -lay of N..veiii!��;, i:*>..
NBM. M. Kkiimi;,
Notiee Im h*re'.,y Biveti that fio days after date I
intend 10 apph- m the H-n. Chief Commlwlomr
of Landi and Worki inr perm.si.on to purebaae
the  followiiiK  deacrlbed  binds   situated  In the
rteat Kootenay duirict: Hei-inniiiK at n p,,.t
marked "O, I UaoMlcklng*! N. W, corner "and
Idnntcd on the wist sbe-reot U halsban (�� aril...,.,
lake, hMiic thiee inll-s imrth of tbe Pppor Narrows oi lhe said lake Hnd oiTOftltelheisland'in
the suid lale; tln-nce smith 80 . hains; Ihenci
east 10 chains,  moreor i'**-*., t,i tin   \a\tefherpf
thenee ?"ii-.*.-.'7ir..i','f* ..i*---' --���**- -���ca at inrrTKerTr
^*-rrs��li> wireuiiun 190 chafu, more or leaa.
to rKiini nf 1 Dmmencement, containing bid at -. -
mort' or less.
Ool. 13. i'JUO, o. 0. MacMltxiNu,
By F. L, HiBBoyn. Agent.
Notice li bereby given thatiodayi afU 1
[HP n<] -,  Qi���ki   ,; i* i.-rttion lo Uie II.on*: tl
Uhlef Commlmlonei ol Umls and Works for [ * r
minion  ' the following di
land*-;   1 ommi ���> ���'��������� ��i �� poal plat ed ad
the louthwcii ��� ��rni r poal ol Leon Wataoii > \p
, -   : ng 80 chalm north:
thence toi halm ���*��� ������- tbence B rhaim *   iti
thi nee 10 t hi 1 - ��� ul   ��� > I "::*; '���'
ment, oon tata mx iai u rci more 01 leai
Dated Ootobt
Rijvs His   ���  i
By hll agenl   1 1 ������>���:. H   Kobixbos
Notti eial dan alter date 1
Int* nd to apph io tin Ht n the Chlel'   mi   -
iloner of Landi and Worki foi pen Ha onto]   1
elm*-.-   thi - *'     ���    * ���    B"J
Koolenay dlitrp I    Beginning ai    |
"Otto lllrei:.'- N   H    '-nirr" ami plai I
ii ibore ol WaUhan (Cariboo) lake, about
ink.-,   thi na: I eaat 4
chatm -���- ro or low lo 1 lb   Narr iwi
. m ��� a 1
northi r,* and -���  -���
or leai to the point oi . ��� ment, contain*
��� -
Di ted thll - ,,*���..'
ono ll:��- H,
v 1. :ubi
Notlci lain rebj glvi nthatilxt] dayi afterdate
1 Intend loapplj tothe Hon 1 bli M ommlwlonet
nf Landi hu.] Worki toi pei
the following tl ��� I landi In Hi il Koou uaj
��� 11��tr.��� 1    Beginning ata i..*-*( marked f   k
a i.i. n'i 3. E and planted on the ��� ut
sin.n- of Whatahan [Carll I lake, nt-un one
mile north  of tbi   ���   ittai n
thence north ���-��� chalm: theno weal WehaiM,
more or leu. to thi  ihore ol tt'batihan lake;
thence tolloa Ing -n d ifa in  lo 1 g< 1  ral iouth-
erly ami eaaterl]   I  ���
len, to the ppint of commi nci mi;.:    ��� ntalnlng
B30 11 rea, more nr leai
Dated thi-. Mh day ofOci . IM
1    K    UDO,
         I   1-   H.""   N      \.- ���
Notice 1* hereby giren thai ilxty dayi after
���ir-ae 1 intend to apply lothe Hon l blel Conunla-
���loner ol Unds ami Worki lor permlulon topur*
chaae the following deicrlbed (he Wi il
Kootenay dlatrlct: Beginning *.\ 1 p..>i marked
������bertha Hlm b'l N. E,cornei nted on
the east shun- of Whal _ian (Curtlav.) lake, at the*
narrowi of the lake, and about one mile iouth o|
Arrow lake trail; thena iouth 8   balm   thenee
weal BO 'ham- more or It -- ���������
narrowa; ihence following tbi  ul I
general  northerly and eaaterl]   direction  i>
chalm more or leai to tbe poll lol      imenei
men 1. containing 640 acrea more or leai
Dated thll Sth daj of Oct . 1900
BBB-nu ttiaai a1
1   1   Hamiowi>i Ageni
Sixty dayi alter *i��t. 1 Uargrett McQuarrle,
intend toHp].iv to the Honorable tbe Cbli' 1
minloner of Undi and Worki, Victoria, B.i
to purebaae the following deacrlbed land <��� m
mencing at a poat marked M UcQuarrti nthe
hunk of Lower Arrow lake, tbenoe 4" chalm
weit; thence 60 chaini north: thence 40 ehaim
eait; thena 60 ohalm iouth to place of com
meneement, aald I main 160 acrei moreor
leaa. Covering gr< ind held b) Q. fi. Anderaon'i
iMit-il this llth dav of EeptemtH r, I KM
UABOBM1 Mivt*RRia,
v . ].. |',,vm:. Agenl
,-i\ty da\- ��ii. r .!�����.    !  purpn-c mukim; apj-.t*
cation to ii." Chief I ommiuioner of Landi and
Worka for permlulon to purehaae the following
deicrlbed md (-ommenclng ata poet markea
"*K 1 - - i corner," and iltuate about one mile
from Bilm Tip Point, "li Whataban lake, ami
near Chrlnlie creek, running tb< * - cnalm
north; thi nee BOchalm weat; thenoe fl cl
smith, rollowlng lbe lakei ire; thence. - *
eaat to tbe point of eommeneement, eontainiug
64o a< * - mori 01 ��� -
Dated the nth day n. Aiigu-t, jdob.
K   FAlytilH,
Pet P (1  FAfQciia, Agenl
Notice li hereby given that 60 dari alter date
I Intend tn apply !., the Honorable the Chief
Comm iss toiK-r nf Und-- and Wnrks fnr neftnU-
ifon to pnn ba* tlie following dew rlbed landi;
Commencing al a poal planted on Ihe nori can
eorner of Peti t UcNaufhtou- application to
pnrehaae, running ��' cl-aim wc-i aimi*/ the
northern boundary ol tame; thence 80 cnalm
north; Ihence BO ehains last, in>*m ������ B0 chalm
iouth, along the weal boundary of John Kllhdt'i
application to purchaie, to poini ofeommence-
iiitiit, containing 040acrea, more nr less.
Dated Oct IS, : ���-* Thomai Smith,
By bliagont. Ekkbm w Robikbok.
Notiee is hereby Riven that DO dayi after date I
intent! to Hpply to th.- Bonorable the thief lom-
miuloner .>( Unds and f.orki,at Victoria, B, i'���
for iHTmUiIon to purchase the followlna de-
fcrtbed lands, iltuated in the Weil Rootenay
district, nuth t.f Porty Nine creek, commencing
hi a poii marked "-L.H Choqoette'i N w. eor-
ner," thenee to chains eait, thenee U chain*.
snn in, theneett ehalni weat, tbenoe 10 eliains
north i" 1 he 1 ommenoement i>o-.t,r-outainiiigi_o
H'-r-*-, nmre <.r ;��������-.
Nelson, B. 0 , Oet. I6th, 1906.
L H I'niK^rBTTa,
W. \ JoKBI, Agent.
sixty days alter date I purpoumikluappMo*
tmu to the Hon -Chief Commls'l.'ii.*: of Landl
it ml norkl for permission to purchase the follow-
im: deacrlbed land: Commencing at a post
placed at theiomhweiieornerof li. vi. Hanning-
mnS Application to purchaie, marked "I. M. P
H's-J R comer post.' running thcrn-u m ehaim
west; thence BO ohaini aoutb; ihenee wrhiini
eaat; tbence BO chains north to point of e,,m-
meneement. rniii-afntujf t'dtl acres, nmre t,r leaa
I'ated the loth day of Oetober, 1W*>.
L M B, Hahnhwtom,
tver R Shiki i. Agent.
Hltty *la*?- aft.-r dan- I piir|HiH> making applt-
1 ation to ih.* Hnn- Chlel ���''unm'.-sloner of I-antls
and Work- fnr pernUttlon to pnrehaae the following deaeribed land: Conunendna at a poal
ptaceo on the nortb boundary of lot No 9U and
about two cbalm cast ol Whatahan creek, mark-
w "M, Bi - W. corner," running thenee 40
cbalm eut; tbence 40 chain* norih; thence 10
ehaim weit; tbenee to cbalni iouth, to point of
eommeneement, containing ISO aeres mor*? or
Dated the loth day of Octowr, U06.
^^^ Per R. 8hJilt, Agent
fur to   work
Just rscivs-.i. n iplendld Btm-k   of   Bt*unped
i oven, Tea Clothi, cic.    An eleguut   ansorinii-nt
Xiiiuh prasentfl,
Wa iirs- Hl-s.s .-.h'swliii; ii Iiii iif now Fancy Tap. un,\ uil,\Km tu
bare   fur  v,
trada, whloi  ss>- bait in.iils- i.i mir onli-r by    tin-    i��� .1
sssir   shssw   wliiilsiWH  fnr  Miil'.i'   niivi-llli-H
"'r   -\niai
f.m.v ��,,rk in iin- Montreal oonvent   Now u tha Unit u,rwl ***
niHk,. sisli'dlnns.
lun to
Nsitls-o I. InrilsvKlvi-n that s.|.,tvsins, siller >Uto
I intsiisi i,sn|,|,|y is, ii,e iicu. ChiefCommlnlon
er-,I Undi siii.l Wnrk. |,,i permlnion to our-
cbue iis,- i.siis.siiiiK ,ii-,rrii,.,i |>odi,lagurei
commeneing m h |s,,-i marked Jssissi i.,j.. pinm-
s-,t .sis lis. sn!.: -lis,rs- s,f Lower Asrsiss ink.-, sil.osn
 issiii' north "| Boniblne ,-r.-.-k. tisens-, f.srtv
s-lsilllis. ,Ut, llss-nris forly s-lialn, isolilli, thenre
Is.nr ehelni ss-.s. linns,- fortj ehaliu nnrlh
alisssir lak. ihore t-s j i-ltit s,l ss.iiiin, nc-menl
Dated tbU Uth dar of September, nS!
Jlsllll TssYB.
Hakisy isiisjsi.v. Am-iii.
