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The Daily Canadian Oct 16, 1907

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Array What Will You
Have With It?
I, l bottled at the Springs.
u'.uh 2.    No. 114
 ��� __     r/j''_jy    ~ " '	
NELSON. B. C, WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 16. S907. -*���-��..
Will  be delivered
your door for
every evening    at
Fifty Cents a month
Itlantic Companies Plan
New Giants
���eculatioD in London as to Future
Steamship Developments���Too
B.g To Pay.
m, oi 1    16 -The  Interest   that
,,., n in the two now Ounard
I..   Lusitania und lit-r Hiatcr
  ��� iriinn.   anil   lu   till-   hrst
...  Lusitanla    i��   evidently
>i n Mil*'* nf ilio Atlantic
tail m in- impraassil ���*-*--
:   tona Of thousands
.:,..   ., 11111 'ssi-il   lln-   <li*|iai t l.r.
,,,!.r rrom Liverpool und the
nio sailed un her first voy-
eiclamatlons  ns   "wonder-
li mr liner limn  I expect-
*,r.' beard on all (Idea.
realised,     nevertheless,
Ivance these vessels ����� on
���li.,' ban   1,iiin rto  been  but"-    in
l 1   ..    uru   more   than   one-
: s mile in  length, or a_o_t
I feel looser and twenty feet
Un Qraat Eastern,   la -la-
tonnage    they    uiu    about
'   u_    rr    linlf     limes     us     great
n -adtia-g--      In height    and
. 1     Unir     tauti*    rooms,
...':.     provision    that     can
made lot the safe-} and comfort of
the) are far lu edvanoe ol
ii. r ship .iiii.nl    in power -bay tm
:��� pel   cent    greats*    than  any
snd about four tinics groats*'
Qres 1 l..isi*.'rn.
Itania  lias   mads  u good   lie*
i waa, or course, no ques-
radnji   at >li" Is. without doubt.
��� niiiship   on   Uu-   Atlutil U*.
-u inri.i'   the beat average ipoed
iii   mads on her Burst
tr*��"-ta,  nml   will   do   mors   when   In r
I'-iiii' crew tuts better uaod to its
Fur it.
���linn   is   asked s��si'ywhere
i��u hips going to be larger -till
��� '.'i   Inline'.- Min-li larger steam
��� ar,-. ni course, quite passlblat,    A
Iphulider is miiii to have talk-
'   '    posslblllly or building ships a
<>l a mile mm; and thirty knots
ii  would in- Just  us easy  for
'"f shipbuilders  to  speak  of Steams' hall   n inili'   long   und   thlrty'lvo
������I    Nothing is Impossible, pro
in 5 enough to pay tor
B��i rr would in* necessary also to
n'i 'iiin in. .im Mima in proVidU-g deep-
-"rbon nml largor docks���nr ihe
����� ihlps would bava to remain out at
Buch  ���!��� ii extension! will um bs
.  j yean Co i-niiii'. Tin'
'""rpool docks inn hardly  i.it_ enough
1           uml    Mr,un luuiu,   nml
"' "' �� '1' ' i' channel   at   New  York Is
:  d�� |.  pi,   |t,   ���|iow  thsae   m-w
1 .1   enter and  lea*-*
1   11 the ships
li* < 'i
I ���������������
run long
nin   designed and
"uwr and I idsr tln-y must ulso
 ""' 'I" I'll       lIllll'HH  BOIIH'   nnvi'l   mid
k )-i unthotigh! ol  method or  prortd-
I   : tho 11,.,,     ,lv   mi.'nKtli   i nn   ba  ih"
!  "1 v.
11   Ik.  ill,ire  art- very   few
��� "i Hi-' World tlit-1 cnii tako In ves-
������'*���*" aa  tha Luaitanla,    They
P"""' '* ' the 8USI Canal or lln- pOrl
P hontkm even al thslr llghi draught,
1 "'i no cargo or  fuel  on board.    No
���man pon can accommodate vaasahi
Jr&'. or as large. And there la no trade
I   **"- world ni, which they ooutd live
" ",;'i"' a pt.int  azoept ihe Atlantic
Jwiger trade to and from New York.
I,.    ls  tain  that  larger  ships  thnn
I "���Usitanla will be bunt,    It Is under
IJ^th"th-idealE_g for one somewhat
BiiTvl "."  "'""''*' b**ta*" Pi'-liai'i'd.     For
���iftii* '1K ���"""" ���ik'"*h, ���very Increase In
-Mas       .'   """'''   "'J"KK   M"K   V""1
><��� .1 steadier and more comfoAahls
|iKi'i|'" �����, and, provided thut lltere are
*o 2bl PM,8n-reri" Obtainable In 1111
<.,.,..���' ''��� "v"'*y Increase In size, within
w,,,.!',;,    * "���-- ���"*�����- to eoonomy Is
till,,'"''" ""' appear Hint. Iht-re are fn
"���' the Clyde  for building and
duolng weights, the lnrr.-nw* nr diman-
hIiiuh will bs inuilu easier. There Is no
doiilil that wutcrtuhc hollers will, before
long,   ba   used     In     Atlantic   passenger
���tsamara with a -treat saving in might,
and lliere Ib no doubt that the combined
reelproealliiK and turbine type of en-
glum, which Messrs. Swan, llunier and
wiKliain EUohardaon, Limited, have for
the inst two years been bringing before
the notice of Ihe great steamship companies will further reduce both the
Weights of  machinery  and, by their In-
er���laad eoonomy, the weights of fuel to
he carried.
li Ih Hafe to say, however, that so far
as speed and |iower are concerned It
will he a Ion-; time before the Lusitanla
anil Mauietanlu are exceeded, for In ad-
���I'' ton to the ureal flrst cost of such
large power and high Bj-eeil the increased rost of coals will prevent, or al least
greatly delay, any considerable Increase
ill  speed.
ll has been suggested that by Ihe use
of oil fuel higher speeds will become
possible, but while the use of petroleum
would save one-third in the weight of
lln- fuel to In* oar-Jed and used the Increased cost of burning It Instead of
OOa] is unite prohibitive fnr large high-
spi-,,1 passenger steamships, and, the
cost of oil is not likely to be greatly reduced In our time.
li may be noted that there has been
during reoent years and until the udveut
of the LiiBltniilu and .Miniretanlu a re-
nctlnn uguinst the tendency to increase
the speed of passenger vessels and the
slzo of cargo-currying vessels. Most of
the Atlantic passenger Bteamers that
have been built during the last ten years
hn\, been of the Intermediate type;
Hint is to say, of moderate siteed, from
fifteen to twenty knots. Some ten years
ago a fonslderalile number of cargo vessels carrying 11.000 to 12,000 tons were
built; more recently the vessels built
hnve seldom exceeded 11.000 to 10.000
tons, deadweight capacity. One reason
fnr this Is the falling off both In the ex-
pnrt of goods from Britain's side of the
Atlantic to America and ln the export
of gi'ulu and produce from America.
There is one trade, however, In which
there must shortly lie an Increase both
ln slr.e and in speed. Practically all the
fastest Atlantic passenger steamers t~ll
In nnd out of New York. The time Is
I'limeliii: when Canuda most have steamships running direct to her own ports
of eipinl -peed to the New York liners
and of equal comfort. The Canadian
liners hnve no doubt been greatly Improved In speed and otherwise, hut they
arc not yet fast enough. Tin- quickest
rniile   in   t'aiiaila   ls   via   AtlU'l'lca,   and
Canada cannot tie a____e_ until pnssi n��
gers und malls can reach Montreal aa
quickly  us  they  can  reach  New  York.
Announcement   in   Austrian   Relchsr-th
That Francis Joseph's Illness is
Not  Dangerous.
'���""Illllil,!     I """'''   iM**T   "m"   ''"'
"'IfiM ' "" t**er8 nre ahlpynrds ul
"���mid .J'."'.1 "" ""' ���'���'*��<��� -which could
la,Z m '""'noli
l;v ||
vobhoIs     very  much
Ull'11 in.    of   ro
���lie .j, '!' ""' uraater icho of high ten
Rlco1 ��>id  by  oi.he
\'i, una. Oct. 10.���The condition of
I'mpcrni* Franoli loaeph this morning
was regarded by his physicians as being
siitiuiy mora taTorable. Thoug virtually the same symptom continue, tha fever
bus somewhat abated and the spirts of
the pui lent ure brighter. At ilu* open-
lag of lhe lower house Ol tbi ll'lr hsi'lllll
today, the president, Counl "Tetter von
her Ulle, announced that the condition
nf the emperor "who is suffering from
eniniiii arising from Influensa. is. under
Hie clii'iiiusliiiiees. perfectly satisfactory. Inasmuch im notwithstanding the
rever lymptomi which always acoom<
pany an lllnen ol thai nature, ills
Majesty Is abb- to follow his customary
mode of life." The piisiiiiiii added thai
the only restrloOon imposed upon the
emperor was to avoid talking, which
was an effort to blm.   Bul the doctors
did  noi   wish  blm  to engage  In convcr
���atlon because it caused Increased Irritation   nf   thi     throat       Moreover,  the
presldenl atatad, lhe revet* was less pro-
nounoed and did not  last so long as nt
llrsl   and  the sinking    symptoms
Sun   l'*nin
r<r and ii  mini
Horse  Show   In Seattle.
Beattle, Wash., Oct ib.���Tha leoond
annual both Ibow opens- here today
and   will  continue through  the  remain
der of the wek.    In nrldilloll In lhe local
entries   Ihe   BXhibitl   Ineliole   piize-wln-
nlng  horses   from   Chicago,
Cisco. Portland, Vano
ber of oilier  polnti,	
Great   Earthquake   Recorded.
Albany, n. y., Oct. ib.���An aarthQuake
of great proportions in ��� direction ami
ni ��� dlslance nnt yd iilinllllcil lic-
_an to rerni'd llseir uliiiot ll a. tn. today
,,��� the aelinwgraph at the gtate museum.
Al in a. in. the innvenieiil
progress undiminished.
Liberals Let London Oo
by Default
Major   Beattle   Contests   Hjman's
Seat for Conservatives���General
News of Canada.
London, Ont. Oct. 16���Major Thomas
lleattie, ex-M. P.. was nominated by tho
Conservatives last night as candidate
for the Commons at the forthcoming by*
election. The Liberals are not likely, lt
Is Mid, to bring out a candidate and the
tight will be between Jacobs, Laborlte,
and lleattie.
Toronto, Oct. Iti.���The claim of another class of York County iajan shareholders to be treated as creditors, otherwise to get one hundred cents with interest for every dollar inveBted, was presented to G. Kappele. official referee,
yesterday. This class holds permanent
stock and consists of 295 holders of Tully
paid up stock representing *r.*.Mii'u and
2.140 holders of an aggregate of "548.-
100 on which 124.252 had been paid. Mr.
Ferguson, representing the claimants,
urged that these stockholders were actually creditors because iu the flrst
place the Issuing of permanent stock was
Irregular, and in the second place tbe
by-laws under which they had been issued had not been confirmed by the
shareholders. Kappele pointed out
lhat It was obvious all subscribers to
tiie company's stock were shareholders,
but adjourned futile* argument ucii,
Friday next when he would ask for production of evidence that permanent
stock had actually been  subscribed.
Carlyle, Sask., Oct. 16.���Considerable
uneasiness is manifested over the whereabouts of J. A. Stewart, farm Instructor
ou White Hear reserve. On Thursday
evening lust he came to his house,
changed his clothes and without any lil-
tlmation lo his wife or family, left the
house, his hound accompanying him.
lie was half an hour later seen by an
Indian walking towards Carlyle. There
ls no reason for thinking that Mr.
Slew-art met with foul play and the only
explanation of lhe situation is thut he
look a passing freight train to Manitoba
to engage In threshing or hus engaged
with the threshing gang neuter home,
lu* being a qualified engineer. His wife
and family are naturally much concerned and along wllh Indian Agent Cory
are making every effort to uu ravel the
Woodstock, Oct. 16.���At the annual
meeting of the board of management
of the Woman's Missionary Society of
thi Methodist Church, which ouened
yesterday afternoon, reports were read
front Hrltlsh i*oluuibiii, Northwest Territories and Manitoba branches as well
as those from B-ltern Canada, showing
the establishment of new iiiixlllnrlcs mid
substantial Increase in contributions.
At last night's meeting addresses of
welcome were delivered by Major
Duller nnd llev Mr. Cobbledlck while
tbe Btory of lhe year In mission work
was also given hy Mrs. Curnian of Toronto.
