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The Daily Canadian Mar 1, 1907

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Array <%\)z Xfctihj  (ftanattcm
3'ive ���^e^X
IrtAR ?-!��C,
sVCTORl\. *y
biE I.   No* 229*
Fifty Cairo a Homm
If in je lute
ce Edward Island
|Has a Grievance
tr in House Shows up Fielding's
Record���Will Hinder
March 1.���On   Monday t mo-
' Mr. Martin I Queens, P. E. I.),
lins;    winter    ('ssr.iniitnleatls.jn b*.1-
Jtlisii province and lhe mainland,
|t nut strong address*! frssm tho
opposition      membera.     They
I ilsstt before Sir Wilfrid beeame
��� tssssk a warm Interest in the
Iproject    Nol only bass he fallesl
Iin   thai scheme, hut IiIh asltuiniB
1 li.sss come miserably short of pro.
[adequate steamship eomniunlca-
s regular mall service.   Further-
Piiiiigh ihs- government ownu tbe
j ua the Island and lbe coniioct-
is-ss ou  tbe  mainland,   with   tbe
feiijsss connecting    the    two,    yet
���rates paid ssn traffic to and from
kail are oppressively high. They
��� fact tuu or three times larger
D highest rates known In eastern
.ewhere, and double the rates
West   wblch   aro   a   perpetual
If complaint.   Disclosures on this
Messrs.  Martin, Lefurgey and
Bhowlng that the worBl trans
s monopoly  In  Canada la con-
lli.. tbe government, produced a
p.. ������:- -siuii.
. course of this discussion tbe
ol Jissance received a severe and
Ited scolding from tho minister
is-.    The  Island   members are
nt- union, but to show the serl-
oi  thu situation  they  quoted
* local press and local speakers
sstm language declaring tbat th1-
would  be Justified ln aecces-
p>* the terniB have been broken,
leur was shocked with this lau-
1 am sorry," ho said, "that a
bscr has been publishing articles
fs  lhat   Prince   Edward   Island
ecede Irom tbo Domlniou. These
'.-a should not bo allowed." Mr.
went  on  to condemn the pa-
(hich  is  trying to create seutl-
1 discontent." The minister lull Insisted that all the provinces
|lc. uince   to   Confederation,  and
Bd  against   any   person   taking
fslnyal  course of breaking Cou-
There   was  more  of tlie
(hid      Now when lt Ib retnein-
sst the sent Immediately before
���di-iir  belongs  to Sir.  Fielding.
Ider of a recent secession move-
Nova Scotia, who as premier
[prssvlnce did his best to smash
ration It will be understood that
odour's attack made some senna-
'sir Mr. Fielding did more than
��� iniivi>sl resolution! In the Nova
Ihouso.     He led  a   repeal cam-
oughout   the    country.     11'*
fi is, al campaign  throughout  the
.   He caused his party to take
t. Brodeur plainly and truthfully
disloyal course."   It Is said thai
Jldlng aspires to the premiership.
|uld judge that he may nol reach
on if Mr. Brodeur ran help It.
Japanese Immigration.
Il'ianclsco.    March 1.���Six    hnn-
|ii<l  thirty-one Jap steerage  pas-
arrived lasl night on the steam-
luslla and an equal number Is
-'sl on the arrival of a liner from
|waltn Islands lhat will make up
slmiiiir.ni of Japanese that  the
Maru will leave at Honolulu. No
(were received from Washington
local Immigration ofliclals rela-
I tiss' debarring of Japanese on the
lliis  from California and  after n
Jflnry exiiminulioii thev  were ul-
(lis laud.
Wallau Case Goes Over.
York, March 1.���Al the sugges-
|f Dlatrlct  Attorney Jerome,  the
of Mrs. bottle Wallau, charged
* murder of her mother, Mrs
llnge, which was to bave taken
���yesterday, was postponed until
V* In order that the case may he
fbmltted to the grand Jury.
nounces lhe Hon. Jacques Bureau, the
newly   appointed   solicitor-general    and
several Liberal M. P., win uSw ��
March 1st to lake pan In the campaign.
To Build Submarines.
Victoria. March 1.-According to ad.
cording to advices received by the
steamer Titan, the Japanese adtnlralltv
has decided to build a number of submarine   vessels   of   a   complete   type,
planned by a oommltttee of naval men
sent to the United Stai.-s and llurops-
to investigate the construction or such
craft. The seven Holland submarines
purchased from the United States dur-
inf the war are stated to have shown
some defects and the new style of craft
Is to be on Improvement on thorn.
The military authorities of Japan now
propone to Increase the slamling army
to 'll divisions, and Increase Ihe exist-
ing 63 regimental districts to 70. The
Manc.hurl.iii and Korean divisions will
be brought home and replaced with vol-
unteers from tho first and second
Prominent Winnipeg Man Dead.
Winnipeg March 1.���Thomas Foley,
membs-r of the firm of Foley Bros, c
Kelly, wholesale grocers, and of Foley
Bros. & Larson, railroad contracting
firm, died yesierday at St. Paul, follow
log an operation. Foley had been all
Ing about a year and was taken to St.
Josephs Hospital three weeks ago. Ills
condition continued to grow steadily
worse. Mr. Foley was born 60 years
ago in Lanark county, Ontario, and
lived ln Canada until 1881 when he en-*)
his broth-era, Timothy. John and N- E.
moved to St. Cloud, Minn., where the
four engaged in business as railroad
contractors and as lumber dealera.
Emporer Receives Painting.
Berlin. March 1.���Emperor William,
as honorary colonel of the Kussian Vi-
Iter* regiment, today received in audience a deputation of lhat regiment,
beaded by its former commander. Major
General Seljoutachowsky. The deputation presented Ills majesty with a painting r, presenting 'tlie regiment at the
battle of Sikawantun.
Butt Into Manitoba.
Ireul Feb. 28.���The Laurler gov-
pt apparently Intends to take an
jliitcreBt In lhe Manitoba election,
pada, the government organ, an-
Dominion  Government   Makes   Liberal
Grant In Aid of Proposed
Dr. Fagan. secretary of the Provincial
Board of Health, Is still on the Mainland on business connected with tht
tuberculosis sanitorium. In this connection tho Nicola .Herald publishes thc
following information relative to the
Institution: "Dr. Fagau, provincial
health officer, announced last week that
the Dominion government had come to
Ihe assistance of those Interested ln the
proposed British Columbia tuberculosis
sanitarium by offering a grant of 400
acros of land located at Fish Lake,
which ofTer. Dr. Fagan stated, would be
"Fish J-ake lies about ten miles northeast from Mammet Lake, Is about 21
miles north of Nicola and 10 miles south
of the 0. P. B. main line. The altitude
of the lake Is some 4.200 feet above the
sea level. This altitude is considered
a little too high lo be suitable for the
general sanltorlum, and several properties along Kamloops Lake at an average altiluile of 1100 feet have been
selected as the best possible location
ror the Institution, and one of these
will eventually be chosen. None of these
locations is more than 20 miles from
KiBli Lake, and lt is Intended to use
It as what mlghl be termed an auxiliary.
"Dr. Fagan hopes lo be able to arrange for the starling of work upon the
building at Kamloops Lake In tlu* early
spring, and expects lhat the undertaking will be bo far completed by the full,
bo It will bo possible to accept patients.
"Dr. Fagan is confident thut the success of his pet scheme Is at lasts prac
tlcally assured, and as as practical demonstration is already -planning an appropriate opening for the Institution,
which , he feels sure, will de much to
promote the general health and happiness ot the people of this province. It
is his intention to run an ixcuursion
io Kamloops Lake as soon as the bui laing Is ready for occupancy. Ai ine
business men and others Interested m
Vanoouver in Victoria and other points
on ibe coast will be invited to make the
trip, lie points out that the ourney
lo the interior Is pleasant In the ft��
of the year, presenting an even-haw.
Ing vnrietv of the grandest scenery to
be found anywhere in the world from
the time the train draws out of Van*
courts to restrain the enforcement \of
lha law on Ihe ground that the rate
would cause a heavy Iosb and In many
cases would require them to run traits
at less than actual cost, regardless of
Sxed charges, to eath and other obligations of the railroads of which they
claim the passenger traffic would as
sume a share.
Province Follows Alberta's Example and
Will Fatten Poultry.
Winnipeg, March 1.���During the present year the department of agriculture
of Saskatchewan will establish poultry
fattening stations in 'connection with
the Tantallon and sMooBomln creameries, which are under government supervision. In authorizing thiB work the
commissioner of agriculture belleven
that It will bo the means of demonstrating In a practical manner that
greater care and attention should be
given to. the development of this
branch of farming throughout the province. With the rapid development ol
the country the demand for birds of
isoosl flesh placed on the market according to market requirements is con-
Blantly ine "asing and the object of the
fatienlng stations is to assist and educate the people how to fatten and prepare
birds for the consumer In order to ob
tain the best possible price. Tho system of conducting the work will be
similar to that pursued In handling eggs
uud creamery products. Suitable accomodation will be provided at the
creameries, and the birds will be re-
celved at stated perlr' for fattening
and the weight o' Ird accepted
will   be   placet redlt of the
farmer, aud an a.. 0 centB per
pound will be made. 'ance, after
deducting the cost of latte. .ng, will be
paid to the patrons after the chickens
have been disposed of. This new departure promises to attract considerable
Interest among lhe farmers. The work
Is ot such a nature lhat the boys and
girls on the larm can handle it. which
means that tlie attention demanded by
the growing ot wheat and other larget
activities of the farm will not retard
Its development. Already upwardB ot
1000 birds have been promised by the
patrons of the Moosomln and Tantallon creameries, and it ls believed thai
such profitable returns can be given In
poultry production whereby the work
can be greatly enlarged. The department Ib desirous of securing the co-op
oration of all  Interested  farmers.
The Dally Blaze.
Utlca, N. Y., March 1.���The Y. M. C.
A. building In this city waa completely
destroyed by fire this morning. The loss
will be upwards of $150,000. A clothing
Btore, music store and plumbing establishment were located on the ground
lloor and were also burned. Other
buildings were threatened and the Bell
telephone service in this city Is interrupted.
Pittsburg. MarchL���One fireman was
seriously Injured and five others slightly hurt early today at a fire caused by
crossed wires in Alleghany, which destroyed the Fifth Ward school building,
three-story structure valued at $150,000.
While six firemen were on a ladder tbe
roof caved In and they narrowly escaped with their lives. James Kerr sustained a fracture of the skull.
Fighting Two-cent Rate.
Chicago, March I.���It *���� decided
yosterday lhat the western railroads
would fight in the courts all state laws
making two c=nte a mile the maximum
passenger rate.   The plan Is to aik the
After Long Peril.
London, March 1���The Argentine
Antarctic ship, Uruguay, which left
Buenos Ayres Jan. 29th, 1900. has arrived at Scotia Bay, Southern Islands,
niter a perilous voyage, during which
she encountered hundreds of icebergs
and heavy pack Ice and suslalsed con
slderable damage. The Scotia Bay Bti
Mon was established by the Scotch Ant
arctic live years ago and wns taken
over In 1905 by the Argentine government, which continued the metleorlog-
leal and magnetic observations com
menced by the Scottish expedition.
Whitelaw Reld III.
London, March 1. ��� Ambassador
Whitelaw Held who, since his return
here from the United tSates, has been
Suffering from Influenza, leaves London tomorrow for Arcahaon ln the
southern part of France.. He Is going
later to lllnrltz and will spend a month
or six weeks on the continent to re-
ouperate. Mrs. Ke.d. who was detained
in America liy thc Illness of her father.
Is expected to Join the ambassador on
tho continent shortly.
Another Steamer Ashore.
Flushing, Holland, March 1.���The
Dutch mall steamer Konelngln Wll-
hemina from Queensboro, Eng., went
ashore this morning during a thick fog
on a dyke eastward of the entrance of
the hnrbor. The pnssengers and malls
were landed and the vessel Ib expectel
to float at high tide,
Defence of Thaw Far
Into Next Week
Charges Jerome With Unprofessional
Conduct���Says Evelyn
Told Truth.
New York, March 1.���What effect will
the statement Issued by Harry K.
Thaw yesterday afternoon have on his
trial? It ls said tbat Thaw's lawyers
did their best to convince him that il
was bad policy to Issue the statement,
aud only consented when he insisted
on his Intention to do so. There are
rnunv who believe thaL Mr. Jerome will
seekjo put this statement lu evidence
and use ll to show lhat Thaw is still
iltt'luiiicailssns, however, are that
JeromV will overlook no chance to show-
that Thaw is now Insane so as to take
the case'from the Jury and send Thaw-
to the asylum for th criminal insane at
Mattewan.     ���
The statement issued by Thaw yesterday, a typewritten document given to
the press is as followa:
"With the chances millions to one
against her after the catastrophe lu
1901, It Is; wonderful lhat Mrs. H. K.
Thaw prevailed iu the cross-examinia-
tton, against the prosecution, backed by
blacklegs.. Her testimony was absolute
truth Our evidence was of conversations. The cross-examination has
proved the exact facts under oath. Mr.
Jerome Binding his informants ln certain lin'-.s, concluded by more usual
methods, which Is to hla credit However, fr��� o ��or.,': of his questions and
some of his unprofessional remarks In
court, it appeared that the natural and
real goodness of the witness is above
his comprehension."
Today wil) probably be another day of
uninteresting expert medical testimony.
Dr. Britton D. Evans, of Morris Plains.
N. J., will, according to the statement
yesterday, made by District Attorney-
Jerome, remain on the witness stand
all day. Mr. Jerome will begin his continued cross-examination with questions
based on the hypothetical question
asked Dr. Evans by Mr. Delmas, and
which he answered by saying he believed that Thaw was insane when he
fired the shot tbat killed Stanford
While. A copy of tho question was given
to Dr. Evans yesterday and he was
asked to study carefully that he might
be ready to answer such questions as
Mr. Jerome may have for him this
morning. There is little probability that
court will Bit on Saturday, and if Mr.
