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The Daily Canadian Jul 9, 1906

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 ��lje  \%Uxil% Ccmct&ian
No. 30.
Ising Away in the
United States
luLir Service lo be Classified
md Rigorous Examinations
 nl,m, .Inly 9.���The spoils sys
,.nr,i a iiii'tluT blow Iiihi week
1.1... 1,' 111.11 ���  by  merll    a further
m      through    President    limine
,.        .��� of  aii   executive  onlor
im nnportiinl changes In ibe no th-
,i npiiolit ni anil promotion   of
eni uio officers.   The order was
.,: tii effect  certain desirable    re
,       plained by Mr. Ilool, s(��r,ro-
tii .   in a letter to the prod*
ttlns a draft of the    pro-
il order:
In- main features of llle order were
11   ilie   early   forma  of   Iho
ilai Reorganization Hill passed tit
of congress, but they were
.'I nut, largely for the reason 'hat
ni.1, nm in by congress would ap.
11 Infringement upon   the
constitutional power to up-
run   il,     Votir adoption of these
��� ullve onlor will  be free
' objection, and, judging from
iv,' eiiiiili'innailiin   which
liers ni both houses have ex-
!���   |.iii|nis,'il change in Ihu
"1 nl a|i[Hj|ntlng consuls. I do not
Ilia! i!i.   new sislcni will receive
liiiirii  ,i|iiniival -,f the seimte and
aIi,-never occasion     may
i"i  ui expression upon the sub-
[iri'sldenl's  order    recites     the
1 nui'.Tess authorizing llle exix'll-
I nialvi   regulations for the consu-
1  and to classify such olilcers
a'nun.ell,a ami announce r. gula-
..' in selection of these ofti
ulijei't always to the advice and
II "l   'lie   senate."     Consular   of-
1 'ii il ai  more than $2.r,utl are
filli'ii entirely by promotion from
lowei   aiioles,   based   upon   ability
(Hi ���' in )     Vacancies in the lowosl
paying   salaries   of  $2,0110
:   iti'l per annum, are to be tilled���
'in 'ic consular clerks, agents
who shall have entered the
al ���'  examination, and second,
.'i'l'iiiiiiim 111   of persons    who
im �� satisfactory examinations by
md headed by Hie chief of lhe con
m  bureau,  upon subjects Including
'   modern    language   other
English, 1111,1   the  natural.  Indus
"i e terclal resources of the
Slates, especlall with reference
'     (tension of American commerce,
'"������������I '��������� >my. and commercial, in
11:1 '"I ami maritime law. No per
1 lilted at less than Sll tier cent. Is
v for certification, nor may any-
��� examined who la under 21 or
���'���" yeais of age, or who Is nol ol
nl character ami mentally qualified,
'' 'nil persons must be especially
; naie<l fur examination by the prea-
'I"'- regard being had to the rule
i> between candidates of   equal
''' appolnl its shall be made so us
""are proportional    representation
1 1 Hie states and territories in tbo
and neither in the designation
' lamination nor certification tor ap<
'"   "ill the political affiliations
'i candidate be considered."   ln conn-
here the fulled States has extra
1 iai Jurisdiction,   the   candidate
 "O'iw a fundamental knowledge
inon law.   finally, n Is declared
' promotions shall be made ex-
I'1 "!"" proficiency as shown by lhe
"'" ' "ii Ihe officer has accomplished,
recursions   on   Thursday   Under
20.000 Club   Auspices.
Vi I
Ai ;
urangementa for the 20,0110 club
"ns ou Thursday were completed
'l'iy  by I. (1. Nelson and  M. S.
steamer���the    Kuskanook,   of
"ill leave the clly wharf al 2
nrternoon for Pilot Hay and re-
Hopping at Procter each way. The
"' I and orchestra will hu In at-
The afternoon trip will be
ii o'clock.
in Ilie evening tho steamer will
"11 Procter, where all propane
w"l be made for a grand ball in
"��i"K In lite dining room of the
hotel, and also, weather permit-
'�� "ie lawn, where tents will be
'���' I'"' the Indies.
IJfsl in III,
Serious Cloudburst.
Ohio,  July    9.���A  cloud-
.' country Just back of   Ibis
"'Kilt sent 11 torrent of water
down Trotter's Hun thai caused a very
heavy loss of country and city property.
Over 2.000 homes and business houses
were Hooded ami foundations weakened
so that people would not remain In iho
New Location    of    Mineral  Resources
Kevelsloke, .Inly 9.���Another discovery of minerals, said to i���. richer ihan
Ibe fatuous Cotlonbell llml or a year
ago, is reported by Messrs. KoLeod ami
I.uml, of Salmon Ann. who have Joined
ihe numbers of prospectors who are
searching fhe blls ami valleys for treason s bidden by mother earth. Tie
ledge Is 11 feel wide, ami the ore Is
mixed, consisting of copper pyrites,
sine blend ami galena,
Tin- camp nl the bead of the Ann Is
glowing, and the feeling of fhe men Is
hopeful ami buoyant, despite ihe downpour of rain for ibe past few weeks,
iitiili siakes are boing accumulated,
packing win in- in mil swing as soon
as ilie 1 mil is cleared in a few bad
places, nnd work on improving the trail
lots been commenced.
Long Imprisonment at Peterhof Is Now
Oranlenbaum, Hussla. July B.���Em-
perur Nicholas and the empress, on
hoard lhe Imperial yacht Polar Star,
made a short visit here yesterday, Inspecting lhe marine hospital and liar-
racks. This was the first time their
majesties had been outside the grounds
of the palace at Peterhof since they
went lo si. Petersburg to open parliament on May 10th. Oranlenbaum is a
port opposite Cronstadt. on the (lulf of
Finland, 111 miles west of St. lviers-
New York, Then Seattle.
Scuttle, July 9���C. Meade Emory, the
lawyer who was shot by Chester
Thompson, the university student, hereon Saturday night, is very low, and his
death is expected at any time. Young
Thompson Is .1 nephew of Maurice
Thompson, tbe author.
Creditors Will Have Right to Foreclose
and Take Over the
Snn Francisco, July 9.���The Oceanic
Steamship Company has failed to pay
ihe July semi-annual Interest of 2 1-2
per cent, on lis |i,4O5,000. This is the
culmination of lhe company's financial
1 roubles, which have exlended over a
period of about Ihree years, and the
holders of bonds are now In n position
10 lake legal ncllon lo foreclose their
mortgage on the properly of Ihe company, which consists of five steamers,
Three of Ihe vessels are In Ihe Ausira
liati trade, one runs to Tahiti, and the
tilth one between here atid Honolulu.
The linn of .1. 11. Spreokela & tiros. Is
Ihe chief creditor, having advanced
about $8,000,000 fo tho company to
meet Us unnunl deficits.
Victoria Clerks Get Weekly Haif Holi
day���Orange Celebration.
(Special 10 The  Dally Canadian.)
Victoria.  July fl.���A  great  Influx of
Orangemen   from   nil  sections of    the
province Is expected lo meet  here on
Thursday next for the celebration of
ibe "Glorious Twelfth-" 11 is estimated
thai there will be ul least 5,000 dele-
gales and Iheir friends. A splendid
program of sports and speeches has
been arranged.
I'-or the first time In the history of
the ctlv of Vlciotia. Ihe merchants will
grant their clerks the mid-week half
holiday, commencing on Wednesday
next. ' This arrangement will continue
until September.
Quiet in Venezuela.
New York, July 9.���A cable despatch
to a morning paper from Caracas, Venezuela, says: Vice-President (loniezya
transferred to President Cnsl.ro the
presidential office, which the Inner
temporarily resigned In April last.
There is general contentment among
the people. Internal Stability Is thus
Admiralty Acquisition.
Trondhjem. Norway, July 0.���Emperor William litis appointed King Haakon
an honorary admiral   of the   German
Fifty Crnts a Month
Its Power is Recognized
by Czar
An Unprecedented Action Involving
the Rights of Foreign
SI Petersburg, July 9.���Interior Mln
isiei Btolypln has sent ihe representatives of foreign coutilries Ihe    govern
meat's official report of the Bialystok
rioting Tor transmission to their respective governments,
Wlille ibis unprecedented action on
the part of iin- Russian governmenl
does nol Involve a recognition of the
right of foreign countries to make representations regarding the internal affairs of the impire, it is a distinct recognition of the power of public opinion
abroad, and indicates the solicitude of
the foreign governments to know the
Russian stile of the case. The report is
practically identical with that submit.
ted by Stolypln.
New   Life   at  Cascade���C.   P.   R.   Will
Make Gigantic Fill.
(Special   to   the Dally  Canadian.)
tlrand Porks, July 9.���The 0, P. It-
are now making arrangements to do
away with lhe big bridge al Cascade,
and will in Its place make a gigantic
nil. Al present bunk bouses are being
built at Cascade for the men, und lhe
work will start at once. Tbe fill will
be over a quarter of a mile in length
and over 800 feet high, and will lake
fully two years lo complete It. It will
cost fully hair a million dollars. Over
inn men will he employed on the works.
The slatting of Ibis kind ot work at
Cascade has brought new life to the
sleepy burg, which is now Ihe acme of
Word has reached here from Christina lake that greal numbers of lour-
ists ore at the lake now. The two
steamboats are kept more than busy.
The llshlng there now Is excellent, as
is also the trolling for salmon iroul.
those weighing 20 pounds being often
caught, while the tlsh known ns the
"ling." weighing 25 pounds, are also
plentiful, as well as brook and rainbow.
Andrew Thompson, the aerial artist
of the Boundary district, arrived here
yesterday from Cascade. In referring
io his proposed flying machine ascension, Mr. Thompson in an Interview
with your correspondent said: "Yes,
lhe (lying machine Is all right. I am
working steadily on it at Cascade, but
now I nm delayed on account of having
to wall for some of the steel frame,
work which will have lo be made by
Ihe Grand Forks Steel Structural
Works. As soon ns they turn out tills
work for mo 1 can complete the machine in a very short time. At any
mte, I fully expect to be aide to make
tny first ascension from Qrand Forks
within one month's time. There is no
doubt about it working satisfactorily,
for I made nn ascension some three
years ago in one ot the same design.
I went 800 feet high, and 11 worked all
right. It is quite probable that l will
operate an aerial stage line this summer
between Grand Forks and Franklin
camp. I may say that already orders
are coming In for nlr motors, and after
my flrsl ascension the machines will
be In great demand."
Mining Records.
Entries nt Ihe Nelson mining office
hnve been delayed by the worlj of Ihe
slaft on the half yearly reports. Entiles since tho last report Include six
locations, ll certificates of assessment
work and Iwo hills of sale.
J. McEvoy, for Mrs. Kate Orcon, re
corded the Surprise No. 1, on Crnlg
mountain, on the north fork of tbe Salmon river, located June 30th.
C. B. Wilson, for himself and J. Bernard, recorded the Scerro Verde, on
the south fork of the Salmon river, a
relocation of the Silver Queen, located
June 30th.
T, Brown recorded Ihe Black Prlnco,
on Ibe north Bide of Kootonay river, lo
cated June 23rd.
E. Balllnger, for Kale McEvoy, recorded the Wolverine, on Mineral mountain, located June 2lilh.
A. Is. Stewart recorded the Silver
Bell, on the wesl fork of Hover creek,
located July Bth.
J. P. McMillan, for himself and Alex.
Malheson. recorded the Crown, on Clont
river, near Ihe bridge on the government wagon road, located June 2(ith.
Certificates ot work have been Issued
to:   W. Allen, on the Dollle Vlrden und
Zola King; lo P. nnd J. Perkins, on lho
Sellna und Pelum; to J. ll. Williamson,
on the Hot Day; lo J. Halm, on the
Maggie; lo H. Nixon, on the Wnverly;
to A. L. Stewart, on Hie Iron Cliff; to
S. Thomas, on the Wendego and Rod-
erlck Dhu; to A. Johnson, on the Josephine; lo M. S. Davys, on the Stillwater, and to Frank Fletcher, for the Active Cold Mining Company, on the Admiral Meyer and the Bernard.
