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The Daily Canadian Apr 18, 1907

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 ��|je 0a Hy  Ccmafctmi
*/(��l.I*MK I.     NO.   267.
|ole Purpose of Lumber
Fifty Cum a Month
factory Witness Before Committee Describes Conduct and
Attitude of Government.
,1  li. Warns returned last night from
uss baring remained there to see
enquiry   through  (rom the  com-
:: answer to tbe ipiestion: "Which of
viiri'siis-    witisi'Hses  who have rets, -sl and given their Ideas, which are
much ai variance with each other,
Mr  Walts said:
Evidently 11  In tl"; Intention of the
emm'jul to makf r. case If at all pos-
t ths :: unufaclurera, uot be-
se justlcs  calls for It, but simply to
li iii,- exigencies of the political situ
n    Tbe government  care no more
lbs   Interests of the consumers on
prairies ilian it does for the hon-
s   si  cleanliness of the  admintatra-
The   bomb   thrown   Into   their
di i  by Q   W. Polwer and the dlsaeu-
sns in the ranks ol their own support
ve caused a panic In government cir-
���8    They feel the revulsion of feeling
su has set ln throughout the IkuiiIii
sstisequenll)*, like u man drowning,
:   will clutch  at any  straw or any
iis-y   pretence  to   keep  afloat.
"They    know    that   the   balance   of
wss Is rapidly running westward, and
������ lis miring "Bops" for Ihe farmers of
��� prairies, and do not object to sacri-
ii.s;  Uie  lumber Industry  of  IlriUBh
lumbla  for the purpose of catching
e numerous voles of the consumers of
; ralrles, aud have also shown their
ssire ��� veil to sacrifice the Interests ol
,e whole Dominion for the sake of se-
.:������* i tea ssu the prairies.    The soiled "honest*' Frank Oliver, minister
Ihi loterlor, has exhibited his Inten-
ii nf perpetrating one of the great-
pleces of bribery ever  attempted,
his proposed amendment to the band
1,   whereby   he   proposes    to    give
���       ss   on   the   prairies, 50
lions ur more acres of land, to be dl-
ed up amongst the prosperous farts    ibis measure would undoubted-
i'.'is  been inilrouded through had il
it been fur the courugcous opposition
ne liuiiist   member   of  their own
rty, the  Hon.  Mr. Greenway.     The
ter gentleman,    as  you   know,  was
iiirman of Ihe Investigation commit-
"ii  the lumber  combine,  and eerily acted the least like a prosecuting
orney against  us of all  the  mem-
rs uf the I'isinuilltee.
U)' fans and llpures 1 demonstrated
ih-*   oommlttee that the Canadian
airicH are Iselng supplied with lumber
a lower price than  any  other  diB-
l(*l on this continent, that the manu-
"���titers ssl llrlllsh Columbia are pay-
i* over sliiijlsle the wages, aud  were
celling  UIle Uair the   price obtained
Ottawa and olher eastern points for
iisiiissn hiiniser���but this was not the
"d   ol    evidence the committee  de-
"l ami une member suggested thai
evidence iu this respect bo thrown
Ussy also ri (-dined to accept docu-
fiiit l offered iu support of this evl-
Inst,  the olsjections  were   based   on
|  iliiiisj  pretext that I had not per-
Basil) ,.,,.��� un ,h(J iumiM__ W|til w-plch
as making comparisons. My remark
common lumber was common lum-
isiiil ni'arly alike as far as lis In-
���]"���"��� value wus concerned all over the
"""'hi   was   brushed  aside  by  one.
���ble iiiciuber who  said:   *It  Is a
������Mown   fact   that some kinds of
'""" ' ber are Iobs valuable for
omiig pm-pones than  others.'    I  put
' Miiesllon:   'If you   were  about   to
1111 ;i house or a barn for yourself,
1 md or common boardB would you
'"'���"���     The reply was: *I would ubs
'" ��*hlcb was considered the best'
"��� Vou aware that in the East pine Is
'iwdorerj the beBt?* *You are here to
*"��er ijuesllons,    not to ask them���'
'* well, ullow mo to teach you some-
"'������: sou are aiiparently not aware of.
"i a practical man, and I can Bpeak
"�� authority,   1 have myself sawed up
"    "gs similar to your eastern pine,
gs that had been cut four years and
were   rotten    nearly  through,   I
E sawed up tamarac or InrcU, fir
d cellar, that had been cut aeven
il so  '   ,ver S3. ""* wer�� solid
ootoM . C\V" thn,U|1;h* ����� th��t "hen
I . In milth0 ,,ra,ctlc,,, va,,te of com-
1" ., .""r* "">'�� Ib far ahead of the
II ��� lie.,, TUen, mmmoa inmher.
I"Mi i, 1" i��� ,PiM |B generally pre-
Inile, ��^��!3�� H i* ��ght;to
r-    ��.   easy to work, easy to drive
nails in and easier to pull out, and not
because of Its lasting qualities, which
any Intelligent person would consider
the most Importanl factor.'
"At this point the honorable member
appealed to the chairman to slop the
witness from making speeches, as lie
called my remarks, anil Insisted (but I
answer hla questions, Yes or No. I
claimed the right to qualify each answer. The chairman ruled my contention was correcl, 1 then proceeded to
show tlie vurloiiB causes for the ad-
vanco In tlie price of lumber, and lhe
comparisons In cosl of production, now
anil a few years since, bul I was constantly Interrupted by various members
to whom such evidence was not palatable as lt would not answer their purposes.
"I wub on the witness stand for one
day only, although I had facts, figures
and documents sufficient for several
dnys 1 waB dismissed; whereas, every
other witness was asked If he had anything further to say. I accepted the
Bltuation because 1 had to, bul pointed
out that 1 wus about to publish a book
on tbe subject in which I proposed to
oondense tbe evidence and add a little
eplce so that all the members of parliament would read the Bame before the
question Is debated In tbe House, as I
waB quite Bure the memberB would
never read through the voluminous
minutes of evidence, and consequently
would know less of tbe questions at Issue than the committee did���If that was
Free Offices fer 20,000
Seattle  Labor  Men  Call  on  President
Roosevelt to Retract
Seattle. April 18���The central labor
committee laat night passed resolutions
scoring President Roosevelt's actions ln
referring lo E. H. Harriman aB "a citl-
m as undesirable ub Moyer. Haywood
or Debs." The resolution criticises the
preuldent for prejudicing the alleged
murderers of former Governor Steunen-
berg, of Idaho, before they had their
trial and denying them the rights of
American citizens to be presumed Innocent until proven guilty. The labor
leaders requested that the president retract and asked for a "square deal" for
the men whose names they declare he
has clouded.
Well Known and Esteemed Citizen of
Neleon Accidentally Drowned
at Nakusp.
A telegram received this morning
by A. B. Docksteader from F. S Clements
at Nakusp, contained tbe sad intelligence that the victim of the drowning
accident at that place last night was
A. Kenneth Wattle, of Nelson.
Mr. Wattle had accomi>anieri F. S.
Clements on a surveying expedition and
they reached Nakusp last nlgbt. The exact circumstances of his death are unknown, bul lt is considered likely that
in the darkness he niissod bis footing
on the wharf. His call for help was
heard and every effort was made to
render assistance, but he sank for the
last time just as a boat was launched
by his Intending rescuers.
The body waB recovered this morning
and identified by Mr. Clements. It Is
held at Nakusp awaiting instructions,
first from the coroner, then Mrs.
A. Kenneth Wattle was horn at Vol-
leyfleld, Quebec, and was about 35 years
of age. He has been a resident of Nelson about eight years, having been in
the C. P. R. Bervice ln which he received severe injuries which incapacitated him for many months, later on
the staff of the Nelson customa office,
and dually in business as a customs
He was known to most citizens of
Nelson and generally esteemed for his
kindly and obliging nature. It will be
remembered that It waa he who organized (he crew thai brought Coroner
Elliott from Ymir the morning after thc
death of John  H. Nolan.
The heart-felt sympathy of the community will be extended to Mrs. Wattle ln her bereavement.
Disorder   In   Persia���Massing   Russian
Troop* en Frontier.
St. Petersburg, April 18.���Advices
from the Caucasus say thai Russia is
assembling a body of troops on the
Persian Irontlcr for a demonstration,
which, lt Ib thought, will soon be necessary. Newspaper correspondents are
not allowed to telegraph news of the
movements of the troops, but lt Is
known that 2ft railroad cars, loaded witli
artillery and three reglmenls of Cos-
sucks, passed through Kars. on their
way Bouth last week.
The Russian diplomats describe the
condition of Persia as oompiete chaos,
but they hope that the moral effect
produced by Ihe massing of troops on
the frontier will be sufficient to enable
the Shah to take Ihe necessary steps to
restore order without an actual Invasion. The dissolution of the national assembly may be necessary.
F. A. Starkey Proposes Building: at
Foot of Ward Street-Committee Will Consider.
A Bite has been chosen for the offices
of the 20,000 club which, if approved,
will cost nothing, will afford a conspicuous situation and will at the same
time beautify a portion of the city which
has been left bare and unadorned.
T. G. Procter and F. A. Starkey went
on a tour of inspection this morning
through the business Bectlon of the city
seeking suitable premises. They found
no vacant room in any locality they
thought sufficiently central.
Finally a briliant idea occurred to
Mr. Slarkey���to build an offlce on the
site at the fool of Ward street, on Uie
north side, between the oourt house and
the provincial gaol.
Mr. Procter immediately concurred.
The next -step was to consult Mayor
Gillett who warmly commended the suggestion, and promised his influence to
secure permission for the building and
free labor.
Mr. Starkey thinks that lumber companies doing business in Nelson can be
induced to supply the small amount of
lumber required as a donation to iht*
club. His proposal ls to have the offices
painted in Nelson's colors and have
"20,000 Club" painted on the roof. He
also suggests a flag pole in front of the
Tbe suggestion will be presented to
the executive committee of the club ftt
Its meeting tomorrow night. If approved, as it probably will be, the club
will secure al trilling cost a building
that will serve all the needs at least
until the court house building becomes
city property.
It Is the intention of the promoters
to have one room of the building used
to accommodate the nucleus of a museum.
E. K. Beeston received a telegram
this morning from the Colonist Publishing co., of Victoria, promising delivery'
of 100 copies of the new pamphlet by
Saturday night.
Native  Premier  of  Model   Principality
to Visit England.
London, April 18��� Among the visitors'
from India this season will be I'rabha-
shankar D. Pattani, the most prominent statesman of tbe day ln that part
of India which Is known as the principality of Kathiawad. He holds the responsible post of prime minister ln the
Slates of Bhsvngar which has often
been classed with Mysore as "the, model
slates" of India.'
Among his principal achievements lit
ofllce have been successful measures of
relief in coping with two famines, the
launching of the first external loan by
an Indian state for other purposes than
railway conBtrnctton, and the opening:
of the only port along the western coast
of India, between Bombay and Kur-
rschl. ln some countries work like this
would have brought ihe doer a crop
of decorations, but Mr. Pattani has only
the satisfaction of having gained the
confidence of his prince and the esteem
and gratitude of tbe people wbo have
boneflted by his administration.
Mr. Pattani is a profound thinker on
Indian problems, and writes and speaks-
English with fluency and distinction. In
his picturesque costume he will be a,
strlklng llgure at official and social entertainments this year.
First Defenders' Reunion.
PottBville, Pa., April 18���The National First Defenders' Association held
their annual reunion here today ln commemoration of the forty-sixth anniversary of their marching through Baltimore to the defense of the national capital. There were originally Utb companies, two from Pottsvllle and one
each from Reading, Allentown and Lew-
Istown, constituting a personnel of 630
men. which bas now dwindled to a total
of less than 100 survivors.
club here last night. The fight was the
most disappointing held In this city
for some lime. The champion, did not
sliuw any of his usual brilliancy ln
avoiding punishment and lt was only at
long rang range fighting that he waB
able to beat O'Toole. In mixing and
fighting the quaker held his own. At
the end O'Toole was bleeding at the
mouth and nose but Attel was practically without a mark. There were no
knock-downs. Abe was forced to do the
leading and O'Toole waited for counters.
Volcano Eruptions snd Earthquakes Reported From Chill.
New York, April 18.���A despatch from
Valparlso says: "Puyeuhu volcano,
adjacent to the large lake of the same
name, In the province of Valdivia, is ln
violent eruption. The phenomenon Is
accompaned by awful subterranean
tremblings. Torrents of lava have set
flre to the surrounding forests and people and cattle are fleeing In terror."
Kooteany and Boundary have been
advised by the railway companies
that they will not be In a position
* any mere ore until they
i adequate supply of ooal
* engine use.
Spectators  Disappointed..
New York, April 18.���A despatch from
Philadelphia   says:    "Attel   outpointed
Tommy O'Toole of  Philadelphia In  a
six round fight at tne National Athletic ;
Peary Submits That What He Cannot
Do Is Impossible.
Portland, Me., April 18.���Speaking of
his forthcoming attempt to find the
north pole, Commander Peary said he
expected to arrive among the Icefields
by the middle of July. His equipment
and crew, he said, would be practically
the same as on his recently completed
expedition. He will buy JOD docs, when
he arrives ln Greenland. He anticipates
that the Ap aright be made in about
the same length of time as the 1905
trip, which required about 16 montha.
"In relation to my plans," said Commander Peary, "I shall follow, almost
to the letter, those of my last. I guess
It won't be necessary for me to go into
details about those, as they are too well
known. I shall go aa far north as possible with the Rooosevelt, and after securing the dogs from my Eskimo
Iris.nils, I shall start over the big ice
fields by sleds. While en route we will
establish sub-supply stations or caches,
to be used in case the provisions we
carry should give out. Tbe main source
of supply will be at the Roosevelt. I
am confident that I will be successful
ln this search for the long-sought goal.
At any rate, it will be the supreme effort of my life, snd If I am not successful I sm ready to say that the pole Is
beyond the reach of man."
Big Increase In Value of Annual Product���<*owth Due Mainly to
Toronto, April 18.���According to a
Btatement prepared by the officials of
the department of mines, the mineral
products of Ontario for the year 1906,
represented a total value of 122,221,808,
as compared with (17,854,296 ln 1906.