Jerome requires all day to finish his
cross-examination of Dr. Evans, it prob.
ably will be the middle of next week
berore Ihe defence will be ready to
c'.ose its case and allow Mr. Jerome to
present his testimony in rebuttal. Many
times yesterday it took Mr. Jerome
from 15 rainueB to half an hour to secure a direct reply from Dr. Evans
to a simple questiou, and even then he
was forced ou several occasions to give
up the attempt Justice Fitzgerald lost
his temper on several occasions and the
crowd that had stormed the court room
doors for six weeks melted away until
not half the seats in Ihe court room
were occupied.
Just what Mr. Jerome Is prepared to
do In the matter of asking for a commission in lunacy is a matter of doubt.
Il has been said many limes that he
was preparing for such a move but he
given no signs or lt further than to
state that if he becomes convinced that
Thaw la not crazy he will stop Ihe trial
at once. It Is evident, from his course,
that the district attorney believes that
If Thaw ever was Insane he Is Insane
today. This he hopes to show by Dr.
Allan Mel anc Hamilton, who wns employed by the defence and Ihen allowed
to go. It Is said he believes Thaws is
now Insane.
New York. March 1.���When the Thaw
trial opened this morning District Attorney Jerome announced that there had
been recolveil a second packet of letters from J. D. Lyon, the Pittsburg
banker, who. until November last, had
custody of Thaw's will. The letters read
tndny were written to Mr. Lyon by
Thaw while thc In the Tombs and beat
dates subsequent to June 25th last. Dr.
Britton D. Evans was called as soon as
tre let'ers had been examined by counsel. Mr. Jerome continued his cross-
"Taking all tho letters you have read
In the light of all you know about this
case what ts your opinion as to the
mental condition of the detendnat at the
tlm*} he wrote these lettrs,"  was  Mr.
Jerome's first question.
Mr. Delmas objected to the question
ou the ground that It was supposed that
tbo witness had knowledge that was not
In evidence.
Mr. Jerome withdrew the question
an*l aaked the witness If he had acknowledge of facts that have not been
testified to. An argument resulted, Mr.
Jerome asserting that the only point In
the case was whether the defendant was
insane wh<*n the homicide was committed. He was anxious, he said, to
bring out all the facts. Dr. Evans was
allowed to answer and said that so far
as he could recall he had told all of
Importance that he cold remember of
what was heard and seen on the first
three visits to Thaw.
"Taking everything that you have tea
tided to what In your opinion was the
mental condition of the defendant when
he wrote those letters?" asked Mr
"He was In n state of mental Insta
"Do you mean he was Insane?"
"Not necessarily."
Mr. Jerome handed the witness n
copy of the letter Thaw wrote to An
thony Comstock complaining of thr
"dens of vice" maintained by Stanford
White and "other rich scoundrels" for
the ruin of young girls.
"It shows," said Dr. Evans after ex
aminatlon, "that his mind seemed tu be
ruuning upon young women and tneii
supposed wrongs." Anything else?" "1
thought it a delusive state in the writ
ers mind."
Dr. Evans' attention was called to
Thaw's will and codicil and he stated
that ideas and delusions Indicated in
tht Be documents were different from
these indicated in the letters.
"Are not the ideas or delusions shown
in the will and codicil more concentrates! than ln the letters?"
The will and codicil were written
some years alter the letters and Dr.
Evans' answers would indicate that in
his opinion * Thaw's mental disease
changed in form and became more
'jr. Vlvans definitely slated shortly
after Usjoi. : i it al the time Thaw shoi
and killed White be was insane, suffer;
lug au explosive outbreak of adolescent
Insanity. Dr. Evans said cases of adol
es. ent insanity had been known to clear
up over night.
Mr. Jerome then took up the nine let
tcis and began by asking tbe witness if
in his opinion considering all things In
the case, tbe writer was Insane when
the letters were written. Yesterday Dr.
Evans was obliged to state his opinion
on each letter excluding everything else.
"This letter shows an unsteady state
of mind," said the witness regarding
the first letter.
'���Hia the unsuasilness normal or ab
Was uie defendant lusaner*
"lhe unsteadiness had perhaps nol
reached the state of insanity."
"Then you cannot say what was the
form of tne mental Instability?"
"It was not of particular lorm."
Mr. Jerome next had the witness tak"
up each one ot the letters ln turn, asking an opinion as* to the state of mind
of tbe writer at tbe time of the writing,
taking in consideration everything connected with the case, Including Mr. Delmas' last long hypothetic question.
"As to exhibit A," said Dr. Evans, "1
would say the writer wa3 bordering on
Insane instability that he was over the
border into Insanity."
"You mean he was moving towards
"tie was farther over when some of
the other leitkis were written."
As to exhibits B. C. and D, or. Evans
declared they showed a delusive Btate
of mind, ihat the writtr was mentally
unsteady. Exhibit F, he said, threw no
iignt on t.ie mental condition of the
* Exnlblt J shows a state of mental unsoundness,'' said Dr. Evans." "At last
we have got a litter which shows the
defendant was Insane," asked Mr. Je
rome,    'In a slight degree, yes."
"What sort of Insanity was lt?" There
might OS a temporary slate of acute
mania. Tin re m.ght also ba Indications of a simple mania."
"Did you ever know a person sutfr-
lag from acute mania to write a letter?"
"Yes, many."
"When persons suffering from acute
mania write letters, do Ihey remembei
them afterwards?"
"What kind of acute mania did he
suffer from?"
"1 cannot tell, if any at all, It was
of a mild form."
Exhibit II Dr. Evans said threw no
light, but exhibit I, the last of the de
fendants, showed a mental unsoundness.
"Now," said Mr. Jerome, "please answer me plainly, was the writer ol
th'-o letters sane or Insane?"
"When writing some he was Insane,
how long the Insanity latsed I cannot
Dr. Evans said thai at the time ot his
marriage, April'4tii, L'05, Thaw was enticing a temporary attack, due to strain,
stress of anxiety, of Insanity of adoles-
ence. "I base my op.nlon on observations since that time, and the ilocu-
tn tits executed at that time," he explained. 'On the r.lght that he killed
White was this defendant sane or In-
cane?" "1 am firmly of the opinion that
he was Insane."
"What form of Insanity was tt?"
"It was an explosive outbreak of adolescent Insanity."
' "Not then, he probably was Insane
when he wrote the letters ln 1903."
"He was deranged with a degree of
adolescent Insanity?"
"Pneumonia Is a recurrent disease,
but if a p*. rson had sn attack in July
he would not be kept under treatment
for fear he might have another attack
In September."
'Persons suffering Irom pneumonia
often remain in a healthy physclal con-
d'Ho-i 'io they not?"
"Yes." ! I
Dr. Evans said he had some expert-,
ence with pneumonia. He explained
that a person Buffering from pneumonia
might have many lucid Intervals and
might recover.
Pssrans>faio_ discloses! no tndie-.it'ons
of Insanity until the'r particular de-
'u-sissn waa touched upon.
"Was this defendant suff rln; fr.m
acue or chronic adolescent insanity
when he killed White?"
"At the time of the shootlnf there
was an acute outbreak."
"Was It scute or chronic from which
he suffered?"
"I am confident that there had heen
otber outbreaks. 1 believe that when
he killed White It was an acute attack
and. I bellve, a recurrent attack."
"It there such a difference as acute
and chronic adolescent Insanity?"
"There has been such a classification
and 1 can picture a case which might
be called chronic during ones adolescent
day ftom 10 to 40 years of age."
New York, March I.���District Attorney Ji rome's Intention ot applying tor
a commission In- lunacy to examine Harry K. Thaw seemed to be definitely established today during the continuance
of h a cro.-a-exam nat on of Dr. B. D.
Evans, the principal medical exeptr for
the defence. Dr. Evans staled lhat he
believed Thaw to have been suff.ring
from adolescent Insanity ln 1903 and at
tbe time of his marriage, April 4, 1905,
and tbat when he killed White, June
25.li. 1906, he was tha victim ot an
acute and recurrent r.ttack of the same
���I en al malady, ln addition lo the
three "explosions," he said there were
indications of mental lnstablli y at
other times. Mr. Jerome constantly referred to the subject of paranoia, bul
was unable to secure from the witness
any admission that would tend to show
Thaw a paranolaie, but from this line on
qu slions, It seems probable that the
prosecution will attempt to show that
Insfad of being afflicted with the in-
sanity or adolesence, Thaw Is actually a
paranolaie. Dr. Evans would not classify adolescent* Insanity as chronic ln
Thaw;*s case and said be had known
cases of this form of unsoundness to
clear up _)ver night.
Western   Section   ef  Alliance   ef the
World Forwards Greeting te Breth-
ern Iff France.
Philadelphia, March 1.���The letter of
greeting from the'executive commission
ot the western section of the Alliance
of the Reformed churches throughout
the world from the Presbyterian society
to their brethern tn France has been
���jlven out here by the Rev. D. W. Henry
Roberts, secretary of the commission
and the Presbyterian general assembly.
According to Dr. Roberta the commission represents 14 Presbyterian and Reformed church bodies ln tbe United
States, with a constituency of 2,600,000
members, and about 7,000,000 adherents.
Their brethern in France, he says, number 100,000 communicants and 800,000
adherents. The letter ln part is as follows:
"We read with intense Interest and
i rowing sympathy tor you the tale of
the recent religious crisis through
which France has been passing
in which she has thrown off an Imposed,
religion. Our admiration Is unbounded
for our brethern of the Reformed
church of France Tor their wisdom, their
grace, their piety and their patience ln
their afflictions. We rejoice to believe
that the outcome of all will be for the
advancement of the kingdom of our
Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, ln your
country and among Its people. That
religious freedom will be Insured and
the human conscience enfranchised and
si't free for French people to be permitted and encouraged to serve God
wllh the freedom with which Christ
made his people .free
"We weicame the news of the new
condition of civil government wltb you,
and that the setting free of the church
Irom the civil powers has met with your
approval. We congratulate you on your
cheerful and loyal obedience to the
laws of France.
"We rejoice with you that Ood reigns
and ls sovereign, and makes the breath
of men to praise him. We shall see
more and more clearly that his hand
haa brought all these things for his
own glory and for your peace and for
the peace of the nations. Though ln all
buman events he works with human Instruments we most fervently believe lt
is His spirit that brought about the
great things."
The Dally Crash.
Los Angeles, Cal., March 1.���In the
wreck of a construction train on the
Salt Lake railroad near Lelth, Nev., yesterday, one man was killed and two
others were fatally Injured and died
'ater, while about 40 were seriously
hurt..   The dead are Oreek laborers.
Terrolsts Execute Threat
od Russian General
Chinese Bandits Clash With Has**
Troops���Apprehension at
St. Pctcrsbwg.
Sl. Petersburg, March 1.���The following details of the murder on Wednesday at Kamoyarak, Siberia, of General
Koslevsky, the commander of the town,
have been received here.
The general was walking at 6 o'clock
ln the afternoon with some friends, and
he referred Jocklngly to a threatening
letter he had received tbat day saying
he would be killed at i o'clock this
afternoon. Drawing his watch from his
pocket the general remarked laughing.y
to his friends "You see I am still alive."
At about six o'clock when General
Koslevsky was returning home alone a
man suddenly called upon him to halt
and then fired three revolver shots at
him.   The general dropped dead.
BL Petersburg, March 1.���The fighting between Chlneee bandits and Kussian troops at a point twenty miles
north ot Harbin which resulted In the
sending of Russian reinforcements to
the scene hae occasioned increasing apprehension here. The Russian troop*
In that -section have been reduced to
the number of bare necessity and wonld
not be able to cope with a large not
The foreign once la not wtittog to   '
give an opinion aa to what steps will be
necessary until tt win tm bettor intern,
ed aa to the nature of the hostile (one*
arrayed against the Russians.
druggie -Between The** ta Ht* to Be
Removed to Another Htm.
Conspicuous among tho measures
paased at the recent convention of the
American Federation of labor, was a
fraternal arrangement with the American Society of Equity. Thla union ot
Interests ts a peculiar one, and will bo
closely watched. Results may bo for
good or evil. Tho American society
of Equity Is > movement of American
fanners. It it progressing at a remark-
able ratcand there are even a tow anions in western Canada. Jnst how tho
success ot this society will work out to
the benefit Of trades unionists, remains
to be seen.. Tha greatest consumer ot
farm i.oducts ln Industrial centres Is
the wage-earner It the American Bo-
Ing the tanner. It must eventually mesa
the control of the prices of their products, which certainly means that .tho
farmer will get the highest possible .
price tor what he has to sell. The trades
unionists have, therefore, entered Into
an agreement to do all ln their power
to promote the interests of a society
whose purpose ts to Increase the cost
of tbe worklngmen's living. It the
farmer, however, ls prepared to reciprocate and purchase only union made
goods,, tor wblch he may possibly pay
lhe highest price, It will meu high
wages for the union man. and high
prlcse tor the product at the tanner,
snd just how this will work out will ko
watched with interest. It may be the
means of educating the farmer and the
rural employer along the lines that progress is better served by a spirit of gen-
enorslty than by stinginess. In the poat
the position of the term wage-earner
has not been a lucrative one. and If tho
employing fanner expects to be supported by organised labor he must become a great deal more generous .than
either the American or Canadian tanner
bas been ln the post.
Electric Chair or Gallows.
New York, March 1.���A despatch
from Trenton to the Times says that although electricity ss the means ot capital punishment supercedes tho gallows
In New Jersey from this date, there Is
no money for carrying the law Into
effect. The provisions of the act stipulate tbat such executions muat take
place ln an isolated building. A btn Is
before the present legislature appropriating 110,000 tor the building required
but Its fate Is In doubt
Oeoth's Harvoot
New York, March 1.���Orson D. Mima,
of Munn ft Co., publisher* ot tho Scientific American died hero last night la
all IM y*ar, The Daily Canadian
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP....*4,o00,000 REST ��4,600,000.
D. K. W1LKIK. President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vioe-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed current rates from date of opening of
���amount, and compounded half yearly.
J.  M.  LAY, Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
CAPiut Aid Rese^lK
Tout Assets
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards recti
paid Quarterly instead of semi-annually
ved at highest current rate and interest
as heretofore.
