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The Daily Canadian Mar 21, 1907

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 OI.UMB  I.     NO.  246.
|pens for First Time in
NELSON, B.C., THURSDAY, MAi*fe8 2��, t90l.
D*cution   Declared   of Reenacting
Asiatic Ordinance Already
Disallowed Once.
Pretoria, .Match 21.���Th. nrm pnrllu-
lit tif the Ttunsvtiul colony under the
vs ly granted constitution mot here
is morning in the hall In which the
.* ['resident Kruger presided for bo
tn> yeara over the sittings of the
lier Volk-Stoakel of the South African
In n Bpeeoh ut the o|>enlng of the legist sirs' the Bad of Shelburne, High
ninilsslunor ror South Africa, said:
f.My ministers huve resolved that the
mploymeni of Chinese iu the mines
[ ceaee at the onrlieHl possible ism
s Ats to the Chinese alreudy eni-
ii yed there, the ministers will not take
iteps ttt prevent their repatriation
������ end of their indentures unleHtt
ssss convinced that Buch repartrla-
will have to take isiss *,* before an
.Ive Bubtttltute. either in the form
|t unskilled labor or improved incchan-
sppltanOSS lite, been found."
��� disposition oi the new govern-
sst the Trunsvual tu exclude all
tic* fnnn work In lhe mineti Ib
11 li) ibe fact that the Asiatic i.rtlin
recently disallowed by the Earl of
is s'-cretary of stale for the colon-
fc\ h(i* * it had passed the late legists again published lu the official
bare, Indicating that among the
i-s of tite new parliament would
11 re-enactment of this meaBure In
fl'lis- ssl the imperial government.
Asiatic    ordinance   which    thc
i.tsil parliament proposes to re-en-
11 though,   al   tbe   present    time
1 specially at the llrltlsh Indiana,
ssn- ousting the small white trad-
Irssm the Transvaal, is equally In-
ititli-tl to exclude the Japanese or other
sitiilcs, who are Immigrating to South
frh n In increasing numbera.    Sir Oil-
|bt-rt Parker, who represents the colon-
1 In the HouBo of Commons, on thiB
"istism Is quoted today In an Interview
"If. as I am aure It will, the Trans-
at   parllment   re-enacts   the   Asiatic
���ordinance    the    imperial    government
|vll!  hardly  dare to disallow  It again,
UO per cent, of the whites In
|ftmth Africa thoroughly appreciate It."
English on Many Thrones.
It Is Interesting lo note how rapidly
Ithc membera of the English Royal faml-
nro dividing up tbe Royal spoils of
Ir.urope An English princess Is on the
��� throne of Norway;; another, Print ess
1 Margaret of Connaught, will some day
I wear the Swedish crown. The daughter
,<tf the late Princess Alice. King Ed
[wards sister, Is now the Csurtna; the
J sou of the Duke of Albany Is Duke of
I.Snxe-t'obnrg-Gotha; (he oldest daughter
lot the Duke of Edinburgh Is down
I I'tlncess of Koumunlu; lhe Clown
I Princess of Grooce Is n daughter of
I King Edward's oldest sister; while a
]daughter of Princess Henry of Batten-
[ berg Is on the Spanish throne.
Dog S.vet a Rabbit.
A sportsman on the lltintsliutii ostale,
North Devon, hnd a rabbit brought lo
hint by his spaniel, which had caught it
under a hedge.
The rahhll could wulk only very feebly, though all Its limbs were found to
he sound. In Its mouth, however, wbb
�� thick twig about three Inches long,
which had become wedged in behind
Ihu teeth in the rabbit's rush from some
threatened danger. The aulnnil wns unable to oxtrucl the twig with Its puws
and was being gradually Btarved to
Heath when II was round by the dog.���
London Evening  Standard.
Fruit Growing Industry.
Toronto. March 21.���The Ontario Do-
���jinrtmont of Agriculture, the Ontario
Fruit Growers' Association, various lo-
���eul and district associations, nnd tho
Farmers' Institutes are at tho present
time co-operating In a very vlgonniB
'Campaign for tho furtherance of tho
Iruit growing industry. The Fruit
Glowers havo urrangod an extensive
series of meting* In connection with
Ihe Farmers' Institutes of the province
to promote the organisation of corpora
'ive fritit growers' associations.
Priceless Paintings Destroyed.
Nanaimo, March 21.���News hus just
reached this city of a destructive lire
on Mayne island, the beautiful resilience of Cannon Poddon, rector of the
Church or England for tbe island, be-
ttiil! totally destroyed.   Ths hotise was
i��X����..U8ly fur��l��1"��l and contained, lt
Is sa d, many old and almost priceless
bu "wl'li",  ^e loss is not yet" known"
eL, '" h*'avy- The bu|WI��i! <��*d
coition ��� wen, covered by Insurance.
The origin of the Are Ib nol known.
Take Measures of Approximate Demand
for Electric Power.
Toronto. March 21���Engineers representing the Hydro-Electric Power
Commission have commenced a pllgrlm-
uge to lhe varloiiB municipalities of the
province which have expressed by the
passage of a bylaw their desire to enter
into contract for a supply of electric
energy. They will obtain definite Inhumation as tn the amountB of electricity each town will purchase for the
use of iheir iwwer consumers. The
uniouniB mentioned will not bo binding
on the municipalities, bui they will be
tilled In In the blanks in tbe contracts
which havo been prepared. It Is expected lhal the whole power scheme
will be ready for inauguration in four
or live months. When tho amounts are
known the commission will then proceed to secure the power.
Bill and Dan Win Again.
Ottawa, March 21���The    Mnckenxle
and  Mann bill to build  to the Pacific
coast  was carried in the senate committee today.
Calgary Clearings.
Calgary, March 21��� Bank    clearings
for lhe woek ending today were $1,2118,-
Strong   Team   Already   Available   fer
Green and White���Prospects
for  Other  Sports.
The sVusisti of 1907 will bo a very
octivo one In sporting circles in Nelson. The devoteoB of every sport are
already organizing and clamoring for
(he usual spring clean up of the recreation grounds bo that they can begin
The small boy Is to the fore as usual.
No sooner had the final disappearance of
tho ice put an ond to hockey, than old
baseballs and gloves were bunted up,
and piacllue was begun on me stuuol
grounds and ou the streets.
What tlie prospects for Benlor lacrosse and baseball may he, It Is too
early to say. Most of the stick handlers
of last year are still In the city, hut
the few of tho old guard remaining are
getting tired, and the Intermediates
wbo really put In faithful practice last
year arc not numerous enough to lorm
a loam by themselves.
Baseball Ib In even worse case. Last
year's senior loam made a fair show.
Ing. but it was composed almost alio,
gother of outsiders. The local players
will not even form a nucleus for a
There are two sports, however, which
should flourish better thun ever before
in Nelson, namely cricket and association football. The cricket team has lost
none of lasl year's players. An organization meeting will bo held shortly and
plans made for the season.
The Association football club lit already organised and only waiting fo;
the ground to become fit for play. This
will be the fourth year of tlie cub's
existence, and so far it has suffMred
but two defeats, ono by Sandon, which
hus already been amply repaid, and
one, still unavenged, hy Plncher Creek,
Lhe crack team of Alberta.
J. L. Melghan, who has managed thc
club successfully since Kb first organisation, Is certain to be the choice a ;ain
this vear. llo has alrendy prepared his
line-up for tho year, and has an ample
reserve of good men for whenever sub
stitutes ure required.
Thc flrst eleven with their positions,
and tho names of the Old-Country clubs
In which thev qualified, are as follows:
Ooal. J. Emerson, Royal Horse Artillery. _,    ,
Right hack, J. Sharpies, Blackburn
Left back, H. Klssae.k, Burnley.
Right half, A. Warren, Derby.
Centre half. H. Harper, (Capt), Plymouth.  Argvle ond Cornwall county.
Left hnlf, F. Corry, Woolwich.
Right wing, C. CL<111. Leytonshore and
Inside right. 0. Sadler, Liverpool.
Centre. A. Burkmar, Junior English
Inside left, R. Taylor, Heart of
Midlothian. *      *
Loft win, W. Cox, Aston Villa Re-
Tho following also are available tor
piny when roqulrod: W. Walton. Tottenham; .1. DennlBton, Lanark; 8. Waters, Newcastle; H. Evans, St. Marys,
London; Sparks, Oxford University: D.
Elvery, Clapton Orient, aud H. Springer, Vancouver.
A meeting will be colled shortly, due
notlco of whicli will he given. All foot.
bailers, snd all Interested In the game,
are Invited to attend. 	
Will Work on the G. T. P.
Winnipeg, March 21��� Four hundred
Immigrants the pick of Scotland arrived
hore yesterday, having been brought
out to work on the Grand Trunk Pacific weet of Wlnnopeg. They had pas
sago money advanced by the company
and gave their word of honor to work
for the company six months. Only SO
Guggenheims Operating
on Vast Scale
Enormous Sums Spent on Development and Treatment���Kg Ore
Deposits Still Untouched.
Dawson, March 20.���A rumor hss
been printed ln some of the eastern papers and given other circulation to the
effect that the placer interests in the
Yukon held by the Guggenheims li.ive
not and are not being represented, and
alleging thai the ground Is being held
Irregularly. ,
Careful enquiry into the facts at the
official headquarters of lbe government
la Dayson today result in total rei'uut-
Hon of the rumor.
The fact is, it is learned from an official Bource, that the Guggenheim interests spent tn the Klondike, with, 11 u
radius of 50 miles of Dawson, last summer (780,000 alone in labor on daMS,
ditches, roads and Installation of equipment and the like. All this applk-s on
representation and far more than reit-
resents the claims which tho compuuy
holds in this country.
None of the ground held by the company was mined by the company last
year, but considerable muck was
ground-sluloed off on the lower Bonanza in preparation for working there
with dredges this year. The com,tany
virtually had not a dollar's ylelc In
gold last year, but was doing the important preliminary dead work of
preparing for the use of an Immense
In the Item of road building alone tbe
company bas spent $30,000 the last
year. It is gathered from an official
source that the expenditures of tho
company right ln the camp last year
were sufficient, were such allowable, to
represent tbe claims they hold for two
or three years in advance, but only the
expenditure of each current year are
allowable to apply on representation.
That Is to say, the representation for
each year must be made during each
year.' This la to enforce miners antl operators to do continuous work on iheir
claims, or to make them get out so that
others can work.
The sum of $780,000 referred to in the
foregoing does not in any way Include
the cost of dredge or other material,
only labor and work on ditches and the
like appurtenant to the claims being
applied as representation, and then go
ing far over the mark as Btated.
Some  Incidents  in the Career of the
Eminent Physician.
Not many weeks before his death the
late Sir William Hingston, of Montreal,
was talking with an old friend about
times that bad gone and scene.-, uf
long ago. The conversation turnel to
tho bright spots ln human life���foi Sir
William was on of those happily constituted men who do not allow the
shadows to thrust sunshine into the
background���when he was asked to
name tbe proudest moment in his long
and very successful cureer. He
awe-red without -hesitation lis if the
ansvfl't was ln bis mind before the question was asked. Tho occasion to wJUch
Sir William pomtea as being that on
which he fell the greatest pride aud
satisfaction occurred many yeurs ago
when he wus pursuing his medical stud
ies at the University of Edinburgh,
after having graduated at McGIII. lie
was leaving the university building oue
afternoon when he was overtaken by
the professor of surgery, one of the
niost eminent membors of the profes
sion In Great Britain. Saluting the
young Cunutilan student the pntfessor
took hint by the arm and together they
walked down tho street until their ways
patted. "That." said Sir William, "Was
tho proudest moment of my life."
Perhaps one can point to an occasion
lhal must have brought Sir William
some disappointment and possibly not
a little temporary feeling of huuiilln
Hon; and that was when he was defeated at the polls by Mr. James Me
Shane. It was in the bye-election held
iu 1896 In St. Ann's dtsvision to till the
seat in the house of commons rendered
vacant by the elevation of Hon. J. J
Curran to the bench. Already breakers
were beginning to loom up before the
Bowell government. The old Conservative ship seemed to be steering straight
upon them. Every effort had been made
to hold St. Ann's, the Irish constituency
of Montreal. At the earneet solicitation
of his friends Sir William consented to
lead the forlorn hope. He made a plucky
fight but the odds were too great aud
Mr. McShone won. One of the orators
brought Into that campaign from a distance by the Liberal! was the Hon. G.
W. Ross.   Shortly after that defeat Sir
William was appointed to the senate,
and after many stormy fights and many
viclsBltudes of fortune Mr. Ross Joined
him ln the upper chamber. Thus do the
circles of men's lives touch and crosB
each other.
Jerome Finally Asks fer a Commission
In Lunacy te Report.
"New York, March 21.���Thai Justice
Fitsgerald will appoint a commission In
lunacy to enquire Into the present mental condition of Harry Thaw, seems a
foregone conclusion. This afternoon he
will hear arguments at counsel on both
sides of the famous 'Use, and he plainly Intimated yesterday that he would
appoint a commission. Tbat this commission will find that Thaw is now insane is the opinion .of most of those
who have closely followed tho trial.
Dr. Allen McLean Hamilton, one of
the country's most famous alienists, has
openly expressed the opinion lhat Thaw
is now Insane and incapable of conducting his own defence. Dr. C. McDonald
and Dr. A. Flint, also noted alienists.
have expressed the same opinion aud
affidavits are expected from all these
three as well aB from the doctors who
are familiar with the history of the
Thaw case and with the Insanity, which
Is said to have been presenl on both
sides of his ancestry. The appearance
of Dr. Allen pamllton In the ease yes-
tot day, and District Attorney Jerome's
appeal to the "conscience of the court,"
came like a bombshell, lt was expected
that tbe testimony would be finished
yesterday and that this morning the
summing up would begin. It was the
general expectation that the case would
go to the tun' not later than Saturday.
Bat when Mr, Delmas called Dr. Hamilton the stand the end was In sight.
The shadow of tbe famous alienist
has loomed large In the background
ever since the caae began. It was
known that he believed Thaw to be
still Insane, and neither aide was anxious to call him. Tbe defence Apparently
did not want him because of bis belief ln Thaw's present Insanity; the
prosecution could not call him because
his relation to Thaw was that of physician to patient aad be could not be
ba compelled to testify without a specific waiver of the privies** created by
those relations. That the attorneys for
the defence will make a hard light to
prevent the Jadge from appointing the
commission -when the conn sits this
afternoon is presumable. From the first
thc fight has been to secure an acquittal
and lt Is not proabable that'it will be
given up so long as there is the slight
est chance that lt may be successful.
On the other hand, Mr. Jerome Is convinced that Thaw is now Insane, and
he will fight Just as bard for the appointment of the commission.
Other Lima Muat Conform.
Ottawa, March 21.���The Railway commission has given Judgment ordering
the Canadian Pacific and Grand Trunk
Pacific companies to reduce their passenger rates to three cents per mile.
The regulation goes Into effect ln GO
days and affects all lines east of and
including the Calgary and Edmonton.
Other roads are to be Immediately notified and requested to conform or tn inform the commission why they object
to doing so.
Meeting Tonight to Consider Steps; te
���e Taken for Organization ef
Kootenay Distriet.
A public meeting Is called for tonight
at 80'clock in the board of trade rooms
to consider means of securing the protection of game of all kinds in Kootenay. The meeting is called by C. W.
