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The Daily Canadian Jun 13, 1907

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No. 9.
Irlainly as to Course
[He Will Follow
d's Cross-Examination Expec-
ko End Saturday���Interest
Centring in Adams.
Juns' 13.���It nuw seems prob-
bt Harry Orchard will be allowed
(lis- .stand und 111:1 ks- way for
r witness In the Haywood trial by
afternoon.   The slate will not
111K-I1 time wltb the re-dlreot
���uy.   and    lliis    meaim that the
pamlnatlon  will  undoubtedly  be
Today Orchard lu expected
I Uss. facts of the ussuBsiiiuilon of
Governor   Bteunenberg.      The
lint*,  laii-  lhat made  a  orowded
nu shudder must once more be
Id [lis* murderer will be obliged to
lln* jury  how  cold   blooded  and
fuel  were the preparations and
ed itself.    The murdered  man's
within a few feet of Haywood,
Icing Orchard.    He watches thc
closely and during the  narra-
Ihe   sceiics  around  his  home
thc murder and on the night
**r mis killed he shows evidence
nervousne-M.   The defence has
���ssl Orchard, bis character as a
lias  been searched  Into until
vs'iy crime ln the calendar, big
Is', has  been  brought home  to
ie most i.nmikaisls' thing about
1  is tlie  absolute  nonchalance
ill . lie admits the commission
ciiiues.    The plot to  kidnap
Jis-ii of Orchard's former parts' lls-rciiles mine is looked upon
efenoe as a strong proof of the
uf Ihe mun.   The claim of the
il lhal Slmpkins discovered the
id warned August l'aulson. Paul-
been suhisoenued by the state.
I shown, however, by the defence
���-examination that Paulson lent
ist   before he  left  Wallace   for
fell .shortly before the murder of
Inberg. That tlie case for the de-
in contradiction of the the con-
���,'    Haywood with tbe actual
1,1 .,: ,**angcments for the murder
lenberg I* shown by these quea-
lut su as to bring out evidence to
phut  Orchard   reached   Wallace
��� kidnap i^aulwn's children,
that   he   became   poverty
I   and committed burglary.   Get-
1 proceeds from this he robbed a
fgisier.   These funds running out,
owed llloo from a man who had
|i�� partner and who had become
the proceeds ot the mine, u
��� of which Orchard had sold
"rig, and then, envious of the rich
angered at the thought that
luberg hud driven him from the
'   planned   the   enterprise   of
|ul assassination.   Tbe defence as-
"> .Slmpkins was at Wallace at
le, In line with bis duties as a
r of tbe executive hoard of the
n Federation, and   thut   neither
s"r ut Caldwell hud he any direct
'sen with Orchard's plans,
e is yet much speculation us to
urssi   stevo  Adams   will   pursue
I hu  Is pluced  upon   the   witness
Will he stand by his confession,
he repudiate it, is the question?
lost startling part of AdnmB* al-
confeaalon Is the murder of Ar-
"lllns, malinger of the Smugglor-
I mine, neur Tollurlde, ln Colorado.
I making thc conlosslon Adams was
I" Collin's house and pointed out
he slood to  lire  the Bhot that
J Collins,   An accumulation of cor-
pllvo evidence lu snld to hnvo been
Collins wus uhot through tho
Pw of his library, where he wob
pK curds with Borne ladles. Adams
u night at the house on the oc-
1 of his visit In charge of Gen.
���   A cartridge was found at the
Adams pointed out nnd a wltnesB
P man walking away from the pluco
U"IS 11 gun juat aftor the shot wna
Another man suys that he met
ume man later, but that he Imd no
' ne weapon wna found between
"Places,    u fa snld that Bhould
IB be acquitted for the murder for
la   1.0 I les will requisition tho gov.
T 0 li ahn ,��������� wll] try h)m on th()
P< ot ii,,, m_rieT 0, ColnnB Ther0
neiiot lhat Adums may yet re-
I rose ,'if" ^Mlon. Counsel for
prosocntlon any that they are not
Fiftt Cents a Month
depending upon Adams to conllrm Orchard, but that they have a sufficiency
of corroborative testimony. One thing
that seems well settled by the Haywood
trial Is that the state of Colorado will
apply for the extradition of Steve Adams to put him on trial for the murder
Of Arthur Collins. Because of tbe visit
Adums made to Tellurlde lust uprlng
with Uulkley WellB It Is said the olllcers
there now have a perfect case against
blm and can convict hlm of thill crime.
It bus been thought thut Colorado
wonld he willing to let him go If ho
should frankly state nil he knows on the
sinnd In these cubcs, but on lhal there
Is no authoritative statement. However, he Is determined not to testify,
claiming Immunity on the ground thut
he might Imcrlmlnate hlmuolf, and his
next uppcurunce In court Is likely to be
at Tellurlde. It seems the present plan
Is bused on the fuel thut Adams will nol
testify, though It has always been siui-
ed he could not secure Immunity for
giving testimony. Adams wub In the
Jull yard for several hours this morning. He played quoits for an hour with
one of Ihe deputies.
Abe Hummel Will Serve His Term���His
Nephew In Same Boat.
New York, June 13.���Abe Hummel
bas decided to serve out bis year's sentence on lllackwell's Island without trying to get the court of appculu to upset
his conviction, which wus affirmed by
the uppellule division. John Lindsay,
representing Hummel, served notice on
tbe district attorney's ofllce yesterday
lhat the appeal to the court of appeals
hud beeu withdrawn. The bur association, which took action looking to Hum
mel's disbarment, will now proceed as
{sending the appeal nothing was being
done. Abe Cultenhurgh, Hummel's
nephew, was disbarred on practically
the same offence of which Hummel was
convicted, although Caffenburgh was
never tried.
Price* of Metals.
New York, June 13���Silver, U%c:
copper. 22%c; lead, (5.75.
London, June 13.���Silver. 3013-16d.;
lead, ��21.
Death and  Injuries Result From Care
lesanesa of Builder* in
New York.
New York, Juno 13.���The collapse ot
a temporary bridge on tbe second floor
of the skyscraper at Courtland and
Church streets last night caused the
death of one man and the serious Injury of three others. The accident waa
due to gross negligence on tbe part of
employees of the contractors, and the
foreman of the cement gang was arrested, charged with homicide. The dead
man wub James Priugle, 28 years of age.
Had the accident occurred live minutes
later the dead and Injured lisl might
have been apalllng as more than 10 men
were gathering to receive their time
checks when the crash came. The police authorities claim tbat tbe bridge
wus overloaded with cement bugs.
Russian Admiral Arrests 600 Sailors-
Comrades Exasperated.
Lodon, June 13.���A despatch to a
news ugency from Sebnstopol Bays that
Vice Admiral Wlren, who recently was
appointed successor to Admiral Skry-
dloff In command ot tho Black Sea fleet,
has sifted out nnd arrested the disaffected seamen at that port and placed
600 of them on board a cruiBor under
a Btrong guard of the Pragski regiment.
Addilionnl arrests ure being niude, and
It probubly will be neceBsary to Ht out
another penal cruiser. The Beamen of
the fleet nro exasperated because no
charges have been preferred against the
arroBtd mn, and lt Is said that a mutinous outbreak Is Ukoly to occur.
iSfftfeflK     Pawing Ch��que.
William Birrel, who passed a worthless checque for $4 at Alnsworth, und
nttempted to puss others ln Nelson, was
arrested ut Trail last night and will
reach the city tonight. He will appear
In the provincial police court tomorrow.
He Is an old inniitte of the provincial
guols of Nolson und Kumloops. Ho tried
to lenve for Spokane yesterday morning, but was put off the train at the
Mountain station.       	
Will Entertain the Premier.
A private letter received from E. 11.
Gosnell, who Is now ln London, Eng.,
contains the Information that British
Columbiana now reaidlng in London w 11
eOteitain tho lion. Illchard Mc Ide it
a banquet before his departure for
Dog Taxes.
The dog  catcher   will  start on  hia
rounds in a few dnys.   Very few taxes
havo been paid to date.
Newspaper Man Criticizes
President Accused of Ignoring Chief
Supporters���Caustic Words
0(t Yellow Journals.
Norfolk, Va., June 13.���'Journalism
Since Jamestown," was tbe subject of
an address dsllvered before the National Editorial Assoclutlon ut the
Jamestown Exposition today by Crosby
8. Noves, editor of the Washington
Star. Reviewing the history und the
struggle of Capt. John Smith, Mr.
Noves deplored tlie fact that Captain
Smith did nol huve un energetic, Independent presB to buck him up In his
great work. Mr. Noves compared the
achievements of Captain Smith In planting and sustaining the English colony
wllh the deeds of President Koosevelt
in this generation, and declared that
they "were as worthy of glorification,
but lucked the aid of the newspaper
press thut has so greatly helped the latter ln his upward career." The newspapers, ihe speaker declared, have
given Mr. Koosevelt tbelr vigorous support ln his reform policies: have exploited all bis sayings and doings
through tlie 24 hours of the day: glorified the man and hiu work, and made bis
name a household word in every home
In the laud.
"Mr. Huouevelt bas seemed somewhat
slow In acknowledging his indebtedness
to the press," said Mr. Noves, "but per-
baps be will think of it Borne, day when
he is not too busy. Captain John Smith
had. no such newspapers and bis great
deeds have thorefore goue unhonored
and unsung." Mr. Noves traced the history of journalism from the publication
of "The Weekly News," started in End-
land in 1022 down to the metropolitan
Journalism of the present day. Mr.
Noves referred to the modern up-to-
date "penny dreadfuls," which, he said,
are so precocious in sensational atrocity aa to require for each five sets of
Job type headlines. He said that the
front page and several inside pages
were devoted to lurid depletions of the
great scandal murder cases, spaced out
with minor horrors of considerable sensational value. The paper is pessimistic
and anarchistic ln every line, the speaker declared, and It Incites the laborers
by a parade of grievances to go oul and
kill somebody. "There ls nothing hope-
ful or inspiring ln lt." In discussing tbe
attitude toward the press of "our rulers,
state and national,' 'the speaker de-
clured that they have with two or tbree
exceptions been on friendly terms with
the newspaper men.
In discussing President Roosevelt's attitude, bo said: "He haa declared himself In favor ot clean, healthy newspapers with clean healthy criticism,
whleb shall be fearless and truthful, but
when lt comes to the test, It Is Been
tbat he does not relish these fearless
and truthful criticisms when they are
exercised at his expense and whether
Mr. Roosevelt Is elected by acclamation
for a third term of rules by deputy ln
the shape of a president designated by
him, or whether, after on Interval ot
four years, he shall again take the
presidency he will receive the cordial
Bupport of tho press In nil his great efforts for the public good and national
welfare. At the sume time, the press
will rseive tho right to 'fearlesBly antl
truthfully' crtlclze his actB when they
are Inconsiderate and unjust. The newspapers have nothing to ask of him but
fair treatment. They hold themselveB
to be ordained preachers as well as Mr.
RcoBevelt, and they will keep their pulpits for all time, for presidents may
come and presidents may go, hut the
press, like Tennyson's brook, goes on
Hamburg en Fete.
Hamburg, June 13.���The competition
for the German Emporer's automobile
race attracts enthusiasm from all parts
of Europe. It Is almost Impossible to
find accommodation for the big gatherings. The Emperor accompanied by a
brilliant staff hua arrived here and wns
accorded a splendid reception. The
city Is genrgeoUBly Illuminated and
Will Snap Hla Fingers.
London. June 13.���Cnruao, the tenor,
In an Interview regarding bis possible
exclusion from the United States aa the
result of hia police court conviction in
New York, said: "Herr Conreld has engaged me for four years and hla lawyers have assured him that I shall be
able to return. I shall snap my fingers
at the government's decision If they
will not let me land, and I shall merely
return to Europe and draw my salary
all Ihe same."
