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The Daily Canadian Mar 11, 1907

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 i%\)z JUxUy
LuMB I.    NO.   237.
NELSON, B.C., MONDAY, MARCH ti, ��907.
tlson University Club's
Crusade Ended
...dings of  March  Meeting-
Debate on Merits of System
oi Party Government.
a ul - ti,-
|i< rata
E. 0.
of Illiterate foreigners, and surprised
many by declaring himself an advocate
of Women's Suffrage.
Judge Forln declared hla admiration
and reHpect for parly loyalty, ami
thoughl that only ihe very highest In-
lellects hail a right to hold aloof from
parly affiliations and even those Iml
Hev. F. H. Graham aad R. J. Clark
protested against an incidental refer
ence by Mr. Halrd to the House of Lordl
as **a useless encumbrance." They maintained that second chambers are es
Hs-nllal 10 national safety, and that the
House of Lords is the best Becond
chamber that has ever existed, and that
It Is far superior ln political wisdom
to the House of Commons.
The members were generally agreed
that the party system ls the best thai
has been, or probably can be, devised
for democratic government.
he Influence exercised by the I'ni
sity Club of Nelson Is out of all pro
kium to Its numerical strength. The
!��� membership of the club does not
id 15, hut lt has been the means
least husti'tilng an important ucl
i. provincial gsivernment.
,��� Club was organized In November
The second session, In the month
sing, a debate wus held ou the ad-
isp-s of a provincial university for
Isi.-.h Columbia. At the close of the
a resolution, offered by Dr. C. E
ansl unanimously adopted,
iilgi-d the club to devote Itself to ad
ttatlug Immediate provision, by  land
lowment, for such an Institution. The
lolutlon   was   forwarded  to   Premier
iHrisle and met with a courteous and
lipiithetlc reply.
om that time a university cunt
ee Isiib been one of the standing
mltteee of the club. At the approach
sssis session of the legislature the
s-r has been hrtmehed afresh, and
tout communication has been main
d with all other organizations from
Is iis'lp was to he expected. The
k lias been nt last rewarded, and
club has made suitable acknowledg
Tii,- March meeting of the club was
|tt In Its parlors Saturday night and
well attended.
��� chairman of the general commit
sported the programme    for    the
fnsin  March to  December Indus
>mlttlng July and August, would he
sl In order by W. J. Balrd, Dr.
*,  I-'. C. Green, V.  W. Odium.
T.  Ferguson.  A. L.  McKillop,
Arthur and R. J. Clark.
Is- chairman of the university com
lee reported that Its object was at
aed in the government's undertaking
-ing the present session to set aside
s^ls- land for university endowment
is'csimmended   that  the  committee
continued In office with power to act
J the proposed provision should seem
jti'b'liiale. or If thero should  be any
Imti-r of Its being devoted to aiding
extra provincial Institution. The re-
i was adopted.
lit   was then  moved  by R. J. Clark
loaded  by Rev.  F.  II. Graham,  and
fiisl unanimously:
"Ihai the Nelson University Club ex
��a Its grutlfl-catloti at the declaration
���' Hi. government or llrltlsh Columbia
Its Intention to endow a provincial
seraliy, and that it copy ol this reso
"n be sent to  the  premier."
I'll'-* paper of lhe  evening wns then
i'l by W, J. Ilnlrd. M. A., the subject
'itsg "Party Government."    Mr. Ilalnt
���sn wllh a brief reference to the sev
ral theories  or tho origin or govern
su. followed by an historical survey
party government   In   llrltaln   from
middle id the Stuart period to the
ss nt   development,   lie   Ihen   dls
"ssl   ihe  rrlllclHitiH   levelled   ut   tb*
stem by a long line ol crlllcs Trom
can Swift to Professor Goldwin Smith
' denied Hint iiarty divisions produced
rruptlon or thnt tholr Abolition would
move    It,      Ho    bellovod    Hint    ex
sses of the proas were due to enrpor
|t'iui  rather than parly  Influence nnd
Pgretted  the control oi the press by
upllal.   lie thoughl 11 remedy must be
lund for lhat evil, as the power ot the
li'ss Is great  and  growing.
tin  the   whole   Mr.   Ilnlrd  contended
In spite or trivial though obvious
Jnulis. the system worked well, and he
epreoated iicsslmlnlm In regard to po
Ittcal   improvement     Government,   he
I'l'laied ll Iobs corrupt now than over
' lure In lhe world's history.
Rev. ,1. T, Ferguson supplemented the
Inper with tunny extracts rrom Edmund
Parke's "Thoughts on our Present Dls
iTitsnts.* 'In which  tho great political
���hllosopher strongly commended  part)
T^'nlly as an essential of good govern
Denti and from John Morloy's "Life of
plndslono,"  in   which   tho  writer  says
111 parly affiliations are generally due
il lo Identity of opinion hut lo n "host
If affinities."
Mnny   oihors   took   part In   tho   dls
Hussion:  Dr. Arthur repeated his pro
���<*Nl  against tho excesses of the party
71 oss, condomned tho enfranchisement
Blasting Accident at Rossland.
Word has reached here of a severe
blasting accident in the Centre Star
at Rossland. As a result Frank Sdao
and Dominic Hartol were severely Injured. They had put three Btlcks of
powder In a hole, and on top of these
they had placed hall a stick of frozen
gelignite. While tamping the gellgnlle
there was a flash and both men were
hurled a considerable distance by the
force or the powder. Sdao recovered
-first and made his way Into the shaft
and was hoisted lo the surface. Ilartol
was then rescued. Sdao will loBe the
Bight of one eye, and Hartol was severe
ly hurt about the arm and body.
Russian Socialists Bent
on Revolution
Reactionary Party Advocate Prorogation on First Pretext���Moderate Counsels Unheeded.
Prices ef Metals.
New York,  March  11.���Silver,
copper, 24%c;   lead, $6.
London, March 11.���Silver, 31 15-16d;
lead, ��'_U.
Rumor That Grand Rapids Is to Become
Divisional Point for C. P. R.
and G. N. R. Companies.
Grand Forks, March 11.���Following
the report that there Is every likelihood
of the Great Northern Railway making
Grand Forks its divisional point comes
the word today that there Is every rea
non to believe that the C. P. K. will
move ItB roundhouses from Eholt to
Grand Forks at once. Some local C. P.
R. officials, being Interviewed on the
subject, said that they were not in a
position to deny the report. With two
divisional points located at Grand
Forks and a big union depot situated
right ln the centre ol the city, as a matter of course, the distributing point for
lbe Houndary district would be here. II
Is generally believed that these mosl
important railway changes will be com
pleted withiu the next 60 days.
The official Installation of officers ln
Ihe local order of Foresters Court, Kettle River, No. 3575 will take place this
evening; the high chief ranger of llrltlsh Columbia, II. W. Tlmmlns, of Ver-
uon, will be present on this occasion.
1Kb Honor Judge llrown, oi the county court, has officially sustained the action ol tho district license commissioners hy revising to grant a liquor license
to R. A. llrown for his hotel at Volcanic
0, M. Frlpp, the local manager of the
British America Trust Co., will leave
hero tomorrow for Victoria, where he
will attend an official meeting of the
managers of the llrltlsh America Trust
Co. In that city.
St. Petersburg, March 11.���The Low-
er House of Parliament assembled this
morning to consider Instructions for the
presentation of credentials of members.
The radical parties are hopelessly at
odds regarding the manner of raising
tbe question of amnesty. The Socialists persist In forcing it Immediately in
the form or an open declaration to the
people which practically would be an
appeal for a revolution. A caucus of
several Revolutionists and members of
Ihe Peasant League last night rejected
this as wel las a proposition to make
an appeal or demand to the Emperor on
the subject and lt was decided to introduce a regular bill providing amnesty for political prisoners. This Is undoubtedly unconstitutional and hence
unacceptable to the Constitutional Democrats. The cabinet, In any event, will
not regard the Introduction of an amnesty resolution as warranting the dissolution of Parliament. The Reactionist's campaign for prorogation of Parliament under any pretext ls, however,
In full swing.
R. N. Powell Asks for Fair Trial
for Lord's Day Act
List of   Members  of  Kootenay   Police
and License Boards,
Tho Provincial Gazette of March Tth
contains notice of the following appoint
License  Commissioners.
Clly or Trail���Alderman Archibald
Donaldson, Francis D, Duckerill,
City or Fernie���Alilermau John Lome
Melnlyri1, John Harber.
City ol Cranbrook���Jncoli P. Fink,
Thomas 11. Caslaks*.
City ol Slocan���Herbert D. Curtis.
James M. Farrell.
Police Commissioners,
City ol Trail���Alderman Archibald
Donaldson, Francis E. Dockerill.
City of Cranbrook���James Ryan, Victor A. Rollins.
City of Slocan���Herbert D. Curtis.
James M. Farrell.
In Chambers.
Judge Forin heard many applications
H1I1-, morning.
Gabrlollo vs. Jackson Minis wns con
eluded and judgment reversed.
F. C. Elliott for J. W. Thompson was
granted an ordor for cancellation ol
parts of lleaton townsite.
II. A. Stwenrt's application for the
flnal order In Ferguson vs. Prozesky
was granted subject to approval.
In Hroadwood vs. Phillips, R. M. Macdonald's application on behalf of the
plaintiff for security for costs stands.
In Hulpln vs. Fowler, R. M. Macdonnld obtained a consent order for payment out to defendant.
E. 0. Wrngge was granted probate of
the will of liobert E. Lemon, deceased
In the Methodist church last evening
Rev. R. Newton Powell gave a short explanatory address on the Lord's Day
Act. He said he had nothing new to
offer but he wished to correct some misapprehensions. He considered lt an
epoch-making act, placing Canada easily first among the nations ln moral legislation.
The Act was the outcome of a privy
council decision that the provincial
legislation on the subject since Confederation ls ultra vires, and that pre-Con
federation   legislation was chaotic.
Mr. Powell ridiculed the Idea that It
was a "Parsons' Protective Bill" to
make people go to church. As to the
objection that It was an interference
with Individual liberty, he admitted lt
to be valid but submitted that the whole
criminal code was full of such Interference, and that the only guide and stand
ard Is the general good.
He admitted the bill to be imperfect,
and that hostile critics might find many
faults, but he was sure it was on right
lines, and pleaded that it should have
a fair trial so that Its defect might be
seen and remedied.
At the Power Plant.
H. C. Bullis, engineer in charge for
the Allls-ChalmerB-Uullock Company at
the Nelson power plant, ls ln the city
today. He Is wiring to hasten the ar-
ilval of the auxiliary piston with which
he hoiies to correct the defect or the
He says that hand regulation now
employed ls absolutely sure and satis-
factory and that even the shirting load
lor the tramway service ls provided for
hy a regulator on the switch board.
Mr. Hulls! heartily endorses the suggestion frequently made that the plant
should be painted nnd Illuminated. He
thinks Its present external appearance
unworthy of so enterprising a city as
Home Again,
Herbert G. Goodeve relurned last evening Irom hla Cnirornla trip. He wna
absent three weeks and spent most ol
his time In Oakland and Berkley. Several days wero devoted to sightseeing In
San Francisco, and like others who
have visited that city since the earthquake, Mr. Goodeve was amazed at the
extent ol the calamity. However, the
ruined city Is recovering trom the disaster, and thero Is a spirit of buoyancy
manifested everywhere. Tho weather
Is really delightful, and Mr. Goodeve returns fully recovered In health and
gratified that he made the trip.
Will Reside in Vancouver.
In a few days Nelson will lose one of
her prominent business men In the person of George  Nunn, manager for A.
Macdonald & Co. Mr. Nunn has decided
to lake up his residence In Vancouver,
where he will engage In general broker-
ago business. He has been a resident
of Nelson for tbe past eight or nlnn
yesrs, and has earned for himself tho
reputation of being a sound, conservative business man. He will carry with
him to his new home the best wishes
of the citizens of Nelson.
Account  of Trip With   Lunatic���Only
Praise fer Dr. Dohsrty.
Chief Jarvls returned last night from
IMm coast where he spent a few days
after taking D. W. Slnclar to the Insane
hospital at New Westminister. He had
a very trying time, Sinclair being very
violent all the time. He bad to be
lashed to a post on the steamers on the
Slocan and Arrow lake, and kept hand
cuffed all the way. The chlet got no
sleep from his leaving Nelson Friday
morning March 2nd, till tbe following
Sunday night. The train was 12 hours
late, reaching New Westminister at
One source of anxiety, often encountered ln travelling with lunatics, the
chief was spared, Sinclair never
showed .the slightest disposition to
make an attempt on his own life.
Chief Iarvis depr-seates the criticism
of Dr. Doherty�� superintendent of the
asylum, published in a coast paper. He
bad sect no notice of his coming as
he expected to arrive in the day time,
and besides was unfamiliar with the
asylum regulations and arrangments
He says: "All who know Dr. Doberty
know that he ls always perfectly courteous and obliging to police officers and
to all others, and that any delay caused
by him was absolutely unavoidable."
, ______
General Strike to Bring Provincial Gov
srnor to Order.
Teheran, March 11.���As a protesi
against the extortion and reactionary
methods of the son and staff of the
governor-general of Ishahan, Masud
Mirza. who is the eldest uncle of the
Shah, a general strike is ln full prog
rtss at Ishahan, formerly tbe metrop
ollc of Persia. Attempts to suppress
the strike have led to serious disorders,
during which many casualties occurred
among the strikers, some of whom
sought refuge on the premises of the
British Telegraph ofllce.
An Interesting Contest.
Many old-time Wlnnlpeggers now
residents In Nelson were particularly
Interested ln the election in Beautiful
Plains, one of the Manitoba constituencies. The two contestants there were
James Howden and Alex. Dunlop. Mr.
Howden is t. lawyer, and In the early
days was a lacrosse enthusiast. Alex.
Dunlop, the Liberal candidate. Is editor
ot the Neepawa Register, and was a
famous lacrosse player ln the days
when the old. Garry team carried off
championships against all-Comers. He
Ib a brother-in-law of Frank Oliver, but
was n_t so successful as tbat gentleman when It came to politics. He was
defeated by Mr, Howden.