HuBk, president of the Kootenay Game
Protective Association; which waa formed two years ago In Nelson.
Recently associations In the etiast
cities wltb similar objects have bee approaching the provincial government for
more stringent laws and stricter enforcement, to prevent the depletion of
game In their districts.
It Is pointed out that while then' Is
no dearth, present or prospective. In
the high mountains of Vancouver Isbind,
of the mainland coast, of the Kootenay
and of Cariboo, those districts are accessible only to the professional hunter.
The tourist who would enjoy one or two
days' shooting cannot go far from the
centres, and lt Is here that protection
is needed.
Provincial Game Warden A. Bryan
Williams has Issued a circular letter to
associations asking for suggestions.
No part of the Kootenay Is as yet an
organised district within the mealng of
the Game Protection Act. To secure
such recognition must be the flrst task
of the local association. Afterwards
improvements ln tbe law, and the adoption of more effective measures for its
enforcement may be takes up.
Mr. Busk asks that sU^dbo are interested In a subject which 4s of the
greatest Importance not aw to sportsmen but to all landowner! and others
concerned in the attractions of Kootenay tn travellers, will atUad Uie meeting and ssslst In securlnsTiill legislation as may bo found neeessary for th*
protection of th* gam* animals and Bab
of th* district.
after mm
State Legislatures Fight
tbe Roads
Fifty Cbnts a Month
Hallet s ranch, and extend It when nee-
essary. There are nine customers
served by the existing line, but It is
thought that it will not be a difficult
matter to secure 20 patrons for the
new line.
Magnates Declare in Favor of Federal Control���Western Statu
Most Active in Struggle.
Chicago, March 21.���E. H. Harriman,
President Stickney, of the Chicago
Great Western, and other prominent
railroad executives are quoted as saying
that they would prefer that their roads
be brought under the control of Congress rather than 10 be subject to tbe
legislation of the several states, lt
needs but a glance at the list of anti-
railroad measures passed in the various
states during the last six months or bo
to show that there is good reason for
this preference on the part of the railroad officials. Congress, in response to
ihe popular agitation, commenced the
crusade for legislative regulation of
railroads two years ago; but it is doubtful If even the most far-seeing statesman dreamed then ot the lengths to
which the crusade would be pushed by
the states.
The fever for anti-railroad legislstlon
by the states seems to hsve beeu sporadic in character. New England has
been comparatively tree from it, although no section of the country has
better reason to complain of the domination of railroad combines- New York
has been busy regulating the insurance
companies and otber big corporations
and as yet has not bad time to give a
great deal of attention to the railroads.
New Jersey and Deleware have not
bothered the roads to any extent, but
Pennsylvania started an investigation
that stirred things up and Ohio followed
ault by striking tbe first sucoeesful
blow for the 2-cent fare.
But lt is In this -section of tte country, In tbe Mississippi valley and the
prairie states, thst tbe anti-corporation
fever bas manifested Itself In Its most
virulent form, A wave of anti-railroad
legislation has swept like prairie fire
from North Dakota to Texas. Tbe most
popular terms of legislation were two-
cents smile fare bills and bills authorising state commissions to regulate rates
and railroad affairs generally. A number of states panned such laws at the
sessions now drawing to a close, or Just
ended, and ln many other states notation began which promises lively times
at the next sessions.
Nebraska passed a two-cent-fere bill
and then gave Its attention to a terminal raiiroad taxation measure; a bill reducing Pullman rates one-third, and
other drastic iin'l-rallroud legislation.
Kansas passed a two-cent-blll providing for 500, 1,000 and 2,000 mileage
books, the 2,000 mile books to be Interchangeable. Indiana also enacted bills,
including two-cent mileage books and
two and one-half-cent flat fare.
In the southern states there has been
a great deal of recent legislation adverse to the railroads. The Alabama
legislature used a particularly sharp
stick, fixing rates on more than a hundred articles of freight, making sweeping reductions from existing tariffs, providing for reciprocal demurrage and reducing passenger fares to two and
one-half cents a mile. The activities of
the Alabama legislature in this direction were heartily supported snd more
or less directed by Governor B. B.
Comer, who was elected to office on an
anti-railroad   platform.
The anti-railroad fever left the Rocky
mountain states almost Immune, but
showed Itself in nearly all the states of
the Pacific slope. Wyoming, Colorado
and Utah declined to enter the anti-mil-
road crusade. Colorado passed it few
harmless measures, and Montana contented herself with providing for a railroad commission- California was moderate in its demands on the railroads,
but Oregon passed a comprehensive
law empowering the state commission
10 regulate rates, providing for reciprocal demurrage and giving general restrictive control of the railroads. Washing ton has been hot on the trail or the
railroads for a long time and Nevada
now has a railroad commission with
broad powers of regulation.
Telephone Extension.
The British Columbia Telephone Co.
will shortly begin the construction uf a
telephone line, 1*6 miles ln length, on
the opposite Bide of the lake. There
has been a line already In existence
there for several years. This was erected by C. W. Busk. Charles West and
others, but with the growth of 'population on the other side of the lake a
more pretentious line is now demanded
The old lino was strung along the trees,
and was never very reliable. For the
new one It will be necessary to erect
poles, and as there will have to a great
deal of rock cutting done the coat will
be heavy. Besides, a submarine cable
will have,to be laid, which will moke
th* undertaking rery expensive. It la
proposed to build th* line aa far up as
Or, J. H. Roberta of Dawson Is Brought
Down to Westminster.
Vancouver, Uarch 21.���Corporal
Kelly and Constable Hume, of the R. N.
W. M. P., arrived on the Amur, having
ln charge Dr.'J. H. Roberts, a well-
known physician and surgeon of Dawson. Dr. Roberts, who was highly respected in that section of the country,
was one of the flrst practising physicians to go Into tbe camp. He had then
Just graduated. He came out later and
took a special two years course In surgery with the view of fitting himself
to handle the accidents inseparable
from mining life. After returning to
Dawson he was unremitting In follow.
Ing up his studiee along this line until
his brain gave way under the strain.
Tbe flrst peculiarity noticed was when
he commenced inviting hla friends into
his offlce and aaklng them after a little
chat to get ln the chair and be operated
ou. He told them that he must have
practice ln order to become perfect. He
was at flrst not at all violent but the
repeated refusals of bis friends to gratify his somewhat startling whim irritated blm and he began to show signs
of violence and lt waa necessary to put
him under restraint. He haa been
placed in the hospital for the insane in
New Westminster. In Dawson hundreds
of his friends ln all walk* of life hope
that aberration will be only temporary.
Compilation   Making   Fair   Pi
Reault of Re-solution Adopted
by Koottnay Synod.
Toronto, March 21. ��� Malting a
hymnal la a big work aa tbe progress of
the Anglican Book of Common Praise
shows. To get It out several preliminary
skeleton volumes bave to be issued In
order that the compilers may do their
work to the best advantage. The work
is done ao thoroughly that these draft
volumes will be of tbe greatest Tain*
to all who shall b*r*aft*r eqmp-U* ** | teaat mt wages.
edition of hymns In English. Thk third
draft of the Boot of Common Praise
has Just been pffhted, and it ls more
important and Interesting than tb* flrst
or second. The book ts now approaching lta final torm, and some of the
copious Indices promised appear. Six
of them are ln thla draft as followa:
Of flrst lines, of metres, alphabetical index ot tunes, ofcompo-sen, of authors
and translators. Where the first line
ia printed differently in different existing hymnals It will appear in these different ways ln the index, though not,
of course, In the hymn Itself. For instance, the first line at "Glory to Thee,
My God, Thla Night," is in some hymnals. "All Praise to Thee, My Old, This
Night." Both terms will appear ln the
Index so that anyone used to either
form can find tbe hymn.
The index of metres is very complete. In the Index of tunes where a
tune is known by two names, both will
be round in the index. This Index also
shows whether the tune is copyrighted,
and who owns it. The index of composers Ib very full, and the indext of authors show's the nationality and religious denomination of each writer. This
Index shows that while all denominations contribute to this, aa to all Chris-
tlsn hymnals, the great majority of the
writers are Anglicans. This Is, perhaps,
in line with the contention that tbe
world is more indebted to Anglican
hymn writers than to those of any other
denomination. Great care la being taken
to secure tbe literary acuracy of the
hook, every hymn being examined by
Rev. John Mearas. sub-editor of Julian's
Hymnology. and compared with the or*
lglnals ln the British Museum and the
Church House, London. More than 200
suggestions are printed ln thla draft
for consideration of th* compilation
committee when lt meets at Gauan-
oque next July. Altogether the draft
bears testimony to the hard work of th*
committee and their determination to
prodnoe a book as nearly perfect as possible.
The compilation was ordered by tbe
general synod of the church In Canada
at Its meeting tn Quebec In IMS, on s
resolution presented from the synod of
the diocese af the Kootanay, by Rev,
F. H. Graham.
Leyal Ontario.
Toronto, March 21.���Mr. Pine, minister of education, has decided tbat the
department will supply ���very school In
the province wltb a large Union Jack,
upon which will b* emblasoned the
Canadian Coat of Arms. Tenders will
be called for by the government for Hag
poles and the poles will be erected on
every school ground, from whioh tbe
flag will fly on all achool days. The
regulations are likely to provide an interesting ceremonial In connection with
the Dag. It ta possible that following
prayers, the Madura will assemble th*
sohool and pupils will salute tb* raising
of th* flag.
Apparent Slight
Fair Terms Resolutions WUI Be Up
for Discussion Tomorrow���Case
of Kossland Today.
<8p*clal to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, March 20.���The expected d��
bate on the premiers Fair Terms resolution has been postponed to Friday on
th* suggestion of J. A. Macdonald. after
J. H. Hawthornthwlate had -complained
that hla amendments had been Ignored
by the official reporters, and the premier himself had asked leave to add a
Several bills were advanced n stags
and Hawthornthwaite Introduced a
Shop Regulation Act.
The premier brought down a return
of all documents bearing on the title to
the Tslmpean Indian reserves which ia
now in dispute between the Dominion
and the provlnoe aad which the former
wishes to donate to the Grand Trunk
Pacific Oompany. The Dominion government has in fact, by order-ln-coun-
ell, conveyed to the company such title
as It can, carefully labelled "without
reeoura*.** The provincial government
holds that aa the Indians have surrendered their title to the landa, tbe reversionary Interest is vested in tbe province.
Tbe chief interest in tomorrow's session will be ln the premier's reply to
Mr. Macdonald's question as to special
aidfor Rossland; and in tbe premiers
contribution to the debate on Parker
litems'   bill   on   semi-monthly pay-
New Capital far Calgary Herald���Accl.
ctont at Reliance.
Calgary. March 21.���Tb* Dally Herald will announce today that by the
aale of a half Interest to* Jama* M.
Woods, *of Woods, Norrto, Limited.
Toronto, formerly manager of the Toronto News, Mr. Woods will become
edition and director, and Editor J. J.
Young remaining president of the company.
Lethbrldge, March 21.���A fatal accident occurred at the Reliance Coal
mines at Reliance, Alberta, about noon
today. Thomas Gibson, aged 20 yeara.
who runs the cage ln the shaft, losing
his life. DetailB of the accident are
Roumanian   Government   Prepared   le
Deal with Rioters.
Bucharest, Roumania, March 21.���All
the army recruits hav been called out
te Join the colors with the result that
the government hus at its disposal
plenty of troops to enable it to speedily
suppress tbe Agrarian troubles.
Large numbera of Jews from Jassla.
Vsluela, Botasaht, and other towna
wblcb have been terrorised by the acta
of the peasantry, have arrived here
seeking refuge and assistance. They assert that the Russian portion of the
population largely participated wltb the
peasants In the plundering and Incendiarism at Botosahni. According to tbe
latest advices received bere from that
town quiet bas been restored there.
Women Brawls���.
London, March 21.-s^-Seventy-six suffragists, wbo were arrested yesterday
for brawling within tbe precincts of
Parliament, were sentenced today to
IS or a fortnight In prison to $20 or a
month imprisonment. They decided to
go to Jail and were taken away in the
prison vans amidst mingled cheers and
leers of the crowd outside the police
Price* of <M*Uli.
New York, March 21.���Silver, ��6%*;
copper, 26c; lead $6.
London, March 21.���silver, 30 lS-Md:
lead, ��12, 13s, ��d.
A. B.
Buckworth, of Ymir. ia tn tke
The threatened strike or the
has been amicably adjusted.
Gold Commlssioasr Chtpaan e*M��
down (rom Kaato laat ���vautng, and hat
��*e�� In the city darlag tke dag.
maWmmmtma. *:i
���    STORES *: "
pt     Thpr" it. ample  room   In
for   .mpr^venicnts.   iho  streot.-
and   gsrdeiltf,   vacant   lots.
buildings and.  moat of aj]
fmnt. are good subjects.
The Daily Canadian
nooc  ipted
tlie   rater
Bui i'i.   most
Two Cars of the Celebrated
A. B. C.
Important thins (,f ��ii i
ment of a imid secretary, not ���
has many other Interests bul i q
whole time ami effort can Ue
the work, a man ol Boms Iftera
menis.  who can  write  :;  good
tive letter, and a man cf good
and   wide   general   Infon
visitors will be pleased to m i
a man ran be secured much ma.
complished by a tout-is; association o
20.000   Club   or   ai.y  other  adv
i who
i whose
iv.-n to
i  .crip.
Irt ts
I   MiCtl
be ;;c*-
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP....M.700,000 REST *1 "00 000
D. K. W1LKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vic^Presidem     '
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed cnrrent rotes from date of onentne af
ac:onnt, and eouiponnded quarterly. opening *t
>bl.so> branch J.   M.   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
So far thla -��� t*t * s W xaam-
ben have behaved w ;; Hawthomth'
uaite   an>l   \\ I        - kept   fairly
busy, but the bil I th :  b   ���*   Introduced
are on the Unes ih;it special  n
t;ttivps iif woi kins cli be eJ
pected to follow. There Is something
to he said for tt mf-month
ment. and shop regulation, though It
is doubtful if either is really necei
in British Colombia al present If tha
Socialist members continue sdvocatiDC
and securing improvements fn conditions of Industry, their occupation will
soon be gone. The "wage-alaves" will
become quite reconciled to the Bo-oaDed
capitalistic system.
We are still the in the dark as to the
position which the Liberals in the le_ris-
lature wiil take on the Issue of Fair
Terms between the Dominion and this
province. We stilt express confidence
that J. A. Mcdonald will show himself
more patriot than partizan and will support in their entirety the rsolutions to
be offered by Mr. McUride, reaffirming
British Columbia's protest against the
ne wscale of provincla subsidies proposed by Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
-i : '���i ������
tboold   - - ���'        ���   ���>��� ro
tb s  end   no   one   ht     o
much  ;n   recem   yr.v.-  sg   tlm
governor-general of Cans
land papers an bum reooi        tbc kind
acts which Their K\-    k
iu   Newfoundland    laat    summer,   and
which    aMed    in  th.* conquosi   which
Their Bxcell&ncjC* mnde df the hearts
ol    Newfoundlanders    ��herevejt    the]
went    One ol rinse waa thi   w n
tht* Coubtoas  Grey  of of J:'-':*
to ;iid nn injured miu-1 Ip lh<   General
hospital at St. John's.   Now Lord Grey
is  OStng every effort   tO li.'- *
his musical pontes! in Ottawa .1 representative   musical   organisation    Rono
Newfoundland.    lie very much desl
the presence of the Ladles' On
of Su John's, but owing to th-.* difficulties of travelling about the end ol   I*'
uaiy. and for other re&SODS, thi
tra cannot enme tu Ottawa    Hov i  i
Lord Grey is endeavoring to Indu
of the other musical organisations to
represent  the ancient  colony.    All of
which makes for a better understanding
and a  better feeling al! around.
