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The Daily Canadian Oct 26, 1907

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,K(va"'r'vheH you ask for Hairy.
JJ^.u"   tei 11    BoU-ai ���Uao
���tKlje ��ailjj ��mvaMan
Will  be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
fvjLl-MH  2.     NO.   123
Imerican Sentiment With
���finished Business of Great Moment
Cannot Be Et trusted to Any
Weaker Man.
1- ,.,. i. r-   ocl  26.���Prealdenl
...    will be 19 years old tomorrow.
[U8l    .rl.iH.rd   have
���ir ;, t.ir-*.-.   P'-rlod   for   the t'hief  Ex-
thal   -tn.   he   bus
lliiliKS   ol     public
,.    hi I   and deed* have kepi
n ....   rorotronl  at lite
itlon, r.iul during raoenl
���       .  ir.r- i -���- - j . more than ever, if
r  r     liirrnt-   on   lh<-
in rr   irarlet]   at  way-.
aimed   ihe   attention   of   tlie
im .rrnl rr,.   i ..iiirirnnity at   lurge,  but
r fruin rri..i    Htandpo���ita_*__��� b_an
Inenl  In relation to railroads
coi poi atlona,   Ineid..-ni-
t done much lo smooth uwa\
(Kline between    the    United    (Stales
over the disturbances In San
name titna preserving
ending or arrang
.���-.ii   Seat  of American
Pacific   coast.
{Among the  Ilrsl   public  acts  of  his
ea   ��� ...   the .1.'livery of his mes-
y Dei .���tuber.   Later
ri*  special messages to
\.        'i. rii.   discharge of the no*.
,- i.i  Hi.   Twenty-fifth  infan
Brgtng shlp-aubaldy legislation, ask-
Y- - -1: j l. T   .irli.m   iu   r.-Kllld   tO   th*
Ink in Ur, Colorado River threaten-
ll tie Imperial Valley, aud iu regard
Wv'.rai other matters of more or lean
I ad importance.
j- ...��� tit year he sent Sec-
p'ar. Root in Canada  to confer with
rr..r li.li.-r ill    oil    questions    of
-nniiiti inr.;...'   u,  dr..   people  of   Ihe
ud   Canada,     In   Murch
B liu.-t  and  In tlie
. rotary Taft to Pan
'���nd Cuba to look into the iioinlltl.ui
iaffaln then     Later he arranged the
round 'Ir.  world    trip    for the
1 "..   results of which
 i meat Importance
itlng the  Irr. iiill.   relations, of
f' ' ii""l Btates  .nni  seven.   foreign
d) In Hi.   yi n  he gave oonaldor
���"���" ��  In  the  disturbed   euii.ll
0,1 ol affair n, Central America anil
"������U-  mail,   n  successful  Intervention
ral  in settle the hoe-
' i. r.ia.Mia    and     llon-
l! '" the number and Import*
"'��� al* pub i,   addreaaaa thu jraar
.���ii a strenuouB om for
��� '���''    'nr.- ot his Ilrsl  nilili.'s
���   wn   delivered ui the dedl-
">'   Hough  Ridel-' Monument
<������> LVmoterj      Three addles
. "'"  deiiven .i  al  the Jamactown
I?" "    Tin   Preaidanl  also  s|*oke
iir'!" -*"-'catlon ..r  the  monument   to
l"""''   ti   McClellan In the oapl-
���  During ri,,. ,���,,���,. |>al.,  ���,- May  ,���,
t'   '' ���*,orl !"l' Into the Middle West
I     wii" tn the unveiling of the Law-
'"" Konumani
al   Iriiliauupolis   ami   a'
lennlal celebration of the
ge at  Lnn-
Agricultural   Colli*
_0^"June ''-' ""��� Preifldanl arrived nt
M,.      -   '"'   the summer vacation,
p.        ''     kon only   by his  trip  lo
i.,;;;1'1""1"".��������. ,��� speak m ax*
'.' "  "' '���"'  Inundation  stone   for   n
,,:| '"ni"  to  be   ,',,',.���.,,   ������.,-,.   io   the
aiir,,!" ''    '" Mb *******, wl111-''
,,,,,'H.,"'1 """Il Mtentlon throughout the
, ,.    - '"' I't-sldi
hllcj ���,
aguin defined the
iHttntlon regarding the
'in- hi
"" uf im.  broakeri,
t'-Wntant'""'   WU0K  ul   s��P,l'tnber   the
is     MQuitted OysMr Buy and after a
11,,   uj'*0 ���������  Washington started on
''tr tl,',.""'.1/'1''''   M'"-Bl*-aippl   River   trip.
'ik run''5 '"' "'".'i"*'1 a' Oanton to
I tri.i������'ia|l";ill'*l)icallon of Ihe McKlnl.
r" ti,,'
III lhe
course of his journey
Ml:"r,.il|.pi  irom   Keokuk  to
,, '''-"''''ii-il three notable ml
_   i'""','r with  various   lubjeel
��� imu.-nt H relation  to
 h ,;;"'     ___________	
,"���-"���!ni��- r .,,'""*"*"�����������.  the   policy   id   the
,""", mill  it     ",'"''     regard     to   lhe
��� '"-i-tlr...     '"*���   dnlles     of    latter-day
wuh heard on the Hiibji*-** of floojj wat��-r-
wuyH. u  QUMtton   In   whlr-li   bt   ha<l   jn��--
vioiiMiy ow\Aono*oti liiu deep Lotarul hy
tht- apiMiint incut uf tin* Inland Wain
wuyH Cuii)inli4Bton. Art��r u wuok or Iwo
SDMI. In liunliiiK in lb* Louisiuiui oaiM
brak*M Um pfwrtdenl Btarted on hiK return to W'tHhiiiKt-ui. ���peftklag ra ronto
iti   VIcKHhnrK  and   Nimhvllli*.
Tht- Preaidanl apparenl ly troo nsntr
in batter haaltb or in batter hj��ipUk than
now, praparad to push his politics wiih
tbe    utinoHt    vigor   during   the   hIxUic-ii
months In* is to remain at. the tndm at
thfl  nation's  affairs.
According to ati-nou_noaniu_M__t made at
tin- WhlU* UoiWf uu arraiig��*m'Mits have
been  made for any oelebratfoa of tiie
Prorident'e   birthday,  and   in   all   \ffo\>
nhiliiy be will pass tin* dav very much
areording to the routine which UHtiaMy
marks his olmervancc of the Sa hliatli.
ThO only reminder of tlu* approach of
tht* birthday anniversary wus the arrival of a number of early messag'-i" of
congratulation today. These came from
Crlande and admirers in all sections of
the   country.
Dr. Morrison's F_ith��r Dead.
Haw WeHiminst-T. Oct. 2<l.���Mr. A C.
Morrison, u w��*U known resident of New
Waal min.st��-r. who has been a number
of the staff of th*' Canadian Pacific Hail-
way there, died at his borne in Bapper-
ton, on Wednaedajr. The daoaaaad was
a native uf Haddington, Scotland, und
wus Btxty-aevan yaare or ace. He name
to Canada in 1^."? and to Kaw Waa*l>
ml niter In IBM. He leavee, baaldee a
Widow, five Bom** and one daughter. The
rhlldren ar.-: I>. J-'. BL ttorrlaon at
Nelaon, Dr. .7. C. Morrison and Dr. H. H
Edorrlaon of Revelatofca, it. M. Horrteon
ut VatHunvt-r. IV V, Morrison, M. h... of
Me-dco, and Mrs. K. 1>. t'uinmiug of
A tht -i-uft. Tlie Ttinerul wus held Thursday afternoon.
American Banking Houses Hope for Recovery   on   Monday���London
Financial   Views.
m.    At MouipUto  he
London, Oct. 26.���All the leading
weeklies today discussed the American
financial situation aud generally take
their c.iHtomary attitude that it is due
t" the unsoundness of coinmerelul meth
The Statist says: "The lesson of Uie
crisis Is noi that American honesty is
le��H than that of other countries, but
that the oppurtunities for successful dishonesty are more abundant and more
tempting." The Ktatist asserts als% thai
ll Is the outcome of tlie fuct that with
a few distinguished exception*-, the more
reepeotable classes do not participate
in politics, which now is the earear for
men of low character for the most part,
many of whom huve failed In other
Tba Outlook, like the Slut 1st, views
the situation from the political viewpoint, decluring that America Ib In a
radical moodr with an appetite for confiscatory legislation. All the papers
praise Secretary of Treasury Cortelyun's
prompt action in affording relief, and
President Kons.-veil's attitude toward
what Ihey call trended finance.
New York, Oct. IS.���The captains of
finance who with the secretary of the
I'nited Stall's treasury have been battling night and day to preserve order in
the banking world held no conference
last night, but  went to bed early conll-
dent In*the belief that the threatening
situution wil! be successfully comhatted
from now on, und (he restoration of
public confidence and truti'iullity would
be speedily accomplished. The dilllculty
throughout the weeks experiences had
been lack uf currency. There was
enough actual money In the city tosianil
the tremendous slraln without cutting
down loans.   Small banking institutions
that closed this week have good supplies
of gilt edged security in their vaults,
but they cmld neither sell them nor borrow money on them this week simply
because of the Hcarcity of actual paper,
gold and silver money. No apprehension
wuh fell as to tlie result tif today's liuau-
olal tranaaottona.   The stocks exchange
and the banks will be open for business
for only two hours and the stock exchange will not In* troubled by the
money situation as all Ihe loans made
V'stirduy carry over until Monday under
tie- ordinary rules of the exchaug".
There were bo tne small lines on deposits
fiom the Trusi Company of America ami
the Lincoln Trust oompany but their
number was not ho great as at the same
hour yesterday. The direction which
the remedial efforts will take bus been
the subject of enrnent discussion and
some difference of Opinion even among
the most Important  hankers of the city.
The situation at PItt��burg is expected to
tigbl ItHeif under these conditions. It
was suggeHfed that an effort lie made to
relieve ibe tension In New York by gold
Imports, und something In thut direct Ion
Is being done Whether the rnte of exportation Mid the prices of American
Securities will reach a level to enable
gold Imports on a sufllcieutly large scale
to be effective remains to be seen. II Is
felt, as Jacob Sehlff put It yesterday,
thai any efforts to press the matter Is
likely to meet with obstruetivu measures
in London.
More Than Doubled Under
Liberal Rule
Premier's    Unlucky   Reference   to
Party Platform of 1893���Political News From Ottawa.
Ottawa, Oct. 26.���At the Halifax demonstration In honor of Mr. Fielding Sir
Wilfrid* Laurler informed the audience
that thi* Finance Minister had done
mere than anyone else to make the Ottawa convention of 181*:! a success. It
is true that Mr. Fielding prepared and
brought forward the economy plank of
the Ottawa platform. He is responsible   for this   statement:
"We cannot hut view with alarm the
large increase of the public debt and of
the uncontrolahle annual expenditure
Of the Dominion, and the consequent
undue taxation of the people under
the Governments thai have continuously
been in power since 187S. and we demand the strictest economy in the administration of the Government of the
While Sir Wilfrid Laurier recalled the
SUOOess of this declaration the audience
had in mind a statement made by Mr.
Fielding in his speech the same evening. Mr. Fielding announced that the
revenue of this year would be $100,-
000.000. He made the statement In a
triumphant way, regardless of the fact
that $75,000,000 to $80,000,000 of this
revenue is produced by taxation.
A little less titan thirty million dollars was the amount of tax lhat Mr.
Fielding viewed with alarm. Not much
less than eighy millions is the sum
which Canada now mentions with pride.
For every man, woman and child ln
Canada the taxes collected are more
than double the taxes of 1893 or 1896.
Yet every dollar which Mr. Fielding
will collect this year will be paid out
this year. For while he claims surpluses of over ninety millions in the past
twelve years he admits that the public
debt has increased during that period
and Is now u good muny times larger
than when he look office. The total expenditure this year will be $100,000,000,
whereas in tlie year before Mr. Fielding
look office it wus $;.7.000.000.
The Minister of Finance nevertheless
calmly states that taxation has not in-
Oraased. Allowing fur increase of population there will be taken from the people of Canada this year $10,000,000 more
than they would have paid on the scale
per head of 1896. Does Mr. Fielding
think that $40,000,000 is no increase? It
is useless tu tulk of percentages on the
imports. A man may pay twice as much
lax and still pay no more per cent on
what he buys. When the price of the
article is doubled, it is no comfort to
the man who pays twice as much tax
to know that he pays also twice as
mucji for lhe goods. In Mr. Fielding's
own department a commission ls now
ut work, with his former deputy minister
at the head of it, arrunging for Increa
ses of pay to the civil servants. What
is the basis of their claim? That they
are able to show an Increase of nearly
HO per cent, tn the cost of living. On
uccount of this Increased cost of living
salaries of deputy ministers have been
raised $1,000. the indemnity of mem
hers has been talsed $1,500, salaries
of judges have beat) increased by $S,000
and wages on the Intercolonial have
been    rulsed. !
