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The Daily Canadian Feb 14, 1907

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e ��UxUvj
/OLUME  I.     NO.   2l6.
Fifty Cbnts a Month
iovernment Refuses to be
Pulled Out of Shell
Incomplete measure
Compulsory Conciliation and Investigation the Limit of Liberal
Generosity to Labor.
i tiawa. F.b. IS.���Most of the alter-
in Ihe bouse was occupied by the
iis-sl debate on Mr. K. L. Borden's
I notion for tha appointment of a select
ss-iimittie to enquire into the conditions
irrvalllng in Canada with a view of the
DtrodUCtloo of legislation for the pre-
entlon and settlement of disputes be-
employers and employees. When
|tss- mot on was lam before the house
month ago Mr. Ralph Smith moved sn
.* ilmesit to tho effect that the con-
|lllatlon sot of 1900 and the railway
ibor tUsputes ai-t of 1803 having great-
, a del   in   the   settlement of labor
Iroubli s, legislation i.\t* niliiiK tbe prln-
Ipl-ss of ilieso acts should ne passed.
After Homo questions for Information
i iss the Hudson's Ilay route by Mr.
tlsiu'li- Ma* ilonneli tbe house resumed
|oi:s dc-rat on  of the   following  resoln-
of Mr K. I.  Borden: "That In the
Jisinlsm or ihs- house more effective leg-
I atlv,- provision should be made for
ireventlon nnd settlement of dis-
between employers snd workmen,
the end thai strikes and lockouts re-
tltlng in loaa of lire and also entailing
Ivatlon and Buffering may be prevent-
Thut a select committee of nine be
(hpolnted lo In ,ulre Into tbe matter*
toretalJ, ami to consider and report*.
hat further enactments are desirable
necessary; that the committee have
bower lo m I for port-ins, papers -and
' orda, anil to examine wltiiests-s on
(alt, nnd to report from time to time;
hal three   be a quorum   of   the com-
Whan the rcrolu lon was submitted a
pi.nti ago Mr. Smlih (Nanaimo) offer-
is!  an  amendment as follows:     "That
the words after 'that' In the fifth
of lhe proposed resolution be struck
and the rollowlng substituted: 'That
Msereas the conciliation act passed by
arllament in 1900, and the rsllwsy la-
nr disputes ocl, passed In 1903, have
I led ln the prevention and settlement
��f disputes. It Ib deisirsble tbat the prin
fiple and application of these measures
should*  he extended,    with    Bitch additional   provision   as   experience   haa
shown lo be nocessary, and that legislation for ibis purpjss be introduced at
Ms., present cession cf parliament' "
Mr Macdoneil, In su-.psrtini; thereso-
[uton, , nsishiiHlz.'sl the necessity of fur-
her liislifon In th> dirtcllon propos-
M. Tbey should never again, he said,
^ll.iw tnlsor slisputes to reach such an
1 ��'���* condition thnt It was necessary to
t,;tll out the militia to restore law and
t'ler. Th,, bin introduced hy the mln-
���lor of labor, he maintained, wns too'
Ii.i1i.mi Iii His application, and was un-
Atlsfaatory in that it put a strong
"���pon In tho hands of employers,
Usl.'Is might ho used to Ihe dlsadvau-
"l workmen. An employer might
''dure the wages of his workmen, nnd
Ilu   latter COtlld  not  retaliate, until an
nv-sstlgft'lon hnd b>,en held.
Mr. Ileiimd doubted whether thnt was
pMslble under tlle bill.
Mr Molntyre (South Perth), while
Iredltlng ihe mover of tho resolution
��*ith the best Intentions, thought they
tnd enough information on th* subjoct,
( Is.ev could only apply It.   The ques-
on -w.iH nut thu seme In Canada aa ln
nIs- r co.uutrles, and  legislation  could
foi do niiy.tblng, for lt had to be kept
mind thut In some cnis.s they had to
onl wllh men whoBe passions were ox-
Ill cd.
Mr. Poster plcadetf for a non-pnrtlsan
!regiment of the question. He did not
grec that the purpose ol" the resolution
'us to postpone legUslatlav. It was a
ilea lor Information. He was not a
'<*ry wlso man and not uvery -sane man
Uio thought thnt In the bacV of his
pain ho had hulflclent Information or
[lfflclently mature ideaB to enable him
soiiIb the queBilon once and for all.
Its question* of capital and labor a
IMril olement was coming to the front,
|ti*-hiiig iu way and defining Itself, and
Tint third party was the great public.
