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The Nelson Canadian Jun 18, 1906

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 Melson  Ccmabtcm
|r.\iK I.   No. 13.
psters and Members
al Active Work
ksentative of Ymir District on
|ur of His Constituency���
Visit to Ymir and Eric.
members of the UoBHdegoyern<
the premier and his colloaguea
aliincl and ulso the private
|i>rs, an- Helling an example of
rformance uf duty and close
|>ii)]��atlit'lic study uf the needs of
Konstituency, and of the province
Iwholi-. which Ih a new feature lo
ihiiiicai history of Hritish coium-
���iMmii <if the provisos Is oonttd*
10 remote for a personal visit
irae member of the cabinet, nor
dlHlricI of too Utile Jiiigjortftiice
11. ,t hearing and consideration
jit-i demands.
[��1 McBride and Hon. u. p.
have lately completed a tour of
aj uk Tar as the main lines ol
nre concerned. Mr. Green is
his way over the old Curiboo
1 In- town of Darkerville.
io meantime the private mem'
the party are diligently visiting
��� wtiil const il uencles to learn
apldlj growing and changing
and 10 be In a position to offer
Igt-nt advice as to the dtsposltion 1
propriatlons for  public works.
;nidual rcsloratlon of the public
and the    consequent    Improve-
[In  ilie public and private linaii-
ondltlon of the province has  al
enabled the government to    in
the appropriation    for    public
. roads and bridges, and further
vement   in the same direction Is
entlj   anticipated.
re li good reason to believe that
> P&Bl a large proportion of BUcJj
priailuns   have   been   wasted     In
or in part owing to the fact that
embers of former administrations
unfamiliar with the newly devel-
districts, and did  not  know  how
ubiic money could be made to serve
si needs, The policy initiated
���r    McBride    and    followed
!1 his supporters In the legislature,
:ig In close touch with the con
es. has already to a large ex
remedied those conditions,
Wright, M, L A. for the Ymir
rt. Is making a series of visits to
pari of Ilia widely scattered con-
ticy.   Ills trip to the section round
may Landing, Creaton and Kltch-
has already  been reported,    lie
nil Saturday night from a similar
to the district served by the Nel-
ml Fori Bheppard railway. Speak'
tit b representative of The Dally
ilian on the growth of that district,
Wright said:
lie chief need of the district Ih
1. either new ones to be built or
ines to be repaired and made suit-
for tbe Increasing heavy traffic A
|f work of that   kind Is going    on
���pen! Friday at Brio. The road
there to the Arlington mine has
repaired under Ihe supervision of
alt, who came with rile from Ymir,
1 Ih now lu good condition,
'<k   Is In progress for  the repair
��� road from Krle to the Second Kc-
ilno, which  was badly net ded.
iter work remains which win be
us Boon as poHHlhle. A good road
nii'i'd to the Yellowslone mine. A
number of men nre at work In
iiley of Sheep croak on promising
files, ami improved transportation
materially aid in the develop-
"l  the district.
iber requirement thai win have
mot very soon  Is a bridge over
'irth  fork of tho    Salmon    river,
��� bi tilers are rapidly Increasing In
Wright,  ll.  A.  Renwlck  aud   M.
loave tonight  for Fire Valley   to
fill Ihe noedH of the people of that
csrolty of Harvest  Hands.
'go, June 18.���A despatch to tho
"""ltd from Topoka says Kan-
Ashling the strongest, appeal In
,,l"'y  for men  to  worh   In  the
fields, At least 86,000 more
1,1 '"'enow in sight will bo need-
''  'lespnrate  measures  will    be
lo dran  men Into service be-
1 ' aolfblnders,    State Free Bin
111  Agent Qerow holds thot   a
u' the railroads are largely to
blame for the shortage of harvesters.
He says that the railroads need every
man they can get to complete their own
work, and for this reason have refused
to grant tho one-eent-a-mile rale from
the center of the state usually made to
harvest hands. They fear, It Is said,
that the call from the wheat fields will
draw away their laborers, who get only
11.25 for working on the tracks.
FiftyCents a Month
New    Light   is   Thrown   on    an   Old
Boston, Mass., June IS.���An international phase has developed In the case
of Ihe Sully children of Maiden, who
were taken to Denver by (heir aunt,
Mrs. Bella Fonwlck. Through tho efforts of Sir Mortimer Durand. British
ambassador at Washington, aud Capt.
W. W. Wyndham, British consul here,
papers have been obtained from the
British government calling for the arrest of Mrs. Feiiwlck on the charge of
having kidnapped Reila Sully from
Maiden on February 11th, and Mabel
Sully from Montreal, Que., last year.
When it was discovered that Mrs. Ken-
wick was keeping a lodging house In
Denver, Governor Guild Issued requisition papers, and an inspector and John
Sully, a traveling salesman and father
of the children, went to Denver to
bring them back. Governor McDonald
of Colorado refused to honor the Mas
sachusetls papers. The only remaining course for the father was to appeal
lo the British government, of which ho
and the children are subjects,
Massachusetts officials received word
yesterday that the United States off!
Cars will be given the papers and or
dared to serve them on Mrs, Feiiwlck
In Denver. If the service is successful
Mrs. Fenwlck and the two children
will be taken to Montreal.
Attempt  Was   Made   to   Induce    Non
Union Men to  Desert  With
Fatal  Result..
San Francisco, June IS.���As a result
ol the lockout anil the trouble existing
between the ship-owners snil unlou
sutlers In Ihis port, one union sailor
wus shot and killed und three wounded
lust night. The dead man is Andrew
Kellner. The shooting occurred when
a launch occupied hy about 15 union
sailors was fired on from the schooner
National City as it lay near the Union
Iron Works. According to the men
who were In the launch, several volleys
were fired at tnem without warning
when Ihey were wlfliln a few feot of
Ihe schooner. It Is said It was the in
tention of the union sailors to make nn
attempt to have ttie non-union crew of
the National City desert Iho vessel,
which was scheduled to sail today. As
it part of the plan to carry overtures lo
the non-union men, a launch was en
gaged and tilled with volunteers from
Ihe sailors' union. The trip was made
with tlie utmost secrecy, but it is evi
dent that the men on the National Clt}
were expectiug a -visit. Afler the
launch came to the National City, a
rllle was thrust over the side of tho
schooner and a shot rang out. followed
hy several volleys In rapid succession
Tho terrified union men Immediately
sought the shelter of the small cabin
of the launch. The engineer hurried
Ills boal away from the scene us rap
liny us possible. A run of nearly two
tulles was taken to the harbor omer
geney hospital, where the men who had
been shot were quickly lifted from the
boat by their friends. At the hospital
It was found that Andrew Kellner bad
been almost Immediate]; killed. Two
bullets had enlered his chesl, anil one
or them hnd evidently penetrated    his
The wounded men will recover. No
arrests have been made, as the schooner al once moved out of fhe bay.
President Scores His Point.
Washington,   .lune    18.���The    houso
committee on agriculture today author
bed Mr. Wadsworth and Rcprosontn-
five Brooks of Colorado lo amend tho
meat Inspection provision In Ihe ngrl-
cultural hill to meet the views of President Roosevelt, after which the measure will bo submitted to thi, president
hy Speaker Cannon.    It Ir staled that
ail of ihe presidential suggestions win
be accepted and the wishes ol the com-
mltteo compiled with. The discussion
today made il plain that there wns no
objection to eliminating iho court review provision, us suggested hy Iho
president; also lhat tlie wishes of Ilie
civil service commission furnished lo
the inspectors wero compiled with.
There Is no opposition lo plnr.InK the
date of manufacture on the label ami
to Insert Ihe words, "In the Judgment
of tho socrotnry of agriculture," thus
making Ihe seerefary the final author
It)' regarding tho mensiiro.
Discusses the Meat Packing Scandals
Says United States is Responsible
for Conditions in Business
Positively Revolting
I^indon, Bng., June 18.���The Times
of yesterday says: Mr. Carter, senator from Montana, Is quoted as saying,
with regard to the efforts of the Chicago packers to defeat legislation with
tbe object of reforming the conditions
of their establishments, that if they
are wise they will abandon the struggle, adding: "If Mr. Neill's report is
made public, the packers might just as
well throw their meats Into Lake Michigan or use them for fertilizing. There
would be no sale for canned meats either here or abroad. I know what Is
to be in this report, and if It comes out
with the force of nn official government
document, its effect will be tremendous." Mr. Neill Is one of two commissioners sent by President Roosevelt to
Investigate the conditions of Ihe Chicago packing establishments,
Mr. Champe Andrews, counsel of the
Medical Society of the county of New
York, and a leader in the movement to
put an end to the poisoning of the
people by means of adulterated foods
und patent medicines, writes as follows:
"The exposure of the methods of the
beef trust, though horrifying, fails to
carry Its full significance unless viewed as incidental nud accidental exposure of a general system of adulteration and deception in food ptodDCtsi
Those familiar with tlie subject know
that the greed of many producers of
food and medical products In the United
Suites is responsible for conditions in
business that are positively revolting.
Fraudulent weights, infringements of
copyright and labels, and cheats and
frauds of similar characters are the
smallest parts of these evils. Substitution of base and injurious ingredients
In bolh drugs and foods Is practiced on
a gigantic scale. Dangerous dyes.
chemicals and adulterants are used
wherever they can be substituted for
more expensive materials. The one
idea is to sell lo the public ns base an
article as possible for as high a price
as possible. That the public Is gradually awakening lo fhe need of organization in its own defence is shown by
tlie call for a conference of public-
spirited men and women and representatives from philanthropic, charitable,
and religious bodies generally to meet
In New York In the autumn to discuss
ways and means to prevent the adulteration of food products and the sub
stitution of drugs nnd unrestricted sale
of opium, alcohol and poisons of many
sorts In patent medicines. This movement has been taken up by the Academy of Medicine In New York, the
Civic Union of Philadelphia and many
oiher prominent organisations of the
country. Though no public announcement hns been made as yet in ihe
press of the United Slates for various
reasons, it bids fair to he a reform
movement ns far-reaching In its plan
nnd scope us tiny reform movement of
the Inst 1(10 years. The outcome will
undoubtedly bo lhe formation of a national society for Ihe preservation nf
public health."
Mr.  Justice  Morrison  Sees No  Ground
for Amandla   Appeal.
At the close of the Amandin murder
(rial at tlie spring assizes In Nelson,
W. U. Ross. K. ('., senior counsel for
tho defence, applied to havo several
points of law, raiseil in connection with
Mr. JtiBlice Morrison's charge to the
Jury, reserved for decision on appall.
His lordship reserved Judgment on tlie
Ills decision was rocelved by file lo-
cal registrar loday. The application Is
iTused, his lordship holding that all
mailers of ovldonce nnd argument relic
live   to   the defence   were  fully  dealt
witii in the charge,
Queen  Helps Salvation  Army.
