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The Daily Canadian Aug 27, 1907

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Array ���Sthe
,U'MH   2.      NO.   7*2.
Fiptt Cents a Montb
lid. Annable Proposes
Frontage Tax
iitcrs Discussed at Last Night's
Council Meeting���School
Debentures Unsold.
against getting on or off the cars whllo
In motion.
Aid McMnrria also asked lhat over-
liaiiK-ini; brush In* removed from streeta.
.Md. Amiable suggested that a frontage tux to meet tin* cost of street cleaning, conciel.* Hid.-walks and boulevards
Im* coiiHld.-n-d.
Aid. McMorris was told that effort!
wore b< ln^ continued to sell the school
debentures. Inquiries are still being received but no dellnlte offers.
The city iiay roll for August was
passed, and the council adjourned to
Sept. 9th.
i    (ha   ,*lty     euuncll     sal   for
(ar], two hours last night the matters
all  ��ill.   were  not   ol   lirst   class   Im
I . The   agreement   with   J.   W.
title,. !>*r ��tree numbering was iwis-
and iii.   council agreed   lo   pay for
I work.   BeYeral minor improvements
*,,.,.in.-i.il.-il 0>  the city engineer were
(two Important suhjecta were broach
bm uu definite action was taken on
cr.    Tbe   preservation   of   the   city
rl Is a matter ot urgent Importance
must I*.*   |.i"vHlcd  for  aoon.     Aid.
knables suggestion  that a  campaign
Y city Improvement*,  Including  clean
ol streets, concrete  or  granolithic
ewalks and boulevards, by means ot
|nds   raised   by   a   frontage   tax,,   la
irthy oi even  attantton and will cer*
aly be raised again and more deftu-
".council mat last night at S>
ek. li* i were preBent Alder
Selous, Amiable, McMorris, Irving
Bo* Aid BelOtn waa elected to
i chair. The minutes were read an.l
Jlie city engine, r ro|K>rted reeom
hid I nc drawing iilt.'ntlon of tho pro
f authorities to the fact lhat the
Id.Tson creek flume had broken.
itentoj    property;      that    suriae.
fining  t."  employed  near  the  Uurus
ck; that  the  north   wall of  the  lire
be repaired,  and   that   the   linker
vet  bridge  be   partly   filled   In      The
un was adopted  with  a  few  amend-
lata, the tilling In ol the Haker street
Itk.- being  leU to the city   engine.*r
jdo as circumstances permit.
.alon from  the  nortlieast  end
! th** c;t>   was  present.   W. Culler  as
pk-atm&n, ask.*d for the opening of a
ad and a side walk up Cedar to Latt*
���tnel li. explained that a road
Jmerl] used by iheni was now Bold
|d nu lunger available.
Th. request was referred to the city
felneei fur a rejiort.
polin  Hums,    on     behalf of  Charles
int. asked that th.- earth be removed
Jrni in front of his property on the
|rn. r of Victoria and Josephine streets,
p-merly Tom   Ward's   residence.    The
quest was not granted.
IIA request ror a sidewalk on the east
uf llcntlryx street   from  Silica to
^rhouate. was referred to the board ol
|A numerously  signed petition  asked
pit the city pay for the street  number
Mr    llug-hes,   the   agent   or   the
blladelphla system, explained  that he
'd met with n general refusal to ac
iPt without a guarantee that Uu* work
jhuld he llulshed. which he could not
I Aid McMorris moved, ueconded by
Bow, that the petition be granted
Alderman Irving and Selou�� opposed
lotion, but It waa carried by the
uf Aldermen Annable. McMorris
W Hose, the mayor having arrived un.l
Men the chair.
'In- subject of repairs lo the city
""*' wns tiien illseussed but tho mayor
���ail nu dellnlte report
AM    Rose     referred     to   the   council
r' m the  flnance    commltteo     several
some  of  which   were  connected
. '���> lhe building of tho 20.0110 club of
Others, of Irauafer company nc
lounts. were considered excessive  and
M   to   the  adoption   of   a   motion   In
���TOCtlng the city clerk to conault the
W  ���ottOttot as to the clty'a  right  to
KUIate cab farea.
A letter from the city medical health
'*����� drew   atlentlon   to   an   offensive
ewer al tin, r,,ar ���. ���10 Nt) p,ftc(,
F. A Smith, city electrician, hag prepared hlB estimate of the coat of construction of an electric light and telephone line to Procter to serve the residents of Ihe shores of the Arm. It has
been given roughly to the Fruit Grow
era' Association, the body representing
those chiefly Interested. Copies were
laid on the table at the counsel meeting
last night, hut consideration was de-
I. i r.*d owing to the abBence of Aid.
Hume  who bad  asked  fur the estimate.
The estimate of Mr. Smith is aB fol-
r,u miles lelephune wire at 4c $ 4G4.O0
30 miles aluminum wire.... 3.000.00
75  miles copper wire at 30c.       6,940.00
876 cross arms at Hoc  525.00
6.600 Insulators at 7c  462.00
6,600 pins at 3c  I'.is.imi
1.S00 braceB at 23c  360 00
1.800 bolls al 1V4C  27.00
'.100   lags  16.00
I  transformers at t&OO        1,600.00
Linemen, 3 men for DO days.
at   $4.00  600.00
Laborers. 50 davB at 13.00... 150.00
Total      113.242.00
Approximate cost of building line to
Procter, without poles or pile setting,
supplying 2.200 volts.
F. A. SMITH. E. E..
City of Nelson.
Priioner   in    Nelson    Gaol    Leaves    for
England   in   Charge  of   Dominion
Immigration  Officer.
British Department's New
Lord  Elgin, Secretary of State for
Colonies. Explains System���One
Office for Dominions.
��� *1|L|,      -BUIOOJ    O3UJ0    JO    BaJOOB    HI!    HUM
engineers say the total weight of steel
and masonry ln the tower la 18,366 tons,
while nearly 10,000 tons of steel has
been used In the frame work. Eighteen
elevators will carry the 2,500 tenants
to their offices. Fifteen hundreed incandescent lights sufficient, the engineers say to light a town of 2,500 inhabitants will illuminate the rooms and
hallways fd\r late workers. Fifteen
miles of pipe will be required for steam
and water purposes. An Immense copper
lantern will form the pinnacle of the
building from which at night a powerful search light will flash forth, furnishing a beacon to mariners and will be
visible for many miles.
The first case of deportation of an
undesirable under the Canadian Immigration law as lately ameuded occurred
in Nelson this mornlug.
Thomas KobliiBon. a comparatively
Joans man. and a South African veteran, sailed from Liverpool for Canada
early Uist March, and came straight to
Cranbrook. There he received employment In a restaurant. Iu a few days he
was arrested on a charge of Btealing
I1S0, was OonTtOted and sentenced lo
six months in the provincial gaol al
\. laon, bis term beginning on March
The Immigration department was Immediately notified. Koblnson'B record
was Investigated and It was found that
he had served two terms of Imprisonment for similar offencea in Kngland
Hy Ihe remission of one month from
hiB term for good conduct In prison
ltobinson was entitled to his release
this morning
William 11. Hoss. of Winnipeg. Domln
Ion Immigration officer, arrived In the
city several days ago. and left this
in* ruing on the Crow boat with Robin
son In chnrge lie will be eBCorted lo
Montreal nnd from there deported back
to Liverpool at the expense of the
steamship company which brought him
lo Canada.
On his way east Mr. Hosb will gather
up many more undesirables for depor
latlon. While In Nelson he staled lhat
there nre about 150 of the class referred to suffering terms of Imprison
ment. at the expiration of which they
will be shipped hack lo the countries
whence they came Hublnsnn. however,
his the distinction of being the flrst to
go under such uusplces.
Mr. Hoss states tliat preparations
have been made for vigoroiiB enforce
ment of thi law against criminals, the
profoBslonally vicious, and also against
those who seem likely, II allowed to remain, to become a permanent charge
upon the public of any Canadian com
London. Aug. 27.���In the House of
Lords today Lord Elgin announced that
it is proposed to divide the colonial
office into three departments instead of
four, aa now: one to be the Dominion
department, exclusively for business of
self-governing colonies; tbe second for
crown colonies; the third for legal, financial and general business, the last
to have seven assistant under-secre-
tarles of state. Lucas is bead. For
duties ariBlng out of the work of the
Imperial conference. Mr. Just, Joint
secretary of the late conference will be
In connection with the colonial office
reorganization. Lord Elgin pointed out
that Mr. Lucas has written works of
merit on colonial, especially Canadian,
history. It Ib certain the task of recommending the new department to brethren beyond the Beas. could safely be
trusted to blm. Lord Elgin emphasized
the fact that the civil service was open
to all fellow-subjects who chose to qualify themselves. The colonial offlce is
only too happy to give these a glad welcome, and added that the conference
limited him deflnltely. The line of advance to be pursued carried out the
mandate folly, without reset-re. though
not without sympathy for those who
thought there were more advanced
iHists. which might be occupied at sunn
future time. He thought they had taken possession of the most advanced
postB they could safely occupy now.
Changes In Ontario Ministry Follow Re
tlrement of Foy.
Ottawa's Chateau Laurler.
Ottawa, Aug. 27.���As a reBult of the
conference yesterday with Sir Wilfrid,
Mr. C. M. Hays and W. Wainwrlght, of
the Grand Trunk, and D. McNicoll, C.
P. Driukwater and A. R. Creelman, K.
C, of the C. P. R.. arangements were
practically completed for the ecection
ot a million dollar station and hotel,
later to fact Major IHU Park and connect with the station by underground
passages. The Grand Trunk authorities
have decided to name the hotel Chateau
Laarier, ln honor of Sir Wilfrid.
Toronto. Aug. 27���There Is a rumor
that Attorney General Foy will retire
from the Whitney government, lhat W
J Hanna will become attorney general
and J. P. Downey, of Guelph. will auc
ceed him as provincial secretary.
Joseph P. Downey was In Nelson early this year visiting his bro^ier-ln-law.
T. McAstocker. and made the acquaint
ance of many Nclsonltes. He Is admit
ledly one of the most brilliant speakers
In the Ontario legislature, and Is recog
nlzed in his native province as a public
man of great  promise.
Monstroui  Building  In  New  York Will
Overtop   all    Other*.
Thieve. Abstracted Three Money Bags
From  United  States Mails
Near Omaha-
Omaha. Neb.,  Aug.  27.���The  biggest
robbery of tbe United States malls ever
pulled off occurred between Denver and
Omaha   last     Thursday     night,   when
three  through   registered  pouches, two
of   which    contained     $250,000,     were
stolen   from   tbe    liuiiington    Railroad
fast mall train between Denver and Chicago.     Although the   robbery   occurred
on Thursday nigbt, the news only leaked t ut today.
Today every postal inspector��sd secret service man in the entire -vest Is
working on the case.
Thursday night seven through registered pouches were sent from the Denver poBt-offlce to the depot for the Burlington fast mail train. These were
receipted for by the mall clerk. When
the train reached M'Cook, Neb., lt was
found tbat three of the pouches were
missing. One of the missing pouches
was destined to Omaha, another to Chicago, and the third was empty for Lincoln. Tbe shipment Is said to aggregate more than $260,000.
As soon as the loss was discovered
the inspectors were notified and a
search begun. Yesterday a dozen se
cret service men, who were ln Omaha,
were working on the case. The mall
crew handling tbe missing pouches
were examined but exonerated themselves.
lt Ib the opinion of the Inspectors
that the mall employee ln collusion
with the thieves simply dropped the
mlBBlng sacks when they were being
transferred from the wagons to the
train, got on the opposite side and
sneak.-d away with the mall sacks. The
last trains leave Denver at night aud ln
the darknesB they could easily escape
with their booty. It ls the biggest robbery the United Slates mall has ever
Nationalist Member Is
North   Lorgford   Enjoys   Exciting
Times���Militant Sinn Fein at
War with Old Party.
Longford, Ireland, Aug. 27.���James P.
Farrell. IriBh Nationalist member of
parliament for North Longford, and
forty others, were arrested early today
and are now being tried by a special
court conveney for the purpose, on the
charge of taking part in "An unlawful
assemblage, likely to cause a riot."
Mr. Farrell has been holding meetings throughout his constituency, at
which exciting scenes occurred between
Nationalists and members of the Sinn
Fein society. In addition many cattle
have been driven from the grazing lands
districts, which the prosecution alleges
waa encouraged by Mr. Farrell and
other sneakers. Large forces of police
are being dispatched here, trouble being
Kr. Farrell Is the editor and proprietor of the Longford Leader, a Nation
allst newspaper circulating ln tbe coun
ties of Longford, Westmeat, Roscommon and Leitrim, and ls the author ol
"A History of the County of Longford.'
At the general election of 1900 Mr. Farrell was returned unopposed from North
Longford, succeeding Justin McCarthy
who resigned.
Dublin, Aug. 27.���Tonight's Issue of
the official Gazette will contain procla
mations by tbe lord lieutenant-in-coun-
cil declaring that certain counties and
districts are in a state ot disturbance,
and empowering tbe lord lieutenant to
order extra forces of police to those
parts of the country.
fore Police Magistrate Criiikshank this
morning, but were remanded until
Thursday, August 29.
Valleyfield, Aug. 27.���The strike of
Montreal cotton mill employees Ib over.
After being out on a "holiday" for
seven days the twenty-five hundred employees returned to work this morning
at the company's conditions. The looms
are clattering today Just as busily as
ever, the spinners are hard at work
and tbe town has once again assumed
its wonted appearance.
Chatham, Aug. 27.���Charlie Lee, -"j
local Chink, last year won a lawaui
against a rival who later disappeared.
Lee has Just received news from China
that a band of pirates massacred his
parents, their children and grand children, in fact wiped out the entire family.
This he believes Is because of bis being
a former member of a rival Tong, which
in thlB manner revenged Itself for being
beateu in the local courts.
Another Attempt To
Old Disputes
Goderich, Aug. 27.���The opening of
the Guelph and Goderich branch ot the
C. P. R. took place yesterday.
mutter was  referred  to tn.
���tJ engineo..
e',"r! Tf "���""���'"'���"���K 1-ylaw. and lb,
.'"of tho elecirleal engineer on th.
> ���� electric light and lelepl,,,,,,
Al',   u       >r W"U U'ri *-"���"-*���'���
*-'<*�� on tho street cars warnlni*
Long on Prayers.
SI.     lVtersburi;.     Aug.   27.���In   tele-
grui'hliiK    congralulatlouB    to    Premier
Sliilypln, on the anniversary of the attempt lo blow  up tho villa of the pre
niii-r with b bs, the czar said "1 offer
a thankful prayer to God who saved
your life, thai He may crown your work
with succesa."
Improved New Service.
A   local     train     from   Vnncouver   lo
Kan-doom may he placed in operation
hy Ihe C. P. U. during the coining winter when the double transcontinental
express service Ib dlBeonlliiiied. The
service would be dally oach way.
New York, Aug. 26���Piercing the
skyline of New York, far above all the
other Bky scrapers of the down town
dlBtrlct, Ihe lofly Singer building, near
Ing comp'etlon, will within the coming
week exceed in height the Washington
monument whose Bolld shaft of granite
rlaeB 565 feet above the ground. When
ihe Btructural Bteel workers riveted
home the last Bteel beams Saturday before ending their day's work, the Bteel
frame of thirty-six doors of the build-
Ingbad been completed. Eleven more
stories remain to be built and when the
towering pile of Bteel and masonry Ib
llnlshed lt will be 47 stories high and
012 feet from the sidewalk on Broadway
to the plnacle. This glanl Bky scrais-r
will be the highest occupied building In
the world and will overtop all other existing structures except the ElfTel tower
In Paris. When completed a lime hall
will drop every hour from a pole on
top of the building and at night the
falling hour globe will be Illuminated
by three lights which will play upon It
constantly. The foundation of this colossal building Ib set In Bolld bedrock 90
feet below the levol of the sidewalk. On
the bedrock were built cnlBsons of cement. A heavy steel body laid over the
calsBons forniB Ihe underbody of the
structure, 14 floors of which comprises
tho main Boctton of the building, from
which rises the tower   of   47 stories
K. of P.
The Knight of Pythias will meet ln
their hall tonight at 8 o'clock. VlBltlng
members arc Invited to attend.
Not a Hard Guess.
