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The Daily Canadian May 15, 1907

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Array ���tEJje ��VtUy  Canadian
15 I,   No. 290.
Fwtt Cbnts a Month
Itave Bouchard Will Be
Tried Here
mr ary Hearing at Trail Points
|to Prisoner as Cause of
Death of Hosker.
Ill, May   15.���Tin*  preliminary  ox
kiiuu uf ijustave tiouchurd, charg-
Itls Uss- murder of David 11   Hosker,
prly si locomotive   engineer,    and
s ;s machinist at the Trail smelter,
sl.ssjs- yesterday afternoon at'I rail
Noble Minis, poliM magistrate.
Ipriaoner was held to  answer  for
111. MacNelll, K. C, appeared  for
I aud J. A. .Maedonuld, K. C,
tlir.-' witness was James William-
bills- Arlington hotel, He told how
|ha:si, tlss-  slefeudant,  ordered   the
 f    his    house,     Churleu
���sis followed the  prisoner and the
fstnl uul   10  the  lidO-walk   ami   he
I ths- prisoner say, "I'll pound your
off.    This was ahout 7 p. m.
|tx Malhleson, another witness ,told
prisoner's pulling the decssased
llssor iu the barroom of the Vic-
s hutel about *.s o'clock in the even-
���lin Haley testified lhat the deceased
|tbs  i *ss-   sst once after this occur-
am Malhleson testlfled thut the
ner and Israel McUouald went to
i ms sis lhe Sl. Elmo hotel at IU
:k | ra., to change Iheir clothing
" going uu shift.
rm I McDonald told how the prisoner
si Us tlie deceased from his room
lite Shortly afterwards he saw
silisssil drugglng'the body of the de-
1 down lhe narrow hall to the
mans* McDonald slood In the door
us i>-im and Baw that the face of
deceased was covered with hlood.
Itnesa Kinney gave Bimilar testl-
iy lu lhat of McDonald, and Futsi-r,
ther witness, prnctl-cully gave cor-
inttivo evidence.
instable Chipman testlfled to being
icted to the St. Elmo hy a noise
��ilimi. He came to thc hall room
r. which  was open, and heard  the
* say, '"1*11 fix you, you	
lie saw the prisoner with a leg
Hip deceased under each arm, drag-
if tlss body down tin* lower flight of
Me asked the prisoner:   "What
mi doing with  that man?"    Tho
ssini'r replied, "The son of a waB
By room."   Tho constable then called
Hi'* proprietor, James  Dawson, and
J. "What kind of a house are you
Mint."   The constable then arrested
whaid.    The  hotelkoopor Interfered
* Bouchard went up to the smelter
l'l' McDonald,
I'ii'' prisoner w-bb committed to the
I'll al Nelson to Btund trial on lhe
I1"*-*'* ssf murder. The trial will take
ul lbe assizes ln Nelson In Oc-
|.i ..us Peatants Worshipping Pig of Old
Woman's  Dream.
[Rome, May  15.���A fanatical hug In
' village of Sun (ilovunnl, provlnoe "f
|��BKhi, recently dot-lured Ihnt she had
|a'l ii vision In whicli she suw n pig.
|�� Uu. bask of which wuh an Image of
Sacred  Heart.  Her statement wus
loved by the BUpentttlOUl vlllngors.
���'lm sought until they found a porker
plch seemed to nu tho bill.
" proved a flno  thing for the pig,
'Ich Is now not only reputed to ho n
I'liias-iiliiiiB animal nnd is worshipped ns
J"1'!', lun Is housed sumptously nnd fed
I��� Hu* choicest morsels.   Us triumph,
fowl ver, may he Bhorl-lived as the pnr-
f��li in-tost, who Is oul raged bv the von-
h.. I"1','1 ,lle beast,    ihrentens    to
""'"II.    The.villagers,  however,  pin
-  "" riilib to the porker, and the priest.
It, i, .for   ,lls   0W1>   ��nrtoy, haB re-
ffninod trom meddling,
Brltlah Teams Accepts.
I'omliiii, Mny 15,-The National Rllle
I' "eolation bus accepted tho Invltntlon
P I lm Canadian Rifle Association to con-
I,      r��r "'" ''"'"Ui trophy with Anier-
Iwa" "i:1 ,r,l'""ll"" rllle loams nt Ottn-
I. '���   Boptombor   oth.     Amtngomenls
Ish team will stay OTW In Canasla while
on their wny to Auslrulia and participate ln the matches for lbe Empire
trophy, '
Special Train Carriea Bodiea of 28 Victims of Wreck.
Snn Francisco, May 15.���The speelnl
train carrying the bodies of 28 of
lhe Shrlners and others killed In the
Soul hern I'nelflc wreck at Honuiu lasl
Saturday reached Oakland pier ul 1
o'oloek this morning. After a change
of engines It Immediately left for Huf-
fttlo and Pennsylvania points over the
Southern and Union i'aclfle, St. Paul,
Wubasb anil Pennsylvania lines. It will
run on special time and reach Hulfalo
Sundny noon, where a committee from
Heading, Shrlners of llujah Temple, will
meet the funeral parly. The train consists of a baggage car containing tho
28 bodies, a composite car, a diner and
one Pullman. The train lefl Santa Mar-
bura wltb 11 todies and took on nine
more en route at Sunctus Obispo.
Lay Missionaries.
Birmingham, Ala., May 15.���The Bret
meeting of the Interdenominational laymen's missionary movement was held
here last night nnd arrangements made
for work during the coming year. A
call wns made on the Presbylertnn
church for $1,000,000.
North Fork Property Held at High Fig
ure���General News of
(.rand Forks, May 15.���It is reported
today that a deal has juBt been closed
for tlte purchase of a bond of the famous Golden Eagle property on Volcanic Mountain, the vendor company being a strong Vancouver syndicate. While
(he exact flgureB have uot been ascertained the consideration prico is reported to In- $60,000. Tbe Golden Eagle
is ono of the high grusle properties of
the Nortii Fork district, the ore assaying as high as |100 per lon in gold
alone. It was originally owned by
Christopher Tobiason, un old time prospector who located the claim some
years ago. Some live years ago an
Knglish syndicate took a bond on the
properly for something like $75,000 but
owing to the 111 health of the manager,
Mr. Unrrett, of Greenwood, work on the
property was neglected and the bond
allowed to lapse.
Yesterday all tlie mechanics at the
(irunby smelter resumed work and arrangements are being made to start the
furnaces up within two weeks time. By
that time a lane Bupply of coke will
havo heen secured and as the entire
plant has undergone a complete system
of repairs during Its short period df Inactivity there Is no likelihood of any
more hitches In Its continuous running.
There Is a great feeling of satisfaction
here regarding the resumption of work.
Judging from the various enquiries
coming In from outside points for information regarding the prtcoB of suburban
real estate and farm lands, this summer
will unquestionably bo a lively year in
real estate. The enquiries aro coming
chiefly from Chicago, Winnipeg and
various Northwest polnta. ln addition
to these, already Eastern companies
have their representatives out here
looking over Ihe district, who are picking Up various tracts ot land with n
view of placing them on the Eastern
markets as ncrenge property.
itave o
lmi completed by which the Brit-
Aeeaulted and Robbed.
New York, May 16.���That a conductor on the Grand street car line turned
out the Hghls of tho vehicle, knocked
hlm down and robbed hlm of $80, whilo
he was a passenger on lhe car, was tho
oomplalnl mad* today to the pOUta by
Antonio Kresnli*. a hoBpltal nurse. Kres-
ns snid he boarded the cm* lute at night
believing It would carry him townrd Jersey City.   When It (topped at the EubI
River terminal Kresnic declared  the
conduclor In Uniform entered the car,
turned out the lights, and then knocked
hlin down witli n Jnck. While ho was
dazed by the blows be Bays the conductor robbed Illlll of lhe money ��*<�����.���
watch, Tho police nre investigating the
Another Bell Note.
London, May 15.���Sir Hugh Bell, the
now proBldont ot the Iron nnd Steel Institute, predicted ln his inaugural address Ihut a century hence, with little or
no machinery ubonrd nnd scarcely any
crews, .hlpi would be sped on heir
voyages by electricity generated at Niagara Fulls nnd transmitted wlrelessly
Vl.r the Atlantic This, he added,
,  i une -, atrnnge forecast, but It
their fulfilment.
Interest In Murder Trial
Counsel Thinks Only Three of All So
Far Examined WUl Be Finally
Found Acceptable.
Boise, May 15.���With ten men ln the
box who have been passed for cause by
both the prosecution and defence, tbe
trial of William D. Haywood, secretary
and treasurer of the Western Federation of Miners, charged with the murder
of former Governor Frank Steunenberg,
of lduho, today enters upon its fourth
day. The morning session will be taken
up wltb the qualification of two men ne
cessary before the work of examination
preliminary to the peremptory chai
lenglng begins. It is thought probable'
that the box will lie filled during the
morning session, but it ls not likely that
more than two or three of the present
occupants will be retained. Counsel for
tho defence and prosecution admitted
lo tbe Associated Press that the chances
for retaining more than three or four
of the talesmen so far examined was
small, in fact one of the counsel said
he expects not more than three of the
present occupants of the box are to be
accepted. Under the rules of practice
in the Idaho courts ln the case of those
who have been challenged for cause, or
under iieremptory challenges the seat is
filled by a talesman who has not been
examined for cause who must fully qualify before the next Is reached. Under
the circumstances it ls remarkable that
Interest in the procedlngs, so far as
Boise is concerned, does not increase
The attendance ln the court room yesterday waB even smaller than that of
lho preceding day. There was no
cruwd outside to see jurors or prison-
era as lhe> passed from or to the court
house. On no nay hai? there been seen
in the court room any -eally prominent
merchant or citizen other than jurymen or witnesses. This condition Is explained only by the strong desire to
avoid anything that would tend to
nrouse the public to a discussion ot the
case before the Jury has been selected.
Haywood takes interest in the work of
selecting a jury; he Bits within six feet
of tho chair occupied by Juror No. 6 and
immediately behind Mr. Richnrdson, his
leading counsel. His youngest daughter
sits in the chair to the right and between him and his wife, who, every
morning nnd afternoon, is wheeled Into
the court room In nn invalid choir. The
girl ls constant ln her attention to ber
father; If he consults too long with the
nttorneys she pinches his big fingers or
lays her hand on his shoulders. Mrs.
liny wood plays close attention to the
Heroine    of   Crimea    Receives    Many
Birthday Greetinga.
London, Mny 15.���Lovers of good
works on both Bides of the Atlantic
Joined ln sending "Many happy returns
of tho day" to Mis Florence Nightingale, who was eighty-seven years old
today. For many yenrs the heroine of
the Crimea hns lived in quiet retirement
In hor house nenr Park Lane. Tor moro
than a decade, It Is pathetic to note,
she hus not boen nble to leavo her
home. . s
Though Bhe Is extcmely feehlo In
body her mind Is as alert nnd active aB
It was when, heading a llttlo band of
nurses, she nrrlved In the Crimea, and
commenced those ministrations to the
suffering so'dlers which won her the
love and gratitude ot the English nation.
, _	
Attack on Government's Labor Policy
Defeated Yeaterday.
Paris, May 15.���Tho prolonged and
heated debate In the Chamber of Deputies yesterday on thc interpellations of
tho government regarding Ub labor policy attracted Intense interest, but onded
ns wns anticipated, in a voto of confl
donee In the government. Tho vote
wns tuken aftor a strenuous attack from
tho Extromo Socialists led by M
JaureB, and stood 334 to 219.
China Alao Want Peace.
Shanghai, May 15.���China is preparing to reconstruct hor navy and dock-
There aro to bo four bases���one
on Chang-Chew and tho other three on
the Miatoas Islands, Chusan archlpela,
go and Hainan Island respectively. The
plan involves the expenditure of $9,000,-
000 annually for the construction of
moderate sized armored cruisers, a number of torpedo boats and a dozen submarines.
William. Hunter's   Views   of   Reduced
Steamer  Service.
William Hunter,, M. L. A. for Slocan,
returned from the Boundary last night,
and left this morning for bis home ln
The trip to Boundary was undertaken
to visit his store In Phoenix. Of tbe
general outlook ln that district Hr.
Hunter said; "I don't think the smelters will be shut down for long. Once
they bave good supplies of coal and
coke on hand, a way out of the difficulty
will be found. With copper at the preaent price no trifling subject of disagreement will matter much. Tbe worst
feature of the situation la tbe presence
among the men of agitators who don't
wnnt to work."
Mr. Hunter thinks 1907 will be a good
year for the Slocan. He greatly regretted the C. P. it. company's decision
to reduce Its passenger service from
six to three times a week, especially as
the dally service has been enjoyed for
so many years. The handling of freight,
he says, wilt necessitate a dally run of
the steamer, and there seems no good
reason why calls cannot be made at tbe
few ports on the lake. He considers
the reduction a very bad advertisement
for the district
New York  Reporter Quotes President
Diaz of Mexico.
Mexico City, May 16���United States
Ambassador Thompson last nlgbt said
in regard to a recent Interview accredited to President Diaz:
"At thla Interview between President
Diaz and a representative of a New
York paper, President Diaz did not say
that he favored a federation of Central
American states, with the United States
and Mexico as joint guardians, and no
such thing was translated from the president by the official Interpreter, the ambassador, who acted as Interpreter on
the occasion."
California Collision.
Redding, Cal., May 16���A northbound
Portland passenger train on the Southern Pacific was run Into by two light
engines at Copley last night. A brake-
man was Instantly killed. Both engines
were derailed and the mail and baggage
cars were badly damaged. *
Russian   Woman   Revolutioniat   Shoots
Police Officer In Her Cell With
Secreted Revolver.
St. Petersburg, May 15.���A minor
state ot martial law has been proclaimed
Hn Simbirsk province on account of extensive disorders which have broken
out there.
Moscow, May 16��� MadanieFromklna,
who was arrested In the lobby of the
opera houae here on March 14, having
ln her possession an automatic revolver
charged with poisoned bullets, and who
. '-was believed to be waiting for General
Rheinbot, the prefect of police, with the
intention of making an attempt to assassinate htm, was later recognized aa
an escaped terrorist who had been exiled to Siberia for making an attempt
on the life of General Novltsky, chief
of the gendarmerie of Kief. The woman
yesierday made an atempt to murder
the inspector of the political prison
here. While she was being examined
by the Inspector, Madame Fromkina
tired at and wounded him with a revolver which had heen mysteriously
smuggled Into her cell.
Mississippi Valley Visited by Galea and
Memphis, Tenn., May 15.���Reports received today from western Tennessee,
northern Alabama and Mississippi Indicate that the worst rain storm of recent years fell yesterday throughout this
section, amounting ln some places to a
water-spout and accompanied by high
winds, the latter, tn eastern Mississippi.
and particularly Monroe county, demolishing a number of residences and laying waste practically all crops In that
Prices of Metala,
New York, May 16,���Sllver,   65%c;
copper, 24c.; lead, $6.
London,   May   15.���Silver, 30 5-lfld.;
lead, ��19, 16s.
