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The Nelson Canadian Jun 4, 1906

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I.     No.   I.
Wcjt Ulelao^^ Canadian
lisiiing All Sections of
the Province
p. McBride  Visits the City
and Tells of Expansion
NELSON, B. C, tKlfttY, JUNE 4, 1906.
Fifty Cents a Month
lllehard McBride, premier of
'oiumbla, was in the city for a
r�� Sunday night on his way 11/
mtfoay. in conversation wfiii
.���illative nf The Canadian al
ihrnna  last  night, the prcmli*
.-���111 no( campaigning at pros-
1111 <tn my way to East Koote-
1 ro I want !o visit Fertile and
hi business connected with my
ailment Mr. Green is not with
tsincga In his department has
, ���! him Intel; to the count. We parted
i;. ���..! ->nke this morning. He has
:,,. in Victoria.
Y, . we did a little of what I sup-
I10 (tailed    campaigning    in
Kootenay.   In  the Columbia
nc    Thai   was 1101   the purpose of
- -.. .    lull  when It wil known that
lite district we were asked
meeting at Golden.    Hav-
-.i 'here, we could not refuse
s,    and    accordingly   we
���     Wilmcr,    Windermere,
.. iin.i 'i -pi and Field.   I am glad to
��.   �� n   given a hearty reception
teen, and found the peo-
.; in their several    btisl-
i.ing a moHt wholesome-
��� '   Intercut   in   Use  affairs
K e        tire generally.
;irly wished to visit that
e  government   aid    has
iven to two steamer serine. Bend and on the up-
1   river.    The  subvention,
.��� ���  told, lias proved already    of
la  the people of the dls-
now  provided    with    a
nnd more regular scrvleo
it wil] assist them ma-
��� loping the resources of
agricultural, mineral   and
Mr. Nelson  :,o longer feels pa
equul to the strain of nightly
ances In the leading parts, and ,9
feels that Mr. Hruce Is entitled on Ida
merits us an actor to greater prominence than he has yet been given.
For many years all who pave known
Harold Nelson Intimately have ln.cn
aware (hat his theatrical ambition*
have centered more and more on bis
talented young pupil. While there will
he g<4iernl regret at the intinuiiion Hint
the years are beginning to tell on a favorite actor, there will also be pleasure
felt,.n't Mr. nrnce's well deserved sue-
cess. The announcement of their early
visit to Nelson will have additional In
���;  advantage of the inter-
!"-t*i-.-n   ,-sslons to visit ns much
'ice as time will permit���
��� ity as lender of a party,
as Hi'   head of nit important  gov-
iiu-nt.    It lias long been
!-li  " 'mniltarlie myself with the
 s and needs of all sec-
��� nf the province, and my opportu-
- in lite past have been few.
'i'lini Tallow Is nclliiR premier
I "in all .tit from the capital. I
i.i-ly n, 1,, away for a considerable
miner. My present plans
!- 11 'up up the west coast of the
""I anil through 'be Slteena nnd
Hi' Is.     I   inletld  also  to   visit
niiing tin- summer,   I hope
1; rut) In the full, and
nlile in spend more time lit Net
''-"  I linvo been nlile to do for
1   not likely that I shall hold
'' 'i'- in'-etlngi in Bust Kootenny
solely for the purpos.1
iu> affairs of my depart
11 that district
" '    I" -using lo note the gen-
id very ".rent Improvement    of
'''in- now apparent everywhere in
���'"""��� an,i, I think, most marked
Qleoay "
Northern Ontario Mining
Field Very Rich
Police Court Newt.
This morning's session of Hi,. c|tJ
police court was marked by the appear,
ance of two old offenders and one new
one of a familiar type, which is gradually being eliminated by the pulliu
from Nelson and vicinity.
Alex. McGregor, who has already
served two terniB for forgery In tho
provincial gaol at Nelson, pleaded gull
t) In the same charge again, and was
romnnded till tomorrow for sentence.
His former offences-were committed al
Itossliind nnd (Irand Forks. He was ;u
rested In Nelson on Friday lust on a
charge of vagrancy, and held pending
Investigation. The police soon discovered that he had cashed a cheque, signed "Norman McLcllau," drawn In his
own favor, for $40. The Bank of .Montreal "didn't know" either Norman He
Lellan or Alex. McGregor, and refused
payment McGregor will be sentenced
tomorrow. .
George Henry Fisher appeared on the
usual charge. He arrived in the city
last Saturday morning with $100, as be
says. He was arrested al midnight
Saturday, being very drunk and without money to pay for a bed. He was
sen'.enced to jr. and costs or ten days,
ar.d will probably choose perforce tho
second alternative.
Thomas Thlght, of Fernie, who has
a crippled hand, was arrested this
morning and brought up at once fur
begging. He was remanded for one
day, and will be escorted to the Crow
bout tomorrow morning.
When the court sits today ladles and
gentlemen to the number of U will appear to answer to the charge of infraction of city bylaw No. BO, by allowing
horses, cattle or poultry to stray at
Prospectors' Work Difficult Owing
to Nature of Soil and
I know that a good many fortune! have
been mad. alr-ady. some by those who
have actually worked the mines, and
some by those who have found bluo
streaks, sold them and got out.
''"Imii is a good-sized mining camp,
""'I is gradually developing Into
Oi lu
ll town.
M��rc Treats in 8tor��.
How 1 ml, manager of Slier-
"' m 'no, Nelson, received a
yoatorda; containing Information
w'll Ititeresi and please many   In
1   " ili sinned jointly by Harold
"' ;'""1 Clifford l.iino Bruce, and
" Hie company will  be    on
��   '  before long, and will
Barbers and Bartenders Tie.
A game of baseball played on tho
n-crentlon grounds Sunday afternoon
between teams representing the bur-
hers and bartenders of Nelson attracted
a large crowd of spectators. The game
was the result of a challenge from the
barbers, capiulned by Alex. Fife .lint
Ncelauds accepted and organized a
The batteries were: For the barbers,
Mcl.ood and Blackburn; bartenders.
Ncehmds, Mnlelte and Johnson. At tin-
end of the fourth Innings the scire was
IS to I In favor of the barbers. Then
the mixers pulled themselves together,
and the game ended In n draw, each
learn having 28 runs to Its credit at
the end of the ninth innings
The barbers have now challenged for
a contest at association football. The
challenge bns been nccepled, and tin"
genu will be played next Sunday after
:i (be
'' Mi   Bruce, the pupil, will
"   '"I'm   roles   on   alternate
"inti'ii ...    ,.
ji  ,.      ' neve his friend and teacher,
'''"   'I'ln- reasons given are that
Rosclana Tomorrow NioM.
The Rosrlan Opera Company will up
pear In Sherman's operu house Minor
row night In "Martha." The Itosclans
tire already firmly established  In   Ihe
favor of Nelson  playgoers.    The 1 1
puny still contains Claude Anisden and
llillynrd Campbell, comedians; Frederick Walters, tenor; Lucia Nola, soprano, and Hazel Davenport, all well
known here. Mile. Nola sings "The
Last Hose of Summer" tomorrow night
A rerenl addition lo the company,
Miss Wiulftld Crowley, of RoMland, l��
sure of 11 particularly hearty reception
In Nelson Miss Crowley has been n
most acceptable singer in Nelson since
her first triumph In "The Rose Maiden'
Prospectors, when In (ho hills this,
summer, should not overlook radium,
says the Phoenix Pioneer. This week
tho price took a jump from 11,400,000
an ounce to $9,410,342.10.
John Elliott, formerly head of the
llrm of Kllloit & l^nnle, sttrprlseii l,|s
Nelson friends lust night by arming
Iroin the east, Mr. Elliott Is on bin return to his present headquarters m
Vancouver from a trip to Cobalt, tbj
mining center of Northern Ontari.
In the courso of conversation a: the
Strnibcona last night. Mr. Elliott nave
ids Impressions of Eastern Canada s
newest mineral held and Its attraninns
to various classes of mining men. He
sit id:
"It is n hard country to size Up. I:
is undoubtedly rich. An average carload shipment, I am told, la worth
about 140,000. The veins are more numerous lhan in any other mining camp
known. They average eight to ten
Inches In width, and carry native silver.
A man or company that gets hold ol
even one of those veins doesn't q< ��� -j
any more.   It's a fortune.
"Of course every one doesn't get such
u vein us that. Those who have them,
or even think they have them, wan the
price of proved mines for them. It's a
common saying there that u man who
has a blue streak on the ground wants
Jtii.ouo for It. There have boen numerous disappointments already. Ail iliu
rich mines' had rich surface showings.
Hut there are tunny surface showing
as rich as the best that didn't go down
at ull. They were actually dug up.
Some of the claims with such showings
were nought at pretty high prices, and
the purchasers lost heavily.
"Tho history or the Cobalt field is peculiar. It had been travelled over bj
lumbermen fon years. They had sei-n
Hie blue streaks on the surface, but
they conveyed no meaning to them.
There are many places where the
scratch of a hob-nailed shoe will make
ilie rock shine.