Rome, Aug. 27���It it stated that the
pope will hold a consistory ln the autumn to confer the red hat on several
Italian and foreign hlBhopa.
Uiantford, Aug 27.���William J. Nobel
was killed near Brantford yesterday. He
working on the electric line, slipped
and touched two live wires.
Caledonia. Aug. 27.���Walter Whltlaw,
employed by Jno. Barrington, a farmer,
committed suicide yesterday by hanging himself ln his employer's barn.
Toronto, Aug. 27.���Rev. Dr. Ralph
Breckin, formerly one of tbe best known
Methodist ministers of the Maritime
provinces, died in the general hospital
here yesterday.
hi\vMBt Howard, Representing
Br> -   '"-opens Canadian-Amer-
n Questions.
Brockvllle, Aug. 27.���In the death of
Rev. Dr. Cromble at Smith's Falls there
passed away a man who for nearly two
score years had filled a large and influential place in the social and religious life of the locality. On March 4th,
1869, be was Inducted to the charge of
what was then called the Union (Presbyterian) church, now St. Paul's, and
continued as pastor until 1887, when he
resigned. Fifty-two years ago, af the
age of 24, he was ordained. By the
people of Smith FallB he was greatly
beloved. Dr. Cromble was a bachelor,
and a native of Scotland.
New Ministers Will Be Sworn in Before
Names Ar* Announced���No Chance
for Sifton.
Ottawa. Aug. 27.���There will be no
official announcement of tbe cabinet appointments until they have been made
and tbe new ministers sworn ln officially. The belief in reliable circles is that
as soon as Earl Grey returns from Toronto on Thursday or Friday, Sir Wilfrid will be able to present to him tbe
names of his two new colleagues which,
according to the most reliable inform a-
tion obtainable, wtll be Hon. G. P.
Graham, minister of public worka, and
Hon. Wm. Pugsley as minister of railways. The name of Hon. Clifford Sifton has been mentioned as a likely
minister, but he is so engrossed in
business matters tbat there ls little
likelihood. It Is said, of his re-entering
the cabinet at present.
Himself und Gott.
Berlin, Aug. 27.���Emperor William
In address replying to an address of
welcome by the Burgomstmer of Hanover yesterday, said in part: "We have
to thank the gracious dispensation of
Heaven and also the swords of our
trusty troops that it has been possible
to maintain peace bo long."
Wagon's Owner Arrested?
Hanover. PntBsla, Aug. 27.���Crown
Prince William, while riding ln an automobile near Brunswick today, collided
with an empty wagon, slightly damaging the prince's car. No one, however, was hurt.
Port Arthur. Aug. 27.���Engineer John
Chapman, aged 58 years, employed for
the past twenty-live years on the tug
Hector, was accidentally drowned yesterday  afternoon.
Many Complaints.
Washington .Aug. 27.���More than 100
complaints were filed with the Interstate commerce commission today, asking reparation from various railroads
in the southeastern territory on account
of the yellow pine decision of the supreme court of the United Slates. Under
the law It ls necessary that the claims
shall be filed within a year of the time
the rate law became effective. This
year, It ls generally said, will expire
Turk  In   New   Role.
Constantinople. Aug. 27.���The Persian
legation, having protested against the
continued occupation of Persian territory by Turkish troops nnd the atrocities committed by Kurds In the disputed
frontier districts, tho Porte has decided
to send a commission to the frontle.*
with Instt-uctlonB to make an enquiry
conjointly with Persian delegates, and
to order the withdrawal of the Turks
immediately If lt Is found that they are
on Peralan territory. The decision
seems to promise a satisfactory solution of the difficulty.
Port Arthur, Aug. 27.���The largest
local deal ln many years was put
through yesterday when K. Ringer disposed of ull hlB interests In the Pigeon
Klver Lumber company.
Toronto, Aug. 27.���Parham village
was saved from destruction by bush
fires by rain yesterday. The people had
fought the fire Continuously for forty-
eight hours and were exhausted.
Toronto, Aug. 27.���The Toronto exhibition was opened this afternoon by-
Earl Grey, who pressed the button aud
set the machinery in motion. Heavy
rain interfered somewhat with the proceedings.
Montreal, Aug. 27.���Hon. Esme Howard,  one of tbe chiefs   of   the   British
embassy at Washington, is in Montreal
on  a  visit  to  Canada which Is  understood to be partly diplomatic or official
and partly social.    He was met by Sir
Charles    Fltzpatrick,    administrator of
the government.    It was stated that Mr.
Howard would  remain here for a day
or two  and then  go  to Ottawa where
he will confer with   the   members  and
leading officials of the government on
tbe questions which are now the subject    of    negotiations    between    Great
Britain. Canada and the United States.
The    negotiations,    which it ls understood, were formally opened by Secretary  Root and  assumed  more  definite
shape during the visit to Ottawa of Hon.
J lines   Bryce,   were   interrupted   while
the prime minister was absent at the
colonial conference.    They  will be resumed again practically at once.    Mr.
Howard's services are said to be in a
sense    Intermediary    between tbe embassy and tbe Canadian government ln
any agreement that may be reached between Oreat    Britain    and the United
States concerning the various questions,
commerical.    military    and    industrial
which are at Issue.
ft. A. Matches.
Not   in
Learned Easily.
London, Aug. 27.���The members of
the United StateB immigration commission, of which Wm. Dillingham, of Vermont, is the head, after spending a few
days ln England, most of the time
sight seeing and gathering data regarding the working of the new English
alien Immigration law, today went to
Liverpool, when they sail for New York,
August 29th.
Toronto, Aug. 27.���The Port Stanley
Elevator company, with a capital of
$100,000, has been Incorporated aud will
erect elevatora at Winnipeg. Fort William and other places aB well as materially enlarging the present elevators at
Port Stanley. Their purpose Is to
handle all the grain for Erie mills.
Fort Erie. Aug. 27.���The nine book
makers doing business at the Fort Erie
race track against whom Information
was laid before Chief Mains, of Niagara
Falls, charging them wllh keeping a
common gambling house, appeared bo-
All tha Big Powers.
Rio de Janeiro, Aug. 27.���It Is officially announced here that Belgium,
Switserland, Roumanla, Greece, Denmark, Servla, China. Persia. Chill, Colombia. Bolivia. Ecuador, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruaguay will support the
Brazilllan proposition regarding the organization of the International high
court of Justice.
Incident of Strike.
Chicago, Aug. 27.���The telegraphers'
strike developed another pathetic feature last night. George E.Purtlngton.
81 years old, for half a century Identified with the business and religious
life of Chicago, lies dead ln his residence, while his daughter, one of two
Burvlvlng children, ls enjoying herself
ln Northern Michigan with tbe possibility of not knowing of her father's
death for several days, beoause of the
wire tie up. Her relalIvesndlspatchi d
a letter, trusting for a spee^r delivery.
Mr. Purtington dropped dead of heart
disease yesterday ln bis home.
Ottawa, Aug. 27.���Shooting conditions
at tbe D. A . R. matches were splendid
today when tbe Dominion match was
tbe first on the programme. The first
was Private 8. Rowe, 46th. with 68, and
next Private Molton, Australia, with 67.
Private W. Nicol. 13th, won the running
competition of 15 for each individual
day's score.
The first possible ln the Gibson match
was that of Sergt. Major Dimood, R.
C. R., now quartered at Ottawa. The
men from all over are holding their
own, but tbe men from British Columbia are so tar not showing up to their
About Forty 8pecies of Trees Likely to
Be Heard of.
Quiet at the Porta.
Paris, Aug. 27.���Vice Admiral Phlll-
bert cables from Casablanca, under yeB-
teiday'a date, tbat all the Moroccan
ports remain calm, that there haa been
no further flghtln at Casablanca, and
that the French scouting parties are not
encountering any resistance.
There are about forty species of trees
in the West Indies, says the United
States Consular and Trade Reports,
which are likely to be heard ot ln the
future. Yet few of the West Indian
woods, other than mahogany, cedar fustic and logwood are of much commercial Importance ln the United States
nnd Canada, seems practicable ln tbe
West Indies. It ls very expensive to
haul timber from the forests to the
coasts, and it ls not possible to use
river transport , because many of the
timbers are too heavy to float. Another
obstacle Is to be found In the fact that
the forests ln the West Indies do not
have one or two useful species, such as
ls tbe case with tbe forests of the northwestern States. As a rule the Individuals of any one useful species generally
exist ln an isolated state, closely surrounded by single trees of many other
species, perhaps moro or less useless.
Such conditions stand ln the way ot
steady supply of any particular timber,
without which lt Is almost Impossible to
establish a market. The difficulty In
finding a good market for a new kind
of wood ls that, the bulk of the timber trade is limited to a few kinds of
wood which he can stock largely, and
thus buy to a. better advantage, than to
use a large number of woods which
must be purchased ln small lota. Hence,
fresh arrivals stand little chance' of obtaining b footing unless they show peculiar merits. Any wood which resembles ln some way the staple timber and
will pass under the same name, will be
bought readily on trial and If useful
probably adopted. Thus various similar -looking woods are sold as cedars,
mahoganies, or ebonies and their sole
claim on Ihelr trade names ls often
their resemblance ln color and grain tu
better-known woods.
v      <
* ;
I* **"i'
���   ���; iV
if .   ; j
I  Pail
*m The Daily Canadian
t -
We arc now
shipment of
Limoges Elite China
These   goods   are   assorted   so that   you   can   select   any  pieces   you
orefer ard  make  up to  your taste.
t-UghaSat  Quality ��it Lowest  l-��rit;es.
A carload  of
bas just arrived.    These goods have advanced  slightly,  but we offer them
��������-- AT RIGHT PRICES
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
 $10,000,000     Capital   Paid   Up           4,830,000
rtest          4.830,000
D. B. WIL.KIE  President. HOX. ROBERT JAFTRAT, Vice-President
Capital Authorized
Branches is British Colombia:
Interest  allowed on  deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
���NBi.so.-N braiscm *J.   iM.   LAY.   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  18G9.
 $3,900,000     Reeerve Fund	
.. .*4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Put.lUbea* IU aaja a wee, by the
Baker St..   Nelson. B. C
BuoacrlptioQ ratea. **) cenia a month delivered
ID the city, or t-i-OQ a year 11 aenl hy mall, when
paid ln aaranee.
Advertising rales on aj'j.lleallon.
All monies paid in aelllemenl ol 1 he Oally
Cauadlan accounts, ellher ior subscriptions or
advertising, must be recelpte.l lor on the printed
lorm. oi the Company, other receipts are not
Tuesday, August 27, 1907.
No part of Mr. llordeu's remarkable
campaign will 'l'>*l " more general and
hearty response throughout tbe Dominion than his unmistakably sincere and
earnest j.leu for the cleansing of the
politics of the country from the bldeoui
corruption lhat haa delated lt, ami
whieh, it cannot be denied, has Brown
worse in the last ten years.
Debauching     the     eleioratc   by   bribery of individuals and of constttnendes,
chiming  of  the  electors,  b]   persona
tlon, by ballot-box smiting, ballot-switching   and   other   means   tliat   have   been
exposed, are crimes that cannot be palliated  by  any  degree of national prosperity, even if it could be proved that
ull  the  prosperity  is  solely   due  to the
action of  tin.*  government  of the  day.
They constitute not only a crime against
the   electors   whose Intentions   are   defeated,   but   also  a   sin   against   dsmoo-
racy. Unless the rulers and their policy
are endorsed  by  the houesl, unhouglit,
unthreatened,    uninfluenced expression
of the popular will, representative government becomes a mockery and a lie.
It  Is  easy   to   retort  thut   the   other
party has  been  guilty,  "that  the devil
must be fought with Are," that "politics
are not made with  prayer,"  that there
niiiBt always   be  a  little  corruption  in
democratic   elections.        Sucli   answers
may  satisfy  the   degraded   professional
corruptioiiiBts   who   stole   the   seats  In
London,   Prince   Albert,   Blgln,   Huron,
llrockvllle  and   many other  constituencies  in   1904.    Hut   they have been  Indignantly condemned by every religious
organization ln Canada, by every Inde
pendent public man, nnd by every head
of  a   university   whose   position   makes
his opinion respected.   Neither will ihi-y
be accepted  by tlie* great body of elec
tors     whose     consciences  are   not   the
slaves of party prejudice.
The Toronto Globe has lately made a
comparison of the careers of Sir John
Thompson and Mr. Aylesworth and contrasted the treatment of the two by
political opponents, of course to the disadvantage of the Tories. It describes
both as eminent lawyers and both entering Dominion politics comparatively
lute iu life and at great peraonal sacrifice. There, however, the comparison
ends. Mr. Aylesworth's ubility ls not
denied, nor is his personal disinterestedness. On his entry into political life
he was treated with every respect. But
he has not followed in the footsteps of
the great statesman with whom the
Globe compares him. Sir John Thompson did not become a violent aud abusive partizan, he was never the apolo
gist of "graft" and corruption, nor did
he ever procure the manufacture of
material to defame a political opponent
under the pretence of investigating a
public institution.
It must be evident now to everyone ln
British Columbia lhat the Japanese Im-
niiaraiion -question has been played
with for political purposes by the province's representatives at Ottawa. The
belligerent Mr. MePherson can indulge
In melodramatic imbecility on the
wharf at Vancouver, but he could not
utter one word of protest while the act
which permits the Immigration was
passed through the House of CommonB.
lion .Frank Oliver, minister of the Interior, may in the course of a year or
two develop some clear ideas ou the
subject, but hla utterances to date are
decidedly confused.
HelMD Land District. DUtHol Ol Weet Kootenay
Take notice that K. W. Hmith. Krank Klaua"-
gan, ami A. a. Ki.*h r. of Spokane Waah., neenpe-
tlon ranehera, Intend tti applv lor h ipOOJfU
timber licence over the (oliowing deaorlbed
Un*l- Commencing at a post planted at the
southwest comer, about eight mllei from the
Kooteuay river, ou the went Mile. au*l about
three miles north of the luternatiotial Uniti'Iury
line, on the west bauk o[ Brt-lir oreek, on the
north fork, thence north 80 ohalni tbenee ��-��>t
-��� chalua. theuee aouth HO chain'-, thcucc west no
halus to polut of commencement, end contain
Wo acres, more or lesa.
t July UHb, 19U7. K.W   Smith.
Pl�� * n k   1" i i v. ��� �����- n ,
A. 8   Ki-UKR,
K. w smith. Agent.
ng MO
Nelaon Land District.   DUtrlct of Weil Kootena
Take notice that R. 8. t. Smyth, ol 1 roCM r. If.
C.i occupation lumber in Mi, tnt-snal 10 "pply for
s special timber licence over the following described lands:
No. l. Commencing ata pott planted near the
northeast cornerpost ot Lot No 2643, on Lemon
Creek aud marked K. 8 1*. Smyth southwest COr-
nerpost No 1, thence 40 chat if* north more or
less to about midway of the f-titb boundary line
ol timber licence No. HttSi tbenee 90 chaini aaat,
thence to chatus aouth. thenee -to ohalni east,
thenoe40 chains south, thence no ohalna wait*.
more or less to the aoutheast corner ol a foresaid
Lot  No. 8M8. thence 40 chain*-  north, thenea 40
ehaius ivi'si to the point of commencement
Dated 26th July, 1907. R..-. P. .-myth,
Hf-nry Relchert. Agent.
Neleon Land District. District ol w. st Kootenay
No. 3
Take notice that J. R. F. Stewart, of Colling-
wood, Unt., occupation lumberman, Intends to
apply (or a special timber licence n\,r the following described lands: Commencing at a past
planted about H chains south an-l H chaini west
of post No. 2, marked J. R F. Stewart's N. ����� corner post, ibence aouth 160 ehalna, tbenoe west 40
ehaius, theuee north 160 ohalns, thence eaai 40
chains to place ol commencement . . ���. >-. uio
acres more or less.
July 24th, 1907. Jamks U. F. EFTZWAftr,
It will be a relief tu tbe citizens of
Nelson to learu, from the report of last
night's council meeting tbat the delay
in selling tbe school debentures is not
due to a quarrel between tbe council
and the school trustees, but to a circumstance over which no one in Nelson has
uny control, namely tbe stringency of
the Canadian money market. The result however, in none the less regrettable. Tbe children of Nelson must be
kept for at least another winter in
school quarters of which no one can
think with any degree of complacency.