Situation Growing Graver
East Bengal a Well as Punjab Scene
of Disorders���Ascribed to Effort
to Raise Natives.
London, May 15.���The news from
India, which dominates this morning's
newspapers, Increases the anxiety
which the present happenings in the
Indian Empire awaken here. That Sir
Denztl Ibbetson, lieutenant-governor of
the Punjab, whom Chief Secretary Morley the other day described ln the house
of commons as one ot the ablest and
most experienced administrators in
India, Bhould have summoned big military reinforcements to Lahore and postponed his own departure frnm that city,
Is regarded aa adding to tbe gravity of
the Bltuation. Tbe India Offlce has
issued nothing on the situation, although It la understood tt ie ln constant
communication with the Viceroy. Pending some official declaration the newspapers comment sparingly, but print
their own and the news agencies' news
conspicuously. Such comments as
printed call for firm action by the government.
Some recent statements in the bouse
of commons by Mr. Morley and bis approval of the deportation ot Lala Lajpat
Ral betray no sign that he Is disposed
to underestimate the possibilities of the
Although tor the moment the Punjab
seems to be the chlet centre of the
trouble, lt Ib noteworthy tbat there ls
Increasing unrest among the natives
ln Eastern Bengal. This teems to centre in the Mymen Singh district of the
latter province, which is a thousand
miles distant from Lahore. Here, according to a newspaper despatch, tbe
local government realizes fully the extreme peril of the situation, and Is prepared for military operations on a large
scale. Nevertheless, lta failure to check
tbe seditious movement promptly has,
it le added, resulted In a state of revolt.
Thousands ot Dacoits, consisting ot
both Hindus and Mohammedans, are
roaming In the Mymen Singh district,
plundering and burning villages, and Ill-
treating loyal natives, may of whom
have been murdered.
Thirty-seven agitators have been a.*
rested by the military police, who are
trying to stamp out the movement. The
despatch further says that seditious literature has been spread broadcast
through Eastern Bengal, and that the
rioting at Rawal Plndi has been distorted into a triumph ot the natives against
the British.
Loyal natives of the better class are
writing to the newspapers and authorities, urging the necessity for prompt
repressive measures. They declare
that the anti-European movement has
gained Immense strength ln Bengal
since the resignation of the late lieutenants-governor, Sir Pnmpfylde Fuller,
who waa forced to relinquish his post
because he tried to suppress the present
agitation in the native schools.
The participation of Mohammedans
In the Mymen Singh outrages shows
clearly that the movement Is directed
agalnBt British rule instead ot being a
fight between Hindus and Moslems, as
was at flrst supposed.
Revivalist   Nearly  Kills   His Son  for
Playing orr Sunday.
Chicago, May 15.���A despatch from
Athens, Oa., says: "Because he whipped
hla 12-year-old son for playing baseball
on Sunday, J. B. Harboll, a travelling revivalist, was yesterday sontenced to six
months on the rock pile by Mayor Dorsey. Physicians stated the boy was
lashed until his flesh was cut so badly
that he may not recover. Harboll said
tt was a deadly sin to play ball on Sunday, and he had ordered his son not to
play the game but the latter disregard'
ed him and was then caught playing on
one ot the teams.
Perth,  Weat  Australia,  Moy 15.���Al
the Interstate Conference today of the
Hibernian societies, representing 20,000
members, a resolution was adopted ex
pressing confidence that tbe Irish Party,
under the leadership of John E. Redmond, will adopt a cor.ect attitude towards Mr. Blrrell's Irish bill.
Former President of Board of Trade
Back   in Commons.
London, May 15.���At the bye-election
held at Wimbledon yeaterday, Henry Chaplin, Unionist, and ox-president
of the local government board, whose
candidacy was opposed by the Woman
Suffragists, was elected by the great
majority qf 6,964 out of a total vote of
16,662. Mr. Chaplin was Joseph Chamberlain's first lieutenant throughout the
latter's protectionist campaign nnd It
was largely on that issue that he was
elected. Baron Russell, the candidate
of the Woman Suffragists, was heavily
handicapped by the fact that Liberals
declined officially to nominate a candidate for the vacancy. '
Bridge Crew Killed.
Ashtabula, Ohio, May 15.���Three men
last night were killed near here hy
Lake Shore train No. 10, which struck
a handcar on which were riding four
members of railroad bridge gang. One
man jumped and was uninjured. Thy
dead included George Wall, of New
York, foreman.
Manufacture��� Meet in Philadelphia to
Dlacuaa Everything Connected
With tht Industry.
Philadelphia, May 15.���Cotton manufacturers from the four corners of the
earth as well as other men interested
ln the cotton, woolen and knit goods
industries filled the ball room of the
Bellevue-Stratford hotel at 10 o'clock
thla morning when the eleventh annual
convention of the American Cotton
Manufacturers' Association waa called
to order by President Arthur H. Lowe
of Pltchburg, Mass. The association Is
national tn scope, numbering upwards
of one thousand membera. There was
a large attendance at the opening, the
South being especially well represented.
Mayor Rayburn, speaking ln behalf of
the City of Philadelphia, extended a cordial greeting and Governor B. B. Oorner
of Alabama responded for the visitors.
When -these formalities had been concluded and the organization of the convention perfected the association Aook
up the regular programme of business.
President Lowe delivered hla annual
address. Other addressee were presented during the forenoon, as follows:
"Immigration," Hon. E. J. Watson, commissioner of Immigration of South Carolina; "Qualifications of the Model Textile Designer," Dr. B. W. France, director of the Philadelphia Textile achool;
"Patents," George O. Draper, Hopedale,
Mass.; "Exports of Cotton Goods," Prof.
J. W. Wilson, president of the Philadelphia museum; "Concrete Construction for Cotton Mills," P. Austin Tomes,
New York; "Proper Tagging of Cotton,"
R. G. Hltt, Atlanta, Ga.; "Imports and
Exports of Cotton Manufacturers," J.
W. Burke, New York; "Oil Storage
Problem," E. M. Saver-cool, New York.
Thla afternoon was devoted by the
members of the association to an Inspection of the elaborate exhibition that
Is being held in the First Regiment
armory as a side feature ot the convention. The exhibition Is most comprehensive in Its scope, including exhibits of the most Improved cotton machinery in use ln thiB country and
abroad, together with elaborate displays
of the finished product.
Tomorrow morning there will be more
papers, addresses and discussions dealing with questions of a technical nature,
nnd In the evening the convert Ii.<e will
conclude with a banquet for which the
moat elaborate preparations are being
mado. The scheduled speakers for the
banquet Include Hon, Leslie M. Shaw,
former secretary of the treasury; W. W.
Finley, president of the Southern railway; E, W. Robertson of Columbia, S.
Cl Governor B. B. Comer of Alabama,
Governor R. B. Glenn of North Carolina, Governor Edwin 8. Stuart ot Pennsylvania and Congressman A. S. Burleson of Texas.
Close Contest Between Soelallata and
Vienna, May It.���Herr von Marchert,
Ihe minister of public works and Instruction. haB resigned In consequence
of his defeat In the elections yesterday.
Out of 367 results up to noon today 164
will require second ballots. The
"Blacks" and "Rods;" aa the Clericals
and Socialists are termed, uppenr to
havo elected about an equal number ol
Simp Employees
Ro Trouble Locally-Word Received
of Adjustment���len Return
to Work Tomorrow*
A general strike of machinists was
ordered at 10 o'clock thla morning on
all C. P. R. linet trom Fort William to
It waa promptly-obeyed locally. Tbe
men ln the shops here did not know exactly the -cause of the order bot had
been expecting It for eome time. The
grievance was not local, nor did It relate to Kootenay at all. It had IU
origin on tbe main line near Moose Jaw.
The local men held a meeting thle
morning after they left the shops, but
their only decision waa to obey the
Supt Lawrence waa seen this afternoon by a representative of The Daily
Canadian. After a few diplomatic answers he tacitly admitted that there
was a strike but declined to give any
Information except that It did not ex- '
tend to the whole system.
Some of the men were seen bnt their
information waa vague and limited.
They had promptly obeyed the order
but knew very little of the reason for lt
About 3:30 a telegram waa reoelved
from Moose Jaw stating that th? grievance had been been adjusted satisfactorily aad the strike declared at an end.
The employees at the Nelson shops
were pleased with the newa, and will
return to work tomorrow moraine.
Non-Union Men Taking Place of Strlk-
Ing Longshoremen.
New York, May 15.���Both the representatives of the Transatlantic steamship compaalee and the striking longshoremen maintain their firm stand
and the great dock strike seams no
nearer a aettlement than lt did a week
ago. The ateamahip men,declare they
are moving freight and ships that muat
be speedily handled with the aid of
non-union men they have secured, aad
that the longshoremen will soon Ure ot
the strike aad return to work. The
strikers, on the other hand, aay that
there ia no wavering ln their ranks, but
that the men are more determined than
ever that they will not return to work
until they aecure the Increase ln wages
they have demanded. Ail attempta at
arbitration have so far proved unavailable. The strikers say they have secured an Important victory ln Jersey
City. The Italian line which docks
there hats taken back 250 men at the advanced rates demanded tn order to (Uncharge two large ships loaded with perishable fruit. The leaders claim that
tbla la an Indication that the companiea
are weakening, and they are Jubilant
over the development, \ tour of the
steamship piers early today, showed that
there was no relief ln the freight congestion. ���
Supt.   Lawrence   Explain   Change   In
Slocan Lake Service.
When seen tlhs afternoon, Supt. Lawrence of the C. P. R., while declining
absolutely to discuss the machinists'
strike, had no objection to hearing antl
answering the Slocan's complaint ot reduced aervlce.
Mr. Lawrence says that the Slocan
branch has never paid, that there ls no
other local dally aervlce maintained In
Canada or the United States for so
small a volume of buaineaa and travel,
that the. service waa established In the
hope of a rapid development that haan't
yet been realised.
Mr. Lawrence Instanced the Calgary-
Macleod, Calgary-Edmonton and Bioa-
mous branohea which had only trl-week.
ly service long after their business had
exceeded Slocan's, and the Okanagan
lake service, which Is still only triweekly for a much greater population
and much greater volume of business
than those ot Slocan lake.
He ndded that while regrets were natural there could be no grievance. I 1
The Daily Canadian
��� STORES -
Miners' and AH
Campers' Supplies
TENTS in all sizes and weights
UNDERWEAR at all prices
From 8 to 12 Pounds.
SOX,   MITTS,   etc.,   etc.
In all these lines we offer excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
OAPITAL PAID UP... .$4,7110,000 REST..". $4,780,000.
D. R. WILKIB, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
DepoBita reoelved and interest r-llswed at highest  onrrent rnte from dote of
opening of aocoont, and coiupnumlt'd quarterly
J.   M.   LAY, Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Paid up Capital $3,900,000    Reserve Fund	
15 Branches in British Columbia.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits of $1.00 ninl upwardi received. Interest allowed thereon at highest current rate, and credited -lunrterly.- Depositors are subject to no delay
whatever In tho withdrawal of lhe whole or any part of their deposits.
 Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Fsjlillsshs-sl ilx daya a week by the
Baker Ht., Nelaon. B. (I.
Win..",'rips loss rates, 50 s'sssslss a nsoittls slollvered
la tlie suty, ssr ,5.1*0 a year If Heist by mail, wheu
paid Id aslvanee
AdvertleiDK mt.h ois applls-atlou.
aji monies paid in aottie us .,r Ths, I'aiiy
Canadian accounts, either Isss subscription! or
aSverttaltiK, must be receipted Issr ssss Use printed
forms of llie s'omi'siliy. Other recelptl are Dot
MAV IB. l*y(>7.
The Imperial Conference of 1807, the
llrst called i>y that name, is over, the
net result achieved being praotloally
nothing, at least as far as lln- published
records show.
The only ray of hope cumo fpoin London yesterday in lln* announcement
lhat on Sir Wilfrid Laurler's motion a
committee wns appointed to consider
thc feasibility of subsidizing un all-Brit
Ish route to Australia liy way ol
On all olher points nothing has bison
done whleb the membera of tbe conference are willing should be known to the
people of tbo Umpire.
We have been lold thai proposals lm
preferential trade were opposed by rep
resentatiTes of tbe iiom,^ govrnmeni and
by Sir Wilfrid Laurier. tin tin- other
Questions of first-class Importance, co
operation for defence, uniformity of na:
unitization laws. Immigration, especial!)
of olher than while race's, nol u worst
hns come from ihe meeting chamber ol
the conference.
Difficulties tisj not grow less hy boinfl
concealed or Ignored. Solution ssf th
problems of Kiiiplre ls most likely to
be found by placing the questions full*-
ly before the whole constituency, ihnt
Ib the Empire, with all Iheir difficulties
Instead of that, to thc disgust of alt
tbc colonial representatives except sir
Wilfrid Laurler, Ihe home ministers re
solved on a policy of secret sessions and
censored reports.
No wonder, Ihen, that tbe majority of
British Imperialists wbo hoped for some
achievement from this conference, sums'
definite forward step on the path of Imperial unity, have nlready written
It Is true thnt none but the most
sanguine and optimistic had expected
an.i thing else. Thc Liberal pany in Britain since the deuth of Palmerston bas
had as motto for lis foreign policy
"Peace al any Price," and of Its colonial
policy, Tennyson's ironical
���Friends, so loyal Is too costly,
Loose yourselves, we pray, and go."
The doctrine of Free Trade was associated, almost Identified, with the belief
thut wars were over forever, and that
tbe people of lho Hritish Islands were
going to lead tho world along the pleasant paths of peace. Preeminence In
trade and industry were to compensate
Britons for the loss of their primacy In
war, diplomacy und government. Fssr
Its new role Hritain, it was held, could
get no help from tiio Dominions over
sea, but only burdens and hindrances,
lt was the frankly expressed wish of
Bright and Gladstone lhat Canada, Australia und the Cape would suon demand
Independence. Colonies and all possessions were regarded only as sources of
danger. A brief period of Ave years, Mr.
(Hailstone's second premiership, saw
British flags carried hack on the Indian
fronfidr, on (lie Nile and at the Cape.
The    Iwo    last sins havo since  been
 ued   for   wllh   hlood  and   treasure.
There are signs In the Nortii West of
India that the first error must be
atoned for now.
Obviously the llrltlsh Liberals, inheri-
ioi-8 of th.' Oladstonlan tradition, can
never be an Imperial iiarty. It was
os|ually obvious to all students of recent
history thut the majority of the present
Hritish cabinet ilreudcd ihe conference
and were resolved to make it us nearly
Innocuous us possible.
Hut whai touches Canadians most
nearly is the attitude of Canada's representative, Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
lt Is true thai tne one forward step,
referred to nt the beginning, was taken
on his Initiative. No Conservative will
refuse him due credit for thnt.
