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The Daily Canadian Oct 28, 1907

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prink Hnlryon Uthl.' Water.
nrlnk Halcyon  Ltthia Ginger Ale.
nrlnk lllllrvon  I.HIrirr  USHIOn Sour.
''!,".   I , ��� carbonated llali-ymi
n.hiaWai. i   When you aak tor Haley-
��te,uri. ..... get It.   Bold at all ho-
10 ! ...*' I
t%\)rz \QaUn <_tana��Mcm
Will  bs delivered    every evsnlng    at
your door for
"VJLI-MH  2.      NO.   124
ISirFreri. Borden Sues for
Iasks quarter million
I Claims To Bt Able to Clear His Name
���News ol Dominion From
Ocean to Ocean.
0-uwa Or      *     Blr Frederick BordM
I 1 nut, :   proceeding!   (Or   1II..-I
..rr. r. .iriii Cantury which
I a 1 ior)   trom   tbs   Clgary
jl     ,1   ,,..,    ol    alleged   lincehannllan
,    |Uct at a military dlnnei In Toronto
equeni proceeding.,all otwhldl
I ibe minim..1 ..1 militia declares ls easily
...   ri..- aiiioiini of ___-���
understood lo Ih*  lift)
I u-otuaml 1 id�� sterling.
1 l;:,i!.,n, 1..W11.  P   K.  I., Oct. 28��� Ki-v.
Irr  IV   Uobaon,   president   or the  New
n -ick  and   Prince   Bdward   island
��� . ..1,!.-r. nc... and pastor ot the
; ;   rdl ll .iiuiiil ..r tiiurlottclow n.
died 1, r-rrirda*   or   pneumonia      llu   wan
bora In 1846, ordained in 1870, and rep-
Canadlan Methodist .inii.ii
American   Ustbodist contolnni*.*
ln Califurnla t. \ * - years ago.
1.. r  2*    Mr. Osborne, ol th..1
fun Prancli   I Imea, denies the story ot
aumllialiMir ..ni north attrilruti'd to hini
BJ VlAnlP���l   |ill|r.ltt.
Ottawa, Oct ���;>.���Returns to the de-
j-irtiin-iir ,ii trade and _���__uanx. show
ikii 7��2 Chinese entering Can-da ���___���
Ul    paid   III.'    poll   tUX   Of   $&��"
ur * luii.l ol $::-.*,000. It In staled thai
tt�� uomber entertnrj tin.. Dominion this
ym mil total 1.	
Futt Cents a month
In other --uuiUth where lie* wuh known
to have rrerjuented No clue wus obtained  of   hit.   whereabout",     until     two
buntere ...-ci.i'-uiu.iy ran larctM IiIh dead
body owing to etrange conduct of their
dogn, which had .Uncovered lhe body,
and mad.- known the faet by their peculiar antics. There i�� no Indication of
violi*nee on the body but au linniest la
botng hold today. When round there remained in the dead raau'i olothee only
(iriei'ii oenta.
Port  Arthur, Oct  lit���J. S. Steele Ih
In   (he   eity   from   BtttTgOOD   I_ake.     Mr.
Steele had in his poeeeaaion four gold
briekH. the reaull of a twelve day run
at Ihe Hi. Anthony K��ld mine. Four
hundred and twenty tons were put
through the ���tamps. The bricks, which
were dopog-ted at the Hank of Montreal
thin morning, run Into nevetal thoiiKand
I.um*--I.-n. KaHk., Oct. 2ti.���S. H. Harm's*
of Verna, while threshfiiK on the farm
of John Small, a neighbor, attempted to
tighten the hand (dales and In doing ho
they were blown tint, a wrench which
he wuh lining hi rf king htm on the fore-
hi-ad. Bending a portion of the skull luto
Ihe brain. A doctor was summoned from
LimiHib-n. He round It necrssury tu operate for removal. The operation proved
satisfactory and If blood poisoning cau
be prevented the enfferer win recover.
Mr. Iturncs is one of the oldeet residnts
in lhe district ot Verna.
Vermillion, Oct. 28.���A devastating
prairie flre has been sweeping the country in this vicinity and considerable dam-
agc has been done to stacks and farm
projHTty, several farmers suffering
stvirely The fire reached Campb'H
LakO dlstrlci Friday and it Is reported
that Mib. BdVard Fnrrell was overtaken
by the flre and burned to death.
participation by Great iiritain lu the
treaty-making work. In the flrst place
ihe <'ana-llun Ministers were accredited
to the Freneb (Jovr*rnmenl. and were
helped in every possible way by the Imperial officers, of all department*. In the
rteeood place, when the treaty was rom
plated It was signed by tbe Canadian
Minister*, and by the Hritish Ambassador. Mr. FleldingH Htory is undoubtedly the trui one. Sir Wilfrid's statement
waa false In two pariiculars. flrst in that
it misrepn-srnit-d tiie action that had
been taken .11 thia particular cane, and
Hecondly. In that It pretended that there
had been a change in our relations to
Great Iiritain on this treaty-making
uuestion. Ah a matter of fact Canada
has been negotiating with foreign countries in Ihe manner followed this year
with France for fully thirty years, and
llo* former treaty with France was arranged under condition*, precisely similar to those adopted in the present
Why Sir Wilfrid I.aurier should mis
represent tho facts It is difficult to
gueea. Hut In all probability the explanation Is personal vanity. The Premier
wants the people to think that he has
compelled the haled British oppressor
to make some great concession to Canada, which but for bis Intervention
WOttld never have been granted.
Laurler and Fielding Give Different Accounts of Negotiations of French
AU-iv-a. Ocl 28 Tha Canada Gazette
aooouQcsa tti.- appeduum-nt ol W. r. C.
AMi.-ua   ol    Alilcrgrovo, li. C , na sub
'    I ..! OUStC'III*.
Banli SU Marie, Oct -8.���J. O. Young,
general manager or the  _*0!_-_*  "ay
I'm uiany, has arrived bar* with a
nnmlwi ..I  Hi..- samples ul ore rich In
cohali antl  in.- silver, laken rrom  the
toQiliany'i    property   on   Port   lalaml.
Tho discover** of ore waa
practlcall] an accident, detalla or which
have leaked oul  only ainc.' t���S in-rival
ot Young al the Sun  A ootiplQ or montha
'. r. nn..inn ro..k foi shipment
lo Hn   Halted  Slates loi   itreel   puvlng
��� "". '     *.>>.i!>_���   noticed  slight  indies.
Uona or silver.   Therefore he hopl close
"atch nn nil ih, rock taken out and early ,
""���> week ..ii. r a heavy blast a wall ot
I""  I.i-i   in  halgbl  was  nii-
",l""l 'I *irm   a   heavy   pocket  or
rob-ill iiivi i
Quebec, Oct 88.���|.*lro Ihla morning
lotalli lestroyed tha large china and
crockery warehouse or |.'. T. Tbomaa *.-
'" li.i]iniii���ii. atreet.   Ths loss la heavy.
Toronto, Oct, as.���Tho exeeuiivn ol
!|"- public ownership league haa decided
'" "pan nn active municipal and pro*
vi'��ini oampatgn,
Kootenay Growers Invited to Join  New
Exhibit lor London.
The value to Hritish Columbia of display**! or rrult In the cities ot the Hritish Isi.mils ia well known. Too many
exhibitLa ot the kind cannot be made,
and Kootenay Ik as vitally interested In
their ���lllinagg aB any other dUtrlct ol the
The B.-crelary ot the Kootenay Fruit
Ore-were1 Association Is in receipt of a
letter Irom Maxwell Smith, Dominion
rrult inapector. In which he states lhat
he wants 50 boxes ol choice apples to be
stored ror the Dominion exhibition at
Ixjndon. England, next spring Mr.
Smith asks it the local association can
furnish ten ol these, and It so, or what
varieties. The secretary will be pleased
lo hear rrom persons who can assist In
making up this number, slating what
they are prepared to do am1, the varieties
they can furnish. This should be done
at once, as Mr. Smith Is anxious to have
a reply lo his request at the earliest
There Was No Conspiracy With Blair
Proprietor of Montr*-] Star Gives
Quietus to Tale of Conspiracy of Tories in '96.
N"Plnka, Man.. Oct. 28.���A. J, Towns-
'*������ �� dinner   living   Home   miles   from
*"��� I'll ii-uiii bis wagon In front of lhe
hotel mid was killed. Mr.
"ay, who wuh about 59 yean old.
 J"sl I'll  the station where he had
'""" loading grain doom upon hla wag-
K"n iunl Iunl just pulled OUl for home,
atat In Kiiin,. unaccountable way h��
'"' ��� '""��� Ur- called several times lo
��� li'irr-.s to atop and whllo leaning
'"���'"'-Hie front ni in., wagon, In an effort
����*curo ih,. trailing Hue, ha tall, tl Ik
J!'" known whether tha horses kicked
'" W tho wheel struck him, crushing
'" *.H mid 1,1,'aklng his neck.    Deatb
"���altnoai Instantaneous.
mln v
weeks   ago.
sportsmen Sunday  nfler-
witli the
0l|n, Oct. 28.���Tho body of llenj
ogan, who mysteriously illsapirear
'loin hero    three    weeks  ago.  wiih
'"nnil |,v t
"oon,   v.
"ii'lon or making a payment on some
Jl��''ly which he had purchased. As
ni���|W"" '"'"''Vl'(* '" have conalilerable
lh,'." * "" lllH l"','*",n his almence led to
'' ��'i��|ilc.lnn ���f foul plnv.    Sonrcli waa
iau ->l��nB the river and railway uml
Oltiiwa, Oct. 28���A painful sensation
is created owing to tho flat contradiction given at Halifax hy tho Finance
Minister to iho statement of his leader
toitrhlng the manlier in which lhe new
French treaty was negotiated. Sir Wilfrid L������Tier, it win be remembered, gave
at the Manufacturers' banquet an nc-
counl or lhe diplomatic opeijiilons which
led lo this bargain. Be Itated that Canada hail for the first time negotiated a
foreign treaty without reference to
tlrent   Iiritain.
His words, carefully -neighed and
carefully prepared, were these:
"It has long been the desire, if 1 mis-
lake not, of the Canadian people that
we should be entrusted with the negotiation of our own treaties, especially
ln regard lo commerce. Well, this look-
eiiror reform has come lo be n living reality. Without revolution, without any
breaking of old traditions. Without any
Impairment of our allegiance, lhe time
lias come ��iien Canadian Interests are
entrusted to Crinii.llans. and Just within
the last week B treaty has heen concluded with France, a treaty which appeals
to Catiadlans alone, and which has l.e.-n
negotiated by Canadian- alone."
There is no mistaking Un* meaning of
(Ills Bnii.iiiticem.nl A refoim lias been
acoompUehed, anrl under tlmt reform
we make foreign treaties without reference lo the Motherland. Mr. Fielding
talked about tho Hume mailer In his
Halifax speech. IHU he told an enllrely
different story. His stntement la ns foi-
Iowb :
"Of course. Ihe making of a treaty
with a foreign power Ib, and must continue to be. an Imperial mailer. It is
Ibe sovereign power 111 every country
which makes treaties, and lhe sovereign
power of Canada, ca we tiro nil proud to
acknowledge, is Ills Majesty King Bd-
ward. The imperial Government had
lis pnrt to piny ln the business, bul It
wns a part which was taken not to em-
ban-ass us, not to restrict us, but to assist ns at every point. My colleague,
Mr Urodeur, and I went over to Paris
aa Ministers of Canada. Hut we were
mote than that. Wo weal also as Ihe
accredited representatives of Hla Majesty the King. BUthorUWd In the tllllest
manner to represent him In these l.egoll-
nllons concerning his Dominion of ( an*
adn From the Hritish Foreign Ofllce.
from Ihe Colonial Ofllce, rrom the Hoard
of Trade, from Hla Majesty's Ambassador nl Fails, we received at every stage
the most cordial co-operation and sup*
notl when the terms of our treaty were
unread upon Iwlween the French Oov-
; :, , nil nd oursolveB, the Hrltlsh Am-
"irr In accordance wllh Ills Instruc-
OmWtS ready to Join   us  In Hignlng
the treaty
Gillette Breaks Down.
New York, Oct. 28.���The Herald today
says: "Despite the fortitude displayed
by Dr. W. It. Gillette when he heard a
jury convict him of perjury, committed
before the*special grand Jury which ln-
pulred into the* business methods ot the
.Mulmil Lire company, of which he hnd
been vice-president, ho collapsed when
he was taken to the tombs on Thursday
night, and yesterday, although he was
aoneoled by members of his family, It
becama evident he had succumbed to
the shock of his conviction. If he becomes worse he will be laken to the
Hellevue hospital where he will be kepi
under guard  In  the prison  ward.
Order of Owls.
The Order of Owls held a preliminary
meeting at Fraternity ball Sunday evening ul 8 o'clock with a charier list of
140 names. The following offlcera were
elected: Jr. past presldenl. A. 1*. Lorsch :
president, Oeo. F. Motion; vlco-presl-
dent. Waller lloaro; invocntor. A. Ixran;
secretary, 11. U. Caldwell; treasurer, H.
0 floodeve; warden, K. J. McCandllsh;
sentinel. H. O. Hean; picket, A. William
son:   nest   physicians,     Drs.   Rone  and
1 lan in The Owls will meet next Friday
evening al 8 o'clock in Frniernlty hull
when lhe Initiatory work or the order
will be exemplified. All members who
have signed tlie charier list are requested to be present and bring any Hats desiring lo become charter members as
the charter will be closed Friday night.