Letter From Old Nelsonite In Goldfleld
Written on Reading of Death
of George Blgelow.
Editor, The Dally Canadian:
The death of George Arthur Blgelow,
tbe notice of which appeared ln The
Canadian of June lstt leaves alive but
few of the men who helped make Nelson. Blgelow, when a mere boy, came
from Morrisburg, Ontario, and waa for
a time employed In a general merchandise Btore at Donald, when tbat town
was the construction headquarters of
the Canadian Pacific In 1886. Prom that
store ho went to the C. P. It. store in
the same place, and had charge of the
outside warehouses. In 1888 Donald was
on the decline, and Blgelow went to a
small town ln Manitoba, where he established a general Btore, whleb waa destroyed by fire. He came to Nelaon in
the spring of 1890, and opened a store
in the building now occupied by Alex.
Fyfe as a barber ahop, and later removed the stock t* the building now
known as the Bodega saloon, which he
built. In 1896 he opened a branch store
In Kossland. Difficulties with partners
caused him to quit the merchandising
business in 1896, and for a time he lived
in Spokane on hla income trom his Nelson property. A sawmill venture at
Creston broke him, and from tbat time
to his death he was never able to break
the run of bad luck,
Wben a resident ot Nelson, Blgelow
could always be depended on to do his
Bhare aa a public-spirited citizen. He
helped build the Kootenay Lake general hospital and practically establiabed
tbe flre department. He was a charter
member of the South Kootenay Board
of Trade, and was its secretary wben
Kaslo's boomsters swooped down on
Nelson and attempted to remove lt bodily to Kaslo at a midnight meeting. Of
the nine Nelson members present at
that meeting, R. E. Lemon, who was
president and ln the chair, is dead;
George Arthur Blgelow, who was secretary, is dead; A. H. Buchanan, wjio was
then manager of the Bank of Montreal,
is ln Spokane; Grange V. Holt, who was
manager of the Bank of British Columbia, Is in Seattle; W. F. Teetzel, who
then had the finest drug store In inland
BrltlBh Columbia, Is now a resident of
Winnipeg, and he is entitled to much of
the credit for retaining the board of
trade ln Nelson. He was sent after a
copy of the Dominion statutes. There
was only one copy in town at the time,
and that copy was in the mining record-
er'B offlce, and the mining recorder
(T. H. Griffin, who is now dead.) was
ln bed. As lt was 2 o'clock in the morning, Teetzel went to bed, himself, and
did not go near the mining recorder's office. While awaiting Teetzel's return
with the law the -ttKodd boomsters from
Kaslo and the half dozen Nelson members kept up the fight on law points.
John M. Burke of Kaslo and John Houston of Nelson were the opposing orators,
and they made 51 speeches. John Houston, who was editor of the Tribune, ls
now a resident of Goldfleld, Nevada, and
John M. Burke is a resident of Lovelock, in the same state. The names of
the other three Nelson members present have escaped my memory. At 3
o'clock in tbe morning, John M. Burke
moved that the question (a motion to
hold the next meeting ot tbe board at
Kaslo) be put, and the chairman refused
to put the question, ruling lt as not In
order. The Kaslo men left the room
disgusted and the Nelaon men adjourned
the meeting till the afternoon. When
the adjourned meeting convened the
roll-call was responded to by 51 members, and a motion to adjourn, made by
J. Fred Hume, was carried by a vote
of 26 to 25. Bigelow had collected 110
a head from the Kaslo members, and
he lost no time In spending It for furnishings for the board of trade rooms,
and wben he had spent the last dollar
of the Kaslo members' money, the
South Kootenay Board of Trade had the
finest official meeting place of any board
of trade west ot Toronto.
In Ihe boom days of Kaslo, Blgelow
was probably the best-known man In
that town because of the fact that he
had the only wholesale liquor house In
Southern Kootenay, and during the winter of 1892-3, when the outlet from Nelson to Dalfour was closed to boats, he
tobagganed many a load of liquor along
the Ice of the outlet to keep Kaslo ln
good spirits.
Blgelow had a bright mind, and no
man In Kooteuay was his equal In a
wordy rough-and-tumble. He wns good-
hearted, and many men, some of whom
ure prosperous, were aided by him ln
the days when few had anything more
Ihan good supply ot hope. He was an
early-day Justice ot the peace, and dealt
justice on broad und untrodden llnea.
At Sproat's Landing he gave one lawbreaker a life sentence, and at Nelson
his judgments, sometimes wrong, did
much to keep the country rid of "undesirable citizens."
June 8th, 1907. OLD-TIMER.
How Campaign Funds
Grow in Quebec
Conservative Leader Recalls Contract
for Fast Atlantic Services Made
by Sir Charles Topper.
Ottawa, June 13:���Judging by the result ot the Prevost-Asselln libel case In
Quebec it would appear that a proportion of the jury holds that the "rake-off"
accusations against tbe Quebec govern-
ernment are well founded. Tbe history
of this case can be told in brief. Mr.
Prevost ls the member of the Quebec
government who has charge of the landB
and mines. Mr. Asselln ls a Liberal publicist, editing the Nationalists.', with
which the Bourassa-Lavergne coterie ls
sympathetic. The Nationalise made
complaints regarding the administration
of the public estate, and Mr. Prevost
caused Mr. Asselln to be proceeded
agalnBt criminally for so doing. Tbe
trial took place In due course, and the
evidence adduced was extraordinary.
In the first place It was alleged that
the department over which Mr. Prevost
presides is inefficiently managed, and,
then, lt was shown tbat officers bave
been receiving emoluments from the
government and trom persons or companies doing business with the depart-
ment. Thus an official, while being paid
to take care of the interests of the province In the mines, accepted remuneration from a company seeking from the
province a mining location. But tbe
chief accusation had reference to the
conditions under which land grants are
mode. The Quebec government, it up-
pears, interested Belgian capitalists in
the northern part of Quebec, and a Belgian baron named 1'Epiue came over to
look after the enterprise. This baron negotiated for 200,000 acrea of land on tbe
line of the Grand Trunk Pacific. His
story Is that when be came to discuss
the terms the government, through one
of iu members, wanted tl an acre, 70
cents per acre to go to the public treasury and 30 cents per acre to pass to
Ihe calsse electoral, or campaign fund.
The conditions were debated for some
time, and finally a lump sum was proposed for the campaign fund, 160,000 in
all. The Belgian syndicate balked at the
amount, and the transaction did not go
through. The members of the Quebec
government deny the Baron's statements, and question tbe baron's veracity. It is charged against the barou that
at one time be Bald he did not believe
ln future punishment, and It Is claimed
tbat for this reason his oath cannot be
accepted. But the baron declares that
he is orthodox, and quite ln harmony
with all the doctrines set forth by tbe
church of which he ls a member In good
standing. The evidence corroborating
the baron includes a letter in which be
tells of the proposed contributions to
the calsse electoral. These contributions, he saya, he agreed to because he
understood that the making of such sub-
Bcrlptlons to the campaign fund was the
custom of the country. The jury Is apparently not convinced that the baron's
statement la untrue. More will no doubt
be heard of this case In due time. Meanwhile, it ts of Interest to note that it reveals another inter-Liberal quarrel. Of
these conflicts* there has been a largo
and Interesting variety. One brought
about the resignation of Premier Parent,
for whom.a place was found at Ottawa
by Sir Wilfrid Laurler. Another led to
the defection of Messrs. Bourassa and
Lavergne, who Could not Bland tbe
grafting at the federeul capital. A third
fractures Quebec Liberalism once
again, and gives us the l'Eplne case, and
Its story of the political "rake-off."
The Liberals of tbe period when the
party was really Liberal wonld not recognize the Liberalism of today were
they to visit the scene of their former
conflicts. With the Prevost case, the
Mcllrelth case, the Emmerson case, and
the London corruption case, to say nothing of the unfortunate flight of the Ontario head of the party, uniting to give
Liberalism its present day tone and
character, an old-time Liberal, would no
doubt be ashamed of hla associates.
Tho leader of the opposition was one
of the speakers on Wednesday at a political meeting ln Carleton county, near
Ottawa. Mr. Horden welcomed the renewal of the fast steamer project, recall.
Ing the fact that almost the laat act ot
the Tupper government was the inning-
ment for such a service. Tho Laurler
government cancelled tho contract on
the ground of the expense though tbo
preaent proposition will be more costly.
The flrst substitute contract made to
the Laurler government after two or
three extensions of time failed altogether and the Bervice never even begun. Mr. Borden hopes that the scheme
now proposed will prove to be better
considered and more practical.
But Mr. Borden points out that the
Alantlc ' steamship question Involves
considerations more Important than fast-
passenger travel. For every person who
wishes to cross the Atlantic quickly
many are interested In the rapid and
Bate transportation of perishable farm
products to the European market. The
government haB encouraged various cold
storage enterprises, but there is no complete chain of communication between
the producer and the market which ensures the delivery ln good condition of
dairy products, of tender fruits, poultry,
eggs, meat and other perishable articles.
They are kept at more or less correct
temperature, in ventilated chambers,
part of the time and distance, but at
Borne point their Is a danger that impairs all. Mr. Borden insists that thia
feature of the transportation question
should not be overlooked ln dealing with
the proposition before the country. The
farmers pay the greater part ot the
steamship subsidies, they are the people
to whom the subsidies could do the
greatest service, and It ls tbey who are
In greatest danger of being forgotten.
The opposition leader recalled the
"wine, women and graft" discussion in
the House and declared that he still
thought he had done right In speaking
and voting In favor of full inquiry and
publicity. Mr. Bourassa's motion In
favor of such investigation were both
rejected, one by a straight party vote,
in which the government majority prevailed, the other by the action of the
premier who brought forward an obsolete rule of the House and secured a
ruling of the speaker which shut oft the
vote. Mr. Borden is still of the opinion
that he and his supporters did right ln
voting against that decision ln the one
case and In favor of Mr. Bourassa's
motion In the other. The Inquiry would
have Included any Conservative member
against whom charges and reflections
had been made. It is Mr. Borden's view
that the action of the majority created
the Impression throughout the oountry
that parliament is protecting it* members from investigation on matters affecting the honor and integrity.of the
House. No one has the right to believe
this of opposition membera. They voted
for publicity.
Tells Curtly Why  He Wm DJ��mla*ed
From Command of Canadian
London, June 13.���"I have retired because the Brltlah authorities offered me
no emp'oyment, since I waa turned out
of the Canadian militia for paying attention to political corruption ln the appointment of officers," was the published
explanation made by the Earl of Dun-
donald, whose retirement from the post
of lieutenant-general, led to the recent
promotion ot Major-General Baden Powell. The earl aays his being given nothing to do waa not due to old age, because 13 years remained before the old-
age clause affected hla present rank,
and that he considers favoritism Is
bound to destroy the efficiency of any
military force.
War at Interval*.
Managua!, Nicaragua, June 13.���The
government was questioned yeaterday
by the Associated Press concerning the
report that Nicaragua had declared war
upon Guatemala. The report was at
once denied. Nicaragua ha* not declared war upon any state. President
Zalaya vouced the Information that General Prdenclo Alfaro, the leader of the
revolutionary movement in Salvador, ls
an unconditional Nationalist, and he la
backed by the whole oountry.
Bond Not Sale.
It ls stated authoritatively today that
the deal concluded yesterday by Olcott
Payne, of New York, ln connection with
the Hewitt mine, near Silverton, did
not amount to a sale. The New York
syndicate has taken only a working
bond on the property. It Is said to be
their Intention to begin operations at
Collision in Dele-Mare.
