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The Daily Canadian Jul 30, 1907

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Array ��3tt)e  SUtiljj
-.UMK   2.      NO.   47.
NELSON, B. C., TUESDAY, JULY  30, >907.
incil Forced to Raise
Tax Rate
[ Power Plant Has Necessitated
creased Revenue for City
ior Current Year.
solicitor. Htalfd that (tit* reports of the
city m-SdlCB I health officer on samples of
milk from dairies wer*> in accordance
with tin   act.
Aid. Rose presented a request of the
Yale-Kootenay Ice, etc., company for a
lease of the foreshore from Josephine
to Ward streets. The request waa left
over to  the next meeting.
The rate hylaww were then Introduced and Kiven three riXllngl. and notice was Kiven for the final adoption.
The payrolls for .Inly were prfMflfl
A vacation of one month MH Kranted
to City Clerk Wasw.ii.
('(���uiicll  then iidjourned   in  Aim    I2��h
Fifty Cents a Month
War   Expected   With   Mexico   and   San
Salvador���Army Ready.
1 fixlnK  or the  rate or  civic  taxu-
_��� the current year and the inter-
011  of a   iMiil'Inir   bylaw  kept   the
ouncil    lu   session   nearly    three
aat  night,
majority of one In a full coun-
aa decided to strike u hi^ti  rale
I clear off urieai-s
; disputi   between the building in
and  a   city   architect  aa   to the
Bt;itiuii of a bylaw  a compromise
ected hy which additions of brick
to frame  buildings   within  the
lite 1k made possible  without   in
the risk of loaa hy fire.
ouncil  met shortly after h,  wiih
I GHlett  In   the   chair,  and   Alder
Bin-*   Selops,  Annable,  McMorris,
fed Irving also present.    The min
[ the last   meet in*.', were read and
jrrie, by Invitation, addressed the
j ou  the subject  of  the order  to
ork on the addition  to tlie Mara
the corner of Haker und  Stan
rts, given by City Euginuer l.����
i his capacity au building ins|>ee-
��� Carrie  argued  that   there  had
1 Infringement of thu bylaw, and
ed tbat If the engineer's couten-
upheld, there could \iv no ex-
' business premises in the city.
fargued  lhat tiie addition of a
Udlngto a frame block did not in
jink of fire In any way.    He also
UnHUutees of such udditlons with-
walls being built, as now  re
fcuestiou was discussed informal
Keen   Mr.   Carrie   and   different
_j of  the  council.
[ Burns, con true lor also addressed
mil, complaining of  being stop-
Ibta work.
|Utg      luspecUir      l>uwrence     e.v
���' that he  had  stopped   work re-
|ko   because   of   what   seemed   to
verul   distinct   violations   of   the
[ bylaws, which he proceeded to
(building  inspector  aud   Mr.   Car-
^\ withdrew for a conference on
gesUon  of  Aid.   Selous.
flniiiK'i'   committee's   report was
ja<i   recommending   payment   of
p_menus accouuts;   that the appli-
Bpf the driver of  the  fire depart-
^Vr an   increase  of  salary   be  not
eti. that the rate of tuxatiou for
_' be 37 mills on land and l! mills
Eper   cent,   of  improvements,   20
Jb land and the rate on improve
00r  interest und  sinking  fund,   5
B land  for  seliool   purposes,  und
_) for general purposes.
^report   was  taken   up clause  hy
On  the  discussion of Clause 3,
* clerk explained thai  there were
D   delteii: u 1 ni   to   be   met   out   of
nerul   revenue,   $150,000   out    of
J from the power plant, and $60,*
fcool  debentures   not   yel   sold.
Belous protested against  the rate
raised above Ht) mills in the inter-
Khe city's credit, and urged  lhat
Jn ou   improvements   be  raised.
Hbnyor replied to Aid. Irving (hat
prcasod   expenditure   was   almost
Ctfiic to thi power pluul construe-
Selniis offered an amendment to
8, that u rate of 5 mills be
Eon Improvements as well as on
"pr school purposes. lie wished
ople to know what the schools
.bating. He afterwards changed tt
Dills on Improvements, which Aid.
seconded. It was snpporler]
Aid. McMorris, but was lost,
Jkyor and Aldermen Hume, Hose
Hflng voting for the clause as It
prs. Lawrence nnd Carrie then re-
and    reported    a    compromise
Jhwas approovod, the chief feature
fijji stipulation  for (Ire-proof  floors
tolly  engineer's   report   wiih   then
bowing that the proposed exten
^Latimer street from Kootenay lo
Jfrould  cohI   $no();   that   the  ex'len
Kbf a   sewer   to  ihe   proposed   add!
l'**0 the C. P. R. ticket office would
, least $600;   the Cost of a Bewer
poteuay    hI reel,    $1 (tll.r.O;    recom-
pg   that   rlghl   of   usor   over   lhe
pipe   line be  acquired,   that   a
���k on Victoria street be repaired
pit the city wharf be covered with
[report    was   adopted   except   the
pnendulion as to the (Chinese pipe
er from 11. 0. Hull, actiug city
Mexico, July 8.���The 11 men who
were ���ontnnnod to he shot tn (iuuteuuila
City for conspiracy In ���������the attempt to
assassinate the president have not been
executed and according to Walter Williams, a resident of Guatemala City for
IS years, who arrived tn this city today,
there will be no executions for that
"President Cabrera does not want to
Inflict the death penalty," said Mr. Wll-
Hams, "and I! Is very probable the sentences will be commuted to u term of
pears in prison."
Speaking of conditions In Guatemala.
Mr William said: "People In Guatemala believe a war with Mexico will
come sooner or later. Guatemala has
4.000 men In arms in preparation for
the conflict hut the subject is seldom
discussed hy the residents of Guatemala,
and they are only awaiting developments A recent rumor that Zelaya was
to invade Guatemala caused a panic and
money went  up a hundred   points."
Distinguished  Body   of   Roman  Catholic
Clergy Assembled for
Winning. July 30.���A distinguished
party of ecclesiastics from the city of
Montreal has arrived In the cliy. In
tin- company were: Hishop Haclcot of
Montreal. theVery Rev. Father Fiset.
Kev Father Girard. Mgr. AHard and
Father Quesnel.
Hishop Hociot Is the bishop auxiliary
to Archbishop It ruches! tn Montreal,
and will succeed tu that high office of
archbishop in the event that he should
outlive the present occupant of that
post. The bishop is the uncle of the
Archbishop of St. Boniface. He was
present on the occasion of the ordination of Bishop l-angevin as priest, and
was most anxious to be present in this
city ou the occasion or tht! celehration
of the twenty-tlflli anniversary of that
occasion, which occurs within a few
He Is accompanied west by Mgr. Al-
lard. the vicar general of the diocese of
Vnlleylield, Quebec, and by Rev. Father
Quesnel, who is the purlsh priest of
Ormstowu, In the diocese of Valleylleld.
The Very Rev. Father Flset, ts the
head of the Redeniptorlsl Order in the
Dominion, and has come west for the
purpose of inspecting the work of the
order in this country. Houses have
been established In the west at Hraudou
and Yorkton, where missions and work
lu this country has been carried on tn
accordance with tlie plans of tbe order. The main work of the Redemi^-
tionist Fathers is lu missions and the
work Iu this country has beeu carried
on in accorduuee with tils idea.
Father Girard, of Hochelaga, Montreal, Ih the director of t&e Annals of
Ste. Ann de Heaupre. These annals are
published monthly, and are Bent regularly to fifty thousand subscribers In ull
parts of the world. Father Girard states
that the number of visitors lo the shrine
at St. Ann has increused until they number alxjui I7r��,000 per year. Ou the last
Sunday he was there, there were over
live thousand people at tbe shrine and
as many as eight organised pilgrimages arrived tn one day. The shrine
was the most famous ami most ancient
oi: the continent, and many favors had
been Obtained there as early as the seventeenth century. One of the large Important parties to arrive there recently
on a visit, was the body of the Knights
of the Temples of the city of lloston,
many hundreds of whom cume to the
During their stay in the city, all of
the visitors are the guests of the bishop
al the Palace tu St. Kontface. The Rev.
Father Douglas, vicar general of Si.
Iloniface, arrived from Montreal with
the  visitors.
Parents In a Panic.
Berlin, July 30.���The recurrence of a
"ripper" outrage has caused another
wuve of nervous fear and dread to break
over the oily. A woman, on opening
the door of a flat, surprised a man in
th�� act of striking down an 11-year-old
child The woman screamed and Human succeeded lu getting away. This
occurred tu tho neighborhood of the
previous outrages. The residents of this
section aro in such a State of nervous
excitement thai they fell upon and beat
fearfully a hurmloss man because he
hud offered children a piece of candy.
Italians Riotous.
Los Angeles, July 30,���It was reported
here early thla morning that three Italians were killed last night In a riot at
Florence, a suburb three miles distant.
The Sheriff, with a large posse, has left
foi- the scene.
Anglo-Russian Agreement
Is Signed
Indian and Persian Frontiers Safe-
Irish Oppose Grant to Cromer
���The Happy Family.
London, Judy 30.���It ia announced
that the negotiations between Great
Britain and Russia have resulted in an
agreement amicably adjusting all outstanding differences on the Indian frontier and in Persia.
Uoth powers have consented to tbe
delimitation of their sphere of interest
In these regions. Sir Arthur Nicholson, the iirittsh ambassador at St. Petersburg, who Is ut present visiting In
l^ondon, is arranging dual details of this
Parts, July 30.���M. Kurino, tlie Japan
eae minister to this republic, la authority for the following information
concerning the Russo-Japanese treaty
ou commerce and navigation which was
signed in St. Peters burg. The treaty
embraces live subjects: Commercial relations, fishery rights, the junction of
the Manchurian railroad, the delimitation of frontiers, tbe political relations.
Dealing with this last named subject
it Is brief and is practically the duplicate or the Franco-Japanese agreement
for the maintenance of the status quo.
M. Kurino denies the report thut Japan
has ordered two dirglhle balloons from
London. July 30.���Lord Curzon. chan
cellor of Oxford university, speaking at
a banquet given iu his honor, after ex
pro-sing the opinion that the trouble in
India is ouly skin-deep, strongly criti
cizod what he described as Great Bri
tain's "unfiClentlflc hugger-mugger meth
or of administering the Empire."
He aatd that no country tn the world
had such a reserve of ex|>erlence and
authority lu the art of civil government
and  made so little  use of It.
The colonial office, he said, was madi
up of permanent officials, many ot
whom had never set eyes on the colonies they  administered.
He asked why there should not be an
Imperial Council of some kind to assist
in   their   administration.
London. July 30.���The cleavage in the
Iriah party owing to the dissatisfaction
of tlie more extreme Nationalists wtth
Mr. Redmond's policy becomes more pro
noun cod. The Stnu Fein movement Is
continually growing, despite Mr. Redmond's denunciation of Its members as
soreheads and wreckers. Charles Do
lau, M. P. for Nortb Leltrlm, has lately joined It, and Sir Thomas Ksmomte,
M. P. for North Wexford, whose sympathy has already been declared, has now
been formally elected, a member. Mr.
Dolan. speaking in Dublin this evening,
said there hud been a deficiency tn the
organization of the Nationalist party for
live years.
London, July 30.���Iu the House of
Commons today Premier Campbell-Dan
nerman presented a royal message proposing a special grant of $260,000 to
Lord Cromer, who recently resigned the
post of British agent and consul general
In Egypt, In recognition of hla services
to that  conntry.
Win. K. Redmond, Nationalist, announced the intention of opposing the
voting of this sum
It is not probable, however, that there
will be any considerable vote eaat
against the  grant.
Negro Electrocuted,
New York, July 30.���William Nelson,
a negro, was executed In the electric
chair in Sing Sing prison at Ossintng
early today for the murder of Llule
Norman with whom he lived. Nelson
was given two shocks. It was the flrst
execution at which Jesse Frost, the new
warden of Ihe prison, officiated. The
crime for which Nelson paid the death
penalty waB committed in December,
1006, In this city, and was the result
of a drinking affair.
Ex-Judge Dying.
Saratoga, N. Y., July 30.���August
Bockes, Justice of the supreme court of
this slate from 1856 to 1888, was
stricken with apoplexy last night and is
not expected to live. Judge Bockes Is
80 years old.
Two Titans Found.
London. July 30.���According to the
Milan correspondent of the Tribune.
Parudls, the painter of Trltes, has found
two hitherto unknown pictures hy Tli-
iun In the village of Tracia, Damatlu.
One represents the Magdalene, and the
other the Descent from the Cross. The
pictures, ll Is stated, are of great value.
Liverpool, July 30.���One of the features of the Cunarder Lucanla, the blg-
J gest ship afloat, which has just finished
a successful trial trip, is tbe verandah
cafe; this Is situated with a view astern
of the vessel and passengers can ait
there and enjoy the sea air while they
are completely sheltered from the wind.
It was like dining on the brow of some
cliff swept by ocean breezes with au outlook of ocean and sky alone. There are
also two regal suites on this ship arranged to meet the demands ui travellers who want the utmost luxury. They
will  cost   $2,000  each   trip.
Verandah   Cafet  and   Regal   Suites   of
New Cunarder.
Off for South Pole.
London, July 30.���The Endurance, originally a Newfoundland sealing ship of
227 tons but which has been refitted
as a steam barkentine, sailed down the
Thames today with the English South
Polar expedttlou, commanded hy Lieut.
E. H. Sauchleton on board. Lieut. Sauch-
leton was a member of the Discovery,
an Arctic expedition under command of
Captain Scott. Winter quarters for 12
persons with provisions for two years
will be established on King Edward
Island, and an attempt will be made to
reach the Sonth Pule during tlie summer of 1908. The equipment on board
the endurance Includes a motor car provided with different sets of runners for
travel. Several scientists with elaborate
apparatus accompany the expedition.
First    Instalment    of    Self-Government
Granted to Filipino*���Voting
for Assembly Today.
Washington, D. C, July 30.���Today's
election In the Philippine Islands marks
the first formal step towards Filipino
self -government. Naturally the administration officials here are keenly Interested In the conduct and result of the
election, which Is for the choice of members of the first Philippine Assembly,
aud for provincial governors, members
or provincial boards, municipal presidents, vice-presidents and municipal
councillors. Al< of Ihese officers, with
the exception of the municipal councillors, are to hold office for two years und
to assume their duties on the lBt of January next. The municipal councillors
are to hold office for four years.
The Philippine Assembly Is the result
of the promise of President Roosevelt
made to the Filipinos through Secretary Tart to give the people of the islands a measure of self- government.
conditioned upon their good behavior
for a term of two years. The assembly
Is to be given all the legislative powers
heretofore exercised by the Philippine
Commission In all that part of the archipelago not inhabited by Moros or non-
Chri8tain tribes.
The assembly Is composed of eighty-
one members, apportioned on the basis
of one delegate for each 90,000 of population, and provision is made to lncreuse
this number, but the total number of
delegates cannot exceed 100. The body
may be compared in a general way to
the American House of Representatives,
while tlie Philippine Commission will
be used us the upper house or Senate,
und the acts of die assembly must secure the approval of the oommfssion In
order to become laws. The first assembly will convene early In October,
when Secretary of War Taft will be
present  to witness the  proceedings.
Two Women  Victim, of Strangler Are
Found in One Day.
New York, July 30.���The bodies of
two women with the marks of a Btran-
gler on their throats have been found
here within the last 12 hours and the
police today have cast a dagnet over the
city to cnthc the slayer. The police believe thut one man committed both
crimes. Neither of the victims has been
identified. The body of one woman was
���found early today In an area way In
Bust 90th street, marks trf thumbs and
forefinger being visible on the throut.
and the face and neck were smeared
with blood. The woman was about 21
years old No clue to her identity wus
found. No one In the neighborhood
heard sounds  of a  struggle.