Hut, unless he has been mosl unfairly
reported by the Hritish press, the Canadian Associated Press and the Amerlcnn Associated Press, IiIh stand
throughout the conference���with thai
single exception, like un eleventh hour
repentance��� has been one of hardly con-
cealod opposition to every suggestion
from the other younger nations. He objected to the creation of nn Imperial
Council, and he was unable to take part
In discussion of any scheme of co-operation for defence, novn! or milltnry.
The consequence Is that Imperialists
In the Hritish Islands and throughout
tho Empire regard Canada as a stumbling block. Her official representative
was opposed to all their hopes, and at
the close exulted tn the defeat of the
"too ardent Imperialists.*" That this
should be taken as the attitude ssf the
greatest of the colonies Is u calamity.
If it were true It would mean an end
to hopes of u united Empire.
But Hritish Canadians know lhat It Is
not ti-ui*. tliat Sir Wilfrid La Uriel's
voles1 on matters relating to tii,' [Umpire
Is not the voice of Canada. Sir Wilfrid
knows it too. Once before, at the outbreak of the Boer War, he heard the
voice of Canada and reluctantly and sullenly obeyed. Now he hns bad his revenge. But he will hear thul voice
again before long, telling him that he
has grossly misrepresented Canada's attitude towards ttie Anglo-Saxon world.
Only four days more remain before
the submission to the property owners
of the city of the School Loan Hylaw.
The question of the amount is of no
moment. 'I'he citizens? who believe in
public schools will vote the amount
asked for by tbe board of trustees, and
approved by the city council. They
iwill trust tliat the two bodies elected
by them to manage their affairs, financial and other, will not squander or
waste city money, but will expend it
with the view of combining efficiency
wiih economy. There arc Iwo classes
of people w'ho may feel some reluctance
about supiHirting tlie measure: those
who, having no children, feel that they
are not directly benefitted liy schools,
and care nothing abom tin' health and
comfort of the children of others; and
those* wbo do not believe in the principle of public schools. For both these
classes the Question at Issue ls: Is It
well for Nelson to keep tlie reputation
she has of possessing thc worst school
building in the province? Is lt well,
that all children not now iu school,
either new comers or children just attaining school age, should be refused admission? The limit of outside accom-
modiition for classes is readied���tlie
limit of satisfactory accommodation was
passed some years ago. Nelson expects
a real estate boom. If she wishes tti
avoid it, to keep people away, she has
only to ndvertise thut she is poor anil
hopeless by defeating the school bylaw.
The complaint of O. O. S. Llndsey
against thc public interest lhat forced
an early settlement of the coal miners'
strike, Is ample justification, if any
more were needed, for tlie charge mash'
hy the miners and tbe board of trade
delegates, thai he was the chief cause
of tbe strike and the chief obstacle In
the way of settlement. Even yet he appears not to realize that the interests of
a million people between Winnipeg anil
the Paclflc are more important than his
personal gratification in a victory over
his employees. It will be generally regretted throughout British Columbia
and Alberta that the Victoria Week's
guess tbat Mr. Llndsey was about to retire from the management of the
C. N, P. C. Co. is Incorrect.
Our morning contemporary took the
trouble to telegraph to Toronto for a
contradiction of a statement in the Victoria Week. Surely that was a waste of
energy. It ls hardly a month ago that
the Week announced "authoritatively"'
that Attorney General Fulton would
give his sanction to all prosecutions begun under the Lord's Dav Act.
B. C.
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
NnllOfl Is hereby given tbat thirty (lr*-;* after
dato I in ten i w> anj-ly to tiio board <>f Lloenae
OommlutqnWf for too Ymtr iiiHinut tor a mm.*-.
tor of tht llowofl hud hjaxt tot the Fort tibep*
[mnl hotel to K. Adlu.
(SiBne*!) A  M. HmKI.l>fl
Watii'ta, �� 0.| Muv lei, i'trj.
For Immediate
Sale Only
HJxc-eptiona] opportunity to acquire houae situated on two of thc
finest resldcntn! lots In Nelson.
Kasy of access and on level grade
from business centre. Resilience
contains hall, silting, dining nml
bedrooms, bath and kitchen pantry,
Largs- coul and wood shed. Electric
light, water and sewer.
Watt Baker Street.        NELSON, B. C.
Sixty ttiivs after date I iiliein! tn apply tothe
Hen Chief Gonnotulonerj.f Landsand Works
for permission to purehoa tin* following described land in Wui Koateuay district: Commencing nt a poll niH-kfil A. C H'k northwest
Homer post, Minimi;,' -in elm itm easterly tlong
the boundary <>i Timber ii,*,*nn* No. 8809, tbenoe
southerl) 50 chains, thenoe westerly 10 chains,
tbence northerly .'��u chalui along the ��*. P. it-
trm*k io the plaoe ol commencement, containing
two hundred aerea, more it \t����,
Loeated this nth aay of May, itw.
a c. Bosh, Looator,
sixty daytafterdate i purpose making applies
titin to the Chief Commissioner o( Lands and
Works for permission ta purobase the Hiowtug
desoribed land;  Comi icing nt a post piaee.i
at tha, north west oornerol lot4M8Cland mark-
id "r UcU'sBU corner post," iuiiiuhu ihenoe
90chslns north tbenoe80chains west, thonce80
chains sontb, tbenee80 ohalns east, to polntof
commencementi mm nim iik tuu aores, more or
Dated this 8th day of Mar, iw)7.
[Signed] I'-K-jfk UcODUOCH.
per I), A, Mi l runt H. Agent.
sixty days after date I purpose niukiuK nppli<
ration to the Hon. t hlel Commissioner ol Lands
itini Works, tor permission to  pun-htmi;  the  fol
lowing described land: Commeneing at a Post
plneeil on iiie ireit shnre of Lower Whatshan
lake, about a W mile from tlie outlet oi same,
and marked "It. W'i. n.h. eorner past/' running tbence 80 ohaini west, thenoe 80 ohalns
south, thenoe80 chains east, tbence80 ohalns
north to pilot of eomntenaemant, oontainlng
610 aires, more or less.
Dated the 2nd dayof May, law
[b'lgned) II. Wasbbt,
per Y <i. KAt'ijt'iRR, A^ent,
Blxty days aftei date 1 purpose making appli*
cation to ihe Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Lands ainl Worku for perm Us toil to pure tin w the
followlni;  described   Imi'i:   Comuif tieiim   at a
post plaoed at the northeast oorner w B. C-
Nklliner's application to i*urehase marked
"B B's, N. W. eoruer post" thence following the
eastern boundary of said application 80 chains
Bouthi thenoe running80cbaiui eust, tbendeso
ehains north to the southern boundary of K. w.
Haiinfnjfton'.s application to purchase, tbence 80
ehains weil along same to polntof commencement, oontainlng ti in acres, more or less
Dnted 2nd flay of May, 1807.
(Binned) K.ShikU,
per F.({   FAt-yriBit, Ageut.
Sixty days after date 1 Intend to -apply to iiie
iioitorahie tin- Chief Commissioner ot Lands and
Woiks for permission to purchase the following
described lands In West Kootenay district: Com-
menelnff at a post planted OO the south shore Of
Koolenay Jake, and adjoining < . I'. K. hioek No.
to, and nmrked "Tom Gordon's northweat eorner
pnst, ' thenre south 40 chains, Iheuce tarn 40
ohalna, tbenn north 20 ohalns, moreor lest, to
Lake Bho ������, thenee west iu chains to point of
commences it
Dated thia Bbth of April, 1*907.
Tom Gordon.
sixty tfays after date t intend to apply to the
Hon. the Thief Com in is ���s*r.<r of Landl and
Works, Victoria,!* 0., to put chase 40 acres of
land: Commenolng al a post planted nf the Oity
of Nelson's 3  E. eoruer post, on Kootena) ..ver,
lbence30 chains south, thence west 90 chains,
thenee north 80 chains, thence east 80 Ohalna to
poiut of commencement.
Nelson, B. 0., April 24,1007,        K. J. Ci-kkan.
Hlxty days after uate ] Intend to apply to Hon.
the Chief Commissionerof Lands ami Worku for
permission to purchase the following described
lands tu Kootenay district: Commencing at a
p..st p orked Bruce White's N, W. eorner post,
situated at the northeast corner of P. K 30 about
a mile east of Sloean rlvei, theliee Bouth 2u
ehains, theuce west 80 chains, ihence south t'��0
Chains, ihenee cast 4o ehains, thence north 40
chains, thenee east 40 ehains, ihenee north 4U
chains, ihence went fin chains to point of commencement, Containing 440 acres, moreor less.
Located March 18th, 1807. Bame White.
1, the undersigned, alter oo iiayn Intend to ap-
tly to the Honoriible the 'hlel Commissioner Of
ands and Works for permission lo purchase the
followiUK land: (.'< nimenciiiK at a post marked
S. K *'. of Lot 12M, thence west tf�� chains, tbence
souih 20 ohalns, thenee west Kchains, thence
SOUth20 Chains, thence west 40 chuiiis, thence
���sou'h (0 chains, iheuce east So chains, thence
north BOcbalns to point of oommenoement
Loeated Marcb 27th. 1807.     M. B, McN'auoht,
N. K. Mi NaI'mit, Agent.
f, the undersigned, after80days Intend toapply io (he Honorable the Chief (ommlsslonerof
Landsand W'orks to purchase the following deserlbed land; Commencing at a |.���*-���*. markeii
N. K. C, situate at the mouth of t'ove creek on
tbe west shore of Blocan iake, thence west 20
ohalttit Ihenoe soutb 20 chains, tbence west *ju
chains,  tbence south 90 chains, thence west 4')
chains, theuce south 40 chains, theuee east 80
chains, tbenee north 80 chains to point of commencement
Located March 27th, VJOl,     f��. V McNacgiit.
SUty days after date I intend to apply tothe
Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd works for
permission to purchase the following described
lamls lu Kooteuay District) about three-quarters
of mile from Thrum's MdiHg:   Commencing at a
rst placed at the H. Vi. corner of L 6893, group
west Kootenay District] tbenee westerly
following the north boundarr Of L4686, 40
chains; thenee norih 10 chains; tbenee east 40
ehalns, moreor less, tothe N. W. corner of
L6J98; thence SOUth (Allowing tlie west boundary
of LNtt, 10 chains, more or less, to plaee of commencement, conialnliiK 4(i acrea, mora or less.
Dated this 6th day of December. 1-J06.
If. 11. PVftt, Locator.
Blxty days after date 1 purpoae making appli*
cation to the Cblef Coiumi-siouer of Lauds and
Works for permission to purchase the following
described land; Commeueiiig at a post placid
at tbe lontheaal comer of Y. W li Hmiltain's
application te purchaiei markeii "K. K's. h.W".
corner," running thence -So chains nor:h. tbence
B0 ehalns east, tbeuce Wlcnains south, thenee SO
chains west to point of commencement, contain-
lag 6I11 acres, more or less.
Dated the Itth day of April, 1M7.
K. FAi'ijrim,
I'er F. (i. FAUitwKir, Agent.
Hixty days after date 1 Intend to apply to tho
Honorable the Chief ''ommlssloner of Lauds aud
Works. Victoria, to purohaae 120 acres of land
In West Kootenay, and described an follows-
Commencing at a post planlcd on the thtt side
of Arrow Lake at the southwest corner of L7804
and marked "J. A. K's N W. corner," thence
east 24 chains,  thence soutb 40 elm I lis, thenee
east80obalns, thenee south ai chains io Mom-
beimcr's pre-emption, tbence west ill chains to
Fauquier 1 application te pnrehaae! tbenoe north
40chains, tbenoe wesi 20 chains to lake shore,
thenco north along the lake shore to place of
March lath. IW7. J. a  Kki.i.v,
Klxty days after date I purpose tnoKlng application to tne Honorable the chief Commissioner
of Undsand Works for permission  to purl-lime
lhe following desoribed tandi Commenolng at
a post placed about one ami half miles salt of
silver Tip Point, on Whalshan Luke, near Cbrli<
tie creek marked "Y W.O. H's. H.K corner," run-
nlnjj thence St, Chains west to join Imji<! looated
hy F. L. Hiitninitinl, as aKcnt, theuce Hn chains
north, theuce Mi Chains easi, thence Ml chaUm
souih to point Of commencement, containing
il*lii acres, more or less.
Dated Ihe 'Jib day of April, 1007.
r. w. u. UAvt/tAta,
Per 1*'   >i. VaVwikh, Audit
Klxty days after dnle I intend to apply to the
Hon lhe chlel Com mlssloner Of Unds and Works
Victoria, to Purchase040 acres of land In West
Koolenay    illstrli't:    i m -m-im*    at    a   pii��t
planted about h mites from ihe mouth of Hoe<
quite creek and ahout one mile west of ihe said
creek and marked  'H.H. K's H.W   comer." aud
running north SO ohalni, tbonce east m chains,
tbence souih wi chains, thence west SOohalttl to
pin- ����� of be^'lunltlK'
March lfltb, iVOl. Hi If. ROM,
_ .1. K. AVNAHI.F. Afp'iiI.
BUt)  days site
Hon. Chief Commissioner of bun
I intend (0 apply lo the
 -.r of UUldi ami   Works,
Victoria, H.C., to pu:i base K4U acres of land, Iu
Fire Valley, described as fol ows: Commencing
at a post planted 211 chains west of Walter Hull's
N. \\. corner and marked J W Holm.��' Jr. N. K.
corner pest, and running'onih 40cbawis, tbeuce
west 110 (halus, thence norlh 40 ahalns, lbence
easi ��) chains to plane nf beginning* and b*r*liiij n
portion of Hectlon 88, Township 71, West Kootenay.
March 6th, 1W7. J. W. llaiMYa, Jb.
 J- IC. ANNAIII.K. A-fli'NT.
Klxty days after date 1 Intend to apply to llio
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Landa and Works,
Victoria, to purobase 830 acres of land lu West
Kootenay. described as follows: Commencing
HtftpoM 11 n'fd up MosqultO creek, ubout eight
miles from the moulh and marked K. Cross' 8 W.
form r, thence nort* m chains, tbonce 40 chains
cast, thence H,> chains south, thencu 40 chains
west to place of beginning
Feb. 10th, 1807. E, CROSS.
J. K, akhabii, Agent
New Dress, Muslins, Ginghams and Ladies' Ready-to-Wear
Skirts, Costumes and Blouses.
We Are Still Selling Ladies' Undermuslins at Reduced Prices.
Fred Irvine <& Co'y
Notice Is herehv ifivett that 60 nays alter date 1
intend to apply totneHon.ChlefCraomlssIoneiJol
Undsand worts, vietoria, Jorpermission lopur��
those tbe following desoribed land: Commencing
at a post planted on the wesl side o| BlooOn lake
and about two miles nnrlh of Kvans creek, mid
marked Q, H. Q'sSoutheast comer fost. theme
norlh following shore of lake 100 chains, th.-lice
west Mi chains, ihenee south UjO chains, thence
east 80 chains to point of loiuiueneemeni, !(U0
acres more or less.