Kotiee li hi -i. i.y iriv.-ii lhat ��l dayi alter data I
intend to appl; i��� ihe Honorable the Onlel t*om-
miaaionerol Undaand Worki for r-i-niiiMimi to
pnrchafe tbe Mlnu-ine ,le..-rlN-,l !��,..|. s ������,.
mslislssK m a  poll  Placed JO 0 iiiiii. s,...| u| HR,
���ootheaal corner -,l 1,-t!.',!'. nsarl-,.,1 --R. a llell'i
nortbweil c inter, tbence -.sniti rn ebalna,
thence eul Jo siiain., tbence imrih m chaini,
thence weil no chaini to point of oommanoament,
onntafnlni n ss, ,.���., ,������r.. ���r i...
Ueated thlaeib dayof Hoi .H<m.  it. a bbi.i..
Jlati dan after date I purpoae inakiim appTT-
nation to tie Hon s* f Commlaaioner ol Und.
and Work, foi peruil n to pnrehaae tba r..i-
..sssiil- de crlbod land:  Commencing ns s. |..,.t
sl the ni nis i-ss-t cornerof B.C Rktnner'i
appllcatlc  i hi. haae, marked ���!! D'l N. ��'
rornerp,       ��� /..,��,,,, ,i ���>c bound-
MmeSlcbalni in  sl,,.  siissiiiiik ��"
chanaeaiti lbence hi ,���������.������ norUi; ibenee m
���'   polnl ol commencement, oonuin-
Ine MO a. r. - mon or i< -.
Dated ii.. win .ley of October, nisr..
I'er 11. fsjnKii, Agent.
sii- rdale I Iniend toapply lolhe lism.
������;���'":   i'i" I hlel I' mmtielonet i.f Undi and
Worka, t Icl. II l.i, |sir.'h������ r,ll, ���.���, ,,l
land iiinate treat of Are��� lake oa lhe weal aide
01 Hl.as, imn ereek and J Is.u tin- mini, boundarj "i -. J   Annable application lo purcbaie
HI IIU i.i a poel issark.-.l K. J. K, _ K  cor-
'��� '���* In, ...    Bchalnn thenoi is���nii m
chaini; ihence eut 8D cbalni! Ihenc. lonlh is,
polnl.;! commencement
Beptember Bad I!.'.. r. j, ki.i.iot.
Notleo I. her,'!', glren llsal ui .las. ssli,.rdale  I
Inund I., apply to the Hon. 1 hie Rommlealoner
of Land* ami ll'ork- lor permlaalon to S'liri'lsa..,
'hi WtowtBf deacrlbed {Tnd.tr.. ho Wut���""
���'V   ���*"!:"'       'A'" ��'����P_I nsark.,l-'iy
- BlTidji il\| corner" and pUnted ��i���.sn
"... 'I'.an.s mile weal ol the weat ibnra nf wi,���i.
���ban (Cariboo) lake, ..n.i about one aad one
iinarlei isssl - i.s.ril, nl ||���. |,,r��� ,.���,, ���, ,,���.
laks;.   Ilsenr,.   ���,,,,!,   ...  ,,lm[I1B;   i|,,.���r,. ,.���.,  ,,,
chrJn, nm or len to tbe ���bora ol the �� hauhan
��� '     '   .. HMnrwrBfl ibon ,is���. ,��������� oTihe
.',u���..,','���"'"'""'�����""'"'��� thai  weal X ehalni
more or lau lo u���- point ol eommeneement, nm
tatning no aerea moreor leaa *""
Dated iisi.'jih day of Oct., lm
��� .   ���      __.S KLvuua,
r. 1. BUOUm, Ageni
Nni.i,. ii henl i giren n.ai .ins dayi aftai
date I lalend to apply to the Hon Cblel Commie.
. s undi m..-. sAs.rk- lor permleeloa to
purchaao it." following deaeribed land., In
Weat Kootenaj Dlitrlel Commencing .un In-
in.:...,.! | :���! ���. i ni the loutbeui - orue, ol Ue-
Cot'��� pre-,    pllon  thence W chalna weat to eul
boundarj   ���t  l-l  ���'������'.  ",���<������<���  I ��lne laid
bounduj i-[ ".sn. i nl s-aW'lsst;
ID cbalni aelt; Ihenoe 90 ehalna eonth,
���.. halni imrtis to
.nsiitiwe.i    irti -   sl Lol ::-   tbenoe fnllowniK
weal boundary ..f In y_j i,, Initial i-n-i.
.--..,- iiii. :.::������ n. H. W"i.��,
per Kr.sksst w, Roatmot.
Nous., ii bereby uns'is thai BO dan alter data, I
Intend to ..11-:> lo lbe Urns. Cblel i*oi imtaal r
ofLanda and worka for permlaalon to purebaae
ollsswlnc ,'������ M-rloed Iaislss
I n's..r   Lake,   air
ml narol Undi and ��., k, ,,' ���"'"wl
in pnntwao tbe following s...      *,".*��� I
.1      , * '"��� -i i.ii^i ,.. I
i I
���ri} I
'las.  in W..| Kssoteliay
al   a   no��   inarke-l "A   in
|dani.��lai il,.. i- w eornei of la & .
��� rthof Rao. is,; .���,,������.,���.."������������it
" Itsinl.ia rss. r. th_._3_"__i
ss, .. |.      . ,
s. tii. i
Ni i'lialna; lion
n cbalni! then
in. sn, sii,'lil,eolila|ii]i,K.....
Hated tl,!. nn, d.yoiBeptember,iv
���'���'*��� ip'iv. !; ,.,������ ���
u a. r. ���
I,,-: tborsof ow��f Uke, h1...ui mi.* tndon.
half mil- Boolfa if Eclgewood. H C nnd a.I
���Joining J. T. Bciitle'i ippllcatlon lo purensw,
_nd oommenclni Ht �� r*"1! murk**.) Donald wil
��� ���'�� South Watt corner, tbenn running North
Mttv rimiM. tbtnet if*-: lorty .dain-. tbenei
Botttn, elxty etutlnt, tbenn Weil Forty cbeini to
; \eee ��� ' oommencement, tnd oonteintng itn
h. ret mon ������' '< n
I   .Mill   W|J_!ON.
M   It   M--ji AhKiK. Annit.
Dtted tbU__tb day of September. UO0
(.otlofl i* bereby [tTen tbat tt Ann r.tu-r date I
Intend t.. tppty to tbe Honorable i blel Commit'
lionet of i-nn-ic nnd Worki (oi pennlMtoo to
pun-iia>e thi- tollowlnf deeerlbed (audi In w.-t
V' *.    Conuoeneuif at a poti i��iHtm-<l ��t
:   rtneait. orner ol        I ���   ��� larked K.
���   ���       ���  : ii tbwi -t -corner, lheni e -- itb *-.
cbalni; thence eul i" cbtlnt, more <>r i *, to
itern bonndary ol l-��'t tot, Q.I.; tb.me
nortb 80 cbalni to Kootenay rlTerj ihenoe tret
I itld nv. r in i-nttit nl cntiimciiccnu-iit,
i niiiaiiniiit t*1 B'-r,.. nn-r-  nr :- ***.
>:��� ��������� tober, imi.
Notice i�� bereb) giren that tt dan alter date i
tend to make application to the Honorable tin,
loner of Ijiii-i*- an.l Workt (nr per-
*    pan bate tbe rollowlng deeerloed
Ihui-    Commenelni ��t a poel planted on the
nortbi am eo net <���( Petet Uenangbuin'i ���ppilcf
tton to pun batj, InllnvMiiK till* rat-t iHHimlarv of
itmc so cbalni wath; thena n cbalni eait;
thence Bochaint north, ihenci n i balni ��.*-��i to
p-iint of commencement, oontainlng MO acrea,
more '*r leu.
Doted Oct, It, 190ft. AlBUtt Kl.l.I.rlT,
By hi�� agent Btuntet w Roptmnr.
Notiee i�� hereby glren that two montht after
-late 1 Intend tn apply tn tin Honorable Chief
Commtploner of Vaxt&om an-i Worfcj for permte-
Hon t>- nprehaie 640 aeru of land, deeerlbed u
fniiowu: Commencing at a poel pun ted at the
cniiijiwcit of I. t- Hortlaon'i r��n ���" -,ii Fire
Valley. Weit Kootenay .ii-trii. mart.i.1 "J.h,
Muur-i'R iitirtiicf*m corner poet"] tbeneetti balm
weit; thenee 80chaini nuthi thenoe80 chaini
t*a*tt; thenee80 ehalni nnrlh lo tin* piaee nioom*
l'KUd Hth 'lay of H-pttnil-tir, isoft
J  H. Slrs_c��,
v,\ a. C-Xmn, Agent
Notire li hereby gfren n>at BO dayi alter dale I
Intend toipply t���� the Ban, Chief Commlieloner
ni i.nn.it hti'1 .Vorkt fnr i*d>na|Mlon t" purchaie
the following ii.-rrii-ci landt,iltuate In Weel
Kootenay dlatrlcl Beginning ��t a ih>��i marked
"Artbor warren'i fl v oorner," and planted on
the eaal ihore of What-han (Cariboo) rnkt*. ata.tn
mn mile north -.( tbe narrowiof vM.>t-h��ii
lake, ami at tin* s. k corner o! v.. Beeombe'i ap-
pll***atlon   t��� purcha-M*;   th.rirc .-n-t    in  .halti-:
lbence north 80chain*'; tlicn*.* v,--,-*- a>��� i-ham**;
tbence aouth w .*i,���!ii- to pniut of oommencement; ''niitainiiiK BSD acr.** more or leu.
Dated tbii Sth day of Oot 1008
AJtTHtm Wajutntr,
 ��_l. Hammoxp, Afenti
������Ut; .Uy* after .Uu* I putp..-.- mnkltiK applha
twn to the Hon.Cblel Commlnloner "f ijtnnn
ami Work*for permlulon to parehaei lhe follow*
ln-it deWrlbed laml: rmnnieiii-inir at a poit
placed at lhe nnrthwer.1 eormr of il Dodd'i an*
pl.ratini. to piirctmw, markeii "K W Hh.h \..
enrner hpet, ruuiiing thenee ho ehMinf, north;
thence tt chaini eait; then*.* ���., ehaim nouth;
thenoe *> eiiaiim we��i to piint ni commencement, containing S40-UTM, more .,r leM,
Dated th in luth .lay of Oetobei ; ������
K   .\'. Hannimiton,
  perjj Bmiiu,, Agent.
