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The Daily Canadian Aug 30, 1906

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Irley's Qualifications
For Office
Ienshr of scrip
in Laurier Cabinet Have
htcned the Grafters Fattening at Public Crib.
Aug, 30 (Special.)���The
iii.,, i. n in ������ which Hi" govern*
1(j ,. |] ciallj Uie Department
jriim, in making appointments
,i criminals, is a matter tn bo
r,,|  ir,   s|,.fiiilisls.     ll   Im   uvi-
,|.  ,i ,       I'tirilirr    develop-
��� thi  iii i"iy ot iv  Moberley
i    Tin* storj   o!   UiIh   Prince
bas i" en told, but it de-
lobekt'pi constantly before the
iukatchowan provincial eleo*
.... ,. l, ea for Prlnoe Albert
���,<,.. proclamation.
Hobtriij Qualified for Office.
��� lent out to bold Uie
K__.d been, or wub (hen, u
ipettoi in the marine depart*
i waa a lann Instructor
Uao di parunent The third
ilny cam** back with
ci containing l&u vutts fur
: < in candidate and none fur
Uon. hater ihuy were pros-
confessed thai they nevei
' place where the lkiII was
tuit Bat down on the prairie
down the 150 namea, marked
oted, [mt in L60 govermpenl
'I returned with the stuffed
b, their Forged records aud
red aftidnvitH.
:ii  happened  to  these  men.
officers  derlied  to  prose-
nn.* government officer up*
tied.    He  persuaded
Fifty Cents a Month
r lln
itrate in punish ilium witli a
"is Hi" party prompt]} paid lor
Ht Got His Reward.
I ��liui bappenod to this man. tha
���fulinii in stealing u seat In llio
ss Ills- own confession, guilty of
fraud mnl  perjury.    On June
this year, u Prlnoe Albert des-
���stated iimi Moberley hail been
l,,(i i.>   iin' federal  government
'is nsus  In   tho   far north.
'. M. P ror Qu'Appelle, asked
Ulster ol agriculture if this stnto-
rue. Mr. Fisher Kat.d thai
i.i look into ii. a day later the
stated Hun ho had examined
ui enumerators und Moberley*8
|*as nisi on ii. He added: "This
sisssiliiT iiistanri' of exposing 11
ami foundatlonlesa aasertlon.**
I three dny later 11 ws�� made dear
satisfaction nt Mr. [..her him-
I'ssn Moberley had been engaged
with the enumerator to thai dials Bulde and assistant, In the pay
Rovemment Mr. Fisher was a
|confu8ed, Inn mad.' ihis emphatic
"If thai man Is working lu
���I'lii'iiiiiiil, Just ns soon as I lind
will cease to work for the dent" Later it was announced
[Moberley had departed for iho
"f action before Uie minister
n'i. Mr. Fisher stat.'ii thai ha
paused n mounted policeman! to be
""or him wllli a notice lo QUtti
?eman to take his place, sun
" ��as made public thai when the
nn imi in the place Indicated
���J had departed for another
nd could not bi- found.
A  Dispensor of Scrip.
aiw cornea tb. latest chapter so
ho history has gone, it appears
usl luT messengor bealdea Mr.
' laiii'd om from Prlnoe Albert
""'ii of Moberley, ThiB other
i'i" did outrun Peter, lie carried
'amission from the department of
_ nssr.   sending   Moberley silli
���' i   distribute   scrip tu halt-
i   wiili have railed heretofore to
1 'h ir Inheritance.   Ha will prob-
be Rone ior many months, drawing
i k ivemmenl pay.
cho of Last  Season's  Exposures.
��"! North   Atlantic   Trading Com-
��� whit* had  bagged  1800,000 or
""an money ror bonuses to Imtnl-
t" whom ll did mil send. Is now re-
'' lo be in trouble.   Mr, Blfton is
";"| n minister,   Mr. Smart is out
''' ii'M haw hnd to  quit  his job,
"iih Me hus a better   one,    Mr,
'f i'i in ICnglnnd.    At tho moment
'"iitiaetiirs  need  more friends  ul
'"fu!.    I.nst   sesslnns  exposures
iiis',i th,, officials a scare, und
'"'' n'llsl lo he ufrnlil of paying
v '" '������allllanls whose accounts lire
1 in in- further examined when the
moots again,   Heretofore the pn-
" parties comprising tlilc syndl-
'"'ly   anidltlng   ilieir   own   ac-
'" oinsatfying   their   Immigrants
^tiling everything their own wny.
11,81   year's   basis   Ihey   will   want
$110,000   thin  year, and but  ,     ,
TTt mmm thc>' w����M gel "
But t Is possible that this year's ue
counts may go to the auditor-general
Then Bomethlngmay happen ihen,
Australian  Labor Political  Methods to
Be  Adopted in Canada.
(Spx'al to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, auk. 80.���Al a meeting of
she loeul trades council President Gray
announced iiiat at ibe tortbcomlng
convention here of the Dominion
Trades congress for active political
wink, a Canadian Labor league would
be formed ou the lines or tbe Australian Labor league, where u ��as vie
tuallj the foundation stone or the labor party lu Australia, uml would
bear lhe same relation to the Canad
Ian labor parly.
Tha new c. P, K. steamer Princoas
liiiynl. Iniiii hy Bullous, will be launch-
s'sl on Saturday.
Richard iliigg, Brltlah board ol
trade commlaBloner, is in tbe city, He
Interviewed Premier McBride and tho
board of trade officials today.
II Is feared lhat the revolt among
Ihe Hs.hiae lake Indiana will be a
very serious affair. The trouble has
been brewing for years over faulty
fishing regulations. A detachment of
inllltlfl win in- sent north to quell tho
Kootenay   Chiefs   Express   Unanimous
Approval of W. R. Jams' Scheme
for  District Association.
The movement initiated by Chief
.iarvis of llie Nelson police force to organize ad association uf Koolenay police chiefs Is meeting with general approval. Even those who are unable
io attend the opening convention have
given  ussiirunces of  their  support.
Keplies hue been received Irom the
,iiuvlnelal chiel conslalile at Fernie.
and from the city chief*, or Fernie,
ttevelstoke, Qfrepnwood and Trail, as
well as a verbul reply trom Chief
Long ol Itosaiuudr-    ^ v-
Ths' repliea are as rollows:
Fernie, ll. C, Aug. ...���Dear Sir: I
.ss-g tn acknowieiigi' your letter ol
Angus; _.; iii wim-ii ymi propose forming un assoclutlon of chiefs ot police
,s! this county ol Kootenay, the first
convention to be held al Nelaon at the
time of the mir. i should be pleased
in attend the convention aud think
such an association would be of the
greatest help lo the police In the
whole county. Yourse sincerely, ,1. 11.
Fernie. II. C, Aug. 28.���lleur Sir:
i shall be very giasi lo attend a convention of the polios in Nelson during
ihe lair. 1 also want to congratulate
you ror making Ibis effort I think
the forming or sue-   an   association
one   Of   the   best   moves llle   police  ol
ibis county could make, Yours truly,
a. P. Walker.
Revelstoke,    B,   C Aug.28.���Deal
Sir:  Your communication received and
contents noted. In reply will say that
l will be unable to be In Nelson on
lhe dates mentioned, us I um going
lu the const about Hint time. Willi retard to the assoclutlon ymi contemplate forming I think It Ib a step in
ihe right direction and I will gladly
join with vour association and do any
thing I can lo further the Interests
Of the association should It lieeuine n
fuel. I remain, yours respectfully, T.
W. Untl..
Greenwood, B. O., Aug. 83.���Dear
Sir: Your leller or the -1st lust, lo
band and ossniontB noted. I will bring
ihi- mailer before the city council ill
iis nest silling and will advise yssu as
lo my being able to attend convention,
Personally l nm in favor of nu naaod-
atlon suoii as you suggest and am sure
��s' would rind It of very great benefit
In our work. Yours sincerely. Kenneth
Trail. II. C��� Aug. 27.���Dear .Iarvis:
ibsod scheme. Delighted, denr boy
Rumors of Revolution.
Havana, Aug. M.���\ fight took plnee
last night at Caiubuznr, Havana province, between bo Insurgents   ami   IB
rural guards. The guards retreated
with one man wounded, An engagement between tin' Insurgents nnd w>v-
s'l'iinienl troops Is reported to have occurred Insi nlghl nonr Artcmlun. prov-
Pics. of Plnnr del Rio, near the Havana
border. The result Ih not known. Several exchangee of shots have heen reported at Various places west of lluuii
A Demented Parson.
Toronto, Aug. 80.���A scone wns created on Sunday morning In SI. Michael's cathedral al 0 o'clock mass,
when Rev. Father Mcl'lnchorn of Stay-
nor, Out., suddenly appeared In tho
pulpit nnd begun n torrent of jargon
thai only too plainly displayed a mind
unhinged. The cathedral wus filled
und the service uboui ended when the
priest  wub Been to enter.    Ho was In
caaBock and surplice. During the cer-
oniony of telling tho beads McEachern
paaBod through the sanctuary and then
to lho pulpit. His words were energetic bul meaningless. A priest approached and spoke, but McEachern
paid no heed to him. The congregation
were asked to leave and tho police
were called. Only afler a struggle
did they remove hlm. He was taken
to the Toronto asylum and may recover, lie had previously shown symptoms ol mental derangement.
Earth Still Rumbling.
New York, Aug 311.���A cablegram to
the Herald from Tacna, Chile, says:
"Heavy earthquake shocks have been
felt throughout Tacna and Acre. The
panic is Indescribable. People are living in the public square. The first
snacks last. .1 80 seconds. Blighter
shocks  continue  at  intervals.
Campbell-Bannerman's  Loss.
Maiienbad. Bohemia, Aug. 80.���Lady
Campbell-Bannerman,    wire   or     the
Brltlah   premier. Sir  Henry  Campbell-
Halm sun. died loday. She had  been
���a  Invalid  for years.
Sir William Van Home Says There  Is
No  Revolution There.
Montreal, Aug. 80.���Sir William Van
Horn.', who returned early Ibis week
Irom New York, speaking of the Bltuation In Cuba, said: "Tbo leader is
sb'issl. His anny consists of not moro
than 2n persona, who were dlaaatiafted
wiih ths< conditions in Cuba. 1 should
ihlnk that even the very moderate
.lumber or 20 is au exaggeration,
"1 am assured by people In Cuba ln
whom I have the most absolule con-
fldenoe, people who ure in a position
to know the facts, thnt the socalled
revolution in Cuba exists only In the
newspapers. There has been a dearth
of news In Cuba ror some time past
'.prosperity [s altogether unproductive
.il news I. and the young men ihore
who are looking alter lhe interests ot
the press nre making the most of it.
"Nearly every positive statement
Written the past week bus proved to
he without material foundation. 1 cannot," Bald Sir William, "imagine any
cause tor such a thing as au extended
disturbance in Cuba. The Island wns
never so prosperous aB It la today.
There Is abundance oi work for everybody nt good wages, aud 1 doubt if
there is a single case oi destitution In
ihe entire island."
"Polities there are much lhe same ns
ssolltics everywhere else; hut then,"
added Sir William, "I am not talking
polities. Our officers in Cuba report
everything ns quiet us n mouse ln n
moat holy church."
New  Equipment at Ottawa Mine Complete  and  in  Operation���President Noble Expected.
The Ottawa mine, lbe biggest shipper ssl ihe Blocan disiriei and the
mainstay of Blocan city, is at laal
completely equipped, and capable of
handling its own ore economically.
Por n couple of mouths past a triple
insk Ims been performed, lho steady
prosecution of development work, the
maintenance of shipments and the installation of machinery for tho new
compressor plum.
it. .1. MoFhee, the manager, arrived
irom Slocan yesierday afternoon with
his two suns, who are returning to
Seen ul the Hume lust evening Mr.
VtoPhee snld. In reply to the usual
"Yib. everything Is completed now.
Tho compressor plant Is Installed and
working nmi the hoist Ib complete.
Everything la working satisfactorily at
the mine and wo feci unite comfort
able on thai score. My only troubles
now nre wllh the coiunilsaiial department,    1  nm  looking   for a eookee."
Mr. McPhee expects a visit during
September from tl Q, Noble of Pittsburg, president of the company, who
Isst-iids taking an extended tour
through Canada dining tho fall, combining business With pleasure. lis'
will be accompanied by Mrs. Noble.
Bryan Slept Late.
New York. Aug. 20.���Tilts Ib llrynu
day In New York, and although the
Ni'binakiin, who Insi nlghl Blepl on a
yacht in Qraveaend buy. will not again
put root on native soil until late this
afternoon, the many welcoming dole-
gates in luwu wore early astir al thu
Aslsir house putting the rinluliing
touches on their varied and several
programa. it wna niter 1 o'clock this
illuming when Mr. Bryan retired on
huai'd coioni-1 Ooltra'a yacht mine, bul
li bad been planned not to disturb him
early loday and he look advantage of
the opportunity io fortify bis physical
powers against tho fatigue of tonight's
meeting at Madison Square Garden.
At the home of l.s-wis Nixon al Sla-
pleton. Long Island, whore Mr. Hryan
spout last nlghl with personal friends,
lie appeared In robust heallh. lie ban
a clear oomplexlon and tils ey.-a dance
and shine as ho talks,
Specimens Brought Down
by A. D. Wheeler
Manager Preparing Exhibit for the
Fair���Developments Fulfilling
Hopes First Formed.
A. D. Wheeler, owner and manager of
lhe Krao mine "at Aln.sworth. on which
Strikes Of marvellous richness have
been made within the laat month, arrived in the city this morning on a
hurried business trip.
Mr. Wheeler's ineutal condition
might be described as on of suppressed
delight. He brought down several
specimens of ore thai are practically
pure silver. One large specimen will
be on exhibition ln the window of tho
Woud-Vallance Hardware Company's
store until the fair, when Mr. Wheeler
will prepare a large ami Comprehensive
exhibit tor the mineral department.
Seen on his arrival this morning Mr.
Wheeler said:
"The account given to you by Mr.
btevenson was mute accurate and fairly lull. There are no new developments
Since, but everything confirms the
highest expectations we. formed at the
beginning. The vein is tt feet wide,
the ore body 14 feot, and the lead of
lhe Highest grade, which is almost
pure silver, varies from one to four
feet. These specimens are from a
depth of about 100 feet. Our total
lepth is 130 feet.
"1 hadn't seen ihe bottom of that
shaft for IG years, until we pumped
It out this summer. In 1890 I had it
bonded, hut just when th? deals were
nhout complete canie "the'slump in sil*
\er and the beginning of the fimin-
clnl depression and everything col
��� l was always convinced from sur-
liioo showings that the ore body was
b'hind the former workings. After we
cleared out the shaft this year and
started working from the hanging wall
we hain't gone four feet before we
broke into the ore.
"One peculiar feature about the mine
that venders the treatment of the ore
much easier than it might have been,
is that at the lower levels there is
hardly n* trace of zinc. When the
mine was visited last fall hy the zinc
commission we were still near the
surface and there was plenty of zinc,
to the main ore body at depth there
Is hardly any."
Mr. Wheeler will return to Alns
wnrth tonight.
Old-Timer    Recalls    Steamer's    Being
Saved 20 Years Ago by Captain
Noting the account of tho wreck ot
the steamer Princess on Lake Winnipeg, a Canadian reader, an old
resident of the Northwest was reminded that just 20 years ago he was on
the same steamer at the same place
in a severe pale, and Tor three days
nnd nights the old steamer was kept
tiff the shore by the splendid seamanship and endurance of Captatn Duncan
of tills city. With the best anchor
Inst and engines in not any too good
order the boat was moved from point
it) point around George's island and
the lives of all the passengers saved.
Delegates Go    to    Rome, Where They
Will  Elect a  Black Pope on
September Flr��t.
. Dome, Auk. BO.���Th* flelagatw t�� iiu>
congregation ot ... Company nt .1.-mils
aro arriving here tb k�� Into convention
in elect n general of tbe Boolety, T he
I'liH'iion will be li.'i.i about September
The power of the general or the
.k'Hiiils, ns Is known, Is coiiHiilorml su
great that, from tbe hpverity of his
black robe, he commonly called Ihe
"Black I'lipe'- to signify that his In-
lluenoe l�� the Roman Catholic chinch
rivals Iba't of tho pontiff, tlie "White
I'ope." This Importanl pnst has been
vacant since May. wtien tilt, last gen.