"There are other difficulties ahead
liesides the fact thai all the lurface
it-ins don't go down. Where there is
not n showing on tho surface [ben i>
no indication of any kind There is no
float' and in many places there is ti"
rock on the surface at all. It In also a
heavily timbered country, nnd to reach
even the surface of the ground one has
tn clear away sometlmeB a consldtraHd
ilcpth of brushwood; so. although the:.
are no mountains to climb, and hard y
.untiling Hint a Ilrltish Columbian
would cull a hill, it Is not exactly an
easy country to prospect for mineral
All discoveries made so fur have been
mode on the surface.
Then, the    Ontario    mining    law
though admirable    in  many    respect .
liioiliiec some peculiar conditions,   r.
stilling In serious risks and lnconven
leiicos.   The lows tire gisid In that the)
prevent anyone from   holding   claim
viiihotit working them; hut they do Dot
afford protection In nil eases to the man
who Is working.
Here's an Instance: A man Is work
nut ground adjoining one of tho riches
in"" �� of the district. There is no niln
u.'l In plnce on the surface Ho) hi
sunk a shaft through the soil and dowi.
itit" the bedrock. He didn't happen 1,
siriko n vein. He hardly expected to
,hi mat. Now he bus to drift for a voin
In the meantime, not having found min
r-rsl In Place, although ho has spent 1,
 ,f ,nn,"'v. he bus no title at all, am.
cannot even apply r<,n onc>. M ,s stm
open to anyone else to sink on the
sain" ground and begin exploring. The
li.-i man to find a vein gets the ground
1 nm told that nothing of the kind
has ever happened so far. Of course
ti,.  xocond man would |,e taking   the
  chances an the first.
"I  'lo"! know what    ,ho shipments
front the district to dute amount to, but
"���r camps are springing up In the
neighborhood. It Is generally believed
that the actual mineral Held Is 01 com-
paratlvely small area, but It has no|
been known, much less studied, for a
long enough time for its area and geological formations to be known.
"I have heard tbat there are a lot of
Urltlsb Columbia men in the district,
but I didn't run across them. The only
Nelson man I met was R. W. Brlgstock,
who is in Cobalt."
.Mr. Elliott's trip was taken as a visit
i" his brother. F. C. Elliott, formerly of
Nelson, and also for the purpose of having a look at tho country. He came
through Nelson on his return to look
ii|i his old friends.
Owing to the severity of the
windstorm of yesterday, the local
telegraph office was unable to secure the usual quota of telegraphic news. We do not Invent news,
neither do we propose to go up
against Providence or the elements. Our local news today In
its variety and plenitude makes
the best possible substitute.
Account of Development Work to Date
Rumored Intention of Company to
Build Smelter on Thompson.
Tin- following description of the Iron
.Mask miin'. near Kamloops, is taken
Irotu the May number of the B. C. Mining Bxchange, in which appears an interview with S. Argall, superintendent:
Today the Iron Mask is a fully developed mine to the "UO-foot level; sufficient ore is blocked out to keep the
present plant in operation without any
furt'rr development work for fully five
years. The ore body is of immense ex-
teut, and the general grade of the ore
alga. Development work is being pros-
t-iitti with the uttermost vigor, and
the company are extending their operations iKith ways. Within the last year
a very tine vein of ore hitherto unsus-
pected hits been opened up; it was discovered after drifting through a diabase
wall alongside the main ore body, and
Is the best ore the company has on the
property. At present the ore shipped
dtreel Is hauled to the C. P. R., five
miles away, by melius of a traction en-
si m; the balance of the ore is concentrated en the property and the coucen-
trates smelted in a oli-ton smelter
ulihli the company lias on the ground.
Rumor was lire in Kamloops! that the
company Intended building this yenr a
smelter on the Thompson river, below
Kamlo ips Asked if such were the
rase, Mr. Argall was entirely non-committal, Inn admitted that plans were at
presen In ins can-lull) looked into in
Iho old country by tin- officials of the
company for the insinuation of a large
,-.,ur. irtaiii mil smelting plant and
,,11 serial irarawaj It is highly proba-
lie therefore, that this work will   be
decided 111  at il"' .  inptiny's general
���,��� ,���.. his month in London, as there
Is absolutely no doubt ilmt the property
Il beyond tin experimental stage and
In the lisi "f permanent mlueB.   Antlcl-
putlns such a  >,-. the company has
recently bonded a srt of Iron claims
������ sugar l.o:il for use as flux.
Okanagan's Turn   Next.
.|-hl. c   p   it, now has a portion
ihcir crew in win
of their  !"'��'   bout
j m Bulger, master shipbuilder of Nel-
mm. Is in charg
rk on the construction
Okanagan lake,
of the work.
F Aug- Ilelnw Bn�� K,'nl " l"lr"'   of
-Inin, engiu 's "> '*"""��' lhe   for,-v
r,���������. in lhe Telkwa nnd Hulkley dls-
,rl���s, ������ which he n'''>'ntly took op-
Increase of Nearly Forty
Per Cent
Quartz, Coal Mining: and Lumbering Prosperous Throughout B. C.
The Labor Gasette for May has the
following summary of tho local status
of the labor and manufacturing industries. The reports from the coast cities and rural districts show a comfortable degree of prosperity Is enjoyed
throughout British Columbia:
The general condition of the lubor
market throughout the Kootenay district during April was active, and the
demand for unskilled labor, such as
sawmill men and practical woodsmen,
exceeded the supply.
During the first week of the month
the wages of shovellers, commonly call
ed muckers, employed in the Rossltin-j
mines were voluntarily increased by
the management from $2.50 to (2.75 per
day. The rate previously prevailing for
similar work was 50 cents per dr.y lower than that paid in other mining camps
of the Kootenay district. Tho. increase
In wages was an effort on the part of
the management to obtain and retain
efficient employees for this class of
wo.'r. The increase will affect about
255    orkmen.
The receipts of the Nelson customs
office for the quarter ended March 31,
1906, showed an Increase of nearly 40
per cent., denoting the increasing activity in business generally In this district
There was no unrest in the labor
market, employers and employees all
working in harmony.
At the Eureka mines, situated near
the Granite Poorman group, the disappearance of snow has made the road
from the mine to the upper terminal of
the tram line Impassable, and shipments cannot be resumed for a short
time at least, though in the meantime
development work is actively under
way. Drifts are being run north and
south on the 150-foot level. A small
sawmill to cut all timber required for
tunneling and mine building will be
erected. Six hundred and ninety-nine
tons of ore, averaging $30 per ton. have
been marketed at the Trail smelter up
to date during 1906. Drifting in the
Le Roi Is still In progress on the S00-
foot level west of the big "Josle dyke,"
and the ore Is said to maintain good
values throughout. The Velvet-Portland, which was shut down for a year.
Is being reopened. The owner and operator of the Queen mine has purchased
the Yellowstone group of claims and
the stamp mill thereon. A Nelson firm
Is operating under lease ahd bond a
property known as the Mother Lode
group, consisting of seven claims running In 11 straight line along a fissure
vein of free-milling ore, situated about
two miles up Sheep creek from the Yellowstone mine. Under the agreement,
fit tons of ore have been shipped to the
Trail smelter, the average value being
agout $120 per Ion. from which the lessors have received over $3,000. It Is
proposed to equip this property with a
ten-stamp mill and a tramway with as
little delay as possible. The Consolidated Mining slid Smelting Company-
has declared an Initial dividend of 2 1-2
per cent, for the quarter ending March
31, 190C, payable May 31, which is at
the rate of 10 per cent, per annum.
The lead contents of the ore treated
at the Hall Mines smelter for March.
1906, amounted to 1,142 tons. It was
slated that the Sullivan mine at Marys-
vlllc, East Kootenay, made a profit of
$17,000 in March, 1906.
The Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company's collieries at Coal Creek and Michel
were running full force, there being
neither a surplus nor shortage of labor.
The new steel tipple at Coal Creek Is
now in fltst-elnss working order.
The majority of the lumber mills
started cutting this month, the Elk Riv
er Lumber Company, at Fernie, and tho
Nelson mill being among the exceptions. There was a slight shortage of
mill hands, and a considerable shortage
of practical woodsmen. The large new
mill belonging U> the Elk River Company, at Fernie, will be completed and
tunning about May 15, 1906. This mill
will have a capacity of 150,0uo feet In
ten hours' run, buug supplied with the
moBt modern machinery. The Yale-
Columbia Company's mill, at Nelson,
started cutting on r/gylS; the company
has been unable to fill all orders, received from the prairie provinces.
Importance of Thinning Fruit on Heavily Loaded Trees.
One of the great advantages of fruit
growing in the wesi Is the marked ear-
liness with which trees come into bearing age, and the prolific yield of varieties which are but moderate beavers in
the east. It is an advantage, however,
which has its dangers, and it is certain
that many trees iu the west are ruined
by (he tremendous loads of fruit which
they are permitted to carry when young.
The constitution of the tree is Impaired,
not, by the actual ���weight of fruit, but
by the number of seeds which are produced. Fruit itself consists of some 95
par cent, of water, and though the fact
is realized by few, a bushel of first-
class fruit will often realize three times
as much money us a bushel of third-
class specimens, while the latter, from
the greater number of seeds, will take
twice as much out of thej constitution
of the tree.