A C McKcen, supreme organizer, goes
from hero to llosslnnil to Institute a nest
In that city, and will return bore to give
full instructions Friday night.
R. J. McPhee ia Better.
1 A Gibson returned Ihla morning
from a flying vlail to 11. .1. Mcl'hee In
Spokane. He round the patient greatly
improved and ln good spirit-. His doe*
tors declare that only tils iron constitution enable- him to recover. Yesterday
afternoon he had his first outing lu
James Cronln's automobile.
Elisabethgrad, Oct. 28���A score ot
armed men yesterady surrounded the
estate of Kelepoffsky, administrative
chief of tills district, and slew Kelepoffsky  his wife, mother and two children.
'"Mr'.'i'ieldiug indicates that there was
J. L, Retnllack, of Kaslo, ls at the
F. W. Guernsey, of tho Trail smolter,
came in last night nnd Is nt tho Hume.
J.  K.  Strachan, former city  clerk of
Nelson, and Mrs. Strachan, left Ixmtlon
for Tacomu on Saturday, Oct. 26th.
R. A. Halnbridge, divisional engineer
of Ihe C. 1*. R., arrived from Vancouver
last night and Is at the Slruthcona.
Montreal, Oct. 21. 1907.
To tb.-lvlltor of The Dally Canadian:
Sir.���From Beveral attempts which
have been made to Interview" me Blnce
my return to Canada touching tlie subject of my subscriptions to the Conservative election fund ror the Quebec district during tile last generul elections,
I inter that there is still some public
interest in the subject; and, as lt is ot
Importance to myself, at least, thut any
impression wpich goes ubroad shall be
accurate, I have judged it better to deal
willi the matter in a general statement
than in an informal Interview. I'erbaps
I may say, to begin with, that 1 do not
regard it as a very serious offence to
have heen attacked In my absence. Political eagerness should hardly be expected tc consider such a circumstance. The
somewhat kindred fact that the published report of my evidence given in a -aw-
sult In Quebec city aome eighteen
months ago, was a garbled reiiort, wherein Important features were omitted altogether, I am ready, as a newspaper
man, to credit to lack of apace rather
than malicious in tent-
As to my subscriptions to the Conservatives in the Quebec district in 1904.
1 have nothing to conceal. The amount
subscribed was $4,000 for a contract for
literature, $1,381 for expenses during
the year ln the City of Quebec, $260 for
each rural constituency, and $4,000 for
each of the Quebec city constituencies.
The ridiculous smallness of the total
amount will be a reply to those who see
anything suspicious In the nftalr. At the
trial in question, prominent Liberals,
cognizant of my testimony, smiled at the
amount. Baying It was very small, and
adding that the Idea of carrying elections in Ihe district on such Bums was
The explanation of how I came to
glvo those sums Is very simple. I was
deeply interested In the election, as all
the world knew; and when asked hy
the purty managers how the Immediate
necessities uf the campaign would be
met, us the subscriptions might come
In tardily, I promised to make advances
against these expected contributions.
When the time came for the contributions to materialize, they wero not forthcoming; but I hnd kept my promise In
advancing the money. I consider the
amount sent to Quebec district, when
used with the moBt rigid economy and
absolute purity, to huve been most
reasonable; but, io tholr credit, bu It
said, it was ull that the Quebec dlatrlct
muiittgers asked when they sent their
It they had asked moro I would have
sent it up to a lonsonuble amount.
When Mr. Horden wrote me that funds
should bo distributed only through committees acceptable to the local party
friends, he had, aa far as 1 am aware,
no personal knowledge of any such Tund,
and Is not today, so iar as 1 know, cognizant oi any biicIi fund, except, possibly,
from hearsay. Tho tact that he took a
natural way of putting his friends on
their guard against posalbla mistakes
and breaches of Ihe election laws, has
been Belzed upon iih a text for IiIb condemnation; but I scarcely mink that his
action will be bo regarded by fair minded mon.
In thus contributing financial asslat
ance to tho public cause in whleh 1 believe, 1 waa only following tho policy
1 hnve accepted and lived up to for a
third of a century. For thirty-three
yeiirs, the Slar has luken a keen, aggressive interest in municipal, provincial and Federal elections, and haa always endeavored to make Its views
more effective by helping to finance the
cnmpnlgns which represented them.
When the city of Montreal was being
robbod by selling franchises for a song,
by expropriation schemes, and contract-
grabbing acheinors, the Slur fought tho
derelict aldermen at the polls, and contributed to the full extont of Its power
to the driving of three-fourths of them
into private life. These campaigns were
expensive, and the Star contributed
more than three quurterH of the money
necessary ln many of tho constituencies
to curry them through. I have always
believed it to be my duty as* a citizen
to bear some of the electoral burdens
which in my papers I was constantly
urging others to carry. When 1 called
u|ion my neighbors to help elect honest
aldermen to the city council, I thought
lhat I should do my Is-st as a citizen to
take my own advice and help iierson-
ally and financially to secure their election.
When successive provincial governments were shown to have been guilty
ol exploiting the public treasury tor
party advantage, the Star took up the
cudgels, first against Conservatives and
then againBt Liberals, who were equally
guilty; and Tho Star subscribed liberally to the tiinds for carrying on this
In  1871, The Star took up the question  of protection for Canadian Industries,  being the  flrst of  the  Canadian
dailies to do so; and hammered away at
it  persistently.     Seven years  later  Sir
John Macdonald came out for a National
Policy.    In the campaigns of 1878, 1882.
18S7, and 1891, this question was to the
fore; and The Star supported the party
or Protection in its columns and by generous contributions to its funds.   In 1896
the Conservative party showed signs of
having been too long in office, and The
Star was much Inclined to hold that it
was lime for a change, until it became
all too clear that the Liberal party was
bent upon getting from  the country  a
mandate  to  destroy   the  National  Pol-
Icy.   That effort The Star could not assist; and so lt again gave Its adhesion to
the  Conservative cause  and aided  the
party financially.
0  The Liberals  came   Into power;   but
they   did   not   tear down   the   National
Policy.    Stllll, there was a feeling that
they  were  biding their time;   and the
question of Protection was kept to the
front as an issue, both by the uncertainty of the Liberal future and the Insistence  of the   Conservative    Opposition.
This gave  The  Star no choice  but to
stand by the National Policy party policy, and to back Its opinions with financial aid.    On these    occasions I    need
hardly say   that   Tho   Star's   contributions were specifically given on the understanding that  they were  to  be employed for legitimate expenses; and, in
many cases, they were devoted to the
prevention of illegal acts by the other
party.    As   for the  National   Policy. It
now uppears to have disappeared from
politics  as a live issue.    Faith in  the
perspicacity   of   the   Liberals  is   grow- I
Ing; and few now think that they will |
venture   to   abandon   Protection.     Of
course,  the  National   Policy has  never
been carried out to the full, as those of
us who aided ln Its initiation hoped. The
share  or the  worklngmen  in its benefits has never been carefully safeguarded; and ihis may easily become n question of Ihe future.   As for the policy Itself, if It were ugain In Jeopardy, I would
do precisely as 1 did in tho past���support It with every influence of which 1
might be possessed,   lt Is tho only safeguard   against  Annexation;   and.   when
Its blessingB are fnlrly shared with tho
worklngman.  It  will   constitute  ono  of
the surest  guarantees  of    a contented
Canada within the Empire.
Today The Star Is not In accord with
either of Ihe Iwo political parties, but
in reflecting upon this It must be borne
In mind that The Star gives Its support
to measures rallier than to men, and
It regards the present policies of the
two parlies as unworlh y of their best
traditions and insufficient for the needs
of the country.
1 happen to be tho owner of newspapers with vast Interests In every province of the Dominion, moro widely dispersed than those of any bank or Industrial concern In existence. So long
ns I have a dollar to spare, I will con
aider myself free to aid whichever party
has. in my opinion, the policy best adapted to the need! of the country; but It
will always be contributed for legitimate
puriKiscs and to suppress Illegitimate
ones. Nor Bhall 1 be ashamed to have
these contributions come to light. Rather would 1 tnvor law compelling all
election contributions to he made pub
llcly with the names ot tho givers attached.
As lo Mr. Hlalr's resignation. I had
not Been Mr. Hlair Tor eleven months
before the election, nor ror Ave months
afterwards, and then only by casually
meeting him on the street. When 1 did
meet him there wns no discussion about
resigning. Tho tirst knowledge I had
of Mr. Hlalr's having resigned was when
I saw a Btatement of tho fact that he
hnd done bo, over his own signature.
There haa come Into my possession doc-
I nmeiitary evidence to prove this, and
i  there ls written proot that Mr. Borden
hnd nothiue.**_>- -emotely, to do with
the resignation.    ��� :   are  accessible
to thoHe who may in.*    .Igate charges.
The purchase ot La Presse was a business transaction on a commercial basis,
with which Mr. Uorden had no connection whatever, directly or Indirectly.
The owner was unwilling to sell on a
commercial basis, and exhibited his balance sheets, which fully justified tiie
purchase on a ten per cent, dividend
prospect. The negotiations for the purchase of La Presse, according to documentary evidence ln my possession,
commenced In the spring ot 190:1, and
were consummated in the fall of 1904.
That a man happens to own a newspaper, and through Illness, or other good
reason, wlBhes to dispose of it, is surely not an extraordinary state of affairs.
That he should accept the highest offer
amongst a number for the property can
scarcely be ranked as au inhuman act.
As to the charge that there was an
attempt to purchase Liberal candidates,
to bribe them to desert their party, or
anything of that nature, In regard to
them. It Is, as far as 1 am concerned,
and os iar as my knowledge extends,
without any basis whatever, and I Invite,
in the public interest, any member of
parliament or defeated candidate to substantiate such a charge.
There has come into my possession
documentary evidence of an indisputable character, proving that Mr. Borden
had no connection whatever with the
lilair resignation, and had ao knowledge
of It, although he hoa been otherwise
charged by guessing newspapers.
If credence Is given to what is written
with such an appearance of knowledge
In certain newspapers about plots, conspiracies, and other dark doings, by all
means have an investigation into all
these matters. Although 1 intended going abroad shortly, I will remain in
Canada, or within easy call, and will be
ready at any time wli'in the next four
months to give evlde: ... before any Impartial tribunal appointed to enquire Into the charges referred to and anything
of a kindred nature.
Prospects   Bright   for    Recovery   From
Financial   Panic^���Price  of
Copper Jumps.
Open Now From
to Slocan River
First Part of System That Will Join
All Kootenay and Slocan
Valley to Nelson.
New York, Oct 28.���Fortified by the
remedial plans adopted on Saturday for
the protection of New York's supply of
currency, financiers began the new business week in a hopeful frame of mind.
They were especially encouraged by the
precautionary measures taken in other
cities, including the Issuance of clearing
house certificates at various other centers  throughout the nation  in keeping
supplies of1 cash  wlthiu control of the
hanks for use in carrying on the busl-
nesB of the country. The greatest danget
throughout  has  been  the tendency  ol
small depositors to withdraw their funds
Trom the  banks nnd to place them in
saving deposits  vaults where  they  ar��
withdrawn   absolutely   from   circulation
In the channels of trade, where they are
so  badly   needed.    The  Importation  ot
gold Is expected to assume  large pro-
1-ortlons and will aid greatly in providing  funds   for Ihe banks.     Up to date
tho engagements for Import nmount to
���7,000,000  by   the   national  city   banks,
12.000,000  by  the Chas  National Hank,
and  $1,500,000    by    Heldelsbach Ickel-
heliner and compuny on Saturday, and
$7,000,000 by the Hanover National Hank.
Gold to the umount of about "5,0011,000
probably  will be    offered    In tho open
ninrkel in fcondon toduy and It la hoped
that the  United States will secure Ihe
largest proportion ot this supply or the
metal.   _jnerlc_n securities in London
���bowed sharp advances at 1 p. ni. today
Amalgamated    advanced    1"4;    smelter
1%;    other    shares    were    rractlonally
London, Oct. 28.���Tho confidence felt
hero in tho general soundness of the
financial situation In Ihe United StateB
was further evidenced at the oiioning of
the stock exchange this morning when
American rails were pushed up 2 to 8
point- over parity, a fair amount ot business being transacted. The certainty of
a drain of gold from here to New York,
however affected consols and other gilt
edge securities. Discounts remained
ft tin. and the fears ol dear money
prompted the selling of consolB which
early In the day declined flve-slxths in
some quarters, lt was thought that the
Bnnk of Kngland discount might bo
raised today but the absence of advance
nt noon caused a recovery of ono-
elgth. Copper Bhares ruled strong on a
sudden increase of over fifteen dollars
a ton In the price of the metal-
Work was completed on Saturday on
the wagon road from Columbia river to
Slocan by way of Pass creek and Laten-
dresse, formerly Goose creek, connecting Robson and Crescent valley. The
work has been done by some of the settlers of the district witb government
The new road opens up an exceptionally fine tract of land even for Kootenay. It will provide means of rapid
transportation to about 40 settlers already on the land and will lead at once
to the entry ot many more who bave
been waiting for such means.
C. F. McHardy is taking horses and
cattle in today from Robson to Crescent
The land now opened up contains
hundreds of acres of absolutely level
ground almost entirely free from rock
and as fertile as any ln the district. It
is suitable for fruit growing and also tor
mixed farming.
By the completion of the road the
Columbia and Slocan river valleys have
now an easy connection. One thins
more ls needed to connect both sections
with the. K--;-��� .y river section eaat of
Slocan Junction, and that Is a bridge
across the Slocan river near the mouth
of Latendresse creek. Such a bridge
would probably not be costly and would
be of great benefit to hundreds of settlers in the whole Slocan river valley.