The body of the other woman, also
the victim of a striiugelr, was found in
a Twenty-second street boarding house
The woman, who was about 24 years of
ago, came to the house yesterday with
u man who gave his name as Davis Her
body was found lost night in the room
Ihe couple had occupied, a necktie hail
been knotted tightly around her throat
and she had beeu dead for several
hours. The blood vessels In the neck
were broken and the woman's clothing
was drenched In blood. No trace of the
man, who had the appearance of a for
elgner, hns  been  found.
A Costly Ride.
York, Pa., July 30.���Charles Uradley.
26 years old. met a horrible death while
stealing a ride on a Lehigh Valley
freight train. Ills clothing ignited trom
a spark of the locomotive. He was seen
to run along the tup uf the tralu with
his clothing nbliir.o until he was blinded
nnd exhausted. Then he fell between
two of the curs and was crushed.
Results of High School
Successful Candidates for Certificates
Throughout Province���Mecca
for Graduates.
The results of the education department's examinations for high school und
teachers' certificates reached the city
last night.
The results throughout the province
are probably the best on record. Ot
298 candidates for high school certini-
cales 177 have been successful. Of Nelson high school's lb candidates 8 were
The lists of teachers' certificates
granted are long but probably nearly all
are advances or renewals to present
members of the profession. Among the
list are Miss E. 11. Bate of the Hume
school. Miss Mabel McVlcar. Miss Alberta Middleton, Miss Grace Allison and
Miss   Lottie   McVlcur.
A noteworthy feature Is the number
of graduates of British and Canadian
universities who have come tb the province this year to enter the teaching profession. Certificates have beeu granted
to no  fewer than 42.
The list of successful" candidates at
Kootenay and Boundary centres is given
below. The maximum marks are:
Senior, 1100; intermediate, 1200; junior,
1600. The qualifying usui k is 60 per
cent., that is 660, 660 and 760 respectively.
Thu results are:
Senior���VV. Brown. 720.
Intermediate���R. Harris, 72G.
Junior���O. Gore, 90S.
C. K. Swannell 883
Alice Corry  862
Olive MeLeod   848
Bva McVlcar 802
W. E. Poupore  786
Nelson had one candidate for senior,
five for intermediate and nine for Junior
Junior, all successful���Laura Jewel,
Frances Brown, Emma (Jaunt, Nettie C.
Tingle, Alma -O. Beverly.
Junior, all successful���Elisabeth  (lie
gerlch,   Mary  Oarland,   Douglas   Bruce,
Electa    Power,    David    Hartiu,    Alice
Junior, 1 out of 10���Jean Hyatt. 908.
Grand Forks.
Intermediate, 1 out of 3���Jessie Stewart. 788.
Junior. 1 out of 3���J. H. Reid, 832.
E.   A.   Crease   Retires   From   Board���
Year's Financial  Record.
At u meeting pf the rate payers of
of the Hume school district held in the
building Inst night, E. A. Crease, whose
term had expired, declined re-election
as he Is removing from the district to
the city. A vote of thanks was passed
unanimously to Mr. Crease for faithful
and efficient service rendered for ninny
Hurry Houston was elected to the vn
cunt chair.
O. H. Playlo, secretary, presented the
following .statement of school expenditure from June SOth, 1906, to June, 30th.
1907. In addition to $676.66 contributed
from the provincial treasury:
Balance due  teacher   (J.   Irwin)
from  last term    $ 80.00
District's proportion of teachers'
salaries for present term ...      278.24
Fuel          30.26
Care uud cleaning of school  ....    46.60
insurance   (8   years)         76.00
Furniture         80.26
(leaning, painting and  repairing
old schoolhouse     24.00
Sundries        23.30
Total     1616.64
Only Property Loss.
Long Beach. N. Y., July 30.���Elgnl
hundred gueBts of the I.ong Beach
hotel, one of the largest seashore hotels
ou the Atlantic coast had to flee tor
thelr lives yesterday when the holei w.* ��
bu)nt to the ground. There was a) loss
ot* life and no one wus Injured. >*he
guests li st almost ull their clothing tine*!
personal effects. The fire was discovered on tin* flrst floor. shortly after 6
u'Ql ok.    Call  hoys  rushed  through  Iho
smoky corridors and aroused tbe sleeping guests. The flames gained headway
In the great wooden structure and the
guests had barely time to seize some
scanty clothing and escape. The loss
Is about (200,000.
'*o/.JSenerals Refusing to Serve on
^���^.Council of War.
Paris, ^V^After    being    stated
and denied **���*> -���"!^* ' it can be atated
today. uU.lioiiKi.V .'���***', Ib not yet officially given out**/ ' ,en��. Metson-
ger aud Mlchal have .-' ^ned. following
Gun.  Hagrou'H example.
Tbey are aged 66 and G2 yeara. respectively. It is understood that the
government will replace them by younger men.
There Is excellent authority for saying that every member of the supreifle
council of war has sent in his resignation as a protest against the action of
parliament in making two years' service
retroactive, although, according to tbe
law as passed, tbe first to benefit ought
tu have been the class of 1906.
The government is unwilling to disturb the people* by letting the wholesale resignations be known. It intends
to publish them by degrees, filling the
vacancies as fast as the resignations
are made public.
Former President of C. P. R. Is Building
Railways  in  Brazil���Line of
Steamers to Follow.
New York. July 30.���The Times today
says the syndicate of New York and
Canadian capitalists including Sir William Van Home and William Luniuan
Ball, which for some years has been engaged in traction and harbor improvement undertakings in Brazil, bas;e laid
plana, it was reported yesterday, to extend its operations to steam railway
undertakings. The syndicate is said
to have under consideration the construction, all told, of 20.0*00 miles of railway In Brazil to connect and extend existing lines. The ultimate purpose is
Bald to be to connect Rio Janeiro with
Montevideo. Among tbe railways said
to have been acquired already by tbe
syndicate an the Baa Paulo * Rio
Grande railroad, and Borocabana railway. The latter was constructed by
the state of San Paulo and has been
leased to the American syndicate,
which is understood to have agreed to
assume the 119,000.000 of Ave per cent,
bonds issued by the state to cover tbe
cost of the railroad. Part of tbe contract with tbe state is aald to be tbe
undertaking on tbe part of tbe syndicate to share in raining a coffee plantation loan. Under the title Port of
Para, a company was organzed some
months ago under the laws of Maine to
Improve tbe Port ot Para. Still more
recently another Maine corporation has
been organized by these same Interests
to improve the Port of Rio Grande de
Sul, for which franchises were recently granted. William T. VanBrunt, president of tbe St. Joseph et Grand Island
railroad, and of the Hurriman lines, is
interested along with the other capitalists mentioned In the Rio Grande de
Sul undertaking.
Village Wiped Out.
Auburn, N. Y.# July 30.���Fire which
broke out In the thriving village of Moravia at an eary hour tills morning has
devasted the entire business portion of
the town. Reports so far are very
meagre, but state that both the Moravia aud Goodrich houses are in ashes,
together with most of the business
blocks. Assistance has been sent from
this city.
Quarrel Over Will.
Versailles, July 80.���It ts stated by acquaintances of the late Major Huntington, who was murdered here Sunday after a quarrel with his son Henry, he
had drawn up u will leaving all his
property to his wife nnd four children,
but that In view of his reconciliation
with Henry on Sunday he tore it up and
made a new will In whlcb Henry was
given an equal share with the others.
It was the protest of the family against
this which led Henry, according to the
statement,  to  use his revolver.
Barrens Crop a Failure.
Kingston, Ja . July 30.���The central
districts of the Island of Jamaica are
suffering from ti severe drought and the
outlook fur the banana crop Is not large.
The drought has caused more loss to
the Island iliun the earthquake of January last. There Is a famine in some
parts of the Island, especially In tbe
province of Elizabeth, where actual
cases of starvation have been reported.
There was a slight shock of earthquake
Sunday morning.
Involuntary Manslaughter.
Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., July 30.���The
verdict of a coroner's Jury tn the cuBe
of Miss Elizabeth Cadenhencl, of Fergus,
Out., who was shot and killed by Private Cyrus Gillette, who was aiming at
a deserter,, charges htm with Involun
liiry muuslaughter. A warrant was Issued by Prosecuting Attorney Holden
and u demand will be made on the of.
fleers at Fort llrudy for Ihe num. which
probably   will   he   refused.
Travesty of Government
in Russia
Only Three Days From Arrest t�� Execution���Death Penalty For
Host Trivial Offences.
St Petersburg, July 30.���Seventy-
two hours between Indictment and execution Is the flrBt fruit of the new mode
of legal procedure, which has inaugurated a legal reign of terror throughout the
empire. Suspects are being hurried to
their death by droves and the notorious
reign of the drumhead courts-martial,
which were aboliahed by the late Duma,
is being outdone In vicious retaliation.
The sudden increase in executions
under tbe new rules has exceeded all
records. At Kiev, yesterday, five mutinous sappers were executed, aad today another sapper was sentenced to
death. Three peasants have been executed at Moscow, another at Warsaw,
and at Yekaterinoblav three workmen
have been put to death under decisions
handed down by these new courts
These victims are given tbe briefest
kiad of a hearing���a hearing that is not
aa complete as tbat vouchsafed a minor
offender brought Into an American police court. Yet on tbe facts developed
at this hearing, the suspect la hurriedly
Judged, sentence passed, and scarcely
before be knows what he Is charged
with, he is on his way to tbe place of
For tbe moat trifling offences, comparatively, men are condemned. At
Rica, a young man named Danbe, for
the theft of five dollars, was sentenced
to death, and two girl accomplices.
aged 12 aad 20 years, respectively, were
exiled to hard labor for life. Also at
Riga a man named Borland weat Into
a clothing store, selected an overcoat
and then started for tba door without
having paid for it. When asked to settle his bill be drew a revolver, covered
the clerk and succeeded la getting
away. Later be was apprehended and
sentenced to death.
These rigorous measures of repression have created a panic which, far
from insuring the conditions among the
discontented, for which they are designed, are driving to a white beat the
anger of the victims. The petty offenders are suffering, but the plots against
the government go on and It Is everywhere predicted tbat the Terrorists
will strike back shortly in a manner
calculated to match the terrors of the
new laws.
The innovation under which the common people are being driven to their
deaths like sheep shorten the entire
course of the inquest and a trial of a
suspect, and the 72 hours allowed between Indictment and execution Include
the appeal of the prisoner to the Military Court of Cassation and the decision
of this court. When tt Is remembered
that the former regulations allowed only
a fortnight for all these formalities, the
iron grip with which the reactionaries
have taken hold of affairs will be appreciated.
These military courts now paaa sentence upon accused persons without
waiting for the testimony of witnesses,
however vital, though they may be detained for reasons entirely beyond their
control; and they enjoy jurisdiction
over a wider area than ever the drumhead courts-martial did, which only operated In the provinces that had been
placed under a state of extraordinary
defence. I
Practically all or Russia is now ad-
Judged to be in a state of extraordinary defence, with the government's
hand turned against every one. All persons placed under arrest are adjudged
guilty until proven Innocent, and the
possibility ot proving innocence has
been reduced to a nullity.
MS The Auto Record.
North Battleboro. Mass., July 29.���An
automobile owned and driven by Louts
D. Barrows and containing also, Mrs.
Florence Murrsy, Dr. Thomas Ford, a
dentist, and Mrs. Howard Black, all of
North Battleboro, crashed Into an iron
bridge at Arnold's Mills, R. I., last Saturday night, instantly killing Mrs. Murray anil seriously Injuring Dr. Ford.
Barrows and Mrs. Bluck suffered from
the shock but otherwise escaped unhurt
except for bruises.
Only Traok Records,
Fargo, N. D��� July 80.���Barney Old-
field, at the fairgrounds yesterday,
broke two world's automobile records
on a half-mile track, going the first mile
of a three mile race In 1.16:12 and the
three miles In 2.61. His mile record
beats that made by himself at Winnipeg 10 days ago hy four and a half seconds and bts three mile wns 13 seconds
faster than that uf his Winnipeg record. f^tf
- STORES =====
Miners' and All
Campers Supplies
TENTS in ail sizes and weights
UNDERWEAR   at   all   prices
From 8 to 12 Pounds.
SOX,   MITTS,   etc.,   etc.
HAY,   FLOUR  and   FEED.
In all these lines we offer   excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital   Paid  Up    $4,825,000 Rest    ��4,825,000
D. B. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFBAY, Vice-President
Bundles in British Colombia:
Deposits received and Interest allowed at highest   current rate from date of
ttpentng Of account, and compounded quarterly.
*J.   M.   LAV,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  U.  1869.
 $3,900,000     Reserve   Fund	
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
I'tibiiabed mx dayi a traat ny the
Baker Bt..  NoDou. B.C
Buoacrlptlon rate,, **H| cent, a month dullvt-red
In the city, or 16.00 a year II nenl hy mall, when
paid In advauce.
Advertising ntM nu application.
All monies paid tn neulemeiu of The Dally
Canadian tiecounla, either tor Mihscrtpttnne or
adverllalug. mual ':.*��� receipted lor on Ho* printed
forma ol lhe Company, utlier re.eipla are not
J.lld._ __________
Tuesday. July 30th, 1907.
The first ImpMulon o! many on
learning that the city council hat Fell
It necessary to strike a rate ol ���'.' mills
on the dollar on [and values as well ai
the ordinary two mill rate On half the
value of Improvements, will probably In-
one of alarm, if not of pessimism
Many win probably sympathise with
thoHe memberi of the oounoU who were
anxious by any expedient to Keep the
land   rale   clown   lo   10   mills,   even   liv
raiHiiic the rate on Improvement*
A little analysis, however, will show
that there is nu around Ior either alarm
or pessimism. There is nothing absolute about lax rates. Tin y n ay be
raised by reducing the assessment or
lowered by raising the assessment. The
assessment of property In Nelson lias
not been materially altered tor several
years uithouuli it is well known that
market values and rental values have
(Substantial*. Incieased. It is also well
known to most real estate dealers that
the rate of assessment in Nelson is very
low as compared with other cities In
Hritlsh Columbia, ami even more in
comparison with the cities and towns ol
Alberta nnd Saskatchewan, which have
lately been adverllsinK their low rates
of  taxation.
For many yearB NelHon was able tn
meet all Its requirement with a rate
varying from 26 to 28 mills on land
values on a very low assessment It
will be remembered that In 1H0D when
It was recoRiiized that the construction
of the city power plant was certain to
Involve heavy expenditure In addition
to the proceeds of the JHitl.llOO cleben
tures specially voted for the purpose.
Aid. Harry Bird wished lo fix the rate
for that year at 30 mills. He was over
ruled by his OOlleagUM. Special meas
tires were taken for very close collection of all arrears of taxes, and by car
j-)lng an overdraft in addition, the conn
cil maua-s'ed to meet requirements on a
rate  of 28   mills.
II should be recognized that this
year's civic budget is exceptional. It
is true of national and provincial finances tliat Increased expenditures] tend
to i<:iss Into the uncontrollable list. Hut
tbe same Is not true of civic expendl-
ture. 'lhe heavy burdens Nelson has
bad to bear for the last three years
have been almost entirely due to the
construction aud equipment of the power plant and to expense of litigation
connected with It. Tlie power plant is
now practically complete. There will
be no further heavy expenditure involved on account of ll, and the revenues from power and light service are
confidently expected to more than pay
the cost of operation and maintenance.
