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The Daily Canadian Feb 4, 1907

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 fflq&  -gUxt ly
ik I.   No. 207.
NELSON, B. C*. MONDAY, FEgllUARY 4, �� 907.
Fw_. Cents a Month
t��*ns to Date Show 26 Conservatives Elected; X \ Liberals and 3
Socialists. With Two Constittfencies Still in Doubt, One of
Whicli Will Probably Return a Conservative.
|s Now Known in all But Two Ridings-Gov-
nment Has Ample Working Majority���Only
One Cabinet Minister Defeated.   '
turns for the province are not
hie, but It seems likely that
ners of the government ln
mure will number 27.
cial count for Nelson ls in
The Daily Canadian goes
.���turns  received   are  as   fol-
.... Feb. 3.���At 6 p. m. today
|lng seats were conceded*.
Inlumbla,   Comox.   Cowlchan,
J Fernie,   Islands,   Kamloops,
It minster,    Okanajan,    Revel-
Munich,    Simiikameen, 8locen,
(5), Victoria (4), Ymir.
. Liberals.
I. Curllxx) (2), Cranbrook, Del-
^iinlt, Greenwood, Nelson, Ross-
. anil Grand Forks.
In Doubt.
fcck,  Kaalo,   Ullooet,  Skeena,
formed the New York News company,
which he conducted for a number of
yeara until he sold out to tne American
News company and retired. He was a
man of large means and influence.
Death was the result of a shock caused
by a fall suffered by him a week ago
as he left the rooms of the Stratford
Social club, an'organlsation of retired
uuslness and professional men in Stratford.
hor. Feb. ..���Later returns are
_   -Munroe, 6;  Cawley, 5.
Il-ehman gives Cawley 9 ma
fcck���Cawley,     163;
I Bnmas���Cawley, 26
���-awley, 36: Munroe, 34.
| Suinas���Cawloy,    11;    Mun-
av���Grant    (Con.),   12; Ben*
I, 10,
ay���Grant, IB: Rennett, 28.
and���Grant, Ii;  Dennett. 2.
aland���Grant, 8; Dennett, 4.
Irani, 17; Dennett, 6.
i Ray Rives Dennett 8 majority
bi* rour  places to hear from
. will   lie .elected    by 60 ma
given    Bennett   2    ma-
_.. .* gives Oraut 3 majority.
|- give. Denuelt 2 majority.
jinili p'aoos    to    hear    trom
lajorlly, 62.
Port Eas.nglon���Kergln, 38; Lord, 12
Prince Rupert���Kergin. 20; Lord, 1.
South Wellington���Thomas .(Ind.-
Lib.), 8; WllllaniH (Soc.i. 16; Cairns
(Con.), 1.
Ladysmith���Cairns, 71; Thomas, ,1;
Williams. 164.
Cedai*���Cairns, 11; Thomas, .; WU
llama. 62.
Total���Williams, 239: Thomas. 19.;
Cairns, 99.   No votes at Extension.
Dog   Creek���Eagleson, 7;  McDonald.
Alkali Lake���Eagles n,   2;    Macdon-
Empire Valley���Eagleson, 8; Mac
donald, 3. * ,
Big Bar���Eagleson,    B;    Macdonald,
Bridge River���Eagleson, 7;   Macdon
* Pemberton-Eagleson,    3;     Macdon
"one poll to   hear   from.     Eagleson
(Lib), 3 ahead.
Trout Lake City-Mackay, 43; Keen,
Ferguaen-Mackay. 10;  Keen, 26.
Silver Cup-Mackay, 9; Keen, 11.
Whltewater-Mackay, 4; ���-���??������*���
Th-se returns would give K����to ��f
the government and Newcastle to the
���| _ si sts. leaving Ullooet, Richmond.
Chliwici and Skeena .UU doubtful.
Vane _ver, Feb. 4.-_t 4 p. m.today
the following seats were conceded.
Atlin, Columbia, Comox, C��wlchan.
Dewdney Fernie. Wands, Kamloops,
So New Westminster, pkunngan
Richmond, Revelstoke Saanicl Si-nil
knmecn. Slocan, Vamimver CW. vie
torla (4), Ymir.   Total-26.
.n���-���i    Cariboo" "2).     Chilliwack,
c��53_ SS? '��*_*rtmTS.
wood, Nelson, RoMland, Yale, lotai,
Nanaimo, Newcatrtle.   Grand   Fork.
T0U1* ��* ,��� Doubt.
Llllooet and Skeena
Japan  and   Korean   Exclusion   Leigut
Talk. Loudly.
San Francisco, Feb. 4���The Japan
and Korean Exclusion League yesterday adopted resolutions demanding
that tne United States anl the .Ute nf
California maintain the right to exclude
Japanese from schools used by white
The resolution, which declared that
the yielding of the United States to
Japan on the school question was tan-
tamount to vassalage, was dwelt upon
by several of the Bpeakers. President
Room-vet was severe)* criticised.
Prince Edward Wait. Nt
Preu    War Talk    Received
Surprise and  Regret  In
Japan.���No Alarm.
Oriental* Entering  United Statea.   by
Way of Mexico.
El Paso, Tex., Feb. 4���On returning
yesterday from a trip of InvestigaUon
at Mexican ports and along the border
between the United States and Mexico.
Marcus Braun said he had found various schemes for smuggling Chinese into the United States. The InvestigaUon
was undertaken for the personal information of President Roosevelt. Mr.
Braun declined to give details as to Ub
discovery. He Bald that one remedy
would be to have mounted line riders
In sufficient numbers to patrol the boi*.
Le Canadian Claims to Quote His Own
Words to That Effect.
Debate ia Dominion House of Commons on Representation of
Maritime Provinces
Montreal, Feb. 4.���Le Canedlen says:
"We persist in the affirmation thut
the news of the retirement of Sir Wilfrid Laurler, which we published lart
week, I. founded on precise expressions
of Sir Wilfrid himself."
sli. 4.���The war talk of the
(press has been received here
I  surprise  nnd  with  sincere
lhe correspondent of the As-
Press hus talked with several
leu. both In   and   out of Uie
It.   They concur In the opln-
j United Stales ls the laat
Bt!i which Japan would go to
*i*r, both nations are unag-
their trade rivalries, which
hd  to war unless territorial
is Intended by either rival.
larters the belief Ib expressed
nlsrepreBentatlon that Japan
IK from on account    of   the
Isco school   question   is the
|f Immunity shown dlsaffect-
rn spoudents in the late Rus-
It Is believed these corre-
are ever watching for ocea-
iilmlse Japan.    Even  those
.' *. _�� n ess ha. been silent so far,
in^"r./con"-.lderlng the matter un-
worthy of comment	
Avalanche In France.
T-wbes, Feb. 4,-Relief parties have
heln sent to the village of Raw*
nearLourde., where the casino,wat ��
hou.e. were destroyed Februar �� by
an avalanche of snow. Detain. Just re-
celved show that a number of person.
W_____Td"l. a celebrated watering
place of Franco, on Hjg-W*"*
Sn the Oav de Bsstana, 4000 to    ������
snd oily .ubBtance known ns llaiagine
Veteran Newpaper M.n Dead.
tmYssl. sr_ r^S
Vatican   Consider.    French Minister's
Circular Satisfactory.
Rome, Feb. 4.���The Vatican authorities are understood to consider the circular sent by M. Briand, French minis- I
ter of educaUon, to prefects through- '
out France, Instructing them that contracts for tearing the churches, offered
by the pariah priest, are acceptable,
with modification., provided they do
hot vitiate the rights of the state, as
being a step toward pacification.
Catholics Warned.
Paris, Feb. 4.���The Republican pre.,
reproaches the militant Catholic, with
exhibiting a spirit of Intolerance toward Archbishop Villatl yesterday on
the occasion of hi. Inauguration of the
services of the new French ApoBtollc
Catholic church at the Church of the
Holy Apostles, considers it to be bad
IKilicy, and add.: "Now, when a state
religion no longer exists in France, it
is advisable that all prudent people respect the opinion, of other, if they expect their own to be respected."
Price ef Metals.
New York, Feb. 4,���Silver, 69c; copper, 24 3-8c:  lend, $6.
London, Feb. 4.���Silver, 31 1616d;
lend, ��19 13s Bd.
Trains and Boat*.
Crow train���Twelve hours late.
Coast and Slocan train���Late.
Ro aland train���On time.
Kas.o conneotlon���On time.
Brakeman Killed.
An ore train of 19 cars that left Phoenix Saturday night got beyond control
ef the engineer by the airbrake, falling to work Brakeman Ru.hton waa
Accounts of the discussion In the
Canadian bouse of commons on the representation of the maritime province,
are now to hand, as follows:
Mr. Hughes of Prince Edward Island
moved that an address bt presented
praying the Imperial government to
cause a measure to be summltted to
the imperial parliament for the purpose of amending the British North
America Act, so that the maritime provinces of the Dominion -comprising the
provinces of New Brunswick, Nova
ScoUa and Prince Edward Island, shall
not at any time have fewer representatives In the house of commons than
the number when it entered the federation.
In support of his resolution Mr.
Hughes Bald tt was the IntenUon of the
fathers of the confederation -that the
representation of the maritime provinces In parliament should not be decreased. If ibis were true of all the
maritime provinces It was particularly
correct as far as Prince Edward Island
was concerned. Mr. Hughes quoted
from the proceedings which led up to
confederation to show that Uie framers
of the constitution entertained the idea
that there should be no decrease even
If the population shou'd decrease. In
the minds of both parties at the time
of the union It was held that six members were necessary for the Island and
there ought not to be leas. It waa perfectly correct that the letter of the law
wae against the island, but the spirit
of the constitution was with them. If
the letter ot the law was not agalnBt
them, then they wou'd not have to appeal to the house. The courts would
have to settle it-
Mr. Martin said that If the Dominion
government had kept Its compact with
the island according to the act of confederation and maintained communication with the mainland Uie population
of tbe Island would have Increased and
it would be entitled to six member.,
If not more.
Dr. Daniel (St. John) said that Uie
que.tlon was not an academic one. It
we. one of deep interest to the maritime provinces. When the maritime
province, gave up their right, to make
tariffs and the like It may be taken for
granted that tbey were not prepared to
place themselves In a worse position
by reason of any reduction tn population. There was no doubt the father,
of confederation never Intended that
there should be a reduoUon. Certainly
the delegate, from the marlUmo provinces never Imagined that there was to
be a reduction. He quoted George
Brown and other, to .how that it was
never -contemplated that any of these
province, should be interfered with as
far a. representation wa. concerned.
Dr. Daniel maintained that ln increasing Uie boundaries of the province of
Quebec provision should be made for
the other provinces. In other word.,
the population within what wa. the
original province should be adhered to,
finding the unit which waB to govern
Mr. Aylesworth delivered a very able
and legal address on the terms of
union and the relation which the different province, have to the act of confederation. Had the resolution referred
entirely to Prince Edward Island he
would have healtated before expressing
his opinion, as he had Mas engaged as
When the maritime province, entered
confederation the negotiations were
carried on by autonomous suites. The
negotiations were commenced Dy the
lieutenant governor of Nova Scotia
and the governor of Prince Erward
Island, and the resolutions were forwarded to the Quebec conference. The
result of this conference waa to be
found in the seventeenth resoluUon,
which provides that the basis of representation In the house of commons
shall be representation by population.
He quoted the views of the delegates
of the island to this effect. The island
was offered five representatives, but
they declined it, so that there wa. no
doubt th's province would not adhere
to represents*, ion by population and
did net enter the union at that time.
As to the original four provinces
there certainly never was any room for
a question that they gave their adhesion and entered the union on the
terms of representation by population.