> inl dleil.
According to tbe constitution of the
order of Jesuits each general leaven n
isneclos of will In which he Indicates
who niiii'iiu; Ills assistants, live In number, shun act as bis temporary successor under the name of vicar, and direct
affairs until the congregation can ho
called. In his will the late head ot the
Jesuits appointed as vicar Father Rug-
gi:.r_ Freddl, who waB his assistant for
the Italian provinces. The other assistants were Father Rudolph Meyer,
of St. Louis. Mo., for the Anglo-Saxon
provinces', Father Maurice Meschler,
for the German; Father John Joseph
De La Torere, for the 8panlsh, aad
Father Fine for the French.
Father Meyer is well known in A merles, having served as provincial of tho
order in 8t. I^uls, and having been
president of the Jesuit colleges In Cincinnati, Chicago and Detroit. While In
his youth he was a student at Wood-
slock, Md. university, where afterwards
be tauKht philosophy.
The congregation ot the Jesuits to
sdect the general has some resemblance
lo the conclave for the election of the
nope, there being Ihe same secrecy and
the same caution, no members of the
society being allowed ln the quarters
of the congregation where only Ihe ap.
pointed delegates can lie present.
Newchwang in Danger.
Newchwa'ng, Aug. 30.���Japan's notification that It will continue Dalny. as
a free port until China provides custom houses on the Russian frontier,
r, suited today In the chamber of commerce here petitioning the cousular
body to suspend the collection of duties at Newchwuug pending the regulation of Mauchurian customs. The
chamber of commerce maintains that
tne present condition threatens the
existence of  Newchwang.
Tientsin, Aug. UU.���tt. Laptew, the
Russian consul here, who was shot
\esterday by a Russian contractor
named Leviusky, died at 2 o'clock
tills morning. The murderer Is not a
Tientsin, Aug. 30.���A British engt
neer named Wills, who was traveling
Irom Jeholl to Tientsin, has been missing since July 2. It is feared that he
has been murdered by bandits.
Hard Words Break No Bones.
Havana, Aug. 30.���Rumor is busy
today with suggestions of conspiracy
among the police and an open qua.-
rel between President Palma aud Vice
President Medez Capote. Hoth reports
lack definite confirmation. In certain
Quarters Capote is suspected of bargaining with the Insurgents. In the
..ported quarrel at tbe palace bitter
words are Bald to have passed, culminating In Palma denouncing Capote
as a traitor. The vice president ls
said to have replied that Palma was
a president without power.
Hippie Commits Suicide.
Philadelphia, Aug. 30.���Coroner King
today admitted that Frank W. Hippie,
president of the Real Bstate Trust
company, who was found dead at his
home In Bryn Mawr last Friday, had
committed   suicide.
Arrangements    More   Complete   Than
Ever���Six   Prizes   for   Best   Performers���All Aboard for Park.
The last dance of the series given
nt the tramway park pavilion under
20,000 club auspices will be given tonight, and special conveniences have
b.'en arranged.
There will be a double car service
all evening, carB leaving for the park
at 8, 8:20, 8:40 and 9. After the dauco
conies to au end, the hour being deferred tonight until after 1 o'clock,
both cars will be at the eastern terminal to bring the dancers home.
The ladles who have so kindly acted as patronesses of former club
club dunces will act In thai capacity
again tonight: Mesdames T. a. Proc-
ter, W. A. Macdonald, II. M. Fullerton,
J. 0, Core, .1. M. Lay, 11. C. Ilrlgga,
M. 8. Parry, S. M. Ilrydges.
The committee has arranged for six
prises, three for Indies, donated I.y the
jewellers, Messrs. Patenmiile, Kwerl
nnd Walker, anil three for gentlemen,
donated by the club. The prizes will
li,. awarded for general proficiency In
the waltz, two-step and Bchottlsohe.
The winning couple will have flint
choice or the prizes. The Judgi's will
be chosen at Ihe pavilion during the
The dances have performed n double function'. Ihey hnve afforded op-
pnrtiinilv for relaxation and enjoy-
mini nnd hnve earned a comparatively
s'uall hul steady revenue for the oluh
lis siinport Its advertising campaign.
With faVorabla weather tonight Ihe
Inst dnne" should be Ihe heat palron-
Izi'd of nil.
Arriin^ements hnve been nride for
light refreshments to he furnished on
the grounds nt small cost.
rooms. His Injured eye was covered
with a shield, but Ib very much Improved. The party after leaving here
proceeded to Prlnci Albert and will
spend today  in  that  vicinity.
Governor General's Movements.
Sisknlisoii,    SnBk.,     Aug.    30.���Earl
Grey, governor general of oanada, arrived In Saskatoon by special train nt
12:20 yesterday. 11.' was mel nl the
depot by Iho mayor and n large crowd
of cltlsons and school children. An
address was read lo his cxctlloncy by
the mayor of Snskatoon. to which a
hi'arty and thoughtful reply was nimle
by tlie governor general and delivered
with vigor. Immediately after Ihe ad-
dross and singing hy the school children Karl drey retired   to   his state-
Wants Emperor   to   Give   Cabinet an
Absolutely Free Hand.
St. Petcrsbing, Aug. 30.���It is asserted that Premier Stolypln and IiIb
colleagues are employing the newspapers which tliey control to ll.lit tne
cuurl Cuiuuiuiu. This, It is said, is
the secret oi the Novoe v'reuiyas constant lelerences during the past few
days to the necjssuy ol protecting
llle cabinet irom Llle inlel'lereuce ol
pei'lilclou<>   court  inllueuces.
M. ritolyplu is said lo have declared
that lie is couLtuually subjecied to
eiiiliarsassnient, adding that be was
cuuviiicL-u that the task which h. had
set ior himself was impossible unless
the emperor gave him an absolutely
Iree band���in other words, coulerred
uikmi the cabinet a practical dictatorship, ln a conversation with friends
tlie premier is alleged to have said
that history seemed to be repealing
Itself. The situation closely resembles
the closing days of the relga of Alexander III., the reactionary spirit
growing rapidly. Nevertheless, he
considered it vital that the government should not take a reactionary
Conflicting Reports as to Hour of Ar
rival   of  Vice-Regal   Party���Council Meets Tonight.
Tbe city council is called for a special meeting in the city hall tonight
a-L 8 o'clock. There is still Borne uncertainty as to the time ol the arrival
iu Nelson of the Uarl aud Countess
Grey, for whose reception the meeting
is intended* to arrange.
The following itinerary haa been announced iu  Winnipeg:
Sepi. 1���Arrive  Edmonton, 11 a. m.
Sept. 3���Arrive Calgary, 5 p. m.
Sept. 5���Arrive Macleod, 3:15 a. m.;
arrive Kootenay Landing, 2 p. m.; arrive NelBou 0:10 p. ni.
Sept. li���Leave Nelaon, 8:10 a. m.;
arrive Trail, 11:16 a. in.; arrivo Robb-
laud, 12:15 p. m.
Sept. 7���Leave RoBBland 7:30 a. m.;
leave West RobBon, 9:,!U a. m.l arrive
Greenwood 2:28 p. m.; drive from
Greenwood through the Phoenix gap,
a distance of 20 miles.
Sept. 9���Leave Nelson by steamer,
8 a. m.; arrive Kaslo 11:20 a. m.;
leave Kaslo by steamer 11:30 a. m.;
arrive Lardo 12:60 p. m.; leave Lardo
by steamer, 1:30 p. m.; arrive Nelson
6:25 p. in.; leave Nelson 7:15 p. m.;
arrive West Robson, 8:40 p. m.; leave
West Robson on steamer 11 p. m.
Sept. 12���Arrive Vancouver 10:45 p.
Sept. 14���Leave Vancouver 1 p. m.;
arrive Vletoria 5 p. in.
' Sept. 18���Steamer trip up the coast
or  Vancouver  island and   through   Inlets, lusting about seven days.
Sept. 25���Arrive Vancouver and attend meetings of Canadian Forestry
Sept. 28���Trip over Esquimau &
Nanaimo railway, visiting coal mines
and Cowichan lake for fishing.
Oct. 2���Open exhibition at New
However, the local officials of the
C. P. R. company have been requeBted
to have a special steamer at Kootenay
Landing at 9 a. m. on Wednesday tn
bring Ihe vice-regal party to Nelaon
by noon of thnt day.
Under the circumstances probably
all the council can do at tonight's
meeting Is to appoint n recepllon commute.'.
Changes In Mutual Life.
New York. Aug. 80.���The Herald
says: Frederick Cromwell mid Adrian
Isalln have retired from membership
In lho finance committee of the Mutual Lire Insurance company, though
retaining for the present, at least,
thoir poals as director.. Thomas M.
Miilrey. president of the Emigrant industrial Savings hank, who Is one of
th ��� recently elected directors and who
was not associated with the Mutual
L'.fs' during the McCurdy iirriingemeiil,
was named lo fill lhe vacancy In Ihu
nuance oommlttee caused by Mr.
Cromwell's        retirement. Duniont
Clarkfl, a lawyer, who'was a member
of the old poard but whose record was
In uo wise impeached during the Arm
stsoiig Inquiry, succeeds lo the plneo
on tlie commltte. vacated by A. Isalln. Mr. Cromwell was fer many years
th-1 treasurer of the csiniiinuy during
lhe McCurdy administration. After
lbe relir. ment of Diehard A. McCurdy
he served as acting president until
Ih I election of Charles A. Peabody.
The Dally Shoot.
La Crosse, Wis., Aug. 30.���As tho
result of a quarrel over the settlement
of an estate at McCrncki'n. 17 miles
wsst of here, last night. Oniarl Young
sisss! nml killed Alexander Walker and
Grant Pettyjohn. Young afterward
shot himself.
Early Movement in Prairie
Stock Exports
Phenomenal Devolpment of Export
Trade With Outlook for Steady
Future Demand.
Saskatoon, Sask., Aug. 30.���"These
are busy days around the C. P. R.
stockyards," remarked H. A. Mulllns
one of the leading cattle exporters of
the West yesterday in an interview
published here. "It makes a fellow
rub his eyes and wonder if the yards
are really the outcome of tbe little
pens In which the cattle export trade
started a few years ago. There have
been days during the last two weeks
when there have been 6000 cattle in
the yardB and long trains of unloaded
cars on the tracks. The forward
movement in cattle has never been so
early or bo satisfactory for years. The
winter was a very favorable one for
cattle on the ranges, and tbls was followed by abundant rains in May, and
consequently a luxuriant growth of
vegetation resulted and tbe cattle are
in prime condition. To give you an
idea of how early the movement ls,
such ranching companies as the Knight
.ii hllbridge ltros., who had not shipped
a hoof before September 16 last year,
aro almost through with their shipping for this year. Up to date some
..0,000 bead ot exports have gone forward, while last year, for the period
Horn June 10 to November 10 tbe export shipments were only   66,748.
Prices have been steady aud have
never touched tbe low point, ut last
year and 1904. Ocean space has ranged about 35b to 40s, or about the same
as last year and haa been well taken,
many going out by Boston and Philadelphia because it bas not been possible to get sufficient carriers out ot
Montreal. I expect freights will ease
iff a little, as so many cattle have
gone forward and ther ecannot be the
same pressure for the balance of the
"There has been no trouble to dls-
nose of good steers and ranchers have
been taking home more money than
for the paBt three seasons. While
steers sell out well scrubs are wanted
at any price.
"ThiB year a great many ranchers
are shipping their own stock. They
secure the ocean space and then very
frequently sell out steers and ocean
freight to some dealer In Winnipeg.
A great many trainloads have been
disposed of in tbis way this year. It
Is a good arrangement for both parties.
It saves the dealers the time and
trouble of going to the ranges to buy
and the rancher gets his cattle started
and if he does not like the price there
Is nothing to hinder his shipping them
through to the old country himself.
"The free movement ot cattle so
early In the season will be a great relief to the railroads, as there will not
be a lot of cattle trains to congest
traffic wfcen the wheat movement
eommences. The servlceB of cattle
trains has been very good this year.
Wo have seldom had enough cars and
very, much better time has been made
i n the road. ThiB is an all-Important
matter to cattlemen, as Ihe big shrink
s always on the long railway Journeys.
The outlook for the time of year was
never better; In fact, I have never
iseen the rnnch country look so well."
Commission Fixes Wages.
Ottnwni.   Aug.   30.���Tbe eoinmlsalon-
i rs of   ibe   transcontinental   railway
inn Imposed the following fair wages
sohednle upon 1, u. McArthur of wiu-
ulp.'g in connection with his 245-nillo
railway Oonlract from Winnipeg to
llio  pelliusulu  crossing:
Hale of
Class uf labor��� wages not leaB than
Sum. cullers 10.45 per hour
.itiiiieinu_ons    J0.45 per hour
��� ji.anyiiieii    $2.00 per d��y
Uoek drillers   |3.00perday
50 am drillers    |2.5o per duy
musters  ��1.7. iwrday
Tracklayers |1.76 per day
Ceiicruleuion    11.75 por day
Structural  ironworkers   .22!_c per hour
Carpenters  $2.25 per day
Choppers  |1.60perday
Ordinary laborers   jl.bOperday
ItliicksmllliB. sen per moiilh and bound
Seam shovel cngliiocre  .. .$125 month
Steam shovel eranemen   $75 month
St.'aiu shovel  firemen   ...12.00 per duy
51 am derrick engineers .��2.60perday
Steam derrick firemen ...JI.76 per day ���
Contractors' loco engineer..$100monlh
Contractors'  loco  firemen. ..$60month
Contractors'  loco brakemen. $50 month
When Ihe rate of wages Is quoted
by the day It means 10 hours. The Daily Canadian
_ STORES ���;������'���
Crown Gem Jars, Pints per doz., $1.00
CrOWn Gem JarS, Quarts per doz.,     1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Half Gai. per do*., 1.50
Our stock lias just arrived. Secure
ys'iir requirements at these low prices
before they are all gone.
Published Hi tlayi a week by the
Baker St., Kelson, B.C.
BabtcrlptloD ratei, M cenw a month delivered
ID Ihf city, or Ki.UiHjftir n lent hy wml, when
(mid id advance
Advvrtula-x rates dn application.
All monlei i��iM in settlement ol The Daily
GinadUn accounu, either (oi lubacrfptlooi or
ulvertUlna, musl be receipted tor on the i>riiiie.i
forms oi the Company, other receipt, are not
AUOUST ..(), i<XK��.
������ By oue word we are sometime* lodged to U;
��iie au.t ^y out- word louieilinei judged i" be
fbolUh.   U��tui therefore be careful whal we
Hay "���COKtVi IUI. 	
The suggestion made by W. H.Jone*
at ihe meeting of the Twenty Thousand club on Tuesday evening, that
an attempt be made io induce tiio citizens uf Nelson to purchase tbo new
debentures * that are to be offered for
sale under the terms of tbe bylaw
known as Bylaw No. 171, is one which
may weil engage the attention of the
people of tlie city as a whole.
While there is nothing startling In
the suggestion, and while the principle of municipal or private purchase
of local debentures is a good one, the
advisability or following out the suggestion is one which must receive the
most mature deliberation. There are
only two features of the case, however, thai  really call    ior   attention.
The first and most serious of these
is, is the money locally available? and
In the second case, can tbe holden
of small savings he Induced tu pur-
abase the bonds?
With reference to the first of these
Questions it would not be wise tor any
hut one intimately acquainted With
the financial atfairs of the citizens to
speak. There is prevalent, however,
an opinion that the amount of $50,000
���or the amount authorized under the
terms of the bylaw���is not beyond the
reach of local investors. It must he
true that tbe unparalleled opportunities afforded for speculation or for
permanent invest ment In the fruit
lands adjoining Nelson, have somewhat depleted the resouices or those
who are usually ardent iu their do-
rstre to place their savings In bank:;
and deposit securities, This may bavi
rendered the full amount immediately
���available somewhat less than it would
���be under ordinary circumstances.