John Wnldbeser, of Salmo, transferred to P. Burke, of Wnneta, for a
nominal consideration, the Lone Star,
situate on the divide between l,osi and
Sheet) creeks.
O. K. Ogllvie transferred to .1. R. Williamson, for a nominal consideration, a
half Interest In Ihe Hot Day. situated
ou Burnt creek, a mile and a half east
of Ihe nortb fork of Ihe Salmon river.
The following paragraphs show
how the newspapers of the prairie
provinces fall upon each other In
Iheir discussion or political issues,
aud incidentally explains how up-
to-date and wide-awake a newspaper can be. "Tbe West," a weekly paper published in Regina, says
"Ten,years ago, on the 3rd of
June, the Liberal government was
returned to power at Ottawa.
"In commenting on the tenth
anniversary, the Edmonton Bulletin recently enumerated amon<s
the things done by the Laurier
" 'Made the postolBce depart,
ment pay.'
"Even If Ihey have made that
department pay, we cannot see
that they have done anything to
be i in mil of. Is the postal depart-
ment to be allied with tbe customs
department for revenue-producing
purposes'.' We do not think that
the proper administration of the
postal department demands, and
we arc safe In saying that what
the people expect, Is not revenue
from this department, but proficient service.
"If the present government lias
made the iKistofflce department
pay, they have done It at the expense of the service, us every village, town an.I dry of the west
will testify.
"If the people approve of the
present government's administration ol this department, why are
the Liberal papers throughout Ihe
country Joining wllh the opi��si-
tion tu crying out against tho l
abominable service?
"Take ihe staff of any city ofllce lu the wesl and look them
over. They are invariably underpaid, and iio per cent, of them are
absolutely incompetent
"Vei this is what we are asked
to applaud on the tenth anniversary of tbe Laurler government.
"The citizens of Regina are not
making any demonstration over
the successful administration of i
the postal service, and we do not
think that Edmonton has anything
lo be proud of In this respect. In
perusiug the report of the recent
boards of trade convention held
there, we lind as follows respecting the postal service resolution:
"'Speaking to the adoption of
this resolution, W. McCausland, of
Regiua. powerfully voiced the demand of the west for a better postal service. A universal cry, he
said, had gone up about the inelll-
cieucy of the postal service. The
Ottawa people were slow moving,
and seemed to be utterly unable
to grasp the wesUirn conditions.
Through a wanl of postal supervision many towns had suffered
greatly. He suggested that It
would be a good idea for the government to appoint a supervisor
to advise on Ihe wants of the people of the west. The trouble lay
in the west being too far front the
centre of the postal system for
them to know what was required.'
"This discussion was general,
aud Mr. Dowsett, of Edmonton. ,
said that the creation of a surplus
tn this direction under such conditions us prevail In the west is ridiculous.
"Another Etlmonton man said
that the postal service of that city
wus such lhat It takes two days
for a letter to cross the street.
"Reviewing this question reasonably uud Impartially, neither
the Bulletin nor any other Journal
on behalf of Ibe government can
claim that the country has been
properly dealt wllh by the post
ofllce department."
Strange Discovery.
Atlin, July 0.���Whend riving ncross
Tar Flats on Saturday Malcolm Ross,
driver tor Kerr & Co., discovered the
lifeless body Of Mrs. Charlotte Till lying on the road. Mr. Ross Immediately
returned and made known the facl.
When found the body was still warm.
Steamship Arrivals.
New York, July    9.���The    following
sleamers arrived today:   The Pannonlu,
from Naples,  nnd tho  Ryndam,  from
Highwayman Holds up
Five Stages
Shoots Locks off Express Boxes
and Rifles Contents Under
Masked Covering.
Fresno, Col.. July 9.���A despalch to
the Republican from Bcrenda announces that the highwayman who held
up live stages near Ahwahnee on Saturday nlghl has beeu captured. The
name of the bandit or particulars of the
capture could not be ascertained. Tbe
arrest was made at Wawonn. The first
authentic Information was received
here last night, when J. F. Tlbbelt, of
Riverside, who, with his wife and Miss
Amy Mlchelbackcr, came out of the valley.
The robbery occurred six miles from
the stopping place at Ahwahnee, on the
other side. At that place the road winds
around the side of a hill and comes to
a sudden point. At this point the robber stepped out and ordered W. A.
Palmer, the driver of the first stage, to
stop.    The latter quickly complied.
The highwayman wore a black mask,
and had sacks tied around his feet to
prevent the leaving of any tell-tale
tracks as a clue for a pursuing posse.
He held in his right hand a rifle, and
when he ordered the passengers to
alight, all quickly got oul of the stage
and lined up on the road with their
hands above their heatls. 11. W. Elliott,
from Hermlloso, was ordered to take
the express box from the stage. While
he was waiting for tho other stage to
come up, the robber shot the lock off
the Wells-Fargo box and rifled Its contents. The bandit stopped the other
sfages In the same way, lining the passengers up and keeping them covered
with his gun. When all the passengers.
45 In number, were lined up, the bandit,
with a show of gaiety, selected one
among the young and pretty girls as his
first, assistant, and told her she was appointed collector. She hesitated for a
moment, and then went about the work.
The girl did not come up to tbe robber's
requirements, and he told her she was
a poor highwayman, ordering her to
get Into line and appointing a man to
take her place, requiring him to search
the passengers. An English woman
and her daughter were in the party,
and when the robber approached her
sno dropped ln the road In a dead faint.
He only laughed as he searched her.
Steamer Kuskanook Carried Big Crowd
and Satisfied All.
The first excursion on the new steamer Kuskanook was a very pleasant and
successful one, enjoyed by several hundred citizens. The start from the city
wharf was made a few minutes after 2
p. m.
The first stopping place was Pilot
Bay, where the excursionists had an
opportunity from the deck of the steamer of Inspecting the renovated smelter.
On tho return to Procter some of tho
party landed. The steamer was then
taken for a northern cruise to a Utile
beyond Alnsworth.
Afler another stop to pick up those
al Procter, the trip to the city was
made ami lhe whurf reached at 0:20.
Only occasionally und for short periods
did Captain Gore let his boat go at full
speed to give his passengers an Idea
of whal she could do. In four hours
and a quarter, including four stops,
about 02 miles was covered.
in spite of an occasional downpour
of rain, the trip was thoroughly en-
Joyed by all on board. The cily band
accompanied the excursion and reuder-
od an excellent program.
Confiscated Good Stuffs.
Montreal, July 9.���A report just
made by Dr, McCarrey, chief food Inspector here, .shows that during last
year total confiscations amounted to
1,104 animals and 274,242 pounds of
Boer General Seeks Land.
Montreal,  July  9.���General De    Vil-
liers. the Boer general, Is ln Montreal.
and  seeks a tract of land ln Canada
upon which his countrymen may settle.
Game  Protection.
The latest Issue of tho Provincial Gazette contains two Important proclamations���a close season   for   moose   In
Koolenay for three years from July 10,
1900. and a close season for mountain
sheep in the district bounded by the
main line of the C. P. R��� the Columbia
river, the international boundary and
tbe coast.
Excursion Demoralized by Sabbath Ob-
serving Launch.
The hamper lhal they longed for never came!
A sad fale befell a party of Sons of
England yesterday. They wore cast
away on the shores of the West Arm
or Kootenay lake without food or shelter, and with nothing to drink.
An excursion was arranged in three
parties for the purpose ot canvassing
the ranchers along the Bouth shore,
most of whom ate English, for membership in the Nelson lodge of the Sons of
A number left the city on the steamer Moyle at 4:30 a. m. Some landed at
Thirteen-Mile Point, others went to
Procter, to return In a rowboat to the
point. The remainder were to leave
Nelson in a launch with provisions for
the whole parly and rendezvous at
The advance guard did Its work well,
and secured fifteen new subscribers.
Elated with their success, aud with
their appetites whetted by a long morning spent in the sun, they returned to
the point eager for the good things
they knew would be there. Their succors had not arrived, and did not arrive,
though they waited until tbe arrival of
the Crow boat. They remembered
with regret the numerous Invitations
to lunch they had declined for the sake
of keeping their tryst.
Meanwhile the launch party, ln a
hired launch, were stranded at Five-
Mile point. The Sabbath observance
bill seemed to have become miraculously retroactive. There was no apparent
defect In the machinery, but if simply
refused to work. The party had plenty
to eat and drink except for one member, who had the misfortune to be a
total abstainer, aud required a cup of
After trying In vain all day to get
Iheir launch machinery to work, the
voyageurs got out their oars and put
about to return to the city. Then the
wheels began to revolve and the launch
made good time.
Imprisonment for Half a Year Instead
of Capital Punishment for
.ii Soldiers.
TifliB, Caucasia, July 9.���The military
tribunal, realizing the tremendous fomentation In the garrison here, has let
off with light punishments the 27 mutineers who had been sentenced to be
shot because they refused to fire on the
populace during the disturbances of
last March. Thirteen of them were sentenced to Imprisonment for from six
weeks to a year, and the remainder
were acquitted.
Father Seeks Aid of Court to be Declared Next Friend of Daughter.
An unusual application was made In
county court ot chamberB this morning
before his honor Judge Forln. Benjamin Wiik holds a policy in the North
American Life Insprance Company, In
which his daughter, Edith Wllk, a minor, is named as beneficiary. He
wishes to realize its cash surrender value, $80. He had to apply for an originating summons to nave himself declared to be Edith Wilk's next friend.
Tho application was made by James
O ouea, and granted.
In Gibson vs. Canadian Metal Company, H. C. Hall obtained an order for
payment out.
S. P. Tuck was appointed administrator of the goods of K. Ctzowlskl, deceased.
Price of Metals.
New York, July 9.���Silver, 04 3-4;
copper, 17 7-8; eletcrolytlc opper stock,
IS 1-40)18 3-8; lead, $5.75.
London, July 9.���8ilver, 29 16-lCd:
lead, ��10 7s Od.
Trains snd Steamers.
Crow boat���Four hours late.
Slocan train���Half hour late.
Coast. Boundary aud Rossland train
-Half hour late.
local fishermen complain of tho
action of launch owners who persistently cross and recross the course of the
current during the evening, with no
apparent motive but to spoil tho fishing. The trout at this timo of Ihe year
remain ln tho stream of the current,
where their food Is most plentiful. The
passing of a launch Is sufficient to
frighten them far half an hour.
Mob Dig up Stones From
the Streets
Holy Synod Forbidden to Publish
Tracts or  Take Sides
in Struggle.
8t. Petersburg, July 9.���Political demonstrations, during which the crowd
carried red flags and sang revolutionary songs, occurred in many places In
Si. Petersburg yesterday afternoon and
night, necessitating the interference of
the police and military patrols. Street
cars were held up and their occupants
were compelled to uncover and salute
the red (lags. This monstrous affair
happened near the Moscow railway station:
An officer, later Identified as Lieutenant Thorn, made a revolutionary
speech to a crowd of 2,000 people. A
detachment of police attempted to disperse the assemblage, but the people
armed themselves with stones dug up
from the streets and beat off the police
and squadron of Cossacks. Eventually
the Cossacks were reinforced, and fired
a blank volley in tbe air, whereupon
the rioters fled Into neighboring courts.
Only a few persons were seriously Injured, but Thorn was arrested and taken to the fortress. A meeting which
was addressed by orators from a window of the constitutional station, near
the Democratic club, was dispersed by
mounted gendarmes, during which several persons were wounded with sabres,
and a performance at the People's Palace waB broken up, the audience singing "The Marseillaise" as they dispersed.
The guards on the mail wagons are
now armed with rifles, owing to the Increasing number of attacks made on
these vehicles. Six more newspapers
of this city have been confiscated.