London,  Juno  IS.���Considerable   Interest has been   aroused   by General
Booth's announcement   flint, application
Is about to be made to King Alfonso.
through Queen Victoria, for permission
lo establish the Salvation Army in
Spain. General Booth is busy arranging a program for the advance corps,
which he will despatch to prepare the
way for a larger force later on. The
entrance Into Spain will leave Russia
the only Imiiortant country of Europe
In which Ihe Salvation Army lias failed
to secure a foothold.
Future  of Grand   Forks as a Railway
Centre Assured.
(Special to the Daily Canadian.)
Grand Forks, June 18.���A flying machine or air motor Is the latest novelty
for Grand Forks. Andrew Thompson,
a machinist at Cascade, who is the inventor, is now building his airship, and
expects to have it completed In a few-
days' time. In conversation with your
correspondent Mr. Thompson said:
"My air inolor will lie worked by n
small gasoline engine. An airship
large enough for one man will be 0
feet high, 8 feet long and 4 feet wide,
and will weigh about 200 pounds. One
this size will carry at least COO pounds.
It will have two wheels, which will be
propelled by the engine. The top of
Ihe motor will be covered with strong
canvass, which can be arranged to
serve the purpose of wings, and lower
the ship gradually should anything go
wrong with the machine. I expect to
travel al leust fen miles an hour with
ease, and will go over a mile high. I
will make my first as'cnsion at Grand
Forks in about two weeks' tlmo. I
have been working on this invention
for the past eight years, and have now
made official application to have it
patented in several countries." Mr.
Thompson is an old resident in the
Boundary, and had a blacksmith shop
in Grand Forks a number of years ago.
The destiny of Grand Forks is now
thoroughly established as the greatest
railway and smelling centre in British
Columbia. When the two railways
now under construction are completed
ti]) the North Fork, there will be six
railways operating through Grand
Forks���more than any other town In
the province can boast of. These railways all open up very rich territory,
Ihe Inhabitants of which will be
brought within easy access to Grand
Forks. In addition to this, the smelting industry nt Grand Forks will be
greatly enhanced in the near future by
the building of at least one more smelter, either by the C. P. R. or the Dominion Copper Company, as it Is now
:i recognized fact that the Granby
plant, although treating over 3.000 tons
of ore dally, will be quite Inadequate
to treat all the ores from the numerous
shipping mines. It hns been stated on
good authority that within the next
IS months there will be at least 25
shipping mines between Grand Forks
and Franklin camp. The necessity of
having that many shipping mines can
be readily seen, ns n daily tonnage for
the Great Northern and Kettle Valley
line railways up the North Fork of nt
least 3,000 tons will he required In order lo keep these roads employed. So
It is beyond n matter of speculation
that in a few months Grand Forks will
actually have six railways and two
eight-furnace smellers.
UNSEASO .       AND       GLOOMY
Varying     Prospects,    Including    Great
Britain,  France,  Italy and
Eastern Europe.
Washington, June 18.���Tho European
crop situation is told in the following
June summary of conditions abroad. Issued by the department of agriculture:
Unseasonable cold nnd gloomy weather prevailed In the northwestern part
of Hurope, especially In Great Britain
and France, throughout the greater
port of May. There have also been
brief spells of remarkably low temper
attire In parts of Italy nn.l Spain. In
eastern Burope, on tho contrary, notably In the great grain-producing provinces of Russia, the month has been ex-
oeptlonally gonial and spring-like. In
northwestern ISurops tlie growing crops
���already backward from the adverse
weather conditions of March nud April
���have not made the progress desired.
Their development, however, though tt
hns been retarded by hick of sunshine
nnd wnrmili, has had Ihe benefit of
abundant and general rnlnfnll. A month
of seasonable weather. It Is believed,
would render conditions on the whole
satisfactory. In southern and central
Europe there is little In the ngrlcultu-
tal slluallon that differs fioni the aver-
age year of good promise In enstcrn
Burope, excepting local complnlnts of
drought! crop prospects are unusunllv
Price of Metals.
New York, Juno 1S.���Silver, US r.-K;
copper. 18 IS; electrolytic copper,
IS 3-8; lend, $E.75.
London, Juno 18.���Silver, 30 1-4;
lend, .tin ir.fi. zinc, ��27 lfis.
Democrats and Revlution-
isls May Unite
Revolutionists Say Rupture With
Government Cannot be
Longer Delayed.
St. Petersburg, June 18.���The const!
rational democrats seem almost ready
to throw in their lot with the revolutionists. The popular agitation Is so
great that at n caucus lasting three
mornings the question of changing the
party tactics and abandoning any lur-
ther attempt to postpone an open rupture with the government was seriously debated. Ministers Reditcheff and
Naboukoff, leaders of the constitutional
democrats in the lower house, led the
radical wing, urging the absolute necessity of keeping pace with the revolutionist movement, and insisting that
unless the people moved forward to
battle immediately they would be overwhelmed  and  left stranded.
Professor Miiukolf, M. Vinavor and
others counselled caution, saying it
was not yet time to bend to the storm,
but the radicals were in the majority.
The Novoe Vreniya today says that
the conslitutional demucrais have act*
ually resolved to break with tbe government within a few days, but M.
Struve, editor of the osvobojdonle, informed the Associated Press that no
decision had been taken. He admitted,
however, that the leaders' plans were
secret. Many of the liberals fear a
rupture, and regard the contemplated
step as a grave error, claiming thut the
constitutional democrats cannot hope
to keep step with the advanced radicals,
who al meetings held in the suburbs
of St Petersburg last night not only
condemned the lower house of parliament, and characterized the constitutional democrats as traitors, but even
denounced the group of toil. M. Alls-
din wns hissed because he tried to explain the absurdity of the contention
that the house must demand that the
emperor summon a constituent assembly. The meeting refused to listen to
his statement that the government be
asked to sign its own death warrant.
Constituent assemblies, he said, were
constituted and not summoned by the
The streets of Cronstndt are filled
with troops, and the well-to-do inhabitants are hurriedly leaving the island
on which the town is situated.
St. Petersburg, June 18.���No fresh
news wns received here today from
Bialystok, and none of the newspapers
can get a word directly from their cor-
respondents there. The correspondent
of the Associated Press must have arrived from St. Petersburg, yesterday
morning, but has not been heard from.
Nothing has been received here from
tho parliamentary commission to Bialystok to Inquire into nnd report upon
the massacre of the Jews. It Ih evident
that the authorities will not allow any
despatches to be sent from the terror-
stricken town, which is regarded as
ample proof of lhe horror of the situation. Persons who tried to leave Bialystok were killed at the stations, and
others who succeeded in reaching tlie
open fields east of the town were rttu
down by dragoons. There seems to be
no hops of slopping the nttneka. The
number Ol victims Is large.
Warsaw, June 18.-Tlie chief nf police of Warsnw today issued a proclamation warning the people ugalnsl the
efforts to provoke racial hutred. nnd
stating ihat every attempt at rioting
will be mercilessly suppressed by force
of armB. Anti-Jewish riots hnve broken out at Sablulow and floulonds, in
the province of Grodno, nnd at Osso-
wloc, In tho province of l.mii:'.:i.
Odessa, June 18.���The Novostl of
this city published a despatch today
from its correspondent at Bailyslok,
saying: "I personally counted 290
Jewish corpses, n great number of
which wero horribly mutilated. Only
six Christians were killed and, eight
Casualties In British Warship Manocu
vres Not Serious.
London, June 18.���Tho British battleship Ilamlllles wns assisted back to
Sheorness today, having been In collision In the channel with Ihe battleship
Resolution.    The latter was not dam
aged, but the former must be docked
for necessary repairs, principally to
her propeller. So far as known, the
Ramillies Is the only big ship crippled
In collision during the week's manoeuvres. Two or three torpedo boats have
been In collision or aground, and some
machinery defects have developed, but
very few compared with former ma-
Canadian  Metal   Company   Take   Few
Days for Reorganization.
The mines of tbe Canadian Metal
Company, the Blue Bell and United,
near Alnsworth, were closed down this
morning for cleanup and reorganization. The men employed in the mines
have arrived in the city, and are quartered, most of them, at the Tremont.
The period of suspension will be
very brief, and the whole force will be
re-eng;iged and work resumed.
A representative of The Daily Canadian called at the company's offices
this afternoon aud asked J. E. Harrington, director, what the close down
portended.   The reply was:
"Nothing at all. It will last only for
a few days. We want to clean up and
change some of the methods of work-
ing. The men will be at work again
before the end of the week."
Will be Discussed In the House Tomorrow.
Ottawa, June 18.���The Sunday observance bill will be taken up in the
house tomorrow. There have been rumors going around the corridors that
It would not be proceeded with this
session.   This, however, is contradicted.
Russian Government Recognizing Principle   of  Partial   Expropriation of Lands.
St. Petersburg, June 18.���The long
debate on the agrarian question was
ended at this morning's session of tbe
lower house by Michael Stavoch, of
Orelln, In which he virtually declared
that tho government wns recognizing
the principle of partial expropriation
of private land holdings in order to
satisfy the peasants, but applying lor
peaceful co-operation between the
house and the government in arranging
a settlement of this great question. It
was then decided to send the agrarian
question to a commission, although the
members in the lobbies of the house
talked nf little except the Bialystok
massacre and the increasing gravity
of the situation. The subject wns
not brought up during the morning session, the members preferring to uwalt
the report of the commission of Inquiry
sent to the scene to investigate.
George Henry  Fisher and  Sailor Jack
Temporarily  Disappear.
Two familiar figures appeared in the
city police court this morning, "Sailor
Jack" Garner and George Henry Fisher.
Their familiar haunts in Nelson will
know them no more for many days.
There were four cases In all. Wing
Leo reported having compiled with Ihe
requirements of the fire bylaw, and Ihe
charge was dismissed with a fine ot $5
nnd costs.
One stranger was fined $5 and costs
for drunkenness.
George Henry Fisher, who was re-
leased about a fortnight ago, when his
friends paid his fine, ndmitted the soft
impenchinent of having quenched his
thirst not wisely, but too well. He
told a moving tale of guileless simplicity nnd cruel fortune. Having lived on
buttermilk for several days, his constitution was weakened, and one drink,
reluctantly taken at the importunity of
kind but indiscreet friends, overpowered him. Tho magistrate sympathized,
nnd thought (10 days' enjoyment of the
hospitality of Warden Lemon would
revive George Henry and Improve his
physical capacity.
"Sailor Jack" wanted lo go to Knm-
loops to labor In the green fields and
on the sunny slopes where cattle pasture. Ho is weary of the tossing of the
waves, and of the uncertainties nnd
temptations of life in large cities. He
will pay the authorities $."��� for the care
taken of him, and will leave for Kam-
loops by tonight's train. Chief Jarvls
will represent the city at tho railway
station to wish Jack a long farewell.
Coal Mines Resume.
