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The Daily Canadian Jan 15, 1908

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ftron Llthla Water.
Mcvi'ii Llthla Ginger Ale.
EjMCyani   l.l'lliil   I..111.,11  S.nn
Kl.in.' carbonata-al  Unlcvon
���tr. Wh. n you :isk bai  Haley
���rou gel  II.    Sold al ull hotels and cafe.;
VOLUMB 1.     No.   !���*,
���fPje jp^ttt -feanabian
tffle Contract Up
llltiaDcpMtaent and Company Ac-
CMC Badl Other of Causing
Qungt and Delay.
^Ottawa, Jan. IB.���Th.' pulilia- area,,,,,,*
���mmlttee this mornm::   ��� ���, - - -,, * ,1  an  In
try into the paynn <>��� "< t'-'' 1.T_:j .".:. t..
e Roas Blflaconn a .    in in.   ������     n .
Wallace Nesbitt    l-s   <      a. : a. -. ,,a.a.
e ROSS Rifle Caanipany, said li,. tna.l
-ru to do With s.'..'iirini: th. ...nt iaai
an had Rosa bin ������ it il. .li.i ii ami oi
monal friendship u, Sir Charles win.
d heen the Victim i��t eiiannislaiaa.-s
ilch had liuula him jar. all* misuuiia-r
_od. There wa-a. th*.. sain ni l.-a
t-CS to tlie original a.mllaa'a. thai tin
les Should he nianiiiaatiiii'ii ;taa otilnii;
p sealed patterns, thai changes shoiihl
made only aft'i two ni.anibs' n..,i..'.
it advances sb.au1.1 l���- mail*, mat on
) plant and n,a. inn. i:��� bui am aatmai
aterials and 'mi ��� ll.- b���'i invest. .1
sr  ��l,IN.,000   in   III.    plan'.     alva-r   *
Itlnct Changes   hail   I n   mail.-   wiilah
1 involved pTarliau!  rcaii-guni/ation of
, machinery-    **it  ciiark-.s tta.ss was
present |]M),0ii.i .mi
.llr Fred. Berai.t,  sai.l  m  .1- i.'ns.' , ;
i   militia   HOP'.I I in. 1.1    that    tin-    a-.am
iy had o-**o|i.'i..i. .! with  the iv.v. n,
nt In  maMllr   'In-  .'halloa's      lie   was
anions   for  tu,    inv-sli^ati.iu    mla.   th.
Issrges made b    n.-i.ui.
acting   Of  Mamebers  of   Mining   Inst.
f lute���Off ice rs   Elected.
fhe western bruna-h  ..(  th.   Canadian
���Ulng   'DMHtUa-      **...-      airKUni/a-d    at
etlng   In  tha'   a-.mat    la- aaa--.     Ibis   .ill.'i
>n at 1.S0,
rhe tollowi,'.'   nmmhers wi'iv iir.'scui :
C.   Haas,   K|...li;lll.-.    IS     Jacolis.    Via-
la;   OWp|**5*Jl"W n ' a* " .   \ .in.'..a*, i .     I
_���_*. NOtthpora.   A    11    llraa.a.y.  II.   A
aC, G. B.  Rev, 11.   S.   S.   Fowler.   S.   (.
lylock, J.  J.   Campbell.   L.   Hill.   A.   L.
KUlop,   E.   W.    Wialaliawsain.    Nelsaan.
P. HUI, Hill, "si .   A    II. W.  Hodges.
"���C BlShOP    VV.   Miller,  (iraliil   Forks:
Rumberg.   i'ii".ni>-:   c   \ai.i...  k
SeT,: "Jfeena* I.       \\       A      Haw.Is.an.
Inner*.   Am   r 11.   .isiion  **.->���' i.
Itt, !*�����.-Whltla r.    \    1)    Wha-eler.   IS
lltoaberge:    au.l  F    Fl.t.li.l.
of    regret  for  absenca
I  from  w    F. Robertson,
actalogist, ami  man)   oil.
���vlnclal mi
Keffer pi
led ami iirsi called tor
a-tions,  Wttla I     i.'     i       '    in   <ll.    ��� l,-i-ti.'ll
A. II.   W. B'��l '.':    a     pivsaah-ul   I.;.   aa-
S imatlon. tiM
Balloting resiili..)   in  the  elecllain  ol
5    Jacobs aa seera-tary. anal tha' fatllaiw-
-   Z exceptive conmiiiu-<���:    1.   Hill. S. <i
aylock, O.  M    Wllltesiales.   I'   S.  Colli
ey, R.  H. Stewart,  .1.  C.   Haas.
On motion ol F  Ka-IT.-r. whai liaal giva*n
a the Chair to Mr   lloalges, an ail.llll.Mi
is made to Hi.   ixia-uii*.' hi tin   pei
n of J. A-   Ma'I'S'"v    "I   I'.'ini.
Another ses-i..'. will n.- li.-lal tht,., v**t,
'   K and at to ' ,.��*-. .    m..'lilacs  l.'i-lmi
.1 papers will !>*��� i.-ml
Not   an   Rate   War.
London, Jan    I-'.     Tl"'   Ciin.iilliiii   I'n
nc aar*t*"*]!<'*   Cauaallan   I :   Ilia,     '
yoil i H  in  the  rate-cutting com
���tltlon .MB!   III.'   spring,   I ail      Ilia;
seltlemoBiwIII ba. reached.
o Use 3uing.
Ottawa. Mil. I.. This dlHinhisiil In
,0 assiz,' 001111 ail llle *'n*.r* taaen lay
a'tiator Legri; in It..half of Ills sou.
.llfrld, against Ottawa University
rings up an interesting point. Tin
ulge decided that the university was
nt responslhl. lair dm priest alncc It
'as not ga I" l In ai'a-airdaiiee will, lib
Uty aa disciplinarian. The only resort
f the plaintiff w a,ul,| |���. a.iinisl I'alll.-i
lube, the pi i i in itu.'Sli. u, who. as n
lomber , of iim ui.i.ii. a a. .i,., has ���,.
noney In his aiwn nam.' It an aa-tlon
en; 'taken against Father Huh., anal n
'.udgment Obtain, il.  who would  pay the
damages? It Is Intimated, however, that
lt is possible something further will be
Mrs. W. II. Falding arrivetl from Rossland last night.
A. Ba W. Hod-gee- manager of the
(iranhy smelter, is at the Hume.
August Thomas is in the city from
Taconia, visiting his Nelson friends.
Mrs. F. Keffer arrived from Green*
waaaaal last night and is at the Strathcona.
BJ, C. 11. Crve. of Vancouver, is in the
city attending the meeting of the mining engineers.
Mis* and Mrs. C. P. Hill, ol Hillcrest.
are In the city. Mr. Hill is a member
ol' the mining institute.
Ven. Archaleacon Meet* was in the city
from Kaslo yesterday attending the
Hynaid executive meeting.
Alex. McKlnnou, formerly chief of
tha* Nelson Police force, is revisiting
tl". city after four years' alasence.
Rev. 11. Steele, of Grand Forks, and
Rev. C. A. Procunier, of Revulstoka-, an
at the Stratcona. They are In t& eiiy
to attend a meeting of tlu* executive
committee of the Synod of the diocese
of Kootenay.
Victims   of    Boyertown   Horror   ��    rned
Beyond   Recognition���Only   C.a-
Fifth Identified.
Hoyortown, Jan. 15.���Of tho more
than inr* person crushed or burned tn
death in Monday night's theatre dlsas-
ter, it is probable that more than half
will bfl laid away in nameless graves.
The morgues in which tbe bodies were
placed for identification were opened to
the public today.
So far as physicians and undertakers
could be certain from t he charred remains ami plot-lag only ten of the dead
were women antl girls and 4.{ were men,
and boys. So badly burned were the
other bodies that the sex could not be
determined ami it is probable they will
all be hurled in one plot in Union cemetery. Up to noon today thiny bodies
had been identilied by means of jewelry
or clothing.
Iloyortown. Jan. 15.���Most of the
bodies being recovered are in such condition thai few of them will be recognized hy the features alone. In nearly
every case the upi>er portions of the
bodies were burned to a crisp. Because
of the difficulty of identification and the
attendant confusion the coroner decid
ed to keep the morgues closed until today and during the morning the doors
of the buildings were thrown open.
Hundreds of people are waiting al each
place (o get a look at (he bodies in
_Opfi of finding the remains of loved
Jacob JohnBon, who wuh burned In tbe
made rush for exit from the burning
building,  died   this  morning.
Coroner BtffcUttQ is making an investigation preliminary to the official inquest.
"It wus the saddest pldtura I over
looked upon." he said. ".No living soul
can depict the scene. II was simply
IndMOribable. 1 shall make a thorough
investigation leading up to what 1 consider the most horrible event that ever
occurred   in   eastern  Penn lylvania."
Tho coroner's attention vah called to
tho fact that oil lamps were used for
foot lights iu the opera house In place
of a stationary illumination. lh< said
he  would  make a thorough   Inquiry.
Henry W. B_Mber, Of Curlyle. the operator of tiie machine, which was the
original cause of the terrible disaster.
was severely burned.    He said:
"The accident to the calcium light
was caused by a cap In one of the tanks
blowing out. This caused a sharp report, and a flash which started the people in the audience, i stuck to my apparatus, and Anally got the leak repair
ed and succeeded in quieting the alurm
ed people. Just us I hnd them calmed
the foolish action of some thoroughly
frightened person on the stage caused
the over-setting of tho foot light lamps
and the consequent spread of the II a me.*;
which nothing could avert. Not until
than illd I desert my poat and seek my
own safety  in  flight."
Explorer Honored.
Antwerp. Jan. 15���The Tloyftl Geographical Society tit Antwerp haa conferred Its gold medal upon !���out. Hody
Alexander, who read a puper before the
socity on Thursday evening describing
his famous Journey across Africa from
the Niger to Lake Tchad aud thence to
thu   Nile.
Canadian Municipalities'
Representatives in  Session at Ottawa���News of Canada From
Ocean to Ocean*
Ottawa, Jan. 15.���An important advance in the protection of municipal
rights was announced as the result or
a meeting yesterday of the executive
union of Canadian municipalities.
Among many subjects discussed by the
meeting were the protection of municipal rights' in Victoria, Calgaiy. Winnipeg, Port William, Port Arthur. Urant-
ford, Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal and
otln r places. The meeting determined
unanimously to protect municipal
rights. Certain amendments to the rail
way act were suggested and these were
discussed by Ron. O. P. Graham, minister of railways, with very satisfactory
Winnipeg. Jan. 15.���The members of
the commission appointed by the government to operate the telephone system in Manitoba have been named.
Frank C. Raterson, Northwestern manager or the Hell Telephone Company, is
chairman and W. 11. Hayes and H. J.
Moran, both Hell officials, are the other
members of the commission.
Montreal, Jan. 15���The C. P. It-
steamer Lake Champlain, bound for
Liverpool passed Fastnet at 10 a. m.
Ottawa. Jan. 15.���A despatch has been
received from the colonial secretary announcing trrWt the King bas instituted a
modal to be called the Edward medal
for courage In saving or attempting to
save life In mines or quarries within
His Majesty's dominions. It may be
bestowed on persons of either sex or of
any nationality. It is not the King's desire that the medal should be giv%n for
rash and injudicious attempts at saving
life, however gallant they may be, as for
instance in cases where those who attempt to rescue, havw themselves to be
tempt to rescue, have themselves to
gravate the danger. Thu qualitication
foi the Kdward medal must be of a high
and exceptional order. Iu the cases of
Canada all recommendations for the
medal will be transmitted by the gov
enmr general.
Ottawa, Jan. 15.���Judgment bus.been
rendered in Sprague vs Hoth. an action
tried before JuBtlce Mubeu in the high
court here last november to recover the
sum ol $2,500,000 for mmfulfllment or
contract to sell the Canada Atlantic
railway to Seward Webb. Tho suit is
dismissed with costs.
Toronto. Jun. 15.���M. Y. Macl.ean
Liberal, and Hoi ton, Conservative, wen
nominated for South Huron today foi
the vacuncy caused by the death of B.
11.  (Juun.
Ayors'   Flats,   Que*.   Jan.   15.���C.    H.
Lovell,   Liberal,   antl   A.   H.   Moore.   �� \
Al. P.. Conservative, were Dominated tor
St. Vincent county for the vacancy in
ihe commons caused by thu death of
Henry Lovell, father of the first named.
Fredorieton, Jan, 15.���Cleo. W. Allen,
n well known barrister and M. P. P�� for
Vork, shot himself at his home this
afternoon and ia now In u very critical
Wife's Suicide.
New York. Jan. |.C.- Inability of her
husband to obtain employ men i Is believed to have led Mrs. Louise McClue
to end her life today. Her hody wus
found lying In a foot, of water in the
bath tub in their home In west 24th
street, by the husband, when he nrost
this morning. The couple were married
two years ago. It wus a runaway
Lumbermen Meet In Denver.