To sonie extent the same Is true ot
all the debenturei debts of the city totalling over $400,000. They were Incurred for permanent Improvements: and
arc* gradually being wiped out.
On the whole it is probably better
that lhe council should recognize this
>ear's expenditure as exceptional ami
prepare to meet it with an exceptional
Among the obiter dicta of the discils-
I Ion, om- by Aid. Selous deserves ipe-
clal consideration. Aid. Selous drew at-
tenllon to what he evidently considers
a In avy tax tor school purposes, and
hoped Ihe attention of the public would
be drawn to It. The cost to the clty
ol maintaining its public and high
school is between $10,000 und $11,000
lor over 400 children, averaging some-
tiling between $20 and $25 per capita
per annum.
Aid. Selous is perfectly right In holding that that fact should be known to
Ihe rate payers. As a matter or fact.
It Is published for their Information
once a year. There are Tew in Nelson,
for that matter very few tn Canada, who
would consent to, much less advocate,
any reduction of expenditure for the education  of  the  people.
The only reply vouchsafed by Liberal
orators or editors to the country's denunciation of the dishonesty and Immorality of the Liberal party ut Ottawa,
Ih a puean or adulation for the immacii.
late figurehead, called the leader of the
Party, and assurance that he will set ull
ciooked things straight. Kvery word
In personal praise for Sir Wilfrid Lau-
���a*. ���   ��� ���-
The Daily Canadian
wm any <um^'r. If ^}*be .only a
trUmtet^the-'K'I^rj^^ktas^bnrh manners, is addeil to swell tho fulsome
chorus. All tho i��raiso is, of oourse,
not judicious. In tho undiscrimiuatiiiK
welcome accofded to every thing that
sounds   like   praise,   somo   words   have
been admitted that eypose Sir Wilfrid
Laurier's conduct and motives as his
worshippers can surely not have recognised.
Of one of the most recent essays in
flattery the Mall and  Kmpire says:
"Mr. .1. S. (Swart, K. l\, whose fulsome
descriptions of Sir Wilfrid Laurier
when in Kngland haa been cited as a
reply to the argument of The Mai! and
Empire that tho premier accomplished
less than he bombastically alleges,
throws light upon the course our representative pursued. According to Mr.
t&wart, Sir Wilfrid was engaged from
the first in a battle royal against closer
relations between Great Britain and the
other parts of the Kmpire. His opening
remarks give tho key to his position. He
said to the conference: 'I'pon one thing
wo are all agreed, and I believe if we
can keep this in view we can never go
astray, that is to say, that if the Hritish
Knlpiie remains as it is now���a proper
and always permanent recognition of
the principle that every community
knows best what does for itself���we
cannot go wrong.'
"This somewhat enigmatical sentence
is interpreted to mean that no nearer
approach ought to be effected by the
various communities that combine to
make up tlie Kmpire; and .Mr. Kwart
adds that as a result all suggestions of
Imperial Federation, and all proposals
for even a commencement of it, were
turned aside. The account of the actions of our representative, as given by
Mr. Kwart, indicates that that gentleman has experienced a change of opinion In recent years. In June. 1897. Sir
Wilfrid Laurier spoke to tho Liverpool
chamber of commerce, and this is what
he sa|d: "Today the sentiment exists
in Canada in favor of a closer union
with the .Motherland. What will be the
future of these colonies? What will
be the future of the Hritish Kmpire?
The time may come, the time is coming.
when the present citizenship of the colonies, satisfied as we are with it at present, may become inadequate. The aggregation of numbers, and an Increase
In population, the sentiments and aspirations 4n favor of a closer union will
have to bo met and acknowledged and
satisfied.' To the National Liberal Club
he made a similar address a -Jew weeks
later. Here, to cite the Times report.
'he expressed the view that the time
would arrive when the great self-governing colonies should bt; directly represented in some grand national council or federal legislative body, geuuine-
ly representative of the Kmpire as an
organized entity. Tho assured and permanent unity uf the Kmpire, he maintained, demanded a revision of the present situation In tills respect.' Tho same
Idea was prenented to lhe WurHhtpful
Company of Cordwainers at their banquet. At no distant date,' said Sir Wilfrid, 'It was manifest tu all that the
parting of lhe ways would be reached
hy Kngland and her colonies, and when
ihe parting of the ways should have
been reached, the problem would he
whether the colunles should be more
closely united with the Motherland, or
whether their relaiions should cease altogether. The colonies had a railonal
pride, and no tb- and nu bond would be
permanent in the colonies until It gave
to its national pride the greatest [>ossl-
ble expression. In Canada they had unbounded faith in their own country
When she had reached Ihe full development of her manhood nothing would
satisfy her but Imperial representation.'
"It WOUld appear-from Mr Kwarl'sde-
BCrtptlon of the labors of Sir WIKrid
Laurier at tlie Imperial Conference that
this gentleman was chiefly engaged at
that gathering In combatting the views
ho advanced when In Ixmdon ten years
ago. He announced In London In 1KH7
that some new tie must be created
Great Britain and the colonies would
part. Hut in 1907 be expressed the view
in the same city that the Kmpire must
remain as  It  Is or we will go astray."
Corporation of the City of Trail*
w j. naviTT,
city ���f'Vrk. Aaasiaor. (.'nil trior. In a one tor of
Jin-nit ti and Pramlsas Irnpeciorol Line ft tea,
l'roflncial Couilable, Chief of I'nllre, etc.
In the mat tor of SS IppUaattOfl for the la'tie of
duplli ���,,- ���f th< r.-iiit,, ui,*. ,,f Title foi Loin ft, 7,
I, ami 17, Rloek 2, lowu of Klti-tirlttr (lap MH)
and l^itSlffl <>roup One, in lhe l >lal rioi of koote-
Notice fl line ' ** ����� iv- ii Unit it Ik m >* Intention
lo i---.il>- at thu cxplrail'iri of one month after tha
flrnt nubile* tlon hereof .Ju| I lea tea of CtrtjflaatM
of Tliie of the abort lot*. Iii ihr nsm-a of Jnatnh
Walker which cvrtlflriiteNHrv datad Hud dayof
June, IWtB and iinintxri-d 2IM A and t4M2A ���*-���*��-
apoe lively.
I him] Registry Ofllee, Nelaon, ll (' .tUrd .li.lv,
"II. P. MA(Lsnt>,"
Mali Ul lies lal rar.
For Sale
House, 5 rooms and bath;   close in $1600
16 ft. Lots on  limit St. for $-150.00
634 Acres within mile of centre
of City, suitable for market
garden,    Terms   given
160 Acres on Kootenay river,
good springs, first-class railway   service $3,000
F. B.  LYS
Roal   Estate   and   General   Agent.
Weat Baker Street. NELSON, B. C.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Frott,
Feel A Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   St..
Bargains in
Wash Belts
100 Doz. Fancy White Wash Belts
Regular Price 50cts    1C.    17,%-t
We Sed Them at . .    -^C    ilach
Piano  and Singing Lessons
Given   by   Mrs.  Winter   Every  Saturday
Nelion l.an 1 l>i-lri   t     l> -irn I nl �� Ml KoOtSOSy
Take   noli-e   I Hai   * Illiam     Andrew    KOS^   Ol
Ferule,  11   (*!., ho el  k-nji. t. Ill t.||.|.i lo H |>l'l j*  ior a
special uh'Ut lleence over tht* foil..-* lug tit:*
crtu-ii lands;
N<�� i.- Commencing ��l * ^*���",,, i'i��nte.| about
K>obftTns<aat nf th* uorlheasl eorner of Umbel
licence *-*n. x t;(. hh<) about ����� i balni iin.riii of inv
noriir-frti Imhui-nr**. ,,( umber I Irene j No wns,
ami aoout IS nit if* nefrt M lb? Ki����ieuay river,
nil") rtluint U" nn I   ii  IimI' mile-  liertli nt llie.ili-
termi'iimn: boundary lint- in the DlatrUnol
Weat Kootrnay, thence aoutb so chains, theme
went mi elirttn-o. thonce nortb mi chain*, thence
Bast 1   eh- lux   Ui   lbs   point   Of eimiiiiieueeaiL'Ut,
containliitf  w -oerus, mote ur lees,
lx>( U'l-.l     it!,  .i,.lln-. 1 <v T.
No '-**. tnmmcnelOK at a post planted at tbe
north-em*.* than r o* WItitam A. Hoeri Mp I elaim
ami about oitw mile i nnb of ihe northern bound*
ary of umber  th     ������ *JTi   tbenee sooth no
ebaint, tlience ��� - H' cbalna, thence north oo
(haiim, ihenee v.-* u ihatui to th��* point oJ
pommtneomont. aud ton lain- ow m.-rta, mon* or
Looated Utb of June. >9\n
Uple.llht* Sih Of    '1  >.  \'>l'.
Mrs. Winter hold* r�� rtiflcate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and sinking. OrtifW-;ttt> from Trinity
College. London, Kn^.. for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conservatoire of Music for atagtng and piano
playing. Address Box 796. NeUon.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agent for Trnscott launche��
ami Fctertmro t'anovs.
Klneit  I.-.i of   lioala in B. 0.
Foot of Joaeplilue At.       Tel   A1K
Contractor   and
Bole agent for tbe I'orUt Klco Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail yarda. Rough and dlWMd lumber, ttirnetl
work aud brae.keU, ('oaat lath and ablnglea. faih
and doora. t'emenl, brick and lime for sale
Automatic grinder.
Yard and fartory : Vernon Ht.. eait ot Hall
���Niii.worN,  t��. c
P. U. Boi 2S2. Telephone 178
Nelaon Land IHitrlrt.   EBatrtOtOl ���*���***��� ���'-t Kootenay.
Take notice that Wllllain Andrew Kuan, of
Fernle, B C. hotel keeper. lnt��n.la to apply lor
a apeclal timber lleence uvtf ����� following del
. r21.v\ landa I
Ho. 1 ��� Commencing at a j-*-. planted about
three ml oa north of tne international noundary
llne, and about eight miles went of the Kootenay
river, and about two mllea north of the nurtti-
went eorner of Umber ii*<*t>.*-* Su. - ... thenee
north 80 ehain*', thence eaat HO ehatna, thence
Mint!i no ��� ha:ti��, thence weat SO ehalna to point
of commeneeinent. ani] ���*->n im mug tMO nerett,
more or leaa.
I-hki.-i !jti, June 19n7.
No. 2. <'oiiiuiencing at a post planted at th
-..iiiii- n-t corner of W Illiam A Knu'i No. 1 claim
and alfout two mile*" north ot the N. W eorner
of timber licence No. **<������:. thenee uorlh no
chalm, thence went 8o ehalnn, thence aouth Wi
chains, thence ea��t w> chalnn lo the point of com
mencement. and containing n 10 acrea, more or
Located 12th June, 1907.
No. 3. -Commencing at a |>oat planted near
Bridge creek, about one mile eaat of tbe north-
eaal corner of William A. Roaa'a No. 1 claim,
and ahout Ave mllea north of the International
boundary line, tlieue** north 80 ehalna, tlience
weat 88 chaina, thence aouth 80 chaina. thenee
cant to chain* lo the point of eommeucement.
and coutainlug M0 acrea, more or leaa.
located 12th June. 10U7.
No. 4.~ Commencing al a poat planted near
Bridge creek at tne aoutheaat corner of William
A Kosa' No 3 claim, thence north 80 ehalna,
thenee eaal M) chalua. thence aoulh BO chaina,
Ihenee weat HU chalua to tlie point of commencement, and containing 640 acrea, more or leaa.
LQOnted l^th June, ]wn.
No. A. Commencing at n poat plauted near
Bridge creek, at the aoutheaat corner of William
A. Koaa' No. 8 claim, thenea aouth 80 chaina,
thenee weat ���**���" ehalna, tln-nce north HO chalua,
thenee i**i-i W) < halnif to the point of commencement, and con lain lug A40 aerea, more or leai.
Located Villi June, 1U07.
No. tt- Commencing at a poat planted near
Bridge creek, at the aoutheaat corner of William
A. kong' No. 3 claim, thence aouth 80 chaina,
thenre eaat HO chaina, thence n -rth N chain-.
Ihenee weal ho chaina lo lUe point of coiiimeuci-
ment, and containing C40 acrea, more or leaa.
Loetted I3tb Joua,i\*n.
No. 7.���Commencing at a poat planted atxxit
one mile aoutb of tbe southeast corner of William
A Koaa'No 'i claim aud about two miles north
of tbe International boundary Hue, iheuce mirth
80 cbalna, thence weat 80 chains, tbence aouth - i
cbaiua, thunce eaat HU chaina to the point <>f
commeneeinent, ant) containing 640 acrea, more
or leaa.
Located the 12th of June  1007.
No. 8. -Commencing at a poat planted at the
aoii'heaat cornerof William A. Kosa' No. 7 claim
thence north ho chalua, thence ea*t HO ebalns,
thenoe aouth ni chains, thence weat 80 chalua to
point of commencement, and containing ��� i-.
acrea, more or less.
located the Uth day of June. 1007.
Daled this Mb day nf July. 19T/7.
WlLLUM AmiMIW   I'.****
Notice la hereby given tbat A0 daya after date 1
Inland to apply to the Hon. Chief Commlaaloner
uf Iaii-1" and *'orks for permission to pun ha**e
the following -l.-.. rit.ed landa, altualcl in Weat
Kootenay dlatrlet; Commencing at a post mark-
ed hy name aa Initial poat of the Month Fork
branch, one hundred feet from the iunetloti of
laost creek with the aouth fork; tlience one-
���luarter mile to the northwest coruer poHt.thehcu
one mile to Ihe northeait corner poat, tbence
'���iir i|HKiici   tulle   to   the aouthca��t corner poat,
thence one miiu u> the pi-ce of commenoeraeni
June 21, 1907 l��ocated hy Wm   Connoi.lv.
Notice la hereby given tbat 8o daya after date i
intend to make appllcallon to the Honorable the
Chief CommlKxioner of Landa anrl Worka, Victoria. K. c , f r a apir Ul licence to cut timber on
the following dtaertlwd landa lu Weat Kootenay
diatrict:     t looimonelQg  at  a   mat   cllunled  on
Iwuei,  i iv .-i.-.-k, i.t lour mllea from ita mouth
and adjoining the V W. corner of my application No. 1, thcucc Mtuth 80 cbalna, tbence weat
ho ehalna, thence noi ih 80 chaina, thl'tii/e eaat 80
chaina to point nf com mencement.
Dated May lVMk, 1907. K.  W KoeiNIUM.
NeUoO Laud t'Mnet    District ol Went Kootenay.
lake md:-e  ���.h**.  Qebrge Alexander, ol KaalOi
H (* , mt-nd-, t. apply fox a kpit lal tlmt>er
IP'ence over tbe tmiowlnii; deacrlK^d Ian 'a:
i oiuiiu-ii* log nl a poit planted at the liorihneat
corner of Section 13, 'ownahlp", Koolenay diatrict, being about one-third of a mile aouth of
the aonth tH.undary Hue of the Indian reserve;
thence n'-iuih about 'Ab chains to tbe easterly
bank ol Kooteuay river; thence aoutheaaUrly
ahm*- Koolenay river bank about 60 chalua io
the aouth boundary ol Section 12, Townahlp 7;
tbence eaaierly about bo chaliit to tbe northweat
corner of Lot iU; thence north ho chaina along
the   weat   boundary   of   Lot   812;   thence   we��t SO
chalua to the point ol comuieuceuieui, and containing 610 aciea, more or leaa
Dated July 4. 1*907. daoaoK ALaxaNi<BB.