Nelaon Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published Kix Hays a weet by tbe
Baker St.. Nelson, B. C.
duoserlptlou rates, Hi ccnie a month delivered
In tbe city, or *'>'��� a year li sent by mall, when
I .ild lu advance
Advertising rates on application.
All monies paid lu settlement of Tbe Daily
( *i.ud imi accounts, either for subscriptions or
B'l ver tint nc, muni be receipt*;'] for on the printed
forma of the Company. Uther rooelptl are nut
MARCH I. 1907.
���'By one word we are notneumes judged to be
Win and hy one word noise timet judged to be
1 toliHb.   Let ui therefor*!  be careful what we
The control of the coal lands by the
government instead of their alienation
either in fee simple or by grants to corporations is rapidly coming into favor
in the Uniletd States. While those in
the eastern states have almost wholly
passed into the hands of corporations
the president in his usual strenous manner argues in his message to congress
that the western coal areas should be
saved for the people. While the message was at first, and in some quarters
ls still considered radical, the good
srnse and soundness of the proposal is
fast gaining recognition. Whatever may
he said of some other natural resources it should not require much
argument to convince the unprejudiced
that coal areas, above ail others, should
be the property of the people and should
he operated under Hitch conditions afl
conserve the general welfare.
One of the chief objections to private
ownership of bo neoeBsary a commodity
as mineral fuel is thai U places both
industries aud Individuals al lhe mercy
of corporations. Both the United States
and Canada have had uncomfortable. If
not dangerous lessons to this effect,,
among the provinces Hritish Columbia
sharing In the inconvenience and loss.
There is another objection to private or
corporate ownership from an economic
standpoint and it is that men are at thc
mercy of employers. In the complex
life of a nation neither of these condi
tlons Is morally right nor economically
Hound. If hy refuKintf to alienate coal
areas and, by the adoption of a system
of teasing both, these objections can
be removed then the duty of the slalt
would seem to Ue clear.   In this prov
ince we have an excellent illustration
of the principle as applied to timber,
which always remains the property of
the crown, and it is at all timeB wholly
under the jurisdiction of the government, that is, the people. No one suffers hardship, the people are not Inconvenienced and private enterprise ls in
no way interfered with. Thus all the
elements that go to guarantee the success of Individual enterprise and secure the rights of the people are conserved.
It would be difficult to improve upon
President Koosevelfs summing up of
the advantages of the system of leasing
as applied to coal areas. He says
of it:
"(l)It will facilitate the working,
under favorable conditions, of coal-de-
pusits tjor local markets by miners
without large capital, as no land-purchase money would be required, and the
small royalties charged would be paid
out of the earnings; (2) ft will facilitate larger operations, as the leases
could be made sufficiently liberal in
ihe matter of time, area and other con-
dit.ons, to induce healthy competition
and meet all real demands; and yet In
all cases the general supervision of the
government could be such as to (3)
ppreveut waste in the extraction and
handling of these fuels.
14) The system can be operated in
such manner as to prevent the evils of
monpolistlc  control.
(5 That it will permit the government
10 reserve from general use fuels especially suitable for raetallugical and
other special industries.
(Gilt will enable the government to
protect the public against unreasonable
and discriminating charges for fuel supplies."
We can easily conceive that, valuable
as a "Compulsory Investigation and conciliatory law" may become, tho retaining of the areas and their administration under some such system by the
government will afford a far more secure tenure of life and comfort for the
lt might be Impossible to apply the
system to those coal fields already
alienated hut in Canada, and even in
British Columbia, there are vast deposits which have not yet come under the
sweeping ownership of corporations.
The far North from the Atlantic to the
Pacific Is said to contain mineral tras-
ures, particularly of coal, rivalling the
immense fields already known and covered by the blanket franchises bestowed by previous governments. The
tentative enterprises operating under
the leasing system both in minerals and
timber In Canada have already given
warrant for a comprehensive reserve
of all that is left to operated by an extension of the system.
The problem of increasing taxation
would thus l��e solved and with lhe industrial prosperity resulting from extensive operations of these public leases
the burden of assessments would fall
more evenly as the major portion would
be drawn from the earth itself.
While lhe government of this province has, in general terms, placed reserves upon much of the land and upon
many of the mineral areas there is an
opportunity for either government or individual lo be Immortalized by the
adoption of finished measures which
will determine in detail the method by
which public resources may be operated
under private direction. We opine there
will be no relaxing of development nor
any less greedy anxiety to exploit nature^ treasures by corporations but if
these be so regulated as to contribute
a fair share of their products to the
state, which really owns all. we shall
have made the longest stride ln the direction of advancement in economic
matters we have yet made.
The unfortunate ebullition of temper
exhibited by G. W. Fowler, M. P., In the
house of commons last week, and for
which he has since made ample apology
has afforded the Liberal press the texture out of which to put canting bul
not edifying editorials upon the conduct
of public men. No sarcasm has been
too cutting to apply to Mr. Fowler and
no ridicule has been sufficient to pour
contempt upon the member for his
threat to retaliate against disgraced
Liberal members in case they should
pursue their tactics of slander. A local
paper prints Fowler's jpicy speech and
editorially calls attention to it with the
same canting sneers as has characterized the tone of the Liberal presd
throughout Canada.
The Toronto Telegram, however,
makes the most effective answer to
these "red-herring trailers" in an article
which is well worth the careful perusal
of every reader of this paper.   It says:
" 'The man's character was sufficiently revealed by his confession that he
had been a party to spying on the conduct of his fellow-members.���Toronto
"The 'character' of the man may or
may not have been defined by the
speech of G. W. Fowler, M. P. Hut was
the character or the house of commons
defined by the silence that followed that
speech? The Globe condemns G. W.
Fowler who holds the spy glass when it
should be condemning the evils that the
spy glass discovers. The country does
not follow Mr. Fowler in the line he
draws between his political acts and
his private transactions. Nor does the
country follow the Globe in its theory
that revelations as to the private conduct of public men are necessarily and
always deplorable.
"The conduct may be deplorable, but
revelations are sometimes necessary.
Canada may despise the obviously unpatriotic, selfish motives of Mr. Fowler.
Canada need not admire the conduct of
the enemieB whose infirmities Mr. Fowler threatened to expose.
"Canadians have not yet outgrown
an old-fashioned notion that public men
should stand 'four square to every
wind that blows.'
" 'The man's character' as revealed
In the Fowler speech is a source of
worry to the Globe.
" The country's character' as revealed in the quality of our parliament is
a more legitimate source of worry to
Canadians. A few kilowatts of the Indignation that the Globe reserves for
the partizan assailant of scandals in
private character should be reserved
for the producers of these scandals.
"When the Dominion government and
lis followers quailed Into silence under
the lash of fierce, arrogant, insolent
menace from G. W. Fowler, M. P., they
put Mr. Fowler in the position of having
done more to lower the government in
the esteem of the country in one speech
than the regular opposition has done in
all its speeches and actions during the
whole lifetime of this parliament."*
If you meet a man whose appearance
and manner you do not like H is dollars
to doughnuts that he doesn't like yours.
So there you are.
Sensible   and   Timely   Words   by  Mine
The Hardware and Metal Journal of
Toronto, puotes Mr. Btookett In the
following words:
"Discussing coal mining and that industry generally, Thos. R. Btookett, recently expressed the opinion that the
hardships in the Northwest would result in good to the people themselves
and the coal mining companies. Mr.
Stockett, who is now manager of the
Western Fuel company's mines at Nanaimo, was formerly in charge of the
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co's mines at
Fernie, so that he Is in a position to
know conditions as they are. He points
out that even now, the mines of which
he is manager, are slackening off ln
orders, and that in the Bummer season
It is almost a case of close down because the demand Is ho light. This is
even more emphatically the case with
the mines of the Crow's Nest Tin n
when winter comes on, with the extremely doubtful conditions of transportation, everyone Is rushing in orders.
If customers, especially In the prairie
provinces, where the winter needs are
accurately known always, would fill Up
their coal cellars and coal sheds In the
summer and lull months wheu railway
transportation was good, aud before the
grain rush began and bad weather
stops transportation, there would be no
Speaking of conditions (it Nanaimo
Mr. Stockett said tliat his company was
now producing as much coal as ever
lhe Vancouver Coal Co., its predecessor
in the Nanaimo mines ever did in its
palmlesi days. Three years ago Nanaimo was considered at its lowest ebb,
but now there was solid prosperity and
quiet progress, exciting not the slightest comment, though, as he said, the
amount of coal being raised eqnulled
that of the best boom days of the Is
land coal city.
t  WES
A collection of all tlie Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Strut.
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
Price R000.00
E E, Croadsdailc & _
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
"Companies Act, 1897."
Eaovraoa ok sBbxtosb Oolouha, \
No 878.
THIS IS tO 'TiniKV Hint thfl "NaLusp Fnill
Unite, Limited,"i�� author s-.d and licensed to
cu ry 011 business within tlu- province of Jiriiish
Colombia. *nd lo oarry om ur effect all or a.iy nt
tbe objects of the oomp uy u which tba legislative authority of the Leguletttie ot . rltish Columbia extend****".
Tae bead office of the company i" iltuate at tbfl
Clt\ of W iiitiljieti, I'n .rlttOeOl Manitoba.
The amount of the capital of thrcoinp.iiiy ts five
hundred thousand oa lau, divided into two
thousand tive hundred shares of ten pat oont
preference Hioek of the par value of out* hundred
dol-ars earh> and twenty-five hundred sharot Ol
common -stock oi ihe par value of one hundred
dollars each
The head ofllce of the compuny In thin province
In situate at thc (' ty of Nelson, aud Robert Wet-
more HauulliKtoii, barrister, who e address is
the hu rm* _ tht* attorney for the compauv.
Qlven under my hand and seal of office. Victoria, ProvlOOe Of British Columbia, (hll Kith
flay of February, one thouuand nine hundred
and iteven.
Registrar of Joint btook Companies.
ThO objsotl for whleb the company has been
established and licensed are:-
(a.) Buying, aelilug, leaning or disposing of
coal mines,coal and wood lands, farming, grazing
and fruit landH, and timber llmltfe and to work
and develop the Hanie;
(b.) To carry on the business of Immigration
and colonization agent*, make advances to
assist settlers on lauds purchased iron the
company and to secure the repayment of such
advances with interest ou such termi and iu
such ma ii ih-1 by way of mortgage or agreement
at may be mutually agreed upon.
(e.) To carry 00 tlie business of ranching,
breeding, Helling and dealing in cattle, hoises,
sheen and olher live stock;
(d.) To purchase, sell and deal in lumber,
wood, coal, mineral?, grain, provision?, (nothing
and general supplies;
(e J To carry ou trade as general merchants
and forwarders;
(f.) To issue in payment of any property
acquired by tbe company, share* of tin* capital
stock of the company as fully paid up aud mm*
assessable or otherwise:
(g.) To carry on the business of manufacture*'*
and dealers tn power generator* and motors of
every description, to construct and operate al!
BlMiei of vehicles, agricultural Implements,
machinery, boats, steamers, barges and ferrys
in which the |sn1d motors are tiled I to construct
aud operate boat lines snd to carry on the husl-
Deal Of carriers, cartage and parcel deliveries,
to own aud operate omnibus lines and vehicle
and boats for hire; to sell, laaee and lupply
electricity; to own and Operate electrtO plants,
and generally to carry on auy of the busiticsH
incidental to the aforesaid purposes and object!
of the company;
(ti.) To purobase, take on lendi exchange or
otherwise acquire or dispose of any real or
personal property, and auy rights or privileges
which the oompany nay consider necessary
for the purprses of their operations;
and to sell and depose of any lauds or Other real
estate and personal property at any time owned
or eon trolled by the com pan V or any purl'hereof,
or any Control therein, or claim thereon, and gen
orally to do all mob things asare incidental to
or conducive to tlie carrying out of the objects
of the company;
(i) To Become -shareholder* In any existing or
proposed company, an-i lo promote and assist In
promoting any eompmiy carrying on a business
nert-ilulng to the objects tor which Dili compauv
is Incorporated, and which may prove useful to
this company, ami to acquire, lake over uud operate lhe business of any such oompany or t 1
panics, and to enter Into an agreement for ihar
lug of prolits. union of interests, reciprocal con
cessions or otherwise, with any person or com
pany   attd   take or  otherwise  acquire or hold
���bares and securities of such company or companies]
(J) To acquire and hold lands by gift or purchase or as mortgagees or otherwise as fully nml
freely an private individuals, mid to sell, bus!',
mortgage or otherwise alienate the sume and to
exercise all the powers set out In the several
Notice ls hereby given that 00 days after date I
intend toapply to the Hon, Uie Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd Works Victoria, B.C , for
permission to purchase lhe following described
landi In West Kootenay district: Commencing
at a post planted at the southwest corner of lot
7701, group 1, and run uiu. 1!0 chains to the nouth.
eait corner of lot 7702, group 1, then ln an enstcr-
lv direction tf) ehains, then north 2U chains,
then west 80 ohalna to point of com me uee me ut,
containing 41) acres more or leHH,
Located FebrOiiry llth,1907.
Philip Wadi, Locator.
BUty day* after date llntend to angly* *h*
Chief Commisaloner �����( Landi snd atmm��
JerfiiMon topurobase the following d**���
land: .-Tuated oh the cast bide of Arrow 1 au
iu the west Kootenay dlatrlet, shout ft mitos
above Burton City,commenclngat-apost plant--
ed at tbe northwest oornei ol I Ba ncr��P����
chas,. ti.e.or eaal Hi ehalna, thenee u rth 40
ehalns, tbence wesl 80 ohaini tbence isdu��
chains to point ol oommenoement and containing Ni aeres more ot less.
J_in__r.ll.iW. H!:1;i).K,a,��.
sixtv days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commluloner of Landi and ��"rss
to purchase 187 acres of land, commencing ai ���
post marked B. B'l N- t comer post, panted at
the n w comer of G. W Steele*! claim on ti.e
west side of Arrow lake, about four milei tn t*
Huron, oity, tbenoe ireai40 chalna, tbeuce sent 1
4dM chains, thence east 40 chains, thenre noru
tf.83 chains to nlaoeol beginning, containing l��
aorea, mow or less.