Located April 20,1807.
liKo B QlBMST, Locator,
Wu, Ciouoh,Agent
BlxtT days alter date 1 Intend toapply lo tlie
Hon. thfl Chief Commissioner of Lunds and
Works. Victoria, to pun base 640 acres of Land In
Wesl Kootenay, described as follows: t ominen-
Olng at a post planted about ciuht miles up
MosqultO oreek and join Inn Y.. Cross' application
to purchase, and markeii C. M's S K. corner,
thence mirth 80 ehains, lhetice west BOcbalns,
tbenee south 80 ohalns, thence east 80 chains to
place of beginning.
Feb. 16th, 11*07. 0. Marsha: l,
J. K. A.VSAitl.K,
Sixty days oiler oate 1 intend to apply to the
lion. Chief Coinmlssloiiei of Lauds and Works to
purohaae tho following desoribed land located
in -Tire toj ley district ol West Kootenay 1 Commencing at a post planted at the H, K. corner ol
John Bangs'p't'-empllon. ihenee south 80 chain*,
ihence west 40 ehains, theuee north Ml ohalns,
theuce east 40 chain, lo place of btKinnlug, BOO-
tatning 880 acres.
Located March Utfa, 1007.
i>. a. McpuKe, looator,
J. J Kftixr, Agent.
Take notiee tbat tiO days after date I intend to
apply to ihe Hon. Chief Commiasioner of Lands
and Works, for permission to purchase the lollowlng  described   Und-:     Comuieuclutf  at  tlu
southeast oorner of lot C:w5, tbence west 10
Ohalna, thence south xO ebalns, tbeuce east 80
chains, thence north TO chains, thence west lu
chains to poim of commeucemcut, containing
���iu acres, more or ten
Dated April ltilh, 1W7 I��   J, BlAMJY,
W. W. Hradliy, Ageut.
1, the Undersigned, after 60 days Inteud toapply to tbe Hon. ue Chief Commissioner ol Umls
and Works to purchase the lollowlng described
land: Commencing at the N.K. 1 . of l.ni ;.���,�����
ti. L, theuce west 40 chains, tbence north 30
chains, tbenee east 4o chains, Ihence soutb 30
chains to ���..-jut ol commencement, containing rtU
acres more or i. >�����.
LocHted March mh, Vju~. W. A. Mills.
lake nolle- that sixty aays after dale
I intend to apply to the Honorable the Chiel
Commissioner of Lands and Works for perirls-
llon to purchase the following deeerlbed land
situated In the West Kootenay dlatrlct: Commencing at a post planted at lbe inutlutist
Oornerol U>t 833, en lhe souih side of the West
Arm of Kooteuay lake, theuce M)ehalni west to
���Ottthweet corner of said lot, thence at) chains
south, tbence Wl chains east, theuce _U chains
north to place of commencement, containing 160
April 2nd,  l-.liT. CKaKIJCB ItOBtRTSOlt,
per Krnibt W, Kominboi*. Agent.
HixtT tlays after date I intend toapply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, B. C, to purchase the following de
scribed land, situated in the Weat Kootenaydls-
trtct: Commanding at a post planted on the
west side of Kootenay laki*, near Rhinoceros
point, and marked J. McKiunon's 8. E. Corner
poBt, thence west m ehalni. thence north 40
chains, tbeuce ea��t Ho chains moff or lesi to lake
shore, iheuce along lake ihore to polntof commencement.
Sjjrned J '-*. 'K((*t��on,
SUty days afar date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Unds and
Works, Victoria, for jwrmisslon t" purehase I'm
acres, more or less, situated ln West Kootenay
district: Commencing ut a post planted mldutiy
on tbe north boundary of Lut 7611 and udjoiniiiu
S.W corner of Lot 806-1, tbenco north 16 chalm,
thence we.-t 40 chains, thence south 40 chalnn,
thenc Beast30 Chains, thence uortb 24 chains,
thence east'JO chains to point of commencement
Located March 20th, 11*07. 1 , J. Hcanlan.
Hlxty days after date 1 Intend to apply to ihe
Hon. the ("hief Commissioner of I~amls and
Works 10 purchase the following described
lauds: Commencing at a post planted on the
east side of Lemon Creek at the moutii of the II rst
north fork and marked "K.Cooper's southeast
eornor."running 80 cbalni west, north tu chains,
east 80 chains, and south 40 chains to place of
Dated March fllth, 1907. R.Ooi-kr,
J. T. Tiitino, Ageut.
HLxty days afterdate 1 tii'end lo apply to the
Hon,   the   Chief Commissioner   Of Landa and
Works   to purohaae   the following described
lands: Commencing al a post maiked "L A.
rlpplng's southwest corner post" and plauied
near H. D. Curtis'i land, ubout half mile from
Slocnn City, running north 40 chains, east 'it)
ehains south 40 chains, west A) chains to place
n( commencement
Dated March Hth, lfttf p. A. Tutixu,
J. Ti TH'PIKO, AkciiI,
Hlxly days aller date! Intend to upp.y to the
Hon the Chief Commissioner of Landl aiN
WorkN to purchase the following described hind
located in Kirs Valley dlslrlsl ofAV^st Kooienav;
Oommenolni atapoet planted at the I. W. corner
of John  Bang' pie-iniiptlou, theuce  Oh  chains
soutb, thence 40 chains wesl, ihcnce COohotOI
north, tbence lu ehulns cast le pluceof beglniillig.
Rinnan K iti-ric, Locator.
J.J. Kki.lv, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 6(1 .ia>�� alter daU I
Intend to make application to the Honorable thu
Chief Commissioner or Laml- and Works, at Victoria for permission lo purchase tho following
dese Ibcd.laiids: Commencing al a.post planted
al the southeast corner of lot mh, group I, thenue
���OUth 80 chains, thence east fio chains, Ihence
north B6 chains, thence west00 chains lo point
of commencement, containing U0 acres, more ot
Nelson, March mtb, 19o7.        Ankik L. Waiis,
 , P. Waiis, Ageut.
Hlxly days after dale I Inieml toapply to the
Hon   the Chief Commissioner of Lauds ami
Works. Victoria lo purchase tbe following described land: Commencing at a posi marked
M Huh W.comer, and idsnied near the northwest corner of Lot 8812, noont one mile west of
Hloean rher, and running (list -in chains to Ut
.181 tbeuce north 40chains, theuee west 40ebalni
thence souih 40 chanm tn place of begiuniug!
March 9th, 1807. Mii.ua Haiku,
          PATH, Hatch, Agent.
Hlxty days afler date I intend lo apply to the
Hon. the (.hief Com mlssloner of Undsand Works
Victoria, fl. 0 , to purchase 120 acros of land
sltuale iu Kfro Valley, West Kootenay, aim described as; follows: ''ommenclng at the northeaat
corner of Lot 7815, and running north 60 chslns
tbeuce east 80 chains, thence touth ft) chains
thenee west '����� chains to place of hcginiliiig.
March 4th, 1907. W, W, Brsi>i.it.
     J- B. Aknaiii.s, Agent.
tf8UVtud"/S ��ft��fdatel inteu-A_to apply telhfl
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works
te purchase 880 acres pf land in Kire Valley,West
Kootenay district and described ar follows*
Commencing at 11 post marked J, K's 8, K
corner, and running north so chains, thenee
west 40 chains, lbence south HO chains, thonco
east 40 chalnn to place nf beginning, and being
the west one-hiif o   iho h. k, ofle-qnarter ami
the east nne-half of lhe H. W. onu-guartar, and
the westonp-bal of the N. K. one-quarter, and
tho cast enc-balf of tho N. w. one-onarter of
Be.-tlonSt, Township71, U. I. ��'��"<��"�����"'����
March 80th, 1807, JoHK Ekk��t,
wtn v*mmtf^mtgf^^ m >wMm*mijj -****1
For Further information Apply to
��� II. Il 1 1 J, NELSON, B.
The HaU Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores
"���'���l?        ���������   --   ���""' ���   ���������' ~~^s^=~^=^~ammsmm���fsi^*^   ���J
Wholt.-Mme Provl���lon��,
Produce, ��� Prult.
Ooverninent Croaiiiery One Ptrand Uncus rewired weekly freeh from lb j
nliuru.   Kor sale bj- nil lemliug grocers.
Ofllco and wtt-reboouo: HouuMn Block,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street.      -       .       .      Nelaon, B. C.
Billy Am "Iter slHls-l iniriKl ta (Mt io llsf
Honnr.ble tUe Cblef ComalMlOMr i,t Kit, .nd
��ssrk., VlolOri., t��� iiiir.-ls.sso llss- l���ll���wlil|(
dHorlMd  ..si:.i��   in   w,.,i Koolen-.-. rlliuici*
1 'o>��! srlllK KI is Isss.i |ila,sl,..| ���[ ||���. _.J, _, ,
". *_f"_.,*"Jt*'t'"  fltrllA"   I.:C'J6   Hll,I   in>ik..|
k.h.hs, .Nh   corner," ud inonlni mutiiO)
i* s��ln��, Usi-iis*,- well   10 ..__u���_ ii,,.,,, " ������rli, co
outiu, thenoe uit-Ucbiloa to pUoe of beiin-
iiIiik ��nj ,-.,.ilHit,lis�� .-Ms eon-..
Marssh 5th, 1U07. E. M.fsiuw,
J-K. ANNAHLe. AKenl.
Nollee I. hcr.b-f given thai M ,i��,-s. ��IUt slme 1
Intend to��|snK- i��� u,e Hossor.lile the Chief Com-
minloner of Uml. ���,���i   Work. Inr pennUl	
topiiri-ba��e��l,os,t 17,', .ere. ot lend, ���llnnle new
the I cun ,1 oreiiie river, Wen KsH.ieiiu-,* dlitrlet,
and ile.s-rll,e,l ��� f���||������.,: (:���mmenrln�� isl i
po.t lourkesl (I. K. 1 ls,���s,.���i,*, N. w. oorner iks.i
htllSIS,,.,!   .,,,     I,... S.     I ..           __.   _.      .'    .      '
���Itsialed on the .s.siih l.sinn.lary ansl ��chsini
from a. W p,��t ���t to.,��,, ���,������,.; ,���������, -,������ll7()
������liilni, thonoe eut ssl,���iit -i*. eh.lis. to a isosnl on
the ��ej_l boundarr hii.I Jo chain. Irom H. W. p���.|
olUiUiti, thrure liorlh 71) ehain. and thcnie
VV���!,*��'"*1:",1^1"' ',l��'�� "' l>'*lf'"*"l"i.
mi, Mareh, Il��7. fi. K TllomoH,
 A, (I. I.ako, Anenl.
Hlxly daya aller dale I llilensl i��� apply lo Ih,
WoT*'.i "��* PW I' sssl-slosser ol l..u,l�� ���,,l
.,,,"', >lr'��rl��. to purehaae M0 as-re. of lalld,
sslls aled on the we. .!.:,- of Arrs.s. lake, an.l ,le
ed J. H ��� N. H corner an,I placed al Ihe ...sslls-
��e.i rorner nl Lot Itm, Oroup i, Wett Koolen-.!
and running Meal ftl shahs., llseni-e aoulh k
chalui, thenee Mil ftl i'lialna lo the lakt ihoie
111 ' """I' 'l""* the lako loplase of beginning
.Mari-h8lh,IIK/7. j  ]| Au.,,r.
      J. K. AnN.ui.K, Afant,
00 slay, after dale I Iniend lo apply to the lion.
h ef issiumlaaloiier ssf Landa and Worka. VI,-.
lorls. apnrobui 1*90 UH, ol land In Kire Viller,
tteal kontenay dlatrlot,. -aerllml aaitollowl
Commenolng at a pooimw-od w 11 Wright',
aeal a, ebalna, llieni'c s,stills ws chalna, the	
!!  i', """,'",'"r'" "' ''"Ulnnlnir, ai Jl,,
Ihe worn sine hall ssf Is,. N. K. iiuarli r nlHecl nS
ft.'soi'",' '!i.��,"V' "'" '" "'" i * "' ' ��'l WO.
Hs-S'llssli Un lu Towiiahlp 71 tl  I.
Manh aoth. mm. w. li. Wumn,
Notice la hereby giren lhal HI ilaya ami*
Intend to upply lo the Hon. chief DounC
ssl 1-aiida ausl Work, fnr MrmlaloO s���p*sr
tbe following deaorlbed land In HotCiX
sllatrls-l. on eseat .hire of l.mir Arroa a
asljisinlng ls,t No.a'JW. on Ibelssiitls: Heglal
at a |s,s��t marked "Harry MoLosOd*! -**-11 '
noat ansl I lantcst on the ahssre ssl Us
Uke. at tho -.oulbeait corner ssf < apt M"
s*t'.'la. llienee svcit a) cbalm, lls-u
slialna more or leaa to thc north Nssstnl.fT-a
Kisllinoie'a p. K . tbenco *Jo chalna eaal aloag
anl,I bo.indary lo lake, Ihenee n.srsh alonj
lako ahore JO chalna, more or lea. I" P
uut! llieneo inent.
���ay and, mm. j, n. Moo;
Agenl lor llaity Mel
Silly day. alter dale I Iniend to WNlL
Hon. lbe Chef foinmlaalouer ol CamliJ
11 .;??., i ??, *"' '."V ' lutonsllo apply to lho
lini. riilefCommlaaloiior ol Landa iii,l\v���rka,
victoria, to i 'rehaau n,   loUowing d-noribad
landa adjoining the Arr.ssv laksa III Veil k,,,,
enays commencing ai �� p,,.! planted at iho
N. w. corner of JL II. 'orlor'a pre enn,tion ainl
markesl B, W'a H. W. ,������,,., ,���,���,', in, '�� i ','i,fl,I
uorth along lake ahore. ihonoo 20 ,' l,��� ,,, ,.���,
thenoe SN ohaini muth, thonoe X chaina ivsai ii
Bm��� "' b,''"""",��* "snlalnlng lo aiiua, more or
April IK, mm. kv���.v��� ���, i
Notice la horeby glren ihat 00 day. after dale I
Intend lo apnlv tu lho Hon. Ohio) s omul., ,,m.J
ssf II.
ehalni, following ihe' Bittern li'isunshu
feus��-ftr MMBg
bulasl thla lllh day of Mareh, lon.
.1 L. I'ohtkii
Sl'ly dara aftor date I intend n, anolr to is,,,
Hon. bbl��! Csslssm user ���|  ij ,"? ViS'l'l'
Vis- orla In i.urssha.o Wl ���,.���., , "," '', _"*{"',
Valloy, Weittnomuay.on, I, l.'aorl" e I i�� inl n��I
ommenclng at a Mil plan���. .t'Wg.liS i ?,n".*
northwoat corner anil marke* S ��-, K K e, l, .
