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The Daily Canadian Aug 23, 1907

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 Stye   Jktiljj   -Canabia
Volume 2.    No. 69.
Fwrr Cbnts a Month
I Board of Trade Appeals
to Government
llr-jcdto Enforce on Crow's Nest Pass
Company Fulfilment of Terms
of Its  Chatter.
I Tin.- authority ol the provincial gov
lent bus been Invoked by the bourdH
|: ir.i.ii* "I NeUon und Kaslo lo compel
g Crow's Ne��l Paaa Coal company to
E, u|, !,, ih. l.-inis of Its chattel, ninl
laBi. its unpatriotic polloj of starring
L* smelting and mining Industries of
Cit'.aii Columbia ior tha banaflt of 1
Inlcii corporation.
[a lull and iruuk dlscuBalou of tha
fck,* Bltuutlon ;.t 11 larga ""d ri*|iu*H.*ii
meeting ol tli<- Nelson board ol
ale last iilu'u showed conclusively
the bluinc lay for the pruevnt In-
jjtrlal crista iu Kootenay.
fill, board mat ahortely aftar lo'elou*
|tli the president. K. A. Stark..)*. In
chair, oihera preaent being:  l'. l.a
tint, J. Jollllalolli*. 8. S. Fowler, H. K.
tuglas, II. U Qoodava, T. Morley, P.
1 Ebbull, K B. Mel hi mid, W. \V. Ileer.
Ik. UIkoi, T. J- Deane, I. O i'roctcr.
1 mil. E W. Wuldowson. W. A. Mac*
bald. A. H. Kelly, L. H. deVeber, A.
kn, ll. 0. Coleman, W. Irvine, O. 8.
Bier, J. I.. Ketallack ol Kuslo. II
landiit, K. W liiicrnsoy of Trull, und
'. Dllllm*. i. "i the railway eoiniiils
*A.*n* ai.*,.* preaent.
*Th.* president called the meeting i"
li*r Blatini lu object lo be to urge on
prop.1 authuilUe* step* U�� tvlieve
shortage of coke. Ho thought two
nea were open, appeal to the pro
lilli!   government   or   tO   U����   railway
imlulon.   He atated, o-nMhe author
ul J.  I,   Ketallack.   that   the   Kuslo
ird had already   wiled  un  upland   lo
provincial government.
s  Fowler asked  lor uuthorltatlve
it.in.iit that there was a dearth of
e and that II was due wholly or
,nly to the exjiorl of coke.
W Qoeraie) said thut ut the Trait
iter. In spits of every effort lo keep
asrv-g ol coke, they hud bath uble
(i.i a supply only [or three furnaces
uf seven.
. 8. Fowler returned to the question
L'llKirt.    He  hud   been  one  of those
(<j endorsed the application for lhe
Her for the II. C. Southrn railway
i* others In* hud insisted on clauses
pfu&rdlng  ItriilBh   Colunibla's   Inler*
il* was ipiiie prepared for any ne*
Wry itep but he wanted to bo euro
ails ground.
D*' A. Starkey remarked that pSOOl
;lil be dlllleiilt to oliiuln without un
Uiiirltatlve Investigation,
Alexander    Btuted     tliat  for   two
Inllis li,. had Ull been able to Bull any
At present ha could  not   Und  a
lik.t iiilier ut Nelson or Trull.     II'*
ii"** facing tin* alternative uf cIob-
down or shipping  to  Kiit-opo      II.*
jlikiil tlie idea of ���hipping Kootenay
iiui of nu* country for treatment
considered tlie present a crisis. The
juititm Industry should lie praaerred
Kootenay if any effort cun aooom*
* that result. He would like ilelllllti*
["mint Ion as tu whether the coke
Phle were the only obstacle lo the
Piters' acceptance or ore.
��� 1. Ketallack wild ho was nuked to
"k fnr tho mlno owners or the ills*
fi aouth or Kuslo, who were unable
nisrket their ore ut any price. The
(uuilun   was   decidedly   serious.     He
ini know whether other oauses were
���viirk or  tint   imt   ),,.  knew   certainly
it I here was 11 shortage of coke, nnd
f��bt bnd always been, but especially
He was convinced, imt bad
Proof, thut exporting of coke us well
diminished production contributed to
He had  nevor heard  un
denial of i|,(, exportation
al least over 1.1)110 tons of coko had
been exported by Iho Crow's Nest I'nsa
('. al I'.,,  wllhlli the past *1(> days.
W, W. Baer wanted official [ntortna-
tion from smelters thai they wen- short
of coke.
i-:.  w.  vviiidi.wnoii   said    tin-   Han
Mines smelter bad been reduced to buy
Ing coke from lhe Nelson Coke and Gas
1 ompany.
rii.- president thought the published
statements from Trail, Northport and
Qrand Forks wero ample iiroof of a
shortage of coke, und urged action at
S. S. Fowler moved f,���* the appoint.
meal "t a committee to draft a telegram lo the lieutenant Kovernor-in
oouncll   urging   that  steps   lie   taken   10
prerenl s shortage nr coke. The motion was seconded by I.. Hill and curried
unanimously.   The prestdenl appointed
s. k   Fowler, f. .1. Deane and himself.
Arier a moment's conference the committee reported:
"Because of the evident Injury being
done to both mining and general industries or Southern llrltlsh Colombia
thl-oilKh the existing Shortage of coke,
the Nelson lioard of trade urges upon
your government the Immediate necessity of taking such action under authority *if Schedule A,. Chap. TS, Statutes
ol l'.iOl, as will secure the smelters an
adequate coko supply."
The secretary was instructed to forward the teli-grnin 10 the premier.
Iu  r.piy  to    T.  tU- Procter,    F.  W.
Guernsey snid that if an adetpiate coke
Supply   were   secured   the   Trull   smelter
hud no other reason for u-ecllnlng to
purchiiBo ores. Hut in reply to Mr.
Alexander, Mr. Guernsey explained that
purchasing could not follow* Immediate
1>  un restoration of the supply.
By invitation F. C. Illlllnger spoke
briefly offering hla services to uny one
suffering Irom cur shortnge.
On motion of T. Morley it wns moved
tllHt cieoperation of ull other associated
hoards of trade  be invited.
Resolutions adopted liy the associated
boarda of trnde on lhe subject of coal
and coke famines were read. They
directed appeals to Iho Dominion and
provlnciul governments and railway
fommlssion for relief. No action haB
>et  resulted.
The meeting then  ndjourned.
'''"light th,. i,,,,,,.,) n(!B(1 B()j ���,.���,*���,.,,
'"  1"'t"lv ""lung rin- ���n Inqufry.
ry read 'l."*""l",'k'" ��*<"lti��'HI  the secre
si   Sou '''"""""    "r  ��������<���'  <'��'��'���'
"'���'   P  . l'ncl,,,ni'IW"y   """���"   "��������
���estlKau. -"���--��� ,?nv"n"h"nt   power le
Rumor of Quarrel of Directors of Stand
ard Oil on  Question  of
Chicago] Aug -:; * despatch to the
Record-Herald from New York su)-b: 11
II. Itiigeis and William  Rockefeller are
rapt rt'-d to have hud u serious disagreement aboul tlie policy to be adopted
b> ihe Standard oil company in de-
leniiing  iiseir against   the   attacks  or
the government. It was learned yesterday that a good deal or dissatisfaction developed at a meeting lust week
when the usuul dividend of ��ti for the
quarterly period wus declared. The attitude of the administration towards
corporations was discussed uud particularly the line ol $*i'.i.*HU.OO0 levied ugulnst
ihe Standard oil company tor rebating
by Judge laandis. It la understood lhal
the lines weie drawn sharply at the
meeting and some or the directors
Strongly urged thut lu view or the
heavy Hue. thu quurterly dividend
Should be passed. These took the position that tho company lor various
reasons ought not to go on pay
Ing dividends while Ii wns under
such heavy lines rrom both national and
state governments, it waa suld thnt ihe
argumanta presented were ot a some-
Whkl  heated liuture, and the discussion
io,*k a daoldedlj acrimonious turn. Tha
exact Hue up or the directors oil the
dividend ipiesilon could not hu learned,
but II Is understood thi! a certain por
lion of them continued a vigorous light
ugulnst tin* declaration, other members
or the board, however, contended thut
liolwlthstundlng the penalty levied
against Hie Indiana subsidiary company
no change in Ihe dividend policy ot Ihe
Standard Oil company, ol' New Jersey,
should be made. These urgued thut lo
pass tlie dividend might bo construed
as a oonfaaslon or guilt on the pint ol
the Indiana concern. They express con
lid,1110 that the decision or a hlgliei
court in appeul rrom Judge l.undls' Hiid
would lie mote favorable to tlie company. Tlm passage or the dividend us
u   prnt'St   against   tile judgment,  11   WM
contended, might dereut one or the objects In view.
11   waa  believed bucIi  aotlon   wouia
very likely tend to InoreaSS lhe pessl
inls'in prevailing mid Hiu unsettletnent
ol Ibe Ilnuiiclal win Id. Arier un extend
ed discussion of Isith sides of the qucb
Hull tlie directors opposing the rllvl
ilemi declaration relented and It was de
elded to pay Ho' ��,! for tha quarter, the
same amount us paid in the Mi-respond'
ing quarters or the previous yenr.
*,,M,,���-  ,          a...v. rumen     power  lo
1 " "n adequate muni.	
��y dlstrlot or Jala, with
supply or coul and
nay   and
Do.    ,.     ,, ""'"luaie supply
le 11   ���"*  "WKWS In   K,
"""  "'iV   -li:U,*let   of   Vine,   w,
or II.0D per ton  for  (allurs  t.
' ��* I'roctor sluteU  poslilvely   thut
Worms Will Turn.
New fork, Aug. 2:1.��� A remarkable
change In tha attitude of the press towards tha United states is notloeablo
slnoa tha rating or Braitl In the per
manenl couri proposition at the Hague
baoama known. A number of the papers
nr.* Invllliig laitin-Ainerlca to array II
self against   "Yankee  pretensions.
Speculation at Ottawa on
Sketch of His Career as Minister���
Henri Boarassa's Comments
on His Rise.
Ottawa," Aug,. 23.���The summer
passes aaid Sir Wlirrld appears to be
making little progress with the repairs
on his shattered cabinet. Having spent
two or three weeks In conferences and
disputatious on the subject, the Premier has concluded to go off In the woods
for a week's tisliiim and reflection.
Meauwhlle the Impression growB that
two or three ministers In the cabinet
must disappear. They are a source
of weakness rather than strength.
As predicted tlie rotten egg argument
applied to Mr. Ilourassa has been more
than a failure. It has given the Nationalist louder a strength and prestige that
he did not have before, and widens the
gap between him and the machine
Liberals or Quebec. Since the Quebec
meeting was broken up Mr. Bourassa
he addressed one large and attentive
audience ln another part of the province, and has arranged to apeak at a
number of meetings soon to be held,
several prominent men in the Liberal
party have caBt In their lot with him
and will speak al his meetings. In his
attacks upon corruption, graft. Immorality and extravagance in government
circles at Ottawa and Quebec Mr. Bour
nasa Is doing a good public service.
Whatever differences there may be be-
tween him and the Conservatives the
opposition party must have some re-
sited for him on account of the enemies
lie has made. Mr. Bourassa remains
and will remain a Liberal, hut the dominant Liberalism has greatly departed
rrom the standard to which he still adheres.
The return of Sir Charles Hlbbert
Topper to active political campaigning
In Eastern Canada Is an event of political Interest. Sir Charles Hlbbert ls one
lhe best stump sneakers in the country.
His own political life has been free
from any klud ol stain or reproach and
his ability and experience qualify him
for useful service. Leaving public life
much poorer than when he entered lt.
us did most of his colleagues. Sir Char
!ob Hlbbert has recently given his whole
time to prolesslonal work. He has es
tuhllshed a large and profitable practice
In Hritlsh Columbia. ThU ls where he
differs rrom several members and ex
members or Ihe laurler Government
whu were poor when they took office
and are now in a position to live high
without earning anything. In his recent addressea to his former constituents In Pictou and to his friends at
Hullfax Sir Charles Hlbbert strongly
commended Mr. llorden'a leadership
and announced that In the coming election ho himself would be prepured to
take the platform In Nova Scotia as
one of his supporters.
Speaking of public men who have
become opulent In offlce, the newspapers of Ottawu, Montreul and Toronto
glvu glowing descriptions of a remark
uble new yacht which Mr. Sirton hus
had built for himself. ThlB Is descrlb
ed us the finest und most costly bout
to bo round on the St. Lawrence and
the lakes. In slse, speed, splendor oi
Its appointments, luxury ol Ita nccomo-
dationB, the Slltor. yacht has row, II
any superiors In this part of Nortli
Amorlca. No expense hus been spared
In providing skilled officers und a pro
fcsslonal cook. LaBt year the news columns of tho papers were eloquent In
their descriptions of Mr. Slftons ��200,
000 summer homo near llrockvtlle and
now tho ex-minister has provided them
with 11 new sensation.
it Is hardly accurate to speak ol Mr.
Sirton a retired minister. He la still it
member of parliament, though he ls not
often seen In the House, lie la in effect
tho minister from the weBt though there
ure two nominal ministers to carry out
his programme. Western members of
Parliament supporting the government
do not trouble themselves aboul Mr.
Oliver or Mr. Templeinun. if they want
anything they go straight to Mr. Sifton.
While Mr. Oliver put up a frail defence
of lhe western hind deals carried
through since he became minister lt
was oiuiy to sen thut they were not his
deals nnd   lhat several  of  them   were
made without his consent. It is also
well understood that Mr. Oliver would
soon cease tu be a member of the government and would not long have the
support of the Turriffs, Adamsons and
Hiirrows If he refused to wear tae Sifton yoke. When one considers those
weBtern transactions, the Yukon record,
Mr. slfuin'B connection with the railway
history of the country', 'and the condition of hla own personal fortunes the
point will easily be seen or certain observations made ln parliament In 1906
by Mr. Bourassa.
"There remains the last but not the
least, Hun. Clifford Sifton. I du nut
know what his financial circumstances
are, but I du not think he comes under
the heading uf those Molt'-saeiHieing
herues whu have lost everything they
earned in their private capacity by serving the country. Everyone knuws that
the Hon Member fur Brandun arrived
In Ottawa a few years ago In very modest circumstances, 1 do not claim until
lt ls proved that the Hon. Member for
Brandun has built up his furtune at the
expense uf the peuple of Canada; but
he was at the bead of one of the largest
departments of this government, and If
he could, out of his salary uf $7,000
and his Indemnity, build a large fortune this proves that he did not sacrifice himself for the country. It Is
sometimes observed that politics act
In a strange way toward some people.
When I entered politics 1 had four
horses and a country house. But I have
seen members of the government who
when they entered lt had nu horse and
no house at ail, and now they have several  horses  and  several  houses.''
Seeng that Mr. Sirton is liable to return to Sir Wilfrid's Cabinet in the coming re-construction, and that even if the
government shall remain as it is he will
still be the dominant Influence in that
part of Canada, considering further that
Mr. Sfftun is one of tbe promoters of a
great steamship enterprise nuw under
consideration by the Government, tbe
reflections of the member for Labelle
are not yet ont of date.
Toronto, Aug. 23.���At the rifle
matches in progress here the British
Columbia men are ahootlng away up
and carrying off many of the premier
prises. Richardson won the Bankers'
with a score of 68 out of a possible 70.
Sydney, Aug. 23.���The Steel-Coal
trial, which has been the big event of
the last two weeks in Sydney, la closed.
There is much speculation aa tu what
will happen next. Judge Longley's decision will probably be given within a
month and uome say that the cose will
be appealed, which ever side wins, until
a final decision is given by the Privy
Toronto, Aug. 23.���On pulp wood industry in Canada, W. H. Rowley, president of the E. B. Eddy company, comes
uut strongly as an advocate of prohibition of the exportation of saw logs and
pulp wood from Canada. If this Is not
dune then an expert duty upun them
should be enacted, in this way the
whole industry would be retained for
Canada instead of going to help build
up the United States. Canadian pulp
supplies are being depleted for American manufacturers and Canadian paper-
makers are unable to get enough pulp
to keep them going. Mr. Rowley Bald
he did not believe this would lead to
Buffering on the part of small holders
of Canadian pulp lands. They would get
their price for their wood the same as
now, and eventually a better oue.
Ottawu. Aug. 23.���While no definite
announcement as to the two cabinet
appointments to be made next week is
yet available, speculation hero Is rife
as to who will be the successors to the
Hon. Mr. Hyman and H. Mr. Emmerson
Sir Wilfrid Is keeping his own council
and will not announce his choice ol
new II.'iitnii* limits from Ontario nnd
New Ilrunswick until that choice has
been rutllled by the governor general
who returns to Ottawa on Sunday next.