The result of this was to he found In
the decrease of the representation of
Nova Scotia to 18 through different readjustments, and of New Brunswick to
13 from the number that they had at
the Ume of union.
"it seems to me," said Mr. Aylesworth, "that the provinces of Nova
Scotia and New Brunswick should not
now deeply complain, if by an accident
through the terms of their contract being carried out, even If the increase or
diminution of population affects their
representation one way or another prejudicially to themselves." In 1867
Prince Edward Island refused to enter
the union. When it did enter in 1876
tt was plainly a matter of a bargain.
The making of that bargain was between the Dominion on the one side
nnd the is'anil on the other.
Three year, before, In 1870. the prov-
Ince of Manitoba entered contederaUon.
The terms in thiB inatance were on the
lines of representation by population.
The agreement between British Columbia and the Dominion at the Ume of
confederation was that the province
should not have less than six members,
but If the population Increased the representation was to be Increased so that
the Manitoba act and the British Columbia act were before them when discussing the terms of union with the
In 1864 the island said that it was
not willing to come ln with five members, lt wanted six. In 1873 the province was entitled to five members and
the question now was whether lt should
be five or six. The contrast between
Prince Edward Island and British Columbia, only two years before, the latter not being entlUed to six membera
shows that the agreement with the
Island wae a bargain for the representation as lt stood at that time and the
population at that time.
On tbe questions of law, tit all events
the contract ha. been interpreted
asa'nst them, and it had been decided
thnt they have no legal claim to that
which Ib now a.ked by a Judgment of
the supreme court and afterward by
the Judicial committee of the privy
council. Interpretation of the B. N. A.
act on the term, of the union was that
Prince Edward I.'and must be subject
as all the other provinces are to repre-
sen'atlon by population.
The city ot Winnipeg had a uarger
population than the Island, yet it shad
only one representative In the house of
commons. Tthere wa. not likely to be
any substantial Increase tor many
year, 'to come In the population of the
Island, and the likelihood was that the
repreaentatk 1 should be still further
reduced. The probability la that it '
might be reduced to one. It It should
be ,,-iped out altogether or reduced to
one an occasion would arise when an
anpeal might be made to the mother
of parliaments to have the conatltuUon
amended. The question before the
house was whether thla should be done
for one member. If that were done,
there would be an appeal for New
Brunswick and Nova Scotia were entirely In the same position. If this
was done the principle of representation hy population declared by the Quebec conference would at once be put
an end to.
Sproule thought the other provinces
would not be averse to tbe maritime
provinces retaining tho representation
they had. W. F. McLean thought they
Bhould be generous with the maritime
Sir Wilfrid Laurler .poke with a good
deal of sympathy for Uie maritime
provinces.   He aald that there wa. a
Dominion Departments
are Extravagant
Labor Bureau Hu Poor List of
Forjot Failures
(Continued on Pate 4.)
The report ot the department of public works for the flacal year ending laat
June, Just down, deals with the enormous expenditure of 19,347,627. The
deputy minister speaks proudly of "The
great expansion of our branch of the
administration, inasmuch ts the t*>
penditure during the year has reached
a total of nearly ten millions, while ten
years ago the expenditure was barely
two million.." Mr. Oobell says that
the "progression" has been more than
a million a year during the last three
yeors, and that the Increase Is most 1
marked "In the construction of the public buildings."
Undoubtedly this ls so. The government Ib lavish ln erecting buildings,
some ot which fall down before they
are finished, many of which are not
needed at all, while all appear to be
constructed without much regard to
business principles.
Turning t(rthe report of the chief
architect one naturally looks to see
what he has to say about the Laurler
tower and the western block extension
of which it forms a part. We find in
the architect's statement ot Ottawa
work how many coat hooka were put
up ln each building, how many desks
were oiled ln each establishment. We
learn tbat nine chairs were repaired
in the census office, that two window
sashes were placed in the privy council
building, that three step ladders were
supplied to the auditor general, "that
a cushion each was supplied to the auditor-general's and secretary of state's
department," that three shades for
lamps were furnished to the department ot the Interior, that eight doors
were covered with cloth, several articles of furniture were oiled, with
much more ot the ume detailed Information. But concerning the structure
whereon $67,000 was paid last year,
which fell down when nearly completed
and was Investigated by a commutes,
of architects, who report-ad astonishing
negligence, -carelessness and Ignorance
on the part of the public officer, there
are only -three lines. The report merely
observe, that: "Thi. work, which was
described In my report of laat year ls
now completed. Plans, etc., prepared
and work supervised by this department   Contractor, George Goodwin."
This report 1. dated December 1, but
the fall of the Laurl.r tower occurred
last spring, and the Investigation wa.
completed long before the end of the
flacal year. The report ot the commission showed tbat a costly structure,
built within a few yards of the architect's office, under the eye of his own
staff, and dally seen by the minister
of public works, was constructed of
wretched material, badly pot together,
neither the stones, nor the rubble, nor
any part of the work such as Uie contract called for, and ln tact so badly
built that It did not stand until t he job
wan finished. On. might suppose that
a department which give, inch minute
report, of repair, to a chair, could find
something to say about such a Job as
The January number or the Labor
Oatette, Issued by the po.tma.ter general and the minister ot labor contain.
Btatl.Uc. of la.t year', trade dispute,
tn Canada. The number given ls 198,
Involving a toss of 419,776 days' work.
The number which were terminated
waa 189. Including one which began
the previous year. Those who bave
been led by the self-advertising ot the
department of labor to auppaM that
this authority ha. settled most _\ the
troubles will* be surprised to learn that
only four of the disputes were settled
by 'conciliation.*' Not even all of these
were settled by ttie labor department,
for ln one case the mediator was the
ministerial association at Winnipeg.
The otber three were terminated
through the Intervention of the department, though In the most serious case
the setUement did not occur until the
strike bad been In progress nifte
months, and both parties were anxious
to end it. The great Hamilton strike
was settled three weeks after lt began
by the Ontario RaUway and Municipal
board. The archbishop ot Montreal
waa the peacemaker in another. case.
But nineteenth-twentieths of the troubles were -ended either by private negotiation btween the parties, or by the
replacement of the men, or by tbe men
.giving np aad returning to work, or by
the employer, granting their demands.
In all these cases, ae well as In the
long strikes that were finally settled byi
arbitration, there was enormous loss*,
amounting to at least a million dollars
in wages alone, and to large'sums by
Investor., to say nothing of the suffering aald inconvenience of the general
public, such aa -followed the coal-strike
ln the West or the street railway
trouble. The statement of the department of labor is the be��t answer
the minister of labor, who opposed Mr,
Borden's motion for a parliamentary
mvMtigatiou of labor questions. Mr.
Lemleux contended that his -department
was dealing successfully with labor
troubles and only required an amem
ment to the act to do all that -
necessary. But hi. own return shi
that Mr. Borden's statement of the ii
m-ense loss caused by strikes In Canada was below the mark, and that the
department Itself hsd done lea. to
meet the evil than even Mr. Borden
conceded. Three disputes settled by
the department out of 138, and thaw
only after long strikes, is not absolutely satisfactory.
The minister of railways has brought
down a part or the papers referring to
the purchase of land for Intercolonial
round houses at Halifax.   The returns
purport to be complete, but an examl
nation ot the papers shows thai '
or five Important communications,
eluding one from the sitting member
for Halifax to the general manager rf
the railway have been withheld.   It la
shown by then   papers   that ln 190S
the chief engineer, the engineer of construction and other technical officer,
decided on a site for this roundhouse.
This location was abandoned because,
as the general manager states, certain
business people ln Halifax objected to
It on the ground that a new settlement
wonld be built up out   ot   town, and
they would be deprived of trade with
the employee* of the shops and yards.
Then lt waa decided to build a rectangular engine   honae   at Richmond,
and plana were prepared on this understanding.   Mr. Henry C. Read, waa engaged to value the properties and aub-
mitted a report.    Thla   was   In 1>W.
Later   thi.   location was also
oned In favor of a site neaar ths
ootton factory.   This change waa recommended trom Ottawa aad agate Mr.
H. C. Read was -sent to value the prep-
erty .lso.   Though the deputy mlniater
nggested that the Intention of tin department be kept quiet until Mr. Um*.
Ilrieth, legal agent or the government,
should acquire the properties, It was
found that before the valuator arrlvtsd
Mr. Joseph R. Hendereon had pusehas-
ed from sll the otber owner, but two
the land whllch the government needed.
The government paid hlm ��45 per block
for hi. newly acquired land and Oat.
which he previously owned,    l��avtnK
him, lt Is said, a profit or 100 per M
on hi. new   purchase,   and options.
There I. nothing, however, In the papers
to show  the middleman's  profit, for
though one of the officers of the dt-
nartment suggested an examination rf
the records to see what transfer* had.
bwn made and at what price, the Mc*.
respondence Indicates that such iave-s-
tlgation was  carefully  avoided.    *$*V
sovcrnment  paid  Uie 145,400 without
hesitation,   and   afterwards   continued
from May 1906 to January 1107. dicker
ing with the owned ot one property ovssr
a matter of 1800, ud with another ovar
a still smaller sum.   These two war.
the only ones who had  not transferred
tbelr properties to Mr. Handanon b*
fore the government mad tha punkas*.
There Is a matter tor the pobUe so*
(Contlnned on Pag* t.) mm*
���Rganpmpw   ���>���'      ���< ��� >     ~? ������ ���*���  - *���*-*���r
. . Just Arrived . .
English Cured Meats
Irish Roll Bacon
Ayrshire Roll Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire Hams and Bacon.
PRICE 27 l-2c PER LB.
Procurable Only at
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office >   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... .14,800,000 REST (4 SOO.OOO.
D. R. WILKIK, President. HON. ROBERTJAFKRAY, Vic.-President
Branches in British Columbia:
nun Francisco -fauii'H jj��.�� cg*.,'li4_sl m
thei Blty. The JapKiiese m'r not a
miek race :riiey are prond and deter
nilm-.l and now. moreover, since their
decisive victory over the blKg-est army
111 Europe, tliey are confident of their
ability to maintain their right everywhere. Thoy trust and admire President Roosevelt anil they will probably
be patient, lint President Roosevelt
knows, and lhe words he has already
iisiiil show that he thoroughly appraccl;
atos. the danger. California, Oregon
and Wftabttfffton certainly, and Idaho,
.Molilalia and I'lah probably, ure In
liitreiMiesit on this question and will en-
dois. the action of the Snn Francisco
school board. California Is a sovereign
suite and would probably disobey wen
an act of congress if the president
OOtfld secure the passing ssf one. This
conflict of stnlss prejudice or even slate
interest with ths national Interest constitutes a grave danger to ihe Union.
If California forora a war wiih Japan
II will be sislely ,-igsihisi llie "ill of the
gr ut majority in lha Eastern states.
America has much, to lose and nothing
ttj gain hy a warvwlth the dominant
power iu Eastern Asia.
The htSAy Canadian
from ih" YuMi to Otjdsra, and hf�� jjS
spates!, to Billing I'llllUllblM lo |1SS|���I
the federal govsrnmanl and ll.n |ooal
opposition iu iheir efforts to sweep the
McHrlde ministry out of existence. Mr.
Aylesworth ami Mr. Oliver claimed on
behalf of their government Hint the
provincial Interest In the liMta was of
no value, since lt would only be effective en Ihu disappearance
Metlakatla tribe nf Indiana, which, according tss Mr. Aylesworth, would not
happen fur lii.OOu years. Y.-t ii was
ibis Uldsai Interest which the Q. T. 1*
-company was most anxious to obtain
and which the company's partners in
ilu Laurler government havs. been trying In vain lo wrest from lhe province
fof llie company. The Orand Trunk 1's
c'flc peopls. have fared pretty
ihe hands of the Dominion, and we may
ssBUme that If lis friends can get possession of lhe resources nf llrlllsh Columbia there will be another haul
iiisrl.iil s-lsv, llirm-e svesl 10
. utter
..uth.-l* bereby |tru wit J^JHPftL.
