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The Daily Canadian Jul 20, 1906

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Array Jtailtj  Ccmafcictn
I.   No. 4��-
Jernment Blockade of
liportant Land Areas
Seekers Kept Out  of  Britt: h
Columbia   By   Unfair
man)   people in Hritish (\>lum-
iv  jusl  whal   l�� meant   by    the
belt?"   Ask the drat man you
���Inbuilt ii- and ten to one lie will
Iwaw) belt? Oh, yes; that's
|K land, *W miles each hide of the
ine," tn something to that effect.
*.mB io in) pretty generally tn>
I [D ihe public mind Lhat the rail-
Lii is th- property of the 0. P. R.,
tal compan) is charged with own-
II Hi,  province, while, as u mat-
, all the 0. IV R. owns in the
���U Is Hb right of way and stall1
railwsj bell is the property of
minion ot Canada, and is under
d ol the department of
rtor. It embraces all the ter*
tor twi uty miles on each Hide of
P K from New Westminster to
mtiiii of thi' Rocky mountains, a
100 miles, and contains 1G.-
..' moos, ur ln.240.OUO acres���
of British Columbia's cuniribu-
land to the Initial cost of the C.
This strip of 40 hy 4()u miles in
y heart of the province includes
Its boundaries very large areas
���r;il. Umber, agricultural and pas-
inds, soine ul' the choicest and
valuable in Hritish Columbia, sev*
flourishing cltfee aud towns, such
.Jvelstoke, Kamloops, Golden, etc.;
re :i hnnlier mills, working un-
pomlnlou licenses, lu the hell,
fl produced ::!,:i2S,*i:i2 feet of lum-
isl year, and large mining opera-
are bIbo carried ou within its bor-
The Dominion governmenl mainland offices at Kamloops and New
minster, bul the work of these of
nsignlflcant compared with ihe
done In those of Alberta, Bat-
in and Manitoba.
(ring the year ending June 80, 1906,
I 19 homestead entries re-
Kamloops, aud 40" at New
minster, or only isil In all, a sur-
tyj faci when lhe great demand iui
which exists at present throughout
wesl is considered. The reason ot
nactivity Ib not far to seek, how-
and the cause of it furnishes one
instance of the neglect of Hritish
iliia Interests by the Dominion
nment. Settlers cannot get land
In the railway belt, because the
is not surveyed, and, unlike the
nclal government, the Dominion
will not allow a man to se-
md survey his homestead, so bun
I Bettlers are being barred out
itish Columbia by this Iniquitous
if inactivity.    Prom the western
lary of Ontario   to the   eastern
I the Rocky mountains the whole
is a vast    ehecker-bosrd    of
[whips,   subdivided   Into   sections,
lions nnd quarter sections, af*
"!    every  facility of selection    to
(l ��nie- seeker, bin at the itritish Co*
J ndary   the    survey    system
* ��nd the prospective settler can ob-
i isolutely ii'i information from the
" of the Interior department,   if
i idles lo lhe agent at Kamloops or
' '���siminster, he Is  told  there  Is
���""I   surveyed   into   homesteads,
���di i here are thousands of acres of
'   ' I  lying Idle.    If In- applies by
1 r<>r Information as to the lands
he railway belt, he Is told thai  the
1     eni does not publish any pam-
*���* descriptive of Hritish Columbia
[u i>ui he may get from the C. P. R.
"   dilei entitled "British Columbia,"
;i contains something    about    the
��� '"'H.   If he prosecutes his quest
1 ' nd, Ihis Ih what he finally suc-
:" securing!
.'"'   bo  lauds  In   British  Columbia
pin Ju miles on each side of the Can-
:i ;ilie railway main line are lhe
of Canada, with all the timber
"dtiemla they contain (except pre*
"ictals).   This tract of land, with
*'"1" ���, hay, water powers, coal aud
1    now administered by the de-
*H'"' of tiio interior    of    Canada,
��lly according to the same laws
filiations us are the public lands
nnl ':'(i and the Norlhwest Terri*
1 "OTOrnmenl   agencies are    es-
lllil  nt Kiimloops,   In   the  nioun-
"HI al New WestmiiiHtor, on the
IA,U '���iltlsh subject who Is the sole
'.''  * family, or any male or   tho
* years, may secure a   home
B    '     'i;n acres on nny  unoccupied
l"lll'on land, on application to lhe lo*
Fifty Cents a Month
cal land agent and on payment of a fee
of $10. The homesteader musl reside
on the land lor six months In every
year, and cultivate al bust 15 acres for
three years, when he will be entitled to
a free grant or patent.���British Columbia, issued by the C. P. R. Company."
That Is all. Possessed of this magnificent tract of territory for over 20
yuars the government of the Dominion
has nol, in the last decade, raised a
finger to assist In Its settlement The
surveys inaugurated hy the Conseiva
Uvea were discontinued, and Hritish
Columbia's railway belt might as well
have been In the heart of Africa for
anytlilgn the Liberals have done towards advertising its greal resources
and ihe advantages which It offers Lo
ihe farmer and the fruit growers. It is
not mentioned at all in the great number of tin- Immigration pamphlets wiih
Which the Interior department has Hooded the Culled Stales and Kurope. but in
some of them, treating on "Western
Canada." Hritish Columbia is mentioned
in an Incidental way, and occupies
ulwiiu lhe same space as Yukon, Mac-
Ken/le or I'ngavu,
The Kamloops Standard recently called attention to this great injustice, aud
urged lhat u remedy should be applied
at once. The remedy Is simple���met e-
ly to extend the survey system to the
railway licit wherever practicable���and.
leaving oul the mountains, there is ample ground for iis application���and to
advertise Hritish Columbia as a field
for investigation ns extensively and per*
slslently as tbe Middle West provinces
B.   C.  Copper  Company   Secures  New
Working Bond.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Greenwood, July 20.���The B. C. Copper Company has just secured a working bond on the Ixme Star and Washington group of claims In Central camp,
about two miles south of the international line. This property was in the
early days regarded as one of the most
promising iu the district, but owing to
the low price of copper and the difficulty of transportation, work was sus-
spanded in IBOh The more recent building of the Phoenix branch of the Great
Northern has brought the property within four miles of a railway. The mine
is fairly well SQUlppad with machinery,
and work will be resumed within a few
days. Henry Johnson, who Is a stockholder In the properly, aud who is also
interested In several claims In the district, and now iu charge of the I-lmma
and Denoro for the B, C. Copper Company, will be put In charge of the work.
Attempted Assassination.
St. Petersburg, July 19.���An attempt
was made yesterday to assassinate
Count Todleben. aide-de-camp to Emperor Nicholas, the revolver bullet grazing his heud. The would-be assassin
Warns  Britain  Against Asking a  Preferential Tariff from Indian
London, July 20.���Introducing the
Indian budget in the house of commons this afternoon, Indian Secretary
Morley sounded a warning note on ihe
necessity of excluding India from party
"The most engrossing of Great Britain's foreign relations," he declared,
"were the Asiatic, or those involving
Ihis country with China. Japan and
Russia, which was a great Asiatic as
Wall as European power. Any false step
In India would land Great Britain In a
OoniUSkm Infinitely more dire and disastrous than had the false step taken
in South Africa.
"India's case In the trade conlrover-
BJ can be put lu a nutshell." he declared. "Her prosperity and comfort,
the growth of her trade and commerce
and the solvency of India hang upon
her extKirts. The Cniti'd Kingdom
takes 86 par cent, of her exports, while
Europe and Ihe fnr east take 7T* per
cut.    Thus when the people of Great
Britain asked India for preferential duties, they were asking her to discriminate against three-fourths of her cub-
Mr. Morley considered the lime ripe
for an advance in the improvement of
the system of the governmenl of India.
1 uere might be discontent, but there
was not disaffection among the people,
and Ihe present government of India
wuh In full sympathy wllh the desires
of the people for the Introduction of
more western ideas. With this object
in view, lhe viceroy was appointing n
commission to Inquire how far the extension of the representative element
in the legislative council could be expediently carried out. The Indian secretary also said he considered that the
native ought lo he given greater access to lhe higher posts In ihe administration of India.
In lhe course of his speech Mr. Morley paid a tribute to Hie former viceroy,
Lord Curzon of Keddleslou. and bll
"conspicuous, passionate and self-sacrl-
flelDg devotion lo the InlerestH of India," and in  behalf of the house   ex
pressed sympathy with Lord Curzon "in
the cruel blow which has desolated his
heart of hearts," referring to the d'-ath
of Lady Curzon. July 18th.
Germany Finds a Way to Check American Fraud.
New York, July 2)).���Tbe Herald'*
correspondent at Berlin cables the toi
"Notwithstanding President Roose
volt's official assurance that ihe new Inspection laws will guarantee the purity
of all American meal cx[>ort8, I am Informed ihat Germany will enforce new
and more stringent regulations afler
September 15th against Imports from
American packing houses. Meat Inspectors at various ocean ports hnve
been Ristrueted lhal. beginning on the
dale, named, they are lo Kcriiliuize the
glands of all imported meal cuts for
tuberculosis, aud if symptoms are discovered the meat is not to be permitted to enter.
"This constitutes a direct blow at
what remains of the American meat
import trade in Germany, as the meat
comes with the glands removed before
���shipment, packers being unable to leave
the glands In without spoiling other
cuts nol destined for export. So the
pit-res in que stion will be practically
excluded from Germany alter the new
regulations go into effect.
"I also learn that tbe government has
���topped lhe shipment of American
canned goods lo troops in Southwest
Africa, although a supply until October
was contracted for via the free port of
Students of Dakota School
of Mines in Nelson
Prof. Babccck Thinks Mining Conditions in Canada and States
Show Steady Growth*
Prof. E. J. Babcock. dean of the
school of mines of the State University
of North Dakota, arrived In the city
last night with nine Btudents. comprising u part of the class taking tbe summer session at the school. They spent
tne morning ut the Hall Mines smelter,
ami will leave via Spokane tomorrow
In conversation with a member of
the staff of The Daily Canadian, Prof.
Babcock described the school and Its
methods of work, ami incidentally the
camp now. and some of our boys will
stop there on the way east and probably remain for the rest of the summer.
"This is our first trip to the north
of the boundary line, as we could afford time only for a flying visit, and so
I thought we could learn most by visiting a smelter. I understand that the
Hall Mines smelter, from the diversified character of the ores received, is
about the best for our purpose.
"I find that they have Just Installed
a new plant for a new process. From
what I could see In a very hurried visit.
I should think that It will mean a great
improvement in results both to tbe
smeher company and to the mine owners.
' The most active mining field in the
United States at present Is the southwest, especially the state of New Mexico. Most of our graduates go there,
and have no difficulty In getting good
positions. The demand for practically
trained mining engineers is better than
ever, and, I believe, will grow greater.
II Is fast becoming recognized that
mining is not a matter of luck or of
common sense, but an Industry requiring a long and diligent scientific training. Its complexities cannot be mastered ln a day by even the brightest.
The finding of the location of an ore
body Is not mining. It is a very small
part of It. The problems of getting
the ore oul al least cost, and of saving
the greatest percentage of values at
least cost, are the big tasks for the
mining engineer.
"Your city ia beautiful. We were
all glad to see the lake after our railway journey. All I have seen so far of
British Columbia looks rich In timber
and In soil. Apart from the wealth of
the mines, It should be a rich country. '
Where the credit Ib given by impartial outsiders for the phenomenal growth of Canadian trade and Industry, may be seen from the followlug editorial of the Times, London, appearing in Its issue of July 2nd:
"Yesterday the great Dominion of Canada entered upon Its for'^th year of Its federate existence, amid
the uuivs-rsal rejoicings of a prosperous and confident nation. Never nave the auspices for Canada's future
heen fulrsr than they are today, never have the patriotic faith and cot.fldeut assurance of Sir John Macdonald
ansl his tollow-workera In the cause of Canadian unity found more trlum'phant vindication ln the fruits of their
great endeavor. The long, disheartening winter of neglect, which the Wonderful resources of that great empire
within an empire suffered for generations, while the better advertised territories of Its southern neighbor were
attracting all that was mobt enterprising In the population and capital of ..us country and of Europe, is at last
breaking up. Today Canada bids fair to Justify the proud boast of her sons that the twentieth century on the
American continent will belong to her, as the nineteenth has belonged to the United States. Our Ottawa cor-
respondenl dwells with patriotic satllfaotlon on the evergrowing influx of population Into the Canadian Northwest, uu 1 nIlux which has grown by 25 per cent, in the space of a single year. He tells us of the vast revenues reaped by the Canadian Pacitic railway, an undertaking which not so many years ago was derided, even by
Canadians, as unlikely ever to earn the cost of its own axle-grease, and which today is earning the sincerest
tribute, that of Imitation, from more than one great rival In the same Held. He tells us of the constant demand
for lubor In town and country���the surest sign of progress in every direction���of au outward and inward trade
expanding with marvellous rapidity. Already Canadians are declaring that it will not be a decade, perhaps not
even half a decade, before they will be growing enough surplus wheat to feed the whole population of the British Isles. The most striking feature of the present development Is undoubtedly the growth of tlie weBt. But,
owing to the fiscal system of Canada, to the national policy Introduced by Sir John Macdonald, and carried on
by Sir Wilfrid Laurler with a sound practical disregard for the earlier platform eloquence which earned him
Ihe medal of the Cobslen Club, that development Is shared by every province of the Dominion. With an
ever-growing market open to them, the older provinces are rapidly becoming the homes of great manufacturing Industries, slestined befoie long to rival the manufactures of,the United States and of the mother country.