The opinion here Is that Sir Wilfrid
wtll ask Geo. Graham, of llrockvtlle.
leader of the opposition ln the Ontario
legislature, to take the vacant portfolio
from Ontario, ln New Brunswick ex
Premier Pugsley und Mr. Carvell, member for Carleton, ure the names most
prominently mentioned. ^
Brief Enjoyment.
Toronto, Aug. 18.���The funeral of tho
late Miss Harriet Fraser, daughter of
Simon Frasor, the explorer of the great
llrltlsh Columbia river which bears his
name, took place yesterday from the
House of Providence to St. Andrew's,
beside tho body of her father and mother. Deceased wns 80 years of age. She
retained consciousness until she died,
her last hours being attended by her
two nieces. Misses Catherine and Margaret Fraser, daughters of Mr. Simon
Wm. Fraser, who arc the sole surviving
grand daughters of Simon Fraser. They
have three brothers, however, settled
ln the Unltod StateB. It was only a few
days ago that there was sent to MIbs
Fraser by the British Culumbla, government a lire annuity of S600, ln recognition of her brave father's pioneer work
for tho western province exactly ono
hundred years ago. A dying ronueFt
was left by Miss Fraser that the 11. C.
government should hnve the pension
aant yearly to her two nieces, the aolo
grand daughters or him whom they
sought tu honor
Efficiency of Measure!
for Prevention
supply of tools  be also kept nesr for
use ln emergencies.
The wardens are specially directed to
ascertain when possible the origin of
any fire breaking out, so that where
occurring from other than spontaneous
source the offenders may be apprehend-
Good Effect of Appointment of New
Wardens and Deputies���More
Caution Shown.
Victoria, Aug. 23.���Reports^ from the
various firewardens received by Hon. F.
J. Fulton, commissioner of lands and
works, indicate that deapite the exceptionally dry weather of the paat few
months there have been fewer forest
fires and leas destruction from this
cause than ln former yeara.
Thla is attributed to the good work
which Is being done by the increased
number of fire wardens and assistant
wardens recently appointed.
At the last session of the legislature
126.000 was aet aside for forest fire
protection which bas enabled this extension of the system. Where formerly
there were but three or four paid
wardens there are now 24 Are wardens^
and 75 assistant wardens constantly
engaged ln patrolling their several districts.
It ts only within the last three or
fonr years that any organized effort
has been made to guard against and
fight forest conflagrations. Prior to
that time , practically every year, far
more timber was destroyed hy fire than
was cut by loggers. The exploitation
of the timber resources of recent years
and the recogn ition of the heavy toll
levied upon this, one of the greatest
of British Columbia's natural resources,
by fire following in tbe wake of exploration and settlement, demanded more
stringent measures of protection. The
enforcement of the Forest Fires' Pre
ventlon Act was sufficient for this.
Last year a small appropriation was
placed in the estimates to cover the
expense of the appointment of a few
fire wardens In addition to the police
and other government officials who
have heretofore composed the protection staff. These were stationed where
their services were most urgently needed and were vested with authority to
carry out the provisions of the act and
to engage help where necessary to
fight fires when raging. In addition to
the services of these district fire wardens, the services of a number of foremen and representatives of the local
lumber companies were requisitioned
as assistant fire wardens ln each district. A more efficient system of patrol
and protection was ln this manner at
forded, although good results were met
with it was recognised that more wardens were needed and so the measures or
the last session were adopted.
With the force of 24 wardens and
75 aaslBtant wardens in addition to the
services of various government officials
who have been requested by various
departments to render assistants where
ever poBlble, much better results have
been obtained, Thousands of feet of
timber bave been saved.
Eaat and West Kootenay, the Boundary, Slmllkameen, In fact all the lower
portion of the province licensed as timbered land, has been divided Into different districts with a warden for each.
Patrol Is also afforded Caiboo, Skeena.
At Hit and Vancouver Island.
In may places where the district is
large, one man can do much good
where a fire has not gained too much
headway until assistance can be secured with the aid of natural fire
It has been found that a warden's
presence ln a community often has a
beneficial effect on those careless or
thoughtless Individuals who leave a
camp fire unextinguished. The notices
of warning with which each warden
is supplied to post up throughout his
territory, is alao a reminder that care
must be taken.
Land clearing and sparks from engines are frequent causes uf conflagrations. Both these are dealt with under
the net, and wardens ln the vicinity of
lines of railways are requested to see
that modern and efficient spark and fire
arresters are maintained on all locomotives.
A great many Hies huve resulted
Iroin the careless operations of donkey
engines In logging camps and lo obviate this regulations were recently
made. These provided lhat a sufficient
clear space should be left around, each
engine, not to be less than fifty feet In
' extent     Tho regulations ordain  that a
of course, weather conditions
'fary, t ���ase    the    danger from
fire u. f be, at the same
time a too c... ad watchful control
cannot be maintained.
Reports Trom the various sections of
the province submitted by the officials
of the department show that there is
a growing readiness to comply with the
regulations of the act and an endeavor
to render all asslstun ce where possible.
The latter the department recognizes
is essential to make the system of patrol effective and without it the best
results cannot be obtained.
Detectives and Police Attempt to  Rid
Chicago of Crooks.
Chicago, Aug. 23.���The Chicago police
rounded out a day of warfare against
criminals last night by killing a holdup
man just after he had robbed a citizen,
and by capturing the robber's companion.
Thos. Kelly, who had a record of
crime, was the man who was killed.
His slayer was Policeman Patrick J.
Fee. Kelly had held up Michael O'Neill,
a Bteamfltter. A companion of Kelly's,
Thomas Roach, was arrested at the
same time. Early In the day the police
had gone actively to work to rid the
West side of crooks. As a result more
than twenty thieves and pickpockets,
some of them criminals of International
reputation, were shown to the detectives ln the central bureau at the nightly lineup. It was the result of the first
day's work of four squads of picked men
sent out to rid Chicago of the recent
Influx of criminals. This raid of criminals ls to be kept up, aays Chief S.
Shi pp. and ls to be extended to other
sections of the city.
Alberta Lumbermen Are
Say Thqr Hare Hade Lou Instead of
Profit���Point to Cost of Labor
and Transportation.
Dr.   Crutcher  of  Seattle   Convinced   ef
Identity  of John  Sharp and
Additional weight to the report published some time ago that John Sharp,
a caretaker for a coal company near
Quatsino Sound, is the Bill Quantrell
of civil war fame ls given by Dr.
Ernest Crutcher, of the Washington
Annex, who with William Prloe, another Seattle man, spent several days
camping with Sharp near Quatsino,-says
the Seattle Post-Intelllgenoer.
Dr. Crutcher believes that Quantrell
and Sharp are the same persona, and
produces a photograph, which the old
caretaker gave him, as evidence of his
theory, and calling to mind the Interest
Sharp showed tn details of guerilla
deeds ln Kansas and Missouri forty odd
years ago. Speaking of Sharp, Dr.
Crutcher said:
"Mr. Sharp ls a striking personage.
He Is much above six feet In height,
sinewy and ot unusual strength and
wears a very long, handsome beard.
His face ts kindly and geatal, lighting
with contagious humor when he smiles.
He ls tuctlturn and speaks with southern
accent. He ls 80 years old, but ls erect
as an Indian. He uses no spectacles to
shoot, and ls unerring with the rifle
He rold us he was a Kentuckian and
had lost his wife while residing In Texas
after the war of the rebellion. He was
a southern soldier and dwelt affectionately on the old days of the south when
I, also a southern man, referred to that
"I do not recall that we spoke of
Quantrell or any southern leader particularly, except that he was keenly
Interested tn hearing that my wife was
a sister to a colonel of cavalry on Stonewall Jackson's staff. Mr. Sharp Is an
extraordinary character and would attract attention ln any community be
cause of his herculean appearance and
chastened face. I am a student of people, and found this man a rare type.
ills hospitality alone stamped him as
southern lu Instinct He ts a caretaker
of a coal company's properties ln Quatsino sound, and entertains all traveleis
who chance by his cabin. Deer abound
In numbers there and he gave me a fine
buck's head, of which I am very proud.
He haB a number of dogs, raises chickens, nnd the huge cabbage he holds ln
ids arm, evinces Ihe pride he has In
his garden. He seems content, with no
ombltterment that Is common to age.
That he haB had a thrilling career
would be Impressed on a visitor without hearing any details. Altogether,
1 have never met a more interesting
character and have a wish to meet him
again. The picture Is one he gave me,
though I tried to kodak him and spoiled
tho film in a boat swamping episode."
Drunksrd snd Murderer.
New York, Aug. 23.���Bernard Du-
layney, first sergeant of Company 11..
Hlxty Nlnetb regiment and Aasslstant
brigadier or F. Armory, shot his wife In
their uppartments here this morning
und then killed himself. Tbe woman
I may recover.    Drink caused Ihe tragedy.
Edmonton, Aug. 23.���The prosecution
Just started by the attorney general's
department against lumbermen alleged
to be operating In Western Canadian
markets signifies the beginning of a
long and bitter struggle In the courts.
The lumber association has adopted a
plan for fighting the prosecution. It Is
expected that there will be a general
meeting of the members of the association called shortly for the purpose of deciding definitely upon a course of defence. The association, lt Is expected,
will deny that there is any understanding between the members such as would
tend to act In restraint of trade or
unduly control the price of stock. They
will probably produce evidence to show
that the high price ot lumber ls brought
about by the changed conditions of
things at the mills and in the lumber
camps. They will claim that owing to
the great increase in wages, the coat
of living, and operating, dealing In lumber cannot* be carried out at less figures.
In fact, lt la expected that the association wtll produce figures showing that
instead of making profits they will have
been actually suffering heavy losses.
nmahaats will be placed on the cost
of transportation. They will claim
that It ls utterly impossible to sell lumbar at reasonable prices ln face of the
exorbitant charges made by railway companies for freight. The evidence upon
which the prosecution will depend will
be largely gathered from retail dealers
and contractors and lt la expected this
win he ample to prove the existence of
a combine working to the detriment of
tha heat Interests of the people of the
West. The case will probably come up
at the fall session of the supreme court.
Jewish Banker of New York Says They
Are Unpatriotic.
New York. Aug. 23.���The American
Hebrew will publish today a letter
written by Jacob H. Schiff, the banker,
to Solomon Schlecler, president of the
Jewish Theological Seminary of America, In which he says, speaking as an
American, he cannot for a moment concede that one can be at the aame time
a true American and an honest adherent of the Zionist movement. The Jew
should not for a moment feel that he
has only found an asylum In this country, he must feel that he is in exile and
that his abode here Is only a temporary
or passing one. If those who come after
us are to be raised from the prejudice
of which this generation ls not unalterably suffering, we feel that politically
no one has any claim upon us, but the
country ot which we of our free will
have become citizens, that even if we
are Jews in fact there Is no string on
our cltlxenshtp.
Tittle   Bestowed   by   Pops   Plus   X.   on
Philanthropist, Mrs. Ryan.
New York. Aug. 23.���Information has
reached here from Home that Pope
Plus X. hss bestowed the title of Countess on Mrs. Ryan, wife of the well
known financier, tn recognition of her
charities and benefits to the church.
The title, tt is understood, waa bestowed last December but tho fact did not
become publicly known until now.
Mrs. Ryan's gifts to tl e church and
to charity, It Is stated, ran Into millions.
The bestowal of this Is nut the first
favor received from the Vatican. Pope
Leo XIII. granted her the dispensation
of having travelling chapel. This Is
Installed ln her private car, the "Pere
Marquette." and la the only one of Its
kind in this country. The only other
car in the world belongs to the Queen
Dowager of Spain.
Death by PI re.
Lacrosse, Wis., Aug. 23.���One life waa
lost and five persons had narrow escapes In the destruction by fire of the
home of Mrs. Mary Kerater here today.
With great difficulty Mrs. Kerster and
her four children were taken out of tho
building, but her oldest boy, Fred, aged
11, could not be reached.
* -n
���-, ���. ��� *
* -:M !
* .        ft' -1
>  I '���    \P\
* :   V     ���
Ji'r'1 i H
' \.
. \
Ml ���*
ii.. -. i
" * I *���*
[���    I
The Daily Canadian
Wp nre now
optuiinn upa large
shipment* of
Limoges Elite China
These   goods   are   assorted   so that   you   can   select   any   pieces   you
Drefer and  make  up to your taste. .������*-.. * \*3f
Hijjl--.-~-.Ht Quality tit  Lowest  l->riv;ti4i.
A carload of
has just arrived.
These goods have advanced slightly,  but we offer them
government more difficult. But the
meeting of the Nelson board of trade
last evening and tlie Information elicited there haa at least shown the public
who Is at fault Wealthy corporations
may for a time laugh at public option,
and none are so prone to scorn it as
those that have been enriched by lavish
public gifts. The Dominion government
has a coal reserve in East Kootenay of
aJU.OUU acres, reserved for the expri-ss
purpose of protecting the public from
possible failure of coal companies to
meet their requirements.. But no steps
bave been taken to make that reserve
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Offices   Toronto.
 J10,000.000    Capital   Paid   Up          4,830,000
Hest           4.830.000 '���
D. B. WIX.KIE President. HON. ROBEKT JAFFBAY, Vice-President
Capital Authorized
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest   allowed on   deposits  from date of deposit andcredltedquarterly.
>bi.ki).\ branch ai,   IV1.   LAV,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated   A.  D.  1869.
 $3,900,000      Reserve   Fund ��4,390,000
If It be true that Earl Grey repudiates the remarks on aid to the navy
attributed to him by the Halifax correspondent of the telegraph service, that
correspondent should be removed. Of
course our grievance is nothing to our
contemporary's. The remarks attributed to the governor-general had. if
not truth, at least verslmllitude. Every
one knows Earl Grey's sentiments on
the subject of colonial co-operation ln
Imperial defence. But It was the same
correspondent who was responsible for
our contemporary's announcement that
Sir Charles Hlbbert Tupper was going
to oppose Mr Borden for the Conservative leadership. Every sane man knew
that that statement was wild but our
contemporary printed it without a suggestion of doubt. It ls strange that a
false report to our contemporary is due
to a stupid correspondent, a false report to ue is due to wicked Imaginings.
We congratulate our contemporary on
his   comfortable  ease of  interpretation.
Nelson Land District. District of Weal Kuntcuitv
Take notice that K.W. Smith. Frank Klatia
gnu, mid A. is. Klder. of Spokane, Wabh . oocupa-
tlou mo oh era, lutend Lo apply Ior * ��{*" ��� ml
timber   licence   over   the    following   described
ii-.:*  '--��� ���   "li'.ln.-in'lii*    at ft pout    planted    tit    Ihr
���mi th went coruer, about eight miles Irom tha
Kootenav river, on the went tide, aod about
three mile* north of tbe international boundary
Hue, ou the ttlt bank of Brldg creek, mi the
north fork, thence uorlh 80 chain*, thence eaal
BO chains, thunee soulh ��0 chatus. thence weatflQ
chains to point of commencement, and containing M0 acres, moie or leaa.
Dated July Hub, 1907. K, W. Hjtmi.
9* AMP Flakaoah,
A. rt    Kl.l>KR,
K. W. Smith, Ajtenl
Nelaon Laud Dlatrlet.   Dlatricl of Weat Kootenai
Take notice tbat R. B. f. Smyth, of  Procter, ti.
O., occupation lumberman, Inlands  to apply for
a special   timber licence over the  following de-
���scribed lauds:
No. i. Commencing ata poat planted neat the
northeast cortierpoit ol Lot On 204S, on Lemon
("reek and marked K. �� t*. Hmyth-tiulhw.-hi cor-
**;erpost No 1, iheuce 40 chalua norih more or
Lesi to about midway of Lhe onnth houndary line
of tlmSer licence No. 920*1, thence 80 chains i-a.��l.
thenoe40 chains aouth, theuee 40 ohalni eaatt
iheuce-ki chains south, theuee no ehains weet]
more or less to the southeast coruer ol aforesaid
Lot No. SMI. thence 40 chainn north, thenee 40
chains we��l lo the point of commencement.
Dated 26ih July, 1SW7. R. s. F. Smyth,
Henry ReWhert. Agent-
Prof.  King on  Task  of Surveying  49th
Parallel  of Latitude and 41st
Capital. .
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kinds of Banking Business.
