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The Daily Canadian Jul 23, 1906

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Array 5totl#  Canadian
' ''i
I.   Nd. 42.
NELSON, B. C, MONDAY, JULY 23, 1906.
Fifty Cents a Month
loner's Jury Will Examine Causes of Wreck
sWements For Funerals of Four
fictims of Railway Disaster-
Unknown Identified.
rim's was empanelled this morning
���l,,. district coroner, Dr. B). 0, Arid examine Into the cause of
, | ii oi w. n. Townsend, ,\i. n
,,,,,��� w. II. Smith anil .1. M.
i....ins',  who  were killed In  the
|i, .it the Ureal Northern passenger
Itenvei  Canyon, a few miles
Ij, ,,i sis. international boundary
s, in)    afternoon  last  al
(. .ins i- composed of ll. C. Ss'isssis.,
���. w  ">',  Boer, D, P, Qigot, P.
,.,.. .1   \  ailker and J. a. Klrr-
i    ilu ��� in.'! ftl the courl house
ttila mom ng ami proceeded with
ortstier to she undertaking iiailors
|, ���        i Furniture Company to
ids' bodies.    II. D, Douglas, dls-
lor   tin.    Great     Northern
,    Company,   was   present   ulso.
r reviewing the bodies the Jury
eleased  until  B:SO this evening
ills- members of the train crew
e time of ths- dtsftater, except the
i mnl cook,  who are Htill In  tho
ussy   Lake  general  hospital,  will
i .-.suit tss give evidence.
il  saeh  Bvldence Is recorslesl  no
b ssf the wreck can be given.   The
.���is, who were near enough to see
ttly  what   happened are still  pros-
I'd by the shock, with few excep
ft  Wilson reports this, morning that
W,   il.   Pool   Ir   progressing   very
fcusisiy and  In  In  no danger.    The
Iist.s'  Summers, Ib also doing well.
lulferlng from a number of very
cuts  and   bruises.    As   fur as
fsssii nt  present he lias suffered no
Mini lnjurii'8.
irsngements for the burlnl three of
slead have already been made.
|l  It. Townsend, H'in of W. H. Town-
psl. arrlvesl from Rossland last night
arrange  for  the  funeral  of  his  fa-
ft. which will tulte plaee tomorrow
moon front St. Saviour1! cliurch to
ingllcan cemetery.   As announced
..hero, ihe Sous of England    will
' >'i hi a body the funeral of the lirsl
ni master ssf the lodge In British
s   W. Qoodenottgu and t'. Webster
Ived from Kaslo loslav to look after
���iss ssf m. I). MoKlnnoo ami \v
| Bmlth ..a iss'iiair of the order of Ba-
M.  li.   Ms-Klniions body Will  lis.
ii in Kaslo lonlghl.   Thi' sli'svuss-sl
��� s,,'i] known anil respected In Kaa
'���here he will be mourned by many.
if Smith, in compliance w-itn ills
!s exiiressed wish, will be taken to
'i 'ii" ami burled beside lhe body of
brother, whom he lately   rcisurls'il
it  is a  isjiiiis'iic circumstance
when be was baying n lol in the
'iui'1 csMui'lery,  "Phoebe,"    as    lie
mlllarly  known,    remarked    lo
|[s friends:    "The otber spars' is   for
��� I 1 (lon'l think it will have Ishsish
'���'list for nis.."
|Tlis> hotlies of McKlnnon ami Smith
1 '  recovered front tlie wreck yestermorning anil brought  to Hit- city
'I'll" fourth body wub lils'ntlllesl   this
" iiii��    by     Wiulli'v     Mil.s'sssl,    sst
���''���   in Hint  of I. .\i. Cornthwalle. a
"ran prospector of  ICootonay,  who
'' i n working placer claims on Sal-
1  river uml    Its  trlbularli's    since
 Unas tor Is the worst In the hla
���if British I'ssiuiiiisiu railroads
htitever Its cause, subsiding of track,
' isi'ii' a wheal flange,,It happened at
"it   the ihost  dangerous  place  on
��� Spokane Fulls ansl Northern lino,
31 where  llle    truck    overhangs    a
'Oi In  the  Heaver canyon, where n
leaving the track must Inevitably
'Im. n the steep declivity.
1 ���'��� Flynn, who was on his way
"!l! Spokane to Nelson to accept the
'""Ion or flier In the Yale-Columbia
""ninny's sawmills, had a very nar-
��� oRcnpo. lie had Jusl stepped trom
"' bullet car to the car ahead, and
"a Mill on its roar pint form when
"' crash came. As soon as possible
' i".ids' his wny lo the wrecked car.
110 Hi'Bl person he found waB Mrs.
"" ��� who was pinioned head down-
''' between two seats In the wreck-
!ar. As he niiproaclied her she
'' 'mile calmly, and linked him
to assist her child, who was
In batween the roof of the   over-
lbe turniture he was able to release
Mrs.   Pool.
The next lis. fssand was W. B, Town-
���end, whom be tried to release, but
wive up his effort, wh(m h(, m    |hll|
lie   wus   alrs-udy   slead.
By this time other passengers and
members of the  train crew  were    on
""' ,0�� '"'I  working ������ bard as 111.'
nature nl tin. ground and tlm pusitlssn
oi the shattered car permitted to get
Ills' Injured oat ���f ,1m,,.,.r. Al lirsl 11
was feared Oul the ear, with its Imprisoned and nrippled occupants,
would take nis' from th.. overturned
kitchen stov.i. hut thai danger wus
soon removed, ami all the injur.-,] were
taken up to the track to await the ar-'
rival of the relief train from North-
The train! then came skswly Into
Nelson, that the Inevitable Jarring ami
Jssltlag mlghl hi' fi'li as links as psss-
sibie by  the  injured,    Those  whose
hurts were hast serlsius were brought
down Iii cahs from the mountain station. It was I o'clock before lhe train
drew int.) thi' union sialism, which
was crowded with friends of ihe lead
an.,  injured.
Ur. Arthur, coroner, ami Dr, Wilson,
surgeon to the railway company, were
lirsl admitted tss th,' ears. Dr. Rose
ami Ur. P. I ly. of Portage la Prairie, were also present,
"Mi, i!
ami one of the chandeliers.
;l' 'e cut awuy the bell rope and
' �� Pulley lo extricate the boy.
tJen by breaking away some   of
It Is learned that M. D. McKlnnon's
father ami mother are living in Glasgow, Scotland. They will iss- Informed
ssf his death, bul Interment win prole
ably  take plaee al   Kaslo.
I. M. Cornthwslte has been f���r some
years a resident ssf Spokane, where
Ills wife still  lives, and  il  Is prsslsalsli'
that his body w'lii be H.-nt. there foi'
Canada's   Veteran   Organist  and   Tutor
Includes Nelson  in  His British   Columbia   Tour.
Dr. F. H. Torrington, the noted organist  of lhe Metropolitan church    in
Toronto, und who has been called the
father of miiHlc in Canada, arrived in
lhe city on Saturday night, and fs tho
guest of Mr. and Mrs. T. Parker, of
Hall street. Dr. and Mrs. Torrington
have been making a tour of the western provinces and conducting musical
examinations for the pupils of the Toronto Conservatory of Music, of which
the doctor'Is managing director.
Seen by a representative of The
Canadian last evening, he expressed
himself as being delighted with the entire west, but more particularly with
British Columbia, and because of the
.scenic and climatic attractions he has
prolonged his visit far beyond the
original time limit set for the trip.
"One of the most Interesting feat'
iires of the trip." said Dr. Torrington.
'is the privilege of meeting in lhe
most out of the way and unexpected
places the pupils who have at one time
and another passed through my bands.
I have had telephone messages, both
���hurt and long distance, nnd have been
pleased to personally meet former pn
;>tis, all of whom are giving a mosl
excellent account of themselves."
"Are you seeking to increase ihe attendance at the conservatory, doctor?"
asked ihe newspaper man.
"No. that Is not our object. We be
Here in assisting lu every way the de
vclopmenl of talent in its own locality,
We are not canvassing for onr own
business. We want lo see Canada develop her musical lalenl at home aa
much as possible."
Then tho doctor drifted Into reminiscences, and told In a most Interest'
ing way how he came to enter tlie rail-
ileal profession at lhe early age of ft
rears, A ticket for a violin raffle had
come Into the possession of his mother,
uni she by good chance won the    In
ttrument,   she brought it to the sleep
ng room of the youngster, who "snt
on the side of ihe bed in exceedingly
brief costume." and made his IntUal experiment wllh the realned bow. That
was Ihe beginning of his career, which
.'ins been ji phenomenally   successful
me, lie spent several years In Hos
Ion, but  could  not  he Induced to    live
permanently outside of Canada, and ho
returned to Toronto to lake up his old
md loved work.
Most pathetic was his recital of the
trngtc death of his mother, nml from
pathos lo wit, humor and keen observation the doctor ran the conversational gamut to the Intense Interest of
his auditors.
Dr. and Mrs. Torrington are both
loud of Isaac Walton's hobby, and with
their family will spend several days
on Kootenay lake.
It Is the city's loss thnt there is no
organ in Nelsou upon which Ihe doctor
might favor the citizens with a public
Price of Metals.
New York, July 2.1.���Silver, OB 1-2;
copper, 17 IM; electrolytic copper
stock, IS to 18 1-4;  lead, $5,76.
London. July 2I..-Silvoi\ 30 5*1(5;
load,   Bl() IU Bd; zinc,  .C27.
No Place Like Home.
Tho      Vancouver      News-Advertiser
nays;   Hon. H. P. Qreen, chief commissioner of lands and works for British
Columbia,  was among lhe passengers
from the capital on Thursday morning.
He was accompanied by Mrs. Creen
and Master Robbie Creen. They will
remain in the city for a few days before leavlrv; for the interior.
Olivia   Dahl and  Gina   Smith  at  Sher
man's Opera   House.
Under all ordinary circumstances,
such an artiste as Olivia Dahl could
only be heard in the world's greal centres of population and of art A peculiar combination of circumstances,
however, gives the rare treat of her
music, to the small interior communities of this province, and It is sincerely
to be hoped lhat the opportunity will
be appreciated at its worth. Miss Dahl
had lost heavily In the San Francisco
horror. She. had recently come under
the professional management of C. H,
Gibbons, who last season brought tier*
rardy, tbe world's greatest "cellist, lo
lhe coast, and who is himself a loyal
Hritish Columbian*. She could not. afford. In consequence of her California!!
experience, lo enjoy the usual summer
lay-off of the professional singers. Slut
.wanted to see something of Hritish Co-
lumbla while in this country. And so
It came about that the present Utile
lour was proposed, in connection with
which the people of Nelson and their
regatta day visitors will enjoy a concert by MIhs Dahl and her associate
artiste. Cina Smith, a brilliant pianisto
aud daughter of the famous Kraii Anna
Slroin-Smilh, on the evening of Friday,
tlie 87th instant. It is to be hoped
that Miss Dahl will be greeted by a
crowded house, for there are few
greater singers in the world today, and
the critics are agreed that she will be
the next notable musical sensation, or
"discovery," as the Impresarios term
ii   in America's art circles.
New Strike is   Mads on St. Eugene at
And now comes the good news that
a big body of ore has been struck in
the 2,000-foot level of the St. Eugene.
This new strike Is ln about 500 feet
from the 200-foot shaft level. In drift
ing from this level a full face of ore
was encountered. This is another proof
that the St. Eugene is becoming better with depth.
So well is the company pleased with
the property that several important
Improvements, it Is said, are being
planned. One is the enlarging of the
concentrator and the adding of a lot of
new machinery. Another is the sinking of the shaft to a considerably greater depth. This will mean the employment of a hundred or more additional
men. The Leader says Moyie seems
destined to yet outrival Itossland .oi
Phoenix as a mining cam]).
The Secret Is Out Respecting the Pen
dray and   Sons  Land
(Spi'i'lul  lo 'lnc Daily Canadian.)
Victoria, July 2;!.���Tho royal commission is. lni]iiirss iniss iho cb&rgea
preferred hy tho Vancouver World
againsl the landa and works ..epuri-
ini'iii opened this morning in tins par-
liamenl buildings, Hon. V. Peters, K.
0., presiding. The preliminary wit-
nsssses examined were Percy llrown.
real estate agent, who was acting for
Pendray and Sssus tn the purchase of
the lota, and F. II. Harrison, proprietor of the lirlnrfl hotel; .lames s\liir-
ray, real estate agent, and Hon. It. P.
Qreen, chief commissioner of lands
an,1  works.
Mr. Green denied Hint any Information resps'cting Pendray and Sssus'
tender hail been given out hy his department
The most imiMirtant testimony was
given hy Murray, who saisl he hail acted ns agenl for the Belli esinte. and
knew ahoul what Pendray would tender, ansl thnt the sum would be ahout
$2,(100. with this Information he Interested .lames Anderson in the matter, nnil the hitler In turn Interested
Harrison, who put ln a hisl of $2,100.
Murray sU'nlesl having hessn given any
private Information from the lands
aud works deportment,
Percy Brown Is still on the stand.
Two orders were made hy his honor
.luslge Porln at n chamber session of
the county court Ihis morning.
In Fernau vs. tho Canadian Metal
Company. A. M. lohnson was granted
an order for Instructions for delivery
ssf claim.
ln Oenelle vs. Genelle, 0 Joint application of S. S. Taylor ansl (I. S. Mb-
Carter for discovery of documents was
Trains and Boats.
Crow hoal���On time.
Slocnn train���On time.
Spokane train���Few minutes late.
('oast. Boundary and ltosslansl ualu
-On time.
