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The Daily Canadian Jan 10, 1908

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��� .I,. .-
-lthla Water.
... Llthla Cllogor Ale.
jHalcyon Llthla Lemon Sour.
Blniiii pure oarbonnted ilala-yon
^���*,'ati*r. When you ask for Haley*
O. ^piira. yam get it.    Sold al all ho
, cafes.
VOLVMH 2.     No.   1-5
��ije glttiljj
On ��sc
be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
SO   CENTS   A   -vtOINXl-f
list le Continued and
Fiftt Cents a month
HffiS.NF.lt:*;' REQUST
Endorsed fey Nelson Board ef Trade
at AflMRxal Meeting���Reports
;' and Elections.
Tha annual i
rade, held In th
-vas well attend
The chief hu
nent af a rep.
nine owners' ���
nent ot the  ���������
ulnlmum prt<-
Ameers Wen
alter tacludin
leeting of the hoard of
��� court hOUSe last night,
d and u lot of work wiih
mess   WBS  ths   endorse-
st   trom  the silver-lead
relation Tor a  readjust -
d bounty to make  ths
L is liiKtead of   �� 10-
tl��0ted or reelected ihe
President Starkey aud
lecretary Ebimtt
' The pHtt-il'-ii' ������ ;eiili"s.' was ojitutii-
ic and encotiinmiii- in it. (ml look on
The bosrd cote- to order al S.::*' with
he following present I" -V* StniLey, in
be chair, P G KhlmU. secretary, W A
lacdooald, K C. -1 F*. Auualile, .las
ohuStOfflS. 1. i' Hill. S S Kov.lei. 1!
Ooodevc    li     F    Dmiglus,   T.   <!     Pro.
ir, A. bean, a. w    i>>cr. i��  c   McM.m
9,   A.   D-    Kniurj .    F    .1      lieaiie.    \\       li
mOS,   J.   M.   Lav,    1.    G     Nelson.    It.   S.
amnio. B. W    Widdowsnn. A   i.*-iih. I.
ratt,-ML* llunmiund, 11.  Hy
S.  A.
_llnu       ol the 'ast  meeting wore
adopt' d.
lid*.uth report ��J-<  '.'.*<.<    i':i.d
_say  the _seriiar>       Mi    Suul*.i���>���   coiiHid
���ed    XWt    tl"      11''st     >**Ut     commercial 1.*,
id' IndaStrl.ill.'���    in   the  history   ot    Nel
in,  In Spite  ot   a   nuinher   of   advetse
rcumstsnees   which   it   had   taken  all
���it) efforts V,   Au    hoard   to   counteract.
0 .UfOrtOfl to (he fluctuating prices or
otals Whl-li lu attrilmted lastly to
''all Mil Si Speculation, hill was glad to
jU> *'-"' the total mineral output ol
te province had Meadm   inn eased. He
���nHSSdir*'-      efforts   to   weenie   hUh   a
~intianaUcm "��� '���"  ���'",l ���������-������������ > -l,lt- ,tu"
-anting Wf  *���   tn'iini.   mi  v.no
ThO lVMhei    iniiustn    wns    dealt    with.
iferenCO b* in:' made to ihe huge in
������oaOSS In mill capaei1\, nud anticipated
"""rotnrn OT buo.wmcj  to the luinhcr mar
it in the sprint;
The (mit criivMiii: induslr> had shown
:0��USOt P"1'." ���-- "I" output lot the
imodtSte   (HSllict    ut    Nelson    1.-  lit-    e:
natod at $i;..	
ThO,pipsp<" '   ���'!   ih. .li.-liiiM n: ami
irly OpSTS'i.ui ul   a   .'in,-   pl.ut'   was eon
Stiered SO inipoiMii' -*U'l. ol ptogros-*--
*%%TO*X Ojm, expiessed loi I tie elcsnn:
iWO Of.-<lie ' lall Mine;- sin. Iki ami
6   nOfM-VH'lelK'M   ol    Ih*     eil ���."*������    power
The woifc ol tin- hoard loi the y.ai
as reviewed in deiail, special relerenco
ling made to the strike at  Fernie.
Kef erring to die work ahead of the
>ard, Mr. Btarke\ mentioned improve
.ont of Imperial news service, puhlic
���vnei-hip of telephones, participation
i the expose ions at Calgary und
aattle.    Tlie   address   concluded   with
1 expression ol thanks tor the support
���corded him
A   tSSniUti   n   Ihnnklng   the   president
id orderltn    'he   puhlicution  of   his  ad
fe-freSS. BlOVeii   hy  .)    M.  Ln\. seconded l.y
-'J Q. Nelson
wuh curried  unanimously.
Tho     SSCrelar> treasurer's   report,   as
ahUshod   In    The    |.nih     Canadian   > es
 ��rd��y�� Was   lend   and   adopted
F, |ftis-p)tail,e\     use     iMian'.iinin   !>     n
IOOMd|.gS��si'l':s'     anil    lined>     ihanlo d
��� *��� hn^pHptn   t lie  renewal  of  Hh  con 11
ence J_^Hbrouiised   to continue   doim-
1h heat ftjT Nels-m and  Koolenay
S. B. Fprter wns unanimously elected
Ice preHldem In spile ol his reinon
P. U. Kbblltt was re-elected B00i**tnr>
'ith many exptesslons of approval of
he work done hy him.
H. G. Ooodeve  was elected treasurer.
KlOOtlOnS   ter   llle   eoilliell   of   the   iioaiil
OHUlted In the choice of J. M. Lay. T.
J. ProoUjp. I. Mill. 1. CI. Nelson. Iv .1
)eane. W. A Mucdomild. II. Myei-H. .!. l<;
���xnnable* W   A   Ansti.-. F   \.   Hammond
i. 8. Lennie. n. r   DuukIiui.
('t   Whllo the hallots  une  |��� i,,r. c-ounled
ilther   bUa_le WHS    proceeded    Wilh.
B.     FMfOt'     lillWlemr    was    elected
nembsr of the board without a ballot.
*$*--> secretary read correspondence
Inch ���> a query from Hpokane for a
hulhliu moving picture show,  from
the Mom Times lor Information aB
to the Mm " situation  locally.    Uoth
of these the i *ary had answered. On
motion of  W. | ucdonald  a copy Of
the president- *,    Ann was ordered to
he ��ent   to the Monetary TimeH.
Correspondence with the secretary of
the Hallway Commission was read. The
NelSOD hoard had declined to appear
before the hoard at Winnipeg on Jan.
7th on account of short notice, non-receipt of railway tu riffs and other special
circumstances, and Htill asked for a session in Nelson.
The deputy poet master general acknowledged receipt of the board's petition for mail delivery iu Nelson.
Correspondence on the subject of the
ret ten tlon of the American conHiilar
agency in Nelson was read, the bulist B_.ce of which has pt*eviouHly been
puhliRbed   In  The Daily  Canadian.
The Dominion immigration agency In
London had asked for copies of any
publications by the board.
8. 8. Fowler drew attention Lo tbe
omission of u request to the Dominion
government to make the minimum [nice
of lead fill instead of _J 1 i��, by means
of the bounty, lie pointed out that even
at i;i8 the price was below the American price by nior-e than half a cent per
pound. He wished the hoard's delegates to the Associated llourds of Trade
so instructed as were those of Trull and
Moyie,  and  moved  to  that  effect.
L. l'ratt. supporting the motio stated that five years ago. when il . was
considered u fair minimum price, a'.l
lead producers profited on zinc as a byproduct, for which, however, there Is
now no market owing to changes ln ths
American duty. He also drew attention
to the fact that loss than u quarter of
the amount   voted  hail   been  paid.
\V. A. Macdonald approved, though he
maintained that the proper solution was
not a bounty but a tariff.
Mr. Pratt entirely Agreed hut thought
tbe bounty more likely to be pranted.
He thought the claims for the request
were very stioug 0_ .ix-count of chanti
ed conditions in the metal mnrkets.
If It were granted he anticipated a general closing down of lead mines ln
Mr. Fowler, speaking further, referred to the Blue Hell mine, whose values are in lead and zinc ores with no
sliver. While there is no market for
zinc that mine cannot be operated with
lead at .��16. Kither the price must be
raised in BOSS way or cost of operation
must he reduced hy lowedng wages and
Other costs, which he would regret, or
the mine must he closed flown which
would greatly disappoint foreign Investors nnd seriously injure the whole
Leslie Hill endorsed Mr. Fowler's
statements, but added that he only favored a request tor a bounty because lie
feared there was little use asking for
the  proper  remedy���the  tariff.
The resolution was seconded by T. G.
Procter and curried.
Mr. Fowior stated that J. L. Ketat-
luck and L. Pratt were going to Ot-
tawo as delegates of the mine owners'
asso lailou to present the same requesr.
He asked that they he aceredhed also
as delegates ot the Nils ��n Hoard of
Trade und hoped they m ght also be
accredited  by  the associated hoards,
On motion ol W, A. Macdonald Mr.
Fowler b suggestion wus unanimously
.1. ai. Lay moved That this board i��P-
provsj of a pUbUttft) campaign und bureau of information as conducted by tne
80*000 club und lavors its continuance."
Mr.   Luy   pointed   out   the   beucllts   ami
emphasised its Lmportanos at ihs present time.
The motion was seconded bv .lames
Johnstons   und   curried.
The election oi delegates io tho Ab-
.ociuted Hoards resulted lu '.he cl elce
of a. 8. Fowler and T. ti. Pr.��<" i. with
I. U. Nelson and J. B. Annable as ul
The president stated that if any later
resolutions were ptesonted before the
convention he would call a spool a I meet
ing. ���
The president also _nhounoed that he
had withheld from other boards the resolution passed ut tho lust meeting ask
Ing the Associated Hoards to condemn
distributing centres and freight classlti*
rations, and * pronounce lu lavor of a
mileage basis only for freight rates, lie
had taken it up with the C. P. H. (rolghl
oillciuls and hud thought lt Inexpedient
to open the quettlion until the schedules
uei e i SOSivsdi when he hoped for material concessions from the C. P. H.
Compauy. lu nny e.eul the hoard's case
would be no weaker betore the railway
The president1! action  wns endorsed.
The meeting then  adjourned.
Demand Manhood Mt
frage in Prussia
Peculiar System of Elections to Landtag Retains All PoHtical Power
for Very Small Class.
Empress Eugenie Sails.
Marseilles.    Jan.    10, ��� Empress    Kn-
ge lie. widow of Napoleon   III., and her
suite Balled toduy for coiiua.
Berlin, Jan. In.���The most intense excitement has been aroused by an interpellation presented recently in the Prussian landtag by a Liberal member and
demanding tlie introduction ol manhood
mil rage in the election of members of
the lower house uf tlie Prussian landtag.
Lust night no fewer than thiny-live
Kncialisi mass meetings were held in
Iterlin as well as many others In the
country districts, in favor of tuc movement. This morning betore the landing
convened Socialists to the number of
one thousand "marched in procession before tbe parliament buildings. The demonstration assumed a somewhat
threateuiim aspect and u large body of
police were called lo the scene. They
surrounded the entrances to the building, but there was no disorder.
Under the present electoral system in
Prussia there are three classes of electors. I'p to the present time the laboring men have been completely deprived
of representation in tne Prussian parllamenl owing to the fact that they were
overwhelmed at the final election by the
other two classes. The categories of
electors1 are formed arbitrarily by dividing the total amount ot taxation received by the state into three equal
parts. A small number of wealthy persons paying the first third of the total
taxation select a certain number of men
from their ranks to act as final voters;
a more extended number of less wealthy
persons who pay the next third of the
full amount of taxation, choose an equal
nuinher of final electors, while u third
class of voters, composed of the remainder of the population and including
the workmen, whose numbers reach to
the millions, are allowed to select a
number of final voters equal to that
chosen by each of the other two classes.
The total number of final electors selected by this process tbuu proceed to oust
the final vote, at which the representatives of the two first named classes always vote solidly together, thus shotting
out any possibility of tbe election ol a
representative of   the   working  ohUBOB.
Prince Von BueloW, the Imperial
chancellor, hus made known his intention of speaking on this subject during
the debate which Is to follow the presentation of the Interpellation.
The crowd before the parliament
buildings Increased rupidls aud soon
mini beted many thousand. When the
doors were Opened those nearest to them
attempted to crush ihelr way into the
building hut the police managed to keep
the people back and later cleared the
surrounding streets.
The police were still trying to maln-
tuln order when Prince Von Huelow
drove up. His presence wus greeted
with loud and Ironical cheers accompanied by much hooting und shouts of
"We wnnt manhood suffrage." The police iu the meantime hade been strongly
reinforced and embed ihe rising torrent
of the crowd, clearing the approaches lo
the building und driving the crowd into
the side streets. As the people were being hustled away ihey hissed continually. The mnnlfestanis remained In the
vicinity of the building.
Three   Killed and   12   Injured  on  Southern Pacific Express.
Sun .lose, Cul.. Jan. 10.���Southbound
train No. 10 Sunset express on the
Southern Pacific railroad was wrecked
lust night at Kucker, _5 miles *oelow
here. .Mrs. A. P. Hoyd und her little
son, Portland-, Oregon, wore killed. An
unknown tramp stealing a ride ou the
brake beams was also killed. Twelve
injured have been taken to the hospital, William Ferguson of Lawrence,
Mass., wus badly crushed and may die.