If any claim to fame can be pleaded
ar the bar of history on behalf of Sir
Wilfrid Laurier his advocates will have
a heavy task in answering for the awful
series ol political crimes thut he permitted und deliberately left unpunished.
Not only are the criminals unpunished,
the very worst of them have* been appointed to the public service. Their
deeds���foul as every right thinking man
must Judge them to be���have been ac-
ct.pi.ed as services lo the Liberal party
aud valid claims to such rewards as
the government has i'i ita gift. It is a
shameless acknowledgement lhal the
administration owes its lite to the acts
of a band of criminals.
There Is no way now in which Sir
Wilfrid Laurier can clear his uame. He
knew the record of W. T. It. l'reslon
before he employed him. lie knew all
the crimes lhat have been Committed
lor his benefit of the vulgur agents ol
the machine. He knew the corrupt appeals by whieh Mr. I-ielding swept
Nova Scotia in 1904, He has given
.solemn promises of punishment and
Luture prevention, und bus broken them
with a cynic deliberation thai has surprised even those who knew tiie shameless hypocrisy of his campaign of 1 bi*0,
when he appealed ior tolerance iu Ontario while he inflamed the race pre
Judlce of Quebec.
Sir Juhn Macdonald never potsd as a
saint. He Stooped frequently to devices that he loathed. Hut Sir Wilfrid
Lanrlec, the "stainless knight," has
been an accomplice before the fact in
��� ilines thai Macdonald would never
have forgiven in the meanest campfol-
lower of his host.
How deeply the cancer of corruption
bas eaten into tho Canadian body
politic may be appreciated from the
general expression of doubt as to the
possibility of Mr. liorden s noble appeal being heard with favor. It seems
to be Cedred that the call, which after
all Is onljr for common honesty, Is too
hlKh to win any response from this
M may be bo. The electors today may
turn with a sigh from the Invitation to
be Clean and wallow again in the
trough of Grit corruption. If Mr. Hor-
iI'h'h political) career should end within the year, he will be forever remembered with gratitude g| the man who revived in Canada at the hour of hor deepest degradation the conceptions of civic
duty and national honor.
James Hauny, once a member of the
stuff of the Pall Mall Gazette, was a
typical man of letters. And Huxley, as
everybody knows, was a typical scientific man.
Hanuy had been a midshipman when
Huxley was a naval surgeon. Y'eurs
after the two met each other on the
steps of the HritiBh Museum. "Huxley,"
said Hanny, "I care nothing for man except as a creature of historical tradition."
"Nor I," answered Huxley, "for him
except as a compound of gas and water.
"But,' he added, "if we were each of
us better educated men than we are,
we should know how to reBpect each
other's studies more."
Nelson Land District    District ot West Kootenar-
Take notice that Henry Relchert ol Nelson, B.
C , prospector, intends to apply for a (-pedal licence to cut and carry away timber from the following described lands:
No 6 Commencing at a. post plauted near the
uortheast corner post of Timber Ui ence Ko MM
and marked Henry Relchert northwent corner-
post No 6, thence HO chain* south, thence 80
cnalns eaat, tbence HO chaiui uorth, theuee SU
chalnti west to place of coiumem-eineiit.
Daled July ;J6lh, I9CT7.
No. 7 Commencing at a poet plantad near the
northwest corner post of timber liceuce No B96B
and marked Henry Kelchert H. weal corner post
No 1. theuee 160 chalua aaat, thenoa -to chains
north, thence   160 chains   irest. theace 40 chains
aouth to point of commencement.
Dated July .f.th   1UU7.
No. 8. Commeucing at a poet *..���*������! on Monument creek about 70 chain* more or leas from
where Monument creek ampUes into Lemon
creek and marked Henry Belcher! nortbeaat cornerpost No. 8 thence 160 ehaius south, thence 40
chains west, thence 160 chain* north, thence 40
chains east to place of commencement.
Dal*,! July H��lh, 11W7 Hen ay ItaiiHlBT,
Nelson Land District. District ol West Kootenay
Notice ls hereby given that wj days after date
I intend to apply to the Chief Coin mlssloner ot
Lad da and Works for permission to cut and
carry away timber from tne followlug described
No. 4 Commencing at a poat marked 11 .'. -
N. ft, corner. 200 cbalna east of the N K. et ruer
ol lot No SIS, post marked K B, N. K. corner,
thence eaat 80 chains, iheuce south 80 rhalns,
thence west 80 chains, thence uorth no ��halus to
place of commencement containing 64o acres.
No   6   Commencing at the   N. W. oorner of U
AS   timber claim No   4, thence north no chains,
tbence east 80 chains, tlience south   no cnalns.
thence west SO chains to place of conimeucwmeut
at location post No   5, containing m ��� BOm
I G. ���oanocsKBOSif, Locator.
ben   Huscrofl, Agent.
Dated July Hth, 1 -~
Nelson Land District* District of West Kootenar
Take notice shat Paul August I'aularn, of Kitchener, B.C., occupation ruinbeiman, Intends
lo apply for a special Hinder licence over the folio* Dig described lands: Com me ne iiik at a post
planted at the southwest corner of surveyed lot
NBt-QJ thence south to the northern boiiudarv
of timber licence No. 7oi8, tbenoe west to the
northwest corner of said tlmher licence, them-e
south to the northern boundary of lot 812. tbenoe
following said boundary, of sstd lot wett to the
right of-way of tbe British Columl.ia Southern
Hallway, thence following said right-of-way in a
north-easterly direction to place of ODBUnenoe-
meut, and containing Cm acre", more or leas
Daled Jttl? 2nd. 1SW*.    I'*ri. Akmut PaOLSO*.
A propos of Gounod, s st-vry Is told
which BhowB the difference between the
French and the English stye of regarding things. A music-mad young English lady was introduced to a great musician, and, overwhelmed by the happiness of standing In the presence of the
composer of "Faust," she addressed
him thus:
"O, I am lost for words to express
my admiration. Inspired musician,
genltts, mighty master, what shall I
call   you ?"
Gounod here interrupted her by patting her on the bead and saying:
"Throw your arras around my neck
und cull me voir little rabbit !"
Ladies' New Fall
and Winter Coats
We arc showing our firsf importation of Ladies'
Coats. The very latest and nobbiest styles in cloths
etc. Now is the time to make your selection when
stock is complete. No two coats alike, we invite inspection.
Nelson Land 1-ii.trici
Ttike notice  tb
uistiici of Wast 1
orge Alexander,
f   kaalo,
lal   timber
itig described   lanflSj
Commeliiiug nt a poat   planted at the northWSSl
oorner of Section ii, owuship", Kootenay district, being about one-third of a mile south ol
the aoulh boundary   line  ol   tha Indian reserve;
theuee s mth about Ab chains u> the easterly
bauk of Kootenar river; Lhaaoe southeasterly
along Kootenay Hoot urn* abonl SO chains to
the south boundary oJ Bectlon It, township Tj
theuee easterly about bo chain- to ihe norlhwest
cornerof l-olxM. Ihanee uorth N) ehaius aloag
the west bouudary ot Lot Ug; tin nee west SO
chains to the polnl "( cor.in-*-nceiueril, and contaiuing 6W acies. more or It sa
Dated Julv 4. ItW) i.sokhe AlMXAMtiMM,
Nelsou land District   D 1st rti t of w��st Kootenay.
Take noil, e tha.   Bran   KeClellaud   Fraser. of
Fernie, B. 0 , clerk, inn- ids tu api-lv for a IpOOu!
Uoenoe over the follow iiik das rlbed lands:
Commencing at a poat planted it bout seven
miles weat of the Kootauay rifer, and about one
mile Uor��h of the in <*i national boundary line,
and ab-jul oue aud a quarter north -easterly from
the north east corner of if tuber Ibence No. 8067,
thence south SO chains, thetiee west DO chains,
Ihenee north MJ vk-out, tbeuee ta#i hu Chaiui to
point of commencement, aud containing Mo
acres, more or leas.
Looated Uth, ot June, 1907.
Kvan McCi.ellan Fsaseb.
Dated this Sth of July. 1907.
Nelson laKWl District.   District nt W. *.| Kooteni
Take  notice   that   William    Andrew    Koas,
Ferule, B    O.j   hOW keeper   Intends tO applr l
a special Umbel licence over th
i rlded   lands:    Commencing   a
t ml Umbel licence over the following  d
lands:   Commandi
-tx miles west of  the  Kootenay
a poat   planted
IT.  oil
reek.   In the   District of W
and Wing   about six   miles   uorth   of   the   in 101
naUonal   boundary   Hue,   ami   situate at tin
northeast coruer of William Andrew Ko--' Ko
3 limber claim, thence north no chains, then*
west M chains,   tbence  south Ho chains,   tbenet
eant ���>' chaina, to in. poim of eommenoement
Looatad July -ani. l*fi
Dated theMh ��>I Aug    1901
Wit t.iAM AMDum Rosa
nt two and one ipn..;
he tun .tlon of Uwl creek and  Halmnn  ri��?S
be kelaoo land dlatrlet, thencenortiiioSM
hence west 60 chains,  thence wuth m <Z&
Nelson IAMAm District.   Dlslrbt of West K eiiar
Take notb-e that I, Kltrahcth Ferguson, of Nelson, Biltl'h Colurnbla, oecnpaUOO marrieil mo
man. intend to apply lor p. rnil-aloii ti- pun ha-c
the following deaorlbed land: Commenelns at a
post planted to chains west of the aoutheaat corner <��f seotlOO W, Township SB. KiK>teUH>*, and
marked *K V't N.K corner," thenee treat BO
ehalna. thence south 4U chains, tiieme eait *t
chatus, thence north 4o chains to the place of
commencement aud  cotitalnlug -iAi acres more
1Mb July, A. D. 1*1*7.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 ilavs alter dale 1
intend to apply to the Hon. Chlel Commissioner
of Lands and Works lor permission to pun base
the following described lands, situated In West
Kootenay dlatrlet: Commencing at a pOSt mark
ed by name as initial posl of the South Fork
branch, one hundred feet from the Junction of
Lost creek with the south fork; thence one-
quarter mile to the northwest corner poat, t hence
one mile to the northeait corner ;���*"-*, thence
one-quarter mile to the southeast corner post,
thenee one mile to the place ol commencement
Juue 77, 1907. Looated by Wm. Conholly.
Notice ii hereby given that Ml days after date i
Intend to make application to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Landa and Works, Victoria, B. C , for a s|>eclal licence to cut timber on
the following described lands ln Weat KiKtteuay
dlstrtct: Commencing at a post situated on
Blueberry creek, about four miles from Its mouth
and adjoining the NW. corner of my application No. 1, tbeuee south nil chains, thence west
HOchalns, thence north HO chains, tbeuee east M0
ehalus to point ol commencement.
Diitr-.l May 19th, '*"*.��� K.   W Hoiu.smos.
Take notice that C. C. Clark, ol Nelson. B. C,
saloon keeiarr. intends to apply for a special timber lictliee over the following doQCIlbod laud:
CommenclUK at a p ������ t planted ou Morning
M Mti n tain, attout one mile west of BBM Iter i reef.
and adjoining C. c Clark's location tor timt-er
licence N'o 1. ami about oue mile soutb ol Nelson, thence weat MJ chains, thence south HO
ehalna, theuee eaat no chains, thence north HU
chatus to place of Wginulug.
Dated July Kith, 19U7. C. C. Clark,
David Booth, Agent
Nelson I-and District.   District ol Wesl Kooteuay.
Take notice lhat 1, s. f, Wallace, of Fernle,
B Cm hotel-keeper, intend to apply for a spevlal
Umber licence over the lollowlng described
1. Commencing at a poat planted about lour
miles west of the Kuxu-nn) river and one mile
north of the international txmndary line, thencs
soulh SO ehalus, ibence east 80 ehalus, thelice
north SO chalua. thence weat Ao chains to the
point of eommeucement, containing *�����" acres.
more or leas.
Datetl July 23rd, 1907.
���2. Commencing al a poat planted at the uorlh
west corner ol location No. I, thence south SO
chains, thunce wc-t WJ chains, Ihenee north SO
chaina, thence east SO chains tn the polut n(
commencement, containing <..n acres, more or
Dated July 23rd, 1907.
3. Commencing at a post planted al north
west cornerof location No. 3, thence north SO
chains, thence west no cnalns, thence south so
cbains, thence eaat So chains u�� the polot of
commeneemeut,  containing 64u acres,   more or
Dated /nryttrd. 1907.
4. Commencing at a post pi-tnted at the uorthwest corner of No. 1 location, theuee uorth au
chulus, thence east 80 chaiui. thence south 80
chaina, thencs west SO cbalus t o the t>olui of
nommenoament. containing 6to acres, more or
It sa.
Daied July BBrd, ���'*���'"
b Commencing at a p"-t planted aboul two
miles uorth and ^ a mile east of the northwest
OOrnei of location No. 1, thenco sooth 80 chains,
thence east So chains, thenee north sn chains,
thence west 80 chain- lo the point of commence**
ment, co
Dated July   ��� -d, 1'* ".
0. Commencing ��i a poit planted at northwest comer of location No. B, thence south So
chains, thence wesl 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, theuee east no ciialns to the point of DOSb
:*,��� :������ .".-. m . < ontalnlng <>40 acres more or lea*.
Dated July Nrd, 1907.
7. Commencing at a post planted at the northwest corner of .-..'.*.:. No h, theuee uorth HO
chains, thence west BO chains, iheuce south 80
chains, thence eaat -��� chains to the polut of roin-
meuoementi containing 040 acres more or less.
haled July Btrd, 1W7
8. Commencing at a post planted at the northwest coruer of location No ... thence north 80
chains, iheuce eaat BO chains, theiue south SO
chains, thence w, at BO chains to the point of com
mencement. < outsitting (V40 acres more or lesa.
Daled July 3trd, 1807.
Nelaon Laud District.   Dlatrlet ol West Kooteuay
Take notice lhat   Moore.   Kepple A l o., of Oar-
Olles -i
land, iVMi ,
Intends lo
On a cerialn ship the male was tou
fund of th��i cup that cheera. The cupluln
did ht�� ii'iii'iM to break hlra of this habit, aud, everything else falling, told htm
that the next time he was drunk he
would write It ln the log. For a long
time after Hit* the mate stopped drinking, but one day he fell Into his old
habit. Thereupon tho captain wrote the
following  entry In  the  log:
"AuguHt 12, 19���; 60 dcg. north long-
tlttide, 70 deg. west latitude. Mate
Jonea Ih drunk today."
The mute begged Mm to take this off,
saying lhat It would spoil his chances
of ever being made captain of a ship.
But the captala said, "It's true, Isn't It?"
"Yes; but " replied the mate.
'Well,*' said the captain, "the record
A few days later the mate had to
write the entry. On looking over the
log the amazed captain eaw this entry:
"August 15, 19���; 80 deg. north long-
tltude, 67 deg. west latitude, Captain
Smith Is sober today."
He sent for tbe mate and demanded
what he meant hy such an entry, ordering blm to take lt off.
"Well." said the mate, "It's true,
isn't it ?"
"Of  course   It's  true*'    roared   the
"Then the record stands," replied the
1 mate.
-cupatlon lumbermen,
apply tor a special timber licence over the i-.i
lowing described lands: Commenelng at a post
planted on Mosquito cruck.on the west side ol
Arrow lake, and about one half mile west of the
southwest corner of tlm imt limit No. 4877, theuee
uorth SO chains, *h. **.*��������� west 80 chains, thenea
aoulh 80 Obalna, thenue fast So chains to point of
commencement, and containing NO acres, more
or leas.
Dated 16lh, July, iwr7. Mnoav, KtiTi.K A Co.
John R. CaiKINm, Agent.
Take noliee that 30 days alter date f Intend to
apply to ths Hon. the Chief Commissioner or
ban-It and Works, Victoria, (or |*ermlNsion to
cut and carry away timber from tho following
described land, in West Kootenay*
omtllelii ing
of th* norlh
No 5, thetiee nouth SO
cbains, thenee north So
olut of  ci
Commencing  at a   post planted at the
' cornerof timber license 9b40, thenc
No. 1.
weat 80 chains    thSOOB south  80 chains, thi
east 80 chains, thence north 80 chains to place ol
Dated May .il, imt;,       j. t. Boros**, UOestOT.
J  W   CoLBt'RH, Agent.