This is estimated on the value of
the minerals in the form in which they
leave Canada. The net value of the
metallic output was $13,179,162 and of
the non-metallic $9,042,046. The most
noticeable gains during the year ln the
metallic group are those of silver, which
was $2,170,212; nickel. $481,485; copper,
$309,555; pig Iron, $644,729. ln the non-
metallic the execeBS of value produced
in 1906 over 1905 were: Portland cement, $595,563, and natural gas, $216,-
970. The output of crude petroleum was
worth $136,099 less than In 1905. The
oatput of mines at Colbalt for the year
waa: Silver, 6,357,380 ounces, worth
$3.tl3.089; cobalt. 312 tons, worth $30,-
819; nickel, 156 tons, and arsenic,
$1 .SM. Up to the close ot 1906 the Cobalt camp has produced a total of 8,016,-
061 ounces of silver, valued at $5,015,-
479; 146 tons of cobalt, $45 tons of
nickel, and 1,919 tons of arsenic, estimated to he worth $150, 779, $13,467 and
$3,596 respectively.
Life Sentence fer Murder.
Rochester, N. Y��� April 18.���At Albion
last night the Jury ln the ease of Tern-
Isto C. Chechlnln, on trial charged with
the murder of Robert Van Auker, in
Medina, on January it, brought in a
verdict of guilty of murder In the second degree. Judge Wheeler sentenced
Chechinl to Auburn state prison for the
rest ot his natural life.
Strike Extends to Biflcrest and Bank-
head^-Sherman Explains Attitude, of the Ren.
A special meeting of the Nelson
board of trade will be held in the board
room tomorrow night to consider steps
to be taken to expedite the settlement
of the coal miners' strike ln East Kootenay and Alberta. This action is taken
at the urgent request of tbe Calgary
board wired to F. Starkey thia morning, in which lt ls pointed out that a
continuance of the strike Tor even a
short time will mean a coal famine and
a tie-up of all the railways in western
they Intend to get if they possibly can,
Is a fortnightly payday, and an eight-
hour day from bank to bank with re-
speet to the province of Alberta. They
also ask for an all around Increase of
10 per cent upon the present scale of
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Fernie, April 18.���A wire received at
noon reports the men at Hlllcrest and
Bankhead all out. Prospect mines are
closed down. It is Impossible anywhere to keep men at work. International Officer Lewis will arrive Monday
in time for the conference and Tuesday's meeting is expected to clear the
matter up. Llndsey has left Toronto
for home. The C. P. R.* ls telling the
miners they cannot pull an engine after
10 days and want to know if the miners
have a full supply of grub to last
Everything is quiet here.
The following extract trom a state-, .
meat issued by President Shera-ui dBT
tains the caae of the striking miners'*
While there were many reasons for
the trouble which exists, the proximate
cause of the crisis may be Bald to have
been the tactical mistake on the part of
the operators ls serving upon their employees and in posting up in conspicuous places, after our request for a conciliation board had been sent in, notices changing the wage scale trom 10
to 20 per cent ln the way of reduction.
The employees when they found that
they could make no agreement with the
operators, immediately took steps to
place themselves under the law, hoping
and expecting thereby to bring about
what they conceived to be justice to
Instead of co-operating with the employees in having a conciliation board
appointed, every operator raised technical objections to the procedure on
the part of the employees. The act requires that the application for the appointment of a board shall set out the
steps which have been taken by the respective parties to the dispute to bring
about a settlement. The compliance
with that part of the act the mine workers set for the proceeding taken at the
joint conference which took place during March at Calgary. The demand at
that conference was, technically speaking, not a demand made upon each oompany Itself, but lt was supposed that
the operators' delegates there had sufficient authority to receive ln behalf
of the company represented by him a
demand made In that manner.
In their reply to a request for a board
of conciliation made by the mine workers, each company set forth ln stereotyped form the following clause: "No
claim or demand such as set out ln
paragraph two of the Btatement accompanying the said request, kas been
made on behalf of the employees of
this company to the company," thus as
It were, discrediting the operators' association. The raising of technical objections ot this kind irritated the employees not a little and resulted in the
United Mine Workers deciding not to
have any further dealing with the operators' association as snch, but the
technical objections raised In this way
were speedily brushed aside and red
tape found no place in the procedure
adopted by the minister of labor.
To the credit of the department of
labor be it said that a greater expedition in bringing the hoard of conciliation Into existence could not hsve been
expected, and were it not for other considerations there Is little doubt that the
mine workers would have continued at
work. The notice given by the operators that a new wage seale would come
Into effect on the 10th of May acted as
a red flag to a bull. It was Impossible
to convince the men that what was stated ln that notice would not be done.
The dissatisfaction became general, and
hundreds of men acting upon Individual
initiative Immediately quit their work
So much has been said as to the Insistence of the mine workers upon a
closed shop that the public has received
the Idea that this is their position. To
negative this Impression, the mine
workers, through their executive, published a declaration that they did not
insist upon the closed shop. Therefore,
thiB contention falls to the ground.
What they do Insist upon, and what
Ignored   Hook  of   Holland   Incident-
Dutch Are Diapleased.
Amsterdam, April 18.���Now that the
wreck of the Berlin at the Hook of Holland is but a souvenir, comment Is rife
regarding the attitude of the German
Emperor ln connection with the -disaster.
Astonishment Is general that the
Kaiser, whose impulsive and generous
nature has hitherto been a byword In
Holland, did not recognize ln some tangible and striking manner the bravery
of the Dutch lifeboat crew and the
courageous and generous action of
Prince Henry. Surprise Is all the more
comprehensive seeing that the majority
of the passengers were Germans, and
that the prince himself related lt to the
German court A contrast ls naturally
drawn between English and German action ln the matter. The promptitude of
King Edwtrd ln sending an envoy to
the Dutch court and the Immediate assistance from English people for the
victims of the disaster find. In effect,
little, lf any, counterpart ln Germany.
Earthquake Anniversay Observed.
San Francisco, April 18.���One year
ago today occurred the terrible earthquake and subsequent Ore which cost
452 lives and reduced the ���fairest portion of San Francisco to an unsightly
heap ot ruins. There were many reminders today of the anniversary. Flags
at halt maat were displayed on may
buildings and the graves of the victims
ln tbe local cemeteries were decorated.
In all the churches exercises were held
in memory of the victims of the calamity and in thanksgiving for the recovery
of the city within twelve months' time.
The day was likewise observed ln Oakland, Berkley, and Ban Jose and numerous other places.
Reports Coming In From Devastsd Districts of Mexico���Ancient
Cathedral Damaged.
Mexico, April 18.���Owing to the great
difficulty in establishing communication
with the cities ln the region of the
greatest devastations wrought by the
recent earthquake, details are coming
In slowly. Each succeeding intelligence
magnifies the extent of the disaster.
From the latest reports it is learned
that the earth is now quiet In the regions which were seriously affected by
the last shock, which occurred as late
as noon yesterday. In the list ot known
dead, which now totals 50, and injured,
which approximates 300, are many
names of Mexicans prominent In the social and official life of the region.
It has been discovered that the Cathedral ot Mexico City, one of the most
solid churches in the world, was
cracked from top to bottom hy the recent earthquake. The fissure is an eighth
inch wide. An engineer haa been appointed to examine the building. The
cathedral was centuries old. It was
built on the site ot an Astec temple.
���News of the death of ines Bonllla,
the flrst American killed ln the recent
earthquake, haa readied the offloe of
the Associated Press. Senora Ines Bonllla, of Chilpanchingo, was the wife of
the former secretary of the state ot
Suppression  of Religion   Followed   by
Reign of Hooliganism.
Paris, April 18.���Owing to the Increasing public anxiety on account of
the daring of the Paris hooligans, and
the frequency of attacks with knives
and revolvers, M. Leplne, prefect of police, has addressed a circular to commissaries tn the department of the
Seine, reminding them that the carrying of prohibited weapons is an offence
against the law, and must be sternly
Sir Howard Vincent, M. P., Interviewed by a French journalist, says his
experience Is that the only effective
way ot dealing with the hooligan ls a
liberal use of the lash.
Ouster Suits Set
Austin, Texas, April 18.���The case of
the State of Texas vs. the Waters-Pierce
OU company was called In the district
court today and set for trial at the May
term. This ls the suit brought against
the oil company for forfeiture of permit
to do business ln the state aod tor enormous penalties for alleged violation
of the Texas anti-trust laws. The suit
was one of the causes for the recent investigation of Senator Bailey by the
state legislature.
Proposed Antrim).
May Wait a Year
Opposition Fifht Every daue aad
FinaBy Gain Delay by Sals-
taf Print of Order.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, April 18���Ysterdsy's session of the legislature was notable
chiefly for the announcement by acting
Premier Tatlow that the proposed Land
Act Amendment Act would be allowed
to standt over until next session, when
more comprehensive changes would
probably be Introduced than those Introduced this year.
In committee of supply the Socialists
opposed ail votes for Immigration and
also tor the maintenance of government
The University Endowment bill was
reported trom committee ot the whole.
The opposition contested every clause.
Finally Henderson raised a point of
order on which Speaker Eberts reserved his ruling. Consequently the report and third reading were postponed.
Bachelors In German Principality Are
Net Appreciated.
Berlin, April 18.���A tax on bachelors
has bean imposed by the lower bouse
of the Hessian parliament
The Mil provides, ln view of the prevailing tfmm.m, mi a*^. rent, eta, tor
an annual -supplementary grant to Ike
given to persons In the employ ot the
state whose incomes do not exceed |SM
per annum, llie grant varies between
$40 and 460. As the bill stands, however, bachelors who have only personal
responsibilities are to receive one-half
the giant
A clause In the original bill ordained
that peraona ln the employ of the state,
who neither are nor have been married, shall receive only halt that
amount; but an amendment was passed
grantihg the full sum to bachelor em-
ployees who maintain a home for parents, relatives or adopted children.
The Hessian government does not favor the amendment, as It will necessitate enquiries Into the private affairs
of employees, but it will probably accept the altuatloa if the upper house
agrees with the lower houae on the subject
It is stated that locally the preference
thus shown to married over bachelor
employees of the state ls approved, and
considered fully justified, as officials
are manifesting an ever-growing disinclination to marriage.
Sir  Robert Stewart Resigns  Peat In
Bermuda Islands.
New York, April 18.���Lieut. General
Sir Robert MacGregor Stewart K. C. B.,
haa tendered to the British Colonial office his resignation as governor aad
commander-in-chief of the colony ot
According to Information reoelved
here today, it Is understood that private
reasons are the cause of bis resignation, which will take effect next month.
Sir Robert was appointed March l��th,
11104, and arrived ln Bermuda In the following May. Shortly after he assumed
offloe, a period of depression, following
one of proeperity, began. Unprofitable
agricultural returns and the effects of
retrenchment ln the British naval station and military ln Bermuda reduced
the finances of the colony to a low ebb,
and thus entailed an unusual amount of
work upon the head of the government.
���lugging Match.
San Diego, April 18.���James Frlel, ot
Pueblo,. Colo, last night knocked out
George Gardner of Lowell, Mass, la
the 18th round. The fight was a heavy
slugging match throughout with frequent clinches. The knockout blow waa
a terrific jolt ln the stomach.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Toronto, April 18���William A Gal
liher, member tor Kootenay In the
House ot Commons, was married tn Detroit yeaterday to Miss Lonlsa Brown,
daughter of Charles Brown, who for
many years conducted a livery business
ou York street, Toronto. \WW* The Daily Canadian
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Head Office:   Toronto.   ,
CAPITAL PAID UP... .fi,T.10,000 REST ��4,7SO,0OO.
D. R. WILKIK, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vioe-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest all*"ved at highest   current rate from date of
opening of account, and aimpoundftd quiirteriT
imbuson branch *Jm   jVI.   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Paid up Capital $3,900,000    Reserve Fund	
15 Branches in British Columbia.
A Genera! Banking Business Transacted. **-
Deposits of $1.0(i and upwards received. Interest allowed thereon at highest current rate, and credited quarterly. Dejxisitors are subject to no delay
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APi^fi. IH, l*XJ7.
The session of 1807 of the Dominion
parliament will be memorable not for
any wise legislation, nor for any noble
oratorical efforts but for tho -greatest
exposure of dishonesty and'immorality
in the history of Canudiiin public life.
What has been published already is
bad enough, it is enough to make every
Canadian ashamed of his elected rulers
But the statements that have found
their way into the paper* and forced
the resignations of flyman and Emmerson are as nothing compared with-ibe
whole. If what is commonly known in
Ottawa not only among members of
parliament and press gallery, but
amung many othere, were knowu
throughout the country, there would be
an irresistible demand fur a cleansing
of the house.
Sifton, Hyman and Emmerson are
gone, but there is one left, guiltier than
any of the three, whose offences have
been more open and more flagrant. Why
he has been specially omitted from the
general condemnation it is impossible
to determine.
It is disgusting to reflect that the
carnival of Immorality lias been in progress for several years, and that the Una]
revelation of it to the people of Canada was largely accidental. It is conceivable that things might have gone
Indefinitely, as they have dune in tht
past, but thut a Conservative member,
O. W. Fowler, irritated by a wanrtm
aud intrusive attack upon his conduct
in relation to his private business.
struck back and struck with effect.
It Is not pleasant to have the knowledge forced upon us that the disgrace
ful misconduct of ministers was known
for a long time to many others besides
Mr. Fowler, that It can hardly have
been unknown to the premier, and that
by a conspiracy of silence a company
of roues and debauches has been permitted to sit in the cabinet council of
the Dominion and to direct Its administration.
But whatever was tbe shock of the
first public exposure and the implicit
confession of guilt involved in Mr. Emmerson's immediate resignation and Sir
Wilfrid Laurier's immediate acceptance
of it, the events that have followed
have created even a worse impression.
It is not now a matter of the guilt or
innocence of even half a dozen ministers of the crown. The whole liberal
party as represented in the House of
Commons is incriminated.
No sooner had Mr. Fowler hurled his
angry denunciation of the dominance
of -women, wine and graft" at his opponents across the bouse, than the press
of Canada -with one voice declared that
he had said either too much or too little and called upon aim to make, or
upon parliament to compel him to make.
a full retraction or else prove his
charges to the hilt.
The attitude of the press was correct, and, on that occasion, probably
fairly reflected the views of the great
majority of the people of Canada.