Haled Hth day ol NOV., U06.   BtruX IlfBTOK.
J   K   AN1UHUC. /getit
Kotiee Is hereby given thai two monthi ��fi��
date we Intend to apply to the Chlel Commissioner of Lauds and Works for a lease of al> tbal
land being tbc foresi oreadjolnlni u,.* rnH��di��u
1'acltlc luilwav Shipyard on tha west, pari ol
Lot DBA, group 1. and being on the soutli shire
of   the west arm of   KoOlflUBJ   Uke,   111   the  dl-
-let of Kootenai: 1 ommenmng al tha soother-
ly corner oil tTOM, group I; thenee *,* m* the
Boutn westerly boundary ol lot 70M and the ei
tenaton thereof, in a nortl, westerlj direction, a
dtstan eof tifi leetj thenoe et n*ht angloi to
said boundary in a south westerly direction, a
dlatance of lu feet, more or leaa, to Ihs nortb
easterly bound.m ot iio- Citv   Park,  continued;
thenoe parallel tesaid weaterly boundary of lot
7tM, 11. a south eaaterly direction, s di-uuo- ol
.'..Hi feet, more or less, to the northerlv boundari
nt Int UA; thence loiiowing the northerly boundarv of lot '.th\ in ,1 north easterly direction to the
iM,int oi eommenoement, the area being z.M
acres, more or less.
Dated this 7th dav of Jauuary, AM., 19tr_.
ANHEUSER    ��ahdthe��
BUSCH,..    Budweiser
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old
NELSON       s"'�� *&%��&��****    VICTORul
The Hall Mining and Sm��
Company, Limited.
Mdari after dale I intend to apply to the Hon
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works to purchase BSD acres of and located In Kire  \ alley  tw
Iiik part ni Beotlonaf and ui Townabip fii��, and
described as follows: Commencing nt a pOSt
marked K W. J. B. K, corner and planted at the
northwest corner of Wm. Williams' purchase;
thenoe west-111 chaius; theuce north 80 chains,
thenee east -1*1 CbatnSJ  theuee souih DU chains to
plaoe of bcKinniuv-
November 88rd D06.
K. W. Jordan,
J. E. Annahi.k, Agent.
00 days alter date 1 intend 10 apply to the Honorable the thief Com mlssloner ol l-auds and
Works, to purohaae *37ti acres Of land: Com-
menciuK at a poat marked Q, W. 8 N. E. corner
post and planted on the weat ���bore of Arrow
lake adjoining Lot T.'A on the south  side of said
uoti thenee neetBO ohalna along the southern
boundary of Lot .(73; theuce soiiln 4d..__ ehalus;
thence east H) eliains more or less to lake shore;
thenoe north along lake shore to plate of begiuniug.
Dated 0th dav of Nov. 1906,
<>���������  v,   HTKEL,
J. E. Annable, Agent.
Hlxty days after date I intend to applv to the
Hon. Chid Commissioner af Lands ana Works,
Victoria, to purchase IW acres of land located in
Fire Vallej being pm of Sections Three and
Four, Township ft| and dear rl lied as followi:
Commencing at a post planted at V. Uliam
Williams' N Vi. corner, and marked *R. E. W's
N. E. eorner," and running SO cbalni west,
thence 2U chains south, tbeuce in ciiuim east,
theuce lit cbains south, theuce '2D chains eut,
thence ft" chains nonh to place of beginning.
Novumoer Ztttl, 191)6. koif E Wiu.lAM.
J. E. An-nahi.ic. Agent,
Notice Is hereby glveu that 60days alter dale 1
intend to apply to the Honorable the f'niet Com-
uiisslaio-r of l-auds aud Works for ixriiiisslon to
pttrohaaa the following described lands: Cotn-
DUncing at a port placed 'OJ cnaius west of ttie
BOtitheast coruerof Lot Mtt, marked "K. A-Bell's
northwest corner," theuce south _*i> chai'is.
theuce east 'JO (.halus, theuce north 'JO chsini,
thence wc' WUhains topolttl of eommeucement,
eontainiug -U) acres, more or less.
Located thlfi6th day of Nov ,1��B.    B A.Biu.
Sixty days after date I inteud to applv to ttie
Hon Chief Commissioner ,,f l^nds and Works.
Victoria, to im re haae 410 acres of laud, In Fire
Valley, West Koolenay: Commencing sta jiost
planted ��p chains west of the g W, corner of J
Kobinson's pre emption, and marked W.W's N.
E- corner, and running west Mt Chains, theUM
south Wi eliains, ihence east 60 ctmins. thene*
north SU chslns to plaee of lieglnhlng
Nov. IHth, 1900. Wiuun Williams,
 J. K. AywABLS. Agent.
BlXty davs after date 1 intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works
lo purchase IW neres of land : Commenting al a
post plauied ou the West side of Htx mile ereea,
on WWOn road, about two and one Imlf milei
from Kootenay lake, ami marked "Nell Mc
Keehnie's B. West corner pool,"  Ihence  easl Hi
Chains, thence north 40 ehalni, tlience wostdO
chains, theliee south 40 ehalna, to place of commencement
Located this loth day of November, \V(,.
Kin Mi-KRi-iiNrr
Blxty flew after date I purpose making application to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Woiks for permission u> port-base
the following deserlbed land; Commencing at
a post placed .it the S. W eorner of Lot H9U0 and
marked "F. Q. F.V N. W, corner, thence follow-
ing the southern boundary I_ot 0900. 6,r. chaius
more or lets east to the west boundary of Lot
f>*j01, llienee following same south K) clialus to
tio* north boundary of Lot fiOOll; tbenee about 70
ehalns wesl along" snid boundarv to the lake
shore; ihence north :��) chains more or les* following the lake shore to point of commenc*.'.
incut, coiithining '!17 acres more or less.
Dam December 17th, 1907.
_     Y. a ____o__*jxaa,
Notice || hereby given that slxtv uayi alter
dale 1 Intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief
Commissioner Of Lands and Works for permission 10 purobase the following deaoribed land
situated iu the West Kooienav district* Com-
mencing at a post planted at "thii "N.K eorner
of L. 1'orlers's pre-emption," and ruuning
tbenee eust 40 ebalns; thence sooth 40 chains;
thence west in chains; thenoe north 40 chains,
to puice of commencement, containing Ito acres,
more or less
December 30, itwi.
Hai:ry l's-rits, Locator,
__ _ M    li    M't/lARKIK. Agent.
Notice In hereby given that sixty flavs afler
date 1 intend to apply to tbe Honorable ""���
Chief Commissioner or Lands ami Works.
���rtt (
purohaae tbe following deaorlbed
unuted   In   tlie  West  Kootenav district:
tnolng al a post   marked   "H " ll   nouth
mer," and north of A    B.   Limit's, pur
��� tfand   Creel j theuce north in
chain  ; thence east 90 chains; thenee south tt
ebalns; thenoe 30 chains west, to point of commencement, containing 40 acres, more or less
Deoember SO, ioog,
, M    It   Mr-TAHKl*-*.. Agent.
HUtv days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commlsslonor of Landsand Works to pur>
ehasa Btt acres of land, located in Lower Arrow
Lake,  West Kootenav:   Commencing ��� ���  u [���,���(
planted   at   the   ",VW.   rorner   Of  Arrow   Uke
ludiuh Reserve"; thonoe aoutb f* chains; thence
west80chains) thenee north BO ehalus; thence
cast HO chains, to place of beginning.
Located Mtfa day of Deoember, wot*.
0 Bmwill,
 . Locator,
BlxtJ days after date I intend to applv to the
lion the Ch icf Com missioncrof Lands and \* o-ks
to purchase Mlaerciio'f land: Commencing nt a
post  marked MH,T  B'l southeast  coiner  posl"
said post being ut the northeast corner oiOeo
Hudson's pre-emption claim, about iwo miles
southeast of Hurton Cjly, thence wcsl 41) chains
south at ehaliir, nos] 40 chains, nortb 40 chains
cast  B0 chains, south SO Chains to place Of com.
menoement, containing 1Ho acres.
I.o< in,..1 Kill dav of Not   I'-KHl     N'KTTIK T. IlKKK.
Hixty days after dale 1 intend loupply to the
Hon. Chiel Commissioner of Land- amf Works
\ letoria, to purchase 40 acres of land, sltimted
on the wes   side of Arrow Lake, ahout ^ mllei
below Burton, and described as followii*? Cora.
mencing at a poet Hauled at the northeast
coruerof Lot 7ir.ll, and running north a) chains
tbence  went  Wl chains,  thuiiw aouth KOiballtH,
thence east ito chains to place of beginning
Nov. Uth, 1MB. H   Eliil.l.,
 , a__^_J__A_muble, Agent.    '
Notiee is hereby given thiiiiio days utter date I
Intend toapply to the Honorable the ohlaf Com-
misslouer of Lands mid Works for permlaalon lo
purehioie the following described' lands "5 ,
about 10 miles east of the Cltyol Nelson, on the
sooth shore of the West Arm of Kootonay lake
anil oomiueiiciig at a post piaeod aboul m chains
.2 1. "V,��� N' W ������""ier," thence ���outh 'JM
Ohalnii .ihenee UR���t ^0 ehalni, thenee north 30
menimcut?'* *"" * ��hMM t0'H)lnt,��f ���*
Dated this flth day of Not., 1906.    & Thomas.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
Ftfll Stocks
B.C. Salmon
Atlantic Haddies
Manitoba Whitef ish
BEEF, PORK and MUTTON of Finest
P. Burns & Co., Ltd
Order* by mall lo any branefa will hive
qui prompt snd cartful alicmioh
He*d Ofilce: NdnJ
Notice is hereby given that 60 (lav* attar dati 1
intend to ipplt to lhe Honorable tne Chlel Commissioner of Lauds and Works, Victoria, H l .,
lor neoaleston to purehaae the following deacrlbed land, fmisted In the West Kooieiir���� district,
on tha west side of l uhamel (or ��lx Mile) creek,
on i:n*i*r side of wsgou road, about J1-, mile*
fro_a West Arm nf Ko demy LaM: Couiuieuctng
al a, i��ist marked Mrs Hattie Peek's ���*���*��� E cor
nfr. running 40 chains west; tbene�� 'JO chains
south; tbeu<*40 ehalns  out.   theuue  Ji chains
north, io tbe point of oommeneement, conuin-
tng ho aeres ������' laud, more or ,��� -���
I'ated the l'lb VOTCB^n IM
Has Batch Una,
JoHH E   lAVIM, AgeUt
Hlxly days after date 1 luteUd to applv to ihe
Hon Chief Commissioner of Latin* and Worka,
Victoria, to pnrohaas UO acres of land shout two
iiiiit-s b-low Burton city. West Kootonay, com-
uenelng ai a jmht marked "J. A Irvirnr'.' east
corner post," said post Udng ou the eastoril end
of an island weit of [_Otfl(M1,and elaiming a'll the
land contained  in said Island, being aboui one
mile tn an aaetarly and ��ei,tcriy direction and
about i. chaius from north to south,
November llth, IHub J. K. 1 aviso,
J E Aksakle. Agent,
Hixty dayi afler date I inteud to apply to lhe
Hon. Chief Commiskiouer of Lands and Works.
Victoria, to purchase ljo acres ol land located
on tbe wesl side of a rrow lake and etna direetly
north of Lot7970: Oommenelng at a post pUnied
at the N E. (uiruer of I-ot Tltt and marked "B K
R E corner," and running north 20 chains,
theuee west 20 chains, theuce north 20 chains,
Ihence west K rimius, thenoe south vi chains,
thenee east 40 chaini, to place of U-ginning.
Nov. Mth, IMH Bksiha Bkaiiliv,
J.E. AskaBLK. Ageut,
NotlOS Is hereby given that 60 days atterdate.I
(Blend to apnlv to the Hon. Chief t'oiainissloner
of Lands and Works (or permission to purobase
UO following deeerlbed  land  in West Kootenay
district:   Commencing at a post marked Mrs, V
A Wilson's corner post, planted at the northeast
corner of Sei'tii-n 17, Townsite 7, tunning South
40 chaiua, Ihenea west 10 chains, theuce north 40
rhalni, thence east 40 chains to place nf commencement, eontainiug lfio acres, moreor less
Dated Nov. 20, 190ti. Mas. V  A. Wimon
J. Wtt_BM, Agent.
Notice is bertby Siren tlial 00 davs alter dute I
intend loapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner 01 Lands and Works for permission
to purchase 9>D serai of land, sit uate on the Little
Moyle river abonl 1 mile from International
Boundary and about I mile from Bpokane Inter
national Ky.: Commencm-, ���t s poel marked
l�� Qrant1! h. e. corner bost, thenee west 40
Ohalns; Ihenoe norm 4i> chains; thence east so
c   -tins; the ner north 20 ehalus;  tbenee east GO
ehalns; tbence south 00 rbatns to plane of com-
n.eiicement, conta-ning 2*1 acres of land,
Irficaled Oot. ������< : ii iMlti.