Wealthy Americans Form
New Society
Latest Path to Fame Discovered by
Successful Hen With Time
oa Their Hands.
Bchool that were not in use have been
moved down and will be placed In position just as soon as the oiling process
has been completed.
Anthony Turner, Mrs. Turner and
her mother Mrs. Townsend, who left
Nelson last November for England,
with the Intention of making their permanent home there, hare signified their
Intention of returning to llrltlsh Columbia st an early date. They prefer life
In the free and boundless West to Uie
less eventful conditions prevailing Id
the old land.
New York, March 11.���With the pur
pose of waging as aggressive a campaign on behalf ot world-wide peace as
unlimited influence and money will afford, and under the direction of some of
the wealthiest and most prominent men
in the United States, the association for
international conciliation, as it ls called,
has been formed ln this city and will
open an ofllce today.
Andrew Carnegie and Andrew 1).
White are the honorary presidents, and
the head officers are: Nicholas Murray
Rutler, president of Columbia university, president; Richard Barthold, vice
president, and Hayne Davis, secretary;
while there Is an executive committee
composed, ln addition to these officers,
of Dr. Lyman Abbot, James Speyer,
Richard Watson Gilder, Stephln Ollti
and Seth Low.
Recalls Career In Victoria���Eloquent In
Pulpit or on Platform.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, B. C, March 11.���A cable
has just been received bere announcing
the death in Upper Tooting, London, of
Rev. P. McF. Macleod, formerly pastor
of St. Andrew's church in this city. The
deceased clergyman was one of the
ablest platform orators ln the West, but
had the misfortune ln 1893 to disagree
with several influential members of his
congregation regarding matters of
church management. None of the contestants manifested any disposition to
give ln, so the pastor wss forced to
resign. He then organized an Independent congregation, but financial disaster was the result. Mr. Macleod's let-
ters to the papers at that time were
rery spicy, and are yet remembered by
Victorians. Before coming to this city
tbe deceased pastor had charge ot congregations in Stratford and Toronto, He
was 64 years of age.
Programme for Convention In Nelson
Members of the Local Staff Preparing to Entertain Visitors���Meetings WH Be Open to Public.
Yesterday's Crow's Nest trsln ai*
rived at 9 a. m. today. The delay was
caused by mud slides in Alberta.
J. E. Annable has been over In the
Arrow Lake district for the past thr-ee
or four days looking over his boundless
tracts of frnit lands ln that portion of
British Columbia.
P. Lamont, manager of the Canada
Drug & Book Co., will leave for California tomorrow morning. The trip is
purely one of pleasure, and he will be
absent at least four weeks.
In the city police court this morning
W. Oibson was found guilty of assaulting his wife and was bound over to
keep tbe peace for a year on his own
and two other recognisances for $200.
"Dad" Allan, a pioneer resident of
Nelson, but now of Slocan, was In tbe
city today renewing old acquaintances.
He ls now 80 years of age, but still retains all his mental faculties and Is as
lively on his feet as many men 30 years
Consolidated  Buys Rambler?
Negotiations are said to be under
way which may lead to the sale of
ths Rambler-Cariboo mine near Kaslo to tbe Canadian Consolidated
Smelters Company.
The price, lt Ib said, ls E0 cents a
share for the Rambler stock, or
1875,000 for the mine. The plan Includes increasing the capital stock
of the Canadian Consolidated. Ths
Rambler stockholders will be allowed to take stock In the big company, or cash.���Spokane Chronicle.
No confirmation or denial of ths
rumor can be obtained locally.
Lord Charles Beresford In San  Fran
Cisco���Does Not Favor Move for
San Francisco, March 11. ��� Lord
Charles Beresford, admiral of the Brit
Ish Channel fleet, -has arrived here on
hla return from Texas, where he has
been settling the estate of his brother
the late LOrd Delval Beresford. The
admiral still believes In battleships In
spite of the International project of
"The people have become the arbiters of peace." he said. "They realize the horror of wnr and that battleships are cheaper than battles. War
Is no longer determined by parliaments
und potentates, and the people look
upon the cost of batiloshlps as an insurance rate."
Sealing Fleet Starts.
St. Johns, March 11.���At day-break
today the sealing fleet of 23 steamers,
wli sail for the north to begin their annual taking of seals off the Labrador
coast. On account of the Inshore wind,
which packed the ice heavily along the
const, the work of the fleet this season
is expected to be unusually difficult.
The fleet carries 3891 men.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���No connection. * ,
Coast and Slocan train���On time.
Boundary train���On time.
Rossland train���On time,
Kaslo connection���On time.
Fred Elliott, the well-known Trout
Lake barrister. Is ln the city. He reports considerable Improvement In mining conditions In that district.
At the council meeting tonight the
report on the cost of tramway extension, asked for by Alderman McMorris,
will be presented.
The subject of debate at the Churchmen's Club Thursday night will be:
"That in the interest of the community
the Lord's Day Act should be enforced."
The meeting may be postponed till 9
p. m��� to enable those who wish, to attend W. M. Rochester's meeting on the
same subject
The Chinamen engaged In market
gardening have begun the work of the
sesson. For the past few days thoy
have been engaged burning up tho rubbish on their gardens and otherwise
getting ready for spring. Even the Sunday law has been overlooked In the
haste of getting ready for seeding.
The recent sale of the Stathcona for
$40,000 has attracted attention to the
valuo of hotel property In Nelson.
Travel lias been Increasing so rapidly
as to make the necessity of greater hotel accomodation apparent. Several
hotel-keepers aro considering seriously
the advisability of adding to their
There is a building boom on In Fair-
view. AmongBt others who are now
building, or contemplating building. Is
Harry Pike, who ls putting up an at-
tractive residence on the property r-?-
cently acquired by him. Tho building
1.1 a two-story residence and will be
fitted up with all modem conveniences.
J. R. Oreen, for several years attached to the school teaching staff of
this city, was ln Nelson for several
days the past week. Mr. Oreen, who
Is now a resident of Moose Jaw, has accumulated considerable wealth ln dealing ln Northwest lands, and Ib now disposed to take a hand In the fruit lands
of tho Kootenays.
Contrary to expectations the Hume
school Is not ready for occupancy.
There has beon some delay in oiling the
floors but that will be attended to In
a few days. The Beats from the old
Strathcona Hotel Staff Say Farswsll to
Manager Tom kins.
The management of the Strathcona
hotel passed at midnight last night
from Melville Tomklns to R. O. Webb,
the new proprietor. There will be no
other changes ln the stall tor tbe
Dinner last night was an event to be
remembered, and most of the guests
took tbelr menu -cards as souvenirs.
At 12 o'clock as Mr. Tomklns gave
up possession the whole staff of employees assembled tn the drawing room,
with many expression of good-will and
regard, presented Mr. Tomklns with a
gold locket and chain, and Mra. Tomklns with a gold-mounted umbrella.
"Ben" made an appropriate acknowledgment
Mr. Tomklns will remain in Nelson
ahout a week and will then go to Spo
kane. He will be greatly missed ln
Nelson, throughout Kootenay, and by
the travelling public generally. He haa
deserved well of Nelson by restoring
to public favor and to successful operation an hotel which had become, under
other management a steadily losing enterprise.
Old Kentucky Horns.
Jackson, Ky., March 11.���Cltljens of
the feud-ridden eity were startled out
of their sleep Saturday night by shoot
Ing such as seldom has been head here.
Two shots were fired Into the home of
Judge James Hargis, accused of complicity In the assassination of James
11. Marcum. Others ware fired Into thc
store ot Hargis, Bros., in which Judge
Jetts, brother of Curtis Jetts, was
sleeping, but he was unharmed. The
home of Deputy Town Marshal Smith
was also hit. The firing waB kept up
for 40 minutes. Efforts of the police
were vain until yesterday when they ar
rested Curtis Smith and placed hlm tn
Jail under a charge thai ��ie was concerned in the shooting.
Record Entry List.
Boston, March 11.���The entry list for
thc fourth renewal of the American
horse breeders, the 10,000 futurity, has
Just closed with al total of 2438 nominations, the largest ever received for a
futurity. The total number of nominators was 10,077, representing every
state In the Union and all the provinces
tn Canada.
Jspsnsss ars Patlsnt.
San Francisco, March 11.���At a meeting ot Japanese yesterdsy, after a
spirited debate, resolutions were
adopted endorsing the action of Mayor
Scbmist and the board of education at
Washington, in reference to tha San
Francisco school children.
One of the most In* ,,ortaat of all tbe
annual gatherings in the province will
be held ln Nelson on Tu-esday, Wednesday and Thursday of Easter week,
when the school teachers assemble here
By the kindness of the military authorities the armory has been secured for
the meetings.
The programme prepared Is as follows:
Tuesday, April 2nd.
10 a. m.���President's address. Enrollment of members. 'Appointment of
committees. Address, W. A. Mclntyre,
Normal School, Winnipeg.
2 p. m.���Grading of city schools���A.
E. Miller. Discussion led by A. Sullivan.
Drawing���L. Bruce. Discussion led by
D. Blair.
7:30 p. m.���Reception by Nelson staff.
Section  Work���Wsdnssday,  April 3rd.
10 a. m���Language Work in the Primary Grade���Miss 8. Hewton, Orand
Forks. Discussion opened by Miss B.
Thorn, Nelson.
Nature Study and the Bchool Gardes
���D. Wilson. Vietoria. Discussion opened by W. Elley, Rossland.
I p. m.���Geography ��� Intermediate
grade���J. D. Buchanan, Normal School,
Vancouver. Discussion opened by J. T.
Pollock. Revelstoke.
Language Work In the Intermediate
grade���Miss E. Atkinson, Revelstoke.
Discussion opened by Miss L. Thomas,
Public Masting.
8 a. m.���Address���Rev. F. H. Graham,
Nelson. Address���W. A. Mclntyre, Normal School, Winnipeg.
Training for Citltenship���Wm. Burns.
Normal School, Vancouver.
Section Work���Wsdnasday, April  3rd.
High school section to be held ln
high school. C. B. Slssons, chairman.
F. r. Smith, secretary.
10 a. m���Latin���R D. Fullerton,
Grand Forks. Discussion opened by O.
A. Thomson. Rossland.
Primary Work In Botany���C. McLean
Fraser, Nelson. Discussion opened by
C. Fulton, Vernon.
2 p. m.���Should the study of English
literature ln hish schools be extensive
or Intensive?
3 p. m.���Can high schools of one or
two teschers be expected to give satisfactory Instruction to pupils beginning
high school work In January without
neglecting their more advanced students?
3:30 p. m.���Assuming the junior
grade work ot the high school to extend
over a period ot two years, how much
time should be allotted to each subject?
Whst subjects of the course might students be expected to study with comparatively little help from the teacher?
No formal papers or addresses will
be given st the afternoon session In the
high school session, hut all members
are requested to prepare (or dlacusslon
ot the questions.
Osneral  Session���Thursday, April 4th.
10 a. m.���Inspector and Teacher���W.
Burns. Discussion opened by J. D.
Senior Grade History���J. D. Buchanan.   Dlacusslon opened by J. C. Robson.
2 p. m.���General business. Questions.
Address���W. A. Mclntyre.
The executive of the Institute ls composed of president. Inspector Gordon;
vice-presidents, J. C. Robson, R. Lao-
dells and G. L. Pedlar; treasurer, A.
Sullivan; secretary, Mlas E. M. Bell;
Mrs. J. 8. Brook, L. J. Bruce. A. E. Miller, Miss O. D. Burrls and J. UWatson.
Court of Appeal.
The new permanent court of appeal
will consist of four members, and It Is
understood that Chief Justice Hunter
will be appointed to the chlet justiceship of the now court Upon what Is
considered reliable authority, It Is
stated that the other members will ha
Charles Wilson, K. C, A. E. McPhlUtps,
K. C, and Fred Peters. K. C. In thla
event It Is likely thst Mr. Justice Irving
will become chief Justice ot the supreme court. The promotions snd ap.
polntmenta, it ia understood, will he
made within the next three weeks, and
the new court will soon be In operation.
''hi IV
.. >\
===== STORES =======
Two Cars of the Celebrated
Al��    B.   C
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP       $4,700,000 BEST ft,700,000.
D. R. WILK1E. President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Colombia:
Deposit*: received Bnd iuter-yt allowed current rates from date of opening of
���omit, and compounded quarterly
J.   M.   LAY, Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
$8, 290,0*00
TotAl Assets
Deposits of Sl.ttn ant] upward:   r>
paid Quarterly instead of semi-annual
��� Wed ot highest current rate and interest
, as heretofore.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published sti dty* a weet by the
Baiter St., Nelsou. B. 0.
duoscriplion ralci. 5o cents a month delivered
in ihe citv, or tt>M a year If itm hy mall, when
paid Id advance
AdverUfllng rates 0:1 application.
All menial paid in Rttlemenl nl The Daily
Canadian  accounts, cither  ior subscription! OT
advertising. mu.it ba receipted [01 oa thfl printed
forms 0/ tna Company. other receipt! are not
MAWH tl. ISK.7,
" By one word Wi- are wmi-timei judged to l��e
wise and hy une word tomuUmes lodged to tM
futillih. U't ue therefore hv careful what we
The approach of the date of the gathering ill the capital of the Empire of
representatives of all Uu great seif-gov
ening colonies to confer with the statesmen of the Motherland on measures
thut may be taken 10 strengthen the
tiei. that unite all the subjects of the
King, is for thfl first time since the con
tereocea began, looked forward to with
more apprehension than hnpe by all
earnest Imperialists throughout the Km
There are two main causes for such
appreh'-nsiens: tin* attitude of the
present govirnmem of Great Hritain,
and of the preseni guverntnent of
One of thfl last public utterances ol
the late Lord Salisbury wan ou the sub
jeei or closer union of lhe Empire His
advice to itn advocates was to hasten
slowly to trust to the natural if slow
growth of the sentiment of loyalty and
unity, and to risk nothing by au at
tempt to force events.
The advice  was   disregarded   by Mr.
Chamberlain, whose chlet characteristic
was never patience. His premature attempt to commit Great Hritain to ;i
tiiiddon reversal of a trade policy followed for half a century wrecked his
party and has placed in office a heterogeneous Drew, in which thfl Radian] and
Kittle England element predominates.
