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The Daily Canadian Aug 3, 1907

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Array ��ije   gkvUxj
IK   2.      NO.   5*J.
Resumed at Depth
In Silver King
In sheep creek
TW 1
Evidence of Early Revival
PBning���Quotations on
Stock Markets.
Bhn; Kltiliitiuii is :u:;uit Mint. 1
jage. In spite of a HghtOTlng
Ot the Bl*y markets, of tha lnre uf
tlon, and of un unaatisfae-
���ltuutiun, Koolenay mines
���I�� *tM* attract im: liil.-l.--l tin.I lli.t*
ia IWIIIIH Of .'til.it..I I"1 .!������*..*l..|.iiuu
Taa*  pTWaWt   Illt.I.M    .li.es   tl".    si*.-In
ba awakanad by pi..sp.*.-<.-. .*-.. nnt'ii -..-
fcjr protest lea that have h.-.-n woth.-.i
fcafpfa IMS. aban.l. ui.d tu -a ti..1.��� .it* 111
part oa aeOOUltt of th.- necessity   l.n   I.ik
on  development.
intercstlnK feature locally
ti tka IStMnptiou. till.*: a liinis perl...!
Ot iBSflttaa, Of work on lln* Silver Kint;
*lhast*flal   VOad   mountain,   the    |.!..|��.*rl>
.of tha IB-Min. :. cijinpaiiy Tlie prop
��Ity ia HliaV unwal.-ic.l. ami 11 Is th.
lataallOa Of the in;.I.tiKa-m.* 111   i"  i.'Mitn.*
osarattaoa wher.- m. h. i>.i\>s, ti..- lasi
leasee    I tha property,  j.-rt   oir.    -rii.*
fates) mUtttmA   In   the   mine   litis   Ih.ii
DflliaUliaM*r Increased .luring the week
Hatlfl aaSTe  been   cnmliiK.   which   si.
Car,   howatar.   lack    eoiillrmutlon.    tha'
ary   rich   finds   have   been
la  Sheep  Creek   valley.     One   i.
^|p discovery  Just   above  the
Fiftt Cents a Month
poit la ol
Hotter   Isaae   gn.ui
rahtaa 0/orvr lune.
of   ore    carrylns
Tko math 1
a)Sa kO*a Mrly acllie.   unit   ptl.-.*s   liiui
������tt   bat JpW   chances   apparent.      S|...
'jt   reports  business   much
oumliu.ni  as  locally  while
_.   _       nges record but few sales.
^Bal   *   Coke   remained   firm
^^pebangt'd, several thousand
ng   hantls   al   the   present
Consolidated    Sin.'Iters
WOfO la   BlOre   .l.-tnan.l    than   for   s.iuie
1, St Sa advance   of  in.111   $.".   tn   (7
Over   their   usual    quotation
Ooldtlcl.ls     Syndicate     weak
but   little   business   offered.
���ale sold  I.. an  extent  leu  at
law Bgures      11    C.   Copper  weak
���tightly  towards  the close,  selling
kboat $1 p.-r share.    I)..minion r<>,��
' BkOWad almost   no chance.     Interna
���I Coal was Inactive and iinchange.l
ajaat    B0    business   r.'i**.ri!.*.l.      llamhlet
Cariboo,  aa   anticipated,   dropped   fro iii
t tO 40 par share  with  large  inning  or
Oara^tt the nii'i  'i i    low iinntatii.n     Sul
I advanced  a cent   or sn.   with  hug.*
Uaa orders   White Hear strengthened
ttSfctiy aad  was   nun*.,  active   than   for
Sana Una.
..  following are  the approximate  quota-
ttoBa lor the  week  ending   today:
Alberta Coal & Coke
%       A-l    $
Aaktrtaaa Bov  	
.02 "Jj
B. C. Copper   	
9. riii
Ooaa. Smelt, i s   ....
a. OOldnel.l  Syn
Maawad Vai.-  	
OBlBlOO   Copper
d^Craak Receipts
utoraationtii ('.ml ..
.03 V4
llaata Coal   Mines      .
.04 ',4
..       1.8714
[Wa   Mines   	
m*M0m on 	
.      1.76
Motorist!   Mobbed.
Itar"   Auk.  :������     Mubbt'tl   h>   fanners
9plr   MR   luurlnK   (':ir   hai1    -'"''
~Tru��   over   a   little   boy.   S.   H.
gtallHonatre   broker,     a   Hon   of
-<-  f- 8wl"��� nilllloiialro packer, and
.   WCntten   conipanloiiH.  om-   ol'   whom
l'Mhr.T!Tlj.p.i.'H wife. :in> sale]  to have
A driven   from   their   automobile   iu
th��      Blty  of Doerfleld.   111.,  force.I   io
8-Und^Mld   look    oil    Willie    111.*    1)1*4    Mill   >
mobll* Was incinerated in a \i\k tmufiie
thtt Ul* fanners built under It. and then
compelled to walk two in lien through
Ul* country before Ibey rould timl ae-
Oomodfttfon to take them to tin1 Lorraln
hotel. These HtatementH were made by
Ottliens at Deorflehl to clear up the
' (fry of the dentruction of a large
car lant Saturday, about which
;tle ���soubl be learned. The running
iWH Of tbe boy Ih Haid to have been
~"Wf accidental and unavoidable
the  part   of tbe automobile  party.
Chicago's One Cool   Day.
Aug.  8<���YeHterdny  v.n*n  Ibe
August 2nd in the bintory of the
���rather bureau, covering a period
earn, with a minimum  tempera-
54.    Tho nearest to .veaterday'H
waa made In 1872 when the mint*
as  66,  tho normal   temperature
ust   is about  61).
Pathetic    Story    of    Watted    Affection
From Chicago Police Court.
Chicago. Aug. Ii.���"Bring papa to my
funeral," was a dying baby's last request, and today James Corcoran was
pardoned from tbe Bridewell tbat the
Wish might be granted. Five times has
Uu man been released from Jjridewell,
twice  to   attend   the   funeral   of  u   child
whose life had dickered from hardship
and want while he was behind the prison walls for abusing bis wife. The
mother was a pitiable picture when she
entered Ma\or BUttO'g office yesterday.
Only a few months ago she bad been
there to g<-t her husband pardoned to
attend -^ funeral. Tears st i earned
down ber cheeks as uhe clasped aud
Unclasped her worn and labor-gnarled
fingers and sobbed ont that "our baby"
bad just died. "Its not thai I want my
husband's help, tor we are better off
when he is away from us, but out hahy
lisped she wanted 'my papa' at ihe
(irieral Just hetore she died." sobbed
tbe woman. "Kven if lie is worthless.
I want him with me when we bury tbe
last  of our little ones."
Pardon Clerk Abe Merlnhaum telephoned to the Bridewell authorities to
in lease ihe man. who was waiting for
the   police   report   telling   why   he   had
been arrested, "is it right to pardon
htm without the police report?" asked
Private Secretary Mullun as he signed
the release. "The reports are always
the BU&e every time the poor woman
comes in. always arrested for beating
her." replied Merlnhaum. It's sadder
with each arrest. Corcoran is a machinist and lives at Forty-Fourth
street and Emerald avenue. During his
incarceration his wire supports the
family   by   taking   In   washing.
Nelson's   Dlaplay   of   Fruit   Appreciated
in  Brandon���Eulogy of Soil
and   Climate.
Under the eaption "Wealth ef the
Kiiotenays." lhe llnindun Dally Times
of July lllsl, hat* an article on the re-
Hiiillci'S of th.' Nelson tllsttlet lu mines,
timber anil UKrii-ull urul lands, prompted
by ili.-t" rttlt exhibit ttt the Uramlon fair,
which  Ik referred lo HP follow*:
One of the most Interest lap exhibits
lu the main liuihllin- at Ihe Ilrundon
fair of last week was Ihe exhibit of the
Kootenay dlstrlet which was prepared
under the auspices of the board of trade
and the M.000 clttl. of Ihe city or Nelson. B. C. This exhibit was In charKe
of .lames Mel'hee and W. R. Campion,
and consisted of fresh and preserved
fruits, minerals, (trains and Brasses, flsh.
fruits and furs. The exhibit was of
mote than passim; Importance, und
those who were Instrliniettil In netting
It up. In addition to advertising the
great possibilities of the Kootenay district, were performing a genuine service to Iho entire country, because very
lew, indeed, of the people who uttended
Western Manitoba's big fair were aware
that to the west of us there was a land
cnpable of producing wealth In such diversified  forms.
This is one of the ways in which
Canada Ib fast becoming conscious of
Iter nationhood, and that within the
borders of thiS'Vimt Dominion there is
to be round nlinost everything required
by people; and also encourages Ihe Interchange of products In different sections of the country. For example, the
three prairie provinces of western Can-
a.hi afford a most excellent market
when j.roper transportation facilities
are available for all the fresh rrult. limber, ami so forth, lhat the great I'aclllc
coast province has lo offer, uml In return, the province or llrltlsh Columbia
has to Import from us our hard wheat,
meat and other food products in additions to the Immense quantities or manufactured goods obtained rrom Eastern
Those who saw lhe exhibit on Ihe
second rloor or the main building were
greatly impressed with Ihe soil and cll-
mnte capable or producing bucIi niagnlll-
cenl branches loaded with prime, ripe
cherries, and also apple brunches Inden
with rrult which was rapidly maturing.
Nelson has n charming climate, and
seems particularly adapted tor Ihe culture ol all kinds ..r fruits, as wns amply
demonslfuted by the exhlbll made. The
frult-ralsing Industry Is rapidly coining
lo the front, and there Is a splendid opening In the NelBon dlstrlcl for a cannery. Strawberries thnt are raised In
the Koolenny district are fully equal to
the celebrnled Hood niver strawberries.
ami the problem seetns lo be lo encottr
age a small vnrletv of berries, capable
of being shipped lo a great distance,
rather than n large berry. Some who
have raised a large variety for curiosity
hnve had berries so largo that four
made a pound, and these, though perfect In qttnllty and flavor, were found to
be unsulted for shipping purposes. For
such frulls us gooseberries, red, white
nnd black currant*, apples, plums, and
even peaches, Ihe Koolenay country Is
capable of producing an Immense quantity and successfully competing with
Batten Canada for this market as soon
aa adequate transportation facilities
can he secured from Ihe railway companies.
Prices of Metals.
New    York,   Aug.    3.���Silver,   fiHTic:
copper,  SOftO]   lead.   $B.aG.
London, Aug. 8.���*Silver, vi 3-icd.
Two Years Option Given
New Company
M. S. Davys, Lessee, Announces Conclusion of Deal With New York
���Good for Silverton.
The transfer of tbe llowltl mine al
Silverton. which has been the subject
of rumor for several weeks, is now un
accomplished raci The statement is
authorized by M. S. Davys, lessee of the
property, who has been working II Blnce
lhe summer of l'iu*l.
The ttansTer iu not a sale but an opa
tlon ror two years. The company acquiring It on these terniB is composed of
New York capitalists und will be known
as the Hewitt .Mines company. The
company Is represented In Hritlsh Columbia by Oleott Payne, of New York,
who is expected to arrive in Nelson tonight.
The Hewitt is a dry sliver property,
but curries values in lead also. It has
beeu operated steadily and with good
results for 11 years. The Hewitt Mlnej
syndicate worked it from 18S6 <o 1903,
when M, S. Davys took a lease and
bond under which he has worked the
property since thai time.
George Stllwell. who has been superintendent for Mr. Davys' for a number
of years, will be retained in that capacity by the new company.
It Is known that the New York company Intends to begin at once an extensive plan of development, which will
necessitate the employment of a greatly Increased force or men, and lead In
the near future to much larger shit*
meats thun have hitherto been possible.
The richness and extent of the Hewitt's
ore bodies have been demonstrated by
the work done during Mr. Davys' control. All that Is required to place it
among tbe leading mines of Kootenay
is the expenditure of sufficient capital
to open It up and provide for economical working on a large scale.
What the conclusion of the deul
means to Silverton can hardly be overstated. It Is not merely that the pretty
little camp on Slocan lake will now be
the home of a considerable number of
working miners steadily, employed. The
development of the Hewitt Is certain
to be followed by an awakening of Interest In the many rich properties that
lie back of Silverton. most of them as
yet hardly touched.
Railway Companies Must Qive Information  to Commission.
Ottawa. Aug. 3.���The railway commission has Issued an order requiring
lhat every railway company subject to
the legislative authority of the parliament of Canuda furnish to the board
within three months the following Information:
The railway company or companies
with which it has direct connections In
Canada and the point or points with
which such caHinectlon Is made.
The rallwuy company or companies
with which every such company has
joint freight tariffs filed with the hoard,
giving the numbers ot the Bald tariffs
and the Junction points through which
they applv. Whether every such company Is willing lo extend the scope of
such Joint tariffs by routing also
through the Junctions (If any) not already utilized, or to arrange Joint tariffs through such other points. If not,
to Btate  fully  its reasons therefor.
Any and all railway company or companies with which every such company
hns no Joint tnrlffs, and whether such
company is prepared to negotiate with
such connecting company or companies*
for joint tariffs; if not, to state fully
the reasons for objecting.
Home   Qovernment   Will   Try   to   Stop
Immigration   Into Canada.
Ottawa. Aug. 3.���It is understood that
the Japanese government has under
consideration tho further limitation or
Japanese emigration and as a means to
this end. in pursuanco of Its own national policy, welcomes the proposed
limitation of Japanese into this country.
The present arrangement Ib that not
moru than one passport per month
would be Issued for each of the 40 districts of Japan to those wishing to emigrate to ('lunula. This number lias uot
been reached.
However, the difficulty wub foreseen,
that the anticipated large emigration
to Canada from Honolulu Includes Japanese who were United States citizens
und over whom Japan hus no control.
To obviate this illlllcult;* an urrungc-
J men! will have to be come to with the
United  Slates  government.
Unknown      Schooner     Collided      With
Liner Kaiserin Augusta  Victoria.
New York, Aug. 3.���A wireless despatch received in this clt ytoday from
the steamer Kaiserin Augusta Victoria
gives the details of the collision with a
schooner shortly after leaving Cherbourg.
When the crash came the passengers,
of whom there were many on board,
rushed la the deck In night attire. The
dense fog, the doleful blasts of the fog
horn, the cries of the women and children, and the rush ol the sa'lors for
posts at the IlfeboatB niude a scene
never to be forgotten.
It was found that the schooner had
struck against her so heavily that 12
feet of the promenade deck railing waa
smashed, a couple of portholes dismantled, and a large part of the liner's side
delated and scratched. The fog was
almost blinding, but the schooner was
seen to fade away under full sail, minus
a bowsprit and Jfbboom. Captain Ruser
steered about to find the disabled
stranger, but a three hours' search revealed no trace or her. Mrs. Cornelius
Vanderbllt. Mr. and Mrs. Clans Sprec-
kles. Maurice ITntermeyer. Robert Kd-
Bon, Ethel bevy and Otta Kahn are
among the more prominent tourists
aboard the steamer who witnessed the
exciting eea Incident.
Norwegian* Celebrate Birthday of King
Haakon���Remarkable  Affection
for Allen Ruler.
ChrlstiaDaU, Aug. a.���Chriatianla was
aglow with tiogo and bunting today and
there waa much popular rejoicing over
the thirty-flfth anniversary of the birth
of King Haakon. Addresaes of congratulation were received from cities and
tnwnB throughout Norway and to these
were added the felicitations of all the
sovereigns of Europe. The greetings of
the latter were conveyed to the royal
palace by the diplomatic repreaenta-
tivea, who were received in person by
the King. *
The popi Uir featlvitiea In honor *of
the King's birthday afford but another
proof of the strong hold he has se
cured on tin* afTectlons of his subjects.