.NotlOe  tl  herehy glren  that miy dan  aller
-au* I inteii'i lo applv to tht. Honorable lbe
(hief Commlarfoner of Umls ami Worki tor
permlulon lo purchaie thc followlngdeecrlbed
lan-i* in the Wesi Kootenty dlitrlet: Beginning
at a post marked '-James <; Praaer1! N.B.corner,*
ami named on the eait ihore of Whaialiuo
V Wil ) lake, aUut one-half   mile   north of
(hrhtie creei; thenee Mathttehaloi,more nr
leu, to the north tmiindary of W. Beoombe'i in-
nl Iui tion mptirehaw; thonce welt along thoufd
bmiiifiary 40 cbalnn. more or lew. tn the ihore of
the lake;   thenee following the *-ai.| ibore in I
general  iiorilirriy   ami eaaterly dlreeUon   80
chalnv in.ir.* ,.r 1, ���-. i., p.,|���t ,,f cnmiinii. .*nn* in.
-niitainiiig ninacrci., moreor leu
O0t   13th, LOU JAMI-.G. KliAStR,
1. l. HD-Mowd, Agent
Noilro li hereby Klven that Mxtj daya aftei
the dttl I Int.-n.I to at.ply t<i tbi Hon the I M'-f
fommU-.lnii.-r of I,an<In and Wnrk- for permlfr
aiun i'> pun-has*., the following deeerlbed land
in tbe \\t--t Kooteaaydlitrlot: B win nine ata
pt'it marked ��� k. k, Keir, N.K corner," end
Plained im ihe ihore olWhatihan (i>rii.oo)Uhe,
at th* northw-wfi corner ol iai i lake; Lbence k>
chain- wul| thenoe40 chain-, iouth: ihcnce ot
chaloi eaal! Ihence K) chaloi iouth; thenc. eat*
���w chain*-, more oi ten i<. the ibore of tho anid
lake; ihenoe northerly hIuhk tbe uld ink.- ibore
BOchalni, moreorlen, to tL polntof commen-
cement conuiMni; UO acre*, more oi li u
Dated Oct. i-'. un k. ft, kkn.,
       P. I. Hatmowp, Agent.
Notice U hereby given that Bo dayi afler date I
l'<i*-iidt..��*.*.h *,.:,,��� ii,,,, Chief Commluloner
nf Und* ��ml Worki tor ncrmlninn rtn nurnhai.;
the following ducrlbed KSdl iltSatolm 83
aeil ..I lbe veatiboro ild lag. anrfon ihi
���otilh beuaaar, el I i:   k..,v. ���,. .������������ ,���
Hi. ,.'.;'*       *""!"*��" iss.su.. lheni H30
'lulu-,   ins,-,.   ,,r   leai,   Is,   tl,.. a.|,| lag. ,hons'
aorlherl/along Ibo aahj alien ao etaaln
Notloe la herebr glren i
i Inlen- i.s ann r i,, n���. h ,.;,.," ���'���"���'_
erol Undi anS  WorkaforimtafflJS,
'*'""* Uial -flag SbStaSJVM
ilartlnc ai �� poel marks li iiheHMTm___i
planted on Use .-.-i ihon nl i..��..,,,. ���'..VI
"���*��' Oladeione I reel   u  ���-   w s_SI__B
1"k" ��jare, il mtb ,!-_. ,���,.
I'S'llsl nl iiilnlr-'Iii't'iiiriil.
I'aicsi iiii, nmi day ni s ptember.M,
''.nnmhft i
'SHa-'K. Itssnt.     4
llAHIlV '
Kotlce li hi
-i. I
r.l.y ai.',-!, mat Bill, -,.ia_
'Ui.. I liil,'iidi,.��i.|,!)'!,,ii��� II .r��f,l. ,i.rB
i s,ii,ii,|..l,,i,,.t,,lUi���!,�����,|li������,|       ���"H
'" i haa, Ihe followingdtR'ribesl |
ns Weal Kootenajr.Utrle!; L'ommeai
planted hi u,'!..-r. forlett'i minis
|"'-l Mis'!  marlisl   A. M'a V tt* I ,,rn..
  l"i!.aiii.- -Isi'i,..,. 10rl '
Isr.a lo llir Kootenay rlrer; Ihs-is ���
al'sng   Ihs.   Kisi.t.'iiay   rls.s.   'l,.s;,,  i. .aTZ;
si-srlli. tn���r. nr Iggg. in Si.. .  .,( ,0oJm2
list'llt. ssinlHlIillliI Issu as'l-.. uiiir.' ���t:..,
-s'|si isila-r Mils l��ir..
Aaau gain j
Wiu.iaa MoouuitSf
Nulls', is l-en-hy given Ihair.i,las ��� I
Inn nd s.     [.,.'���.  t>, h,. Hon il ��� - i.i.is..tnB-.l
alisn*-r ol lj.ss.la ars'l   Work, for DenHMMaW
Rnrahaae tin* f..it,,wu,_ s, -. -ss.,! s,...afl
eat K'ails-liay dlalrlrl: ' ���.; ' Issa ,| . ^F
niark.'l '. U, Ik-ll and II Bell . I ....-Miffl
alassu 2 mil.. ,.aal nf 11,.��� Balms is rin-r isaldw
', utile fr.-iis Un' Pend d-Orell r rlrer; theaaal
I'liNlna lis,rth;   llittisv Its rliasss- WM; Its.Mgl
:    .'.li'il    s'
fsal.'.l III.'
ur   Ii
aid s
'   -  ansiili   l���,nn,lm.   sl
X It. hs'll na .Mii'alls.n lo pure ; the si.-s
"obaina,moreorjei lothe ������ ���i, ,,,.,,",.,,.���
llsill"! Us I. |,,
"ll.IMM Kill,
���   HsSSSIiiM,,  A||,'llt.
r..'ll.','lal���'���'l,j -,.,.��� ,hH, oi,|��,, ,,1,,., ,|���,,. |
Intend to appl; lo ihe Hon, ih, i'i,i,' r,���, Sl
X*V 'i',,j"i"m "",'' "'*',"" '"''" niHnito SS
k ,Vs���, ��� i, :",'",l"lt ���|'"r��"'i landi si.  i .ai
ftSS!" ���'iwiraarted"WiliuunTolling!
Sal       a' I*'- .-.siT'lt.-l.. II,.-,,,.. K.,,,.1. tw.-,.,v 1-mJ
. J   I ,",","  1 line, thenee oaal fortv  in
".;.M���!,.;,i,,',!,:;;,'"""" m"r�� "������'���-������*������ ����>�� pi-��_oi
Dated lit -lay ssl Augual, ls��*
wiu.ua Tisi.i.iNimiN,
 . ")* hl�� ssKS's.l J. K. Tavlor.
niii/iln7,'rL',',",.I,i,i,,"'��""'i lo nurchiee.ran-
y" -balni north; ilK-nceHii-liniiia
fbalni loulh: thonco 80 aha)
tt.fi; Ih.i  BO
ai to poini of commoncemont, ������nn*���niinK tvtii
ii-x ino ,. or leu K
'aid the llth dny of August, VMn\.
i, Prnot.
perF. a. FauyuiKR,
mh; thence 11chain
������������ 'i I
22nd day ol B<-|.U-inlK*r. 1W6.
'<. I'BUJ
R. M. RmtTU,Afut.
BUty daya aftrr dat,* I ������������[. - Bat)
cation In tin- linn..ml,I.* th. ' lilcl', m
"f IjuhI* ainl -Worka for perni atua i,.
lhe folIowltiK i!.M-rili..l Uml Com
a |",��t tnatked "ll. I"- .- N i OTtm
K   KBiKjulf-r'n Mpplf'-atlnii  to ponrMII
tbence wcbalni imrth, thane*. B th
ihriiii* -vic-haltii mnth ,  tli��-in ���   I ��� ���
t" the point nf eoaminccment.contalalJg'H
acrei, more nr iw��.
luted iht* lltb day nf Auguat, 1W��,
li linn, \
I'er F. 0,1 ��t .rm, Ai.il
MIilj* .lay* afterdate J Intend tn ��p|>if b)lb|
Hoiiorahh* the ChJglConunluionerof ut��_ul.
Wit-kn lor ir-nn!*��lmi to nun h��M llie Indent,
.If-., riu-1 laml.- in Kooieni) dlitrlet _\
meiiflngat a poit niarked J B, .*.!i!iakii*''M*
eaai corner poat, wild [mki h.-im; <>n n>ta*&\
-Ide  of  the Lower Arrow  Lake, about tM tM
below I'urtoii cttv: thenee -x-'iib ���_ rhiul
thenoe weal jo eha-inii thenre KwthWdwM
thence weet 3-cha,lni; tbence mirth He-''
and '20 link*, more or leu i<> iti<* UketMfl
Hi- rn. . n-terlyaloni Uke4H. '-aii^. umre'irleiu
!���> the place of begin it I ii*, roiitsltiing 106ir-"
inon* nr leu
Dated tbU4th dav ,.f VoremtM*r. 1W.