Six conches left the track. One was
rolled Into the country road und pnssen
gen In this were the most seriously
hurl. A wrecking train carrying physic
iuns aud nurses was made up hero uml
dispatched to the seen- of the wreck
a was a passenger train to which the
uninjured passengers of tbe wrecked
I rain were transferred. The train is
made up in San Francisco and Its terminal Is New Orleans. The cause of
the wreck Ib not known.
��� ��� ������-������>���< ��� >�����
��� A  Citirena'  Ticket.
X After many days of earnest con-
W sideratlon and conference a slute
X of substantial citizens has heen se-
��� cured for the city council for 1908.
T The following gentlemen have
X consented to stand  for election:
��� For   Mayor
**, Aid.  John  A.   Irving.
��� For Aldermen
2  East Ward��� W. G. Glllett.
��� T. G. Procter.
1 G.   P.   Wells.
Z West Ward���\V. J. Wilson.
��� D. C.  McMorris.
J J. O.  Patenaude.
��� Three     of     the    candidates   are
��� members    of    the  present   council
2 and two of them have had many
*9 years of experience. All are fair
J representatives of the interests of
^  Nelson nnd devoted 1o its welfare.
��� They will have no committee
J rooms, but a public meeting will
X   probably   be   held   when   the   men-
��� ktires and policy they will advo-
T cate will be presented to the elec-
2 tors.
Automatic    Heat    Regulator    and    Flre
Alarm���Indicates Temperature to
Quarter of Degree.
Canadian and United States patents
have been granted to A. EJ. Watts, of
Wattsburg, for an invention of an electrical fire alarm and heat indicator. The
device is extremely simple and can be
manufactured and installed for a small
Bum. The motive force that works the
instrument is the simple expansion of
metals, which by making an electrical
current complete, will indicate the heat
wherever generated at any given point
that may l>e dwsired.
The instrument can be adjusted to
raise an alarm at any temperature even
to-the vaiiation of less than one-quarter
of a degree, and can be attached to the
ordinary electrical bell wires in hotels
or other bulldins. The instrument,
wlilch is very small, can be placed near
tlie ceiling and connected with the bell
wires, and upon an incipient nre raising
the temperature of the room, an alarm
will be given at the desired point. Thus,
this simple device may be the means of
saving life and property hy giving a
prompt alarm before a flre has made
much headway or got beyond control.
It. will be valuable us an indicator
and automatic regulator of heat in dry
kilns, breweries, green houses, etc., or
for any other purposes where regular
temperature is required. It can be applied to Indicate heat in B retort or
smelter, and will be useful in cases
where a temperature must not exceed
a given height as in the distillation of
volatile matters of any  kind.
Conference     in     Nelson     Representing
British  Columbia and Prairie
A conference of those interests in the
lumbering industry in all its branches
was held In Nelson toduy under the
auspices of the Mouutaiu Lumber Manufacturers' Association. Delegates are
here from the coast and from many
points in Susknlchewan and Alberta.
Tho members presenr are: D, Pater-
son, S. Taylor, D. B. Dulmage, A. Leitch.
A. A. Loltcii, G. A. Leitch, B. M. Leitch,'
J. A. Leitch, L. M. Leitch, V. II. Haker.
Cranbrook; C. McNab, H. II. Koss, \\ nl
J" w. McNichoi, Let-bridge; o. m.
Grogun, Calgary; A. C. Sharo, S. A.
Hamilton, Moose Jaw; T. H. Potton,
Heglna: J. _. Clark. J, S. Kmerson, P.
1) Hoe, J. fl). Tucker. J. F. McKae, T. F.
Paterson. Vancouver: J. H. Agur, New
Westminster; O. Lnehmund, H. G. Hop-
pins, T. Ludgule. Arrowhead; F. H.
Hale, F. L. Huekloy. Knderby; A. F.
Dudgeon, Comupllx; F. W. Hobs. C. F.
Llndmark, Revelstoke; A. McDougal, F.
C DuKofs, 0, L. Hoynton; F. B. Robin-
sou, Fernle: R. B, Herron. T. (ilendeii-
ning. Procter; F. W. Adolnh. ���Baynes'
Lake: D. R. Yates, Wycliffe; P. Lund,
Wnrdner; A. F. Watts, Wuusbuig; i;.
O. Rodgers, Creaton; A. F. Krupfel. W.
C 10. Koch, .!. A. Dewur. F. A. Fstey, L.
Hill, and J. Patrick, Nelson.
P. Lund, of Wurdner. president of the
association, occupied the chair at the
business conferences which took Up tlu
morning and part of the afternoon, and
at the publls meeting following, which
was addressed by Dr. Judson Clark and
T.   Paterson   on   forest   preservation.
The visitors will be entertained at a
ball in the Alice roller rink touight.
Chicago's   idle   Men.
Chicago, Jan. io.���v.ie latsr-Ooean
says: "A direful canvass of the labor
Situation i nChlcngo yesterdny revealed
the fact that there are in this city 188,-
0G0 Idle working people.
Manitoba Now Owns Its
Thinks Bell Company Has Made Good
Bargain���News of  Canada
From Ocean to Ocean*
Montreal, Jan. 10���Shareholders of
the Bell Telephone company this morning approved the action of the directors
in disposing of the company's plant in
Manitoba to the Manitoba government.
President Size considers the deal a must
satisfactory oue aud in the best interest.
of the shareholders business in Manitoba, he said, was anything but satisfactory, in short it was not profitable.
and all tbe company hud to depend upon was prossjiects for tbe future.
Winnipeg, Jan. 10.���A rumor that the
C. P. H. intends purchasing or taking
over the Chicago and Great Western
railroud is absolutely without foundation.
Brandon, Jan. 10.���The Qrand opera
house was destroyed by lire this morning.
Toronto, Jan. 10.���Rev. Dr. Carman
and Dr. Sutherland have returned from
the conference at New York where u
committee representing the Methodist
Episcopal church of the United States,
Uie Methodist chin eh of Canada, the
Haptist missionary union, and tlie Hritish Society of Friends, discussed an
educational programme tor Western
China. These bodies propose to purchase about forty acres of land, each
c-*m<t_tuei:- \ holding about ten eosas,
and they will erect thereon mission stations and a university, the locution being outside the walls of the city of
Cheutu. Dr. Sutherland states that the
Canadian Methodist church has scut
considerably more missionaries out to
Western China than the Methodist
church of the United States, in fact, he
says, there is now a difficulty to get
young men for Northwest missionary
work as a large majority of volunteers
are going to the Orient.
Picton. Jan. 10.���Speaking at a conference of the Eastern Dairymen's Association yesterday. Prof. Pearson, Cornell University. Ithaca, N. V.. said a
great wave of sanitary reform ls sweeping Uie continent and In no industry
was it more needed than in the dall?
business. George A. Darr, of the staff
of the Dominion dairy commission and
official referee at Montreal, said Can-
udu's reputation for high grade cheese
was heing damaged through the immense quantities of Inferior products
being placed on the market. Only two
per cent, of all cheese shipments examined by him at Montreal were first
Montreal, Jan. 10.-r-Billy Weller, local
light weight, won on a foul from Hurry
Scroggs, of Haltlmore, lu the eleventh
round of what was to have been a fifty
round bout, at Malsonneuve oper house
last night, lt w_ a fairly cleai bout
up to the eleventh, when it developed
into a bit of a wrestling match.
Toronto, Jan. 10.���J. W. T. Fuirwetb
er. senior partner of J. W. T. Fair
weather & company, well known fur
merchants on Yonge street, who had
been ill for the past year, is dead, aged
45 years.
I-iOnoon. Jan. 10.���London has a violent epidemic of Influenza, It being esti
mated that there are now upwards of
live hundred cases in the city.
Montreal. Jan. 10.���lt was stated hy
the management of Greenshields, Llmii
ed, here toduy that the purchase of
Greenshields Western, Limited, Winni
peg. by Messrs. Kohinsou. Little & company of London, Ont., does not mean
that they will curtail operations in
Western  Canada.
Ottawa, J nn. 10.��� An ordcrin-council
has been passed foi bidding tlu- sale of
liquor on the western division of the
Grand   Trunk   Pacific.
"The Times."
Montreal, Jan. 10.- .a special London
cable says Lord Strathcona and Lord
Mount Stephen are among the subscribers to the million dollar copital of "The
Times." Hut that the subscriptions are
of au entirely non-political character is
evidenced by the fact that the othei
subscribers, including Lords Hrasscy
and Rothehild, are both free traders.
They regard "The Times" as a great
national institution which it If the pride
of Englishmen to retain with all its high
national qualities unimpaired.
South America's Centenary.
Washington, Jau. 10.���Argentina Is
preparing to celebrate in 1910 the centenary of the beginning of the war of
1N10 which hud as Its climax the lads
pundeuco of Soutb Amur.cu.    lu connec
tion with this celebration a suggestion
has been made that the next meeting of
the Pan-American congress be held In
Huenos Ayres at that time. The question hus been taken up by the executive
board of the bureau of American republics on whom rest the authority to
fix the meeting place and date.
Rev.   Gifford   Protests  Against  Funeral
From  Silverton.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Silverton, Jan. 10.���Just as ail preparations were completed for the cortege
to Btart to New Denver with the remains of James Murray, Rev. W. A.
Gifford. Methodist minister, filed a protect with A. Mclnnes, government agent,
against the removal of the body.
It appears that the certificate of
death was duly signed hy Coroner
Gomm hut that he had not seen the remains. Rev. Gifford takes the position
that such proceeding does not satisfy
the law. It is known that the deceased
man has been of intemperate habits for
the past thirty years, but taken in the
light of recent events all are satisfied
that an inquiry should be held as to the
cause of death.
Your correspondent has learned that
deceased caught cold a few days ago
and, neglecting it, went lo bed where
be was attended to by hoys around town.
*W. Hunter, M. P. P.. engaged a nurse
to attend to him hut his case was not
thought serious. However, he evidently
was bent u.khi making his peace with
God because the lust day he was a fervent reader or the Blhle, and when his
attendant visited him yesterday after
lunch he found his dead hand still
clutching the holy word. The event
has caused consider.', ole excitement
here, it being felt that an Inquiry should
he held but still no trouble will likely
Prospective Jurymen in Thaw Case Rejected by Hundreds���More Panels
New York, Jan. 10.���The trial of
Harry K. Thaw for the killing of Stanford White opened this morning with
one new juror as tbe net result of a
day's work. A fifth panel* of 1D0 venire men was present when court convened   this   morning.
New York, Jan. 10.���The fifth day ot
the second trial of Harry K. Thaw found
the opposing attorneys still engaged at
the task of jury building. There were
seven sworn jurors in the box when today's proceedings began with the fifth
panel of 100 talesmen to draw from in
tiding the vacancies. By hard work
during the last hour of the morning
session the box hud heen filled when the
luncheon recess was ordered, the last
five men being subject to peremptory
challenge. This was the fifth time that
all of the jury Beats hud been occupied
since Monday.
Four absentees from yesterday's panel came in today, secured the remission
of the tines and were examined for service. The last one of the four. Win.
II. McHugh, u clerk, qualified as a temporary juror. The prosecution's 15th
peremptory challenge _was directed
against one C. L. Olean, a clerk who
had qualified for cause.
Justice Dowling announced this morn-
lug that night sessions of the court
would not be held after the jury Is completed. When the taking of testimony
begins the court hours will be from 10
a. m. to 6 p. m., with an hour for luncheon. The sixth panel of 100 talesmen
wil be ordered today to report in court
tomorrow morning. Justice Dowling accepting the prevailing opinion that the
five Jury vacancies existing when today's
session began would not be filled from
the panel which reported this morning.
Wm. Burrlck. assistant secretary of
the Bowery branch of the H. M. S. A.,
was accepted as temporary Juror No. 11
In the Thaw panel.
A report that Mrs. Thaw, mother of
Ihe defendant, is dangerously Ul at her
home in Pittsburg, reached the court
house today and was promptly denied
b> Thaw himself who stated that fhe
last word received from his home lufe
yesterday was that his mother wns
much better.
After recess two of the five temporary
jurors were excused and three sworn,
leaving only two vacancies yet to he
filled in the trial  panel.
Clever Sleight of  Hand.
Paris. Jan. 10.���An engineer named
Lemoyne was arrested yesterday on the
charge of obtaining under false pretenses $.120,000 rrom Sir Julius Worsher,
a director In the De Beers Company. 11
is alleged Lemoyne Induced Sir Julius
to advance money by showing him a
process for the m.-oiufucture of artificial diamonds, which the police assert wus nothing more than clever
sleight   of hand.
Enterprise of Japanese
Surprised Bin)
International   Regatta at  Callao.
Lima, Peru. Jan. 10.���The regatta
club of Callao is preparing to hold a
grand regatta In honor of the United
States battleship fleet, which ls expected to arrive here about the third week
In February. British. BruEllian antl
Italian < misers will enter crews in
,somo  of  fhe contests.
Choir   Notice.
Members of St   Saviour's church choir
are  reminded that   the weekly  practice
this evening will begin at 7.30 sharp.
Immigration To Be Checked by Order
In Council���General Political
News of Capital.
