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The Daily Canadian Jan 18, 1908

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 1 &'���
^���sonarch   of
same all
the  time.
bottled   at
V6lumk 2.   No. 19a
FKMk Treaty Still To
Bt Kalified
IVsNTAliL;,   UiJfilOIJs
ailw (kanaMatf
** ms��a ilAN
Will be delivered    every evening    st
your  door for
so cervr-s a month
Fifty Cunts a month
As in Case of J-ipiistssc Treaty Vote
of ���achin*.   Majority   Was
Given Without lhought.
IS.���Tlla* lirst argiiina-nt
treaty in the Canadian
taka-n pliia'a-. Mr. Mi,Ilk
It  commltli'c   laa*  a|
Ottawa, Jan
on the French
parliament has
moved  tbat a sc|. < i   r mm..    !..
pointed to cote i.i' '!i< . ii.<" ..i in. ;.,
raugeinent     on     r.itin.liiii)   ':.,.,.        .11
MUUk   pOinteal   anil    ill.II    I 111-    ...ill  ...   il.l.i
been pursued in Kuan.. , aim mai ii"
treaty wa* uiul. i ...i. in i-\aiiiiii.iiioii
there by a coiiiiini'��� -   ... t I a,   ,,. ., ��� 1....1..1
members of tm     1... 1        11 >.- an .-.*
treuiol)  com lueasu,,..  cuverlng
a  vest numb   1   nl   mini.'*   afl.-a Iin;;   lln
__.     trade  Of  Catuuin   with   man*   , .nuitria-: ,
]2I   elnce by othaa   ti.uii..,   wa,  tn-    i..  a
��� doxen nation.- lln- -am.- I. 1 lilt* we give
to Prance, whll. I'l.une l.y ntlier e..i..
merclal treati. .-..nulls u, iwcnt* na
Uons Uie sum 1,1 ins that -aln- maw gives
to Canada.    .m..i. ....1   in.' 1 u-ii.n  -*...-
tem of Weill 111-     111....11)..   au.i  �� ini.'ii.'.
on which tin- laiiff 1; 1..1-. .1 iiiu.-i-ir..:.
ours, and tin- luinii.i K<-ii.-,ini.- is i.a--. ..
UOOn    the    Wei,;ill     ul    v.11,,,1     lii;.i, ail    it!
measuretneni. Tim- t,..- neap. i..:i .-.is.
not be under--1.->* >.' i'.n a*, ta.'- m.in
ber wtthont a gi-ai d-ai .,1 .-ai.-iu! a. 1,1...
and explanation 11 11 w.i. ,: 1.,��� 11 in a
|*j   eommlttee   wim. **.      r.mi.i   1,.    call.il.
'*'      ~...,,~my ^ntlnil 111.,'-   ..Mllai    In    <|ll.:.null.'li
ajpoinpl'l'       Iin estlgaliiili     ..'      111.
Sttbj. ��� -i   might   tie   made
liOlll-    lia.i   .,    -la..Hi',   ill .- .1111.11:    .:.
I |gr Japan.-.--    Inula   .11    Cull-   wlncli   win-
I        iMbed  througii   iiarllainelit   and   puss,-a!
Ita caaniiileti   uuiia-rstaudiug ..f ail
It lnv.lv..!       Till:    I.a.-'.    ami   wan'
44' 'aoaalda-iaii'ia I T.niunl     ihm. .
llWlllI,   Up. 1   Hi'   . nuiilrv . 111*..I mh;: Can
I   JSdS III serin .     c ull.alli.ll:.   avilh .lapan
���11 Of Whli I I'liuld have been a-..,i.ii.l ,1
athe coursa winch Mr Men!, a." .1111111. .ul-
in thi' pre-:-.-in ca-��� had been I..III.Weil
S^S The WS: "I tie a;..*.-i ,,,,i,-,,i u, He
Freneh slrcat.     li..;,    l.e.-n   mini,     hni.l.
by  the ridie'ieii.:  ah-i niiiatinn   whii li
took plaee on tlie n-turn nl   Mt.  l-'ia-ldin;:
 and -Brodeur   fraani   I'liinc.     Mr.   Main!,
*]^_ gave a humorous descriptimi <af the trip
of the Canadian government fleet to
meet the borne*, nt the iia'a-nsiun. 11a
tOld Of tha- adilli-S: ill i-aingratullltinn. n!
the   irtutni'linn!    niareii   "i    Mi     i:i...lei>
UlrOUKh Quelle, nl 'he UllS'lllle prill... .-
Of the  gOV,   HUH.  IU    IH.'-:     I.eiUowa'il    u|lill
the treat>    u ic  -m.   ..i   ���\nci,  wa:
then kun. ;    n,  ibe  v. ml;       v.u isht.
etj prostata** 'I    thiiuu:hnul    Canaua    Han    .'
*  neW   Sl**,   llHW Il.il    wln-n     ,l,e*     l|..gilli:lla*al
'.this   ttaat,-    willi.Mil    an    ll iial   I'll.'
aentatlve.    V.i  Sn   cinnl. - Tupi.. ������   .1-.'
the s.roe  (hi,,;*,    hi i     ���'������      '��������� mn
Without maI,lnc am I'ln.-a ab..ill il Sl-
Charles w.'iii ,.* i'arls ami caii'i.at mi
the negotiations li> himself ami th.
treaty was arrani-.ed hy l-'rench mini.
rs, alter which the Isritlsh n,liils,er a
rls signed il will, Sir Charles, Thh
lime ftr. Fielding and Mr. Iliiideur am
Tied on tlm in iMitintions ami when tin"
had    ftolslieil     tile    lli'iilsb     IllilllSler      i
Parts .sin 11. ' i ii  win. iin *| in ih,   .ii
W��S|r.   'Tln'ie   w.r    nothing   n.-w    in   lln
ud no chunga' in the status ol
iiud all   the  adulation   was  on
ffm\\        Hon   false   pratanoes,     Mr.   Monl.
V   .^ua^.-T^,,, thai when the United Su	
ly niiida- a I'aininiercliil treaty with
th.. cnmnilssi'iier wh*, did the
finished his work, wenl quiet
nud did not profeaB tn hav,
thing extraordinary. The Doited
Dvernmenl did nol llilnk lt nee
a go to the expense of sendlm
t*t to meet and greet him on bit
her complication has arisen. Tin
inn   press  supporting  the  govern
boasted so hang and loud ove-
,ty the details of which were no'
liown,   that,  tltey   hava-     made   ii
dllllcult to secure rutlllcation in
Tin- argument there is that
s of the Canadian commission
ow that Franco go, the worst 01
[titles   of the   French  (lovernnieni
oting the foolish congratulations
great annoyance of the French
tors and supporters. Mr. Gulbort,
rly if not now a French deputy,
who   bus   read   SOine   Ol   ths   Canadian
boasts, advises the   Canadian   govern*
tnenl    pra-SS    "laa    pill    a    little    alls. I, lien
Into their triumph.'' This politician
adds that Canadians might to wait un
tli things are mnshidad baton pro-
claiming their triumph and says tbat
tin- reading ol these artloles lu the
Preach Chamber "would ba quits sm
In ieill to cause Ihe project to fall
througii or al least make the viilm ,
mora- aiifliciili,"
In the debate on the address Dr. Chls-
hoini showed thut lln- duty on larm pro
ducts under the Treaty would lie si,
high us to prohibit trade. Mi. .Monk also went Into tills. He iln.-.i not believe
Hi.ii Canada can send horses to France
on a minimum duty of <3" per head, or
butter against tha duty of two and a
halt cents par pound, while grain trade
is Impossible.   An examination of   tin*
labia, shows that under the Treaty sauna.
of  the     leading     Canadian     SXpOTtS     lo
Prance  wim pay the equivalent of SO
per cent.
"Mias   Robinson"   Arrested   for   Perjury
���Lady Who Quoted Dickens Told
Tissue   of   Falsehoods.
London, Jan. 18.���The Druce case
piomiKa.s to bring in tile spring an aftermath up- sensalionul charges aaf perjury
agiiins: several persona who were connected with  the heuilng.
A witness In the case, who calls he,
sell Miss Hnhinsou, was aria.so i ia. r
night and broughl up in a polios oourt
toduy. The chief Inspector ot Scotland
yurd assarted thai Instead of b-jug a
spinster, ths daughter ol a Virginia
planter, sin- was in reality ihe daughter
of a London policeman,   tm the stand
tills woman la-siilieil that sin- hail been
broughl Iron, America by Charles lliel,-
ens to act a;* secretary tn the lluke of
Portland and T. C. Drua-e. The tqspeetni
declares lhal Miss Ituhinsou spent her
aailie!' lite hen- aud that she married a
butcher   with   whom   she   went lo   Mew
���5ns land.
Tha- prosecutor snid be expected ia.
prove tin,, Miss ltaat.insain's slory was a
tissue nf falsehoods. It vras dilliculi to
believ thai statements so deiaiieai and
.i..bnan bad ba-a-n prepared wlthoul as-
sislance and he hoped taa be able to as-
i'a*:ialn where the assist::.ne a ame irom.
Tha- prlsauier was remanded.
New   York    Society    Women    Will    Not
Hear   Evelyn  Thaw  Again.
Haw York. .Ian. 18.���The most astonishing move that has yet been made b:
either the prosa-eution or the defense in
lhe Thaw trial cann* yesterday when
Dlstrlet Attorney Jerome nsked th.
a- ii, l lu ix.-luda. from tbe court room
the public, including tlm newspapet
writers, during tha- recital by Qvelyn
Ni-sbitt Thaw of tin- stairy taild on lhe
stand during the ilrst trial.
At the Hist trial hundreds of people
bas, lgeal tha' caiurt room and used every
arllllc to secure admission while young
Mrs. Thaw was telling her story on tlm
stand. The lines were drawn vet.
tightly even then; only a lew outsiders,
and those persons who hnd Influence
will, the court officials, seourod salmis
slon. There were si few women in tin
court room whan tlie story wns begun
and Justice PltsKerald snapped tlm testimony to give those of them, who desir
ed, an opportunity to la.-uve the room.
\oi one ot the women took advantag,
air the opportunity, bul all remain, .i
Inuring a largi portion of young Mrs
l'h iw's story oi her early life out or
New York.
Prices of Metals.
Me-*- Yor'*-. Jsn   i*     lllver, r.aUc.
London, Jan. IS���Silver, 25 11-18,1.
Opening   Copper  Quotations.
Na*w Y'ork. Jan.  IS,  1808.
(Ity MeDermid & Mcllardy.l
Asked Hid
Oranby    ��9U.OO        ��7r,.00
Diaminlon   tSoppa-r . .. .    8.86
11. C. Copper      fa,Ufa
A Sport With a Heart.
Now York, Jan. IS.���\V. C. Rollins,
who once owned u famous string of
bursa's which won many large stakes at
meetings in all purls of the country,
killed hlmseir al his home in the lsronx
today by shooting, Grief over the death
of his wife live months ago is believed
M have been tlm cause of the act. After
her death he became morose and despondent and nil efforts on the part of
his family to console him met with
failure. During the last few weeks his
health hail failed rapidly. All last night
llle old man paced the floor of Ills room
despite tlm entreaties of Ills son that
he" retire. Today he went to a bath
r.iom and sent n bullet Into Iiik head,
dying  almost   Instantly.
Ail 15 Sr-TCLEl]
Tokio Says Agreement
Is Concluded
First Definite News Comes From ihe
Preairer of Japan���C-mmcnt
by London Press.
Toklo, Jun. 18.���The constitutionalists
ai a g. ii.-iiil meeting today passeal resa,
lutions supporting the i?iiverniiieni
measure to be submitted lo tlie diel.
UarO-llia Saionji. lhe preniiar. in a
speech emphasised the amicable relations between Japan anal other powers.
He said the immigration problems wen.
practically settled with Canada aud that
he confidently expected a satisfactory
u.Hl.'i.-laifdillg with   the   United   Stale:.
Kcpoits attributing sinister designs
to ihe Japanese naval administration
iu counectiou with lhe i'aciile squadron
aie absolutely unfounded, . Admiral
tsaiiaj. minister of the navy, in an interview wiih ibe correspondent of the As*
sedated  Press, Bald:
"We have nit secrets from Anu-rma
i'.ni. oliiiug the distribution of our Heel.
Dallj icpiaiis arc handed the naval attaches showing the whereabuuis of
ever] vessel which can easily be ascertained.
"In via-w of the aeneatlona] reports
emanating Iron, various quarters, we
desire (.nii.haucallv taa say thnl no vessel of the Japanese fleet; Ib nearer the
Psillfln coast of America than Ynkosuka.
lOviyiana. aaf the battleships is now un
Uu. home station either at Yokosuka.
Kara or Baaobo, and the entire flotillas
of torpedo boats and submarines ale a,
ilia- same stations.
"The only Japanese warships now outside ol lhe home waters an. ame cruiser
at each of the following Chinese pons:
Hankow. Fuchow. Ainoy and Yie Chew.
Montreal, Jan. 18.���A London cable
says: "The news that Japan and Can
ada have conic to a fiienally agreement
over Immigration gives general gvatiti
cation here. The Qlobe says 'Canada's
quite satisfactory settlement cannot but
be welcomed  by the whole empire.'
"There Is, however, some uneasiimss
which tin- ministerial Westnimisi. ,
tsazi'tte gives expression tai. at the-newi
from Victoria that tin- first act of the
it:ii.sii Columbia legislature is to be a
measure restricting Asiatic Immigration
under drastic provisions similar to those
nf the Natal Act. The last thing Canada's friends ami British statesmen
here wish to see is a const itutiomi'
deadlock In Canada on so inllammabli
a question as the racial problem. Compulsory registration nnd thumb marking
of Orientals is creating trouble enough
in South Africa and seeing that the
Hritish mlniatri lias now re-fused ta.
veto the Natal action, it Is difficult to
see li iw the Dominion ministry can veto
ii lu isllisli Columbia."
Interstate   Commerce   Commission Can't
Control Canadian Lines.