J h. MHkta, \
JKT K. I.   Hi R>F.T, A([.*al
'Iity dayi after daU- I Intend i.'*ppl;_dlji
Honorable the fhief ���.'������mnii-,-i-ii.*rnf Ua*_��l
Worki for permlulon ta pvrrbau thi- MimkH
-liM-rllted |ar:iU in Kootenay ���li'trlrt: idlM
Clng  at  a  pint  marked  "A. J   Dili, mulhir"
corner post." *ald po��t being on I " *���- ���
erlj ibore of the U>wei Arr.m hiknii'ipMH
dm  eait,  on   the   northea-ai .-t.rner nl Lr3t����a
Ofoop i; thciiiu north co chaini; eul -Brtaaii
-���nuth -HJehalnti, tnore or  leu, to the UkcifcieV*
thenee follow ItiK laid ihore In ���* ���niill.wi^Tl
direction 8fl rhaitia more nr i.���1.> tin i*im<|
t-i-Kiiiiiliitr. enntalnltiK  UK) acrea, Boff er I
Dated thii.Sth dayol Nnv.*ml��r. I*** |
per K L Bpiur-T.AfCBU^I
NoUflB Ig herehy glren thai r.> dayi iflir*M
I intend- to apply l�� Un* Jl..iin'aM*.h*���l
(-oinmliilolier of l.aiid�� and \\..rk�� f.irt*r��*|
.on torurehan' Ihe |��lIo��niK dewrlbHauM
Kootenay   dlitrlet;     Commenelni it ��� Km
marked-J. II   WalUre'- norl ������[���'���|
said \hM being on the et,--**, ���' ' jl
Arrow   lake,  and   at  Um ilhWWl '""?*��
t'orter*! pre-empllon claim; tbenee ���������*���''"'^JJI
thenoe ion th io ebttiin. tlm... lt,,'t J',',r51
thenei wmih *ji ehaln*. thence w**��i w-rPJ
more or leaf to the Armw lake.thrnir Idimw-I
eaiterly direetinn *oehain*. n..t.-t ]'����*|
jIh f U'KlniiliiK, eontainiug M"iacn*��,n*����^
luted thll flO^h day Of October, IW. J
Hy bli agent, Kgwmi '   Hi i-->r _
Notloe U bereby glren tbat n_ tV dayi f"__M
1 Intend to anply to the Hon i I mml*3l
ol Landi and Wnrk- for nermlulnfl io l"j*���;i
lha following doa-cribed land>,itarlliifit��
plantod nn tin- North Wwl corner�� I" "Ji
thonoe running twenty chain* nwtft '"T,
twenty ohaini Weet, thenre furi��chifMJffl
thenoe twsntj obalm Xaat, ihen.-eiaeiiiiraifi
soutli to polntof BommoncemeDl.an' 1
till mi aeru more or lent*. fl
(   ;,.,   .-..   I    ��'"';"       I
\\   ,| ion, -11*1
Dated Ihe Is) dar ot Ootober,'
-Sixty da>-�� after date I nurp-M mikivlfl
ration   to the Don, Cblel ' -.-i.Mierei i
nud Work*  for  |n-imi--.hni   lo  l|,;"'"'*l. ,-S
Ml  UlS'
shsv.'-l s
I "'I
plieatlon is- purehaao, sssarin-'i   i* *'|';_*n��lil
her," r mi,- ihtnee au.-ham '",'���,���lr
ilisiliia ars-al; llssiis',- N Chain ' '',   ,,id*l
' lialm eaal to point ssi s tmonri ***��� .,.--*      a
lug tso aerea more or loaa. _
lnsis'ii tin- ion, daj of Ootobor, r*"K,lu(in I
larKM'"1'   ...I
Notire la henbr.glTen Ilia '������'I','! SSIJ.
Iislt-ii.l  t.s  apph-  Is. lho ��"""'*'l".,,%�����!
I sililllllaaloIUT of IjiiI'I. ansl   "i'l* a
'   I.IIIK
pssrl ssssirlis'l "!���:
SSll'l   |>Illlll' ll   Sill   I
Whatahao (I'ariis
nills'a.s,nils nl Arroa lisk'ts
r Ills
.>::�� 1
',',   ���"|l���,i,i���:"f',!|
"'','', Ir'aislenHU
alsisii-,,1 tin-Niirrs-wa; thenre f" '"" ,t,iv,l!i^l
Hs.,rs' In ,i general aoulherly anil "7",''���_��I
Uon 80 ehalna moro or i,-ai,.|"'i"'"'''"*
ISIS'Ilt.l'ISIllnllllllg I'.' sssts". issu''  '" ''    ',,���.
Datad oet. Hth.ii���� H",  wusi
K   1,   llsHSSnM'. ���'���H1'"
 s      .IM"" I
Notice ia boroDrglven uni ilati '''/".irfttB
lllili'lisllis npply Is. Use ll'sss ' ll"' ,,��� i,i ft I
er ..I l.aii.l.aniisl  Wssrka IprniTin pi��",',M
pbaae lho (ollowlng doaorlhcn  'JZimM I
Kis.sli'iiavillalrli'i:   Beglnnlllll �� "   ll���.,|,,ll*
'W.aooomba'aS K
.i"" I
lake; llienee iiurili 10 ehalni, i���� . {ym
i-lsall in or leaa. Iss lho ll*'*""!, WW I
followlug Ills- mi.l >horclna�������rI,OTi_��JP
anileiialsTly sllre.'llisn IDs s'li'S'"-' "    ,|,ilmt "
llss- pstiist nl oooimonoeineiit, s"1"
ai'ri'a. isissri- nr leaa.
llalesl llsli alls.Isiy ssl nel . '���'"'  ������ gn<an*
F. I.. IHaaoKii. ift * NHEUSER    -AND THE original
JSCH**.    Bud weiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
The Daily Canadian
NELSON       ���**��� AJ{.Tut..,l:;..,.iHt,"h    VICTORIA
Burns <& Co,
111   Knstslmiil,   Trail,   Nolson,  Kaslo,   Snniiiiii, Thrw Korku, New
Dearer and Blown nity.
s.s I'rassi-ti will   i.vr
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
ini. 1 piirpnt-* making apoU**
* blel Commlnloner ol inmi-
nlMlon to parobaee tho M-
1 landi:   CoattOD-OllU al a poat
reii comer of J. Bblell'iap*
��� haae, marked ' K. S'l I E. mr-
��� ii..* m I'hHiQM north, tbenee ho
������ m ohalni aouth, thenoi 10
mt id ciiiniierH'-eiii-nt, ennuiu-
��� m Ion
si ol "< tober, I'ami
R Siniii.i,,
per i. Bttnox, Agent,
< date I purpiM* makiUK appli-
< i hief Commlnloner ol I-hihU
rmluton to jnin-hn*.- tbe fol��
���Hi'!- :     (-OmmeUClttl at a pout
��� n.irtlifaM lorm-r of K Bblell'i
  marked "Jf, K ���_ *�����. E
.   iin m���<��� aofhaliiH north to the
nf   1'. L fi':*H.i,  thcnit! ��o ��� I.am*.
< halm lOUth, tlM-iiri-HHihilna
lotiinioncement, rontaiiiiiiK '-i*
lay ol October. 90S,
-M. K. liltltNUtll.,
per J'Hhiii.l, Agent.
��� -lull-1 purpoed makiiiK appll-
llnn ih,. chlol Uommleeloner �����(
-I.* for |H>rmlnlon to parcnaee tbe
-'rii..*.i lund:   Comniono.ni nt a
��� *l ih.- Jiiln-tion of IUrti<�� and
.- and eait of It. J-, KUfoUl ap
iK-haM.', marked "W. .S' I"h h. \K.
,.- thoneeflOchaini north; them*-:
��� in.* hu hatiiN couth; tnence80
��� nf commenoement; oontatn-*
it) of oeiobor, luofi,
\\. ti. 1'ooi.t.,
Per J. Siiiki.i., Agent
llti   I  purpOM making appll-
the ' hli*I (NimniKslniii-r of
* * - i.-r -permlulon to purchwc iht*
' iM-d faiidrs:   Commencing at a
��� Kouthoml oornerol M. K.'in-n-
:��� ii tn purchare, mark-t'd "V. Wa,
'I'liiniiiK th.'DccaO chai iiii north;
n *   -<i 'hatiiN eait!  theuce Wl
���   ��� hum-,   ffttt, to point of
ni, conuinlng ��0 acrea, more or
tii day ol Oetober, 1906.
V. Dodii
I'er J. fthiell, Agont
������������*��� Kiventhw w dan after date 1
��� "Pi'itf'ation in Mn Honorable tbe
I l-andi and Worki for |><*r-
ihe loilowiuK aeecribed
.   nl   a  poxt   on   the   north
- i ..lid ni- ui 3chalu eaat nf
'���.-k. running liichaln-* raft; thence
ih: Hi. hit in chains weal: thence 40
'������ poini of comtoencexoent, son-
ire nr left*..
��� :    1906,
LtOM ViATnon,
���tgi ui, KHNKaT VV. KomsaoN
i date i nnrpqee m-kklttg ��i*(d,
at ' Im 11 omrnlHlonet ol i-tmin
���f1           ���   -iii-Mnn to  purehaae  tho  (wl-
���"!'������ I land:   ('omuieiieiuK eta poll
i  '��������� yardi ��eal ol tin- Whatahan
' �������� i IWO  mlk-H  mitilli   of  what
��� i   B r.H'iN k corner put"
"  rhalni   aouth;   thence Nl
_ Wcbalni  nonh;   Ihenee ��0
I ���:   iiituf coniineiieement; contain-
'���  men or len
nf October, 1W6.
II  C. r-KINNlR,
Per R. Kiiiki.i,, Agenta
���tale I intend to apply to the
���'������' hief Commluloner of Candi and
in iiiirchaati imi acrea of land,
������������ ifileol Arrow Inke. ftdJolnlOg
r'1 """���nhedai follow*!  Oonunonoini
Piinteil on the went houndary of I_.l
11*   -mm-, m.rth ol ihe H. tt. corner of
  WMl HO chalna, thei nuth N
"<>t   80 chain, to the western
�����'/' j  ��� Miij.ii'-n Ho.tii, thenoe north
| ol beginning,
1    '        IVM m _B.Wil.l__r,
it J. Ku.ioit, Agent,
i Hen ihai r-o.lny*- allcrdxle I
I'Hcation to the Honorable ihu
"iierni l.ami-.md Worki f��r per-
m, '"-'   ti..- followlni iii'M-riiH-ii
��� "fitapoit plioed about 	
���, ,   n l',|v,l1"" *"r,,,',��� '������'��������� "'"'"I tlirce
��� '"��� i \l"ti"lian lake mnnliiK HnchHim.
I,,   r"     " n- weit;  thence Ho chalnn
1 *��� ,||��i"" eul, to point of  ii-
'; ""nn,. MOeorei nmre or lew.
ii    I I'KTKIl UqHauOHTOK,
'""oi, Khnkst w. Uobinhon
i. ai!! WV Wlv��!thal "" ���"��>����� from date I
���ihh,,i the Honorable the Ohio. Com-
in    i " ., ,l!", Workiato purchaie 540
I !"; Mi.-nnrihha.koflheLmie
1   -it    uii       ' y-.���. 'r-mi mouth, and
���   Mei���.lltl> H   w.  oorner  post,-
Kim    i*'""' tlwneo nurth U ofiatni,
��� iin in   '""""'""''"���"N.uih Mohalm, to
j I,.. ����mcnt. and containing MO aorei
.._' _1W^ KOBT. MCUAK.
tiielioM jJ*?!uAPl,rP���� making eppll
inr \L h'ea��mmiBlonoroPl��fidi
'"'V V1on to powhaw the (ol<
_Pm ,.,.,���'. V".K:, Commenolng at the
I" inark..iVi ��.ll_!��� -appUi-aUon to
���'���tii'!! m ��!   ,'���''��� "�� N- K Vomer," run
. hii i'h-1    s"""'1 -'"''"'o ho ohaini
'b��ini north, ihenoe80 chalm
���r"orif8     lnei,0,IIU'n**;t containing
1'"- l-^tl, ,i���y ,;r CHit<il>t>r. I.KMJ.
