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The Daily Canadian Sep 4, 1906

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Array Jktiltj Canadian
No. 79-
Fifty Cents a Month
|w They Were Played In
Maritime Provinces
I Protests Entered, Only One Heard
���Fesulting in The Unseating of
Finance Minister.
Ottawa correspondent of the
,,, s,.��s writes to that  paper a
0( ih,' Welding ease, which ia
;,;,,,".! iiini falniKt pri'Uf'iitatliiii
, ,as.' ivliich we have yet seen
, ii nels inrtli    material    tatts
��i.is in know, we reproduce it
I',Mniss's unseating has cause.
lis   pall   il   Is   illls-   to   tlie   In*
i. nt Ills position;   but II. Is In-
bj iiis- resentful amassment of
���    ll was proved that an agent
������"] electors, und he was forth'
_.i-'il.  precisely  as dozens ol
.. ' 'i have been.    To treat a
,:'.is-t'T as an ordinary mem-
.:��� 'is shock N'uva Scsitia senll-
fbi   chief Justice "waB visibly
������ss.sii   passing  sentence," and
ISH despatches, which had taken
Indlleil view of hla chances be-
li catastrophe, treated hlm as a
. .uni  Ihe   prosecution   who had
I tis. election  to  be  corrupt  aa
Itctilori      All    this    hub-bub'has
attention  to the case.    A little
ul li muv not,    therefore,    be
|rsi, i.-i mis' misconception be clear-
The press despatches asserted
I ibe personal charges against  Mr.
fiini; were abandoned  by the petl-
They  were nut.      The    court
.,..nn-1 asking certain questions
'��� lis ilu' matter, and au appeal
lls'S'ii taken to the Supreme Court
f-iiada.   Tin' case will come on for
ii'M October, and  If It overrules
llssial court, lhe petitioner will have
��� '   'ii ssss sm and see If he can
inlid llle minister of finance.
Ten Petitions Enetered.
������ -ii" general election of mo4
petiunns were entered against Lib-
members elected In Nova Scotia,
is lerles of circumstances which
���ill iss. related the only of these
h ��as iilid was that agnlnsl  Mr.
ie reader will lie must interested
uses 7, i and 10. CnsoB 7 anil S
��� a.ainst Mfssrs. Roche and Car's' llallfa- Here the sitting mein-
held their seatB by a succession
i'ki They gut the trial postponed
Js 'ii i lissis' in the session, promised
|> Us.', would waive their right to
psi' in appear, and broke their prom-
a   musl   baretMed   manner.
���iiils. ih,. cssiirl postponed the trial
1 certain date, and then found lhat
M nu issiwev n> do so. aud on that
""I dismissed tho petition.   Ilefore
I codings    terminated    the .vl-
1   elicited  was  such  ns  to cnusu
ol Hn- Judges    iss    remark   Hint
'-li ��sss, proved to void the eleo.
V-aiimt Mr, Fielding, iu Queen's
Bhelbiirne. Tins case wub pressed
'���"iii-lusloii, ansl  Mr. KleMIni; was
Only One Tried.
ii- i�� ;, very strange record,   it
I   lie  Boon   thai   OUt   of   HI   election
' only one was tried, and lhat
'"I'll    of the nine, one lapsed
il was not    pressed    by    the
stives;  two were ruled out on
lluiii-alltiuH,  ������,] 8|X   wore   strangled
1 iiu' im..   nr   technicalities   which
|51 Impress ie plain man aa ills-
"  ully  iss'liy.    In  no cubi. did  the
f" Sl"iiii Liberals show any desire
ii'i-i the charges of corruption; no
>' 'nn he expected to court Invos-
'""' lull tliiH one had re00U.se to
ulrange and farfetched expedients
I1"''1'! trial. In view of these facts
Mr. Fielding show nny disposition
l''i Ills seat was attacked to nght It
:l 'lie open?
contrary,     Mr. Fielding
���I'lierately lo Btnve tho Invest!-
|��ii uff.
'" petition   was  presented  on  De-
,'' ''-. 1804, about six wooks after
*��ctlon,    Mr.   Fielding  waB  then
'" ifom the Dominion, and ln Eusl,,,,"", bl'lness, it musl   be   Inter-
'. " "' an essentially domestic and
,!,"'  nature,      The  documents  per-
[jj '" the Belt were served upon
'" London, on    February    3, the
Bulls. i|���.
requisite legal authority for service
outside or the Dominion having been
Apparently the Conservatives got
wind ot the intention or the derence
to contest the validity ot the service,
for thoy obtained _n extension ot the
time, and on his return to Canadu
served hlm afresh, on February '.8,
Hll Preliminary Objections.
On March 6, Mr, Fielding served
about no preliminary objections, for
the most pan excessively technical,
against proceeding with the petition.
One ground of reslBtanoe Is worth
rescuing Irom thu pleadings. It was
(1) Service No, I, lu Loudon, waa In
vulid bccaiiBo out or the Dominion]
12) Service No. a, though perfectly
regular, was also Invalid because be
bail already been served In London.
Another evidence or the determined
way In whiflb the derence (ought to
evade trial  was   that   lu   connection
wm,  ihcHs'   preliminary    pro. dings
Mr. Fielding I'li'ii made the petltlonet
prove Ills Blulus as an elector, lluiugh
ii wus perfectly w'eii known.
These preliminary objections were
beard before Sir Roberl Weatherbee,
wlio a shiiri lime before had been appointed chief justice. Chief Justice
VVi'Hiherbei! iu an elaborate argument
held ihe service to bo void, ami dismissed His- petition. He also ruled
that one psutt of Hie petition, attacking Mr. Fielding's election in the
same constituency, in 1900, Bhoul.l be
struck out
Upon tills Judgment being rendered,
Mr. Fielding took out an order, dated
May II, 1905, to dismiss the petition
with  costs.,
Appeal was taken to the supremo
court of Canada, which ilium argument
Immediately and unanimously reversed the Judgment of Ihe Nova Scotia
chief justice, ao far as the question of
service wae concerned. It held, however, aB to the investigation of the
11.00 election, that it iwissesaed no
power ol reviewing his Judgment. The
petition was accordingly reinstated,
less the paragraphs relating to 1900,
and came on lor trial alter the session
or 1905.
Another Attack Made.
The troubles of the much enduring
petition were not yet over. Mr. Field-
ding's counsel made another -attack
upon its suing heard, again on purely
technical grounds. The objections
were heard by the court in banc.
Aguin the chief justice ruled against
any further proceedings upon lhe petition, and he was supported by Mr.
Justice Lbngley, B trienri and colleague or Mr. Fielding's who hnd just
come to lhe bench. The other judges,
however, outvoted these two, and the
petition lived.
Technicalities Obtain.
Thus we see: ll) That the majority
of the petitions presented in Nova
Scotia were ruled out of court by a
seiiea of technicalities which can only
he desoribed as trivial.
2. Thnt Mr. Fielding fought desperately to upset tlie case against him
on similarly frivolous pretexts,
I, That in the preliminary proceedings Mr. Fielding displayed a reluctance to give testimony which does
not argue the possession of a clean
i. That In this, the one case in
ScotlS which _ut before the court, the
result showed Unit there bad been corruption.
Accomplished by Norwegian Polar Expedition,    Headed    by    Captain
Anumden on Steamer Gjao.
New York, Sept. 4.���A Chrlsllanla.
Norway, dispatch to Ihe World sayB
Hint Ihe Norwegian Polar expedition
on the ship Ojoa has reached llering
Btrnlt, having thus accomplished the
northwest passage. Captain Ronald
Anumden, who commanded the polar
expedition on the Q.oa, left Norway
lu .lune. 1908, io try the northwest
passage, in the summer or mor, he
established a base on King Williams
Island, where be later reported iha.i
he had located the true magnetic pule.
Tin- fljoa went Into winter quarters
near the ninutli of ihe Maoensle river
and Captain Anumden   left   there on
August i-i for " "'ii1 <,vi'r ""' '"'"' '"
announce his success. He 1 raveled
by dog sled and reached Fort I'.ghert.
Magic City, Alnaka, on December fs.
whence lhe news 0( bis discovery wns
seni lo ihe world. He announced at
the time that he would return to the
fljoa Iii 'he spring by way of Bering
strait and sea .making geodetic observations on the way. The Q.08 set out
early In the summer for tho lOOOmlle
trip to the straits.
Bound, Gagged and Robbed.
Rainier, Ore., Sept. 4.���'While Cashier W P Van Anchor lay bound hand
and foot, gagged and tied to a table
In n back room, two bandits leisurely
looted the Slate Bank ol Rainier in
broad daylight yesterday.    It was two
hours before their unfprtunats victim
was able to free himself sufricleiilly
to give the alarm and In tha meantime the robbers had made good Their
escape, taking with them between
$"000 and $'���!?'��" I" Sold OOln. Sllvei
am. ilk note, lying on the counter
Were left untouched.
Was the Naughty Man
Says Stensland
Sad  Story  of  Small   Peculation!
Developing Enormous Forgeries
Retold in His Case.
Chicago, Sept. 4.���A cable despatch
to the Tribune from Tangier says
"Paul O. Btensland's confession, made
in Assistant Stntes Attorney Olsen
yesierday clears up much of the mystery surrounding the crash which was
involved in the ruin of the Milwaukee
Avenue hank. He took much of the
blame upon himself, but declared that
Cashier Herring waa the forger and
that Herring gol most ut tbe money.
He denied that he had ever spent any
money ou women and deck red lhat he
never spells, more than $5000 a year
on himself. Al' the money he Btole
he put into real estate or Invested In
the hope of 'making _ucrV
"Stensland said he was gUil he was
no longer a wanderer on the lace or
the earth. He did not know it would
be so hard to be a lugitlve. StenBland
made no attempt to deny his guilt and
only tried to minimize It. He said:
i cannot understand how the shortage
can be $2,000,000. To my certain
knowledge by liability to the bank
does not exceed $500,000. Anything
over must have been taken by Herring. My indebtedness began a long
time ago. It was a small atrair, a
small amount, and I never intended
lo steal. 1 was in a tight hole and
needed money. I put my own note,
genuine, not a rorgery. Into the box.
Then it was suggested to me that tho
bank examiner would Btand lor It and
he did.-
"Who suggested ltT
"Herring, at the beginning . He
pointed out. In a roundabout way at
rirst that it was easy to obtain money
that wny. Then when my own notes
became too numerous be suggested
the forgeries.*
"And you acquiesced?"
"Yes; rirst he tempted, then he
begged, and I fell. Ever alter I was
absolutely In his power. He owned
me. body and soul."
"How many or the forgeries did you
do yourself?"
"Not one. Herring. I think, did all."
Washington, D. C, Sept. 4.���The
state department is. more greatly concerned over the steps to tie up a deposit of money which had been made
In a bank at Tangier, Morocco, by
Paul 0. StenBland, president or lhe
Milwaukee Avenue Slate bank or t'hi-
oagocago than with the extradition ot
the fugitive banker himself.
There are certain quest ions on International law involved which must
lie sen led before tlie money can be
gained lor Ihe depositora. Tho relations between the United States and
Morocco nre not very clearly defined
and therefore ihe procedure is Indefinite. Acting Secretary or Slate Ad-
dee hns asked the solicitor lor the
State department lor a ruling to determine just whnt the department may-
do. The deposit is reported to be
about $12,000.
The Immigration  From  India.
It seems very desirable (hat the Dominion governmenl should lose no
time In making uu Investigation of
the ciroumstanoes connected with the
very considerable emigration now being directed rrom llittlsh India to
British Columbia, says lhe News-Ad-
verllser. To make such an Inquiry
desirable and Indeed urgent, it is nol
necessary to dwell upon the Injury
likely to be caused Canadians by the
Introduction ol this cheap labor Irom
Asia. Tho Inquiry Is needed on be-
hair or tho Immigrants themselves.
Thoy cannot nsslnilllate with our people; Ihey are nol titled ror some Borts
of labor as ibe Japanese, still less aa
ihe Chinese. Their employment;
therefore, must be precarious, with
the probable fcault of destitution or
appeals to charity.
While they are declared to be In
masvy cases without any means on
their arrival here, it is evident that
a very considerable amount of money
must be forthcoming from some
source to pay the pnssage money of
the hundreds of Indians who have already reached here. Information on
this point should be ascertainable
without dlfriculty. We also think that
the Dominion government should at
once communicate with the Htitlsh authorities on the other sldo, requesting
them to take steps to check the emi
gration to Canada, and pointing out
the unfavorable conditions that will
confront the Indians on their arrival
here. That la the manner ln which
the difficulty can be most promptly
met. Otherwise months will elapse
while the authorities are making the
Inquiry ln accordance with all the routine and red tape that Is the delight
of the official mind and the problem
with which we ar* faced wilt become
still more difficult of solution,
Electrician  ol  B. C. Copper Compsriy
Killed at Noon.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.!
Greenwood, Sept. 4.���Clarence Stel-
le .electrician of the Hritish Columbia
Copper company, wna electrocuted at
the company's power house at noon
today. There was no witness lo the
event, but It Is supposed that ln making some connections he got entangled
with a live wire. His body waa flight-
fully  burned.
The voting on the loan bylaw
to authorize the raising by debentures of $50,000 {or the completion of the city power plant,
has been  disappointingly  light.
Of course there ls no opposition to the bylaw, but the importance of having, a representative vote cast In Ub favor is apparently not at all appreciated
by the property owners ln general.
It is much to be desired that
the vote shall show unmlstake-
ably that the people of Nelson Intend to complete and operate the
An appearance ot apathy, due
to the certainty of tbe pasatng ot
the bylaw, might easily be Interpreted on the outside as a sign
of either Indifference or despair,
and possibly hinder the sale of
the debentures.
The pulls will be open until 7
p. m��� In The city hall and the
board of trade rooms, and all
qualified voters sliould register
their approval.
Providence at Greenwood Pays Shareholders Seventh Today.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Greenwood, Sept. 4. ��� The local
stockholders in the Providence Mining
company are today receiving number
7 dividend checks, amounting to 50
cents, or 10 per cent o each share.
The Providence is now th" best developed ot Ihe high grade mines ln the
vicinity and is in physical condition
to pay dividends regularly.