Kansas City, June 18.���The majority
of the soft coal mlneH which shut down
on June 1st In Missouri, Kansas, Indian
Territory nnd Arkansas resumed operations today.
Supply in Sight for La
Plata Nines
Bruce White Reports New Phot
Giving Satisfaction-Will Increase Working Force.
The prospects of the La Plata Mines
Company are probably much brighter
than they have been described by the
ultra-cautious manager, Captain T. H.
Trethewey. With unlimited bodies of
nre of high grade, a new and efficient
concentrating plant and careful and
economic management, the owners
have every reason to feel gratified with
the outlook.
Bruce White returned last night
from a visit to the property. To a representative of The Daily Canadian he
"The concentrator is working splendidly, and everything about the mine
is in good shape.
"The new vein in No. 5 level Is the
best ever found on the property.
Enough has been done In it already to
prove Its value and extent. There Is
now proved to lie abundance of good
ore in every part of the mine.
"There are now CB men employed, 46
of them in the mines. Ten more will
be added to the force shortly, and they
also will be put to work at develop
ment and taking out ore.
"Mr. Trethewey told you there was
ore tn sight for three years. He Is always too cautious and conservative Id
his statements. I estimate that the
amount of ore actually in sight at present is enough to keep the mill running
at full capacity and the present force
ot men employed for at least ten years.
Mr. Trethewey will be down tomorrow. He may think my statements too
big, but I'll stick to them."
Three Days' Carnival    of   Music and
Sport Thla Week.
Arrangements for Kirmess are now
complete, and the three days' carnival
will oper. in the Agricultural hall and
grounds Wednesday afternoon, and will
be continued every afternoon and evening until Friday night
The equipment and decoration of
the booths is completed, and tbey will
be ready for patrons by afternoon tea
time on Wednesday.
In the afternoons varied programs of
amateur sports will be given, including
lacrosse, baseball, Caledonian and children's sports.
The price of single admissions has
been fixed at the lowest possible price,
and tickets for the three days will be
sold at a substantial reduction. The
season ticket covers admission to the
hall, grounds and grand stand, and to
everything but the theatre and the
teas. Tickets may bo obtained from
any of those taking part, at tbe Canada
Drug and Book Company's store or at
Tho children's flower drill Is being
practiced this afternoon, and rehearsals will be held this evening of the
minuet at 7, the sextette at 8, and the
tambourine dance, a dress rehearsal,
at 9. Tomorrow evening there will be
dress rehearsals of nil performances,
Including the grand march.
The promoters nnd managers of the
enterprise have taken great pains to
provide a varied and enjoyable entertainment on behalf of a worthy public
Institution, nnd their efforts should
command success.
Prominent Callfornlan Desd.
San Francisco, June 18.���George K.
Fitch, 80 years old, one of the most
prominent citizens of California, died
suddenly last night at San Rafael, where
he had made his home since the fire
destroyed his residence in this city.
He was a pioneer of California, where
he wns known as a newspaper publisher and state printer before 1866, when
he became associated with the late
Luring Pickering ns proprietors of the
Bulletin and Call in this city.
Pressmen Foregather.
Pittsburg. Pa., June 18.���The eighteenth annual convention of the International Pressmen and Assistants' Union of North America opened here today with 260 delegates present >om all
parts of the country. The first session
wus devoted to addresses of welcome. The Daily Canadian, jftme 18, 1906
Tents, Blankets,
Overalls, Boots,
Mackinaw Clothing.
Everything for the camper, prospector, hunter and
Published its dsys �� woek by [he
Baker Bt., Nelson, B. C.
Bubsoripllon rates, fti cents s month delivered
in uiu city, or |.'>,tw ii year li .sent by mail, when
psfd in scvanoe
AdvertlsfUR rules on application.
All monies paid In settlement of TbeDally
Canadian account*, either lot subscriptions or
advertising, mual be receipted lor ..n the printed
forms of ine Company, utlu-r receipts nre not
JUNli   IM,   !<><��,.
"By one word we are sometimes judged to be
wise and by one worJ sometimes Judged m ba
loolisti. Lei ns therefore be careful wmo we
There is a species of political warfare which, however reprehensible, is
nevertheless the method adopted by
some of the opposition press of this
province in its efforts to mislead the
electorate, and thus attempt io secure
success at die polls, li consists in the
publication of so-called special telegrams, emanating from political (enters uml so worded as to create ill.;
impression that the subject matter is
current comment in the place from
which the "special" is scut. As a notorious example of these discredited
methods of Journalism, we reproduce
entire a despatch from Victoria which
appeared In ihe colmuns of our morn-
lug contemporary ou die day of rest
The despatch below printed is "scare"-
headed iu llle .News as follows: "Green
May Have lo Go��� Dunsmuir Unwilling
to Accept lilni as One oi iiis Minis.
ters."    It then goes on to s.i\ :
"For some lime past, particularly on
his recent lour, Premier McBride lias
been urged by members oi his pari)
to drop the chief commissioner from
the government uti the ground dial he
was iv source of weakness. Now it is
said a bint has coniu Iroin a source
which die premier cannot disregard.
It was reported thai one of the flrsl
steps of die new lleutenant-governoi
was to intimate ihat ihe government
was tiol a olean one, and thai he could
not accept Green as one of his ministers. His alleged reason was die undue Knowledge which the Andersons,
male and female, lind of matters In the
lands  and  works    depart nt.    which
constituted a scandal,
"The governmenl'a request tor tnvi s-
tlgatlon by a supreme oourt Judge of
charges lu connection wiih the Pendrny
property is believed in be due to the desire of the premier m rehabilitate l^s
minister, wiih whom he win pari only
it retention means loss ol power.
"The Pendray ease will be a dilllcil.t
one io establish bj witnessed, nud
hence the premier hopes to he able to
fighi ii successfully, nnd hy ii favorable
derision from ti"' Judge i" prove the
department clean.
"Diinsintili, however, is very obsii-
niite. and If he has decided lhat Green
must go. he will Insist on his wish being obeyed."
For obvious reasons we propose in
nnulyze this special despatch and to
show the renders of this paper just
how much importance Is in he attachi d
to alleged political news. The flrsl
paragraph in the above despatch is a
purely imaginative one. and est aped
from Iho lurid Inventiveness of the
oorrespondenl to afford some convenient excuse for sending the blubber
that follows II. It goes on, "Now, It Is
said!" Yes, It is said; bul hy whom Is
It said? By no one oilier than the
special correspondent. "It is Bald 'fl
hint' has come from a source," etc.
Only a hint Indeed!
We continue to quote: "It is reported." Where is "it" reported? Not
around Victoria. Probably nowhere
else than In the columns of the News.
Again, "Ills 'alleged' reason wns." etc.
Who "alleged" this reason?    We need
not point out the disingenuous phraseology of ihe despatch, which, while il
pretends to tell a great deal, tells really
nothing, it admits that "the Pendray
case will be n difficult one to establish
by witnesses." and adds lhat "the premier hopes * ��� ��� by a favorable decision from a judge to prove the department clean." In the case of his
honor the lieutenant-governor it is content to descend to tlie level of Ihe colloquial and vulgar, and cnlls him simply
"Dunsmuir," adding that he Is a very
obstinate man Indeed. We wonder if
he has no other qualities beside "obstinacy," such as, for instance, good common sense! lint the despntch says "if
lie has decided;" so it appears that
there is no good ground for saying that
lie has; only nn "if he has," On the
other bond, we ask "If lie hasn't," what
will transpire in that case? We suppose his honor will he accused of dereliction of duty and incompetence or
political favoritism, or some such monstrous- thing, by the opposition press.
We ask any candid reader of the above
despatch to put his digit on one single
statement of fact contained therein, it
Is nothing more nor less than an aggie
gallon of Insinuations, aggravated suspicions and unconscionable perversion
of unverified political gossip, for which
die opposition hus shown itself so fond.
What byways and nlleys of the political
slums of victoria the oorrespondenl
must have explored lo discover an excuse for such tainted news! And to
what desperate straits must the opposition he driven when lhe political capital of ihe province affords no better
or more reliable information than such
malversation  evinces!
it must be admitted that the action
of the government in asking Tor the
appointment of a supreme court judge
to Investigate these rumors is some-
Ihing of a staggering biow to the oppn
Sltlon. I.asl week lhe entire opposition
press was clamorous for an investigation, as ihey were sure that by thai
means "Green" would huve to go. Now
they are preparing a soft place to drop
mi by assorting that his Investigation
will result  iii  his rehabilitation.    We
would  respectfully point ouli that  Hon.
Mr. Green i is  no  "rehabilitation."
He fins n, ver had anything done to him
lo make ll necessary. Moreover, the
gorernmenl is not asking for nn Inves
ligation for tills purpose.   They   are
simply inking lhe wlsosl t >se lo stop
die mouths of the howling horde ol accusers who have no scruples when it
��� nines to attack upon men holding public oiiice. ii may in- thai they hnve
ether motives, but we shall not follow
die devious example of the opposition
press uml anticipate them, when they
nre shown, Ihey will >. understood. A
little more fulr play rrom the opposition
would go a long way toward giving
them a standing in the confidence of
fhe people, which, with no one to blame
bill themselves, they do not now enjoy.
In the editorial columns of the Dally
News yesterday there appeared the following quotation from die editorial columns of the Victoria TlmoB;
"Nor cun we believe, despite the
methods comrade lluwthornihwuiiehas
adopted for raising n campaign fund
lo maintain himself while on his tour
of die province, that his party has nol
received its fair share of the proceeds
of the various deals the government bus
pill through the house���nnd which
could not have been put through Without lis assistance���at the expense of
the people of the province undi on be
half of male ond female adventurers
and great corporations."
We would respectfully suggest that
our, contemporaries, instead of making
broad and general insinuations regarding the alleged "deals" of the government from which Mr. Hnwtbnrnth-
waiie received his share of profit,
should explicitly and definitely point
out at least one of these deals and give
facts nnd figures to prove that there
was profit to divide. In the case of the
Conservative opposition to the land
deals In the Dominion house, the Conservative organs follow this rule, and
cite the Instances which challenge
their attention. The Sifton land grab
in die Northwest, the Nortii Atlaniio
Trading Company's "pull" with the
government, the extravagance of the
fisheries cruisers, as well as the Northwest exploration party of the "Arctic" iu which d"' Esquimaux were
feasted  on  board   ship   at   the  expense
of ihe government���all these are dis-
linei specifications, an.l need no further comment when brought out inlo
die open where they can he inspected.
Why do not die British Columbia palters cite instances of malfeasance with
the same definifeucss? Simply because they cannot, for it Is not human
nature to resort to fabrication when a
good case can he made out widi tlte
As an illustration    of the hypnotic
methods which still survive In modern
evangelism,  we  reprint  a verse of   a
chorus being  sung by  the  people   attending the Torrey-Alexunder meetings
in Ottawa.   The reference Is, of course,
to the old-time religion:
"It wns good, for our mothers,
It, was good for our mothers,
It was good for our mothers,
And it's good enough for us.