Landlords from the provinces where
agrarian disorders are occurring are
flocking into Moscow and St. Petersburg, and are appealing for troops to
protect their property, without which
they declare It Is Impossible for them
to live on their estates.
Some of the papers regard General
Trepoff's announcement ln favor of a
ministry composed of constitutional
democrats as a sham death-bed repentance, designed to give the emperor and
court a breathing spell, while others
consider it to be a confirmation of tbe
report that Trepoff has fallen from favor and Is trimming his sails to the
prevailing breezes.
The holy synod bas received strict
instructions forbidding the printing establishments of monasteries from publishing political tracts or In any way
taking sides In tbe present struggle.
All metal quotations are down today,
silver one point, copper one, and Loudon lead five points.
October 2nd next has been fixed aa
the date for the opening of the fall assizes, criminal and civil.
C. M. Fraser and Mrs. Fraser leave
tomorrow morning for Slocan City to
spend a few weeks camping.
J. O. Gllllce, district agent for the
A Ills Chalmers-Bullock Company, returned from Spokane last night, and
leaves for Greenwood tomorrow morning.
Messrs. Hood & Teetzel, of the Store
of Quality, are nothing If not up to date.
They have Installed an electric dynamo
of a quarter horse power to grind oof-
fee. It bas a capacity of about 200
pounds an hour.
J. H. Matheson has bought out
Messrs. Elliott and Morrison, Hall
street, and will go Into business as a
locksmith and gunsmith. After his
travels, he is convinced that Nelson Is
the best town ln the country.
A quarrel between two fruit men,
which led to the laying of a charge of
assault, was thrashed out this morning
In the provincial police court. Tbe
good offices of the maglstrste, E. A.
Crease, and the counsel, R. S. Lennte
und R. W. Hannlngton, aided In composing the quarrel and the charge was
Belville Tomklns, manager of tho
Strathcona, has inaugurated a policy of
Improvement which will convert an already presentable hostelry Into a palatial tourist hotel. Thompson & Douglas
have taken a contract to paint the entire building, and the work has begun.
The Strathcona will hereafter be green
bordered with black. The Daily Canadian
Crown Gem Jars, Pints per doz., $1.00
CrOWll Gem JarS, Quarts per doz.,     1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Half Gai. per doz., 1.50
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PnblUhad kU iU)ra a week bylhu
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ttiibaorlptlou ratal, .<��� ui month dollye-ml
tn tin- city, or |6.00a year H aeni by mull, when
i>ui<i In advance,
AiivtTiiiiiiii: rfttea on uppii-'iiiiuii.
All monies p,ii>. in settleinunl <>f Thr Daily
Canadian aoeounl.-. elUiei foi subscriptions or
advertising, musl bo receipted for on tbe printed
forms "f iin- Company,   utlior row Ipts are noi
jui-y *.��. I900.
���' By one word wo are Bometlmi t Judged to be
wlie and uy ono word someilmei Judgt'd ti be
(OOlllh.    Is6t US  Uierefore   bd en refill   ivliiil   We
If there iu one stibjeci more Uian another which hits ihiuwn ihe opposition
press Into paroxysms and hysteria, ii i^
the recent sale ol the useless lands ui
Kaien Island tu afford terminal facilities on tin- Pacific coast for the Qrand
Trunk transcontinental railway, Tke
sale uf these lands was the subject oi
inquiry by a commission appointed at
the request ot the opposition in the i<>
(al house during the last session, ami
ever since thai time the opposition
press has been laniv reeking and teeming witli abuse oi ilie chlel commissioner ut' lands ami works, and of the oft
mler, because ul the deal which thflj
made with Messrs. Bodwell and Larson, who represented the Grand Truui.
Pacific. Tlu' constant reader ol in b>
[papers, ignorant ta He- tacts in ih
case, would naturaily come to ihe conclusion thai a deal ui some immoral oi
unstatesmaullke nature had been el
faded hy thr government In respeel ti>
the Kaien island lands, Whereas Lht
simple statement ol ihe facts in the
cusr will serve lo show how baseless
is the charge and how conscienceless
are those who make ii,
A review of ihe negotiations ot ih>
Grand Trunk Pacific company in its
efforts to secure transcontinental chat
ins iy niiiiet'i ss.n \   al   Ihis Stage Of the
discussion, (hough ii such reviow weru
made- and lie/ tacts made known to Mi.
public, thr action oi ine government ui
ihis province as couipuiod witli that oi
the Dominion could not bul be highly
complimentary to tho lormer. ti is weii
known thai the u,  P. P. sought to ob
lain land grants ana bouuses lo an nn
limited extent tvlthtn the province o,
British Columbia, ami Lhal they tried
every available method to hold up lho
province for six million acres of land.'
li is equal I j well known Lhal tbe McBride goveiumen! announced Its unalterable determination Lo graul no mori
Lund for railway bouuses In British i o
iiiinhia, a policy which II has undevi-
uualy pursued Bince iis accession to
It is easily seen, therefore, that if tbe
(i, T. p. was lo have a \\. stern l< rml
nus and a harbor on the Pacific coast,
the only method ol securing such privileges would be by tho purchase of Lhe
necesaary  land.
Thf northwestern coast of BrltUh
Columbia Is wild land, unsurvoyed aim
uninviting for ordinary purposes, being
ricli, so far as is known, chiefiy in Umber and mineral wealth. After exhausting lis resources in attempting to secure a free grant of land for railway
purposes, the t;. T. P. was forced to tho
necessity uf mahlng purchase of the
foreshore and terminal area thai was
indispensable to its |dans. There are
three classes ol lands for sale under
the government regulations of this province, Their Specification Is definite,
and they fall under three valuations
per acre, according lo the nature uml
location of lho (toll.   Wild hinds usually
worthless for agricultural purposes nro
sold ai one dollar per ftcroi Other
prices are for areas ai iwo dollars, and
Still others ai five dollars per acre. The
<i. T. !'. purchased lands in the lira
class as an ordinary business transaction, because thai happened to ho the
class or land wanted ai tlie point where
they decided to lix their western terminus. Any other person could have purchased the same hinds for the same
money. There could he no possible Increment from these lands, or no way
hy which they could be made to Increase in value except as they were
made available for some such inirpose
as that uf the (.!. T. P. The government,
after steadfastly refusing to grant any
lauds lo the <1. T. I'. as a bonus, sold it
the necessary area as a straight business transaction. Tlie government, iii
addition lo this sale, with a wise view
io the future rise in land values which
would ensue from railway construe
tion, reserved each quarter section of
the laud and each fourth thousand feel
ot the foreshore. Consequently, whatever rise in values may accrue from
railway construction will he equitably
shared in hy the province of British Co
That is substantially all that was discovered hy a long, exhaustive and exhausting investigation which took place
tii the instance of the leader of Ihe op
position and his faithful Friday, Oliver.
The loud lament of the Dally News
and other opposition papers is that the
government did nut deal directly with
the <;. T. P., hut wllh ii Mr. Bodwell ol
Victoria. It Is the usual eiisiorn for
corporations, and even for individuals,
lo employ some one lu acl as a uihhlh -
man on all proposed purchases. Thai
is a common practice, as it leaves the
principals on both shies free lo pursue
Iheir ordinary vocations without distraction. Tluil ihe fl. T. P. did so shows
Iheir good business sense, and that the
government of lhe province did not
deal wiih the duly accredited representative of lhe ti. T P. no one has dared
to suggest, unless it he to perveri tbe
facts and mislead the people for political purposes.
When this is all said, however, (here
remains one more question lo he an
BWered���a question which will readily
BUggesI Hseir io ihe average mind, nnd
which Is as easily answered. This is
the question; if there was nothing
wrong with lhe Ka.ien island hind sale,
why do lhe opposition press seek lo
make so much capital oul of the tran-
snclion. and why was there an official
Investigation? The answer Is that Iho
opposition leader, counselled by Mr.
���lohn Oliver, thought he saw a chance
lo gain a modicum uf notoriety hy seeking io persuade the country that ho
was looking closely after its interests.
Whether the opposition was honest or
dishonest in asking for an investigation need not now he discussed. The
ract is, tluil after wearisome weeks,
nothing of any public interest was ello-
lled, save the foot that a good deal had
lieen made. Then there followed the
sensational senndul-iiiongering of Ihe
Liberal press of tbe province, the coining of such phrases as "band of adventurers, male and female," with other
baseless insinuations and henrlless
charges. The explanation of the whole
disreputable plot lies in the fact lhal the
Opposition press fell nn obligation to
protect lhe leader of Ihe opposition
from the scathing denunciation that
would have followed his senseless conduct in asking for an Investigation. By
keeping up their clamor and repeating
their unscrupulous charges, the opposition press has sought to draw oh* Iho
attention of the public from their utler
helplessness aud Incapacity both In and
outside of ilie house. Thai is all there
i:. in ihe attempt to raise a sensation
abOUl lho Kaien island sale.
Th.- Dallj N'ew,, in an editorial re-
vlew ol Finance Mlnh Ler Tatlow s tin
mini statement, has this lo say:
"Oi course, it is easy enough t" show
thai the surpluses have been obtained
by increasing taxation on the one hand
ami by curtailing public expenditures
on die olher."
We hum our readers will pardon tlie
lapse Into colloquialism, hut as a criticism of a financial statement from th.'
provincial minister, "wouldn't thai jar
>uu'.'" A finance minister is in inoreas
ilie revenues of the province, hut he
musi nol Increase taxation, lie must
show a growing ��� ui plus from ft ar lo
year, bul Im musl tiol decrease, expenditure.    What   is  Ihe  poor   man   in  do?
We   suppose    LhO    .New:.    wiilM   BUggeSl
thai la1 Open a mini, oi thai ho counter'
it-n coin, or lhal he discover some oc-
miu way io maintain ihe balance between iho rationnl Income ol a province
and lis rational oxpendlturos. Perhaps
ih< llnance minister should decrease
lhe taxes and increase lhe oxpcdituru,
and mill show a surplus on ihe right
side of ids balanco sheet.
Tluil ihe province has lost over $250,-
(mo from Its share of Lhe Chinese rov.
hug tax, iiini still meota iis expend!
tures, is sure!) something to he proud
ni. Whal ;i p'rotty mis up we should
have in provincial finances ii the oppo
Billon were jn charge, and would carrj
out their suggestion for increasing the
revenue and decreasing ihe expediture!
When ihis is lhe mosi thai can he said
by captious iimi fractious opposition
critics, it is surely time for congratulations on ill! sides.
The News continues to refer to this
paper as "a local apologia! for lhe Me
Bride government," if the News thinks
i' can play the snob with this paper,
we will shortly leach il that it is aboul
as much mistaken iis it usuallj is iu
its political editorials.
Since the Liberals have made ihe
postal department pay, we respectfully
request thai they Immediately decrease
flu- taxation, increase their postal expenditure and still show a balance ou
the righl side uf iheir ledger.
Rare Statesmanship.
Even before confederation was an accomplished fact rare statesmanship was
displayed in Canada by her prince of
statesmen, Sir John A. Macdonald,-who
in the Seigniorial Tenure Act and ihe
Secularization of lhe clergy reserves
settled fur all time to come in this coutu
try vexed issues almosl wholly analogous lo those of the Irish land question
and that of the pari played hy a slate
church in lhe BCheme of national education. These are questions in Imperial
politics ihat have vexed successive parliaments in Britain lor over 5u years,
find Ihey are apparently no nearer act-
tlemenl today than they were then, ai
though administration a iter adminls
l tilt ion made shipwreck upon them;
but iu Canada we have been saved
from both.���Hedloy Gazette.
A   man's shady  past will  nol  b'mpfil
him in lhe good old summer time
A full tin..- of Ci-ockvl*^,
China in,it QlflisltwcituSa
Alio Second Ifiiiiil''ni.iliif Kvorv HosiTip.
iimi,  We imvorni tin. si,, .isnii.i nil it
LoWO'l l-rli',-:- In Town.