Toronto, Oct. 16,���Re*. Dr. l'otts.soc-
relnry id education, Methodist church of
Canada, died ul seven o'clock this morning. .   _ iSA
Heglna, Oct. 16.-���It. b, Uorden arrived
lu lhe clly today from Snskatoon. He Is
���Uttering from tonsllitis. In tho afternoon he will bo present al the provincial
Conservative convention, nnd In the
evening will apeak in tho rink.
was nl 111 In
Kdmontmi, Oct. 16.���Tho case against
thi lumbermen was resumed yesterday
before Inspector Worsley nt tho police
lini'i'iicks. Only two witnesses were ex-
iiiiilneil. Messrs. Ibiuic Ciickbiun, formerly secretary of the Western Hetallers-
ABsociation, and William llarclay, of
London, one of Ihe defendants ln the
case, and director of tho Alberta association for the illstrlct of ClareBholm.
The case was adjourned for two weeks,
October, 2!Hh. In order to give Mr.
Cockburn, one of tho witnesses ln the
ciibu, nu opportunity to go to Winnipeg
and secure some documentary evidence
required by the subpoena.
Grenfell, Sask., Oct. 16���There Is considerable excitement In town here owing
to the discovery of a vein of natural
gas near the town. It apiiears that for
some time farmers and others driving
piiBt a certain spot have noticed a peculiar hissing sound, but it was not until
today that the cause was discovered. A
farmer driving past was attracted by
the noise and at once proceeded to investigate. He lighted a match over the
spot nnd immediately an explosion toop
place, and a flame several feet In helghl
Bhot Into the air. The farmer Immediately brought the news to town,
and a number of citizens went out to
look Into the matter.
Grenfell. Sask., Oct. 16.���Constable
Moss made an Important capture last
night at Wolseley when he took Into
custody John Stour, who has been passing useless southern slates bank notes
at almost every town along the main
line of the C. P. R. from Winnipeg to
Brandon. Oct. 16.���Detective Foster
arrived with David J. Dick, a farmer
living seven miles south of Wawanesa.
whom he arrested on a charge of seduction. B. F. Coole, whose sister is alleged to be the victim of Dick, laid tbe
W'oodstock, Oct 16.���The funeral of
Mrs. Cassle Chadwick was held here
this afternoon, services were held at
Uie residence of Mrs. Burnstall. deceased's sister, by Rev. P. G. Thompson,
of College Avenue Methodist church.
Quite a number of people were in attendance. The Interment took place In
the Episcopal cemetery, where Mrs.
Chadwick's parents are buried. The
pall bearers were Mayor John Butler,
F. E. Butler, Alfred Welford. Dr. Odium,
J. C. Karn and Aid. A. M. Kent.
Ottada. Oct. 16.���Twenty cars were
derailed between Killaloe and Ottawa
at an early hour this morning. No one
w.s Injured but traffic was tied up for
some lime.
Ottawa. Oct. 16���Hon. A. B. Aylesworlh said this afternoon that if bis
partial deafness cannot be cured ho
would retire from the government, but
he ls assured that the trouble Is only
temporary and quite susceptible to
Forger Sentenced.
Alex. Riddell was before the police
magistrate of Rossland yesterday charged with altering a forged check for $17
on Ed. Shearer, proprietor of the Central hotel, on the 11th of October. The
defendant pleaded guilty to the charge
aud the police magistrate sentenced him
to one year with hard labor In the Nelson jail.
Art Collection Going.
London, Oct. 16.���Another of Greal
Britain's cherished art collections, that
ls known as the Ashburton collection,
ls about to be dispersed and it Is probable that some of the best examples
there Is will Und its way to America and
the continent. According to a reliable
report this collection has been bought
by a syndicate of London art dealers.
lt contains sixty-live examples of the
famous art-lBts of the world, Including
such painters as Oorreglo, rtembrandt.
Velasquez, Miirlllo and others.
Off to Victoria.
Mrs. Howard and her son Percy leave
tonight  for Victoria    where    they  will
French Astronomer Dead.
Pnrls,   Oct.   16.���Murlce   Loowy,   the
eminent Ffench astronomer and director
of tho Paris observatory, dropped dead
University Club.
The adjourned October meuling or
tho University Club of Nelson will be
held In the city hall Saturday evening.
Oct. 19th, at 8 o'clock. A paper will be
read by A. L. McKlllop, a "Critical Analysis of the Principles of Scientific
Latin Americans Excited.
The Hague. Oct. 16.���Tho ninth plenary silting of Ihe peace conference
opened today amid considerable excitement duo to the attitude of tho majority
of tho Latin American delegates over
the phrase which was suppressed in
article one or the project for the establishment of a permanent high court of
Csr Jumped Embankment.
Cincinnati, Oct 16���Harry N. Baiischa.
an attorney, was killed, and thirty other
persuns hurt, six probably dangerously,
today when an Elboran Avenue care
went over a twenty-flvo foot embankment at. Mount Hope, a suburb. Tho
motorman lost control of the car, which
was going down a steep hill, and there
Jumped the truck, going clear across
the street and ovor the bank.
Declares American Policy
Id Philippines
Thinks Natives Will Not Be Fit for
Sell-Government for at Least a
Manila, Oct. 16.���The second great
step In the plans of the American government to make the Flllpines self-governing was taken today, when the representatives chosen at the first Insular
elections held last month gathered in
the capital for the opening of the National Assembly. The presence of Secretary of War Taft and his address convey the sentiments of the American
people added to the importance of the
occasion. i**H
Tho Inauguration of the assembly
took place In tbe opera house and was
attended with military and civic display.
The auditorium, which ls the largest in
Manila, was thronged with hundreds of
citizens of all classes, In addition to
the membership of the Assembly, ln
the audience were many army and
navy officials, consular officers and
others whose uniforms added brilliancy
to the Impressive scene. The ceremonies were opened with an Invocation by
Archbishop Harty. Governor-General
Smith then took tho chair and after a
few brief remarks introduced Secretary
Taft, who delivered the principal address of the occasion. The Secretary
of War was given an enthusiastic re-
Ueptlou and his speech was loudly _;i
In his opening address Mr. Taft re-
Iterated his former statements regarding the Philippine Islands, declaring
that his views announced two years ago
regarding the Incompetence of the
Philippine people were unchanged. He
did not believe that they would be allowed to go out for themselves for at
least a generation, but he added that
tbe matter was entirely in the hands of
congress. The secretary denied emphatically that the United States had
any intention of disposing of the Islands,
said he had confidence in the Filipinos,
denied that he was disappointed at theit
Inability to legislate conservatively, and
asserted his belief that they felt their
responsibility and acknowledged the ne
cessity of supporting the American go-
Queen Victoria's Letters.
London, Oct. 16.���The London papcrt-
this morning publish elaborate extract!:
from the "Letters of Queen Victoria."
which make their appearance today by
authority of King Edward. These letters
for an Interesting autobiography which,
without revealing any important pollt
leal matters not already known, present
a deeply absorbing picture ofthe queen's
life and character from h^r own hands.
Editorially the newspapers express their
grateful thanks to the klug for this selection from nearly six hundred volumes
at Wlndsoi In which the queen's letters
aud  papers are classified  und  Indexed
Coming to America.
Dublin. Oct. 16.���Sir Antony Patrick
MacDonnell. under secretary to the
Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland nnd tho real
author of the Irish council bill, departed
today for the United States, where he
will spend In all about one month. Sir
Antony will land at New York uud then
travel through the New England States,
after which he will visit James Bryce.
lhe British ambassador at Washington.
His visit to tbo United States is non-
political, but ho will be accessible lo
men of Influence Interested In Ireland
uml her welfare.
Inventor Dies Poor.
Chicago, Oct. 16.���David Kedflcld
Proctor, 61 years old, a cousin of United
States Senator lledlleld of Vermont, wus
found dead yesterday In a cheap lodging
bouse In South Clark street. He had
been lu Straightened circumstances for
several years, although he made a s fortune from lhe sale or royalties on an Invention which he patented early ln the
seventies, ��� device which arrested nnd
extinguished the sparks from the funnels of locomotives,  making the kind
ling of prairie fires by passing trains
an ImjiosBlbllity. He was known as "Inventor Proctor," and when his lifeless
body was found In the dingy room In
which he had lived, and dreamed hiB
dreams of astounding inventions for the
last six yeirs, the narrow little bed was
simply festooned with tiny hand carved
models of flying machines which he had
guarded as embodiments of secret discoveries he claimed to have made in the
field of aeronautics. Mr. Proctor was a
native of Gloucester. He is survived by
a widow and two daughters.
May Bring Fortune.
New Orelans, Oct. 16���In the captain's
stateroom of the steamer Albfan which
left yesterday Is a bale -f cotton known
as the president's bale. President Roosevelt operated tbe machine of one of the
floating Mississippi cotton compressors which made this bale a few days
ago. It will be sold for charity by the
Royal exchange at Manchester, England,
to which  city  it  is consigned.
Hiding in Paris.
Paris, Oct. 16.���Inquiry at the hotels
In the city have failed to reveal the
whereabouts of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
Clarkston. Neither could Mr. and Mrs
Clarence Ritchie be discovered in PariB.
Mrs. Clarkson is the daughter of Martin
Maloney of Philadelphia, and eloped recently from New York. The supposition
is that the couple Is in the city under an
assumed name.
Wants More.
Oct.    16.���Rumors
Budapest, Oct. 16.���Rumors have
reached here from America of a reported
difficulty between Miss Gladys Vander-
bllt and her fiance. Count Szechenyi.
Inquiry In aristocratic circles and to
members of the Szechenyi family failed
to elicit any thing that would justify credence being given them.
Moors Advancing.
ParlB, Oct. 16.���ln a despatch from
Tangier a correspondent of the Petit
Journal *uyB that Mulai Hafid's army
8,000 strong, is marching on Casablanca
with the direct intention of attacking.
Genera] Drude, commander of the
French forces at Casablanca, is making
elabo-aie preparations for defense. The
tribesmen who recently attacked a
French column near Oudja are reforming aud preparing for an attack.
Indiana  Village  a 8cene  of  Ruin���Extent of Loss of Life and
Property Unknown.
Fontanel. Ind., Oct. 16.���The residents
of this village of 1000 persons when
they awoke this morning encountered
a much different situation than they
had been accustomed to in the past.
Instead of a Quiet country town and
pleasant secenery to greet their eyes
desolation w as at hand. Soldiers of tbe
Indiana state militia were on hand and
had stood guard nil night. Details of
what caused tho terrible catastrophe
of yesterday at the powder mills, killing
M and Injuring some six hundred persons, were lacking. No oue connected
with the powder company could ascribe
any reason for the exploaiou. Several
rumors were current, oue of the most
probable being that the machinery In
the glazing mills became overheated
from friction and set tire to some loose
powder. A number of residents were
able by patching up their houses to
pass a fairly comfortable night. The
remainder were accommodated with
sleeping room on cots placed In tents
brought hero by orders of Governor
lluuley. The officers of company II of
the Indiana nutlouul guard which was
brought hero last night, reported that
the night passed without disturbance of
any kind. The guardsmen were lnstruc-_
ted to shoot on itny attempt at looting,
lt ls understood the btate authorities
will Immediately begin an Investigation
of thu cause of the disaster. A nuni
ber of coffins were received today from
Terrs Haute nnd the bodiCB of those
recovered were burled today. Tho to
tai number of dead will probably never
be known and It will be several days
before tho exact amount of properly
distroyed can be figured out.
Terre Haute, Ind., Oct. 16.���Of the
fifty victims of yesterday's dlsastor at
Fontanel ..ared for nt St. Anthony's hospital here. 11 were In a critical condition
when brought hero. Five of them died
and.little hope is , nl, r rained of the recovery of nine. The others are expected to survive. One of the seriously Injured is Miss Susan Bishop, a school
teacher who was caught In the collapse
of the shool hoiiBo. ASHistant Superintendent Chas. Nush of the powder company Is at his home. Ho ls dangerously
injured but probably will recover.
Seoul Welcomes Japanese Prince
Consular Authorities ForbU Criticism of Ito and ftvH-^Bfnt to
Native Outbreak.
Seoul, Oct. 16.���The preparations
made for the reception of the Crown
prince of Japan, Yoshihito. who is to arrive today at Chemulpo are most elaborate. He will be welcomed by the emperor and crown prince of Korea, Prince
Ito, the Japanese resident general here,
the entire Korean cabinet, all tbe high
military and civil officials. Seoul has
beeu elaborately decorated ln honor of
the visit of the prince and will be illuminated nightly during his stay.