.Mr. Fowler may or may not have regretted his utterance, but be stood
rtady to face the consequences. He
recognized his responsibility in the matter and made no attempt to shirk it.
He stood ready to substantiate his
But he was not only not compelled,
he was not even permitted, to do so.
A motion for investigation was made
by Mr. Bourassa. By private arrangement with Sir Wilfrid Laurler II was
made under a rule tliat permitted no
amendment and little debate. It was
supported by every Conservative and
independent in the house. But Sir Wil-
Irid appealed successfully to the machine vote of his following to defeat it.
On .hie shoulders alone lies the responsibility for the flagrant suppression of
truth and shielding of notorious wrongdoers from public exposure.
Sir Wilfrid's judgment on the slavish
obedience of his following throughout
the country may be correct. He has
undoubtedly seen much to justify it. He
has seen men choBCn by the Liberal
party and elected, whose mora] and
mental unfltnesB for parliament are
patent to all. But he may presume too
far. The choice of candidates may not
always be left to party managers. There
is an Irreducible minimum of decency
in the rank and file of every party.
Surely in the case of Canadian Liberals thai limit has been reached at last.
The provincial government has deferred amendment to the Land Act until
next session in consideration of the appeal of lumbermen, many of whom have
contracts extending over more than a
year, which would have involved a loss
to them if tbe royalty were raised.
There will be a general npproval or the
government's course It Is never In the
pnblio Interest to injure or hamper in
any way one of the chief industries of
the country. Hut of the justice and wisdom of the purpose of the bill Ihere
can hardly be two opinions. The lumber industry is now at last on a paying
basis and has a year's notice of impending change. The province is certainly
entitled to derive a larger revenue in
the future than In the past from its
wealth in limber.
J. A, Macdonald has displayed at least
me qualification for the leadership of
a iiarty���stubbornness. Usually opposition to the principle of a bill is offered
on its second reading, opposition to details in committee. The third reading
is usually formal. Mr. Macdonald has
dt clared himself warmly in favor of
university endowment and establish-
ment. He has demonstrated his intelligence or sincerity, or both, by opposing every clause in committee and on
every reading. He has evidently mastered at least one of ihe elementary lessons of politics���that the function of an
opposition is to oppose.
The promised return of Joseph
Chamberlain to public life will be welcome news to Imperialists in all parts
of the Empire. Many illustrious men
have presided over the British Colonial
Office since it was separated from that
of Foreign Affairs, but it is no exaggeration to say that Mr. Chamberlain
has done more than all his predecessors
combined to draw together the people
of motherland and colonies. If he were
now in charge of the colonial office
there would be no fear of the Colonial
Conference being a farcical waste of
time as it is not unlikely to be under
present auspices.
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy Explains From
I    C. P. R. Point of View fn Letter
to Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
The following exlract from Sir
Thomas Siaughnessy's letter to Sir Wilfrid Laurier on llie subject of freight
traffic congestion contains the substance of Sir Thomas' defence of the
C. P. R. company'in the matter.
I do not believe there is any disposition on the part of the Canadian railway companies to deny the facts. 1
think they admit they have been unable
at times to move all the traffic offering
with a desirable degree of promptness,
because the volume at such times was
in excess of their facilities, and they
may be properly asked, "Why was this
the case, why have you not tbe requisite facilities? The shipper must depend on you and if he has goods ready
to forward it is your office and your
duty to transport them without delay."
In the present instance the railway
company calls the attention to the abnormal development that has taken
place in the country during tbe past
five years, a development that has resulted not only in a vast expansion of
the traffic to be transported but has increased a hundred fold the difficulty
about getting men and material to do
ihe work necessary to enable the railways to handle it.
Cars and locomotives were not the
only essentials. Increased crossing sidings were required bo that a greater
number of trains could be moved over
a given section each 24 hours.
Terminal yards, roundhouses, shops
and freight houses had to bB enlarged
and additional water service to be provided.   Then there was the roadbed of
Coal! Ice! Wood!
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Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel Sl Pooltry Co., Ltd.
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Bllrer Staff Hotel.
tlie railway to be strengthened and Improved, In order that it mlrht b-9 able
to bear lhe strain of the additional tonnage that It was required to carry, and
a thousand and one oilier works were
rendered necessary.
Have our railway companies been
executing these works during tlie past
five years, or have they, with indifference to public convenience and for their
own increased profit, been taking advantage of tlie great augmentation of
the revenues resulting from these
brisk conditions wil limit spending tho
necessary money |o do Whatever 1'ty in
their power to provide the additional
rolling stock equipment and the requisite extension of Iheir facilities to meet
the situation?
I can answer for only one railway
company, At the end of the year inoi.
lhe Canadian Pacific Company had 782
locomotivea and 22,473 freight cars. At
the end of 1906, Qve years later, the
company had 1,283 locomotivea ami .'.7,-
4G7 freight cars, ho lhal in five years
there was an iner<*ase nf 172 loeonio-
livea and 14,99. freight cats or aboul
7t> per cent. In each case, without taking
into account the fad thai each locomotive and each car was ef much greater
capacity than those previously in the
Notice Is hereby given trial 30 days after data I
intend toapph lo Hu- Bon. the Chief Commla-
aHmer of Lands ami Worki, at Victoria, (or s
special   license tn cm and   carry a*av tlmher
from the following deeerlbed lands In rale di��-
No. I.���Commencing at n post planted about ID
chains east of miiln Ki-tll- river aad nhout one
mile more or test nor'li of ('. I' IC. block No.
3fi;n, an.I marked Boundary Lumber Co's H. F.
corner post No. 1, thence *hchains n rlli, thence
80 chAins west. Ihtnee to chains south, thenc;-> 80
chains east if tlie po'nt ot commencement.
Dated Mar h _.2riJ. 11H17
Nn. 2.���f'oniim-nciug Bl a post planted ahout 111
chaius east of main Keith* river at.out 80 chnins
norlh of Houmlary I.umher Oo'l Location No. 1,
and timninl Houmlary Lumher po'lB, K. corner
post No.-', thence SU rliaiiib north, thence 80
chains went, thonce S'l chain" south, (henee 80
ciiHin>* east to the point ot eommeneement.
Dated IBnd March, Wl,
No. 3.���Coin mencing at a post planted ahout 30
chains eait ef main Keltic river and ahout 80
chains north of Boundari Lumhet Co's loeatiou
pott No 2. ami mnrk.-d Boundary Lumber Co'i
s. K. eorner post No. B, thence tt chains north,
thenee 8" chains west, tber.ee to chains south,
(hence 60 ohalni eilt to ihe point of commencement.
Dated Manh 32ndj 1807.
No. 4.���Commencing at a post planted ahout
10 chains easl cf the main Kettle river aad about
80 chains north of Boundary Liimtter Co's location post No. 8, and marked Boundary Lumhcr
Co'i S. K. corner post No 4, thenee 80 chains
north, theuce N ehalni west, thence 83 eliains
south, thence to chain* east to the point ot commencement.
Dated March 22nd, 19Q7.
No fi.���Oommenelng at n post planted ahout
15 'hains east of neitn Kettle river and ahout
two miles norih, more or ten, of Boundary Lumber o's Location No. 4, and marked Boundary
Lumber Co's 8 E. eoruer post No b, ihenee 80
chains north, thenee 80 chains west, thence 80
chain- south, thenoe tW chains cast to the point
of commencement.
Dated March i'Srd, 19.17,
No. 6.���Commencing at a post planted about 95
chains east of main Kettle river on 0 Y K. line
block- No. _ffl*l, and ahout 80 chains north of
Boundary Lumt>er Co's im *a1 nr: [i***-* ,*�� (i. *., tili<!
marked Boundary Lumber Co's 8. B. corner post
No. 6, theuee 80 chains north, following C. P R.
line block No 2714, theme BOehalUfl west, thence
80 chains south, them-e 80 chains east lo the
point of oommeneement. fe       *w>
Dated March ttrd, 1!��7.
No. 7.���Commencing Ht a post planted about
15 chain* west uf Ihe main Kettle river on C I'.K.
linen] ckNo nu, and about tt ehalna north of
Bonndary ! umber Co's location post No. 6, and
roaikci Boundary Lumber Co's S E. corner p st
No, 7, thenee 100 chains no-th, followlug C. Y. R.
line block No. 2714, thence 10ehaim west, tbence
lftO -:hains south, theuce 40 chains east to the
point of commencement.
Dated March 23rd, 191*7.
No. 8���Commencing al a post planted about
.10 chaini west from river hunk aud about Smiles
south, more or less of the last east branch ofthe
ea't fork of the main Kettle river or about 13
rnies north, more or less, of C. P. R. Block No.
2714, on east lork of Kettle river, marked Boundary Lumber Co's N. Vi. corner jx>st No 8, thence
80 chains eait, thence BO ohaini south, ihenee 8'
chains west, th-nce 60 chains north to the puiul
of commencement.
Dated March 3ftth,1907.
No. 8.���Commencing ata poHt planted about
20 chains west from river bank, on the cast fork
(tf Kettle river, and aboul 80 chains south of
Boundary Lumber ( D'l loea'ion post No 8, and
marked Boundarv 1 umber Co's N. W. corner
post No 8, thence 80 chaini eait, thenc 80 chaini
south, thence 80 chains west, thence 80 chains
north lo the point of commencement.
Dated March 85th, 1807.
No. io ���Commenelni at a put planted abont
20 chiins west from river hank on the east fork
of Kettle river, and about BO chains soutb of
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No 0, and
marked Boundarv Lumber Co's N. W. comer
pust No. 10. thence 80 chains east, tbenee 80
eliains south, thenoe 80 chaius west, thence 60
chains north to the point of commencement.
Dated March Mth, 18OT,
No. 11.���Commencing at a post planted about
15 Ohalni mtt irom river bunk ou (tie east fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 eliains south of
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No 10, and
marked Boundarv I.umlierCo'ji N. W corner post
No 11, thence 80"chains easi "thenee 80 chaini
south, fence to chaius we-t, thenc 80 chains
north to the point of eommeneement.
Dated March 251b, 1907.
No. 12.���Comment:!ngal a post planted about 12
chains wesl from river bank so the east firk of
Ke He river, and aboul 80 chains south of
Boundarv Lumber Co's loealion pom No. 11, and
ma*ked Itoundary lumber Co's N. W. corner
po��t No. 12, tie uee 80 chains east, Ihence "80
chAins n utti, thenee 80 chaius west, thence 80
north to the point of eoinrotiiceuient.
Dated Mnrch 25th, 1907.
No. 1,1���Commencing ut a post planted abmit
13 chains wait irom river hank on ihe easl fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chains south tif
Boundary. Lumber Cos location post No, 12, and
marked Boundary I,umb-r Co's N W. corner
p'.st ^.13, thence to chains east, thenee 80
chains south, thence 80 chaini west, theuee HO
eliains north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 2Mb, 1IKJ7.
No 14,���l'ouim<*cclng elaKMt planted about
10 chains w st from river bank on the cast fork
of Kettle river, and nhout 80 chains south of
Boundarv Luinher Co's locution post No IS, htm)
murked Boundary Lumber Co's n w. oornar poit
No 14, thenee Bo" chains east, thence 80 chains
sonth, Ihence to eliains west, theuce 80 chains
north to thfl ['"int of commencement.
Dated March 35tb, 1907.
No. 1.').���Commencing at n posl planted about
10 chains west irom river hank on the east fo.-k
of Kutile river, and aboul 80 chains south of
Houndary Lumber Oe*i post No 14, ami marked
Boundary Lumber Co'i fi". W corner post No. 1..,
tlience 80 chains east, thenee 8 I chains south,
thence 80 chains west, thence 80 ehalns norlh lo
point of commenoement ���
Dated March 86th, HK*7.
No, 16.���Commencing at a post planted ahout
8 chains west from river bank on the ea*t lork of
Kettle river, and ubout 80 chain* south of
Boundary Lumber Co's location post *'o. 15, and
marked Boundary I umberi'o's N. W. corner post
No 16, thence 80 chains east, ihence 80 chains
south, tlience 8> eliains-west, tbence 80 chains
norlh lo Ihe point of commeiieeineul.
Dated March 86th, 1%7.
No, 17.���Commeneing at a past plautetl about
fi chains wesl from river batik on the ea-st fork
of Kettle river, nml about 80 chains south of
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No. 16, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co's W. W. eorner
post No 17, thenoe 80 chains easl, thenei* BO
chalnt south, thence 80 ehains wcsl, tlience tt
chains norlh to lhe point of commencement,
Dated March Uth, 1907.
No. 18.���Commencing at a poil planted about
5 chaius west of tlie river hank on the east fork
of Kettle River and about 80 chains south of
Boundarv Lumber Co'i location post No. 17
and marked Boiindnrv umber Co's N.W. corn-fr
post No. 18, ihence 80 chains east, tbence tt
chains south, them i* 80 chains west, thence 80
Chains uorth to the point o' commencement.
Dated March 2.th, 1907. J.CKKKU.E,
Agent for Boundary Lumber Co,
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Skirts, Costumes and Blouses.
We Are Still Selling Ladies' Undermuslins at Reduced Prices.
Fred Irvine *5z Co'y
Take notice that 60 days after tlate 1 intend to
apply to the Hon. Chief l-pmmissioner of Lands
and Works, for permission to purchase the following described Unds: Comineuclng al the
southeast eorner of lot 6806, thence wes*. 10
chains, thence south 80 ehalus, thence east 90
chains, thence north vu ehalns. thence west 10
ehains to point of commencement, containing
40 acres, more or less
Datod April ltiih, 1WI7 P J. BKAM.IY.
Vi. W. Hkai.i.ey, Agent.
I, the undersigned, afler 00 dayi intend to ap-
ply to thfl Bon, the Chlel Commissioner of l^indB
anl Works to purchase the following dOIQMbad
land: Commencing at the N. E. C. of I-ot 753tt
Q, I., theuco west <I0 chains, theuce north 20
chains, theuce east -I'i chains, ihenee south 20
chains to poim of commencement, containing 80
acres more or U ks.
Located March 28lh, 1807. W. A. Mam.