No reliable statement, therefore, can
lie made until a canvass of the situa
tion ia made by those who might deem
the matter worthy of lUOb effort. This
we believe it is proposed to make, but
should an offer of the debentures be
made to local purchasers and fail ol
realization it might not bs the beat
advertisement the olty could receive.
We believe, therefore, that a private
canvass would place those mosi directly Interested in o position to know
what further steps to pursue, if the
amount required is locally available,
then tenders might be called for on
some other suitable means found to
effect the negotiations between the
City and the purchasers of small
blocks of bonds.
���        ���       t       e      e       t
The other question, that is, whether
the citizens who are at present holding their savings at the Interest allowed by the savings departments of
the banks could be persuaded to invest in civic debentures, The Canadian
Is of the opinion thai tliey could.
Thpre can be no question us to the
absolute s/tfety of the investment.
.Nelson has seen its worst tla.VH and
has before fl an unquestioned future.
That steady   and   permanent   prpgreu
will be made, even if it lie slow, is a
Bettled conviction with those who are
in a position to form conclusions as
to the City's destiny. That real estate will advance in price; that population will increase, and that municipal investment will b�� advantageous
Is no longer a debatable question.
The people being assured w' these
Tacts ami educated In the comparative
vain* s of Investment*, would it*' doubt
respond to the opportunity and gather
into their own coffers what would
otherwise be expended outside.
The city ot Nanaimo some years
ago, in purchasing from a close corporation the water works system now-
owned aod operated at a profit by that
city, made provision in its bylaws for
the corporation of the city to take up
Bfty so many of the debentures itself.
The result has been gratifying in the
extreme, and no doubt an attempt to
carry out a aiujilai' proposition in this
city would meet with the unanimous
endorsement of the ratepayers. What
is profitable and safe for a corporation
is equally safe for a private investor,
aud we believe that If the first condition stated above can be met the rest
can naturally follow. VVe shall not in
this article deal with the question of
the advertisement it would he to the
city to have its own ratepayers and
residents lake up the bonds, but shall
refer to thai  phase of the case again.
The prize Hut ot the Kootenay LttUf
Fruit Fair, which is to be held at
Kaslo on September 14. has been re-
c Ivi d at the office of The Canadian.
As the title Indicates the exhibit ia
chiefly confined to arboriculture! products, the divisions being fruits, small
fruits, vegetables, Held products, preserved fruits and floral exhibits. Aa
additional section of the prize list,
and a most commendable one, is thnt
which makes provision for a children's
competition in wild flowers ami grasses, as they may be arranged by the
pupljg pf the high and public schools.
The city ot Kaslo deserves praise
because it is |))e 0*ftF.te*-1. of the Kootenay towns to bring Ji/i-i prominent
in.lice lln- posalblllljes of f/ip'i cultqi*.,'
in the tipper country and tho Interior*
es poel ally thu Kootenay section, Tip*
Kaslo people have a Jong and enviable
record for successful exhibits of their
home products, and with the progress
that has been noted from year lo
year we have no doubt this year will
be a marked advance on the records
of Ihe past
It has been suggested that a largo
proportion of tbe exhibit at Kaslo will
be available for the Nelson exhibition,
which begins on   the   Ifith   of   next
month, ami no doubt the approximation of dates will be seized upon by
both ibe Kaslo exhibitors and the Nelson directors t<> make the Nelson fair
additionally attractive by the display
of this outside frM, This, however,
will in no sense iji-tnu't ffpffl the local
Interesi lu the Kaslo fair, ftDfJ ���-.,
should be surprised If Nelson failed
to manifest a special interest In the
exhibit of our Dearest sister city. The
Canadian will arrange lo have a special representative at Katdo on the
in.r day, so thnt detailed accounts of
It.-, most prominent features will be
available  for our  readers,
The   itritish    Medical    convention
which was held In Toronto last Week
was a potable gathering In many re-
Bpeots, To those who take even a
slight interest in (he progress of medical science the discussions, papers
and lectures given    make    fueclnatliig
and profitable reading. Apart, however, from all this, the convention was
remarkable in thai it elicited from the
Hritish visitors expressions of wonder
at ihe possibilities of Canada aud of
the relations which shoulu exist be-
tween the colony mid the mother country. One of ih** most explicit of these
was given in au address delivered by
Sir William Mroadbent, Hart., K. C. V.
0.. F. K. S.. in which, replying to a
toast to the "Visitors' at the banquet
enjoyed by the convention, he said:
"VVe hoj>e and trust that ihe connection between Canada and tlie
mother country win be continued and
become closer. Tlie future, we hope.
If 1l1.1t Bngland will always have the
support of her Btrongeai son Canada
an.j ii can um on. as it is
hound to do, and prosper. Many say
ihat   Canada   does  not   do her   part   iu
ipire in the building ol battleships. Personally, 1 think the coon-
��� 1 - mono) can b i better empl tyed In
th< il- v. lopment of the oountrj and In
building railways It la thr better son
who .1- votes himself to his fa1!! r_
business rather than tbe one who offers his par. nt a gold watch which he
does not want.
K cognise it or not, we are making'
history. t��ur legislatures derive experience from the people around them
in framing laws on various topics
The unly thing to ,|o Is tr�� take as our
guide the lense of duty. That will be
Ic st foi oin respective countries and
for the great empire to which wo he-
lond. I think the empire will go on.
and, as I said before, I hope it win
never want the support of its eldest
Retort   Courteous.
This is a story told by one of the
Hamilton aldermen, and consequently
it must be true:
"Your mother takes in washing,"
said the nasty little hoy, meaning to
be rude.
"Of course- she does." replied the
peasant Utile girl: "she daren't leave
it out so long as vour father is out
of ja|l."
Thompson & Douglas
mainrun* and
8l��n   Writing /*  Sj.cwImHv.
Willi l'ii|K*rmut But*fBp.
Hotira a herebj Kin-" 11.9** UmiFtof Kuvmion
and A|>fK-.il fnr III.: Bptpiul lli-'ii. t��,.f itltfH),
Hum.', ���>��� Inn. tuul Vmir. ulii bfj Iml.! in lln*
Court Houte in tlm in, at Nelion. H. <\ pn
it Ur, the t.iti daj-ofSeptember. 1 w,el Um-
bo ir nf |0{ft lock in ilm forenoon, in bear ami
determine all appeal*1 |rom ih- n.*c_,��incii[. made
in ihe above men Iniiccl Peh "| pint l�� 1- fnr tin*
yearlWu, nnd. r lbe "Piihllii Sehooji Am."
( Dated at N-.lt.nn. B. O, lhi.-Jill, day nf AH If II it,
* 1. H LBN NIB,
Jmlgcof Court o| Ki-vi-.ii.il tin,] Appeal,
Nelaon A-��pesment Dlitrlet,
Certificate of Improvements
Qtganllc, tiiuit,   First Cbfture, ChaheUlf, nnd
Twonty Mile Fraction mineral Dtalma. hiiu-
ate in tle> v.inon Miiiitii,' HU Mm-, of West
Kootenay *H*irlet
Where located 1 On ' nndeeinoanialn, between
wild ��� one aud Bean reeka,
Tnke notiee Mini 1. Juhu Hot atcble, ot the ��� Ity
of Nelion, Hi'tiiia aeageni fnr Joseph Hturgeon,
Kree Miner*! Certificate No Bun, Intend ilxty
daya from the time bereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder f..r ('er.1ftra.cfl ol liupr remenfs, for
the purpose of obtaining Crown Grant* 01 the
And further ink.- notiee thai action, under aec-
tint) 87, nni'i be coin me need before Wu* leauanee
nf mcb crrtifi nn- of Improvement*
Dated thii 8I1I dny nf .July, A. Il nt-r..
John MchATcine.
T4KP Nfi'lifKiiiHi nu application hai been
nneii; in rt'k'l-l.r Ttirlff Mini it), i oini.iniv tis the
owner in Pjjjj BlfflldP. uu pr uo BuVcral tut
-hi.'Jki.iU fmui l: J Btenspn, Penotv Aetetetor
nud t-'olleptorofthp B|oc��p .flfle-uAnpfit pbttrlet,
ti.TiirliT Mininx ���'ompany, lirailna dun Hii'-'lih
day ot AiiRiiflf, A-1>. imip, nf nil and��liigiiiar
[lioap certain pareeli r inei-ef jaini nnd prum,
1-i-n-itiniti*, lying mid bping In (.np District nl
Knnt.n.iv. iii in.. Prnrlxum of Hriii>li DnlumbU,
mora I'loil ultirlv ktinun mi.I deicrlbed iih i.nis
O0S nnd Utf, uroup 1, platrfel of Kootenay,
* Hhafor" nnd "Uobtall" mfnwrol  lalmi.
Yoit and each "i you aro requlrod tocontoal
the claim of the taa purchaaer niuuu feuri.'i-ii
dayi imn. the dale nl iu.. lervlcool 1 1. |(.e
i'i you, aud unw uhm a caveat orcortfflcato
nfllapendent being filed uiitin >uc|i period,
you mil i..' inn-v.'i estopped mid debarred fnnn
���elting no 1111 v < Inim to or In reatieel ni iiu* Mild
land, and 1 shall registerTarlfl Mining Company
h** owner thereof,
Datod nt Land Regiitrj Offlce Ni laon, Province
Hritiy|i nr Hriiisi. Columbia, this itiIi dayol
AukuM, A, I'. 1906.
It f. MacLHOD,
Dlstricl Registrar.
To Kootenay Mining Company (fnndnni
Bhafer odd itnd silver Mining c oany
takk NiiTiii- ���imi nn uppiioailon Iiu .son
1111. ir In rissl.-iir rliisi-isii- Ihu i iu iin- ow-Qr
111 !���*__ Siiji|.(.- iimli.r 11 Tux Bale lii'i-sl frsiisi It. .1
������.'.���ii  ili-i'iny uMMwr in ]i.-.-t..r ���/ ii,,.
Hli.i-t.ll A.-is.-iniiit lii.lrls-t, IssCliir.-lisi. Hiiniiiiii
IsissslllimlHli- I-,,:-.'hi il,i,���l,l,ilv A Is. IPO., of all
itnil hllinuliir Ilnsi s-s-iliisii ],iirii-l nl Isssi.l hikI
pr.-i.i->.-. .niun,.. liinii nml Bpliyi in ii,,. iisirlrt
oik miy. in tin- I'rs.iliiiu nl lisliisii isi,ini���.
iiiu, ,���,,i,' particularlyknoH-n ��mi .iit-.<-r.i.. .1���� -
Ujt 7W,Urolip I,  |i|.|rl.-|i|. Kl.sl|u,i||y,"ll���n,v"
iiiIiii-ihI iIhIiii
Vs.n hii.i shi-Ii s,l you nn. n.ijiilri-il In i-iiiiliisl
uss- siuiili ol iin- nx iwroliawr wlililn (tsiirli-iin
day, fnnn ilu-oalaol thoturvl I Usl. iniiisis
ii|ns ii ymi....... iii ill (.nli nl ii on ie, I nr i'1-rilil-
.���HI., nl llss |.i-l|.|,'ll��l.,'iliK IH.-.I   |S| liln   .llrl. ,���.r.
Iml, sun will In' lini'ii'i' o��lis|i|seil mnl ili'lmrri'il
Irom Hi'llliii; si|i miy i'iiiim l.,,.r In retporl 'sf llss<
sum iissisi. nmi i Hiinii roglntor ularencc Hs-nnnii
HN SSSS HIT   UllTl'llf.
HiiIi-iI ill l.miil IIi'stlHlrs- .llll.... N,.|s.���n. I'roiin-
cool iifiti.h Columbia, iiii. itii. sins .si Annul.
A. li  1096. ' "
11. i'. m.i, i.iviin,
_   ,, ��� Plllrld lli'KlHtrar,
In iii'nriii' ll.'iiry llnriiimi,
Wilbur A. ll.'iiilD'x.
Notiee i- bereb given Mint no ilayi slier oete I
Intend to appl] i" the Honorable Chief I ommls-
alon r ni Lands nnd Works ior permission lo enr-
.im.- tbe foll'-wlng described Isnds, situate In
tin* tt'eet Kootenay district, starting trom a post
planu-.iht tii*- f U .I't.rut-riH hnn-Kl rt' ftnbinson's
Application to Pui baae, and on the uorth bank
of the Nnrth Fnrk -d ogcreeki thenee t" ehetnt
weet. 9i chains uorth, IW chains east, loi-iiaun*
���outh- tt ohalns west, iDehalnsaouth t" lutersi-.���
tion ol nortbllneol K W. Robinson's Application
t" Purohaae, thence 40 ebalns wi it and a) chaini
���^ utii to point ot commencement, containing ''iio
Dated 18th day of August, 19MJ
F, it. Robinson,
  ]k-t Ki:sk-.t \V, lii.niN-.nv, Agent.
Notiee Is hereby given timi BO days alter ii��ti* i
intend to n|��id* to tin* Honoralel blel Commissioner ��f Undsand Worki for permission to purchase tin- rollowlng described landa, situate In
the West Km) nay district; starting from a posl
plan led at tho N. K cornerolK W. Kobluson's
Vppllcatlo!) to purchase, thenee .0 chains east,
Hti chains south, 'k> chnins west, to chafm nortii,
40 ehalna weet, 30 chaini uorth, 20 chalm east, w
. Iih I ic u.irlli topofutol col -to niirti 1,. milton-
ing lao acres.
Dated 18th dav ol August, 1906
per Bknkst W. Rohinhqn, Agent,
Notice ti hereb) glveu tbal sixty days aftor
dati* I ititt-ii'i m tippiv !.. tin- Honorable tho
Chief Commissioner ol Undsand Worka (nr per-
ini-.-ii.il in purchase the followlug described
land nn the ��isi shore<>f oph-r Krwvi Uke and
jniiiiiiK J H. Peeuey'i pre-emption: Runutag
wesl lo ehaim; ihenoe north to chains, tbence
east i" chains, to the shore ul the lake; tbenoe
iouth following tho lake shore to polnl ol mm
nis ii.. ni.-nt. ..in im ii in*; Bid acres more ..r leai,
Dati-i tugusl l*'. 1MB,
II.  I'. M II I Km.
 J. J  Keixv. Agent.
Notice Is hereb) given lhal slat) dayi after
date l in lend tu applj to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works for permission lo purchase the following described
land on the weat side ol Lower Vrrow Uke and
Joining ibesouth line of the ludlan Resei ration:
Running weal ao chains; thence south no - ha his;
tbenoe east'Juchalus, to tbe shore .>i the lake;
thence north following tbe ink.' ihore to the
point of commencement, containing too acres
more oi Ie��.
t'atr.i .\ugu��t 'J'. '. '**���
w   I. Mn i.nm
 ^__ J .1 Kvim, Agent.
Notice la bereb) given thai i Intend, 00 day*
atiL-r dat.- to apply U> the llpnorabli IheCMef
i'ommiaaionerol ��� and*and \\ orka foi permlaalon
[.. purebaae tbe following deserfbeu laud- in
Wesl Kooh>nsy district, about five miles south
of Hun.hi city, commeui'iiiK at a i��i>t planted on
tin oasi t.anfc of tiait i. K, mui marked "**-. H
Hamilton's 8 W. 0. post," and rannlna nortb nj
chains, thence east W chains, thenco south w
ehalns, thenee wesl "x1 chalna to place ol begin*
nine, containing fHO acres of land, more or ten.
Dated ibis 22nd -ia\ ol August, 1906.
W H Hamilton
Notloe in here ygiYc-that 60 days afterdate 1
intend to apply to tne H ono tab e ��� biff i emmis-
sloner of Uu.u and Works (nr permission to
purehssethe following tjesorfbed ihu-U, nimate
tn  Weat     ooU-miy dfstnet:   I'niiiiu. u< iin: at a
poet marked I'B.Chnkey ��� (*��� W,corner poit," ilu
baste iit-ar t!;��. N h. corner o| land > ppllfd for by
R.R. theqee couili tu ciiain.-. more >.i* lt-kn; tbence
east SO chain*. | tiniin- north Ki chalm, more or
It-is; [hence, .yt-st SOchatnitopotni of commence*
Halmo, Auguil 11, lU.ii
���                                                                   B. OONKBY,
 T. It  ATKINSQX. Ageni.	
Notice li berby given that 00 days after date 1
iutoud, to apply to tbeHono ai le ihe Chief Commissioner of Undi and Au kafor permlulon to
purchaaethe following d* ��cribed lands altuate In
West Kootenay district: Commencing ata poal
marked ��� It. Ron's N. �� eorner poat," situate
near ihe N, E. corner of land applied fnr by ...