It would also be the first and a very
Important link ln the chain that ia to
connect the whole of both valleys with
Nelson by the bridge across the Kootenay which lias been asked for by the
people of Thrums, and endorsed by the
Nelson board of trade.
Predicted That Alabama Will Soon
a Dry State.
Cuba Progressing.
Havnna. Oct. 28.- In labor circles,
where great unrest has prevailed for
some weeks, the statement made that
plans have been made to Inaugurate a
general strike on Monday next.
Advance in Copper.
Montreal, Oct. 28.���Copper metal
Jumped three pounds ten shillings for
spot, nnd three pounds fifteen shillings
for futures which Is considered on of
Iho potential factors In the betterment
ot the finuuclul situation in Europe.
llirminghnm. Ala., Oct 28.���Under the
provisions of the local option law passed
by the last session of the Alabama legislature a spec! 'I election to decide the
iirohlbliii.il issue Is being held today in
Jefferson county, in which the City of
Birmingham, the metropolis of the State,
Is located. No political campaign ln the
his tory of the city has been fought with
greater Intensity and ln none has the result been awaited with greater Interest.
Moro thun thirty counties of Alabama
have adopted prohibition and it is generally conceded by both sides that If Birmingham goes "dry" the chances are
thut the entire State will adopt prohibition In a very short time.
Tho prohibition forces are confident
over the outlook. Since early in August
they have waged a campaign that has
set the pace for the opposition. Noted
leaders ot the anti-saloon movement
have been brought here from other
States and prohibition rallies have been
hold almost nightly. Mass meetings
have been held tn all the churches and
every preacher ln the district has been
working for the cause. The women of
Jefferson county perfected an organisation and even the children have been
enlisted in tbe campaign.
The antl-prohlbitionlats have been
equally active ln the fight, and a large
sum ot money has been spent ln behalf
of the liquor interests. At flrst they conducted their campaign by means of literature but soon they were forced to
follow the example of the prohibitionists and resort to rallies and speech-
making. The liquor men have been aided considerably by certain business men
and manufacturers who believe that prohibition would injure the commercial Interests ot Birmingham.
Tho Anti-Saloon League of Alabama la
confident that today's election will show
a substantial majority ln favor of the
ciiiise. If the fight Is won tn Birmingham the league will immediately arrange to take up the campaign In Montgomery and Mobile counties, In which
two other large cltlea 'of Alabama are
located. ._  '
-     *!. *
I      I The Daily Canadian
< <
1 i I -
, i
��� STORES-^	
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered iu the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head 0��fic_:   Toronto.
C-plUI Authorized .10,000,000    Capital   Paid   Up          4.830,000
D. K. WILKIK  Pre-irfcnt.
1.330,000 MWmm
HO*.. BOE---T__--_r_-___T, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
ARKOWHKAD.        CK)LDh>*.        SafLSOTSt,      REVELSTOKE,        CRANBROOK,
Intere*-t  allowo-] on  (S-opC-tftN   from 'late of depos.t and credited quarterly.
mil.son  fiRA.NCH ��� J*   iVf ���    JL_*A t n   -Vl _a.ri-_-j1.5sr.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporate!  a.  D.   186S>.
.*3,9O0,0t J     Reserve  Fund $4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
cf ail  kinds of Banking  Business.
.CIAL ATTENTION giv��... So -he
Savings Bank Department, snd
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
. '!�����-. , wee* t.jr me
CAKAlrlAJ.   PI OOM**AMY, Ln..
Baker Hi..  Selr-on. B. '.
a-ioerrlpll.,.*. - .irered
lii ':,- * ti;     a I. ". a f_M II ae-l by mil., when  |
I���i-r .-. liln
... >   I'aily
..'a....... r.   .'���
. ���
I...-   .  ..: ,   -   .re not
Monday, October 28, 1907.
Ar-i   W_lC_   :    '
III    I |.
likely  to b_  ���   th.   p. 'm*ni ol  effst
ir.r- ���tree mo���ttt-.   II team . imp
in   Ilrilrl'..-   .'.'���'.     !"   I.:        ���  r    IIII'll   111- :'
i. i tali pro . ih I ai .. t   Bit   ted ek*
I_   lir.l    lill..r
_._*   ..I    ;il:..n Tbi     |
:   It;.   Inr,rm-  |
III ; lv__   l.r   I���Ul   'Ir.    ��� .   |.
.'���lirilru Irr.r rri'nrr.   .
���ad ]     .    . ���
cititOttt.     'l'h.-   j.:   .
llrar    rill   . j. , -.r .    r, .1      ;i    ....     ,,,,    !��� .
irlnilci.  ul   rrilrrnr, five th
(it   III' ir   1. r-nr -.1 .j!!ii-, M 1ml.   | OUted r.:. I
Ilriui "er,  :.     It C_l '   ���'   ("���  l.rrtrwrr  rn
01...run;-.tlOfl   llll.V   whr-Ilr. i- nr   nut   tli,.,,
���ri   li.-   n   ��.. ui r._ t,   il    behOOVI      Rll  Oil i/.i   rr
I.i   I. *-- ir-. I. -1    Ulirl    In    in   n    |..,:iii.iri    tu   <   .
crclH.-   their  Irnii'ln. >���       h   Iriu   I   In-  limn
before We_n_-_a- nlghl
At rm irifi.iiiiiii meeting "i dtin a
iniit v\,.i-i; rr nnii'iiiT "i ri..ni. ���  trere con
i.r :. i .-.    j..1   ir,ii- candidatei  ror th.
Inrr-'.rrrll.v.      Such   cirri, ui. i r.' inn    'i.ri
lln   Ijrilttr   Dtld   "lirv   rlrr   good.      Wi-   Willi!.;
Htrj-j-i -rl     Unit     In    fill    .' -11, ��� 11    ili-Ii I... I rrl [Ol
th..   lirtif   thriiiL-iir   rj.oullI   1"-   n'.t   "Wh'
will make    a    Blrong oandldabif  in.'
"Who will iiiakc li Btfon*-, jimt niirl wIhi
administrator .>' tbe eity-i  ___!**���**"
It    Memi     In    In      rili-li!  .Irrrrrl     that    at
li i  r     tlu,...     tiii-mil.-i-K   nr   the   irrcMcirl
i-iiiincii. Mayor Ollletl nml A-detmen
llntiii. anil A iinalili.. win ti' aguln be
eandldatea. mi have .i.-i.-*t-\ ,,i w, ii oi
th* clly nnil liuvc -riven iingradglnCl*.
or ihcii- tun.- anrl energy.   Nn fnuii oust
li. Iruriirl with liny nl tbe till...' If hr
IhliikB lie hns done IiIk Hhrii-c nnii wIhIici
inin-.-inrili   to  reserve   thut   time   und
'h<-  remaining  membera  n' the
bave  I.n  arjirnrit;   rn s*,cak.
I:n:   II;.-  sake
DtinattT in tl
-hould   not   be
��� o-ncM.    It is to be bop. d
ild   '.,'incil
to ihe  r,o-.n! nr.-xi  year.
i I ��� ���    r. .,;���,. r-
of rii.   count      ��� ir the city
. '   accept-
able.    li abo���ld ;,-.;   t..   Impoeeible r..r
tli'- clrrzr Of.  ti, a:-r, .- un un,- ,,\   tl..
eblel   magistrate,    in   ract   are   undi i
Bug effort win be mad.
- i-      nt     lh. m.   ;,   citizen   in
wh.,K.. 'udgmenl and Integrity all have
- epl   DOmta-tid.    11 r.'..
������ ������ r red   in   - il!   B-
tbal ri,. i.i ..iii i���. _n) o
: r..     rrarri.    nl   _Jg.   Belom   has   I.. I r,
mentioned   lid. Belotu has miaj ti;. i
������i.i' b make Um a ralna-*e uwra
���"������'  01 .. .!   ll,. baa a -nlisiaiiilal
ni*. ;��� -   ��� pr-erei       li-
'���.���i.i     financial    adralniati*ator,    his
Bl H'   r     inn. k.-r   than   thai   ul   nr.  ���
"I   Wl ami  liu  I,;,..  (Ivan Ins
:     ri  I.     I..,     , I;,,,
on one Important subject   tht  prov-rioa
..".I   a'-i'iiiiiii..il���ii. :     ,-, |,,.i
��� leai I) ru raiianoe win, torn Bftbi
'-I the property n-nii-rt ami wllh inlly
. per "-nt. nt th, rural municipaj alee
lorata, a nli-eamataaoa which k.-cihh m
ns lu make him an inrj.ui-sii.il. oandldat.
lur th.- mayoralty,
(Ull   "illl.lli|nii;rr .    rays,   alt.-l    OppOB-
in the poaalble reappointment nf K. A.
Siniiii ar; i-ity electrician, '-'nir-r.' are
other preaitog municipaj matter, upon
which th.. i-atepayera would vei*y much
like m learn the views ..i tin. aldermen
ami it i. in in- hn.riri tin- members ol
the r-riiiirrii win m,ake their respective
po   itlons   rir-ar   iH.yrinrl   t|u.-r-.t j'.n   in   view
..r the approaching eleotlons." wiiui
an. they*   Every mamher ol the ooun
w.  a.  (jii_i___;tt
Ciinli-iiL'hir   and
HnJ��' txfxeoi tor lln- I'nrtd Klr-n l.nnilicr *'n , I.ld
reiiill vnrilt.     Il'iu-ij, itiKi rirutt-K/rJ lumliiT, tnniii!
wnik nnil lirink.'th   f.uttm Iiith anrl ..hn.i-i.-h, nimIi
hikI  Boors.     ( i-nii-iit, brink   snd   iiitM- fur ......
Yard ami (sotOTjl Vernon 8t.. oast of Hall
V. v  inn m. To-*pboiio 171
Cll   !.'.  D -    -*
frank aud t-xpiicit in slating hi*
-':   rj  thai  has a: I
To Punish Father T/rreli.
��� r    2h.���Thr  !' as  be-
- ti     ttKlay,
;   * nt of the e-
*:      ���     ed Enxti^h
IS  1
t b.   the holy offlcefl
Strike   Goes  On.
N-' i 31
attempt    has   b*-en   ma;
ichtnl-rtj in the :- ,
:   Kailroad. which  U*j-an sev-
enU -Donthe ago again-: -���"*-. at
cot-Jb ������������ii repre *
snd QeneraJ Mana.'; Bl
withlu 'hy last we��vk.    It was ��*ated today that al! negotiations are off.
Telegraphers Returning.
9,\.   Louis,   Oct.   21-.���Mana-.-* r   li    H
ol  the  W> stern 1
- till  last   night that  WW Btrtk-
j -,__������   ������ - ;   . ::- -I   '<���*  rht-ir
:.r. 1 ���!���:.-  v.
��� ;:n to th-* key u>day.
Notice of Meeting.
Cascade  Water  Power  and   Lrght Company, Limited.
Notice ia hereby given that an pi
traordinary general meeting of the ('a--*-
eade Water, Power and Light Company,
Limited, wiil bo held at the offices of
tbe company on Sato-day the 2nd day
��� jf November. l'-"T. at the hour of 2
o'clock In tbe afteruuon. for the purpose of:
1. Authorizing the issue of a series
of debentures, ag&iegarina; *3Ta.iM-o.OO.
dated the 1st day of May, 1907, with interest at 414 per c--nt. i*-r annum, payable on the first day of May, 1910, with
interest payable s.-mi-anntiaHy on the
1st days of May and Novemtxrr In each
2. Authorizing the enecutlon of the
draft Deed oi Trnst, approved by the
parties, which will be submitted to the
-:.g. and   made   between   the  enm-
-.ar.y  of the First Part, the Roya   '
Company    of    Montreal, of the ."-
Part, and the West Kootenay Powerand
I.ight Company, Limited, of the  Third
3. Pas-ring the resoItrUcm recited in
the said draft Deed of Trust.
t. Transacting such other busln^r-i-
as may properly come before the meeting.
Dated this 16th day of October, A. D
By Order of the Board,
Wharf fi u. m. daily Inr Kootenuy Land-
Ing .'.nil  rill  -Kiin's  ..ast.    Close e.nni.-r
Uons (or Spokane.     Betttrutnu   ani ���
City M'hari 7 p.  m.
..TRAIN NO. 45 for Konsl-in.1 and all
Coast points, connectitig with Bt-amer
Koakanook leaves c. P it. Depot 7 ir, p
111     Wharf 7 40 p. m. dally.
..TRAIN   NO. 43   for Slocan.   RoaelHMTy
Bares    depot    dally except    Bunday 9
���eitiriiiri.- arrtrea 0 p. m. daily
��� Bnsday.
TRAIN NO. 41   for  It.,.,, but] Boundary
Laves Depot dairy  except  Sunday  :. II
lit l'truing   arrives   N.isoti   10.80
P. m.
STEAMER      KOKANEE      for     Krrblr,
iimi;. except Sunday, lemrea city Wharl
��� ��� m l.nrdo dais: Mondays Wednss
da]    and I'ridayH.
For further  particulars call  or write
A.ll f.A.Vririrrouvcr. 1)  P.A., Nelnon
To  Contractora,    Builders,     Carpenter!
and House Agents.
It. having bean brought to the notice
of the Clly  Council  *__<  r-i-rtllill  Hectlotls
of By-laws No's 71 and 186 are not nml
bava not bead observed, I. e. section-; r,.