"io attitude that either capital or
labor should be able to cause to the
public unutterable woe or damage waa
ImposBlble. The member from Naniamo
had said thst It was Impossible to intervene by force of law In labor disputes,
that the rountry was not ripe for such
It had been argued that strike* and
losknuiB were Iho weapons of labor, but
while lt wns a weupon, surely it was a
relic of barbarism, the law of tbe club,
which was not to found ln any otber
part of civilized life, and they should
endeavor eo establish a proper tribunal
to deal with these questions, eliminating
club law as It had been eliminated ln
respect to olher questions. With this
object ln view they should, he thought,
seek all Information, availing themselves of the experiences of other coun.
tries in wtilh labor questions, had assumed tremendous proportions, snd
where they had been grappled with
c ura-zeous'y.
Mr. I.* Kins pointed out that tf Ihe re-
folutlrn were passed lt would practically mean thc shelving for the present
session of the weH-consldered bill which
thc minister of labor hsd Introduced.
There were only two wsys to deM
with labor dlspu'es in Canada, and
those were compulsory concilistion and
investlcat'on. aod he waB convinced
that If the b 11 Intrdduced by the minister of labor became law It would be the
means of settling 95 per cent of the!,
labor deputes In the country. To ap
liolnt the proposed committee would re-
lard useful legislation, and amount to
a declarat'on of want of confidence in
tb? m'nlater of labor.
Salvation Army Congress.
Atlanta, Oa., Feb. 14.���The Southern
CongreBS of the Salvation Army met in
Atlanta today for Its fourth annual con-
ierence. The purpoae of the gathering
Is to look over the entire Bottthern field
snd Isy plans for th- future activities
of the organization in this part of the
country. Prominent officers of lhe Salvation Army from New York, Cleveland
snd other places to advise with their
subordinates in the southern field. The
eongrcss will continue in session till
the end of the week.
rirst Session Discloses Important Meaa
urea te be Advanced���Birrel a
Pronounced Home Ruler.
London, Feb. 14.���The flrat business
day of the present session of parliament
has given evidence of Important legislative matters In hand and promise ot
vigorous political fighting.
Augustine Birrel's maiden speech, aa
chief secretary for Ireland, highly
pleased the Nationalists and supplies
the test for strong attacks by the opposition newspapers this morning. Mr.
Birrel has frankly avowed himself a
Home Ruler and confessed that thc government's education bills will be a
stepping stone to home rule.
The Te legrsph ln nn editorial article
this morning says that truth, like murder, will out, and Mr. Birrel with childlike simplicity has disclosed tbe real
Irish politics ot the government. His
magic wand has awakened Home Rule
from Its slumbers. Tbe surrender Is
complete, and Mr. Redmond has asked
tor nothing more.
In the lobby of the house of commons
last night Mr. Illrrel's speech was the
subject of much gosBlp and there was
curiosity ss tu what a man like Lord
Rosebery and other political anti-home
rule Liberals would take out of It.
Another matter of Importance Is the
statement made by Herbert II. Asquith,
chanceller of the exchequer, concerning
old-age pensions.. This ls regarded as
meaning that tbe government Intends
to propose some scheme and that Mr.
Asquith meditates "earmarking'' a portion of tho expected large surplus in
tlie next budget for a pension fund.
The first official Information of Ihe
lines oil which the Irish bill will lie
named was cutiilm-d In today's parliamentary papers, which appears a notice
by Augustine Blrrell, chief secretary for
Iii'lnnd, of llie Intention of the government to Introduce at an early dnte a
bill to provide un Irish council, and for
other purposes connected therewith.
This Bcems to confirm the forecasts to
thc effect thnt Ireland will be given
leglBlstlve council, similar to that of
crown colonics, partly elected and partly nominated.
King Edward Holde Levee.
London, Feb. 14���There was a large
attendance at the first levee of the
season held by King Edward loday. A
large crowd thronged the vicinity of at.
Jnmes palace and watched the notnbles
S3 they alighted Trom their carriages.
Tho function wub confined chiefly to
the diplomatic nnd official set.
Price of Metals,
New York, Fob. 14.���Silver, 68%c:
copper, 24Hc; lead, $6.
London, Feb. 14.���Silver, 31 %d; lead,
��19, 10s. 	
Llsntanant Aasasslnsted.
Tangier,  Fob.  14���Ben  Mansour,  a
tenner Ralsula nontenant, was assasl-
nnted today.