Dvenver, Colo., Jan. 15.���Members of
the Colorado and Wyoming Lumber
Dealers' Association gathered In Denver
today for their sixth annual meeting
A meeting of the board of directors wuk
held���this afternoon, c.id the regular
onler of business will bo taken up to-
rndriow. Among the subjects that will
be discussed by the convention are catalogue houses, cement as a building material, the relations between wholesaler
and retailer, the use and abuse of credits, and lumber insurance.
London  Opinion of  Late  Acquisition of
Times   by Tariff   Reform
London, Jan. 15.���The announcement
that the Times Is about to change
hands has fallen like a mighty bombshell on the British nation. It is no
exaggeration to say that it is regarded
as a matter of almost national concern.
The Times, which has so long been
a national institution, has been obtained
by the Imperial Tariff Reform League.
with Mr. Charles Arthur Pearson, first
chairman of the league, as controller.
The Times has recently been sitting on
the fenee, and occasionally coquetting
with the Tariff Keform Leagues and at
times tipping a friendly wink tu the
free traders. The followers of Cobdeu
have made efforts to capture tne Tbund-
eiei, as the T���nee has ever been known,
but they showed timidity.
The tariff reformers have decided to
hotd their banner high at the next general election, and believing that the
hulk of the electors will come to their
standard, have captuied the greatest of
Knglish  newspapers.
It Is known that some monies ego
the counductors of the Times were in
negotiation for political and finaiicial
support of some distinguished free
trade Unionists whose^jiames are as
familiar as household words. The tariff
reform section of the Unionist pai y
heard of these negotiations and romped
in with QfVera which have resulted in
the situatlou in which "The Asylum ot
the World," aa Kinglake finely described the Thunderer halt a century ago,
passed into the hands of the league,
with the establishment of Mr. Pearson
as controller, although Mr. A. Walter
will for a while continue as the titular
head of the paper.
In September last the Times commenced to sprinkle cold water on the
proposals for tariff reform, but in November the douche was quite copious.
The editor said that however great may
be the importance of tariff reform, it Is
not urgent in the same sense us the
other questions.
A leading member of the Tariff Reform league remarked that great statesmen are all greater when they have the
ass stance of the press in promulgating
their proposals. Without the press no
enterprise requiring the cooperation of
large bodies of people, necessarily scattered, could over be undertaken, nor
could political institutions whose stabil
Ity depends on tho wide consensus of
public opinion  endure.
It is well known that In recent years
many British manufacturers have trans
ferred their factories wholly or in part
to foreign countries in order to escape
tmgQrt duties and to obtain the advantage of cheaper foreign labor. The effect of this migration Is that British
capital and skill and the Inventiveness
snd commercial energy of British em-
|.:>vers ure now used to provide employment and wages for foreign instead of
for British workmen.
Mr Pearson Is a great believer In
the streiuious life It Is one of his say
tugs that his success is due to the habit
he cnntr;:eted when young of never
wasting time.
In LSOfl the office of one of his papers,
the LeUvstei Kvenlng News, was burn
ed down, and while the building wns
HtlH In flames the Leicester Kvenlng
News was sellim* in the streets as usual
With his invariable resourcefulness and
energy. Mi. Pearson had rented a paper
ln a town thirty miles away and sent it
down by train It continued to appear
without interruption. What will happen
to the staff on the Times when this
champion hustler goes among them"
Cnill now to get an appointment on the
Times staff was like getting a position
In the Bnnk of Kngiand or in a govern
ment department, but there Is no flxlt>
'if tenure nu an\ of Mr. Pearson's papers, so thut the feeling of the Oh!
Brigade In Printing House Square can
be better imagined than described.
Nearly all the managers of the staff are
barristers-al law. and the hulk of them
ate shivering tn their shoes tonight.
Thev feel tbat the internal revolution
which lad I'J the establishment of Mr.
Pearson as controller meuns bitter bus!
ne-ss foi- them.
Sir Alexander Henderson, who i-*
ohietly associated with Mr. Pearson In
thin Important deal, was a member of
the TarirT Commission. He ulso was
assoelateil with Mr. Pearson In the put
Qhase of the London Standard and the
amalgamation Of the Kvenlng Standard
and the St. James' Gnaette.
THE  DAILY  k,aw*aiXU*U
every evening    at
Will  be delivered
your door for
Fifty Cents a month
More Ministers Resign
Premier Saionji and Remaining Colleagues in Minority���Changes
of Ambassadors.
Tokio, Jan. 15.���An accurate prediction concerning the probable life of the
.Marquis Saionji's cabinet Is difficult. The
problem of the cabinet Is to avert a
climax and the resignations of the ministers of finance and communication has
created a sensation approaching a po-
lit.cal crisis. The opposition and even
friends of the government are apparently determined to force Uie government
to appeal to the country. With an unpopular budget the counstitutionalisls
lack nine votes of an actual majority in
the lower house.
Honolulu, Jan. 15.���Viscount Aoki, the
retiring Japanese ambassador to the
United States, and Governor Hear, of
Hawaii, arrived here yesterday from
San Francisco on the steamer Manchuria.
Honolulu. Jan. 15.���A local Japanese
newspaper printed an Interview with
Viscount Aoki, late Japanese Ambassador to America, in which Viscount Aoki
says as follows:
"I do not approve of manual laborers
g<;fng to America. They cannot expect
after Japan's long isolation, to establish
themselves in any western country. The
destiny and opportunity of Japan are in
Asia, in Korea and  Manchuria."
Viscount. Aoki also expressed himself
as opposed to Japanese seeking naturalization in America for the reason that
citizenship is only needed by those
who contemplated permanent residence.
Tokio, Jan. 15.���Na kasha ko. vice
minister of communications, resigned
today. He will be succeeded by MuzuUa
of  the  railroad   bureau.
Home. Jan. 15.���Islaron Kerogo Takahira, who will succeed Viscount Aoki
as Japanese ambassador to the United
States, 'was received in farewell audi
ence by King Victor Emmanuel today
His Majesty said he was sorfy the Jap
anese diplomat was going to leave
.rice Daly's bll-
night game he
ugher (400) in
500 to 272. His
Ti htm a high run of 87
with an average of 2&. Gallagher's high
run was 50 and he made an average of
13 1-15. Arthur Marcott (250) defeated
Mormngstar in the afternoon hy scoring
his 250 points while he was scoring 280.
The winner made a high run of 58 and
his average was 11 19-21. Morningstar
averaged 14 and his highest runs were
00 and 54.
Many Witnesses Called to Testify That
Harry  Thaw's  Conduct   Was
Lull in ComUat.
London, Jan. 15.���The fact that late
last night the Cunard Steamship company had not responded to the White
Star's further cut in rates leads to the
idea in some quarters thnt the former
nut) be considering the advisability of
agreeing to a compromise, based on
slight differential rates with itspcnt to
the Lusltanla aud Mauretania. It h.
noted that the White Star circular does
not affect the Canadian rate. This la
supposed to have as Its object the avert
ing of a cut In rutes by the direct Can-
udlan linos which is sutd to hnve been
Irish Regalia Mystery.
London, Jan. 15.���The Tribune honrs
from a source which It regards us trust
worthy, that the missing IrlHh regali;
is held intact for a large ransom and a
guarantee of immunity from punish
ment. It says that the mystery of the
disappearance can, however, only be
solved hy a public inquiry, which would
reveal   amazing and   lomuntlc  features.
New York, Jan. 15.���Dr. H. C. Wood.
Philadelphia, was called to the stand as
the first witness fn the Thaw trial today. Dr. Wood some years ago made an
examination of Harriett Alice Thaw, a
reiutlve of the defendant. District Attorney Jerome objected to t he physician's testimony but was overruled by
the court, as the relation of attending
physician aud patient did not exist in
this case. Dr. Wood said that Miss Thaw
was of unsound  mind.
New York, Jan. 15.���Many witnesses
entirely new to the case, testified at the
trial of Harry K. Thaw today and told
stories of his eccentricities during the
years Immediately preceding the killing
of Stanford White. They all declared
he impressed them as being irrational.
The most interesting testimony was
that of Christopher Kgan of the New
York Whist club, who told of Thaw's
doings tbe day of the tragedy, and who,
under cross-examination hy District Attorney Jerome, gave amusing details oi^
a whist game in which Thaw and several men of prominence participated.
Miss Mltalda Stein, who was a telephone operator at the Grand hotel In
PjOsI when Thaw was a guest there, was
file next witness. She said she knew
Thaw under the name of Farr. " She had
often seen him and his eyes were always staring und bulging. His manner
was irrational. One morning Thaw put
in 75 telephone calls ln less than three
hours. One morning he ordered his
breakfast three times in twenty minutes.
Here District Attorney Jerome objected.
He said a man did not have to live long
at a New York hotel to know that he
had often to order his breakfast more
than three times before he got it.
In cross examination Miss Stein s-aid
Kvelyn Nesbitt was also a guest at the
Grand, under the name of Miss Farr.
"Waant It the morning after she left
that the 75 culls were put In?" asked
District Attorney Jerome.
The witness was sure it was not because Miss Nesbitt put In several that
day herself, one, the witness Bald, was
to  Burr  Mcintosh.
Mrs. Carolyn Lowery and Wm. A.
Johnson, newspaper writers, who witnessed the tragedy, declared in turn
upon the stand that Thaw impressed
them as decidedly irrational. Lionel
Straus, a portrait painter, another witness who testified at the ltisi trial, ulso
Characterised Thaw's actions aa irrational.
Francis McGuiness, who wus a member of the coroner's jury which con-
dueled tiie inquest on Stanford White's
death, testified that Thaw at the inquest
appeared  Irrational.
K. of P. Installation.
Nice Girl.
Cbhago, Jan. 15.���Three shots wen
Bred at Samuel H. Hauiill. one of tho
attorneys for John Walsh, by Mrs
Thomas Metcalfe, In the corridor of tin
Federal building here late yeBlerday
afternoon* Mr. Hamill, according te
witness of the affair, left the court
loom late In the afternoon, followed by
���M rs. Metcalfe. As ho was about to
leave the building the woman drew a
revolver  and   fired.
Amerlcsn Billiards.
New York, Jun. 15���Ornn Mornlmrstat
(500) won nnd lost yesterday In a three
Garnered   handicap  billiard  tournument
At last night's regular meeting of Nelson Lodge. Knight's of Pythias, the
members held a public installation of
Officers at which a very large number of
their friends wore present. The officers were Installed by D. Q. C. Dr. W.
0, Hose, assisted by P. G. C. William
Irvine, G. R. Qeo. Gunn, G. K. R. G. Joy.
The work was very prettily put on and
tin- following officers Instulled for the
present term: C. C, U. J. Steel; P. G.
C. A. Thomas; V. V. C, J. Roisterer;
Pre. J. Pitchford; K. R. S. A Winters;
M. Bk*. H. E. Douglas: M. of F., A. Erlckson: M. W., Wm. Lynch; M. A., An!
He Harris; I. G.. L. K. Larson: O. G.,
J. Thorpo. After the Installation ceremonies, dancing'and a musical programme were enjoyed and refreshments
served to the large numbers present by
the newly Installed officers. Nelson
Lodge, K. of P. hus now a very large
membership, with many new applicants
on hind, and the officers are now mak
ing preparations for a grand ball to be
held at tho Alice Holler Rink, on the
night of the 2'.*.') nf t:.e present month
to which luvlti* ions will be extended to
the Knights and their friends through
the officers and committee in ehurge,
Heavy Loss By Fire Id
Milling; Company Was Customer of
City Power Plant to Extent of
$20,000 a Year.
Kenora. Jan. 15.���The magnificent
new mill of the Maple Leaf Flour Mills
Company valued at over a million dollars, was burned last night. Only Uie
wall is left standing. It is said the
lire originated by a live wire. The Maple Leaf mill was one of the lina.-i mills
on the continent and had a capacity of
five thousand barrels a day. The mill
has only been completed and was a
laoon to the town as It employed a large
a,umber of men.
Kenora, Jan. 15.���A lire which directly and indirectly caused a loss of one
million dollars last night, destroyed the
newly completely and equipped Maple
Leaf mills hurt- including elevator and
warehouse. The flra was first discovered on the roof of the main building
about half-past nine but, backed with
wind, the work waa hopeless at .first.
The tank at the top of the building,
which should have been full, was found
to be empty. Shortly after 11 o'clock
the north wall of solid concrete fell and
the south wall followed shortly after.
The heat was Intense and the sight was
spectacular tn the extreme. The brigade
was forced to concentrate their efforts
on saving neighboring residential property. D. C. Cameron, of Winnipeg, president of the Rat Portage Lumber company, who left the city for the Pacific
coast last night, ls president of the company which numbers many Kenora
shareholders. Tlie mills were only
formally opened on December 12th. The
mill whs under contract to take municipal power to the extent of $20,0(10
annually and the loss of this will seriously cripple the municipal power plant.