What is true of the civil service of the
otllciu! class of government employees
genernlly ls true or the farmer, the artisan, tlie fisherman and all classes of
workers, aud of persons who ure unublo
to work throughout fhe country* A large
part of that increased cost of living
is the $40,01)0,000 a year additional which
Ih paid In taxes, taken Into the public
treasury and much of it squandered in
Improper eii'erprises or corruptly paid
tor the benefit of grafters. Assuming
thai there arc 1,_!50,000 families in
Canada here is a sum of $:i2 per family
levied this year in taxes over and above
the amount which Mr. Fielding viewed
"with alarm" a few years ago. This
money must come out of the people of
Canada. There is no outside Bource. It
is taken from the fanners' income; it la
exuded from the workingmnn's wuges;
the professlonnl man und the clerk contribute their share; the seamstress nnd
the washwoman are called upon to pny.
This $81 per family Is not the whole
taxation. It is the extra taxation which
enables Mr. Fielding to boast of lucreas-
Fifty Cbnts a month
ed revenue, and gives him money to satisfy the middlemen and all the double
priced vendors of goods to the government, -a
As the minister of public works haa
broken out again In Gagetown, New
Itrunswiek, with another rather general
Statement about Conservative campaign
expenditure, it is interesting to note that
Mr. Foster, speaking at Toronto, has
given the assurance Ihut Mr. Pugsley
will at the beginning of the session be
asked to disclose all he knows to the
disadvantage of the opposition party.
Mr. Foster has some acquaintance with
Mr. Pugsley and states that the minister
is only playing a game of bluff. Whatever the game is It will he played out in
the first week of the coming session.
Mr. Pugsley will probably before that
time take thought of what has happened
two or three ministers ln the last year
and will *��� not be anxious for more exposures, when he reaches the place
where exposures may be made. He has
not yet completed the job of vindicating
Mr. Emmerson which he undertook six
months ago.
Nor is there any need for Mr.
Pugsley to complain because Mr. Borden
did not drop his western tour and begin a minute search of something definite
in the Pugsley charges. Mr. Borden is
bringing to a close a remarkably successful series of meetings which he has
conducted in six provinces. He is now
moving eastward and will probably
hold his closing meeting in Winnipeg,
lt is possible that Mr. Pugsley may receive some attention at that meeting
when the serious business of Mr. Borden's tour shall be completed. In any
case Mr. Borden will be in Ottawa in
November to meet the former premier
of New Brunswick, who is usually much
more valiant at a distance from his opponent than when he is near hy.
One result of Sir Wilfrid Laurier's
visit to Quebec was announced last
week when two members of the provincial government were retired, one of
them to take a seat on the bench. This
week we have the further announcement
that their places have been filed. One
offic goes to a law partner of Mr. Parent,
chairman of the transcontinental commission and president of the unhappy
Quebec Bridge company. The other is
awarded to Mr. Devlin, member of parliament for NIcolet, former Canadian immigration agent in Ireland. It is stated
that Mr. Devlin was promised a Dominion cabinet position and receives this
provincial office as a compromise.
The disgraceful land scandals of the
west are exposed to English eyes by
Kier Hurdle, M. P., leader of the Labor
party in the British house of commons.
Mr. Hardie spent some time in Canada
this year and gave particular attention
to conditions in the West. He speaks
from personal knowledge when he denounces the government land deals. The
following sample of his language shows
what kind of advertising the Laurier administration is giving this country in
"Time and again I met men who a
few years ago were penniless and now
recken their fortunes by tlie hundreds of
thousands of dollars.
"It saddens one to see a great continent teeming with natural wealth bled
white by a horde of unscrupulous speculators."
Mr. Hardie declares that the settler,
especially In the West, frequently pays
from $300 to $1,500 for land which originally was bought at as many cents.
^ a*. **���**��� en ath*me% e% e\ *%*%*%*% *%m,e% **������*������*-���*������*������*������*��� ���*
��� Nelson Fair Recognized.
Some time ugo at the request of
F. A. Starkey, managing director
' of tbe Nelson Fair, ,1. A. Klrkput-
Irick wrote to Finunce Minister Tatlow* pointing out the heavy costs
Incurred by the directors, and the
value of the Fair to the province,
especially to the Immigration department, and asking for an additional grant.
Last night he received the following letter from Capt. Tatlow,
enclosing a cheque for $500:
"1 have submitted your letter of
Oct. Hth to the executive and have
the pleasure to inform yuu that I
am authorized under the
stances you relate, to make
ther donation of $000 to
aoclatlon. This, however,
he regarded us a precedent.'
Dates of Consistories.
Rome, Oct. 26.���Unless there should
be a change in the present programme
private and public consistories will be
held respectively on the 9th and twelfth
of December. Several Italian prelates
will be given the red hat, but whether
any foreigners will be so honored hus
not been decided.
Time of Hit Life.
London, Oct. 26.���Dr. Ingram, Lord
Bishop of London, since his return from
America has been kept busy telling his
frienda of the delight of bis visit, and
has been saying many nice th'ngs ahout
Americans. "1 really had the time of
my life," stiid Dr. Ingram. "The attention paid to me by President Roosevelt
and the respect extended by the Ameri
cans generally, coupled with their delightful hospitalities, has made a deep
impression on me."
Contract Let.
Messrs. Starkey and Klrkpatrick, acting ou behalf of the Nelson Agricultural
Association, have let the contract for the
placing of a permanent roof on the poultry house to W. U. Gillett.
New Brunswick Promised
Part of Stream Will Be Diverted at
His Request���News of Canada
From Ocean to Ocean.
Sussex, N. B.. Oct. 26.���At a non-political banquet tendered Hon. W. Pugsley
in his native town here, the minister of
public works announced that he was
authorized to say by the minister of the
interior that he was prepared to co-operate with the province of New Brunswick
in diverting a portion of the tide of immigration to this province.
Chatham, N. B., Oct. 26.���Alderman
Mersereau was knocked down and brutally kicked yesterday afternoon by a
resident namer Frackear. Frackenr has
been convicted several times within a
few weeks under the Scott Act. He was
drinking and he was looking for the
chairman of the police committee for
satisfaction. Mersereau was rendered
unconscious.   Frackear was arrested.
Toronto, Oct. 26.���John F. Stammer,
of Park avenue, who went duck shooting, is believed to have heen drowned.
Ills canoe has been found on the shore
about nine miles east of the city.
Winnipeg, Oct. 26.���Teachers of the
public schools of the city met yesterday
afternoon at the collegiate institute and
presented Major Mulvay with a .valuable
ring set with a sapphire and two diamonds as a token of their esteem for
the veteran of the school board.
Quebec, Oct. 26.���Henri Bourassa,
M. P. for Labelle, has resigned and has
accepted candidature in Belle Chasse
against Hon. Adelard Turgeon, provincial minister of crown lands and
Montreal, Oct. 2...���Sam Austin, a 19
year old lad, who confessed to attempting to set fire to the premises of Cuver-
hill. Lennont & company.hardware dealers, some days ago, has beeu adjudged
insane by medical men and will probably
be sent to an insane asylum.
Montreal, Oct. 26.���As a result of a
deputation of theatre managers, who
called to see Chief of Police Campeau
yesterday, and furthermore acting on
the advice of the city law office, no attempt will be made by the police to close
Sunday amusement resorts wherein
moving pictures are exhibited. The
change of view was due largely to the
theatre managers convincing the authorities that they were not giving u theatrical performance. They admit they are
giving amusement.
North Sydney, Oct. 26.���Alex. Le-
moine, senior member of the firm of
Lamoille Bros., tried to stop a runaway
horse yesterday and was knocked down,
the wheel of a heavy cart passing over
his chest, killing him.
Winnipeg. Oct. 26.���R. L. Borden and
party, returning from Carman at an
early hour this morning, where a meet
Ing was held last evening, were wrecked
a few miles from the city. In the party
were R. S. Roblln, R. L. Borden,Dr. Reld.
M. P.. and J. G. H. Bergeron. The train
left Carman for Winnipeg at midnight
but several miles rrom tne city the engine left the rails, the shock sending
passengers out of their seats across the
car floor. The party w-i>* stranded until
another engine was sent out, the train
reaching here at 7 o'clock this morning
Borden speaks at Carborry tonight and
in Winnipeg Monday night.
Back From Ontario.
David McCroath, for many years a resident of Nelson, has just returned from
Kincardine, Out., where he has now established his permanet home. During
the year Mr. McCreath haa been in
Scotland, where he waa sent by the
Ontario government in the interest of
immigration. While he succeeded in
securing several desirable settlers. In-
discovered that there was a strong feeling against emigration, particularly In
the west of Scotland. It is object ed thai
Canada is taking away from the old
country the best specimens of physical
manhood to be found, with the result
that there Is not enough left to supply
the demand at home. Mr. McCreath
does not look forward to any great rush
of emigration lru___ aral dis
tricts of Scotland. He hat. ... i absent
from Scotland foe thirty-five years, and
noticed many changes. Particularly was
he Interested in the changes that have
taken place in the methods of trunspor-
lation, that is so far as concerned the
work formerly done by horses. Horses
used to do all the drayage work and the
farming operations could not have been
carried on without the aid of horses.
Now this work is nearly all done by the
automobiles. The farmer plows by the
new forces at his command, and the
transfer and express companies employ
automobiles In nearly every branch of
their work. It has been discovered that
the cost has been reduced at least
twenty-five per cent. Mr. McCreath will
remain here a few days, and may visit
the coast hefore hm return to Ontario.
N. L. Mclnnes spent yesterday in Nelson on business.
A. McQueen, of Kamloops, returned
from East Kootenay last night.
Mrs. Starkey and Miss Rica Starkey
are visiting friends in Grand Forks.
Mitchell Tate, government bridge
builder, came in from Salmo this morning.
A. D. Wheeler and Mrs. Wheeler came
down from Ainsworth last night and are
at the Strathcona.
Dr. G. R- Gordon, of Phoenix, returned
from the coast iast night and left for the
Boundary' this morning.
W. A. Macdonald, K. C, returned from
Greenwood last evening where he had
been attending the  assize court.
F. R. Blochberger, of Portland, arrived from the coast la ' night. He has
many mining interest, in Kootenay, in
the Rossland and Slocan districts.
J. A. Gibson went over to Spokane
last evening to visit his friend R. J. McPhee. Mr. McPhee, according to latest
accounts, is recovering from his recent
Inactivity and Financial Depression Affect Securities���Stock Market
The stock market for the past week
continued weak and erratic, with prices
at the opening showing still further declines, but towards the close a better
feeling prevailed, and higher advances
were in order in nearly every security.
Alberta Coal and Coke gained 2 cents
on the bid price, with but very little
business offered. B. C. Copper sold
down to between $4 to 4.12% but yesterday reacted, $4.25 being asked. Consolidated Smelters and Canadian Gold
Fields Syndicate were in demand
throughout the week, but at very low
figures, with the result that very little
business was recorded. Cariboo McKinney continued inactive aud almost unchanged. Dominion Copper fluctuated
between $1.87% and $2.1 _!���/_��� throughout
the week"s tradings, and showed no
change at the close. Diamond Vale
Coal showed another weakness, offerings being made at 15 cents with no
buyers. Granby continued weal; and inactive. Galbralth Coal continued firm
and fairly active. International Coal
swowed but little change throughout,
losing only half a cent on the bid price.
Rambler Cariboo and Sullivan remained
firm though inactive. Western Oil
witnessed another decline, with no Interest manifested.
Following are the approximate quota-
tlones for the week ending today:
Asked.      Bid.
Albertu Coul &  Coke $    ...9      $      .37
B. C. Copper     4.25 4.12%
Breckenridge-Lund   .        .55
Con.   Smelters    105.00 95.00
Can. Gold  Fields OB .04
Cariboo McKinney ..        .04 .02
Dominion Copper...      2.12% 1.87%
Diamond Vale Coal..        .16
Granby         80.00
Galbralth Coal 28
Capt. Dernier Again Begs
for Orders
Canadian Flag Planted on Principal
Ice-Bert*-���Revenue Collected
From Whalers.
89 V;
Internallunn3   Coal...        .98
Lu Plata Mines 12 ^^^l|
Nicola  Coal   Mia.*-...        .05 .03
1'anhiiinll.. aniflu-i*..        .06*. .05
Uainbli-r Cariboo 24 .20
Sullivan    07% 0��Vi
T.-1-Kwa   Mines 13
Western   Oil       1.20 .90
While  Benr.._^^^��     .03 .02
Prices  of Metals.
New   York.   Oct.   21',.���Silver,   GO Vic.;
copper. 12*H.c;  lead   J-1.76.
London, Oot. 26.���silver, 28d.
Methodist Services.
Rev. R. N. Powell wtll preach at lioth
services In the Methodist church tomorrow. Morning subject, "The Fundamentals of Soul Saving"; .veuing, "Out-
Stretched Hands."
Rumored Murder.
Th ere was a rumor ou the street this
afternoon that a murder bad been committed at Kerenieoa a few days ago. No
definite information could be received
in the way of confirmation of th..* report
I  up to tbe hour of going to press.