Provincial Association of Trustees Has Many Suggestions as to Details,
But no Quarrel With General Principle of Present Act.
The third annual convention of the
provincial association of school trustees
came to an end this evening. The visitors will be entertained by the local
trustees ln the K. of P. hall.
The trustees have discussed nearly
everything, always with good intentions
and generally with broad minds, but occasionally with a regrettable, even If
unconscious, devotion to special and
local considerations.
The result will be a great number ol
recommendations to the education department and to the government on a
great variety of subjects, some of which
may be entitled to consideration.
After the business on the order paper
for yesteray afternoon waB disposed of,
a number of resolutions left over from
last year were taken up.. Two stood in
the name of Dr. Ernest Hall of Victoria.
The first "That inasmuch as many
children are allowed to grow into maturity without a knowledge of themselves, thereby incurring grave bodily
risks, be it reBOlved that Instruction in
sexual physiology be recommended to
be given to boys and girls in separate
classes, and wherever practicable by a
medical practitioner: and only to pupils
over the age of 12 years, "waB lost.
The second, also by Dr. Ernest Hall,
condemning the teaching of drill was
lost, and the following substituted for
It, wss carried:
"As lt is Inadvisable to foster a spirit
of militarism, the convention oppose tho
formation of cadet corps and the teaching of the use of lethal weapons, and
that any drill taught be merely 'setting
up* drill."
The following was then adopted:
Resolved, that the government be
urged to set aside crown lands for
school purposes In the various mould,
pslltles.���South Vancouver, Burnaby
and Richmond boards.
Resolved, that the government be
urged to provide free text books for
public schools.���South Vancouver, Bum-
aby and Richmond boards.
Resolved, that the government be
asked to supply each public school with
a full set ot district maps showing the
latest surveys of tho province.���South
Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond
Resolved, thst the government be requested to hand over the poll-tax to the
municipalities for school purposes and
If unsuccessful to have same cancelled
as far as resident taxpayers are concerned.���Bouth Vanoouver board.
Resolved, that the government be requested to provide equipment for Manual training centres.���South Vancouver,
Burnaby and Richmond boards.
The following were left over for fu
tore consideration:
Resolved, that the government be
asked to contribute dollar for dollar
with the municipalities toward enc'i of
tho teacher's salaries in nddltion to thc
lump sum of 14 0.���South Vancouver,
Burnaby and Richmond boards.
Resolved, that the government be
asked to contribute dollar for dollar
with the municipalities towards the cosl
of manual training nnd ordlnnry school
buildings ln addition to the lump sum
of 11500 for each.���South Vancouver,
Burnaby and Richmond boards.
The convention reassembled at 7:30.
the following resolution wns presented
hy J. ,1. Dougan:
Resolved, that In mutters of dismissal
or resignation, teachers sliould be amenable lo like regulations ns are tho members of nchool boards.���Surrey municipal hoard.
The resolution was seconded by
D. P. Kane.
Inspector Stewnrt explained that thc
present Inw was framed to prevent dismissal for trivial causes, often due to
petty factions, or from quarrels about
such matters ns where a teacher might
Mr. Dougan knew of a case of a teacher being dismissed for declining to marry the daughter of a trustee.
After a long discussion In which it
wss pointed out thst tho resolution did
not cover the ground Intended, the resolution was put and lost
The next resolution was:
ReBOlved, that the time has come
when steps Bhould be taken by the provincial government towards reducing
the cost of high and public school text
books: preferably that the government
own tho copyright and sell to the trustee boards at slightly above cost price.
���Spallumcheen board.
Mr. Hodgson suggested ln Its stead
a resolution calling upon tho department to provide free text books In public schools.
Mr. Floyd read from the report of the
Ontario commission on the cost of text
books, showing that about three-fourths
of the cost of books represented retailer's prints, but without making any allowance for cost of matter or of plates
for Illustration.
At Mr. Hannington's request the for
mer resolutions on the same subject
were reed.
Dr. Arthur remarked that at the last
convention they hod learned from a
practical printer that a plant for the
production of text books would cost
$100,000, apart from royalty fees. He
also corrected this Impression of enormous profits to retailers. Nevertheless,
he thought that something might be
done to reduce the- cost.
W. P. Argue said that the Manitoba
government had Investigated the whole
matter, and abandoned the Idea.
After further discussion by Mr. Hannington, who thought that school boards
might buy books wholesale and supply
them at cost, and supported by Mr.
