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The Daily Canadian Aug 4, 1906

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Array gktily Canadian
I.   No. 53.
Fifty Cents a Month
Issian Revolutionists
taint Hearted
Icrnmcnt Members Allege a Jew-
i ish Pioi to Injure Credit and
Force Terms*
L     Petersburg,     Auk.   4,���Probablj
lliun  30,000   workmen   went
wlien the general  RubbI&o strikt*
1,1 nfflrinlly Into force ul  1    o'clock
The  final  direction  to cull   a
,i hastily taken on Thurfr
iiithi, ;iini the police since have
L ,,, im-,  putting tin* leaders   be-
tlie hars,   thai     great   confusion
nils nmoni.  thfl  various organise
s which  wire scbflduled to    begin
|r.iii_: iii  illfferenl   places  and    ai
\r>n! limes.    Therefore   Ihe   iiiau-
\i\ai\ nl lhe strike lacKs snap, and
sitk'ii' '.it  it h success will    tie-
\i\ upon tto  tamper of the masses
hava   been  somewhat  de
���aliziNJ bi the energy displayed  by
J gorernment in  breaking    np    the
Ikradas organisations,    and   unless
I p [wntaneoualy respond    to
I Mike must  end In early
are turned on Moscow and
ncea St. Petersburg, lhe
'eminent's stronghold, ts expected
:��' ihe last to succumb to the state
Into which the revolution'
him- undertaken to plunge the
nlry. The battle cry of the Strike,
; atlon of parliament for
i * ��� oi elaborating a law pro*
. instituenl assembly," does
ie, and is in fact simply a
-ui to be abandoned if
- '\< Muni in totters, when the true
I     ������  run up.
file members    of    ihe    workmen's
���mini, in conjunction with the radi
|l KroiipH of uie outlawed parliament,
luaiie   definite   arrangements     to
��� lalm    themselves    n    provisional
'���rnmenl   it   success    crowns   their
1 -     Uul   unless   lhe   whole   army
h with the revolutioi. Hts, those In
iroi nt  rhs*  government  are    con
|nced thai the strike will end ln fail
prominent member of the govern
who is iu complete sympatuy
i the decision taken ut Peterhof to
! the revolution energetically,
da out thai the workmen's unions
without funds to carry on a pro
led Btruggle, and he was disposed,
man) of his class, to contend thai
"���eul power behind the scenes are
iich Jews who are Interested in
'dug  a   blow     al     Russia's  credit,
eli would compel  the government
emo to terms on the Jewish (pies
Petersburg,   August   ���!.���On    the
i*m   question   thu   Novoe   Vremya,
i"dy unofficial paper to appear to-
reviews the brutality Of the mutl-
���s ni Cronstadt lo their attack ap-
officers  as  showing  what   the
'���"")   may   expect   if  the  mobs   get
upper hand.    It Bays the mutineers
1   'ope  around   the   head  of  one
ilu  officers and threw him into a
���        n here  he  was drowned.    The)
1   in the face of another officer with
'   end of a rifle und broke tbe legs
���inn   Jncobla, sister ot Alexandra!!,
,H' throw herself between her broth
���"id Home sailors who were fort Ing
'"' way Into her house, and stabbed
n death with bayonets.    It turns
itl  the servants of Colonel Alex-
ll|||dl  ami  Captain  Vrlchlnsky  dellv-
1 :   m tu up to the mutineers,   and
���nnonp;  the murderers, who were
1 ���.'���  drumhead courtmartlal   und
'������"'er such evidence of tho mobs'
l|,n 'tie Novoe Vremya appeals to
1 who desire to prevent a repetition
lho horrors and terrors of the rev-
"'���ui   or Krunce to rally to the side
Utt  and order.
receni t
i aw, Russia, August 4.���The
1 Socialists in a proclamation
urges the Jews to be ready to
:|nd when a signal is given they
���quired to appear in the Streets
The appeal has given rise to
ma panic, and fears also are ex-
'1 that a general railway strike
'���eaU out there. Stringent mens*
lavs been ordered taken for the
��� atlon of order.   The Polish Bo-
today Issued a proclamation
l"s their responsibility for the
'rain robberies and acknowledge
; ' ,I|('V murdered 2(j policemen
*'ie course of last week.
Warsaw, August 4.���A telegram from
,'"11" says  train    robbers    today   be-
 ""   Mbau  nnd   Knfelpot stole  $40,-
"i government money.   Eight pas*
ugi rs were wounded, among    them
being  the COnBUl-gananU of razll  and
a derman.
Warsaw, August 4.-A plan to lib*
Srate the political prisoners hire was
betrayed to the authorities today. Several servants and policemen Who were
implicated   have   been   arrested,
Moscow. AiiKust 4��� A bomb was ex-
"���"'led in lhe Kazan railway station today, and  two persons were killed.
Admiral Dies Abroad,
Cbetoo, August 1 ��� The sickness of
Hear Admiral Charles ,1. Train, com-
mnmler-ln chief of the United States
Asiatic fleet, who died here this morning, began on July uoili. He arrived
here on the flagship Ohio, June 24th,
went ashore ami put up at a hotel, apparently in the best of health. Ho
sailed on July Bth to meet the drv-
dock Dewey on her way to the Philippines, and returned here on July 20th.
Me went to Ills hotel and Informed the
Officers of the Ohio that he was unable
lo return on' board. He was confined
in bis room shortly afterward, but his
Illness was nol considered serious until yesterday, The admiral's son, aus-
sell, was al his bedside when he died.
The body wilt be taken ou the Ohio to
227 Wireless Stations.
Washington, August 1. -AM wlre'.e s
telegraph stations in the world have
been located and catalogued by tbe
bureau of equipment or the United
stales navy department, and will be
published in a blue book in a few
Alice  Is Coming  Home.
Paris,  August   4.���Congressman   and
Mrs. Nicholas  Longworth  today  sailed
from Cherbourg for New York on the
American liner St. Paul.
Lake   Town   Sses   Prospect of   Indus
trial   Revival   in   Arrival   of
Sawmill  Machinery.
The sawmill at Knslo. formerly own-
eil and operated by G. O. Buchanan,
now the property of W. E. Cooke, of
Harvey, Nortii Dakota, is being grusl-
ually ciiuippwd nnd put In order. Tlie
people of Kaslo are naturally interest-
esl In Ihe operation, as It means a certain, substantial and immediate Increase In the payroll, and nlso promises to aid In attracting slmllnr enterprises io locate in Kaslo. as the northern lluihsT limits are developed.
The followiiiK from   the Kootenalan
shows the hopes of Kaslo:
"The first barge load of machinery
tor Kaslo's new sawmill arrived in
low of the Hercules on Sundny afternoon. There wns no apace wasted on
that barge, and il Is doubtful If even
a grain nf inuslarsl send could have
been crowded aboard with what was
already there. Quite a crowd of citizens were down al lhe mill Bile, and
for a time the scene bore some resemblance to the arrival of a circus. In
fact, it would not have been surprising
If a few huge tents hd risen on the
spot, and u bunch of pink lemonade
broilers had begun doing business.
Upon closer examination, however, the
barge's cargo was found lo constat of
much more suhstnntia! paraphernalia
liinn thai carried by a circus. There
were hi'iivy pieces of machinery used
in machine shops, such as lathes, drill
presses, etc. In addition lo tills were
divers mechanical arrangements that
looked like a muddle of Greek to the
layman,* bells, chalus, pipings and fix-
tares of all kinds. There wns even u
���mall barge in sections. Most of this
comes from a dismantled mill ol W
D, Cooke's dowu in Stillwater, Minn,
"There were nlso three tenuis >o(
heavy draught horses aboard. They
ivere Immediately landed and stabled
in tlie shed adjoining the old planing
mill. One team will he used around
lhe mill here, while the other two will
begin the preliminary losing opera/
tlsms along  the   Ijirdo.
"This barm' load of machinery will
he followed by many others. It Is
shipped via Minneapolis, the Son line
md Crow's Nesi t'i Kooteiiuy Landing,
ihence it is transferred to Captain
Campbeil's big cruisers for filial de
livery  at  Kaslo.
"C.   tt,   Murphy,  of  the  Soo,   Mich.,
arrived In the city last week, nnd reg
Istered at the Kaslo. Mr. Murphy is
here ln the Interests of the Diiluth and
li. c. Lumber Company, a concern
composed largely or Michigan capital'
Ists, who nr.' considering the advisability of carrying on lumbering operations In this country. He went up
nonh on Monday's boal. and will ex
amine timber Umlls belonging to his
oompany, after which he will return
lo Knslo. There is n possibility thai
the liulnlli nnd It. C. Lumber Company
may build a sawmill in tlie near future. It may he located somewhere in
the nelghhorhood of Knslo, but no definite conclusion hns been nrrlved n��
yet ln respect  to tills."
Report is Unconfirmed.
London, August 4.���Answering a
question In the house of commons today, Secretary drey said Ihe govs rnmenl has no reason to believe lhat
the report of the intended resignation
of Sir Robert Hart as Inspector general of thi' Chinese imperial customs
was correct. The foreign secretary
had been informed by the legation at
Pckin of the new instructions given
lo the inspector general kof customs,
and they disl nol appear to be contrary
to the assuranoes given by China that
the actual administration 'if ihe customs will continues ns heretofore.
Great   Progress  Being  Made   in   Mines
and   Smelters.
(Special  to The  Dally  Canadian.)
Greenwood, August 4.���Many enrs of
material have arrived for the B. C.
Copper Company's Improvements, and
the first mammoth furnace Is being
sel up. The company hopes to blow
this in during the present month,
Work on the Elkhorn goes steadily
forward, From the foot of the lion foot
Shaft a crosscut Is being run to catch
the ore. yesterday at a point in the
crosscut 40 reel from tin- shaft a nice
quarts is'iid was encountered, and the
management husks for the rich lend of
the upper levels soou.
Although the Btrathmore has looked
well for some time, the presence of
President Donahue, of Chicago, If not
responsible for, Is simultaneous with,
Its present assuring experience. During ilie lust few dnys ore has been taken from the winze that runs Into the
thousands, and stock is climbing accordingly.
Initial w'irk on the C-reenwood-Eiire-
ka properties Is proving very satisfactory to the promoters. In the line of
development work iwo tunnels are being driven on the property, and, being
on the north slope of Twin creek, considerable depth Is being gradually
gained. Number two tunnel is now in
70 feet, and ls in promising ore. The
lead is from 4 to 9 inches wide, and
assays therefrom have yielded $200.
Number one tunnel is in 100 feet, but
lhe work thereon is likely to be soon
abandoned, as lhs_> values are not as
promising as in the other tunnel, on
which lhe work will be continued. The
Indications are that this is the E. P.
l>. and Prince Henry ��� lead, the claim
lying between these two and the vein
being in the same direction, with similar character of ore.
Burch   and   Reiss'  Collection   Includes
Some of All Kinds.
The coming visit of Burch and
flelss' World's Greatest Dog anil Pony ainM-s lo this city on Tuesday, August "th, will prove very interesting
to the students uf psychic phenomena,
hypnotism, occultism, tixeosophy and
to the believers in reincarnation iu
general. ,
Willi these shows is an animal trainer by the name of Herr ltirchem, a
graduate ol Marburg college, Germany. Herr Kirchcin's method of training animals is absolutely different
from any other heretofore employed.
The professor claims that ali animals have souls, ate capable ot
thought, and when properly understood, iheir reasoning powers cannot
be disputed. It Is needless to say lhat
the professor Is an enthusiastic believer lu theosophy. His method of
training animals to keep them calm
and to converse with them In a low
conversational tone; io treat them
kindly, to gain their confidence, and
lo always look them straight in the
ey*. in this way the professor has
been able lo subdue the most ferocious lions and tigers, and he has
trained a camel to a point of s-xcel-
lenoe never before attained. He has
likewise been able to place a camel,
a pony and a large dog Into a stale
ol' hypnotism. In sius> instance it Is recorded that he placed a snake into a
cataleptic state so perfectly that the
reptile resembled a walking slick In
its straightness and the rigidity of Its
body. The camel, dog and pony are
put through their wonderful feals of
Intelligence by means of this power
ai every performance,
The scoffer and unbeliever will find
many things in Herr Kirehein's wonder-
lul experiments that will require a lot
of explaining. All of lhe BBO dogs, ponies, goals. Camels, pigs, zebus, ant
eaters, bos indices, llamas, tapirs
and olher animals are under lhe immediate charge of Herr Kirtheni. Such
a tiling ns a whip l.i never used ln
these big Bhows.
This will be lhe first western tour
of Messrs. Burch und Reiss' Animal
Shows, and they will no doubt create
a sensation, In addition to the multitudinous animal acts will be shown
troupes of aeiiallsts. acrobats, clowns,
gymnasia, bicyclists. Jugglers, equilibrists, necromancers and Gregory's
Royal Italian Banda Rossa, the finest
musical organization ever carried with
a tented exhibition. A grand free
street parade will be given at 11
o'clock on the morning of the exhibition. Two performances win be given
under   large   waterproof   tents.
The friends of Fred Starkey are indignant at the efforts made in some
quarters to rob him of credit for his
gallantry Thursday night In saving a
brother Son of England from a wall ry
grave. It ls understood that steps nre
being taken to secure a life-saving
medal for Mr. Starkey. Te hero Ib
Still hoarse from a cold contracted by
his plunge, but otherwise hd Is none
lhe worse.
Montreal Bank Manager
Calls British Columbia
Pacific Coast Province Will Become
Greatest Revenue Producer in
the Dominion.
Montreal, August 4,���Mr. Walker,
general manager of the Hank of Commerce,   interviewed   here,   says:
"What ure your bank's news from
the  western crop bell?"
"For a week or two we had news of
rust and other discouraging features,
consequently we supitosed ihat while
the yield would fall ofT per acre, the
increased area under seed would bring
the total yield up to and probably a
Utile beyond last year's figures. Now,
however, we have news of a reassuring nature, and a considerable increase over 1906 Is posBibly in order."
"Are the newly constituted provinces
of Alberta and Saskatchewan spending  much money "
*i do not think so. In fact, they
have little to spend. They are, however, building some bridges, and will
also huve to have legislative buildings
at  Regina  and   Edmonton."
Mr. Walker declared that the press
of Canada should realize how much
greater are the wants of British Columbia than the provinces of the
plains. The Pacific province, he said,
Is an empire in itself, and to develop,
its resources a great deal of money
has to be spent.
"Legislators," concluded the general
manager, "should not be parsimonious
wnen money is required for British
Columbia, which wtll become the revenue producing province, par excellence, of the Dominion."
Albert.-*- Towns.
The recent census of Alberta, not
quite completed yet, gives the following returns for the population of the
principal towns: The figures for Calgary are rather a surprise, as the population was generally believed to be
over 15,0(10. Edmonton, with Strathcona, is already the biggest town in
tbe new province:
Caigary n,937
Edmonton 11,534
Strathcona 2,927
Lethbrldge 3,128
Wetasklwin 1.054
Red  Deer   1,420
Macleod 1,144
High   River 1,018
Lacombe 1,015
Cardston 1.002
Fort Saskatchewan      473
Fort   Saskatchewan      585
Fonoka      473
Are Female Suffragists Catts?