Blxty days after date 1 Intend k -
IIon->raide tlie Chief C-omnutlawsI
Wo'k�� lor permlasioD to purriuafti
���'������-.������:'���.-���:  Iftuds In   Kouieatj '
mencing at * poat marked J B,
east comer imi*! uld post ttutejl
side of the Lower Arrow itktJMJL
In-low Hurton City; tbearr MtM
thenoe west 20 chalna; tiu.Q<*Mtlfl
theuee went 20 chains; '.:������:.������ nttk_\
and 20 links, more or l�� *. >���
thence ��� ������-��������� - ' *',<���!���.*��� \t t, 4* >.i.l<h
lo tht place of  beginning,
nior�� or leas
: "*.'.��� i thti Uh day of NuTcmbctM '
Nutloe is hereby siren ttiit a.K
date 1 intend to mar<* ippli<-Atwnh
able Chief Commiasioner of l/..JiSj|
Victoria h. * ,lor permi*��it*i. i..ptnlw
lowing describee land, ilttiai* lift
W��t Knoti-nay district, ('um***
rlanted at the iouth��n��t eonrtrlfii
iusou's pre-emntion, 1,.>*.���;���.,'*,: iilj
i""-' thence ib rhalni west, tfeusl
north, ibenee so ehalns east uJoriiil
tiorihwest corner, thenee soiutiglb���
of cotunieiicrmeni. contalnlni 10M
Hated this 2Brd day of Vo%.,lm
Hixty days after date j intend to apply to ilm
Uonorahle thc Chief commissioner of Lands snd
Works, Victoria, to purchase joo neres of laud
located iu Hrr Vallev nnd deaorlbed as follows;
Oommenelng at a poe) markedo. it. m<m * n w'
corner, and planted ftt tbe southwest com. r of
I.ol 7Hlfi, und ruiining Sonth ho chains, ihenct
east Hi chains,  lbence imrih   Ho chains,  thenc<
west so ebalni to plaoe ol beginning.
Nov. iHth, 1000. b��a h. mcmm.un,
J. K. AHSAiu.E, Agent
Hixty days after date l Intend to apply to the
Qtinprable tbs Chief Oommlssionei of Landsand
Works Ui purchase 040 acres of land, located In
Plre valley.00 west side of Arrow lake* Com-
monctng ot a poit plented to chaini weM ef ths
SOOtbWtft corner of J. Kobinson's i-re-emptloii
and markifl J Ws H. K comer, and rui'iilng
Uorth 80 Ohaini, thenee west no chains   tbenei.
south n) obalns, (henee east m chains to place of
Nov. 18th, 1006. Jjum Wtttuin
J. K. Ahnahi.ii, Agent.
Hlxty days after date 1 Intend to npplv lo the
Chief  Cniiimlsalouer    of   Lands  and   Work*  for
permission to purchase the foUowlng d irlhod
landl in Koolenay Dlsirlct, about thm^uartori
of in lie Ironi Thrum's siding: CommtmMtia ���i a
lawt placed at lhe H.W. eorner cf ], ,_m _r in
I, Wingt Kootenay District; thenee welterlv
following the north boundarv of LSAD8 4i)
OhaltU] thence uorih 10 ehulns; ihence aaatan
chains, moreor less, tothe N W oornlr S
UWOj thence south following iIu. WQ|1.....",.'"
of im 10 chains, more or fess, [0 pliJ K
menoement, containing 40 acres, more or less
Hated thla 6th day of December llNlfi.
H.H. I'lrrs, Uicalor.
i.HIxVm ?W ttftnf dl,lel ""'''"lloai.niy io the
Bon. Chief Commissioner ol Laadi �� A ��� r N
Vlctoriu, to purchase 100 acres of land   local, don
the weit side ol Arrow lake, i.boi    ll ���   ,,,1-1
low Burton Cily, and desorlbod ns follow ��� r
mencing ai a post marked ��� f i. D'saoiithaMt
corner,,Taiid helligMctittlnieoitof thBnn��if��!fJ
oorner of tot 2719 thence uorth40     ino?.
wust 40 chains; theu-e south 111 el'   u"'     .
east 40 Ohalni to the place of beJi,,   ,��� ' "iaaoa
NoremberMth, 1806. K     pu(. t_n
Per J. K. AMHABLg.
60 days after date 1 iW'h ' :������!(���*.-?H
Chief 1 oinmissloner of laud" ll* ���!
torla, Ip purchase MB ��*����� ��' '���JS
Fire Vallev and being a jsirt'oc tt*\
snd 10 In Towiishlpfiyand .Iwrt-WSI
1 ommenelnj at a post pl��.nted at*���
corner of the southeast qiisrl""**
Township Oil and marled J *�����������
tlonce north 40 chains; ihenfi m
thenoe south 40 chains, tbenit ate
place of begiiutlna.
November i��rd il>06. ,_
J. E  s\*nitl*\
Notice It hereby fffeo tii*t��'UJ>Jl
intend lo apnlv to the Hniiorsbkue"
uilssfoner of Lands aud Work* I1'
M< r.-s of Und described a* [u!ln��:f
at a post Banted on tbs north I"*m
Moyie river, about 2tio yard* fim"
marked "K. McU-aii's S W. ��"
ihenoe east 80 chains, iheiin* n^JJ
lbence west 80 chains. 1he0cr��ull>��"
place of eommeucement, ami con*"
mme or lesa. Klim ���
l^ieatedSuthday Oct.. 1*306      I    *
Hixty days after dale i UllSBfl W��{
Honorable the Chief CoiiimiI��u^i(��"-
Works. Victoria, to pureliase^M
located and described as I��U",wl;>a
st a post planted at tbe ��utb��Pw
Koldnson-s pre emption In I*Ire ^'"IJi
Ove miles from Kdward l_uii<lisi'3
Arrow Uke, and milked F ��*"V,rt|fc
running west 00 chains. 1 hem**a*n
theuce eail ro chains, Ihenrr ���"��"���
thenoe east 40 chains, tin-uce ��<*"���"
place of Iwglunlng. .^���(i
Nov   Ihth.lm* S3"
J   If  AKWil*-*
about  three miles from iws|jlB
im iicing at a poel marked "J"tnX,n-|l
post," ,u ii ii n ,: "id chains SMti ��"Lf
north, thence *i chains vii,^
aouth, to the point of 00mia��WM
Ing -tu acres of land, MOTS 01 lew
Dated lath November, IW -     ik_mjM
Hlxty daya after date I int. nj ^
Honorable Chief Comnilsriowrj
Worki for permission to pUKHl**m
dcHcrlbed laud* in Kiaijensy . Wj"
dug nt a post marked "A. J- *'!_...
corner poat," said  post IsijBMUV
���u the northsMt ��T"J��
rly shore of
Oronp l| thenoe DOTtt ��0OhattW����������
south 40 chains, more or ""���"^w
thenow following said short' P*Z&M
direction iai chains ��o���"ifriflffl
beginning, oontainlng w sor��; [K_ l
nato.l tV.is Gth day of NovemlaT. i^,|
perK L.Bmu*^
Notice is hereby gl von that tytt!ffiM
, intend lo applv t.ahc Ho ^^jtf
er of Lantls and Worts h.r n> |)D(]l:
chase the following deserm-*-'' . rji
incnciug ut u   post  WffliiSi*a
n w oorner pnst" puffi1*0^ nmoWl
tho K, and b. bio.t, No wu. ��������g!
Ohaini I fence sou).  !.�������" "(l _ ..
the c.j- u line, thence ",M  ;, [rtl8|
Arrow Ukel thenc   north j^pM
thc shore of lhe Arrow Uke ie i�� I
uieio eineiit ... ,,,������rv,)*"*_��
Dated tins nth day oi Februsg.jnjB The Dally CtMMBan
! Notice to Fuel Consumers
All orders now standing on W. P, Tierney s
or our books for any amount or description of
coal must be settled for, otherwise delivery will
not be made.
liated February 18, 1907.
Yale-Kootenay Ice. Fruit, Fuel and Poultry
Company, Limited.
^L_��. Fine Eiderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
H*a> Our Vmrlaty of .KK> clctun,-. Pram-xl In tha
l_i.l��t  Stylaa.
Standard Futnittire Company
011 .1. Rlach I'laniiss.
iTlsissur MimrWB,*
-iis.il Sanitary Matireat
Complete Hotise Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
ate* Bottle Sale
2 Quart Water Bottle $1.00
3 Quart Water Bottle $1.25
2 Quart Water Bottle and Syringe 11.25
3 Quart Water Bottle and Syringe $1.50
Canada Drug & Book Co.
i li bereb* jtivtm that su day* afler date I
Itusppi)  to tlte Hon. the t'liief cnmuiia
<<i . ��������� :-mi'l Wurks, tletorla, for peril t<> 'lit and carry a* ay tlmU'i frutii Die
Ini desoribed lands iu West Kooteuay:
ommenclng at a poet i-taiiled nbout elghly
< weti nf tlie in..uth of eureka ereek, when*
ri  luto  Uuth.���- ereek, and ou the uorth
��� [ Kurdts ereek, au j marked **. A.Lauile'a
iaat eorner |nwt, theuee weat ulgh yehatns,
i north eighty ehalus, thene-j east eighty
'in-ill--  -,niili eighty chatm in |H>:ut ol
I -in*, iiieiil.
d Jan iith. 1IW7    Q A. Lat'aie, Ixteator.
ommenolQg at a i><*-t (ilantad east of and
log G A l_��urie'a location post No. 1, aud
��� ��� U, A. i.-i.inn-'i- southwest eoruer jMist uf
!��� I'lni'iiii), thonce euatulghtv chains, theuee
' eighty din inn, thenee west eighty chains.
���* iouth eighty chains to juu in ot eomiueu-
���jii.'l Jau  '.Ath, 1VU7,   Q. A. LAt'Rtr., Locator.
I ommenclng al a (Mint planted about eighty
�� soutli ill kureka creek where ll flows into
��� creek, and uiHrked Q. A. Laurie's aoulh-
eoruer poat, on location i o  L tbenoe east
j ehaim.tbenee north eighty ahalns, thenee
���Ighiy cliuinn, lhetice south eighty ehalus
mi m oommenoement*
K ��� ��� Jail, ttth, 1IK/7.   U. A. LAUUWt Locator.
I niiiiiiciic.ng ml n poat planted aouth ol
J Hiljiiino.g ij a Uurlc's locution No. B, and
fkf't u. A. aUTle's northwest eo-Uer |H��t,
i i-iiHt ho chains, thence south M�� chains,
e wwi wi ehatua, thence uorih Ho chalna
��"im ol i oinmeneetnelil.
pted Jan.Bfithi luo7,   U, A. Lavhik, UHjator,
otniiienclug at a post plan'ed eighty
I; ��� ���.*. ,MiU Kirly cliuiun aoutli of loealloii
"t No. l, ami marked W 11. Page's a 'ithwest
'   r post of location No fi, theuce east eighty
is. thence north eighty ohalni, thenee west
i  ehains,   thenoe  aouth eighty chains to
���if comtnenuetnent
>-.i.inn _tiih, ino".    w H. I'aok, Looator.
('(imueneing at a posi planted soutli ol
idjululng locution Nu, ft, and marked W. H.
��� norlhweat corner poat of location No 6,
��� last eighty chalus, thence south eighty
is, theuce wesl elghly chaiua, thenee uorih
1 > i.iuio. to point ol co in in en cement.
(ated .Ian. Uth) HW7.      W. II. 1'aur, Locator.
niiiint'iicllit.   at   a   (Mist   planted   eighty
uast ami twenty ehains south ol location
o ll, and morked ti. A. Laurie's HouthweM.
|ucr p,.vt of location No. 7, llienee eaat eighty
, lliemc north eighty chains, lliclicti wesi
Chains, thence Houth clgi.ty ehalus U>
if couimcneeiiiont.
fated Jan.aotbtJU..  0. a. La van, Unator.
��� 'Iiimeiietng ill a pofcl planted eighty
' ���*il-i tllhl cl^lil. I llll.lis south of loi1*.inn
���U.l, and niarki-iM. A Laurie V south wcsl
r   post   of   location     Sip.  8,   theuee   uasl
liny ciiutus, thence uorth eighty chalus, theuco
|si eighty chains, ihence souih eighty chalna
(poim ol oommenoement.
t d Jau Uth, 1WI7.   U, A. LAUHtr, I oeator.
Commenolng at   a  poat   planted   eighty
liiin- fust ami eighty chains south of location
H,   uu.i   marked (1    A.   Laurie's  soulhwcsL
ner ol loeatiou No. V, thuuee vast IM�� chains,
���cui-c norlh  im chains, thonco west l��n ehaiua,
 osoulh40ohatuihopolntQl Oommenoement
I'aicil Jan. 90th, 1��U7.   G. A. Laitiuk, l<ueator,
Comuicucing at a poat vluutcil aboul six
s down  Barnes crook   from  the mouth of
���toka creek whoiv it flows into tiarnw oreek
la southeasterly direction, antl marked U, A.
���urle's southwest eoruer post ol looatlon No.
", thenoe cast eighty obalns, theuce uorth eighty
K>hS, thoueo west eighty ehalus, theuce soutli
V11 y ehalus to point of eommeneement.
jl'aidi Jan. '28lh, IUU7.    0, A. Laurie, Locator.
al.���Commenciug at *a post planted eighty
halus oast of location No. 10, and marked Cl. A.
���urie'i southwest corner poat ol location No 11,
���ence eaat eighty uhalua, thenee north eighty
���TaniH, thenoe west elgbtr ohalns, thenoe aouth
gnty ehalus to point uf uniuuieuuemeuL.
Dated Jan.Mih, 1907.   O. A. L&UKIR, Locator.
' :��iiiinicnc.i ng nt a post planted south of and
'inlug loea lou No. 11, aud marked W. H.
���kc* uorthwett corner post oflocation No. Ig,
mnne east eighty oualni, tlience south eighty
���laiiu, thenee west eighty chains, thence north
gnty Ohaltts to point of com meneement.
|l>ated Jau. Mth, 1907.     W. H. Paul, Iaj ator.
���8 ���Commenolng at a post planted eighty
aihHHHst audeigh y chains south of location
���J1   Vi and  nmrked  O. A. Laurie'*  northwest
�����niM P��it of looatlon No. W, ihenoe east eighty
chains, thenoe south etrlity chalna, th<-nce west
eight*  chains,  tbenee north eighty chains to
point of commencement
Dated Jan.Mth, 1907,  u. A. Ladbie, locator.
14.���Commencing at a post planf'd north ol
aud adjoining location No-1", and lei tig marked
ti. A, Laurie's southwest eoruer posi of location
No H, thence east eighty ehains, theuce nnrth
ulgbtv chalus, thence west eighty chains, thence
south'eighty chains Ifl jailnt oi cooimeucement.
Hated Jan. Mtb, HW7,  G. A. Lai-ait, Locator.
16 ���Commencing at a post plauted eighty
chains north of looatlon No. 14 and marked ��.