"Tea, more or leaa.
Located tttb.Ol June. 1907.
!  *is %'. i     m :.*-.   Yna-tf.
listed tbth 8ih of July, 1907.
Take notice lhat C c. Clark, ot Nelson, B. C,
MJOOO keeper( InteLda to apply for a apeclal limber licence over lhe following deacribed land;
(ommencing at a poal plumed on Morning
Mountain, about oue mile ueat of Hmt-ller t reek,
aud adjoining C.c Clark'a looatton for timber
liceuce No 1. aud about one mile aoutb of Nelaou, thence weat no chains, thence aouth HO
chaina, theuee eaal HO chaina, theucu north 80
chalua lo plant- of beginning.
Dated July ltdh, 1907 C. C  QLAMA,
. I'-v'.u   Booth, Agent.
NeUon l^ind Diatrict. Dlatrlet of Weat Kooteuay
lake notice mat Frank Flanagan. A H Klder,
nnd K W. btiiith, ol ipokaOe. Wtiah., "��������� i.j>atii-n
ranchera, Intend to apply foi a ape< tal timU-r
licence over the lollowlog deacribed laada:
Commencing at a poat planted at the aoutheaat
corner, al>oUt -i *> inilea from tbe Kootenay river,
on the weat aide, theuee uorth W> chaina, thence
���*'. ���-t "���- chaina, thence aouth HO ehalna, them-e
.���.���������*. ...in- t-. polnl of commencement, and
containing ��� e  acrea, more or leaa
Daled July 13th, 1907. Franb Fiakaoan.
a h. kum,
K   W. Smith, Agent for Appll'-ants.
Nelaon [And Diatrict.   Diatrbt or Weal Kooteuay
lake notice that frank Flanagan, A H Klder,
and K. W. Hmlth, Hpokane, Waah., occupation
rancher*, Intend to apply for a apeclal timber
licence over he following deacrlliMBd lan<la:
' ��� ���miiicti' Ii.l* at a poat planted one mile uorth
and one mlie eaat of poat .No 1, which poat la
about all mllea from the Kootenay river, on the
weat aide, thenc- north 80 cbalna. thence weat 80
Ohalna, Iheuce .���,.���.,-.��� uhalua, thence eatt no
��� halna to potnt ol commencement, and containing Old acres, more or leaa.
Dated July Utb, 1907. Frank FLahauan,
A   H  Ei.bKR,
K   w. MiiiTH. Agent for Applicants,
Nelaon Land Dftrh-t.   Diatrict of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that K.W. Hmlth, Frank Klaua
gan, aud A. H. Kldtr, of Hi*>kane, Waah., occtipa
lion ranchera, intend to spnly for a -i-mil
limber llooneo over the following oeeOTtbed
land-*: commencing at a poat planted st ihe
-���.':���..��� eoti'T, about eight mllea from tbe
Kooteuay river, on the west side, and about
three tulle* north of Ibe international boundary
line, on lhe met bank of Hrldg creek, on the
norih fork, theucu north 80 chains t.-.ence.eaat
ho chaina, thenoe aoulh 10 ehalna, theme ueatHU
ehalna to point ol eoinmencement, and contain
tog Mo acrea. uio-re or !��� ��-
I ated July I9tb, U0J, K. W   Burnt,
A.   B    KLbSB,
K. W. cunii. Agent.
Nelaon I and Dlatrlet Dlatrlet of Weat Kootenay
lake notice that K.W. hmlth, Frank Fiaua
gan. and A �� Klder. of Spokane. W'aah , oecu
palion raucheta. Intend in affply for a M-.-nal
timber licence over the lollowlng deacribed
lands; Comment ing nt a posl planted al tbe
*���'���:*11,��� .1 i eorner, arout eight mllea from the
Kootenai   river,   ou   the   weat  aide,  and  ahoul
three mltei north ol tne International boundary
Hue, on the weal bank of Bridg creek, on the
in.rth fork , (hence north HO chaina. thenc** weat
Ho chHliia, thence aouth 80 chalua, tlience eaat HO
chaltiN tu point of commencement, aud contaiuing 040 acres, more or leaa.
Dated July 19lh, 1U07. K. W. Hmith,
Fhank  Fi.anaoan,
A. S   kl.nxH,
K. w   HMilif, Agent.
Take notice lhat H daya alter date I Intend In
a]>ply to the Hon Ihe 'In I Comilllaalouer of
Landa and Work-, Victoria, h��r permlsalotl to
cut and carry away limber from the following
deacr.h'd land. In West Knot-nay:
No. 1.   Cnuimeneliiff  at a   i- -t |.bui t. d at tbe
 ibwi -si   cornerof  timber lleenao 8M0, thence
weat 80 cbalna. Ibence aouth HO chslna, Ihenee
eaat 80 chains, thencC north no cnslna to j-lu e of
l^ated May HI, 1907.       J. T. Bunuaan, Ixteslor.
J  W   ' '(,i.im ii-.-. Agent.
'���""-.' rmnuienclng al a poat planted st the
aoutheaat corner of application M> I, thence eaat
Hi) cnaina, thelice north 80 < lo.ii,- ibence weat 80
chaina thence aouth HO chalnx lo place ol commencement
Dated May :tl, 1907. '   'I. BURnasS. l.i.<*aior,
J   W  Coi.BnRN, Agent.
Nelaon Land Dlalr'ct. Dlntrict of Welt Kootenay
Take uotlce that Paul August Paulson, of Kit
cliener. B.C., occupation lumhormsn, lntenda
to apply for a apeclal timber licence over the following deacribed lamia : ' ommencing st a no mi
platiti-d tit lhe aouthweat corner of surveyed lot
7/21 (i.i, thence eaat 40 ehalna, thence north HI
ci.alna, tlience eaal lo t c aoutheaat corner ol aald
lot, Ihenee north lo the nortbeaat corner of hhI-I
lot, tbence eaat tc the weat boundary ol prc-omp
Hon No. mi, thelice aouth to the north boundary
of Umbel licence No KMH, tbence weal along
aald north boundary to tbe norlhweat cornerof
aald licence, tbence noutli to tho north boundary
of timber llcencti No 7011 Ibence west lo a point
due aoulh of commencement, thence nortb to
point oi commencement, and containing n40
acrea,  more or less.
Dati-d Jul}* Jlld, 19i/7,     I'aci   AUUhnt I'ai I aoN
Nelaon l nt..t Diatrict.   Dlatrlet Ol W',���t Kootongf
Take notice ibal   I'aul Angual   Paul* n   of Kit-
cbener, B.C., oecupatlon  rumbeiman,  Intends
to apjdy fora ipeClal tlmlH r ll'*. nc. i.vertbefol
lowing deacribed land*: Commencing at a i>-i*it
planted at the aouthweat corner of atirreyed lot
7231-0 1 tbenoe aonu to tbe northern boundary
of   Uuilar   licence No. 7 01 a,   thtln-e   weit   to   the
northwest corner of aald Umin-r Hoenoe, tbenee
south to the northern boundary ol lot BO. thenee
following aald boundary, of aaid   lot   we��ttoths
right of*way of the Brltl-h (*oliitntda Hutithein
llallwai tbenoe lollowlng aaid right-of viav In a
north eaaierly   direction   io |dae��- ,,f oommenoe
ment, and containing 040 aerea, more or law
Dated July .'lid, lw/J.     I'il L/l'i,|*.T PaOLSOV
Notice la hereby given lhat 60 daya after dab I
"" morante tbe chief Com-
Vorka Lit a ap^-^tal
license t.. mt and carry awav tliul-r from UtS
following ileserlhed land- lu W . -t KtMttenay di*
No l Commencing at a poat marked W illiam
Walnihley, planted at K ok a Dee I i- ek enling on
the Procter ex tens ton, ou the weal aide ��rut
6003, on tbe sonth side ol tbe Want Arm ol Kootenay lake, commencing at the N   k eornot i><>*t
running -oiith HO chaina. weat HU chaina, north Ml
chalua, eaat wi chalua to place of bcgituilnir
Looated Bfd June. UOT.
William w��'iiai.BY. Loenlor,
Jams**  h ��� i    . ���      gg Agent
Niillrr la h.rrliy m��<*n thai IK) rtay, all.r ,lalo I
iHtru.l lu ��|.ply l��� Ihr II,,,,. < !,.,.[ , ������,���,������������.,
t.l XaoAn ��|���1 ft���rk, |���r |MTn,laal,,u tn pur. I,a*r
i.i'Ii.Iim.iik  l,*.,nl.*l   1.11,1   In   �� . ���: K...,*. ���,,
,1-j.lrlil. on   ��,*.!    ���. ���|   |���������.r   Arruw   Ij,,,'
a.!;..,nl,IK Un .-.,, ��la, on ���),,* ai.iilh : ll.*mnnll,��
ala poal mark,*.| M.rrjr M.l*,.r. s K ������������.,
1.1..1 an.l rla,,l,*,l on llirahurt* ol l^iu.-r Arr..w
'���*''��� ���,l,"""K",llH**"'' "'"Mi.1   oll'ipi   Ko.lnn.l*.
UM,   lll.lli*.   ��..l   H  cl.aiu,.   II,,.,,,,.       ,.   i
(*l,al���. mon* ot Ira, lo I!,.* uorlh U,u���.l.,y ol 11
Pullinorr If, H , tb.ni't. .*. >..,,,. aaat ...������ u,o
a.1.1 U.un.lat) lo I*,.. Ihcnpt' notll, alone Ilia
la.** ���!,..,, Ai , halna. more or loaa la polnl ol
May ilid. 1KJ7. I.D.XoOn
        Aa-i-nt lor Harry Mrlx^Kl.
Nelaon Un.l In.lrlcl Hutrhtol H ,.,i Koolmar
Ta��e nollr..|halii,*or��c Kulu. r.rlar olilrSi,
occupation, hi,.Ik, man. .1,1, ,, I, 1(, .,.,!, |,��� p, .
....���:.���:. to ,. ���,,. *.... U,, |���||ow,ni( ,(,.,, ,||_.,,
���*'";    *.olnm,.,|.|i,,.t p.��tpl.,,t.*,l .1 ,|���. notll,.
���'���'"'"'"51   B*Ko..'.|,|.ll,*.l    ,���  ,���,���.,,..,.
luait.  t   H. ��.,  ii,,,,,.    notth   10  ohalna   LhMMM
r.a.t   to   chain.,   thaw ,.11.   a  ,".ln'.    ,,   A
<i,ttj�� praomptlon. Il������,.��� ������, j,, ,.(,.������
then.r aonth ai chain.. Ihenra w..l ��, , hai". 1,
plat-i*  ol       1.1,  :.*   coiilaloii,,*   u,  .,...,
mote ot leas. ��� ���
l>aU-.l Jnlj 12, mr;.        Itlr.aul Rti*,*, ,*������,
W. J  rtiort. Ancnl
Nelaon Uml Hi.itiit.   DttMalaJ WMtKooUau
vlol^i'v''"*'".' '""""��� H",r"'- '" ��UII��M,
Montana. I h. A.. iK-cipallon. liictrh.nl In
len.l. to appl, lot pc.������|.��������� ,��� ,,���r,*|"���. .' ,',,.
lollow n�� ,l,.��*,ii,.l l.,,,l; 1 ,������,���',���,.,,"" , 1
po.t p aul*.t oi, th..   .cat .hot.* o   7*   ,.,"." ���,*
oi'ioi'V."���"",'^ '*'"  *'"' ���*1"" wrthSSStaoSS
<*f . "' ��lV).  thenr,*   weal   to. ham.  11,.., ��,���.,,
��1 ,h��,���.,theme,...,s,,,.���:".,. ..",;"i
���>K *-"
��� It'iao. H*n*aa.
Nelaon Uml Ulattlcl.  IM.trlct ol Weat Kootenar
Take notice Ih.t   Waller    M. N,.,l   .,|  Hlllln..
n'',:,*������*���.      "  ***���""" '"��� ���'"���' "������*" ������������>!. I it""l*
i;*'!:;,..no,::':���',e:'"'*!m"u* �� ����SS* ��!
_M.y��ih.mn    ' Waltm m������i
I, the undersigned, alter en d>v> ,���t,,. i ,
l^xato.' Match i��th, 11107. w
pi.,*.*,l on ihe ��,.., .hot,* ���i KrarVh.
lak -. abonl a '.   mile   It,,,,,  11,
ami mmk, .1   -ll.   ..,    N t     '
nln��  thenee ho  chain,  wet, "them
aonth.  thenee XI  chain,  eaal. "hen,
wic   'J'   ''"'�����  ��'  .onimcnceme,',"'
o-mi acrei, more or leaa
Dated the lad day oif Mny, liw
 P��iK "��� fAi-m-iaa, a
orner  |Miht.
It a u
Notice la hereby given ,,*at 80 daya after d.n. I
I." li:.;!.,.'':i:i'^!:;^^*;:ir:;^!:''���"'-��!-;
the iniiowin, .ie.,.rii���.,'i 11 ;,r ��� ru V". *,',',���.",:*r*;
s:*?n\'r;te,raih-riH >���'-����*���
a,a May, uwi. M�� H��lM,I.,,,���liN
,        WHXl.a KaHhot*,, AaVu,
work, i���r uarmi.;!,,!, i .��, m',' .';",';'" 1'"'
coininellccmenl. """   '" I""1"  "'
'*'"*���"���" u" *"-'������ T. M. H���a��f.
Nelaon Und DUtrlct   Uutriet olW^rKoolcn.'y
i.?*!*0,"'".".'"""" Mwara P.Ian ol Ymlr ��.���
Dly lor petinlaalon* to" pVirV'llaiTe' the
na:   l.'nmmcm-n,K R( ,
Date.1 June f,lh, 1907 Kowari, Ik, , ,,���
Nelaon Urn, ,���.,���,,    !,���������.,���, ���,���, K���������.������y
BrlSSt ('���'oi'.',','*',,""" J"h". ���'"Ill"*"-t "' Nelaon,
tei I. J."'"" l'1",. "'���'"Patlon.a.lr.oi keeper. In'
lenila lo ,p,,ij. |���r ���r���M n , pnrcbaao the
lollowlng oeacrlboil Inml : l���i,,,,,,.,,,'| 1 . I
po.   pl.nteil ���,, ,l���, m.tu, b���,,k   l"l ." *   ifk. nn,l
fh? liii,rM���",,M"|,"! :"""������?'   "'.'"���" ���-���������II!   Iron
n   in .'loi, ���ll���,. i cree I,  I   Ho],,,,,,,   river. In
that. w��l"Ji" illn'^V1-' r''.'��'''iai".
iiiem.e weal no i halna, Ihcin i> Nontl, Ko cIihIiih
more or Ma, t��� u���t DrOTk   ��� '^'  *"   '    ��'���'�����
S;uoatmVit'V" "'"-""���"">"""���">....\v.��.
iHiiiinx ,ho bora., mote ot len
"���u"' J"��" "'l'. >��". John 1'im.aUT.
i i^'.'.1).''.".1" 6!3lt *"!''". !'���" "I'lJ lay. alter lint.
I llilenl loan,, y to the* Hon i:lilel(.*oinml.al���iic*t
nl Laiiila ami Worki lor perinlaalon lo pnrchaau
IS* ����� ''"��I'lKileaotlheil tract ol land annate In
Weal Kootenay illaltlct: OoDm. ii.Iiib al a pint
pinole I[nbout nun ball mile north Iroii lorka ol
Hummlt ereek, markcil .lean . amefoira H. W
oorn.r,  lli.ncc u.at  lo clinlna, lliene.  norlb <6
chalua. thence  weal  40 chain,   lli..���
chalua to place ..Iconiiueuceaeai
ilr.l May. lav; ��L�� t,��.*
 Wltl.ua g1>M . ��*
Nelaon Un.l DUtrlct.   DutrlcToTluwi;
���.1o,k';I,"',,"**!,","''*,,k ******* a.