The sincere regard of the Norwegians
for their king and queen is all the more
remarkable since tt is not yet two
years that the young Danlah prince and
his English princess were invited to as
sume the sovereignty. In modern history of Europe no parallel is to bt
found. King Haakon's uncle. Prince
George of Denmark, accepted the
throne of Greece and has occupied it
nearly forty-five years. Yet the people
of Greece entertain no real affection foi
htm. And the same may be said of the
German princes who have become the
rulers of Houmanla and Bulgaria. The
case of King Haakon, In fact affords
the only example of an alien ruler who
has been accepted with genuine loyalty
and taken Into the hearts of his new
subjects. ^
It ts but natural that the strong char
acterlstlcs of King Haakon should win
the attachment of his people. And the
winning personality of Queen Maud and
the charm of the little Prince Olaf. heir
to the throne, have further endeared
the royal couple to the Norwegian
Hut there is one trait possessed by
the King that perhaps more than auy
other his pleased the Norwegians. This
is his love for the sea. Like the fumed
Norse kings of old, King Haakon is a
veritable son of the sea.
As a child he was set apart for a naval career. To this end he was educated by his father until he was fourteen years old, when he passed the examinations for admission Into the Dan
tsh naval academy. There he spent
the regulation four years, faring Just
as his comrades of non-royal blood fared, no better, no worse.
On leaving the academy he began
his active career as a midshipman. That
was tn 1890. in the years that followed
he slowly mounted to the grade of captain, attaining that rank only a year
or so before lie was called to the throne
of Norway. When at sea he was a hard
worker, and he demanded hard work
from all under him. Yet he was well
liked by his officers, and the common
sailors were known to hold him In
high  regard.
To this day his favorite associates
are men of the navy, and much of his
time ts spent in the study of naval
problems. On returning from a visit
to Copenhagen or a sojourn in England,
Queen Maud's home, his first task is
to call In some of tho high officials of
tho Norwegian navy nnd engage In Ions
talks with them. Given his way, his
ono subject of conversation ts always
the sea and tho things that appertain
And, as before stated, this love for
the sea pleases the Norwegians immensely, for the kings who have made
their history have been men of the sua,
Danced for Diamonds.
New York. Aug. 3.���Dancing for six
hours with but a single stop, whirling
over a wox floor from 10 o'clock at
ntgpit until daylight the following day,
is the record held jointly by Miss E.
Martin and Fred Newman. This ter-
plschorean feat wan performed by tho
couple at North Beach and had as Its
reward a diamond medal offered to t'ie
winners of the contest.
Construction Begun at
J. P. MeGoldrick Outlines Plans to
Be Followed in Kootenay���
Plant at Nelson Next.
While J. P. MeGoldrick and his Minnesota ansoclates in the lumber business are still hesitating attout putting
up a plant In Nelson, they are far from
Idle elsewhere. They have begun the construction or a large mill on Little Shuswap take to handle the cut from their
timber limits on Adams river, which
flows into the lake. That will be their
first actual operations In British Columbia. Elsewhere they are protecting
their limits, and the construction and
operation of a mill on their site near
Nelson Is only a question of time.
J. P. MeGoldrick and G. A. Lammers
arrived on the late train from the main
line last night, and an hour later left
by the midnight train for Spokane.
Seen by a representative of The
Daily Canadian Mr. MeGoldrick said:
"We have returned, Mr. Lammers and
I, from a visit to our properties in the
north where we have seen the beginning of construction of our new mill.
The rest of the party that arrived here
with us ten days ago Is pretty well
scattered by now, and we are on our
way back to Spokane.
"The new mill is to handle the timber
from the Adams river limits, owned by
the Adams' River Lumber company,
which we have lately organised. The
officers are: President, J. P. MeGoldrick; vice president, G. A. Lammers;
secretary and managing director, C, E.
Wymau;   treasurer,   F.  A.  Cromble.
"The mill will be equipped with three
double cutting bands, and will have a
capacity of 180,000 feet a day.
"No, we are pot doing anything here
just yet, except patrolling our limits on
the Duncan river to save them from
possible danger of fire.
"Oh, yes, certainly we intend to build
here. It Is only a matter of time. We
have a few other things to straighten
out flrst."
>     Yorker  Failed   to   Find   Surcease
*-���> From  Sorrow.
New lork, Aug. 3.���August Mehlig,
60 years of age .turned on the gas in
his room early yesterday after closing
the windows and closing the bedroom
door. Then he sat in a chair to smoke
until death came. Some three hours
later the gas began to moke him sick,
so he shut it off and opened the windows to think it over. An hour later
he tried it again, stuffing up all the
cracks and key holes, but again he was
unsuccessful, the gas not having the desired effect. Mehlig examined all the
pipes in the house, thinking that perhaps a leak was depriving him of .some
of the gas supply, but finding everything tight, at 9 o'clock he tried It
again. One o'clock, however, found him
still puffing his pipe, so he put some
more wads of paper and rags in the
crevices and again sat and waited for
death. About 3:30 In the afternoon his
wife smelled gas and falling to get In
her husband's room she called a policeman. The officer knocked down fhe
door and found him In his chair smoking. The policeman was almost overcome by the gas but managed to drag
Mehlig from the room to the lockup. In
court Mehlig showed no ill effects from
his 13 hours' gas diet and Bald that domestic troubles accounted for his desire
to die.    He was held.
Rocky   Mountain    Bell   Telephone   Co.
Wants Losses Paid.
Helena, Mont., Aug. 3.���The Rocky
Mountain Bell Telephone Co. yesterday
filed suit in the federal court against
the Montana Federation of Labor, the
Livingstone Trade and Labor Council,
et al, to secure an Injunction restrain
ing the respondents from interfering or
molesting or In any way interfering
with the business of the company and
to shut off the boycott which the complainant alleges has been In force since
March 14th last, which has damaged the
company to the extent of $50,000. No
temporary injunction was issued. An
order to show cause why the application for the injunction should not be
granted was made by Judge Hunt, returnable September 16th. The trouble
Is the outgrowth of the strike of linemen In (Hah. Idaho, Wyoming and
Montana, the Montana federation having declared the Rocky Mountain company unfair In all Montana cities, and
ordering out all switchboard operators.
Crimes   Against   Women   and   Children
Continue In New York.
New York, Aug. 3.���The remarkable
series of crimes In this city, in which
women and children are the objects of
attack, show no signs of abating. During yesterday two such attacks were reported to the police, and today one Additional case has been brought to public notice, that of a young East Side
girl who was attacked by miscreants
while passing through the hallway of
the house that held her own home.
Scarcely an arrest of Importance has
been made and the police confess themselves as completely baffled. Tho list
of victims who have met death in this
mwiiy of crime has reached five, three
young girls and two women, and a
score or more have  been attacked.
Liberili    Hopcltuly   Divldtd   for   and
Against  Pugsley���Tories
Acquire Papers.
Ottawa. Aug. 3.���There will be a good
representation of the cabinet at tbe
next meeting. Including Sir Wilfrid Laurler, Sir Richard CaUtwrlght, Hon. Wm.
Templeman. Hon. Wm. Paterson, Hon.
A. II. Aylesworth, Hon. Rodolph Le-
mleux and Hon. W. R. Yett.
The loss of the St. John Telegraph
and the St. John Times has been a blow
to the ministerial party, as It will
further militate against the chances ot
Hon. Wm. Pugsley for the government.
The only paper of weight left is the
Globe, which may be expected to be
lukewarm regarding Pugsley.
The difficulties of the Liberal leaders
are added to by discouraging rumors
from London, Ont.. where discontent is
being expressed at the length of time
the constituency Is being kept open, and
which Is in direct contrast to the policy
pursued by the Whitney government In
the case of vacancies. It is felt that
tbe loss of the seat would be the severest blow the administration has had.
Surprises may be anticipated after
tho meeting, though the government
seems loath to commit itself to any
of the candidates for ofllee. Dr. Pugsley would have been appointed long ago
but for the unpopularity of the choice
with  a large  section of the party.
Punishment Fitted Crime.
Wilkesbarre, Pa., Aug. 3.���Louis Sam-
holla, who had been brutally beating
his wife, was publicly thrashed by Alderman D. A. McKelvle yesterday before
a crowd of admiring an dapplaudlng
spectators. Aroused to a pitch of righteous Indignation by the pitiful story
of the abused wife, Mr. McKelvle sprang
from his magistrate's bench, saying he
would give the prisoner the only kind of
punishment suitable for such a crime as
his, as fines and imprisonment would
be of no service. Seising the terrified
man by the collar he hustled him Into
the street, pulled the coat from his
back, and then handcuffed him to a
post. The crowd divined his intention
and a young man took off hiss belt and
gave it to McKelvle. The alderman Is
young and strong and the flogging was
vigorous. After a few strokes Sambolia
fell to his knees crying for mercy, but
McKelvle kept it up until he felt that
the  prisoner had had  enough.
Whole Day Gained.
London, Aug. S.���The successful run
of the Cunard Steamship company's
new huge liner, the I.usltanla, In which
she averaged -*>'. knots, has led the officers of the company to Issue a statement that mall on the I.usltanla. leaving New York on Saturdays, should be
delivered at the general post office In
London early Friday morning. The
Campania and Lucanla are the fastest
British steamships, reaching land In
time to have their mails delivered In
London on Saturday morning, hence
about a day will be gained, nerhai��
more, by the Lusltanla's trip both lo
and from New York.
Report on  Yukon.
Served the  Beast  Right.
Phl.ndelpia, Aug. 3.���Because her fiance twitted her about her age, Miss
Emma Perth, of Reading, broke off her
engagement with Harry Blssell, of the
same city, at the marriage license bureau In the city hull yesterday. Miss
Perth Indignantly told Blssell that he
talked too much for her ami lhat he
could go and find someone else to
many. Blssell stated that he was 24
years old. while tho brld.* loin, admitted 2D summers.
Ottawa, Aug. 3.���The Canadlnn government has had an examination made
of tho gold-producing districts of the
Yukon to see what amount of gold was
still to be obtained from gravel banks,
ht lsldes and valleys where the mlnet
with placer methods has skimmed oft
the rich cream. They estimate thnt
there Is still almost ***l.ii00.imo in gold
to be taken from gravels which have
already   yielded   $119,000,000.
Radiograph Service.
London. Aug. 3.���An official of the
Marconi company is quoted as saying
that a radiograph service will be begun
between Ireland und Canada In September, and after this service Is started
the power at the wireless station al
Cape Cod will be Increased and the service will be opened thence to Puldhu.
British Admfralfy Regrets
Lord Tweedmoutl. Acknowledges Gifts
From All tat Dominion-
New Cruiser Policy.
London. Aug. 3.���Lord Brassey called
attention to the proceedings of the Imperial Conference respecting naval questions and said the country had heard
with satisfaction Ihe government's "assurance that the All-Red Route would
be received with careful consideration.
Lord Tweedmouth said he thought the
conference bad gone a long way towards the coming arrangement with the
colonies regarding naval defence and
gave details of the colonial contributions to the navy, which he declared
showed It.
It was unfair to say the home government was Indifferent to the Interests
of her colonies. Canada waa .different
from other colonies, Canada always refused to contribute directly to the cost
of the navy though now the Dominion
had taken over certain harbors, v-hlch
was of great service, he regretted how,
ever, that the Canadian government
couldn't see its way to a more active
naval defence, but the Dominion had lu
own views and the line taken by the
home government waa that It should be
very much a matter of their own Judgment in what way the colonies should
help In dealing with the general policy.
Lord Tweedmouth said the admiralty
had In view a new and extended cruiser
construction poller.
Hail   a*  Quebec.
Quebec. Aug. 3.���Quebec waa yesterday visited by probably the worst electrical storm In its history. It was such
aa has never been seen In Quebec, with
a deluge of hailstones, making a terrifying nolae that will long remain In the
minds of those who witnessed it. The
hailstones, or rather chunks of Ice, were
of peculiar formation, the core apparently consisting of ordinary slsed hall-
stones, surrounded by clear tee. Many
were picked up two inches in diameter
and the size of hens'  eggs.
Valuable Diploma.
Omaha, Aug. 3.���Dr. George Whiteside, of Omaha, yesterday Bled in the
district court a suit for $20,000 against
the Adams Express Co. for the loss of
his diploma from Harvard university,
alleging that it Is impossible for him to
procure a duplicate. In August. 1903,
Dr. Whiteside submitted his diploma to
the state board of medicine examiners
at Lincoln; later It was expressed to
him by the board, but was lost in
Indignant Correspondent.
A correspondent from Slocan City
has communicated his Indignation at an
editorial appearing a Kootenay paper���
not The Dally Canadian���on the result
of the Haywood trial. He seems to wish
to express the opinion that Haywood's
fame will outlive Nelson's���whether the
city's or the admiral's Is not clear. The
letter is not published because parts.
Including the signature, are undecipherable.
Killed  on  Street  Car.
Hamilton, Aug. 3.���A. J. Milligan, a
street car conductor, swung out on the
Inside running board of his car this
morning while moving east on King
street at a high rate or speed, when his
head came In contact with a trolley pole
and his skull was fractured. He died
at the city hospital.
Killed  by  Freight.
Calgary, Aug. 3.���James Kennedy, 26
years of age, working on the C. P. R.
crew nine miles north of Calgary, was
found yesterday morning cut In two. his
legs being severed from the body. He
was hit by a special freight Wednesday
Accidentally Shot.
Edmonton, Aug. 3.���A young man
named Smith, In the employ of Count
Von Hammcrsteln In the oil wells at
Fort Mi-Murray, was accidentally shot
while he and two other men were out
duck shooting.
Wife   of   Pioneer.
Sandwich, Ont., Aug. 3.���Mrs Mary
Jane Langley. aged 88, widow of Pierre
Hector Morln. former postmaster and
collector of customs at this port, died
tn  Toronto today.
Generous Humorist.
London, Aug. 3.���Howard Paul, the
American entertainer, who died here In
Dei ember, l��0t>, and whone will has
been In litigation, bequeathed f:'.M.,.n..i
to London charities. a
/   -;
We    nre    n
opening up a lar
shipmeiit of
* Limoge's Elite China
These   goods   are   assorted   so that   you   can   select   any   pieces   you
prefer and   make  up  to  your taste.
Hii��li*-��t Qu��IU>' ot Lowest  f^riuew.
A carload  of
has Just arrived.    These goods  have advanced  slightly,  but  we  offer them
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital   Paid   Up    $4,825,000 Rest    $4,825,000
D. B. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFtfRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
DepoeitH received and in forest allowed at highest   current rate from date of
(���ttenlng of aocount, and compounded quarterly.
rsBLSQN branch aJo   Wlm   LAYt  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  1869.
 $3,900,000     Reserve Fund	
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, In Large, Medium
or Pocket 8lze.
Nelson Branch. G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published Fix days a week by Ihe
Bak'r Ht..   NeUon. H. ��.
Buoscriptiou rates. bo WDU a month d'-llvercd
In the city, or $6.00 a year ll bent by mail, when
paid Id aavance.
Ad ve rti Bin a rater* on application.
All monies paid in settlement of The Dally
Canadian accouuU, either for subscriptions or
- 'veriisiug. mast bs receipted for on the printed
���is of  tne Company-   uiher receipt!,  are not
Saturday. August 3.  1907.