Take notice that sixty days after data
I intend to apidy to the Honorable the Chit]
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to pnrchase tlie following described land
situated in the West Kootenay district: Commencing at a post planted at the southeast
corner fl Lot Sm% OH lhe south side of the Wett
Arm of Kootenay lake, thence 80chsius west to
southwest corner of said lot. theuce 90 chains
south, Ihence to chains east, thi ner 20 chain*
north to place of commencement, containing 1C0
April 2nd, 1307. Charles HntiERTsoN,
per Krnht W. Kobikbon, Ageut.
Notiee Is hereby given that 60 days alter date 1
intend loapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works fnr permission
to purchase about 17,. acres of land, situate near
the i'end d'Oreille river, West Kootenaj distriet,
and described aa follows: Commencing at a
post marked U. K. 1 horn, oil's N. W. corner [Hist,
situated ou the lOUth boundary and AM-halns
from B. W post of lAttiiiH, thenee south about70
chains, ihence east about -JB chains to a point on
the west boundary and 90 chains from 8. W. jMi>,t
of Lot 7711, theme norlh 7u ehains and theme
west 2b chains lo the place of beginning.
2Mb March, DJG7. G. E. Thomson,
A. G- I.AN-.. Agent.
Blxty days after date 1 intend loapply to the
Hon Chlet Commissioner of lAntli and Works,
Victoria, B. Ci to purchase the following described land, situated In ihe West Kotdeuay district: Commenting at a post planted on lhe
west tide of Kootenay take, near Kbtnoccros
point, and marked J. McKiniion's B, X, comer
poit, thence west 80 chains, thence north 40
ehains. theuce east 80 chains mure or less to lake
shore, thence along lake ��� bore to point of eommeneement.
���Signed ���'  McKinnon.
Hlxty tlays after tlate 1 intend to anply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of l*and* and
Works, Victoria, for permission to purchase 100
acres, more or less, situated in West Kootenay
.'(strict: Commencing at a post planted midwHy
on the north boundary of !.������! 761) and -si.* *���;*. v.,-
8. W corner of Lot ���-���"������.. ihence north 16 chains,
theuce west 40 ehalni-, ihence soutb 40 chains,
thenc ceast 20 chains, thence north 24 chains,
thence cast 20 chains to poiuiol commencement
Looated March 80th, 1907. 1. J. Scantan.
Sixty days after date 1 intend lo apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commlssl'-ner of Lands and
Works to purchase the following described
lands: Commencing tit a post plauteil on the
east side of I-eniou Creek at toe mouth of the lirst
north fork and marked "B. Cooper's southeast
corner," running to chains west, north 40chains,
east to ehains, and suuth 40 chains to place ol
Hated March 20th, 1007. K Cooper,
J. T. TU'PINo, Agent.
Sixty days afterdate I ln'end to apply lo the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works to purchase the following described
Isnds: Commenclngat a post marked "L A.
Tipning's southwest eorner posi" and planted
near H. D. Curlis's land, Hbout half mile from
Sloean t'lty, running north 40 chains, east 20
cha'iis south 40 chains, west 90 chaius to place
tif commencement
Dated March Hlh, l��u7 h. A. TimNG,
J. T. Tutinu, Ageut,
Sixty days alter'late I intend to anp.y to the
Hou. the Chief Commissiuuer of Lauds an-i
Works to pun-haw the following described land
located in Flra Valley dim-lit of wait Kootonay:
Commencing at a pnit planted at lhe S. W. corner
of John Hang' pi exemption, theuce 60 chains
south, theuce 4o chains west, thence 60 chains
north, thence 40 chains cast tr placeof beginning.
KmiAi'.i'Knii., Locator.
J.J. Kelly, Agtnt.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days alter date I
iniend to make application tothe 'Honorable the
1 'iii- Commissioner of Lands and Works, at Victoria for permission to purchase the following
dese ibed.lands: Commencing at a post planted
at the southeast corner of lol HM, group 1, thenue
south 26 chalus, thence east 60 chains, thence
uorth 26 chains, thenee west 6ii chains to point
of OOmmancement, eouiatniug Ibb acres, more oi
Nelson, March 27lh, 19*i7. Annir L, Wade,
1'. VtAi'm, Agent.
Hixlv days after date 1 intend to apply to the
Hon. chief Comniissioutr of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase the following describe! property al a post marked "G.M-,S.K.
corner, ' ihence 40 chains north, thence 40chains
west, theuce 10 chains south, thenee40 chains
cast to point of ccnimencemeiit, a relocation of
the abandoned pre-emption 788 Oi W c. Knapp
and Is the east half of the northwest iiimrler,
and ilie west half of the nortlieast ouarter of
seetion 7, township 70 West Kooteuny district, ou
the   west shore of thc lower Arrow lakes, cou-
taining [<oaorei,mon or less.
March UtilSuT. QBOIOI Milton,
M. It Mi w iai-iuk, Ageut.
Sixty days nfler date I intend to anply to .the
Hon (tie Chief Comml'siouer of Luuds and
Works, Viciorla to purcha'c thc following described land: Cnmimucing at a pou marked
M B'l 8 W. corner, and planed uear lhe northwest - orner of i ot stii2, about one mile wist of
Hloean river, and running tnsl 40 chains to Lot
IWI   thence norlh 40' balni, thence west llichains,
th nee soutii 40 chains to place of beginning.
March Ith, 1807, Milda Hauck,
PaT'I. IIavck, Agent.
Sixty days after d.te I intend to apply lo the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands antl Works
Victoria, B. C , to purchase 120 acres of land
situate lu Fire Valley. West Kooteuay, ana described as follows: Commencing at the northeast
coruerof Lei 7M;., anl running north fiOchains,
lbence east 20 chain-, thence roulb 60 chalna,
thenee west 20 chains to piece of beginning.
March 4th, 1907. W W Hradlrt,
J. R. Aknakli, Agent.
ixty days after dnte ] intend to apply to the
. u. Ohlal Commissioner of Lands aud   Worki,
Victoria, to purchase 890 acres of laml iu West
Kootenay. described as follows: Commencing
at a post pli n'ed up Mosijullo creek, about eight
miles from the mouth and marked it. Cross' S W.
corner, thenee north B0 chains, thence 40 ohalni
east, thence Ho ehalus south, thence 40 chains
west to i'h.i*.* of beginning
Feb. llth, 1907. *K.CaoM.
J-it ANNAilLC, Agtnt.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
Klxty days after dale 1 iniend loapply to llie
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works,
Victoria, B. ('��� to purchnse Z40 acres of Uml, In
lire Valley, daflUibad as (ol owil Commencing
at a post plauted 20chains wesl of Walter Bull's
N. Vt. eornur and marked J. W Bolmw'Tr, N H.
corner pi st, and runningfouih 40 chains, theuce
west 60 chains, theuee north 40 OhalU. Ihcme
east 00 rhalus to place or beginning and being a
portion of Section 35, Towur-hlp 71, West Kooteuny.
March 6tb, 1907. J. W. Holmbs, Jr.
Sixty days after date I intend lo apply tothe
Hou. Chief Commissioner of Umls and Works
to purchase 3*20 acres of land in Kire Vallev, Went
Kootenay district and dauilbod ai taiiawa:
Commencing at a poll marked J. K's S. E
corner, aud running uorth no chains, thenee
west 40 chains, tbence south to chains, theme
east 40 chains to place of beginning, and Ih ing
the wesl one-half of the B, R, one quarter arid
lhe eaat one-hai; of the 8. W, nnc-yiiarter, and
the west one-half of the N. K tun* Quarter, and
the east one hail of the N, w. on*-quarter of
Section 31, Township 71, U.l.
March 3oth, lwr;. John BjooW,
Hlxty days after dale I iniend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner nf Lunds and Works lti
purehase the following dH��crlbed Und located
in Pin valley district of West Kootenay: Commencing at a post plantad al the 8 K, eom.-r of
John Bangs' p-e-empitou, them-e south *to chains,
thence west 40 chains, ihenee north 80 chains,
thenee east 40 chalm to plaoe ol tKginning. con-
tatning 880 aeru.
l-ooatad March I4ih,l��i7.
D. A. UoPnxe, Locator.
J. J Kklly, Agent.
Sixty days after date 1 Intend to apply lothe
Honorable the Chief Commiasioner of Lands and
' Works for permission to purchase the following
described lauds iu Kootenav dlatrlet: Commeneing rat a post marked J. li Annable's norlheast corner post, salt! post being on the south
side of the Lower Arrow lake, about two milei
below Hurton City; thence souih 30 ehalns;
tlieii'-e wesl 20 chains; thenee soulb "20 chains;
Ihence west 20 ehains; theuce north 82 chains
and 20 links, more or less to the lake shore;
thence easterly aloug lake 40 chains, more or less,
to ihe place of beginning, eontainiug lu& acres,
more or less.
I'ated this 6th day of November, J'***'
per h. L BrKNET. Agjjn.
Sixty days after dale I intend (0 apply to the
Hon the Chief Commissioner of Lauds ami
Works, Victoria, to purr-bam." t>40 acres of land in
West Koolenay,deacrlbed as follows: Commencing at a post planted about eight mile.i up
Moa��| in io creek and Joining h. Cross' application
to purchase, ami marked ('. M's H K. corner
Ihence north W) chains, thence west to chnin-,'
thenoe south 88 chalus, thence eait80 chaius lo
place oi beginning.
Feb. 16th, 15W7. C. Marsiuu..
J. E Annaiii.e,
60 day* after date 1 intend to apply lit the Hon.
("hief Commissioner of I-ands and Works Victoria to purchase 160 acres of Und in Kite Valley
West Koolenay district,and described as follows:
Commencing at a postmarked W H Wright's
H. E. eorner, and tunning north 80 chains, thenee
west 80 chains, thence ninth 80 chains IbeaOfl
east 20 chains to place of beginning, and being
lhe west one-ball of the K. E. quarter ol Section
2fi. antl the west half of lhe I, tf. one-quarter of
Section 88 in Township 71 U. J.
March 3t)lh,ltt07. _        W. H. Whiomt.
Notiee Is be reby given that sixty tlays after dale
I intend to apply to the Hon Chief Commission,
cr of Lands and Works (or the righl to purchase the followlug described lands: Commencing at a post marked "M. J Cam-rroni
N W. eoruer post" blamed at the S.W, coruerof
theK. and h. block, No. 888, running bui ISO
chains; thence sou h ino f,-,.t, moreor less to
lhe Cl'R. line, Ihence west 120 chains to tin-
Arrow Lake; thenc-- north Usui feel following
the shore of the Arrow Uke lo lhe point of com
Dated this llth day of February, IW7.
M. J. G_UOJkO*t
J. M. CUatSrOV, Agent.
Sixty days after date I Iniend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Umls ami Works for
permission to purchase the following described
lands in Kootenay District, about three-quarters
of mile from Thrum's siding:   Ooflunenoutl at a
rsi placed at tne 8. W. corner of L COM, group
West Kootenay District; thence wcMerlv
following the north boundary of L488B, 40
chains; tlience nortii 10 chains: thence east 40
chains, moreor Ifln, to ihe N W. corner of
IMW; ihence soulb loiiowing the west hounda*-)*
of l-flHltt jo chains, more or less, to plaee of eommeneement, containing 4o acres, mor�� or less.
Dated (his oth day of Deoember, 11*06.
ii. li. fiTTs. Looator,
Notice ls hereby given lhat 80 davs afler date I
intend toapply to the Hou. the c'hlef Commissioner of Lands and Works Victoria, II C for
permission to purchase tiie loiiowing described
lands iu West Koolenay dlstricli Commencing
ata post planted at the southwest corm-r of'ot
7701, group 1, and nimiin* 20ehains to the south
east corner of lot 7702, group J, then lu an easterly direction 20 chains, Ihen north 20 chains,
then west 2H chains to poim of commenceinctil,
containing 40 acres mere or less.
Located Febrmry Uth, 1!KJ7.
I'm lip wapk, Loealor.
Sixty days after date I intend to applv to thfl
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 4*0 acres of laud, in Kire
\ alley, west Kootenay, and deicrlbed as ioiion-s*
Commencing at a post plnnted at Walter Hull's
northwest corner and marked A H's ,-* !���; corner
and running north fiO chains, thenn- well N
chains, thence south 80 (hains. thencecast 80
chaini to place of beginning, and being part of
Sections 84 and 8> in Towmdilh 71 and a portion
of Sections 1 and i in Towm-hi,",,,, r,r���up I
March fitb, JH&7. s,%__%
J. E. AIUUBU, Agent.     '
Noiiee Is bereby given Hint ��j daysafter date I
nlcnd to apply to the Hon. Chief ('nminliaUmer
of Lands ami Works foi permlnion to Da ro hale
tl.e following deioribed lands, StuatoWtS
Koolenay dlstricl: CommenclU| at a posl marb
ed .I. L. Porter I  V Vf, corner,  tin nee  south  wi
ohatos, following the eastern BBmt * &
Melons application to purchaie; tbenceeeil v
ehalni; ihence north to ehainY; thuw to So
cealni to point of oommencement, oontalnini
SIM acres more or less. *
UiUd this llth day ol March, 1W7.
J.L. J-tittTk)!.
fti day* after date I intend toapply in ibe a*
thief �� ommtssiouer ot  Unds aud   Work* H
B5ri*Vt��.POTOn,_*. 8M ���crw u' '"d loratidi
.,;. '*J andbetfifa portion of rrciiom
and in in Towiisblp6��and described as folloi
( omiiiencing at a post planted at the sr.ulhw
corner of the southeast uuarler of section.
lowiiiihip cy and marked J. G. S. h. corw
theme north 4iM-h��tns; thenea west W cbsia
ihcnce south 4d chains; theuce east GO chain.-
place of beginning.
November 23rd 1906.
Joseph QOMI
J. at. AWN ABLE, Aif.DL
Sixty days after dale 1 Intend toappiy toil
H on, tbI,Ic tbe I hief Commissionerof Laiidti*
Works, Victoria, to purchase 040 acres of lu
���Hunted tm th.- mat aide of Arrow lake.aMi
s. nlM-d a* loliows;  Commencing ata posi mm
ed J. it s N, I*.  mruer  and  placed  H[  tin* loutk
weit oornerol Iao i"fi, (tri.upi. West Kootaa
and running west to chalus, lbence mil
cbains, thence easl K) ehalns to the 'sk* i
thence norlh along the Uke lo plaee ol u-gii
March bth, HOT. j HiUBl
                  J- E. AKWABLl. Agent
Sixty day* after date l intend toappitum
Honorable lhe l hief commissioner of UMiu
work**. \ ictoria, lo purchase )*) acres o| lu
In West Knolenay, and described as l��ll��w
Commencing at a pout planted on the east tit
oi Arrow Uke al the southwesi corner t.f LTI
and  marked '*J. A.  K's $ W. rorner," tbt-o
can 211mime, tbenoe south 40 ahalns, ines-
east ftuhafni, thenee south  'A) cha|nr*  tt- M��
belmei - pre emption. tbence west 34 ebabal
Faoqulef s appli. at ion to purchase, ihcti't- MB
40chains theme met JO chain* to lake dud
thene.. north along ihe lake shore to pis.* J
'Minim aeetneat.