���i iunl 7 or By luw 74 ami BSOtlOm
7 and s or By-law BIG which provide
that permission or the Fire Wardens,
'he Clly 'engineer and Building Inspec
tor must (list 1,.. obtained nnd plans ds
posited with the Building inspector before erecting new buildings or additions,
or repairing, altering or renovating ex
i: tinr- buildings.
Therefore notice Is now finally Issued
that on and arter this date any person
or persons not complying with the l.ullrl
Ing By-laws of the City or Nelson, I. ��.
By-laws No.'h 74 und 1:11; will be prose
cuted as provided therein. By Order.
W. E. WASSON, City Clerk.
Nelson, 11. C, October 12, 1907.
Geo.  P.  Player
LATE   .VCCCNTANT  ...i   If'.!    \! * N
ING   A:    .SMKI.Ti.*.. I    I    I
Office  Room  No.  2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1g97."
Notice Is hereby given thai a   \
Miiler, oi the town of Crest.
man,  haa   been  a*>po-. .  w  at
torney    of     "The*    K::
'.rar of J,,::
Victoria, British Colombia,
Sehynn Lan*. Dift.-ic:.   DWuH *ri ���   M K"o.>wn��y
Tt.ktr nott<*��i th*. II   Wl.:;*.. r. r��n*
-   I .a. Aii'l
-ca-lh.   oecn;- -.'..   ..
Proctet, B- C, id.<-d*1   M tpmty for * _-**-_��-*��� fci lira-
her !;���*- ���*- a:.-! ���.
Commcn. iD*e  ui po*-: *.*���
.iv   ___,-;������
-   tmmth * ehx u -
Xhrnoenotth  -        - met   wtmxOtttkt
'.  'ttmmentt:.. . ���>*   -u-ref.
m-.r*- or lea*.
-*-pr-:_n;*er 20th, l-KTT. H  _*:-.-.:*-.-.
r.   -    V   tiXITH.
N- ;inn I__.n<- [ftitrtet.  _>ls-rt��rt of W-.��t Kootrs_i*f
T-li-; not:r��_ .i*..��t E !**. f. -.my*---, of Froxtvr, B
C, occgmUoo lambenniii. i_ul!i   ���>.*> x\jvly tor
.*.  timber licezwe over the  '.  Uovngtfo
*>rn*--**��- l*vn-U:
>o. 1. <:o_bmencibk 4*. 1 pott  pbmtad o**a-- tbe*
����t eonxerpa**'- o.        " *   -    --���    ot -t-n-on
. -.n-i ---..-.rk-*: K   -   .    -
B 1 ��� north  1
leat to *boni tn: 1 w -
.  -r li-tat.. �����   ----     - --��� :;*id** emit,
iheuce to ehMin*  w �� ��**.*..
thenre 40 eft*.!--   - -       .���*..-.* ��**:
mor. or !*#��� to the *��� '. *.'  r*&_*ld
t_ot  Ita 2f+l *.*���    * ".h. lhen���� ���*���)
-h-u-it we*rt to ttn�� pomt of ��� ���.-r.r-i��ri-e_ri#nt.
J>nt<Kl_S_h July, ;.**- -  F -J-t-mr,
.-iel^.hert, A��nt.
!__-3.J DUtrl--:    *>l-->.*-:
I"*-- :,:'-���**-   ".
IdU-ilo. *
��� ���_  -;-h-(-u timt���r
���i la___tt_ oa ���
' ommenctric *t a p**-:   ;   ��    -
' - -    *��� r-.TeT. tw-. *-
'nt*r-._,..onal bocii :
- a -
l.at-M ����pi_ i*u-. :j*"
- or * est Kootenuy
-iVhiffel, oi ttmOm
'��� *o appiy
.��� r   lhe following
-.���:��t rt-t--r.
--.  on ib-    -
-th of the
theo*'-��--  oor h  *�����-
I   *��0*ath �����*'
* ol com-
-��� UiTTTL.
:_i:rM. Atieol.
V-I��-r.n J_��C'. .'.-���-: n  '.'���"*�����. Kootenay
Take notice tbei Gh [Ha
Waub t -.. u,pyiy lot
a -p-w-tal umber Ue-raee o*    - --:._: de��
cnbe-1 lu-i; Oa th* ___���: ltd* of Pr._��t rlTer.
two an*-! a ialf -aUerfl aorta of the lDternattonal
_->aridary Ul�� : C��__**B -inr atapost planted
two anl a ImIJ _�����.*�� sort-, m Utc :::-.��-r?i��t_ocAl
t-oonrlary Itce, thenee *a*-. - -��.:.��. tbt-ooe
...  thence   *��� - -.  thenre
:.u-::. ���    �����.-�� M tbe   r- ..*.-.  ���,:        :..:-*;cac*-meD:
and ron.air.i3f 0*0 aerea   more ��� .* :��__.-
I>at_-_ Sept. Hth. IXC I :      *t >.   M-C_,r_ut,
K. W. rmrtM. Agent.
MeUon I-an-: Dt- net u-u-tru; of ** t-st Kootenay-
Take notlf-e thai Jay Boree. of Rr.jiTlile. Wub ,
.-rrupet-on butcher, intend* tu *\yy.:.  '<,r*\ -pe�� ;al
timber   licence   orer the   following   dei-rrlt-rd
land*; on   the east  -,de of frieet   river:    ��� ���
men'-lDg at a pout planted one and  a ba'i mt'-j
nortn  ot   international   boundary line.
eatt 6t. chalui,   ihence aoath 80 cbalc*   -
weat Hi chain**,   ihence   north  m  >
point of commencement, <*ontait.liif -+��� ion -,
more or ief*.
Dated ��ept   Hth, 19*T,. Jat Bovar
K. W. Smith, Agent.
N-i-'.ti I_and Dutrl-t. Diatrlr-t o. WeFt Kootenay
Vottflt ii hereby given that 9i day* after 'late j,
���old P. .���i*<*d_*er_-, miner,of Nt-lAon, u.f , intend
to app!; totheH-.ti the It,:-: - .: im-- ni,. r .f
Land and Worka for a Apeclal Ilce-j-e to ��� nt t-n 1
c__rry away ttmber from the following dea-ritMvd
landi -situated on Summit creek, in the Weat
Kooteoa} I'Ut-i"t:
No. 1- Commencing at a poat marked J. P. K a
timber limit, n-Tth>-aat i-orner poet, located on
weat fork of Hummlt creek about two mile* from
main ir-ek, the&e* running --r>rith ���*) - hain-*,
tbence running went 40 cbaiur, thent-t* runnttig
north V> chain**, thene* ���went 40 (hn;:,*. thenre
Borth **������ 1 hum*- then_H runniur tax *'��� chain-*,
thence rnaolag - ittt-fl chamx, thence eaat -10
chains to p. a- ��� ' .' '*��� 'imencement.
Locate*! on the '_-*' 'i ���:��-- ot Aij-riiNi
Ions P, B-V__OB___Hi( i^rr*ator-
(Nat hi.- ifsal I'lin Mcf>os .:.;.
No. 2.-i <-mrri* ti-'in*- kt a i----t marked J P. S'��
tlm>j--t limit, nrir 1 !tw*.a>t eorner j-o**t. lr>-.tj-.i ��,n
west fork of Htjin-an ereek, -bout two in lien from
main creek, thenc* running aouth **> chalti-
thence runnlrig eaat ��0 ebalrif. tbence running
north ��0chain * ������-��� > nutnuig weat ��y chain,
to ���.!*<���*��� r.f Bttmaiiutitmitut.
LoeMt&l itti the .-*:fi -1 ra \ of Augni-t, 1HU7.
/OHM p  BWSDama, Locator.
per hi*, agent Pitick M' I>*n_j,i>
Notice u her--liy given mat no a*��yu alter <1 ate 1
tntaad to apply 10 the Hon. Chief Comm,*-**i"i-.*r
of J_and-i an . w"ork'* frjr permlaalon to purtbaae
tbe following deaeiibed lauda, altuated in Went
Kootenaj- dial rid 1 '-mrnenclng wt a poi-i marked by name a- itiitial po-xt of tbe 8<-'itt. K-.rk
brand. I feet  from the   (unction of
La-at creek aim the aouth fork; tnence one-
.juart-tr mile Ui Um* nor tti weal corner pof-t, thenc-i
one mile to Um m-nh-.nl corner poat, thenee
one-quarter mile to the aoutbeaat corner pout,
then e one mile ut  the place of commencement.
June 27, VMH. f-ocated by Wn   Cos-��oi.Lr.
NeUon Land Dlatiiet. Dlatrlct of Went Kooten*.y
Take n��Mea- tha- W--;*-. H'.*.-e.f,( Kitxvill...
War-h . iR-r-upailot, botcher. Inteuda to apply lor
aepadal Umber lioeace over the foJlowin*-. >],-,.
mibad landa; on ih�� mm *-ide of Prioi river.
Commeneing -it * pott planted one and a hair
milea north of tn-- 1 ntern-itlonal bouii-*ary line,
thfijcc m--t wi '-h.itiii, tbence aouth ko cthal-U,
tbenr-e eaat HO chaini, tbauai norlli *�� *-hulna to
jKdni   ol  t oiniiieii'-enient,  crntainlUg  640 ���'���-.���������
mr-re nr lean,
I>aU*d Btpt   llih, 1901. Wicabav flovg��,
K. W.H-.ITM, Am r,l
Nclcon ImwI DUtfid     fMatrictof WeatKrHiti-rjar
lake noil..-   ��� ��� , 1   Henry   Itelehert.   of Nelaon.
H rj , proapector, iiiu-nd to apply for u Hpe-i-ti
tiinb.-r   Meenoa  urer   the   following    den-Til..*,-!
No, l.   Oommenolilg ata poit planted ooorM,
W.    portbwest    eorner   poat,   lol   No.  11*19,   ..*������!
mark.*d "Henry Keichert aouth weat oorner
poat ������ thanoe ho ebalni or.rth, tbence ho ohaini
eaai, thenoa m --ha in a -,011th, thenco HO ciiHlna
weal lo thi- potnl of eoinineilL-emeiit.
Dfttod Hept. Lhe 2Hlh, \901.
Hknht RlOTfWTj T-tHWtftT
Nelaou LaiKl lllalrl'jt.   Illatrl't id Weal   Kootenay
lake   DOlloi  thai   I, Murlea Hldliey  lA-t\ry. of
Burton City, H c , ooeupatloa fanner, intend to
applyfoi pernHaaioD to pnraluH tht following
di*aerihi'l it-nil 1 oiiiiih iir-ing at a |Ki-t plauteil
abom hv.* niilva uorthweat from tne mouth of
Moar-nito creek anrl marked "O, H L'a northeaal
corner," thanoa aoulh Ho ebalna, tbenoe weat HO
obalni, thenca north ho chalna, thence eaat ho
i-hairo- lo   point   i,|   eomuierieemelit, eomHliiliiv
NO aerea, B
Hept. 7th, lWf7. COAOSM Biimrv Liary.
Halloa land nialriel    Dlatrlctof Weat Kooleuay
Take potloa  that  Wiilimii   Andrew    Koaa, of
rernle. n n    bote.-keeper numida tonpplv ior
a ap-< oil Limbej llcanoa over tht folio wlni. dea-
orlbea landi: Ckimmentttnf nt ��� poat plant-.<i
about mx milea weal of the Kootenay river, on
Oon creek,   lo the  niairict of Weit Kootanay
and belli-- about alx mllea north of the Inter-
nall'.nul boiin-liiry line, and altuatr nt the
Qorthaaatcorner of Wiiliain Andrew  Bom' No.
K tlmherelHlm, thenre nortb HO cbaina, tbanoa
wt at m rhalna. them-.* atoith HO (*haina, theuee
eaat K rhalna, to me poim of commencemeui.
Located July _��rd, 11K17,
Dated the Hth of Aug. 1W7.
William JuXOmmw Hut*.
I...   . ' . nd Pink Kl:.nii. Lrir   Nlg3U   I>roa����B.     10  i>er ctut  diBruunt
on ai! st> i  B Mid prices.
Children's  Kail and  Winter Coats.     Wo will sell  at   15  per cent discount
on any of th> m
-v ���   -ur   I-idtfH' Drewt  Skirts  from   $3.00 each to $30.00.
our Stac* of Fancy and Staple I.inens, Cushion Covers, Etc. ls most com-
pN i-      Now Ls tho time to make a selection.
Merlin W.��nls in al! shades.
Special Discount on All Ladies' Winter Coats.
Vou can buy a 10-acre Fruit Ranch  iu   the best   fruit-growing district
in British  Columbia by paying   $10 down and *?ro per   month.
Even as an investment this is worth consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled in value within on year.  What will it do next year?
Nelaon l-anu I��l_trx-t.   PiatrJctof Weat Kooienay
lake   notice  that  Pauick   Bhoraa,  of   Nelaon.
B. f , oe-ropatinn proapector. lntandi m apply
inr a *r-t-<*lal   timber   llr-enre   over thi'   (oUowlna
d.-a- r;!-*-.-! Und,:    < 0:1,10' to inr at a \to*t planu-fl
at the N W   r-u-oerpoat oll_d 6-W2. b-.'ing l'atrirk
-���    -   h'i N.  E. eorner p"*t   r-innm-r  tooth  **J
rhntrm.  tbt-nce  w*-at W rhalna.  UianM  nortb iv>
���i-nce  eaat  **u i-baina   U> point  of enia-
Uatad Au��uat Slat. v*si.        PaTaica EUmuJ-,
Kai'K .���nhj-.Ni-, Af-ent.