Four Monsters Captured in Goat Cresk
Near Slocan, by Party of Nelson Hunters.
Four rish. their aggregate weight
being more than 100 pounds, were
brought to the city last night by a
hunting party rrom near Slocan city.
The fish are probably a variety of
char; they were caught In the shall-
lows of Goat creek, a tributary of the
Slocan about a mile and a hair Irom
where It leaves the lake. The capture or each ol the four afforded an
interesting struggle.
The party consisted of W. S.
Pcasrcy and his son, Charlie, A. Carrie
and W. Morrison. They went out Inst
Friday morning tn Mr. Peurcy's ranch
on the Slocan, through which Goal
creek flowB.
Several days were spent grouse
shooting with lair success. Sunday
arternoon by way or variety tliey caBt
lines In the creek. They were rewarded and as struggle began. The largest
ol the lour rish, which weighs about
40 pounds, put up a game struggle It
wns drawn Into shallow water and exhausted before It was finally cap
The fish were packed In palms and
brought, into tho city last night. They
are now In the cold storage department of P. Burns & Co.'b establish'
ment, where they wore viewed by
many this morning. Fred Starkey Immediately opened negotiations, which
Will probably be successful, to secure
the four ns an exhibit for the fair.
Price  of  Metals.
New- York, Sept. 4.���Sliver, 67 l-4c;
copper, 18c; lead, $6.75.
London, Sept. 4.���Silver,, 31 8-16d;
lead, ��17 12s 6d; sine,  ��27 6s.
of Power Plant
last Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. He
was very 111 when he boarded the
steamer but his condition was not considered critical.. Soon after the
steamer sailed, however, hll condition became more serious and on
Thursday he was obliged to remain tn
bed. Prom that time until his death
he sank rapidly and steadily. The
Kaiser Wllhelm der Orosse with Mr.
Oetrich's body Is due to dock here
about 2:30 o'clock this afternoon.
R. C. Bullis, oi Allis-Chalmers-Bul-
lock Co., Starts on Draught
Tube Tomorrow.
The Installation of machinery at the
city power plant will begin tomorrow
R. C. Bullis ol Cincinnati, erecting
engineer ol the Allls-Chalmers-Bullock
company, arrived ln the city last night
and is making preparations today lor
beginning actual work Immediately.
In spite ot the delay ot the hydraulic machinery there is plenty of work
with which he can proceed without
waiting. The first task will be the
placing of the draught tube and securing It with concrete. The water hae
now fallen to more than seven feet
below the level of the turbine floor,
so that the work of Installation of the
electrical machinery and the wire connections, transformers, switches and
other equipment will proceed without
When the hydraulic machinery ls
received and Installed, which will
probably be not later than the middle
of October, nothing will remain but
the short and simple work of making
Grand    Forks    Blacksmith    Suddenly
Drops. Out of Sight.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Sept. 3.���Great excitement prevails here tonight over the
fact lhat Joseph Simpson, the well
known blacksmith of this place, Is reported lost or killed. On Saturday
Simpson, in company with M. R.
Feeney, another blacksmith here, went
on a hunting trip down Morrlssey
creek, some six miles east ol Grand
Forks. Yesterday atlernoon Simpson
left' the camp and took his horse and
went out to do a little prospecting.
That was the last seen of him.. He did
not return to the camp last night and
.Mr. Feeney spent all today looking for
Simpson without avail. This evening
Mr. Feeney arrived in town and gave
the alarm, and a search party of some
twenty men ls now being organized
and will leave tonight for Morrlssey
creek and start the search In the
Grand Forks, Sept. 4.���At 4:30 this
morning the search party brought the
remains of Joseph Simpson to town.
They found him by dragging the river at Winter's Ford, near Peter De-
wllde's ranch, four miles east of Grand
Quarrel  Among  Italians  Leads to As
sault and Wounding.
The Labor day festivities at Bon'
nlngton had their sequel In the provincial police court today. A family
feud developed between Areangelo Pe-
treltl  and   lhe  brothers   Pagnatero.   ,
The origin and circumstances of the
quarrel are obscure, but Giovanni
Pagnatero Is now ln Ihe provincial
gaol charged wllh wounding, with a
knife, nud his brother Plppino clung
ed with assault, Ihe victim in each
case being Petrettl.
The right was promptly stopped and
a message was sent lo the city. Provincial Constable Young responded and
brought ln tho accused.
They were arraigned this morning
betoro Stipendiary Magistrate R. A.
Renwlck. and at the request ol the
prosecution were remanded for one
All Ihe parties are employes of tho
West Kootenay Power and Light com'
pany on the construction of the nev
plant at the Upper Bonnington Fnlls.
Giovanni remains ln gaol. Plppino ls
released on his own recognizance tn
the sum of $100.
Dies of Bright's Dlsesae,
New York, Sept. 4.���The. death ol
Herman E. Oelrtchs, which occurred
on the steamer Kaiser Wllhelm' der
(I.'iisse far out at sea, was due to
Bright's disease according to a wireless dispatch received by the Associated  Press today.    Mr. Oelrtchs died
Montreal   Explorers   Have   Whiskers
Burned on  Mexican Volcano.
Chicago, Sept. 4.���A dispatch to the
Inter- Ocean rrom Mexioo City says:
"Wllh their bodies severely burned by
the tires on Mount Coliml volcano. 14
venturesome delegates to the International congress or geologists, which
met in this city this week, returned
here yesterday. The trip to the crater
of the volcano was a perilous one and
had never been accomplished before
by any one. The party established
camps at dirrerent points on the ascent and made a certain amount ot
progress each day until the summit
waa finally reached. The volcano was
pouring forth great volumes of smoke
but this did not deter the explorers
from advancing to the very edge ot
the crater. A hot. and sudden blast of
fire from the depths below badly
scorched their bodies and they beat a
hasty retreat. Frank M. Adams and
A. Bancroft of Montreal and A. P.
Coleman of Toronto were among the
daring party."
Welcome Governor-Gener-
Does   Not   Like  the   Papal   Throne
Will Not Hold Consistory.
New York, Sept. 4. ��� Archbishop
John Keal of Dubuque, Iowa, who has
Just returned from France, at the
Paulist house in West 59th street, today said: "Pope Plus was practically
forced on the papal throne. He did
not wish to take the responsibility. He
will not live long. He does not want
to. In my opinion he will never hold
a consistory and the outlook of the
creation of an American cardinal Is
not encouraging. The pope, a few
days after his elevation, declared that
he would never hold a consistory and
that he did not wish to have a long
pontificate. 1 believe his wishes will
be fulfilled." If the pope should decide to honor this country I believe
he would not create one cardinal but
two, and they would be the archbishop of New York and Archbishop Ireland."
Handsome Award.
Santiago, Chile, Sept. 4���The governor of Brazil bas appropriated $300,000
toward the fund for the relief of the
Chilean earthquake sufferers.
Churches and    Lodges    Doing Well���
Only    City    Lot    Remains    Unimproved and Unattractive.
The condition of the public plot ln
the city cemetery Is sadly out of keeping with that of the various lots under private control and should receive
early attention from  the city council.
The plots belonging to the different
city churches are well kept and present a creditable appearance.
Some time ago the Masons, Odd
Fellows, Eagles and Knights of Pythias appointed delegates to a joint committee to arrange for co-operation ln
beautifying the resting places ol departed brethren.
Their work has ben well done: the
graas lias lieen cut, the plots leveled
and gravel walks laid between.
Meanwhile the portion ol the cemetery under direct control ot the council remains in Its primitive state. It
has not beeu leveled, but Is rough and
uneven: there is a rank growth of
coarse griiBS and weeds, and the earth
from recently made graves lies ln
rough heap's.
The cemetery Is beautifully situated and lends Itself readily to Improvement. A very small expenditure
would make It a beauty spot and
bring it Into something like harmony
with Ihe general Idea or reverence due
the dead.
They Have an Option.
St. Petersburg, 8ept. 4.���By order ot
the emperor, unless Lieutenant Genep
al Stoessel .the former commander ol
Port Arthur; Lieutenant General Fock,
who commanded the Fourth East Siberian division at .Port Arthur, and
General Reiss, chief of stafr. General
sioessel's assistant, are punished by
the commission entrusted with the Investigation of the surrender of Port
Arthur, the three ofrlcors mentioned
will be tried by the newly appointed
supreme courtmartlal.
Eail and Countess Grey Expected to
Arrive at Noon-Will be Ret
at Kootenay Landing.
Telegrams, reports and rumors as bo
the hour at which the members of the
vice-regal party will reach Nelson tomorrow are still���at 4 p. m.���hopelessly at variance.
The belief at local C. P. R. headquarters and tbe assumption on which
the service ls being arranged, Is that
the first Information given out is correct, namely, that Earl Grey and his
party will arrive In Nelson on board
the steamer Kuskanook about noon.
A meeting of the' general reception
committee will be held ln the city hall
tonight about 9 o'clock, as soon as the
business of the city council is finished.
The members of the council and
others, to be Invited by the mayor tonight, will take the steamer for Kootenay Landing tomorrow morning at
4:30 and accompany the Earl and
Countess to the city.
The hour of arrival will be telegraphed to the city from Kootenay
Landing tomorrow. If, as expected,
it will be at noon, the afternoon will
be declared by the mayor a civic holiday.
The party will be met at the city
wharf by the remainder of the committee and a military guard of honor
from the Rocky Mountain Rangers under command of Captain Forln.
The program as planned will then be
carried out���a parade ot the school
children, presentation of flowers, and
the reading of an address, and singing
ot the national anthem at the recreai-
tion grounds.
In the evening a reception will be
held in the armory, which ls being
brilliantly decorated for the occasion.
Welcoming banners will be displayed
on Stanley and Victoria streets.
The remainder of the program will
be governed entirely by the wishes of
their excellencies.
Professor Zlo Payne Will  Perform  at
Park Thursday Night.
In,/connection with the band dance
at the tramway park Thursday evening there will be a unique performance by Professor Zlo Payne, a sleight
of hand performer of world wide rep
Professor Payne has performed before most of the crowned heads ot
Europe and spent many years in India
giving private exhibitions at the
courts of the native princes.
His roving disposition brought him
to California just ln time to be Involved in the San Francisco calamity,
from which, like many others, he
emerged penniless.
The profesBor Is a man of many accomplishments, as certified by testimonials from reliable newspapers
rrom all around the empire. His performance is certain to be well worth
Profitable Pugilism.
Goldfleld, Nev., Sept. 4.���It was announced last night that the films ot
tho moving pictures become exhausted after the 38th round of the Gans-
Nelson fight. As a result the concluding rounds will not be shown in
the pictures. Brest Rickard stated that
the receipts for the fight amounted
approximately to $78,000, and that the
number of spectators at the ringside
aggregated 7000. This is the greatest amount of money taken ln for a
prise fight ln the history of the ring.
The Day's Killing.
Warsaw, Sept. 4.���Soldiers last night
killed four citizens and made wholesale arrests ln different parts of the
town. A boy who was being pursued
by soldiers Jumped Into the river Vie-
ltu and was killed while trying to escape, by swimming.
Trslns and Boats.
Crow boat���On time.
Slocan train���On time.
Coast, Boundary and Rossland train
--On time.
'      ;
te The Daily Canadian
Crown Gem Jars, Pints per doz., $1.00
CrOWn Gem JarS, Quarts per doz.,     1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Half Gai. per doz., 1.50
Our stock lias just arrived. .Secure
y'uir requirements at these low prices
before tliey are all gone.
Published six .uy- a week* by the
Baker St, Nelson, B. G.
Subscription rat-.*-, W cenu a month delivered
in tbe city, ur |5.00ayear if sent by mail, when
paid   IU UilVUlll*.
AdvsTtiRiiit. ratea on application.
ah monlsi paid iu settlement of The Daily
Canadian aooonnta, either tot subierlptioni or
mlT��.ru*itiK. muil bo receipted ior on the printed
forms of the Company, uttter receipts arc not
SEPTBMBIiR -4. 1906.
*��� By one word we tire so met! met Judged LO be
wise ami by one word hoa.tinneh Judged to be
foolish.   Let us therefore   be careful What  We
lay."���Cokrocios, __^__
Special dispatches from Ottawa indicate that the conference of provincial premiers, with the Dominion cab-
iuet, to discuss the question of better
terms, has been arranged 'L*1(i lliat **���
will be held some time early In October. There seemed at one lime no
likelihood that it would take place,
for while Sir Wilfrid had promised to
meet the premiers and consider their
grievances, a member ot the Dominion cabinet said recently in a speech
in his own constituency that such a
meeting would be inadvisable, dang ir*
ous and probably lead to a dissolution
of the federation. The argument was
that reopening of ihe question, in
view ot the granting of autonomy to
the two new provinces on the prairies,
would involve the reopening of the autonomy question for each of the other
provinces, and the inference wan that
some of lhe provinces, notably Quebec, might nol be -satisfied with what
the Dominion would be prepared to
gram, with consequent federal rupture as the result.
Sir Wilfrid, however, seems to think
that a readjustment is no longer to be
delayed With smooth words and indefinite promises, aad so the question
will have to be faced, it is a grave
and serious matter and will lax tbe
diplomatic and tactful resources ot
the best and wisest political leaders
in Canada, and we are not afraid to
predict that the results when -reached
will be unsatisfactory to some of the
Under the present system the customs revenue from the various provinces varies widely, being much more
in the cast- of some ihan of others.
'j he distribution of federal grants to
the provinces is on 0 I" r capita basin
and takes no notloe <>f tin- peculiar
conditions which make each province
peculiar lu Its claima upon the Jh>-
minion  resources.
As un Instance. In tha province ol
British Columbia tin* population li ss
yet comparatively sparse, but the necessity for developments and Improvements in puhlle works is perhaps
greater than in any other province al
the present  time.
So long us the grants fontinue on a
per capita   basis    this    province must
continue to consider Itself unfairly
dealt wiih, because it is nol to be expected tha. It can overtake the pace
of The earlier and older settled provinces or even the rapidly filling provinces on the prairies. On the other
hand, if there is any attempt to recognize the special need oi this Far
West we may depend upon ii that the
hidebound politicians of the Earn win
protest and will ask lhat their own
speclul cases receive consideration.