New Spring
Dry Goods
We arc now showing .1 splendid stock of Advance 8tyles   n 1 *
tned Hats.    Now Is the time to make selections while stock 1. L. """����' Tri,,,
orders for your EASTER   HATS. " a��011' ��r to pi,,,
See Our Ladies' Blouses at 75c and $1,00 each
A Fine assortment of  Ladles' Undermuslins,   Ladies'   N,���i,t   n
each.    Drawers 50c natr.    White Underskirt, $1.00 each    A,.���s        "''���<
Dress Materials in Wools. Organdies, Lawns, Prints, etc., to s .leetV�� "��Ck ��'
Fred Irvine <& Co'
CapHaI s-ti Rese-'M
SS, 2 90,000
S 12,000,000
Tet.1 Asset,
f- .!>i*-; nix <ut* ���- aaat i-j tht,
rsuxntsa htbusfung cottfAyr, Lm.
Eiier Bt., Nelaon. B. C.
Sttt-KT-puoo raw-*, w oaaM a aoutb delivered
ID thfr cut. or 15.* a reju If Bent by mall, when
pa:-', ln ki- nj'.e
Adve:* .��� :.* rite* on i.; ;. iraHon
All modes .paid in   ae clement of  TLe Pally
��� -"count*, either Ior fnbaerlptioni
Canad lh n
ad >*���::- ��� .��� must be receipted fnr on the printed
forme ot the * ������.��� ipanj utner receipt* are not
MAlvCM 21. 1907.
To read the Saturday and Sunday
editorials of the Canadian papers generally and the political articles in the
f-i.w Canadian monthly and quarterly
publications, one might imagine that all
Canada were clamoring for sweeping reforms in the administration of the Do*
minion and provincial services, and of
p dities generally.
It ts often forgotten that the men who
write such articles, or deliver addressfs
in colleges or clubs, on similar sub-
i* cts, are as a rule active politicians,
who know tlie game as it Is, and play
it according to the loose rules more or
less generally observed.
The great majority of the members of
both panies loathe bribery as a political weapon: but many of them at
least know that it is used and utter nt
most a very feeble protest during ca
It is nafe to predict, for r...-.:upl
thc circle of minisH rs lb Winnipeg .10
denounced from their pulriti iTie
alleged corruption of the Roblin gov-
erflmtUt, will not allow th'ir votes at
the next Dominion election to be Influenced in the slightest by the disclos-
uses of tho last election in London, by
the retention in the civil service of VV.
T. R. Presion, J. Obed Smith and a
bunilred others of ihe same kind, by the
Nonh Atlantic Trading Co. scandal, or
anyone of a hundred other scandal*..
Such men are often influenced by big
political issues, such as the loyalty or
disloyalty Of a party to Hritish connection, but for the sins of their party In
debauching an electorate they ouly
sigh���and keep on  voting.
Some advocate civil service reform as
a panacea. They think If positions were
awarded on the results of cotnpotltlvo
examinations instead of try ptu-sonal appointment, the chief means of, and fn-
E>epOBita of $1.00 and upwards received at highest current rata and iaterwt
paid quarterly Instead of semi-annually, as heretofore.
 Nelson Branch, G. A. SPIgK. Manage
centive to, corruption would be gone.
Undoubtedly Uie gain would be great,
and to none more than to the pestered
and wearied ministers and members
who hear a Beor��* of appeala for every
vacant position. The local patronage
committees, whose existence can only
be defended on grounds of expediency,
would disappear.
But civil service reform is not. easy
of attainment. The examples of Hritain
and Germany are not at all to the point
in a country where racial, religious and
territorial representation in all public
services from the Dominion cabinet
down  is  claimed  and  conceded.
Quite recently a claim was entered
for representation in the Dominion Cab-
inet for Hritish Columbia. It was not
pretended that any Hritish Columbia
member had any qualification for any
portfolio. Rut the claim on merely geographical grounds was admitted and
Mr Templeman was chosen as easily
the least  unfit.
Any proposal to appoint an Easterner
to a position in British Columbia- is hotly resented, and the other provinces are
no loss jealous. This system must be
abolished before automatic appointment
as the result of standing in competitive
examinations can be serious'y considered.
The only road to r'-forra is easier and
simpler than that. Let the good people who are horrified at corruption ak
tend their own party meetings and sec
that clean and able men are chosen af
candidates. If they fail to let. them enter
their protest���a protest no party machine will dare to ignore.
Organization is essential to victory.
If the learned and refined citizens shirk
their public duties and leave the organization to the ignorant and the
coarse, they may rest asurcd that the
work will bo done Ignorantly and
coarsely. The man who will not do his
own share of such public duties puts
himself out of court. Ho haB no righl
to complain If others do ft In a way
that does not meet, hla Judgment and
taste. Corruption Is duo mainly to Indifference, aud the Indifferent are the
chief sinners.
Emma  Goldman,   Lady Anarchist.  Siys
Government is Unnecessary���Despises  Preachers.
The Actor and the Man.
Croat painters, sculptors, musl clans
and actors are careful nol to lose tbofr
heads iu ihe tumult of their emotions.
Edwin Booth; so far as is known, never
threw himself into his character but on
one occasion, and then be was playing
Bertuccio in "The Kinq's Pool" It is
related that he came off the stage Sl
the conclusion of the performance convinced that he had surpassed ail of his
previous efforts and that be was excited, thrilled, tingling with the emotions of the character Into which he
had blindly cast himself, but his daughter, Edwina Booth, who had been sitting in a stage box, told him she had
never seen him act so badly. For that
one performance Booth deliberately
had chosen to be the man and not tho
Toronto, March 21,���A female
ehlst, Emma Goldman, lectured on
conception of Anarchism" to i
slz<'d audience in the Labor T<
n'gbt.    She    declared    that i
tmple last
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
NotleaUbtreb] fttea tnnt two mont-hi Ute:
dati we Intend toaaply to Hip chipt Commit*
iloner ��( Um<l* �������! Worki lor �� 1mm <>( nil thnt
%-     , bl Hit' th�� for-MboW Mi1jii|iiiti�� ths 1'r.nn'llan
iifitlc Railwa} Shipyard nn itir wni, jmrt ul
i      ia, group l. and being on ths sonth than
ot \Un wva-t ttrm oi  Ktwicuay l-nki-, In thfl <1i��*
rlei ot Kootenay:  Commenelns ��t tlie ��mihfr-
lf eorner of lit TOM. pomp 1; Ihrnc? nliing tii*-
���outb wsstariy boonoary of lot TOW nnd tl *���
ti*iiMi*>a tniTi*o(. In a north westerly iltn-ellnn.B
dl stance <>f-!_.*��� feet; thenee *t right ancles to
saldboundan in��*��>iiih wsetarly direction* *
��1t!��unre of 3tS fret, more or 1pm. in thi- north
eaetarlybottndarrof the City t"��rk. oontlnasd:
ihenoe parallel to satd westerly bnun<lHryiit lot
7QM, In a south easterly direction) & distance of
BOO feet, more ot >���**���*. to the northerly bouodUrr
ot lot 58A: Uu-iHi.'following thv northerly bound-
iryof lo*. 68 -V m a north cuter 1> direct ion tothe
point of c,.uim>sii -inicnt, the area U-ing 3.31
acre*, more or lens,
Dated thin Tth dav of January. A.D.. 190i,
60 days after date l intend to appiv to th<* Eton*
orthle the t hlel < "inrai��eloner ol Lands and
WOrkl, lo purcheM -"17" neres of land: Com.
m>*[i.iUL' at it poet marked O. W, 8 N. h corner
yom Mini pUnted on the w*St Shors of Arrow
lake nd]ol:ilng I��t STI on the flOhtb side of *>��ld
Lot, thenee weet SO chains alout* the fuutheni
l^oindary of l��t STI; thence south SBJfl chatna;
thenee east n ehelni more or less to late shore;
thenos north itinug lake ihore tu plate of u-gla-
D.ied Wth day of KoT. I'SA.
Qao. ff.BrssL,
J. K. simUBIA Ageut.
Stitj* days after date I intend lo applr to the
Hon. Chief Cointn*:'M'.>ntT of Lands and Works,
Vktorla. tu purchase 1��J acre* ot lm
tiled lu
Kire Valley," heluit part of Hei'llonw  Three aud
Futir, Town^lilp 6'J, am"   "
Williams' N. W.i
H, K. comer,"  i
thenee 80 cbalm
ihence -10 chalm
dSSCrlbad as followi:
a i-'-t planted at Wiiliam
orner, and marked "'It. K. W*_
nd running 40 chain!- west,
south, thence 20chains cant,
���-������ih, thence �� chains eaal.
Tobaccnaist.   %&:x Street.
tit at
The remarks of E. K. Beeston, pub-
llshofl In yesterday's iasue of The Dally
Conadlan, deserve careful attention and
consideration If Nelson ls to coutluutf
tho campaign Tor growth and Improva-
mwni bogun last year, It war* batter tu
do it affectively than In �� slovenly man-
was upposed to all coercion and auth
orlty, believing only in co-operatloa.
The restrictions of laws were what
cuused laws to be enacted. The removal of the penalty of hanging for
horse-stealing was followed by the cessation of hurse*ste;ilin��. How, ahe asked, could one human Mng assume to
punish another? The essential thing.
Mlas Goldman declared, was to gel rid
of the idea thai governmenl was neces- ,.
sary. When men pet that out of their jf
heads they would become Independent
She denied that anarchism had in ces-
sary connection with force or was
synonymous with it. If anarchists used
violence it was because of the presence
of violence in human affairs, and bi��-
cause violence was used on them. Dut
the philosophy of anarchism was quite
opposed to force. The more rigid government was .the mon* stringent the
laws of a country, the more danger
there was of violence.
A number of questions were by the
lecturer's invitation put to her at the
of her address. One man asked
could workmen organize without
law or the idea of government, ttlss
Goldman replied that she did not believe in trade unions us they ar**- today,
th** men were under the rule ot their
labor leaders, which was as bad as that
of other forms of governmenl.
In answer to other questions, as to
��hat she wou'd say of the Idea of the
government of God, she said she wan
not a Christian, did not believe in a God
and though' "science had sufficiently
disproved the idea of a hereafter." She
did not accept a religion which had
made men slaves and filled 'hem with
the idea of sacrifice for others. They
needed to look after themselves. The
life of man, she declared, had nothing
ts do with God or with gods in heaven,
the god was in man's own self. Whfle
looking to God above, the gods down
here on earth had emptied men's pockets. She advocated belief in the truth
as It is and not as we had been tpught
it by the preachers, who, she said, "had
never earned an honest dollar in their
lives." Some of these statement; were
loudly applauded by a number in the
I intend tn apply to the
..-.___,_, -__________________________���
t* I intend tn apply
mwi'Mcjuer of  Landi aud
Sixty dayi nib
Hmi,   "the   Chiel
WoftUL ViL-tnria   to purahaJe the fuiloninjf di
ecrfoefl land:   Com mend nc *t a pon* marked
M    H'a S. W.corm-f. snd pltned near the i)ori|i-
���weat c-ornnr uf I.ol B812, ahnat one mile w- it ol
Sloean river, and rnnnlng^eant W chains to I_*��t
381' thenei* nor1 h-tn chit in*, tbenee weM-tu chain**,
thence south tu chains to place of beginning.
Mar h 9th. 19u7. MILD* lUt;uc,
I'aCl Hacck. Agent
8|xly dan stter datvl Intend to applr to the
Honorable the Chief Comm limner of Landsand
Worki, Victoria, to nnr^nase the
described   lauds    iu    W*-��t   Kuou-tia*
theme 60 chain* noitti to placeof
November iird, 1H06
eeof beginning
Kme* K Wiluami,
J. K. Annabli. Ajteut,
The Hall Mining and SmelttoJ
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
Special for Camp and Hotel
Heavy Hams
The Very Best of Canadian Goods
-t'oiLmeiK-lni! ata pon pinnted-at lhe * E. coin* i
uf H'm. Lovetl'.** purrjiane LT6?* and marked
��������. M..""'�� N.E corner," and .tunning south r>0
chnins, tbenee wesl tu ehalna, thence nom uo
������hainr*. ihf-nce m-t+��i-ha-m-�� to place of  tn-gin-
nln�� m~A ���.-i-jjjg 241,  AVTtfftt
Ifareh Bth, i��u:.
. M.6HA
aiile, Agent.
���ixty dayt  a'tcr dnU* I .ijiend to apply to 'he
Hon. the Cli ef ( oinnil��*4loncrnf 1mh*1* nnd Worki
mchaseiv-Jn Mxel of land  in   IVesI
iay   ojrttlct:   Commencing   at   a   p.r*t
d ;ition'���> mlo e *ro** fhe mouth  of Hoe-
-iui.-cr^��k ac 1  abonl ont mile went ol ihe Mild
creek and nnrkSd "If. H.'R'IS.W enrner,"   od
running nortb tuehelpt, thene*? f-H-'i ho 'hnio*.
thence HHttfa M chains, then.* wesl 80ebalni to
pimp ol beainQlng
Ma.-'-h l��h, 1907. H. ��   ROSS,
J. E. AavAntr, \i- nt.
Sixty day* after date I intend toapply to the
Hon.thef liictcnmnimsifi-utroi landsand fforki
Victoria, R. 0 , to pnrchiSe Vfi) acre* of land
fituate ln Fire Valley. West Kootenay, ana de-
icribed as folio-**: rommencinKat llie BOrihesat
corner of Lot 7816, and rnnnlng north ��> chnins,
thence eatt Zt <*h��fn*, (hence touth GOihaino,
thenei- west -jo chains to place of bfciiiiilng-
March tth, 1*07. W  W, Bbahlcy,
Sixty days after date I intend to r-tppl? to tne
Hon. chief rommiMoncr of Landi and Works,
Victoria, to mirchasc t*j acre* of land, In Pirf
Vailry. west Kootenay.and described ai lollowij
Commaneine *t t* f>o��' planted at "A'alter Unliv
northwest corner and mflrked A. S> S. E. corner,
and running north fio ihains, thence wret ki
chattti', tbence couth ft" chain*, thence ea��t Mt
chatos to place'nf beginning, and betn^ part oj
rcrtloiis M auf,  ?,"> In ToiMishipTl nnd a portion
ofSestloni l and : in Township Ot, Group I.