Tninning, therefore, pays; first, because it increases the quality of the
product; second, because it lessens the
drain on the tree. As to the expense,
II should be remembered that the fruit
has to be picked some time, and it
costs really less to pick It now than
when full grown, so tbat the labor of
thinning need not be taken Into account at all.
It Is also clear that thinning should
be done early to be really effective, as
the formation of the actual seed starts
not very long subsequent to the setting
of the fruit. Nq, part of horticultural
work will pay so big u return for the
expenditure of money and time as the
thinning process.
Sketch of New Pastor.
Rev. R. Newton Powell, who is to succeed Mr. Dean, will arrive in the city
In time to take his pulpit on Sunday,
June 10, bringing his family with him.
Mr. Powell is young, strong, energetic,
genial, of good executive and administrative ability, and a thoughtful and
eloquent preacher. He lias been eight
years in British Columbia, during
which time he has served whole or
partial terms at New Denver, Enderby,
Haliburton street, Nanaimo, and has
just now completed bis third year at
Princess street church, the second
Methodist church of Vancouver.
It Is stated that copper mining Is tin
industry which is rapidly decreasing in
importance in Great Britain. In 1863
the production of copper ore anil copper precipitate amounted to upwards of
210,000 tons, valued at more than
$5,0(10.000, whereas in 1904 the production was only 5.465 tons, valued at
$S9,S(10. Cornwall is the main source
of supply of this ore, and copper precipitate Is being obtained from cupreous
water pumped from old mines on Parys
mountain, in Anglesey.
In connection with the recent declaration of a dividend of two shillings per
share by the Le Rol No. 2 Company,
the London office has issued a notice
that the company has secured a new
and more favorable smelting contract
as the result of a recent visit of the
chairman to Rossland.
A sample of free gold ore from the
Neversilp, owned by Joseph Simpson,
and located near Grand Forks, gave
$5,284 per ton In gold and a trace of
copper. The quartz ledge is said to b#.
a large one.
The director of the United States
mini, Washington, D. C, Is stnted to
have predicted that the world's production of gold wiiravet-age not less than
$400,000,000 per year for the next twenty years.
TJsa machinery for the five-stamp
mill for the Carmi, which has been at
Midway for some time, was unloaded
and sent to the mine up the West Fork
the other day.
Gousf ruction of Three New
Mills is Begun
Demand Grater Than Possible Supply and Still Growing���
A. Carney's Views.
Nowhere else in British Columbia Is
the revival in the lumber industry so
marked or so general as In Southeast
Kootenay, along the line of the Crow'a
Nest branch of the C. P. R. Not only
are all the existing mills in full operation, many of them working overtime,
but three new mills are now under construction, and many others are projected, ..in! will in nil probability be
completed this summer.
A. (carney, provincial timber inspect-
or totf Southeast Kootenay, arrived In
Nelaon Sunday night on his way home
to Ka*lo after a trip over his Inspectorate. 'Been this morning, Mr. Carney
"The industry has never looked better in East Kootenay than It does now<
The lumbermen are all working overtime, doing their best to fill orders. In
some cases they are actually sending
out green lumber because their customers prefer that to none at all.
"But the most striking evidence of
the revival is the construction simultaneously of three new mills. One ia being built at Elkmouth, near Bain's lake.
It will have a capacity of between 70,-
000 and 80,000 feet a day. Another la
being built just east of Jaffray by
North Star people, Mr. Hanbury, of
Brandon, being in charge. Its rapacity
will be 40,000 feet a day. The third Is
a new mill for the King Lumber Company, of Cranbrook. It is located near
Yahk junction, and Its capacity la also
to be 40,000 feet.
"Those three are actually under construction at the present time. Plans
for others are now under consideration,
while still more are being talked   of.
1 expect to see at least as many more
begun this year.
"The East. Kootenay lumbermen are
happy. They believe, and I tbink all
the conditions and prospects warrant
the belief, that their long period of
waiting and hoping is over, and the
time of realization has come. They
havo suffered from low prices, due to
unfair competition, and from ' small
profits due to that and other conditions*
Now everything is changed. The demand from the territories is greater
than they can overtake for some time,
and It is increasing, and certain still to
increase fast enough to justify the construct Ion of many more mills.
"Yes. the outlook for the lumber industry in- this part of the province Is
splendid. The lumbermen's most sanguine expectations are now being realized, and there Is no danger of* a der
clinlng demand for many years to
Record Apple Crop.
Fred Adle, of Waneta, district fruit
pest inspector, is In the city toduy on
official business. Seen at the Hume
this afternoon, he expressed the opinion, based on his visits to many orchards, that the apple crop of Kootenay for 1906 will be a record one. There
are, he says, more trees In bearing than
ever before, and all the Indications are
highly  encouraging.
The strawberry crop, Mr, Adle thinks,
will be rather lighter than usual, as tho
severe frost of March damaged many
of the plants. Those that survived,
however, are doing well, and while the
quantity may be less, the quality will
be fully up to the Kootenay's high
A hydraulic mining cocpany has been
formed in Asbcroft with a capital of
$250,000 to operate mines on Cunning
ham creek, near Barkerrllle.
i   I
There will be more work done on
claims around Golden this year than
has been done for a good many year*. The Daily Canadian, June 4, (906
��� = STORES
Tents, Blankets,
Overalls, Boots,
Mackinaw Clothing.
Everything for the camper, prospector, hunter and
it  us admirably suited  to such a pur
-�����**j*����ri��rjtcB^,^r:'^7C^B,��rrT^tT-rr!^^ ��^>a^sw^rx��i^?wc��Kj^����Bii��*,��
Published six daye u ivepk liy lhe
Baker St.,  N. Imn, B.C.
Subscription ml", SJ eeuli �� raoulli delivered
In Hi.! iruy, or (5.00 n j,-.r it nei)l 1 ���> inttll, when
prtl i in advauce
Ad vert .slut, raWi on nppll' ntfon.
JU.NEt   4,   1900.
" By out- won] wo are - in tlin In tg id to \ e
Wire aud by ouo word lomoilmeu )iidg<*d t i l*c
foollitt.   LiLUfj merodiro  bo oaruiul v. in*.i we
Tin' Dally Canadian makes Its bow to
tin- reading public and hiIvi rtlslnj, patrons ot tbe city ol Nelson anil communities surrounding. Its appearance will
noltuei Biirpriae nor disconcert the public. Perhaps no newspapci lins had so
much froo advertising, ur Its advent
heralded in Buch Friendly and unfriendly announcements, as have anticipated
this publication. It appears at lasl,
and is here '<> slay.
The Initial Bteps In tins movement
were talcen In the purchase of tho Tribune plain win ii thai paper Buspi tided
publication late Inst fall. Since thai
time the firsl issue hue been delayed,
partly because of business difficulties
which were unanticipated at the commencement, inn chlefli that the ten
electoral constitui ncies surrounding
nnd In chid tag the citj of Nelson mighl
he Lhoroughljl organized and their
hearty support and cooperation In the
success of such a publication could be
Secured. The efforts lo do this havq
met with a gratifying measure of success, and thai The Daily Canadian will
make a Icadtug place for Itself In the
appreciation of its subscribers is placed
beyond poradventuro. As a newspaper
it will lay before iis readers the latesi
and brightest news that comes over
the wires, and II wil have, besides, a
corps of capable Bpeclal correspondents
���one in each nook and corner of tin
ovince���so thai no npology will be
ktecesBary for lack of readable news
Kerns. Alive always o the faci that
the city of Nelson is tho geographical
and commercial center or Its con tltu
ency, H will devote il ������ i norglei to the
advancement of Nol w's Interesii. a -
well as to those of lhe mnm "'lit t
growing cities and towns ol the uppei
t        *        ��� *        *        ���
,ln Its politics thii papi i will unfal-
ti i Inglj and �� in eni advo il ��� I hi
principles which Alt llngulah lhe i a
servat .*��� i pat i . from all ol her polil al
organization!. roi II - a h ilttod by all
candid stud) nls ol t:. > political hlatoi ^
of t'.:n ids lhai h ������������ ��� ,������   >u�� her
later yoai ht'vn been. Lhln prosporit)
is the barvi si thai i being i a
lhe Canadian pe iple as a rci ull ol the
wise policy Inaugurated by lhe Con
Bervatlve party inn log ill ,enri when
Che lamented sir John A. McDonald -
Canada's groat< i * statesman was Its
premier, and whi< h policj has hi i n * on-
M. tiMiily follow) i bj lb u patty, and
even by its Libera) sucessors in office
as well In its essential foaturei. "Pri i
trade as they have it in England." Iiai
quondam slogan of the Liberals, Is titlll
an Impossible dream, and lhe national
policy Is being adapted year by year Lo
the varying needs of tint, vast dominion
���       ���*��������
Tin' Daily Canadian is singularly fortunate ;u its freedom from corporation
control-that curse which has killed so
many wouM-he moulders of public opin-
Jon.an.I will kill vet others.   Its owner-
Bhip is vested in a promiscuous corn-
pan) of Bhrevi d men who love tin it
country, have no partisan ends lo seek,
and are a unit in both desire and efforl
to make British Columbia, with her an
��� old treasures, take her rightful place
among the provinces of lhe federation.