Mar.L lath. lain. J. A.Kr-ir.
r tlktrl
Notice is herebv given that to davs atterrti
tut- Dd '.-apply to Uj* Hon the ('hlel Comna
sioner of Unds aud Works. Victoria, for ttt
mission to purchasi the following deasrfll
land; Comi-a��el&| at a post at the FnterM'.*u*Ji
��� it lhe smith boundary ol lot bin, mi,I iu
boundary of "t.olden (jneeu" mineral elsll
Hit me eaM 19 K, chains, mow or leet to '"'lit
east corner   post of lot b'ttt,   ihence north 1
ebalna, more or len, to nortbeaat eorner pott j
lol ��M,thenw cast 40 chains to the soul-Hi
MT! ��� r po*| ol lot 8848, thenee south 40 Obi-
then.*.iweitflO chains, more or less tn the .
boundary ot tbfl "Qolden Queen" mineral cl .
thence along east boundary "Golden <.Jut?s'
miueral eUlm lo poim oleommenceineni.il
chains, more or less.
Kelson, B.C., March 12.1807.
Joii\ Chariton,
  Per Wa. .olunqtom, Agent
Hlxly days after date I intend to applv lei
Honorable the chief Commissioner of Uiebu
works. Victoria, lo purchase the follesii
described   lauds    iti    Went   Kooienav   dtMrt
( otT.ii-cneiug at a pect planted at the .'�����;. flan
"���I"1"*  l^veit'i purchase   L7696   and mat*
K.M.Ms Nh   corner," and tunning south
Obalni, thai  w.*st 4u chains, theuce north
chains, thence east ����� chains to place of bafl
iiinjt and luintalntng _i*) acres.
March Sth, 1WJ7. g,IC8UH
__      J. K. Ankahli, Agent.
Sixty days afler date I intend to apph to tt
Hon theChlefCominlasiouerofUiidsanti W.,rl
Victoria, to purchase tMO acres of Und iu
Kootenay district: Commencing at a
planted about6milei from tbe mouth of .-n���
(jutto breek and about one mile west of thf Ml
onek and marked "11. M. H's S.W corner, "U
ruuning norih HO chains, theuce easl to clml*)
Ihence south W ehains, theuce west Wl chai nil
place of beginning.
Manh 16th, lSWi.
J._E. ANNAHLt, Ageat.
Sixty diyi after dale I intend to apply in
Hon. the i'h ef Commissioner of Condi
Work-. Victoria, lo purchase 880 acres of Uot
Uest Kootenay, denrlbed as follows: C
mencing at a post planted about fi rmUi
Mum ul to Oreee from the mouth and uisr
"A u." !������< W. corner, thenee nouth to tht.
Ihenee east tu chains, thence north ���** fha
llienee 40 chains west lo placeof btftanlOI.
February Ifith, 1907. A. (iiufiii
.  J. If. ANNA KLK, Alien t
Hixty days afler ilae I Intend to apply to th
Hon "he (hief Commissioner of Lands ait
Works, \ ictoria, to purchase M0 acres of lurid,*)
West   Kootenay,   describe]   as   follows:
iHcuciiiK at a poet marked "i>. B." n.e
and beliiK at lhe N.W. corner of A. t.rnium'
application to pureliase which  ls a lum I S mill
up Hoflqulto Greek from the mouth and run
una ho chains souih, thence  wi chatm wfrt
ihence BDol ains north, thenee DO chains fi
place of beginning
February icth, Om, D. Bi'KTOH,
                      J. K. ANNB4LI, Altetit
Ki��ty days after date I lutend u> apnlv loth
Houorahle lhe Chief Commissionerof Candlll
of Isi
torla, lo purehase to aeres i
led on the wesl side ol Arrow Kkt* lodj
deciilad   as   follows: Commencing  it   ft Pg
marked P.A'i n. k. oorner,aad punted eDohifl
north 'if lhe southwest .-orner of Lot 7liL��, l,��,|Jf
1, West Koo enay, arid running south 80 eblttl
ttenoeweal 80 cbalni, thence north Wot"-
ihent.-cast W chains to place ol beginnlog
March llth, 10u7. I*. Ansai
. JE   AWWAHI.a, Agent-    ___
Mxiydaya alter date 1 Intend to apply" I*
Iloiioruble the Chief Commissioner of Caodlll
Works for permission to purehaso the i..M"V'i1
tlescribetl laud tn Weal Koolenay: Coinr.!''"*11**
at a posi about one and a ouarter milts [1 4)lf<*
ltavt.une Landing, and marked Hella IliradW]
s. H. enrner, thenoe north 'in chains, thi-nci1 ���*���*
'At chains. Ihenee flOtttO M) chalne, Ihenc
chains to point of commencement.
March ir-'nd, ltto7.     (Higned) B*LU Up
      KOUKRT KitlilMOK, Apf-lit .
Hixty tlays afler dale I intend to appli  ","1!
Honorable lhe Chief Commissioner of I...
Works for permission to purchase tlie   i "iii'H'ln;
described land In West Kootenai-: C "i'rillD.
at a post plnnted on the north hank ol BOJBBj
enck, about ihree (|U�� Tiers of a mile fr.
tif creek, ami marked  Eva Cull's S I.
Ihence north 20 chains, thence rat 40<dwP
ihence lonth 80 ohalna, thenei east ifl chil"1^
point of eoinmenrrment. ���   ,
Mareh Bind, 1WT7.                (Hignrd) Kva ( UU-.
     HmiFKT ROBIaiOl*. .\rnl    ...
Hilly  days afler date I Hi|eii<llo appl) '"'''I
Hon   the chief CommlMloner 0/ Uadi �����
Works for permission to pnrcha*fl Ihe foil"* a
denrlbed land In West Kooleimf! Connnf"1' "
��t ., oost plautetl on the souih bank ol9tO**9
' r. t*k, a'out   ue mile fiom mouth oil"*'��� ��� "
marked  "It.  Kobinson's N W
���outh 80 Ohalna, thence east 4�� chains "   '1
norlh wi chaina, thenee wesMd chains to p1"l,p
March 82nd, 1907. ��� ���Mi(tf
(dlgnedJKomiT Boiii***'"
���* ��� ��� ��� * ��� The Daily Canadian
Special for Camp and Hotel Use
Heavy Hams
I The Very Best of Canadian Goods
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Nelson, Kaslo, Rossland and Boundary.
Tike notloe tbat thirty dap ait��r date I in-
,ud io applv tothe Hon. Chief Commissioner of
lodl ami works ut Vietoria, B. <'., lor a s[metal
cense to cut and carrv aivay timber from lhe
11 i-ttini described lands in Alnsworth division :
. mn mencing at a poat marked Chas. K, Walnut-
tv, nouthwesl posl, lie nee uorih HO chains,
euci essi to chains, tbenoa south fie chains,
:, -. wesl Wit* tin in* loptdnt of commencement.
Mild bind being ��llualed on the cast aide of
c#de creek, nbout %% miles south of the Lar-
ttatld March L'th, 1907.
Cms. F. WAWBMT, Locator.
1'. SiiBKAM. Agent.
-CommeiieiiiB al a peat   marked   Chas. ��
|, -   norlbwMl   poit,   tbence  souih   HO
Ins, thence .Hit to t halus, thenee north 80
ii- ��� inns*., weht ai. chains to point of com*
ii. ni'nt, iik* -aid laud being situate on the
ilde ol Caieade creek, about '-' A miles south
I Lardeafl ri��ei
sealed Uarcb i:th,iW7.
Chai ��. Walmsi.iv, Locator,
I', -hekan. Agent.
< iiii ::< ii'no;   hi   a   post   marked Chai. F.
Iinaley'a   Miuthuest   poet,   theuce  aouth   80
lam., tbenee east MO ehains, thence north 80
���aui'- thenei   wesl m chains to polnl of com-
Tiiii-ui' nt, Mit-sald land  beluj; sltuale on the
Id side nl< a" k I' i riek, about 4l5 miles south
���lLnr*t--ni: rtrei
icateil March IMh, Jftff.
ciiAB F. Walmsley, Locator,
I'  ShkraN. Aitent.
trlres lhat thirty days after
lei intend t.i apply tothe Hon. tbe Chlel Com-
loner of Unit, antl Works, al Viciorla,
Rja-clal Un act to cut and carry   away tlm-
* llowlnf dewrtbed lauds in'Weet
.uti'ini*., ihnt is to say: Comineuclng at a
������t planted 40 chains cast of ibe northeaat
rnei .f block BIS, (post marked IIS K H ,)
Mice rnnntof eait 80 onalni, thence south 80
p.:     :!niic- -rt.-M k.1 chniim. thence north*!
uni lo location post No. i, containing 640
ru n| land, more or less.
Dated at Creiton, V.C., thll 32nd day of March,
1       A.1) , I'JOT.
<iio. HuscHorr.
J. C.   --  ���'. l-.vi  I'.U.-KS.
Notice )��� bereb} rlTeo that to days after date I
itrnd to apply to the Hon Chlel i ouimiKtdoner
Landl antl Works, al Victoria for a special
matt IO ''ot and carry away 'itnl-er from the
[lowing  deserlhed  lamls   in  Went   Kootenay:
unmenclng ut a po-t planted on the east line
boi 818, two miles south of the ooiilhern
andar| ol mv Timber Lfoenee No. to, thence
i-i i- ' lialmn> north to chatm, west 40 chains,
irthflu cbalni, weit 10chatna, south w chains,
i'i indium*, houth Ni cbains to place of com-
encement, cunulniiig Mj acres, mon* or less.
April Mh, I'JUff. P. Ll-wd.
K ���;*���- ll l,.reby Kiven that 80 dars after date
intend i" apply to thc Honorable the Chlel
ommlssloner ol Lauds snd Works. Victoria,lor
��� Dl ������ tn fill antl carrv BWaJ llmlier
lowing described pfec of land in
mi Kootenay dlatrli i:  Commeneing at a post
: alni fltUP the east  sn�� e of  L'pper
kki .uni adjoining hliK-k ..Won the south
in', marked   "Cbaa, Uu'e** northwest coroer,
mh*. south so chains, then-e east to chalut.
b 80 .hains, Ihence west 80 chains to
I coi menoement
Itb daj of March. 1H07.
(HAS   Kill.
(Notice ii hereby given that thirty dayi after
lit- . intend to make application lo the Honor-
���������" hlel i nmmfulonerol Lands atul Worki at
I'turis B.t ., (or a special license to cut ami
irrv away ilm bei Irom the following described
kn.h in ��>�� Kt.i.ietiav district:
I ���   mg al . pont planted about two milea
���"'   u uuarter up a southern iributerr ol the
I' river, on the ireek commonly
imwussBouidt-rcreek, and aonarterol a mile
""���  'he lurk.   ��ud   marked   A.   L. Htcwart'i
"'���-������ poat, thenoi north ��o chains,
mini   thenoi south 8o chains,
i i. '���'.'V*"**"' ���*'":1"* to place oi commencement.
baled 1st daj of April, 1W7.
A. L. STEWAfcT, Locator
LNotice li hereny gtron thai M days alter date I
P"'ii*. to applj tothe Honorable the Cute! Com-
piMhner o] Undi and Works for a special
���I'.iec io em ���.nd carry away timber from the
���o.ii.wiiIK ,|(M rjbed lauds lu West Koolenay dl**-
< om mencing at ��� poit planted at.out two and
,:   ���'���* ��p a southern tributary of the
utile Wocan   river,  on   the   creek   commonly
pi"��n ai Boulder creek, and about a quarter of
pin lie irom tl.. h.t ks. aod marked A.L Stewart's
l"��neast corner post, thenct���aouth UO ehalni.
���������* west 40 chains, thenoi north 180 ehalni,
pn-ic*. . hm to chaini to plaoe of eommeneement,
Oatedthu 1st dayol AjprlLUOT.
s. L Stewart, l-ocator.
Ihio'!"."'.' "��� he��*>y gl-fon that so oayi after date I
Mh i m eppljr to the Honorable the (-hief Com-
"*;'   "'    Landl   aud Works for a special
��� "" i" .-ui and earrj Umber from the follow-
I ., <tr';."1 laii.lh, Iltnated In the valley of
k      i'i' i re. k  oommenelng tU miles north of
I.-,. . "V"""'  '"""idary line.   Joining   the
lati i ,, rl Bh��PPard  Hallway Coinpanv's
>"dgrani In ihedlifrtotot Wett^otanayl
IiH'.rt1|���,n",',"ll"u'n('lllB ���*' ��� IM,ltl planted at the
I1',; ':i;' "ior,.[ a. ]), Cbilbtle'a preemption,
r of a"ti rl ����nth along tho east bound-
Ochalri*. t, Kri ' |W**empB3jHI| thence east
'M NtUoii and Fort Bheppanl survey
kiln, ii ""rl11 *' ���'���'ilns, theuco west ItHt
' Niiietii!'hou b 4o chains, thenoe east 40
ii,,.... "A","'11 "I <'om jiencemunt.
ws .-.teii March ��rd, nur?.       j. p, dwinaiao.