Ilareh .r-th, UCT. a. Bins,
j, ��, AntaBUE, Agent*
Nt.iin- ti hereb* Kirvn that 60dayi itt'-r data I
intend toapply t" the Hon   tbe Chief ConmlB*
kiotiftr of Ijiti.it* and HDrk**, Victoria, tor p-r
mlt-Blon to i-iiroh��l- the foIlowttiK ilescrftad
laud; t'lMiinir-in-ltiK nt a po>t at thi ftit<*r-> QtlOfl
<j|  the  M.uth   boundary   ol   lot  6.**-t,   mid   ea*[
bonndary of "Oolden Qneen" mineral claim,
ibenee eaat 19.-66 chains, bsom or leaa, t��> iooib<
.���a��t corner poet ol lot b'XS, theuce north 'Jt
ihaiii.*, more or lens, tu noriheaM corner pnst of
lottatt, thenre cast-to ohalni to the loatbaaat
rorner poat of lot i>4*. thence ^ou^fa fl 'hain*.
Ihenee weat fio chains, mure orlen  to the <*aii
boundary ol the "Golden Queen" mini ral elalm,
tbenee along   i-ai-t  Ixniudary "Qolden Wo-'-u"
mineral elalm to point of eommenoement, io
chains, more or lesa.
Nelaon,B.C .March J2.19U7.
JOH.1* CltABt-TON,
Her Wa. loLl.iNiiTjfi, A^ent.
Nutic i* hereby Kiven that 00 days after data 1
intend tu Hpi.lv to the Hon. Chief CommlMonar
<il Land* and Work-' fur permmMuti to purchaao
the following described landi, situate in WeSt
Kooteuay district: I'ommeiii'HiK at a |w.��t marked J. l~ Porter's N. tv. corner, tbtnee Niutb wi
chalna, fuiiouinft the eastern boundary ol H.
Melons application to punhane; tbeni e eait 1"
chains!   theuce north Kichalui, theuce west 4P
chalna in poim of commencement!
U0 acrei more or "
I'ated Ihi
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Nelaon, Kaslo, Rossland and Boundary.
, < taltiiog
�� llth day of March, l��f7.
���I. I.. Pon.au.
dajl after   dale l Intend U
hief Commlaaioner of Iji
apph  to the
nd works
Hon. i" ..   .- __  _ ��...
for    p-crnilsMdnn  to  purchmc   the fiillowtng  de
K'lhei   property a'.ap"��t   inirke*!  "ii   M . S.E,
""-uer, ' ilieii' e MchalBa imrth thence II eh��tn*>
nre ���!���> chains iouth, thenre4U cbator
[���i.-tmifiiiM men, �� mlmaltonof
inplion 7_> nt  IV   i     Ktinpp
____   oi the northwefi rjdanar,
ard ibe well holt nf the nortlicasi
section T, township70 Weataootena;
the   ues!  ��lmr'  of  lhe lower Arruvi  .,���.*
tullililit I**'"1 a.*n ��. tnor,: or leM.
March 1st, 19b7. UBOaoi Mtl-TON,
M. K. IfOQVABBlB, Ajrt-ui
���   !   [,. pi]   __^^^^
th. abandoned pr.-1
atj.t is the aaai half
��iu��rii-r i
Notice Is hereby ilvvn tbat 60 daya alter data 1
Intend toapply to the Honorable tbe ('blef Com-
i'i;**:    of l.nnds aud   Work* for pvrmusloo
to pur- Imv inn acre* of laud,situate on the Utile
HoylS river ..���..��������� I mtle Irutn luieiuatlonal
Houndary aod abont 1 nille frum .*-j�� kaut* iuter-
iialloiinl Ky.: t'omineavlug at a poat markeii
D, *jmil's H K. eoruer i<oal, Ibeine west fit)
CbalBSj thence uorth *���< chalus; tbeuce east V)
chaius: Ihence north 'JO cbalni; tbence east 60
chains; thenre south en ebalus to plact of cots-
Biaiiwsiiieul. <'onta'iiinjt _sau acres of laud.
Unatcd Oct   .Mtb l*a��
Dahisi. QiAtrf,
Hlxty day* after dale 1 purtiofe maklns appli-
en-ion to llie Honorable it"* rhief Commisaloner
ol Lands and Works fnr pertnlaslon to purrhase
the fnlloi ,ii,   !' ��� r'- -d  land:   Commencing at
a post nlas-eil at the B, Vi corner of Lot 0WW and
;  marked '���}' ii. f.'tt" N. W. corner, thener follow-
:   int the southern boundary l...t 60(10. K, chalna
1   more or lews east to the weat boundarr of Ix>t
ti'AJl, thence followin-st aame south -V) ebalna to
thi- north bouudary of Lot fisoj; theoce about 70
chains   wett !.:*****j said boundary to the laka
shore; theliee nortb ><u chains more or leaa fol-
:������������. i!,/ its* lake shore to polnl   of  commencement, eotitainltiR 317 acrea more or less.
I>at*d Uteembei ITtb, 1907.
P ti PAigriaa.
sixty days alter date 1 intend to apply tothe
Honorshle the Chief Commissioner of Land* and
Works for permission topurcbaaa lbe following
d��Sftnbed lands In   Kootenay  dlatrlct;     Com-
that tut; *.iinj
Notice ic here fiv (riven that slxtv days after dntr
I intend to npplv to thc Hon Chief Commission
er id Lands and   Worki  for thc   rirht to our
chase ths (ollowlng described   lands;    (om-
menolhg at a   po��t   marked   *,M. J   Cameron*
*���' '"   *orner post" pouted at the R.W. cornet of
--* '    "' No. 8S.1. running eail UD
Earl Grey's Good Work.
Everybody in Canada wants to see
Newfoundland a part of Confederation,
bui ff?w people would bring in thp an
olenl colony without tbe full consent
of im Inhabitants. What is needed just
now Ih that the PCQple of both colonies
BlxtJ day* after date I intend tonpply to the
)Von. Chief Cornmlsiloncr of LaSol and tVorks,
\'Jctorla, B. C��� to purchase 1J40 neres of land, in
Pftre Valley, rttsrrlheri ai 'ol on-: Co*nnieUi'inir
at a post plantad tOohilnaSreit of Waiter Bttll'i
N. W, corner and marked J. ff. Holmes' Jr. N- K.
eoosar p's:, and mailing sonth io chains, thence
weatWehauis, thence north 40 chains, tbeuce
ca**t iVi chain* to plac��* of bentnninif and befnj: s
portion <ii Beotlon $\ Township 71, Weal Kooienav.
March .Mb, 19ft.. J. W. Hiijic". Jr.
Sixty days after date 1 intend to apply to thr
Honorable tbe Chief Commisaloner of Lands and
\it���i���   victoria, to purehaae *$40 acres of land,
Worl   .   ________________^__^^^^^^^^
*ituat"d on the wot el<.r> of arrow lake, and oe
ecribed as' fellows: CommancInK a: a po*t marked J, H's K. K corner and plaoed at the southwest corn p-r of Lot TiiOJ, (Jroup 1, West Kootenaj
and runniiiK west 80 ebalna, theico south �����
chains, thonce east 80 chain* to the ake shore,
thenco north Slong the lake to placeof beg) onlhg
Marehdth.iw:. J Hak.hk,
J. F��� Annaiii.e, AftenL
N A*	
the K. and ^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^
ehalns; tbenoa son h 1,000 feet, moreor less u.
the Cl' K. line, thenre west ISO chains to the
Arrow Lake; thene- norih 1000 feel following
the Shot's of the Arrow Uke to the point of com
Daied this lllh day 0t February, 1907.
M   J.'.AMr.aov,
j. m, CatisroVj Agent,
sixty days alter date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Land* and Works lor
t.crmlsslon to purchase the following descritied
laud; Hi uated on the cast side of Arrow Lakt
in  the   West   Kootenay district, about ., milt*-*
abors Hurton City, eonnenolni at a post plant
ed st the northwest e,,rner of C. Bac^-T'* luir
ehn��e, ihence ea.��t 2m chains, theme ti rth SO
���-liiliid, tbence west 'Jd ehalus. (hence south-It*
��!"��"" ��������� point of coinmcticemi'ni and contain
ii*trl't,on J mencing at a post marked J. B. AnnabJe'n north-
con ('M>" oortutx post, said post being on the south
aide of the fx��wer Arrow iake, about two milea
below Hurton City; thetue south 50 ebalna;
(hence west '30 chalui; Ihence aouth 'JOebalna;
th<>nce west 20 chains; thence north S3 cbalni
snd 'Si links, more or leaa to the lake shore;
tlience easterly along lake 40chains, more or lesa,
to thc place of bfgluntnjt, containing IM acrea,
more or leaa.
Hated this Mh day of November, 180S.
J. B. AkKAftt.l,
per K. L  Bt'BBBT. Af  nt.
Nothv l*  liereby rlTe_ ...�� , *,,,
date I Intend to ii.uki- mi [...'*���,'*,' 'ci..
able Chief CommlMtutiei of Lands ui KaBSl
Victoria ll. (..,fori��*rml��slou to pun km* IS I
lowing ilescrltwd land, altuate iu FmViBg,!
West Kootenay district: c���Lim*i��.*;i;|��iiiai|
Planted at the south-AeM corner of itt-tti-1
liiMin'i pre-emption, marke,) K. 1 K iM tm
poat, thence 40 rhalni weat, [htn**e*_L_ _
north, tbence 40 chain*i-a>t to JmbuhMwil I
uorth west corner. :\.- ���, .t:, i--:i.n*>lm |
of 'titomeneeuieut, i-outaimug ISOarmai
Dated this Wrd day of Nor., 1#*
K. I. K:um J
tio days after dale I intend toappif viMll
Chief CoinmiMlonerof Unds and ��oiwl
torla, t-i purchase MO acres uf 'and U��*|
Fire Vailry aud beluga portion of ����*taelt
aud 16 In Towm>hlpftti and described u Itm I
Commencing at a post plauied at lit* ___\_____\
corner of the sotilheast uuarler ol*��lJal|
Township <���' and inarkM I '��� ���- *���*
thence north 40 chains; thenca weit ��� a
ihcnce aoutb 4u chains; thence *-��*���' ��c-naii|
placeof beginning
NoTemluT .3rd IBM.        I_^_^__^l_^,_,_,__
JnairK GIBS |
J. f., AmMSLLAfl* f
January IK, IS07.
Wl.MUH  FtTl.im.
sixty days
f days nfter date I intend  to apply to tbc
lhe Ch ef   CominlHiioier of   Lnnds  air'
Works. Vjetori-, lo porehskeS30acrsl oflabd, in
West Kootenay. desettbed as follows: Com
mencing at a po>t planted about t, miles up
MtiM'iillo i reek fi"ni th�� monrh und markeo
"A   0.M N W, corner,   thanes south BO ehrili^,
theneaessl *o chnins. tnenue north *i ehains,
thence 4ochains west to plnee of heginniug.
February K-th. U07,
Hill Street, Near Silica.
Daughter and pupil of Pr. Tnrrlnglon. dlreetor
Tarento College of Music, desirea a llmltad
number of poplin In
A\*?\y at rsaldaura or by mall.      Box 1109,
 *�����*--' ������.���-�������������*. .atend to apply tothe
Honorable the Chief OommlSSlODSr of Unds aud
Works, Victoria, to purchase K acrea of land
located on tho west side ol Arrow l��if<* ��*"*��� ���'���>
de��crllHd as fol loi
marked P, An N. K.
no'thof the ��oijth��'-nivTHcroc Lot?nH, uroup
1, Weit Kooenay   an-' �����*�����*�����* ���-��������- "��� -*--*-
tbenoeW��t *> chain.,  .��� _.-._��� ^��,
��� hence eaat 20 -vialus to pjace ol befrlnnlne
March IUh.lW.7 Y. ABWABLB,
J. F- AKNAB1.B, Agent.
s: commencing at
orner.and planted +i
&ai corner of Lot 7104,
eitay^ and running south 40 chatna,
hence north   Vch-gJns,
i-ixty dnvs after da'e I Intend to applv to ihe
Hop *h�� ( hief ConunUsloner of Lauds ind
Works, Victoria, to purchase M0 acre* of land. In
Weit   Kootenay.   deserlbel   a,   follows;    Com-
mencing at a post marked "D.B." N.K, eornur,
and being nt the N.W. corner of A. OrahSRI'l
ai'plinnMon to purchnse ii hhb  is about H ml!e-
��� "-qnltn Greek Irtnn the month Mud run
i chams Sonih, thence m ib'-ins weit,
 She* ulns n.��r h, t.,encc hi cbaina enit to
nines of bcg'unlrg
Pebrnary Iflth, isi��7. D  *
J. K. ahnbaik, Ag*
Hlxty days after dale I Intend to apply to tbe
Chief Commissioner of Unds and Worki for
permission to purchase the following deacrlbed
lands In Kootenay District, about tbree-nuartera
of mile from Thrum's siding: Commenclog at a
post placed at the S W. corner of L MM. group
I. (feet Kootenay fMstrict; thence westerly
following the north boundary of L4MM, 40
chalna; thence north 10 chains; thenct eaat 40
ehalns. moreor lens, tothe N. W corner of
IftWi-i; thence soutb followlna the went boundary
of Ii*IKl lu chalus more or lew, lo place of commencement. co;i(alniug 40 acres, more or leai
i'ated this Sth dav of Decernt*er IW*.
D. II. P'TTI. Locator
Notice is hereby glVBO thai 80 clavi after date I
intend toapply to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of uandl and Works Victoria, D.C., for
pe mils* ton to purehase lhe following deeerlbed
lands In Wsst Kon:e*nay district: Commatielog
at a post planted at the southwest corner of loi
7701, group 1, and rnuuln l 90 cbaina lo tba loutb-
east corner of lot fTOB, group 1, then In an eaaterly direction '.'��� chains, then north 30 cbaina,
then wesi Hirbalna to poim of commencement,
containing 40 acres mere or leaa.
Lm ated FebiPHry llth, 1907.
Philip Wam, Locator.
Hixt* days afler date I Intend toippltsi
Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Ufcdl ***}m
\ inorla, to purchase IV) sins ul laBdlMQ
mllei b-low Burton City, West KiwteDl*f.��
mencing a' o post marked "J A Inln-fieJ
comer post." aald post being en :heMlttfirSl
of an lOand west of I *,* ��� .r ,,:, i i-lalmlEf iStt
land contained in said Isla- d. Mut iMJ
mile In an easterly and -,te*terly dlrKiW"
���boni 80 chnins from north to south. f
November llth, iau6. J.A.M I
J   E. A.WABU. iitat
Blxty daya afterdate 1 intend toippl/��*|
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Unds sod"nJ|
Victoria, to purehaae UO acresof land t_M
on the weat side of arrow Iskeand i��iN|tli��3|
nortb of UtlTJlt,; Commencing at a poit pW**!
at the N E. coruerof I Ait 71176 and m��;tri'**|
R. �� ,-orner," and rutin ing nortb X rtili
thence wesi 20 ebalns. thence north ����*|
tbence west 90 chains, theme south aaat
thenee eaat  40 chains, to place 01 bSgUSHf
Not. Mih, 1S06. Hebth* ShW*
J. R. Avw*blx Agtnt.
liltJK  r
Huty days slter date 1 Intend to spply to tba
Hon   ibe Chief rommlsslooer ol Lands and
Wo kr-   VjclorlH, lo putebnse 040 ��cr.������- of laud in
West Kootanay, deaorlbed m folLbwai Commen
'ItiK at a post planted about eight mile* up
MnM]Ulto creek and Joining K. Croa-'aPp)leal bui
to purchase, and maiked C. M's H ��.. cornei,
thenee north U chains, thenee west SO chains,
thence south ���-" cbufna, thenea east SO chains t<>
naeer.f U��*\t -
Notire li hereby given that sixty <iaya after
date I Intend to apply to the Hon. tbe Chiel
Commisnloner of Unds md Worki for permission to purchase tha following described land
situated in the West Kootenay dlatrlct: Commencing Ht a post plauied at tbe "N. E. eorner
I'oriers'a   pre-emption." and   m"��i""
Notice b*  hereby given ihat sixty "J11?
dale I intend  to apply to the Hoaoggl
Chief Cninmissloiier of Unds and aaW_
permission to purchase the tcMo*W__
lands situated in lhe Wut KootSWT *_\
Comineuclng at a |>osl marked "H �� _
wwt corner," and north of A. H. -*a_tM
ehsseolaUn, on Pan-i Greeti thsoes w��|
chain*; thence east 2u chains; thSBM ISU
chains; thenoe90 chains wc*i. to l��l>*fJH
infticeinent, containing 40 ai res, more or w*
December H, l��os. ,, ,,-
Host lUtrn
U. H. HcOfABaii.A|��nt^
Sixty davs after date I intend io applj ��* I
Chief OommlSBlonsi nl Lands and w��r*,,,"'i I
chase 6to acres of land, located In LOBV'W
Lake,  West Kootenay!   Coinmeiielns ���< ���TE
Planlcd   at   thc   "N.W.  corner ef *"r0V�� I
Indian Keaerve"; thence south SB chains, WJS |
west HO chains; tlience north SO chsini, ����*
east 80 chain*, to plan of beginning.