Ottawa, Jan. l6.���Hon. R. Lemleu_ ur-
rfved at six o'clock this morning. In _n
interview he reiterated the views tx-
pressed on the Japanese go-zenmeut r��-
specting immigration of Japanese *;��
British Columbia. He will me--t h*a
cabinet colleagues this afte-nj^e tard
place the result of his mission *ei*.re
He is amazed with the ant3*-pri*-ie cf
the Japanese and sees great pos-Ub.iKies
Tor Canadian producta in the flowery
kingdom. Let Canadian merchants
manufacturers, farmers ind exporters,
he says, not close their eyes tj tins
market for it is one of tbe finest ihey
can ever obtain.
One thing which struck him very
forcibly while in Toklo was that nearly
every one could talk and understand
Justice Burbidge. of the Exchequer
court Ib lying seriously Ul at his residence and fears are entertained as to
his recovery.* He is Bald to be suffering
from cancer.
The conference of Canadian Clubs
next Wednesday in regard to a national
park on tbe Plain- of Abraham is to be
addr-oased hy Eacjt <_ir6-/. Sir Wilfrid
Laurier, H. L. B6Mea,\,<.���'i--r Bather
land. Speaker Dandurand and Charles
Marcll, deputy speaker of the commons,
The thermometer at the experimental
fam station registered 16 degrees below
zero last night. At Rockcliffe it was 24
below. *
An order-in-council has been paased
gives Canadian immigration officials.the
right to exclude from Canada all emigrants who come to this country other
than by direct passage from the country
of their citizenship or hy through ticket
purchased in their home country. This
regulation Is general In Its terms and
will apply to the Atlantic as well as to
the Pacific ports and will result in preventing Japanese from coming into British Columbia from Hawaii, and Hindoos
who now come in from Hongkong. The
regulation goes into effect immediately.
Terrorist Activity Revived.
Warsaw..Ian. 10.���The terrorists of
this city who huve been quiet for some
time past, huve resumed operations.
This morning they made an attack on
the post car station at Sickolowo ou
the Vistula railroad and thre*' a bomb
at the car killing two men and wounding ten soldiers and railroad employees.
After looting the safes the terrorists
made their escape with cousiderahle
German Killed In Chili.
Valparaiso. Jan. 10.���The encounter
three days ago between a party of
Germans and the residents of ilainHt.ii,
about midway between this city and
Santiago, ln which one German was killed and five wounded, has today assumed a more serious aspect. The matter has been brought to the attention
of the authorities and tbe German legation wants a thorough investigation.
The Germans approached the village
after dark and wore mistaken hy the Inhabitants for bandits. Tho people fired
on the travellers with the result above
set   forth.
Missions Ask Protection.
Pekln. Jan. 10.���Further re'ports of
lhe rioting at Kal lining Fu. a town ln
tho province of Che Klang, declare tlie
movement there to be anti-foreign. The
Catholic missionary station has asked
M. Baptist, the Freneh minister to China, for protection and the minister will
take up the mutter with the foreign
board today.
Atlantic Combine.
Bremen, Jan. 10.���The North German
Llyod Steamship company and the Ham
I .erg -America n Steamship company
have definitely agreed to work In unison
on all of tho most Important lines of the
service. The agreement Is to last several years.
Clothing,    Gents9   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is begiuuiug to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise 3'ou the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
SB. __ - ���.   ��-, MM
Head Officse:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital Paid Up	
Rest    $4,860,000
HOI. . ROBERT JAFFKAY, Vice-President
D. R. WILSKIE. President.
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed on  deposits  fia-.m date of deposit and credited quarterly.
iNEi-sors branch sJe   IVI.   LAY.   Alanaser.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporata.,1  A.  D.  1869.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve Fund     ��*4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of alt kind, of l.anktng  Business.
SPECIAL   ATTENTION   given   to  tbe
avincjs    Bank    Department,    and
interest    credited    Quarterly    on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published s.x oayi h iraal by the
RkLT hi..   Nf.l-.oi)., B. 0
paid 1
1 im,"., 'hj cents t* month delivered
- Si.ou h f90X il lent by mall, wheu
ln u-i .,, ��� ���
Aiivrii:~.-.t nttai mi application.
All monies paid m aetUement nf Tha i tally
CauailiMii ui' utinu, ,-uhiT lot lu-tMiarlpttoni or
advertism;*., -must i��v receipted lor on tha printed
forum uf Uie ** uuipmiy. Other receipts are uot
Friday,   January   10,   1908.
The reqiK-st of silver-lead and lead*
m&ttG mine owners, endorsed by Lhe Nel-
sou. Trail uml Moyie boards of trade,
aud pr kctlcallj cor tal d to be adopted
b> tiif Associated Boards "i Trade ol
South Be* tern British Columbia, Is likely to be ih' ttv*i i i ue In Kootenay f"i
some month:- Tbe requeal i* iu Salterns-
tive form,  either  an   adequate  Impon
duty on lead to j ierve the Canadian
market lor Canadian producers, nr toi
a readjustment of the bounty that will
make the minimum price to producer*
iih Instead of ��16, as at present, on
the long Bngllsb ton.
Bvery one probably dislikes the Idea
of a bono v, it la q oommon saying
ami in many cases true, that an industry
that eannol live -sfitho-l b bounty Is noi
woitb preserving, but a very Little studj
of conditions Will show that that atti
tmlc < annul in adopted towards the lead
mluiiiK Industry ol  Kootenay.
What the mine owners Baked Tor Bvi
years ano was the imposition of a dut\
on  lead that   would  protect  tliem  I nun
the competition ot Americas producers
who are highly protected Id their own
markets.    Tho    Dominion  governmenl
wns at that time   reluctant   to   Impost
new Import duties, and tlie liounty foi
a term of live years wan Imposed as an
alternative means r<*r attaining the  -	
There is no reason for believing tha.
the government's attitude toward) tai
Iffs has altered lu the Interval, and
therefore while a tariff is again put for
ward as the logical solution. It is feCOg
nizeii   that   iho    continuation of tin
bounty, paid according to a modified
Bcale, Is more likely to be granted.
The case for the mine owners wus ad
mirahly put forward at last nlght'i
meeting Of tho Nt-.noii hoard of trad-
hy Messrs. FowJur*. Pratt aud IHU.
'1 In- price of lead In Canada at present la governed by the price in the
world's market, Loudon, tin tiie ptesent
price���tod ij ������ quotation being -��14���
lead is worth only a small fraction over
three cents a pound, which nets a little
over two cents to the producer. The
price received by American producers.
working under at least as favorable conditions, is about four and a half cents a
pound on which they will net about
three and a half. The difference in their
favor is due entirely to the operation of
the   American   protective duty.
But Canadian producers are at pre*
ini Imih lined by the bounty now ln
force whleh makes Clb' the minimum
price, ut which the net proceeds are
about two and a half cents a pound. If
tin minimum be raised to ��18 the pro-
<���* eds will stJII be a little less than
three cents. The mine owners are tint
asking i" be placed in as favorable a
po ttion as their American competitors
enjoy in virtue of their tariff, but only
for such amelioration of present oondl
tions as will make the operation of the
mines economically possible.
As to the request for the continuation
of the bounty term the case Is equally
strong, If the claim was recognised as
valid tive years ago, it Is doubly valid
now.    |i In true that the values of silver
ami lead have been higher in ttie inter
val bul Ihey are not higher now, and in
tht     ptesent    COadit Ion   of   the   markets
no one can foretell when improvement
may  be hoped for.
In one important respect the conditions are far worse now than then. The
low grade lead mini's of Kootenay all
oontatn Sine ores In large quantities. It
Ih the big low grade properties that have
to be considered; high grade mines can
lake care Of themselves. Formerly the
zinc  OOntpntS   were a  source  of  profit,
yielding a small revenue in addition tn
the proceeds of Ihe lead. Hut about u
vi ar and a half ago, a new interprets
Hon ol the American tariff wa-H enforced
which had the effect of practically excluding Canadian slno from thai market,
and no oilier is available.
The position now is that the mine
owners have to rely on their lend pro
duct alone. If the bounty be not eon-
tlnuedi or even If It he not raised as
requested, they must face the alternatives clearly stated hy Mr. Fowler, of
reducing the cost of production by lowering wigoij or of ceasing to operate.
.No one In Kootenay will care to contemplate either alternative.
mULW "   i ���������' i1'!""I-"
T    May Ctnadlfr.
Less than n week now remains In-fore
choice must, be made by the electors of
Neisou of a mayor and hoard of aldermen for 1908. Perhaps il is as well that
the campaign, if any, should be brief,
it is worth remembering that the present council, one of the very best In the
municipal history ol Nelson, was secured without any contest. There have
been differences of opinion at the conn
Oil board*, resulting in heated and protracted meetings, but the good faith and
public spirit of each member have never
been questioned either by his colleagues
or by the citizens generally. It is earnestly to be hoped that some at least of
the present council will reconsider their
determination to retire. At the present
juncture it would he unfortunate to have
a whole council Inexperienced In municipal administration.
Congratulations to Fred. Starkey on
the unusual honor of a third presidential
term, and to the hoard of trade on retaining his energetic, self-sacrificing
and   efficient   services.
A  M. Can. Sos. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlce:   Room   10.   K.-W.-C.   HSU.    1*.   <>.
Box     4SS4.
 Baker  St.,  Nelson,   B. C.	
Geo.  P.  Player
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
An extent Um of 10 days uithf ri Which to com!
ra-ni't* publication granted bv me thin data
Deoember --list. IWl, Harry Wright-, Assistant
ConualMlOOar of Lauds an 1 Works.
Wwt Koolenay Lund Dlstrlet. District of West
Take notice that I, J. O. Jan-sen. ot Hspokane,
Wash., occupation ttmbarmani intend   to apply
fnr a special timber licence over the following
described  lands:
l Commenolng ai a post planted at the h. w.
oorner, about 1 mile trom Erin Johnstons i* | k
No.868, eald poet halns plseed on the interna*
tlonal boundary line, thence uorth 4(1 chains,
thence east 160 chains, tnence south 40 chains,
thenrc west 16o chalus to point of commence-
ment. containing tUo acrea.
baled Deo mber :trd. 1907. J, C   Jamskn.
x.   Commencing at a sp-ist planted at ihe B. w
corner, about   4U chain**,   north   trom   the B. W.
corner of location No. 1.. tbence uorth 40 chain*-,
thanoe east 160 chains, theuce eolith 60 chains,
thence west 160 chains to point of commence-
incut-contain in it- 640 acrea. J  C.Janbkn.
8. Commencing at a post planted at the 8. W,
corner about 18 chaius north from the 8. W,
corner of location No. 2, thence north 40 chains,
thenoa aaat 1 *'���**������ chains, thence south 4u chalus,
thanee west 160 ehatus to point of commence-
mtiil. containing 64u acres. J  C. Ians��n.
4 Coninien-ing at a post planted at the S. W.
corner, about 4U chains north from the s. \V.
corner o( location No I, ihence north 41) chains,
thanoe east 160 chains, thence aouth 40 chains
thenoe west ItiO chains to point of commencement. containliiK W0acres. J. 0. Jan-hn
.*..   Commenolng at a post planted at the 8 w.
corner, -at-out 40 chains north from the 8. W.
corner of location No 1, thence nnrlh 40 chains,
thence east 160 chains, thetice south 40 clialns,
tbenoe west bio chains to point of commencement, -containing 640 acres.
December Ith,  1!W7. J   C. Janskn.
a.   Oommenclng at a post planted at the h. '.v.
corner about 40 chains north from the H W.
corner of location   No. 6, thence north to chains,
thence eaat 160 chains*, thence eo-th 4o ohalna,
ihence west I'(0 chains, to point of commencement, containing 640 acres.
December 4th, 1907 J   0. JaSsen
7. Commencing at ii post planted ut the N. W.
corner and adjoining the N. K corner ol lot 2HW,
thenoe east 40 chains, thence south Id chains,
thanoe east 40 chains, theuce south iVOchalnn,
(henceWest80ohalns,  thence  north  100 clialns
14.    Oommenclng nl a pout planted at the Iff. W,
corner, about -^.of a mile in a southwesterly
direction irom the south fork of Salmon river,
and about "������ miles from the mouth, thence
south 16U chains, thenee east 40 "halns, tbence
north lfio chains,  thence west 40 chains to polut
of commencement, coutaiuing o-tu acrea.
Deienib.T ,rith, IWl. K   J. KKOi.it.
Nelson Land District.   I'iatnct of West Kootcnay
Take notice   that W. X    Hudson,  of  Hpokalie,
Wpfhinjftoii, r H.A. occupation   limber cruiser,
intend to at plv for a special Umber licence over
tbe folio wing described landa;   Commencing at
a post p'atitcd on the north   bank ol Corn creek.
at the function of the north fork of corn creek
with the main stream, nbo.it live miles In a
wesU*rlv direction from the routinem*-** of mid
Corn    rreek    Willi   the     Kootenay   tl.'T,   thence
oorth40ohaini thence wast 160 chains, thence
���outh 40 ohalna, thenoa east U0 eaalsi to point
Ot cinmeneeineiil, eoiilalniiiK fit" SftMSi more or
Dated November :ih, lstw.
William A. Hrt*-or*.