Quebec, Oct 26.���The government
steamer Arctic is anchored here and expects to be ordered to winter quarters
shortly. Captain Bernler, her commander, who brought tbe ship safely back,
without the slightest damage from his
polar voyage of fifteen months, Ib do-
lighted wltj* his experiences and declare-
that everything seen by him on the trip
serves to corroborate the correctness of
bis view as to the entire feasibility of
reaching tbe North role by the metbod
so long agitated by blm. In fact, he Is
prepared to start ou tbe mission aa
soon as the government gives orders to
that effect.
In asserting Canadian ownership and
planting the nag upon ail the northern
islands within bis reach, Captain Bernler believes tbat he has added 500,000
square miles to the area of the Dominion. In accordance with Instructions to
tbat effect and with legislation of a session or two ago at Ottawa, he levied
tribute to the Dominion upon all whaling ships found in the northern seas.
He has returned loaded up with a batch
of stories concerning Eskimo and fish
and game life in polar regions, enormous
coal deposits and the whaling industry
of the far north.
The  Arctic sailed  over eleven  thousand miles, using both steam and sail
as occasion  required, and  wintered  at
Pond's  Inlet.    No    American    whalers
were found ln the northern seas, tbse
actually   confining   their  operations   to
Hudson's Bay and other more southern.
waters.    Ten Dundee whaling ships, _���_����
all, were overhauled in 1906 and  1907,
and compelled to pay an annual license
fee of $50 each for fishing in Canadian
waters.   No resistence to the impost was
experienced from Scotch captains, whose
profits, when successful In their operations, are  too  large to cause them to
object to tbe payment of a $50 lincense
fee.    The  right whale, which is fairly
plentiful in these waters, is often worth
$10,000 per carcass and a catch of two
of them in a season pays all a ship's expenses and leaves a fair margin of profit.    Humpback and other  varieties  of
whale are also    taken    ln the  waters
around   Daffin's Land, and  between  it
and Greenland, though some whalers are
necessarily   less fortunate than others.
The whalers also do considerable trading with the natives for skins and oil.
Last summer was quite an open season In tbe nortb, and Captain Bernler
succeeded ln adding sixty miles to the
length   of Admirnlty   Inlet,   former  explorers and chart-makers having apparently taken sixty  milea of ice for covered   land.     Thai   the entire   polar  region is not an interminable mass of Ice-
and snow is shown by the fact that no
snow and only one Iceberg was met in
Admiralty     Inlet   In     September,  1906,
while Melville Island was clear of snow
and ice for a good part of July, August
and September.   Melville is a very la.'.-ge
Island, and one of those upon which o
culm   was  erected   and   the   Canadian
Hag planted by Capl.Heruler in tbe uame
of  the   Dominion   of   Canada,  together
with a deposited record of tract.   Other
lands which were similarly and formally taken possession of oy tbe exped.tion
were Byam    Martin    Island, Soine-*E3t.
Lord Hathurst, North Lincoln, Cojknurn
and   adjacent   Islands.    Some  of  these
lands, and Melville island In par'icuia.',
are likely to prove very valuable for tho
establishment  of  whaling    and    other
bunting stations.
Musk oxen and reindeer are repined
to be fairly plentiful In thes-j purls, end
traces of the animals were se��**i li> Ihe
members of the expedition. Polar or
whit., bears are plentiful un tbe Ice Hoes
and bergs everywhere. So much fog prevails, however, that tiny are not svea
very often except at pra'.ty close quarters. Five were seen tog.*;licr In Resolution Bay. bur they w;-e nc*. hun-ril.
Capt. Bernler corroboni-o'i tlu re,M-*s
of coal dopo* ts on ran iy of the rorth'jrn
Islands, aud has bro t {.it ba.-k a number of specmens nf vailous klin*s vith
blm. Tracing and mapnl'u; the reported
finds of coal mentioned by previous u-
plorers. witb his own, ho establisbei the
exist.-nee of ii -roati l ions area, ni.uy
miles wide, and < xte.'.'ing fully a !h-.i.��-
and miles from east to west on different Islands, ->s far ns Thetis Bl.'. o'l-er
mines ln AUUka. <iiii�� t'Mi iN-pci it apparently dips under BchiU-J Sin-ltn.
. w
��� > ���' i_
fit      Lgm
N": '������������f'-'M-.--$
- ' 1  ���
,     '; !
.   |[
ii i i
I   ; *��� The Daily Canadian
Clothing,    Gents,   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Ifl beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
Iu tlie meantime it will pay you to await their arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
 $10,000,000    Capital   Paid   Up   	
West           4,830,000 *g-,_-
D. R. W1I.KIK  President. HON. KOHKKT.'JAFFKAY, Vice-President
Capital Authorized
Rrancbes in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed on deposits  fr im 'late of deposit and credited quarterly.
NELSON branch -> i �����   -V-U    LAY1   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated A. D. J8-.9.
Capital $3,900,0' "J     Reserve   Fund	
Unexcelled faci I it i-rs for the transaction
of all  kinds of Uanking  Business.
CIAL ATTENTION given to the
Savings Bank Department, and
interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
l'nhl\H>o<i Hz day- a ffNt  by the
Baker Ht..   NeI*on, B. 0
HnuBcrS-ilJon rate*, M ceiii* a month delivered
ID t.it- city, or |_t,00 a ytmt It Bent by mail, when
paid Id advance.
AivtrtimnK rates on application.
au DkonSM i"-i'i i" -* *-J' meat ol The Daily
Canadian accoui elth i Ior labsciiptfona oi
adYsrtlslnc. nasi I ������ rm * ipti 'i loi oo tht printed
forintt ot   tat Comp-ini      "'the:  receipt--   are not
Saturday,   October   26.   1907.
Wnatevei   moi I plred   Rudj ard
Kipling to make .< < 'anadJan toiu bi tin
ju< sen | time, Lhe re can bt no question
tbat bit addresses to representative gatherings ol Canadian cltla ni bave done
much to reiIve and Quicken the senst
nf kindred witb other members ot tli*.-
British race ai borne end In Nn youn ��� i
nations ovi i
[t is probably inevitable thai iji ;i
young oonntrj the njati rial and ntll
tarian polnl oi vle�� should prevail evi n
to the exclusion <>t all otheis. 1 \xt
(inestloni ihat bavi divided Canada tm
the iasi half ceni urj bave, witb vera
few exceptions, related to mat* rial b
fare and progress. The tariff, rallwaj
imiidiiiK. govern men I works, Involve i
ethical principlei Evi n ��lonfi di rai
won Uh way net by its sentimental . *
peal h<�� much ai b) Lhe growing o *
vlctlon tlmt unity would conduce to I .���
material growth of all the parts, in I i
circumstances sucta a developmeni wai
inevitable. A people who bave to cleai
forests bridge rivers, and build roads
across a oontineni bave no time for tin
reflection that, produces art, literature
nti'l philosophy. Bui It la asdangeroui
for nations as for nations to try to "liv.
by bread alone." The keepness for al
thai makes tor mat. rial prosperity does
not conduce t-- high Ideals for men 01
for nations. The low tone of Canadian
politics, iii<* dishonorable tactics thai
both pariles have to confessj are dui
solely to the Cacl thai the only standard of judgmsnl is BUOC6SS. CHnadu
seems to bave adopt' d as i batlonal
creod Daniel O'ConnelTs unfortunati
(lieiiiui: "The verdict's the thing."
Thi ire is still a vast amount of pioneei
work to be done in C'tma-Ia. but It Is not
too early lo think of other things, nud
Up one is better fitted  to suggest them
than Rudyard Klpllne who has tried to
express tbe aspirattons of the younger
nations ol  the Empire.
Much has been .said lately oi Canada 1
.. lonhood. it is to be feared thai the
. sion has usual], been prompted
bj riie wish for a greater degree of In-
di jjendence. Bul a nation has responsibilities as well as privileges, The
"While Man's Burden" i-mihi be borne,
and it is steadily growing heavier.
Canadians musl share In the responsibilities oi the white race, whether ai mi m
bera of the British Ehnptre or as in-
ii< pendent people.
An.-, analog) drawn between the de
velopmenl oi Canada and that <>r the
1 iiin ii States is misleading. The United States in their younger days bad
do rivals (tt any thins like similar
Lrengtb 00 the continent, and across
the Pacific the yellow racei were mm
sleeping the sleep of ages. Canada baa
grown tiji beside a wealthier and more
populous neighbor, and with her west
era shores still */ery sparsely settled.
is confronted  bi   an awakened Orient.
it Canada had the full status of a na
tlon, OOUld  make her  own treaties, with,
of oourse, the full burden ol enforcing
them, the problem ol  bon  tc preserve
ber land for her onn. ami at 1 bi sami
time i" maintain such friendly n latlon
Willi    A. iai i.     p. opll I    that    a    shai<*    ol
their foreign trade might be won, is
��� 1 .nu anough to engage all the states
mansblp or the Dominion, in Canada's
present circumstances the problem is
fat more complex, ITor tbe enforce
im ni ot" ber rights even on her own
shores, her only resource ia the . Im-
perlal navy, to which she contributes
not a dollar It must he patent to the
least reflective of Canadians that while
this country refuses to provide for its
own defence it must not embroil the
Empire in a foreign war for a '���nn*****-
which may be directly opposed to general Imperial Interest and policy.
Such are some of the thoughts naturally suggested by the presence in Canada oi the poet who has done more perhaps than any statesman to express the
w.   a.   OILUETT
Ciiiitrii-ttir    tint!
BolS anient tor the Porto Hh-o Lumber Co., Ltd..
ratull yards. Un-if-h and drsHod lumber, turned
work ttii'l brackets. ��� '������n-t lalli und ahlnj(leH,.,. i
aud doon. Csment, b"*lek and lime for aale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon Ht.. eaat of Hall
m :i ..-��< HM,   I*. C
V, O. Box '202. Telephone 17S
hts  and  th��- hopes  thai  are com-
mon   to all  tbe  British   race,  and It is
the   common   interests   not   th-*   differ-
, thi   unity of the  whole, not the
'.��������� lorn   of  any   part,   ihat   leaders of
���   Throughout  the  Bmpi
poets  and others, should  s4.-ek to
1     and  to f star.
Answer to St. Peter on the Duty cf Fc-
gtvenesi���Services in  the  City
Churches Tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be tbe Twenty-fl
Suii'lay  after  Trinity.     Monday   v.;
the festival of St. Simon and S*
epoetin 1
'It.-    gospel   for  the  day   is   St    M  *
thew'a account of Christ's aa*-   ��� 1
Pet- 1   who  askt-r  "l_ord.  how oft  shall
my brother sin against me and I foi
him?    Till  sev.-n  times?"    The answer
i.-; given in the parable of thi
rant, and his servant".* *-- n ml I
of the man to whom much had
forgiven who forgave nothing bim-
.*-.-'* The teaching of the duty -,;
Ing mercy and charity is a definite as
the question of the always practical 8t
1'. ������ 1
The following Bernces are announced
for tomorrow in the churches of Nel
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
corner Ward and Silica street
Twenty-second Sunday after Tritity, holy
communion. 8 a. m.; morning prayer
and litany. 11 a. m ; Sunday School. . SO
p. m.; evensong 7-*-W P- ni. Rev. F. H.
Oraham, red  r
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Im
maculate, corner of Ward and Mill
atreetc: Low mass, 8 a. m.; high mass,
10:30 a. m., evening service- ?:30 p. m
Rev. Father AlthoC, priest.
Preshyterfan church���St. Paul's, cor
ner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning Bt-rvieo, n a. m.; Sunday
school, SUM) p. rn.; evening service,
7:M p. m. Kev. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:3ft p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p m. Rev. R. N
Powell,   pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley atreet, near
Mill: Morning service. 11 a. m.; even
Inj*? service, 7:30 p. m.: Sunday school,
2.30 p. m.    Kev. c. PadJey.
Salvation Army���Barrarrts on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. m.; a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvatioD
meeting at 8 p. m.
To All   Points   In   Kootenays.
MONTREAL, $46.10; OTTAWA,$44.85;
HALIFAX,   .56.40.
Correspondingly  Low  Rates  from and
to All   Intermediate Points.
Prepaid  pai-__*i  arranKOil.    KirBerva-
tioiia  i-.eiriireil,  utc.  through  this  olll.r.r.
Kor furlhnr particulars  call  or write
A.U.P.A..V��iieoriTi:r. I> P. A., NelBon
To   Contractors,     Builders,     Carpenters
and  House Agents.
It havln-; been brought to the notice
Of the Clly Council ihat. certain hccUoiih
of By-laws No's 74 and 180 are not anil
have not. been observed, I. c. sections .-i.
0 and 7 of Hy-!aw 74 and sections
7 and 8 of IJy-law 186 which provide
Unit permUf���on of the l-'lre Wardens,
the City Kngineer anrl HulldlilK Inspector uiiist flrst be obtained and plans deposited with the liulldiiiK Inspector before erecting new building! or additions
or repairing, altering or renovating ex*
Isllng bUlldlngl,
Therefore notice Is now finally Issued
that, on and after this dale any person
or persons not complying with the huilding Ily-lawH of the City of Nelson, 1. e.
I'y-lnws No.'s 74 nnd (86 will be prose-
outed as provided therein. My Order.