SPECIAL   ATTENTION   given  to the       |       HOME   SAVINGS   BANKS   Furnished
Savings    Bank   Department,    and
Interest    credited    Quarterly    on
8avings Bank Accounts. or Pocket Size.
on Application, in Large, Medium
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published aix daya a wees by Ibe
Baker Bl..   Nelaon. B. O
ftioscrlpllon r��lea, *vi oantl a month (UUTarod
la the cut, or V..O0 a yen ll .ent by mail. whet,
paid ln .{...-.j-
Advertl.lnR r.tea on application.
All mmilea pal.l In settlement ol The Uaily
Canadian accounts, either lor anbaeriptions or
advertising, mult be receipreo [or ou the prlute'l
lorms o! the Company, inher receipts are nor
Friday,  August 23,   1907.
Unique circumstances in the political
history of Canada have not only Justified but compelled the Cuiih.-rviitivi*
leader to revive as features of liis own
policy borne pledges formerly made l.y
Sir Wilfrid 1-aurler. Respect for provincial rights, purity of elections and
non-partl-ian civil nervice were once
avowed as principle* hy the Liberals ol
Canada, lt would be an Insult to the
intelligence of any man who has livid
In Canada for the last ten yearB to ask
him io b. Uev. Hint any attempt to
carry out a single one of them has Man
made by the Laurler government during
that period.
But K. I.. I'iirdi-ii is nun;.* than a
critic of the follies and vices of hla opponent*. The constructive lealunh ui
his programme, what may lie described
as the forward policy of the Coiis.rvn
tlve party, is the Nation! Policy of Sir
John A. Macdonald aa applied lo the
conditions and problems conlrontlui;
Canada today.
The Conservative party of Canada Is
historically the party of development*
If we OaYOOede that the parties united to'
carry Confederation, it is still the fact
that the four original provinces grew
Into the Dominion and extended to tho
Pacllic linder Conservative auspices.
Nor Is lt yet forgotten that the building
of the Canadian Paclllc and openlni; up
or the west were vehemently opposed
by Edward lilake and Sir Hieliard
Curtwrlght ��� Wilfrid Laurler didn't
count in those days. Edward Hlake
prophesied that C. P. R. receipts would
never puy for axb* grease; Sir Richard
Cartwright described the present "Granary of tiie Empire" as a frozen waste.
This of course Is ancient history, lt Is
only referred lo for the purpose of Illustrating a contrast.
Conservatives    have  never  opposed
any Liberal efforts at progress. It ls
true that they have had few opportunities. They supported the laying of the
llrltlsh Pacific cable, the flrst "All Red"
line, the National Transcontinental railway, and they now support and offer
improvements to the All-Red steamer
It will lie remembered that when the
Crand Trunk Pacific bill was before parliament Mr. liorden protested that If the
country had to find or guarantee prac-
tlcally the whole cost of construction,
as the late A. G. lllair declared was
being done, the country might as well
control Its own property and at least
share the profits of its operation. To
that contention he has always adhered.
Hi- has broadened it to a declaration of
the principle that when any Important
and valuable public franchise Is grained
to a corporation lt should be under gov
ernment control and contribute lu a
reasonable qY*gree to the public exchequer.
Iu regard to the All-Red mall service
and passenger connection between
Great Britain and Canada, Mr. liorden
lias cordially endorsed it, adding, how.
ever, the ail-Important recommendation
ihal similar provision be made for a
last freight service which will benefit
a hundred for every one who Is benefitted by tbe fast mall and passenger connection.
While declining, aB a leader of opposition haB every right to do, to commit himself to details of measures, Mr.
lioredn has earnestly advocated the
-treiigtliening In every possible way of
the lies, commercial, social and political, that bind the colonies to each
other and each to the mother land
Mr. Ilorden'B whole life has shown
personal Integrity lhat no one has dared
to Impeach, his course during the last
i even years lias shown capacity for
leadership, the policy he has now enunciated shows constructive statesmanship
of tlie highest order.
Calgary. Aug. 23.���Prof. W, F. King.
L. L. D.' of Ottawa, and Mr. Tittman.
of Washing ton have left for the east
after having spent a couple of days ln
the city  on  government business.
Prof. King is the Canadian representative of the international boundary
commission and Mr. Tittman, with Dr.
Walcott, the president of the Smithsonian Institute of Washington, are the
American representatives of the commission.
Prof. King described the work that
was now being carried on by the commission and gave some Idea of the difficulty the engineers had in completing
the task in the mountains.
They are at present working on the
boundary from the Summit west. The
surveys have been ln progress since
1902, but would be completed ln another
NeUon Land District. District of Weal KooUMiay
No. I
Take notice that J. It. F. Stewart,o! ''ollitiu-
wood, om., occupatlou lumberman, intend, io
.pply for a special timber licence ever the lol-
lowing described lands: Commencing nt a p *sl
plauted about 55 chain, south an*l lOehalnl west
ol post No. *", marked J. K F. Stewart's N. K. corner poat. ihenee south lfio cbaiua. theace weat to
cbalus. thence north 160 ehalna. them.* cast 40
chaina to place ol commencement continuing 640
acre, more or leu.
July -i.th, 1907. James H. F. BrSYAST.
Nelson I^nd District    District..! West Kootenay.
Take notice tbat Henry Kelchert of Nelson. B.
C . pru-i'i   '.' r, loteuils to  apply for a ml  It-
cent* lo cut and carry away timber Irom the lollowlng described lands:
No 6 Commencing at a poat plan'.*'! near tbe
northeast corner post o! Timber I i* eaea So Wo*
and marked Henry Relchert norlhweat corner-
post No 6, thence BO chain. - *.li. thence so
chains esst, ttience SO chains north, thence so
chaina west to place ol commencement.
Daled J-..iy jlth, 1907.
No. 7 Commencing ata post plsnted near the
northweat corner po.t ol Umber licence No 9J6S
and marked Henry Relchert 6. vest corner post
No 7. thence 160 chain, cat, ttience 40 chains
nortb. thence 160 chains weal. Ilieace 40 chains
soulh lo point of commencement.
Dated July Ath, 190*7.
No. 8. I'emmenclns st a p...t plsnted on Monument creek about 70 cbaiua mor>- or less from
where Monument creek e-ropUaa into Lemon
creek and marked Henry IU-L hen northeast cor-
nerpoat No. 8 thenee 160 cbalna .outh, thence 40
chain, wesi, thence 160 chain, north, thence 40
chain* e.al to place of commencement-
Dsted July ��6th, 1907 Hurst RitTr-HsnT.
Ladies' New Fall
and Winter Coats
We are showiug our firs' importation of Ladies'
Coats. The very latest and nobbiest styles in cloths
etc. Now is the time to make your selection wlien
stock is complete. No two coats alike, we invite inspection.
periniHfilon   lo cut  anil
from tu*.' lollowlug ���iJ-i'-iKTibe'd
The last, and in fact the original survey of this 49th parallel, was made
from 1857 to 1861. The lines have consequently had to be re-cut to get
through the heavy timber with the transit lines. When a party comes to a
mountain that mountain baa to be
scaled no matter how difficult, and the
transit line run to the top and carried
over on the other side. Thus all members of one of these survey parties
have to be expert mountaineers. The
work on these boundary surveys Ib
greatly handicapped by the shortness
of the season, as the snow effectually
stops work.
When asked if there had been any
disagreements about the location of tlie
boundary Pror. King stated that so far
everything had gone along smoothly.
and no doubt it would continue to do so.
Prof. King, who is also a member of
the Alaskan boundary commission.
stated that the work in the northern
country waa even more difficult than
on the 49th parallel mountain section.
They have a large number of parties
working in the north laying out the
boundary on the 41st meridian, and
tbe work is strenuous at all times, most
of It being over ice fields and through
a mountainous country, but bo far they
had experienced no trouble in getting
This is Prof. King's first visit to Calgary in three years, and he w&b greatly
surprised at the progress Calgary has
made in that short time.
Selion Land blitrict. initrici ut Weit Koolenay
Notlce li hereby glv-eu tbHt :tu 'layti after .u��-*
I intend to apply to tbe Chief ' * .m m .--i< *:i. ���
Laii-in and Worki '-
carry away tlm
No. 4 Commencing at a pott marked H. A H.
S. W. corner, 200 chaini eant of the N. E ccrner
of lot No 81*2, poat nirkeil K. S. N.K. corner,
tbenc�� eait 80 chains, IhetlM loath 90 rhalnit,
thenea west M) cbalna, them-e north Mj chaini to
place of commenc-ement cir-n tain log **54<i b'Tup.
No. 6 Commencing at the N* w. eorner of H
A 8 Umber claim No i, t i.-iic*" north ot chaina.
thence east 80 chains, tbence iouth no chains.
thence west MU chains to i>lac** of coinmt-ncvnient
at location poit No   b, ponuinliuM" arrt-s
1. U. hiuk-hki-v   "    Locator,
tieo. Huacroft, Agent.
Dat��d July Hth. l:-x
Nelaon Laud DftttTlCt District of Went Kootenav
Take notice (that Paul Augmt raulscn. of Kitchener, B.C., occupation lumberman, intends
to apply for a special timber licence* over the following described lands: (.'ommencing ut a post
planted at the southwest corner ol nir��cye<l lot
7*221-G1 thence aouth to the northern boundary
of timber licence No. 7018, thence west to the
northwest corner of haid timber licence, thciwe
aouth to the northern boundary of lot nV2. thence
following said boundary, of said lot wett to tbe
right of-way of the brltlnh i ...-:��� I.'.a Southern
Railway, thence following aaid right-of-way in a
uorth-easterly direction to place ot ci.mnicnce-
ment, and containing '���*" aetOO, more nr lews.
Daled JlUvSOdi IW>-    "
1'At'I. AiUt'oT PaVLsOK.
Notice lh hereby given tnat ��J days atter dale I
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Cominlsslouer
of Landa and Worki for permission lo purcbiue
the following described lands, altnated in Went
Koolenay dlitrlct*. Commencing at a j��iM marked by name aa Initial post ol the Hotith 1-ork
branch, one hundred feet from lb**.- junction of
Loat creek with the south fork; tlience one-
quarter mile to the northwest corner post, thencv
one mile to the northeaft corner *������ -t. thence
one-quarter mile to lhe southeast corner post,
theuee one mile to the place of i.oiuincnceinent
June 'it, lfto". I-ocaied br WM   Connollt.
Nelson Land DJttricl I'lstrictoi West Kootenay.
Take notice Unit W tlltam Andrew ROM, >>f
Fernie, H. t'.. hotel keeper, intend* to apply for
a KiKx'lal timber "-.licence over tbe following dea
orsbed lands:
HO. 1 ���Commencing at a post planted about
three ml<*- north Ol th*" tnternttti'-ual wound ary
line, and about eight miles went ol the Koolenay
river, and about iwo m\\e* north of tho Dortft-
west corner of umber licence Ko. 80CT, thence
north80 chain*, tbence .-Htt hi chums, thence
eooth SO chains, ihem e weatWehehu lo point
of commencement, and -jontainiiig ��u acre*.
more or less.
Located l-'th lune 1*'T.
No. 2.-��'ommencing  at a j��ost  plauted   at tn
���south-pain corner of \\ ill:arn A   Koss's No. 1 claim
and nbout two mU*M   nortli Ot   tht* N. W    corner
of  Umber  lioeoee   No   WW,  tbenee  north ao
chains, thence weatMohalna, thenea south no
chains, tbenoe aaat ���*��� chaini t-> tba p<dnt of commencement, and coutainlug 6l0air��*a, more or
Loeatod 12th June, i��07.
No. S. -Commencing at a posl planted near
Bridge creek, about one mile es-t of the north-
���aal oorner ol winum a. Rohss No. l claim,
and about live miles north of the international
boundarv line, thence north 80ehalna, thence
west HO chains, theme south M> chaiui, thence
east HO ehnins to the point of commencement.
and containing Mo acrea, more or leas.
Located 12th June. 1907.
No. 4.���Cummc-nring at a poll planted near
Bridge creek at tne southeast corner of William
A Hoss' No 3 claim, thence north 80 chains,
thence eaM 80 chaini. thenc? aouth 80enalna,
thence weat WJ chains to the point of commencement, and containing Mo acres, more or leia.
I-ocaU-id ISth June. 1W7.
No. b. - Commencing al a poat planted near
Bridge **n*ek. nt the southeast corner of William
A. Ron' No. 'A claim, thence aouth 80 chains,
thence west SO chains, them-e Dorth M) chains.
thenoa east 80 chains to the point of commencement, and containing 6to acres, mere or leaa.
Located wth June, iwn.
No. 8.���Commencing al a poll planted near
Bridge creek, al the aoutheast corner of William
A Koss' Ko. s claim, tnence south *- chains,
thence east HO chains, thence north hu chains,
tlience wet si chains to tbe point of commencement, and containing Mo acres, more or leaa.
Looated i^in Ju!ie,it��fl.
No. 7. ���Commencing at a post planted about
one mile south of ihesoutheast cornerof William
A ;..--���>.��� & claim and nbout two miles north
of the international boundary line, tbenoe north
no chains, thence west ho chains, tnen<-e south 80
��� hains, thence east no rhalns to the point of
commencement, aud containing tttO acrea, more
or less.
latv nted the 12th of June. 1907.
No. 8,    Commencing al a  post   planted   at the
Bomln-ast corner of Wlljlam A. Roh��' No. 7 claim,
thence  north *o .chains, thenee rut 90 chains,
thence soulh ho chains,   thence West *m chains to
point  of commencement,   and   containing  M0
acres, more or leaa.
located the Ulh day of June. 1W7.
Uated this Mb day of July. 1**J7.
William Anorew Koas.
Nelson I-and Pistriih- District ol West Kootenay
Take notice lhat' William Andrew Koaa, of
Fernle, ti. C, hotel keeper, intends to apply ior a
ipeCtal timber licence over the following described lands:
Sn ]- -t'ommenclng ata post planted about
BO chains ea*-l of the northeast corner of timber
Uoenoa No. S073, and ali-out HOchalns north of the
northern boundary of tlnitx-r licence No mflt,
aud about 12 milt-s west of the Koolenay river,
nud aboul two aud a half miles north olthe'lti-
trrnatioua'. txiuii'lary line, lu tbe District of
\\ .st Kootenay, Ihenee soulh HO chains, thence
wi'KtHO chains, tlience north HO chains, thenoe
mat no chains to the point of commencement,
containing M0 acres, mora or less.
Located 14th June. 1W7.
No. 2 Coinmenclug at a post planted al lhe
northeast corner of William A Koss'h No I claim
and about one mile norih of the northern boundary of timber liceuce BO. WR, thenue soulh HO
chains, thence east HQ chains, tbence north HO
t hains, thence west HO chains to the i-oint of
ciimmcucemeut, and containg M0 acres, more or
Nelson land Dlatricl.   Die
,f Waa
Take notice that William Andrei
Ferule. B 0 . hotel keep-cr LntOudl i
a special timber licence over the f"ll
iniH-d   lands     Commencing   hi i in
t Kootsnay
* Koaa, ol
o applv for
aw-iaa de*
let plauted
aoout six mllea west of the Kootenay river on
Corn creek. In lhe District of Wett Kootenay
and U'ltig about six utile**, north of the later-
iniU'Min; tMHiinUrv line, aud situate nt the
northeast coruer of William   Audrew   Ito*--    No
8 umber claim, tl.ence north 8o ehalna, thenea
west HO chains, thence south Hu chains, thenee
enst HO chains, to i io  point of commencement
Located July .���-'.������I   1907
Dated lhe Hih of Auk   1W7
William Am>rkw Bom
Nelat>n lAiid District. Dlilrict of West Kootenay
Take notice that I, Klliat>eth Ferguson, of Nelion, British Columbia, occupatlou mm ttiat ho
man. intend to applv for permission to pofehaea
the lollowlng deiKTlbed land : Commeucine at a
poal planu->140 ehains west of the southeast corner of section 22, Township *W, Kootenay, and
marked '*E. F-'s N. E corner." thence west no
chains, Iheuce south 40 chains, tbence eait MJ
chains, thence north 40 chains to the place ol
>mmeucement and contaiuing   <-M a> res more
Kluatemi Waanvijort,
by W. A. Calder. agent.
Nelson Uad District. District of West Caotan
Take notice that John Phllbert of bw
BrlUah Columbuv ..-.'upailon, mgtMA Lmti
cuds to apply (or -permlulon toptfJES'S
following described Uud: ConafiSt J"
poat planted on the north t��nk   I^t "efk "0J
about iwo and one quarter miles aoatmlTu*
the junatoo of lrt creek and MffUfl
the Nelson land district, thence Uortl.VhVi'i
_ -two*.