We, too, owing to the preference extended to our trade by the Canadian tariff, are sharing in the development
of Canada. How much greater that share might lie may perhaps be brought home to our manufacturers and
merchants of the Associated Chambers of Commerce who are to be among us in the next few days.
"With that material expansion has grown an intenser feeling of patriotic pride and self-confidence.
There waB a time, not so very long ago, when many Canadians openly advocated annexation to the United
SlatoB, ansl when even those who were moat attached to the British (lag and to the Ideals of the British Empire, yet, In their heart of hearts, sometimes doubled whether it was possible to do more than defer annexation
for the lime of their own lives. Today, though American citizens In tens of thousands arc flocking into the
Northwest, the annexation of Oanada to the United States is, us Lord Grey frankly told an American audience at the Pilgrims' dinner In New York, as unthinkable as the annexation of the United States by Canada.
The sense of national patriotism In Canada was quickened hy the South African, war; the prosperity that has
followed since has served to intensify it. The full consciousness of what Mr. Borden rightly calls ' a true
nutional life' is rapidly displacing the old provincialism of the different colonies, and la having Its effect even
upon the provincial anil racial excluslveness of French Quebec. With that consciousness of national unity
has grown the consciousness ssl a yet wider unity, the unity of the British Empire. As citizen of a-great nation, the Canadian claims to rank on an equality with the citizens of the great republic on hla borders. As partner in a worlsl-wide empire���aspiring some day. perhaps, to become tlie predominant partner���he can claim an
even higher rank and tin ampler destiny. That double element in Canadian patriotism Ib reflected In the stirring wortls of the national song, .lie Maple Leaf Forever." whose author. Alexander Mulr, was carrieu to his
grave in Toronto on Saturday, followed by thousands of his mourning fellow-citizens,"
Chicago Company  Will  Pay  Back  Excessive  Charges.
Chicago, July 10.���Refunds of ��r>o
each to telephone subscribers w'bo pay
the maximum rale, with thi' exception
of thoBO who prefer to keep up litigation, will be given hy the Chicago Telephone Company. The amuunt of lho
refunds will probably reach $400,000,
and those who have been paying $175 a
year for the maximum service, with or
withoul contracts, will be able to gel
the rebate as far back as January, 1808s
when Judge Tuley gave a decision that
only $125 could he charged under lhe
terms of the ordlruiiiii' of 1888. This
news came today in a letter written by
President Arthur D. Wheeler to the
genBral counsel for Iho company, John
Barton Payne, in response to a letter
from Mayor Dunne asking that maximum subscribers even withoul con-
tracts he allowed rebates, and thai the
ordinance of issa be obeyed.
For Natural  Gas.
Lethbrldge, Alta., July 20.���The city
council made arrangements last night
tu bore 2.000 feet for natnrnl gas.
conditions in some of the territory cov-
Bred this year by various parlies from
tne college.
Prof. Babcock said: "The university and Ihe school ol mines, which is
part of II, are Jusl outside the limits
of Ilie city of Qrand Forks. The school
UHUully contains about 40 studenta. The
course covers four years, and during
that time at least Iwo summers must
he Hpent working with liold parties.
"Many of our students���the proportion varieB greatly, of course���are already graduates of the arts department
of the university. We give, or at least
aim to give, a thorough knowledge of
the theory of geology and mineralogy,
but we (���(insider lhe attainment at first
band of familiarity with conditions in
many mining fluids, and of the latest
and best methods of mining and treating ore, to be the most important object for the students.
"Yes, we take euro to arrange that
each student geta variety in the character anil location of hla aummer work.
We vary 11, or hnve varied It so far,
between the northwest, Including Idaho and Montana, and the BouthweBt���
Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.
"This summer wo have spent most
of our time In the Coeur d'AleneB, ansl
intend lo return there. The mines are
very active this year, and afford good
opportunities fur the study of niuuy
problems.   Butte la also a very   busy
Exchange a    Certainty   for an Uncer
Toledo, O., July 20.^-The dead body
of Misyiiie Wilson und the unconscious
form of Oscar Brenneman, both IU
years of age, were found lying side b)
side yesterday In the hay mow of a
barn on the Wilson farm, In Vanwort
county. The girl had taken half tho
contents of a bottle of chloroform, and
the young man had taken the remain
der.    He will recover.
A letter written by the girl to her
parents stated that she and hor lover
had resolved to die bo they could be lr
paradise together.
Under Army  Officers.
Winnipeg, July 20.���The Telegram
publishes u Bpeclal despatch from London which says: "Another Salvation
sy party of emigrants leave this
week for Canada, making a total foi
Ihe season of nearly 13,1)110.   Aboul $50,
0 has now been advanced to the eml
grants. Next year, owing to the can
celling of Ihe contract with the Norlh
Atlantic Trading Company, it la expect
oil that a considerable number of the
continental emigrants will go out under
the army officers' care.   In the near fu
ture a party of 20 families of Neslorian
Christiana from the region s'Hith of
Tifils will be taken to Join the little
Nestorlan colony near Battleford.
Manitoba Wheat Fields Has Famine for
Winnipeg. July 20.���Manitoba and
the west will require from twenty to
twenty-five thousand imported harvest
hands to handle the crop this year. So
says W. J. Black, deputy mlnlstor of
agriculture.   Continuing, he said:
"Official reports from all parts of the
province Indicate that the crop will be
Uie heaviest yet harvested. Last year
Manitoba placed 12,500 men from the
east In the harvest fields, while Saskatchewan used about 8,500; but for this
year Manitoba alone will require close
to 20,000. It would appear at present
that the harvesting will be genera1
throughout the province about August
a,..-, but should the rains continue 11
will probably be from three to live days
A Telephone Merger.
Los Angeles, Cal., July 20���The Her
aid today Bays: "Articles of incorpora-
Hon of the Home Telephone and Tele
graph Company, with an authorized
capital of $10,000,000 stock and $10,000,-
000 bonds, were filed in the office of the
county clerk yesterday. The incorpo-
rators are local capitalists. The com
pany has heen organized for the pur
pose of taking over and combining the
Home Telephpne plants in several of
the Southern California cities.
Slump in Stocks.
London, July 20.���With the exception
of the American market, in which there
was an all round recovery, the stock
exchange today was enveloped in
gloom. The break in Russians waB
held chiefly responsible for tuis state of
affairs. The new Russian loan is now
quoted at 7 per cent, discount, and consists lost half a point this morning on
selling, principally by continental
Hierarchy Goes to Pieces.
New York, July 20.���A cable des
patch to a morning paper from Berlin
says that at a meeting yesterday of the
members of the Christian Church Communion, founded by John Alexander
Dowle on his visit to Berlin. It was re
solved unanimously to throw off all al
leglance to the prophet, and to form n
distinct mission with the title of the
"Free Evangelical Church of Free-Lov
Ing Christians."
Price of Metals.
New York. July 20.���Silver, 05 1-4;
copper, 17 3-4: electrolytic copper
stock, 18 to 18 1-4; lead. 5.75.
1-ondon. July 20.���Silver. 30 3-16d;
lead, ��1G 13s 9d; zinc, ��2C 15s.
Advertising  Men's    Association Wined
and Dined by the Times
and Colonist.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Victoria, July 20.���A despatch was
received here from Hazelton, on the
Skeena river, last night, giving information regarding the tour of Premier
McBride as follows:
Premier McBride and his party reached here last night, and at a public
meeting .with Major Morris In the
chair, addresses were made by C. \V. D.
Clifford, M. P. P., and Uie premier, both
of whom hail an excellent reception.
This afternoon the first county court
was formally opened here by .ludge F.
McB. Young. The premier as a member of the bur offered congratulations.
Judge Young praised the community
for Its law-abiding reputation.
Tbe annual convention of tho Pacific
('oast Admerttsing men's Association
opened in Victoria today with half a
hundred delegales present, embracing
representatives from the leading cities
of the Blates of California, Oregon and
Washington. The official welcome tool-
place at S:3Q p. m. ut tlte board room of
tbe Tourist Association, when Mayor
Morley did the honors and the delegates
were given the customury freedom of
the clly,
Tne first of a series of outings to be
tendered the publicity men during their
three days' stay in Victoria is to take
place this evening, when the delegales
wul be the guests of tbo Times on a
trip to Shawnlgan lake, whore dinner
will be partaken of at the Sttnthcona
hotel. The Colonist gives them a din
ner at the Oak Bay hotel tomorrow.
Edmonton Customs Clearings.
Edmonton, July 20.���The returns of
lbe Kdmonion customs ofllce for the
mouth of June show a substantial aud
steady increase in the amount of goods^
that, are coming Into this portion ot'
the Dominion.
Their Fruit Left on Their
Wharves Today
Sudden Change of Policy by C.P.F.
Navigation Department Stops
All Shipments.
'Ine fruit men of the Nelson district
received a shock of a very disagreeable
nature this morning, when the steamer
Kuskanook passed their wharves without calling, even in response to signals.
Except an informal newspaper state*
ment, no notice was given to shippers,
or even to the Dominion Express Company. The postmasters at Pilot Bay
and Crawford Bay were not notified.
The Informal notice referred to gave
intimation that a change would be
made "after July 20th," but the change
waB made this morning.
The ranchers along the lake feel
greatly aggrieved over the treatment
accorded them by the railway company. Tbe produce left on their wharves
consisted mainly of raspberries and
other fruit of a perishable nature,
which was consigned, some of it to
points in East Kootenay, some ot It to
Winnipeg for purposes ot exhibition. It
had to be brought to the city and disposed of at considerable sacrifice.
The effect on Nelson's exhibits at
the fairs ot Manitoba cannot tail to be
a very unfortunate one. The shipping
agent of the Kootenay Fruit Growers'
Association has already been greatly
hampered in his arrangements tor forwarding fresh fruit, on which J. E. Annable and R. M. Palmer are relying respectively for the success of the Kootenay and provincial exhibits at Winnipeg.
The summary nature of the change
and the utter disregard for the interests of the public, or even of their
rights, is shown by the fact that many
have return tickets for various points,
still valid, to which the company's
steamer will not return mem. and
which they are told by officials to
reach the best way they can.
The mall service along the Arm and
the main lake is completely demoralized. No one, not even the keepers ot
postoffices, or the Nelson postmaster,
knows how or when mall may be forwarded to any point between Nelson
and Kootenay Landing, with the single
exception of Procter.
The position ln which the fruit growers are left by the action ot the company is a very serlou one. Had they been
given definite notice of a couple of
weeks, or had the change been delayed
for a fortnight until the season of perishable fruit is over, they might hare
been able to make other arrangements.
As It is, they will not be able, for this
season, to ship any fruit ln its best
condition. It must now be picked and
crated in time to catch the afternoon
steamer into Nelson, ln order that it
may be shipped out the following day,
It Is hard to Imagine any blow from
any quarter so damaging to the fruit
growing Industry, from which so much
Is hoped, as this hasty action of a hitherto friendly railway company.
Today the ranchers, many of whom
had to hring their fruit into the city ln
launches to save It from being a total
loss, are staggered by the blow, and
are absolutely In a quandary. It had
never occurred to any of them that officials of the company whose managers
have frequently expressed great Inter
est in the fruit industry, would, wantonly and almost without warning,
adopt u policy which completely cripples them. They still hopo that better
counsels may prevail when the company officials realize the full effect of
their acts.
Canadians at Blsley.
Blsley Camp, July 20.���Canadians firing toduy In the second stage for tho
king'B prlzo at 600 yards, 20 shots each,
scored poorly, owing to a strong wind
blowing straight across the ranges. The
scores were: Hayrhust 84, Drysdale 83,
Skeddon 7S, Smith VS. Dillon 69. The
hundred highest scores at this range
qualify for shouting In the final stages
Rosenberg Is Liberated.
Altona, Prussia, July 20.���August
Rosenberg, formerly 9/ Seattle, Wash.,
who was arrested here on July 3rd on
the charge of being engaged ln an anarchist conspiracy, hns been released.
'1 ae Judge who investigated the case
decided thut the testimony against the
prisoner was Inadequate, adding, bow-
ever, that suspicion remained ln tbe
minds of the authorities against hiin.
The worst part of any trouble Is waiting for It. The Daily Canadian
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Crown Gem Jars, <>artsPerdoz., 1.25
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Published in sissjss ss met by the
Canadian itiilhhiss; COMPANY, bra
Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
bssbKcrlpttssss rsstsss, Ms cents s�� ssssssstls delivered
Iss tl.t, OUT, ssr to.sw ss year II ss-sss by soass, when
i>sss.i iss advance
Advertttlns rat--* s.ss application.
All monies js.sl-1 iss lettlement st! The Dally
I'sssisssiisssi sss-s-ssssssis, either *,��r subscription! dt
adverttllng, ssssss-i be receipted f..r on slit- jsrissis-il
funis* nl sin- tioinpauy. utisss reoelpti art- sss.s
JULY   3D.   I����K>.