PC J Hhiki.i,, Agont
' l-Vi,,,;;1lM,1jlflr"n',lsr mtl*Wapph
\rk" for mri. . I '���"���"m.HHiiiii.i of Undi
I '''"���"ri'i.-i   |a��,i-' l0���PUrohlM  lh�� fo)
��� -���'�����   ......    '.lli,rlll��esi   corner   nf   "H
.urtior   ...
'"  purchue, marked
._nning theiire ho chnina
",* weit, theuco HO chiilim
'������������wi to point of oommon-
of Octoiior, iflol
P-r J. BuiKLt, Agont.
Notice in bereby glren that 60 dan afterdate i
iniend toappiy to the Honorable the Chief CommlMloner of undi end Worki for permlmlon to
pur. i,**,. ibe following deeerlbed landi m the
Wes Kootenay dlitrlet: Bwlnnlng at a po*t
marked "AleianCer Creiert s. vv. oorner," and
planted   nn   the   eaal   ahore   ol   ihe UarroWIOf
Whataban (Cariboo) lake, at the & K eorner ol
Birnhard  Hlnch'i  appifoatlon   to  pnrehaaei
thenee eau -to ebalni] theuee Fouth so chnlni;
thniOe West .n chain", more or h���, In the -diore
oi the narrowi; thenoi foJloirlng the mid ibore
In a northerly direction B0 ohalna, moreor leaa
loihe poim of oommenooment, oontainlng NO
acre*, more or lea,
oci. mih, [KM. auxamier Pjuna,
hy V. u Hammomi, Agent
Hlxty dayi. aftei date I pttrpOM making appli-
cation to the Hon, cblel OomnUnloner m Landi
and Worku fnr taTinhiMmi to pure-bane thc follow dig  ilPBcrila-'d   laintu:    Cum me nel tig   at the
northeaal comer ol C. I Hannlngton _ application to pnrehaae, marked *k. a. c _ s. K. eorner,"
iiinnltiK theuce bcbtloi north, thence BO chalnn
w.-.t.  ihcnce go chnlni nouiIi. Ihenci* gOohaftll
eaat t.i point oi commencement, oontainlng -M0
acre--;, more or lean.
DaWd the 1^1 li day of lletoher, IK*.
K  A. C&KAfiC,
Ja*rJ  Miiiii.l  ..Kent.
Notice in herehy given that ao dan after date
l Iniend toapplrtotnetlon Chief Commlnlooer
of Landi and w'**;i-'*i ;. t m;* -imu ;.. purciia-e
the t-.;:*.w im: deeerlbed laudu in West Kootenay
Dlitrlot:   Beginning Ml " ���'������*' '"nrked. "Bern*
hard Ilirsch's s. K. comer." and planted on  the
eawt ihoro ol the natron ol wbauban [Oarlboo]
lake;  thence  u  rlh BD Chllni;  Ihence  went  10
ehelni more or len, to tbe ahore or Whauhan
lake; thenoe following ^Htd ibore iu a Keoerai
iontherly and easterly direction UO ebalni more
or leas, in point of commencement: cnntaliittiit
:(.. acr,-. more or lein.
Dated this Nth day ol Oct. 1006.
liHiMum- Ihi;*-. ii,
P. L, Hammomi, \v. im
Siily davs after date I purposn  making application to t c linn, the chief OommiMfonor ��d
Liiii.I* and Works for |>erinian|oii to purclmsc tin.
foliowltiK dcKcritied land: Com mend ng at a
post placed aboul half n mile went ol names
creek, uid ahniit one mile north of the mouth of
the saine. markeii "J. EHl, B W, corner," running
theme ho chains north; thence Hi chains ewtj
thenee ho chains sniiili to thc north boundary ol
Vi. N. Poole'l ap|d(eathni to ]iiircha��e; theuco -SO
chain** weat to point of eommenoement] oontainlng i''i*i aorei more or Icm.
Dated the 13th div of October. 1306.
J. Shin,...
Sftty dari after date I purpose making application to thc Hon. Chief i OtntnlMlCnef of Lands
mnl Worki tor permlMlon to purchase the fol*
lowing described lands: Cniiimuncing at a put
placid about half a mile WMl <>f the lnwcreiid of
Whatshan lake, marked ���']). H's. S. W corner,"
riionliiK theuee WJ chains south; ihem-t-w) t I-aiur
eaM; thenee WO chains  north:  thence BO chains
veil i" point of oommenoement, oontainlng tvio
acres, nmre or less
Dated the Wh day of October, l��w.
Per J. Siiijci.l, Agent.
Bxtrdarflafterditel nnrpoM making application to toe Bon chief Commlaaioner of Landi
and WO ks for permlniiiou to purchase lhe following deeerlbed lands: Commencing at lhe
north went corner of EC A, Crease's application to
purehaae, marked ��W. ii- ��i'A. H W. corner."
running thenco HO chalna uorth; thenoe "**
chaini east; theuce HO chalim aouih; thence Hll
clialui west (o point of commeiictuieuL eontaln-
lug (iiu acres, more or Icnk.
Dated the UU) dav of Ootober, VMO.
Per J. Kiiibi.j.. Agent.
BlxtT da�� after date 1 purpose making appifoatlon to the Hon. Chief Commlnloner of Landi
and Works for periulssioii lo pUrObUO the following deacrlbed lands: Commencing nl the
iiorthwcit comer of D. Dodd's application lo
purehaae, marked *'M. Ts S. VV, eorner," running
theme 80 cbalni north i ihenoe ao ohalni, more
or less, to the west shore of Whatahan lake, followlug same Wl chains south; theuce 80 chains,
nmre nr less, vail to tin* point of comuieu.eineiit.
containingM0aorei, moreor low.
Dated the iStn day of October, IM
M. Im i.i nn,
per .1. Siiiki.i., Agent.
Notice is hereby ilren that ilkti days after
date  I   inteml   lo npply lo Ihe Honorable I hid
Commlnloner ol Undi ami worki [orpermli-
llontl rchase the following  dc-crlhed lands:
Commeueiiig al n poll placed on tl orlhu ll
oornerol Albert Klllotfiapplication topurcnaio,
riiiiulug B0 cluilns eusl along Ull northern
hniimlaiv   of   same;   tlience   HO  chatna   imrth;
thrncoNcbaina watti ih nee 80qftalnijronth, i����
poini oi commencement, oontainlng M0 acwii
nmre or less.
Dated Oot. IS. 1806 *'",,N fl-Mc-Wi
Hy his agent. Khnkst W   Kobinhon.
Notice ia hereby given that 00 daw aller date I
inteml lu ai.nlv lolhe Hon  Chief Commissi r
e bandi and Works lor permlnion to purd.nsc
Lha lollowlng deicrlbed lands situated iu thfl
\Vcsi Kootenay dlsirlct: Beginning at a poit
marked "Horoerl warren's w. K._oo*nw,, ano
,tCd nn the W II slion-of Whalshan   I'.iritK.o)
Imn onVqoartor mite north of tbcioutjp
tainiug Mi. acres, more nrlesi-
i ?l ilil-. hii dav of Oc nher. r."N>.
DiitcH this Hill uh> Hk1Iiikiit \VAM��f,
V,l. HaMM-'Nh, Agent.
-.ff-nTTl*   I llP -Tt.ttT.in "J"
thonoe muth ft cb��r
moreor I��JI, to the --.-j- ,-    .    ,d i,,,.,, |IM,
BBM__ffiw*Ww <"&
Os-t. IHlll, HI'1'- ,\NT(s|.SKITK IIIIUU'll,
��y V. I.. llAHtlnnlii Ageut.
Australian Recruit on Nelson Fire Bri.
g.-Klu Studies Winter.
The flro department has among its
memberi a young athlete who has ul-
ri-ad)- maile his mark In cricket circles. During Hie summer W. A. Grieg
vlsiled llie coanl with the Nelson
Cricket club uml usslsteu* materially
In upholding thc honors of '.'Starkey*!
Biaveg." In his far-uwuy Australlun
home, Fireman Grieg longed for the
sni.w enppi-il mountain! of llrltlsh Columbia, iu- hungered to lasie, handle
anil wul!ow In ihe "beautiful.* At u
late hour lusl night his lunging wus
gratified In n munner that will long
b! remembered. After retiring nnil
while dreaming of Kangaroo dunceB
and the forthcoming boat race bei ween
Iliiriiun und Towns he uwoke to a realization of the difference of climate
In tho antipodes and on lhe Nortii
American continent. Chief Deasy and
his men were drawn up before Grieg's
couch wiih the paraphernalia used iu
ilie Initiation of candidates unui-rinuint-
eil wllh.the snow king. A rickety
hand Bled with an old shovel were iire-
aented to Grieg. Driver Murphy, with
his Blx fiet of anatomy, placed Grieg
on the siefgh and a procession wended its way up the hillside ou Josephine street. Each fliemun Handed oul
peace offerings of snow iu coal shovels. Grieg was rolled, tossed and made
to Imbibe to his heart's content. His
protests were unheeded, and In despair
he .broke away from his capiors. At
midnight, the lonely police officer ou
Iiis beat was astonished to lini! a suow
bank at the corner of Josephine and
Victoria streets (rom whence the cries
nf a kangaroo arose. Nearby stood an
old sled and a shovel. Scenting a mystery, lhe policeman urmed himself with
an icicle from a neighboring roof aud
aroused the firemen to assiBt lu delving through thc snowdrift. Tlie mut-
ti-rings of the firemen were unswered
by the Chinook guttural of the eandi-
dute, while the officer inspected the
sled and shovel for (races of a crime.
It all appeared Greek to him, but his
persistency was rewarded when Driver
Murphy extracted an lllclud specimen
i.f humanity from the heap of snow.
Explanations were in order and Willi a
"Don't do It again," lhe officer proceeded on his silent march. Grieg ls none
lhe worse for his Introduction to the
suow king.
Thirty d*fl nfler date ! Iniend to Hpply to the
Hon.unlet Conmuvloner of Undsand worki.
Vh-tnrlH, for a -special license Incut and earn*
away timber from the followliiir traci of land",
mooted oi; the N. & H. railway, In the Wosl
Kontenay dlstricl.: Commenting al a post nl'tiled near the S. g corner Of A. K. Plnglend'l
timber claim, ihence ��t HtHOchainn, llienee nnrth
so chains, thence edit ��o chains, thence Mouth HO
chalm to polntof commencement.
Nov.0th.lBO8, p. J. (Jauauhkr.