������ ���''���'i-s_��__a__^��s��-3ffi
l��,s*i belni il..- i,.rs-isi.ri. fstjuinsloj the < .1 ajjusn
Pacini- K.iissssy Bhlprud ..u lb* mn. ��rt"
LotHA.iroupl.ud btlnron thi iouth ibor��
ol th.-it-t.raol K.��it..n��rl-HK*. sss thedla
rid ol Koolellsis : I omuii-m-lni: nl Ilu- <���> ''>"'���
ly corner ol U'lM. arssup I; thuii-e .Isins H'<*
lonffl weiterly toundirrol lot tow hh.i tn< ;*<���
l,-is.lsisi therml, in �� sissrili weiterly mreonon.i
dliunce of ��S leeti tii.-ix-c ��i rs��i.i mm ut
.aid la-suii'larv li,a��ssislli weUerly direction, a
dl.lan.-i- ol Sli hat. ns.srss ssr lea-,  i.. llss- norm
, ta.torly boundary ol llie City I'ark. oonllnaed,
>ll at    iii,-sn*s*'is��sa:is-i is. aaul winterly boundary olloi
:<��n, In-loulbeutorlr direction, a JUUnew ol
(SHI fi-i-t  more or lesa. t.�� ill*.- northerly  boundari
ssi loi UA; thencofollowlni Ui. northorlybound.
asv ol lot 6SA su a isssrlli i-aali-rly direction tothe
poim ol  i-omiiioiisi-iisi.su,   Use area belli I��
MTM-mg�����*��������-���.- oohpaky, 1.1M1TK1.
Dated thll Tib dny nt Jummry, A.l>, Wfl.
Deposits received and interest allowed current rales from date of opening of
nooount, and compounded half yearly.
nbuson branch   J.   M.   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Total  Assets ..   ..
Accounts of firms and Individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen   branches  In  British  Columbia.
Special  attention   to out of town business.
T. IS. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       E. L.  PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPTNK, Manager Nelson Branch.
The next question of first-class im-
ps*,rtnnce confronting the citizens of
Nelson is the need fssr a new public
school building, li has been suggested, and it is probably true, thai the
clly Is too near the statutory limit of
Its borrowing power to raise a sufficient anion.u lu that way. If sn. some
oihs-r means must be found. It is In-
tolerable that the best leaching staff
and the most Intelligent and public-
spirited board of school trustees in the
province should hoii) b- handicapped
by a school building which Is discreditable in appearance, unsanitary in all
s-nsous and Utterly Inadequate.
Apart from feelings of personal or
party triumph it is gratifying to reflect
lhat ib.- Judgment and iho laste of
lltilssh Columbia, ami especially nf Hs
two chief cities, have shown su decisive a disapproval of a campaign of
slandi-r such as the Vancouver World
aud W. W, B. Mclnnrs waged.
fid d.sv. ssi! r -lass* I ilsu-isd to ap[,lv to llir Hssss
i Cblel Commlnloner ol Unsl. an.l Work* us |oir-
j  :  el,a.r :i.*ss as-rs* of asssl Inc.Si ,1 in Ksse  \ alls-y  t,e-
Intuhd lo apply fo lbe Honorable I in, I i-iniy    _V5_S'��� touowi "commencing sit s po��l
mlMoner of Und. and  "oris*. Issr a MCMM io Hrkl.(1 ,.   W.J.S K. eornei and planted al llss-
proepect tor coal and polrolsnun ortr the Kjllnw     mirU,���,.��, corner ol Wm. William.' miehuei
  Is W chain.
Bud weiser l
DISTILLERS, iz and 20 years oil
Mnl* A||*nt_i (11 Hritisti
i'ii Mini tVi.Uvn niter rtntc I
. Ua- [I.im��rHl>]f tin* Chlel C
Published ilx rttys a week i>y the
Baker 81., Nelson. B. C.
���uMt-rlptlon rates, ���" vmn* a month delivered
In the rrilv, or 16.00 �� year If Bent hy mail, when
palil Id advance.
A'lrertislmr rates on applt'-utlon.
All nionieh paM in Mttlemonl of The Dally
Caaadlnn accounts, tllher for subiKTlptions or
���adTertislug. Nuiii be recelptctl tut on tlu- printed
form* of tbc Company. Other n
��� receipts are not
PBBRUARY 4. 1 _K>7.
" Bj one word we are HouielimeH ui<lged lo be
wiMt ind by one wonl noint:ilm>i ]u<lgfd to be
foollxh. Let us therefore be careful what we
A beaten party, like a Uateii niun, Ir
allowed certain license in its bitterness, and is not lidd responsible for
what is said In the moniLnt of defeat.
Otherwise, the caption "McRride-So-
clalist Government Is Sustained,"would
deserve severe censure, 'i'he Conseva-
tive jmrly had a clear majority throughout the llf(> of the ioht h'KiBlature, af-
let the return of W. Manson for Al-
bt-rn!,, a decisive victory.
l_ ^pile of abundant, because cheap.
!,U*eral ttneers that the government was
dominated by three Socialists who
clio.*e to supiMjrt It, hut whose' support
waa n<>t necessary ior iis maintenance
in office, nothtng can be adduced as
evldenca of concession to Socialists.
In the election just concluded the
Conservative government has been re-
turuod by a clear majority of at least
bIx in a house of forty-two members.
To speak of the return of a "Mc-
Bride-Socialist Government" under the
circumstances, if uot explained by the
Irritation of defeat, would indicate mental irresponsibility.
for tho cabinet in tho membership of
the Conservative party In the house.
H. B. Thompson of Victoria has few
equals In the province ns a business administrator. \V. J. Hovvsiv has almost
oarncd a seat In lhe cabinet, il his professional engagements will permit him
tu accept It. hy his remarkable personal
triumph in Vancouver. D. M. Eberts
and A. E.McPhillips have both had
cabinet experience; both are able men,
and both names carry weight throughout the provinc \ W. H. Hayward, the
new member of Cowlchan, has been In
lhe legislature before and Is generally
recognized as a man of ability.
The latest returns available, though
leaving six seats still In doubt,, show
tbat in any event the Conservative
party will have a decisive majority in
the legislative assembly. Richmond is
still on the doubtful list, so the Hon.
F. Ia. Carter-Cotton may. or may not,
remain a member of the cabinet, but
th*To wns a1 ready the vacancy created
Iby K. F. Green's resignation, and the
defeat of Hon. William Manson ln Alberni makes another vacancy, a total
of two certainly, and possibly thfee.
74ere Is no dearth of excellent material
Now that the provincial campaign Is
ovlt, and the city's power plant completed and in operation, the citizens of
Nelson may turn iheir attention again
tn ether matters affecting the welfare
of the capital of Kooteuny. The most
definite and urgent need is. of course,
a new ond edequate public -School building. Arrangements for that should lie
made without delay. After that the
campaign of publicity undertaken by
the 20,000 club should be renewed and
prosecuted with all possible vigor. The
year 1907 promises to lie a banner year
fnr the province generally. It only requires energy and unity of effort to no-
euro to Nelson her fair share of the
general progress and prosperity. In
mining, in lumberinng and in agrirul-
turc the outlook is roseate, and in all
those resources Nelson's tributary territory Is not less richly endowed thau
any oilier part of tho province. It is
only necessary that Kootenny's wealth
should be fully and definitely told, to
attract hither the best elements of the
popn'a'ion of the rest of Cnuadn,
No political campaign ever waged in
.Nelson has been so free from party-
rancor or personal bitterness as the
rne concluded Saturday night last. No
Conservative will grudge Dr. Hall hiB
hard- arned victory, and no Liboral
has nny sentiments but respect and regard for John A. Kirkpatrick. Frank
Phillips a'so has lost no friends by his
manly bearing throughout the cam-
palim. The civic unity and harmony
:-hown by the election of mayor and
aldermen by acclamation, has been further cemented by the clean and gentlemanly though hard campaign fought
during the last month.
Tlie questions oreated by the treat-
ment of Japanese   school   children In
pro!,.  . .
Um lain!: Situated iwnmllci norlh ofthe inter
national boundary line and west ot tbc Klnihend
rher. tcetnmng nt n post marked W, LeURlliix
N W, corner post, thenee wicliaminnith, thanee
10 ehalns eaat, thshea ���**' ehnins north, th-'iici* hii
ebalni west to point ofcommsnogineot,
1 ated Nov. it. i*�� W. LlOliUU,
Notice is hereby alven thm 50daysa'ter-data I
in'end to applv to lbe ������on. I'hiet i omul-*-?inner
of landi and Wotkafora iwnn tp pronpect lor
OOSl and iH-trnlenui over lhe followiiiK land:
Biraated IU nillM norih of ihe imt>rnaii<mnl
bontldat. line and east ol lhe Flathead rlrer-
���HeEinnliia at a post marked B. H Hard's N. W
eo tier po-t, lhetice Bd chalnn south, thenre BQ
Ohalni east, thence BO chains north, thenee 90
chains we��t to point al ciunmtiicenieiil
Paled Nov. If, 1906. I. H. HVBD.
ihem-e -woal HI ehalni} tbence nun
ttit-nee east m climii-:  tlience south Ml chain* ta
November .'.Ird 1
p. w. leapt
3. k Amuujt, Aisnt
The HaU Mining and St
Company. Limited.
(Continued from Flint Pago.)
counts committee In this transaction.
Two of the government daya this
week were occupied in dismissing Mr.
Fisher*? hill for the Inspection of fodd
packing esiablishm.ius. It was ascertained by a vigorous cross-examination
that the minister intends to appoint
forty-five Inspectors at a salary of
$1200 a year with n.i Inspector of inspectors at $2000. Mr. Fisher admitted
oher probable expenses bringing the
coa of adn.lnlBtrat.ou up to $75,000 a
year, but the opinion was freely expressed that the measure would reach
three times that amount before the people were done with It Tbe Inspeqturs
would unly examine operations of fat*
torles whose products are exported
from the Dominion or shipped beyond
the province. So. while the Canadian
consumer will maintain the army of Inspector*, bis own food will not be Inspected.
The minister of the interior has Informed the house that tbe government
K dealing with an unsettled claim of
$.1,000 or the North Atlantic Trading
e mpany. which has already received
$:00.000 for not sending immigrants io
Canada. On the part of the company
tbe case Is pressed by Mr. Smart, agent
c-f the unknown contractors who as
deputy minister mado the bargain with
them and Is now dealing with the of-
fi ers wbo formerly served under him.
.Vr. Smart knows who "the men are
(���'aiming this money, and who threaten
I., commit suicide If their names are
Much interest was felt here in Thursday's by-election at St. Antolue's. Mont-en), for the local legislature. The re-
1 im of a Conservative for a scat pre-
v'ously held by a supporter of tbo Liberal government wonld In any case
show that ihe Conservative cause is
Mill strong in tbe business centres of
< utrbcf province. But when It was an-
n dun Cod that Mr Gait's majority was
960 and that his opponent, a brilliant
Liberal lawyer, bad barely saved his
deposit, the occurrence was held to be
n good omen for the party in the future. Much attention bas beeu paid to
organization in the St. Antoine district
���md the result is a proof of the advantage of .such work.