Copenhagen, August 4.���The third
conference of the International league
of Women Suffragists will meet here
from August 7th to the 11th. The
queen of Denmark yesterday granted
an audience of an hour to Mrs. Carrie
Chapman Cntt, of New York, prestdent
of the league. Her majesty showed,
deep interest In the suffragist movement, and regretted that the term of
mourning for the late king prevented
her entertainlgn the delegates.
Proposal  to   Invite   Recommendations
of Books to Board of Directors
of the  Public   Library.
A suggestion Is made by a meniliet
of ihe library board that. If adopted,
wouhl probably do much to Increase
lho popularity anil the usefulness of
the institution.
The board has now, from the pro
ceeds of Kirmess and the grant al
ready made by the city council, sufficient funds to meet expenses of maintenance for the balance of the current
year, and also to make possible con
slderable additions to the library.
'Ine problem, an interesting one but
not easily solved is "what books to
buy?" A boo kcoramlttee has boen
appointed and many new books have
already been secured. There has developed a difference of opinion as to
what should guide the choice of the
coinnillleo In making further purchases Some members are of the
opinion that the great majority of the
people for whose benefit the library
is maintained prefer the latest novel,
while others think that something
should be done to Increase the list of
older, standard works.
The suggestion  now   tentatively of
fered by one of the members that an
Invitation should be Issued through
the press to all Interested, not necessarily subscribers, to communicate
their wishes to the board in writing.
Recommendations of the kind sug-
gested would be a valuable guide to
the directors, and might serve to increase the number of subscribers and
extend the usefulness of the institu
A frequently heard criticism of the
library is "There isn't a book there
that I haven't read and want to read."
II Is now proposed that such criticisms
be answered by Inviting all who have
ideas on the subject of desirable books
to give the benefit of their ideas to the
board of directors.
Critical  Situation   In Tangier.
London, August 4.��� Adespatch to
the Pall Mall Gazette from Tangier,
published   this  afternoon,  says:
"Highly sensational reports arc being received here causing the utmost
excitement. Dally, almost hourly,
comes information from the Interior
of the rapid spread of anti-French agitation. The rebels are concentrating
their mile contingents around Mara-
kesh (Morocco City), the southern capital, and there Is no doubt that a formidable coalition of semi-Independent
vassals ha_ been formed. They are
clamoring for a holy war. and urging
tne viceroy. Prince Abdul Hafod, to
proclaim himself sultan. The situation is more critical than it has been
for thirty years."
British Parliament Adjourns.
London, August 4.���The members of
the house of commons and of the
house of lords met today to clear up
the business of the summer session,
after which parliament will be adjourned until October 23rd. The session of the upper house was brief,
their lordships simply psssing a prohibition bill, and giving their consent
to tbe bills passed before the adjournment The members of the house of
commons spent several hours lit a
general discussion of the South African, Egyptian and other questions,
which Premier Campbell-Bannerman
moved to adjourn until the autumn
session. This gave the members an
opportunity to bring them up again.
The editor does not hold himself responsible for opinions expressed by
correspondents. The following has
been received:
Editor Dally Canadian-
Sir: A petition is being circulated
among the ratepayers asking that a
bylaw be submitted authorizing the
Issuance ot another 150,000 worth of
debentures for the electric power station. Along with others, I signed tho
petition, but I have since learned
things about the situation at the power
station that make me think the question ought to be pretty well studied
before another Issue of debentures
takes place.
It Is easy to remember that we were
all told at first that $126,000 would be
an ample sum to complete the power
station. When John Houston was
mayor, he said "Let's get $160,000,"
and he carried his point. But where
Is the $150,000 gone? It has all beon
spent, and here the city is about to
ask us for another $50,000. I am informed that this amount Is not big
enough to do what ought to be done
at the station. It !��� known that the
channel or intake has been made large
enough for all possible needs that may
arise even if the city gets to be as big
as Vancouver, but when it comes to
carrying the water through the tail
race from the turbine only one Bmall
tail rnce is provided. This means a
single unit station. That may do all
right while things run smoothly; hut
suppose the power house is finished
and we cut off all connection with the
W. K. P. & L. Co., as we should have
been able to do long along if things
had been well managed. Then, if anything goes wrong with our own plant,
or if It should be found necessary to
Install another turbine, since we are
going to go Into >���e business of selling
power, there would be no iiosslble way
In this world to do the work without
shutting down the whole ptant. To be
without light for an hour at night Is
bad enough, but to have the prospect
before us of being In total darkness
for weeks, and iierhaps months, even
years if repairs or Improvements would
be as slow always as they are now, Is
too terrible to apprehend. Why not
borrow 1100,000 and put ln another tall
race, according to the first plan? We
have apparently plenty of time yet
before the machinery comes. Let a
public meeting be called, and the city
engineer be asked to explain the situation to (he people, so there will he no
more foolishness in dealing with the
power question. We have had enough
of that already.
Dental Society of Europe concluded Its
yearly convention with the election of
H. C. Merrill, of Cologne, as president;
H. A. Chamberlain, of Rome, vice-
president; John W. Sale, of Cologne,
secretary, and William Cooper, of
Frankfort, treasurer. The society will
meet In Rome ln 1907.
Sheriff Tuck In Slocan to Serve Papers
on Corporation.
The c|ty of Slocn Is "up against It
hard." British Columbia city corporations havo often been parties to lawsuits, and have sometimes lost and
hu to pay. But probably never before
has any one of them had Its assets
seized by officers of the law for the
satisfaction of a debt.
S. P. Tuck, sheriff of Kootenay, left
this morning for Slocan to serve execution against the city under Instructions from Livingstone, Garrett and
King, of Vancouver, solicitors for C.
E. Smltherlngale, a Judgment creditor.
The amount of the Judgment and
costs is $500, due and payable for
work done for the corporation by C. E.
Smltherlngale. editor and proprietor
of the Slocan  Drill.
Czar Got Them All.
Helslngfors, August 4.���The strike
of the employees of the street railroads and factories here is over. All
the loaders of the Socialist "Red
Guard" have been arrested and the organization has been broken up.
Earth is Restless.
New York, August 4.���A cable despatch to the Herald from Fort de
France, Martinique, says another shock
of earthquake was felt there Thursday
Nelson   Eleven   Will    Compels    With
Team* of Coast Cities In Big
Tournament at Capital.
Music  Not Appreciated.
The lone prisoner In the city police court Ihis morning agreed lhat he
had taken a little extra.
The magistrate: "Any special feature?"
Chief Jarvls:    "Slightly musical."
The magistrate: "I don't wish to
disturb harmony. Five dollars and
Will Meet In  Rome.
Berlin,  August    4.���The    American
The Nelson Cricket Club will be
represented by a yery strong eleven
at. the tournament to be held In Victoria tbe third week in August.
The following players will go: A. H.
Coppen, captain; Crozier Bourke, Captain Paddon, Lieutenant Hallett, II.
Reid, H. Wade, F. C. Corry, E. J.
Marks, F. W. Rolt, F. J. Sammons, D.
J. Elvery, C. G. Broadwood, C. T. Partington and B. Hardcastle. Hopes are
still entertained that the club's crack
bowler, E. Mason, will also accompany
the team.
Fred A. Starkey will go with the
team as manager, and A. W. Dyer as
Arrangements are being made for
a special car ,and it Is expected that
n s'ngle fare rate will be obtained. All
who wish to accompany the team are
requested to hand ln their names at
once to A. W. Dyer, secretary.
A trophy for the winning club and
medals for Individual players are offered by the Victoria Cricket Club,
which ls organizing the tournament.
Clubs from Vancouver, Nanaimo, New
Westminster, Seattle, Tacoma and
Portland, besides those of Victoria and
Nelson, will take part. Messrs. Sammons and Bourke, who have played
with the coast clubs nnd know their
mettle, think that Nelson will have an
excellent chance.
It Is safe to say that there is not
another city In British Columbia,
Washington or Oregon of the same
standing as Nelson in so many and so
various sports. The cricket, football,
lacrosse, baseball, hockey, boat and
gun clubs, while encouraging mnnly
sport, are also Indirectly doing splendid work in advertising Nelson as a
desirable place to live.
Salvation  Army.
Meetings will be conducted by Captain and Mrs. Johnstone, assisted by
Captain J. Moore and Lieutenant
Wright, tonight, commencing indoors
at 8:15.
Tomorrow meetings will be as foi
lows: Knee drill at 7 a. in.. Junior
meeting at 10, and holiness meeting
at 11 a. ni.
There will be an enrollment of soldiers in the 3 p. m. free and easy service, and the usual salvation meeting
at night.
Everybody who cares to hear what
obligations a candidate for soldiership
takes upon themselves who wishes to
become a salvation soldier are cordially Invited to be present at the 3
o'clock service. Solo and duet singing,
with banjo and guitar accompaniments.
Price of Metals.
New York, August 4.���Silver, 64 5-8;
copper,  17 3-4:   lead, $5.76.
London, August 4.���Silver, 29 7-8d;
zinc,  J. 20 15s.
Trains and Boats,
Crow  boat���On  time.
Slocan train���On time.
Spokane train���On time.
Coast, Boundary and RoBsland train
���On time.
Sheep Creek and Poplar
Districts Waking
Capital Secured For Development of
New Properties-The Week's
Stock Quotations.
The week in mining has been marked by several sensational finds and
the exhibiting of rich specimens reminiscent of earlier days In Kootenay.
Rich discoveries in the Lardeau, notably ln the Hecla mine between Poplar and Rapid creeks, the transfer of
tlie roadview and continued good results at the Eva and Silver Cup, promise an early revival of activity in that
rich field, where all the showings are
splendid, but for which so far capital
for development has not been available.
Afresh excitement was caused today by the arrival of a remarkably
rich specimen from Sheep creek, It
being brought in by Michael Zattont
from the Ore Hill mine. The rock
shown Is about the slse of a man's
fist, and contains a lump of apparently pure gold aa large aa a thumb, be*
sides being covered all over with yellow Bakes. Nothing seen in Nelson
can compare with it except the phenomenal specimen brought down from
the Swede last year by W. B. Pool.
Capital for development of Sheep
creek properties is now assured, and
work on several new mines has begun
or will begin within a week. Disputes
and threatened litigation have long retarded work on one ot the most promising groups in tbe camp, but It Is said
that prospects are good for an early
settlement and renewal of operations.
A report comes trom Silverton of
Increased activity in tne mines and
proposed amalgamations that will effect considerable economies in working.
Unfortunately the revival ot activity
ln Sandon at the Last Chance and
Surprise bas been checked by a recrudescence of labor trouble.
In Rossland and the Boundary the
week's record Is one of steady progress and rapid improvement.
The stock market for the week just
ending showed advances in all shares.
As predicted, the stocks of the Rossland camp came to the front ln consequence of the demand for shares ot
companies which have been practically dead, and It Is possible that the re*
vival of these shares will lead to large
trading in them during the fall. A general revival ts taking place In the mining stocks ot British Columbia, and
there Is more interest displayed in
these stocks than has been manifested
for a number of years.
International Coal is still advancing,
and while the high quotations have
brought out considerable stock, still
11 has beeq unequal to the demand,
and the shares climb steadily each
Western Oil and Rocky Mountain
Oil remain firm, with but few shares
offered. The holders, anticipating an
upward movement during thfc next
few months, are not Inclined to dispose of their holdings nt the prices offered. La Plata advanced slightly,
and Is held very firm. This advance
is due to the general prosperity of
the property, and is also attributable
to rumors regarding the buying of
shares by parties in touch with the
Virginia, Monte Crlsto, Olant, White
Bear and California continue to advance slightly, but few shares have
changed hands, the price still being
too low to tempt the holders. Pathfinder regained a few points, as anticipated, and ls again In demand.
The following are the approximate
quotations  for  the week:
Asked. Bid.
American  Boy 01%   .00%
Alaska Cen. R. R 6.00     6.50
Belcher 50       .45
B. C. Standard 26       .30
California 03       .02
Con.   M.  and  S 130.00 125.00
Denoro Mines 08   .   07
Dominion   Copper     3.00     2.60
Diamond  Vale Coal 23      .21
Eureka  Copper 10'      ���
49   Creek   Receipts 06       .05
Giant 02       .01
Internatlonl Coal 70      .66
Jumbo   (Rossland) 20      .18
La  Plata 20       .16
Monte  Crlsto 03tf   .02
Nicola   Coal 06       .04
Pathfinder OS      .04
Rambler-Cariboo 26      .24
R'y Mountain Oil 76      .70
Telqua Mines IU       ���
Virginia 05       .03
White ear 08       .07
Western OU      .16      .13
> 'i,
m The Daily Canadian
i STORES ���
Crown Gem Jars, pints per doz;., $ 1.00
CrOWn Gem Ja.rS, Quarts per doz.,     1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Half Gai. per doz., 1.50
Our stock has just arrived. Secure
your requirements at these low prices
before they are all gone.
PiiiiiiHiiet) hu il*yi ii weeB by the
Bnker Si., Nelson- B.C.
tatwrlpUon rate��, 60 utuu* month delivered
la the ClCTi Of (8.00 a feet if sent by mnil. when
paid in mlvniti'i'
Ailrcri-Kinv ratw on npi'li'atlim.
All inonlei paid In leulemenl nf The Dally
Caiiuiliaii account*, either toi subscriptions nr
advertiiitiiK. mt��l i��' receipted tor on the printed
formi of tin' Company,  other receipt, are not
AlsJUUST   4. lOOft.
���' By one word we are tome timet Judgud to   tie
w1m and by one word lometlmei Judged to be
fooUati-    letui  mere-ore   be  eareiul   wuat   fffl
Never before in the history of Can*
mln has there been so universal a
dearth of workmen and such crying
need for more laborers. Tbe mines,
forests, gardens, fields and households
are alike not only affording employment for a multitude of workers, but
tho industries Involving all these an
actually being crippled nnd Inconvenienced by the scarcity of skilled nnd
unskilled help. The conditions have
never been so embarrassing before,
und It is only recently dawning on
the minds of both employed and employer alike that a serious labor crisis
fs threatening tbe country, We ure
told of farmers who find it impossible
to plant the desired acreage because
labor is scarce, and of others who
have reduced the areas cultivated because they see far enough ahead to
he able to discern that. Failing tin
necessary assistance, their farms musl
be unreaped and their fruit ungather-
ed. Thus u blow is struck at the very
foundation of the country's prosperity,
for the basis of all national prosperity
Is In tbe cultivation of the soil. When
we add tbe crippling of Industries, the
Issue   Is   serious.