The owners of this paper are laboring
men, artizans, business and professional men, employers and employi d, who
vie with one another- not in seeking
lo maintain class distinctions, but to
s< eiiii- 11'mm their united efforts tho
prosperity which depends on thoso harmonious rotations characterizing a <i'i-
zenship that  Beeks  Lhe common good.
!���'  from the handicaps thai Btrangle
the liberty of the press and spell ruin
to BO many publications, I his paper has
hut lo consistently advocate the political principles which it has espoused,
convinced, that by these means it can
best serve its constituency and the
country at large.
Some of the Liberal papers are re.
Benting tho hot-shots the opposition are
pinning into the Liberal ranks on act
count of the systematic corruption and
gran thai is coming to light through a
series of Investigations Into Lhe acts of
a lot 'if satellites of the Ottawa government. They point out that Sir Wilfrid
l.auiier is in his declining years, and
thai personally he has never been accused of dishonesty in his adminisfration of public affairs, Granting all this,
ii is noi enough to bave at the head of
a government a man of ilevllng integrity If his lieutenants are unprincipled
or incapable of honestly managing their
departments. To say lhal lhe minis-
lors have nol been aware of the wholesale distribution nf fat pickings that
has apparently been going on In Canada
'lining the past lew years, is to reflect
as seriously upon their integrity as to
say ihey have connived at the offences.
Things have nol been ',,,; happy with
the Liberal part; of la e. and the signs
of tho Hums are ominous. Ii may mil
be polllo lu alliterate Laurier ami loot,
inn it I here worn more "i.'s" In the cab*
[pel  ii might nol sound so oddly.
The elevation of the Hon. Charles
Fitzpnlrick to the bench ��>r the supremo
courl ef Canada will afford Infinite relief in the hungry horde ol grafters
who have attached themselves with
leech-like persistency to the Liberal
government at Ottawa. He was nol
only one of the two or three aide men
���n Sir Wi'frid Laurler's administration,
inii he was perhaps the only one who
dearly foresaw lhe inevitable outcome
of ihe many fraudulent raids upon tae
Dominion treasury, and did not hesitate
to denounce thu depredations of the
motley crew. It Is an "pen secret al
Ottawa that Mr. Fitzpnlrick has foi
Borne time been dissatisfied because of
the apathy of the administration In re
Bpecl of ihe many scandalous expo
sures ef graft by lhe proteges of mln
i lei    present and pasi.
The Daily News, with Its usual per
spicacity, foresees an early appeal to
Lhe country b) the government of this
province and the prospect of an alec
lion probably this fall. Numerous <h
ciimstancos art catalogued by lhe News
as pointing, in lhe mind of thai paper,
in ibis tnei liable conclusion tho luni
and mosl forcible being lhe establish
mi rit ni another dnilj paper in \> l on
i lie got ernmi nl ol Urlili h Columbia
ha i probably tho right lo appeal lo the
��� i rale for i ndorsement nl lis policy
whenever it pleases, but surely after Us
quite rvc eni <Ap. rlencc - the \> ...
should kn >w i hat i Ii gi i emm nl is
nol dabbling In u twapaper i alei pi I
w " I ie' ph 0 nif :n directing the ;it
t mioti >d' qui reodei lo lhe advertise
moni "] Mi s.>rs. Walls A; Co., nf Watts
burg, It. c. 'I hey are extensive 111:11111
ia- men; i>r rough and finished lumber,
ami [heir advertisement shows that
they are resolved Lo make an expert'
m< in v.ith a new method of solving the
problem 'i.r yellow labor. Their project
will nol only he a boon to runny Indus-
Iriunr. families by encouraging them lo
build for themselves, hut || all other
manufacturers would adopt similar
measures, ii would materially add to
tiie permanent    welfare   or ihe whole
c ntry.   The matter! of .extra cost in
labor, ii is estimated, would he more
than recouped by the Btendy ami superior class of labor lhal would find employment,   We had lhe opportunity to
lOOlf over tbe plot   Messrs.  WattS A  Co.
Intend sotting aside lor this purposo,
ami we can unhesitatingly recommend
A roast paper remarks tbat Ralph
Smith is seising an early opportunity
to sejimiv himself with his constituents
by taking a hand in the Inquisition of
W. T. R. Preston regarding his eonnee*
Lion with ihe affairs nl' tbe Atlantic
Trading Company. No one icaows better how and when to square himself
wilh his constituents than Mr. Ralph
Smith, but lie made an hour and a hal(
of very uncomfortable and debilitating
Interrogation of Mr. Preston. If Mr.
Smith will maintain his Independence
in parliament for a short time longed
till the pre a en I party is hustled nut of
power, he will make a better Conserva*
live than be ever was a Liberal.
Notorious Criminal Released from Penitentiary���Had Just Begun Serving.
Vancouver, June '1.���This city has not
yet  recovered   from   Its  surprise    and
mortification at tbe unexplained action
of the department of Justice ia releasing Desire Jtrotbier from the provincial
penitentiary at New Westminster.    Ho
is known here as perjurer, vagrant, procurer, alleged forger, alleged thief and
lhe  vilest   criminal  ever  sentenced   by
tbe  courts of   British   Columbia.    Tbe
Officials   here ,are   asking   each   other
what is the use of pulling themselves
to  the trouble and  the country  to  the
expense of prosecuting such vile char*
actors, surrounded as such eases always
aie with so many unpleasant features,
if the  department   is  to interfere ami
release men before they have well begun  serving   tbe senleiiee  imposed   by
the courts.   When Brothler was arrested he made several attempts' to effect
his escape, among them being an offer
to bribe the police olllcer who arresled
him.    The  sum   tendered   was $7,eun,
bui  the man's villainy    was so    weljf
known to the police that no monetary
consideration could have altered    the
course  of justice.     Less   Iban  half  of
the counts  in   the  indictment    against
Brothler were beard when be was on
trial, ami a prominent  barrister hen1
has volunteered the opinion that, could
he (Brothler) be found, he could again
be  placed   behind   lite   bars.     Brothler
has,  however,  made himself    scarce���
sneaking away under cover of darkness,
il  is said.    In all, there were live sen-
lenees against   him.    He was sent  up
for six  mouths for breaking jail,   and
bad another short term against him for
vagrancy,  by being a frequenter of a
house in the restricted district. He was
[hen sentenced for live years for perjury, and  two    years    each    on    two
charges of) procuring.    Some of    these
terms   were   to  run  concurrently,  but
the period of his incarceration was seven years.    In 'the facq of all this, the
department  steps  in, and,  as is said,
through the efforts of a tlrin oil  Montreal lawyers, he was pardoned out af-
ler  serving    two    years.    Many  hard
words against  the  department  are  being uttered in Vancouver and elsewhere
throughout the province.
Tbe official name of this paper Is
"The Daily Canadian." hut us the electroplate heading ordered for it had not
arrived when we went to press, we
were obliged to make) up our heading
from the heritage of the past, some of
Which still lingers in this office. The
new headline will appear Immediately
on its arrival.
ReV, W. .1, Stone writes as folows to
a Victoria paper:
To the Editor: in your issue of the
uth Inst., under tha heading, "Rev. W.
J. Stone Lett Without a Nation." your
paper conveys an erroneous impression
to (he mind of lhe public, and it is due
me that you make correction. Allow
me 10 state that at my own request! L,
was lefi without a station.
Such garbling of siatements as given
by your correspondent is unworthy the
action of any man. It were impossible
fo rthem to come from the ministerial
session of the conference which passed
my character, and the COmpfalnanl is
the only party outside of that body
who could furnish you with lhe itemized charges preferred against me, of
which I assert I am innocent. I am the
more pained that reference was had to
my daughter having given evidence.
Why was It not staled that she withdrew her evidence, slating she had
been unduly Influenced, and, further.
voluntarily gave rebuttal evidence? It
is also Important that the public should
know the complainant offered to two
others to withdraw those abominable
charges If I would resign from Ihe ministry. Is not this equivalent lo compounding a penal action? To say the
least, it must be evidenl to all tbat
complainant's action has been prompt
ed by an exceedingly unfriendly spirit,
This :s explained by the fact that the
three months have passed since he first
brought sorrow and disgrace on our
home; It was not until tho day before
ihe investigation thai he specified bis
charges, sustained by hearsay evidence
I thank you. Mr. Rdilor, for your
kind Indulgence, and wilt crave It fur
Iher In but one more particular���that
you   mention  ihe  name of the  brother
missionary as Captain i>  Puller   Me
Kinley. M   i> W, J. STONK.
Clayoquot, B. C, May 25, 1!MG.
Des Moines, la., June 4.���"I do solemnly declare and hereby publicly .an-
no'ince that the basis of reunion and
union is now in full force and effect,
and that Cumberland Presbyterian
church is now reunited with the Prta
byterian church in the United Stales
of America as one church.''
With these words uttered before the
general assembly, which closed last
week, Moderator Hunter Corbett officially established the union of the Cumberland church with the Presbyterian
church in the United States of America. The big assemblage broke into a
storm of handclapping, cheering and
waving of handkerchiefs. The consummation devoutly wished and worked for through many years, despite
many obstacles, had become a reality,
New Customs Requlatio ^s.