Notlco hi hereby given that HO den Hlter dale I
Intend to apnlv tothe Uonorahle the Chief Com-
mlssloner of Lendl and Works for a special
licciise toeut und carry away timber from the
following d'eorlbed landi:   Commenolng at a
post marked 'T J. ft an Ian"* northeast eurner,"
planted about a mile wett from Bear ereek, ami
about fmir mllei from its mouth, whicli U six
mllei weil from Kelion] thenoe weitsoebelni,
tbence .south HO chains, ihenee cunt HO chain*.,
thence north 80 chain* to the initial point.
Located Oetober tind, UOB.      t. j. Boahuk,
of  IVI
-I   10 clialliK,
Uhan creek:
il i reck mid
Notice || hereby given that ."Ut dayi after date I
intend to appl* to tlu* Hon the Chief t'omtnls
sinner nl Lands and Works for 0. SOW fll licence
tn cot and carry a-tiy timber fr.iiu tlie followiiiK
���IcMTlt.ed lattdi: Commmiting at a post marked
"T. J. Sean'anVsontlieast corner," [dimted about
five miles UP ������roiiuui creek, which empties about
one mi'e west of Nelson;  thence west 40 chains,
thenoe north 100 chain*.; thence eut_oehaln_|
thence iouth 100 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Ocl 80, 1906, T. J. EOIKUM,
W. 1. MiKimm. Agent
Notice is hercliy given that llilriy day* after
dale I Intend tO apply to the Honorable the Chief
ConimlKsloiier of Lauds and Works Cor a special
license to cut aud carry away timber from the
followiiiK deurlbed lands: Dommenolng ai a
post marked -Jntiu Mciiarry's northwest corner," planted ahout a mile west from Bearorfek,
and about four miles from its nio'ith, which is
six miles went from Nelsou; thence east HO
chains, thence smtlh *.*- chains, ihcnce west HO
elm ins, thence norlh HO chalu--tot he Initial poet.
Located October Wml, 1006.   John ftfcfUftnr.
Notice is herebv given that .1' davs aller ilale 1
Intend to apHv lo the linn,.ruble Chief Commit
sinii-rof Lands nud Works Ior a special license lo
out end carry away timber from the followlni!
descritied bind*:   Cl leuciug ula poil marked
M r. MoiiaKhau's snnlhwcst corner, pi nted
about a mile -ttest from Hear creek, and about
four miles iron) its mouth, which i- n\ miles
west from Nelson; ihcnce north HOi-haliis, thence
eul -Hi' c<*niUK. Ihcnce south no . h nn-, Iheliec
west HO ohalOl lothe Initial point.
muted Bnd notober, i'.>on.  M.r. Monauhan.
Notice In hereby Klvcn ihat 60 <iays alter dato I
Intend to.ppb t<�� the Honorable the Chief Com-
mlssloner of Utndl and Works, Viclorla, B.C.,
for permission to purchase the following described land, situated In Ihe West Kootena) district,
on thu wesl side of I uhamel (or Nix Mile) creek,
on tin rr side nf w koii mad, nhoul ^'.^ miles
fro 0 West Arm nf Ko tcuay lake: 'ninnn m Until a pnst maiked Mrs llalthi Duck's f* . K corner, running W chains went;  ihence _o chillis
lonth) thenoe40 obalm east; thenee t��i ohaini
north, to the point of commencement, eoniaiu-
ini' HO acres of land, more or less.
Hated the lllh '���oveinber.It*'*'.
MHH   -HaTtll DlUK,
John K Tavloii, Agent.
Notice is here bygl veil Mint sixty days alter dnte
I Inlcnd toapph- to (lie Hon. i'h iel t'ommlssloner
of Lands and work* for permission IO purehaae
tlie following descritied lands in the Wesl
Kooteuay disiriei; .HcKinnltiK hI ��� poll marked
������J. H. Hinilneo's B, W. comer," and planted aboul
oue-haH mile east of the shore of Whatshan
(I'sribno) lake and about '.' miles norlh of thc
narrows ol the said lake, and at tho H. I*, corner
..fi Ai Hun Warren's application to purcha.se;
Ihcnce east HO chains; ihcnce north flu chain*-;
thenee west Ht) ehalns lo the iiorthtuisl corner Ol
Arthur Warren'sappllcallon t<> purchase; Ihenee
south HO chains to point of commencement, eou-
talnfiiK 'l��i acres, moreor less.
Oet. Llth, Ift*''. ���'- -H. Hihinko,
V. L. Hammiini). At'ciit.
Notice Is herehv given Iimt oo days alter date I
intend toapply to the llonorablo I lie chief Com-
mlssioiier of Lands mid Wnrks for pcrmlssimi to
liuichiisc tlie Iii'IowIiIh' '' -i rlbed lauds siUmle
about 10 mtlc~c>isl ol'tric fTTv ol ^eli-'iHl, dimiu'
souih Hhore of the Went Anil of Kontenay lake,
and coin in on ciiff at a post placed ationl .v chains
south of the ibnthoul coener of Lot Wt, marked
"H ThoniRa''ft. W oorner," thence anuth 90
chains, llieneo cast SO chains, thence norih 90
chains, thenco west 90 chains lo point ol com
Dated this lllh day ol Nov., 1900.     S. Thomah.
Eastern  Contemporary    Suggests   New
The Brockville Times Id out with a.
suggestion thut an Old Ballot-Switcher-*.' reunion be held in thai town some
time next summer. "It would be a novelty," it suggests, "and would help to
keep alive the 'esprit de corps' of the
Bwlthcht ni' Brigade. President Pritch-
ett might deliver an address, possibly,
while O'Gorman, Lewis or some of lbe
leading lights of the fraternity might
read a paper on 'Conservativu Sera-
tinei rs That I Have Footed, 'The A
B C or Ballot-Switching,' or 'The Seats
of the Mighty, and Mow to Pal :.'i Them
Up,' (words hy Henry Maniw. Then
the program might be varied by minor
selections irom the lesser lights rrom
this locality or from London and Weat
How dear to my heart Is the box ol
fuke ballots.
The old bogus ballots that served us
so well
would be sure to make a hit. 'Steal
Away,' too, would surely strike a responsive chord In the breasts of the
company. 'Oh, Promise Me!* would
catch an encore without doubl, while a
Sketch entitled 'The Sign of the Cross'
would bring down the hotise���not necessarily Uie house of commons, however. Then again a missing word contest might he arranged on the sentence, ' printed    those   fraudulent
ballots,* the editor of Ihe Recorder to
act as judge. When you come to think
of It the possibilities of a successful
Old Ballot-Switchers' reunion in
Brockville are immense. We would
suggest that Ihe Recorder lake this
scheme up and bourn it. Surplus, IT
any, to be devoted to the fund for
keeping important witnesses out of
the country when they are wanted in
Canada to give evidence." Such a reunion could not fail to be a great attraction aad electors from many countries would gather in the river town to
see the chaps who have won so many
elections for Laurier, and Liberalism
ai. Ottawa and Boss and Reform nt
The   Changes  This   Year   Are   Hardly
Noticeable, but Necessary.
There are ouly a few minor changes
in the prevailing styles of dress coats,
but tlie minor changes are the more
Important because of the securing of
the necessary style.
Few gentlemen nowadays think uf
ordering a dress coat from a retail
merchant tailor. Making but a few
such suits each year, the tailor cannot
begin to create the style or produce the
finished garment which one can buy at
the Semi-ready Wardrobe and have
finished to order in a few hours.
Semi-ready dress suits are sold at $25,
180, aud as nigh as $40, while Tuxedo
jackets, with silk facings can be had
as low as $15.
J. A. Gilker, the pioneer merchant
oi Xelson, hns secured the agency for
the Incomparable Semi-ready tailoring.
Sau Francisco, Cal., Nov. 20.���Judge
K. L. Wilfley of St. Louis, who has
beeu appointed by the president to be
the first judge uf the newly-created
consular court in China, is among the
passengers booked on the Ko'rea, sailing today for the Orient. Other notables on the pasenger Hat are Consul
General Rogers, who Is stationed at
Shanghai, and Senor Benito Logarde,
a native member of the Philippine
Certificate of Improvements
"Spyglass" hikI "lilulM*" tiiliiernl cbilmn, Hitimle
in Trout Lake Mining Division.
Lii'mci! mi Poplaroreek,
Tado Nniicc mut i, Bruce ffhttft sstlng a��
���Wi in for tin- Hjivk'ush Mliilnu ��� ��., Krct> MIihtn'
CertlAoats Nn ft ,tw, lot-aba, tf days trom tbe
���lull* hereof) to apply t" tba Mining Rnoraer for
a IVN IJli*it h��� ,.| I ni).ii.*, ..im-nt-- (nr tlit> ini-nn,- nl
��� ��1*!iiii��iiii* ii l'l my H Omul nf tin* nh.iv-* HnililS.
Ami further ink.* botloe that action, under
-Section87,must be commence. i*.*r..i.* u,**- i-mi
ami* ni inch Deiikiohic nf Improvements.
iiiiti'ti jtii Ooto&or, i ww.
Bancs wihtk.
Certificate of Improvements
"Brill. .��� Nn. ���2," '-Vi'vi'y." "Happy Madlnm,"
"International" ami -a ih Fractional" mln-
-���nil .���Iiiim-. m! i|iih*.| lu tin* .-In,nil Clly MllllliK
Division ol West Kootenay ill. irirt.
Whore located}���North ��. Twelve hlleorook,
SbOUl tun inflt'H up,
Take notice thnt i. it, tt Jnnuui. ot Blocao, h.
p., frw Minor'!i ertineale N<��. D78800, si agtnj
fnr ii. a. cols, Proa Miner's Qertlfioate No. hmi,
Intend, sixty dusfrom tin- <inti* hereof, to asp y
tn tin* Mint off Reoorderfor a perttfloate of im-
pivvemenu, fur tht) purposo of obtaining aOrown
ilrntit Of MUd iiiim-ml I'lnlniH.
Am) furtlior tuku  notlue tlmt hi-iIhh, uu it
Bectlon B7, tnnsl do oommBUOM iHrft��r��i uiuIuhu-
Hiicc ��f Miit-h CerLldeatoql ImprovuimMitH.
Dated tiiiH2��iii day of Sep tern mt, nwi.
Notice- i., liereby given thai Ht a mooting of tlie
Hi ui n i of l.it>eiiM! Uommuuiloncrs, tn i��* in-M m
th*.* Chlof Comtiblo'i*)offloe, Nelsoh, on the isth
i)ei'i>miK>r, 1000.1 Intend in npply for H tranifer of
my llci'iif-e fnr tlu'tirove Hotel, Fairview, NelMon,
to C, P. Wrtlmnluy.