They will find special cases that in
their minds call for remedial treatment The difficulty Which the West
lias ever had to contend against 's to
awa'ken in the Kast a just appreciation of the value to the Dominion of
Ub  Western  wealth    and    the  Impor
tance of substaniial assistance to
make th'- wealth of the West a part
ui* the developed  wealth nf iin- whole.
Tin* question is nm one which
properly belongs to lln* realm of party
politics lint one which affects the
province as a whole and in which all
shades of political opinion are practically in agreement. The Colonist in
a strong article on  the subject says:
"It is to be hoped that the press of
the province will, without distinction
of party, back up the demands made
on our behalf with all the vigor a:
their command, and that the mem-
bets of th��* local leuislature will cause
ii to he known lhat, however they
may differ from their colleagues on
other points, they are all of one mind
as K   lhe need of better terms.
���The whole legislature is on record
on this point and the time has arrived
when any personal influence possessed
by Liberal members of the house
ought to be employed in behalf of the
province. Our representatives will not
go to Ottawa* as representatives of a
political party, but to look after ihe
welfare of the whole province on the
only occasion ihat offered itself in the
course of a generation and the only
one likely to occur during the next
generation, to place the financial relations of British Columbia and the
Dominion on a just basis."
There Is, therefore, no disjwisition
on the part of the Conservative press
to Increase the embarrassment of the
position of Canada's premier. The
only wish is that British Columbia
may lie heard and fairly dealt with on
the merits of her case. The only fear
The Canadian has. is that the hidebound Easi will fail to arise to the
magnitude of the situation and will.
for s Ifish and individual purposes,
insist on a readjustment .'tern:: lines
which will, by comparison, work a
grievous wrong to thla province.
The Canadian has for some time, in
commpn with other newspai>ers and
private individuals, suffered great In-
convt nience because of some flaws in
tin postal arrangements which affect
the local delivery of mail matter, particularly newspapers. The Canadian
has not been disposed to join in the
crusade against the postal facilities
which has been so common in the
West, at least in so far as complaints
affecting the local office is concerned.
But our patience of late has been so
sorely tried that silence is no longer
advisable. While we do not believe
ihat the local office is in any way to
blame for the condition about which
we Intend to complain, the matter is
serious enough to indicate thai there
i can leaaness in the supervision ol
ih< regulation! which affect the carrying and distribution of the malts
ci me to tin local office.
The Canadian has beard many cone
lalntH ihat newspapers from the <-ast
and from coast points as well, arrive
al ihis point In bunches and not In
ihe daily rot-tine of regular delivery,
it is not an uncommon, rather a very
common experience, to receive no
leading papers from the east foi two
and three days al a time and ihen
to receive the back numbers in a
bunch at one delivery. The same
thing happens with the coast malls
and leads to lhe conclusion that an
equally Irregular delivery of important  letter matter takes place.
We do not assert that all the eastern papers fall of delivery on the
same day, but it is notable lhat. first
one and then another, of the very
papi rs that are required in order
thai the press of the Dominion may
keep iu touch, are not nl hand when
most required. This last fact alone
goes to show that the fault is not in
the offices  mailing    the    papers    but
must exist at some point along the
route of mail exchange or through
carelessness on the part of employes
of the postal department.
Tbe fact thai this fault is growing
gradually worse goes to show that
there is an unwholesome lack of re-
apecl for regulations, and an equally
unwholesome lack ol respect tor the
authorities whose duty it is to see
that the mlnutae and details of the
regulations are carried  out.
We sincerely trust tbat. along with
other matters of superlative Importance to the public, who pay hand*
Bomely that a* surplus may be declared
it. the postal department, this matter
win receive the early attention of the
department, so that a long suffering
public may be relieved of what ls assuming ihe proportion of an Intolerable nuisance.
The only answer the Daily .News
gives to The Canadian's challenge to
discuss political issues on a high plane
and free from the element of slander
is the following:
However, the time will yet come
when some very interesting questions
ct'iirerning the relations of Hon. Mr.
Green, the Andersons, Mr. Bodwell,
Mr. Larsen and ihe Grand Trunk Pacific will be asked once more."
r.ackslidden already, eh?
The most Important event occurring
on top of the earth yesterday was the
Gans-Nelson bout witli the gloves. It
waa a thrilling  tail.
At   last   we  have   it figured   out   to
our own   satisfaction. The   men   who
design   circus    posters never    saw  a
Stensland Is captured again. Let's
see; think this is the fifth time, with
the north pole to be heard from next.
Tive new banks are looking toward
Calgary. We hope the bank horizon
is not  circumscribed at  Calgary.
'Nelson deliberately hit the negro
below the belt" Must have had a total   trainer,
S3 .lay- afterdate I intend to apply to th** Hon-
���arable Ibe < hief Commtutonef ..f Lands mi'l
WorVs, \ Ic'orla, K C , tn purehaae '.-to arret, uf
land iltuate went of Aire**. Ink-: nn lu* west ilde
nf Whetchau ereek and joining My. north boundary ..f B. J Annable application to purebaae.
Commencing nt n p..-t marked li .1. K A B. corner and running wea 80 ebalni; f-eneenonb 80
chains: thenee eaat 80 chain*-. thOnce mutb t->
p��iiiit oi commencement.
.Sepb-mb -r 2nd 1*3(16. K. J. KLUOT.
Kotl -��� li bereby given that two mon'bi after
date 1 Intend tu -apply to the Honorable chief
* .immi��-Luiier of Lands nml Wnrk- fer permit*
aion  tn pu*ehase  six  hundred   ami   forty   (640)
ectst of land! described ai follows: I'mnim-nHng
at a poat plan tad at the nortbweit comer ol L.
Uallagber'sapplication to pun-haw in Fie Valley, on the west 1 id** of Cowei Arrow Lake, in
Kootenay *1 .strict. marked *' Vi. A. <"���* K. t. corner"; thence run ling eighty (**"j * .-hains we-t;
tbence eighty (K��) south; theme eighty (80)
'���hums eut; theme eighty (��') chalna nortb to
plea ol commencement.
W. A. <Al.DKIt.
Dated the Snd day of July 1901
Hixty day? afterdate I intend to app y tothe
Commlaaioner of 1-ands and Work--, victoria, to
purebaae ISO acrea of land. Commem lug at a
post planted on the west bhore of Arrow like, al
lhe tooth cost corner of J. J Christie's pun bate,
running north 80 chalna, tbonce east ���.11 chain*.
thence iouth 80 chalna, thenee west to, hit int. to
place "i commencement
Located May. sin lno-d.
A. CiKKlK.
1.. OaLUMau, Locator.
Notice It hereby given that 80 ttni after date I
Intend lo apply to the Uonorahle tin* Chief-Com-
mlatloner of Land*, and Works, Victoria, to purchase 80 a'rt-n of imid, situate -.i-oia one mile
eaat of Burton City on the east tideol Arrow
lake, and descrlb->,d as follow*-: Comm' Doing at t
post planted at the noitbeast corner of LotASSO,
thenee north 3) chains, thenoe weal in chatna,
thence sonth 20 ebalna, tbence eaat 4��chains to
plat i- of U-gllinilig
Angus! 2 th. woo.  J. 1:. Bpyna,
Kotiee li hcr.-by given tbat two months after
date I Intend m apply to the Honorable Chief
* mmfstloner ol Lnuds nnd Worki for p-.rm.ii*
tion to purebaae six humired and forty (WO)
aerea ol land, dstcrfbed a> followi: Commencing
at n poal planted at the north went corner of
L. Gallagher''' application to purchase, marked,
"It. a. Hao'i Krntneaal corner"; running ibenee
eighty (m) chain- weat; thence eighty (ao) chains
north; thence fightv (Wi) chains eu-t; thenee
eighty (*)) chains south to the plate ol commencement, containing ifx huti'lre-l ami forty
(MO) acrei, more or len.
Dated theifml of July, .'J06.
w. \. (.ii.i.KR, Agent.
Notice is hereby given Hint B0 day* aftei dale I
Intend t<> make application to tlie *��� onoreble the
1 m. p !��� mn.lai.one. ol Un.u an-i Worka foi per
mhnlon to pun-has.- the following deeerlbed
landa: Commencing at a i>om pianici ni the
northweal .orner "i liable M.< un.iii-hs'application totmrchaie In Kire Valley, marked ���_. II
M>- N it corner," running tn 1 hain*. weat, 40
chaini aonth, io ebalni eaat, tt ebalni north to
plaee of 1 ommenoement,
E. M. IfoCaxBUaR, Locator.
W. A. CAXmti Ag.nt.
July'_ncl, .'JO*.
Slat] ���ito- aftei date I mtand to apply to Uie
lion 1 ly.-f < ummlaaloner ��� 1 Landi ami Worka,
Victoria, to purchase U aerei 0. hmd: Com*
raencing al a post planted at tt >*�� lly ol Kelaon'i
power plant lot h K error mat, on Kootenay
river, thenc.- n cbalni toutb,  tbeneo weat m
'ham-, tbenee north  -.1 chains, thence eaat ���
cbalni lo point of oommenersnent.
Nl tton, B.C., Aug. ii, 1800, K. J. OVSXAX.
Notice i** bereby given that Mi.Jays after date I
Intend IO apply to the HonnraUc the Chief ��� om-
mlftlOOerol I_andaand Works U>* permlaslon to
piir.-hahe  the  following   de Cflbed   Land* slt'-
ated tn the Kootenay Dlatrlet. Beginning at a
poit planted on the north shore of the Cower
Arrow Uke ahout 41* (hains west of the west
boundary of C I'R Lot 480}, Marked !l A W
H K, oorner, thence west 40 'hain-, thence norlh
IW chains, thinro east ��0 chains  more or  l��-ss  to
lake -hurt, thonoe In a south westerly direction
along lake shore to point of commencement, con*
taining -i'MJ aercl more or less-
Located Jane at, is**.
It. x, WOLTtBtO*.
A. N. WOfct KF.70N, Agent.
Notice iti bereby given that BO dayi after data 1
intend to apply to ilu* Uonorahle th-Chief I'om-
mlnloncrol bin -Is and Worka Un j��t-ni*i��-iiin to
purchase tba following deacrlbed landi: rom-
merit-lug at u post marked "J. a 0. R��8. W.c.r-
ller," p ii-ed at ihe'-o t-e*.*t Oortierol L.1 '.'J 1
ni.]* ing H. thai- s rirrlh; ibi-nc* hi - hains n*t;
then'i- N cbaltu s 11'h; thence80chain* weal to
poln * of comme*cement, eont*lolng i>io acres
more or lusa
Uatsii the lift day of July 1S06.
i. A. O'HEILI.V.
Notice is bereb* given that BO <la\s after date I
Intend to apply to tbe Honorable chief Commii-
tlonn of Lands and Works i..r permlnion 10 pur-
.ha.e the lollowlng deacrlbed land-. -Mimic 111
the Weal Kootenav dlatrlct, starting from a poil
plantedattheSW.cornerof Brneal W.HoblnionJ
Appliratlon io 1 nrehaae, and on the m-rth bunk
of the North Kork of og creek ; thenee tt chains
weat, B0 chains north. i00 chains eaat, 40 chains
soutli. Ju chains west, gOchalni south i" Interne-
tion of north line of E. W. Robinson'a Application
to Purcbue, thence 411 chain- weil and ao cbalni
1 unh to point of Oommencement, containing t.10
Hatctl 18th dav of August   IV*-.
I . W .  UOHIS-ON,
|kt Ernest W, Khhinson, Agent,
Notice i- nereby given that *-i .lays aft.-r date 1
Intend to apply tothe Bonorale chief Commit*
lioncrof Landiand Works for permlulon to pur
chase the following deacrlbed landi.iltuate in
Un* West Kootenav district; -tailing from a pott
planted at the N. K. earner ol P .v, Koblniou -
Application to purohaae, tbence40chains eatt,
B0 cbalni aouth, 90 ebalna we*t,*0 cbalni north,
to chain* west, JM chains north, SOchaim cast. KI
1 hain-- north to polntof oonunent ement, containing 160 acrea.
ftate.l Isth dav of August, 1806
it. c. k. Roauuoit,
per Biunwt W, Roniwsow, Agent.
Notfcelt bereby given that ilitj day- afler
date 1 Intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commlaaioner ol l-umlsaud Worki for per-
mis-ion to pnr-iia-.-  the Following deacrlbed
land on the west short- of up|�� r Arrow Lake and
joining J. 11. Fcetievs preemption: Running
west to chains; thence north N chnins. thence
eaat 10ohalna, to the thore ol the hike; thenee
���OUtb following the bike shore Io point   .>!   00m-
meneement, containing B40 acres more 01 leai,
IlateU AUgUtt 19, 1806.
II. F. Ma. i.koii
J. J   Keu.v, Agent.
Notice is hereby given timt sixiy dayi aftei
date I inteud to applv to tbe Honorable the
chief Coinmis*.loner of Landi and Worka for per-
mlulon to purchase the following described
land on the weil lide of Lower Arrow. Uke and
joining the south line of the Indian Kenryatlon:
Kunniut; west ao chalna; thence south 80 chains;
thence eaat 90 chalna, to the -hor.- ol the lake;
thenoe north following the Like ihore to the
polnl of commencement, contelulng ISO ecrct
more or leas.
Hated August J". 1900 W. H. MAI U��D
.1 .1. K"Ll.v, Agent.
Notice is hereby given thai 1 intend, 60 dayi
after date to apply to the Honorable the Chiel
Commissioner of .unds ami Worki for permlnion
to  pan base   the  following    !. ���  ni..-<i lauds   11
Weti Ko.it.-nav district, about five mfleaeoutb
of Burton citv, commencing ai a post planted on
theeaa' bank of tract C K., ana marked "** II
Hamilton'* B W. C. post,"aid running nmili BO
chains,  Ihence  cast  HO chain-,   llienee soutli BD
chatna, tbence weal 90 chains io placed beginning, containing 640 aotei ol  land, more or less.