"tb �� dun,
theuee west *W chains,  theui -   .
mora or leaa, to ixmt creek, then
taming 4HO acren, more or less
Dsted June f.lh. 1907.
Johk Philiut
1Mb Julv. A. D. 19tn.
Nwliou Land District, District ol Weit Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, David ti Kuril, of KeleoOi
B. C. occupation merchant, inter d toapply fot
itermlaslou to purchase the following descrlU'd
land*. <'ommeuclh|[ at a post p.anted at the
southwest corner of section M. township 69,
Kooteuay, and marked "ii. 44. K.'a 8. W . cornii."
tbence north 80 chains, thence east *i chains.
Hit io* aoutn ao chains, thenee west 4>> ehalna
tothe point of commencement aud containing
���'."i acres more or leas.
lMh July. 1907. DaTIDQ   Krim.
W.  A. (aider, agent.
Take   notice that I. Thomas Harry Wilson, ri-
tend toapply !.*- i- -     .. to purchase the fol
low lug descrit*ed lau<l < ommencltig nt �� j...-���.
plaul.-d at the t, K. Conwi m lot IM and marktHl
N. If corner, thence south 10 chains, thence
west 10 cbalm, thence south 10 chains, thence
weat lo rhalm, thence south 10 chains. tbeOOa
weat lo chains, thence south 10 chains, thence
west lo chains, thence north 40 chains, thenea
eaal 40  chains  tn   polut  of   commeuccnieiit and
containing luu acrea, more or leas
June 7, 1907 i hum as If nor* Wil>oM.
William Ai/jm-i Milij*. -gent
Nelaon VohA District. Dlslrn t of W.-t Ko-otetiay
Take BOtlOa that 1. Johu l-��ti��. of Nelson. B. C..
(H-tupatiun miner Intend to apply for pemil
���l-on to purchase the foi km iiik fleeerthed lands.
Commencing at a p"-'- planted al the N K of
leulOuWi. thence  east A)   chains, thelice   south  JO
chains, thence west 2o chain*, thanea north H
chains to fndlit of (H)mmen<'eineiil, ct>ntninlng 40
acres, more or less.
August 2nd, 1W7, John I.ako
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days alter'late, I
Intend to *pply to the Hon. Chief Coiamissii.u.-r
of Lands and Works for i��-rmlaslon to purchaae
the following desertb*��d land iu West Kootenay
district, on west shore ������' l**iwei Arrow l>ake,
adjoining 1 <���! '>" t'U��. ou the south : B��kinning
at a poal marked "eiarry HeLaod*a -^ f. oeraev
poat aad planted ohtheahon "t Lanrei Arrow
l.��ki . at the southeast corner of Cnpl hostnud's
L4V4H.   tbence   west   Al   chains,   ihenee   south   20
chalm more or less to the north bonndar) of h
Fullroore's P. II , thenee 2" chains east along the
aald boundary to lake, thence north along tbe
lake shore Ai chains, more or less to point nl
torn mencement.
May 2nd, 1907. J. D   Moort,
Anent for Harry MeLeod.
lake DOUM hat I, Arthur Alex. PltcfafoM In
tend toapply for permission to purchase Uu U
lowing deeerlbedUiuia:   ComMMatttkiS
planted at lhe N K. corner o( Un 1474,\%Ig
ed 8. K. corner, ibence north 40 chsm, \SL
west-JO chains, thence south 40 cbalm n.!!.
east*} rhaina to ptUnt o| BonuMneuMttal
i ..main ing HO acren, more ur l����m. ^
Jun��:,lisi7. Ahthi-iAlh  Hrraitai
w ili.iah alosiio milu, AfeDt
Taae notice tbat 1. William R. Jervta, li��y
toapid* lor permission to purebaae the loljov
lux ileeerlbea landi* t'oinmeiirfnt it i m
planted at the M K corner ol Lot if,* am tun
fl northeast corner, thence *eaf ��f eQS
thenee w.uth 40 ehalus, thenre eat.) ���*. i.,^
thenee north 40 chains to point ol .���*xiw*fc��
ii��i-nt. and contain tug ion acres Dior* or '.im
June 7, imn William Hcuivaui Jiira.
William ai.uhio Milia, Agtm
Nut ice Is hetebj given ttiatslityda-tkaftnaii
1 intend to applT to the Bon CblelOeeuaMS
of 1 ni.'!- and Works for imrmlsslun p* tmMm
the fi'iioit inn <lcM rlbed tract ol land n��af
We*: K.n.tenay dlstrirt: 4>>rimtUvlut*i*.m
idatiled almul one-half uilli  north from iutut
Huiuinit creek, marked  Jean  - s:*..-'-..-> 1
corner. lhen<v eaat 40 chains, lUsuet atttliA
chains, thenre weal 40 chains, thiscewicikl
chains lo place of <:ouimenrem#ni.
J.tr.1 May, 1907 Jia* filWi
William Babhoci. Aaaal
Nelaou Lattd Dlslrn 1. District of Van] IMH
Take notice tliat Frank McDonald. ���������. >.*a.
British <olnmMa. tHM-upation miner, intsaku
apply for permtaslon lo purchase tb* foiioviM
den, rtl*d lands : C<nnmelirlng at s post flaau
on the north bank of Lt*et -:���.**. aod sUmiw
mile in-t.rij from tbe )uurilon of Ut'. rst
end Halmon river, in the Nelaou laul lWM
thenoe north eu rhalns, ibence sul '��� rluia
thence sonth 90 chains, thenre waat to 1 tsiak
point of 1 oiuiaericemeut, and conuiatii ���
acren. more or leaa.
Datod June Mh, 1907. FaAHi UcbmLA
Notice Is hereby given that <Mj days after date 1
Intend to make application to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner or i ..*.:.d- and Works, Victoria, B. C, for a ipeUal liueuce to cut timber on
the following described lands in West Kootenay
district: Commencing at a post situated on
Blueberry creek, about four miles from its mouth
and adjoining the N W .corner of my application No. 1, tbencc south W chains, theni^e west
HO chains, tbence uorlh HO chains, theuee cam 80
cbains to point of connncucement.
Dated May 19th, JWJ7. E. .W Koiiimqn.
Located 14th of June, 19o7.
W'iu.IAM At��i>KBW Koai.
Dated this '��lh of July, IWTJ.
Nelaon Land Dlatrlet District 01 West Kooteuay
Take notice that Moore, Kepple tV I o., of <Jar-
land, Penn , occupation lumbermen, Intends to
apply lor a special timber licence over the lollowlng described lauds: Commencing at a poat
planted oh Moaqnlto creek, on the west Hide of
Arrow lake, and about one half mile wesl of the
soulh west oorner of tlm her limit No. 4877. thence
north HO chains, tbence west 80 chains, thence
aoutb 80 ehalus, thenee east 80 chains to point of
commencement, and containing 640 acres, more
or less.
Dated 16th, July, 100*7,      Moon*. KKITLK A Co.
John B. Calkim*. Agent.
it in uncertain how much can Ik? done
in the \*ay uf delay l>y the CrowB Nnnt
PasH Coal company to avoid the fulni-
ment off ltrt statutory obligation*) to Btip-
piy thu , vmelten of Koptanay and
iiiiundaiy with Hufflclent coke for their
icKdlar opoiatltui. The paHHlng of the
(*rnw'�� Nf��t Southern railway from
provincial to Dominion control hag undoubtedly made action by the provincial
Take notice that an application ha* been made
to register Arthur Hamilton Hurhsnt.ii as
the owner ln Fee Him pie, under a tax aale deed
from li J. -Btenson,Deputy Asseanor and Collect
of the Hlocan Assessment District, to Arthur
Hamilton Hucuanan, bearing date the 7th of
November, A h., I**-* of all and lingular tbat
certain parcel, or tract, of land, and premise-*,
situate: lying and btlnc in the Dlstrictof Kootenay, in the Province of British Columbia, more
particularly knowu and described ai:
Ix>t number nine hundred and leventy (?70j,
"iroup one (!)��� in the District of Kootenay, "Bun-
set Mineral Claim.
You and each olTOuare required to contest tbe
claim ol the tax purchaser within fourteen days
from tbe date of the service of this notice upon
you, and in default of a caveat, or certificates of
lis pendens being filed within such period, you
will be forever estopped and debarred from selling up any (ia-iin to, or in respect of tbe said
land, and I -shall refletai Arthur Hamilton
Fuchanau as owner thereof.
Dated at Und Registry Office, Nelson, Province of Hritlsh Columbia, thli'-tftfc day of April,
A D��� 1907.
H   F. MacLKOD,
District Registrar.
To BIHJAWIK F   Iuvim.
The Huuset (Jold  A Bllver  Mining Company [foreign).
Take notice that so <iaya alter date I intend to
apply tothe Hon the Chief Commlwslotier ol
Landi and Works, Victoria, for permisMon to
cut and carry away timber from the tollowlH|
described land, in West Kootenay:
No. 1. Cumiueiiciug at a post planted at the
southwest corner of timber license U46, theme
west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains, thenc.'
east 80 chains, thence north 80 chains to place ol
Daled May ;;i, 1W7.       J.T. Buhgur, Ix>caior.
J   W    1 'ui.in'HS. Agent
No. 2 Commencing al a post planted at the
eouiheaHi corner of application No. 1, thenoe eaat
80 cnains, thence north 8U chains, thence wesl Ht
chains, tbence south 80 chains to place of com
Dated May 81,1W7.       J   T. Bokoess, locator,
J. W. Coi.BtiBM, Agent.
Nelson Lend District, District of West Kooteney.
Take notice that I ieorge Alexander, ot Kaslo,
B C, intends to apidy for a special timber
licence over the lollowlng described lanos:
CommenclUK nt a post planted at tbe northwest
corner of Hetti U, iowushlp7, Koob-oay <lla-
trlct, heiiiK about one-third of a mile south of
the south boundary line of the Indian reserve;
thence south about Ab chains to the easterly
bank of Kootenai river; thence southeasterly
aloug Koolenay river bank about 00 chains to
the sou id ���* .:: inn ol Bectloii 12, Township 7;
thenoa easterly abonl ftocnalna to the northwest
i'orin-r "i ],.,1 ;..*,i ,   ibence   north an cbalns aloug
tha eraal bounder} of l^ot Hli; thence west fO
chains to the point of commencement, aud containing ''��> aoraa, mure or less.
Dati-d Julv 4. 1WU7. (iKoROK AL>1ani>kr.
Nelaon Land District. DlHtrlet of West Kootenay
Take notice thai Paul Ausust Paulson, of Kitchener, B. C, occupation lumhermaii, Intends
to apply for a special timber licence over the foi
lowing described lauds: * 0111 mrii'-'iu' at a noKt
planted at ihe southwest corner of surveyed lot
7221-U.l, Ihenoe east 40 chains, thenoa north wi
OLalna, thence east to ti eiouthcast corner ot suM
lot, thanoe north to the northeast corner of hhI<I
lot, l-henoa east te the west boundary of pre emp
lion No. M2, thence south to the north boundarv
of timber licence No. 8MB, tbence wefl iiluug
said north boundary to the northwest corner ol
said Uoenoe, thence south tothe north boundary
of timber licence No 7018 thence weal to a point
due south of commencement, tbence north to
point ot cwn-impncement, and containing ovi
acres:, more or leas.
Dated July 2nd. iwi7.   Paul August PAtuton.
Nelson Laud Dlitrlct    District of Weil Kootenay
Take notice thai Moore, Kepple & Co., of (Iwr
land, Penn , occupation lunitiermen. Intend io
apply tor a special timber licence ovr-r the foi-
lowing described lands: Comm'-ncing at a post
plantedOtl Mosouito creek, -n lhe west ��� hie of
Arrow lake, and about one half mile went, of the
southwest corner of timber limit No. 4877, tbetlefl
���outh 80 chains, thence west BO chains, theiue
north 80 chains, thence cast 80 chains to point of
commencement, and containing M0 acres, more
or less.
Dated lfith July, >'*>~- Moore, k ei-nf .'*. co,
Johk K. calkim, Agent.
Nelaon Land Di-'tnct. Disim-iof WeatKo^itenay.
rake notlee that Kvan McClelland Fraser, ol
Kerule, li O.i cletk, intends tu apply for a special
lleenoa   over   the   following    deacrlbcd   lands:
1 omiiK-ii' lug at a post planted alxmt seven
miles west of the Kootenay river,  aud ahout oue
mile nortb of the InternallonaJ boundary line,
and alaoit one and aiiuarter tiorth-easlerly friim
the north-east corner of timber licence No. 80f.7,
tlicnce south MO chains, thonce west 80 ebalns,
un mi' north wo chains, theuee eswl HU chains u>
point of (-ommencement. and containing '.in
Hi'res, more or less.
Located 12th, ol June. 1907.
Kvan McCi.bm.an Fhasir.
Dated Ibis Hth of July, l'Jf/7.
Take notice tbat (1.0. (lark, 01 Nelson. B. C,
saloon keepor, luteuds tt. apply tor a stiecial limber licence over the following described laud*.
OomneoettM at a post planted on Morning
Mountain, about oue mile west of Bmtltef (;reer,
snd adjoining C. 0 Cla'-k's bxiailou for timber
licence No 1, and about one mile south of Nelson, thence west 80 t hains, thence south 80
���dialns, thence east 80 ehaius, ihenee north 80
chains to place of beKltmlug.
Dated July Kith, 1W7. C. C. Clark,
Daviu Booth, Agent.
Nelson Land District.  District of Wesl Kootenay
Take notice that Frank   Flanagan, A   8 Elder,
atnl K. W. Kmlth, of Hpokane, Wash., occupation
randhara, intend tr> apply (or afpedal timiasr
licence <iver the following described lands:
( ouiineiHliig at a post plained at the southeast
corner, about six miles from the Kootenay river,
on the west side, thetiee north 80 chains, thence
veetSQ ''hainH, thencu soutb 80 chains, thence
east m, I'lialiis to point of commencement, and
containing nth acres, more or less.
Dated July 13th, 1W/7. Khawb Fi.aHA'Um,
A  H. l-.i.iiKii,
K   W. Smith, AkciiI for Applicants.
Nelson Land District.   District of West Kootenay
Take notice that Frank Flanagan, A   H  Klder.
and K. W. Hmlth. Hpokane,  Wash., occupation
ranch eta, intend to apple fora apeclal timber
lloanoa over 'he roHowfai described lands:
Couiuieiiilntt al a post plsnted one mile north
and one mile eaal OfpOatHo i, which post lh
shout six mlh-s from the KoofTnay river, on Ihe
west side, thence north 80 chains, tln-nce west Wt
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence eart 80
ehains to polnl of commencement, ani eontainlnK NO acren, more or less.
Dated July 18th. 1WL Fbawk Plakaoah.
It. W. Hmith, Agent lor App.ic*nt!i!>",
Nelson Land District.   Distrl<-tof West Kooteuay.
Take notice that Deorgu Kufus< arter .if sir :sr
occupation, t.f. :t ��� t;.nti. intends to applv for per*
mlsilou   to  purchase   the   following   den rlbed
at \.<f planted at the north*
ppllcallon to purchase,
���  tn. :*.-:.������ ,- 1
west corner of   h. V ���
marked   H w.,  thenee north   40
'in,.' ���
east 40 chains, thenea aouth .11 chains tl
Curry's preemption, thence west 2u chains,
tto nt e south 30 i hains. thence wett 20 chains to
place of comiiieheemeiil contatnliig 12u | t, .
more or less.
Date.) J.jjy 12,  IWJ7. OKOrOR RflTS I'AHTEII,
W. J. h-i <,rr. Agent
Nelson Und Dtslrhl.    Dlstrictof Wtel K.-ne'iny'
Take   noUtW  thnt 'ieorge  Hturrn,   of Killitiga,
Montana,  f    H.  A., <K-cupation,   inert haul.  In
lends to app.j- ior permission to purohaaa toe
following dear rlbed land I < oiuiii.-iii iuk al a
fw*st planted on Hie west shore of I'pper What-
khan <( ariboo) lake, and at tbe northwest corner
ol 1 ot 81M, thence west no ohelna. thenoa eouth
to ehalna, tbenoe eaat SO ehalna, thanea north 40
chains lo i*-��mi of commencement, Ht,.i containing 80 eerna* more or leas.
May wth. 1 en. OnOMI Hti:rh.
���elaoa Land District. Dtatrtel of West KiKitenav.
lake notice thai Waller M.Neil, of hillings.