E. N. Bethel, a British subject, editor
of the Korea Daily News, and also of
the Dalhan Shimpo, appeared toady before the British consular, court here on
a summons charging him with using the
columns of his papers to incite the
Koreans to riot. Articles were read by
the court containing bitter criticism of
the preparations for tie reception ot
the Japanese crown prince, aud the consul bound Mr. Bethel ln heavy security
for bis future good conduct aad also announced that a repetition of bis offense
would result ln his security being tor-
felled and his probable deportation. Mr.
Bethel has maintained a steady campaign against Prince Ito's undertaking,
relying ou extra territorial rights for his
protection from prosecution. Tbe British privy council, however, recently
issued an order covering the conduct of
newspapers by British subjects in foreign countries, and lt was under this
order that the proceedings were taken
against Mr. Bethel. Incidentally, it Is
believed here that the order was a result
of a request made by tbe Japanese government to reach Mr. Bethel whose attitude towards the Japanese authorltlea
caused Japan to make formal representations on the subject through the British ambassador at Tokyo, Sir Claude
Chief Dispatcher Remembered on Eve
of Departure.
Mr. Norman S. Fraser, on his transfer
to Revelstoke. was made the recipient
of a handsome smoking set and an address by his friends in the city.
The presentation was made early this
moruing In the office of Superintendent
Coleman, who officiated on the occasion.
Mr. Fraser leaves tonight for his new
post at Revelstoke. Following Is tbe
Deur Mr. Fraser: ���
Your business associates and friends
have been Impelled by their respect and
regard for you, to give some slight expression of their regret at your approaching departure from tbe city,
where you huve spent so many useful
years. They wish you to feel that you
carry away with you their earnest hope
and every success will attend you ln
your uew sphere of activity.
They aro confident that with your acknowledged ability, your natural sturdi-
ness aud independence of character, and
your zealous devotion to the Interests
of your employers, the highest honors
ln the railway service will not be denied
you. Your friends in Nelson will view
with pride your progress ln the Bervlce,
and will cherish kindly the recollection
of many years of pleasant association
with you.
They ask you to accpet a little gift
which they thought might pVuse your
fancy, and they wish you as you sit by
the fireside and smoke the pipe of comfort, to think often of the friends you
have loft behind, and to remember that
their regard tor you is unaffected by the
accidents of locution or the passage ot
On behalf of your friends,
W.   P.   TIERNEY,
8. P. TUCK.
Mr. Fraser, who has been a resident
of  Nelson  for  eight  yean,   leaves   for
Revelstoke  tonight.     Ho  is   succeeded
, here by F. Walker.
i I    1
* m
I m t
Clothiag,   Gents'  F_,n_s_iagS
and Boots and Shoes
Is begi-mta. to arrivc
J. *^3?_S^_i-�� *������* -.-a- -n n__
fered m the city. Promise you the best value ever of-
Uh,       ,���,���,.,   "   -"-<*��*����� Canadian
 I-.-...,..,...,,.- �� ';"rr
'"���""    wa�� P~habl-    weaw, ���        ,
-Weel  voice w���_    n ���   il"'1    h-"
nlav "*" 'l,1"tt"<* untrammelled
wore ,,'"'',' <1"s'"i'* ������ hardl,
nu etrm^ ?,e **����������*-Uon of
��* a fast   UK,        'U,lsm '-1 ���>
Uin Md  *��*tb service betwee ,.
' ��__"_. 28* '"������ ���
"fflcers   wi,      ' v'x''' "* or 'wo I
n ,,.,;     ' M,rv"-1 ���*��" the  ���   ,���
way.     '   ""ll ''���"' '��lk back th
Bv��*-- l"nu,K���,,|v i. ,,,,    . ,
lh** way down     ,,' ,    ""*"""���  siseall
about.    The wa.      ,''"" """'""' t0 ' ""
���*������ ��*-  ' s,*;"" ",;u:"	
������ ...-..:_����� i":;��� ��� ���>	
��� <��� ���.-.:.".. :���:;;,;;""
CaplU, Authori��d  .... ^O.^^^ ~
rlest *-apital   Paid   Up
*-��� R. WILK1E. PreBident.' '     ' HON Rnil.-V I     4*830-'-*����*'      "-830.000
 __    .   -""KAT, Vioe-PreBident
-3,900.000     Re.erve Fun(j
SCIAL ATTENTION  given to the
*-_ving6 Hank Accounts.
Unexcelled facilities for .h_ .
���j. wn.. ot B.n��k,intBhvular_rion
nn a     ,. NKS  Furnished
���*.-.* rr!'1"""" "* -*--*���--*>>�� ��*rti,*.
o_iun___ M-BtBttUH, otntvAi,,, LTn
Baker St..   Nulr-nii. B. u
m__r_s^; i"i;^ir * n,nn'h �����*���������--��-
A.U,r*.������lv, -___ __ KI,w,���.U|)n
cfLC'";;   ! -'li.   01   T_.n__,
Sf1 ' :"���
Wednesday.  Oct.   16.   1907.
' :"    Toronto   Qlolie    h,
;:;r,r -n omc** ��� >"*
is  .1
, '" -   "���  authority     ��� i
""--1" auei  ion    ma M "'
h,r .*-����_."
the i...',  ,
"*   thi     Hrltlsh r*
'"'<-u oraanisud ., ''  ";i
tariff ���.,,���,���     ,.    . '**'   *'"    -uestlon  ,���
doou  '    -   tot-.
om ,.....;.,;.UIS.���';;., T "������	
"""���"������ -p    .      '   ;	
***** thai  tariff, .....   .       """
inoonsistencj In th,  ������. ir        " !'"""J
-hi Innonslltency Is nru . ,-i ,
��'"""""*-  n��n ,u,  p,, ���     ,''""'   *
���.^",;SK"""i" " !i  "or tb, 	
"ontlvti to effloieno, on   ���, '"
Uidlvldnnl. .hanto n ":"' ,:
���ft". ����d n,is ,,,,,,,     '��� :" 	
or the   prmei,,,,,  JJJ **" "LP ieuiio,,
unit  qui   turuln-pi   ul
U r      -���" "'  '"<'li",*li   **> -IM.:
����� "b..u,o :;::~ ���*��� IS.
B��t Lord in      IV;'''""""' "'hi'"
^Powering. bj the t_rt_^,_' * �� "'
;iml -f*-e oni, ���    "    ,  M'''  ""'������'ldnal.
muni,.,,,,  ,;,; ,"     '��' "���..HM....,,,.    ���-,
'" '"    *  things,    ii
'���'>"  the all     , "���    '" elthei
o'hl,   lahura.^ _n_*. '"""
.������ ��� ""��� "���**"" to him li
���*"*_____;*i�� �� ������ which
Chamberlaln-a    n^   '"'"   "","""':   "
'"'���'���" ����� en
llv  ���,,...,"""   "" """*'". con*
Secretary  of If   a   -i
U.  S.   Navy   Has Ordered
Swimming Test.
Washington.  Oci    n-
,i:'ii"�� is ion i,,,,; "���-"Qrea1 COIlsl��
'"HincviiK.,     ���.<!        ���aV*   ,,V"'  "�� M
S-ei-eiurv  N      , l"":'-V   ''*V   *V��Bl8tanl
ordered    m-  m     . already  been
however   iT__fS?8 ""' '"' adml"��1-
^-__f_t: ;:--�����
theasalstau, st,,-..,,. V ��",.  ';l   ""lli
eleaa    ���,,.  ,���u. ���	
,,,:;;;:;;;;;;;_'-." H,,ir A,,mirill E	
��-,' r,il, ,bs ("r'v"11   ""'">   '->  lao
�� ^ :��.*:::::::;;:::*��=
op i" Newberrya    _��_     *        ' """"
entirely win, ������,   r ls''"'' KW''��'
���'..miiii, l:;;;:,,:1: """-^
American  Gas   Institute.
'' Uslli,,.',.,,,    |,
<". .���;,,:������;;. *
"  -*��ita, mi steee fr���m
^-ceo Pr,ces FOR;���^^ -
50c.   up.
���   Now blS Time
"���''���":"" f"r^-r-  in ������. ������������
-'-'""..'���ai ^__T^-< *" _n
*- ^^^ *--<l*_K PATTBUMs
,.���"'" ��oi ���" ���,,���. K J';-'."-I w.'-t K,,������.,,���v
___S!W_.j*tf-___- :.'::r.:.'. .���������'.������-.���m;
���Xif-.junrlcr   i
: -u ����' ,.
1 ' "liuiri'rr, rr,..   _��   .
r-rdi .v.r.,1,  ���n      '��. PUntad  ,.,., .
�����".'. ���"'.;'������:!:."!,". ��-.��� _S-,K.r_j.��_r-
MS ������' :::::���
- ' I    * Planta- niKiu, ...
Bj-mmll ,r���.t ''"*;  '������'"��!,, .,,��� ii.tim,',^--;
t nu.
*?w*_sis=== I -E-SS-i l^feg
""'.���lllT.A   ���  ,_,     . '** ���"""*--
>.��il"i ��� ""ii-  north n,' ,__��'����*��J
'  " "��Ui,i-    ijg,
. __      *..'"'ll*r<i������11���,
-5-" -.������''uir,..',?-^,"���K,.,..,,.,.
'*"*   lK,L,H"-f��'n.nai.
'���> *VA.I_4K.lfB,l
"���".. ���-..���Il.l.ir    ,     , *r"*=:*
���;**'��� -'mi.*.1,1,, ,,'''���,^'cl��,*���������;_��:
i-ntl     1 oUHiieiict,, I.'  i,-ib.
��"ilh��...,  ,���',','"",���" ��--.-*l pi.o"
*   ���..���*1"' 'I"*   iQllowG*
'...-ie-,;.,,;';'.; ���*��� !-���__��
��������--��� i'i��iii..,i
: :;"',-."!"���:". ��_ri;__^_Sm__
"'- ��i �� w��i i
���"-*������-���' >..-r I-.-,-;;;:
'"';���'.". r���r��� oSSLte-p-ii... ii":"Vi, ',;
!ffiK::;;""" wwaaSg
No   I    ,"     ":       ���uilowtus Ui-
1 (I ���   111  i ���   ill    .. I. -  "'���   t III' tic .    ��U.      1 -     ' ' "*-
IU"l" I ""  " li'tl".!,,...  Zl'*.*Ul��  e-u.1,
 -wV^-asiffi s?ftwTs
H  >*   p  -M VT*M
* i * r,.;;;::K;; ^_
I'l']' I
^WtST^-^S   ,'
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:.,"��.���::���������- .���.������������.--'.;����_. :!,.."��";;-
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'��� w--��u*ai. -ten"
2Si" a__,_*swrSsa!_as
|"(l_-,li'.* *'<!..Uyn.Au.',',""; v.'. ',*,'-*'*��
OP ��a an��^M_r^i_*S'_.'' ��' ' -' .ml.-
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."Hill nl   s,,,������,,, i -   III.I. . (���,���   ,
"""in., no,, k,���,,,.���, ,.,,""'  latter h .
"*��� -*��aelS_U_s_s ����� """T;-~
! """ ���������.I. ���!�������� ��i a,,.,,,,. V-s; -"������������-.-
���--    -   -I'VI   ,,, |      I i,.
''-"t.l""! l-oi
������"   til-      -.     -A *"-MU
���kmr,-,   .   ;''''" P-si olio.
:,:":; > '-����"."'..,;,;,,I1:,",v''��: --*-.����-.���.--_-.
rwHr r-*'-' - .J*:',:;;������""�����"���*-.
1��l>pi. I,*,
J*",""   l��'..ir ���l ,,,*,''*, ""'���"��� ��or . rttmi
"^���"-'ro';",': ���" Cg"���1 *"J *"-'���-;
i>*'--r, .nm.
*   ' i_l,r ��.nl
2*s ���___,,;.", ''.���..-.-��������������it��u_,
'���.'���niii,.,,,.,,,      ���  ".'��� h llimiri, ���',. :iw u-ll:
I'*,'!,"""-' """.���   ������..   ���    *',l*u'-'1 ������ '" �� ��-
- .'��n.. a. ,k,i���, "Ar.-"! ''���"-"���"'�������� ��a"*��
*'���'���-' ni,,,,. ���r ,,.''-,m-D''...---.il.���iiururr,.