Localca HU day of December, 1����-     ,,
0 -Si"LI-,���
i Township W|*3I
mencing ���������'SI
r Icss-
Deoemberao, i����
m  n n��V,y p,���^,", '-w-ter.
M.  R    MegraBBIf. Agent.
Notlci^ |s hereby given tnat 60 days alter date I
Intend to apply to tht Honorable the Cnlet Commissi inerof Landsand Works fnr permlaalon to
purchase the following deacrlbed lands: Com-
mt*wmg at a post placed IM cnalui weit of tbe
Boutheast corner of Lot SM2, marked "It. A. Belt'i
northwest   corner,"   thence    aoulh   an ������,�����������-
thence   muth   so chains,
place ol beginning.
Feb. Kith, ISO..
c. Maknwau,
������^ix-y daya aftei  _._.���,
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Unda aVid'^Vor'kii,
date 1 .intend toapply to the
Victoria, to purchase W. aifroa of land fn W*m*
Kootenay, deaeribed as follow": Corniotnclug
rt a post pl��n<i��d up Momjuito creek, nbout eight
mllei from the month and marked K Cross' H W.
eorner, thenca norl* <jo chains, tbence 40 chaiua
thanee So chains south, tbence 40 chalnn
K. ('man.
sen, iDnnca �� Ghalni sm
w?,,t",?11[W;*"r (-��Slnnlng.
Feb IfCB. 1SC7. *
'haina, ihenc* Mtoth 40 chain-' ,i��� . z zz
J    V    ka,*. H0V tosTff,
J. K. UDIAIUi A|*at,
.... ....    .ittou    mo  cuams
thenct;east 'JO ihains, theuce north 90 chslns
Ibenee west :*���<��� ehnllis to point of commencement
-.outlining 40 acres, more or less.
Located thll6tb dayof Nor., I00S.   It A Hal i.,
Noilce Is hereby given that 00 daya atler date I
Intend tonpply to the Hon. Chief Commissionerof
Landsand Works, Vlclorta, for permission to purchase the following described land, altuated in
the West Koolenay dlatrlct, on the weit aide ot
Dnhstnel (or hi* miui ���**���	
��l day* after date I lulend to BPPlZ 'V^ttl
Chief Commissioner of Landiand *ort!Ml
chase UD acres of aud located 1
Ing part of Sections 9 and 10
deicritH'd  as follows:    Oonnencixa -: :, _\
marked F. W. J. 8. K. corner and phtfWZLM
northwest corner of Wm. William* JWRH
Ihence wesl 40 chains; lbence north ��"���,,
thence easS40 chains;  theuce south W tmm
place of beginning
November MM v.aai.
J. 1
"A_. 1eJl"AI��,>,,t ���*��o'lei"
. LoiiSlM b, 1...
Nitlli'o ti tictf by (jivtsn tliat H) sl��!*�� """j!
Inteml 1st nistslv In "lit- Hon. nilcl-MMi" |_
nf I.tui.t. tnd A'ttrks, (sir |ss'rtisl>sli'n ��l���jO I
tbo foll,iivli,K rtiwrllKtsl Imul lit *"'TOT I
A  Wll,���n*. (���oriii-r ..,..!, tslntili'il nt IMf��"p ���
oorturol BMUnn i!, Tnwn-.it.'7, '""""'I,,,.,
m fhain., tlis'iif, ivs'.l in s'liHlii". IM*" "raj
������b��lii�� ����� I'1'"' _ i*
rb��itif, latmta aaai tf oomoi ���� v"--rv, i,
iinsilt-Miittnt, s'nntnliilnK 1��> """"���. ",,m
Hated Nov.tm. 1900.
J. Wit**. AI����-___
r oi u* JfiLia
���^""������.SJlH I
��r Joi,i,T.-fXia'alT***?**'
- ���tT  tl��T,   Hi
Hon. Chief t:ssinint��Hlt)tipr s
to purs'ttnae 189 ai'ris, sst lansl, t -
nss.l ,,i���rb,���l B. H'a N. K s'tirnor poll, ft" _ ,H
tba N. W. tsotntsr ssf II. W. Hts-isla'i "SMi
waat iisl�� ol Arrstu laba.alsosil t��,i'_''_'0.
Burton ttltT, Ihans a ws���t In ��h��IM,gSSSm
KM abilm, thtsiire aaat ��1 abalM, '_e__ma
���H.42 ttballii to nlace nl b��|lnnln|, i*o��",B "
...at. mora nr tna .'      __,-��BliiTt*'
Kt��) am it, of *fflJdEffiM~ TluD%C-iik4lti-}
Notice to Fuel Consumers
All orders now standing on W. P. Tierneys
or our books for any amount or description of
coal must be settled for, otherwise delivery will
not he made.
Dated February 18, 1907.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel and Poultry
Company, Limited.        >,
e li bsraby Riven tout 10 dayi after dute I
ti.it|ipl) to Ute Hon the I'blef tJommla
nj Utnoi nml Wurka, victoria, for per-
i iMt-^it hihI carry H'-av timber from tb*
ut duerfbsd latolr* in Weat Kootenay:
immeoclQg nt �� pott i>imnivl about eighty
, weat <>f the motitli of eureka creek, where
n- mto HnrtM-H untie, ami ou lh�� north
. i Korska oteek, snd maraed tl, A. Uuiiti*-*'*!
��� as) corner bolti llienee weal eijch'.v cbalur*.
������ north eiKiiiy ohalns, thsnwssst sifbtx
��� thene- -,.vu eighty chalm lo polut ol
ence maat
��� 1 jati 'iith. YMI.   G   A. Li I'M re. Loeinor.
>,iiiimiDOlng al a MSI planted eaxt of and
llll*.:1'    A     I  Ht||l,-  -  |<X'Mll"U   J.M-1   ���,,,.   i.   ��[H|
i <���  \ i.mrii-'i lutttbwnsl oornsrposl of
location, ihe tie,- nut elgli ly chain*, -thSUOS
HrIHv chaliih, tlience went eighty rhalu*,
 Uli elithty clialliH Iu point of comueli
�� | Jau  Mth, I'JOT.   U. A. Ijtvmr., Locator.
, mmencing at a i-.-t plant**] about eighty
. -. ,'Hli of Kiirek* creel where it flom into
a creek, and marked ii A. Laurie's snuilti-
rotnpi poat, on location *0  :t. lbence eait
��� i balni i hence north tlfb17ohalni, tbenco
i.-.^.i. ciniinn, tbence hoiiIIi elghly cliaina
Hm of roiiiiiienceiiieni.
4 1 Jan. ath, 1W7.   6, A. I.ai rib. Ixwator.
tenant at a pd-Bl planted aoutb of
Df 0 A I-aitrle'i loealion No. .1, and
A.Biirle'n northwest corner |K)at,
n-i    :.,i!i-, tbence  Month   tu t-balua.
I M cbtlnSi tbence north So chaiua
i ommenocmsnt,
i  25th, IW07.   (i. A. Lai'Sis, UmtOr<
enclns at a pout planted eighty
and lorty ('1111111" aoulh of location
iis l niHiked tV It. t'age'a sou ih wost
���* loeatJOfl No, b, tbeuce ea-t e nh ty
< north eighty chain*, thence weit
ui, thence ���. nt tii eighty chaina to
it y-ih, 1W7.     W H. I'aot, Loealor
>' ing nta poil planted south of
. location ho. 5, and marked VV. 11.
' "*��l eoruer pOSt of location No m,
'Khty chain*, thenee ioulb Sight*
t WOtt eighty chaliu, lhetice uorih
UK t.l point of 1 uiu llieOieinelit.
bl Jau Mh, 1W7.      W  II. PaoE, locator.
mencing at a po*t planted eighty
���< mol twenty chain* south of lOcttOM
��� i"l nmrked (1. A. Laurie'i mmi Hi weit
lt ol ...niinn No. 7. thence eaal eighty
��� tii1* north eighty chain*, thence weat
aim,  thence aoutb  eignty  ebalni to
nt. Jbih.lWT    Q   A, Li fail. Locator.
���Commanding at a poal planted eighty
|i eaai mai eighty ebaiu* aouth of lw��ilun
itnl markedt,.A Laurie's aoulhweat
1 of location No. S, thence eaat
ic tbsnos north eighty chaini, thenre
chalna, thenee *ontb elghly chains
|l d Jau. Mth, I'JOT.   1*. A. LAUHII, Locstor.
"itimeiieing at a poat plante.l eighty
- eut ami eighty chalna "outh of location
mi'l marked Q A. Laurie'i nouthweat
r nf lueatlun No. 9, theuce east ISO chalnn,
1* north 10 chain*, tbeuce wesl ISO chaius,
e unitIMOchaiusio point ol cominenccinent
|t*ni lau  alb, l'jor.   (i  A. Lai-rib, Locator.
Commonrlng ft* h p<>-i planted abonl six
Ah Hume* ereek from tbe mouth of
00k whe.e it Hows into Hartie* creek
eailarlf diruetlon, aud marked 0. A.
outnwsst corner post of location No.
aaat eighty chalu*, tbence north 1 Igbty
icnca trsst eighty chains, thence south
lly chains to point ���t commencement.
ftad Jan,38th) ISO?,   0. A. Lausib, Locator.
- ' iimmeiM Ing at a poat planted eighty
us east of location No 10, and marked G. A.
WWi HUthwast corner pum of location No 11,
ice eaat eighty ohalns, tbence nortb eighty
uv ihencp west eighty cbains, thence south
t> chain* to polut of commencement.
tad Jan.SSth, ifttf. (i. a, Lai-kib, Looator,
''ommenclng at a poat plnnted south of and
iintig loealion  N.i   11, and marked W. II.
northwest corner posl of location Ko, VL
��� enit eighty cnalns,  thence aniilli 1 Ighty
[In*, theii'-e went eighty ehalns, theuce uorth
���' cUaiiis to point of commencement.
ed Jan.SSth) 1907.      W. II. I'aob, Locator.
Commencing at a post   plantad  eighty
M-hSi and eigh'y chain* south of location
[12   ami  marked  ti.  A.  Laurie's   uorih woat
Jler poll of looatlon V'o. IS. thence east eighty
pui, tbencs south ehrbty ohalos, th non wast
chain*, ihcnce nortb eighty chulna  to
'f ���"otamenceiucnt
'sie-l Ian Witt, lix/7.   G. A. LACRIK, Loealor.
��� ttnmenelngat a poat planted  nortb of
��� nijjolnlng IochIIou No. III. and being marked
Launea Kiuthweal corner poal of location
4, thence eael eighty chalna, thence  uorth
���hii chains, thence weat eighty chalm, tnence
���tii eighty chain** to point of commencement.
fated Jan. Mtb, 1007.   G. A. Lai-RIK, Locutor.
J at a  post   planted eighty
north of loi-atton No. M and raaraed W.
���Puo'S southwest corner poatoi location No
.tlience <a-t eUbty clia'ns, thence north
ity chains, thenee w��at eighty ��� halm, lbence
ih eighty cbains lo point of cumin, nceinent.
pated Jau. Wth, LflOT*     W. H. I'aob, Locator.
1.���Cotnman.Mng at a post planted eighty
ins eaat of location No. LO, and marked tl. A.
lrles southwest corner nostol location No.
thence  eaat  eighty   chaloi,   thence   north
I'm* obalns, thenee west alt b t)f ebalos, thenea
Win Sight)1 chains to point ol commencement.
located Jan. 29, lito?.   g. a. Laurie, Looator.
-Oommonolng at n poat plauied aouth of
Id^nlnlng location No. 10, ami markeii G. A.
lei  north wait corner poatoi location fo.
I tlience east  eighty   chains,   thenco   aouth
��� ���ity chains, theuee weat eigbty chnlna, tlience
���yih eighty clialliH to point of eommeneement.
%ted Jan. mh, iw��. ii. A. I.auhis, Locator.
"omiiiencing at a poal planted eighty
wulhol I oa 1 tion Kb 17, and marked w,
ei northwest eiiruer poal of loealion No.
ue east eighty chains, h uee south eighty
.thence west eighty chalm, thence nortb
��� ����� y chitim tu point of commencement.
located Jan. IB, 1907.      W. H. Faob, Ucator.
Ki. (;,,,,11H,-'",,ing at a poil plauted  eighty
|aiiisMiiiihnf location No. 18, and marked fl.
* il r    % nnrIhwesl corner post of location No.
iiienee   eusl   einhty   chalui    thenoe  south
w��\j onstnSi theuce west eighty ehatua, theuco
Iii...1 '''V'1-" 'hain* to polut ot romiuenceiuent.
1 Jan 39th, 1H07.  .0. A  UnaiS, I-ooalor.
.:oiiiroeuc]uR n a   poat   planted   about
"I. cbaina wm of (he mouth of Right Mile
w* where it empties Into Inonoakln creek,
Krb"V,��� 5��',ltn bHuW ,f tooaoaWaotteh,aai
L..11     *,     Laurie'i northeast corner poat of
���raiion No, _jt theuce muth 100 rhalua, tbenco
weit 40 chalui. thence uorth lib chalna. thenea
eaat 40 chalm to poini of commencement.
Haled Psb Sad, WOT,    0, A, UCRia, I^KMtor.
21.-Commeuelng it a pom planted forty
chalm west and Bight] 'IihIih souta uf location
No. Ju, --nd marked W . ti. Pwe'a northeaat corner pomi ol loeatiou No. 21. titmice woat *Mfhly
chains. Ihenee aoulh eighty . hain*. iheuefe**H
eigbty chains, theuce north elghly chalm to
l>oiiilof ciimiueucenieni.
l>aie��l Keb. 2nd, iso;.     W. U. I'aoi, locator.
22. -rommeneing at a p<��t planted eaat of and
ailjoiniug location No. 20, ��ud marked <���- A.