��� id running nnrlh 00 ohal u, th'.__f*SSSVi
Ohalni, Ihenco aonth tO chain,   tl, ���, ...l"MS
orka Vietoria. lo purohaae OD as is*
Weat kootonay, deaeribed a. lolls
ms'iielng al n pnat planted alasssl
Msmiislis, Creek from tho moulh ano *_
"A ll." N tt*. enrner, thenea losslli *''
thons-s-eaal ,0 chalna, thenee le'rtls ��< c��
Ihssiicetsis-halu. weal to place of r..-uInalDg.
kebruary Ifllh, 1'jm. i ''"AH
J. K. Ann.iii.k. Area'*
Nlxty daya nftersla'u I luloli,| ts, apply.to"*
Ilssn 'bs- Chh'f Csuninlaaloner "f
Work., Vls-torln, lo purebaaa M0 as-res
tt'sal Kssolonay, deaorllwl ai lolloail
las-isciug aln |ss,it markesl "It. II." St. ,'
ausl bsdiig ai ihe N.W. corner ssl A 1-r.l
ii|,|,lls>sils,ii to purehaae wli|,-h I. alsesil 1
up Ms.as|into Creek from Ihe mosslls .asl
tstliK ftl , I,,sis,a assuth, Ihens'C an , Iiwttt*
Ihenoe ftl ehalna north, Ihence ftl ehaloU
pis; >l beginning, .  .
Ffhruary Ititli, IBu7. 1��   001
J. K. Annn��i��, At'*1
Slxly slay, after dnle I intend ts. apply ""I
Hoiinrnbb- lhe Chief L'onttlHlonor ���l '""WS
ttorka, Viclssrln, to pnrehaae ftl in n" is' "J
loi-al.,,1 nn lho weal able ol Arrow lakeaiwj
sl rllssd   a.   followa: Cnmmcinllik' .1 *.
marked p. A'a N. K. cisrner, and plssissr.l ��>��
tus'lhof Ihe aouthweat corner ssf l.���i ����, *._
I, ttssat gooeuny, anil running astsssli ts,,,s';-?l
Ihenoe we.t -Jll elialna, thenoe llssrsls lss,liss��|
theues'oaal 'JO chalna to plai'c of lieain'iU'K ,. r
March lllh, IW. f-. ANial"* j
J. K  Avai.es a. Aa
HlJtlyitssy. attor dale I Inteud loai'i��."---jf
Ronoralsh, the Chlel Commlaaioner "I ';*"''s' _.IM���
Worka lor permlaalon to purs-ha.s* lln* 'll,ln;31
deaorlbed land In W.at Koolenay: ' "l"11,1'",'', I
ol is pualabunlonoanilaqnarlerinlh'-l1 '' ���,l
���nun Landing, and markesl Holla """'.JJI
. ihs
8. ft.
'JOs-h.lni. thonco aouth ill ohalna, Ihence
chnlna to polnl ol ooiniuolli'euieill. ....
Mnrch Bud, 10,17.    (Hlgnod) ll'Ha nianw',
Hoiikut HoiiINion, Aa's-ut
Slily daya alter dale llntend lo apl
Uonorahle lho Chief Comlnlaah rol I ���"'''".., ,
Wssrka for ps-rmlaalnll to pnrolin.e tin*   '"'";,'__ I
deaerlbod land In Woal Knolenay: I ""'"I1    'J I
al n poat plantesl on tho north hank '���<*'"",���_
������reels. i,l���,isi three tiuarterao!a mllo Irom '"   , I
nl oreok, unsl markesl Kva Cull'a .- 1*,"; ",., I
llsei  uorih JO ehalni, Ihcnce ws'al <��* >'   I
llieiie,. iniiih Jt) chnlna, inonce oaal jis idialn'" I
pssllit uf csiiiiieni's ssss'lil. ���      ,.���
March Hnd, 1007. (Hlgnod) Kv* *'
Its.isiisT ��oliNao��, Agoni.
Slaly slaya aller dale I Inluud to ���PI,|!,JI."1*J|
Hon   llio Chlol L'ummlialuner ul  I,';11"" 53
Wssrka f���r ponist,,  lo purehaae Ion "IJ!
deicrlbed land In Weat Kootonayt ',""',"!, .J
,,l n noil planle.l nn lbe iouth bank "l,"_""__,
, reel, its,,,,ii, no mil,, imm mouth ol��TOJ3
mnrki���l ���ll, llohniHssn'a N W oornar, '"
aouth Ml chalm, thonoe oaat to chain", ,'' ,
north Miehnina, thenco weiHOrhalnatu I'""' (
Maroh J-Jnd, mm.
(Hlgnod) Kooiat
lloulM0" Prospectors
Who Want a Good Arcticle Will Buy
|he BACON We Sell
[ 11 (lives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and Smoked.   Our Hams Are
Excellent  Also.    All  Are Canadian
Goods.  Pure Lard in All Sizes.
the Duly Canadian
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
, iimi thirty AMI aiivr Oettt I in-
, So the ll":i   ''Iii- t' ������tiiini-v-litiit r -tf
\   ;k- tit VlOtorlA, H. Oa, fnr �� i,|..!i*i*.l
* ins.  rarrf  hwhv luntHT frnm tin*
.i-rllted lands In A inn worth itl vision:
K nt it post marked On**. K. v-VhIiuh-
,-t  jiont. tbenco   norih  W  cbalni*,
- chains, tbenei aouth nertialiiH,
"   <  liMllllf to I*    "tl  nf "*oti Ilri-Jii.-itt.
,. I tig  ���inn,*..I on thf cut utile of
h   about %% miles Houth of toe l.ar-
mh I'.'ib, 11W7.
'������������-  Y  WiLMM.EV, Ixiiilor.
I', hhkhan. Agent.
ma  nt h  pout   markeii   OhU>  F
lorlhwest   pout,   tlience   nouth   Wl
- hm  ho r-liftltin, thence north HO
,   west Hi) chain*  to point of com-
���   nald lau'l b.lng Hltuate on tbe
nd il.],- creek. about \_*\ miles nouth
,   ii 12th, HOT,
(inn, P. U'��� i v-i i.v. 1,,,,-Htor,
1'. -Km khan, aj_ri-1i t
ii iiiir   at   a   ]"-t   maikcfl Chai. F.
.ili\vc"l   poit,   Ihence   iouth  80
.* cant HU ��� iiitiii*. Ihem* norlb 80
I-  west Wi chnins to point of com-
* "hi<I laml   Ii-*jiik  Nltuate on tbe
���-S* cteek, about i'-j mffcinriulh
n-h'13th, U0f<
CHAS   F. WAJ.MBUCY, Locator.
I'   KHSBAN, .\K��*nt
. hy xlwu thai --"Iin- alter Mute I
. it, ihe Hon  t-hlef ��� ommlulnticr
i  Works, at  Victoria  for a special
inl  carry away'Imber from tbe
-���*,l.ci|   lands   in   Wot   KnoU;na)*:
a i-i-i plantM nn ibe eait line
"������   miles south   of   tbe   southern
\  Timber License No. 10, ihence
��� imrth 80 ehalns, weal 40 chains,
n> west 40 cbaina, ���outh W chnins,
mth Wl chalus to placo of com-
, nlng t-\ i ii*n��, more or leas.
 P. l.vtto.
�� !k ri t.y ��� Iron that 30 ilayi alternate 1
��;*;.*. i,i the llouorable tbe Chief Com-
������: l-amli ami Works for a si��t*lal
'. . ,siiv away timber from tbe
IfM-ribed lauds iltuated on the west
��� p (reek Valley: <.ominencfug
i' m.*l h half miles north of the lut. r
 iHilary  line and  about one and a
* w. .t nf tlie Nelaon and Fort Hheppard
I'iiijiany'i laml Kraut in the district of
���.,   mencini   at  a \tmt planted   two
i i  hit  -'������ ��� I' eroek, known at the
i '���������inr ;���. i, Joliiln-t J. K. Graoston'i
i.cUlminr W) rbains north,
��� enst. thence 80 chains south,
* wosl lo polntof commencement.
Unr Uiiat.ltKfl.
inenelng at a poit plantcil at the
' > rner of htcatlon Ko. I, known aa the
* rner post of location No.'2, claiming
* nli tl ence 80 chains east, then-eft
nli   thenoo HU rhalni went to point of
. list, 190*7.
: I'Di-itig at a post placed half a
atlon No. 2, kuown as tbe iouth-*
- !a lining ao chains north, thence 80
���' ttieuoa 80 chains souih, thence 80
*' * < point of eommeucement.
1  ���������imencing at a post planted at thc
* u| location No. 3, known aa thc
< iht,  claiming   100  chains  aoulh,
'i.ains writ, tlience 160 chalna north,
��iiii eatt to point of commencement.
March Hat, ISW7.
1. p. BwBimiao, Locator.
K   T  Knaxuhukn, Agent
- ���,. r, t.y ntveii that 30 duys aftor date
; ply to ihe lloti.t'blaf Commlailon*
���'��� and Worki lor a ipeclal licence to
.-ri away timber from the following
in li ll tna tod on tbe west side of Big
*�� \ alley, commencing aboul 4}_ miles
",������ ������������ in).\\,mui boundary line, and
���* tittle west of big Kheep creek In the
��>H "ootenay:
iimmtnelog at a pont planted about
* "toi Hltf Hhoepcreak. known a�� the
' timer poat, clafralnK "' cbains iouth,
in wost, thenee W ehalns norm,
������'��� huh east to point of commencement.
���<mmcnoln| at a post plapted al the
iter nf location No 1, known aa the
1 "-riier post, claiming w> chains north,
lta ins Mat,  thence 80 chains iouth,
1 it mm woal to point of commencement.
"mmenolng  at a po-t  planted at the
' * "tiicrof location No 2, known as tbe
��� tinier po-Hi, elaltnlng HO chalm north,
' ' halus  west, iheuce hi) chains south,
1 ""tin* cant to polnl of commencement.
Mrll mh.ltail.
J. H, HWKDHRRO, ' ui slur,
K   T   Knoeijikikm. Ageni.
- Hi er Limit    o.'i)
f   I    '���'��� r.'hy given   Iml fio days alter dale I
spl'lv io ihe llonoraiile tl-e Chief 'om*
i  lnnds nml  Works   (nr   a  *pecml
'to    nt ami  carry away Umber from the
. ���'������-   *-i rll,i-,| lamLsituiUudou Kooskanax
i�� ���'""- Kooienav dlatrlct:
ins at a posi plauie * at the north-
nl limht-r l.linll No \ni4~, and inark-
ca's BOUtnWI -i corner post, llielicu
lialtii, theme enst Hi chalm, thencu
I'*ini, tnence went Wl chalnn to polntof
I        tn
III   ll
I"  '
'���'���:  I MMChJMfB,      H. D Ua, locator.
(Titnbor Notice No :t)
- "'-tug alii post punted at the Multicast
I   '"   *" .Mlinli, ami at ibenorthwisteoiniT
license  No.  i-'.*i.i   iheuce   norlb   100
* mc ciim   40 chalus to west line of
'"IM-   Nu  lir.l,*.,   following   line of No
��� ami iii.H. \m ehaim. theine following line
license No 10*2*10 40 chains to point of
Hen    lui-ni
****\ March -m, itm..     ii. ii. i.ka, Dooator.
(Umber Nolle No. 4 )
�� s i- hcrei.y mven that 60 dava affor dato I
1,1 "Hpply to the Hon. thief CommUilOMr
V "l"1 ""rkafora speelnl license to eul
;Vi* K.WnJ- Unwi Irom the following do-
ati lands, slliiHted on Kooskimax oreek In
f" ly.iitctiny diilrlct, and about live miles
1 ppor Arrow iHke:
iiiieiieiiiK al a jntK planted on the north
,,   l' ,'V,"1 ul""u h*U��mflefromnroek,
Hiikiii  j|. n  |,.B'H ^outhciisl comer post,
, !"" ,  .m> ShntUi, Ihence west HO elmllln.
lint ,( ,,|uil,1H| tbence cast 80 cbalm lo
����� "''    "'iimcm-em.*ut
"���wd March 81,1907.      11 1) Lu, LoMtor.
(timber Notice No. ft.)
menr .,1, Hl  K ,((1Nl 1Il(irk(1({ ���   D   Ua,_
; i "riier nosf, theuce north SO chains,
t? I.,' ;:,',J.lIln,,"f N() * looatlon, thence
'���"i ,1,.. U,(',.M'1' """"i Wl cbalm, ihenco
"���iiti-.i m      ,'V,','11" "' ''oinmi'iiceinMit.
"""Ma.cii.-.i.nmv.     n.i, GS, Locator.
r Arrow Inke on Koos-
- KotiUniftvdlH rlct:
"ng at �� pun plant,,,! and marked 11
'���     IhT,1?1, t.h0,,(',, ��������* S
cine hi   u. ""f1""' thonoi west HO
"""���' WclmiiiH to polntof oom-
H.D. Lgl.LoOgtOf,
tlimber Mm
Cotnmnnei tnilU"'r L'mii No..)
; l"u'H '"'Mtf SfXSS |,,,lI,tl"1 tU111 ^ttktt ii.
_}[a' 'ollowinJ tlm ��I Mf�� n,����cv south 80
"'"���'���"'"i ii chin, ,?���H,W ��'1h:i-(i --rait,
,ncaB��t80��hftinitn , "'""""rth W ohnlni,
limited m.,.., ......   ,,|,1"t ot wmmoncemont
Notl.-e |H hereby given tliat m n��yi rrom ,1 ate
I Intuit.Ho am, v to the Hon chief Commissioner
of Undi and Works for a special license to cut
and carry away Umhjtr from the folloalug de-
sorlbod land- in West Koolanay district ���
bank of 10 Mile creek, ala.tit one mile and a half
from Hlucnti lake, nmrked K Htraml's tmrthwesL
corner poit tbence mt Itt) chains, thonoi south
. BW8* *aw* �����! tfiO ehalns. thence north
40 chains to point of fnmim-m-cinent.
Dated thll 2IH day of March, 1��07.
K. nrtiAtta, Um ator.
Notice Is herehy given tliat 30 dari after date I
Intend to applj to ihe Hon. the ('hief Commiasioner of Umls Hint Works, at ". Ictoria, for a
special lb-cine to rut and carry a-ay timber
from tha following described lands in Vale district:
No. L���Commencing at a post planted abont 10
chains east of nmin Kettle river and nhout one
mile more or len nor'h of c. p It. Block No.
:tfW7, and nmrked Boundary Lumber Co's 8. JE.
corner |��.si No. 1, theuee tto chains n Tth, thence
80 ehalus west, ihence BO chains iouth, t)ienc��*>
rhalns ea��t to the point of BOtUnonoUBtnt
Hated Mar h ItBd, l��n
Sm. %_���* ommenclng sl a post planted aboul 10
chains east of main Kettle riter about Ml cbaina
north of Boundary Lumber Co's LottUpn No. 1,
and marled Boundary Lum)��rCo'i8. K. corner
posl No. 2, theuce 80 chains north, thence 80
chains weit, Ihenoe 80 cbains inuib, thence 80
cbaiui eaat to the point of commencement.
Hated 'J2tlt March, I'm..
No. S.-Commeuclng at a post planted about 80
chains eait of main Kwille riverand about 80
chains north of Boundary Lumber Co's loeatiou
jmisI No 'i, and marked Boundary Lumber Co's
n. K. vomer post No. 8, ihence NO cbains north,
theuce hii chains weti, tt,.*-iv MO chains south.