���..is...! ���!1���ii as
 _,  Jl.*f> L____
N;.��."n";;:";r""" �����--*-���--���--,
Ni'i-.u. ,���.,.��� '''*' *"'���"��� Mum. m^c-rd
i-''i.ii.��i������ ;,''""''���������...".Mi.i.'ii'i.ii'.i'.iii;
"iirrlNin . rgach, In hit
"'""all.     when,,
-ronted b,      p,,'.  ,"'"z'"  '���   con
mono, ���. ���   , "hI      �����'��' " demand ���,,
���nana.    ������,!,. ,,   ���11';"',  P-remptor-  ���,
fi*2 %:��� ���
'"   this able ,���,���,.���     '    ',-
-.noroaohmeni i.,,,,, ,.,,',  "" . ���s,"*i*>|iHii,
 -m.,1'   "",'; "7-
......pa.,,,  towar.  which i    i1""'-"""'
1O0"*'�� w��� ,,���  ,������,,. '" ���"��-    IllOl
,"-- .I,, -;, ';;';""""'
"bo has mads ,,,,   ��� '     !*"' ��'
.-lu;....' r,   arlth ,���       ;       * '"*	
o  '"I!;,  w*">����.leve.dan,
-^XK"i_r25 tM"
���������-���    tb   ;        . '   '     ?"���**���      ..UH,,',
- .....'.,,;,::;"������",Rnytwn-
".>���>��� thai i,  ,        "" '*'*".........��� ral
-ommerclal  , ' ,    TK '" ",i,i"" '"
-  tt^f^ryV" ��
'"""* ii inn "uhr   "' ""i".......
''"'    -VI the ,       "u ���   Om v ���
'""   l*��"��   lll-lll.l���'K  ���, l0WSl   ***   ""
��ol��ei5 .....���,..������:���;. "I";;;'"7 -v b
>,;"- that have  ���,,   .   ""*    ��l��ty
"'"   ' '""ed States  i i       "r"""i.v umi
'" <..*������   tariff, i���lv,.   '.';'  <"  high
BQuallty. "u"'"" nohieved
"The familiar renlv ���r n,   ,,
b*   Pr ,,!������. ,,���.;,. '     '��� '""> benedl
Tl"-   v...,ki,���'������.,       ,      ""l"--  do   ,������
 ' Bh i',; ' ,.'���;;;;;";>��� ���"������ d��
 ������ ��� ,������.... :f, ' "' ��	
'I  or liri.ain "' '"���""���������n than
a_s isagss
....   land,  ".,'.'""���'������ ,n'''k  "..'I
__--_._5.5S-_ ��-S*Stf��S. r"-",:",'-" ,"'-
���    ' ���"'rav-.,-.     """-"���������.���..:.	
N:,';.I''-"""'"".��-.. '���..���...���I������.���,
...M- notice thai ,*iv,i,. ��� m,,., K""i.-r,���,
imiiii'i.,    ,."""'....... ..I ii.,. ,���,:."
���outhao phjiinJ - '������-������'���  Mun ����) *imm;   ��� "!lMl
Tn it ri,   -,        '"'lilt*,     111 i>nri.     ...,��� M,    .., *     * '"���Hi f
iniriii "u Obllna to ti v'*HlNI  "'lniiiiii    ii, ,
^.srfir^^l""^' ���"-'
i   * ������in, i .t\r,. I i viii- l    vi   ,
���  _ '   n    M��l*'H.   -iK'-lll
"���*-* -;:'.��� ;:;:;';:Tr ������"���"������ ^	
'-a-aioi .I,,;;';"* !"'���   -oUowlnY it   '
""""   ";    uil.'ri,,,,'  ""I     ini    .
".'-' M iii,,!,,;       .'""" boundary in,...   ,       *
ww   mi ,.,,,,' ��� "' -iii'i- louth ~i ohaini   ,
pomt of S;, '������ ni, mi ,,, ;,;''��� "
���������,. ,��� ���..':..""..' .'..i.'iu. wmtslBins'st* ,:/.!���'
"���"*"'���'"    .��... IW-7. .   v��� '
"-���v.huith i,K,',;;v����'
:;,iV'."r'.','J':' "V;,','.v. f���";'-.',''r '*���"
i"".".-'���'.-...���'.���'.',!,:,',:;;'i','^""*".".i......i ,;,������
i>��i.'.i,I,,. ,,,,,,���, ,,IAi^h..'Au, Basmorn.
!!'���""��� ������ES-SeSss vr,iV''"���"''- ���'���
 .'.."rii, I* .,;**"���  '"
'...'ii rr.,riiii,,,.,,,' ,''"���,,' ������  �����". u -his;-
1 ������*"" "tmiia u;;^r::::'",*;;
]"..-'....   HI j ,,(*���_���,���   ,.
������ *������ -��� _ ii��*<i
',.;;;: '---..v^u;,:;;^:.
'.IM-lli'" Hi',',!",',"'.'"'1"*'- *" " 1-X.I I'lHIlt,',! Ml    ���
'���"ni.'i ���,���,   ",        '��-_l....   Ir.l    1. :"	
N"   .    ll'.'i '"''"r'. �����,;   ��     |,''���   '   '- "'--
V*     S-  llano:    i:,!,,,-.,;."'1*"' >-* Inllni-lnr ilarnM
1H_V',V"' """' '.    "     i1""���."���  ���  '*"" P1"*" '��-a*
������itiii., ..
n--PH>jitM*r ��tifi, liur;
"" '..i'.',��., mi,i    , ""'   "'��  miutl,   m, ", '���" "���
 r,' ,,r ,,..."""""���"	
'."..*.i **,',,; un,, in,-,.
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I Ull
'"    ^-MlllUII
T�� .::"��:rc:r- *-*-_-.
!"v'* "' , obsemd i    '"" '"" ""ll
,""1 7 of    By-lam    "*,'*"' -w-tlona r,,
,, '""l -> of Byflaw  isa     ',l"(l ���mUtntM
""  P��*b_l��lon o. i ,    ,'.,''"'���" "'"'"'���'
'"��� Olty Qmrln- ' '''''   "Vardena
| ted with .i,,.,;,!'',''1 '!"" Plana de
" ""'���'"..��� new       |,;,1,K  '"M.eelor l,���
'"   "*"""*l.m. aller l'",K"1 "'""'lou:
,Hli'..-- i.uiiiii,,KN,     '"* '"' renovating ex*
-hat o_f and '^''nin'Z,"mUy ,BN""'i
,'' '""������".".. not oomnlv.ni te. !"lv ""''"."
"������1'y-ii.wK ,������ ���:",'* ';K,W|'''"������ I'tiiui-
��y-iaw�� No,., 74 ...'">"' N.-iKon. i. ,.
-nnil  |' sw  ,'".'>' ICIVUIl tli��l .'Hi ,l���,."i,.   "  ��>'
...��i.i,iv,"  ,"',�����,,",1,.-,"ri!;'n..'*.....'".";:',:���:,
Una and ������.���*..V,1, ,'"; ",'*   ' "."....-.
��rry,,������, ,     "" "���> h .pi'i'Ul  ll,,.,,,,. ,���,'"���',"f
'."".- -iiiiiu,."" '' Lr,'"" "���" lollowin, ,i... .,""
���*"."*"'."��� i.i��!ri,'tr H"",mU "">��*��� I* ti��� w'';;
"."^���'..'.ii'";::;;;;;'"*;,'.'.. i n,���rk,.,i., ,....
w'-'*.| lurk ,,r i.,.   r" '��."!''..riii'r  -,,,..,    i,���._,    ,'HM
""���""   "��n,in'i��i2t25'.'?*" """"' ~'    i,',',"1
north nr .���!,���: 7i    '".'!....n>, u���.,���,. ,,,'V,"-
!;',^".-'''.|..u^.,,';;'':������P^,:'���,, ���.'''���'���'....-::���
   mr nil,,.. ' ,   ���,'""""'    '   i ���    '
. Ii.'iiii,',, i,l���,.    ,   ""' '" .'linns,  ti ,,   """I-.
I...'.,,,.,,',   ,,;",',;���"",.'������.   """ k*
".. UU' -'.. li ,|��y nl Aiil.�����|   lgn.
N,,...    ,,,    ,' MK  '""... l-ni.'K. M.:|���*,NA;V,"*"*
"*."���"��� "...i   ,,',',,i;1"";""."'"' '...oi-ii j p ���..
w*--". I"ik ol i.    ���,   "' "' "..'...-r poat,   ,,.'.' H *
lllllll,       .   - 1 ""111111   I'll   |-L       ill...ill   i. "I*"'!     i   |l
'"Kin  cr.Mk.  iiii-ii...,  J...    .        '" Uv" "Ml	
"v:!::;,,;;1 ���'::n...,.::r.!.,:;;;..f,v ��-S-S3Bia
*;' tb.	
QUI ri'i ,,[ w,.., ...    .
thanoa ��,.. ,    ''""J-, ni ..f������,Y
ii.-rriv ."I, m'   ���"��."����� thanoa , ���    , i,":"".*
�����s��-"__?t2oS:s: ;:*:;: '.., .'i:;r
 ttsst :i^.;^:^-::""--	
k    n **���l"--ilPS-_n-ri��
"���    I ..llllllcnnli,"  ,,,   _   ������., "--until.
: g=H!:*H"-?;Si*
^"-"n^';:":,,;;;;'*^";."-1-"::;;:: ���;,;;:���
;; ���**����h����V'���� 'S-SBSI'
���^��_y?��s -JSK-naaSS
'""""" i r��At-_i_.t.-_w
'   Oonm-sneuii ���, ��� ,���..,   ','" WVotnni,
;>;N';,..r���::;:!""r;;;��r....."., I".....,, ,���..r,,
i i,' t h.., i     ...I        *'-rni-f    11, ,h i      i..i   k* i,r nr ii.
i--' **....������,''.'K,, ';;*"���''���- -'. .^,.,,���.-I",M
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"��,r1,,,,���::..: ^jaBsrM'&j11^
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, ��� ' i,rn���r i , u . ' i'..u,.ii ., _,
-*""">'��� Hi, e���. imro, ,"r!'"on ' '_-.-.>�� hn
ft ',-��� ,''  ""'     '"��r (��.i m.,o. a..
ni. and oonulatn, ,m, hnrund
*-."��� mor,' ,��� Im.
^J^JU,., l��n.     A-Mr.smiu.
"SEi^ *2_f?__ w-����---W��ta����j
M '���-".".,. ;*-,'l";"'""**'k-i-"'."|*'.-��'
"���"-I mZ,   !,"!'"'"'��� ""���'..'.' '���' ��rni B
 :   o���,,'" ,    .V,""-" -" l..li..��n,�� 'ImM
��.*-l ���   "'  '   "l��.,��. �� PO-I Pl-niri ... Ik
i   """'   !������ -w.r ii.r.,.Tr?.,!_1,l,*��<'"'.'��_l--__d
....... oi i,.��,  V��� ii   ";��� u'".'-< a-at 1 rum '
I   "orlh,.ri)'������,''.'..""������ .���>-..iflhi. lit,   l._��
1  IMioi-., ���,,;'',!'������(, "J'"il...-i.. .'.n-rrl. i-nuusi
"*'-'' "-I.I   lath, IK     ,.���,_.���. ���,---,_,.
"'iai:.',,,*,,!;v;1,::;v* ���">"."....��-.^._��_.|
.'hi'iicr II  ,*    V      '""ll Aubu.i r.���ta,i,..|lin.
'..�� Mi..,- ii,,.""-,-'"" '" pu-cha-attaww
Planted ��,   i���. i".',',," , ' "".'" '""I ���"' i*
I   "-I nml ��,.���,, ,","   ' "lutnlil. Houlbrta Sail
1 "-".. ....".iiii''!',"."* �����>"'.' Ii.o mi. Kll
.*n-u  tit Vi,,,,,,. "*���"."...'.���-"ml.'>l''l.lirrl.lb.r��
. au ,. '"";,";*."���������  >n tt) rh.in. u,w��
".1  "I 111,   rl_.V,     V       "L l" >...' "'"..' _"-_-'
""ilIII.,       l'.',',1"'  "���"!  "'   .P-    II'  *
Petal in,. ,,.V ,    "'"'' "' .'..ninirncMiral
u """ -".' ilai���l Arr.ii,,, UH
.���.  I'ai'i Ainn-n r.ruta
rnrrtf,'1!1.!!,""" ''*".' ' A"l...i tUn B��_ii.
."  , i, ;���    '..'..... -It/. Intel .| Pl, lh.
landi. i, .,''" ".."''.������� .in i,.ii..��in_.i.--ribi<
i..K,���..., ���r.v���'MA wA ..'���r,';:.';,','.'-i:;,,^'.r"".._
tha_--r! '.".T"' "" .*'.""."���  thai ���� I'li'ii-u.
I.i, ?.,     "' ."'.''.��...��. I.."...
1"" .'..'. ..no,i.-i |ui.||t
��� n��.i"i int. mm
. _ .'till
lu .'hilM
ARTiii'it A Ilvrru..