Washington, Jan.', is.���An informal
ruling issued l.y the Interstate commerce commission, says:
"A Canadian carrier having joint
through rates trom a point in, the
United States tn polnls on its line, may
not depart from these rates by tin. de
vice of placing an agent al such poilil
in Ilia* United Slates with authority to
select from the first station on its line
north of the Canadian line to a tin',,
points on Its line In Canadian territory
at the rate of one cent a mile to lie sold
only to such persons as produce, a cer-
filicatc of the Immigration agent of the
Canadian government. Besides being a
device tickets so limited to particular
persona operate as a discrimination.
Hut in the absence of such joinl through
rates from a point in Ihe I'nlted Stales
to points on its own lines this commis
siiin has no jurisdiction over the fares
actually charged and collected by tlu
separate transportation lines between
points in Canada."
British  Minister  Dead.
I.nnd n.   Jan.   IS.���Sir   John   Lawson
Walt n,  member of parliament for the
southern division of Leeds and nttoreny-
gelieral, died here today. Sir John wus
111 only im one day. He returned from
tin country early this week and was In
the beat of health and spirits, fester
day morning be waa seised with a chin
and acute pneumonia developed I lawns born in  ISliSS.
Walsh   Convicted   on  54   Counts���Usual
Application  for  New Trial.
Chicago, Jan. IS.���John Walsh, president of the defunct Chicago .N'ulion.il
bunk, was today found guilty of misappropriating the- funds ot that institution. The jury which has been considering the case since .Thursday afternoon
reached an agreement shortly after IS
o'clock this morning but the verdict
was not announced until after court convened at 10 o'clock this morning. The
penalty for the clime of which Wuish
was convicted is Imprisonment for u
period of not less than live years. It
does not permit of the substitution ol
a line for the prison term, lie* was
found guilty on 6*4  counts.
The original Indictment contained 182
counts. Demurrers were sustained as
to 32 counts, which lelt 1&0 on which
the junu's were required to pass. Walsh
wa-s brought Into the court room aud
received the verdicl witl, little show ot
emotion. On tha* contrary' one of the
jurors, Elbert Palmer, of Harvard. 111.,
burst into tears as he took his seat In
the jury box and was so overcome dur
ing the probaadJngs that he w-as scarcely able to answer the clerk when Baked
if the finding represented IliB view as lo
the guSlt of tbe defendant. A formal
motion for a new trial was made anal
Judge Anderson set the le arlng o: the
aigumcuts for Fobmai. ���!. -A aisl, wus
allowed to remain at liberty on lit*
s.ime bond of $ii(,.it0(i wniol, bad been
given utter his indicnneni by the la al
���tal grand  jury.
Boyertown Scene of Continuous Procession   oi  Mourners.
Boyertown, Pa., Jan. 18.���This was
another day of funerals in Boyertown.
the scene of last Monday night's theatre
lire in which 15S*. persons lost then-
lives. About sixty funerals took place.
The relief committee arranged matters
si. that three burials were made at oim
time, ensuring enough ministers to conduct tin* funeral services. Many uf the
.i. nl were taken to churches where services were held, and as soon as the
funeral cortege departed another party
of mourners would enter the church.
One of the saddest features was that ol
lhe six Mover girls, three of them sis
ters. and oilier three cousins. Business
houses that have been closed sinca. the
disaster occurred, opened today and the
relief committee has provided for Che
needy. All the churches have announ
oed there will be no services tomorrow.
The amtire day will he given over to the
German Steamer Wrecked.
Hamburg. Jan. IS.���Word has beam re
delved here that the steamer Ascnni
.-.'nermann, of the Woermann line, went
on lhe rocks off Qrand Basin, Liberia
while running down Ihe west coast of
Attica and Is a total wreck. The crew
were all saved. The Ascani Woermann
formerly was called the Buenos ,\yres
She was of 2.(151 tarns net and was built
In 1888. She left Hamburg Deoember
1(1 tl, and Las PalmOS December SlOtli
lor Gaboon.
Pope Recovering.
Home. Jan. IS.���The Pope was visited
this morning by his private physician
who found the pontiff In better health
but insisted that he continue to rest.
Because nf this, tha* audiences for toda*
were suspended and the Pope received
only the papal secretary of state, Car-
d nal .Merry tl. 1 Val. Tba* reception took
place in the bedroom of His Holiness.
Common Occurrence.
Ilaltiinore. Md., Jan. 18.���George L*.
ltillups, proprietor of the Ililltips hotel.
Park Heights and I ley ward avenue, und
his wife were Instantly killed early to-
day by being thrown Irom an annum
bile at Park Avenue Heights eturanca
to Druid Hull Park. Leo Shadd. the
owner and driver of tbe machine, w-as
seriously Injured: The auto was completely wrecked.
City Council Spends
al Power Plant
Captain of Industry Dead.
Amsumliun, Jan. IS.���.Major Abram
V. Munis, founder oi' tlie extensive Mor
ris Knitting mills, largely interested in
other Industrial enterprises, head ot tbe
bank bearing bis dame anil the iar-Koat
real es'.ate owner in this section of the
Mohawk   Valley, died  tins morning in
his Siirii   year.
Amerxan Colony  in  Paris.
Paris,   .Km.   IS.���Lawrence   I*\   Penel
wus  yesterday   re-eleoted   president   or
t!>e    Ani'-r can    chamber ol' commerci
History and Status of Relations of
City and Machinery Company
Learned Last -Night*
The   city   council    is    holding   an   informal    all    day   session   at   the   powi .
plant.   An informal -yaasion last evening
was    devoted    entirely  tu pteUminan
tudy  of  the  question.
The members were all on hand
promptly at S o'clock. The six alder
men. MeMorris, Kerr, Steed, IMlenaucKs.
I'r-jcter and Hale, were sworn in by City
C.trk W.isiiju in his capacity as a Jus
lice of the Peace.
Mayor Taylor explained that as Um
Urst reKuiar meeting was fixed liy
Statute for Monday, the meeting was tn
iormal su there need be no reading oi
minutes or  recording of minutes.
He then asked the city clerk to pn>
duce all tht: documents necessary for a
full muierstanding of the present statu :
of tbe  puwer  plant question.
C.ty IClectrieian II. A. Hrown prod ured tlie plans followed in the installation
of machinery. They ar** signed not by
Clemens Herschel but by tlie Uullock
Eieciric company.
The clerk explained that he understood that the original plums were ai
the plant in the custody ot ihe AUis-
Channers lluilock company, to be turned over to the city on the accep'-an<
of the plant and machinery complete.
The clearest information was Obtained from th.* report submitted by W. P
Dickson on his retirement.
In reply to Lhe mayor, R. A. Hrown
stated lhat much of the work of equalizing the voltage throughout the city,
referred to in Mr. Dickson's report, was
...ill to be done.
The mayor emphazled the fact of the
agreement of the city to pay $400 per
month for operation untfi actieptanee.
Ths was fully stated antl explained in
a letter of the city solicitor written on
Feb. _;J, l'J07, in which he stated hi.,
opinion that none of the subsidiai>
agreements affected the rights of cube
of the paities under tht1 original con
The Mayor���That gives us everything
in lull outside the contracts. We are
fortunate in having it in so concise a
The original contracts were then read
by the clerk, covering the agreements*
tor the hydraulic installation.
The clerk stated that there is nov.
over $20,000 tabout $20,195) in the Dank
of Montreal ready nny time to make tin
iinal payment when the machinery is
accepted trom the company.
The mayor tie-n (UUced if any partial
acceptance of miifhiuery had been
nuide, to which the clerk saitl "No."
Mr. Hrown told of sonic of tin- allege
tions of defects nade by represent;!
tives of the Oompany, especially of lln-
lack of stop logs. lie understood the)
were not hi the original plans, whirl,
was corroborated hy the city clerk. He
was of opinion that they should bave
heen in. Originally they would haw
rust about $400: now $4,000 would hard
ly cover the cost, and it would involvt
a shut down of at least three months
He suggested that the members of tin*
council would understand bettor afler
inspect ion.
The Mayor���Yes, tonight we only
want to decide on what we are to oli
. erve tomorrow.
Aid. Procter remarked that without
inspection the terms used by Mr. Drown
were train elllgible. At his request tlu*
function of the draught tube and the
consequences of its loss were explained
by Mr. Hrown, who said that it-s restor
ntion would would cost from $800 to
$1,000 and involve closing down for at
leasL a week.
Aid. Procter remarked again tha:
while he was deeply interested iu the
explanations he felt that they were comparatively unprofitable until they had
seen the plant.
The mayor stated that Mr. Zavitz had
;*sked for a shut down on Sunday and
that Mr. Hrown should remain on Sunday.     He   wished   that   all   should   go
down, and alter inspection visit the new
Honuiuglon   plant.
lt was agreed that the party should
tnke the it o'clock train. Mr. Hrown had
marh* the necessary preparations.
All the aldermen declared their readiness to go and remain, as arranged, un
til the 5.30 p. m. train.
A tetMr from tlie Allis-ChulmerH-Hul-
lock company was then read, being the
���report of K. H. Zavitz ou his last inspection, renewing the contention tbat
all the trouble arises from the defective
guide vanes and shifting rings, not fronr
tins uovernor.
Tho council then adjourned to meet
at 9 a. in. this morning at the C. P. EL
depot, ' The lirst regular meeting will
be lied in the oity hall Monday evening
at 8  o'clock.
Ca-ght in California.
Mercede. Cal., Jan. 18.���A Scotland
Yard detective is reported to have ar-
lesied in this city two men who are accused of having committed a $200,000
jewelry robbery in London, nearly five
years ago.
British Columbia Stocks Advancing and
Conditions Normal Again��� Liat
of  Quotations.
The sta.cl, market for the past week
continued active, with slight advances
sh,awn in the principal securietles on
the different markets until about tha*
midalle of thi* week when declines were
noticeable. Locally the feature of the
week's trading was the activity ln B. C,
aiPj.er. and the aleniand lor several coal
Alberta Coal and Coke bad a slight
advance selling up some 2 cents iier
share. International Coal also became
stronger in consequence of the declara
tlon oi their quarterly dividend. Dla
mond Vale sold up from 2 cents to :'.
cents per shore with more huyiiu; in
evidence t|ian has been witnessed toi
tavern] months. Unlhraith Coal aim
Royal Cullleries continued to attract in
seetors, with a larye volume of busines.*-
IJ. C. Copper sold u: until the middle
of the wajek, touching Ji.Tu but fell OB
iliahtly the last two daya, dropping
from three to four points. Dominion
Copper remained Inactive until yesterday when a sharp advance was record-
"d, the shares being strong today at
J-.25. Granby strengthened slightly,
elling up about $5 per share on the
weea's trading. Con. Smelters and
Cariboo McKinney both witnessed an
advance .with more activity noticeable
than lor several months. Rambler
Cariboo had one of its usual Hurries,
advancing from SI cents to 4 cenis
t.'iough with but few trades recorded.
Sullivan became a little stronger advancing about three-quarters of a cent.
Other than the securities mentioned
in- market remained unchanged and Inactive.
The   following   are   the   approximate
;uiiuuuins  for the week ending today:
Asked. Bid.
Alberta Coal & Coke % .35 $ .31
American   Marconi..    2;">.(a(> 2U.UII
B. C. Copper        5.25 5.12 J.
Con.   Smelters     95.00 80.00
Cariboo   McKinney..        .04% -l*s:��><.
; aini.ii* n Gold FieldB        .06 .03-ii
Dominion  Copper...       2.25 2.121/.,
Diamond   Vale         .1(1 .14
..ranby          95.0(1 S5.00
Qalbralth Coal 2*> .20
Hewitt   Mining       7.50
International (Val...        .86 .82
Krao             .25
I.a Plata  Mines 12
North   Kun* 12U2 .08
'ia-.ili   Coal   Mines.. .04*4 ->S1'/.
Nicola Valley C. ft C. 100.00
Panhandle Smelter..       .05-4 .oim.
Rambler     20 .23
itoyal Collieries 25
Sullivan    07VI -06
Tel Kwa  Mines 12 .08
Western Oil 85 .66
Only Partly Successful.
Auckland, N. Z., .Ian. 18.���The nbsar
all'ins at Flint Islanal on December 3rd
of the eclipse of the sun, by a number
of American scientists, beaded by S. W.
(Sumpbell, director of the Lick observatory,-was only partly successful owing
to rain. Most of the Instrument were
wet but they worked perfectly and the
results then obtained were a success.
The Samoan observers measured the
heat of the corona with gratifying success. The form of the corona was
about the same as that observed In India
in 1S9S.
Liberal Seat Lost.
N-wtou. Abbott. Kng., Jan. IS.-' tin
Liberals today suffered a reverse by the
election of Captain Morrisun Deli, the
Unionist candidate for parliament In
the Ashburton division of Devon. The
defeated Liberal candidate Is C. R. Ilux-
ton. The result was 11 surprise. Capt.
Morrison Bell polled 5,191 votes while
Mr. lluxton gait 4.(1:','.. The Liberal majority at the general election was 1,289.
Business of Sovereign is
Taken Over k;y
Shueholder's Interests Hay Have To
3JJEBc Sacrificed���Canada FromJsJ]
tOcean to Ocean.
iMontreal, Jan. 18.���It is announced
this morning that the main branch of
.he Sovereign Bank In this city Is taken
over by lhe Hank of British North
America and the uptown branch by the
Isank of Toronto. Depositors will get
all their money but nothing definite is
1-uown  regarding   the   shareholders.
Montreal, Jan. IS.���The Empress of
Britain arrived at Liverpool at 8 this
(Saturday,   morning.
Milestone, Sask., Jan. 18���A disastrous fire occurred ha>re early this morning when the North Star Elevator com-
iiany wns completely destroyed along
with about eighteen thousand bushcla
of grain. The lire was first noticed a
little after midnight and although the
town flre engine was promptly on band,
fhe fire had gained such headway that
nothing could be done to save the elevator.
Wtftby, Jan. IS���Peter Christie, M.
P., and Charles Calder, M. P. P.. are
nominated in South Ontario in* the Conservatives respectively for the commons
and Ontario legislature at the next general elections.
Beftve. ton, Jan. 18.���North Ontario
Liberals nominated W. J. Kester for the
Montreal, Jan. 18.���Qas meter No. 2
of the Montreal Light. Heat and Power
company, in the east end of the city, exploded this morning. No one was injured, but hundreds of panes of glass
were broken. Damages ure about |30.-
000 and about 500.000 cubic feet of gas
escaped. The lighting of the city will
not be seriously  interfered with.
