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The Daily Canadian Dec 3, 1906

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Array ... MWMmMt
I.   No. 153.
liirraifmenls For Bon-
spiel ihis Winter
|A,B, MicKenzie- President of K. C.
A��� Discusses Permanent
Meeting Place.
Tin- iiiis-hiinn of tin- place of Ilu* I'.m
Hjonsiili'l "i ""' Kooteuay Curling us-
Liiiiiiinii 1 ii"* foremost now ln uio
ol all iin- curlers In tho Koot-
ItisssliiiHl for suveral reasons
li willins and anxious to have it
fcpaln. M 1 Nelson's Turn If only No-
Ion ansl I*" nml in considered prac-
Ileal*-, ami many of tho local curlers
uni isssi complacent alioitt waiving
lr liclsiss.
Cranlirusik also Is a claimant    East
���sjcooti-nay Is.1    si good hard winter ami
Hu- home    of    many    enthusiastic
It-re, bin  hitherto thoy have never
seen organized.    The  Cranbrook  club
11  istiilt 11 uow and cooimo-
lltmiss rink, ssml  will, at    tbe    annual
��� ti 11 _ ol   Hu-   Kooteuay  Curling  as-
iclailini, nt he helil In Kossland Won-
afternoon, ujiply for admission
sin   association  and ask   that  this
nti-r's association   tionspiel   bo held
en?.   Many of the  members of tho
Isssssslini'iis  ure  disposed    to conslilei
pvsiralsly    rranlirook's application,  as
I would ci i-iainly be a stiiuulits to the
pais- lis Kast    Kooteiiuy,    and   woutu
irnlialih 1,-ad lo the formation of scv-
ltal Hubs in that dlsirlct, and to their
|liiliaiii,is in the    Kootenay    assocla-
A. II Mai-Kenzle, president of the
furling club, also of the
Curling assoclutlon, wns ln
night. In a conversation
Ii curlhiB Mr. MucKcnsle introduced
pvinii ,|,.w ideas 011 lno subject. At-
ft mcnilnnlng lhe fact, rumlllar to all
pirlera ssf several years' standing in
s'lissy. that the annual bonsptci
outgrown the rink and hotel ac-
���oniiiiiiiisiii,,,, 0f B|| ,|ie towns 0f Koot
Itossland and Nelson, Mr.
facKeozli. ig>;.'sied thai the annual
'rtlns shiisiiii either be made perma
fni'iu In mi,, of tboso towns or held
(temat, ly, either yearly or In periods
am. In ilu- Two. The advantages
ifli an arrangement, ho thought,
���wl'l 1:11 smiwi-igh any benefits that
|��J* lis- derived, In local Interest,
torn Hi,- itinerant syBteni now in
ailinitii-d that there was some-
'" I" snid in favor of enciiurug-
Is Hi'* sport in Runt Kootenay by
bltlbntr I, 1 IBp|e| |��� oranbrook, but
|ralllin; Hi. experiences of Sandon
'���'��� K       loko,   bo    feared     that   It
"Usl only
sostpons by ono year the
"I'llnn ol iho larger and more cen-
F    lan'flB.    A   joiirttoy to  Cranbrook
j""1'! I"- alnissst  Impossible    for    the
I"1" "i (irienwood, Phoenix,   Revel-
"��� Tmut   l.ak,.    and    Qolden,  all
*rs "!   Uu- association,   and   all
Jhtii'ii ii,       : isieratlon.
I-is is-1 is 1.,1   Nelson and    Rosslanit,
If Miii-Ki-n/.ii, admitted lhal ihe pel-
I'1'* ailinniugoa  are about   liiilaneeil.
I      'nl lias ussually a lower temper
1,1  therefore   slightly   better
"I   les-.    It  has  eight  rinks
"i  could havo If   tho   lion-
"' made a fixture    there,    or
'i assured In alternate years.
al   Kossland  there aro  facili-
l"i  varying  thu  programme  with
racln�� ami snowshoo racing.    Nel-
"" Hn* other hand, ls only sure
""1 'inks, but thuso are absoltttey
'"' curling club's disposal;  It has
Here and bettor hotel accominodn-
* ""'I In lln central location ln ru-
111 '" Uie other   clubs,    It   haB a
11 aslvaiitiigu over all otbora.
'���   'laeKenzio   would   suggest   that
'"'��� Present  lhe  bonspiel  bo held
'"-lansl ami Noisou, alternating
1 ever;  your or ovory period   ol
loin- or  five yeurs.    He  would
1;:'*'sl   lhat  Bpokane curlers  bo
I" enter.    The sport  Is In its
> in ths- capital of the Inland
"��� "ml  membership In  an  nsso-
I,, W(,,,W   probably    be    very  ac-
MaoKenate also thinks n change
'"" desirable,     Greenwood  and
��� already members, are not In
"nv, nnd    if    snokano    enters,
���       si
even Hritish Columbia Curling associa-
tlon would not be sufficiently comprehensive.
Tho Nelson Curling club will meet
tonight ai the rink to elect sslps lor
local competitions and to Insi met the
delegates to ihe annual meeting of the
Kootenay Curling association. At the
last meeting F. A. Slurkev and .1. II.
BOX were appointed ilelcgntos, with
Judge I-'orln and II. Mclulyro us alternates. They wen- Instructed to
vote for Rowland if llle Kossland club
wished the bonspiel IIiIb year. Since
then the application of Cranbrook has
lieen made, anil some of the Nelson
men think lhal the bonspiel shoulil
come here, as Kossland had It last
year. It Is possible, Ihorefore, that
lhe Instructions given to the Nelson
club's delogates may be revised tonight.
The Sandon curlers met last week
and organized for the winlor. The
Klocan Mining Review says thai the
prospect! of the former invlnclbies ure
brighter for this year than for many
years past.
The following are the officers and
committees for season   UIOC-7:
Wm. Efennett, president;   Geo. llru
tit,  vice  | Iilent;   E. M.  Sunilllands,
secreiary; management committee, L.
Pratt, W. T. McClurg, E. It. Athenon,
W. Tatlrle and P. W. Ward; Ice committee, Ceo. Binder, E. R. Atherton,
1.. Pratt. S. J. Towgooil, P. W. Ward,
W. ditto; skips, E. K. Atherton, L.
Pratt; G. Hanson. C. E. Lyons, W. K.
Uonim and N. J. Cavanaugb.
'I'he club lust rusted its delegates to
vote Tor Cranbrook for the 1907 bonspiel.
The Kaslo curlers have also organized, wiih the following officers:
President, G. 0. Buchanan; vice
president, S. II. Green; secretary-
treasurcr, .las. J. Anderson; delegates
to the annual convention of the Kootenay Curling association, G. O. Buchanan and P. H. Walsh.
The delegales were left unlnstruct-
ed as to the hnnsplol.
The annual meeting In Rossland,
Wednesday afternoon, will for many
reasons lie one of the most Important
In tho history of the Kootenay Curling association. In addition to all the
matters of Interest already outlined,
the delegates will have to consider a
long list nf amendments to the constitution, prepared by G. O. Buchanan
at the request of the last annual meeting, which was held In Nelson.
French Government Make Further Efforts to Compete With St. Johns
as a Port of Call.
Sydney, N. S.. Dec. 3.���Alarmed by
tho rapid decrease In Ihe population
of St. Pierre and Miquelon the French
government has revised the customs
tariff for tho Island ln order to stimulate business Interests. For schooners entering the port for shelter or
supplies lhe tax has been placed at 9
cents jier ton Instead of 25 cents ,as
heretofore. For vessels entering for
the purpose of trading bait 25 cents
inslead of 55 cents, ns previously, will
be the charge.
The reduction of the tariff will have
the tendency, the government hopes,
to induce vessels seeking shelter, bait
or supplies, to run Into St. Pierre instead of St. Johns, N. F., as under the
old schedule. For the past two months
the imputation of Miquelon and St.
Pierre, Ihe last remaining possessions
of France In America, has been steadily decreasing liy emigration lo the
Canadian West and Northwest. The
reason of abandoning the Island Is
poor conditions.
New *C��-ve.lop-i*nts Upon the Eureka
of Sandon.
Sandon, nee. ;i���it is reported thai
a guild strike has been made upon the
Eui-ekn.   lately   purohaaed     by   tfit
Centre Star of Kossland. Four [eel ot
high grade atee! galona has been discovered on No. I level, tho ore body
Is'lng of the same Width In No. 3. On
on upraise which is being driven to
connect wllh No. 3 from Nn. 4, at another point, four feet of ore lias been
encountered for 50 feet, while in the
wlnr.e nbove. sunk from No. 3, with
which connection Is being mnde by
this upraise, five feet of second-class
ore has been found.
The Grand Prlie.
RosBlnnd, Dec. 3.���Work In the shaft
of the Grand Prize, In the south belt,
continues and it has now attained n
depth of 40 feet. The oro body Is improving In slzo nnd Iho values lire better thnn they were nearer the surface.
Tills properly was abandoned sovorni
v(,,���-b ago as (he grade of ore was
found to he too low when smeller rales
were $S and upwards a ton.   Now that.
,I,IB has h i '-"I I" ���"*������*' "'" Proporty
ha��� good prospects before It.
Cabinet  Resigns.
Madrid, Deo. 3.-Tho   cabinet   has
How the Manila Prisoners
Were Poisoned
Doctor at Fault Will Not Be Prosecuted by the Philippine
Manila. Doc. 3.���An Investigation
made ut Fillsid, where the 10 prisoners who havo been Inoculated with
cholera serum recently died, has disclosed traces of plague germs in the
dead bodies. No formal report ou
the result of the Investigation has
been made and the government has
reached no decision in the case.
lt is asserted that tubes containing
plague germs and others filled with
cholera serum, which are so much
alike that it ls almost Impossible tu
distinguish them apart, were mixed ln
the laboratory by a visitor who examined the plague germs and by mistake
placed them In a rack with the serum
tubes. This is said to have occurred
during the temporary absence of Dr.
It. P. Strong of the Bureau of Science,
who has been conducting serum exper-
ments and Inoculation of the -prisoners
with cholera serum to test its effect.
The natives generally are in ignorance of the situation, but the native
newspapers are indignant and bitter.
It Is nol believed that criminal charg
es will be preferred, but il is possible
that Strong may resign.
Case Against Fernie Lawyer Collapsed
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Ferule, Dec. 3.���L. P. Eckstein,
charged with interfering with the
course of Justice, wae tried on Satur
day before Judge Wilson aud was acquitted. W. A. Macdonald, K. C, who
defended the accused, characterized
the prosecution as persecution, and
said that if there was any conspiracy
it seemed to bo one designed to shatter the character of a respectable and
prominent citizen. In all his experience he bad never known or heard ot
the vilest criminal being pursued as
his client had been.
lt appeared that the principal crown
witness, Iloggs, who has a record ot
five convictions, got two girls who
camo from Spokane with Beggs' lover, a keeper of a brothel, to leave the
province. Beggs was arrested anil
placed In solitary confinement. lAf-
ter being there for four hours he went
before Chief Constable McMulllu and
Lawyer Herchmer, to whom he made
a declaration confessing what he hau
done, but saying Mr. Eckstein had so
adviBed him. Thereupon Ihe charge
against him wus withdrawn and one
Inld against Mr. Eckstein, who was
dragged from his bed at midnight,
though he could have been taken in
Ihe morning.
It was shown that Hoggs expected
freedon for himself nl the expense
of Eckstein. Eckstein and his partner testified Hint they hnd shown
Hoggs the criminal code and pointed
out that IT lie Interfered wllh Witnesses he mlghl be punished. In disgust
with what Beggs had done Mr. Eckstein retired from the woman. Simpson's defence.
The case has cosl the crown a large
sum. Two counsel. It. M. Mncdotialil
of Nelson, nnd Sherwood llerehmer ot
Kernlo, prosecuted for Iho crown.
Dike, assistant teacher in the Bristol
high school, who wae Injured In the
wreck on the Rutland railroad here on
Saturday. Is in a critical condition today and his recovery Ib doubtful.
Richard K. Brooks, colored, a member of the Drury opera, who was taken to Burlington, also Is ln a serious
condition. Others of the injured who
remained In Vergeunes were comfortable today.
Another Big Warship.
Portsmouth, Eng., Dec. 3.���Thc keel
pieces of another Dreadnought wore
laid here by Admiral Sir Archibald
Douglas, the commander In charge at
Portsmouth, this morning.
The now battleship will Iio Inrger
nnd more powerful than the first
Dreadnought, and as much of tho preliminary work hns been dono lt Is expected that hor construction will pro
gross rapidly.
The Latest Townsite,
Vernon, Dec. .1.���.1. M. Robinson, the
founder of Sunimerland, whence some
of the lieBt of the Oknnngnn fruit is
exported, has located a new townBlte
ncross tho lake, which Ib known ns
East Suninierlnnd. About six thousand
acres of fine fruit land ls Included In
tho townBlte.
A.^11. McNeill, K. C, of Itossland,
arrived tn Nelson last night, and
l':avon again loday.
James McGregor, mining Inspector,
has returned from a trip through lie
Simiikameen   country.
Word received from the Rev. Mr.
Cleland Is to the effect that he Is improving. He loft Hosslaud yesterday
for Lob Angeles.
K. L. Burnett, provincial land surveyor, Is ln from Hurton City, where
he has spent the summer and autumn
surveying  fruit lands.
H. P. McCraney, collector of inland
revenue, reports lhat the collections
for the Rossland district'for the month
of November were  $1,312.42.
N. J. Cavanaugb, late superintendent of the Slocan Star mine, has
Joined Bruce White and B. B. Mlghton
in the firm of B. B. Mlghton St. Co.,
Howard Martin Foster, proprietor of
Santa Monica ranch, at Two Mile, and
Miss Annie Hirst of Nanaimo, were
united in marriage at the home of
Pastor E. 11. Shanks at 1 o'clock today, [j
Idaho Jack, of the "Out In Idaho*
���company, gave an exhibition of bronco
busting ln the Recreation grounds this
arternoon. "Out In Idaho" will be presented In Sherman's opera house to
H. 11. Muedoiiiild, who has been acting for (he crovfli in Rex vs. Eckstein,
an account of the trial of which at
Fernie on Saturday appears elsewhere
ln this Issue, returned to the city last
Application has been made for the
admission to the provincial house of
John Andrews, variously known as
Scotty and Sunny Boy, who has resided in or around Nelson for upward of
17 years, and Ib now old aud destitute.
J. E. Annable has issued a neat
pamphlet describing the fruit-growing potentialities of the Kootenays. lt
Is profusely illustrated and should accomplish good results In the way ot
attracting attention to the fruit Industry.
The University club of Nelson will
meet in tho club parlors Saturday evening, December 8 at 8 o'clock. The
gram will consist of u paper by Rev.
J.T. Ferguson and the usual general invitation to all who are interested is ex
tended. As lt will be Ihe annual meet
Ing or the club all members are specially requested to be present.