Floyd: the resolution was loBt.
The resolution:
ReBOlved. that the council of Public
Instruction be* requested to grant no
more certificates for teaching until a
Normal certiflaate has been obtained ���
Rossland board *** formally presented
by Mr. Gibson, who, however, explained
that since none* was given, they hsd
Icarnde that teachers were too scarce
to allow such i rule to be enforced,
and he therefore withdrew It.
As Dr. Corssan had not arrived the
reading of his paper was left till todsy.
Resolved, that a provision should be
Inserted in the school act making It
compulsory to fly the Csnadian flag
over school houses during school
hours," was presented by Messrs. Hodgson and Hannington, and carried unanimously.
"That ln rural municipalities power
should be given to the municipal councils to tax Improvements where lt
thinks fit for school purposes, ad to
levy a special poll tax for -school purposes on resident non-rate payers," was
presented by Metiers. Coote and
Inspector Stewart remarked that the
matter was really <over*d by the Municipal Clauses Act,
Mr. Hodgson replied that was was
want-ad was a sp*c!|!e power to tav Improvements and levy and extra poll tax
for school purposes only.
The question was discussed at length
bv Messrs. McNelsh, Gibson, Hannington. Floyd and Kane. The question was
then put and carried, only the Revelstoke delegates opposing.
"That the time has now arrived tho
government of British Columbia should
set aside Isnds for purposes of education," was presented by Mr. Peebles,
who said that had It been done 20 years
ago there need now be no special
school taxes. He hod received assurances that, if the trustees approved, the
matter would be dealt with at the next
session. The resolution was seconded
by Mr. Oibson.
It was amended, by consent, to specify
both public schools and a university. It
was then carried unanimously .
Mr. Oibson recommended thst all
delegates lmpreas the matter on their
respective representatives.
Tbe re-drafted resolution asking for
the appointment of more school inspectors was then read and adopted.
The convention then adjourned to this
morning at 9:30 .
The first resolution at this morning's
session was:
Resolved, that In rural municipalities
the number of trustee be Increased to
It wns discussed at great length and
It was pointed out that the greater number of trtiBtees would provide better tor
representation. The resolution was
Resolved, that a normal school be established In the Kootenays.���Nelson
board, presented by F. W. Swannell,
was vigorously opposed by Mr. ninning-
Inn. who was sure that the government
would not undertake the expense.
Mr. Argue also opposed on the ground
lhat the present Normal school is still
starved for funds.
Inspector Stewsrt pointed out thnt
the province Is still Indebted to Vancouver city for means of carrying on the
present school.
Mr. Dougan followed opposing, snd
Mr. Swannell supporting, the resolution.
E. A. Crease thought that the present
small attendance at the Normal school
was due to Its location. He was great,
ly ln favor of a Normal school in Koot-
Mr. PeebleB favored tho motion. He
laughed at Mr. Dougan's Iden of the
broadening Influences of the coast. He
hsd learned a great deal from Interior
Mr. Stewart replied that the present
financial conditions precluded even consideration of the resolution. Dr. Arthur
said that lt must come sooner or lste.
At Mr. Floyd's suggestion the resolution wns withdrawn.
The next resolution; the only one
touching the financial ' question: Resolved, that strong pressure be brought
lo bear on the provlncl-Ag-pvernment to
amend the School Act jpr the purpose
of Increasing Ihe grants to municipalities.���Ladysmith hoard, J-tood In the
name of ebe LadysmftP-mnrd, which
had no representative present.
Mr. Hodgson offered as a substitute
three resolutions: "Resolved, that the
government be asked to contribute dol
lar for dollar with the municipalities
toward each teacher's salary in addition
to the per capita grant:" "Resolved?,
that the government be asked to contribute dollar for dollar with the municipalities toward tbe cost of school
buildings In addition to the lump Bum
of $1500 for each;" and "Resolved, that
the government be asked to hand over
the poll tax to the municipalities for
Bchool purposes, and, If unsuccessful, to
have sums: cancelled as far as resident
tax payers are concerned."
It wns agreed to consider the Ladysmith resolution first, and for that pur-
jsoss. it was sponsored by Messrs. Dodg-
son and Gibson.
Mr. Hodgson explained that he had no
Idea of asking for a repeal of the
School Act, he favored control of the
schools by municipalities. Mr. Gibson
spoke of the Bpeclal hard circumstsnees
of Ross'and.
Mr.  Floyd  favored  the  resolution.