Triumphant Year For Leader of Opposition
Persistently Prosecuted Enquiry Into
Expenditure oi Public Moneys-
Majority Tactics.
Ottawa, July 17.���On Friday, July 13,
the governor-Kenernl appeared in the
senate chamber and prorogued parliament with the ukuiiI ceremony. Thursday was the da**- set for the closing
but the government measure for the
repeal of the act providing pensions for
retired ministers did not reach the senate In time to allow the three readings
to be taken with the uutial interval. It
was only by a suspension of the rules
that parliament was able to close |>e-
fore Saturday. When the house opened
Sir Wilfrid Laurier stated that all the
government bills were ready. Yet the
house hud been tn session for four
months before this pension repeal bill
was submitted.
It haB been a triumphant year for
ihe leader of the opposition. Mr. Borden has had behind him a loyal and
united party, and the party has had a
resolute, resourceful, dignified and honorable leader. Mr. Borden rose to ev*
ery occasion which called for the quail-
lies of leadership. Several times he
caused changes In the government program, and the legislation of this yct*r
is improved in many details through
his vigilance, clear Judgment and splendid business qualities.
But this session vill be remembered
for other things more than for any legislation accomplished. It was a year
of exposure. More scandals have been
brought to light during this session
than in any other since the union of
the provinces. From early in March
until July opposition members have
steadily and persistently prosecuted
enquiry into theh expenditure of public
money, the management of the public
domain, aud Into charges of plunder
ami graft in public business. No session of Canadian parliamentary history
has seen more faithful work done in
committees of Investigation. The enquiries have heen pressed in the face
of many difficulties. Documents have
been delayed or withheld. Witnesses
have refused to answer questions, and
have been supported In their refusals
by ministers aad government majorities. Investigation into several transactions has been burked, sometimes indirectly and two or thre times by a direct vote of the house, where a party
majority refused to allow the enquiry.
Nevertheless the record is long and
The Disgraceful  Record.
Among the deals and scandals exposed or partially revealed during the
pnst session are the following:
The Saskatchewan Valley land deal.
The Atlnntic Trading Company contract and the group of scandals connected with It.
The Bronson nnd Ray concession and
ex-Speaker Bolcourt's connection with
Tho fielfnas exposure and the consequent refund.
The scandal of the Ice-brenker
"Montcalm's" silver plate, with the
overcharges and the refunds conse
quent on exposure.
The thin red  line eleotlon  frauds.
The fake homestead scandals.
Tho scandalH of the Arctic steamship expedition,
The scandals of tho St. Joseph. Dis
raelt and (Irand Valley wharves.
The Leopold, alias Lazarus, labor bureau scandals.
The Arundel Printing Company contract   exposures.
Thes  learner Kestrnl accounts.
The Merwln scandals.
The Georgian Hay survey supply
swindles, and the attempted fur coat
bribery connetceil with them.
The  Magnetewan lighthouse.
The deal of the grazing leases.
The timber lease scandal.
The Moncton land purchase deal and
The Philip Wagner outrage.
The Laurler tower collapse.
The steel files deal.
The Prince Albert election frauds by
Dominion officials.
The above constitutes a list of maladministrations surpassing any similar
period In the history of Canadian governments.
Dunsmuir Will Case.
London, July 2;i.���Before the judicial
committee of tho privy council, the
Dunsmuir case was unexpectedly concluded on Friday without the respondents being called upon, and judgment
was reserved, but the legal authorities
regard the dismissal of the appeal as
In reserving judgment Lord Mc
Naughton intimated that he was un-
Wi.,ing to reconsider evidence which
had boon the subject of concurrent
Judgments in two Canadian courts, as
the nppelunts had not established that
the domicile had been changed from
Hritish Columbia to California. It was
unnecessary to go Into the California!)
Revolutionist!   and   Troops   Preparing
for a  Clash.
St. Petersburg, July 28.���The government's coup d'etat is already having the effect of uniting all the discordant elements of the opposition. It
is already clear that resistance will
be  mode.
Members of parliament who fled to
Viborg, Finland, apparently Intend to
defy their sovereign. General fears
are expressed by the Liberals here
that the military forces will surround
and capture tne members at Viborg
on the ground that they constitute an
Illegal and revolutionary assembly. Although there was much rioting con
tinned in the outskirts all through trie
night, it Is practically quiet this
morning, but ominous forebodings of
a coming storm nre apparent on every
hand. During the night over a thou-
sand arrests of workmen, agitators
and revolutionary suspects were made
Railways leading out of the city
have been placed under martial law.
There are now more than 00,000 troops
massed In the city.
Wealthiest Man on the Street Rounds
Out Life.
New York, July 23.���Russell Sage,
the aged financier, died at his home
on Long Island yesterday. The immediate cause of death was heart failure. He would have celebrated his
9otb birthday on August 4th. He is
thought to have left everything to his
wife's control. His fortune Is estimated at from $75,000,000 to $100,-
Federation Means Business.
Washington, July 23���The executive
committee of the American Federation of Labor today made good Its
threat to enter Into politics by issuing
a circular exhorting all its friends and
members to work for theelection to
congress of men known to be favorable to the cause of labor.
Not All Subdued Yet.
Manila, July 23.���A detachment of
constabulary encountered a band of
600 Putajanes on the island of Leyte
on Sunday morning. Twelve privates
and a civilian scout were killed.
Perishable Produce Waits from Saturday to Tuesday for Shipment
to the  East.
The agitation of the fruit growers
has not by any means subsided. The
arrangement of time of the steamers
at the end of the week was particularly unfortunate. The steamer Moyie
arrived In Nelson Saturday afternoon
at 3:30, having passed the fruit ranches much too early to pick up the fruits
of Saturday's picking. There was no
call made anywhere on Sunday, and
the fruit that arrives today cannot go
east until tomorrow morning. Consequently all fruit picked after the Moyie passed on Saturday has had lo wait
on the wharves at the ranches or ln
Nelson  until  Tuesday  morning.
Some of It has spoiled, and some of
it has been sold at a sacrifice locally;
very little could be kept for shipment
easi   as desired.
F. ,1. Samnums shipped oul fresh
fruit on Saturday morning, nnd received a wire this afternoon from .1.
K. Annnble to the effect that tt arrived In Winnipeg in excellent condition. Yesterday morning a big supply of fresh flowers was sent, and tomorrow morning more flowers, packed
In moss, nnd the selected trout, enclosed ln a block of ice, will be forwarded.
Mr. Sammons is greatly pleased that
the shipments, direct from Nelsou, of
flowers and preserved fruit has been
so successful, as he fears that the
later snipments of fresh fruit, under
tho condition created by the changed
policy of the C. P. H. company, will
be very dlappolntlng, if not an absolute failure.
Many besides the fruit growers, who
are directly Interested, feel that It ���
is a great pity, even If an absolute necessity, that the generous accommodation hitherto extended to the fruit
growers, and which has contributed
more than any other single circumstance to their prosperity and the
great influx of settlers, with Its consequent enhancement of the values of
land, should be withdrawn at so critical a moment, when its continuance
for another week might have enabled
the district to score a splendid triumph   over   all   competitors.
Serious Conflagration In the Hub of tho
Boundary  Country   Lact   Night.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, July 23.���The largest
fire ever occurring In Grand Forks
happened nt 1 o'clock this morning.
The big furniture store of J. W. Jones,
worth $30,000, the old printing ofllce
owned by F. H. McCarter, valued at
$r>oo, and three small dwellings belonging to Md Knapp, valued at $fi00,
were totally destroyed by the conflagration.
It Is reported that Jones' furniture
stock was covered by ��ome $15,000
insurance, principally in board companies. Mr. Jones is at present, in the
Slmilkameen district. Various reports
are current as to the cau.se of the lire,
The fire brigade did good work and
checked the fire, otherwise It would
have consumed the Yale hotel and other buildings further up Riverside ave
Hold Secret Conference.
Viborg, Finland, July 23.���During
the night a committee of seven members of the Russian parliament, which
was dissolved yesierday, prepared a
manifesto to the country, but up to 10
o'clock this morning its contents had
lieen kept secret.
Work  Rushed  on  Alt   Railway  Exten
���ions���An Assault and Fine���
Magnates Visit Mines.
(Special  to The Dally  Canadian.)
Grand Forks, July 23.���Contractor
Tlerney Is crowding the work of grad-
Ing on the Kettle Valley line railway
with all possible despatch. Nearly 500
men are now engaged on the works
among the various camps. The big cut
by Miller's ranch will be finished the
first week ln August. Most of thejvork
from Grand Forks to a point some two
m..es this side of Bannock City Is simply earth work, but for a distance ot
over two miles at Bannock City there
Is considerable heavy rock work. This
heavy work will be done by Boyd &
Co., of Vancouver, who are expected to
arrive today with twelve carloads of
Contractor Charles McAllister, who
has the contract for grading through
the Volcanic townsite, has received Instructions from the Kettle Valley line
solicitor to continue bis work through
this land. R. A. Brown, the owner, has
delayed the work, owing to a settlement not yet being arrived at, and the
matter will now have to be arbitrated
on, the present work being authorized
under an order of the court. One good
feature about the work on the Kettle
Valley line is that the laborers all
appear to be satisfied with their work
and wages, and almost no sickness
whatever exists In the various camps.
It Is reported today that Chief Engineer Kennedy, of the Great Northern,
has stnted that the work of grading
on his railway to the Pathfinder mine
will be started Immediately.
On Saturday evening Provincial Constable Dinsmore arrived in town from
l.equlme'8 camp, up the North Fork,
and had In charge a Chinese cook
named Lee, who was charged with attempting to use a long knife on a workman at the camp named Alex Cree..
It appears that Oree got into an altercation with the Chinaman over some
fish. The charge was heard In the police court this morning, when the Chinaman was fined $r.O and costs, or, as
an alternative, a term In the Nelson
A party composed of P. A. O. Fnrrell,
M. Ryan of New York and Mr. Rhodes
ot San Francisco arrlvesl here by special car n few days <i>:o. nnil at once
proceeded to the Mckinley mine In
franklin camp. A strange coincidence
about this trip Is the fact thnt the Pull-
tnnn car used on this occasion wast he
Identical enr In which the body ot tho
iale President MeKlnley was taken to
Washington  after  his  assassination.
Big Strike at Index,
Reliable Information has been
brought to this offlce of an important
strike ln the Index mine, on the south
fork of Kaslo creek, which Is the pi-op-
erty of Mr. J. W. Hanna, Captain Campbell and others of Kaslo.
The vein, which Is over two feet In
width, bas been proved to a depth of
over 200 feet. It is two feet ln width,
with well defined wallB, and carries native or dry silver In the form of wire or
strings. For over a foot the ore Is so
rich that It assays fully 800 ounces per
ton. The news of the strike has caused
great excitement In the neighborhood
of Kaslo, and congratulations are being showered upon the fortunate holders of the property, . *
A specimen of the ore is on exhibition at the offlce of The Canadian.
Centre of Interest to Coast
Boat Club Men Amused at Suggestions oi Local Critic That
Program be Varied.
Preparations for the regatta on Friday and Saturday afternoon are as
complete as they can be made before
Friday morning. A final committee
meeting fs called tor this evening at
S::t0 at the club house.
As a caretaker is on duty at the club
house this week who Is not familiar
with the personnel of the club, members are specially requested to carry
their membership cards with them and
show them when requested.
The crews of Victoria and Portland
are expected to arrive ln Nelson tonight, and put In three days' practicing before the contests. The Vancouver men will probably be In tomorrow night, although no definite word
has been received to that effect.
Members of the Nelson Boat Club
are Intensely amused at the advice
which haB been tendered them by a
local sporting authority. They concede that the Intention is wholly
kindly, but tbey would explain tbat
the list of N. P. A. A. O. events on the
rqgatta program Is official, and not
variable at the discretion of the home
club, however sagacious may be the
guide, philosopher and friend whose
services are gratuitously offered.
The junior and senior singles and
doubles cannot be combined, but, as
already announced ln The Daily Canadian, flfe'wlhners of the Juniors go
Into tbe singles as a matter of course,
and a contest for each event ts certain.
The regatta will be followed by
many at the coast, where the newspapers are giving it much attention. The
following from tho pen of a resident
of Nelson, formerly of the staff of
the Victoria Times, appears in that
"The city of Nelson, on the south
shore of the west arm of Kootenay
lake, will be the scene of the next
aquatic contest for the supremacy of
the Pacific coast. The course over
which the oarsmen of Portland, Vancouver, Victoria and Nelson will hold
their competition Is one of the best
in the world, being at all times free
from high winds and surrounded by
lofty mountains. At an. altitude of
2,000 feet above the sea level, tho air
is refreshing, and the'stretch of water
over which the boats will pass affords every one along tlie shores and
in the numerous launches and row-
boats owned by the residents of the
metropolis of Kootenay a good opportunity to view the races from tho
start to finish.
"Few persons residing on the coast
realize the wealth and beauty of the
rising young city which ia now acknowledged to be the commercial centre of the West Kootenay country. Located on the shore of a body of water
naviguble /or 200iinlles the city hns
a system of waterworks second to
none tn the province. The electric
light plant and 'street railway is fnr-
nisued with electricity from the power works at Bonnington Falls, wnere
Lhe incorporation is installing a plant
at a cost of $200,000. Steamers and
launches glide here and there, bearing
fruit from the near-by ranches and
passengers to the many sylvan retreats on both shores of tbe lake.