Victims of Disaster,
Vorgonnes,  Vt.,   Dec.    3.���Archlbnid
Tho Cafe Chantant, organized, owned and managed for, with and by the
l-adies Aid of St. Paul's church, will
be open for business In the opera
house during Iho afternoons and eve-
nlngB of Thursday and Friday. The
chief attraction will be the Old Maids*
Convention, composed of all the pretty girls of Nelson in disguise, Including several newcomers and illstln-
tingulshed visitors.
D. II. Ker, head of the Brackmnn
Ker Milling company, is in the city
on his wny to tho coast. Mr. Ker hus
Just visited the branches of the company at Edmonton and Calgary. He
found everything satisfactory, the new
mill at Calgary being almost ready
for operation. This branch Is In
charge of Frank Gibbs, formerly rep
resentatlvo of the company ln Nelson.
The mill has already cost $100,000,
and will ob the largest lu the world
exclusively engaged in the production
of foodstuffs. The Braokman-Ker
company expect to supply this whole
country with ull tho hay required
within a year or bo, their preparations
for this trade being ulmost completed.
Prices of Mstala.
New York, Dec.   3.���Silver,
copper, 21 1-2c; lead, $5.75.
London, Dec. 3.���Slver, 31 D-8d; lead.
��19 6s.
Basis of Settlement of
Lethbrldge Strike
Arbitration Will in Future Be Used,
Ro Recognition of Union
by Company.
Lethbrldge, Dec. 3.���The long-stand
ing coal strike is over, thc operators
and employees having come to terms
this afternoon. The large number ol
men will return to work immediately.
Arbitration is provided for ln advance
of further dispute. Needless to say,
the news has caused great rejoicing
and was hailed with delight throughout the entire WeBtern country.
The strike which has been settled
dated back to last March, when it was
called by Mr. Sherman, the local president of the United Mine Workers ot
America, consequent upon the coal
company refusing to concede certain
terms, which included such Increase
ln wages as would make a minimum
scale rate of $3 for an eight-hour day
aud the recognition of the union, together with tbe adoption of the check
system, whereby the company would
collect the union dues from the men's
wages aud hand them over to the
union. Upon the company declining to
grant these demands the union men
struck and the mine bas since been
partially operated by non-union labor.
The negotiations, the successful outcome of which relieved the local situation, which threatened to darken the
winter months, waa inaugurated by
Mr. Mackenzie King, deputy minister
of labor at Ottawa, who came west
about a month ago. The local manager of the mine, P. C. Naismith, as representing the company, and Mr. Sherman aud Mr. Shapp, and members of
the American Federation of Labor,
held a couple of conferences and a certain basis of agreement was arrived
The company agreed to make an increase tn wages, which will work out
at 10 por cent. They, however, refused to recognize the union to the
extent of making the mine a closed
mints, but said they would be willing
to meet cf fleers of the union to discuss q.ies'.lons ln which members of
the union employed In Ihe mine were
interested. The eight-hour -day was
not agreed to. This was not regarded
as important, because it was understood that the local legislature would
pass at the forthcoming session an
act limiting the hours of employment
In coal mines to eight hours a day.
Mayor Keary of New Westminster Reelected by Acclamation.
New Westminster, Dec. 3.���The civic
nominations today resulted In the reelection by acclamation of Mayor W.
11. Keary for his fifth term. Throe
school trustees, D. S. CfTrtls, John
Peck and I.. Thornber, were also elected by acclamation. For the soven
places on the board of aldermen 15
candidates were nominated, as follows: Aldermen Adams, Onrrott, Henley, Jardlne and Shlelcs, nnd Messrs.
G. H. Cross. A. W. Gray .1.. G, Gamon,
A. P. Halladay, A. llariiinan, I. Hudson, J. J. Johnston, J. McNab, W.
Miller and Wm. Smith.
W. Armstrong, warden of the provincial gaol, died this morning ot
heart failure.
A Narrow Escape.
Rossland, Dec. 3.���Fred Demuth, superintendent of the White Bear mine,
who was severely burned on Saturday
morning, ls doing well. It seems that
in some manner Superintendent Demuth camo in contact wllh a live wire
with his left hand, which was burned
to the bone before he could succeed,
by a supremo effort, realizing that his
llfo wub In imminent danger. In breaking away.
Asphyxiated by Qas.
New York, Dec. 3.���Miss Catherine
Gore, an aged woman who came here
from Montreal several months ago,
was asphyxiated by gas ln a Third avenue lodging house last night, where
she had made her home ever since
Bhe came to New York. It is said Miss
Gore was always well supplied with
money and appeared to be In comfortable circumstances. Miss Gore was 78
years of age.   She was an old maid.
Lethbrldge Police Chief Dignifies Real
Estate  Men.
Lethbrldge Dec. 3.���Chief Parry suggested to the city council at Monday
night's meeting that a tax should be
imposed on real estate agents, aemen
whom he considered vagrants, aB they
spent most of their time loafing aud
gambling, put up the plea that they
were real estate agents and he had
no way of dealing with them. He
thought a tax of $60 would show them
in their true colors.
The city solicitor was instructed to
prepare a bylaw Imposing a license
of $50.
As a matter of fact tbere are one
or two young fellows around the city
at present posing as real estate agents
who are nothing more than deadbeats.
They hand out checks freely bnt
never have any funds to meet them
with. Thev t>uy typewriters, never
pay for them, trade them off for fur
coals and then have to return the
coat and typewriter. Men of that sort
are nothing but rank impostors and
���they should be treated as vagrants or
New Furnace Building.
Grand Forks, Dec. 3.���Six furnaces
are now running at the Granby, and
tbe enlargement of No. 3 ls almost accomplished. Most of the steel ls on
the ground for the new furnace building and Messrs. MacDonald today
started the work of erection, which ls
now in full awing.
Lease of Neepawa.
The Queen Bess syndicate have taken a lease on the upper workings ot
the Neepawa. The syndicate have also
contracted to drive a 300 foot tunnel
on the same property.
Settlement of Lethbrldge Strike Conies
Too    Late���Railway    Companies
Co-operate   With   Government.
Winnipeg, Dec. 3.���The news of the
settlement of the Lethbrldge strike
will be received with the greatest rejoicing throughout tho province.
Hopes of a settlement bad somewhat
dwindled during the last few dsys and
Saturday's announcement was therefore all the more welcome.
While the government recognised
that even with the opening up of the
tiiins-s the situation will require all
possible attention during the next five
or six weekB in order to prevent great
suffering, the impression prevails that
with the steps which have been taken
and the co-operation ot the railway
companies, the situation will at any
rate be manageable.
Regina, Dec. 3.���Little new In the
fuel situation has developed today. It
is expected that immediately upon the
arrival here of Premier Scott and the
other members of the government, a
cabinet meeting will be held for the
purpose of arranging for the distribution of the coal supply arranged for
by Premier Scott with the C. P. R.
while In Winnipeg.
It is possible that the first shipments will be distributed through
the mayors and reeves, the object being to insure un impartial distribution
of the much sought for mineral.
Prince Albert, Dec. 3.���A weekly
shipment of over 200 cords of firewood has been Bent from hero, while,
beside this, two firms havo shipped
about 1200 cords this season.
Big Timber Deal.
Fernie, Dec. 3.���The Elk River Lumber company has JitBt completed the
pureliuse of 22,000 acrea of timber on
the Spillumiiacheen river, estimated
to carry a billion feet, mainly cedar,
hemlock, white pine, fir and spruce.
A mill will be built on the main line
of the C. P. R. a t Mlna lake, Slca-
Rossland Hockey.
Rossland, Dec. 3.���The reorganisation of the hockey club has been postponed to a final meeting which la to
be held tomorrow evening. In the
meantime a special committee ls interviewing the merchants and others
Interested to ascertain what support
a team capable of playing first-class
hockey with Nelson, Phoenix and Fernie would command.
The Milton.
Kaslo, Dec. 3.���Work has been discontinued on the Milton, situated ou
the north fork of Carpenter creek, for
the winter. In the spring R. Macpherson will take out a car of ore and fp-
tnre work will depend upon tbe returns therefrom.
Cause Celebre Winding
Up This Evening
Final Witnesses Are Called -Judje
Devendori Proceeds  to
Summing Up,
Herkimer, N. Y, Dec. 3.���Chester
B. Gillette probably will know bi*
fate before another day. The final
scenes In the remarkable trial of tlie
young factory foreman of Cortland
who Is charged with having slain
Oracle Brown, his sweetheart, will be
enacted today. Dlatrlct Attorney Ward
will review the evidence which haa
been placed before the jury and demand tbat the prisoner be forced to
answer with his life for the happenings of that day on Big Moose lake,
when Grace Brown went to ber death.
Gillette's counsel will argue tbat Miss
Brown went to her death a suicide,
the result of her own action.
The opening of court waa delayed
for some time, aa Judge Devendorf
waa obliged to open a regular term uf
court before the Gillette case waa resumed. The judge haa said that the
lateness of the assembling will not be
permitted to Interfere with the completion of the case today. He haa announced that a night session will be
held if necessary to give the attorneys
time to conclude their arguments.
Silas D. Feeler, a civil engineer,
was called by the defence when the
trial wad resumed. He said he had
been to South bay and Big Mooae lake
within a few days after that and made
measurements at the point where the
overturned boat was found. "At that
place the water ia seven and a half
feet deep," he said.
Mr. Ward objected because conditions are not the same now aa they
were on July 11, when Grace Brown's
"death occurred. It has been testified
by witnesses for the prosecution that
the water waa four and a balf feet
deep where the boat was found, and
on cross-examination Mr. Footer admitted that there was a difference ln
the water line when he made the
soundings and last July, when the alleged tramp tragedy took place. "The
summer shrubbery that was growing
last July ls now covered with water,"
he said.
District Attorney Ward called Julian
Vanwle .manager of a cycle company
in Cortland. The only question asked
tbe witness was objected to and the
objection was sustained. "The people
rest," answered Mr. Ward.
'VAny'Mng for the defence?" (then
asked Justice Devendorf. ""Nothing
more" was tho reply, and all waa
ready for tho summing up. Justice
Devendorf asked If the counsel wanted to be limited in time for their addresses. "I do not propose to limit
you unless you desire it," he aald.
There was no request for time limitation.
C. W. Busk   Gets   Back   Hla   Money-
County Court Chambers.
In county court chambers (bis morning before his honor Judg eForin, A. M.
Johnson, for the defendant in Adams va.
HiiBk, applied for a revision of Judgment on the counter claim, J. O'Shea
contra. The application was granted,
'i'he counter claim waa allowed to the
oxtent of $93.60 and costs. The difference, 16.60, was allowed to the platntiti
lor Ihe expenses of the trial trip. The
counter claim was dismissed last Friday by an accidental oversight.
In re the Estate of Imogene Weir, do-
ceased, an order waB made, on application of A. M. Johnson, releasing the executor.
Lone Bachelor.
Sandon, Dec. 3.���A deal ot some
magnitude haa Just been completed
whereby an Ohio syndicate Is to take
over the Lone Bachelor. K. A. Bradley haa left for Cleveland to get the
necessary documents signed.
���' si
mam T
The Daily Canadian
��� 'ih
Cool nights are now in order.    They will invite
pleasaut dreams of
We have plenty of tlis-m in red ami blue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blankets are Justly celebrated fur their excellence. We alone carry
them in this city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows. Comforters, Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing, Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of tho
Best quality and prices surprisingly Lew.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office
CAPITAL PAID UP... .f',1'00,000
D. B. WILKIK, President.
REST $4,000,000.
Bunches tn British Columbia:
Depoeite received nud interest allowr-l at Unheal  current rate from date of
opening account, and compounded half yearly
���vbuson branch J.   M.   LAY, iVIanager.
The 'Royal 'Bank of Canada
ASSETS, 539,771,803
Capital J3.73-4.310     Reserve - $4,207,741
Total   Assets $41,860,353
Accounts of firms and individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches  In  Hritish  Columbia.
Special   attention  to out ol town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       B, I.   PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
G. <A. SPINK. ___*�����* NELSON BRANCH.
Putiiubed iu dayi * ween i��y uie
Baker Bt., Nelson, B. C.
Bubicrlptlon ratei, 50 vents a mouth delivered
ln the cut, or 15.00 a year It soul Isy mall, when
paid lu aavauee.
Advertlalug rales on appll'-atlon.
All moutoii paisi in settlement of TheDally
Canadian aecosilitss, elllier l.si lubicrlptloal OI
advertising, insist be receipted lor on ihs- printed
forms ot tlie Company.   Otltet re.-t-ipls, are Unt
decbmbi:k .'. m��i.
"By one word we are sometimes JinlRssd to bu
wlie and by oue word sssinellmci juslgesl to bs
foolish. Lei us therefore be careful what we
'".$   '
The Sikhs who are just now overrunning the country In one of tin- most
extraordinary movements of populations of modern times, presenl a dll-
flctilt problem to deal with. Ii Is not
too much to say on the one hand thai
they are utterly unfit for this climate,
and on the other that they are distant
cousins of the people of this country.
What is to be done with Them? It is
urged that luws sliuiilil be enacted
which will have the effect of entirely
excluding them, bin it Is put forward
by many who nre poaseaaed or lie
true Imperial spirit Unit is' do BO
would militate against Imperial Inter
ests In India.
One form of the argument is. tha'
Great llrltaln. having derived ull nl
its wealth from India, cnniuii well deny lo the Sikhs that right or living
all over the empire which she Claims
for her own immediate eillzs'iiH, An
other is Unit the Asiatics are predestined to overrun the whole of the Pa-
clflc slope and it is merely a t|iii-n-
tlon whethere we of lhe West shoulil
put off that evil day as long ns possible or try to meet the Inevitable in
a friendly way, and so make the beal
terms possible with the future pos
sessors of the land.
Yet another Is that, as the Sikh
arc British subject*, tbey cannol bl
kept out at all, and If Ihey are kepi
out Ill-feeling would be bred In the
northweal of India.
To the gentlemen who .-ire so pessimistic as to look forward to ilu* overrunning of Hie West liy the Asiatic
very little can be said. There Is not
one Canadian, not one American In u
thousand who would assent  lo such a
biting cold of tin- Interior. It will
mean pneumonia anl pulmonary affections of all kinds, which will scourge
them as with a plague. They themselves will realize this and lhe Immigration will dry up even ns it began.