Mclean thence south -tn cbaltu, moreorleaii
ill'ii. r cast so cbalm; thence north 10 chaini,
more or leaa; thence west B0 chaini to pofnt of
eommencemen I
Satiuo, AUgUlt II, l-Xli R. Ki.--,
                 T   II    \TKl\-.-v, Ap. nt.
Notice Is hereby given tbal aixty dayi after
dat.' 1 Intend to appli in tin- Honorable the
Chief ( oiiiuiirsiiiu-r ni Lgndi itijd wqfki |..i
permlaalou lo pqrebase tin- (ollowing described
lands Minnie in   U/esl   Kimt.-nay dialrtci:    (nut
inenelng ata post tqarfeed >*A. McLean's '* W.
.���.inter po-t/'siniHir near the N,B. earner nf land
anplfed foi i.y \ McUugMau, tljeupe south 40
I'ltalns, more ..r leu; iiiinn oaat t*1 chains;
tlienoe north ft] i ti uni, morpor lat\ tbenco wesl
BOcbajns to pfitni oi romipeacenienj
Salmo. Aiigii*-t II. IIW A. Mi I.e.s*.
I  il ATgiwow, Agenl
Noiiee in hereby given Uiai ii" dgyi uii- r date I
liiicuti in niake application to the iioiiiirnbie the
Cblel c nlssioner ��f I -ind* and Works fnr per-
miaipn topnrultasethefollovi Ing described lands
iltuato in nest Kootenai dlitrlel: Commencing
at a post marked "A noXaugblln's N, W comer
pn.t," iltuato near ihe N K. corner of land applied for by 1' Mi* Aiiinir, tbeuce unilli 4n . Imln-.
more or less; tb��nce eail Wehalosj thenoe north
4u chains, more or loaij ihenoe west w chains to
pniut nf commencement,
.Salmo, Aiigu-t II, 1900, A. Mi I,ai liltl.AN,
  T- II. Atkinsoh, Agent,
Notloe ii hereby given tbat M daya after date
l intend toapp�� to thaOhlef Commlaalouerol
l'indn and " nrku for pennlaalon to purchase
tbe Mint-tin* deicrlbed lands, situate In Weal
Kootenav diitrloi i Oommenelng al a pern mark
td i McArthur* N W.corner poit," ittuate near
ih.-N, B corner of land applied forby \ Turner,
thenee Nnii'h 4Ui-h<iini more orle i| thenc-eaal
80 ebalns)   tin-nee imrth iOi-bafiii, nmre nr |en|
theuee ivr-t io chains 'o point of eommencement,
Malum, August 11,1900.
J, McAKim H,
7. It  Atkinson, Agent.
Notice ia hereby given thai 60 days after date
l iiitf.nd   to apply to the Honorable the Hitef
I'ommUiIoner of lands mil Wnrks rorjH'-mli
sinn m  arobaae tbe fullownifr
iltuate in he we t Kootenay dlitiict: com men
I lands.
ting at a poit marked "A. ituner*i N. w oorner
post," httuatfd at the N. h. corne-nf laod ab<
piu-d t..r by !���: Btewart, Ihenuelouth 40obaina,
more or leai! thenee east an ehalna, tbence north
4H chain . more nr lc*s;   theuce Weil Hi I chains In
pniut nf commencement,
Balmo, B i:, Augu t ii i-ajk.        A,Tobhrb,
T   11    ATKINSON, Aaelll
Noilce li h r.-ly given that 60 dayi after dale t
im.-h i in apply i<> iiu- Honorable the < hief Com*
mlssloner ot Undaaod Works fnr permission to
purchase the following described land in Wait
K otenai iHit let alxiiii sev n miles wuth ol
liitrioo i|ty;  Cninnicij.-iiik ni ti i'o-t planted on
lhe fii-.l hank nf Troll! errek and murked Mrs,
W II, tfumittoub B. W. (J. Post mo) nr Hint;
imrih S'lelialn-; Ihenci*  end  W' c||a|I)l|   lln-	
south i) cha | ui j thence weil an c||a ne io place
ni iKgfnulug, cohtaliiiiurtH-tapres. more or less.
I'ale.l l|ii"-Jii'l diiy ni %i]|_rMnl, I'.mtl.
uai tf, ii ittminw
\.. M lUttii.TiiN, Agent,
Nolle |S hereby given lluil lindii.s aflei dale I
iiit.-nd toapply m ii,c Honorable if..< "lncf' nm-
mlMilnni'r nf l.)tud�� mid Wmks f..r permission lo
niircbasi'lbebiiiiiHing dcscrliicil Inml In West
Koolenay Uuiriet about lUmtleisouth of Bnr-
ton City;  entiinieui��iiu:iiiii post plumed on the
��*a-t 1'ivtlk iif Trout eivek ulld marked   C, I,, I'lsh-
er's \ h . '���.)'..m und running iouth ii chains;
Ihem usl ao chums;   tbonce  imrth  hii ehatns;
Ihenee WCIt 80 chfljni to tlie place of  oiniiienc,-
inciii, oontainlng 640 acres, nmre or leu,
Dated thliXfuu day of Ai guit, l-SW.
I'- I.. PlIMIR
 ___.'���"   HAtflLTQH, Agent,
Notiee is hereby given lhal 6odaVI ufi t dale I
intend toapi ly to the Honorable the Chief fom-
minloner ot Lands und Works for permission to
mirchuiB the following d scribed land lu Weit
Kooteuay   Dlitrlel   Miami  seven   miles  souih  of
Hu'ion City;  Oommenelng m a post planted on
H it bank of Trout oroek and marked Alex
Cheyne'i N. w. c. I'ost und runniinr smith an
chains; ihence east m cbalnij thonce imrih ho
chalna. thenco weat 80 chalna to pmi ol boglda-
till!, coutiiltillO! 640 acres of laud, more or less
Dated Mils Xlffd day of August, llNMi
W. H Hamilton. Agent.
Hlxly days afterdate I intend tc> apply to the
��'< Kslonerof Undi nnd Works to lpnre|iasp
liin ai-tcs of land ueiir Murliili Clly, fomuienclng
hi a npsf pliinieil ul the southeast comer of |,pt
N", m, tuul marked J, (i. Uo'iiPathweateprndr
and runuiuk,' north In chains, thence ciis| In
chains, itienee south in ppglhli lhetice west w
chains in plficenf Ijcglnnliig.
July t:iih, inon. j. i>. McCm-wow,
a. a. Burton, Agent.
Notlco Is herehy givon that 60dayi after date I
intend toapply to the Honorable lho Chief Com
mlssloner of l.mid-mel Works for permission \���
purchaie the following described lands: ' om-
manning ai n posi marked "'. A. O, ic h. iv. corner," pa sd ftt tbo northeait corner of 1,-t 09 1
ruii'.liiK v.ehai-s north; theuce 80 clutlns    nsi;
thence80chsini south; thence Wchains west tn
P��in   nf enniini.-ecnicnl, corn iiiIhk 640 aorai
more nr lesi.
Dat d the jlit day of July 1WW
i.A. O'llaiLi.v.
Notice ts hereby given that fin days aiier date I
intend toapply totbe Hon Chlel Coramiuloner
of Unds and worka for permission 10 purcbue
the following deaorlbed isnds, iltuated in ine
Kootena; district: i.-nimcncinK ai a poll minted "BBW - 1 corner." plsnie.l on ihi ihore 01
l,,��,-r Arro�� lake, about one mile south �����
ijordon " '��� (Johnston creek,) thence north *
chains, thence w-sl '.ti ehains tbuueesouth *>
ehain-   tbeoec east jo Chsini lo |t..un of <-om-
mencemcut. containing 160 acrei tn [i tew,
nnd comprisiUK abandoned pu* B-*npttoa No. b.u
Staked tin- 'Iiii day of AngUlt, l��M
a. n WoLvtaroif, Agenl
S'otl 1 1- liereb) given ibai ilxty days after
dale 1 Intend to apptv 10 the Honorable lbe
Chief Commluloner of Unds and  Worki (nr
periplast. 1    purchase   the   ...llnwiHK de-
lerlbed   lands  situate   in  Ihe Wesl Koolenay
district, -tailing from a posl plaiil'-d oil the
imith bank ol the North Kork of Doi creek
theuce 20 chaini west, M ebalus nortb, 60 chains
west. 40 chaini north, 30 cbalm west, W chaini
norih. JO chatm west, 30chalus north, "i chains
.a-t 20 chaius south, �� cbalni east, i" chains
south, ao chains east, 10 ch Ins south lo point of
commei nent, contalnlni WO a. t<-
Datcd IHtb day of August, !"���"'
ruM'T w  RoRiiooa
Notice ii hereb) given that 00 dayi (ran dm. 1
intend to npplv iii ihe Honorable ihe Chief Com
UllHlonci "i Lands and Works foi [-ermliMnii
to purohaae the rot lowing deicrlbed lamU sfi
uateln Weil Kootenai Dlitrlet: Commenolng
ai a poll marked *K Btewart's N IV. corner
poil,''iltuated mar the Junction of Usl .reek
and  Houtli   fork   id  Salmon, tbence wuth   W
chnins,  re nr  leu;  ihence east n chalna;
iiouC' uorih m cbaim, more or leai; theuce
Weat -So ell 11111* In pull) 1 ul e.. 11.111. le . n.elil
Balmo, Aug usl nth, I0u6.
r. 11. Atkinson, Agent,
Notloe is bereby given Ibat sixty days afler
date I Intend in apph in 1 h.' Hon. Chief Commie*
sioner of Lands and Works for permlaalon (0
purebaae the following described lanoaa'tnateln
West Kootenay district, adjoining lbe Interna
liounl boUUdart   line.  hUhiI   four  miles east id
ihe Columbia river, commencing at a poat marked "L M Fs a.n corner," smiutt-on the International bonndar) tine, a: the loutbeait enrner of j. s r. fntaer's land; tbenceeastsocbains.
ihenoe north 00 ebalns, thenee weat80 chains,
tlience smith 00 chnin- In I he pla d eminence
men!, contafblng tun acrei nmre or less.
haled .'dh June, 1900. UtIRi M, Kkassm,
t' I O'Reilly, Agent,
Nolh-e is  herehy  given  that  sUtydftyi from
dale t Intend toapply to the Hon, chief Commissioner of Undi and  Works for iHriiilssinu
i ircbeee tbe followlni deacrlbed landi iltuate iu  West Kootena)  Dlitrlet, between the
I'end    d'nreille    river   and    lhe   ii.leriialioiiul
boundary tine,about three miles from the Columbia river. Commencing at a post marked
J. 8. C,F*a & W. corner situate on the International boundary line, almnt half a mile tust uf
the east houndarv ol the K. dtp. 8.B) land-'
llienee norlh 40 chains, thence east No obalm
thenee south 4H chains, [delict* weat .to chains, to
lhe place of com lueneeiiieiit, enniaiuiuK^-'n acres,
nmre nr le-��,
Hilled Mtb June, liUjO. J. S, f. PftAlUt.
K.J. O'Keilly, Agent.
.Notice is herein glren that slxtv days from date
I intend loapplj to ti.e lion Chief Commissioner
of Unds and \. orka tor permlnion to purebaae
the following desoribed lands situate in West
Koolenay District, adjoining the International
boundarv line, altoiit five mile-east of theCol-
uinhiH iK-t; commencing ui a poal murked k
i, . 8, u    corner, on the inieriialional boundnrv
II in- nt Uura .I ���yraaer'aaoutbeaal corner, ihence
north BO i Uafna, theuce eaai in chains, tbenoe
aouth ni chalna, thence weal tu ohaini to the
place of commencementi oontainlng :'pju acres
more or leas,
Dated _fllh June. 1906, RALPH QlUJaPOt,
Notice ti bereby given lhal sixty dayi alter
���Ian-1 i n u-ud to applv to the Hon. Chief Commit
sioner ol Undi and w,.rks fnr permlaalon in
purchase the foiionlng described lauds m
the Wesi Kootenay dlitrlet, south of tin* rend
d'Oreille river; Commencing ai a postmarked
C. B'i 8, e. corner, situated un tbe trail near
Hear creek Ht-,ul a oille from the  intvrnatiniial
boundary line, thepce weat mi chains, thenee
north so chains more or lento tbe i'end d'Urelue
river ihence follow ing the south hank of ihe
I'end d'Oreille ri.er niutbcasi w chain- nmre
orlem lbence south W ebalna, more or less to
lln    li|ace  ol    eomiiicueeiueul.    OOntalOlUg    i.rU
acres, more or li*n��.
l-nt.-d  .ih Jul-,, 1906 CtURLM BlIlgL,
P. J. O'Bletly, Agent.
Noiiee || herein glVOO lhal list) davs alter
date 1 i lil-nd loapplj to I he Hull, t hief I ma mis.
���loner oi Lauds uu.i Works for pennfulon Io
purebaae the following deaorlbed land-, in
Lbe Weal Kootenaj Dlatrlct, oust of and ad*
lolning James v Mackenzie's iiiud: Commenolng ai a p..-t murked A.S'i 8, K. corner, on tbe
south bank oi ih,- I'end d'nreille rlrer, just
above tbe mouth of the Balmon river, thenee
west ao chains, thenee nortb 00 chains nmre or
less tn thr p. ud d'oreille river, ihence r.dioMiiig
the south hank id theauid river in a southeast
��� rly direction tn the place of commencement,
containing 'So aerea, mure nr less.
Daied Ith July Uiai Aktuck S, HNBimg.
Nutie<-1> herebyjtiven thatalxtydays afterdate
I inteud tn nppiv loihe lion. Chief Commisaloner
of Und- and Worka for permlaalou to purchase
the following deacrlbed landa In West Kooteuay
Dlatrlct south nt the Pond d'Oreille rher. com.
ineneiiiir at 1 poat marked K. 'J. M's. N. K enrner
on the th imnk oi the Pond d'Orolllo river,
aboul a mile und a hull east of the mouth of Fiih
-reek    theuce south   HO ebalus. tlu nee   went ftO
chalna, thence north to chatm mora or less to
tbo  I'.-lid-lu'reille river,  thence  following tbe
south bank of lbe aald river In a northeasterly
direction to  the   place  of  commencement, eon
Lain lug in>< aerea, more or less.
Dsivd 2nd July loot.        Ki.la T, Mack mil,
Noti..- ii hereby given thai oo dayi after date I
inlcnd to npidv to the Hon. chief Commfniouer
of Lands and Works for permission to purchaie
the f'dloH-luir deaorlbed lamls, situate In West
Kootenay llislrict --outh of the Pend d'Oruillu
river; romuieiiciiinai a po.-t murked A. It M'�� N
\\. corner situate at the smith hunk of tn,. peud
d'Oreille river at Kii�� i  UaeKeiitle'i north cast
comer po,t, Ihenee south Wl ehnllis, thenee east
ao chalm, Ihence imrih sn ehuiu- more nr less to
die Pend d'Oreille rtrer, ihence weet B0 cbalni
follouiuk' tlie hank of ihe -aid rUer to the plgee
of commencement, containing r.io acres, umre
or less,
Dated 2nd July 100S. a h UAqtnui
Mnicu.llo apply lo |bc Hull t'l.li fCoinuiUslou-
ei* uf Lands and Works inr permission to purchase the following described lauds illualelu
lle&l   Kootenay   lifstrut,   suulh   of  Uu-   ivnd
d'Orelllo mer, commencing it a poii marked
H, IPs. N. K. corner, sliuau* on ihe south hunk
of Ibe I'end d'nreille rher ul .lames N. Mackenzie's sunlhwe-l corner, theliee south I'll chains
thence west 80 chains, Ihcnce imrih 70 chains
inure or lews in lhe I'end p'OroIlIe rher; Ihence
(nil.mini; thO lOUth bunk of tho aald river III all
i a-icrh nnd iiortlieusicrh direction to the place
of commencement, oonlitfnlng 640 acrea, nmre or
DateSrd July. 1*008,       Mahu.u-.kt IIaki-oikt
Arthur ricluielder. Agent,
Notice Is hereb) given lhatslxlydaysafterdale
i luieii. toapply to tho Hon, Chlol Coi Isilouer
of l.and�� and  Wnrkis ior permission to norcbaia
the    f iiik    deserit.., ,u.   fi,0  woat
Kootenay DMrict, aouth of the Pend d'Oreille
river, ci ehclng hi s i    marked  J   K, M'l
H. W . corner, limited he looUl hank of the
I'end d'Oreille river, opposite the monthoflfl
Mile I reek;   ihence cusi Ni ehulns, thenei- imrlli
in chain- more ��r leaa to the Peud d'Oreille rher
ihence following lho SOU 111 haiiknf ll,cMlld rher
in a westerly and louibweiterl) direction to the
place u| commenoement, contalnlni; KU acres
nunc or lean.