Railroads run In connection with the
palatial steamers and direct lines connect with Spokane, the Boundary
country and other centres on both
sides of the line. The sewerage system is good, ansl within sound can bo
heard the numerous waterfalls which
are used for generating power and
light for the fnctories and business
houses. With public and high schools,
seven chiircl|es. four banks, good hotel
accommodations, and tho best of fishing and hunting, the future of the city
Is aesifrcd. A tourist association,
with a permanent ofllce In the city,
is distributing literature and answering correspondence from all parts of
.ne world. The fruit grown Jn Nelson and tho vicinity Is unsurpassed,
and It is the Intention to make exhibits at the various fairs and exhibitions
throughout the cast. The visitors will
be entertained In a most appropriate
manner. Excursions and banquets
will be in order, and the association
will be taken in hand by reception and
other committees. The people of Nelson own a large number of launches,
and the shores of the lake will be ln
gala attire during the regatta. All arrangements are complete, and tho
next meeting will be witnessed by
thousands of visitors from the neighboring republic and residents of tbe
1   I
.   *!;';
'���   il
; The Daily Canadian
Crown Gem Jars, Pints per doz., $1.00
CrOWn Gem JarS, Quarts per doz.,     1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Half Gai. per doz., 1.50
Our stuck has just arrived, Secure
your requirements at these low prices
before they are all gone.
Published t-ix 'lays m woolc by Ibe
Biiki-rHt., Nelson, B, 0.
Bubierlptlon nttt-H, 80 aouti a month delivered
in tbe olfr, or 18.00B fees II sent by mall, when
I'll I  I 111 HllVllllCc.
Advertising rates on application.     	
All m on lei paid in Bottleraonl oi Pho Dally
Canadian accounts, either toi gnbic-rlplfoni or
advertising, inuil be receipted tor on the ]��rnji��<i
Inrm* ot  tilt' I'ninpmiv,    Other receipts lire not
JUL.Y  2.��, i<>()f>.
���' By one word we .ire sometimei Judged to bo
win and by one word sou-jtlinei Judged to be
foolish, Lotus therefore be uareful what we
The study of politics and <>f political
economy has little Interesi (or the average citizen because yeara of expert*
once under the party system have deluded him into the opinion that such
BUuJects are only Interesting to the active politician. In the opinion of Uie
average citizen the profess ion of politics is not unlike every other profession, In that certain men who happen
by (he choice of the people to be In
possession Of tho reins of power, and
being paid by the country for their services in the various administrative
functions which they discharge, their
work is regarded as so much professionalism. Experts In their departments they may be, and what they do
may be well done���In fact, admirably
done���hm to the average citizen the
amount of interest he has in political
subjects is hounded by a more or less
Intelligent knowledge thai this is so.
The political history of any country
is, however, of vastly wider and deeper interest, and a knowledge of the
principles and purposes which have
.actuated men, their success or failure
In their attempts to realize these, together with the Incidents which always
are associated with political activity,
are, when once understood, among the
most Interesting of studies. Thus the
genesis aud history of party politics,
ihe lines of demarkation which distin-
pulsh one party from another, tlie dif
erence between those who are in political power and those who are out,
are matters upon which the citizens of
every democratic country should be
well informed.
The Conservative party in Canada
lias hail, as everywhere, certain well-
defined principles, and for these it has
consistently struggled Blnce the fedora
tion of ihe Dominion and before, Can
ada for the Canadians, or empire within empire, has lieen the ideal of the
Conservative since tho Dominion se-
cured Its integrity; and Whatever could
be done hy legislative enactment or executive administration to wor!( out bis
ideal has been consistently done, or, at
least, attempted hy the Conservative
party. The I.literals, ou the other
hand, have noi   heen originators.
They have, whenever they have
been in power, contented themselves
with a half-hearted imitation of Con
servative methods, a compromise be*
tween election pledges and the Imperative demands made of them by the
deputations and delegations which
have waited upon the rulers and assisted them in guiding the ship of state.
In saying this, we have no wish to depart from the strictest statement of
the facts that Is possible. The student
of the political history of Canada
knows that It is true.
It Is somewhat discouraging, therefore, to have some of the Liberal papers calling out for the abandonment
of party lines in politics in Hritish Columbia,   To have them pleading for a
return to the old coalition methods
which wrought such havoc in the prov
Ince not so many years ago is only to
herald abroad how little there is to
hope for from the Liberal party as it is
constituted in the province ai present.
It is as much as to say thai, not liking
the Conservative administration, we
must abandon hope. It Is like advising
the abandonment of the political methods which have made Canada what she
is. and what have made the empire
what it is. It Is like the confession of
a moribund party that, being a disappointment to iis friends, has now no
other plea than that to have good government we must go out of both parties and select the executive heads
from among the best men of both.
No such confession has ever been
made hy the Conservatives, nor will
such ever be made. The Conservative parly in Canada, while In (he
ranks of the opposition at present,
are pleased with that measure of Its
principles that have been copied al-
mOBt without modification by the party
in power. The Conservative party in
British Columbia is satisfied wllh the
achievements of its leaders during the
few short years they have been In
Charge of provincial affairs. It is true
that there were many and peculiar difficulties to be over overcome when lhat
party took the responsibility of governing the province. It Is true tbat
party lines were not well defined and
party feeling was not strong. It is
true that political affinities had been
discovered and pads formed between
members of both parties which il has
not been easy to break away from. All
these things have combined to make
the path of administration anything but
an easy one, but wiih the general results we are sure there can be no serious fault found, and criticism where
it exists is more a partizan than a conscientious affair.
What the loyal and province-loving
citizen should do is to acquaint himself with the political history of his
adopted country, It should be read,
not in the disjointed and partizan representations of a Liberal party press,
but from authentic sources written by
the calm and dispassionate political
historian. When this is done there will
be no disposition on the part of the
intelligent ratepayer either to seek the
abandonment of parly politics or the
retirement of the Conservative administration.
The terrible accident on Saturday
night a few miles south of the city on
Ihe S. !���'. & N. railway brings home to
us the perils incident to railway travel
and the awful fate that too often befalls the traveller. The recent derailment of a train at Salisbury was made
almost International in its importance
because of the palpable failure of the
company's employees to obey the rules
of the road. There seems to be some
doubt as to where the responsibility
for the one of Saturday night lies, but
If It was in the power of human beings
lo prevent the frightful loss of life and
injury to body and mind which resulted, the responsibility should be fixed
somewhere. Was the rolling stock of
tho company's train in good condition?
Was the train running a curve at too
high speed? These will be questions
asked by every one, and there should
be the most ihorough investigation.
While monetary compensation for a life
lost in accident, even when it can be
shown to be somebody's fault, Is a poor
salve to wounded feelings and bereaved
hearts, the heaviest penally should be
inflicted unless the element of chance
was wholly predominant.   The sorrow-
stricken   friends  of  the  deceased   will
have   universal   sympathy.
The prize list for the Nelson fair to
be held on September Hub to 21st has
been received. It is an ambitious book
of a good many pages and numerous ii
lustrations, it makes a specialty uf
prizes for fruit and pictures of various
scenes incident lo fruit-growing. Ten
years ago if any man bad predicted
thai Nelson and district would become
more famous for horticulture than for
mining his saniiy would have been seriously questioned; bul such has been
the decree of fate.    We wish Nelson
every   BUCCe88   In   advertising   its     resources  ami   its  commercial   Bltuation
tu  ihe  world -   Victoria  Colonist.
Hin fur the resourcefulness of Misses
Bella Muir ami Florence Cocking, the
Baptist church plcnil at Nanaimo oa
Friday last might have ended under
sad circumstances other than being the
pleasant event il was. Lilly Kemp was
in bathing, ami, going beyond her
depth, weal over her head. Bella Muir,
who was near hy. grabbed lei, but as
She had fainted, she could do nothing
wiih her. when Florence Cocking came
io her assistance, and between the two
they managed to get her ashore, where
friends worked wiih her fur some time
before she came to.
The Lethbrldge Herald, a weekly grit
paper, has tlie following on British Columbia politics:
"Il is said lhe provincial elections In
British Columbia may he held before
tlie end of ihe year, li ihe electors do
nol trounce tlie McBride governmenl.
une of ilie worst administrations thai
ever governed a province. Ihey deserve
all the evils the McBride outfit will
thrust upon them In lhe future."
Every line of the above quotation lias
the earmarks of the Ignoramus and ot
the partizan parasite.
The Chicago papers who predicted
Ihe secession of western Canada, owing to the large influx of Americans
into this country, need not worry thai
it will happen In this generation. The
Americans here are more than satisfied
wiih Ihe country and its system of governmenl, and are not anxious to Intro*
duce lhat system that has made possible the Homestead trouble, the Coeur
d'Alene bull pen and the Colorado murders.���Ulairmore Times.
The Moyie Leader says: "The Nelson Daily Canadian is 'making good.'
There Is not a more ably edited newspaper in Hritish Columbia."
Whew!    Send us a fan, please!
Thomas A. Edison says he expects
soon to place ihe automobile In the
reach of all. It would be much belter
if he would find a way to place all of
us out of the reach of the automobiles.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Ftu tt, Foci
& Poultry Co., Ltd,
Deliveries mad'* daily throughout Nelson
and its suburbs. Phone MK.
40 Acre Farm
A valuable farm for sale, sllualed in
the heart of ihe fruit growing country.
4U acres, IS acres well cleared and about
70 fruit trees planted, are bearing some
Mils year. A good cabin, root house and
Btable on ihe property, also a nice
spring. The land Is of lhe very best
quality, and can be all worked. Il Is
beautifully situated on Dowser lake.
West Kootenay, one mile from posl ofllce aud store and two miles from 0. P.
R. branch to Trout Lake Splendid
farm for potatoes. There have been
four crops In succession without manure, and the last crop was as good as
the first.
$800 Cash Takes It
Apply to J0HN CANNING,
(-IraiJil Forks, ii. C.
Or to Wm. Simpson, Howsmt.
Notice li horoby riven that 00 days after dale
i Intend to apply to tin* Honorablo tin' Chief
ComraUloner ol undi snd Worki fnr perm lesion
to purobase tbe following described lands in the
west Koolenay District: Commencing al a post
marked t. It. Frenobe'i band s. i;. corner placed
nt'iir o, C. Foynti B. W, corner, tboncO furn ho
ohalni, thenee nortii 40 chaini, tbenoe west ho
cbalm, thenoe loutlt 40 chains to pince nt commenoement.
Dated 20th day of July 1806,      T. u. PftBNcR,
Ity ANM1KW AlHB. Audit
Notice Is Riven thai im day* after dato I hiiunil
tn apply to iho Honorable the chief Comiali-
���loner uf Und! and Worki for pertaiwton to
pnrebaie the following d
West Kootenay Dlstrlol
,<l  hmd*. In  lln
- ni i
marked (', i'. Poyntl   Land  S.
near the Pend d'Orelllo river m n. dary ereek
eait ilde ut Baluion river, thenee east ho chalm
along tbe International Boundnrj Mno, thenct
n.irili in chain*, llienee  west  SO chains, thciie.
south -10 chains Io place <>i pommel incut.
Hated the Mb ot July ifttf.       V.C. I'iontz.
By Anubkw aoib, Agent.
Notice is bereby Riven that ilxty dayi aftoi
date 1 intend lo applv In the I'll hi ��'"HUM is
sinner of   Lands and   \Vork>  for  porinlertm U
purchase the InlhnvinRdcM-ril.c'l laiUimj'tlialO tn
Weil Rootenay district, adjoining the International boundary line, about fuui miles easiol
lhe Columbia river. COmtneuelng at a pOBt mark
ed**L It. K"i B. W, corner," situate on tbe international bonndary hue. at ibe southeast corner ol J 8 r. froser'i land; ii -peail HQ ehalns,
theuce north Oil chains, thonce went *i chains,
theuce south 60 ohalni to the plaee of commence
ment. contalnlug-ttiacru inon ��������� Ion
Pated J.Hi .tunc. lOOfi, LaI i:I  M, KKAsKH,
F. J. O'ltellly, Agent,
from d
hereby   Riven   that  sixty  dayi
Intend toapply tu ibeCbloft'	
Lands and Worku for pormlwdni
In purchase the folluwlug desi.Tlbt.-il lauds Mt
nalc in West Kootenay District, between lIn
I'end    d'Orellie    river   and    Hie   Inlcrnatloilfl
.boundary line, about throe miles from the cnl
urn bin nver, Uommonolug at a po-t market
J.S.CF'a 8. W. corner situate on ihe Interim
timiai boundary tine, about hall a mile eail o
ibe cast boundary ol the H.& P.8.Hy. lands
Ihcnce nnrlh In chains, thence east sn chains
thenee smith U> chains, thence west hii chains, p
ibe plaee ol oommoncemont, oontalnlngKgiaerui
more or leal.
Paled 24th .Mine, PO1''. .'. 8. f. PRAHBK.
  K. J. O'Reilly, Agent.
Notlco i* hereby given 1|"" sixty dayi froi
dale I Inteud u |.u to tho Chief Commfalonu
ni Lauds and Worki for pormlailou io purohas
Hie following deicrlbed lamls iltuato In Wei
Koolenay Dlatrlct. adjoining ihe inlernatlanu
boundary lino, aboul live mlleicaitul theCu
lino at Laura M. Kraaer'sft
nnrlh   HO chains,   thenee
south hi chains, theuco
plat f commencement
nmre or less.