The Hritish Liberals are committed
Irrevocably���not to Free Trade, all Brit
Ish efforts have failed to secure that ���
hut to free imports at any coBt, however ruinous tO Hritish manufacturer;
In competition with those of protected
countries, which Include all the world
outside of the Hritish Isles.
The attitude of the British Radical
towards the Empire is fairly indicated
in Mr. Lloyd-Georges recent declaration
In the commons in reply to a magnificent speech by Mr. Halfour, tbat "wc
must not let sentiment interefere with
business." That view will probably prevail while the present administration
retains power. It is a narrow view, un-
worth of a race of empire-builders, but
in the light of the history of the Hritfsb
Uberal party for the last hundred years
it is quite comprehensible.
Hut the attitude of Sir Wilfrid Laurler und his colleagues and followers is
not so easy of comprehension.
It is true that Canada has taken over
the defences of Halifax and EstpiimaU
���borrowing British troops for the purpose. Hut in spite of the generous ex
amplee of Australia, Xew Zealand, Cape
polony and Newfoundland, all smaller
and poorer colonies, Canada has never
contributed one ship, one gun or one
man to the navy which must be the
only guardian of our commerce In Ume
of war.
The preference to British imjKJrts In
the Canadian tariff has been proved to
be wholly Illusory, und the evidence
Is strong that such was the deliberate
Intention of its authors.
Bui the latest untl most deadly blow
to the hopes of those who looked foi
further benefits from the approaching
conference, wus Sir Wilfrid Laurier b
recent, loud, quite unnecessary, and
most Inopportune assertion thut Canada
must make no agreement that will im
pair her freedom to regulute her own
trade relations.
If Canada refuses absolutely, in spite
of hor annual surplus, lo bear any share
of the burden of Imperial defence, und
will give no undertaking on which
mutual concessions may be based, it ls
a pertinent question, "Why should
Canada be represented at the confer
ence at all?"
Of course it lies with the people of
Canada to say whether they approve of
their premier's conduct in thus blocking every effort of all the other Htutos-
men of the Empire to solve the great
es*. problem that has ever confronted
the British or any other race In th"
development of empire.
The debate on tne reply to the ad
dress from the throne in the provincial
legislature has presumably been re
suiued today by John Oliver.   It will be
interesting to learn what line '.he regular opposition will adopt. If J. A
Macdonald will avoid the error of seek
Int" for scandals to the exclusion of
everything else, he should make an ad
mirabie leader of the opposition. His
analytical mind���w? have never dented
Its existence���will be far more worthily
employed in trying to improve aud cor
root bills that are often necessarily
drafted in haste than in cross-examin
itig witnesses on scandal-investigating
commissions. The fact that among bis
followers there is nu mun uf marked
ability-���unless Dr. Hall proves to be a
born legislator���will make Mr. Macdonald's task a heavy one, but his verj
lonellenss gives him a fine opportunity
lot distinction. The Liberal party, us
(at as its representation in the present
legislature is toncerued. is purged ol
undesirable elements and has a clean
slate. It is earnestly to be hoped in
their own interests as well as in thai
of tbe province, that they will keep
their slate clean and not soil it by discreditable attempts to slander their
The debate at the University Club
Saturday night on the system of party
government was an instructive one
Party loyalty is often derided by superior persons, who quote the hackneyed
remark about politics being a fight be
tweeu the "ins" and "outs." Such deri
sion is born uf ignorance. Conservatism
and Reform are universal tendencies
that have divided the human race since
the beginning of social organization
Every thinking man is either a Conservative or Liberal by conviction. It ma>
happen���ir has happened���that reforms
have been introduced by Conservatives
aud opposed by Liberals, but as a rule
it is the tendency of Liberals to advo
cate constant change, and of the Con
servatives to oppose change. A balance
between the parties with alternate vie
tories for both���which is tlie ideal con
dition���would secure the rejection of
undesirable changes and tht- adoption
of those that are beneficial. Participa
tion iu such work is not unworthy 01
the greatest intellects. Independence or
party politics usually implies indiffer
ence to national  welfare and progress
Now is the time for the civic author!
lies, by prompt attention to little
things, lo enable the city to make a
favorable impression upon all who visit
It. Praiseworthy efforts have alread>
been made to keep the crossings clean
���no easy task while mud is being rap
idly washed down every hill. The iin
provement of the street lighting has
been authorized by the council but
there is nn unexplained delay in itn
performance. The west end of Baker
street, in the neighborhood of the C
P. K. depot makes a particularly bad
impression upon travellers. The tramway service has now been interrupted
for over a week, which should be ampk
time for the most thorough overhaul
ing. These are little things perhaps bui'
they mark the difference between efficiency and Inefficiency. The year
1907 promises to be the best In Nelson's history; clean and well-lighted
streets will do much to further it
Strangers are never attracted by
President of Grrnd Trunk Pacific Makes
Significant   Statement.
Toronto, March 11,���"I do not know
of one transcontinental railway line
that has been huilt without the assistance of Oriental labor." was the significant remark made by Mr. Frank W.
Morse, vice-president and general man
ager of the Grand Trunk Pacific, when
iu the city last night. Though he did
not say so in so many words. Mi
Morse left the impression thut undoub'
edly Oriental labor would assist in completing the great enterprise of which be
Is the head. At present he suid they
were Obtaining contracts for 80,000 laborers  to   he  brought  to Cunuda   this
*  IPES *h:)U
A collection of all the Latest
Shapesand .Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist   Baker Street.
Xotice ti hereby given iimi &t ft inseting of tha
��unrii nf LloenM Commissioner*-., lo Im- held nfter
the expiration of an dayi, I in-end toapp y for ft
transfer ot my bote! iinaenet fur tlie Orore hotel,
etFslrvlcw, to R, u Borden
Notice \* bereby given that I will apply *-.* the
next meeting "f Hit* LloenM Cnmmiiiloners for
the City 0/Melton to have tbe)li|uur licence of lhe
Strathcona Hotel   transferred   from mviwif to
KeKlu-ilil (leorge Wobbof tbc Ulty nl Nelion.
Dnted lb in Utb duy uf March, A. I' , I ���'���
il.  I OH kit's
The Daily Canadian
ytar from Efingluod, Scotland and Kus-
sia. According to this argument it
would be better to have the woift of
men from the Orient to aashti In building a railroad than to tune the vest
suffer as it has done during *���
oonple 01 months. Besides* It would
open up the ways of commerce with the
countries across the Pacific, and per- J
haps assist in attracting additional
English capita] to Canada.
Mr. Morse further stated thai thfl
procuring of labor wus one of the greatest problems -affecting rallwaj construction on this continent. In anv
event, all the laborers possible would
lr- placed on the new road, even
some proposed Improvenn -.
lines tn the older pans ot tin* countrj
were  kept   bark.
"Some Ume ngo." eontinm d
Morse, "we had a line surveyed from
North Hay to join tlie main line further north. Th:1 plans for this read
bave been completed and Bta *
At presenl we have nothing definite to
announce about Its construction W<
will take our supplies for muefa of thi
Ontario section over the Temtakaming
and Northern Ontario railway to the
junction north." In this Qonnaotfoti 11
may be added that the new nun hen!
read, as at present proposed, will penetrate the wilderness a little wesl of the
Montreal river distriet from which so
much Is being expected in silver mining this year.
PRUNING AND GKAFTIM. carefully attended to- Apply
Silver Kins Hotel.
"Companies Act, 1897."
Province of British OoluHhia., j
No r.t,.
THI? IP ^O CRTIKY thut tlu* "XakuapfcruM
Lands, Limit d.**le eut homed nnd licensed to
ca ry on busmen* uit Lin lhe province of Stilish
Colum bin, ��nd to carry "i.t ul efleel all or mil Df
Cat- object* of tin* company to which the legtela-
iivi* authority of tht* Legialatnie ol trttiihcol-
umbla extends.
The bead offlce ol the company ii iltuate at the
City of Winnipeg, Prarlnoeof Manitoba.
nwamoantoffheoapltalofteeHunp :
hundred thim-Biiil aoHre, divided into two
thousand Ave hundred ih*rei of Un percent
pretannoeetoefc of the par ���*.*���!ue of on hundred
dollan eaeh, aud twentj -five hundred chare* ot
11 nu in nn itock oi lhe i"��r value of one hundred
dollars eai*h
The lead ofliee of the com puny .11 this province
Js situate nt the ( t) of Si limn, aud Bond Wet
more Hanulns-ton, barrUler, irho d eddreea ia
iht- same. |g the attonw) [01 the company.
Given under tny band nnd eeal of office. Vie
tuna. Province ol Brtlleh Columbia, thii 16th
ray uf Kt*i��ninr>, one ihooMud nine hundred
and eeven,
[U,] B   Y.Wu��.TT��>S.
Registrar of Joint stock t ompantee.
The object* for which the company ha*. bCOh
enift-blixht'd aod If.-ii*-, 1] ure:
(a.) Buying. leUlng, l--ari!iK or dinpoMug of
coal mlue.>.roftl and ���*���-���������<! ,ands, tarmlug, grazing
and fruit lands, and timber luulta   am: tu wort
nnd develop the Mme
(h.) To carry on the duMmr-M of immigration
nnd eolonuation afietii.. make advened to
assist ictUen on landl purchased Pom Ihe
cumpaiiy mid to MPOn lhe repaymeu'. of mii-Ii
advances with Interesi on ouch term�� and in
HUch manuer by way of mort([��((e ur Ifreemenl
a- mav i��- m ituaii f screed upon,
(c.) To tarry on the business of eanehlUiti
breedlnf, selllnf and dealing in cattle, boreos,
sheep and other UVOBtOCk;
(d.) To purebaae, sell and il-?al lu lumber,
woffli. coal. mln<*raN.f;rftlu, pro\ lcions. OloUllug
and foneral iupphes;
(e ) To carry uii Irade hs geueral nu-rchants
and forwarder**;
(f.) Tu Inue in payment of any prupcrty
acijuired by tin- mm pa in. Bhares of the capital
stock of the eompenj u [ally paid up ami non
asMjcsaide <>r otherwise:
(r.) TO carry an thebu^Uteeeoimanufacturen
and dealers in power Rcuerators and tnolom of
everydeecrtptlon, tocoostruot and operate ell
classes uf vehi.'it-f,   amiculiural  Implamenl
machinery, iroutn. iteamefi, barni and ferryi
in which the J-aid motors nr^ used ; tu rou-tni'*t
and operate boat Iliive and io carrv un ilu* bui"
nece 01 carriers, cartage and parcul dellverloe,
to own and operate oiiiiut.ns lint-!   mnl
aud boats  for lllru;   lo  veil,   letee and lUppljl
electricity; tn own and operate electric plants,
and eonerally to carry ou any of tin* btuli	
Incideutal to the afort-said purpoeei and objects
n( the company;
(ii.) To purchase take on lease, exehaogeor
���tberwlae toqutre 01 dlipOM of any rt-a* or
ptTsonul property, nnd any rights Or privllegei
which the company nay ooneldei necessary
for thc piir|n >fs of tlo-ir nin-ratiuns':
and to sell nnd dispose of anv lauds or other real
estate aud jM-rsonal prupertv al anv tinn o��n,-.i
or controlled by thp com pan) or an-, part'hereof,
or any con tnd therein, of i-iaim thereon,and generally todo aU SUCh lb 1 iir.- iinan- tncidetiial to
or conducive tu the carryitiK oul of the objects
of tbe company;
(i) To become ihar-tholdera in nnv cxistinR or
proposed company, aim to promote and emlil In
promoting any eompan) carrying on a buelneei
PerHinlUK to the objects for which this ounpauv
1- Incorporated, and which may prove useful to
thi* company! and ui eoqulro, take over and operate the business of any such company ot * om
panlee, and io enter into in egreement foi that
ini.' oi profits, n 11 noi uf intoraeli reciprocal con-
eeaiioui ur otherwis(L!wlth an] person 01 com
paoy   and   lake ur   idlnrwise   RcqUlK or  hold
sbarcs and secunti'*�� ni lUah DOmpany or com
(j) To acquire and hold Landl hv Rift or pur-
chaw ur ��s mortgagee! or otherwise ns fullv and
freely aa private individuals, and to aell. lesse,
niortKftRi- or otherwise alienate the tame, and to
exenuee ali tin powen wt out in mc uveral
Hlxtv days after  dale I Intend toapply to the
Hon Chief Commled mer o( Landi ami J'-orks
for    permission   to  purchase   tbe (ollowlrtu de
a<- [bed property atapoet markeu "Q M   ���.:.
comer, ' th.-m-c iu chains north. thert0e400hnlui
weet,tbenoe40 'hams iouth, thenee40 c'-nins
cai-t to po nt of CM||,ine|]cciiieiit, arclocat.   1 of
the abandoned pre-emption ftt ���> \\ < Knapp
andlitfaeeeet half of tbe northwest quarter,
and the weel half of tbe northeaal ��|iiari'*r ol
-e(-f.n ui 7, township TO Weet hoot nay district, ou
the   west Ihon  of  the loWeT Arrow lake., con
lotnlOC UO acres, more or leas.
Wftfcb let, I9u7, QgOMl Mli,TOp,
Noi ice js here i>yKi vt-n lhal Hixty days afler dato
I Intend to appl] tothe Hon Chief lommission-
er of Land- and Works lor the rijrlil to purchase the following deecribed   lande:    Com-
meiieliiK at a poel marked "M. .1 Cameron'n
N W corner po-t" idanicd at the H.W. corner of
the K. and H. bloefe, No mi, running im*t l'iu
chains; t'enrenoi h  I.ii-ii feet, moreor leaa to
Ibe CP R. Una, theuce west ia. chains to tbe
Arrow I-sky; tbeUO* north lum feet tollOWini
tlie -shore of the Arrow I, ,s.  to the point of com
Dated this lllh dav of February, 1907.