Dated Iftth Nov., IIXM. 3 Vi. ckow,
per Wm. Q08NSJ.T., Attorney.
Silver King Hotel
Beet Dollar a day house In the Kootenays,
Koomi are well (urnUbed.  Table aa good as any
In Nelsou.    Bar lupplled wltb good
liquor* and clears.
W. E. McOAl-TDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
KuropeiD and Ainerlrkii Plan
Meali 20 CU.   Room. from % ct*. to U
Only While Help Employed
Baker fit., Nelson
Propria tors
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-i-Diy House in Nelson.
The B��r ll the Finest.
White Help Only Kmplisyesl.
Jowphlne Bl.
Lake View Hotel
Corn**r Hall and Vernon,
iwn iil.M-k.i from wbarf.
Kates fl 00 per day and up.
Telephone us. NezLSON,  B, Cm
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Sample ami H*th Knomw Free.
*r*0ll06 Ih liisn-lsy glsssn Hint nt is nientinir bt tho
Board ssl I.iii'tiiss- t'snniiilssKlssiieiH, lis Ise lielil 111
* 'Isl- I s  ssis,li.'s,,,l!l,.,.,,,i N,.|miii,���si ir.lls llc-riss-
l��T. Iflnss, I lisli-nsl is. lisply fssr ss IruuHleri.l my
lii.lcsl llii-iis.i-[s,r llio 1'iilacii hotel, ssl Vmlr, to
Al, Illllll 1,1 it |l���v|H
9lli Kovamlwr, won. MITUIIKI,!. TAIT.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Street.
Th* Strathcona
Nelsou, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood    Sample    Room*.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet. Nelion. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and t'omlortable Bodroom. and Vint*
clsui TmiiIiik Boom. Sample Room. Ior Commercial Hen.
MRS. K. C. CLARKE, ProprletreM
f* _\t*Wras '^he well known
\rtS\J V B Snbnrbau
Onr Beer Garden ia
the Fineat in the
-   Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rates |1 and 11.60 a Day.
Special Ratea to Regular Boarders.
WJiiiIi'hhU- iiiiii  It. tun Denlem In
Fresh and Salted Meats
('i.nipH HiippliiMl on KhortaHt noticu aud
luwi'Ht pri_o. Nothing bat fn-Kh and
whole-Home meats and supples kept in btook
Mail orders reoeive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVIS. Managw.
W.   O.   GILL.ETT
Contrnctor  nml
Sni.Migeiit fnr tin* Porio Rloo Lumber Co., Ltd.,
ii-inii vunl- Kuiinii mnl 'li.. m.*iI linnhi*r. turned
work ninl imi. i.**!-., I'luisrlniii uii.I nli I nft liln, rub
mut doors, Comoul, brWk mot limu lm ttal-j,
Aiitnintitle ttrlmltT.
Vunl itml Iiu-tnry; Wmnn Hi.. Mil ot Hull,
INBL80IN,  B. C.
p o. Box 3 _. TfllGphon. nt
rr ��*
West Transfer G>.
GEORGE F, NOTION, fcna.er.
(li'iii-i'iil Tisiiiimlisis and Dealer), in
Oiml and Wood.   ExproHx and
HaKgage Transfer
flfcl Office: Baker St.
V _
For Sale....
^w^A Modern Residence
and part ol three lots in a good position on Josephine street.
These terms only hold for a short time.
h. <& mTbird.
One of the Best Improved Ranches on
Kootenay Ootlet for Sale....
About 400 Fruit Rearing Treca: also Small Fruit. House and
Outbuildings. Hay Sheil. and 20 Tons of Timothy Hay. Nice
Hay Meadow, Spring Water and Fine Lake Frontage. For
particulars apply to
J. It. NirkiTsmi and J. II. Hnwitrtli li*vi> thi."
day ontored Into rn-piirtntTHtiiii tocHrry on tin-
Jewel* y tuul u|itji*itl lniF.[ni'H!i In Ni*ls under the
Jinn nitlilu of Mi-Ki-rmii fi llowttrlh.
Muir,I tiio llHIi <lay of ORlobor. itt'C.
TtunkltiK my fiiMtnuicrfi for palronaKu In tin*-
pkHl ami Imping for a eimlfhiiain'-** of the name- in
Ike new (Inn, Youth truly,
Choice Fruit i ��*w m��� **��*
Choicest Fratt Lands In
British Cofombi*.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
We Will Sell
1000 Yate-Kootenay Ice  9 l-2c
Insurance, Fruit Lands, Real Estate.
McDermid & McHardy
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Winter Excursions
Nelson ^�� Montreal, Toronto
, . And All Points Wat Thereof
In OnUrlo And Quebec.
Uurlii'i-, SI. .Is'lin HalUux, anil Mini
time Provinces ratei   on   application,
Ticket, on ssils- sillily,
Round Trip, First-Class. Three Months'
Limit, Old Country Rates
$89.25 Return
llalitiix nr Si  John.
Saloon, $95; Second, $76; Steerage,$54
And up, accordhirc to Htuumur.
For detailed informatiou, fmillngH,
ocean Hteamers, first. cla__ or tourist
sluepor reservations, apply to local
agent or write
A.ii.v. t,. Vancouver. p.f.a.. NcIkoii
Nolii-e in Iiercliy given tlutl tiio partneriititp
hvrotofnrc lubtlitui potweeit ne, tho iin��U*>ri.iKii-
**���!. a* hi.iel lit"..--jhti-i in tin*- lovvn of Kliolt, Krllhli
ColUDlbJUi Iihh this-lay boon plMOlvfla by mutual
Hiilfl I hit -'Till ilay of October, HHHV.
Wittiefix:   Alrx. HU'Wiirt, Philip I'. VoOdllUn
Old Curiosity Shop
IF you want to buy or _��n anythlnti.
go to tho Old Curiosity 3hop. A new
lino of Japanese Gooils now ou sale. All
kinds ol' Dtnnerware in stock. PM
Excursions to
Eastern Canada
Oriental Limited
With through tmirlstn <inr to
To Toronto, Montreal
and points west
B-1 $78.25
ciii'1'.'Kiisiiiiiing low mtM to
listliils oust oF Mss.ilr.iil
TickolH on null- Nov. 24th to
Deo, ;iiHt. tiooii torthroi- tnoiitlin
with privilege of esl ling limit
doing vlu Sniiii sn- Maria
Btopoveri ullowisii i-uhi of Si.
I'mil ami I mini li.
doing via Ghloago atopovara
uiliiwsii mut ol* Detroit uml
Port Huron.
For   further   Information  call
on or address
City Pf-usttitfer Agent.
A ll. P. A., ek-Kttltt.
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
W. cA. fJWRltAN,
Tobacconist.  Baku f T
The DaOy Canadian
* i
*      . ���
Made in Canada
Cannot B_ Beaten ior Quality
Cocoa,  per tin    15c and  30c
Parisian Chocolate, per bar..10c
Chocolate Cream Bar. per bar. 5c
Diamond Chocolate, per bar..10c
Chocolate   Ginger,   per   box. .. .25c
Milk   Chocolate,   per   pkg    5c
Assorted   Iceings    2   for   25c
l lb. box   -   50c
J-2 lb. box -   30c
rbesegoodi are as flne a,- the more--xik-iimvc
kindt, the only dlffereneo li the package.
Phone 25. Baker St.
Xi-xt P. Boras & Co.
jBell Trading!
| Company
Coal and
Telephone 265
Some Wise Body
Has Said:
In    Hnglnnd    thoy    ralac    finu
horses.     In   Scotland   they   raise]
fiue men.
In England they food their oats
to horses. In Scotland thoy food
their oats to men.
Food yourselves    ,_nd    children '
on '**%
B. & K, Rolled Oats
and then watch tht- results.
B & K. Rolled Outs in Ob, SOlb nud >
���lolb sni-ks for sale lit
Cor. Version and Ward Stre*tB,
MiLSO>.   B. C.
J. .'RED HUME, Proprietor.
.1. Husking, Rossland; P. D. McTav-
Ish, Calgary; A. Innes and wife, Sandon; A. C. Dee, J. Liliby and wife, Seattle; G. W. Bailey, .1. Grupe, Toronto; C. P. Slierwin, Illue Hell mine; G.
\_s-s- and wife, Koch Siding; F. H.
X, uli I,sn. R. T. McCtlllogh, F. 1- Teft.
Spokane; .1. K. McCormack. Washing-
Ion; E. .1. Wyman. Wallace, F. Camie.
It. Cremter, Qreenwood; T. E. Fisher. New Denver; .1. H. Gillies, Vmir;
G. E. Revell, Poplar: R, R. McCor-
mack, n. H. Stewart, J, w. Turnbull,
A. Young. Hewitt mine; F. Lovell,
C. Jackson. Rossland; A. Jerome. Montreal.
T.  N. Clark,    W.    Shotton.    Kaslo:
John Dempster, Coryell.
.1    I!   Mills.  Toronto:   A. Wilson.  A.
Thomas,  R.  Iu.  I.anvon.  Spokane;   W.
Wright, S. Jones. Great Falls: J. Bell.
Oastlegar; J. E. Wltherspool, England.
1*. Mcl.sindeis. Slocan; J. Drayer,
Kafnloops; D. C. Caldwell. Vancouver;
A. Morrison. Arrowhead; H. E. Smythe,
G. Dubois. Cranbrook; R. Mason, f. H.
Johnson, Swan Lake; H. Hillings, W.
Ms-Lilian. Procter; F. Sutton, F. O.
Judson. Des Moines; Mrs. Sanders.
F. McCharles, Farron; R. Johnson.
J. Foote. J. McConnell, W. McFar-
lane. A. Burnett, Bonnington: J. K. Angus. Wetaskiwin: Mrs. .1. Darling. F.
Nilaon, Spokane; A. Fleck. Silverton:
Mis S Clark. Ymir: Miss M. Cannell,
Qrand Forks; J. Nerood, R. Dade,
Joy'sCashGroccry :Pure 0ntari H
Got Josephine and Mill Bus.     i-hons-is   (I _�����������������������   <ivuvi
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Puilders will tiusl it to their advantage to use our Pitch
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
5 Poond Cans     90c
10 Poond Cans $1.75
Alley     ^^
Potter & Cummings
Tt-lpphone 161.
PfiUNIX- AND G RAITING rAr.-fully Attend'
���il 10. Apply
Silver Km it Hutel.
BQOK-KKKPEB K\j���.���n.-ii- * d lldl l'i*.-ik.kf.p**r
WKlitK pt'Tinsiieiil position. Ail'lions K L.,
1 tally < Miiiiiliaii Offlce.
it) MKN. ai uni.-, fur work in the woodi.   Appli
t.> \V. i:  c.fV,. sawmill, Kto-to.
l.Al'V >TKM*'.|;.M,HKK f->r p-iMlii.1 Incmilitry.