Montana. CM. a., occupation tncrehanl. Int. nda
toapply lor imtim.-i -n lo purchase the follow-
I ng described land : Coin inenc ing a I a j��ost plaut-
wl on the wesl shore of I'p|mt W IihImisu |t inrlboo)
lakh**, end   at  the   northwest   corner of   |,ot 8IJHI.
thenoe west n chains, thence norih oi ehalna.
thenoa cast ai ahalna, ihenee aonth to chaini to
point   of   commencement.   an<l   containing   IfiO
in i' -   more ur less.
;-��ay 2-Jth, 1WJ7 WaI.TBU UOMMOm
I. the uudemignc'l. after HO .lays intend to ap
I'l ������ lo the lion, the Clilef Comiuitsh.uer of lands
and Works lo purchase the following described
land: CoiiimtMictug at tho n. X. U. of Lot 7',:tv
ti. I., tbenee west 40 chains, thenea north 20
chains, ih.-1,1 e easl 4o chains, tlience Houth ^l
ehalus lo point of commeneemeut, coniaiiiliiK HO
acres more or less.
Looe-ted March 28th, iwn. W.A. PtttAA.
Notice is heVeby given that fto days after date I
intend to apidy to the lion Ohlel Commlaaloner
of lAiulti and Works for permission to purchaae
the following described traotof land, situate lu
West Kootenay district; Commencing  p% a post
Slanted on Placer creek, near I'm confluence wllh
nm, 111 it   creek, marked Hargarel Mcl.auchlan's
N. K. corner1 ihenee south 4tichaiiu, ihenee west
80 vbalns, Ibence north   lo cbalus. thence cast ho
chains to place of commit,.. meut.
2-lrd May, IWn. Ma^akiii MiLaichlan,
Wii.mam Bailhocr, Agent.
Nelaon Land Dlstrp-i    Distrii
Take noUoa that Bderard 1
Ish ' ohnntiH   01 enpHtioii
ply  for   -permission   to  pun-hate
of Went Koolenay
uts of Ymir. frlt-
icr, lntendi to ap-
Iwerlbed land:  ffomaenetniela ponplanted
on the north hank of 1,0m ereek, about three
miles easterly   trom   the  Junction  of   U.st creek
and   Hahnoii   river. In   the   Nelson ]Hn<l district,
tbenee north 6q chains, thenea west bo chaina
ihente aouth  wt chains,  no
cterk, thence aaat following
oi aonunenaenienti aim 00
more or less
l"l('"l ���'  '-1", I'srr KiiWAHh Petkrs.
Huty days after dale l Arthur Allan Bnrton,
ranoher, <.f Burton cny   n.t 1 u. appl* to tha
Cole/Commissioner of Unda and Works, Vic
re or
leu. t<
���reek tO
ng   4K0
lorla, M   i:
lands su imt
post market
planted at Hi
running n
Mi re base the following described
Ut 01  Burton      Cotiimelictllg nl a
4  a  b H.iithwesi oorner1 end
I    v.     eorioi  of |0t h.|' (,    l. hioI
ha 1 us, iheno isi 411 cli
thence soulh (10 chains, thenee wesl lib 'chiiitiMU
piaco of oonntanQoment
August lit, iw. Amiiue A. BueTwi.
Huty days ��fu*r dale I Intend to mfpftitt
Hon. Chief ('outmlsslouer of lands ui i��U
Victoria.   B.C.,   to  purchaae tbe -   1 '-���
scribed land, situated lu the ���*���������' KooUei|i��
trlct: 1 ntnmi'Ui'lDK at a ft-oat planted mtt
west side of Kootenay lake, near RMb'-ws
point, and marked J. MeKlnnon'i i haft
poat, tbence weat flu chains, thence led t
chains, thi nee eaat SO chains mom or lag-Mi
shore. theuc�� along lake shore lo pots;tf ee-
Deled April 4, iwn. Hlgoed J �� l��*
VeleonLand District. District of w��iIsottsir
Take notice that Edward Frasf r, of M��
-Moniana. U. S A . occupation wool l-nyr ��
tends to apply for permission to prurvtia'*'
lollowlng dea>rlbed laud; ��� omm��aciU *���
post planted on the ����� -t si.oreof t:ppMMat
ahari (1 arltaio) lake, ai  1 st ���      *������  :i-**:   '��;
of !>>t sis***, thenoa w(-. .- . ..aim. Uwaeefl ;
00 ehalna, th��ne*�� east -to chains. tbrn�� ��*������-'
chaina. tlo nee ��� *-.- 40 chains, more nr laahV
west shore of I'pper Whatsban (lantwiaa
thence northerly and westerly sUiai-^as
shore go chains, more or less, to petal a * I
mencement, and containing 3*) arres. b��" f
May rtth, 19tn. KnwAif Fl**^
Hlity days after dale 1 intend to tmOtM I
Hon chlel Commlaaloner of UDdtsnJ***���!
for tM.riiiUsiou to purchase tbe foliosi��*
scribed land in West Kootenay dlatrtn r* .
inenctug at a post marked A C. t�� i mm������ I
uorner p.<*i. running 40 chains eaiwry "j I
lhe bounder** ��f Tlmb��r llceoce No. W* JJ
southerly 60 chains, thenre wester.j ��c6���� I
thence northerly M chains along '.At' '��� * I
tract io the place of eomraem-emsot.ew���* I
two hundred acres, more or lest
Looated this tth day of May. 1WI.     . ^j
A  l   Bi'ia.l**1*,
Nollec is hervoy given lhal M daji M'^ I
intend toapply lo tbe Honorable ths1 J*mltlM I
mlssloner of Lends and   Works (nr Prraam ���
U) purchase the followlug dea<*rlbed Ui)j- '���1'"
in   West   Kootenay  district:   Comm��;ti^dfl
|M��st plniiUd at the   west boiimlarj '' ^''"U
and nisout io chains south ol ihew'jtn.J^a
of   lhe   right-of-way  ol  the   B.t\**UiW��i��
way.  and   marked   1'.   A    Ps ""O'^^VHi
tbence west HSI chains, theuee notllilo����*��]
U.uudary of the right-of-way "f  H-*   >��M
railway, thelice following ��al'1 u,llD"t,s,m
rlKhl-ol-wa} In an easterly dlrertii-D oti'TJ
hotimlary of l-.l HU til. theiue '""",: v'%Zp
������onimcnceinent, containing  h* arr��. ���""
���MtA . ,,���-
Dated this 14th day of Juue. 1W7
Notice Is hereby given that ���^JSobW
dale I intend to apply lo ihe II '";;fwiri*,
i ..minlsstoiH'r of Unds and u' ' V,.L ivu11
slnri to purchase the following d��rr bj t^ I
land, altnaf-d |u Woat Koot-iisy d slrii    J|
menelna at a post planted on Bom*'SJ
about one-half mile north wesi from ^S.
ed J.rt. btfla'h N   B. corner, thei ��
thraee aonth 40 chains, then
thence north  40   chains to   pi
WlLLUM Bassom..,"1'-^
,(  ,i,IDM***|
ilr.l May. r.an.
'SSUtIIsJ l��*,l
II   (*., raui-ii
lo   |Miri-llaai*   th
I i.i* ii*l-   -
lollnwlng itaa.
"Ai*al KuoU-imy .llatrtvt: . ^tlulllVl
In no I
aoullii-aat .onuT ol mh aix ----    ,n,miia|
r,*.l ��ii.l .*lKl.ty (He (IIVW.I. """L'.'T.i���.\W��\
.llatnvt, lli-alii". .cutli twc.Hr (*) "' vu.��l
west on. Iiumlrcl an.l amy (I��>.I "'"����� EPI
nurtli twi.iity(��)<.|.allli. t'':'n"'"' li.!"*!
Ttiriwrnljf C��) clialm. 'lJi.*nc/��a>t,1">
rail aiM .uty rfeo) ta*
tni'iii-i'tiii-iit and miiUH
Baud tin* lDlli day ol II
Notio-i i. hereby jiv.-f nut ��>''I', Sigij
i���u*���.i lo .���..-���ly to In; f^SffS, V��*��i\a\
mlulosar i.i l.��nds and ���*"'�����JJJ. ,���il im
 * '*.." " ?'fSi��JM!!B5fl|
��� il*1    r,*lll
t.nri'lmai. thu iollnwniK ..
allnau* III Wi-kl K....I.IIH)* *
lit   H   poat  planted On "������'*
Barbour'i N. w. ooroar, th
tlii-n.-i. ea.t 40 i-lislna.   tl;.**    .,.���miji--"*.r,   ���
tin li.*i* Wi*st 411 rballia In I'l"'*'..';   u�� l.**'A
�����rd Mav van. Wl"           I
 ��� ~ ,wMl1t*"t
eaat (U.halna. II..* '�� ' "' ���in,li <��"tv
ary ol lh- HKht ..f-����> '    , ."'J(,,Tl*f ��'���,
loulharn   Hallway, ����**"".oosS*"""^
..id ri��hi*..i����y >i'i��'j ''������. mn. ���,���,*
yavi Aoau"' prospectors
Who Want a Good Arcticle Will Huy
he BACON We Sell
It Gives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and  Smoked.    Our Horns  Are
Excellent   Also.    AH   Are Canadian
Goods.   1'urc Lard in All Sizes.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Columbia   Gardens
The Only Irrigated Colony
In the Kootenays
Water piped tmdergronnfl to <*v- i>  block D&4*r hi^h iirosBtirf.   Ar good
i    inter system a* any clly in Canada baa.    No charge for wuu*r.
I Pries lower tint" in any Hltnllaily lrrltrnlfil land any whore on tin*
kadfic coaal .-iii-l vi-ry little if nny liiuii* r Mian nitir-ll unlrrlitnt.'i], iiiilmprov..d
llaiid in "urn nun lint: illmiiciH on wlilili a man will .-mi*.. fur years trying to
Iniiik.* both enda meet. If you want tn main money gro��lu| frull buy itrl-
Viti'il land.
... more money ln ono yi-ar Ilian the ilry lantl fruit frown caji h-niie
. inalu1 iu t'-n.
Leva] and much of lt marly ready for tho plmmh.    Dally trains, atore,
Loat dOo  .md neighbors.   Only a taw blooka I.-ft
ver  Queen   Cigar   Store,   Baker   St.
Opposite Royal  Bank
. ,. Soli.*, *i�� ben by givt-n tint OO Jay*
�� d��*w I luleud f> ��rt'l> l" the ��"hlef Own*
[v-:.*- .t Uud ami Work*, for a *jH*<lai
ut and <-*��-">v tt tn tier (rum tlie l<*Lluw
In       ���:.*,-.- ;*t.-.i   mi   the  aotithuaat
��i! Salmon - rei   to  tha   <U*irtri <��f troMl
i*n* v      i,iir.:n.!i   .-v Bl a post   I'lK-e-l fttmtll
-;.��,-:' i LmI otoot started "it M
.* Northv��f1 ��� ��� -ii.t." tin-ire wi chains
-.. - ; - - out. thence 80 eh 0 lit"
thence ho thatha *roat to plar<. nt torn-
U-d oil the llth lift}* of Juue, 1W7.
it M. Reivrk. LasalnTa
KstSOIl l-aa-1 I'lutrtct.   District of Vtett Kooteuay
Tftke   noliee   that Jarai-s    Keeth, ol   Hpokane.
Waah . oooapatloa iniurr. latsadt to apply tor a
fpvrial timber lie* rue* over the following de
���erlbod laiuls: (omnieii'-lna at a po-it plauU-1 Ki
I'halUN uorth of Hit- center uf the uorth whore line
of Houndary I ake and at thi northeast corner
of timber limit No WC4. titmice went HO ehalnp,
t!i--!i' 1- north mo chain*, tbenet. v*#l hii chain**.
theti'V miiith 10 chains to point of OTUHPM
ment ati'l * ���' * - I ������I un ���*t" XraSi more ot leu
July au, lv*u7 Jamu Karrit.
�����*���*'. Klvni that :*��� 'In
Intend to npj.lv tothe thief "on,-
lu.-r. ot Laii.l** Mi-I Work*-***, for a special
1 to fit and em rj timber from the foi low-
t!" ��� ' 1 landi ittaated on Ibe soatbeMt
���of tiie BiJtoon rlrer, in tht- district ol W#*��t
fcft.ftv Commem mc at * \*um\ pUt*-ed about
jar:- wm\ ol Rn-w \je*\l < reek, inarke.1 "K M.
ff No -' south wost comer, them-' tt
1 north, tbene�� SD rhaltii aaat, thmnootD
1 iouth, tbanofl **.�� oh tlm wt*i to place ol
ated on tbe llllh day nf June. 1907.
EL M   i:itvt>. locator.
ji-u Land Iiiiirl.t. District ol West Kooteuay
untkt that William Andrew Koss, of
le, B 1 . ho-U'i keeper, lute nils ui apply for
k:��. iimin'i lieeneeorer the  following de��-
p<l laud-.
1    '-ninm'-in'luit  at  a   pmt planted about
���I*������  Kooteuay   1 .v.-r, do I torn
-ii    I-   District  of  Wesl  Kootenay,  aud
a'rtint -ij milt-, north of the Inu-rnntlotiul
l��-y lln... 1111*1 fti.ont two in 1 If* wrtii of tlm-
*   -   No   HU     tbenoe   iOOtb  ho chain*.
Mt)  *" cbalna,  theuee  uorth 80 ebalup.
net a) cbaini to point ol romum-nfi-int-iit
ta nlni MO m rea, more or leaa.
XAittl latta Jinn-, ivn,
--Gommtii'iTiK  nt  h imjH  pi nu ted at the
H c irnat Ol WiUintu A   Htm*' N.��, 1 ilalm,
let! toiilh ho (bain*,   ihenee  weat   ��J ehnln*.,
i"- north m i-hatnti, thenas eaat ho ebalasi
1 point of oommenosmaat, and eou-uitntuK
reor leaa.
AtOt : .I, June. lain.
nmeneini ��t a pout planted ataral
I -��� ol Lba northt-Rat corner of WU-
1 '��� �� -N" 1 >laia, tbanoi -..nth-' abaine*
" ��� ������ -    ���i.n"i'    t ii. tji-a-   north  wi ehauiN,
" ����� *���'��� -   <'liHiu* t.. the point of i-oinineine-
an-1 1 uiiimiiim W'> a Tea, more or leal*
"'��� ll*th fnna, mt.
Commencing at at a poat plan lad at
inweat oornoi of wmum  A. Bass* Mai
"nm u   north   W)  cbaini,   thenee   went ho
lli'tire   Mouth HO Ohalns,   thenee eait  HU
.      '" l��e point ,,(   1 omuieueeineut,   eoiilaln-
���'a I  n ���  more or I.-*.*..
posted i-ih June,Htm.
t.inui.ii.in*   at   ft post   planted at the
1 corner ol \\ ilium a. Roes' So Bolatm,
mtti ho chaiupi, thenoe waat an ehaiuc
T  '   ���    h   lu-.. tbsnee SSSt wi ehnlim to
01 oommenoement, and eontaiuiua cw
reor lew.
��������'���''���   ub luaa.un,
Commenelnj at a poat aUntad about
'if w;,^"'the northeast oorner of Wll-
��*�����"   No  Selatin. tht'tH-e nuuUi hOehtilU'.,
��si BOchaloi, tbenoe north no cbalna,
eail hochHiiip tothe point >ii eoimiM nm
pv Mi.i .-oinainiiia, f.��i Hi.tvn, more or I.-m.
peiteil l.'iti, Jun,.( igo-j,
1 - j ot)iiiii-!i��n,t. at a pout plantad at the
Bwan'orn.-r ..f William A.Hii��h'iSn eclalm.
'f   1 hii   ihHiii-a,   thenef   eant   Ho chnittH,
"Hi hi. rhaln-., theuee WSSt  HO chitltii. to
commeooement,  and   oontatnlna (NO
rt or Imb.
fwiwl Hitli Juno, p.��7
haiB��<-:"II!!,,'',.",,H'1 Ht * P0"*1 Plantad about
I* u '.li? "Lt,lv borlhwsat uornarol WU-
ie.. ""? u .' -^hUm, thenoe norUi m cbains,
-Miao chains, Hon... wuthSO-ohalns,
tt   Ki���t,    ��� ,*lnKto ,,u- P��>ni oi oommanoa-
K   ,,illrl,m,,fr'"' a,:rt'n' n,"r'' ��"��� i�����
"Hu-o i&n, June, iwr7.
fiiJpio!HKni'".!u'"IK l! ��� P��* plHDted about 40
low" N, V u,"'1"-'tl'��eit eorner nt William
-',;''   '1,ll'n,   thenee   south   HO  Ohalni,
eaai 1 "',,K11,,P' 1>-""-" north ni obiln*
i,\,^.\h!iil,,nU'xh*'i'(,Ui' ot tommenoe-
Notbe   la hereby riven   that   thirty   ilnya afUr
dale 1 intend Ui apply tothe Hull   the Chief <-om-
nilMtonar ol Landj and WoriH for a special it-
eeaee lo ool and onrn miiht timba-r l*om the
toUowtni dasortbad lundu tn West K-ooianay
tlatnct:    CommeneSna at a posl planted on the
nt rth batik of leu Mile ereek, alMinl one mile
and a halt from Hloi>aii lake, markfl H. �� I'HW
BOrthwesI <-orner i*M>at. thenee ea*t U0 rhaln*.,
tbenoe M>Uth 40 ehalna. theuee u, >i 1B0 (-biilna,
thenee north   -to <-haliis  lo  plaee ol eoinmenee-
men I.