Philadelphia, June 13.���The British
Bteamer Taunton trom Calcutta via Bermuda, and the new Ward line steamer
Saratoga, were In collision In the Dele-
ware river below the city today, and
both vessels were dameged. The Taunton was steaming up the river at the
time and the Saratoga was proceeding
on a trial trip.
Glob* Change* Hand*.
London, June 13.���The Globe, the oldest evening paper ln England, has been
purchased by Hlldebrand Hnrmsworth,
brother of Lord Northcliffe. The paper,
In announcing the change, say: "No
break will take place tn our old traditions and no change la contemplated ln
our policy."
Japanese Ministry
Conflicting Stories oo Japan���American Situation From London,
Toklo and Honolulu.
Toklo, June 13.���Several papers thla
morning print photographs of Japanese
restaurants ln San Francisco. This appeal to the eye, coupled with strong
words describing the sufferings of their
compatriot*, haa further Influenced popular Indignation.
The Nichl-Nlchl, commening on the
photograph, says: "The situation la
doubtless grave and calls for prompt
measure* of both governments."
The Hochi says: "The Ume for negotiations ha* pawed and therefore action
must be reached." The paper any*
further that lt doe* not mean to advocate war, but dropping commercial relation*.
London, June 13.���Snch a contingency aa an outbreak of war between
the United State* and Japan la regarded
by educated Japanese a* Inconceivable.
The cable correspondent of the Time*
saya that if the Progressives are Inclined to stir up agitation for the defense of Japan'* treaty righta It will be
aimed to discredit the ministry and the
interest ot the party iu power. The Progressives themselves wonld take the
lead In denouncing such a war if there
were any real danger of It.
Honolulu, June 13.���United State*
Commluloner of Immigration Sargent
has instructed- the local immigration officers to -continue the careful inspection of Japanese immigrants, but to discontinue photographing and to handle
diplomatically all queation that may
ariae. The local federal officer* are alleged to have dtacovered that membera
of the Japanese navy stationed here
have been communicated with directly
by their home government and not
through the Japanese consul.
Toklo, June 13.���The Maln-Chi, published at Osaka, with a circulation of
150,000, expressed anger yesterday at
the reported recent attack on a Japanese horticulturist at Berkeley, Cal. It
says: "The outrage demonstrates the
Impotency of the California authorities
to protect our compatriots. Now is no
time to rest assured on the stereotyped
diplomatic assurance of Washington.
Only two week* after a positive declaration to take preventive measure* to
safeguard Japanese rights come* the
Berkeley outrage. That the outrages
are limited to California is not a sufficient explanation."
Toklo, June 13. (Afternoon.)���The
newspaper men of thia city were summoned to appear before the home department today and were officially advised to abstain from publication of any
matter of an Inflammatory or agitating
nature on the American queation.
Hearing Completion.
The carpenter work on J. A. Dewar'*
houae Is just about completed and the
plasterers nnd painters will start work
this week. Mr. Dewar expects to move
Into his house early In July.
Qrand Fork* Hotel Men Retain Lawyer
to Resist Commlisioner*.
(Special to Th* Dally Canadian.)
Grand Fork*, June 13.���The city license commissioners at a meeting held
yesterday gave Instructions for the cancellation of the licenaea of the Grand
Forks hotel, and the Square hotel. A. C.
Sutton haa been retained to contest the
action of the licensing commissioners.
Spanish Assassin's Fate.
Madrid, June 13.���The court yesterday
handed down its judgment ln the cases
of Senor Ferrer, director of the Modern
School of Barcelona, Joso Naken, editor
ot El Motln and Mato Ilaria, both
charged with complicity ln the attempt
to assassinate King Alphonao and
Queen Victoria on their wedding day.
May 31st, 1900. Nakena and Mato Ilarla
were sentenced to nine yeara' Imprisonment .while Ferrer and the other* were
Real Estate Sal**.
J. E. Annable has disposed of 2,877
acres of land this week. Two thousand
acres were to a syndicate and the balance to a Winnipeg real estate Arm. A
large portion of the land bas been subdivided already.
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The Daily Canadian
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Campers' Supplies
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Free kssons in Art Needle Work-"Conticdli Silks
*��� u -:':**cc��r.  *�� iisrt^*: iaar**-  ift Fan<y Art  Needle  Work,   will commence a tatiea of 'I
��� n-ffitae r* ^��rhja -1     ��.*������   at* ���- tM cty   s eapeciaity invited to    avail   hcraeif   of t*eae  it^*
*t-    *4i-m-     *"*:���ji :-   a;*, tr F**3 \ra.nt 4 Co- who have a complete itock of i*Umptd 9oodlaBd J
: k*ari rat-.*  ti*  *-:���-  *: a*--*    -e "2 a   w : 2 p. m. to 4 p. m.
For Sale Cheap
:.       ���
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-I*: . vl.Hi ' - i...     : r
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The HaU Mining and SmelH
Company, Limited.
-s L2_z :��ftt.**r*.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Eemi Ofiice:   Toraeto.
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Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
Vast Iii-cm*   .: *.    ��i.*T��   �� ���iajli ��f >��jk<x.
. -uii : - ���     : .1 :���; 1   "it   e~t>'
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m. Li.iir.iuj tiasssssrtr:
��������-:���<    _��.; L.t  .:
Wi *   BE OBTAINED   cp;,w
The Royal Bank of Canada
Savings Department
 Ne-hon Branch. G. A. SPINK. Manage.	
THE DAILY CANADIAN ll l   ;   l-l-^;
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*��� ProvUlon*,
OoreRUMBt OnuzkfTT One. Poand Bncks reoe>T��d w*k > tmh f
- Lirr.    For ade br ali Iwdinf froevn.
Of&oe aod vanrbooae i Hooa<oo Bioci.   Phot* 79.
Josephine Street. Nchoo, B.(
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Piano and Staging Lcssoas
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e:'tnf'    biuc    JL'     Marfianuel.     . :
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"i.tLut     Nijjii.***:   ::   *.ti*   f^ii^c
"'':      ���: :���.-������'.'. f    ���Hit^'iijeij'i    K*tt
f Mr
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Ftvit
Fod Jb Povltry Co.. Ltd.
%.\mmm*y--mUra* ���*��       WftTd        5*1
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ni.i��* lu-ai*. ittan*. ;i;n.jtf'
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. .. C&Jat Oaauanatoiier nf lamht msat Vorta
li.:  pt-srn.iti*rittt, u   ju.-n.am   ibi   )i.K*.b|   if
iii'*T"'".:uj   a: a yttm n.rtc:
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��s-e tavorrtj miaat { iht mma
rt.a-.ns   .Lmw mt Lt:   h   rtezas.  Xshtant arm; V
tM-txu-* am.il a  ttai&i  ti-e-a a ��*��t to
'.Mfb.'-e am* K' t.ts:a�� to j*;��i o* ra��
Uw��t*4 Kart-t Tu   :ar       >   T M<5aT��BT.
'.  Ui ..btc-ij, be- .i:*-.;: fj-a* *a?�� *: a; ;"'
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itoarr-.M.; saJst draLmtar.ae at t ^a*1 taa*A*-*3
T M fti-Ti I X (. totawd �� ta* awl i*oe��
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pr H>ora.t  .at��   MM  w**u  ��   rtaiaK  tMarr
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UHM Hi' fit T. H. r* v .i'
ar 4a;�� a*to- taut I tatcad a* m^5 to iM Hv*
l t-f* .i.a��itoi.*b*.* *.������ Laadt ai -. * ��� -t 1 V to-
una w jibrcAaar jtt* acre* r-* laxrd :a ftre \ aiiey.
a��afl Et��Mei��-i daetn-rtaad 6��rnw<i a* *-.-��!V(*w��
K-tm.me3tntA$ at a ptan iaarifi a H "njlt't
f L nerw*.* aai raaaiaf: arethtt chains tMnc*
* tm a tshaisa**. tM-ane tewlk "  "*
IlK-iCi'    ���-        mkMM
prtttA and martiti  I   ****?*X2__m
1 past. Utoone  *wi a   e*M�� ���**ja
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^fcAiJ.oaja alto- daw
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i-i   n
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ni,w��   m    ,m      fr-i*tn?atjm*   ibt   ir   uinu,.
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��� hm ii-o-iQirf.il' nam le- jTr'tn ��i.'*iw;
rraitrr rt*: it* u-
f - .T-fttirauni. k it?o
r xiit road nn- at*
a 171000. bir t* ta~
A, Q S.i*  Lnea~��e.
- j. let': to a;;,.�� w LM
hom? ��( la-bCu a��r a: -n
Konna,  a   ; "mtaae zl    ItOpartae   Atacr. net
itisfii ar��(.:i b* i-tt arrew   *ralp��   .1   *aa:   K;��r-;
* ui'      .^ilUbtO.v.b^   a:  a   p:m.   -,..az lat   a*   .It
%  *  ���asasratc ill  fit-ierl r-f-etrr: :i   a::
I  tt-arte-C I. ��� *i *. *   orcaa: /-vol Lbea;* X rJ-a..bi
i.:i���-t ajidif   aXt  t,:<:rt.  mmft 1 ri*.M tar*
ibfbf* a :*m:m nr<i ;i   IMM a rtalM veat to
plthta oS itt%-Ai.Z4   notnzzizm M aota. -a.1-1 nr
-naat * rXaist to f��a<* af 	
iM aytr isi,* Laj tJ tM I-  -.. saanr.-awfltll
av abi Uie mem hsil fl lAt  r. s. M��-;*uarMr i!
NtfH  H    a:*    B
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faaaemtta -
*. H. ��� 1    .-
ne . :t ;trsit u- *;> r   ���, -^
��*M:  rr  :a*d�� aad  awta
?.***!���*   dar�� aftor date
Baa C"t *�����.*; DMMMlt
u fbrrAaat i*ttat
t nraa-i diatrm ar* atarr.htti a! toitowi
C-rttLibaM^ac ai   a   T*nai  nart-ad )
ft��T dat* aner laM I *uti1t%
H*a lm t"*��ei OatoaMMaafil
Varaa to MK-feaar it. I ���Slflfc
/wai-wl taT^ri Va.fT     >:r����l of "M|
'�����iM-wnfHii.* ,tU"Ull*il
<4 iaha ��au�� re-M ��� c,l5Sl
���ostt, tM*m * tf * '��� "���' .'"TJ
ai ta* u	
aj^Urttttoa ta ���*���**��*.
���aiaar," r��aau�� iaea�� ���
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t tuat ����a i�� jwUxt *4 fL��r���
ia* *��*������. lac^ M .�����*    ltfl
l*todt*ett*ii.< (:Arr:��� '���"'j.fi
���w j*   . Firvnifc*
ftutr .:��i> a'- ��� flaa
tttttott to UM Ba-anraV
ed :*: > and ai��ri*>    r p*"
-iinot rn."
in-.-, a b<r anaMa
KV bb nbiaburtlL a:
paMk �������������� .in   -1
-in.- 1 -irrn.Mi' ��
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tvim i.t.*
anr  1,1.*    1   ���,   u
lm-r*w��b-* tr cxtw	
uow Ut Ua iit���gmar m uktcu tasum
Apr. lt. }HT
^^atra ����-a.-ff
T  ��.ii�� u-   1 :i ut  j'1  ar
'   lw   Dtftbfr     t��Wl-.Tvtut.
iB��    ubC  ii   aet  aat
��:u  sa.1 i.t-
itUifr aim aiic  tt: tmyt
" ������"nif in   in tnaa-
{     H.rr-r day* ar*r dau I tstoad to aj��Cy to Ure
1  Em cTcto* ���frmnitnnM* nr  l*.bdi im ar,-tf
1 -' ' iaadluratoi Maal ��mafa
���-. 4>��ai��rt.af at a *���?������*���.
r antu vt*r, tcraet od las hit:, at.;
 ,-.., .     �� -    a;- .    -      t   ��     **    I
tirmr   aad rtitu*  anni Ht etaiaa. *.: 1 ?���.'��
���Ml f:M.b*.   tM��r�� acbit B Mil t-aeatc* |
j  I%*  tar.   f.t-t- M.. :'   ;.���  *,.r:  f. *    .-: <  ��� ..a--* ���   aai ]
J lti mtt.; r.bf la.*  ;,:;:<}���   I   ;.vt ���; ..a-vs-  aad
!  (M  **!'  ��b(* ki :' ;.* iht X. a    f.u*; -i^ r ,*���.'