Uurie's northweal corner nowt of loeatiou No,
B thence south ion cbalm, them* eat 40 cbalni,
theoce nonh IOO chalui. thanee west 40 ehaim to
point of commencement.
I>nle<! Feb. 2nd, WOT.   0, A. LaiRIB, Loealor.
11���Commencing al a poat planted forty ebalna
eait or location No. Stand -marked W. H. I-age's
nonhwest corner post o| lotatlon No. .-.,. theuce
���.'null ISochalos, theuce eaat forty chain*, thence
north I'-o chains, tbence weal forty cbaina to
point ol commencement.
Datetl Feb. xnd.lWfl.      YV. H. Kwb, Locator
24 -lummeuciogatapoitplaBlsed totty chsinn
eaat ami elghly ehalna aouth ul location No. 23,
and marked G. A. Laurie"* northwest OOlfW
poit ol location No. 24, theuee south eighty
chain* Ihence eaat eighty chalnn, theuce north
eighty chalm, thenco wealelgbtv chaina 10 point
of commencement.
Dateil Feb. 4th  1907.    Q.A. Latkir,  lienor.
25 --Commencing at a poit planted eighty
chains eait of ]����� ation No. 24, ana marked (I A,
Laurie'* northwest corner post of location No.
i\ thenee south eighty cbalni, thence t-ait
eighty, ihence north elgb'y ihains, thence west
eigbty chalus to point of commencement.
Dated Feb. 4th, 1907.    G. A. La race. Locator.
mm��� Com men dog at a post plauted about four
anil 1.in- half miles down inonoakln creek, (rom
the mouth ol Klght Mile creek where It flows into Inonoakln creek, and on the eaat bank of
Inonoakln 'creek, an-i marked G A. Laurie'i
iiorthwe**., corner \*o-i, thenee south eigbty
chains, thLenee east eight}' chains, thonce north
L>lghiychi|jna,theu<ti west eighty ehalni to point
o fcommence m en 1.
l>at��d Feh. 4th, 1**1..     0. A. UttaiS, Ix>ca'��r
Take noi:.*,- that I intend, thlr'v dayi after
dale to apply to tbe Honorable the Chlet ��� \*n
mtsiloner of l^anda and Worka for a i|eclal
licence Ui cut aod curry away timber Iron the
following deacrlbed lands, situated on 8andy
Oreek, in West Kootenav district: Commencing
at a poii planted ou ibe west aide, of aald creek,
and market*! "J. P. s V norlhweat oorner; tbeuce
running aouth eighty chains; tnence east eighty
cbalni, tbence north elghly cbalm; thence weit
eighty chain* to plaee of commencement,       '
Hated tbla 19th day of February, 1907.
Notloe li hereby giren tbat so dare after date
I Intend to apply to tbe Honorable tbe Cnlef
Commlnloner of Lands and Worki, Victoria, for
a apeclal licence toeut and carry away timber
irom tbe following deacrlbed pie*'.* of land In
West Kootenay district: Commencing at n roit
planted 20 chains from the cast aUOie of I'pper
Arrow lake aad adjoloing block :i9H on the Miuth
and marked "Chas. Khl'a" northweat c* niter,
thence smith SO chaini. thence eaat Si cl sins,
thence north SO chains, ttunce west SO chains to
polut oicommoncement.
Dated the ul day of March, IW7.
Cnae Ehi-
Take notice that thirty daya after date I Intend
to apply to the Hon. tbe Chief Commlailorur of
Lauds and Worki al Victoria, a. C'., for a si-ecial
license tn cut and carry awar timber froii tbe
following described landi in Weet Kootenay:
Commenciug ai a post planted 20 chain- wait
of thc northeut vomer of Lot 812, and at tbe
southeaii eorner of Lot 778S, tbenoe east 30
chains, thenee aouth 40 chains, thenca eaal 40
chuini, lbence nrrth 40 chalna, tbence e��*t SO
cl: .ins, thence north 40 chaloi, thenoe we*t 130
cbalni, tbence -aoutb 40 cbalni to place 01 com-
1111-11 cement, contain lug M0 acrei more or b-ir.
Dated March 9th, 1907. Pmi Imn,
Notice Is horeby given that thirty day* attar
date 1 Intend to applr to the Honorable lhe Chlet
Commissioner of Lauds and Worki, Victor a, for
permlMlon to cut and curry away tlmbei from
the folloalng deicrilscd landa in Weal Kooienay
Limit No. 1.���Oonunenolng at a poit three-
ouarierstif a mile up Nine Mile cieek, on Kootenay river, and unit tc! William Wairaaley'-* rt. k.
corner poat, tbence ISO chains west, tbence 40
chains norih, tbence ISO chains east, theuce 40
chaiua to the point of beginning.
I -ici.il.1 March Sth, rM.
William Wai.usi.by, Lpealor.
V* --hbban, Agent.
Limit  No. 'i* -'omni'iii tug at a poal -.bout
Ihree -quarters  if a mile up Nine Mile cret k, oa
the Weit Arm of Kootenay river, aud m rked
William Walmsley'a N- K corner post, then t ISO
chain* west, thene*- 40 chains south, thenc* ISO
chatm east, and 40 ohalns north ta polntof begin uing.
Located Mereb Sth. 1��07
William Walmslky, Locator.
P. hhikam, Agent.
Take notice tjiat 1 intend, tblrt* dayr after
date, lo applv to the Mon. the Chief Commi'signer ol Lauds and "Works Ior a special license .0 cut
am'carrv awav timber from tbe fullowluifdf-
M-rihed lands, situated on Bandy oreek, In W'eil
Kootenay district: Commeuolug at a poit plant-
ed on th- wcm aide of Hamly creek and ra.led
J. P. s's .muthwest oorner po*t, thenre running
east SO cbalni, thence north 4u chains, tut���.tv
weit 40 ehaim, Ihence north SU rhalni, tbeuce
wesl 4ii chains, thence aouth l'2n chum to place
ol ctuatneucement.
Datod this 9th day of March, 1907.
J. P.SwgEDBKwi, Locator.
Taka notice tbat I tDtend thirty daya afler date
to apply tt tbe Hon. tbe Chief Commissioner of
Lamls and Worka for a ipejlal liceme te cot and
��� arrv away Umber from tbe following described
land*, iltuated eaat of Dog creek, in the district
of West Kootenay *. Commencing at a poll marked "Tho Bonndary Lumber Company's northweat
corner poit." planted about a mile eaat of the
Columbia aud vYcater 11 railroad, aud about three
milea aoulh of lhe Dig Tunnel, thence 4h cbalni
aouth, thenei!' SO chalm east, thence 40 chalna
aoutb, thanee 100 chaini east, tbence 40 chains
norlh, thence SO cbaina neat, tbeuoe -10 ehalni
north, theuce DO chalm weat to polntof com*
Dated 4th March. 1U07. J GMSLLS,
Agent fur The Houndary Lumber Co.
Impetua   to   Production   from   Recant
���ritiah Vlait.
Klnghton, Ja., March Ul.���Hlr Daniel
Morris, Is highly sanguine of the uuo-
cesB or cotton growing In tho West
Irnlee, and In a letter received from him
by Sir Alfred Jones, he Hpeaka of the
Impetus the Industry has received from
the recent visit by the delegation of the
British Cotton Growing Aasoclatlon te
th cotton growers of St. Vincent and
"Already," says Sir Daniel, "there
arc Indications that the planters aro
more convinced than ever as to the
prospectH of the Boa Island cotton Industry, antl arc prepared to put forth
their best effortH to enlarge and lm*
prove the industry.
"If matters proceed as I hope they
will, you may rest assured that thla
time cotton growing ln Jamaica will be
put on a thoroughly satisfactory  foot*
Ing  Even lf the other people In
Jamaica do not come Into the scheme at
once, I have confidence they will do bo
later on."
Brutally   Treated   by    Authorities   tn
Ruaaian Province*.
From Independent Russian, German.
French and English sources come heart-
sickening accounts of Bysteraatlc torture* practiced in Russian prfeona upon
"politicals" with the object of compelling them to betray their frlenda and
supporters. For a long time such tortures have been reported from various
prisoners all over the Empire, but the
worst atrocities seem to be habitually
perpetrated in the prisons of Poland
and the Baltic provinces. In Riga, for
Instance, a special chamber has been
fitted up with all tbe Instruments of
torture known to the Inquisition of old.
Rubber sticks, long pins, pincers, a
rack and so forth, are used In the process of making the victim "confess," and
all this is sot only by permission of the
higher local authorities, but frequently
under their personal guidance. Such
things aa knocking out the teeth, tearing out the hair and pieces of flesh are
ln ordinary usage.
A. M. Cm, floe. C. A
���URVIVOa.      .
Mining Work ��� ���p-KUIIy. S
Offloe: Bettor Building.   P. 0. Bo;   "'
���aker at, NELSON, I. C.
"Companies Act, 1S97."
Take notlco ilss.11 Intenrt thirty <Uj�� alter d��t��
toipply lo lho Uon tho thief t'omml-ulouor el
Unsl. anil Work, (or ������pesslnl Mumw to out ansl
s'��rrr twtv limber front the l���llowlii�� siOKrlbett
lansl., iltuntesl on Dof creel, la Waat Koolenjr
slutrlot: Commencing at a poat Muted on the
eaat .Isle of the c*o!s_mtsla anst feelers rellroju.
on or alMiut ten eh-alo. eastt, eni a.arkesl 'TM
Boundary Lumber eomjiHn-j'f poit, end about
a mile ausl a half aorth ol lbe BI(ToaB��t, WJ
northv��, eorner, tfian.se rtineloc eoutlt 1��J
chain., theuce etit<u chaloJ, Otoepe **__<������ V*
chalnn, ihence wt.t to itialua te piece 1 eom-
Proy-ikce ok Bbitimi Coluxbu, (
Mo ttt. <
THIB IR TO CrRTin* tbat tha "Neluip Fruit
Undi, Limlfd," la euihoria-id and llevAed to
ca* ry on bualDea, within the province of It'ltlah
Columbia, and to carry out or effect all or ksiy of
the object, of the comp ny to which tbe Icts.la-
tive authorltv of the Legialatute ot arltllli Col*
umbla eitende.
The head oAceof the company 1. iltuate at tha
City of Winnipeg, Province ot Manitoba.
The amount ofthe capita! of tbe comnan-fllfl Are
hundred tboiiaand 0o lare, dlvlslesf lott, two
tbouaand Are hundred .hare, of ten per cent
pteference itock of tho par value of one Eondred
slollens each, and twenty-five hundred Iblrei of
common itock of the par value ot one hundred
dolian each
The head office of the rompany In tbi. province
li oltsiaie at tho c ty of Nelaon, end Robert Wat-
more Hannington. barrleter, who e eddice li
the lame. 1. the attorney for tha cojnpe-ny.
(liven under my hand aud .aai of office Vie.
Usrla, Provlnoe of Brltlah Columbia, tbi, lftth
oay of February, one tbouaand nine hundred
an.l .even.
l-s..i.| B V. WoOTTON, .
Reg litre, of Joint Slock Companies.
The objecu for which the compeny ha. Iseen
evtahllRbed aud llceuaed are:���
(a.) Buying, aelllng, leasing or slt.po.lsig of
ooal mine., coal and wood laudi, (arming, gi suing
and fruit landi. aod timber llmlte, and to work
aud develop the aame;
(is.) To carry on the bnitneae of Immlgsailon
and eolonltallon aguhti, make kdvansee to
ai.lat aettlen oo landi purchaasd from tbs
ossmpany and to lecure tbs repayment ol mch
aslvaucea wltb lutereit on such terms end ln
���iiish manner by way ot mortgage or agres snant
ae may he mutually agreed upon.
(e.) To tarry on the bu.lne.. ef ranslslng.
breeding, aelllng and dealing In setlls, b���iess,
���heep aud other live .lock:
(d.J To purcbaie, eail and deal In lii's. ,r,
wood, coal, mineral,,grain, provliloni.elolhlug
and general Hippllei;
(ei To carry on trade as general merchant,
ansl forwarders;
Iteme of I nie root Prom All  Round the
Fire dtwtrayed the reeldenco of Ur,
.lames Uoyell of Mlllbrook.
If Klngatoa will supply tho land
Craodall k Scott of Plotoo will eatab-
HhIi a canning factory there.
The Canadian Northern la eald to be
aeeklng running rights over Uio I. C. R.
te Halifax.
The city library of Winnipeg will so-
tablleh branchea at drug atoraa throughout the city.
Military drill will be Introduced Into
the schools of Brockville. Tho salaries
of tbe lea-chore will be raised all round.
At the Colonial Producta exhibition,
at Liverpool, Canada haa a display of
uraln. grass-eo, fruits, wheat and -anned
Quebec legislature have laid Mew and
heavy taxes upon the railways, sleeping
car companies and foreign express torn-
New Zealand Is offering aa annual
mail subBldy of 1100,040 for a direct
service between one ill Its ports and
llrltlsh Columbia.
aaarn ______tj,_^
Daniel Foreman, a farmer of -Wellington (ownsblp, was awarded I3.S00
against the Berlin and Waterloo Street
railway ror tho Iobs of his leg below the
Tbe annual meeting of the Wesl India Electric company was adjourned at
Montreal, because the words of the
company was destroyed by the earthquake at Jamaica. The company loet
about  lisn.ooo   in  the  disaster.
A group of capitalists on the great
laken proposes to spend one rallton dollars at Fort William In the construction
and plant of a shipbuilding enterprise,
and to invest another millon dollars ae
working capital for the same.
The C. P. R. wil] build two new
steamships for the Atlantic' sendee. The
Empress of Ireland and the Emproeo
of Britain will be tramrferre* to the
Orient jwrylce from wblch two boats
will be taken ��ad put on tke AiMtrtllgn
and Now Zealand route,
Mr. George O. Berry, aealatant general manager of the western line* of
the C. P. R. hae ben offered the general
management of tho Chicago, Rock
Island and the paclflc Railway, at a
salary of 130,000 a yegr, with headquarters at Chicago. He Is agpaeted to
The Stfathcona
Nelson, D.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Roonu,
Queen's Hotel
���aker Btiset, Nelson. 1.0.
Lighted by Kleotriolty aad
Heated by Hot Air
��atb m rata, dat
large and Comfortable Bedrooms ana Piist-
SS-usuiulsf Room,   sample Hooina lor Commas-
���lal  Hen.
MM. I. O.CLABKI. Proprietress
Grand Central Hotel
Ton hotel hubeeo completely renovated ind
newly farnlihed with all modern eqitlpmenit.
Rot water heatlai throughout.
KATES : Roomi, 50c. upward* ; meali 2fe. ;
���peeial ratea by tbe week.
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court Home
end Poitoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont Hotise
Inropaan sad Amertcssu riaa
Meals �� sta.  koomi from It eta. ts 11.
Oalr Whlta Balp ftsploysd.
���aker *,.. Nelsoa
Preset, tars
Bartlett   Hotise
OgO. W. lARTUm,
Best DoIUr-i-DiT Hotise ia Nelson.
The Bar ta ths Finest.
While Balp Only Implored.
Josephine St.
Royal Hotel
Ratea fl and $1.60 a Day.