Dated Brd July, \mt.      SkMtt N. RtAcgggui
Arthur Schneider, Agent     '
N-licc Is hereby given that two luonUi alter
date I titend to apply to the Hwiorablc ha otoM
1 mmttti r oi Undi and ffork|V��liuio
hi thai land hong the fcrciM adjouiiiiKsii -
dlvi-iom i, fund i of I of ilnu, br*nup fnelJ
Kiioteuny, upd he-iNK on the south ihtfrool tha
Kudein1"- ��' ^nt,u'|l,,y 1,,*f' '" tbe diitrloi ,,f
t nmniciicliiR ul u poat tuur'ed "A-K. Watts'
sniiibitasi comer p'��t"; ihcnce HO chalm wesl
i-iieejieb.ifin rforthi thenco oo dImimmSj
thenc poliRini aouth toth. pi,,,,- of- "ommenee!
fS? .i^rilgr/Sa. nd ,orelfl0^ to IwT* ng^i
DgtOd Ih In .1st day i.f AugUltj liKrfl.
A. K, Wans.
Nollflo Is horoby given that Oo dayi after data 1
lnienilto..pn|> toflio Honoreblotbeohiof Com
orc::[LeVi,M;,!vlh,,,iHl M��'o/r5ffiK
J H McArlhiir lhe, Sl,ui), .,��� chnlni, inure nf
pointi^fSawSaUft"*  ' " At,M ��
Salmo, ii c., Auguil Hth, ittwi.
,r   ,.    . P- Ml'ANTHI'K
T, H. ATgifHON, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that ��n daw after date I
Intend toapply to the Hon the Chief Conunla-
���ioner of i -..n <,- and Works for |HrmlsHloii to pur-
ciiiise the following dcscrllad IhIIiIm 111 W. ..
Kooteiiuy district, province of Hritish CtUtUDblai
Commencing at a post marked "William Tolling-
ton'l northwest corner posl."   snld  pout heltiK
planted ut (In- southwest eoruer of the "Queen
Mineral Claim," and ttdjolulUK the eaat line ,,f
McFball'l pre-cuiptlou, theme soulb tw.-nty (ji)
ehulns   uloiiK   said   line,   tbenee  eusl  fortv (ID)
chains, thenee north twenty [30) ehaiui, thenee
went forty (It)) ebalus more or less, tn the plaee of
comuif nccmetil.
liHici Isl day of August, twsi
By hisagenl J, K- THylor.
Notice Is herehy given thut 00 days alter date 1
in und toapply m {lie Honorable Die Chief I'oin-
mtsiloner ol Lands and Wnrks fur penntfiion to
purchase the lollowlng de'Crlbed  Landa situ
ulcd Iii the KoOlenftjr Dialiicl. '-'������ ^hihiik hi ,i
posl pluliled mi lhe north shore of the Lower
Arrow Ukeuhuoi tu chalus areil of the west
boundary of t I* H Ut 45*90, Marked 11 aw.
h K. rot n.r. ihence west *i e ion us, thence nortb
00 < EhalUI, Mn ine eust Ni chains more or 1**N to
lake shore, theliee In a south Westerly  direction
along lake ibore to polntofo*>mmenoemflDt��ooo*
lain Ing 100 m i   - more or lew..
Located -Juno tt, woo.
II. A  WorvrRTox.
A, N, WoLvaaioN, Agent,
Notice Is herehv given thai two inofl'lis alter
dale I Intend In apply lo the lloliorabl.- I'tilcf
i oiuinlisloiu-r of Landl and Woiki for jxrnilH
���ion lontt'chaao ill hundred and fori*, [tm)
ncrei ot land, described as followi; Commencing
ut a poel planted ut ihe nortbwaat oorner ol 1.
tlallagber'iapplication lo purchase tn Kire Valley, on lhe west side of l^.wei Amu Lake, Hi
Kooteuay dlatrlct, marked " W, A. Cl N   h. c.,r
ner"; thence running eighty (SO) chalna weat;
tbence cinbty (*o) tooth; lbence eighty (moj
chatm eail; ihenee dahiy (an) diuii.s north to
plnee of eoliiiiieUe.-lii.il t.
W. A. ('Al-IiKR.
Dated the .'nd day of July, IBM.
Maty du>s aftor date I intend to apply to the
Commluloner ol LhiuU umt Worka, i ietoria, to
purohaae 100 acres of land, i ommenetng at a
post planted on the west shore of Arrow Uke, nt
the south eait corner of J J Christie's pur. ha**.-,
running nortb SO ebalni, tbenoe eust j�� chains,
thence iouth 80 chalna, thenee wesi unchain-, to
place ol commencement,
LrQOftUd May, 'Jlli 1000,
a Oauui,
L. iiAi.!.*i.HK>i, Locator,
Buty dayi after date I Intend to uppiv to tba
< oiuinlssinii. r of I.nii.U and Works to pur. has,-
mi aCI_ Ol land, iliuate nl.oiit one tulle eusl uf
Hurton t'lty. and deaorlbed as foil..us: Com
inenelng at a poll planted ou the northweal eoi
ner of lot QUO and niuiug nest Uohalna, ihence
norlh   M< ehulns.   thenc.. eust  Ji .liuins, ihence
south atonic lol OflfiQ to place of bt-).timing.
July ftlb, 1VU6. J. It. HiKiKlt.
CommlssioB��� S Sl "���'!.��� a,_|
at'res til ]������,|   ,      ''*  Inn,.!.,,. "llr|
Mt * I-- i i',.., l11^-' ���"���* i-iu;"iW
Noiiee h, hereby given that ilxty daytaftei
date 1 III lend loappll  In (he Hon. Chief Cumin I-
���lonar >.f Uini. ami \\ oris torponnlaaioo to pur-
chaae the following deaorlbed lands iltuate In
Weal Kootenav district; Commenetng ei a pan
marked .i II. \ anitone'i s.K. corner j��u.i. iltuate
iu the Salmon River Valley, at u j��,nn anjoinloi
J Meeeber's bind ut wi-slern t��.iindriry. theliee
west H} chains, limine norlh tt ebalOl, Ihcnce
eaut NJ Chtlm, theliee south  WJebulua to |>oliit of
July J.ih, L9Q8, J, IL VaMTOlfB,
1   I!   Atkinson. Agent.
Notiee i�� hereby (riven thnt BO days uft.-r date I
in lend to make -Application to the lioiiorahle (he
Chief Commluloner of Uiu.ls nml wnrks for per-
uiiaiiou to purebaae ihe following deacrloed
landi. Commencing ut * poal marked a. w. Cal*
der's souihcsit corner, sccilou tS, TOwnahlp tt,
rannlttgeail twenty analna, aonth forty ohalna,
wesl twenty chains, norlh forly  eb��llm  In place
0 rcommenoement
Dated July a, 1����. Iokn Hano-
Notlre ii given that f-u days after tlate I intend
toapply to the Honorable tba Cblel ruunei-*--
���loiier of Lands und Works I��.r permission to
purohau the following deeerlbed lands in the
weal Kootenai District: Commenetngol a |m.si
marked O, c. Poynti Lund .*-. k corner placed
mar ilie i'end d'Oreille rher ui Boundary oreok
aaat aide of Salmon river, tbenoe eaat ��o eh-alm
aioiiu the luteruHiioiini Boundary Une,thenee
n rib 40 ebalna, tbonce weal 00 ebalna, thenee
south -to chains tu place ol commencement.
Dated the_th of July 1KB,      r.v. povvrg.
 By AwiiKKW A 1*1 a. Agenl.
Noiiee Is hereby given tbat two mon thi ailer
���late I intend to applv p. the Honorable the
( hief commlaaioner of Undi and Worki tor
perm baton ta pun base ihe (otlou Ing deaerlbod
lauds situate on the west mm of Kootena]   Lak>-
in ihe Dfatrlel of Woat Kootenai    c menelug
at a 1-t.st murked ���WitlUm Buerby'i N w. pmlyi
thence weal twenty cJuj chains; thonoe south
twenty    (Al)   chains;    tbeiue   east   twenty    (*ji)
ehaim; ihence north lwent) i-i1) chains in the
point of commenoement, coiiihIuiui: b.riy (��))
acres, more or laa,
Hated Julv 7. law**.. I  (j. Hmstttt,
Notice is hereby ai veil that 00 daya a Her dnle, 1
Intend toapply t.< [be Hon. Chief ttommlsalonor
of Landa ana worki fur permission to puroben
the following doaortbod tract ..( uml iltuate lu
West Kooteuay Dlatrlet: Commencing at ihe
south weil corner of l.ot 7JD0: ihenee nuiiiic
West   til  chains; thenee north J'chullis- tbence
west 4t) ehaim] tbonce nortb a)chalna; ���ihonoo
east  vi chnins;  tbence soulb III chains to point
of commencement oontainlng 340 aerea, more or
hait-d at Nelaon, B (\, this on) day of Juiv.
19W'- Makv n-aman,
|K-r F. (*. (ireen, Agent
Notice is herehy given that6Ddaya after dale
1 Intend  10 apph   to  the  Honorable  the  Chief
Commlalonerol Landa and ��'>rks for permlaalon
to purchase the follow inK described IhiuIs in the
"est Kootenay Dlatrloti  Coi cueing ut a peal
market! T. |{. f'reiicht's Lind g, B, corner placed
near g.O. PoynU B. W, corner, thence east nn
chains, lbence imrth  tu Cbalm, thfl   ��e��t Ni
chains, thence soulb-ki chains tu pUM of mm
Dated anli day ot July l-.��.      T, K. Khkni u
By ANnnaw adii, Agenu
Nollee li bereby given thai flo dnys after dale I
Intend toapply to Uie Honorable too Chief Commlaaioner ol Lands und Works for permission |o
pure haae tbe following described lands in iiu*
He*t Kootenay diitrloi, near Burton City; cum
ment Inguta lant planted ut tin- IOUtheaat corner
of ' eorge Hudiqn'i pre-emption claim, nnd
marled Harry O. Toi ling tool H, B C. pm. Knd
running souih 40 ehalna. thence wceta>chatm
ihen. e north 10 chain*, tbenoe eaataOchalui to
place ot tHKiiiniiiK, containing SO aerea of land,
m   re nr lees.
Haled tbll JOlh day nf augUlt, ltkiH.
Notice is hereby given   hut (io duys aftoi dato~l
intend tn iimkc uppin uiiou in the Honorable ihe
Chia/ Commluloner of Undiand w���-ks tor permlulon in purchase abonl Bunaorai of land -iiu
ated on tin- Salmon rlveri Weil Kootenay dlstrlol
 lenolng al a poll marked s  It  Muriel's N R,
'orner  minted on   ��eal bank of tbe rlvor,
about[fli miles nortb of Uie international boundary,   Ihence   west   Mi   ehnllis, limine an  . bains
j;"1"1  l-beni ast about 90 chalm to the river,
thonce northerly along the rlvei to place oi com
Augusl IHtb, 1'JOG. o, H. Hi nut.
T 11  A Ot In son, Ageni,
Maty dayi af er date t Intend loapply m tbe
Honoiable tbo Chief CommlHlonorolUudi and
v.or s. victoria, io piir-haw MO aem of land,
lOOatod   ami   described   u.   followi     Being lhe
nnrtheail qnarw ot ���*.. itm. twin I y* two, and
thi.so.iH, hull oi the northwest uuurter Hectlull
twenty lliree.'1'owiiibipsi-.iy nine    And further
���!La_.o"   ���f*ao*Wow*'  Commenolng at a pott
markedI J J, N. V,  corner, and nlunled lu ebalns
cHstoitiie northweal ooiner of Beotton twenty
two and running <a��' to^nm, thanee iouth fa
cha ns, hence cunt V- . \,���,u\ lbence south'-'n
ciuns, tbenee weit an chalus, ihence north 4a
chains to place of 1., uinnniy
August iiit, \m Jamkh jwuntmn
W. A  iVder, Agent.
NflUM li horoby given that 60 daya after data
I Intend to ai,ph loihe Hon chief c issioner
of Lands ami WoNiafor permission to piirnl.Ji
lie   ol owing described lu.uMn West Koulcuv
'.\" rh'*' "��""'' "f  I'eml.I'Otcllle river, 0-JJl nf
Fish creek, Con iieiii,:   Rt a pnst murke.l K. VV,
II a N   W   corner, uls.ui   bull u mile ou-l uf lbe
nnrhnist enrner ol Lu, Hy... 0, L, the, 01 ll
jL2l!ll,Wi___ �����" nn chains, thi.  nonh I-
ehulns, thence west 00 chains to lhe plnee of
eoiiiiueneeuicnt, oontainlng DO acres, nmre or
Haled Snd July limfi. KnKn w, Hahkoiht,
AHTMl'll HrilNKIIiKlt, Agent
Notloe ll hereby glveil I Iml aixl v <lo vm piftcr .Into
hi,,,  il     I m"' ,�� "rl;- ror p.-ntOsHHl..,, u, ,���,r.
3j_rffimJlffi1'"?1"" "' ""��� I'l'iisl'l'.lr ���
P���.' '""'..'���I��B HI h i.i.ni inarkiu) A K'�� N   W
!f_a or,l"Ht_ ' ""'" l*VSo��r_..of_.i
,.|,��i,���.  i'i,1.  IF".1 5oh��tn��. tl ri'...mi, <��>
��� hi.'i  i ""."'���"'"".���iniiii". in. nortii M
i...SS.  ,.1  l'1'"'"" ' monoorasnt, oonuln.
IIIK .".I HIT Illiri'lir It's,..
fmicsl aim  ������,,mm AKNir.K��A��r.��,
K. J.U-H.llly, A|_,it.
NotlC Ik Iii..,.|���-,. -5
inis-ii I'll,S,""' ��nj
'���iii.".'..,,,,,,,.,,,,   '"��,". si,,y
minis.     I  . ��� id Ij,.-1 ��� i.n,   ..        " ll'itik, _\
;���'''���"'����������.���"...��,._ ,\";''i:��l
il.' ,s",h,,",r,';;1,**- .."��� "'.'��� -^'.?,^|
',;',':,!,"-; i.. ��rbir_},*ai
''""^"'"'lllllSl'l.sii,,,,,,    ul'-l|(  "
1   "tittmW
July -Tint, 1'jk
lnte��nd toapiijmlh??,"*1 ��<i^j
Arro. Uk,., .,���,  ,',   ., I!,)f;'3
.'..rui-r." il,..,,,,. ,,���., ,       '>l|
'���'"""��� �����>���' ��.'mm sss
',':","��� ������ i��""i "i ��wi!Ki9
���i... .i. s..., ,��� i,...     "���.!.,
l-��sii,.| Jim,, mn, ,,,,,
vieiiiri.. i���, ��� .������ J'*;/'
��� ml Klmy 111,11 bit,.. ���i I.,.', , _
.-.I h. i..M,.��. ,,���.���,,.:'.    "..1
eiKh.r tMi>.t.. ,    ;;n
Bi.Ik.t-. (.r.-.' , ������,���       ���*_
suriiiT.''  hiss!  r .in, ,.,,. ,**���
lh.no ��isiiili l���n, (ini ,.i,,iJT_B
.���I,.;.,., iii,.,,,,. ,���.,�����! ,���:,..,   1
liilllniiliiir ss��i.��
Julv 7. IM. .