New customs regulations have just
been issued by the Dominion government as follows: "A settler may bring
into Canada free of duty livestock fof
tbe farm on the following basis. If he
has actually owned such livestock
abroad for at least six months hefonj
his removal to Canada and has brough)
ihem Into Canada within one year after his first arrival, viz: If horses only,
are brought hi, t'! are allowed; if sheep
only are brought In, CO are allowed; if
swine only are brought In, (��0 are allowed. If horses, cattle, sheep and
swine are brought in together or pnrV
of each, the same proportions as above
are to be observed. Duty Is to be pai'j
on the livestock in excess of the number above provided for. For customs,
entry purposes a mare with it coll under
six months old is to be reckoned as
one animal; a cow with a calf under
six month** old is also to be reckoned
a.s one aninnil."
Soda  Fountain
in town at the
Hazlewood Parlor
Try oat Double Jersey
A Fine Assortment of Fruits,
Nats and Confectionery.
Phone 206.
New Store with a most complete New Stock.   Staple and
Fancy Dry Goods, Notions and Millinery.
r$S.��*i Midsummer Muslins and Dress Materials
Wc have over 200 Ladies' White Shirt and Blouse Waists, sample lines
slightly soiled, which we are selling less than cost prices while they last. Also 40
Wash Duck, Muslin and Linen Shirt Waist Suits, samples, at cost price.
MILLINERY. Bargains in Ladies' Ready-to-Wcar Trimmed aud Pattern
Hals.    We have put the prices on these goods down aud they must go.
LADIES' DRESS SKIRTS from $2.00 to $25.00.
LADIES' TAILOR MADE COSTUMES from if 10.00 to $45.00. A splendid assortment to select from.
As our stock is entirely new we invite inspection and comparison.
Our Cash Prices are Exceedingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Hams and Bacon
J, Y. Griffin & Co.
Tuesday, June 5th
The Roscian
Comic Opera
Direct   from   tbo   Spnlmno   Theatre
Larger and   Butter  than  evw.
Flotows "martha"
Hen "Th<! Ln��t Koso of Sntniiii'r"
S.'itth mi Suit! tit Butkerford'H Mouduy
A. McDonald &Co.
DenltTs in staple ami fuiicy Groceries.
Butter, Kggtt.
Gamp and Miners' Supplies.
CAPITAL PAID UP....|3,IW0,U00 KKST ��3,'.i0U,U00
D. K. WILK1K, President. HON. ROBKKT JAFKKAV, Vice-Hruridmit
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed at current rates from dnto of opening ao<
count aud credited half-yearly.
NBUSON branch *3��   \i.   LAY,  A^anager.
P. Burns & Co.
And Builder
Sole uKent for the PprtO Rloo Ltimbel
Co., Ltd , retail yard*.
UmiL'h and dreused lutnher, turned work
aud brackota, Const lath and ihloglefl
baisli and doors.
Onient, brick and lime for sale Automatic griuder.
Y.ird and ftctoty Vetnon, Si,,
cut of Hail.
Teloiilmi!* 1*7N.     NelsOfl, B* C*
Branch Markets in   Koturinud,   Trail,   Nelson, KohIo,   Kandon, Three Korku, tfew
Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mail to imy lirancli wilt have
our prompt anil careful allvtitloa.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
Starkey & Co.,
Kootenay Agents
Limited, Winnipeg.
R. A. Rogers & Co.
Wholesale Provisions,
Produce, - Hrult.
Dominion Government Creamery One-Pound HriekH received weekly frosb
from tbe churn.   For wile by nil IftuliiiK Kfocers.
Office and warebouse: Houston lilock, ��� l'hotio 79,
Josephine Street.      - Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores*
Splice Is hereby gitt.-n UiHl 6<jil��yH nil,., ,|Ht��
o Intend to aoiily to llir. Honorable tin. chief
Commissioner ol [.Hints unit WorkH ut Victoria,
B.C. for pcrmlHHlou to pnrohaie tlie (olluwlnK
dMCtlticd lands, iltnato In West Kootenay .11.-
trlet. I'omni' ndnfl nl a post ],lante<l at Tltomif
Jerolin rH  N   S. POSJ,  aii.l   marked   Petof   lusel'
and A ChoqucUoM.W. Corner I thence 30 chains
caul   thence 20 chain, rootn, thence n rhalna
west, thence '.Il eh ,IHH norlti to the eolnlm tictllK
post, coiilnlnliitf 4IJ acres more or less.
Dated May i',.
,., . . *��� OHOIIOHTTI
W. A. Joints, Agent
Noll,,, is hgruby liven Hint 00 days after .line I
tnteiol to apply to the Honoribla tbe Chid Sin*
mlssloiier of I.-mis and Works lor permission to
piirolmso the lotlov, ine described lands, sIMateil
In tbe district ol West Kootenay atUolnini lot
790 on the West arm ot Kootenay Lake Bnm'
mem loir at nn Initial post placed al the ..null-
���rest corner of Lot 790! tlicnco north at chains
thence  wist  111 etialns, ttienee south  HO ehattls,
thence east in chains to point of otoeoci ineni
Dated May -a. Haiti.
J����. PictzH
Coal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timb?r,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Bont Buildera will find It to their advantage to im.i our l'itcb.
Nelson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd. The Daily Canadian, /one 4, f906
Canada Drug and
Book C��'y> Limited
One ist
Todfly we inaugurate our Cash System of doing
business, and below is a list nf a few of the change*, this
system Will enable us to make. These are not Si'KciAi.
but regular prices:
DRUG Department
Old Price                                                     '             Cash Price
.25  Mermen's Tale Powder 20
$1.00    Beef   Iron and Wine 75
.je  Wood Alcohol, pts 20
. Wood Alcohol, qts  40
Steednian's Teething Powders     ,35
...Stedman's Teething Powders 35
..... Williams' Shaving Stick 25
 Williams' Barber's Bar.
Tanglefoot, case of  2,5 sheets,	
Glycerine and Rose Water, 4 oz. bottles .
Stationery Department
.75      250 page Letter Books  50
Hi.25          251 > page Letter Books  $1.00
1,50  250 page Letter Books    1.25
2.D11     500 page Letter Books   1.50
2,50  1000 page Letter Books  2.00
1 Papeterie, containing24 sheets paper, 1
.2? (ruled,) 24 Envelopes, 1 penholder, !���
!      1 Pen,  1 Piece Blotting  )
. ..Novels 15c, 2 for
Writing Tablets	
Writing  Tablets	
for 25c, Envelopes        3 for
.30 and 35c..
.15 package,
f 4
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y. Limited
MANUFACTURERS    T ^wt^       Ct'        f
AND DEALERS IN   JuttlllDef,  ^HinglCS.
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
I umed Work nnd Ilrutketa. Mail Order* promptly attended to.
_  VliKIVO.V MTHKI5T   -   -   -   NBUSOIV, B. e.
Thorpe's Lithia Waters
Thorpe's Ginger Ale
��� lit IT U'I: ATI IKK
'���^ Tip" for a
"Canadian Morning.ft
Roasted .
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE J77.        -        BAKER ST,
! , Ou up tr/i/s
mffam tht'dmt>iiii/spirits in dtliohl
IkyMt/tf/c olii-.- rJdnii.K-Baascmidhsli.
,    %'Slu. '���������-���
{Sum c      3maii;h {
that tin' drink*Mrrwl atom Bod* Fountain
ti.ui 1,mi. jmip-Ttk-A bwldei rfth*uhln*T
We llffl only ri'ul trull M-ru).* t.t tho ttncnt
qiiRttty Fountain, i-oi'ilitcr. glaira an.l
nttpwolH im- kepi nrupulouily nloan.
iiMkir street, heUou, n. a.
Gait Coal
Term* h|ml Onuli
T.'l.'1-liniit' M Hnker Ktrcet
A full tlnu- of Uruultery,
Ctilnn un.I QI*MW*ra,
Alio Scron.I llan.l flood l ot Kvi-rr Deurlp-
Hon,  We have poi tin ��,.,,.i> ,.i..i ���-, n ,.i
Lmvii.t I'rlA'tln Town.
Hokor It., nut to-'.i'.tt TlokatOaoe.
Gleaned  from  Grand   Forke.
ill) Out Bpeclal Correspondent)
���Iranil Porks, June l.���A dUpatco lias
Just been teoeived from Kock Drec-k
stilting that William Meadows, nn ulil
resident of that district, was found
iload in kin cabin near Rock Creek yesterday.    The  deceased   was  about , 50
year* ol age and unmarried, and owned
n line ranch with out * hundred head
of out lie. A. C. Button, Official aillllill
isliatiM- nl Qrand Fork*, ha* taken
charge of tin- eitate ol the dead man,
the cause of whose death is unknown.
The case of Hex vs. J. W. Jones,
Which has-been In progress In the po>
lice COUrl  lor  lhe Inst   two day*,    has
been the chief topic of gossip among
the citizens, 'lhe prosecution was
brought by the custom authorities for
the collection of custom dues. Over a
dozen witnesses were beard respecting
the value of a team ol horses, which It
was claimed had been undervalued by
Jones. The ease was continued mi
near midnight last night, when Polios
Magistrate Cochrane announced 'hat an
adjournment would he taken, and he,
would lake the case under advisement,
reserving judgment.