M  J. ��� t_attff",
-I. M. CAHKro.H. AReni
Hlxly days sfluT date 1 Intend lo apVly to
Chief C'ominissloin-r   of   l^mds   and Works
nermiiwion tepurnfansc ib- followin-i; deeerlbed
land; hi natcd on tbc cunt ��ldc of Arrow take
in thc West Kootenay district, about r, miW
above Iturton City, e(iiunu-nelnK st 1 I"��'*i plant-
ed at Iho northweei r-oroor of V. Sacbor'i purchase,   them.   .*a-i   ,i, eliains,  thfilKe  11 -rth  *)
nbatui, thenee weel to ehalim, thence south-to
chains to polnl '��( eurrjiiieuccmttnl and contain-
Iur 1*0 acres more i)r |ys��.
January 18, lyin.
VilUlAM Filujcb.
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NotiK is bereby ftvea mat iwo mouths after
daic we Intend toannly to tbe Chlel Commissionerof Landsand works fore lea f all that
iam! belni tbe foresbon adji>in*.u*< tin 'aiiadiaii
Pacific Railway Bhlpyard on tbe west, part of
U>\ AhA.Kroup Land  belOSOO   the south  ahote
nl the west arm ol Kootena] Lake, iu the die-
rtct -ii Kooti na); ' emmenctne al tbe so liberty eorner oflotim, aronp li thonoe nionif tne
���onto ereaterl] bonndary of tot WW and the extension thereof, in -u nortb weetorly direetlon, a
dlatanoeol ���>-'.* leeti tbenee ��t right aiiplea io
said Ixiundarv in a south Weatttrly tlirwllou, a
diatanct ofSlofaet, nmre or lew. to lhe north
easterly boundary of tbe City Bark, continued;
tbenoe parallel to eald westerly tMiundary of lot
"um. in a -���u:ii ettterly direction, a dl��t��u��- of
��� '   ;-.������. nmre or less, to the northerly   bOOndaTT
of lol 58A; thence followlni the northerly boundarv of lot08A in a north eaaterly diraotion to the
pt i'i nt of commencementi  the area belni 3^t
serea. more or leM.
Dated ttui> Tth dav ol January. A.Il, m,.
60 d��y�� after date 1 Intend to spply to the Honorable* tbe Chlel <om in undone r of Laud�� and
Works, to pufbase 37u acres of land: Commencing at a post marked U. Vi. _ N.K uiruei
post and planted on the west shore of Arrow
lake sdjoining Lot :r::< on the soutb side of said
I-ot. thence weetH chaini along the southern
boundnry of Loi 373: thence south 46..VJ chains;
thence east 80 ebainrj more or less to iake shore;
tbence north aloug iake ihore to plate of beginning.
Dftted 29th day of Nov. 1906.
(iio. WHTItL,
J, E- ANKAB1.I. Agent.
Sixty dfty*. after date 1 Intend in appiv to the
Hon Chid I itm in hs toner of Land* and Works.
Victoria, to purebaae 16b seres of land located in
Fire Valley, twins part o! -Sections Inree and
four, Township A, and desrrlbf-d as follows:
Commencing si a \��at nlftiite<l at miiism
Williams' N W, oorner, ano mars^i "H t, w*i
N. E. corner,' and ruuulug 4o cbalm west.
thonoe BD ebalni south, thenee '_i* chaini earn,
-.hie  -ii1 ebalni south, thenoe 3D ohaini east,
thenct' �� chain- tnnlh to place of beginning.
November Brd, i*.* Kcmx k Williams,
J. K  AvnaBLE   Agent,
Sixty day** after date I intend to apply tothe
Honorable the Chief CommlMloner of Lands and
Work*- [or permleeloo  to purchase the following
��� t������'-*i! ��� ��� 1 lami- in Kootenav district: Com*
menolni at a poet marked J, II. Aunatilc's north
east Corner )���"'��� said pool being on the south
mde of  in** Lower Armw lake, rain nit two milei
below  Borton  Ottyj thanee muth ��) ehalnet
thenoe W��ei  IQ chains;  theuce toutb ^'ehalna;
theneo weet 30 ehalna; thenc*' north 3*j chain*
��� ml   3D   links,   more  or  leas   to.lhe Uheehon]
-leriyalotig lake *W chains, moreor leu,
tothe plaoe of beginning, cuntaiuiug 106 acres.
mor.* t,r ,e*
I'ated this Bib day of November. I9o6
per K. L. BtmOT, Agjilt.
Hixty days after dale] intend to ��pn|y  tothe
Chlof i otnmieslonar of Lands and w(,rka lor
permlaalou te pnrehaae the followlni deaerlbod
landl in Kooteuay Dlatrlet, about three-,)Harlem
of mile from Thrum's Riding: Commendng at a
p      plaoed at the B, W, corner nf I. ��ilM, group
;   warn   Kootanay  I'lstriet:   theme   weeterh
followlni the north boundary of 1.4fs*��, 40
cbaloe; thonoe m>rth io chains; thraee east 40
chnins. more or leaa, t" Ute n w comer of
Lsss   iheooeaontb followlni the weet boundary
��� ������ It - *     10 ehalns. more or lesi, lo place of eum'-
mem ������men:, contelnlni io aorea, more or i��*a.
I'ated this 6th day of December l'xw.
II. H  I*irn��, Locator.
BlXtl dav. after dale ! lutend lo ��pplv to tne
Hmi Chief Commissioner of Und- and W'orks,
Victoria  to nunbiwe -I'M) acres of laud. In Ktre
Valley, Weat Kootenay: Qonunontini ata poll
planted 00 chains weat of the rt W. corner of J.
tii.iii-i'U> pre-emption, and marked W. Via N
i: tmrnor, and running wool 60 chains, ihence
south ttu chfttus. thenee eaat 60 chains, thenee
north 80 chains to place of beginning
Nov. loth, 19U6. WILLIAM WtttUM,
J. K. annahi.k, Agent.
Mxty days afler date t intend to apply U> the
Hon. the Chief < ommladonerol Utndaano Works
to pnrehaae iwiwrwiif land:  Cammeneini at a
pout plauteil on the weal side of hlx mile erees,
on wagini road, about two and one half miles
from Kooteuny laki, and marked "Neil Mc-
KOtthnlo-i B. West comer |*om," thence east to
chain*- theliee north W chaini, thence weat 40
Obnlni  lhence south 40 chains, to place uf com-
ttOcetod this 10th day of NoTcmlier. lucss.
Ner McKk'HNia
Blxty dayaafterdate 1 purpoae making appli
cation to the Honorable thc CblOf ''ommi-sioncr
of Landa and *Aurk-lor |M*rm|Jwion to pnnhaie
the following deeoribod tend:  Commenelni at
a tnnt placed it the H. tt' corner of Un MO and
marked"F << P.VN.W.oorner,tbenee following the southern boundary I,ot fiwii. 66 chains
moreorless east to the west Uoiudarj of Lot
6901, thence billowing sum'- south |Q eliains lo
the norlh boUndai7 of I-ot 6Wy: tbeuce about 7u
Sbalni west altiiig said boundarv to tbe lake
shore; thence north;����chains more or less |(Ji.
lowing lhe lake Mion- to (xdnt of coliwnellce-
ment, eotiiaiiiing ;H7 acrew moreor lean.
i'aled Deoembei nth, iwn.
v Q tavtvxatu
Notice is bereby given timt 80dan alter date i
intend tO apply to tba Honorable the Chief Coni-
mls-n,ner of Landi and ttnrks, Victoria, H C���
tor parmiaalOO to purchase the following described laud Iltnated in the West Kootena) dlstricl,
on tltfl west side of i uhamel (or Hlx M lb*) creek,
nn on ei tide ol m ion road, aiaiut 9M mllee
frn n Wool Arm of Kontenay lake: Com mencing
ft'a posi nmrked Mrs Hattie Duck's * E mr*
ner running 4u chains went; thence tfi ehulns
south: theuce 40 chains east;   thenee ai chains
north, te the i���� m of eommenoement, oonteln<
ing iv; aorei of laud, mure ur less
Dated the nth NoTetnber D��"��
Mks  Kattir DMSi
John k Tayi.oh, Agent
Nntp-e ir. hereby given ihat nxty days alter
date I intend to apply in the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner ot   Ijinds and   Works, for
permleelon to purebaae tbe following described
lands  situated   tn   the  Weil   Kontenay  district
Commenelni nl a p���st   marked   "H    11   nouth
west corner,1* and north or a h. Luaeei, pur
ubaee claim, no land Oroeci tbeuce north 40
uhatn��; ibenee easi at ohalna; thence ...niii 40
obainai theneo 90 ehnins we^t. to point of oom-
mem .ni.nt, enulxinliig 40 acres, more or leis.
Daoembet j��, iwsi.
��� ,   ,,      Smnr havnkn.
M. ll. IfoQtUlftn, Agent.
Hlxtr dftys  alter dale I I nie ml |,, apply lu the
Chief CommlMloner ol Undsand Worki to mr*.
obaae 040 aoree of Und, lucated m Lower Arrow
Lake,   ttest Knotcin.v:   lommeining  at  a |���,-t
idsnied   at   thc   ".N.W,   comer  ol  Arrow   l.ak
Indian Reaorre": theme��onth ��Jcbains; C
west Wi chains; thenei
. Ihem.
th wi chains;  thenee
east Wl ehalni, to place ul beginning
united --Wili day or Deoember, iboh.
(' HawRi.i,,
bnllOo Is hereby given thai Wo days aller dale I
intend to annly io (he Honorable uo oblef Oom-
liifsslttner uf Und* and  Works for permlMlon to
purrbaee the following deioribed lauds situate
about lo miles cast of the City of Ncinm, on the
south shore of the \v..,t Arm ol Kontenay lake,
and comment iik all, po, I placed about ti) chains
".vi1 'ivV1" v^'r*' ���""��.;>'-"����. mafBa
h inoiuNs  n. tt   comer," Ihenoe aouth vi
ObalOf, Itboooe east 'JO ehalns, thenee north it)
S^aSSLmiT06 WL'"1 a" ��*>��lua te iwliii of com
Dated this eth day ol Nnr,, tm,    & TaoMae.
The HaU Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
Full Stocks
B. C. Salmon
Atlantic Haddtes
Manitoba Whitefish
BEEF, PORK and MUTTON of Finest Quality,
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Orders hy mail to any brainh 1
out prompt and careful allcuU
HeidOfiice: Nelsoill
Hlxtr days alter  dab-  1   inn-tid  ���,;������������������*..
Honorable the Chiel Coaunteiloaei oi Und- end
Works Ior iivrmlasiou lo ptirchas-the  lollowlng
deeertbed landa ut Kootnay dtaMot: lonuucu
citig at  a   post  marked  "A. J. Dill's southwest
comer tiost," said paat belitf on the northmat
erly ihore of th- Lower Arrrn* lake and �� Unki
due fail, on the uortheasi corner of |.��t 'J710
Oroup 1| thenee north fi) ehalni; east 10 chalna)
south to chalna, more or leu, lo the lake shore,
thenc* following said jhorc lu a ionthweit-erlt
directum hii chalnn mor,- ,,r leai n. the pla-*e tit
begniuing, eoutalnliiK I**' a<ri-s, niun* or less
Paled lliis ,.th da\ of November, 19ur>.
per K L. Brai��rt. Agent.
Notice is hitr��ny glveu thalfinnavs mt. r data I
lutend loftpply to the Honorable tlte Chief I om-
mlsilouer of I-slidf and Worki for penntellon
to purchase *JW> acres of .and, situate on tin- 1.1 tlle
Mojte river about 1 mlb< fiom lutcniatlonftl
Boundary and *���.*.;��� 1 mile from -*i ..*.n<* lni,r
national liy.. Commencing at a poet marked
I'.   Oram's  8 E.   comer   p<>it,   thenee   wesl  40
chatmi thenee nortii -in sbaliiai theme ea^t ��i
chalm: thenct north ao chalm; ihenc eaat ���
chains; ibetne south fio i hams lo  plane of  com
meneement, contamiug w acrei of laud.
UK-ated Oct. auth ����*.
    Daitnn. sun
Hlxty deye alter date i intend to apply lotbe
Hoiiorahle the Chief CommiMioner of Umls and
W'orks, Victoria, to purchase lm n r- *. m land,
loceted In Fire Valley end deaorlbed as followej
Commencing at a j-ost marked Q H. ,M��M's N.W.
corner, and planted at the aouihwoat corner ol
Lot 78IA. and running nouth ������*" ''imliis, Oiencs
easl ai chains,  theliee north  Mt ehulns,   tbemi>
west ao ehalni lo place of Uf inning
Nov. luth. iwo. 7iao. B. McMillan,
J. K. AWNAHLE, Agent.
Hixty <layi aftor dale I Inland to apply io the
Honorable tbe Chlel Commissioner of Unds and
Worki to purohaae MD aorea ot land, looated in
Kire Valley, on went side of Aru.w lake I om
meming at a poit plauted lochaftiH we-l of the
���outhwert eoraei of J. ttoblnaon'i pre^mpnon
and marked J W's H. K enrner. and running
north m chains, thenee west no chains, thence
south HO chalnn. theuce easi it) chains to place of
Nov, IHth, 1��J6. Janf: Williams.
 J. E Anmahle. Agenl.
Notne is hereto given that fin davs aft-r dale I
inieml in appiv to the Hon the Chlel Commlaaioner of Umls and   Works Vlotorla,   lie, for
permission to purehaae the followlne deaorlbed
landl Hi    ttest Kootenav district:    Coiiuuciiclng
k a poat planted at the aouthwai eornei of lol
nill group i. and runiiin 90 chalna te the iontb<
eait corner of lot 7700, group 1. (hen in tin easier
Iv direction ���_,, ohalnii then norlh '.it chains,
llien west te chains lo point of commencement,
i niiialnilig in acres inure or hot*.
Located Vebrt'nry llth. IW.
_        ^_ I'M ilm*- Wapk. I-wator.