These   conditions  have  arisen   more
from tbe rapid and almost unforeseen
development   of   the   country,   particularly in the west.    The prairie provinces and   British   Columbia   have   attracted  large  numbers from  the easl-
ern BBGtlons of Canada, aud whatever
���shortage of hired help may exist there
, because of this, rather than bccau.se
change In the local conditions. The
west,    however,    Is   virgin    soil,  and
where  development     takes    place,    il
makes employment for very large numbers of artisans and laborers,   it is a
somewhat   interesting series of coincidences    that  in one week Sir William
Van Home, speaking at Selkirk, should
call attention to ihese conditions, and
(hat at the same time the coast papers
should  be discussing  the Importation
of   thousands   of   Hindoos,   nnd   again,
the Nelson Pruit Growers' Association
should pass resolutions ou the subject
of Chinese exclusion.    These incidents
will serve to show how thoroughly the
country Is In the grasp of a labor famine, and what resources are devised to
overcome It.
Canada is growing too big for her
native sons, ami tbe immigration of
foreign labor of some sort is Imperatively necessary. The question is only as to what sort of labor is preferable and most available. Of the Hindoos we have bad little experience, and
are as yet In no position to judge.
That hordes of them will be brought
to the country la to be assumed, because Hindus are British subjects, and
cannot be excluded even by special
legislation. Such special legislation
would not be sanctioned, and as was
done In the case of the enactment
against the Japanese, It would be declared  ultra  vires of the province, or
even the Dominion. So that only on"
of three possible recourses seems to
open the door of promise, Blither extraordinary measures must be adopted to secure immediately a large influx ot Anglo-Saxons. European foreigners, or the far Orient must give
up to us of hor servile and helot
classes to meet the occasion. It is, of
course, unnecessary to state that the
first of these contingencies, if ft could
he realized, Is to be preferred. Canada for the Canadian, If possible; but,
If not possible, then Canada for the
Anglo-Saxon. Rut in spite of the very
Special measures devised by the Dominion government and the efforts of
private Individuals and corporations to
secure an Influx of these, the needs
i have far exceeded the supply, U is
I scarcely to be expected that the rap-
j idly increasing demand can be met
from British sources. We have, then,
j practically to choose between Italians
on tbe one hand and Orientals on the
other. The exclusion of the Chinese
will inevitably lead lo the Inclusion of
the Hindus or Japanese unless tbe latter find themselves sufficiently provided with employment In their now
rapidly developing and expanding
country, as, indeed, seems to be the
case. We are thus practically forced
io choose between Slavs or Gallicians
and the two classes of Orientals mentioned.
The situation is one besel with
many difficulties, and these are growing greater every day. It will require
calm, dispassioned discussion of the
whole range of a very large variety of
interests, and the solving of the problem will call for the exercise of patience and the display of a degree of
patriotism for which ;at present we
are not prepared to give the conflicting interests credit. Conciliation and
seif*8acriflce will be in demand, and
we ask that for the present a rational
study of tbe whole field with due regard to the rights nnd liberties of all,
In- made.
A valued correspondent takes objection to our observation in yesterday's
Canadian that class legislation will
not do for Canada. He states that
what   we   have   been   chiefly   troubled
with   is class   legislation.   Being of
strong Socialistic convictions, lie
"dressps down" the classes, as he
calls them, with swishing birch. A
moment of thought and reflection
would have placed tbe matter in the
same light In the eyes of our correspondent as it appears to us. The Socialist complains of class legislation,
and decries Hit* alleged advantages en-
Joyed by what he terms the classes,
and the disadvantages suffered by the
masses. The Socialist, however, has
DO objection to cluss legislation when
ii i.s In the Interest of the laboring
classes. This is what he contends for
and strives to obtain, even though it
may Infringe on the rights or olher
classes. The cultivation of this class-
conscious feeling has ever been a serious drawback to civilisation and progress. Theoretically we all have equal
rights, but the Socialist complains
that he does not get his rights.
The position suggested by The Can-
adian was not that legislation should
not be passed to secure every one In
his rights. That Is the quality of legislation for which we work. But when
legislation Is distinctively in the Interests of a class as such it becomes riotous. When classes are self-constituted, and birds of a feather flock together, it |h no one's business but
their own.    But   when  legislation  rec- j
Ognises ami sanctions a class feeling,
and takes cognizance of any Bpeclal
class, it is vicious. We meant this as
much for one class as another, and
we repudiate the insinuation lhal we
are endeavoring to uphold the rights
of one class at the expense of another.
VVe feel sure our correspondent will
see this: but if he does not, it will be
because the blind cannot discover the
According to the London Times, the
commercial effects of the late Young-
husband expedition to the heart of
Tibet are already becoming manifest
The greal irade highway through
the mountains trom India to the Tibetan frontier has been refurbished, Improved and extended, aud an increasing traffic is going over it. A proposition Is now on foot tor connecting
the Indian telegraph system wllh the
Tiuetan trade maris, a special Inquiry into Tibetan trade conditions is
now being made by one of the Indian
assist ani commissioners, and his reporl will probably be followed by oilier commerce promoting devices.
A publisher contemplating ihe issue
or a matrimonial paper made inquiries
as lo whether or not then- was a law
against such a venture iu Canada. We
have a reputation for being a lawmaking people.
Sir William Van Home is joining
iu ihe refrain of thai patriotic poem,
"Canada Wants Men."
Smith Not Ambitious,
Tbe Nanaimo  Pqpe  Press  publishes
the following special from Ottawa and
adds   a   report   of   an   interview   with
Mr. R, Smith:
"Hon. Frank Oliver, minister of the
interior, will leave Ottawa on August
2nd for England. Ouring his stay in
tbe oid country he will investigate the
working of the Canadian Immigration
system previous to appointing a successor to Mr. Rresfon an Immigration
commissioner. There are several ap'
plicants for the position, amoug ilium
Mr. Has'edo, late fishery commissioner of tlie province of Ontario, and
Ralph Smith, M. P., but the minister
has given Ii to be understood that no
appointment will be made until his
return. Before Mr. Oliver leaves thu
city this week a meeting of thu cabinet will be reld to settle a number o)
departmental matters,
"Mr. Ralph Smith was seea ibis afternoon regarding ihe above item, and
said he knew absolutely nothing con
corning It. He was not nn applicant
for the position, and up to the present
he hail not been approached to ac
cept It."
Wholesale nml Retail Duller, in
Fresh and Salted Meats
CainpB supplied i.n nhorteat notlco anil
lowest pries' Nothing but froah mnl
wh-losouiQ intuits nud supples kepi in stock
lini orders receive careful Attention.
E. C. TRAVES   Mar.ag...
I Ou si/i cj/lils
I WiiiiiJiic thedmtmg spirits in ttt/io/it
1        m^^nm'
that the itrliikuMTV."! ii'-'.rNxlii KoiintnllJ
hH'i  tonio prnpsrllei Ihm Uca nrfreiblnsf
Wen ftm'y 'inl froit Bjrupi n. ih-iln *t
ii nu) ity      KiiiiniHui inter, glaum mnl
receptiolM *r>- kept rorupaiotnly otenn
linker Hired, ho-Mll, B, <'
Notice is hereby givotl that M dan aftor data I
Intend to apply lu the Hon tho Cli.fef.CommI*
hioiH-r nf Landi mui Worki rorpormlHlon in imr-
chaso tl..- following deacrlbed Un-.* In VVeal
Kootenay district, province of Drltlati Columbia;
Commencing ut a poit marked "wminm TmHIiik-
tun's aortbweil corner post*" mid poil iwing
planted at tin.- noatltweit cornorof incQuoeu
Vim.nil Claim." and adjoining th*- .mini lit t
Mri'iittirx pre*ompUoh, tnence iouth twenty (_!������)
chnins along laid line, tbenee mnl forty HO)
ohaini.theuco north twenty r-.ii) chnlni, tlience
wut forty (40) chains more or leii, to ibe place of
commencement.        *
Dated i*t day of Augnat. I9W.
ity tils agent J. E. Taylor.
Notice la hereby given thai 00 daya after date i
Intend ������> npplv to the Ron. tbe Chiof Commli*
-ii.hit nf i.i.n.i- Hinl Works for permlulon to
pnreliaH tho fiillo.viiiK deacrlbed landi In tlie
\\vm Kootenav district! Beginning nt a post
marki'ii a. li.ii'- B. ic. corner, abonl iwo mllei
eaat of tbe Salmon river, and iialf n mil*' fwnt
the Pend d'Oreille river, thenoofr) chalm north,
40 ohaini WClt, NtHiiitiiNHMillj and 40 I ..ninaon*,
to place of beginning.
tinted 27th day <>f .Inly, V.m. ft, It. |tKl.l���
Notice In given Mini fltidiiVN lifter ilntu I Intend
tonpply to lln- Honnrnl'le the Chief l-,,minln-
���loiit-r of I.n ml., and Worki for permiuion to
purohaw Uie loibuvtng deicrlbed
frost r
tn the
Kootenay Difsixfoil t'ommeiiefng at a post
marked CO.Foynta Land B. Ji t'orner placed
near tlie Pend d'Oreille river at limindarj ereek
easl side of .Salmon nver, thenre cast uu chalm
iflona the Intfrnatlonal Boundari I.im-, tbenee
ii.nh 10 ohalna. thenee west su chalm, Ihenco
���OUth 40 el ihi lis to place ot i (Uiili'i'liei'tiii'lil,
Dated the 20th ol July 1906,        C. C. PoYMTl
Hy A'm'K.:.. a die, Agent.
Notice  is  bereby  givon  that slxlj days nfier
date 1 intend toapply to tbe Hon. Chief f (minii��--
���loner of l-nml- and Works lor permission to
purchase tbefollowingdeacrlbi t landss'tuatein
west Kootenay district, adjoining the Interna*
tional boundary line. uix>ut (our miles easiol
tbe Columbia river, commencing nt a posl marked "h M I'"* B..V eorner." situate on the International boundary line, al the southeast corner of J.s r. Eraser's land: thence eastSO chains
tbenee north Oil ohalns, thence west &) chains,
tbenee iouth i>n ehains to tbe place ut commencement, containing .*" aores mor.' or lesa.
Dated 2Stb June, iww. [mora m. Piuhr,
P, J. O'fiellly, Agent.
Notice is hereby givon thai iix(ydayi from
date I Intend to apply to the lion. Chief Commissioner ol Lands and Work, for permission
tO  purohaae  the following described lauds sit
unte in Wesi Kootonay District, betweeu tho
ivmi d'Oreille river ami the International
boundary lino, about throe mllus from the Columbia river. Commenolng al a potl marked
J. B. c. F's 8. W. corner situate on tho International ixmiuiarv line, about half a mile eaal ol
the ea.-t boundary oi the ti. AF.a.By. landi:
ihence north .<i chains, theuce easl Wi chaini.
thonoe south 40ohalus, tbenco wesi fti ehains, to
tho pla< f commencement, containing KM acres,
more or toss.
Dated iMtb June, 1000. J. ������ c. Prjubr,
 _\_L O'Belllj. Agent.
Notice is bereb? glvoil Hint sixtj ilaiafr dale
' Intend I |dv to tho lion Chief Comiuissloner
oi Lauds ami Works for permission to purchase
the following deserlbed lands situate In Wosl
Kootenay District, adjoining the International
boundary lino, ai��.ut live miles east ol the fob
 bu* river; commencing at a noil marked ll
ti'sH. .. corner,ou the International boundarj
lineal Laura M. Krasar'isouiheasi corner, thenco
north nj chaini. thonce east m chains, ihence
south ESi chalus, tbenee wesl m chains to the
pini i commencement, containing  .���-���n acres
I'll.Ill (ItLLKSl'IB,
r less.
I'Hle.lll'.tb .lune. \\n
Notice is horeby given lhat sixty days after
date I intend toapply lothe Moll. Chief mi-.
sioner ul hands and Works for nermlaaii n Ui
purehaBu the following deserlbed lauds In
Hie nest Kootonaj district, south o| the I'end
d'Oreille river; cm cueing nl n posl marked
f. lis S. I.. comer,  situated   oil  the   Irail   near
Bear creek aboul a ratio irom the Internal -u
boundarj line, thenee weal mi chalna, thonce
north 80 chalm more or loss lu tbe lend d'Oreille
river- thence lolbming tho south bank ol the
i'eiui d'Oreille river sonth easi socimiu-  more
��r lei
nth  ..i eim
on in
u.-res, more or let
Hated ."ith July, IDO... CHABUS BlBagL,
F.J. O'ltlclly, Ageut.
Notice is hereby given mat _lxh dayse,'ler
dale 1 i ii icml ioapj.lv to Uie Hon. Chlof Commli*
sioner oi Lauds ami Works for perraiislon to
purchase the hiiinnjug described lands, in
the Wesl Kootenay District, easi of and m.i-
Joining James N. .Mackenzie's mmi; Commenolng at a post marked A.8'a 8. K. corner, on the
s.iiith bank of the I'end d'Orelllo river, just
above tbe  in..nth  of  the Salnon   river,  tbenee
weit80 ohalns, thenco north oo clonus more or
Ion to the I'eiui d-iircille river, thenee loilowilig
the smith  bank of t,.c ���iid river iu a ���OUlboaaf
erly direction to the place of commencement,
containing 380 acres, more or le
Dated .tb July I'JiHi
if tor date
AKrnt'H >i jim:iu.;ii
Notice is herebyglreq thatiixi
I Intend toapph to the Hon I .v.
of Lands and Work.- for perml*.
tbc following described lamh m .vMt fcooteuu
Din-lei Mn.tii oi the pend d'Orelllo river.  Com*
mencing nt tposl marked K. T M's, S. I., corner
tithe south bank ol the I'end d'Oreille river,
about a mile nnd a ball east ���>! the mouth of Fish
creek    tbenee south BO chain-, [hence  west f*>
chalm, tnence north 40 ehalna more or less to
tbe   I'clid dn'reille river,  thenoe  following  tbe
soutb hank of the said river in a northeaster).
direction to the place oi commencement, containing 48m acre-, more or loss.
Dated 2nd July laid. Ki.u T. Maikknzik.
Notice is hereby given that tin dm.s alter date I
intend to apply to tne Hon, i blef Lonimhnrioner
of Lands and works for permission to purchase
ibe followlni desoribed lands, Htuat* In West
kootenay District .outb of the i'eiui d'Oreille
river;(Jommene)ngata postmarked a. B.M's.N.
\\ corner situate nt lhe south bank of ihe I'end
d orcille river at Lllti 1 MaoKeusie l north east
comer posl, lbence south M) Chains, thenee  east
80 chnins, thence north HJ chalm more or leas to
the I'end d'Oreille river, thenee weal ni chains,
following the hank of the said river to the place
oi oommencement, containing t;tu acres, more
or less.
Dated Snd July two. a. it MAcowsia,
-\ it nt ri- -i hnkiiiek, Agent,
Notice is hereby given that sixty days after date
l intend io apply lothe Hon ChlefOommiaslon-
er of Undsand Works for permission to pur
chase tbe following described lands situate In
\\eet   Kootenay   District,   south   of   the   Fend
di Oreille river imencing at a post marked
m. U's tt, K.corner, situate on the soutb bank
ol the ivnd durcille river al James N. Slacken
sle'ssouthwest corner, ihcnce south itn chain-.