'���"���.���.-���p. iron, i.-..v.
tin ,n
:!::::;;:;;;;;; Rs&fe-.'-s_tS
 M'����~��--3Vl_V-_.,^r�� S
""'*������'thi. ou, o.y ,���.���������.,������. 	
'"    '���..n,i���,'���,.,���u.  ���. ���   *"'"".*.-.. 1��iik��n�����.
"���"."" '���'*  i-^-_u'1_��yhi11_--,*P-_��-
1 !"..J'....*.i...,w     ,"������.".'
M0 sona,
'    "...inn
'..'...��. lh,.,,,,' ,.,,,,"1"  .'halna,  tl,,,,,,,.
' nU ������"'.��'"".k"X::;,!;"1::;:1
north K.
���.".Uh HI
���**��'i��..n u.���i Put-lot. Dlatriot ol w��i_��Hi_f
���Mnnli',',,,!,""","'   "'*"   """"  '""'-. I "_-_.
i'T   .   ���   '��"..".���   i.u.iiiih ,.,  .I, i
Innli:  ,-',,.'.'..'.:.'..'.'.".V.*""-.*....- teUowlai .i'c-'.h
M'vi.n i���||
Ht north,
SVhlSl.'V3   N'���'������'.���..'"..-'.'.������'���'.ini'Mai
mm.._.'    '"  ''"". "Helialll.  In |Hilnl
""���" i-iii. oontalnlng mo ��,���.��.
IM'r,,,,..,   '.    .            um'l.ll.     ii,     ll,,',.    .���
priiilM,,,,,, ,��� ,,������.,,_,,. ������,  ,������������,���, ,'|,,KI|W
.mini.'II,-III,,   ���,   H  ,.,���,   ,,|.n���.,l .i.iii.
ill,'. Irmn Hi,. ,, ,i, ,,i M������,ii|iu, i'r��l,
iii.iHt    ���,rri,.r  ,,i   ihl.   aDDllMtlOl i"1
lllon L-
inn -..uth
��� nnrlh W
nl .'i��m
m,    _  ''      ">   "I'llei
W- E- WA880N, City Clork
"�������������. ��. C��� October 1., lB07.
Fir""--!. .^^
�����'S:,,S3fr""*   r
KJ-ftL.. k ""'"Lu"!',,I':.'::;..::;.1 ���"-
�� -ml nr ���,...., .'���'    .'.."
.h-l-.^ bono.' w""/ "''';''' ..i',',,h',,.r,'l��-!*''"'
���hill ��      ... """' '"- ''In 'i.-    , "" i W
?T�� "" ' ...l".n;��..;, '""1" _!
"*"".' lll"��'_ll|..b,V,ilA, "
"..> ..i Aumi-i ���Hr.
'".UAI.I. BllKMNK,,
! or i���M.
��� r, a.___JiS��__?i*.-io.
 -^���-_~__z_^*^���',���,"' ab,���u.
���*.'.��i.ii i ������,i in,,.... , , ���
���ini.i. Li    '"' lolowina    i,-,-,,,'i'"," ",'���""...i
!"'��������.   n,:aK'',,""". T.i..,, ":.ri',,,lr'";
!w*^S-_____!_5r-, PwRS
1 ". ...i r,,,,, r,r,,'l,,1,"""" '.">' line,
'"':���".-i.��   ih%_Kjr*���� "'-T :
a>ak-��i .-on, 'iBj-ulAiij-um. iifl(7
Bnab Ootn-U-
AltTllt'H A. Hf'HTim,  A|��ti��
���"II.   ���
a>i<) nhnii
i norti
'.' '"""""""ln-..,,, ,,   A",MlllM"Hiii.nNt,,t-
"*"���   into   KOotMl
KaUon Uml un-u
'I't-ki*     hptlQG   thai
I'T iH'rinlHNIotl    t��
1 Ml.Pti i,ui(,.    ,;<1|(1
I'i*' ��� -..I'll.,, -
Dm mllap I..
inarki-il K K
Q��.fjbl0oh��lni, then
i-i'iltli Ml clmlriM. (In.Ii< nairiptiiri.il-
' "iiiiiu mi .1,1,. in, ffiiiiiiiniriK 'Hi-mri*.
DfttMiotS day o. AiiKii-n: in-iT.
��� ���   ���   m    |    H\k*AH,
DlltllOtO. Wl'M KMV-la.
Knihk    K.    iUKW'i.   -)1
��,  liTnki-r.   IntMsuii) to   IfiP1-
purobiM tin j-iiinwtm* n-j
ii   uommsnptni kii-jMi pi""'"1"
iti i-uriHii nl Inn.) BiiplU'ti Iit. "���*""'
rcmi   thu  inontli  of HMplltU ttOO
f h h. k.oornar,*' and ronultyt****
*Hii-,   Uhhu-i- w.'Nl hi I'lmlni-, tlienr*
1..L, "Inlrici.   ||lM,-i���(    .,,, p      *���*���    . i
Uiil'.fc.ii-tii>uti,J.0!. "">       DitMlm katiiit.iaoT, votamhmtnoomO.
' U1 "��������� Ahtiiuii A, Ovoroo, Ai-iU- The Daily Canadian
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NELSON, ��3. O
Kasl". Rossland
Whoi.saie _->ro'vlsilon_>.
I'mducc, - F-rult.
Ciovi.rnuuint On��.iiiory OnuPonnd Hric_ti roci-ivi-d weekly fresh trom the
' nr.r-i.     For wtle by ull leading grocers.
Oflloe nnd wari'houBt?: Hounton Block,   Phoue 79.
Josephine Street.        ...        Nelson, B. C
_ 20-ACRE
Subdivision of Apploton Brothers'  tract.    ___U*0Tatn_n_l on every  block.
I Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
T-0-l.r- a.Wrr��j-.   La   Uu   uuiif-rMriie'l,  at  hit*
��� tmrl H��u-~j. lu Um* fity t.l N. iM.n.
,    ii; tlu* hour oKo'otoos. m
Ihio   "i Kn.Uy.  No��einl-er  l.'-lh. M07,
111       till-    "1-r-L-l.l-U'Ut"     -HlHTlti
-      liroap   1.   K.-oionav     DtelitCt.
-   I i,. I-- forliMtud to tht I tomo
ii th.City of Neiion.on Sh*'
L906,  l��>t  *k-Uu.*iieii<   taxei ��'P
.ui.1    iimW.     Tin*   ii*_m*l
rw   ipunlhc  iald   Miner*!   -'.���Im,   whlrn   tn
ol >i-'ii--ut-iii UM** *ud *-���**'*"���
I tun   with  iut<*re��H. toxm
..,.,!   utMU   <��l   a-iverU-luic.
Irani   "W-.4W* I** *V*1 to. whlei.
.   ituuiitit thai  will   hv -���oucldt-rt-d a�� a
.    .-���    Ih-   ���i-i-t.iiipHiilt'd     l.y   an
- lot -ii.' mi: amount ..; Hu   landa   ��� ���( tn*.  i**-pn">   I om-
i   and Workc at Yiewma. H   *
����� Ml
i, (     thli 1-Hi *!��'��� oMM-t., IW-.
iMi\'-riilii��*iil Agt.nl.
Tender. Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
i'-n.l.r-al :r.--...i   ui  thi' iinili'mlKii''''   '���' l""
 nl Hint.--, in tlu- < H> ��'! Null-"'!.
���   --"I uj! till Hit*   luntr oUo'iIki*. hi
l- ���mi-rim-u,..,' I i-Mnv. Nov. li-lh,   I*'-. l��r \ht
������'   ii-   "Old AM1'  Mineral   rlaliii.   I-n
. ���oteiia]    hhtri.'i.   �� lil'-h   WtM ,<i.-
'��������� *���: - i-  ii'Fi.u..i it. tut- Crownm tho '���*���*
  It) ..t Nelson, mi khoatfa dn> ol
2J    ���-" ��� dallUq .������in   laxo**   Op  til   June
indooati     i in- --'wi pride upon iii-
��� i   * mini, which  UKdndM Iho -.mount
��� - .ml   i-iihl   nt the Um*   Ol lor
���ltn**., wtU,   mtareit,   taxtf   v-nit'li   b��V��   tfnoo
ml* ot adv-.rUa.ng, and too for Crown
-  ���*., whi.Ti it- tin u-ai-i Ruuium
���      i   h iviulur-
wh   i.i'ii,-,   *.,,._���    I.,-   .looiupanifil     by   au
��� ,.���   toi thtl lllll   ainoutil ol UW It'll
to iu.- ordorol ihe ,i>epui>  Oom��
II anda mul Worka, al Viciorm. Ha.,
hMadUMolna, B.C. tLla 14th Ou Ol Ool.KlOT.
HA Kin   W Kl'-li I ,
loivtMiunt'iil  Ant'iit.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
iraaaa- to t_l  .iii,l,-rr.i*t,,,-,t nt  hi.
   Houaa, in iu.-im ..I Nalaon,
' ��*rm,'ivv.i up mi |_a I...ur aieo'olo-k,  In
  I rtd.y, Sn.    Uth, mr;. t.u tlu'
, ,"  ..'������ "Ba-iar" Mm. ml Olalm, Lol
' '''i|'I. K���',l..|my    lu.uii'l.   Wlllf'l,    Will, il,'
'/' I-  I..il.,i,.,|   i,,  ||���.  ,r���w���   ���,   ,|���-   tnx
J ...'I.I ��������� Hi,   ClUr ol N.'luui, on   111,'  Mil   .1.1!
oi rtall mri inx,'i uf till J ii ii.*
. iunl , ,,.m,    i i,,.   ,,,,.,., ,���i,.,.   u,,���i,   ih,
���iirr.il i lalm, whlota Inoludn tha amount
'"."in taxaa and ooiu al tin-utn*, ,.l t<��r
., ,',**'.'' i raat, taxaa whi.-i. Kara iiaaa
,,',,"*. ii'i'iininii.and I...- lori-roMii
.I:"-ii*Mi.*., ���h���, I. u u���. iu����i ,,,,,..111.1
' V',* -*.-���_ ..-" under.
��'   ,'",.".''  mini   !����� aooompa I   l.y  *"
, '"'"   I...H.. i..> ri���. mil ���,������������, ���i ma nor
..   ' l��,to iha ..I.i i u,r bopntj . .....
���yaw ,,i Landi and \v,irk��,ai Vl-toru, n t',
'"'"'.i.i Nalaon, B.C, Iiiln Ullnlnv ullli'l . I9DI,
ll.*l:l:\ W'RIOHT,
'il,Ml ll,,,,',It Aiti'llt.
Anders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Hmeral Claim.
",,l|-'''i'iir'iim'1're*N'J, l" ll'*' HridorNiKiiod  at  ltln
will l.. ,,,' ,    """ Hkumi., in Hu* Cllv ol Ni'ldon.
U" "'I..,. ,��� ,"'1 ,V   ""   ""'  '","1 Di ���'"'.���lo.'k in
T" '"*'��� ni'   Krl,*l-y< Nov. Uth. iwn, (or tin
-"'"���'iKi.-nt ._'���" : \"tnf> "ov. i;mi. 1W17, (or tin*
'"��� '>*'-'n. If��J BoIk,rJf Mliu'nil Olaun, I-ot
Cl,��"-I I., i '  i m"l    "lelrl.-t.  whh li  WU do
"���ii i,, I,, hl .."" "Httii to the Urown at Uu t_u
!"N"      lWR.fn,   ."J.'.'*  *{']h,,u' un   ������� ���M��_��.
Certificate   of  Improvements.
"Cnlon" Mineral t'Uini Hiiuatc in ttic Nolaoo
Mining I-ivl-uou. of tb* Wait Ko.n.-nn-   DiRtrlct.
Whan locaUHl: ' m. Toad Mouutalu two and a
halt ���������������������- trom Nttlion. B   (,'.
lak.- notlit* that I, tv A MaiHlnnald. acting ��-
agt-ut for Hiigli Huth-Tlitud, Fm Mlnpr'n i.4.r-
un.-.��-.- No HiM_��, Intend lOoatya Irom tht* dale
hfrt-of. to apply io thi- Mtnittg Ktirorder for a
i ������;-tilu-nU.' of Uliprovi-niciiU, Ior thr tiurpowol
otttainlng n Crown   (.rant   ol   the  ahove  I'latni.
Ami   (i.rtln'i   takfl   DOtlOa   thnt   ai-llon,   under
Boettonn, mm! h��* oomnunond hafoi-i thi* in*
���tumoa of mu-Ii t'rriuit-Hit- of UnproTomanta
-*----- -_ UUaSrd :�������� ot BeptamMT. a  i- . iw7.
\V. A    *-* \'  !'��� '*   \; i-
Certificate  of  Improvements.