Mk Mh MM. Anaa Kxmrr
!     Sttot* u Mt**t f: if�� Uta: at haae aJi<: dato i
.Xitobd uaMvJy to u>( Brat, rttofi. *""*
;,'. Land) IM a ; -1�� ire  .���* -:r.��..; -i
Ui*  *1;-.;; av nf dcarr V-_
.  knc4rtiaT diatripi
ci .' :. rmWa 1. -.
.*.-..if�� ;bf  tae
��������^v..s*a Va
itocnMk^aartrt-F * ':.,H.^iiH1
' T*nr*.iaaN>e to i*.-;;r^iiato
J  iaa>da. atraato ta Wnaf
witi.iLC.-iaj at a peat mart
ii pt ���*Aa�� N ht*^
��ol'.i naa: t** h_.-_���.
P*.ii*t sx tb*	
B^U ftu���� ttJa UU Sy
btM tM��oe�� lAa:t�� ��*�� W
CT ^ Haatto.M.' ���*��� ���**' = :��� S3P
aniTA.  liraw * ���:�����--' '*'-wit *
tw��bU to rwwai f! I""**1*""
*** airet. tt-f.re or >***        . ,,��;.
Datoi tie K> iaj      *r f 'JJ
ftf Kas��a. MM.
&atj  day> aftt-.T '���'
He* r\a*f tVrea;*--
to Ttrvi-aaf W ar****
a>d*a(Arr��ai -i-t^   i;'
Omair^-ufiTif til t- ���' ���
��*ll fiMT ani n*t
rcaxtfat ��*w *���
UtfOrtv wmi  41   ' : '     '
IkMMi ��*��t * 11 a ������',
f^atte t\S tatfii.T.'.r f
��iir����. Ajri: *r^  -
sst The Daily Canadian
Who Want a Good Arcticle Will Buy
^he BACON We Sell
It (lives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and Smoked.   Our Hams Are
Excellent Also.   All Are Canadian
Goods.  Pure Lard in All Sizes.
IP. Burns & Co., Ltd.
- hereby Klvi'ii tliat tun (y daya after
itiiil lo I'.i-i'.y U> lha Honorable
umlMWmpr of i.Hh'i- mnl Worka at
H v., for ii special ii* en**"* io mt aod
�� um nt (rom ttm fiillnwliiK ilfNiribf-t
ii*.l KomU'Iikv riUtrtrl: ('oinmeuclUR
iianted on (newest bank ol Hmelter
il .ni.* iiiilenoiittloflbfCUy of NoUon,
/uni ctiHitii, tbenee weaiflo chalnn,
rtli 80 chMna, llieiiw eaat tH) chalm to
M ihH llth ��Uy of June, IWI.
0, C, Clark, Iiocator.
I), li- out. Ageot.
Im li hereby given uirtt 30 days atter dale J
1 timi'i'ly to the Honorable theCnlet Com-
mer oi Un l- am] Worki for a special
. ���.,. i 'ii nim) carry awuy tlm bur from lhe
ing deacrlbed lands in Weit Kootenay dl*.
,Ii.sii Nu  I     i    tniu.iH lug al a [Mint planted
* .nuiii im in. of MI ie berry frock, about
uiu. ii)i tlu- * re. it  from   railway track,
* . * ��� > ast, 1 hi-nrc 80 ch'lo* south,
> fM-liiiiii woat, lbence 40 chalna north,
i**i'hiiii�� wett, thence *0 chains north to
.( '.'iiiiiieiicctncut.
. (tb, i'J>��.
Ms.i Sn..'.   rnirniirnr'tiigat a peat planted
Qi.ritiwcit oornerol Location No 1, tbonce
in* w -i, thence W ohalni north, thenca
���i-. hii. tlience-to cbalni aouth, thence Ml
wi'��i, tbence 40 ehalni aoutb to point oi
in,, I'joft.
ii.n No i <'ommcnclnR at a poit planted
��� ���.*.-! nl northi-uii corner of location
:..i lm linliiH south, tbence IW chaini
trii'-e U chimin north, thenee 40 ohalni
imik tuchmiia aouth. thenca m chalm
i..��in ui conlattwmmat
t.iii, i*��,
Kimcrt W. Kohihhon.
> ben by Riren that h} daya altar dale I
< ���:���!*.- to the Honorable the Cblef
hit of Undi and Worka, Victoria,
���-ion lo cut and carry away timber
filliiwlug   deacrlbed landl,  lu Wett
ruaj : m
I : iu__ nt a post  planted   on   the
tani rorner ol surveyed lot  No. 7-iul Ol,
' eail in chaini, thence north 80 chalna.
i eut io tlii' noulhuait comer of aaid  loi,
* o nh io ibe northeaat corner of iald lol,
* . *-i in tlm w.-ii boundary of pre emption
'���'' iii-ri'c aouth lo the nurth boundary of
t lueiice No. SMSi theuce weit alnna  the
��� i.i !nry to the northweit cornei ofiitd
". Hi.me nouth to the north bouudary of
i .uie No. 70)8, tlience woat lo a polul
th of ���mineiii-emeiit, thence north to
<>i '.ituinenceuieut, oontainlng OK' acrea,
"1 May Mth, WI.
V. A. I'avlsok, locator.
J. A. Hi i.i.i veti. Agent.
1 'iminencinn at a poit planted at the
we-t enrner ot   surveyed   lot No   72HIU1.
t.i tin* northern boundary of tlm.
������liif- So  7iii8, tbence wait to tbe north-
"ne r of Ral 1 limber lleenie, thenee touth
northern boundary of lot No, S<3, thence
lug iald boundary ol laid lot weat tothe
ol  wny of the   B.  C.   Southern   Hell wny.
1 miik-aid right-of-way in a uorth-
��� )      - ��� c...��� i to place of commencement.
I May ath, 1KTJ.
P A   I'avimom. Locator.
J. A.Mri-i.ivaH. Agent.
i Und DUtrlct, Districtof West Kootonay.
) THke notice that Ueorge A. Laurie, of
f*' It V. .lumberman, intenda loapply Iur
J*- im timber licence orer the following de-
flt*"l landu
unieueitiK at a pout planted about one mile
i 'il the Lick cabin, on tbe Lick cabin trail,
��� ���"-! ni �� n*ci,  thence  north tw chains,
uee eait 80 cbalm,  thenoe aoutb 80 cbaina,
t      went sn chains to the point ol commence-
"t mnl conuinlng 610 acrea, more or leaa.
i) Lat, 1'Jtn. Uao A. Lauaii.
on Land Dlitrlot. District ol West Kootenay.
��� lake notice that Oeorge A Laurie, ol
t"ti. ll C, lumberman, intend to applr for a
_ nl Umber licence over the following dell'"'! landa:
loiniiicmingat a poat planted about one mile
Iiili nf ib.- i.u-k cabin, on the Lh'k cabin trail,
1 ������ ������.i.i..;in creek, tbenoe south HO ebalus,
'lice east ho chains, theuce nortb SO cbalm,
nee went HOchalui to the point el commence-
���' ind conuinlng 640 acres, more or leaa.
��J l-l. ll��U7. UIO. A. Lai-nil.
ion Und Dlatrlct   Districtof West Kootenay.
0 < Take notice tbat W. 11. Page, of Ktre
piify, II. v.., crulaer, Intends to apply lor a
r "��� nmi,,.r licence over the following de-
r.ii��-d lauda:
W "mraenotni at a poat planlcd about one mile
full nl the Lick cabin, on lha Lick cabin trail,
i-uinklin ereek, thence south ho chains,
< went ho chains, thence north 80 chains,
e emit HO chaiua io the point of commence-
Ul   "ml cnntaiulng MO acrea, more or lens-
|N��y ut, linn.   - w. ii plot, Locator,
(Jio. A. I.ai Hia, Ageut.
"ti Land DUtrlct. Dlatrlctol West Kootenay.
|N" 1.   Take notice that W. H.  Page, oi Kire
^������y, Hi:., crulaer, lu tends toapply lor a special
""���er  ilceuce over   the   loiiowing  described
iimenoing at a post plauied about one mi'c
"i'i ol ih.. Lick cabin, uu thu Lick cablu trail,
niutiakiin creek,  thence north 80 chains,
'"���<��� weat HU ebalna, theuce suuth HO chaiua,
 <'i"il HU chalm to tho point ol commence-
J��'��l ind coiitaltilng 040 acrta. more or leas.
I MM lit. lutn. w. il. Pang, Uxator.
I Olo. A  Laumb, Agent.
f'l'"n Und Dlatrlct. District of West Kooteuay.
1    Tithe notice that (Jeorae A. Laurie, of
v "ii, B.O .lumberman, liitenns to apply lor a
cinitiiHiHT  llceuae over thu lollowlng doa-
|i i ��� *i innda*.
1'"inmeiiciiiKHt a poit planted about one mile
J'liih and one  mile  weat, of the Lick cabin, on
pe i.i' �� Cabin trail, on Inonakitu creek, thence
m HO chalna. ihenco north 80 chalna, thence
1 w) chaini, thenoo loutn HO chalna to the point
'^iiiiiiencenuintiiud containing 040 aerea, more
[Moy'lat, 1907. GEO. A. UustB.
on Land Dlitrlot District of West Kooteuay.
..���''. fl '["I"'nollee that Ueorge A. Laurie, of
i i, , I IvH'1 'uuilwrinau, intenda toapply lor
lni.e!l 1 I lll'L'u"�� over the followlug des-
1 MV'll"��,|ifiliiK ot a pout planted about one mllo
���be 11 t i. 1no lnt,�� west of thu Llek raoln, on
ki-*- I" , , '" lr*11' ���� lnonakllu creek, thence
inVi im i". 1H' totuat south 80 chalm, thonce
I...i��r,i "��� ""n0" north 80 chalm, to lho
" c �� , ' (",,ln'ncn(*emcnt and containing 0*0
I  "��w Und Dlatrlot, Dlatrlot of Weal Kootonay.
Krestnn Jtne^ft*K? H��at Ueorge A. Laurie, ol
In    , .',",l|il��mlMjrman, tuicuda toapply for
frlli d lun!!1,,.   r licen*u over the following dea-
lu'iHrhTof,'1InKi. n.1 * t,0Bt Pltmlud abont ono
I'-b'k eai i. . i in ,m tftitcrly direction from
I'-l'iiiii" I inonUUn creek, thenco sonth 40
I^liniiiii' oa�� lw ohalm, thenoe north 40
lr'��nimeii.- ',i .*'. ff8l.t m uhRinatotho point of
I'tKhh.   'un,;,ll*nil containing M0 acrea, more
Qeo A. Laukii.
ll"i-'iidinH ml '.y ?!vt,.T! lllRt Wdaya rrom date
!,t l'aiidsanXPud?Jb.,Uon tsiilclComnilMtuner
��'"l i-arrV iSrS-��!fc& ����pcdal lleenae to out
oribod liuSrK W& f.rom tl'�� '""owing de-
iauus in West Kooteuay dlstrlol:
h-*iS,m���'?f��luli,r *l t V*!*1 Plan����f o"�������� "o'lli
hank of lo Mile creek, about oue mile and a ball
from Hloean lake, marked E Btrand's northweat
corner post, thence eaal 160 eliains, ihcnce amitU
* chalna (hence weat Ito cbaloa, thenoe north
�� cbaina to point of commencement
Dated this Jlil day of March 1W7.