Dwellers in the cities of Ilritish Col-
umhla, even of the interior, rejoicing
in comfortable homes. In paved streets,
electric lighting, water and sewerage
systems, ample Ure protection, and most
of the luxuries as well as the necessities associated with material progress,
look hack a few years almost with
amassment, to the pioneer days when
men lived in tents or log cabins, travelled on Boot, on horseback, or in
canoe Instead of In Pullman cars, and
thank their stars that those days are
over. Probably nowhere else, even
in America has the change from hardship to comparative comfort come so
rapidly as  in British  Columbia.
It nt pioneer days are not over. The
development of the Pacific province has
hardly begun. The Sea of Mountain!
and we can now afford to thank the Hon.
Edward Blake for a poet leal epithet
though it was undoubtedly conceived of
misunderstanding���has   been   found   a
veritable archipelago of fertile Islands.
to continue his own metaphor. But the
portion of the province that has been
won for productive industry is as nothing to the vast extent still undeveloped
Nine-tenths of the mainland of British
Columbia lies north of the main tine of
the Canadian Pacific Railway, and is
practically uninhabited, a great part of
It unexplored. There is no good ground
for the belief that any part of this vsnt
extent is barren or uninhabitable
Wherever prospectors or timber cruisers have gone ranchers have followed
and none have yet reported failure. The
northern limit of profitable cultivation.
if there be any limit In Hritlsh Columbia, has not yet been reached.
Even to the south of that line the
settlements are in a series of parallel
valleys, who��e means of communication
with each other leave much to be desired.     More   railways  are   required  to
connect the valleys of Kootenay with
Okanagan, Okanagan wiih Simlkameen.
and Similkameen with the wide and fertile valley of the Fraser.
Hallways are needed urgently in the
north to provide means of access ami
transportation to the rich mineral, timber and agricultural lands of the northern coast and interior. Markets are
available for all the products of the
province, and everywhere there Is an Inviting field for industry and enterprise.
Hritlsh Columbia, in spite of its youth,
must compete with the older communities of tbe Pacific coast states for the
rich and growing trade with the Orient.
It may be that for such competition It
will be necessary to bridge the Gulf
of Georgia at Seymour Narrows and
find a j>oint of departure on the
west coast of Vancouver Island, as Is
now advocated .by the people of Victoria. If so, it would be folly to think
that such a step could injure any other
part of the province. Hritlsh Columbia
Is a geographical as well as a political
division of the Dominion of Canada. It
requires easy commercial outlets on tbe
east, sonth and weat, and every improvement In this respect cannot benefit one section without benefitting all.
The tasks that appeal to Hritlsh Columbians at present seems almost beyond the powers of the present small
population! but the people who have
achlved so much in the last twenty���
even in the last ten���years will not be
daunted by the appearance of obstacles, and the sight of their triumphs
and their rewards will soon bring plenty
of reinforcements of both capital and
labor to a field where each is sure of
its  due  reward.
The whole outlook is full of promise
and of inspiration. For industrial development are required two things, the
spirit of enterprise and reasonable hope
of reward for effort and risk. Hoth
are  found   in  British   Columbia.
For many years the development of
the province was retarded by two evils,
B spirit of secionalism, and short-sighted   and   incompetent   administration.
The sectional war, flrst between Vancouver Island and the XjQmtft mainland
and afterwards between the Coast and
ihe Interior, was created and kept alive
by political factions for faction purposes. Local jealousies were encouraged nnd accentuated and there could
be no united effort for the advancement
of the whole province. AU that has
vanished  during tbe  administration  of
The Daily Canadian
-Hiv L  *
Hon. H. M.'McHride. He has known
no sectional prejudice, listened to no
sectional claim, but has appealed consistently to the public spirit of citizens
of all pa its of the province, nnd fortunately that worthy appeal has met
with   a   worthy   response.
But the premier has performed another service which entitles him to the
unstinted gratitude of bis native province. He has himself set tho example.
and required all his colleague to follow
it, of visiting all parts of the province
and studying conditions at first hand.
The results have been admit ted by
many former political opponents, In
prompt, impartial and efficient adminis
traUon of ail departments of the gov*
With a natural wealth unrivalled
even by other provinces of Canada, with
il people strong, courageous and united,
and With a government of able, honest
anrl public-spirited men, no bounds can
be set to the possible achievement of
British Columbia.
The Vernon News devotes a long
editorial article to a consideration of
the results of the entrance examinations
throughout the province in au effort to
prove that the Vernon school's record,
20 candidates, 11 successful, is equal to
the best. The News lays it down as a
rule that the percentage should be
counted not on the number of pupils
who finally write but on the number in
the class who should be fit tu write. So
far the contention Is perfectly sound.
If In a class of 40 pupils only 20 are allowed to write and 16 succeed, the fair
count is not 15 out of 20, but 15 out of
40. If every pupil in Vernon's senior
class wrote, then its record, 11 out of
20, is very fair. But the News in excess of zeal, chose to measure Vernon
against tbe highest standard in the province. Nelson's. It Is argued that since
Nelson has three times Vernon's population, Nelson should have had 60 pupils available. As a matter of fact Principal Sullivan did not have more than
30 enrolled In his division during the
whole year. Refore a fair comparison
can be made���if, indeed. It Is worth
while���we should require to know Vernon's total school population, the number in the first division, how long each
has been a pupil In the Vernon school,
and a few other highlyimportant modifying circumstances. Incidentally the
Vernon News has touched a really im-
portant subject. Why is it in a wealthy
province with no poor class so small a
proportion of children complete even
the  public  school course ?
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner*
To Charles G. Simrr*on, or any other person
to whom he may have transferred his interest tu
the "May Blossom" mlner-il claim, situated on
Brown Mountain, two and a half miles southwest ot Ymir, la the Nelson Min In? Division, of
West Kootenay District, and recorded in the
Recorder's cfilce, for the Nelion Division.
You and each ol yon are hereby notified that
I have expended two hundred aud five dollars
C2OS.O0) In labour abd improvements upon tbe
above mineral elalm in order to bold thu utne
under the provisions of the Mineral Act. and if
within ninety days from the date of this tint tne
vou toil ot refuse to contribute your portion of
the expenditure, (which 1* one hundred and two
fifty dollars {tltfLoO) tor the ;wo years ending
sth -May. 1907,) together with ah costs of adver
Using, vour interest in the said claim will become the property of the undersigned under
Sec. 4 of an Am entitled: "An Act to Amend the
Mineral Act, 1900 "
Dated at Ymlr, B. 0 .16th May, 1907.
480 acres on Kootenay Lake, between
Balfour and Coffee Creek; $12.50
per acre.
Geo. g. McLaren
Baker St., Opposite Queen's Hotel.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Fruit.
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N.E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   8U.
IN THE MATTER of the "Rivera and
Streams Act" and amendments
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
The Canadian Pacific Timber
Company,  Limited.
Notice is hereby given that 80 days after date
The Canadian Pacific Timber Company, Limited,
intends to submit to the Honorable Chief Com-
mlsMoner of Lands and Works h prr posal under
the provisions of th* ,'KiTern and Ktreama Act"
and amendmenta thereto, for the right to improve Trout ereek and iti tributaries from the
sources of such creek and tributaries to the point
where the same flow* Into Trout lake in the District of West Kootenay, and to remove obstructions theretrom and make the same fit for driving, storing, sortine and booming l<.gs. rafts and
cralla, and thcflumlng of lumber thereon, also
for the rlsht U> collect tolls thereon.
The lands affcte*! are crown lands and Ix>ts
710, 7W0, 7951, 772. 771 70, 702 and 190, all in
Group 1, West Kootenay.
Dated thliaoth day of May, 1907.
bv their solicitor. B. M. Macdonald.
For Sale
House, 5 rooms and bath;   close in $1600
16  lots  on   Ionia  St.  for    $450.00
634 Acres within mile of centre
of City, suitable for market
garden,    Terms   given
160 Acres on Kootenay river,
good springs, first-class rait-
way   service $3,000
F. B.  LYS
Real   Estate   and   General   Agent.
West Baker Street. NELSON. B. C.
Rowboats And Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agent l..r Troaoott Launch. ���
nti.l IVU'rlKiro .'ali.M'a.
Finest 1 ... ol   Koala lo ll. C
Foot of Josephine 81.
W.   Q.    GILLETT
Contractor   und
Bole agent for the Porto Men Lumber Co,, Ltd.,
retail yards. Bough and .',���*.--. . lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath and ihlngles, sash
and doors. Cement, brick and lime (or sale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St . cast of Hall
p. o. Box 2S-2. Telephone ns
Nelson Laud Dlitrlct.   District Ol West Kootenay.
Take   uotlce that   William   Andrew   Hoss,   ..f
Fernle, B  c , hotel  keeper, inteii-ls. to apply   for
a special timber licence over Lbs following Am
onbed lands;
No. 1 ���Commencing at a post planted about
three ml m north of the InUniatloual ooundary
I lue, and about eight mi Irs west Oi the Kootenay
rlver, and about two iuIIl- north of the uorli*.-
west comer of timber Licence Ni>. SOW, (hence
north HO  chains,   thence   ea��l -9)  chaina,   theme
sooth BO chains,   theucu   west iu chatus   to point
of commencement,    and     -oiitHlnlng 040 acres,
more or less.
Located l.:r.h June It*-?.
No. 2. ���Commencing et ft poet planted at th
southeast rorner of W Illiam A Kims'* No. 1 claim
rtii-i about two utiles noriii ot Lbfl N. W corner
of timber liceuce No SO'.T, thence north 80
chains, thence west HO chalu*-. thence loath mO
chains, thence east Oo chains to the point of com-
ineucemeut, aud containing M0 acres, more or
Located lilh June, 190?.
No. 3. -Commencing at a post planted near
Bridgt* creek, about one mils esst of ths north-
-it-: corner of William A. Ko-- - No. 1 claim,
and about five miles north of the international
boandary line, thence north SU ehaius, thence
west HU chains, thence south HU chains, thence
vast HOchalns to the point of commencement,
aud contalnlug M0 acres, more or leas.
Located 12th Juue. !'.*.���:
No. 4.��� <;ommenclng at a post planted near
Bridge creek at tne southeast corner of William
A. boss' No K claim, thence north 00 chains,
thence east HU -chains, thence soutb 80 chains,
thence west no chains to the point of commencement, and containing M0 acres, more or less.
I>ooated Uth June, 1��P.
No. 6��� t'ommenclng at a post plauted uear
Bridge creek, at the southeast corner ol William
A. Koss' No. 3 claim, thence south 80 chains,
thence west HO chains, thenc* north HOchalns,
thence east 80 chains to Die point of eommeucement, an.l combining M0 acres, more or leu.
Located 12th June. 1907.
No. 6 ���Commencing at a post planted near
Bridge creek, at the southeast coruer of William
A. Koas' No. 3 claim, thonce aouth 80 chaina,
thence eaat 80 chains, thence nortb So chain",
Ihenee west HO chains to the point of eoinmencement, and containing 640 acre*, more or leas.
Located 12th June, JWT.
No. 7.���Commencing at a post planted about
one mile south of the southeast corner of William
A Koss' No. -!��� claim and about two rnlles nortb
of the international boundary line, thence north
HOchalns, thence wesl ko chains, thence south HO
chains, thence east Nj chains to the point of
commencement, and containing M0 acres, more
or less.
Located the 12lh of June, 1907.
No. Ht���Commencing at a post planted at the
southeast corner of W illiam A. Koas' No. 7 claim
thence north HO chains, tbence mat HO chains,
thence south no chains, thence west ��0 chains to
point of commencement, and containing * ki
acres, more or less.
Located the Uth day of June. 1907.
Dated this Mh day of -July. 1907.
William Andrsw Koss
Nelson Land District. District of West KootenaT
Take notice shat Paul August Paulsrn, of Kitchener, B.C., occupation lumberman, Intends
toapply fore special timber licence over the following described luiids: Commencing ata poal
planted at the soutti west corner of sort-eyed lot
7221-<i I thence south to the northern boundary
of timber licence No. 70JH, tlience west to the
northwest corner of said timber licence, thence
south to the northern boundary of lot HU. thenoe
following said bouHilary, of said lor weit lo the
right of-way of the BrHish C0H1111I..A Houthein
Hallway, thenee following salt) right-of-way lu a
north-easterly direction to place of commencement, and containing ctO acrea, more or leas
Dated Jul v-2nd. HOT.    Paim. MOORPADMOn.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 day* after date I
Intend to apply to the Hon. chief Commissioner
of Lauds aud u'orks for permission to purchase
the following described lands, situated in West
Kootenay district: Commencing at a pott marked by name as initial post of tbe South Fork
branch, one hundred feel from tbe function of
Lost creek with the south fork; tnence one-
, Hurler mile to the north weat comer post.thetie..
one mile to the northeast corner post, thence
one-ijuarter mile to the southeast corner poit,
them-e one mile to  the place ol commencement
June '21, 1907. Located by Wm. Connolly.
Notice is hereby given tbatfto davs after dale i
intend to make application to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner Ol Lands and Works, Victoria, B. C, f r a special licence to cut timber on
the following deacribed lands in West Knotcnay
district: Commencing at a post situated on
Blueberry creek, nbout lour miles from its mouth
and adjoining the N. W. corner of my application No. 1, thence south 80 chains, thenee west
HOchalns, thenco norlh HOchalns, thenee east 80
chains to point of commencement.
Dated May I9th, 1907. E. .W Komkson.
Nelson Land District. District ol West Kootenay
Take notice that   Moore,   Kepple A ��� Q., of Onr
land, Peun , occupation J'niil.'-nneii.   Intends to
apply tor a special t|mber  (Jcon-He OTOf  lhe  following described lands:   Commencing at h *������.���.���
planted on Mosquito creek, on the weft side of
Arrow lake, and ahout one half mile west of tin
sou thwest corner of timber If mil No. 1H77, thence
north K0 chains, thence west 80 chains,   tnenCB
south MO chains, tbence easl ft) chains to point of
commencement, and  contairluR Mb acres, more
or less.
Dated l&th, July, 1907      Moon*", Kirrf.F. A Co.
John R. c.\i kinn. Agent.
Nelson Land Dli*rlct.   Dlstrictof West Kootenay
Take notice that Moore, Kepple A Co., of Garland, Penn., occupation   lumbermen,   intend to
apply lor a special   timber licence over thu  following described lands:   Commencing atapost
planted on MoNqulto creek, sn   the   west side of
Arrow lake, and about one half mile west, of the
southwest eorner of timber limit No. 4K77, thence
south 80 ebalns,  thence weft 80 chains,   thence
north 80 chains, thence cast 80 cbaitiN to point of
commencement, and  con lain ing M0 acres, mure
or less.
Dated Uth July, 1907.     Moohi, Kricls A Co.
John R. Calkins, Agent.
Bargains in
Wash Belts
100 doz. Fancy White Wash Belts
Regular Price 50cts    1��Z-    17-^1.
We Sell Them at . .    -**3C    11aCh
Nelson Lund Dlstrlot DlHtrnt ol Wesl Kootenay
Take notice tha*/ William Andrew Bees, of
Fertile, It c, hotel ktcper, Intend��� lo apply ior a
special Umber licence over the following described lauds:
No 1. t'ommeitclUK ata post plante.1 nbout
80 chains east ol ihe nortbeaft corner of Umber
Uoenoe No. jhvth, and ahonl Wehalni north ol the
northern boundary of umber lieeoes Ko wik,
and aoout Vi mi lei wen of the Koot.-nay river,
and abonl two aii'l a half miles imrth of the^iu-
ternatlonal bonn^ary  Hue,   in ths district ol
West Kootenay,   tbenee  ninth ao chatus.   Iheuce
west ho ehelnt, tbenon nortli ho chains, ibence
cast Hu chain*   to   the   polnl   of commencement,
coniainitiK M0 sores, more or less.