Montreal, Jan. IS.���Mrs. Condon, a
widow, 58 years old. residing on Alexander street, was fatally burned hy a
lamp explosion last night and died this
morning. , 1
Miraculous Escape of 40 Miners fn Tun*
nets  of   Monongahela.
Monongahela, Pa., Jan. IS.���-Miraculously escaping death by cremation or
suffocation or being blown to pieces by
an expbjsion, 40 miners employed in the
( ab mrg mine of the Monnngaiela River
Consul.dated Coal and Coke company,
made their way through the dark headings for a distance ol seven miles and
finally reached tlie open air. Without
lghts to guide them, and given up aa
dead, the men fought for five hours
with lire. ' When they reached the surra-e their laces were blackened, clotues
t.irn and all were severely bruised from
stumbling in their tight for safety. Fortunately the mine contained' very little
gas or another mine disaster woul huve
been recorded in Western Pennsylvania.
The mine was fired some time during
the day by a "blow out" shot and when
fire was discovered at S o'clock last
night the forty men ull escaped to the
suiface thiough the monongahela entrance cut off. Momentarily expecting
an explosion with its horrible consequences the men started panic stricken
for the Charleroi, several miles away,
ln their frenzy they stumbled and fell
but only to jump up again and continue
their mad rush for safety: When tlie
men leached the suuace early today a
majority of tliem were sobbing like
children. A large force of men are today bratticlng the part of the mine
which ciiused tt. He and it is belloved
tbe damage will be finiall.
The Age of Expositions.
Washington, Jan. IU.���Secretary Root
has strongly urged upon congress an
appropriation of'$50,000 to enable the
government of the lln'.tea Statee to be
represented in the exposition to be
opened at Quito August %0 next, to
celebrate the hundredth aiuaSlversary of
thv independence of Ecuador. 1.._ Daily Canadian
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about auotber week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered iu tbe city.
Iu the meantime it will pay you to await their arrival
before making your purchase.
Preparations for  Annual   Meeting   in   Indianapolis���Fair   Prospect   of
Industrial   Peace.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized
D. R WILKIE. President.
Head Office:   Toronto
 $10,000,000    Capital Paid Up  ...
Beat   $4,860,000
HON. HUBERT JA1TKAT, Vioe-Pre-rident
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest   allowed on   deposits   from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
NBt-SOM  uuanch ��J.    ISram   LAY,   Manaifer.
Indianapolis,   Ind,,   Jan.    Is*.���fflvery-
thing is in readiness for tha- nineteenth
annua! convention nl the United Mine
Workers of A-merloa, which will be oai
led to order in this ,'it> in-xt Tuesday
morning. At this convention John
Mitchell, who has piloted the organise
tlon for a number Of years, will for*
niiiliy relinquish the presidenoj ami the
tellers will report the result of tba- re-
cent referendum von- on ins Buaoessoi
Though no official announosmenl Ims
ba'cu made it is   understood   thai Vice-
l'l. Bldent    T.    L,    Lewis   is    to    slice,,-,!
Mr. Mitchell in the presidency.
There are many Importanl questions
thai will confront the delegates to the
coming convention among the most important being mutters connected with
the wage scale. The wage agreements
between miners and operators in the
principal fields of the United stuns
and Canada will expire April I and the
question of renewal is to be broughl be-
fore the convention. Theli' has ail along
been talk that the miners would hold
oni for better terms and us the demands wane not likely to be granted
by the operators it seemed thai a general strike was among the probabilities.
Recently, however, the Industrial conditions bave brought about a change ol
mind among the miliers and the ohan
ces for a strike now appear to be re
mote. The millers will probably en-
d. iivor to secure some modllieutions or
the present agreement in their favor,
hut no radical demands are likely to be
made by either side, so that an amicable agreement will probably lac reach-
ad wlthoul much difficulty. The convention will frame ibe demands ut' tin- min
ers and tha'se will be presented to the
joint conference with the operators to
be  held  later.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated   A.  D.   1869.
 $3,900,000     Reserve Fund     a4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kinds of Banking  Buaineas.
javlnga Bank Department, and
interest credited Quarterly on
(Havings Bank Accounta.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Packet Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Publl-sfaed six aayn a weer r>y tho
Baker Ht..   Nelson, B. G
HuDtcrlption raU..*., B0 06���tl a month delivered
in the city, or ��6.UU a year II -sunt by mall, when
paid lu iiiivi.it"*
AdvertmiuK rates on application.
All nioiiieh paid in nettluiuent of The Dally
Canadian MOO-BUi either fur ���subeeMptionH or
adverli-siin-, unwi be receipted for on the printed
form*' ol the Company, other receipt** are not
Yalld.  ���_____.
Saturday  January   18,  1908.
J. H. Hawthotnthwaite- M. L. A., for
Nanaimo- Socialist leudor in the provincial legiB.ulur*', hay introduced UltO thnt
body a resolution praying the Governor*
General-m-Council to investigate the
conduct of Lleutanant.-Qovernor Maxnea
Dunamulr, and to dismiss him. if be be
found guilty of certain offences.
What the Investigation is wanted for
we cannot guess. We Know thai the
Bowse, bill was "reserved.'" We know
that this reservation would not have
been, could noi have been, und was not,
at the request of the provincial government. Wo have been told by Hon. Mr.
Templeman thai it was not ordered bj
the Dominion government, and Senator
Scott, the venerable secretary ot stab *
���while admitting thai be was making
anxious Inquiry on the subject, has stated definitely enough that the Uleni
Governor reserved Hn   bill without wai!
im,' for Instructions. And then Commissioner MacKenzie King discovered, and.
not knowing the relations between Mr,
Dunsmuir and tlu* Liberal party in tin
province, published the fact that in 11ji-
private capacity as an employer of labor Mr. Dunsmuir wan contracting ior
the importation of Japanese laborers
All this is mailer ol" record. Whal
more   can   be   learned   as   the   renull   ol
nu Investigation I1
Our eouleinporary's special despatch
from the legislative press nailery, which
is a Characteristic specimen of its "lair
news reports," contains the following:
"Hawthofath.waste's i caul nt Ion will
place the premier in a tight place and
while Ha wlhoruthwatie's support by
rote will include only a small following,   tlie   opposition   wltl   use   it   n.:   am
monition and a lively light is anticipated."
Bawthornthwatte's resolution will not
place Un.. premier In u tight place.,   it
is extremely unlikely that Premier McBride or his cabinet will make any representations to Ottawa or be party to
any such. Premier McBride has no
more Influence on the uppuiutinent, re
tontion or dismissal of the lieutenunt-
gOVemor than Mr. Hawthornthwaito.
He is the appointee of Sir Wilfrid Laurier and only Sir Wilfrid can remove
him. James Dunsmuir was appointed
to his position for "considerations well
known to every man in British Columbia. As our contemporary stated in an
&ma_ihg outburst of truthfulness, "he
had the money; hence the appointment."
And how will the Liberal members
use the Hawthornthwaito resolution as
ammunition? Our      contemporary's
"news" correspondent is evidently a
prophet as well as a political editor. If
Liberals vote for the resolution they are
condemning Sir Wilfrid Laurier, if they
vote against it they will seem to endorse the lieutenant-governor, The
premier's position is easy. He is in no
way responsible for the appointment or
retention of tlie Offending official. The
Liberals are.    It is their funeral.
Liberal members hotly resent the
charm, made by A. Claude Macdonnell.
M, P. for Toronto South, that the proposed free distribution of seed grain by
the government to the farmers of tiie
Q6W prairie provinces, was political rather than philanthropic, and his belief
that il would become a means of corruption. The speech from the throne,
in the Alberta legislature the other day
breathed only confident optimism and
satisfied prosperity. Despatches from
the two new provinces have all along
Indicated thai it was Alberta not Sas
katchewan thai was Injured by Frost,
Vet  it  is Saskatchewan    not    Alberta
Dial is lo receive the charitable dole.
Why? Weil, lion. F. Q. Haultaln so
completely overshadows the Li Ik-tal
ministers or Saskatchewan in ability
and in public regard that there is always a danger of Liberal collapse. How
great tbat danger Ih was shown by the
bye-election   in    i-rinee   Albert,  where
open, BhameleBS fraud had to be resorted to in order to save a seat for a provincial minister. The distribution of
seed grain or anything else may help
to r evive the "loyalty" of followers
whose consciences must be becoming
l. -eat lot
1,1    ll,,'   Mill
]��(����� nt  to I
I ion. um I
north Wi i-
aal oornar t.i-iii** the initial punt mi
s w. oorner ol i Puner'a No. a looa
.Wed  J    I
nuns. lie
'lialiiH.  t
r'i B k
went 80 t'lmuiN. ihanoa
��� aaat ho eh-tinn to tbe
it. mul ooataiuln|  M0
PiiuM hi
I.,  i   11,1 li,  I Nl"
t   i-orm
north m
Hll (I      111
mih --ii
ht'! I
I.K    Iii
in* (In- lnil inl p��
nrner oi . Planet
i .'    Piaher'i n.
is   in   Ihi'   iiiir'ln
al  B0
id I
Location N<>* 6
nt im- nortbeaa
ftiljaoeni io ttie
Nu   i  location
oorner, tbenoe m
boundary of c   p   it.  lot
obalna, tbanoa mirth ho chain
ohatna lo tl"- point ol commac
tain ing 640 acrea, more di laai
hut,-,i December 16th, 1907,
)  I isio-.it. looator
11,,'ntii.ii Nn t Oonmenolni al �� poet plantod
��i ttu- aoulh weal corner beuu the initial -sport
adjacent in the northweel nornar of J Ptaher'i
S,. -' location mul nmrfcod J. Kit-her'*. B W
oorner, thence north hu chain*, tbenoe cum hu
obalna, tbence louth 80 ohalna thenoe waat N
ohaini t' the (winI *w commencement and oon
tainiiiK him aorea, more oi leaa.
Dated December 16th, p-n?.
.Umkh ii.siiKit looator
Looatlon Nn. n   Oom mi nolni at �� poet planted
ul   Uu- K'HithriiNl   corner   uml   hcinu   the   initial
noil adjacent to the eoutbweet aoroer oi J
rlffber'a No. 1 mention hii-i nmrkeil J Platter I
- ts porner, thenoe north SO ohalna, tbanoa waat
H'i ohalna, ihence lontb w> chatm*. tnenoe Bait 80
ohaini tn the poini of commencement and con
tattling 640 in-res. more or lenn
i��Mied im in ber nun, lwrr.
Jam �� liMiKii, looator.
Location Nn '.��. Commenolng Ht �� poal planted
Hi the Mintiiwc'-st   far nt: r  lii-inj*   the   initial   pont
adjacent to the northweat oornar ot J Kiilier'**
No 7 Looatlon and mark, it I Kn-hur'-* B W.
enrner,   tbenoe   north   BO obalna,   Uitiuce  aaitBQ
ebalna, tbenoe Hinth 80 ohalna, thenoe weat SO
ohalna to the polnl of Bommanoement aim oontalnlni 840 aotef, more or lena.
Dated December I6tb uht
JAU90 Fishkk, locator.
locution Wo. 10.  ''mil mem! iik ��' a post plKiiti <1
at the loutbeaat oorner being the initial poat
adjacent to the nortneaal oorner of J Fiaher'i
.No. �� location ami marked .> Piaher'a h. k.
corner, ih noe north ho ohalna, thenoa weat ho
ohalna, tbenoa south ho chut iin, tbenoe eaat80
chain** tn tin- point of commencement and eon*
tal ning 640 acrea, more nr le i
Dated Deoember 16th, iwi
Jam*-.- Fhiiiik. looator.
An extent-ion ot in i1hyi> within which in oom
no-ncc pi i hi tent ion *f/t*anted bj me thla dan*
Deoember 8lat, laor. Harry Wright. Aaalatabt
Commlaalonet of uandi and Worka.
oionayi-ami Biatrial, Dlatriot of Waat
To Help Cotton Coo as -Market.
Charlotte, N. C, Jan. IS.���More than
2,000,000 Bpindles were represented at a
joint conference held here today of the
Southern Yarn Spinners' Association.
the Southern Soft Yarn Spinners' As
soeiation. and the North Carolina Man-
ufatUrers1 Association. The present un
satisfactory condition of the cotton
goods trade was thoroughly discussed
and ways and means considered looking to the bettor protection of the cotton goods manufacturers.
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shop
Cancellation of Reserv-j.
Notice is hereby given that the reserve over
���Ttatn lands in Sotith-ESat Kooteuay, notice of
whleh upvenrt*ii ln tne British Columbia liazette
of the 14th oi August, 1890 mid bore data of Au
gu-jt 121 h. 1H90, is hereby cancelled The abore
mentioned land** will hr* o-jh'h for location under
tin* Land Act ou March 80, 1908.
p'-pol"- eommiaaloner of band* and World
_andl and Works Department.
Victoria, H 0., Deoember 16th, iwi7.
Nelson Land Hlatrlct. blstrict of Weat Koo'enay
lake nolle.* thai .lames Fix her, n( HonatatKi,
H <- , occupation prospector, lnt**mi*v lo apply
1 >r a ayectal timber tioanoa over the fnllowiu*-
dex'rib^d lands;
I/0"atlon No. 1. OonunCDOtni at ft poat planteil
about two mllea weat of the Col um bin ami
Western ��� iillway'a Mulil-of-way and SbOUl one
mile north of the northern h-uimlarv of 0 P. tt
lot 2��98, ami WMt of DOR creek, north ,,f Farrnii,
B    ('.,   be in it   the  initial   post   aOJacenl   tn   ihe
uorttiwcH- corner ol timber llcanoe oombai 187M
ami nmrkeil .1. Ki slier�� N Y. corner, tbence
south-so chains, theuce west W cbalnn, thence
north Hn chains, thunce east HO ehalns to the
point of comniciicumenl aud coutaiuiUK IHU
aen-K. more or less
bated December 16th. 11*06.
.lAMis FiHiiKtt, locator.