No. 2 Commencing al a post planted at the
southeast corner of application No. 1, tlience east
80 cnalns, thence north 80 uhalns. thence west m
chains, thence south 80 ehnins to place of commencement
Dated May Hi, 1907.      -' T. Burgess, Locator,
J   W   COLHURN, Agent.
Nelaon Land District. Dlatrlet of West Kootenay
Take notice that Paul August 1'aulaon, of Kit
chener, B.C., occupation lumberman, Intends
to apply for a special timber licence over the foi
lowing described lands: ' ommencing al a pont
planted at the southwest corner of surveyed i.,t
7221 ���<1.1, tbenee cast to chains,  thence   i ;, ���-..
cbalus, thence east lo t; e southeast corner ol said
lot, thence ii.,rth to the northeast corner of said
lot, thence east to the west boundary of pre-emption No. V12. thenc* oouth tn the north boundary
of timber lloenoe No. 8M8, thence west along
aald north hoiindary tothe northwest corner of
said licence, thence south tothe north boundary
ol timber Uoenoe No 7ui8 thence west to a point
due aouth of commencement, thencu north to
point of commencement, and containing iho
acres, more or less.
Datad July and, I*r7.   Paul A noun PAULSON.
spply tor a special   tl.nl-er
lowing descrlla-d lands:
Nelson band District    District of West Kootenay
Take notice lhat Moore, Kepple A Co., of-Har-
[���upatton   liimncnnch,   Intend to
licence over the  fob
mmeiictug at
Arrow lake, and' about onc'half mile went, o| the
southwest corner of tlm tier limit No. 4X17, thenee
south 80 chains, thence west SO chains, thenee
north 80 chsins, thence esst 80 chaina to point of
commencement, aud contalnlna MO acres, more
or less.
Datad 16th July, I9tn. Moors, v sii-i.b a Co.
Jobs k. Calkiss, Ageut.
a i--".; planted atxiul 2
���at corner of location
halus. thsnee eati ho
hains. thenc**   west  80
chain* to the |**,mt of  cominencerneul. and con-
talnliiR 640 acrei more or icss
Dated July Mth, IW7.
10 Commencing at a post planted at the
north wust oorner w location No. n. thence moth
so ( hiiliix, iheuce . ,*-��� 80 chains, thunce south SO
ehains, thenoe vest so chains to tbs point ol
commefif euieiit,   coutalulng   M0  acres, more  or
Dated July MUh iwn
11 ContmenetOS at a post planted about i
1 i mil> | Mresl of tfal OOrthweet corner of location
No 'J and about U mile south thereof, thence
Ninth ho chulus. thence east 80 chains, thence
north wi chnltiM, thence west 80 chains lo 'ho
point ot commencement, containing ti*Ui acres,
more or lea*,
Dated July Mth, mn .
Vi. Commencing ata post planted at ttie north
Wesl coiner of locution No, 11, Ibence north HO
chains, thenco ea*l 80 chaina, tlience smith Ho
chains, thence west so chains to the point of
commencement, containing fill) acres,  more or
Dated July Mth,  I9tn.
IS. Commeucing ata pout planted at thu northwest corner of location No u, iheuce north 80
chains. tbsnOS west HO chains, thence south HO
chains, thence easl 80 chains to the point of
c-itnmcnceincnt, containing 040 acres, more or
Dated July .Uth. torn
U. Commencing at a pott planted at lhe north-
west aorner of locution No. 11, theuco south 80
chains, ihutice west SO chains, thenco north 80
"hains. thence easl 80 chains to the point of
Onmmencemsnti containing  M<.   acres,  more or
Dated July 21th, 1907
1ft. Commencing at a post planted about two
mUM north of northwest corner of location of Nr,
11. thenc (-smith Ho chains, thence cast 8* chains,
tlience north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains
tothe polnl of commencement, containing MO
acres, more or less.
Dated July 24lh, I**i7.
10, Commencing atapost planted at the northwest corner of location No lfj, thence north 80
chains, thenee cast HO chains, thence south 80
chains, ibence went Ho chains to the point of
commencement, coutainlug Mo acrts, mors or
Dated Jmy Mth, I��07.
17. Commencing at a poat planted at Ihcnorth.
WUt corner of location No. LB, thsnos north 80
chaina*thenee erest so chainn, thence south so
chains. thSDOS east 80 chains to tho point of
comint-hcement, containing tiiO acres, more or
Dated Itflf Mthi 1907.
IH OotomonclOS at a pott planted at the
northwrst corner of loca-ion No ifi, thenr-eaouth
Koch,,!,,,, thence west so chains, ficnce north 80
chains, theuco eH-t 80 chains to th* point of Bom.
meticement, containing Mo acres mure or lesi
Datod July Mth, 1907.1 K. W*i,lacs. Locator.
Joiim Brown, Agent.
Kuxatkth KianrLOT*.
by W. A. Calder, agent.
Nelson Ijind District.   Dlstrictof Wesl Kootenay.
Take uotlce thai I. David (i Kurt-e.of Nelsou.
B. C, occupatlou merchant, luleud to apply lor
permission to purchase the following dc-orlUd
laud: Commencing at a post planted at the
hou thwest comer of section M, township *'.��,
Ko*iteuay, aud marked "D li. K.'s H. VV. corner,"
iheuce north 80 chains, thence east i'i chains.
thenee soutli 80 chains, thence west 4ti chains
to the point of commencement and containing
.(*) acres m<ire or less
16th July, liW7. Daviu li   Kubt/,
W. A. Calder, ageut.
Take notice lhat 1. Thomas Harry W|laou. Intend to apply for permission to purchase tti- ml-
lowing described laud : Commenting at a [Hist
planted at tbe S, K. corner ol lot "frag and marked
N. K corner, thence aoulh 10 chains, theuee
wesl lo chains, theme soulh 10 chains, thenee
west lu chains, tbence nouth Iti chains. tlo-tn .
wesl lu cbains, them e soutb 10 chains, thence
-*pstlu cballiB, ibence north 40 chains, thence
eaat 40 chains lo point ol commeucenicnt and
couialniug 1U> ai-rch, more or less
June 7, IW/7 I noma- Hknkv Wiyns,
Wii.i.iiM AtATAMMO Mills, sg*Qt
Nelson Land District. District of Wed Kmiteuay
Take notice that I. John Lang, of Nelson, B.C.,
oci up-allon miner Inteiul to apply for pc-rmis-
sloti to purehaie Ibe following aeeenbod lauds:
CommetK-li'g at a post planted al the N.K. of
Lot SOW. thence east 20 chains, tnence south ���
chains, thenee west Ai chains, thence north At
ciialns to point of commencement, contaiuing 40
acres, mr ���
more or Imo, to   x��st creek, thenc. rait lnlio.it
said cieek to point of  (omuieticemsot aad2
talnlng 4m acres, more or less **
Dated June Sth. HWT. j0Mg ?Hnim
Take notice that I, Arthur tier. PiteWorthT
tend to apply for (permission to purchawtbe'S
butng deeerlbed lauds:   Commeoeua uTm
planted at the N. K. corner of Lot IfH Va||9
edS, K. corner,   thence   north Sirbsitu   Sm
west JU chains, thence  aouth  40 chsim' S
eaat .-.chains to jH.int o| oonun-naammTal
containing ho acrea, more or less.
June 7, 11W7 Arthur Alki Pmann
WllLlAM AiaimoMilu. Ajtetu
Taae tndice that I. William K. Jarv'tTisisil
to appl) lor permission to purchase (h�� wlT
lug dcnt-rlbed lands: Conimenclnr tt ��� m
planted at lhe 8. K corner ol botl-n*, ta' aia'
ed mirthea��t coiner, thence west �� rtiaa
thsnee south *o chains, thence east M Huia
thence north 4o chain* to potut of ritc����;C
meni, and coutalulng ISO a< res more or lea
June 7. list?. William RSSDEUBmr*
William 4I0R0 Milu, A|W
Notice Is hereby given that sliu-lsjitrf*j��
! Intend to applv lo the Hon Chlelt unnalMstB
of Land* and Works (or i*rml��slon to mS
tbe   following descrltaMl tract ol )an-l >uuua
.'��� ��� ~!   K..H   t.  I)a>   dlsli ll 1 ��  IIIHIIM IH Ul| i;tw
planted aboiil one-half mile north Irotn kmm
Hummlt creek,  marked   Jean   v amrroD'181
eornar. thenoe east 40 chatus, th����r�� norua
chains, tt .-! = - ���    west 40 chalm, ibrot*��M>iiua
chains to place of commcncemeai.
Btrd May, 1VU7 ii,s < .�����,.
William Basso* a. if em
Nelaou Land Dlslrbt. District (if WottlMSM
Take notice that Krauk McDonald, : >.#*t
British Columtila, occupation iDlDrr, inie&dia
apply for im-rmlsslou to purchase Hit - -^
i|ea,ribed lauds : Commencing at s un: -.Aim
on the north bank of l ..-1 creek and ibouiw
mite easterly from the Jumuton nl bat n��t
and salmon river, in the Nelson ��:. * : .:-.-.
theme uorth W) chains, th. -m ������ *-s.i 'c -u'si
tbence south CO chains, tbenoe west ������������:���.
polut of commencement, and codUibih S
���Ojee. more or less.
Dated June Mh. 1W7. Fravk ScCtos-UA
or less.
August 2nd.  lain,
John [mUMI.
NhI  Is hereby given that GO days alter date, I
latent] tu apply to the Hou. Chief commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the following deacribed land In West Kootenay
diatrict, ou west shire of biwcr Arrow 1-ake,
adjoining l��t No. 441ft. nu thesouth : beginning
at a post marked -"narry   McLeod's  N.K   corner
Enst and plantod on the shore of Lower Arrow
ake, at the southeast cornet of Capt Foslund's
14948, Ibence Wesl Ai chains, thenoe south Al
chains more or less to the north boundary of It.
Fullmore'a P, H , them-e B(1 chains east along the
aald boundary lo lake, Ibence north along lhe
lake ahore *J0 chains, more or less to point of
May imi. 1WI7. J. D. MOOTS,
Agenl for Harry .MeLeod.
Nelson I-and District.   Dlstrictof West Koolenay.
Take notice that OeOTKS Itufu* t arier of .-Irdar,
occupation, brldgeman, Intends toapply (or per
mission to purchase the following ileserlhed
land : ( ominelicIiiK at -,.*.���.. planted a I the north
wesl comer of B. Rows' application to purchase,
marked B. W��� ibence north 40 ebalns, thenee
east 4o chains, theme south JO cbalus lo A.
Curry's pre emption, ttience wesl in chains.
thence south Ai chains, tbeuee west to chains to
[dace of couiuiein eiueiil containing 121) acres
more or leas.
Dated July I.', 1907. dgOROg RfKi S CaRTIH,
W. J. Hcorr, Agent
Nel so
Land District.
li .itIce   that  <
st Kooteuay-'
of Hillings,
erohant, m-
Distrlcl ofW
. eorge Htiirm
Montana, I' H. A., -rH-cunallon, 1
tends to apply for permission to pnretUU
following desertbe<1 laud : Coinmanting
|n>st planted on the wesl shore of tppvrWhai
shan (t art Into) lake, and at the OOrthWOetOOrnsr
of lot 81.19,   thence   west   W chains, thenc,. south
*ochuins, tbsneeeeet90ohalni.thenoe north 40
chains to [.--in. of comnienceuiciu, and contain
Dig So acres' more or lesa.
Nelsou Und DlsUlcl. District ol West Kootenav.
Take nolle* thai Walter McNeil, of Billings,
Montana, D. H. A**occupation merchant, intends
toapply for permission topurchase tbe following described laud : l 'oininenclhg Ht a post plant
��d on the west shore ol upper wbaUhan(Cariboo)
lake, aud at the northwest corner Di Lot SLltt,
thence wesl ��> chains, iheuce north ho chains,
thenee east "^ i chains, them i sou th Mo ehaltis to
point of com in ence men I, hi. I containing 180
acres, more or less.
May tftb, Itm. Waltbr Mcnkil.
I, the undersigned, after 0o days intend to apply to the Hon. the chlel CommttalonSTol Lnnds
and Morkslo purchase the following dWOlibod
laud: Commencing at lhe N.K. t. of l,nt 7iVW
ti. 1., thence west 40 cbalus, theuee north '20
chains, thenco east 4o chains, them-e Mouth JO
chains to point of commencement, containing 80
acres moru or less.
boosted March Will, 11*07. W, A. Mills
Notice Is hereby given lhal no days
intend to apply to the Hon. Chief (*,
of Lauds and Works for permit
dale I
("���niu-- ,,t,i to purchase
the lollowlng d Mori bed tract..- land, iitnsts in
Weal Kootenay district:  ComfflSntiQg   al a pout
Slanted on risosroreek, near n- confluence with
ummlt   creek,   marked Mnrgiirct McLilucIiIhii's
N   K. corner' thence south tt ohalna, tbence west
80 ahains, Ibence norlh   io chains   thence easl 80
chains to plac.. of commencement,
BVO May, 1907. Maruarkt McLaitiiilan,
William Bahiiour, Agent.
Nelson Land Dlilrict District of West Kooteimy
Tako rndlce that Kdward Peters of Ymlr, l-rll-
Ish Columbia, occupation, minor, intends to apply for permission to purchase iho lollowlng
doscrlbad land: Commencing at .1 1...-1 plautcil
on the north bauk uf Lost creek, about throe
miles easterly Irom the -juucllnn of Lolt creek
and Halmon river, lu the Nelson land district,
ihenci, north On chains, thenco WSSt6*0 chains,
thenue soulh 80 chains, moru or less, to lost
creek, thenco oiLHt following said creek to point
ot commencement, and containing 4hll acres,
moro <>r loss
Datod June oth, 1001 Bewasn Pbtssj.
Sixty  days after date 1 Arthur Allen   lliirtoii,
T,V\V\U.T.' "' "'""�����> <:��ty�� lound to Hi-i i> to the
Chief UommlMtonerol Landi nnd Works, vie
lorla, H C , to purchiiM- the lollowlng described
lands situate east 01 Burton commencing iUh
post marked ��a  a   b louthwait oorner"pand
planted al the s w corner n| lot Hul'i ti. 1,00.6
running north i,i ehains, thence east 40 chains,
thenco south lln chains, thence wesl 40 ehnins to
placo of coinineiicomont
AUgUat lit, IW7. ASTIIba A . flUSTOK.
Hiair days after date I ltiteml lotppljuta
Hon Chief Coiumlsstiiiier of I-*:**l�� a:. '. ��..ti
Victoria, K C, to purchase lhe : ��� 1 ;.
������','.. ���'. land, -iiiiated lu Ihe WestKonltUfU
trlct: ��� ouimeuclng at a i>ost plsnialMlk
weat side of Kootenay lake, n*rar K:.ntfa
;������������.������������ and marked J. MrKlnnon'i ** l-ona
[n��sl, thcucc west 80 chalas. thencs * *:. S
ehalus. thence raat 80 chains more or >��V'ab
-More thence along lake ihore lo pt let 9faa-
niein ement.
Dated April 4, IW7. Hlgned J  UcltmA
Nelsou Lead District.   District ol WwiKootti*;.