W. E. WA880N, City Clerk.
Nelson, B. C, October 12, 1907.
Geo.  P.   Player
l.NG   &    SMKI.TIN'i;    I ' I
Office   Room  No.  2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
-COMPANIES   ACT,   1897."
Notice is hereby given ton A
Miller, of the town of '
man,  has   been  apr-olr, -v  at-
of    -The    Ktep-y Hlllei   I
Registrar of Jota*
Victoria, Hriilsn C   .. Octob_rt7,
I_��dJ Diitrlci.   1>U*_: ..ODftT
Take notice to-.. I{   WBUt patloo r_u>-
ia; ami
h   -*- i".  .-*ro>th.  oocop -iTisn.   ali of
I .     ...    ...       ,i;. -_���'-.
CM t-r the follow     .
Comm--:.'-ins at s po.1 tbOOt thn
*iImd * reel on tooth the ���   Lake
���:**������������ |
potnt of '**J*_u_D--n'*-meut. ooat-Unl      ������    *���  *  -
�� lett.
-jep*.-iuber ->*:..     ���" H   W:        -.y-
,    ���   ..
a_n th.
Nelson I-and UUirif.-i.   Dl��-r:   ���'�����������   -;K.K>l*n��y
Ta-c? notice tbat k ft. Ir    SatTtll   ot   Pro
, j.alion lumbertnLu. iQt-*ni�� :������ tyyiy tor
a ���l*��-t-ia' timb-T li'-t-m-t* ot�� tht '������'���'������ ���TiDg <-t-
*<*rt..*������*���*_ Ian-la:
Nn. l. rv-mmenelDt* ��i a p.'*   ������;���-:: t-i near the
n.'ir:..*��.i  ��*.irnerpoe- . U-raon
Cr��ek an-l markwi k  8 P. Smyth ���
arport tfo l. UMnoe 40     ktai  n< rtti   mort <>r
lea** to about ronltrij- it   tw aoath       i**_d__ry lint
of Umber Uceoce Ko. - ->.:���*  eaat,
theni-c* _���.' 'h-iin*.   * |    - r.a..i�� east.
thenc*e 4ii chain--   *    . i       ,a:u> wett,
more or leaa to the *>��� r ��f ���fitfwsalfl
Lot   So  2542, theni-e   4    ���:.<���.::���-   aortb, tht-nce _0
<* bain ft weit lo the point ol i i>::n:e-jrement.
_JaU-.l  2f,\h  Jt.lj*.  I-*"' K     -     1'.   I-MYTH,
Henry Relehert. Atient.
Nelaon Land Dlfttrlct.   Dtfttrlet oi ��tM Koou-naj
Take riotire that -Hxaon P- BchUtCl,  of S_\:\- r.
Maho. ot---.paiioii Ituaberman, lntenda to apply
tOT a si-e-'-al timber  .. -   tt.e (oilowliiK
ttot* :.:a^I lan-la; on tbe eaai rich   of In.-: rr-��� -.
' 'ommencinx at a p*��-t   plaDto*.   on the eaat i-i-le
t.l Plied rner, two an<l a ball mllea norlh ol the
International boui--lary line,   th--mt- nor .-   -
r-haloa,  tbence eatt   -   -    Una,   -.i-ence a_��utb ��>
chalna. thence weM >' 'ha]*i�� to point of oom-
Litnremt-rii, rotiiait.ttiK ���40 acrea, more or leaa
I>ated Sept. Itth. IS " Bl_K_B 1'. th mifml,
K. W -��:th, A*..nt.
N'elfton LmaO Dtetrld    - -.-.r:��-. ol Wmtt KfK^tenay
Tak-i uoti'-e thai ' . I     '   '     IT*, ol BirSvllb-.
\V__*h . oo.-upiition ttarber, lntendi lo ap-Iy [ur
a apeclal timr^ :  .    - ef Uu   follaarmg   I'M
CrlDOd lau-la; On tbe *-*a>i ride oi Priest riv.-r.
two and a half mile** north of the intenutlonal
t-oundary line: Comtaen- lute _; t |x*-t planted
ta-o and a hM.f miles north of lhe liii-_riiatlonal
l*oundary ijne, tb*-nc-<_- . k.*i BQ (haina, tben.--.
���Ntuth-iO iliatnt, thence ��i-*4twi i baina, Ubenei
north W.-baina to the p-tnt ol '"���iimcncement
nud (-'���ritaiiiiii'- 64.) a--r.;->. more f>r lean.
I-au-d .Sepl. Hth, 1901. ClTOB S.  M'f'l.trBE,
K    W, -aiTH. Agent.
Nelaon Land Du net. Uiatni of 1%-aal Kootenay.
Take notice that Jay Bovee. ol RlUrUIe. Willi ,
oeenpetlon batcbertait��i_Utoapp.y foracpeciai
ttmber   licence ore*r tht   folio wins   deacrll
land*-; on the eaat side ol Prieat rr-*r; Com-
menclng at a jx-t-t plante'l ou'-* and a hall milea
nor tu of int'.-r nation at bound nry lint', tli en ���
in-- - '-halns, thenos aonth ni chaina. tbenoe
treat _u obelna, tbenoe nortb so ��-nainr- io tba
Itoiui of <-omijicti'-emeiil. coutalntiifj M0 tettm,
mor' or i**--.
Dated Hept   Hth. 1*307. JaV Bcjvsi.
K. W. .Smith, Ageut.
Ni-1m.ii Imu'I Diatrict,   Diatrlet <d Weat KooU-nay
Ifotlea u ii- r* by k1t*sm thai B daysaitei date j,
j oon P> Swedberf, miner, of Kelaon! b C, Intenn
to npply to tbe Hon  tb'- ( ttlel Ck>mii_iaa.ona_rof
l_and aiid Worka for a ipedaJ lloenoa to eut and
carry away timber from the following dem-ribed
Unda fituntcd on Summit creek, in the Weft
Kooienay Dittlietl
No. 1. ���CommenciOK ��t a post marked J. P. ti'n
tlinl-er limit, iKirth'-*.-' ( orii.-r post, located on
West fork of Hum mil creek   about two mllei from
main creek, tbeuee running south no ob-tiiia-
tbenoe runnliiK we-i iu ciiaiji-, tbenoa running
north to ehalnt*. tto-nce went-to chaina. thencu
north HOohnlnS) tbenoe   running van iu <-]iali>*-,
tbonoe rannlng aonth 40 ohalna. tbenoo eaat 40
chalna to pla-'c of i niiimeiieemeijt.
Lo4*atcd oa tbe ��th   lay ol Augual   : ���'..
foiiN P,ftwXDB-nte, f"K*Htor.
per In- a ���.-.���nt PaitS McUonaLu
No 2.-<,ommftifjiig at a pirtt markid J   I'. H'a
ttmber limit, northweat cornet poet, located on
went fork of Hummlt Creek, -.bout two mllea (rom
main ereek j tbenoe running HUth 80 cnnlna,
tbenoe running ea**l V) ebalnii tbence running
nortb tit) i-tialn--.  tiiwin-v   running  wo.il HO chaina
to place of oommenoemenl.
Located on the 29th dnv of August, VJOl.
John (' 9WKDSSSO, Locator,
per hla ag.*nt Pkios mcDoOAUi.
��� Notice in hereby eiTen tbat ��>o okti alter date I
Intend to apply to lba lion, chief Oommlastoner
ot Land a nii'I ���'orki for |**riniaalou to pun Im-.-*
the following deacrlbed landa, situated In Went
Kootenay dlntrli i : Commanoins at a p-��al marked by name   aa   initial   poat   ol   tio*  BOUtb   Kork
branch, one hundred feel from the junction of
Loat -reck with thi Kouth fork; tbenos one-
quarter mill* in tin- u-iMhwegt corner pfint,thefic-i
one mils to the northeaai corner poat, theucu
one QOartCf mile to tiie aoutbeaat corner poat,
thellee nue  mile  t.i    llo    place Of ('..mmelieiJlielit
jtiiM_-7, 1107,        Located by Wm. Connolly.
Nelson j-at-d Diitrist. i)iatrici of Weat Kootenay
Take   noil''.,   (hat   We-ley   Ih.vce.of   Kit/vllle,
Waah , occupation butcher, lntenda to apply for
-.-"special timber llnence over the foiiowiiiH deeoribed landa; on the eaai lldt oi I'rieal river:
OofflmanclUR nt a  poal planted one and a bull
milea north oi itn- international boundary line,
tbence weat So chalna, tbenoe tooth **> chaini,
thence east so chalna, thonoa north wt ehnina to
point   of   - (iinrm tn 'ineiit,  e.jiitaiitlng  040 SOrOS,
more or leaa.
Dated Sept. nib. 11*77. Wmlkv Hovag,
K   W.Omitii, Agent
Nelaon l.aiul Dlatriot,   Diatrict of Weal KoOtenSy
lakcnotP-e   that   Henry   Keichert.   of Nelaon.
B u ,  proapeotor, Intsnd tfi npply for a Npe'ial
ti tuber   lieenee   over   tho   following     described
No. 1. -Commencing ata poat   planted   near 11.
W,   northweat   corner   poat.   lot  No. 760*., and 1
marked   "Henry   Belabor.   MUtbwest   corner
poat. " theme Hu ii,Kin* north,   thence HOclmJiia
e-iat,   thence   mi   r-hnlliH   aouth,   theuce M0 rlnitliH
weat to the poiut of commencement.
Dated Hept. tlie _mh, l!��J7.
MRNitr HticuKRT, Locator.
Nelaon Land Dlatriot. Dlitriotof Waat Kooienay
Take   notice  that   I, t harlea Hldney' Leary, nf
Burton City, li. C , OOOUpatlon farmer, intend to
Spply for pormlulon to purchaae the following
deacrlbed land:   CommsnoUif at a post planted
aboul live mil-*-, northwest from the mouth of
Moaqulto 'reel- nnd marked "(!. H. L'a northeaat
corner," theme -.,.-i-. ho chaini, thence wett 80
ehititia, tbence north B0 chalna, theuce eaat 80
chalna lo   pi.im   of  couiinc-ncenicnt,  eiuiiuiuing
610 aorea.
Hept. 7th, VJOl. CHATII.Kh BlDNBV   Uai-.v.
Nolsbn Land Dlatrlcl. Dlatrlctof Went Kootenay
Take notice that William Andrew Koaa, ol
Fernie, II c. hotel keeper Intend** lo apply fur
a ipcclHl timber licence over tho following dea-
crlhed lands: Commencing nt a poat planted
aboul six mih-a weat of the Kootenay river, on
Corn creek, in the Diatrict of Went Kootenay
and being about .1* mllea north of the* International bound--,,;- line, and Htuate at the
norlbenat corner of Wllllnin Andrew Koas' No.
H timber claim, thence north SO chalna, thenee
weat Hi chalna. ihence aonth 80 obalns, thenee
eaat tio chaina, lo the point of commencement.
boosted JulV-Mrd, 1W7.
Dated the 8th uf Aug   1��07.
WiU-XAH AMDS_nr Rosa,     |
1.1 I ��� . nd i'ink Klin I.ii.r   Night   l)rc��n<'8.     10  per ct-iit  tiUciiunt
���   -���      . ��� .'j-.' _rr j���tVu-rn- itSE.
!. n.- lull ami  Winter Cnuts     Wa will sell  at  15 per cent illscount
..11 an*  .... Lbem.
our  Ladles' Dreaa Skirts from  $3.00 each to $:!0.00.
ii St.'i-k of Fancy and Stapl. Linena, Cushion Covem, Elc. Is most mm-
Now is ihe tint* to make a selection.
K.'liit.   '.S'.M.lr. in ail sliarl-H
Special Discount on All Ladies' Winter Coats.
\ou can buy a lo-acre Fruit Ranch  in   the best   fruit-growinj-district
in Hritish   Columbia by paying   $io down aud Sio per   month.
Even as an investment this is worth consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled iu value within on year.  What will it do next year?
NeUon Land Dlstrlot DtstirtatotWest Kootena*-
Tr-ke notice that Patrick Bboran, ol Kelaon,
ti, (,'., o--etii*atlon prOapeotor, int- tid* io apply
for n, HpeciMi timber licence over lln toltowlna
deaerllied land": GOnUBQtt' inn *.'. a y*l plniite-1
at the N.W corner p"<hl n| tot l^'���',,-,. being Patrick
.-h'-r-inS N. K. corner posl r-iiiniii*. Month ���*���)
chalna. thenee wee. M) chain--, tbeuee north ho
chain--, tbenos eaet ���*' Chain*1 to polnl of eom-
Dated AUgilHt 31et, 1W1. ['-.TBI' K HllKRi-l,
Kaira Htka.su, A*-ent.