Datad thip atth day of June, l��tn.
ll. ll  PiTm. Looator.
a. W, BTl'BHH. Agent
Nottas t��   hereby given   that thirty   -layn   after
dale    I    intend     lo    apply     to    the      Honorable
Chief   t'ummUsloiier  of   l-andi   aud    Worki   at
>*y   I   Victoria.   H   ��   .  for   a   Ipaebkl   lleenae tu f ut and
ol      tarry away llnit^r fnun the following described
���__ lan.l.    In    UL'.aal      ',...���.    ,.M\*      .' 1 . ' ��� ���. I    I 1    1 , [1 I 111 ������ 111   1 II tt
i aa i t i   nanv   llir"   r   nm:      lilt'    ihiima uif   UVBW wan
land* in Wem Kootonev dUtrlct: t.'onimeiudng
at a *|,o��it plautM on the went l*ank of Smelter
Crass, at" m t on. iii lie nouth of tbe City of Nelaon.
thenee  WMilhHO   i-UhIIik.   Iheme   wot HO   ehatna,
thanea north 80 cbalna, thenee aaat9t ohalns (a
plaea   ���' commencement.
Uttted thll Hth .lay of June. 1��J7
0. i~ ���    . c.i . 1 .. H|..r,
If. H   "i it. Ageui.
Ifllnwi Mud District, District ot Waat Kooteuay
Take notlee that "David Henry Telford." 8aa-
kato^m. Bask., OOCVpatlotl lumbermau, intenda
to apply for a Mieeinl timber Iheuce over the foi
lowing deacribed landa:
No 1 Commeneing ata pout plan ted about 8
chainn north ol tlo- iiortbweit **ornfr of Timber
l.iiiilt hM4, west brnuch of Little Slocan river.
West Kouicuav, thenco wsstMcbalna, thanos
���oath N attains, thanaa sul w> ehatua, thanos
north 80 chains to point ol coininoiuement ami
containing All) acres, more or le"**.
Dated July tfth, l��i"     Daviu Himiv Tblpokh.
No. 2. Commencing a poat plauted on the eant
biank of Cougir ereek, and on the north boundary of Umbo* Hmlt  h1��.  went   braneh   of   Little
Sloosn    river, thei    north   lt��  elminm,   thenee
aastdOcbalUo. ihenoe nouth 1��) rhahiN, thetiee
wvnt lOchainn to plSOS of c-.inmuiioeiiiem. and
eontalMiig 640 acre*", more or ISM*
Datad Julv 10th, HWi. Davii- Hinky TBLVOBD.
No I t-o'liiiueiicing nt a |*o��l plenteil on bank
of Huifle creek. hIhuiI JO ehatiu* aoulh of the
aouth boundary of timber limit^117. wont branch
of Little rtlocan rivci, thence west Ho chainn,
thence aoulh ho chain-, tlo nee SSSt HO chainn,
ibence north hu ,-hnlni, to the point of com-
msaoamattl hii.I   containing MU  acrea.   more  or
Dated July Mth. 1��0T. Daviu Hknhy Tri.FoHh.
No   4.   Commencing at a pont  planted about I
l lulln. cun! from canl bank nl Kuaale crtH-k. and
on tba weet boundarr oflimit S, thence went ho
chainn,   ihenee   BOntD  HO chainn,   Ihclioij   cant HO
cbalna, tbenoe north K) ohalns to point of com-
incnceinenl. ami containing  04u  acren,   more or
' Daled July llth. I��)7.  luvin Hsnky Tsi.roan.
No. i:i.    c,.niiiii iiclng nl ii   POSI   pbinted   about
iu) chain*- wesl   ol Oooss Orssi  and about na
inllen from Ita mouth   Si HocmIi   Klver. said jmnt
Ib about tt chains wast from D H Tuprd I; um-
ta-r application No. 11. Ibnlicu east 10 QbatiU tjO
tiinU-r iipplh-Htlon No. it, tbence north ��
cbaini, thenes wast40 chainn, theuco south UQ
ohalns, to point of oonunsnoemsnt, and contain
Ing mo aorssi mora or lenn.
Datad July nth, Wt. luvin Hsnhv iBUoitn.
No ii   Oommsnolofataboit plaatad hi the
rtouihweat comer of No. IU, I hen  e went 40 ehalna,
thence liorili IfiU   cIihIok.   thenee   east 40 chaina,
tbenoe south   WO chainn to point of  commencement, and containing etoaorss, more or lean
Datad July mil. l.wn  David Dknhv taLroan.
A. Mll.ToN, Agenl
A   It.
eant Hti
p-Snolni at a post   planted   ahoul
J  "ths  norlh.HHt  eoriiei of Wll-
"'hilm, thsnos lOUth hocIihH
tbsnee   norih  Ho chat
ui'i-   i'HkI kii ..1 .. t  "-"   '  n'"' t o "'   l on in a i
ioatajflJtt SM^f-m ""'"'���'"""''"' "'"*���
" "     '-...inii,..,,'.',.,'.. ., .._.....      .
'���"���"al nl th. i
UM   Hi)  ,*|,���|���,
d��,2tatn|1i?1 '" "'" POIal
i a i��.at plantad Hin.iit
eaal r.irti,.ml William
ii. I*  in.rtli  HI) rliiiiiia.
��."lll,   .',,"'|l'1'"���';'", '""-1   l.l.'lll-.l.it��.ill
llou'  ���;,    ,n* no"l>waal oorn.r of Wll
r,  -"".I,,,. *'"���."'.";i"'.   iii.'ii.���*���   n..rili  wi
fc""* tl.i-11,*, i illL      ''.��l"��.  tl" amilli Wi
BytfaBI ,,���i",^',''"""���'" tl" in "I ISO'S
f* **** :.,:;,K-"y*?,,,ir "-
William a��ub����* ik*..
Rslaon Laml l'lslrlct.   HHlrlotuI Wosl KunU'llay
Tata in.lli'o Hint J. R. P. Klownrl, "I I'.illiUK-
W....I ilnl , ... iiil*all..u liiinlM-riiiHii. uilrnila tn
timilv fnr ii -I i-.ial Iliulier II *i*ii.*i* ni-.ir Itu' In'*
loa ii ia daaertboil 'ami.:   i'..iniiu-ncliiK at a poat
I.I.,lit. ,1 nil .1 MUlill ali*.*illn alH.llt nm* mil'*   ai.litii
..I Columbia Rlvei paar uu* ii.*n.t waiciap|-,ran-
iiu cr..>*k. maraad J. B. r. ^uwan's N. K. AiikU.
,     thanos nurili   4ii .lialua, ttu*ni*i*   weal  40
ohalna thenoa .ouih do ohaloi, Aanoa f/aal a)
,* in. lhanoa ��� i  l�� ohalna, Cbanoa aaat m
ohalni, tbenoe north U ohalna, thenoe �����;�������
.imiiia in p aoa <.t oommanoamaati oontalniog
^StfZtiy&h��� JAM.- R. I'- HT.WSHT
Nelson I*nil Histrict. nislrlclol Wi.sl Knnti'iiay
NT��',< I,*,, that J  H. K. l-towart.ol I'ulllnji*
won.l, tint., i.rciii.iulnn   lumbarmaD,  llitfli'la  tn
aplilrlnra   ai..*i*liil I InibiT Ifin vi-r  Uu* lnl
inv.mii ,i.*a.*ni.. md.i   rnmin.ii.um atapoal
i>iam n the iouth ���Ma ot a imall ,***''''k���,'''i'-;
���,..t oi iii�� Mountain BeadowmliMhiahpty N
ihiilna ,-aai   ul   i.ntnlli.   -roall   lii.nl;.*,I J. It. I*.
atawart'i N. K angle poal, than .at w *h*Mt,
thenoe anuiii ��<i ohalna, Utapco we.t ao ohalna,
thahoo aoutli IL'. iliHina, IIkiui* m-> �� v .a ns,
thanoo muiii v> ohalna, Unmoa im-t wi otiain..
t&anraioutb -io ohatu.Ui place ol ooanaaaa*
m.Mii ooutainlnj no aoroonera or laaa. ���
July aith, 11KI7. Jams K. r. BaiwAaT.
Reminiscences    of    Disraeli.    Gladstone
and Tennyson of Forty
Yeara Ago.
Mls;< BUeo Terry, in M.A.P., tells the
Htory of her fli-Bt marriage to Mr. G. F.
WattH, the famous painter. She Bays:
I waH not quite sixteen -years old, too
ynuiiK to be married even in those
dayH, when everyone married early,
liut 1 waa delighted, and my parents
were delighted, although the disparity
Of age lietwcen my husband and ine was
very great, lt all seems now like a
dream, not a clear dream, but a fitful
one which in thu morning out* tries to
tell. And even if 1 could tell i would
not. 1 was happy, because my face was
tbe type which the great artist who
married me loved to paint. I remember
Kitting to him in armor���he was painting Sir Galahad���for hours and hours,
and never realizing that it til heavy
until   I   fell   forward   faiutlng!
Uttle Holland House, where Mr.
Watt* lived with his friends, Mr. and
Mrs. Prinsep, seeintjd to me a paradise
where only beautiful things were al
lojred to 0000. All the women were
graceful, aud all the men were gifted.
There were Qladatone and Diaraell.
There waa .Browning. At Freshwater,
where I went aoon after my marriage,
1 flrst met Tennyaou.
As 1 write these great names I feel
ulmtwt guilty of an imposture! Such
names ure bound to raise high anticipations, and my recollections of the
men to whom some of the names belong
are so humble!
I sat, shrinking and timid, tn a corner���the girl-wife of a famous pointer.
1 was. if anything at all, more of a curiosity, a side-show, than hoatesa to
these diHtinguished visitors; for, after
all, the house belonged more to Mr.
Prlnsep than to Mr. Watts. Mr. Gladstone   seemed  to me  like  a  suppressed
Take notice thai John Rom, or Fernle. B. C,
hot��l���kaapar. tntandi to Apply lor fttpecltl tlm
t��-r Iht'iuv over tbe (ollowlnc described 1-vida:
1. CommeDciog ni a poat planted In the Dla-
��� *..-t oi Went Kootenay. Nelion Minim* I'lvieioii.
on the north tork ol the aouth fork of Loat creek,
about five mllea up creek from where two fotki
meet and about il* mIlea north of the International Boundarj Line and about twenty-eight
in. i * weal of Kootenar River, thence eaat HO
ohalAS, tbence north 80 chaini, thence weat 8u
ch-alm to bank of aald creek, tbence down itream
I., plan- of -commencement-
J. Eosa, Locator,
2 Commencing at a poat pUnted ct the aoutb-
weat corner of '. Koaa'a No. 1 location, thence
iii-tM' (halna, theuee north SO chainn. thence
eaal ho ihalua more or lean to bank of aald creek,
��� io if i down Mtream tu plaue of cuiuraeuccment.
J. Ko--, Lticator.
5. CommeiiclD'jc at a po��t planitnl ator near
lhe aouthweat uorner of J. Koaa'a No 1 location.
i hence weat SO chains, thence aouth SO chain*,
thence cttal SO chalua. more or lean, to aald creek,
theuee up itream to place of btRlnnihK.
J. Roaa, Locator.
4. Commeuclna at a poal planted at or near
the lotithweat corner of J Hoaa'e No. l location,
i'm'm ,- eaat Oo ehatna. tbeuee aonth SO chain**,
ihenoe weal ID chalua, more or leaa, to bank of
-i-ii'l creek, tbence up atre<aun to pkatOO ot commencement.
J. Roaa, Locator.
6. Commencing at a poat planted about two
mllea aouth of the aouthweet corner of J. Roaa a
No. 1 location, od the north fork of the aouth
fork of !* .i-i croek, and attout lour mile* up
btream, from where the two forka meet, thence
eaat (io chaina. tlicnce north SO chaina, tbence
weit SU chalua, more or leaa, to bank of said
creek, theuee down atream to pla��-e of commencement.
J. Roaa, Locator.
6. Commencing at a poat planted at, or near,
the southwest corner of J. Rota's No. b location,
nn Loi*. t-ii'i'd, thenre weal 80 chains, tbence
norlh 80 chains, thence W chaina eaat, more or
leaa, to bank of aald creek, thence down stream
to plaoe of commencement.
Located tfth June. 1907 J. Rom. Locator.
chtlm No. 1
Nelson Land District. Dlalrlctof West Kootenay
Take notice thai A. L. Reading, of Arrowhead, B C, occupation, carpenter, lntenda to
I pply for a apeclal timber license over the lol
lowing described lauda: Commencing ata post
planted -Iii cbalm south of .- E oorner of T. L. 7.-
��� i > thence aouth M> chains, thence eaat 80 chains*
thence nortb 80 chaina, theuee weat HO chaina te
potut of commencement,
luue .Wth, 19U7.    ABTHCR LaiRBNCB Kiimsii.
��� 'laim No. ?
Nelson Land lHslrlrt. District of Weat Koo*��nay
Take notice that A. L. Reading, of Arrowhead H 0., occupation, carpenter, Inteuda to an
ply for a special timber licence over the lol
lowing deM-Mlt-ed landa: t'ommenclng at a
poit nlntUed 80 chaina soutb of A. L. Reading's
corner potl No. 1, thence aonth Ho chains, tbence
��� H-i  HO ehalni. thence  nortb HO ebalua, ihenoe
H'i'M nu chaina,  to  point  of commencement.
June 28th IWt.    Abuhus L-ttiRBNcg Reading.
Claim No. 8. , _,       ���
Nelson Land District.   Dlalrlctof Wesl Kootenay
Take notice thai A. U Reading, ol Arrow*
head, B (*., iH.��cupatloii, cari*��nler, lntendi to
appl* for a special timber license over the followlug descrlt>ed lands: Cuininencing at a poat
plumed W chalua south of N K. cornerof A. L
Reading's claim No* 1, tbence soutb 160 chains,
ttience east 40 ohalna. M ciic-e north ISO chains,
lhe weat 40rhaluslnltolntof coinmenoemeut.
June Wth, l��07.     ARTBl'R LAl'SSWClt RtUIUMu.
('in.in No   4,
NeUon Laud Diitrict.   Dlatrlet of West Kootenay
Take notice that A. L. Kea<ll.ig, of Arrow-
heail, B.C., occupation, carpenter, lntenda to
apply lor a apeclal timber liceuae over lhe following deacribed lands: ('ommencing at a i.oat
planted 40 chains aoulh of N.K. cornerof A. L.
Reading's claim No 8, tbence south IfiO chains,
tlience en*t 40 chains, thence north ISO chains,
thetue west -tOchalns to |K>lntol commencement.
Jtiue'-tSth, 1907.    A in iu b Lai'RSNCB Kkaiuno.
Claim No. ft.
NeUou Land Dlatrlet.   Dlatrlet of West ""ootenay
Take  notice  t^al   A    L.   Reading,   of   Arrow-
head,  B.C., occupation, ear|>entert lntenda to
applv lor a apeclal timber  license  over  the  foi-
lowing itawnhM lands.   Oomjnsnoina ��' a poit
planted 40 chains south of N. K. cornerof. Ia.
Reading's claim No 4, ihchco aouih l��J cuaina.
tlicnce cast 40 chains, thcucc north lfiOOhalna,
thanos west 40 chains lo point of commence
June '.fflth, 1907.   Artiiir Lairbncb RaaniNn.
Claim No. 6.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that A. L Reading, of Arrowhead, B. C, occupation, carpenter, intends to
apply fora special timber license over the foi-
owing deacrlbcd lands: Commencing atapost
-planted 40 ehalni south of N K Corner of A L
Hsadlttf ��� claim No. o, ihenc.. aouth I'M) chaina,
thanos cast 4" chains, thenoe north ISOJchalni,
ihenee weat 40 chains to point of commencement.