Ta��e notice that Ira P. Taylor, ricra, r.f .iriow
bead, B. C, lutenda vj apply for ��� ipaelal
'..       it   umber   Irom   thr*    follo-Mii*-   daaeiibaa
Ma 1. (.���omrofti'ltif at a pom plant**"! !"��� 1-nlna
<i:--aiic��- In an caaU-riy dirwtion from cariboo
lak.* mar_re��l "Ira K. iaylor'a. W. Parkin- - W.
oorntte" bounde*i r.n ibe aoutb t>y II.  Ko   1000.
00 the   ."eat   bj   II-     MO. T070, il.-ii'i-   D
r*balna, t.ience east Ol (iialiia, thanoe  *������ <Kli ***���
1 bains, ih. noa  **-----t t*o slutfBfl t" potnt t.i oon-
in-;.''- ment.
HO.S. i 'niiim'*tir'lni{ ata poat planti-d Htivhaiiia
d It* tanr**- arid in ai-aaterly iireetlnii Tt.hii Caiiboo
lak<-marked 'W parkin,.'. IrnK lnyl-r*.- W.
corner po-*t," boundt*d on ll.e wnt l.y T. I. '������������"���
���outh by Ira K Iaylor'a aud W. Parklna' T. U.
No i, tfiraea north 40 etauu. then--- -i-m imi
(���halna, thanoa aonth 40 .halna. thence weal Jfio
ebalna to point uf commenccmeir.
1 W    K. O..M.V1B,
la* ��. Tatlob,
Nelann I>and Dialrlet. lllalrtctol Weat Kootanay
Taki notice that 1, ElJ-M.-cth Ker-*UNon, ..; "���.-i
���on, BrtUak CoJ-unli-a. oaeapatlou marriad woman, Lntosd t<�� apply for permir-i*ion to porohaaa
tha follow 1 ok daacnoad land : rominern in*- ��t h
l��-.t-i planted .0 ebaiua -v-*at of tha jMuthaaal oor-
ij.-r   ol   M-itlou   _*'_. 'fowuahlp tiV,   KrMiu-iui)-.   and
narkad'-X F.'a n  K   eofoar.''thanoa  irafl  N
��� hhtiia. tio-nc'-  aoutb 40  r-lialnc thanoa ������iM -vi
'li.iior*.   Ih'Ti'"'   north   40 r*bain_ to   thr* pi ar *e   of
eommasoenanft fes4 eoutaitiiiiit HO au-rri more
l.'dh July, A. 1). 1907.    KuzaTnH PRiu.rf.oif.
by W. A. Calder, ��Kent.
Nelaon Ijind L��iMri'*i. I>iatrir-t of MTaat Kootanay
Taka notioa thai 1, John Imrrtg, of Malaon.B c.,
or 1 ipation miner Inland to apply for parntu-
aion to purehaac the following daaeribed landa:
Coinim-iM-loK at a i��*-4 plaot'ilHl tin* N.K. ol
J.ol WtVi, thctiri- .11ft 20 r liainv, in. to-i: '.outh JO
chalna, them-" *<*<*at 20 ehalna. tbeuee north ���_.'
ehalm lo polnl ni itommcnceineul, OOBtalAlDg 40
acrai mor** or ifa<a.
AoKnat_nd.  1WJ7. JoH^ L_.no.
Nelaon Land Dlatrnt.   Dlatru:l ot Wott Kootenay
Take notlrrtr that I, David Q, Koriz.rd Halaon-
B. C., ocupHtloii  meniiaul, Intfiirl   to apply lot
in-rriiUnion to puniiaae the   follr,win*( rU-acrlla-d
[and:  Uomnaoofsg  at a pf.at   pianiori  at   ihe
lOUtbWaat   OOliW   of   ae*-11on   M,   town-ihlp   till,
Kootanay, and narked "l> '- K 'a H. W, corner,"
Ih'-iir.'   nortb  tvwtiulu",   lh-*nce r*Rnt 4U chalna,
tbenoa wrath Ml obaioa, thanoa iraat 10 chatnii
to UU jHilnt of oominenccinent aiol coIjImIiiIhk
'J-*0 acrea more or leaa.
lf��th July, ����07. Davm f*   Kt-HT/,
w  a.Gaidar,agent.
Valaon Laad Pletanot   Punnot ot *rott %ootm*t*y
Take  notice  thai  OomaliUI   Berfrnian, ol  Al-
irii-R. Mtiii., poenpation lansar, inteuda toappiy
for pansiaatoD to pnrofaaaa the ioijo�� ing dot
erlbed land:   Ooninianoiiiff ai a poat plained at
Kmnk K   HoamHii'*- H. f. corner, et a poM inarkerl
"<'. B. n E.oornar,"and mnnlna weatW cbaina,
tbanoa aonth tw enatlia, eaat mo ebalna, nonh ho
rhnliiH   to   place  of   h.-*--!uiilng,   eotilalliltiK   *>t0
aorai of lnn-1, more ro liHK.
Dated _.lrd AtiKiihi,l'jU7. Cohnri.iiib Rihomam
���\ niirr-H  A     111   it imi.    .* |...i|.
Malaon t_and Dtairl��-t.  Diatrict ol We^t i,....i_o),,v
Take notice that Paul Aiii-uat  I'aiilaoti, of Kit
��� ���Inner, ti f. OOOUpatlon luinlieruiHii, lntandi
toappiy firr permlaalon to purchaae tlm follow
lii|I deacrlbed landa: Comuiei-clUK at a t-ni-t
plan tad at tba aoutn boundary of  the rlgbt*of*
;������������������������ O^OOO'OmmOO'OOiOatyO'^^OOOOOOOOOO'OOO^OOOOtO ���������������������*!��
^������^^������^���������^^iaB^^il^BB��_'-��_t______B______��__B___l___��_^____..��"-  *
NOW      !
TAYLOR  ��   McQUARRIE Ir.-rv,.  ii-ncivi'd Ol<- ilnr-Ht i-onKlKlrm.-nl "f W.*l "' J
>    ICiiKlan.1 Tr.nis.i-liiub iv.-r bruin-lit Into the Ki>ot<-niiy��.    Tli... irrnr,   111 I"'"'*' J
���      rrom    $6 to $15 i P-'r- j
Z       i)nr iroimiTH an- cut and tnnil.. try ..xiiirt   nii.clianli'H,   Irliniii'-.l   "i'1'  ""' ���
Z   li. bi lliai monny can buy.    Th-y -Will flt yo�� pft-Otly ��lttl-�� OT It-IHll'I. I
Taylor & McQuarrie |
wny   nt   tli.-    Ilrltlfll   ir.llllTnl.ln   IHolilli-ni   lull
way 11 ml  r     ��� - 1.,.' 11 *��� ., 1   ... i, fruirr lull.. |M.r.t
l.'t l.ll fRl'l TH II -v..)-, tll..||....H.Hllll 211,-llHlll,, , t.. 111 .���
.-Hst 90 ,1,iiin,. lli.-lir.. w.rrlh UM�� l-liHllm. lli.-nce
���Mt ���1 0h-lH|. IlKll'-lI north In tit,, hou 111 Ihmiii.I
in. ..I .1,, iii-l.r ... hi, . ol thr llrlllril. r.,lrr���,l..���
K..,itlr,rir KMilt.ny. rh, rr.-,- .....ti-rly ���l->ii, tho
f.ttf.1 rivht ,.1-WHy ... j,1hi.,, of __M____
J.,, r ...1 lit im lni. d.y of _ tiKirKt. IUW.
I .. 1   Ar... nr I'AULaoM.
Pl.ty  ,l,tyi. uflrr rlrit.r I Arthur Allrtt   Hurt,,11,
r��l). If r, ol Hurt,,11 fit,'.    '��� '
I>,,i in,'.in,  i.iur,    ���     ,.,,rrn'r  ,,,   r,"i n>.,^
rrrriiiltiK north lUl .'liHlu..   lli.-lir,-  MUl .rr rliHlnr.,
tbenceioutbooeheitu, th.-mx- t*-irr,t ,u ..Iihiui. to
IiIhci- ..I I'liinill,.ii.rom.'Ut.
Aurn.l l��t. I1W7. __f_���. A. ftuRTOH
N.l.frrr I.BD'l lil.trl.-l    Irmtrlrt nf IV,-M ICnt.-niiy
'Ink,* rtottr,. Ilm*   A 111111.  Mt-rilll.  ���1 lbl I'Hy lit
Nel.fin. ,���'.',r|���,tt,,ii llri'itiiLli, liil.-rnl. t,t ,.j,|,ly l,,r
r��r i- ,..,. i- pai���bene !_��� i.-n..., i.,- -1. -���,, t... t
IhikIn: OonmrciHrliiK Ht a p,,nt |,1hi,i,.,I al the
N. W. oorner  L   il.   Morrlaon'r   rartrh,  In   Klro
nllry.tr,.**,.. north [orty (411) ,'haliin, lhott.ro
i..t   fii'ty (it,) rhalna,  thonoo  aouth  forty  (4,i)
alii", th.-tn-o w.-at forty till) rhalna to-mini of
linri.rno,I'trrrltt,    all'l  ...ri r., rrt i nr   olio hutldrod
,1 .Ixty (IWi) aoroa, mor,' or loaa.
1)1,.'I Np���t_t_nr.nlI.   1W17,       ANOtra Mtrlltl.L
Nelaon i.anil DUtrlot.  DUfcfSot���1 Woal KooUruay
Tako null.... that Philip Mi,���,l>al,aiik, nf Nolaon.
B, C, oooupntloa rancher, lutenda to apply lur
aoroa. more or loaa. .,u...,kpl.AKK-
ialu.1 Kept   lath. MOT.    I'.lll.lll' UK....-"""*-
Nolaon I_nd D.-rtrlol.   IM.lrlot "' ��'" f^,
Take   notloo   that   IluK"  OoHM". ���*_-,   i���r
Manllol.a.    farinir,     It. t.-i.-l"    *--._.,',,..., D-.-I
... ii.iIm |..n lo ptirrhaar the lotlo��i��J    ���!....<���
land: r ..... ii>. in n.K "'" 1"'!'., .i ill" '���."'-.'
���K-von mllo. Irruti lhe mm. r uf "*,',��������� .'"
at  liorlhoaat   oornor   ol  "l,1."    ",'',,itini ���null
markod -u. 0 N. K. oorner,"nn-T"-J��"'���,*,ID
nn.rlialiia, thenii- ��r.'��t Kurhalu", r cl( ���,���,.
rhalna,   thriurr e����l K0 obaina  In  po
rmenooment, ooiiuliiln-t ���*' ��_"'"���
IJatod itOlh day Oi Annual. I*1'
,A���K"-l.   -   ,,,,���������,.
ak���.,-��a.��i ���..a-"-1:
UeUtrn Und i-i.tnot. W-trlot orW f*��?%
Take     nolloo   thai     Kraiik    '
Annua,    Maiillol.H.  hrokor
for iMrrtnlaatou to  purch���w
rll.rrl laud:    CMiiiin.u'lrn  ��l ��
ii ''':!���:!
.���ril.V.i land:   Oommeuoini a,.��--,rt���f,wni
tiro aoutbeaat oornor ol  '"'"',"y,,���,,illlu teU
fl,,-,,.ll..�� front   the  inoirll;  Ol  ���'"      ,     (hiin"
marked K K I ��� Knnrnnr," ana .'     ���, iiirm-'
north K0 ohalna,   thonoo   ���real*" '_'      p���mt ill
aniith K0 olr.lna. thenoe oa.l w      "
i��inni..|irr Ill, rouUlnlUK Mo ��'
Dated 80th day of Au.ual. l��n. ��� ���,.,-.
j,���h!:* Wm -��""' ? i'
The Daily Canadian
II you kuew you could buy
I -finest  quality stamped "Canada Approved"  by Government
Inspection on every package, would   you trouble mak-
���jjj, it, particularly when it will Cost You Less.
We have it   iu all   sizes to suit   families, boarding houses
Ld hotels, 7, 14 a*-d z8 lb- Pails- ���� lb- tubs-
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
kaslo, Rossland Boundary
Wholesale Provlelone,
0oT1.rnu 1 Crwuni-ry OnoPonnd Bricks if-cel-wl wi*kly fresh from the
ohtn-n.    For tale by all leading grouerm.
iltlire anil warehonse: Monnton Block,    Phone 79.
Josephine Street.        ...        Nelson, B. C.
ii of ApjiktoD J?-"others'  tract.     ImprovemenU  on  every   block.
I Tenders Wanted for the Purciusc of a
Mineral Claim.
TtO'l.--   ad   ��� -   |������   ii,.   tiu-li>n-lgned,  al  hit
I nun Uuun, in tba *'!��* al Nelaon,
up till the hour al btiVloca, tn
i_, >;. !     i��\    N..vi*_n��Hir  1Mb. iwn,
|U|    ,, in-'      l'ri'H-1*-ill"   Mineral
ilute.  Uil     -      11roup   I.   KrK.lenay     l-it-irirt.
���LUL.-* .*������   ��r. -: in Ik forfeited to tlu*  Crown
UUie in l*lr litl-i in ihi* fltf of NcliK'i-, on th*
tthdi- nl  Noi  .   It.*,   lor  delinquent   Uu. up
\90t\    aud    c*>_*u.     Tha   upaet
���ft   ti       ���  .-, raj   ( l��lm,  which   In
�� I       ..,*���.nl   ta ���*"-*���   and  ��*oat
, forfeiture, with luWrrat, U��*i
.  me* rued, rnmtn  ol   aavertUlug,
[���own   ������tn.nl   (f-��i.UU} In IM **'��. whim
btt* ������������_*.i amount thai will   be con-ddervd a* a
tn > ���
Ut     -.. odci   mutt   Uj   w-*-<mi|>auled    hy   an
-tlie* lull   ami.u nt at the   Wn
iM.<na\u\\.       the urdei ol tin*  Dim coin-
��� Un i- and Worka, at Victoria, ti. < .
ll |'-f
..:.:-,,:..       :.   II .    . |it ir- Hlh di> ol Oft.. 1W7.
i.nv t*riiiii*-iit Agent.