Hence there is probably no necessity
for any drastic measures. The matter
will right itself. Hut in Un- meantime there Is no reason that the transportation companies should not be
held to the letter of Ihe law and made
to take back every Slkli who la not
provided with sufficient means and
vvlisi may  be physically  unfit.
proposition. When the while race
cannot hold the Pacific slope against
all comers they will not be able to
hold any part of the world, but will
exist on sufferance, as do some of the
neutralized nations of the world, political communities which have lost
their virility, being afflicted with what
Kipling calls "green sickness." As to
Un- Hritish subject part of the question, those that put this forward prove
too much for their case. There are
people of all nations, Including many
thousands of Chinese In Hongkong
ami the Straits, Ilurma and India who
are British subjects. These Canada
excludes, ami why should that exclusion not also apply to other Asiatics
if it lis- so desired? Nor is there likely to be ill feeling bred In India over
such exclusion. Hindoos are kept out
ssf Australia by the government of
thnt country, and there was no trouble in India over that exclusion. Australia goes a good deal further than
Uml mnl will nnl send Its mail by
steamers which employ anything but
w-lilte labor. Now steamers trading In
Ihe Indian seas carry white sailors,
who are mostly Knringis or natives of
Bengali quartermasters who are either .llip.i,. Sulil Islanders or Malays,
nnd stokers ������ '. nre fssr ihe most part
Slsll boys or inhabitants of Zanzibar
unsl Sisiiiallliinil. Most of these countries nre subject to the Imperial crown
and yel Australia finds no difficulty
In excluding Ihese people.
fin llio other blind there Is absolutely no doubt thnt 111 treatment of the
Sikhs will lead to trouble. The nieii
.'iis- not tnme In character and 111
treatment will be warmly resented.
They itre ol' the Aryan race; they were
loyal to lhe empire through England's
worst hour in India; ihey form today
the finest of the Indian regiments
nnd physically ihey compare with
many another nationality more reputedly white whicli come lo this ootffi-
try, It will nlso be found lhat they
are capable of doing much work which
they are not now considered tit io
perform. In some forms they will
compare favorably with   white   labor.
being ut least its equal. Hut when ull
Is snld and done tbe climate is utterly tmsulled. The cold weather of lhe
Punjab is a dry cold and snow Is unknown and frost a rarity. Tho Sikhs
cannot possibly stand the raw climate
of tlie Pacific slope nor the even more
A recent Issue uf Collier's Weekly
bus a striking cartns.n. It is a representation of Mr. J. J. Hill speaking at
Chicago on the question of the ruture
of Canada and on Ihe question of tar-
Uf reciprocity. Mr. lllll is in characteristic attitude and is represented as
extending a compass, one point of
Which is set ut Chicago and the other
extended lo the southern coast ot
Florida, the extreme limit of United
states territory in tlie south.
Tho compaSB Is then swung around
and extended so as to show how far
the distances comprehends Canadian
territory, and the point falls less than
half way below the centre of Hudson's Hay.
While there ls a general Impression
that Canadian territory is greater
Ihan that of the I'nited States the
fact ls Impressed by Mr. Hill's illustration in a way that is unusual. A
few years ago the United States w-as
considered the whole of the Nortb
American continent, and even yel In
most of the European countries tho
I'nited states is synonymous with
There are not a few Canndlans who
still feel it incumbent upon themselves to apologize for their country
when in the presence of the American
magnate, the disposition being increased by the plausible Belt-approbation of the average American ciiizs-n.
H is time, however, that Canadians
should cultivate a spirit of national
pride. In no other matter than lhat
et population need Canada how to our
cousins at the south, and even in thu
matter of population time will doubtless work the miracle for Canada that
she lias done for the other country.
In climate, resources, territorial extent and a thousand other things Canada is in the making of the biggest
nation, at least upon American soil.
That Canadians should realize this
and begin the cultivation of a national spirit and the fostering of a national pride goes without saying. In size,
potential wealth, present spirit aim
capability of indefinite expansion the
Dominion need fear comparison witli
no country, wherever situate.
oo duri afu-r .into i intend to apply to <l1;' ll��11:
orAbif the Chlel Commissioner oi L*nai ana
Works,  lo  fnift'liHse HO SOres  of   laml:     C0111-
menelngata poal marked Q.W.8.N.B.oorner
pust and planted on lln' we*-! short* ol Arnnv
lakfailji'ttiint: I-o! .7;i on tin* m>iiiIi .-ide "i said
Lot,thenoe ��t\s.*s> clmiiiM along iiit* southern
lioiimUry of Uit TOj thence ���outh �����*������'���- chain-.*
theuce oast 80 chains moreor h-*# to Uke --hor.:
tbenoe uorih along lake shore to place ot i.klu-
Dated 39th .lav of Nov. !'._..
qm>. W. Bn__,
j. k, AmuBUt, Agent
Notloe >' herebj riven ti.at ilxtj ten -alter
date1 Intend to mat*, applloatlon to the Honorable Ohlel -CommlMloner ol Landi a nil works at
Victoria, B.-i ..for perminloo to purohaae the toi-
IomIhk deeerlbed   laml.  situate In   Kir*-  Valley,
WeatKootena) dlatrlct; Commencing at a-posl
planted at the aouth wait corner <>( Joeboa ftob-
luson's pre-emption, inarknl K. I Km s. It. eornei
poit tbenoe w chains wet. tbence w chains
north, thenoe 10 obaina easl to Joet.ua Rublnaon'i
northweal corner- thence -.outh 40-cbalm to pla ���
of commenoement containing 100 acres, more or
Dated this 38rd 'lay of Nov.. 1008.
K. 1. Klltkttooi).
Slxlv tlavs after tlate I Intend to apply to the
Hon. Ohlel Commluloner ot Landa end-Vorka.
Victoria, lo inir(ha.-e 130 acres ol land located
on lhe weataldOOl Arrow lake aui lying itl reel ly
norih ol Lot Tirni: Commencing at a poet I'lanuM
���at the n E. oorner of Lot 7976 and marked ���'___.
8. E cornor," ainl running norlh '20 chains.
theuce wcsl 90 chains, tlience nortii JO chains,
thence Well  M chains, thence south Vi chains,
thence cast 40 chain*?, to plaee of beginning.
Nov.-Ulh, 1*908. llEKitiA Bn__>_BY,
J. E. Annahlk, Agent.
8lxiv ilaya afler date I Inteml lo applv to the
Bon. Chlel Commlaaioner ol Lands ana Works.
Victoria, to purchase 160 acrei oi lauo looated in
Fire Valley, being part of Beetiona Three ami
Four, Township ��'.', ami   deacrlbed as follows:
dantcd   nt    William
~   E. W'l
N. E. eorner,"   and   runuinn   -to ehain
thenre '2o chain***) south, thence 20ohalna eaat.
theuee 40 ehaltu Mouth,  theuee '2o clinin*- east,
theme 6" chains north to place ol beginning.
Noveinher i.rd, ll* fi. Koss B WlUJAJU,
 J^K^Annahlk,   .Rent.
ii0 ilavs after tlate 1 Intend to apply to the Hon.
Chiel Commluloner ol Landa and worka to purehaae sao aorea of and located Hi Kile Valley he-
ing part of Beottoni 9 and 10 Township 88. and
deicrlbed as follows: Commencing at a pom
markeii F- W.J, fl. It, comer and planted ai the
northwest corner of Win. William*.' purchase;
thence west 10 ohalni) tbence north ni ehain-;
theuce earn Hi ehains; lhetice BOUtb W chains lu
place of he-gliming,
November Mra Jiton.
K. vi. Jordan,
 J. E. Aknabi.k, Agent.
01 ilavs after ilate 1 inteml to npplv to the Hon
Chief Commlaaioner ol Landi and Worka, Victoria, to purohaae MO acres of .mnl located in
Fire Valley and being B portion of frt_rtii.il* l.i
ami 16 In Townihlp60 an.l deaeribed us tollowi:
Commeneing at a poat punte.i nt the south wait
corner of the loutheaat quarter of section lfi
Township BS  an.1   niarked   J. 0, s. fc.   corner,
theuee north -tn chain-,  tlience w.-t 60 chains;
thenee south in-'hain*-; tbence eaat to ehains to
piH'-r of beginning-
November ttr-d B06.
 J. E. ANNAHI.E, Ageilt.
Oommenelng   at   a  post planted at   w
Williams' N. Vi. corner, ami niarKcd    'K.
Nolle.* ir- hereby Riven lhal 60 diva alter .tale I
inteml io make application to ihe Honorable the
Chlel Commlnloner ol Undmind Works for pi r
mlulon io purohaae the followlna dewrinea
laml**: Commencing at a poll pieced adjoining
the southwc-t corner po8i of Leon w atson *, Application to purehaae, running BO chains north,
thence 40 chaini welt; ihence ni ehalns iouth!
thence 40 eham-- eaat, to polnl '��( commencement, containing MO acrea moreor less.
Dated October IS, 1906.
Burin Wihtm,
Hy his agent, Bh.-imt. Vi. Hoiiinson.
Kotlce is hereby giTen that to 'lays niter data 1
Intend to appiv to tho Hon, the chief Commlaiiouer Of Landl ami Works for permission lo pnr-
chue thfl foUowlng described landl In Weal
Kootenay dlitrlet: it. miming at h post marked
���������otto ntreoh'i N w oorner1" ami planted on
tin* well shore-i Wat-hail (Cariboo) lake, about
one-fourth mllo weatofthfl narrowi ol Wbatihan
hike;   theuee   south   ho chalna;  Ihence   east -HI
chaini more or leu lo lho il ore ol thfl Narrows!
thence followlni the iald ihore in �� Kcnerai
northerly end westerly direction 120 chains more
or loaa, to the polnl of eommenoement! oontainlng Wl aen- WOK or 1* l|
liai.-ii thla 8th day of Oet ,1908
linn Blttt H,
F L HamtoKo, AgenL
Notice la beroby given .hatilxl} dayi-ftacdata
I intend toapply to tbe Hon. Chief commlaaioner
of l.amls an.1 Work- (or permlnion io purehaae
the rollowlng deacrlbed lamls m Weat Kootenay
dlitrlot:   Beginning ata poat marke*! '-f. k
Alden'l - B .-orner," ainl planlcl on lhe caM
shore Ol W hut shim (I'arihoo) lake, ahoul onu
mile   imrlli   ol   the   -.outlier!*, end  of the lake;
thence north BO chains; tbence weal fl gluing,
more or leaa, to the ihore ol WhatahM take;
thenee folionim: iald shore in a general aonth"
erly ami eaaterly direction lOOehaln*. more or
les>��, to tii
_ _ _>int of co
830 acrea, more or less
Dated this bth dayofiiet , llf*.
F   K   ALLEN,
f i. Uakmohd. Agent,
Sixty (lays afler date I Intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds ami Works,
Vietoria. to purchase fl aorea of land, situated
OU the west side of Arrow I-ake, ahout tj*_ miles
below Hurton, and described as follow: Com**
mem-inn at a l��'st planti-*! ut the northeast
eorner of Lot 7SK0. ami runnitig north '20 chains;
thence west 20 chains, llunce aonth ifl chains,
thenee east Jo e Iih ini to place of hegi tilling.
Nov. lllh, 1900. II  K. UU.I.,
J. K. ANNAiil.K. Agent.
Notice is herehy given that sixty days after date
I intend to applv to theHon. chiel Commlaaioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the foUowlng deacrlbed lands in the West
Koolenay district: Begiuniug ut a po.t marked
"J. B.Blmlneo'l B, W. corner,'* and planted ahout
out-half mile east of the shore of Whatshan
(i'arihoo) lake aud ahout 3 miles north of the
narrows of the hai.l lake, and at the H. K corner
ofj Arthur Warren's upnlliatton to purchnse;
Ihence east -so chains; thence north 80 chain*;
thence wesl SO chains to ll;
Arthur Warren'iappllcatlc
south 80 chains to point of,
tuiniiifc 'M0 us'M-s, more or less.
Oct. Uth, 1806.
to purchuse; thence
���rniiicuceiiiL-ut, con-
intend to npply to the
nissiom-rof Landiand
it is extraordinary, in view of the
statement made by our Liberal contemporaries that there is no intention of changing the leadership of the
Liberal provincial party, the prominence that Is given in Liberal papers
to W. W. B, Mclnnes. It is interesting
also to notice the modest manner ln
which the governor of the Yukon denies the impeachment thai he has
been called to the leadership of that
party. That J. A. Macdonald bus not
succeeded bettor Is due rather to the
merits of lhe present administration
than to the demerits of the present
Liberal leader. The Liberals, however, If they are wise, a big assumption, will remember that it is ill
swapping horses while crossing a
Victoria seems to be in trouble with
regard tn its well being as a port at
the present time. A rate war has
been started between ihe steamer
lines trading with Puget Sound and
at the same lime thore is a move to
mnke pilotage compulsory, which lhe
Colonist denounces. The stcani'T
companies threaten to leave out vie-
toria   altogether   if   this is enforced,
declaring ihat the business is not sill-
[latently large to permit of two companies trading there.
K. I, IUmuhmi, Agent.
Sixty days afterdate I Int
Hoiiorahle the Chief
Works, Victoria, to pnrehaae 900 acrea ol land
loeatetl and described us follows: Commencing
at a post planted at lha southwest corner of J.
H.it.inson's pre-emption in Fire Valley, and ahOUl
five miles from Inward Landing, wes' side of
Arrow lake, ami milked F. O'.. S K. corner uml
running west 60 chain-., ihence south -fit ebalni,
theuee east W chains, thenee souih SO ebalni,
Ihenee cast 10 ehain*., thenee north 10 chains to
place of beginning.
Nov   IHth, 1'JO- Frank OftAKBI,
J     K     A SNA III.K, Ag. lit
Nollee  Is  hereby given  that sixty days afler
date I intend toapply to (he Hou. Chief Coininis-
lloner of Lands and Works lor permlulon to imr-
cbaae the lollowlng deaeribed lands in the Wuat
Kooteuay district:    beginning at B po-v marked
"Bertha Hlraeh'i N It corner," and i-iantcd on
the eaat shore of Whataban (Garlbooj htV<-, at the
narrows of the lake, and about one mllo UUtb of
Arrow lake trail; thenoe wrath SO cbalm; thenee
west Hu chain*' more nr !<-��� tn the shore of the
narrows; theuce following the said shore In a
general   northerly   and   eaaterly   direction   I_W
cbmini more or less to the point of commence'
ment, containing 640aorei more or less.
bated this Hth day of Oct., 1'JnC
K   L. Hammond, Agent,
New Styles in Long Coats for Ladte..    ���
:Thc Latest New York Shapes.        Best man-tailored f
finish, iu light tweeds and plain cloths. ���
#> Prices from $10 to $25 each T
Snow is Here
Ka��nv.r A Speeder Sled orCott*
We Have Them lit All 1'rltt-n.