The amount of Insurance cannot be ascertained at present.
European    Doctors    Recommend   Dally
Ascension  for Consumptives.
Munich, Jan. 15.���The knell of Davos
and other Alpine resorts frequented by
consumptives Is sounded by an evergrowing band of continental medical
men. who are advocating th-* "balloon
cure" for tuberculosis.
Go up in a balloon every day, Is the
udvlce of these doctors to consumptives.
The cure has many advantages. Lack
of expense ls one of them. It Is far
cheaper to keep a bullnon In your back
garden In tlie suburbs and take your
dully two hours up above the clouds
thun to have to go away und live in expensive hotels foi- mouths at a time.
It Is also claimed for the "balloon
cure" that such ��� wide range af altl-
tuale ls obtainable lay moans of a balloon
that It makes It far superior treatment
to that of ordering a patient away to
some Alpine village, whore, oven with
hard exorcise, he cannot vary his altitude by more than a few hundred feot
a day. fl
ln a paper he road recently before
the Academy of Science, M. Christian
ltt'ck, a well known scientist, declare*
that the balloon treatment could be carried on In conditions Impossible of attainment ln any muuntatn resaart.
In a ballaion. he Bald, the patients
could lae convoyed In a few moment*
into a:, atmosphere where neither mineral nor vegetable particles were present In the air which would also he hac-
terloluglt:ttlly pure.
The dose can euslly be rogulated. the
patient being able to breathe air at any
altitude the physician thinks beat for
Kvon on the foggiest London days
he can ascend thranmh the clouds Into
an atm.asphere of perfect purity, and,
sitting well wrapped up tn the car. a.n-
joy the keen, pure ulr and bright sunshine denied to his unfortunate fellow-
creutures below.
English Musician on Tour.
New York. Jan. lG.^-Lislle Harris, the
Rngllsh pianist, vocalist and entertainer, made his llrst appearance In America at the Hudson theatre y.-sta-ralay.
Mr Harris will make a tour of Canada
nnd the United Slates. 1 a9 Dafly Canadian
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
i in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever of-
i  fered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their  arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial B&ak of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
capital Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital Paid Up  . .
Rest    $4,860,000
D. R. W1LEJ1. . Praia-dent.
HOI*. UO-IEKT JAFFKAY, Vioe-Pre-iideat.
Branches in Irtish Columbia:
Interest   allowed on  deposit*  flora date of deposit and credited quarterly.
nei-son branch *i��   Wt*   LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated A. D.  1869.
.$3,900,000     Reserve   Fund      ��4.390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kinds of Eanking Business.
.avings Bank Department, and
���nterest credited Quarterly on
Havings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
PabU���isd tox Oon a wee* by the
baker Hi..   Nelnon, B. 0
BUMorlptton rates, f*o ranu a month delivered
lu tbe city, or t-Ei.UU a year if nent by mall, wliuu
paid In Mvini'i
AdvertiKiim rates on application.
All mouie�� paid in   letUement ol The Dally
Canadian aocu tats, either toi Bubieriptipni or
ertisii.ti, must be receipted inr on tbe printed
p*- ul   tbo I oinpauy.   Other receipt! are uot
Wednesday, January  15. 1908.
Nelson extends a very hearty welcome to thu visiting minium I n.
who are here tot the purpose or organising b western branch of the Canad
lun Institute, The western branch will
cover British Columbia, Alberta, Baskai
chewan and  Yukon.
NoIiod baa many other resources bow,
in the contiguous orchard land, in tribu
tary timber Umlta, and In Ita local man
ufacturea and trade as a shipping and
distributing centre, but, Ln common wiih
Uie whole distrlci (if Kootenay, and Indeed with the whole mainland of Hii
tlsh Columbia, ii owea Ita development
to mining.
n is nol oi)i> i-."is raphlcally thai h
cfty is the natural centre and beadquar-
ters oi' ii,- weal tt bi inch ol am b an
tnatltuton, The biggest and richest
mineral area in all Canada won id bi
contained in a aa nl o rele with tin Ln
ternatlonaj boundary line as ita chord,
extending irom the coal mines of south
western Alberta to BimUkameon* and Including the dietrlcta oi slocan. Lardeau
und Wind, rim n to the north. For all
ibeee Nelson is ihe centre,
The editor of a mining review has
Kuid thin mon- Information on mining
operations and mineral reaouroea can
hr obtained in Nelson than in any othel
city in Western Canada.
The flrat period, that oi the lucky pros
���icctor. is over tor most of liritish Col
umbia. The existence of large bodies oi
ore und their location are definite]!
known. Tt Ik BOlttWOe, not luck, thai h
required to dlrSOt operations for econ
OXXdO development of tliene resources
and that Ih what is expected irom tie
mining engineers. Their organization
Into a responsible  body  Ih more in  the
interest of the public than of themsel
yen.     That  shadowy   personage   known
a; the mi ling expert hus done harm in
Kootouay  as    elsewhere.    The    country
welcomeB the i rganlsation of engineera
in nn institute the professional stund-
Ing of whose members can eusily and
readily   be   ascertained.
With a confusion of thought thut is
perhaps characteristic our content p-
porary Imagines there Ib something in-
���onsistent in Sir Alexander Lacoste's re-
tirement from the supreme court bench
of Quebec to reenter politics. We may
Ignore Uie obvious absuudity of a com-
liurison between Sir Alexander Lucoste
and Alex. Henderson, We may remind
���perhaps Intorm���our contemporary
that one of the most highly honored
Damea In Canadian history is that, of
sir John Thompson n ho left ths supreme court bench of Nova Scotia tn
enter Sir John Macdonald's cabinet
There was not one word of criticism of
the late Judge Henderson's act in leaving tin- bench to carry the Liberal banner In  Vancouver, There was. of cnurse.
reference to the fs-oi ihm be was running as a "place man." who would be
al "ii cars ol h> the pany m uny event,
imi tli" censure directed agalnsl htm
was not against the ex-judge bul
against the politics] renegads who betrayed the Turner party, who sinned
beyond pardon agalnsl even the loose
code of morality and bonor permitted
to Canadian Liberal politicians. He i��
again a "place man." a worth] BU0C6S*
B 'i Ot WAV. II. Mdnnea In the governorship of the Yukon. If our contemporary can see any resemblance between Ins case and tha' of Sir Alexander Laooste, we cannot congratulate
him on the clarity of his Intellectual
There may be differences or opinion
in Koolenay as to tlie causes of the com
parativoiy slow development of ttie lead
mining Industry, and there may be dor
man!  causes of disagreement between
mine owners and smelter managers, bin
there Ih absolute unanimity among mine
owners, smellermen and ull others who
are directly or Indirectly lnlereHtcl In
mining in Koolenay. on the necessity of
securing a continuance of the bounty on
lead on even more t'uvorable terms than
before. As was clearly polnltul out by
Mr. Leslie Mill at the annual meeting
of the Nelson board of trade, the boun
ty, ln lieu of adequate protection by a
tariff, is prerequisite to tbe operation of
the big low grade mines which are the
buck hone of Koolenay. They cannot
continue production under the conditions prevailing In the west if their product has to compete even in the home
market with the highly protected pro
duct of American lend mines. What
the permanent closing down of ths big
mims would mean no one In Kootena*.
needs tu be told.
American   Cities   on   Pacific   Waking   to
Possible    Danger.
Washington. Jan. 16,���Calif orn ians
are becoming somewhat alarmed over
what they believe to be the lack of proper defence of their seacoast, and the
alleged failure of the governmenl thus
far to make adequate preparations to.
protect coast cities In the event of war
with Japan. An evidence of the alarm
which is felt and the demand for better
protection is contained in a petition in
the form of a set of resolutions hy the
San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
presented to the house by Representative Needham. The resolutions nsk for
legi-slution which will provide for the
construction of u number of submarine
torpedo boats of the most improved
type "for the defence of the harbor of
Sun  Francisco und  other Pacific  coast
A similar fellng exists in Seattle,
and representatives form thai state ure
se. king to have similar boats built, to
in- Btationed in Pugel Sound. At present there are only two submarine torpedo boats on   the   Pacific  cojust.
Self-Recording Wireless.
Copenhagen. Jan. 15.���An apparatus
for automatically recording in ink messages received by wireless telegraph
has been perfected by W'aldemar Poul*
sen, the Danish scientist. For some
time past the stations at Herlin and
\ewcustle-on-Tyne have been In communication   with    Poulsen's   station   at
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling Alley
Hand: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday eveningB.
MornlnRB, afternoons and eveningB,
without band, children 15c adults 2tic,
Including skates.
Evenings with band, except Saturday
eveningB, 40c, including skates.
Saturday evening, band and special
attractions, to 11 o'clock, 50c, in * nfllng
skates, spectators 25c.
A. M. Can. See. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:   Boom   10,   K. W.-C.  Iiik.    P.   O.
Hex     434.
Baker  St.,   Nelson,   B.  C.
Certificate   of Improvements.
"KlMl I'lllllt," "VeMlllIUO," "GrCiMlWlKKl KraC-
tlotia.," "'���reenwood mul Jack Pp| Kmitliinnl'
Mineral Claim*, alluat�� tn lln- Nelion MiulUK
Jdvlalon (if Weal Kootenay   Dlatriot.
Where located : On K��t*-lt* Creek above tht'
I'oorinati Mini*.
Till untie*** ihat I, JottS McLatehte. ot the
I'll) <il NeWm, actliiK M agent for loin P.-Hwed-
berBi PnW Miner'*- Certificate No 11747(1 ami
0��ear Johuann Fret* Miner'*- Certificate No BS3t,
intend aixty day* from tin- date hereof to ftp-
ply ni the MinliiK Beoorder tor certificate*- bt
luipriivetneiiU.. fur    the    pnrpOM   of    olitainlUK
( rown Crania uf the above claim*
And further lake nutlet- that action, miner
M-ctlnii .(7,   mint   be   commciicuil   befnn-   tht:   !���-
menu ui roii-h OertifloatM ot lmprovementa.
Da led thlH _7t(* day .of Hcptember. a   I' , Muff
J    IIN  Mc|.\ It'll   B
Notice is hereby Riven that ihe un*
_erslgne<] have submitted to the Lieu-
'/���nant (lovirnor in-Council u proposal
under the Rivers and Streams Act for
the cleanup and removing ohstructloiiH
from ths Dnhamel Creek (otherwise
known as Hlx Mile Creek) In the Ills
trirt. of West Kootenay, Province of
British Columbia, and for making the
said creek fit for raftlm- and driving
thereon logs, timber and lumber, and
for erecting and maintaining dams on
the said creek, und for construct hound maintaining booms for holding
sorting and delivering logs und Umbel
thereon, and for attaching booms on
Kootenay Luke at the mouth of aald
The lands to be affected bv auch work
are Lots 7K7, 788, 7601, 7778, 48-94, 8411
and 841.1 all In Group One, Kootenay
District, and other lands not. Crown
(-ranted, occupied or Improved.
The tolls proposed to he changed nre
such am may be fixed by ths Judge of
the County Court of West Kootenay.
Dated the 28th day of October, 11107.
Lyngby,   near    Copenhagen, and using
the new writing machine. The invi-n-
tor Claims that tbe experiments proved
thai   ths new  method occupies less time
than the cable. The rati* of transmission averaged twenty-two words s minute, and  the reproduction was most   re
Bryan Dollar Dinner.
Lincoln, Wh.. Jan 15.��� Democratic
Diatorj will How greelj in the Auditorium tonlghl on th|> occasion of ths dollar dinner in honor ot Willian J. Bryan.
The Democratic slate central committee
of Nebraska has been making prepara-
t ions   for   the   affair  for   severul   weeks.
.Mr. Bryan is to be ths chief speaker
nnd it is expected he will Kivc his
opinions In regard to several Issues
of ihe coming campuiKu. Oothar Democratic leaders who nre amODg tile scheduled speakers are Governor Haskull of
Oklahoma, former Benator Patterson of
Colorado, and Jerry It. Sullivan of Iowa.
.lobbing   promptly   attended   to.     Plans
and Estimates.
Apply 415  Hall  St.
Box 385.
An extension of 10ft���yi within whioh toos_��
m-nee put-lient'oii **r-tiiU''l by pit- thi** tlaU*
Decern-bet Sl��t, 1907. Harry WrtKht. AMlalaut
��� ommtHdlouer of Lauds- mil Wo_H,
Went Kuoteuay baud IMHtrb't. Pi-Uriel of WflBt
Tukt* nutlet' that I. J. C, Juiuen. ol hpukane,
Wanh.. oee-upatton timU-rman, ttuumt Xo apply
for a fpeelal timtier lieetiet; over lhe folluwlUR
(ieHffilM'tl binrts**:
1 I'oinmeueinn ata i��*.>n t pUiili-l at the 8. W.
corner, about 1 mile from Kvin J.,hlif*toii-* 1' ; K
No 066, nanl pont h->m-* plaeetl on tht- iut��rii��-
tlonal buuudary   line,   thenee   north   40 ehainn,
thenoaaaatlSQ obmtni, ttumoe anmh SDu&lna,
tiienee wt*at '������'��������� ebaloa to puiut uf eotutneiiL-e-
ment, eontaililnu 640 acre*.