Haled thii ��illd day OtAugUll   I    *
tt   11   IIami. ;-������-
Notice Ii hereby given tbal 60 dayi after .ini. 1
intend l.) applv to the Honorable Chief Commissioner of Landi und Worki ior permlnion to
purchase the following deacrlbed lands, situate
in West l ooteuay dlttrtct:   Commencing at a
post marked "B. CoakeyVN W.i ornet po-it," Kit-
uat ��� near the N K. corner of land applied for by
R.K.. thence iouth 40 chains, i or leaii thence
east tw chains; theuce north *���< chaini, more or
less; tbenee west bo t-hains to point vi commencement
Salmo, August 11, 1W6.
B. Co.M-.Kr,
T. H. ATKlKSO.t, Agent.
Notice is herby given tb at 60 layi after date 1
Intend, to apply to the Honorable the 1'hief Commissioner of Lands and Wo-_ lor permlaalon to
p'ir. ban the followingdescril-e.'. lanjssituate in
Wait Kootenay district: Commencing ata post
marked 'K. Kobs'b N. W corner poii," situate
near the N. K. corner of land applied ior by A.
McLean, thence south lu eliains. more or less;
theuee east (W ehalns; tbence north 10 .hain-.
more or le��s; thence Weil 90 chaini to point Of
Salmo, August 11, 1-XW K. Ko--.
T. H. Atkiiooii, Arent,
Notice is hereby given that sixty days after
date I intend lo apply to the Hooormblfl thfl
Chief Commissioner of Landi and Works for
permission to purchase t!.-- following deacrlbed
I.. ..1.   ...... ...  ...    IV.. _ 1     I.'.,.,  ,is_.   .Ilklrd.l '      lulu.
thence iiu. in ->" -���|.T-, ui
��j chains to point of commencement
Salmo, August 11. l��**i A. MiI.Kas,
T. H   ATXlXaOX, Agent
Notice is bereby giv.;. Hint SO .lays after date I
Intend to make appm ttlon to the Honorable the
Chlel Commluloner ol Len li and Worki for |---r-
mlason to purchase th.-(.���Um*. ingdeecrlbed land.-.
iltoateln Weal Kootenaj dlitrlet: ''ommenclng
at * po-t marked "A. UclAugblin'i N. w corner
post," situate near tbe N K. corner of land ap>
plietl tor by 1*. UoArthor, tbence south 411 chalna,
more or lets; thence eatt BO chatna; thence north
40 chain., more or Leai; thence weat B0 ehalni to
point of commencement.
Salmo. August 1]   1906 A. MrbriiHUN,
f   H. ATKINSON. Agent.
Motlee la hereby gir.-n that '�� dayi after date
1 intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Landl ami  workl  for  perinisslon  to  purcha-e
the following deacrlbea lands, situate In Waal
Kootenay dlitrlet: Commencing at a poat marked J M. Arthur's N. W.eorner poet, situate neat
theN.-S corner of land applied for by A rurner.
tbence tonib v< cbalni more or |e ���; them - easi
B0ehalni; ihence north .0 chains, more or leaa;
tbeoce weil ** chains to point of eommeneement
Salmo, August 11, V.*/6.
J. MrARTii' R,
T. H   ATK1WOK, Agent
Notiee U hereby given thai ft) dayi liter date
1 intend, to apply to the Honorable lhe Cblei
t'uiumisi.oner of Lauds and Works fer permis-
���lon to itircbas*' the following deacrlbed lands,
situate ln 'he We*t Kootenay dlstMct: 1 ommen*
cing at a poat marked "A. iu*nt-r's N. H.oorner
jHtal," situated  at   the  N   fc. come' of  land applied for by K Stewart, ihcnce iouth _u chains,
more or leaf! thence eail soehainp; thene
40 chain*, mor--or 1cm;  thence west m chslos to
|N,tDt of commencement.
Balmo, 11 c , AuguM 11 l����. A. Tuiurn,
T ll atkin-o**:. Agent
Notll I Is h- rel > given that fi" days aft. r date I
intend to appl> to the Honorable itn- I blef I om-
mlttloner of Landi and Works for [frniiHstou to
purchase the following describe.! land in WeH
K' otenay Uliflct about sewn miles south of
Burton t Ity: Commencing at a |n-*t platitetl on
theea.-t Imnk of Trout creek and marked Mr.,
W H. Hamilton'** S. W. c. Poat and running
north 80 ebalni; thenee eaal vi chalna; thenee
tontb 80 chains; tbence weit to ehaim to place
of U-ginnitig, containing iHO acres, more 01 le���
Hated this -'ind day of August. IBOO
Ma-   W. H   UiHILTOB
W . H   BjUULTOK, Aueiit.
Notice li hereby alien that 60 davs ��� Iter date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Com*
mleilohc. ol l-amli* and Work- f..r permuwion t,.
porchaae the following deserlhed land in Weal
Kootena* Dlatrlct about alx milea tooth ol Burton City:  commencing at ��� [���"���! planted on Ihe
ea-t bank of Troi.t creek and luark-d   ' . 1.   ll-l,.
. r'* N W. O. Poet and running iouth m chain-;
tbenee eaat�� cbalni; tbenoe north M rhtlni
Ihence weit _D chalna to lbe plaee nf coi
in-1:t. Containing ''I'i aeres. more ..r l< s-,
Hate<l this Ond day ol August, 1906
C. I- li-nc:
W. II Hamu.ton, Agen
Notice is herehv iMVt-n thai 60 dayi alter dale I
intend tn ai.nh to thi Hon. Chief Coinmiistniiei
of Unds and Work for permission towrcbaie
the f.illowiiic described lands, iltuated iu lbe
Kootenai dlitrlet; Commencing at a wnt marled "BKWS. K eorner." planted on theibore o
I,over Arrow lak. about one mile toutb ol
Gordon creek (Johnston ereekj thenoe north w
chains, th.-n.. will ���" chalna, thenee aouth to
chalnt, them.- easl -" 'hains to point of com
meneement, contain ng 160 acrei more or lew,
andcomprliim abandoned preemption bo.6TO.
Staked thll24th day Ol August. IWO
li. R   WOLVgRTOK,
A. N   WOL. ttnTOM, Agent
Notice i- inr. io liven thai sixty dayi aftei
date  1   intend   io  tpplT  to  the   llouorable  the
Chiel Oommb-il I ol Undi and Works (or
permission to purebaae the following deacrlbed lands Iltuate ill the Weat Kootenay
diatrlct, starting rrom a poal planted on the
north bank of the North Kork ol Dog creek
thence A) cbalm weat, no cbaltu north, Sl cbalni
uoi to cbalni nortb 30 chalna weet, ���Aichann
north 20chains west, 30chaini north. BO cbalni
east, ao cbalni wuth, M chaini east, iu chains
iouth, 20 cbalni eait, Web��ini wuth to point ol
i ommencement contalnlni 610 acres.
Hated IBtb daj of Auguil  ItW
. ,.-.��t  -\    ROBIMOH
Nntte, is herebj al��u tbat 00 dayi from date 1
ii i ti. aopiv hi the Honorable the Chief Com-
... Landi ami Worka toi nermlatlon
io i.iirehaic the following des.-rila-.l lands situate in Weil Kootenaj Dlitrlet; Commencing
ai a poal marked ' K BtewarVi N W. corner
poit,'riItuated near tbe Junction of l-o-i enek
and South l'ork ol Salmon, tlu-nce south 40
ehain-. more oi leaa; thence eul ni ehains;
thene* north w chaini. more or !�����!.>; tbenoe
well B i cbalm to poim of commencement
Salmo, August nib. 1906.
k. Btiwajit
T. II. Atkinson, Ageut.
Notie.- li hereby given thatitxtydayi after
.late l intend to applv to the Hoo.l blefCommla*
Doner ol   Lands  ami  Works  for  i-ermiaalou to
purchaie the following deicrlbed landii'tuateln
west Kootenav district, adjoining the interna
tional boundary   line,  about  four  miles east of
the Columbia river, commenelni at a poat marked ' _ M Ka 8. W corner," situate on the international bonndary Une, at the aoutheaat corner ol J.8.C, Friis.T-lantl; ihem e east HU ehains.
thence norih &t chains, thenee west SO chains,
thence south GO chains lo the place of commencement, containing 4$0 acres ne-r.- or less.
Hatctl 36tb June. WOO. I.air* M   VtktXk,
F.J. O'Keilly. Ag.nt
Noiiee u hereby givon that ilxty dayi from
date 1 Intend to appl) to tbe Hon. Chief Commluloner ol Lands and Works for permission
to purohaae the following deacrlbed lands situate iu Weal Kootenav Dlitrlet, between the
Pend d'Oreille river ami the International
boundary line, about throe mllei from lbe Colombia river, Commencing at a poat marked
J. 8. C. F*a S. W. cornor iltuate on the interna-
Ib.nal  boiiudarv   line, at-.tit hati a mile eaat Ol
the eaal boundary of the K.4K.HBy.landa:
thence north to chain-, tbence eaat 80 chalna,
theuce tooth K) ehaim, thence weat w chain*, to
tlu- placoof commencement, containlngSnaorea,
more or leaa.
Dated Mtb June. 1006. J. B, 0, FlUUg,
F. J. O'Reilly, Agent
Ni.tn.-i- .   .- :i tion -iMvdays fnnn date
I inieml to apph to the Hon Chief! ommuwlonet
..i Land- and worki for permlaalon to purchaae
lhe following d.-.-.*r U*d laml- situate in Went
Kootenay Dlatrlct. adjoining the international
boundary line, ai->:;t flva mUeaeaatol tbe Columbia river; commencing at a poet marked R,
Q'l s. w corner, ou the international boundary
lineal Laura M. 1 m-r ->oiiiheast corner, ihence
ic rth mi chain-, tbenee east to chains, thonce
fs.iltli   vi ciinl:;..   Ih-iice  west  Mt chains to the
place of commencement, eontaJnlni 190 acrea
more or leaa,
Haled aith .Inn-   \,a*> KaU-h liiLLEsril.
Notiee i- hen by  given that sixty days after
.late I intend to apply lothe Hon. Chiel I'ommis*
���loner ul Land- and Worki for permlBlon to
purebaae the f. (lowing descriU.il lands In
the w.-st Kooteuay district, south of the Pend
d'Oreille nver; * ommendng ai a jM>st marked
c. lis Jj. K corner, iltuated on the trail near
Hear creek about a mile from the international
boundary line, thence weal M ebalna, tbenoe
nor tii BD cbaltu moreoi leek to lbe i'end d'oreiHc
river* thence followlni the south bank ol the
Pend d'Oreille river toutbeaat so ehains. more
or leaa; thenei wuth j) chains, more or le���� to
the plate ol commencementi containing .'-*u
aerea, mor.- oi .-���--.
UaUii (tb Juii. 1906 <:harlcs HitsEL,
P. J. O'Rlelly, Agent
Notie.- ;- herebj given that sixty daya after
dale 1 Intend toapply tothe Hon. Chief Commit-
sioner ol Landt and Works for permlaalon lo
purchase the following described lauds, in
tba Weil Kootenay Dlatrlet, ca��t of and ad-
iolnlng Jamea N. Mackenite'l laud; Commem
Eng at ap.-; marked A.8'a8.K. oorner, on tbe
aonth bank ol the Pend d'Oreille ri��er, ju.t
above the   mouth   ol  the Salmon  river,  thence
welt 80 chains, thence north w chalm more or
leaa I   the Pend d'Orelllo river, tbence following
lhe soutli  i.ank ..f ll.esalfl rl ver in a southeasterly direction to the place of cotninenit-ment.
containing 230 acn -. more or leaa.
Hated it:, i -i.i !���������*, Arthi'R ^ nytioT.k
Not In- i- bereby given thatilxty dayi after date
1 intend toiippl*. i"!;;> Hon. chief Commissioner
.and- and Worki for penntalon to i-urciiaM
>[ Lali
lbe folio
Uriel -
deacrlbed landa In Weal kootenay
Pend d i ireille river.
Notie. in hereby given thatOoda/i aft rdab
Intend to aprly to the Honorable that hleft lom
mletioner of Landi and Worku for permlnion to
loirchase the following .1 terlbed land in Waal
Kootenay Dlitrlel ab.-m tovon miles south ..f
Hurt'iu city: Commem Ing at a por.t planted on
the east bank of Ttout creek ana marked   .lei
Cfievne's N. W. c. p���-t and running soulti an
ebalns; theme  east  B0 ebalni! thenee   north  *o
cbalni; tbenee weat 80 chalna to poel ol begin o*
ing. contalnlni WO acrea ol laml, more or Leaa.
Hated this SUfld .lay of August, UQB
Ai.irx CHI I tt
W. JI   Hamii.t.n, Agent.
���Sixty days after .late I Intend IO applv to the
Coinrnissioner of Undi- and Works, \>t. rla, to
purchase l��i acres of bind, situate and deeerlbed
ar followi: Couimem-ing ata post planted on the
west side of Arrow UiV- opposite Carilirn 'ity, at
or m-ar Ihe MULhweil eorner Ol '*. |(aig pnr-
fhas-. ami marked ������������   M. A.,K  K. corner," and
running north -ih cbalm, theuee weat40ehalni
to H. Aiinable'i purebaae, thenoe iouth 10ehalni
more or less io the l��koabore, theneealoog the
lake ihore to pla<*eol |legiiiniiig.
August 2Kb, 1906. il. M  avnauijc.
Notice U hereby given lhat M) days afler date I
Inteml toapply to the Honorable the Chief com-
minloner of Landi and Works tor permisiloit to
Fnircbase the following deserlbed lanos, silunle
n ibe W'cst Kootenay district: Comi icing at u
jN.st on the cat) tine nl Tulip Creek, on Lowei
Arrow Lake, and marked "J-J Wnik.rv N K
corner." lbence ..t��i -a chains, tbenee north in
chains, thence weti ��> chains, tbeneeaontb 4o
chains to pomi oi commencement, containing
HO acres mm.- or less
LocaJed June ] .tii, (BOS. J. J. Walk Kit.