Mr. Stewart explained that the grant,
on the basis of the number of teachers
Instead of pupils, was Itended to discourage crowding nf .class rooms.
Mr. Odium drew attention to the fact
thgt the money had come from the people, directly or Indirectly, and that the
method was Immaterial.
Mr. Hannington handed round copies
a circular from the Grand Forks board,
SB   follows*
Grand Forks, B. C. Feb. ��, 1907.
Dear Sir.���I submit herewith a comparative statement of losses sustained
by the three classes of schools under
the new School Act, based unon an
actual aversge of 200 pupils, with tour
teschers, or an average of 50 pupils to
each t?aober;
PI 111 line
Olati  Old   Old     New     ��*ew   forw��ch  Kev
gate Grant    *.t.   fr-tnt Teas-tier. Leai
lit 111 IM0O HW ll-H" HMO I 710
2nd    16    i WO       ��       �����     W ��2n
Srd     ��      4000       460       1860      ��g      i��|
The above difference ln loss of revenue to the three classes Is only apparent; the actual loaa to cities of the
third class will actually be more than
above stated, for tn most Instances
these cities will not qualify for the supplementary grant of 1100, eg. The first
class city receives $360 per annum per
teacher, plus (100 from the city and
$100 from the government, which gives
a salry of $46.66 per month. A second-
class city under like circumstances
would pay a salary of $61.66 per month,
and a third-class city under the same
circumstances would pay a salary of
$66.41 per month, whereas, ln cities near
the coast, many teachers are engaged
for $50 per month.
Our board feels that cities of the
third-class size are most unfairly dealt
with In tie matter of government aid
In comparison with the large cities, snd
I am sending a copy of the above to the
minister, the superintendent and our
members, respectively.
The School Act ls now under consideration, and we feel that the time ls
opportune to bring tbls matter up, and
would suggest that you bring It before
your board.     Yours respectfully,
Mr Hannington submitted tbat the act
failed to achieve Its avowed object of
equalizing aid to cities of the three
Mr. Argue replied that cities of the
first class paid a much higher proportion of the cost of education than citiees
of the second or third class.
Messrs. Swsnnell and Peebles also opposed, as did Messrs. Kane and Mc-
Ni'lsh. the latter suggesting special relief for Rossland.
Inspector Stewsrt said that the first
steps townrd decentralization in school
administrations were taken In deference
to the demand of the cities. He also
said that until Jnn. 1906, rural munci-
pulltleB received $5 for education alone
for $:: contributed to the provincial
The difference, he believed, came chiefly from the mines of Kootenay. The
last Act was an attempt to restore the
balance. Rural municipalities still contributed mere trifles to the cost of education.
After replies by McBsrs. Hodgson and
Hannington, an amendment postponing
consideration to ihe noxt meeting ws.
The resolution: Resolved, that the
date should bo fixed on whle ' the appointment nnd salary of teaohers should
stsrt, applying particularly to the fall
term nnd to new teachers.���Rossland
board, was then Introduced by Oibson.
Many more or less Interesting ex.
perlences were related. Inspector Oil-
lls favored a clear definition. The res
olutlon was then adopted, and noon re,
cess was taken. *
Resolved, that teacners, after accepting an appointment, should not be allowed to broak the same Just before the
opening of school, was then presented
by J. Gibson, wbo told of the Inconveniences sometimes suffered. A long
discussion followed showing general belief that teachers should be made to
adhere to contracts.
The resolution wss amended to provide the penalty of suspension of certificate for wilful breach of contract,
snd was then adopted.
A resolution urging a apeclal extra
grant of $100 per teacher to Rossland
was offered and defeated without discussion. Several redrafted resolution*
were then read and approved.
"That It would benefit the schools If
Inspectors reported to trustees Immediately after Inspection," was moved by
Messrs. Floyd and Manning. It was generally approved, and was adopted.
A resolution from Vancouver expressed regret at the low average of
salaries nnd suggested $100 for males
und $76 for females as Ideal minimum
monthly salaries for competent and experienced teachers, wss advocated by
V. w. Odium and J. J. Dougan.
A resolution urging that teachers
holding second-class certificates be allowed to obtain flrst-clus certificates
by examination in a few special subjects
only, was presented by Messrs. Dougan
and Odium.
A few other resolutions, some of them
formal, were also passed.
Non-Suit   Refused���Attempt   to
Contributory Negligence.