Tenders Wanted for the Purciusc of a
Mineral Claim.
'���iii. ������ ��'  r, ���.--, i  i,, im- iiudanlinwl at hit
I lout*   in Iha Clt] ol Nelaou.
pull the  lutur ol t�� o'clouk, lu
Um���Ik-ruu-iu  nl Kriday. Nov.lMa- IMI. lor iha
��� I.    aha "  Mineral  CUttm,  '-"*-
itenaj    i'i* Irti i.  a hi. h   waa .'���***-
;   i.��  tiif  < rowu ai  UM  U-i
���*��� ol Helaoo, on the 6th day -*t
ni  taxea   up U-l   ->*�����."
-... upaat price upuu tht
��� h   include*!  the ��o.ntlut
- _,   ._.,,-...__��� ���__,���, .__.--.
and  ooal   at the tlmt* ol 1.
I-iture. -a ,n.     ,-,-   -i.   uu*.  Whleh   ha.u  nin-.*
' ni,*.   Hint  let- lor Crovt n
,.*��� -       which li the total amount
Ikatwj    ���..
aa a tende
JJ-b  tend**i   iuu**l   bi   H��eoiupanled    by   an
Hie lull   atuoiiui t��I Ihe leu
""���ft-Jabl*,    tu   : rdarol   1hw_-.>*pitl v   linn
' ir.il l- ami WurkR, at Victoria, tif.,
-Htadal Ni .--.-,, |i r . .l*. Miu day ol i��et.,llW7.
'ioiernuu-ui Agent.
Tenders Wanted fur the Purchase of a
Mineral Ci-im.
udwalgnadjij iiw
i  Houae. la the CUT ol Helton,
' ���'"��� up till lhe  hour nl* ..clock,   lu
1      ay, No?,  i.,-*,, imn, toi th.-  .
'-',"''   <> Badger"  Mineral  Claim,  '-..i  L
'���-"���1 i, i ,K""1"'"*y I'Utrlct, which whi dv I
*Wii'- ! i'11'''''1 '" ,l"' i'r��wn at thu tax '
o|7,       .   '    ' ' *���> ''INfli.oii.oii   lhe f.th   .IR*.,*
Certificate   of Improvements*
"rnlon" Mineral llalm it.mate ln the Nelion
Viiiln* L>i\lMou, ol the Weit KnoU*nav DtnliicU
When- lot-HUwl:- "n Tor��il Mountain two and a
bait i-i ii* - irom  Nelaon, B. V.
Take notK--.* that 1. w. a. Macdonald, a'-ltuc a*
***���< ii' fi*- lliafch Huthcrland. Kree Miner's Cer-
i :i ��� ���*������*��� No. Bl&.-ixt. :iit.-n ! 60 day* Irom tbe dale
hereol, to *rwply to the Mining Recorder lor a
*.--i.'.--I. mi ImproTemcnu, Ior tbe Mir-x.M ..[
obtaining a ('nvtn   ''rant of the  above claim.
An.l -.*;-,.r take notice that neUou, under
rviloii O, him be eonimeneed before the li-
������ ... in-. o[ Mucb t'ertlDcate of ImprovemenU
��� 'hi. I ttiU -Jt-i day of September. A   D , VA'
W. A. MAC0OJ4Al.Ii
Certificate   of  Improvements.
"Big Hopet Kraclioit'' Mineral Claim, altuali-
In the Troi.t l_mke Minn,,* luv^lou, ol Wt-:
Ktiiii'imi '. ��� i -��� i t i. ;, l.n.i!' i ou Poplar ereek,
Take tni::.-i- that I. U. I'adley Free .Miner |
t eiilll.-HU   No.   BHB'Kr.S,  Intend fill dav**   Irom   the
riaie Tien-*.-, to apply to lh* Milling BteotOjta lor
a I't'iiiii.-,,;.- of Improvement! for the poi-p*'**' "'
..t.iKi -.lit ,-��� ���_ Crown oratit i*f the above <'lnnn.
And Ifrther t��ke urttlv-- thai ri-Uou under
HtK*tion *T7, mult lie commenced before the
i-**,Hfi<-_*  of -.uch ('ortIt)cate ol Imt-roveuicul!.
I'atc-rt. thin .'��lh day of October, l��n.
0   I'AIH.KY.
In thr matter of an application lor the ta-mr ol
a ilnpll rale ('.rtllieate or Title lor pari (40 acre**)
ol l_.i lUt. <iroup one. tn UwDtatrttn of Kooteuay.
Nolle ��� In hereby -*iven that it la my intention
to l-atuv at the expiration ot oue uionth from the
tlmt publication hereol a duplicate ol Ibe Certificate ol 'l lib- lor the above lamln lu tbe name
Ol Andrew Moriihon, which Ct-rtiticale of Title
If- dab-d tin* .il, .!������-. ..( M,li. I,. I.--.. and niini-
he rod MUL
l*n.l Uegmtry office. Nelson. B, <'.,8oplember
II lb, 11W7.
"H   f. MA.I.oon,"
I>lMrict Keglitrar.
MM \
"I A,i
deliui-tiaiii  ttixiw  up till Juu'ta
OM Mul,,' ";���"""���   '"-e upHci prlaaj  upon   thw
,    aim, wbioh itioiudai ihoamoitsui
iiri ��        lMxt'K ���,l"1 ooil-i ���lt   tha lime ol [_-j>-
.. "'.Willi    It,;, ri.,1,    tHXe-    wl,i,.|,     |���vt.    B-JI.MI
['i'lv.riihini., mid lee lor Caovwu
" , whicfi is the lOOal nuouilrt
1 n lender.
������"'li   Li'inl       ' r"' _______________________________________
* '������������I'M . I """'l   lK'   Hr-r'ompniiletl     nj,' .u*
I|1'' Hum'    '." '"' M,,'i'ili amount ofc_t.a-.Ma
""^iiui-r ,    i     ' J"1 "r(-',r "I  tl"'   l��epHly  Ckwf
liter"01 Uu<-��aa<- Worka,at Vlctat*. m\W   ,
BARKY V. ltn.llT,
OovuwimeiH e\0**0LOO%
"��� -ifw>��---���- i****~*~f   *******
To*�� Wanted for (Be Purc_asc tif a
M'nrral Cl-im.
1 to rr,,. t)r��wu._t_hj  t-n
  ��� '' r*.''-..,!!, .���. rii,. ..iu ilt.--
'"'",���� il'"'"' '"'-1" ril'tlll -Irilii'
"'''. nn .it ,"', u,,-,Mt BI-���' upi.tr tin,
���"I t*i\,..,..��� ,       itn-.lr.ilt.N th., am,,,mi
111 ,   '""������.���"li, ,_, i,���,   ti���i���,,|   |���r
ti,l,l,'" *r. ���r ���,,.   :'""���'���   ��'lll.,li   linvu mill-*..
���Ui...       ""-ir. n.i rj11-****.*-".utmiount
.,'*'   '"H'i,.. ,���,', l,""�� -.tutor.
���I. ',;1; ..., i,,.";,.r,""0""1*"""1 *���>* ""
���".���i , ''"'��� 1" lln. ,,,..'���"'   ��iii..i'nt .,( tin. ti'it-
����� "'''"'Uu, .,.,','-��� "    -ll��  ''...I'lity   n-
11.W  .. """��� *""".. _tvmi..rf_. It..'..
u nl N, U,,h   ,.
������".'.���.Hlh <1b v.f<Vt. 1W17.
li.UiRV  W.KltWT,
>.... .���rr,i���,.|ii A��0llt.
nil UU m��ltrr ot ... ���|>|,ll.--lliinJtoT Hi- l~.il.'"I
Kliii.ll.i-M'.nl lh- <>rtlll..��Ur..,l I HI. t., l.rlt. 11.
11J   tan.l IU, R run I. I. W����l   K,��,lrn��y lilrlrlll, al�����
known .. Hi- "Koohnuj ri,iri.""i onion '��u'i
"l.uru" n.ln.T��l I'l.linr. ri..lH',tlv.'lr.
Null,*.. !�� h.ri.t.v rrlvi-u tlmt 11 1" oir lnH'iillnn
t., imiii- ��t tin- .-i'1'lr.ti..n ���l .in.' inootli ,,n.;r lbo
II rr.! ,.,,1.11.-11.... h.r,.���l.,lli|.ll.'��l...>l< rr I II...IO
,.( 1*1���6 l.��� i.ir.11. ..I nn uti.ltvl.U'.l HI Itnillii, Hi
...rll .,I till" ..�����.',. luU, l.mie.1 ull til.' "III 0-f ��
M��y. A II. Im', Hi It,.'u��iii.'.,ll,,lin''. Aiii.wortb.
nrr.l tlao ��� .luplli-ati- "I . . rt 111 .*��U- ul Till.' Nl..
f.wiiiH ,,l nn iiii.llvl.le.l Ullimtlir Iii ���*_*�� ,"';;
nb<��vi* lot., lN,,i,*d on the nth .!..)' ol -J*1'' A- "
IHWl.ln lh." Irani,'ol il.',,r... J. AliiHWortn.
I ..ml  llOKl.lry Ofllire. NWnoli. H. I'.. AUKU.t l.lh
II. K. Ma.-I.-ioii."
lust, I, I luuHtr.r.
J ** T
In th. multiT ol ��n *n'"'-<><>"<K]"r.l\' ?*��}��
��,l,���,ll,n,lool  tho ti.-rlMl.-__*. ot     I. "I���� ��**
���ti- tho worn imii oi lot it, Woo- in. m Ui.wwn
*'lf__S_*ll Ir.rol.y Klv.'l,   lhat H  U jarMjMIJJ
to l.u,.,l thi-onl'ltatlou ul olio in. mUl alio, ilio
"ral Iitl" .all. i, ion-i.l H .luplloau. ol llto oortlll-
a Elf     ltn" Vol��� Ihoiila.vo lar.'lr.. ill l**��'   *�����"_,"���
.lay Dl BUMmbcr, m��. ��'��J."S,Z'lkoiV"
nurtrlrt KeKlatrar.
In th.��  M-tttir of    th. "L.nd     Regirtry
Act" -nd  Amendment, thereto,
,    \ '    ��� AND���
m t,',o ,,,-ii.T;..iHj *BK��?<a %TiT\''Jl
3^_r*_o*aSS i< ..'���-'''''",�� "jj ___TS!_S
il.l,-.l  rl,, '.nil-ay ol AuRiiHt.  laiw.  ��',lu
bnroil Miv.-k. ���,,,..,    ��.<,���   mat  .1
Und   "."-l.try ->*-��.  'fWbilOjbll,
-uKi��t. "W- --.trlct Kegl-tr*--.
Inaurance  Men and   Financiers  Look to
Dominion Parliament for Wise
Tbe Canadian iiarlianient soon to as-
seinble liau an apuortunity whicy may
not recur aKain in a K'Mieration to prove
to tbe world that the Dominion is not a
BubaervU-nt provinne of a distant empire, nor dominated in ita viewB by the
Kreat republic on its southern border,
but in capable of originating legislation
adapted to the needs of ltn const! men ta.
It haa an opportunity, too, to act uu example to thu whole western world of
legialation uninfluenced by hysteria or
prejudice which shall be a model for
other atates to imitate. Independence or
prostitution of alien influences lu the
issue which will be presented when the
report of ita Uoyal Insurance Commission iB laid before it for action. That
report will recommend for its adoption a
system of insurance legislation originating in an inflamed and ill informed
public sentiment of New York, tbat has
met the outspoken condemnation of the
Intelligent underwriting fraternity of
the United States and Great HriUiin.
which was confessedly an untried experiment of uncertain character by the
admission of Us authors, and which has
already demonstrated its harmful character In the business results which have
followed ita enforcement.
On the other hand, arrayed against the
recommendations of this report are the
united remonstrances of the entire Insurance fraternity of the Dominion and
tbe most intelligent public sentiment of
UM people themselves as voiced in Uie
leading representatives of its daily press.
Tbe issue of the si niggle should not be
doubtful. No such political influences
are potent ther-* as here to coni|>el a
body or lawmakers to blindly and ignor-
autly give their assent to statutes, re-
gaidlesB of protvst by those who know
tbeir real significance and the mischief
they would produce. There Is no reason
why the members of the Canadian body
should not give intelligent heed to the
arguments and appeals that will be made
against tiie adoption of this report.
Those arguments will come not alone
from Canadian underwriters. They will
be reinforced by the ablest experts of
the mother count ry and the United
3tates itself. They should appeal to the
patriotic pride as well as the wisdom
and prudence of the lawmakers.
Will Canada be independent in seeking the welfare of her citizens, or will
she cravenly yield to the pernicious influences of our American states and
seek In them a model for her new insurance code? Such a code will doubtless be insisted on. No scandals have
arisen at home to sway her choice. The
opportunity is open to her lo proclaim
freedom and publicity as the watchwords
of the business within her horde re, and
to throw back on the men who handle
her institutions the full responsibility
for their management, free from the
trammels of legal interference until they
prove recreant lo their trust. The as-
Humptlon of suh an attitude will be a
rest raining Influence for good on all the
��10 DOWN
We offer you bent fruit lands;
beet terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute titles. Tou
don't have to use all of your means
ln paying for land. We want you
to put it Into development. We
also have tracts of 50 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't Bee Fruitvale you
miss the best ln B. C.