Mrltwh I ...inn ,i.   ... , up...,.,., m..    ""
appl)  l..r permualon lo purebaaa ik, ��*a
.L-airlWlllanila:    OOOUUnMniUaMaF
Ob II,e norlh bank ol l���..i cr,*��k aafT.
mile eaaierly  Irom  tha juneil���n TtS
ami Salmon river   In   the  Nelun luTe,
Uicnce   norlb Ml cbalna.   thence ,���, a���
thece   ...H.i- cbalna. thence v���*. .1.
polut  ol  i ...nia.'ln . in, m.   and   onicSI
aaraa, mote ot l.-aa
l.ate.1 Juue 6lb. IDU7. rkAki !
,,l"l'l Jt./. attar dot. I Ini��n7l��^|
Hon. Ibiel i outtnla.loncf of Uoa, Js-lJ
Victoria, II I* . to putchaac Ibt leiSJl
-**nl��*i1 lau.l. allu.lad In ihe WattKaaM
trial:   '  uhkih, at a  )a��i piuu^T
Ml   "I'll*   of   Kootenar   l.ka.   L.,<t-Z
l~ilnt.  .nd  m.rktd  J   M. k ],.,,,���.,. i j
p.,.1.  tbence weat B  cb.lai.  ���:������.-��.
.halna. to* io e eaat an chain, mor, -. aval
iihofe. theoce .loU( lak. ibottUiKit,
ineneetneut. "   ~
U.ted Aptll 4. imr;. HlgneJ J IiU
Nelaun l^nO Dlatrlet. Duirlctol Waali.
Take notice that M.lw.M r��M. j*jj
Montana, I'. H A . oernpaltoa wool |M��|
ten.), to apply for neriniutna to r.-jel
lollowln. ,iea.rllie.l laml I .inus^ail
poal planted on tbe weal ��l,.f. : m*f
*l,au (larllMKi) lake. *��� i al Ihr MlSQ
ol Lot -��� i' tbence weet 'Al ibalfil ui.ta
an i-ralna. tbence eaat Alcbalu., iwar, J
chain.. *.;,.,*, r . ..* i** . I ��� ���.. ,w ,,, ��� .. ,1
weal .bore ol I'pper A* haukan llklUwl
thence northerly ami weaterl-f ,��A( al
ahore *) ehatna. wore or ,...*.. ������*
' n eiiicni, and couuiulti, Ui ana.
May Mth, 1IKT7.
-I.i) 'lay, alfej .late I nurpoa, c.lm
cation   i>. the   Hon.   the rbleiC*     '
Laml. ami Worka lor perttU.'nn t
lollowlng    :...tii-,i   land    * -ita ,
poat   place.1    .1  tbe    northeaft rciae i
-kiuner'a    application    lo   pureku, k.
���It s .  N. W. corner fajat*'theace aaiatal
eaatcrn   boundary of aabi  api*llealkal*f
aoutb, Ihenoe   running Ml chalbi Mil. itfl
chain, north bt th. aoulbetu ',��� *.���.*.'   :
llanulugton'. application to purvbaau
chain,  weal  along aame lo i-.inlui aa.
ment, contaiuing Mo uim. more ot la.
Dated 2ml Jay ol kl.y, 1 ���*
lair F.ti   r.rvt'l-u.1
"Ut) iley. altet .late I intend to >,.
Hon irhief < ..inuiiMloiirr ol Ub4ihI.
I"t l*.*ruil..l..u to purebaaa tne atOrtti
aerified land 111 Weal KooUaaJ dKUIaJ
inetii'lng at a t.,a! marked A * B i: J
���iorner poat. tunning 40 chain, a*A
lhe t...i.,..!���!) ol Tlmbtf licence >*a*
aonthetly SO ehalna. thence w��ten|4.
thence northerly Ml cb.lna aloni :< ,
track to the niece ol .���nun. i, .;;.;.:
two I, ii ml reil acrea, more or leaa.
I ... -*..I in,. ��th day of May, * ��**
a. B *rtlb
Notice la hereby given tbal aO dajit;
Intend toapply to tbe Honorablelkt'*b
mla.looer of Landa aud   Work, In'k*1
10 purchaae tbe followlug deacilb**! luia)
In   Weat   kooteuay   dlatrlet:   t'<'BBC10.'|
poal plant    ! at lhe   weal i.   .;, !a*>    ** *  !
an.l au>ut ll) cbalna aoulh of ibewutllaaj
of  the   right ol way  ol  tbe  It  I   (���*���
way. anil  marked   F   A    I", aon'ba.
thence weat lno eb.tna. thencenortbua
la.umlaty ol th. tlgb. ol wa) ul H ' H
tallw.y. thenee following aald '-��� -*'***-
flghl ol-way In an eaateilv dlieetloB By
boumlaty of lol Mt 111. Iheuce attulli ��P
i-oinmeucelueut,  coutalulng  1U0 afta *
Dated thla nil, day ol June. liaTT.
IUrL Ataiur fi*^
Notice la hereby given lhat ,Ut| *fl
ilale I luuml to .pply lo tbe UuSJn*!
I on,lutaaloiier ol lauda and tteft. *l"
alon lo purchaae ll,c l.dlowllig .IcTlrej.
laml. altualcl In Wal Kootenav Juu"* '
ini-uclng .1 . |h>.i pl.nteil en . * " ���
aboul one half mile uorlhw.,1 IroaloiOS
elJ.fl M.l.aN K. corner, thenee ���'���'���J
thence aoulh 4*0 chain.. Ibence "��"*J
thence uorth 4u ��� halna lo place ol I**"
""���".��� . . M
ilr.l May, Hart. Joh�� 8. M"K
Willi an BAaec.ca.1
lake  notice lhat  Harry  WllllaBi ��!���
11 ll , rancher, lntenda lo applr WB
to purchaae the lollowlug deacilbel aa
Weal Ko.teuay ill.trlol: ^^^a
i otunienclng at . poat nlantcl a j*J=J
aoulhe.,1 coruer ol fail all Ihiniaaoil mai
red >,ml eighty.flv. (*W��o), uroiip"�����'"If
dlatricl, thence aoutb twenty 1*1 '"*7L
weal oue hundred ami alii; (I"") rbVlL||
norlh twenty (IU) ehalna, thenre raM""*!
rod aud  .my nt.*, chain. In [������H"1*
uieii. lent .ml couialniug Wlatw**^
I an*.I the run day ol M.y. '���������-      -,.
Ilaakt a��
I. the iindetalgned, altet '��' ���'���", '""Jl
ply to the Hon the Chlel loll'""*"1""''^
and Work, lot petmlMlon to l""r" ,*3
lowing dcactlhed land: roiiinirnrlM'J
��� narked N.K, 11, altualcl "U '*"""5!3l
Mia an lake, alKiul Iwelitv mllea '""""��� .-
Ihenee weit 411 cbalna. Ihenee """\,yA
Ihcii,*,. eaal *) chalua. thenee "."'"J*"*
abort* ol lake HO chal.a to polnl "I """
m.-nt. a_a|
laicatcd M.y lib. ...    _B,I!_)|
B��r.'�� Win". ''Zl
Hmy.laya allet dale I |ilir|����" �����,'j"83
Hon to the Chief f ..mliilaalnm'. " *��*
Wotka lot |a*ti���la.l��n to purrliaM-'"Jl
dc.crlled laml:    Comincnc "II J�� IfSi
ni ibe nortb wait oorn.r ol I"'J****'i,,,
c.l "P  M.I". HK cornir poiV   r��"",^
nn chalua north iheiicc IU) chalm *��?":. ��
chiilna aouth, thence HO chain;  rail.     >Y
cnmiuenccmcnt, containing M0 *CI
Dnled tbl. (Ilh day ol May. WJJ.      .. j
(Hlgned) I-" '��� "i-ii
per B. A. JSSOtnJMI.JSa
N.-l. .ami Dlatrlet.   Iiialrlcl "' *"'\
Take notice lhat Paul Aiiiual ''*"'���,'��
chener. II. C . occupation I"'''1''*!*, t'l I
toaptdi lor pcrml.a,.... lo P"""V��� ,11
Inn .I.*..���ni.,*,I In.Ida: '���"������", IV
plulilod on Iho weal hound.'-"" " ..leO
and nboul 10 ehalna aouth "I Off ���SK'H
nl Iho rlihtolw.y ol the �����} ,"J r,.
Houthern llallway. and ��.a'k��*' '.���,���,, I
eaat .oi ion.** Ihenoe weat '"' '." ,|,bl*
norlh to tha aoulh boundary 0 "' n'tf
of Hie Ilrlllah Columbia .""'""...un*
thenee lollowlng aald bimloln't. " .e)!*
way, In an eaaierly direction lit." . H
ary ol lot No. M, ll.l. tRh"* ."imW*
eoiiimoiiceiaviil, .nd  contalul11***
or ,***��� . .  .    .not
Daled tbla Utb day of 'Illy. JJjJ'm, Pi"
Notice la hereby ilran th.t ttffiaSB
llileml toapply lo The Hon of��J*Tlnii
inlaaloiicr ol land, anil W<"k" ,'' ,,"SllU
purchaae Ibe lollowlng WgSSSioM
allu.le in Weat Kooten.y dlalrl I* rt,ll
at a |K..l planted on Place' "JSMs 1
lluence wllh Hummlt croek. ��"*',,��� 40*
Harbour*. N. W. coruer, thenco ��� " ���,��
IhciieueHBt 40 chaina, thence "'"������,,*
thenee Woat 40 chalua to plaen" I"     0 ���"
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P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
INEUSOIN, 13. ��_>
on Laud District. District of Weat Kootenay
i notice thai George Alexander, of Kaalo,
eupallon mine n-iiiiaK.-r lntenda to iqi-
-w. 1*1 tlmlair llcenee over the follow-
���rlbed land* ComnieiKing al s Mat
at the northeast rorner of Lot iw��>.
Kooteuay l��l-��trlct, theme west 60
tbenei- aouth 4U rhaina, IheuOe eaat flu
thenre north 40 rhaina to th*.* point of
cement, and romaming '240 acrea, more
I June tt, 1WJ7.
_ ..an.l District.   Dlatrlet oi West Kooteuay
I n<.ll< v thai   fleorits   Alexander, of Kaalo.
Eooapatlon mine manager, lntenda to ap
r a apeclal timber Uvenne over the follow-
terlbod   landa:     rominciicing  at  apnfi
a   at   the   aoutheaat   corner of   Lot   luufi.
1, Kootenay   DUtrlct,   tbenee   north   w)
i, thence  west no chaina,   ttionce   aoutb*'
m\ ibence east 80 chains  Ut point of com
Ement,   and  cODtaiiiliiK MO acres, more or
I Junu/7, |ytr7.
I |�����<| DUtrlct.   Dlalrlctof West Kootenay
��� thai lieorge  Alexander,  of Kaalo,
upatlon mine manager,, inteDda to sp
arwclal timber lieeuei* owr th
-bribed   lauda:     Cora mem-In k at
at   the aoutheast   corner   ol   J
*K0O(g__y Dttf-tofc "theuee north No
- thence eaal 60 cbalna, ihenee aouth 00
i thence weat 60 chaina to the point of
Dcetneul, and   conliiluiliK 4m acrea. mure
I June'.a, lW/f.
Ur.iiK'.K AiJixaNnaa.
I Land DUtrlct.  District of Weat Kootenay
notice Ihsl George  AleXaodei.  of  Kaalo.
jcupatlon mine manager,   inteuda  to ap-
s apeclal timber Mrenre over the   follow-
hrlted   lauda:    (ommencing   at   a MR
at   the   noriheaat   corner   of  l-ot low.
I,   Kootenav     District,   thenee   weat   ��>
l thence   aouth WO chaina,   thence   eaat 40
l thenee norih IfiO  ehalna   tu   tbe point ol
���peeiu.-iu. aud   eon lain tug GW acrea, more
I June 27, 18V7. GBokos Aijuanukk.
-nd Dlatrlet.   DUtrlct of Weat Kooteuay
[���otlte that George Alexander, of Kaalo,
'irupallon mine umiiag-r.  lntenda   Ui sp
fca-peolal   timber  licence over the follow
jcrib����d   lan.is:    Commencing   at  a   po*l
lat the  southweat comer o| Hectlon U.
MD7, Kootenay District,  thenee north 10
��  the   aouth   boundary   Ol   the   Indian
thence   eaat   about   10 ehatna   to   the
* corner of aald Indian   Keserve, ibence
.chain-,   thence east   ahout 70 chaina to
^boundary   ot  Lot  M2.   Uience   south W*
Bance  weat  HO ehalus  to  the  point  ol
-lament, snd  containing 600 a0C-fc more
I June -ST. van
lii'.ii'.i   Al.BI*Kl>��R.
Mpt Dlatricl- Dlalrlctof Weat Kootenay
motiet- that George Alexander, of Kaalc,
rnt.atlon mine rasu**< r intends to ap-
speelal Umber lleenei' over the follow
���rlbe.l landa: t'ommenclng at a poat
at the intersection of the norlh .ine of
I Tnwuahlp 7, Kootenay Dlatrlet, aud
line of the Indian Reserve, thenee aouth
s. thence eaat about 70 cbalna to tbe weal
ri ot Lntni2, tbence uorth 80 chains,
est about 70 chains to the p-olnt of eoni-
mt, and containing W0 acres,  more  or
GaoRoa albxandsn.
_��nd DUtrlct. Dlatrlet of Weal Kootenay
���Otlce that George Alexander, of Kaalo.
pcu pat Ion mine manager, intends to ap-
Ispecial timber licence over lhe follow-
rioriiM-d Un.l- Comm< ncliiK nl s post
Jatthe interaeetlon of the aouth Hue of
MB. Tnwnsbtp 7 Kootenay DlatrUt, nnd
Ulne of the Indian Reserve, thence easl
Ishalnn to lhe weat boundary of I-ot ��12.
Htt chains to the aouth bauk of
,.,��. thence westerly HO chains along
Milk of Goat river to tbe west lino ol aald
I 86. ibence aoutb ft> ehalna to point of
ement and  containing Mi) acres, more
| June tt, 1907.
iand District    DUtrlclof Weat Kootensy.
anotle.-   tbat   George   Alexander of Kaalo,
Mupslton   mine managt r, intends to ap
ssptK'lal   Umber   licence over tbe follow-
���erllMMl   landa:     Gotninenclng  at a poat
fat tht southweat corner of I-ol .V*, Uroup
B-nay  district,   theucu  aouth  100 cbalna.
Ut B0 chains to the noriheaat eorner ot
un reserve; tbeuee nortb about iWebalna
i river,   thence westerly along the aouth
Goal river aboul U chaina lo the south-
mer  ol  Lot  4'M',   thence north about 80
i*w> lhe   norlhweat  corner of  Mid Lot tfII
least   about 7*   chain*   to   the   southwest
���afl-olKSM;   Ihenee   north  about *i'* chain*
Entheaat corner of Lot b'A\, thence weal -10
Jo tbe point of couimenceiiieiii, and con-
Fimacre*, more or leaa.
1 June n, 1W7. i.koii..r Ai.KXal��imn.
, Notice   la  hereby   glv
that no days
i I intend to apply to the I hlef <
, of Land and Works, for a special
cut and carry timber from the follow.