Paled 20th Juno, 1000.
n 11:
I pi;
��l  in chain* i.i tin
intalntng W0 aoroi
Notice  IS hereby  given   lhat   ��i.\l.  ...
dale   1  IlltCUd   In  applv   I.i   tlie  lln.)  Uoinillls-
sloner of Lauds and ft'orks ror pcrntUsluii lo
purchase   lbe   following
.'. H'l B. K
Kootonay disiriei, nouth of the pond
verj Commencing at a pnsi marked
corner, situated on the trail near
LlllS 1
lata the 1
���llle  r
be  KtiUtll
hewn ni
hank ni i
hains, im
10  J
lice *
il    en
hains, in
nr Ic
Notice is hereby Riven ihat sixty daytaler
dan- i Intend to apply to Uie Cbfef Uornmle-
-inner of Lands and Works for pormfnlon to
purchase the following deicrlbed lauds, m
Ihe Weal Kootenai Dlitrlet, east of and adjoining Jame- N. Mackenzie--, land; Commencing at a sprat marked A.S's 8. L. eoruer, nn the
south hank of lhe Pond d'Oreille river, just
above the moiitli ul lhe tJalniOU river, llienee
woit ho chains, theuco north 00 chains more or
less to the Pend d'Orelllo river, thenco following
lhe BOUtll Lank of tho said river in a KOUtheast-
urly dtreetion to the place ol commencement,
containing 260 acre-, mure nr lew.
baled Mil .Inly 1000 ARTHUR Si unkiukk.
Notice Ii hereby given thai slxtj davs after
dale I Intend to applv  to   (he   i niiunissiniier  <>f
bands and Works for permlulon to purebaae
the following described landi in West Kootenay
Dlatrlcl south of tho Pond d'Oreille river. Com
menclns at a post marked )���:. T. M's. n. k. comer
mi the south bank of the Pend d'Oreille river.
ahout a mile and a half east ol the til 1ml Ki.-li
cp-ek, tbence south HO chains, ihence weit 80
chains, Ihence norih in chain-  more or  toss  to
lbe PenddO'rellle river, thence following the
south bank of lbe said  mer in a northeasterly
direction to the place of commencement,containing isn acres, more or loss.
Dated 2nd July 10u6,       ki.u T. Uacrrbiih.
Notice Is  horoby given that HU davs after 'late
[Intend to apply to tbe Chief Commluloner ol
Lamls and Worts for pflftnlulon lo puroha-e the
Following described hmd-, tlvuate iu West Kootenay Dlitrlet south ol the i'end d'orvllle river.
Com moneing at a post marked A. H. M's. N. u .
comer situate ��i the Bouth bank of lho Pond
d'Oreille river at LIU I. Mackenzie's uorih c.-i
oorner post, thence iouth .30chnlni, thenee east
hu chaini, ihence norih s) chain- more or le. to
the Peud d'Oreille river, lbence   Welt  80 chains.
following ibe hank oi the said river to the place
of oommencement, containing WO acres, more
or leu.
Dated 2nd July liwii. a. it Mackxhzib,
Ahtuif! Bj HWBIPsPt, Agent.
Notice li hereoy Riven that slxtv dayi after
date, i Intend to applv to the Chief Commluloner of Landiand Works for permission to purchase the (oii.nuiiR described lands iltuate ln
West Kootenay Dlitrlet, south of tbo pend
d'Oreille river, commencing al a poil marked
M.fl'sN, K. corner,  situate  on   tbe sonlhhank
of the i'end d'Oreille river al .lames n. Slacken-
ilo'isouthwest corner, theuce aouili lOOchalni,
Ihcnce west hu chains, ihenco north Tu chain-.
nmre or |.-ss 1,1 tin- pond p'Oreille river; thonce
following the lOUth bank of the said river in nn
easterly and northeasterly direction to tho place
of commencement, eontiuutng 040 aereii more or
Maroaart Harcouht
r Schneider, Agent.
en tbal sixty daj
DateSrd July, urn.
Notice Is hereby g|
date I intern' toapply lo tne Ull' ������
nf Land- and Works rnrne---nJ-<alon to purchase
the following described lands in We-i
Kootonay District, .-,,,,,,, ���, Uiu I'end d'Oreille
mor, cuinmuiieilig at a poit marked J N. M's
S. W. corner, situated nd lbe south bin k of Uu
Pond  d'Orelllu  river,  oppoiile  the  lb ul lfi
Mile Creek;   theme ctsi Ni chains, thence m-rth
in chains mare or less tut he Pond d'Oreille river
thence following Ihe s..nth hunk o| llirsunl river
in a westerly ami Bouthweslerh direction to the
place ni commencement, containing 820 acres
more ur less.
OatodUrd July, um.     Jamba n. Mackknzib
ArthurBehtiuldor, Agent,
Notice ii* horeby Riven tbal ilxty dnyi after
dale i intend to apply to tin- chief Commluion-
Orof l.imds and Works for permission to purchase the following described lands in \V.-t
Koolenay Dlitrlet. iouth ol the i'end d'Oreille
river, commeudllg at a spoil marked A. I's N   W
comer, shuttled ai the souihwe-t corner of Lol
4426,0,1 . thenee easi Bu ehalns, thenco�� i. m
chains, thonce weil 8u chains, thcuee north oi
chains in the place or commence nt, contain
mir 180 acres, more or loss.
Pated 20th .une, 1900. AnnirFkasrh
P.J.Q'ltoHly, Agent,
Notice is liornhy Riven ihat 00 dayi aftor date
I Inteud loai.piy to i he Chief Cnmiiiluloner ol
Lamls   mid   Work-for perml ��� ion h, purchase
tin- fallowingaeiortbod (undo in West Ki ,111V
district, Miuili of the I'eml d'Or.-ille river, easi ,',,
Fish creek, commencing al a posi marked F, w,
II'mN   W  enrner,  ahout   ioill a mile cn-t of j|���.
northeast corner of Lot MM, O. I., thonce south
Iu chains, thence east ,mi chains, Ihence norih i.
chains, thence  west mi chains tn the place of
commencement, containing 820 acres, more ,n
haled 2nd July IflOO. Khki, \V. ILiin ni nT
Atmim S( H.sKipKii. Agenl
Notice Is hereby givon that sixty davs ti(|(.r
date i intend to apply to'the ��� hief coramlulon.
erof Lauds and Works for permlumn to imV-
chase   the   following   detierihcd  lands  In  Wosl
Kootenay District; iouth pf the Pend d'Oreille
river, commencing at a poet marked h. it .M's
N. W. corner, situated on the-iouth hank of n.c
Pend d'Oreille river at James N, Mookcnsle'B
soul Im est corner;   thenee ensl 40challll, Ihencc
soutb in chaini, thenee west tu ehatni. thenco
north in chains to ihe place of commencemeni
cnnlrinliiR I0U acres more Or leu.
Dated 8rd July 1000,    Donald it Mackenzie
 ARTHI'R nihm;ipi:ii, AgunC
Sixty dayi after date I Intend to apply to the
(' mlssloner of Landsand Works to purchaao
IQO acres nl laud, near lluriou Clly, comim-uciuif
at a noil planted at lhe southeast comer of I nt
No, BOO, and marked J. I). Wo'l lOUthWOll comer
and ruiinliiR imrth In chains, thence east 40
chains, thenee snnlh Hi chains, thenoe west if)
chains to jdaee nf beRlnnliiR.
July IBtll, 1900. J. D, McCPLtoCli
A. A. Iturton, Arciii.
Notice Is hereby Kit on lhat two mnntlm after
date I intend in apptv to the Uonorahle ii.u
chief Commluloner or Lauds ami Works for
permlulon to purchase ihe following deicrlbed
lauds situate ou (be west arm ol Koolenay Lake
in ihe Dlstrlol of West Kootenayi  Commonoiuu
at a poit marked ���'William Kuerhv's S.W. pdai ���'���
lbence   west  tweiily (-Jn,  chains; Ihence south
twenty  (20) chains; the mi  twenty  (20)
chains; tbonce imrth twenty ('Jul chains  in the
point nf coiuiiieiiccniout, containing forty (40)
acivs, inorenr lost.
Dated July 7, n*j0, ]. u, nbuon,
Exhibit of Ladles'
Fall and Winter
Tailor-made Cos-
tomes, Dre>s
Skirts, For Lined
Coats and Jackets
We  will   have  In  our  show rooms Monday  and  Tuesday,  Manufa ,
Samples of the very latest up-to-date Ladles'     Ready-to-wear    Garments
shown In this city, from which we will take SPECIAL ORDERS for Scpt|.mh
delivery.    Ladies should call and inspect these lines as they are from the b
rssakes. affording an opportunity to procure perfect fit, etc.
Fred Irvine <& Co.
Noitee is heiehy given ihai 00dayi Irom date I
iniemf to applv to tin- Honorable the Comtnli-
r-l .11. r   ul   Lands   an.I   Works   for   permission   lo
purchaao the following described landi, sltusla
hi the Wesi  Koolcmiv  hl-lrl��'l     HliiHui|* from a
poll marked .Milium Kilu-st DavIlOU'lB. K  |	
ahnui two mllei easi id Ih cr pari OO lhe Arrow
Lakes thonco 10chalm south, theuce lo ohalni
wesl, theme 10chaini north, lhcliccca-t to point
of comiiicie rim in, containing about 100 acres.
Datod thliSthdayof June Woo.
William Kknkst DavIIOK.
Notice is horeby svtvon that 00 days alter date 1
mien.i io apply io the Honorablu the Chlol Commissioner of Lamls and Worki for perinlsilon tn
purchase the Mllowlne described lamls in lhe
Weal Kootonay dlstrlcf; commenclne at u uml
marked "Naluaulel Mclntyro's B. K corner,"
plauied on ihe west side of the Columbia Rlvor,
about 7 mllei north of Ihu ion ctiv, and hu chain*
nonh of thoioutli weit cornor of l,..i 078, theuco
uorih 80 chains, lbence wesl 80 obaina, theuco
 th mi chains, tbenco castSOebalm lo point ol
coinmcucemont, containing r-m acres.
Dated ibis iJtli day of Jnne, IBM,
Natu imki KciirrviUl.
T. f. Maklusnn, Agonl
Notice I- hereby given that 60 days after date I
ill tclld lo npplv n> ihe ILuonahlc Ilie Chief 1'oin
mlaslouer (if Land-ami Works lor permission lo
purchase the following deserlboil lands: mm
moneing at a Mil placed on tbe tiotstb shore ol
tho wosl arm m Kootenay l-ike, al the northeait
corner of John  .-trunks' pre-emption,  thenee
wesl   lo .hains,    re  or less,  to  lhe southeast
corner <d Lot Ko. 7400, thence north 40chains,
thenee easi In chains more nr loss, tbonce north
10 chains to the point of commencement
Ihued June Uth, 1000,
0. H. Am.KToN.
Nolle* Is hereby given that I intend 00 dayi
after daic in apply to ih- Chief Commissioner ol
Lauds  and   " orks  tor  peniilwrdoti   to  purchase
the loiiowini* ucrlhea lands,situate at ftie
Valley. Rootenay ' istrlet. <ojimenelng at a
post(markod i. ualligbar���soutb west corner)
placed at the iouth west enrner of SOCtloD B,
township08   thence north Ml chain', to tho north
west corner nf ia<d nci-thm ;t:i; thence easl w
ebalns,   thence   iouth   BO chains   to   tbe   nouth
boundary olnabl section .w. and tbence west *iu
chains to the place of beginning containing WO
acres, nml being the westerly hair o( said see
tton 88, township i'.'.i.
Dated at Nelson, B c. June 6th iwo.
L. Qallaohis,
Notice Is hereby given that CO days after dale I
intend io applv to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Landiand Wnrks fnr permis-dmi to
purchase the following described Lands, situate
in the West Kootenay district: Commencing ai ��
post marked M. McC, e. W. comer, planted in
chains wesl ol I.   C, UorrlSOU'l linrlbwcst enrner
of his crown granted lami in Fire Valley, ran-
tiing 40 ehalm eait, to chain- north, U cbalui
west, in chalm muth to place nf oommencement.
M. McCaNUI-1.su, ba-ator.
w. a. (jai.ukk, Agent,
Juno -,31th, 'Jiioi;.
Notloe In hcrhy glTSU thai I intend, HU dayi
after dale to apply in the Chief CommiBidoiier ol
Unds and Wo-k* h.r perm lesion u< purchase the
rollowing dncrlbod lauds situate al Ure Valley,
Kootenay district. Commeneingatapott ("mark*
ed George Yoimik   sorth west eorner) piaeed at
tbe north west corner id Kecthni tt township 09:
tbence i list BO chains to the nortb east Oorner of
said section 28; tbence sou _ 40 chains, thenee
Wesl ��u chains, tbence imrth 40 I halm to the
(dace id beehniUiR. conialnftig :tw acres   and
being iho northi rly half of ��aid .section M, town-
rated al Nelion. li. C June Bth 10 fi
(JEOROE  VniS'ij.
Nothe is horeby kIv.-ii that fin davs after dato
wo Intend to aooly  to the Hnnnrahlo the Chief
CommlssloDer 0) Unds and Works at Victoria,
B l . lor pomiis-iiin   tn   purchase  tho  following
dfcscribed lands, sltnato In west Kootenay district, * ommi nclng al a pnst planted at Tbomai
Jerome's N k poat, and niHtked  Peter Desell
and A  GhoquelLO N  W. Corner; tbenco .11 chains
case thence 20 chaini south, tbenco si chains
west, tbence 30eh ���inn norih to the commencing
posi, containing 10acres more nr less.
Dated May 2ft.
W. A. Joints, Agent
Nnthe fs horoby glrenthatslxty days afler date
1 intend toapply to the Honorable the Oojel
Commissioner ol Landi ami works, Victoria, for
permission Inourcbase the following dewrlbed
lands in west Kootenay. Commencing at a post
marked Edgar w. 1 rnei south west oojuer near
met creek ami about 1 miles south of m,,��.
ck and ,
ut 4 l
-out of 1 olnmhln
Klver, tbeilCe nortb B0 chains, tbence cast 4U
t bains, theuce hoinh *u chain*, tbence west in
chrtlns 10 place Ol enmniencineul, containing
no acre*, bohiK tbeiamo moro ur lesg,
Dated June i, lOOG.