At the close of the plaintiff's case In
Snow ys. C. N. P. Co., yesterday afternoon, S. S. Taylor, K. C. for tbe a*
fendante, moved for a non-suit on the
ground that no case ot negligence had
been established. The motion was refused.
Mr. Taylor then opened briefly to the
jury and called A. Colville, superlntetnd-
ent, who described all the conditions of
the work performed at the scene of the
witnesses examined and -tiross-ex-
amlned this morning were F. Marasco,
F. A. Marasco and A, Ceuso, all Italians,
whose evidence was Intended to show
contributory negligence on the part of
the plaintiff.
This afternoon Mr, Taylor and Mr.
Macdonald are addressing the Jury, and
the case will go to them for decision
Rich Ore Values at  Beaverdell���Confidence of Local Investors���Enter-
prlsslng Management
Qreenwood, B. C. Feb. 14.���A fore*
of seven men are at present employed
on the Duncan property on Wallace
mountain at Beaverdell. Recently the
company shipped a car ot first-class oro
to Troll which ratwaed gross value*
of over $169 per ton.
A car of Becond-clsss ore Is now being
hauled to Midway which will yield abont
$76 per ton. Another car of first-clsss
will be ready for shipment In about *
month, The one being shipped was taken out In process of development, none
having yet coma from atoping.
Considerable of the company's stock
Is being sold to local people and the
price 1* steadily Increasing. The work
going on now Is a drift on the 100-foot
level and an upraise from that level to
tbe 50-foot one, tn what will be the main
shoot of the property.
The affairs ot the Wallace Mountain
Mining company are In good hands, Mr.
T. T. Henderson, a practical man, having charge of the mine, and Mr. Chas.
Fair, one of the most successfulful mer
chants, looking after its finances. Men
living In the camp and owning property
near the Duncan are Investing tn the
stock. Thhe company at presnt Is handicapped in its operations by the coat
ot transportation, the rate by team from
the mine to Midway being $13 per ton.
The building of the Midway ft Vernon
Into the district will be a great boom
for the camp and when the railway becomes s certainty we look for a boom
in realty and mining values In Beaverdell and the surrounding district.
Tho ore body on the 100-foot level
ls two feet wide sand traces of native
sliver thick as a knife blade may ha
s-sen In the highly mineralised ore.
Serious Illness of Jurat's Wife Caused
Speedy Adjournment
New York, Feb. 14.���All the 1! of
the Jurors were on hsnd at the opening ot the court this morning. The wife
af Juror Bolton, who ls suffering from
double pneumonia, continues In a critical condition, however, and her husband
may be called away at any time.
When Thaw came Into court he
seemed to take special interest tn
Bolton. As Justice Fltigerald took his
place Mr. Delmas asked that Dr. Brlttan
Evans, the alienist be called.
"You have stated, doctor," said Mr.
Delmas. "that on the first three visits
to Mr. Thaw you formed an opinion as
to his mental condition; was that
formed In part from Thaw's statements?" ,
"Ware the oral statements necessary
Serioas Charges Admitted
ky Captain HcVey
Gave Orders fer Laondiing of Ufe
Boats���Stepped Into His Own
and Hade Away.
Providence, R. I., Feb. 14.���A new!
element was Introduced Into the horror
attending the loss of the steamer Larchmont ln Block Island Sound on Monday-
night through a collision with the cosl
laden steamer Harry Knowlton when
Captain McVey, of the steamer, early-
today admitted that his life boat waa
one of the first, it not ihe first, to
leave the sinking ship.
This atatement waa made in reply toi
charges by Fred Hlergsell, on 18-year-
old lad of Brooklyn, one of the survivors. Hiersgell -Stated that the passengers were left to shift for themselves,
that the -ship's crew crowded the boat*
without attempting to provide for tho
passenger* and that the captain was th*
first to desert the ship. The statement
ot tbe young lad created confusion In
view of the fact that of tha sorvlrors
10 were employees of the ship, or ln
other words, that -while approximately
28 per cent of the vessel's crew was
saved, only $ per cent, of the passenger* survived.