Ihence ao chains east to tbe point of eommencemen I.
Haled March '."ind, 1807.
No. 4.������Commencing at a post planted about
10 chains east of the main Kettle river aud about
80 chains north of Boundarr Lumber Co's location po��l No. 8, aud marked Boundary Lumber
Co'i H. K. corner post No 4, tbence W chalna
north, thence 80 chains weit, ihence SO chalna
aoutb, thence 80 chaini east to thc point of commencement.
Haled March 23nd, 1007.
No 6.���Commencing at a post planted about
15 rhalni east of main Kettle river and about
two mllen north, more or lass, of Itoundary Lumlier \ o'i Location No. 4, and marked Boundary
Lumber Co'i B K. corner poit No ft, thence HO
cbaiui norlh, thence 80 chaloi weat, thence 80
chaini iouth. thence 80 chains eaat to thc point
of eommeucement.
Dated March *i8rd, 1907.
No. 6.���Commencing at a poit planted about 2ft
chalm cast of main kettle river on G 1'- It. line
block No. WM, and about HO cbains north of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location poll Jto. ft, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co's B. K. corner poat.
No. 6, theuce HO chalui north, followlug C. l\ R.
Una block No _f714, thence SOehaim west, thence
80 cbaina souih. theuce BO chalus cast to the
poiut of commencement.
Dated March BM. 1907-
No. 7.���Commencing al a pont planted about
Ift ehaim weil ofthe main Kettle river on C P.B.
Hue t>l .�� k No. _T714, and about 80 chaiui nortb of
Bouudary Lumber Co's location post No. 6, and
mai ked Boundary Lumber Co's B, E. corner post
No. 7, thence 160 chains nortb, following 0. P. R.
line block No.'J714, lbence 40chains wesl, thence-
no ahalns nouth, tbence 40 chalim cast to the
point of commencement.
Dated March Xtrd, MW7.
No. 8.���Commencing at a post planted about
JO chains west from river bank ami ahoul 3 milea
aoutb, more er leai, of lha laat east branch of the
easl fork of the main Ketlle river or about IS
mt'es north, moreorless, of C. P, R Blou No.
���_nii, on east fork of Ketlle river, marked Boundary Lumber Co's N. W. corner |m>bI No S, thence
80 chains cant, tbence 80 chains soulb, thence ��''
chalm wesl, th* tn c ho chaius north to tbc poiut
of eommeucement.
Dated Mareh iftlh, 190*7.
N���. ��.���Commencing ata poit plante.l about
20 chains weit from river bank, on the east fork
of Kettle ilver, and about 80 chains iouth of
Boundary Lumber Co's location poll No 8, and
marked Houndary 1 umber Co'i N. W. corner
pont No 9, Ihcnce 80 chains east, thenc Mchaliw
nouth, ihence Wi chains west, ihcnce 80 chalna
north to tbfl POtnt ol commencement.
Dated March ��tb, 1907.
No. 10 -Commencing at a post planted about
���20 chains went from river bank on thc east fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 ehulns wuth of
Houndary Lumber Ool location post No 9, and
marked Boundary Lumber Oo's N. W. corner
post No. 10, tlience 80 chalm east, thenre 80
chalna south, thi nee so ebalm west, them-e Bo
ehalni norlh to thc point of commencement.
Dated March ttth,W7.
No. lL~-Coinmencliin at a post planted about
IS chains west from rftfJi bunk on Ihe eaat fork
of Kettle river, and about HO chalnn muth of
Houndary LumberCo's locution post No 10, and
market Boundary LmnbefOo'fl N- W corner post
No 11, thence 80 chains eust. thenco 80 ehalna
south, t ence Wi chalus mat, thenc 80 chaiua
north to tbe point ol commencement.
Dated March iMh, 1907.
No 12. -Cnniraenclngata|M��tplan(jpdaboiilliJ
ebalm west Irom river bank sn the cast f irl Of
Ke tie rher, and ahotit No chains south of
Bouudary LumberCo's loealtotipont No. 11. and
maiked Itoiin-liiry Lumhcr Oo'i N. ))��� eoruer
no��l No. 19, theuce 80 chains Hit, tbeuce m
chains SOUth, thence H chains went, thf nee ��>
north to the point of eoinnuucer-erf
Dated Marcb aftih, MOT
No. 1.1-('ommenclng at a PM* planted eh '
I2cbain�� west (rmii river bank on ihe east Jin.
of Kettle river, ami about 80 chains south o
Boundary Lumber Co', location poit No 12, and
marked   it.mn.lary  Lnmbj-r Cos  N   W, '^
n. st "o. 18, tbence HO chains east, Ihenco ����
chalm ioulb, thence HO chalm wesl, llienee Ht)
chalm north tn the point of commencement.
No11*4 -Coiiimimclng alii post planted ubout,
10 cbains w ��t from river bank on the cant for*
of hettl" rher. and about 80 chains south of
Houndary Lumber Co's location non! Nir IS. niiji
marked Btiiiii'lKrv LumberCo'i N W. corner l��>"t
No 14 tbence Sf cluilns easl, thSDCO80 ohllDS
hU, tbonce Hti ehulns went, tbenco 80 chalna
north to thc point of commencement.
Datod March 96Ui, Wtl.
No, Ift. -Commencing at �� pont plantaA fcbont
10 chalnn went irom river bank on iheeHstfork
.Keltic river, and aboul 80 Mm ��U*OJ
Houndary Lumlier Co's punt.No 14, ��-}
BotlOdst} LumberCo'i N   W  OOrUOI^W��tHO.U,
thence t* ebalm ���*��H_lb_KFfU?hSnanorth to
thenco H0 chains west, lbence 80 chalm norih to
point of commcneehicnl.
Dntod Mnrch Mth, 19ft  ,    .   ...
No. 10, -t ommenctnifht a post Pbttilc-   JhpttC
Ketlle   river,   and   about  80  chali is   so nth
Houndarv Lumber Co's ocalon Im.iMi.  J, WO
Touth 'ttnee 8*! chalm $&_ thenoe 80 chalna
uorth in (he point 01 commelicemenl.
lloun.larv l.s���i,l,s*r (*,,*- Iniall.;" PMl So. 1 . �� ������
���i��r����,l llssssnslary  l.umbisr  I o I ����� ",;���,'""���',
,,*(   Ns. 17,  lliaissso Wl clmlm i*��"t, ''!"}"'m
���lu, li. aoulh, llielHONI cliaina ��'���''������,",'
chalna iis.rtli 10 lis.* point ssl s-.siisiisolis-climnt.
Datcsl March-i'sth, HOT.        ,   .     ,
No. llt._(*���i���incnclliK ill I*'"1,,1' ' ',, ,"i
5 chalna waat ssl lhe river bank ���*      '   ",
���l Keltic lllvcr an,l ahi.ssl wl   lull�� ��M��  ft
lloun.larv LnmlMC Oo'i u��*aii J  WW ��n-
an.l inarlio.l HunnilnrjM nmMr. ".���."���XkSSSfSj
��"W| Uueh u,stti,
Information as to Proceedingt It Gradually  Leaking  Out���Laurier
Played Buffer.
London, May 15.���A d��-|iutatlon of
M. I'.'a and re|ire��euUitives of commercial Intcri-ma 0f Ireland waited on
Sir Wilfrid laurler loday regarding the
abandonment ot Moviiie an a port of
call for Canadian steamers. The member for Xbnh lymdondcrry spoke of the
dlaaiivantagea to Scotland and the
Norlh of Kngland through the BubBtltu-
Hon of Liverpool for I^jch Foyle. Sir
Wilfrid promised to lay the vlewB of
the deputation before Hon. Mr. Cartwright. He nointed out that the shortening of tlie time occupied In the passage between Canada and the Mother
Country Is a great desideratum with the
Canadian governmenL Sir Wilfrid
asked for information as to the alleged
incapacity of I^ough Foyle to accommodate tlie largest mail steamers.
A hint of the differences which have
existed among the members of the Imperial Congress was given by Mr. Churchill on Tuesday, when he referred to the
preference question as the apple of discord. There ts every reason to believe
that when tlie full reiiort of the pro
ceedlngs is available lt will be seen
that thruughout It all Sir Wilfrid has
continually acted aB a buffer between
lhe eager 1'refercntiallsts and the immovable Free Traders of the home government, and preventing any unfortunate collision.
Whatever else may or may not have
been accomplished, the public speeches
of Premier Deakln and Sir Wilfrid Laurler have given an Immense Impetus to
the movement for a colonial preference.
In stating his objections lo Premier
Doakln's proposal for a one per cent,
lax on foreign Imports, yesterday, Sir
Wilfrid Laurier pointed out that It was
an absolute departure from the doctrine
of constitutional government to provide
money in advance without voting It for
a particular purpose.
Neither this resolution nor Lloyd-
George's amendment expressing the desirability of devising means for systematic consultation between representatives of various parts of the Empire,
were put to a vote, but the resolution
favoring a universal penny postage and
alternative cable routes passed.
On the question of naturalization a
resolution was agreed to proposing an
Inquiry with a view to attaining uniformity and ascertaining how far and
under what conditions naturalization in
one part of Ihe Empire should be effective In the other parts, a subsidiary conference to be held if necessary.
Owing to the method of reporting the
colonial conference speeches upon
points upon which thero Is a disagreement are not reported, but passed over
with the statement that the proposal
was not concurred In. However, some
particulars do leak out. The Daily
Chronicle has the following in reference
to the discussion on emigration:
"This sitting of the Imperial Conference was remarkable for three unusual
features, which differentiated It from all
previous sittings. In the first place,
there were three Imiierinl cabinet ministers present (Lord* Elgin, Mr. John
BurnB and Mr. Herbert Gladstone). Secondly, there was an onslaught on a British government department by a colonial premier that lacked nothing ln vigor
even If it failed somewhat In justlflca-
ilon by facia; and .thirdly, there was
tlie quite unprecedented spectacle of a
Hritish cabinet minister abandoning
conciliatory platitudes and defending
his department with a vigor lhat was
ni least equal to his critics, and a knowl-
pslgo lhat was necessarily somewhat
Thore was no difference of opinion
over Ihe desirability of encouraging
llrlllsh emigrants to proceed to Hritish
colonies. Whero the difference of opinion arose was in relation to the methods
of thc llrltlsh emigration bureau.
Wiinl Mr. BUTnB resented land some
of the llrlllsh official representatives
presenl alBO resented) was Mr. Deakin'a
advene criticism of the llrltlsh Emigrants* Information onice, particularly
In connection with their nliltude as regards recruiting labor in this country
for work on sugar estates in Queensland.
it is alleged in this oountry Hint the
Commonwealth governmenl. In pursuance of Its "While Australia" policy.
deported the Kanakas (or South Sen
Isliinil unlives) who were employed on
the sugnr plantation! In northern
QueeMlkhd Upon the representation
Uml It wns white men's work, and Hint
White men could lie found lo do lt. Nev-
-artheleai, |h<�� Commonwealth government undertook to pay n lioniis on
"white-frown" sugar, from which It
might lie Inferred thnt Australia was
prepared to pay for lis while-labor poll-
aissl niarknsl
poat No. IS, llionc
!,��������� eut, Iheuce W]
welt, tln-issss* Wl
Dated March Hgfe ^MfS&t Co.
Notice li hereby alven that ��ilaya aller state I
intensl lo applj lolhe "nn. fhloH'oinnilaaloiior
el I.au.1. ansl Aorka Inr a apeclal IIOfUN l��� "il
���ii,l carry away Umber Irom the followlni s e-
.crllscsl landa, alliiatcl on lorn /.reek i lhe
(leal creek illvlilon ln Sissslliwcat Kosslciiay, B t.
"A"-l.*oinmenelu�� al poil "A" plantesl aboul
ISO chalna WHl Irom issllthcai corner ol moi'k
N��� in*, and i.sarkcsl '������*>. I.. Beckwilh by 1 J
Lucia, want, nortbeul corner poat. MOT* two
, i.i, isss ni.rlh ol the, atream, then wesl imi s-lsalni,
then 40 chalna aoii'h, ihan eaal IW obaina, then
��l chains nssrlh lo i.o��l ssl oi*uiinenccnicnt.
Datesl March oth, Wi- , ,   ��*��� 1- BM-awl.ll,
bv I. J. Lucia, Ascnt.
"B"-i:onimeucing at post "B*> nlanlo.l on the
aonth Issrk ol Horn crock, tbout W chalm Irom
where lho stream empllci Into the Main ilraam,
���������kc,l W. I.. Beckwilh by 1 I Lucia, agent,
northeut cssrner poit," tbout three cht ni can
Sli ream then iwicbalni MUthVtFen_U oJbuttu
wait, then IW cbalni nssrlh, ihen 40 chain, can
Is. unlet .,1, inn tiss'iiivisss'-s'.
*______ March ira^Ulj��fc!sgc*
oo" oommenotni at poit "0" ,l|anM:J9
chains s.sntli Ol nortliweil corner nf Blsss-k "B
marke.1 ��������* 1. Bcskwllh by l.J. I.ncla, agent
m-llsi-ast OOrntl POI*,'1 tbout ten cliaina weat ot
.1 ci i 110rthoaal ssmcr. then IMI clitlna south,
Ihen ill ehalna went, then IM chaiua north, then
W chain, east tss DOitoi ���tnmeni*omelit.
Otted n.rch ���!.. HOT. h] %��ffi���*<
cy by i axing Itself to substitute white
for colored workers.
Jiut the white workers do not appear
to have been prepared In sufficient numbers to take up the work. At all events,
the Queensland government found it expedient to invite immigrants from England, tu pay their passage and guarantee them a year's employment In "agricultural pursuits." Just here Is where
the misunderstanding (tf understanding
there ls) arises. Hritish agricultural
laborers have been warned that In emigrating to Queensland under the conditions above mentioned they were giving up ordinary farm work in a temperate climate to undertake tropical labor In the cane fields. In other wordB,
they were undertaking to do "black
man's work."
Mr. BurnB (according to the official
report, which discreetly omits any reference to anything productive of friction) explained that His Majesty's government were considering how far they
could adopt the report of the International Department committee, one of
whose recommendations was the reorganization of the Emigrants' Information Office. At the same time he gave
reasons for thinking that under present
conditions timt offlce did work that was
valuable both to this country and the
colonies, and that iu the particular case
referred to, their action was right, His
Majesty's government could not exercise any preference between the colonies; all they could do was to furnish
the most reliable information possible,
and leave the Intending emigrant to
make his own selection. He quoted figures showing that under this method
the proportion of emigrants proceeding
to British colonies, as compared with
foreign countries, had steadily Increased
in recent yean.
Mr. Deakln repeated his already-published plea for a "white Australia" built
upon an Anglo-Saxon base, and pledged
his government and his parliament to
a policy that would give free access to
every part of the Commonwealth to
every emigrant from the United Kingdom who came to the Commonwealth
free of disease or criminal taint. There
were certain limitations set upon the
Importation of contract labor into Australia, but; broadly speaking, the British
emigrant was as free to go to Australia
as he was to go to the United States,
and just as well assured of a cordial
welcome with the added privilege of becoming a member of a community that
was more British than any other part
of the Empire outside the United Kingdom.