Take   uotlce  that  Edward fraser. 0,' BlBM,
Montana, O.B A . occupation wool b*o*f��.��
tends to apply  for  iHTint n to pur-*-fl��tti
lollowlng deacrlbe*if laud; fomnx-nrtiil Si
post planted on lhe ��-��� .t -.j.ors of I'pp" tm
shau (CarlbiMi) lake, ai d at the ���.������nfiru*. far
ol Lot 813*J, thencr West jw .oalOi, lbfii*s*��
Miertaltis, theuee east Al chains, tbrof W* *
chains, iheuce eaat 40 chains, more of If*. ^*
west shore ol I'pper Wlialshan (t'trlbw)**!
thence northerly and wester.'y aleSftMf
shore 80  chains,   more  or  less, to puinlol ts
monosmenti sad coutalulng 3Ai srres. a��n��
May rttth. 1W7. fnw-iSD Turn
Hlaty days after dale 1 intend to applrs*
Hon Chief CotiimlHtoner of UaesssiwSS
for p. rmlsslou to purchase the MlowlM*
scribed land in Weat Kootenay dUtrtcl L*
men. lug ai a post marked A (' B�� nrrifisa
uorner post, running 40 chaini *ai��rlr w��
the boundary ol limber licence No *��. '����*
southerly flo ehalus, Ihenee wesier.y��� jMft
thence northerly bn chains long ttir 1 n
track to lhe place of commeiicemsol. wn1*
bondrea acres, more or lei
Notice Is heraby given that 00 tttf* JJJJJ.-L
iniend lo apply to the Honorable tbe �� kSjims
mlssloner of Lands
-.1Ptit csrtft
north tolbewa"
uui  mi voir Biwiyisis' "���-      _.-.���*��
..I f...,rt. a.i.l   Work. M nSS
i* Uu. hillnwln, .l.*..*rH��-l l��n.l ii��
In   W.al   Kn.iu.nar .llalrl.-l-   ('..mmrijfPM .'*���
ix.al |..1.111 ��� *1 at llio  we.1 l��.iin.lary i.M*.*<*~
ami al...1.1 to .'ham. ai.uth ..(
..I   tlia*   rlKhl nt way  ol  tl*.*
way,   an.l   mark.-.l   I'.   A.   l"i
thi'iii't. wrai li��l .-halo., ii>'ii|-,'-";,*-un!?SlS5
iK.uu.larj ..I lln. rlalii i.i way nl B l ����"j;
railway, llii-mw lulliiwin, ..1*1 l"""'>'V.ia
rlKlil of-way In an .'aal.Tly Jln'l>��"'S
I...miliary ol Lol Ml 01, IhWM a.'"1" "Hi
.���..li,l,li.*ni*i*m,.|lt, rolilallllll, Mil ���"��. ��
Ilali'il thla Mill .lay nl Jim.. I"* ,
I'.ri. AOBOR MW^
N.iil.i* I. Iiornl.y Klv.*n  llial  "'"'I'I''S
.Uu*  I   liili-n.l   ... ��ei>ly """'"","","  ...��
i ,������,,,,..!..���,*r nl U  ami  n"'k'.'" {Si
a,���i, In pnr.-liaa.. tlm liillnwlii, .!.����� ' J�� '%
l���i,.I   al nal,.il 111 WMI  K...H. nay *1*"''       ^i
....*i...ii.K ��i a i -i***--,""' ;���" ���L"';;"',1 &
nliinil nm* hall mill* iinrlliwal Ipmh "" hJ��
i-,l J.H. Mi'I.'a N K..*nrn��r. IIII I- m.-��**'' ��,��������,
lliiliir  aniith  -III vhallia.  1 >* -f>\\Sp
thai north .i> .*haiii. lo pu ' ""
""���'"��� Jown AtltUtAuA
2��r.l M.y, linn.
Wll.l.l.al'lLBiio-ia. *l,Dl*
, o| .VII
1.0.1a I*
Ttkt   ii..lln.  that   Harry   ���Alllial"
II   C, raiiihfr. Iutrli.li t" a|;|iiy      .
tl,   lilin-haar   tlir InllnwIIlK  .Ira-i-rll***1
Wiat K.mtriiay illalrl.'t: ,, ,,.���i lolW
i .���iiiiii.-iii hu* al a poit plaj ' ��� T ,���,|3��
 Ui.iiat ,*���rli,*r ���l Lit all III"" �����'' "$ In III
r.-rt anil rlitlity live (6����.'.|. < '"" ',?',,���, IMI
illalrl.'t. tlirllir anllth  twrlil)' (-"I   '''' , M*
w.-.t i  hiinilrnl an.l al.ly (l��l) i��"',' ; b���,l*
luirlli twrnty (ai) rhaln., ilirn*-' '*",lltolrt*l
lad am! al.ly (1*1) rhaln" I"Jj *US' ,��. I
inriirrnirnt an.l rniilalnliiie ��" *"""
' DtUd llio loth ilay ul May, IOTjBr Wiai*l|i,
ThThenbi linen ��*>��> ���SJfRffi.'''
 I..   * I..,, ���, I r* 1' ���'   .' i'    '
liarlmur'a   N. W. 	
thonc .at W rhalni, ,l!'"",,������ni ''*���'"
tlirnrn Wrat <0 rlialna In plu'r i'l< ��� b..���1'.
ilr.l May iwn tt '"*'
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Cured aud   .Smoked.    Our  Hums   Are
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ilI0X. Notlre ir. herehy KlVll that ��� *}*Y*
Le , rfale 1 int'lld to aM.lv to the < liU'l * "in-
KSlooat ' t   l-a.,,1   and    Work,,   for a  ipeetsl
K landi *rn  t"'r ,r""1 tl"' fotlow-
���',.... a |>ndi ���ftuatad on the aouihen-t
W-   '        ,'i   nwt, in tie   dlatrlet ol Weal
'���     ., .   , , ommeii. tiiK ��t a pout   plaeed alaiiit
*���--��. weat ol Rom Leal ereek marked '*K. M.
' '.. D ,.-- *.s.M   oorner," tbence 80 ehalna
,'ih  tbenoeBO chaina oaat, thenee hu ohalni
DWao ehalna vast u�� place of ruin-
located on the U b toy ol June, WW.
K    M. RSBTBSi l-o-'dtiT
J v ��, ..... ti hereby given that to daya
Ln., date i intend io ��PH>, ��*be Chart Com-
\ ,,i Landi and  -Whs, tor a raw ui
���    ...   it and earn amber from the follow-
,.    ,   |    ,*.,.*. i|   .   *..j mi  th.- aontheaal
Ida ol the Salmon rlrer, tn   He dUtrlct ol Waal
| i ommencinf ai a , net pla'-ed ahoui
fa.rnr'. *��at ol Roes l^-af creek, ���narked "B 3*-
L.V,.. n,i. 2 twuthweet   eorner,     thenoe ho
Etin*. north, them-e wt ehalim eant. Ui-anoeSD
jt.,    - iouth, thenoe SO ehains west to p i *��� ol
fcmnn'iH'-iiHiit _ _
|l,,.,'i    on tl"* 10th day of June. 19U7.
K. M. BnrMi levator.
���on Ubd
lament tux at
lh��Mi turner of Wiiiia
id Dlatrlet   Wstrtetol Weet Kootenay
I ���   DOUei   'I-'*1   William   Andrew   Rons,   ol
er, lntenda to apply   (or
over the following des*
��� *ts,>      Commencing at a  posl planted sbonl
K Billet west uf the   Kootenay   river,  on   lorn
Twk. in the District of Waal  Kootenay, and
lint alwut mi mllei north ol the International
IlindarT line, and al* ml two miles weit of ttm-
. do "I', tbenee aonth to cham***,
taaaeaal H cbalna. thenos north no chain-*-..
H ti- r waat S) i balm to |x>tiit ol coinineneement
i.l i-iiiiiaur.!,**! '���*>< 'i' rem. more or leaa.
P^-'ated lilt) I'M.' .'���''���
Uommeactnj at a |w>st plsnted at the
|rtii*#*>��t eornei >���( wmum a itow' No. i claim,
laaonibtt ehalna,   thenee  weat  SO chainn,
�� north B < tmiuH, thenee eaat mu ohalna,
t point ol mm mencement,   and  eontainlnK
-.��� -       aet leaa
kt.-l ISth June. 1907.
I   Cemmandni ai a pout planted ai>out
��.-*.: .    northeaat  corner of Wll-
BoatMo    . i   *   thenoa wouthho ehalna,
���set balm   tbence north hi chaina,
iin.. ��,-.t ���*���*.* I'jiainm to the |iotiit of commence
put. and oontalnlng Mo acrea, more er leaa.
Bated I.tti June. 1907.
na��DClB|  at  at   a   poat  planted   al
northwest corner ol  William  a. ltona'No. S
���   thencs oortb 80 . tiatui, thanea  treat SO
in- thenee lontb ~> Chains,   thence eaat ho
��� point ol eontmeiiceiiieut. cotilain-
|Moarr��.�� man ���" leaa.
Sled l".!!i June. 11M7.
iniieii. I lift   at   a poet    plaute.1 al tlie
illiam A    Koaa' Su .Lelalm,
Lb 8Q chaini,   Ihenee   ��e*t W  rhaln-.
P' dm   tbenoe eaai N ��� batna to
I'.ntii ol commencement, and cotiutnini WO
a, mnre->: ll ������
��ttad 1Mb lane.1901
tnamenetni ai a \��,*i plantetl about
���ell* nat ol tht   northeast cornerof Wti
i a K.... Ko 11 laim. tbsnee aonth oo ehalna.
aaat M)chaini   thenoe norih au chainn.
h watt wi cbalna to ths point m Baunsttes*
, ��ii*1 eoniainiurt 'i   ���>' re*., more or leaa.
ated i,',th j ii ne, Iwn
f   "   ��� ommaneuu at a pout planted ai ihe
ftbWMt corner o| William A. Rom'No t.< laim,
ftnv ii,.ri:, -  .ham*.,   iheuce  eant  ��U chaina,
moth *������" obalna, theuee weet h<i ohalna to
il commencement,   and   eoniainitiu hmi
���       D| I    -v
��� ���1 l.Mh June, 11107
F    *     ' ..inin.'iii-lug al a   pOSl   plunled   ahoul
|iiiin����..iitii oi tt,.- northweat oorner ol WU��
1 a. Soai No 6olalm,tbenoanorth BOohalna,
'*' eciUO cbalna, tbenoe couth *o ehalna,
tea out tt ehalna to the point ol oommenoe
ii, and eiitiialntiiK ft*" acrei, more or Lssa
��''"! Uth June. 1��)7.
' omnieiii liiK al a pont planted ahout 10
lV,l"llo"> rth weet corner of William
""    "0,   6   elalm,   thenee   -outh   Ko   chalim,
* weit a cbalna, ihonee norih no chainn,
|ii" ���-.-t s . hi.iii�� to the pour  of  rommeiice-
���bi . Bi.ii.-niitHininK f>in a��re��, more or lean.
���led l,Ui .lune. 11107
I" i"   Commenelng at s posl pUatsd sbpnl
��"*",: Wl" "i ibi nortbeaai oornei ol Wfl.
i a tum Ho. 9 claim, thenoe eonth so ohalna,
'"   eait wchaina, tbenoe  mirth  m chain***,
|MJ��- aeat Nichatun U) the p.lni ol commence-
nl.iiiini'tf i.in acren. more or leaa.
.������I l.
< ummenclog at a poal plained abonl
Mttmtol He tiorthean corner of Wtll mm
"o. 'i claim, theiue north hi ohalna.
no.l  mi ohalna,   Ihenee  nouth   Hu ehalnn,
waai ncbalna to ihe point..( oommenoe-
'��� 'oiilalnlriK "1" acrei, more or leaa.
ed Uth June, lu-07.
"iJi, .' '""""���'I'-lUK ata pont Wanted about
klum * �����,,,h S* l',,��� oorthweel comer nl
P- tn,.,,,.,. wmft h, ohalna,thenee north ho
I.*.-.",,.1,',""'. 'BM **" 'diaiun to point <>t nom-
, "'-.' "'" ''"'"aluiiiKflHtHcrcn. iiion-or lonn
���WSd IfttO June, iwi7,
1 *'     ��,iitllnie||elii((   Kt   n   (MMI,   plumed  Ht.oilt
. i. " '" the northwaal ���orner of Wll-
| now   No. in claim,   tnence   norlh wt
' . i-nie waat m obalna, tbonoaaouth wt
��� " ""���ca-.iaiiehninn to the point ol qom
0UTuIt "l,l;l,1"",Hll""lt'Ml,a.renliioreorleaa;
"" 'IllHi.ili.lny ol July, |��n.
William Askkiw Kuan
r"" I-and Dlatrloi.  Ulatrlel nl Went Kootenay
H.'onfL^i&S!*?' K* P.Hlowart.  01  Oolllnr
j>ivfop*..    V1!*!   " "Unbsrman, lntenda w
Jl'iK-leneVrt"    i*',"',,,*��'    HSSSOS OTSI   lhe   foi
���nteil on ,'...,,  I!',",      'oiiiinruelni;  at a poet
���'..I  V1 H1""11 -'"���am ahout one n,Uc   nouth
��� ' "<li    1  'Vi lH'?,r J!1" ,,"H'1 watcnof Uran
It. ihe'i,    ,V .'.���' .1L ? "lowsrt'a N. k. Angle
llnirffiSJ?0^,,4'1 ''I.Hlun. thence went 40
El'i. '    """thlHehaltin.  Iheiie,.    went   'Jll
TIM \\ .\\2' .""'i',! K *,""""n, thenee cunt HII
J��"H  t���   n,JU,,lh   WM'hallll.    thet.ee    wTtd 'iO
������.monoiPjeJ5k*mmwWim,����i Bontstolni
I   t    tdtltt��, JamkkR. y htiwaut
����� '-"nl DUtriOt,   himrlctol Went Kootenay
IfoSCSUISSSHijS ''*��� Bpwrtiqi oontnt-
Ely f���r:' SM,V,.?,i J'unherman, Intenda to
i-aerlVa..! iL.   i,,D,'r l"MSS  over   lhe lol
a -^tlLJ,at !   r,:. ' """"enelnK   ���( �� ,���,Ni
���* '����� tt* m!ni,tai��'u"'.,l'',,,,lil rTVt'k (1,M'
f ��'"��� 9ut it f Ul Meaduw mine, ahout ��0
���Vrt'a N   K   ���*,',!        '   ' n'f'k    marbi'il  J.  U.K.
Boa loSth ��i e " I"""* lh"1" ��"' �� ohalna
I*  mi      B��SL?<ftSM wMtaoehelns
��������'�� norih 7ft X   ��'  tA,el,Pl' w,",t��' "'halm,
Ihi'eaoiiiii u ,i . "' 'bsnoe ssstSD obalna,
r> oonSJinin. ffiTlS! ? i'1 '����� V oommonos
���"ly ��th    -in '"ron m��rc or Utii.
fc�� IZ!,'l?irl,L   I),"trl,'t "' ����"�� Kootenay
Kl ��'-"; t,^;1', I1'"'-; K-��>'. ��( Bpokane,
KUI ''inter     ..    .,,r' "lt"����l" to tipidy for a
���'""i landii ,."'*' ovsr  tha roltowins de-
���R"'!"dary l.���L,.���, ,i ''/ ",' u"',l,,r"' "horo line
L"""' limit No Mi .i       borthesat comer
12 ",,r""io i..,?.?.'.,,,MI",,, w,,Hl m ohsiM,
*B'l""Hiiht��, ,.,,LM, ""���. '"��'," c��m M) ohalna
I  ""'''"iitnliin! ii,.1"   'H,1,lt "'  eommelicu-
P1)' *>. IWJ,*l0lnt WO acrea, more or leia.
ie in hereby stveo thai thirty dayi after
dale I Intend toapply lo the Hon. the Chlel Com-
ininnloiier of Lnndn ami   Work!   for  a ipeolal 11-
e.-iu-- to ont and carry  away Umber from tho
lollouitiK   deeerlbed    lnndn   in   WVat   Kootenav
dlatrlet:    < lommeneins at a poat pin nnd on the
north hank of fen Mile STONE, ahoiil otic milr
and a hull from Hlocan lake, marked II. II   Pitta'
nortbweel corner poat, thenee cant t��i <-haiun,
thenos sonth -ui chains, theuee wast i��) chains,
thence north -to eimiu�� to plaoe of eonunenos*
Datad thla ��th day of June, 19U7.
II. II. Pirn, I-or a tor,
A. W. HTITHif. AL"'llt.
Notice li herehy glren tliat thirty dayi alter
date I intend to apply to the llotiorahlo
Chlel Commlaaloner ol Landa and Works at
Victoria. Hi ., for a apeclal lleeniotocut and
i arry away llniLer from the tollowlOK OeeSjrfbsd
landi in Went Kootenay district: CommenelnK*
at a pont planted on 'lie went bank nt Kinelter
creek, a hou' one mih-nouth of the City of Nelaou.
tbenee ���*������.������- w> ehalna, thenoe ��'m ho ehainx.
ihenee   north Ht) ehalu-. thence eait hu chaina to
puse "f oomnwnosmant.
I>aU-d this Illh day of June, 1907.
C. i    CI..KK, I... ������iit.ir.
ll   BOOTS, Ajfent.