Ibenee  west 80 chains, thence  north  70 chain*,
more or leas to the Fend u'Oroille rlvur; tbence
followlug the south bank of the said river in an
easterly and northoasterh direction to the place
of commencement, containing64D acres, more or
Date Brd July, IWfi.        Maiioarht IIaiu oiht.
Arthur Schneider. Agent.
Nollee is hereby given that sixty days after diite
I Intent' toapph to theHon.Chief Commissioner
of Lands ami Works for permission to purchase
the following described lands in Wesl
Kootenay District, south ol the I'end d'Oreille
river, commencing in a post  marked J   N. M -
B, w, corner, situated on the south bank of the
I'end d'Orolllo river, opposite lhe uiniith of 16
Mile Creek;   thenre easl NichaiUs, (hence north
in chains more or lesi to the Pend d'Orelllo river
thenee following the south hank of the said river
in a westerly nml -outh.H-'erJj direction to tho
place oi oommeneement, containing 830 acres
more or less.
Dated Brd July, mm.     Jamm n. Vaocinsib,
Arthur Schneider. Agent.
Notiee is hereby given thai slxtv dovs after date
I intend to apply to the Hon. chief Commission-
end Lands nnd Work* for permission to pur-
clinsc the following described lands in \Vei|
Kootonay District, south ol tbe IVnd doreiib-
river, commencing at a poit marked a.bn. w
comer, situated Ht the southwest corner of Lol
112.'), O. I,, theuce ensl HI chains, theuce south (JO
chains, thence west fr. chains, thence north On
chains  tu the ptanO Of coniincnreineni, coitnin
I ng 4W acres, mon' or less.
tinted 2.1th    une, IWO. Anmi: FgASBB
V. J. O'Reilly, Agent.
Notice Is hereby gtien that Mi davs after .late
I intend to applv id the iiun chiflf Commissioner
of Lands ami \\ ork- for pcriiiiNslmi in iiiireha a
the followlug deserlbod lmnbin West Routonai
district, south of the I'ciuM'HrcillerKcr. easi ,,|
Fl��li creek nmenclng at a post marked F. W
H'aN W corner, about haff amfloea��1 of the
norfheast comer of Lot ti_i., O.L, thence south
41 ohalus, thenee east mi 11111111-?, thence nortii 11
chnili-,   Ihence   West  Nl  ehlillis   to   ihe  plaee Ol
commencement, containing 880 acres, more or
Dated Und fitly IHM.       Faun W, Habcourt.
AhTllt'll HciinkjdKK. Agenl
Notice f�� hereby given ihat sivtv days alter dale
I intend to apply io lhe |{.ni Chief loinniisslnu
erof Lands und Worka for permission to our-
abase the following described lands in West
K 00 tor
>f Hie   l'.-,i,l   ,|'i
ri.er, commencing at a posi marked D it M ,.,
N  VV, corner, Situated oil the souih bank   of   the
I'end  d'Oreille  river  al  Ji 1   N. Mnckciizle'S
SOUth/esI  CO ner;   tlience east  III chains, Ihence
s.oitb in chalus, thonco west -m ohalns, thenco
north 40 chains to the place of con ijccm.-ut
coiiirining Illo acres more or less
Dated Brd July 1000.     DOKALU l( Mit_KgNIH
 AttTHDK BcmnHPg-t, Agenl.
Sixty days afler dale I Intend to applv to Uio
Commissioner ol bands nud Works to pure hose
100 acres or land, mar llurton City, com mencing
nl ilpost planted at lhe wiutlieiist comer of Lot
No ��im. and marked,J. j,. Mc's southwest corner
and running norih In chains, thence east 40
chnins, Ihence south II) I'hiilliH, Ihence wesl -10
OhSIm to place of la-giiililllg.
July 18th, 1000, J. I). MiCri.MiCii,
         A. A. Hurtoilf Agent.
Notice is hereby given that two uioiilhs aftei
date   1   Intend   to apply   In   the   Honorable   |j|(.
Chief Commluloner of Lands nml Works tor
permission 10 purchaio tbe following doierlbcd
and! s tuale on tho west urm of Kootenav Uke
in the District of West Kootenay 1 Commencing
at a post marked "William Blterby'sK.W, post:n
thonce west twenty (am chains: thenee souih
twonty (90) chains; thence east twenty (lii)
ohalns; thonco north twenty (9ul chains to the
point of com iiccnieut, containing forty (lo)
acres, more or less
Datod July 7, 11(06. I. (1. NglJKiM.
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asilssiTt|Mls'!i. fist- I's'lllll'Sltlsr fssr SISIS'
ys'.sr II.iki Iii ss'lvssiis's'.
AgeDl lor llillls'iisk i'sstls-rii-
Fred Irvine ���___ Co.
iS'ssilis- is. bereb; given Mini us iIkss. irom date I
tin.!).I ia apply fo Uie " ruble the c i-
.1 siisT ss[ J.sssiilss ssss.l Worki for 1��TT>S I^Mlt.l, Is,
pisi'i Issl-' Ills'  lolloWllll IIOISTIISOSI   iHII'Iss. SilllliU-
iii tho West Kontenuy District,  dtsrtlns from a
Jsii.t iissssks'.l '*llsSiSlii Krsss'.l   DaVlBOQ'S-! K. [s.ss,!
hImisii isvii mil. i e_si ssi is,.,>r park mi ilu' Arrow
Ukcstbenco40L-hnlni south,tbence to sIihiuss
west,thenco lOchalm north,thencucaul lis iwsliit
ssf i'i' lencemenl, contslnlua al i 100 ns-rs-ss.
Iissis'.i ihi- siis sissy ssi June, I*"
Willism Bvhust Davisok.
Notice Is lii'is'lsy siisi'ii ilssst 00 sins. ssftsT date I
isii.'is.i is>ss|s|ih iss th,' Hun,,sist.i, I,,, t'hiol Commissioner ol i.ssiiiImsisiI Works foi t-sm  i i"
t.sin'liis.,' ilu- followlna descrlbeil lauds in lbe
"������>��� K 'sissy dlstrlcll  ���iisiiiL- ssi > posl
marked  "Nathaniel  Melutyre'i s K  .���,.ris..r,"
|,Hilled sm il,,- is,.i side nf lbe Col s River,
s'l I ��� sili!i-> sss.Ills nl Uilrli.lil'tis.ssli't RUchains
ii.nil. "I il,i.M,nil, ss,.��t corner nfLol 373, thence
north nil chains, tbenco ss,-i B0 chains, thei	
���outh 80 chains, thenee cast Ml chains iu point ol
commencement, eoutaliilng i.m norea
Dated Ibia 12th day ol June, IMS.
T.i'. Uakluson, Agenl
Notice I. hereby given that 00 days after date I
Intend t.... |>|.I j in lbe Honorable the Chlel Com-
mKslonorol Landsand Works for pel Ion to
purobsue iii" following .l.-.tH...1 lands; 	
llls'llsisisj   ssl  IS   pOSl   plnCCd  nil   I III' llnrlll ssll.iri'Sll
Mis' wesl nr f Kootenay Uks'. al Uie ii..rilss-��M
s'nriirr ni .inim Mniiik-' pre-emption, thenoe
west io chains, more ���r leas, to His- soutbeasi
i-nrsisT nf l^tl   Nn. 711'.',, thence Imrlli llii'lssssssss
Ihonoo s'sss-i hi chains r,i.,r.- ,,r is���.���., t)i,-ri.-<- nortb
I'li'lisslns lo Ibe point ol initiiiis ins'iiieiit.
liiileil Jsiin- 16th, 1900,
It. B. Ari'I.ETISN.
Notloe is bereby glvevtbat I Intend DO davs,
allcr lists- t,s ai [��� i ly io Ih- eh Iff I'oiimilBilonet nl
Ijsiulss  nml   'uks,  fssr nc'itsls..|o[i   10  pilrS'lsasic
tbe fisiisswiiiu , i-M'hist'sl lands, situate nt s_re
\isl)ey, HooU'nsy Isulct. ��� ii sitttt'Sii lust nl h
P'jst (marks-. I. Ual'sgber���south wesl corner]
P'n I nt lln' south wi'.t i's,nicr ssl lection H-l.
township09 tbenco tinnti bOobaJtis to tiss- nortb
sve.i corner nl said lesstfon mi, tbenoe i-nsst io
s'lsniii-. tbence   is su chains to Use ssssnis
hpondary of salsl section SS, and tbenoe w,-ki 40
s'liniin. tn His- place ol beginning eonlalui-g 3jn
u.-r.'s. nssil lii-lii^ sis,, westerly ball sst .nisi  action 88, township 69.
Dated Bt Nelson, B C.Juno6th msi.
Notiee is hereby given mm i��s .lays alter dale I
Intend loapply lu ihe Honorable the Chief Commissioner nl Lamls and Works (ssr permission to
liiir.'lissss' II,r lollowlng desoribed lamls, ���Ituals-
in Ills- ll.ss Kims nny.lislflst: I'oisiissenslisss nl s-
I   in..rk,..l   >l   Met. .-. H. s'ono'r, iilnliti-l In
iiinins ss.'s' ,.i I. c. MoMs.sis's uorthwMI oornei
of his crown ssr.ss i intsii iii lire ViUiey,running M oballis sn.l. lis iliuiiss nortii. Ill 's-lialns
west, 40 chalna south lo olaeeofeonunanoement.
M Mt'1'AMsi.'sn. Locator.
W. A. s SLURB, Agent.
Juii" 80th, 2000
Notlco is hcrby given Him I Intend, rss ,|ays
siller slnse 10 appl) s��� lhe Chlel Commissioner s,f
Lauds ssli'l H.s k- Inr |s-riiilssinii In pisrs tins.- Un-
following slsi'Sln.'l Inlnl. slltlnlenl fire s alloy,
Kssoti'liny sllslri, i, s ummonclDBal a Inist (itsark-
eil I,s'l.rue . isssiik ,,rlli treat essriier) plaoed at
the norih wosl corner ssf aeotlon 'J�� townabip s_;
tbenoe ensl so s bains lis Use ssorlh eaal oornei nf
Midsection -'��; u - snn h ui ohalna, thence
area! *' s'lssi.si. tbenee north ni ,'isaiua i��� itn-
lilnse of beelnnlug, containing 890 hits',   ninl
being tise northerly hull ssf ,ni<i sootlon tt, lown-
���hlp ia.
I'alesl at Nelson, u. i;. June s'sth 19 0
Nollee is horeby given thai 00 daya after date, I
Intend loapnli in Hie Hon Chief commlu r
ni Lannaand Works for nermlaglon to purchase
Uio following described Iraot ol land snuaie in
��i-i Kooieiuy Dlstricti  Co icing hi in,'
southwest.oorner nf Lol 7,:��i; thence nmlng
sss'si in s'lissiii-s ihence norlh go chains, thenco
wesi in oiinisi-; thenco norlh SO ohalnai thence
������list sii chalna! Ihencesouth 40ehalna to polnl
ni commencement, containing M0 aorea, sisssn- ssr
Dated nl Nolson, li i., this sini slav nf July,
lets)' .Maiiv gosgLur,
per l'. careen, Ageni,
Notloe is hereby given thai hi days niter date
I iiiieiiii m apply ns the Hi rablc tlte chief
 imlsionorol f.aridj ninl Wnrks for perm I ,
to purchase the following orlbcd lands	
��|'si K 'sins Dlstricti  Commenolng at i i
marked V, n. Preuohe- Lind n s corner placed
near O.C. Poynts B. W, comer, il ���<��� eaal ni
chains, thence nortii in chalna, tbenee m.-i s,,
chains, Ibonee aouth 40 ohalna to plaee ol com-
mei nit'itt.
Ilnli'l -ssills .lay nf Jills 1900.       T. II. rtUUtcH
By AVSRBW Ann:. Agenl
Notice is bereby glvenvhal 00 days nfier sim,. i
Intend to makessppllcaU hoBonoraole tbe
1 hll-f islssiisnerisf I nisilsniiil Works lor tn'r^
minion tss purchase  il,,- following deseril	
isiisis: i pmmenolog nt a ts si pleindoa sin- oust
slsssrss nf Loiter Arrow Inks.. Hiljolning  I llnlss'
pre-emption nn u.. iw'esi ,, ,rg_l| ���; "!'..,
,,., ,'n r,',".'.f':,"'-' ,ll"'|i'",""ii'i'g ��n ohaini
ensi, thonce Bo chains 10111111 Hence *iiIih|iis
nore or I tv.si t��� ti,,. t-,,. ��,,������.. ���.,.. ",'.",J
SSl"t ,l"k;,"1'"���   "J nollll   nl eolilm.'ll.'.'llii-li ,
s'ssni ruing SB aores, nioreurlen
Dal i,i��7,i,,i���,,ii,������,i,.',:"" K""IUS'
InutmU !,,"'_'''Is' "Iv"" " ��.''��*.'��'' '���'"<������ I
iiiis.1,,1, i��� purchase  the  1 wing .ie���. 1 ���. 1
.   "���"""'ill ���  III I 'HI 4' ||,| ||:s.  v, ,     ��� I,      I til'til1..  HII
1. .   . ...    - H����AM TtimBT.
DttOd thih 7ih flay of '������,., f ,���,
iiiiNslfin   1.1   1 1, ..      _, ***' ] ""rtl ffiri-r-
H.V.il    c     l'"^t��"iM- u1(- foiJowtag   itacribnl
"��' .Tlh,I.y ���f  '     .      J."'"'    'a.
.iK.,i,'',"i,!';.,':l,,j ���;        ���   -1,........
l-iiii's and Wo rks  ,, '   .'"'    ''������'�� <-l"iis'ro|
in.' following .1,.,.,' r-.I ,";:'':" '" P>"eli"ia
V y. Km,,,,,���,��� I,,,,   ,.,",'���' ,,'"��I" si   rlre
P"��t (I,,.skesl    'eort-eV  1 ���,'���'"""" l"��  "1  a
I' i'sli'1 lbe north es,   .�� ri,, h, "" '"r"'r)
townihlp 69| ii,..-,.,..,���.,,.,'; ' "' seotlon u,
���est oorner of ... ,   ..'.'   ,���'   "'!������'" ">������ ����� h
', h'llus, Ilnsnse ,���, fib m ��� ��� . ��� ' ���"." "j��� ��' ��  ��
I'S'linlns, toll,,. rs'.,.��� ���, ,        i'1'  Uss-nie ,.|,,i
W0acres,aidbefnl^i,.   ."',"","�� eonlaliilng
llon��2.io*nshlp��l. " ��"'if"'��sii.l.,',s-
""""Ul N'"""' '"���JS'.IC-s.lslW,
'ssnisos Voi'Ko.