?;*������ Commencing at a post planted at the
������,,,',   ,"'riltr ����f location No. lon the easl
-uii,. i, "V "' A1)* Chrletta'l pre-emptloii,
,rt i, ':, , Sj?*1,01 Miulh along the east bound-
"ieh.in-1   .    ' faMjon'i preemption, thence
���JfwMeut to thi Nelson and Fl.rl Hheppard
thainj 1   ,-',     ",'" tWen^ne, north, thence 40
Loeauuiu     ,."'111' "[ '''���""inencemont.
i-ocaiea March 88nf, lwn.
botlcc that thirty daya altar dat* 1 intend
u'l- .��� in    ,   im M�� Chlel Com mlssloner of
" i "^rks at Victoria, B. C, for a special
lowinLV      H,|d carry away Umber from the
,     ", "-'Tlbed lauds In We-t Koolenay:
���"' ilu. i._.'i,.il"*: Hl al,wt Planted 'J0 chains west
Ik'niIichu       HHl ,,,,r"" of Ut tVi, and at the
ifll..i   1   ,i     ri"'r of  L<" 77;*.   thenoe  east  20
���(Tans    i "��1,Ul 40 l'li��l����.  thencecast 40
Irliains'ihM,       Ilnrl1' 40 ''halus, thenee eaH 00
lu       "���in.* north iticbslns, tlience west 180
,,*<'> nee nouth 40 chains to place of com-
'""t, containing040acres more or loaa.
'""'���'I March mb, 1W7. 1'rr.B Lund,
|ri�� - , in.',��� . (,,'y ,Klv,'n U"M thirty days alter
'"""a uh SL,,,fHV',1y|l,,ll��,,'<"H.rahle llle Chief
���' rn nm, 'VV'1 i*0*1""! Works, Victoria, for
lie i. ii,* ,,., ffi *&* VHrr>' titr_ timber from
| district:      8 ae,orlb*1 l*'"'�� 'n Weat Kootenay
,'l!''rlU'isou!���7ieo!1,I^u,,lnft at ft?t,,,l throe-
""'J river '     Ste!UF�� BW on Eoqt-
l'""H*r ,���.;;HI1 L     f^^'^inia... Walmsley's B.K.
1   L^iStt^��oT��5inaS
biaiated March Bth, WOT, *
ehulns cast, thonce 40
Bth, 11SJ7.      .^^^^^^^^
Wll.UAM Walmiliv. Locator.
Y. -Hhihah, AKeut.
enainieaii ami S , ���."���|"�� ����u
| glnntngr       a 4(,<,|"llIl,, "orth t0 polntof he-
I^-ated March Rlh, IDUT
William WAUiButY, Ixwator.
* P. Bhikak, Agent.
Take notice thai to days after date I intend to
applv to the Hou lhe Chi-f Commissioner of
Lands aud Works, Victoria, Ior a special licence
to cut and curry away timber from lhe followlug
deeer.bld land, In West Koopnay: Commenciug
ai �� i'"-i plautetl at Kokanee Bldlue, on Haud
Polul, ou touth ��Ple Wesi Arm of KtMitenay
river about IX mllei east ol Nelson, II 0 .marked
"C.F Walmsley's ��*.K.corner post," lbence SO
chains south, Ihtnee 80 chains west, thenee RO
chains uorih, thenct HO chains to |��oiut of commencement, containing WO acres, more or less.
Located March 16tb, 11K/7.
Chai F. Walhhlxy,
Y. Bhkran, Agent.
Take notlci thatl Intend thirty days after dale
to apply ti the lion, tbe Chief Commissioner of
Lands and W'o;ks for a apeclal liccuse to cut and
tarry auiiy timber from the foibiwing descrlb>ed
lands, situated eaat ot Dog creel, lu the district
of West Kooteuay : Commencing at a port marked "The Boundary Lum her Company's northwest
corner posl " planted about a mile east of the
Columbia and Western railroad, aud about three
inllei mulh cf the Big Tuunel, thenoe 40 chalna
south, thence 60 chaini east, theuee 40 ehalns
aoutb. thence 100 chaloi east, theuce 40 chaina
north, tbence 80 chains west, theuce 40 chains
north, thence 80 chains west to point of commencement.
Dated 4th March, 1907. J titKELLX,
Agent for The Boundary Lumber Co.
Tale notice that 1 Intend thirty dsys after date
to apply to lhe Hon the Chief Comml-ssioner o(
Landi and Works for a special license to cut and
carry awav timber from lhe following deaeribed
lands, situated on Dog creek, In West Kootenay
dlitrlet: Commencing al a ,post planted on the
eaat aide of the Columbia and Western railroad,
on or about ten chalus east, and marked "The
hoondsrv Lumber compauy's posi," and about
a mile and a half south of the big Tunnel, tbe
ut rth weat corner, thence ruuning souih 160
cLalus, thence east 40 chains, theuee north 160
chatm, thence west 40 chalm to place of commence nient.
Dated March 4th, 1907. J Gamixa.
Take notice that 1 intend, tbirU days after
date, u> apply to thc Hon the Chlel Commissioner ol l-sicl? and Works for a special license to cut
and carry away timber Lorn tbe following described lands, situated on Handy creek. In West
Kootenay district: Commencing at a post planted on tht went side nf Handy creek and .-ailed
J. P. B's southwest corner post, thenee running
east to chains, lbence uorth 40 chains, thenoe
west 40 chains, thence north RU chains, tbence
west 40 chalna, thent-e aoutb Uo chains to plaee
of commenoement.
Dated this Vth day of March, 11V7.
J. P. SwaapBiao, Locator.
.Notice li bereby given that JO days alter dale i
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
lleente toeut and carry away timber from tbe
following described lands situated on the weat
side of Big Hheep Creek Valley: ('ommenclng
about three and a half miles north of tbe iuter-
iistionai Umndary line and about one and a
half miles west of tbe Nelsou and Fort Sheppard
Railway company's land grant lu the district of
Weat Kootenay:
No. 1 CommeiK'iiiK at a jiost planted two
miles west of lllg Nbeep creek, known aa the
southwest corner post, Joining J. H. Cranston's
tlmher claim No. 1, claiming "���*������ chains north,
thence 80 ehains easl, thence R0 chains aoutb,
thence 80ehalus west to polntof eommeneement.
Located March .list, 1907.
No 2.��� Commencing at a post plautetl al the
southwest corner of location No. 1, known as the
northwest corner post of location No. i, claiming
80 chains sooth, thence RO chains easl. then e RO
cbains north, thence 80 chains west to point of
Located March 21st, 1907.
No. n ���('ommenclng at a post placed half a
mile west of location No 2, known as the southeast corner, claiming HO chains north, ihence 80
chalm west, tbence R0 chains south, ihenee 80
chalus oast lo poim of commencement.
No. 4���('ommenclng at a post planted at the
southeast comer of location No 3, knowu as the
northeast corner, claiming 100 chaius south,
thence -to chalna wesl, thence '60 chains north,
thence40chains east to point of commencement.
Loeoled March 21st. 1.907..
J. P. 8wKDBEitfl, Locator.
K   T. Enoelskjbw, Agent
Notiee is hereby given that to days rrom date
I Intend toapply to theHon Chief Commiaaioncr
of Landl and \\ orka for especial license to cut
and carry away timber from the following described lands in West Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post planted on the uorth
bank of 10 Mile creek, abodt one mile and a half
from Blocan lake, marked �� Strand's northwest
corner post, thence cast 160 chains, theuce south
40 chains, thence west 160 chains, thence north
40 chains to point of commencement.
Dated this 21st day of March, 1907.
K. SiKANn. I-ocator-
Nollce ls hereby given lhal ao days alter date 1
Hcnd to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worka, Victoria, for a
special license to cut and ca-ry away limber
from thc following described land in West Kootenay:
Commeuelng at a post planted about eight
mllei from tbe mouth of Goat creek, and where
It flowB into the Blocan river and about ilx
chains from the creek upon the ��outh bank, and
joining C. H. Hlttle's location on the west Une
and market! F. Battc's southeast corner poit,
thence west 160 chains, thenre north 40 chains,
theuce ea��t 16" chains, Ihence south 40 chaini to
point of commencement.
Located March 28th, 1907
Jarr. Batt, Locator.
perC B. 1! mix Agent.
Notice Is herehy given that 30 days alter date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
mlsNloner of l*nds and Worki, Victoria, tor a
special license to cut ami carry away timber from
the following described land ln Weat Kootenay:
Commencing at a post plautetl about six miles
from the moulh of Uoat creek and where ll Hows
Into Hloean river, antl a>'otit 15 chslns from the
creek, upon the south bank and marled C H
Hlttle's southeust corner post, tbenee wesl 160
chain**, theuee uorth 40 ehaim, thence east 160
chains, theuce south 40 ehains to point ol com
Dated March -.'Rth, 1.W7,
C, B. Hittli, Locator.
Notice ts hereby glveu thai thirty days after
date 1 Intend to apply to llie Hon lhe Chief
Commissioner of Lauds ami Works, at Vlclo'la,
Ior a special license locut and earry away tlmher
trom thc following described lauds in Wesl
Kooteuay, that Is to say: ' ommenclng at
Huaerofts aud Bchermerhoru's post No V,
running thence cut 80 chalus, theuee south BQ
chalus, Ihence wost 80 chaius, thence uorth 80
chains lo point ot commenccmcnl post No. 3,
containing 640 acres of laud, moreorless.
Dated at Creston,-B.C., this'22ud day of March,
Qgo, HiwBorr,
Notice is hereby given that thirty dajnaJUa
date I Intend to apply tothe Hon. the( hiefi 10 n-
mlssioner of Lamls and Works, at \ Iclo la,
for ii special license toeut and carry awav limber
from lbe following describe^ hinds in Wett
Kootenay, that Is lo say: Commencing at a
p Wnt 80 chains east of lhe northwest OornerOI
iliiH'rn'tand Hehcrmerhorti's poll No. i. ninning south 40 chains lo post ��0 -. J '���'' *'
cas"��0 chains, thence B0rtb8f) chalne, theuce
wc��tRO obatns, theuce south to chalna totflM >'
commencement poit No. 8, containing 640.arrei,
"BB auireiton, B.C., this 2>nU day of March,
A'D"1W7 nao BMOOIT,
WiU   Meet In   London   in  July���Confer
on Means of Aasimilating Syi-
tema of Atl Coloniea.
It is not Improbable that the colonial
conference In London will be equalled
In Importance by a Federal conference
00 education, wblch will be held In the
heart of the ICmpire In May. Thla gathering ban been arranged by the League
of the Empire, and haB for Its ultimate
purpogg the federation of tbe Brltlnta
Krapire in, and ultimately through, education. Many have been the influences
which In the past have made for Imperial
unity. Ecclesiastical organization, war,
commerce, the personal* authority
of a great man, and deliberately planned constitutional developments have
all had their share ln drawing closer
the bonds of kinship; but hitherto the
forces of education have never been
considered as a factor in the promotion
of Imperialism. .Now It appears that an
attempt is working to bring this new
force to bear.
Already some headway has been
made, the flrst experiment being an
Imperial text-book scheme. This consists of a graded series of text-books
on the Empire, wtych, in the words of
the prospectus, "should not only furnish
the youth of the Empire with first-hand
Information, but, through the financial
value of the publications, provide a fund
for the advancement of education
throughout the Empire." The author of
ihis idea is Mr. T. H. Monk, and its
financier waB the late Louis Spitzel,
who gave ��5,000 for the work. The
"history section" of tbe league has the
matter tn hand, and it is reported tbat
good progress has been made. It appears that the various colonial governments have nearly all endorsed the project, and will lend it every assistance.
The text-book scheme may be considered to have laid the foundations of an
educational  federation of the  Empire.
Says the London Times: "It is the
general approval with which this
scheme has been greeted that makes
the league anxious to go a step further.
It may be that at first it was building
better than it knew; but by this tlfe
it has caught a glimpse of the greater
design, and is beginning to plan its
operations accordingly. If the fere issue of a series of books has already
given such an Impetus to the cause of
Imperial Federation, would not a still
greater result be attained by the holding of a Federal conference, expressly
for the purpose of establishing a system
of co-operation throughout the Empire?
That is the question which the friends of
(Timoer Limit ->o. 2 )
Notloe li herebv given hat 60 dsys alter date I
intend to apply io the Uouoranle the Chief 'Commissioner of Lauds and Works (or a special
license lo ��ut aud cmrry away timher from th��
followlua described land, situated on kooskanai
creek, iu Wesl Kooteraay district:
Commencing al a post plante I at the northwest corner oi Timber LiiallNo 10247,and maiked H D. Lea's south wet>t corner post, thence
north W chains, thoni-e ��ant 80 ehalns, thence
south 80 ehalns, thence weal to chains to pointol
(Timber Notice No, 8)
Commencing at a poel planted at the southeast
eorner of Wo. f limit and atihenorthwealopin��f
ol limber license No. Ifti46, thence norih 160
chains, thenee east 40 chains to west line ot
timber license No LOStt, lollowlng line of No
lWte and 10244, 160 chains, thenre followlnit line
of timher license No  10246 40 chains to point ol
{I lmber Notice No. 4.)
Notice li hereby given that 00 davi a.'ter date 1
intend to apply to ' h�� Hon. Chief Commisiiloner
of Lands and a'orki for a special licenae to cut
and carry ��way timber from the following described lands, Minute.1 mi Kooskanax creelc tu
West koolenay diFlrlct, and about five miles
from Tpper Arrow lake:
Commencing at a pout planted on the north
side of ereek and about halt a mile from creek,
ami marked H. D. Lea's southeast corner post,
thenee north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chalna, thence east 80 chains to
point of commencement
Located March 31,1907.      H. I> I.i*. Locator.
(Timber Notice No. 5.)
Commencing at a post marked II. D. Lea's
southwest corner post, Ihence north 80 chtiios,
following the east line nf No. 4 location, tlience
east 8D chains, thence south 80 chains, tbence
west 80 chains lo point of commencement.
Lo.-iitetl March 11,1907.       11. P. LEa, Locntor.
(Timber Limit No. 6.)
Notice Is hereby given that sixty davi after
dale 1 intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner i.fl-an.l- and Works for a
special license to eut and carry away timber
from the lollowlng described land, situated about
six miles Irom lhe tapper Arrow lake on Kooa-
kanax creek, in Weil Kooienav dis'rlet:
Commeuelng ll a |K)it plautetl and tuurkctl H ,
I). Lea's uortbwest oorner po-t. thencu eaat 80
chains, t'eiice south 80 chains, thenee west 80
chains, thence uortb 80 chains to point of cum-
(Tinther Limit No. 7 I
Commencing at a post plauied and marked If.
r. U'u'i north*a��t corner post, thence soutb ���**�����
chains followlnp the weat line of Nt.fi limit.
tin nee mci i 80 ohalnii thence north 8u chums..
theuce east 80 chain* to point of commenccmeat.