I .oca led llth June. 1VU7,
No 2. Commenofni al a posl planted al the
northeast corn, r ol vv :     ..-.   A   ItoSTS No. 1 elalm
and about one mile north oi th>< northern bound-
arv of timber   Itcvn *e Ml >���> 72.   Iheuce   -..mh   ml
chain*, thcucc east*! chains, thenos north so
chains, thenee west SO ehalni lo ths i����int of
coinmiuceiucnt. and     ���..���.... 6*0 acres, more or
laoeated Mth <��r June, iw:.
.S V   A ������     :   ,    ,    KO*>S.
Dated thi- Mh of "ii y, l��u7.
Nelson Land IMslrlci    l"i��wi< i ol West Kootenay.
Take notice   that   QeOfM Alexander, of Kaslo.
B   r,   intends   to   apnly   for   a t-.-peclal   timber
li ence over  the   tollowtni  dseerlbed   lands:
I online lie Hi)- a l a post   plaulu 1 at the north iu'iI
eornei ol section 12, iownebtp7, Kootenay district, being about oile-thlrd of a mth- aoutb ol
the south boundary Hue of the Indian reserve;
thence south about US chains to tlje easterly
bank of Kootenay river; thence *otrtheaaterlv
iilon-e KOOtenS) river bauk about <A0 chains to
tbe south boundary of tSection 12, Tow nshlp '.
thcucc easterly aboul bO ehalus to tbe uorthwe*!
cornerof Lot Ml; ihenee north HO chains along
the wesl boundary of Lot Hli; tbence went so
chains to the point of coinmcucciuvut, and coti-
* * .ni.' '���!*.'. .**,.( Uas
Hated July 4. 11W7. globus ALBXaNDSS.
Nelsou land JMitnct    IH strict of West Kooteui >.
lake notice that Kvan McClelland Kraaer. of
Ferule, B. f , clerk, intends tu apply for a special
licence   over   lhe   following     described    lands:
Omnmenelnf et a post planted about seven
miles west of the Kootenay river, aud aboul one
uille uor'h of the international bouudary liue.
nnd aboul one aud a'tunrter uorth-eastarly from
the north-east corner of timber licence No. OObl,
thenee south W) cha.ns. thence west SO chains,
thenos north M) chains, thence east -��� chains to
point of eommeucement. and coutainlug Mo
acres, more or less.
Located 12th. oi June, 1907.
Dated this Bib of July, VXft.
Ink.- notice that t: C. rierk. oi Nelson. B. C,
saloon keeper, intend* to apply for a special timber licence over the following described land:
t'ommeucliiK at a post planted ou Morning
.Mountain, about one mile west of Smelter t reek,
and adjoining C. t; Clark's location for timber
licence No 1, and about one mile south of Nelson, thence wesl no chains, thence south so
chains, Ihenee eaat HO chains, tbeuee north HU
ehains to place of beginning.
Dated July HUb, 1*7. 0. 0. 0L4XK,
DAVID Booth, Agent.
Nt-lMin Land District.  District of West Kootenay
Take notice that Frauk Flanagan, A H Klder,
and K. W. Smith, of Hpokane, Wesh., occupation
ranchers, intend to apply for a special Umber
Hence over the followlug '������ *-'tiu--l lauds:
roinmenclng at a post planted at the southeast
corner, aliout six miles from the Koolenay river,
on the west side, thence north So chain*, thence
west 80 chains, tbence south DO chains, tbenee
eaht Ou ehains to point of commencement, and
coutalulng BS) acres, more or less.
hated July ttth, 1 ���"'-. FRANK I : * s .mk.
A   8. KLPKlt,
K   W. smith. Agent for Appllranu.
MelSOh Land District    District Ol West Kootenay
lake uotp-e that I r*nk Flanagan, A H Elder,
and K. W, Smith, Spokane, Wash , occupation
ranchers, Intend tu apply for a special timber
licence over >be following descrll>ed lands:
('ommencing at a post planted one mile norlh
anrl one mtie east of DOM NoJ. which pott Is
about six miles from the. KcKaeiiay river, on thwest side, thence north 80 chains, thenee west no
chains, thence south SO chains, ihenee eatl mo
chains to point of commencement, ana containing 040 acres, more or leas.
Haled July 13th, 1W7. Frank Flawaoak,
A. 8  El.liKR,
K. W. Smith. Agent for Applicants,
Nelson Land Dlstrlet.   District ol West Koolenay
Take nonce that KW. Smith, Frank Klana-
gau, and A. i- Kid**- r. of H|>okane, Wash., occupation ranchers, intend to apply for a special
timber licence over tbe lollowlng described
laud** Commencing atapost planted at the
southwest   corner,  about  eight   miles   Irom   the
KooleuMy   river,  ou   the   west side, and   ni i
three miles north of the international boundmy
line, ou the west bank of Brldg creek, ou tbe
north fork, tht-uce nortb 80 cbaips. ; mo-c east
K0 chains, thence south So chains, BiMM west MO
chains to point of coiniticuceeieiit, end contalnlug MO acres, moie or less
Hated July 19th, 1907, K. w Bmith.
A. 8 Kl.niR,
K. W. HMiTll. Agent.
Kelson land Histrict Histrict of West Kootenay
lake notice that K. W. Hmlth. Frank Flam-,
gau, and A. H Klder. of Spokane, Wash, oceu
pation rancher*, intend to apply for a special
timber licence over the following described
lauds: Commencing al a jm>ki planted at the
southeast corner, atout eight miles from the
Kootenay river, ou the west slUe, and a I mi t
three miles north of the international boundary
llnc.on the weal bank of Brldg Brew. On the
north fork, tbence north HO chains, thenc,- west
ho chains, thence south 80 chains, thence east 80
��� *���'��� hi- lo point of commencement, and cmiUiHi-
ing 640 acr-sa, more or less
Hated July l'Jth. 1W7. K  W.Smith,
Frank Fi-anaua.n,
A. 8. fcLhSR,
K. W. Smith, Agenl.
Take notice that '30 days alter date 1 intend to
apply to the Hon the Chici Cummlssloiiei ,,f
Lands and Works, Victoria, for permission to
cut and  carry  away  timber from Ibb lollowlng
described tend, in West Koot. tfayi
No. l.   Commencing at s nostplentsd at the
southwest cornerof Umbellicense 8M6( thence
west 80 chains, tbence soulh 80 chains, theuee
east 80 chains, thence north 80 chains to place of
Uated May ill, 1907.       J. T  Bi'Rosas, loealor.
J   \V   ('oi.ncitN, Agont.
No. 2 Commencing al a post idnnted at the
NouthesM eofricr of uPpUciitioU No. 1, tlinnoe east
HO mains, thence north SO chains, thenco west 80
chains thence aouth SO chains lo plaeu of com
Dated May 81,1007.       J   T. BURUESS. locator,
J   W. t'oi.nrttN, Agent.
Noliee Is hereby given 'hat H lav. | M. r -late I
Inteud to apnlv to the Ho'ioraide the Chlel ' OB-
uiUnloticr of Lauds and WoiLn (or a Special
li.. line to  out   and   carr> awa j  I luiber Irom  thtt
following described laud* tu We*t Kootenay district:
No 1 rnmmencliig al a post market *.\ DHam
Wnlni*��le> , planted  at    Kokulieel   n-.-k  Hiding  o:i
tlo- Procter extension, on the west side of i..t
SMW. on thesouth side of lhe Went Arm .1 Km..!-
enay lake, commencing at ths N K oontei \"*l
running ��oulh 80 chain*), wei��i Hti ehalni. north 80
ehains, east 10 chain* to place of beginning.
Locate-l  (nl June, I -���,
Wll 1.1 AM   W ALMSLSr ,   !...���-!..-
JaMK�� HfOhAki. a* Agi-u
Nelson Land District. District of Wust Kootenay
Take DOttQS that I. John l-eug, of Nelson, B. C .
occupation miliar intend lo apply for perfflU
Slou lo purchase the following oeeSSlbsd landi
' .-in ��� ���.. i-1; al a po-i planted st the N.K nf
Lot not, tlience east 30 chains, thence sonth K
chain*, thence west 30 chalua. tbenee north Ai
ehaliM tO polnl of commencement, coutainlug 40
���Ores, mure or leas
August 2nd, 1WT, John Lan<.
Notice Is hereby given thai 60 daya afterdate, I
In!-:. ! hi apply t.i the Hon. thief Coiamiasloiier
of ! ~.t..!- ana Works for permission to nurchaae
lhe following describe*! land In Weal Kootenay
district, on weat shirr of i ���������+, ��� Arrow Lefce
adjoining Lot No. i ���!���> uu the south : Beginning
at a post marked "riarry Nl..-]-. NK earner
pOSl and i-lanicd on the shore of leoner Arrow
Lake, at the soiithea*t ��� oriiei of CeM Foslaud's
i tVIS. thence west SJ i hains. tbence souih a*
( hslus more or leas Ut the north boundary"! H
Fnl I more s I'. K . thence ii ( halni ca��t along Ihr
saltl buuodary lo lake. theneS uorlh along the
lak- shore Si chains, more or leas lo point of
May '2nd, 1BCT7. J   I>   V��K)rs.
Agent for Harry MeLeod.
Nelaon Und Histrict Dlstrlclof WVil Koctonay.
lake notice that tieorge Kulu* < arter ol Slr-lar
��HH.upatIon. bridgeman, Intends to applv f.V per-
mtaslou to purchaae the following deeerlbed
���and : Commencing at poat planted at tbe north
west corner of H. Koas* application to purchase,'
marked ri W,, ibence north 40 cbalna, thence
easl ��i chains, them-v south ju chains to A
entry's  pre-emption,   thence   west  B   shelne,
then. ��� south ���>��� �� bains, theiue weat to chain* lo
i'ia-*c of couiuietoeineut containing VAi a. res
more or Irs*.
Ha let 1 July 12, 1B07*        itKom.g Rrri a I'aITKr,
W. J. HOTT,  **gelit
Nelson Uud Dtstrtet.    District of West Koolenay
Take   UJtlee   that  tieorge  Hturm.   of Hilling.
Montana, 0    L a., oompetloa, metehent, in
tends   to  apply   for   *p-Tiul*ston  to \,m- im-.   the
following .lescriLed  laud:   Uoumenclns  si  a
poat planted on the we*t >hore u| Cp|-wr W hat
shan {Carllam) lake, and at lhe north weal corner
of i o| 8l.��, thence west no chains, theme south
40 chatlll, Ihenee east 2o chaina, theiue north ��o
chains Ui jioint of commencement, an.l contain-
lug R acres1 more or lesa.
Ma-, aith. iwn. tisosus hti-bsi.
Ncisou Und District. District ol West Kootenar,
Take notice tbat Waller McNeil, of Billings.
Molilalia. I .8. A., occupation merchant. Intends
toapply for permisMon to pun-has*, the following descrilied land : �� ommencing at a poel Plant
ed on the west shore of Upper W haln.au (i arUax.)
lake, ami at the northweat cornerof l^it SIW
thence west ��i chains, thence in.rth ������' ehains'
thence east 30 chains, thenee south H < haln* to
point of courueiicfnieut, and couialuiug HjO
acre*, more or leas.
May Mth, 1S07 Waltsk McwsiL.
I, the undersigned, after SO day* intend to an
ply t<i the Hon. the Chief Comnils.ioii.-r ,,| Uu/la
aud Works to purchaae the lollowlng described
land: Commencing at the S. K * .of |^,t 7,V*tv
O. I., thence west 40 chains, thenee north 20
chains, tbenee east So chains, ihenee soulh A)
chains to -point of commencement, oontalttlu mi
acres more or less. **
I--- ate   March '2Slh, 1907. W. A. MlLL��.
Blxty days after date I purpose BafctU imik
cstlou to the Hou. Chief OommssetoWnT tlZW.
and Works, ior permission Ui purchase the foi
lowing dSSOrfUd land: COtnmSDClnf atatKi.t
PtnOSd on the west shore of Lower VhaUbau
lake, aboul a U mile from the outlet of aanie
and marked ��� II. Ws. N.K. corner j * ������ ��� /,,,-.'
ning tbence so chains west, thence Nu'rhaiiia
aouth. thontwHO chains imst. theucV nu chains
north to p.iiut ��f commvncemeui, coutaiiiing
Wo acrea, more or \ess. ���
Dated the 3nd day W May. IW7
_    ,   l*��igned) li. Wavhsn.
p#r r   ����. nnqvin, Agent.
Nollcelsherebyglv.il thai 00 days after date I
luleud  toapply lo the Hou. Chief , ommissiouer
?l FfaSSiS;*   .orkf.'��.r ��*"nl*"l����t��i.iirrliase
the followlug described tracl of land, slluau-  In
WestKooU'uay district! Oonunendne at a post
plained on Macer creek, near Its confluence with
Hummll creek, marked Margaret McLaucblan'a
N K corner' thunce south Suchalna, thence west
80 ehains, ibence norlh 40 chains, iheuce east 8o
chains to place ol commencement.
.Hrd May, iw/T. Mamma err MoLURatUM
William Haiihocm, Ageut
I, the undersigned. Intend aiier no days Loain.lT
to lhe Hon. tbe Chief I'ommhsluiier of Leads and
Works for permission Io putchaa<.> lhe folbMdna
deserilM'd laud: I ommencing at a post marked
T.M. Sharp's H K <;. located on the west sl,oVc
of Hlocan lake, about twelve miles from ihe hi-a-l
of Hlocan lake, thence west 40 chains fneece
north 4H chains thence east to phajK thence
south along shore of Bloca,^ uk.- |U p���iut of
Located May 411^. T. M  Biiamp.
NejHon Lund District. District of West Kootenay
'I iik. notice ttint Paul August Paulson, of Kir
chener, Ii. C, occupation lumberman, intends
to apply for a special timber licence over the following dear rlbed lands: I'omrneiiclng atapost
planted at the southweat comer of surveyed lot
7281*0.1, thence east40 chains, thence north io
chains, thenceeaetto t esouttieasicornero|��ald
lot, thence north to the noriheaat corner of snld
lol, thence cast te the west boundary of pre-timp
Hon No. 609. thence aonth to ihe north boundary
of timber licorice No. H.>1K, thenc* west along
said north boundary to the northwest corner nf
said licence, tbenee soulh to tlie north boundary
of timber licence No 7uih thence wesl to a point
due soulh of commencement, thence norlh to
point ot commencement, ami containing WO
acres, more or less.
Dated July 2nd, itfo7.   Paul August Paulson.
Neliiou -valid District District of West Ktajtenay
Take noiien lhat Kdward Peters of Ymlr Hritlsh Columbia, occupation, miner, luteuds to nt>-
ply for permlssfnn to purchase lhe billowing
des< rlbed land: Opmmenolng at a post nlanted
on the north bank <d l.n-i creyk, at��out three
mileaeaslerly from the Juiictlyu n| Lost creek
and Halm.m river, in lUe Nelaon land district
thence north fti i-^aUa, Iheucu west fkt ehuDia'
tbetire isoui> 80 chains, tuoro or less, to lost
creek, thence easl following ���Mhl creek to polnl
oi couimeuceuieiti, and eoniainlng im. aerea
more nr less. ���
Datcl .lune Mh, i��n. Kdwakd Vktkrm.