Dated bee mhcrHrrt, IWl. J. c   Jamskn.
2 ('iiiiimem*liiR at a post planted at the S W
oorner, about 40 * t.K'.i,* norih from the B. W.
eurner of lut-atlun No 1., thenoa nortb 40 chalna,
thenee eant 1��> chalna, thenee aouth SO chainI,
theuee weal ItHi eitaln*' to point t>f ts'ommeuee-
ment. euiitalulnR 640 acrei' J   <  . J a-.nkn
:i.   Oommenetng at a pool ideated at the h. w.
enrntsr about 4t�� chain*- uorlh from the H. W
eorner of loeatlou No 'J, thenee north 40 (ihalus,
thenee eant 1BU cbaluw, theuee aoutb 4U chalua,
thenee wept IHO ehittnn to point uf t*umm*Mu*e
ment. eonttilnlnp t��4o aeren. J   C    Iahhkn.
4 Coiuuii-i!";'.. at a ���""���: planted at the 8. W.
oorner, aluml to r-tialnn north from the H. W.
corner of location No '.',, thence north 40 chalni.
��� t "ii"'- ������������.-.! "��� ehainn, theuee south 40 chalna
theuee weat 160 ebalna to point of rommenev-
ment, -t-ontainluf* 640 acres. if. C, JaNhbh
6. Commencing at a pout planted at the H W.
corner, about 40 chalua nortb Irom tbe H. W.
������orner of location No -I, theuee north 40 t'haltii>,
then if eaal 1**0 enalna. thenee aouth 40 chalua,
tbeuce weat bio chalua to point of commencement, cniitaiuing M0 acrea.
December-Ith, 1*17. J. f    Jas'Kn
6. Commeueink' at a poat plan-led at tbe R. W
corner about IU ebalna nortb from tbe H. W.
eorner of location No. 5. thence nortb 40 Ohaini,
theuee eaat 160 chain- thenee aouth 4n chalua,
tiienee weat Itm ebalna, to point of commencement, containing SSO acrea
Dt-cember -lib, 1��)7 J    C. J ANHBN
7. t'omtnetielnK at a poat planted at the N \V
corner and adjoiuinR the N. _ corner nf loi 29<jn,
tbence eaat 40 chains, tbence aouth to ehainn
thenoaeeol -in ehaina. theuce aouth H)ohaioa,
thence weat Ho ebnlua, theuee -north loo chalna
Ui nolnt nf commencement, contalnine 040 acre***.
Deeemtier 4th. 09   E   B_DCH
8. CommencliiK at a poat plauted nt tbe N. W
corner, about '_, of a mile lu a aoulbweaterly
direction from tbe aoutb fork of Balmou river,
and about -TM mllen from the mouth, thence
���outh 160 ebalna, thenee eaat 40 chalna. thanee
north I'-- chuina, theuee went 40 chalna to point
of eomiiiencemetil, eutitaluiiiK Mu acrea.
pSOSmbBI fith, 1WI7. ��. J.   Kks.'.h
Nelnon i.ku.: Iiiatrba. Diatnet of Weat Kootenay
Take nonce thai W. A Hudaon, of Bpokan.,
WpabiiiKion. f LA*, occupation timber crulaer.
Intend to arply for a apeclal timber licence over
the followiii-K ileacrlkM'd landa: ('omtneueini* at
a poat planted on the north bank of Corn creek,
at the* junction of tbe north fork of ('urn ereek
with the main atream, iibout five mllea In a
westerly direction from ttie 00&��� uence of said
COSV 'reek with the Kootenay liver, thence
north 40 chains" tbeiu-e weat 160 chalna, theuce
���Oath 40 chain-., thetice eant 160 enalna to point
n   commencement. containliiK 040 acrea, more nr
Pateil MoVOmbSX "th, 1807.
William A    BoseOft
"-'<���l--i.ii Laud Diatrict. District of West Kootenay
Take liutlce that I, 1- W shaver, iim uii lu ap
ply fur a npecial lie* nee m rut and curry away
Umbel IniniMi'uiTi'Mil laud: ('ummeneiiiK at
a pont marked 1- M Hhaver, uortbweal corner
ihence eighty elm Inn aouth, tbrlier elRhty
ehaina cunt, them-r ei-*bty ehaina nortb. Ihence
eighty ebalna west to place ol hcKiniiliif*. con
talniiig MO acres, mure ur less, a 1 eaal and adjaceut in   timber   lieoiice   UVrXi   i.  id   alao  aoutb
and adjacent to timber Uoenpe No iMiiit, ami alao
aouth aud arljaeelit to F A Hhavct tluibtir limit
No    1.
Dated   November Sift, Wft,
l��� W. -u -, .'ki-   locator.
A. Hai KS-tTT, aicent
Hxtt-naion of om
���k   within   which   to  ad-
-erllse   Uranted.       Harry   WrlKht,   Ass't.   Coin
nnsalotiei of Land und Worka.
Nelaon band Diatrict. District nf West Kootenay
'lake notice that 1, T. h. 1-��k*ii, of Bonneri-
Kerry, Idaho, occupation painter, intend toap
ply for a apeclal tlm ber licence over the follow
tug rteacrll-ed laud*: Cnmmeuelui[ at a poat
planted at the Houtheanl corner nf timber
licence Nu. 1MHI, tbence cant Wt cbalnn, tbence
north HO ebalna, tbeuce west HO chalua, tlianee
auuth M0 chalua to point of Qummenceineiit,
containliiK MO acrea,  more or letN.
Dated Novernlair 21st, WI7. T. L Ltmah,
Coun Huitk, agent.
MslSOB Land Dintrict.   Dintrict of Wesl Kootenay
Take notice tbat I, Charlea Dutcher, lliteinl
to apply lorn apeclal Umber licence, to cut and
carry away timber fiom 6'u u'tch of land Oom-
monolnc at Nn. 1 pust about w mllea weat of the
Kii.iti-nay river, ou tbe uorlh aide of |Hiiundary
creek' and north, and adjacent to timber IlOSOMI
IMllb, and one mile north of tlu* international
boundary  line ; OOmtnOOnDg at it poal   iiiark"i1
Oharloi Dutaher'a southweit oprosr, tbenoe 80
cbalnn  north,   tbence HO chains  eaat,   thenee WI
ehuini. aouth,  Ihence HO chalna west to the place
of huKliniliiK, conliilniiiK Mo acrea. more or leaa.
Loca'.ed -November IHth. 1W17.
rilAltMtt.   Dl'T<:ilKK,   I.ochIiii.
Nn. 2. CommeneitiK at a pont marker] l.harles
Hulcber'a aniitbeast corner, theuce HO chalua
north, tbence HO chalna west, thence 80 chuma
aoutb, thonoo HO chalna eaat to thr place of be-
kIoiiIiik, and went and adjacent i a u umboi one
limber limit, and cdiiuiIiiIuk '*1" acres, more or
Located November IHth, 1007.
CUARI.KH DlIT'-HJCIt.  I.iicitlin
No. 8. OonunenOSns at u poat mm i.e! Charles
Diittrher'a lnirthweat corner ami atioul lf> mllea
weat of the Kootenay river ou the north side <d
Houndary crok and nortli and MJMSnt to limber UoShfO i'���-.'������' ihiuice aouth HO chains, thence
eaat HO chalun, thunce mirth 8o chains, thence
west HO chalna to tho place nf boKlnnliiK, con*
taluliiK 640 acrea, more or luNH-
I.,,'piled November IHth, 1907.
Chahj.hn DUTOaSS, Iocii'-r.
No 4 ('ommcnclUK at a pout marked ('harles
Dutcher's   northeast    comer,   thonoo south  SO
Fifteen dozen Ladies' White Lavaan and Muslin Blouses, all advance styles
of coming season's waists. They are manufacturers' samplea. No two waists
alike and all sizes. 36 bust. We will sell the entire lot on Friday at the actual  factory  cost.
Alao  bargains  in every  depaa-tment.    Balance of winter goods less than cost
Eleventh Annual
Winter Carnival
-A. A
at da
lor a.
From    Tuesday    Night
Until    Sato-clay    Night
Al'sl'li'l-.'S OF
Rossland    Carnival
J-   S.   C.   FRASER
FEB. 4 to 8
For i>,IaatnialI*.,, appl)  lu
A.   B.  rwacKENZIE,
Beoretar) ainai Oanaral Manager
(lisniplaanslilp ni H   ,
(-haMi|ihiliah;|, of CuiihiI,. ~'eBB
( -am|douahl|i ol B   C. XaM
'']i**iii[iinii*.in[, n! ��� theli
IIM, i
chalim,   thenee   WSSt -80 chalua,   tbence   north BO
chaliiH   tbence   eaal 80 chalna to lhe   place OIDe-
Klnnlnt*, contain Inn Mil acrea, more or leu.
U>eaie,i Morambex ISth, iwn.
Q9U*M*\M9 DUTOHSH, Uc-alor.
No. 6. UQOUBSBSllll -* ��� I'"*1 markf' Oherlei
Dutcher'a aoutbeaat corner, tbeuce hii chain-
north tbeiiei* Wtehntna weat, tbence wi ,-halliM,
aoutb. Ihence St1 chalun eaat lo the place of be
Klnnlns, containliiK "���" acren    more or leaa.
Located NovumtK-r lHtn. I'->"7
< ���|l,.i;: ��.-   i'i'i' HUB. Locator.
Pn 6 CommencliiK a' a po��i marked Charlea
Duchcr'a aouthweat corner, ih-iii" north ."ll
. in itm ihtmce eaat HO chalua, tbence aoulh Kb
ehaina. 'heme weal nu chiiliif t" tbe |ilae>, of be
trlliniliK*   conalnlUK Ott a  ret, more or leia
Located Nov��ml**r imh, I��i7
i iuhi.ik DUTUBSSi lxicator
No  18.    W*��t fork. Hfe creek.
Nelaon Land Diatnet    iMatmi ol "A eat Koutenay
lake notice thai 1, JOMpb l'atrtek, Of Nelson.
B.C., oceiili-atlon liiinlieriiiiin. inlend to upply
(or a apeclal llinbci llceuue over the lollowlDj
doacrlUid landa OommahOlDfl al a poal plant.-l
Hl.oul ft mllea up the wuHt fork ol Kile creek,
and about th ehaiua (mm the bank of auld wem
lork, and marked Joiepb  Patrlos'i B, ���, oorntr,
tbence weat KO ehaina, thenci- north Hb cluilua,
Ihenci, eaat Kb chalna, tbeuce aouth HO chain** to
pointof "ommeiieemelit, contiiiniiiK f-lb I0TM,
mure or \otn.
Dated December Mh, JMT.     JOSSni  PaTBICK,
1   J. LlK'A, BKBDt,
No, 14     Weat fork, Kile nruek.
Nelaou -Mid Dlairlet.   Dlalricl of Weal Kimlnmy
Take notice that Jo-eph Patrick, ol Nelaou,
It C , occupation lumberman, lutenda to apply
(or a apeclal timber licence over the following
deacrlbed landa: CommeuciiiK at a pom! planteil
about two chalna (llatalil, and in an eaaterly
direction from location No. 18 and mm ki Q
Jo-toph PatrlO-'l N.R. corner, thenee aouth at)
chalna, thence went Kb ehiitiih, tbence norih Kb
chalna, tbence eaat Kb chaliiH to point uf conv
nieiii-cnicii!, containliiK MO SOTOI, more or leaa.
Dated December Mb, IWl.      JOStPH 1'atuick,
I   J. Luc IA   SgSDt,
No- Ift.    Weal fork. Klfc cretk.
Nelaou Laud Diatrn-t.   District ol Weet Kootenuy
Take notice   thai I, Joaeph   Patrick, ofNcl��on,
B.c,, occupfttfoii itiinin'ruiiMi, intend to appl;
for SlpSOltl tlmlHT licence over the lullowliiK
deacrlbed landa: CommcmsliiK at n poal plumed
about lid idiaiua dlalitut and In a wealerly dlree
Hon (rom tbe weal fork of File creek and aboul
���i mllea from mouth ofcieek, and iimmed Joaeph
Pa-triok'l H K corner, thence weit L00 Ohalfll.
tbence north 4b clmlim, thunce cuat lhb ebalna.
thSOOO aoulh 4U chalua lo point of couiuienee
inciii coutaluluu M" acrea, more oi le h,
Datud iieci-mhci --Mi   lUb7.       i"'.Ki'ii Patkick,
1. J. Lucia, Af-ciil.
No. 10.   Htevena creek.