Special Bate* to Regular Boarders
(f.) To Uiu* In payment of any prc;*rty
acquired by the compauv, ibareaof tha cupitel
stock of the company as fully paid up and non-
aoM��ab1�� or otherwise;
(a.) To carry on tht bu-MnMi of tninufict urtn
ana dt-akra in power Rcneraton and uut.ni ol
every deacrlptlon, tocomtrtiet and operate all
cla-iei* of TcMclei, aarlniltural Implen'euti,
machlnrry. boiti, itciiin-r*-, bargci and iVrry*
In which ihe|f*M motors ar-d nwd; tu nonstruot
and operate boat tines nnd lo carry on the business of carrier*, rarliigi* and parrel dcllv-rlet,
loows and opeaie omnibus Hues and vehicles
and boats !<-r hire; to sell, lease and ��� pplj*
elrclriclty; touwu aud operatu electric planU,
and L-etiiTaily I" csrry on any of tha busmen
Incidental t�� 'be aforesaid purposes aod object!
of ib�� company;
(h.) To purchase, take on lease, eichai^e or
otherwise acquire or dispose of any real or
personal property, and auy rlfbts or privileges
which tha company may consider uecewsary
for the purposes of their opeMilons;
and to sell aud dispose of any lands or other real
estate and personal property at any Ume owned
or controlled by tbe company or any part tbnw��
or any control therein, or claim thereon,and generally to do all such things asant Incidental to
orcouduclve tothe carrying oul of tha objects
ol the company:
0) To become shareholders In any etlsling or
proposed company, am to promote and assist In
promoting any company carrying on a business
pertaining to tbe objects for which this oompany
is Incorporated, and which may prove useful to
this company, and to acquire, Uke over and operate the business of any such company or companies, and to enter lit to an agreement tor sharing of profits, union of Interests, reciprocal concessions or otherwise, with any person or oompany and take or otherwise acquire or hold
shares and securities of such company or companies;
(J) To acquire and held lands by gift er purehaae at as mortgagee a er etberw lee as full/ apd
freely as prtvmte ludlvldula, eat t�� HU. laaw,
mortgage ������* otberwlM altaaate tbe aame, asd to
wiarv.ee all tbe powers Ht eut in, tbe several
Old Curiosity Shop
If yen want to bur *r nil tartlilnf,
go ts the Old Cnrloaltj Bhop. A new
line of Japanese Good-*, now en sale.
All Unda of Dhinerware la atoek. Pat-
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootcaay Ice, Froit,
Fori t\ Pootey Co., Ltd.
N.B.ear.Baker aad Ward Sta.
Ns.il..' li hereb; jl.en lhal I will seal*, at ths
salt mMllnff nf the Mesne* Coalinililon. ��� Ier,-
Strathcona llolel transferred from Sfy*. It lo
BealnelS Oeorse Webb of the City el Nalaon.
Dated thla sth da; sf Mareh, A.0 , Utn
B. Toaatss
Cwrtltlsat* of Improvsmanta
RIoTente, tlrlsoeo, Queen Victoria .raetionsl
sad Ornoco Fraetional Mineral Olalma, aiiuale
In the Nelion .V Inlna Mrlilon ol Weat Kooseaar
Looated on Queen Vietoria Mnnntals, sear
lassie; Sldlnf.
Tase Kotlce thst I. Frank C. .Ireen, setlna ai
aaenl for Michael lasn, Free Miner's Osrtinosts
No. BUMntend. sixty da-s/i from tha data haraof,
to applr to the Mln Iai Recorder Isr Certificate!
of ImproTemen'n, for ths pnrtsaea of abtalnlna
Crown (Iranti of ihs shore elalma.
And lurther take notice that actios, nndar
section >T, ami ba commenced before tbe
lesuance ef luoh Certificate* of ImproTemeat*.
Vaied this Stb da; of January. WR.
      f*.c.-gsaas, Nauoa, B e
Certificate of Improvements
"Farm," "Aaaa," "Easl aids Na.t" sad "sal-
Use rrastlonal" mineral o'alms, iltualed la
th.slocas City Hla I a| 111,1.1.. ���'| �����, t*,,.
aaa; Dliltlat
w here located: At head at flprlsf er Crack, aas,
ths Arllnslos miss.
Take Notice that I, Frank c Ofaaa. aetlnea*
tata, tor Ibe Arllnfloa ailnei, LMlted, Fn
tflner*. Csrtlfl-esle Ns. Bern, latesd, rim; da
Miner >. enmeate no. aeas, istesd, sixty asys
frsm the est* bsraaf, ta app ; ta tba Hlblas le
carder furs certlfloalaaf 1mprsrsaisals,fmrtka
anrpoee af ebsuaiaf a Craws Orsal a! tks'abeea
F. c. aaasa, Nslsoa, I. a
Hast comfortable enartsre In Nelaoa
On!; Ib* beat ol liquors sad ilsera.
Colonist Rates
Kootenay aad
North Pacific Coast
Ontario, Quebec,
Marttine Provinces,
St. Paul, Chicago,
and United States,
Oa Sale Dally Till 30th April.
While tbe rates are low.    Full purlle-
ulars    on    application  to local agents
er write.
A.-.P.A.. Vsneon-fsr. D. P.A.. Nelion
Wholesale aad Retell Dealers la
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oamps supplied on shortest notice and
low-sat prioe. Nothing bat fk-eeh and
wholesome meats and snpplea kept la a took
Hail orders receire oarefol attention.
f�� sai?... Fruit Lands
In every section of this district.
Large or small tracts.
S. M. BRYDGES, Imperial Bank Block I
Fine Building Site
Chaapaat Buy
....In  Town
120 Pect x 120 Feet.
One-half block south from Baker St.
Only $4,000, on terms.
Choice Fruit
I Hare 10,000 Acres
of tte
Choicest Frott Lands in
BWHsh Colombo.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. .ANN.ABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
For Sale at $40 per Acre, on Terms
160 Acres on
Kootefaay Rhr�� and
I milea from Nelson. Good wagon
road running through the property.
SS aerea cleared and. in. meadow;. 10
aerea partially cleared. 10 fruit trees,
out 2 yeara. Oood houae, two barns and
chicken houae. An ideal fruit ranch.
Appl, to
la tbs m.ttsr o( sn spelleatlos lor tba Issse M
a duplicate ol the Certllsete ol Tills lor aa
endleldad 1 lol Lou 1, snd I, Block ri, Towa el
Hotlc* la bereby (Iten tb > ill Is my Intention
te Issus st tbs oxplretton of sns month from
lbs Int pnbllcatloa bsreof s dnpllcsts ef tba
CertlHeat* ef Title to the shoes Und* In th*
nams of florsnca M. Bodjtaa wbleh Ceituteete
Is dstei tbs Mth day sf December, Uit, end
numbered MIIK.
DUtrlet (sgutrar.
saa, lUst.tr. Oflee, Heleon, ��� C
Certificate of Improremcnts.
������Msy," ���B.C.." "Btrathroy," "Joy." "Joy Frse
tional," sad "John UMaNey" Mineral Clalma.
allnstsd la tba Slocan cite Mlnlnj Division ol
ths Weat Koolenay DUtrlet,
Where located --North of Tseelre Mile Craab
about one snd s hslf alias op.
Tabs notlo j thst I, H. A. Jorsnd ol Hlocai, b.o.
Free Miner's certlrJcate No. B7<ne, aa aajenl lor
Horaoe 0 Van Tnyl, Free Miser * eeruaeat* No.
BM3I, intend, ilxty day* from the dat* hereof,
to apply to tha Mlnlaa E*cord*r lor s Cerllllcate
ollinpro-remenu. lor tne purpoae of oatainlna a
Crown Qrant of the iald mineral claims.
And furtbsr tabs aotles tbst setion under
Section tl, must ba commenass before tbe lasu-
anoe of such Certlfiesleaof ImproTemeuls.
Dslea this Ird Day of January, mn.
Certificate of ImpeoTements
"Impreea," "Climax," "Horsssbos," "Queaa,"
"Usloa Jack," iltuslad la Nelton Mlnlaa
Loestsd oa Porcupine ereek.
Take Notlea that I, Freak Fletcher, sasiil tor
lbs Active tiold MlalPf Compaay, Free Miner's
CartKests No. BSXBt. Inteud, so daya from date
hereof, to apply to lbs Mining Recorder lor a
Certificate nl Improvements for tbe purpose ef
obtaining s Crown Grant of tba above claims.
Aud further taks aotles. thst sellon, tinder
Bectlon Fl, muit be commenced before the Issu-
snos of suoh Certlflcsta of improvemeute-
Daled Nalaon, lllb Dae., 1��
FttAwa Fuwcwaa.
Certificate of Improyements
"Arto" mineral s-lsim, sttusted In the Blocan
City   Mining   DlvUlon   ol   Wnt   aootenay
Where loated: On Springer Crash nssr tbe
Arlington Sawmill
Take Notice that 1, Frank C, (Ireen, acting sl
sgsntfor tbe Arlington Mine.', Limited' Free
Miner'. Certllcali.' No. BUM, Iniend, alxty davs
trom dale hereol. to spply to tbe Mining Recorder
for a Certificate ol Improvements., fnr the purpoae of obtaining a Crown Qrant uf the shove
And further take notice thst sellon, under
aectlon tt, muat. be i-ounncu ed before the
Usuence of inch Certificate of Improvements.
Dated till. IMa nay of Deoember, int.
F. c. tfesnx. Nelson. B. C.
  'tl I
F.CCUQI      F.r.NffiKH      A.B.GMDI
(Ml Enttaeos, Don-taJ-os and British
Colombia Land SarreTors
r.0,Bolt5   fhestmH
B. C. TRAVES, Mana-gsr
ranni�� Av�� ������Atiwe esrefuUy enead-
eats.        Applj
Notice U hereby given thst John VcPhersoa
hss mad. sppUosllon under the provlblonsol
the "Llquer Utmos Act, itm." for a _otal liosnco
for ths .aekaon Hotel, at Whitewater, sad that a
meeting of tbe Board of Licence Commlssloas-4.
of ths Alnsworth Llosnos ' Ulrict, will bs beta
to oonsidsr suoh sppiiostlon, sl ths Essie Hotel,
a. KsjIo. oa Tueeday. the tnd April. ixn.Mtha
hour ef eaybt o'slodk in ths sftarnooa. '"*"**
��.u... ac. ard u&tii..'" '"��"*�����
"Companlss Act,  in/."
Paotince of Burrisn Columbia! t
M-s. TO.
THIS IB TO CEBTIFY thst ths "Colnabta
Valley Land Company," usuthorlaed and llssa-
���ad to carry on buaineaa within the purine* ol
Brltub Columbls, snd to carry uut or effeet all
or any ol tha objecu of tba Compauv to which
ths I,(Illative authorliy of ths legislature el
BrltUb Columbia extends. ^^
Ths head office ef tne Company u iltuate ab
the city of Winnipeg, province of Manitoba.
The amount of the capital ol the said company
U one hundred thouaand dollars, dlvidsd Mto
oes tbouasud .bare, of one hundred dollera each
Tba head ofllce of tbe oompany In tbla prov.
lace Is sltutsal lbs Clly ol Nelaon. snd Robert
Wetmore Hannington. barrleter. whoa, sddrees
u Nelaon, B. c, IsThe .ttotnay lor the company.
Given under my hand and real ol offlca at
Victoria, frovluc. ol hrttl.h Columbia, thu Sth
day of February, ous thousand nine hundred
and seven,
l��>e.l        ��� 8. Y.WOOTTON,
Kegutrsr of Joint Block Companies.
71B.0SI9'* 'jr which thU compauv hu bean
e.ubllsshrd and licensed sre:
(s) Buying, .elling, Itaalng or dlapoaln of
eoal mine., cosl snd wood landa, fsrminR. eras-
ing and fruit Uud. and timber llralu, and to
work and develop the asms:
(b.) To oarrr on the buainess ot emigration
snd oolonusilsiu agent., mskesdvanceeto-sasut
., tiler, on Isnsl. purtsliaacsl irom tbe compeny,
and secure repayment of auch advances, with
lutere-t, on such term, snd tn such manner by
wsy ol mortsgsas or agr.-emeut aa may be mutually agreed upon.
(e.) Io carry on tha bualneea of ranching,
breeding snd selling snd slesllns,' lu cattle.
borass, absels snd othsr 11 ve .lock;
(d.l To purcbase. sail aud deal la lumber,
wood,ooal, mineral, gram, provision*, slothlna '
sudgsnerslauppllea: '
(s.) To carry on tbs trsde aa general msreb-
anu and forwarder.:
(l) To lasne In payment of any property ac-
'jtilred by tbe company aharaa ol tbe capital
Block of the company a. fully psld up and nos
���aMeaasbleorotlserwl.es "
3) Ta carry ou the biuinesa ol msnulscturers
deslera lu power geuerMora and motors ul
svsry ds.criptlon, to con.tritct and opurstssll
clsssea of vehicle., sgrlcultursl Implements, ma-
ohlnery, hoau, slssunara, barges and ferries la
wblch the said motors are used; to construe! and
operate boat lines, and to carry on the business
el carrier., cartage and parcel df livery; to own
sad operate omnibus lines snd vehicles ud
boau for hire; to ssli, lests snd supply rower,
and lo generate and sell, lease, snd supply electricity; to own snd operate electric plants ind gsn-
erslly to carry on any business IncManul to the
sforsssld purposes and objecu of the compeny:
th.) Topurchsae, uke or lesse, cxchangsor
othsrwlie -acquire and dispose of sny resl or
pareonsl properly and suy rlgbu and jjrlvlle.ee
which tbs company may consider neccaaarr for
tbs purposes of their operation., snd to sell end
duposs of any lan-ds or otner real ssisto snd par*
���onei properly at any time siwned or controlled
by tba company, or any part thereof, or sny control therein or claims thereon, snd generally to
do sll such things ss sre Incidents! ssr conducive
to tha carrying out of tbe objecu ol Use compeny:
(1.) To become ���hsreholder. in any aviating
or proposed compeny snd to promotsand assUt
ln promoting sny company carrying on a busi.
nsas pertaining to lhe ohjecl. for which thu
company la Incorporated aud which may provs
nssfnl to thU company, and toacu.ulrt,ulto over
andopsrats lha busslucs. of any .sich company
or companUa, snd to enter Into engagements for
���baring proBta, union ot lnterc..', joint sdvsn-
tares, rsolproesl conceaatoua or otbewlsa with
anypsisen or company, aud take or olher ���Lie
acquire and hold .hares -and securities of sach
��� otnpany or companies :   *       i
Good Fortune
4tt-ndi> thuSs who Wt���r thek bis UsStonea
and for this month ws have some fine
BLOOD STONES. In various sues, suit-
-������ "-~ """"     able for rings which we can mount up
for you lfi sny style desired.  Why not have a look at our stock of loose
stones.    They ere excellent value and wc   have   many   suggestions  to
make  as  to  their  mounting.    Our  gold  quartz   cut ready  tor   mounting
may interest you.
Of tin-   dlff-arenoe  there in
Ix'tw.-.'ii  1st. nud 'isvf.  in
Canned   Goods
Ws oarry ouly
I ins' triul of trar
{Tartan   Brand}
will oonvinee you   that we       J
curry 11 full slock ���
JTablti  Fruit
���        Vtsijetttblea
J Pie    Fruit
Maple Syrup'
NcsjlBiiMt Party mesh met, Frills.-.