Nelson Und Histrict.   Dlslrici of Went Koolenay
���2tft ^��.ttee, ,h��l J"nn ''hllborl of Nelson,
British (olumbf.i, occupation, aab on keeper lntenda to apply for permission to purchase the
following described land: t'ommenclng at a
posl planted uu Die north bank Lost creek and
about two and one quarter miles caarerly Irom
the luiwiloii oM'O*,* . I.- -k .iipI Halmou river In
the Nelson land dlslrici, them-e noriii 60< halua
thence west 60 cbaini, thence soutli 8o chulus
more or lets, to Uist creek, them ����� eaat following
Mil i creek to p< tut of connnciHu-mout and containing 480 at.ret-, more or less.
Hated Juno Bin, IW1. Joiiw I'iumibht
chains, ihenee  west 40 chain., thf-,,
chains to plaos of oomaunsemimi
���Wr.1 May, 1W/7 jsl. ,
Nelaon  Und Dlstilet     District uf W��7Ii|
Take notice thai Frank HeDoesli .,.,
BrttUh Colombia, Mt-upetioo bid* Ui
apply for ,- -i n.. :,.n u, punbas�� ih.i'
.!���- nt., d lands: t���ommeni-ing7iInH j
on lh- north bank of 1-o.t SSsUTmRS
idle ...*ierly from the Ju,,cvl0n gffl*1
and Salmon river   in   lhe   N* Imjo  IaoT.
thenos north IS chains, thaam e����: i ~m
tin ii.e .oulli 60 chains, tnence wm a-.^l
pouil   o<   commen.emeni,   and   feo^f
acre*, more or leu* ***��H
Hat' *'  Im..     ill,. I**C yk4,l v.v
HUiy da/s after date I intewTieTHiTs
Hon   f hlef commissioner of Umii ,-Tim
\ Icloria,    HI',   to   pure ha*.-  th* US3
a rlbed land, situated in .he w��t k..Zri
trlct: Commencing at a posl ptaSal
wesl lids ol K.a.tenay lak,, Bi��WT
lHiiiit, and markrd J. MeKianun'i "f.
\-.*t thence weal so rhaiei. ibeottt ���
ehatna, thence east 80 chains Bttitrotlmt2
���bore, thence along lake shore to Musi
ni. ucement.
Haled April 4. 1S07. Plgnefl J Xrlg��|
Nei-.n Uud District. Dutrletof Wail
Take notice that Edward Frasrr ot I
Montana, CM a . occupation woo, tug
tends to apply for p-ermisstuQ to t .- ������
following de��. ni-..! land: <'<��!������.,,
i��nsi planU'd on the west shore ol I'prVi
shan .*��� aniM...*. lake, and at ihe MBbSsI
of Ijoi .ni.ti. thence trnat A) rfcaira�� \Um
*ir.,alns. Ihenee east A) < baiu, it,**t-...
cbalna. tbeuee eas< 40 chains.m.trtmjm.u
weal shore nf I'pper Whauhaa ii'intai
thence northerly an-l westerly sk-ij t
shore *.: chains, more or lest. u> -^itt-ri
loeiiceiiient, and contaiuing UV ��rr��,a
li -��
May -*"1it   IS07. Ii*ii- T
Mixty .lays altej date I ourpo�� sutts
cation   t.. lhe   Hon    tbe Chief Conata
Un'ls and Worka for pertnustou u>-an
following   described  laud.  tooikitM-^tj
\*i*l   place*)    at   the   northeast curst* aw
-kiuner's     appllcailon     to    ;���.���������*������   *.-
"k   H's   N    w   corner piMl'   Hten'e totlongIS
eastern  t-oundary of said applirauuasm
��- tuh, th. nee   running 80 chslui 6asl   V:*
rhalns imrth lo ihe southern boeni>*��*.*t
llautiitiKtoii* application to piiKtss^ i^ay
"hains   v..��t  along same to poini of waar^
ment, containing Mo acres, morr or \m
I'aU-l Jlud day of May. 1807
iftigaed) 1 ��r
perF.fi   F��i*.t r.    |
Hiity day* after date I miesd lo *^>i
Hon Chief ComulasloDrr of LaaSiulH
for pt-ruitsslon to purchaae ihr folk ,
sell bed land in w.-t Kooteasy GOinn
ineiK-ittg at a poat marked A C. 111'
uorner poal. running 40 chslni fOtfA ti
ibe l>oiiii'lary of Timber licence Ne DS.S
���ontherly so chains, theoce w*#wn*s��
theroe northerly *������ chains atnof UfCil
track to ihe place of r^tmmencemeBi, n"
two h mid red acres, more or less
;..* ar. .i this vth day of May. 1*71,
a. c. Bum. I
Notice Is hereby glren that ���Odysk-va
Inteud toapply to tbe Honors'.)., lk> - '"
mlsalouer ������( Lands and Wotas kit r
to purchaae the following desrrlbed ��:'';
tn Weat Kootenay dlstrici: CoiBmes*|i
post plant, d at the wei ��..*.'��-��������� f
and about lu chains aouth of tbcioiiifcM
of the right-of-way o| the H C.fesaMl
way. aini marked P. A I' �� souit
tln'tiee weal Im ehatna, thenee nnrlk w*
lamndary ����( tbe rlghi-ol-waT of S-t-DSJ
railway, thence following ial>1 tMemOJl
right -ofsij in an easterly dlgtMM '**"
Uiuridary of Uil S43 til. these* south 09
���-.��� ii. ��� i n i, i,   eontatnlng 100 *���:���*"
Dated this Mth day of June,: * '���
PATL APUftt f*��
Hotlss U hereby given tbat suiy dgjj
data 1 Intend to apply lo the Hosa**��UJ
Commissioner of Laud* and wwD"J*H
slon IO purchase the lollowlng tamntmW
laml situated in Weat Koot��ut} <1U0**- ���
menelng al a p����at punted on **n*o��sill ���
alM>ui one-half mile north wesl ttOM *��rti"
��� 1 J  H   M.l   -N    r. i' r   ���' .t   . - ���������* -'
��� hence aouth  40 chains, them* f-ul * "
thence uo-fih 40   chains to placed M
ment. , _
i*r<\ May, 1907. Jos8 8. ML*i i
William Bisaofs. it** j
Take notice tbat Harry Williams d '
B C . rancher, intends 10 apply furprn
to   purchaae   the lollowlng flSSBtWSS j
We*: Kootenay <iistrict:
Coinmenclug at a post planted MlSti
southeast corner of Lot six thuiiumd a'-"
red and eighty.five   (����������.',,. Urunpustl'
district, theuco south twenty (JO) rksiB*-
west oue hundred an.I slaty (1C> (W****-
north twenty {�����) chslni, thence east cw-
red and   slsiy (ISO) ebalns to tliepot"1*
mencement  and  ruatalnlng MP SSfSfc"
Daled lhe I Ota day nf May. IWT.      Wt!JBiJ
I, the utidursiglieii, after 60 davi ���>���'",,.
tdy t<�� the Hon the chlel t'o-aitninsliinf^^
and Works Ior permlaakia to purChlU*J7r
lowing described laitd: Oommssmm-S*1
marked S.K.V, situated on the *<���� M
Hocau lake, alautl iweair miles froro�����J3
tbence west ���� chains, thence S4ititn *',
iheuce i...,'.i SO ehalni, thence north*
m chalas to point ol I���
Ihenee   ��.��st
shore o', Eak
l <.. al, .1 May 4th
Bun Weirs. Apt-
Notice Is hereby glvon tbat six tydays after dale
I intend looDph to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for perinlaalon to purchaae
the following deacribed tract of Hind altuate In
West Kootenay dlslrici: Cnim,.. iicjng nt a poat
planted aboul one-half mile north from forks of
Humniit ere k, marked Jean * aiueron's H W
corner, tlience esst 40 chaliiH, ih. new north SO
���Uu days altar date i pu'*p��,M',ntV?*iS
tlon   io   the Ch-bf Commissioner ��'*^U
Works for (icriulsslou lo purchanv tw'.*AS
deacrllwd land:    Couiuicuclng si *},***'
at the northwest corner of lot 4IH8* [f^MfM
ed ������!���   MtfaH K. conur post." ninni H    <
twcUala* north thenco so chains *v*\J\\pt
cl-^u* aouth. Ihenee 81) ehalus easl. ����� r*i
comuieueeroent, containing *W acrw.
Dnted ih ii 6th day of May. 1WI   -wviiidL*-
per D. A. ffdCPLLOC-S'ifmlA
Nelaon Land Dlslrici.   Dlatricl of Wc*,V'^
Take notice thai Paul August P��XjJi
chener, B. C.  occupation  liinibcrnis'���    -,
to apnl, lor permlaslon io purchase <��     a
Htg   described   lands:     Commcidi�� ��� j,;,
planted on tho wesl boundary of IOT��Lgi
snd about ID chains south mmJAmSgt
of   the   iiKbt oi-wav   ol   the   ��""������   ,.,-��
Houthern Hallway, and marked "��   *���'  to
east  corner,"   tbenoe   west 10" V  Vub'^'j
north lo th* south boundary W w" ���"* faM
of   ibe   Hritlsh   Columbia    Boi��ln/'"|1i iii-wl
tbence following said bouiidary.of �����>" ^k
way. In an easterly direction to Ibe *V   ]|fls
arv of lol No. 862ti.l.   Ihenee ^SOWS "f||
commencement, and  conUinlng t"1��
or loss. ���
Dated this 13th dsy of July, Wot-      Vlr\fi\}
Pads AVtMo* 't-^-j
Notice Is hereby given thai S^ffiSfes
intend to apply to The popflpw 'SlrtWfti
mlmionsr of Lands and Works for t*rn M
purchase the following descrlhsd trs ^
situate In Weat Kootenay distrint. ^TTtol
at a posl eianted on Placer creek, �� afprn
fluenos with Summit creek, wftr;.v 40 efc��'
Batlwior's N. W. corner, thence soi""1 tfetlf
thoupuoast 40 chains, thelice ��''' .oD��"f
thence West 40 chains to place of ''"W"^-^
ii i- uya   n ,-ni a\.
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NELSON, t3. G-
Is   hereby    given    that  -to days
Intend to  apply to   the   Chief  Com-
"   i.aii-1   and   Works,  for a   -.|w-.l*.l
4td carry limber from the   follow-
ends,  situated   on   the  southeast
_J1   river,   ill   tbe    dlslrici  of  Wesl
fjomineiicltiK at a post  placed about
of Hose I.eaf creek marked -It. M.
Iiwest   corner,"  thence  m eintlns
���hains east,   thence HO chains
hains   -met   10   place  of  com-
the llth day ol June, 1WJ7.
K   M. Kssvaa, Ijocator.
$,   JUUce   is   hereby   k i <*  -n     thai   ���'���*   du>-
Smlintciid i" ��.pi">   to the riici  'on,.
��� ��� Lands and   Works,  for  a ��peclal
md cam* timber from the foi lowlands sittiaUMl on   lhe southeast
JUnon river, tn lhe   district of   Uc-t
gjemm^nclng at a jmst placed  aboul
"of Hose U-af creek, marked "It   ��.
t aouthwest   oorner*."   Ibence HO
thence SO chains  east,  thence HO
thence 80 chains west to placi of
[the loth day of June, \vn.
It. M. Ukkvks. L-icator.
jTeUealeasdi>i*'i> ���   iu-m*!*-i .\.m k 'ii��y
tbat William Andrew Boss, of
r ihotel keeper, intends to apply for
llfcer licence over the   lollowlng   dea-
jenctiig at a poat plauted aboul
of the Kootenay river, on t'orn
District of Wesl Kootenay, and
; miles norlh ol the Inlerualloniil
and about two miles west of tlin-
004ft, tbence south ���� idialus,
ehalus. thence north SO ehalus,
to point ot c��iminenccmeut
res, more or less.
���acinic at a poat planted at the
prof William A Ross' -No. 1 claim,
���Jehains. tbence west HO chains,
(AM chain*, tbence east *' chain-.
Itefeommciic<'iii-nt, and containing
meeeor less.
seeing at a pout planted about
t of the northeast corner ot Wll-
S elaln, thenee soutti no chains.
Chains, thence north no chains,
Cfcalni to the p-olnt of commence
italnlng 6i" acres, more or less.
.lone, 1W7.
at at  a  poat  planted   at
eorner"of   Wlllinm   A. Koaa' No. 8
north  no chains,   thence  west X
���outh ho chslua.   thence eaal Hu
iolnt of cmnmenc-cniciti,  contain-
trorc or less.
Jum*. i��n
frsnSS fwHlChain���
Me ������
incing   at   ap. _.
of William A   Hoss
_ pmio.% eleom.
d at the
.��� ..claim,
__ chains,  thence  west HO chain?,
���0 ehitus.  Ibence cmi ���**> chains to
imencemcnt, and  containing tVUl
__ ing at a poal planted about
_. uf tli>'   n or theaat  cornerof  Wll
Sin 6 claim, theuee south HO chains,
chains, tbence  north so chaina.
eSeheiiiN u> lhe point of cun me me -
.Ulnliig 04u acres, more or lets
lencing at a poal   planted   at   the
ter of wnllam A. Rosa' No.Selaim,
* chains, thence east HO chains,
���Mowchaini., Ibence weat  HOchalns to
���smenceinent,   and    containing 040
Br less.
mr June, isot
���menelng at a post planted ahout
ith of the northweat cornerof W II-
f No ft claim, thence north HO chains,
W chains, thence aouth hj chains,
0 ehains lo ihe point of commence-
in tain in* flio acres, more or leaa.
June, 1907.
Mo. t.    rigni   It11 nt a post pluntcd about 40
SOnth Of the northwest coruer of W ill lain
^�� e cbilm,   thence south  ho chains,
TtO chaina,  Ihenee north   HO cbalus.
  to -rh..ii,�� ir. ihe -potm* nf rommencc-
M.MMI ooulaliiliiK M0 acres,  more or lets.
.OSMD4 Vtli June I'An
it-^Commenclng at a post   planted   about
"   ^rcst   of lhe  northeast  corncj of Wll-
" >.9 claim, thence soulh ho chains,
_ ��� hams,  thence   uorth   HOchalns,
AM chains to the point of eommenrte-
Oontalulng 040 acres, more or less.
Iftth June. 1907.
lommenclng at a post planted about
tof (he northeast corner of William
9 claim,  thence  north  no chains,
to chains, thence soutb  HO chaina,
l.chalns to lhe point of commence-
_taJnlng M0 acrea. more or less.
ith June. 1907.
��0. It.���Commencing al a post  Mauled about
'   -""       ���  south   oi   im-   norlhweat   corner   of
A. Ross- No. 10 claim,   thenee smith hii
' imr   weet HO chaina, thence north HU
ence easl HO chains  to point of com-
and containing MO acres, more or less
tn June. 1907.
nclng at a post planted about
bath oi tbe northwest cornor of Wil-
*~ ' No. 10 claim, tnence north HO
,���_ west HO chains, thence soulh 80
mce east HO ebalns to the point of com"
it and couialniug 040 acres moro or leas;
Is bih day ol July, 1-.W7.
W 11.1.Iam ANHRKW   R-OSSj.
"      " Diatrict.  District of Wesl Kooleiuiy
that Walter Edwards, of Ferguson,
"tlon  cook, intends   to apply   ior a
or licence over the lollowlng des-
���     Commencing ul  n post   planted
creek   running  into  the  head  of
on   llio cast aide of Cariboo  lake
Walter Howard's  northwest corn-
aoulh    80 chaliiB-   thence east 80
joe  north HO chains,   thence  west HO
int of commencement, nnd  coutaln-
tnore or less.
il 27th, 19fl Waltkk FnwARns,
his agent F. 0, Mannino.