' By sssst- word We art- sometimes jss.ltresl ui lis;
wise ass.l l-y usss; wssr 1 lomallmei Judged tss be
Issullsls. ' '--1 us1 tnerelore 1st- ssartsssl svlsal we
say "-CssMTS'ir*.
more advanced stage ssf development
than they are. The steady application
ssf businesslike methods in mine management, together with the more re-
cenl Improvements that have been nnni.-
in the treatment of ores, all indicate a
prosperous future for Kootenay. This
will assure the growth of Ihe city of
Nelson, and there may be among the
younger members of the Twenty Thousand Club those who will live long
enough lo smile at tbe incredulity of
the pessimist who has bul a superficial
view of the posslblliUes of the surround
ing country as a vast natural storehouse of unsleveloped mineral wealth,
anil who will yet see this city reach the
population aimed at by the club.
The growing Importance of Nelson as
a centre of mining interests Is a proof
tbat Its selection as a site for a city
was neither fortuitous nor ill-advised.
Recent developments have demonstrated that Is almost the exact geographical
hub of the richest mineral territory iu
the Kootenuys, while its waterways
ami means of railway approach make
it the practical metropolis of the district.
The announcement in our news columns yesterday ol another rich strike
in the Hunter v. mine ss tew miles bo-
low Ymir will bu additional conflrma.
tion of this claim, ft hus been known
for some lime lhat the ore in tin Hunter V. was being worked from a vein
some thirty feel iu Width, anil while it
bus always been understood thut Ihis
ore Is of low grade, ll was mined chiefly
for iis superior qualities as a lluxing
medium in 'lie local smelters. These
mixing qualiUes made li a paying proposition, even with the low mineral val-
ues. It has also beeu known, however,
thut tlie ore carried mssiv or b-ss free
Kllver, ansl it wuulsl appear that the
QUanUty ol this lutter has been gradually increasing, while we are unable
lo obluin InformaUon Irom tbe Issssees
of the iiuuisr v. as tss ihs- exacl nature
or extent of the new strike, we are otherwise credibly informed that it is ssl a
highly gratifying character, and that
i samples tested show thin the value
Rf die new lind can scarcely lie over-
estimated. The enormous quantities oi
ore that are easily accessible in this
mine, together with the fact thai in iis
location It lies just below olher clulnis
in which the same vein lias lieen discovered woulil seem to aSBUre the permanence of these mining operations,
But it is not alone m inese things
thai one may look Cor reasonable as
suranoe that under prudonl manage
ment the mining Industry is iss in- vsssi
ly developed in this s> etlon. There ure
other properties uniuml Ymir which
give evidence of mineral wealth, and
which ars- being examined by mining
experts, which could be only with a
view to exploitution.
We lire credibly informed lhat Mr. .1
Cronln, the veteran mining engineer ut
Ihe   Kootenays,   is   ussw   in   the     Yini;
country  examining  properties of  well-
known   local   investors,  and   while    it
would he folly to anticipate his report,
It is believed   by   thole  whs, claim to
know that there will yet be In the Ynilr
district some of lho lies, paying properties that are operated in this province.
Add  lo  these  observations the fact
that at Rosslund (lie shafts are again
being deepened  nnd  lower levels tunnelled, with every known imlica'lon of
richer values being uncovered, and we
have a prospect of a revival of widespread interest In the mining affairs of
this district.   For years the eyes of lho
world were upon us. and but for a va-
ilely of entirely   obvlable    causes the
mines of the Interior  would be ln a
The reports of Ihe speeches made as
Rossland by Mr. J. H. Hawthornthwaite
anil .Mr. .1. A. Macdonald, leader of the
opposition In the local house and of tbe
Liberal parly of Urnlsh Columbia, are
disappointing in the extreme, Mr.
Hawthornthwalte'a speeches were, or
course, characteristic, and need no tlls-
ciississti; hut we looked to the leader of
llle Liberal parly for some show of
wisdom anil statesmanlike ability In the
d!8GU88ion of political subjects. Instead.
we have Mr. Macdonald reiterating the
exploded fabrications of his party, and
stating for truth before a sympathetic
andlence things which, while ths-y may
slo well enough for cheup campaign oratory, are only additional evidence of
tlie hopelessness and helplessness of
the Liberal cause. Mr. Macdonald, if
he is correctly reported, accused this
government of giving away large tracts
'if land thai belonged lo ihe people,
while no one knows heller thun the author of the statement that ihese lamls
were granted to the C. & \V. by the
government of British Columbia as early as lsnti, ansl that the grams were
practically reaffirmed several times before tbe McBride administration came
into power. To repeat a falss- statement or to utter a truth In such a way
us lo mislead llle audience may be good
politics, but we doubt II, and we believe Ihe intelligent voter does the
But the most serious misstatement
made by Mr. .Macdonald, and one which
It Is difficult lo excuse, Is reported us
"He then referred to the Kaien Island
deal, and pointed oul that the governmenl bail not deal! wiih ihs- Qrand
Trunk Pacific as was claimed. Thnt
this wus so was proved beyond sines.
Hon by the fact that after ths> order-
ln-councll was passed, Bodwell ami An-
derson wenl to Montreal ami got an
agreemenl frssm tin- Grand Trunk Pa
sillc tss pay $-111,000."
Such a statement could be made only
by one who had for Ihe time forgotten
the facts, or by one who for partisan
purposes would not hesitate to pervert
the truth. The fact Ir that after the
order-in-councll was signed, Bodwell
and Anderson went to oiiowa, and the
ft T. IJ. utterly rerused to pay the |40,-
000 asked for, and Bodwell and Anderson have been compelled to admit thai,
under the terms of their agency for tbe
0. T. P., Ihey had no claim to tbat sum,
The city council have made arrangements wllh the Twenty Thousand Club
by which Ihe club Inkes charge of Lake
side park for the summer. The club In
Us turn has engaged a caretaker, and.
afler some bungling, bus arranged for
a series of dances to be held In the pa-
These will doubtless appeal to some,
bul Ihe besl asset In the park is llle
quiet waterside, and now thai refreshments may be obtained on the grounds,
tlie summer season will doubtless witness an increasing daily excursion to
the delightful evening resort. The waler has attractions for everyone, but
there are many who cannsst well enjoy
boating, and for these flic olher outing
will nffssrsi nn enjoyable subsUtute.
We reproduce in another column an
article recently published in tlie Victoria ColonlBl .>n tils- railway !ss-lt. wiiis-li
will make Interesting reading for those
who are nol aware uf tin- method in
which the Liberal governmenl ssf the
Dominion is administering its land ami
Immigration departments, K.sr some
time complaints have been made that
British Columbia is not getting its
share of tlie tide oi' Immigration which
Is (lowing into Canada at the present
time. The reason for this Is so ssbvltsus
when once stated that a careful perusal
of ihs- article in (jn.-stit.n Is recommended,
A man In Ciiiinls-u. N. .1., gol a postal-
curd which bad been tailed lo him in
that city twenty years before. The
postal service may Iss; slow iu New Jersey���bill think lissw surs- it is.
Telephone Utility.
The telephone is now so much a part
of our daily life ami so necessary to
nmslsTii business transactions that the
public is apt to forget that it lias lis-en
in use less than three decades. Thirty
years ago when the telephone was Ural
pliics-sl on exhibition at the Centennial
Exposition at Philadelphia, tin- managers took so little Interesi in tin- Invention tlial they allotted it to un obscure
positissn. As a matter ssf fact, but for
ilie interest laks-u in it by Don Pedro,
ths- Emperor of Brazil, the telephone
mlghl not have attracted much popular
attention during the Centennial. Don
Pedro's interest in it made it one of the
features of the siiow. and the inventor,
Alexander Graham Bell, recited over It
1 lam left's BOllloquy, greatly to she Emperor's delight Electric llghl was at
that time a curiosity. Even in the
short space of thirty years science bas
made remarkable advances.
Old Curiosity Shop
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go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
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And Builder
Sole agent for the Pssrto Rico Lumber
Co., Ltd., retail yards. #
Rough nnd dressed lnnisVr, turned work
aud brackets, Const hull nud shingles,
sash aud doors.
Clement, brick and lime for sale. Automatic grinder.
Yard And factory Vernon. St..
east of Hall.
Telephone itn.'    Nelson, B. C.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Foel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
V    t^f? mis ,s ���
Deliveries mud" daily throughout Nelson
and its sulsnr' s Pliiuii' lis
40 Acre Farm
A valuable farm for sale, situated In
Ihe hear! or the fruit growing cssuntry.
40 acrs-s. :! acrei well cleared and about
70 fruit trees planted, are bearing some
this year. A gssosl cabin, root house ansl
stable on (be property, also a nice
spring. The land Is of Ihe very best
quality, and can be all worked. It Is
beautifully situated on Howser lake.
West Kootonay, one mils- from post ofllce ansl Store ami two miles from 0. P.
It. branch to Trout Lake. Splendid
farm for polaloi-s, There have been
four crops In succession without ma-
nure, anil the last crop was as good as
the first.
Cash Takes It
Apply to jOHN CANNING,
Grand Forks, B, O.
Or to Wm. Simpson, Howsen.
Notice i* hereby given that sixty daya (ifter
tlutt'1   Inteud   u>  aj.j.Jv  tn   llit-   (hiel ('..iniu!--
sioner ol Unda and Works inr pcrmlaelnn to
spurehaaethefollowInirdeBcrltHHi landaa'tnate In
Weal Kootenay dlatrlct, .adjoining ihe international boundary line, about four mlleanaftof
the ��',iiiiinliia river, oommenelng m a poil marked "l- -M. I"s S, \v. corner," altuai i the International .boundary line, hi iin miuthcaal corner ol J. B.C. l-'niser'sliuiil. theneem-l Niehiiins.
theuce imnli ><o chains, thence wuat8u chains,
i hence mui th tin chalna ta the (dace ul eoinincuoo-
mt'iit. containing ���"" acrea mure or leaa.
Dated 2Sth June, twi. i.aiih M. Kjubkr,
F J. O'lletliy, Agent.
Notice    is   hereby   given   thai   nUt>   day*
from date I Intend to ajiuly tu ihcC Mom
mfsWrionerof Landi mnl ft'orltn for permission
to purohaae ilu- f<ii|.��,.fu-.- deeerJ I bind- situate in Weat Kootenay Uimrlet, helween ihe
Pend d'Oreille river and Hi" International
boundary line, aboul three mile* from the Columbia river. Commencing ai �� poel marked
J. s. c, F'a S. W, oorner altuate on the Interna^
lii.na!  boundary  line, ubout hull h mile ea-t  id
the eaal boundary oi the N. -a P. a. Ry. landa:
thence north i<> chalna, ihcnce east 80 chalna,
tbence south 40 chalna, tbence weal �� i chalna, in
i in1 placeof commencement. oontalnftigSiMacrei,
more or lesa.
Dated iM!ii June, no-'. J. B r. Fbaibr,
k, .1. O'Reilly, al" ni.
Notice la bereby ifiu-n Unit ilxty daya from
date l Intend to apply totueC'blul Commlaaioner
ul standi and Works (or spermiaalon i" purchaao
iii.- fallowing deacrlbed landa situate in Weet
Kootenay Diet riot, adjoining the International
boundary line, about five mlleaeaaio! the Columbia river: commencing at a poat marked it
U'aH w comer, on the international bounder]
iiik'hi Laura M rraaer'aaoutbeaat corner, thence
north bo chalna, thence eaal m chalna, ihence
mutt) m chalna, thenee weat W chalna to [he
place ��d commencement, containing VJO acrea
more i>r leaa,
Dated Mtit June, 1906,        Ralph an i bhpii
Notice la boreby given lhal ilxty daya after
dato'i Intend to appl] to tbe Cjifef Com mi*
���ioner id Landa and worki for perinlaaion to
purchaao Hu- fuHtMunj- doacrltwd laud* in
the West Kootenay disiriei, wuth of tho Pend
d'Oreille river; Commencing hi a posl marked
C. B's 8, B.corner, slnma-d on tbe trwi uear
Bear creek aixmi a mil, from the International
boundary line, thenoe weal mi chains, theuce
in.nh 10 ehalns more or leaa to the I'end d'Oreille
river; thence following the wuth t.ank id the
Pend d'Oreille river bouthcasi HO chains, more
or leas; tbence south 'Si chains, more or leas i"
the place ol commencement, containing >5u
acrea, mure or leM,
Uatedfitb July, 190b, i HAMM Biksbl.
F, J. O'Rlelly, Agent
Notloe is hereby given Uml lixtj daya fl mt
dale I intend to apply tu the rimd Com mil-
sioner of Lands ami (vorki for permission tu
purohaae the followmik deserlbod landa, iu
the Weal Kootenay District, easi ol and ad*
Joining .'ana'.- K, Mackeoxie'i land: Commenolng at a poat marked A.H'as, K. corner, on Uie
���outh   liank   of   ihe   Jvnd d'Oreille river, Just
above tho month of the Salmon river, thenoe
woat 80 chains, ihenco nortb 00 chaini more or
leaa Lo Mil i'end d'Oreille river, tbence following
the Bouth bank of the said river lu a loutheuf
iTly direction to the place oi commencement)
containing itfiOaorea, more or less.
Dated -till July 1900        Artuvb & rkbidbr.
Notice ta hereby given i.'iat ilxty dayi afwr
dato l intend tu apply to the Commlaalober of
Lands and vTbrkl i>��r spermlsalon to purchaao
the following deacrlbed Ihm-1- in treat Kootenay
Dlatrlcl Mititii ol tbe Pend d'Oreille river. Com*
mencing ui i spoet marked I., i. M-. n. k. rorner
on tbe south Uu.uk ut the Peud d'Oreille river,
aboul a mile and a half eaal ui itiu mouth ol Plah
creek thence south wi ctiains, thenco weal ni
chalna, thenoe north 40 chaini more or leaa to
the PenddO'reille river, theuce following the
south bank ol the said river In a northeasterly
direction to the plaee of commencement.containing Wi acrea, more or less.