       ��" ���*ri*ul",< ^���tor.
Nollee fa hereby given that 80 daya alter date I
inieud toappl* to the lion. theCliicf foiiimU-
aloncr of Unda and Worka, at Victoria, for a
areelal lleenie to cut and carry away timber
from tha following deacrlbed lands in Yale district:
No. I. Coinmi ncinir at a post plan toi about 10
ebalna eaat of main Ketlle river and about one
mile more or leaa north of 6. P K. Hlock No.
mm. and marked Boundary Lumber Co'a 8. k.
corner i��mi Ko. 1, thence Ht) chains nnrth. thence
H chalna west, theuce 80 clmlna south, thence HO
chain�� cast to lbe point ol commemement.
Dated Manh 2ind, 1W7.
N*. 2.-''ommenclng at a post planted about 10
chatna eaat of main Kettle river ahout 80 cbaina
north of Boundary Lumber Oo'i l^watlon No. I,
and inaried Boundary Lumlier Co's H. It. eorner
post No J, thence M chains north, tbence 80
chains wesl, thence 80 chalm south, thence B0
chalus eaat in the point of commencement.
Dated nu* March, 1W7.
No. 8.���Commencing at a poat planted about 90
chalna eaat of main Kettle riverand about 80
chalus north of Boundary LumberCo's location
poat No 'i, and marked Boundary Lumber Co'a
tt. K. corner post No. 3, thence 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains west, lht-i.ee 80 chklun south,
thence a) chains east to the point of commence-
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
No. 4.���Commencing at a post planted about
10 chalm east of the malu Kettle river and about
HO cbains north of Boundary Lumber Co's location poat Nn, 8, and markeii bouudary Lumber
Co's B. K. corner poat No 4, thence 80 cbaina
north, thenre 80 chaina weat, tbence 80 chains
south, thence M0 chalu east to the point of eommeucement.
Dated March 22nd, 1907
No 8.���Commencing at a poat planted abont
15 cbaina easl of main Ketlle river and abont
two milea north, more or less, of Boundary Lumber ��� o'a Location No.4, and marked Boundary
Lumber Co'a 8 K. oorner poat No. b, thence HO
cbaina north, thence 80 cbaina weat, theme Ho
cbains soutb, thenoe 80 chains ea��it to tbe point
of commencement.
Dated March BSrd, 1907.
No. 8.-Commencing at a poal planted about 3S
chains east of main Ketlle river ou C P. K. line
bines No. 2714, and about no cbains north of
Bouudary Lumber Co'a location posl No. 6, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'a H. K. comer post
No. 6, thence M) chains north, following C. P. R.
Una block No -Til, ibeuve tticbalna weal, thence
B0 chains aouth. iheuce Bo chalm e��at to the
point nf commencement.
Dated March XSrd. 19U7.
No. 7.���Commeneing at a post planted about
16 ehalus west of the mat n Kettle river on C P.R.
line bluck No 2714, and ubout 80 chalna north of
Houndary Lumber Co'a location poat No. 8, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'a B. K. corner poat
No.7. tbence 160 ohalus r.ortb, following C. P. K.
Hue block No. 7714, thenee 40ebaim west, thanee
100 vbalns south, tbenco 40 cbains eaal to the
polntof commencement.
Dated March 23rd, 18W.
No. 8���Commencing al a post planted about
,20 chains west from rlvei bank and about 8 milea
south, more er leas, of the last east branch ottha
ea-t fork of the main Ketlle river or about ll
milea north, mora or leas, of c. P. R. Itloek No.
2714, on east fork of Kettle river, markeii Houndary Lumber Co'a h. W. corner poat No 8, Ihenoe
Ho chains east, theuce Hn ebalus south, tlience SO
chains weat, thrnee MO chains nortb to the point
of co ui meneement.
Dated Marcb 26tb, IWI
No. ��. CiiinRienrinK al a poat planted about
'At chains weat from nver bank, on tbe east lork
of Kettle river, and about 80 ebalna south of
Houndary Lumlier Co'a location poat No. 8, and
marked Houndary Lumber Co's N. W. corner
poat No. 9, tlience 80 chains eaal, thenei 10 chains
south, thence so chains west, thenee Bo chains
uorth to the point of oommencement.
Dated March 25th, 1907.
No. 10^���Commencing at a post planted about
30 chains weat from rlvor bank on the want fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chalna waith of
Boundary Lumber Co's location ptat No-9, and
marked Boundary Lnmber Co'a N. ��'. corner
poat No. 10, thenoe eo chaina eaat, tlwnce to
chains aouth, theuce nn chalm west, tateaca tt
chains north to the point, of oomaeueesaeat.
Daied March ffllb, 1907.
No. ii.- Commencing at a poat planted abont
l.'i chains weat from rfvar bank on tbe cast fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 ohalna south of
Houndary Lumber Co'a location post No. 10, and
marked Boundary Lumlier Co's N. W. oorner post
No. 11, thence Hi) chains east, thence to chains
soutb, thence 88 chains west, thenoe do chains
north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 26th, IW7.
No. 12.���Common -Ing at a post planted abont 12
chalna west from rlvor bank su the aaat fork of
Kettle river, and about Hi chains south of
Houndarv Lumbar Co'a location poat No. 11, and
mat ked Houndary Lumber Co's N. W. oorner
poat No. 12, thenoe HO chains east, thence 80
chaini south, thonoe M chains west, thenoe 80
north to the point of commenoement.
Dated March snth, HOT.
No. 18.-Commencing at a post planted about
12 chains west from river hank on theeastfork
of Ketilc river, and about so chains south ol
Boundary Lumber l)o'e location iniat No. 12, and
marked Boundary Lumber tVs N W. corner
pnat No. IH, thenco 80 rfcain* uaut, theuce HO
chatna south, theuce 80 ehaiaa went, thence HO
chalna north to tho point itf oomtnonecnieni.
Dated March %tli, 19OT.
No. 14, commencing at a poat planlcd about
10 chains w> st from river bank on tlie east fork
of Kettle river, and about HU ob ains south of
Boundary Lnmber Co'a location post No. 18, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'a N, W. corner poat
No. ll, thenco BU chatna cast, thence80 chains
south, thonce 80 eliains wcsl, theuce 80 chalna
nortii to the polut of commencement.
Dated March'Ath, 1907.
No. lb -Commencing ata poat planted snout
10 chalna weal irom river bank on lbe enit fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 ehalna aouth of
Bouudary Lumber Co's poal No. 14, and marked
Houndary LumberCo'a.".. W. corner poat No. Ift,
thence Htt chains east, thonco Bchalna soutli,
Ihoucc IW chnlna weat, thence 80 chains north to
polntof -commencement.
I'ated March _th, HOT.
No M.-Onnimouvlng at a poat planted about
8 ehutna weat Irom river bunk on tho eaat lork of
Keltle rlvor, and about 80 chaina south of
Boundary Lumber Co'a location poat ^ o. 15, and
marked Boundary Lumlwr Co'a N. Vj .corner poat
No 1��. thenco 80 chains eaal, thence HO chalna
south, thenre 8* chaliiH west, tbence HO chalna
noi ih to tho point of commencement.
Dated Marcli 36th, 1907.
No. 17.-Commcncing at a pou planted about
ft chaina weal from river hank on the eaat fork
of Kettle rlvor, and about 80 obaina south .of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location poat No. 18, anil
nmrked Boundary Lumber Co's N. W. corner
poat No. 17, Ihence N> chalna eaat, thence m
ehiiina aoulh, thenco mi chalna-weat, thenee n
chalna north to the point of cnnimencement.
Dated March '���IMh, VJ07.
No. IH.-Oommenciug nt a Ppst plauted about
ft chalna weat 01 the rlvor bank on lie easl. ork
of Kettlo Kiwr and about 80 ehulns sonth ol
Boundary Lumber Co'a location JMl No. 17
mid marked Boundary mmberOo a N.w. corner
post No. 18, tl.cnec m cliaina eaat, tbonce 80
chains soutb, theme BO chalm woat, thanae 80
ebalna uortb to tbe point oi wmmeneement.
Intereit In Ontario Mining Field Is Still
Growlnfl���Prospecting Up Mon.
treal  River.
Cobalt, June 13.���Further reports
from tho Montreal river district show
that whon opened up that section of the
country is going to be ono of the most
promising yet discovered ln New On*
j tarlo. "Tlie prospects," Bald a geologist and mining prospector who has Just
returned from a trip as far norlh aa
Klk Uke, "are of the brightest." He
viMitfd In that district about three
weokg, travelling around Elk Uke, into
lhe townships of Jamea and Tudhope
and through part of the Temegaml reserve, west of James township. James
township and a large portion of Tudhope
were staked during the winter months.
Little development work has aa yet
been done. Two claims of which he
took particular notlco wore the Munrc-
Scvflle and Darragh-Downey, on both of
which there were good showings of native silver.
Speaking of the geological formation
of the country the informant heard that
lt was essentially the same as that of
the Cobalt district. A considerable
amount of cobalt bloom was visible on
the surface, being generally observed in
the diabase rock, ln the Silver Uke
area to lhe west of James township
were numerous calcile veins having
large percentages of cobalt bloom. In
the Cobalt district such showing would
be considered encouraging. According
to this man the prospects of discovering
good silver values ln the rack were as
bright as those in any other mineralized
locality. The arias of conglomerate and
slate, however, had not yet assayed
values of silver.
About 1,500 men have gone Into James
township to do development work,
some for owners of claims and some on
their own account. The big rush of
prospectors ts directed mostly into the
Lady Evelyn district, and In the region
of Elk Uke, while a large number are
moving farther nortb than Elk Uke. At
thf. mouth of Bear river a fairly large
settlement is springing up. There Is a
supply store already established there,
and also a post office, at which mail is
received two or three times a week.
Scores of prospectors are entering
Utchford. One man counted 83 canoes
lying on the station platform ready to go
up the river.
Fot Sale
50 ft Corner, Houston and ward, 1375
50 ft. and Cabin, Mill, near park, *275
Residence���Centrally located, near station; six rooms and bath, electric
light, water, sewar.
Also business property, factory sites,
etc., etc.
Wett Bakar Street        NELSON,
B. C.
Nelaon, B. C, June loth, 1907.
HEALED TKNDKR8 will be received by the
tiovernment Agent, at Nelson, B.C., until noon
June 26th.   190*7,  (or supplies of meat, breed,
5r>ceries, hardware, boots and shoes, clothing,
ry goods, fuel, and drugs, for tbe Provincial
Uaol, at Nelson, B.C..for on* year from July
1st, 1907, to June 30th, 1909
Forms of tender can be had, and samples of
clothing aud dry goo4s seen etjthe Provincial
Oaoi, Nelson, B.C.
Tne lowest or any tender not necessarily ac-
cepted. HARRY WR1GHT
Uovernment Agent.
Notloe ls hereby given that 80 days atter date 1
intend to lpply to the Houurable the Chlet Commissioner of Lands and Worka, Victoria, for a
specie) Uoens* to cut and ca'ry away timber
from the following described land ln iho dlitrlet
of Weal Kootenay:        .*.