Ibed lands, situated on the aoutheaat
rfUluiou river. In the district of Weat
lay- t'otnmeucing at a post plnced about
Ea wei-t of Hoae 1-eaf enn-k marked "B, M.
or th west corner," theme 80 chalua
���hence H0 chalua eaal. tbence 80 chains
Viicc Wi uliHlus west to place ol coin-
i the llth day of June, 1W7.
k m. kb_w. Looaloh
j Notice Is hereby given thnt :u> duya
Este 1 intend lo itpl'ly  to the  Chief ( om-
r, ot l4tnda and Works, for a special
_> cut shd carry timber from lln- follow-
jarltieit   Inmls   ���lluiited ou   tin    MUitbeiiKt
ie Salmon river, lu lhe diatrict of Weat
ly*.    Cuiiiiueii.'iiiK nl a poat plm-oil  about
tfwcsiof Rom Lahforatt, marked ��K m.
No.  2 southwest   corner,"    theiue 80
torth,  thence HO chains e��at.  thence 80
mth,  thunce HO chalua weal to place ol
on tho 10th day of Juno, 1907.
It. M. ItKKvfca, Locator.
and District. District ol Weat Kooteuay.
| Is hereby given lhat thirty days niter
(. P. Hwedberg, nl Nelson, ft. 0, miner,
bapply to the Hon, tho Cblof Commu-
J Lsnda snd Wnrka.nl Victoria, lor a
lii-enae to cut and carry away timber
jm following described lands, allualed on
tcreek, In the West Kootenay diatrict:
j ommencing at s ytoat marked J. I*. H'a
Unit, uorthoMt corner poat, located ou
f Bummlt creek, about 2 miles from
thence running aoulh HO chains,
tinning weat 40 ehnins, Ihenee running
i chaina. th.-nee west 40 chains, tbence
IcbaliiN, theucu running cast 40 clinlua,
running aonth 10 chains, tlience cast 40
i place of commencement,
hi" Mb day of June, 1-.HI7.
J. I'. SwaioiKiio, Locator.
Commencing stapoat marked J. F. B's
iHiit. northwest comer poat, located on
t <���( Hum mil ereeg, about two miles from
welt, thence running south HO ehalna,
uiitniiK fie-1 BO cbulna, thence running
J chains, theuee running weit 80 chslua
of commencement
therm, day of June. 1907.
J. P. Hw��DBiau, Locator.
Kelson Lmd District Diatrict of Went Kootenay
Take notice that Waller Kdwards, of Ferguson,
B.C occupation cook, inteuda to apply ior a
-.pedal limber llcenee over the lollowlng described lands: Commencing nl a post planted
i'a mllea up a creek running into the head of
CttrlDOOUse. On the eaal able of Cariboo lake
and marked "Walter Kdward's northweat corner," thenee SOQtb 01 ehains' thence ea*��l MO
chaina. thence north m chains, thenoe weatHO
chaina to point of commencement, and containing till) acres, more or leaa.
Dated April Uth, 1�� n Wai,tkk HnwAaua,
by bis agent F. V,. MaNNIKu.
Nelsou Land Diatrict District ot West Kootenay
Take notice that Walter Kdwards, of Ferguaon,
li C , occupallon cook, intcuds lo apply, for a
special Umber UoanO* over lhe fallowing described lands: t'omtneiielng at a poal BU mil. a
up htevena creek ami a '4 mile eaat from A.
Bvan's comer post No. 8, and .narked "Walter
Kdwards a uorthwest corner pout," thence cast
���W chains, tbence aouth lw chains, thence west
40 chains, theme north :*-��� chaina to point of
comineuceineut, and conUfning 640 acres, more
or leaa.
Dated May SOth, 1��J7. WaltIR Kuwahm.
by hla agent F <*. WAMMtMO,
Nelaon I.hu'I District, DUtrlct of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that Waller Kdwards, of Ferguson,
B. c, occupation cook, intends to apply for a
special tlmher licence over the following des-
cribeil landa: Commencing at a post planted
about a mile from the bead of Cariboo lake and
one mile easl of aald lake, an'I marked "Walter
Kdward's southweat corner," thence north 80
chains, thenee eaat 80 chaina. thence south 80
chslua, thence west W chaina to point of commencement, and contaiuing W0 acres, more or
Dated May 801 h, 1907. WllATM KnwASi*.
by hla agent F. CL Masninu.
Neieou Land Diatrict.   District of Went Kootenay
Taxe notice that Arthur K. Kvaiis. of  Weaton.
R. <'., occupation cruiser, lntendi toapply for a
special  timber  licence   over   lhe   following   dea-
erthed   lands:     I'omineiiciug   nt a poal   planted
about.'�� miles Dp Stevens creek running into the
east aide of Cariboo lake  marki d   'A. j-..  j-van's
couthweat corner post," thence north HO chains,
thence   eaat 80 chal- a.   tbence   south t*u chaina,
theuco west 80 ebalns  to  p lint   of commeuce-
ment, and conisiining MO acrea, more or lesa
Dated May tfOth, Y*<\ Akijh i: K. t van-.
by hlssgcnt f, C Manms...
Notice la hereby given that thirty days after
date I intend toapply to the Hon. the Chief t om-
mUsloner of I ,.i. I- and Works for a si>ccla) licence to cut and carry away timber from the
following desert bod landa ill Weat Kooleiiay
d.strict: Commencing nt a posl planted on the
nc rth Lank of leu Mile creek, about one mile
and a half from Hlocan lake, market! H 11 Pitta'
norlhweat corner pmd, thelice eaal IM) chaina,
thence aoutb 40 chaina, thence weat ItiO chaina,
thence north 40 chaina to place ot commencement.
Dated this ��>th day of June. 1907.
11. II. Pi-its, Locator,
A. W. t)TUBB*, Agent
Notice la hereby given that thirty days afUl
date I intend to apply tO the Honorable
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, H.i.., for a apecia! license lo rut and
carry awav timber from tbe followlug described
lands In Watt Kootenay district: Commeucing
at a poat planted on Fie wesl hank ol Smelter
creek, about one mile south of the City of Nelaou.
thence ��� i-iitii 80 chaina, thelice wesl 80 ehalna,
theuee uorth 80 ebalua. theuee eaat 80 cbalna to
place of commencement.
Date.l thlr. llth day of June, 1.'07
C. (* t'l-ARK. locator.
D. 11 "Hi. Agent-
Take uotlce thnt Henery John Johnson. Poat-
maaterot Fernle. H. C, intends to apply for a
speeist limber licence over the followlug described lands:
Ho, 1.���Commencing at 0 liost planted In the
District of Went Kootenay, about two mllea north
of the International boundary line and about
one mile weat of Boundary lake adjoining and
l-rl w.*i ti licences No *���*��� '.' I and **���'.*. thence aouth
80 chains, theuee weal 80 chains, thence north SO
ihenee east 8ti chnlna to place of commencement.
Dated June 3. tttfl.       H   '  Jounhon, I....-,iIi.t .
ANn. tl ai KRi i. Agent-
No.-��� - Commencing  at  a poat  plauted   ahout
one mile north ol the  northwest  corner ol H.J.
Johiison'a   No. I UiuUt claim,  thenc*! aonth  80
chains, thence  eaat  80 chains,   thence  north 80
chains, thence west 80 chains to  place of  commencement
Dated June'I, 1007.       II. J. Johnson, locator.
ANl>. IlarKKTT. Agent.
No S.���Commencing al a post planted at the
northwest corner of 11, J. Johnaou'a No. 2 limber
claim, thence aouth w> ehnins, thence west 80
ohalni. tlience uorlh 80 chains, tneuce east 80
chalm lo place of commencement.
Dated June D, 1907.       H. J   Joii-an;*, [.orator.
AND. II A* hi.ii . Agent-
No 4. -Commencing ata poat planted at tbe
norlheaai corner of H. J. Jolmaon'a No 3 timber
claim, thetiee north 80 chalua, thence west 80
chaina, thence south 80 chslua, thence east 80
chains io place of commencement
Dated June :i, 1907        H   J. JuHNsoN, I-ocator.
ANb. H.OI.KM, Agent.
No. b. Commetieine st a poat planted at the
norlhwest eorner ol B ���' Johnson's .No 8 timber
claim, Iheuce north 80 chmns, thence cast 80
chnlna tnence aoulh SO chains, thenee west 80
chains to plaee of commencement
Dated June ll, 1907.        H   J   JnttNttoN, Lm-alor.
Ani.   H v. i.ri i. Agent.
No.fi Commencing nt a post planted atxmt
one mile north of tho northwest cornor of H. J.
Johuaon's No. ft timber claim theiue aoulh 80
chains, theuee easl 80 chain*, thence north 80
chains, thenco weat 80 chains lo place of commencement
Haled June .'., 1907.       II. S, JQMPW, I^ocator.
and. Hackktt, Agent.
No. 7. Commencing nt a poal planted at the
norlhwest coiner of 11. J. Johtixou'a No fi timber
el a tm. thenee south 80 chains, thence -.vest 80
chains, thenco notth 80 ehatna, thence eaat 80
chaina to place of commencement.
Dated June :.. 1907.       II. J. Johnson, Locator.
And. il ai kkii, Agent
Ho. B.���Commencing Al a poat planted nt tho
miiiliiMst cornor of ll J. Johnson1^ No 7 Umber
claim, tbence north 80 chains, thence weat 80
chains, tbence aouth 80 chalua, thence catt 80
chnlna to pl<icj of commencement.
Dated Juue H, 1907.       H. J. Joiinnon, Locator.
Ami Hack kit, Agent.
MO.8 ���Commencing nt a noat plnntcd at the
norlhwest corner of 11. J Johnson's No 8 timber
claim, iheuce north 80 ohalus, thence east 80
chains, Ihenee south 80 chnlna, thence west HO
<halni to point of commencement.
Dated June 8,19W.       II. J. Johnson, Locator.
No* 10�����Commencing al a poat planted nt the
uorthweft oorner of timber licence 8074, thenco
uorth HO vhalUM, Iheuce tut 80 ehatna, thenco
aoulh 80 chains, ll.eticc west 8n chains to place
nf coimnencemeiit
Dated June It, 1907.       II. J  Johnson, 1-ocntor.
ami  II a.kktt, Agent
Nelsou Land District    District ot Weat Kootenay
Take notice that William Andrew Koas, of
Ferule, It C , holel keeper, Intends to apply for
a special Umber licence over the following des-
eribed  binda:
Mo, l.-Commencing at a post planted about
Indictment     Brought     by     Clergyman
Against Admlniatration  of Northern  Capital.
The following letter to the Winnipeg
Telegram, written by Rev. Robert 9.
MngheK requires neither explanation nor
In reference to your articles on the
dance halts In Dawson, and Rev. John
Prlngle'B exposure of this Iniquity, I
beg to say that it is only too true. When
leaving the capital of the Yukon last
fall, I knew that the place was governed
by whiskey and harlots; British law
waa openly defied, the flag disgraced,
and the Criminal Code of Canada contradicted by a local law, which was
framed by the Yukon council. The enactment was nothing more than an official incubator for the production of moral leprosy. The dance halls are permitted on payment of $100 to become licensed brothels, where men are often
drugged and robbed. I could give details if necessary, but it would not be
fit reading. The facta of the case were
sent to Sir WIlMd Laurier and tho attorney-general on my way to England
last fell, also to a leading newspaper in
the Dominion; the government knew
this letter had been Bent to the press
and I think It never saw light. Sir
Wilfrid Laurier, however, assured me
that the matter would receive attention,
but it was referred back again to a
crown representative In the Yukon.
I certainly think our people ought
to know that  the Yukon has been re-
flve miles weit ol the Koolenay river, on Corn
ereek, in lhe District ol West Kootenay, and
I .'dug about lis miles north Of tha International
Ixiuudary line, aud about two miles west of Urn
ber licence No- 06-15, thence south SO ehains,
thonce eMt DO chains, thence north 00 chains,
thence west HO chains to point oi commencement
and containing 680 nr res, more or luss.
Located 1Mb June. llAfl.
No 2 --Comment lug at a poat planted at the
northwest corner of w Illiam A Ross' No. 1 claim,
thence soulh HO chaina, thence west 90 chains,
���tieiie... north 80 chains, thence east SO cbatni,
to the point of commencement, and containing
640 acres, more or less.
I...eated lath June. 1807.
So. 3 -Commencing at a post planted about
two miles west of the northeast corner of William Ro��" *o 2 -dsini, thenoe sonth SO chsins,
thenco esst 80 chains, tbence north 80 ehaius,
thence west So chains to the point of commencement, and containing 640 aorcs, more or less.
I.oe��ted 16th June. 1907.
No. 4 ���Commencing at at a post planted at
the northwest corner of William A. Koss' No. S
claim, ihenee norlh 80 chains, thence west m
chaina tnenee south 80 chains, ih-uce east 80
chalua lo tbe point of commencement, containing 640 acrei, mure or less.
Lovated 15th June, 1007.
No 5.���Commencing at ap-rst planted at the
northwest corner of William A. Koss' No :iclaim,
iheuce south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
thence north 80 eh tins, thence east 80 chains to
the point of commencement, and containing 640
acres, more or less.
Located 16tb lime. li*G.
No 6 Commencing at a i��ost planted about
two Jules wist of the northeast corner of William A Koss* n.i ftclaiui. theuee south so chains,
ihenee esst 80 chaina, thence north 80 chains,
ihenee west 80 chains to the point of commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or less
Located 1Mb June, 1907.
No 7 ���Commencing ata post  planted  at  the
northwest cornerof William A. Ross'No. 6 claim,
thence north 80 chains, thence east 80 ebalns,
ihenee souih HOchalns, thence west 80 chains te
point of commencement, and containing 640
acres, more or less.
Located 15th June, 1907
Kt> g ���Commencing ata post planted about
40 ehatna south of the northwest corner of William A Ross'No 6 claim, thence north 81 chains,
thenee west w chains, thence south 80 chains,
tlience east 80 chains to the point of commencement, aud containing 64u acres, more or less.
Located l&th June. 1907.
No 9��� Commencing at a post planted about 40
chains soutb of the northwest corner of William
A Bnan' No. 6 claim, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chaina, thencs north 80 ebalns,
thence east 8q chains to the poln* of commencement, and contsloiug 640 acres, more or lass.
Located 16th June. 1907.
No 10���Commencing at a post planted about
two miles west of the northeast cornej of William A Ko��' No. 9 claim, thence south 80 chains,
thenee east 80 chains, tbence nortb SO chains,
thence west W) chains to the p Int of commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or leas.
Located lMh June, 1907.
No. 11.- Commencing at a post planted about
two miles west of the northeast corner of William
A Koss' No. 9 claim, thence north 80 chains,
ihcncc eaat NO chains, thence south 80 chains,
theuee wes*- HO chains to the point of commence-
ment ar.d containing MO acres, more or lesi.
Located D��th June. 1907.
No 12. -Commencing ata post planted about
20 ehalni south oi the northwest corner of
Wlllt-un A. Ross' No. 10 claim, ihenoe siuih 80
ehains, thence, west 80 chains, thence north SO
ehalni, thence east SO chalos to point of com*
uienc-ement snd containing 610 acres, more or leaa
Located 16tn June. 1907.
Ko. 13 ���Commencing at a post planted about
-iO chains south ol the northwest corner of William A Ron' No. 10 claim, tneuce north so
ehatna, tbenee west 80 chains, thenoe south 80
ehalni, thence eastSO ehalus to the point ol <'��mr
mnn ement and coutalulng840 acres more or less;
Hated this 6lh day of July, 1907.