Dated 2nd July tflufi. KLU T Ma<'KKnzii:.
Aktim ii ft HKBLOBB, Agent.
Notice ta bereby given (hat mi davs afterdate
i Intend to apply totho Chief Commlaaioner ol
i.itini- unit Woriu forpermlsalon to purebaae the
following deacrlbed tauds, iltuate In Weal Kootenay DlaTriOl in oi the Pend d'Oreille river.
Com mencing at a post marked A. B. M'a. N. W.
corner situate at lhe south imuk or tin: pond
d'Orelllo river at tlla i MacKenate'a north eaat
corner pott, thence south 80 chalna, thenoe eaal
BO chalna, thenee uorih mj chaini nmre or leu to
tbe ('end d'Oreille river, tbence weaj mi chains,
following tbe hank oi the said river to the phice
of commencement, containing tm> acrea, more
or lens.
baled 2nd July 1(106. A   H   Mai KJENIIX.
Notice is bereoy given that ilxty days after
date, i Intend to apply to tho Chief Commlaaioner of Landsand \V .-rk" tor permission tu pur*
chase ilu- foil,.winy described lands situate In
Weal   Kootenay   J����irlcl,    south   uf  the   Peud
d'Oreille river, commencing at a poat marked
M, H'sN.B, corner, iltuate on the wuth hank
of tbe 1 vnd d'Oreille river at James n. Macken*
ite'iaouthweatcorner, tbenco south luochains,
thence weat so chains, thence norih 70 chalna,
mora or leaa to the Pend p'Oreille river; thence
following tin-south Unkof the said river In nn
eaatorl] and northeasterly direction to the place
of commenoement, containing 640 acrea, more or
Date Brd July, 1906,        MAMUJUtT 11 IBCODBT,
Arthur sclineid, r, Agent,
Notice is bereby given that alxty day.- alter
date I Intend to appl] to tbe Chlel Coinmiaaioner
oi Lands and Work- tot pcruiissiou to purchase
the following dtscrilK-d land- in Wesl
Kootenay Bisirict, south ol tbe Pend d'Oreille
river, commencing at a poal marke,i j   N. M's
B. W. corner, litoated on the south bank of the
Pend d'Oreille river, upportite the mouth of lfi
Mile ("n-ck; tlience eaal M( chains, thence norih
-tu chain- nmre or less to the Pend d'Oreille river
thence following Lbe south hahkuf the aald river
in a weaterly and.southweiierly direction i" the
place oi commencement) containing 820 acres
more or leas.
Dated Brd July, [DOB,       3AMU N. Ma- KKNZII-,
Arthur Schneider, Agent.
Notice is bereby given that ilxty dayi ��ftc
date i intond lo apply to the chief commission
or of standi ami   Works for permission  to pur
���hue   the  foil..wing described   lai
Kootenay Disiriei. south Ol the Pendd'OreHle
river, oommenelng al a posi marked a is n vv
corner, Mlualcd at   the snilthwcHl eorner id I <>i
Mgfi, tl, i., ihence east mi ohalna, tlienco aouth 'ni
elnilio, thenco woat Oi obaina, thenco north o-i
chain-  to the place id com in cm emeu I, contain.
ing 480 acre-, more or lesa.
Dated 29th   one, isoo, akkih Prabbb
P.J.O'Reilly, Agent,    '
Notice is hereby given that 60 daya after date
I Intend tO ai.plv^o lhe Chief lomuihsloncr id
Landa and Works for permlulon to purchase
th.- following deai ribed lands In West Kootonay
disiriei. so
1 til
��� Pend d'Oreille river
Cine   al a posl niarki
d 1
H'a \  w
r, i
laoul   half a mileea.
r o
Lol H33, U.I., them
ID oh af us,
II a
' Ml I hilili-, (hence   i
ohalns, th
i ni ehalna to tho
ilaining s820 tor.-.
Pated 2nd July 1900,        Khki. w. IUrcoprt.
AKTIM'lt S( liNKII.CH, Ageill
Notice Is hereby  given  that  Sixty daw afler
date I inieud loapply io the blotfcommiaaion.
erof hand" and Works for permission to purchase the following described lands in Weal
Kootenay District, aouth ol the Pend d'Orelllo
river, commencing at a poat marked D. H .M's
N. \V. corner, situated OH the south hank ..[ the
Pend d'Oreille river at James N. Mioken/ic'S
���outhweal corner: thenee east 4n ehains, ihinice
hontii m chains,thei  Well -in obaina, thence
north 40ohalni to ilu- place of commencement
couirlniuir U'*> acre- more or less.
Dated lint July 1006,     DOJfami R  MACRXUZIK,
AliTlll'R Si'HNKIOKR, AgCUt.
Sixty dayi afterdate J intend to apply to' lhe
Commlaaioner of hands ami Works to purohaae
100 acre of land, near Burton City, commencing
at a poat planted al the Hutneaet comer of Loi
No. wm, and marked J. D, Mo'aaoutbweal corner
and runniiig north -in chain*-, thence eaat in
chains, ihence south Ht chains, thence weal ut
chains to place of beginning,
July Uth, 1900, J. D, MoCUUpCn,
 A. A. Hurtim, Agcni.
Notice la hereby given that iwo month! gftor
dale  I   Intend   to applv   In  tho  llonornl.le  !!,<���
rhicf Cotnmiaaloner ol Landi nud Works for
permlaalon lo purchase the following dcHcrtbed
lands hliuate on the west an" d Koot v Lako
In tbo District of west Rootenay;  Oommenofnif
at a post marked "William KUefby'l N W. poit|"
thence west twenty (��l| Obtlnil thence south
twenty   (ai)  chalna)   thence  easl   iwentv   (Lit)
obaina j thence nortii twenty (80) cimins to the
point of < niencement, cnntaiiihig forty (ill)
aereM, more or lens.
Dated July 7, lutjfl. 1, u. Ngfjow,
We will Sell our Complete
Stock of Ladies' Tailor-
Made Costumes and Dress
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Fred Irvine <& Co.
Notice is hereby given ihai 00 daya from data I i
Intend to apply totho Honorable tbe Commit |
itDUor of Laio'if ami Work- [or permlaafon io :
porchaaethe following deicrlbed laii'l", -iniHie :
Iu ihe Wee! Kootenay DiatrtoL   rtiarting from a
poal rked ** llilara Krneal Dai laon'i ft K. poat |
ahoui ivii> mflei eaal ol Uoei [��ark on tba Arum
Lakea thence 10chaini loutb, tbence in eioiins
west, thenee m chalna north, thence eaat lo point
of commencement, containing about too acrea,
Dated thlsMh day of June, 1906.
William khmm DAVjaoN,
Notloe is hi reby riven that 00 daya alter date I
intend loapply to the Uonorahle the Chief Com*
mtaalonar of Landi an-l Worki for pemtiai  to
purehaae tin- loll owing deacrlbed landa in tbe
Weal Rootenay district; commencing at a post
marked "Nathaniel uclntyre'a s p. eorner,"
Planted on the treat aide ol tbo Columbia Rl��r,
ahout T mllei norlh ol Burton City, and 80 chalna
north of the louth-weit corner of Lot W8, thenee
nonh ni chatna, thence \\>^t BO chalna, tbence
���OUth Mi chains, Ihence ensl B0 chains tO point o|
commenoement, containing B40 acrea,
Dated thlliath day of .lune, 1906,
\*lll tKIXL Mi'lSTVRK
T. ('. Makiii-on, Aireiit.
Kotleo la hereby alven tbat 00 dayi alter date i
inti-uil to apply to tbo Honorable the Cblel Coin
inlaalonerof undaand Worka lor permlaalon to
purebaae the following deacrlbed landa: Commencing at a post placed on the north ihore oi
the weat arm of Kootenay Uke, m the northeast
corner ol John fciranka1 pre emption, thence
west ni chains, more or lew. to tbo nutbeaat
oorner ol Lot So. 7*15, thenoe Dortb 10 chalna,
tbence eaat 10 chalna more or less, ihence nonh
���to chains to the point ol commencement
Dated June Uth, 1806,
O   B. Am.KTnN.
Noiic I* hereby given that I intend no dayi
after date to apply to tba Chlel Commlaaioner of
Landa and uorki for permlaaloD to purchase
the following eserllted lantlR, situate at Ktre
Valley, Kootenay   ' iitrlet.    ' o niuemlng at a
post (markeo I. liallagher��� aonth weal corner)
placfil ai the -outII   wesi  enrner  of  aeCtlOO  H,
townabip GO thence north Mtcha'tiN to tbe north
weal eoruer nl iatd lection Ui lbence ea��,t -to
chain-, tbence Muth SQ Obaina to ihe oouth
boundary ol aald leutlon 8B, and theme went -to
chain* to the piai f beginning containing tSO
acres, an.I Im-IiujIIu- weslerly  half of  ��alri   aw-
Hun B. township i'-9.
Dated at Ncl.-ou. B C. June 5th 190G.
L. Uai.i.ai.hkk.
Sotloe is bereb) given thai w daya after data*]
in ten,l i,, applv to the tlotorrahle tlie Chief Com*
raiaaionerol Landi and Worka for spermiaalon to
purohaae the following deacrlbed luii-l*. situate
in the West Kooii nay disiriei i Conunani \uti at w
poal marked M McO. ��. w. corner, planted 40
cbafnaweitof I C. Uoniaon'anorthweat corner
of his crown irnuiteii iii im iii Fire Valley, ran
uint- to chain- eait, to chalm north, 10 chalna
West, til ehains louth to plaee of eoinincneenielit
m slfoCatfDLtaai Locator.
W. A. t.Al.liKK, Agent.
.tune Mth.aooa
Notiee ts tierbf given   that I Intend, 00 .lays
afterdate to ipply to the Chief Commualonerol
Landl Hint Wii-lo for permUttion tO purchase lhe
fo1 lowing il'-serii.e.i l-suidaaltnataal rire Valley,
Koolenay dlitrlet    t'oninieuctiig at a pust (mark-
ed Qeorge Vtomg -Vorth wen oorner) plaead at
the nortb weat corner of Motion 'Dt townabip S9j
theme east B0 i hittus to the north east corner of
KaM M-ctioii ih- thenoe iou(h m obaina, thence
west Wi chains thence north �� chnlni to the
plaee of b*-fInning, containing Hie acre*   and
being tbo oortbi rly half of said section & t���Wu-
fated at Nelson, B. c. June 6th h*��
fiKollOE  Vol'Mi.
Notloe ll hereby glv-n that 60<lay�� after ilate
WO Intend U) atmlv   to the Honorable the Cfalei
Comstiaaiooei ol Landi and worki ai victoria,
B ('. for permis*i,m to purehan- lhe followloa
dfcscrihed laml-. siiome in Went Kootenay district.    Commf-ni log at a pout plaiileil nt Thomai
Jerome'i n B poit, and marked i>ter Deaell
and A Ghoquette N W, Corner; thence 'Mchalm
cam. thenee 20 chalna #onth, tbenoe K ohaini
west, them-���' .n> ch 'Ills north lo Ihe citiiuitiicnig
post, Containing 10 acres more or lens.
Dated sVeyas,
PXTKt I'EfKl.l,
a. Cncqoam
tt. A. Junki, Agent
Notlue Ih hereby glTon that lUtrdaraafterdate
I intend toapply  to the Uonorahle the Cfaiei
���JommlHloner ol i.hh��Ih and Worki, Vlotorta for
penntelon to pnrobaie Lbe following ducHsbed
landi in Weil Kootenay. Commencing hi h poat
markeo Edgar W, > ynei louth well coiner near
toOarnel creek and ttboilt I mill'ihonth of Mos-
quito creek and about 4 mllei wen of Colombia
Klver;   thence  norlh  BO Ohaini, thenee east  10
chalm, thenee aouth se chalna, tbenoe weal -in
chalna to place of commencement oontalnlm
UOaOraisj being the Name more or leu.
Dated June 4,1906.
sEdqaj w. Dtvxi,
V. hYNM  AgeiiL
Notice In hereby given "hat Ui days after date!
intend m make application m <he Honorable the
i hief' ommiaalouer ot l��ndiand Worka for ia?r-
uii-Nioii   tu  purchase    the   following   deiCTibed
lands:  Oommenelng at a (Wit placed on the east
shore of  Lower Arrow Lake, iidluliiiiiK J. Bate!1
pre-emption on the aoutbweat marked "T t-.*i
N.w o rnornoit." Tbonce running BO cbalm
east; thence Bo chains south; thenee BOobalm
mors 6?leu, weil to the ia��c shore; thence following ink- ihoro in i it ol commenoement,
containing (Mo aorea, more or len,
r.   .    ���    .       -  . TVOi   KlSAIIAN.
haled ihis 7th dav of June, ibot,
Nolle,, u herebj given that 00 r'avi alter date 1
Intend to make application to the Honorable tbe
Chief ConunlMtonrr ol Lanoiand Worki lor per-
minion u> purohaae   the  following deicrlbed
lauds:   Commenolng   at   a  pnst  piaeed  on   lhe
northeait corner ol r Klnnnau'a application to
I'urehaie.in-rkcd "H. i ������ 1'0'uorpoSL" r ln��
HO cha inn east; theltec BO chains wutbl Ihcnce m
chains; weiti thenee r-ditiwiinf v Kinanan'iaatt*
crn boumiay to point of oaumenuemi nt, containing M0 acrei, nmrt or tell.