B< ��aae'f southwest corner poat oi location No
IA, thenct* .a-��t eighty chains, theuce north
eighty chains, thence west eighty chains, theuce
south eighty chains to polul of commencement.
Dated Jan. Wth, lftO.     W. H. raog, Locator.
1<V-com mencing at a post planted eighty
eh ins eaat of loeation No. lfi, and marked Q, A.
I*urlt*'t aoulhwe-t corner post of woatlon No-
Hi, theuee east eighty chains, thenee north
eighty cbains, thenee weateivhtr chains, thence
aouth eighty chalus to point of commnieemenl.
Located Jau. **}, U*SJ.    O. A. Laorii, locator.
17 ���Commencing at a poal planted south ol
and adjoining location No. 10, and marked il. A.
Laurie's noribwct corner jwat ol locatjon ���* o.
17, thence easl eighty chains, thence south
eighty chains, tbenoe west eighty chains, thenee
north eighty chains to point of commencement.
liated Jau. Mtb, ltftfl.   Q, A, Laurii, Locator.
18.-Coinmencing at a post planted eighty
ehulns soutb of location N�� 17, and marked J*.
H. Page's northwest corner post of location No.
IH, thenc-east eighty chains, b nee aonth eighty
chaltis, thence west eighty chains, tbence north
eighty chains to point oi commencement*
Looated Jan. W, 1W7.      W, 11. 1'aue, Locator.
in���Commencing at a post planted eighty
chains south ol location No. IR, and marked I..
A. Laurie's northwest corner |hisI of location So.
IL thence east elahty chaius theuee south
ciirlitv chains, ihence west eighty chains, Ihenee
north e ghty chain*' to polnl el oommeneement.
bated Jan KBUi, mn.  ti. a Laurie, Locator,
at).-Commencing at a post planlcd about
SlgfetJ chains cast of the mouth of high! Mlle
Svk where It empties Into Inonoakln creek,
aud on thr south hank nf Inonoakln creek, aud
murked ii, A Laurie's northeast corner post of
location No B0, ihenee south 110 chains, tbence
west 40 ehalus. theuee north 100 ohalus, thonce
ea-t -lti chalus to point of commencement.
Hated Teh Bnfl, 1W)7.    tl, A. Lai'RIE, LOOatOr.
21.-Commencing at a posl planted forty
chains west and Bigttl chains soul-, of location
No tM, -nd marked W. H, 1'agc's nor*bcait corner posl of location No. ill, thence nest eighty
chaius. ihenee south eighty ehulns, thence eait
elghtv chains, theuce north elghly chains lo
polul nf commencement.
Daied Feb. 2nd, 1907.     W. H, Page, Locator.
S3.���Commenting at a post planted east of and
iidjolnllig location Nu. W, and marked U. A.
i-aurlc's northwest corner noit of location No.
-21 thenoe south 1�� ohalus, thenoe ee tic chains,
thenoe nortii LM chains, thence west 40 chalus to
point ot commencement.
Dated Feb. 2nd, 1907.   Q. A. Laiiue, Locator.
'.-..(.--Corn mono lug ul a post plauteil fortv chalnn
ea*t o'location ito, 93 and marked w. H. i age's
northwest corner poal of locution No. B8, thOnoe
south HHi chains, tbence easi forty chains, thenoe
north  ISO Chains, thence wcid forty chaiua to
point of commencement,
Dated Feb- snd, 1U.7.      W  It. I'AOi, Locator.
24 ���Commencing at a post planted lorly chains
east mid eighty chains south ol location No. 23,
and marked <- A, Laurie's northwest coip��
uo-t of location No 21, tbeuoe south eigi.fy
ehulns ihemic east elghly chains, thenee north
eighty ohalns, thenoe west eighty ohalni to point
ol commencement.
Dated Feb. 4th IWH.   0, a. Ut'Eis, Locator.
2T,-Commencing at a post planted eighty
ehalna east of location No. 24, aud marked G A.
Uurlc's northwest corner poet of location No-
2-, thence south eighty chains, tlience east
eighty, thonce north eighty chains, thence west
eighty chalus to point of commencement.
Dated Feb. 4th, 1907.    G. A  LattRie, Locator.
afc-CAmmcnclng at a post planted about four
and ouc-half miles down Inonosklo WtWI
the moutii of Bight Mile creek where it flows in,
to luotioakln crook, and on thoi eMt bs k . f
Inonoakln crech, and marked U A. Laurle^i
northwest Coruur post, thenoe fOhth elKht>
Chains, them* eaat eighty chain^tCTneg no th
eighty chaini thenoe wesl eighty chaius to point
of co iii in ence mctit.
Dated Feh, 4th, 1(W7.    ����� *��� Laurie, Uwator
Hedley Gazette Gets Back it Victoria
The Hedley-Gazette, In the exuberance of Ub joy over the victory of the
McBride government exclalmo: "Long
live the goose that laya the golden
��gg!" The application of this apothegm may not be clear to the average
student of political subjects. Is the
public the goose, and who ls It that
is carrying off the golden egg?���Vic
toria Times.
For the benefit of the slow-witted
Times editor, let us proceed to expound
the parable. Lo now, barken unto the
parable of the goose! Verily the
"goose that lays the golden egg" fs the
government of the Hon. Richard McBride which makes fatness to abound
where all waa lean. The .golden egg is
the fatness thereof where once all was
like unto the lean klne, and to each
and every, the artisan, the laborer, the
manBervant, the maidservant, the
scribe, the merchantman, the moneychanger and the worker of curious
workmanship, these are they that carry
off the golden egg.   Savvy?
"What do you think of my last story
in the magazine," asked the conceited
"I think you were wise to make it
your last,"  replied his friend.
If early to bed and early to rise
doesn't make a man heatlhy, wealthy
and wise, his wife thinks It Ib becauBe
he Is too honest,
Someone said that a man could get
drunk on water���so he can on land,
can't he?
Take notice that I intend, thlr'y days after
date to apply to the Honorable tbe Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
licence to cut aud carry away timber from the
following described lands, eltuated on Bandy
Creek, in West Kootenay district: Commencing
at a post plauted on thc west side, of said ereek,
mid marke . "J. I*. H's" northwest corner; tbence
running south eighty chaini; tnence east eighty
chains, thence north eigbty chains; theuee weat
eighty cbains tu place of commencement.
'. 1*   fWIDBSFO,
Dated this 19th day of February, 1W7.
Take notice that thirty dare after date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands aud Works at Victoria lor permission to
eut and carrv away timber from the lollowlng
described lands in West Kontaney :-
No l.���Commencing at a post planted at-the
southwest corner of timber licence No. 7821;
thence east lorty chains; tbence north eighty
chains; thence ea*tl* chains, thence south to
northern boundary of timber license H.48;thence
west along said uortbem bouudary to
the north-west corner of said license;
ihen south to the northern boundary
of timber license 7018; tbeuce west to
a point due soutb of tbe point otcommencment;
theuce uorth to the point of commencement.
January l&th, 1W7
No. 2 ���Commenolng at the uortbwesl corner
of timber license 7821; theuce south tothe northern boundary of timber llceuse 7018; thence west
to the north-west corner ol said timber License
thonce suu<h to the northern boundary of Lot
812; theuce loUowing said boundary of aald
lot west to the rlghi ol way of tbe B.C houthern Hallway; ibenue followlug said right ol way
In a nortb easterly direction to the place of commencement.
January 15th, 19G7.
No, a --Commencing at a southeast oornar ol
timber license No. 7821, about fifty chains south
of the right ol way of the B C. Southern Kail-
way;tbence east 160 cbains; thence north fortv
chalus; thence west 16o chains: thence south
forty chaius to place of eommeucement.
January 16th, 1907.
�� o 4 -Commencing ul a post planted at the
interseetton of the southern boundary olthe
right of way of tbe B. C. Southern Hallway, and
the eastern boundary ol Lot 6187; theuce south
to tbe northern houndarv of license application
No 3; thence east liui chains; tbence north to the
southern houndarv of timber license No 71D6;
thence following tbe southern boundary of said
license westerly about sixty chains, more or lesi
to an eastern boundarv ol Bald license; tbence
south lorty chains; theuce west eighty chains;
then north to the right ol way ol the B.C.
���Southern Railway, thonce lollowlng said right
of why In a south-westerly direction lo lbe place
ol bu-Kiu'.iiug.
January l&tb, 1007.
No fi.���' ommcnciug at a post planted at tbc
southwest corner ol timber license 6636: thence
wesl sixty chains more or less to a point due
south of the southeast corner of license application No. 3; thenee uorth sixtv chains more or
less to the suit h boundary of license application
No 4; thence east to thc southeast corner
of said license application of No. 4; Ihcnce
north lo the northeast eorner ol aald license
application No 4; thenoe east to the south-
oast corner of tun her license Tin,.: thence
north lorty chaius more or less to a polut due
west of tbe uorih-west corner of timber license
i��ihi.'i; tlu-nce east to the northwest corner of said
timber license No. 6(05; thence smith IBU chaius
to tbc point of commencement.
January 15th, 19OT.
No. 6 Commencing at a post plauted at tbe
SOUtheUl corner of timber license U63&; theuce
west to the southwest corner ol license application No fi; theuce north to southern boundary
of llceuse application No. 3; theuce west to the
northeast corner of license application No. 1;
thence south to tho northern boundary of
ilini,er license W>48; thence east tu the northeast
eorner of timber license 8-M8; thenoe south
tbirtv chains; flfieuce easl to the west boumlsry
of i iiii her license 8642; theuce uorih to tbe place
of beginning.
Jauuary 16th, UOT.
No. 7.���Commeuelng at a post planted at the
northeast comer of timber license B&l'i thence
south forty chains more or less to the north
boundary of tlmher license 8646; theuce east MD
chains; thence north lorty chains moreor less to
a polut due east of thc southeast corner ol timber license BM8; thenoe wesl 16U chains to lhe
place of begiuutng.
January 16th. WOT.
No. 8.���Commencing at a post planted at the
northeast eoruer of timber license No, 8646;
theuce soutb eighty chalus; thence cast eigbty
ehnllis; tbence north eighty chaius; thence west
eighty chains lo place ot commencement
January loth. UOT.
No (i,���Commencing at a post planted at tbe
southeast corner ul timber license 8M7; theuce
north eigbty chains; thonoe oust eighty cbains;
theuce north i'-ii eh*" lux more or less to the uorth
east i orner ol license application No. 7; thence
west to southeast corner ol timber license No.
8518; thence north to the southern boundary ot
license application No. 6; thence east to
tbo west houndary ol timber license No.
8i'H2; thence south to the southwest corner ol timber license BM2; thence west
to th northwest corner of timber license No,
864H: thenoe south to the northeast corner of
timber llceuse No. 864-V thence west elcbty
chains; tbence south to a point due east of the
southeast eoruer nt limber House 8647; tbence
west lu place o! commencement.
January 15th, WOT
No. ID,���Commenclngat a post planted at tbe
south cast corner of timber Hoome 8519; thenco
south eighty chains; thonco west to the east
boundary of i-ot 812; thenc < nortb to the southern boundary of timber license No. 7018; thenco
easi to thc southeast corner of timber license
7018: thence north to the south boundary of limber lloense 8MV; thence east to place of eommeucement.
January 16th, WOT.
P. Lukd, Looator,
Dak UoDoveaLL, Agent
Story of the Frog-nog of World Wide
The Brick, Tlle and Term Cotta
Worker*' International alliance hag entered Into an agreement with the International Steam Engineers' union
whereby the Steam Engineers' union la
given Jurisdiction over all engineers
working ln the brick, tlle and terrac
cotta plants where a local union of that
organization exists, and ln localities
where there ls do steam engineers' union the brick, tlle and terra cotta workers are to bave jurisdiction over the
The International Brotherhood of
Bookbinders and t^e International
Printing Pressmen are getting ready to
demand an eight hour workday on May
-1. Both organisations have follewd the
plan of the International Typographical
union and have levied a 10 per cent, assessment on their membership.
The interstate conference of trades
unions' representatives held at Sydney,
N. S. W��� during the recent eight hour
celebration unanimously rssolved to
recommend a uniform trades union label to be placed on all articles produced
under union conditions of labor In the
A referendum vote Ib being taken
among the various employees connected
with the metal trades upon the proposi-
tion to organize an independent federation as a means for united action ln all
disputes with employers.
Building trades contractors of western New York and Pennsylvania met
recently at Bedford and declared for
the open shop and opposition to unions.
All the building trades of NaBhua, N.
H., have decided to act as a unit in demanding the eight hour day and a wage
increase of 26 cents a day after May 1.
Owing to the high cost of living in
the Panama canal zone, the engineers
and dredgement on the canal will appeal to the president for higher wages.
School teachers in San FranciBco
have organized on the lines of the Chicago Teachers' federation, for the purpose of securing an increase of wages.
The national convention of MaBter
House Painters and Decorators, held in
Boston a week ago, decided to hold next
year's convention in New Orleans.
Factories ln Japan do uot stop on
Sundays, but usually the 1st' and 15th
days of each month are observed as
days of rest.
Fifty thousand children work in the
textile mills of the South. The average
life of the child after it enters the mill
is four yeara.
Kier Hardie is organizing a British
Agricultural Labor league on the lines
of the union formed by Joseph Arch
in 1872.
Minneapolis labor unions will make
an attempt to secure Old City Hall for a
lubor temple. The estimated cost Is
The average daily wage of Norwegian
printers is 93 cents according to the
latest available statistics.
A union of Italian furniture workers
has recently been organized in
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait,
Foel & Pooltry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Bakir ind  Ward Sta.
Notice li hereby glveu tbat at a meetlne oMhe
Doard of Llceuse Commlasloners, tn be held after
thc expiration ol 30 dayi, I lu'oml to app'y for a
transfer ol my hot-jl llncense for the Urove hotel,
at Fairview, to E. U Borden
Notice Is hereby given that fiO dayi alter date I
itotal to apply to tbe Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands end Works tor a license to
firosoect (or coal and petroleum over tho follow-
ng land: Situated two miles north of the International boundary line aud west of the Klathead
river, resinning at a post marked W. Ledallali'
N. W. corner post- thenoe V)rhalni iouth, thenoe
Kt) chains cast, tlienoe 80 chaltis north, thence 8U
chalm west to polut of commencement.