Take notice that I K.C.Otis, intend Ion pply
lor a special license io 'ill ainl carry away timber from ''lb acres of laud : Commcnrlui> at a
post planted about four miles west of the Kootenav river, on a small creel. Uowlng from the
south Into Corn creek and about oue and one
half miles south of Corn creek ami west and
adjacent to timtier licence No l-irJi; commencing ai No i post marked  R-COtii nun beast
corner posi. Ihence eivhty chains  south,   lln nee
eighty chat oi west, thenea eubiv ohalna Dorttai
thence  elKhty   chains east   '0   tin'   plnec  ol   laj-
ttlnnlftif  ��� .iNiainliiK fill!-.ere", more or leas.
Dated NOVUnbeT St, IW?.    K  0. <��Tis. locator,
a Hackktt.agent
No?. Post marked B 0* Jhrow north wast
coiner, th-nce e|Khty chains s -ulli, I he tier
elKhty chains east, them*-! eJKbty chains north,
thence eiKhty chains west l-o place ol   l*o�� | j, mug
oontainlng 640 aorea. more or leaa, and west and
adjacent to timber licence No. l,fK��-l.
Dated November 2 sl, l'JOT
II. ('. Jauow. locator,
a. Hi< kbit, agent,
No II. Post marked T, K. Jackman southeast
corner, thence eighty chains north, thence
eiKhty chains west, thence elRhiy chains south.
Ihence eiKhty chains east to the place of beginning. containliiK MU acres, more or less, and
east and adjacent to W. a. Kosh No. 1 post on
Com creek.
Dated November 21st, lltd7.
T   F. JACKS AN, locator,
A, Hackktt, agent
No. 4. Postmarked Tom l.avealle nouthwr-t
corner post Ihence eighty chains north, thener
eiKhty chains east, tiienee eighty chains south,
Ihence eighty chains west to place of beginning,
contaiulug filO acres, more or less, and west ami
adjacent to timber licence No LA034,
Dated November 21st, l'.t07.
Tom I avralik, locator,
A. '(ackktt, ageut.
Nelaon Land Diatrict. Dlstrlet ol Wesl KoOtSSS]
Take notice that 1, I A. Hhaver, Intend to ap
ply for a sptelal 11 ecuOS to cut and carry awaj
timber from fi40 acres of land: Commencing ��t
a post placed on the northwest comer marked
F, A. Hhaver. No. 1, tbence - i-My chalna toutli.
thence eighty chains east, thence eighty Qhsifl'
nnrlh, thenee elKbty chains west to the place o:
bee lu n 1 ni-, OOntSlniSg 660 acres, more or leis
and about three mllea west ot the Kooleim
liver and wb,mt one  mile  aontb of Corn creek
<���>������������*���������������������������������������+ ������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������* 9m
I Dry  Goods,  Millinery and
! Fancy Goods Safe Still Oni
We are selling all lines of Winter Stock irrespective of
prices or cost as our policy is not to carry over goods from
season to season.
in Infants' Wear, Children's Dresses, Flannels
and Underwear.
in Ladies' Coals, Skirts,
Waists, Underwear and
-\'i)_,ht Robes.
- TeAi
��� aw
A. A
post |
Odds and  Ends from Each Department
I Fred Irvine & Co'}
. Syfl
��" ' -multi and   adjacent to timber  licence 1GT/7
and east an 1 adjaceni lo timber llceoea IW2&.
Lo dated KoTember list. tun.
F. A. Hn a vita, locator,
A. Ha> kett. agent.
Nelson Land District. Dlitrlct of Weit Kootenay
Take notice tbat 1, L W Hhaver, lnteud to apply for a special licence -o cut and carry away
limber from 64u acres of land: Commencing at
a post marked L. M , Hhaver, uorlbwest corner
tbenoe eighty chalna soiitli. Uieiirr eighty
chains easi, thence eighty chains uorth, thenee
eighty chains west to place of beginning, con-
taining r.40 acres, mo'e or less, and eaat ami ail*
Jacent to limbi'i Hi*.-nee 10094 and alao south
and adjacent to timber licence No LVUS, and also
-outh and adjacent to K A Hhaver timber limit
No   1
Dated   November Dat. Itgn.
L. W. HiiAVia, locator.
A. lU'KKri, agent
Fxterislon ol one week within which to ad-
vertiae granted. Harrv Wright, Aaa't. Commissioner of Land and Works.
KeifOD Lend District. Dlitrlct of Weat Kootenay
TSke uoiice that I, Ti L. Ixigan, of Bouners
Firry, Idaho, occupation paiuter^lntentl Ui apply for a special timber licence over the following described lands; (.ommencing at a post
planted at thi- southeast corner of Umber
licence No. 1541M, tbence east 80 chains, tnence
uorth m chains, tlieiicu west HOcbalns, thence
���ont��� tO chains to point of oommeueement,
con tat ulng MO acres, more or lens.
Dated November-Jilt. 1907. T. L L��JAK,
i oi.ih hmitii, ageut.
Neisou Land District. District ol Weal Kooteuay
Take nollce that I, Charles Dutcher, Intend
to apply for a special tlmher licence, to cut and
carry away Umber from 64S acres of land Commencing at No. 1 poat about \2 mllea west ol the
KooU'iiay river, on the north aide uf {Boundary
creek' and north, and adjacent to timber licenses
16496, and one mile north of the international
boundary Una: CommenSing nt a poal marked
Charles Dutcher's southwest corner, thence 80
chains north, thence HO chains east, thence HU
chaius south, thence HO chains weit to the place
of beginning, containing 040 acren, more or lesa.
boosted November IHth. 11(07.
ciiAai.as Di-tchkii., Locator.
No. 2. Commencing at a post marked 'harles
Dutcher's southeast corner, theuce HO ��� halns
north, tbence HO chalus west, thunce HO chains
south, thence Hu chains east to the place of beginning, and west aud adjacent to number one
timber limit, and containing 640 acres, more ur
Loosted November IHth, 1W7.
ClIAHI.KH  iM'irnllt.   laoeator.
'"'No. 3. Commencing at a posi marked ("harles
Dutcher's northwest corner aud about 16 miles
west of the Kootenay river ou the north vide ol
houndary creek and north ami aaiacent to tlm
ber llaenve *-*������. ihence south SO chains, theuce
east HO chains,   thence  north Snchalna,   theuce
west HO chains to the   place of beginning    containing Glu acres, iri'-re nr lesa
Located November ISth, 1907.
No. 4- Commencing at a poit maraed Oh -rfei
Dutcher's  northeast   corner,  thence aoutu SO
chains,   theuce   west Hu chalus,   thenee   o. rib ml
Chalus. theuce east SO chains to the   pleeeofbe-
��� lunlng, contaiiiiug 040 acres, more or li>s
LiKsatcil November 18th. IWT7.
(MAhi k- linnn'H. I ��������� -in,,i.
No. 6. ��� I'nimeiii [uk at a pont markr-il Charles
Dutcher'i southeast corner, theuee Ni chain-
north, thenee HO ehaini west, iheticu HO chalus.
siMith. tbence SU < bams eaat to the Place ol beginning, containing MO acres, more or less.
laocated November l��lh, l��r7
Chaklks DtTi mkb, I-ocator.
Ko 6. Commencing at a post marked Charles
Dntober'i SontnWOSl corner, theme north *M
chalna, thence eaat HU chains, thetice louth no
chalna, tbence went HO chains to the placo of be
ginning,   conalnlng "i" acres, more or less.
l-ocated Novemta-r 18th, IWt.
UHAKI.U   DfTf'HBR.   l.u< ��t,,r
No- IS.    Want fork, Fife creek.
Neinou Land District.   i>tilM.-i of Went Koolenay
lake notice that I, Joseph Falrtck, of Nelson,
B.C., occupation lumberman, intend lo apply
for a special tlmbt-i licence over the following
deat:rlsbetl landa: Commencing al a p"st planted
ano-jt ft miles up tha went fork ol File creek,
and about 10 chains from the bank ol aald west
fork, and marked Joseph Patrick'a H. v corner,
tbence wesl HO chains, theuce north HU chains,
tbeuce eaat 80 chsins. thence south H6 chains i,,
polut of "MimineiHMStnent, conlalnlng 610 acres.
more or leaa.
Dated December Mh, Itsn.     JOBSPH Patruk
1   J. I.r- 'a, agent.
No. 14.    West fork, Fife creek.
Nelson Land Dintrict.   Dlslrlct of West Koob nay
Take notice lhat Joseph Patrick, of Nelson,
B C , occupation lumberman. Intends tO apply
(or a apeclal timber llceuce over the following
tSOSOrlDSa lands: (?ommeneing at a post planted
about two cbalns distant, and in an easterly
direction from location No. 13 ami marked
Joseph Patrick's N. K. corner, i hence south so
chalni, thence went HO chalus, thence north So
chains, thence eait 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 040 acres, more or less.
Dated December .r>th. 1007       JoaSPH PATSlO-i
I. J. Lucia  agent.
No 16,    Wait fork, Fife creek.
Nelson Laud District.    Dlstr.ct ol Wed Kooteuay
Take notice thst I, toseph   Patrick, of Nelson,
I'.C, occupation lumberman, lutend to apply
for a apedrJ timber licence over lhe following
described landa: Commencing at a post planteil
aboul :U> chains distant and lu a wexterlv dlrcc
.ion from the west lork of Fife creek ami aboui
���> mllea from mouth of ceek, and marled Joseph
I'.itii'-k'n H B, corner, thenee west ISO chains,
theuce north 40 chain*?, thenee east lMi chalna.
thence south 40 chains tn point of commence
ment. containing 640 acren, more or l	
Dated Decemberi.il,, IWI.      JohKi-h Patrick,
1. J, Lucia, agent.
No- 16.   Htevena creek.
Nelnon Land District.   Dlntrtel of Went Kootenay
Take notice that I, Joseph Patrick, ol Nelson,
ll C, occupation lumhermau, Intend to appl*
for a special Umber licence over the following
described lands: Commeuclug at a post planted
ab,nii ;������, mllen up Htevena creek and In a N. K.
direction from mouth of creek, and narked
Joseph Patrick's N K corner, thrnce smith ���*���-"
chains, tbence west HO chalna. theuce north no
chalni, thence eait SO chalun to lhe point of
commencement, contaiulug 640 aciei, moie oi
Dated December 3rd, 1V07.     Joaiin Pa .kick,
I. J    Lima, Ageut-
You can buy a 10-ncro Krult   Kanch   In   the  hent   fruit   KTowinK  distt
in itritihh Columbia by  psylng Si o (luiiare down ami iio pur monl
Bren eg _n inTestmenl LhIs i�� wortb oonstdenttlon.
Krult   Land has trebled In  valuo within the year.    What will It do in
WAKI) M'l'ivi :,   ' parol
%,'.I.M, ,** S����
MANUFACTURERS    T  ^.t..      Cl_^_*^f^_.
AND DEALERS IN    i^UtnlOete   OlllllgleSe
���UcitH, Alouliiirij^--, Doors, VVindovv'-��.Bw��>j
Turned Work csild HruckctH. Mall Ordurs promptly ait-iideJjfJJJ
VKWNON8TWIIHT   .   .   .   INKLSON. B. C. fkall
No. 17.    Ntevons creek
Nelson t-Atid District    District ol West Kootc.ny
Take notice that X. Joseph Patrick, Ol NcDoii.
B. C , occupation luinlaTinaii Intend to apply
for a special limber licence over the Mlewing
described lands:    romiiicnctug at a poal pliinici,
about l mile in uu suterly direction from the
mouth of Hteveiis cneh, where ll empMei Into
Cariboo lake, and marked Joseph I'alrli k's S, W
corner, theuce ui>rtb ho chalni, thence < ��isi hu
"halns, ihence south Ho chains, ihence waat 80
chains to point of commeiieemcni, couhiiuing
l.ln io res, more or less.
Daled December-.nd, l!Si7.     Joskch Pathick,
I. .1. i/OtOAt agent.
No. IS.   Htevena creek.
Nelson 1-aud Dlsiitct.   District of West Koolenay
Take notice that L.biseph Patrick, of Nelson,
11, C., occupation liimlicrmau, Intend to apply
for a special timber llceiieo over the following
described binds: (ommeucliig at a post platilci.
about B miles up Hteveiis creek, and aboul i ���
chains south from the bank of the cici-k, und
marked Joseph Palrlc. s N. K corner. Ihence
south HO chains, then I west Ho chains, ihence
north HO chains, thcuc "itst an chains to m tin <>i
commencement, conla Hug ivit* ae-res, inoro or
Dated December '.'ud, IWi��.     Jiiinu Patkick,
I   .1   I.ltiu, agent
No  IU    Htcvcns crick
Nelson Land DtltrlCl    Dlstrlcl of West Kootenay
Tnke notice thai f,   Joseph   Patrick, of Nelson,
���'   ('.oecupalion   luiiibcrinuii,  Inlend    to apnly   I
(Or S special Umler   licence  over   the   following  1
iikc-iibcd lauds:   Couimouclus at a poll planteil *
shout 0 miles Up hlevens creek and
location No IH oh the south, atidmaik
Patrick's N W. cornel, ihence easi :
thi nre s,.iilh Hti ehnilis, Ihence wesl
theuce north Ho chains to point of ci
ment  contiilnitiR Mio acic . more or lei
ii,p..i DecemberIrd, nxr.     josnu i
I   J. I.imItAi W
No. 90   West fork, Fife creak.