X..II.'.' I. Is. li'lAKI,,,,,,!,,, ���,i_\
inland lotppl, i.. ih. Um ��,**_���
���I's'is'l..! I I�����n.(���. ' ."I
���Is-"  Us"  Inl I,  J..,,.���
K""..'."> sltolrlil, pni.li .,.i|JL_
i ..iiiini'ii.'lim .i ,, ,k,i ,llirM7"|
K, w   I'ltrinr. mi lln' .,������'. .        JJ
"I"'"' '"" mil. I ol iiW,'; *S
���sii.l ni Ibe norlbwnl .,.,���,. ,,,,__!
!��'�� pr  '
*-' LH'I. l_s.Hr* J
in,ill, l.i .Is.||���, ���,..    J
Us s.i, Uii.. i,.,,,, ,    Jj
rnlilHliilliK M0Horn Im.ri'i,.,���
llstls.l llll. _!.,,, sl.y ..IJiilj.l^
Si,Uii-  I.   IliTl'l.V K|,,,|
.int.' i inland ta ���ppij s..
riiiiiinii>.i<>iiiT..I i_tili,,i	
ll, |slsr.'h,l,l- llll' l.il!.ih IIIK ,'.,.*tAAt
sil,' III I'll.' Villi, y,,i, ll., ��...."���
rnw   Ijtks'. Kool__t| sj|,irjii i
lssw��:    .' ss.-lii iiik  .1  , ng
Imrlliwi'.I inriiiT nf II   .1 i ,.-.,
liiHfki',1   "A   Mil.'.  ...tii|iH,..t .
lln'iii'.' fi.rly (Hi) .Is,in, ���n:a
i-IiaIii.   imrlli;   iliiiu,. (���nt   S
llsi'tls','  Is,rly  (lis) ih.in. wmlil
i'iiiiini,'in.'iiii'iit. s'iiui,ii,ii,(     J
.my (li.s) mn-. imiri'iir Ic.
lUU'.l Jsilltf ..'. is.* .ihiS
��  A I
Nisslic 1. IssTflsy |rr_fl a	
.Inl.'   1   Ilili'tl.l   t��� n|s|sls  s.. ::., gj
Cblel CommlMloner nl l^r..._m|
permlulon t.. |.iiriii...'!ti.w^.J'
Istml. iniiimilii Iiik nt a i.bipuisWH
IiiiKIiiii s.  N   K "'. ]s,s.l. .1
Ol   J    .��    M.s.rss.lii'i   pre,
I'liiis'SiL' .illllll 1-" '.n;ii' '.
ssiis Hndeon'i pre^npUa,
rlinlu.; tlii'ii.i' ii..nl, f..
. I...Ill- I" |.ln. I . .niiiii. [..
ten, .si inssil more or Ue,
lln's.l Ihi. Mil ,lny nl -l.srart.im j
..I.*, llll
  A i beta
Notice 1. beree. clvea ij.teM��
Issli'li'l In siinki' .|.|>ll. all... I..!t,_
Chief CommlMloner ol I..J....H
mleelon lo purebeie f+. wst��e
.li.lrlsl ..I Wi-.l kiiiitiii.i.      -
I'lnii's'il ssss llir ...utii rid,
lln- liit.'rn.tliiinil li.sssi.lnrs ...e,
in I,-, t*H-l Iniiii lli.-Snl s.sie,
K Ailtiiii". ..'.itlii-n-l ...ssiir"-.
ilinSss.. llli'll..- in.iih -I .h.lBl-
I'lmlilH, lln-  -'.i.s I. .'. ...ssss s.m*|
KI.1KI   T.  1UHM
prl II sl lls-ssMlrt
D.lod llll. illli .Iny.il Jul), l��      '���
BUly ,l,.v nllir 'Uu I ssss.-11.KM
Usui. Chlel ' "i i"' ""I"!.!
Vl.lnrln, to I'liriln...' HI * lr. '< -*l
lisi'lli'lliK HI n poel |.!niili"Llli-*"l|��lf
ImiH'st plnlll I.sl H K s..ns. I DO, A M
river,  II r,- _s ,.|,nu,. ..mill. ItM*
ctulM, tbenee iisnili ji rlum e��_f
rllnllm In polDt dI i'i-kii...'!.*-.tn.-at.
Helton, >..'.. auk ct** *
Nniiss. i�� hereby limn l��tie_B|'
slat,' 1 li,I. n I l..n|i|.lvli. St.- H.'Sl'-HleS
Coamim r ol Ijsii.i. .ui ��."��"��flL
In iniri'liHK.' llir lull..��lis,'li'KilMn_|
III   tt.s.1   Ksss'li'liny dlltrfcl   ��r��������lH
iilnlili.l nl Hi rlliwiitii.iin'ill'T
Dot Creek, tbenee il. ns'lui".**
41) liinii rt nr Is'w. tliinrr Isssrlt   \
more nr leee, tbenoe s_>i ��li
pleoenl iniiissi'iiiK. the ��"���� "   ���
brio, uhm |> known MlheHt��"��IJL
_Utte.l July ... IMll ""'a
Notiee i�� hereb) tisi-n Si] --e-i U
III.-,Inl,- I Intend 10 nl'l'ls Is'll""'"1!
doner olU end WoirjiVI _W
l |.,ir.'l,...'ili.' lelltwM '���������"'Sl
���Itutte In the dlitrlel o  lfe>tW"l
silLrssliiiiniirri'sk   M.rlliiK.l ��� 1
John "inn's. B. ��   rem"; f*��L\
chain, loutls ..I J  M��i..ii''-> �����""*
minimi:  n.irlls :�� el.Hi.i-. Hii'""
tbenoe ��.��iO. ;��i rhelni, mnnei
linllitisl eiilniiii'lll'i'llis'lll. , __ ���
June 11.19011. J.W*
Nnll.'e 1. Iser. I.y eiren '.'''""ffiffl
intend lu.pply in IU" l""""bl* ��3
minloner ..I Undi tnd ��',r�� ''.'ra
pnreiiH.e the olowlni *���'"'<': ~^M
ii in,.dl.irlel ol iv.-i K,..i.'is.s.'.'*���
tiki ...i Hs.'ss.-l ini,. "1 KeeSJW!';"
,'llis; isl III" IlllHHl   port I'1""'" ."i.s,.
corner ol Lot NO. tlir '"" ",, ,?',�����
.���n-i jiiIiiiiii.Si. 1','inl ""' ,    ���fi
lini.-l auk l��tn. il"'
Nnll.'.'l. lien I.y tlren IMI WW>"J|
Hl.,���l...| in II..- �� .���-" K'""',|,,"VX   ,����1
c. I. IHwrenn', mi ih"'  " ,,, ���.ni, _
qturter mllei Irom 'V!,c$fim
menclni it
ntrked <
utnoln. it , po.l rotrtw r|hlj,
mrner i"'"i' t,..-���..-����� hi l"-" ���,,.|, sl,
lltlll, ss Iiel   ��l ell��|MJXSl
DJitlniOAtl In place nl "' ,' ..,���
I iid lo applj i" iii" 'i; ���; ,,, -g_B
���toner ol I......I-;..������' ""*.,,, .����l
iniri'lliis...       Inll.'SSll'K  'I'"' ,,. (���'
fil.il Kootena) dlitrlel 1 .yXjj
.ui ,��*"ZL
narked 11 Bell',
ssl   llss
NislleeMisnlii KH"1
1 intend loeppl" i"'1'
IT ssl   l.HllsIsi    1   ��"
,.|,�������   llie   InllsssssssK       ���   '       |.  IJ
Kssssieiiiiy IHs.11 ei, -.; 111        ���i���i 1��.
river.. ii.'iii'liiBH �� " ' inllilwU
n w mor.hum " ',.,*  s iw*
Pend d'Orelllo riser ��i ���"'".,,,.|i.��>
ssiiullini"st I'sirner; thenecen J(] ,|���,^5
tssnilli III  I'lnilli". "'I  ",    s ii.tuW*"
north*) el to lho p '"   .
eontrlnlna 1{0 acrei 1   '  ��� ��� )|.sif
lisiii.i :inl July I'"��''
'mur,'. or le.., W.-O..I..' ;*. ^ *. rV. ��� �����. -�����*"*"
Ion I'll Hike ulsssse 1" pn>"! ||lhl
eollUlliHill IHtlHeri'i. ""J", ",.. ;���,* , , UM
liahnl lhe laird day ������( ���"">���      ).*������*] The Daily Canadian
20 Pieces Brussels, Velvets
and Tapestry Less than Half
Regular Prices
From 10 to 23 Yard Ends
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:  Toronto.
lAPITAL PAID DP....18,900,600 KKST $8,000,000
li K W1I.K1K, Prosidmit HON. IIOHKH'I' JAKKKAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
I j. prrtitfl reoeiTBd and Interest allow*! nt Barren, ratei from date of opening ao-
nl mnl credited half-yearly
ski-son HkANCH J*  IV1,   LAY, Manager.
So   Says   Eloquent   Toronto   Divine at
Vancouver,  and  Tells   How.
> npplv lo tlie Hon-
111*1 of  Lands   mnl
uiu unci curry away
nbcr from the following dufl itert land*, ��ltu-
'he Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Rev. J. A. Mcdonald, editor of the
Toronto Globe, lecturer and litterateur,
recently delivered an address in Vancouver which was throughout thoughtful and forceful, setting forth matters
Importanl to Canadians at the present
juncture 01 the development of the
Country. Among other good things he
dealt with a danger incidental to the
Canadian Situation Which has heen enlarged upon hy friends ami foes ol thfl
Dominion In all the woven seas. A
tact of serious import in Canada at
this moment- he said, Is the pronounced tendency to estimate worth In national, in civic, and in individual lire
hy standards that are acciueinal, ex-
tai rial, materialistic. 'i'he tendency
need surprise no thoughtful observer,
Tor on every hand we bear ahout the
imn<>iini wealth and the natural opportunities of tins halt of the continent. Ttie things most talked ahout
are wheat, timber, ore, electric power
and corner lots. Keal estate is mure
absorbing, even in BOClail circles, ihan
aflei noon teas or bridge whist. Now,
let no man talk loftily or sneeriugly
of the physical elements in the Canadian Bltuation, it is significant lhat
at I ids dati.' in the world's progress
Canada emerges into the world-light
and offers a* rare chance for enter
prise and devotion in auy line of Industry, There are elements of national strength ami opportunities for
national greatness In these unmatched
natural resources nf tho provinces of
Canada. The man is a fool or ait
atheist Who sees no worth in these
material features of our Canadian situation. Hut lei ns be wise; lei ns he
warned. The danger is lhat these material things will he given first thought
and first place. Were thai done, the
blight would already have settled on
Canada's national grentneas, and the
very wealth of our resources would
have weiirht to drag us down. First
things first, or neither man. nor city,
nor nation can come to character, or
gresjtness, or power.
Take notice that I intend t.
oratilu iliti tibial CpmiBlUlc
Works tors Bpeclal in
nit* on the North Fork of Kt-ttk* rlfer, In the dirj-
irJ-tof Yale'���
ConunSQOlng Hl ���* P��8* WSrkSd "'��� ��- Nelaon'��
DOlthwHt corner peal No if," being 8" chatna
norlh from the pout market) "J MrDonald'-*
northwest corner pott No   1" thence ao'Hh ho
ebalni; thenee aunt BOebalnii thence north 80
(���iniiii-; thence went 80 ebalna to the place of bt_-
KlnuliiKt '���'.iitiiiriinu i'i" acrei! Aore or lens.
Dated Hit*- lStb day cf August, 1906.
I. (.. Nelson,
K'.hif. Famuli, Ageut
Tak^ notice ih  tl Intend lo apply lo the Ho i-
or.Mi-  ihe (.'hief  CoUUntutOOer of   Lamia  and
Works Vor s spaclal Uc-anss to not and oexty
away timber Irom tbeftdlowlngdMorliisd la >ui
���IMiate * n lhe noitti fork 01 Kettle Klvt-r In  the
Dlatrlct nf Yale: Commencing at a po-t marked
��j. McDonald's nortbwul corns   pout No. i,"
plantcil NODS hm north fr in the post mnrki'd
"I. Q. Nelson's northwi'Sl corner pott No. l;"
(bonce hii chains south 1 theoce BO chains oast;
Ihence soclml. k imrth; ihence Hi) chatm- west to
Ihi'   place  ol   f'oiiiiticiii'ement,  coutainitiK   840
acres more or Ian
Dated this latli day of AltgUlt, l*30ft.
J. McDonald
Take notice that I In end tn apply to the Hon-
oralile the chief pMttUuloi.gr of Lands and
Works for a special Hcent-e io cut aud carry
hwhv tlm her from the foll'iwing described lauds
"llimte on lhe north fork ol Kettle Klver In the
District of Ynlc: Comm-ut'llig Rl h jw.-l marked
*'D,r. Hitriirieks iouth wesl corner post," planted nt Agnes Farncll's northwest corner post,"
thetict* HU chains   iiorlli; tlienco Ml i-hatns  cast*.
lbence 80 chains south; thenco BD chaini west to
place  <>l   coiiiineut-emciit    containing  040 acres,
more or less.
Dated mis 18th day ol August, 11100,
Silver King Hotel
Beet Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Rooms are well furnished.  Tahle as good as any
ln Nelson.     Bar supplied with good
liaunrsand cUari.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
European snd American Plan
Heals 25 cts.   Rooms from _ cts. to fl
Only White Help Employed.
Baker 8* ... Nelson Proprietors
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-aD-y House in Nelson.
The Bar Is tbe Fineit.
White Help Only Employed.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Coal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
limit HiiililiTri will iimi it isi than advantage t" tua mir Pitch.
Nelson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd.
Take notice it.ui I iuleud to Opply to llie Hou-
..rni.it- tin- cblel Comtnltsloner ol i.niid�� hih)
W.irk- (or ti hptM-tal license Incut ttud carry away
Umber from the following deser.be. lands ill*
ualt-on llie Nortb   Kork ol Keltic  river it)  llie
niHirietof Vsle:-
Commenclng at h post marked "Qeortt
v-.'iui*. ������ "���Hiitii'-n-i corner i"-t." iiia-neii uIujik
Ride tbe post marked "J. McDonald's nortbvresf
o irn.-r post No. i;" tlience vest B0ebalns; tbenee
north 80 chains; thence tfasi bo chalna] thenee
south 80 chains to the place of in-ginning, containing 'W" acreH, more or less.
I'ati-d this 18th day of August, 1906, ���
Chah. Fahssll, Agent.
Take Notice thnt I intend lo apply to the Million. I>1.;   Ihe-   Chief  RommluloON ol  Laml-. and
Worki [or a special llcsnsotoout ami carry away
timber from tba following described lands, sltnate on the North Kork of Kettle river, 111 the district of Yh>:-
Coinmendng ��� t a pout marked "J. HoDonald's
northeast corner poet No. 9;" planted ihi obattu
north   fruin   tlie   purit   marked "1.  li.  NelHon'H
northwest eorner pom No. l;" tbence M chains
west; tbenoe 80 ebalns south; thenoe &o chalnn
aist; thence 80 chaini nonh ti the plaoe of eom-
mcnc'cmenl. ���-������m m i tiiiu; M I acres, more or Leu,
Dated this nth day oi August, 1908
I'lus. Kahnri.i., Am-li!.
Stranded tn Gay Paree.
New York, Aug. B0.���A genera] dispatch to a morning paper says, tin*
Paris correspondent of the Express de-
dares, that an unprecedented number
of Americans nj-o stranded in Paris.
The American Relief society and
Americans generally are overwhelmed
with requests for help. Many are even
begging oo the streets. Nunc of them
speak anything but English and that
makes matters worse. The relief society is Bending as many as possible
to London, including ed Texan and his
wife and child who made Iheir living
bj stilt walking in England, but were
deprived of their stilts by the French
Corporation of the City of Nelson
BY-LAW No. J 71.
A By-Law to raise $50,000 for the completion of the Electric Light and
Power Plant of the City of Nelson.
Josephine Ht.
Nelion. H. C.
The Big Schooner D-.., *A-
Or "Hill ind Half"    DCCi    �� UL.
The only Glaus of Good Beer in NelBon.
lintel accommodations second t.s mints in Brit-
i.h iniiiiiiiii.i.  Rates fL00 per dar. sis^s-isti rales.