I'ated Nov. H, 1W6. W. LkU&luu.
Notice Is bereby given tbat wi dayi after date 1
Inteud tu apply lo the 'on. Chief Ioramliurioner
ol Uiodi and Worki for a ilnanee to prospect for
coal and petroleum over tha following Und;
Blttmod ilx miles north of the International
houndary line and eait of tha Flathead rlrer.
Beginning at a poat marked tt, B third's N.W
corner po*t, thence ��> ebalni iouth, thence HO
chaini eut, ihenee m chalu aorth, thence ft>
T*���� Strathcona
Mellon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood    Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baktr It-net, NiUon. B. C.
Lighted by Blectrtoitj and
Heated by Hot Air
Imm. sud UomlorUble Bedroom and Flirt-
cl-us, Dlntng Room,   temple Hooma (or Commer-
-rial Mm
���R8. I. C.GLABKK. PtoprletroM
Lake View Hotel
Cornar Ball and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Ratei fl.Oigpor day and up.
P. O. Box ISL
Telephone IU.
Grand Central Hotel
Tnis hotel has been completely renovated and
newly fur'nlehed with all modem nqulpmenta*
Bot water heating throughout.
AATES : Roomi, .Mc.  upwards ; meali   25c. ;
ipeclal ratea by the weak.
J. A. KRIOKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 260.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont Hotise
Kuropeau and Amartosn Plan
.Nab tt eta  Booms trom st ota. to IL
Only White Balp Kmplorad.
���aker BL, Nelaon Proprietor!
Bartlett   Hotise
Best DoOu-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tke Ber U the rueet.
White Help Only Kmplored.
Jeeephlse It
WelMn, B. c.
Royal Hotel
Ratea |1 and *1.60 a Day.
Bpeclal Batee to Begnlar Boanbn.
Molt eomfortahle qumrters in Nehon
Only the beet of Liquor, end Ugim.
Pacific Coast
Leave Nelson 7:30 a. m.
Arrive Vancouver 11:60 noon.
Arrive Victoria 6:45 |��. m.
ob.lna neat to Point ot
Dated Nov. IMM.
K. HHu.li.
S. S�� Princess Victoria
S.' S�� Princess May
Berths $1.00.   Can be occupied at Nel
son Union Depot at 9 p. in.
For ratea, folders and tickets apply to
local agent or to
A.O.P.... VsUHsisllvtsr. D. P. A.. Nelsson
Building Lots for Sale
H.  <&  M.  BIRD.
W.   a.   Q1ULETT
Contractor and
Bole -Agent for the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd..
null y��nli. Bough mid tire sed lumber, turned
work ud brackets, Cout i��th and nhtngiei, *Mh
Htid dnon.    Cement, brlok ud Ume (or tele.
Yard tnd iMUtry: VernooSt.. eaitolHall
p. o. ��ox m TikphoiM in
Has every class of .Real Estate and Buildings in Nelson
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choice Fruit
I Bm JO,000 Acne
if the
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 3,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Neltoo, B. C.
NOTICE li hereby given tbat an application
will be made to the LektilatWa Anvmbly of the
Province of Brltlah Columbia at IU next seulon
for au act authorising the Patrick Lumber Company, Limited, to place, comtruct, - nd maintain,
a dam or damt, booma, pleri, tilde*, and other
worka ln and acroaa the Kootenay river at or
near Thruma Htaikm (about opposite Bub-lot IV.
of Lot 4tm, Urouo l, Kootenay dlatrlct): and in
and acroaa the Little Blocan river; and tn and
acroaa tke Slocan river at apoint or points below tbe mouth of the Little Sloean river: for the
purpose of driving, rafting, aortitis, holding,and
manufacturing saw-logs and timber; to occupy
the surface of the aald rivers where neceeeary for
tbe purposes aforesaid; to clear. Improve, and
remove obstructions from the said rivers for lag-
driving, rafting, and booming purposes; to levy
and collect tolls and dnee on lon timber and
lumber of persons using or profiting by son
works, clearing or Improvements; te enter npon
and expropriate landa; and do all other things
necessary, incidental or conducive to tha aaat*
ciae of any of the above powers.
Dated the 10th day of December, 1*06.
BoUeltoy for the AtmHeant
In the m-tter of an application for the luue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for an
undivided 1-8 of Lota 2, and 3, Block 12, Town of
Notire ia hereby given th 1 ill le my intention
to Issue at the expiration of one month from
the fl rat publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate ot Title to the above lands ln the
name ot Florence M. Hodglna which Cartlfleate
in dated the Mth day of December, UN, and
numbered JMIK.
H. P. MacLKOD,
District Registrar.
i_and Registry Offlce, Nelaon, B C
Notice *��� hereby given that on Monde-,, Fe_-
ru.ry -ith, 190;, that the Court of Kevlalon lor
tlsss Msinl(s!ps_lity ol the City ol Blocan will be
htid In thc Oity Hell on above date, at 3 v m ,
(or tbe nurpow of reviling tbe Aiaeaament Roll
ol the City ol Klocan Thene making complaint*
sigsilnsi their aiaeaament aro required to have
their -uroieitH In the hand, of the City Clerk ten
slayipreviouatolbeflrat aittlngoi the Court of
Dated at Slocan, Jauuary 24th ItCl.
M. MOKK180N,
Tenden Wanted lor the Pvch-ue af a
Tenden addraejed to the undarMgaed. at hla
o-Bee In t>-e conn honae, la tke City ol Nelaoa,
will be received nn till the hoar ol I o'eloek In
the afternoon ol Monday, Mareh Uth, Hon, lor
' mineral elalm.
_       roup 1. Knot-naj Dlatrlet, wktah i	
deeiared to be forfeited to the Crown at tha
tax aale held in the City of Neleon ea tha Mhday
ol November. IM, lor delinquent tsaxaa ntHD
Jane ��Hh, IM, and eeata. .
The newt price npon the eald mineral elalm,
which Include, the -mount ol tollaqueat taxaa
end rn.it .t ibe tlm. ol forMlnn, with laureet.
taxee which have alnce -weni*d, eaeta -isl adear-
tutu, ensl fee lor crown grant fJB-flO ) I* Ni W,
which la tbe lean-amount that w&I ha aoaauaM
aaa lender.
Inch tender muat be aeco-mvaaled hy es aa*
copied cheque lor Ihe lull amount ol tha Ma-tor,
payable to the order ol tbe Deputy i ommlmlenet
of Landa and Worki. at Victoria, ��� Cat jar.
Dated at Nelaon, B c, thla ltth day ol fakta-
ary, IM.
Government Agent, Nelaoa, B. C,
Tenders Wanted for tke Pttrdaic of a
lineal Chin.
Tendera addleeaad to the underalgiiod, at hit
ofllce ln the Court Houae, In the Ciiy ol talma,
wl 1 be received ap till tne hour ol five o'ehMfc
la the afternoon af Monday. March Mth. IW, im
tne pnrehaae ot the "No. 2" mineral elalm, lal
>U0. Group 1. Kootonay Dlatrlet, whMh waa *�����
dared to he forfeited to the Crown at Ihe tax aale
held In the Citv ol Nelaon oa the tth day ol November, MM, lor delinquent taxee np till Mae
Mtb. MK, aad roeta.
The npeet prise npon the aald mlaeral elalm,
whleb inelndea the amount -nt delinquent taxaa
and coata at the time si lorleltnre with Inteiaat
tavea whteh have alnce aeerued, eeata af advar-
ttalng, and (ee lor Crown Grant sg�� do,) la MMO.
which la the leeat amount that will be smnaUered
ea a fender.
Bnen leader mttat be accompanied by aa accepted cheque tor the lull .mount dl the leader,
payable to thc oMer ol the Deputy Coamlmlaaer
of Land and Worka. at Victoria, B C, at par.
Dated at Nelaon, B c, thla Mth day of February, HOT.
fiovernm. nt Agent. Nelaon, B. C.
Certificate of Impi-ovfiwatn
"KmisreeR," "Climai." "Horaeahoe," "Queen,*
"Unlou Jack," altuated In Nelion Minus.
Lisc-led on Porcupine creek.
Take Notice that 1, Frank Fletcher, -agent lor
the Acute Gold Mlnlcg Company, FreelUnert
Certificate Ns, Bieisib iulcnsl, 60 daya from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder tor a
Certificate ol Improvemeuta (or tbe purpoee of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above elalma.
And further Uke notice that action, under
Section 37, inuHt be iomms-nced before the laeu-
ansso of auuh Certificate ot Improvemeutsa.
Dated Nelaon, 13th Dec., UM.
Fimnt Ft.aicwnn.
Certificate of Improvetneats
"Arms" mineral claim, altuated In the Klocan
City   Mining   Dlvlalon   of   Weat   kootenay
Where lo ated: On Springer Creek near tho
Arlington Sawmill
T��kc Notice that I, Frank C, Green, acting aa
es-ssiit for the Arlington Mlnea*. Limited* Free
Miner'! Certlfloato No. B-Moe, Intend, alxty dava
from date hereof, tonpply to t-e Mining Reoorder
lor a CcrtlHcate ol improvemenu, lor the purpoae of obtaining a C'r.-swn Grant ol the above
And further take notice that action, under
aectlon tl. muat be common ed before the
Uau.nee of auch CcrtlHcate ol Improvemenu.
Detesl thla Uth nay of Deoember, UM.
 F. C. Oaaaa. Nelaon, B. C.
PRUNING AND GRAFTING oarefully attend
ad to. Apply
 Silver Klaa Hotel.
F.CGMHI      r.r.NIMR      A.B.6U0
Civil Engineers, Dominica and British
Colombia Land Surveyors
r.0.Boil��   r-aaa-tMH.
Certificate of
"May," ' B.C.," "Strathroy," "Joy." "Joy Fine-
tional," aad "John D.Mabley" Mineral Claim..
eltnetad In the Sloean Clly Mining DivUkm sl
Ue Weat Koolanay DUtrlot.
Where looated :-Norlh of Twelve Mile Otaak
about oae aad a hall milea up.
Take notie t tbat 1,11. R. Jorand ol Blooaj. h.u.
Free Miner*, cerllllcate No. RMR, aa ags-nt Jar
Borase G. Van Tnyl, Free Miner a eertlneate Ilk.
B4U1, intend, alxty daya Irom lhe data hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Uerllloate
ol Improvemenu, lor tne pursues ol oaMialag a
Crown Grant ol the aald mineral elataaa.
And lurthet take notiee that aatf _
Section Ml, muat es commenced hafaaa the I
ance ot auch certifleatea ol Impaaaaaaaata.
Dated thla lid Day of January, U��I. .
Rio Tents, Orlnoos, Qnseu Victoria Fraolloael
aad Oraaeo Fractional Mlaeral Claims, atatals
in the Nelaoa Mining DlvUlon of West Kooeoaey
Looated dh Quaes Vietoria Msantela, aaat
Taka Notiee that 1. Frank C ansa, acting aa
toapply to fee Mln.ag Recorder lor Oenllaatea
agent lor MlehsMlJajren, Free Mlner'a I
nund, sixty daya Irom ths data k
ol Improvemenu, Ior the panose af obtaining
crown Graaia al ths above elalma.
And lurther lake ullea lhat astlan, under
M, maat he ooaea-eaesd asjaia .tha
sl such CarUScatea af Improvemeate.
:haa Bth day et Jaanary, Am .
Certificate of
"Portia." "Amoe." "last Mda M*.r aad "let-
eua; DUtrlct
Where located: At hsad ol Springer Craek, aaai
tha ArilMtaa mlas.
Taka Notlo, that I, Frank o. Grata, s
aisat Isi the Arlington mlnea, Uml
iner'aCert|--oau Be. Bam lamed, at
Irom tha lata hefwf, la aapsy ts Ike M
corder fee a OsitMsam a-Tlmeie! amenta. I
purpose sl sbtalalag a Onwa wiaal of tha
aeeUoajt'. aa setter
ease of eaeh Cert* -
Dated thla Mih
- - - - -~vfit3
F.0. Gam. Mama, ���.��.
mmitmmiim .ii"
u 11
The Dafly Canadian
Clocks ���.
Set Ou.- Rat IXsplar s.1
lis-sl*.    AH N<��. Al! 'Ai Best
llK Hiris'. Q   .
Alarm Clocks, each  $1.50 and J-.50
Miesion Clocka. each    *p.0O
Oak Clocka. each       ��i:.00
Brdreom Clocka. each S-t-OO
Chime Ctookt, sach  ...|MM ��s tVUM
,*.. A peaa* I  MHWI*:t.I. \.     si-.ir*'.,H. h *-*,
,    US*   '.   ' I  * f I '-T.S. .'.SSlCCsl.
MJ.M.'r.irn'KJSW ,'KWKI.lHt
STOP!    !
....      .*   ������������ ���  -v -   la
Canned  Qooda
\\V  MBQ I     *
*T art em Brand;
v.*';  tMMPdMttt   >v*u   tl-.-vt *M
.-6UT-. a Ml -.'.vvk
Iridic   I -mil
N' -w- j^w 1111 v I c -���*
l��l��    I'r-utt
M-apM S> nip ���
>MllkM   Prlcu  lis*  Inferior*
Qood* J
Bell Trading Co.!
Old Curiosity Shop
*.; ���>.������.-. ��j
m M tb* t.*i OmImMj 8hW     v
tu* il  .***.*���.    -     I -   11 >4 ������
l*    -    .*,   .     *.\-;-.-..-r��*-�� 'v.  sv.vl    iss.
.During Lent\
S.v:<* People Ei: Kj>.     \
S.*meDv. Some Don't.     \
For :\-je ii'i.t.i Mn':        S
.    .
}    vj.*t se:. fum ,v�� cr
jSivift's Bacon tad\
c,.*. VmrsagMi ��<.d *-*��v��r\i sts-Mt.,
I IHI WMI    It- O.