MelSOnX��end District    District of West Kooteuay
Take notice that Walter Kdwards, of Ferguson,
B O^OOOnpatioit  cook, intends   io apply  for a
 lal timber   licence over   the   following  den-
lands:    Commencing  at a po��t.'.',   mil"*
irons  creek   and   a   '.,   mile  easl   from   A.
i Oorner   poat No. 9, and   marked   ���'Waller
^Snortnwcst coruer post," thenco east
i thence soulh 100 chains,  theuco west
, thence north   100 chains  to point of
ieiiii-nt. and containing 040 aerea, more
���2Qlh, 1907. Waltib EnwiKm.
by hla i.gciil F  (*- MANNlNff.
Xand Diatrict.   District ol West Kootenay
notice that Walter Kdwanls, of Ferguson,
mpatioii   cook, lutends   tn apply  for a
���mber licence over  iho   following des-
Ids:   Coinmenclug  at.   a   i����at   planted
tile from the bead  of Caribou lake and
SSSt ol -aid lake, and   marked   "Walter
��� southwest coruer," tbeuee   north  HO
ilo ir*.���  eaat, HOchalns.   thonce south HO
thenee    UCSt   HO   C ll HIIIH    lopoilili.fci.nl
nt. h in I containing fi-io acres,  moro or
lay SOth, ihot. Waltkr KmvAHDs.
by his agent F. C. Manninu,
Sei-Mii Land District. I>latrict of West KooleUay
Take notlSO that Arthur K. Kvaim, of Beaton.
H. *'., occupation cruiser, lntendi toapply for a
special t.uibcr licence over the following described lauda: Oomtneiiclin; at a fMial plmiU d
iita.iit I miles up Btevoas creek running into the
easl side of Cariboo Inks nuukra MA. �����. avail's
���OnthweSI Oorner pOSt/' thence north HU chains,
thelice   easl M  cluii'IS.    Uicnce   -ouih HO chains,
thenos   west Ml)  chains   to  point   Ol commence-
in "ill. ami contain Dig Mo acres, more or U-nn
Dated May Soth, 1907. Ahthi'h k. i-vahh.
by his agent F. C. Masninu.
Notice Is hereby given that tiilrtv rtays after
date I intend toapply to the Don. tbe Chief (ommissiouer of Lands and Worka for a special li-
OOnOS to cut ami earrv awav 1'iiibcr ITOm tho
following qgOPrtbod lands lu West Kimltrtniy
illilrlct: Cftniineii-ing at a poat plained on tho
north bank of leu Mile creek, about one mile
and a half from rilocaU lake, marked II if Pitts'
northwest corner post, thence east ISO chaina,
thenee south 40 chains, thcucc wesl )*-��� chains,
Ihenee north 40 chains to plaee of commencement.
Dated lh1��-.ftth day of June, 1907.
11. II. Pitts, locator.
A. W. bnTBHif. Agent
RotlOS is hereby given that thirty day* after
date I Intend to apply to the Honorable
Chief Commissioner of Ijendi and Works at
Victoria. H. *.:., tor a special license to cut and
carry awav limber from the following dgOOrlbod
lauda lu West Kootenav dUirict: Cominenelng
at a fKfst planted on 'he west bank of hiuelter
creek, about one ml.e south ol the City of Nelaon,
Ihenee aoiitii a.i chains, thence west H) chatus,
thence north ho chains, tbence easl Ho chains to
place of eoinmencement.
Dated thla llth day of June, 1507.
C, C- Ci.akk, Locator.
D. lo o,h. Agent.
Take notice that lUnery John Johnson, Post-
maau-roi Ferule, H. C., Intends to apply for a
special uml" i licence over the following des*
crlbed lauds:
No. 1 -t'nniineuelug hI a posl planted In the
DlStrll I <if Vest Kooicnay.aboul two mllea north
of the lnieruatloiial boundary Hue and about
one mile weat of Hotifidary lake n-IJotnlng aud
I.elwe.n liceuceil No WM and 8009, ibence aoulh
mi ohalns, thanos wesl HU ��>hains, thence north HO
tbeuee ea��l H*i chains lo place of com iu ence men L
Da'.ed JuneS, 19U7.       H. .'. Johnson, l.o.-at..r.
ANb. llA<Krrr, Agent.
No. 2 -Commencing al a post planted ebnut
one mile north Ot the northwest corner ol II. J.
Johiiaoii - No. 1 linilair claim. Mien, e Houth 80
chains, Ihenee SSSt ho chains, theuee north HO
chains, thenco west SO chains to place of commencement
Dated June 3, 1907.       11. J. Johnson, Locator.
And. Hh'Khi, Agent.
No S.���"ommericing at a poat planted at lhe
northwest corner of 11. J. Johnson's No. 2 llinln-r
claim, theuee aouth BO chains, iheuce wesl HO
chains, thence north HO chalua. tnence east HO
ehalus lo place nf commencement.
Daled June.'!, 1907. H   J   Joh��son, ljocstor.
Awn. IUi kett, Agent-
No 4. Commencing al a post planted at lhe
Hurt li eaat corner of 11 ��� J ��� Johnaon'a No. 3 Ihu So!
claim, thence north Ho chains, thein-e weat H>
chalua. ibence smith HO chains, thence easl HO
chains to plaoo of commencement
Dated June I, 1907 H   I. JohmhoN, locator.
Ami. Hacxbtt, Ageut.
No. .'I.---Commencing etaPOSt  plauiud   at  the
Uorthwestoora rgi ll   ' JohflsoirsHO Sttmbv
claim, thence uorth HO chuins, tbence eaat A)
chaina tneuce aoutb 30 chains, Iheuce weal Hi
chains U) place of commencement
Dated June 3, 1907.       B. J   Johnson, LoamkOT.
Am. Hackstt. Agent
No. 6 ���Commencing at a post planted about
one mile north of the northweat corner of 11. J
Johnson's No. ft timber claim ihen.-e south SO
chains, thence eaat ��0 chains, thence north SO
chains, thenco west SO chains to place of commencement
Dated June 3, 1907.       II. J. Johnson, Locator.
Ami. Hackktt, Agent.
No. 7. ���Commencing atapost planted at thr
norlhweat corner of B. J. Johnson's No. 8 tlmbor
dalirt, thence south ho chains, ibeuce west SO
chalua, theuee uoith SO chains, thence east SO
Ohalns to place of commencement.
Dated June 3, 1907.       II. J- Johnson, Locator.
And. Hackktt, Agent
No 8���Commencing at a post planted at the
northeast corner of II. J. Johnson's No. 7 tlmbor
claim, thence north SO chaina, thence west *)
chaina. thence south SO chains, thence east 80
chains lo place of commencement.
Dated Juue S. 1907.       II. J. Johnson, Locator.
And. Hack kit, Agent.
No. 9���Commencing at a poat planted at the
northwest corner of 11. J. Johnson's No. ft timber
claim, tlience north HO chains, thenee east HU
ebalua, theuee soulh ho chains, thence woat 80
chains to point of (���ommencement.
Dated June I, 1907.       H. .1. JoiiN.toN, 1-ocator. .
No. lo.- Commencing at a post planted at the
northwest corner of timber licence H074, theiuu
north 80 ehalna. thence east SO ehalus, thenoe
south HOchalns, tnence west 8o chaina to place
of commencement.
Dated Juue 8, 1907.       II. J. Johnson, Locator.
Ani��. Hackktt, Agent,
Take notice thai I'an Baker, prospector, of
Klko, B. C , lntenda to apply for a special timber
lleeneo over tbe lollowlng described lauds:
No. 1. -Coinmenclug at a post planted In the
district of West Kootenay, aboul eight mihw
west of ths Kootenay river near the north bank
of Boundary creek and ono mile no-lb of the International boundary Hue, which claims are described a�� follows: At lhe northwest corner ol
Umber licence No. IXif.7, iheuce north HO chains,
theuee cast Ho chalnr, thence soulh 80 chains,
thenee WSSt SO chains to place of commeuceineut.
Dated 1st Juno, 1007. Dan Uakkk.
No 2,���Commencing at a post planted at the
southwest comer of '"-an baker's No. 1 claim,
thenos north 80 chiilna. thence WSSt80 chains,
thenos soulh HO chains, thenee cast 80 chains lo
place of commencement.
Dated 1st June. 1907. Dan Bakkk.
No. S.���Commencing al a poat planted at the
northwest corner ol Dan Maker's No 1 "'laim,
thenco north HO ehaius, thonce east 80 chains,
thenco south 80 chains, thenee west 80 chains to
place ol commencement.
Dated IrI June. 1900. Dan Bakkk.
No.-I.���Commencing at a post planted at lhe
northeast corner of Dan Baker's No, -J claim,
thence norlb Nl chains, thencu west 80 chains,
thsnos aoulh HO chains, thcucc easl chalua lo
place of coiuinonccment.
Dated Int June, 1907. Dan itARKR.
No. 6.���Commencing at a posl planted at the
northwest corner Of timber licence No 80C9,
thencu north 80 enains. thenco cast 80 chaina,
iheuce soulh ho chains, thunce west 80 chains to
place of commencement.
Dated June ith, 19t>7. DAN BaKRR.
No. 6.���Commencing at a post pleated at tho
northwest corner of Dan Bakers No. 6 claim,
I hence north HOchnlus iheuce east 80 chains,
tin-ncc sou'h 80 chain", thonce weat 80 chains to
place of commencement.
Daled June 4th, 1907. :-an Bakkk.
No. 7.���Commencing at a post planted at the
northeast corn r oi timber licence No. 80S0,
thonce norlh 80 rhalns, theuee west 80 chains,
thenee south 80 chains, thenco cast 80 chains to
polnl of commencement.
Dated June 4th. 1907. Dan Uakkk..
No. H.Com ::u itcini*: at a post plantod at tbe
northeast corner of Dun Baker's No 7 claim,
thence norlh HO cIiiiIuh, thence west 80 chains
Ihenee aouth 80 chains, thence east 80 chains to
pine ol eoinmencement.
Dated Juue tth, 1907.
Dan Baksr.
Christ's  Lament  for the  Home  City of
His    Earthly    Race���Church    Service*  for Tomorrow.
Toinunow will be the Tenth Sunday
utter Trinity. Nu holy daya occur during the following week
The gospel for tbe day Is the utory
us told briefly by St. Luke, of Christ's
entry Into Jerusalem, and Ills lament
over her fate, which He foresaw and
foretold. "If thou hiulst known, even
ihou, nt Ipast In this thy day.the things
thai belong unto thy peace." Tbe affection expresHed In the "even thou," Is
almost the only Indication of Christ's
special fondness for lhe race and city
of His earthly father and mother. The
event shown Chrlat ut the period of Ills
brief popularity, before tho crowds that
lollowi d him as their muHter fell away
before the hostile faction of the Ptaarl-
sees, some in fear, many in mere human flcklenens. A Httle later and Ills
driving of tho usurers from tho temple
might have been resisted with violence.
The story contains Christ's prophecy
of the aelge of Jerusulem fulfilled so
soon after by the lloman army of T-Kub,
which marked the beginning of that
wide wandering of the indestructible
Jewish race which Is the greatest marvel In human history.
The following services are announced
for tomorrow In the churches of Nel
Church of England-A Savlonr'e,
corner Ward ariS SfUcft street
Tenth Sunday after Trinity; holy communion, H a. m.; morning prayer and
holy communion. 11 a. m.; Sunday
school. 9:46; evenson, 7:30 p. m.
Rev. F.   H. Grnlium,  rector. 	
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, cor
ner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sundaj
.school, 12: :i0 p. m.; evening service,
7:30 p. m. Rev. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Romau Catholic���Cburcn of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
street*: Low mesa. 8 a. m.; high mass,
10:30 u. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m
Rev. Father Althoff. priest.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service. 11
a. m.; evening Bervlce, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p m. Kev. R N
Powell,   pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, neai
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m ; even
Ing service, 7:30 p. m.: Sunday school,
2:30 p. m. Rev.  B. H. Shanks, pastor.
Solvation Array���Barracxe on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. m ; a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.
Nclnon I.mm Dlitrlct. Dlntrlrt of Wvnl Kootcitay
Take notice thai "i>avi.l Hear/ Telford," 8a��-
l.ntooii, .-in-k.. o'-f.ipNihiii lumberman, lotenda
to Hpply for a -pc i��l timber licence over tbe lol
lowing deacribed landn:
No 1 r.iiiimi'iirinn ata p"nl planted about 5
rhalui north of the norlb w��at corner of Timber
Limit HIM. weat braucb of I.ltile Hlocan river.
Went Kooh'tiav, ibence weit 80 ehalni, tbeuee
���ontfa SO chalm. tbence eait 80 ehalni, tbence
north wi chain*-, to point of commencement and
oontelnlns CIO acriu. more or leia
Daled July ��th, 19tf*    David Hbkrv Teiroan.
Nn. 2. fouinn nclim a poat planted on theeaHt
hank of i 'oui^r creek, and on the north boundary of timber limit M��. weat branch of Little
Slocan river, thence north 160 chains, thence
east 40 chaina, thenoe iouth 160 chains, thence
weat SO Shams to place of commencement, and
containing 640 acrea, more or lew.
I luted July 10th, 1907. David Hinhv Tki.vord.
No 3 Com meiicInK at a poat planted on bank
nf Knnle creek, about 30 ehatna aouth of tbe
aouth boundary of timber llmftH147. weit branch
nt Little Hlocan river, thence weit *i cbaini,
thence soulh W cbaini, thence eait HO ehalni,
thence uorlb HO cbalna to the point of commencement and containing 640 acrea, more or
Dated July llth, 1907. David Hknkv Tslford.
No 4. Commencing at a poat planted about 8
ehalni eaal from east bank of Ruaile creek, and
on the weat boundary of limit 8. tbence VSSlO
chaina, ihenee aouth H ehalni, tbenee eait SO
chattiH. tbence north SO chains to point of com-
mencement, and containing 64o acres, more or
1 Dated July llth, 1907. David H^kv Tklpobd.
No. 18. Commencing at a poit planted about
*n0 chains weal of ttooie Creek ani about six
miles from Its mouth at Hlocan River, said post
Is ahout 40 chains west from D H Telford's timber application No-11. thence east 40 chains to
limber application No. II, thence north 160
ehalna, thuuee west 40 chains, thence south 160
chains, to point of commencement, and contain
Die 640 acrea. more or ISSS _
Dated July nth. IMI. David Hsbsy Tblford-
No. 14. Commencing ai a post planted al tbe
southwest corner of No. 18, then'e west40chains,
thence north IfiO chains, thence eaat 40 chains,
thcucc south 160 chains to point of commencement, and containing 610 acres, more or less
Dated July 17tb, 1WI   David IIknky Tei.kihu>.
A  Milton, Agent-
Take notice that John Ross, of Fernle, B C,
hotel keeper, Intends to apply for a spool a) Umber licence over the following described landi:
1. Commencing at a post plauted iu the District of Weat Kooteuay. Nelion MlnliiK Division,
on the uortb fork of th' aouth fork of Lostcreek,
ahout five miles up creek from where two folks
meet and about six miles north of tbe interna-
tloual Boundary Line and about twenty-eight
miles west of Kooteuav River, thence east SO
ehains. thence north SO chains, thence west 80
chains to bank of aald creek, thence down stream
lo place of commencement.
J. Roan, Locator,
2. Commencing et a post planted at Ihe southwest corner of 1, Ross's No. 1 location, thence
west 80 chains, thenco north 80 chains, tbence
cast 80 chains more or lei's to bank of laid croek,
thum-e down stream to place of commencement.