Located March Bl, 1907.      H. D. Lm, Loeatac,.
the league In Great and Greater Britain
are asking; and the answer will be
found when we are able to estimate the
resultB of the conference, which Ib to
begin its sittings, most appropriately,
on Empire Day."
Subject! to Be Diecueaed.
The conference will begin on May 24
and continue .till June 1. The educational subjects to be discussed are divided Into eight classes, and sub-divided
as follows:
Teachers; The relations between secondary and primary schools ln the various countries of the Empire; Means of
establishing a system of futual recognition of equivalent standards of attainment in the several countries of the
Empire in connection with primary, secondary, and university education; Cooperation In educational publications;
Co-operation In Rfhool work; School
subjects;  Education of non-British races.
At the recent convention In Nelson
of the provincial teachers' institute a
resolution was passed unanimously urging that a delegate be sent from this
province, and that, such delegate's expenses be paid by the provincial government.
Rich   Dlacoveriea   Still   Occurring   and
Good  Reaulta Everywhere.
Cobalt, April 18. ���Work has been
started on the foundation of the smelter of the North American & Cobalt Refining Company at Thorold, and lt is expected that the plant will be finished in
90 days. Most of the machinery has
been ordered and as many men as are
available are being engaged in the construction. The plant will smelt 100 tons
of ore of any description a day.
Word has been received from Cobalt
that one of the three small calclte veins
which are being followed on the Big
Ben mine has widened to seven inches
at the 24-foot depth. The vein showed
a width of four inches last Saturday.
The company has 17 men employed on
the property, and a gang will be started
tienching when the snow clars away.
At present there Is three feet of snow
and ice on part of the property.
The Golden Horn Larder Lake Company is developing their vein which has
produced assays of $1,399.75 per ton of
gold. The deposits are in the form of a
dyke of gold-bearing quartz, between
walls 12 feet wide. The property Is
situated on the northern shores of
Larder lake.
Mr. M. Graham has been appointed
secretary of the Tretheway, in the place
of Mr. S. W. Black, who has retired.
A new 15-lnch vein of high-grade ore
has been opened on the Peterson Lake
mine. The vein Is eight feet from the
10 and 12 inch veins discovered last
week, and it is supposed to be verging
on the bonanza vein No. 49, near the
Nipisslng mine. It Ib said that the
Nipisslng and PeterBon Lake people are
sinking a shaft and running a development tunnel along the line, as an
economical means of proving the value
of both properties.
Superintendent La Blanc, of the Ontario-Quebec mine, stated that shaft No.
1 Is now down 50 feet and that in about
15 feet further, pure silver is expected
tto be reached ___^_____
Fo* Sale...
Near Thrums,  a  ranch  of about  15
acrea.   A amall clearing.    Eaay terme.
Nelion, B. C, Box 654.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work ��� Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Boi
Biker St. NELSON, B. 0.	
ff���SON 11.50
A collection ot.all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes,   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist   Baker Street.
Notice lit hereby ittrcu tbat Bit dHyt; after date 11
Intend to Hpnlv to tlie f*cm. ('blef' oninn��MntuT
ot Lumls mhI tt'mle-. [or a apeclal lineuiic t-o-OiU.
*iit��� i earn- away timber irom thfl fallowing <i��-
Sfrlbed   landl,  Minuted  ou  i'oru  Creek  iu  the
Uoat creek dlvliioa In Houlbwust Kootenaj-, B C.
"A"���t'ommenclnu ut pout "a" planted about
1U0 chains wesi from soutbent corner of Block
Nn liKwi, and marked "A.L Beckwiib by 1 J.
Lucia, agent, nortbCHat comer post," about two
ctiHlnn northiof the alream, tben wesi 1IX) ebalm,.
then 40chaluBRou U. thru east I60ohnlnn, than
40 ehelni north lo pnat of commencement.
Dnted March 6tb.lW.. W. I.. Hkcki. itii,
by 1. J. Lt-riA, Ageut,
"B"���Commeuci��f at po��t"B" planted on the*
south fork of Oof* creek, aboul 00 chaina from
where tbe "ireiim empties Into the Main itream,
marked "W, U Bttkwitl) by 1 ' Lucia, ageut,
tun iiienst oornar poat," about three ohalttl can
of vt renin, then M chains soutli, then 40 ehalus
west, then HU) ehaiiia north, then 40 chains eail
to point ol coin men oeme nt.
Dated March Tib, WOT W. I. ���" era with,
by 1. J i rci*. Anent.       a
"(:"���Comn��nclog at post "('" plauted to*
Ohelni suuth ��I northwest eorner of Bioek "11"
marked "W l< Beekwlth by I.J, Lucia, agent,
northeast e-tvir-r posl," about ten chain* went of
Ntremn norlheart eoriier, then 1G0 chaliiH touth,
tben I" Win in* west,, ti.i-u 160 dial iih uorth, then
���to '-limns rtist to post of uoinmeiiuement
DHled .dtm'UMh, 19OT* W. L, Bkcxwith,
1 by 1. J.Lvcu. Ageut.
I have just returned to Nelion and
have opened up at the name old itind,
and now ready to do all kindi of
KALSOMINING. Shop rear of Bartlett
Th* Strathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Roonu.
Queen's Hotel
Baet Street, Dillon. >. O,
Lighted by Electricity and
Hasted by Hot Air
Um ud Comfortable Bedroom! end Fin-**.
clsuiDlulDK Room.   Sample Boomi Ior Commer.
���BUI  Urn
MRS. %. (-.CLARKE. ProprtetraM
Grand Central Hotel
Tnli hotel bu been completely renovated and
newly fuminhed wltb all modern equtpmentH.
Hot water heating throughout.
RATES : Roomi, 50c.  npwarda ; meali   26c. ;
ipeclal rates by the week.
I* A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tf emont Hotise
���nropMn ud amwlnni Plin
Hull *> cu. Boau tram * cu. to B
Oalr While Help Implored.
���aker St.. Nelion
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Mar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar 11 the Plnalt.
White Help Only implored.
/-Mephlne St
Royal Hotel
Batea |1 and 11.60 a Day.
Special Batea to Regular Baaidet*.
Most comfortable quarter. ID Nelaon
Onlr the heat ol Liquors -and Clean.
The public are respectfully notified
that In future there will be an Owl Car
on Saturday nights, leaving the West
End terminus at 11 p. m, returning
leaving the Fairview terminus at
11:20 p.m.
Also that all parcels over 10 pounds
will be charged for, at the rate of 5
cents per 10 pounds, and must be
stamped with parcel stamps, which may
be had from conductors, city hall and
the undersigned.
Passengers are requested to signal
car when waiting for It, also to stand
on tar crossing.
Supt. Tramway, Qty ol Helios.
Notice Is hereby given that the WatUburg
Lumber cumpauy has applied to His Honor the
Lieutenant (Jo ver nor In council, under the pro-
v is in in* of lbe "Itiv.'rK and Streams Act," for the
right to Improve Kvkerts ereek iu the district of
West Knolenay. Hritish Columbia, by removing
the obrurutrtiuui-) ihcrefrom and straightening
llie bankK thereof, and to construct damn, booms,
Alleles ami chute*, and innke^ueb other improve-
ments an ni;*��y he i.ecesi&ry for the driving and
rafting of lout aod I he limning of ilinborthureon
Ttie liindh to he affi'rtid are goverment lands and
Lots VM and 263, Oroup 1, Koolenay district, and
the loi In that are proposed to be charged, lf any,
are such ax mnrbeilxcd by a Judg. of lhe county
oourt of West Kootenay.
Dated this OTth day of March, A. I). 1007.
A. McDonald 4 Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Orooerio;
Butter, Eggs.
Oamp and Minors' Supplies.
Well located Baker St. Store, on
corner, to rent from 15th May.
Applications should be made immediately.
Brydges, Blakernore & Cameron, Ltd*
FOR SALE  ^^^^
Two of the Best Improved Ranches
With bearing orchard* and rtroning water oil each property.    These prope
ticB cau be porchaRed oc reasonable terms if sold at oooe.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acrei
Choicest Frott Landi la
Bfltish Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
For Quick Sale
and Two Loti
On Chatham St. Fine locatlo.i. Close
to ear line. House built of brick flrat
storey.   Nicely furnished.
1700.00 caah,  balance  on  eaay terms.
Certificate of the Registration of An
Extra-Provincial Company.
"Companiea Act, 1199b"
I HKBEBY CfRTrFYthat the "Krao Silver
Lead Minlog Coinpiay, Limited," hu thii dny
been registered us au hxtra-Provincial Cumpauy
under the "Companies'! Act, 1897," to carry out
ur effect all or auy of the objects of the company
to which the legislative authority of the Legislature ol i-ritish Columbia extends.
The head office of the oompany Is situate at
Phoenix, Territory of Arizona, U. 8. A,
The amount of tbe capital of the oompany ls
three million dollars, divided Into six hundred
thousand bbaren of five dollars each.
The head office of the company in this province
Is situate at Kaslo, and W. K. Swltky, mining
engineer, whose address ls Kaslo, B- C, Is tbe at
tomey lor tbe company.
The time of the existence of tbe company Is
twenty-five years from the eighteenth day of
October, 1906.
i he company is limited.
Given under my band and seal of office, Victoria, Provlnoe of British Columbia, this *2nd
lay of March, one thousand nine hundred and
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The purposes for which this corporation Is
farmed are to buy, hol<]�� leaie, sell, work, explore, develop and operate mines and mining
claims, and all kinds of mining property; to locate and procure paints for mining claims; to
buy, erect, construct, or otherwise acquire .and
sell mills, smelters, concentrators or other reduction plants, and to run and operate the same
ln the reduction of all kimls of ure, and tbe extraction of in iiu ral therefrom; to acquire lnany
manner all kinds of real estate nee* ssary for the
economical and expeditious operation of Its mining and smelting and reduction business, and
otber business Incident thereto; to buy and sell
and otherwise acquire ai*d dispose of auy and
all kinds of personal property, machinery, tonli
and merchandise, for tbe convenient and practical operation of its business In any brunch
thereof, and to tbat end to establish and conduct
stores and merchandisingestabllshmenU,forlhe
purchase and sale of all kinds of *oods and merchandise; to acquire in any lawful manner telephone and telegraph lines and rights of way; to
operate and conduct such lines In uny manner
necessary or convenient for the operation of itn
mining and smelting and reduction business or
any branch incident thereto; to build, construct,
equip, operate and conduct railway and tram
Unei wherever necessary anl convenient, to tbe
Eroper operation of lis said lines of business; to
ay aud sell or otherwise acquire and dispose of
the slock of otber corporations which may fn Its
judgment contribute to the success of lta operations, or which In its Judgment may be fur the
benefit of its stockholders, to acquire in any
manner and to dispose of water rtghts, ditches,
flumes, pipe lines or other aqueducts, which
may be necessary or convenient for supplying
water to the various plants of the company, aod
to acquire in any manner and to establish and
operate plants and lines for operating, heating
or lighting the property or plants of the company, and to acquire in any lawful manner, aud
to dispoae of townsltes, or any portion thereof,
and to hold, operate, sull, and dispone of waler,
light and beat for the purpose of lighting, heat-
lug or furnishing water to said townsite or
townsltes, and each and every portion thereof,
and generally to do any aud all things and to acquire and hold and dispose of ali kinds of prop*
erty, and to manage, operate and conduct any
and all kinds of plauts and business which ln the
opinion of the directors and stockholders may
be necessary for tbe oouvenleui e and successful
operation of its buslneBS as a mining snd smelt
ing and reduction company.
Atlantic Seaboard
Kootenay Points
Effective for Trans-Atlantic passengers arriving on or subsequent to April
from pointa in Ontario, Quebec, Maritime provinces, St. Paul, Chicago, and
United Statea.
Wholeaale and Retail Dealer, In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oampa sap-plied ou shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing bat fresh and
wholesome meats and supplea kept In stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
IE. C. TRAVES, Manager.
Id tbe matter of au application for the Iflaue of
a duplicate of the Cerllllcate of Title of I.otssil ami
4, Block '29, Lot 0, Block XI and lot 13. Block 60,
Nelsou Clly (Map, *2s,si aud 266A )
Notice lis JssTs-uy given tu-at lt la my intention
to Ikssis- a duplicate of the Certificate ot Title for
the sslsss\-e tote at the expiration of one month after
the first publtcsitlon hereof fu thc name of Franz
Jacol.vaissi 1-isstl I'ssls II wh!s*h Certificate ssi Title
1, datei the ith day of Junuary, lsW7, and numbered 4*7 4.
Dlatrlct Kcsisjuar.
Land Kogfstry Offlce, Nelaon, B.O
Send For Yoor Friends
Full  particulars   ou    application to
local agent or write
A.O.��. A..Vancouver. D. P. A.. Nelaon
W.   Q.   Q1L,L,ETT
or and
Sole agent tor the Porto Itlco Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yards. Roisgh and drefcod lumber, turned
wort and bracket., Coassl lath aud shingle,, rash
aud doors. Cement, brick and Ume for sale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard sum factory: Veruon fit.. east ot HaU
P. O. Box 23Z Telephone 178
Qvil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Und Surveyors
r.0. Boi 145   Tiene lit t.
Notice is hereby giren Ibiit John McLeod hti
marie Hpuliratimi under the provisions of the
' Liquor Licence Act, laUO " f,n* a transfer of hit)
Hceiics Ior tho Vaneomer '���"-tel, at Ymir, to
fcMith K aille, and 'VUn ing of the Hoard
of Licence CoramlM outtta, ol .tie Vmir licence
district, will be held to consider kucIi a i> plication,
at the provincial police oOlee, at Ncliuu, on Friday, Uril May, l!V7, at tlie hour of two o'clock in
Nelaon, B. <J., 17th April, Wit.
w. a. biu.i.oi;k-wkbster,
-    Chiei Licence lnjpector* ���'���'������������^���������-������������������i
The Daily Canadian
Our Stock is Complete \
Here are two Soap Specials: *
31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   $4.5C J
BARS GOLDEN WEST for $2.75 $
Bell Trading Co/
Ornamented Chocolate Eggs.
Blue Bird  Eggs.    Cuckoo  Eggs.