��� ii.*.- Hope Praotlon" Miiit-nl t'laim. Mttiau-
iu the Trout Lftfcfl Mlnitii; Dlrtalon. ot Vivo.
Kui't* u��y Dmtriei. l/ueaUnl nu l-oplitr ereek,
lakr liotlt'i* tlinl I, i' I'mlli-v I ree Miller ^
i Vritncau- Nu. BWtt, inUlul wi duv* from tin*
ilaie hiTiwf to ai��pl> |o tho Mining Keenrder lor
��� cortlBonta ol [mpraromoata for tho porpooi ol
otiiainiUK ii Orown 'tram of the at>ov<* t'huui.
And mnher laki* notiM that u.-tloti under
Reotloil   .C.   miuit    tie   eoinnieiicud     In*(ore    the
i-iiiHii. i- ni luoJa CorUflonto of bnnrovtmtnta
Halfil Uiti* ftth day ot ��>i toher, I9tn.
In the nuttier of hu appllOntlOQ for the Ir-mie of
h ilupli.-Hte CortlfloatO ����l 1 Uie (or part (.0 ��eret-)
of l-oi tu.aroupone, in the .-i-m ������ of KooU-uay.
Notloe In hi-r.-Kv fflTOO thnt tl Ir my Intention
In Laaue at tin* cxpir-tlion of one month from tlu*
Aral publication herool a dupih-au- ol tin- On
llflonto oi ���' uli (or tin* abovt* uumi-- tu tlu* namo
ol Au-lrew MnrriNon, Whleh ' eriitteatt* of Ttth-
is datod tha .'uh tl��y nt Marrh, l��ou. and niim-
horod aOUC.
I^iuil HogiBtry Olllte, Nelnoli, ti. f , Hepteinher
Will. 1MUI.
"H    F   MA*l.kiu��.'"
UlKlriet KeglHtrar.
lu tlu* in it tier of an application lor the p-i-'lenl
'iii-.ii.'iii.'*...: iti.* UerUHoataaol TlUoto lot*ll-
LS au.l If,jKrot.pl, Weal Kootonu Mmtrlet. alno
Known it- tin- ���Knot-'uny l'h lei." **t omforl" ami
"l.uiu*' mineral eiHimK raapoourtly.
Notioa if herehy itlvi-n thai It ih my intention
to tMnue at tin* I'xpiriillou of one month hIht the
tltMt luitille-ttlon hereol h .Innlleatc nt OertlflOatO
of Title     ..i.-..,..,   nu undivided ni i.-m,-  in
fii.'li ol (in- it>-o\i- lot**. iK-uii'il ou Uu- 17th dav ot
May, A D.ltHln tht nnmeof.loliu 0. Aitui--rorth.
an.. nl.No n itnplli-Ale ol Cerliflrnte of Title Nn.
iWoUn uf nn lintltvhle.l IV-liHlthn In eneh ol the
uhovt- lotr<. LtUdod on lhe 1*71It ilnv n( May, A. P
���swfi.tu  Un* inline of lieorue J   AitiNWorth.
Und IteKimry Offlee. Nvlnmi, H. ��'.. Aug-nat Oth
U. Y. MaoLwiD,--
lUHlriet KeKlitlrar.
*;c. |tt,.,,* .���������'*"���",���'���'-"*   I"'  ne Rpaul-rd   hy    an
?! hero      , ',"' ,'t'1"1  "' *'"'  ' ��PHt> 0	
Wjpr.        *+oao 'um Wo-ia, at Vloiuria, B 11���
Daw ��| n
'""ii. ll-CMlMHlltliilavofOel 11HI7
uaitii-^ witMiiiT.
ion eminent AgUIll
In the matter of nu kpplloatton lor the in-otr of
n itnplit-nle ol   the (Vrtll.t'iUt- ol  Title for  lot 22.
mul ihe uraal hull of lot IU, hioek tu. tn the town
of Nolaon.
Nollee in herehy Klven   thnt it   if my inientlon
to t-e-ue nl  lhe exi'iriitlon  of one month ntlet  the
(lrat puhi lent ion borootadupltoatool Ihaoortlfl
MlOOl   title for the nhi-ve liiiuls, Hi the   name ol
I.villn HhlehlH. whleh OertlflcatO !���> dattd   the Blr-I
diiv uf Kueeinlier.  I'.HHI. nnd uuiul-ere.l :t*a*l u.
������II   Y. AlAcl.Kun."
UUitrlet Itu-tlHtrar.
In the Matter of    the "Land    Registry
Act" and  Amendments thereto,
ln the nintler ot an *i--|iiu-niiuti Inr the In.-i ne ol
n .luj.lienle of  the  it-rtilleale   of  Title   Im    Uttl
_an. _;��i'_. and 9808,   Qroopl, Kootanay Dlatrioi
Notiee in herel.\ K'ven Unit It lh   my   intention
to IrtNtle Ut   the .-\ |.i Mlt loll tif Olle  IlliUltll   frolll   the
llrnt puhlleitthui lieieof n .luiilniile Certlflente nl
I'l lie to the above ��� ��� ��� i- >m Inn.Is, ill tin* iinineof
.Inineh Ko-lerlek RohorUotl tvhteh Oortlfloatfl lu
itnle.l Uie Dili line ol AiiKiihl, I*""-, nml lh iium-
hcri-l lllV.-k.
l_.mil    KetUi-trjr   Offlee.   Njlaon.   B.C.,   :il��t   ol
AtiKUat, 1907. Hi K. MaoLKOD,
Dlatriot Haglatrar.
Conduct of Chinese Troops Severe Tax
on Japanese Self-Restraint���
Trouble   Expected.
The lolkiwi-iK article from the Peking
ani] Tientt-iii Times thrown huiih: light
on tho pCBM&l coiidition of ufTuirn in
"Il Iiuk been more thun once reported
thut. \'i(-i*n>y Uhii Hhlh-chung has given
gravG offence in 1'cklng und bun been
i!M|��eii(jlied by cenHoin for not showing
u bolder front to the Jftpa&flM in Mun-
chuiTu, und lor yielding to them on
many commercial point*-., such uh the
importation of salt from the JL-iuutung.
Hib Etppolixtmemt was in the first in-
Htance made on the understanding that
he was u persona grata with the Japanese, and if we remember rightly their
Maji-Htiea in their farewell instructions
to His Excellency speciully directed him
to maintain pacific relations with the
Japanese. Considering the general conditions which they found there, aud the
start which the Japanese had in the
threu eastern provinces, it was obvious
that the new officials would not have
un easy tusk before them, and that the
reorganization of the provinces would
call for the utmost tact and self-control. In the case of Tong Shao-yi we
have long since seen that tbe strain
was almost more than he could bear,
and relations have been even in the
Yamen rather delicate.
From reports which have been coming down from time to time it is clear
that with ull Hsu's diplomacy and
friendliness the situation is fraught
with extreme complexity, and that the
elements ure ul) present for difficulties
or a serious nature to arise at any moment. Two or three weeks ago we
heard that the Chinese troops sent up
to Mukden aud the neighborhood to
keep the Chungchuses in check had lost
their heads on the emperor's birthday
and attacked the Japanese hospital at
Changchun and attempted to assault
Japanese women. Since then corres-
pondenta have more than once sent us
word uf the conduct of Chinese troops
and the danger which appears imminent of a rupture between them and the
Japaneaa troops stationed there. We
have refrained from too frequent insistence on tlie point, as lt seemed possible
ihat the excitability of the men might
be only temporary, and that the situation would be Bpeedily eased by a little
discipline und tact on the part of the
reepeoitve commander.:. There seems
room for suspicion, however, thai there
U an element at work which may prevent thih desirable improvement. It has
been more than once suggested thai
there an In Manchuria many members
of the Anti-Dynastic parly, und where
they are then- is always an ever-present
watchfulness for any excuse to create
had blood and cause an outburst in
order to embroil Chinese relations with
some other power.
The attitude of the new Chinese troops
toward the Japanese military around
Changchum   Is such  as to severely tax
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim*
Tem.en- ad.lre"*��iMt to the iindemttrued at his
offlee in the Court lloiine. ln the ('ity of
Nalaon- will he received tip till the
hour ot -. o'eloek, in the afternoon, of Frl
dfiy, November 1st. I9tr,. for the pureliane o(
the "Amii*" Mineral I'laiin. Lot bii&o, Oroup 1,
Kootanay Dtatrtat- which WM declared ti* It*
forfeited to the Crown nt the tax oale held In the
iitv of NelNon, on the 6tti day ot November. 1806,
(or dflltit-ueiit   in---  ti|* till Juue 80th, !900, and
The np_et price upon the Mild mineral claim,
which Include-' Die nmoutit of deliiitiu--nt tn-te-
itll'l eouth at the time ol (-..rfeiture. with luturoHt,
taxoa whtoh have ajjetoa aci rm-d, com of adver-
tlstiiK. and (aa for frown It rant (*if. 00.) in 1188.70,
whleh is the least amnutil that will be eoiiHldurtat
Bi n tender
Kneh tender imo.1 he nccoinpanlod by an ae
eeple.l cheque for the lull amount of the lander,
ptivithh- in the order of the Deputy (-oniniliiiiloner
of .4-Udf. nnd  Worn, nt Victoria. B. ('., nt par.
Dated  at   Nalaon-   B.C.*   n.i- .''U. day nf Sept.
tioveniineiit Ateati Niuoa- B. ('
Notice In herein tflM-n, for the Information ot
intendtuif suttier*- nml other*-, that selection Im.
r en nunle ol the ;t,.'MH��,WM ncres of land Mi mil.'it
lu the Yvavk- Kiver VhIIcv. Province of BrltUh
foluinhln. uranted to the Dominion Onvennue-U
under the provlHloiih of H-ction 7 of "Ar. Aet
p-latina lo the Inland Knilunv, the OravliiK
DOC* nnc.-Ktiitv.av ban tin of the 1'ioviuee." and
mieh Land I" not open lo entry under the land
[aw. of the provlnee.
The block nelcetc.1 in denerlbod na (ollowa:���
('omiiieneluK at n point SM-ji iinU*** Hoiith of the
Paaaa   Kiver on   the   UK)-!.   Meridian.  batOg  the
aaataru boundary ol the province, thence weit
IB miles and 88.8i ehaius, thenee ninth Ti ml luu
-itel 8&.0H Ohalnii  tnence  cant 7.*. mile-, and   S8.M
ohalna. thanoa aouth to the polnl of commencement following the 190th Meridian and eontntu-
Iiik iiniiroxltnalely :t.MHi,l-*i aerun.
Soil.--. In alao Blven that, with a view to
ncllttHliiiK settlement in the valleys ol the
I'cnee, riusnlpalid Paek Ktvi*r*i, the fol hue tug
bell id hmd to miles io width mul extendliiK
.������Millies on eneh filde of the   Pence,  Parnlilp  and
Paok Rifora bus liaan raaarvad for actual Nttlara
to beiiiuulreil by pre-I'liiplioii only under the
I mul Act. such   bind   not  being  open   for nale,
],.,.���,., he. e or olbei nlleiiallon under the nald
Act except hy pre einptlon: -
Coinmencing at the intersection of the wen torn
boundary oftfia bloek Of land nuleeled by the
l oiiilnlon i.overiiinenl wllh the 1'race river,
theuce followln| the Pence Kiver and Parnnip
Kiver lo their confluence with the Pack Klvor
mid thanoa following the Pack river to the
point* where said Paek Kiver leaven MeLeod
i.ukc'tinil extending for a distance Ol SO inllen
on aaob aide of iald Kivern and npproximately
lTOmllai In length.
All Inn.Is outside the houudarten of the Do
mlnhm in'veminent tirt.nl nnd 'the rwnerve
Rlmve deiorlbad <><��� npun for locution under tho
lawn of the Province.
At-t lne I'hlcf Coniininnloiierof bandnaud Worka.
band* and Work* Deparinieut.
Vhdoria, Beptember 18th, 1V07.
$10 DOWN
We offer you hest fruit lands;
b'-st termf-; betit location; beat
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't bave to use all of your meant*
In paying for land. We want you
to put it Into development. We
also have tracts of 50 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Frultvale you
miss the best in B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelaon, B. C.
Japanese self-restraint, and It is reported that antl-Japanene feeling is running
very high amongst the Chinese troops.