Tho house has been making fair pro*
- ress in committee nn the tariff. .More
tian hall' tbe clauses have passed, hut
there is a largo and growing list of ar-
��� 'clns which Mr. Fielding has allowed
t . "stand." These are the items which
have been reconsidered si:iee the tariff
���as brought down. A new revision will
be proposed In regard to these classes
of articles, which include the? sugar
��� cheduleB, farm machinery and lumber.
0:i Friday Mr. Borden shandy crltl-
c'zed the government for trylrrr to co-
i roe tbe administration of British Co-
'ti'nb'a Into giving a present to the
Grand Trunk Pacific company of the
���irovlnc'al interest In the Indian reserve
I inds at the company's Pacific coast
t rmlnal point. As guardian of the
property of the Indians the federal government banded over to tbe company,
c\\ remarkably easy terms, 13,000 aeres
f the reserve, and Ihen coolly  asked
the McBride government to make a gift
. the company of thc reversion be-
1 nglng to thi province. Mr. Borden.
Mr. Foster. Mr. Stockton nnd Mr. Porter pointed out that the penalty for Mr.
McBrlde's firm and patriotic refusal
was the reca'l   of Governor    Mclnnes
Take nntice tltRt tluriy dnys ifut 'late I inland id spply to ibe tliiei Commls>!onor 'if
Landsand wor ��m VlntoMt fnr perululon t"
cut an-l carry *mj timber f'ot-n the foll-mring
duorlbed luidi In west Kootanaj :-
No 1.- ComuienrliiK nt h poll pUnted hi ihe
���mithweit orner of Umber Uwnei No Tffilj
th nco taut lorty chain*; ttitn-e north alyhty
ehain��; tliem e eait 1 u eh-tlno. Ibeoee loutb to
noi thorn bOUttdlTT of litnltor IICOOH S&18jth��ncfl
weat hUmi_ ��nld iiorihe u Imumlary to
the uotth-tvcl corner ol mid boense.
then sou Ih to tin' iinriheru boundary
of (imbrr Itcoow 1018; Ibunra trest to
a po'nt due MUtb ol iiu- polnl ofsonUBttnananti
theme norih to the p>, tut ol <-onimeu'Tin<,iit.
January 1.5th, IS".
No. i ��� CommtOQlni ��t lha no thwosl  comer
ol timber UeeOM Th'.'1; IhODCfi a qiu to the northern bdiuiilHry nj l.muei lu-tnse 7ul8; thenct* wall
to the oorth-weat eorner of Mild  timber lioonw
ttK-nee aouHi io the northern boundary rf Lot
118;  theui.'e foilowlu-f  said   bOQodaxr of uld
lot west to the light of way o( the B.O hotith-
eru Kallway; tlu-nce followttu: tald right Ol way
lu a uorth easterly direction tu the pliuri* of coin*
Juuui* > l tth. UOT.
No. 3 ��� Commenelnji at a southeast rorOSr Ol
timber lleenie No. TSJl.Hb.ml tlhy obalm aouth
ul therlKht oi way of the B C. Southctn Hall-
waytthutoa east LOO chain*.; thenee nortb fortr
chalus; theuee west 16-1 chains;  thence Fotith
HO davs after date 1 lutein! to apply tp the Hon;
ombli* the Chid OonunlMtonOI cf IjhuJ** and
Works, to purchase 110 aorei ol land: rum*
ni'-ueiiiL'at a post marked 0. W. 8 N. H. cornei
jHistanil plMUlfl on lhe we��t ihora ol Arrow
lake ml jot niut: Lot TOOU the south  side of raid
Lot, tbence weitW ehaim along tbe aunt hern
boundary ol Lot l-r.l; thence south 4AM chain*.;
thenee east wi chains moreor le��s io lake ibore;
theuee north along lake shore lo plai e ot beginning.
Dated'i.th'lay of Nov. 1!"06.
J  E. AaatMlM, Ageut.
Slxtv  davs afler 'late I Intend to applv to the
Hun.'Chief Commissioner nl Undi ana Works,
Victoria, to purchase ItiO aeres of IhikI located In
Fire Vaiky, belni part Ol Boolioni 'three and
Four, Township 6U, and dearrlbed as followi:
l-omraeuciux at a jk��si planted at W llllam
Williams' N. W. corner, and narked 'H. t, W>
N. E. corner," and running 40 chains west,
tlience 20 ehalus roiith, thenre At chains east,
tbenoe 4t ehaim south, Iheme At chains east.
tbenoe BO obalm noun to piece <-i b<*gtnning.
November iSnl. l'Xfi- hosi E   '���*:.   !.�����
J, K. AN MB 1.1, Vgenl,
Noilce la hereby gh en that N days alter Aat�� 1
Intend to apply to lhe Houorahle the i Intel '.om*
: missi3nerof l_mdsaiid Worksfnr permlsitoato
i purebaae thu following duorlbed lands; Com-
' m< uclng ai a post placed .si chains west of th*
��� southeast eornei of Lot iiu. marked "R. A Belli
j northwest   eorner,"   thenee    south   M chalm,
theuce east 'Ai (balni. thenre uorth JO chains.
thenee weit M ehalus lo polntof com me uee ment,
containing -10 acres, more or less,
located tlilsftthdayof Nov JSK*.   II. A.Bkli..
Hixly days after date I Intend to appl? to tne
Hon Chief Comml^iouer of Undi and Wurki.
Victoria, to purchase ��w acres of laud, In Kire
Valley. West Koolenay: Commencing at a post
p| mted tUj ehalni west of the a. Vi corner of J
Kublnson's pre-emption, and marked W. W's N
K   corner, and ruuning .*.. -t au ehalni. them e
,or.ych..u,.ol,,.cfo,,om.r���a,e.,, *& _ g���*_^fi^^ *����
ie .uary iam, iwt. Nov 1Mhi l^)C Wilium Willums,
*"o 4���Commencing at a po�� planted at the j J. R. AHkahii, Agent.
Interaction ot thu   soiitheru boundary ot ttie |	
right ol way of the B. C. Koutheru Hnilway, and     "
the eaitern boundary of Lot 61K7; thence south  |     Slxt
to ihe northern boundary ot in .*u-* application
It ihen.* *. n>i lOOchfllni; tbence in rth to the
southern bouudary of timber license ao Tl1.*,.;
theuce following the southern boundary of said
lleenie westerly about aixiy chain*, more or les*
to nn eastern boundary of aald lleenie; thenee
south forty chaini; thence west eighty ohalm|
then norih to the riaht ol way of the B C
ooulhern Railway, thence following aaid right
of war in a souib-weiitt'rly.dlrecilou to lie place
of beginning.
January Uth, 1917.
No &.��� * ommenclng at a post planted at the
���nnthmut corner of timber license WSl ihcnce
west ilxir chalm more or .���������*  l.i a |K>lnt due
south of the untheut oornerol license application No..1; thence north sixty chains more or
len lo thu south hutiudurv ol license application
No ti thenee north io the northeaat coruerof
���ttd HeciiNe application No t; theuce eo-t tothe
southeast corner of lini her license TU6j theuce
north forty ohalna more or less to a point due
west of the uorlh-wcst corner of timber license
8C33J thence cast to the norlhweat comer ol said
tlnber license No. WSS; theuce south U0 chnlni
to the point of eommeucement
January 15th, 19U7.
No. ��.���Commencing at n post planted nt the
southeast corner of timber Uoeme fl68A; thenoe
writ to thelOUthweit comer of IL-euse application No, 3; theuee north lo southern boundary
ot lleenae applieatioti No. :i; ihenee west to the
northwest corner ol license application No. 1:
then'-e south to the n rlhcrn bouudary of
i. n >*r iieen-e <.<>: ihenee east to the nortboa*.
corner of timber license &.I3; tbeuce soulb
thirty chains; thence eait to the west bouudary
of timber lleenie IMS; lhetice uorth to the plaee
oi hegluulng.
Jauuary 15lh, 19U7.
r daya ufter d* te I intend lo apply to the
Hon. the Chief (ommlssloner of Undi and Worki
to purchase UO acres ��f land: Commencing at a
post planted on tbe west side of Six mile trees,
ou wagon road, about two and one balf miles
from kootenay lake, and marked "Nell Me
Re-hole's H. *Aest eorner |kis'," tbence east 10
ohalni, theneo north -Ul ehaim. tbence weil 40
chalm, theuee soutb 40 chains, to plat e of commencement
Located this lbtb day of NoTcmhcr. 1906.
Nan M.Knixii
Hxty days after date I purpose making appli*
ea'lon to the Honorable the Chief Commisaloner
oi Lands ami Works for permission to purvhase
tha followlni deeerlbed land: Commencing at
a post piaeed sl the rt. W corner of Lol ffiKW and
marked "F. (J, Y.'a" N. W. eorner, theufu following the southern boundary Lot fi9W), 65 chains
mora or le��s easl lo the west boundarv ol Lot
B ul, thence following same south U rbains to
thc norlh boundll7 of Lot MOSj thence about 70
chains west along said boundarv to the lake
shore; thence norlh :*�� chains more or less lol-
1 wing the lake shore lo point of commencement, containing <*U' acres more or less.
Hated Deoembe nib, wo..
Y. G Kicyrika.
Notice lu hereby given thnt sixty >iavs after
dnle I Intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief
( ommlssloner of Undsand Works for permission to purchase ttie following described land
situated In the West Kootenay dlatrlct: Com*
mencing at a post planted at the "N.B eoruer
Of L. -Portetrl pre-cmittlon," and running
ihence east 40 chains; tnence iouth in chains;
thence weit 40 chains; thenee north 40 ohalni
to -,i��.*e of comnieiicement, containing Itk' acrei,
more or less.
J'eeemDfir'A), 1K06.
theuce  I BUM BflRS. Ueater.
south forty chains more or les*. t.i the  north  ', M. It. ncqOAUI_. Agent
b-mndaryof timber license 864fi; theuce east itio
So. ".���Commencing at a post planted  at tl
n  riheast corner of timber neense 8-'*l
chains; tbence norih forty chains moreor lesa to
a point due east of the feOOtheut corner of tlm
ber license AMD] tbenee west !������ ��� ehalus to lha
j in'*, of tx-glnniiig.
January Inth, 7P0T.
No. 8.���Comiueiicliig at u post planted al the
northeast corner of Umber itceusc No. BM0;
theuce aouth eighty chains; theuce enstelghly
ehalus; tbence north eighty chains; theuce weit
eighty chains to place of eommeneement
January Uth, llto..
No i!,-Conimencing al a post planted Ht lhe
loutheaat corner ol timber, license 8547; thence
north eighty chains; thencecast eighty chains;
thenee north VAi ch*lns more or lets to the north
r-ui turner of license applieatlno BO. 7; tbonce
weit to southeast corner of timber heei* ��� m>.
birth; Ihenee uorth to thc southern boundary of
license application No. 0; tlience cast to
the west boundary of timber license No,
85Uj tlience nouth to the soiilhwcst corner of timber license 85W; tbenee west
to th northwest comer of timber license No.
flftlii thence south to the northeast eorner 01
timber license No- 8..15: Ihence west clghtv
chains; t hence south to a point due enst ofthe
southeaal corner o( limber Ik-ense 8SI7; tbenee
weil to place o* ooBunenoemenl
Jauuary 15th, lflo.
No. io.���Commenclngat a posi planted n't the
southeaal eoruer o( timber llueme a->l!i; tinmen
f* .uiu eighty chains; theuce west to thc east
boundary o( i.otHI'2; thenc* north to the southern boundary of Umber license no. 7018] tlience
east to the southeast corner of timber lleenie
.)!���<; thene... uorth to the nouth bouudary of tlm
ber license 8549; theuce east to place of commencement.