Corporation of thc City of Nelson
BY-LAW No. 177
A by-law to raise $60,000.00 for the
construction of a Public School in th*
City of Nelson, and the Improvement of
the grounds and appurtenances in connection therewith.
Where** the Board oi School Truitees of tbe
('Hy of Nil-iin h*i prepared and Uld before tbe
Municipal CouuDfil of tbe City of Neluon tn em-
lim*te ibowlnc tbat muh Board require* **o,-
ooo.W to meet an extraordinary expenditure tor
tbe purpose of connruettDc a public rrchool in
tbe City of Nelion and the Improvement of tbe
grounds and appurtenances in connection therewith.
And whereas such estimate hai been duly con
sldered and finally approved of by tbe said
And whereas for the purpose aforesaid it will
he necessary to borrow tbe sum oi |60,ooo oo and
to Issue debentures of tbe City of Nelson for the
purpose of raising said amount.
And whereas the whole amount of the rateable
land of the said city, according to the last re-
rlsed��saessment nili, in one million two hundred
and sixty seven thousand seven hundred and
twenty five dollars i|l,%T,7tf.)
And whereas it will be rcq uistte to raise an anally by rato the sum of Ave thousand two hundred
and thirty two dollars and sixty cenls i$i,_3it.60)
lor paying the said debt and interest.
Now, tbercfore. the Municipal Council of the
Corporation ot the City of Nelion enacts as follows:���
1. It shall and may be lawful for the Mayor of
the Corporation of the City of kelson to borrow
upon the credit ot tha said Corporation,-by way
of the debentures hereinafter mentioned, from
any person or persons, body or bodies corporate.
wi.o may be willing to ad vt nee tbe same as a
loan, a sum of money not exceeding in lhe whole
the sum of Sixty Thousand Dollars (W.lkO 00,)
and to cause all such sums io raised or received
to be paid into tbe hands of the treasurer of tbe
said Corporation for tho purpose and with thc
object herein before recited.
2. It shall be lawful for be Mayor of the salii
Corporation to cause anv number of debentures
to be made, executed ana Issued for such sum or
sums as may be re ulred for tbe purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding however, the sum
of Sixty ThoiiMi-iil Dollars ($i0,000.0ii) each Of the
said debentures being of thc denomination of
One 'housand Dollars (11,000), affd such delten-
fures shall be *oalcd with the seal of the Corporation and si ned by the Mayor thereof.
.1. The *aid debentures shall bear date the
find dny of July, 1907, and shall be nude payable
tn twenty yearn from the satd date, In lawful
money of Canada, at the office of tho Bank of
Montreal ln Nelson afonnild, which said place
of payment shall De designated by the said debentures and shall have attached to them coii-
p��n�� for the payment of Interest and the signatures to the inlereat coupons may be either
written, stamped, print id or lithographed.
4, Tbe nald debentures sha'l b-ar lnt->r��t at
the rate of five per cent (A per cent) from the
dato thereof, which Interest shall Ite payable
semi Himuiiliv nt the said office ot the Bank of
Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, In lawful money
of Canada on the first day of July and tbe flnt
day January rcHpcctlvcly In eaeh year during
the currency thereof; and il shall bo expressed
In said debentures and coupons to be so payable.
Ti It shall be lawful for the Mayor of the safd
Corporation to negotiate and sell the said debenture or anv ot them for leas than par, but In nn
ease shall tlie debentures or any one of them be
negotiated or sold for leu than ninety live per-
centum <**"��� per cent) nf tholr value Inclualng
the eo-t <'f negotiating and tale, brokerage and
all other Incidental expenses
ti. There shall *.e raised ami levied eaeh year
durlug the currency ot said debentures tbe sum
three thousand dollara ($3,000) for paynnnt of
Interest aud the sum of two thousand two hundred snd thirty two dollars and sixty cents
{ti,'2Xiffl) for payment of tho said debentures
by ra'e sufllclent therefor ou all tho rateable
land In the said Munlnipality.
7. ll shnll be lawful for (ho nald Municipal
Council to repurchase any of the nald deben
litres upon such U>rnm as mny be agreed upon
with tho legal holder or hold era thereof or any
pnrt thereof, either al the time of sate or any
subsequent tl ne or times, and all debentures so
re-purchased shall forthwith be cancelled and
destroyed and no re-Issue of debentxres ao repurchased shall bo made In consequence of such
H. This Bylaw shall Ukeeffoct on, or after, the
1st dayof June, 1U07
tf. This Bylaw may be cited for all purposes
ai the "City of Nelson I'ubllc flohool Utah Bylaw
Done nnd passed lu Council assembled this
 day of iW?.
Take notloe that the above Is a true oopy of
lhe proposed Bylaw, upon which the vote of tho
municipality will be laken at the City ol Nelson,
on Monday the aoth day ot May, next, between
tho hours of tf o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.,
for tho Kast Wnrd, at the Council Chamber, at
tho eorner of Victoria and Jonephene Street*,
and for the Went W��m, nt tho Ho ml of Trade
Kooms, at lho corner ot Victoria end Kootenav
Nelson B, V., May the 7th, 1907.
City Clerk.
T^e Strathcona
Nelnn, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample    Rooma.
Queen's Hotel
Bakw MiMI, H-aHon. B. 0.
Lighted by Eleotricltj- ud
Hestod by Hot Air
Large aod Comfortable Bedroom, and Flrit-
elaatlnnUig Boom,  temple Booma lor Commercial   ��.o
MRS. I. C.CLABKK. Proprtetreai
Grand Central Hotel
This hotel haa been completely renovated and
newly furnished with all modern equipments.
Hot water heating throughout.
AATES : Rooms, 60c. upwards ; meala 25c. ;
special ratea by the week.
J* A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont Hotise
Mmtftttt and Jbutllu Plan
���Mil J6 on.   Booma Iron > cti. to U
Only Whlta Help Implored.
Baker Bt.. Nelaon Proprietor!
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day Hoax ia Nelson.
The Bar U the Plneet.
Whlta Help Onlj Bo-ployed.
io-MphlDe Bt
Royal Hotel
Bate* |1 and |1.S0 a Day.
Special Batea to Begnlar Board-are.
Uoat comfortable quarter, ln Nelion
Only the beat of Llquori and Clean.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealera in -staple and f itncy Groceries
Butter, Egga.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
Elimination ior Assayers ior Licence to
Practice in British Colombia.
An Examination for AiMyeri will be held ln
Victoria on the '27th May and following dayi.
Entrance for any examination muit bo made
In writing to tlit Secretary of the Board of Kx-
aminem, at least ten dayi before the dale tet tor
tioginuiug of examination, and muit bv accom-
lianled by the prescribed fee (llfi )
Any additional Information desired may bo
obtained from Herbert Oarmichael, secretary,
bourd of examiners, Victoria
Minister of Mines.
Department of Mines,
Victoria, B. p., 15th April, I107.
Notice li hereby glren that the Wattiburg
Lumber company nas applied to His Honor the
Lleutonaot governor ln council, under thu pro-
vIMoiih of the "Htvcrs nml Streams Aet," for the
right to improve Hykcrts oreek. tn tbo district of
Wesl Koolenay, British Columbia, by removing
the obstructions therefrom and straightening
tbu banks theroof.and to construct dams, booms,
slides and chutes, and uakesueh other improvements as may be necessary for the driving and
rafting of lot ��� and the Hum lug of timber thereon
Tbe lauds to be affected are go ver ment lands and
Ixits Wl and 'iit'i, Uroup 1, Kootenty district, and
the tolls that are pioposed to be charged, lf auy,
sre such u may be fixed by a judg-jof the county
court of Weit Koolanay.
Dated lliis J7th day of March, A. 1). HOT.
I hav* Just returned to Nelson and
hava opened up at tha aame old stand,
and now ready to do all kinds of
KALSOMININQ. Shop rear of Bartlett
We have for Sale one ofthe best
Residences in Nelson.    Close in
Call and see ns for price and terms.
Brydges, Bbkemore & Cameron, Ltd.
Two of the Best Improved Ranches
With bearing orchards and ninning water on each property.    These properties can be purchased on reasonable terms if sold at once.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 kam
of file
Choicest Fra It Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    ���    Nelson, B. C.
40 Acres Fifst-ckss Froit
Land on Kootenay Lake I
Within i/j mile of Earl Cray's Ranch.
V* mile lake frontage. Froa from rook.
Plenty water.   135 par aero, an terma.
Tenders Wanted for the forchaK of a
Mineral Claim.
Tan-jara addrfaaed to the underalgned, at hn
office In the Court House, In tha Clljr ot nelaon,
will be recelsred up till the hour ol ii. o'clock,
ln the afternoon, ol Frtda;, Hay slat, IWI, lor
the purchsue of tha "SUrer Champion Mlaeral
Claim," Lot StS8, Group 1, Kooteney DUtrlct,
which waa declared to be forfeited to tha Crown
at tbe lu aale held ln the Cltj of Heleoi, on tha
6th da; ol November. 1906, for delinquent taxes
up till June SOth, 1906, and coats
Tbe upaet price upon the aald mineral claim,
whleb include, the amount of delinquent taxea
and coata at the time ol forfeiture, with Intereel,
taxes wbicb hare alnce -accrued, eoata of adver-
tlltn-f and fee tor Urown Grant (125 00.) I. Wl*.
which le the lean amount that will be ooneldered
aa a tender.
Eacn tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full amount ot tha tender,
payable to tbe order ot the Deputy Commlaaioner
of Land and Works, at Victoria, B C, at ear.
Dated at Nelaon, B. C, thll Wlh day of April,
Government Agent, Nelaon, B. C
Toarist Sleeper
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim,
Tenden addressed to tbe undentgned, *t hii
office in tbe Court Houm, ln the City of Nelson,
will be reoelved up till the hour of flTeo'eloek ID
lho afternoon, of Friday, Hay Silt, IWI, for the
tiurchaae of the "Hryan Mineral Claim," Lot
16��, Group 1, Kootenay tUtriot, which was
ileclared to be forfeited to tbe Crown at the tax
sale held in the City of Nelton, on the 6th dav
nf November, l'JOfi' for delinquent taxes up till
June DOth, 1905, and route
Tbe upset price upon the said mineral claim,
which includes the amount of delinquent taxes
nml costs at the time of forfeiture, with interest,
uixet whlnb have since accrued, Cost of advertising, and fee for Crown brant (135.00.) is 988.31,
whleb Is the least amount that will be considered
ns a tender
Kach tender must be accompanied by an ac-
it'jitv.l cheque for the full amount of the tender,
pa fable to the order of the Deputy Commluloner
of Unds and Works, at Victoria, J I. C, at par.
Dated at Nelson, B.C., this Mtb day of April,
Government Agent.Neleon,B.C
Land Registry Act*
Take notloe that an application hu heen made
tn register Hugh Row Llnklater as tbe owner in
Fee -Mmple. under a Tax Bale Deed from Robert
A. Kenwluk, Deputy Assessor of the Nelson At-
HoiKtneut district, to Hugh Rou Llnklater. bearing date the 7th day ot August. A. D. 1906, of all
and siugnlar that certain parcel or tract of land
and premises situate, lying and being ln the
Town of balmo, In the Province of British
Columbia, more particularly known and described as Lot 18, Block ��� D", Town of Halmo,
(Map 6:*i), being a sub-divUlon of Lot JOfta, Group
1, Kootenay district.
You and each of you are required to contest
the claim of tbe tax purchaser within fourteen
days from the dale of the service of this notice
uixiu you, and fn default of a caveat or cert Ifl ca'o
of Its pendens being Hied within such period,
you will be forever estopped and debarred from
setting up auy claim to or lu respect of the aald
land, and 1 shall register Hugh Ross Llnklater
as owner thereof.
Dated at lend iwlstry office, Nelson. Province
of British Columbia, this Ulst day ol February,
A. D. 1907.
H. P. MacLKOD,
District Registrar.
To Murdock A. Henderson. .	
In the metier of an application lor the leaue ol
a ilupllcateiit the Cerllllcate ol Title nl LotaSanit
t, Bloi'k a. Lot��, Block *> and UM u. Block flo,
Neliou Clly (Hapa Me and -2MA )
Notice I. bereby given tbat It 1. my Intention
to issue a duplicate ol the Certificate ol TlUe for
tbe above Iota at the expiration ��sl one month altar
thc fl rat publication hereol In the name of Frana
Jacob? anil kmll I'ohll. whioh Certificate ol Title
I. dated tbe tth day of January, MOT, -and atuab-
ered 43074.
H. r, M.cLKOD,
Dlatrlot Beclatrar.
Und Keilstry Oan. Nalaon, B.C
���Ith, April, 1107.
St Paul, Dally.
Toronto, Sunday, Wednesday. Friday.
Montreal, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Boston, Saturday.
Dally to Vancouver.
Daily to Seattle.
For berth reservations apply to
B. J. OOYLE,           J. S. CARTER,
A.O.P.A..Vanconver. D. P. A.. Malaoa
W.   O.   OIULrETT
Contractor and
Sole agent lor the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail yard.. Rough ud dreeMd lumber, turned
work and brackets. Coast lath aad shingles, seah
and doors. Cement, brick and Ume tor sale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernou Bt.. eait of HaU
P. U. Boa UM, Telephone IW
r. C CKEEN      F. r. BURDEN      A. H. GREEN
CM Engineers, Dominion and British
CotombU Land Surteyors
r.O.BozUS   rWHIB.
In the matter ot an application lor tha laane ol
a duplicate ol the Certificate of Title lor an nn-
divided li ol lot -USS. group 1, in the dlatrlot ol
Kootenay (except part 1*.a acres thereol.)
Notloe la hereby given tbat It la my intention
to laaua at the expiration ot one month altar tha
fi rst pul.l lcatlon hereol a duplicate of tha CartlS ���
c ata ol Title lor the above mr-ntloned landa, In
the name ol Malcolm Mccormick, whioh Certificate la dated ihe llth September, 1901, aad numbered 164 A.
Und Registry Ofllce, Nalaon, B.O.. April aid,
IWI. U. F. MactkOb,
Dlalrtct Kealstrar
Notice Is hereby given that 1 will apply at tha
oaal meeting ol tha License CommlMloner.,
for the Clly ol Nelson, to hava tha llijuor lleenae
ol the (liver King Hotel trwaten-M Irom my
ill to Robert Da'alal.of tlie OjUo	
Dated tu is 7th day ol Ma>. Itn.
I. M. MoCANDLIBH. The Daily Canadian
It is of the utmost importance that
you should attend to your eyes, and
have them properly examined and fitted.
Delays are dangerous.. Don't wait
until it is too !ate. The very best, and experienced expert is at
your service he-"e at moderate prices.
Watchmaker and Optician
;0ur Stock is Complete
t Here are two Soap Specials:
��� 25   31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   $4.5C
172 BARS GOLDEN WEST for $2.75
JBell Trading Co.!