HUB) J   HVMK. fiuo-mair
W U fhaiUh. l"rvvt��; J T Bad-,
N,�� IVuvvr. K H Ksu:w. T I! IVcri*.
K*a**tt*t t ':' W.A--���>. >\ V v*.��_ith.r.
Tiumalo; \V U Mvrrv. A B, tjMtmH ���
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Itm L> K Hat: Vius.-vc.--t
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>.. vv   Crs*^ slid ��*.:.. N-LrsLO   S S.
ArtK*-*s_, TlMMHsMI B K k*V|-lCi-.T. Ttt*
*.*.-.*- M-* C H tM s.'. rVry-._u.se
K V \V.xv>- BmsmM Mr,.' rUatn.
w ���.-.-.-..---. _.   \ I Briar, CaokSUtaf
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Manag Qra
w hari IWUm H.i:  t 0  Lusd
HAT. K��TTV<tt
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'.V L  H.xijps.. OaKtria   .   A Cu-jk-^sui .
Tttatan.  w   BiMari    .-rv-��a*��*....*
V.Ljscfa'.iv.   N  '���*��� ' -
\V  S J *���*.*�����;   K<*    Mftl    T
>c s.' >    v"    '. .* ���*.-. c-    Ni.   -
s *.*.-tiCv.    X'"..s**:s.'tw     .'    "t-Vaiwu.   Tte
v;vvr:    A   C   *-!N        1 -.-.-_-    W    M*
'_.Ciatt. Ss*-_.^*
taxm ccea
bi   OaStR-v.   ���'    ����-i'.,'-s,  C   W    -
���j-.v-tais*   8 .'   1-.       .1    s WuiliL
Wo l*jr�� ;-xs- -^7 *.-*_...i at cur at
Pufity Flouf
V.ii,*   f-v-T.   i xn   <-i_;..   yi__i~
.:;.;. _*    *.    :��� ������>���    ''Tctt-r  ^c
O-*  fnaL-taVC      K.-n*:.    n?fi_ni������t
_.*./ fOY R*..'.' .Va-r R'u
..." ttt Ana
Joy's Cash Grocery
vVr ,'-/M��,irij jtf ��t HU. #����.      ?*iim�� a
I.".-i*"* .,:'.**-;������?   ,:
w.    ���-...,-_,   m.   Wtt**maaa\_t
m^aaateatemt .-��� ���-* v *.>#
..a>.*��a.t; c>: ;:.:>a'��.-ig
*k"��-    V��****>.*!��-a*.    I I. <MkmA*l.
Munroe Sc Nelson
.acjk $c n s?*v 3C1 * r\t.
Bora, Kf.M-uary  ^Tih. to thi wtfa pi
'    M      ::     H.tll St . a KML
Kttteon lo4f��, C  0   K. tttaU
t_[ i , oloek   u the K. q| P, ball.
Bora, ou wvuiifSvUv, Nbraar) tVth,
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ol |Mri a.i-.-ttuv'd tv�� jaj*k   I
Th��?  lauuch c'ut��   will  r*Qfgkftll
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Ol     '.^-t;'     iMfOUT]      G      A
y Ite KootoMk] hofeol iui uUthc s
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Wiwu.   Ml*  t����rntsl   t?>   Rot.  E.   H
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"������;-.' I ������  - I
tb*e bik^yt;a; for that ta-saua'-f    Hi? bdOMk
d'.�� avt vte*: MofOAr of kk raWMf]
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iba Aar.-r-j. mm mmM wcta} mi
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.  i tm)    .���:   :' .    : 11        *tt%_ *
.il*LB^   tOMk   "*'.        tt    mtt   '
t%m MttttftMM i'. ���-��� *   '
. , ��� ni
%..     Ami ia Jui u~> - -
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_MB   ���!    ���-&*    tffwibjwry-      Ke��   W   G
. r*j*a.   i i   .    \ ��� *.   Ot - ��� ."   *
bou ���% AftQh rihMtffti '    B*       :"* '
'aa-i.    ftl&M -i* !'���> MCkMMM no -.J-
A. McDonald & Co.
Pisttirtr-. _i -.ca^ts. i_,L J.i_,.-�� .*,_-.vwrj.-
*:-!    *   *-        V^C^
s.'lan! ��� s.t: H sn   <a(pxi__s��.
_M K-ivia mi \\liacrxet funis It Stedt
?   ��� ��� ���      ?\.'t;a\xL\\:
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' ��� I tt   ' Uh -.   - t_wt   rffl
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I MMMdM   POM    I ���   ' " I      * *    -
haai fee -to MM
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VMfc   HON I     *."i^!*unir. V   A.
A ir-i      cuauiiUi^.     0   H    Ua
Biaicitwtx^ ���     .*   -Wi   at.   A.
I M4     iMfl M    <
Caixn��r:tt.    ;r    .'���. :.i.     i-i : MT*  * ���'
Ttitf  irsc   rib* BMM8   U      n
:�����? ���: tMMMOW iftpfimwi
Tmm -mf lum
|0M   -��� '���������       'i B M -'   Mf
H tJl��i tM w����i��3 <ia��iiru5 IWk H
B   188 -"  Md  Bt-tt M '-T
r*��L;*jatii__Lif   *v*?^i.,   M   '.mmj.   i   ;. -
Im ��������� iMttrifel       J
:a *        im   s ���'
$_��. ' MJ. ia ;acf*idA;        S-:*
A Few Tubs at
27cts per Lb.
VfcMtttM *i,'J *��*t��il D����lfni iu
Fresh and Salted Meats
QHMfi suppUeil csu shortest notu-t- aud
'.i'*.-.---! tsrK-f. NssihuiiT-bat  fn->h mid
��-h��Bs��.s.,i. !;,��,t5 and supples kept in stw'i
altAtS ssxderss rev-eivt' '.-t-uvful titteutssiu
Fifty Cent Hand Bagsll
They are beauties at the price.
Telephone .133.
C. A. Benedict
0���.   - ���?    a it!  .'  * vtin** Sit.
rnoM; 7
For JOc
\\>  llit d        * m
ptetoiw���BoA Ib Hm>0��<
tehXiZ*      Win*   ot ||
.,., .. ,i   *-..,<-���
r�� ������������**   ������������-���
<ftt   tHw   wrj_ii��   tff   tfefeW   IQOOI    VOmKi      Wf
-  i cteor t&<to. oot. i
'Oc a ?�����*.
E.  C.  TRAVES    Manager.
A.   M   CU   BM    0   E
Msnnj Wc'k a Specialty.
:- ,. B)   i:ux     P   O. li-'*
Biker St..  NELSON.  B. C.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar. Pitch.
Creosote, Oils for
Pieseri ing Timber,
'<    Sng Pitch and
Boat Baii-r> wui S-d 11 to th��r ad-
,*_.-_--        -       .:" Pus'h
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
S��a pay VI
Limited. WiaaipJJ
\N'hf��n;��Miie Provlwlonii,
Prod uct:.
Dumimon Governns^tst Cp-s-'s-rr i >u>- Pound Hns-k. nsceirs^i weekl? (ml
from tbe s-harn    Ksir side 1st all leaduiK gmen. ���*
Iflice -and warehsin** : lint-uuon Rlrrk.    Phnnt ���
Josephine Street.
Nelson. B.C.
Bohemian Beei
The Nelson Brewing Co., Lti
W. G. Thomson
-���v     . At'.?   ~. D. -v..
l-��t>^.rv�� .1*.
iLLl >CTsr.   XtA- ., ;^_
s   . I    - -       ���  ,
Mia    :
The c**.;, '...-.e'.s, restaurants
and boa-i ::c honse keepers
hereby _ .. -j.::_e that on and
aibes Frid .*.- next. March ist,
siu^'.e :*.:. lis ���>:'.'. I  <: not less
:hj- :;   eats, aad ���Mi-tickets,
* * - ziea'.i. J6.
Nels ���-. Feb. 2;, to 7.
W.  ar-?
Ja--: in Recnpc sj_ a Caikad
Tix*e ��rt tiK�� SiK^t jcnuW oi at? Backs in tin*
m*ri#t exui qh prieta *r*- r-jchr If ywa m- in
d*��I It< iw h-*r fn��a joo.
��� -j   it   tmmmtttaae ^e d��
F��r  C'������ti=.i*mr^<fH-
o-moanLi  j.   -   ���    .
-   -   . .......
ihsK t&a"      *   ��� - sari  tad
1 ,
��� ��� - .     .
���J. :    :-    i.m;
UN  cm r,lftftc<
Inl   hM  ite 1 - ���
l'l   :     J
-       "
.���-.rrunoa.7 tu.-; I
I MB    .*������   '       '":
1 - ���   nu       wafittri h
i   : eras   h   H i -     ,-.";.   ui-J.   I
���   -���
R>_d Cross Drug Store
.- :-l.   -j-    .   =? .-
��� T;ss
:>.* Aisii-eaa:
^aier i"
~. - A '
.'---_"      N~'.'   -
���j  a-:   a^a-.-a.
Croar ;
-   .1    -
:  >
.a���Ob tfaa.
5i��u     -*--. ��� .-��� , *
J. H. Ashdown Hardw;
Company, Limited.
���^^~^~>*B.   M.  ISA*C R.   W.  HINTON-
flmmlnj trate���Oa tham
��� - 1       ���_.
.- mi-dc'i'.a���01   _:aw.
Work.  Mining anJ   MM   Machlrwrj.      MMN&CtOMM Ot
Ora   C.*-��.   M.   M.   Contractorf'   t^amrau
.NELSON,    B. C.
1 �� tan
Ps-�� if Vlctass.
N-s ��   T .-rk,   M^r'A   t ��� Si:Ts?r   **> V
covgaH*  -i^:     sii. M
Loailun.   51,- - I : :-i.i
i: -    *. s     ;,
l*tv,s��,r-s_^s�� rr.��T->.
HMI lr. j-v-*.-. attir-v.
^po^��lrt�� m��r..
HflfWisuni. rr*cr..
>l*r. (h.fs lull it, t\r*
;.*>';T.; in.i 'i�� Usal   ti-   13?����������(
Mb T f*Vn�� are the pnp* *��* j
Mr iassw fall _bsipa��s ba* ;�� �����*���*
��� rial
-��_sia   R��-.-:rTu<.
���    - ^*-
I    *        ��� ,: ,.s ...
1 -���    :"    aai)    1,-      ***.*.      I
? - s  -     |.     :.      i        a
5*���.     *-
Ih-: Store of Quality
Bto-ate *������* rveunmitensl 7-.,i a
-   -_w
20th Century Package
A ... ���   .. ��� -v. -.  ���
Fn"m'  **��� *' *     V***       ���       - *-..*.,    	
F��>f Hot  '.".*���.:.:*.'
T��* *rc Crflit.
*'     ' -     * l'S;,^   ��� ,1    ,
:        1. ...    ...   .'Cwilliss-.   'S
III      V.   ���! -..   I"      II   ,: ���   .-    I   ,    *U       .A.fl S J.
-     *��     i,
��� ..... ������:     .      air.
* AsHTtO.
��'.*s�� .1.   Mix* -1   RMK   wj.sv    lansaa *E.��l
si.Tiiam  '* i/tra
_.mcn   C.tjffl
��� ins !a   **I4*Ms1
*5^,:siK-.   T.a
Ht*   Siijiaitsl   *^,-Ts|-Jir  5,tJi:
*--unsl   _, T.j��.- **i if^n
Mi  "jjsst
OuisTt-..   ;.c.  iuaa
Sas-satinja  ^'jk����   |
FW/V/7 f//?�� /
������� 5����I
II    Marshall Sudtar*-; Mattress
T  . Ottaanxa SuMarf Mattress
T-.  Elastic  F.':  Sa   ���<���.::   MattRSI
. OstenBoor, bted I      tides,
Th-_  "   .. *     . go:<�� tide Mutrcss
T_.; C-.*_    :  '���    ol Top !       :ess
Cheap Mattresses
!*_4 '
'- : 1.
' '- ���
* '.
_ x
2). /. "Robertson & Co.
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
Subject   to  Confirmation
We W in Hu>
Wa will S��"
!-������.! ������:���,
I : 1 i*i'i e  c   iMritniiiiit Co*i..Otmr
..   K,.y.. j...
B. B. Mighton 6z Co\
Cm -r * * :
NELSON   8. C.
^itim% Lambef, Shingles,
U��th, .Mouldings, Doors, VVindo***'*!
Turn��U Work and Brackets. Vi.1 Jrkrt   r c -.cr u��*"|
% i;h*s<j*s aTKKKT  -  .   .   MUJOX B- c-
l:���K _'.   ,J:
usMirni:- fr- Lf.
SAQX ST..   XE150��- t C
to utrr
v-   !���*.
cwij rf��f��* s*u\- c;, ���,�����* *_,_, Mj-i,  I.,.
.1.   L*a   . Km* 1
Ptr.   Ii!   st   lHi.-K.i#(S  lilil   lililij
<-��wr   ���sii.' .-..-uta _����  ru
P'��   !JlMm   1     *_.     1.1,1   0w��
>|*. I��ITl**f|-"*�� -aus-:)    r.
>    J*
-   *     - .....  1 ss tTsTia,
.s.i,   , 1    ...  . ���.,,��., ...usua     '.a
��.������ rn ��� ,:,:.   t'uMm Aiutitilitiut
k.   M   C   iii.-.:*       rns.au   CO.
JJ��*<i -Jot. I_irt��in Collars To li�� Sold at
$1.50 per doz.
Our jtacit 1/  5 .i--a   a comelate ���)l"'   '"""
tcsucsnij   ����   OTouiar Ta! * '
!':��i=*5    Htv.i-y   ���,!   CMA3M   ,L*1HI��.'
= :*"i = *i  =��3sc-��cr KCCKe^-
:"-"�����   MOCKCY ami SCIHt-lfcE  *C-*t-
s��LiO -tOCKEY STICKS ami P-CO*.
Wood-Valiancy  Hafdwafe Co^l
siinaw,. is.ii s-flswisay
A* -..-.��..


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