Captain McVey explained that white
the boat may have been In the -water lt
was because he had a good crew aad
despite the fact that he was-among th*
first off the deck he remained by hi*
���hip until she went down. He said that
he had maile no move to set Into th*
boat until he had given order* to hi*
men to lower all the boats and clear
av.-uy lhe ran*. While hi* boat waa in
Ihe water It was fastened to the ship
by a rope In the running gear that had
become caught ud only the* M*M <t mr.
by tbe boatswain, who saw that the ship.
was settling rapidly, and the boat and
Its occupants would be caught In th*
whirlpool and sucked beneath th*
Tbe captain's berth wss on the forward aide and be said he called to th*
paosenger* to get Into his boat which
would hold 22 people, but the electrlo
lights had been extinguished In the collision and in the darkness and confir-
���lan no one heeded his summons. Everybody was on the leeward side of th*
ship and he ordered his men to row
around there, he says, but the gal*
balked this plan and as the boat wa*
driven from the steamer his men had to
give up their task and crouch down In
the bottom of the boat to escape th*
piercing wind.
At 8 o'clock this morning the number
or known lost in the frightful calamity
stood at 118.
About 17S people were known to hire
been on the steamer, and there la every
Indication that this number will reach
200 Seventy-one had been recovered up
to midnight and now lie In the morgua
awaiting Identification. The work of
Identification proceeded more rapidly
tha* when ihe corpses lay In their
casket* of Ice on Block Islsnd, from
which place they were brought yester.
day by the steamer Kentucky, and when
Ihe doors of the morgue closed th*
Identified numbered 38. Block Island today was given a chance to rest from th*
high tension tension of tragedy ot th*
past two days. .
Passing ships may pick up bodl-s*.
and at other shore points along th*
sound a few corpses may be cast up,
but the life severe here do not anticipate that the list of recognised bodies
will be much larger then at present.
to you as scientific man to enable yoa
to form this oplon?" ,
"Thev were very essential."
Mr. Jerome said he would offer no
objections to the conversations with
Thaw during Dr. Rvnn's first thro*
visits, as a result of which the tllenlst
hsd declared it to be his opinion that
the defendant was at that time of
sound mind.
Dr. Evans was about to relate tho
converaatlon attending his tint vlalt In
August, when the Information regarding*
the critical condition of Juror Bolton'**
wife was received and Justice Fits-.
gerald ordered a recess until 1 p. m.
New York, Feb. 14��� Mrs.' Joseph B.
Bolton, wife of Juror No. 11, die* ot
pneumonia today. . J ,
";"': i
��� c��:;;
i '���
m ������
il r
vv >i:i
?i i
the Daily Canadian
. . Just Arrived . .
EngKsh Cured Meats
Irish Roll Bacon
Ayrshire Roll Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire Hams and Bacon*
PRICE 27 l-2c PER LB.
Procurable Only at
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... .**,500,000 BEST (M,300,000.
D. B. WILK1E. President. HON. ROBEBT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Bandies in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed current rates from date of opening of
account, and compounded half yearly.
J. M.  LAY, Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Q-p|tal $3,734,310    Reserve	
Total  A����ets $41,860,353
Accounts of firms and Individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen branches in British  Columbia.
Special  attention  to out of town buBln-jsa.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       E. L. PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Pulsllphesl Hr days a weel by the
Baker Sl., Nelson, B. C.
SQOin-rlptlsin rat-n, 50 s-etin a inoiuh slellveresl
In the citv, or 16.00 a year 11 s>eut t,y mail, wheh
paid sss advam-e.
AdverllBiUK rates, on sipplls'allon.
All mssules* palsl in s-etlknseisl of The Pally
Canadian sODottnts, <*iilser l���r ustssssTlptiom or
���AdTertlMnK, lnuM be reselptesl lor on tbe printed
t,,rm. ol use Company, Ullier receipts are not
I'KBRUAMV 14. 1907.
BBy one word we are s-ismetimeii judged to be
ftae and by one word aomstlmas judged to be
loollih. Inl in thcrelore be careful what we
Many of thc fasli-rn newspapers took
a keen interest in the ilntlsh Columbia
elections anil the press of lhe Wesi hay
���eagerly awaited the arrival of the ex-
-dUUlgSB, .-specially the Liberal papers,
to reus! their explnnations as to how 11
btppeoed.. Soma ut ttaess papers still
maintain lhat ihe goveninient has heen
bopolesaly corrnju uml thai Its return
Is a slgu tluil British Columbia's political honor Is in a low ebb. None of
them SHBert that the s-lcciors have been
debauched and the assertions of most.
If not all, of those who still harp upon
tho string of thc exploded scandals
raised by the opposition show only how
determined lhe Liberal press can be In
Its assaults upon the success of any section of the Conservative parly.