It is reported today that a deal of
considerable importance locally is pen t-
ing for the .leannie May property, In
Seattle camp. This claim is a gold,
nnd silver projiOKitlou, and is owned by
the Shannon Bros., of this place.
A. K. Smith, broker of Qrand Forks,
hits acquired Jonn Monell's ranch at
Lynch creek, on the proposed North
Port railway line, anil has applied for
a hotel license.
<'. E. Lane, head electrician at tba
Oranby smelter, left today t"r ti three-
mom lis' vacation to the eastern states,
lie will be accompanied by his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Lane, of this place.
W. B. Wilcox, editor of the Phoenix
Pioneer, arrived here last evening, and
left again early this morning for franklin camp on n tour of inspection. He
was accompanied by tleorge A. McLeod
and several other Grand Forks oil izflis.
It is reported from England that the
noted archaeologists. Drs. Crenfell and
Hart, who have been engaged in excavation work at Oxyrhynchus for the
past live years, have recently made-
some very interesting and valuable
llnds of manuscripts, which include a
vellum leaf containing 45 lines from a
MS. of a lost gospel. The subject of
this, as described by Drs. OrenfelJ and
Hart in a communication to tin* Times,
is a visit of Jesus with His disciples
to the temple at Jerusalem, anil, their
meeting with a Pharisee, who reproach*.
es them with their failure to perform.
lite necessary ceremonial of purilication
before entering the holy place. To this
charge Jesus makes nn eloquent and
crushing reply, contrasting outward
with inward purity. There Is a certain
resemblance hetween this and the denunciation of the Pharisees in Matt,
xxiii. 2,1, and Luke xl. II ; but the whole
incident, of which the account is practically complete and very striking, is
quite different from anything recorded
In the gospels. Among ihe most remarkable features of the fragment are
its cultivated literary style, the piciti-
i-esqueness and vigor of the pbraseolo.
gy, which includes several words not
found in the New Testament, and the
display of a curious familiarity���whether genuine or assumed���with the topography of the temple and Jewish cere-
monies of purification. The grenU'St
of Interest litis already been manifested
in the discovery, and the question as
to its precise nature ami value win be
sun- lo cull forth much Interesting controversy. This is only another illustration of the met of the Intense interest that the world takes,in everj word
which mn.u he believed in have been
spoken by Jesus Christ,"
The Mormon church has announced
Its Intention of going out of business:
Hint Is, It bus fount! that its engaging
in great business enterprise*, such ni)
power, light and traction companies,
has Interfered with Its religions funrr
tlons.    Or. possibly, what It hits fount)
out is thai the resentment of the poo-
pie against its growing power In business and in politics hits grown danger?
ously active. It is going out of business
for tlie snnie reason and to the same
extent that II went mil ol polygamous
practice*! and the demands of the public sense of decency In both cases have
set the standard, However much ol
heavenly wisdom the Mormon church
may hnve, it is not without Its full
share of the earthly variety.
The Standard on Company's dividend
for lite current qinirter Is It per cent.
For tho past seven ytars the itiiniinl
dividend hns gone below 40 pet- 'lent,
only once, wiieu it went down to ill! per
cent, in 1904. its mgliest annual dividend has been 48 per cent. So far a*
we can Judge, however, Mr. Rockefeller
and his associates do not seem ta be
any nearer satisfied than many men
who have to put up with a paltry 5 per
cent, dividend. The enlargement of the
desire of the human species that Is fed
upon dividend* and stock Increment* is
surely an Instructive fact In history, 11
only we would learu the lesson that it
The Hon, Joseph Chamberlain ha*
put the Unionist party In the Dngllrtl
house of common*] in a rather uncomfortable position by his announcement
of his agreement with the chief .provisions of the proposed education measure.
Mr. Chamberlain is a strong nonconformist, a member of the Unitarian
Church, and Is,, opposed lo al religious
tests for teachers, and in general to the
principle of slate aid for church seboos.
Lord Cromer's annual report on the
condition of affairs in Bgypt is exceedingly bright and hoperul. The whole
machinery of government is working
very smoothly, he says, and Improvements have been effected in many directions. The history of Britain in
Egypt is one of which all Britishers
may Justly be proud, and no small
amount of the succes, that has bee*
achieved there has been due to the wii*
dom nnd broad statesmanship of Lord
A Memphis (Mo. man has discovered
a new way to get rid of mosquitoes. He
says to rub alum on your face and.
bands. When the mosquito ta..��8 a
bite, It puckers his buzzer so it can'*
sting. It sits down in a damp place,
tries to dig the pucker loose, catclie*
lis death ol cold, and dies of pneumonia.���Minneapolis Journal.
A special committee of the British
house of ommons has been appointed
to deal wii.i lhe matter of the opium
trade as it affects China and India, and
there b every prospect that the former
country will have some redress of her
wrongs in this matter In the near future.
The Golden  Egg.
Father���Now. see here! If you mar>
ry that young pauper, how on earth are
yon going to live?
Sweet Girl���Oh. we have figured that
all out! .You remember that old hen
my aunt gave me?
"Well, I have been reading a poultry
circular, and I And that a good hen wil]
false twenty chicks in a season. Well.
the next season that will be twenty
hens; and as each will raise twenty
more chicks, that will be 420. The nex<
year the number will be 8,400, the fr.l-
lowing year 168.000, and the next 3,?d0,-
000! Just think, at only 50 cents a|.lece
we will have $1,080,000! Then, you
dear old papa, we'll lend you some money to pay off the mortgage on tbli
house!"���New York Weekly.
"What would the nation be without
women?'' fanatically asked a magazine
writer.   That's easy.   Slag nntion.
Hammock Sale
aud secure your Hammock before the bargains  we are
offering are all snapped up.
New  Slock-
$2.7r. Hammock for $2.2r>
$3.7fi llnmniocli for $3.00
J1.25 Hammock for $3..10
$4.78 Hummock for $4.no
$7.n0 Hnnimock for $5.75
$7.25 Hummock for $0.00
$!l.0il Hammock for $7.50
l.iiHt   SciiHOn's Stock ���
$5,75 llnmniocli for....
$0.25 Hammock for....
$7.25 Hummock for.. ..
$vnn Hummock for	
.. $3.50
. .$4.00
W. G. Thomson
RAMSAY'S  2 lb. Cambridge
Package for 40c.    Fresh
and the best on the
Telephone 101.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
Koi.in, i.u> well furoulied.   lutilc as good as iiu -.
in Nelfcon.    Bar mippljed rt-tth good
llannraaud oUarB.
W. E. M0OANDLI8H, Proprietor.
Tremont House
European and American Han
Meall tt eta,   Kooma from 25 cu. to tl
Only While Help Employed.
Baker St.. Nelaon Pionrlelori
Bartlett   House
Best DoKar-a-Day House in F ikon.
The B*r U the Flneat.
White Help Only Employed.
JoiepMw: Ht.
oriwfMd&uf Beer 10c.
The only Glaas of Good Beer in Nelson.
Hotel Accommodations second to
none in Britinli Columbia.
Special Rates to Monthly Boarders.
The only Borne Hotel in Nelson.
Lake Vieto
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two blockh from
Rate* 11.00 per Day
and np.
N- Chinese Help employed.
TelcpUone U. NELSON,   B.  C.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Par and Night
Sample and Bath Hooms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
The Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Toiukins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Room*.
West Transfer Co.
(ioiioral Teamsters nnd Dealers in
Ooalaud Woot.   Kxpress nnd
BawtUKO Transfer
l%vlZm Office: Baker St.
Mill hands, bushmen, yardmen, an*
elneers, mlllrlgltt. Highest wags* paid
to competent men. Families Winning
to make permanent homes, will lie supplied with materials Tor homes unil as
much land ns they need for cultivation
frco of charge. WATTS �� CO.
Wattsbttrg, nenr Crnnbrook. II. ('.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want lo buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity shop. A new
line of Jnpnnese llootls now on sale. Ml
kinds of Dlnnerwnro in stock. Patterns
Choice Fruit
5% Acres and
50 Acres*
������*��� Both Pieces of Land Near Nelson
Oleariuf,'liirfit anil soil excellent.
Very easy terms on pnymint can be artan/rf.
Phone 847.   Dfflcanaxl Canedi��n Bank of Commerce   P. O. BoxSSG
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale ou the Kootenay and Slocau Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
insurance.   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kooteoay VaL'^ys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Iienl tstntc
Business in Kooteunv.
Nelson. B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Fruit Lands in this district.
Most of it sittuito on the West Arui and Main Lake.   See me before you decide to locnte.
S. M. BRYDGES, mpE^blAm ,
A Speculation
300  Shares   Northwest  Coal
Stock for #75.00.
McDermid & McHardy
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Fraii Lands in
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 20,000 in one block. |
Buy now aud get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
BUTCHER CO.      .      RAIl^,AV.