'Tis the   old-time   religion,
'Tie the  old-time   religion,
'Tis the  old-time  religion,
And it's good enough for me.
"It is good enough for Ottawa,
It Is good enough for Ottawa,
It is good enough for Ottawa.
Ami it's good enough for me."
There were some other things good
enough  for our mothers  that  certainly
are not good enough lot) us.
An esteemed but politically frenzied
contemporary says: "There ought to
he effective means for bringing lo book
newspapers which habitually and ttn-
blushingly lie about public men." With
such sentiments we cordially agree;
but if "habitually ami unblushtngly lying alioiii public men" were made a
criminal offence, wouldn't Conservative editors spend most of their time In
gaol?���Victoria Times.
N't; there wouldn't be any room for
It has been demonstrated til Ottawa
during tlie Inquiry into the victualing
of die Arctic that it is a useful accomplishment lor civil servants to know-
how to swim. One man was able on
that account to stay In the service for
over forty years. Next to being in the
swim, It Is the best thing In the world.
This is a good time evidently to acquire a knowledge of the art.
The Nelson Canadian Is the new dally that has taken the place of the defunct Tribune. II Is a tidy sheet, brimming with news, its edllorlals well
written, and its typographical appearance, like the name, Is all lhat could
he desired.���Hedley Gazette.
The reason that Parisians nre so Interested in the Chicago beef irusl scandal is probably because ihey con can,
whereas ihe beef trust can't can.���Ottawa Citizen.
Two street peddlers in Bradford,
England, bought a horse for $11,25, It
was killed by a motor car one <|ny,
uml the owner or Ihe car paid them
Ulli for the loss. Thereupon, a new
industry sprang up nn the loads of
And Builder
Sole agent for ilie Porio Bioo Lumber
C3o., Ltd,, retail yards.
Hough and dressed lumber, liirneil work
nud brackets, Const lath nnd shingles,
sash a nil doors.
dementi brick nnd li for sole.  Anto-
matio grinder,
Yard and factory Vernon, SI.,
east of Hall,
p. o Box urn).    �� t i r�� si
Telephone 17N.    ISelSOn, D. C.
Notice is hereby given that "'mtitivc from <iate I
Intood to apply to ihu Uo&OJftl I * tl"' Chief foin-
inis*loner of Lamlx ami Work- for perm!1 lion to
purabejQ the following detcrlbed Eandf, situate
at tin* month of Hutchl*ou creek on the Arrow
Lakes In tbe Weit too tens y Dlitrlet.   About 80
acr.-s of laud; Commencing nt n poit marked
\v. ll.P 8. vv. post, Uienivuo th 40 attains, thin-
c��' eait 20 chains, theueeioutb m chaini. tbence
went 90 chains to point of commencement.
Dated this 4 th day of June 1906,
Wil.1.1 am H.UiHY PKTBKS.
William J. TOYB, AGENT
Notice Is hereby given that 60 dayi f'Om date I
Intend to apply to the Hoii'iiiihl lhe Cblel Com-
mllllonei ol Landa anil Works, for jiermlsiiloii to
purchase 160 acres of land ai Van Houten creek
In th" Arrow Lakes In the West Kootenay District. Siartlng from u post mark d A -I. N W.
post, thence U abaini east, thorn'- 40 eh-Ins
lou'hi thenoe 40 chains wait, tbence -i" cim-ns
north to pfilnt rf commeneen-iiit
Hated thint^dayof June 1006.
AinuiR John Lo.no.
William J   1'OVK. Agent.
Notice is hercbv g)7.-n that B0 davs after dale
we Intend to iimilv  to the Honorable tlie Chief
Commliiloner of f-iml* hii l Worki at Victoria.
B (Mor permission  to purchase the following
duortbed landa,iltnate in Weal Kootenay district.  lomniMieinK at a posl planted at Thomas
Jerome's  N   K  poll,  and  marked   Peter   Pcsell
and A Choquette N. w. corner; thence 20 chaini
easi tbence *> ohalna luutb, thence so chains
treat, tbence .ii oh <inn north to tbe commencing
post, eniiiiiinliiK I" acres more or less.
Dated May 26.
Prtrb Ihm'i i
W. A. Joskm, Ag< nt
Notice is hereby Biven tbat 60 days nfier dale i
intend io apply to ihe Honorable the Chief Com-
mLutonei of Land* and Work* fir perrati��loti to
pnri-liHsc the following deiorlbed inn.is, situated
in thediitrlotof West Kootenay,adjoining lot
790 on the West iinn oi Kootenay Lake. Oom-
men ing at an Initial post placed at the routh-
west corner of ixit 7'Jo; ib.-nce  north  :1> chiilus,
thence  weit 10 chains, thenee  lOUth   M chains,
thence cast lo chains to point nf coiiimencmeJil
Dated -May 28, ltlofl.
Noii''e is hereby given thut six iv dan afterdate
I intend to apply to the Honorable tbe Cblel
Commlaaioner of hands and Worki, Victoria, ror
permission lo purchase the following described
{amis in ffeal Kootenay. Commencing at a poit
marked Kdg.ir W. I ynm south west cojiicr near
to Harnetcreek and about i miles south of Una*
QUltO ccek ftOd about I miles west of t olumbla
Hirer) thence north BO chalna, tbenoo east io
Ohalni, t'lemesoiuli BO chains, theme west 10
ohalna io plate of commencement, containing
3'.1) acres, being tbe sume more or le*|,
Dated June i, 1906.
Bmab w. Dtxjcb,
 V, Dyiow. Agent __
Notice is hereby given that 00 dayi nfier date 1
intend   ti   apply   m the Honorable the  Chief
Commluloner of Landa and Worki for permii-
sio:i to purchase the following deicrlbed landl,
situated in Mocan Disfiici. Commencing at
north east corner post of hot ;w 0, Ihcnce running south B0 ohalna, thence eait 80 chaini, thence
north 40 chalna, thenee weal 90 ohalni tou, P. k.
right-of-way,  following  lamfl  south   west   10  a
point intercepting uuilh me of LotSfQO, thence
eatt to point of oonunenoement, containing iao
acres more or less.
May 80th ltKfti.
. ('. L. Gansnej:
Notbe is hereby given lhal
Intend to make Application t>
"hicH'nmmlssioucroI Un
i after date I
Mioratde the
Chief CommtMloner ol i and��� and Worki for per*
mission   to  purchase    (he   following   described
landi: Commencing at a p< ii plat won the naal
shore of Lower Arrow Lake, adjoining J. Bate*'
pre-emption on tbe wutbwcit marked "T k.'s
N. w.c rnerpoat." Theme running BO chalna
east; thence BO chains loutbi Ihcnce B0chaini
more or leea, west to the laUc shore: thence following Uk-. shore to point ol commencement,
containing 1.-10 acres, more or leu,
Tims Kinaiias.
Dated UilsTtb dav of June, I'.Ksi.
Notice is hereby given that 00 dayi ult' r date I
intend to make application to lhe Honorable tlie
chief Commliiloner of I and a and Works for per-
mission to purchase the following described
lauds:   Commencing  ut   a post placed on   lhe
Qortneaat corner of r Kinanan'a Application to
Porchaae. marked "H, i 1 comer poat," running
BOohalnieut; tbenceSOchalnilouthj ihemvao
chains wist; theme following T K inn ban's eitsl-
ern bound**? to point of oommenoementi containing M0 acrea, inurt or less.
IlANN.iii TtlBNir.
Dated this 7th day of lune, I mi.
Notice is hereby given that fiO dn/i after date I
intend to make appi cntluii to the Honorable the
Chief Commlaaioner of Undi and Worki for per-
mission to puichaae  the following deacribed
lands: Commenojog at a post placed at the jute seetiou of Ihe cast boundary of J Batea' preemption and ihe north boun^arv cf T Kluahan'a
Application to Pnrchaaa. marked"T.K. Jr'e �� W,
coiner post " Th-ucc following J. Hates'eastern
boundary, W chains north; thenceSOcbalnieaiti
ihcnce 40 chains to the no thorn boundary of
Haiiuab    ' li rney's   Application   |0    I'urchase;
thenoe following thenortherli bpnnda*yof same
and northerly boundary of T. Klnaban'i Application to Purchase, to poll I of comuiclicemeiil,
containing 5i>ncrcs, more or less.
Dated tlili 7th day of June, 1906.
Notice Is herb? given Dial I Intend, Mi days
after date lo apply to the Chief Commlsslun-r of
Lands and Wo-k* for permission t(( purchase tbe
fo lowing ib'ScrilK-d lauds situate at Mre \ alley,
Koolenay district. Commencing hi a post [marked George Young -North wesl corner) placed at
the north weil corner of notion 98 township so;
IbenCfl east W) chains to the north cast corner of
mi 1-1 Section 2*; thenoe sou'h 'to chains, thence
west BO chuiiis, thenoe north   ID i bains to the
place of ber Inning, containing 880 acrea  nnd
being the northerly bauofaald section 88, township 00.
Hated at Nelson, H. 0, June Btb 1000
Notice Is hereby given thai 1 Intend,00 days
aftor date, to apply to the Chief Commlaaioner of
in:, ;������ and Works for permission to porchaae
the following described lands, situate at  pire
Valley, Koolenay District Commencing at a
post (marked Oeorgo Voiing north cast corner)
placed at the north cast corner of section :rj,
township 60] tbence south Ku chains to the aoutb
east corner ol said   section ::.';   thenco wesl   lo
i bains, thenoe north B0chains, and tbonce east
40 chains to the pace or begmn tig, coniainlng
BJ0 acres, and being ihe easterly half of -aid BOO-
lion Bi, to-Anshlpw.
Dated ut Kelson��� H. C. June 6th H��fi.
QgOBOB Yoino.
Notice li hereby given thai I intend 60 dayi
after date to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
bunds and  Vorkl foi   permission   to purcbas,-
the following described lauds,stiuuie m in,-
Valley, Kootenay iistiiet. commencing al a
poit (marked L Oaltsgher -south wosl oorner)
nlaoeo at the louth west corner of notion :n
town ah ip 09 thence uorih Hi chains t ��� the north
west i orner ol nil.I section ;t:i; tbence easl to
chains,  thenee   soiilh  BO chains   lo   the   sonlb
boundary of aald section 88, and thenco wesl  io
chains io the plat f bediming containing 0JO
acres, nnd being the westerly half oi laid aao-
tlou B8| lowusblp OU,
Dated at Nelson, H  C. Julie '-'h 1MB,
I. Cibuoiun
Notice Is herebj gheii that I  Inlend.OO days
alter date to apply to tbe CI lei Commlniouor of
l unds an.| Works for p-rmlssloii to pon-hat-c tin-
following described lands ami pr�� mlaes, iftnato
at Klre \ al cy, Knot,.nay Dislrbi    Com men C Ion
ni a post (marked P. H. O'Connor north cum cor
nor) plaee.t ut lhe north east corner of section
U, township 001 thenoe south io el a, iboooe
west 40 ehslns, ibeiice Do Hi 40 ilniins to the
northerly boundary of laid ieoUon31; and thon
ceensl-to chains lo Hie pleie (.f lieglnnliig.�� 011-
taining (fOscrei, ami being the north eaal one
quartor ��*/ said taction 31, township 09.