Kelaon l-and Dlstrlot. Dtstdot of Weat Kootsasy
Take BOtlCS that "havld Henry Telford." Baa-
katoon, Haak.,00 npatlon   lumberman, inteuda
Ut apply for a ���paOUJ ttmtx-r lleence over the lol
l"�� itk di'*.-- j.*  1 landa:
No 1 Commend n*K ata poat planted about f
Chnlna north of tbe northwent corner of Timber
Limit HU1. weit braioh ol Utile Hlocan river.
Went   Kootenav,    thenee   ��ent n) rhaln*,  thenee
aonth SO obalna, theiue cant ho ehalna, thenoe
north wi ebalun to t*oint ol eommeucement aud
oontainjns &lo aere*. more or tea*.
hated July tth, iyn     Davii. Hknhy Tat poru.
No. 2 CommenclUK a post planted on Iheeanl
l>Hiik of 1 oiiti-tr ereek. and on the norlh Imiin I-
ary of timla-r limit Mtt, wi-nl bramli of Little
Blooan rl*.er, inenee north IOO <-ha;nn, thence
eait 40 ehalni, thence aouth 100 . h..n.-. thenee
went Ulehainato place of commencement, and
couiali'iuic 'A*t acren, more or leaf.
Haled July loth. IfQV.  DaTUS MmiT TXUfOBD,
No. 3 CominelictnK al a |K>*t plant.-.1 ou bank
of hiimle   creek,   ilnillt   2t)   chalim   iouth   of   Ibt*
aonth boundary of timber limit hi47. west branch
n|   Little   BlOCan    rUer.    thelice   went   Ho   ehalim.
iheuce eenth n�� nhalht, Uienoe eait wi ehains,
theuee north HU ehalni to the point o| eum-
menoaaent and oontslnlllf Mo acrea, more or
Oatcd July Mth. UOT. iJAVtb Hbkhy Tkliokd.
No 4. Comineiiciiin at a poit planted about 3
ebatneaSSt from eant hank of I .*���>;. creek, and
on ibe we��t boundary of limit S, thenee went wi
chalim,   llonee  mhiIIi  W�� thaini,   theuee  eant Wi
ehatna, thenoe north **������ chalm to point of <-om-
meneementi and   .cmm;   m     acre*,   more or
Paled July Hth. 1007,   PATin llKSKV Th whu.
No. Lt.    ComtiiciicliiK at a poat   planted   about
80 ohalna ��*��tt  <>i (��������>���*,- Creek  and about iix
mllea from it- mouth at Btoenn Rtver, said poit
In about *��' chainn went from D H Teiror>l'i timber application Nc 11, thenoe eaai iu chain* u>
timber  application   Ho.   tt,   thsnee   norti,   iei>
chain*, them-e  went 4o ehalim,   thencw  wmt'i 'HO
chalim. to i-Hiini of commeneemeut, auil i-nuu 1.
Iiik 04li acren. more or Leal
Dated July i-tti. toot. Davtn Bmr IBLsosd.
No it    Ooanmenotng at a poet plauted at the-
nouth went corner of So i.i, then e weal tOchaini,
Hi. 11   e north ISO   Obalna,   Ihenee   eant 4i) chains,
thenoa nouth teu ehalna to point ol eonunenos-
iiieni.aud contain I ita ti 10 acren, more or leaa
l aled July lllh. IHU*    DAVID BSVSY  IKI.Kord.
A   Milton. AgSnL
None,- ii bsrsby tOoa ��nal ����� dayi after date I
intend lo apply to the Honorable lhe Cllle[Com-
mlSalonSI of l.audn and Worki tot a -;... ini
In > ok lo  ��� ul  aud   earrv away timber Iroin  tha
followlui deacribed landa m West Kootenay du-
No. 1 Comasnt UlS ��t a post marked WllUSfOS
Walm-lcy, planted at   Kokaiiee Cieek Hiding on
the Procter ektenelon, on tbs wmi aide oi Lot
8S08, "ii the BOUtfa Bide ol the West  Ann Ol Koolenay lake, coiiinieiii'inK Ht the N   K corner nosS
rnn0tll| ���uth wt chain*, went ho chainn, north ta��
ohalna, eaai n obalna to place ����( beKinuinjf.
Located W June. 1��I7.
WH.1.IAM   W a LMH LEY.   I.o.-ator.
Janes HrniiAKn as AKc��t,
Ncl.ou I*ainl Diatrict.   Dlitrlct of Went Kootenay
Take    notice   that    .lamen   Keeth, ol   Spokane.
Wa*h , ooenpatton, miner, intenda to apply f����r a
ipeclal    llinber   licence over    the   follow Iiik   de
ncrit-e 1 landa:  Commenolns ata poal abont is
rod* north of the center ol thu uorlh ihore Hue ol
hou nd arv 1-ae.t aud al the loulheaH corner of
flintier   Limit    No     H)14,   and    marked   Jainen
Kn ihs >* w. Oorperpoet, ibence north Mehslns,
tbenee   can'   WI   ebalun, thelice   aoulh   00 chain*,
thi-u *c went   Nu chalim to   point   ol  commsnOS-
ment, and cotitatnlilK 040 acre*, more or leai.
July 3), ltfcff, Jamem Ki.-di
Nelson i-atKi Dlstrlet   Dlstrlot "i Wsel Kootsiiay
lake notice   that   Henry   Kelchert, of   N.-Iiou,
H Cm prospector, lntenda to apply (ur a npe<-ial
licence to cut and osrry SWay llmU-r from the
followltiK den Tllied laud*.
No V Com tin iiik  at a nont plained near  thf
nortbeaai eornei pont of timber licence No. NM
and Iteat lleiiry (l-idierl B, W. comer post of
ttdrtier location  No. 7, 011 main Le in on creek and
marked Henry Keichcrt aoutheaat corner poat
No. 1'. thenc.-Nil ehalim north, thence 10 ehalna
Went, Iheuce HO chiilli- noul h. t hence Htl cluilim
���ul (,. ihe p..hit of oinmciiociuciil.
Dated July W,1WT.
No in Oommsnnlns ai ��� poet planted abonl .*o*
ehalu*   more   or   lenn   nouth    from    lhe   north-
���,  1   , Miner oi   lot   nn   SMS ou 1 11 Lemon
1 reck ami   iioiraed   Hcliry Kelchert  eait  eorner
boat so  10, tbenoe* ohalna north more or lew
{,,���! t midway of lhe south   boundary line ol.
timber lloenoe so  1900, thsnos 100 ohalna west,
ihenee   411 chatim   nouth. thence IfiO challia   etuttl
lo poini oi commencement.
Datei July ITU, 1901
no 11 Connneiicltm ill upont planted on Monument oreek, snout TO chaina, more or Leas, south
from white M.i i reek, empty  lulu I.- i.t
,.n ereek, and neiu Henry Uelchcrl northeml
corner poat til llinher locution No   N, atnl marked
������Henry Ita lobar I onrlhweat corner pontn0 m,*'
thence IflOehiil'ta aouth, thcucc 40 chnlna eant,
theiue 100 chains north,   thence   I'l chnlna went
to the point o< nommenoement*
Puled July'.-Ith, 1901,
JU:nrv  BPII itKIti. Locator.
Nelnon Land Dutrl d.  Dlatrlet ol Weal Kootenay
Take notice that Kiauk   KlaiuiK��n,  A   H   Klder,
nnd k  w. Smith, ol Bpokane. waah.. munstton
run-hem. inteti 1 to apply for a apeclal tlmher
licence   over   the   follow I nc     dcncMlif'1    I audi:
Coimnenoini at a pont plauted ai the aontbssst
corner nboul nix mllen from the Kootenay river,
on the went Hide, Iheuce north HO ehalni.   Iheuce
weal so ohalna, tbenoe aonth BOobsine, thenos
eimt Hi, ch.iltm to  point ol comiucnosmsnti anil
c.uiunil io- ctii acre*, more or Ichh
i",.i,'!i July m, m.      lrH-"\yb,1-T.'!:
A    Cl.   I   I ol��� It,
K   W. Smith, AkiuI for A|ipl|ralil��.
Nolanu Laml lll.lrn-1     IHalrli-l ul Waal Ko,it,,Iiay
���laki. null,*,* linn  Kraiili FIbi.iiiiiiii, A H Klrtnr.
an.lIK. W. 'Smith,   Spi.kiill...   WnalL. W<>KUIW
raiii'liora, mu   lu ipplT lor ��� ���������'�����  ''. ���  a
II i,*i.   iivnr     Ik-   lollowlai    iliairll...!    I.'"1"*
,.,������, ,,-ii.u nl apMl pliiiiU"!   "li.  nil"  uorlh
, I, m' mif. ���*..��. ol P"��l N��J. "Iil.l POtt 11
almiltaU mllM Iruiii Hi.' KuiiWia.*. ilvur, ull hi
"v.,.l ,1,1... It,.*,,.*., liurll, ���� ,;h,.Hi��. h.*lliH, w.,�� ��0
ohalni    lh I*   auillnau  iihntiia,   lli.uli'.'  .'aal au
Ihaliia tu "...iih .*( oommtnoomtnl, ami oonttln.
"fflf mSu&i'r-    ^"��.Y8{*Sgj
UL. VV. Smith, Amiit lor Arpli��"l��.
R.  L.  Borden's  Appeal  for   Honesty  in
Elections and Appointments to the
Civil    Service.
Tho part of Mr. Borden's Halifax ad-
flrcHH which deala wllh electoral and
civil service reform is as follows:
"If I am rltfht In asserting that un-
tainted elections are essential to the
moQen of democracy, am 1 not rinht
in Li'lieviriK that the Conservative party has today an opportunity of performing a service to the country greater
than any which It has rendered in the
past ? That service will Include a determined and vigorous effort to reform
und enforce our electoral laws, but it
will chiefly consist in the future conduct and management or electoral campaigns. Fight the ballot thief and the
briber of the Liberal machine. Strike
not only at them but expose and send
to the penitentiary if possible the respectable men who supply the funds and
superintend the work from a safe distance. Fight also any influences within your own party which favor corrupt
methods. T^et there be no party fund
the details of which may not be known
and the expenditure ol which cannot be
made public. Let your elections be conducted according to honorable, decent
and   clean  methods.
"A campaign of education to this end
should be begun and persisted ln. But
above alt thsse there should be an unflinching determination to pursue by
every punishment known to the law the
respectable conspirators, and not alone
their infamous instruments employed
and paid to subvert the will of the people by bribery and ballot switching and
every other fraudulent and corrupt
practice. At tbe opening of the last
session the Government pledged themselves In the speech from the throne to
Introduce a  bill  amending the electoral
Take noitce Hint John Rons, or Fernle. B C.,
hoW-kasper, intends to apply lor a Fpeclal Umber licence* over tbe-iollowlna tleicribetl landi:
1. inn minif nt a poat planted  in tbe bin*
irlctol Went KooU'iiay. Nelion Mln inn Dlvlaton,
ou the nortli fork ol tli I Houth fork ol Lost-creek,
about Ave miles up creek Irom where two forka
meet snd about aix miles north of the Inicrns
llomd Boundary Une snd sbout twenty eight
mllei went of KooteusT Klver, thence east nu
chslim, thence north 80 chains, thence weat SU
chains t" bank of -.aid creek, thence down stream
to plsce uf commencement.
J. Roes, Locstor,
2. CnmmuucluK st s post plantetl at the southwest corner of A, Kohs'h No. 1 locution, thence
went HO chains, thencu north SU ohalns, thence
east W chsins more or lean to bank of said creek,
ttieii" e down stream tu place of commencement.
J. Koss. Locstor.
3. t'ommencfnft at s post planted ator near
tlie southwest corner of J. Koas's No 1 location,
thence west HO Shslns, thence south 80 chatus.
thencu east 80 chains, more or less, to said creek,
' Neliee  Up >lrei4lll   to JlUcc ut )>l Kill nl OU
J. BOSS, Locator.
4. Com men ei iin at a posl planted st or near
he m.iit li we-t corner of J   Rosa's   No. 1 location,
ii..lee east 8-n chains, thence south 80 chains,
tlo ui c west B0 chainn, more or less, to bsnk of
said ereekj thence up stream to place of commeneemeut.
J. Koss, Locator.
b. Commencing at a post planted about two
miles south of the southwest corner ol J. Ross s
No. 1 location, on the north fork of the south
fork of Lost ereek, and about four mllea up
stream, Irom where tbe two forks meet, tbeuee
easl M) chains, thence nortb 80 cbslns, tbence
weal. HO chains, more or less, to bank of aald
creek, thenue down stream lo place uf commencement.
J. Koaa, Locator.
A. Commencing at a post plauted at, or near,
the southwest comer of J. Ross's   No. ft location,
OU    Lost    cieeK,     tln-oee    west   Hi elm Ins.    tilt-lice
north HO chains,   thsnee HOchalns eaat, more or
less, to bank of aald ereek, theucu down atream
to place of commencement.
Located 2Mb June. 11W7. J. Roes, locator.
< Iniin No. 1.
Nelsou i hu I District. Dlstrictof Weat Kootenay
Take notice that A. L. Reading, of Arrowhead, R 0.i ocuupatlon. carpenter, Intends to
npi-iy for a special timber license over the following described lauds: Commencing at a post
planted 40 chains soutb of 8, K corner of T. L. 7-
��� i*��� thenco south 80 chsins, thence east 80 chains"
thence uorth 80 cbalus, thence west 80 chains ta
Jfeoiut   of coronieiipuinent.
���     lune iHth, lt*fl.    Allium Laiuknck Rxaoiko.
i Ihiiu No. I.
Nelson Land District.   District of West Koo'ensy
Take notice that A. L. Reading, of Arrowhead, B 0.1 occupation, carpenter, lntenda to an
ply (or a special umber licence over the foi
lowing descrilied lands: Commencing at a
post planted HO chains south of A. L. Reading's
corner post No. 1, theucu south 8o chains, thence
east HO chnltts. thence nortb 80 ehains, theuee
west 80 chains,  to  point of com mencement.
JunoiHth IWfl.    Aacnim bkTOSWOS KesniNu.
Nelson Liiud Dlslrici. District of West Kootenay
Take notice thst A. L. Keadlug, of Arrowhead, H (J., occupation, < tupentcr. Intends to
apply for a special timber license over the following described lands: Commencing at a pout
planted 60 chatus south of N B. corner ol A. L
heading's claim No. 1, thence south IM) chslua,
ihenee east 40 ohains, thence north ISO chains,
Iheuce west 40chainstu pntntof commeneemeut,
June '28th, VAf,.    A HTH! ii l.AiitsNt t: Kbaiuni*.
(Mnlm No 4.
Nelson lAnd District.  District of West Kootenay
Take nollec that A. L. Reading, of Arrowhead, 11. C, oceiipntloii, carpenter Intends to
upply for a sneclst timber license over the following described lands: Commencing nt a nost
K Utile.1 40 chains south ol N. K. cornerof A. L.
i*ii.ling's claim No 3, theuco south IfiO ehnins,
ttience east 40 chains, thence north 160 ehalni,
tlicnce west 4ti ehalus to point of commencement.
June '28th, 1007.   Aktui k Lauhbncb Rkaiiino.
Claim No. fi.
Nelson Land District. District of Wost Vnotenay
Take uotlce that A L. Reading, of Arrowhead, B.C., occupation, carpenter, Intenda to
npj***.*- torn special tlmlter llconse ovor the following descrilied lands: Commencing atapost
plant**! I'i chains south of N. K, corner of- X.
Reading's claim No. 4, theucu soulh m> chains.
thence -east 40 chains, tlicnce north ICO ehnins,
ibence wrest 40   ehalna to point of commence
Claim No. 6.
ticlson Laud District. District of \S est Kootenay
Take sol ice that A. L Reading, of Arrowhead, B. O.i oecunatlou, carpenter, lntenda to
apply forsspeetsi timber license orer the foi-
owing described lauda: t'ommenclng atapost
planted 10 chains south of N K Corner ol A L
Heading's claim No. I\ thence south ISO chaina,
ttience eeat 4o cbalna, thenoe north lOOJchalna,
tbence weat 40 chaina to point of commencement.
June '-"-mS. 1W7.   ahtiich Laurmck KeaniHo.
Claim No, 7.
Nelson Land District. Dlstrictof West Kootenar.