Notice  In   hereby given   that s[\ty
date  I   Intend  lo    apply
lumUnloiiiT of Ian*!   and   Wt
Hays after
the Chlel
. ir -permta
sion lo purchase the following deaorlbed land
sllualed in   the   West   Kootena*,    district;    r	
mencing at a poHi planted aitb.i-N K corner
of I, I'orlen's preemption,' anil run tn ng
tbenee eaal   tn cbains; tlience nouth tu chains;
thenoe weat 40 obalnei theme north tn ohalni,
In place ut comnieiicemeiit, coutalollig Itin ueres,
more or less
DecemiaT an, 1!WC.
iiaiihv I'R-Rna, Lontafc,
M K Mi Ol AltniR, Agenl
Notice Is hereby given tliat An davit alter dale I
intend to apply lo the Honorable the Cnlel Com-
nilsilntier of l,ntids and Works for permission to
purchaie the following described landi: Coin-
mtuclng at a post placcl an cimini wesi ol thc
aouthoaat oorner ol Col B43, marked "it, a iieii'i
northmat comer," thenoe  souih  m chains,
thence eaal W (hains, tbeuce nurth an chain-,
theliee wesl KUclmlus te point of comioenceiiieiil,
containing al acres, mora or teie
Looated thlffltfa dayof Nov , 1'JiJi..    11. A. Ilgl-L.
Notkii Is hereby given that fio days aller dale 1
ntend Inannly to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Undiaiid Works, Viclorla, lor permission tupiir-
obaae thefollowfng deaorlbed land, altuated in
the Weil Kootonay  district,  on llo  wesl aide of
Duhamal <��r HU Mile) oreok, ir whimiii road
abOOl threO mlUa from Kootenav Uke: Com
mencini; at a poilinnrked ������.lames l Duck's H W
noil," ninulng 'Jft chalnn east, thenc,, vu chaini
north, thence ro ohalni wen, tbenoe BDehatn
louih, to the noun of Qonuunoameat, contain-
lug to acres of laud, more or less.
Dsted  l.-ih Novem Iht, HMI
UMated hy JaninJ. Duok
per Iuiik h. Tayuim, Aguut.
HIKU;davs after date 1 Intend toappiy i��� the
Hon OblefCommlMlonorol Undi andrwifi
Victoria,teporobmolWacri Hand, looated on
bewemildeof Arrow lave ahoul Ilveinik's below iiurioi, Otij, and deaorlbed u followa: Com-
mencliit at a post marked "K (,, \\\ toutheait
Corner, and la-lug '.ll chains east of the norlhweat
corner of Ut mil', theuce north 401 hll nil tfim ,��
weit ai chftins; tbenoe south ��oobaina"1 thenn
cn-r in i-cuis bi th- place of begluiiliiir   '
November Uth, 1W6. y.(j }\
par J. K. ANtuuu,
Notbi- ts hereby given test
dale I intend to make appili-iliicUBilj
able Chlel Commtsitouer ��f UmliulU
Victoria, B. i ..for iwrmlMlnn topwnWr
om mg de*i*ribe*e land, unisir In t^mm
ttest Koolenay district: C��mni':?*Jf��ijl
(laiiu-d at tlir aouth west cornei "I aten
Hison's preemption, marke<iK.i tuie
poit,  theme Mi chains *e��t. IhcMtd
north, Ihenee :��� * :.*���'..-> ��������� :*���.������
northwest corner, theniy soutli*.'^���,
of comnieucemoiu, couialulii*$ :������ ����� �����������*��
DeWd this .3rd day of Nov., IM
ft> days after daU-1 intend insppif _
Chlel Commissioner ol Uml*-. tad *af
torla. lo ruiiehus��'  atn acres uf nml k"
Ptre Vallev andbetnffa inirtion ���( *i
and lfi In fownshlpeu and duscrtbed ul
l oinmeticlng at a poit planted it U��ar
oorner ol tne Hmtheajii uiianerofe
Township fi'j and marke*! J.fl * *���!
th.-nce tmrtb 40 chains; theMI **t ���
tbence ioulb Mi chains; thenei esiiear
place of beginning
November tM B0��.
i.Y.  Andiu.il
Notice Is hereby given mai**'""!*
intend toappiy to tee HonorableiwOnM
mlssloner  of Uud* and  Wniat li* Vatt~
acres id land desert^-.! as followi   im
at k post planted on Uu iimiti bs.il��e
Movie river, abont 2U0 yardilronn"
marked   "R    McLean's  b.   tt   ��"���*fl
in- nty   cast Mi chains,  theliee nvtsaw
theiu-c west Hi chains, lb. li"* IO0U "J
plaee ol commencement.ami ���nl��in��*"
more or le��i- ��� __ v__
Unated with day Oot, i����-    *
Hlxty days after date 1 iniend wiW[I>|
Hon Chief Commluloner of Uei����JM
Vbiorla, to purchase iBOacroiol U"��^l
miles b-low lturion i liy, tt<*tK(-._. -
mencing  o:   ���   mist  marked  'J.A '"���   *!
eon..- poeL-'eald pust ia-iiigoiitn-����J|
of an island woiH��flA��ir,vi7.aii.tciiinu|J|
land contained in iald ��U��d, "'""JI
mile m an eaiterlj and -aeMerlj;^WP|
aboul an chftins Irom norlh to wuth. a
Novemlwr lltl*. IM ''fta I
J   E. AKX*lLl.-*C*j
Hixty dayi after dale l intend t|.��pW"
Hon Chlel Cominissnuier of I-*'1",",;
Victoria, to purchase UO ttm* ""
���ni the waatalnefu irrow UwaeaB--a
uortb ni l^.t Ttcii: Commanclpi "���Ell
at th,* N   I corner oi l>'i 7?M ����'l m%��
H    K    .-orner." and   ruimimi """JI-
tbenn west an chnins, inn.'*   Mn"J
theme west  2i) ehulns. llicliiv ";!���",.,��
lbence easi   .11 chaini. lo plac.-.d ''' "*-
Nov  Mtb, UN. K"\VSm
"hixty .lays aflei date I Mlb-ml 1" 'PJjjj,
Honorable the UhJcl Comi.it '���  "      ,i
w,,rks. Victoria, lo paw^JPSJ
loeale.l und il-scrlta-d as loll""'*       in)
atenoat planted at the enow���f Jt
Uobfnaon'ai mptlonlnrirevaiWi*  ,
Bee miles  !iom  Kdward  Ufldlfl
Arrow lake, and msiked r   " �� ��
running west  eOohalna.  "���"Sail
thence east *n chnlni. tbcio*-  '' ' ���    --
thence east tn Ohalna, [b.-nceiiiTb""
place of iM'gintlllig. gill*!"
Nov   telh.lW.      itKAJSS��
���90 day* after date 1 intend loipp]1 ti,&
chief Commlaaioner ol i-��ri.isH'"'    V(W|
Chaae W acres of and located in rm,
Ing pnrt ot Beotloni 9 ��""' '"     ,.,.1
descr   as  follows;    ''",l1"''''' ''u-l
nmrked !���', W. J.H KtatneTtMm^m
northweal comer ol Wm Wil iu fja
thenoe wen 10chnins; tbence ""TV^B
theUOO east lb chnins; thence 10W*      '
place of beginning-
Novemlier BN DOB. m w.Jie".
J. K. AVtilt^!3
Notice is bereby gn*cnthul^;^a
oi Undi and Work- (or pamff&j[i2
the following deaorlbed   and Jf JKm
dlsirlct:   Comiuci.cing ata MgK_tm_\
A WUioii'h corner noil, plaiil^ �� ���|���J
coruerof BeOtlnU if, 1*WJJ>J _m*t*M
-in chains, thencu weit ill liliate";'%ilf
chulnn, theuce eail 40 cb�� "* " iqoi**'
nieuicmiinl, containing iw�� boi ���< ff||^|
Dnted Nov. M, iwo.      . M***;^DtJ
Hixty days afler dale I I,l>l?:,'|,/i5'f "fl
Hon OhloTcommlailoner "   1* ' tit_*
io purotauc im: acres of laud, >; ' iniHJ
postmarked 11. u's N. B.corni   I^';���,�����.
the N W. comer of O-W'*,!!,!? tourB^jL
went side of Arrow Inke. Ill*"" '" ,hen��g
hurton elri', Ihence wcsHim* >o  '"���        , ,|
ttiw ehains, thenoo oaat 40 ob 1 oi,$>��
��.W chalna to nlaooofbofinning." ���
aorOO, more or ivmi. _itot* ,
Uated -mh day of *f%*^_S��t*4P{ The DaBy Canadian
fotice to Fuel Consumers
Ail orders now standing on W. P. Tierney s
or our books for any amount or description of
coal must he settled for, otherwise delivery will
uot lie made.
Dated February i8, 1907.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel and Poultry
Company. Limited.
<A Meeting of the Employers of labor
in the mines and smelters, and in the
lumber industry of East and West
Kootenay and Southern Yale, and of
the representatives of the men employed in these industries in these districts,
will be held in Nelson on Thursday,
14th March, at 9 p. m. in the Board of
Trade rooms, for the purpose of considering the effect of the .lord's Day
Observance. Act upon these industries
. . li hereby given tntt to dayi after date!
. tnapplt lo the Hon. Ihe chlel com mln
r .it Landl and Worki, vietoria. lor per-
rn toeut and carrv a���*���*���*.av llmlier irom the
lini deaorlbed laud* In w��st Kooteuay:
ommenetni at a poal planted about eighty
��� \\.-*\ ol the mouth ol ahreka ereek, where
hi inlo Barnes creek, and on the north
"f hinviw creek, an l marked ��*. A Laurie'i
wi corner poet, ibenee waat algh��y ohalna,
������ north eighty ohalna, thanoaeaai eighty
- thenoe aouth eighty chalm to point ot
ill Jau Vth.im    (I A. Limit. Locator,
ommenclng at a post planted eaitol and
illng U A Laurie'* loealion poal So. 1, and
'd ii A Laurie's Hoiuhweil corner pOBl ol
!<���< a tion, thenee ��������-' eighty chain*, thence
eighty i-Iibiiin, thenee went eighty ehalna,
o Miutb eighty ohalna tO P��tnt Ol commen
id Jan  'J..th. lWfi.   ii. A. Lai-hik, Loealor,
ommeui'lni; at a poal planted about eighty
- iouth oi buroka creek where it Oowi into
���"���reek, aud nmrked Q A- Uurle'i, nouth-
eorner punt, on loealion SO. B, theuee eait
* i Iciins. ihcnce norlh elghly chalnn. thenee
dghi) ehalna, theme nouth eighty chain*
nt oi oommenoement.
|ted .Imi. Nth, 1W7.    li. A. LitJ-Ut, MMMOfc
Commeneing nl ft pout planted   iouth  of
tii)oiuiui{ c a Laurie'i looatlon No, l, ami
tai u. a, aurte'i noTthwaal comer poat,
ce eait 80 ohalna, thonoe aouth ��' chalm.
eo west hii ohalna,  thence north BO chalu*
out of coinnuMicciueiil.
L��^i Jan. A.lh, lW/7,   ti. A. LiuRir, Locator.
commenolng   at a poit   planted eighty
(UMil and forty  clialu* iouth  of  location
bo  l, and marked W    II. i'age'i wtuthwuii
er i*s.-ii,| location No :.. thencu cant clghty
_. ui, theuce north elghtv ehmui, theme weit
|l.ty chains, inftnea loutb eighty chain* to
of commenoauout
fated Jan ��th,l��07.    VY IL I'm*. Locator,
ommenclng  at a  posl  planted   BOUti)  "'
IJolnlng location No  ,'., and marked W. H
northweal eornei   poal of  location No ti.
tut eighty ubftlhi, thence wuthel|ht;
, thenos went eighty ohalna, thenee north
���lay chaiiiH tO point ol coiumeuceiuent.
fated Jan. Mtb, lvo7.     W. 11. I'aok. Loottor,
immanotag  ai  a  poil planted eighty
eaxl and twenty chains miulh uf loealion
ii ft,and marked G, a. laurie'i idnihweit
ner post iif loeatiou No. 7. theliee eait eighty
una, thanoa north eighlv ehulns, ihetict* went
III; obaina,   thence  aouth   eignty   chums in
Ut  Of   ���'���'iiiTIO'llreiiiellt.
'ated bin  .'-.Hi. mi;     (1. A. LaIIUIK, Locator.
Couimeni'liiK   ut  a  poil    phuiied   elghly
i ami eighty chain* south of location
cam an
ud (i A Laurle'a aoutbwaal
pout ul iocaliou No. li, thence eait
cbaliib, tbenee north elghtv ehiiltif, Hiunce
ghlychaiuH, thenee *��mh elghly ehalna
point oi commenoement,
VaUd Jan. _Wth, HHI7.   u, A. LAUlllt. Locator.
Conimenetug   at   a   poll   planted    eighty
'in* ea*t and eighty ohitna aouth ol location
8, and marked U A. Laurle'a southwest
uer ol location No. U, ihenee east 1��0cbalm,
uee north 4" chains, theneo west 180 ohalnii
unu iouth tOuhfttUHtopiitmol commencement
pated -ten IHthi lixn.  u. A. LiuHtr, Locator.
<   CoiujiieiiciiLK ni a poii planted about ilx
es down  BiirneN creek   from ttie mouth of
ekaireek  Where  it llowi into llartiei creek
��� a louthaaaterly direction, and murked U. A.
���Virio'pt lOllthWMt corner poat ol location No.
| Uiiiiiic eaat eighty vlmllii, (hence north eighty
tejni, tbenoe weal eighty ohalnii thence loutn
���ithiy ohalni to point of commencement,
J Hated Jau.-j.sih, I-.H.7.   il. A. Liunii, Loofttor,
ill.-���Commeueiiig at a poit planted eighty
IflniOMt of location No in. and marked 0, A.
nrle * louthweit corner poit of loonlon No 11,
���000 enit eighty chain-, theuce uurlb pig lit J'
piiii", thenoe weit eighty chalm, ibciuc south
���iinty ohalni te point uf ootnmeuaetnent,
led Jen.Utb, 1007.  Q, A.Uuiir, Locator.
''ommiiiiclngftt a post platitediouthofaud
W inlng looatlon No, n, and markod W. IL
pgea iiorthweiuornor post of location  No, U,
thenee eaat eighty cbalm, Ihence aouth elghtv
chalm, theliee weit eighty chaini. thence uorth
elghly Ohalni to polntof commencement.