Hajwab TlRJlNKV.
Diit.-d thisT-h dav of 'one. i in.
Notice is hereby given thai CO nay. afterdate I
intendI to make appl uatloo to tbe Bonorable the
i hief ( ommlialonerol Laitdaand works forner-
mlulon to paiohaae Lbe following leacrlbed
Janda: CommonoiDg at a toitplacad m tho In-
te section of the eail boiindtiry of J Males' t,r..
emption ami ihe north boundary of T Kinaban'i
Application to Pun-bus-?, marked "T. k .ir's ������ w
comer post" Tb"nt�� following J. ititea'eaatern
boundary,40 chalm northi thenoe Bochalnioaat'
tbence ��i chains iu the no ibern houndarv of
Hanoah "iwney'i Application io Purohaaai
thence following tbe nortberb bouoda-vof Zi
and northerly boundary ��, I. Klnihan'l Ami
nation to fnrehaio, to poi t nf Dommenoemeu
e.iutaltillig tOO acres, more Or lou,        l"""lu'1'
"ated till- 7th day of June, pjhi1K,NAIIan' Jh-
Bg  li  herely  given  that I Inlend  M dava
i to spurohaae
"  te at   Ure
bund" and   'Asuk.  p,r
ilu-   following  dcMTlh-..
rated at Notion, B. 0, June Bth 1966
Oiohui Yoi'MQ.
Notice Is hen by given that ll' dais afler date I
intend t> apblv lo the Honorable the Chief
Commlaaioner of Land* and Works for parmla
nou to purchase the following deacrlbed lauds,
situated In ,-locHN his/tiei Comment lug at
nnrlh east enrii'-r |".'i nf No ttrO, 'hence running mnth BO obaina, thetic.. east BOobalni Ibenoo
uorth 40 chains, ihcnce Weal   '���>' < hams to ��', P, H.
right ofway, foiiorttiiK iamo nath weet to a
point in ten eptlni north line ol N>t Mao, tbence
eait to point ol soommincamauti containing uio
acres m<tre or leil
Mnv BOtb 1000.
O. L Oanikkb
Notloe i- bereb) given that eodayi nfier dale ]
In ten.1 10 appl J to the llouorable the Chll l t*om-
miaalonor ol band- and Worka for permlulon to
purebaae the following dc*crlbed hands iitu-
ated iii ibe Kootenay DlatiicU   Beginning at a
posl phinted on the limHi ihOH "I the b'UiT
Arrow   Nike about 40 chain*   wesl   of  lhe   Well
boundary of C P K Lot 1MB, Marked ll. a W.
.t K. corner, tbence west io chalna, tbence north
DOchalna,ihen utttchalni mora oi Imi to
like ihore, thence in a th weau ti> 'Mr. ctlon
aloior lake shore to jioint ..I commencement*containing I'*1 acres more or less.
.Located jooe H, iou6,
H   A   U'nl ritTOK,
a. N Wot vntTOM, Agent
Notice i�� hereby given that two mon'bi alter
dale l intend toapply loth" Honorable Chief
Commlaaioner ol standi and Worki (or permia<
sion to porcbau ill hundred and forty (840J
acres of land, deacrlbed a�� sfollowai I ommeoi lug
at a post planted at  the northwest corner of 1,.
Ualla-fher'aapplication to pnrobaie to fin \'��i
ley, on   the wesl tide of Lowej Arow bake, in
Kootenay dlitrlet, marked " w. a ci N.av corner"; thence running eighty (SO; chaini weat:
lbence  eighty  (i") sonth;   tbence eighty i#n
ehains easi;  ihei  eighty (M) ' hains norlh to
place of oommencement.
W. A. I'll.lUIB.
Hated the Ind day of July   P.*-,
Notice Is hereby given llidt i-i divs   from  dale
I intend to apply to the Honorable lha ChieJ
Commlaaioner ol Undsand Wotka for spermia
sfoti to purchase the following deacrlbed Unds,
in tbe weit Kootenay Dlitrlet, eail aide ol Col
tiuibia Blver,aboui I uilaa north of Burton Clly,
Commenolng at a poal narked I ��o U Wloteri
fi W. oorner, at the N. w oorner of K. il. Hmithi
preemption elaim. Uteneo nosrth oi emtni more
or less to the south boundari of HUM larroli'i
preemption claim, thenceeaal �� ehalna, then..'
ninth ll" ebalns more or Ics to the Nortb boundary of K. II Pmlth'i preemption claim, Hnn--e
west ��i ohalni to point of commencement; con<
tiiiniufc ni hitsu more or it ss.
bated thll '2nd day of June, 190*,.
i.ko m. WnrrSB.
Ksti.en stLvn, Asffant,
Nollee li hereby given lhat   1   Intend.60 dan
after date, toapply to th. i hief Comtelaaloner i I
I amis and Wnrks for pet mission tn t nr- haie tbe
following deacrlbed lands, situate .it j.m. Valley,
Koolenay Dtatrlot, Commencingatapoattmara*
ed P. ll u' Connor south eaal oorner] plai ed at
the north east iorner of sieotlon 12, townahln ������'
theme west tu chains, theme north 10 chaini
theliee cist to chains, and theocu tooth B0 < halm
to lbe place of be^lnmng, i ontaminj- :i.i> ���. r,..
baled at Nelgon, B. C. June r.th 1911).
P. B.O'Comoi
QgOBOg Vut su, Agent,
Notiee I- tierebv given that ft) days from date 1
intend toapply to ihe Honoratde the Chief Commlaaioner of bands and Works for pemiiaalon to
pun baaa the following deacrlbed landa, In the
West  Kootenay   District      Hand   Island,  In   the
Columbia klver about 4 mOoa nonh of Burton
I Ity; all of said Mand above hitch water   being
lu acres more or less.
Dated iui! lei |>ay o( June, tgQg,
Kravk  Norton
T. (.   Maiimson, Agent
Located May, ath but,
A. Cahhie.
LQaluobbk, Locator,
SDtty days  afler dale I Inlcnd lo appl, i��� t|M.
Commlaaioner ol Und-and Worka to purchue
n Hires of land, altuate abont one mbe eaat oi
Burton Oity, and   described   as fJliow!    Com!
mencing at a post planted on the tiorihwesi cor-
P��oI*ot��5Mand raolngweat ��chalna, tbenco
north  io chains, theme cast V chalm ibanca
south along lol B1IB0 to place ,,f beginning.
July Mh. in I'.. j, p. H, s-tkk.
Notice is hereby given that W dayi after dale I
Intend toapply totho Honorable the! bief Com-
miiionerol Undi and Worki fftr parmla'ion to
purchHse the following described lands, altuated
In  the dlitrlet nf   West   K ooietui v. ad 0III\)l   I,
hwonthi Wen arm ot Kootenij"Ji!"T,,  !
meijMngatanlnitiHUM.stpiaeeilat Lha sonth-
hence   West  IU chains, thenee   soutb   *) chains
lbet.ee east 10 chains to point ol commene mont!
bated May 'IU, P.IW.
 Jah. Fka/kb
"    '   " ���f.P.'J ,'! ""' pjUoaaMa tho Cblel Com*
pill'base  the Ndlowing de��crlbed  fuuus   iltiiVta
ill,'.':,:r;i!"s/ ?ite��i >v*����*���"":
SI' I S|.l .'II s'liHtlSH, IJls-ssi mt]  |ll  ,.S,,.s,ls   ,l���.,���.���
Ilsslcsl llils, (tlsslssyssMislss' IIMI.
Wis.i.uB H.lsssv I'i:teis��,
N..ti.-s- I, IssTilsy iilv,,,, 11,(1 .oil .luv, (,������, ,|������. i
I's ������"���I I" ��|.|.ly i.s Hi.. ll������ ,������,, ,r���. i'i,,,., ,"������
Pur  lllSSiS' 100 S.STS-M Sll   Ull't IS'   \���||    ,,.,, ,-r....k
"""hV",?' i-��ks'M���si,, �����,,, K,���':;:,���';vrs.
trsil. BlarllliK Innii is ps.ssl innrk .1 A I. I, N ��'
post, Ih.n.s- 4.1 sls.lss. |Ut, UlS'Sss- ,11 c&alns
Mush, tln-ll.-i. 40 slssslls. ,���.. , lis,.,,,,. ,, . ,. '"
lis.rlls Ississsllil.slss,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,;;.,1,, ' C " "'"""
llBlsssI lists 4l(i slsy ssl Jillso llwo.
Alllli. Is .Inns UNU
Notlosj l�� bereb; Kivi-n iissst us dan al/r������ r data I
 ���','���! Is. is|>l>)-t,s III,'II ,,U,. iLl'iil,     ,,
mlM cr nl i.sss,ii. sssssl Work, tor Dormlsstnis   ,
lilirsllSSSS,   lllS'   Is.llsiSSlSI,   .l.-iMl���,|   |���,   |.       "n
marked lTlnb.1 k ...n.-r. ,.,���,,, ,".,,,,
north ol tb��I.W cornor ol \f A, UMtATnr��
s;IIS|,ll..n Irs I Irs. V.ill.v. rillinlnj tOobsllUS -siill,
jslsssso ol.ssssillisons'csssi'lit ssssssssisi
Maisii: HcCumufB. Looetor,
.IssnoLl HOB,        "   * '"���'���'���"' *��������"���
lsslssil July 8, lusjo,
John 1i��min
Notiee l, li"s,l,y ssuii, ,,
;h'l,:,-v;::,:;:::;v:;:,;.':;".;i    '
:.:���::: :::,!:;::,'���':;-,;!:,'::'������;,
'.".',"������!  I'lsssin,I ...  Ib, norff^H
leatlan tn witth
s-nihty i'i"), ���b��ii'sl."��".'i.'i'i,'.",'|,,r,, l"!l""'""i��
northi tbence elihti ,~,; .i,,,""'"
eight)  (its, cbeloi loutb I., ��,,. ,!"'
sii.-ssnis.i-iii, eooutnlos .i, i,,,,.,, 7*
(040) .ores, more or leu '' ' "
Hi.l.'l  III.-21..I ..f J Sll v    I...
.1' A Us*.
' '..i
Notice i. bereb] elven n,���,.. ,,.,.,
Intend i" sisisks-,.;.,,,i..in.,i,,, ,|
��� lis.     '''���SIISIsl��.|l.SISTS,|b���|,|.,���JW���JB
"""i"'",.1"  I"" '  the  i.ilinillia
inn.i.: Commenctne si s, i��.i ������J*il
si.,mi ss i-M oorner ol >l,,s.i, ���., i .,:', Tl il
is..., I., ,,������.i,.... m Fir., van,, ;;;.,;:�����
M,    \    h. s���rsss-r." riis,s,,,i< ��'
���X::.iZLX,:!:;!:; --tta
Julvlind. IWO
Notice I- betubjglvcu that w.u���i^:
Intend to apply in th. ilotdaMMSSft'
miulonernf Un.li ami \\.,n.*;,,, J*?
purebaae the Inllowln-* dcM-rlM SSt
in the West K,s,ieni.;'.ltstnet;t���uitt^
pnil on the eaat ilde of Tulip (���STSS
Arrow   Uke, and  inarlc d "J J u,,.ti
corner," ihenco Mil *> cbalm. i
Chaini,   thence   went  sii i-lmtfia. Itirtic^S
-lialn*   to   fN,Hit  ot I'oiutiisvrnrracui   ,,-m
���ito acres inure or IfM
sLocatadJnni i��ib. 1906, j j %A
 T. H. HilUiMw, jjy
-i\l>   -lays adcr dale I lolsttld :-m'n
ciii-1 Conmliilonif oi Un.i, .:   GJ
\ lOlorla, for pennlltlon i..piir.Uv.l(itti3
a lei lUtl  (160) acrei Ol land,l��'e��le.ltirf'n
.1 iii roll own: Commencloi ��i * t-m
eigbtjf fW) ohaini wit ol thi N *.m
hiiincr's pro emption and narked-di
corner,"   ami   ruunitiir  eait  lortr (I
lb- toe   lOUth   forty   (t"| ch-llll. llirnoiftl
chalm, ihence north lortj [W)eluiatiiM
Juiv'.. :���*���. r i , ,.a
-l\ty  days alter  dnle I iitbii.] w^mf
' ommlMloner oi Landi and ��-;���
purebaae three bund ed ��n<l iwratj '!)��*t
latitl near hiirtoit i nv. m, i ���!,. i - t. *
('ommonotng at a p-.M plnniitl al tbtMd
���'������MJ' i "I Il,n Id Bilkcl*. j-������ ���!!���;���: ,,i m
iii "A A BV s. VV ("orner." thro -.v.-t
cha In ���, thenee unijili furl] [W) <���..-.<-Jm
easi forty (iii) chnlni, them* i,..Mi sttr/M
eimiiis. thenre urt eight) t<->i<u**tst
lonth !w> my po) chalna to pi** t()fmt
July ftlh1KB. A tfcwa
Notice in hereby given tint i��eiu'��*.*
��� late I intend lo apply tothc H..n<>nWMt*qi
.iiiinilsslotierot landsand u. ���������: r|-.T.-l
lo purchase the   follow Iiik <b -' " ���'���
ale in   hire Valley on lhe wesi .i-lrn" '
row   lake.  Koolenay  dtltriet, 0CM
[owe: Coinmencing ai h (">��t tk
northweat corner of W A < ��\>\>i�� pTi-��ag
marked "A. HeL'i m.nihw.-si corner';nai
thenoe forty (�����) ehalm eait; ih-u^M
chains nonh; thence forty (i", ihsiw ���
thonoe b.riy (to) ohaini lonth to thf fi����
eominciii enictit,   eoubiuiiu'j  one  huuinil
ilxty (ii-1) acres more er !���-��
Hated June 11, UKH AiTOW MrUnBK
W   A   l U.l.Kli. ArrW
Notiee Is hereby -riren lliHt I it]ti'Dd,ag
alter date In apply to the I'iiieM'eminl-ii^i
i amis and Works tor |- rmls-mn U) pu*"''-
following fli'irrlU'd lands aid preuU-.