U)'-atton No. I, (-ommeuclUK at n post planted
at the southeast enrner beiiiR Hu- initial post
adjacent lo the northwest eorner of timber
licence No. 137 -1 ami udjacen* to the uorthi-ast
corner of J Kiuher's No 1 location ami ma*ked
.1. Kishur'a S. K. corner,   thenoa   north *) cbalns,
thanoe waat So chains, thence south to obalna,
thenee eaat Kb chains to the point of commence
ment and eontalulm/ MO acres, more or leas,
bated December Hilh, 1W7.
Jambh FlsllRR, loealor
Looatlon No :t. Oonunanomg at a post planted
at the 'iiuih .vc-i corner about oue mile  iiorih of
lie   lioithera   ho lary  of O. P. R   lot Ufi n, a"d
about 2 miles west o11iin l**r licence No ]:{".'.I, uml
hIkiul four in Hum wust of the Columbia nnd
Wentern   Itallway.  north   of   Farron,  B.C., Htid
adlolnlni ���' Piahar'fl No. 2 looatlon on the north,
belliK the Initial post and marked .1 Fisher's
H. W corner, thenee north so chains, theme eait
HO ehaiiiN, tiienee -ioiitli 80 chains, thanoa weit
HO chains to the point of eainmeiicement and
coiitaimuK MO acre*., more or lens.
bated December utn, 1W7
Jamk- Kif-HKR, locator.
Ijocatlon No. -4. (.ommencliiK at a pont plauted
at the uorthweit corner bulli-- the initial pont
adjacent to tbe southwest corner of .1, Ffiber'i
No. 8 location and marked J. Ftsher'g N W.
corner, tbenoe Booth 8<i chains to the northern
boundary of C. P. K. lot 260M, Itiencc .-h-i AO
ebalna, thenee north HO clialnr- theuee wenl Ho
chalUB, to the point of corn tnence ment aud con
(auu- 640 acres, more or leai.
bated -Uocomber uau, 1007.
J-utsa Ftauxa, locator.
lake uotlee   that   I.'.C.   Janseti.  of Spokane,
Wash., oooupatlon tt���iberman, intend   to apply
(Or a special timber   licence over   the   following
��� (escribed  IhU-Is:
1 CommeiicinK at a post planteil at the H. W.
eorner, about 1 mile fr.nn Kvtn -lohnston- I' B
No ��''���''. said post beiiiK piaeeti on the International tioumiary   line,   theuce   umtli   i<> chains,
tbence aaat ISO chains, thanoa south 4orhaiiiit.
thanee wesi it>u obalna to point of sonunanoa*
ment, containing MO acres
Dated bee mber 3rtl, pjti7. J   G   Jakhbn.
2 Oommanalog at a pom planted at tba -9 W
enrner, alaiut HI chains north frnni the S. W,
corner of location No 1., thenci- north -te clialns.
theuee east 160 chains, thenee aoutb 4tl cbalus.
tiienee west bio chains to point of coiiinienee-
ini'tit. containliiK 010 acres. -'   ('. Janrkn,
B.   Oonunanolng ai a post planted at the h. w.
corner   abOUl   It'  chains    nortb   from   the   S. W
corner ol location No. 2, thanoe nortb 40obalna,
thence ea-t 160 Obalna, theme smnli 40 chains
thenee waat 100ohalna to point of oommanee
uu nt. oontalnlng 6I0 acres. 1   0    Unm*-*-..
4 Oom manning at a post planted at the H. W,
oornar, Hhout 40 chains north from the s, W.
oornar Ol location No :i, theme nortb 40 chains.
thanee eant IN chains,   thenee  south  40  chalus
tbenoa west i��o chains to point of omuna_aa-
ment. eontaiulUK MO acres. J. 0, JaN*-kn
6. Commeucinn 11 [ a post plan-tad al tbe K W
corner, about 40 ohatna north from the H. W.
corner of location   No 4, thence   nortb 40 chains.
thanoa aaat 100*obalna, thenoe south 40 ehatus,
thence west 160 chains to -point of commencement, t-otitaiuluff 'V40 acres
December 4ih, i��)7. J   0. 7_sass
(1.   Commenciuu at a post planted at the H. W
corner about   lu chains   north   from   the 8. W.
cornai ol location  No. ;>, thence north 40 chains.
tbeuce east   It'-n chaliiH,  theuce nouth 4n chains,
thenee   west ISO  chains, to point  of  coinmeuce
ment, containing t'AO acres
December 4th. ISOfT. J   C. Jamhek
7. CommetM-iin* al a post planted at the N \V
corner and adjoin iiik the N r. corner ot lot i9��),
tbence east 4i< chains, thenee south 40 chains
Ibenee east 40 chains, theuce south 00 ehulns.
tbence west SO chains, thence north 100 chain*
to point of commencement, coumining 640 acres.
becemner4ih- W   E   Hun:*.
B, Commenting at a post planted at tba N. w
enrner. about ' *, of a mile in a southwesterly
direction from the south fork of Ualnion river,
and a-'out 7'v mib-s from the mouth, thenee
south ICO chains, theuce eaat 40 "hatlis, theuce
uorth 16" chains, theli.ee west 40 chains to point
���if commencement, con latum-* Mu acres.
December oih, IWl. _   J. Kkouii.
Neisou Land Diatnet. Dlatnatol Weat Kooteuay
Take notice   that W Hudson, of Hpokane.
WpshinKton. D f-.A., occupation tlmbt>r cruiser,
lutend to a ply for a si��eclal timlwr licence over
the following oescrlhed landu: Commencing at
a post planted on tbe north bank ot 'urn creek
at the junction of the north fork of Corn ereek
with tlie main stream, about five miles lu a
westerly 'llrectmn from the confluence erf aald
'orn creek with the Kootenay river, tbeu**-**
nortfa 40 Ohalna thenee west 160 cbalns. thence
smith 40 chalus, thence east lfjO cnalns to point
ot 'odidilanaetnant, coutalniuK MO acrei, more 01
imied November 7th, UOT.
w 11,1.1 ak a. HonaoA
Nelson Land District.   District of West Kootenay
Take notice lhat I. I.  W   Hhaver, intend to ap
ply for a special   lid Doe   >0 cut  and   carry away
timber from 040 aoraa ol land:   Oonunanolng at
a post marked L V* Hhaver, northwest corner
thence eighty f halna south, thence eighty
chains east, thene* eighty chains nortli, thenee
eighty chains west to plaee of h-ginning. 0On-
laming 01" acre-, mure ur less, aud east and adjacent to timber licence U>0^4 and also south
and ndj .cent In Umber lt'*euce No 1 .'���".'.'. and aisu
lou'h am! adjaeenl 10 F A Hhaver timber limit
No 1.
baled   November'Jlst, 19o7.
b. W. siiivan. locator.
A. Hai kktt, agent.
1-xleir ton uf mo week within which tti advert se granted Harry Wright, Aaa't. Commissioner of band uml  Works.
Nel-on i-uiul Diitriet.   District of West Kootenay
Take   notice tbat   1. T.  L.  Logan,  of Bonner**
F.rry  Idaho, oocnpa i<ni pKtntcr, Inland toap
ply for a special timbei lici;nee over the follow
iiik de-scribed landa: (.ommencing at n post
planted at the southeast corner of timbei
men,,- No 16404, theuce east 80 chains, tbeuc-
north HO ehalns, thuttce west 80 clialns. thenee
south 80 chalna in point o' onmnieucenieul,
co-utRinlUK Mo acre?, more, or lesa.
Dated November -ilst, l��rt. T. L  Looak.
Coi.in Hmitii, agent.
Nelson Land District,   District of Wesl Kooteuay
Take uotlee tbat I, ('harles Dutcher, intend
to apply (or a ipaclal timber licence, to cut anil
carry away limber inun ��W a< res of land Com*
menctng at No 1 post about l^ miles west of the
Kootona) rivr, on the norih side of|Bouudary
ereek' and north, and adjacent to Umber llcenaes
l.'ilWK and one mile north of the International
boundary line; commencing ata |h-bI mark-'d
Charlea Dulcher'a southwest corner, thence��
obalna mirth, thence M chains east, thanoe an
chain- aontb, Ibeuce ���'���o obalna went to the place
of hi-Kimilng. eutitiiliilug Oto acres, more or less
Located Noveinl-ei  IHth. IWi7.
Nn.'**" Oommanoingat 1 poat marked Lharlai
Dntober'i   aoutbaaai  corner, tb* n��e ho ��� balni
nortb,   ihence no chsins t*rSat, iheiiise SO chaim
mm.tn, tbenosarwobalna east to the place of 1-
ginnliig, ami Wat and gdjaoanl la number om-
timber limit, and eonuiiiiing 040 acres, mom or
Located November imh, IWT
ciiAHi,as luncHKii. Loostor
No. 3, Oommanalng at a poit marked Charles
Diitchor's nnrthwest enrner and about 16mile*
wesl of the Koolenay river mi the norih side oi
Houndary oretk and north and adjacent lo Um
t.er ll'-eii.e 16880, iliei.ee loutb 80 chains, thence
easi so ohaini! tbenoe nortb h.> i halns, ihmcc
w. st mi chains to the place of beginning, containing 640 ic'fi" , more or I*-**
Locnied Noveuibcr ISth. 1807-
ciiAhiKs UtmniBa, Looator.
No 4.  Commenolng st s post parsed Charlea
Dutcher'i   nurlheait   corner,   theuce loulh  80
Fifteen dozen L.idics' White Lnwn and Mlislln Blouaes, all advance etylee
of coming seaaon'a waists.. They are manufacturers' anni-jles. No two waists
alike and all sires, 36 bust. We will sell the entire lot on Friday at the actual   factory   cost.
Also bargains  m every department.    Balance of winter goods, leas than cost
Eleventh Annual
Winter Carnival
From    Tuesday    Night
Until    Saturday   Night
Rossland    Carnival
J.   5    C   FRASER
FEB. 4 to 8
s-'or Information apply to
Bee ."in    and General Hanaser.
1 l.���ii.|.|..M.Iil|> aal H   0
rtminptonshlp ol CfaUads
Championship of H   V.
('-aauil>l���ianiitp ot  (tap 1'ri.vnia.
.���h��l- I.   the    "a*" Wl.-laaalll'.   tli.*I��<-.-   Iii.rlh ��'
...laalllil. lliciaa*   aMWI HO chaluHa. Uie   ,.IK..-,,l I..-
talullliiK. a-��a,a lal ai laai, ft-D aurp.. ,na,ra, a,r 1....
lx�����le,l MOTMabM Will. 1*7
. hai-. i   ih'tchk*. LoeaUir.
No 5. a^imma-Di'tllll tt . paill Hilar!.**.' I 'l.aar i- *
l.'il' l..-a'a .aaaittieMi a-aanawr, ll,.*l���,- hu chHta,-
aaarth    tliena-a- laorhaln.   waaail.   llii-n.-a-w. itiiiu.-.
.out,,. iSnMl ..)ai.t���. aut lo taa DlaaaolM
ataalna, oontalnlsf om aaara*.. mur*.- or la*...
LnWtM Na.vaamlK.r mill. lWC
CIUK..K. lil-a. HER. I_.aaalaar.
Ko 6 Commaaiar.liiK ai . |^��.t marked Cliarta*.
Hu'olier'. .,,ulliw,aal na,rii,*r. Ui-aa.-. aiaarlli *u
. in.il.a tlielia.-.- aaaaa, ��d ''liatli.. til, Ilia- ������itti Hal
��� mam- Itaeuaie weat H.�� iiIihIii" t.. tb. J.la.a o, t,t>
Kllllllaan.   ,-aa,ial,ilIi,''.I'I H   I.-*, Inula- or IBM
Uaa>a.ta*al Novcualwa t��lh. IV".
. n.i-.   .. Iil-Ta'iia,'.. UM-aa,*r
ja I,     T,mllotk. Fllaa a-reaaa
:**>l..��ii l^aaal DlfcUlttt    i'i��"i . "t W'*a*l Ka..ai.ii..y
.a..,.n!|r..,t,��. i.J,...|.l,   I'alrlck.  ,.( N.	
B  (���     oavailaatla.la   lamil.-i man,   liil.-u.l   a,. ���|.|.lv
tora.,��*.*ial uii.i..-. llcna. ..v.-a the toUnwIni
.lvii.rllK-,1 land.: a .ianaii.*n.ii._ ��1 a �����,., planl.-.l
untlalul a���. ll..; ��*���.! lor- "'S"."^;
ul. hi....ham*- Iron u..; __ ������(���� >�� ��'
fork   an.l annrka-.l   J...,-,.ti   ,'alrtfk a n. a  ,-,,rn,-a.
..    ,...cutMlclaallaa. **�������   lOUtA t�� flh��lM tO
...,,lil..l  --..���im��,a,-..na..,ll,  conlailllliK  MB   a.-rv..
"^RS '""imb.r-.th. OW.,  l,^"a��'ZV'h
Ior a _,,0,.|��l llnil-a*.   II "'"   ovaar   ll a-   I. l.m  UK
ala-.,.rll,...|| lala.la:   (l(i,aa,aa.ai..|iiK a( a ,....! l.l.an..; ,
ai....n i��i. obaini aiimaiii. a---
aliraaa'tlain   Iron,     l,rt-atla,li
Jaaaaapli   ,'alrla*k'fl   N. ^.   __
a.lialn.,   lhaalliial wa*Hl ��"  a.halln.  th.DM   I-aarlli *'
I.   "     I    Jl,., ,.l  aid  llhaalll.   IO | I  "1  n
mancom.at, oonUlulDi MO aerea, rooij,... Im
laalaial laaoalaabaai .'ath. l-afl       Jo*i,'Pl 1 atbi.ik,
J   J. l.ucu   IIKa.ail
No  IB.   We.t lork. l-'lta-a-ra��k
N,.|������>l-.ii,ll����lr..-l   -l'i��lr;..l.al ����������! h.,.,l..|,,ay
Tak,- mail. I'   thai I. Jai.i'l'h    I'alrli���.. i.l Nall'ii I.