Nelson, b. o, June0th 10WI.
P. li. O'Cokiior.
        GgoBQg Yotmo, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 00 dayi from date
I intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Landa and Woiks for pornila-
���fon to nun base lhe following descrlbeil Jurnls
In the West Koolenay I'Mriel, east aide of Colombia Hirer,about I miles nurlh of lliiflon ' itv
Commencing at a posl marked UoM Wmteri
h W, oorner, at the N.W. cornor ol It, if. Brniin'a
preempMl lalm, tbence uorih lo chains uiu.,.
or leu to the south boondao of Mlloa t a-rntpa
preemption Claim   thence east ��l chains, thenee
lonth 40ohalni more or laaa to the North bound-
ury of ft. Ji Bmiih'i preemi u claim, thenoe
west B0 "���lialtislopolnl of nm ncmcmrinieon.
lalOlngSOoorei more or less.
Dated this flod day of June, 1B06,
Li:o M, WiMKti.
lUbi'it 8i.yk, Agent,
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Notice in hereby given i!i��i I Intend,00 dan
Hfn>r date, to iii-piy m tin' chit-f Comrolntoner ol
t anai ��ii<] Worki for |H-nnih-i<>ii to purebaae the
following dewijbed Landi, rituato at Fire Valley,
Kootenay Dlitrlet ComraeneingataoMtlmart-
i'l l*. ll. O'Connor���until ee��l corner] placed at
iii" north eail torner ol lection 83, i<mn��iiiii BSi
thenco weit 40 ohalni, thenco north wi chaini.
thenoe eaal to chalna. and Ihcnce 100th ni ohalni
in the place of beginning, containing 880 aorea,
Dated Ht Nelion, B. C. June 6th 1006.
p. H, O'Connor
 (iKimm: Y'i'Sii, AgenL
Notice i- hereby given thai oo days from date l
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Ohlef Cora-
miialonor nf l indi and Work* for perralnlon in
purchooe the following deacrlbed huoU, in ihu
Weil Kootenay Plitrlct.   Band Iilgnd, in iho
''"I Itlti Htvi riiliMtn I rallei in.rtli <f Ilur-oii
Cltyj all .-I - I ill nd above high water, Mug
in ni rei more or ten.
Dated thli ift Day of June, IfiOfl,
Ki'ank Nonroa
T. i' Makikioh, Agent.
Platy dayi afterdate I Intend to app'y to the
*'m toll' Hero! Lhii.In nii'i WorkM, Vliturla tu
purcliMu tau icrei ol land.   I om tcirig m t
pMi-t iiiuntt'ii mi th.- wi"i bhnre iii Arrow Ukc al
IheioutbeiitcornerofJ -i t'lirimo'i pun haw
running north SOehilm, thenee coil W chaini,
thenco louth SOchalni, ihenee woit Bochalm to
place of eommeneeinent.
Loeatod Hay, 0th 100ft,
i. o>.i uonan, Lmi'-hi.
a. Uagant,
Notice Ik hereby given thai 00 dayi fr hue I
Intend to apply foUie Hnnnrable (hi* Ctmmii.
iloner of [ainfli and Worl fur pormlnlon to
porch mo the folio* Ing ih wrlbod landi, ��ltuite
in lio wcitKjiolenny mimii. i. ritarllng from a
jiu.-i nnnkeil wiiihiin Krn *t Davlioh'i ft K. holt
iiimni iwo ra Ik loan of Ueer t��.ik on the Arrow
Lukes thence KH-hnlni fmuUi llieneo \- chaini
wail, thence lOehalm north,thencoeail to point
nf coinmenceinont, containing about pw ocrei.
Dated IbH 6Mi day of Juno, 1908,
Notleeli hereby ghon ilmi iwi.hivsnnei.hii, |
iuiriii] in npph in lit.- Honorable Ino Chief Com
mlMlonorof Undi and Worke for normlnlon ��
purchoie iho fniiiMvinc deierlbod IhihIm in n,,.
Wei Kontenev dint Hut; oommenclng ut a noil
marked "Nathaniel Molnlyro'i h k corner"'
Planted on the woil Hrteof tho Columbia Klver
'ihoot , mlli'K north of liiiriiinciiv,tin.| BOolialtii
..-.rlli nf lhe anulb-woNi i-nruer of l,.t :;7;<, ,j . i !'
north BO chains, tbence weil ni win.,,., ti,,.,,,,,.
loulhDOebalnt. thonce eoitno chaini to nointnl
eommenoeraonf, oontelnlngiMoacroi.
Dated thin Ifllb day of Juno, ihob.
Naiuamk,. MrlMV(tK.
 r- C. Miiititirviin, Agent
Nol lee \h hereby given tlm. fini|H Vs nfier .��,,,��� t
""����� o apply m tV Honorable tlie Chior Com.
mluonorol L iand Worki for nermtoitooto
purcbaio tbe following deicNbod^andS' i om-
{i.e.iHnjt .,t a put nlec  tbenorUTihoroof
i inner   nl    .,nt.ll    Ml il I ik.'.'    nrn-i mm Inn      thitnm,
���ai      in  flhatna     ...    ��� . ' ��� "I|M1HI1,    I III'IIee
Hi'Hl   lUtluiiiiN,   ntnre   or  I."-,   (n   [he mill 1 |,,.���hi
��������<% No. im tbence honh SShilS".
I'li'iiHin-i to the poim of commencement.
Dated June lflth. liKW,
O. B, Ari-j.KTON.
Imperial Bank of Canac
Head Office:   Toronto.
OAPITAIi PAID OP....$8,900,000 REST (, .,
I). It. WILKIK. President. HON. BOBEBT JAKFBAY. Viee-Piwidot
Branches in British Columbia:
AiiKOWIIKAI),      !i()I,l)KN.     SBLBOH.     KKVKLHTOKE,     TROUT Ufll
IVlxiHita reraiTOd find Inteml allowf��l nt cuiwnt rat���� frosii date of omniofj
count nnd r-rcrlited Imlf-veiirly, ���
���ibuson iwasch J. M. LAV, M
P. Burns & Co
Branch Market! in  Rowland,  Trail,   Xclnou, Km\q,  Himcion. Three Forks, X(t|
Denver and Blooan city.
Orden hy nuiii to any branch win ban
our pminpi and carefal attention.
Head Office: Nelson, B. CI
&{* J Kootenay Agents
(   0 R.A.Rogers*Co.
**"**       Limited, Winnipeg.
NN'holcHtilsj Provisions,
Mrjicluce, ���
Dominion QovernmeDl dreamery OntfPrand Uriels uweiTed weeUj '"'ih
fmn. tl���. ,'lmin.   For ���lo l,.v nil leadtag p-ocoin.
OHloeand warehcraie: Howrton Bloolt,  Phone 19,
Josephine Street. .       Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Coal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing; Pitch and Paints.
Boat linildoi'H will lind it to thoir ndvnntage to lino our Pitch.
Nelson Coke and Gas Co., LtA X
Thi Dally Canadian, Jtmi 18, 1906
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y* Limited
JUNE 1st
Today we inaugurate our Cash System of doing
Jusiness, and below is a list of a few of the changes this
iBystciu will enable us to make.    These are not Si'KciAi.
mt regular prices:
J3RUG Department
|0W Price
,25  Mermen's
Cash Price
Talc Powder 20
ki.OO   Beef   Iron aud Wine 75
.25  Wood Alcohol, pts
��� 'S
Wood Alcohol, qts 40
Stccdman's Teething Powders     .35
 Stcdmau's Teething Powders 35
  Williams' Shaving Stick 25
 Williams' Barber's Bar     .10
 Tanglefoot, case of  25 sheets, 60
Glycerine and Rose Water, 4 oz. bottles      .15
Stationery Department
.75   250 page Letter Books 50
[$1.25    250 page Letter Books $1.00
1.50  250 page Letter Books  1.25
2.00  500 page Letter Books  1.50
2.50  1000 page Letter Books  2.00
( Papeterie. containing 24 sheets paper,
���J     (ruled,) 24 Envelopes, 1 penholder,
(     1 Pen, 1 Piece Blotting	
25  Novels 15c, 2 for .25
30 and 35c Writing Tablets 25
25     Writing  Tablets 15
15 package, 2 for 25c, Envelopes 3 for .25
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y> Limited
���������**������������������������: �����������������������������������������
> vWUVVW **s^>.>s^*VS>VN^����^VV>A>>>V'^*��VV>**>V��A>VV**>V>/��/ ,
Tie Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd,
nill.millll To R. BKISTERKR Ji CO.
Bmren Hint UMtlerB of Mnuufarturers ol
|Finc Lager Beer and Porter        Every Known Variety Soft Drinks
And the Celebrated " Red Ribbon Beer."
II". <). WIN 304.
WM. GOSNELL, Manager
To the Members
of the
20,000 Club.
Patronise the r.iMHl who nn'
hen now, and wv will
l��' 11 tong wny t<>-
wiird mir goat.
Thorpe's Lithia
is oqaol tn any aperient
niiti rlii'iHiintic water! bottled i��
(lie United
If ynu ago anongfa of u we
can mpporl another
family in Nelson,
&. Co., Limited.
SKALKll TENHEIW, marki-il, "TYinler tor Tim-
Iwr I.linn,  Kootenav IMstrlrt," will be W*
oaiffld bj iin- undsniffiied. np to noon ol Bttut*
i1h>', t|it';ti)ii. iUj- .>( Jhiip, i'M*j, from Hiiy penon
ilt'clriliK tO ol.tnln a IpMtftl UinluT Ufl6HM l<> flit
umt carry away timber from Lol T,-'-Jl, Ormi). 1,
Kootenay Datrtct* niuiatcii our MpNeflHo'sold*
log, on tin- Miu' nf tin? cruw'N Nest Pan Railway
anil I'oiiiiiiiiltiK "H acres inon- or less.
Tin- perion pterin! the highest cash bonoi
win beendtlad foe ipeelal UoenwooWtoj the
waM lot, renewable (or twenty-one wcoeiive
Xaoh tender ntuet be aooompanlra by a owtt*
Bed cheque, mede payable ai par In vlotorle t>>
lhe undersigned, f����r the amount, fU&W, ol tho
IIinI year'H fi'i'i fur sui-li uporlal llOOUBe, and the
umo.oitt.f >he bonus tendered, and alio a oertl*
tied cheque fori-ii.'.Ti* for ooet otjOMtlngi adrer-
tiling ami surveying <>f said lot.