[si iiiiiiiI lil s Isnui.liT".  s Mil. home hotel 111 Nil.ssn
Lake View Hotel
t'uni'T Hull and V?rnnn,
two l.lin'ki from wharf.
Kates II tffl per day and up.
Rlrss  and   Accident
Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Ul.limt ihtiiiilislii'il Heal Ksiutis
lliissiiiiss in K.Kit.inny.
Nelson, B. C.
P.O. Box 111.
Telephone 11*.
N.ELSON, b. c.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
('fiiirHlly Located. Upeo Day snd Night.
Bample and B<th Rooms Free.
P. Burns &
lliniiili Murk.sl* in   KoHHlitml,   Tmil,   N.-lMtn,  Kiuslo,   Siintion, Three Forks,
Denver uml Slin'im Oily.
hy isiisii io��nv tirmiiii win b.Te
'isil'l ��ti.l iHreltil sslls-iilloli.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 yours old.
Notti* ^ hereby glveti thst BOds/a after dull' 1
Intend to sppli (in tin- Hon. lhe Chief rnmtnis
sioner "( umni snd works tort spoc'sl licence
i<, fill snd ritr-v u��iiv timber from tho rollovvlni
described Isnds, iltuate in Wed Kootenay dlstrlol : Uoroinenelng ��t a posl on Robinson ereek,
three-quKrtera nl a mile northwest nl Letcher's
pre-emption, thenee wesl B0 chains, thei uo*th
sn chain*, thenee cut 80 chains, thence south 80
ehalns i*�� p ini ot commonoeineoti
Located July 3&th, 1906.
(If."   IIkshkhxcs, Ui^alor.
T-iki- mill*.-* Uml w il��yn ��ft��r date we Intend
miking applIoaUou t" Un-lion the Chlei Commissioner <>f l-aii-l--  ami   Works   lor   n   ipeclal
Heensc to col hih) furry amy timber from the
lollowlng desorlbei] lands; Commencing ata post
pltuilfl   mar  lln*  north   l.-*uinlary  ol  Lot Ha*.r��.
w-��st Kootenay district, running thenoe I0O chslns
north, thence 10 chaini weit, lbence 160 chains
iouth, thence -to chains eaat to point ol <*om-
in ncement.
Dated March Bth,1900.
I). TfltSIKY. Agftll.
NoiU'4- is hen-iiv givt'ii iimi 30 days afterdate 1
Intend in apply to tin* Chief Commluloner of
i hu.is and worki for s ipei iai license to out and
oarry away timber from tin: following described
Commenolng at a poil planted about ono mile
OUt Of Hoiiaii/a Biding  and al.oiil 000 half 1*1 tie*
from the iouth west comer of B. C, hooper's
elalm, ami marked "J. K. Hoopor'i northeait
oorner," thenoe bouUi B0 chains, tbenco west hii
ohalni, tbeuce north BO ebalna, tbenco fust 80
i-iui ns t<> ilie place ol oommenoent, and fDiuatn-
ink' B40uorei, more or len.
Dated this BOth day "l August, 1906
.1, K, IIiHH-t.it. Loi-au-r,
.). K. LlNDBUHQ, Agent.
Kootenay Lake Fruit Fair
( find Display ol Fruits, Flowers
1UI,I Vegetables.
Knirlos oloae Sept. 11 tl..   Spoolal
Hiilfs uu all boats uml ti'itittH.
.1. WM. COCKUli
Kaslo, B.C., Friday, Sept. Hth
Kotlce t�� herehy given thai 80 days aftor dale I
intend lo apply u> lhe Chiel Commluloner of
tAO&t and works (or a ipeclal itoenu to oul and
carry away tlml-er off tb   following descrlted
Comn.endng at �� post planted on tin* moth
���Ideol liaiui 1 creek, aboul two mil01 pail ol tne
Canadian Pacific Railway, ami marked "K C,
llooper'i northeail rornert" thenoe weal W
tiiaiiiK Lbence iouth 80 chaini, tlience eul BO
ohalna, tbenoe north so ohalna to the p ace of i>t*
ij��iiiiiiiiE. and eoulalnlng OHiiaoros. moro or lois
Datea tho 90th <iay ol August, 1906.
tt, 0. HOOPBR, Locator,
J. F. l.lMMtllt'i   Agonu
Take iiotltv liial 1 hili'itd in apply tn thi* Chlel
Commissioner of Landi and Works for 1 spfi-ui
iiii iiotocul and 0 rry away timber from the
roiiowiiiu described landi at naif on the Norih
lurs ��>( Kftiii* river, In the dlsirlct of Yale:-
t lommonotng nt�� posl planted IS ohalna iouth
from MeFariaoo creek, maraed "J, 0. Nelson'i
northwest cornor post, thouto 80 chalm iouth;
ihenoe *o obalm eiiali tlienoe BOohaloi nortii;
tlienon 80 ohafm rveai lo place ol beginning.
Looatw Hit- Btb day ">f Augmi, BOB
I. ii   nlUON, No. 1,
t'hurli'S Ktirnell, A|it'i)t.
Tiiko notice thai 1 intend In apply to tbo Hon
arable lha t'hii-f Commluloner ��>i 1 >ui.i> ami
Worku [ >r a ipeclal lleocso looul and carry away
i mWr from iin* foi low liig dcsoHbod landi iltu-
ate on (he North rork of Kettle rlvor, In thedli-
ttlototVale: ,
CQinmonctng al a ppsl marked "George Hun-
roe's southwesi corner post," Hoteg bo chatm
went of ilu* poit marked "I. 0. Nelsnu'i north*
weai oorner posl No .V'tii nco 0 th lOOohaim;
thonce oast 40 oha'm: theuce south 160 ohalmj
th -.' wesi 40 ehalns t�� tbo place of bcglnnlnir,
oontainlng 640 seres, moro or Ipk��.
Located this 18th day ol August, 1006,
Chas Kernel 1. Agent.
Take noiii-i- thai I .iiieiul lo apply to the Hon-
otahle tin' uhlol Commbwloner ol Lands and
Worku for a spoi iai licensetoout and oarry away
timber from tbo following.deserlbod landi, situ-
ats -ii the Norih Kork of Kottlu rlvor, lu the dlitrlel <>( Vale:--
I'oinmeni'ltiK ni 11 pool iiiiirk'il"Agna*'Karni-irH
iionhwi'Kt eorOO |><>-I." anil In-tin.: HU ihalns
north fiom th�� po��i niarkiai "I. tl, Neluon'i
no'rttlWOfl  corner  p Mt   No   II)  tboOCO  M.11M1 Mil
f h* in*-; t inn, ���  easi *> ohaini I '<����� ��� ih *���'
ebalui ihiiitf wi'st hii .'iitiius to the p)aoool
Datod ihU mih day of August, IflOC
aiinkm  FAttNKI.L,
Chan. Famuli, Agent.
WHKRBAfi a petition Iur lieen presented to
tin- Municipal Council ol the Corporation of the
City of Nelaon sinned hy lhe owners of at leant
one-tenth of thu value of the real property in the
-m-1 city ha Hhown by tbe liut revised aSM'sumenl
roll, requesting the xahl I'ouneil to Introduce
"A By-Law 10 raise BW.OCO.00for the purpose ol
��� .im |si.'ii!i * 1 in* <-. in- ii n iii. in of the v. eotrlo i>ight
and I'ower l'lanl now being eoinlnicled bv the
��� ity of Nelson at tbe Upper Bonnington t'ailN,
Kootenay River, British Columbia
ASH WMKKKAH   it   Is   deemed   expedient  to
complete the bleotMo Light ami Power plant.
AND WHKK-AS for the purposes aforesaid it
win he neeeasajy to borrow the t.um ol Fifty
Thousand K.ll.r- (f-"..����ii").iin.l toi sue debenture* of tin* t'lty of Mellon (or the purpoasof
rtisltn; said amount.
AND WBKRSA8 Ihi* whole sinount of the ral-
able land ol the said city, according to the
last revlied Auesenlent Roil, is one million iwo
huudreil nud slxlv-threethou.iandelght hundred
an.1 forty dollars(11,898-840)
AND WIIKKKAH It will be reouisi'e to raise
aiiiiuiily by rate the sum of Four Thouannd One
Bundled ami Seventy Nine Dalle��� ($1,179 0(1) for
paying the laid debt aud Interest.
Now Ihercfore tlie Mniiiciput Council of the
Corporation of tin* City ol* KellOtt enacts as
follows :-
1 -It shall and may be lawful Tor the Mavor of
lhe corporal! tu of the City of Nelson to borrow
u{ton the credit of lhe said Corporation, by way
oi lhe ileheiiiur-s hereinafter mentioned, from
any person or poraona, body or bodies corporate.
Who miy be wllllug to uiiviUHv llie same if a
Ioati, 11 sum of ln.iiii'v noi exceed luv in tho whole
the Mini of Fifly Thou.and Dollars (ttO.00000,1
and to Canse all such sums an raloed or received
t . he paid Into the hands of the Treasurer ol the
said ' orporatloO for lhe rjurpimt- ami with the
object hereinbefore recited
t.���U shall he lawful for the Mayor of the said
Corpora'ion to cause anv number of debentures
to be made, executed and Issued for such sum or
sums as may be re>(Uired for-lhe mirpnse and
nbleet aforesaid, not exceed lug however, the sum
or Kilty Thousand Dollari (BOJoOjOO), eaoh ogthe
latd debentures being of the denomination of
Oue Thousand hollarsffl,tMK>.Oi>)and all such debentures shall be sealed with lhe seal of the Corporation and tlgee-d by the Mayor thereof
B���The said debentures shall bear date the 1st
day of October, IBM, and shall be made pajable
lu "twentv years from the said date in lawful
mono) "i Canada at tbe ofllce of the Bank of
Montreal In Nelson aforesaid, which said plaee
of pnyment shall be designated bv the aald de-
hen hi res, and shall have attached to them coupons for the payment of Interest, mnl the signatures to the Interest coupons may be either
written, stamped, printed or lithographed.
4 -The laid debenture! shall bear Interest at
the rale of .ri per cent, from the dale thereot,
which interest shall Ite payable s. inl-aiinually at
lata office of the Bank of Montreal lu Nelsou
ajoroaald, in lawful money of Canada, on the
lirsl day of April and first day of October respec-
ilvely in each year during the currency thereof;
and it shall be exposed 111 said debentures and
coupons to be so p-yiihle
ft.���ll shall la- lawful (or the Mayor Of Mid Corporation, to negotiate and -ei: the said debentures or auy of them fur less than par, but III 110
case shall tne said debantnrei or any of them be
negotiated or sold for less than  nineiy-llve per
centum of their value including the cost of negotiating an i sale, brokerage and all olher Itn-I
detftal expenses.
0. -There shall he raised and levied IiicmcIi year
during the currency ol sahl ilebculures lhe sum
of Twenty-live Hundred hollar* (l-Vmu) for pay*
mont of interest and ibo sum of sixteen 11 1
red and Be only nine I'olUrs ���.���fl.f.T'J 00} fOT pay
ment ol the said debentures by rate suiiicient
therefore on all lhe ratable laud in Die said
7,-It shall be lawful Ior the said Municipal
Council to repurchase any of the said debentures upon siudi tf nus as may he agreed niton
with   the   legal   holder or   holders thereof or
any part thereof, oilher ,,t the tune of sale or
anv siihsci|Ui-u- lime or liuiCs.iiml all dchculurc*
mi re iiurelinsi'd shall forihwitli be csiieclled and
destroyed and no re-Issue of debentures SO re-
���mrehnscil shall Is* made lu conseiiueiiee of such
ic purchase.
s. This By-Law iball lake effect on or after
the Bth day of September iitt.11.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Street..
Tne Strathcona
NelMra, B.O.
B. Toinkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
I have for Sale the Choicest
Frott Lands in this district.
Host of it siiuute on the West Ann and Main Lake.   See me before yon docide to locato.
S. M. BRYDGES, "*"_$_
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
ol the
Choicest Frott Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Oood   Sample    Roonu.
Queen's Hotel
Biker street, Nelaon. B. ll.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Utrfe end Comfortable Bedroom! and Flntt.
S'l.nss liliiliin Room. Sample Room. Ior (lommer*
Dial Meu.
Mils. K. C. isi.akkk. Proprlotreu
St. Paul,
Port Arthur
Duluth,    Sioox City
The well known
Onr Beer Garden is
the Finest iu the
J. CROW,   -   -   Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Kansas City |5_.}5. St. LouiB |im.00.
Ohiongo *64 00.
On sale August 7-H-ll, September 8-10
Final limit October 81st.
Toronto *,7IU>B.   On sale September 8-9-10
Limit November 30th.
Rates tl and ��1.60 a Day.
Special Kates to Regular Bcarden.
Tlslss By.] sisv tatty lie S'llesl fssr till purpMOl
m the city oi Norton Bloetrlo Lisisi Lsum .���>��� t*w
N.i. 171. HUB.
Done uml pttMoil In Oottboll Assembled tl,In
Septenilier HUK's.
tiiks' Uotlee Hull Miss iilsssve 18 a true ropy ot tlie
proposed ll>-l.asv iipmi wliis-li Hits vole ot tlie
Mniil,i|.Mills will In' taken ill the Oitl lit  Nel-.ui
on Tuesday lho 4th .lay sir BeptomMr.ntot.ls_
Iween tlie hsssirss ssf 11 ss'i'hiek n.ui. ami 7 o'.'lisek
p.m., tlir llie Host Wnrsl at the i' 'il rhalulasr
at the enrner uf t'lelnrln unit .liissephlne HlreetH,
,.ii,l Ior the Wessl Ward ssl Use Board nl Trule
Itnssinsal the enrner nl Vtetorla anil Ki.nls'iisiy
It roots.
city L'lerk.
Nolion, U. ll. Au|Uit >ln live.
A. McDonald & Co.
Denton* in itaple nnd fnucy Grooerlei.
r.uih-r, Kjrjir*.
Cnmpnnd Mint-rt*' SnpplioH.
Cunt met or und
Bnlo ngenl (or the Porto RJpo ttumfier Co., Ltd,,
i.'inii yar.is.  KihikIi hik) dfe*iod lumber, tnrnoa
work nn.I bracket*,- Op��nt iHih ninl Btiliigles,nil)
���Lti* 1 ilt'.'i-.    ri'tm-nt,  lui.'W   Mini  llnit> (or sail'
AiiI.hiiiiII. ��� uriinl.'v.
Ynni wml rectorf I V��rnon St.. eeit ��>[ HhII,
p o. Bog BU. Telephone nn.
West Transfer Co.
Gon.irnl Teamsters ...id Deulers in
Coal and Woo <.    Express and
hagKajie Transfer
Jf.Pfel Office: Baker St.
Milwaukeo $82.20    On Bale August 7-8-9.
Limit October Hist.
Through rates all stations���Ontario,
Quebec, New York, New Kngluud, Maritime ftiovinces on application.
A.!!.!'...,Vans-Oliver. I)...A., Nelsson.
Yale-Kooteoay Ice, Fratt, Fael
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries until', ilnlly throughout Nelsou
and its sllbnrlis. l'hoiio 148
Thorpe. Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
The Last of Eastern
On Sale September 8-JO
Winnipeg 1
St-Panl I  162.50
Dulnth f
Port Arthur      J
Chicago 1114.00
St. Louis 100.00
Final limit October 81st.
On sale September 8-9-10 to Toronto *76 65.
Limit November 80th.
Rates to all other eastern points
on application.
(.Ity I'liNKvi-Kur Agent.
A Cl. P. A., Seattle.
1 '���'
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
For Everything Oood
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, TofcaccM.
Do You Know l'burm-n'j SptcUl Hlxlare?
W. c4. THURMaAN,
ii I
m The Daily Canadian
JDclf galliS    111    Trices tve art offering in Cut Glass?
V_��tf t   -UClcl-SS. o��     Oh a fine Water Sel. bottle and 6 fine
. , ���aaaaa:   c./ G/a-. rirmW.�� at $10.00.
NOTICE���Ws- will send hy express to any part of the s'ouutry,
unci if not found satisfactory, it ono be returned at our oipeuse.
, I**************************
i:Crawford Free Stone!