B.C., ���(..|i|,allaah liiiiil.i-rinali.  Iiili'inl IO  apPl|
lor.��|.....-lrl llliiba.r   IIMI ,o����r   tb-   lollowloi
.,.��� . ii-* laii'l.: lloiniii..|i.'lh�� al I po.l pl.Dtual
aha,ul *i ..lialll. all.lalll an.l In a. WMIOTlT 01,0,1
.nu. Iron, lln- w"��i lork ol fit" M* K aaiil ali.nil
'. lull.- In,III inianlh DlorMk.abd in,ar��..il Joaa p..
Patrick'! B i.  oornar, lh.no. w.m Wo obaiin,
ihinicai norih nn I,"li".  Ibi-n.'i-  M��l   "" obalna.
llioina.   aaiulh   .1 i ham. lo p..'"' Ol  ...in m ���
llli'llt   , latllliaar **'i ii.ai'"   in..r.-or ic -*
Ilaldll lliaaauiaharOlh. UWI.       JoaKI-,1 I'ATlll.K.
1. J, 1.1.ha, an. in
No 16.   HLvoiia a.reok. 	
Ni'laoii i_��nil lal.lrlart   Ulalr.tl ol ��e��l Kaioli'lnij
lak,- li..11...   thai I, Jo.(!,.h   fialrl.la. ol   >.ilai,l
1, ('., oaai'iipatl  u lliuahcrinali.   laili'iul   to  appl.
tor a ai... i..I uml...r   U0.DM  a.v.-r   Ih.'   follow,,,*
.i...... U....I lamia: .< ooun.DOlOJ al a poll pluuia.i
..I,..,.. .', n. .1.*. up aifiMil iT.'i.'k aaa.I an ia N I..
.lir..,-n,.o irom ,noulh ol (Taaajk, anil inarki.il
JnMph   I'alrliak'B   N    B  Mrnar,   ll,*..a.   miiilli mi
chalna.   ll...|a-(    wai aaa.,��� aa.    Ili.i...    norih Mi
chain. , the,in. (....I tu i-halna lo In,- point ..I
a'oiaimaiiroiiiont, conlalnliiK C"l *****,  BUM. or
UaUal ritWnilHI Ural, lf/I       ISMtB I'AlKliiK,
1. J    I.,   i .   ..... i,
in., i
18   .ml   inurla.-.l
orncr,   thono. aailitn lail
a**���k>b st,
You ran liny n 10-aaro I'ruit  Unnili In   the beat   fruit  (Towing   (llntrlat
In   llritl.-ili   (Sailimiliui   iiv   paying   $10 (liillnrn down u���,I $ln per mouth
I'Sv.n uh un Invent rn,'lit  thi* Ib  worth cousKU-rutlnn
Fruit I.und Iihh trebled In value wltUln tlie year.   What will It do noxt
.70. .*���""��-'   -"'
-. *ara rai' s>*r__ acre;
wahii 8'ii.iiin
".*." isratv::*
S_____ Lttmber, Singles,
U��th, W\ouIciin��:s, Doors, WindoM'.j.|
Turned W'oi-l* und l^rackclM.
VKklMd.N wiwiiiir  -
i-hu b
for J. H
-of Arwv
H. K. (Hit
theuce I
-ahoie, tl
io th��* p<
��> aoraa,
���off,   In
Muil Ord'TH promptly nn
Sn it   B-tevani nreai
Nalaon Land Dlainci   Diatrlot ol Waal Koot��ua*r
'Uki-noli,,- tbatl, Juaapb Patrtak, ol Melaon<
" 0. npitiioi.   luinb, [Mon,   inland lo anpii
roraipaflal       i Dva ovei tba i i, .v.  i���.
da* rlbed landi     I menolnaata -him pi an tad
about 1 mill* in an eaalerly dlreetlon trom lha
mouth ol   tiATeni or volt, where H empttoi into
- in lboo lake, and i u-->. ioaepfa I'ai b-k'g 8 w
oornai    tbonce north V) cbalnn, ihence ----.it ho
ohalna, tbancc  th U obalna, tbenoa  a-aatflO
uhalnato point of oomraanivinunt, i-oiiinimn-/
'it"' hit.-, mora 01 laai
Dated Dao��mber9n4, \\Hfi.    JoatrH PatBtoit,
I   J.  I.l i ia, K(��St,
No ih   Btovt ii- orai h
l iiiul I'i'ii.-i.   DlatrlOtOf W,..iK,,iii,iii���v
ink.- notice thai I. Joaupb   Hatrlna  nl      Ij -ii
y. i .  opinion luinh, riiiiui, lutend   to upply
'"���     ������ lal tlrobar llcani-e ovoi  tho foi fna
Ipx-'ribfd laiiiln;   Comm--in*liiK '��' �� pot��t phini'.-Il
���bout  ilea up ftwena oraak. and iihuu  W
obaliti don in iiom in, i,��i,x of tin- oraak,and
marked lonepb Hatrtek ��� N B oorner, thonco
��� ith M nhalni theuce treat an ahatnii lhenoe
north ho ohaini, them - - ��si * chalni to point ol
oom n-'iiH-iit, i oiitni iin-- it" aorea,  te or
Hatad i>'iinii.i-f 'jnii. imi,   .Mi-di-it I'ATim k,
I   J   LVOtAi Hsj-i-nt
No ID   Btavenaoreei
Nalion i���ii.i Dlatnui   niitrlfil of Waat Koot tf
Take noii. ��� tbat I, Joaaph Patrbs*. ol Nelaon, .
< . im i iij-utioii luiMiiiTiiiiiii. Inland  io apply !
i    i -i'-'i'ii timbei  iii'i-ii,i* ovar thu following 1
i.   ��� ; .I-.   \ litiiu        CoiUUlfluslllg lit H post plutituU
iibouI ii inlli-H np   Htrvi'im   *r*n*k  nud ���.'."
location No ih on ti,,- mutft. uml market!�����
l*ntrlak*i N  w  oorner, ihunci* eait **���' r-
!i>. ,n ,   loutb   BO < io,. ns',  tin 'in ia rrt .-**������   'I
thonoa  north XO chiiliiH  to point of n
nii'iit oontalnlnta*oaoraa. more m tei
iiHti-ii t in emtaar Brd, iwi     Joum i
1. J. Looia, nK*.nl
No H   Worn lork. Flic oraak.
Nelaon Urnl m-ttrlct   nimrict of Weal K-wJ
ink,' notloe iimt i. Joaeph Patrick, aim
n.f ,oouupatlon lumbotman, iiii��'im1 t(1 f
lor ii Mpi.ii. 1 timber   lb,-   over  lln- f.��IW
aaaorlbarl landa:  ' omtin-nctiiK Ht a i-.--** i"*.
at t 2 iiiili'N op tho v..    i lork   it Kid- -���.�����_
aboutWehalm north ol tin- oreok mihIi"*;
Joaapfa   I'littb-k'-*  N   _.  corner, thene
Ohaini    thanoa   went   KO eluilnn,   thine-*   -
ohama. tbum-e aaal wi'-im<iiih to potato'?
mi-mi- ii, loiiiitiiiiiiK mh aorw   inon *
Dated Decumhcr rtth. iwtrj. joHirn ri��wa
i j. sUtcu. im11"1 ���
-o. H     Went fork, ol Klfe oraak.
NelM.ti I-tmd Itlmrii���*..   Dlmrh't of -t -"t K<j<
'Ink.- notice thM i.   Joaeph   I'atrP-k. pi"1*"
It <��� . occupation iiin-bcruiaii. inb������"-, ���!]._,
torn Niiei'tiil tinibir llceh'-e 0V��f tli' l<'��"3
dp-rc rlbed hnnu. CotninemloK '���* '* I*0'1���
nbont l mil.-h up tbe wi-hI fork of I
plauted on lha north bank of the itm��j
markad Joneph Patrli-k'** N. It eonit'f.
Noiit-Hii ihnIn-4, thenee went M rluiiiia,
liorll.   Hn  rhMtlfi   Iheilie i-AHt-SU   ulll.tN*'    ''^|
m i (.uum inunc oontalnlni '���',l" n'*'    I
I'mWiI DoiwmburAth.lKJ..    Jw""
" (ffi '    1 **
The baiiy Canadian
You oimni'i dine (in l'K()(', LEGS every day.    We furnish the
E,   Pork,   Mutton  and Veal
Hams, Bacon and Lard
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
iu the market
Mincemeat of Finest Quality in glfLSB aud wood.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Kaslo, RoBsland      INELSOIN,  ��_*��. G- Boundary
jxiyu*iArijyif>j*i ~ --------**��*
I Bohemian Beer
I The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd
^A'i-i\*(J��WW**V*''*ii'i*i~i-''~i'-   "��"-"**-*--**-^--*--***"���"**-**********
Nalaon I_>nd Utatri't    I��o-in>-t ni w,--n Koolenay
'   Take MOttao  thai >f <1.   '   Skuujioij-..   ���**����� n ���    'or
TroA. i   Taaaar, oi  .v.- in. ��� >��� '*u'mii<n,   w��ti i.
aaaaar, Inten-v** t"'ui- '���   '"'   i"^111"1"11"-""1
ebaae ike followiu,     n--.,-rn>
olnaaiapoac  i>Ui.i<"!   hi.-mh  .".  mi.*--*-  '-������*.i ,-i
WUaoAoreaa.,   Cli��- ri * <     I"   t'lmsiii-    in   hn   <'��-l,-rl
dtraOtlon,    ti����li' '     -"���'   'but in*     Month,   tiienee   in
ehaUMln a waau-rl'-   ��� nrwtioii.   lln-nee 2t i*b lit ii x
aorlb to tba pom' ><f lun-uivm. iu. - l���tlW.lIl^l���'
Mae���^m vote o* i---
Jiated Nov.antl.  i���*������..
Frtinan k   Iohn Tanner,
F  J   Hahmon".   Agent
Velaon t-aad DUirh t l'i-ui. l oi "a ���.���hi hooteimy
Take uotlee th it lint.I r-Niiitnum-.. agent oi
A A fcallard, of !'n,.*i,.r. o,*i-u--.ii-.u-iu r*.tn*hei,
latanda to apply .<������ |criiii*.**i��.u to pnn-inn-e tm
���follow Ina   daaorin.'       ht, i-       < omim-ii.iio-' tti ���*.
^riY.   '^"TJbo,,. Hi    I'M'K-lltl    W.IM.I     ITM-k.
"iii,,  tbence norliiwem 90
onto um .I'chKln**, litem ���* mm lb
ijlo it,,   the point of coinmeiieemcnl
eontalninc 99 t<'t. -  :. -n lean.
""  " a Jw.ai'tii. iw.
A (jell t  F    J    '  ���.MMU!��l
poat plan tad ab-'
ttM.no. ���outkwe--
riiiaon laat ���Hlnr* -   lu-trei ,,! -a.-hi Kimiwukv
Takeaotlaethnt v\  a   iimi*.,m. ������uiIktitci-.t,
ol lmukaaa. tr h-     ,���.,.���,"-. v.* *-.-._.n.uum, ,....-
S&lttal.-''.''   Mio-ri.K   iii:.iei*.lo��ppi)
Iiii aTiaanhil -ttmi--. "- over ihefoiio��itiK
d*_nr_M_ka_tff       l .-miii'-H' lu* n\ ��  ���������-���   mitr*-*.!
NT��7Sl_33<n. ,ti.  north Iwiif "-   Corn .reek
���Uat) >      in.   .*-...rib lork of lorn �� reek
IMlSlUn   - ���c-r.i,..   .i ii "���>*"
Ai dltat*ii"i. it.iii, ."iitiu-'i,- ��� "t - I-- ' '""n
E Wlt_ Ih.-  K   ".���������in,-   ii-*'.    Mo.imv   nor' I,   1'
Si* li��a<.   v i*.,".-hKiii-: ihen-'i   -..milt   t"
^To** eaal   lfio ehuini* io point of com
noi in in no  "'���  aer*��a more or lean.
adjoiini tun It   limit   No 1  on the
and tunb-      stmlt   N"   **��� on tbe aontb. a*-   ."-
I bv aae.
at��eTj4ovemt"r7, i\+n.
WiL'.UH A   llt*l***oN, U.'-ator
jTnkaaai I )    i"*-.'. ..-a
_k__MOd and  -n!H". :.) to*   *���*���   ihm named   W
_B_m th*-win'lay of No-ember, a  U
35*   Hi-    nt   Spokane.    Spot-mi     < otllllv,
S^Uwaa-, oti.ol the t'iilUj-1 .-utf-of America.
i_TKi. k o num.
row Lake, on   UoaqOltO  ('reek) nod Jl   ch    ull*-
itukM Homh or the ��� w.t.oi -"i'i lot, running
thanoa weat wi obalna, tbanoa aouth H oha_u,
thene** cant Hn ehaini, thenee north no  Ohaini to
plai f eoinmeoeement.   rmiiaiuiiig   Mu  m.-h-s.
more or lean.
'  MAi-.i.i-:- M-ii-ini.l..
Ai/eiit  for  Hugo l.'arateui.
1'ate-' At heeemtM-r IWl.
Nelnon I-aiiiI I'lurlc.. luatrif'tol We*.t l.oota_av
fake nottoa that Thm Doncmatti of Alt,not.
Man , oecnpailon wife nl <\ It.��� i- ���*t*,*, n. btrim-r,
Allolin, Mini , lntetnl*- to Hpplv for \�� rnii-.-nm to
purctinxe tbe followfllK (lemTtb'-l IttU'l :
Ootttrnuneiiif* at   a po-t   pNnttstl n' the N    K  ('
of Hugo Uaratena1 appiieaiion to ptrrohaaa au.l
rnnnltiK thenee weat no ehaiua theioi north **"
ohatna, thanoa  aaat  -to chatm.. thanoe   ��� -ntn h
cliatna _>  l.nks, thenee eaal 40 v  ntxxti.    hence
Noiitb ~i chain*. 7fl   liuka to poj.it   ot   commence-
ment, OOntalnlttf 6H7 Hcr*>a more or \***m.
' Hm.:i    Maiu-uall,
A^cnt    for    l ina    i"    :��� nun..
Date.1 ��� December JWOT.