Kootenay  Orchard
Ward Street, Nelaon, B. C.
More complete, satisfying and enjoyable
than those prepared with supplies from
this store. You'll probably want a few
"extras" for the occasion. We have anticipated this, and have been busy get'
ting ready to serve you well. Some of
the following ought to interest you just
now: Cranberries. 2 lb for 3f>e; Henry's
Sweet Gherkins, 60c per bottle; Davies'
Sweet Relish, 25c per bottle; Gillard's
Relish, 25c per bottle; Tokay Grapes,
20c per Ib; Aylmer Uoned Turkey, 'J5c
per  can.
Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor. Josephine & L-atimer Sta.
Tel.  19. NELSON, B. C. P. O. Box 637.
vicious legislation which now threatens
tlie American states. The picture of
Canada refusing to be swayed by our
���n-iuicious example, but In tbe face of it
adopting a policy the very reverse of
our own, will be a potent help to those
who are now struggling to close the
flood gates of vicious lawmaking in the
legislatures of the I'nited States. Secretary Macaulay well summed up lhe
argument ln his recent address before
the L-ife Convention at Toronto when he
"The next a_ession of our parliament
will be one of historic importance, for
at it will be settled the conditions under
which Canadian life insurance will ojier-
ate for possibly the next quarter of a
century* The responsibility which this
imposes on our legislators is a very
serious one. Hut it is more than a responsibility, it is a great oppottunity.
The principles that should govern legislation on Uiis Bubject have been given
more earnest consideration in the past
twelve months thau ever before, and
Canada now has the opportunity to en-
ast an insurance law which will be distinctly Canadian, aud a model to other
countries. This desirable end ts now
within our grasp, if our government and
countries will but thrust aside the
malign influence of the New York example, and co-operate heartily and sympathetically with a single eye to the good
of Canada and her people���the strengthening of her companies, the benefiting of
their itolicyholders and the extension of
the blessings of life insurance among
the at present unassured public."���The
Monitor.  __,
Is now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
Td. 324.
Tremont House
���or one an ��nd American Plan
Mail* 86 ct#.    Room- from _i eta. to fl*
unij. White Ueip -Employed.
Bmtt-t St., NelaoD Proprietor*
Most comlorl���ble quarters      Nei��onl
Only the bent ol L-quors and Cigara.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly reno-ated and refurnished. Rooms On cents upward. Tbe
dining room Is unexcelled in the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 290.    Opposite Court Bona.
and Postolflce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet. Nelaon. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
KATB8  _t  Hit DAT
Lanre and tlomiortable Bedroomi aad rint-
clasifltnlii-E Boom.   Sample Booma lor Commer-
���rial   Mao.
_K8. I. C.CLABKB. Proprieties!
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tbe Bar U the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Jooephlne 8t.
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and $1.50 a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Boardms
The Sliver Grill haa opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The beat 35 cent
meal in the city.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase oi a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders ad<lre_*-e*1 to the underslsmed ftt hi-
oi.i'v lu the Court Hoii��e, In the City ol
Nt-lsou, will be received up till the
hour ot T> o'clovk, in the s-fternoou, of Kri
<iny- November lut, 19U7. for the ptiri-hane of
the "Anne" Mineral rutin. I_ot Mo. Group I,
Kooteuay I-isinrt. which was declared to t>��*
forfeited to the Crown at the tax sale held ln the
City of MelHon, on the 6tb day ol November, 1V06,
for delinquent taxes up till June 80th, 19-.6, and
The upfM-t price upon the nald mineral claim,
which Includes the amount of di-llm-went taxed
nnd costK at lhe time of forfeiture, with Interest,
ium's which iutvi- r-iui'i- accrued, cost of advertising, and fee for Crown Grant (*���_*.00.) i- Ji_.:.7i��.
which it* the least amount that will be coucldered
0j a tender
Each tender must be accompanied by an ac-
.'.���pUnrcheque tor the full amount ol the tender,
im si*. Mr t.i iheordcrof the Deputy Commls-iloner
of 1 jui'I*- aud Worka, at Victoria, B. C, at par.
Dated at Nelsuu, B.C., thin '27th day of Bept
Government Agent, Nelaon, B C.
Certificate   of   Improvements
"Montreal1 and "<-*uebcc" Mineral Claims situate tn the n.-Imiii Mining Division, of West
Kootenay  District,
Where located: -Went branch ot nnrth fork of
Halmon river, on Craig Mountain, about nine
miles from Erie, B. C
Take notice tbat I, Alfred Ernest Gallupe, Free
Miner's Certlllcate No. Bflltt, intend, Hlxty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the Miiiln-.
Recorder for a Certificate ot Improvements, for
the purpos-- of obtaining Crown Grants of the
above klatiiiH.
Aud further take notice that action, uuder
suction 87. mil id he commenced tie fore the Usu-
aucc of mich (*ertl'lcatc of Improvements,
Dated this 12th day of -topteinber, IW7.
10-Acre Blocks For Sale
In tbe Slocan Valley;  free from    atone;   level land;  ample water;   railway facilities;   good settlement; easy clearing.
Price: $50 to $85.   Terms: One-fifth  cash,   the   balance   one-fifth   each
year..  Interest 6 per cent.
h. & M. BIRD
A great many sales bave been  made of lots ln this charming suburb
of Nelson and only a few best lots are left.
No. S10.
Certificate of the Refllatration of an Extra-Provincial   Company.
"COMPANIKS -WT, 1897."
1 hereby certify that the "Falls Creek Copper
Mlnkiii. Company, Limited," has this day heen
registered as au extra-Provincial Company under the "Companies |A��., 11*197,'* to carry out or
effect all or any of the objects of the Company
to which the legislative authority of the Legislature ol Hrltlsh Columbia extends
The head Qffloa of the Company tr- Hituatc ai
tbe city ol Spokane, KtaU> of Washington, U.S.A.
The amount ot the capital of tbe Company ts
one million live hundred thousand dollara,
divided into oue million five hundred thousand
share�� of one dollar each.
The head ofllue of the Company in thlt- Iro-
vlucc Is nltuale at NcIhou, and Michael C Mon*
Hi*lum. Miner, whose address la the same, is tbe
attorney of the Company
The time ot the existence of the Company is
fifty years trom the 1-ilh March, 11W7.
'i in- Company lit *-|K'clHlly limited under section ��� "��� of the above Act.
Uiven under my baud and seal of office at
Victoria, Province of British Columbia, thin 1Mb
day of May, one thousand uiue hundred aud
IL. ������! B. Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint bum k Companies.
Are in a class by themselves. Large, level benches.
Magnificent soil. Unexcelled transportation facilities.    NO ISOLATION AT ROBSON.
For Price and   particulars apply to
McDermijd &d McHardy
7 rooms and bath, 50 ft. corner lot,
cniraUy located, one-half cash,
balance  on   terms ' $2100
5 rooms and bath���excellent repair,
electric light, water, sewer, 1 1-2.���
Silver King  and  Granite Roads,   Kootenay. Salmon and Slocan Rivers,
Arrow and  Kootenay Lakes, etc.
Carbonate  St.,  (25 ft.) $ 150
Latimer St., (50 ft.) fenced and cultivated $ 450
Park, near Vernon,  (52 x 142 ft.)$ BOO
Robson St., (150 tt. comer) $ 450
Fairvlew,   (4   lots)   cultivated, line
view of lake, near car line.
Houston SL  (50 ft. corner) * 3TS
Also building sites on Vernon and Baker
Real Estate Agent
315 Baker 8t, Nalaon. B. C
and deaLers in LtMnbe_ff Shingl*zsf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Brackets. Mail Orders promptly ���__���___ to.
Boots at Cost
You can buy hoots nnd shoes at yrur own price.    The McLaren, Dallas
and Marsh Hoot reduced from $5.00  to $3.75.
Work i us men's GuiU-rs from $1.95  to $2.15, usual price $2.75 to $3.00.
411"/. Ward Street.
A Shoemaker wanted to take over Sho-making Department.
Auction every Saturday evening. Auctioneering at Public Sales. Cabinet work and upholstering, and all kinds of mattresses made to order.
Undertakers and Embalmers.
Notli-e it lii-ruby Klvuu tbat the undersigned
imvi' Miltiniiir-i '*> Uu* Lieutenant Oovornor-ln-
Counell a proiinfi*l un-ler the -.-rov-xlon1* ol the
"Rtveri- and tureami- Aet," for clearing *n<l removing obnlriK'tlomi from ' nml Kiver and Mea-
dow OfSSl-i in the I'lKiri'-tof Went Kooteuay, and
for Making Oo- ���.������.nut in for rafting and drlv
ing tiiiTi.-oii log**, timber, lumber, rtm-o-ud cruris
and for eruellug and maintaining booms for
holding, nortltig aud delivering logn aud tluilter
brought down Hitld ereek fiid river, and for attaching boouiH m i.in- ahore ol .aid creek and
river for nabl piirponei-.
Tbe lands  to be affected   by mild work arc;
Loti* Mi, ftltil, 4.v.u. and nub im*. In. ll. IS, 14 and
16 of Ixtt 4MM, QrOUp 1, Kootenay l-'Mrtrl.
Tin* toll*- "proponed to bueharged nr*. inch u
may bo fixed by tbe Judge of the County Court
nl Weat Knolctiay.
Date.l 3Ut July, 1907.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything.
KO to tba Old Ciirlii-lty Shop. A new
tine of Japanese Good* now on sale.
VII hinds of Dlnnerware ln stock. Patterns.
F. C. GREEN       r. F. BURDEN       A. H. GREEK
Civil Engineers, Dominion and Bfi__-
ColumbU Land Sorreyors
P. 0. Box 145   rboae MI a.
B. C.
General  Job  Work, Chimney
ing, carpet Cleaning, Fixing nnd Cleaning -tovee. ate,
11 Cast Baker ttt. Hn-ne No. AIM
I      l
m ���ll
'I '���! li'
I. Ir
The Daily Canadian
so all busy people, we are Bure we
can save both time and mom ) for
vim If yoti "ill some now and Inspect ih,. differenl lint a ol goods
we are showing toi the Chrlstma.
Selections win be likely to prove
far mora satisfactory if made dow
than if lt-n rm your busiest days.
Watchmaker and Optician
And Belts
Fancy Chiffon and Silk
Collars with or without tabs
at, each, 50c, 75c, $1.00 to
New Elastic Beaded Belts.
New Leather and Silk
Belts in all colors.
h liianufiicttired from  tne fincM   inhaero, ,nu*��
ripened tad Atw-tmottonoA,   it's mild, fuli-
ilavored and OOOl.    A tobacco you _____
, ought to try
Tobacconist., Baker Street.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
10 Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
.Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & __���
Next Door to TJank of Commerce.
A. McDonald& Co.
Dealers in staple an*, fancy Groceries,
t Butter, KtfgH.
Camp and Miner*-' Supplies.
A. M. Can. Bee. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:  lloaloy Huilding.    P. O. Box 48+T
1 ���tor --. NKLHON. ���. ft I
Tbe Host Hard Ooal ou the lnar-
I3ttnkhead Brl-
Tiii* B.-.t Domsstia foal.
West Transfer Co.
���tor. Vernon   and Ward Strr���'-.tM,
ineusoiv. ra. c.
.1. T. Doble, J. BeokltL Vancouver; W. A.
I.awsrrn. victoria; \N*. Moniu. U. Bailey,
Toronto; C. D. Steedman, Cannington
Manor, Sank.; N. L, *leliinls. Grand
Forks; .1. P, Lawe, Fernie; S. S. Tollm..
W. steBen B. J. Allen, Marysville; G.
Howard, B. Johnson, .1. Norton, New
ink; s. S. flood, Revelstoke; C. E. Li>kk.
The tourist hotel of Nelson,
corner of Stanley anil Victoria
streets. Two blocks from depot.
W. A. iiitt- and wire. O. E, Moon*.
Spokane; P. II. Smith, London; Mrs. Mc-
liierick. Mrs. Melrose, W. B, Clayton,
Revelstoke; .1. L. Retallack, Kaslo; A. 11.
Wheeler and wife, Ainswortli; K. a.
Balnbridge, 11. MoPberBoh, Vancouver;
.1. A. Wright, Montreal; s. 11. Crow, Toronto; .1  Cowdry, Madeod.
A. 11   Robinson, Coutta, Alia.:   L.  ('.
McDonald, Beaforth, Oni.;   B.  Budklng-
bain, Devon. Eng.; O. Blair, Slocan;  11.
Siniilis. 'I', Riley, Marcus.
Mrs    II    McDOUgal,  Salilirr;   BS. .1. Cod.3
air,I wile. Krrslo;   I. i:,lnionil*r,rn. Procter;
Rev. O. I.id, n, Coeur d'Alene; .1. Shen-
ton, .1. Lavene, Nanalmo; 10. s. Green.
Geo. Mead, Creston.
0.   B.   Murray,  T.  Dowy,   Fernie;   II.
Crelller antl wile, n. it,.hi. Calgary; A.
s   Brooks, Spokane;  lt. Olson, Arrow-
bead; ll. mills, M. Reokson, Waneta.
w Million. ,i. Bristow, Sllverton; W.