Standard Furniture Company
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
Mum-n A Itlxeli  rianox
I Menu..or Mattre-ses
Qlobe Wernicke Book l
Sixty days alter date  l
cation to lhe  Chief ComU
Works for permlulon to
deeerlbed land:   I ommen
sixty dav*. after d��te I intend to apply to the
Hon Chief Commluloner of Land-- and Worlu,
Victoria*, to pnroheae 160 ecru ol hmd ahout two
mllen br-low Burton City, West Kooteuay, commenelni at k post marked ",l A. IrviliK'n eat*,
eorner post." snld post being on ihe easterly end
of an island west oi lx>t-5f7,and claiming ul the
laud POntalned In said bland, le-'iiijr nhout one
mile ii an easterly mid westerly rlireetlou and
abonl Jo chalm irom nonh to sonth,
Hovember Uth, 1900. J ���*���. Imvnnii
             J K. Annahlk. Atreiit.
sixty davs alter due I Intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
to purobase UM neres id land:  Commencing at a
poll plauied on  the  west side of Six mile ereer*.
on wagon roa.i. abont two an.) one half milei
from Kootenav lake, and marked "Neil Me-
Eeehnle'l S, West eorner post," th.nee v ant �����)
ehalni) thence north to chains- thenee west 10
ehalns, theuco WUlh  I'J chains, lo place of coin-
Located this luth day or November, 1905.
Nrm, McKki iimk,
Blxt)   davs after date I Intend toapply to lhe
Son. Chief Commissioner of Urnis and Works,
Victoria, lo purchase It'*) acres of laud, locates) on
ilie west side of Armw lake, iiboui Hv-? miles below Hurton * ity, ami described as follows: Commencing al ii post marked "K. <.. H's t-outheast
eoruer." uud befngSOchainseastol the northwest
eoruer of Lot 371*8. thenee uorth40ehains; Iheliec
west 4u chains; thence south 40chains; thence
east 40 obalns to the place of ht-gimiiiiK-
November 14th, umn. f. 0, Biaa,
per J. ��. Anniui.k.
Iter date I purpose making appli-
ner of l-aiid. and
lase the* follow Iiik
at a post marked
K F'sS E corner," and sltuale about oiiemlle
from Silvt r Tip Point, on Whatshiin lake, and
near Christie creek, ruunitifi thenee Ku chutn��
north; thence Nii-iiaiiis wenl; thenee Wl ehalns
south, following the lale shore; thence 80 ehalni
east to the point of commencement, containing
640 acres more, or less.
Hated the llth day ol August, 1906.
K. FAt-qriER,
_  PerF "I   FAigtiKB, Agent	
Notice is hereby Riven that 00 day after date
I Intend lo applv to lhe Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lsuids ami Works for permis-
lion to purchase the ful lowing described lands;
Commencing at a post plauteil on the northcasl
eorner of   I'.tir HoNsUfhtOO'l application
purehase,   ruutiiUR   ho ehalni   west
northern  boundary of same;  thene
north; thenceM ehHins cast; thence ni ohaini
south, along the west boundary of John Klliotl's
application io purchase, to point of commencement, oontainlng MO acres, more or less.
Hated Oct 13, 1W6. Thomas Smith,
Hy his agent. Bamtn W, Bobikbom.
Notice ls hertby gtren that 80 days alter date 1
Intend toapply to the Honorable the Oblfll Com*
mlssloner of l-auds and Works, at Victoria, ft. (*.,
for permission to ptirohSSO the followiiiK <le-
ICrlbed lands, situated iu the West Kootenay
district, south of F-.rtv Nine l reek, commencing
at a post marked "L. H Cho.|Uette's N. \V. c<ir-
ner," thenco ill chains east, thenei- 40 chains
south, thence 40 chains west, thenee 40 chains
north to the commencement post, containing UO
acres, more or less,
Nelsou, h. C , Oet.I6th, liXft
L It. CBOQUmn,
\V, A. Jonks, Agent.*
Sixty days after date I purpose miking ���ppMea-
tion io the Son. Chief Commluloner of lands
and Works for permission to purchase the following deserlbed landi   Commencing at a post
pieced Ht the si mih west corner of ft, W. Harming-
ton _ application to nnxcbaaei marked "I* M.fi.
H'sH k corner po^t,'1 running thenoe80ohalni
west;  thence 80 chains southj  Ihenee 80 ehalns
east; thence HO chains north to ptiint of com*
meneement, eontainiug MO acres, more or leis.
Hated the 10th day of October, ivnfi.
L. M. s. HaNSInuto;-/,
prr ft. Hhiki.i,. Agent.
on. il...
o cliaiti-
Notlee  i��  liereby given  that sixty days alter
dale I intend to applv tothe Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Lands and Work- [or pernilnslon to
purchase the following described lands, In
West Kootenay Hlstrlei; Commencing at an Initial post planted al the Southeast comer of llo-
Coy'l pre-emption, theme *..| ehHin- We-t lo eil.-t
1-oi.mtarv of Lot 6199; lbence folloMlng said
iHiutidarv south (OSOntheUt comer of sit Id lot;
tlience It) chains west;  theme BQ chains south;
tbenee80chains enst; thei 30chains north to
si.iithwest corner ol I>it 303; thenoe following
west boundary ol Lot r-'j to initial post.
September 21, 1*900. l>, D. WOLfff,
I>er Ernest W, Foiunhon.
Notloe IS h.rel.y given that CO days afler date, I
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
oi Land- and Works for permisaton to purohau
the (ollowlng described lands, situate on ttie
Kust shore ot Lower 1-akc, about one and one
half mile South of Kdgewood. It. C. and ad
Joining J.T. BeaUte'S applicHtlon to purchase,
and commenolng at u post marked Donald Wil
son's South West eorner, llienee running North
sitlv chains, them-e Kast fortv chain-, tlience
South, -ixty chains, thence West forty chains to
place ot commencement, and containing 240
acres more or less
Ixjnai.d WiUwjjt.
M. ft. M-   -i m-.imk. Agent,
Hated this Dfttfa day ol September. 1%B.
Notice is hereby given lhal 00 days aller date I
Intend toapply to the Hon. Chief Comm i-iiiiMi of
Landsand Works, Victoria, for p*-rinlsMoii to purchase the following desoribed laud, situated In
lhe West Kooteuay district, on the west side of
Duhainel (or Six Mile) ereek, near wagon road,
about three miles from Kooteiiuy lake: Commencing St a posl marked "Jame.*. J. Duck's K VV.
post," running 2o chains east, theuce 30 chalus
north, thence a) chains weat, thenee 90Chains
south, to the point of eommeneement, contain
lug 40 acres of laud, more or less.
Dnted Uth November, 1908,
located by Jamks J. Duck.
per John K  Tavi*jk, Ageut.
Noiiee is hereby given that 80 dat-alter date I
intend to applv to lhe Hon. chief i ommis-ionor
of Lands and Works for jK*rmisslon to purchase
the following deserlbed lands, situate in West
Kootenay district:  Beginning a* a post marked
"Arthur ft irren'S S. W, corner," and plante.l ou
thc east shoreof Whalshan (CufhOO) lake, about
two mil's north Of the narrows of Whaf-han
lake, and at the S K corner ol Vi. seeombe's application to purchase; thence east 10 chains;
thenee north hO chains; thence west to chutus;
theuce Bouth 80 chalus to polntof commencement; Con win ing :fjl acres more or less.
Dated this Mh day ol Oet. 1906,
F. L Hammohp. Agent.
pixy days alter date I purpose making application to tin- Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds
and Works for permission to pureha-e the following desoribed laud:   Commencing at a po-t
placed on the north boundary of lot No. Mv. and
about two chains east of Whatshan creek, marked "M. S's. H. Vi. corner," running thence 40
chains cast; theme 40 chains north; thence 10
chains west; theuce 40 chains south, to polnl of
oommencement, containing im acres  more or
Haled the loth day of October, 190(1.
Per ft. Bttinis- Ageni.
According to the Slocan Mining Ro*
view, the convention which unanimously selected A. B. Doekstoader or
Nelson as the Liberal standard-bearer
at the next provincial election, was
made Up of two delegates who represented New Denver and Slocan City
only, Sandon, Ftoaebery, Silverton,
Three Forks, McGnlgan and Naknsp
being treated as if off the political
The endorsement of Richard Mc-
Rrlde and his government at the next
election will emphatically discredit
the recent utterances of The opposition leader ln bis explanation of better terms for this province.���The
Pros [icctor.
Hon. C. M. Hyman has gone South
for health and Hon. Francis .1. Deane
has gone East for ??????'.?
Notice Is hereby given lhal Ol davs alter date 1
Intend lo make application lo the Honorable thu
Chief Commissioner of binds and Works for permission to purchase the following deselbed
lands: Commencing at a post planted ou the
northeast COI ner of I'eter McNaughtou's application tO purChaS*i lOUowlng the east houndarv of
same "-���* chains south; theuee HO chains east;
theuce Ko chains north ; thence ao chains west lo
point of eommeneement, containing 640 aeru-
inon* or less.
Holed Oct. 18, IW., Al.iiKUT RLLlOITi
Hy his agent Hunejit Vi. KomssoN.
Notice Is liereby given that 80 dayi after dale I
intend to hpply loihe Ih rable the chief Commissioner of Lands aud Works lor permission lo
purchase Ho* following described land* situate
ahoul 10 mills east of the City of Nelson, on lhe
lOUth shore of the West Arm of Kootenay lake,
and coiumetieiig at a post placed about Lti chalus
south of the s-^iitheasl corner ol Lol Wi, marked
"H Tbomas''N. Vi corner." tbenee souih -JO
chains, theme east 20 chains, tbenee north '20
eliains, thenco west 90 chains lo point of com
Hated this Cth day of Nov., Iftifi.     H Thomas.
Notice Is horebyglven thai f-o days alter date I
intend toapply to the Hotiorahlu lhe Chief Com-
mlssloner of Lsnds an.l Worku for pcrmlsspui
to purchaie 280 acres of land, situate on Ihe Little
Moyle liver ahout 1 mllo from International
Bonndary and about I mile from Spokane international Ky.: Commencing at a posl marked
D. Grant's 8. E. corner post, thenee wesl 40
chains; lhetice mirth -40 chains; thence east *_0
chains; ihence north '20 chains; theuee east 00
chains; thence south on chains io place of coin-
meneement, Containing280 aeres ol  land.
Located Dot. wth lira,
  Daniii. Grant._
Notiee li hereny given that fio days after dale I
Iniend toapply tothe Honorable Chief Commissioner ol Lands and Works for |>crnil(*slon to
U_d lauds. In West
. *iiig at a post planted nl
the northeast corner of tot 4891), G, L, murked Y.
Fletcher's northwest corner, thence south Ni
ehalns; thenee east 10 chains, more or less, lo
the western boundary of Lol RiM, *i. 1.; tin lice
north 80 chains to Kootenay river; thenco west
following said river lo point of commencement,
containing 80 acres more or leas.
2-th October, lira.
 Frank Fi.it* hrh.
Hixty days after date I Iniend to apply lo the
Hon theChlaiCommfisloneroftandaana **'orks
to purchase 240 aeres ol hind: CommeOClng al a
post marked "N.T B'ssout icsst corner posl"
���aid post tHrig at the northeast corner Of Geo,
Hudson's preemption claim, about two miles
southeast of Hurton City, theliee west 40 chalus,
lonth 20 clialuK. west 10 ehnins, norlh 10 chains,
east 80 chains, south '20 chains to place of eommeucement, containing 24o acres.
LocateaSth dayof Nov. 1906,  NsmsT. Bikr.
Klxty days after .late I Intend lo apply lo the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner ot Landsand
Works lo purchase 510 acres of Und. located lu
Fire Valley, on weit side of  Arrow  lake:   Com-
mencing at a posl planted 40 ohalns ireit of the
���outbtreit corner of .1. Itoblnson's pre-emption
and marked J. V7m B, K comer, and running
nortii K0 chains, theii.e west no chains, thence
soutli 80'hains, thenee easl 80 chains to place of
Nov. 1 .ih. luofi. Jam: Williams,
.1. B. ANNAHl.g. Agent.
Notiee js hereby given thai no dayi alter dale I
Intend to npply to tio* Honorable tlir Cli lei Com-
mlssl-ilierof Lands nml Works tor permission lo
purchase the following den rlbed lands: Commencing at B post jilaced 20obetni west of lho
loutheaat corner of Lol RM2,marked "it. a Bell'i
northwest corner," theme south ��t chains,
theii.e cast 20 ihains, thence north 90 chain.,
thence west 20ebalns to polntof commencement,
containing |0 m*res, more or less
Looated thliBth day of Vov . laon.   R.A.BlLL
Sixty days alter .lale I purpose making a|*iillia-
tloii to the Hou. Chief Commissioner of Lauds
and Worki lor permlnion to purchase the following deicrlbed land: Commencing al a post
placed at the northwest corner ol fl Dodd'i application to pnrchase, marked "R Vi. H'sS. ...
corner posi." running thence 80 chains north;
thenoe8)ohalni east; thence ho chains south;
thence   80 ehalns  west  lo  point  ol (oniniem*.-
ment, contivlnlng fi-W aeres, more or less.
Dated this loth day ol Uetober. lira.
R Vi. Hanninoton,
���per R. BHIBl-sl-. Agent.
Blxty days afterdate I pi
���atioli to tbfl ll."    "���
uid   Works tOf
I to
Ihe   fol-
placed al tl
lid laud:   Commencing nt a post
lorth east corner of B.C NlUuuer'a
purchase, murked "H. H's N. w
tieiiee followlug  the  east  boundary of sa ail ehnins south; thence running HO
ehalns east! thenee HO chains nortb; thence w>
chains west to point ol commencement, eonlaliilng MO acre- more or lesi.
Hated the 10th dav of October, 1906.
H, Donn,
Per It, BHtlLLi Agent.
BlXty davs after date 1 Intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds ami Works,
Victoria, to purchase IHO acres ol bind, lu Fln<
Valley. West Kontenay: Commencing at a post
plauied 00 chains west of the H. W. eormr of J.
Robinson'**, pro emption, and marked Vi. V,"* N.
K, eorner, nnd running west no chalus, theuce
south so chains, thenoe ensl fo ehains, thence
norlh 80 chains to place of beginning
NOV. 18th, 1006. William Williamh,
J. K. Annahlk, Agent.
Notice 1" hereby given that sixty days alter
date I lutend to apply to the Honorable lhe
Chiel Commissioner of Umls aud Works, for
t-cruilssjoii lo purchase the following dl scribed
lauds lu the West Koolenay dlstricl : Heginniug
at a post marked "JamesG Fraser's N.K corner,
and p anted on Iht east shore of Whatshan
(Cariboo) |Bke, about one half mile north of
Christie creek;  Ihenee south 40 chains, more or
leas, to the north bonndary of w. Beoombri ap-
plication to purchnse; Ihence west nlong the snld
boundary 10 chains, more or less, lo the shore of
Hie lake; thence following the said slime lu a
general northerly and easterly direellon HO
chains, more or less, to point of commencement,
Containing Ilk) acres, more or less.