Wnolowlo mill let Tin DmIu   in ���
Fresh andjaltcd Meats!90 D&r ****** T��p
OampB rapptied on nhortt��1 noticoand
krnrsst price, Nothing bnt Pwrii und
wholeKriaomoAtsand sapples koptlnfrtook
^lnil offdan receive o irofol attention.
E. C. TRAYES   Maoagft.
Thompson & Douglas
L > UCtjjj... II'HS
Sign   WrttinK  (1  SfffcOlKlty.
Wnll E��fipcrntiU Burlap.
First CM'-..'   Seating Plant* - -1 ��� * 1 afodeivn
Stiniliiry .V.oli.-itieps.
Phone 181, Opera House Blk. Box 401.
��4* O" .*���*!����� <n ��C5
Winnipeg, Pt. Arthur,
DuUitli, St. Paul.
Thronpli Btcurttion iitttcs
Toronto, Montreal,
Maritime Provinces,
New York,  New KuglaiiJ
on applloafion.
Datt.-. ol sal. . .lo:i,��� ;, 0   ,', it  -.--.
"'"   '���  I     ang.  .. S, 9;    g*p^ \ 16.
Ticket) s'i'ij.-'i -I. ;,n.Lj rariMHom ot
route at.: Im Imlo nit u . mi i bertn
t   P. it.  it. amers on Oreat  ttkUti
Full particulnr* frota
!.   S   i'AliTPil.
li. P. Agent, Nelson, 11. C. The Daily Canadian, June 4, 1906
Our Souvenir Spoons ase the
Best You Can Find.
���������.��� ���  i bjjm Wo have about BO different kinds,
.���     . --    m���m.��.     .^ ^,j,.]jng Mnii Rnaxnel, ranging
in price frt>ni BOots tn $'J 60 eaoh, and must of them are new desi^nH.
in Pins, Bracelets, Knives, Trays, Paper Gutters, etc.. we have
nil the latest Canadian mid Nelson Souvenirs,      if yon are
looking tor a Souvenir we cannot i'tiil to suit you.
Mail orders receive prompt and careful attention, Phono 908.
Wood=Vallance  Hardware
Company,   Limited.
Shelf and Heavy Hardware,
Mine, Smeller and Mill Supplies, Stoves and
Ranges, Cutlery,
^/l'?!SJ$a\op '"k cb IWP0RD    Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Sheetinetnl Work, Costings, Builders' Material ondllinlng and Mill Mncliinery.
t Ml'ue and Works Foot of Park St.
Phone,   2(14.
Nclmiii,   II. O.
Keep your Eye
On this Space !
: Can Save You Money 1
(This by way of introduction
More to follow.)
!      Bell
PHONE 56. 5
Prompt Attention to Mail Orders I ���
We have jus I opened up Bomu very
lino lines ol' Sweet LHneuitH, and as we
buy direct from the factory, you can
depend upon getting fresh, crisp goods.
Christie's Brandy Snaps, per lb 40a
uirlstle's Ginger Snaps, per lb 20c
Christie's Choose Wafers, per lb l!,r,c
Christie's Frahntn Wafers, :! lb. tins
each 400
Christie's Assorted Sandwich, per lb 26c
Clirisiie's   Social Teas 860
Christie's  Arrowroot,   per   lb -T��c
Christie's  Desserts, per lb 350
Christie's Chocolate Fingers, per lb.36c
Christie's Cafe Nolr, per lb 26c
Christie's Cocoanut Bars, per lb ��� 26o
Christie's Wafer Rolls, per lb f��0c
Christie's Water ice Wafers  per Ib.JiOc
Christie's Macaroons, per lb G0c
Christie's Cream Sodas, 2 lb. tins..36c
Christie's Pig Mars, per lb 2.r.c
Ramsay'Sj Cream Sodas, per tln....86c
Ramsay's Molasses Snaps. 1! lbs...26c
McCormick's Cream Sodas, per lln.:t.rjc
We will be pleased to show you these
Toye & Benedict
loirphlnc St. GROCERS, Telephone 7
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Foci
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
J/1   &>   w����� ,> .,,m ^%   M
L_W   WITHOUT   TNt   ICt r**N'     L_f
Deliveries mads daily throuffboot NfcW��� .
nnd its snlmrbs Pbon<
!\   V'ornoti ant) War-sJ   Streets
>.;t.-so>. B. c.
J   FRED HI. UK. f'n,ppietor.
For Everything Good
to Smolte.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobacco.
Do You Know Thurnun's Spcci.il Mixture?
w. cA. Wurman,
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
iioniis cai.i.:ii HOD
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
A   Carney,
i   .1    Rentot,   Betterae;    Q   A
���:   It      ��� ,, H   W   VVtnillf. .1. J.
���vh.i ��� ii '! itber, Vancouver; .1.
���   ���       ���   i i   Victoria: a  i:  Bi ckett,
.  H. f). Cockbnrn, Toronto; .1
���   London   C lv Legg, Spokane;
Waneta;    .1  M Qarneau, si
i' .1 Clearer, W It Nourse   and
���.Ml". Vt.ilr:  W O'Rourke, Moyle;   II ('
Carr, Cranbrook; .1 K Barrett, Winnl
IICOK>      I   !;..,������     Iraneoa
���       ��� ��� ��� ;W    w
��� ��� .. ���
. .. ���... I i   , i     >��� ���.
��� . .i    I , ������,. - -     Mfi    ���
UeLeUso. net ism
nn. .1 Cliihin. W Kill. PeptSI
SILVER   KINO.���C    Ii    MeLtv
Rossland; K M Stevenson, Midway; W
Bookhout, P Bookbout, Greenwood; 0
Muffin,   W   Rlgby,   \V  Miller.   ItnlllllllK
ton; .1 Boyd, P afNaughton, Spokane,
TRBMONT.���M Knapp, Eureka; V
Dynes, Qreenwood; C Burroughs, ('
Undo, Midway; P T Poly, Sandon.
LAKH vibw.���ii D Bolsover, Pimp.
nix: ,i Jordan, Bandon.
.MADDEN���R fl Brown. P Hnliul.
Kasiii; A fi Blslnle, Cranbroolc; I' T
Morrison, Taghnm.
QRAND CENTRAL���W Westbrook,
'.*' Bcbsrfenbnrg, Spokane; .1 Stevens.
Calfao. W i Murphy, Pltol Buy.
'I.' Ii - M HcLsman, T Bradley,
Ocstntwood; '; r Cballerton, Trout
ijikif: v x Lsanlsiix, Montreal; (.' c
loit, r.n-.
Mr. Marsden has purchased (he Mor-
rlaon on Bproule creek.
The rainfall of Sunday night and this
morning was half an inch, the heaviest
of the year to date.
Messrs. Bell and Lambert, lumbermen, are discussing the advisability of
building a mill on Sproule creek.
Many Wright, M. I.. A., and It. A,
Renwick, dlstl'iol government agent,
Icit for Creston yesterday morning.
<:. K. <; O'Drlscoll, who has been in
the Kootenay l,;ike general hospital for
several weeks, is reported today to be
slowly sinking.
There will be a regular meeting of
the board of directors of the Nelson
Agricultural ami industrial Association
al tbe City hall Thursday evening at S
A special practice of Ihe choir of St,
Saviour's church will he held this evening til S o'clock to prepare special music for the services during the sessions
of the synod.
The only record in the NelBon min
Ing office today was that of the
llattou mineral claim, located May 22(1
by (I. A. Campbell, on Toad mountain,
three miles from Nelson.
The Pioneer dairy has changed hands.
The firm of McGregor & Towner has
become Towner & Moore, Alex. Moore
having acquired the interest and good
win of Mr. McGregdr,
The prize lists for the next exhibition
ol the Nelson Agricultural and Indus*
trial Association are well under way,
and the secretary expects to have
i In in ready for distribution in a couple
of weeks.
\V. II. Robertson, chief clerk of tho
assistant freight traffic manager of the
Canadian Pacific railway at Winnipeg,
is taking a trip through the Kootenay,
and Is delighted with Nelson and district.
A practice of the tambourine drill for
Kirmess will be held In Fraternity hall
tonight at 7:4r* sharp, and will be fob
lowed by a practice of the sextette at
9, Members of both are specially re
(piested to be punctual.
Members of the choral society are re-
minded thai a practice will be held in
the K. of 1'. hall this evening at S
o'clock. The question of producing the
oratorio in the llrst week of July is under consideration.
Stuart <;. Campbell left Sunday night
for Sidney, <\ H n��- will also visit
Montreal and Toronto. His trip is un-
dertaken in the interest of the Eufetca
Copper Mile's, Limited, which Mr.
Campbell will ende&ror to float in
Eastern Canada. ,
School Inspector i> Wilson left fur
East Kootenay ysstterday morning to
hold the annual examinations for en
trance to high schools in Fernie and
Cranbrook. He wil! return to Nelson
���   Lhe end ol the week.
A pobUe meeting is called for 8
tonight in the city hall to consider the question of celebrating Dominion Daj in Nelson, A trap shooting
tournament and a lacrosse match am
alread) arranged for Monday, July 2nd.