January 15th, 1BU7.
P. Lund, Locator,
Dan McDoio&i.l, Agent.
Sixty daya after date 1 lulend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
ticrmisslou to purehase the following described
land ; SI tiatcd on the cast aide of Arrow I ako
io the West Kootenay dlatrlct, about 6 milea
above Burton City, commencing at a post planted at the uorthweat eorner ol C. Bacher's purohaae, tbence eut 20 chains, thence n rth 4(1
chaiua, tbence west 20 chains, thence aoutb 40
cbams to point ot commoneeiueiit aud containing W acres more or less.
January 1ft, 1907.
VYLLltAH Fn-ma.
Notice Is hereby given that atxty nays alter
date I intend to apply to the Bonorable the
I hb-f GonuntMloner of Landi and Works, for
t-ermlsslou to purchase tbe following described
landi situated in the Wesi Kootenay dlitrlet;
Commenelni at a post marked "It. ii honth
VMt corner,"and north of A ll. Luears, pnr
uhaio-cl.lm, un Baud Creeai thenee north 40
Chaini] thenee cast 30 chains; thence south 40
ohalm; thenoe80 chains we.-t. to point 01 bom-
mencemeot, i taming i<. aeius, more or lese.
l'Bcembcr_t), llW..
,     , Henhv BlTDKf,
M. It. Mc-H'AltlUK, Ag*nt.
Suty dayn after date I Intend to apply tu the
< hief ( ommliilonar of Unds and Wnrks to pur-
.���basc64ll.Mres.il land, located tn Lowit Arrow
lake.  Weit kootonay:   I onimciieiug ai a post
Plauied at n N.W. corner ol Arrow Lake
Indian m-serve"; theneo nuth ��: chains; ibenrt
e-Ut BO cha ns, to plica ���f bwlnplpi,
LocHte.i U\h day oi December, l��l,
C   Huv ELI,
���i  date! Intend to applv u, the
mmittioner of Undi and Worki
.reioi land; ��.-i��� m ,,,,. K. h
I   B IMQtheul enrner  lK>lt."
nt the northeast corner of Qm,
claim, aboul tun miles
BUty d��i ufi
Hon ihel blef Ol
to purchnse M0a<
poit marked "N
aid  post bmg
Undeon'i on*omptlon
._. *. V11.'11"'W,T ln obilm, north40obalux
dut 60 chains, south 30 ehalni to pllWOfoom
menoement, oontainlng ho acres
Looateaftth dayof Nov, 1906,   Neitiet. Biek,
�����5!f%irt_fk_____f|-__.t# ' 1"u'11'1 '"��PPly lo the
v    _nllt, C_?J__ttw__ro1 Undi am. Worki,
on uo weit Ilde Ol Arrow Lake, about a',, miles
below  Burton, and deioribed U fol|ows-"(om
wr_��nAut^_tn(r.n!5? Rt ^"jBS
1      f i    (| running nonh '-Ochalns;
lone west ko ehains, ihtnee south _o chaini
i i-i..
  J- " Ahkabli, Ateni.
i,,K.'?f'" *'e,r",> 1""' lh��i��i��y�� mipr date I
intend tuanniy i��� _* Honorable n" J   ,,Vr���t,,.
0at��l lllll 6Ui (lay ol Nov., WOO,     y -hioifcsi.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
Winter   Carniv
Five  Days
Feb, 12, 13, 14, 15 anJ|
i brand Trophies aud I'i.OOO lu prli.ei.      Tho Hands in Alteodi
HOOKEY��� !nf inutuuml and Inter-FrovimtHl obsnpini
SN(i\VSIK)KIN(i��� Champioiwhip of Britiah Columbu I
TOBOGOAKIKO���A mile a minute down thc ' ZIP" ;
SKIlNCi-Jompibg utitl Kuoing.   Championship of Catufcl
BKATINQ RAOSB���For Ohampiouahip of IJriihJi Colnm_i|
CUBLIKO���A Provinciul limiipi-l
Horse Rldnf.       Mn-'itifrodiii.*       Tiifs-ol-V. ar and other interei.itfoi
liwav mies nn all lines.
Kraser  President
For further )-a
lod Hire the KIuk
Notice Is bereby given ttial ��t days alter dale I
in end to ipplr to the Honorable tne l-hlef l.'om*
mlssloner ol lends and Works, Victoria, B.C.,
toi pm million to purchlM lhe fullowlnx deacrlbed laud, kliuated lu lhe West Kootenaj dlitrlet,
on tba wen side ol uhamel (or fix Mtb : ereek,
on up er side id wgi-n road, nbout _M mllei
(ro n Weti Arm ol Ko-leuay lake: Cguiinenelug
ai a po*t markrd Mrs llalttu Pueii'i - K cor-
nor running40 chains west; m.-h..* jo chains
south; ibenoe 40 chains east; tbence 'Ai caalna
uo:lh, io the po'nt .d coiuiiieucemcu*.. Containing ao acres ol laud, more or lesa.
fated the 17th f-oveinber IV*
Maa lIiTTii Dnci,
JoHM K   TaTU'R, Afrut
fUtT davs after dale 1 Intend toapply lo the
H ti Chief OonmiMlOMI of I_iu<ls aud Works,
Victoria, to purchase i.-> acres of laud about two
rn;.-' b"low Burton OUT, West Kootenay, com-
imnelm %\ _ post niarked **J A. Iivinii's easl
eorner post," said i^ost bolnfon the eaaterly end
ol hu Island west of LotrvV47,and claiming all the
land contained *u said lilaml, beina about one
mile In au easterly and westerly direction and
about ��i chains from north to aoulh.
NOTI&W lllh, 1906. J. *. lavixo,
J  K. ANKABLI. Agent.
rifty days afterdate I  intend to apply to the
- ' hief Commissioner uf Lauda and Worka.
Victoria- to purehase \.v aerea of land located
OO the weitildeol arrow lake nnd Iviug directly
north ol I.���'���, rx.t. Commencing at a post planted
ai the N V, cornel ot Lot V/1& and marked ��� H H
S K corner." and runuing uorih 'JO cbaina,
ih "ne* west xt chains, thence norlh "JO chains,
tbeuce west .'������ chains, thenc�� ��outb 40 chalna,
tbence ca"t to chains, to place of beginning.
.Sov.Mth.lsuii. Bantu Bi*diSt,
J. E.  ANNAll.r.   AgCLll
Notice Is hereby given lhat CO daya an. r date, 1
Mietid to apnlv to the Hon. Chlel Coiamiasloner
i ; mills ami Works for permission to purchase
tho following dMoTlbed land In West Kootenay
dlatrlct: Commenclngat a post marked Mra. V
A H llson's corner posi, planted at the northeait
corner of Button IT, Townsite f, running south
*�� chains, ihence west Ui chains, iheuee north -W
chains, thenoi east lochHins to place of com-
uiencemeui, eontainiug 160 acres, moreor leaa
luted Not. ��. IM, Maa, V. A. Wiijo...
J. Wiuios, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 10 days alter date I
11 tend lo applv to the Honorable thu Chief Com*
mwsloncr ol Lf__U and Works f*>r permission
to purchase JHOarrea of land, situate on tho Little
M.jle river about l mile Imra lutcmatioual
Houndary aud tVut 1 mile Irom BpokaJA lnter-
n.itonul Ry.: Coinioencin��: at a post marked
1��. drain's H. h. comer i>ost, thenc- west to
Chllni! thence norih lu ehalus; thenee caht W
c! uius; tlwuL-e m.iiii vu chains; tUbce cnat fio
uialns: theuee couih flu hainr-: io pine-., of com-
miicciiient.eoida tnnt; 3aU avicaut land.
Located Oct. Mh 1Mb,
lUMM. liBiNT
Sixty daya alter date 111
Honorable tbe t'hleh onimla
Works for permission top
d'Sf-Fiii.l  lands in   *,'������������'
menrlug at a post marked J
east corner
side of the
below  Hurtou (Sty. "..<���:������* a
thenceaest *a> chaloi;
ib-tr*'- west .-' cbalm;
��� !<*!   20   links, more or
thenr-e easlerl y along lakettrW
to tbe place ul beginuliii, ("
more or leaa.
Dated thla bth day of Nova
per K.LI
Notiee Is herehy iivea Ulti
date 1 inteud to LuakesppiW""
ebleChlel CummlssiouerolU
Victoria B.�� ..forpermlMkiitlB
lowing deaorlbed land, ir.'.wj
West Kootenay dlitrlil   Coi"^
i Ian ted at the s/.'itharit ewtl
inaon'a pre-empiloti, martrtl.
peat, thence W i bains ��Mt.l
north, ihenee ti) rhslnieailtMj
northwest corner, ihencek-"*
of col-nit. in en.*..'. coutaisiafi
leaa. ,..    a
Pated thla _8rd day Of WW
ft)daya after date 1 inwafl t_\
Chief t ommlssloner ol Un��*
toria, tu purehase ^-W IMfl
to purcli
Kire Vallev aud t**iug
and 1�� lnTnwiishlp��apddi
l ommenclng al a poat pUi��l
corner of the souih*"* VM
Township 6�� and martri i*
thenee north tu cbalni: UK"1
thence south *> chalm; tteoo*
placoof beginning
Norcmbor Jflnl !-**���
Maty days alt��-r date I intend io apply to the
Honorable lhe Chlel J'uwiuftVaiuuer o| Unds and
works, Victoria, to piirciiaa.** lrtt aeies of laud,
lot-atal la, Fife YuiJcy and dm*rlbed a��Jolj��w*:
(.< uimeiicitig at a post marked O, It. MeM's N.W.
corner, and planted at lbe southwest corner ol
lot 781.1, and iiuinloK aouth *> eitaini, thence
ea.it aj chalna, tlp-nut* north W chains, thenei
Mi-sl'JOcbntii* 'o piftee ol heginniug.
tiko. B. MtMlLUM,
J. B. AHKAPUf, Agent.
Nov, 18th, MM.
Sixty da�� afler daici intend toappiy tothe
"tmrablo the ( hief Commissioner ol Undsand
Worka to purchase (Ut) acres of land, located in
lire \ alley, on west side of Arrow lake: Com*
i.ienoing at a poit planted to chains we I of the
soutb weit corner of J. Koblnaon'a pro emption
ni,11,II_.r.,,l J'W" *" K- <,��rnBr- ,���n,1 running
north*) cbaina. tbence west SO chaiua, thence
aoutb B0 cbaina, thence east 80 chalna to place of
Nov. Uth, ODE .Ianr Wii.uahi,
J. K. Annabh. Agent.
P.W*y" ��ftetr<JM��A lutend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works for
permission lo purchase tbo following described
lands in kootenay District, about three-nuartera
ol mllo from Thrum's siding: Commencing ��t a
pos placed at the S. W, corner ol L K group
LllA_._ K��'t*'l",'��� piiin.t; thenee westerly
loiiowing the north boundary of Uhm. 40
cha ns; thenco norlh 10 obalnil tbenee eaat 40
ebalns, more or    ess. Pi thc   N    W    enrner of
K^MX? "*""""�� '"��� ��i'K?
ssl UHM   ll) ishalna. msin- nr Haa, lo plas-e ol rom-
Datml ihu 6ib slay ol i.,.r,.|,ii���.r i��ai.
 II. H Pirn, Loulor.
MUStnUuiSS_2_V;'!'u�� ttt*nll*t be
low Hurt.>n (lly, ansl sls-.i-nl^il a. follow.* Tom
uieuclnj .1 a Doal m.rk.d -r (V B*i IiuthS!
ft J. I. Ami* bli.