at Ktre \ al'ev, Kootetiav Dlitrlet �� emtn-��g
nl a (tost 'marked P. H O'Connor nnrlh��*te*
tier) placed al lhe north east eotnei ��l ��**���
11, township fin; thenee aonlh 40 ebaio��.tMI
wesi in chaini, theuce north �� i-biint f*
northerly bonodin ol md sccii.m 21; mtm
re eaal �� ohalni to the piece ol ta-Kmntoti
tainiutr if-tr acre*, ami Mini the north �������
quarter of said section JI, township^
Nelaon. B C. June Htfa im,
p 11  ��
         flenaoe Votug,Aft'
BUtf daysnll-rdatel Intend to IMJ�� b,!
t'ommiailoiierol Un-N and WorUTW��l
purchase MO acrei ol l-����'l iltoitoaodaejjl
n- follows rninmenclhK at " |" -: I ��2 I
the eaal shore of Arrow Lake oppoiltt *���]"*���*
l-amlin-- at tin- south ereat corner_���! �����
O'RQef* pre emption and merked l' '��� \\
corner: thenee cast DO chalm.theearMH
chains, ihence WMtCOcblini to tin* l"'/^
thenco moth along  lhe hike  slier.' 10 H"
XnncjothlWrt. yU%tgl
\\\ ('AI.IlKB, LoMlW.  J
Notice Is lierebv Rp.cn lhattWdlTi*fJSJA
Intend to appl* to Tho Jlononhl. tl J
tnlMlouerof Landiand tVnrki toi ; ��� JI
pnrobaie ihe followlni dckvrlbed landi t*
menclogatapoitmarltcdW K Mc Uj
plauied   at   the   N    H    comer r��I ��   A '��gj
pre-emption iu Fire Valley, rtinniniwrii"
north, BohalniWMt, ��chalni��i*
east |o place of coinineticeNc nt
W.H.Ms' > ���"���I'""t'
W. A.CsUit��,A|M
���Isinsraitb.llMrt. ,
Nollee iss hereby tlven iituift*gM
dele I inteud to apnl, to ll" n. ������ ���< I
Cblel Commlnl iroi Unds �� I
nil "' n
Proflnoe ..( Drlttsk ' '���'���""'""f.
llilllslisK   I.,-   ,,.||||,.,..SI,,,I,.M   IWJ>   " "
siHisis.  ns.Irs- ur Is-.ss, sslslrls I'lsri-s11
s" |mr:ii iiinii,. desorlbed
llsorool Kootensty Lekotn Iho DlslrtctJ
���l   llrlll-li
n.-ssiiiiKsiisi s ii on the ss.-" iis ���",'"%
.  7010 0   I  Well   K,i���l, in..   Ilslljel, s>���jj
n chaini
ssl   sil.1.1   bsl   IMI  'i. II SI1"""' ���     ������.
 li    1"   ������li.slssis   lis.ir,.   sir       I"    ��'"J1
rly boundary el Is it. Wlocls'i -ti'i'i '������,,*
'nreSaio! then, uterly lolloe-liil,'"��� >
 lorv.sf ssssl.l li.lt H��!|s��'b'i AWl��|
siIv In
Iss  I'ssnliii
tMtm slsalss
It., v; Hi
I tho ssssiii shore lis ss norl
,11 ���, mi; lli'u*
.,. |���ll,iss isss     tiir
llssss Tli'lsHlss. issssri' sir less lo II"''"'',-inilflf
net ui Mir Lol 70HQ.1I Ihonor '""'''''".msi.i.
lissi il... sTOSlerly liiisssi.lsiry ..l wbl ���"' " ,��.
I l��s�� Ohalni ISI.sir ssr ls.��ss Iii point "I 'i'l���1
I'Hlc.l June 1/1, IIKHt. RM.Bl"1   2
Notice Ii beady given lhal """('s.'WJsl
slssici Intend toapply to the H"1"","1',',�����.�����
I'ssininl.NI r ssl (.llissl. si ssil IVs.rk.'"'l���,7j lill
topuroluae tbe Issil.swiuu ���! nt��-i t"',' .���,
lis Wi.sii Konteoay dutrlrti iii-nn""��� ''���.,'.*
I'lisiiis-i isi ihss sissriiisi.'si corn, i"' ;";,,..,,
Il.sk CtDOks   IllS'lll'S' I.  iii.i.i'"'-.    '',,|���|Dl
tss ohalns isssirs. or len, ii's ',"",,! ���siJ��
    sir   lc��N,   tlss'Iliis'   Dill  I'i i"kl'   , .",] |",1|
Jilsss'ssssf Isi'Kl'issllK,. tis  I-       ..'. ..iiiplli*
I'Isl'... nlnil ll 1< I.,.'.l II ��H 11,.' H ,HS -".' ',,.,. ,,,,1
Dated July 9, UOt. ,ll:"-
Nisiis's- is- hereby aki'ii U"" i'?S w/fcsan
lho date i Inland to n,s,.i v lo its'' "Ztpim
���lonor Dl i. s and Wnrks. Vlct.srla. rajl....
SIOII   I" l.tirs'llMM. Illf IsillllSSlllll   ''",,,,���,.-,
���isiiisli. lis lbe dlssirlct ssl H'osl kssssi' ||[U,|^
��� ililiiiliiiniii < r.-.1.: HlarlliiirHl " :, ,l..nl '
.li.liil  Wlill."..   B,  IV,  f.rii.r.   I'll111,"'1. ,���ri.''.
ohali nib ul .1   Malono'i -."m" * ���,.,���.i,-
rsiiinlsis;  isiirlli :,l flisslsiH, ll"'""''"".��,, |,k.is'10
Kisislli .'III rlllllni., IIissiiis' nj'1 . usiiTt.
Iisilnt ssl ...mil,, ur������ uii'iil,
.lull" II, IIMI.
Aglllll. The Daily Canadian
��� ������������������������������^���������������������������������4*a*>
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y* Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:  Toronto.
PITAL PAID UP....|H,IH>0,000 KEST: $8,1100,000
H \\'11.K1K, President HON. ROBERT JAFKRAY, Vico-President
'he  two  latest additions ti> the   Kodak line are the
No. iB Quick Focus Kodak fm 3 J4 x JJi pictures.
1'rice $ia.OO.    And the No. 4A Folding Kodak
lor  t\}i x 6y2  picturc8,with regular equipment, No. 2 B. & L. Automatic Shutter
and Double Combination Rapid
Rectilinear  Lens,  with  a
speed of f. .S.    Price
$35 ����.
We havo the whole Kod-ik Family, from the old N<>. 0
right np io tin* Nn. 4 A.     Also all thf Supplies tit
Toronto orfees.
Our mnil department is nt your servict!.
Canada Drug and
Book CoVt Limited
Branches in B' lish Columbia:
Deayjdta racstved and interest allow ���[ at current rates from dote of opening ac-
nt mnl srsslits'il half-yearly.
���HUSON uhainch J-   M��   LAY,   "Manager.
'he Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores-
Coal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pttch, Creosote, Otis for Preserving Ttmi>��f,
Rooting Pitch and Paints.
Bont Builders will Iimi ii lis ilietrndviiiitng.. mum'our Pitch.
elson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd.
IP. Burns & Co.
Brilliant  Fielding  Enables   Nelson   to
Win from Kokanee.
Nelson defeated Kokanee at cricket
yesterday afternoon ')> L38 runs to 30
in the first innings. The batting of
Reld and Wade, the bowling of Hard-
castle and Mason, and the Balding of
all, account  for Nelson's victory.
The score follows:
Tregillus, b. Bourke  C
Marks, b. Bourke  2
Wade, c. Bourke, b. Kerr  32
Corry, b. r. lngiis  2
Coppen, bs Bourke  lu
Mason,   b.   Hallett  0
Held. Ibw., b. Wood-Taylor  41
Partington, b. Wood-Taylor  4
Hsirdcaslle, not out
iTflartBtSln   Holland,   Trnil,   Ki-laon, Knslo,   Sandon, Three Forks, New
Denver und Blooon City.
Summons, c. Wood-Taylor, b, Bourke   4
Howe, c. Paddon, b. Bourke     0
BJxtraa  17
Total 132
Paddon, b. Mason  (I
R. Inglls, b.  Mason  2
Wood-Taylor   e. Marks, b. Hardcaa-
tie  10
H. Inglls. b, Mason  1
Hoole, b. Mason      Q
Bourke, c. Reld, b. Mason  (I
.Inmes, e. Summons, b. Hardcastle.. %
Halb'tt, c.  Sammons,  b.  Hanleaatle 1
Butler, not out  3
Kerr, b. Hardcastle  2
.lerram, c. Partington, b. Hardcastle 0
Extras  3
Total 30
Second lunlngs���
Captain Paddon, b. Reid  23
II. Inglls. b, Mason     9
Wood-Taylor, b. Mason    0
Hallett, c. Howe, b. Reid     2
.lames, not out     1
Kxtras     3
The bowling analysis is as follows:
W. M. R. Av.
5 1 % 1.13
5       0     19      3.8
BL Mason	
B. Hardcasife.
C.  Bourke,...
.1. Wood-Taylor
Gk Kerr	
U. lngiis	
The garden party given yesterday afternoon and evening on W. Irvine's
grounds by tbe ladles of St. Saviour's
altar guild was very enjoyable and successful. The grounds were prettily decorated, the program announced yesterday was carried out, nnd the sale of
bouquets and refreshmentb was very
profitable. The committee in charge
included Mesdames Goepel and Apple-
whaite and Misses NIckeraon and Ren-
The meeting of chairmen of committees of the fair was held In the city
hall yeBterday afternoon at 4 o'clock.
President J. J. Malone ln the chair.
Matters of detail were discussed and
settled, and general renorls of progress
were received from all, showing that
those in charge are riot leaving all their
work to the last day or even to the last
month. _____
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit*
Thorpe's nice cool drinks.      Lunches
put up n specialty.
Walker,   **"
First Class Hinting Pliinta nnd Modern
Sanitary Appliauees.
Phone 181. Opera House Blk. Box 401
West Transfer Co.
General Teamsters aud Dealers In
Ooul und Woo .   Express nnil
l-.Rggags1 Transfer
r.7i.r'no Office: Baker St.
mill lu nny limiirh will liHVe
-.uii osrefal aiti'uUuii.
Heid Office: Nelson, B. C.
A full line of Crockery,
Clilna and <Hu****wiir����.
Alfo Second Hahii c<inti�� <>f Kvitj* l.'eicrlp-
tImi.   We htivis rot tliogoniUatiri k*-11 at
LOWVt PcJON In Town.
Baker ^t., licit to " P.B Ticket Office.
Notice Is nereby given that #1 dftfrl after date 1
Itiliii.i to n|i|i:v to the Chief i ,,ijiini��-i.,mT ot
Luinl- nml Work* for a *-p,-<-i,ii In-i-u-s- in ont and
c-rry away timber from tlie following described
lainlx in \\>st Kooteiiuy illHtriet:
Nu. L���'dmmeiiriiig at u pout marked Ole
< iberg's HoutliWBKt corner poat, and planted ou
the rant Kldc of Duncan river, about ten in Hen
iinrtli* ut of Went Fork of fiincnu river; theme
80f-haiiiK Hoiith, i]i"ii'-i'l��n|iii!ii-H|.i, thenee BO
ohftlOl north, (henue 809UUU went Uisjoliit of
No. '1. iniiiineiH'ing at a imst inatked oii��
ObiTK'K M th'-ti-i [">-' und jil.uit.Mi nn the eaftt
hideo Hum mi river, about ll mllex t'orlheant of
Went Kork ol Dnncan river: theuce 10 chain*
north, th- ne ��� MJ chaini out, thence m chains
Ninth, thence HO chain* --/est to polul of corn-
men ce meu t.
No. 3.-Commencing at a post marked Ole
' uerg'K northeast corner port, and planted on
the east Kldc of Duncan river, about It mllei
Qi rthenjtt of Went Fork of Duncan river; ihence
McballUVettt thence U|0 chains north, ihence
ineiiHlnxeast, tbeuce.lW i.halnn louth to point of
No. 4. ���Conunenofag at a pont marked "le
Obu��*l UUtbW'lt co'iier pout, and planted on
the east -ilde of Duncan river |ud ahout 121-4
mUfM iinrthenHt of Went Fork of Duncan river;
tln'iice *���> eiiHfnn north, Ihence BQ chalnn easi;
theuce tW chains south, .hence 00 cha in i weit to
point uf commencement.