This may be due to the whisperings of
those revolutionaries or it may be due
to Indignation at the stories local
Chinese are ventilating of their suffering during the past few years, In which
Japanese as well as Russians, and even
more so, have loomed large. It may be,
again, due to nothing more than the inevitable desire to test their new powers
which these troops experience, for they
are. we believe, better drilled and more
efficient than the ordinary troops and
may be impatient to put their knowledge to tbe test a not uncommon instinct of efficiency. Whatever the cause,
there are, as we have said, the elerfients
of danger in the Manchuria situation
and care Is required on both sides if
harmonious relations are to be preserved between the two authorities represented."
Death   Reveals   Double   Life.
London, Oct. 10.���The Loudon papers
this week contain an interesting story
of a "double life," led by an American,
which was revealed only by the hand of
death. The man In the case crossed to
Kurope on business, leaving his wife in
America. While travelling in France
he was among the victims of a terrible
railway accident lieside his body in
the morgue was placed the body of
another victim, whose satchel contained  some  of  his  visiting   cards.
The authorities, suspecting nothing
Irregular, cabled to the family in America to inform them of the two deaths.
The widow cabled hack merely ordering them lo send his body home for
burial. A second cable was accordingly sent from France to say that a lady
hud been travelling with him, that one
of his cards was found upon her. and
that her bag contained letters signed
with bis name. A description of the
lady and the name written In envelopes
in her bag were also wired across the
A prompt reply came back. The
uuthoritieii were instructed to bury
bury the husband at once, in
France, but nothing was said about the
unfortunate woman. They were buried
lu French graves, side by aide. It subsequently developed that the woman had
been a lifelong friend of tbe family.
No one suspected anything between the
two. hut it i-oiuts to a carefully arranged meeting l'h Europe. The letters
from hi tu found umong her belongings
afterwards fully proved that the liaison
hud been going on for years. The man
whose name has been carefully withheld. Ib said to have been promiuent in
the business and social life of one of the
largest cities in the United States.
Notice of Meeting.
Cascade  Water Power  and   Light Company, Limited.
Notice is hereby given thut nn e_*
tiuiiidlniuy Bi'iioiul meeting of the Cas-
eude Water. Power and Light Company,
Limited, will he held at the iilHces or
the company ou Saturday the llnd tiny
of November. 1907, at the hour of 1!
o'clock In the afternoon, for the purpose of:
1. Authorising the issue of a series
of debentures, aggregating J37[i,0UU.00,
tinted the 1st tiny of May, 11107, With in-
barest at -V4 per cent, per annum, payable on the llrat day of Ma,,'. 1940, with
interest payable st'ini-annuully on the
1st daya or May and November iu eaeh
'_. Authorizing the execution of the
draft Deed of Trust, approved by the
parties, which will be submitted to the
meeting, and made between the com-
pnny. of the First Part, the Royal Trusl
Company of Montreal, of the Second
Part, and the West Kootenay Power and
Light Oompany, Limited, of the Third
3. Pnnslng Ihe resolution i-oclted In
the said drai'l  Deed of Trust.
4. Truiisiiellng such other business
_B mav properly come before the meeting.
Dated this llith day of October, A. D.
Uy Order of the Hoard,
Tremont House
En roc-enn and American Plan
Mef.lt 36 I'tr.   Aoomi Irom ___ Oil. to 81.
ouiy Vblte Help K-mploye-tl.
Baker Bt., Nelion Propnaiorl
Moat comfortable quartern      Nelson)
Only the best of Liquors aud cigars.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms ��>0 cents upward. The
dining room ls unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 290.    Opposite Court House
and Poatoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelson. B. C,
Lighted by Elec-rioitj* and
Heated by Hot Air
-.rare and Comfortable Bedrooms aud First*
claaaClnl-g Boom,   -ample Booms for Commercial   Man.
HBB.   E.  t.CLARKE.   Proprietress
Battlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar u the Flneit.
White Help Only __x_.ploTe<_.
Joiephlne bt.
Royal Hotel
Bates |1 and $1.60 a Day.
Special Bates to Hegnlar Boarders
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal in the city.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealer- In staple aud fancy Groceries.
Butter, Eggs.
Oainp aud Miners' Supplies.
One of Nelaon'a Pretty Home Cot
tagea of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, (900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 x 125. Apply to J. R- B., Daily
A. M. Can. Sec. C. K.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlee*.  Bealey Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker St.. NELSON. B. C.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to tbe Old Curiosity Shop. A uew
line of Japaueso Goods now on sale,
all kinds of Dinnerware In stock. Patterns.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, etc.
t1 East Baker St. Phone No. A114
F. C. GREEN       F. P. BURD_H       A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
F. 0. Box 145   nunc 2.1 B.
10-Acre Blocks For Sale
In the Slocan Valley;  free from   stone;  level land;  ample water;   railway facilities;  good settlement;  easy clearing.
Price: $50 to $85.   Terms: One-fifth  cash,   the   balance   one-fifth   each
year.. Interest 6 per cent. fewS*-***..46��--'_*    '.."*���'* "*       "���
H. & M. BIRD
Fire, Accident, Life and Employers' Liability Insarauiee
Let us quote, you rates in the best board companies.
Choice Fruit
I Have J0,000 Acres
of tbe
Cbcticest Fro It Lands ta
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
I  Nelson, B. C.
7 rooms and bath, 50 ft. corner lot,
centrally located, one-half casb,
balance   on   terms $2100
5 rooms and bath���excellent repair,
electric light, water, sewer, 1 1-2....
lots, on   terms $2000
3 rooms, water, electric light, chicken house, woodshed; ou terms..$ 750
5 rooms with two excellent lots in
Fairvlew;   water $1350
Victoria  St.   (75 ft.   corner) $   500
Houston St.   (50 ft. corner) $ 376
Chatham St., Fairvlew (30 ft.) $200
6 3-4 acres, easy of access by wagon
road, partially cultivated; suitable for
market garden.    Terms given
ISO acres on Kootenay River, good
train service $3000
Real Estate Agent
31S Baker St.,  Nelaon.  B. C.
In-VITOFACTURERS    �� _^_-��!*-__,     Ct.MArfM
AND DEALERS IN    LVmDetf   _>___U_LgleS;
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Brackets.
VBRNON 8TRBBT   ���   -
Hail Orders promptly attended I
Furniture, Clothing,
Stationery, Etc.
30*t BAKER ST.
SATURDAY OCTOBER 12th.        7.30 p.m.
No. aiu.
Certificate of the Registration of an Extra-Provincial   Company.
I hereby i-eriify thut Uie "Falls Creek Copper
MinliiK Coiupauy, Limited." Im* this day been
re*-. 1 stored a_t au Kxlra-Hiovlnelal Compauy uuder the "Coin pan ten .Act. 1897." to earry out or
effect all or any of the object* of the Compauy
to which the leKlslattve authority of thu Legislature of Mriti-ii Columbia extend*
The head otTlt-e of the Compauy Is situate at
the City of Sputtaue. (.tate of Waihlnstou, U.S.A.
The amount ol the capital of the Company is
one million live hitudrad thousand tlu)lar_,
divided luto one million Ave hundred thousand
share** of one dollar eaeh.
'Ihe head office ol the Compauy iu this Fro-
vluce is situate at Nulson, aud Michael C Muu*
���ij-luui, Miner, whose address is the same, is the
uttoruey of the Company
The time of the existence of the Company li
fifty years from the 15th March, __W7.
The Compauv is specially limited uuder section 66 of the above Act.
'iiven under my hand and seal of offlee at
Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this 15th
day of May, oue thousand uino hundred and
(L. 8.] 8. Y. WOOTTON,
Ki-ci--i nu of Joiut Stock Companies.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897."
Notice is hereby given that Wilton A.
Miller, of the town of Creston, lumberman, has been appointed the new attorney of "The Kinuey-Mlller Cedar
HeKistrar of Joint Stock Companies.
Victoria, liritlsh Columbia, October 27,
AU Kinds of Heating Plants in Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Ooera Houaa.      Tai. 181.
To All   Point.  In  Kootanay*.
MONTREAL, ��46.10; OTTAWA*444��;
HALIFAX, $56.40. ���
Correspondingly Low Rate, from .
to All Intermediate Polnta.
Prepuld passim., arranged.    Ro-erra-
tiiiim  aucuiud, etc.  tbroug-  thla ofBce.
For further particulars call or write
��. r.A.. ���__��_
\ '��������:
������   ���! SI
I ,"
i* ���
:-    (!
The Daily Canadian
inn* stock fur tl!.' New Jewelry run! other
goods ��-,- an* opening up almost every
day. We are exhibiting Brooches, Necklets. Pendents, Bracelets, nil En ne*V ,1.'-
siuns. The nev�� Enamel Jewelry in
Flowers, llirds anrl Bugs in mO_t nlti nr-
J. O. Patenaude
And Belts
Fancy Chiffon and Silk
Collars with or without tabs
at, each, 50c, 75c, $1.00 to
New Elastic Beaded Belts.
New Leather and Silk
Belts in all colors.
Jn, inRnnf-trtnre-t from tne finest   tolmr'-o, i-n-
ripfiit-.i .ui.: dew-flnreelened.    ji'*- n_Ha- fiill-
Barored and ooct   a totmcoo joo
SoUgBt 10 try"
fobacconist.   Baker Street.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
10 Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & __j
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
BUSH  &  MATT HEW, Props.
Phone   9. P.  O.  Box  672.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builder, will And it to their ad-
viriitiij't to uro our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Any man able and willing to nurse
small-pox patients In case of need, is requested to apply to E. C. Arthur, Nl. D.
city medical health officer. .
The lies! Hnril i'ohI on tbe market.
Brai-ilchee*���1 EJr-l-
The Best Domestic Goal.
West Transfer Co.
Cot*.   \'-Bt-��*-0-
���J Street-a,
m;i.so\. i-. c
J. Cronin. C. (.'. Thorne, Spokane; P.
Lash brook, __ondon; C. H, Brown, Milwaukee; C. H. llal.si-, Vancouver; I.. R.
Nash, Montreal; \V. C. Cunningham,
Hamilton; W. II. Fa 1 dins, Rossland;
Miaa Rutley, San Francisco; Miss Noel,
Etdmonton; F\ G. Fauquier, Needles; C.
B. .McAllister. Winnipeg; D. F. Fisher,
Greenwood; F. .1. Coulthard, H. Doyle
New  Westminster.
Best   Located  Hotel  in  Nelson
t'Uiltrr tire nimi-i.i'rrK'nt nt R. K. Noble,
late of Toronto. Ottawa ami
.1. L. Retallack, Kaslo; B. Waller, England; S. S. Sammon, li. Brooks, Toronto; J. Bayers Glasgow; ll. J. Scott, Vic-
toria; i\. p. Ourner and wife, Phonlx;
G. C. Chapman, Winnipeg;  T. it. Cun-
liff.' and  will-,  i don;   Miss A. Haw-
tbornt-walte, Emerald I.ake; O. Huston.
V.    3.    Nicholson,   Vatirmiver;    A.    T.
Davis, 13-Hlle;  P. II. Bhelp, Winnipeg;
A. W.   Winlaw,  Winlaw;   Mrs. .1.  Hlslop,
T. Madore, Willow Point: D. C.
Dalrd, B-Mlle; 1'. Lesley, P. .1. Illitiriiis
.rrrri wif,'. Moyie; A. I.. White and wife,
Mrs. Fawker, .1. P. Plynn, I.. Nelson, A.
io. Anthony, D. small, Calgary;  C. II.
Evans and wife. S Harris, A. [_ Might*
on. Medicine Hat; W. Si. George ami
wil.'. Victoria; H !���'. Prismold, Paulson;
H. Stevens, Fair hanks; A. P. I.... b. New
York; .1. A Currier, A. Smith. A, E
Qoodenongh, Brie; O. Btoll, Slocan.
W. P. Simpson, Sllverton;  11. piper,
Winnipeg;   11. Berk, Han-op.
I., ll. Vernon, Rossland; s. f. Roberts,
Slocan; M li Mu Han. Ymlr; .1 C.
Trevor, Ainsworth; .1. Strong-oil-, .1
Thomas, Lardeau; B. Peters, Harrop;
i'. Blnor I, McDonald, Bandon; .1 Mc
Cansland, BUverton.
M. Clark .'.ml wife, Westley; .1. A.
Scott, I-. Parkins, Kaslo; K. Hart; .T.
Flndlay, Rossland; .1. Waller, Trail; .1.
Walters, Arthur Vale, I Black, Clark's
Port, Idaho; It. Wilson, Spokane; 1).
Qreen, 4!i Creek.
Piano   and   Singing Lessons
Given   by   Mrs.   Winter   Every  Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certlflcate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
ami singing. Certlllcate from Trinity
College, London, Eng., for theory or mu-
lie. Scholarship of tlie London Connor,
vatolnr of Music for hIukIuk and piano
playing. Address Box 796. Nelson.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agent tor TruieotJ [_.n_oh_-
Kii'l I't'li-TlitiTii Canoes.