William Asnaiw Roes.
Take notice that Dan Baker, prospector, ol
Klko. M. 0 , lntendi to apply for a special timber
licence over the following described lauda:
No. 1.���Commencing at a post planted In the
district of West Kooteuay, about eight miles
weat of th** Koolenay river near the north bauk
of liouii'larv creek and oue mile no- th of the in-
tcrnitUoua) boundary line, which claims are described as follows: At tho norlhwest corner ol
tlmhor licence No. 8067, Ihenee north 80 chains.
thence east 8n chain*, thence south 80 chains.
thence west 80 chains to place of commencement.
Datetl lat June, 1W7. Dan Hakfk
No 2.��� Commencing at a post planted at tha
smith west comer ol Tan Baker a No. 1 claim,
tbeuee north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
thenee south 80 chains, thence cast 80 chains to
place of conimeiit'cmeut. _       _
Hated lit June 1907. Dat* BAgga.
No. ��������Commencing at a post plsnted at the
northwest corner of Dan Bakers No. 1 --laim,
thenoe north 80 chains, thence cast 80 chains,
thenco south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains to
place of commencement.
Dated 1st June, 1906. Dah Bakkr.
No 4. Commencing at a post planted at the
in. rth enst corner of Dan Baker's No.3 claim,
thenco north 80 ehnins, thenoe weit W) chaina,
thence south 80 chains, tbence east chains to
place of commencement. _^
Dated 1st June, 1907. DAW Hakss.
No, 6. - Commencing at a post planted at tbe
northwest corner of timber Uoenoe No SC69,
thenre north 80 chains, thenee east 80 chains,
ihenee smith 80 ehatna, tbence west 80 ohalns to
place of commencement.
rated Juno4th. 19u7. Dan Bakkr.
No. 6.- Commencing at a post planted at tha
northweit corner of Dan Raker's No 5 claim,
thence north 80 chslni theuee east 80 chalos,
th. nee nou'li W) chains, thence won 80 chains to
place of commencement.
Dtfted Iuuo4th, 1997. t'AN Hakkh.
No. 7.���Commencing at a post planted at the
northeast corn*r ot timber licence No. 8060,
thenre north 80chalns, thence west 80 chains,
tbenee south 80 chains, thence east 80 chains to
point of commencement.
Dated June 4th. m>7. Dan Bakkk.
No. 8.���Commencing at a post, plauted at the
northeast corner of Dau linker's No 7 claim,
theuco north 80 chains, thenco west 80 chains
thenco south 80 chains, iheuce cast 80 chains to
plaoe of commencement.
1     Dated June 4th, 19U7. Dak Baksk.
tarded in Its commercial development
by the whiskey brigands, and the paid
harridans, whose blood relationships
no thinking man will question.
I plead for an unbiased government
inquiry into the affairs of the Yukon
by a special commission, who shall go
up for that purpose; anything short of
such an Inquiry will be only a farce.
I huve known bands of music especially hired to lure in horney-handed, softhearted, and weak willed miners to these
moral slaughterhouses. Gaily dressed
women hang around the. doors, and
mahy a man has taken a roll of bills
across the threshold never to see them
We protect the blind, the deaf, and
the dumb; we protect lunatics, and are
quick to check the advances of a con-
contagious disease; we even shelter
birds and beasts from cruelty. What
about the good-natured, homeless miner,
even though he often Is a superior ass
in the matter of whiskey ? I urge lhat
these misguided, and yet brave and unselfish pioneers, should be . protected.
Shall they ever toll and slave that a
huge whiskey combine may declare a
higher dividend, and they themselves,
at last be wrecked upon the barren
sands of despair ?
While we believe that a man would
be better without the poison, yet I venture to say that if a miner wants whisky, it Is only common justice to say
tbat he shall get it without the danger
of being drugged and robbed. I believe
tbat the saloon-keepers among themselves would vote for an immediate removal of these bandits and pillagers,
as there are honest saloon men in spite
of the unfriendly environment, and these
honest few know that the whole trade
Is seriously misrepresented by the attitude of the licensed dance hall.
Until the government at Ottawa remove the evil, no respectable man
should take his family into the Yukon,
nor should men without stiff backbones
carry large sums of money ujwn their
.Without any reference to our own
work, there are two men who have been
noble and fearless In doing battle
against overwhelming odds in Dawson
City���and for whom I thank God���Dr.
John Pringle and Andrew S. Grant.
Twenty Killed by Destruction  of Eaat
Side Tenement.
New York, July 29.���After an ait-night
search of the ruins of the six-storey
tenement at 222 Christie street, which
was burned shortly after midnight, the
police announced that there were 30 victims of the Are. The bodies of the dead
were found In all sorts of unexpected
places, to which i>ersons had fled when
the Are broke out. Almost all of the
bodies were burned beyond recognition,
many to such an extent that It was impossible to distinguish the sex. A majority of the victlmls, the polloe believe,
were women and children. Only five of
the victims had ben identified up to an
early hour today. They were Marlite
Dl Dolco, his wife and their two Infant
children, and Frank Shields, a bed-ridden cripple who was carled out alive
by the firemen but who succumbed to
his injuries soon after his rescue.
4S0 acres on Kootenay Lake, between
Balfour and Coffee Creek; $12.60
per acre.
Baker St., Opposite Queen's Hotel.
Fot Sale Cheap
One 60-Inch diameter, by 16ft. 8ln.
long, underflred, return multi-tubular
boiler, In fair condition. Eighty-two
���i\i-ta. tubes, 2 1-3x2 1-6 In. steam
dome. Boiler Is good for testing to 150
lbs. per square Inch, and a working pressure of 80 to 90 lbs. Mountings consist
of safety valve, stop valve, water
gauges, try cocks, sludge cock and
check valve, Bet of fire bar* and bearers.
One 9 in diameter x I4ln. stroke, high
pressure, variable cut off expansion,
valve engine with governor. Fly wheel
and belt pulley are those not originally
supplied with the engine but are suitable for ordinary requirement. Engine
has been used to drive electric light
at the smelter and la In good condition.
Ono vertical multi-tubular exhaust
steam heated feed-water heater, 4 ft.
high, lli'-i'n. diameter with openings
for 3-in. exhaust pipes. Corrugated copper tubes Inside through which the feed
water passes. Stop valve, drain cock
and safety valve. Apply to
The Hall Mining; & Smelting Co.. Ltd.
NEL80N, B. C.
IN THE MATTER of tha "Rivers and
Streams Act" and amendments
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
The Canadian Pacific Timber
Company, Limited.
Notice la hor.br Klv.n th.t 60 day. .Iter date
The ('.Haitian l'aclfti"rlmber Company. Limited.
Inteuda to aubmit to the Honorable Chief Com-
mtaa.ouer of Laud, aud Worka . pr.poa.1 under
the provlaiona of tti�� "Ktvera .od Stream. Act"
and amendment, thereto, for tb. right to Improve Trout creek and Ita tributaries from the
aourcea of aiu'h creokmnd trtbuurlea to the point
where the aame flows Into Trout lake In the I>la-
trlet of Weat Kooten.y, and to remove obatruo-
tlona therefrom and make the aame fit for driving, atorlna,aortliie- and booming lose, raft, and
crafta, .nd the doming of lumber thereon, alao
for tbe right to collect toll, thereon.
Th. land, affente 1 are Crown land, and Lou
170, 7W0, ?W1, 172, 771 7C*>. 762 and 190, all In
Uroup 1, Weat Kootenay.
Dated thla loth day of M.y, 1907.
bv their aolloltor. B. M. Maodonald.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Kelson. B. 0.
Lighted by ElectrioltT and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and Comfortable Bedroom, and Flrat-
ule.ai-Muliig Room.   Kani|ilc Room, tor Commercial   Men
MBS. K. C.CLABKB, Proprletraa.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 60 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled In the city.
Huuse heated throughout with hot
J. A. KBIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
Xoropeau and American Plan
Meal. 26 eta.   Boom, iron 26 c*.. to 11
Only White Help Bmployad.
Baker Bt.. Nelaon ProprUtoia
Battlett   House
Best Doflar-a-Dar House in Nelson.
The Bar 1. tha Finest.
White Help Only Employes.
Joaephln. Bt.
Neleon. B. C.
Royal Hotel
Bates $1 and tl.SO a Day.
Special Bates to Begular Boarders.
Moat comfortable cii-..rter> In Nelaon]
Only tbe beat of Liquor, and l igara.
In the matter of an application Ior the issue of
h duplicate of tho Certificate of Title tor Lota
16 and 17. Block 10, Town of NVlcon.
Notice Is hereby clven that U Is my Intention
to laiue at the expiration of one month after the
(1 r-st publication hereof a duplicate of the Certlfl-
cute or Title for the above LoU In tbe name uf
Frances K Day, which Certificate li dated the
19th Seutei-uber, ltwt, and numbered *_150K.
I_.nd Real-try Office, Nelaon, B.C., 16th June*
1WJ.       T"       - H. F. MacLKOD,
Dlatrlet Kerlatrar.
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner.
To Charles Q. Simpson, or any other person
to whom he may have transfer red his Interest In
the '-May Blossom" mlner��l claim, situated on
Brown Mountain, two and a half miles southwest of Ymir, in tbe Nelson Mining Division, of
West Kootenay District, and recorded in the
Recorder's office, for the Nelion Division.
You and each of you are hereby notified tbat
I have expended two hundred and five dollars
(���Jiws.oo) In labour aud improvements upon the
above mineral claim In order to bold the same
under the provisl ms o! th�� Mineral Act. and If
within ulnety davs from the date of this notice
vou tail or refuse lo contribute your portion of
the expenditure, (which is one hundred aud two
fifty dollars (lltri.BO) ior the two years ending
tflh May. 15*07.) togethir with all coats of adver
Using, your Interest in the said claim will become the property of the undersigned under
See. 4 of an Act entitled: "An Act to Amend the
Mineral Aol, 1900." " .__
Dated at Ymlr, B. C . 16th May, 1907.
Not'ce Is hereby -riven that alter the expiration
of sixty day* from the date hereof tbe Patrick
Lumber Company. Limited, Intends to submll to
the Uouorablc Chief Commissioner ol Lands and
Works a proposal under the provisions of the
"Rivera aud Streams Act" anif Amending Acts,
for the rlnht to Improvo the Hlocan rlvtr from
the mill dam of said company (situate about
three miles above the Junction ol said Slocan
river with the Kootenay river,) to the month of
the Little Hlocan river, and to improve the Little
.Slocan river and branches thereof to the northern boundary of sub-lot 2, lot 7100, and sub-lot 1,
lot 7161 group one. Kootenay district, and to
improve the tributaries of snld rivers; aud remove obstructions from said rivers and tributaries, and to make thu same ill for driving, storing, sorting booming and railing logs, timber,
lumber, rafts, and trafts; also for the right to
co'lect tolls thereon.
The lands to bo affected are tho foliov/lng: (a)
I,Ots 31W, 71169. Mlft MSI. MAI. *1610. OOVt, M4B, 3609,
7528, 7066, 'MiO, 4812, all In G roup one, Kootenay
district; also lands covered by pre-emptions
numbered 46, 103, 11*. ISA, 148 164 and bio- also
lands cove roil bv timber 1 teens �� numbered bhbO,
bb83, .v>hi. bb06,b500, bi.nl, and 5WW; also landa of
the crown.
lip ted thu 6th day of July. 1W7,
by IU solicitor. R. W. Hamming-ton,
Notice la hereby given that the Wattsburg
Lumber company nas applied to His Honor the
Lleu'enant Governor in council, under the pro-
v islons of the "Rivers and Streams Act," for the
right tn improve Rykerts creek, in the district of
West Kootenay. British Columbia, by removing
the obstructions therefrom and straightening
the banks thereof, and to construct dams, booms,
slides and chute*, and makenuch other Improvements as may be necessary for the driving and
rafting ol loe-s and the fl timing of timber thvreoa
The lands to he afire ted are govorment lands and
Lots 2*51 and 252, Uroup 1, kootenay district, and
the tolls that arc proposed to be charged, If any,
are such as mav be fixed by a judga of the county
court of West Kooteuay. *V
Dated this 27th day of Uarch, A, D. 1907.
KJt7^__?_r-h,, F*��tt Lancfe
Wc sell only good ..l.cted land* ���and at reaaonabla price*.
Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Ltd.
' af
Lots for Sale at from $100 to $200
Prices will be raited 15 per cent, after lit August.    Buy while they are
cheap.   Terma one-third cash, balance in aix and twelve months.
We Have For Sale One of the P-retttest Homes to
Nelson, Sltoated to Fa-trrlew. Close to the Car Line
Large 7-room houae. Stone foundation and first-class cellar. Complete water system. 10 lots under cultivation and planted In largo, boar*
Ing fruit trees.   This Is a snap.   For particulars appl/ to
Choice Fruit
I Hare 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frott Lands to
British (Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Bay now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Something for the practical man.
Just investigate!���That is All ws
ask of you; ami you owe that much
to yourself.
Kootenay Orchard
on   1600  acrea,   south   of  Burton   city,
for sale.    Apply to
The H. A W. Land Co., Limited,
A. M. Can. See. C. H.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Ofllee: Bealey Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker St.,  NELSON, B. C.
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
To Winnipeg $46.20
To Port Arthur. St. Paul.
Duluth. SiotuCity
Chicago SS4.00 Montreal M4.00
Toronto S7SJ0 8t. John SM.00
St. Louis SW.00 Ottawa  ��82.55
New York 1100.00 Boston *MM>
Halifax S101JK)
On Sale July 3, 4, 5.   August 8, 9, 10.
September 11, 12,13.
First Class Round Trip, 90
Days Limit.
Corresponding: reductions from all
Kootenay points. Tickets available for
lake route Including meals and berths
on lake steamers. Through rates quoted
to any station In Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime provinces on application.
Ail. I'. A.. Vancouver. D. V. A.. N.toon
AND IN THE MATTER OF the plan of
the Townslte of Robson, part of Lot
Three Hundred and One (301,)
Group On* (1,) Kootenay, of recorr*
In the Land Registry Office at Nelson aa "626."
F. C. GREEN       F. F. HORDED       A. H. GREER
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Bo* 145   Phase 3*1 B.
Take notice th.t nn the ���-'.'���th (l.y of July, A. 1).
11)07, .1 tbe hour of 10:80 o'clock la the foresmm,
.t th. Court Mouao lo tho rlty of Nelaon. la the
Prclnc* of Itr tlah f ."tumble, application will
hcro.de to the Judge of th. County Court of
Weat Kooten.y, by the Columbia and Kootoaay
Railway .nd Navigation Company for .0 ord.r
th.l the plan of the a.ld Townalte ol lUbMO, of
record at Nelaon, In the province ol Irltlah
Columbia, .a "0 tv' lw cancelled, and that tbe
applicant may enjoy tbe Unda comprlaeri with.
in th. aaid Town Ulto fro. from .ny ...ement.
or right, of any peraon to open any land or
l.noa. atreot or atreeta, aquare or aq**.rea, park
or parka acroaa, within or upon aald land..
Ifftted at tbe City of Nelaon, In th. I* rovlnce of
Hrltlab Columbia, tbla -/Tth day of .'una, A.U.,
Ag.nt. for Lougheed, tlcunctt, Alllwn, Taylor
A MrU��    Solicitor. an,d .sen'! lor Ihr
Cotuiii'l. .1: Kooten.y Uailu.y At Navigation Company, apt-ltc.nt..