June .".nil, 1907,   Arthur Laurknck Rrauino.
Claim No. 7.
n.'I-om 1 ii inl Dlatrlet. Dialrlctof Weat Kootenay.
Taku notice that A L. Reading, of Arrowhead
B. C, occupailnn. carpenter, intends toapply for
it special timber Moenco over the following described lands: Commencing ata post planted
70 i')i.11n- aouth of N. K. corner ol a i��� Reading's
claim N.. ii, thenee sonth SO chains thence east
HO chains, thanos north 80 chain*, ihenee west 80
cbalus iii polut ol 'tiniiiieiice un nl.
Juue '29th, 1907.    ARTHUR LAl'RSWUK RBAhlM.
The Daily Canadian
���       a.  ��� _^B~~ZS.      IL'II   . ���HI.. , , ���    SSBSSmOBS^SO^
volcano. H1b face was pale���calm,
hut the calm was the calm of the grey
crust of Etna. To look Into the piercing
dark eyeu was like having a glimpse Into a red hot crater beneath. Yeara
later, when I met him again at the Lyceum, and became better acquainted
with him. this Impresaton of a volcano
at rest again struck me.
Of Disraeli I carried away even a
scantier impression. I remember that
he wore a blue tie, a brighter blue tie
than rooHt men would dare to wear, and
his straggling curls shook au he walked.
He looked the great Jew before everything. But "there ia the noble Jew," aa
George Meredith w rites somewhere,
"as well as the bestial Gentile." When
1 llrst saw Henry Irving dressed as Shy-
lock my thoughts flew back to the garden party at Little Holland House and
Disraeli. I know I must have admired
him greatly, for the only time 1 ever
saw him he was walking ln Piccadilly,
and 1 crossed the road, just to get a
good look at him. I even went the
Vngth of bumping into him on purpose.
He took off hiB hat, muttered, "I beg
your pardon," and passed on, not recognizing me, of course; but I had my
look into his eyes. They were very
quiet eyes, and didn't open wide. 1
love Disraeli's novels���like hiB Ue,
brighter in color than anyone else's.
Tennyson was more to me than a
magic-lantern shape flitting across the
blank of my young experience never to
return. The flrst time 1 saw him he was
sluing at the table in his library, and
Mrs. Tennyson, her very slender hands
hidden by thick gkivea, was atandlng
un a stepladder handing him down some
very heavy books. She was very frail
and looked like a faint tea rose. After
that one time I only remember her lying on a sofa.
In the evening I went walking with
Tennyson over the fields, and he would
point out to me the differences in the
different birds, and tell me to watch
their solid phalanxes turning against
the sunset���-the compact wedge suddenly narrowing sharply into a thin
line. He taught me to recognlge the
barka of trees and to call wild flowers
by their namea. He picked me the flrat
bit of pimpernel 1 ever noticed. Always I was quite at ease with him. He
was ao wonderfully simple.
At the time of my first marriage,
when I met these great men. 1 had
never had the advantage!���of a single
day's schooling in a real school. What
I have learned outside my own profession I have learned from my environment. Perhaps it ia thiB that makes
me think environment more valuable
than a set education and a stronger
agent in forming character even than
heredity. Perhaps I should have written
the externals of my character, for
primal, inner feellnga are, I suppose
always Inherited.
Notice la hereby given tnat 60 Jays after date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worka for a special
license to 'tit and carry away timber from the
lollowlng deacribed lands in West Kootenay district:
No. 1 ���Commencing at a poet marked William
Walmiley, planted at Kokanee Creek Biding on
the Procter extenaton, on tbe west side of Lot
0092, on the south side ol the West Arm of Kootenay lake, commencing at the N E corner post
running south 80 chains, west SO chains, north SO
chaini, eaat SO chains to place of beginning.
Located 3rd June, 1M7.
William Walmblxt, Locator,
Jambs Hubbabd as AgeM.
s, l-.m Laud DUtrlct. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that James Keelh.ol Spokane,
Wash., occupation, miner, tuttndi to i.pply for a
special timber licence over the following deicrlbed lends: Commencing ata poet about lit
rods north of the center ol the north shore line oi
Boundary LaSe and at the southeast Corner of
'iniber Limit No 8074, and marked James
Keelb's B. W. Cornerpoal. thence north SO thains.
tbence east 80 chains, thence aouth tOchalns,
ibence west SOebalnfto point ot commencement, and containing M0 acres, more or lesa.
July 80, vjn. Jamb- Kkkth.
Nelson Land District   DUtrlct of West Kootenay
Take notice that Henry Kelchert, of Nelson,
S C., prospector, lntendi to apply for a special
llcenee to cut and carry away timber from the
following described landa:
No 9 Commencing at a post plantad near the
uortheast corner post of timber llcenoe No. \>aa
aud near Henry Keichcrt 8. W. corner post of
timber location No.". on main Lemon creek and
marked Henry Keiebert southeast oorner post
No. ������ thence 80 chains north, thence SO chains
wesl. thence 80 chains south, thence 80 cbains
east to the point of comtnensement.
Dated July 21,1901.
No 10 Commencing at a post planted about 20
������halna mere or less south trom the northwest corner ol I ot Ho. 2M8 ou main Lemon
creek an<l inarsed Henry Relchert aaat corner
post ho io, theuee 40 chains north more or less
to about midway ol the south boundary line ol
timber llreuee Ho ��.��������'���. thence 160 chains west,
thenee 40 chaini south, thence 160 chaiui east
lo point pi commencement.
Dated July In&.UO-J
Ko. 11 t'ouiineiicluK at apoet planted ou Monument crees. aboul 70 ehains, more or leas, south
rroui where BoUutnenl rreek, eta ply s Into Lemon creek, and hcai Henry Keluhsrt northeast
corner pout of timber location Ko. 8, and marked
"Henry Heioheri northwest corner poat Ko 11,"
thence ISO ehalni south, thence 40 chain* east,
ihenoe loo chains north, thenoe 40 chains west
to the point o' commencement.
Dated July 27lh, 1W7.
Hknhy Hkh nriu. Locator.
Nelson Land District Histrict of West Kootenay
lako notice that K.W. Hmlth, Frank Flanagan, and A 8. Elder, of Hpokane, Wash , MM
pat ion ranchers, intend to apply fnr a apeclal
limber liceuce over the followlug described
lands: Commencing ata post planted at the
southeast e >rner, aDout eight mllea from the
Kootenay river, on the west aide, and about
three miles north of the International boundary
Hue, on the west bank of Rrldg creek, on the
north fork, thence north 80 chains, thence weit
HO chains, thenee south 40 chains, tbence eaat 80
chalua to polnl ot rommunoement. and containing M0 acres, more nr leu.
Dated July Uth, 1907- K. "W   Hmith.
KltANK   11 ANAt.AN,
A.  8    hLDBR,
K  w Rhi-ih. a rent
w. a. oiuuett
Controotoi*  saiiU
Bole ageut for the I'nrto Klco Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yards. Knugh and dri-Nu.) lumher, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath and shingles, sash
and doors. Cement, brick and lime for sale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. east of Hall
r. O. Box M. Telephone ITI
Queen's Hotel
atkac Btroet, Nelaon. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
KATK8   |2   PKB DAT
Lar-n and Comfortable Bedroom, and First-
deaf Dining Boom. Hample Booms lor Commercial   M.n.
MBS. B. C.CLABKE.  Proprletrea.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renorated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Postofflce, Nelson. B. C.
Tretnont House
Mnropean and American Plan
Heals as eta.   .Boons from 3ft ots. to ML
Only White Help X��ployed,
Baker Bt.. Nelson Propria ton
Ba*tlett   House
Best DoIlar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar la the Flneat.
White Help Only Employed.
loaephln. BL
Nelaon. B. G.
Royal Hotel
Bates tl and fl.EO a Day.
Bpeoial Bates to Begnlar Boarders.
sun am)
Moat comfortable quarter, id Nelaon]
Only the beat ol Llquora and Cigars.
In the matter of an application lor the laaue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title lor Lota
16 ana 17, Block JO, Town of NeUon.
No*.lce la hereby riven that lt la my intention
lo laaue at the expiration of one mouth after the
flrat publication her-oof a duplicate of the Certlfi-
oate of Title for the above Lota in the name of
trencee Jt. Day, which Certificate le dated the
tvth beptember, 1SW, and numbered ��iaoK.
Land JUssrtn Ofllee, Nelaon, B.C., lnth June,
1S07. H. P. MacLKOD,
Dtstrtet Kerlttrar.
Notice ls hereby Riven that alter the expiration
of alxty aaya from the date hereof the Patrick
Lumber Company, Limited, lntenda to submit to
ihe HonorableCnlet Commlaaloner ol Landa and
Worka a propoaal under the provision! of the
'"Rivera and Btreama Act" and Amending Acta,
-ror the riebt to Improve the Slocan river from
the mill dam of eaid company (altuate about
three mflei above the Junction of said Slooan
river with the Kootenay river,) to the mouth of
the Utile Blooan river,and to improve the Little
slocan river and braachee thereof to the north-
urn houndary of tub lot 2, lot 710U, and tub-lot 1,
lot 7161 croup one, Kootenay district, ana to
improve the tributaries of said riven; and re-
meve obstruction! Irom aaid rlvera and tributaries, and to make the aame fit for driving,ator-
trig, eortlug booming and railing logt, timber,
lumber, raiu, and .crafts; alao for the right to
t-ollect tolla thereon-
The landa to be aff-cted are the following: (a)
I aU* 803, VMM, OAbO, 0401, OAbt. SS10, 6S-/7, M46, 86US,
-b2M, 7066. 9020, 4812, all In tiroup one, Kootenay
���liitrlct; alao landa covered by pre-emption*
numbered 4*. 1U3, lis. IV., 141,164 aud bTO; also
landt covered by timber llcenaea numbered bHbO,
.'-���583, V��84, bbHb. bb��, 6687, and 6688; alto landa of
tbe crown.
Dated thll 6th day of July. 1907.
by Ita solicitor. K W. Hahkinutom,
In tbe matter of an application for the laaue of
���lupllcalet ol the Certificate ol Title to loti 11,
\i aud 18, group 1, Weat Kootenay Dlatrlet, alao
known aa toe "KooWnay Chief," "Uomfort" aud
I Lulu" mineral cleitna rea pec lively.
Notice it hereby given that lt It my intention
to laaue at the expiration of one month after the
II rat publication hereof a duplicate of t'ertillcate
u t Tit It- ino. 6S01a of an undivided 81-IOOtba in
i'*fii of the al ove lota, laaued on thu Uth day of
May, A D. ItWil tn lhe name of John C. Aiutworth,
ami alao a duplicate ol Certificate of Title No.
t *>Ua of an undivided iv-iuoihi in each of tin-
nbove lott, laaued on tbe 17th day of May, A. 1>
IMK-i, lu the name of Ouorge J. Aiutworth.
1 and Registry Ofllee, Nelson, B.C., Auguttfitb.
"H. F. MacLson,"
DUtrlct Registrar.
In the matter of an application (or lhe it*ue of
duplicate of the cettttii-au-n of Title fot Lota 6, 7,
K and 17, Block 2, town ol Kltchcter (-Sap ohh)
and l.-.iMK., Group One, lu theDlst; clof Kootenay.
Notice I- here1 y given that It my Intention
to Imuc al lhe expiration of oue month after the
flr-fti piiblli-atlon hereof, duplicates of Certificates
uf Title of the above lot* lu the name nf Joseph
Walker which certlfleatea are dated 22nd dayof
June, ItMiS and numbered 2481 A and 24H2A re-
Land  Registry Office, Nelaon. R. C .xi/d July,
"II    P. MacLKOD,"
DUtrlct Registrar.
In the matter of an application fnr the isiue ol
a duplicate nf the Certificate o' Title for lot 22,
and the wett half of lot 21, block 61, in the Town
of Nelson.
Notlee is hereby gtveu thai it 1" my intention
to lisue at me expiration "f cme munth after the
first puhlieatlon hereof a tl <i|'i i- ni�� ot the certificate of tlMe for the above lands, In the name of
Lyfia Shields, whieh uerttflrate I- dm, d the flat
day of li-Bi'i-olni. 19UU, and n tniibrm! iS'Jl k .
"H   W. Ma. I run "
Dlatrlet Registrar.
We have had placed in oar hands one of the prettiest best paring
This is up for a qnick sale on account of owner's; ill health. Call atd get
full particulars. If you have $6,000 we can make a good easy deal with you
for this property.
Brydges* Blakemore & Cameron, Ltd*
ow ragtag
Lots for Sale at from $100 to $200
Prices will be raised 16 per cent, after 1st August.    Buy while they ar*
cheap.   Terms one-third cash, balance In six and twelve months.
We Have For Sale Out ot the Prettiest Homaa tn
Nelson, Stteated to Fatrrtew, Close to the Car Line
Large 7-room houae. Stone foundation and first-class cellar. Complete water system. 10 lets under cultivation and planted In large, bearing fruit trees.   Thla ia a anap.   For particular* apply to
Choice Fruit
I Have JO,000 Acres
of tha
Choicest Fro* Lands ia
Btrtttsn Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices'.
J. E. ANNABLE,     -     Nelson, B. C. j
The houae contain", two bedrooms and hall upstairs, dining room, parlor, kitchen, pantry and hall downstairs, hot and cold water. Electric light in all rooms.
Two lots in a good position.
PRICE 01900.       Terms can be arranged.
$t0 per Month
We offer you something practical���something that will make a
real horn*���something that will
yield an Income. Every tract surveyed. Every tract near th* town-
sits. Dally train*; -serviceable
roads; absolutely good soil,���and
all these In a community, not In a
Kootenay Orchard
WARD ST.   -   NELSON. B. C.
Motloe it hereby slven that the utifleralinert
have submitted to toe Lloutt'iiant Unvernnr-hi-
Councll a proposal untlor the provisions of the
"Rivers an<l Siri'inn- Aft." for cle*��rtng anil rt>-
raorlDf obstructions Irom Oust River ami Mt-*-
.!.��w I'Ti-.k, in thi* Hlfctrlctof Weat Koolenay. and
f.tr making the name Ht for rafting and drlv
tug theraou i"k-. tiinU't, lumber, rafts ��nd rrafta
and for ertH'ttug and maintaining booms for
holding, sorting and delivering logs and timber
brought it own aald creek and river, and for at-
t-ia'hiiiff booma to tbe ihore of said ereek and
nvcr for salt purposes.
Tlie lands to be aReeted bf said work arc:���
Lots 902, M87, 4A91, and tub loin 1, S. 11 IS, U and
lb of Lot 4092, droup 1, Kootenay District.
The toll* proposed to be charged are tuuh ��*���
mavbeflxed by tbe Judge of the County Court
of West Kootenay.
Dated 81st July, 1907.
TKR lNTEftN-tTlOK.ll. Iatuhk* A Mkri antii.e Co.,
F. C GREEK       F. f. BURDEN        A. H. GRJ&N
ClvU Engineers, Dominion and British
ColumbU Land Surveyors
r.OsBoxUS   rhMcMlB.
To Winnipeg and points In
Ontario, Quebec, Maritime
Provinces, Central and Eastern States, Aagost 8th, 9th
and JOth, September i ith,
J 2th and J 3th.
Full particulars as to stop overs, etc.,
on application.
Splendid New Soo-Spokane Service,
451/2 Hours Between St. Paul and Spokane. Catch the Flyer at Cranbrook for
All Points Eaet.
Daylight service between Nelson and
Spokane Including 60 miles on Kocite-
ti ty Lake ln elegant new steamer Kus-
lanook. Fare 16.60. Return 112.45.
Good for 30 days.
Scenery through Arrow Lakes and
Rocky Mountain resortB unexcelled In
the world.
���. J. COYLE,
A .11.1'. A. .Vancouver.
D. P K.. Nelaon
A. M. Can. Bm. O. E.
Mining Wont ��� Specialty.
Offlce: llealey Building.   P. O. Box 434
Baker Bt, NSLBON, B. C
��� ��*���*���    *
*�� v*i
*.*}   : *
���!   I
i      W
n:n The Daily Canadian
i .
1    t
/ \.
'      '.I
Are  Oar  Specialty
This Week
Sitrii.t Ring!  Blrthstone Riuir*. Knper Sings, a choice lot of smaD Diamond
RiiiL-i- of   om- own manufacture which ari* selling  ut prices from
our new  Jade Bracelets at $4.00 ami
(ii.uo ta (IB.
a. are attracting  much attention.
Watchmaker and Optician
l, mannisotored trom  tne  Roes!   tobacco, snn-
iiPfuo.t an.i.�� iweetened     it's mllil, mil*
tla\oreil sn-il col    A lobacco you
ought to try
"Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Foci A Poultry Co., Ltd.