Hated Jan. '.Mth, IW7,     W. H. Pini, Lo ator.
I.t -Comineuclng at a poil plauted eighty
Ohalni earn and elgli y chalm loutli of location
No 1.' and marked G, A. Laurie'* nortbweit
comer posi of locution No. 13, thence eait eighly
chftim, theuee iouth eighty ehaim, th nee weil
elghtv ehain-. thence uorth eighty chaini to
polut of eooimeucement
Hated Jan Mth,lMV.   (>. A. Laubik. locator.
14),--Commencing ftt a poit planted norih of
aiol adjoining locution No. 13, and being marked
(i. A. Laurle'a louthweit corner poal of location
No 14, thence aaai elghly chalna, thenee north
eighty chalm. Ihenee weit eighty ehaim, thence
mih iii eighty chaini to (Mint ol eommeneement,
Hated Jau. 'iHth. HOT,   0. A. Limit, Locator.
1.. ��� Commencing at a poit plauied eighty
chalm north of location No, U and mamed v..
11. i'aae'n aouth wml corner poat 01 looatlon No
1.'), Ihence m*t eUhty chatm, theuee north
eighty chain*, thenee wt*t eighty ehalna, ihenee
iouth eighty chain* to point of commencement.
Dated Jan. Wth, HWL     W. II. Pint, Locator.
l��.-Coinmenelug at a post planted eighty
Ohalna OUt Ol location No. lit, end marked ti. A.
Laurie'i eonthweit oornei poatoi location No.
18,   theuee  eait  elghtv  chain*,   thenre   north
eighty chains, thence weil eighty chalna, theme
-outh eighty chalm to polnl of commencement
l.oeate.i Jan. ���-**.', 1007.     Q, A. LaI'BU, Locator.
17.-Commencing at a poil planted aouth ol
and adjoining location Nu. Hi, and marked li. A.
Laurie e nonhwa*! comer boat of looatlon *>o.
17, thonce eaat eighty chains, thenee eouth
elghtv chalm, theuee went eighty chnlni, thence
north eighty chaiua lo point of comuicucemeiit.
Hated Jan. *2Sth. 1807.   li. A. Laukii, Loftator.
18.-Commeiiriiig   hi  a   poil   planlcd  eighty
Ohaini iouth of looation No 17, and markea vv.
It   Page'* nortliweil corner poit of IiK'alion No.
18, tbeno^eaat eighty obaina, h Aoa iouth eighty
dun   -. tlience went eighty chalm, thence nortii
elgli y chains to pjlntof eommenceuicnt.
Looated Jan- Mi 1007.    w. EL I'iuk, Looator,
Hi-Commencing at ft po*t planted eighty
chain* south ol location No. 18. and marked ii.
A. Lftiirle'MUorthwenl comer poit of location No.
te, thence ��it eighty ohalna   thence toutb
eighty chain*, thence weit eighty chalm, lhetice
north Ughty chal'ct to point uf commencement.
Haled Jnn tttb, 1907.   0. A  Lltmil, Locator.
���_W.-Commencing at a poit plauied about
eighty chain* eaal of the mouth of Klght Mile
ereek where 11 emptlei into Inonoakln creek,
uud ou lhe iouth bank ef Inonoakln creek, and
marked o. A Laurie'i northeait comer post ot
location No 2o, Ihence iouth HHi chiiliis, thence
west 40 chain*, thenee imrlli 18Q chalm, tlience
eait 40 ohalni to point ol commencement
Hated Keb tad, IU07.    IL A. LlllRIK, Looator.
���il.-Commencing at ft post plantcl forly
etiHlni WOlt and eight] chains ipUtn of locali��u
No '!���'. lid markeii V. , II. I'age'n nor hi Ml cor
ner post ol loeatiou No. 21, th uee we-H eig'ny
chain*, thenoe iouth eighly chaini, thence ea-t
eighly ebaiui, theuce uorih eighty ehalni Ul
point ol commencement
Haled Keb.'Jud, litP.      W. H. i'ma, Loealor.
a���GomutennlnH ut a poll planted cmt of and
ndj.diilug Iocaliou N0.W, and iiuirk.d 11. A.
Laurle'a nortliweil curmir post nl location No.
Itl ihenee iouth Iflii clialiii.theiicooa-i to cbalni,
thane* north UO chain*, thenco weit 40 chain* to
point of commencement.
Hated Fob. ���2nd, 1007.   li. A. Lauhii, Locator.
'23.-Com m one lug nt a pnit plantcil.lortt ohalna
eiiHt oi location No. Wand murked Jt. I. I age *
norlhweat corner poll Ol locution No. 2J, llieneo
aouth IflOehalD*. llienee eft*l forty chains, thonce
north 160 chain*, tbenoe weit (orly chaini to
point of coiunieiieemiint.
. Dated Keb, Hid, HWI.      W  H. PA0��i locator.
���1.4 -CommeiiPlng nt R poit plained forty chtilm
cant and elghly chalm lOUtb oi locution Wo.��
anil   niarke.1 fi    A. Laurie'i nortliweit oot  or
poit of location No '24, ihenoe wuth ol|U&
���hnlna lli.M.ee eait eighty ehiilm, thenoo nortl
eighty Ohalna, thenoeweatelghty Ohalm to point
ol commencement.
Dated Feb. 4th IW7.  ����� *��� Lamia. Locator.
itt.^Uoiutnouciug nl a poit  planted eighty
chalna eait of locntion No. 24, and marked Q A.
Laurie'i nortbweit comer poil of location No.
'2 , thenee aouth eighty chatm, thence eait
eighly, ihence north eighty chalm, thence weit
eighty chalm to point uf commencement.
Hated Feb. 4th, 1KI7.    (1. A. Laubib, Locator.
26.���Commencing at a poit plnnted about lour
and one-half mite* down Inonoakln creek, from
the mouth of Klght Mile creek wiiere it flown Into Inonoakln creek, and un the eait bank of
Inonoakln creek, and marked (! A. Laurie'i
norlhweat corner poit, thence routh eighty
chnins, thenee eait eighty chalm, Ihence north
elghly chalm. tlience weil eighty chaini to point
Hated l-'eb. 4th. l��n.     0, A. Laurie. Locator
Take notice lhat I Intend, thlry dav* after
date toapply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
mlHKiouer of Land* and Works for a ipeclal
licence toeut and carry away timber from the
following deicrlbed land*, Hituated on Handy
Creek. In Weit Koolenay dlitrlet: Commencing
at a poit planted on tbe we*t hide, of iald ereek,
and marke i "J. 1\ HV nortbweit corner; thence
���u ii nun' nm il. eighty chalm; tnence eail eighty
chalm, thence north eighty clialm; theuee weit
eighty Ohalni In place of commencement.
Hated thi* 19th day ol February, 1W7.	
Take notice tliat thirty dava after date I intend to apply to the Chief Comm tail one r of
Land* and Work* at Vietoria for permission to
cut and carrv away timber from the lollowlng
deicrlbed lnnds in West Kootanay:���
No i.���Commencing at ft poat planted at thc
���"ini Invest corner of timber licence No. 78*21;
thanee enit lorty chatm; thenee norlh eighty
ehaim; theuce eatt Ub chalm. thenee iouth to
northern bouudary of timber lleenie K',i��;theiice
weit along laid norlhem boundary to
the uortii-weil corner of iftld license;
then aouth to the northern boundary
of timber liceuie 701M; thence west to
a point due iouth of tbe point of commencment;
thenee north to the poini of commencement.
.luuimry L.lh, 19U7
No. '2 ���Commencing at the northwcit corner
of timber liceuie 78'21; ihence iouth to the northern boundary of timber liceme 7018; thenee welt
U> the nortb-weit corner of aaid timber ...���eime
tbenoe aoutb to the northern boundary of Lot
Mil; tbence following iald boundarv of said
lot weat tu the right of way of thc B.C. Houthern Railway; tbence following said right of way
tu ft north eaiterly direction to the place of commencement.
January 15th, 1901.
No. S-���Commencing at a Houtheait eornsr ot
timber liceme No. 78*21, about 11 fly chain*-*- south
of the right ol way of the K C. Houthern Kail-
way;thence eait lfio cbalm; thence nortb loriv
chalm; tbence weit Mn cbalni; thence iouth
forty ehaim to place of commencement.
January Uth, 1907.
Ko. 4.���Commencing at a poit plauied at the
intersection of the southern boundary of tbe
right ol way of the fi. C. Southern Hallway, and
the eastern boundary of Lot 5187; thence iouth
to the northern boundary of license application
No 3; thence tail 160 chalna; thenee in rth to tbe
southern boundary of timber license No. 7196;
tbence following the southern boundary of said
license westerly sbout sixty chains, more or lem
to an eastern boundary of aald liceme; thence
aoutb forty ehaim; tbence weit eighty cbalm;
then north to tbe rluht ol way of the B.C.
Houthern Railway, tbence following said right
of way in a louth-westerly.direclion to tbe place
of beginning-
January 15th, 1907.
No 5,���' ommenclng at n poit planted ftt the
southwest corner of timber license 6635: thence
weit ilxty cbalm more or lesi to a point due
south of Ibe sotitheait corner of liceme application No. 3; thence uorth lixu chain* more or
lesi to tbe iouth houndarv of license application
No 4; thenee east to the southeast corner
ol (.aid license application of No. 4; tbeuce
north to the northeait corner of iald lleenie
application No 4; thence east to the south-
eait eorner of timber licenae 7195; thenee
nortii lorty chatm more or less to a point due
weit of tbe uortb-weit corner of timber license
G63,.; theuce east to the northwest corner of said
timber license No. 6635; thence soutli 160 chains
I* the point uf eommeneement-
January 16th, 19U7.
No. C���Commencing at a poft planted at lhe
���OUtheaat corner of limber llceuse 6635; thenee
west to the southwest corner of llueme application No 5; thence north lo southern boundary
of license application No. 3; thence weat lo the
northeail comer of license application No. 1;
thencu iouth to the nortbern boundary uf
timber liceme 8548; ihcnce eaat lo the northeast
eoruer of timber liceme 8548; theme south
thirty chains; thenee eait to the weit boundary
of timber liceme 851*2; theuce north to thc place
of beginning.
January 16th, 1901.
No. 7.���Commencing at a poit planted at the
northeast corner of timber llceuse 85l*i; thence
south forty chaini more or less to the uorth
boundary of timber license 8546; thence eait lfiU
ehaim; tnence north forty chalm moreor lew to
a point due eait of the southeast eorner ol timber license K48; thence west 160 chains to lbe
place ol beginning.
r January 15th, 1907.
No. 8.���Commencing at a post planted al the
northeast corner of timber license No. 8*546;
ihence south elphtv chains; tbeuce eait eighty
ehaim; thence nortb eighty chains; thence west
eighty chains lo plaee ol commencement
January 15th. 1907.
No 9,���Commencing ftt ft post planted at the
southeast corner of timber license 8547; tbence
north eighly chains; thencecast eighty chalm;
theuce north 12U chains more or less to the uorth
eait i orner of liceme application No- 7; theuce
went to southeast corner of timber lleenie ho.
IMS] thence north to the southern boundary of
license application No. fi; tbence eait to
the weit boundary of timber liceme Ko.
N'lJ; thenee south io the louthweit corner of limber license HMD) Ihence weit
to tb nortbweit corner of timber lleenie No.
hoi-: thenee south to the northeait corner of
llmlier license No, 8.545: Ihence weit eighty
chains; theuce south to a polnl due eail of the
HUtheaat comer of timber lleenie 8547; thence
weit to place of commencement.
Jauuary 15th, 1907
No. it).���Commenclngat a poit planted at thc
-siutiH-n-i corner of timber llconie 8519; tlience
south elghtv chalm; theuce west to the east
boundary Of Lot BtS; ihence north lo the iouth-
era boundary of timber Uoanaa No. 7oi8; thenee
eait to the Koullieasl corner of timber liceme
7013; tbenee north to tbe south boundary of Umber I lee me 8549; thonce east to place ol commencement.
January 15th, 1907.
P, Lt'.M). Locator,
    Dan HcDotKULL, Agent
Notice ii hereby given that thirty daya after
date I intend to apply tothe Honorable the Ohio!
Commissioner uf Lumls and Works, Vlctorlii, for
permission lo cut ami carry nwav timber from
the following deioribed laud* in West Kootenay
Limit No 1.���Commencing at a poit thre*>
nunriers of n mile up Nine Mile creek, on Kootenay river, and marked William Walmiley'i 8 K
coiner ihu*. thence 100 chaius west, thence 40
chains north, tbenee ICO cbaina eaet, thenee 4)
chain* (o the point of beglunlng.
Located March 8th, 1907.
Wm.i.uk Wai.mni.ky Locator.
f sueiuN, Agent.
Limit No. 2.���Commenciug ftt n poat about
ttin-i* i|iiariari if a mile np Nine Mile creek, oil
the Weit Arm of Kootenav river, and marked
William Walmiley'i N K eornor post, thence 100
ehaim weit, thonco 40 ehains iouth, ttiences 100
ehalns can, and vi chain*- north to polntof be
Looated March 8th, 1907
William WALMLBTi Locator.
 P. Hhkham. Agent.
Take notice that I Intend, thirl��� dayi after
date, lo apply to the Hon. the Chief Commiiiion
erof Lauds and Worki far a ipeclal license toeut
an-' carry -away limber Lorn the following de
-������i-iLed lands, -iiuiitost nu Sandy creek, ln Weit
Koolenay district! Commenciug at a post planted on lhe west side of Handy creok and called
J 1', H'h louthweit cornor poit, theuee running
can 80 chains, theuee north 40 chalm, theuce
wesl 40 chnins, thence north W chalm, thonce
we*t 4bchaini, Ihcnce south V2i)obfttui to place
of commencement.
Hated thii uth day of March, 1907.
     J. I' gWMnglW. Locator.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days niter date 1
intend lo apply to the Honorable tne Chief Commissioner of Lnnds and Worki fnr n liceme to
proeneot lor eoal and petroleum over the lollowlng laud : Hituated two mile* north of the inter-
mitloiiiil boundary Hue aud wuit of the Klathead
river.  I'OKluntug at u poat marked W. Lciiitllai*'
N. W. corner post thei mih hnlns south, thence
80 chalm east, ihcnce 80 chain* north, theuce 80
chaius west In point of coiiimuneemont.