Langlans, F, Tompkins, Second Relief;
A.   SlVleS.   Movie.
.1. ll. Beverley, Salmo; .1. Fltzslmmoni
Finaru, New Zealand; a. W, young,
The annual  meeting of the  Nelson
Agricultural and  liulnsiirial  Association
will   Irr.   in Id   in   lire   OOUrl   Utilise,   Pronl
Street, Nelson, on Thursday, November
T, al  2 p. in.
Nelson. Oel. 28, 11107.
All Kinds of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St.. Nr. Oners House.      Tel. 181.
Sherman's Opera House
Prices _!f'C, GOc, 7f,c.
Seat* now qu *ale at Rutherford^,
Th ��� next sitting of the supreme court
Nelson will b<> on Doo. Bth; thr next
.-it n   of   tho   county   court   of   Weat
Kootena) un Dee. B3rd.
Stamping Machine.
a  letter  ittunping tnachlne   n *.*���  re-
������i-iv.-ii ai ihu Ni'lsiui poal office thia
morning which will greatl] expedite
lln* stamping and distribution of mail.
Council   Meeting.
The adjourned meeting of the city
council will be held in the city hall tonight ut S o'clock. One Item of bUOtnesa
will he the appoint ment of a city Hi''
irieial engineer. .Many applications���
about 40���have been received.
The Mother Lode.
Concreting has been started on the
foundations of the* new compressor
building of ihe Mother Lode. Both day
and night shift.s ure kept on nt tbe work.
When this compressor is finished it will
be, with one exception, the largest in
The "Busy Bees."
The members of lhe "Husy lice"
Society will meet this evening at ~.:\o
o'clock in the class room of the Methodist church tu make Qnal arrangements
for their ghost party, to be held ar the
residence of Mrs. 1*.. ('. T raves, Edge-
wood avenue, Thursday evening.
Where the  Sun  Shines.
A party consistinu: of members of the
school staff and others climbed ESvening
mountain last Saturday and speut the
da} in the sunshine while Nelsou was
buried in a fog hank. An awcent of the
mountain across the Arm is planned for
Thanksgiving Day.
I. O.  O.   F.
The members of Kootenay Lodge, 1. O.
O. F., will he at home in their lodge roum
tonight from S o'clock. Refreshments
will be served and a good musical pro
gramme will be presented. Old members
of the lodge and visiting members <>i the
order are especially invited to attend.
Shipments for 1907.
The shipment of fruit by members of
the K. F. G. A., as far as reported, are
ss follows: Strawberries, 7,61)0 crates;
cherries, raspberries and currants, 1,500
crates; apples, pears and plumn, no returns as yet. These figures are irrespective of fruit, sold locally or sold
direct by the growers.
The Arbitration Board.
As we go to press the arbitration
hoard Is still in session. After n rest of
a week the work was again taken up
yesterday. Nearly every business man
in town hHS been on the stand giving
evidence as to the cost of goods fiuin
the wholesaler, the per centage of profit,
tlie price of house rent, cost of town
lots, etc. At this writing It is .impossible
to predict when the matter will be settled or when the session wili be at an
und.���Moyie Leader.
In chambers this morning Judge Forln
heard several applications. Probate of
the estate of Charles Savlle Ttashdall.
deceased* to A. m. Johnson, in Boyer
vs. Coffey, .1. O'shea obtained an order
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Fruit,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
OFF!' K:
N. E. co.. Baker   and   Ward   St��.
FOR   8ALt
kokpai B   a PintCImsPayingMoringPiottu*
Hn sin i'i*-*'    pltt-Mi'ir to (nil hou*.'' I'very (-v'-iiIiik,
K'-<-'l   Dtt-dnSMi   ''hanc''    fnr  i lif lit    in nil,   irmut
M-HH-niH tor lelllns,  Apply B. W. t., osnadisn
LOST A. Parse between ths Lexertew and Tremont botelfl ��� ���t.uhii mi. inom1}-, ii th u -���( to
N-itmliiin mul vnlUHl'le paper.i I-'Indi.T DIMM
n-ltini ta tbli OUl it- and receive *"> rewiinl
LOST    A I,AI*V'-i 1'MHKM.U with gold rlimneil
b_.n_._e-left Ht K p Hail, on m-jhi of >u,
sept. Kinder pii-afti* return to pArto-r'H Employment Ageney ud teoelve reward.
SOLD CHAIN, tietwe.-ii Hoover ami Vernon
Streets. Bttltsble reward will bi paid for it*
return.    MeDermld A MeHardy.
A ���-OCKKTrHOOh* Opntelfllng ��llgntd cheque of
the Kecoiid Relief Mlnlii-* Coini-Hiiiy, payable
to 0. C. Wade, and let turn. Kinder kindly
leave at No Mace Inn.
TWO FIK8T-CI.AH8 ROOMH, t-team bented     Ap
pir honMkeeoer- ard nat. k, w o, iitm-k.
WANTKD���Tie Makers    the Tion to be Kir, Tarn*
iirai-k or 1'ine-wlii   ***1*t*e   11 eciitu each   In tbe
Htrliit*.   all   :     timber        Apply    to  Joneph
'ienelle. ('H-tea-to.
WANTKD- situation by Yoiiiik Heotninaii (��*�����
lied) wllllnK to lint*-!- anytliliiK. e-tperieuced
in t-roeery, wine and fplrlt traiio. Artdre-m
U. T),, Pally OiOftdUn Ofllee.
A   I'AKTNKK   wllh   f.'ruo to   pnrrbaae  a   trull
fMiich near Nulfion    A ftootl f-peeulittlon.   Partner need not lie aetively engaged on ranch.
For per tic-ilium apply T   O.VROO't KR.
WANTKP    Kle<*trleian, Knglidh, newly arrived,
wuh in mi :iiiinii In it,-i ii l In l lou omlinllar -work,
A idi.'HK H. W. ti., Daily Cauadlau.
WANTI*:i> KngliahmNi) 26. wantn sltuatlnn for
wi-i-ii or longer, good Mebot-ir, used to ofllee
rciuline.    Addrei-s ti. W. ti   Haiiy < anadlan.
WATNTKD���o i'ureliaitu a Coon Coat, Cakb 8uyi-r .
Apply i, li. hi., care thlt office,,
Whob-Hal-.- and  Ki-iuii lii-alein in
The Famous t. & b. Biend Fresh and Salted Meats
is growing iii popularity everyday because it is the best we
can procure.
Dumps (applied on short,'M notioa and
lowed prim. MothlliK hut   lr,.^li  nnil
Wlli'll'HomiMlll'fttHllllll Bnpph_ kt-pt 111 r-l, ��� k
Wiiii onlirrs reoeiTe nin-ful ftttt-iition.
Our special line at 3 lbs. for
$1.00 is a dandy. I E*   C*   TRAVES.   M-nager.
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
PHO.M!  7
We receive the new records monthly
as they are Issned.
The October records ure to hand. Call
and make your -.elections, if yon can'i
i-iiii. write us for lists. Send ua your
order, and we v.iii deliver the records.
We sell all talking machines and
records at the same prices they are sold
ut everywhere���the prices fixed hy the
You  lose money by Bending  further
sending    away    for    them    In'cause    it
costs you more to get them delivered.
Edison   Records  .each  40c
Disc  Records,   10-inch 75c each,  12-inch
$1.25 each each.
Victor Red Seal Records, each $1.25 to $6
We keep the largest stock of Records
in the interior. We guarantee to fill all
orders for records if they are procurable.
W. G. Thomson
|,T0A0T,5SIi-fR",",     Nelson, B. C.
PHone vl-4.
lor Substantial Service, by poKiing lor
three weeks. In the matter ot the Lem-
onton townslte n. C. Hall was granted
an order vetting in the C. P. K.. In Wall
ra, ' intarlo Accident company, li. C. Hall
and K. C. Wragge consented to directing
orders. th Corv-ello vs. Granby, J.
O'Shea and II. C. Hall appearing, trial
waa fixed for Nelson.
The  Rossland Miner.
The Kossland Miner will in future be
laaued as a semi-weekly, providing the
patronage is sufficient for two issues a
week. Col. EOgan and W. K. Els ling are
making a canvass of the business men
of Rossland to see what patronage will
be forthcoming. In extending to those
two old newspaper men a patronage sufficient, to carry on a semi-weekly the
business bien of Rossfand may rest assured that the city directly and Indirectly will receive compensating advantages. The Col. In is In Nelson to
day shaking bands with his many
A  Thrifty   Musician.
Some weeks au'iiin elderly Scotchman
came   to  Nelson   io  reside.     He  claimed
to be a musician and also undertook to
tune pianos. Those who heard him play
were convinced that bis claim to being
a musician was noi founded on merit,
and as for tuning pianos the musical lu
struments were more out of tune when
the "professor" k*" through with them
than when he started. However, he sue
ceeded In Imposing on some and picked
up a few dollars, A lady OUl In Fail-view
was one Of the VlCtlmS.    The "professor"
told her that ho was a greal musician,
hat be could Instruct OH both the piano
ami Violin, ami carried with him an
"original imitation of n Strad."   Tho wo-
Of electrical work finished and charged
for from this shop will show you how
squarely and honorably we conduct our
Those who employ ns need not worry
about our charges and  as lo workmanship they know It Is  tho best
Repairs to machinery, telephones, etc.
promptly  attended  to,
P. O. Uox 166. Phono 227 A.
NEL80N. *f,��>f ���-:.��*
Its Busings Energy
AMI*   ��_>v
Pure Ontario Honey,
5 lb. Tins,
J'lVl.-piil-Ili. 101.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch aud
Bout Builders will find it to thoir od-
v-utaKo to iim* our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Cleared,    cultivated,     planted
with   8o   trees,  good   water,
first rate location, $700.
���i-OME  AINU  Sl-K.
man was convinced, but she gould noi
afford to Indulge in the luxury or a
teacher of the ''professor's" varied ac
compllshments,      The "professor"  was
sorry that the woman should be denied
the privilege of receiving lessons from
him. ho he informed her thai he would
be pleased to deal with her in lln* rjioel
liberal   manner.    The  woman  had some
furs valued al ?if.. which she agreed to
trade tor music lessons, aud lo this the
"professor" consented. He toon the furs
wllh him. and for two or three (lavs the
woman wailed to begin the mulslc lessons, hut the "professor" did noi nun
up. She then began to luipeci something wrong, and made Investigations,
with the result that she discovered that
ihe greal musician had skipped oui tak*
Ing with him the furs. Jus', in what
direction be has gone no one knows, bul
do doubt by this time ha is in some of
lhe small towns Up lhe line imposing on
some other ambitious musicians-
Tho iiiiiiiini  general masting of th_
Konli'iiuy    I'-l-lilt     Growers'    AhhoHiiIIoii
win ba in.iti in nn- court Houaa, Front
Btraat, Nolwin, tm Wi-HduHdny, Noveniliiir
ll. 11107, at 7.:io p, in.
Nelson, Oct, 26, 1007,
Chinaware Clearance Sale
Thin    wrrk    w,.   hrtv,.    put   into   -n,,,.*,
two lota of Ho.mi vicuna china, oom-
plating our X'iiihh liiiiioriiiiinti T_asa
va inivi. pat iu with th.. other iiik.8 at
thi.  I'L-uiautM-  Sale   prh-i-b
BpaoUla   thin   week  In  Staples  Turn-
Mara,  ra_���btr price tl.60 par do--., ut
Willow   pattern  cups uml naoera per
d��-*     *1.30
wiiiow pattern plataa iwr do..        so
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD.
Phone 81
���. A.  ISAAC
R.  W.   HINTON-
���_.��������������� ii  It i_c   mul   .��*.*>l>lt-<u   (--t-tcultd With  l)��NpNi-jh.    Mhwl M.t.t  I
\>'-*r-R.   .MlMliitf mul   JV1III   Mi.chln��rv.      Mitnufna ur��"i_7>f
* >-�����.-*   CurM-   ht.  0*1.    ContruuturN'   Lhi-n. I
CorflM ol Hit'l nnd
ProOt Btnetl-
[NELSON,    B. C.
T-rlephoiw 0 i
l*.0. Box K
that is fashionable and dur.ble can br
bought now at a price that It ture tt
tempt  you.     Winter    itylet    arc   being
��� howrt. Come quick and (jet the pie*.
Shirts, Collar* and  Cuffs gatore.   Mm-
��� um    and   Heavy   Weight   Pajamai W
Night Shirts at proper price*.   Parties. ,
far people will be pleased with cur offer- j
I noa.
scribes, bring them   to the    Popular   Store.
Placet to have your prescriptions filled.
But to have them properly and carefully
compounded    at    your    physician   pit*
Poole-Loiighurst Co., l5
Ilukr-r and Josrphlne Sts.
Wn wtmhl like tO Bf-p nil our patnHUOOmfOrtAbli this winter nmf In
o so we hnve in Htock the bent Mttort ed lino of luatinK utovca and
:ove�� and  ranfjeH ever before prt-Hentcd to the public i�� KoDifiiay
We would  be  plenHcd to  show you    oiir line and before making )
IS   kinrllv   ..er.   what   *-.-i>   h.-i-..*   to  ., ii". ��� ���
chase kind.y sou what wo have to nflVr.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Nelion Brinct*
You can always get what
you want in all kinds of House
I-'urnisliings at the
Buck Stoves
and Ranges
Standard Fumiture Company
Complete House Furnlehere and Undertaker..
i��� one <>r our B*��****^'^w_��7it��l
���vnyH  i-nri-.v u  lar_��    "'"'K
from ilm u��Bt ..akebs
SPECIAL--., our fine line ��< ">**
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.


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