N.C.eoi. Baker   and   Ward   SU.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
E L froadsdaile & ��
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils ior
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders wili find it to their ad-
vmtage to tibe our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
5-Room House and 3 Lots, Observatory street. House
well plastered and in good
shape. $1,000. Good
General Job Work. Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning  Stoves,  etc.
Iti  East Baker St. Phone No. A114
A. McDonald & Co.
Deulorn in Htuplo and fancy Oroceri��>
Butter, Eggs.
Oamp nnd Miner**1 Supplies.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or aell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A now
line of Japancnc Qoode now on aale.
All kinds of Dlnnerware In Btock. Pat
B. C
SoolcUtot Pasty meeu eren rnds*
ov-niiiK ni 8 p in., iu me Mlneri' I'nlon Hall
All art invited; anv one allowed to take part ln
the debates.   T. Austin, BeerBtwr.
A. M. Fraser, D. D. Fraser) W, Hoss.
Winnipeg; G. Taylor and wife, Chester*.
P. H. Walsh, Kaslo; S. Lucas, Slocan;
A. Lucas. J. II. Macfariane, Greenwood;
D. K. Brook, H. H. Herman, V. C. Gordon. Vancouver; J. M. Hea'.es, Nova
Scotia; L. M. Rice, Seattle; \V. A.Blair.
Uossland;  W. E. Megan, Vernon.
Patronized by Earl Grey aod Nobility
Hotel Strathcona
Best Located Hotel in Nelson
Apartment!- Elegant.    Cuisine Choicest
<* 1 vi 1 i;y and rieanliuess.
Under the maURRcm^nt ol  H. E. Noble,
lale of Toronto, Ottawa ami
J. M. Williamson. R.* Hurgram. Eluf-
f;tlo; W. Anderson, Cascade; J. J. Maze.
H. Broadwood, J. Bell, J. C. Cummins,
Bunniugton; J. G. Potter, Kaslo; R.
Zeider, E. Herr, Chicago; J. A. Kirk,
San Francisco; Mrs. B. E. Jeffries, Toronto; G. Gaffett. St. Paul; A. H. Gault.
Brandon; J. C. Curry, Toronto; R. Warn-
muck, Victoria; W. G. Dennison, Vancouver;   C.  R.   B.  Newton,  Kdmonton.
Mrs. D. Shewan, Greenwood; A. C.
Moddert, Slocan; Mrs. G. Hlnde, Kaslo;
J. R. Jones, Spokane; T. Alroy, R. H.
Smith, Nakusp: J. Fernie, Cascade; J.
Willis and wife, Nakiup: E. R. McPhee,
North Portal
W. Irvine, St. Stevens;; G. McLen-
ward, Camborne; F. J. Hippach. Steller;
.1. Holmes, .1 M .larvis, I). Black, J.
Blondon, J. Clarkaton, Procter; M.
Chlms, Palouse;  C. McDonald, Ymir.
H    M     Brown.   Grand   Forks;    H.   B.
Moirhead.   Winnipeg!   J.   W,   I-ockhead,
L��-tlilirldge;   W.  W.  Holmes,  Beaver.
J.   McLean,  W.  Adams,  A.   W.   Smith
MoLeod; 1)  McDougall, Grand Forks; J
Maryland. Beasley;  J. Brown, Corey.
P. F. Poulion, Granite G. G. Smith
Winnipeg; EC. A. Quinton. England; A
V. Cork. P, Maleschouk, Midway; V. P
Wesrntol, t-T  F. Wrurk. Spokane.
Dance  Postponed.
Tht' Twenty to One club dance will be
postponed from Aug. 23rd to uutll Aug.
L'Litli on account of so many other attractions.
One of Nelson's Pretty Home Cot
tagee of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, $900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 x 125. Apply to J, R. B., Dally
iml.ll '"MAIN, tiptwecii Hoover sn*l Vernon
Htrpcta BatUbla r.*w��ril will In* put,I (nr Its
return.    MrlliTml.l A Mrllnnly.
A I'OCKKTHOuK oonMiDlm sslKiieil cheque of
tile Ko'-olliI It. !i*i Milling ' i*iiii..inj, p.vnhli*
to '*. ('. Ws..le, nnd letters. Flnifer kindly
leave nt No I'Ih'-i* Intl.
Tram for Hewitt,
A contract was given yesterday to the
Crawford Aerial Tramway company for
a 5.600 feet line from the Hewitt mine
to the Wakefield mill.
I.O-T (IK K'HAYKIl Rl.ck rocker Spaniel,
\v.*MrliiK "lei collar. Answers to "Kim Anyone harboring wiitbe proseouwa. UCraulurd,
I'. 0. Box fid \
TWO KIRHTUi.ahh ROOMH, steam lieatea    Applv liousekoeiMir. 3rd list, K. Vr. I , hi,,,...
a I'aktnkr  wiih ,j,o*xi to  pnrohsw a troll
raneli near Nelson    A kooi! apeenluiton.   Part-
ner need not be actively en.sKed on ranch.
For piirtlentars npply T   O. FltOC'I KK.
AT OKCB,     A BKI.I,  BOY       Apply the  Btrath-
Fire Valley Hay.
The hay crop of Fire Valley was all
in by Aug. 10th, and Is computed by
J. E. Annable and E. C. Travis to
amount to over 600 tons.
S. S. Picnic.
The annual picnic of St. Paul's church
Sunday school was very largely attended ant} thoroughly enjoyed hy teachers,
pupils and many of the parents.
St. Bartholmew's Day.
Tomorrow being the festival of St.
Bartholomew there wilt be a celebration of the holy communion in St.
Saviour's church at 10.30 a. m.
Special Choir Practice.
A special practice of the choir of St.
Saviour's church to prepare for the
Harvest Thansgiving service will be
held this evening at 8 o'clock.
Not Leaving Kootenay.
Geo. Alexander, of Kaslo. Btates that
the report that he proposes disposing
of ills Kootenay Interests and returning
to the old  country to live Is incorrect
Referred to Arbitration.
Mr. Justice Clement has appointed
Judge Forin arbitrator, under the Workmen's Compensation Act. in the cases
of Edao vs. Consolidated Mining and
Smelting company, and Lefkovlch vs.
White Bear Mining company.
Improving the Roads.
Gold Commissioner Wright has been
inspecting the roads in Fairview with
the object of making Immediate Improvements. The bridges In one or two
places are in a dangerous condition, and
new planks will replace tbe broken and
decayed ones.
Unfounded Rumor,
A report originated In Milwaukee and
has spread across the continent that the
AllisChalmers company is In the hands
of a receiver. Mr. Fisher, In charge of
the local branch, has received a telegram from Mr. Zavitz at Winnipeg tbat
there is absolutely no truth In the report.
Revival in Mining.
\V. A Drewry has just returned from
completing a survey of about 3,000
acres of land on Slocan lake, for a local
syndicate. Tlie greater proportion ol
lhe tract surveyed is excellent land
well watered and well adapted for fruit
growing and agricultural purposes. Mr.
Drewry observed that there was a very-
large quantity of excellent tie timber
along the lake, which should prove of
even greater value than milling timber.
In the Slocan camp Mr. Drewry was
pleased to observe there is a marked
revival ln mining operations. This Ib
particularly the case In and around
Silverton, wher over 200 men are employed. Moreover, the people are now
convinced that the future of the mining
industry rests with themselves. A tram
from the llewett mine, 5,600 feet long,
to the Wakefield mill, was surveyed
and men are now engaged In clearing
the right-of-way.
J. G. Potter, editor of the Kaslo Koot-
enaln. was In the city last night.
W. Anderson, manager of the Cascade
power plant, was in the city yesterday.
C. McLean Fraser and Mrs. Fraser
returned last night from the east where
they have spent the summer. Mr
Fraser attended the Dominion teachers' convention at Toronto, where the
programme was excellent but the attendance rather disappointing.
inn, jot,
iHrmer where tie eati HioroiiKlily learu the
bnaliiess At preaent in ffltltUMg but would
come at ollee.    Address II. II., I'Hlly 1 .mh.i1i.iii
TICACMKII   at Meadows.     PU  per mouth.     W*
Rtiriitli'y. HeerelHiy, K.rle, P.O.
U. S. Hard Up.
Panama. Aug. 23.���Lack of funds Is
chocking canal work. Four thousand
men have been laid off on the new line
nl tho Panama railway, and It Is stated
that the department of municipal en
itlnecrlng haB been ordered to lay off
1000 more. A reduction In the clerical
force Is also looked for. The excavation work for Auguat will Bhow a big
Increase over July.
You may have been disap-
pointed in other Coffees but you
The Store of Quality
���will nefoer be  disappointed in
Ram Lal Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown-Cau Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We fetake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Reccommend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
T. & B.
C. A. Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta*.
During the next two nr three weeks
we propose to offer vou The BARGAIN
OPPORTUNITY of the year Wo have
bought freely this year of goods for
Fall and Holiday trado, ;m<l we begin to
realize that we will have to take
measures to make room for the new
stock. To thla end we an* overhauling
our stock and laying out a lot of odds
and ends���lines of which we no longer
have sufficient quantities to make a
showing. Most of them articles of practical use and value, and marking them
at merely nominal prices to elear them
We are putting them in our window
with price tickets on them. Look in
our window and see what vou can get
NOW for 10c, 15c or 25c
Remember always, when wo say bargains we mean bargains in the truest
and fullest sense of the word.
W. G. Thomson
^S&tt* "���  Nelson, B. C.
Phon�� S-4-.
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal in the city.
r rl? FATilB   llrrnnmrfl rotmge, Htanley Btroet
in- -ii    Mill.      Mm I.-in    Improvemeuu. II ,600.
'leruiiglveu     Apply Mrs Khhoii.
K. W. 0. BlMk . PhoM to.
London. Aur. li::.���Major lladen-
Powell. the expert on aerial navlnatiun,
hellevea the question of alr-wnrahlnH Is
a grave  and  important  one.
"I believe there will be a time," be
bays, "not very far off either���suy ten
yearn hence���when we shall have an
aerial navy. Supposing thut all aUftea
have airships. Are they to be allowed
to go over one another's countries
photographing strategical positions in
time of peace ? I don't see how you
can prevent tin-in. It ls Impossible to
lire at them, for us field guna ure made
at present they have not got the ele-
Now that war In the air Is threatened
by the advances made ln aerial nuvlga-
llon the qiK-siliiii of observing frontiers high up In (he atmosphere mull
be solved Oermauy has become di-cply
Interested In the matter, owing to the
recent miccenaful lllght of her new air
lal  war-'.hlp.
The Germans now propose thut the
government alone shall possess the
right to build, own and use airships ex
cept In cases In which a apeclal licence
has Ixen Issued. All use of private
balloons. It Is ruither proposed, shall
be forbidden In war. and It Is suggested
that an International agreement be cou
eluded providing that where fortlllru
tlons are situated on frontiers derlgllib*
bnlloons are not to approach within u
radius of ten miles.
Ottawa, Aug. 18.���The result of the
competition of Canadian  architects for
primes totalling 11 r,.( , awarded by the
government for the four heBt designs
submitted for proposed new 18,000,000
departmental block and justice buildim-
to be erected opposite Major's Hill
park, are announced by Hon, Slilm���>���
Fisher, tiding minister of public works
Edward W. s. Maxwell, of Montreal,
Is awardod first prize of $8,000; Darling
and Pearson, Toronto, are given second
prlie, $4,000; Snxo und Archibald, of
Montreal, third prize, $2,000; David II
Hrown and Hugh Vallance, of Mont
real, even for fourth prize of $1,000.
The plans of the winners follow the
beautiful flothlc design of the present
stately buildings on Parliament hill, ami
all are splendid specimens of nrolietec
tttre. The government ls not committed
to adopt In Ihelr entirety Ihe plans submitted by Mr. Maxwell, and will prob
nbly Incorporate some of Iho lies! features of the other designs In the nrlg
Inal. The erection of the buildings will
probably he begun Immediately.
Win,tit-*ale ftutl   Kri-ul Dttftlen In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camp* Hnpplied on shortest notice nnd
lowest price. NothinK but   frenh ami
wholesome meats aud supples kept in ntock
Mail arden r-e-ceivo careful attention.
E.  C.  TRAVES,   Manager.
Flr�� in Montreal.
Montreal, Aug. 21. Kuiiy this even
Ing fire broke out In the Wholesale
hardware wan house of Cuveiblll, l.cur
mont ft company, and did $2I>,00U damage.
T5BusiME5s Energy
Plums, per basket 35c
Peaches, per lb  15c
Pears, 2 lb. for  25c
Apples, 3 lb. for  25c
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for   25c
Telephone 161.
For Sale
COTTAflE���X rooms, water aud electric
light, woodshed, chit-ken houses, fruit
iii'ra, y, block from car Hue. Wot
quick   sale.     Terms  given.     $750.00
0% acres within mile of city. Suitable
for market gnrden.   Terms given.
LAND on Kootenuy and Arrow lakes.
Slocan, Kootenay and Salmon rivers,
etc.    From $10 to $46 per acre.
F. B.  LYS
Real   Estate   and   General  Agent.
Weat Baker Street. NELSON. B. C.
All Klnda of  Heating  Plants In  Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Houae.      Tel. 181.
Hay and Timber I^nnd���About 4(i
OOfVI of hay and 60 aerea of timber,
rlghl liesble a K. U. aldJnK a��'l t'nly a
���hort dlatance from Nelson. $10.00
per acre.
Geo. g. McLaren
Baker St.. Opposite Queen**  Hotel.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Anciit for TriiHi-ntt LAUfiObol
uti'l I'ettTh-irn CftnoOlt
Kltu-nt l<����t of   llontN lit II. 0.
Koot of Jont'phlne HI.       Tel. AIM
Applications will be received by the
undersigned up till noon Monday, Aug.
-ti, for the position of snles and warehouse man for the Koolenay Fruit
llrowers' Association. Applicant must
Htuto experience unil siiinry required.
D.   C.   McMORRIS,
Piano  and  Singing Lesions
Given by  Mrs.  Winter  Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
lloyul Academy Tor pianoforte playing
und singing, ('orilllcute from Trinity
Clollcge, London, Ung., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conner,
valolre of Music for aluglng and piano
playing. Addr... Box 796. Nelaon.
KODAKS And A�� Accgsotiesl
=====================   (1* resli Stock Twice a Week)
.  This is the season for taking photos of
Kootenay s unrivalled scenery.
TOURISTS,  We can supply you with
anything in the Kodak line.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD. Phono  81
--   - '>'~w>A~>l.   A.   I8AAC R.   W.   HINTON-~��~wS^va
f-ourso-tiRs AINO
Ra.pa.lrl.*��|f nnd .l.>ltl>l,.u wxecutud w lir* D..n.n-h.   HhB.. .
Work, .Ml.ili.it Mt-i-J .Mill .Matlilnerj*.      M..i.u(���^t Uriel .
Or.  UBI-.,   ta.   IV.    Ui.i.tractura'   (Cora.   "r~rm ���
Corner nl Hall and
from Streets.
NELSON,    B. C.
TaM-pphoDfj y
f'.O. i-,.,i ,i���
.^MANUFACTURERS    ��  .^-.1*^     Cti.-~f
and dealers iN i^utxiDet. doingles,
Lath, iVlouldin-gs, Doors, Windowa,
Turn.t>d Work and Hracketa. Mail Orders pronipUy atttafcia
VBHNOIN HTKHCT   -   -   -    .M.I.SII.N. B. O.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company. Limited.'
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
THE last       cciyrT   DC A HV 2-PIECE sum!
WholuaniB  Provl*��lon��t
Produce, - Rrult.
Uovfirnmnnt Oronmery One -Pound, Urolm received weekly tnak tmall*
churn.    For nolo l.y all li-nding frrocen.
Oflloe nnd wnrchouBe : HouKtnn Block,    Phone 79.
Josephine Street. -        -        Nelson, B.C.
' - - -       ��� -I  si I I    ���      I I       i  ���   ���
Our shipment of these has been delayed in transit but ��** M|
them now, and in order to clear before the season is too
far advanced we are selling them at prices tbat
should place oue in every home.    Call and
be convinced and enjoy comfort.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
-y        Company, Limited. N.non Br."*
Guns and
If you nro thinking of liuyiiiK n Rifle or (inn ��fif�� ****
nnd Ingpeot our Htock.
We iUho oarry all tlm bent makeB of Ammunition. tW&sAO
Dominion,     Eley,      Kynoch,     U.M.C-
and Winchester.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Limited


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