Taae notice that Ira V. Taylor, eicra. nl Arrow-
head, B. 0 , intend** to apply for a r*pedal lieenee
to ont limli-er from the lollnwlnsi de*-crllK-d
No. 1. rom men.-I ne at a pofit plauteil 7DobatlU
niManee In an ea-terly direction from ���'arib.m
bike marked "Ira F. laylor>, W. Parfclna1 H W.
corner.''  hounded on thu KniiLh  hy T. L   So. 76flB,
on tbe west by cl*. Ho.W3��Uwnos north n
Cbains-   thenc**  east   m  chain", tbottOB   Kouth wi
abalna, thenci*   weit MO ehalim to point o\  emu
No. -. Oommeneln|ata pout planted fiphain-i
dl-tiaui*** and in acHHterly<lirectlon from Cariboo
lake marked "W   Parkins', im P   Taylor*! h. w.
oorner poat," hounded .on the went by T. I, 7***��n,
bo.ith   by Ira K.   TtjTor*   and    **     Parklna'T. I..
No. 1, tnonce north 40 ehalm, thenee east l'-o
cbalnst thenoe aoath 40 obalns. thenee m--t ion
chaint- to point of ciommeneemen*.
Iha K 'I avlok.
!������������������������ ^^^^^^A^^^^^^^0^0'*0*0O>^^^^*00>0>^0'^OOoO ���������������������������
���  !
*   *am^mam^mll,*^^^*^^^eWmm^taWmmia^meWmeWeWe^eme^m1a^mm% ���
NOW      !
zrsLson i-and Duirlot Dlstrlot ol Weet Kootensy
Take notice ttint I, Kllral-clh K*T((U-ion, fif Noi
-011. Ilrlt hh Columbia, occupation inarm-.1 rjvo-
man, Intend to apply for perini.-'-ioii to pnrobasi
ths tollowtne deaeiioed laud 1 Oommsaolns st h
poat planted .0 ohaini wett of the sontboail cur
ner of aei-tlmi 21, Townnhlp bv-, Kootenay, and
marked**! K.'c N   ���   comer," thenoa   west M
ehttliiH, thence    KOllth   4H   challl-t, ihence   eatt Wl
chains,   thenee   north   -i) ehalim t<>  the (.hue ,,f
commencement nnd  eoiitaininu  320 acret- more
1.1th .fulv, A. D. linn.   Ki.r/.ATaiii PssooLov.
hy w. a . Oaldor, iffent
i'el>-nii band UlNtrlel.   Diatrlet ol Wevt Kootenay
Take notice thnt I, John l.au_r, of HsUon- If. 0.,
occupation minor, inland to npply/or parmu-
hIoii to pur chafe the following deacrlbed lands*
Commencing at a pout  planted at the N. K. of
Lol BOSS, thence ea��t '20  < ha.im, tnence  -.oulh '20
chain*!, thence  went _S)   cliHlnn, thenco   north Hi
ehaln-i to point of commencement, conlahiliiK W
acrea, more or 1cm*.
AuKimt 2nd, 1901, John I,a*-u
Taylor o\ McQUARRiE lu.v,* ir.ifv-'d the fluent oouuflgnmenl of Wsstof t
KriKiand TrouMrlngs ovor brouffbt Into tha KootaoJ-ya.   They range In priM J
���rom   $6 to ��15 a pair.
Our truusciH an- oni and ntaih- by .-Xpert   mechanic**-,   Iriniund   with Uie ,
best that money run imy.   They will 11; yo u perfectly Bitting or standing,
Nelaon Lami DlatriOt.   District ol Weal Kootenay
Take notice that I, David Q    Ktirl/, oi   Nelion,
H. 0,', OOOUpatlon merchant, intend   lo apply for
permission to nurebsas the fofloifltts deicribed
laud :   CommeneltiK   ���*'   a pont   plant*d   al   lhe
Hnulhwcr-i   corner   ol   Hfjctiou   H4,   LownHhip   tvj,
Kootenayi nnd nuttjtod "D. u. k '** h. w. oorner.'1
thenee   north   Wlchalim,   thonce cant to ehalim,
thenco aoutb  tio chain-!, thenre  went 40 clialui-
tn the  polntof commencement and  eotitalnlnx
'Jit) Acre*- more or lunn.
loth July, l'J<J7. Davibfi   Kustz,
W   A. Calder, ii��ent.
Nelnon f.and Dintrlct    Dlatriot of WchI Kootenay
Take  notice  that Oornotlns   BerKinan, nf  Al-
tona, Man., oneiipiitloii larmor. lntendi- toappiy
lor pormissloo to pnrobasa ths following asi*
ortbedland: Oonunmotni at a pom planted -ni
Frank K. manan-| H. K. corner, at a pout marked
"0, B. N. K. corner," and runnliiK went HO ehaliiM.
thenee sonth *<> chain**, cant wi ehalim, norlh W)
Obalns to place of he-(luiiliiK- coufalnliiK ������-''
acreH of land, mora or lemt.
Dated 'Hint A'lifiiist, i'*-''.   (John*-.-.!!*-* c. ��� *���.. m a -���
A"HT]|llH A    KllHTON. A (-eni
NelHon Land niftrlct.   Dlntnct ot Weill Knotsnaj
Take nollce that I'aul Atu<u*-l  Paulaon, ol Klt-
ohonar. B. 0 ��� ooonpatlon rumbermau, ni !>
i.inpi-1,- for porml-iHlon to purchaHO Lhe follow*
Ing   dehcilhed    I.nni-:      Comine! elllff    at   a   pout
planted at the loutb boundary of  the rlght-uf-
Taylor & McQuarrie!
:��������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.��� .������������������������'
way ot tit., lu ii i.-ii Columhlti Hon them Stall
wh) and abont BB ehalim wenterly from mile pout
hi on said ratiwuy, tbenos ioutfa BOobsinSi thence
east 2U obalni, thenco nouth 20 chatim. theticn
Saat ���0 clialn-i, Ihence north to the Mouth bound
ary of the right of-way of the IJriti-di (*oliimhla
Bouthsrn Knllway, tlicnce wenterly SlOna the
-���aid riHhtrd-wiiy to OltOt <>f comnieiieemont.
Dnie<) nils ���-'n.i day of aui-h i, nur;.
Paul Aiimo-t I"ai*-.hon
permis-Bion to purchase the  '",)l"i"|]"ltfj
Hl\iy  dayn after date I Arlhur Allen   llurloii,
ran  b< r, of Hurtuii city   intend to sp] ly to thu
Chi 1 Commissioner of tends and workH, vie
tori 1. 11 U,| tO PUrabaSB the lollowitiK dcHcrlbod
lam's *. 11 mile cant ot llurloii tlomuiunclnu at a
poHt murkeil "A A. H -.oulhweHt I'nrner and
planted at the n w corner of lot ��������(.* (���. 1, ami
runnliiK north 041 ehalim, thence chsI 40 ohnlim,
thsnos aonth SQ obalni. tbence went 40 i-hulim to
place of commenenmenl.
Auaiml Int. PK/7. AaTiiua A. Miirtom
Ifslson l.nnd Dlstrlot    Dtttlflpl id Went KooWnay
Take notice lhat Aiikuh  ICpOltl, of the (JIty of
Nelnon, occ'iipatlon fireman, IntemlK toappiy fnr
perml-Hlon I- pun-haite the followlUK deaerlhed
iandf*:    Commencing at a   pont planted   al   the
N. W.  corner  L   C.   Mnrrl-ton'-*  ranch,   In   KIro
alley, in. bos  north   forty  (40) ehalni*,   thonce
im  Ji'".y (I'O chaltiH,  thniico nouth  forty (4u)
aim, thenoa went forty (40)  chalnR   to point of
mmonosnunti   and  cntilAlntn*-;   one hundred
d Hlxty (Hioj aeroM, more or lem-.
Dted Hepte nber 2nd, 1907.      Aaoua ItoOTbL
faud :    CommencliiK  at  a  poll   pl'tnh'\ t
went ihpfS of Dppsr WhalHhKii (< m IbOO) n�� ���
that, !���:. cornerof lotHlnu, thencooottwcn-jj--
I   Iheuce -touth HI)  chain*-,   them HV .      1l1.ni"'
I  morn or IsMf,   ".   the  ihOM  ..I IhS  iMOj W���
1   northerly aloiiK the Hald   nhore wi  cha 11.,
or tessTw point af oommenosioont, bodisibw
I fin SprSS, more or lass. B����n��iailO.
Dated Ospt, Nith, l9ol.    PHILLIP BlWOMW""
Nelnon Land Dlatrlct. DislrK-f.f West K'"'1^
Take notice that HllfO Ooitsni, W *j ((ir'
Manitoba, farmer, lntendi- to Bg��^|tM
iiernilKHlon to purchime the follow ins B|i(,u[
land; CommencliiK at a poat P1*1?,,*- artskj
-even mllea Inun lbo mouth Ol M0l< ui ���,
at   northeaat    corner   of  thla    ��'PI''    "   ^,������li
marked -H. 0 N. B. oornar,"and "^"{"Arth*
Ho ehalim, thonce wchI si�� rhniii". "���" , mn
cnainH, thenco eaat MO ehalim to I-*"*-1
ineiieomeiit, contalnlna 1H0 acrea.
Datod SOth day ol AllgUlt,, 1��". CofTJ0||
AtntmT���imw". *^
Nidhoii Land DlltrlOt.   Dlalrlctul Weal Kootenay
Tnke notice that Philip Brook-bank, of Nelion,
Be C, occupation ranoher, lntendi to apply lor
Nelion Land Dlatrlct
D_rtrtoiOl-V��t -tot*-*"
" ���Or    V'
Tr,ko    iiciiii-u mm    P,"I"",���;���1���|. 1..  .Pi'"
AllnllH,     IfUlMM,   l.r..k.'l,   ."'"!    .������|,r�� 'l��,
tor piTiiilniiiii i" pun*-" V..,..i dUdW'J
..i.i���.i i_u<l: Oatameaataf * I��{"-J, ',���, ,-�����(
tin- .initheMt oornar PiJ*"*^, y,I_|aitto.ci-**-
,int ul
.���<��� .xuttieMt .:,�����.. .. ���-
IIvt) mllo. from  tiro moat**,��� .,
DiBrkml r K h.h. l.oornor,   ��n.   .������-
Ill,I-I ll Wl.'lirilrr   .   IllOllirO   *";'"',,'"   |��� in
n.llllll Wl irlnlnn, lh0-��- "<"' ,..'.';.,
.���omniolir-.!.r..|it, r liilrrltiK rj J ... r
llnlod DOlli il��r ol *��K����'.'-""* ,.��� sni������.   ,
U.UV*"Bl I.T..N.'.'"1 A
The Duly Canadian
II you knew you could buy
I f finest quality stamped "Canada Approval" by Government
Inspection on every package, wo-*..i   you trouble making it, particularly whe*;. n will Cost You Less.
We have it  '*' all   sizes Vo suit   families, boarding  houses
d botclS) rt 'I and 2.S lb. -?ails; 60 lb. tubs.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Kaslo, Rossland Boundary
Itarkey & CO.
\Vl.olb*_iie Provlalon-,
(ioviriini.-nt Cr.niii.rrv OnnPonnd Hrickn received weekly fr.--.li from the
i-lrui r.     For rutle by all leading grocers.
Offloe fvnrl warehoune: Hoimton Block,    Phone 78.
Josephine Street.        -        -        -       Nelson, B. C.
Subdivision of Appleton l!rotbcrs' tract.    Improvement*! on every  block.
Call at oni ������
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tta-en  *uldr*-u  tn tbs  uiidemlgned,, at hi*
Oftrr   ll.C. :-t   li ��� n|>i'.  I U  the  �� "Jt>��1 S-.-1W1I1.
. p till the  hour of !> u'cloea, In
the kllernuuii,  ol Krlilay.   NoTcmla-r   Wh, VJOl.
in-liaM* o| th*.* "Pisaldent" Mineral
llilm. l-'i '--'. -iroup 1. Kootenay iMitrlet,
lured to be lorleiu-d lo the crown
itttiru-. ial. nu Id in ihi* fuy of Nelson, on tht;
��bil.\i.! So- . 1905, f��*r .U*lin<.-ieul taxes up
Ull June Suth, 1*0, and pooott The upaet
; \hv  caid   Mineral   rlalm,   which   iti-
dttdes the ttnount ol -lolt**u**nt Uxea and SOtt
n tin- linn ol lorleltnre, with lutert-at, taiei
wtii.il i,... ii . accrued, ooeta ol anvertistug,
���  1 rCruwti  i.riiiit (li-.oo) In V>1 tb, which
S tbe leaot Kinouitt that will be eou-ddered aa a
Cti-ti   lendi -   irtual   Ik*   accniiipmilcd    by   an
iet��plfd t-lii      *l.>r tin* hill amount ol the   U*n-
dtr, payabli       i rdei ot ilia  lu-pnty t'om-
���iMhinei 11I l snd- mid Wor-***. at Victoria, ti. O.