Biker PL, next to '' I'.K Ticket OUIra,
40 Acre Farm
A valuable farm for mile, situated in
the hearl of the fruit growing country.
in acres, 3 acres well olsared and aboul
7ii frull trees planted, tin' bearing some
ihis year. A good cabin, rool bouse and
stable mi the property, also n nice
spring. The land Is of lite very best
quality, ami can be all worked. If is
beautifully situated on Bowser lake,
West Koolenay, one mile from posl office and store and two miles from I'. P.
B. branch to Troul Lake Splendid
farm ror potatoes. There have been
font' crops In succession withoul manure, and the last crop was as good as
Ihe lirsl.
$800 Cash Takes It
Qrand Forks, U. O,
Or to Win. SimpiODi llowseu.
TAKE NOTIOH iimi 1 iiiii-iH i" apply al Uio
next -minus .if Uio Hoard ol i   onelm c  ���
iloners i.'i iIh'CUv ul Nelson, lor a transfer lo
tJfiirKflliiriliiiili.il' Nelson. U '* "I in*   Lil'eusu
Iii sen fermontal ami splrltu  liquors mi Ilie
|.i,mi..- km.wii us il.f l.',s. View Hotel, Vernon
Street, Nelson, B. 0.
Baled the nil day "flu >', l��M
\i ���   -i Thomas
||,l ISS, Vi. A   MllCOONil.il.
Notice is hereby given tbat iwdayi from data I
i nt.-ml to npjiiy lo I lie M nun iii I-1" t h<- �� I !om-
in:-- inn.t ni l.iitid.x itn-1 Works, foi I'finiesl'iii Id
imii'iniM- tbe follow lu a dotcrlbed nii.iv situate
at LIh> mouth Ol  HutChHoll vtwk OU   tin'  Arrow
LakpH lu tbo Woil Kootenay imirioi     ibont&J
tiiti -   ol   luinl.   iiniinii'inini'   ni   ii   ]'"'i   murk fit
W. ll I' s vv. poitTtht Doe u i ih in r*halna, then-
ri- eaal at) chalna. thtneo louth i" rhniu*, thenee
w -' .ii cbalm t>> polnl or meurviiienl.
Dated LblaUh day of June ItWfl.
���Vii liam H uun Pi ii���"-
Notice t" herehj given (baton day* Irom date i
Intend in apply lo Ibe Uouotabl Uio Cblel Coin-
miailouor of i*ndi aud Worka. for permlulon in
imrrliaw H'ki ihtcn oMnii!! nt V'mi  XoUleil i-reek
[n the Arrow Lain, m t in- W'eil Kootonay Dlitrlet. BliittliiK from ri poll iintrk-i. -\ >. I. N. w.
poat, thenoe 40 chaini eaat. thence i" ohalni
M'utii. the ���in ohalua treait thonce ���i|* t'lmini
iioitli in (mi ut. nlfiiiiinii'iM'i'tniiii
Dated tlili ith day of June 1000.
Abthur John Lonq.
Win I IM .' ToVB, Agftlt.
Notice i- bereby giv in thai BOdayi aftct dato
K-elntoud to apply to the Houorablo the Chlel
Commliai ��r ol (Anda and Worki id Victoria.
B.C. for perminloii (���' purebaae the (niintvini;
duorlbou landa,iltuato In Weal Koolenay <li>--
tfii-t    ('ilium' in iui' nt ii noil plantotl nt Tl a>
Jeromo'i N B. poit, and murk.-ii Peter Deaoll
ami A Ohoquolta N. W. Oorner; tlieiicn W chaini
l'hhi thonce '.'ii chalna aoutli, thence bo ohalni
woati tlienco Welt ijni north in Uio comment ihk
pOIti run In I n in it in acres nmn,' nr U'ns.
Dated HayilA.
I'i:ti:h DHKI i-
W. A. JoHBH, Agent
Notlco is bereby gfron thatalxty dayi after dato
1 iiiii-iid in npplv in ihe Honorable tin- Chief
Oointntaalouer of Landa and Worki, Viotorla. ror
permlMlon tn purebaae thr following deicrlbed
la nits in Weal Kootenay. Commciu lu��al a poal
iiuirkcii Edgar W. ' ynnaaoulb weit coiner near
toUarnol creek and aboul -' miles louth nf Moa-
ijiiitn ctcok nml Aiinut I mllea weal nf Columbia
kivit; thenoe north *> chalm, theuct oaal vt
ohalna. tbenueaouth ����� chalm, tbenco weal 'in
obatna tn place or coumeucement, containing
���^iK'Tui", being Iheaame more or leas,
Dated June 4, I1UG.
v. iivnk.- Agent.
Notloe i- bereby given lhal layi aftei datol
inu'tni tn moke appiicaimn i<> the llouorable tbo
chief Commlaaioner ol Landiand Worki fnr per
minion tii purohaae the tallowing deicrlbed
landa:  Commencing hi a poil plact ���] on tho eaal
nlmru of Lower Arrow UUtCt adjoining J. Hatcii'
preemption on tbe aouthweit marked "T *.'*
N. w. (������ mer pn��t." Tbence runnlug ��>' chHiun
uasi; thenee r*< ohalna aouth; ihcnce 80chalna,
mora or leaa. weal to the lake ihorc, theuceiol-
lowlng lak- siinre tn point nf commencement,
oontafnlugiHuaoraa, more nr leu,
Tim-  KlNAHAN.
Dated this 7th <lnv of June, |90|
.'���nil,',- Li hereby glYCll lhal 00 aj ���mi i dato I
Intend in make application t" the iouorablotho
Clite! CniiijniaMoiii'r of LHiidmntl Wotki for per
million in purcha.-c   the   following deaoilbed
IuM.Ih:    Commencing   at   ��  poll  plaeetl  ou   lhe
noTtheoat i orner of 'I' Klnahan'i AjipiicHtUm in
Puronoae, marked "it. '���' - po*ner poal." running
��u ohalna eaat; tbence 80 chalm aouttij thenoe *"
ohalna west; thenee following r Kinaban'aeaat-
arn bounda*y to i>oint nf commencement, con
lalnlng oMo aorei, moreoi teaa,
Dated this 7ih da> of [nni, 1*00.        	
Notice is bereby given that 60 daya afterdate!
Intend in make application to too Honorable the
Chlel Conitniwionerof Landi and Works for per-
inlaslon  tn purchiu..- tin- [ollowDig deaorlbed
JhihIs:    ( nininein inn  at h post pluteil at tin- ili-
t.' Beotion ni fbeeatn boundary of J. Hates' preemption and tlie north boundary of T Klnahan's
Application to Pnrebaie, marked "T.K.Jr'a h w
, orner pOlt "   'III  nee fnllowiilK ���'. Hates',-antcm
i oundarVi40ohalni north; tjnenceBOchalnaeait;
thence 40 chHlns to the no them boundary of
Hannah "Uerney'a Applloatlan to Purebaae;
ihenco following thonortherh bounda*yol same
Hint northerly boundary of t Klnahao'a Appii-
oatlon ^.' PnriiiiiKc. to point of oommenoement,
containing B3o aorea, more or leu,
T. KlNAHAN, ,Ilt.
Dnle'l this 7th day of .hiiie, I'.HMI.
Notice is herhy Kivtii Unit I inlelnl, i>i 4*\-
after dale In apply tn llie Chief CommUMoiier <i(
Landa and Wn-ts for peunlaaion in purebaae th-'
ro'lowing uscriiieti landa iltuato at nre Valley,
Kootenay dlatrlct. Commencing al a poat fmark*
ed iicorKi- Youuk -���rtii west corner) placed at
tin' imriii wsi corner of s, ctlon Itt townabip 09;
ihence east 80 chalm to th.- nortii eaal uei of
Mill section 28; thenee soil'h  10 cliain-, tbence
west >v> oUuina, thence north 40 chalna to the
place of beginning. enuiHiinuK Bite acres  and
in'iun tin- northerly ball of cold section ���*>*, i,,wn-
l atod nt Nelson, B. c, June 6th 1006
i.l.iifi.i    'Iii   ���..
Notice ts berel.y given thai I intend, 00 daya
afti-r ��uie, in apply tn the Chief Commlul r of
Liin.lt. ami Worki fnr jK-nnission lo purchase
the following deicrlbed landa,iltuate at Klre
Valley, Knnieniiy DJitrlci Commencing at a
poal (in^ikc.l   fieorge i'onng north east corner)
placc.l at   lhe   north   ea*^l   Comer nf  htIIiih   ,IJ
townabip 09; thenco sonth ������-ii��irt.- to the south
cast eoriier of laid lecllou ^: thenoe weal  10
i hams, tlienco north 80 CjlAlOS, an.I  thence  cast
10 chains to the p'ace of begmn'ng, conlatnlug
820 acres, and belug llio eaiterly half of aald ioi
tion 82. io.' nahfpOv.
Dated at Nelson, B. f:. June 6th Iff 0
QgQHOK  yp| MO,
Notlco is hereby given that l Intend 00 daya
after date to apply In th" Chief C(,ni inissloiit-i of
Landi nml v nrks for permission to purchase
Ilm [ollowiilg Cescrihed lands, situate af Fire
Valley, Kootenay I i.tHet. i onmenclng al a
post {marked L uallagher���south wosl corner)
placed at the south won oorner nf section ta,
townabip DO the nee north N) chains to lho north
West enrtier nf tritil section ;t:i; thenco cast 10
chains,   thence   south  m ehalns   to   tin-   Month
boundary of aald section 88, and ihoucc west in
ciiaiii'. lothc place of bcglouing contuinlug 8-J0
acrei nnil Imiiiirlh.' Westerly half t,f s>il<l BUC��
linn :t:i, townflllpOS,
Dated at Nolson, b c. Juno ftih 1800,
Notice Ih In:
<late I
y given ihnt ft)day
lot'ii i in make application m the ll
Chief ft nlsiluiicr nf Unds ami wnrks for |,-,
mi-inn  to purchase ihe follnwtng dcaerlbiMl
lauds: ( on nclug m u |his| marked A. W. fai-
den loulhunsl oorner, section 12, Township on,
iniiiilni; east iwi-niy chains, south forty cluuns,
t twenty chains rlli forty chains to place
i-fc   ...
I'nie.lJnly ;t, 10;
Notlco Is bereby giv
Johh IUkos
Notlco i~ bereby given ihai sixty rw) daya after
data i inteml t,> applv to tbo Honorable tho
i hief Commlaaioner of J,amlv ami Wort;., ror
permission U) purchase Hie following described
tract of in ml: iltuate al Queens' lt,iv on the truil
ihoreol K may Lukeinihe Dlatrlcl of West
Koolenay, Province of Hritish Columbia ami
containing by admoaiureinenl 101.180 acres he
lhe Bflmo mure or less, which puree] mav he
mora liar'icnhiiiv deicrlbed as follows. Commencing ai a flint on the westerly boundary nf
I,. 7iwi (,. i float Kootenay Dlatrlct. being the
smith ensl corn-,- ,,f i, tffliQ, ]; tbenco weiterly
following tho nuniherly iMmndarvof L, 08810 1,
WlehiiiliS   more   or   less   |o   Ihe   couth   west   ,.���r.
ner of feii.i  Lol 08��i O, i; thence aalroiiomlo
south -ID chains mure or less to tlm northerly boundary -f I>. it. Balloch'i Application to
Purchase! theuco easterly folinwin^ the north,
cily boundary of said lt.lt. BgUoch'i Application
in PurchMO 2^.872 chains mole or less io lhe
shore of Queens' Hayj tlielie- following tbo lluu-
osily of llie s>i 1<I shore In u norlli eastdlv d 1 lectin li 70 ohalna inon-or U-hs ic, i I,,',con Hi west corner of sail 1x117080 0.1; thenco nortliorly follow
Ine tie westerly boundary of said 1-ot 7^1 wo u. 1,
1.008 Chalm more or less to point  of eoninu���nee-
Dated .linie lo, lllflfi. ��. ^f. Prvi-okh.