No. ft.���Commenting   at   a post  marked   Ole
"berg's Dortbeut corner post, end planted on
lhe eul side of Diitunti river and abntit 12 1-4
mllen nortlieHSl nf West Fork of Duinui river;
liiene- hu chains west, thenee W chains north,
thenee Ml iliaiiiseast, thenee HO chains south to
point of I'liiuiiiei.eeiiient,
No. o. - t'ouimenelng at a poHt markot Ole
'^lierg's iitirtlit-ast eorner post, and planted nu
thee st hide of Duncan river, and about 18 1-4
miles DOrtbeUt of West Kork of Duncan river;
ihence HU i-haliiK west, thence ttOeha ni north,
tbence Ho ehains east, thence 81) chains aouth lo
point uf cniinio'iicemeui.
No. 7.���-Commencing at a p..-t marked Ole
"berg's sioutbweal eorner post, Hinl plantetl on
the easi side of Duncan river ahil about l.i I i
miles northeast of the West Fork of Duncan river;
thenee Ho . hmti- east, theuce sn chains south,
tbenoe aiehain*- west, thence tUehaiui north to
point of commencement
Xo. H.-Coinmencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg'i southwest corner post, and planted ou
the eaat side of Duiichd river, und about 14 1 -I
pities northeast of the West Fork ol Duncan
river; thenee 8U (hains .'itst, thence HO chains
souih, thenee 80 chains west, thence 80 chains
nortb to point of commencement
No. tf.--i'(>imnencfng at a post planted on the
east sideof Duncan riverand mark-d Ole Oberg'g
southeast corner |>o*t, and about 14 11 miles
northeast of Woit Fork uf Duncan river; thence
- ' chains wesl, thence K0 ehalns north, thenee 8o
rhiilns east, theuce 80 ohalns south to point of
No. M.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Ote-lg's southeast corner posl and planted on
the east side of Duncan river and about 1". Ut
miles northeast of West Fork uf Duncan river;
thenee 80 chains west, thence $0 ehalns north,
themv Hi) chains east, theuce 80 chalus south to
point of commencement.
No. II.���Commencing at b posl marked Ole
Oberg's Southwest corner posl ami planted ou
the east side of Duncan river and about 15 1-4
miles northeast of West Kork ol the Duncan river; thence &> chnins east, tbence 80 chains south,
tbence So ohelni west, thence 80 chains north to
point of commencement.
No. li-CommeneiU'* at a .post marked Ole
Oberg'f northeast eorner \xtat ami planted on
the eut Ilde Ol Dnncan river ami about Ki 1-4
miles nortbeut Oi West Fork nf Duncan river;
thenee 80 ohaini west, tbenoe 80 chains north,
Ihence HU chains ensl, thenee 80 chaini  south  to
point of commencements
Nu. 13.-Commencing at a pnst marked Ole
0|k- g's son ih west corner post aud planted on
the easl side of  Duncan river about  101*4  miies
northeut of the West Fork of tbe Duncan river;
thenee 80 ehains east, thenee HU ehulns smith,
thence 80 chains west, thenee HO chains north to
spoinl nf commencement.
No. 14.- Comineucing al a pn-t marked Ole
Oberg'i HMthwWt corner post and planted on
the eut sideof Duncan river and about n 1-4
miles nortbeut from the West Fork nf Duncan
river; theuce 80 chains east, ihence 80 chains
lOUth, thence HO chains west, thence 80 chains
north b> point ol t-ommeiiccuieiii.
No. 15. Commencing at a post marked Ole
Obclg's northeast corner post and planted on
the east side of iMiii-'uti river and about IT 1-4
miles nortbeut uf West Fork of Duncan river;
thence Ai chains west, ihenco 80 chains north,
ihence 8n chains east, thence 80 chains south to
point ol commencement.
No. 10.-Commencing at a j>ost marked Ole
Oberg*! southwest corner post und planted on
the OUt Ilde of Duncan rf.er aud about 18 1 -4
nortbeul ol the Weit Fork of Duncan rw-
nce ni chains east, thence 80 chaini south,
' H-i chains west, theliee 80 ehalns north to
point of commencement.
No. 17.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg'i southwest oorner post aud planted on
tbe east line Ol Duncan river and about 19 1-4
miles northeast of the West Fork of uncan river; thence 80 chains east, thence 80 chains south,
theuce Ho chains we��t, thence 80 ehalns noth  to
polut of commencements
Dated June 8th 1U06.        Olb Ohkru, Locator.
Isia'cl,"Nelion" B.'c ^^.���-���^^^
Dated the ith day ot July, UKKi.
At'utisT Thomas.
Wltuess, W. A. Macdonald,
er; tin
Silver King Hotel
Notiee is hereby given that 3j days after date I
intend to apply to the Chief Commlswloner of
Unds aud V* orks fur a special license tu cut and
carry away timber from the following described
lauds, situated in the West Kuotenay district:
No. 1.���Commencing at a post marked O D.
Hoar's south west corner post, and planted on the
east hank of Dum-an river and about Kti 1-4 miles
northeast of west fork of Duncan river; thenee B0
ehains east, tbence 8o chains south, thenee 80
chnins west, theuce 80 chains north lo point of
No. g.���Commencing et a post marked O. D.
Horn's northeast corner post, and planted on the
easl side of Duncan river, and about 20 1-4 miles
northeut ol west fork of Duncan river; thenee80
chains wesl, ihence Socha'tis north, thenee 80
chains east, thence 80 chalnn soutb to point nf
No 8,���Commencing at a post marked O. D.
Hoar's southwest enrner [Hist and planted on the
easl side of Duncan river, and about 20 1-4 tulles
northeast of the west fork of Duncan river;
thenee 80 chains north, thenee BQ chains east,
thence So chains south, thenee 80 chains weit to
point of commencement.
No ��;,���'Commencing at a post inatked O. 1>.
Hoar's southwest corner posi mut planted on the
east bank of Duncau river,and auout 211-4miles
I'ortheast of the West fork nf Duncan rlvc;
tbence Hi) chaini north, thence 60 chain" eut,
thenee ho chaini muth, thence 80 chalm weit lo
point nf eutuiuencemenl.
No. 8 ��� Commencing at a past marked o. i>.
Hoar's southeast comer poit and planted ou thu
easl tide of Dune -n river, and about 21 14 miles
tiurlhcASl of west fntk.ii Duncan river; thenceB0
chains norlh, Ihence 80 chains east, thenee 80
chains south, thence 80 chains west to point of
No B. - oinnieiicing at a punt marked O. D.
Hoar's southeast, eorner post aod planted on the
cast side of the Duncan river, and about 22 1-4
lull ��� uurtheasl of tlie west iork of Duncan liver:
ihence 80 elutitis north, ttieuce Ho chaius east,
thenee B0 chains smith, thenc> HOcnaiaiwest tu
point of commencement.
No. 7.-Commencing at a post marked O, D.
Hour's rntithwcst turner post and planted nn lhe
east i de of Duncan r.v.-r, and about '22 1-4 uni s
northeast of the west fork of Duncan river;
theuce 80 ehulns east, theuce 80 chalnn son ill,
thenee HO ohalni west, thence 80 chains north to
polut of commencement.
No. B.���Commencing at a post marked 0, D.
Hoar's northeast corner post and planted un lhe
east side of Duncan r:ver, and about 21 l-l miles
southeast of west fork of Duncan river; th-nce8o
chains west, thence .ho chains north, theuce 80
chains east, theuce BQ eh-tus soutb to polut of
commencement. t
No. D.- Commenolng at n post marked O. (>.
Hoar's southwest comer post and planted on
the east side of itiucuu river aud about 2tf 1-4
miles northeast of lhe well fork of Duncan river; thence 80 chains east, llienee 80 chains south,
thence 80 chains west, thenee 80 chains north to
point of oommencement,
No, 10,���Commencing nt a poit marked o. D.
Hoar's northeast comer posl and planted on the
east side of Dnncan river aud about 28 11 miles
northeast of the west fork of the Duncan river;
thenee 80 chains, west theim* 80 chains north,
llienee 80 chains east, ihcnce 80 chalm south to
point of commencement.
No. 11.���Commencing at a a poit marked O. D.
Hour's southwest comer post and planted on the
east able of Duncan river and about 2814 miles
northeast of the west fork of the Duncan river;
theliee 80 chains easl, theliee 80 chains south,
thence Hti chains wesl, thenee 80 chains north lo
point of commencement.
No 12.--Commencing al a post marked 0. D.
Hoar's northeast enrner post and planted on the
easl side uf Diim an river and about 2:11-4 miles
northeast of Ihe went fork ofthe Duncan river;
tbenoe80 chains west, thenee 80 chains north,
thence W chain* east, theuco 80 chains south to
point of comraeiiueinent.
Best Dollar a day house in the
Rooms arc well furnished.   Table as good u any
ln Nelion.    Bar supplied with good
Honors and clsan.
W. B. McOANDLtSH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
European and American Plan
Meal! 28 ctl.   Rooms from 26 ctl. to 11
Only White Help Employed.
Baker St., Nelion Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
<;ko. w. bartlbtt,
But DoIUr-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar Is the Finest.
White Help (lisly Implored.
Josephine Bt.
The Big Schooner IV,       ��A
Or "HstifindHiH"   DCCt    lUW*
The only Glasa of Good Beet in Nelson.
Hotel AccommodatkniR second to
none in British Columbia.
Special Butee to Monthly Boarders.
The only Home Hotel in Nelson.
Lake VieVt)
Hall and Veraon Sts.
Two blocks from
Ratea tl.UO per Day
and np.
&$&'&      NELSON, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Hay and Night
Sample and B*th Kooms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
Th�� Strathcona
Nelaon, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street. Nelaon. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large ansl Comfortable Bedrooms and First*
class, Tilulug Koom. Sample Rooms for Commercial Hen.
MRS. K. C CLARKK, Proprietress
The well known
Onr BeerGartlen is
the Finest in the
j. CROW,  -  - Proprietor
No. IB.���Commencing at a pout umrkei) o. 1).
Hour's mhiiInvest I'orner |>okI and planted on tiio
t-iiit tide Of  Hie l'liin-Hii  river hiio  aliont It 14
mllei northeast of Uio weet fork of the Dihiphii
rlTerl tnettee ho i-iimn* easi, thenoe fit cIihiiin
mm Hi, Ihi'iiefK) Hiatus west, thence ��l oIihIiis
north to point of commencement
No. U.���Commencing at a post marked O. D.
Hoari northwest eorner post and planted on the
east Ride of Duneiui rl.er and about 24 1-1 miles
northeast of the went forkof the DunoaO river;
thenee Ml ebalns west, thenee 811 chain* north,
thenee SO ebklns east, thence HU chains south to
point of commencement.
Dated June<Jth lDOii. O. D. Hoah, Uaator.
                        Hy Ills Ancnt. oi.k (JHKito.
Thirty days after date I Intend In apply to the
Commissioner of Lands and Works, \ Ictorla, for
a special l|et*tis�� to cut and curry awuy (liiibcr
from the followiiiK described lands. Commencing at a pgst marked J. E. A., H. W. corner, plant*
I'd on the west bank of i ayouse Creek when the
ereek intersects Hie east boundary of lot H17 and
ruduliiK norlh IM chains, thooce east -Hi chains.
tltfnoe south ltM chains, theuce west to polut ol
June uih llMWi,
Notice is hereby given that, thirty days after
dale, 1 intend to apply to the llntiorahle the
Chief Commhudouer of lauds and Works (or a
Kiwcliil license to cut and carry awuy llinher from
tlie toll.us Iiik described lauds, situate on Lemon
creek In the district of West Kootenay: Com*
meuclusv at a post plan ed on Lemon ere k,
eleven ill) miies from Kooteiiuy Uikc. luljoiniin;
l��l 2MH, markod "H, W's t��, K. corner post";
thence forty (to) chains west; thenoe eighty (81>)
���outh; thonce fortv (40) chains east; thence
eighty 1 ho' cbalns.iioith to point of cumiueure-
ment, containing tin v.- huutire<l and twenty (.120)
acres, more or less
Dated the ���-���oth day of June, A.D., IflOA,
Bruce Whitk
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
Tinsurancb!   Real Estate and Wining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest estnlslinhed Real Estate
BuHini'ttK in KsKsts'imy.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Froit Lands in this district.
Host ot it situate on the West Arm and Main Lake.
fore you decide to locate.
See tne be-
We WiU Sett.
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDermid & McHardy
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Froit Lands In
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
Winnipeg Exhibition
From Cranbrook, B. C.
Round Trip.
On Sale Jnly 30th to 27th.   Good to return until August 2nd.
���.'-,..    Eastern
Next Selling      _ ,
Dates  Excursion
August 7-8-9, September 8-10
St. Pnttl Chieit|?o
Ontario l^ucbco
Maritime Provides.
For rates, berth reservation and detailed
information apply to local agent or write
A.ll.F. ��� ��� Vftits'ouv.'r.
D.P.A., Nelsssn.
Wbolwale and Retail Donlora ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on tthortefit iwtico and
lowest price. Nothing but fm-h nnd
wholesome incuts nnd supples kept in stork
Mhil orders receive capful attention.
E. C. TRAVES, Manager. I
90 day Eastern Summer
Good going Aug. 7, 8, 9,
Sept. 8, 10.