I'ated Not. t4, ttftH. W. LkUalLaw.
Notice li liereby given that 00 days after date I
intend to apply lo the Hon. Chief Commlnloner
of Lands ami Work* for a icense to proipecl for
coal nud peiroleum over thc following laud:
Shunted six miles north of tbe international
boundary lino and east of tho Flathead rlrer.
Heginniug at a posl marked E. H. Hurd'i N. W
vomer po t, thenee 80 chain* south, thence 80
chnlni enit, thence 80 chaini north, thence DO
chains weit to polul ol commencement
Dated Nov. lfi, 1W8. "" "
K. II. Hvnn.
New   Development   of   the   Faith-Cure
Myth���Health and Proeperlty for
a Dollar a Month.
The World Ib ln receipt of a copy of
a curious paper, the editor and publisher of which BeemB to have been a minister at one time. At all events he
Bpeaks of having occupied a pulpit. The
mai.-_7.iiii- consists of eight pages, ts
published In the United States, and is
said to be in lta fourteenth year. The
buck page Is occupied entirely by an
announcement in large type from which
the following interesting extracts are
' "Modern methods must be used in
mental healing, but the principle Ib as
old as the mind. I give treatments for
all kinds of sIckneBS and troubles, including poverty. Poverty is a disease.
[I. can be cured by mental treatments.
I divide my work into three divisions,
but all leading to the same purpose,
namely, your health, happiness and
"1. Treatments are given to (here ls
given the name of the paper.) For
many years persons have testified to
the splendid results from the paper itself. They use it as a medium for the
healing word. I treat the paper while
preparing copy and reading proof, and
send it out charged with healing
thought. Tou may apply the paper to
the body or parts affected, or you may
hold a copy in your hand while receiving the healing vibrations. Jesus Christ
used mud.   Paul used handkerchief-, and
napkins.     James   uaed   oil.     uses
"II. Treatments are given to persons
who are enrolled ln the Circle of Christians. These treatments are given every
morning, but at no other time ot the
day. Parsons enrolled tn the Circle of
Christians are expected to remain in
the fellowship right along year after
year. The treatments are given for
business success, love and marriage,
health and happiness. The terms are
one dollar per month, or twelve dollars
a year."
Down ln darkest Africa the witchdoctors "treat" bits of calico and other
substances which are used by the Ignorant nativeB as curative agents. In the
Southern States the negroes carry rabbit's pawB about their person to ward
off evil of one kind or another. The
system Is as old as human superstition
and when one of  's dupes holds a
copy of the paper In his hand or applies
It to his body in the hope that ho will
be relieved of his indisposition or
achieve business success he is placing
himself on a level wllh the degraded
tribes of Africa and his own semi-savage ancestors of ten thousand years
ago. The blasphemous comparison
which the "reverend" editor makes between himself and the Saviour and His
holy apostles cannot be too strongly
reprehended, more especially as the
statement that persons enrolled in the
circle are expected to remain ln the
fellowship right along at a cost of one
dollar a month, at once disposes of any
lingering Idea that the scheme is other
than one of hypocritical graft, a graft
which seem to have run 14 years
without the interference ot the postal
Happily the authorities In the United
States are beginning to look askance on
publications of this kind, which are no
more genuine magazines than is a patent medicine almanack, and the Canadian malls are likely to be less flooded with
them In future. There Ib no reason why
the Dominion postoffice should not exercise Its own rightB in this matter and
refuse to deliver printed matter which
under the guise of religion defrauds the
poor and Ill-informed members of the
community.���Vancouver World.	
W.   a.   GILLETT
Contractor and
Sole agent for the Porto Rtoo Lumber Co., Md.,
retail ynrdi- Hough and drewd lumber, turned
work nnd bracket!, Coait lath and Hhinglei, *n*ii
nnd doori. Cemcut, brick and lime [or Mle.
Automatic griuder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. oaat of Halt
P. O. Uox m Telephone 178
Colonist Rates
Kootenay and
Nortii Pacific Coast
Ontario, Quebec,
Maritime Province*,
St. Paid, Chicago,
and United Statea,
On Sale Daily Till 30th April.
While the rates are low. Full particulars on application to local agents
or write.
A.a.P.A.,Vaaeaavw. D. P.A., Melton
The members of the teaching staff of
the public and high schools will meet
tonight to arrange for social entertainment of the visiting members of the
provincial teachers* Institute, who will
assemble In Nelson on April 2nd.
Copper advanced another point on
the American metal market today and
Is now quoted at 24%c. Silver has
gained two potntB on each market. Lead
has declined one point in London since
Friday's quotation and is again at ��20.
It is understood that a petition will
be circulated In Fairvlew shortly asking for admission to the city of Nelson.
Undobtedly any of the residents of Fair-
view would bo pleased with the change.
While lt would mean increased taxes, it
would provide Fairvlew with a Bewer-
age system. This ln Itself might prove
advantageous to not only Fairvlew, but
Nelson as well.
The citizens of Nelson were deeply
Interested in H. B. Thomson's address
In moving the reply to the speech from
the throne. Mr. Thomson's speech was
just what might be expected from a
man of his well-known business ability.
It was a keen, careful analysis of business conditions prevailing in British
Columbia. Now that Mr. Thomson has
gone into the ,,. -'"Mi-makm*. business
it ls safe to assume that he will make
quite as much a success of lt as he has
nf his business enterprises. He sue
ceeds ln everything he undertakes���
even at football.
P. Burns, tne meat king, Is an evidence of what can be accomplished in
western Canada by indomitable energy,
enterprise and will power. A few years
ago, Mr. Burns was working for wages
In Winnipeg, but he did'nt work for
wages very long. He was designed to
lead in the battle for supremacy and
his success in his chosen line bears
testimony that he gauged his own powers with accuracy. He did not reach
hit present position through the trickery ln business that some times wins
success, lt was a clear case of playing
thc game square and keeping a cool
heal that brought success to Mr.
The Strathcona
Kelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooma.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelaon. B. C.
Lighted by Klectiicltr and
Heated by Hot Air
t-rgfl And t'omlorUble Bedroonu end Flrlt-
cUMl'mlns Room. Sample Roomi lor Commer.
���Ul   V.n
MRS. E. C.CLAKKK. Proprletreei
Grand Central Hotel
Tots hotel htabeen completely renovated -And
newly turnUhed with all modern equipments.
Uot water heating throughout.
RATES : Rooms, Mv.  upwards ; meali   25c. ;
���poclal raivi by the week.
J. A. BRIOKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
Knropeen end American Plan
Maale V, cu.   Boone Irom V ctl. to 11.
Only White Reljs Employed.
���aker St., Neleon Proprietor.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Dor li the Kluott.
White Help Only Employed.
Royal Hotel
Bates fl and 11.60 a Dny.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Mswt comfortable quartere ln Neleon
Only tbe beet of Llquora and cigar..
Building Lots for Sale
H.   &  M.  BIRD.
Fine Building Site
Chaapaat Buy
....In Town
*20 Feet x (20 Feet
One-half block south irom Baker St.
Only $4,000, on terms.
Choice Fruit
I Have J 0,000 Aem
Choke* Frott Loads In
Can sell any quantity irom 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
NOTICE lt hereby given that ��n application
will be made to the Uviilative Auembly of the
Province of British Columbia at IW next session
for en act authorizing lhe Patrick Lumber Company, Limited, to place,countruct, snd maintain,
adamordnmi, booms, piers, slides, and other
works ln and acroaa the Kootenay river ator
near Thrums Station (about opposite Sub-lot IV.
of I-ot 4598, GroUD 1, Kooteoay district): and In
and across the Little Blocan river; and tn and
across the Slocan river at a point or points below the mouth of the Little Slocan river; for the
purpose of driving, rafting, sorting, holding,and
manufacturing aaiv-logs and tlmher; to occupy
the surface of the satd rivers where necessary lor
the purposes aforesaid; to clear. Improve, and
remove obstructions from the said rivers for log-
drlviug. rafting, and booming purposes; to levy
and collect tolls and dues on logs, timber ana
lumber of persons using or profiting by such
works, clearing or Improvemenu; to enter upon
and expropriate lands; and do all other things
necessary, Incidental or conducive to theater*
else of any of the above powers.
Dated the 10th day of December, IK*.
Boltf-ltor for the Applicant
In the mutter of an application for the Issue ot
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for an
undivided 1-8 of Lots 2, and 8, Block 12, Town of
Notice is hereby given th 1 Ht is my intention
���o inane at the expiration of one month from
tbe first publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate of Title to the above lands ln the
name of Florence H. Hodglns which Certificate
is dated the 2��th day of December, 1899, and
numbered k66IK. ��__-_-
District Keglstrar.
i-aiirt Registry Offlce, Nelson, B C
���If. niinrv 2Hth .1907,	
Certificate of Improvements
"Empress," "Climax," "Hoiwwhoe," "Queen,'
"Union Jack," situated in Nelton Iflnlnn
I-ocaU-d on Porcupine creek.
Take Notlco thatl, Frank Fletcher,agent for
tho Ac<lve Uold Miulrg Company, FreeKluer's
Certificate No B822SB Intend, 80 days from date
hereof, to apply to the Miuing Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvemenu for the purpoee of
obtaining a Crown tirant of the above claims.
Aud further Uke notice that action, under
Section 37, must bo commenced before lhe issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated Nelson, IStb Dec, 1908.
FnAtnt Fi.itchm.
Certificate of Improvements
"..rcn" mineral claim, situated ln the Blocan
City   M inlng   Dlvlsloo   of   West   H ootenay
Where lo ated: On Springer Creek near tbe
Arlington Haw mill
Take Notice thnt I, Frank C,*ire��n, acting as
aiieut for the ArllugUm Mines', Limited1 Fret
Miner M Certificate No. H4606. intend, sixty davs
from date hereof, to apply to tSe Mining Recorder
for a Cerllllcate of Improvements, for tbe purpose ot obtaining a crjwn Urant of the above
And further Uke notice that action, under
section 87. must bo common ed before tha
issuance ol such certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 19th nay of December, 19T6.
F. C (1RUM, Nelson, B. C.
Tenders Wanted for tbe Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to the undersigned, at hla
offlce In the court house, tn the City ot Nelson,
will to reoelved up till the hour of 5o'clock in
the afternoon ot Monday, March Utb, 1907. lor
tbe purchase ot the "Oarfleld" mineral claim,
Lot��g9. droupl, Kootenay District, which waa
declared to be forfeited to the Crown at the
Ux aale held ln the City of Neleon on tha Sth day
of November, 1906, for delinquent taxes np till
Juu 80th, lftfi, ud coeu.
The npeet price upon the said mineral elalm,
which Includes the amount oi delinquent taxes
and costs at the time of forfeiture, with interest,
Uxaa which have since accrued, eoau of advertising, and tee tor crown grant (I38.U0 ) la IU.70.
which ts the leaatamountthat will be considered
as a tender. ,
Kach tender must to aeoomvented by an accepted cheque tor the full amount of the uadar,
payable to the order ot the Deputy commissioner
ol Lands and Worka, at Victoria, B. C, at par.
Dated at Nelaon, B C, this Mth day of Febru
ary, 1907.
Government Agent, Neleon, B. C,
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim*
Tenders addressed to the undersigned, at his
offloe ln the Court Honae, in the City ot Nelaon,
will to reoelved np UU the honr or five o'clock
ln the afurnoon of Monday, March Uth, 1197, lot
th* purehase of the "No. 1" mineral claim. Lot
3140, Oroup l, Kootenay District, which was declared to to forfeited to tha Crown at tbc tax sale
held in th* City of Neleon on the tth di ol November, 1906, lor delinquent taxes np till 'one
loth, 1906, and costs.
The upset price npon the said mineral aU.
-hteh includes the amount of delinquent tax....
and costs at tha time of forfeiture, with interest.
uses wbleh have since accrued, eosU of advertising, and faa for Crown Grant itte 00.) u UH.W.
which ts tha laaat amount that will be considered
as a finder.
Kacn Under most be accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full amonnt ot tbe under,
payable to the order of the Deputy Commissioner
of Land and Works, at Victoria, H  Cat par.
Dated at Neleon, B C, this Uth day of February, 1907.
Oovernm'nt Agent, Nelaon, B. C.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit,
Fuel & Poofey Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Bakar and Ward Sta.
F.CGREEH      F.r.NmMH      A.H.GRIHI
Civil Engineers, Domlnloo and British
Colombia Land Sanreyors
r.0. Box 145  rWtKII,
Certificate of ImptowramitSsi
"Mar," ' a.C," "Btrsifhioj," "J��f(" "'"7 Tntt-
tlniul." ud "John l>H__1��T"ai-���e-n_lCUIms.
���ItiMUKl in the Hlocan Citv Minim WtUton ul
Uie Wot Koolenay Diitrict.
Whin lo-Mlad'.-North of 1w��lre Mil. Cnek
about one sand * lt.lt mllM up.
Take notloj (he! 1, H. R. Josmnd of Bloeu k._.
""���-    '     ���*    -"- ' for
Free Mlner'a eertUoeM Mo. B7MU0, aa went for
Horace U Van Tuyl, Free Miner a certificate Mo.
Bwtl, intend, alxty daya from the dato hereof,
to apply to thc ItlntDK Keeordorfsr a Certtlcaw
of Improvomenta, for the pnr-ooae ot obtaining a
Crown Grant of thc aald mineral claim.
And lurther lake notice that action easier
SecMon ft, muit be commenced before tke loan-      >
-ance of auch Certlflcatea of Improvemenu.
Dated thla Ird Day of January. IW.
H. ft. JORAHD.
-Cv-rtlftumt-s of Impnuvwiairta
Bio Tenia, Orinoco, Queen Victoria FraaUoaal
and Oraoco Fractional Mineral elalma, iltuato
in the Nelaon Mlnlna Dlrlalon of Weet Kootanay
Located on Queen Victoria  Mountain, near
Notice that 1, Frank C. Qreen, actio, an
-went for Michael Itan, Free Mlner'a CertUoato
No. BUt,lnuad, amy dayi Irom thc date haraof,
to apply lo tho Minimi Recorder lor Certlfieeu-a
of lmprovenieuta, tor the purpoee of obtaining
Crown Uranta of the above elalma.