J. Ross, Locator.
a. Commencing at a post planted at or near
iho southwest corner of J. Ross's No 1 location,
ttaSttOS west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
Ihenco east 80 chains, moro or less, to said creek,
thenee up stream to place ol beginning
J. Hoss, Ijocator.
4. Commencing at a posl plantod at or near
tho southwest corner of J Ross's No. 1 location.
then c east 80 chains, tbence south 80 chains.
thenco west 80 chains, more or leu, to bank of
said crook, thence up streats to plane of commencement. ,   ���
J. Ross, Looator.
6. Commencing at a post planted abonttwo
���miles south of the southwest corner of J. Ross s
No. 1 location, on the north fork of the south
fork of L st creek, and about four miles up
strriini, from where the two forks meet, thenee
east 80 chains, thenc- north SO chains, theuco
(rest 80 chains, mora or less, to bank of said
ereok, thenoe down stream to plaee of commencement. . _
J. ROSS, Locator.
6. Commencing at a post planted at, or near,
tbe southwest corner nf J. Ross's No. 5 location,
on Ijost OteeSi thence west 80chslus, tbence
north 80 chains, thenco 80chains east, more or
less, lo bank uf aald ere <k, thonce down stream
to plaoe of eommeucement.
Located iftth June, 1907. J. Hoes, Locator.
New York's Horror.
New York, Aug. 3.���The murder of
little eight year old Katie Drlischler,
wbo was found choked tu death with
her own huJr ribbon und hor ImwIv mutilated by the slayer's lust, iu a durk
cellar on First avenue, haB called forth
��very effort of the whole police department to find the fiend whohas been
satisfying bin murderous appetite in
tho Hlrangling aud hacking to bits of
his vlctlniH. Two men and women are
being held today In custody on suspicion that they may know something of
the ulri's death. The woman, Anna
Messier, was arraigned In Ihe night
court and held without, bull for the coroner. She was tnken to imllce headquarters nnd closely questioned by detectives. She admitted that she knew
(lalana Kippulono, the cobbler and his
employee, (lulsseppe Ilonfanle, both of
whom are being detained by the police.
She said she had been living for several
days at the house where the girl's body
was found. Beftfe that she resided at
the Tietschler family, but Carl Tiet-
schler recently ordered her to leave the
Irish Police on Strike.
Belfast, Aug. 3.���The parade of dis-
afTecled members of the police force
which was scheduled to take place here
has been postponed if not altogether
abandoned, apparently for the purpose
of the government's being in a position
to dismiss the entire police force of the
city should It become necessary. The
men remain defiant and declare they
will not ce��Be agitation until they have
secured a public inquiry Into their alleged grievances. In an Interview published in a local newspaper, constable
Barrett, who was dismissed from the
force for agitating, declared tbat among
the grievances of the men is the fact
that under the present "Dublin Castle
System'' only those men who are willing to play the part of protective agents
can gain promotion. Rarrett claims
that the present agitation will put an
end to the "abominable system of manufacturing crime."
aa*      ... ���    m       tf ������   j
Quebec Ministers Indignant.
Quebec, Aug. 3.���Hon. Mr. Turgeon
haa entered suit for civil action for libel against Le Natlonallste for articles
accusing him of perjury. Premier
Gonln has entered suit against Lt Pa-
trie for an article last night saying the
premier had something to do with the
Baron Lepine alleged  negotiations.
Nel.on Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that James Keeth.of Spokane,
Waah , occupation, miner, Intends to applr loj *
special timber UoeDc��>over the folio* tn-f d��
���crlbed lands: Commencing ata post about Lt
rods nortb of the eeuter of tho norlh shore line ot
-lonndarr Lake and at the southeast corner of
Timber Uml* No 8074. and market! James
Keeth's 8. W. Oornerpo��t, thence north SO chains,
thence eas* SO chains, thence aoutb SO chains,
thence west 80 chain", to polnl of commencement, and eonlaiufng MQ acres, more or less.
July SO, MB, James Kitni.
Nelson Laml DUtrtct. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that James Keeth, of Spokane,
Wash , occupation miner. Intends to apply for a
ipedal timber licence over the following described lands: Commencing at a post planted ���*
chains north of tbe center of tbe north shore line
of Boundary I ake and at the northeast corner
of timber limit No. sort, thence west SO chains,
ihenee nortb 80 chains, thence east SO chains,
ihenee aouth Ho chains to polut of commencement ami containing 040 acres, more or lesa.
July 90,1907. JaSBk Khth.
Take notice that an application has been made
to register Arthur Hamilton ;Buchanan a*
ihe owner in Fee Pimple, under a tax sale deed
from R. J. Stenson, Deputy Assessor and Collect
of the Slocan Assessment District, to Arthur
Hamilton Buchanan, bearing date the 7th of
November, A P., 1906, of all and singular lhat
certain parcel, or tract, of land, and premises,
������it un te : lying anil being In the Dlitrlct of Knot e-
nav. in ih" Province ��>| British Columbia, more
particularly known aud deacribed as:
Lot number nine hundred and seventy (WO),
��.roup one (I), in ihe District of Kootenay, "bun-
vet Min.iral Claim.
You and each ol vouare required to contest tbe
claim ol the tax purchaser within fourteen days
from the date of the service of this notice upon
you, and in default of a caveat, or certificates of
[is pendens being filed w|thln snch period, yon
will be forever estopped and debarred from setting up any 'li'm to, or in reapect of the said
land, and I thall register Arthur Hamilton
iluchanan a�� owner thereof. *
Dated at Land Registry Ofllee. Nelion. Province of Hritlsh Columbia, thisBtk day of April,
A D., 1W7.
H. F. MacLEOD,
District Registrar.
To Ben j ami* F< Daviu,
The Minuet   Uold   A   Silver   Muting   Com-
pan) (foreign).
In the matter of an application for tbe ls*ne of
duplicate of the cettftlcates of Title for Lou n, 7,
s-, hi nl 17, Block Vl own of Kitchener (*ap IBS
and LotMS7, Uroup One, tn the District of Kootenay.
Notice Is hereby given tbat It ts my intention
���o H�� ue at the expiration of one month after the
IIrat publication hereoi. duplicates of Certificate*
of Title of the above lots lu the name of Joseph
Walker which certincates are dated 22n<\ day uf
June, tons and numt��ered 2481A and iis*JA re-
Laml Registry Office, Nelson, B. C.nSrd July,
"II. IMlAuLson."
DUtrlct Registrar.
Piano and Singing Lessons
Qlven  by  Mrs. Winter  Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Itoyal Academy for pianoforte playing
and Biasing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Eng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conservatoire of Music for singing* and piano
playing. Address Box 706. Neleon.
A. McDonalds Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceri**
Butter, KggH.
damp find Milium' Supplies.
Queen's Hotel
Baler Blrwt, Nelion. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity and
Hutted by Hot Air
'��� '      i
Lane and Comfortable Bedroom! end Pint*
......l��lutuK Room. Hamplu Rooms for Commercial   M.n
UBS.  E. C.CLABKB.   l-rnprl.tie.a
Grand Central Hotel
ThoroUKtily renovated inn) refurnished. Kooms 50 cents upward. Tlie
dining room Is unexcelled In the city.
House hented throughout with hot
J   A. EKIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Postofflce. Nelson, ll. C.     ��
Tremont House
Knropean and American Plan
Heals '.ft eta.    Rooms Irom 26 cla. to li.
Only White Help Kmployod.
Baker St.. Nel*oo Proprietors
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Neboo.
The Bar la the Fluent.
White Help Only Kmployod.
Jo-aephlne 8u
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and fl.60 a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Boarders.
Host comfortable quarters In Nelaon;
Only the beat of Liquor, and cigars.
In the matter of an application lor the laauc of
a duplicate nl tbe Or till rate nf Title lor Lotc
16 and 17, Bl<*ek 26, Town of Nelaon.
Notice la hereby alTen tbat lt la my Intention
to laaue at the expiration of one month after the
llrat publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for the above Lota in the name of
Krancce K Day, which Certificate la dated the
19th September, Ift��9, and numbered -i&OK.
I-Hiid Keg if try Office, Nelaou, B.C., 16th June,
1907. H. F. MACLKOD,
Dlitrlct Hug 1 lira*f.
Not ce la hereby siven that after the expiration
of sixty aaya from the date hereof the Patrick
Lumber Company, Limited, lntenda to aubmll to
the Honorable Chief Commlaaloner ol Lauda and
Worka a propoaal under tbe provision! of the
"Rivera and at ream a Act" and Amending Acta,
for the runt to Improve the Stonan river from
the mill dam of aald company (altuate about
three mllea above the Junction ol laid Blocan
river with the Kootenay river,) to the mouth of
the Little Hlocan river, ami to Improve the Little
slocan river and branchea thereof to the northern boundary of sub lot 2, lot 7190, and anb-lot 1,
int 7161 group one, Kootenay dlatrlet, ana to
improve tbe trlbntarlea of aald rlvcra: and ro-
nii.ri- obatructiona from aald river* aud trlbntarlea, and to make the aame fit for driving, storing, sorting booming and raiting toga, timber,
lumber, rafU, and (.rafts; alao for the right to
collect tolls thereon.
The landa to be affected are tbe following: (a)
Ixits SDH. 7.169, M.W. MM. MS J, S610, 6H97, M46. 3609,
'.���-..���:-, 7066. 8020, 4812, all In Group one, Kootenay
dlatrlet; also landa covered by pre-emptlona*
uumbered 46, 103, 116, 136, 143, IM aud 670; also
landa covered bv timber lit-enaes numbered MM,
'��� --s:i. ,v.hi, .v-k'i, .v-ju"*., ,VhJ, and 6688; alao lands of
the crown.
Dated tbla 6th day of July, I1W7.
by Ita solicitor. R. W. Uamminutom,
Fot Sale Cheap
One 60-Inch diameter, by 16ft. Kin.
long, umlerflred, return multi-tubular
boiler, In fair condition. Eighty-two
i'i-ln. tubes. 2 l-'t x 2 1-6 In. steam
dome. Boiler ts good for testing to 150
lbs. per square Inch, and a working pressure of 80 to 00 lbs. Mountings consist
of safety valve, stop valve, water
gauges, try cocks, sludge cock and
check valve, set of fire bars and bearers.
One 9-ln. diameter x 14in. stroke, high
pressure, variable cut off expansion,
valve engine with governor. Fly wheel
and belt pulley are those not originally
supplied with the engine but are suitable for ordinary requirement. Engine
has been used to drive electric light
at the smelter and Is in good condition.
One vertical multi-tubular exhaust
steam heated feed-water heater, 4 ft.
high. lOVitn. diameter with openings
for 3-ln. exhaust pipes. Corrugated copper tubes Inside through which the food
water passes. Stop valve, drain cock
and safety valve. Arply to
The Hall Mining ft Smelting Co.. Ltd.
We Have Been Moat Socccasfai TJamaiAt-   T  <.<i4r
Recently In Selling Oor Pflttt   JLafiOS
We sell only good selected lands ���and at reasonable prices.
Brydges. Blakemore & Cameron* Ltd.
Lota for Sale at from $100 to $200
Prices will be raised 15 per cent, after 1st August.    Buy while they are
cheap.   Terms one-third cash, balance In six and twelve months.
We Have For Sale One of the Prettteat Homes In
Nelson, Situated In Fatrvfrw, Clot* to the Car Line
Large 7-room house. Stone foundation and first-class cellar. Complete water system. 10 lets under cultivation and planted In large, bearing fruit trees.   This Is a snap.   For particulars apply to
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acrea
ol tbe
Chotccat Fratt Landa in
Beitiab. CowmMa.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Something for the practical man.
Just Investigate!���That la All we
aak of you; and you owe that much
to yourself.
Kootenay Orchard
WARD ST.   -   NELSON, B. C.
on  1600   acres,   south   of  Burton   city,
for sale.   Apply to
The M. & W. Land Co., Limited,
A. H. Can. Sec. C. B.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:  Bealey Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker St.. NELSON, B. C.
F. C GREEN       F. F. BURDEN        A. H. GREEN
Gvil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
r. 0. Box 145    Plane 2*1 t.
Summer Ezc-arslon
.... Rates East
To Winnipeg $46.20
To Port Arthur. St. Paul.
Duluth. Sioux Qt-f
Chicago 164.00 Montreal 184.00
Toronto $78.50 St. John 884.00
St. Louis 880.00 Ottawa   882.55
New York $100.00 Boston 885.50
Halifax 8101.80
On Sale July 3. 4. 5.   August 8. 9, 10.
September II, 12, 13.
First Clan Rocnd Trip. 90
Days Lfanlt.
Corresponding reductions from all
Kootenay points. Tickets available for
lake route Including meals and berths
oa lake steamers. Through rates quoted
to any station In Ontario, Quebec or
.Maritime provinces on application.
a.i;.i-.a..Vkiu*out.t. d. P.A.. Nelson
AND IN THE MATTER OF the plan of
the Townaite of Robson, part of Lot
Three Hundred and One (301,)
Group One (1,) Kootenay, of record
In the Land Registry Office at Nelson aa "626."
Take ti,.1 i.*.* tha* on the -.'-r>th (lay of July, A. I).
If>r7, st the hour ol 10:30 oVlouk In the lorsooon,
at'tbe Court Houso In tho city of Nelson. In the
Provlnoo of Rrltiah Columbia, application will
b" matin to tbe Judge of tbe County Court of
Weat Kootenay. liy tbe Columbia and Kootenay
K.tilway an.l Navigation Company for an order
that the plan of the aaid Townaite of Robaun, of
record at Nelson. In the Province of British
.-..luml.la, as "6 6" be cancelled, snd that the
applicant may enjoy the lsnda comprised with-
In the said Town Hlte free from any easements
or rights ol any person to open any lsnd or
lane., street or streets, square or aq'-sres, park
or parka across, within or upon aala lands.
lie ted at tbe City of Nelaon, In the Province ol
Brltlah Columbia, ihla27lh day of Juue, A.D.,
Agent, for Lougheed, Bennett, AUlsou, Tavlor
A McLaws.   Solicitors snd agen.s for the
Columbia & Koolenay Kaiu.ay A Navigation Company, applicants.
To R. BILL . COMPANY. .*. .
; i
The Daily Canadian
Oo  You   Know   Wl-int  Thi** la    ���
It is ilif Royal Standard flyl-nt, over al my rami). With a Kood. or-
dlnary pair of eyes II is plain!) visible, if you cannot see It ooma down
to my otiico and gel  Btted with   proper glasses.
$15   to   $60.00.
Watchmaker and Optician
Soot A Hat i*iirt.v meeta everj Krulav
������ tuloa nt 8 i> in., in iii*.' talnan1 Union Him
.-iii nt- Invited; any one hIIo-wiM tn teJta part in
the debatei.    i   Auitln. Secretary.
���Our Stock is Complete!
Here are t-vo Soap Specials:
^ 25   31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   $4.5C
���72 BARS GOLDEN  WEST for $2.75
I Bell Trading Co. j
t This slur.* will be rl.w.,.,1  Kv,*ry Thura.liiy
f     |Aftcri,.i��n In June, July ami Aucuet ���
^������������������������������������������������������������ea��-���*������< i
J-KLNINn ANI) liHAFTlNti carefully attend
to. Apply
Wlrer Kln�� Hotel.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to tbe Old Curiosity Sbop. A now
line of Japanese Goods now on sale
All kinds of Dlnnerware In stock. Patterns.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Ooadsdaile & ��
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
AH Kinds of Heating  Plants  lu  Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.      Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat BuildiTH will and it to their ad-
v-Mitagu to UHe our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney .Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, etc.