Oct   13th, IIMI. JAMBS H. FRASKlt,
F. L. Hammond. Agent.
Notice Is hereby gl.en that sixty days afler
the date I Intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief
Commissioner ot Lands and Works for permission to pn re hue tm< following deaeribed laud
In the West Kootenav dlsirlct: R-'gltiuiiig ata
post markeii **K. ll, Ke||> N.K. corner," -and
planted ou I he shore of Whatshan (' ariboo) lake,
at the northwest corner of said lake; Ihclice Ko
chains west; Ihence in chains south; thenee .il
chains east:  them-e to chains south; Ihenee eas'
u chains, mora or less to the shore of the said
lake; ihcnce northerly along Ihe said lake shore
HO chains, more or less, to  tin-   pniut of,- men
ceuielil, containing Hi acres, more or less.
Dated Oct. 12,UOB. K. it. Km.,
F. L Hammond, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given thnt 00 days after dale I
Intend toapply to ihe Uon. Chlol commissioner
of binds ami Worki lor permission lo purchase
the following described lnnds situated III thc
West Koolenay district: He. Inning at a post
marki-d -'Wtfllun Kell'l N VV. corm-r," and
Planted al tone mllo south of Hie north end
5f Whatahan (Car )i���ke,(i wnt/ohalns
West of lhe west shore oi said lake and ou the
south  boundary of _   R,  Kail's hi plication to
purchase; thenco SOUth B0 Chains! tl -. eaat'2U
chains,   more  or   less,   to   the said lake shore;
tbenoe northerly along the said shore 80 ohalns
E'"i.' -." .!��� '""' !'.' _." ,ftW Knl,,h l��nndary o
K I KelFsnppllMillont,, purchase; ihenee west
20 chains, moreor less tothe Mini of (omnieme
ment, containing 160 acres, mcSSioriesfc
Dated Oct. i*j. nra. wii.lum kkii,,
  By F. L Hammond, Agent.
Notiee Is hereby given that 60 days after date, I
iniend lo npplv to lhe Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands nu<! Works for permission to purehase
the following dcH</rlbcd lamls In the Wesl Koot
enay Hlfiirlct: Heginniug at a post tnnrkc.l "W
S   Rlrldgo'l B. W   corner," and planted about
one-quarter mile west of the west shoreof Whatshan (Cariboo) lake, and abont one and one-
quarter miles north of the aoiitliern end ot the
lake; thenre north HO chains; thenee oast I"
chains more or less to the shore ot the wimishau
lake;  thence following said "bore ln a general
loutnerly and westerly direction too ehaim more
or less to a point on   thf  shore due  east  ofthe
post of commencement] ihence west at chaini
more or less to the point of commencement, con-
lalnliig :.-.li acres moreor lesN
Dated this Oth day of Oct., 1006
W.8. Elviwii,
F. L. Hammond, Agent
Notice is hereby given thai 00 days afler date I
o.;.;?mJ.IV U\lt ""���������tho<}hl,.fc(hmn,s*
.      ..       , "'V1 W"1rkH f,,r Pension lo pur
chase  lhe  following described   lands in  West
c.V.m.1' 'IIIIH      ' W1"8. "f nrUM> Columblai
.SSS ,.   .hm '  ",H lrk0.."WilliamToUlnr
"m,���!i:;,',!|-,n,.,,,'l"""""""" '" *"""��� '" lllt I*"*-1'" '"
Halsssl Isl slsiy or Au(ii.l  100f,.
_   , ,    William Tnl.UNimiN,
 ��S Ills ����l-iu J. K. Tuylnr.
tlZ,l'V���'lT."n 5'!",'.'"'""1"
uon io in.- i s,1.1 OommUil
Sua!ii,!,'ISS   f-1"" '" I'""*'"'"* ""' lollowlnl
! I   I--. J'J"";l,;rll'l.'r".'."l",,"ll!�� ��t.�� I"." niarkoil
'llTs'l-'s   n
IliHK  llsi-ll
'���silisls-ssls r .sl I....,.I-. ..,,.,
Isssri-liiiH' Ilu- fulls
I   '
,,.   . i, ,.,        - --'ij's'iiiriB ii mi i,(.ninl
owoe'i ��np | |��� purob��� 	
��" i-lmins. northi in.
.���"���'..-<��� |0 ohlO:
lo polnl o
I sutilli; th,-
omtnonoomtiu, oi
N ohalni
isSiiliiilill IS4H
HlH llso ili'May ���, a mum, |Ht,
_   I. rum,
purF. u. I'iUsjuuH,
NSS|]S-��I�� lsi-ri-1,)- KU-ISll 111,11 111 ,|ny, ��||,.,,|���.
lllli-ss.l 10 ��| pi] tO lliii Hnn. Chi 11"ssli,i I. s 1 '
ol Uud. ind (Vorki lot ,.,-r.,. .. ,���    %%* ���
ii,- i,,ii..��inK ,i.r ni,,,'._������; .'���',.,j,ruhs..
��.-��! kiK.UMi.y sJiilrlct: HiKiMiii,, ��� ,,'* ���
nuu-kad ������". 0. ��__l_!j,,*, * ��   *���",']Z
islsilll,,,.,, II,,. ���,., ;!,,,,,,,, ��,..,.,,���,'   ';^
Inki-.sii.nii iiii.-.-inii., north ol II,. I ... s"1
rows ��� Uie s��l,l it, �����,i ������������.,���. ,��� ,1**;]'-
tha wl. Inki-; thaan sooth v, ,i���is������ ,VZ
i-ksi   III I'lmin., mors.' oi l<... [o u���. |n,',,','/;
Ihaneo (ollowlu sis,- Ml< ,������ i,,��,,.,?;'
mnl w.-su-uy dlraotlon i_o ehalni.dokk-S
In [sssliil ssl i-tiinuivni-i-iiit-oi, ,.���iiih[iiiiiV' . _',? ,
iiissro ���r Itswi. ' "-
0*113. i����. o. D. Human
         By F.I.. m��miM., (j.,,,.   '
Notice I. hereby given Uiri Co ,lHy,.ii_r,iA_rZ
iiu.ii.i w��pp> i..ih,-n������ ih.Vhwi,,,,,;
11,, ns-r  n( l.*ii.|.  mnl  Work!  l..r s. niis���l
luin-hami the lollowlu, ili.i nM Insi.I,
Weal Kootanay dlatrlet: iis-Kiniini, ,i im
m.iki-,1 il  ll. Bell ansl R, 11,.ip, 8. K ntmS.
abont J nines auto) the Balmon rln
'., oilli- Irom the IVn<! d'Oreille rirarj Ihtnaa
rhallts li.irlli;  Ihi-io t-to rlsalii. uest; Ibtnna
chains ssiiilli; tlieni-e to chains i-sul to slut a
rsaid to,. _-..,,,i ,i,y ���i Beptember, luce.
i, li [__
k m_,
R. M Iiiiii-, Ajrat.
BlXty slays after ,lats- I |sur|��,��c snatlsir ,p|U.
s.tisso to tho Bontfrabla tin < hi.-r<'���ini_tsunKr
ol Landa ass-i worxi lor pormleiion io pus^hu,
Uio fssllowtlis; iless-rlts-.l lansl: I'sssinsi.uclns ll
n poat  markesl "o. Pa 8. W. .-.sriier." a_>il,la(
K.Fananlar-aapplication to iisii'Iisw.sussdIm
iheoi'c so s-haios north; thanee .*' .-hniru
Un-lH-eWl cbains sooth; thanee ssoshalaima
i.i Use iMiiin ol s-nmiiiciisi-isisin, nsnuinini la '
acres, more or less.
Ilate'l the IIUistayolAoifii.t.l'-A
Is I'iriKT,
I'er F. fl, Kai-.i'iei, AgenL
Klxty slays after date I Inteml to spiily IsU, '
lis,is..rableUse ibletComoilsstiiior ol UnsliiB*
Works lor Is-niitsslon tss pisrslissii llie follovtlf
slcscrilsesl I.nsli In  K... ..   .    dlitrlet:
issi-ni-lligBt a js.i.1 markeii J  il. Atmsbls-'. notlt*
eaat corner post, sui.i poal beUta on ib.s��u
sole s,f till- l.swer Arrosi lake, al.ilsl ten alia '
below   Hisrtssis   I'llv;   ths-rni-  siiislh :n clulu: ���
theneeweat -*ii ohalna] th.ss.-.. ..nitts jsshisw:
thenoe nest -jii ohainai tiienec until! u shun
sn.I   SO   links,   more or less lis this lskssllissl,; i
thence Baatorl/along lake nis-haisi., more orU��i
tss the plas-e of U'Klllli
more or less.
minor, .-oiiIhiiiiuk UA attsa.
pel K. I. llrsMT, Ag^nt.
BlxtJ 'lay- afler .late 1 Intend to antl* **_|
Honorable the Chief Oonunlnloner of undiul
Works for w-rnilssloli lis por, Iss.s- ll���. lollieH
deaerfned landa ill Kossteoay sll.trlct: I'ssnal.!
cioir al a post inaiks-il "A. J. l'lll'" nssith��<|
corner poat." salsl psssl beln,00 tba BorttM
erly shore ol the I,os\cr Arrow liske an.l If-Iiui
ilu,, cast, on   lhe oorllss-ast ,-orlier of IaaT.
lirniip l: thenoe uorth tOebainii eail ��� -''��'*'
south to chains, mor,- or li ta, lo lhe lakesshort
thenee following mid shors. iossositis.rti.il
sllrcs-tissn fso cliaina, more or less Iss Iiis- I'lstra
iss-Klniiltig. cntaliiliig ls'sl aorei, "i"re oi lot
fialssl lliis 5th slav ol Novcml'sr. ls���� . ���
A.J. Din.
perK I.. Hi iimt, Agent,    t
Nollco Is hereby given thai tt) ,layii!triji��
I Intend, to apply to tlie Honorable Ul ��� it.��
(l.iioliilssli.iscr ssl landl ami Works I'sriem*
sinn In lors-hase the (sslhswIiiK .Is-ssrlls-sl!������
Kssotsiiay siihirh't: Commenelni .'��� * P*j
innrkc.l -J. II Wallace's norlhWMttolMfWl
salsl psssl bolug on lbe easl.ll! slsl,'ol l"J ���
Artssss lake, ami al llio IniiMssss-l '��"�� ��
I'ssrts-r's pr.--s-m 1.1 Inn clannish, in ������������s-l.ls'Mis*
thenre ���iillth  Ul eballll,  Ilini.'   ss.'H *"."��
thenoe sssutli 90 chains, thenei ucsiMrtiy
on r.-.-r Ira, In lhe Arrow l,k,-.ih,.|is-.-lni;i��
caslelly  direction tO Ohalni,  nuns 'irls����''��
plaoe nl liegiuning, containing l�� "*'"*���"'""
Dated this nth .lay ol October, IW._,<ilirl|
By his agent. Kkkmiis I   BtliiS
N  la hereby given Ihai aUily.Hr>""*;!
llntend to annlr lothe Hon i hleli ��������'��>'S_
..f Undaand w's.rk. lor inrmisi i"V__\
lho  f, wlligil|.srrll��illBlols.Blarllli����tlB.
planted .... the Ns.rih w ������""'"'}, "iZi
Iii...  tnnnlna twonty chaloi >�����������"Vff
twenty ..110111. Veat, loneu !������'���: *'ll�� ' S'
II c lw,.|,ty ,.hains Ka.l. lis. ss,.; is.    '������*��)
���-...iiii 1.. pol I oommencomonuana """"i
11.ss N) acri-s tussrs- or Is-sB. ���...���[
W.J, mil,*!"'���,
Dated the 111 dayolOolobor, IW        	
Sfter-Jateli JSSl'SBjl
Sixty sin
.'Bl I.ill    t'l I
and Works
li.svtllg   dr.
phicr.l Sll II	
plieatlon to purchase, marks..I
ner." nun.mi. listncc mus'IsisIsi
���hull), wesi: llsclls-e mi clisil
a linn. Chlel to mnil-'.-;-
lor  |��"llllsll.ill  lo I *"",*  ' _,
T .1   laml:   mi-iin-'*./*     ,*���'_.
Ibtveil corn, i.ol ��-, *_tj_\
��riht then���1
iiilbi al,^is.** ^
s ilisllis east In polul of
lug BOO aorea more ssr Is
Dated lha loth 'lay 01 October, i����
K K.i -l'10-
per B. RHUI-1- .'
Noilce Is hereby given thai '*' "*fi'_l 'ffil
Intend 10 applv m tha Bonor'bw "��=j
I'ssiniolssliiiier Ol I-ainls ami ""r, ,,.,,) ],dU<
sissn to purehaae the following nw'\ '.,���,,_ ,i.
II, the Wcsl Koolenay .llMrlcl: I'-K !'�� ��,���'
post marked "Khsimsr HlNch��� �����Mail
ami phuitssl on the si.-l ssliorr "', ���,, I oije*""
WI,��lshiiii|(*arllK,,i)l,ikc.iil.s.is ' " .' ,,,,,ib��
nillesBsssilli.il Arrow lakeliall. U" " ���|���|W
ehnllis: thi'licrensl ill chalm ___%_._,*_
aliorcssf the Narrows; 11 e '"",   ..tIi lllrc*"
shore lu u general Bissstlicily a"; " . ....minrtiK*
tion io ohalna moreor Ion to pom '.'
incut mining 100 acrei more - ' . -m��t,
l���,���.,l<.e..��th,l!����:  t  aA__%Att__2
 !  in-sii'"1'"
Nnl lee lahciri'liv given lhal slxlj.HiL.ljM
I Intend to apply wthe Hon I "' ,������ ,���f
rr of l.iiliilsnti.l   Works lor 00,nana j���
ohue the followlni .lescrihssl '��' ���",, snsrtij
Kootenay siisirin: Beginning " 'rlU.,i.ini��
-w.K imbe'aa K. cornor."ana J��f,'ft,k��
sossl   Ihore  of   Whnlsbnli (I art i.��lAv]llt,lill
iwo uiils-s iiurili ol Uu* narrow" oi ^.iji
lake; tbenn, north 10 ehaliis- '" ,. ,Ml��
chains, moreor loss, to Hi" l��k, **',, M,���ib��ll
following   laid Bl.or.-1" " ��' "",';,'. ���r l.-M,��
all.lraslcrly.llrs-cll HOOhal .,*���'   ,'��inll,�� *>���
iio- point ol oommencemoni	
aerea, moro or |ess.
F. L. UUUt">"'i *���"''' ANHEUSER    -AND THE original
BUSCH..,    Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
NELSON       s*"" aa__\___]��"���"���������    VICTORIA
P. Burns *S* Co.
|-,m.|i I: ,.1 .���- in   Kos��l|��ii(l,   Trail,   NkIsioii,  Knslo,   Bandon, Three Forks, New
Doiivur nml 'iloean City.
Head Offlce: Nelson, B. C.