Commeuelng at a post about seven miles from
the mouth of Summit oreek, in a weaterly direction, markod li. M. Benny'a northeast corner
posl, then')-) NO chains west, thence to chains
anuth, thence 40 chains west, thence 40 ehalns
south, theuco 00 chains east, tbenco 4o chalus
north, theuce 40 uhalns east, Ihence 40 chains
north to point of commencement.
LQcaUdMayllb.MW. ��� ��� ��� ,      ,
O. M Benny, Locator,
Angus Cuiuiti, Agent.
Notice is herehy alven that thirty days alter
dale 1 Intend to apply to the Houorable the Cblef
Commissioner of l-ands and Works, Victoria, lor
iK<rmtH*i'tn to cut and carry away timber from
the following described lands: Commenolng at
a poat marked No. I.K. Mloux, and planted at
the northeaat corner of Lot tttt C, V R. block,
near the weat fork of Kettle river, Vale district,
JJ. C, tbence running HO chains eut. 80 ebalna
tenth, SO ohalns wost, 80 chalna nortb to point of
Dated April /7th, 1907.
!l��t. 3.���Commencing at the northeait corner of
So. X, thenee running east 80 ebalns, tbence
south 80 chalus, tbence west 80 chains, thenoe
nortii 80 chains to point ot oommencement.
Dated April ZT, IWI.
No. 3 ���Commencing at a point about one half
mile west uf the northeast corner of C P. K.
IHork Nn,8088, thence running north 80 ohalna,
thenca west 80 ohalns, thence south 80 chains,
tlience cast hii ihnlns to point of commencement.
Dated AprH'JUth, 1907.
No 4.���Commencing at the northeast corner
at No. S, thence running north 80 chains, thonce
���west so chains, thence south ho chalus, thanoa
1 east tu chains to point of commencement.
Dated April nth. UOT
No f>. Commencing at a post planted north el
Conkllug creek, near west line of C. P. U. Block
No. WW, tbonce running west 80 chains, thenot
aouth so chains, thence east 80 chatna, thence
north 80 cbains to point ol commencement.
Dated Mny Ut, UOT. H. RiouX, Looator.
Copper   Companies   Paying   Enormous
Guaranteed Dividends But Stocks
Keep Low.
While dividends are the biggest ever,
prices of copper stocks are lower than
ever. There may he Beers who can explain this abnormal state of affairs, but
Ihey will have to be of those who can
see further around corners and through
concrete walls than the rest of us. Thero
are some who will tell you by way of
explanation, that the reason stockB are
low even if dividends be high, la that
nobody has any money left to buy anything. That explanation will not "wash."
The country Is full of money, has more,
perhaps, than ts good for it. Oold production ls greater now than It haa ever
been, there Ib new money coming ln all
the time, there is no scarcity of gold,
nor of money of any and all kinds. No,
the alleged reason of no money Is no
reiiBon. The reason, the only possible
and understandable reason, ls fear.
That, ln a measure, is comprehensible.
Between, on the one hand, the big railroad guns booming threats to spend no
money, that rather than do bo���if they
can't run things to BUit themselvcB���
they will allow their roadbeds to mil up
and go to sleep; and, on the other hand,
the labor unions endeavoring to tie all
things up Into a Oordlan knot sinless
they are permitted to boss all Jobs and
run the country and all things In It to
suit themselves, lt Is no wonder that
capital Is timid; and those who have
money to Invest are fearful, and are of
ti.e opinion that the best thing to do Is
to keep It In their strong box and sit
down hard on the lid. Yet, so far aa
copper stocks are concerned the situation Is altogether anomalous. Oh the
one hand you have guarant-eed-paylng
copper stocks down on bedrock, on the
other you have, by reason of the large,
steady and Increasing demand for the
metal at prices far above cost of production, the assurance of dividends
greater than these copper stocks have
ever yielded,���and yet Investors hold
back, halting between doubt and desire.
Later, you will hear from many sides
the story so often heard before, "I could
have bought that stock when It was
below 10, and If I had I would have
doubled my money." People of that
stripe are very amusing; they pose as
heroes to their lack of Judgment���Los
Angeles Mining Review.
Man of 70 Descended  Into Cave-In to
Minister to Dying.
New York, June 13.���Recking nothing ot his own danger, Rev. Father Eugene Porclele, pastor of Our Lady of
Loudres church, Brooklyn, administered the last rites to four semi-conscious
men yesterday. They were buried under
a deep mass of earth and rooks that fell
from one wall of an excavation twenty-
five feet deep.
Another fall momentarily Impended,
but under the bulging wall ot earth
knelt the good gray priest, who Is seventy years old, encouraging the Buffer-
ing men, assuring them they would be
rescued, consoling them, finally preparing them for the end that, for a while
seemed inevitable.
Twenty-five men were digging in the
excavation at Stone avenue and Herkimer street, East New York, whero
will stand Public School No. 113, occupying one-fourth of the block. Next to
the deep pit ia the Beecher Memorial
church, the Rev. Charles T. Allen, pastor. Carelessly the workers had dug
deep Into the base of one of its sides,
leaving the top overhanging. Without
an Instant's warning, the top strata of
earth and stones fell on a dozen workmen.   The others ran yelling.
Eight men extricated themselves and
limped away; all these were so terrified that they gave no help to the four
who were burled. They struggles as
best they could to free themselves. "I
am dying," murmured Antonio Balmiro,
"get me a priest."
Two men rushed to the rectory of
Our Lady of Lourdes, several blocks
away. They had not to urge the aged
Father Porclele or Father Packer to return with them. To reach the Buffering
men they had to walk down a narrow
plank which will be the depth of the
school's sub-cellar. There ln the mud
and stony debris Father Porclele knelt
for fifteen minutes.
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner.
To Charles U. Btmtston, or any otbur penon
to whom he may have trantfetred bli Intcrwt lu
the "May Bloaaom" miner.l claim, attuated on
llrown Mountain, two and a half milea Booth-
we.t ot Ymt', In tho Nelaon MlntOf Dlvlrloo, ot
Woat Kootenay tilitrlnt, snd recorded ln the
Kecordor'a r.moe, tor Ihe Nelton Dlvlalon.
You aod eaoh of you are hereby notifies! that
I havo expended two hundred aud flre dollara
(206.00) In labour aud Improvement, upon the
above mineral claim tn order to bold the aame
under the provision, ol the Mineral Act. and If
wlthtn ninoty dav, from the date nf thta notice
fou fall or rentes to contribute your portion of
ho expenditure, (which 1, one hundred and two
fifty slollar. (floj.w) lor the two yeara ending
Hth May. laot,) totethir with als coata nf adver
tiatns, your Interest In the salsl claim will be-
coine the property of tbe undersigned unsler
Soc. 4 of an Act entitled: *'An Aot to Amend tho
Mineral Act, woo."
Dated st Ymir, B. c , 16th May, im.
In the matter ot ��n application lor the lasne of
a duplicate of tte CertlAoales of Title for Lots 11
and fi, Block tt, Town ol ailverton (Map 574)j
the aouth __ al Lot I, Block 8, Town of Now Den-
vor-and Lot t. Block II and lot s, Block M,
Mcoilllvray'a Addition to Hew Denver (Map Mny,
Notice Is horeby glvan tbat lt Is my Intention
to Issue at tbt expiration ot one month Iron the
tbo Oral publication hereol duplicates of the
Certificates ot Tltlo to the above describes! lamls
In tbe name of Henry Sticrais ansl Harry Rlierau,
which Certificates arc slatesl the llth nine, lln,
thc Itb ol Ootober, mil, the aSrd July, Wo, aud
the 19th January, INS, respectively, **_ sre
numbered MilK, 1(H47A,M2C aud Molt, napes-
B. T. MioLIOD,
Dlatrlct Begutrsr
Land Registry Offlce, Nelaon, SO
T"�� Stfathcona
Looated in the Finest Position of
A Residential and Tourists' Home from
Uastr rcmraal SspcnrUoe rf Proprietor and Wile
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btraet, Nelaon. B. O.
Lighted \TJ Eleotiioity ud
Heated by Hot Air
Largo and Comfortable Bedrooms and Mr-it-
claaalJlnlng Room.  Sample Rooms for Commercial Vn.
MRB. I. C.CLARKI. Proprietress
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled in the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, ISO.   Opposite Court Rome
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. 0.
Tf emont Hotise
���nropaaa sad Amer-iean Flu
Meali ��� cts.   Rooms trom tt eta. to O.
Only White Hole (mployed.
Bakar BL. Nalaon ProprUtois
Bartlett  Hotise
Best Doflar-a-Dar Home in Nelson.
Ths Bar la ths Plneat.
Whlto Help Only Implored.
Josephine BL
Nelaon. B. 0,
Royal Hotel
Bates tl and $1.60 t. Day.
Bpeoial Batea to Regular Boarders.
Moat comfortable quarters In Nelson
Only ths heat ol Liquors and clgarr.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceri-ss
Butter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
Tenders Wanted for tbe Purchase of a
Mineral GUbn.
Tender* idtlreaied to the underslnned. ��*. bis
ofllce, tn tbe Court House. In the City of Neluon,
will be received up to the hoar of five o'clock,
In the afternoon, of Friday, June 28th, 1M7, for
tbe putoheee ol the "Tanmnc Mlueral CUtra,"
Lot 8802. Groan l, Kootenay district, which is
declared to be forfeited to the Crown, at the tax
���ale, held in the city of Nelson, on the Oth day of
November, 190ft, for delinquent taxes np till
June Soth. 1906. and ooitn.
Tbe upset nrlce upon the said mineral claim,
which include* tbe amount of delinquent taxei
and ooata at the time of forfeiture, with Interest,
taxes whleb have ilnoo accrued, costs of advertising and fee for Crown Urant (ltt-00) is fi*>.w,
which Is the least amount that will be considered as a tender.
Each tender must be accompanied by an an
cepted cheque for the full amount of the tender,
payable to the order of tbe Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works, at Victoria, B. i:��� at par
Dated at Nelson, B.C., tbls Wtli day of May,
Government Agent. Nelson, B.C.
Kotlce ls horoby given that the Waltsburg
Lumber company has applied to His Honor the
Lieutenant Governor la council, under tbe provisions of tbe "Rivers and Htreams Act," for the
right to improve Kykorts ureek, in tho district of
West Kootenay, British Columbia, by removing
tbe obstructions therefrom and ntraightculug
tho banks I hereof, and to construct dams, booms,
slides and chute*, and make iuch other imptove-
nientK us may be necessary for the drlvlugeud
raftlDg of Iocs and the flumlng of timber thereon
The lauds to tic affected are go ver ment lmids and
Lota361 and 252, Group 1, Kootenay district, and
the tolls tbat are proposed to be charged, if any,
are such as may be fixed by a Judgoof the county
court of West Kootenay.
Dated this 27th day of March, A, D. 190*7.
I havs just returned to Nelson and
havs opened up at tha earns eld stand,
and now ready to do all klnda of
KALSOMININO. Shop rear of Bartlett
We have five desirable residences for sale. Call and make
us an offer for all or any of these
Brydges, Blakernore & Cameron, Lti
3 Improved Ranches Fot Sale
On Kootenay Outlet, between Nelson and
Procter.  Choice locations.   For particulars
Choice Fruit
I Have f 0,000 Acres
of tbc
Choicest Fratt Lands to
Beittsh ConNnbta.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
We Have For Sale One ef the Prettiest Homes la
Nelson, Stteated to Fatrrtew, Close to the Cat Ltae
Large 7-room house. Stona foundation and flret-elaa* cellar. Com-
piste watsr system. 10 lets under cultivation and planted In large, bearing fruit treee.   Thla Is a snap-   For particulars apply to
*nr<        ID_        *D __!.    When you can aecure a good home at a A
VT Hy   r��y    XVCnt Reasonable cost, on good terms   Z
Well built 11-room houae, Carbonate Street, SB.SS0, half caah, balance mortgage, 7 per cent.