Notire I. her.I,)* ��l",f u,'tl
Intend lo apply in flu *Mg~
mlallonrr o( l-an.l, ttj BW
al ��� posl plante.1 ou l"��0���!
Moyle river, about t* I"*}
marked   "K.   McLean, '"
Ihen-se ea,l D cl.alni. IM"!
llienie act m i-lsasni, ItnjJ*
place ol com^ns.Ul'c���Jselll.<na,"
more or leaa. _ , ,
BUty day. -aller date 1 w*���.
Honorable thei hie!���****
Work.. Vicmrla. io pun""
locals'.l ansl mrrtbM.��f
it a poat plants..]
Hoblnassu's, prs- s*
five nilU-s
rs- ,s*s|'!s-:.S=;::'.;
rsuinlu, ��c.l sso ns.".'* _*g
then.-e...l w '���'"',<"��� S'
llionc. ea.l WcL��lui,l��"��
[,las*s-sil !svi"*sl* ���������
Nov mtb, iM     , s Afftf
m.i **,
��� Noilce la bereby t"SP,J��SB
lUUHs.lts.aphlvl,. tne llo";�����
chMe lbe
lh�� We.t Kos.leaaJ ;"'-"__
liilhatn.l  (or Us. Mil') '[<_,
muns-luKat a po
po.1," rounloit
Borlh, tbcui-c i" '���|",,",'n,OIi
koull.. to U.e polnl "I ���_
Int. �� acre, ol.la.ssl.ac'"
Bated Wlb SfOXfy^l
r_r jmi-N t
""" ���*""* L^P
ile.crlbed lau.l��'" _J'."',[I j
clnn nt _.S__,ff_,M_i
corner po.t,   �����'" __ ���ttit��
erly .bore ol llie l**," .'���*..ltc-
due ea.t, "n Use iso".1:'.".,.
tirosip '
Blity ilaya
llonora bit) Ut*
earn, '" ,���,,n's��s..:
plilbcns^sss.sll ��'f   ,
 Iwclialns, >"'*,">'
tbeoiM lollowlnn '""'jy. IM
directlou 50 i-li.i   ,"",����!
1 intend:" .7,-".Mil "iW.
Commla.loni.r ol �����",,ii���.ln|J
alonloiurcha.c list* "*.'-- ���" ���
Kootenay ",",\,r:M,;non'Tr**
narkctl-J.il ����l>'" __\
������Id po.t beli'K '"',"it,, -rs>_7
Imi ta*.w_^__\
Forlisr'.pre-empll "'r��� __t
thence .oulb ���>''���',, D_U
thene. wulls �� ��"',����� laWj"
more or le.. to " ''Vim, _
euttrlf dlresslls". ���"KBW1
���Slice olbejlnniuii,'-���������'*
{m-r Nenonite a'lvet Hll Impreeelon.
of Okanagan Q\lMltt\*^kmK md
Other Thlngi.
J*ht. lollowlng letter from Okanagan
11> former resident of Nelson, besides
lis- quite readable, Is Instructive on
ubjeet of the relattvo merits of the
Dales of K-Otenay and Okanagan:
dreams    it    regular   small    boy's
kh'si. ark.   Ah any   other   gang of
each has his own hobby.    Four
Bur number are enthusiastic disciples
[isaac Walton,   and   every   Sunday
s big engineer cajolos a couple of the
h lo  "come awa' for a bit fishing,"
away Ihey no as soon as breakfast
over,  in   Diss, big  lifeboat,  to  come
lis liilo In the afternoon with a flah
Our electrician aud snllniakir,
ne of an  onqulrlus  turn  of  mind,
cured a long line aud hung It wllh
book! or various sizes baited with
���up  "suckers,"   and  anchored  It  In
but 200 feel of water.    After a d��y
(two they raised the line and found
there In abundance and of every
lets* beyond our expectations, squaw
and ling In abundance,    but    the
augeat of all were    three    "estrays
Astoria," who had, like ourselves,
<  to  Investigate  the climatic con-
Ions of this country.   Everybody bad
say ns (o iheir names.   Were they
���kerel, inudcats or flying fish?   How-
after   consulting    Harmsworth's
Bf Kiiucntor   we   decided   they   werej
���Hlcis of Ihe  shark family.     Wbal
rilcularlv struck tis was that, owing
J lln- altitude,    they    ripened rapidly
Bin brought to Ihe surface.   The nat-
|>siitsilesH   many   of  Nelson's     fruit
iis havo felt they were up against
lard proposition when they had this
ftrln   to  compete  wllh   in th*-  fruit
wing Industry, so we deem It a duty
semi over a few  facts, and maybe
hills will not appear so verdant
tin the Kootenay  valley.
Vhon li was decided by the C. P. R.
| build .1 new steamer on Okanagan
how  tickled   we were  to get a
luce and see for ourselves this well
JrerlUed district   (No Boosters' club
every oue capable of lying on bis
account).     Visions    of    fishing,
boiliig ami all sorts of games made
i.i.*  found nothing new but beaver
. and he Is a pest, so the chamber
Ild thinks.   His room Is littered wltb
Islily cut blocks of poplar wood. The
pspector bas not had such luck, and
n-.-'Hii'tsily his window-sills   are   not
corated with specimens such as are
unsl in our Kootenay hotels.
Simy. the painter, and president of
order of general    Jobbers.    Is nn
ept at make-up, always looking tof,
opportunity to Job somebody.   Hav-
discovered   a  shawl of  McOregor
aid he at once proceeded to make-up
regular Highland   costume,   turned
his trousers above the knees, tied
shawl around his waist, donned a
Ccklnaw Jacket,  procured a Tam o'
inter, and  stuck  two-bit   flasks   InJ
stock-fags; then, wllh a rabbit skin
a sporran, and tbe electrician dls-
find as a Swiss guide, he posed as a
".tush laird from the Highlands, and
Blted "Windy Kow" and routed up all
knds.    He ls a trifle bashful In the
tsence of ladles, but after partaking
s lhe good cheer of the boatbullder'a
(lie he felt fit to ahow off, and despite
zero mark, entertained the ladles
dunclng the Highland Cling on tbe
uwbunk to the music of a mouth or-
_plie Okanagonlans are the most loyal
ople In thc world.   No other country
|der the blue sky has tholr climate
id we Konlenalans agree with them
Iih a strong emphaslB) for we have
und tbat Ihey have lots of It. and a
Iw sample every year. They will tell
bu of the summer that it Is either the
wettest, hottest or coldest;
Outers tu -ciue, hut no medium, good
Itured climate such as ls peculiar to
|e Kootenay valley. If our prospector
struck a lead of it he would cer-
Jinly stake It out of pure good nature.
sir,   tills   is a   country of ex*
kit-kind (i-nwu iu 'ti txluw. Uli ��uv, W
are sorry to i_y, lhe ducks uo nun**
paddle In Ellison's duck holes, and we
realise that the hot air of the Laurler-
Macilonald" aggregation docs not affect
tho weather.
Serious doubts are entertained by the
honest ranchers as to the safe wintering of their banana trees, fig plants
and coooanut palms. As our old copy
book used to say, "Honesty Is the best
policy." The doubtful advantages of
Manitoba soil and California climate
are not to be found here for as long
at a time as they advertise. Now, lt
Is not our wish to do any knocking, but
ti state a few facts: (1) The Okanagan
climate can not he relied upon, regardless of moons; fl) that even the Mac-
donalds cannot save the country; (**)
that 20 acres on Kootenay lake Is much
more to be deslrd, where a man can
grow a few thousand crates of small
fruits, together with apples, pears,
plums, elc, In great enough quantities
to supplant those old timers the dried
peach, apricot and prune.
mmmmmmmmmmmgavaamamm^**MtM*MmM*mm^.mm*mmmmmmtm^*mmmm*mm.mA^u-, f-       .   'tm**** 'jttmmmm^m^ mmm
Every expert examining these Fields have declared
they are the coming Richest Oil Field in the  World
Sherman's Opera loose
Two Nights Only, Monday & Tuesday
February Uth and 12th
Mr. Kdward Rranscotube present! tbe lamous
"Scarlet Mysteries*'
From Lontlotl, loilaasl, preunllng Use Islet
l/iii<lt>D .Nssv.nie. in Ft-r,u,,l Msss-lis.l Comedy
Prices; 50o���76o., $1.4)0
Seat, oo Bale ftt Rulssrtisnl'e Bsaturslay
KNIilNIEK ansl Hrs:lMKN at Watts-isssra Mill,
near Cranbrook, B.C., ftlao Bu.bmeD at Procter
Wauaburl. B.C.
*********    ___________________________________________________________________________________________________^________
Millions   of   Dollars   in  Alberta   Oil Fields
The Canadian Northwest Oil Company holds nearly 2,000 acres
in the centre of the Known Oil Belt. At the present rate of development prices of shares will advance rapidly, and within a short
time will be selling for many times the present prices. The Stock
is now being bought iu Toronto and other Eastern centres���Spokane is also buying. We want thc people of this district to share in
the good things of this rich Western Canada of ours. To pour her
rich reasuresinto the lap of those who seek, we now offer a limited
amount of shares for developemeut only at 50c. per share to be
paid in four instalments���25 per cent to be paid with application,
25 per cent in thirty days, 25 per cent iu sixty days, the remaining
25 per cent in three months.
TWO KIBhl C1.AB5 KOOMS, alcam heated.   Apply lismaeaietser. Srd ttt. K. W. C. block.
lly virtue ol a Warrant ol Eiccutton issued out
ol tbc Count? Court ol West Kooteuay, holden at
Trout Lake, at tha suit of A. Crawford, Plaintiff,
acalnat W B. Pool. PeiVu.lant. and to me direr 1-
���**.**.. 1 have seUed and taken iu Execution all the
right, title aud Interest of the said Defendant,
W. B. Pool, in ahout KJ,035 shares. Bora or leu of
the capital stock of the Ureal Northern Mines,
Limited, and will sell tht laid than**, or as many
thereat as mat be necessary to satisfy tald JuiIr-
meni debt and cuati at Public Auction, at my
offlce, near the courl house, in tbe Citv of Melton, B.C , on Monday, the .tb day of February,
1*7. at the hour ol eleven o'clock ln the forenoon.
Mote:���Intending purchasers will satisfy
tbemaelves a* to the interest of the aald w. 11
Pool, in tbe tald shares ol the said Capital Stock
Dated at Nalaon, B.C., Srd January, 1907.
Sheriff of Sonth Kootenay
In the ia attar of an application for the Issue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title Ior au
undivided 1-8 of Lots *i, and 3, Block IJ, Town of
Notire ta hereby given that it it my Intention
to Issue at the exptiatlon of one month trom
the first publication hereof a duplicate of tlie
Certtftcato of Title to tha above landi tn tbe
name of Florence M. Hodgtna which Certificate
li dated the ��tb day ol December, IfW, and
numbered 8S6IK.
Dlatrlct Registrar.
Land Registry Office, Nalaon, B C
January 28th, 1W7.
Send Applications to
��?V��WtttWtTTTTtVt��TWt VWW ?Vt ffffrrl
Not more than 5,000 or less than 100 will be sold to
any one person.