I-���_������-' 11 Ki   -
B <
this lllh rtayolOct..lWn.
i.t.\i*rnincnl Agent.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
���1   ti>   tbs  under-dulled   at his
 UM House, in the City 0*1 Nelson,
wh il up till tha hour ol SO'OloeKi in
Uesflerauiiii <>t i rid-ty, Nov.-Mb, 1907. Ior lie
_i.h-UM.ol the "U)d Abe-1 Mineral   t'lalin,   1-ut
w.t*roiipi kootenay DUtrlct, which wm/Ii
M_r��*.|ti.l- (or(cited   to the  frown at   the tax
"le ln-11 in tlu-1 uy n[ NeUon, on the fith day 0|
���J". l��tt, deUnquant  laxea   up tlil   June
-DUi.lWfi.aud ...*u Vtiu upwt price upon tho
..<lnlni, which Unhide- lln amount
wd-llti.'ui in tn\��-s ,111 1 ooii ftl the time of lor
���eilnre, wiih iiUere*., texea which have ��iui**B
���"���-ni.-.i. ,,,.���*. ,,i ���.���.., riuine. and lee lor crown
\>t*at\\     -        .,    , . rtim-i, |��� -It,*-Irat-t amount
ihiiwiu I.,. ...iim.i. r.'d i.-. ii tender.
Rtch   let-dci    must   he   to cotupanlcd     hy   ail
e I.,i tti.- (nil   amount ol tbe ten-
... the order ol tba .Deputy Qsav
himoDerbi Umli and Works, at Victoria, B.U.,
tl -mr
Diletlftt S.-lwin, B.C. tl.U uth dav of Oct., 1(*J7.
('overt-men i Ageut.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Cl-tim.
���   Ir-. - -i t.. the  under-ugned ut  hlfl
��� *��� ni lh, i , M i-.iimc, in lln-Cliy of NeUon,
�� ll.. N ,u..| ���,, nn ,he hour ulAO'eliH-k, In
pl Prl :u* , No- ifdh, W*7, Inr the
tli*- "HadRer" Mlm-.ral I'laim. I...t
M,1' ''I ' K""l>-nay hutrlct, which will de
t.l.    . '! M'l'.,r,,ll,M   ���" *be frown   at  tho  tax
dcllii.iiiuul   1
H    up llll    Jlllll
���Uh  I'N . _.  i  KI   ���***   ���""***"���*������   "i" "������-   -'���������-
in,i\i.. '������""In,    lhe   upHi't price   upon   the
3d.    "������""' "aim, whleh Include, the amount
, ' '"I'l.-m i��v,N Hini ,,,pmai the lime of for-
fc-cr'ii i l,tl '"icr-si, Ui\,u which have mine
'.-���in it-"'"'" "' ���I'lvi-rlUlii*-, and lee lor frown
tbat will i       lM ���**-8'*t WblOb i�� the leant amount
K��i ii   i   ','""M'1''ran hn lender.
i-i.,..,,   '"'"''i   muni   Im*   ncciiinpunied    hy   an
ii i-lii-i|iii- [,,, ||u. -���||   Hmo,,���* 0| the lell
iih*.1-] .?i.1 , ,u' "" "r,1,'r ����� tho Oepuiy Com-
II |.hV      m1 '���","1-* '*��-l Works, at Victoria, II 0 ,
*lea��- Nelion, B.I I. thli Ulh day ol Oct , 1��07.
HAKKY \\ ItltlllT,
(iovcrliiuent AkciH.
Certificate  of Improvements*
"I'nlon" Mineral flalm wituate ln the Nelion
Vlnlni Idvuion.of ths Weit Kootenay iMitrlcl,
Win-re located: -1 m Toad Muuutaln two and a
hall mtlt<n irom Nelion. B. ('.
Take notice that I, W. A Macdonald, aetiiiR ai
aaent for Haab Hulherland, Free Mtner'i Certificate No. Mi ��� :.*.- Intend Godayi Inun the date
hereof, to apply to the Mlnln-f Recorder tore
OartlflcaU' of ImprovemenU, for the nurpoie of
obtaining a Crow ti lirant of the above cUlm.
And further take notice tbat action, under
Section-H, mtint he commenced i..���*..;.��� the U-
mancc of inch Certlfloata of intprovcinentn
Oated thli 23rd day of KeptemWr. A   i* , 1907
W. A.   M \'   1'i'N VI .]���
Certificate  of Improvements.
"Mlg Hope Krartlon" Mineral Claim, illuati-
lu   tbe  Trout   Lake   Mnui..     I'lvl-imi,  ot  Weit
Kootanay i-i-i.i- :. i--...t, i mi I'.ipiar creek,
'lake nollce that I, ��*. 1'adley Free Miner *
(Vrllflcate No. BUfilAi, Intend 00 dayn from the
dale baraol to apply to the Minium Kecorder lor
a Certlllcate of Improvement, (or the purpose of
oblainiiiK a frown drant of thu ab--.c Claim.
Ajd  (nrtber  take   DOtMs that   action  under
Bee tlon WO, nasi bs aamsuneed   baton  the
i-.-i.in..- of innb I'l-rtlflcale of ImprovemenU
Paled tin** Mh day uf October, 1907.
0   1'AIH.KY.
In the inaUer of %n application for the Unue ol
a dupiii nu* Cartlfleata ol Title for pan (to icraS)
ol 1.--I MJ, (iroup one, In Hie DUtrlct of Kootenay.
Notice it hereby SlVSn tbat it li my Intention
to U.ue at UlS c-tblratlou of one mouth from the
llmt publication Iicreof adupllcalu of the Certificate of I Hie Inr tin* above laudn In the name
of Andrew Morrison, which CerllOeatu ol Title
U dated the .Mh day >>| Man h, 1'JOO, and numbered at'-WK.
Land Ke|[Utry office, NeUon. It. C.,8eptcmber
lMib, Pin.
"II   F.Mai Leon,"
DUtrlct K- i_i-.tr.ir
In the matter of ,;��� ipplicallon for the Uiuc of
��� lupll ateiol lhe Ccrtlllcatt i of Title lo lottll,
U and Lt, (tronp I, Went Kooteuiv Hutrlct, Slso
known ai tlie "Kootanay CnleL'' "Comlorl" and
"Lulu" mineral elmmn ri-H|*-ectlvely.
Notice In hereby _.-..-��� i. thai It In my Intention
to Untie at the c\ pi ml ton ol one month after the
llrnt pul-lt- allnu hereof a dunllcalc t>l Certificate
of Title   .*.���  ��� -'h in .-I   an   undivided  HI lllOthn   in
each ol the aNive |oU, Inn 1   on Ibe 17th day of
May. A l>. Ihm*. in the nunc of .lobu c. Auuworth,
ami aU,,aduplle*i.. ol CcrlWlcate of Title No.
8900s of an undivided 19-loothi In each of Ihe
Hbovu loti, Unued on tin* 17th day of May, A. 1��
lMHfi. in the name (1f !<con-c --   Atnnworlh.
1 and ttajdstn nillce. NeUon. ti.f.. AOfOSl ��lh
T*n-*fs Wanted for the Purchase of a
Min-ral C'.-tm.
'"''���" in'ii?.''','1''''"" !."'  ""���  'inrtor��l���nr..l  m hl��
���Ull*. r,'. i. ", " "'.'"<��������� iii ilio irilv ..i N.l	
'i-..Itr-rii.���,,.", V1' "" "i'' li.Mir ol ln.-trlurk In
finli..,',.;''  ���'"'").  N.rv. 16th, 1001. lor the
Vr;,,,,', '' KolHirli"  Mi,���.,���l  rimm, l/il
""'"I 'n I..' r , '""! "I.lrl.-l. whlirli -II .-.
������I.lnl.i ,��� ,,'" '.''"'.I lo the irrnwti nl Ihu tax
"'Sin    i'i',   "' ' I'yill Nrlm.,1, ,nr  tlm Hill  liny
���Mll'.i,.i. ,,,*,i     'l|-'i',vi"..iit lut. iii> tilt .Inn..
"���������I Mu,.'.,.     ,'*!""���    '".' iii-et-i.rl.�� upon tut
?'''<���! n ,,,,,,. .���    "��� *������">��<-������ tn.-lii.fun Hi,, nn,..,,nr
"""-.�� I, V""""1 ('"��l�� ��t tlm llmool lor
*."''r,.l-.|   ,,,.|   '"'���'.���*! .    IllX.-B    Him-],    Iihm-   ..|,,,,
.'.'"" ll-0.li ,'.'V,"'"'"1"11'-. ."Hi m lor Crown
"'-'"i'l i. ���.,,,,"""���. wlimli lillioloMtauiimiil
'-.'li  J   "���'������ *���'* 111 li'iul-r.
,'",' i'��y��r, .,;,'"' "",' '"li -mount of thi ton-
17""'....i    , I" "r'.'':r "' ui" 'oi'iiiy <i"m-
tl j,,. -"hill nml Work��.Bt Vl.rtorln, ll.l I .
"*-��� ��l N. l,������, ,, -_ th)ll M ' j
Uoruronieut Agiut.
II. K. Mai l.COD,*'
lii-.rn, r K.-Hlntrnr
In tho hiRltiT of ntr Hirplli-nliorn lor 111.. *-*_���<-*
ll,llil.ll..��l|. of lh,. <-. rllll. �����-.- ��( Till., lor lot IK,
nml tli.' ��-..��l hall ol lol ill, hlovk 111. in tin- Town
" Noll.'.' Uhwata Rlvi'll thai it ll my lnlontlt.li
lo li.Ui- ��I t.i.. .'Xt'lratloii of onu motrlli alter lhe
lint piiLli.-allon liereof a ilu|.ll<-ale ol the r-erttll-
ealeol lllle lor the ahove Inli'ln. In Uie name of
l.y.lla Hhlol.la, whleh eorlinente I" rlalirl Ibe .1.1
day ol Heeeinlier, IWO, ami niitnl-ereil WH a.
"II   V. MA.-I.Kon."
Illitrlet Ki'al.lrar.
In the Matter of    the "Lund    Reglitry
Act" and Amendment! thereto,
In the mailer ol an annlrralion lor Iho uml-- ol
n .lonllrnle o( lhe fertllleate ol Tllle lor UiW
"in| Sh ami'-W,   OfO_B I. Kooienay  m.trlrt
N.'illie Ir. Iiei.hy liven llrnl tt l��  my   Inleiitloii
I,, I, "ie at the..XI. "ration of month fro... lire
lr.1 i,uhlleallon bireofl .lil|>ll<_tu 1-ortlflraten
5     ,.'     ,1 . nliov hitIIi...! IhiiiIh, in lhe nameof
j.i .-i i eriik ttobertMD, whieh .irUBi-t- I"
'���"li'l ih" i"h.lar of AiiK.iat. Imw,  nii.l l�� num-
'"iTml"''-'-'lltry OHIl'0, N.rl.o.1. Bl'., ��l��t ol
A.....it 1907. -, r. MAirl.KOl),
AtiKii't. i*n- bietrlot Bojlitrir.
American   Heiresses  Have  Taken More
Than $200,000,000 to Europe in
Form of Dowries.
N.rw York, Oct. M.���Announcement ..r
the comlni; mai-iiii-;.' of MIhh GladyH
Vand.-rblll. d___ht��r of Ilm late Cornel-
lua Vandcrbllt, to Count Laszlo S.cch-
ciiyl, of Buds i'.-Ki. IntH drawn attention
anew to tho How of the wealth of American helreBs.-u to BurojM In exchange for
foreign lltlea. More than 500 American
Kills have married titled forel|-nern.
Tlnlr total dowry is estimated al nearly H00,M0,000.
Ainoiib' the weiiHhiest of these important financial captures was wtien the
Duke of Itnxlinr-rhe bestowed his title
upon Miss May tioelel of this city. Krom
the many millions of the late Ogden
Goelet it was stated that $10,000,000 was
the endowment portion of the bride.	
This is about $4,0 00,000 more than
Miss Anna Gould carried abroad to
bolster up the prostrate fortunes of
Count lionl de Castellane. Hut of Miss
Gould's endowment lt is believed that
not more than $2,000,000 was ever under
tl*,*- Individual control of the count. Hut
the settlement of the husband's debts
by the wife in accordance with the terms
of their recent separation added a large
sum to the amouut.
Various estimates range from $5,000,-
000 to $10,000,000 as the sum that went
with tini hand of Miss Consuelo V'ander-
bllt when she wedded the young Duke
of Marlborough. The Marboroughs, like
the Castellanes, could not agree and are
living apart.
When  Miss  Alice Thaw of Pittsburg
Notice of Meeting.
Cascade Water  Power and Light Company, Limited.
Notice ls hereby given that an extraordinary general meeting of the Cascade Water, Power and Light Company,
Limited, will he held at the offices of
the company on Saturday the 2nd day
of November, 1907, at the hour of 2
o'clock In the afternoon, for the purpose of:
1. Authorizing the issue of a series
of debentures, aggregating $375,000.00,
dated the 1st day of May, 1907, with Interest at 4V4 per cent, per annum, payable on the first day of May, 1940, with
interest payable semi-annually on the
lBt days of May and November in each
2. Authorizing the execution of the
draft Deed of Trust, approved by the
parties, which will be submitted to the
meeting, and made between the company, of the First Part, the Koyal Trust
Company of Montreal, of the Second
Part, and the West Kootenay Power and
Ught Company, Limited, of the Third
8, Passing tlie resolution recited in
the said draft Deed of Trust.
4. Transacting such other business
as may properly come before the meeting.