Nolh.e  l��   hereby  Klvotl   thai sixlv  dayin after
date l int.-mi toapply to the Hoiiorahle tiiociHef
Commbslonorofl Is and Work* for permLslon
tonnrohaao the following .ieserlhe<l tract ol Ian 1
in  ��<-sl  Kootenay illstrict: neKlliniiijr at 11 iiosi
planted at the northwestcorn��r of Lni.��.,i7, on
I'ok I refk, thence hoiiIIj ���!(> chains, thence W(.���,
���in chains more or less, thenee norlh 40cbalm
more or less, thenee ensl to lakcalioro,��nd to
ii'iicuof i.cKfiuiliiK, the same is iiilenled toem
brai'^ what is known as the iiniisiiii pro.emptlon,
Dated July &, 1800. UKo. B. Wiiitk,
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Notice It hereb] glren thai I Intend,00 ,ia>-
after date, in apply to llio Chief Commlaaioner ol
lamls anil Worki toi  I-  lillMloii Ui inn has,  tin
full,.win,; dew tlbed lands,altuate at Fire Valley,
Koo'eiiav I'istriet. ('oininoiieiii(j al n p<"t (nmrk
e,i I'. II O'Connor aouUi eaal eorner) placed at
tlm north eaai i orner of loctlon Wi, townabip W;
thenco weal 10 chalna, thenei north W ehalns.
llieneo eaal io chalna, and thenee smith Huchnins
tn ihe place of boglnniny, containing NO aorea*
Dated at Nelaon. B C. June -ih tsoo.
iv ii. O'Connor,
i.'   . ��� ;   Yoi'No, Ageut.
Notice t- herd ) given thai i-) daya from date i
Intend loapply tn ihe Hi rahlo tne Chief Com
tnlatloner of Landa and Work- for penntaaloii in
punlias.   tl llowlUg   'les.'i i Led   Inmls, III   the
Woil Kootonay Dlatrlcl    Band [aland, in tlm
Colombia Klvei aboul t miles north ol Barton
city; all of saei Island above high water, being
in aorei mon* nr leu.
Dated this M Hay of June, 1800.
Kimnk NORTOJI      I
'I    I'M .KIV.sos., Anelil
Btxly 'lav- aftei date I Intend io app') to the
Commlaatonei ol Landa and Worh^. victoria, to
purchaao 160 acrei ol land.   Commencing at it
post planted on tin- weat shere nf Arrow Ijike. al
the south eaal corner ol ���' J ChrfaUe'i pun has.-,
running north 80 chalna, thenoe east w ehalna,
them -- ?"iiitii B0chalna, thenoe west ho. ham- to
place Of dimU1I n  eon-lit
Located Mir,  Bth 1000,
a. r.mtiK.
I.. Qa| i.a'.iiki!,  I^irator.
Not le-- is bereby given that 00 daya from date 1
Intend toapply in tho Honorable the Commli
hI,iiut of Liin.is ami Work- for pennlaalon in
purchaao the following deacrlbed landa, altuate
In tbo Went Kootenay Dlatrlct. e)tartlug from a
poat marked W||nBin Brnral Davlaon'id.H poil
aboul two eim - ''list ..f Uc-r park mi the Arrow
Lakei thence 10chalna south, thenco 4u chalm
weat, theuce 10 chalna north, Ihenco eat) tn polnl
ol commencement, containing nhnut 100acre*.
Ddieil thisMih .lav of June, IWO.
\\ 11 ! I tM   KaSF.SI   lull-,..
S'oii..- iv i;. r. by given thai 00 daya after date I
i ni fie I loapply io tin- llom>rnl>le too Chief C -
mfaaloner ol Landa ami Works for permlsaloii to
pnrchHie the following deacrlbed landi in the
Weal Kootetmy dlatrlcl; commencing ��t o ihiii
iimrkcd "Nathaniel Mclntyro's H, (���: corner,"
planted on ihe weataldoof the Columbia Ktvtr,
about 7 rolled nm Hi of Itun.tli ''Hy, ami HUrhalns
north of tho aouth-weat oorner of Lot S73, tho	
in.nil m chalna, thence weal 80 chain-, ihence
louth hn chain-, ihenco eaal B0chalm in polnl .>[
ci moment, containingM0acrea.
Dated this 12th day of June, WOO.
N uiumk.   Mi IHTYBB
T. C, M akin anil, Agelll
Nolle,- i, hereby givon that 00 daya after date I
intend Loap|>iy lo iho Honorable UieCnlcl i
mlaaloiiei ..i Land 1 Worki for permlulon in
purchase tho following deacrlbed lands: <	
mencing at a poal placed on the nortb il  ol
nm weat arm of k nuy Lake, al He- noriheasl
corner nf John ttrauks1 pre-emption Lhenuu
weal \" chalm, more --r less, to the southeast
corner of Lol No. 7405, thence north Uchalua,
tbence oust in chains moro or ].�����-., thence m<rih
10ohalus tn the poll)I of commencement
Dated JuneUUj, 1000.
< i  It  An , n-iiN.
Notlco is hereby given that 00dayi after date I
int.-n i loapply to thr Honorable ihr ihlei Com-
ini-sioiier oi Lindaand Works forpermlatlon to
purchaao the following deacrlbed lands, sitnaio.!
in Ihe.liMrtet of  Wesl   K ooi.-ua v. ml lo nltlo   lot
700O11 ilm Wesi arm of Kootenay Lake Com-
mencing at an Initial poat plaood al tho nun1,
weslenrii-r of l,ni 71*�� ; thence north ml chains,
theuco w��b! 10 chains, theuco aottth -jo chalna,
thei oaal 10 chalm in polntol oonunenai ment.
Dated May W, l!llii.
Jah. Fiiazkk
s' v t \ daya after date I luleiid to apply tn im-
cominlaalonornf ban.is and Works, Vlclorln lo
purchase ��I0 acrea of Und slttia ml deacrlbed
��" follows   Co -mine ,n n post planted on
hoetiKl -I,,,,, of Arrow Lake o| ii- f,i i
liimlinii   at   Ihe   souih   Wesl corner   of   .lames
o'Klhy's preeinpll nol  markeil   P. I,.  N  W.
corneri tlienco cast m chains, thenoe an-ilh  Ul
chains, tlienco westtkichains in ine lake shore
Ihoucc north alone the Ink.- shore to place of
-liinoiMh )!ih;.
I' Lamont.
W. Caijikh, Uiealor.
Notleo la hereby glv'cn that 00 daya after date l
Inlcnd io applv lolho llouorable the Chief Com-
mlaa rol InmUnn.i Works for permission tn
purclmac the following described lamls. Com-
meuelng at a posl inarkt-.l w k tfc. h. K. corner
planlod -ii the n w. corner "f w a. Calder's
pre-empt Inn in Fire Volley, running 80 chnlni
north, Iflchaliis wesi, ho chains aoutli, lOchalm
east (,, place of comtnonoement,
W. It. McCaKOLIIUI, Locator
, W. A. CaI.DBR, Axrnt.
June aoth, moo.
Notleo is horeby givon thut DOdayaoflerilatn I
Intend loapply toThnHonorablo the Chief Com
inissi.niernf Uuda and Works for pei ml Ji,,,     ,
north of thoflsW corner nf \\' A.Calder's nre!
-inplionln lire Valley, n.nnlug i��H,nliia so.   I,
jo cliainawoaf, 40 chafna north, 40 chains S to
place of coiiiiiieiiceitieitt
MARLS McCANm-isii, ffl0ator.
Jinoaoib.iiiof.. I *-C*^m. Agent.
N�� '-ice is hereby given thai Mdavs afi.-r tt.,i.. i
�����'���"'. ���'" '���'"ii"-- ��outii t" ii !,i l",,,!,';,',.,','!,'.,1,',;.',;!"
JI McCAKDHut, l������.,it���r
Imperial Bank of Canac
Head Office:   Toronto.
OAHTAL I'Ain UP....��8,B0O,O00 BUST |   si
1). R, WlI.Kii;. eri'Milint.        Hon. BOBHBT JAFKBAY, Vk��PradiW
Branches in British Columbia:
DepOfitfi nri'iviii nnil fttti-riHt iillnw,,! ut current rat.-B from iliil-ofopcuisvi
fount ts ml oredlted half-yearly.
rsui.s��,f> hivANcn
J. M.  LAY, AA,,
P. Burns & Co,
Hrancli il.irkits in  Bonlnud, rinni.  Ni-isnn, Kulo, Sandon, '1111" I-"*- ���
Di'iiv.T and Blaaan (lily.
OnliT�� by mini Kisiiv lirsnili irlli ban
"nr prom pi .,11,1 ���. ��� r. >, 11 suwiiloii
Hc^,d Office: Nelson, B.C
NoliOO ll lM'1,1,)' ity I,Hi IU din ��n���, ,|,|,. |
.""������"���'   I'   ��PPlj   I"   ll.r   Il.'li'.-.l.l,.   ��� ���
 iiiilsn.iiu-r.il Units ami   �����rs�� for permit
ion l,.|���inl,���,o ll���. f.,ll������,���K .1...,.rji....,   u,���|.
illniiti'l    111   M���c��i,   lsis.fr,.-,.    I'���l,ii,i,..i,im.   ,
iiurtls Mil 111111T |, I lait n n Ihinoo runii
1 18 " li j�� Hi.in-, lli.'l i.t BehVlol II,. mv
imrlli *i|.|niiin. iIi..ii,',.,vi.m>i,i,��i,is I,, s-  f  K.
nillil -if way,  fi,ll,,iv|���k. M,,,���, ���,���,,,   ���,..,   I)( _
P'iiiii lisl.-r., ihIiik in.. Hi lino of l/.l Mtu  noe
'������hi In point 11I I'lii.iin, iii'i'iiinH.i.MiiaiiiiMK  IK)
aiTus moro or Ii-sb.
May 80U] 1'JIK'..
���.���������__��� '     ''   ' lANSNKH
im ",!';','I'i",,r",'y Kiv.'iiti fOdarsofUTil 1
'"���oil" lonpply .1 Hi.in.ini.i,. 1 (���.|||,i,.| c���m.
mlssloner ol UmlsioU Works 0"  i-.i,     ,
K!5h,'!"1uV ������ ���' '"���:  1 in.f- .,,.,
iiii.l  lis tin.  Ku.,1, isiiy   Dlililct,   H,-|itniiiiii> ���f ,1
Poilpli.iitj.il on tin- not .',,ii   ���,,,.;
Am,���  Ukooboul 1 ins .,,,.1 ���,   i���   ,..
': ���;'"' "'>���;���''��� ''����� '������' '���". m..,i-,.i ii /��'
i-'i'isi    iV,,,',",  ���"���^'('"���'"""������"'������'"���'�����"'��'
, ,.'",', ; ii'-ii'i'i'ii'i KK-iiiiiiis  ,.. ,���  i,.��. |���
i.iiiiinii i..i���,t .,,���,' rl,...'  '"��������
1 ' I Jim.���::i, luus,
.  .. ,,.     II. *, tt'i.i vkhtmn.
  A. N. WotviHToH, Agent.
'" ,'""'"'' l"��ppl) I I I ,,���.,
'" ""���  ' ol 1.111.1    aii.l ��\ r|��� ,,., ,���.,,;
M    I,    I,     ���,   ,|���,,���   ,,    I,,,,,,,,,,,, ,     ,       I
" " '1iiiiiI.iI"miii.i'.|.i. fisllows: ' 1 1 .-.1.,,,,.