GartHI-sat-a  ot lmprov��m-��nt��
pnien, even fur politics,    and    party
ft�� no Ice.      The young year    (poor
refooted little fellow) waa hustled by
of iIiobc California zephyrs which
Id    caught cold    where    Lieutenant
fttty couldn't gtit, and wns hurrying
' at a GO-ralle pnee.   Of course we felt
trine annoyed  ax  being nipped  In
Md'   fashion  and  made such  a  kick
t Dr. Macdolnald came down from
man and bought Old Joe, Hudson's
ty Hum, Dewar and Three Star until
of the boys didn't know whether
wns UO lu  the shade or 60  below
��l"g or any other place.    Some of
moro  sensiblo  are  taking  advan-
e of the missionary futids they con-
1 and are taking a trip to  Nelaon
vote for - ?
the morninga of the 4th and Bth
January, the wind having gone down,
meroury registered 20 below and
varied from that to 80 above Ull
lis  morning,  when   lt  was  actually
Bio T��nt��, Orinoco, Queen Victoria fractional
.n. Oriiis.-o Fractional Mineral CUItna, iltaete
S. _* ���tSn Mini _ Pltl.lon ol W��.t Kootena;
''ffii-Tt'eil on Queen Victoria  Mountain, near
,���t-_*>ti���*ihat I, frank C Oreen, eettns ai
M_ltor____!ftee. k-m ________
to ippl? �� the Mlnlni Recorderlor <S*Mn��lt��
ollloprovenipn*.,l..r the purpoee ol obtaining
Crown Oranta ol Ihe above i-laline.
And lurthcr uke notice that action, under
aec-ion 87 muat be commenced before the
Muance o auch oertlllcete. of taproeementi.
���.,_ .hi. ��_ ?Y _____f_5_*. B.C.
Tremont House
European aad American Plan
Naals S oil.  Boomi from �� eta. ta 11.
Only White Balp I
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall and Vernon,
two blocks Irom wharf.
Bate* ILOOgper day and up.
p. O. Boa Ul.
Telephone 11**
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street. Neleon. B. C.
Lighted by Bleo&iettr ud
Heated by Hot Air
Lam end Comfortable Bedroom, and Pint*
elata Dining Boom.   Sample Booma lor Commercial Mn
MR8. E. C.CLARKE, Proprletreae
1> Sttathcona
Nalaon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample   Rooms.
Ban Bl., Nelaon Froprttton
Battlett  House
Best Dolbr-i-DiT Home in Nelsoiu. |
The Bar U Uie Flneet.
Whlta Balp Only Employed.
Grand Central Hotel
Tnla hotel hai been completely renovated and
newly furnlibed wltb all modorn equipment*.
Hot water beating throughout.
MATEH : Booms, 60c. upwards ; meals 25c. ;
apeclal rates hy the week.
J. A. ERICSSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice, Nelson. B. C.
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
Price $2^000.00
H. E. Croadsdaile & _
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Jeeephlne BL
S.Uasj, B. 0.
Royal Hotel
Botee |i mill I1.M ��J>*_
8p.olla_.t_ to Regular Bo.td.rt.
Most comfortable quarters In Nelaon
Only the best of Liquors and cigars.
w. a. oiuuett
Contractor and
Bole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Md.,
retail yards. Rough and dre-wid lumber, turned
work and bracket*, Coast lath and shitiRles, rash
and doors. Cement, brlok and lime for salo.
A ntomatlc (Tinder.
Yard ana factory: Vernon St.. eut o! Hall
P. O. Boi aw. Telephone 178
Pf^��� $1*50
Excursion Rates
Rossland Winter
Fate and One-T_ti_d
For the Round Trip
Building Lots for Sale
H. & mT bird.
1 f&
'���taaa \
| ��� 4K
I Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelsou
I for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
I to Market Gardens.
Choice Fruit
I H*tc (0,000 Asm
Chffirtit Fiott f an_a hi
OCitttu *wOflOSB_rtA��
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
I. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
Heavy Hams
Most economical for Camp and Hotel use.
Large shipment just received from W.
Davies Co., Toronto. . . Also Davies
Pa Burns & Co., Ltd*
2ff^�� ��*!JSft?S2r'""'���","   Head Ofiket Nstaon. Be C.
om prompt *Sd careful attep mmmammm _*bb��i��i��   mmw���mmmt m��� ^mm
om prompt and careful attep
ESS** Fine___erdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
���m Our v��rl-��ty olaoo Plettisrva Frsumd In tha
Standafd F��raittffe Company
Complete Hoou Fanbkcn
Uatotaken.   Ea___cn
AOBNTSl  _______________
Hsuon * RUeh ruaae.
Oilesmaor Matlnaaee.
MarabaU laBltarr MatHeem
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.  Baker Street.
VRUMINC4 AND UKAFTINU cerelully atlenik
ed to. Apply
8llrer Kidi Hotel.
From Revelatoke, Ferule and all Intermediate and branch line points.
Ladlea* and Chlldra'n Club Snow
��1.fS por Hlr
A NEW BOOK by a wall known
of Bruce," by R. L. Rlehardwn ..
Journal let Tho Camorono
 |1 JI; portas* 1*0
Our Hal) Order Department la at your iottIoo.
Canada Drug ___ Book Co.
For tlelalleil Information apply to local
. J. OOYLE, J.
A.ll.P.A.. Veocourer.
D.r.A., Kelson
NOTICB li hereby iiven Uat an application
will ba made to tbe Lwbtatlva Aaaetnbiy of tbc
Frorlnoe ol Brltlah Columbia at lu next teuton
lor ea not autboriilng tba Patrick Lumber Company, Limited, to plaoe,oonatruct, and maintain,
a dam or duia, booma. plan, slides, and other
worka in ud acroaa ibe Kootenay riter at or
near Thrums Station (about opposite flub-lot IV.
of Lot 4698, Group 1, Kootenay diitrict): and In
and acroaa tbe Little Slocan rl-rer; and in and
aorou tbe Slocan rlrer at a point or polnta below tho month ol the Little Sloean rim; lor the
purpoae of driving, rafting, aorttng. holding, and
manufacturing aaw-loga and timber: to occupy
the aurfaoa of the said rime where neceaaary for
the purpoeei aforeeatd; to clear, improve, aad
remove obatrocttoni Irom the Utd rlveri lor log-
driving, mtttnjr, and booming pvrpoaea; to levt
and collet;t tolls and due* on logs, timber nnd
lumber of pereo&i nalng or profiting by aueb
worka, clearing or Improvements; to enter upon
and expropriate lands; aud do all other thing*
neeeeeary, incidental or conducive to tbe iter*
else or any ol tbe above powers.
Dated tha 10th day ol December, mm.
Boll -1 tor lor the Applicant.
F. C GREEN      F. P. BURDEN      A. H. GREER
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P.O. Box US   Phone 241 B.
A* McDonald & Co*
Dealers in staple and fancy Otooeriec
Batter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
 ��� ���
"    " -'.I       *ji%;
-OCIUBUMS Of UDfltOTSBMHa.    1 m ���
���    - * - ���''���a ��;
Ma,." "B.C.
a _. '&���&%*_.&___>_,'1
___& ____5u^t,rr,T^i *
Where leeata* :-Hei-tb ol Twelfe Mil* Ciaefc
about one aad a lull milea up-
Take aotle) that I, U. B. Jorand ellleeaal
riaalllner'eearUiialeNo.HMOe, aa ���	
Horace o. Vu Tiy 1, fre. Mlau a eait"
BMfl,iBtaaa,siUt,-iaTa (ran tkeial
toapalrtetlieafiatacslaHiisulM'al , ,  ,
at iBproTOBeata, MrUe sei-eooa sal aaa��� IM* *
Crowa Qrant ol the Mid smlaeral elalsu.
Aad lutthar taka amioe thai	
Section n, But aa aa*amN hatae Ihe Itn-
sum* ol eueh-Certiaeataaol laareresaaati.
Dated thu Ird Dajr ol Jaauaiy. MR.
*T>*frtitifa** ot iflBflfovaflBattts
"Impreia," "Climax,1- "Horaeaboe," "Queen,"
"Union Jack," attuated ln Nelion Mining
Located on Porcupine ereok.
Take Notice that I, Frank Fletcher, agent lor
the Active Oold Mining Company, Free Mlner'a
Certificate No. BgUtt. iu wml, w dare irom date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate ol !���       :e-_.-���_-___ __ __
ivamanu for the purpose ot
 Crown Qtant ol tbe above claims.
And further taka notice that action, under
obtaining aOr
Hectlttn 87, muit bt commenced before t be iaau-
anc�� of auch Certificate ol Imprevemente.
Dated Nelaon, llth Dec., IMS.
CatUfieata ol
"Hatton" mlnaial elalm, uta-ued la the Melaaa
Hinlni DlTlaloa ol Watta-eataaair dtatnet,
When looated :-On Toad atoaalaln.
Taka Notloo that I, John MoUM-hli I
acant tor Oeorao A. Csuaptell, tt**. Mia
tlleata NoHtm, late-ad, star
data hereof, to apply to tl -
a CertlQeate ot lnproron
obtsualni e Crown Grant	
And! nrther lake notice that aotle .
Hawnnll, mut be oeana��ue4 bolore l_-
aaoa of aoeh Cartlioate ol bnpxo-feaieat..
Datodithl, nth der nl K-naStar, IMS.
Jea-a UcLkicm
m I
H* Ddlly <_*i��_t��*
Your Old Jf weiry
Win b. want. SomrtUlng tu yo,. tt you bring it to be fixed ,,p Look
after youi* KDuia See that they aro In perfectly safe condition Wo can
replace tho clawu or give you a new setting that will show the Rem to
thc best advantage.
Of the difference thore in T
between 1st. nnd Bnds. tn      j
Canned   Goods I
We oarry only J
firsts    |
One trial of our *
Tartan  Brand
will convinco you   that wo
carry a full Btock
Table  Fruit
Pie    Fruit
Maple Syrup J
��� <
ame Price ���� Inferior J
V    ���
Old Curiosity Shop
It you want to buy or sell anything,
fo to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Qoods now on sale.
All kinds of Dlnnerware In stock. Pat-
\Now My Friend\
Wouldn't   ycu   like   something ,
these   cold   mornings;   Something
that would send the blood through
your veins and    fill  your    heart
with Joy?
Now, tell your wife to huy a
pound of that good coffee that Joy
sells, and serve Boruf, good anil
for breakfast. After drink-
some of that coffee, things
fclo;>k rosy nil the day, and
Joy Ttoill meet you at the door i
joy's Cash Grocery
Oor Josephine and Hill "'p.      1'bone 19
We Hnve a Specially
HvleutAHl Stock of
for Xmatt Trade.
Stoneware, Crocks. Bean Pots, Tea Pols, Etc.
Munroe & Nelson
The Youotmu ftloifj Blowers will be
seen to-night at Lho opera houKi> building.
The deep snow   has   interfered   with
work in many lumber eainpr-i.
Tho street car is out of business for today. The troublo ib a bnrntout armntnre.
.lames Iionrhier, formerly of NelflOU,
now residing in Kdmonton, is visiting
Samuel Miller, of Creston, ik iu the
city. He recently sold h.H hotel at
Creston for *10,000.
In county court chambers this morning one applioaiion lor paymont of
money out was gi anted.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stovaa, ate.
121 Eaat Baker St. Phone No. A114
Wt Have .*
Cough <Drops
That   Will   Relteve
the Whooping Cough
Choquette Bros*
Cor. Vanissss and Ward Streata
FEED J. HUME. Proprietor.
C. R. Hamilton, Knsslaiul; J. T. Dotle,
R. L. Phelps, G.W. Adams, Vanoouver ;
J. D. McDonald, Oalgary; W. Robert's,
Winnipeg; S. J. Miller, Urenton; F. Rot-
lnion, Fernie.
P. Wallace Whitloek, Loiulou, England; D. A. Mils l'-.u-liirul. Blnirmore;
Geo. W. Korr anil wife, Coleman ; I. Yin-
kelntein, Louis Zinc, Winnipeg; Arthur
Terrenes, Montreal; K. K. Mm-Kenzie.