Nelson Land District    District "f Wel
Take nollce that I,  Joseph   Patrick.
It. 0., oecupalion iiiiiib.-riiiiiii. Intend
lor a special UiiiIht licence over the
described lauds: Coinuienclng at a ]"'
about S miles up the west fork >l Flo '
about Ai chalus north of the creek.mi
Joseph Patrick'* N. B, corner. Iheii't
chalus theuce west HO chains, than"
chains, theuce ensl HO chains lo pon
ineucenietit cental ning 040 aerea, rjioi
Dated Dei einlH-r Mh, 11*07. Josai u I
I  J. Lucia, afc
Mo. ai.    Wesl fork, of Kile cr.ck
Nelson Land District.   Dlslrlct of Wc-i
'lake notice that i, Joseph Patrick ;
It ��' , oooupatlon lumberman, Intone
tori�� special timber lloenee over tb'
��� i. ���. i ���!.,.-! hinds: Cummeiiclng at a p"-
i,i.i.ut 4 miles up the west fork of File <
plauled ou lhe north hank of the itr*
marked .D.sei.h Patrick's N. K. corue
south HO chains, thence westSOchiU"
north SO ehaina, thonco eait SO obalDi
oi commencement, contaiulug 640 acrei
less. \
Dated 1 eeember 6th, lsW7.   Jooj fB J
i.tc Deijif The tally Canatu
 Blot diiic oil FROG LEGS every day.    We furnish the
I jh   '������ Staples
i9   Pork,   Mutton and Veal
1   ! Also
Hams, Bacon and Lard
( With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
in the market
' BUlcemeat of Finest Ouality in glass and wood.
.    P. Barns & Co., Ltd.
[   Kaalo, Rossland     INEL-SOIN, tr*. G* Bonndary
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd.
 ���btrlct.   District ol Went Kootenay
* Take MttSS tint I I 'i- -1. J. .-*--m[iiiiii*-. agi'iit lor
Fred. J. Tfcnner, ... N-.-.i,, "'���'���iipHii.ui wuich-
^^^^^���������JBH to app'.y (nr permission to pur-
_____M^BPg'Wi"U dcBcribfd lands: fomincn-
CiSS at a poet ��* t n 11 * *--t n '-"Ul 2*.2 miles east ol
WtlJkMB eteefe.   lli'H"     >"   'li-.ii!-    in   an   easl-rly
dJurecttos, Uteii'- a* . ..���.id** s.nuh, ibeu,- *n
ehatWI tSS ert-**i* ii1- l) -���" - "*n. ili,*n.-e 2* I'll-ni ns
aartS tO Jfcepoll*' i>li'"liini<'Iir, tii-lll. contain lug
Dated Sot. - '     -
KiiKimn k   Iohn Tanher,
Y .1   Sahmons, Agent-
Nelaon Land District,  instm-i ,,j *.*>, st Kootenay
Tafc* BOUse thai i'rcl I. .-amnions, hkc-iiI l-r
A. A -rall-ard. "f Ir-M-ir. ,*.,*< npalton ikii-Iut,
lat-Bada tO aVpU lor -j* ���mn-.'-iuii t<> purchase lhe
following d#*s< m !.-������; U n 1- I ,,;n nieiHintt al a
poet planted al��.'<: r t nub -ea-i ol .\ llson cf-sek.
tbenoa aoutb>*��� ���     ��� * is-iin*.   in.-n, -.- nortn *���*.*.���*��� t ai
rSaiSatSeSr     n.,: Um-h-i .'",-liniii-. Uien, w -.outh
M*t Statutes i , ii,,. -li,- p..mm ol eo*i-,'r"it'*"ineui
wit>|nS|-aoH. ,, - '....r. .,i less
OetMllov -Jib. i ��� ���
Aa* 'Hi ha I.I*   *. *.;>'.];-"���-    > s   i s,, i..
Agent F   J    .-amm.,'-.���*.
r>w iji.,-,Mi Uoienlte Oreek)aodxi chalna 75
htilth aouth ��f the N w. c of said lot, running
thenee weal ho chains, tbence -south SO chalus,
thence east So chains, thence norih so chains to
place of commencement, containing Mo acies,
wort* or lesa.
'    H 111!  **���-   M Alt- It ���.i.l.,
Anent   for  Hugo Carstens.
Dated SI December 19H7.
Nelson Laml Di-ttrtCt. Hu. trie*, nt West Kooienav
Take notice that Tini Her<mali.of Altoua,
Man , ocenpailou -,7ltu*rf C. Ecrgmau, fanner,
Altoua. Mm. , intends to .ipply lor permiMdon to
purchase the following described land :
Commencing al  a poat   plauted at the v. K C.
of Hugo Oaretane' applleation to -pure]    -e and
running ihence west HO   chains   theuce       >rlh SO
clialns. theuce   eant   40 chains,   Chance       uith   H
ebaiue '2T\   links, thence   east  40  ��������� ains,   , hence
south 71 chains "ft links tn point  nl  commence*
ment, coutnuilng Go. aires more or lenn.
UHABUM Makmiai.L,
Agent   for    Una   Bergman.
Dated 2i\ Decemher ]��)7.
lM*trl��*l. Dintrict of West Koolenay
* thai W. a. Hudson, timber erulner,
-Sbokana county, Washington, oue
-iii;, -"l Amt-rir-a, iuft-i-.il>-, Ut apply
uiul., i Uoenaa over ma loUowutg
ids :    Commencing ata por>t marked
ile-l on the north hank ol   Corn creek,
ol   tbe ."*��� .rib fork of Corn creek
stream,   aboul   live   mllea   Hi  a
m from ciinfluencc o( said Corn
Ih-   Kooteuay riv-vr;   theuce north 40  ,
real   16o chain   . Ihifnce south 40
.ast   1G0 I'haiiin topoluiof eom-
LalulUK ���>��-> acrea more or lesa.
sins- timber  limit   No 7   ou the
 tl8Bb< i"  limit   No   **��� "ii the south, h-  lo-
ltoR��vt'mlA'r7. l'.Si7.
_________ Wilhau A. Ht't'HON, Ixicator.
jfttsaaaadby >�����;,.. . ���   s-i-nic
ilgued by the within named YV
^^^^^^^ �� Mh <Uy of November, A U.
-SHI.   SaOaie   I'll*   at    Spokane,    >|m,Katie    l  outllv,
fTaiSlBSjIen   <>��� I the I  twu-,1 -tnli's o[ AnuTl-***..
Corporation of the City of
Ita mi a by
DeetereS an
tM9BtM9BtammmmmmmmJ*t Disirlct. Dtotricvol West Kooteuay
Take Setli ' Uml Uattn-liu I'lwr- v. f ,-t ratnbUMi
t��m   anon ui-trsn-.l   ��"-iuui,   inl,ii,.-   to   app'
Off SailS t����'"      to    I, s,. T    :,-���*,     ttie    fiilh.MiUK    iles-
rtSMlMMls        nn,-in inn '��' * I"'***  pliiiited nt
SSJItSfSStli-'fi   ill   ti,'     innth    In.un.larv  of   U't
���ftr  east  boundary   ot   bit   No.   k1k>.
teeSSSt*"' ' b -imi-,  iiuur oi  b s*.. lo the iiorib
���eat uerser >><   nuii��r  i.imit   n.>. 71,71. thenee
lOrth MObai 1-    theme  u,--l  Li* , hiinis.  more or
1, totkeea-; -M'    <,r   Wbntshan   lake   thence
 OWI at Same    111   a   r-iniilerlv   and    westerly
e��a, to t-e *>���
ot low tag Bstne    in   ,.   -..,...1-,,.   -.,-,   -.,-v,,.,
^^^^^^���il chains,  more or   less  to tho Inter-
fib I ot M**-... thence tt chains,   more or
,      ,-erliiu   I'a-ti-iU    boundary   ot ]a,x his.", to
^^fiMa��1th octolK..rl,r.-p7
. PanQtnsSi --(tent.
1 Dtntrii'1.   Dlstriclof West Koooimy
''���1*   that    Alexauder   J.    McCool,  of
. occupallou clerk, IntSttdj In apply
don   Ui   purchase   the  lollowlng  des
Commencing at a post  plained ou
u   boundary   ot H   C   .Soutiierii   Katl-
>f way,   about   one   and   a  half   mllen
the   northwest   corner  ot lot KS3>,
<leu ay,     ihence   south   W>  e hai lis.
- chains, ihence   uorth ���*���" chains to
udary of said   rl|*tii ul-wa   .   Hu lieu
along said southern  boundary to
iiieiircincni,   and  couuiuiug SOO
r tflb, IWl
X UtOSS J   M< ' 1001.
Nelnon Land l
__. Vako notice
��� torJ.H Bnrd
���aehaOlC,   lUteinls   lo   a;,pi
1 :i purubaaa ibe nuiowiu
net. d.-sulci ui w cat Kootenai
t F  1'. curden, acting an agent
,1 i'okiok,  n. B . uoc a nation
lor  permission   to
ibt'd   landi
UMUCtOSat a i��o^t planied nu   tt aslcrlyHh...
Of Arrow lake and a bout   Id . tialns  north ot the
P. E. comer ot lot hm-i, th, n>c tasl .ii chains,
r*_BUSan0�� north 40 chain*.,   mnre ot  less,   to lhe lake
���bote, lhenoe soiiiiiw--i -ily abuig l he lake shore
 tOTh. point of ,',, .. ���", ncein.'iil,   and   coiiiainiiiK
10aerea.more orient.
OS-ate" No*. 1 ill'-I'I   iMM,M.i7      I-.MK-H    It-'KllVN,
Y. P,   llt'itbiCN. Agent.
Nelaon Uml d
Take npti-
Kernla* >rln
Irlcl.   District of WSBl Koolenay
lhat   John   Jnincs   Caincr >n,  ol
rrarnie- anien i nliiinoin, ��� ���������upui ���������*n contractor, Intend* to upply for p��-i ih^mou to
toUrehSSS-tlie   I ��m,:      ���'    unci    Iin,I.     1,1111-
'��4,mtnelUS 'St   1   posi    pi.ini, ,l    ,m    tin-   m, nth cm
boundary ol   lhe   ll:   ��.   Souil.iin   right oI-hh)'
1  aboOt#ehalns   wcsorl.    Ir-nu   ilie .n    \V   cnrnei-
"', -UlOtSnit'croiip   I.   Ko.-fiiav.   ihence  snub on
*������-���-- tkience   easi    in   chains,   tliclic,*   north im
^the   noulh   ni    I ti-liiry   of   the   said
Ihence westi ilv   along said   south,
of right oi whj-   to  the  point
at, ana containing MO acres, more
nber '.Hb. WOT,
JeitN  .IaMI.s  I'AMKHON.
Ms'riei,   DUkflOt of West Kootenay
that John lb lal l, oi Readies- B.C.,
icher,   intends   to  applv   for permission    U>    put,  Iik-.,      the   followlllL:      desCllbcl
1 ������ land; ComSn��m m.. ���i H post plant,-I at ibe
"I s lioilhwent CKi n 1 nj 1.,-t V-V'-l, thenee Wesl 10
'   'chains, thence   south He   ���'���'���-    ���>   ..... ji.
chalna, th��nc   muth ***"
loinmencemeni, an I co
.���halnn, thence rast 40
halna to the pointo|
aitilng .1^) aoreSi more
cl "      I Sled 18th Dewier, l'K.7. 3AU9�� Himki.I.,
'" ���    ' ^   ";    ���'Al1tl������IS,,���  Ageiil
, ".'   Nelaon *ban<l  District    Dlslrlct ol W<*st Koolenay
,        Tale Sutlc ibni  -mu'um Mciitn, of .he city of
'.-     Nelaon, oocii l"'1"" .Ir-tnun. Intends lo upplv for
,,    parailaaton t* i-ti . base ine loiiuwing d-scribed
lunda: Oninnien. nu; nt a post pbinted nl (be
t*. W, eornci I, C Mwtrls.in-. iniich . lo Kir
���Her, tb. -"-��� norih huiy [I'M ���hiilna, thene
it   lO-ty   <-HI)   ebulln,    lln-tice    soillh , Ity   (III
""���������������������* ?at lortj (10) chalua olnt o
    and cooialiiing   one  bundled
H acres   more or less,
r"' ��"* ''���''���    1IM7 XW0,' 1    Mi   ���'" I
.Dlatriot. Distrb'tof Woat Kootenay
sethat Buso Oaratttti-oi Wlnnlpet*
tiutloii   publisher,   In ten In  to apply
**���*   to   pOTOnaSS Hie   following  d-a-
tig at k post pi   n'e I  on   the went
' h. i'12, li. 1, (about Ti uilluH from Ar-
Publtc notice is hi-reby (iTeD to the
electors of tho Municipality of ibe City
of wis*in, that I ri'qiiiiv iin- presence of
the said electors at (ho City Hall, on
Monday, the thirteenth day of January,
li+118, at 12 o'clock noon, for the purpose
of sleott���g persons to represent them in
the Municipal Council as Mayor and Aldermen, and on the Public School Hoard
as Trustees,
The candidates shall be nominated in
Writing! the writing shall be subscribed
by two voters of the Municipality as
proposer and seconder, and shall be deliver* d to ttie Returning Offloer at any
time between the date of this notice and
2 p. m. of tho day of nomination, and
in lhe event of a poll being neOBSS&ry
such poll will be opened on Thursday,
th" sixteenth day Of January, l'JOS, between the hours of li o'clock a. ni.. and
7 o'clock, p. m., in the City Hall fur the
_ASt Ward, and at tho Office of YV. P,
TIerney, No. Blfi-Vfa ilaker street, for the
West Ward, of which every person is
hereby required to take notice and govern himself accordingly.