Daled this 16th day of October, A. D.
Hy Order of the Hoard.
4*10 DOWN
���$10 PER "VlOINTt.
We offer you best fruit lands;
best terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't have to use all of your means
ln paying for land. We want you
to put lt Into development We
also have tracts of 50 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Fruitvale you
miss the best in B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
became the Countess of Yarmouth two
years ago, her marriage portion was re-
Iiorted as being half a million of American dollars.
Two millions each is said to have been
the portions of Miss Mary loiter, who
became Lady Curzon, and her sister,
Miss Daisy Leiter, who married the Earl
of Suffolk.
A million or more also went with the
hand of Miss Cornelia Bradley Martin
when she became the bride of the Earl
of Craven.
Other American wives of titled foreigners are the Princess ColonnalMiss
Mackcy), who iu now divorced, the
Countess Festetics (Miss Mlggin), Princess Hatzfeldt (Miss Huntington), and
the Duchess de Valencay (Miss Morton),
each of whom had a dowry of $1,000,000
or more.
An exception to the rule was the case
of Miss Grant, daughter of Gen Fred
Grant, who carried an insignificant dower to Prince Cantacuzene of Russia,
whom she married in 1899. Prince
l-.oloselsky of Russia also chose an
American bride who was comparatively-
poor���Miss Susan Whittler, daughter of
Gen. Charles A. Whittler.
Miss Margaret Taylor married Count
Imperatori. of Italy, while the latter was
playing In an orchestra at Sherry's res-
Xllttta ss|l*l pub 'Xip sun u| iiiiuum
Mockel, of Brooklyn, married Count Ferrari, also of Italy, when he was a waiter
at the Chicago world's fair.
No happiness came to Miss Edith Van
Huren, grandnlece of President Van
Ilnren. who mariierl C-mnt de Castel-
menardo, of Italy, in 1-.9S. She was an
heiress and a great beauty, llut because
he couldn't have her entire fortune to
squander on himself, the count deserted
her soon after the marriage.
The Countess of Penaloza, who was
Miss Marie Reino Fusz, of St. Louis, obtained a divorce from her titled husband
because of his cruelty.
Hut the most m.-mncholy case, from
lhe husband's standpoint, was that of
the ltaron Taka���s de Kis-joka. or Hungary, who married the daughter of
Charles Hart, of Cleveland, got only
$400 for the honeymoon, and was afterwards put on an allowance of $75 a
Is now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
Tremont House
Bnrovean unci American Plan
Meali 36 ctr.   Koomi from X eta. to fl.
only White Ueip Kmployttd.
Baker at., Nelaon Propria.on
Mont comfortable quarter!      Nelion)
Only the ben ol Liquor* aud Cigara,
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room ls unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. KBIOKSON, 1-roprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court Housi
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelion. B. C,
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
haiwe ��nd Comfortable Bedroomi and Flnt-
claaif-inlori Room. Sample Boomi for Commercial   V.n.
MRS.  I. CCLARKK.  Pro-rletreai
Battlett   House
Best Dolkr-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar ti the Fin eat.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine Bt.
Nelaon. B. O-
Royal Hotel
Bates tl and $1.50 a Day.
Special Bates to Re-rnlar Boarders
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal In the city.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tender*- addremi'd to the undenilanc'l at his
otnee ln the Court Houtw. In the City ol
Nelson, will be received tip till the
hour ot 5 o'clock, in the afternoon, ol Frt
dt*y, November 1st, 1907. for the purclmne ol
the "Anne" Mlueri.1 Claim, Lot 63*i. Croup 1,
Kooteuay District, which was declared to be
forfeited tn the Crown at tbe tax Bale held In the
('Ity of NetKon, on the ��th day ol NovemlH-r, 1906.
for delinquent i-_xoa up till June 30th, 1905, and
The upset price upon the mild mineral claim,
which Include*' the amount of delinquent taxc*-
-tnd costs at the time of forfeiture, with lntcrc-it,
taxes which have since accrued, cost of adver-
tlnlne, and fee for Crown (-rant (|-25.00.) is ��l'_.:t..i>.
which Ih the least amount that will be considered
us a tender
Each tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full amount ot the tender.
tx.yt.bl-* to the order of the Deputy Commi-*.<-ioncr
of I-and-* and Works, at Victoria, R. C, at par.
Daled ��l Nelson, B.C., this 21th day of Hept.
(iovernment Agent, Nelson, B.C.
Certificate   of   Improvements
������Montreal ' and ���'((uebec" Mineral Claims situate in the N. is.in Mining Division, of West
Kooleuay District.
Where located: West bri_nch ol north fork ot
Kalmnti river, on Craig Mountain, about nine
miles trom Krle, B. C.
Take notice lhat I, Alfred -Truest(lallupc, Free
Miner'! Ccrllllcntc No. B6I9, intend, sUty days
from the date liereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder lor 0 Certificate ol Improvement!-, for
Ihe i>in ]'.>*��� ��� of obtalulng ('rown Hrants ol the
above vtaims.
Aud further take notice that action, under
section 87. must be commenced Ik*fore tbe issuance ot such Certificate of Improvements.
Datod this l.'th day of tleptember, 1907.
10-Acre Blocks For Sale
In the Slocan Valley;  Tree from    atone;   level land;  ample water;   railway facilities;  good settlement; easy clearing.
Price: $50 to $85.    Term*: One-fifth  cash,   the   balance   one-fifth   each
year., interest 6 per cent.
H. & M. BIRD
No. 31f>.
Certlflcate of the Registration of an Extra-Provincial   Company.
"Com*-.nik* Act, 1897.'*
I hereby certify lhat tho "Palls Creek Copper
MlnlUK Company, Idmited," hasthisday been
registered as an tixtra-Provincial Company under the "Companies tAct, 1B97," to carry out or
utfect all or any ol the objects ot the Company
to which the legislative authority of the Legislature of Hrltlsh Columbia extends
The head oRlce of the Cmni-aiiy is situate at
the City ot Biokane. mate of WttiMngton, V s..\
The amount ot tbe capital of the Company is
oue million five hundred thousand dollars,
divided Into one million five hundred thousand
shares ot one dollar each.
Tho head olllee of the Compiuy In this Province Is situate at Nelson, ami Michael C Mon-
aghan, Miner, whose addret-.s it the same, ls the
attorney of lhe Company
The time ot the existence of the Company Is
fifty years from the lftth March. 1901.
The Company Is specially limited under sec
tlon M of the above Act.
(ilvon under my hand and seal ol t-ftlee al
Victoria, I'rovlncool British Columbia, this 1Mb
day   uf May, one thousand nine hundred aud
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
A great many sales have been made of lots in this charming suburb
of NeUiou and only a few best lots are left.
Are in a class by themselves. Large, level benches.
Magnificent soil. Unexcelled transportation facilities.    NC ISOLATION AT ROBSON.
For Price and   particulars apply to
McDermid & McHardy
ixjcttb     ___._t-.it**-!     ____      _r*. OO
7 rooms and bath, 60 ft. corner lot,
centrally located, one-half cash,
balance  on   terms $2100
5 rooms and bath���excellent repair,
electric light, water, sewer, 1 1-2....
Silver King anil  Granite Roads,  Kooteuay, Salmon and Slocan Rivers,
Arrow and Kootenay LakeB, etc.
Carbonate  St., (25  ft.) - 150
Latimer St., (50 ft) fenced and cultivated,    $ 450
Park, near Vernon, (52 x 142 ft.)| 600
Robson St., (150 ft. corner)......} 450
Fairvlew,   (4   lots)   cultivated, toe
view of lake, near car line.
Houston St.  (50 ft. corner) $ 375
Also building sites on Vernon and Baker
Real Estate Agent
315 Baker St. Nelson. B. C
and dealers in Lumbet9 Shingles,
Lath, Moulding:--*, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Brackets. Hall Orders promptly attended to.
Boots at Cost
You can buy boots anil shoes at y.'iir own price.    The McLaren, Dallas
and Marsh Hoot reduced from $5.01)  to $3.75.
WorkiiiKmen's Gaiters from $1.95  tn $2.15, usual price $2.75 to $3.00.
411i/2 Ward Street.
A Shoemaker wanted to take over Shoemaklrrg Department.
Auction every Saturday evening Auctioneering at Public Saks. Cabinet work and upholstering, and all kinds ol mattresses made to order.
Undertakers and Embalmers.
Notion In hereby Klvon   that tbe uii'lersiinetl
nubiiiltu-tl to the  Ltautenant Oovuntor-lu*
Council a proposal on tier the provlf-lous ol the
- ll.-.. r- r��ii-l stream-- Art," for clearing and tv-
���BtOTtttg otetraqttQgU Irum (loai River and Mea*
dow Creek, In ihe lMi-triet ol Went Kootenay. nml
fortnaktutf tbe-tame fit for raftln-r and drlv
i iik thereon Iors. timber. lumber, rafui-nd craftR
aud for crefltiUK and main tain lug boomi for
holding, sorting and delivering logs and timber
hrougbt down nald creek and rlrer, and for at-
�����. inn*, boomi- to the -hornol said crook aud
river for iald pur noi--.---.
The l.ni-1*- to be aReetcd br aald work are: -
l.otM '������>���.>, MK7, 4.y.i.\ and mb lota 1, ft. II. IS, 11 and
IA of I"i -i ��� -. (iroup 1, Kootenay 1'i-irU-i.
The tolln- proponed to b-* charged are inch an
may DC fixed by the Judgv uf tin ��� loniilv Court
of Weat Kootenay.
Dated Slut July, 19m.
I It* lNT-_hV.TI----.AI.  1.1-1 KICK.-   M IIU A NTI1.E   Cl'..
Old Curiosity Sliop
If yon want to buy or sell anything.
fo to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
tine of Japanese Goods now on sale.
Ml kinds of Diimerware In stosk. Patterns.
P. C GREEN        F. P. BURDEN        A. H. GREEN
Gvil Engineers* Dominion and British
Colombia Land Surveyors
P. 0. too 145   Pbooe 2*1 B.
INEUSOIN,    -    B. C.
QtMiil  Job Work, Chlmn-y
ing, carpet Cleaning, Fixing and ClMft-
Ing ���tovoo, ate.
11 laat Bakar at Phone No. A114
! i
-     1
i *        *. 11
���    ���-..-,$,.-1 (
*.*  _  i
.'v* *.:$;%}* *
f'ii V!
i   ��� ��� hV
���-' --*','*.�� * ;
r* , ,    ,,
��� i
*   '      ������  .     :
'l I !'
!   *  I
i m i
The Dafly Canadian
c   EYE ON
���...- i -.-(���-.- -���     ���������...-���.-.��� i -.: ���
���   - ;    ��  -   -r-    *
= ��� .-. -.������-.    '
���r i   '���-'.��� -        ���   ��������������    -.
E - *"- *      --. ��� ���-.  -
V-MiMMi* m��0 Uei*:. Ih*
The Famous t. a*, b. Biend Fresh and Salted Meats
��� fir       ' i ��� *A.'-
\ J. O.  Patenaude
bcM .-.
And Belts
'-������'.*    to
| ���   DO.
'.'������.       '..������'���
B -T��.
I.ANKMf.Afj    COAL.
1 i-i nit l-i *_.f-cj liri-
West Transfer Co.
HOTEL   ' "Bl /A-.B.
1   .*.  .
*���-���-*   l>J
. ��� <
- "f,    t B - .
(I**"-- 4  ",'.--. ���'    ������. .
,, W. c/7. THURMAN,
fobacc'.ri;it.    fc_.tr Str��l.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acn Block* to 800
J:> drcM ���- I ���������-.-�����.
iv   > '.   	
E E. froadsdaile & ��-
J.'.rn   irr,,,,  |_ /ir.r.le of C__U_*T*M
j        QUEEN
J       iiijr.ii a ���/!/��� 1 1 ii! w, Prop*,
f IT.    ... i' I 'Jit   A I.I.
IMI'Oll III)    /��� NU    UOMI. :, I IC
CIO.   H'I      '   li./- Ill   III -.,        Id
UA'.'.'/*.,   I'll-I '.   AND   8.MOK
I HV I.UI'I'I 11 ',.
Phono   U. I'.   0    ten   872,
**VS */**V***t.A*S*\*A**AS****r- i*-**
-ot-.   V ��
A. McDonald & Co.
I *'.!, Ji.r.l III Hl.ll|il.'Illlrl flllllry (Jr.Mr.irl..
Butter. Kkk".
. J.t...f. iunl  Mini.rl1 B-PPllMt
NBLMM, u. _
0 1.
v.*. A  Altai
--.il,       t.      I
,  Be-
I   ���
M     I ���
-��      tout,       ,   .
��� ���    lohn, iir..-r- :
���in 1.   -
1 .. . r-
1     '     .*;.. II. .       ,;      ,-.   . ,.
rloore,    12 Mlb       I   i:
Bids; J   Kacfaan   II
1.   n   ... li ���������.,     i:   i-   HardcssU. ..r,<i
BAB1 l.l-.Tl
���I Cusbmsn, H|.,..-rr,   n   Mi Nab Mori.