L, M, Roberts, Rossland; R. Helme and
wife, P. J Browu, Vancouver; J. Dean,
Kenora; A, Munch, St. Paul; S. D. Olcll
T ironto; H. P. Arnold Chicago; H. Morris, Winning; A. G. Creelmnii, Kossland ,*
M,-d. Hammond. K.iu Praucisco; J. fill fde, Kansas City ; Mrs. F. Patterson,
Trail; P. II. Hogan, H. S. Dean, Piuohir
Creek;Bert Bl.vlh, Arrowhead; S Phipps
W. J. Grieve, Slocan: P.   Chapman,
C. M. Tripp, W. M Baker, Snnnysido;
J. Stewart, Nakusp; L. F. Young, D.
Wei-gin, Bonnington; J. Ritchey, J. E,
Knapman, Chesaw; C, S. Johnson,
J. W. Nicholson, L. Westburg, Erie;.T.
D. Morrisou and wife, C. Petty, H. G.
Lerotuc. Vanoouver; C. Tipping, Twelve
Mile Point.
M.   J.  Hunter, Saudou; P. Pielding,
G.   Robinson,   Slocan;   W.  Morrison,
R.  Morris,   G.   White,
Browu, H. Smith, Fernie
Daylou, Calgary.
G.   Blake,   T.   Fiddler.
Creston,   W.
L.  Blake, E.
    O.  Beamish,
Cranbrook ; J. R. Stbbba, Luuscrtou.
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
iry the
20th Century Package
Per Package.
Graham Wafers  10s
Lemon  Cream   10c
Vanilla Wafers     10c
Society Tea   10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krlapo Ginger Wafers   10c
Butter���Thin   10c
Milk Toast   10c
Dainty City Soda (Salted) 15c
Saratoga Flakes  (Salteds    15c
Put up in packages and thus
ever fresh. II costs little to
give thorn a trial, and tliey
prove themselves worth it.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
We have Jusl unloaded a car of
Purity Flotit
Made from high grade Manitoba Hard Wheat. Without a
doubt lt is the beat flour on
the market. Money refunded
If not satisfactory.
Telephone 101.
The At Home ol' Nelson Aerie, 1\ O.
E., will be held in the lodge room
Wednesday. There will be progressive
card stunes, followed by u dance.
The quarterly session of the county
court o|K*ns tomorrow morning. There
Is a very light docket, the only case set
down being that of Calder vs. McCandllsh.
A meeting of the Churchmen's Club
1*. called for tonight at 8 o'clock In St.
Snvlonr's mission room. A full attendance is requested, as there is important
businESa to be transacted.
���'J. F. Weir, formerly iu business iu
NelHon, bnt now of S'ratheonn, Alberta
enme in Satnrday night but too late to
vote. He lias n good word to say of the
country surrounding his new home.
Alexander Allan, for several years caretaker of the Nelson eemetPry, will leave
for Vaucouver, Wednesday morning,
where he will reside in futute with his
Tbe "Scarlet Mysteries" from Loudon1
England, who have been booked for a
Canadian tour, are to appear at Sherman's Oper.1 House for two nights odIv
on February llth and 12th. This clever
ombination of artists have earned for
th miselveB a brilliaut repntation in Eng-
la id, where for six years they have nu-
jo/ed m unbroken record of Buccess-s*
Tne company includes the following
prmiio-nt English artists: Mr. Row-
laud Henry, a musical sketch comedian
from Daly's theatre, London, who will be
remembered hero as having been associated with the (litmuinm tour of the
M -isfer fileo Singers; Mr. Thos Walls,
a '-hariuter artist whoa-* humorousScuUh
impersonations are highly spoken of;
Mr. Percival Mackenzie, a lighting cartoonist who also gives impression pict.ires
iu colored chalks in the record of 00
seconds; Mr. Penderel Price, a magnifl*
cent tenor who has toured with Madame
Patti; Mr. Eeo Calvert, of the Carl Rosa
<t|>era Oo ; Mr. Henry Luscombe from
the Savoy aud Terry's theatres; Mr.
Gavin Wood, of the Royal Opera House,
C ..vent Garden; and a very clever pianist
iu the person of Mr. David Norton.
(Continued from First Page.)
growing sentiment in lhe maritime
provinces in regard tu this matter. It
uiuld not be ignored. Hut the constitution should not be amended lightly.
All the provinces should be heard from.
Tiiere was ample time. Nothing could
li ��� done before the census of 1911.
There was no doubt hut that the basiB
of confederation was representation by
population, Still it was necessary tu
ngidly adhere to the matter before
llio house. There was no argument in
tbe statement that the boundaries of
ihe provinces of Quebec had been
changed. There was not a white soul
i i the territory referred to. If ii could
be shown that the boundaries of Quebec
bad been changed so an to injuriously
Interfere with the other provinces, then
he would he the first to ask for an
amendment of the constitution, but
they should proceed slowly in this mailer.
A. R. McCarthy iSlmcoel moved the
adjournment of Ihe debate. This was
opposed by the opposition. The house
divided and the motion tu adjourn the
debate was carried. V.\ voting tor and
.8 against.
at Cost
I have a few lines of Silverware
left from Christmas. This must be
sold at once.
At Cash Price
Knives, Forks, Spoons, Tea acts,
Pake I'lntes, llisciilt Jars, Napkin
Rings, etc , all Triple Plated Ware.
Fire at White Plaint.
New York, Feb. I���Caleb Undcrhlll,
n fireman, waH killed aud four others
Injured din-Ins a fire that destroyed
she Mead building in White Plains last
light. Underbill was crushed by a
lal'lng cornice. The financial loss by
'Irs. aggregates ���100,000.
Brltlah Steamer Floated.
Norfolk, Va., Fob. 4.���Tho Brltlah
steamer Sbeppy Alison, laden with
lumber and bound for Oran from Pensacola, which went ashore last Friday
night near Cape Lookout, was floated
by the revenue cutter Seminole, and Is
now though t'to be on her way here.
The official connt, which took place
ibis nfteruoou, reduced Dr. Hall's majority to 2. Official returns aro now !
Tall, Sll; Kirkpatrick, 800; Philips, o ;
i ejeoted, J 4. There v. ill be n recount before a county court judge, at the instance
ot Mr. Kirkpatrick's roprossentutivo.
C* A* xBenedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
We keep in stock thc following books on
Froit Growing
Poult*y Raising
Dwnrf Frnit Trees, by F. A. Wangh ll-.e.
Field Notes on   Apple  Culture, by
Bniley 00c.
Pictorinl Practical Frnit Growing, by
WulterP. Wright II CO
The Small Fruit Cnlturist, hy Fuller ifl HO
Successful Fruit Culture,   by Mny-
nwil  ..fl.-SO
Tiie  American Fruit Guitarist,   liy
Thomas....,  |SK
Tii&Poultry Book TO.,
Profitablo Poultry Keeping, by Beale 1.7 j
By Muil 10c. Exttu
Your Mnil Order Promptly and Carefully Attend il io.
No matt-u* what your occupation may
be to know all nhoui it. 11 often makes
thi") difference between siuvi'ss anil failure
We can procure for you on shoi test
notice any bonk not in stock.
W. G. Thomson
K-JKSK* ""' Nelson, B. C.
Pl-iorm 34.
Customs and Inland Revenue.
January is always n quiet month in
trade, and n month of small collections in
customs and inland revenue.
The collections at the Nelson custi ms
li suss* for the past month bavo been
The inland revenue collectons for January amounted to $2. 359.28, as follows:
Spirits $1,986.78
Malt       00.00
Raw Leaf Tobaccos       00.00
Cigars      210 00
Total 12,350.28
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Bon
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
Notire 'p. liereby given that on  Monday, Feb-
rutty 3Stbt UOTa tout the Court oi Kevlmon lor
the Municipality of tlie City ol Mloean will be
held in the City Hull on above dnte, at '1 p in ,
for the purpose of revlHlUK the .U-1-.mh-wh Koll
of tin* City of Hloeara. Those making coij)plaintn
aedlnst their tu-e'isKmiMit are mtursd to havi-
their prontdtH lu the hande ol the City Clerk ten
days previous to the first alttiu�� of the Court of
ltev ini oil.
I mt.-1 Ht -i.iriiii. Jiiuuarv _Hth, v'������'���'
Wholesale and Hot till bealeit In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oamps supplied on shortest notice and
loweBt price. Nothing but fn*nh uml
wholosorae meats and tmpples kept in btodk
Mail orders roceivo careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   Sta.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Buildem will timl it to their ad-
vautugu to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Coming Next Week
Will exhibit  In  the
Opera House Building
For Six  Days,  Commencing
Monday, February 4
An Interesting and Instructive exhibition (or ladles, gentlemen and children.
See Them Spinning, Weaving  and
Blowing Glaaa.
See the Little
Thlfl lady'R dress Is made entirely
Of glass, spun antl ���. ,s*i: as fine as
s Ik.
AdinlSBlon  IBs and 25c.
/riernoons: 2 lo 5.     Evenings: 7 to 10.
V.uch  visitor   receives a   present   free.
All waited on alike Ull after tlle election at the
Red Cross Drag Store
I'aker St., near Josephine, Nelson, B, C.
AM Kinds of Heating Plants in Slock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Houae.     Tel. 181.
When you compare your freights you will buy in Nelson
D. J. Robertson <& Co.
Will continue for ANOTHER WEEK
Fifty Cent Hand Bagsl
They are beauties at the price.
T-wlttpHonw  Mil.
O-i       f O    f*-. Kootenay  Agenti
Starkey & Co., g^r__3
WhOlMBW Provtaloim,
Dominion (lovernment Creamery On��-l'onnd Bricks received weekly fmi |
from the chnru.   For aale by all leadluK grocers.
Offlce ninl warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street. -       ���      Nelson, B. C.
Bohemian Beer|
The Nelson Brewing Co., Lti
A Word to the 1]
This ywir we have appreciated the wants of cun
toiner-rt and have paasod into Kiock tbe
Good Cheer Ait Base Burner |
Thii stove is adapted for hard ooal nnl.., and iif
aoteed to give satiiifaetitm.
}* E Ashdown Hardi
Company, Limited.
Rvpolrlnu 11 till nlotiblntt MMUtad -with l)v-#pntch.   Mh*��tM��t4l
Work, MlnltiB and Mill Muchincr>.      IVIunutHUlur��rio(     ���
Or* Gars, R. W.   Contractors' Gar*.
Corner nl Ila'l aiM
Front HtreelK.
I'll. Boi���!
UNITK and aiuft that   the  impurla*"! *\
John T. Pierre nre the |in>|ifr inlng-
My laat fall shipment nan just nrrived. li
them aud place your order early fer Xmu_��
JOHN T. PIERRE. Artistic Tailc-rJ
HunlncAH rtien.
YVorktnif men,
Man In drerM iittlt-c-.
Sporting 111*11,
Hanilgome men,
Man that'a full of flra
Subject  to  Confirmation
We Will Buy
We Will Sell
10,000 rtnnililev-C'nrlboo    2794
C.noo Sullivan   n~
10,000 II. C.  Aiiiuluaiiialeil  Coal..Offer
100 Sullivan  Honda   B���
0,000 American Hoy  	
1,000 International Coal    ���
B. B. Mighton <& CoJ
Phone 11^
Drawer 1082
NEL80N, B. C.
SfSSSfS L��m_e*, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, WIndoVV*J
Turned Work and Urucket-H. Mail Ordera promptly attM��"l
VBRNON STRUCT   ���   ���   ���   INHI_SO!M. B. C.
��� ii
Our atock of Skatea Is complete and varied.
Including the popular
BOKER'S  BEAUTY  (nd  CHARM  (Udlea.)
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co]


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