Dr. Barrett, chief inspector of inland
revenue for the Dominion, is paying an
official visit to Nelson. The doctor was
formerly editor of the Northwest Re-
rtew, 'd Winnipeg, but is now out of,
politics ami Journalism,
Many ftsbfug p&uijpi were mil on the
ink*- taw   ��� i        ��� ��� t nspoiiod
The Store_o[ Quality
Why not buy
the Best Ipohen
it costs no more
than poorer
goods ?
We have nothing but the best
of everything and our prices
are as good as any.
Hood & Teetzel
li a necessity in every trell regulated homo. Our olockiooniblnebetuty
of .lesion witli absolute aoouraoy u ttme-keepen. We invite inspootlou
of our OloakjH-they are here In urt-'nt vartoty of itrlea���from 8-day sirikt-
nu<i alarm, at ft ui> m tbe fine imported ouei We alio liave tboie
(amoui little alarm onea nt only \\ 50.  Come in today.
fair luck during the morning. The
thunder storm in ihe afternoon put an
end to the fishing, ami caughl mam of
the sportsmen far from shelter,
W. Collngrldge Blng, who has turned
from war, diplomacy, mining engineer
ing and power plant construction to
agricultural pursuits, is striving to Im
prove the standard for poultry in Kootenay. In his extensive poultry ranch
at Cftstlegar he has many valuable fowl,
tbe costt price of some of them being
as high as $7 each. Colonel Blng does
nothing half-heartedly.
A. II. Green, surveyor, who has spent
the last year in the service of the Siam.
esc government, has Informed his
friends that he will return to Nelson in
July, lie hasj completed the organlza
lion of the surveys, and finds the task
of supervision monotonous and tile ell
mate too trying.
Mrs. John A. Kirkpatrick and her
Children left Sunday evening via Revel-
stoke for a visit to her former home in,
Shubenncadie, New Itninswick. Mr.
Kirkpatrick accompanies ihem as far
as Calgary, Mrs. Kirkpatrick will be
away fur (wo months
George Cann, committed for trial on
the charge of stealing liquor anil cigars
from the Thistle hotel, Granite, on May
24th, appeared before Judge Forin this
morning ami elected for summary trial. He wil be tried by .Judge Forin Monday morning. June 11ll*.
Notice appears In the Provincial Gazette of May l.lst of the Incorporation,
under the "Companies' Act, 1897," of
The Canadian Publishing Company, "to
own, print, carry on. and sell, newspapers, periodicals and books," and for
all other purposes incidental thereto."
The synod of the diocese of Kootenay
will assemble in Nelson Wednesday
morning, and will !)<��� in session In St.
Saviour's mission room Wednesday
and Thursday. Rev 0, A. Procunier. of
Hevelstoke, has be. n appointed by the
Idshup to preach he special sermon
for the occasion.
The divisional promotion examinations in the public schools of Nelson
wilt begin tomorrow morning. Promotions are made partly on the results of
such examinations and partly on 'In'
recommendations of the teachers based
on pupils' work during the term.
An official teller from R. M. Palmer.
secretary of the provincial bureau of
information, has been received at the
office of the 20,000 club. Mr. Palmer
has written evidently at the instance of
the Okanagan fruli growers, but his official statement does not conlradict the
claims made in Kle club's advertising
Rev. Thomas Green, R A., R. 1).. nf
Victoria college, Toronto, lias just completed his theological course, ami has
been awarded a scholarship in philosophy in Columbia university, New York.
.Mr. Green is well known in Nelson,
where he was a frequent visitor I wo
years ago while noting as Methodist
missionary at  Phoenix,
Mis>; M. Mclleaih. who has been
bookkeeper for the Canada Drug and
Hook Company lor the last throe years.
leaves for Vancouver toufghl to accept
a similar position with tho Letson-Bur��
pee company.
Secretary Chailboiirn. of the 20,000
club, lias receive J a reply from the
secretary of ihe Dominion postofnce de,
partmeni to ihe Inquiry of the publicity
committee of the club as to Facilities
tor distributing circulars in poatofneos.
The secretary gives the number of
boxes in the offices of Winnipeg, Cal-
gary, Brandon and Portage la Prairie
In other offices in the prairie provinces
lhe boxes are at lhe disposal of jiosl-
masters, ami dlrecl inquiry is suggested.
The Store of Sweets/'
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phoue US, rtiiKcr St.
NELSON, 1!  0.
or.Josephinoaud Mill BU.     1'lionc 1*
; JOY'S Cash Grocery
" Tell mc what they eat
and I'll iell you what they arc."
So says some wise body, and
I guess Im could. People who
relish good things are awake to
the opportunities we offer io
secure Ihe besi of everything
at lhe lowest possible prices.
My stock of staples and fresh
Groceries is unsurpassed by
Roasted    Plymouth     Rock
Chicken ,"0o per tin
Hcinz's      Sweet      Pickles,
Gherkins 66c per bottle
Spanish Olives	
 86c and i>0c per bottle
Hothouse Cucumbers.26c  each
Local Gooseberries. 15c per box
Asparagus  16c per lb
Spring Cabbage....   10c per lb
Sirawberries 25c   per   box
will meet yon at file door
or m the store
Ice Cream Sodas.
The Finest in the Land.
Notice Ii hereby given lhatilztydarsAfierdatfl
I  iiiUMiU toiil'ply  tn  tin:   HiiintriiMi-   I hi'  I'hlef
Oonunlnlonoi ot Laoili tout Works, VlotorU. for
permtsvlon to nnrobtue tho following described
Eaii'Ih iii Wist Kootenay. t'nmmeoctDg at h J...M
marked Kagar w.) ymwioutb not comer near
to f'arnet creek inn about i mllei lontl. nt m<m
-(nit., otoek ami about i mtlei treat nt Columbia
Klveri ihciH'c north mi cimm-, thenoo fa��t ��i
ebatm. tbenco routb 80 chains, thence west 40
nhalna t<> plan- of commencement, containing
BS0 Hire', tieiUK the iame more ur len,
Dated Jane 4, v.m.
Bw.il w, Dyhm,
v, Drmts, Agent.
Better Linen. Better Kit.
Belter Making. Better Style.
In Our Collars tlun in mo;l m.'lcci offered you.
K.ery Correct Htvlc.    Try ourktnd oi Oollstl,
Near Sight
Bligbtly DgsTilgh'sd today.
More tninoniitv.
Progr r*n o( near clithl || the forerunner
el hllU'lun-ri.    The  It rut Mkh of  miirf-lujil
stuitiM nol be Drjlected     kxamina'M(>N
VHKK.       Our Optleil   bcparliiit-iit  In up-
(O'dstfl In every reliwet.
JKWBLLBR      uuil      ul'TItblAN
Clearing Oat
-:- SALE ���:-
I have decided  to retire front the Shoe Business in
Nelson and am offering my entire stock of
Most of these goods have been opeued up this spring, and
are right tip-to-date in regard to style and workmanship.    We give a few lines iu the following
materials and prices :
.Mon's Velour and Ilnx Calf 15.00and $8.00 $8.60 nnd $4,00
Men's Valour nnd tins Calf $4.00 nnd $4:60 $2,116
Men's Fine llox Calf In Ilnls nnd Blttoliars$8.8I $2.26
Men's Tan Bluchers and Oxfords $5,00 and $6.21 $8.60
Men' Solo leather Working Boots $8.50 and $4.00 $2.76
Men's Chronic Bluchers Outside Counters. $8.60and $4.00 $1.50 nnd $2.76
Men'   Hand-made   Chrome   nnd CaH hifih
nnd low cut $5.00and $8.00 $3.76 and $4.60
Women's  Moots 85.00 $.'1.76
Women's Boots *3.oo $2.uo
Women's Boots $2.60 $1.76
Hoys'   School Shoos   From $1.60 up
liirls' School shoos  Prom $1 16 up
Children's Shoos  Prom  76c   up
These Goods Must be Sold Regardless
of Sacrifice.
All book accounts must be settled by June 25th, or they
will be placed in our solicito-i'i hands for collection.
H. McCausland
Standard Ftii*nito*e Company
Man-in A- n sofa Pianos,
������ Oitsrfnoor'1 Mnuri'*.,
aioba-werntike Book Cssei *'aw, and Office Purnt
Complete House Furnishets and Undertakers.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd.
Wo would invito you to Intpeot our liirgo and Varied stiK'k of
No need to mffar from haat If you   TT,.!. \I7.,^l.t,-���   T)^��.^^I��>ii.y.<.
will only cull und ask to sec our   flOt    W tZXWt   KCCfUlSltCS
BfcOTfl Open from 7 n.m. to fl p.m. ovory day OJeoept holidftyl tintl .Stmdnys.
Don't Forget we are SEMI-READY      ��k
Fo. Lilothing I
The Popular Man
Wherever you meet
him is always
 M      Well Dressed.
Noninn oan fo,d liken winner when hit* (dothca do
not fit liitn. To l>c yortrself yon want liKjividunlity
In ntylcK, and when TAYLOR & Mt'QUAKKlK
mnkc your clothca you know thut you hnvo tUc
Bwelleet olothea that i^iin be fasbloued,
Blgh-Olaw Tu'lont.
linker St., Kelson, B, (


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