'The Store of Sweets*'
Peaches .
I       AND
!   Plains
Fruits, Confeitioncry and
Ice Cream.
Phone MS. Baker St.
X Iii large variety are now in J
5 *
X for preserving. J
* ���
X      Buy while quality is      t
* choice. ���
��� :
|BelI Tracing:
* *
'c4 "Tip" for a
'Canadian Morning!
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.        - BAKER ST.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you wanl in huv or _r>ll anything,
bo to Hip Old Curiosity simp. A new
line of Japaneso Qooils now on Bale. All
kinds   of   Dinnerware in   stock.   Pat-
Csir. Ver....11 H111I Wh.'U  Htrosts
,1   l'K_ HL-'sUli, Proprietor.
K Deddulph, Marysvllle'; K J .Merlin'. 1. 11 McPhee, 11 ti MoPhee, Slocan; .1 N Nogrles, T;teiuii;i; I) W Cum-
ruins, Boundary Fulls; K li Howarth,
K.nimby; Miss RbodeSi Vancouver; C
C Snowdon, Montrael; Q ll Malcolm-
son uml wife, Mrs P W lloyt. .\linne-
I  M Anderson, Kaslo; Mr, and Mrs.
Oppeuhelnier, New Orleans;;    M   Op-
penhelmer,  Lumsden;   J  H  Anderson,
11 I Scott, Victoria; T K Shutt, Ottawa; 11 I1 McCraney, Kossland; 'iV I'
Pudge ami wife, La Cross.; H Inula,
Spokane; C II Fair and wife. Qreen*
wood; Mrs W .1 Watson, Deloraine; .1
Qraham, Winnipeg; F A Plugg, Portland.
.1 c Henderson, Winnipeg; Mrs G R
Howard, Carman; J ll Wlnlaw, Wlnlaw; (' Q Price, Rossland; Mrs F
Nash, Regina; (I II llurder, Pilot Hay;
s Qotch, Vancouver.
T Fuller, Vancouver; A B Evans, T
Dolman,  Revelstoke.
E Giuliani, Dldsbury; V Evans, Mas-
iis.iia; .1 Williams,   (i    Watson, Kneh
s Painter,   England;    ll   Cranston,
ii i's.s.par. Prank;  11 li Davis, A A
Davis, Seattle;  A F Peele, Vlrden;   W
l Foley, Spokane; M A Holttnor, Sun-
dun; p I Edlund. Calgary; N McLean,
Revelstoke;   M  Campbell, Arrowhead..
���I McKee, Koch'a SI.ling; 0 Hanson,
Arrowhead; .1 Qoddln ami wife, Maul-
is ba.
J Otlgers, W Trewhetta, Victoria; S
Johns, Morning Mountain; W ll Wal
JWaking Dependable
Fortunate Is Hie storo Unit has the
reputation for dependability For-
tttiinte Is ilu' public thai hnssnoli a
store in its midst. Fortunate conli- -
denoe between it store ami its buying \
Public moans growth This store lias
grown, uml Is growing on jusl Ihese
lines. Nn ambition higher than pus.
leasing yonroonfidonoe- other things
lire In,uni! In rutin,.
We want every trade triinsaeli.ui In
be satisfactory, ami if il |s mil ��,.
want yssu in (ell us abonl il.
If you huve nut bought from us
���and us a trial order.
|joy .Cash Grocery)
iiir.-i..., |.l. ��� i.. ..... i wm 8li,     Phone 1
"The Pringle Co'y"
i m Friday ovening n *l)5 Sewing Machine
wui be given away,
Prions 60o and 7-0, Children _.-������
Seats ui Rutherford's
TIIK KXCLIMV* prlvll.,. ,��� ,���    ���,    h.
'"���'">' Iienrljirtinundidurlni Use .�� I
1    l-ssir. Boptcuitwr mai af  No M.irin,,.,,.   ,���,,,,
""""���"I    Tliel.ll I... ��... un.l,., ,,.��� ,,:.'.I
'"��) �� P��d,   .1 rami heqiie i���r i,,n
!    ��i"...un rn. panye.eli tender   id.reii
.. , " C, McMobbm, Seor-tarr
I NelKinAgrleiilturalsnd lrnluiirl.il AwSbtlon
N.-lsusll, II .'   In,,,:,i ,;, r���;
'"';!���'    \*  r""'"K'��l's-Mlllisll.llll����ll������l
w.��n.rc��i,sdi.r0r��ur' "h">' "��� "��� �����
Willi l'l;i'.MIi:i;TVI'KWI!l'l'Kltl���rr.un���r��iil,.
*>PPlyO.___aclir_r Store, W.H. Smith.
Gait Coal
funny *>ii 'hhIi
TslaptiotiH iBA Hsfcor Street
K.Sf.,Sro_P��� 'a''  ,N"i"" "IM" ' "' """"'
**������ |t[ 11 ii uii- In.  -Ii'inh i; urn Ik nr I ruii.iiiilv      ...
60 MKN  ���t ���i,,,., |���r ������rk ,��� ,|���, wood,   A    ,
lo Vf, K. Cooke, sawnlll, Kulo,
l.lI'VSTKN.SS.IIAPHKItliirp,,,,,,,,,, |��� ,,,���������.���
uSVsfflx^"""""' *���"'">'
I XI'KJIIKXrHli  IllMXii   room OIItl7   Api.ly
Hsili-viiii Ilu Spring.. _. 0. " "
KMM.li. UKNT ,���, fruit neiil, l,v ysssuu, Jnlwu-
eee end hla wile,  Apply Suiinytliio lloiei '
''sil.l.'if;.V"':,ls ',|',,l> '"J"'"' Bi,r"��.s"i'��"mi
N'elson anu Rossland Junior Baseball
chilis are playing on the roe rent ion
grounds this afternoon.
This afternoon will probably lie the
last merchants' half-holiday of the
year. Business Is too brisk to permit
of a general closing any longer.
The Rossland Cricket club will play
an aid-day match in Nelson next Monday. They will he given (gratis! a
luncheon at the Strathcona by tbe
N'elson cricketers.
The funeral of the Infant daughter
of Mf. and Mrs. W, A. Tlitirnian took
plaee this afternoon at 8:80, Rev. it.
N.   Powell     enhdiK'ilnK    the     service
Many friends att-dd-d.
deorjre Anderson, the escaped prls'
oner from tne Nelson provincial eaol,
wns recaptured by fluard 1. Hardy
lasi nluht near the boundary line nl
u'aneia. and is auraln in custody, lie
will he tried fnr his escape and also
for tbe theft of clothing and blankets
.1. A. McKay, engineer on llie flrainl
Trunk, who wns kllleil while on duty,
runnlu'T oul of St. Thomas, Ont., on
Aim. i'i. wus n brother-in-law ssf w
.1. Phillips, assistant chief of tho N.-i
sun fire ileiiartint'iil siiisl a brother of
Mrs. W. McQueen, wlfs. ssf Rossland's
city clerk.
Police  Court.
Mayisr (lillell was acting magistrate
(hiss morning ami disposed nf three
cases, at a total profit to His' city uf
Two musicians were fined Jiii each.
An occasional visitor in tip. city also
appeared. He is Inoffensive when sn
ber hut when under the Influence he
has a mania fssr following women,
which he indulged lust night. He did
inn molest any one hut caused annoyance lo several.
He was fined }1U ami costs with the
option of 30 days. His friends paid
the fine.
Mining  Records.
Two locations were recorded in the
Nelson mining office today.
S. Thomas', as agenl for A. Clio-
ijuelte .recorded the Prospero, and for
himself the Ked Mountain, both located sm August 23, on the easi slope of
Tin Mile creek, near its head.
Price   of   Metals.
New York. Aug. ;I0.���Silver, 86%c;
copper, Inc;  lead, $6.75,
London. Aug. 30.���Silver, 30'��d:
lead.   ��17 10s;  zinc,   .��27 Ss.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���On time.
Slocan   train���On  time.
Coast. Boundary and  Kossland  train
-On  time.
Two Imperial Ukases.
St. Petersburg, Aug. III).���An imper-
rial ukase issued today authorizes the
minister of finance to issue $26,000,-
1100 ln 4 per cent rentes to cover the
expenses df the relief of the districts
affected by the failure of the crops.
Another ukase prolongs martial law
where it has already been enforced for
another year.
Steamship Arrivals.
Cape Race, N. I-'.. Aug. 30.���The
sleamer Columbia trom Olasgow and
Movlllo fur New York, was in communication by wireless wiih the Marconi station here when ]_() miles easl
nf Ihis purl al <; u. m.
The Store of Quality
Now is tin- time (n buy peaoilflfl for
preserving. They are at their
best uow and the price is nn low
;;- it will be
We have a fresh Stock of .ieliHi u��
Bartlett penm on band.
POR JKI.I.V. We huve received
the \vhi'ler;|ii|inierit fnuii OU�� iiuui
mnl eiiu Supply .viiur WflOlfl in
Ihis line.
An' nniiiiu. iti now in good condition.    They wou't lust h>n;r.
We(il*.h*iv.. fresh
Cnnt'-'loupttM       Ripe TomfitooM.
Hiimuwis Wiiuriuwioiis
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. 0; llloek . Phone 10
IVlinleialo and Relnll Dealer. In
Fresh and Salted Meats
(.'limps supplied ou shortest noiiee uml
lowest price. Ni.tliiii��r hut fresh nnil
wholesome meats nnd supples kept in stock
Mail orders n-eeive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Maoag-r.
 ---��� niisiii       ""      m~"m      "   '   '
Lest Ye Forget I
Our Pure Maple
Syrup Is Going Fast
It is bottled tight aud will keep.   Lay in
a supply before its too lute.
Quart Jars   -   70c
1-2 Gal. Jars $135
Leave Your Order With Me For
Cherries and
Now, as tho season is closing, snd I will
see that your order Is filled wllh tbe
best fruit to be hod at the lowest market price.
Hazlewood Ice Cream
C* A* Benedict1 c u QU AWFY
Comer  allien   mill   .Innelllllni.   His \J* k *.  kJ 1~*A\  M.M.   liJ   *
Corner Silica sin! Josephine His
��� ���IIO.NI-:  7.
The wills-spread and ever Increasing
cuBtom ui sending picture postal
cards is often Bpokeu ol as "n fad."
Hut that's a, mistake. The Picture
Costal Card has become popular be
cauBe it answers a  practical  purpose,
and for thai    reason ii line        to
stay, ^iini lis use will become more
and more general as time goes un.
ONE REASON why il lias appealed
so strongly to people tlie world over
is thai it furnishes a convenlenl
means or Bending a word of greeting
to friends without having lis write
letters when for oik. reason or aunth-
er letter writing Is Inconvenient
We carry one of the largest and
finest assortments of Picture Postal
Cards in British Columbia, including
a beautiful selection of local view
W. G. Thomson
_?&._!&? "��d  Nelson, B. C.
IMinn.  ,.4.
Get  F0R Sept.
Busy    First
Select Your Requirements early for (house
See Our Window
Nelson Hardware Co.
Sportsmen's Headquarters,
PICON]���; la.       NEJ.HON, B. O.
We are
Receiving daily
Plums, Peaches
Crab Apples.
As it is nesir preserving time we wonld
advise you tn leave your order
with us.
Telephone 101.
Suspension   of   Hostilities.
Constantinople, Aug. '.ui���A Turko*
Bulgarian commission hnn been appointed io delimit Hie portion or the
frontier of the vtllayet of Adrlanopie
which Ik In dlspul 0 anil which  l.il to
ii somewhat sharp right recently between the Hoi.iierH guarding the Bulgarian post ai SiiiI ii j uk and the guard
on  duty  at   (he  TurkIkIi   post   of  Der-
pish MogJla. Turitleb and Bulgarian
troops have been confronting one another Trom these points, where tho>
are specially DCOUpled after a fight,
hut a suspension of liuHlilltieH has
heen agreed upon pendiuK an investigation.    The deficiencies in tho ar*
Phone 206.
$10 Down
$10 Pet Month
will purchase to acres of
splendid fruit laud which
will double in value in a
tew months.
Are you grasping the
present opportunities?
Ou iI/j if (Us
\wlkt/;i IN dmiiuy spirits in dtllott
fkymd'ilk bliiic/dri,tiK-Bt m r.iiftcdii,
that thfl 'Irink* n.-rv-.l fttourfloda Koiiulatu
liit'i   i..in.   prnpertlM LwtMCi   rt'frenliltjK r
We uie on I j r.-Hi (nut lyrupi <.f Lb lfi out
t)iiHhty       K.iutiinin. counter. ,-,,,-.,.- nn :
rt"j't'|itin*lf*  nn   krpi   r-cnipulduily clt'an
Baker Street) hettou. B. 0,
Mountain Wild
Flowers of
By Julia W. HenshaK
\ almple and popular guide to tho
names and deaoiiptlons ��f Ihu flnw-
crs that bloom above the cloud.."
a iiimii for every teacher, school and
private library, nml every lover of
our wild  flowers,
Price $2.75
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
tlllory of the seoond Turkish army
corps, whose headquarters are al \ihi
anople are being remedied by the iii��
palish there nf ten batteries nf new
Krupp quick-firing guns,
3500 New Members *
ivailili'iltothi. MASON
RI80H PIANO faintly
eiit'li year.
Wu wimt ymi In join the family,
We will accept you oi h.v tennis, uml guarantee you will never ha nn.
for 1.11%-1.i(_��� joined us. '
Cull nnd gel particular, of our e igy payment ayulim.
Mason k Risch Piano Co., Ltd.
Offimi Hiiiiin��,
HailMiii liny Block,
Nisinsissi.i furniture-.!
One EyeaU Timd
Pat's the way w ���
llHUIllly   the ,.V(.�� Ji,'   .
glass wh.eh rait, ouVh,inL1\,*;i
and ultimately !K,th _ufr"r      �� 1
We use modern an_i'i---_
greatest care to avoid ,3' ��**
would hurt your sy�� and���, ^
T��sl��phone aaa.
J. ]. WALKER, mmm
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Bheetmetal Work, i:a��titigs, BnQdatt' Material anil MinitiK and Mill Mwlii
< Iffloe anil Worku I'W of Park St.
      IN��l-.i���, |, -
Mk.iio   Ji.-l.
&n Kootenay Agmti
^^���t        Limited. Winnipeg,
WlinlcMiuu   I *i*o\i��ioii>i.
I 'roducc,
Odiiiininii (.itvi-nitiitiit Onamanr pne-Poond Briok! reoelTad wMklrfaal
from tbe ''Imrii.   Por wilt; by nil loading grooeni,
O Hi re und wnrcliouw: Hoiihton Hlot'k,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B. C.
Don't Forget
ll your furnace In ��hape to itart the winter with?    If  not, m
Is the time to have it repaired.
I. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd
PLEASE NOTE���We will not be responsible for any furnace not bill*
by Oetober 1st, 190fi.
B.  A.   ISAAC
u.p...rt>ssi{ and Jobbing axaautad wil ti I iMpateh. -si.cu. m��ui (
Wurk,Mli,l.._i.iu| Mill .Mi._hbi.rv.      Miliiii((.cli.r��.'��..l
Ore  Ohi-sh.   R,   I..   C< >.<( nt_t..rn-   Ci.r��,
Maryland Casualty Co.
Which issues policies for the following:
Accident, Health, or combination of the two.
Plate Class Insurance.
Burglary or Theft.    Steam Boiler Explosion.
McDermid & McHardy
IllSt Arrived! A .wgesWpment.fi
i. * I lart, Sel.affier & Marx's |
Luteal I'm torus, Luteal Styles, uml All Goods Uiuininu	
and dealers in Lumberm Smiigles-
Lath, Mouldlnsrs, Doors, Windows.
-l-urnod Work and llrockcU. Mi.il Otcitat proniptly sttra*"*
 VKWNON gTRBBT  .   .   .   INBUSON' I*. C. 	
Our stiH'k of HANI)   8AW8 is  very  ninil'''''1''
laolndlng grades to suit uii requtremeiits,
If you wish it low prloed mw wu unit supply y1"   "'
also oarry tlm i��'st i|uiiiitiisK ���Uuiii by
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y* ^
. _y23Ss!*ls^ .. ..'_-i
^mh.���iii i''--sT;


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