Nollco Is Issts by slvs'll llissl s.s-lavs ssfsersl.le I
llils'isil l> Himlv to tin' llisisssral.ls' Use s lils-f
t inillnlsslni st nl Lnlnl   nml   Wnrks   Inr  ps-nnls
lion iss isiirilissse ihs- Minii'MiK deaorlbed inss.is.
slliiislt.il    Iis   s-loinss   Dlsfrlol     s'sslsiIis, sis lilt:   nl
iioriis ensl oornei post ol Lot 3a o. i���, nee runn-
I it; s.. ii its :ui els litis, tlie msi 80 ehalna Ihence
north 10ebalns, thenee wesi 80chains toi'. V, K.
rststil "I stilt',   following  suns.,  -iinlli   wesl   lo a
pnitii mterreptlng nonh Hneol lot shjo, thonoe
BSIilopoillt nl  rmiitni iii'itiis'SsI. i iililnllsllitt   IN
acrei more or less.
Mny iinlli 1906,
('. I., II tNsSKH
Notice is boreby sst.'ii Uml 80dayi ofl-i.i,.i* I
liinii,l toapply lothe Honorable ihs- Chief<'oin-
mlssloner ���l Lauds siml ttmks for permt-slon to
purelssuas lbe following de cribed Landi ill ,
nis'il in the Koolenay DlatslcL Beginning -i a
posl planted on tlu- nortii shore ..f si..- Lower
Arrow i.tkn iiiinist in i-batni wesl ol tin weal
boundnry sst s' I'. K Lol UHW, Marked II s it.
s r. comer, tbence weil lo chains, lbence uortb
60 chains, Ihenoe east 80 cbslns issssn- ssr les. iss
Inks' ihore, Ihence sis n smuts Westerly dltectlno
along lake sin.r.- lopoliiiol mencemi nt.eon
lalnlng n��s a.-s.-s ssmrs- s,r Is-ss
Located June MS. num.
A. N. WoLl tsmi.s. Atii-nt.
Notice is hereby alien ilnsi two sssnis'is. aftni
sissis' I intend lo apply to tbe Honorable cnicl
Commissioner ol Landi ami Worki rnrnermli
sioss I.i liuo'liHse six liuinlr-,1 am! forty (s,lo)
Hi-res nt land, deacrlbed u lollows: Cotumouclug
ssi ss posl |i!niste.l hi lhe northwest corner of l..
DaUagher.application lo purchase in Plre \',.l
ley,  s.u   Ills-   west sl.le of   lsis.ii   A r ..���  L_fce, In
Kootenay district, market! " W. A. Ci N. i coi
ner"; thenoe rulinliit; elglsly (8DJ cbalni Welti
Ihence eigbty (10) nnthi [hence elghlt (Si)
chaini ensi; iisess.'.- eighty (80j ohalni north lo
liinii- of commenoement.
\V. A.i sli.lr.
Dated tbe 2nd slay of July, nan,
Notiee la hereby given that 00 dan irom iinn-
I llllelul Iss apply to 111.' Ilnllnrnlilf ll." Cblel
lolssuslsslssiier.il   lamls nml   Woifcl Issr  Isrsuls
���fan ns sssn. hns,. the loiiowing de* nin'.l lands,
In iin-West Konteiiny hisiri E,eaat ilda of r(,l
nm t.ln Kli'.T.nln.tsI gjnUei llnrtlss.f Burl..n In-.,
i ommenclni al n poal marked \a-i, �� Winter.
B w. corner, at tbe N.W. corner ol it. ll. niniu,',
preemption clalmi tbence nuriis iss inniu.  re
or lose to Ihe aouth bounda.) ol Mile, i nin.ii'a
preemption claim thi n.t ... cbalna, lbence
 b 40 sTiniii. more ..r leai lo Use North boundnry nf R II   Mnllh'a p-rrini n  . Inim.  Ilsnss, e
wesl  as sis.Ills I,, pmnt ���| ...nilil.'in.i.ss us;  t
Itslittsii.' hsinires inor.. or leaa.
Daied UilsJn.l si.y of June. I9ur,.
I.Ks, M.   WlSTKS.
KaI.HU Hl.ya. Asrelil.
Nnllco is hereby given tins! I Inland, 00 dayi
slier Hue lo apply lothe chief C misalonei ol
nsnls nml Works lor permission I,, s ur, boss Ills
following deaorlbed landa, situate al rlre Volley,
a. I.,', inai in. im it. Commenelngalapo��t(mar(.
.',1 i  ii ii i initi,.r  lontfl Mat corner) placed al
the north eaal...riser ul ���.ciinn a., s,,s, ,,.i ,,���
Ibei west io ehalna, thenee north sss chalm
'"'���' s"t4_ chains, and ihence south 60 chslni
tn itis- plane s.f boginmng, oontalnlng -DO aorea.
Daied al Nelson. B. 1'. June .ills live.
1'. II. in ..s.m,h,
I Kimsit; VuiM,, Axelil
.Niitiis' is hereby given tbattttttan imsn ,iHi,. i
Intend loapply lolhe Honorable tba Chief t nm
mlssloner ol lamls nml Work, inr permission to
purchase the following deacrlbed lamls, in lhe
west Koolenay District    gand island. In Uie
""'lis hla lilvir aboul I tulles isssrlh  ,f  llu,n���,
it; sll ���| sni.i aland above high water, being
In in ri's tnurs' nr leas.
Dated Uilslsi liny nf June, Intnl.
Khans Nobtom
T. C Maki.nson, Agent
Huiy ,i,tys aftor dale I intend lo gpp'y lolhe
Commlaaioner ol Unds ana Worka, ',. s..,i��. i,
posl p anted un the wet! ihore o Arrow J.nk... al
Hn-souii, ,->,,,., ���,���,,,i i j chrtatlo's nui.i,,.,���
running north 80 chslns Ihei seal �� chains
thence south 80o ns, thenee wesi 60chslns tii
ptaOO Of ennuis. I��� esiussl
Unated May, vth isoe,
,   ,, A. CARJHg,
I- '.Al.l.AlillKR,  .'..wnlnr
stxiy days after date I intend to applv lo the
''""" '"'T "I Undsand Worka to purobaM
80 aorea nl land, s ,i���,iU sml.ecaii ol
*""���� "M. hi scribed n> I ts.   com'
���.���ii.i,,k,i,,������, ,���,.|������ u,enorlhwcetcor-
oss', i,'    I   i"'"' ',""'"t!��"��' aochalna, ihenco
llnrlll    III   ellHllls,   then Il.l   Jtlslinlii.   It,, in,.
souih along loi i.vsi i��� piie, ���, beginning
July Hn, IHM, J. li. II, s,,;,,.
Notloe Is horeby given mm nixn- days af lor
'"1''1"1'."'1  B-X, Bon. Chief com mi,
a Inner s,| I., ml, and Wnrks for permission t  ,
{has. the following deacrlbW  I. ..,,,!���,!   ���
\i.fi Koolenav dtetrleii Cpmmencing al a nos
niarked J II. \ anatouo's s.K ,',irn,.r nost sins,,,,'
lllllo'.-lll.,,.,,, Hive,��� Valley,.,. |i���l,'��� ,���ij������,'    ,
in."SS���?,. '"'".'i "' l "" undary, ihcni"
,.,,���,'"""''."'""'��� ""r"' '" '���'"'His. ihcnce
'���ssss 80 ohalni, Uieiioeaoull I n lonoln ,.i
'���"lll'nel itienl. '
J"<>-  "'""I J. II    VAN.ls.Nf
r. II   Alklii.un. Ajiclil,
Notice is her, by given thai 00days (runs dale 1
i;"ii'iiun|,|,l,.���;,i���. ii,,���,u���i |.���,,.,���,,���.,,.,!,,;
"""" r.ol LssmIs nml tVurlK. fo, an, ml .in s���
l":::1 lhe i wing descrlbeil L   ,,
ft ti"-ii iiissi nut. in on creek on lha[ Arrow
l-sskes lit ||���. Weat   ,,������|,.,���,y   |>|a,|,l,.t.     ,| , ���,
as'r a is, Im.I    ,,,ni,,,. in i in-  nt  i,   in,.,    ....,
w "   ''����', I. II,.'...'. "oil, is./dm.,':"".,1
.'' '���!,'l,'',!'l,.��|i". Ihenoe in chnins, theboe
weallB clialoilopoldtoloommoncem.nl.
Dated IhUlth day of June IW8,
William Hsisi.v i ctkiib,
WlLI.UK J. TOYM,  . siKM
Nu'im. |. bereby given unit no dari f-i lata i
lillssll.l lo apply lu lhe lint 1,1   l���. , |,|���, , ���������,
inisssuierof Lands and w���ik..,,,, permlulon lo
iiiireh.se 160 aorea of land ai fan Houteii uraok
"I!" Arrow Intks'sln Use Wesl Kssolen.sy Id.
in,d. Htnslliig Irisisi ss pnsl mark d A .LN It
['"SI, llsesie,. In ohalni ens,, llinnin III sdu'llis
��"" I me III , Illllll.  wesl, tltt.it,.,,  j.,  ,. I,,    ,
nnrlh to i tnfcouiin.noain.ol
Dated Ihis tlh slny ssl June lias;.
Altrtll'lt .ItSIIN  I.SSNSI
Wii.i.uK J Tuvg, Agent.
Notloe ii hereby given Dial Al daya d Hor duto I
ia.i.i.,1 < ipiytJ, ti,o lloiinrablo tfio Chief emit-
iiiis.hssusrui i.siinsnnd vVorln for permlaalou lo
purchase ilm fo low ns dwrlbod Hinds in the
West hiioletiny sllssslel;   t'oniiiii'iudii, ,,: is s-osi
lll.ilk.'.l  M.MsV. N   I'.'  smr. pins I, ,|  I V|, ,|
nonh ..I ihen. w corner ol W A.calder. ore
emption in i lit' volley, running toohalni south
lu.'hssliss well, in.dlllfns llurlls. lUeluilnss tssst (i,
place s,| s'Sisnlliell.S'Ulettl
MAI'I.K Alt'CANI.Llsll, Lsss'stttsr.
J���������ai,h,i��       W *'��W"i/��dnl
Xsiilee i. hereby givon ih.l nn ,iny�� nfl ate I
lilell.   lit make appllettiittinttn,,, BaOOrablo	
I hief t I'lllllllaal rssf Undi nils! ifnlks fo' per-
inissti.sii its iniri'isssss' siss, lollowlng descrll	
landl!  cueing ul a |u.el lunik,-! A. W   l'���|.
dera eouthoiil corner, icellun 18, Township on,
riiiiiilng nnil uttiily e ���, , i, fonv ohalna
weal twenty ohalns, nortii forty oi i to place
o Is-siliiuieiti'S'iiitdlt.
1) ated July 8,19n6. )oh�� Uasiii
,l,ii,'.'''i'''i,,',",!'l'T',y "'/"""""la.is.,.,,,,
inie I Inland to apply t��� ih,. ii,,,.',
' nmmlailoner ul Undi aim v,���,t.,'
an.ii  In purrhnse six   l,.iin!���,| ',",,,' "'"t
acres of land, dcac ..it,,,.     '"">��
f apoel plani s ll��� ,.,,., ,
..' If1"/������I'l Hun Ls issinl
"ll    <��� M,,.', -null , euSll.t''; ,,,,,'���  "'",
eight) |s.s|.h,.ln, ���,..,; Il���,|.,.,.|,fi1
 Ighly (60) .bales SS
IKlllS     (SO|   I llHlll,
lhe H-.
'' nt,conUlning in i,,.,,,,,...,   ' ;���
. , acres, mora or leas *
insis.i Utegntl ,.i Juii. we
"     1   I   A11., H,  .f..,.
Notice I. hereby given llt.i ,s. rJ,,   ,
I'll'Tlil lis  ke ,l,l;.I|.-.IS.,s, !,, ||���. '    , ' '   ''
i hi,- Commissioner of Uml, itt,l tt,..','",'"
mission to purchase the followlni 23
Inn.I-;  I ..mm..,,, it,,, .,  ���  ,���,., ���i ;
llnrlll Wesl eon erolM.MeV,.,',,,,!,,,,,..1  "
!""'"i '"' ��� su i is. V.H.-V. ���,.;������ft
i.   H' '.',"'":''���. """""' i" .'ii.isi-.i
chalna snsslh.   1(1 .'|(.ills ei.-t. .siitiai,,,. Z
I'lis.-e.,), ommenoem.nl
K M. Mil sm.i.i.ii |���_,
W. A.I'asi.,.., i, ,.'
J.sly.'ml. pi
Notice It Is Isy ^Its-is Hint l.i t   .   ��� ,
lii'visd loappl) Is, sl���. II,������������,,.
missis i,em, liiiul- and Worki lorns-raZ
liiiri'lltlse   lhe ,,.Most us. st... rtl.e.l Inns,,
In Ihs- Wesl K elust iTlatrlel   I'ol - .
posl nn the s-nsi .i,f,-'..| T , ,���..., .
Assnss   I ���k. .  nml   m.rke.l   '���)   .1  t\���ii .
enrner," ibenee ssaat BO chains,Ihenai
iiinins. iheii.e weal an chains, lhe	
i limns to polnl of commencs i t
Jsosti ri's noire or lens.
Located June mils, isss; j j n,
T   II. Wll.l I.Msi.v. |_. ,
���d'.ly dnys .Iler dnle I llslesi.l l,,s|,|,
Chief I'omm^slsnier' s.f Undi ssui ,s
VlOsorln. fnr psTlnisshsn I., i.sir.'lia.t-.in. h
and ilxty [160] aon ...i lsnd.loealedand_i
ed   ii-   followai   'luiitiu lii'lliti st n l.-lpjAi.
elgtii) (60) ohalns a��s, ol sis- N.W mnutl
Bulgers preemption and mark��l"C k sg.ti.
cornor,"  mnl  rusnsliiK   ,-ns,   d.rty (ki) ikna'l
tbeni ii forty (i.'j ebalns, th.-sus.-w^rnal
eh  Ihence mirlli forty (lu, elsatn- i���t.:n||
beginning ���
Jnn- 7. is..-. c.gCnat
N.dl,', I. b.rebl given that iss 'las* slter^lr) |
Intend lo apply io the Hon UteCaldQai
sinner of Unds .ts,I Work. I,.r,�� riii'-;..',; ��e
.!.���..��� ih. folloarlng deeortbea landi ��� '-.
K-.sesiis ill.trni, isrs.vlise,. ���I ilrlllili TdiaHi I
Commencing m n is.-i marked A a n��_isj
������ s\ eoruer, on the aonth side of CsdbmaM
nli,.us   Iw.s mile,  ensl   of  llissl.its I'll; IMWlfe,4
.ml ni ihs- northwest corner of tvili_t.ll.|es
111', in- .int. tion claim, thenee ,..t.fau.
st" in,   north '" ebailiB, thenee ssniSfba..
Use I i.'Jlll '", lu'llls In llle |.Lnv.,!Sjtu_l,
snislnliiiiis; -'lu H.res I.i.,le .,1 i. -.