Nt-Uon l.-tn<i l��i*.trtei    iM-urlotoi w.-m Koptanafa
Take notice ���Ami LovtOeorn Parne- ol Koedlea,
H i' . oooopatlon  rattaber, ut-teuoi to apply for
perauaalon to pnrohaae tba toliowing deaorlbed
inn r l.'omiiiein Iiik nt n pool planied aOO*lt IS
i-haiii*. weat of Whalihan ereek ami 88 mu ohaini
���outh of the tninbwcHl comer of Lot No MU
runiiiu* thenee   north HO chain*.,   thence went Mi
obalna, thonoa aouth IkUfi chalun, thenee eim
9SJB8 ehaina, theme aouth   03 ft-t-'s. ebaltiF, tie-nc-
SI 4l��  chain*-  eaal   to   polut   of  couimeiiceinciil.
eulitalliiiiK ini acrei, now purveyed nn lot Hl��.,
Dated Htn .lauuary, mu*). L_vi (.kohuk Payne.
I'latriei of (ioa
| Platrlct.   Dlatriot Ol Vtuat kooieuay
at iMbaUa Ptoraa,   I Itroaiboar.
fciarrtetl   woman.   uitemU  to  upply
to   purchiiHi-   tbe   <ol)owtii|*   dM
t oiuinenciiiK ��������� -** lM"" planted ���*.-
ii of the north boundary ol UU
eaal   boundary   ol    lot    No    BUB.
banco eaat ac m, .in*, mop '" ",.��� n.
Mtoornar ui     imi--i   l-mm   :**>   :<":,  th xo*
north V ebalnr*    tion.c  wet  At rtiains, more or
lea to she aaat-ii-   ���>' u )oti-n��i.  lake, iiiem<
following  aa_Ke    m    ��   *.oUtlo*rl\    and    weniei ly
(limittop WKt Oh.iim*.   mor.-   or   1.*^   io lhe inter
aeetlon with t.oi his    tb��m-c;i. ehnin-.   mor.   m
'laaa, (ollOWlng  eioH.-iiy   boundary   ol L-jt HlHo to
MDOint ot eomnieio i-im-ii i
nSalad Ith Oi'bib- r. l'.*m 1*-aiik  i.a 1'ikkck.
_   *mwu WET        y <* Fai'.^'uk. -gent
rtrlOt, Dimriel of Waal Kooteuay
that    Alexander   J.   HeCool,  of
���enpatton clerk, inleinlh to apply
to purehat-e th*-' lollitwli k Qoa*
ommenolng at a poat plained on
oumlarv ol It C Southern Rail
t-i    about   one  and   a half  mllea
northweat comer oflotaa-tt,
otenav.   tbenoe 100th  M ohalna,
i fhaliia. theuee   north Ml rhalua to
ndarj ol aaid right-uf wa . thenoe
I aloiiK ���*���*"' lOulhorn laiuudary 10
Bt   Of   OOinin.- men',     mi-1   t "inta in li..:   > i*ll
h. 1W>7.
AI.IX-.MiKH -1    MoOOOL.
-trici. D-aartot of Weal _outanej
iat F   P   curdeii, aetlo| m agoni
i, of Pokluk, N. B. oecupalion
tidi  to  apply   for  T-crinlKNiini    '���'
illowtng neaorlbod landa: ���!�������
at planted on the aaatorly ahora
ud About Id Ohaini north of th
lot ��163, thenee eaat UD chatm*,
ohalna, mon- oi laai, t.> the laka
lUthwoatarly along the lake shore
ommeneemeii  ,   nud   eoiilitluln^'
l aorea, a->>rl or leu.
aaiaUki*wt*ini'ei  fi!    I"1"    '.-m-H   II'-khiin,
* F. P    ItniuiKS, Agent.
MalaotaLami im-inci    in-mi  t .,i w.-m k���,i.-ii,.v
laJta   BOtt' ���        Ml ������     .lotin    ���' ���* Ol'-     I   nn,.  I    tl      .if
afOtuUL MrV i' i'   i ulMi..*MiL.     ��� i-ii|ntt;oii   .utitriic
Intern i       to    iii'piJ     'or    ]>ermiNaiou    io
-oUurtng daa rlbad  i-odi   . om*
poMt plan nil on the lootliorn
ic   H:  ���'.   Southern   rl(*l,I oi*-\s���y
wetderiv Irom thefc.W turnoi
p   1,   KO'itenuv.   tbence  a   u-lil-e
eaat   40  chains-    ibenee   north m
the   houiher'i   houmbtty   of   the   *otul
tbenoe waiterl; along aald ��ou;h
V   of  rlitht of wiiv   tO   the   point
���nt, ananmtalulni ftt\0aorta, more
oveuibermh, IWl.
J    UN    't��KH   l'��*"-K"'-,
__  NeUoa Land i >
��� lake uottce i
lor J. H  Burd.
:i ntecbamc, Inn
purntaaae tbe i
taanolngata p
-of Arn��--r lah.
;; N. K. oorner m
theuee nortb ���*'
���-ahoie, thono*' ���*
to the pollst ot
m aorea, ��oro
Weal   Kootenay   Land  nmtriet.
lake notice that I. (ieor---* A. Hunt, of Kit.
ehener, occupation llmoeruian, intend to
apply for permlaalon to pnn-haae the
following deacrlbed 1h> I: i oiiimeu. lug nt ,.
pom piauu-d about 40 c ana, went ui Thomoaon
market! N VV. corner. ,. nee aoutb iu H/chain*.
tbeuce  eant   -M 67    t_ial_i,    ihence    north   UM
obalna, thanoa weat kIoukB.-i;. Souinem Kail
way io pia.se td tiiihiiu iu-em-.nl, eontainiiiK UB.1*H
Dated January Hth, ]���� Onoaaa Ii   Htnt
It)  DUtriOt,   DlBtnet til Went Kootenuy
ue that John thlali, ol Keedloi B <'..
rnneher.   IntetldH   lo   apply   to* per-
purebttHc  tbe (ollowlng   deacrlbed
inoiieing nt a PO��i jil.tiited at the
Oornai Ol Lot TH'-S. theme *rteil m
nee lontb hu chalna. thence mat-tU
ice north Hi' Ohaini   to   the   pointof
anient, ami containing MO aorta, morg
|tb October, 11*07. .lAM��a SittKI.I.,
F   '1   FAl'i'I'l**". A felt I
ml Dlairlet DlatrlOtOl Went Kootenay
tice that AiikiIh MeHilt, ot tbe fltv of
iMipittloti flreuinu, luteutlN lo applv for
I to pnrohaae the following d*a**nbed
liiiinenclng ut a pout planted nl the
nor L 0, Morrnttm'a rut.eh , lu Fir
nee north stortj (*iti) ibhlna, thene
40) chalim, tin nee nouth Htj (4n
IDS WMt forty (401  'I' in, ointo
ent,   and eoninlning   t nr  hundred
6iu aoraii more or laai
either'ind. IT".        Anoik   M( Cm
Notice in hereby given that the Kin-
ney-Miiler Oedur Cumpuny.uu extra pro-
viuciul oompany duly le-siHteted, hk
Kiich, and uuihorfzed to carry ou bual-
nenn witltin the province of Liritish Col
tinthia. and having it_ head office at
CreKtt.u, in tli<- sum] provlnoe, munufuc
Hirers, have by deed uf asHij-nmeni.
ilateii the Mth day of December, won,
assigned all its personal property, reeJ
estate, credits, and effects, which tmt>
he seized  and  sold   tinder execution  to
me, Charlea o. Rodgers, of Creston.
BrlUata Columbia lumber mannfacturer,
tor the general benefit of its creditors
A meet j nt; of the creditors will he
held nt the ol.ice of E. M. Macdonald,
liinrisler-at law, eorner I'.aker atui Stan
ley streets. Nelson. II. C, at the hour of
throe o'clock in lhe afternoon on  Tuea
day, the Slel day of December, 1:107, toi
the giving of directions with refereno.
to the <llsposaI of the estate.
And further take notice that all creditors are required on or before the 28th
day of Deoember, X907, to file with me
the assignee, full particulars of their
tlalnts duly verified, nnd the nature ol
the security, If nny, held by them
And notice is hereby given thai after
the -Mh dn> of Deoember, MhiT, i will
proceed to distribute the aaaets amongst
th" creditors of whose debts or claims
1 shall then have received notice and I
win noi be responsible for the aaaets
or any part thereof, so distributed I
any creditor of whose debt or claim i
Shall   noi   then have received  notice.
Dated nt Creston, B. 0*, 'hi* I ith da)
of Deoember, 1907.
One of the   Early   Miracles���Conversion
of St.  Paul���Services   in  City
Churches   Tomorrow.
kud iM-er-'i,   ime nd of Wenl KooteiiHy
oticetioit Hugo Oaratens, of Winnipeg.
jDupatlou ptihii'i" ��� IntetiiiH to upply
IIhbIou to purchHNc the followtiiK dean d :
utiiiig at a punt plauled on the weft
r of h. 4.-2.12, ti. l, (about d mllei lrum Ar-
Auctioh Sale
of our stock uf  New and Second Hand Goods ou
Monday, Jan. 20th
At 2 p  m. Sharp.
We hnve a line assortment nf white
enamel an.l graniteware, all new. Second hand cook stoves, heaters, couches,
heds, springs, mattresses, student chairs,
dressers, siattds and other articles too
numerous to mention. No reserve.
Goods musl he sold as we need the
Tomorrow will be the second Hmulny
after tbe Kpiphany. Next Saturday will
In- the festival in comintmifration of
the conversion of St. Paul. The Htnry
is familiar to all. of Haul oi Tarsus,
keen,  intellcci mil,  bill   a   bigot, fl   BealOUS
leader in tlie persecution of the Christ
ians, riding along the road to lianiascus,
suddenly arrested by u blinding light
and a voice reproving his cruelty. It
cun make no difference whether the
light und the voice were seen and heard
by ali or hy Saul alone. The miracle
Is the same. Saul of Tarsus the persecutor became the apostle, St. Paul, the
boldest Spirit, the Wisest head and the
clearest and most eloquent voice of ail
the missionaries and preachers of the
early church, and one of the greatest
personal forces of all time. Christianity
did uot need St. Paul, hut the illuminating stroke, whether it was a sudden
revulsion or the climax ot days of
douht und misgiving after his participation in the murder oi Bt, Btephe_, the
change gave to the church her greatest
son, who "labored more abundantly than
tiny   all."
The gospel for toni'irrow is the story
of the marriage feast in Cana, of tlie
water turned to wine, one of the earliest of the miracles of Christ, not like
the later miracles except as a manifestation of power. The story has, however, another significance in showing
that ut the beginning of His ministrv
L'h11st was no recluse hut was known
in the community iu which he had
passed his youth. The provision of
wine for the wedding feast was uu act
Of kindness evidently for friends and
a recognition of wine as one of God's
The following services ure announced
for the city entireties for tomorrow:
Chut ch of England���St. Saviour's,
corner of Ward and Silica St. Second
Sunday alter Epiphany, holy commun
Ion, 8 a. ni.; morning prayer and holy
cummu.ii'm, 11a. in : Sunday School,
2.80 p. m.; evensong, T.Iiti p. m. Rev F.
H. Gruhum, rector.
Human Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets; Low muss, 8 a. m.; high mass.
10:30 a. m; evening service, 7:_0 p. m.
BefV. Father Althoff, priest.
Presbyterian Church���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets.
.Morning Bervlce, 11 a. in.; Sunda\
school, 2:30 p. m : evening service, 7:B0
p. m.    Kev. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist Church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets; Moruing service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7.30 p. m.:
Sunday School, 2.30 p. m. Rev. R. N
Powell,   pnstor.
Baptist Church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; evening service, 7.30 p. m.; Sunday School,
2:30 p. m.    Rev. A. N. Frith, pastor.
Notice Is hereby given that all taxes
for the year tfiOo under ttie Assessment
Act lflO-5 and amending acts, and tmdei
the Public Schools Act, are now due
and payable.
Collector of Revenue, Nelson, B. C
Nelson, IL C, 2nd Jan.. 1808,
thiB  winter.    Sulphur  Springs   and   unexcelled  accommodations.     Rates   $2.50
per day and up.
Turner Beaton Block, 606 Vernon Street.
Correspondence invited and cheerfully anavvered.
Call on or write
a.G.P._..Vancnuver. U -P. A.. Nelion
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special
at rvices for tomorrow. Knee drill, 'J a.
m ; holiness meeting, 11 a. m.; a praise
meeting at 'i p. m.;  salvation meeting
ut   8 p.   in.
Disagreeable    Smoking    Car   Passenger
Secures   Important   Decision.
Toronto, Jan. 18.���When a man tem-
ponirlly leaves a seat in a railway
coach, lie dues not necessarily forfeit
his right to it even if Uo baggage or apparel Ib left to show his occupancy. This
was the decision uf Judge Riddell in a
law suit brought by Albert Hnuiau. a
prospector of Vunkleek Mill. ugaijiKt. tlie
C. P. K., arising out of a row in a smoker on December 8, 1906. He demanded
|1,000 damageii lor heing forced out of
a seat by Conductor Alexander Hanner-
mau, and a party of men traveling in
his company who occupied several
seats . He Left for a short time. Uraz-
lan entered the car at St. Eugene and
took the seat under protest from the
other geutlemen of the party. He refused to give it up even though there
were other vacant seals, and the con-
ducior by application of a little muscular energy, forced him to do so. Hraz-
lan sued the railway company fur dam
ages for the act of the conductor. He
says the company is not compelled to
furnish smoking accommodations any
more than accommodation lor curling
hair, playing bridge, or shaving. He
confessed, however, to a "secret admiration" for the men who by making
themselves disagreeable on such occasions, aid in bringing about great reforms.
"In Time of War."
Washington, Jun. 18.-��� Major -General
W. 1>. Huvall. assistant chief of the staff
of the United States army, in a specisJ
requ st to congress, asked for an appropriation of $10,000,000 for the purchase of arms and equipment for an
army of 2aO,OOH men. This request was
strongly endorsed by Majur-General
Franklin Rell, chief of the staff, and
Robert Shaw Oliver, assistant secretary
of war. The request provides tor an
expenditure of $2.5OO,O00 a year for four
years. The most remarkable thing
ahout the request is that it uses the
expression "such equipment to he used
in   time  of war."