Flrur.t I-ot ot  Iloat* In B. t;.
H.   L_.   *_1*NI3SAY
Foor oi Jotepbina Ht.     si.. ai��
INEUSOIN,    -    B. C.
Enlarging Store.
It. c. Joy  is building an  addition h>
his store on the eorner of Josephine and
Mill   streels.
Late  Raspberries.
A haske* of fine ripe raspberries were
picked by -Mrs. w. Cutler in her garden
on  Hoover street, yesterday afternoon.
S. O. E.
The ii:-t social of the S. C). E. will he
held ht tlie K. of I\ hall tomorrow evening ai s o'clock, a good programme has
l>epn  arranged.
Salvation  Army.
A musical meeting and oake and coffee
social will be held in the Salvation Army
hall on Thursday night A good programme is being arranged.
A   Fractured   Arm.
Mrs. Thos. Symes, of Grand Forks.
formerly of Nelson, while out driving b
few days ago was thrown from ber
buggy and received a fractured arm.
Cascade   Company's   Meeting.
A meeting of the* Cascade Tower and
l.igbt company is called for Nov. Snd in
the company's Nelson office to ratify Ibe
transfer to the West Kootenay Power
and Light company.
Methodist Concert.
At the coucert which will be given in
the Methodist church Thursday evening
at S o'clock. Joseph Patrick will preside.
One of the features of the programme
will he "Sousa's Hand."
Very Clever.
Marjorie Sweet and Beatrice Terry,
who are the comediennes with the Messenger Boy, are pretty, winsome and
petite, their charming personaltirs. and
marvelous specialties receive unlimited
praise every where.
Wilson Newitt. wlio was suffering
from a severe attack of diptheria, has
been pronounced out of danger by the
attending physician. The worst case
of this disease yel developed is that of
Mr.  McNeely  in  Fairview.
Broken Arm.
Cordon Smith, a young boy connected
witb tlie mailing department of The
Dally Canadian, while practising on a
trapese last Monday, sustained a severe
fall which resulted in a fracture of tie
right arm. He fell backwards and Wed
to save himself, bul could not regain
his balance. Some hoy playmates took
him up to Dr. Hartin. who reduced lie
Samuel (.lover, who arrived here a
short time ago from Chicago, died at
the Home Hospital this morning at 6
o'clock. Deceased had been suffering
with asthma for some time and came
here In the hope of being benefited by
the climate. He has a brother working
for tho city. The fun* ral will tako place
Friday at 2 o'clock from 1). .1. Robertson's undertaking parlors. Rev. Mr.
Powell  being the Officiating clergyman.
Mining   Review.
Tbe American Mining Review company of 1-��r Angelen at Its adjourned
meeting recently, made some changes
in  its cxoculfvoH.    The  following dlreo-
The Store of Quality
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown-Can Be Bought for
tlie Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Reecomaiend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
Rob. NL Hood & Co.
K. W. C. Blo-k  . T'l.iin-  It
vv. a.  oiulett
Contractor   mul
I lull il or.
Kolr- Igtnt for ttic Porl-i Kiro I.uml����r Co., Ltd.,
n-i.ni yunlH. Itoilf-h fOi'l '1" <���'���> ���- luinli'T, turned
work uml hr-uki-tH, Oout laili mid rhinj-lu**, Mill
Kinl doon, 'rinciiL, brick and llmo for kaIo.
a i, irr'iiti i !��� grimier.
Yard .nni i.i.'iMi y ; Vernon Ht.. out of Hall
rsilll.HO-N,   E5. G.
F. O. Box. Oi. Tulepliuuo 17B
3 ROLLS 25c.
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
PHONli   7
We have just op* ned up a large ship
menl ol wood blanks foi pyrograph)
work. This is vei> much the largesl
consignment of tbea tods vro have
ever brought in. and wi have now gol b
ve/y targe assortment for you to choose
from. Tbey conslai almost entirely ol
article-- that an.' of practical use- ���boxes <>f all aisefl and shapes (suitable for
lace, gloves, handkerchiefs, photographs
and almost any conceivable use that a
Im*. nt" any Kind could be put ti" tables,
tabourettes, clocks ��� ��� pit ���<��� with works,
plaques in large variet; trays, tie racks.
pipe racks etc, etc. We Import these
articles direct from the makers in Am
erica. They are all made of best sea
soned wood, well made and well finish-
We have Outfits fitted with Large bulb
and   good   point (5-26   each.
Points at   from..   ..$1.7-"'  to $3.50 each
Bulbs, large size $1.75 each
ABOUT PRICE. You cann'.t huy these
goods in Toronto or Chicago and bring
them in any cheaper! tf as cheaply) as
we   are   selling   them.
If you live out of town and cannot get
in. to make selection dine, from stock,
write us and we will be glad to send
you a fully Illustrated catalogue, giving price.*-, from which you can make
your selection almost as well as from
Your orders will be carefully and
promptly executed.
W. G. Thomson
frC,'-iKi^,-!kKH"',d     Nelson, B.C.
Rhone ,*-4.
tors were elected to serve for the following year: n. i. Toner, w. li. Btorms, <.'.
C. Jones, .1. I_.  Boyle, A.   Sandoval, Kpes
Randolph ami George Lonsbory. Offletsrs
elected were Norman I.. Tener. president; J. K. Boyle, vice-president; W. H.
Storms, secretary and treasurer. W. II.
Storms was appointed editor, and N. I..
Tener manager.
Telephone   Conference*
A meeting ol 'lie board Of trade committee on telephone^ with Secretary
liaise of the H C. Telephone company
was held last night Air. Halflfl suggested three courses; the company's build
tng a line to Pro iter on a guarantee of
35subserlbers al $i pei* month; the offer
Mt   1    rl!"   1'M.Vlt
���ing I'l.-t
In ens    p
iik fi
full him
ry ��*v��*N
1   htialii
m   for riithl
in mi.   v.
ont titr
., Caimd
LOST���A LADY'S 1'MBRVLLA with SOW rlinmi-.l
hmnllp    left   hi   K    P.   Hall, on  nl^ht of _*iti
Bept.   Plndei  plesao rstarn to Parkcr'n Em-
plnyiiiftit Aj/'-ncy an-l htcIvc reward.
QQLD   'HAIN.   hctwiiti   Hoover   and   Vsmpn
Htn-ct-i.     Bul tabid reward   will   ht piild  lor Hn
n-tiirn.    Mi H.-rmtl .1. McHardy.
A HOOKBTBOOK ...iMninlii-: a Hgnsd ctatqaa of
tho Second Relief Minin-f Oompsnf, pnyithle
tn O, C. WaelO, and l-tiem. Finder ktmlly
leave al N<i Placi-Inn.
TWO FIKf-T-i'i.AHH hOOMH, att-am heateiJ     Apply bOOMltSSMI 3rd flat, K- W. <:. hlm*k.
WANTBI) TIp Maker-" the TlM to tie Kir, T��m-
track or Pliif will Rlv�� 11 eeutH eii'li In lhe
ftrln-r, nil j*"'-'! Itmlajr. Apply t�� Jowpfa
'���oiH'll-*, ('am-arte.	
WANTKP sitiiatinii by Vomiik BCWS-JOMI (mar
Ned) wIIHiik tn tackle anything,  npeiienflbfd
btsrooerr, wlno mid -mii-ii (mdo,    a-iiIh-kh
l>. Ii , Dally Oanadun omi-e.
A I'AKTNKK with t_UMXl tn ptirnham* a irult
i-mwh near Nelfnli A row! Kpeeiihillnii. I'urt
Her ni'-d lint he ui'tively eiiKiiK''d '���'- rniiCh.
For partloaUrt apply T oTTBOOTlft.
wantki*   Kiectrioiao, Buliahi ttowty mnvi-ii,
wi.ii" - lituatlon In institilittlon nr Hlmlliir work,
A Id roil ti. W. H., bully Canadian.
WANII.h I-nnllNhmMi .'i. \s iiiii" HllNatlnii fnr
week nr longer,  -food    neholar.   imeil   to  ntlleo
_ routine.   Add rent- H. W. h. I*aliy Uanadlao.
WAIN IKI) -ol'iireliiLKi>aCooii(;oat, ('aa)i Huyor
Apply J, I:, M , (-art* tbla ufl-oa.
IR__lll s���il   llvlnll l���*Hl,'r�� 111
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
Lowest   price. Nothing hut   fre-h and
wholesome meats and supples kept in t-toek
Mtiil Orders receive careful ntleiition.
E.  C.   TRAVES,   ManagM.
Is Rehowaed
ANH     ;/
Pare Ontario Honey,
5 lb. Tins,
"Tolpphone 161.
Cleared,    cultivated,     planted
with   80   trees,   good   water,
first rate location, $700.
reported nt the hoard's last meeting,
���npply  of material  '<��� an  Independent
company ut cost and connection with
the city circuit for BO cents a month;
tho   taking   over   of  the   present   north
shore line hy im patrons, and connection with ihe city at W ecu's a month
Mr. 1 lah-e recommended tho second
course and Rare till December 1st for a
Jamos Oronio spent yesterday In the
\\\ 11. Paldlnfft of Rossland, came orer
last night
.1. h. Retallack came down from
Kash.  lust  night.
Henry Doyle and Fred .1 Coulthart,
business men or \ew Westminster, ar
rived trom tho coast last evening.
Borgeanl Wheeler returned from
Revelstoke las I evening with his rnmlly.
He will take up his residence tit 012
Carbonate street.
t.  i). CunMffe and   Miss Cunllffe, or
London,   are   at   the   Stratheona.        Mr.
Cun1|ffe, witti c. c. Chlpman. or Winnipeg, Is ii'ie to inspect ihi. Kelson
branch of the Hondson's Bay company.
Sherman's Opera House
Friday, October  18
and Snturday Matinee.
Geo. I). Bwaet preianti tba Ben_atlon_l
Com.dy Drama
"A Messenger Boy
Saturda*., Oct. 19th
"Mabel Heath, or a Fatal Marriage."
Ilnrirl   nnil   Orclnrnlrn.
Watch   fin-  Hlii'i'l   |i;i,ir,li'.
PRICES:   50c,   75c,   $1.00.
Matinee:  Adult,, 50c, chidren 25c.
8al��  at   Rutherford's   Wednesday.
Owing ti, :,��� iiiiTcrisiiiR btu___n In
_M r-KUlW Una. i.f Drug, and Stationery we mmt have more room, ___ will
lliiv,'   I���  cliiH,.  nut   wvi'tul   ,,r   ,,u,   "ki,!,,
Mill's.���*        We   run, nn,   wllh   CHINA
WARE. Our n, w Htrirk Ik all lu f���r _,,
XinriH Irnili', and ll all kim'h In al 001
Clearing   Out   Prices..
A visit l��� thla department will Inter-
rat yi,u.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR  BAKER  and WARD.        Phone 81
Rop..lrllYK "niJ ��liihhln|[ .x��.iitMl v.*lttl  [>_>Mpi-t-*H.    Mr---. ��.-,..
Mi.rk, Mlnln��� ��.iiJ  .Mill   \1,.<.lili<_-t-. .      M,���H,t���i;lur��ri?.l
(Ir-   Cnr>,   w.   vt.    CinilrHcliirs'   <-nrn. **
Telppi one Sl ,
I'd. K.,_1C�� ���
that is fashionable and durable can bt
bought now at a price that it sure to
tempt you. Winter stylet are being
shown. Come quick and get the pl.t-.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs galore. Medium and Heavy Weight Pajamai art
Night Shirts at proper price*.. Particular people will be pleased with our offer
Places to have your prescriptions '  ���-.
But to have them properly and carefully
compounded    as    your    physician   prescribes, bring them    to the    Popular    Store.
Poole-Longhurst Co., Ltd.
I'.akor und JoaephlOQ SU. I
Wo would like to hp��- all OUT patron*comfortable till** Winter nml In order to
do so wo havo In Block the bout MMort-ftd lino of hentltiK itOTM n��'l COwW
Htovo8  nnd  rangBI  over boforo  presented to tho public In Konicnay.
Wo would b0 plousod lo ihow you our lino ami before making your pnr-
Obaifl kliully nt what wo huve to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited. ts
You can always get what
you want in all kinds of House
I'tirnisliiiij-s at the
Buck Stoves
and Ranges
Standard Ftt_wi__ttf*e Company
Complete Hou-e Furnl-hen and Undertaken.
Our Stock in this lin<-,s
always complete and UP*10"
Mechanics' Tools a
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd-
Wholesale IStJI-SOIN KfU"


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