Nelaon Land Dlitrlct.   Dialrl��t of Weat Kootenay
Take notice thai I, Joaepb Patrick, ol Nelaon,
11 0.i occupation luuiberman, Intent) to apply
for a apeclal Limber I Ice nee over the follownu
deaorlbad landa: < ommeuidiiK at a poat planteil
SbontBK mllea up Hievena cn-ck ami ln iiN.K,
dirSOtlOQ from mouth of er-*ek, und markcl
Joaeph Patrl��!k'a N V. comer, thr-nce houUi ku
ebalna,   tboucu  weat 8<i chalun.   tbence   north Kb
tshalin. , tin'i  eaat Kb chalua   to  tne  point  of
comiiieiicciiteitl, conlalnliiK MO ucruN, mote or
Deled Deoember 3rd, 1W07,     Joaecii Patrick,
I.J.    1.1.'I   1A,    A|!t:lll
You cun l,���y a liiuor,. Krult Uima-li l.i tha- laeHt fruit BraawinK Uitftl Saw
In lliitla.ll Columbia I,.a i.i.Mia,- Jl ll alialliar,; ala.wn aaiial f." i" '��� <"���"��� ' 53?
I'Sva.,,   aaa   ,1,1   Invi-Htin, III    ll.iai   Ik   \a.nlli   a-l.n_llla-rHtlon |>aloi
Fruit l.ianrt lias trebled In vuluc within the year. Wliut ��,l it '!<' "��� *' ��*_
��� ~  '-��'��� .-.*.-_.   -  ..;  -i-itu ���������*:'���_-���__'
WAI.-I > STPI'-I-Jtl
Mi'--*"*     t*ro
r- lh,au
MANUFACTURERS    T   ___m__Lmm      Cl____ -#vfi_c
AND DEALERS IN     -sLtflllbCff   -MllllgleS.
Utith, AloulcJinj^s, Doors, Windowig
Turned Work, mi id hrri_ki.'tiH.
Mail OrrtiTH prtiiiifitly i.**^
.Nu   17.    BtevSDI creek
NeNou l-mi'l Dinlricl     Diatrict ot Weal  Koolcny
'iuke nollee   that I, Joacpli   Patrick, nl Ncl��on,
b u, oaonpktloa   Lam-berniani intend to apply
for a apectni timber lleeiic over the f - tl.nvi in;
duHcrlbcd landi: Comniem-liiK ul a poat planted
aboill I mile lu an   eaHtciiy   direction   (rom   the
mouth ot Btevoni oreek, win-ir* n oinptlaa into
Cariboo lake, and marked Joti ph Patrick *��� ���**  W
oorner, thenoe north nn chain*, theuuo ttusl Kb
ohalna-, thenco aouth ho ohalna, tnence wem wi
chalna in point of OOflimenoement, coutaiuing
MO iicrcM   more or leaa.
Dalcd December 2nd, 1907.      JotSPS I'atiiICK,
1. J. Lucia, iikciiI.
No   IU     Htcvciit, creek.
NnlMoti Land Diatrict.   Diatrict of Weat Konlcuny
Tnke notice Ibni 1. Jiincph Pat rick, ol Nelaon.
b.c. occupation lumberman, intend tn upply
for a auiviiil timber licence ovist the followitiK
(H'H('l'lDi''l landRi    ('ommiinelUK at �� poat pletttofl
Sboul B mllea up Hteveni creek, mul about4D
clmli.a ahiilli from the hank of lhe ereek and
marked Joaeph 1'nlricka N. K eornm, thetu-e
south HO cluilua, thciii, -weal K0 ehaiua, tbeuce
uorlh HO chalna, thenci ���*.| no clmlna to pi till o-
coinmonceineiit.   eoulu  il|Dg MU  acrea,   more   or
Dated Deenltihur 2nd. :!��),.     -JottPH Pathick,
I  J. Lucia, ukcu!
No. lt>    Htevena creek
Nol ion Lund Diatrict    I'latriel of Weat Kootenay
Tnke notice tbal I,   JiiNitph   Patrick, of Nelaon,
������ c . occ.niiatiiiu lumberman, intend   toappiv
for a apeciiH tlm'er   lleeDOd  over   the   followlus*-
Ji m'lihe'i landa:   Commuuclu-* al a pout planted
about fl mllea np Htevena ONH ""
locution No IK mi the aoutb, ami iiih
I'ulrtuk'a N W. corner, ihence cu��
thenn  aoulh   Ho ehaina,  ihem*  *������'
tbence north Ho chalna to pol '
ment, , i .in,, in ini- (HU acrea. more oi
Dated  l-ecei-iber Hril, 1WI7        JoaM'
i j. Lnt ia.
No. At     Weat fork, Klfe c eck
Nclanii LaUd Dlatriot    Dlairlet oi o i
Take nollce thai I, Joaepb Patrlel
B.C .occupation lumberman, luiei
for a apccii,! timber   licence  ovei   tli
di'Ni-riiied laudh; Ooaunenclng at ai
about 2 mllea up tbe weat fork >t rlf
aboul M obalna north ol the creek.
Joaeph I'liiitck'a N. B. corner. 11 -��*t
chalua thunce woat Hb chalna, *><>
chalna. tbence eaat Kb enalna lo 1"
moncctuent, coiitainlnK MO acre- it
Dated Deceinber r.lh, IV07. Joam-I
I   J.Liiha.
So. 21.    Weat" fork, of Klfe oreek
Nelaon Land Diaiilct.   Dlatilotot Wt
'lake notice that i, Joaep't I'iU'I'**
II C., occupation luibbt-uiiau, lUW
lor a apeclal timber licence ovd "���
dCttOlisbad landa: CoiiiiueuclliK '-' \'.\
about 4 mllea up lhe weal fork o' '"
plauled on the north bank of the *
imirked Joaeph Patrick's N. K cor
ami in Htl chalua, t holt no weat K" '���"������
north 8b chalua, thence eaat HO tin**
of commuiieumuiil, ooiitaluliiK '������," ���"'
I0**--' .       m*M
Dated December Mh, HW7.    *-*,0i,"��� The bally Canadian
Sftit diue on FROG LEGS every day.    We furnish the
��� Staples
Deep   Pork,    Mutton and Veal
Hams. Bacon and Lard
With all varieties of
fresh -and Smoked Fish
in the market
Hspcemeat of Finest Quality  in glass and wood.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Kaslo, Beksland     NELSOIN.  B. G- Bonndary
Bohemian Beer
The Ndson Brewing Co'y, Ltd
^MWVWI<IW��WVW��M^��AM^M����>��^����^*A ,
i nan*
Maker, lutenda t.
ilea���er, inwew *" ���>
Diatrict ol Weat _
i. .1. Sas_nana, at-mit ior
laon, oeenpetton wuti'ii
!y for i*crmlaalon to pur-
���eribed landa: Common*
about 2'.! mllea eaat ol
th, DOB '2 > cbiuiis
. :i" ���:>   m ������'������'  :���������
KucnBii K   Iohn Tanner,
F J . Sammonb, Ageut
id.   Dihtrictot \>eai Koolenay
Fred J.  Sainuioua, agent tor
Kf Proctor, oocupetlon   rancher.
/ lor pt'riuiaaiou lo purcpeae tbe
Jibed    landa:     CoinmeiiclUR at a
Ont l'j in Ilea eaal of Wllaoii ereek,
ciiuiiif.  llieucc nortbw��at a)
litiriheHat  "I'chaina, thene** aoulh*
__    _   �����*���*-> tl"' tin   |���>mi ul commenceineiil
__Ewrea, more or leaa.
iSwT.BrHh. IVI
Jlai niisA.-i.  AKUEUaos  Bai.laBi.,
Agent   V    J     H-1MMOI*".
���t.   Diatnet,Of ���rest Knot-may
aHhal W.A. Hudaon, Umber crulaer,
nt SMS* __5_kanc county. Waahington, one
illU ���Uivi'Ml  \meriea. Inlend* to apply
tot * nsS Mnil"���'   Dcenae   over  tbe following
rU-M I ill -Willi      '     mmeiii mr."' * I"*'  marked
_Son lIm   i��'i th 1'iLiik <>'   ' "rn ureek,
IH^'^ *������*' SnTilx lork of Corn creek
with   t_e 1  3k  atreiLni,   about    five   n*#**   iu
HOtasSSSK""'' th.-iic-   nortli  -In  ;
-*hafnat ^Ert��t   I*' OhaJna; ihence aouth 4H
-ffca I���St ll I1**' clmiiia  io point of  coin
menot_eMWsa*uiis:s.,' ���*
 Haiti   hM__P ttmlwr   limit   No 7   on  the
WeatauS tU��e��r  Um       No   J-  on the aouth, av   Io-
TeiJuwl Hotst-*
��    William A. Hmwow, 1-soeator
WUaeisodbj l*"--r     ���* (   t*-hiiic
DeatofeS ���d  hIl-Im-'I hv  tbe wilhlli named   W
,.,rS-HuSS   _��  t��"��� AOb day  ol  Novenibci    A   II
INGtsn      rfonae  m   Spokane.   Spi.kuti.    ' ��untv,
Waelu5sSBs��Oneo( Uo- t   iillc.l *-t��te�� ol Auiertea.
l'ATIllch '.-    HII IHE.
(Dburii'l.   Ulatricto! West Koolenay
TSSS nOltM 1'        Uabclia I'mni*.    f .Slraaaburn,
OODasUSBIlllB>:!���������:   winan.   intend-   l"   apply
M 1M1__-Seil    I"   purehaie    thi     iollowiUK   '!<'->
artiM-I      ��:   <'oinmr-n-'lii** at n poal plauled al
IhelatfrtSSStlon   ol   tl nn   ..oun.iarj   ���!   Uo
lISJi anS   Ur>   <"''    ti-'iinil'tn     ol    l.ol     No     alK'i,
thenoeeeetSB chalna.  more ���*���**. to 'In  nortli
ill MBMI 8l   limber   Limit    No,  7im,   Ihence
OOrttl SB Ohalna,   Ummii-i    weal   .'"  cbaiHh,   more ill
le*a. to tbe eaal able of  WbatHhau  lake,  tbence
-     I   ln   a   aoiuberlv   aud   westerly
iialua,   more   or   le*a   lo the Inter
d ajftr,. thenci- U ehaiiih.   more ot
materlv   boundary   ofLotSUBtO
lOOt, IWI. lBAHEl.l-A PtBhCG,
F   G. FAUqoUK, Agent.
Diatrict. Dlairlet of Weal K ootcuay
Uml Ab'XMldor J McCool, of
���eupatbui nlark. intenda to apply
u, pi raheea the follow!na des
oinmeneiUR al a puat planted on
oundary ol ll C Houtnern Kail*
iv,   about   otic   ami   a  half   mllea
be  noMhwcal  corner  of lot hq���,
anal    thence aouth  wi ohalna,
halns. thence north K0 chain* to
lary of aald right of wa . UieOM
.long aiinl  Moiilbt.ru  btiiiudary lo
nanoa nt,   ami containing coo
riitb, 1V07.
Al.IXANIUtK J    McCoot..