Take notice lhat A. L. Heading, of Arrowhead
B. C, occupation, carpenter, intends toapply for
a special timber licence over the followlug described lsnda: Commencing all poat planted
70 chains south of N. K. corner of A.L. Reading'*
claim No 0, thence south 80 ehalna thence oaat
ho chains, thence north HU chaina, thenee weat 10
chains t ��� point uf tioinmeiicemt ut.
laws. No such bill wlfcs Introduced. I
criticized their Inaction and moved a
resolution which was voted down by the
usual Government majority. The substance of that motion which I submit to
you as an essential article of Conservative policy ls as follcwH:
"More effective provision to punish
hribery and fraud at elections, toAo-
aure thorough publicity as to expffdi-
tureH by -political organizations, to prevent the accumulation of campaign
fundi^for corrupt purposes, and to prohibit contributions thereto by corporations, contractors and promoters, to expedite the hearing of election petitions
and to prevent collusive arrangements
lor the withdrawal or compromise thereof, to provide for a thorough Investigation of corrupt practices, and if necessary to appoint an independent prosecuting officer charged with that duty, to
simplify the procedure therfor, and to
enforce the laws so amended.
"What I have said concernig appointments to public office leads me to submit to you another article which should
find a place in the Conservative policy,
and It is this:
"A thorough and complete reformation of the laws relating to the civil
service so that future appointments
shall be made by an independent commission acting upon the report of examiners after competitive examination.
Of this feature of Mr. Uorden's policy
and the difficulty of carrying it out, the
Toronto News says:
"Civil service reform is advocated by
Mr. Borden. He suggests that appointments should be made by an independent commission, acting upon the report
of examiners, after competitive examination. That is a wise and sane policy.
It recognizes the evil influence of the
spoils system. It admits that men
are appointed to offlce for no reason
but the flimsy one of political service.
The policy ls wholly admirable. But
the practical politician is not likely to
become enthusiastic over it. How many
members of the Opposition in the
House of Commons would be willing to
sit ou the Treasury Benches without
dabbling In patronag eand other petty
methods of vote catching ? Is there
oue of them who has not, in his constituency, a little hand of committee
men who, since 1896, have labored and
and have not fainted in tbe hope that
a time will come ? ls there one of
these committeemen who would not expect, if the Conservatives came into
power, a public offlce for which he
might be unqualified. The way to secure civil reform Ib not alone hy the
academic utterance of a party leader.
That is valuable as far as lt goes. But
it should be backed by the enthusiastic
support of the leader's followers in Parliament. When Col. Sam Hughes and
Mr. Bergeiou are ao convinced of the
vote-getting capabilities of the Civil
Service Reform policy, that they can
gaily dash to earth the cherished hopes
of some of their most ardent workers,
then reform will be within measurable
distance. But Mr. Borden's declaration
may aid in the good work of stirring
public opinion. It is only by causing
a popular demand for an Independent
public service that Civil Service Reform can become a definite political Issue. Unfortunately, patronage has been
the handmaid of power In Canada for so
long that the public Is habituated to Its
shortcomings. Still lt Is encouraging
when the leader of one of the great parties takes so definite a position on so
important a question."
Time lor advertising extended by the Aasistant
Nelsou Land Dlatrlet.  District of West Kootenay
Take notice that Thoe. K. L. Logan, of Bonner's Kerry, occupation painter lntenda to apply
ior a special timber Uoenoe over the following
described lauds: Commencing at a post plauted
on the soutli side of Boundary creek, about IU
miles west of tbe Kootenay tlver, thence west 90
chains, thence south 90 chains, thence esst tw
chains, tbence uorth SOchalns to the point of
.-ommencement, and containing C.40 acres, more
or leaa,
Dau-d July 6th, 1907.        Thomas k. L. Loosn.
Take aottee that Ira P. Taylor, dure, of Arrow,
head, H. 0 , intends to apply for a ���pedal Licence
to cut timber from the following described
No. 1. Conimcn -lug atapost planted 7Ucbatns
distance In an easterly direction Irom Cariboo
lake marked "Ira K laylor'a, W. Parkins' 8. W,
corner,'' bounded on the aouth by T. L No, 7D66,
on the weat by i'. L. f��o. 70T2, thenoe north so
chains, tbenee east 91) chains, thence soutb MU
chains, thence weat W ehatna to point of com.
No. 2. Commencing at a post planted 80 shslns
distance and iu acanterly direction from Cariboo
Hike marked "W. Parkins', IraF. Tayler's S. W.
corner posl,'' bounded on the west by T. L. 76*17,
south by Irs 9. Taylor's and W. Parkins'T. 1..
No. 1, thence north 4U chains, thence eaat ltH)
chaina, thence south 4U ehatna, thence weat lflu
chalua to point uf commencement.
Nelson Laud Dlstrlet Diatrict of Weat Kcotenay
Take uotlce thai K.W. Hmlth, Krank Flans
gan, and A. S. Klder, nf Spokane, Wash , occu
patlon ranehera, intend to apply for a apeclal
timber licence over the following deaeribed
landa: Commenclug ata post planted at tho
southeast corner, snout eight miles from tho
Kootenay river, nn the west aide, and about
three miles norlh of the international boundary
lino, on lhe west bntik of Brldg creek, on the
north fork, thence north SO ohalns. tbenet west
K0 chains, thenco south 80 ohalna, tbenee east SO
chains to point ol commencement, and con win
ing H40 scrrn, more or lesa.
Datetl July 10th, 19U7. K. W. Hmith,
Frank Fi.anaoan,
~ ���, ��� A- ������ *">SS,
K. W.8MHH, Agent.
On* of Nelaon*, Pretty Horn* Cottage, of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large baaement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, $900 down; balance on
eaey term*. Certainly a tnap. 3 lot,
75 x 125. Apply to J. R. B��� Dally
Queen's Hotel
-taut Stmt, Nel,on. B. C.
Lighted hj Eleotrlcitj- and
Heated by Hot Air
Lai-**, end UomlorUbl, Bedroom, ftad Flnt-
tlaufiiuiu, Boom.   Bample Boom, Ior Commer*
clml   Hu.
MRU. B. C.CLABKB. ProprtetrM,
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room ls unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tfemont House
Bnropeen and American Plan
Meal, 36 ct,.   Boom, Irom w ct,. to *.
Only White Help Employed.
Baker St.. Nelion Proprietor,
Bartlett   House
But DolUr a-Day House in Nelson.
The Ber u the FlneM.
White Help Only implored.
Josephine Bt
Royal Hotel
Rate* %l and $1.50 a Day.
Special Rate* to Regular Boarder*.
Moat comfortable qnerter* ln NeUon**
Only the beet ol Liquor, and uig.ra.
In tbe matter of an application lor the luue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title tor Lota
16 and 17, Block 26, Town of Nelion.
Notice li hereby given tbat It la my Intention
to Itaue at tbe expiration of one month after tbe
first publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for tbe above Lota in tbe name of
France* Jt. Day, whlcb Certificate la dated the
IVth September, I8tw, and numbered itoOK.
Land Keg le try Ofllee, Nelaon, B.C., Uth June,
1W7. B. P. MacLttOl),
Dlitrlct Keitlitrar.
Not'ce la hereby alven that alter tbe expiration
of nlxty oayn from tbe date hereof the Patrick
Lumber Company, Limited, lntendi to submit to
the Honorable ('hlef Commiuloner ol Landi and
Worki a proposal under the provisions of the
-Klvers and lit reams Act" and Amending Acts,
fortherlebt to Improve the Hlocan river from
the mill dam of aald company (situate about
three miles above the Junction ol said Slocan
river with the Kootenay river,) to the mouth of
the Little Hlocan river, and to Improve the Little
���jlooan river and branches thereof to the northern boundary of tub-lot'2, lot 718U. and sub-lot 1,
lot 7161 rroup one, Kootenay district, ana to
Improve the tributaries of said rlvera; and re-
niave obatructlons from said rivers and tributaries, and to make the aame fit for driving, storing, sorting booming and raiting logs, timber,
lumber, raits, and crafts; also for the right to
collect tolls thereon.
The lauds to be affected are the following: (a)
Lots 308, 7369, 64AO, 6461, 04bl, Mill. 68V7, !A4o, 360U,
7528, T06fi, :i��v..\>. 4812, all lu Uroup one, Kootenay
district; also lands covered by pre-emptions
numbered 46, 10S, 116, 185, 148,164 and 57U; also
lands covered by timber llcenivs numbered 5656,
5588, 5584, 5585, 5586, 5587, and 5588; alto lauds ol
the crown.
Dated tUli6thdayof July, 1907.
by IU solicitor. K. W. IUnkinutun,
In the matter of an application for the issue of
duplicates of the Certlficatts of Title to lots 11,
12 and 13, group 1, West Kootenay District, also
known as the "Kootenay Chief," "Comfort'*1 and
"Lulu" mineral claims respectively.
Notice is hereby given that It ls my intention
lo issue at the expiration of one mouth after the
first publication hereof a duplicate of Certificate
of Title "No. 6901a of an undivided 81-lootbs In
each of the a*ove lots, Issued on the 17th day of
May, A D. 1886 In tbe name of Johu C. Ainsworth,
and also a duplicate ol Certificate of Title No.
6900a ol an undivided 19-100ths lu each nf the
above lots, issued on the 17th day of May, A. V
1886, in the name of tieorge J- Ainsworth.
Laud Hugimry Ofllee, Ntlson, H. ('.. August6th,
"II. F. MacLfOD."
Dlatrlet Registrar.
In the matter of an application for the In uo of
duplicate of the OttUflOKtfl uf Title for Lots 6, 7,
h, and 17, Block 2,1 own ol Kitchcr.er (��an688)
mid l^ii5iK7, Group Oue, tu the DI r etof Kooteuay.
Notice ts hereby given lhat tl my intention
lo \-uu- at the expiration of oue month after the
firm publication hereof, duplicate* o[ Certificate*
of Title of tbe above lots lu the name of Joseph
Walker which certificates are dated 22nd day of
June, 1008 and numbered 2481 A and *482A respectively.
Land Registry Offlce, Nelsou, B. 0���Ifflrd July,
"H. 9. MaiLiop,"
District Registrar.
In the matter of an application for the tsitue of
a duplicate nf the Certificate of Title for lot 22,
and the west half ot lot Ji, block 61, In the Town
of Nelson.
Notlee li hereby given tbat it is my intention
tn ia*ue at the expiration of one month after the
first publication hereof a duplicate of the certificate of tplc tor the above lauds. In the name of
l.ydlu Hlitcids. which certificate Is daud tbe Hat
day of December, moo. and numbered --WI k.
"H   9. MacLkiiu,"
Duiliet Registrar.
m- i
We hare had placed in our hand* one of the prettiest best paying
1     ' "��� '���       .i.^���-���Mtf.��������� , i i i  , r���������am**m*���-w**********************���maaal
Thla in up for a quick aale on account of owner's ill health. Call and get
fall particulars. If yon hare |6,000 we can make a good easy deal with yon
for this property.
8. M.  BRYDQE8,
Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Ltd.
Fire, Accident, Life aad Employers' Liability Insorance
Let us quote you rates in the best board companies.
"We Have For Sale One of the Prettiest Homes to
Nelson, Sttoated to FatnrUw, Close to the Car Line
Large 7-room houae. Stone foundation and -flret-claes cellar. Complete water ��y��tem. 10 lota under cultivation and planted in large, bearing fruit tree,.   Thla la a anap.   For particular, apply to
Choice Fruit
I Hstc 10,000 Acres
of tbe
Choicest Fratt Lands to
Battttsn Colnmbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson. B. C.
The house contains two bedrooms and hall upstairs, dining room, parlor, Kitchen, pantry and hall downstairs, hot and cold water. Electric light in all rooms.
Two lots ln a good position.
PRICE ai900.      Terms can be arranged.
$10 Cash
$10 per Month
We otter you something practical���something that will make a
real home���something that will
yield an Income. Every tract surveyed. Every tract near **���% *iwn-
elte. Daily trains; serviceable!
roads; absolutely good soil,���and
ail these In a community, not In a
Kootenay Orchard
Paci no
Notice ts hur-eby given that tha undersigned
have submitted to the Lieutenant Oovernortn-
( ouncil a proposal under the pmvlsiona of tbe
"Rivers and Rrrama Aet," for clearing and re-
moving obstruction)* from (Joat Klver and Meadow Creek, In the Dlstrlot ol West Kootenay, and
for making the same tit for rafting and drlv
lug theraou logs, timber, lumber, rafts snd crafts
and for erecting and maintaining booms for
holding, sorting and delivering logs and timber
brought down said creek and river, and for attaching booms tothe shore of said creek and
river for said purposes.
Tha lands to be afTceted by said work are:���
Lota Vi, MS7, 4&��2, and sub lots 1, o. 11 18,14 and
16 ol Lot 4A92, (iroup 1, Koutenay Dlstrlet.
The tolls proposed to be charged aie such as
may ben sod by the Judgti of tha County Court
of West Kooteuay.
Uatedllat July, 1W7.
Tug International Li'mheh A Mkbcantile Co.,
F. C GREEN       F. r. BURDEN        A. H. GREEK
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
ColumbU Land Surveyors
r.0.BoiU5    tone 241 ft.
To Winnipeg and points In
Ontario, Qocbce, Maritime
Provinces, Central and Eastern States, Aagost 8th, 9th
and * Oth, September f Ub,
(2th and >3th.
Full particulars as to stop overs, etc.,
on application.
Splendid New Soo-Spokane Service,
45*/2 Hours Between St. Paul and Spokane. Catch the Flyer at Cranbrook for
AU Polnta Eaat.
Daylight, service between Nelson and
Spokane Including 50 miles on Koote-
iiuy Lake ln elegant new steamer Kus-
1 anook. Fare I'i.iio. Return $12.45.
Clood for 30 -.lays.
Scenery through Arrow Lakes and
Rocky Mountain resorts unexcelled In
the world.
D. P.A., Nelaon
A. If. Ou. 8N. O. E.
Mining Work ��� Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker Bt, NELSON, B. C.
| j * i
V. > '**
4 I f
I    I
���  ���
I  ,
is the new style we nre showing iu
Among the new articles just
opened up are: Bread Trays, Nut
Bowls and Candle sticks, besides
Jugs. Bowls and Nappies.
Don't fail to get our prices on
these goods.
The Daily Canadian
At A > UI *���, WT **. ��-*��� I >< 1
Watchmaker and Optician
rioened ��n*l dew-rareelened.    It ��� ml'n, lull*
flavored and <*..ol    A lobaeco Juu
ought tu try
fobacxonist.    Biker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel A Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. eo.. Baker   ani   Ward   Sts.
Sec Us
For Good Frttit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile &
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils lor
Preserving Timber,
Roofiug Pitch and
Boal Builders will And it to 'heir ad-
vintage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
5-Rooin House aud 3 Lots, Observatory street. House
well plastered aud iu good
shape. $1,000. Good
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep
Ing, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing  Stoves,  etc.
111 Eaat Baker St. Phone No. A114
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers ill Ntnplo and fancy Groceries
Butter, Kkk��-
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
SooiHllat Vttrty meet, eve 17 Friday
event!!* at * I* m , tu ti.e Miners* 1 nlon Hall
All are invite.1: any one allowed to lake part In
the debateF.   T. Austin, .--ecretitry.
Patronized ty Earl Grey ��nd Nobility
Hotel Strathcona
Best Located Hotel in Nelson
Apartment** Kit-Rant.    Cuisine Choicest
drttlty and Cle&nlinen,
Untier the management of   R. F. Noble,
late uf Toronto,    itawa and
S Brace, Hamilton; H J. Orwmwood,
Willtao.��port ; H. Morris, Victoria: H J.
OoniieU, Winnipeg; G*. W. Huphes, G.
Alexander Kaalo; W. J. Trethewev aud
wife, Z. Maoaoley, La Plata; J C Duf-
rame, Blue Fell;*M. K. Graham, E. K.
Graham. Graham; E. Bennett, Vancouver; E. B Robertson. Ottawa; W. J.
Schkffex and wife, Chester; Mr. and Mrs
Hall and daughter. Grand Forks; J. T.
K-a'tie, Kamloops; O. F. Hooper, Spokane.
m. m
Cor.  Vermin   and  WarU  SirvetM,
Mrs. F. Lethbrldge, Kamloopt-*; L. Mac-
Ken/.ie, Li Knight, Winnipeg; C. E.
Alh-n. E. Beeton.P. Jackson, Toronto; J.