.* 'issiiv Ht > I' ns . lu us'- Minor. I ulssis lull
11 an* lnvss,;it   hi:    dui  sslli'Ws-sl.ls. laks* [sari lis
Uu debates   I austin. Sseretarj
{Bel! Trading Co.j
Ornamented  Chocolate  Eggi.
Blue  Bird   Eggs.    Cuckoo   Eggs
Robins'   Eggs.   Stuffed   Ducki   and
Chicks all sizes.
Make   your  s-^ectlons  while   the   stock
is  complete.
Phone 206.
25 Feet Frontage
cm Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
Price $2,000.00
H. E. Croadsdaile & i
Nex* Itoor tcs Bank or Commerce.
Cor. Vernssss end Ward  Stl-����t-a,
���NBLS-U.-N-.   B. B.
J. FRED HUME. Proprietor.
c. F. Caldwell, D. P. Kanen, J. Mil-
lington. W. H Bmellle, J'. W. Power.
Kaslo: P. Boaely, Spokane; A. X. Nlet-
man. Tisriinii'. M D. Evans. A. J. Bates.
G \V. Atlams. C. E. Hellish, Vancouver:
o Staples, Wyclllfe; T. Colltaon, R.
Weaver. Victoria: G. D. Bell, F. H Net
Ueton. Salmo.
M M. silbeikaiiB. J. H. Anthony, Win.
niises: H. P. Fs.'iire. Chicago: N. L.
ParBisnow. F. .1. Crean, s'Knora: W. K.
EslliiK. Rossland; Alex MePheraon,
F Laranc and wife, E .1. Frond. Spo
kam-: R. D. Kennedy, A. M. Rup'rs,
Qreenwood; T. W. Main. Revelstoke;
J A Moore, K;.��s<.. .1. Patterson. 9-
Milt-: P Molison. Bond Head: N. Remll-
lard. Blue ellll mine; Efl. R Vipond,
Poplar: H. W. Llloyd, W. .1. Stewart,
Owen Sound;  B   -sKnnefly, Greenwood.
E   Mills. Greenwood;  A. G. Wataon,
Watson's Biding; 1. Terry, F. E. Mt.Mil-
,an    CMWford   Baj     MlM   J    Stewart,
Vmir. M.ss F Miller, Erei: R. M.
Grant. Nova Scotia: A. Chanili��*rs. Vancouver; w. 1. Canllsh, Elko,
M Hamilton. Gerrard; P Conway,
A Ls.-if-rnian. Eholt: C. Marshall.
Spsskaue; C. Buxton, Oreenwood; J
Berry. D. McNeil. Phoenix; M. S. Clark
Sproule   Cr.��.-.
C. Davidson  Penile; E T, Hamilton
Tilt Hlt't*':IiL 01 ,i Ivow * - ol ga$#
protection will hr li.'lii at .*- 3fl ;��� ,ishi
in tho board ol tr&d<   ".inn.-.
Found- A lit Id spank: |>u tiimrn
and wimt. Owner can learn whereabout*   I'**   ftp] :'*'ili^ a:   this iii!   I
Nicholns McKlan, wl tiled by
tht* explosion  Rl   Kaslo  Tueada:    v..-
burli'd in that city th, n
.innu's Hawkins arrived li Melaon
last evening from Um olil hom at Ottawa,   lie hi'; hen last autumn.
Herbert Kit in' son-la law of a. c.
Flumerfelt, Iihk jus* made ;= most buo��
rpKsfnl debut at Berlin as u violinist
Mayor Olllett'a condition i.-- reported
greatly Improved today, though we will
still he confined to th<  bouse rot  aw
era!   days.
Kdward Ferguson baa returned from
a business trip (hrnn^h the Blocan Hfl
found bualneea Improving every place
he visited.
The hc.ari nf directors of tlu* Kootenay Fruit Growers' Association held a
business meeting this afternoon in the
secretary's   Office.
No less than six crews of surveyors
are getting their outfits ready to start
work on the fruit lands tributary to the
Arrow lakes. Al! expect to hesin work
next  week.
Mrs. P, Lamont has received a card
from her husband at Sau Francisco.
He writes: "It Is just lovely in sunny
California It is raining torrents lu
San Francisco."
All Kinds of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Houae.     Tel. 181.
There hav,. been a number of Bales
of real estate, in the Fairvi**w dlatrlcl
during tbe past feu weeks. In many
eases the land was bought for markeJ
gardening purpose
N'eiHon Bncampment, I. o. O. F., will
hold Its regular meeting"tomorrow eve-
aing; when seven.! initiations will take
place, to lie followed by a celebration
of the usual character.
Burns & Co., contractors, comnn'tireil
repairs on the Taylor & McQuarrle
building this afternoon. Tin damage
amounted to |S0O, and tio* insurance
company   will make  tht*  repairs.
A match thrown into a basket of
clothing nearly caused a conflagration
in a residence on the Hall Mines road
Fortunately the blase was put oul without calling out the tire department.
It is expected thai today's issue of
the B. C. Gazette will contain the appointments of R. A. Kenwick us deputy
commissioner of lands and works, and
of \Y. R. .Iarvis as warden of tie* provincial  gaol  at   Nelson.
Melville S Parry has undertaken the
task of staging "Dearest Mama " which
'he dramatic society has been rehearsing for some tine* Mr. Parry took
charge last night He considers the
east a decided!} good one. and believes
that the production v. ill le* a success.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will And it to their ad.
vantaK'- to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co,
Swiss Cream Sodas
Fresh from the
Telephone 161.
Contractor   and
|0IC tr��lt lor the Porto Rtcn I.nmt��<*r Co., Ltd.,
rttatl ynrrti Koafrh tn'i fir��.��Mf1 himh��r, mrnea
work and brM-Mta, ( net Ititi jii'i shingles, rub
and doom. < (-merit, l.rluk and lime for ��uU-
liitomati' grinder
Yard and factory: Vernon Ht    eaat of Hall
P. O. Bot 232 IHnphnne 17M
Mrs. A. E. Qo den rath, neither of
Percy F. Godenrath. passed away in
Vancouver on tie IStb ot this month
The deceas"d lady vac well known in
Nelson, having visited hereon mam occasions with her son Th.* funeral win
take place tomorrow afternoon at Vancouver.
About midnight  last  nlgbt a freighl
enpine and two empty tarn wit.- derailed between Nelson and Procter near
11-Mile point. The accident wa- die
to a slight sinking of th,. rails. No
one was hurt and the engine is nut
damaged. It is lying on a clay hank
with Its pilot just ai  fhe water's edge,
Furnaces and hoi ai;' pipes have been
installed in the public school An inspection of thi fire appliances has heen
made and everything found to he most
satisfactory, a flre escape has heen
placed over the rear Hntranct*. and
connections mad< with thr Un- alarm
at the fire station. The principal can
now send in an alarm direct that will
ring the gong at  the flre hall.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, etc.
121 East Baker St. Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
Tea aud Coffee.
Beef Tea.
A. McDonaid& Co.
Dealer!, in Itapla and fancy Groceries
Butter, Kukh
Camp and Minors' Supplies.
i       lit aaaa i     i ~ I frnm
3   doz.   for
Cm Am Benedict
Comer Silica and Josephine Sta.
tss Inks- s-lissrxi' ssl Iiu.is xlrl ssl Hires, y.-nra situ!
aissslssl wills jslsilis iss's-slls-sssirk. mulsul isre!isr-
resl     Apply Hsdsme Wsbb, HtrAtlsL'isnss Hold
A POSITION AH i I.HHK, bj a Iraok-kwipsr ��lso
iHitsili'k us ' BOOUrateSI llsures. AslslrustiU),!
ney F. Iliul, lum MM, llss; ssss. *-s*.k.
WOMAN HKISO'.'II COOK. (40.1111 Wsllrsss HSiWI
Atones     tfi I'strker.
TWO PlRST-CLAaa I100MB, ilasm hssted.   Ap
plv lintisekssMr. ������<������' list. K. vt. 0, blsssk.
TWO pool, TABUS ntssl ,iin.�� "iiihiiisllsin BU-
llarsl uusl Pssssl Tsblo. Kvervtlsljss; eouplstt
anil Is irssssd eoadltlon. H. J. Mlflifsm, Tobst
Osslllll, Crisiilsriissk, II. I*.
Balls at 10c. 15c, 20c. 25c and 50c.
Bats at 20c. 30c. -40c and 50c.
Catchers' Mits at 35c 45c and 75c.
Catchers' Gloves at 25c  and  75c.
W. G. Thomson
bTaTo^11  nd Nelson, B. C.
Phone .*4.
My Wife's Family.
A farce in the broadest s'-ns'* ami yet
withal without a word oi sug-m siive-
D-ass, one thai was never Intended for
anything deeper than causing hysterics
with its laughable situations, witty <iia-
logue ami Impossible nonsense, is th**
announced attraction, "My Wife's Fain
lly," at Sherman's opera house Monday.
That old story uf tlu- henpecked hus-
band, the more than usually obnoxious
mother-in-law, and the CamlJj of
nephews, cousins, sist'Ts and numerous
other relativt!-. are Bervad up witli new
aud elaborate trimmings uf btighl say-
Lngs and catchy music, pretty girls
ami dazzling dunce numb'Ts. The story
brings a vociferous mother-in-law to the
lintnt nt her inuffi'iisive Bon-in law with
her host <>f relations, among whom i*- a
������ni, latfly married Burrentitousl) and
the father of a three months' old child.
Through a combination of mistaKes the
aun-m-luw is suspected, and has some
hair-breadth escapes from ins angry relations wiii'ii tin* Child is found in the
house. After barely escaping wiih his
lit-- explanations clear up tin* troubles
and things end bapplly, Applteon and
I'erry, the two conUNHans, as ihe friend
ami husband respectively, in dialogut.
soiit; and the xcnitlatlngly funny auto
mobllte, art* sure to create laughs ua-
lore, wi.il" there are over a dozen of the
brfghtesi et vaudeville specialties Introduced during the action ot tin come-
dy by various members of the excellent
The Full Measure
Style and Value!
Ysssi Isuvs* .i p.Tf.'Ct liulil  Is' bill!
upon a perfect to untl perfect style
Winn vssu an' imyliiK from I'"' IB
tU tor a suit.
20th Centory Brand
will fulfill your blghesl expecUtiotu
and your most cxartini; demanda
"I'lsss sin- ths' cearesl approach tss
piTfi-ctlon Unit we llnil in tin* isillssi
iliK world. We fan prov,- tin-Hi'
facta to yssu If you will hut lire us-
tbe opportunity.
$18.00 Style and Value for ..$13.00
$20.00 Style and Value for...$15.00
Boys'  Suits  at  $2,  $3,  $4  and $5
Important Sale of Men's
and Boys' Shoes
Men's   regular  $-1.00   Box   Calf
Shoes   for    $3.00
Boys' regular $2.50 Box Calf
Shoes   for $2.00
Clearance Ss-le of Mens' Under
wear at $1. $1.50 and $2 per  Suit.
Men's Cashmere and Wool Socks
at 25c a pair or 5 pairs for $1.00.
vr-'frr'"���'-������ -~~; -in
lMm,r*.ttA+tMvm. ���iiiiiimMMMii'i til I      I     ill       ._��_*__.._���
Fifty Cent Hand Bap j
They are beauties at the price.
Sherman's Opera House
Monday, March 25th,
A merry riot of fun and music headed by
Prlcen soc 75<*. $1.00.
Plan .it Rutherford's Saturday.
The Store of Quality
If you like aloe, clean, nriap
UiHcuits we recininieui] you lo
try the
20th Century Package
Per Package.
Graham Wafers  10c
Lemon   Cream    10c
Vanilla  Wafers      10c
Society Tea   10c
New England Ginger Snap   10c
Krlspo Ginger Wafera   10c
Butter���Thin 10c
Milk Toaat   10c
Dainty City Soda  (Salted) 15c
Saratoga  Flakes  (S.-lted)    15c
Put up In paokagea nml thus
ever fresh. It coatn little to
give thum a trial, ami they
prove themselvi.'H worth It.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Notice li btTflbf Riven tliat nt n meetloi of tlte
Board of ).i**'*;i- ComtniMlonHT to be h��M ttftur
tha expiration olBdUli I Intend Hmpii y tor's
trauafar of my bot��I l Hn-n -* for thn drure liotal,
at Fttnriew. to E   (5  Bnrclmi
The street car started niakinr regular
irips tills morning Win-n tin trial run
wa* made lnnt Motirlay it was diHcov-
ered thai the new wheel fitted too closely to th" axlen. The axles were taken
to the C. 1* K ahopa and the whf'*'ir
fitted hy hydraulic pressure. Kverythinfc
Ib now running Hmoothly, and it Is
hoped thai from this time forward the
car  will  mak***  regular trips.
Fed Cross Drug Store
for your Pre��criptions. Family Recipes,
Hair Tonics, and all kinds of
Note the Address:
Haker St., near Josephine, Nelson, B. 0.
Trains and Boats.
Crow hoat���On time.
Coafll and Slnrun train���On lima.
Hrumdary .rain���On time.
IloHJdaiid train���On time.
Kaslo connection���On time.
We have just received a most complete and
well selected stock of strictly fresh seeds.
Come early aud get your supply. Prices right.
We have notiee from our landlord to vacate our store hy April 1st. In
order to reduce our stock hefore moving we will sell goods now in stock
at greatly reduced priceH. If you want harKains in Clofhlng and dent's
FurnlrthlngH drop in  and BOfl  for   yourself.
Tci��phon�� aaa.
____________ F*rovl_tlon��,
Produ-sc, ��� Fruit.
GovB-nmont Oroamery One Ponnd Bricks nwolvwl wst-kiy (rjj, (-_, ^ I
* abnZD,   For salo liy all httdiiiK K"*'�����. '"    |
Ollisi'mi'l warehouw: Houston Block,   Phonts "9.
Josephine Street.
Nelson. B.G
doi. l.lncn Collar
���Id nt
We nre
.lust  ii.  Receipt of a Carload of
These are the finest (trade of ore Hack* iu the
market nnd onr prices are riffht. If you an* in
ue*ri let us hear from you.
h H. Ashdown Hardw^
Company, Limited.
���. A. ISAAC
R��p��lrln-K And Jobbing u��cut��d with D��nputi;h.  SlmatMfaM
Work, MlnlsriK HMsMill Msachl,i��r> .     Mnnufnuturarr"   ���
Or* yari, tt.  te.   sUuntrttutfir*' _i,m.
ISu*in����a ma��n.
v\'����rkiM|i mmn*
M��n In drsaa nttlra,
Hportlnv mmn,
Handaoms m*nt
Man that** full of fir*
UNITE aud Hint* that   the ii_i[mrwti��l
Johu T. Pierre an* the \m)\*iim-1
My luKf fall shipmenf has just uriwj 1
them aud place your order early for \ai*"
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor!
Spring Stock lust Opened
Carload Linoleum* and C��rpet*
From Qlaagow, Scotluncl.
Hwat Qualltlwa at Uow Prices.
Standard Futmtxste Company|
Compete House Furnishes
Undertakers,    Eml>iiiM��
Munn A Ri-KSb rinisoi,
Oilcrmisor liHttrMM*
lUrihall HanlUrr M.Istmim
K^K L��mbe��, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Wlndo>**l
Mail Orders promptly ���"���^
Turned Work and Brackets
Galvanised Iron Work
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���moka Sta
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., W


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