- ���'Welaon Lend Ulan in ii,m , iei ot v* cut Kooicnaj
I'Oko notloe thai I    I'   i urden, acMiig aa ngelil
���I   I   lor J. 11  Burden,  ol   Pokiok,   NIC  occupation
-v Mechanic, lntetnU to p.rpl. tor p, mil' '.mn t,<
pnrohea* MM tollnw tin,' iIi-m-iU*-.''! lunda: Com-
inenetnt at a p"     plnnu-d ,.ii  the  i-t*-.tir)y Hlinre
C_3Sof Arrow lake an.l  nbont   in ilmin*   uorlb "I th"
H. _, oorner ��' hit mi��:.. ihenc- eaai At chain**,
 thnucw north 40 clialns.  mon  ot  lesa,  to tbe bike
alioie, thonoa Bouthweaterly along the lakeahore
sintbr piilnt of eoiMiN.-iiceio. nl,   mul  toiituining
^ / SnsoiM. mora or le*��.
i.ateil Miirt'inix-i  ''i1    |,ri-     '���.-I-1:'  II   '*' "i.i-.r.,
F. 1��    BUaaSS, Agent.
Nelaon Lend Dlr!   i   !     Diatrict ut Weal  Koi.tenuv
iat   .lohn  JaiucK   Caun-tou.  ol
olunibbi,   "ccnpiiiion   ''iiitnii
i     apply      for     pernilaalnn    to
....aiiwing  dea rlbed   laud:    i om
 molOS   at  ��   I""-1    plauled   on   the   aoutberii
Imundery of ibe o   *    -oiirbetn ngin "i �����y
Tase notice
Fernle, Brltiai*
tor,   IntonSf
mm the
1,   Ki
���ii ,it
from the N- W oorner
leiiav,   thenee  aouth (WI
ihalni, tbanoa north so
itithcrn boundary or tha Mid
ice weaturlv   along anbl   aouth.
right ol-w'rtv   to  the  point
mi containing 1_0 acrea, more
Ha net.   1 >iat net of Weal Kooicmiy
kthnt John   Hblell. of Need lea, H C���
giclier,   intends  to apply   Inr per*
the following    deaerlbed
incing   nt   ,i    ],,,*.!   pbitited    at   the
���   nf   lyol  7H'��1.   theuce   weat  HI
mth Ho  ehtilua,   tbence   aaat 10
irth n<>  chalna   U>   the   polnl ol
mi containing BIO aerea, more
ohelna, thena* i
(ummencnmoni   ��ml
or leaa
ated isih Oeioi.ii, iw, JaanBntux,
I-   o   Kai'oI'ikw. Agent
Nalaon Land Dlairlet    Putrid ol Weat Kootouay
Takenottre thai   Annua   Met-111,  nl  IhcCltvol
Nolaoa*'SSSnpntioii lircmnu, lutenda lo upply foi
POrmSiStoa tf I'li'-'lui**''   Die   fnllowlllg   'I   hit I .M-tl
Iandft   '00_liii"ii- "in'   ut   ii    poal   pbintcd   nl   Ibe
If.   kSHMIl    I-    ���'    Morrlaon'ii   nu.ch ,    Io   Fir
llle*. till, -Id    mu li.    forty    pill)   ebalna.    then.'
t   10-tT   (40)   cb'-lnt',   tbeuce   aouth iilv   (4'i
.ln��, lb��DCi   wc.il  fori;  (-10)   chit Ilia o'lnt o
unenoajBart.   uml cnniiiiuiiiK   one iniuiiu-ii
!d*tyfHfO)HC!ct.      ,,,,,,*,,   ,,,   |(.,.s
'  -���' Umia .,
Iglsana-SSiiMDiHirie,.   ina'r i' (ot Wei Kuutunay
STakSBOtte-t that Hugo CiirHtcnii. of Winnipeg,
en , oecupalion publish,-i, luienda to upplv
#   perm-JWloti   Lo    pnrcbaae  the    following   lie
���atalbea ovnA.
.      USiakSSOlug  at   a  p-jat planted  on   the   weal
|��-Udar/i;l L 4J7k, C, I, (ubout l> mllea from Ar-
row I*ke, on KflOQUltO Creek) antl 81 chalna 7.r.
Ilukaaoutbof the N W.C. of aaid lot, ruunng
tbence went Wi chain*-, theuce aouth HO chalna.
thence eaat HO chalna, tbence north MO chalna lo
plaee of commencement, containing MO acrea,
more or lears.
CiiARi.sa HaksiiaLI.,
Ageut  fur   Hugo Can-tent.
Iiuici 2.1 December 1*17.
Nelaon Lund Dtitrb-i. Diatnet ol Weat Koolenay
Take notice that Tlon Bergman, of Altoim.
Mho . occupation wife of C. B-rgmali, farmer.
Allona. Man . Intenda to applv for pt-rniiaalou Ui
pnrcbaae tin  f<illowfug deaerlli��d land :
Commeneing at a punt plauled at tbe *** E. C.
of Hugo Ceralelia' application lo purch- * and
running tbeuce weat BO ebalna thence rib SO
chalua. Ihence eaat In ebalna, tbence -uth h
ehaina afi Lnka, thenee eaat -to ci.alna. ,beuce
aouth 71 i hum- ;������ Unka lo point ol eommeuce-
melil, couinlnlng 607 acrea more or leaa
CltAli!  ���--   M Al. ' li Aa ;.
Agetil   for   'Una   Bergman.
Dated 2Z\ Dec-ember 1-9U7-
Nclaon Laud Dlairlet    Dli-trlct of Weal Kooteuay.
Take notice '.hat Levi-o-orge Payne, of Ne dle��,
B. 0H occupation rancher, intenda in apply lor
Tiermiaatp-tm to purcha-.e the bdlowlug deacrlbed
landa: ���'ommencing at a poat planted about If)
chalna weal of W'ba-Laban creek aud ��� "i i ebalna
aouth of the aoulhweat corner of Lot No* a ;-
runniiia tbence north HO chain*, thenee weat nil
chains, tbence aouth _ LV, ebalna, thenea eaat
.'.: -s ebalna. theuce aoutb 67 M.. cbmllia, Ihence
VtAkw chalna ea��l to pt.101 of commencement,
containing -tal aerea, now *urv-_-yr.d aa bd kina.
Dated Bib .faunary, INS. Levi ..ioroe Pavnk,
Weat Kooteuay Land Diatrict. Diairict of Coat
Take notice that 1, Ceorge A, Hunt, of Kit.
cbeuer, occupation tlmnerman, Inieud to
apply (or pernilaabui lo pun-baae the
followlug deacrlbed Ian I : Commencing ul a
poal plauted about -tu el a un, Weal ol Thorn p.-on
inarkisd N . W. uorper, i. nee aoulh 10.3*. chalna
thence eaal -M f>7 chain*, thenee north 11.46
chain*, theuee weat along B.C. hoiitberu hallway to place of commeneeint-ni, conialnlug 9H.1H
Dated .January Uth, 1��*. Ckokhk H. Ui*nt.
Notice is hereby given that the Kln-
iiey-Miller Cedur Compaiiy, an extra provincial company duly . registered, ub
Hiich, and authorized lu curry on buni-
neBH within iho province yf Hritish Col-
iiiubtn. und liaving its head office at
Creston, ln the said province, inanufae
tiiiers, tiave by deed of assignment,
dated tho 14th day of December, 11*07,
assigned all ItB porsonal property, real
���State, credits, and effects, which may
be seized and sold under execution to
me. Charles O. Hodgera, of Creston,
Hritish Columbia, lumber manufacturer,
tot thi' general beneiit of ita creditors.
A inei'ilng of the creditors will lie
held ut ths offlOS td EL iM. Macdonald,
liiirriHter-at-luw. coiner llaker and Stun
)i'\ itrsets. Ni'lson. H. ('.. at the hour of
three o'clock in the afternoon on Tins-
day, the Hist day or December, IB07, for
the giving of directions with reference
tO ths CUSpOSaJ of the t'Stiiti*.
An���! Further take notlos thai all creditors an required on or before the Mth
day ol December, 1!I07, to llle with me,
(lu* UKHigne**, full partlOU uh of their
Claims duly Vertfledi und tiie nature of
the security, if any. held by    hem,
And notice Is hereby glv��n that  after
the -Mh day nr Deoember. 1907, i win
proceed to distribute the assets amongst
the Creditors of whose debts or claims
I shall then hie* received notice and 1
win not be respon ilble tor the sessts,
or uny pari thereof- so dtotfltt-ted ���<���
any creditor of whose debt or claim I
��� bun nol thru have received notloe.
Dated nl Creston, B C- this Mih day
of Deoember, 1907.
Auction Sale
of our stock of  New and Second Hand Goods on
Monday, Jan. 20th
At 2 p. m. Sharp.
We have a fine assortment of White
enamel and graiilleware, all new. Second hand 000��� stoves, heaters, couches,
beds, springs, matt rosRos, student chairs.
dressers, stands and other articles too
numerous   io   mention.       No     roRerve.
floods   must   be   sold   ua   we   need   the
Turner Beeton Block, 606 Vernon Street.
Lawlessness   Due   to   Agitation   Led   by
Ambitious   Politicians.
"Never Indeed,** -says the Westminster
Review, "were the prospects of a peaceful and contented Ireland more dark
than they are today." Those who have
read about Mr. cftiuell and the cuttle-
driving movement., now happily checked,
will understand that in many Irish districts law has In-en defied for months.
Cattle have been stolen and in at least
one instance roasted alive. Attempts
have been made to dynamite the residences of persons obnoxious to the Irish
League; boycottlngs of the most cruel
description have been enforced, and
tyranny has prevailed. There can be
no doubt that, this condition is due not
to any depravity to which Irishmen
are particularly disposed, but to polities.
This is tbe view the Westminster He-
view takes, and it urges the necessity
for the present NatlonuliBt party to be
wiped out of existence, and room made
for another set of public men, who can
do no worse, and may do far better than
their predecessors. The present outfit
ha.s no mandate to speak for Ireland as
a nation. Some years ago the Nationalists were returned to power to see that
the tenants of Ireland received justice,
and were secured on their holdings.
Now their mandate is exhausted. Indeed, it is charged by a part of the
moderate   Nationalist     press     tha*  the
Election Notices
To the Electors of the City of Nelson:
Having been solicited by many of the
business men of Nelson lo come out as
Alderman in the West Ward 1 have consented to do bo. I will serve to the interests of our city to the. best of my
ability and under no specific party.
Faithfully Yours.
To the Electors of the City of Nelson:
At the earnest solicitation of many
business men of Nelson. I have consented lo run as Alderman for the East
Ward. My platform Is brief: I will be
a party to no clique or faction and will
stand at all times for what. 1 consider
the best interests of our city and will
give no other pledge than that of faith-
lul serrioe. I have no committee rooms,
uor will 1 ask any person for his vote.
F-ithfully yours.
E. B.  McDERMlD.
Ladies and Gentlemen:
I beg to announce myself as a candidate for Alderman in the West Ward,
and respectfully solicit your vote and
Influence in my beliuH. If yon favor me
wiih your confidence and I am elected.
I promise yon my best efforts to advance- the prosperity of Nelson, kerpint:
In mind the effort to place her ln the
position she is destined to occupy, "tht
best governed and most progressive city
ln the province.**
Respectfully yours.
.Ian. 14ch. 1908.
To the Electors of the City of Nelson:
In response to the solicitations of
many friends and business men. I have
consented to accept nomination for Alderman for the West Ward, ln doing
so 1 wish It distinctly understood that I
seek support as a nominee of no party,
but tli at I am running solely as an independent, although 1 may Bay that I
nm entirely In accord with the statement
issued by Mr. S. S. Taylor. I do not propose to conduct a canvass. Soliciting
your support and influence.
Yours, A.  T.   WALLEY.
To the  Electors of East Ward:
I am the nominee of the Labor-Progressive party for Alderman for the D&St
Ward. I respectively ask your vote and
influence iu the municipal election to
take plSOS January Kith. L90B,
Yours, truly,
To the Electore: ���
At the request of many of the citizens
and ratepayers of the City of Nelson. 1
bei to offer myself as a candidate ror
alderman for the Baal Word. Bavlni
resided amoni you for seventeen pears
1 am known personally to nourly all. My
endeavor always has been to make Nelson  a  progressive and attractive city.
and this policy united with that of a
oareful administration of its lluances, 1
shall continue m adopt; tbe building of
a public school and the proper completion of the power plant being lhe questions of first Importance,
Nelson. .Tanuary 18th, 1908.
School Trustees
To the Citizens of Nelson:
I respectfully Nolieit your Vote nud Influence to elect me as a school trustee.
If elected I will endeavor to do my best
to advance tbe school Interests of Nelson. Remembering that school Influences
and environment has the highest in-
Qnence in the coining welfare of the
Sincerely Yours,
R. G. JOY.
Candidate tor member of School Board.
solicits your vote and support.
To the Electore of the City of Nelson:
Ladles and gentlemen I would respectfully ask lor your vot��- and Intluence for
school   trustee.     Yours  truly,
Nationalist party has done all in its
power to prevent the smooth working
of the machinery provided by tbe Land
Acts. The Irish People cites an example in the case of the tenants of Sir
Roger Palmer, who desired to buy their
land. The owner was willing, and the
EDiftates court was ready to act, when
the Nationalibt "niaclune" intervened
and the deal was stopped. In a recent
SP006_ Mr. Dillon is reported to have
said: "The Act has worked far too
smoothly, and 1 wish to heaven I had
the power to obstruct It more."
Incidents of this kind give color to
the oid contention that the Nationalists
realize that, if peace were to be restored
In Ireland their occupation would be
gone. Their scornful rejection of Mr.
UirrelPB Irish Councils Bill was the act
rather or irresponsible politicians. The
defect---in that Act, so far as the Nationalists were concerned, was its provision
for proportionate represeutation of the
minority. Apart from this clause, which
was necessary if the Protestants or the
country were to submit to the measure,
the bill contained several concessions
for which the Nationalists have been
loudly clamoring. Ry refusing the bill
the Nationalists frightened away a lot
Of English Liberals who believe in self-
government, but fear that under Home
Rule the minority might suffer. The
Birrell bill attempted to safeguard Lhe
rights of the minority, and It was rejected for this reason, what chance
would the minority have under complete
Home Rule?