R Randall, Trail; Miss Hays, Portland;
W. u Steven*, Kuch b!4ing; H. Soule,
O. H. Urouf-h, C. E. Mot��, Three Forks;
li. S. Stebbm, Boston; K. E. Beattie,
Crnnhnnik; R. S P. Smyth, Procter; A.
P. Thomas, U. V. Jones, Vaucouvtr; S.
('urns, Rossland; L. Prntt, Sandon; A.
Qaniey, Kaalo j O. F. Sherwiu, Ains-
worth; J. A, Knox, Rtvelstoke; A M.
Whitehead, Greenwood; E. W. Brown,
Seattle; R. F. Marshall, Uajgarr.
A R. O'Neaifl and wife, Slt��can; P.
Moffat, t'ranbrook; A. N. "Wiulaw, W inlaw ; Mrs. R. Scott, Trout Lake; Misa A.
M Hnrmau, J.Murray, AiUHworth; D.
A. McKeu/.ie, Winnipeg; A. T. Davis, 18
Mile; J. Wood and family, Procter; G.
li. Finlt-y, Moyie; J. J, Batl<>y, Arrow-
head; J. Graham, T. K. Needham, Revel
.1 L* ets and wife, Greenwood; P.
Beaver Oxbridge j B. Leadbeeter,. J W.
Dunbar, R. JuUling, Yuhk ; \V. Burton,
Salmo; .1, Culhaue, E. Newell, Green-
wood; M. Kinek, P. E. I.; H. Hauiill,
S. Waters, T. Applebv, Princess mine;
W. Walton, lOliilei D. White, Camborne; C. GUI, J. Emmersou, Loudon.
W S Thompson, Winnipeg\ J. D. Foley, Bpokane; A, 0. Fox, Seattle; E.
.li-nvis, i*. J I'ouHou, Granite; J.Murray, Phoenix; P. Hubert, Bandon; J. Un-
ohnlankO) Poaebaiy.
S. Rankin, New Uenver; E. Polblok,
Luuisdeu ; S. Lorney, SjMikaiie; M. Me-
I'ulk and wile, Sirdar; J. t'uthbert, Slo-
oan; tt He-urn, D Kolierta, Poplar; c.
Moore, Kaslo; J. A. Cameron,  F. Lanier-
ta, Revelatoke; W. Blake, Seattle,
Baby Race.
During the Fair a 25 foot race for
tots. 2 years and under, will be held.
The winner will get one dozen cabinet
photos, value $7.50, donated by the
Queen studio.
Appointment Deferred.
The executive committee of the Kiwt-
t-nay Fruit Growers' Association have
received a dozen applications for the
position of salesman. Careful cousid
eiation is being given to all.
20,000 Ctub.
The canvassing committee of the 20,-
000 club met with considerable success
yesterday, and will have an encouraging report to present to the general
meeting which will be held in the court
house tonight at 8 o'clock.
iOl.li   (MAIN,   between    Hoover   and   Vermin
Btmti,   BoiUbla reward win  be paid ior in
re-tarn,   UaDarmid a Mciianiy.
A I'OCKKTHOoK coiit��liituft a signed cheque ��f
tbeBtoond KcUc-i Mining Compaatj perablt
to *'������ C.  Wade,  ninl   H-tlem.     Finder   kindly
li-HVI' Hi No 1'lttif lun
���Old GuriOaSity Shop
If you want to l.uy or ���nil aiiytliliiB.
���o to the Old CurluBlty Shop A nrw
line of luiialii-Hi. (JiKjilH now on wile.
All klnda of Dlnucrware In Btock. l'ait-
torna. _____
E3. C
TWO KIKSTAJi.Artd hooMri   htenu tie Med     Ap-
PIT hounekeeper, ltd lUt. K. W. C. btock.
V   I'AUTNKR    wllb   11,000  lo    pUMOhOMO  a  troll
rMiirli iH-nr Ni'luon   A good tpei-uluUon. J*art-
nit need not Iks nctlvuly mikhk*i.'iI on much.
for pnrtk*uUrs apply T   tl. PBOOl KK.
Conservative  Executive.
Members of the executive committee
of the Nelsbn Liberal Conservative Association will meet In Lennle & Wrag
ge's offlce tonight at S o'clock. All members are requested to attend promptly
as there is Important business to be
Bid  Ham  Goodbye.
At the banquet on the evening previous to their departure from Montreal.
a handsome travelling case was presented to George Ham. as a token of
the appreciation of the visiting news
papermen of the way in which he had
taken care of them during their tour
of the  country.
From   Auld  Scotia.
Peter McGregor, of Kaslo, Is the
proud possessor of a rose tree that grew
a few yards from- the grave of Robert
Bruce. The tree was planted In Kaslo
in April and bore an abundant crop of
roses. Only Scots or those of Scottish
ancestry are favored with roses from
Mr. McGregor's tree.
Deputy   Minister Arrive*.
R. F. Tolme, deputy minister of
mines arrived from Trail this morning.
He goes to Kaslo tomorrow, returning
to Nelson at night, and will leave for
East Kootenay Thursday morning. Mr.
Tolmie says there is certainly a shortage of coke at Granby and Trail. Be-
yi-nd that he has no statement to make.
He is here to gather information and
report to the provincial executive council by whom alone action can be taken.
A   Hindu   Abductor.
An Indian maiden, twelve years of
age, had been abducted from the flsh
ing camp at the St. Mungo, cannery,
and Hurla Singh, a Hindu, is charged
with the crime. The Hindu was seen
by a white man carrying off the girl,
but hor people have been unable to find
any trace of her and have nearly all
ceased fishing and gone on a hunt for
the girl and her captor, and are threatening body harm on the big Kast Indian
if he is caught. The police have been
notified and are endeavoring tG locate
the pair, but so far have met with no
success. The Indians have been unable
to give any clue aa to which way they
went, but it Is supposed that the Hindu
took his prisoner ofT in a boat.
Fruit Land Transfer*.
D. D. Fraser and A. M. Fraser, who
have been in the city for several days,
have acquired two valuable properties,
those of George Alexander, at Kaslo,
and of Zr Lang Stocks on the north
shore of the Arm, oppOFlte the city.
.Messrs. Fraser left for England this
morning, and will not return until next
spring. The properties will be managed
for them by James Johnstone, who wilt
be represented at Kaslo by J. G. Palmer.
Mr. Alexander's disposal of his residence will not, he says, be followed by
the disposal of his mining Interests In
Kootenay. D. D. Fraser has spent many
years in Java, and he thinks many other
owners of East Indian plantations will
follow him to Kootenay to engage in
fruit growing.
Novel  Sport.
Nelson has not seen much this year
of lacrosse, football or baseball. Three
prominent citizens devoted several
hours yesterday afternoon to perfecting a new game to replace these obsolete forms of nmusement. Catching a
number of diminutive toads which are
now travelling in myriads up the hill,
they Improvised   a   race  course  on the
The Store of Quality
A in 1*1*   BUY       Apply the Htrilh-
���������,**.- H. P., Dully i ������in.i.liiih.
WAN 1'KI     ii*. 70*001 hnRiiniainnn. lot with fruit
1-,-iin. i   wImtu  ba <-nn   tboroogbly learo the
bind ue m-.       Al |.i ���      u' m '-���*. * -mi*,- ������*.*  but  would
eonu -���
TitA('M Kit   ��i  Meadowii    NQ per month.
Hpr-itii-j. BporotaiTi Krle, P.O.
fOlT fUT.l ��� lit TOOmWl cltige, HUnley Stroct
i it-n i Mill. Modern improvement*. lU'-U'.
Teruiiglven.   Apply Mm R-mou.
Ram Lal Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown-Can Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Reccommend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
is n in
Baking Powder
Jelly Powder
C. A. aBenedid
Corner Blllca and Josephine Ste.
During the next two ur three weeks
we propose to offer vou The BARGAIN
OPPORTUNITY of the year. We have
bought freely this year of eoods for
Fall and Holiday trade, nnd we begin to
reallie that we will have to take
measures to make room for the new
stock To this end we arc* overhauling
our stock and laying out a lot of odds
and ends���lines of which we no longer
have sufficient quantities lo make a
showing. Most of them articles of practical use and value, an.l marking them
at merely nominal prices to clear them
We are putting them In our window
with price tickets on them. Look in
our window and see wuat you can get
NOW for 10c, 15c or 25c
Remember always, when we say bargains we mean bargains in the truest
and fullest sense of the word.
W. G. Thomson
^*0TK.oKN'LELBSB"a   Nelson, B.C.
Phon* 34.
Rowboats And Canoes
For Sale or Hire
ARent for Trmrott I-aiiDchta
au*] P-eterlxn-o Cimiea.
Fluent i"i of   Hotu tn B. t'.
Foot of Joiephlne St.       Tel. A18
sidewalk on Ward street in front or the
Hume hotel and enjoyed a period of
keenly interesting sport. If a toad fell
through a crack In thr sidewalk the
race was promptly called off and a
substitute procured. The originators of
the new game that promlaea to be exceedingly popular during the toad Rea-
Bon. are a local physician, a mine manager and a well known commercial
Whoh'-tiale and   Ketall Dealer* la
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on 8hort*et notice and
lowest  price. Nothing but  firwh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
R. E. neattie, of Cranbrook, arrived
In the city last night.
A. M. Whiteside. I.arriater of C.rccn*
wood, ls ln the city today.
.1. C. Dufreme. ������superintendent of
the Blue Hell, Is at the Strathcona
A. Carney, timber Inspector of Kast
Kootenay, arrived from Kaslo last night
E. J. Travers, district car services In
spector left for Winnipeg this morning
I.ouIb 1'ratt. of the 1-aBt Chance mine
at Sanfl *n. Is In the clly on business of
the  company
W. J. Trethi way, manager of the La
Plata, and Mrs Trethewey, came In
from the mine last night.
O. W. Hughea, owner of the Luck*.
Jim mine, arrived from KaBlo last
night and Is at the Strathcona.
Smith Curtis passed through Nelson
last night after a tour of the ptOTlnce
looking   after his   mining   In < r.   *
J, T. Ileattle, formerly of the Nalaon
branch of the Hank of Commerce, now
of Greenwood, arrived last nlgbl from
Kamloops, whltber he had been sum
moned hy the Illness of his father ll*
returned to the Houndary thla morning
E.  C.  TRAVES.   Mana-ger.
All Klnda of Heating  Planta  In Bt/jck
K. W. O. Bloak  . Phone  10
Victoria 8t, Nr.Ooara Houaa.      Tel. 18V
W.   a.    OILLETT
Cmilr-iictfir   and
Bole agent ff.r th* P'rto KWj (JMfeM OS . Md..
retail jarrln Hough . n-1 drawd :,-���-������ * *.rr ��� -1
work and braok-tW, < ��� aat lath and *uiuitiea,tma0
and doon. <>merit brink &od I'*".*- lor aala
Automatic grtuler.
Yard and factory   Varuon ��t.. aaal ot Hall
rNi;i .*>�� ��.*x,   i��. G.
t. u. Box 212 Tolaphtfoa lit
tsBusimbs Energy
Plums, per basket 35c
Peaches, per lb  15c
Pears, 2 lb. for 25c
Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for   2.15c
Telephone 161.
For Sale
COTTAGE���3 rooms, water and electric
light, wooduhed, chicken houni-s. fruit
tra���, }f hlock from car line. For
quick   sale.    Terms  given.     $750.00.
6% acres within mllo of city. Suitable
for market garden.    Terma given.
LAND on Kootenay and Arrow lakes.
Slocan. Kootenay and Salmon rivers,
etc.    From $10 to $45 per acre.
F. B.  LYS
Real   Estate   and   General   Agent.
Weat Baker Street. NELSON. B. C.
Piano  aad  Singing Lessons
Given   by   Mrs.   Winter   Every   Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
lloyal Academy for planororta playing
and slnKlm; (Vrtlilcate from Trinity
College, London. V.tift., for theory of music. Scholarship of the l.ondnn Conser.
vatolre of Music for singing and piano
playing. Address Box 796. Nalaon.
Hay ;md Timber Land���About 40
acrea of bay and SO acres of timber.
rlghl baalda a It. U. siding and only a
short    distance    from    Nelaon.    120.00
Baker St., Opposite Queen's Hotel.
The Silver Grill haa opened under naw management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal In the city.
V   ,
All  the authorized Text  Books for
Public and High Schools.
Mail orders promptly  filled.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD. Phone  81
Take noliee *.h��t nu uppllrRlinn Im* been ni**)-*-
l. r<-Ki**u-r Arthur IihiiiU ton Htirhmmn M
",��� owner  In  Vets Hitttpli*. un-icr a tax *a\* -rlc-ril
rrom k j itnuofit Deputy Asmmot ud OoflMl
ol tbe Hlo"ftfi Amif-'Bimeiil DUtfleti to Arthur
Iin mil ton Hurti-til an, bearing -late the 7th o."
HrrrombOT, A I��.,UM"., of nl) ami mnjtular that
"���rinln |.��nel, or trart. nf lari'l. nn'l premise*,
���Ittuta. lylriR an-l h*in* in the lilatnrtnf KOOtt'
i.ay, in 'lie 1'roritnM Of Hrltliih Columbia, more
ptrilfiiUrly known ami <ltnf-rlbe*l an:
f��t DUmMf nine h'in<lr<-<l   ami   levetitf   (070),
'.roup one (i) in the Dlatrlet of lCont��na-f, "Biin-
m-i Mlnern) Clflm.
i oi ari'1 earn nl vou arc n��|tilr*n(l to ronteit tho
' I film ot the tax pun-haKer within fourteen ilnjt
it'.m tl.. ��� (Ui. ��� of the *��<rvi( e of thin notlee up*m
vou. an-l in ilefhi,it of ��� cavi-at. or eertlflratr
.   '  |��eri'leii�� "
1/eliiK ftldd within am-h iierlnd, you
-Hi be ' - - - ".j.i������ ; �������� ii'i ���!- i,L ;...] from aol-
titiKupanr <*U<m to. or tn tOMpMOt ot the aaM
l-ii-l, an-l I thai I re((i*.ii r Arthur Hftmllton
.**'����� oHn a* owner thereof.
I��at����l Bt l^mi ItPiri-try OBm, Neleon, I'ro-
% lue of Hrltiih Columbia, i hn> i,u�� ilay ol April,
A It , \Mft.
To hr.t  **���'   Y.  I>   im,
'I if    ..:.-������'   Uol4   A
pain (furei-fn).
I'im i ]��� i HeiUtrer.
HUver  Mining Com*
**.  A.  ISAAC
miNoiiNizm^M  .A.rNt> contractors
Rwpnlrlnir and Jobhlng aaxas-u-Lit-iMJ %\ ft li D-annntuh.    Mhaat Ma.t.1
Wtirk,  MlnlriB nnU  /Villi Mnchlnvry.      MiinufnwturapaT
Or*   Ciii-h,   M.   H.    Cotitrnutora'   tfara.
Corner of Hal and
Front -Htrt-t'-u.
NELSON,    B. C.
MANUFACTURERS    ��   ..^t...     Cf-i*.��.t^.
AND DEALERS IN    -UtimDe*f   MUllgleS.
L*ith, iMouldlngs, Doors, Windows,
Turned Work and llnitkctn. Mini Ordera proniptlr atteixMlt,
ViSRINOIX ���TRB8T    ...    M*I.NO.N. B. Oa
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
WholeHiilv Provlalona,
; OoTernment OreajnPry Onn-Pimnrl Bnr.li�� r��;��lved weakly treat trom u��
i-liuri.     For -nli* by nil limdiiiK irrooera.
Office and wnrt'liouwi: I luui.li m Block,    Pboae 19.
Josephine Street. -       Nelson, B. C.
Our shipment of these has been delayed iu transit but we
them now, and in order to clear before the season is to��
far advanced we are selling* them at prices that
should place oue in every home.    Call aud
be convinced and enjoy comfort.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited. "���>"" ""*
Gtins and
If you air. tliiiiklii(r i.f l.nylnu n Hille or (lu" "'����� **m
Hlld lUHptTt  OUT sliaU.
"We nlno (-.iirry nil tin* ItQM. ninkiw of Aiiiimiiii'i"". ��"' "'
Dominion,    Eley,     Kynoch,     U.M.C
and Winchester.
Wood Vallance Hardware Co., Li
.\ :


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