President Schurman To Speak.
New York, Jan. 18.���Great preparations have heen made tor the fifth annual dinner of the University Club or
Brooklyn tonight to signalize the opening of its handsome new clubhouse.
President Jacob Gould Schurman, of
Cornell University, will be the guest
of honor and  the  principal  speaker.
Important Capture.
Tangier, Jan. 18.���A despatch from
Casbatthdarracid says that a squadron
of General D'Amade's column, recon-
noltering to the westward, captured the
powerful C;iid lladjhamen. the principal
instigator of the massacre at Casablanca It is believed that the collapse
will have a material effect in checking
the war s- ntiment of the tribesmen.
Tremont House
KiirotMiau and American Plan
���Veali 8 ��� est*.    HotmiN from a\ ntl- to tl.
"my WJal-le Heip Kmployed.
Saner Ht.. Neinou Proprietor!
Mn..' f'omlnrtabl'- quar-tent       Nelnnn
Only the boat ������ i l.n, ihh-h and '.i^nr*
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms GO cents upward. Tbe
dining room Ib unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
.T   A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 2f>0.    Opposite Court  Houv
and  Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelaon. B. C.
s_st-Hsje   -<ud   Comfortable   BedroomF  and Flrat-
claa-" PiiunK -Koom.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietretas.
Bartlett    House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tbe Bar la the Fluent.
White   Help Ouly Employed
��� oeevhlne Bt
Nnlinu. B   0
Royal Hotel
Rates tl and $1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Hoarder**
Certificate  of Improvements.
���"Red Point," "Vernamo," ''Greenwood Fractional," "i-reenwtKHl ami Ja-��k Pot Frat-tlonal"
Mineral Claim*,, t-sUtiaii- in ttie Nelson Mining
Divtnioii of Wont Knotebay Dlatriot.
Where lo-rat-d:���On La-;���<.��� ("reek above the
Poor in at- Min-.
1_��e 11.''.'. i 'hat I, *Iolin M,.Latchie, of the
Cit> ol NflMOTt nriinit :s wont for .lon-s P. Bwed-
bt-rg, Free Uloor*l Certificate No B7-I75 and
OM'ttr Johnson -"'rue Miner's Cert it) rate No W.2-.,
iiiti-ii'l   t-LxtT  'Ihv*.  from   the date  hereof toap*
rlr to the  Mining  Ke'-ord'-r for Certificates of
niprovemeuts. for   the    piirp.*-.**   of    ubtaiutng
Crown Orn,nl�� of tbe above claim fi.
And   further  t*ke uottce that actlou,   under
-.I'l-tinii :rr.   ni'1-.i   be commeTK-ol   before  the i*-
r.uii*i<-'1 of such iv������mii-iit'*'. of Improvements.
Dated uns :.7tli ,lnv ; ,( .September, A   O , 1907.
Is now ready to  execute  all
orders for Job Printing" on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 BffcerSis.
Tef. 324.
We have lor rent the office In the
Mara BSock over the Roya! Bank, lately
occupied  hy Mr. E. A. Crease.
H. & M. BIRD
���TOR RENT���Office on Baker St.
FOR  SALE���Residential   Lots in city and suburbs.
Fire, Accident, Liability. Fidelity, and    Life   Insurance   agents    for   the
strongest companies operating in Canada.
If you want Good Land ,
MeDermid & McHardv
No. 310.
"COMPANIES   ACT.   1897."
I hereby certify that the "Falls Creek
Copper Mining Company, Limited." has
ihls day been registered as an Extra
Provincial Company under the "Com-
panici-- Act, 1897," to carry out or effect all or any of the objects of tha
Company to which the legislative au
tho.ity of the Legislature of British Col
um!.in extendB.
Tlie head office of the Company is sit-
ittite at the City of Spokane, State ol
Waahington, u. s. A.
The amount of the capital of the
CSaimpany Is one million five hundred
thousand dollars, divided into one million five hundred thousand shares of
aane   dollar each.
The head offlce of the Company ln
this Province is situate at Nelson, and
Michael C. Monaghan, Miner, whos*
address is the same. Is the attorney
for the Company.
The time of the existence of this Com
pnnv- is fifty years frotn '.he 15th March.
The Company is specially limited un
der section  BG of the above  Act.
Given under my hand and sisal of office nt Victoria. Province of British Columbia,   this   16th  day    of     May,    one
thousand nine  hundred and  seven.
[L-S.] S. Y.  WOOTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The objects for which the Compauy
has been established and registered are
restricted to acquiring, managing, developing, working and selling mines, mineral claim,: and mining properties, and
the winning, /jetting, treating, refining
and marketing of mineral therefrom
and   are:���
(1.) To ob'ain by put chase, lease,
hire, discovery, location or otherwise,
and hold within the Province of Bri
tlsh Columbia niinivs, mineral claims.
mineral leases, prospects, mining lands
ai.d mining rights of every description
nnd to work, develop, operate and turn
the same to account, and to sell or
otherwise dispose of the same or any
of them, or any interest therein:
(2.) To dig for, raise, crush, wash,
smelt, assay, analyze, reduce, amalga
mate and otherwise treat gold, silver
copper, lend ores or deposits and othe;
minerals and metallic substances am'
compounds of all kinds, whether be-loi-g
Ing to the Company or not, and to ren
dei* tlia- same meri'hantable, and lo buy.
**.**ll and deal in the same, or any of
(8.) To carry on the business of b
mining, smelting, milling und retain:
company in all or any of Its branches
(4.) To acquire by purchase, lease
hiia', exchange or otherwise, such tim
I a-.* lands or la-ases, timber claims
licences to cut timber, surface right*
and rights-of-way. water rights and prl
lieges, mills. factories. fumai-es
fnr smelting and treating (Ireland refining metals, buildings, mucliin
Dry, plant, and other real or persona!
property as may be neca'ssary for or
conduciva. to the proper enrrying out
aaf the   objects  of tho Caampany:
I fa.l To constuct. maintain, alter,
tral.e, <ark and operate on the prop
err? of the Company, or on property
controlled hy the Company, any canals,
trails, roads, ways, tramways, bridges,
una! reservoirs, dams, flumes, race and
Other ways, water-course, aqueducts,
wells, wharves, piers, furnaces, saw-
mil'... crushing works, smelting works,
canc-.itraling works, hydraulic works,
.]. t'cal works and appliances, ware-
houses, buildings, machinery, plant,
stores, an.l other works and conveniences which mnv seem conducive to
any of the objpects of the Company,
and. with the consent of the sharehold
ers in general meeting, to contribute to.
subsidise or otherwise aid or take part
in nny such operations though construe
ted and maintained by any other company or persons outside of the property
of the Company, and to buy, sell, manufacture and deal ln all kinds of goods,
storeB, implements, provisions, chattels
and effects required by the Company
or its workmen and servants:
(6.) To build, acquire, own, charter,
navigate and use steam and other vessels for the purpose of the Company:
(7.) To take, acquire, and hold as the
consideration for ores, metals or minerals sold or otherwise dispose,1 of, or
for goods supplied or for work done
by contract or otherwise, shares, debentures, bonds or other securities of or in
any other company the objectB of which
are restricted as herein aforesaid, and
to Bell or other-lse dispose of the
(8.) To enter into any agreement for
sharing profits, union of Interests or cooperation with any other person or company carrying on or about to carry on
any business or transaction which a
company specially limited under section
56 of the "Companies Act, 1897,"of British Columbia, ls authorised to carry on:
(9.) To purchase or otherwise acquire
and undertake all or any of the assets,
business, property, privileges, contracts,
rights, obligations and liabilities of any
person or company carrying on any
part of tlie business which a company
specially limited under Section 56 of
the "Companies Act, 1897." of British
Columbia, is authorised to carry ou, or
possessed of property suitable for the
purposes thereof:
(10.) To borrow or raise money for
the purpose of the Company, hut so
that the amount so borrowed or raised
shall not, without the sanction of a
general meeting of the Company, exceed one-quarter of the >tnnmit of the
paid-up capital for the time
being, and for the purpose of
securing such money and interest or for
any other purpose to mortgage' or
charge the undertaking or all or any
part of the property of the Company,
present or after acquired, and to create,
issue, make.draw, accept and negotiate
perpetual or redeemable debentures or
debenture Btock. promissory notes, bills
of exchange, bills of lading, warrants,
obligations, and other negotiable and
transferable Instruments:
(11.) To distribute any of the property of the Company among the members
in specie:
12.) To sell, Improve, manage, develop, exchange, lease, mortgage, dispose of, turn to account or otherwise
deal with the undertalting or the whole
or any part of the property and rights
of the Company, with power to accept
as the consideration any shares, stocks
OT obligations of uny company the objects of which are restricted under
Section 56 of the "Companies Act,
1-97." of British  Columbia:
(18.) To do all such other things as
are incidental or conducive to the at-
ta'nnient of the foregoing oh.1a*cts.
A. M. Can. So*. C. E
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlce:   Rjom   10.   K.-W.-C.  Blk.    P.   O.
Box     434.
Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
Ml Kinds of Heatia..   Plants it  Stock.
         ��� LfKl*
Victoria SL, Nr. Oue Houa..     Tal. 111.
W.    a.    OIL., LETT
Contruutop   and
Ro e Hf-pm fnr ths porto Kino Lumber Co., Ltd.,
rum11 yanlfl. Ktmgli toot rtre**��*-Hi lumber, turi-od
-vnr i. and brni-ket-t, -..oat-t 'nth and vhlnglm, -���������_
.���ml "���������.'*.-����� '���-��..-nt, brick and Ume for polo.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Veruon St.. eut of HalUg
Y   (I  Uvx .32 i\**��^**\��U0 17 . Ine Dully Canadian
KS^lffiW ��::::::.:::::
Bronze an
Km,   Electric 1..11111
. .$1 i.iiti.
.. .$11'.un.
. .$ 3.00.
.Sis. md $20 nn.
Clocks   29 in   high,
MOO, *"���".". 110.00, $16.00.   These are a tew of the
nd we will tell you aboul  the real
Watchmaker and Optician
Bargains in ail lines
of Dry Goods. Millinery   and   Ladies*
See Us
For Good Ftoit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & __
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
$1.50 to $ J 0.00.
Welcome Nugget Smoking
Brands of cigars.
Queen Cigar Store
BUSH  &  MATT HEW.  Props.
We have just received a shipment of Heinz Goods iu following line.
14-oz.   Dottle   Sour   Mixed   Pickles.
14-oz. Bottle S-gfSt  Mixed  Pickles.
14-oz. Bottle Gherkins Pickles.
Pint Bottle Ketchup.
Teloplicne 161
,^J_j___0        .Vrnal
Cfi* .���-*4i*Xir A ���-
Corner of Stanley and Victoria   Sts.
Two Blocks trom Depot
A.  G.  Gosh,  Revelstoke;   F   Walker
Tacoma; .*-. W 1 and wire, S. Hunter,
Wiinijii g.
cc...-.   Varnon anal War-d   stpwst��
NajL.--  J V.. ti   ^ .
'['. Airey and wife, 8-Mile; A. McVlcar,
Slocan; H. A. Creech. IS. A. Mclniyre.
VV. A Parrott, Vancouver; it. SL Clair,
Cranbrook C. II. Hand. Butte; W. .1
Holloway, II. Beason, .1. I'arkcnson.
Winnipeg; J, V. Saunice, RevelBtoke;
c. J. Archibald, Kasha,
T. (si imsiiiiw. Oreenwood; P, Cnrrin,
lipaworth; I. Henderson, H Campbell,
J. Brooks. BonninBton; J. Culhane, M.
0. Lawlor, Phoenix; W. E. Wilbur.
n'ilDur, Uomaplix; W. Wright. Cranbrook; P. J. McCormick, J. Cook. Nakusp.
O.  Clay.
T.   Bean,  .1.  O. Clay.  .1.  C.   Balleny,
Salmo; A. E. ll. Walters, Marysville; A.
(;.   Danlela,  RevelBtoke;   IJ.  .1.   Dewar,
Calgary;  P. McLaughlin, Spokane.
M. Kesaen, niir: A. Young, Trail; II.
(Cucaatle, Hewitt, M. Joslyn, .1. Wilson.
A. Moffall. I'ran la rook ; U. aM. Anderson,
.1.  Ogham,  A.  Tombs.  It.   II.  Oarton,
Kaalo;  A. I). Mann. Tagham;   K. Wren.
Spokane;  W. Meagher, Sandon.
II. Q. Whltfeman, T. 11. Hurt. Slocan:
II. Roper. H. Aitkens. I'ossland.
Manitoba Horse Won.
Gran.l .limcliaaii. Tenn., .Ian. 18.���The
running of the All-Age of the United
States Held trial.- was concluded yeetei*
day anal Rockland, owned lay John Cotton of Winnipeg, Manitoba, was accorded Aral haanors.
Castro Annuls Monopoly.
Caracas, Venezulu. Jan. 18.���Via Cur
aco, .Ian. IS.���'President Castro has annul!, tl the contract mail., by the government with the Venezuelan Salt monopoly. ;m ESngliah corporation with a capital ..: 1450,000. This contract was signed in 1905. II gives to tne oompany certain salt mines and gives a monopoly of
te of salt for ten years in Ven-
N1CKERSON, the Jewetery r.lanufactur-
e-'s Agent will sell you good! fraani samples at 25 per cent, less than regular
priccB direct from the factories, in S
daya from order, Eva.-rything in thi
line.   Order now.
Buy Now
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
t hem. Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
U A K e 11    RT
Chest Protector or Chamois Vest
We have several different kinds and wa s. II none that we canuot honestly recommend.
Wc wish to reduce our large stocv and will give the public the advantage of a 21, per cent, discount on all purchases during the next two
week      PRICES   FROM   50c.   UPWA!  S3.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Tramway   Service.
The tramway service will be suspend-
,.,] inr a pan of tomorrow wiiila' n. il.
Zavitz una! It. A. I'.mvvu make a joint
inapectlon of the  plant.
Metals   and   Stocks.
Silver gained on.- point today on both
metal markets. Among the local cop
per stocks, Granbj and B, C. Weakened
while nonunion Copper made ���eubstan*
tial advance*.