There ts little doubt In the opinion
of the Westminster Review, that the
Hirrell hill would have proved very acceptable to the majority of the Irish
voters who keep the Nationalists in
power, for they are much more concerned In small and immediate concessions than in the far distant ideal of
Home Rule. For example, the Irish
tenant farmers are greatly pleased with
the Land Acts, which were denounced
by the Nationalist politicians, and are
now obstructed. It seems plain, then,
that on two of the most important
pieces of legislation that have been offered to the people of Ireland for a do-
cade the Nationalist politicians have
not represented the wishes of their con-
stiuiente. Nothing is more certain than
that to the Protestants of the country,
Conservative or Liberal. There is truth,
therefore, in the claim that they have
exhausted their mandate, and are in no
sense representative of the Irish nation.
Says the Review: "Ireland today
stands more in need of strong men to
guide her destinies and control the fanatical tendencies of lhe less educated
of the people, inflamed as they have
been for years by self-seeking politicians
and professional agitators, than she has
ever been before. She requires above
all a policy which will take every advantage of the benefit of English million which have been poured into the
country to give the people fixity of tenure on the land���a policy In which the
laborers should have their rightful
���bare; a policy of equal rights and opportunities for all and ascendency for
none���a policy of educating the country
and tackling tbe housing and sanitary
problems, aud how best to develop the
industries of the country and bring capital  into It once more."
It must be said that these things are
rarely mentioned In parliament hy the
Nationalists, who seem to prefer opening old wounds inflicted in the days of
the Commonwealth. Even the little
group (d Nationalist politicians is not
united, but is divided into main divisions���Redniondltos and O'Rrlenites���
und Into sub-di** is inm- of DilhmitcH,
llealyites and perhaps Glnnellites. Ireland could do no worse by making an
experiment, with new untried men.
Geo.  P. Player
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
No. 810.
"COMPANIES   ACT.   1897."
I hereby certify that tlie "Fulls Creek
Copper Mining Company, Limited," has
this day been registered as an Extra-
Piovincial Company under the "Companies Act, 18H7," to carry out or effect all or any of the objects of the
Company to which the legislative authority of the Legislature of British Oct-
utnliia extends.
The head office of the Company is situate at the City of Spokane, State of
Washington.  IT.  S. A.
The amount of the capital of the
Company is one million five hundred
thousand dollars, divided Into one million five hundred thousand shares of
one  dollar each.
The head office of the Company In
this Province Is situate at Nelson, und
Mlclinel C. Monaghan, Miner, whose
address is the same, is tho attorney
for the Company.
The time of the existence of this Company is fifty years from the 15th March,
The Company is specially limited under section  56 of the above Act.
Glv-n under my hand and seal of office al Victoria, Province of British Col-
uri i la, this U.th day of May. one
thousand nine  hundred and seven.
IL.:*.1 S. Y.   WOOTON,
Registrar of Joint   Stock  Companies.
The objects for which the Company
has been established and registered are
"restricted to acquiring, managing, developing, working and selling mines, mineral claims and mining properties, and
the winning, getting, treating, refining
and marketing of mineral therefrom
and   are: ���
(1.) To obtain by purchase, lease,
hire, discovery, location or otherwise,
and hold within the Province of British Columbia mines, mineral claims,
mineral teases, prospects, mining lands
and mining rights of every description,
and to work, develop, operate and turn
tbe same to account, and to sell or
otherwise dispose of the same or any
of them, or any interest therein:
(2.) To dig for, raise, crush, wash,
smelt, assay, analyze, reduce, amalgamate and otherwise treat gold, silver,
copper, lead ores or deposits and other
minerals and metallic substances and
compounds of all kinds, whether belonging to the Company or not, and to render tbe same merchantable, and to buy,
sell and deal In the same, or any of
(3.) T6 carry on the business of a
mining, smelting, milling and refining
company in all or any of its'-branches:
(.4.) To acquire by purchase, lease,
hire, exchange or otherwise, such timber lands or leases, timber claims.
licences to cut timber, surface rights
and righLs-of-way, water rights and privileges, mills. factories, furnaces,
for smelting and treating oreB
and refining metals, buildings, machinery, plant, and other real or personal
property as may be necessary for or
conducive to the proper carrying out
of the  objects  of the Company:
(5.) To constuct, maintain, alter,
make, vrork and operate, on the property of the Company, or on property
controlled hy the Company, any canals,
trails, roads, ways, tramways, brIdg**R,
and reservoirs, dams, flumes, race and
other ways, water-course, aqueducts,
wells, wharves, piers, furnaces, sawmills, crushing works, smelting works,
concentrating works, hydraulic works,
electrical works and appliances, warehouses, buildings, machinery, plant,
stores, and other works and conveniences which may seem conducive to
any of the objpectB of the Company,
and, with the consent of the shareholders in general meeting, to contribute to.
subsidise or otherwise aid or take part
In any such operations though constructed and maintained by any other company or persons outside of the property
of the Company, and to buy. sell, manufacture and deal in all kinds of goods,
stores, implements, provisions, chattels
and effects required by the Company
or its workmen and servants:
(6.) To build, acquire, own, charter,
navigate and use steam and other vessels for the purpose of the Company:
(7.) To take, acquire, and hold as the
consideration for ores, metals or minerals sold or otherwise disposed of, or
for goods supplied or for work done
by contract or otherwise, shares, debentures, bonds or other securities of or In
any ���'-.ther company the objects of which
are restricted as herein aforesaid, and
to sell or otberv.ise dispose of the
(8.) To enter into any agreement for
sharing profits, union of Interests or cooperation with any other person or company carrying on or about to carry un
any business or transaction which u
company specially limited under section
56 of the "Companies Act, 1897,"of British Columbia, is authorised to curry on:
(9.) To purchase or otherwise acquire
and undertake all or any of the assets,
business-., property, privileges, contracts.
rights, obligations and liabilities of any
person or company carrying on any
part of the business which a company
specially limited under Section 56 of
the "Companies Act, 1897." of British
Columbia, is authorised to carry on, or
possessed of property suitable for the
purposes thereof:
(10.) To borrow or raise money for
the purpose of the Company, but so
that the amount so borrowed or raised
shall not. without the sanction of a
general meeting of the Company, exceed ono-quarter of the amount ol the
paid up       capital       for        the time
being, and for the purpose of
securing such money und interest or for
any othor purpose to mortgage or
charge the undertaking or all or any
part of the property of the Company,
present or after acquired, und to create,
Issue, make .draw, accept and negotiate
perpetual or redeemable debentures or
debenture stock, promissory notes, bills
of exchange, bills of lading, warrants,
obligations,   aud   other   negotiable   aud
transferable instruments;
(11.) To distribute any of the property of thi- Company among the members
in specie:
12.) To sell, improve, manage, do*
velop, exchange, lease, mortgage, dispose of, turn to account or otherwise
deal with the undertaking or the whole
or any part of the property and rights
of the Company, with power to accept
as the consideration nny shares, stocks
or obligations of any company the objects of which are restricted under
Section 50 of the "Companies Act,
1897," of British Columbia:
(l:..) To do all such other things as
are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objects.
Cancellation of Rceerv*.
Noth'p In hereby Rlvmi t dm the re-serve OVtit
nertetn l*ndN m * >ntt.-Kn-.i Kootenuy, iinltiv of
which iti-vf-Hi---! lu the MrlM-l, (.olunil>lR OHEetto
ol the Uth of Auf-ur-t, 1H#> uml tmre date nl All*
t-.i- i 1-I'h, 1HU41, In Ic reby CHiirulleil The Hhove
iiieiittouetl liLtidt' wilt be open (nr locution nuder
tlu* Lend Art on MMH'h :��). It**.
1 ���'���pi'.t v I'ciiun i.'.-a'uin'r ot bunds .nut Workn
latui-U i.ii-i World* ' 'f.-iirtiiii-iii,
Vtutorlu, 11 (J., Uuuoinb.it' lath, 1907.
We' have for rent the offlce In the
Mara Block over the Royal Bank, lately
occupied by Mr. E. A. Creaae.
PLY XO ���     '
A great many sales have been made of lota ln this charrc'ng suburb
of Nelaon and only a few best   lots are left.
If you want Good Land
MeDermid & McHardv
"VEUSOIN, 13. c
CAPITAL,   $25,000.00   In   25,000   share.
of (10.00 each.
MANAGER, Crozier W. Bourke.
OFFICE, No. 322 Baker St. (Croasdalle
& Co.)
SEE the cement blocks displayed In the
Standard   Furniture   Co.'s   window.
APPLICATIONS for Btock are Invited.
PARTICULARS and forms of Application may be obtained at the Company's offlce, or from H. A. 8tewart,
Solicitor. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
Itnraoaaa aad Amsrtoan Plan
Maals aa cth   Boaou Inn. st au. to fl.
oair Wklta Hwp Cmpior.it
Baaer St.. ,N,_ SPiapMMM
Moat ooralorlable qnaruar.      Nelson
Only tha brnt olUquor- aad .l.srs
this  winter.     Sulphur  Springs  and   unexcelled accommodations.     Rates $2.50
per day ana up.
Cori'^pondonee Invited nnd cheerfully  answered.
Call on or write
A,(l.l". A..V_nooiiTor. O  l\ A . Ni'l-ou
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refor*
nlahed. Rooms BO cents upward. The
dining reoin Is unexcelled tn the dty.
House healed throughout with hot'
J   A. ERIOKSON, -Proprietor
Telephone, JS0.    Opposite Court 1
and PoatofTJce. Nelson. B. C
Queen's Hotel
Baker Straal. Nulsoia. B. 0, j j
-Ann sual  Uomlorubl.  Bedroom, aad Fust*
class laiulaa. Boom.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprletrea*.
Ba-tlett   House
Best DoHar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tba Ber l* ths Piumi-
Wblle   Hulp Only Implored
��� o-sMphins Hi- Malum. B. ".
Royal Hotel
Ratea Sl and $1.S0 a Day.
Speoial Kate, to Uvular Hoarder..
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shop
Ml Klnda nf Heating  Plant, tn Btoek.
Vletorla St., Nr. Opera Home.      Tel. 111.
w. a.
���Holeenent tor tin' I*ortu ttatto Lurni-er Co., Ltd..
rouil ynnl-K. Him-*!i t>ti<! il-t- ���*��. ���! Mi m tier, turuea
wotk mul brenk*<U, ('own ln.t>i nnd -IiIdrIm, **��nh
mil (loom. I'emt'iH, brick sod lint* for ruJe.
AutiirnKtl'* -mniU-r
Verrl end ftuil��ry: v,simnHi.   r��-.t of Heir
���W-Mfi  {SON,   Eft. *****
P. O. Box at J Iw.-meoD-. 178. Tne JDaily Canadian
If  Your   Eyes  Trouble   You
We can give you perfect examintion,   glasses and  fittings at moderate
��� prices and guarantee  satisfaction.
We grind our own lenses.
Watchmaker and Optician
Bargains in all lines
of Dry Goods, Millinery   and  Ladies'
Sec Us
For Goo si Fruit Land
IO Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices. *
Easy Terms.
H. E. Ooadsdaile & \\t
Next Door to Bunk of Commerce.
petlrson pipes
$1.50 to $10.00.
Welcome Nugget Smoking
Queen Cigar Store
BUSH  &  MATT HEW.  Piops.
We have just received a shipment of lleiuz Goods in following line.
.4-oz.   Bottle   Saaiir   Mixed   I'tcklcs.
14-07.. Bottle Bweel  ...i.\.-,i  Plolclai.
14-uz. Hot: Sl: (Sl,.-! Kms l'ickles.
Pint Bottle Ki i.-hup.
Telephone llll
Caar. Vsrnon strati ^Vof-d strests
-Vtia-S _>N. u.e.
.1. A. Kinney, Oastlegar; H. Bailee,
Butte; O. F, Ferguson, Kaslo; T. C.
dray, Vancouver; .1. H. Green, A. Il
Wright, II. Q. Wright, Lethbrldge; W.
A. Davidson, Blairmore; C. A. Cook,
Cranbrook; .1. C. English. Pair, 11111; C.
Dayer, Moncton; A. II. W. lloalKaas anal
wit.-. Qrand Forks; M. .1. Morrison. Van-
couver; W. is. Bishop, C. T. Mitchell,
Q eenwood; W. Roberts, Winnipeg; J.
Haas anal wile, Bpokane; .1. C. On-wry.
Vaiyia.;    .Mrs.    \V.    11.    Falding,    .Mrs.    II.
Claudet, Rossland.
.*,   H��tu
1 ' iv'ts,-*-   -v---_y��
���.... mSafsfcl
Corner ol Stanley and Victoria   Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot.
W. Thorp, Wardner; ll. rioskins, Winnipeg; li. Steele, Qrand Forks; C. A.
Procunier, Revelstoke; I*S. C. I'.. Cave,
Vancouver; R. l-S. Williams. Bdgewood;
.Mrs. F, Keffer, Oreenwood; 11. Osljorn*.,
.1. Durham, 11. J. Laraou, G. N, Steele.
F. 1'. Payne, Trail; F. J. Ross, Rossland
.1. aii.ii... '.' . Whlttaker, Koch Sidinc.