I'Ht.il Mils .'Ills ilnv iii Julv, I'..,
  I 1 I iri
Nollee I, hereby givon Hint inuustsnllsaitl
dnls   I llllelul loapply lolhe II...Snt.HMbelk
I nil.lulssliiiierof LnmlsHliil Wnst-
i" l im.e th.   loliowma described t.iislnil
.Is- iii lire V ill lev ..is lhe wesl - id.- ill Lsisrrk
mss  Uke, K iihv dlatrlct. dea-rltoli
lows: Commencing m . is.m i.tautei .tii
norihw.il is,riser is) w. a. CaJder-1
isinrkeil "A M.d.'s MUthwell ".rls-l
llsesss-s. forty (I'd ehulns .-it-l; llielii" l"SI(ll
iiinins nnrlh; Lhenoa Inns' it"l 'Is.Ill' �������!
tinin.   I., It   tl'i) ih.iiss sosstls  Is. Use plsVtg
-..ninl. ss,, in, in. udntalnlng one hundred so*
sixty (180) acrea inssre ur less.
Dated /one -':', 1806,        Awn . UeUsnonat
W. A  I ,1 s.ss. A|t'DI.
N ��� i- bcrebj given that l lalewl,a Hi's
nller dnle tu n,i|ily l.i tbe Cblel ruisisiiiMinnlie
' nlids nml Work. f,,r permlssfsin 1" punhss.lb*
loiiowing described Inst.Is bis.I pr.t.n-"
at Kire , sl'ey. Kootonay District ''..niineosTos
at a post, marked P. H. O'Connor ncrrti .������-: ���'������
II r, placed nl lbs' ssorlh   s'Hst   , nrls.-s ,-' I
'1   lownshlpdOl tl, e  siiijits  III s'lsalll". Itn-Bf
wesi lo ehalna, tbence nss-ib its rbeiai to la*
northerly ttouudsry uf shi,i Kctloo .'l; and st,,'!-
Co eaal Id ohalni in Hi- pices , I bcglnnlni,"*
Inlniiit: lot acres, and In-lng lite norih es.1 ess-
���liinrt, r uf sn',1 s.etton gl, townslisl's"
Nelaon, B <��� JuneAtb UOO.
p. il. OfXnmofc
��� ;��� ;'
l;t:s,is,.s; ."I ssi, Agenl.
BlXtV diss, nit   r.lnl'. I llsleini In spiily > lbs
 "ss- rn,   Until   nild   Wurl-. Vl'InlU k;
pumhoso :'hi ss.T.s ..I l.nit.1 altuatu aod .lt-.rsi.-i
ns followi   Commaooing hi ��� poll plaa_4 ""
lis. easl -bure nl Armw ink. npptsslls CJtir��">l
I-Hudttsit  nt   the snulh   west comer "I Jsn'"
O'Blls, - pre-ami  mui marked I' i  * _
cornor; llienee msi ��i chains, llienee s'sssin *
���hall -. sis i  won60ohalni lo Ilie likeiln*,
Ihcnce north along the Ink.- .in.re ie nbwesi
Jims'_.ii|i 1906,
W. csil'Kts. Imcslor,
Noll,,- Is hereby given thai 80 days slier ds�� I
I" I loapply tit The Honorable si,- ' In;""1
tnlaslonerol Lninls mnl Works Inr ticriiilsiWi l��
purchaio lbe f.,n..��inK deacrllwtl Ian	
nsein iiieiii. ,s,,si marked W a ��,  n I ���
planted ssl the N   W. corner ol u   A. tsMrn
Pi' iiplhui lit  Plre Valley, mniilng8nehaai
north, i", In,in. weat, 80chalna. li, lorhsli
ensl I.s pine,, of es, sss lu en eels s ��� HI
W. II. Mrs'.sM.ll-ll. I.'"'i''"f.
W. A.l'Al.l'KIS. AK'-'ll.
Nollee is hereby given ibnisisij (OOJdsjsitw
������    '   llllelul   to  n|.,.|v    In   Ilie   llu'U     ,   '
ihiei Commissi r ul Undsand Wsck.lJ
,,I ��,'!
pcrinlssloll In pssrsl  Use  lull.sss Ilie J��s"lllss'l
I'm I of land: iltuato at Ql Ill' Hns '���   '
sbiimo, Koolenay Niks' m the t'lsiis
si'iilelss.y.   Pfov e   of    Hilllsll   1'.^ '"B
crititaliiing i.y at1m9aaurwn.nl iw.ian sen
tin ..I,,,, mora i.i Is-ss. which parcel ma
isss.re particularly described ns r,.ii..�� ';
ini'iieliia ni��� |���,i,ii ,,n ii���. westerly  indsryat
i   7"v, i.  i Wesi Koptenay Dlsirfet, i ;' "!'
s.uiili ,i,.i corner nf l. SB.U. II thence well"1'
fuiiutiiiig Ihe southerly hi i.n ..I I Mwa i.
Ik's'lnsllss   ra ,���   b's's Its lbe south well '"'
nor o, ..id i/,i 0601 si. i; ihenco ieimi !���
sonth    III   eh.tsss   mor.   nr   less   lo   Uu'   ���'"n"
.���sly boundary -1 n it. n���ii,.sd,'. Api.H.'.sils* "
I'isriioi.e; ii,,. asiorly foi Ing the north
inly boundary ..f ..hi n. It. Balloeb'i Apptlcsli"
In   Purchase '.'.'.'172 .-hains inure ur 1 '""
8lipreofmii ,' p.yi ti,,., followlni ih��,",_"
oslly of lho islsl shore n nh oasteit)   If
Mon 70 chains more or leaa to Ih ��' ��';','"'
ni'i'nlsttl   I.,,17nntn,, ,; i|���.nee isnrils'ih mile.
Jim wosiorly lioundsry ..[ nU Ul W ��
i.sssH eii.iii. mom or less lo puiiii ol commend
Dated June i:,. uatsi. .j. \i. navtio*s-
, Notice I reby olvcu Ih.sl lixTv '<">���,"!'''
dale I Intend I,iHptih Us lbs- llnliurnlil' II"'1 ��"'
i,iiiimi.slum.i ,.(f.nmls sssssl Worki lorporinlr ���
lo nuranase its- r..st.,wfitir sloserth. d trss letrsao
in iis.i Kooi.nay sllslrfoli Bisglaisliisj ni'si1"-'
lilsnit'd nl 11 rlltwe.l i-nrii-'i Ol l."l '���'"'"
Dug ''I k,  IllOllOO soutb  lusdnsllls, llius""'.
4" s'hnlsss unit,. ,,r less. Ihenoe insrlli li'il'""1
mors' ���r I.,.,, rliene ssi us laftoahnre  "
ji ace of beginning, tho aaine Is Intended loom
briii" tvlissl Is kini.eu .istlto Itsslisoii prs- I"""'
Imit'd Inn ;,, isi��; litsis. "  WJIITI
N '���'   I'-   Imreht   KlVell   Ilnsi sits;  diss- '""'r
 ue i luieiui i��� apply to the chief ��""���_
slnnorof Lands nml \V.iriis vlslorin. mr I'i;11'1
.hm to purchaao the following described ,��"1,
���Itnale In tlm iiisiriei iii Wesi is may, '"��
olUrohmnii Crock! Hisiriiimai a polhi ��]";'",
���I'slill  Wblls.'n  .1.   ,v.  essrllsT,    platll.d   i'1 ' '
chalm ninth ui ,i   Mnl 's ioulhonsl ���������""'���
running norm :��i, l,,iln. thai nasi iiiei""'
ibenee souih :m ohalns, llionce tt.'si li'',!""";"'
Inifnlssf s'uiitinonooiiiont. Ji'''^ "iiitk.
June 11. Hill. J.KKAitn. Ags'iu. The Daily Canadian
nada Drug and1
Book Co'y* Limited
}4 a
L Mecklenberg, M.A.,D.Sc|
looks into the iuterior of the eyes, aud _
therefore knows cxactl)' the kind of jrlass- X
es you require.     No guess  work.     No ���
dangerous mistakes which lead to blind- Y
lies1;.    Safe, reliable and ���
perfect Satisfaction Guaranteed ���
Special Reduced Prices Until  X
August I Oth* %
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y, Limited
[--#*>-�������������������: >������������������>���������������������
Christ's  Warning to Disciples Against
Deceivers���Services   Announced
in  Churches  for  Tomorrow.
The following .services are announced
for tomorrow in the churcht-s of Nelson:
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
cor. Ward and Silica streets: Eighth
Sunday alter Trinity; holy communion,
& a. m.; morning prayer and holy communion, 11 a. m.; chiidreii's service,
_!:_t0 p, m.; evensong, 7:80 p. m. Rev.
P. H. Graham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, coiner of Ward and Mill
Btreetls LOW inawH, s a. ecu; high mans,
10:80 a. m.; evening service, 1:'M p. in.
Rev. Father AlthofT, priest.
Prtsltyierian church���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria and Koou.-nuy streets:
Morning Bervice, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, _!::.��' p. m.; evening Bervice, 7:.-u
p. m.; Sunday ���chool, 2:80 p. m. Rev,
J. T. FergiiHon, minister.
Methodist ciiurch���Corner Silica and
Josephine ���treeta. Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7::.l) p. m.; Sunday school, '2.:'M) p. m. Morning subject, "TIim Words of Jesus, tlu- Law of
l.ife;" evf'ning, "David and Jonathan;
a Model Friendship." Rev. H. N. Powell, pastor.
Baptist church��� Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. in.; evening service, 7:80 p. m.; Sunday school,
ft;80 p. m. Rev. E. H. Shanks, pastor.
Sal vial ion Army���Barracks on Victoria street, weat of .Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
it a. m.; holiness meeting, U a. m.; a
pratse meeting at :{ p. m.; salvation
meeting at s p. m.
Tomorrow will he the eighth Sunday
after Trinity. The week contains no
saints' days. Monday, August Oth,
commemorates the Transfiguration,
and Tuesday the .Name of Jesus.
The gospel for the clay, from St.
Matthew, contains Christ's warning
against false prophets, "which come
to you in sheep's clothing, but inwa: illy they are ravening wolves." The
disciples, for themselves and the
church forever, are told that such shall
he known by their fruits. Men do not
"gather grapes from thorns, nor figs
from thistles." "A good tree canno!
bring forth evil fruit; neither can a
corrupt tree bring forth good fruit."
It is obvious that tin- judgment hy
fruits cannot be Instantaneous in any
matter. A prophet Is not proved fals:?
until the time tor the fulfillment of his
prediction Is past, and meanwhile
faithful servants may have listened
and  believed.
Against such a danger Christ gives
no definite, positive guidance, hut the
warning closes with the condemnation of hypocrisy: "Not everyone that
snith unto Me 'Lord. Lord,' shall enter
Into the kingdom of heaven, but he
that doeth the will of My Father which
is in heaven."
erial Batik of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
|'l M' PAID DP....(8,900,000 KK8T I ��t.D0OO00
V. ll.KIH. ProRltlent HUN. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice Prenideiit
Branches in B .ish Columbia:
pWHEAI),      aOLDMN,     NEI-SO\',     KKVELHTOKE,     TROUT   LAKE,
li"l issii- rs t'i'ivi'si nml Intsrett allow I nt enrnsnt rat��'K from date of o|h>hIhk no-
"I Iil"il linlf yt'iirly
J-   M.   LAY,  Managitr.
[he Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
^refuses Lead, Copper and Dry Ores*
-oal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timb.r,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Boat Hiiilili'i's will iimi ii in iiicir Ekdvantaga t" dm out Pitch.
Nelson Coke uni Gas Co., Ltd.
'. Burns & Co.
''��� MnfkBtg*M   RoullUta,   Troll,   Ki'lMin,  Knuln,   Hiinilnn, Throe Forks, Now
Denver noil Slooan Olty.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Raker Street.     -     NELSON.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit, Foel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
I ^LiM'-l
D-ltvarlea iiiniln ilnily tlimtiKliout Nslson
mnl Uh miliiu-'m. Pliiini' 14K.
Kotlce Ih netehy Riv��n tiiat .lo -lays after ilute I
intend to *l>p��}' to the Qhjef Com ml us timer of
Landl mid WnrkH I��r a spudul Itc-cimC to cut hwI
curry hwhv timber from tho .(.Mowing .leatrlbed
land* in Yvwt Kooteimy distrlc :
No. L���''otninc*tiritiK at a pout marked Ole
I 'I., ii.;'-;,.. utliwi ������:���'! ner post, und pUnted on
the eait B-'lu of Dun (-hii river, about ten mile*
north'HKt of Went l'ork of i-uiii-hii river; thence
SOchftilu ftoiuh, thenee 80 chalna eHBt, thence 80
DhaUll north, thence 80 eln-ins west lojolntof
No. 'i.���tumiiimniun ht f. poit narked Ole
"    laiif   '
__ -tlUHM post and plained i n tbe eaat
Hideo  Duncan river, about 11 milea i ortheaat of
Oberg'a i
i PihVm.!1""1.10 "">' hrniich will have
"I" ""'I careful atleminn
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
SK.W.KDTKNDK11S,-rarVe.1'' Tender for limber
Limit*. W Miriv Creek." will barerulvod
i,v ih ��� iintlertlgtitd uji t��> noon of Bat unlay, the
ifih ilny "t uguit. Mm-'., fnnu utiv p taon dealt*
IHI i .obtain ppeomt Umber Iteenrea to cut ah>\
carry tmiiy limber from ihe followlni dwrltwd
limla, fituule ou Mi" Norlh Fork ol W�� dberry
Creek, In the Alii Worth Mining DivisionOf W<M
KtMiti'tmy D.itrlat:
Lol 1 Comma OfUl at n itKO planted (in Ilie
Norlli   l'ork   Of   Woodbenv   t'lvett,   about    live
mi leu from Kootena; Luke; thenee r-iuiIi *>
rhiiinn: thenee weil snelmii^; tbeno-i north flo
oEainai tin- ice e��l Wohitneto the ]>oint oj cum-
li-1 8.���Commenelnv nt e eU*e p'ented on the
North l'ork of rVoouJlony <'n-ek about nI.x mllei
Innn Kootenay Lake: tlieuce lonth ho ahami;
thonoe Weit SO ebOfUll   thenee  north  HII eluitUN,
thenee easl B0   hiiius In Ihe point Ol 00 0000
Lr��i :i.   rouini.iiieiin; itaetakopliutetlnn Ihe
North l'ork of Woodberrv Creek, hIioiiI aeren
lillh-H from Kootetiay Mil llienee iouth 8"
OhUtnil   thenee  weal SO ehalna; tbenee  north  I1
ihiiiii-i thenoe ��� ��-i 8o ehaliiH  to ibe polnl ol
Lot I < .nuT.elielliK *l a stake pliiuled 00 the
North F��ok nf Wt o |,. rry �� reoa, ilbonl ei��hi
miles   from   Kioleiuiy   Lnke;   thonco   south   80
fhftini) thenoe weii Ktohaini) thencounrlli Bf
chain*j Inoueo cut w - hum- to tin- point oi
Tin- ners. ii I'tti-1 ii.p the hlghesl cash tiouufl will
beelillth'd t'i fp.-eUl  HiviieeN eovellllK the iim-
iis ronowahle for twenty*one BUticeiiite yean.