Fiiicinv after dat*>* i purpose making appli-*
Mi'* f ''Hum iNHimier ol Lands
I**. -���- t permission i" purchase iht fol-
riDi Ji I landi    CommenotaJE at 11 (Htet
���.In id* mutliwest corner ot J.Hl.ieli>ap-
hlloti  I., pur ' *i-'-,  marked ' H. H's H  H. Cur-
���."rxniiiiijr lln lice 80 chain** north- thenee HO
ilm west, ili-ii������>��� hi chalnn south,thenee HO
���   int of cuiii infiiceincnt, fun lain���
-- 01 leas,
ilthe I8tti day of October. I**'**.
K. Hhiei.i.,
per J HtriEi.L, Agent.
Iityilaj*isltci dste I purp-we making appli-
;. 1! m chlel Commissioner nf IjuhI*.
���'���' rki -     ;   ini-i.ni in purchase lhe lol-
��� ��� ������ landi:    i'ouiiriciictn-r; tu n pn-a
if-'liiLiiii the ixirtlicait corner nf It .-.i|eli's
lirtliop tnpiin-lifMe, marked "M. R O's H. K.
" MiniiUlfi   :l..ii'<* mi i.halua nnrth lu the
nl  I   I. -SMB. thence ���*) chalna
chaioi south, thenoe 00 ehalni
i-i cimi-iieeineut, containing Mn
rt >pf le-".
rt tht 1.1th day of Ootober. UM.
M. K. Gutareti,
pel-J HHifLI., Agent
I late I purpOM making appli-
lostntbi' ihu tin* chief Com ml alone. "I
fi-i'��u'i Hnrk    k |>ennliBlon 10 purchaie the
'  uud:   Commencing at a
lp]��i-i-'l -rti-l nf the Juiictinu  nf  Harries and
.     iaii.I iml   nf   It. J. Elliott's  ap
... marked "W. N   P's   S. W.
. thence hu chalnn north) thenee
- E-uceW uhams-aonUn uenoeao
im ���*.��������� in ;.iiiui ,p( commenoenienti oon tain-
��� i are or li *-.
lyoIOi lobor, 11(06.
I'er J. SlUKt.l,, A(tent.
'       rti.  I pnrpjae  making  appli-
11 the (hief Com 111 iwiloner of
* for I'crtiilMtnu lo purehaae tin*
rlhe.1 lands:    ciimmendng al a
m"MhcHM oornerol it, KTOren-
to purcbaie,  marked "V. D's,
unnlng theme HO chalna north:
lice  ni chalna cast;  Ihence HO
���   ��� ** H haittn   west, to point Of
���niniiiiuK  -510 aorea,  more nr
1 da> nf October, 1306.
Per J. sntell, ARcnt.
'<������ I" hert'ti) irivcn that80 dava aller date I
������'    ' application ki the flnuorahlu (he
nei of Landi and Worka fnr per*
'||" i" ic     I-.* thc following deaorlbed
-    1 uninieiieiiig Kt a pnat  on thc   nnrlh
1 and about 3ohalns eaat of
 fining tn chain* cast; thence
imrth; thenee40chains weal: ihence 40
*'t   tn  point  nf cniniiielieement, eon-
���   n 1 more "r teas.
��W October 13, 1908,
Lkon Watson,
I!.* in- agent, Khnkht W. Uubinsos.
Notice la herehy Riven thatfiOdavi art.r date I
intend to apply to Die Honorable the Chief Com-
mlaalnncr nf Landa and Worka fnr permission lo
purehaae  lhe following deacril-ed l.m-l-   in  the
Weet Kootenay distriet. Beginning at a pnat
marked "Alexander Fi-iiscr'** N. W. enrner," aud
planted nu the .Hal nhore nf the narrows nl
Whatahan (Caribou) hike, at lhe H. E. enrner of
It-rnhard Blnoh's application tu purehaae;
thence east 4it chains; theuee aouth SO chains;
tbenoe WMt40 OhalttS, more or lean, tn the shore
of the narrows, theuee foUowlng ue said shore
in a northerly -.lire- ttnu m chains, more or leaa
lothe point of coium.nceiiieiil, containing 320
acrea, nmre or leaa.
Oct. l.lth, INO, AI.KXAM.ER KRAM-..K,
hy P. I.. Hammond, Agent.
Hlxty dava after data Ipurpose making appll-
eatlnn to the Hon. Chief 1 nmmisaiuner of bands
and Works for neririfssloii to purehaae the following deaeribed lainlr-: Commencing at the
northeast corner of ('. J, Hmililnglon's applies-
Unii tn purchase, marked -k. a. c'n s. e, comer,"
running theme BO ChalttS north, thenee EO ehalns
went. Ihenoe xn chains lOQth, thence-SO chalna
eaal In point nf commeticeraent, containing (HO
acrea, more nr leaa.
I>aled tin; Iith day Of October, UQ0,
I*'. A. CrEaae,
per J. Suiki.l Agent.
Uj'i ��'    : date I purpoae malting appli-
"Btotielloi,  1 Incfi'omnilaalniier.rf linda
lion to  purchase  lint  toi-
*  Und:   ('niiimeneltiK at a pnat
Wahoiit lm yards  west of  the  Whatshan
hsimii'l ni   ui tWo miifH _o_\h ot What
ked  'B.c.K'aN  K. enrner pnat,"
*   m  chalna   aouth;    Ihence   HO
Webalns imrth: thence W
'"' ��������� I     ' "I commencement; cmilaln-
��� ���rleu
I'er It HiitHi.i,, AkciiI.
��� .letorii
1 im id,.
date I intend to apply to the
il CommlSftonet nt Latula and
- I'lircliHae IHO acres of land,
'���>������( "tiieof Arrow I .ke. adjoining
1-.-1.1 ���" Ml"'1 n" follows: t'ommeneltig
1 "'l-if.1,.1 ������ (be weal boundary of Uit
��� ���will _U ehaiiia north oTttaee. V.. corner <il
��� i. inn.,, weat ,�� chaloa, Iheiicemiilh fiO
i-aa) 80 Ohaini to the western I
���nii.iion NO.ITS, tbence north
- - nt iwiiunliiK.
'��� '���* Van M K. Waiikv.
lt J. Hli.iott, AkciiI.
Notice la hereby given lhal ft) dayi afterdate
J Inteml tnahpiv In the Hon (*hfe( CoininUainner
"( I :.:���������'. mi*! W nrkx fur permlaalon to pnrflhaae
the InllnwiiiK described landa in Wtti Kuutenav
DlStliOt: -Spinning at a pnat marked, "Berii-
hard UlrfOh-8. K. corner,''and planted on lhe
cast shore nf tin- narrows ol Whatahan (Cariboo)
lake; theliee 11 -rth HO ehnllis: thenee west 40
cbaina ui'in-nr leaa, to ihe shnre of Whatahan
lake; thenee following said almre lu a general
aniitherly and easterly direetinn UO chains more
nr less, to I'.iint of cnniiiiL-uceincnt: contain ini*
830 acres, mure or leas.
Dated this mil day of Oct. Viofi.
IlEHMIARII  [111:- II,
F. I-. HaMMONU, Audit
Hixty day*- after dale I purpose making appll-
CMlioii tn ._e Hon. lhe Chief CnminisNioner of
Land" and HTortS bir permission to purehaae the
folburinj; denrlbed land: Commencing at a
post placed about half 11 mile weat nf Flame*
cre>*k, and about nm* mile north nf the itinulh of
thesamo, marked "J. H's. R Vi. corner." running
ihence K0 ehalna north; Ihence Hi ehaiiia eaat;
tliMic. Wl chalna aouth to the north boundary nf
Vi. N, Poole's application to purchase; thence H)
chain" weal to point of eommeucement; containing ,*l|- acres more nr lea*.
Dated the lath dav of October, 1906.
J, Skull.
Sixty da|S aft-sr date I purpoae making appli-
Oatlon to the Hon. Chief -Commlsairner of Landa
and Worka for permlnion to purchase the following described landa: Commencing at a poit
pi>u ������*! nl-Miii half a mile west of the lower end of
Whatshan lake, marked -U. D'B. N. W .corner,"
running thence H-l chaiua vniilh ; t hence HO chaiua
easl; ihenee HO eliains north; thenee HO cnalm
weat to point of cnmnienccment, containing 640
aerea, mure or leas
Hated the IJth dav of October, 1908.
1). Dor>D,
I'er J.8HIBLL, Ageut.
The Daily Canadian
> iv. 11 ihnt ik) days afterdate I
.j;1"""*1-' application lolhe Honorable the
ihiu "l"l'"i'i nf l.nnds and Works for per-
'" I'-n-'hiiau lhe following deacrlla-d
:'"'l''" HIS sl a |Miat piaeed about olio
"' "haulmn creek and about three
11 "I ������Inii-liai. hike, ru lining Hneliiilna
'''��'"���*-ehalni wtMtj thenoo 80 chains
I -���" m elmlni enat,  t.i pointOJ enm-
1 ���'''"'"""".'''thaiTCHiiHireor lesa.
II I"'mt 13, pan,
���    . I'kTKft McNAfiiMIHN,
"J   hi. iir.-nt, KRNMT Vi. ItOIIIKSOH
.!,''', '' '" ���l��y Hlren tnat IMdaya frnm date I
'; ���'.'[��� v io Hie llouorable the chief Cora-
'" '    o]   lun,.    ,.,������     ll.._|,���    ,    .'.,11
T >' '" tlifl II .ruble the Chiel Com-
'"ids nml  Works to pnrehaae fi-10
rlbed as loltowa:  Cominenciiig
"���> the north bank ol lhe Utile
kr*i".oi ".."." ���i"lt y*rd�� from moiitli, and
,,s. '   1MVI"",,N   8    W.   corner   j.oal,"
i nj chRltia, thence north H0 chalna.
,"      Wfliains. Ihcuec soutli HOchaina, to
rl,���, neemont. and oon tuning (W aores
"1:' [b day OH , IMA,       H-.iiT.Mcl.KAN.
,.',',",*'���  "[t'T dale I purpoae makiug appli
Wi,    ", """ Cbiefifommlnloner of Lands
'"   piTiutasioii io ptirchnae tlie fob
"'"-11 wndii Commanolng at the
'"��er of ��*. Dodd's appllcstlon to
"'ked -CL. H'a n.k. comer," run*
s" I'hatiia aouth, thence 80 chains
1   ll   'Imiiia  norlh, thence HO t hains
""', nf commenoameht, oontainlng
ited'.t*." I "        "���
'lVv Uth day of Ootober, IDOB,
per J Hhiki.i,, Agent
\\,,rl _''    M'"".i liiefC, nlUlQOerO. Lands
"**���   'li**'    i'7"l"' 11"" '" Purchase the fol-
i  ,i,  ,, '���"Os:    Commeneing   al  a
11    no   norlhweat cornor   o(  "K.
��� !>, J.      i.'01,   l"   P'irchaae,   marked
'���'un cr,    riinulng thenee HO chalu"
* �����> chains weat, thenco 80 chalus
-J'alni east to point of coinnniii-
, ' "HiKfUinerea more or leaa.
'-tlMluy of October, 1000
Ki l*tOHKHl~HON,
pur J.Biiikll, Agont.
H.xty dsya after date I purpoae making application to .tie Hmi Chief Commissioner of Lands
Hint Wo ka for permission to purchase the following described lauds: < ommencfiig at the
northwest corner ol K. A. Creaac'a application lo
purehaae, marked "W. (i. ti'a. 8 VV. corner,"
running thence HO cliaina uorth; thence HO
chains east; theuce HO chains aouth: thence 80
eliains weat to point ol commencement, containing MO acres, more Or less.
Dated lhe (Sth day oi October, 1908,
I'er J. Hhiki.i,. Agent.
Hixty days after date 1 purpoae making application tn lhe Hon. Chlel Commissioner of Landa
hihI Works for pcrmlaaluii to purchase the foibiwing described  lamia:   Commencing at the
norlhweat corner of I>. Dodd'a application to
pnrehaae, marked "U. F_ 8. W. comer, "running
[henoe 80 ohalns north] thence ho chains, more
or leaa, to the west shore ol Whatahan lake, fob
lowing fame BO chains nuth] theme 80 ehalni,
more or less, eaai in tlie point of oommensementi
coulaliiiiik 0�� aerea. nmre or lesa.
Dated Hie Uth day ul October, IWtt.
M. l*'*i t.rn:u.
per J- Siiikll, Agent.
Notice ia hereby given that sixty days alter
date I lutend In apply to the Honorable Chief
Commlulonei Of l-imli and Works (or permis-
minissintie* Ol .
���li 10 porehan the [(Mowing deacrlbed lamU:
inieiicing al a posl plawd on thc iiorUtw
i-of Albert Blllott'sappHeaUon topurcha*
running M" chai
iHiiimiary ��f mn
thenceHuchains w
point of ctuomell
mote or less.
Dated Oct. 18. UW.
aat along thu northern
i'c KO chains nnrth;
ice Hnciialns south, to
eontainiug 840 acres,
John Ki.i.iott,
Hy lila agent, Khnkst W. Rohinhon.
Notice IU hereby gl
en that Wl daya alter dale I
mi. nd toappiy loliie Bon, Chief Commiasioner
el i ands anil Worka for perinisaimi to purchnse
ihe'following descritied lands situated lu the
Wesl Kootenay district: lies I titling at a post
nmrked "Herbert Warren's N. R, cofiier," and
.ni * mi the w at shoreof Whatshan (Carlbno)
- about one niinrlcr mile north Of the south-
end oil hi1 hike; thence weal HO chains; tlience
moil, sn cbaina; ihence cast HO chains, more or
lesi t�� Whalshan creek; thence following
,,rih iVioim the creek nml lake ahore HO chalna,
more ot fiat] to polnl Ol commencement, eon-
1,,'iiiitiu (Mn acres, mnrc or less
'"��.....��..-1.7���"-a^-.St ��*.����,��,
F. I.. II IMM.-Mi. AllS'lll.
I all,-
M-Hisa is liisri'lsy Klvi'ii llinl ��' Mat '".'r 'l1"'''
Inn     t, .   . v foil" Hon-Oprt Cotamtrianw
s .i,,,i, \vs.iks Is.r parmtwion to purohua
I'i,'' , k iGaSlW issss'l" ��U"��i.��i i�� mo
u. .i iSalwiV Dlitrlet: Bo��lnnln| ai a port
s, 5 "AatolaaltaHlreh'1 N. R.ootnar,"and
marked, ���*"''",',', ������ ���i wliaUhan ICarlbpo
I'1,"""',' si   s,  iii.'si corner .si itm ...1.1 lakai
l��k'*��' "    ,"',.] all h     ica wosl �� i-liallis,
H,,.,,,,.,, 11II1  1'*','". ��[,,,n- ol Whalaban ssrsicks
!1i1"n!.,'."i��� 1 iiwiiii! Hi" ��� line;ilaai.l oreejand
1     . iii-rssl northerly and i-asii-riy direc-
f���* '��, .Kim more ssr Ion. I" pn nt ol com-
��.J_3��__tf_n_inta_ 1�� ssssrcslmore ur _tl
OlSl. ISitll, HK,fi- ANTOINKTTK IllltNl II,
By t*. L. llAMaoNU, Aifimt.