Deputy Cm urn Uk inner nf Urula nml Work*,
Landa and Worfei Department
Victoria. *���<
k�� lJ.j..ir:iri. in.
, 111! Jniif. IMS.
For KverytltiiiK Good
to Stnoko.
Sported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thuiman's Special Hliturt?
Jltl Curiosity Shop
want to imy or suii anything,
:" '" ll��' Old (ItirloHlty Shop.  A  now
���"'���of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
118   "f   lllnnorwaro In   Block.   Pat-
, Juno Mli, 1M0.
  rflMlvoa by th.
FriiTitii-tsl mo}, WW*
Early Establishment   by    Government
Advocated���Discussion   of
Nclsuli, B. I
UAL1D  TKNDKK8 will I.
Wsnlen ol tin
until noon JunsHKh, \��r supplies 'oroMjresj,
fnim July 1st, 1(06, to June Soil., ltsn. Meat.
bread, trwwnii litnlwara, booti nml siioes,
rlolliInK, dry icoo.ls, fuel hiicI ilrngs
Forms lor len.tcr und, sneelllestions esn be L��il
,il tlie I'roTlnrlHl nol, Nelson.
Ihe lowest or any lender not neresssrllr ..(-
oepled. �� * L**i??Xu.
The University Club of Nelson has
resolved to continue the campaign for
a provincial university, begun by it two
years and a half ago, and in whlcli It
has received Intermittent support from
oilier bodies during tile interval.
Tho arguments in favor of an early
foundation are growing stronger every
day, und if action bo not taken soon
by tho government, It will be too late,
and llrillsh Columbia will contain, instead of one efficient university, four
or live small and poor colleges, maintained by selfsacrillcing effort Of religious denominations, aud ' therefore
certain to endure.
The regular munfhly meeting of the
club was held Saturday eenlng; Dr.
Arthur, president, in the chair; others
present were Mrs. W. S. Pearcy, Ilev.
J. T. Ferguson, itev. K. H. Graham, C.
M. Fraser, VV, J. Uaird, A. L. MoKlflop,
G. Fl itevell, .1. Fraser, N. S. Fraser,
Mr. Hart and H. J. Clark.
Alter the routine business was iin-
ished lhe following rofiorL was presented by the university committee, as ttie
draft of a communication to be presented to other educational bodies and
finally to the government:
"Whereas, ll is not consonant with
the ulguity oi the largest ami potentially the richest province of Canada
to refuse to its own sons facilities within its borders lor obtaining sulhclent
learning to lit tliem for learned proles-
sious, nor economically expedient that
the task of scientilically developing the
material resources ol the province
should of necessity be entrusted to experts from olher provinces, from lhe
mother cuuntry or from foreign countries.
"It is desirable that a provincial university should be established aud endowed as early as possible.
"The exisiiug arrangement with Mc-
Clll university, while valuable as a
temporary expedient, cannot be permanently satisfactory, because It is Incomplete and siibordinale to external
authority, and its existence may lie a
Botirce of danger lu the encouragement
It offers for the beginning of snia.l centers for partial university work and its
disturbance of lhe high school system
of the province.
"Arrangements are being made by
the Church of England lor the establishment of a theological college in the
province, anil Bimllar steps have been
considered by the Presbyterian, Methodist and Baptist churches. Such training colleges will, in the absence of other facilities for education, almost inevitably develop around themselves small
arts colleges, thereby scattering and
weakening the educational efforts anil
IntorestB of the people, as has been
done by the same means in other provinces of Canada, notably Nova Scotia.
"Thai the preBent needs of the province may be provided for, and the danger of educational disunion averted, we
would urge that endowment for a provincial university In hind or money, or
both, be provided at once, und that
steps be taken as early as possible for
the establishment of a university anil
the beginning of Its work. And we request the co-operation and support of
all friends of education, organized and
unorganized, in pressing this important
question on the uttention of the provincial government."
The report was considered clause by
clause, and adopted. The committee,
K. J. Clark, Hevs. J. T. Ferguson unit
F. H. Uruhuni, Dr. E. C. Ariliur, A. L.
McKillop, C, M Fraser aud W. .1. lialrd,
were Instructed to take such further
slops as may seoui advisable In tlie
Tho literary program of the evening
wus A. U McKlllop'B paper on "Sociology." Beginning with the Ideas on social organization, borrowed from Bt
Simon by August Comte, which were
tho subject of the discussion at the
club's May meeting, Mr. MoKlUop
sketched briefly their development
dowu to tho present, dealing with
Mills, father und son,
and  Henry George,
lie spoke of man's twofold struggle
for existence and enjoyment, ono with
nature and one with his feliOWS. The
Hist, he said, was often ignored by so
clul reformers, who denmndou
government should make
living easy for all.
Mr   McKillop also criticised tho fill
lacy of analogies  from  physical
to the action of
and  society
vails Is of value, and may yet produce
ameliorations In the cotiditlon of the
Othor speakers were Rev. F. H. Graham, R. J. Clark, Mr. Hart. C. M. Fraser and W. J. Baird.
In replying. Mr. McKillop promised
on some future occasion lo further develop the subject of social organization
and means of Improving it.
The program for the next meeting
was left to be arranged by the president and secretary. The club then adjourned to Saturday, September 8th.
Valuable Agent of Civilization.
That the phonograph lias been an active agent in the spread of civilization,
in assisting exploration nnd in substituting peace for war, Is shown by the
history of the talking instrument.
Colonel Colin Harding, the English
explorer of the wilds of Central Africa,
had many difficulties smoothed from
his way hy this Instrument. Part ot
his projected Journey through Barotse-
land and about the headwaters of the
mighly Zambesi river lay through a
wild country peopled by blacks, who
objected to the passage of a white
man's expedition.
King l.enawika, of that country, approved of the expedition, but tbe difficulty was to transmit his wishes to the
thoiisunda of his subjects in the remote corners of ills dominions.
The phonograph was brought Into
requisition. The Barotse sovcreigu ut-
lered his commands into tlie Instrument, and in this way records were obtained in which the monarch exhorted
all his subjects to assist Colonel Harding In every way.
Armed with these records, the explorer set out upon his hazardous journey.
As he penetrated into the country the
native chiefa displayed unmistakable
signs of hostility. On such occaslona
the colonel simply set the phonograph
in action, and the unsophisticated natives were almost prostrated by terror
when they heard the tones of their august monarch proceed from what they
termed tho "speaking iron."
They looked at the Instrument with
awe and with gaping mouths.
In this way Colonel Harding traveled
over 8.000 miles without the slightest
molestation, and never had lo use his
rifle on a single occasion in se'.f-defence
and against the. blacks.
When Ihe Americans were extending
their occupation of the v Philippine
Islands, the peoples of certain sovereignty manifested a disposition lo rebel. The sultan was Induced to visit a
warship, and, while In the captain's
cabin, was entertained by the productions of a phonograph.
So greatly was he pleased with lhe
instrument that he agreed to sign a
treaty and "be good" if the Instrument
was 'presented to him. This was done,
the In al'.. was signed, and the sultan
departed in high glee with his new
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
Rooms are well furnished.  Table as good as &nr
In Kebon.    Bar supplied with good
llaunrs ana -.liars.
W. E. McOANDLISH, Proprietor.
Ttemont House
Kuropean %Dd American Plan
Vcali '& cti.   Room! Irnm 2fi cu. to 11
Only White Help Employed.
Bfcker St., Nelson
Bartlett   House
Best DolIar-a-Day House in Nelson,
The Bar If the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Joupphlne Bt.
The Big Schooner T)a/>�� 1 A-
Or "Half and Half"    DCCl    \ ULe
The only Glass of Good Beer iu Nelson.
Hotel Accommodations second to
none in British Columbia.
Special Bates to Monthly Boarders.
The only Home Hotel in Nelson.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott, Fael
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Lake Vielto
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two blnckH from
Choice Fruit
58 Acres and
50 Acres.
Both Pieces of Land Near Nelson
Clearing light and soil excellent.
Very easy terms on payment can be arranged.
Phone 247.   Office next Canadian Bank of Commerce.   P. O. Box 828.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
first and  Accident
Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Keal Estate
'Business in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
Bates $1.00 per Day
and np.
No Chinese Help employed.
P. 0. Box 161.
Telephone 118.
Deliveries mad1) daily thronghout Nelson
aud its suburbs Phone 148.
Gait Coal
Term* HpOl Ouh
Teleplioae m "���'or Btreet
Herbert Spencer
uit lhe
onclitlons ol
NOTICE ih hereby given ihat at i meeting of
tin- BenohWi Ol tli��' Law Society Of British Col-
uniMH, held i�� the Benchers' Room at the Lew
Courts. Victoria. B.C., onthe7thdayof June,
A   1). HUH!, tho fiilLnw.i.K   resolution   wbi-   ���luly
passt-ii in ftccordenot) wlUt notion w oi the
^BihomuMiMMi." oaCAR c
.Secretary L.8. B O.
"Upon reeding tho complaint made by John
Elliot .iifitlnxl Sydney Kttwktun Taylor, K. C, a
barrliter and ���olloitor of the Supremo Court of
British Columbia, and Mr. Taylor appearing in
parson and admitting that he wrote the letter of
the 1st of February) iikh. and subsequently tak-
Ine a transfer oi the property mentioned in the
gam nf Centre Star Mining Company, Limited,
v Rossland Miner? Union, No.88, Western Federation oi Miners etui, reported in (1W*) 11 P.O.,
194 nnd upon bearing Mr. Taylor in explanation
of tin id letter and transfer:
RasOI.VRD, I tin t a Her careful eoiisidernt ion of the.
laid complaint, Lhe Benchers ure of opinion
ihat the said sydncy Stockton Taylor has heen
eullty of professional misconduct in the premises, and thai ho bo suspended from practice as a
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night
H�� iii pie and Bitl) Rooms Free.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Frait Landi in this district.
Most of it simiif o on the West Arm and Main Lake,
fore yon decide to locate.
i me be-
S. M. BRYDGES, inpe��&ik!amk
We Will .Sell.
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDermid & McHardy
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Comer Ward and Vernon Streets.
The Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
Choice Fruit
I Have f 0,000 Acres
oi the
Choicest Froit Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    ���    Nelson, B. C.
The Leading Hotel in the
Bsrrlstor ami Uoltsltorol the siiprr
Htiiifli Columbia lorone
0l June, 11W��'."
>urt ot
nlli from lhe 'Hi tlity
Imls of Individuals
Carried to their logical
he siild. such views mosl
end in fatalism nml human Imluslry, in-
telllgenoo and honesty would be held
of no account.
Ho doubled lhe value or any whew
of reform  based on  Iho idea tha   all
men  thought  and noted  In epnfr. m t
with any laws of mind yel discovered.
of Ihe problems of society und ����vern-
ment lay in Individual progress to industry honesty, charity und m.r..it>.