Robins'  Eggs.   Stuffed   Ducks   and
Chicks all sizes.
Make  your  selections while  the  stock
ia complete.
S.   H.   SEANEY
Phone 206.
first-class repair; one block from car
Price $1,400
$500 down, $100 In six months, bai.
ance on mortgage.
He L Croadsdaile & _
_Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
tMUEL a. wye
All Kinds of Heating Plants ln Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their ad-
vintage to usu our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, etc.
121 East Baker St. Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
����ocluliMt Party ns,*s>ls evs'ry Fr slsv
BreDine st t* ts lis . Is, tre miners* t'Dlon HslI
All Ate ttivlti'sl; sslsy s-sss' allowed to Istkt' psrl In
thr debates,  T. Asshtin. Bsoretarf,
Cor. Vssrnoti sand Ward Streotss,
J. PKKD HUME, Proprietor.
A. J. Ciirle, Kaslo: H. 1. MoHfiee, Slocan; P. Hlgglnson, Vancouver; M. H.
Grant, J. H. Parkhill, Winnipeg; K.
Church, Seattle; P. J. Glcazer, Ymir;
D. .1. Ayers, Victoria; H. P. Dickson. O.
Urquhart, Rossland; II. Wright, A. J.
Smith. Vancouver; S. Dodd, H. B. Morley, G. C. Gladon, Vancouver; J. H.
Bqyd, Winnipeg; J. Lamb, Toronto.
_\J_i_~i'   '
E*-~\' *?
!*jiw**jw  -���*�����*�����-' ���
P. Vanvaler, Caviller; R. s. Thomas
and wife, Calgary; A. iS. Watts, Watts-
burg; ,1. .loye. R. McPherson, G. Sleight-
holme. Winnipeg; F. R. Welch. F. Fens-
land, Spokane; E. Stephens, Portland;
F. H. Farmer, Bonnington; J. Pope aDd
v.-ife, Vancouver.
A. J. Watson. Crawford Bav; J. H.
Treen, A. Fair. Mrs. Goufle and familv,
Vancouver; A. N. Wlnlaw, Wlnlaw;
Mrs F. Archer. Phoenix; C. M. Crouse
and wife. .Midway; K. Chapman. L.
Brunodtl. Colville; A. J. Engul. Spo
kane; Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Lethbrldge
G. M. Donahue, J. S. Bagnall, Ymir;
J. 9. Campbell, R. Trefusis, Reliance.
W. Bough, H. G. Knable, Deer Park;
J. Dryburgh, Worcester: C. E. Carson,
.1. Cameron, F. S. Burne, Fernie; H.
Guthrie, H. Magnuson, J. Martin, Creston; F. E. Collins. W. Houston, Salmo;
Mrs. Springes, Cranbrook; L. Miller,
W. E. Cam, Alberta;  W. J. Stewart,
T. Tyler, Slocan.
F. Watson, Cranbrook; F. Welch, C.
Schwartzenhauer, Deer Park; T. Brad-
dock, Arrowhead; J. J. Baker, Clay
City; J. Baker, C. White, Columbia
Falls; W. MiicheT), H. Trew, Castlegar;
PS. Taylor, Coeur d'Alene; E. Butter-
worlh, Spokane; E. Stute. Palouse; B.
Carr, Parry Sound: J. McFadden, A.
Cameron, Winnipeg; F. Edwards,
Eggs for Hatching
Pure bred Buff Leghorns and White
Wyandottes. $2.00 per -setting. Nine
chicks guaranteed or order refilled at
half price.
D. WADDS, Crawford Bay.
W. Baker St.
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
HOTEL PORTKE,   Apply Queen's Hotel.
UOOK-Hotel, ,vi. Walt-nan, Wist once. Phone
Yssts- st sisisss witli good office experience seeks a
pssslslssn     Apply Box MH, Nclssssll, B. -Q.
TWO FJRHT.tjs.As-ss ROOtfB, steam heated,   Applv houaekee-oer. 3rd flat. K, W. C. block.
HS'.s SUPPLIED from the li-asllssg varieties ol
Pure Itred Poultry, guaranteed true to Dam**,
A |,ply .1 0 Dixon flux 17IS. Vancossver���Re, ��y
ol the Vancouver Poultry and P. Association,
\      LOCAL AND GENERAL     }
Harry Gibson   has   sold   his   express
business to Fred JefTers.
Hume School At Home.
The teachers of the Hume school are
arranging for an At Home to be held
���Friday. April 26th. nt S o'clock in the
Salvation Army Meeting.
Mrs. Captain Johnstone and Lieut.
Wright returned last evening from Slocan and will assist in the meeting at
the barracks tonight.
Home From Victoria.
It. M. Bird and wife returned last
evening after a three weeks' visit to
Victoria, They enjoyed their visit very
much, and Mr. Hird reports geueral
business activity iu the capital city.
Assault Case,
In the police court this morning, a
well-known resident of Nelson was
charged with assaulting his wife. The
case presents some serious features and
the magistrate adjourned lt until tomorrow morning for further evidence.
Anniversary of the Earthquake.
One year ago today occurred the
great earthquake that caused so much
destruction to San Francisco. Perhaps
no occurrence in the past ever caused
so much excitement on the American
continent- K is pleasing to note that
the destroyed city is gradually recovering from the great disaster.
Victoria  Improvements.
The city council of Victoria has iu
contemplation vast improvements in the
streets of that city. The programme includes the building of several miles of
permanent sidewalk in various parts of
the city. Twenty-three streetB in all
will be deat with, the walks being variously on one or both sides of the
street. Boulevards will be provided for
the wtfrks in the residential streets,
while those In the business portion uf
the city will be provided with gutters
and curbs of irou or stone. The work
will all be done on tbe local improvement plan, but just what the cost will
be has not yet been determined.
A Cheeky Thief.
A resident of Hall Mines road has a
garden of which he is justly proud. Last
year he planted several very choice apple trees, and their remarkable growth
has been a matter that interested him
very much. Every evening he has
strolled around his garden, and when he
reached his apple trees he stopped to
admire their development. Yesterday
evening he took his usual stroll, but
when he came to the place where once
stood his favorite trees, he found that
some one had been there before him
and removed them. He is now looking
for the thief, and when he finds him
there will be a case of theft for the
court to paBs upon.
Tralna and Boats.
Crow boat���On time.
Coast   and   Slocan   train���Half-hour
Boundary train���On time.
Rossland train���On time.
Kaslo boat���On time.
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
try tne
20th Century Package
Per Package.
Graham Wafera 10c
Lemon Cream  10c
Vanilla Wafera     10c
Society Tea   10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krlapo Ginger Wafera  10c
Butter���Thin 10c
Milk Toaat   10c
Dainty City Soda (Salted) 15c
Saratoga Flakea (Salted)   16c
Put up In packages and thus
ever freab. It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth lt
K. W. C. Bloek . Phone 10.
How's $1450?
A neat 4-Room Cottage on Mill St,
with atone cellar. Verandah back and
front. Electric light. Two level lots
with 11 fruit treea all bearing, and
plenty of amall fruit
Only $700 Cash
Balance at 6 per cent.
Garden and Flower
All fresh seeds and guaranteed
to do the business.
C* A* .Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
Clearing Out Sale
Your opportunity to paper those rooma
This is no make helleve just to boom
our wall-paper business, it Is a genuine
clearing out sale. We have decided to
discontinue wall-paper, and we want to
dear out our stock -.uickly aud be done
with II. Prices are markeii away down
to half, and in many cases less than
half the regular prices.
Enough Paper for a Good Sized
Room for 85c to $1.25.
How does that strike you? We have
put up a largo portion of our stock In
"remnant" bundles. Mftny of these bundles cout-ain 10 and 12 rolls of wall besides ceiling to match��� sufficient for a
good sized room. We have mark-ad
these bundles at from loo, ao-q nnd 25c
for 4 and 0 roll bundles up to 85c, 90c,
$1.00 and J 1.25 for the larger ones.
Prices vary according to quality and
on  our  regular  atock   In  the  shelves.
15c papers for per roll 8c and 10c
25c papers for per roll 10c to  15c
35c papers for per roll 15c  to 20c
50c and 60c paper for per roll 25c and 35c
W. G. Thomson
8K88SK2' "d Nelson, B. C.
Rhone 34.
" The Private Secretary."
The theatrical treat of the season
will be given in the opera bouse tonight
when the Nelson Amateur Dramatic Society presents "The Private Secretary."
The members have all shown dramatic talent and bave given long and
careful attention to their several roles,
and the performance will be well worth
The cast Is as follows:
Old Cattermole   (fresh from India)
Mr. A. W. Dyer.
Douglas Cattermole (his nephew)
Mr. A. W. Hayes.
Mr.   Marshland    (hia   uncle)
Mr. D. O. Thomas.
Gibson   (a tailor)
Mr. V. Evans.
Knox    (a bailiff)
Mr. D. Nickerson.
James  (the "buttons")
Mr. Louis Johnstone.
Miss Ashford  .. (spiritualistic spinster)
Mrs.   Colin   Cummins,
Mrs. Stead  (landlady to Douglas)
Mrs. W. J. Astley.
Edith Marshland . .Miss Carlota Fernau.
Eva Webster   Miss Leslie Hill.
Rev. Robert Spaulding  ..(The Private
Mr. If. S. Ilodmer.
Raise in Wages.
From May 1st the shovelers, carmen,
ore sorters, and surface men employed
at the mines of the Rossland camp are
to receive $3 per day, instead of $2.75
as heretofore. This conclusion was arrived at on Tuesday at a conference of
the managers of the leading mines.
Two weeks since the executive board of
of thc Rossland Miners' Union made a
request to the managers that the wages
of the men engaged as shovelers carmen, ore sorters and employed on the
surface, be advanced 25 cents a day.
The matter has been under consideration ever since, and on Wednesday the
managers very generously decided to
give the advance asked for.
Still Able to Be Out.
Madrid, April 18.���The condition of
Queen Victoria Is in all respects satisfactory. She was driven In an automobile with King Alfonso to the Cusa
De Canipo yesterday afternoon.
Prices of Metals.
New York, April 18.���Silver, C6%c;
copper, 23*560.;  lead, $6.
London, April 18.���Silver, 30Y,i.;
lead,   ��19, 18s., 9d.
Prominent   Merchant   Dead.
Toronto, April   18.���Stapleton  Colde-
cott, a well-known dry goods man, died
suddenly last night, aged 70 years.
The Full Measure
Style and Value!
You have a perfect right to ltiBlst
upon a perfect fit and perfect style
when ytm are paying from $15 to
$25 for a suit.
20th Century Brand
will fulfill your highest expectations
and your most exacting demands.
They are the nearest approach to
perfection that we find in the tailoring world. We can prove these
facts to you if you will but give us
the opportunity.
118,00 Style and Value for...$13.00
$20.00 Style and Value for...$15.00
Boys'  Suits  at  $2,  $3,  $4  and $5
Important Sale of Men's
and Boys' Shoes
Men's  regular $4.00  Box Calf
.   Shoes  for $3.00
Boys' regular $2.50 Box Calf
Shoes  for $2.00
Clearance Sale of Mens' Under
wear at $1, $1.50 and $2 per Suit
Men'a Cashmere and Wool Socks
at 25c a pair or 5 pairs for $1.00.
Applications for the position of sales,
man for the Kootenay Fruit Growers'
Association for the year 1907, will be
received by the undersigned up till 12
o'clock noon, on Monday, April 22, Inst.
Applicant to Btate experience, salary required per mouth, or for the season, and
and also to furnish satisfactory references as to character and ability. The
successful applicant will be required to
furnish bondB to au amount agreed
upon. D. C. McMORRIS,
April 15, 1907. Secretary.
Sherman's Opera House
Thursday, April 18
The Nelson Amateur Dramatic
Society will present
"The Private Secretary"
PriceB 50c, 76c, $1.00.
Plan at Rutherford's Monday.
B. C
Welcomed to Italy.
Gaeta, Italy, April 18.���The llrltlsh
Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert, with
King Edward and Queen Alexandra on
board, arrived here ubout 9.30 this
morning from Malta, oBcorted by the
llrltlsh armored cruisers, Suffulk and
Lancaster. King Edward was received
by King Victor Emmanuel who was on
board tho Italian Royal Yacht Trlana-
crla, surrounded by 12 Italian warships
and 12 torpedo boats. The usual
salutes were exchanged and hearty
cheers greeted tho llrltlsh King from
the people ashore and the sailors on tho
Seed Potatoes
We have unloaded
a car of
Early Rose Potatoes
Imported expressly
for Seed.
Telephone 181,
Sulphur and
An Excellent Spring Purifying Mixture
A specific for boils. Tonic for the liver aud a valuable
medicine for indigestion and general debility from a disordered stomach.    For sale by
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Whoitiwiiu Provision's,
Government Creamery One-Pound Bricks received weekly fresh from the
churn.   For sale by all leading grocers.
Offloe nnd warehouse: Houston Block,   Phono 79.
Josephine Street. Nelaon, B. C.
New Spring Goods Arriving Daily
A complete line of up-to-date Soft and Hard Hats In Stock.
Also a full range of Boots and Shoes.   "WALKOVER" our
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all the
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder.  Spades,
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Pruners,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention  paid to letter orders.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwar
Company, Limited.
Work, Mining ��n<J Mill Machinery.     Mnnulsacturar. ol
Or. -Usnra,  I,,  f*.   -Contractor*'  Cara.
Corner of Hs.ll .nd
Front Street*.
Telephone H
KO. Box Wl
Spring Stock fust Opened Up!
Carload Linoleums and Carpet/a
From Glasgow, Scotland.
Beat Qualities at Low Prices.
Standard Furniture Company
Mhni.ii _ RiBvh Plauott.
Ostermoor MaUmiiiai.
Mftmlmll Sanitary MaUreiwei.
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
MANUFACTURERS   f 4_.^1____m__.    Cf,'       f
AND DEALERS IN   -1*4101 DC*,  dJtUngleS,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Brackets. Mail Orden promptly attendedM
Launch and Boat
We always carry In stock and will ba pleased to supply y""
wants In
Such am
Winn- Wute
Mixed I'aintu
Hurry Mon.' Boau Varnlnh
Etc., cts.
Albany Qteem
Arctic CupOreM*
Vacuum Marino Motor OT
(tn oue gallon cann.)
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Linii


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