To K. BK.LI <  COMPANY .*���
i i I
'   ���       :
C                   *
1               r
i if
fhe Daily Canadian
I>o You  Know What This let    ���
It Is the Royal Standard flying   over .'it  my camp.    With a good, ordinary pair Ot eyes it la plainly viHlbli*.    If >'ott cannot see It come down
to   my office  an',I   gel   fltted  v-'ili    pr ��� Rlasses.
$15   to   $60.00.
M A l-N UI * A 42 T l' MI-V U
Watchmaker and Optician
;0ur Stock is Complete |
? Here are tAto Soap Specials:
J 25   31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   S-I.5C
��� 72 BARS GOLDEN  WEST for $2.75 ;
[Bell Trading Co A
1 Tbla atore will be Closed   Kvcry Thurailay  II
(     fJAfUTUnon In .IniK*. July anil AuKUHt       o
l-RL'NINw ANP liKAFTINti c.reliilly attend
to. applF
Silver KIIIK Hotel.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kinds of Dlnnerware In stock. Patterns.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Ac_e Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & <��
Next Door to Bank of Commerce
Kinds of Heating  Plants In  Stock
Victoria St., Nr. Ooera Houae.      Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will Unil it to their advantage to use onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stovea, etc.
111 East Baker St. Phone No. A114
fl  inntiiiiHi-iiiN-ti   from  'tie flnoM   tntincco, flTm-
r]pene<l nnd -lew - .-*, ��� eli n.-d      It'* inllil, full-
flavored and ctiul.    A tobacco ynu
ought to try.
f pbacconist.   Baker Street.
Socialist i��nrty moetfl every FrMnv
> v >blaa hi v v in . in n e I III era' I'nloii Hull
All are lnvlteuI any ono 11llDWt.ltni.ikf part in
the debate*,    i   Austin. .*-.'. rotary.
Patronized by Earl Grey and Nobility
Hotel Strathcona
B��t Located Hotel tn NeUon
Apartment. Elegant,   ciiiaine Cholceai
Civility kdiI Cleanliness.
Supervised t��y proprietor and wife.
.1. H. BdmohBon, Procter; A*. K. Hurt.
Montreal: F. S. Benton, Toronto; J. S.
Robertson, Winnipeg; J. D. Clark. K.
Snow-ion, W. D. Hodges, K. E. Williams.
Vancouver; J. 1.. Retallack. Kaslo; F. A.
Carpenter, Spokane; G. W. Hushes.
Kaslo; N. .1. McArthur. J. H. Stout, Me*
nomonie; V. KelTer, Greenwood; E. G.
Wi Hams, Vancouver: O. II. Uradiy, F.
J. P. Crease, A. H. Green, Fruftvalu.
Cor. Varnon   und Wctr-d struat.,
T. Hull, London; C. Hunter, Penn;
\V. H. Hiandon, Silverton; H. U. Baw-
d n. II. W. Chambers. Vancouver; A.
Dames, Lethbridge; C. Sheppard, St.
Thomas; J. C. Bennett, W. J. Bennett,
Montreal; S. llerl. Coleman; F. H. Ay-
lard, New Denver; II. M. Stevenson,
Ainswortli; \V. E. Zwicky. Kaslo; P. H.
Hurnbani. tirand Forks; H. M. Adams
and wife, tl. Mulvey, Seattle; F. Parkinson. Sumas; J. McMaster. Phoenix;
T. M. Giltlllan. Chicago; W. F. King, Ottawa; O. H. Tillman, Washington; J.
Cosgrove, Calgary; A. H. Isaac, Kossland: Mrs. R. G. Weaver, Spokane.
A. M. Snyder, Sacramento; G. II. Sailer. G (i. Riley, Cranbrbok; G. D.
Wheeler, Tacoma; Mrs. Crawford. Mrs.
Roberta, Blue Bell; G. Miller, Revelstoke; L. Kennedy, Hedley.
R. II. Fitzgerald, .1. B. Aiken. Rose-
bery; F. Connor, P. Dubuque, Meadows;
.1. li, Osborne, Fernle; C. M. O'Brien.
Moyle; .1. F. McAllister, Slocan; Mrs.
Greenwood, Harrop; J. N. McMaster.
Ymir: W. King. Frultvale; H. Emmer-
3*in. J. MacKenzie, Spokane; R. Mc-
Gowan; Milton Junction.
F. Fear. J. Cameron, Trail:  .1. Price.
Ymir;  H. Gill, W. l.atiglands, Erie.
A.   F.   Snider,   Owen   Sound;   J.   R.
Shearer.   Wlnlaw;    H    Gund.   F.   C.  Sel-
lars,   G.   Potter.   Revelstoke;    A.   Lang
Scotland;  J. Copeland, Procter.
T. W. Smith, Fife; .1. K. Kelly, I.nmer
Creek; (i n White, Westley; .1. smith,
Spokane; w. Bexelle, .1. Vollmer, Brie;
K. Ruby, II. Cain, G. Kidson, Beaver
Siding; T. Spencer, D. Holmes, n.
Coyle, A. B. Giiand. Salmo; J, Tliunem.
3 to Consider
24 LOTS, an excellent block. $500.
Eaay terms.
**> ROOM HOUSE, Hoover St., splendid
garden, fruit trees, etc. $1,500; one-
half cash, balance $15 per month,
6 per cent.
6ROOM HOUSE, verandah, garden, one
and a half blocks from car line.
$8 50; $375 cash, balance easy.
INELSOIN,     -     B. C.
HOLD CHAIN, bttWMO Hoover and Vernon
Htn-cta Kiiilfibl-i' re-wani will be paid lor Hi
rwturn,    MrlJermid A McHardy.
A 1'KAltl. HtMIHRNT   1-lN.    Finder   return   lo
Hi In iifTlc*. -- Reward Offered.
TWO KIltKI v:i>ArtH }u,o��riri   steam heated
plT linuHekeoMr. 8rd flat. a\. W. C. block.
Born, un July 89th, tu tlie wilV of
Joseph  Deariiii of \vinlaw, a  sou.
Only   Senior.
William Urown, Jr.. of Nelaon hl^l'
School, Is the only winner of a senior
certificate at  the recent  examinations.
Well Frozen.
J. 1*. Babcock Hshcrios commissioner,
has written lo 1*. Hums & Co.. thanking
them for aid In Kettlnj; the record Kootenay Lake trout to the provincial museum at  Victoria in perfect condition.
New Citizens,
The residence of K. A. Crease in Fair
view has been purchased by John C.
Hopper. Donald McDougall and Alex-
and r McDOttgaH, all of Saskatchewan
.\1! three have Invented in fruit lands
and intend to reside In or near Nt'lsou.
Basket   Picnic.
lhe chief attraction of this week's
ball-holiday is the picnic by the congregation of St. Saviour's* church to
Procter. While the picnic ia primarily
for the Sunday school, it is also the annual outing of the congregation anil all
friends   will   be   welcomed.
To Enlarge Church Building.
At a well-attended meeting of the
building committee of St. Saviour's
church, held In the parish room last
night, it was resolved after careful deliberation, to accepi the original design
of G. D. Curtis, architect, for the enlargement of tbe church by the addition
of chancel and transepts. Several additions were made to the commit lee,
antl the funds necessary to carry out
ihe  work   were   guaranteed.
Last Night's Demonstration.
The labor union men of Nelson, several hundred strong, paraded Haker
street last night and inarched to the
Recreation grounds headed by the city
band. J. EL Matheson presided and introduced the blind orator Osborne, who
had arrived from Kast Kootenay by the
Crow boat. Mr. Osborne made a very
temperate oration extolling the work of
the Western Federation of Miners and
expressing gratification at the acquitaal
of one of the members of Its executive.
Musical  Attraction.
The Calgary Herald says of "The
Girl From 'Frisco": "'The Girl From
'Frisco' made her debut last night and
received a right regal reception. First
put in a good plot, then several catchy
tunes, a few grains of good acting.
shake ihem up well, and there you have
The Girl From Frisco.' as sprightly
and vigorous a musical comedy as Calgary theatre goers have had an opiku-
tunity to see. The costumes are all
lhat Is to be desired, and the singing
on the whole, cannot be too highly commended. The plot is simple. Fired with
society aspirations. Josephine, daughter
of Hans Schlitz, a retired brewer, gives
her lover the cold shoulder, and announces her intention of securing a
count for a husband. Jack Stanley, the
girl's lover, gets a* barnstormer to masquerade as a French count. The denouncing of the impostor by the hero, this
having been previously arranged, follows as a matter of course. From tbence
on he starts in anew to secure the
maiden  and  he  ultimately  succeeds.
Introduced  by  Preachers.
Canyon City Col., July 30.���CharleR U;
Hogge, alias C. D. llenton, yesterday
pleaded guilty to forging a check on a
hank at Florence, Col., and was sentenced to the penitentiary for 10 to 14
years. Hogge told the court that he
had practised forgery for 15 years, and
had secured more than $750,000 during
that time. He Haid his system was to
secure Introductions through preachers.
Hogge confessed that he had served
three  penitentiary   terms.
Prices of Metals.
Now York. July 30.���Silver, 69-"HiC;
copper, 20%o;  lead. J5.2G.
I^ondon, Julv 30.���Sliver, 31 15l6d;
lead,   ��19  7b  Cd.
Aa McDonald &Co.
Dealer*, in staple and fancy Groceries
Hnti.iT. Errs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
The Store of Quality
$2.00 pet Crate
Fresh In every morning. An
excellent chance to get your
preserving fruit at a moderate
K.** W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Puffed    Rice 15c pkg.
Toasted Corn Flakes . 15c pkg.
Shredded Wheat Biscuits ��� 1f,c pkg.
Malta Vita .... 15c. pkg.
Grape     Nuts    -    -    ���    -    2   for   35c
A'l Cooked  Foods Ready for Immediate Use
C A. .Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine 8U
���PI-IOINK   7
Flower Horns
For Cylinder
Talking Machines
If you haven't got a flower horn on
your machine you are losing T,0 pur cent
of the pleasure and satisfaction you
might otherwise be deriving from It.
The difference they make can only be
appreciated by hearing. Coma in any
time and let us demonstrate lhe great
improvement they make In the reproduction.
We have them at $3.50. $3.75, ��4.00.
and $4.75 each.
CRANE8      (for
Hern)  $2.75 each.
supporting      Flower
W. G. Thomson
ffiaSSSk" ���a  Nelson, B. C.
f-Mioliaa 3-4.
Lawson Still in Copper.
Piescott, Ariz., July nil���Thomas W.
Lawson. of lloston, according to au announcement made last night, now controls the Humboldt smelter near Piescott. having secured possession on July
9th of all hut 25,1)00 shares of the company's capital stock, the Consolidated
Arizona Smelting company. The intention Is said to be to enlarge the plant
and develop various copper properties
owned by the company. The present
capacity of the smelter is 15,000 tons
per month. The company is capitalized at 117,500,000.
Foresters' Notice.
A special meeting of Court Kootenav
Bell No 723 will be held in the K of H.
hall Wednesday night, July 'list. Organizer Brother Mull will be present
and address the meeting. A full attendance is urgently requested.
By   Order,
J. Roche & Co., House Painters, etc.
See me for prices. General Delivery,
Post  Office.
St. Saviour's Sunday School
To Procter
Thursday, August 1st
Steamer Moyle leaves the city wharf
at 9 a. m. and 2 p. m.
Returning, leaves Procter 7:30 p. m.
Tickets; adults $1.00, Children 50
cents, may be obtained at store of F.
Irvine 4 Co.
-.>:�����  nn..    Ki'Utl  i't-iil.i-  lu
Fresh and Salted Meats
OnmpB Hiipplunl on Hhortrat notion nnd
Lowest prios. Nothing but  froth ft"d
wholnwitm*-* inputs rind Mipplt-** kept tn atonk
Mail orders receive direful attention.
E.  C.  TRAVES.   Manager.
Is Pemow/ied
Its Business Energy
Telephone 161.
Sherman's Opera House
July 31, Aug. 1.
Tlie very funny .Mnsirul Comedy Success
"The Girl from Frisco"
by the "Pride of New York" Co.
A Musical Comedy in two Acts. Specially Costumed Chorus. Change of hill
on Thursday night.
Prices 50c, 7&c. and $1.
Beats on sale at-ltutherford's Monday
H. M. Stevenson, of Iho Highlander
mine, is in town from Ainswortli.
VV. K. Zwlckey came down from Kas
lo last night and  Is at thu Hume.
0. W. Hughes, of the Lucky Jim
mine, Is a guest at the Sirathcona.
F. KetTer, manager of the II. C. Copper company, arrived from the Houn-
dary  last night.
P. 11. Burnham. general ugent for Ihe
O. N. It. oompaa) at Crand Porks, was
In tbe elty last night.
F. C Moffat, city editor of Ihe Dally
News. It-It last night for the Coast cities
for  several   weeks'  vacation.
W. II Brandon, of Silverton. Is a
guest ai the Hume. He says Hlocan
Lake Is content linos n dally mail lias
been rsatornd.
Dr. S. i'eteisky has been appointed
medical superintendent of the Sandon
miners' unlun hospital without any restriction on bis prlvale* practice. Hu
���aill leave for Sandon In a few days.
Miss Lucille Tlcnicy, of Minneapolis,
and Miss DstoUa Tierney, of Nelsou,
left for Grand Forks this morning to
visit friends and enjoy a few days' trout
Ashing on lhe north fork of tin* Kettle
W. J. liulrd, M. A., lias resigned ills
position on the staff or Nelsou high
school, which he lias held since July.
1904, und lias entered on the study of
law. He and Mrs. Hulrd will leave for
Vancouver next week.
of  LONHLI^S   In
Values at
��15.00, ��in.oo,��ao 00 to ��36.0O.
All ona Price
I   llaUsforn
KODAKS And A" Accessor^
- (I*'resh Stock Twice a Wttki
This is the season  for taking photos of
Kootenay s unrivalled scenery.
TOURISTS,   We can supply you with
anything in the Kodak line.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd]
COR   BAKER   and   WARD. Phone   81
'��.  A.  ISAAC
R.   W.   HINTON ���
IiINtlllNliliW**    AINU   CONTKACTUR8
Ua_-p,��I, l,,u  ..,,.!  .1,,1,1.1,1k ��awuul��U -wltll llttMpnUh.    Ml,.,.*
Work. Mining ,..,.1  Mill  Mi,,. i,i���Ur> .      Mnr.ulaaut ���r.r��
Oraa   Cara,   ta.   W.    L n���l.,ra*   Cars.
Oornei ol n . i and
From siruvla.
MANUFACTURERS    f     ��. . CL.1���    1
AND DEALERS IN    L+itmftetf   dhillgleS,
Lath, Moulding-;**, Door**, Windowi, I
urned Work and BmckelN.
Mull Ordera promptly
-    rSlil.Mtj.*N. B. C.
The Hall Mining and SmeltlflJ
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores!
2-HECE sum
VVhomwnia K��rovla��ilpna��,
"Produce, . Fruit.
OoTfirument (lr,*in.*ry One Pound Ilncks rocoired weakly fresh from U�� I
ntanrn.    For snln hy all landing frrooen.
OIBce snd wurehouiw: Houston Block,    Phone 7��.
Josephine Street.       ...       Nelaon. B. C.
Spring is Mere
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all'
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder.  Sp��-^ej
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Primers,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt  sttsntlon  psld  to  letter orders.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwai
Company, Limited.
Galvanised Iron
Our raclIltloH for turning out Galvanised Iron Work ofe����f
description arc unequallod In (lie Kootenays.
Eve 1 roughs, Conductor Pipes, SaM*
Stacks and Furnace Work, etc.
Wood Vallance Hardware Co., Limited


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