The persons Qualified tO be nominated
for and elected as Mayor of such city
s!iiill be such persons aa are male British subjects of Che full age of twenty-
one years, and are not disqualifled im-
ois r nny law and have been for the six
months next preceding the day of uoii,-
Inatton the registered owner in the land
registry office of land or real property
in Ihe city of the assessed value, on
the last municipal assessment roll of
One thousand dollar, or more, over and
above any registered judgment or
charge, and who are ot'ierwlso duly
qualified as municipal vou ra.
The persons qualified to in- Dominated
for ami elected as aldermen of such city
shall be such persons as are male Hritish subjects of the full age of twenty-
one years, and are not disqualified under any law and have bei i for the six
months next prooedlng tho day of nomination the registered own* r in the land
registry Office of land 01* real property
in the city of the assessed value on the
last m 11 n lei pn I assessment1 roll of five
hundred dollars, or more, over and
above any registered judgment or
Charge, and Who are otherwise qualified
as municipal voters.
The persons eligible to be nominated
for and elected as School Trustees of
such cily shall be any person bring a
householder in the School district, and
being a British subject of the full age of
t wetil v-ono years, and ol her wise quail*
Bed by the Public School Act to vote'
nt nn election of School Trustees in
the said School  District.
01 von under my bund at the City of
Nelson  aforesaid,  the 6th dav of Janu-
ary, 1U08.
Returning Ofllcer.
If you want upholstering or cabinet
work for Ibis spring get it done now,
We have ROmtl Choice quarter cut oak
and will build you e piece of furniture
to your onler at the price of factory
Roods.    See us for second hand  goods.
Turner Beeton Block, 606 Vernon Street.
To Whom it May Concern:
Take nollce that J. 1*. Warner Is not
now and has not linen stneo the IHth
I day of November Inst employed by or
. In uny way connected with the Hradley
1 Engineering and Machinery Co. of
1 Spokane, Washington.
Preparations    in   Capital    of   Brazil   for
Lavish Entertainment of American   Flee*..
Washington, D. C, Jan. 10.���According
to schedule, the fleet of American battleships Under Rear Admiral Evans will
reach Rio Janeiro today or toinorYow,
thus completing the second lap In the
long trip to the Pacific coast. Recent
dispatches from the Brazilian metropolis have told of the elaborate preparations being made there for the entertainment of the American officers and
Rio Janeiro is by far the largest and
most important city thai will be visited by the fleet on its long trip, lt
now has a population of nearly a million, and ranks as the filth city of the
western hemisphere. The Ileet will cast
anchor in the harbor that has been pronounced by experienced travellers to be
the largest and most beautiful In the
world. During the past few years the
BrasWan government has expended
millions of dollars In the construction
of ducks, basins, piers and other har-
l>or Improvements that are capable
of accomodating the steamships and
sailing craft  of the  world.
Rio Janeiro Is now in the full tropical
glory of summer time. The city is situated just about as far south of the
"*quaturial line as Havana is north of It.
II*. ween 75 and Su degrees F. Is the
averagr* summer weather. It is seldom
sn high ...s 'he latter figure, however,
more than t.irei days in succession, followed by sultry oightf*, and then comes
a heavy rain which coiulnnes twenty-
four hours or more, leaving the air
.r��f*H<.ai)d  pleasant for several days.
Thi' despatches from Rio Janeiro
State 'hat forty rooms in the best hotel
Sl Petroplls have been reserved for the
use of the America visitors. Petroplls
is the fashionable residential suburb of
Kio Janeiro.     It is located about  thirty
��Ues distant from the capital and threi
OUSand feet higher, easily acessihle
.' rail. In a recent article. Jno. Barrett,
one of the best informed men in the
I'nited States on all that relates to
South America, paid the following tribute to Petropolis:
"Here the diplomatic corps have their
homes and offices, and enjoy life as If
they wen* spending the summer at New-
|K>rt or Lenox, Its capacious palaces,
handsome residences, public buildings,
pretty gardens, pleasant drives, restful
paths, and silvery streams, all gracefully and coni sntodly situated among exquisitely ventured hills and mountains,
make It a spot always to be happily remembered by those who have lived
there or visited its unique locality and
The crowning feature of the official
entertainment programme Is to be a
dinner given by President Penna in
honor of the American admirals. Dr.
Alfonso Agusto Mnroira .Penna has been
president of Brazil something more lhan
a year. He Is described as a dignified*
scholarly little man of simple manners.
His chief characteristics are said to be
modesty and a love for hard work. He
has had a thorough and extensive classical education, being a graduate of the
famous college at Caraca. He Is a
lawyer by profession, but has spent
most of Ills life in the public service.
Under the empire he held at various
times the portfolios of war, agriculture
and slate. It wan while he was minister
of state that the law wns passed which
gave freedom to all slaves over sixty
years of age.
Notice is hereby given that the Kinney-Miller Cedar Company, an extra provincial company duly registered, as
such, and authorized to carry on business Within the province of British Columbia, and having its head office at
Creston, in the said province, manufacturers, have by deed of assignment,
dated ihe 14th day of December, 1907,
assigned all its personal property, n al
estate, credits, and effects, which may
be seized und sold under execution to
me, Charles O. ttodgers, of Creston.
British Columbia, lumber manufacturer,
for the general   benefit of Its creditors.
A meeting of the creditors will be
held at the offlce of R. M. Mncdonnld.
hai risier-at law, corner linker and Stan
ley streets. Nelson, H. C. at the hour of
three o'clock in lhe afternoon on Tiles
day, the 81st day of December, 1907, for
the giving of directions with reference
to the dis|>08al of Ihe estnle.
And further take notice that all creditors are required on or before ihe ;"*-ih
day of December. 1.107, to file with me.
the assignee, full particulars of their
claims duly verified, and the nature of
the security. If any, held by them.
And notice is hereby given that after
the 88th day or December, 1907, I will
proceed to distribute the assets amongst
ihe creditors of whose debts or Claims
I shall then have received nollce and I
will not be responsible for the assets,
or any part thereof, so distributed to
any creditor of whose debt or claim 1
shall  not  then have received  nollce.
Dated at. Creston, B, C, this 11th day
of December,  1907.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897."
the Legislature of British Columbia ex-
j tends.
The head office of the Company is situate at the Town of Altona, in the Province  of   Manitoba.
The amount of the capital of the
Company is sixty thousand dollars, divided into six hundred .-hares of one
hundred dollars each.
The head office of the Company in
this Province is Situate i.t Nelson, and
W. A. Macdonald. Barrister at Law.
whose address Is Nelson, li. C, is attorney for the Company.
Given under my hand and seal of offlce at Victoria, Province of British
Columbia, this sixteenth day of November, one thousand nine hundred and
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The  objects for which   this    Company has been established and licensed
are: ���
For the purpose and with the object
of buying or acquiring by grant, purchase or otherwise, and leasing, mortgaging or otherwise transferring or dealing with or disposing of real estate,
lands, tenements, hereditaments of
��� very description or nature, and any
and every right and Interest therein;
developing, cultivating, forming, settling and otherwise improving and utilising ihe Bame. and of pledging, mortgaging, leasing, selling and otherwise
dealing with exchange or disposing of
the same, and generally of carrying on
the business of a land and land Improvement company; and to carry on
the business of ranching, farming and
lumbering; of aiding an dasslsiing by
advances of money or otherwise, with
or without security, settler? and intending settlers upon any lands belonging to the company or in the neighborhood of such lands, and generally to
promote the settlements of land or acquiring, holding, selling, mortgaging,
pledging and otherwise dealing wilh
mortgaues and charges In hinds or any
interest therein, and of agreements for
���"erest therein, and of investing and
lumbering; of r.ldlng and assisting by
with covenants for the security of
the purchaseand sale of land or any Intending money upon the security of teal
and personal estate, goods and chattels,
stocks, bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes or kinds of security as
an individual may; to take and receive
mortgages on real or personal estate, or
other security at such rates of Interest
as may be agreed upon; to sell and to
assign such mortgages or mortgage the
same byvany instrument In writing or
agreement, subject to conditions and
with covenants for the security of the
money advanced thereon; to execute
mortgages on any lands owned or purchased by the company, to secure the
purchase price or any part thereof of
any lands, tenements or hereditaments
purchased by the company or for any
other purpose whatsoever; to borrow
money at such rate if interest as to
the company may seem advisable, and
issue deposit receipts, bonds, mortgages or other documents to the lenders
'thereof, and to give mortgages or securities upon 'all or any of the company's assets for repayment of all or
any of the money borrowed; and to sell.
assign, mortgage and hypothecate or
pledge any of the ecu ri ties or assets
of the said company for the security
of moneys advanced thereon; to execute, sign, issue, negotiate, transfer,
give and l:i�� ** promissory notes, bills
uf exchange, cheques, bonds, debentures and othc i.'gottable instrument.
and choses in acti.in and evldeuce of
Indebtedness of all kinds, and to pay.
charge-, and collect Interest thereon.
and to give and take chattel mortgages, bills of sale, and receipt notes, lien
notes,  hire   receipts, orders  for goods,
��battels or money, warehouse certifl-
Btes, bills of lading, warehouse receipts and other securities or chattels,
machinery, goods, wares or merchandise; to improve, cultivate, erect buildings and make othor Improvements on
or survey and subdivide any portion
of tho company's lands; to lend money
and take mortgages ou real and personal estate as security therefor and from
time to time to discharge the same; to
lake and hold real estate tn trust or
otherwise as security for such loans,
and to taki*^ and hold collateral and
other security therefor or for debts
whleh may become due to the company;
to collect reuts, manage estates aud
buy and sell property on commission,
and to act as valuators, financial
agents, general and special agents, and
real estate brokers; to carry on the business of buying, selling, manufacturing,
making or otherwise acquiring or producing any or all kinds of material
used In construction, maintenance and
repairs of buildings or other structures. Including lumber, stone, brick
und plumbers' supplies] to acquire, con
struct, equip, own, malutuin and operate
warehouses, elevators, factories, mills.
saw-mills and Hour-mills; of buying and
selling grains of any kind whatsoever;
of buying and selling implements, buggies, waggons, sleighs, machinery, and
engines of any kind whatsoever; of buying and selling goods and merchandise
of any kind whatsoever, aud buying and
selling safes and vaults; to contract with
Individuals or corporate bodies In regard to any undertaking and to sue
and be sued in the name of the oompany in respect of the same and, subject to the provisions of Section 08 of
the Manitoba Joint Stock Companies Ael
to unite and amalgamate In whole or
In part with or purchase the business
of any other pet son, corporation or
private individual engaged In any of the
Businesses above mentioned, and, if so
agreed, to Issue therefor paid-up stock
in this company; of carrying on any
O'her business whleh seems lo the com
pany capable of being conveniently car-
tied hn In connection with the above or
which may seem to the company calculated to diieetly or Indirectly enhance
the value of or render profitable nny
of the company's properties or rights.
Provlnoe of British  Columbia.
No. 412.
This Is to certify that "The Manitoba
and Western Canada Land Company,
Limited," 1 c authorised and licensed to carry on business within tho Province or British Columbia, and to carry out or effect all
or any of the objects of tho Company
to   which   the   legislative   authority   of
No. 310.
"COMPANILS   ACT.   1897."
I hereby certify that, tho "Kails Creek
Copper Mining Company, Limited," has
this day been  registered  as an  Extra-
Provincial Company under the "Companies Act, .1897," to carry out or effect all or any of the objects of the
Company to which the legislative authority of the Legislature of liritish Col-
uinsita extends.
The head office of the Company Is slt-
nate it the City of Spokane, State of
Washington- U. S. A.
Th* amount of the capital of the
Comp.iny is one million five hundred
thousand dollars, divided into one million five hundred thousand shares of
one   dollar each.
The head office of the Company in
this Province Is situate at Nelson, and
Michael C. Monaghan. Miner, whose
address is the same, is the attorney
for the Company.
The time of the existence of this Com*
pnny Is fifty years from the 16th March,
The Company is specially limted under section  ;"(> of the  above  Act.
Given under my hand and seal of offlce at Victoria. Province of British Columbia, this 15th day of May, one
thousand nine hundred and  seven.
-TL.S.] S. Y.   WOOTON,
Registrar of Joint   Stock   Companies.