T. ii   Wii.i.uicho.*-, Argent-
mencini at a jkisi marked K. T. M's. S. K. eornei
mtbi Ninth oatik of the Pend d'Oreille ri.er,
about a mile and a half cart of the month ol Pish
crock tbence south ho chains, thence weal BO
chains, thenee north 40 chains more or less to
the PenddO'relUe nver. ibenee following the
smulh bank "f  the saitl  river  III a northeast.-rly
��� !:r<.-ft;..n t.s the place of commencement, oontainlng ���!������,' aerea, more or leai.
Hated 2nd July 1900. KLU T. UACUOftlg,
\KTHt'k  -' HSKIhlH, Agent.
Notice is hereby given tlial fio day- after dale I
intend to appiv to the Hon. chief t ommlwtoner
>.f Landl and Work* for pt-rml��sion to purchase
thi following deeerlbed lands, situate in West
Kootenay Dlatrlcl lonth of the Pend d'Oreille
nver; Commencing ata t����t marked A. B. .M's. K.
W    corner situate at the south batik of   the I'end
d'Oreille river at Kile T. MaeKenste s north east
norm r poat, thence south nu ehalns, ihenee east
hu chain**,, tnence nortb Ht chain- more or Ian to
���i. Pend d'Oreille river, thence west BO chaini,
follow Ing the bank ol lbe said river to lbe plaee
i,f commencement, eontalning ov> acres, mora
.,r leai ��
Hated 2nd July HOG- A   It _u KKHKH
Arntna Bj mntioBi, A|ent
{fotieeli bereo} given thatilxtydayiaftardate
llntend to apply to tbi Hon CbI(!fCommlsilon<
er of Landiand Works [orpermlaalon to purchase tio- I..Mow ing deeerlbed lands situate lu
Weat   Kootena)   Dlatrlct,   south   ol the  Pend
d'Oreille   riv.-r",  commenelni  at a |.o��t   marked
m.h-n R. eoruer, situate on tin- souih bank
or tha Pend d'Oreille river at Jamet N. Hacken-
ile'i loutbweal corner, tbenee south inichains.
tbenee weal n ehalna, thenee north Tu chains,
more or loaa to the Pend p'Oretlle ri\.*r; tlu-nce
I'dlowilig the aouth bank of the -aid river In nu
i uterly ami northeasterly direction lo the place
of oommencement, containing 640 aires, more or
Ilale :tr-l Jul*., ids..        MAMABSt HaiOOOBT,
Arthur Hrb nel der. Agent.
Notice la hereby given that ilxty da ysafterdat
���   lone.
The Biggest and Best Ever.
SEPTEMBER 19,20,21,
Horse Races, Lacrosse tournament and other attractions.
The Largest Fruit, Vegetable and Mining Eihihils
in the Province.
D* C. McMORRIS,        }.). MALONE,
Secret try "President
Notice ts hereby given that 00 days after date 1
intend to apply io th<- Hon. the Chief Commla-
sioner of Lauds antl Work- ior p. rim-ton t.. purchase the followiiiK deacrlbed lands in weat
Kootenay district, province ol Hriti-h Columbia;
Commenolng ai a post marked "WUllam Tolling-
i..ii'- nortbweit eorner poit," tald |h.si being
planted   at   lhe   southwest enter of the "t.iie. u
Shueral < laim," ami adjoining the eaat line nl
McPbaU'i pr.- emption, in. io . jM.mh twenty (Jo
chains   aloliK   Mid   line,   theUM  Baal forty (lo)
ebalna, thence m-rth twenij MB) ehains, ihence
wait forty (toj ebalns more or leaa, lo the p.a-*e ol
llnttd l-l   iu> of August, 1906.
Wn.iiAM  Tou iN,iTi,N,
Ity his atteiit J   K. Taylor.
Notiee is herebv given that -iuv dayi after
date I intend lo applv loth, Hon. ��� hief Commli*
sioner of Lands und Works for |K-riuiss|oii to pur-
chaae the following deserlhed laiois situate in
Weat Kootenay district; Commenolng ai ��� posi
marked J. H. \ anstone's ELK corner poat, niiiiate
tn the salmon Kiver Valley, at a polnl adjoining
J Meeeher's land at wesi.-m boundary, thenoe
west BO .-hains, thence north 4b chains, thence
east ni ehains, thence south tu chains lo point of
JuivJtih, iwo. J ii- Vamoin,
T, H  Atkinson  Agent
Notice ia hereby given that W days after date I
intend to make appheailnn to th<- Bonorable the
t'h let Com in Iai loner of I ji nils and works for |�� '-
mlasioii m purchase the following deaenoed
lanti��: Commencing at a |H����t markra A. w ('aider's southeast eorner. aectlon UL Townabip B0,
running east twenty I hain.-, south forty ehalna,
weat twenty chains, north forty chains to plaee
o leoouaaneament
Dated July 3. l*r,. toHN Haso-
Notice ia given that 60 days alter data I inlcnd
toapply  Io the   Honorable  tbe  Chief  Commit-
doner of i.ai.-i- and Works for ]������ ���;- - ��� -.,-. to
i-urchaae Ihe following  deacrlbed   lands  iii   the
u .-m Kootenai Dlstrlol: Commenolng at a post
marked 0.Croimli Land B.K,Corner placed
near the Peud d'Oreille river at Roumiary crevk
east side of Salmon river, thence east M) chains
along the International Boundary Line, them-e
n .rtii 4u chaL.s, thence west Mi chains, thence
aouth 4o chains to id ace ol commencement.
Hated the BQth oljuly lgOS, C, C, Poi ntz.
^ By A.vi.REW AlJia, Agent.
i Intent* loapply to theHon Chlel Commlaeloner
il Land'- and   worsn (or j.ernii- ion to purrhast
In     Wea
��� ii-  a it" i    n.io" iwi |" rio im .".
following deacrified land.
Kootenay Ulttrlct, south of lbe Pend d'Orellli
river, pommennlng ai a post marked J K.M'i
-. w. corner, iltuated on tbe tooth bai.k of tbe
Pend d'Oreille river, opposite the mouth of U
MHo Creek; lhent�� east n ebalni thence north
40 chaini more or lex-, lot he I'eml d'Oreille river,
Ibeno following Die aonth bank of iheaaldrivei
ta .1 msterl) and Miuthweiierly direction to the
pla.-.- oi eommeucement, containing B3Q aeru
more 'ir less.
Dated Brd July, IU(��.        JAXf> N. MaCXBHIII
Arthur Brhnelfier, Agent,
Kotlce i- hereby given tbat two month* afler
liai** I inland tn .<ppiy lo ihe ifonorahie lha Chlel
1 .iiiiul-l' ior of I amis nllil Works for n lx-n��e of
al' that land being the foreebore adjoining sub-
'livl-ions l, ': and I of lol KM, Croup one(1)
Kootenay, and bHng on the aoqlli tbore of the
Weil   Arm   ti   Kootenay   bike,   Hi-fin-district of
Kootenay i
Commencing al i posl marked * a k Wattn'
southeast eormr p-rt"; thenco 00 chains wesl
ihence20 chalm north; tbence ><�� Phatniraat]
lbeoe��3icba ns mtltb lothe plaoe ol 'ommeiice-
in,nt; tin- said   lain) ami foreshore to |H. |^ Uh4.,j
lor "sivnniii purposes.
Hated this Hi] -lay ol August, IB ��.
a R wm,
Not.c- is hereby given that --��� i artei dai_i i
Intend to apply to the Ronorabh thecblef Com
nib ionrr of Landi ind Worki hn permlaalon lo
purehata the following deacrlbcl Undi -iiu-. .���
in w.-st Kootenai Hlitrict: f'ommencni tx .
poal marked -l heArthui'i N w "mJ! ooal
iltuate near ihe N  B, cornel nl Im nd atu,n,.l tnt
_ .rlhurlhence 1,4.. H SRSt?!
i"-. ihi nee ��*a*i m ehalni; thi ne* north ...
chalna, mo a or laaai tbenee weti m ebalni to
point tii Lommencomem
Balmo, 11 ('., August llih, 1000.
... .,   .        P M'Amiilm
I   II. AiaiKsoK, Ag.-ui
Kotlce Is hereby given that two months aft.-i
date   I   Intend   to apply   Ul  the   II .rable  the
Chief Commissioner  Ol   Lauds  aiol   Work-   for
permission to purehaae-the hdlowiug described
lauds iliuat*- on the we-t arm of KootCOa)   Lake
in ttie iMttnet oi West Kootenay: Commencing
at a |-ost marked "William Kucrhy'* N W. post; '
thence WOSl twentv [90. chains; them. MUth
twenty   tJU.i  chain-;   th.-nc*-   anal   iw.-ntv    (gO)
ehalna; thenee north twenty tJi) ehalni to the
point of commencement, containing  forty [V>)
acn-s. more or leai.
Hated July 7.J.H6. I. 0, KKUOW.
Notiee || hereby given that 00dan aft.-r "late, I
intend tt. apply to the Hon. Chief COttunllSloner
<-f Lamls ami Works for permission to purchase
the following described tract of land Mtuate in
West  Kooteuay   Dtetriet!    Commencing  at   the
southwest corner of Lot 7,:wu; them.- rnnlng
west 40 chains; Ihcnce north 'JO ehalni; Ihenee
west 40 chains; thenc* norlh 3) chain*; tbenee
east SO chains; tbencoeoutfa 41) chain-io point
ttf comineliccmeni, containing M acre- mOfi or
Haled at Nelson, It C, thla Bfd 'lav of Julv.
1!*J6. Many BcaMt__Uf,
per P. c. (ireen, Agent.
Notice is her.hv given that Wdaya after date
I Intend lo appiv to the Honorable lhe Chic'
i oiiiuilsiouer of Lamls ami Works for peftnlnion
to purehaae the following described landa in the
Weal Kootenay Dlatrlet:   Commencing at a i-ost
marked T. K. Frerichc's L%nd 8. R, corner placed
m-ar  C. C. Poynti  EL W. corner,  thenre SMl  Hi
chains, thenee north 4U chains, thence w.-i BQ
chains, theuce south 40 chatna to  plate of  com
Dated juth day of July 19uf..       T. II. Pbrniii.
__ Bv Aniuiiw Anil, Agent
Notice li herehy given thai BO day* after date I
Intend toapply totho Honorable the Chiel Commiasioner of Landiand Works (or |h*rinissloi] to
purehase the inflowing deaorlbed lamls in the
West Kootenav district, near Burton <llv;   com
mantingstapoat planted at ihcsouthcasi corner
of  I rgfl   aodion'l   pre-emption   Claim,   am]
marked Harry 0, Tolliiiglon'i N. K   C. p'.st. am)
running sonih 10 chalna. thanee weet So ebalna,
ihence nt.rth u chalna, tbenoe eaat 20 cbalni to
place of  beginning, containing Hi) acres ���f land,
more or laie.
Haled thts_iith dny o( August. PJuO.
Ha anv 0. Toy tKOTow
Notice li hereby given 'hal 60 days aflei date 1
inien.l to make application to the Honorahh- Uie
Chlel Commissioner of Landsand Works lor p. t
mission topun-hase about w.i aerea of \_u>\ *iiu
aied ou the Salmon river. West Koolenay dlatrlcl
eominemmg at a post marked B k. Bntter'l N K.
'orner. planted on the Weal bank nf thi-river
about i\ milea nortb of lha International boundary, Ihem.- we*i 00 .httins, thciu t- B0 chalm
south, thenc** east nlt.ut JO chalm lo Hie river,
tbence northerly along Ihe nvirto place of oom'
Augu-l l��th, 1900, w. R  Jt, ri, ,(
T II  Atkinson, Agent,
rtlxty  days  af*er date I Intend io apply tn the
Hotiotabie the Chief Comm hw loner of Landiand
Worn, Victoria, to purchase MO acres of land,
located and described Bs follows: Being lhe
northeait  quarter  of  Section   twenty-two     nnd
lha south half of the northwest quarter Heotlon
twentv three. Township -ix ty-ii Ine And Hi rt her
duorlbed M fntowt: Commencing at a post
marked J j n w oorner, and planted 40 chalm
sastoi tbe northwest eo.m-r of Beotloq twenty*
two and r Milling tail 40 ��� hlini, thence south K
Ohalni, theuce cast lu chains, them-e Mouth Vt)
chalm, thence west H chslns, ilieuce north 40
ebalni to plaoe of btglontog.
Augusl Jlst, IUW. f JAMr.s JOBgfTOMl,
w. a Oat der. Agent
Notice is hereby given that 00 days after date
In.tcmitoa.,|, jioihciion ChiefCr.mmiiiiot.er
t.f Land-ami  Works for permlaalon) irehase
the following desoribed lamls in West Kootenav
district, M.uth of the Pcndd'Orellle river, eul of
fl'."Ij 'I'l-'-'-k, commencing at a poil mnrked K. W.
HaN vv comer, aboul half a ratio oaat of thg
northeaal corner of l,ot 4425, 0. L, thenc.- south
4< chain., tbenee eaat 80 ehalna, thonce north 4')
chains,   thence   wen  Nj  chains   to   the place uf
commencement, containing -no gens, more or
Hated 2nd July UM. KltKl. W. 1Iaim*oukt.
Alt-rut ii Hi hnkipku, Agent
NollceUhcrehyghen that sixty duyaafler.Ii.lc
1 intend loapply to tho Hun. chief Commlmhm-
;;[''' 4_S_Vffl2 tVottoioT\��rmtulan to pu"
-has-   the   fol owing  described   lands  lu   VVeat
"''���'VV'"'"1  "","il  "'   �������� "���"'"I'l'llrcllle
om'        Sl11'!"1' "' ," ,"" ' ���""'-ke.f A.P'I N.  W.
do ,,-r, si ,aic.i ai tiio loutbwett Mingrol Lol
!,'   'v""'1 '"I ��l chains, Ihcnce so,,,I, QQ
.'.a \l\jt    i "'''!,w,'"'s'"'"Hns, ihcnce north o-i
iSiklI.\'rlV'^r'''   '"""'H-n.eu.ci.l.eonittln
ingtaOacrci, more nr less
Hated nth June, iha. Ahhik Kkahkh,
K.J. O'Keilly, Agenl.