Five-room houae, Robson st., $1,700   half caah, balance one and two yeara.
Six-room houee, Carbonate 8t., $3,300, half cash, balance mortgage.
Four-room houae, Silica St, $1,500, half cash, balance $20 monthly.
Six-room houae, Josephine St., $2,500; $1,000 caah, balance $35 monthly.
Kootenay Land & Investment Co.
Phon* 147.       P.O.Box 443        "        !^IK3r*-#OV-Fl^lf    D*  W��
IN THE MATTER of the Issuance of an
Indefeasible Title to F. W. Howay
and R. L. Reld to Lots 1 and 3,
tn Block 12, City ot Nelson.
Whereas the documents hereinafter mentioned
are not to the possession of the aforesaid Howay
and Reid;
And whereu production nf them is required
under the "Land Registry Aot";
Take notice that all or any persons hiving
these documents in thetr possession or having
any Interest In tbe same are required to produce
the same to the District Heglatrar of Land Titles
at SuUon, B. C, on or before the 15th day of July,
Conveyence t n Fee, from A. Barrette te Alexander
Carney, dated Ath October, lfwl.
Mon gage in Fee, faora A. Carney and A. Barrette
to M. Molmicn and V. Burns, dated the 'Ath
of November, 1893.
Conveyance In Fee under power of  Bale ln
Mortgage trom Malcolm Mclnnis and P. Burnt
to A. H. Buchanan, dated nth of November,'
Conveyance la Fee, A. II. Buchanan to the Bank
of Montreal, dated thu Mth of August, IBM.
Couvst-ancc in Feu, Bank of Montreal, to lloee
Mary Heathcoio   and Joseph  IIeither!ngton
Howes, dated llth November, IM.
Conveynuc-e ln Fee, of an undivided one-quarter
(rom Koto Mary Heathoote to I'mii Johnson,
dated tbo iwth of Deoomber, IBM.
Dated this JVth day of May, A. D., 1907.
Dlslrlet Registrar ot land Titles.
IN THE MATTER of tho "Rivers and
Streams Act" and amendments
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
The Canadian Pacific Timber
Company* Limited.
Notloe is hereby given that at days after date
The Canadian Paclflo Timber Company. Limited,
intenda to submit tothe Honorable Chief Com-
mlsisoner of Landi and Worka a ��r posal under
the provisions of the "Riven ana Streams Aet"
and amendments thereto, for the right to improve Trout creek and it* tributaries from the
sources of sueh creek and tributaries to the point
where the fame flows into Trout lake In the District of West Kootenay, nml tn rentovo obstructions thcrclrom and make the same tit for driving, storing, Hortltiit and Iwmlng logs, ratu and
cralts, (ind thc flumlng of lumber thereon, alao
for tho right to collect lolls thereon.
Tho lands affect*! are crown lands and Lots
770, 7��0, 7WI, 773. 771 70V, 762 and 1��0, all In
Uroup l, Weet Kootenay.
Dated this XOth day 01 May, 1907.
by their solicitor, R. M, Macdonald.
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
From Nelson $52*50
To Winnipeg, Port Arthur.
St. Paul. Dtilnth, Sioux City
Chicago IM.00 Montr.il IM.00
Toronto ��7��.*50 Bt John IMM
St Louli 160.00 Ottawa I8U6
Now York 1100.00 Soaton WM
Halifax 1101.80
On Salt July 3,4,5.  August 8,9,10.
September 11.12,13.
First Class Rotmd Trip, 90
Days Limit.
Corresponding reductions from all
Kootenay polnta. Tlckbts available for
lako route Including meals and berths
on lake steamers. Through ratea quoted
to any station In Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime provinces on application.
A.o.P.i..V��immr> - * '    9.M.H.. Mmb
w.  a.  OIL,L,ETT
Contraotor nnd
Hold .sent Ior th* Porto lUco Lnmbor Co., Ltd.,
retrni y��rsi��.  Kousa-tadanmsl Imatwr, Mm
work Mid br-wlwU, Cot	
sits] door*.   Ceraoat, 1
ant ior in* rorsso iuwi sunm-oasr uo., ..hi..
nisi. Kousk sad dr��**d lumber, tnrnd
I isni'krii, Coast lath snd Milsf las, task
r*.   Cemaat, hrtoK aad 11k. Im Mis.
! j
1.1). Baa I
iMtory: Vtraoagi.. ml ol Hall
B.O. ���
���I   I.'
,;! I
The Dally Canadian
the  Many   Attractive Articles
We are Showing Tb:~ Month
caR*-. ng sets   ��-"<*
SILVER  B*NE  D'SMES   SIOiOO and $11.00
SM1LL S L*.ER  rE'V   -T'S '.-- -if ; zt::-f. :-   tsV tS X
WatcliELakef aad Optician
S- -^   ��lsj.t    "f>r��r-t>    r      ���
<* ,
. .      - .1
���    - -.        ,
{     LOCH tM mWatkl     }
��� z -c *. ��� _
v. n Pav^d Laagktoa "as o-p-w-at^d co
tor ima-tl-tirii at the Hoaoe has-pital
Tan lay   aaoraiaK  bj   Drs.   R.-*-***-   and
":-.-:������-��� ���
rtsss -**��*-:-
Nt�� itf.t-s
L C Momsna eaaw ia froa Fir* Val-
l��>  last rt��!��s an **,-
- -- �� -smiy visit    TV1 taaysrv
tt ase�� irri-raJs at* frvE :h<e tv
rlaitr ot Brawdo-a. liaa.
S-f: j   Vlwij. L O. U
Tkrre will b* a sps-nal atetiag nl
th* L. O. L. fVs*yr .-Tvaia; a: > ofk��c*
ia tk? K   r*  its.      AU -neabers an ��-
;-���*'������:-     t*.      - -- :        ir       ���   ���
::. *.:. -- -  ,v��:.i .���    ;v: ,-L
- ? ~E -   J. - = '. * LS.
:       ���"���****'���'       :
:     HOUSECLEA.SIXG     :
* ���
��� Our Stock is Compkte ���
SC*PS. SCiP  ���
aVV'CS  J,   -^ :
*c ���*:
. Et:
[ rltt At '..7 S.-ir Sts: s's
��� S3*.   6-VRS   ��-0VIES"
AD   tt -S." X
fe- 12.-5 ���
r o
.**   77.     s.     7.  ..S.7..  7.' -L..7- -    ...*_.-
.. LL. Bbadsai    W   H   Fruisc   9 ras
'    R    I   bssl   Uom   B  I  K.rt-
w<wd. t^x-ac: D C MdEaMic aai ��~r.
F J) Lsw. Wt��3ir*sj: J K GLass. Lac-
ic: W D DcnHs-: v..; :.,. ; _.
'.': ��� -'.: 7 i.- -77.st. Vsrcv<iTer- E Rs-
dcnr. B. H. S. Giwtw asd wife. Bor-ds:
}* E kxmMO, -,-.. L-L .ssfLarsd: J .' IXxas.
L7.*r*r.t     F   ..:   i! -Or ���:..*._   V.-V'.a::.
i Bell Trading Co.!   The Strathcona
FEr.NtNs UD GK-UTI.V, ctrt'.L... .iwnsJ
a ic- sptir
kakp.y mattua,
-������-.- t -. Ht-s^.1.
Old Curiosity Shop
If too want To buv or MO f.=yt*i:rg.
(0 to the 01s! Curios!;;* Shop A new
lln. ol Jar^ne-Sr1 Gocis uow od saie.
A*: tzzii o( Dinaerwa.-s In slsjck. Pat-
See Us
For Good Frnit Land
io Acre Blocks to Soo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easv Terms.
H. L Croadsdaile & c��
Nsst Do?r to Bank of Comm< rce
foes: Imm    OUperi Uta
:.��� .-.    *���*      I
AU Klnsis ot Heating Plants in StocX.
Victoria SU Nr. Ooers House.     Tel. 18'.
S. G Js��>:t. I Serrriagor,YsBBeosnar;
J. SatbejliDsi and v, ife. Dt-uwa; A. D
Wh ..L,r. Aiaswosth; H. EMndie aad
wife, llidws.v: a H BWton. 0 H.
Bfuile.T, Vk-iosu ; J U SehtfMa, TrxiL.
D B Dunnri:. Mmneap.-slis: D Usxsre.
St Pniii; S Hnnttr. Hiu-sroo; C C
Bro�� u. faaeonw; J. L Bax>k*. Istmmm:
J. W. Crow tbe ausl wife* Ryan; J. o
Clarke, Montiwil ��� J. O. Carrnthei-s. Victoria.
H. Cowling. W. Langliind. totMl Relief  nunc:   Mr. and  ilrs.  C<x>j��r and
family. 1TlniiI|wn
E Ros.v'LL. H Winrman. Greenville.
0 A. Ailaiu-Ain. Winnipeg: A G Wat-
sssn. W��tMD*l sicutig; J. tl. Deww. HaU:
E. Green. Ymir; J. Mnlier. P. Simmsms.
U. Johcsj.1. Cr��ts*sa: H. Beard. Trati: C.
P. Hendtr-son. Howser: S G. Bobsrtsoa,
Portage: D Liavid-son. K��s-lo; R. Shera-
dea. Ai-a-sM'orth: A. Ms-Arthur. Blae Bell
mine; G. W. Sproatt Phoeuii. E, P.
S^iuthworth. Ham^p; F. J-iin-rts. Kam-
loops: A. Japon. Salmo: J. Jones. M.
Ps-r.-T  SjKkant
W. Ooaasr, VT.*tle.T: a. Laing. D Me-
G*>Tern. BanWoka: H RKhards. Fernie.
Vr J Ms-Peek snd wife. Sirdar: A E.
Sealer. Napitita: J. H. Marshall. W.B.
Anslerson. Kevh's Sidinjj: J. Attius. J.
Thocipscsa. Winlaw; J IfcOsllnm. O.
Matthews. Satan; M. MorresaT. Kevel-
st-sk-.. J. Carscadden. Kaalo; FP. Fiem-
:-'���-' V -.:.*���..... r Vt. ti z'..:. S;< -ians J
Mc<*ne. EhWt
Waterproof Paints
Coa'. T.-.r. ?l.ll.
Crevis-ore. Ol'.s for
Premrvz-: Ti=-xr.
Rcd-g r*Ltc." zzz
Reboo G?ke & Gas Co.
&*"�����-�� .:: **.--��. C* ��� -��) S**!*;
1*1 Ca-pe*. Csesn -.j F i ���>; tr,: C ����-
lag ttsvn. ��*..-
'���tr East Bakar St. Phsns No. A1K
Three Shovj Cases
and Two Counters
NELSON,    -
B. C.
!   -71. .���-      ncs-;^ . ���
'1.         ��� - : r  ...    .-
Aj5;i -a*nl
' '.    ' ���-L' *'   " **** r��ial-*n��
:��     -X i*T Km t*mt,  mm,
Sf..-   Xt-MS*.,.- ..^-#
���        s                 t-             .      ���...    I.       ,        ;    ,       ��� _,r
1   :-**"-  -.'^   ������������.���*?   KIta ts*W     a;-
;  ' *   *i,s<-  l-:!i*.tl c. -un.
st,*. a w.-^a
Z:-tt-.i: .;  Ett-r.t >��� Vt-:--.
:     -      - - : - :���.--.
s*    *���*���-���    ...--.."->     *.       *..
*   *;   * -    -������ -������*.-   - ������'       . -.��� ���
������street. Frit-tar. Jane   Kth. at 5  p. m.