Knell tender nmai be accompanied by a oertl*
lied ehei|iie, made p yablo ��i par i" Vlelorla to
tho iiU'lerslKiU'd. Tor the nuiotint, IHVMMi. nf tlte
flr-i year's fna foreholv.peelHl licensee, end the
n moo ut of ihe hi'iiua uiii'kred. mi ��� nlso a eertf
lied cheque for |;1imi.i for eo��t of ii'ivrrllsiiiK ��ald
Deputy rommluionerof Landiand Works.
I.llllils und Woiks IVpniHii-'til,
Vleiorla, ll. c, July 10th, hm;.
Weit Fork of J>uucan river; thenee 80 chalna
north, Hi ni" mi cIirIdb earn, thenee 80 chains
south, thence 80 chains ai-m to point of commencement.
Ho. 8.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg'i northeait ��:orner pout, and planted on
tin* eaat side oi Duncan river, about li miles
ii' rtln _t of Went Fork of Duncan river; thence
10 chalna weat, thenee KUi chains norih, thenee
���1'ieiiniiise.ist tbeneevUOchauu nouth to point of
No. 4#���Commencing at a poat marked <Jla
OIhtk's WUtJiW bt eo ier posi, and planted on
the eaat _*j��� 1 ��� - ol Diinean river and aboul 121-4
mib-s oortheaat of Weat Kork of Dudomii river;
tbenoe an ehulnn north, theuce 8'ebalns eas';
thenee Bt)ohalni aouth, hence 80 chains west to
point of oommenoement<
No. s.~Commenoing at a post marked Ole
Oherg's northeast corner |>oHt, and planted on
the eait side of Duncan river aud ahout 12 1 4
niilis northeast ol Wesl Fork of Duniati river;
thenfe BO chains west, thence B0 ObaSOl north,
tbenee 8<�� chatllH east,  theuce 8U chains south to
point of commencement.
No. 8.���Oommenelng ut a post marked Ole
Oberg'i northeast cor ner post, and planted on
thee ttt side of D-uiean river, and about IS 1-4
miles northeast of Wesl Fork of Duncan river;
tbence 8ii ebalns west, thenee80 cha'ns north,
tbence 8ll ehains east, thenee 80 chalna south to
point of commencement.
No. 7.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg'i southwest corner pout, and planted on
she eaat side of Dnncan riverand about i:si-i
Tillies northcasl of the Weal Fork of Duncan river;
theme 80 chalna east, theuce Bu chains south,
llienee ��u ehains west,  tbenee 8U chains north to
point of commencement
No. B.���Commenclng at a posit marked Ole
Oberg'i southwest corner post, and planted on
the easl side of Duncan river, aud about 14 14
miles  norlheast ol   the   West   Fork  of Duncan
river; tbenee ��o i halus east, thenoe BD chains
souih,  thence Nl ebalns west,  thenee 80 chains
north to point of commencement.
No. 9.���Commencing at a poit planted on tbe
east ilde Of Duncan riverand mark-d Ole Oberg'i
southeast comer post, and about 14 1-4 miles
northeast of Weil Fork of Duncan river; thenee
rut chains west, thence ho chains north, tbenoe *u
Cbalni east, thenee 80 chains south topilntof
No. UL���Oommenelng at a post marked Ole
Ohi-V* southeast corner post and planted on
the cast side of Duncan river and about 15 1-4
miles northeast of West Fork of Duncan river;
theuce 80 chalna  west, thenee 80 chains north,
tbence 80 cbalm east, thence 80 ebalm south to
point of oommeneement.
No. 11.���Commencing at a post tnarketU Ole
Obeig'a Southwest corner post and planted on
the east side of Duncan river and about 15 1-4
miles northeast of West Kork of the Duncan river; thenee HO ebalns east, tbence 80 eliAlus south,
thence8o chains west, thence 80 chains north to
point of commencement.
No. UL���Commencing at a post marked Ol*
pberg*a northeait corner post and planted on
'.he east side ol Duncan river and about 10 1-4
miles northeait of West Fork of Dnncan river;
theiiee wt chains west, llienee 80 chains north,
tbenee 80 chains easl, thence 80 Ohalna south lo
point of commenoement
No. LI ���Commencing at a post marked Ole
OU' g's southwest corner post and planted on
the east side of Duncan river about Hi 1-4 miles
Dortheaat of the West Fork of the Duncan river;
thenee 80 chains east, thenee 80 chains south,
Ihence80Ohalni wesi, ihence 80 chains north to
point of commencement
No. 14-~-Commencing at a post marked Ole
0berg's southwest corner post aud planted on
tbe easl side of Duncan river and about 17 14
miles northeast from tbe West Fork of Duncan
river; tbenco 80 chains cast, thence 80 chains
south, thence 80 chains west, thenee 80 chains
north to point of Commencement
No. 15.���Commencing at a posl marked Ole
Obetg's northeast coni'-r po��t and planted on
tin-east side of  DtfOCaJ- river and  about 17 1-4
milea northeast of West Fbrfc ol Duncan river;
tbenoe 80 chains west, thenee so chains north,
thence 8o cbalni eaat thenoe 80 chains south to
point of commencement
No. 10.-rCommencing at a post marked Ole
I Hn-rg's southwest corner iwist and planted on
the east side of Duncm rl er and about 18 1-4
miles northeast of the West Pork of Duncan river; ihence 80 chains east, thenee 80 chains souih,
thenee80 ohaini west, theuce 80 chains north to
point of commencement.
bo. 17.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
'M erg's southwest .mriier post and planted on
(he east side of Duncan river and about 19 M
miles northeast of the West Fork of ''uncan river; ihence r��i e|i��ins east, thence 80 ehalns south,
tbenoe wi chains west, theuce 80 chains notb to
point of commencement
Dated June Sth UKJ0,        Ole Ohkro, Locator.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day honse iu the Kootenay..
Rooma are well lurnlihed.   Tabic ai good aa an.
In Nelion.    Bar anpplled wllh Rtitxl
llQiuiri aud i litssrs
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
T*emo_t House
J-uropean and American Plan
Mi-ale 26 eta.   Rooma from 28 eta. to 81
Only White Help Employed-
Baker St.. Nelaon Proprietor!
Notice Is hereby given that EW days alter date I
Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner ol
Lands and Works for a special license to eut and
oarrr away timber from the fouowiog denrlbed
land's, situated in the West Kootenay dlatrlct:
No. L���Oommenelng at a poet marked 0 D.
Hoar's southwest corner nost.and planted on the
cast bunk of Duncan riverand about Kil-I miles
northeast ol west lurk ol Dunoan river; thenoe80
chains easl, thence 80 chains south, thence 80
ehulns west, thenee Ml Chalna north to point o[
No. 2.���Commencing at a post marked o. D.
Boar*! northeast corner post, and planted on the
easi side of Duncan river, and about 20 1-4 miles
northcusl of west fork of Duncan river; thenee80
chains west, thence locha'lis north, thenee 80
chains easi, theme 80 ehains south to point of
No 8.���Commenolng 'at a post marked o. D.
Hoar's southwest eoruer post and planted ou the
east side of Duncan river, and about 20 1-4 miles
northeast of the west fork of Duncan river;
thence ������*���' chains north, lbence 80 chains east,
thence 8o chains souih, theuce 80 chains west to
point ol commencement.
No 4;���Oonunenolog at a post marked o. D
Hoar's southwest ciruer pnst and planted on tbe
east bank oi Duncan river, nnd auout 21 1-4 miles
northeail of tho wes*. fork of Duncan rive ;
ihence 80 cnalni north, theoee 8o chain" earn,
the BUchQlM iouth, lbence 80 ehalu! weat to
'mint of .-..nun. io'<-mem.
No. Q ���t'oiniii'neing at a post marled O. D.
Hoar'* southeast corner poat and planted on the
east side ol Duuc n river, and about 'JI 1-4 miles
northeast of west forko' Duncan river; ihence BD
chains ninth, th nee Nil chains east, theliee 80
chains so ith, ihciietj Su ebalns wesl to p-nni of
ciimineiiceun nt.
No i>.    nmmencing at a post marked 0, D.
Hoar's southeast corner pn��t and planted on ihe
east side of  lln- Duncan river, unit about __ll
mil s northeait nl tne west fork of Duncan river;
thenoe B0 ��� ba ns northi tnence Bo �� hains easi,
theliee Koeloiins smith, Iheno 80 BbatOI west lo
point of comiueticcine   t.
So. 7. CoininciieinK at a posl marked 0, D,
Hoar's 100thWOal coiner posl and plauied ou the
ensl s de of Duncan r.vcr, and n'o'it �������_! l-l m 1 t
lioriheasl of the we ( iu _ of Duncau liver;
thoUOO H>> chains east, tbenee 80 chains soiub,
thence 80 chains west, ihence su OhalUI nnrih to
po nt of couimenreinehl.
No 8. -I'oniineiieluK at a pnst marked 0, D.
Hour's Dortheaat coiner post and planted on the
east side of Duncan r vrr, and about 21 l-l miles
southeast ol wesi t" it of Diineuu river; th ���nc-j8o
chains west, thenee NO oba'm north, llienee Ho
chains easl,  llieue EO ch  Inl south to point of
Pomtnt nceiiieni.
Ko. 9.���Commonetng at a post marked 0. D.
Hoar's BOUthWClt corner post and nlanteil on
the east side of i uiiculi liver and aboul -J_ 1-1
miles uorlhcast-of the west fork of Duncan river; thence SO chains easl, thenee 80 chains south,
thenee HO chains weal, tbeuce 80 chains north to
point of coiiimeiiccin-ht.
No. 10. Commencing at a post marked O. D.
Hoar's northcasl corner posl aud planted on the
east side of Duncan river and about tl II miles
iiorthcas: of (he west fork of the Duncan river;
ihdiccSO ehains, west ihence 80 chains north,
theliee 80 'hains eaat thence ft chains south to
polul oi eoiuiueiKeiiietit.
No. U.���Commonetng at a H poit marked O. D.
Hour's southwest eoruer post and planted on the
t asl side ci Duncan river aud about 2.114 miles
northeait of tbo weit fork of the Dnnuan river;
ihcnce Ki chain-. e��st. theuce 80 chains south,
thence HO chains west, IhcliccHO chains north to
point of commencement.
No lA���Commenetng ntaposl marked O. P.
Hoar's northeast corner post, aud nlauled on the
east Hide of DnuinU river and aboil- 2111-4 miles
northeast of the wesl fork of the Duncan river;
tb��ni*o8fl chains west, tbeuce 80 ehalna north,
Ihenu-jBtK lutlns east, tlience B0 chains louth to
point of cum men cement.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar la the Piueit.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine Bl.
N.'Uon. R r.
Tht Big Schooner D���/>��,  1 (\r
Or "Hilf -ndrul!"    DCCl    l\)L*
The only (iluss of Good Beer in NelHOu.
Holt-1 ufs-sjisinitsslallotiH leoond to none In Brit-
issli Colombia.  Ratea 91X0 per day. Bpeclal ratea
Its intsnthly I.Msts.li-i-   1 sisly Iisiiiil- Is..ts I lis N.l-nii
Lake Viet*
(Jo* ner
Hal! and Vernon Sts.
Two bW-ks from
Rates $1.00 per Day
and np.
f&i&%      NELSON, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night
Bampleand Bith Room! Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
The Strathcona
Nelaon, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale ou the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
The Leading Hotel in the
Good    Sample    Rooms.
Queen _ Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelion. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and Comlortable Beslroomt and Flret*
clan I1111I11K Room. Sample Room! lor Commer-
flal Mult.
MRS. K. C. CLARKE. Froprietren
The well known
tJ^*4*T��tJT        Our Beer Garden is
I1U X CJU        tho Finest in the
____________________; Kootenays.
A. McDonald & Co-
Denlera in staple and fancy Groceries.
Batter, EgRB.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
Old Curiosity -Shop
If you want to buy or sMl anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A nuw
llne of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kinds of Dlnnerware tn stock. Patterns.
No. IU. -Coiiiiiii'iniiiK ui 11 i-i'M miirkt'>t 0, D.
Htmr'o HoiitlnvcNt corn- r jioxt nml pliuiU'il 00 tlie
oatt lido ��f tha Pnocan river nml u_inut .1 l i
mlU'N mirlli-'iiNt of tin' west fork ot lliv DttOOflD
rlvor) thflnflfl *> viuiini t'liHt, tiu'iu-t' ho . ii.uii-
Honili, tln'tuvWI I'lialiiN wi>-|, thciifc SU (-liatiis
nortii (o point of co i u me net: tne tit.
No. 14.���CoumitlOiDg fit H poll marked O. D.
Hour's norihWflflt comer powl und planti'd oil thfl
eusl side of Huncan ri it nnd about w W miles
tiortlieiiM o( thu wesi forko! the huiie-.ii river;
thence Ml clittiiiH we-t, tiiuucu HO ehalns north,
"hence Wlehilnii eusl, ilienceRO cli'iins south to
point of eoiiiiiit'iicenient.
Dated Jnnfl ��th lmw.       0. D. Hoab, i-ociitor.
  Hy bin Agent, Oi.it OBEtm.
Notice Is hereby given thai, thirty days after
(Uie, 1 Intend to apply to the lloiinruhh' the
Chlef Commt.MtoiUT of Lands and Woiks for a
siiechtl license to cut and carry away timber from
ilie following dcsclbCil lauds, situate un I.emon
e-eck In ihediBtriet of West Kimteniiy: Com-
inciiclng a a pout planed ou Lemon cre<k,
ele-.en ill) inl.es fioni Kootenay I.tik", adjoining
U>t tbet, marked *i��. w'l N. K. corner pout";
tlienco ['irty (in) ehulns west; thence eighty (SO)
south; llienee fortv (4a^ elniiiis east; thenee
eighty (S.1' e)i it I tin nonh io p-dnl of commence-
niHtil, cotit iiliilug 1 hre�� li mid red and twenty (320)
acres mnru or lesi)
linled the -iuli day of June, A.I >.. 1MHJ.
Bkite White.
TrNsuRANCB!   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Olsicitt CBtnliliphRd Real Ksliilt:
BupincKfi in Kofstt'tiay.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Frutt Lands in this district.
Most of it siinute on the Went Ann nnd Main Lake.   See uie before ynn deciile to locate.
j S. M. BRYDGES, ���PE��&i_ANK
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Fratt Lands ta
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
TUESDAY, August 7th
Performances at 2 and 8 P. M.
2 O-F U IN N w
(_J L O W N S-2 O
Lilliputian Performers.   Troupes of Acrobats.     Scores ol
Gymnasts, Bycyclists, J'lgglers, Wire and Rope
Walkers, Necroiu: uccrs, Atheletes,
and'Japanesr. Performers,
Gregory's Royal
'  "- Child
C   *
i^^^S^ !
ri^CCi Be Given  a
Grand Fre�� Street [
Miasa  Banda Rossa
Attending the Matinee Will
\j\iy Ride,  Absolutely Free.
arade 11 a. ni. Daily
Popular Prices.    Tats Near C P. R. Depot
;��� 1
\        ' i
S' "M
I i
i The Daily Canadian
and Pepper shakers.
Silver Mounted.