And further take notice that action, undo,
���aotlon tl, muat aa oonuaenced baton tm
lMUaaoo ol inch Certlflcatea of Improve-meata.
Datod thu Mth dar of January, UDI.
F. c. cunt' NiLeoK, ft. c.
Ceftncatc of
"Pprtlfc" "Amoa," "laat tide Ko. I" and "Sot.
tina Fractional" mineral elalma, illuated la
Ihe llocan Cltr Mining Dlvlalon of Woat Kootenay Dlatrlet
When located: At head of Bprlngor Creek, aaat
Ihe Arlington mine.
Take Notloe that I, Frank c. Oreen, aciing aa
9sent for the Arlington mince,  UmltodTFroa
iner'a Cerlllcau Mo. MW, Inland, ilMv dan
irpon ofobtolntng a Crown Ureal of tho aha,���
-_���*����� "Mbar taka notloe thai a.��     uot.
���acMonlf, moat Eltaauaiaced baton lha lawi
r. cann, �����!�����, B.O.
B ~>i
The Daily Canadian
Good Fortune
attends those who wear their birthstones
arrd for this month we have some fine
BLOOD STONES, in various sizes, suitable for rings which we can mount up
for you in any style desired. Why not have a look at our stock of loose
stones.    They are excellent value and we   have   many   suggestions  to
make as to their mounting.    Our gold  quartz  cut ready for  mounting
may interest you.
= THINK.'!
* ���
��� Of tlis-  differeuoe there i~s      sf
��� betweoo 1st. aud S.vns   in       j
J Canned   Goods ���
��� J
f We carry ouly 4
;        FIRSTS       I
i One trial of our ���
���Tartan  Brand!
��� , . X
��� will oonvinoe you   that we      J
carrv 11 full stock
���                 ���
XTable  Fruit ���
f       Vegetables J
I Pie   Fruit *
t Maple Syrup*
���Same Price as Inferior*
��� _ A
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything.
go to the Old CurlOBlly Shop, A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kinds of Dlunerware In stock. Patterns.
[During Lent',
Some People Eat Fish.
Some Do, Some Don't.
For those who don't
can sell them some of
! Swift's Bacon and\
And JOY Will Meet You
At the Door,
j Joy's Cash Grocery
Ooi JoMphlnasod Mill Bi��.     Phono 19
We Have �� Specially
Melccict.1 Stock  of
for Xhih-s  I riidv.
-Stoneware, Crocks. Bean Pots, Tea Pots. Etc.
> Munroe & Nelson.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, etc.
121 Eaat Baker St.        Phone No. A11-1
For Hot Tomato
Cor. Vsfmoii und Wuru Htreata.
J. FRED HUME, Proprietor.
W. C. Lewis, Revelstoke; S. E. Ham
tiley, H. E. Forster, Golden; J. M. Harris, Sandon; \V. W. Burke, R. M. Tod,
H. N. Cowan, Vancouver; G. T. Rogers,
Cranbrook; D. Arnot, Slocau; J. A.
Fraser, Ymir; G. D. Bell, H. Uell, Sal
nisi; T. Clark. Spokane; A. C. Merrlti,
Winnipeg; B. A. Lilly. Calgary.
W. E. Hodges. E. Upton. M. F. Shaw,
Vancouver; S. H. Green. M. L. Patlon,
St. John; I*. T. Snyder. Chicago; J. H.
Brownlee, Montreal.
J. G. Denison. Rossland; 0. H. Pollard. Winnipeg; S. E. Hambly, Golden:
11. J. Long, Vancouver; J. G. Dougal.
Halcyon; F. C. Elliot, Revelstoke; G
Ive,  Spokane.
G. Blake. Procter;  M. Bender, Trail
G.   Williams,   Fernie;    H.    Wilson,
R. Thompson,-J. M. Hodson. Salmo;
P. E. Blakie, Procter.
H. Enipson, Koch's Siding; R. Alban,
Eholt;   A. Calder.  P,  it. Hae,  Medclne
We have just unloaded a car of
Ptttity Flour
Made from high grade Manitoba Hard Wheat. Without a
doubt It is the best flour on
the market. Money refunded
If not satisfactory.
Telephone 181,
Hall Street, Near Silica.
Daughter md pupil ol Dr. Torrington, director
inronto College of Miu-ic deitrei a limited
number of pupils m
Apply ui reiidePOfl nr by mail.      Box JIM.
AH Kinds of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Home.     Tel. 181.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealcy Building.   P. 0. Boi
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Grocerio-.
Butter, Eggs.
Gamp nud Miners' Supplies.
James Anderson, of Kaslo, is Visiting
Nelson. He will remain lis'rs- for a
J. M. Harris, of Sandon, registered al
the Hume lusl night and left for Spo-
kam- this moi-niug.
David Arnot, the well-known merchant of Slocan, is In the city, ninl registered ut the Hume.
The annual meeting of the Nelson
boat club will be held in thu boHnl of
trade rooms tomorrow night at S:HU.
Certificates of work have been Issuesl
at the Nelson mining offloe to John De*
sireau on the Cloudy Day and Rainy
Day claims.
The military examinations were finished Saturday night by Col. McDougall. The results will appear In the
next Issue of the Dominion Gazette.
Revelstoke Is keeping pace in an artistic way with Nelsou. Thai city has
n capable dramatic club which produces
tbe best dramas in a creditable manner.
James Hughes, proprietor of the barber shop next door to Patenaude's
jewelry store, has purchased the Eagle
barber shop, formerly owned by George
Edward Kerr, proprietor of the Occidental hotel, may erect a new building
on the site of the present structure. Increase in travel renders such a move
Mayor Gillett Is expected home tomorrow night from Victoria where he
has been attending the annual meeting
of the union of British Columbia municipalities.
The annual general meeting of"tlie
board of governors of the' Kootenuy
Lake General hospital will be held tomorrow at :', p. m. in thu board of
trade rooms.
The hockey match scheduled for
Saturday night did not lake place. Capt.
Poole, of the Bell Trading Co., declaring the Ice too slow. Another story Is
told by Capt. Partington of the Hud
son's Bay Co. team.
An ardent Conservative writes The
Daily Canadian that, inasmuch, as a Dominion election is likely to take place
within the next year, the Nelson Conservative Association should meet at
least twice a month. The suggestion
Is a good one and no doubt will be carefully considered.
The many friends in Nelson of the
Sinclair family were deeply grieved to
learn of the death of Finley A. Sinclair,
foimerly attached to the customs service at Rossland, Cascade and Grand
Forks, which sad event occurred at
Winnipeg early this month. He was
the only son of thc late Dr. A. C. Sinclair, formerly of Port Elgin, Ont.. and
latterly of Itossland. It wil be remembered that Dr. Sinclair dlod a short
lime ago, while on a visit to friends in
Ontario. Finley was tho last of a family of Ave.
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
In Inks- OhSKaol ilUISffirl tit Uss.is y,-��r. ansl
awl��t -.I'll plain iieesllsswcirk. mu.lsal preftr-
red      Apply Mislame Ws-bb, Htr.llR-oim Hotel.
Per Package.
Graham Wafera  10c
Lemon Cream   10c
Vanilla Wafers     10c
Society Tea  10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krlspo Ginger Wafers   10c
Butter���Thin   10c
Milk Toast   .*.* 10c
Dainty City Soda (Salted) 15c
Saratoga Flakes (Salted)   16c
Put up In packages and thus
ever Irs-sli It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth It.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
H. E, Croadsdaile & ��
Acknowledged by critics to be
Best Blended and Most Suited to tbe waters of tins
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
MM ONI3  7
Red Cross Drug Store
for your Prescriptions, Family Recipes,
Hair Tonics, and all kinds of
Note the Address:
Baker St., near Josephine, Nelson, B.C.
Dr. Levy left this morning for England and may be away several months.
Daniel Grant, formerly of Grant &
Nelson, blacksmiths, Vermin street, will
again engage in busine;;* in Nelson, and
is now building a modern blacksmith
shop on the vacant lot adjoining thu
l.akevfew hotel.
Nelson lumber dealers predict unusual activity in the lumber industry the
coming season. One dealer is authority
for the statement that at least twice as
much lumber should he sold In Nelson
this season as last.
Nelson merchants are complaining
that their spring slocks, ordered for
the spring trade, are not yet arriving.
This is caused by tbe snow blockade
which has disorganized t raffle on all
tho transcontinental lines.
Wboloula an*! Retail D��ton lo
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied en shortest notloe and
lowest price.        Nothing but  fresh anil
wholesome mead nml supples kept la itoak
Mnil isriiers reoetve careful utteutioii.
E. C. TRAVES.   Manager.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will Und it to their ad-
vtuitiiK'* to use our Piteh.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co*
Post Cards
A citizen whose duties take him out
of town 'frequently 'returned by the
coast train last night, and complained:
"We still have to walk through mud
that we can't see to avoid. Why don't
they put a light at the C. P. It. station?''
A number of Victorians are collecting
subscriptions for tho fund being raised
for the establishment and maintenance
of a tuberculosis sanatorium in Brltlah
Columbia. A systematic canvass of the
business and residental sections of that
city is being made.
We have jusl opened up a large consignment ol Vi-'"' Poit Cards, Tbey
comprise a beautiful selection of Can
ada's beauty spots, Including a Dumber
of IJ. C. scene*- They an* beautifully
Wc Sell Them at
3 for 25 cents.
Wo are also receiving new things In
Comic and Novelty Posl Cards almost
daily. Our assortment of Picture Posl
Cards is not only one of the largest, but
one of the besl selected stocks in tbe
W. G. Thomson
SMS8 "" Nelson, 13. C.
,.l���....- 34.
Fresl Hume has abandoned politics as
a pastime und will devote his leisure
moments to raising ehiekens. lie is
putting up a building on his place
across the lake, which he claims will
ho a model hen-house, where his prize
fowls will enjoy all the comforts of a
modern home.
A. E. Watts, the well-known Watts-
burg lumberman, is now in Ottawa, having been summoned then.' lo give evidence before (he Parliamentary committee appointed to consider if there
l<> a lumber combine in ilu- Northwest
Mr. Watts understands tin- subject
thoroughly and should give much valuable Information.
The Claude Amsden Company Is
now playing an engagmein iis Rossland,
an,) drawing big houses.
Several residences In I'ulivlew hnve
changed hands during ths- past two
weeks. The demansl for good homes
Is increasing rapidly In Xelson and Its
The Spokesman-Review of yesterday
morning contained a picture of the
Nelson hockey team. Every member
of the team can be recognized, ansl ths;
picture is a good one.
Thursday evening at S o'clock sharp.
\v. m. Rochester, associate secretary of
tin- Dominion Lord's Day Alliance, will
address a public meeting In St. Paul's
church hall. Mr. Rochester invites all
who wish to ask questions or stale objections, both of which lis, will answer
to tin- best of his ability. Thursday night nexi will bs. a Lord's
Day nlghl. Resides the meeting of employers and employed, called to protest
against Its operation In llrltlah Columbia, tho act will be discusses! at two
other meltings tlie sarin- night.
The Razor that requires iio honing, aud is sold on
au absolute guarantee.
Canada Drug: <Sr Book Co.
We have notloe from our landlord to vacate our store by April 1st. In
order to reduce our -stock before moving we will sell goods now In stock
et greatly reduced prices. If you want bargains In Clothing and dent's
Furnishings drop in and see for   yourself.
Fifty Cent Hand Bai
They are beauties at the price.
l eluphonc ��_��.��..
&(* _ Kootenav hm.
to.,  a**d|
YVholUMUlfes Mrovlul-oru*,
I'i-ihIucc,      .   - Fruit.
nt Creamery One-Pound Uriels received weekly t
issi-liuru.   For sail- by all lending grocers.
(.flics* and warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone 7��,
Josephine Street. -       -      Nelson, B. C, I
JA'i doz. I.lnen Collar* To Me Sold nt
$1.50 per doz.
�����'.., i(*o*6*>o./C-jii/
Wo nr*'
.JuNf. in  Beoalpl of a  Carload Of
Thesi nr.- tbe tinest jjriule of on Sw*kn in tbi
imirkei ami mir prices nre tight. If fOO up- iu
need let Qfl licnr frnm wm.
J. H. Ashdown Hardm
Company, Limited.
R.  W.   HINTON'
ttvpnlHl-IK llissl .ffibhli.u >ssu-s.sil.-sl w-ltM I Iw.nnUIs.   Slirct V
Work. MllllliK mill .Mill  Muc hllWn .      .Mi.iiuliiv.-t iir.ru "I
Oro  Ciii-m.  ti.  H.   OonMetors'  Curat-
NELSON,    B. C.
I.li.mIiicmm men,
Work I iik IH#fl|
Mwi-i In drwMM tittiru,
Sporting men,
HuiiUMomu muii,
Men tlliit'M full uf flro
UNITE and stag thut  tbe imi��urtat��M
John T. Pierre ure ibepnpvwH
My lnht full iMptnent hwjnit nrm��l I
them and pliin��yuur order rarly fiirXflW**
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
S^stockof Fine Eiderdown
From $6.00 to $35.00.
Hmtkt Our Vnrluty of ,iui l>lctur*M l Viuuv-J In ��*���
l~<itu��t  Htyltst*.
Standard Furniture Compafly|
Complete Howe Furuisben
Undertakers,    Embalm"
Mnisssi /. IUki-Ii I'Ihiioh
Otsli-riiuxir Mi_ttrs-i������-si
.Mnrsslnill Hssislurj Mn11r<-���
and dealers in Lumber, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned Work and Brack eta. Mnil Onlism promptly ttO""
          VUUNON HTHIill*!'   -   -   .   INIiUMOIN. B. C
Galvanised I*on Work
are unequalled In the Kootenays.     If  you  require slrjj
smoke 8tackB or special work of any kind call or JJBj|
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co. Liffli


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