Celebrated     Profeseor    Differa    From
Kipling aa to Ita Origin.
"The ancestral history of that largest anil most interesting of terrestrial
l.'-asts, the elephant. Thus Professor
Hay Lanliesler Introduced Ills audience
at the London Institution to a wonder-
lul collection of lantern slides, lllus-
traslve of the elephant's evoluilon
from the ancient mammoths and mus-
lodsins. Some of the Bkeletous reproduced OH the screen had beeu unearth-
ed In Ureal llrltaln.
Professor Hay Lankester was particularly Interesting on Ihe subject ot
the flephaiil's trunk. A picture ol
8 long-jawed mastodon skeleton.rrom
Central France wna shown, and a sou,
lower jaw was pointed out as corre-
spondlng to the trunk of the modern
"The elephant's trunk,*' said the
lecturer, "originated through a shortening of tlie lower jaw. Therefore, 1
am sorry to upset Mr. Hudyard Kipling's explanation thai the length of
lho trunk was accounted for by its
having been pulled by the crocodile."
A picture of a tapir, with its long
juoboscis resting on and drooping
over tho end of Its lower jaw, was
shown as an example of what was
probably one Stage of the elephant��
trunk, and remarking upon this, the
professor Bald: "The tendency In modern times has heen for lhe general
'Iiiiil dogging' of ihe elephant's head.
Thus Its lower Jaw has receded and
its upper lip has grown and drooped
lm s the familiar trunk"
But  Vatican Cannot Espouse Cause or
the Poles.
Home, Dec. 3.���The pope today received Cardinal Kopp, hishop uf Bres-
lau, in a private farewell audience.
The cardinal leaves tomorrow for Her-
Iin, where he will see Chancellor Von
Buelow and Emperor William and
coiutnunlcale to them the result of his
conference witli the Vatican authorities on the Polish situation. The Vatican thoroughly sympathizes with the
Poles but cannot esiwuse Iheir cause
agaiusi Germany ns the latter's policy
Is uot directed against the Homan
Calhollc religion. The pope charged
Cardinal Kopp to convey his greetings to Emperor William.
Famous Californians.
San Francisco, Dec. 3.���The Call today says School Director D. H. Oliver
stated yesterday that Secretary Metcalfe, before his departure for Washington, told the school directors that
he believed they were clearly within
their rights In establishing a separate
school for Japanese pupils. This
would tend to correct the Impression
that Secretary Metcalfe had decided
in favor of the Japanese in his report
to the president. The secretary's report, it may be assumed, will conform to his assurances lo the school
Nollco Ib liereby given tlial -to rtays aller date I
niieinl making application to tlie Honorable tlie
Oblei ('ommisaioncr ol I-auila ami Works lorn
f j i 111   liceiiM- to cut ninl remove timber Irom
ine .ollnwiiih' ilcscrlbeU lamia, Kituateil on tin*
Skagot river:
Commencing about ������_ cbaina nortb of tbe
anu tii vast-comer of I.nt ���-_"_*, Yale district; tbenee
running eaal lortv (40) cIihIiih ; soul li oue b nml red
and sixty (ito) chains] west forty (W) chains|
imrlli one biimlreil and Hixty (100) cIuiIiin, to
place of commencement.
Paled October 15th, ISM. D. H. Tlt-fOBD.
Thirty days after dale I mtcinl in aii'Iv lotbe
Hon. chief commissioner of Landa ami Works
fof a -Special license to OUt and earrv away timber frnm the following described land: Commencing al a post marked "(ieorge M. -iimti's
Miulhcaft enrner," planted aboul three miles up
lirninau creek, which em|><lus nl. -ni nuc mile
wesl of Nelson: tbence west 10 cli Aim; theuce
nortii M0chain*-; thence east   lu chains; llienee
south 180 chains tu point f commencement,
lintel Oct. .hi, v.m. Qaojtas M. munn,
w. j. McKimm, Agent.
Notice is bereby given (bat BOdUS alter dale I
intend tu applj to lbe Hon. the Chief Commls
sioner of I.nml-- and Works for a siM-e'al licence
lo cut and carry away timber from the rollowlntr
described lauds: Commeueiiig al a posl marked
"T. J. Hcaiilati'ssnullieaslenrner," planlcd about
five miles up Uroman creek, wblch empties about
one mile west nf Nelsou; thence wcsl blcbalus,
thonoe north 1*80 Ohatntj tlience east lu chains;
ibenee south tto chains to point of commence-
Hilled Oct B0. llKJfi. T. J. ECAHUtf.
W. I, ITcKlMM, Agent
Brilliant    and    Busy    Day    at    United
States    Capital.
Washington, Dec. 1.���With the time
of both the -senate and house devoted
to Uie usual formalities of opening,
ihe last session of the Fifty-ninth congress wa�� assembled today. The gavels of Vice President Fairbanks, president of the senate, and Speaker Cannon, of the house, full exactly at the
noon hour. The opening prayers were
made by the chaplains, Hev. Kdward
EBveratt Hale in the senate ami Hev.
H. N. Couden in the house. In both
bodies the first work was the appoint"
ment or committees to wall upon the
president and Inform him that congress was ready to receive any communication he had to send. Hesolu-
lions of respect to the memory of tho
late Representative Hoar of Massachusetts, of Representative Hilt of Illinois, and Representative Ketcham ot
New York, who passed away during
the recess were passed. Little or no
business outside of the usual first day
routine was attempted.
The scene at th�� opening was a
brilliant and busy one. There were
the greetings among members and the
hundreds of visitors with beautifully
gowned women predominating. Corridors, commitlee rooms and cloak
rooms were thronged. Tho bustle extended even to the floors of the chambers.
There was much good-natured chaft
and raillery extended between the victors and the vanquished at the recent
election. Several of the best-known
Figures In both branches, were defeated at tho polls last month and will retire with the expiration of the session
begun today.
Thirty dajs after date ��� inteud toapply to tbe
iimi. cjii,.i Commissioner of i_uid*.aiid'WoTks,
Victoria, for a special license lo cut and caffj
away Umber from tlie following tract of laud,
���situated on the N. ._ H. railway, In the West
kooteuay district: Commencing at a post ith tiled near the N. H comer of A. K. Flltgland's
timber claim, thenee weslHUcbalna, thence nortb
hu chains, tbenee est HO chains, tbenee south HO
ebalns to pniut of co mule uee in eul-
Nov. 6th, 1WW. I'. J. (lAlUUIIHK
Hlxty days alter dale I Intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of bunds and
Works, Vietoria, to pureliase 160 acres of laml,
locatod in Kire Valley anil deserlbed as follows!
UCmmenctng at a post marked (I. B. McM's N.W,
cornor, and planted at tbo southwest comer ol
Lot '-M-'t. and running south 80 chains, llienee
cast'JO i'lialna, tbence mirth 80 ebnlii . thence
west '20 ebalus to place of beginning.
ilKO. R. Mi'Mn.t.AN,
NOV. IHth. 190G.
J. K. Annahlk, Agent.
Notiee ts hereby given Uml 00 davs alter date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
mtstdoner of hands and Works, Victoria, B. 0.,
lor permlMlon to purchase lbe following described land, situated fn Hie West Kootenav district,
on the west side id I uhamcl (or Hix Mile) ereek,
on up ei sldo of wogon road, about 2'., miles
froji west Arm of Kodenay lake: Commenolng
nl a put-it miiiked Mrs Haiti-' Puck's r-. K corner, running-.0 ehains west; theuce 'JO rhslns
south; theuce 40 chaiua east; Ihenee '20 chains
north, to the point ol commencement, eonlaliilng HO acres of laud, more or leas.
Datod tbO mil .November llKM.
Mrs. IIattis Duck,
John J*:. Taylok, Ageut.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day honae in tbe Kootenays.
Rooms are well furnished.  Table as good as any
ln Nelson.    Bar supplied with good
liquors and dears.
W. K. MoOANDLISH, Proprietor.
Life-Saving Stations.
Chariot tetown, F. E. !., Dec, 3.���As
the result of the many disastrous
wrecks on the Gulf of St. Lawrence
and Straits of Northumberland this
fall, the federal government has decided to establish life-saving stations
along the Prince Edward Island coast.
The minority of the stations will bo
located on the gulf side of the island.
Winnipeg Customs.
Winnipeg, Doc. 3.���Receipts at the
Winnipeg customs port last month
were $:fGU.412.75; in the same month
last year the figures were $282,455.76,
the  increase  is  therefore  $77,950.90.
Order Your
Fruit Cakes
Wc make them in all sizes
and designs
Choquette Bros*
On and after December 1st my hcattnn aud
plumbing business will )>e located In my now
aliop. iwo doors east of opera hour-ie, on Victoria
Tel. 181.
P��isS��N $1-50
Tremont House
ZnropeaD .od Ausst1sss.ii I'l.u
Hu.1, 2S ou.   Boom. Irism 96 i-tss. to li
Only White Help Employes!
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait,
Fuel It Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and  Ward  Sts.
W.   a.   aiLLETT
Contractor  mid
Hole agent for the 1'orio Uleo Lumber t'o., Ltd.,
retail yards. Knii-gli and dn*-sud lumber, turned
work and brucketa, Coast latb and MhlnRlua, fault
and doom. Cement- brick mui lime for nalo,
Automatic nrliiitor.
Yard and factory: Vernon Ml,, cant of Hall,
rNBUMOlN,  H. C.
P. U. llox Wi. Telephone 178.
Bator ��t., Nelson Proprietors
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar ls the Fluent.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine St.
Lake View Hotel
Corn*r Hall and Vernon,
two bloekH from wharf.
Kates 11 oo per day and up.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Hampleand Bath Rooms Free.
$750 Cash aad $15 per Month
Will Purchase a Modem House
containing three bedrooms, Dining room, parlor, kitchen and
bathroom ; gas and electric light.     The bouse is in a
good position on Mill street and
must be sold.
Price $1300.00.
H. & M. BIRD.
Opposite Court Home and Post Office.
Corner War. and Vernon Street,.
Th* Strathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample    Room*.
Queen's Hotel
Biker Blreel, Nelion. B. O.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by pot Air
Large and Comlortable Bodroom* ansl Flrat-
clsus. TiliilUB Room. Sample Room, lor Commercial Hen
MRS. E. C. CLARKE. Proprletreu
Royal Hotel
Kiitf-s |1 and 11.50 a Day.
Si., rial Rates to Regular Boarders.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will tind it to their advantage to nse onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Wholesale ami Retail Denier* In
Fresh and Salted Meats
(!mti|w HUpplied on nli orient notico und
lowt'ht pricu. Nothing but freak and
wholoAoiut) mt _st**. nnd ttupploH kept in stack
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,   Manager.
A-McDonald& Co,
1 Issiilnrn in staple aud fanoy Orooeriea.
Butter, Kggfi.
Camp and Minen' Supplies.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or anil nnyihlng,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A now
line ol Japanese (ioodB now on Bale. All
kinds ot Dinnerware In slock, pit-
XT ��       tt **I*��  TO   TAKB OUT   AN 	
fNowisthelimeAccident k^^ Policy
I Represent The Railway Passengers' Company
Th�� Oldest Company Doing  Business In This Line.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Aem
of t_e
Chofcest Fmtt Lands In
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Winter Excursions
Nelson ^�� Montreal, Toronto
=_____ Anil All Point- West Thereof
In Ontario ud Quebec.
Quebec, St. John Halifax, and Maritime Provinces rates on application.
Tickets on sale dally,
Roan. Trip. First-Class. Three Months'
Limit. Old Country Rates
$89.25 Return
Halifax or St, John.
Saloon, 995; Second, 976; Steerage, 954
And up, according to steamer.
For detailed information. Bailings,
ocean steamere, first class or tourist
aleeper reservations, apply to local
agent or write
A.u.P. *_.. VKiii-��iiivt>r. D.P.A.. Nelwin
Certificate of Improvements
"lUtton" miimral claim, Hitiuml in tlir- Nclnnn
Mini UK I.vIhI.iii ul Went Koo.ctliy liiwtiltt.
V'heru located!   On To__ mountain.
lako Notice Unit I, John Mrl-atnlile acting its
innl (orQeqnn A.t^mptK'll. Fn-o Mlnvr'ii Certificate No. b.u77, intend, -sixty <lay�� Irom the
date tiuruof, to apply tothe Mining Recorder lor
a Certificate ot Improvement-*, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown (Irani of thc above claim.
And further tuko notice that action, un et
wet Inn .7, muni be commenced -before the I situ-
auceof auch Certificate of Improvement.*-;.
Dated this 17th day of November, 1900.
John Mri.ATi-i-m:.
Certificate of Improvements
"Bpyglai-V' and "Globe" mim-ml clnim-*, situate
in Trout Lake Mining Dlvtnlon.
I-oca ted mi Poplar ereek.
_Vle Notice that I, Rriuo White acting aa
agetit for tho Hpyglana Mining ' ��.. Free Mincra'
Certlfleate No H. MM, Intend. Ml daya from the
date hereof, to applv to the Mining Kecordcr for
a Certificate of Improvement* for the purpoae of
obtain I iik a Crown Cranf of tin*, above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
Bci'ti.ni ::;, inuot be commenced before the Issuance of auch CcrliOeatc of Improvement!-:.
Dated --Tilth October, IH0C. Kiuck V. hitk.
-.'RHNIM1 ANU GIUrriNO carefully attended to. Apply
Hllver King Hotel.
Excursions to
Eastern Canada
Oriental Limited
With through tourists car to
To Toronto, Montreal
and points west
ST* * 7*8.25
Corresponding low rates to
points east ol Montreal. :'
Tickets on sale Nor. 24th.to
Dec. Slst. Qood for three months
with privilege ot extending limit
Going via Sault Ste Marie
stopovers allowed east ot Sl.
Paul and Duluth.
Going via Chicago stopovers
allowed east ot Detroit and
Port Huron.
For  further  information call
on or address
City Passenger Agent.
A (I.P.A., Bestlle.
West Transfer Co.
General Tn-mmti-rs and Dealers In
Ooal and Woo-.   Express and
Baggage Transfer
SSpS__��i!_ Office: Baker St.
Notice fa hereby given that at a meeting of the
Board or License Com in I as loners, to be he'd In
thu Chief Constable's offlce, Nelaon, on the 16th
December, 1W6,1 Intend to apply to* a transfer of
my license for 1 he(imvc* Hotel, Falrvltw, Nelaon,
toC. F. WeKilcy.
Dated 15th Nov.. 1006. J W CftOW,
per Wm. (jOSNKLL, Attorney.