\    LO-AL AM) PKOYuCIaL    \
Mrs    John     Houston    _rriv._   from
Goldfield. Ne. .  :_>:  :. ^        -    ��� ������
= m ll    1 Mrs. C. H. Ink.
E E.wards. of R<-vr.s ��� ..-- ->
mc::' DOB-Bla-li B-i .- la I . I - '���.
ferrlns wiih R   A   Re_wic_.
t t'���  -:
j   LAING'S   j
I Jellied Veal |
Is just the dliog fnr
a  Read}- Luncheon.
Is a clean Canadian
pack. Is fast making firm friends.
'<A Tip" for a
'Canadian Morning.'
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit.
Thorpf's- nis-- , i,,\ dnnk-        L-U'-b**
put up a ipecfadty
W.J. Walker,   _fe
Need Any O
Fttsit Jars ~
We hive th. NEW Masc-n S.a!a
with iht All GLus Top.
No m>-u_ to ifft dir t ami s-urrosled. ,
This-  Hjss.it   pj-tt-tlat.-   M-sU.-r   on the
m_r_.-t.   In pint and .juart -i/.-.
Pint, per Dozen $1.25
Quarts per Dozen 1.50
W. aJifi hav^ lbt-   Crown   -Turn  in f
pintc, quart* aud ball gnllsiu
J 1,51.25 and SI.50 per dozen
[ Joy's Cash Grocery j
Cor.Joiephlne��nd Mill Ht��.      Phone in
The Leading Ice Cream
Parlor of Nelson.
Special attention to orders for
parties aud picnics.
The Store of Sweets/
Froth, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phone -���'��� Baker Si.
One Pound Tins 25c:
I Two Pound Tins 40c I
Bell Ttadingi
Company       ���
C'.r. V.rnttn ...to Ward St retsU,
1.BL30N.   fc��. C.
J   Ylik'o HI'ME, Bropnt-Usr.
A E Bryant. Kus-tftl-, P Ross. De-
iroll; N P MoNaushi. gjlr.rton; R
Clothier, Cranbrook: W 0 ��PflW.
Portland: -yrs E Case. C Case. Ciarcs
holm; A HicKling. Rossland; H F Ma
cleod, Orti-miond; J Johnston. Kuska
nook; C A C��r_i��q, J W C'hilban. Van
tourer; II BMiiler, Orange City; A H
Sanslcrson. Ban-Oil; Mrs. f J Sansier-
son. Hamilton; H Ross. Wia_t.ni; C
F Stewart. Toronto; A Lucas. Kaslo,
E  Edwards.  Rerelmoke.
J A Whittle., Sandon; C \V Dawson
Taunton, ilass.: S Baiter. Victoria; M
L Millenthal, Montreal; Miss E Mac
Night. Grand Forks; H Stereo:-, Arrowhead.
u C Taylor. BUrerton; Miss J
Fren.-h. Sh-rbrookti. Jllss a Banner-
man. I'ortage la Prairi*; U Mclntyre
and wile. Hiacher Creek. J Miller.
Kaslo: R SteTena and wite. Burion;
J PhjlJips, Miss Phillips. Spokai...
S  Curry.  Tmlr.   D  Collins.   Fernie:
J H Smith. Spokane; J Hurley. Lardo
T   Barter,   Silverton;     C   Woodtow,
Poplar Creek; J  Hennessy. Dublin;  J
McDonald.    Windermere:    J  Eddy,  H
Costeilo.  Union Road.
J   RcsJd,   H   Loo?nu.'3t.   Creston;   H
_ailn_��n��r,  Big Timber;   P  H  Becker,
Howie. J R Cine, Minneapolis!.
W J Aiien. Mansviii-;  H McCastin,
Ryan:   G   Btrinsaaa  aud  wife.  W    w
Moyie.   M   Tait.   Ymir;     F    B
Loses, .Slocan Junction.
C Martin. E G Perkins. Spokane: A
Sutherland,   l-ardo:   H   Williams     i:;-
-   Point:   J  Smallwood.  Beasley;  J
.-���:. W Laurie, Cran-rook; H Cue,
Ymir;   J   Davidson.   Trail;   J   .noma-,
11  Martin  and    wife.    S   Cromman,
Martin   Concert   Company.   J   L��Beau.
Inutile    D    JMcOlUlTTar. Msiyie.
Telephoue 1111.
Thompson & Douglas
I >i:coi.atok.s
Sltfti   Writing n  Spasulolty.
Wull I'ttpsir iiti.l I lurlnp.
COTTAGE uf ifx roomi, beautifully lUlUttd <>n
UOUble iiirrici; DlCfl In" n mnl koiiiv frull; ��.'*i��i
caali, balance hm rent. Cornir sunh-v ami Db
���ervRtory itr^eu,
THK OFKIC'K HAI.OUN,  lltvk. i direct.   Apply In
'lurk ��V TIhiiumiii.
I.adv STANOaiUPlIKR for poilUoo In country*
Good it o with employer'! .ninny.    Abufv
Ih�� VV ., < rt llll'll.III ullli'c.
A  workman at  the C.  P   R
was  brought   into the   Home   ':.
this morning ��ith a sprained -_-���-.
In   tfce   Methodist  church   tomorrow
the   u_eim���-est   of the   U -   -   B
wil!   bv  adrainis.er-/*.  at   the  close  of
the   mora :.-      ���     .���        |Qm    McBride
will   sing   a   soio  during the   even;:.?:
We have the remedy. Our
expert opticiafl is giving satis-
[action. We guanuitee to satisfy you, ii you give us a trial.
Consultation Free.   A Visit Solicited
Shipm-nis   of   j- apples
;.n��i   d ��� f to   th��
fairs at Jk-ow Ja* an i Reg
Kuutt-nay   Kruit   Qroen  .-    *.-- -
Jobs :;.--. ���;   tad
BdpaJ   contributors.
The   B       -'   -��� -   " ' '���   will
: in th* t--ut on ih>- .
grvUD'is     T: ���
Ing wil!  iv Kl-v   D. .*���!<;������:���
1 reeK;  In  Lbe Ot    Rl I    It
S   A.   Nurtlirop,  of  LoB  Ar.-- \--
Hugh Sifvens. formerly of the C P.
R Arruu ._.>.-- Reel, now of Arrow
tteftd arrived in Sels-'n la..* Qigtat He
is running two lars.' boarding I - -
at Arrowhead and Comaplix. lis��� l-��
tablishm?Dl iit Arruwhua-l ��.���.- de
Mroyed In the roceQl firt*
Among      the     announc-m-nts      o;
changea  in  the  tt*\tt of Gonz&gj   i
��� -���     BpOk|me,   thfl   Iiaii:'   nf   Dlivid   Mc
Vato< - ���:. 9 I DM ��� Ri Hindi nl ���'���
<i!vinity, is gireq tt onp > f tbe nre-
fecta   of   diflolplinfl      Ml    M<uMttocker
is well known  iq N<-;- ;���
The Lrancb of plums In W. A Thur
man's window yesterday pror*sd on
counting to hold 149 plums. No onr
guessed correctly, but there were three
estimates of ISO. The decision waa
made with dice, and the prise ���-..-
won  by   the  bolder of a  card   --���:���
.V. A. \Y.." which was that contain
ing the estimate made by W. A. Ward
The Eagles' annuaj excursion wil.
take place un th- steamer Kokanee
;he evening of Wednesday, Aueu?:
"th. The city band wilj be there, and
a coatert *rf vocal and instrumental
music wil! be given on .board. Thei
will also be a dance iq a specia.ly
prepared pavilioa at Pilot Bay. Irwin's
orcoestm will play for the danct-s.
The eate^^a,.rl^J'-n��� oomniUea <>(
the Twenty Thousand C.ub have arranged for a contest in waltzing for a
prize at next Tnursday evening'-*
dance at the pavilion. Mrs. H. C.
Briggs. Mayor Gillett and Captain
tiore will act as judg-s. Tick- ts lu:
the dances, obtainable from Secretary
('Jjadbouri;. at Ta;.Iur & McQuarrie's
at J / WatK(.-r's or on the cars, include two v*i f_\rtM good any  time.
The secretary of fhe Fruit f]rovers'
AaeodatJoa   reporta   the   receipt  of  a
cheque for $25" from the provincial
governiuejif \Q {he association's funds.
Thi* U certainly wry encouraging,
and sbowa that greal mtbten \s being
taken by tht.* provincial authorities in
\te eHoru tha! are being made to further promote rhe rapidly expanding
fruit raising industry here. The members of the association are all working
hard to make the coming fair a sue-
c��*s, and recognition of their effort
:n surij a substantial manner as this
is rery p|ej**��icg indeed.���Kaslu Koot-
��� naiaa.
R. S. Lennie returned i��!ii n'^sht
from Victoria, where he appeared before the supreme court on an appeal
from the taxation uf costs in Siar vs.
White. While at the coast .Mr. Lennie
m<-t many men of both political par
tittn who are familiar with conditions
throughout _Hfl province, and found
that the prevui.ing impression among
those in a ppsltiicij u> judgi- is that
Premi��r Mcliride and his colleagues
can awftep itie piovinr.- wbgnever they
chiM.se to nii\nm\ 'o th.- electorate
Campaigns ut slander i1ih( pojlapgfl us
soon us the charges on which they
are b|ised are Investigated canoot
blind the people bo the fact thnt Brit*
ish Columbia is enjoying n period *>f
unexampled prosperity, due to clean
und capable administration and far*
MnufM<i financial policy. Even Intelligent !.it.cf-;ii,s, .Mr, Lennie says, reluctantly nd mil Hi?/1 the Ude is ruhning
Strongly against thf opposition.
The Store of Quality
For One
Beginning  Tomorrow,  August  4th,  we
will put on sale quart
bottles of
Lime Juice
Guaranteed to be strictly first class at
the bargain price of
35 Cents Per Bottl .
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . I'hsiDii 10
Th*sff are sTia I was^t-cards tor use
<n small basins- Just the thing when
>ou don't wish to use the v��asn tuc
these  hot  days.
Price 25c Each
Love Your Order With Me For
Cherries and
Now. as Hm <s-.-is.sn is c'.,,<:nc. aii.l I will
na tha: >our ssr.!- r is Dlled ��iih tin-
ts#st fruit lo be h-il at lhe lowest marks?: price.
Cm A* Benedict
Corn,-r Bftlca tad   ' - pk '     Sis.
i>tii��i: 7.
Hazlewood Ice Cream
I'lume 2oo.
Commencing TODAY We Put On a
We d.-n'*. tM-H   to   . ������ *   _.'���"_;    _r
Betfeim    We * ���   ���. :r��
here Md ll - ��� -k tor
$*.o0   Baker   Rszcrj  for 95c
25c   Shaving   Brushes   for      10c
$1.25   Wall   Pockets for    .,  90c
7oc   Wa):   Pockets   far  5ec
Worth   ft5e.   ft.OO  a"d   fl.25.  for....
  50c  per  box
50c packages Note Paper for 25c pk'ge
Black   Ink      5c   bottle
Colored   Ink.   red.   g-een   and   violet
 5c per botve
Gait Coal
.-*..:�� Bpot Cub
TeleF_.f._ie **A Btier Street
W. G. Thomson
WS&SiP " ' Nelson, 13. C.
West Transfer Co.
Qn   r-: T--'!!!st*-rs and isvitl.-rs in
i'.jsi :tutl Who .    E-prt-ss- and
bP|EK_|ce Tninst^r
,'sV,,   .   Office: Baker St.
I'hi.ni' ,^-l.
This is tlie minnow season.  We
have a full stock of
Pails at $1.00, $1,50, $1.75
and $2.00 each.
Fur Kvu-ythiiig U<h*1
to ai:u.Kr
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thunnan's Special Mixture?
��� ���
We have tbe greatest variety of Spinners
ever Bhown in any inckle Btore.  Drop
in and l<H>k around, and see for
you reel f.
Nelson Hardware Co.
PHONB Iii       NKfjiilX  is. O.
Mining Records.
In   llio   NelHitn   nilnitiK   nfflrp   today
oortldcatoB of a.ieasnionl work    were
Ikbih'iI isi Pranola Holland, on the Oood
Iliiiu-:  in ole Bkattebo, ssn ih . copper
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
Olance No_. l uml _: to T ii  Melocbe,
till  the  Aurora  and   No,   1   Aurora;   lo
M. SplcsT. ssn ilie Maggie; to l>> Hoi-
laud, on the Summit \ss ���! ami Bergen
$J0, J2.50 And $15
Our LONELY Sale only
occurs ouce a year, and ig
now in full swing. These
suits arc
All Fit-Reform Goods,
the liest clothing ou the
market, made by high-class
workmen. Come in and
take a look.
H Fit-Reform
I Wardrobe.
Repairing and Jobbing a Swii
Bheetmetal Work, Oaatdngi, Bnildati' Malt-rial and Mining und u
_______ -"in -bobuj
Offloe nml Works Fool of I'nrk Si
l'll..M_     J<H.
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd
li'SK II T.. K. HKHTKUMl ,v  It
lis, sssr. sssssl |l,sIII, t. ssl
Fine Lager B.er and Porter
Every Fnown Variety Snlir,H.h
And the Celebrated " Red Ribbon Beer,"
TBLBPHONB   No.   - t.
P. Cl. IHI\   2114.
&Co.t k3
7        Limited, Winnipeg,
Whol��*ai�� Provi-ilona,
ProdUMi - l-ruil.
Dominion Qorarnmont Creamerv One, Pound Brinka rwelvsyl wivkhb
from tin- thorn.   Par nsIs- i.v all leading grocers,
Offloeand wsnhous: Eloiuton Bloak,   Phone TO,
Josephine Street.       -       -       -       Nelson. B.C
Don't Forget
ll your furmce In shape to start the winter with?   II n* *
It the time to have it repaired.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware Co.,
I'l.KASK NOTE--We will not I.s- reaponilble for anv furnace ut.fcpl
by October Isl, HOC.
B. A. ISAAC J. A. HONEYMAN~*~>*^A^/*j
Rraairlrtg ���ndtlobblnn neeuted with It���niirnli   8HMt M��|
\Nork. Miniiiii and Mill Maohlnsry.    ManufMuturere-l
Oro Cs.r-. u. ft.  Oontractora' Oara.
;;: issse��w
:.. ��� -���'f''J-
The Latest Arrival at}. A. Gilker's is the
Superior in make ami quality.
j. a. qTlker
MANUFACTURERS   T ^ 4 C_Ll    ~i���.e
and dealers in i-timber, ^ningies,
U��th, MouldiriifK, Doors, Window*
Turned W'cirk nnd Hrnt_kctM. Mail Otrian promptly��*"J
VBRNON STR88T  ���  ,  .  m;i.h(i.\, i>. c.
We Will SeU.
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDormid & McHard
Our itock uf MAIN!)  jSA>V*j i-  vt-r.v r"li;r*
Inolndtng gradei to suit all raqntrameDM.
If you wish a low priced �� wa can ropplyy00,
iils-s. carry the bos! qntlliUe. uuido by
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y. |
  . ������  .���--. ..--,... em mm* i


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