T. . avis, U. Holey, s. Hanson, Bpokani
W. , -.;. n '.'.in ouver; A. W. Hitch
. id r. w. Hales, Kamloops; J.
Holmes, 1;. Hawkey, i;;-.Milu; A. Thomas
'I'.acoma.      *
L. M. John, lo-Mllt-; H. \V. Peplns,
Bllverton; Rev. F. li. York, Rossland;
J. C. Robson, Calgary; J. c. Carruthers,
.1. Ania.vd, F. Bertie, Victoria; W. J.
Farmer ami wife, Castlegar; w. Scales,
wile and child. Winnipeg; E. O. Ki-ui.a-i
Bpokane; P. F. Ilowliaon, Toronto.
K. Legault, Granite mini.; B. Goodwin.
Oreenwood; I!. Balnbrldge, Creston; R.
McLeod, Copper Creek; il. Davis, Craw-
...ial   Una.   G.   A.   .Iialinsiui,   11.   Weston.
Bpokane;    n.  Epstein,   w.  Patterson,
Vanoauver;  w. a. Kearna, Ottawa.
M.   I..  Jonas,   Procter;   w.  Watktna,
���   Andrews,  Frultvale;   li.  Lawder, A.
Johnson, s. i.. jam,-a,, Bpokane,
.1. m. Grm.:. ii  Court, Rossland; n
Jonei, i.   WSharton, sioi-an.
Prices of Metal..
New   fork,  .inn    LE    Bllver,  6B%c
oopper, 18V��c ; lead, $4.76.
Lonalon.    .km      I.",     silver,    ^r, ll-l,;d.
laa.ad.    LI4,   7s.,   Gd.
Opening   Copper   Quotations.
N.-.a    York    .Ian     I."..   L90S.
Illy  M.I ,i-, iiik! .a,-   idoHard]  l
Asked Hid
'Irani.,     186-00        $Kn.iio
Dominion  Copper..,,    IS.01, 1.87 '^
I;. 0. Copper     5.76 r..::7��-.
h. C. GMitSN       1. r ISUKIILN       A.H.GFEE
I'vil  Engineers, Dominion  and  BritisL
Columbia Land Surveyors
r. 0. Box 145   Phon,* 261 B.
Chest Protector cr Chamois Vest
Wo have several different kinds and wc
estly recommend
unit nom- (tiiii  wc cunnot hon
We wish tn reduce our large Btoc   and will give the public the advan<
tugc of ii 2b per cent, dtecounl on ni,   purc-baaee   during   the   next   two
wcU.H   PRICES   FROM   50c   UPW*     D.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Hockey Challenge.
The real estate men's hookey team
challenges the representatives ol any
other trade to a mulch.
Whist Tournament.
The progressive whist tournament in
which members of the Churchman's dub
arc   taking   part,   will   he  continued   tonight.
County Court.
The next session of the county court
of West Kootenay will open in Nelson
on Feb. Sth with His Honor Judge
Wilson   presiding.
Sunday  School   Drive.
Hy the kindness of Archie Cunningham ihe teachers and pupils of St. Paul's
Sunday School will enjoy a sleigh drive
Saturday afternoon.
Metals   and   Stocks.
Silver declined two points today ou
each market. B. C. Copper dropped one
point. Others metals and stock quotations   are   unchanged.
S.  O.  E.     '
The next meeting of the Queen lodge.
Sons of rJugiand, takes place tomorrow
evening. Thursday, at 7,30 sharp. There
will he a social after the meeting. All
members are requested to be present.
Hockey  Match.
The Kossland hockey team .his year
is au unknown quantity, but the admirers of the Nelson puck chasers believe
thai the locals will demonstrate decisive superiority in Friday night's match.
Salaries  for Aldermen.
At the election in Grand Forks tomorrow the ratepayers will be called Upon
to vote on a by-law as to whether the
mayor aud uldremeu lor the next year
shall receive remuneration tor their
Purifying  Water.
The Washington state board of health
i.as unanimously adopted a resolution
prohibiting cities from emptying sew
age in streams used for drinking purposes hy other municipalities, until such
sewage has been rendered harmless b>
some process to be upproved by the
htate  board.
Looks Like  Revival.
Calgary papers report that represen-
talives of at least two big lumbering
concerns In Cranbrook district have
been in that city in the last few daya
looking for men to go to work in the
bush. Some of their mills closed early
in the fall, but they evidently anticipate
a busy season next year.
Almost   Completed.
The new court house is almost com
pletetl and will lie ready for housewarm
ing of the Old I toys' Association on the
84th. The day after the ball some poo:
.sinner will be soaked live years In New
Westminster by way of giving variety
to the entertainment of the court house
offers.���Fernie   Free   Press.
Public  Meeting.
HJx-Mayor John Hamilton will preside
at the public meeting which will be held
lu the opera house this evening at 8
o'clock for the discussion of municipal
affairs. As previously announced op
portunily will be given for speaking to
all members of the retiring council ami
all candidates, and to others who have
���Briticisms to offer.
Btry Nov/
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
II' ANT_h- B-;ll Boy.    Apply Burnt HoWL
11/ am i-,k- 'kmki businsn proUuMn lo wriu-
\ \ mir*o    (in   all    kiuil*.   of   11 vis   Murk
iif-nlti"' ili-Ht.li f r- mi hiiv MUM    Mrmi.li A .nerlruii
Live  Htoi-k   MSOQlStloU.    "���'Rnt-iiim**.,   H   Q���  nr
w..i. walker- Hnm�� Hots), n.-imoh.
TT      pr#*fur
ted,   hox uot Canadian,
Ctrx-ROOMBD HOt-TBB, torn lib ed nr unfarnlih
i-t  ni   Apply to J. -buiM.y, oorner v-trnou ��oni
���loniiphltii- KtrLMilH.
l-1'KNIHll l:l>   KOOM    (iniaal   location.     Aalalrm.
II    laslly Caaaasalluaa
UUOKI    TIN    h(  III.-   I,,aaal,.-,n. -,._
���    0M
I ,    tasll   last   night.      I .nil..,    i.l.-hn.    rtlllllU   ta
..ii. ��� ..I Uualsuu's Huy Blur*.
Sweet and Juicy
Oranges  are better now  than at   any
other season   of   tIk*  yt;ar.
Appetizing,   delicious   healthy   food.
All  Prices  25c    to   60c  per
do ten.
C. A. Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta
We have just passed into stock u very
handsome line of Jardinieres.
In a rich  deep brown, aud rich tasteful decoration
7 inches high $1.65 each
8 inches high $2.25 each
9 inches high $2.95 each
10   inches high $3.90 each
12   inches high $6.00 each
ln delicate light green shades, dainty
floral decorations, raised, in white and
light tints.
7 inches high $2.25   each
8 inches high $2.95  each
9 inches high $3.90 each
10   inches high $4.95   each
Plain.   No   decoration.   Koui   different
7 inches  high $1.75 each
8 Inches high $2.75 each
9 inches high $3.50 each
10 inches  high $4.75 each
The beauty of these .Tardinieres can
only be adequately appreciated by seeing them.
They art* displayed in our window for
a day or two.
W. G. Thomson
ffiViSKk^ "���'d   Nelson, B. C.
 Phone -a-4-	
To Whom  it May Concern:
Take notice that J. L, Warner is not
now aud has not been since the 18th
day of November last employed by or
in nny way connected with the Bradley
Engineering and Machinery Co. of
Spokane, Washington.
Historical  Sketch.
Under the caption. "Passing of the
Made Beaver Standard," K. K. Heeston
contributed to the Manitoba Free Press
of Jan. 12th an historical sketch of the
operations of the Hudson's Hay company, of which he was an ofheer for
many years. Tlie article, which covers
a page and a half of the Free Press, besides being eminently readable contains
a vast store of interesting and valuable
information. The work required to obtain the results iu condensed form may
be judged from the fact that the
amounts ot transactions in the company's various departments during the
period dealt with in detail, run into
many millions sterling. The apeeial ob
ject of the article is to describe the
transition from an almost exclusively
fur-trading company to a great chain of
general   depart men tal   stores.
Cars In Excess of Demand.
Chicago, Jan. ID.���Railroads of the
EJnlted  S(aie�� and Can-uda have  liOG.SOU
That in every line of business neat stationery is absolutely necessary.
Is done Ouickly and   in an
Up-to-date Style at
Who I en ule tunl   ti.-i.in  11--**, Mi rn lu
Fresh and Salted Meats
OampH Hupplied on Shortest notice und
lowest price Nothing but   tr��*Kh and
wholeHoiue meats aud supplus kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Manager
FROM  $22.00 AND  UP.
Standard Furniture Co !
Complete House Furnishers. ���
Undertakers and Embalmers.        4
��� ������������������ ��������������������������������� *>*>���>+*>*>4><
Coall Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay  Ice,   Fruit  and
Fuel Co.
N. C. 00,. Baker   and   Ward   St..
If you want a Council composed of
progressive, experienced and business
freight cars in excess of business dfl
mantis, according to a statement that
will be [gSUed this week by the cat
service commission of tin- Americi.n
railway association. Shortage exlsln on
only a few roads, the total number ol
additional cars thai could lie used on
these   lines   amouni ing     tu     771,     Tin
Dgtirss arc oompleted from reports made
to the committee by   16K  railroads.
Launch   Adrift.
Belllngham, \vn.. Jan. IB.���The launch
Bandflyer, Captain Fred,   icing,   plying
between thin city and Anucortes, broke
Hh shaft on the trip to Anncortes Mon
day afternoon when near Bamlst) Island
and lay there until :: o'clock yesterday
afternoon, when it was found bv lis owner ('apt.   Hlackwcll,  who  had   gone   in
���eardh of ihe missing boat iu another
NICKER80N, the Jeweiery Manufactur
er's Agent will sell yon goods from samples at 25 per cent, lesn than regular
prices direct from the factories, in H
dnyB from order. lOverything in the
line.   Order now.
Real Eatate Agent
315  Bak.r St.,  Nelaon,  B. C. Ju.
ara aimiM,   appreciated.    We  n
exbibltlna " Um or "
J?r ii,,. ia i cabla a, t/jmptini m_
COmba    anal   llruaaha.aa,    |-���rr    li     ,.
Trays, llai iir���iaha.��. Hand Hlrroi
The collection  I*. rutn&rkabl*  .���.,,,     	
ami an raa-livc. ^***
j.j. walkerTI
Jeweller and  Optician.
Mail   orders   promptly   attended tc   **M
WholcMalB  ________iaa\
Produce, - fruit.
Qowmmant Oi-Bmmary Quia Pound Brick* rocaivwi wwokly fnwh from i-.. k
olmni     For saJ<a lay aU laamhux ({ra-oaan, '    ��B
Oflina*. and wurahous,.    Houston ISluok,    Pn,,n,-"^��.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C,
A reciprocity of ��oaaa! ���
wlab yaau a Happy N,-w v,-a
leel   you    wlaah    uh    the   hum
wlab foi . ,ini,-iiii��K alae, and
���li opportunity or prorini i
exceptional value* of our Real
Stiitfc and Overeoata    In mai
style,  in  anal  Oalafa   ara  d, ������
Uon, an.l our ���,.**��� stock In,
aar tbe vary lai,"hi and ,naa_' r.
fain ....   anal   il,-si>;n��.      Y,,u li
monej ��li: i,���y betlatr Knaaai.*.
Wa- would Ilka* ta> una- all our patrons comfortable thla winter anal in
do so wc have Ic stock the best assort ed line of ben'Ins stove and
stoves  and  rani.es  ever before iira.Ba-ni ed to the public ln Kootenay.
We would tie pleased to show you our line aud before making y
a-la.a  ���   kaudly see what we have to offer.
n a
���rv in
i.  P
our id ,
J. He. Ashdown Hardwa
Company, Limned.
Nelaon Bnae 4
���ia i
it I
We   carrj'   cvcrytliiu^   in   the
Hue of
From  40c. to $1 per lb.
Choquette Bros*
Phone 258. THE   Uo-to Date  Bakers
a-. __ - ��� ���__*=
Alheria Creamery butter in silb., 7 Ib.
anal   II  lb, blocka al  SITe per pound.
For Sale at
Joy's Gash Grocery
cm. Joaapnlne anil Mills sts
B   1
1    II
nibertB, Almonds, Wulnuts ���'������ia*fu
('bestnuts, Apple (*ider, Norlh-'Ui K5|
itppb'.-t.   Baldwin   Applos.  Jnp    Oruom
Figs, large layer, cuiiforma   Oial ��
nnd Malugu (Jrupes. .  w
A large Baaortmenl  of Xraai -"VB
Whob-HUli'and  retail prices   |iei <rli;^*ffl
S. H. Seanev
50��a.,  link''
all your wauls ln
Wood-Vallance  Hardware Co
d <
,f 1
rf t


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