Methodist Services.
in ib. Methodist church tomorrow the
pastor, Rev. lt. N. Powell, will preach
al both services, bis subjects being:
morning, "The Search tor Sufficiency";
.iv, mn. .  "Christ   the   Carpenter."
Sleigh   Drive.
Six Blelgh loads of embryonic Calvin-
Ism made a formidable demonatraUon
along Baker street this afternoon, ll
was Archie Cunningham's treat to iii.'
pupils    ot    the    Preabyterian   Sunday
. Chun].
University   Club.
The January meeting i.i the Nelaon
Unlversiiy club will be beld an 8.80 tonight in the public school building. It.-.
!���'. ii. Qraham will read a paper on "The
Modernists." All Interested are invited
in attend.
School   Board.
A d ting of the board of school ttunas will be na id on Monday at an hour
n. be fixed later. The ordinary esti
mutes for the year will ba- prepared for
presentation to the council In time foi
....unlay  nights  meeting.
City   Council.
The first regular meeting of the muni
cipal council for 1908 will be held in the
oily hall Monday night at 8 o'clock.
S andlng committees for the year will
be struck and the power plant an.l
school debentures questions will be .lis
cussed. It is practically decided thai
the regular meetings shall be held as
during the past two years on alternate
Monday nights at S o'clock.
4    -L
r Ji-?5<-ifi
Cabbage, Turnips. Beets. OarroU, Parsnips, Celery and Potatoes from Pass-
iiioiv's  ranch.
G. A. Benedict
Corner Silica  and  JoR<*phint-> Hta
PHOM'    *7
K.   C   A.   Bonspiel.
Weather  permitting  th..-  annual  bonspiel of the Kootenay Curling Assoda
lion will open at the Nelson ourling
rink next 'Tuesday morning anil keep
the undivided Interest and attention ol
at least 200 men for the balance of the
week. Nelson's exponents of the gam<
have not had very much practice but
there are enough veterans to maintain
the city's prestige. It is considered
likely that there will be a very lar-Ke
attendance of visiting curlers as Nelson
is the favorite rallying point, and the
game was never more popular in Kootenay than now.
The tirst hockey match of the season,
between Nelson and Rossland. was played last night on the local rink and resulted in a victory for the home team
by 7 goals to '���>. In the opinion of many,
including the referee, it was the tastflSl
and best game ever played on NVlson
tee. Rossland     showed     unexpected
strength and gave the local stars a hard
tight. Tin* game promises many stubborn contests this winter, and may make
those pause and consider again, who
have been saying that the results of
the Hritish Columbia and Western Internationa; championship matches wore
a foregone conclusion. Some of tin-
spectators thought tbe game unnecessarily and unpardonably rough. It is
true that a strict judge of play might
have kept the ice practically bare ot
players Ior most of the time but Referee
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling Alley
Band: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings.
Mornings, afternoons and evenings,
without, band, children 15c adults 25c,
Including skates.
Evenings with band, except Saturday
evenings, 40o, including skates.
Saturday evening, hand and sjc lal
attractions, to 11 o'clock, 50c, In uding
skates, spectators*: 25c.
Tl-ANTKI.- Bull Boy.    Apply tlumn Hotal.
IXTANTX- Good trolloew produosr* to write
> > Ini-ii nuice nn nil kin il*. of ilTO Muck
HitHlnit'lentil (mm miy chum' Hri Ufa * mi-ric-it.
Live Mock Annuel hi Inn, nn'oiivei, li C, or
���A. J. Witlkcr, Ilium* Mold. ���*-,- ������ ill
'ASTKIi-' ttli'i.. Ilakrr  Hlr.-I   >rriiaii|.I BOM
pr..fi-rri-.3     Mux lost ,'Bimll an
CJIX-tOOM-tD HOME, liarailah|..lnr unfnriilali-
*  . .1    Apply i.i J   Daney, oornar Varnon .n.i
-OMphinO atraacla
I TltNIHHKI)   KOOM-  Oli.i.l   location       Aililra...
II    l.lllly ('alaiaalliall
I   OUT���A   NT-HOB T   PIS    at 111.-  llilnliaTmian'ii
,    taaall   liiht   nla'l.!       Klnali'rj.li.aai-   return   laa
. .Ill ������.   i.l  llll.lwi,,'. H.i    Ml.ir. .--���I  **>" I
We hav*- tiie New Government T^og
Scale Sheets.
SHEET 1 gives the contents in hoard
measure trom ten lineal feet to six hundred lineal feet
SHEET  2   gives     contents      in      board
measure from forty lineal reel to eighty
Ineal feel with the lawful Inprease In
diameter included.  **
PRICE PER SET. $1.00; per doz
$12.00 net, postage and tubing additional. Per set mounted on heavy cloth
. omul  board.  $2.00.
We also have Baughman's "Buyer a-
Seller" with tables for 8000 sites; giv;
correct number of teet in every piece
with page and index for every sise;
lumber tables from  lxl-6 Tt    to 30x30 50
ft.; tables for P4, I1*... 1 %. 7x0. 7x10.
* tc.
Triple Indexed Sight Computation���
Quicker than thought���Always correct
���figures   All   ways   and  Always.
Price, flexible leather binding. $2.25:
by  mail. $2.35.
W. G. Thomson
SgSg��g_!* anfl    Neisou, B. C.
r-Uion-* i\A.
W. H. Deacon probably had tin* approval of a majority in ignoring the trivial
violations ot the rules and penalizing
; nly those that were too glaring or that
might have affected tie game Only
one player was hurt, McCreary, the
Rossland goal-keeper, whose fall was
purely accidental. The teams were:
���Rossland���goal, McCreary; point. Dons
hue; cover, McCaugherty; rover, RI*
lanCS: right wing, Neall; left wing.
Dickson; centre, Keating. NelBon-���
goal, H. Bishop; point, Patrick; cover.
Thompson; rover, Belrose; right wing.
Steel; left wing, Kemp; centre, A.
Mi shop. Ross land's goals were scored
by Keating. Wall and Dickson. Nelson's by Steel. A. Bishop (2), Kemp (2).
Thompson and Melrose. Joe Thompson
at cover point is an unquestioned success, but there are not a few who think
that his weight, speed, staying power
and judgment are even more effective
on the forward line. The work of Patrick and Archie Hlshop was nearly
faultless but both are handicapped on a
small rink. The game was splendid
from the spectators" point of view and
a good season for hockey is now a-s*
P.  O.  Boxes.
Post Office Inspector J. R. Greenfield
went over the collection route today and
supervised the placing of cards telling
the hours of collection on each.
James Johnstone la registered at the
Dominion   hotel.   Victoria.
Carl II Hand, of Hutte, one of the
purchasers of the Krao mine at Ains
worth, arrived in the city via Spokane
last night.
E. Jacobs, Hecretary-treasurer of the
newly organized western branch of the
Canadian Mining Institute, will make a
tnur of the Boundary before returning
to Victoria.
Ills Honor Judge Forln and family
will leave for the east Monday night
MrH. Forlll and the children will remain
at Melville for the wtnter and spring
Judge Forin, after a short visit to hii
home, will leave for an extended viHit
to the old country His leave, the flrst
during eleven and a half years on the
bench, extends for six months. His
fellow citizens unite In wishing His
Honor "Mon   Voyage."
In the Tinttrr of nn npp]|<"-tlnn for UlO I*-*'!*; of
a -InplK-Hi" 'crMt.c--.ti- ol Title for lot-* 4, fi, 0, It,
19, SB, mul JIX, of lot Ml, (.roup One, In the
tMMrlct of Kooteuiiv ( M   peOi".
Notion In hur��bv n'lven thnt li In mv Intention
to Ir-iii" at the pxplmtion of on- month utter the
ttr*-t public*tlon hereof ftdppltaitfl *t the Or-
'ifl'iUcof pie for tho nbove moPt1rv>e<1 lotn in
Iho Miine of RichnM Hclint whleh nettf-lOSta <>f
I'ltle In il-up-l th-' 2*11h ilay ol November, IlKHi
���iii*1   nnmher-j I ffUOA
t.mi'l UcKiKtry .>m*_e, Ne|mn>, 11 ��.:., January
17th, 1W.8. '
"II    Y  Mai l.oou,"
in- oir-t Itegi-iirar
Jobbing promptly  atteiulud  to,    1'lunH
ami I-S*4tlinate8.
Apply 415 Hall St.
Box 335.
Wholemile ami   Kenui DSBiS
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oamps supplied on  nhorrest notice am
lowest price.        Nothing but   fresh and
whole-some n i easts and supples kept hi * to k
Mail orilers receive careful attention
E.   C.   TRAVsES    Wanager
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay   Ice,   Fruit   and
Fuel Co.
N. E. coa. Baker   and   Ward    Sts.
Notice is hereby given that the on
detsigned have submitted to the Lieutenant -Qovez_or-in*Councll a proposal
under the Rivers ami St reams Act for
the clearing and removing OMtrucUoni
from the Duhamel Creek loUierwtsi
known as Six Mile Creek! in the Ills
trict of West Kootenay. Province ol
Hritish Columbia, and for ma] Ing tht
said ereek fit for rafting and driving
thereon logs, timber and lumber, and
for erecting and maintaining dams oti
the said creek, and for con.-truetln ���
and maintaining booms for holding
sorting and delivering logs and timbei
thereon, and for attaching booms on
Kootenay l^ake at the mouth of said
The lands to be affected by such work
are Lots 7X7. 7SS, 7601, 777;i. 4394, Kill
and S413 all In Group One, Kootenay
District, and other lands not CfOWTj
granted, occupied  or Improved.
The tolls proposed to b*j charged are
such ii.s may he fixed hy the Jndge ot
the County Court of West   KooU nay
Dated the '28th dav of Oetober, H107
CAPITAL,   $25,000.00   in   25.000    shares
of $10.00 each.
MANAGER, Crozier W.  Hourkc.
OFFICE, No. 32L' llaker St.  (Craiamlalli
& Co.)
SEE the cement blocks aliaplaveal In lln-
Standard Furniture 0o*s winilaia,
APPLICATIONS fur ���took an* invitad
PARTICULARS anal forr.is of Anpllca
tlon may be obtained at the Cairn
pany'-, 0008, or from 11. A SU'wart.
Bollrilor. Na-laon. It. C.
Geo.  P.  Player
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT      BLOCK.
F. C. GR��EN        1. F. BURMJI        A. H.GRKhN
Oil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Box 145    Phon. 2*1 B.
R. C
To Whom it  May Concern:
Take nollce thai .1. I,. Warner In DOI
now and hat, not been nine,* tin* 18tfa
day of November last employed by or
In any way conn'-Cti'il with the Uniilley
RnRlneerlnt? and Machinery Co, of
Spokane. WashlncUni.
Real Eitate Agent
S15  Baker St.,  Nelaon.   B. O'tOO
ir,.  doubly  apiii'i
..\liilillnn;  a   lln.'
tm  iii.- tun,! table at temptin,
Comha  and  Druabea,   i'urr   n,,
Tia.as   Hau   Bruahea,  Hand .Mir,-,,,., ,
Tn,. collection In remarkably ezteai
a.ul attractive.
���. hi
Jeweller  and  Optician.
Mail   orders   promptly   attended  to.
WhomMtiic   I'rovlHlonM,
Mt-otlLikJ��j, - l-'rult.
(.ov,*rni,���*,it (..'rcuiKTy On- I'.niinl   linnha- r.-a-a-iv^l  u.vkly fra��l, fr,,,,, ,,, Qf I
.'luirn     For Hal*, l.y i*!l laaaallitf; (n*ax-,*rN
Oillea* juul  wnri'linuai,. .   HouKton Hlock.    Paone 711.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C.
A r, ���cl|ir���i-lly of good
��ish yon a llanp. N -*\ \.
t.'i yiiu ui h a* th.- Han
wlab tor lometbing elae, an.
th.- o.ipairtiinlty of pinvini;
excepttoosl wims of our Ra
Sum , anal (Iv.-rraaa'.. ln ni
ti- .ni.i tini.iii ara ,;.
tlon. and our n.-w  sma-k  Im
*��� i'   lata  i  an.:  D a
fabrl,     ami   al.slKns      Y.aii I
will liny better k i
elaewh, '���
fv   caa*
IndM i
Cat'.. '���
We would Ilka, tu s.-e all mir pal runs coinr.irtali... thl.i n-lnter arid in nr*
al., Ka, wa ini*.- ri stock th, beat aaaort ,-al ��� t���>.��� of haatlni ttovei aad a-,..,,
stoves and   ransi'M ever  before  praaaot ad ta. lha i*ul>II<   In Kootenay.
We waaulil he  i.l. .a*. .1 i.i  show  yaau    our Hue   >*.: liefo
chasa* kindiy sa*a- what wa- ha\-,' taa offer.
before makl���K your
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
lated 1
tbe tn
O. 0
will be
deat, '
B. 8. I
J. E. i
no ax*
la the
Ita aco
and p,
UUt 1
wUl e
-the bo
re mall
IU i
���face I
We   carry   everything   in  tli    !
line of
From   40c. to $ J per lb.
Choquette Bros.
Phone 253.
THE   Unto Date  Bakera
Alberta Cri.nnier.v butler in  Sllh., 7 Ib.
and   11 Ih. blocks at 87o par pound.
For Sale at
Joy's Cash Grocery
sta eg"
���ol 'thi
-*ti-ni o
 . ��d by
even I
l-'illii'iin. .Mm..1,.I .. Walnuts, ft tho qi
1 li. unit. Appl.. ci.i..,-, \,,,,,,, ��� ��� aasoci
apples,  llalahvln   Apples.  Jug    tirxsMa\*Ul
Blga, large layer, nallfnrg*-,   0*nj
anal Malaga drapes.
A  large aaaortmant  ef Xbu
Wholesale and  retail |uices   j..��� r .,ii..r
S* H. Seane
I'hone ana.
50H<i Bah
uml  Mills Sis.
3*' v-i*' _i\
Wa* have   ���   tarn and rarftj
sloek tai ehoose from, eonii"1!-111*
RAZORS,   Etc.,   Etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co.l


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