NotlOS is hereby given that fo tossfteZ i
Intend to apply lo lbe Hod Um^BSSffl
sioner of Undi uml Work.f.., l-*n,,'�� , ^
chaae lbe following deaeilbed ian.1. .��T
Kootonay dUtrlet,p%rtSKrtffc��a
Commenting ai a poal marked A. a. C'
B u corner, on the aonth-ilde of CarU��_2?
abonl two mile* east ..( Borton Ciiy i53S
nnd iii the northwest corner ol Wiiiiim im!.' :
hi- pn emption claim, toe  .
thence  norih HO chains, th.    ...
containing HO acres mora or leu ������*���"���* i
Dated IhU Mtb daj of-inly, LMfl
��� ������ Brrnu,
Notice U hereby given u,rti twoaoeiktg
date l intend to apply tothellonoraUedeoS
Commlaaioner ol Landkand v-ork-Wp.--^ '
t.. purchase th.   hdlowint* deaerlbi
at- in   Kire Valley on thewestlldl       '.,.,.
r..w Lake, Kootenay district, iieacnw ��S, i
lows:  Commencing at a ja.st pUatitgf
northweal corner uf W, A. CaMer s pn--rieT .
tnarkiHl  *'A   Mt'L'i sotithweit corner":nZ
thenc.    forty  (10> <*halm east;   thencttol
chalm   north;   thence forty  (*j) rhattM '
thenoe  forty {toj chains south u. U,t }mt
('.iniii. in-ni.in,   containing  une   lumdrtia
slity (100) acrea more or leai.
Datod June _tt, laofi. Aim McLir-jiij,
W. A   CaI.IjCB  a_-_
Noilce   I-   beroby  given  thai ��iitv day* ite 1
dab i Intend to apply to the n.'.o..r��ti*��I
Chief Commtmioner of Iah-i- s-,.i w.,fi. ^1
laTtiilastoil   tO   purehaae the fo|loi*iat.i��rnl��l
i-.u i- commencing at a post mark,.! Ueoigi tJ
litivton's   N   K. c j��.st, at th*- h il
ol J. O. Mei.nides   pre-empUea rkim id
running <h 10ehalns to ��.mih��.it Mirm-ifl
Hen Hudson*! preemption claim. v..< ���..���.��� ���r,*,jl
chains; thence norlh   io chain., u..t���. rt>\$t
' iihllis lo place of riiinilli'liri m.nt. ttCuUlBlltfgS
acrei of laml uior- or less. '
Dated tins Mil day of August, IMC.
I.toai.l Ti'LLIMttf,
A. A. Borum,kftu.
Notice li bereby given that U) dayi altei<tul
tntottd lo make application to thf RuD.nliilb
Chief Comralarlooei ol l-��n.li anl wmiiiifpa-
mltslnti to purchase eio n*m of linllBr
dlatrlct of Weal Kootenay, commetielatWli
plau'ed on the south shle of IhtimilnnWa
the international boundary line, oihuHUI <
nil.s gul from the Salmon river, mart-a-Qta
K. Adams, touthsoal turner," tlo*n'-*i*e
(hains. thenoe north to chains. iln-waSS
Chains, theme aouth HO chains toplaitfrfaa-
in. ncemciit.
Ki.liir K   Adams, HnlCf,
per ft. M. KeeVes, as ApEt
Dated this'Uii day of July. I1**.
-Ulv    lavs  alter date 1 Intend toappjjtafte
Chief Commissioner ol Umls and w-sfn
Vigtnrla, for pt-rinlHloii t��i ptiri-hast*on.iBHiiw
and aUtv (Iui) acres of laml. locaUil anil J����*
Cd a- follows I Commencing at a p->i^uw
eighty (��u) chains aaai Of the N. W corarf��o-
Biilgcr's pre hu pi ion ami marked "CE-C'iJi ������
enmer," and running east luriy {�����) ckiiifc
thence south fortv (40) chains, thence ����:(���)
chains, thence nnrth forty (40) chains lo place d
oa_rr^haine"to polntof comn
Dated Aug. i.Mh.iiwv
Notice li hen by given Ibai W J"J3iL*Ua* ^
loiend  to apDiv io the ��'���'��� V1',, ',,^11-
Commisstonerof Und* aad ��""���" tei'i^n.
I amn to purehase the following desci 1W^ ��
Iltuated Hiili.'WiMKnoi.-iiay isl in . ��� .
CL. fearaon'a on the north, a       ,    ',���
quarter milea from theiviidd "1.11 n ' *,,
inenelng al a post marked < 1 " ' , g
corner po-t. llio nee W cha ni ni   .",,,,���, r
chalna weat, thenoe Wohaln >����� ""
chaini eaat (on ��f rommeneemsnl
'- ^"^^ffift&^M-t
Nolice Is hereby give" tji��j ^^^JkohiU
Intend to apply lo Utellon.thM"^lum u
it ' nl Undi and Work* 1       gjdi id 0*
purahiue the following descriww w*      ���,.,
West   Koolenay   dislrid:   Begttnlng ��     ft
marked K.BglW B.B.coriier, ebon   W^
cast  ����f  the  Halmon river, and in n )||irrti
the I'eml d'Oreille Hfer, thcncewwia ^.^
40 chalna woit.l�� ohalni tooth and����"
bi place of begltillllitt R.6,Bttl>
lVied'J7iiidiiyof.Tuly.l,,"f' r**-
Notice la hereby given that illtj.Sc.ilK110"
llntend to apply fctbe Ho '-      , of
crol Lands nml \.'orki l-r " ' ,, ,��� ftr-l
chase IhO loiiowing doicrlbed ��n ||( 1(k
Kootenav Hisirlcl, south o JJJ {JJ ��� Rlttj
river, co.nincuciiigHt a poal nrnrai _f &
N. W. corner, situated on ll - uni j &
Pend d'Oreille rlrer a Jf���Mbalw.>KS
touthweel corner; thonoe cast��*EllBP,tl��w
M.i.th in .* nt. Ibpuco wetM�� p menceB*-"''
notth 40 cbalni to do* place m"
contrlning 100 aorgcmore or iw ���  t^ctPte
Datod m July iw.   IgJiS1 \tt a-w"
AUTIU'H H.iink"'k"* ,
Nntice is hereby given -J*'MRS&ffl
I||UM1(| tll tl)l|lly p. lhe Honon' ��� '^WgJ
uilialiiM-riif Lands ami �� I<rU ' ' ���: toa
purchase lb.- folb." in.:;!';^" ' 's--��� �� ; r
mencing ai a poll tnarked   ���' " , w.r ��� f?"
I1;,'* l,';.cciioi..h,.c..si;';;;/ ,',r<'J
,.,,,.Mm. northi     .". ���,,, I"
  ..ss.-iisiH'"'",, iis's'"""-
Inwl-a Inks-.Isssll' lo I'"1"',,.,��
���silltiillllllU'WilI'li'""1"",',',',,   IMI .���-
H.1,,1 llio _��r<l .Uy "il Jl,'l'lm   j, V. w*
..{ The Daily Canadian
20 Pieces Brussels, Velvets
and Tapestry Less than Half
Regular Prices
From 10 to 23 Yard Ends I
ipcrial Bank of Canada
Head Office:  Toronto.
h PAID UP... .*3,I��X),000 REST $8,000,000
WILKffi, President. HON. BOBKBT .IAEFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Hhowhead,    aohom,   nelson,   rbvblbtokb,   trout lake,
>.-n- reoelved and tntarwt allow wi ox curront rates from date of opening nc,
1. red.tod lialf-yi'.'irly
^elhon hha!ncm ���_���   M#   LAY,  Mannjjer.
Discussion of the Question Interesting
to Consumers and Producers.
[he Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
_oal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Bout lluililere will Ami it to their advantage to aw our Pitch.
felson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd*
'. Burns <& Co.
The Winnipeg Telegram in a recent
number 1ms this to say of the future or
the Industry in Canada, and with
spociuil reference to British Columbia.
"There will be from six to seven
hundred million feet of lumber utilized
by the three provinces of Manitoba,
���Saskatchewan a��d Alberta this year.
The sources of supply are Hritish
Columbia, the Lake of the Woods, the
Rainy river dlstricl and the spruce
districts of the north.
ll is the estimate of the lumber merchants that 000 feet of lumber Is required for eaoh unit of population under normal conditions. In the city ot
Winnipeg, with its present Increasing
growth, the calculation Is from 600 to
700 feet per unit.
Very little lumber manufactured in
Winnipeg or east of it is marketed beyond the western boundaries of the
province of Manitoba, and the Hritish
Columbia lumber that finds its way into Manitoba is of the higher and heavier gradea.
One-half or the lumber used in Manitoba comes from the districts immediately eaat, one-half from the north and
Hritish Columbia, it is the opinion of
practical lumbermen that in lhe near
future the chief source of supply for
Hie lumber needs of Manitoba will be
British Columbia, as it is believed
that the timber resources of the eastern region, with an incn using demand,
Will not last much longer than a
quarter of a oentury. it is expected
that within that time other interior
WOO-flB til-sides those now on the market
Will be Utilized.
Prices for lumber are practically lhe
same on both sides of the international
boundary line, lumbermen contend and
give as an instance a Canadian company doing business in the Rainy river
district, which shipped a consignment
of lumber to Chicago the other day,
paid the duty and the extra freight and
still found the transaction profitable.
This was an unusual Instance, affected
possibly by the supply availnble at a
certain time, but bears out the contention thai there is very little difference in the price of lumber on either
Bide of the international boundary. The
same fonditlons, it Is said, prevail west
of the Rocky mountains.
The -price of common lumber on the
cars in Winnipeg and Manitoba is from
$16 to $22 per thousand at the present
time, and of Hritish Columbia fir $25
per thousand. With tho phenominal
building enterprise in Winnipeg and
western Canada of the past few years
there is still every assurance that there
will be no marked advance in prices or
shortage of lumber in the near future.
I.umbermen in lhe west state that In
the fnce of the great demand there Is
Is a shortage In the money available for
(he development of their enterprises
and a shortage In the labor available
through the competition of railway
construction. It Is contended that
Western Canada is developing so fast
Industrially and agriculturally that
the increase of the lumber Industry
ts handicapped by lack of men and
money. The fact is cited tha* $70,-
000,000 more money has been placed
this year in loans In the Dominion of
Canada than a year ago. The obvious
conclusion ts that Canada is making
proportionately greater progress nt tho
present time than (here are Inhor and
capital u-vallnblo. ��� Winnipeg Teleg-
that It may be said to be invariably���
the tune of "Scots Wha Hae Wi' Wallace Hied"���doubtletu u fine old Scottish air. There may. however, be too
much of even a good thing; and some
tof those who have to listen to the
noise made by said gramophone, especially if the said gramophone has
to be kept going���occasionally, by way
of variation, some other air would be
ground out which would give pleasure
to the voluntary listeners as the said
Scottish  air. BRITON.
TAKE NOTICE that tin MpIJeiUofl blllMM
made to rafrtttM Tariff Mining Company at tin*
owner  In   Fee hlJiii>le.  un-ler  tfl.0 tOfetti 'lax
Bale Da is from B J Btenaon, Deputy Ateeettot
ami OoUtetorol thi- EUoeSfl Attettmenl Dlnttiot,
to Tariff Mining Company, bearing flaw tbftMtn
day of Atijin-t, A.I>. .W5, of all awl singular
ilmn* f-L-riutn tiart't-lH i r tract* ol lanri awl j.rem-
iHtRitnate. lying sn*i being In the District of
Kootenay. in lbe Province ol BrltUh Columbia,
more particularly known and deeerlbed an���Lots
������'.*'>���. and .v��.. .irotip 1, District of Kootenav,
"Shafer" and 'Bobtail" mineral rlatmr*.
You and earh of you are required to eonteat
the rlatin of the tax purchaser within fourteen
days from the date of the service of tMiDotir*
anon you, awl In default ol a caveat or certificate
of It" pendent! being Hied within Midi period,
you will b��. forever estopped and debarred from
netting up anv claim to or in reflnect of the said
hum, and 1 shall register Tariff Mining Company
as owner thereof.
Dated at Land Kcglstry office Nelson, Province
i'.f ii,-;, of Hritish Columbia, this 17th day of
August, A. D. I'M*:
District KegUtrar.
To Kootenay Mining Company (foreign.
Bhftfer QoU and Buyer Mining Company
Silver King Hotel
Beet Dollar a day bouse in the Kootenays.
Rooms are well furnished-   Table as good ai ao*?
tn Nelson.    Bar mipplied with good
llauors and cluars.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Ksiropo-ti and American !.__
M_.li s_ cu>.  Boome 1mm _s cl. to ll
Only While Help Itaplojed.
Baker St.. Nelaon Proprietor,
TAKE NOTICE that an application has been
made to register Clarence Ilarnian as ihe owuer
in Pee -Simple, under a t��x Bale Deed from n. j.
Stctiwm. deputy uaeesor and collector of the
Slocan .V-.es-ni. nt DiHiilel, to Clarence Harman,
Karl ng data tbe Hat day of July a d. iflOS.orau
and singular tlull certain jn.nel of land aud
premises sttuete, tying and Ming in the Dtatri-i-l
of Kootenay. in the  Province of British Colum-
inn, more Mrtlottlarl) k aon n ami deurlbed as���
Lot784, GroupX, District of Kofitenay, ������Henry"
mineral claim.
Von awl eaeb Ol von are required to contest
th<* clnlm t.f the tax pOTebater within fnurleen
dayi from the d&te of the service of this notice
Upon VOU. and In default of a caveat or eerttll-
eateol lie pendens being filed within mob per*
iod, yon will be forever estopped and debarred
.torn setting npany claim tootin respect of the
said land, and I shall register Clarence Htruian
as owner thereof.
Dated at Land Itt'irlstrv Ofllce NcIm.ui. Province of British Columbia, tills 17th day of August.
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day Hou. in Nelson.
The Bar li tbe rmeal.
White Help Only Employe..
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
f-*.t-��   and   Accident
Real Estate and Mining
Joaephlne Ht.
N��l��n. B n
The Big Schooner !)���/>.�� 1 (\r
Or "B_JI-._d-Half"    DttT    I UL.
The only Glass of (.ood Beer iu Nelion.