Stop-overs   allowed  west
Missouri River.
Winnipeg ~��
8t. Paul
Minneapolis I ��... ...
Fort William        l' *bim
Knwns City
(lllSllllH I
Ohiejtgo  114 00
St Louis 60.00
Toronto 88.80
Montreal 100.00
Ottawa 100.00
New York 100.00
For ratea to all other
points apply
City Pamienger AgeDt.
A Q. P. A., tVsiltls'.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Orooeriei.
Butter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies. The Daily Canadian
Is the subject of most local interest at present, anil in order to enjoy
it thoroughly you need .perfecl distance vision. If ymir sight is nt all
defective, we can correct It with perfect-fitting glasses ai low prices.
A pair of bausch & lomb binoculars will enable you to toi*
[>w thu regatta accurately. They are the finest field glasses made,
and we Bell 'hem al lowesl market prices.
A l
JTm.**** *
Refreshing ���
Drink :
To one quart rather sweet J
lemonade add one tumbler of J
Pints 40c. -   Quarts 70c ���
Everything to tempt tlie appetite will be found at
this store.
��� :
|Bell Trading|
|        Company       %
<A Tip" for a
Canadian Morning.*
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
Need Any *j}
**tvit Jars ���
We have the NEW Mason Sealer
with lhe All Glass Top.
No iisi'inl tss get dirty ami oorroded,
Tlii' most up-to-date sealer on the
uiiirks-i.   In pint nnil sjunrt sizes.
Pints per Dozen $1.25
Quarts per Dozen 1.50
Wo nlsn hnve (he  Grown  .Ttirs in <
pint.-, sjunrts and hull Knllou
$1, $1.25 and $1.50 per dozen
[Joy's Cash Groceryj
Cor. Joiephlne ru<1 Mill Stn.     Phone ID
ins in
'The Store of Sweets/
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phono 35.
Baker St,
--��� v^
Cor. Vernon and Wurd  StrcutM,
Ma.so.\, i*. G.
J. FBED HUME, Proprietor.
W II Vde, G F Ingraham, Spokane;
W S Brewster, Seattle; John J Bliss, C
A Banes, George Mather, Vancouver;
.Miss K Cameron, Oak Lake; R J Hug-
gard and wife, Miss Helen Huggard,
Winnipeg; D h Donnel, Fernie; W 0
Taylor and wife, La Plata mine; .lay W
Bliss, Lakota, N. D.; Earl Kodgers, Bis-
mark; Fred Williams, Lamoine; 0 W
Boise, Jamestown; Harry McDonald,
Ujaia; Jay Smith, _ J Babcock. Grand
Forks; L W Smith, H R Cornish, Toronto; J Morrison, Chilliwack; J A
Sutherland, Victoria; H Porteoue, Cal
F C Towngend, Miss Jarvis, Trail; A
C B Blanchard, Bonnington; A McQueen, Kamloops; \V A Milligan and
wife, T H Hamilton, Master Donald
Hamilton, Miss Shirley Hamilton, J L
P Jacqulth, Toronto; A 'inlett, Hong
Kong; G W Clark, Grand Forks; G S
WaLerlow and servant, Miss A L Wa-
terlow, London; Miss .1 Shaw, Montreal; EG Warren, Greenwood; J A Man*
douald, Rossland.
Phil Mclnnis, Sandon; A K Lillie,
Ainsworih; C B Plato, Kamloops; T Tidy, G Bond, Vancouver,
R Laughton, Bonnington;   T Howdl,
Maple Creek;  John Acton, London.
Mrs. W H Hoare, Castlegar; Miss
Hoare, London; F R Forbes, Slocan; T
Ci Wilson, Livingstone; James Walson
and wife, Deloraine; Mrs. J H Houghton, O Ii Burden, Crawford Bay; W O
Mclndoo, Portland; W J Flynn, J A
Mclntyre, W Fraser and wife, Moose
(i H Burger. Sirathconu;  Mrs. Hunter and children, Newcastle*on*Tyne; M
Williams. H Thompson. Arrowhead,
J F Harrison, New Westminster; Dr.
D R Brockman, Crawford Bay; Miss
Cooper, New Denver; John Dempster,
George Tanslng, Slocan; Sam Deal.
J Maine, Grand    Forks;    Peter McLean. Slocan;  L C Carton, Spokane.
G  McGarroll,    Kaslo;     L    Goodrnis.
Vancouver;  Mrs. P. Philip, J Mcintosh
Greenwood;  Mrs. P Bows, Spokane.
P E Blakle, 13 Mile; L C Burknav.
N J Lledens, Spokane; E Birce  EhoJt,
Silver declined one point today on
lioih metal markets, and lead lost a
point in London. Copper and zinc Quotations are unchanged.
A. Tlllett, of Victoria, Heng Kong,
is al the Strathcona for ;i row days in
the course or a holiday trip which will
Include a visit to Yukon and Alaska,
Mr. Tlllett expects to remain in British
Columbia till the end of August.
Dr. Torrington. Toronto's leading
musician, will arlvaj in Nelson Saturday
Dighl from ilie const lo visit his daughter. Mrs. T. Parker. The doctor and
Mrs. Parker were expeoted to arrive
earlier but were detained by the hospitable attentions of musical people in
the coast cities.
Two owners of straying caltle appeared in tbe city police courl this
morning. B. Kerino wns lined only
costs, tbe police testifying lhat as soon
as lie knew bis cow was out of bounds
be went alter ii ai once. C. MagnusBon,
who had shown less zeal in similar circumstances, was aimwed to contribute
$10 and costs.
lhe entries for the N. P. A. A. <��
events in ihe forthcoming regatta have
not yet been received locally. Tlie entries are all made with tbe secretary
of ilie association, H. Kent, of Vancouver. Nelson has made only one entry,
In lhe junior fours. The local bout club
has no shells for practicing I'nr double.?
or singles.
Secretary Chadbourn. of I lie Twenty
Thousand Club, renews lbe request
made earlier iu the .season lor small
photographs nf Nelson scenes. There
is a greal revival of tbe fad tor photo
graph collecting, anil a steady demand
among tourlGts lor small views. Kelson
has many amateur photographers who
can easily earn the gratitude of the
club by contributing of their abundance.
Tiie Curfew bell is to ring promptly
:it !i ji. m. after August Is: al Cran
brook, and all youngs'ers under Hi
years of age must at once hie thorn-
selves to their homes. Such is the ef
i'ect of the action taken by the city fathers on Wednesday evening. For some
lime Cranbrook citizens have been trying to combat the evil of allowing chit
dren to congregate on the streets of a
night, This nuisance is tbe result of
an effort to remedy the evil.
Mining Records.
Four certificates of assessment work
and one bill of sale were recorded in
the Nelson mining oillce today.
A cert ideate of work was issued to
iv M. Hand, on the Goodenougu Fraction, situated on Wild Horse creek, to
apply also on the Surprise, Little Nell
and Oammarlscotta,
Alex. McDonald transferred to P. Iv
Wilson and Bella Devlin, for a nominal
consideration, the Royal George, a relocation of the Hannah Cibb, situated on
Sheep creek, aboul 11 miles from Sal
mo, and near the Yellowstone mill.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���On time.
Slocan train���On lime.
Spokane train���On time.
Coast, Boundary and  Rossland  train
-On time.
Tbe gentleman who found the lady's
purse advertised in these columns a few
days ago,  please  return  purse to this
The Store of Quality
Telephoau 1(11.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.     -    NELSON.
 telephone; 128.	
to fishermen.
You can now secure fresh live mln-
EA that is Refreshing 4>
EA that is Healthful ���
EA that is Fragrant ���
EA that is Invigorating 4>
EA that is Pure ���
That is what ever}' one who
who has tried
1 His.  is bound to say
Too Want notliiriL. lint the best mid that
U surely IMraKIAL.
K. W. C. Dlock . Phssne 10
Gait Coal
Termi rtpot Casii
Telephone 266
Baker Btreet
-  ....     ......     ..*j ,.       cjw>.ii i \i     j.1 ton      11 �� st-      nj ui- nil     IsITU   B��HUQUiaU|     I (Tl I'l D
iiowb regularly at Lindsay's Boat House    Apply at Canadian ofllce
Front beslrossm in nice collage, on
Mill slreel, near Joseptyns. Suitable
for two gentleman; reterenoes required.
Wagstoffc's ����_
Fig and Lemon Marmalade
This is something good. An old
.reliable arttale, but now on this
25cts. Each
Q A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Kls.
Leave Your Order With Me For
Cherries and
Nssw, sis Ibe Benson Ih closing, and I will
see that your order la filled with the
besl fruit to be bad at tbe lowest market  price.
Ha *> wood Ice Cream
is not complete without n Roml
We have a full line nf them at pris'cs to
suit yonr purse.   Also Wash Boards,
'J ubs. Clothes Plus, Clothes
Lines, Pulleys, Klc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
PHONB lfi.      NELSON, I!. 0.
We Specialize in
We don't try to handle cheap (and consequently inferior) lines, but we arc always on the lookout for the best Iine3.
and the latest improvements, and we
buy them right so that we can sell them
at a fair and reasonable price.
Our Special Ink offer:
Walkden's Ink, 85c a Quart.
Walkden's is one of the leading English Inks, and is second to none in
Phone 2i>6.
Thorpe's Lithia
is made
by common Canadians.
Do you
consider that a fault ?
If your system needs
try a home made
Thorpe & Co'y,
Phone 60.   Nelson, B. C.
W* G. Thomson
BOOK8BU.SH ssss.l
Nelson, B. C.
Phono ,34.
J 0/ic sip cj litis
Wipz/tijtii,:. ���ijiuixs-fifmciitltii,'
t'sssst llss; sis iss 1:: terrad ssissssr osssls, Fssss si lain
isss-i issisis- properties Isoss'sicss refreshing!
Ws' si's.-ssssly si'ssl trail sssrssjsss ssf Us. tisse,l
s)sissitty      Fountain. Bonnier, glasses snd
rs'srs'ptsss-l -is   sir.   kept  sjOTUPttlOUsly s-leaii.
Haki r Street) Nelson. B. 0.
For Everything UsTod
tss Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thurman's Special Mixture?
You lose force with men as soon us
yon lose fuli h In them.
No man ever Bucoeeded in preaching
liuib by upline a lie.
The flerei'st Bghtlng may be bul the
pplishing of the crowns.
Thompson & Douglas
Sinn Writing i. Speolalty.
Wnll Paper nsiil Burlap.
Applications will be r.'colvesl by the
trustees of the  Hums, school  district,
Nelson, for a teacher f'"' the Bnaulng
term.   Salary, $7.rs per month.   Address
GEO; 11. PI.AYI.E. Secretary.
These are the days when a man's
Shirt is the all Important part of his
make-up���both  for   looks  and  comfort.
We've Everything that's good
in Summer Shirts	
We sell shirts from the best of shirt makers in Canada���makers
with a reputation.
Watches! Watches!
The host grades in American movements.   Prices
t.s compete with Eastern houses, Pine watch
repairing nnd optics our specialty.
Repairing and Jobbing a Sptcia
Shoetnietnl Wssrk, Oaatlngs, Huil.lt rs' Materia) nml Wining and Mill m
Office and Works Foot of Park st.
*���"��"��. h,B,
I'l,..,,..-    J. 14.
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd
's'Kss.ssiiss Ts. II   Rl IKTKKMt A EO.
Brswsn snd Bottlan ssl
Fine Lager Beer and Porter
Mssiisifas'tsirrn ���|
Every Known Variety Softly
And the Celebrated " Red Ribbon Beer."
. O. Iiox in ,.
&Co, Pslur
WholuMiilu I'nivitiioniH,
I 'roducw,
Dominion Qorernmenl CniiiuiT.�� onePouiul lirieks reoriveii wwiiiyisj,
from tbe I'lsiiiu.    pssr sals' Ity ssll leading syooun.
Offloe iinsl warehoneei Houston fitetdc,   Phons'.i).
Nelson. B. C.
Josephine Street.
, ^vs^X/\vVsl
I. E Ashdown Hardware Co*, Lti
Wo would invite you to Inspect onr law and varied sltx'k of
No uifil to suffer frssm heat if
will only rail and iu-b
TZZ Hot Weather Requisite
Store open from 7 a.m. tss (I p.m. every slay except hoIi.la.VK ansl BundsJI
WssiwiriMii and Jobblns axaautad with iicsu.iti..  Mheci Msjtall
��.,rk. .Miissssk ssnsl Mill Mi.ehls.Br,'.   'Mssssulnclssrssrassl      (
Oru Cars,  U.  ,l.   CsssstruuUsrs'   Cura.
INEUSOIN,   b. c.      I.",?',',::;',?!
The Latest Arrival at }. k. Gilker's is the
Superior in make and quality.
I J. a. qTLkers
MANUFACTURERS   T^_.tL __#       1   ~
and dealers in Ltunbef, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
TurneU Work: nnd Hruckots. Mail (Mors promptly al* ��<W��
ni:i-S<)^. B. Cl
have demonstrated to us, and if you will let US make you
one suit we'll convince you that the clothes we
make are superior to all other makes
in every detail of
HiKh-Olass Tailors. ,,���,.,,. g,     NBuWni H (1.
Catpet Sweepew
Af* Aoknowl��dB��d t.< ha without " i*,v""
WB iSoll TIioiti.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y*Lt(l


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