The objects for which the Company
has been established and registered an.
restricted to acquiring, managing, developing, working and selling mines, mineral claims and mining properties, and
the winning, getting, treating, refilling
and marketing of mineral therefrom
and   are: ���
(10 To obtain by purchase, lease,
hire, discovery, location or otherwise,
and hold within the Province of British Columbia mines, mineral clajnis,
mineral leases, prospects, mining lands
and mining rights of every* description,
and to work, develop, operate and turn
the same to account, and to sell or
otherwise dispose of the same or any
of them, or any Interest therein:
(2.) To dig for, raise, crush, wash,
smelt, assay, analyze, reduce, amalgamate and otherwise treat gold, silver,
copper, lead ores or deposits and other
minerals and metallic substances and
compounds of all kinds, whether belonging to the Company or not, and to ren
der the same merchantable, and to buy,
sell and deal In the same, or any of
(3.) To carry on the business of a
mining, smelting, milling and refininu
company in all or any of Its branches:
14.) To acquire by purchase, lease,
hire, exchange or otherwise, such timber lands or leases, timber, claims,
licences to cut timber, surface rights
and rights-of-way, water rights and privileges, mills, factories, furnaces,
for smelting and treating ores
and refining metals, buildings, machin
ery, plant, and other real or personal
property as may be necessary for or
conducive to the proper carrying out
of  the  objects  of the Companyj
(5.) To constuct, maintain," alter,
make, trork and operate on the property of the Company, or on property
controlled by the Company, any canals,
trails, roads, ways, tramways, bridges,
and reservoirs, dams, flumes, race and
other ways, water-course, aqueducts,
wells, wharves, piers, furnaces, sawmills, crushing works, smelting works.
concentrating works, hydraulic works,
electrical works and appliances, warehouses, buildings, machinery, plant,
stores, and other works and conveniences which may seem conducive to
any of the oh j poets of the Company,
and, with the consent of the shareholders In general meeting, to contribute to,
subsidise or otherwise aid or take part
In any such operations though construe,
tod and maintained by any other com*
pany or persons outside of the property
of the Company, and to buy, sell, manufacture and deal in all kinds of goods,
stores. Implements, provisions, chattels
and effects required by the Company
or its workmen and servants:
(6.) To build, acquire, own, charter,
navigate and use steam and other vessels for the purpose of the Company:
(7.) To take, acquire, and hold as the
consideration for ores, metals or miner-*
als sold or otherwise disposed of, or
for goods supplied or for work done
by contract or otherwise, shares, debentures, bonds or other securities of or in
any other company the dbjects of which
are restricted as herein aforesaid, and
to sell or otherwise dispose of the
(8.) To enter Into any agreement for
sharing profits, union of interests or cooperation with any other person or company carrying on or about to carry on
any business or transaction which a
company specially limited under section
.16 of the "Companies Act. 1897,"of British Columbia, Is authorised to carry on:
(9.) To purchase or otherwise acquire
and undertake all or any of the assets,
business, property, privileges, contracts.
rights, obligations nnd liabilities of any
person or company carrying on any
part of the business which a company
specially limited tinder Section 56 of
the "Companies Act. 1897." of British
Columbia, Is authorised to carry on, or
possessed of property suitable for the
purposes thereof:
(10.) To borrow or raise money for
the purpose of the Company, but so
lhat the amount, so borrowed or raised
shall not, without the sanction of a
general meeting of the Company, exceed one-quarter of the amount of the
paid up       capital       for tho time
being, and for the purpose of
securing such money and Interest or for
any other purpose to mortgage or
'charge the undertaking or all or any
part of the property of the Compuny.
present or afler acquired, and to create.
Issue, mnke.diaw, accept and negotiate
perpetual-* or redeemable debentures or
debenture stock, promissory notes, bills
of exchange, bills of lading, warrants,
obligations, and othor negotiable and
transferable Instruments:
(11.) To distribute any of tbe property of the Company among the members
in specie:
12.) To sell. Improve, manage, dor-
velop, exchange, lease, mortgage, dispose of, turn to account or otherwise
deal with the undertaking or the whole
or any part of tho property and rights
of the Company, with power to accept
as the consideration any shares, stocks
or obligations of any company the object a of which aro restricted under
Section 56 of the "Companies Act,
1897" of British Columbia:
(18.) To do all such other things as
nre Incidental or conducive to the attainment of tho foregoing objecti.
            '      ������ - J- "���* ���
We have  lor   rent  the  office iu the
Mara Block over the Royal Bank, lately
occupied by Mr. E. A. Crease.
H. & M. BIRD
A great many sales have been  made of lots in this charming suburb
of Nelson and only a few best   lots are left
If yo�� want Good Land
IVI c Derm id & McHardv
CAPITAL,   $25,000.00   In  25,000   (hare*
of $10.00 each.
MANAGER, Crazier W. Bourke.
OFFICE. No. 322 Baker St. (Croasdalle
& Co.)
SEE the cement blocks displayed In the
Standard   Furniture   Co.'s   window.
APPLICATIONS for stock are invited.
PARTICULARS and foras of Application may be obtained at the Company's office, or from H. A. Stewart,
Solicitor, Nelson. B. C.
this  winter.    Sulphur   Springs  and   unexcelled  accommodations.     Rates  $2.50
per day ano up.
Correspondence Invited and cheerfully  answered.
Call on or write
K. J. OOYL.K, *t. MOE,
A.O. I\ A..V*ini'(inv(*r. D P. A., Nelion
From $10 to $25.
Tremont House
InrowiB *ad American plan
HmU Si ru.   Booms from *M oti- to U.
-my White Heip Kmployed
MALONS  At  TRKatliliUfl
3-f.Krr St.. I-Tftlfroo Ptoprfetort
Masat oomlortsble qaisrt -rs      Kelson
Only tbe I a���a nH.lqa.io>-, snal a l.ara
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J   A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 350.   Opposite Court Rous*
aad Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Biker atreel, Halnn. B. Ca .-
Ijarge  snd   Uomfortsble   Beat rooms  .nd Flrtf
aalass Dining Room.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
OKO. W. BABTLKTT,      .
Best Dollar-a-Day House In Nelson.
The Usr ls tb. Klne.1.
Wblta Belp Only Kmplorod
loaolatitne St.
Royal Hotel
ritorrti ktkk*-*..
Old Curiosity Shop
Rates $1 and $1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Retnilar Hoarders.
All Kinals of Heating  Plants In  Stock.
Vletorla St., Nr.Ooara Hot,**.      T.I. 181.
W.    Q.    OILLETT
Contmutrr   nri-J
Bolo ttgf-nt for the Porto Rl**<> i.snnbnr Co., Ltd..
retnil yards. Rough and dn-'s-vd lumber, turned
---ork hikI t>r-%t-ki-iN. f'oMt tut!, nnd -IiIiikU'v, pi.no
���ti,i >*..'*������*-��� I*. ���*-*..���-.-,*���., brick n-nrf Unto tor aale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. eant of Ham
ti.t,. �������� ������>'
tne uaily Canadian
If  Your  Eyes  Trouble   You
We can give you perfect examintion,  glasses and  fittings at moderate
prices and  guarantee   satisfaction. ,  ...
We*arind our own lenses. ,
Watchmaker and Optician
Bargains in all lines
of Dry Goods, Miilin-
ery   and  Ladies'
|See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.'
Easy Terms.
H. E. Ooadsdaile & ��-
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
$1.50 to $10.00.
Welcome  Nugget Smoking
Queen Cjgar Store
BUSH a&. MATTHEW, Props.
a_...i-       V��t-ai*ira f.aaa.,  Ward    Street.-,
[1. L. l'Sdisaan. San Francisco; is. A
Luii. 'I'. A. Lay, J. Emerson, P. W, R01
ami wife, T. !���. Peterson, l-s. t; Richard
saan. Vancouver; 1*. Ii. Ill,,-uliaa 11,. Grand
Porks; C. D. Undmark, N. M. McEachin
I". A. 1 lass. Revelstoke; 11 1; Hopplns,
T. Ludgate an.3 family. (.). Lachmund,
Arrowhead; T. Airey an.; wife, '.'-Mile:
H. 13. Ilenon. T. Glendenning and wife.
Procter; G. C. MacKinnon, D. 1'. ilullin-
gay, A. Leitcl. an.l wife A. K. Leitch, E.
M I., Itch, I. M. Leitch, B. Pateraon anal
wife, S. Taylor and wife. Cranbrook; 11.
I". Dudgeon, Cotnaplix; P. li Bale, En-
derby; .1. II Ager, New Westminster;
Lt.-C-jl. Turnbull. Montreal; II. 1'. Wi:
Bon, Toronto; A. IS Watts anal wife.
Mis- aaalls, Wattsburg; S. A. Hamilton.
Moose Jaw; n. H. Yates. Wye-lilt.-: P. W.
Adolph, Baynes Lake; A. McDougal, P.
('. Iiiiiiois anal wife. O. I.. Hnyntaan. Fer-
nle; (J. Payne. Silverton: A.F. Krapfel.
Blko; A. IS. Buckworth, Ymir; E. A.
Llndsley, E. J. Hush, C. K. Hrown, Spokane.
���_ .-.,    11.nt '   "~i
We have just received a shipment of Heinz Goods in following line.
14-oz..   Until,.   Sour   Mixed   Ploklea.
14-oz.  llottle  Swan   Mixed   Pickles.
14-oz. Bottla r.liiTkliis Pickles.
Pint Bottle K, tohup,
T,-l,a|il,ono 181
Corner of Stanley and Victoria Sts.
Two lil.i.K*. from Dpot.
Miss J. Tipping, Slocan; H. lt. Scott.
O. Clave. Vancouver; W. J, Roberts,
New ,oik; .1 McLean, Winnipeg; CM.
Edwards, \ n Baker, Cranbrook; 0.
fa <'.'-.;.!. 11 ll Ross, Wai.I... .1. Ryan, H
ii Hamilton, Cranbrook; A. Margan,
i algary; .1. Qenelle, Cascade; li. Brad*
1.'.'. F .1 I.ii a'. c. Brown, Spokane:
P. ii. Fauquier, Needles; P. v\ Guernsey
Trail; W. A. Mundie, Fire Valley; J.
McArthur, Grand  Forks.
F. Naylor, s. Bfandore, ts Barclay,
Ainsworth; ll. .1 Fa,ley, Seattle. P. .1
Besean, Spokane; J. ll. Confer, a. f.
Meeker, Qu'Appelle; J, UlUer and wift .
MooBlmln; M.J. Williaurus. J, young, J.
Ilullua...  |. ruilvali-;   ,'   IS.  Kantian.  K. T.
si*-iiz. Rossland; W. it. Fawkes, Castle
war: C. F. Caldwell, Kaslo; E. A. Smith,
Arrowhead; .1. B, Fair, Lime, Oregon.
S l-s. Watson, Silverton; I) I. Wewar,
Calgary; .1. li. McLaughlin, Rossland;
Mrs  is. I). Henry, Vernon; w Graj ami
wile.   Salmi.
.1. Larson,    Moyie;    Mrs     j,  Craig,
1 ii'.*.. ..I. ii. Bridle, Procter; T, Doj le
Creston;  .1   Sorle,  Wltwood;  s. Clrok,
S Ion; is. a  Daniel, Whitewood, Sask.
i   Dickson, City.
W.  A    Marks, Regina;   It. .1.  Heave, .7
Beambenoh,  W. A.  Clark,  .1   Johnson
Yinii. t. g. Fellows, Rossland.
li   Hlgglnt   fl   Peck, Rossland;  ll. M,
i".i ham, is  molds, ts  QUchrtst, Slocan
w.   King, .1   Adam...  Mpyle;   .1.   Brown
Ainsui.i td
Cancellation of Reserve.
Na,ti,-<-la  haT.'tjy (.-Ivcn   llisl   tlia* MMrr* ova*r
a-.-rutin iHiaal.   n -a.aaatl, h.ia.1 Kaaaatraaaa- UM ail
wl.ia-ti *py**r*d III t'taa Hrlll.la OOlumbl* 'iaa/,-tl,
nt (Iat. Iltli a.f August. lH-JHa ���u.l ,���,r,. ,i���u> (,| All-
aau.i 13 li. imi '. i- I,, ra-l.y . nan-ellai.1 'lha, slat.v.-
nu.iulitlia-.l iaala.ls aa 111 I..- .apa.t, fur laaraatl.nl lllaita-r
tlat; l.aaai.l Ar, tut Mnrt-h :ta). IWtlH.
li. pntv ,'aalainaia-a*laanaT a.f I .an,la. SQ.1 Watrlaa.
Landa ..tnl works Daparttnont,
Victoria, H C , Pfloambsr lmia. is<r7.
Na, Utile! table is complete wlthoul an atomiser.   We keep all varieties
lit. all juices.
Have yaau  seen  mil   new  supply   Of     HOT     WATER     BOTTLES     AND
"If it's laa be had ln town we hiiva   It." Is a mailtii wa' huve earned  by
our complete ami ttp-taa-datt- staack.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd*
Skating  Rink.
Tin- band will be at thr Stanley skai
tag link this ftvenl���s.
New  Electric  Lights.
Work has io-vu t'<iiiuni'tn*i'il on Uu*
electric light Installation in addition A.
Several poieq bave been put in plaee.
Doll   Raffle.
Thos** selling lirktis l-n Lhe doll i"
be raffled Saturday, at 8.80, an' requeat<
ed to bave tbelr names ami numbers
handed in to the run vein betore six
o'clock this evt'iiiiiK.
"The   Bonnie  Briar   Bush."
Then* is mush interest inthe product*
tlon ol "The Bonnie Briar Hush" at tiie
opera house this evening. Particular))
will Scotchmen lie Interested In the
dramatisation of Ian McLaren".*-. Famous
Fruit Shipment.