;"" i����i,piiini��i ,11 ii,0 ,1 ,���,.,!, 7'
��^ w1 tbVwSsKffi1 ,,",i,""'l"'��'' Iii Kin, Val-
'���J.   'HI    III.'   Hl-^l  11,1,. ,,|    J,,,.,,.,,,   n..Dn   ,     ,      ,
K'":."'";v ii"i. i.i.iik,..! .nv.jt i-.n", ,:���',"
Rf������; n":";'i; r t otniiiy isojriiaiii, u.-.i-
1 1 yol April, liS.*���"*""*'
hi 11 pqitfinarkoil I', t. il'l'onuor n,.n ,  ,
nor) plioed nl tbo north eu "or ,/,,,,.     ,'
ll.towusElnWi .,. H,������i, ��",',��� '.",,
wost *) oljilni, tbontio qottb �� . ,'���   V       ,.
iniriii.Tly boundirr ol silil notion "i-   n,t i,,.,,
I'l'i'.mnoi'iiiiiiiH in 11,,, piece ,.( 1, .���,,,.
uinlnj noii.Ti-x ami 1,,'i,,,. ,,���! ,*,'.'';��� ,','""
.|iiarli'r'.f��,,l,lM,',l������,|  ,',',wtlkbIpOD 	
Nelson, B. V. Juno ;nb 1900,
I'. H. O'Comon,
 Hki.k.ii: Yni'Mi, AKent.
uinbinHlv.'r.a l/mle's    ,rl ,,f ll ���   , ,' , ,',''
or I .. ', I    ,',',' '"���""', "nr"' ���'" Hmllli.   ,���,, ���
I   O'l   I    . lllH ,,'', ''"���>  "' Mll����  t��MWI'i
iT i'���"" ciaun,   ii- it-,- "mi   "ii i'i..iI��� ��� u ti. .
tnliiiiiK wi ��orr�� iii,!,.,,,f !,U!   '"' """" '"; '���""���
PHloiltblHiluililayoijiiii,', IdOB.
I.Kis M   Wiktm,
HsLl-ll HI.VR, AKOIll,
, r.Ulft
,      i
Noli,-,- i. Iirn-by itivi-n iliiiiui" ii,
��� Iui,  i intend to apply ui Hu if	
I'oliliilttuili.tliT of IjiiiiIs mnl  Vii.lV.
SI,,n   lo   puroblM  stv   litlli'tr-'ii sti'l
"���I I land, doMrUwd M lol  mi   '
��� I ��� i'..-:  planud ,u tbe i	
I  ibiilHL-b,','- applloalbin i" ts ";
"H a.Mac'l Hiltheail oorner : , y.l^*
etgbtj ini) ri,,nus weat; ih. i	
u.'illi;  Mi,iur,. ,|l-Iiii   (���> Iflll '"-': )'irV'
'���H--IIU (mi, chains south u ��� fl JJ
in. in - in. ni, containing sts Iniiulnsl i"'1 w
(Mil) aiTos, mom or loss
Dated il..- .'ii.lot April, li��>'
1 |)     1    llHI    ,'���
IV    \   i   ,:    , i:. ,|S0l
Notion l. I,,',,-in nn, n Hi..i '���
I mt lo s.s.sk.- application In llio 1 pn'���"l
I I... - �� ", .���i,���,.'r.ii'l.,.ii.l-i.'H��"'l-l'"C
mission  io  purchase    u
lands: Commencing m a i��i-i ��;���������***��� :��� "i,
in mi. in ill ier ol liable kot'aii
II  ptirehalc In Kin Vallo)  msrknrj
Mo N   K    ii,.,," i in i,r  in i [
I'li'iin- south, i" chain, cast, ""'
Place "I i o|tiliii'liri-ini.|ll.
K  M   Mi'imii-ii I" '"'
IV.A.I'iin'". li'1"'
JiilyJinl. 1000,
Noiii'i-i, beiebfglret) lhal M.la] *J&
l I loinplj   Ilonnrablol ii'Uit   ;:
 i "i Lands  I H'urk. ii  I
nurchsuc the tnllonrlng desi-rllasl I"'"1-''"''
i" Weal Kootennj illstrlol  """1-
I  mi tho east ltd ��� ' : ".'.
imiii   l.iik... mnl marked "J   ' "alsrrt '
corner," tbonce oasi *s v n>, ,"v"", Ii
chains, Usance well im chains, flic ','",'.
chains I- point ol comiuen ��'. ' *""'
mDaercs re nrleas , ��� ,���
LociitedJuue lath. 1000. ' ���',"",
T II. Hii I i in -'      1'"'
Slaty days after data I Iota ' '  .,
' omuilsslonei il Lands i  Works lopiww!
80 h.i.   ni inii.i, ii,nm,, aboulssiioinliswy
�� n rilv. nnd   dOIOIibcil   .'��� ��    I '
mencingat'tt posl  i ol nor    ',
I"'' "il" ndruulngwesl alcbalas, MJ.
nurlli lu chnlni, thenoe oast m chains.I	
south along lot fl6B0 lo place ot beat H'
July mi,, us.,... J.B Hit���
Sixty iIhvh alter datollntonsl to��0���!jj
 mlssloner ol Lands  Worki, VlriJ"H
tinii'iiii. i' M'i hi iii.-i oi iii iui ini'ii'i'i ","���'; ",JlttM
suslollows: Col ncingats l����i P'^Wil
inirlliiit-.i ,'iirueriif |u iiii'll"" n'1'',r.' ���',,,rtrJ
"I  .'i���.l,-,.���M  ul  Minion  tit,  ����'   "���' ,..
iVA.."-K u. ������'���".���"���"i"1 r:"i''.i:,;:'.:lr1,::'.-""'
o si   ' oi'iit', I riiiiiiiNH ''���;', ,,���(,!
.".it Jialni, Ihancc ens      ,,���,,
' orth Wo I-. thenco ��.;'        ,,���,
ii'iio Hi  .'.I H is lo place ol '"'"'
'iliiliilnir ,'ljll inri-N inon'or I.'-      ,   ���,.,
.lull- :.iii mm;. A. A.nn
��� t Is hereby alvan tbal tii"i;""
 I iisk'ii.i toapply iniiii'li a'*fJJ
CoiuinlsilonerofLandannil Workstorjw
In purchaso the following dcscrilici ii"1
nn' iii Klre Valley on Uieiresi side of '���
ion  Lak,���, K ���' ��� 'll"'" -	
. ..mien'niL' nt a I""-' P'1 ���������ili,>
isiirlhiii'ii corner ol "'. a.Calder's ]';;;'' i,,,
insirkcit "A, Mcl.'l lotlljiwoil corner . '    ,
llio  fnrtv (Kij rbiilns i'iiki: il..'"'''."  :,,.
chnliis Horn,i  tbenco forty ( ''"'"��� ,
ihcnce forty (Hi) chains south i",     ." 1
'- ii'ini'iii.iiit, i-niiiiiiiiiiiif   ''""
italy (inn, ,i,.���.,h mora or loss.
Dated JunoM, moo.       AMumMii."';!
SBMMHQt^ The Daily Canadian
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Canada Drug and
Book Co'y> Limited
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WM. GOSNELL, Manager
Canada Drug and
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Tui.bphi !>>: rs,,. jj.
1*. 11. i��>\ ao4.
lie Hall Mining and Smelting
Company Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Starkey & Co    ��5��S2����fS!
I'lCUItiy    UL   V-.U*,        Limited. Winnipeg.
YVl-ioleMdlts Pr>ovl��ton<B,
niiiii Government Oreftmory Oni'Found Brioka rooelvod weekly twh
from the s'liiii'ii.   Pat s li- isy all leading gtooew.
Ullii'i' und wnri'luiuw: ItoiiHtoli Blook,    i'lissni'711.
Josephine Street.
Nelson. B. C.
Coal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Boal Builders will llntl it to their iidviintiiKi' I" njetotw I'ite.lt.
Ison Coke and Gas Co., Ltd.
Chief    Commissioner    of    Lands    and
Works Returns.
The Colonial of Saturday saym
Hon, it. K. tti-een returned yesterday
from u three-weeks' visit lo the Cariboo
iilmrlct.   Mr. Qreen drove from   Asli-
oniii, oalllug   iii all the   inuiii road-
lioimes at Bullion, Ljin siii-l Forks, ami
thenoe Journeyed   over   the iraii   to
Kelthley ..-rook.
At Ajheroli in- louiiii tbingi general.
ij in a bualneia way particularly good.
Ail freight im warded io initi pan ot
tho northern Interior an a matter ol
course passes through Ashcroft, and at
iin- presanl time tin- road Is alive with
trelghl  Maine,  loaded  with maohl 'y
and mining supplies, u great portion ot
which la going Into Bullion, where .1. 11.
iiuii..,in. niutiaiier oi Lhe Cariboo n>-
iliuiilio Consolidated Coniuaay, Is doing
a greal deal of work,
When Halts',I as lo the nature of the
work lu whu.li Mr. IIoIikuii i.-i al present
engaged. Mr. ureen saiii lu- hud on band
a big scheme ot bringing water autn-
Chun lor his operations ou the property
that, has been acquired hy the Guggenheim*. Mr. iisih.-ioti is certainly demonstrating his faith, as well as thai ol bis
principals, in iho richness ot Qarlboo
as ii hydraulic tsolil mine venture, flu
lu ul lhe present time Hpcmling a great
deal of money in connection with ins
Mr. Qreen was given to understand
Ihai Mr. llohsons freight hill alone al-
ready this year amounts io between
ti'GAM ami Jlou.iiuo. In; is uow constructing ililelies lo bring water from
Spanish lake, ami when completed and
an adequate supply Obtained, there will
be no question as to whal the result
will he���a very large profit lor tin; syu-
ilieale, wlio are the owuers of several
properties to he operated.
Mr. tlreen speaks very emphatically
of tne good work Mr. llohson is doing,
and states that he deserves good credit
from the people ami ihe province.
"tinder the new conditions," says Mr.
Qreen, 'it will not he very long before
the position of Cariboo will rank
amongst thi- salest and most profitable
Investments in the world."
As regards Kelthley creek, the visitor
noticed ilm number of properties which
are being worked ai a protit. While
there Mr. Qreen was shown some fine
samples of gold taken Irom different
workings, 'ihai old Stand-by, Mr. Holier! Uootiand. among others, Is one ol
the many gentlemen who aie making
fair prolit   from  the  workings  in lhat
Leaving Kelthley creek, Mr. tlreen
vlsiled in turn yuesnel, dlethiey and
Baikervllle. and found all along the
Hue evidences ol prosperity, the- people
having every tallh in the ricbuess of
their individual claims aud lhal part
ol the district
At Uarkervtlle, lu company with Samuel Hodgers icx-M. P. P.), Mr. Ureen
visited lhe old hisinricai workings on
Williams creek, aud wus very much
Interested in Inspecting claims that iu
ihe past had yielded millions oi dollars iu gold io the pioneer placer millers. He was glad lo see that a number
oi Ihe benches hist worked by lhe pioneer miners are now being worked under new and modern conditions, and
nun are demonstrating iheir faith in
putting money into the enterprise.
During ihe reiitrn trip Mr, Qreen waa
fortunate iu meeting Mr, Bailey, cugi-
net i in charge ol the La i-'oiiiiiiu.i
property, situated in the once famous
Lightning Creek district
Mr. Qreen was accompanied during
the whole trip hy Mr. !���'. C. Gamble,
provincial works engineer, ihey had
the pleasure ol descending a abaft and
goiug through several drifts, which
were opening into rich, new gravels under stream.
Tin- general management ot this
seems to he carried on iu a very Hun-.,
ough and business-like manner, and
Mr. tlreen believes, like lln manager,
thai when they strike the richer gravels
up stream, they will he amply repaid
for all the labor expended.