111 East Baker 8t. Phone No. A114
Jp manuIafHturei.   from   the linen   tobH-rM-o, vun-
rtpened and dew-BwertL-nud      it's mil.], full*
flavored and cool.    A tobacco you
ought lo try
. fob-icconi-t.   Baker Street.
Patronized by Earl Grey and Nobility
Hotel Strathcona
Best Located Hotel in Nelson
Aptirtnu-nt- KIcuRnt.    CufsliiL1 Clioict-Ht
Civility and <"1 t-Kiilliiosp
I'm.i-r the niftniiKcmi'nt of   K   K. huble.
late of Toronto. Ottawa and
W. 10. HoiIrps, Vancouver; .1. Rodg-
er��, Winnipeg; O. Ktlmund, St. Paul;
J. Powers, l 'ninth; A. McQueen Kam-
Loops; Miss A. F. Hauis, Toronto; Miss
M. It. Coo, London*. W. Hawkins. Winnipeg; I). Dixon and wife. Uossland: \V.
Johnson, St. Paul; w. K. Jones, Minneapolis;   C.  H. Hooper, Spokane.
Cor. Vernon   anO   Wttr-c] .St rv-etM.
MBLHON, fc��. e.
J. D. WellB, Victoria; U. IJ. Goodman;
PaUlser; C. K. P. FotherglU, W. Hunter, Silverton; VV. T. Uilger, Toronto;
M. R. Grant, Winnipeg; N. McNaught,
New Denver; H. i\l. StevenHon, Alna-
worth;   E.  W. Kawson,  L. D.  BurUngs,
C. P. .McQueen, F. F. Higgs, H. G.
Clarke. Calgary; F. S. CUiik, S. K.
Urth, Poplar; ii. M. UoKlnney, Pine
Lake; J. Walsh. Fort Steele, C. F.
Slur win, Blue Hell; R. Clurkson, Ymir;
W. Kennedy, Meadows; K. Nichols, Loudon; H. S. Bailey, Greenwood; J. McMorris, R. S. Simmons, C. L. Reeve,
Vancouver; J. M. Kapply, J. K. Barrett. Winnipeg; Mrs. Bl Slater, Seattle;
J. P. Wells, Spokane; J. P. Vroom,
Wan eta.
G.  Tergawan.  London;   A.  M.  Smith.
Silver King.
A Lukes, Denver; J. Miller and wife,
Belfast; J. ll. Crowe, Truro; W. G.
Stanley, Winnipeg; Mrs. J. C. Harris,
Spokane; R. Reel, Salmo; S. Miller, G.
Boplr, Ymir.
S.   Lawrence,   J.   P.   Weston,   J.   Mc-
Qarvey, Procter;  O. D. Finlay, Harvey;
D. R. Isdell. Grand Forks; J. Porchioln.
Phoenix; C. W. Jackson, Salmo; G.
Crossly, Castlegar,  H. A. Case, Shields.
F. Hurdle, Vancouver; G. H. Lindsay.
Moyie; .1. W. Brieu, J. Argyle, Procter;
J. T. Ryan, Calgary; A. Smith, Bas-
sane; Mrs. M. Ritchie and daughter,
Wearton; J. Moore, S. Harris, C. Qoooh,
W. Cory, Chambers; J. ii. Lamer.
Norlhport; L. W. Aikman, Say ward;
W. A. Roberts, S. F. Hall, J. Berwick.
W. R. Beury, E. Harrison, Reglna; J.
Fraser, Cranbrook; C. McLaughlin.
Summit; A. Cheyne, Winnipeg; R.
Campbell. Holland; W. E. Young, Cypress Dover; L. Etter, Salmo; J. Kil-
patHck, Killurney; L. C. Rodgers.
Greenwood; C. Williams, J. Quinn.
3 to Consider
24   LOTS,    an    excellent   block
Easy terms.
:j ROOM HOUSE, Hoover St., splendid
garden, fruit treffi, etc. $1,500; one-
half cash, balance $15 per month,
6 per cent.
6-ROOM HOUSE, verandah, garden, one
and a half blocks from car line.
$8 50; $375 cash, balance easy.
3OLD CHAIN, between Hoover and Vernon
Htreets Suitable reward will be paid Ior lu
rut urn.    MclJermld A McHardy.
\   I'KAKI, Kis'UfRST   PIN.    Finder   return  to
this oil-hie--Iteward Offered.
A I'OOKKTBOUK containing a HiRned cheque ol
tbe Second  Relief Mining Company, payabl
to H, C.   Waile, and   luttcrn.     Finder   *" "  "
leave al No Place Inn.
TWO Fl KBT-ULaAdS hOOMH, iteam he*.ted     Ap.
t>1t hoiiRekwwr. ��rd flat. K. W. O. block.
\   I'AKTNKR   will)  J2.000 to    purchaiie a  Irult
fnii' li near Nelion    A Rood speculation.   Partner need not be actively engaged on much.
For particular! apply T   G. PftOU'iKR.
Baptist   Ladies'  Aid.
There will be a devotional meeting of
tlie Baptist Ladies' Aid in the church
un Monday afternoon at 8:80,
S.   O.   E.
The meeting of the Bom of Bngl&nd
adjourned from Thursday evening win
be held in the lodge room Monday eve
nlng at S o'clock.
Band Concerts.
The city band will rIvo lis usual
weekly concerts, weather permitting)
this evening at the Ward st. bandstand,
and tomorrow afternoon at the city
Still a Nelsontte.
11. U ('nineron, formerly of Kelson.
has shown his Rood will hy giving every
pi asible assistance to those In charge of
ihe fruit exhibits at the fairs in Manitoba and Saskatchewan,
Change  of  Time.
On and after Monday, Auk. Bth, the
steamer Kuskanoolt will leave the city
Wharf al li a. m. Instead of 5. There
will be no further calls at ranches on
the Arm for shipments.
"King   of  the   Cattle   Ring."
There will be considerable Inter.st
in the visit of Idler's show, which will
be presented in this city next Monday
evening in a bip tent. The piece Is by
Hal Held, who has had marked BUOOOBS
as a writer for the stage.
Great   Convenience.
An electric fan has been installed in
the bar of the Hume hotel which is said
by visitors to that pan of the establishment to greatly Improve the atmospheric conditions, and aids in keeping
a "long lemonade" cool while It is being drunk.
K.  and  S.  Change.
The Kaslo Kootenaian says: "It Is
rumored that the time card of the
K. & S. is likely to be changed again
before long. There Is a possibility of
the Skyline staying over night in Sandon aud making both connections with
the boat here some time In the middle
of the day."
Death   of   Rev.   D.   McDougall.
The Rev. D. McDougall. for a short
time a resident of Fairview, died last
evening of heart failure and was buried
this morning. Rev. J. T. Ferguson officiating. Deceased was 71 years of age.
He leaves two sons, both In Nelson, on
the staffs respectively of the Royal and
Imperial banks.
Baptist  Services.
The subject for morning meditation
at the Baptist Church tomorrow will be
"The Reign of His fllory." Communion
of the Lord's Supper at the close of the
morning service. Evening theme: "The
I'ndesirable Citizen." Illustrated song.
"Pilot Me." In the evening Mrs. Shanks
will   sing "Calvary."
Methodist Services.
In the Methodist church tomorrow
morning the Rev. R. N. Powell will
preach on the Baptism of .Icbus. The
service will be followed by the sacrament of the Lord's Supper and reception of new members. The evening sermon will be the third of a series on
bible characters, "Balaam Ihe Prophet
Reproved by An  Ass."
No Trout Special.
No arrangements have yet been made
for attaching a coach to the C. P. R.
freight train that leaves Nelson for the
Boundary early Sunday morning. R
has been asked for fishermen, but the
company's reply is that the patrons are
few, not sufficient to meet the extra expense, and it Is not considered advisable
to hamper the freight service by fixing
a definite hour of departure.
Moose Jaw   Exhibit.
Among the many exhibits sent in to
the office of the 20,000 club to be forwarded to Moose Jaw for the exhibition now being held there, are some remarkably line (lowers from the garden
of H. Selous, and an 18-inch branch
from J. Williams, of William's Siding,
containing IB Duchess apples, some of
them  nine Inches in circumference.
World's Fair In Japan.
Toklo, Aug. 3.���Baron    Kaneko    has
been appointed presiding commissioner
of the international exposition to be
held In Japan in 1912.
J. Roche & Co., House Painters, etc.
See me for prices. General Delivery.
Post  Office.
The Store of Quality
$2.00 pe* Crate
Fre��h In every morning. An
excellent chance to get your
preserving fruit at a moderate
K. W. C. Bloek  . Phone 10.
Pulled    Rice    - .    .    .    1Sc  pkg.
Toaited Corn Flakes - 15c pkg.
Shredded Wheat BlBcuits - 15c pkg.
Malta Vita .... 15c. pkg.
Grape      NuU    ...    ���    2   for   35c
All  Cooked  Foods  Ready  for Immediate Use
C. A. aBenedtct
Corner Silica and Josephine Bts.
We Sell
Talking Machines
On Easy
Monthly Payments
See us or write us about it.
Why forgo the pleasure and entertainment to be derived from a good Phonograph or Graphophone, when the payment of a small amount each month
will secure the IMMEDIATE POSSESSION of one?
W. G. Thomson
Nelson, B. C.
Phont 3-4.
Miss Klla Madden Is Visiting h.-r
uncle, Robert Madden, at Trout Lake.
The Misses Kbbs have for Calvary
tomorrow morning for a holiday visit
to friends.
Dr. Barrett, of Winnipeg, inspector of
Inland revenue, is visiting Nelsou on an
inspection   trip.
Leo Hurhanan, of Kaslo. who is studying law in Vancouver, will be home for
vacation   next   week.
N. F. McNaught, of Silverton, arrived
In the city yesterday afternoon and in
a guest at th** Hume.
H. S. Hai ley, local manager of the
Yale-Colurnbia Lumber Co.'s Greenwood
branch, is in town and stopping at the
W. J. Raird. M. A., who has reaijennd
the assistant mastership of Nelson high
school to enter ttio legal profession,
will leave Monday night for Vancouver.
William Hunter, M. L. A. for Slocan,
arrived in the city yesterday afternoon
and left for Phoenix this morning to
visit his store there. Mr. Hunter re
ports the Slocan looking up generally
and all points now satisfied with the
railway service.
Grafting Treee.
Many curiosities in the way of tree
grafting are to be found In the garden
of L. Pogue n this city. On one tree,
which was originally a HySlop crabap-
ple, are to be found several varieties of
fruit, all of which were grafted on the
tree by Mr. Pogue, There are branches
of Transparents, Wealthys, Duchesses.
Baldwins, Keswick Codlins. and Martlet! pears. Every branch is loaded, and
the fruit is equally as good as when
grown on the parent tree. Mr. Pogue
has been experimenting with wild cherries, and has discovered thnt successful
results can he obtained from grafting
the cultivated variety on the tree thai
grows wild. It is known that the cnlii-
ratod cherry tree grows more rapidly
than the wild one, and the great trouble
In the past in grafting on the wild cher
ry haB been that the grafts outgrow the
tree. This difficulty has been overcome
by cutting the tree back and splitting
the bark on the trunk. This gives the
trunk room to grow and In fact stimulates the growth. In several orchards
Mr. Pogue has made other experiments,
and a visit to Mr. Macdonald's garden
will show what, can be done in the way
of changing varieties. In the garden of
the Sherbrooke hotel. Mr. Pogue hns
succeeded in grafting pears and apples
on* a thorn tree. While this Is not
gathering grapes from thorns, is is
showing what can be done In the way
of   fruit   trtie   grafting-
������:������ i.i. i   i;. 'i.i: e I * -1 ��� lit
Fresh and Salted Meats
Ofttnpi supplied OO shortest notice and
lOWMl  prion. Nothing but   fresh ami
wholesome meats ami supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.  C.  TRAVES.   Manage*.
Is Removmed
lT5 5CEflEf?Y
Its Business Energy
Telpphonti nil.
King of the Cattle Ring
Under Canvas 30���People���30
INEUSOIN,     -     B. C
Sealed IvniliTK will b'; rorclviMi Ijy tin-
Q-ndtrslgned until 12 o'clock noon M..u
il;iy the .".lh Inst, for making repairs to
tlie Drill Hall. Speelflctulon tuny lie
B.-.-n at my ollloo.
Noiicc \* iin.-i ���. i-,���>. 'i -in-'' the andsrrifnsd
Iihvi- lUbmlttSd tn iin l.loutitiAiit OoviTlinr-in
Council I priii.imiil iiielfr tb* pr.iviHloiiH of tin'
"Riven ninl Btrpama Act."1 for oletring hih! re-
moving obstruction* fromUMt River and Mm
do�� Creek,In tin* OMrictor west Kootenur. ud
(or nmkhiK    tin; Mme lit    for   rafting   iiml' drlv-
1 up thurt-ton Lon, iiihIkt, lumber, rutin*mi oraftfi
ninl    for   erecting ninl   nm I n hi 111 in k    I.   oiiih   for
iioiiiuiK, wrung and delivering toga and Umber
t.routdit-rtown HHdl crci-k and river, and for at*
tn.hliia  booniH   to tht; iborg of  snld   t-M-.-k   ami
river for ���nid nurpoeea.
Tbe liiniin to be affected br laid work aro:-
l.oth BM.flUn.46W, and lUb-lOtl 1,0. 11. 18, n and
Ul of Lot 4W3, 'iroiip 1, Kootenay District.
The tollo   proponed to  be chartfed   are  nueh b��
may be fixed by tbe Judge ol tne Oouutj Court
of Weet Kootemiy.
liateii 3ibt July. nun.
���wi*   I.OIMIil.ll .**   In
VlllncH lit
��� in.00, |18.00r$>0 0�� to fifi.OO.
All one Price
KODAKS kM An Acis��2L
==========================  (F rush Stock Twice a WeeV
This is the season for taking photos of
Kooteuay s unrivalled scenery.
TOURISTS,   We can supply you with
anything in the Kodak line.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd
COR   BAKER   and   WARD. Phone   SI
R.   W.   HINTON
Repulr Imic unit * I ��> hit 11 *����� -wx-HCittt'd ��vlt h I )����piitch.   Mhwwt M******!
World   Mlidnii   iiiiU   Mill   iMeohlner)'.       Muniirnutur��rR^
Or*  Curt",   Iv.   i-f     UontreetoW  0��r��.
nl Hiil an 1
NELSON,    E3. C. Kntmi
SfESK L��mb��, Shingles, ���
Lath, AlouIcJinvr-H, Doors, Wlndow��,|
I urnad Work und Hravkutai.
Mail Or.l.*ra prouiptlj at;
The Hall Mining and Smelth|
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry (te
IUKi:�� 44IIVI   iii. NUL8QN.
Wholeauitt  Provlalona.
Produce, - l^rult.
OoTernmeDt Creamery One Pound ISnclm receired weekly fr��"li IW1*!
rhurn.    Fnr sale liy all loadiug (frocer*.
Ofllee and warphon��e: Hoanton Block,    Phone 78.
Josephine Street. Nelion, B.C.
Our shipment of these has been delayed in transit but *c
them now, aud in order to clear before the season is'   I
far advanced we are selling them at prices that
should place oue in every home.    Call and
be convinced and enjoy comfort.
J. H. Ashdown Hardw
Company, Limited. n.i-k*** ���"-"
Galvanised Iron
Our facilities for turning out Galvanized Iron Work ��*t ���
deBcrliitlon are unequal led In the Kootenays.
Eve Troughs, Condactor PJpei. Sm-^H
Stacks and Furnace Work, etc. ; I
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Li


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