-.   -   -.   ���'-���-_: -.7   ��������� -     - r ��� . -    : *:
- stas  s
V 7 7. . :.
���    j.
7 ::.
:..   a^L
r i'.:.- .7 f.^-. ::--s -_ .: .'..-zzs:r:7_
a: M. r-.s. a i *=���:. -: . - i-;- -_-
a - -":*.-��� : --��� ...;:..;....
- -���- :; - ' '- --- : -*.r. :. a V. :: -
'���-: a.-  ..:.;��� z-     :-.. - . .-__    tv i.-
L.asa    i -..-   -.:   -7      - ;-.ia.r   ..-   ,a .
a  -       ;a  -.*.    -    si.:.;: .. :_, : -_��� ���
7  - -. -.:-���..���        ".-   *   .-     _:-;;���_.->   th,
a,  - .    :   a.  *   a A     -    ..     .. :;,cs
-        7 ��� ..     -
Sti  a  .-'  --j;-  Vj-t -;
A*   --.   .     :a    * ��� *   .        ������-...
'-���   L-������='    '-    - ; ���   .     .- - 7.  ���_ :.- .-.::;���
!..a; i... :- a ��� ., .- , : -.
"7- . .."�� i- ta- . vs--: ���:_- .- -..
she.-* ��..    ���   .:   ...,., _ -    -
of botk -stnw-bemes aad rasptenies.
"a- s-as 7 .- :a;.- :.-. : :-. :.a .-: - ;-
��ill riqaire a great amsber of people
far a sbon time to pick tke mf. Just
now tbere are so idle mea ia the Koote-
��� - aai .- :; '.- + :-, : :_a _.. a :! *.-
t>errr crop will tie lost if l���ij
a.-aa.. : ��� .*���*���:   Ta-  -..*-.-
that tbe board of trade sboaM lose bo
time in dealing -. a
Hc-re Again.
N.   J.   CivanaaaL.   a.-.s     .-    --.a
from a short iistt to his old borne in
A: : ... \r.   V. :s     .:.-���,.-:^. ,.:, ...
7    '.:"���   '.-.- t,   ~       I |   :     a    ..   .
man; changes tha: bad taken place dur-
iag his absence.   Times have it.
somewhat,  but  there  are  tniny  com-
...... ta on account of the tsaciwirdneis
of the season.    At A;,;eton when be
left the trees had only b-e-gun to leave
out and as he passed through Minnesota
aad Dakota he noticed that the ...
VMS   rutting in their 8ax aad wheat.
Lit..- :s the latest spring withm the
memory of the oldest inhabitant. Of
cvurse every one was -asking about British Columbia in general and N- -
particular, and it is safe to assume tbat
after a few minutes' conversation with
Mr. Cavanaugb they know more about
this country than they eve.- did before.
Brand New Art Bell Piano
CKF.'-P       .'.PPLT
John T. Pierre, Baker St
The Store of Quality
Per Bcn.t X:
Pes- Bar. t ?5<
Pt- Bott*> 2Sc
Pts- B:rt t ��>:
2 T.ns 3c
Tbese sjxk4s are sew ia price bat bigfc
ia QiaiitT    Give tbem a trial aad be
I have a full line of  the best
known soaps it prices
J5c to 50c
Whol<*4ie aO'I ReUll Dealeri id
Fresh and Salted Meats
��c ft- Pt.-i.
mj: Rob. ML Hood & Co.
K   W
BV*k     Phoe It
Cramp**, supplied ou sliortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh aad
wholesome meats and snpples kept in stock
Vail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.   Manager.
C. A. Benedict
C.-raer s.Lsca sai .'s*>s-;h:ae its
No bock atssts every one. but in buying books we select only -hose which
ten to have merit, so that, what-
-ter ttnd of books yea *:r-.-er. yoa will
Aad oo oar shelves only the best in their
-NOBROY.-    ty   Howard.   Cloth    *1J0
-THE  TREE   CF   HEAVEN." by  Robt.
W Cl -     ������������'. Flgbt-
���::��h  *t^5
A   STRANGE   MAN'S  VOW."  by  JosS-
.. - -
-   aage cbaracterauikm portraying
teaadty of parpose oa the  part of
-a. snd chirr: tnd sweetness oe
:.-   -,..-���      :   :a    a  ���   av    L   *i   i* i:
paper  75c
-HILMA.- .Another Grasstarks bv Wi!-
liam TUtiasaas; EWrtdpe. Cloth it SO
BI -a I    a   Oo<k   i   '
- * -     A a ��� ���
-    ������-���--���      .'..--.    t* SO
'THE RANGE DiVELwERS."   Ana-tier
BOsod srsesuna tton   ty B   JI  Bower.
aaa $i .is
Sheriff's Sale
LIGHT.* hy Sort
T-E     5-  N  SS
-SHORT CRLISES.- bv Vt. W. Jacobs.
Otvtb $130
K LL   -a       -    L    ���
WCs.SE."  bv
-NIXROD^ WIFE." hy Grace GaUaHa
* id narrative
V -7r ... : -.- *_ . . . .at: - ra-
pertenc-es oa foot aad borseback In
lbe Sierras aad Rockies s Cloth   HIS
W. G. Thomson
r.a:. m:. .NeiiCn, t>. -L.
F>l-ionc ^4.
Tbere was no chamber seas-la
tber tbe supreme or county cos
taoratng oa account of tbe aba
HU Honor Jodge Forin. wbo ia c
to his room from :'. ness.
By virtue of a Writ of Fieri Facias
issued oat of the Supreme Court of Htit-
tab Colombia in an action whereof
Gwrxe B. McMillan is Plaintiff ansl Alfred D Wheeler and Jennie Sutton
NVheeier are Defendants, and to me di-
tec-ed a^inst the gsaods and chattels of
lie said Plaintiff. Georfe U. McMillan. 1
hive seiied and taken in Execution all
-he ri-cht. title and interest of the said
Gecrse B McMillan In the Mineral
cLaim known sss and called Robinson"
situate in the Alnsworth Mining Division of the West Kootenay District and
recorded in the office of the Mining Recorder at the City of Kaslo. B. C. on
tbe Uth day of July. lSWM: to recover
tbe sum of $773.15 snd J3.50 for costs
' . v :::* a and also interest on $773
15 s: Bve per centum per annum from
the 2Jrd day of May. 1907, until payment, and shall sell the said Miners!
claim, or so much thereof as will satis-
fy the judgment debt and costs, by public auction, at my office In the city of
Nelson B. C. on Saturday, the 22nd day
of June. 1W7. at the hour of eleven
o'c'ock In the Forenoon.
Tenn of sale, cash
Intending purchasers will satisfy
���hemselves as to interest and title of
the said Plaintiff.
Dated at Nelson. B C. 12th June. 1907.
S. P. TfCK.
Sheriff of South Koolenay.
Liptons^ Teas
We -are ln receipt of a shipment of
Liptcn's Teas direct.
Half Pound Tins   No. 2   v.25c
One Pound Tins  No. 2 50e
Half Pound Tin*   No.  1    30c
Ont Pound Tins  No. 1   Mc
Royal Hotel Ertlj.-jed.
Ci.-;��a    '- .-    ..    -.ri .a:-va-:aa *:.-
accomodations of tbe Royal bote! When
completed the Royal will have 21 bed-
raoan more than it bas at tbe traaat
Bold Borgiarv
Bur-giar-s hare attempted to break into I
Joe Dawness' refreshment stand at the !
park.    The padi,x:k was tampered with
ani an ttSutt mate to pry o;*a lie door. |
The burglars are still at large.
Wm Gosnell bas received word of the
desath of bis father. Edward Gosnell. at
Notuwasaga. Ont-. at tbe advanced age
���ars. The deceased died at the
residence ot his son- He leave* to
mourn bis death bis sged wife, sii sons ,
and five daughters.
Tbe grocers and ckxfe-iers. aided by
tbelr respective friends, are playing a
Useinll mate* oa tbe recreation
groeads this afternoon. Harry Wricht
Is aapire Tbe attendance Is not large
bat tboae present are enjoying It. At
tbe ead of tbe Bftb inning tbe score was
:l ail
Telephone 161.
Another Snap!
FINE 6-R00M HOUSE, all furni-shed
neatly, electric light and city water. Two
jewd lots, level. 15 frust trees, splendid
garden and lawn. Large shed for chickens. MOO cash, balance $1300.at ��25 ptr
month. 6 p*r sr.nL
We Have n Large Variety of the Late
Current Fiction The Cheapest Edition
in Which They Are Published Is 75cts
each.     BOO    Titled    to   Select   from   at
25c. Each.
Seaside Library of Standard Authors ISM
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd]
COR  BAKER and WARD.        Phone 81
Charles Burt was registered In Ross
land >esterday.
D. C MsckenUe and wife. Winnipeg
are registered at tbe Hume.
J J Doran. the well known commer
c al traveler, of Toronlo, la In the city
Charles Bontar. of Vancouver la In
tbe city today He wUl Ic.re for Toron
to tomorrow morning,
P H Burnham. district freight snd
passet-sger agent of the Great Northern
with head<3uarters at Grand Forks Is
trave ling through the interior, and will
���"������������ '   '��� -������   Vz. Ks-'    ���-:���  .t.-z.-i
ttatccaabX.   B-ikoStrttt
F. C S3L25      r. ?. K.~?I���*       A- E. i?SSI
'Trg  EsgitMrs. "frinirr.   ifl,  Bfitisi
'..'��� 7. '. " 'v~:' '��� '.*/''"    '- * CiissHi Li:J SorrcT(��
,.���.*���*.- ��� '**      '���"���'���      .7 :".-aik *��r>::a?ATJTi.SILSOS.I.C
m *m sill,   Tsjfl a w.- ih4J.cs: rs^MC. i
.�� c. J
r. 0. Iss :��5   fbtsat 2ai t
We have just received
a consignment of the
for which we are sole
agents for this city.
Ever try a pair?
"The Royal"
For a Stylish Suit!
Built to Fit tb.- Figure nnd Keep Its Shape Not Only the First
Week You Wear It,  But  All the Time      <Jet  It   Made by
TATIsQS a Mc-yi'AKKm. the Reliabls> Tailors, of Kootensy.
Absolute   -satisfaction   guaranteed    or  money   refunded.
High Class Tailors, Baker Sts, Ncbon, B. C
Summer Clothing	
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder. Spada,!
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Folks, Tree Pniners,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention  paid to  letter ordsra.
J. H. Ashdown Hardw*
Company, Limited.
R*��l>��lrlri�� and Jobbing cecutnl with I}su|Wts.h.   8hMt M*
>%o-rk. .Mlnlns ��n��J .Mill .Macblnusry.     Manulwlunirl ol
Or�� Cars,  R.  R.   Csssstrnctori'  Casra-
ineusoin, b. c.     irr-i
Spring Stock lust Opened Uplj
Carload Llnoleuma and Carp-eta
From Olaagow, Scotland.
Beat Qualities* at Low Prices*.
Standard Furniture Compdnyl
��������� a Ki*.-.-. .���:,-.*
0<t��ria.ior lltttr-Mm
M-uih*:. ISaHaiJ ��.ssr^,��.
Coapktc Hook Fornishtw
UndtrUktrs.    Emblocn
SfSSSfS Umber, Shingies,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned Work and Bracket a. Mail Orders prompllT stteaW11!
VKRMON MTRI'ln*   ...   Mtl.#0>. B. *C
Summer Necessities
Door and Window Screens
And SPRA������
Wood Vallance Hardware Co., Llmifcd
WtvA'tSAlt Ml SO\ Sttsi
.'"'.Ts-'iiawf if.1 in���MBaaaaaasaa


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