.Mr. (liven adds lhat Cariboo will
again demonstrate a remarkable progress, and capital economically expend-
ed will reap a rich reward. He was
surprised to lind so much open and arable laud in that pot lion ot ihe province,
and also very much Impressed with the
possibilities of the Cariboo as a ranching district, and is now surprised to
lind that the people do nol realize the
possibilities ol the exploitation in this
province along these lines, 'lho farms
and rani ins were a revelation lo hliu.
and, he believes, would he to thousands
ii they went to sei' them.
.Mr. tlreen states lhal nowhere In
British Columbia can one lind ".nn miles
ol" road like tin' Cariboo road, along
which there lire so many stopiiiu:;
lu connection with Mr. Green's visit
to the Cariboo, Mr. Gamble inspected
the road, and. taken altogether, it is in
good condition.
Beginning at the Right End.
Fifty German edilors sailed from
llremerhuven for London on Tuesday,
.Mine llllh. on Ibe Kron 1'rlnz Wllhelm.
They were to be Ibe guests of the Anglo .German friendship committee, Eighteen Berlin papers are represented, and
there are edilors of lite most Influential organs of Frankfort, Munich, Leipzig, Dresden and a dozen oilier Gorman
towns, while a Viennese editor is also
with the party. The German papers, in
leading articles, have warmly approved
the object of bringing England and Qor-
many Inlo more friendly relationship.
The king's Invitation lo the editors to
visit Windsor Castle bus given special
pleasure,    This strikes us ns a very
sensible ami far*sigbtsd policy on tlm
part of i hose'good Englishmen who are
working to bring about a better statu
of feeling between the peoples of the
two greal nations. The German press,
fettered though U Is lo some extent Is
still u mighty moulder of pobllc opinion within the (lerinan empire, ami
withoul doubt after this visit a kindlier tone toward llriiuin will show itself in the columns of the papers reprt -
seined. A very few Indeed have vislti-d
Englishmen at home withoul coming
away with a better opinion of them,
uml finding it harder to think menu
and unworthy things of them. Ii is especially pleasing to see our beloved
King Edward VII. still playing his part
a:, pi'.i maker among the nations with
consummate grace und tact. The empire will never know how a great a
debt n owes him for his tinlqui' ser
ttoes  along this  line.
The roving
gold of life.
eye seldom lights on lb.
Excursion Rates
From Nelson $ 1 o. 3o
via Grow s Noat.
vin Revelstoke.
Tickets on sale July 8, 9, io, 11
good to return till July 17.
90 Day Excursions East
On sale August 7, 8, 9.
September 8, 10.
For full particulars nml lierth reservn-
tiotis apply to liK-al agent or write
B. ,1. OOYLE, .1.8. OAUTKK,
AS.1'. ... Vulii'iiuvi-r. Ii.V.A.. Ki-Ih.d.
Excursion Rates
July 4th
Also Fare and One-Third
to all U. S. points
Qoodguing -'inl. Sril. Ith.   Final
limit July 6th.
Ciiy 1'hrm'1ik*t Agent,
A <;.!'  A , Kc-iitlltv
'J^ ". JlJ^^ilsTT:^
Tlitriy ��.itys iifh'i' .Ut" 1 iiil.ii'l iiiikiuu m-iili-
t-mi- n in iii<' Hoiiornlilfl Hi" Ulilof (iomimnloner
of l mult-ai'' work", Un ftflpunlil Umum la cnl
aud ��� ��� tri ��� tinny tin lit ��� (nun the following del-
i rtin'.i hui'if- Oomnioncing ut n post plAuedon
Hie eouLliern l��aml*ry ��<l Timber Uectiae Mo.
5876, mui kI.hu iu chaini ii rtii ur tin- M. w. corner ol lot W8 ���'��� i Wetl Koin'imy. running thenco
mil w tuwini, theitto nuth w chatiu, tbenun
ttit nu'iiH ii>. Lheuoa north M chutus to polut ol
Dated ifih April 1900,
OJUfltL Ticimkv
Silver King Hotel
'finny .ii,v*ufif! -iui.- i Intend toeppty to the
Commluloner ol Lamls ami ft'or^i, Viet��irin, for
aspeelal lleemi to cut nml carry away timbor
from the following described Intfdi. Commencing nl a poet marled .'. ES. a., 8. W.corner, planted on iin- wesl bank ot UityouH Urcott where tho
ereolt inlernota tin-oust lioututary of lot wit ami
rudniuR north lOOenalQi. thenoe eaat 10 chains,
thence aoutn 160 chaJui, thenee. wom to point of
June 9th 1000.
Notice Ii hereby given Unit, thirty dan alter
date, i Intend tn apply to the Honorable tho
chief Commluloner of Lamls uml Woiki tor a
special lietiiM'to cut aiideurry awaytlmoer from
the following described land*, idtunlo ou Union
croek i�� thedtslrlcl of Wesl Kootenay: Coin-
menelns ai u post pinned on  Lemon ere k,
eleven (11) mliOfl fr  Kooletnty Luke. adjoiohiK
i.nt SUH81 iiinrke.i "H. W's N. 8. oorner post'*!
ihence forty (ui)eiiniiiN west; thenee eiKhty (<*')
M.nlli; thenee forty (in) ehalns oust; theuce
ei��hty (KDt elu.ui* north lo point of eomjneiiee-
iiteiii.eoiibiiiilnn llirei! hundred and twenty (830)
acres, inoroo.-Iosa
Doted UlQUUUl .lay nf.luue, A.D.,11106.
Best Dollar a day house in the
Kootm are well fnnili<he0.   Tablt- uh ;-s ���.���'. an aitff
lu Nel-on.     Barmiriplled with Kood
Uouoriand (.Uarti-
W   E. MrOANDLISU, Propriotor,
Tremont House
European and American Plan
Meali 88 cm.   Koorun Irom 'Si CU. to 11
Only White Help Kmployed.
Baker tit., Neliion Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
'llio Bsr Is ED HOSSt,
whin, Help iinij' Kinpnirui,
Josiiplsliii. Ht.
Ni-lsiui. il.i:.
The Big Schooner T)n/>���  i C\r
Or ������Hjlf��nd-H��lf    DLCl     1 \JL*
Tho only (llujis of Good Ilc��r in Nt-lson.
Hot.il AccomiiKXlntioiiH Recoud to
nous- in HritiKli Columbia.
Sppouil KnteB to Monthly Boarder*.
Tho only Home Hotel iu Nelson.
UUHNBK SIAMJiV nnd Mil .tu A.
Lake VieVi)
Hall aod Vernon Sts.
Two lilnckh from
RnteH 11,00 per Day
and np.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. HBIOKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Louted. Open Day and Night.
Sample and tilth Kooidb Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Comer Ward and Vernon Streets.
Tnc Strathcona
Nelson, B.O..
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Uood    Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
iii-iier Street. NelfluQ. B. O,
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
l-artfe initi Comfortable Budrooini Biol Flrst-
oUuMOiUtllg Room. Sample BoQDU for Commer-
������hii Men.
MKS. K. 0. Cl.AKKK.  ProprletreiH
The weli known
HOTEL     ��i"' BgorOBrtan is
���   11 tin-Finest iu the
'       "   ' ' KiHitoimvs.
J. CROW,   -   -  Proprietor
Gait Coal
Terms spot CrkIi
Halter Htrtvt
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale ou the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call   ��J      j%      WW     mf)f\
and examine our list.   JTlt   Otv   1Y1*   JDsUv*^
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to tho Old Curiosity Shop. A new
lino of Jnimnese tlooils now on Bale, All
kinds of Dliinerwnre In Block. Patterns.
i>suran'cTb.   Real Estate and Mining;
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company. Ltd.
Oldstl HtnbUihed Henl Estate
Husitiesi- in Kisitenay.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Fruit Lands in this district.
Most of it situate on tho West Arm and Main Lake.    See me before you decide to locate.
S. M. BRYDGES, inpe��Sck!ank
We Will .Sell.
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDermid & McHardy
Choice Fruit l ���*- s>$?>
of the
Choicest Froit Lands la
British Cohftnbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Foel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
DeliverieK made ilaily tbronphcmt Nelson
nud its suburbs. Phoue 148.
For Everything Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars* Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thurnun's Special Mixture?
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
Thompson & Douglas
Sins.   W.-ltlMli  u   Mpiscl.lltj .
Wnll Msspc-riuiil liu.-li.p.
Kirst Olftfla Heiitinp Pltmtfl und Moilern
Stitiittiry Appliauoen.
Phone 181, Opera House Blk. Box 401
A* McDonald & Co*
Dealers iu staple aud f nucy Groceries.
Butter, Ekkh.
Cnuipnud Miners' Supplies.
And Builder
Bull agent (or tbe Porto Kieo Lumber
Co., Ltd., retail yards.
Hough and dreseed lumber, turned work
nud brackets, Const, latb aud shingles,
sash und doors.
Cement, brick and lime fur sale. Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory Vernon, St.,
east of Hall.
Telephone 178]    Nelson, 3, C* The Daily Canadian
The finest stock we have yet shown.    Il includes some
special  pieces  in   new   and   beautiful   designs.     Iu
smaller pieces the prices are quite as attractive.
Finely cut Nappie and Bon-Bon Dishes at
$3.00 and fs-oo are our leaders.
Three Big Leadersj
For Hot j
Weather j
Drinks,       \
Monseratt Lime Juice:
Cooling nml Bofreshiug
Welch's Grape Juice ���
To ono qtinrl nwoof-ened loinon- X
mil- arid out' fnuiblei' Grnpef
Jnlco, nnd von Imvo it tlolioIouRi
bovornge. ���
Morton's Raspberry   :
Vinegar \
The only ffonolno.    Wo have
others bul those are the season's
I Bell Trading:
'cA Tip" for a
'Canadian Morning*
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
[Joy's CashGroceryi
If you don't like bI tie
deal wham the trade la so lu-isk t lit.r |
Hi snppliefl an- received
every day.
Some of Ihe Nice Things
Today are:
Homo Oooked Boiled  Hani,  peri
pnnml .'(lie.
Crosse & Blnokwoll's Potted Pish (
nml Meats,
Sardines���Sportsmens King Oscnr,
and Bassett.
Fresh Btrawberrlen nn<l Tomatoes.
Jello toeOream Powders and Crosse,
it lil.-iekwell's Kennel. Tnl.l.ts. Also
Liquid Kennett for makiug ennls
and whey.
JOY will meet you at
the door.
Oor. Josi-jihlneftinl Mil! H-s.     rjinne 19
Ice Cream Sodas.
The Finest In the Land.
"The Store of Sweets."
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream,
I'll  85. Baker St.
NELSOK, B  ('.
4^.ii-. Vvriinn nnil Wtsrtl fritrootj*.
NBLSON,   B. li.
J FRED HUME, Proprietor.
II I, Roily, Wapelti; W (' Taylor, Ko-
kanee; A E Buertln, Snokanei 11 .1
Johnston nnd wife, Toronto; ,1 D Mo-
Bride, wife ami daughter, T M Stork.
Cranbrook: W It Ross. It w Wood, Fernie; W 11 Hudson, Brie; Miss K Atkln-
sun, .1 W Atkinson, Valley; MIhs N Bee
soiier, Hartford; s I. Williams. Ross
Innil; It I" Rllhel. .1 A ltllhel, T A llry
iimi. Victoria; P A Aoland, .1 P Martin,
11 A Holman, Vancouver; .1 C Metcalfe,
Ham ml;  F (Mark. Montreal; C   a
1 i.iiinas. Pentlcton; A Lucas, Kaslo.
D Wilson, F .1 O'Reilly, Victoria; A C
Blanchard, Bonnington; T Martin, Win
nlpeg; 11 (l Lee, Rossland; 0 11 Wash,
.1 K McAllister, Greenwood; 0 T Cart-
wright, Trull; Mis. P Pol Ink, eltllil ami
tinisi., Coleman; (l F [ngrttbam, Siw.
kane; Miss A 11 Booth, Vancouver.
w Harris, sim-un; M J Boyd, Corbet-
Ion; W It Smith, Kaslo; Miss Middle-
Ion, Michol; Miss A Smith, W Q Small,
Green* I; Mrs. M Anderson, Camborne; w .1 Stewart, Bonnington; t; P
Ctirmlck ami wife, Kensington; Mrs. .1
Pranck, (l isler. t; 11 Dean, s Attghey,
Spokane; Miss Mlddleton, Kuskanook.
fl Sharpe, B Baddler, Greenwood; A
Murray, Lardo; W Hutching, Sandon.