Hotel tiocomniosliitliiiiis aeeond to nssni- tn Brit*
lib riiliimhta. Kati-Ktl l.lperdoy. Sos-ssla! rates,
tis moiillily boarslens Only huiiis' liisti'l In Ns-lsson
Lake View Hotel
Corner Ball and Vernon,
t*ro block_ fiom whan.
Hati*!-- II <)0 per day and np.
A. ll
To George Henry Harman,
Wilbur A. llendryx.
Mai I.KOI),
DlltrlQt Registrar.
Corporation of the City oi Nelson
A By-Law to raise $50,000 for the completion of the Electric Light ana
Power Plant of the City of Nelson.
P.O. Bon Bl.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest *��� stntilished Real Estate
Busiucss in Kooteuay.
Nelson, B. C.
sVl\W>/V^^siV.^^^M.^^AAMMM^AAy ,
I have for Sale the Choicest
Frait Lands in this district
Mosl of it initiate on the West Arm and Main Lake.   See me before yon decide to locate.
1 ^.WWVWVWWWWW^W^A^^Mft^^W^W^^w* *
Centrally Ixsetitesl. Ope- I>��y s-nsl Night.
Hampleaml Huh Koora. Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Comer Ward and Vernon Streets.
pmch Marked in   Kowliind,   Trail,   Nt'laou, Kaslo,   BlUjdon, Throe Forks, New
Denver uud Slooan City.
iwi by mnil tn nny bmutk Wlil hive
' mnl OtUWtU Btti'liHni).
He-Ad Office: Nelson, B. C.
BUSCH..,       Budweiser Beer
D1STILLKRS, 12 and 20 years old.
Editor of The Daily Canadian: Wo
are frequently told liy the newspapers
of lhat time, lhat the "Sage of Chelsea" was greatly worried during some
of tho laier years of his life, to the
degree that it at lust affected his nervous system, hy the crowing of a
cnck kepi hy his nearest neighbor In
his buck yard, a small one. In tho
clly of Nelson there Is a saloon
known by lhe nann- or "No Place Inn."
There Is therein a gramophone which
oflen, by nlghl as well as by day,
grinds mil "nnisle," presumably, to tho
delectation or Its frequenters. That
music is Invariably���or   so   generally
Kootenay Lake Fruit Fair
'ir.uul Display Of Fruits, Flowers
mnl Vegetables.
I''11triesel1iK0Hm.it;. llth.     Hpeeial
ilsites uu nil bunts uud trains.
Kotlce ix hereby alvtm iimi u Cputl "i EUvtnlon
nn.l Ai.iK'nl f..r [ha Bchool Dlitrlotiof itwtoni
Mum.*, ^iliiiu mnl V in if. will bo held in Ux*
I'.,mt Hoiiw In Hit- c-iIV ��f MeUon, It. *'��� , oil
M.-iniiiv, the I7lh dayol Beptembor. 1*M,el the
im.1 r of 10:90 n elqok in iii'* toranoou, to heei nud
detertnlno ��n appeal" irom thonveumeint* made
1*0 the above iin-unoui'il Bchvol MMflrts for 1 lie
v-.nr ElXM, under ihe "Public s-ht.nU ,\.*i."
Hilled itt N'ldHtit, H. V, , thllBSth duv u[ Aunusl,
PM Mi.
mui nf Uevlslnn mnl tVppI ni,
mi A-tM'Hxineiit Iti-tllrl.
Certificate of Improvements
Kaslo, B.C., Friday, Sept. 14th
Ul^antto, oiHiii, Kimt Cbence, Ohahetalii nud
Tweuiv Mile ITrutlofi mineral einimc. ��iiu-
1111' in ih*' Kelion aiiuiiik Divlilou orWwt
Kootonay dlilrlot
When- located! On nutidci'iiKHiiitiiiii, helwuen
Wild Homo ami Hear I'reoki,
Take notice iimi I, John Mol iiiehte, of Uie t-lly
DiNeis.iii, aciluif ii**iiki<iii ror JoMMi Btwgoon,
Ft*.... Min.'i's Cerllflenlo No H6ln, lntpnd.elxly
daiji ir mi (he date hereof,tu apply in th.- Minin.r
lleebrdcr fur ('ertllleatea <i( Improveineulei for
ihe purpuMQ id ni'iioiiiiit! Crown Qranta of the
.\od further lake notice Una aetioii, under ace-
(Inn '.fl, otu-t lie rt ueiired huhire thu i-siiiiine
nf m" h iVrtlli uie ..1 ItiiprnveiiK'iil".
Daied thin Sim day of July, A. D. 1W0,
John MuLatcmib.
WBBRBAfi a petition h*n been prcnciitiHl to
the Municipal I'ouneil of the Corporation of the
City ol Kelion m.ii-'I by the owners of nt leant
oii-tcnthof the value of the re��l proptriy ln the
���aid eily m shown by the last revised assessment
mil, rei[Uesliiiit the *ald t'ounrll to introduce
"A Bv Law to raise Itt.OCO on for the purpose of
coinpfetlnK theOOn��trnotton of theEettrh' Light
and Power riant now being constructed by the
City of Nelson hi ihe I'mvr Bonniiifttou Kails,
Kootenay Itlv.r, Brl'i'h Culumbla.
ANO WIIKKKAH it is deemed expedient to
complete tbe hleotrto Light and Power plant-
AND W1IKKKAS for the pnrpones afon-Kuld 11
will  be DeooMUy  to borrow the sum ol Fifty
Tbou.ta.nd DolUw (^O.tfiWJO), and tovene debentnrai ol tbo city of NqUoh for the purpoeepl
rnhilnK '���'l;'; amouot.
AND WHtltEAS th* whole amount of lhe ratable liiinl of the Hald city, according to tbe
last revised Assessment Roll, ls ouo million two
hundred and six ty-three thouitnd eight hundred
and lorty dollars (��1 .AS.SIO )
AND WHKRKAS It will be rettulsre to raise
Htiiiaallv by rale the ��um Ol Four Thousand One
Hundred aiid Seventy Nine Dallers ($1,179 00) for
paying the said debt and interest.
Now therefore the Municipal Council ot lho
c 1 j...:atiiin of the ' Uy of Si 1-nu eoacta aa
1 ���It shall and may he lawful for the Mayor of
the Corporation of llu-Cltyof Nelson to borrow
Upon the credit o( th? Mid Corpora Hull, hy way
of the debenture! hfupeinattet mentioned, from
any person or poTBOOl, body *r bndlea eorporate,
wli.i may l��- wklliog to udvance the Mine a�� a
loan, it sum of money nol exceeding hi tho whole
lhe mm of Fifty Thousand Dollars (160,000TO,]
and to CBUte all 'such sums so raised or received
In be paid Into lhe hands of the Treasurer of the
-ui.'. 1 or|ioratlnn for the nurpose and with the
object hereinbefore recited
St.���It sluiH he lawful lor the Mayor of the sal.l
Corpora* Ion   0 cause anv number of debentures
to bis made, executed and issued (or nteh itna or
sums as muv be required for the nurpoee&nd
object aforesaid, not exceeding bowev. r. the sum
i.f Filly Thousand Dollars (,r-u,tHW,00). each of lhe
said delsveniures tielng of the ilcuomluatton of
Oue Thousand Dollars(ll.tHVi.ihi)and all such de*
benuircs shall l��e sealed with the seal ol the Corporation nud signed by the Mayor thereof.
3 -The snld debentures shall bear date Ihe 1st
day ol Octobef, 19M, and shall be made payable
in twenty yeera from tbe said date in lawful
mono) Ol Canada at the ofllce of the Hank of
Montreal to Kelion sforesald. which said plaee
ot payment shall be designated by the Mid de*
beuturea, and shall have attached to them coupon-for the psymeiit of interest, and lhe signature* i" the intereit ooupone may be either
written, sliiini.ed, pr��� tiled or lithographed.
4��� The said debentures sliall bear Interest at
the rale 61 >r�� i>er cent. Inon the dale thereof,
which interest shall be payable t*. ml-unuually at
said  offloe of  the  Han**:  ol  Montreal In Nelson
afotosald, '�� lawful money ol Canada, no tho
rirst .Uv ol April and HrM .lay of October teepee*
tlvety iii each year during the enrrenoy thereof;
und it shall be expressed In Mid debeiiti res and
couponi t.i be so payable
5,���II lhalUbe lawful lor the Mayor of said 0 r-
poratlon to negotiate and nil tne said debentures or any of ihem lor less than par, but iu 00
1 M0 shall the said debentures or nuy of Ihem be
negotiated oraold for less than ninetv live per
centum of their value including tho eoat of he*
gut hit llig an 1 sale, brokerage and all other i:m
���domal exponent.
li.   Then* shall he raised and levied In each year
during ihe currently of said dobeuturoe the sum
of Twenty-live Hundred Dollar* (93,8u0] lor pay-
ment of interesi and the sum of eUteeli Hundred and ^cenivniiic Dullnrs f|l|W* <K�� for pay
tnontOf the said debentures by rate MUtlb-hut
therefore on all the ratable land in the said
7.-U shall be lawful for the said Municipal
Council 10 re*puroha��e any nt the said deheii-
lures upon suih terni- us may be agreed upon
with    Uu-   Icnal   holder   or   holders  thereof  or
any port thereof, elthor at the time ol sale or
any BObsOOUei' "ineor times,nud iill debentures
so re-Mi rchiwd shall forth wiih be cancelled and
destroyed and no reissue of debenture!eo re-
purchased shall 1��* tnOUO In eonsei|ilenee of siielt
s, TlilsBy-l.aw shall lake effect ou or afler
UlO6th day of September mn
��>.- This Hv-I aw may be cited*for all purposca
as the City of Nelsou UloetrlO Light Loan ay-l.aw
No, 171, 1WW.
Done and 1.asset) lu Council Assembled  ihis
Hcpiembor i��w.
The Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Toiukins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Aces
ol the
Choicest Frott Lands te
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acfes to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
Good   Sample    Rooms.
Queen _ Hotel
Biker Street, Nelion. B. C.
Lighted by Electrioity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large euti .InmtorUble Beslruuum in& Fir
cLsir. IlluttiK Room.   Hi.isspls' Room, [or Coiniaer-
el_l Hen.
MRS. K. C. (M.AHKK. Proprlctretl
St. Paul,
Port Arthur
Sioux City
Tho well known
Our Beer Garden is
tho Finest in the
-   Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Kansas City fiS.'>5. St. Louis f.lMI.00.
Chicago $6-1 00.
On sale August 7-H-fl, S��ptenilier 8-10
Final limit October-1st.
Toronto ff>US5.   On sale September 8 9-10
Limit November 80th.
Milwaukee $88.90    Ou sale August 7-8-8.
Limit October aist. *
Rates $1 aud $1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Bcardors.
T_-6 notice tin1., .lm "liovu In a true dot. ol *l'e
pronoied Hv-I..... iipun vslils-li the vote nt llie
Msililellislllt'v will 1ms tstken Hi llle City ssl Ni'lKsin
��� <u Tuetsilay llio 4lh iliiy ol Suptssinber, tisjKt, tie-
isss-s'is Use hosir.olll ii's'lsiislt *.m. ami 7 o'flos'-
i, in., lor the Kust Wan. at the Ciilliiiill I'linsiils.i
Al the corner ol Victoria nml Jonephliiessiruiii��,
sssiil for llle Wc.l Want at the Hoard ol Trade
Kissstssis sit lhe corner ssf \ .otorla and Rootenay
"umu' ���     w.rwAWot.
City Clerk.
Nelion, B. C. Aui-ll till 1W.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealer) iu staple nml fnncy Qroceriw.
Butter, K|;i!s.
Oauip and Miners' Supplies.
Ci>i*i'i*ac.��ir  and
Bole agent tM tho PortoBtco tAiraber Co., i.ut.,
r.*iHtl vtinlf. ttOQgU iimltlri' fvti IiiiuIht. turned
work Hll'l lirrickt't**, t'im-.l hltll nH.| slilliyU-n, fusil
nml tliiorx. Cenont, brick -And Ihno for Hnlt>
Autuimitli* grinder.
Yftr.1 nml (ftutury: Vi-rnoii St.. I'tuttot Hall,
P O. Box ttt. Toleplionn lift.
West Transfer Co.
General Teamsters aud Dealers in
Ooal aud Woo .   Express nnd
BaKKiige TrOJisrer
Thorpe's Lithia
Through rntes nil etatious���Ontnrio,
Queliee, New York, New England, Maritime Provinces ou application.
A.li.r. ...Viini-smver. I>. P.A.. NolKOO.
Yalc-Kootcnay Ice, Fn��;t, Ftiel
&, Poultry Co., Ltd.
I*V  stf"*".;
Deliveries iimil-> daily tlirnngl.i.ut Kelson
ami irs siil-nrbs Phone 148.
The Last of Eastern
On Sale September 8-10
Winnipeg i
St Paul I  |5��,6o
Duluth |
Port Arthur      J
Chicago $64.00
St. Loois $60.00
Final limit October Slst.
On sale September 8-8-10 to Toronto $76 Wi.
Limit November 30th.
Rates to all ether eastern points
ou application. ""
City l*ti<.ei.xe  Agent.
A I! P. A.. Seattle.
**       '"'    -"��� '���'"'���""
The Latest Modern Appliainc:
now in use at tlii.
And   DEsUVBHEiD t'��.-;i_
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
M The Daily Canadian
More Snaps!
regular price 54.50, reduced price $3.75, $4.00
These prioei nre ouly for ONE WJSKK.
Mail order* receive prompt aud careful attentiou.
^************************i \ -*xhe Store of Sweets."
Crawford Free Stone
In large variety are uow iu*
for preserving.
Fruits, Confectionery And
Ice Cretm.
Plume -Hi. Bilker St.
NELSON, B   0.
Buy while quality is
j Bell Tradingl
I        Company
'c4 Tip" for a
'Canadian Morning.**
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want tn buy or ssl] anything,
go to the -Olrl Cariosity Shop. A nev
line of Japanese Goods now on sale. Al!
kinds of Dinnerware In stock. Pat
Cor. Vernon Mud Ward  Street*.,
Nlit-SOV,    B. C.
J   FRED HUMP:. Proprietor.