Eixiarw. Dynm.
 V. bYHifi Agent.
Notloe Is hereby given lhal 00 days after date i
intend tn iimlte application to Uie llouorable lbe
Chief Commissioner or Landiand Wnrks for per*
mlsilon to purchase tbe following desonbed
landa:  Commencing al �� pnit placed on the cam
shore of Lower Arrow Lake, adjoining J, Hales'
nrecmpilnn mi the 100tilH eul marked "T v .'���
N. W. (������ rniT ind."   ThoUCO running m chalnn
east; tbenoe ho ohalni south; thenee si chains
mora or less, wesl to the lake shore; ihct.ee followlug  lak- shore tu pomi  of i me nt,
'tint-ii 11 inn ".In acres, more nr less.
Dated tills Tl li dav of .lime, IWO.
Notice I" hereby given lhal 00 .'a)> afl-r dale I
inicnd tn make application to the Honorable tbo
Chief i nmmisstnm rnfLanusMnd Worki for permission to purchase the following described
lands: Commencing- at a post placed on the
nortboa-'i corner of 1 Kinahan'* Appljoatfon to
I'ureiiase.mirkcfi "ir.-I ico-nernpsi "mnnlna
m chains oast; thence80chains softlbI thenoi 80
chains west; thence fnUowlng T Klnahan's east*
cm bounda-y t.. i^.tni ,,t commenuemint, containing 640 acrei, mor-. or less.
Hannah Tikhnky.
haled this 7th day or 'une, poit.
Notice Ik hereoy given that 00 day* after dale 1
"tend tO make appl cation tn tbe Hoiiorahle lhe
i iiiid' ommlssloner ol ugndi ami Works (ornar-
misshn,   ,���   pmeljase   the  fnllnwlug  described
amis    i ommenolDg at a post placed al tho intersection of iht'CHit boundary of J Rates' nr,
erapuon and tbo north bonndary nfT Klnaban'i
Application to Purohaae, marked"T.K rfvww
oorner poit'1 Th noe following J. Hates' eastern
boundary, Hi chains north; IbeiieeHnolniiiise. .1 ���
thenco   in ehains tu the  in, thern boundary nf
Hannah hirney'i Aptfleatlon to I'urohaw
Ihenco following thenortberh boutidn vai ���,���:
.... i norihoriy boundary m r. Kinahan'i Am, ,
OO HOD to Purchase, to pnt   l of _."___ '
containing 820 sores, more or ion
Patod this7th day of Juno, ii;KlNA"lN' ''"'
Notice Is hereby given tluil I intend ftfT^i_T_
afterdate, io Iipply to the Chlel�� ' i ,< ; " , ' ,,
Liuidw and Works for nertiii^u.n " M,,ll,1' "i
the following doMTlh", laud- ,,' '" P'''"^
Valley,  Knotonay   District      Cnmm-fiM   S���
post marked  George Voangno?iK2S��� Ht '!
placed at  the  iinrtl? east cor     r    i ""l M'"ril,'r)
township on; tbenoe south Mc i , ��� ,    ,'Llu" :t'-
east orner or said sect,,,,, ���-��� - - , i��� , ""' ,".u,_
chains, tbonce north 80 clmlns",., -n' W'"' W
HI chains to the ri'ace of '',', ' lllH"'1' '��������.
890 acres, and bct���w , |���. e��sicri ��� ,,^f '',",,*I1"|I|K
tion :u, to*nship i'.ii. J ,l,lU D( ��ahl ieo-
Dated ut Nolson, B. 0. Juno 5tli 1W6,
Notice is hen by giVou ihat i-i days after date i
inieml   I'   apply   (o Ihe Honorable tho   child
c mlssiouorof Land-aud Work* for porroti
hioii io purchase the follow ihk desorfbed lands,
sltuateu   to hiocau   District.   Commencing ai
north eMl oorn"r post of L���| Rg-O, 'b< nee ruuti-
t ig son Hi 90< bslns, thenoe easl 801 baltu, llien��
north in cha I un, theuce wesl ,10 I hains lo C. I'. K.
right-of-way, ioiio,un�� uma coniii  wosl   to a
poiul iu tori c pi Iiik moll i ol Ull .1820, thenoe
oast to point of commencement, containing ISO
acres more or leas,
Way Nth WOO,
C, I,. flAJflWM
Nollcp Is bo ruby given r in, i 00 dayi afterdate 1
Intend toapply lo Uu Honorable the ('hief (Join-
mlssloner of Lindi ai d Works lor permission to
purchase the following de oribed  [-audi -ti>
ated In Ibe Koolenay DlsllleL lb uniinioj ��i u
post plan lotion lbe north shore of lhe Uwcr
Arrow l*ke aboul io ehalns wesl ot the west
boundary uf c P. K lot I6W, Marked II a W.
h It. cornor, theuce wesl to chains, Ihence north
00 chains, thence east so chains none or less in
lake ihore, thence in a wiiili wester!) dlrottlon
along lake shore tn point nf eommenccmeiiU nm-
lalufng i1"' a. n - no.I, nt leu
bocatcd June :*��. I0OD
11    A. Wm VKHToN.
A. N. Wni,i laniN, Aaeiii.
Nollee is hereby given Unit Iwo nout'tis alter
dale I hiteml toapply 'othc ii rablc Chlel
Commissioner of i�� ni - and Works i-.i i-'inn-
-ton toputobase -i\ hundri*d aod forty c-toj
acre* of land, described u Followi Commencing
at a posl planted at ibe northwest comer ol l.
Uallagber's application to purobase in fire Valley,  un   tin'   west side of   Lowei  Ar ow Uke, In
Kootenay dlitrlet, marked "W. A C's N r. corner"! tbenoe running eighty (80) chains west!
thenoe eighty (n>j iouth; thence elghtj (80)
chains east! thonce eighty (suj ohalosnorth to
place of commencement.
W   A. lAl.i.Ka.
Hated the Uml day ..f Jul)   1000
Notice is hereby giveo tbat 00 dayi fn late
1 intend to apply lu the Hon..rat.ic the i hi. !
Commissioner of Undsand Works for pennll*
sfon to purchase lhe following  de* nbed   Uml",
Id the West Kootenay District, easl side ol Col
uinblH Biter,about * miles north Ol Morton Clly.
Commencing at a poal marked Leoll Winters
s w. cnriur. ai then, w*. oorner ol k. H. numb'*
preemption claim, ihence imrth 10 cbalm more
orloss to the iouth bounder) of Miles Carroll's
preemption claim, lbence sasl w chains, tbepee
���outh in chain* more nr Ic** tn Ibe North found<
ary ni k H   >*iiiith'* preempt! ilalm, lbence
west  iffi cliMin* tn pnhit td cnmmciicciuctit; i nti-
taiuiiig 80 acrei m��,r.t nr le*i,
Dated UU* ind day ol June, 190(1.
Leo M.  Wimkk.
kAi.i'ir mlvk. Agent,
Notice is hereby giren that i intend, oo days
alter .late, toapply to tbe Oblst CommUslonoi ol
Lands Hiid WorU (or iHtiinlsshtU t.i i uP-hase Un
(ullowing described leads, situate al Hire Valley,
Kootenay HMrici. Coumeneiug al a i^-t 'marked I'. II U' Connor south easl i orner] placed at
the north easi termor of notion 82, tnwii*hl|i 09]
tbence west IU chain*, theliee loirth ku chains,
thenee e��*t 40 tdialu*. Mini Ihem ������ lOUlb m chain*
to the plaoe of beg in in ng. containing 880 acres*
Hated at Nelson, B. c. June ;.ib lis*;.
l*. B.O'Cokkos.
CKolu.i: Yors... Agent.
Notice ts bereby glVM that 80 'lays from date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable tne Oblef Commission) r d! Landi ami Work* lor permission to
purchase lhe following described Unds, la the
West Kootenay Distrhi ^au.l Island, m tbe
Columbia Hirer abouM mflei north rf linrmu
Clly; u|| ,if said Island ahuvo high water, being
ll) acres more or !�����**.
Dated ibis 1*1 Day of June, 1008,
Khavr NotTOH
T. c   Makinkon, Agent
Hixty .lays afterdate l Intend to apply totho
commissioner .d Landi aim Works. Plctorta, to
purchase too acr f bind.  Commenolng ��t a
posi [iiiintcil ,.ii tbe wesi shore <-( Arrow Lake at
Ihe south oaal corner of J. J Christie- pun ha* -,
running north 80 ohalns, tbence cast jo chain*
thenco nouth 80chains, thonoe west ao< hnlns to
Plaoe Ol�� nieiieeincut.
Located Hey, 9th 1900,
,      , A. CaUHIK,
!.. <"Ai.i.Auurn, Lsoeator.
Hlxty da)*  after ilato I Intend tn aindv tu the
( "��"���"-* r of Undsand Works to purchase
an acres  ���t  Ian.I, situate al��.til one uilo-cunI nf
Hurton City, am sorlbed  as follows: Com'
 ncJn�� '" " I**'*-1 planted on lhe northwest corner of lot 0MO and runiug wrsi .ii chains, tbence
north  Hi chains, tbence eail 30 ebalns, thence
south alniig (ol OdfiO l.i place of beginning
July Mb, lots;. j. |{< l|l meii.
Nolle in hereby given that 00 dayi after .late I
intend toapply to tbe Honorable the Chlel Com-
mlssloner id Luidsaml Works for nc,,ins      ,
parnhisa the f wing described lands situated
In thedlitrlotol Weil Kootenay adio n no^tei
7* on the West arm pf Kootenai Lake   ,\,  !
mencing Ht an Initial post pla I al the south
westooinerol Lot 7,90;tbence north ai chains
thenoe wis 10 chains, thonce south n chaini
thonce easi io chalm m pointof o mo< mem:
haied Hay 38, looo.
Ja*. Kiia/kii
Notice li hereby given thai 00 flays fr< lata I
mtsslunor of Landi aud rt���rks. for nVmHslon _
Piirehase the tollowlng deiorlbed   ���,. ii Jn, ,
ft the jiii ..r Hutchl��onorcekon lhe        , ���
Lakesln be Wesi Kootenay DlstrlcL   ahoiaSt
WW   i   J u   :  '""'""'"'hig  ���i ���   posl   marked
>> .  II     l'   X, W ,  linn!    Hlillce Iin. Hi   In ,.l ���   Il
wositaochal, iSffTOMimHi.
Ilssl.-.l IhU (lis slss)������(.!  IIJD0.
Wll.i,ij,s||A������v |.m:,���,
Wll.l.l���� J. T..VK. ...sum
l,HI'!,'!",' '" 'X''i''y '���'I1V'!V,1I"I, " 'l��l'�� I" nls- I
iii.-.ssi to ..pi.iy s��� sis,.. Bon��tab iho Chlel s'���s���-
purclisw 160.una ol isssui m vB��� houtess ����� >
"!"!sV",'h '-,""""" ""��� w"" koSSw 3S
Irl'I.   HlssrlliiK Irssisi si |s�����l ssissrls.,1 A   s. 1. N   \v
l>si��l,  Ilss-.SST   Is. sls.l M.   ll������,-,   |,  ,|,, ,,���'
S.SSII   s, Ihs-ll.l-411 chllD,   S.S.S. , ll,,,,,,,,. i,   ,.,,'"
lls.rtls tss|i,slutslis.siis,i,sii,-..ln.��� """"
nssts-si iin. iii, a*rolJnnaItoo.
ASSTIII-IS  .Is,UN   |.,,v,j
Wll.l.HM .1 Toy*, Alout,
���  ��� I V     '  II" li  J ,   I M || l| | 11 if    |     |,   in     ���u   s.,,1,,1,
is,,s,���,i,,�����-,,,!,,���,,,���(,������.������,*'���',,:,   :,;'';
plsss'ss of commencement
Minis Moo,
mum, LooRtor.
JsSISSj'JIItls, 11SI Si's.
W A. ('au.kii, Agent,
NotlOe Ih Isssrs-by sr|von llissl fill ,lssy�� ssllsT slssh. I
��nco^mS,v,la^,'��S" ?:r
''"''", '�����! comer, motion i-'.Ts ssi',.1 n   ,
r.snnlngea��l  wontj ii,��� ��������n   ,,"",' ,i���'
we*t twenty chnlni, north is,ru- ,.,i .',,,'
ol oommeneement.     """"'> """"" to piece
I)��ted July ��, inon. John Bang.
N ;��� li hereby |lv��	
.Uio I is,in,.i i��� ,ppl, ln lli( h
 muwoner ,,i Uoni ���s,,i \\.,r,
H,,SS  tO  |,Slls-SllS.,.  ,|,   I,,,,,,.,,,,  '
's'-is'-��Ossii,i icrllwl u loiiow...
ssl   i,   II..M    |,l,,s,s,,l   ���|   ||���.   ,, I
I. (JAllisrhcr'li it|,|,ll,<ssll,,ti t��� ,���,. i '"'!l"l
������IS A Miss'. ���,,i|||���.���.i .,���,���.J.. ,, '"" -'mA.