0 Singer, B T O'Connor, Kootenay
Landing; T Matheson, Vancouver;   T
Oavls, Slocan; N McDonald, New York.
10 Cullion, Wlnlaw; A I) Longhead,
Salmo; I) S Wright, Nets Perce; G
Swlnson, Miss Lane. Spokane; II A
Ruttle, Soo; C llein, Chicago; .1 Williams, Qrand Forks; E Kenney, Qrand
Porks; R Farrar, Robson; G Sheriffs,
Bonnington; 0 Layer. Phoenix; .1
Gould, Qrand Forks; A F Merry, Ross,
land; Mrs. P C Harhoett, Holster; H E
IIukIics. Moose Jaw; .1 11 Graham,
ymir; J S Belshan, Crnnlirook; A A
l-'leisher, Remipulilik.
J Williams anil wife, Miss Williams,
Williams' Siilint;; N II Smith anil wife,
Wiulaw; W Freestone, ,1 Pnszer, J Pit-
tante, Norwich; D it McCormack, Perry; l' J McCormack, Victoria; J li
.Monte. Creston; W Fet-ney, C W
llnyck, Salmo; I' McEnter, Spokane,
o Rules, v Hardner, Calgary; T Mart-
land, Vancouver; 0 Foreman. Granite;
(i  Harris, Spokane.
N Sweei, Cranbrook; A Woodward J
Hngol, Bonnington; M Molsaac, Ymir:
T i. Bloomer, Caatlogar; D L Doyle, M
Sherlock, Seven-Mile.
J Walaco, Bonnington; A C O'Neill,
Ii Smltltson, Ymir; A (' McGregor, Cres
 ���' W I' Meek, Oalgary; P p Fullmer,
We are receiving strawberries
direct from theraclicrs. Place
your order for preserving
at once as they won't
last much longer.
Telephone 161.
Hotel girl.   Apply at Club Hotel.   E.
J. Ourran.
A bartender.   Address Box 1C2, Nolson, B. C.
The .Misses Macleod returned rrom
Spokane last night.
There were no eases iii the city po
lice court this morning.
The city council will meel in regn
lar session tills evening al 8 o'clock.
The Bpeclal committee ol the University club Is in session tliis after
uoott In Dr. Arthur's office.
The police commissioners held their
statutory quarterly meeUng for tlte
transaction of routine buslneBfl al I
litis afternoon.
ii   W. Clrlgor ami family, who have
I n dolal I in the clt) b) tho illness
of his tlangliler, will return lo Rosslnntl
lomorrow morning.
The regular fortnightly meeting   nf
tin- oxecutlv tnmlttoe nf tin-   20,000
club ��iil i'<< held in lhe I 'd nf Irndo
rnniiis tomorrow nlghl al 8:30.
Arthur, inn of I. Irwin, of tin- Hume
sol I. wim has I n  l ii    Blclt
leave for several weeks. Itns recovered
ami returned to his work at Colvillo
ibis morning.
Mrs. E. C. Clarke, nr Hie Q m's Im
lei. Itns a line crop nf gooBoherrlea on
iur rnnclt in Fnlrview, Tin- producl of
Ihreo small branchoB weighed throe
ami a half pounds.
Dr. J. Harry Hamilton, of Arrowhead,
arrived last nlghl on a [lying visil. anil
is spending today in Nelson. He says
thai ilie little lumber town al the head
nf lhe lakes is booming,
It. I'. Itiiliei and his son, .1. A. Rlthet,
of Victoria, arrived from the ooosl lasi
nlghl and lefl for Slocan this morning.
Mr. Itilllel is Hie chief stockholder In
the Arlington mine at Slocan.
Rev. E. ii. Shanks leii ihis morning
via Spokane in attend Hu- provincial
Baptlsl convention al New Westminster, which opens tomorrow. He expects to return Saturday night.
.1. A. Ilnneymnn. who lias heen assn-
elated with lie- Nelson linn Works
since 1897, severed his connection wiih
ihai ���enterprise Saturday evening, and
will now enjoy a well-earned holiday.
Romano, the Injured smelter em
ployoe, Is still making excellent progress ni ihe hospital, lie has recovered
front the shock of his accident, but
cannot yet be reported oul of danger,
J. A. Irving lias received word of the
death of his nlere, Miss Mabel Irving,
of Napanee, Ont Miss Irving was well
known in Nelson, having spent nearly a
year here oti a visit to Iter uncle ltt
The Store of Quality
���.��� Tea
tied  Uh lie I ffOc
Hint; Luhel 3Se
We will gladly give you a sample of
this tea on application,
Hood & Teetzel
K. w. o. liioek , Phone io
i'..; sip cj litis
Wtltkik lit dirtl'i'ty spirits ill dtliglit
Hint tin- drink* rorved Ktmirfio<in fountain
Im i lonlo pTopertlei bw��d 8 tvf.-csii.'iiK 7
UiMi't; only nn! fruit nvruiis <>/ iii-iliuct
final ity ronntatu. counter. k1u*k.s mnl
receptacles nr..- kept Mtupulouilr ulMn.
BakerBtroeti Nelsou. B.C.
Pure Maple
We have received another shipment <��f
tin' pure article in bnlk, which we
are putting up in
Qtsartjars for -   70c
1-2 Gallon Jars $135
Special prices for 5 gallon cans
This is Battie quality which we hm. Insi
sonsoii und which sold so fust.   Oouio
in and sample.
C* A* Benedict
Oornor silica and Josephine sis.
Tuc   rnr npoT ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������,���
IHU LULUtai ���  jvar   RBOE|VED   CARLOAD   op ������
Soda  Fountain
in town at the
Hazlewood Parlor
is not complete without a gosisl
We hnve n foil line of them at prices to
suit vnor purse.   Al-o Wash Hoards,
'J litis, Clothes Pins. Clothes
Lines, Pnlleys, Etc,
Nelson Hardware Co.
PHONB IB.       NELSON, 11. O,
Wholesale ana Retail Detlen In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oampfl supplied nn shortest notice nnil
luwest price. Nothing bat .fresh and
wholesome meats nnd supples kept Inttooi
Mail orders receive ciireful uttentiun.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
Hot Weather
Fancy Muslins and Ginghams
at  llle, 12 14a, IBo, 2llc nnil 2.1c n
Summer Corsets at 50c a Pair.
Llghl Weight, r.-isi colors In black
anil fans, al 85c anil 35a a  pair.
White Muslin Blouses, $1.25, $1.50.
Fine for hot weather, at 75c lo $2.
Wash Belts at 35c and 50c.
at 12 l-2c, 16o, 26c ntnl 35c.
Turnovers al inc. 15e anil 25e.
Light Weight Hats and Caps.
Summer Suits
Washable, nl (3.50 lo $7.50;  what,
yon wanl for litis hot weather.
The hit;!) school examinations s-tnl
this afternoon with the second language option of tin- senior nml Intermediate oandidates. The Juniors' work
was over al noon, Inspector Wilson
nml Mr. Church leave for the coast tomorrow morning by way of Spokane.
They win be joined al Marcus liv (i.
Crulokshank, chief clerk of the education department, who has been In
charge al Grand Porks.
Try our Double Jersey
A Fine Assortment of Fruits,
Nuts and Confectionery.
Phone 206.
| Standard ��uttiitutt Company
Complete House Furnishers and UnderUkm
Miss hi ,i it -,ii Pianos,
" i .t irmoor" Mattress.
on .in- Wernl kit it""k I'n'-s '
To the Members
of the
20,000 Club.
Patronise the ROM who ai
liero now, nnd wo will
lie ii Iiimj: way toward Hill- RON.
Thorpe's Lithia
is oqnal t<> any aperient
itnli rlit'iitniifii- wnt-
.ts bottled in
tln< United
If vim ose enough of it we
nm rapport another
family in Nelson.
& Co., Limited.
,ti.I llltl.'s- I'lirlilln,,.
M \N l-KAI'1 I' H I-!:-. nl''   till-   ' llAWKSlltl
'""    Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
siii-s-tiiii tal Wink, Oantlngi, Builden' Uatarlnl aod UiulDg and Hill Had	
t Hiiro nnil Wiirk- Pool ol' I'tlrk SI.
iMi.mi.'   304.
MAX.U il   lv.
INvlaon, I
I. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltt|
We wonltl Invite yon to luspool our targe nnd reried utock nf
No I lis Miller If lii-iit if von    TT_i.   1117-.-i.L ..       Tk ''I
wi��� ���,���,-en., a,,,, i���. ,��� si... ���,������ hot Weather Kequisili
Store open from 7 am. lo li p.m. every slnv exoept holldayi ami Bnadsin
Mupi.tris.u ...���>! Jobblnu ax*Ksut��d with Daapateh. mi.out \uiaifl
\\o.-k, .Mining ssss.i Mill .Miscislsturv.    iManufauturssrssoi
H~   s^iis-i.   IJ.   IV.   Co.it.-i.clos-M-   UnriH.
9SSKSS. '    INEUSOIN,   B.  C.
Look In unit lot llssliinv ytiu tho
T   '"""$60.00.
ami uitinu Mm- i-rice .if other liigh'trrodfl iiini-h-
fm's us ii inisin ii limply moans timi rouset
1126.00 worlh f -r Ji'-mki.   it U tho moil extensively iisocl machine in nr. i...iHv.
Vim nnil tlicm in mo everywhere '
W. G. Thomson
SOL.EI Atll^Nr
BOOK8BLLBB anil    si   i, T)   rs
l-'I'A'IHINKK. NclSflll,   H. C.
I'll,ine .14.
West Transfer Co.
General Teiiinstrrs anil Dealers in
Conl mnl Woo I.   Express mnl
Baggiwo Tran.-ifer
frWl!' iii! Office: Baker St.
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit.
Thorpe's uioo cool clrinks,      Lnnohoa
put np a specialty,
W.J. Walker,   %&
.Mrs. Clark, of the Queen'B hotel, linn
on exhibition a in-anelt of gooBebarrlea
thai Is a source of considerable surprise to her visitors, n i�� or tho English variety, and the berries are exceedingly thick. Prom two other branches
three pints of gooseberries were picked.
If you wnnf to place your feet In Inx-
iiriniiH quarters Inko n look nl our
Fancy CottonB at 25c and 35c.
Lisles at 50c to 75c.
Cashmeres. 25c, 35c and 50c.
Boa mir wlnilnw fnr Underwear Values    Bal.
hrinmu friins wm tn li.isi.  Natural Wool fr���in
| Don't Forget we are SEMI-READY    f
���"���*������   Clothing
W For....
MANUFACTURERS   T       * Of       1   -
AND DEALERS IN   ���L-'ftttlDCf;  OnillgleS,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work nnd Bracket*. Mnil Orders promptly iitt-inliJi11
VBtllNONSTRBBT   -   -   -   INBLION. B. C.
have demonstrated to us, and if you will let us make yoa
one suit we'll convince you that the clothes we
make are superior to all other makes
in every detail of
High-OltiM Tailors.
Baker Nt., Noleon, H O.
If Jim  wish  limit mid 11""'""^
e I'orlnlile   live (IIih-m- llinl ����l
mil tail ol'
Oar Sta-Zoti Will Suit Y<*
ncWatsLKB      uml
Carpet Sweepers
Arss  AcknnwIeUm^il  to  l��j  Without   "   l-Hv"''
WI3 Sell Th��m.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y^t(1
NEU.SOIN wuln"
"'..'-   '   .'--.


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