MMMMMMMM* ***************** *
PRUNIS'-i ANIl QMATttMQ ctxefaUjs sttenfl
ed to. Apply
-sis-.. -  Rinc Hsst.-l.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything.
go to the Old Curiosity Bhop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kinds of Dlnnerware ln stock. Patterns.
on 2 lots. $350.00 cash. $500.00 on mortgage, balance $25.00 per month.
WILL BUY 5-ROOM HOUSE osi 3 lots,
(400.110 cash. $200.00 in six months, balance on mortgage, 3 years.
H. E, froadsdaile & ___
Next Door lo Ii;ink of Commerce.
AH Kinds of Heating Plants lu Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Houae.     Tel. 181
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Buililcrs will Unci it to ilmir ad-
vintago to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing Stove*,  etc.
111 Eait Baker St. Phone No. aim
Socialist   Pnrty  meeU even  FricUf
oe nt S u m.. In ttt�� *���:.-;������*--' Onion Hall
Ail are Invited; any cm- mowed to taka pari In
et*.   1. Austin. j-ecretary.
Cur. Vomon and Ward  8tre��t.��,
-NBLSON,   �����. C.
J. FKED HUME. Proprietor.
K. A. Cook. G. P. Downey, E. W. Raw-
B d L D. Burly, J. J. Blnns, H. A.
Small. Vancouver; B. Simpson and wife.
PN rile; W. C. Blng, Castlegar; A. Lucas, Kaslo; G. C. Clarkson. Ymir; J as.
Cronln. Spokane; w. E. Newcombe,
Midway; J H. Waldo, E. G. Faas. Creston; C. D. Brown. London; H. T. Tllley,
_fc__J W_!    ^."- -��-
J. W. Bell, B. J. Bell, Montreal*. Mrs.
Vi. .1. li. Holmes. Mrs. J. Anderson.
Kaslo; G. F. Tull, London; J. F. Lan-
gan, Chicago; Miss Kate Fraser. Spokane; Vi. B. Willcoi, Phoenix; A. D.
Hayward. Revelstoke; G. Sleightholni,
Rev. T. Son-erbutts. Moyie; Mrs. 0.
Mdls-un anil daughter, Grand Forks; E.
\V. Walton, Medicine Hat; Mrs. W. Gin-
ol, BoBwell; R. I,. Morrish, Creston; C.
Gooch. Greenwood.
H. McGinnis. T. Murph.. Vancouver;
H. Miiler, Creston.
J. W, Taylor. Revelstoke; T. Manton.
A. H. Hollssway, Greenwood.
J. Bough, H. J. Hurt, Kaslo; C. Jones.
Owen Sound; O. Hughes. Grand Forks:
T. Tyler. Slocan; M. Tait, Ymir; C.
Oleson. Sps>kane: J. llrown. Kamloops:
A. J. Gavin, G. \V. Kennedy; M. Keary,
Wlnlaw; \V. E. King, Fire Valley.
J. Kerr, Koch's Siding: L. J. Francis,
Spokane," N. Weymouth, Fire Valley.
An Easy Way....
To own a fine house, instead of paying  rent and owning  nothing.
FINE 6-ROOM HOUSE on Stanley
St.    All modern ard best location.
$(600, $250 Cash
and  balance $35  per  month.
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
(Tobacconist.   Baker Strut.
Alberta Farm Land
160 acre improved farm in Alberta,
will exchange for Nelson residential
property or Kootenay fruit land.
Geo. g. McLaren
Baker St.,  Nelson.
" 'Is -MAItT R11Y lor ,1,-llvcry clerk ill.', r. K
Tslfi;risi.!i ..(Tis-.'-    Apply lit ssistse at sifllce.
Al OM K. JHlKOtl BAWYKR. Fxtrn ��ss���sl
WtMVt In sxpsrt. AsMl-siss W. II Krssysssslier.
Ns.--.sksh, 1). 0 , nr call at thfl mill lis Neliou
s-'sssK   lis,|,*l,..%. ll.llss-s, (.Vs; Btssnc.   I'hssiss-
P'i-I:issii     Apply Vi.x *.ls. NH,..is, is. 1-.
KD'IK KM AN ansl a Ss-tlssr lor sssiil at Movie
Applv at Mill, or ossi ssflis-e Nelton, forto Itlco
I-'sissPsr   o.
TWs) FIKSTsi.ArsI KoCMsi, .loam heate.l.   Applv tiossMskeeoer. ."lrsl flat, K, W. 0, blssck.
BUHCH  or KE>8.    Kelsirn lo Chai. Long-
I1UA38 I,*0IINKT, Two Bhauksj b and a, Will,
Cue For Pris-e, Apply M. J. ll. Box JIM,
2 BKTTIK8, 8 E.ljerrn.-n, a Tallymen ansl
lirssslci-, 1 Forcissan (islislit,) Clrs*ular Sawyer,
fonerr, _nglueer. B'ssmi-inan, and mill help tit
all -Indi. Apply Ueo. P. Weill, Box 1U77,
Neliou, B.O.
School  Board.
The regular monthly meeting of Ihe
board of school trustees will be held in
Dr, Arthur's office tomorrow evening ut
S o'clock.
Cricket Club.
A meeting of the executive committee of the Nelson Cricket Club is called
for tomorrow evening at B:40 at tbe
residence of the secretary. A. W. Dyer.
Reduced   Fare.
The C. P. K. advertise, account Victoria Day, they will sell round trip tickets at a fare and a third, to aad from all
stations west of Port Arthur, Including
Kootenay rail and water lines. Ticket*-
nn sale 22nd to -4th. inclusive, good to
return till May 27th.
Today As Anniversary.
The loth of May is the anniversary of
the birth of Florence .Nightingale, \p
1880; the death of Kdmund Kean. in
18B3; of Daniel O'Connell. in 1847; of
the surrender of Louis Kiel in 1S^5, and
of the occupation of Dundee, Natal, by
Sir Redvers Buller, in 1900.
The merchants' weekly half-holiday is
likely to be general throughout Kootenay and Alberta. Nelson and Rossland
stores will close every Thursday afternoon, beginning June 1st, with the usual limitation that it shall not be observed in weeks that include other holidays.
British Labor Coming.
A traveller from the Coast last night
said that between Vancouver and Revelstoke he passed several cars of English and Scotch immigrants, chiefly of
the agricultural labor class. Nearly all
were bound for the Coast. At Revel
stoke another lot of Scotch laborers
took the train for Arrowhead. The
traveller understood tliey expected tn
be employed by the Hig Hem. Lumber
Laid To Rest.
The funeral of the late Charles S.
Rashdall took place at 8:80 this afternoon from the Standard Furuitiure com.
pany's undertaking parlurs to St. Saviour's church, where the burial service
was read by Rev. F. H. Graham, and
thence to the cemetery. Many wreaths
had been placed on the coffin. The pallbearers were T. G. Procter. M. S.
Davys, L. Crawford, H. E. Wade, A. M.
Johnson and E. K. Beeston.
Growing Prosperous.
, Hugh R. Cameron, well and favorably
known In Nelson, whero he lived so
long, has written a friend in .Nelson that
he has established an insurance company in Manitoba to be known as "The
Pioneers' Fire Insurance Company,"
with headquarters at Hrandon. Man. Mr.
Cameron writes that he has had grand
suceess fn selling stock, both in Winnipeg and Brandon. A portion of the
stock will be placed in every town ami
city in the province of Manitoba, and
then the company will reach out for
stockholders and business in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Hritish Columbia. His
many friends in Nelson will be pleased
to learn that Mr. Cameron Is on a railway to prosperity.
The Produce Market.
A local produce firm has received the
following notification from Hrandon,
Man.: "As for creamery butter It cannot
be had in the country; the make is not
sufficient to supply the local demand,
and is decreasing rather than increasing. It will be at least a month before
there is much improvement, aa the food
is done and no growth in sight, and
many cattle are dying." It is expectod
that relief will come from Alberta. The
same firm has received the following
notification from St. Thomas. Ont.. with
regard to eggs and cheese: "Owing to
extremely cold weather market for eggs
continues very firm and it would be almost impossible to buy a car of eggs or
new cheese that would enable you to
sell at a profit." Owing to the cold
weather and backward season in California, new imported vegetables, viz..
onions, potatoes, cabbage, etc., will be
a month later than usual.
The Store of Quality
DcliciOttS      Try
Crosse iBlackwell's
Pure Fruit Syrups
25 cts per Bottle
���   K. W. C. Blor.k     Phrmn 10
A. M. Can. See. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlce: Henley .Building.   P. O. Box 434
Bakar St., NELSON, B. O.
���r*" ' iKtmrs^tty ���.���W-PHW
Something  new  for breakfast
Per Package
C* Am Benedict
Corner Silica and JoBephlne Sta.
Wholesale *icl  KHhII Dealeri 111
Fresh and Salted Meats
CampH Bupplied on -shortest notice and
lowest pries. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats aud supples kept in htock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C.  TRAVES.   Manager.
At About Half Cost
As we announced last season we decided to discontinue handling hammocks, and to close out our stock at
greatly reduced prices. We have still
a few left. We have made still greater
reductions in  price to close  them out.
$2.7i Hammocks for $1.90
$3.75  Hammocks  for   2.25
$4.75   Hammocks  for    3.00
$6.00 Hammock, slightly damaged,
for    2.90
$1.25 Hammocks for $ .90
$2.50  Hammocks for   1.45
$3.00  Hammocks for   1.75
$3.75  Hammocks for    1.90
W. G. Thomson
!ffT.SEK"oa  Nelsou, B.C.
Rhone 34.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit,
Fuel Sl Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and  Ward   Sts.
One of the Host Scenic Locations on
Kootenay Waters Is for Sale.
The property comprises about 13U
ueres of timber and fruit land, having
half a mile of lake frontage directly
opposite Nelson.
The central portion of nhout iou
acres, with buildings, fruit trees, flower
Si.srilens an living springs thereon,
will be sold ns a whole, leaving an extensive lake frontage to the north ami
south which I will offer in acre sub
divisions. For price and terms applv
at mv home.
U. Smeaton left for Toronto this
Fred Elliott, the Trout Lake barrister,
returned home today.
W. J. Holmes, of Kaslo, Is In the city,
and registered at the Hume.
A. E. Walts, of Wattshurg, was in the
city yesterday and returned to Proctei
this morning.
Mr. Justice Clement left for Rossland
last night. The only case for iiini, tu
try there is Goumond vs. GoumomWur
Miss Marion Horton, formerly of Nelson, teacher of lhe Saimo public school,
has been appointed to the Rossland
teaching staff.
W. K. Esling, manager of the Rossland Miner, was in the city yesterday.
He reports improving business conditions in that city.
Geo. P. Downey, representing the
Canadian Rubber Co., arrived irom the
main line last night, and left for the
Boundary this morning.
J. D. Glllis, inspector of public schools
for Kootenay and Houndary, returned
to the city last night from a trip
through Blast Kootenay.
Roy A. Cooke, of the Allis-Chalmers-
Bttllo-ck company, retruned last night
from the Lardeau. He reports activity
at the Silver Dollar, Broadview, Eva
and Silver Cup.
F. W. Gaston, inspector of the Scottish and National Insurance Co., with
headquarters at Tacoma, Wash., left for
home yesterday after spending several
days in Nelsou.
Thc   Limelight   of   Publicity   Makes   a
t Man    Self-Conscious.
When a man takes himself for granted his ego is termed "Relf-consclous-
ness." The men who make ihe Semi-
ready tailoring have been so long under
the light of publicity that the people
know nil about their system of making
men's clothes by the cultivation of export labor.
"It takes three years to teach a man
who comes to us a Journeyman," said
the  superintendent   of the Semi-ready.
One may look at the joining on the
back of a Semi-ready coal collar to see
just how expert the workers become
when thus divided Into sets.
Advocated    In    San    Francisco���Street
Cars Are Running.
San Francisco, May 15.���The United
Railroad operated 105 cars yesterday
and everything passed off quietly outside of the district south of Market
street. President Lumsden kept up a
riotous demonstration all through the
day and abused many passengers and
carmen. The police from all accounts
lost control of the situation. Fifty-
thousand persons were carried yesterday and the number of cars in operation
will he increased tqdity. The general
situation remains unchanged. The carmen aVe now patting nil their energies
toward formulating a plan for municipal
ownership of street railroads, and \\
D. Mahon, president of the association
of street railway employees of America,
expresses the belief that this will follow the present strike.
Seed Potatoes
We have unloaded
a car of
Early Rose Potatoes
Imported expressly
for Seed.
Telephone 181.
Men's $3.50 Shoes
Don't get the idea that all our
mens fine shoes art $5.00 and
$6.00 a pair. We can supply
you with a genuine Goodyear
Welt at *3.50. Smooth insoles
and pliable to the foot. Made
In Vlcl Kid and Box Calf.
royal R. Andrew & Co.
Our East End Branch Store Is Closei
Pending Changes, and Customers of fa
Branch Will Be Attended to at Our Mak
Store, K. W* C Block.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Lti
Bargains!    Bargains!    Bargains!
Oar Fancy Vestings Most Be Sold
This  Month  Regardless   of  Cost.
You can buy Wash Vestings for $1.00. worth $3.00.
Handsome Vests, double and single breasted, for $3.00, worth 17.00.
See them and  buy now while the selection  Is good.
Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
1 New Spring Goods Arriving Daily
|H A complete line of up-to-date Soft and Hard Hats In StocW.
ff$ Also a full range of Boots and  Shoes.    "WALKOVER" not
yK Specialty.
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing Into stock all L
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder.  Spades,
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Pruners,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Et��.
Prompt attention  paid to  letter orders.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
***>****���*. A. ISAAC R. W. HINTON'
Kupitfrliiu and Jottblns ��xecut��d with [)c��pnUh.   Mheol .M��'��' I
Work, Mining and Mill Machinery.     Mnnufnctuniri ol      a
Or��  Car*,  U.  H.   Contractor**  Cara.
P.O. Bot Wl
Spring Stock lust Opened Upl|
Cat-load Linoleums and Carp-eta
From OIuskow, Scotland.
Best Quulltius ut Uow Prices*.
Standard Furniture Company!
MstBisn .i in- is Pianos.
OssIsT-AlssSir  M��S!f.vr,
UissMissil HKtllUry Msslir.*...���..
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers.    Embalmcrs
AND DEALERS IN   LtlttlDer,   ShitlgKSf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*I
Turned Work and Brackets. Mail Ordora promptly alk-niH
 VBRNOIN HT-RBtiT  .  .   .   XI ��1 .NON. B. O.
Launch-and Boat
We always carry In stock and will bs pleassd to supply��
wants In
Such usi
Whim WMte
Mlxs-,1 I'ssllllss
jls-rry Hioi.' Hossls, Vnrnlnli
Kts:., cto.
Altssny d"*""5 ___,
Arr.tlct*up(;n��"    I
Vanillins Wf���*?.*
Ilu one null"" csns.��
Wood-Valiance Hardware Co., VM


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