D. H   Cullwrl   i- ��� ���land
I HI Irl   I L   BE   NO   1  HANKS GIVING
A. M. Clin. Him. (3. HI.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Ollll-I-     ll.llli.l   llllllrllllK.     I'.  O.  llo.  4.-14
���ak.r St. NELBON, B. C.
01 electrical woti< QnJshod ami qbarged
for from HiIm Hhop will show you how
squarely and honorably wa oonduol oui
Those win* employ uh Deed noi worry
aboul our chiuK��-H and u id workman*
Hiiip they know 11 Ih tbe beet
Iti-pnliM hi niiM-liliH'ry, li-]--plioneH, etc
promptly attended to.
I'. O. llox 15D. rlnrnir 227 A.
-. *._l        -*.-
Kftf-. ftvomtam tar vrigtn.    Tew -_M-
I i
it'-     *   ��-.-.--   ���_ -_-.(
Tb* _��*.,'_! _* (fee- Fnrmaif {__��_���-__>
��� 3 lbs. for
$ J .00      i
-* <. . c -. - -. -   - '.. i -. -
Sta_u&.   vt-tirgtam
��� y, -_�� __�� _rwarrti��___
';*>_��. Oksaa-. la ���*>
I c ����.ai-lr-af   ,
.:'_~$ft*r ���f a/jc ���.^r-1 49|.rV���-__��r7.
. - *. *   * *   '- ��� -v* - ���
Tak -.  Tim* by !*����� Fc-e-odc
*    H
��� ���. ���
.   .        -    ���   .
���   -
fro ��� '---/'*-:'���*' M**e* r^,
��� |
.*-*��� *'yCU_*!i-_#__
Tie* friMrfii-r-rfc
*.*:    ��;ii    *><: reiot ���
��� ���   ���
.   -
ra*��y.t!J  Dmnor.
Ol   '*--. .     ���     ctev a
���    ���
���    ���
KmU?t R-.��J GrCiVth.
*HI )i/x-.*. ���   . . -
tlon end loot
d  teCore
or�� comtoi Um f'i
' ir -    no ";i( ';-���;-[,'  i
I ee <  ,,!   ^ tho mc ������
Mobonet will
af/, u, *.(j(- rri'-unuin        K-WtetMtiAO
Ele.tro Germinator,
Tbere fe on rJew . r��� tfu BCood-Ord f'ur-
nJture Co/i irln-ion on loetntiseiil wUit-.h
opr*  ��� :.'    '���������    olntlon by a reeldeBl oi
i ->K HAL1      A  yirntt.lHnn PuftM Kfl
lii(��)N.*i��    -,l��*r)iir I" I'.l! /--   .
K'-'*-i    l.i''ii,r.'.     BbftDOf    for   rlKl-l
r����JOf_l Ior BClllJll      A ii'.l v S, W. 'i
mi- Pletan-
��� |
llifcli ,    K-''*'|
, '  ���t,--: .no
/,')-  f      A  Pom  bttWMD  dM   l-HKt*'. ii-W   nii'J    'Ir*'
nOOt     iotUln   ''MitnllilNie    inoto-y,   B tl'-_t��*l    I-*
n��ij*ii.j.'. -.r.'i rai-t*bl�� ptptr*    rtnoot plttmt
r-rttim i-* tbli Omet lad ri-.-iv** i'- r':w-_r."
iz-mI    a LADY'**' ' MDKKlLa with gold rimme4
In-r.il!>-    l.-fi.   ol   K     1'    HmIJ    on   t,ty,hl  ot 2Htl,
��� ������I    Hi.'!' r plttm   rotorn to Pttktr1* km-
purymoot Atone} tod M-'iv. rawofd.
i')I.I;   CUAIM,    i.*t*tt ��� n    Hooftt    Mid    Vernon
Hir.-r-tH       Hij|lHl*li- M-iifl   will    h<: r>Kl>|   for  III
rttntn    -t< Perm id _. MaHardj*.
a i-<*( Ki-.r i-o.-K oopbilo.na tttgooO ohtqumot
llo-hi-i-oiitt   lU-ll-f   Mm Hu-   CofflMDI,   jmynl.1.
In--   (.oni rum v,   -.ny.i ���>!'
Btttiri.     Fin-icr   kiii'iiy
TWO KIKBT-.;l,AMM ).(/(iMri, -teOq heated Ap
(��� iv bOtUMkMfier. "ir-l ll��t, K   VV. f.. I.lrwrk,
�� ANI KI) Tin MftkurN tbi 'I ��'!*��� t" b* Kir, Turn.
iir.i'-lc or I'mi- will K-\<- II >-( ntB eneh In thn
HtrltiK.  nil   K""'l    llmlrt-r        Alifily    tO  fotOpO
C*. rut-
H.   COL . '-'��
WANTKI*-klt-1-.Uon hy VuuilR HcoUman (mar
rli'l) wllllnir t�� T.��.*k Ir- HiiylMnt*. f-xpf-rf'-liRf-rl
Uturof-ry,  win.-   nu-l   MilrIt   trndi;.     AddrMf
I). I> , Ilnlly Cirni'llari Oiliri-.
A   i'AHTNKK   with  fSUMO lo   |Hirc*ha��f a tnilt
MiirHi near Ni-Unii    A koi��1 kpmtmltMOB.    l'arl-
iht liii'fl noi Im -H'tlvfly i'Iikhk'1' on rannh.
l-or imrll.'iiliiiH npj.ly T   'l.l'Kdiri Kit.
WANTKH Bltotrloiali, KtiKMHli. in'wiy arriv��r],
whiiIh Ml im tion in liiHlnlliillon or nl ui liar work.
A idrfluM B, W. H,, lliilly  CHriiollitli.
WANll.li    KtiKlH-lininri W,   w-.ntjw -.lliuitioii   lor
.*. ��� . i   nr i-.iii'.-i ,   j l    Hi-liol.r.   m   . .1   to   CtlllM
roiiiiiic     Aililn-NM ti. W. ti   Unlly * ana-Han.
WA I Nl KM   ii l'uri;liai>--u<'ooti i .mi, < i-t-,1- Uu-er .
Apply J. it   M��� i-ati- thli oilicu
ABOLT   -E . : -1-
i-mo-rtfc aa *__���_> ��a_r
i -'  - * tr-
���    .     '. 1 *   ���".-*.
- ���  .   ��� :-
?   ���
��� - *:    : ���     *- - ���-���-.
E srte-J*.  Records
l   /v  ,-:���  ...   -
.-.--.-**���'-: i��.    -���     ���:-.���.���-.- ���-_.-: -. I*
*'*-- fca-ap tke _*j_��r.: i-j..x ��. BA-orrte
la tke iatertor    Wt ir_t-.jj-x* t�� *-- adl
W. G. Thomson
-./'rit.'--.i>��'      v��.--._
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Fruit,
Fuel  __ Poultry Co., Ltd.
'���r-:< e
N. E. ��... Ba-Mr   and   Ward   SU.
0 of a .......
time ei -    - ���
-it Ar.- ibe ap
*...'-. -1., ptont life,
.  ...n    'I in  Is-
���������'.'".-      ' oi i:: MM.- I- li .
��� ���    ��_o_e ���!>..-
-|. i.,r locreaalDl
rl  V..-U.
..   TIm  Can-dJ-n
eai ago    r.ir. Celloi i
:r. . . Bl     ��� .:-������.-
mlnatlo- ol tlu  appllcalioti or
'!'-' trie  < .... mj,  w,
im hav.. been entirely ���nrraaafiil Ha
���ara that nor oni) ba i i rminatto_ '*��� i n
.... rte-n-. i.   Iron    - bourn i�� n da)
'hril tl),- ;,r,r,. o produced arr.-rfir ri l..r
mor..   r.��� -.-.11,.r   air.l   perfacl   'l*-i.-lo|rliiclrl
tli.-iii tboae ir, aboae proceaa natara bai
baa ii tiir.ij. ,s ������ i
Important  Litigation.
Two fmportanl cane eanu up bafore
Mr .in.-.r.. ( | menl al the Oraanwood
ualzaa HiIb week Tbe llrm araa ra Uie
Halnara estate. Tbln .-.r.;. air action tot
in purpose ol letting aside ��� nal>. of
the tootle and cliattela or J. <:. Halm-.
Cleared,    cultivated,     planted
witli   Ho   trees,  good   water,
first rate location, $700.
<_.0*-*-I_   AINL>   S13I3.
BAKfeR   8T.
\II KlnilB of Heating Plants In  Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Ocara House.     Tsl. 181.
C���_-rp- fop-piied ou  ���-
low���m prit* S ittnu? l-nt   fr ���
wluAiefmu menumaieappi^ *
lta-1 err-..*- ��� ..r��.flll sttSBl
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Chi.       - r-earance Sale
���v.i)   |0U
|     i*!J.
w have put  i.
tb" nearenoe 8*.
���  ikln   thlt   �����*-���**fc
���Viiiow   [*��MfrD   cujiti  antl  isau
Willow   [>atti-rn  plates  jx-r  d����r
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, u
COR   BAKER  and  WARD.        Phon. el
Pure Ontario Honey,
5 lb. Tins,
���mull i ml
J:    '   -.   rX   BL. /"."
Waterproof Paints
C->a'. Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
iio_t l;*ir:rl*Ti will fled it to th-rir ad-
T_iiur_r-- to o��e oar Pitcb.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co,
THE?fLL    fch   NO    THA.**0__-GrvrNG   WNM.PS
���  ���
,-<.*.-   prepen d wtth oup I
y��ju'ij probably **;iiii a Ceiv
(on.   We here u
I   Iravr-   t*/* ���
ting i . "j wt-ii.    Some of
the f'r.'i-j-AijiL' onsbl "> in'- ���'   t * oa foot
h<>v.:    Cranb i rlee, 2 lb tor ':*'���' ; Hi
B reel QherkJoj. BOi   pt i botl le; D
;. .-   |ht   botUi     0
j ���<- pet bottle; Tokay Orap-; i,
20c pef n<. Ayinir i Boned Turkey, 86c
l#*f:r   ran.
Joy's Cash Grocery
Obr   Joeephioe a-  LeUmer sih.
Tel.   19.   NELSON,   B.  C.   P.  O.  Box  637.
in 1908 ESrfdeooe wi
'r, the .aim of th" property at thai time,
and tbe case woo adjourned to Victoria
for further bearing. J. a. Macdonald
and C. i Legsatl appeared for plaintiff,
and E v Bodwell, K. C , and A K Mc-
Philippe, K. C.j for defendant. The other
���     a;i.-;   thai   Of   ''ort mail   \:      it,.    I    ���
mi QpBi nwood Tbli who an action In-
��� :' a water record on Providence
creek. Lhe municipality having diverted
ail the water witb the reedll thai the
iu pply tor Portnaan'e brewry WJlK cul "ft.
i'i- an action for damagea*. Application wan made bo declare the city'e
record Invalid on accouni of their being
rm i��i-'l--r in-c-r>unril grantedi and upon
till:- a p plica tion action waa poal poned
until ih" nexl iltting of tbe court In
Qreenwood, J, l> Bpence anrl W. A. Mao
donald, K. C, appeared for plaintiff, and
./ a. Macdonald ami j. 1*. McLeod for
The nnniiiii general meeting <>r the
Kuril.-nay Fruit Growers1 Assoa(atlou
will Inr lurlil In liur ''.nut I louse, Front
street, Kelson-, on WesdeBd-y, November
8, l!)07, ul. 7.110 p. m.
-   Noloon, Oct. 20, J007.
��� .  A.   ISAAC
R.  W.   HINTON -
i .er.it .lol-hlnif e-BcutsU with I )��ar>ntch.   Nh-Ml MmImi
.   \1ii.lt.K find  .Mill MaoMnety.      MnnulNclurcri of
Off-**    -_.-_!'��,    W.    t*t.     C��>nlr��iLt<>r-i'    i_.��r��.
NELSON,    B. C.
that it fashionable and durable can be
bought now at a price that is sure to
tempt you. Winter styles are being
shown. Come quick and (jet the pick.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs galore. Med
ium and Heavy Weight Pajamas and
Night Shirts at proper prices.. Particular people will be pleased with our offerings.
tcrit>e*   brmg them    to the    Popular    Store.
Places to have your prescriptions filled.
But to have them properly and carefully
compounded    as    your    physician   pre*
Poole-Longhurst Co., Ltd.
! -ii.- r and Josephine Sts.
We would Mk(> to see all our patrons comfortable thla winter end In order h>
do so we have In stock the best assorted line of heating stoves and cooklns
ItOVM  anrl   ranges,  war  before presented to the public In Kooleuay.
We would 1��" pleased to gbow you our line and before making y*>��r I,ur-
chase kindly see what we have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Nelion Branch.
You can always -*ct what
you want in all kinds of House
Furnishings at the
Buck Stoves
and Ranges
Standard FurnituM Company
Complete Houae Fumlehers and Undertakers.
In  one o( our SpeclnltloB *ni!��*>"*
wan carry �� larga   *���""''<   BOlec
SPECIAL���See our fine line of PoeM
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.


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