The paper was heartily applauded
and warmly praised by all others who
"SSr J T Ferguson raised the chiof
coitroVerslal Issue of lhe discussion
by maintaining thai the suggestion oi
Comte and his school that there weic
discoverable laws governing s.icial development, and that the restless mental activity thai followed and still pre-
Thirty dayii after ditte 1 Intend makltiK application to the Honorable tho Chief wmmlMlonw
of Laml�� inul witrkf, for n special lleeiiao to cut
and carry away lint ber from  the following (!��*���
orlbed landi. Compancloa ��t apoat planed on
the louthero boundary of Timber La-onsc Nu.
M7S and ebout 10 ohalni ntrth ol ihe n. w, cornet of lot6Wi. I. Went Kooeuay. running thenee
��re��tft) ohalni, thenee loutn wi chain*, thence
chm m din 11.", thenco north SOchaina to point oi
Dated iDth April WOo,
BBALBD TKNDK1U narked "Tenders for Mln-
Ins Stock" will be received by the undersigned
up to Vi o'clock M of Thursduy the Slat June in-
ataiit, for hiiIc of IW00 ahnrea lu tho Houndary
Klkliorn Mining Company, Limited.   ThlsCom-
pasy'i property i�� situate ai (inonwqoo, fl. i>\,
an.) tnljniiis tlte l'rovldeiiee, and is high grade
property.   It U a iMpper and development work
In being curried on extensively.   Tlie highcM or
any tender not necessarily accepted.
Dated at ''mini Forks. B.C., the 18th June, hWO.
A. t\ HI'TTON,
official Admlnlatralor.
Qood    Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Hater Street, Nelson. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity aud
Hoatod by Hot Air
Larsc iui'1 ('omtorlable Bedrooms sail First*
olsss Dining Room. Bs.u|>le Rooms for Commer-
mm Meu.
MRS. B. C. CLARKE, Proprietress
Tho well known
Our BeerGnrilen in
tho Finest iu tho
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothiutt but fresh nnd
wholesome meats nud supples kept hi stock
Mail orders receivo careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
J. CROW,   -   -   Proi-rirtor
West Transfer Co.
GEORGE F, MOTION, tt.iiii.tr.
Gonernl Tos.m8torn and Dealers in
Oonl nud Woo".   Express and
f'aggHVO Transfer
V8tiP& Office: Baker St.
Thompson & Douglas
Sltfi. WrltlnsT s> Specialty.
VV..II l��ii|.wr ni.tl Burlssp.
First Class Heattug Plants and Modern
Sanitary Appliunces.
90 Day Ro��nd Ttip
Winnipeg, Pt. Arthur,
Duluth, St. Paul.
Phone 181, Open House Bit, Box 401
Through Excursion Kates
Toronto, Montreal,
Maritime Provinces,
New York, New England
ou application.
Dates of sale : June 4, 6, 7, 83, 26;
July 2. 3;   Aug. 7, 8, ��;    sept I, 10.
Ticket! subject to uaual yarlatlona of
route and Include meala and berth on
C. P. R. steamers ou Great Lakes.
Full uartloulara from
D. P. Agent, Nelson, B. C. the Dally Canadian, June iB, i906
Our Souvenir Spoons arc the
Best You Can Find.
We have about 80 different kinds.,
in Stirling and Enamel, ranging
in price from BOcta to $;? 60 eaoh, and most <��f them are new designs,
In Pins, Bracelets, Knives, Trays, Paper Outters! etc., "we hnv
all ihe latest Canadian and Nelson Bonvonirs.      If you are
looking for a Souvenir we cannot fail to suit yon.
Mail orders receive prompt nml careful intention.
���fir,.,,   ���
Another Import Order
Just to Hand.
Fiue Ceylon Tea, 20lb.
Chest $4.50.
Finest   Ceylon   English
Breakfast, 20II1. Chest Jo.50.
Our own Special Blends,
English Breakfast 351', .^lbs
for $l.oo, and 25c a pound,
Those lines jtri1 fust gaining
preference over premium tens
ut Till cents per pound.
'The Store of Sweets."
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phone 35. Baker St.
Bell        I
Trading: |
Co.        \
'<A Tip" for a
'Canadian Morning*
Kootenay Coffee
I Encouroge
The Children
To come lo my grocery   with
'mama's messages."   Here Ihey
learn lo get  fhe I., st and  purest goods .ill ll.c time.
II will muke (hem discriminating Layers when they grow
up. for I..lying tlie besl Is it
valuable experience.
If yon sen | ill. Mm,, one on
a message to Ihis store, von
can depend on tlie same attention to your wants ns though
you  came  yourself.
Sen,1  iiie children  lor some
of the following;
DATES,   te w nnd  delicious,
2 lbs. for 25c
HONEY IN COMB, 1 cquare
for 2r>c
JUICY ORANGES, 45c per doz,
English Frull Drops, f!jc per Ib.
JOY'S Cash Grocery
Cor. JoBcphliu'Hinl Mill 8(8.      l'l.otu' in
Ice Cream Sodas.
The Finest in the Land.
Gor, Vtsrnon ,��r��d \v��rd streets,
INtJUSOiN,   B. C.
.1 FRED HUME, Proprietor.
It Clothier, A s Macdonald, Rossland;
R Hockey, W (i lioss, u (i Richardson,
W li Donnelly, Vancouver; .Miss s Ay-
lard, Elyrla, Ohio; A it Moore, Wilbur;
(' K Freeman, Sandon; D .1 \v Frank,
Qrand Forks; K Slllggi.nl, W tl Hay
wood. Ymir; VV J Nelson, Calgary; A
.1 Bell, Bonnington; Fred .1 Lynch, New
Westminster; VV C Wells. Victoria; J
II Curtis, Calumet; W S Cook and wife,
Phoenix; .1 A Sutherland, J Jones, Vic-
toria; E \V Fox. Spokane; A 'I' (Jar-
Inti.I. I' II Walsh, Kaslo; (i M Millar,
W Hill, II N Wright, Vancouver; .1 W
Bell, N .1 Patterson, 11 11 Haiti. Mon
treal; .1 ll Hughes, Brandon; A li
.Moore, Wilbur;  W M Jackman, Winnl
W E Zwlcky, E Zwlcky, Alice
Zwicky, ll Plumer, Kaslo; .1 II Scho-
Held. Trail; U Wilson, Victoria; C W
.larvis and wife, Tort William; W I)
Blanchard, Bonnington; F Hoffman,
New York; J II King and wife, A Ilig
ginbottom, Cranbrook; J A Call.ert.
Spokane; A Bordeaux, Kallspell; W H
Topion, Strathcona; J iianbiiry, wife
ami children, Mrs. A H Fleming, Brandon; Miss Urquhart, Philadelphia; li .1
McDonald, Spokane: H Stevens, At'-
rowhead; F F Merceron, R Beeebing.
Colonel Holmes, Victoria; Lord AM
mer, Ottawa; J l.aBnrlhe. J M Turn'
bull, Trail.
I. Oxley, Ymir; D D King, Arrowhead; J A Robinson, Greenwood; Cieo,
Stoves and wife, Vancouver; 0 B Ap
Pleton. Eight-Mile Point; R Pearce, Sal
mo; C Qooch, Kamloops.
I' Cordon. I.etiii,ridge; r Bronson,
Cohoes; A Hawker, Bonnington; li Pa
den,  W Crosley.  Ymir.
M Sinclair, Fernie; Sam Whitford,
Lethbridge; J N Baker, Ymir; C Peterson,   New   York.
C Morris. W Illgby, \v Spiller, Bonnington: .1 Quiring. Saraton; F .1 I'M
mt. Jessie: a Sialhammer. Idaho; H
Ki'V. Aullesieda; W A Calder, L C Morrison. Edgewood; C w Bourke, Koka-
-���-������ H E Trowbridge, Spokane: J p
Evans. Salmo; J w Brewer, Blue Lake;
J P Bel). Erie.
I Simpkins, E Stantanbury, c Seott,
Bonnington; V Dymes, Creston; T
Rock, Qionville; P Shafer, Movie: K
Edwards, Waverhqr; .1 Olendennlng,
Kaslo; s Buman, C Buman, C Paler, li
E Stabo, ,1 Carrlck, W Gibson, Bluebell
I' MoHhven, Cowley; l> Stewart, Win-
iiil.eg: G ll Holmes, w Rae, C II Wal
son.   Vancouver;  a  Sheppard,    Peter
bora;  T A   Anderson, Bnlle;  C  Pitman
Slocan; George Doherty, Spokane; w .1
Fosier. I) Grahnm, Bonnington; M Talt,
Ymir; E ,i Blanchard, It Fitswllllam,
Salmo; J Joplln, Tacoma; M .1   rum
mlns and wife, St. Paul.
Frank Tarry. Rlverview; It M Clnte,
Kaslo; A C Mnnnhani. Crnnl.rook: Miss
M Holiness. Miss I, Holiness, George
Shlell, Oranite; .1 B Rouloy, Nell McQueen. Ymir: Mrs. VV .1 Murphy Grand
Forks; I' .1 Hanagan, Spokane'; \v s
Foonery, E Sterling, Eholt; A W VVol-
Ion, Arrowhead.
S L McQrlm, Montreal; .1 It Clark,
Ymir; T Mttlvey, f) Cameron, T Mon
lagiie, Fernie; 0 Morris, Kaslo.
Two houses on Lake street, In good
repair, of r> rooms and 3 rooms, for
cash. J275. Apply to M. Scully, linker
One, Pierce Launch, complete; two-
horse power engine; boat house and
berth.    Apply  to Fred Irvine.
Fred Perry, formerly a pupil of N
son high school, bas returned to tin
city from Sarnia, where lie hns completed a coarse In a commercial college.
A special meeting of the official
board of the Melhoifisi church will be
bold in the school room of the church
tomorrow [Tuesday] evening at 9
Misses Cameron and McCundlish tied
in the 2n.(mi. oi ti I, popularity contest
last week, each polling 2411 votes. The
standing to dale is: Miss RlcCandliah,
3,830;  Miss Cl on, 8,890.
R MacEachern, flrsl mayor of the
new town of Plncher Creek, is It. tho
city, slaving al the Strathcona, He
visited ilie city offices today to observe
Nelson's methods of administration und
civic accounting.
linn R. F. Green, chief commissioner
of lands und works, left Victoria on
Thursduy lust, and is now on his wny
to Hurkcrviilo by tho Cariboo road lo
look into the needs of Hie I,ill,mm nml
Cariboo  districts.
His honor Lieutenant-Governor Duns-
nm ir left Victoria of. Tuesday of Inst
week for a holiday excursion up the
west mainland coasl with a party of
friends, and will he absent from the
capita]  for several  weeks.