Good bone ��ii_ employer, family.   Apply
OOJC W.. ''ftlinillall offloe,
BCSHMKK.MUl Handiand UpKingrMHrartur-s,
alsn Knglnwr Wittt-tnirg I.iimltt-r Co., near
Cranbrook. B. C	
Apply box 613.
TWO PIBfTT-CLASa ROOKS, stesm licaled.   Ap-
piy lioiiS-k*.*****.*-r. Brd flit K   Vi  ('. blra.'k
PARCEL���tram   ['--.mliii'm   Kip-rusn Company's
WMOn. Hflilrvs* 'I ti Ulet B, Thorn, from Henry
Brow., Winnipeg, Reward tor n-uim toExprt.*i>8
IjKV <edaK LOOS for iloata. Apply to Tremont
There wns uo dockt-t iu the city police court this morning.
The city council is calling for tenders for the removal of thy courthuuse
to its new site.
The initiation degree will be cou-
ferred this e\ening bv Queeu Citv Rebekah lodge, I. O. 0. F.
The -Baptist Young People's union
will hold its regular meeting tonight
und a cordial invitation is extended
to all-
Kootenay lodge I- O, O. F. will bold
its past giaud's night next Monday
i veiling. There will he initiation services, after which tho evening will be
silent  in  social   recreations.
Silver and lead both declined on today's metal market*.. Silver lost three
points in London and four in New
York, and lead fell four points in London. The Quotations are still very
Cards are out for the first military
ball of the season, in the Armories,
Friday evening, November 28, Ihe
hosts being the officers, non-commissioned officers and men of No. 2 company, R. M.  R.
A meeting of the hoard of directors
o fthe Eva Mining company was held
yesterday afternoon. Manager Gracey
who hud arrived from Camborne, reported progress with the installation
of tlie compressor.
Alderman Selous, chairman of the
fire. wa;er and light committee, is
preparing a bylaw dealing with the
prevention of fires, which he will introduce at the next meeting of the
The moving picture show at the opera house this evening will have the
merit of being novel. The majority of
the pictures will portray scenes in the
recent Japanese war, Mrs. Yaniamoto.
a Japanese lady, will deliver the lecture.
V. Dynes, the nursery man. has already got to work on his importations
for next year. Yesterday ho receivpd
a consignment of four boxes of cherry
trees, which he is -low "heeling in"
for the winter at Fleming & Son's
place in Fairview.
The Nelson postoffice will have a
s'amping machine installed shortly,
which will prove of great convenience
to the employees. Hy this means it
will only take a few minutes to stamp
the letters, where it now occupies
many hours. The mail is growing so
rapidly at the postoffice that it was
fmind absolutely necessary to add Uie
Stamping machine.
The "Jerry From Kerry" company
performed at the opera house last evening to a medium-sized audience. The
program was about the same as the
one given by that company last year.
It consisted of specialties, including
many musical numbers, The band is a
geod one. The selections were all appreciated, especially the intermezzo
from *'CavaIleria Rusticana." The company wil! he seen here again next Saturday evening.
Sergeant-Major Fred Richardson, of
the Fifth regiment V. C. B. G. A., of
Victoria, is in the city. Last year Mr.
Richardson was one of the Canadian
Blsley team and won the St. George's
badge, the bronze cross, the R. N. A.
medal, and the King's badge. He was
coach of the successful Kolapore team
and also caoched the victorious British Columbia team of this year, which
won no less than seven places in the
Blsley team out of twenty, with a possibility of two more. This team won
the individual championship and the
London Mel-chants' prize, the Kirkpatrick ,the Card, the London, and other
The Store of Quality
40 Cents pet* Pound
In order m dear out this Une
we iuv reducing ilm prioe to
41k-. Wi- only hiivi- ii limiti-il
quantity to don't delay ordering if you wunt nny.
Rob, M. Hood &Co.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
House for Sale
$1400    ^^^KOM BAKER
$700 down, balance to suit.
These  are   the finest potatoes
on tlie market.
Price $1.75 per cwt.
C Am Benedict
Corner Silica ansl Josephine Sts.
l>MO.Nli   7.
Post Card Alboms
Postage Stamp Albums
Scrap Books
We have just received ;i splendid assortments of tils' alusvs- lines.
To   hold   150   Cards 65c
To hold 200 Cards    50c. 75c
To  hold  300 Cards 75c. $1.25, $2.25
To hold 400 Cards   $1.75
To hold 500 Cards $3.75
At 50c, 75c. $1.25 and $3.00
At 40c, 75c. 90c and $1.25
W. G. Thomson
���fSfflg.  ""' Nelson, B. C.
Rhone .14.
Sherman's Opera House
Tu.sdayand   November 20, 21
Wednesday,     ======
Latest Moving Pictures
Russian and Japanese War
. 70���Different War  Seen.s���7u
12,000  Feet of Films.
Prices���3'*c and 25c.
'Old Curler's'' Remarks Prove  Him to
Be  a  Novice���Committee  Alive.
Judge Forin, chairman of the ice
committee of the Nelson Curlint. club,
said today in reference to an alleged
"Old Curler's" complaint about the delay  in  making ice:
"Every curler of any experience
knows that it is impossible to make
ice until the bottom of the rink is
frozen hard. You might as well try
to make ice on the surface of a sponge
as flood our rinks ut present and expect the water to stay there. The "Old
Curler" may rest assured ihat there
will be no unnecessary delay. Ice will
be made as soon as possible. He is
not the only one who is eager to hurl
the   stones."
Trains and Boats. ���
Crow    boat���Two    and    one-auart<
hours late.
Coast and Slocan train���On time.
Boundary train���On time.
Kossland Train���On time.
J. E. Annable is over nn the Arrow
lake looking nfter his fruit land inter-
eatfl in that part of the province.
How   About   Your
Guns tind
Ammunition ?
We have Bley's, Kynock's, Win*
ohest-er, ami Oogtwell A
Harrison i
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's, Winchester and
I knniniou
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives- Wading, Melts,
boats, Pants, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co,
Box 631       :\'cl��i>n, B. C
Holiday Gifts
There fs nothing more suiti
"Christmas giving" than a aict
of a good book.
in plain and cheap bindings as well ,
in neat, tasty ami de luxe bindings.
The leading fiction of tlie past seas,in
in cloth bindings at prices ranging from
50 cents to %\M.
Canada Drug & Book Co's
....Cash Stores....
A. McDonald & Co.
Denlers iii staph- nml fiiiiryUrncorieB.
Butter, Eggs.
Gimp and Miners' .Supplies.
Corporation of the City of Nelson
.^ealoil Ti*i*'Iii> will be raOttlTtd t>x the nn'In*-
Hgned up tn t O'clock, p ir*., <tii M<>ii..av (in- Jtih
���tr**-.- nf November. Iks, for the remorsl of the
ooort boQH buildiug.
HpecififHtiniiH for tine i-nn b��ieen*. tin- city
eo-fineefa offloe, City Hull.   ii>- Order,
W.E. WAB8UN, CUr Clerk.
Helton, Nov. is, ia,-*.;.
Commissioner Coombs, head of the
Salvation Army in Canada, accompanied by a large staff, will arrive in
Nelson on December 9. The commissioner will, during his stay in the city.
addn hs a pu .lie meeting in the opera
house on the subjects of labo'r and immigration in connection with (he
Army's  schemes    for  promoting    the
ming to Canada of riiitish workmen
Talking about ft will neither put a
piano into your home nor bring hack
the days���valuable days���your daughter Is wasting. I/?t us tell you how
easy wo will make it for yon NOW to
-give your family the piano they have
wished for so long.
Acts Not Words"
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
���: 'Jft-k* *''   14 ' -' :'"- -i (*^t V^
Thc Prettiest and Dtiin'iii-st Drf-ne Slippers ai*e to be found nt onr .storn.   Whethi
it bo in a Patent Learner or Plain Leather we are
sure to please you.
The Royal.       R. Andrew & Co.
Something    Nethersole Bracelets
For the Baby THE vert_^=
$1.00 Each
lelephone .\.\.\.
Starkey & Co., _%M
NVhole��-il��a Provision-*,
Produce, - Fruit.
I> uiiMii lloY.Tiiiiii-nt ('n-anii-ry One Pound Brick*, r.. .-i\...i wsi.kly i^i I
fnnn the ehurn.   Pbr nie ty ill leading grooerR, J
Ofllce nnd warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone T'.i.
Josephine Street.       -       -       -       Nelson, B. C,
3    Repairing and Jobbing a Sp-ciilJ
BheetmeW Work, Oaatings, Builder*' Materia! and Minion and Dill Mi*;.:wjt.I
Office and Wssiki- Foot of Pork St.
Phono    2i > i.
XcIh.hi, H.C.I
A Word to the Wi
Thin V'*ar wfl hnve npprfruit***-! tin unut** . <mlt\
tunun and Imvi- p-Hssrd Into -took the
Good Cheer Ait Base Bursa]
Thi- Ktovc* is ndupt-rd for hard ooal only, andH
antaed t<> give ���MrirfBfft-kin.
J. H. Ashdown Hard.,
Company, Limited.
^^VWN/--^^���^B.  A.  ISAAC R.  W.   HINTON'
McpiilriMir untl JobblnB cxeuuled with ht'xputti'.   ShcatM**
Work, ...ii.ii-iu iniU Mill Muchlncr) .      Miinufit*.tur*ir��ol
Or*  Cum,  iv.   H.   -ContructorM*  Cur*.
INEUSOIN,   B, C        .,:_;.
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Imporlttr of   F*tn��
IjSnilllMli   i IooUm
Jno. T. Pie����
Hnkci- St.
Nelson, B.6
m e��
All Sizes 35 to ��|
Now i- the Um*
to Imv \..tir
Winter OvittmI
AH Prices from $ 10 to $30
J. a. qTlkerI
KieSS Ltimber, S_iingles>
Uath, Mouldings, Doors, Windo^sJ
Turned Work nnd Hrnekct��. Mail Orders pr J��""'
 VBRNOW H I Riiiri*   .  .  .  INI.I.SOIN. B. ti.
f ������
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famous Kootrn.iy MW" 3
Because we cannot procure a better, taking 'J
count design, workmanship, cooking qualities ><">'
We will  be pleased to show you Its g����d P01****
Wooct-Vallance Harclwafe C��
whoi^ai, NELSON. H'""1


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