��� ���Whly (*���) s'lisslss. ss.-i; i|���. ,
..  clghly s^,| i-'ha]
eighty (wi) chstlni .uiiii,
.skssij    sn"S   i 111.111.   ...nil,   |,,   ||M,     |      ��� ���m
i"s'��'-siiii'nt.i Allium >li l,,,,.,' '
('���I'ss ss, re, | oi IttBI "J -I
Deled the and olJuly, IW
* i o8A!_l
N.diec Ih liprebyglvoii ihai fli i,
I'.tcnd in make .ipphcan.,,,,,,a,,.-,,* ���M
i bio I'oiinniMion.-r uf Umi, Nt,a) ft   r,,'_
1""ll;:    Itieili-llig al a p���.| i.in'w.vS
lo.,ll,��c-l eurihi nl Mnhlc V, I
ll(��n ti. burrbaie In Fin Villej
tic N K oorner." r-iiiiinie i-i'
chain- south, 10 chain- ������ ���
place ol i olomcln en:, ui
H H. M
July lti.\, 1000,
Notlco Ik bo'eby ,,,,.
intend to apply to ib< linn..,.,
mlsilouer ul standi nml (Vurl i u
purcbase lbe rollowloi dei-rtl-wi
Mi lhe Wofl Kuolcnay di.iiiei   I ^T*
po-l on Ilu- east sid,. id 'In!,!, '
Arrow Luke, nml iuark.it "J i , ,,,
enrner." Hit-nee cant m rli��lnMb->tmiff||
chKliis, tbence went K olmlm,lhriK��i3
chains i" pomi ol commoneeumn ������Vii
MO teres mure or i. ���
Uicated June tlth, 1000. J ; h'oji
T. ll ft'iu.ua
Sliti  dayi
I. till
^1   Ml I'AKIiLIn \M*Mm !
v gin I, ihu will.
���...,      |-|"lllS.S-snM      ,,,       ,,,,.      ,,       ���      (dnKfJI
Bulyor'fi pre-emption end mnrked "t tCtfl
cnriiir,"   and   rnnnhin  Mil   '   ���     .
thoiii ������ iouth forty tin) ehaiui I
cbalus, tbence north forty (KiicinntKUiii-ai
-"ill ������ [��0 crriwrg
Blatj '!��>" nit.-r date I Intend ���
 imlssloner ol I.��n<i�� hh<i Wurk*. \'tnio\
purobase three ' ' -' -���*-*��-
svi    ...    s*i,|s|s.   nil',    I'ssi,,, * rut
...ne bund ed and tw- -ritj (li)n
land near HurtoD I Ity,andd���� ii^iuidH
' ommi u.mc hi h pnst ptenied si th, n-ntfi
cornet .-i I'a\ld BoIkcI1- pre omptlsHSOsiM
ed "A. A. H's. H W turner " tin -ic -,. ��� *n*}
i-lmlns, thenre south fori) (fn chiuaM
c��i| furl) (to, ch.in-. ibonoe n< rtl mm
chains, thouc*1 weft clghiy u") .tta*_
soutb twenty jao) chains to pun- "t*t*n}
July .ith IMtl. 	
N.ittce is hereby .given timi tei       i
dale I intend tn apply to thi II..i. ..�����!.- wtt
Commluloiierol Land.mid Workibri - 4
lo purcbue the (ollowlog dcarrlbid ���*
ate in fin Vhilcy ,,u th. wesl iWsd 1*j*��*
row  Luke, Kooteoay district, desfriWi -
low*:    r.-ininein Hut"  ��l   a   |>i��i  l-.inu-l itl
north well oorner or W, A.('r.hler'i p-**-egM
untrkofl "A. Mel.'n southweil cert,.-'   -
tbenoe forty (Pd - imins eul   :' i
chaini norih; ihcnce fortj W
lbence forty imj ohalni wnth la _
couttnciiifluent, eootelnloi oai iiunJit**!
���tiny (if*i) aeres more or lesa
Dated Juno Tl. 1MM, Attoci MfLirsiift
W. A, 'Ai.bri: i.
Notice Is hereby given thsi I ini��-n���*�� **
alter tUle lo uppty lo lhe laid t'enuuluK'**"!
i findn and Work" (or iwrml^ioii t.ipurln*-*
(olinwingdcmrlUd Undi and J- '  "
at Klic Valloy. Kunlt-nav DlltrlCl I'mn&H
at a spoil (marked P. H- t��'t',>nii��ir itiirthrtlj*.'
ner) placed at toe north eul ��ro�� ol -"tw
fl, lowti-fhfin.'l; thonce  "<mlli ��i U'll"'-
West III obahiH, Iboiie,   noith (0 rhslBI -j
north, rly boiiiulsry of ��aid mi tloa 'i;-Ji'i��*
ceessl 10 chaini to lbs piece of huuiiiuiir'**
iNinim: if" acres, ami i�� ink "" 11"'11' rA
quarter ol -aid seoUoo -''. lownrtip"
Kelson, B.C. Juneftth iwsi.
p h. OToma
Qgoaos v->i im, teal j
sixty daysaftar date I intend'" ��Mh '"^
pommlsslonernl t-andi ind Worn,*ws��l
piitvhr.s.. -iu acros of I-and illuslc ��h-I 'l'-"_
ii- follows   Commencing it ��� r-1
lha eul shore ut Arrow Laki'op|����l
.Isssii,.. thenre weal00chaini In w�� <"',",
thenco north ,sl,.siK tbe lake ibola la fl��e
���"������no* '���"'��� ,,,������,���
VtV s'sii-sn. I- ,'"'
Notice la horeby given lhat ei im "MM
Intend loapply lithe Honorable Ihs ""' "
mlaalonei ,.i i aosl, and Work. i���; i;'���"' "".
|,sss.-l  the l,,ll,,��suss ilcacrlM ,��!"',,
inenclngete tmarScdW   K *e;".MM
 ssl.,,1 sil the N   W.  ner nl ��   '      ....
 raj i in Fire Valley, ninBlM><g
is,,nis, ,ochalna weat, SOclialts ot', <	
oaal i,, plgoe ol eommenotnncni
\V It. Msr��M,n-n, I""1"'
w. A.rii.i.mi, tit""
Notlco la hereby glrcnthatiixiy,s*��)ll��|J,'S|
slate I Intend to appli  '��� tlie """BSSi
i' r L'omrala ier nl Uml> ���'",l   ,",���y
IH-rnMaal rchaae the i..ll,���sii'.' '���' ���
lrss,-I ,,I I,ns,I : ..niilii,- ssl 'I is- "llV "'      ss,
slss...������[ KnntelU) l-'isV.- is  '"'"',;, t
I. -ii.sv, Provlnco ������( Brin.li ' ���':'   ....
containing by ailmeaauremcisi i" '-"��� "'���
tho s  more or leaa, wliM :;'1 '',',���
snore particularly dcaiTlhcl ��s "'""',���,
 ss. I,is; ssl ss point nn the ss sis l"1" ,,*s
i.. 7"*i<;. 1 Us-*! Kootenay es-sts.s. '""*
 lent rnerpl I. sw.'n, ':',1',1",' ":,s,
i.sii.,niiig thoiontnerly boumlar) .,n- "
��0cha sss.s,. or leaa lo tho in
ot Halil   l.,si 689, i.   I: thi
sills   lis
irly bnondars -t P. II. Balloch'i "PPP'JJi
I'nrohaaoi tlienco caaterlt ion.���nii�� ',"''..,m
erly bonndary 0(aald D.B.Ballmh'a W��^S
to i nrohjuc 3s.ffM sIihiiis ns,," ,r   '.;.,,
thora utii ssm' ..sss-; thenco lollowtng    ,p���
nelty ol Slss- ��h|,I sls,,rs> Is r'li  ',|   ,,.!,',,!
in,,i 7", isss s us more or leaa in'i ;'' ',��� f,,ij,.sr-
norolaoil Ut7M0H.ll thenee nor WHTj
lug ilu, weaterly bonndary "t >>l.l'"',:,���,isrc
l.t��8 ohalna mora or lea mint "I "m"
Iisslesl  Isssss, 1.',, Il����',.
S3. M. ��'��'���"���
Xs.iise i< hereby given thai -'*' ,    ,si,i��
date I In t.-ixl toanplyto the Ilm;,,"'1;' .',,��,*
'' sssi-h or olttndinnsl Worki ftgSBlH
t,, piirchoao tho t. wing ?���""bed ua        ,
iii Weal Kootonay dlatrlct: lissslm "'��."-,,���,,t
planted m i is., ,,,",n tn,-.-.- ���'>" '" ; ..���, ���,i
""H Creek, slss-s s Is fort,1;!,J!,B*IH
tss s-isniu, mora or leaa, th'"";'.!1:': ,,,',.>JI"
ssssire sir leaa, tbe aal '" l"1', ,,., ii,i��
I'1" ilbeglnnlng, the mm �� ",'". ,:.��,��pii��"-
bn whal is kn,,sssus ttanaonpo ��' i
Dated JalySs not. i:i:"' '     -
Notice Ip horoby given the ���'jlljffin
th il,, I li,l.,|���ll., nnply to[tbe 0"5'S
alonorol Und, sssui \v..rk- yictojf-iJKy lis
sissn to pnrohMotho follow n�� "."" ,' ,, i
slliuils-  Iss   the sllslrli'l ssl   Hi'sl I"",1.'., ���',���|l
nf lirislilsiissi Crs'S-k: Starting
John  While-*   B.  IV,   s'ssrssiT
s'liisius annih s.i j Mnlono'
running north DO chalna, "'
Hiii  aouth I'll s-lssslis*. the!
point ol eommenoemont,        ..i'Tneni
JllUO 11, 1����. j, K��AZKH, ASJ'i"
is tvai* The Daily Canadian
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y> Limited
"m   two latest additions ts. the   Kodak line are the
No. JB Quick Focus Kodak for V4 x .s'i pictures.
iii.- S12.00.    And the No.4A. Folding Kodak
for 4^4 x (>yi pictures,witb regular equipment, No. 2 B. & L. Automatic Shutter
and Double Combination Rapid
Rectilinear Lens, with a
speed of f. ,S,    Price
w., imv,- the wlssiii, Kodak ininily. from the *slsi Ns,. o
right ii,��� tss ihs- N<>  I A.    Alio all the Supplies, at
Tssnsiits, | ris-s-s.
Our mail (lr)iitrtin.'iit is tit yssur ss*rvire.
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y, Limited
Lperial Bar k of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
|T.U, PAID UP....tS,HOO,aoO REST  ��H,!KX),000
. K  W1I.KI1"., President HON. HOBBBT .TAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Colombia:
Depotita received and Interett ullowt-l nt current rtxim from date of opening nc-
iiikI credltod luilf-ywnrly
i-:i.moin BRANCH ��J-��   M��   LAY,  /Vlonajjer.
[he Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
ial Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Boat Builders will And it tss tiisur advantage to uie our Pitch.
[elson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd*
'. Burns & Co.
Born Saturday night to lhe Wife of
H. J- H. Folhurljy, Carbonate utreet, a
IS. v. Waggoner, of Spokane- grand
master of the Masons oi Washington-
waH in tho city yeaterday on his way
home from  Calgary.
The regular meeting of the city council wilt ue held in thu city hail tonight,
mere lb a tot of routine Imihiiiubb io
come up, mui pubmoiy a communication   from   tne    AlliH-Lhaliut-rs-butluci;
'����� Markets iu  Rosslaud,  Trail,  Nilgou,  Kaslo,  Sandon, Threo Forks, New
Denver nnd tilooan City.
uid-time Winnlpegera now resident
in Nelson wi. regret to learn of the
death ol Frank Lynn, which occurred
ai lhe Prairie Capital Friday morning.
Ueeeaaud v,an a reaideni oi Wuimpug
since imi, and was Cor several years
connected with the dally preps ol lhat
The regular monthly general meeting oi the Twenty Thousand club will
he held In the board cl irade rooms tomorrow night at hSiu. Besides elections und routine business, the club
haw lo arrange for the smoker" in alrd
of the ngali.a already determined upon, and lor the series of dances ut the
R. ArniHirong and W. Dean, of Chicago, arrived in Nelson yesierday, and
leave tor Greenwood this morning.
They are Interested with A. Miller, of
Greenwood, iu the La Prance and
Strathmore mines. Mr. Armstrong is
of opinion lhat active operations will
lie resinned at the Ui France properties before the end of the summer.
Guests al the Strathcona are enjoying excellent music each evening during dinner. A small orchestra, including Miss Pitt, pianfste, and D. Curtis,
Violinist, has lieen engaged by the proprietor, and diners are delighted with
reveries, nocturnes, waltzes, two-steps
and many of the favorite opera airs.
Tne innovation is u very pleasing one,
and has scored a decided hit with patrons of the house. The artists ure ex
cellent, and play in .perfect harmony.
Trouble Among the Unions.
New York, July 21.���According to
the Herald, one thousand men, plasterers, electricians, carpenters, lathers and
dbmfeni layers, were ordered to strike
yesterday in sympathy with the striking plumbers, who are out because contractors give employment to plumbers
who are members of local Plumbers'
Union No. 2, which is disgraced for refusing to obey the rules of the National Association of Journeymen Plumbers-
Operations on several new buildings
were interrupted.
Gait Coal
Term* Hjmt Cub
Telephone 'Xb
First Class Heating Plants and Modern
Sanitary ApplmnceB.
Phone 181, Opera House Bile. Box 401
A full lime of Crocken,
Chine and t IIiinhw iii _.
AluoSeoond Rand food* ol Brery Itewrtp*
lion,  Viv luivi- r-oi thegoodasnd sell m
Lows*! I'rlri-N lu Town.
Baker8t.i next io'\p.i' noket Office,
''"'Mtosinylsrisiiils will linvt-
I" ..usl .'iirulul HtlenUuii.
Heid Office: Nelson, B. C.
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit.