Tbe postponed meeting of tho executive committee of ihe 20,000 club will
he held Iii lhe board of trade rooms fo-
morrow evening nt 8:30. A letter has
been received by the secretary from
ihe Arm of Fisher *:��� Hamilton, of Winnipeg, inviting tlte co-operation of the
club In booming the agricultural lands
of Kootenay Valley;
c. S. Rashdall, late of tbe slaff of
tin- Canadian Metal Company, his accepted the position of representative
of the mine-owners at the; Hull Mines
smeiier made vacant by ihe death of
G. it. G. O'Drlscoll, Mr. Rashdall has
been a resident of Kootenay for twelve
years, and will command (be confidence
of bis employers nnd also of the smelter management
Have Yoa Tried It ?
The New Breakfast Food
Oh, Its Great.
20 cents per package or three
fur 50 cents.
Soda  Fountain
in town at the
Hazlewood Parlor
Try our Doable Jersey
A Fine Assortment of Fruits,
Nuts and Confectionery,
C. A. Benedict S.H.SEANEY
Corner Silica and Josephine St-M
u-niuiHl the Child .villi Toysaftd
��� his days happy. They are 101 Important
r in ins education nnil development.
will keep liim ont in the health) sunshine
unto- 1,1 sti crow.
CARTS .'sir, !Kh- 101.1 ILtW.
YVHRKI BARKO" -:- ,!��c,��l 7S,W 10.
WAUOK8 13.00,1! . . tl 0, (l "���>
Good Mnrlln rlile for sale cheap.
ply al Athabasca Saloon.
The Pollard Lilliputians finished a
very successful week's engagement nt
Sherman's opera house Saturday night
will. "The Lady Slavey." They left
yesterday morning for Calgary, where
they have a week's engagement. The
Mule people have completely won the
favor of Nelson theatre-goers, and are
certain of crowded houses whenever
they may revisit  the city.
Parents of children who will attain
school age in lime to enter the public
school at the beginning of the fall
term are requested tn notify the principal. A. Sullivan, and also the secretary of the board of trustees, Dr. An bur.
not later than Wednesday afternoon.
The trustees will meet Wednesday
night to consider tbe question of school
accommodation, nnd ii is important
that as full Information ns possible bo
available then.
Lord Aylmer nnd Colonel Holmes re
turned Sunday night from Ross'nnl,
where Ihey inspected No. 1 company
of the Rocky .Mountain Rangers, commanded by Capt A. II. Mackenzie ami
Lieut K. B. L. Dewdnoy. The parage
Btrength of the company was 36, officers and men. The Inspecting officers
wil] leave tomorrow morning for Fernie. where the ride company will be
examined. From 'there Lord Aylmet
and Major Baton will start eastward
On his return trip Colonel Holmes will
Inspect the companies nt Kaslo, Revel-
stoke nnd Kamloops.
Two fishermen of Nelson who lately
made a trip to Reaver Meadows report
thai the section hands on the Great
Northern railway are using fish traps
and taking the mountain front by hundreds. One of them look a trap'out of
the creek and threw It away. A Swede
laborer was questioned by the Nelson
men. and stated frankly that Ihey had
three trails, and were catching "two-
three-four hundred fish" a day. The attention of ihe fisheries Inspector, the
provincial police and the Nelson Fish
and Game Protective Association might
profitably fie given to the matter, Tlie
Nelson men. .1. Thompson and A. liar-
rod, have already reported to the air
thoiitl. s
The Store of Quality
W. G* Thomson
ft8!��W "'" Nelson, B. C.
Phorit .14.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
A full line df Crook*py��
China and Qlasawar*.
Alio Second Hand.GooO.iof Brery Deierip-
lion,  Wo bavc v<>\ tbegoodianil iell at
Lowe*! Prtcea in Town. *
<;uoi> WAiimorsK fob btobaob.
���M , ri.-.xt I
im; Tiekel Offioe.
Fresli  Dominion
Creamery Butter
30cts. per pound
Telephone Hi I.
J. A. Oryderman has been engaged
to look  after   th..   circulation of The
Dally Canadian.
The price of silver has advanced
since Saturday, two points In London
and three In New York. Today's American quotation Is t;r, 5-se. Lead, fop.
per and zinc an' unchanged.
J. llnnhitry. of the llanbuiy Lumber
Company, of Brandon, is nt the Strath'
eona wiih bia wife and children. Mr.
Hanbury has lately acquired timber
nnd mill Interests In Must Kootenay,
Cm sip a /Us
Willk& 1: j, ,-,,:../ spirits id dtltW
Mcjurfii-i St/ssgfv/rt m-Senisctadtisfc,
tbal 1 in- drlnkirarved at mirftxin Fountain
had tonic projHTticn Im-mMcb rafreabtngl
We mo niiiy r.-al frufi fyrtipi of ih- rtn��� *>t
finality Fountain,counter, gtaaui and
rucepiHi-ieN nn: kept tornpuloualy olean
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit.
Thorpe's nice cool drinks.       Lnnel.es
put np a specialty.
W.J. Walker,   j&
To Whom It May Concern:
NOTICE IH HKKKIIV OIVKN ll,���l ���, at|on
will be made to the presiding .in.bM ol the Bu.
nromo Courl in Cliamben nt the Law Courts
Hni.ii(.!i Hanaro) Vle'orle, B. C. on FVIdal   id.-
-".iili day of .1 i, pis;, hi to.isi o'clock in tbe lore
' lor ��n order extendlruj the time until the
Inlli .lav ,.1 July MOB. n,r ri-clKlnilf-.i |,r ||lr
"r penloeAci Amendment Aci IfNM"of s cor.
lain Deed of Chargo dated .In- tilth day ..f Mm
I'.'"m made hetween the Hull .MiintIK and Smell
IngComponjJ.lmltetl.oftlioonepart.and nun
Rainsaj and Ernest I'rler AaUley.ol 11,,. mi,,,
'"^'-,'!��� i'T,',!'.i' ���"!',''"'   '"'"l"'"..'  lares ilim
Ul�� 8831, i.i'i.i, '/L'.u.:'.':!,. ir.'.'i.i, -j;h;, L...:!7 1.|j,-| ;_.,._..
J3M.83S5, iniri ..f Lol 810, pari ..[ I..i im.Oroun'
I, Kootenay District, hots i to!M InclusiTo iii,,,.!
n, lot IS, end i.m�� Itol2inclosl��,loBloek ��.
leim ,,i Nelson, toll 1 nn.i tn. Block li bats i
nn.I II. Block A, Addition A M��i, SIB II   In sold
K "">' District, shall stand ,.|������c,.,i vrlth the
paymentofoll principal monies and Interntdtu
oi t" I "me due iii respect ol debentures to tin.
tntiil amoenl ul W.,000 Issued by the wild t'run.
pany In luirsiiitin Mm in.|, nluredated theslth
June, ISOI, between tl n Mlnes.L m.i, .,
he tir-i part, and Athertou Kdwaitl Ashler ,i
the| second hart, and William Curtis Ward ,nd
" llll'in "re.- Jefferevs, ol the Hind i,���n   ..���.i
lhe said Hull I ���;,���., s I    K\',"i,     '
lin..��,,���n.lH������ Bamsay, of the fifth part, belnl
" Vi,'"', .,"',   ', '" "'" ""ddobontorea,and
;;;',::::.ri:';,',,l: ,"tVK""""''"""r>l '""r��" '���<"���>
Boflcltoi for said Mall UlnloaoV Hi,,, imiik
Cotopany, blmltet]
|>'>'.' ' al Nelson, It tt, thlatSlh dayof Jono,
Boiled Ham
Sliced Tliin.
iVr pound 40o,
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block , Phone 10
Fit-Reform Clothing
iii.(.'lii when on sale or on
nl when put to tho test
weakness nl once.
o'I'Iiim; PJJBA8B.
Neat Sight
Slightly neariigl i io.i��y.
Mj��r�� tomorrow.
tf&IKSRu "rl,r 'Ir'1! '; ^K^nnnnu
"lldll  '!      'i      ,i'  |i   u   i Ml,.,i I' VAWIIv'stVli
K.t,,,,,v,'.;y',',,'i,l;;.ill.,'''''��ri''''"' '����i-
Is a net'essfty In every well rsguUtSd heme.   Our Blodusomblnahasnt*
���irdesiiiu with absolute accuracy u time-keepere,  w... [neite iii.i���,m,;
OtoUrOIOCkl   tiny lire liete III great vitrlely of styles -from s. |a . ���  J"
und alarm, al U up t" the One Imported onei,    Ws ���>���><> bat ��� ti,,",'
full �� little iilnriii idles ut only If M).   Come lu Unlay m
��� ����������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������S>��.����>������4,,>M4>1
X   JUST   RBCBtVBD   CARLOAD   oi-' r^j
j Standard Fatnitute Company
M.lh.ltl ,v  It .<li I'nitu.-,
������ i si"rrrioer" klallreos,
i.Ml.r Vv. nil'ke BiH.lt C
Complete House Furnishers and Undertakers, m
<c- and Olll.e K.iriillnre
?������������<���> ����MMM������MMMMM����)������M��i'��������M������t44s
Repairing and Jobbing a Speciiltil
.Sl.eetn.etnl Work, Oagttugg, BnUdna' Waterial antHOnloi nnd Mill Mnnliliiw
i ifli.e an.I Works Kail of I'nrlt Bt,
I'lionc   204.
>cls,,ti, ||.g,l
I. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., LtdJ
We would invite you lo if.B|��H't nor bir^e nnil vnriwl eltsk nf
No ueetl to differ from heat if
will only etill nnd nuk lo see
::: Hot Weather Requisiti
Store ojien from 7 it.m. to ti p.m. every day oxeept holidays nti.l Sniidnys.
Rsspalrltlg and .l<>hl>lntf csetiuted with I lespntch.   8h��Mt M��ta
WOrk,  Mlmni: mill Mill  U.ieMi.ee, .     Miinulssctururn of
Ore Clira,   H.   H.   Contnictiirss*   Ci.r��.
H Don't Forget we are
m Headquarters
IS   Po,
Kke ror....
AND DEALERS IN   LtlfllDef ���  ShlflglcS^
Lfith, Mouldinirs, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work find llrnckotH. Mnil Orders promptly ntt'i*"1
Sawing Mutthiiiu on i��c .t oa, Bottla. (|
MaoHlna iiuitx .!���� aneh.
Hnve von Keeti the Anloinnlie |)ro|i Head New Home for sale nl
HS.00.   II is n marvel of simpllolly.   i'erfeet in liiiialt.
Very liKiit tnnnuig,
Baker Bt., Nelson, B. ('.
Ili|!b-Cln��� 'I'ltilo
WASHING Machines
If yon Wish to pnrelinRi. a Writiirer that will H"
Satisfaction in every wny buy
We alio 1 lie their calehmtad RB-AOTINO WASHgH
Tiieso have tlie largeat sale in Cnnndn.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y> Vi
NEESON "��'��"


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