Mr and Mis G Watt, Siniooei Mrs T
Black, Fsrnic: KG Brown, (J Mntliir. E
K I'uiily. Vancouver; FKt>yne,Oalgary;
W 11 Strathearn, Kuslo
Mrs (' Trucott,  A.Morgan, BPhlpp.,
Revelstoko; A 1) WI 1 r.  Alnsworth;
Mrs .11' Kslinis'. Mrs Davidson, Tucoma;
WK Baling, Trail; Wm De H-.ry. H (1
Smith. C Smith, Redliuids; A Miller,
Greenwood; V Elwell, Bonnington; J
Lamb, H 0 Bullis, Ci .cinnnti,
,S 0 Dvkc. K Milllngton Vanoouver;
J Grant. Mrs JGenelle, Listowl; Miss F
Tonng. Toronto; MrsSJWest, Miss V.
West, Ssirnis; UissVanderburg, Nakusp;
.1 Osmpbell, Beaton; T R Forbes, Slooan;
F Wilder uud wife, Wlnlaw; ti 11
Wheeler, s.-nitl.-; W (' Spuendil, Lirnion
creek: 0 Brown, Grand Fs.i-ks.
W J Downing A N Oowan, Nakusp;
H riibble, Vancouver.
T MiiiM.u.  A   Evans,  Trout Lake; D
Wilson, Vancouver.
Jessie Norton, R Sheedy, Spokane; L L
Brown, Northpurt; S Norton, H Berg*
hurst, Bonnington : M Tun. Castlegar; J
K Brenner, l) W Brenner I) W Palmer,
A E Hull. Fernie; T J Hogan, Sls.-an;
A MsAsiiuiis. Pilot Bay; K IJ Lsuii:. Vau-
eouvi r
.r  Watson, isi_n<l  Forks;  A James,
.'. u  tnd;BFoley, Greenwood; SWay-
son, Kris-.
1' .1 Allssl.uiy. Moyie: T L McAllister, T
.1 Westby, Salmo; Cj Broderick, Creston.
.'H-surk.-. Kokanee; J P Bell, Salmo.
Making Dependable
Fortunate is the store that liac tbe
rt*putaiIon fur depandaMlily lfi *r-
tuuate is th'* pub)i<* that ha- ��m !i ;i J
store in ii** midst. Fortunate eonfi
denee between a itore and it- buying}
Puhlu* meani growth This ptore luu
1 frrowu, and U growing on jusl these
HufH. No ambition higher than pna-
HcsiiiuK your confidence���other thiiipt)
HTo Irf.UNd tn C'lliic
We want every trade tranviotion .<>(
1* Batirfaotary, and if it is not wo
wuut you to ti'ii us about it.
If you have not knight   from us ^
send ns a trial order.
[Joy'sCash Grocery!
Cor. JoBephlut' find Mill Sir*.     Phone 19
We are
Receiving daily
Plums, Peaches
Crab Apples.
Ar it it* near preaerving time we would
advise y.iu t-i leave your order
with us.
Telephone nil.
im: BXI u-ivi. privilege ..( - Ilini relnuh-
nli sm l i. is'- ground, during Hit- !���'.!!
fair, September lis Jul. Ko .plrlluoua liquor,
allowed, llss luuhs'-i ssrnuy tender n..1 uecei-
���ssiilv screptod. A certified cheque fs,r issll
issiiiiiili! lo accompany web t.-isili-r.   uil.ls>���--,
lis   Mi Moaau, Beorelsry,
Xclflnn .U'rliultisrr.1 stisil liistist.lrl.il AsmmIssIIiui.
Ni .-.11, 11.C, AUSUItt, 1'JU's
.;������ Hume school will nss[K'n tomorrow
ump with Miss Bate in charge.
Tbs- steamer Ktiskuuo.sk will leave th<>
city wharf tor Kootenay Landing tomorrow morning at 4:_0.
Th*- regular fortnightly meeting of tbo
city council will Im- held iu the council
chamber tonight at 8 o'clock.
A meeting ol the entertainment
committee of the 20,000 club will be
held tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock
In  Tuylor  _t  M-Qti-rrl.'s office.
Aid. J A. kirkpatrick is in the city to
attend meeting! m* the fair directors nnd
city council, ofl��r six week's hurd worlt nt
the Eureka mine, from which he reports
excellent pr. tries..
Silver ami lead have iioth made substantial pains since Saturday. Sliver
lias advanced 4 iKiinis on each marks!, the American price being nssw
io', cents an onuco. Lead bus riseu
'.'  isisints on tbe London  market.
Now ut their best.   Don't
delay preserving.
Fine Crawford Peaches
and Bartlett Pears.
HOA.   A good rowing canoe, fllted will, -nil hu<1
I    nen ..ht.-.     Kor partiimlen apply to H. ff.
I'.ilrolliT, ('iitiii.llnii i>t1.i-e.
Gait Coal
Terma Spot Cub
Telephone 266 B.ker Street
Apply Qneon Cigar Store, W. II. Bmltit.
ROOMS 'in LET  Nicely liiniisin-.i snd cleanlv
ksipi russiiis- lorltcsd} guectl ssr iraii-ts'isls   Apply Mr-.. Ms-l.siisyli]l vi-r Pierre'! liiilssr ibon,
Baker ilreet.
A meeting of tin- Fair direetora is being
held this afternoon in the Baker street
ofllce. The business, is chiefly financial
th.- passing of small accounlfl ami author-
lidng  further  prelitiiinnry   expenditure.
Thr work of all s- milti-es is pri��'i-ediug
.1 11 Gillls, the new tchool inspector of
Kooteuay, is in the Oitj today investignt-
ing lis'- claims s.f residenta of tin- districts
jnst outside the oi y limits who have no
Bchool facilities sit presont except those of
the City, to which their children are
charged a fee fssr admission.
Tin- next cricket fixture Is a match
between Ihe team that visited Victoria
and the stay-ut-honieB. Among those
available for Uie latter eleven are
Mason ami Hardcastle, bowlers, and
such redoubtable bats as Judge Forin.
Rev. P. H. Graham, C. T. O. Partington,
It. Howe uml  !���:.  W.  Wlddowson.
Those desiring lo tender for
privilege of Belling refreshments
llle recreation grounds during llie
nis' reminded that the tenders will
opened Monday next. September
after which none cau be conside
The early date was fixed to give
successful tenderer ample time
preparation of creditable quarters
The restaurant in tin- Victoria
hlock. which was tbe subject of complaint recently by all the residents In
the neighborhood, has been Investigated by the medical health officer
and sanitary inspector and has heen
condemned. The aK'-nt of ihe block
has been notified ami the keeper of
ihe restaurant has been given notice
to quit.
The dance at "the tramway park
Thursday evening under the auspices
of the city band will be as enjoyable
as the best efforts cau make It. Tho
hand as at presenl constituted is the
besl Xeisssfs has ever bad. Its services
ass- given gratis to every public entertainment and its only source of rev-
sssiis- is Its own enterprise, it Is therefore entitled to generous supiiort by
the  citizens.
The Store of Quality
HOW is tin* time tu lmy iM-ticlicfi for
prC'serviiiK. They ure nt their
Irf-st rinw und the price is as low
U it will bt*
Wc have ii troll st'j*U of delirious
B :rti'*u pean on band.
FOB JELLY. We have r.-oche,i
the wliisls- shipment from one man
uud can supply your wants in
this line.
Are coming in now in ftoodcondi*
tion.   Tbey won't bud long.
Wc alto hnve freeb
CnntuloupcM       l<��ip<-- ToinatucN
hiiiiniiiiM Wnt tri .it-u ni>��
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . I'hssne 10
Phone  your  orders,      I'll
guarantee tbe fruit.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Bilica nnd Josephine Sts.
Mountain Wild
Flowers of
By Julia W. Hensha^
"A simple and popular guide to the
names and descriptions of the flowers thnt bloom ubovo the cloudi"
A book for every teaclier. school and
private library, and every lover of
our  wild  flowers.
for lOc
VVe arc closing nut a lot nf
Box Kites al above price.
Secure   one before  they arc
all gone.
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash -Stores....
W. G. Thomson
KfS" ,nd Nelson, B. C.
I'll. .11.  .1-4-
$10 Down
$10 Per Month
will purchase io acres of
splendid fruit laud which
will double iu value in a
few months.
Are you grasping the
present opportunities?
Thompson & Douglas
PAINT8R8 ..nj
Sign   Writing  i>  SpewlMlty.
w.,11 |sssp.'i-ijistl IlL.rl.ip.
Ws Perry Returns From Silver Dollar
Mine at Camborne.
W.Perry returned last nivi.it from
Camborne, where he has been installing the Crawford aerial tram for the
Silver  Dollar  Mining .company.
The line Is complete and machinery
in being installed.
The pipe line of lhe mine Is completed and the conipri*;.snr (ilanl is
ready for operation.
Mi. Perry thinks everything will be
completed and the mill in operation
by October 16 ai the latest
]Vt//A//t th t/fif/va// spirit* in tkliiM
l>u> you  KNOW
tbHt Um drlnki n-rved atour^xinK'niuUln
had pinit* propertlH ift'uMca rtbwhlngl
Wu u iiiy real fruit tjtOAjt ol Uie fl neat
quality        Fnuataiti, couoU-r. glares and
receptacle*-.   Ha   ttnX  acnipuloualy oImd
Baku BtrMt. Nelsou. B, 0.
Get  F0R Sept.
Busy    First
Select Your Requirements early for Grouse
See Our Window
Nelson Hardware Co.
Sporl.-insn's Hi-!iil<|tiarti-ri\
Pupils   Still   Coming.
When the pulill. schooli reopened
today several new pupils appeared,
brliiKiiii; (he total to about T,l) Many
of lass year's, pupils have not yet re-
tiirns-sl, bul are certain to do so within
a few weeks at lliss latest.
.Miss II. Thom anil Miss h. Thomas
ha-..- returned and took charge ol
ih'ir respective elasses this morprag
Are added lo the MASON
A RI80H PI AND family
eueh year.
I.Msv sTKN.j.iUAiii I'H lm ps,s.iii,,n in country,
sisisssi isssii.s- witli employsr'a ississiiy.   .-l.ply
Isox W., Cisiisssllsin silllss'.
KXI'KHIKNUKII   DI.V1N.I   ItlKIM   lilKl.    Apply
IlKls-ys.li ll.si Spring . H. C
i'SMl'l-sl. MKNT ssn fusil rssssilsl,' youUg .lss|.iill-
iw sinsl lill Mils-.   Apply Bunny.Wo Hotel
CAKI'KNTKUS   -Apph lu Jsslill Burns.sill,-. uu.i
Retail Di iIcti in
Fresh and Salted Meats
OftmpR BOpplied on ihoxtenl notice, and
lowest price. Nothing but fr-wb and
wholwome menu snd supples kept buttock
Mai: ordera rooelve careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
3500 New Members
We want jroo to Join tlie family.
We will accept you on <*as_v termi, _md gtiataiilee you will never lie mrry
for having joined as.
Call and w\ particulars of our cany payment Hyuteni.
Mason & Risch Piano Co., Ltd.
Office:   Koom ��,
Ilu.I-..n Bur Mot-..
Mast be Sold at Once!
TWO FURNISHED HOUSES, complete in alt details, 2 lots
25 feet x 120 feet; 15 fruit trees in bearing. Crop vegetables.
Ten minutes from postoffice.
Price Complete $1300.
Further particulars will ls>- given hy
TfYVF 8r  CC%      Fruit Lands and Real Estate
One Eye ata Time!
Tlmt's thi- wav we tM
l;Bui.lly tl���. qre, di,r,r
k1i.sk which suits um. iniun-s th.   V '
and ullinsiiti-ly both nuff.-r        ���* """*.
We  use  tniKleru  npuliancw, ����� .,
ITCBtort care to avoid a mihfit ' H&
would burl your eyes and our bniui*
lulephont 333.
^ffim? THK <BAWroR"    RcPalrinK and Ebbing a Specialty
Sheettnelal Work, OtltiflS*., Bullde^l��� Mnterlul anil MldiuR anil Mill MiK-hintt;
OHlco and Works Koo' of l'ark St.
'hsiisa   .11..
>uIm...i,  ||, c>
Starkey & Co.,
Kootenay Agents
R. A. Rogers & Co,
Limited, Winnipeg.
WhoiMaii ProvtsioiMi
Dominion Qovonmnml Onomon Ona-Ponnd Brioka noeived weaklj fre_b
from tlie sliuris.   Kor sals- by all lending gtO-Oi.
Offloe and irarehonMi Etotuton Blodc,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B. C.
Don't Forget
Ii your furnace In shape to start the winter with)   If  not, HOW
ie the time to have It repaired.
]* H. Ashdown Hardware Co,, Ltd
PLEASE NOTE���We will not lie responsible for any furnace not lnehape
by October 1st. 1900.
tt.pulrlnu ...... ........Imi; ..cculej wit I, I ��e��|.... w...   sheet Metal I
Work, .MI..I..U nnsj   \.sll Mi.i;.ili.ur>'.      M.��t.ii..._. iir��s-s ,.(
<)i-_  Curs,  I..   IV.   C....lri.-t..rM*  Ciiri*.
��������� �������������"*    "NEUSOM,    B.  C. EW*1"'
Maryland Casualty Co.
Which issues policies for the following:
Accident, Health, or combination of the two.
Plate Class Insurance.
Burglary or Theft.    Steam Boiler Explosion.
McDermi<f& McHardy
list Arrived!
uSi.i >'���'������'' ""'���' ~'^':
A large shipment of
Hart, Schaffier & Marx's
Latest I'atii-rns, l.iti-st Style*, and All (IiksIs (Juiin.i.t.-.-.i
��TsS L��mbe��, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned Work and Brucketa. Mail Onlein prompU'/ alten^1 ,(l'
VKHINOIN STUUCT   -   -   .   ,M!I..HO>. B. C.
Our stock  of HAND   SAWS is  very WW
ini'lii'liiif.' uriuli-s to HUit all ri'i|iiiriiiiicllts. _s
If you wish n low priced saw we can suiiplj" P '
also carry the liest quiilitii'S nindo by
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y, 1^


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