No'loe la bereby given that at a meeting ei the
Hoard of Uueuae CnmmlM'otieri, to be held la
Chief Constable's ���in.'-c, at Nelaon.on 1Mb Decern*
ber, IDOti, I Intend t. apply for a (runs'er of mv
hotel license for the Palace hotel, at Vmlr, to
Archibald A Davis
Ith Kuvember, IMS. H1TCHILX TAIT.
i tot rf'
1 h
��� ���
The Daily Canadian
New Goods - - Just Opened
RINGS nude in cur own lactory.
Anotner lot of Psckard's Hand Painted China.
Our .tore ��>ll be open every evening during December.
M VN*. F.ls'lTK'.Nil JK�� VI I VK
J lb. box
1-2 Ib. box
li.,-.   MOdl    At,'   A,   l*!S.-   .*    Ills-  I1S.ST,' ,'\|V-.S,|Vf
kns.ls. Us.- i>!i'.y dlteium ssi lis,- i-.ol.ts-,
TKV * l's*V.
I Longhurst's
New Xmas Fruits
rino. nlnw. |alo itndi *> I ���������'���
ordsr will oooTlnos rod U'-t '���������*
stock Is Uio tvst.
Seeded Raisins. _
:M Trading Co J
Coal and
Telephone 265
.1   ntSD HUMS   PntrirtV
.1.   >!    \    -   ..       1      : .... Ml ..    K    A
S ns    I,    \V.   B    M    *-'-:���>.'.   W    G
-    -  B   U
il      Mrs    v   Ledw     snd    lieoe,
S **..->.
-   Spokane;   D   K   K-.
.    K  Ked-eil   W��M�� Walla: p.
McFa-U        *      - s Hal
tht - &,   '. f*i -.
G   tt    G       H - P   -   ���    Croe*
\    B    V....K, -.���.;;���*.     A.     H.   MicNdll.
\   Bi B_staad;    !
--  A   Povler, #;   John:   t
S  - ehy, Y:-.-..:    w     1.    KtaUt
Ni��   fort
.1. .1   l>sis:sa^. Va:.,-.-::.,-    C   Thorny
S T Spent      a T  EL Thomp
- :.   s -.-.-.,: :-,vk.
Tan of On: la tMtho Qanpuiy;  \\t.ri
I '   N   .-.   .       .,-.      ,-. :....,:r. .     Was     A
Hirst, v*   Qooda    VanooaTar;    B    t;
ilrahsm. \Vinla��:  F   Ooi, Nakttsjs
M   Bcaa, Rosdaad;    .1.    Suw
Rosshuri; .1   McOonmek, R. W. Nick-
-        ... -    .      .      .1    .1    llaloy.   Boa
tl   Vsiiini:.  SAnds-sn.
Mrs    v   I- Ross . :. .      .  :  . :
P    N.-sblf.  .1.
K< '-��� >.>-...      :'   V, ..   H Re-id.
M. OW       :" - _nd:   ti
"   P��"        1 s~,  Browa, CUoaao;
-  : sil.-c   Spokane;   1.   Tsilil   C,-��:s
B   B ���"��� ���-     ~. . ., -    \Y    Hi.
v ��������� ,-  W   Bateuaa   K rv��T.
vk   r -V  nrta,  C   i;
'    '"���       - ..snori
Oranhrvsok    lias
bodrej team
.sr?nuim's! a  Jttnfoi
Mrs  Carera rt Cartoton Pl*ee, Onr.
i,.   \isiiing  with  Mrs. On,  Hunter In
Vs-n AiohslsMs-o-.s ii.s. is in the eity
tooUai niter matters OOMMCted iith
his dlooeaa
KootaDA] lodga, No It, l tt 0, K.
will confer the flrsl snsl teooa. da
fttt ihis ivening.
Th.* sk.itinf: rta- "111 not opaa tsv
tiisln. the neather being loo mlM to
produce satlifacror] nv
I'.   Saaunel.   Sr.   who    has      .
from the emplos  of the Ns'.soi*. aehool
lH��rd  after  DMUU     >>*ars  of    faithful
sersiiv.  will  leave  short'sv   lor a   visit
t.s the esxtst cities.
In the ciiy police court this morn-
in... when -.lie case ol Jean Roberta
was called, neither the accused nor
the chief witness, McLeod, aftMared
The poHaa have located Miss Roberta
in Spokane. She waa remanded lasl
week on her own rveogniia-.tco. owbu
to the f-iihiro of the man she assaulted
wuh UM scissors to pal in an appear
Leaf nigh*, there wore litres theat
ris-al cvimivuties in town. The Pringle
conu��uy. which had concluded its en-
-a- DMBl in th-.- city, was preparing
:��� ..- out: ths" Harol,! Nelson cvm
juny, passing though to the Houndary
an.i the "Out in Idaho" company.
��].:,*: had just arrive,! in the city toi
its  performance  this evening,    ln  ad-
.-.:.-:. to this the advance accent for
McEwen. the hypnotist, came i*.: or
::., sM-ning b.-sst. All of which goes
to prove lhat Nelson is rapidly devel
osssr.c   Into  a  dramatic  centre.
The Harold Nelson company panwsl
throagk :he city last evening en route
to the Ro-.ir.dar> towns The com-|,an>
.sy a return engagement in Nelson beginning on the Uth. for two
:-.sg^:.s w*kea The Pi lamer of Zen-
da" will be produced and Ariiona"
reiK-arod. The Nelson ptxtple have
been pla? ing with great success s^n
the main line, but met with misfortune
in the illness ot Mr. Itruce. The op
erafion on that gentleman at Kamloops has been entirely successful and
he will be able to rejoin the company
ss, Utfa a few weeks In the meantime
Mr. Nelson is playing Mr. Rruce's
paita, and  with  remarkable success.
Residents ah^ng the Arrow- lake, and
particularly m the vicinity of l*ire
Valley and Rumm City, have entered
a protest against the change in the O
P R. service. They allege that <he
change is a source of great inconveni-
nience fo them, in lime and money
Where formerly the fare to Nelsor.
w-as only $a. it is now about til., and
the time consumed in reaching Nelson, the distributing centre of the
Kivtenays. will at least be 4S hours
greater than formerly. They ask the
Nelson people lo uke the mattter tip.
alleging that it is to the interests of
the merchants here to deal with the
Question at once.
Don't Overlook
Tea   Beta,   Padding   D'.sliss    Battel
H-hae,    Meat    Porks.   Pickle   ,
Knives.  Porks. Bpofaoa, sic. all of the
best material possible to bo had.    All
musl be sold by Xmas. so come early.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
Mow    ,\t>.sl.lt   Your
Guns find
Ammunition ?
We hav,- K!,y's. Kyiuvk's. Win-
ohaoter, and Oogewall A
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's, Winehi tb r aad
D minion
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
H-.-.nmi. Kim,-,-  Wasting. H, Its,
i   ata, Pants, etc.
m as save you money
Nelson Hardware Co.
Hon 631      Nelson, ft. C.
We are just checking -hem off and
can't give exae*. pr-co bat us :. ..
them   in   all   sires,   styles   and   prices.
At fro-n  about 75 cents tc  $3.00.
who require auy special book
for Christmas should make
their selections or
Place Their Order
iu order to ensure delivery of books not iu
stock before 'Xmas.
W�� G. Thomson
Phone .v-��.
Are vou one of the wise ones
~  " : who  have   placed  their  order
Sherman's Opera House -thus? ifNotG*B__T!
Monday, December 3 (;ana(Ja (JrUp J gOOk CO'S
Melo   Dramatic   Success
"Out in Idaho"
A True Western Play.
Prices, 50c. 75c and $1.0*.
Plan at Rutherford's Saturday.
....Cash Stores....
Trains and Beats.
Crow b-vu-���Two and    a half   hours
CVast and Slocan train���On timr.
lioundary irain���On lime.
Kossland train���O:- time
The Store of Quality
Pure Ontario Honey
5 Pound Cans      .Oc
10 Pcnma Cans  $1.75
40 Cents per Pound
\ . *   sT-lnx -a   n   !**r_.--* >
_*-. tk - . .  -    ��*t.__:V
tctr  \m*��j�� TirtJ*i.
Staorwi't Oocfcs. Bcm f'n_. "a I Bh I u
Ib order i\ :-j**h: nc* thut liu-<
-t**" ur* i*Hdn::;nf: t_b* pctm i
���i'r     Kt cmj-r imv* t Imntwd
'..l: :.r* h' olil'i u**-i_.t rra-Hi-
.:n .: : n, vfur, arr
Munroe & Nelson
1 Jl00l0fl0040l0l0t0t0l0l0l0l0l0t0t0t0tMtfGt%
J. A. IR\TNG & CO.
Tstftihmi!  Hi
HOI -���:   K Bb CK
htxni >:.
I i    ���
m :-.���'
Horn. _..~.
Potter & Cummings
" i:"i i        . nw8j tuul ��� ���  ;*
App ��� I     *      ��� 	
' -    S3 ���    v* -Mn    BsBTXfaa
-���>��� :        -,.ffcii*_fc.	
* v*F>   fc.-. m.   Na mnl -t *.tit ������in*..]',   ternta
*     .        ���  .*    !ii*ii,::     i.M-AU..	
i tmain.'
..],--    ii ;   nffin
-    *��� ���    k ..   :i ������ ��� tsiii Ijkcmm: C .���ntnr.rtoT*.
'���_   : VrU^I.utt   I-ijflilH'T   -i.     Ii-..-
��� il   B  ���
I   ��� *     ���   * * ���       '..
aw.:-! hoi at.
T'.'i    fhuOroi.
��� - ������   .-.�����*.   MktMxrr hna.lt>&
���ik'.t: ���.      .   ���. v��r; ���-: ',^K**  -Hcr-rfi-i i.-*i
ft   i    UM        -_Ltia   DfORnl   Hftie.        iifa.Ti    W*
K   "W   C   Blf��;_.     Phm��   _(i
Ship Yonr Qinsrrr.a. Presents
by DominioD Express Company
Cbeaj**.;-. fiai-fsi and quink-w;:  hk_i_ij
fit   lorwtt.rdfc:ic   jjaKhactH*   cd   wvrc.hhkh-
dit**!., vum-utiief ant] jew-f-Jry ttt ri
ot thf ���world.
Ii ii* ptronc.y recommended thai
shipmeuu )h n-i'L1: w- at u- trrlvt- a.
I deinination som-* dayf, m adv-ttnt1*!
*_tjuf _voiding tl* mat and enKurinc
j nm-fn ctr-'fu! baudhup ArranceniPTiu
! p-aE In jTiUht lor dellven the da? w-
; Mom  OhrtMBm  when desired
Sper��al  MflB 0tm   "   U\ pBHDtl
- 1nr Grea.  lintain ant! EurtijH
For   further    .nJormati.in    axrspls    ..*���
onnijiim? f offlw on Rak^r P're*-*.
Phone IU.       O. E. FORD.  *^��eni
�������������������**�����������������:���������������������� �����������������
Closing Oot Odds and Ends This Week
Before tbe Christmas Rush.
tADlES*   READY   TO   WEAR   WOOL   SUITS���About   i"   in   It.-
:������!:-._:   prtCM     s   ���   5.. I  I A  bargain  at  S3.&0  lor
K,       I   tin*   jsnet- to clear at  once      We    do    not
nri them
SEPARATE    SKIRTS���All   oHd ones; regular pncs-s j:. I   I    i  ;
s   :::.. ci-i-   Si.00 to S..00
SILK    SHIRT   WAISTS���Mt HM.    .. .".    Matt      --^.s.v    ; -ss-s    %MM
to   IU :- - *3.&0 ana Sb.OU
SILK     REMNAKTS���? s   _*   ��� BBCT   "OI*   and   bis, .-
<-r.  -.:   sets t*-.an  hall t-e  cost.    I'nr r-milfir  T:-c Taff.-l.  Silk*.
t"jt   * I ��� -it 50c   a  ya-o
::3   LINES  OF   LADIES*   JACKETS��� rtarcaiiif eut    to    One Half
' ���   rfsrtilftr  iirieer
CHILDREN'S   COAT?���(..&&     '   ���          .
���H-UiNEFv���  - - -    ��� t.all ;,-i��    ljdiw Hat., at Isar-
ca:L  :    -
ETtty Odd Line in Stock Will Go
At a Bargain.
-st foci iaU not 1��- n-n-
d(T<rf   -s.s.,-r    -t  ��� tipuBlT. ill-fit-
nuc i-is's-���   Y d aaanavtoM
��� ndvhiitjsci thin tube, en-
ciawyt in a pisir of <inr riiiFam fit-
tanc fihpTs-srj,.
Something    Nethersole Bracelets
For the Baby ^
$1.00 Each
Watchmaker Jeweler Optician
Tatophone 3>.3.
Starkey & Co., _^d
Whole-Mile Provisions,
Produce, - Prult.
Dominion (.TOvi-rnmpnt Opi-anii-ry One Ponnd Brickn rw-iv.l wii-kly fre^
from the i-hurn.   For sale by nil k_tliug (msct-rsi.
Oflire and wiirehonse: Houston Block,   Phous- T.s
Josephine Street.
Repairing; and Jobbing a S-xciilty
Sheetmeul Work, rwint.. Bnildera' llalerial aod Mimnc and Mill '���!-. :.,;-ry
Offle* and Work* Foot of Park St
Phont   JO-4.
NuttKin, II. C.
A Word to tlie Wise
This T(*ir ����� hart- afrpre-cia-ted the Wtatt "f (��orc��^
toin#T�� and have parted \nu> *v*:k the
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
Thi* stove if adapted for hard rct\\ onlj, imd is par-
ank__l io p\e saUsfactiou.
]. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
p��tlrlf-ff and .P<����*.r*.ii-��K .xccut*c1 with Dvapatgh.   SMewt M��Ul
Work. Mi it It iv nn*J Mill Machinery.     Manulnttun-rtol
Or* (wwr-M,   R.   R.   C��intractora'   Cant.
���fornor of Ball ��n_
Front !*tre��ui.
The Parlovitz Concert  on Wednesday  livening is
h t...- i>r-*;-'X thmpand JuHX T. PIERRE i*> lbe man to mail* tii-:-   ryr-^yM
old on***? np.     Pnt on a front if rou -would make thf- W.OD0 iiiark.
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic T.iilor^
All Sizes 35 to 44
Now ������-���������'
to |*t ys.nr
Wtister iiv.n-sia!
All Prices from $10 to $30
j. a. gTuker
'*':'' /h3_S8
____��_?�� Ltimfae*, Shinglts,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
I urn__ Work and Brackets. M_J Onirrs unm.-h
    XERNON STRKIIT   -   -   -   \ELSO>. B. C.
Kootenay Ranges
Why do w. h andse the Famcua Kootrnsy
into ��c'
01  procure   i   ��cv**s>. ������ _
count  design, workmanship.
We will be pleased to show you its good po'""
Because we car.not procure a better, takintl '     ...
���kmanship. cooking qualm" '<"'
Wood-Vallance H&tdwzte Col


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