K. (i, Fauquier who is in twon irom his
orchard farm at The Needles, has received a letter from Judge Alford, of
Newport, Vermont, to whom he seal a
shipment of apples and plums, stating
thai the fruit arrived in perfect condition.
K.  of  P.  Ball.
Tlie members of Nelson Lodge,
Kniuhts of Pythias, intend holding a
crand hall in the Alice roller ring on
the highl of January 24, for which i tlab
orate preparations are being made hy
the committee in charge. A banquet
will he held ihe Bame oighl by the mem*
ere of ihe Pythian Sisters in conjunction with the hall. Tickets may be had
only fiom members of the order or com
mittee, and will he limited !���win's
orchestra has been engaged for the "���
casion ami a big time is expected. Tho
Knights of Pythias intend sparing no
pains in making 'his had one of the
best ever held  in  the city.
F.  O.   E.
Ai   ihe  last   regular  meeting of the
Fraternal Oreder o; Bagles, held in the
Odd Fellows' hall, tin* following officers
were installed hy V. W. P, William
Irvine: W, P., Qua. Brlckson; 1*. W. I*..
EBdgar .Mason; V. IV, J. ED. Taylor; chap..
J. McKay; it. S., Reg. Howe; Treas.,
William McLean; physician. Ur. \V. O.
Rose; con.. Chas. Walnisley; 1. (!.. Thos.
Smith; 0. G., J. E, Klliott; trustees, Jos.
EUngTOSe, Harry Crosby, Hi. Ferguson.
Many speeches were given by both new
and retiring officers, and the report for
last leim shows a large increase in
membership and the finances materially
strengthened. The present hall being
found not large enough and not suitable
tor lilagl-* purpose**, Uie members are
contemplating building this year on
their lots next to the ljueen's hotel and
are now making a start to seek plans
and ideas as to the best style of build
ing lo erect for lodge purposes.
Theodore Ludgate and family are at
the Hume.
It. B. Herron came in from Pocter
E. A. Lindsley returned from Spokane
last night.
Lieut.CoI. Turnbull, of Montreal, is a
guest at the Hume.
F. w. Guernsey, of the Trail smelter,
fB at the Strathcona.
C. M. Kdwards, of Cranbrook. is a
guest  at the Strathcona.
J. Qenelle returned to Nelson last
night and is at the Strathcona.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Airey. of ft-Milo point,
arrived   in the city   last   night.
A. Leitch of Cranbrook Is over for tie
lumbermen's  convention  aud   ball.
O. Lachmund, of Arrowhead. Is down
for   the   lumbermen's   convention.
Olcott Payne* manager of the Hewitt,
returned from Silvertou laat night.
F. G. Fauquier came down from Thfl
Needles last night and Is at the strath
A. MX Watts, of Wattsburg, arrived
from Kast Koolenay lust night and is ut
the   Hume.
J. I'rat'. of Sandon. is down on lnisi
tiess ol the silver-lead iiiIimhwhts' association.
Mrs Jas. Nlchol and family have left
'In cast for boms and will reach belt
early this week.
C.    1>    LI nd mark,   of   Revelstoke    tin
Bay Now
\y"e huve a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them, Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
.lot-lain,?   promptly   attended   taa      Plans
anal Ki.tiin.iii
Apply 415 Hall St. Box 385.
INEL.SOIN,     -     B. C.j
Sweet and Juicy
Oranges are  better now  than  ai   any
Other season   ot   I he  year.
Appelizing,   delicious   healthy   food.
All  Prices   25c   to   60c  per
C. A. Benedict
Corner Silica  and Josephine flts.
We have jiiPt passed into stock a very
handsome line of Jardinieres.
In a rich deep brown, and rich taste
ful decoration
7 inches  high $1.65 each
8 inches  high $2.25 each
9 inches   high $2.95 each
10 inches   high $390 each
12 inches  high $6.00 each
In delicate light green shades, dainty
Bora! decorations, raised, in white and
light  lints.
7 inches  high $2.25  each
8 inches  high $2.95 each
9 inches  high $3.90 each
10  inches   high $4.95   each
1'lain.   No   decoration.   Four  different
7 inches  high $1.75 each
8 inches  high $2.75 each
9 inches high $3.50 each
10 inches  high $4.75 each
The beauty of theae Jardinieres can
only lie adequately appreciated by seeing them.
They are displayed in our window for
B day or two.
W. G. Thomson
-frTT.&EN,k,kBB"n'1    Nelson, B.C.
>*li..iia> 34.
F. C. GREEN       F. P. BURLiEN        A.H. GREE
Ovil Engineers, Dominion ini British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P.O. Box 145    Phone 2(1 B.
well known Itiinba-rinaii. Ih down ,<�� at
lend the convention.
1*. H. iltirnham. U. ,\". il. Reneral UKent
at   Grand     Forks,     arrived     from   the
ll.auntiiti-a   la��t   night. -
Mr*.   VY.   .iaalla-s.   wliaa  aa-a-olilpailieal   tha-
i' iii.ii ii. oi hat daughter to ottawn ���ev
eral weak! agaa, returned to NelHon la*,
Price, of Metal*.
New York. Jan 10,���Silver, 5t%c;
copper. 12lio,;  lead. 14.7D.
London, Iat, 10,���Silver, 2,r,%al.; lead
Opening   Copper   Quotation*.
Naw  York, Jan.  11,, 1908.
(Hy MclXriuld &  Mcllardy.)
Asked Bid
Granny    fDO.OO        I8U.00
Dominion   (opiaer....     1.87K 1.75
B. C. Copper     4.87V4       4.,;_h
Monopoly in Wireles*.
Iteriin, Jan. In -The Kova.rnma'nt ha>
���Ml ai bill taa lha- KaiallHtUK revising tha-
la-lea;rta|il, Iuwh. It provide*, for a Knv
. , ri ,,,.*,,, monopoly in the erection of
wi,��.|.'hh stations.
L.   O.   L.   1692
Tin   ra.mil.ii  n tins of tha* Ixayal Or
inim* Lodce 168a will be held In tin-
K. '.i P. Hull aan l-'i lalay evening, .lam,
ary 10, al 8 p. in. Visiting brethren
Alice RoUer Rink
Bowling Alley
Hand: Maandtiy, Thursday, and Saturday evenings.
Mornings, afternoons anal evenings,
Without band, children IDc adults 2Gc.
including skates.
Kvcninga, will, hand, except Saturday
evenings, 40c, Inclining skate*.
Saturday evening, hand and xiecin.1
nttracllons, lo II o'clock, 60c, In viialing
skateaa, ipectator* 26c.
Whole��le mi-1   ItMall Ilt-nluni In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Gamps supplied on HhortcHt notion nnd
lowest price, Nnth-n:- bat   trymh aud
wholesome meats and supphw kept-in hstcx;k
Mail orders receive c-areful ntt-entiou.
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager
FROM  $22.00  AND  UP.
Sstandard Furniture Co :
Complete House Furnishers.
Undertakers and  Embalmers.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay Ice,    Frail  and
Foci Co.
N. E.co.. B��ker   and   Ward   Sts.
Notice Ih hereby Riven that tlie nn
')������[.'.istk-'I have NUhmitted to the Lien
tenant-Governor in Council a propottl
under the Hivers and Strt-arns Ael for
tin* clearing aud retnovin** ohstrnciions
from the Uuhauiel t'reek i*��t.lierw I*-.
known as Six-Mile Ore*kJ in the DIs
trict of West Kootenay, Province of
liritish Coltiuihla. and Tor inaHnj- the
said creek fit for raftini; and driving
thereon Ioks, UdUmt and lumber, and
for araotlag and mtint-lalag dAmi on
the said crook, and for ooDStrnctlnn
and floftlntafalag boomj tor holdiag
HortinK and dellvetitiK loss mud Umber
thereon, and fur attach ini' boOUU on
Kootenay hake at the mooth Of said
The lands to he affected by iUOh work
are Lots 7H7, 7iHt 7601, 777;:. 1894, Sill
and K413 all in Gruni> One, Kootenaj
District, and other landa not Crown
Kranted, occupied or improved
The tolls proposed io be charged are
Hiich tu* may he llxed hy the Judge of
the County Court of West Kootenay
Dated the 28th dav of October, 1907
Real Estate Agent
SIS  Baker St.,  Nalson.   U   C.
NICKERSON. the Jewelcry Manufactur
er's Agent will Heil yoat gaaaaals from sitm
pies at ss;< per cent, lens than regular
jirlcea direct front the faototlai, In H
ilays from order. lOvi'iytltlng In tha
line.    Order now.
VtMNTKK ""oat ItnilB*** |arua]u, ITS laa write
,1 laiHairstia-a. aaai sll a.i.,.1- ..( IIva* slaacb
..k'.l'i- I ala.stla I,..in ., a. . calia,,. I'i I'a.li AllliTlan a,
l.Tva- a-.... k Aaaaaaa-lslliata, Vslaa'aMavaT, II ,.'.. Ol
W. J. Wslsiar, Hum.. Hotal, N.l-..,,,
��ir*NTKIa Ollla-,. Ilaka-r Hirer! .nalinal Molar
>>     pruinrreal.   Box 1094 e'suaells,i.
SIXKIIO.MKIa HOI'HK. f ,1 r la In Ileal car .an,ur,Hah
t',1     Apply laa J. llslli')', oaaraaa-r Vsrnaala   nn,I
I..-. I.l. Ill .   .11 ���" a'-
Kl'KNIHIIKU   KOOM    taoaa.l   l.K-sllaaaa.
H   lastly (Jntisatlsti.
TWO  KIK-r,  a.l.AHH KOUMS. ii.auii a,,-,al. .1.    A|>-
.. plr bootetev. ��"* D.t. 11  w. U. t>u��k.
Careful Repairing
on nil wni.-iia's and clocks ti,,. r-
dellcate auenaniaa will be ba ���
win, exparl itdll.    Blvary watch a*
and regulatlnf onoa in ��� wlui.  i., ,
lt in llrsl-clusH i-onalillon. \v, 4ua,
t,-,.   aalir    WOrk     laa    l,e    th,.    BBST      I
prloe* are attractive]}   moderate
Mall '.1-1. ,     prolnpllv itttenaled I,.
Produce, - Rrult.
IJovernment Creamery Oim-Potiml llncss received weekly fresh froua ua
a-hurn     ior sjila. lay ,dl leit(liiiK ifrooers
Olllne and warehoasaa i Houston Block,    Paone 7��.
Josephine Street.        -        - Nelson, B. C.
Tiro I
A reciprocity of gooal wis
wish yaau a Happy "*,',�������� Tear,
:��������� 1 yOU aalsh us Ih,- *ame,'
wish lor aotnelhlna elsa-. an.i i-
ilt" opportunity or orortn* to
exoepttoaal valnee of our Read)
-Suits unai Orerooata in mat*
���tyle, nt anal flniKli w,- ,|. i
tl.-n. anal aaur new stocl. In, lad
of the v'T> hii.-si .-mil in... ��� i;a-
fabrloa  and  daalgaa.    Tou'll I
n *   Will   buy belter good* ti
. Ihi-wIi.t..
���J.    A.   OILwKErcolned
Wa, wuulil ilk,- to see all our patronscomrortable this winter ada! in I
do so we hav.   In stock tha ba-si assort cal  line of heating stoves anal
sti'v. s  rin.l   ransaa ever  befora.  presented to the public In Kootenay.
Wa   would be pleased to bugw  you    our line anal before making y,
cha-a* kin.ily aoe what we have to offer.
-for tha
000.    Tl
trans po,
llvered :
> net pi
Fhe pro
' 188 mak
' lalf  a
ame ex
une wt
-t Ottai
J. Ho Ashdown Hardwat:
Company, Limited.
Nelson   bn-j*e,r thr
nlot an
**lr we
topper <
_nat not
he min
Ion wfl
,r than
>ect no
irolt hi
a SJOM 1
ad with
At pr
idlan  i
Wo   carry   everything    in   the
line of ��
From  40c. to $1 per Ib.
Choquette Bros*
Phone 258. THE  Unt.iD.lte  Bakers
tr ' 1���,	
Allaa-rii, Creamer; butter In sill,.. 7 Ib
ami  II  |b. block* at 37a* per pound.
For Sale at
-tatod t
Joy's Gash Grocery
,'a.i-   loaenhine and Mill" si*
be  ull
-ra are.
our oai
���ear bj
|.*ilherta. Almtaudn.  Walnut-*.    9t
Chaatnuta,  *Vppla Oder, Notthen
i< 111 a 1 < ��� -*a.  Baldwin  Applet, Jap   Ora
kiks.  larc* inyer, California   on
anal Malaga (itiipus.
A   larK,'   assort ment   of  Nina
Wlioli'sah. anal retail prlca's   per qui
S. H. Seane
l'h. .ii.   Sllla.
nOHVu BakM
,'he oai
'llKJUt 1
vas eon
ltirliut I
teem tt
Hut t
' jotin.l.
leaa w,
At B
ing chi
ware $
-rvllle .
la third
((for hi
f, ������
NEL80N. B. C
'^^f^'ty. ly
all your wants in
Wood-Vallance (Hardware Co'];-,S
Wholesale _J
i,._v,    a-.UaU*JJOMaE2J __


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