Thorpe's nice uool drinks.      Lunches
put up 11 specialty.
W.J. Walker,   SS
West Transfer Co.
General Teamsters and Dealers in
Coal and Wood.   Express and
Baggage Transfer
K"i',r���  Office: Baker St.
Nullre |n Hereby fifth that *> flnyn lifter ilatu 1
IlllCIHl t<l till]")' to tlit' "'i.i.-f ('oiiitiilHHlotuir of
Lit ml*, and Works for 11 upcctnl lloeQH lo cut mid
I'irri' uwriv tlmltiT from the following dMOribVd
html* In Weil KfHiU-iiHyill'.trli't:
Ma L���''oiiimi'iifliiK  Ht   a  pom   marked   Ole
Osberg'l ftoiiiiiwf'Kt ooroar potfi ami pi-witt-il on
tin' "-net utile fd iHiiif'tii) river, abtiut ten mile*
nortliiant of Went Kork of i-uncati river; theocu
���MMluiln* south, iii.'ii.f*"�� iirtiiii- iii-i, tlivnCe HO
'���hiiltiM north- Iheime *j ri.iiiriN west to joint oi
oommonountnt  ���
No. 2.��� OonniwnQlng *������ �� P"-1,1 miirkcd Ole
i tlti-ri; v nu 11 inn-t |n>..i nnd planted on the rait
ildOQf DunctD river, about 11 iiiIIch northeant of
Wait Kor|| of Duncan river; thenee HO chains
norlli, tli"iu." ni cbaini eant, thence SO chain*.
MUtll, tin* Ii re HO rJiiiliift went to point of com-
So. fl, ('oiiiineininir al a pout marked Ole
oImtk'h northcHHt corner i���*��� --r. and iilHiitotl on
the eaal "Mi* of IMi iioin river, ahoul 11 in Ilea
northeaal of Wi-m Kork oi Donoan river; thenoe
111 i-hiiliiK went,  thenoe  UIO ObalOl north, thence
io ohalni eaati thenoeJtBO ohaini south to point ol
So. I.���Commenolng at n poat marked ole
Oberg'i louthwrat corner poat, ana planted on
the eiiHt  rilde  of   Duiicnii   river  and ahout 131-1
miles northeait ol wait aork of Donoan river;
tbenoe 80 ohaini north, ihence Soohalni earn;
Utanoe80ohalnaaooth, ihence SOohalha west to
point oi commenoement.
No. B-���Commenolng at a poit marked  Ole
Oherg'l northeait corner Jiont, and plaliteil on
lhe  east  Hide of  Duiicau river and ahout 12 1-1
mllei northeut 61 Weal Kork of Donaan river;
thenee ��u obaina weed thence 80 ohalna northi
tbence ho ���.���lmin�� fact, thonce80 ohaini tooth to
point of <'ommeuceiiieiit.
So. 8*���Commenolng at a post marked Ole
oberg's northeut corner posi, and planted on
thee Htsiiicf.f Duncan river, and abont IIW
mllei  noriheiirit of  Wexl Kork of  Duncan river;
thence 80 chains wesi, thencenchaini north,
tbence ho chalna eut, thenoo 80 ohaini aouth to
polnl of commenoamenti
So. 7. Commanoing at a pott marked Ole
Otwrg'i soiiihwest comer p<��si, i planted on
the eusl side of Donoan river anil about 18 w
mllei northeut Of the West Kork Ol Duncan river;
thence ho chnins east, thence Ho ehalllH south,
lbence Huelialns west, thenee HO chaius uorth to
point of commenoement
No. 8.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Obertt's southwest corner post, anil planted on
the eut Ilde of Duncan river, and about 14 1-1
miles norlheast of the Weat Kork of Duncau
river; thence 80 Uialus east, thence 80 chains
south, thence HO chains west, thence 80 chains
north to point of commencement.
No. 8.���Commenolng at a post planted on the
eul ilde Oi Duncan riverand mark-d Ole Oberg'i
southeast eoruer post, and uhout 11 M miles
northeast of West Kork of Duncan river; thence
ho chains wesl, Ihence 80 chains north, thence 80
chains cast, Ihence HO ehains somh to point of
No. 10.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
ObelR's southeast corner poll and planted ou
the east side of Duncan river ami about 15 1-4
miles norlheast of West Fork of Duncan river;
thenoe 80 chains west, thenee 80 chains north,
tlieucc H0 chains east, thence 80 ehilns south to
point of commencement.
No. U.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
OberK's Southwest corner post and planted oil
the eut tide of Donoan river and about 15 1-4
mllei northeut ol West Kork of the Dnncan river; thence *i chains cast, lbence 80 chillis south,
thence80chalna west, thenee 80 chains north to
point of commencement.
No. 14.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg'i northeast eorner post and planted on
the easl side of Duncan river mid about Hi 1-4
miles norlheast of West Fork of Duncan river;
ihence 80 chains wt-sl, thenee 80 chains uorth,
thence do chains east, thence 80 ehains south to
point of commencement.
No. 18.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Obex's southwest corner post and jdaiiU'd on
the easl ilde of Duncan river about WM miles
northeast of the Wesl Kork of the Duncan river;
thence 80 chains east, ihence 80 chains south,
thenee 80 chains west, Ihence 80 chains uorth to
point of commencement.
No. 1*L��� Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg'i fjouthwut corner post and planted on
the cast side of Duncan river aud about 17 1-1
inllcs northcasl from the West Kork of Duncan
river; thenee so chains east, thence 80 chains
south, theuce SO chains west, thenee 80 chains
north to point of Commencement.
No. lfi*���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Obelg's norlheast corner pOBI ami planted on
the easl-ide of Duncan river and ahout 17 1-1
miles northcasl of West Fork of Duncan river;
thence ho chains west, theuce 80 chnins north,
thence 80 ehalna out, thence 80 chalna south to
potui of commencement.
No. 1&���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Obefg'leOOthWWt corner post und plained ou
the east side of Duncan river nud about 18 1-4
milea northeast Of lhe Wesl Fork of Duncan river; thenee 80 chains east, thenee 80 chains soulh,
ihence.Ho chains west, thenee HO chains north to
point of oommencement.
No. 17-���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Obefg'a southwest .turner post and planted on
the easl side of Duncan river ami ahoul 191*4
miles northeast of the West Fork of Wini'tiii river; thence so chains easl, thence 80 chains south,
theliee K0 chains west, thenee HO chains  uoth   lo
point of commencement.
Dated Jini.'Mh liM'i. OLK OllKKO, Locator.
The Latest Modern Appliances
uow iu use at this
And   l)lilJVi:wi;i) l?WKB
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
Kooms, are well turnished.   Table as. gossd ass any
lu Nelion.    Bar aupplled with good
llaunrss ansl s Sirssrss.
W, E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Europeen nnd American Man
Heala 7b eta.   Room* from 2ft eta. to 11
Only Whlw Help Employed.
Baker Bt., Nelson Prop-ietora
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tne Bar la the Flneat.
White Help Only Kmptoyed.
Soaephlne 81,
Nelaon. B. 0,
The Big Schooner 1V^       |A
Or "Hill and Hall"    DCCl    \\)\.��
Thi) only Gla��H of Good Beer in Nelsou.
Hotel Accommodations second to
none iu British Columbia.
Special Rates to Monthly Boarders.
The only Home Hotel in K '.son.
Lake Vielto
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two lilf.ekc from
Rates tl.UO per Day
as.si up.
p.oboxbi,       NELSON, B. C.
Telephone 118,
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Sample and Bath Rooraa Free.
Opposite Court Bouse and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
The Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
SKAl-KHTKNliKKS, marked "Ti-n'ler for Timber
Limits, Woodberry Creek," will lie received
by the u tide rs Ik lied up to noon ol Saturday, the
nth day of tuguit, IW, from any penon deair*
ing to obtain apeefal timber Uceneea to out And
carry away timber from the foUowfng deaerlbed
Unds, altuate on Hip North Kork of wooaberry
Creek, lu the Ain>woi1h Mining Division ol We-l
Kootenay Diatrtflt: -
l.ot 1.- Ooromenotns hi r italte planted on the
North Kork of WooilU-rry Creek, about five
lulh-H   ir-'iu   Kooteiiuy   Luke;   iht'liee   M)iith   ni
ohatnai thence weat wchiuna; tbenoe north no
'���luiiiis; thODOe east 80i'hnin�� to the polnl of 00m*
l.-si 1. ���Oommonolttg at n stake p'anton ou the
Norih Kork of Wood berry Creed ahout six miles
from Kootonay Lako; thaneu south ni ohatnai
tltonoo west aoehalna; theuce north SO chalna;
llienee east nil < hains to the point ol eominciice-
Irfit 8.���Comin.tnelni; al a italte planted on tho
Nnrlh  Kork   of Wmnlberry  Creek,  mIhmiI  seven
milea from Kootenay Uke; ihence south hu
chains! thenee west 80 chains; thence north 10
chains;  theuce east 80 chnins   to the point of
Lot 4 ��� Comraeucinn at a stake planted on lho
Nortii Kork of WooOberry Oreo*, about olglit
miles from Koolenay LaJtet theuce south HO
chalna I theuce wesi BOchaina; thenee north 80
Chalm; tbenoe east w> ehaiue to the point of
commence ment.
The person offering ihe highest cash bonua will
he entitled io special llconeea covering the limits' renewable for twciiiy-one successive years.
Kurh tender must be accompanied by a certified cheque, made payable at pur in Victoria to
theundersiKiied, for the amount, |U0,00, of the
lirst year'i feet for such roeolal licences, and the
auinnntofthc bonus tendered, and also a certified cheque for ami 00 for cosl of advertising Bald
Deputy Comnilssloner of Lands and Works.
Lands ami Works Department,
Victoria, B. 0 , July 19th, 1908,
TAKK NOTICK thai I intend to apply at the
next sittings of the Hoard of Mcencfug Commissioners for the Clly of Nelson, for a transfer to
(leorge Harrison of Nelson, B. C. of my Liuense
to sell fermented ami spirituous liquors ou the
premises known as tne Lake View Hotel, Vernon
hired, Nelson, B. C.
Dated the -lib day ol July, 1906.
AuorsT Thomas.
wituess, w. A. Macdonald.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Dakar Street, Nelaon. B. 0,
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
We have Improved and Unimproved .Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
h7& m. bird
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
Largo end Comfortable Bedrooms and First-
class uiulug Room. Hampie Rooms for Commercial Men.
MRS. K. C. CI.ARKK,  Proprietress
Tho well known
Onr BecrGftnlon in
the Finest in tho
Kooteiiuy ��.
And Builder
Sole ngent for tho Porto Rico Lumber
(Jo., Ltd., retail ytvrds.
Rough nud dressed lnuiber, turned work
and brackets, Coast lath and shingles,
sash and doors.
Cement, brick and limn for sale. Automatic grinder.
iinsuTmnce!   Real Estate and Mining
'   Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Olil.sHt sTKtnlsliBhpd Rcnl Estate
BimimsKH in Kuotenay.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Frait Lands in this district.
Mont of it nittmte on tho West Arm and Main Lake.   See mo before you decitie to locate.
We WiU Sefl.
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60,oo.
McDermid & McHardy
Choice Fruit
I Have t0,000 Aores
of the
Choicest Froit Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Winnipeg Exhibition
From Cranbrook, B. C.
Round Trip.
Ou Sale July 20th to 27tb.   Good to return until August 'Jusl.
Yard and factory Vernon, St.,
east of Hall.
Telephone 178,'     NelsOn, B. C.
��� . c...    Eastern
Next Selling     ���, .
Dates  Excursion
August 7-8-9, September 8-10
St. Paul Chicago
Outario Quebec
Maritime Prnvices.
For rates, berth reservation nnd detailed
iufonuation apply to lossnl agent or writ��
A.rs.l'.��.,VHlss'ssl!v.T. D.P.A., Nclssssn.
Wholewlfl mi.l Retail Dcitlera lu
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied ou shortest notice nud
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome moats and supples kept iu stock
Mnil orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
Change of Time
Effective July 22nd
will lenvo Nelson nt K:90a. ni.
will nrrive at Nelson at 7:85 p n>.
will leavo for Kaslo at 0:4r. p. m.
will arrive at Nelson at 9:10 a. m.
City PaHsicnger ^gont.
A Q, P. A., Seattle.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers iu staple aud fancy Groceries.
Butter, Eggs.
Camp and Minert' Supplies.
I : si;
��� ,',V
r P
. i  :���������
}i% I The Daily Canadian
Is the subject of most local Interesi at present, and in order to enjoy
it thoroughly you need .perfect distance vision. If your sight Is at ail
detective, we can correct i-' with .perfect-fitting glasses at low prices.
A pair of BAUSCH & LOMB BINOCULARS will enable you to follow the regatta accurately. They are the finest field glasses made,
and we sell them at lowest market  prices.
******************    ********
��� Out Store has Juslly Won *
the Reputation of      ���
being the X
Headquarters Fori
Campers'   |
Supplies    I
"The Store of Sweets/
w. Halg-Smellle, of Procter, is lu
tlie city on business, and is at the
Miss Louise Tnisswell. of Trail, Is
in the city, the guest of Mrs, ,1 A
Montgomery, Cedar street.
Wagstoffe's ''"^1."
The only case in the city police
court this morning was that of one
drunk, who paid the usual five dol
lars and costs.
We carry nothing but t
highest grade of all
lines of
lie ���
Your goods arc   carefully?
Checked.  Our name is    j
back of everything       X
we sell. ���
���        :
Bell Trading:
Company        f
'e4 Tip" for a
'Canadian Morning."
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
Need Any-O
^Frtfit Jars ���
We have the NEW M,ison Sealer
with ihe All Glass Top.
Nn metal ts, got dlny mnl oorroded.
Til.'  must  uii-lss-sl.-ils-   si'iilsr   on tin1
market.   In pint mill ��� j mut sizes.
Pints per Dozen $1.25
Quarts per Dozen 1.50
Wo nlso have the Grown  .Inrs lot
pints., qnnrtx and hall gallon
$1, $1.25 and $1.50 per dozen
| Joy's Cash Grocery J
Cor. JoiL'phlni'juiil Ami Btii     Phone IS
The Leac.'ing Ice Cream
Parlor of Nelson.
IVHOLEflALK   Ar.li   HK'f s[|.
Special Attention to orders for
pariieb aud picnics.
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phsme 25. Baker St.
NELSON, Ii  0.
\ .-s-iissss ,��,,., \V,��s-,l Slrwsits,.
.1 FKEU IIUMK. Prssisrietnr.
W v. Trenan nnil wits', R Clothier,
Rossland; W U Wellwood, Miss May
McCoy, Miss Underbill, Victoria; E VV
Rflwson, Mr. and Mrs. C II Twlss, II
Wright, VV McNeely, U Wallaca, a Ma
claren, 12 VV Johnson, ll A Small, Vancouver; C C Snowdon, Montreal; VV
Krogman, Seattle; G w Garter anil
wife, Revelstoke; G S Appleby, D H
Kittredge, Montreal; T tl White, Per
nle; Q A Laurie, Creston; W R Hish
ssp and wife. L*ewlston; B I. Waddell,
VV f. Ross, Vancouver; D H MeDs-rniisl,
London; A T Dudgeon, Revelstoke; S
II [tinman. Minneapolis; .1 Drtppln,
Mr. anil Mrs, I) S Cooke, Santa liar
tarn; Mr. ansl Mrs. W H Alley, Mrs.
Stockton, Chicago; K Strlpp. London;
II R Cromer, Calgary; D Shewan. Mop.
treal; W Vallnnce anil wife. Miss Val-
lance. Miss Zealand, Hamilton; W McNeill. Winnipeg; K P Waggoner. Q II
ingrahatn, B3 H Paden, C D Crowther,
Spokane; W H Dean, Milwaukee; R
Armstrong, Chicago: J A McNalr, .1
Brown and wife. V VV Odium. Vancouver; H VV F l'ullok. Dr. Westwoosl.
Coleman; E L Roberts, Toronto.
E Dalen, Fernie: John Mahon, Lang-
don: T D Woodcock, Slocan; C Wales,
Viotoria; .1 Robinson. Charles King,
Vancouver; J J Bell, F Qenelli, Ottawa: C C Branen, Vancouver; L liergo-
ion. Kaslo; J B Rowley, Ymir; A C.
Birteh, Langdon; B Henderson, w
Henderson, Laclede; W S Ilirtch, Cranbrook; E M Ferguson, Paris; E .1
Flynn, Spokane.
W R Fawkes, Procter; A Dalgarno,
M Dalgarno, Mis.-s Fllssin, Mssoss' .law;
Cl Penman, Wnrdner; ll .lost. Edmonton: C VV Rolhwoll, T Mmighnn. E II
Balard, Grand Forks; .1 McVine, Napa-
nee; .1. s. Arnold and wife, w Cnlder,
Sssi :,!���' E Clute, Kaslo;  A  I) Long-
hoed, Pncher Creek; II E Ames, Winnipeg; ll E ltssss. Spokane; ,l C Travis,
Cranbrook;J I) Percy. ,i Roberts, Tor-
ssnto: It Cooper, Slsican; M Tilt, Miss
.1 Stewart, Vmir.
E P llllchens. Poonnan mine; R Owens. R Rlchanls, Winnipeg; C Wood-
sum, Ten Mile.
A sMeilssr, F Mcdowan, Gerrar.l; D P
Taylor. (1 Glllearsl, Vancouver,
Fresl Hunter. Susnnvilie; II Ls-nslln,
Toronto; Sidney May. London: .1 ivirlo
Ynilr: VV L Payne, Deer Head; .1 K
Flynn. Band Point: A McLennan, Rssss-
E A Burden, Winnipeg;!, A Cutting
Plncher Creek; W Jewell, Bholt; o
Reslcker, Rossland; C o Vancamp,
sisis-isis; ,i Nuttall, Arrowhead, s Hlg
ginbothan, Procter.
E Harrison, Ynilr; F Roy, Kaslo:  M
Duffy, Cranbrook.
Telephone 101.
You can now Hocuro frosli live minnow! regularly al Umlnay'8 Uoal House
itiisk .Between 0. P, it. bridgetnd Dominion
I in i it nn I. t mil I !��� i..ml. (ill r.sc I'l.iilniiiiin' Mliitll
'i nf one| '"Ml (wo rJiiK-.   Klmfi-r wil
]>leHhe le*V(j siiuti ei lulu uttu-v '
Thp clly band gnve tlu* usual Sun
day concert at the park yesterday
afternoon, There was a very large
attendance in the park and on ill"
Friends nf the late \v, B. Townsend
are reminded thai his funeral takes
place jii   si. Saviour's  tomorrow   al
2:30.    Services  will   he  read    in     the
Church   and   ai   lhe   graveside,
Dr. Brlggs, acting <>n Instructions
(nun ihe coroner, Dr. Arthur, made a
post mortem examination this afternoon on the body of Al. D. McKlnnon,
which   will   be   read   to   lhe   c(ii(iuer*s
jury tonight.
The colors of the clubs com pel inn
iu the regatta are: Portland rowing
eluti, sky blue, navy blue and white;
.1. B. A. A. A., navy blue and while;
Vancouver rowing club, scarlet and
white; Nelson boat club, green am!
All members oi lodge Nelson's
Queen Smis of England Benefit Sod-
cty, and visiting brethren are pnrticu
larly requested in meel al Hie lodge
room on Tuesday at - p. m. sharp for
the purpose of attending the funeral
of ihe in io brother, \V.  It. Townsend
The Washington correspondents now
ot tour of the Canadian wesl will arrive In Nelson from the coast by Die
10:05 train nexl Sunday, and will remain til! 0:80 a. ni. Tuesday. Monday,
tin' 80th, wil] he spent in Nelson or
I on ri ni; round ihe lake. George Hani,
chief publicity agent of the C. P. i;.
will accompany the party.
The directors of the Agricultural So
ciety are taking steps to secure outside judges of repute for the principal
departments of the fair. R. M. Pal
mer will judge ihe fruit. A. Campbell,
of the Coldstream ranch, Lord Aberdeen's, the vegetables, and the Vancouver Poultry Association has heen
asked to recommend a judge for thai
C. P. McHardy who has just return-
ed from an extended nip through Easi
Kootenay, expresses warm approval oi
the suggestion made through these
columns hy Captain McMorrls that 'he
Cranbrook and Lethbrldge lacrosse
teams be secured for the fair. He Bays
ihat all Kast Kootenay and the Pass
disirict erf Allien a are enthusiastic
partisans of one or the other team.
At the same time, all are Interested
in Nelson and the attraction of .Nelson, the lake, the fruit and lacrosse
would bring hundreds here ami amply
repay the city, if not the association
Thp gentleman who fssuml Ihe 1
nurse ailvertlsoil In these columns 1
slays ago, please return purse to
The Store of Quality
EA that is Refreshing ���
EA that is Healthful ���
EA that is Fragrant ���
EA that is Invigorating ���
EA that is Pure ���
That is what every one  who
who has tried
1 Cn  is bound to say
Yssu Want instiling bnt the hs-st anil that
in Hiii-.lv IMPERIAL,
IC W. r:. llloek . Phssne  10
Friday, July 27tbt
Mr. C. H. Gibbons presents
Norway's   representative   singer,
assisted by
Gina Smith, Pianist.
Prices 50c. 75c, $1.00,
Si-nts on sale al. Rutherford's Wed-
Front  bedroom   In  nice  cottage,   on
Mill   BtTBet,  near  Josephine.    Suitable
for two gentlemen; references required,
Apply at  Canadian ofllce.
Fig and Lemon Marmalade
This is something pood. An old
reliable nrtiele, but U6W on this
25cts. Each
CA Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
Ellanes Duplicator?
Ink, per tube  $.ioo
Stencil Paper, K'"'"',',!',',',!',',,, $2.25
Varnish, per bottle ,s<>
Mimeo Paper, u'"'' "),'!; r,������, $i.,SO
Minico Paper,1' ";;������,.���,������ $1.75
W. Gt Thomson
Sg&W "" Nelson, B.C.
is not complete without n good
We have a full line ssf them at prices to
milt .vmir parse.   Al-n Wash llisiinls,
'lulis, Clothes Pins, Clothes
I-sitn-s, Pulls-ys, BtO.
Nelson Hardware Co.
PHONK 15.       NELSON. IS. O.
For Everything (Jood,
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thurman's Speml Mixture?
Old Curiosity Shop
ir yo�� want to buy or anil anything,
KO to the Old Curiosity Shop, A new
line of Japanebo Good a now on Bale, All
kinds (if DinnerWftre In stock. Patterns.
Leave Yo-.r Order With Me For
Cherries and
Nssvv, as the ss-asssn Is elusion, anil I "111
s.-s- thai your oi.l.-r is till.si with the
besl fruit tss lis- had at the lowesl mar
kel  isrfee.
Haslewood Ice Cream
Phone 206.
Thorpe's Lithia
is made
��� \ common Canadians.
Do yon
consider tbat a faull ?
If your system needs
try a home made
Thorpe & Co'y,
Phone 60.   Nelson, B. C.
Thompson & Douglas
Hiiiis   Writing  ,1  SpveUllty,
Will! Ps.pur ...,d liurlnp.
BHOP ON war's
(lit ii/l ij tins
milt'tit,: tiKdmtinti��� spirits iii ckUM
Hkp'-'M; tilth i/dtinm-Hk mcdilh y
|l)ll>  VOL)   KNOW
lis ssl Hit slrlsikssfssrv.-ii alssssr Sod, KssiissIbIi,
llSS'l    IODIC   prOHftlU   Iss-ss-jiss    Si-fri-SslllsiK 1
Wo ss-s- ,..,'s- rs-ul trssll svn,|.< ���| Us-i|��� .���
.|Si,sllly Kssiiislsslss. s-siiiiili-r. |]uni Ud
raoopwolei  aru  k#-p(   s,i-rsijiislsissily s-u-un.
Btkor Stnuti heliou, B, 0.
A|>|illentisins will he received by the
trustees of the Hume si-hs��si district,
sNs-ison. for a teacher for tin- ensuing
term,   Salary, j7r, per month,   Aiiiiressi
GEO. II. PLAYUH, Recretary.
These are the days when a man's
Shirt Is the all Important part of hit
make-up���both  for  looks  and  comfort.
We've Everything that's good
in Summer Shirts	
We sell shirts from the best of shirt makers in Canada���makers
with a  reputation,
Watches! Watches!
The best (jrndes in American mm-omonts,   Prices
Iii compote with Eastern houses. Fim, waieh
rojblrlog and opti.-w oar speolalty,
Repairing and Jobbing a Spe J
Bbeetmetal Work, t lastimys, Builders' Matertal and Mining ind Mm i
��I,,,,,v   JIM.
tHlise mnl Wnrks Foot ssf l'aik St
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd]
Iiss-sv.-s I Bolllen ssf
Fine Lager Beer and Porter
Every Known Variety^,.J
And the Celebrated " Red Ribbon Beer.'
n -:i.i i-ii. i.m : rs... j ..
P, . >. It. IN   2.14.
&Co., P^M
**-   ^^*t       Limited. Winntptfl
Whol*��al�� Provlalorui,
Dominion Governmenl t'n-.-i rj One Pound Brinks iwiveil w-sbw '
frssm ihs- f.-hurii.   i-'ssr sub- hy nil leading grooen,
tiiiii-i-ami warehouse: SonstonBloolc,   PhoneTH,
Josephine Street. -       -       Nelson, B, C
I H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Lj
We would invite you to tatptttt our liirRss and varied stsvk ul
NO lls-eil to fuller from heat if ys
will isulj- eail ami ask I
?��% Hot Weather Requiiittl
Store open from 7 a.m. t.s il p.m. every day esei-pt holidays anil Snnstan
Wupiiisisin and Jobblnn wtaoutad ��\-iti, D��sjuntuh   ���hMtSMJfl
work. Mln Ins .,,,,i >ini Maohlnwv.    tvfnnulauturara ssl
Oru  CrsH,   W.   R.   Csssslis,s.t.>.--.-   C���,M.
i The Latest Arrival at ). A. Gilker's is the |
fM Superior in make ami quality.
I j. a, gTuker!
MANUFACTURERS   T      _._ ,-���_��       i  -
AND DEALERS IN   i-'timOCf,   OlllflglCS^
Ltith, Mouldinjf��, Doors, Window*
1 ui-nou Work nnd lli-uckctn. Mail Orders prui vnlln��W��l
VBRNON STKHin   . .  .  NbUSON, B. ��.
bave demonstrated to us, and if you will let ns make yon
one suit we'll convince you that the clothes we
make are superior to all other makes
in every detail of
I 1 iirli.l '1,....   'I--..,,  ^t _.     . ....
Hlgh-Olnsa Tailor
Baker St., Nelson, B.O.
Our stiii-k  uf HANI)   SAWS i<  very ���WPfJ
Ineludiui: uriules in suit, all reqniremeuts.
If you wish a low priced saw wo rain supply l'*
also enrry tins best. quaUHes made hy
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y* $


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