The amount of iitnoianee betrayed by
the eastern press about the affairs of
BrlllBh Columbia both ooiumei-claHy and
politically would be uiiiuhIiik were li not
painful to reflect on the fact that tli.-se
papers are taken seriously by tlu-ir own
readers and an entirely false roncepilon
of the situation In this province Is ore-
���led by their nUstStaloments.
Responsibility for these conditions is,
however, not hard lo fix. It lays exclusively at the door of the corrupt ami venal
prt-oa of British Colombia, whose whole
���xlHtenci- has seoined to center in prolonged efforts at calumny and a traducing of i)i-lt:sb Columbia's public men,
Willi rare exceptions there haa never
been In the blalory of Journalism In
Canada such an unscrupulous rcBort to
flttlon antl falsehood as has character
ized the attitude of the Liberal press toward the government. Tho other prov*
lnces. for the most part Innocent of tho
meaning of such violent and persistent
attacks except in the case of the Dominion government where tliey known
to be due, have of course assumed that
there must have been some justification for them, and not even now, that
the country has given the lie to the
wholesale slanders, will ihey be persuaded that the government has been
sustained on its merits. Fortunately
for the province of British Columbia
that section of its press whose whole
career has been one of political dishonor and sneaking methods of the
worst sort has sunk so low in the respect of lhe people that its inflence will
never more be felt, at least not until
by years of retraction and honest Journalism, tbey reestablish themselves In
public confidence.
Some excuse can be made for -he eastern press especially when as in lhe caso
of the Toronto Globe there would set-m
to be a disposition to discredit the re-
pt-rts which misled it ln some of its
foolish attacks upon the provincial administration. The Globe In one instance
errs eggreglously when It Bays "The
questions shown up by tho opposition
do not Heetii to have weakened the gov-
einmeiii und that Is the uiiforiunute
feature of tbe result." Did tlle Globe
but know that the electorate of Hritish
Columbia, the people right on the
ground and who took every opportunity
to familiarize themselves with the facts
respecting "the questionable transactions" alleged by the opposition, found
that the allegations of the opposition
were unworthy methods of political warfare and fnctlotiB methods of criticism
and for this reason, perhaps as much
as any other, sel their face against the
appeals of the Liberals. Had the campaign of Hlander boen Bhorter and had
llie government had less lime In which
to disclose the Inner nature of every
transaction concerning which Ihe opposition chargeil inconipets'iice, mismanagement and corruption the results
might have been different. Forlunately
for the government the campaign began
early and at every turn the government
made good. So that bo far as Influencing tho electorate was concerned tliat
part of t|ie campaign was over before It
really began.. This feature of tile Bltuation accounts for the Importation of
Mclnnes Into the arena of controversy
and for the descent of a Judge from the
pedestal of justice to take part in the
campaign. The opposition knew the
weakness of its personnel! and of its
previous attacks upon the government
and made the usual resort to fresh blood
in the hope that by the importation of
fresh issues it might prevail. These
tactics also failed for the reason that
methods which rule ln the East are unacceptable lo the sturdy Independence
of the West.
After Btiulng that "The chief theme
discussed was the claim of the province
to a larger subsidy"���a statement which
is as far from the fact as could well be
���the Globe goes on to say "That the
richest of ull the provinces fs most
urgently In need of an Increased federal
grant seems to indicate that the weakness of the system Is developing at tbo
coast. The other provinces are fully
warranted in demanding proof that tho
public heritage haB been and is being
administered in the public interest before yielding to any demand for a larger
subsidy, and that attitude should not be
influenced or affected by any considerations of party triumph or defeat."
This reasoning is specious in the extreme and unworthy the Globe. The
province of llrltlsh Columbia did not
make an appeal for the Increase of federal subsidies on the ground
that it was in distreBs of
need. It based its request for revision of the subsidies on the claim that
it is not receiving Kb fair and just share
In the distribution of these. In this appeal or claim both sides of the legislature and the entire electorate are agreed
and ihre is no parly question involved.
When ti.e Globe says "The other prov.
inces are full? warranted in demanding
proof that the public heritage is not bo-
Ing wasted," It Is p.uning the strongest
possible warrant upon the attitude
which was taken by Premie. McHrlde
ot the lnter-provlncial conference. The
piemier asked for a commission before
which all the facts might be laid and
the whole question submitted to the arbitrament of a specially appointed committee whose business it would be to examine into and verify the claims.
Furthermore, the implied charge that
the administration has been extravagant is flippant in the extreme, for the
Liberal papers of British Columbia, with
one accord, have been charging the government vociferously with parsimonious-
ness excessive economy and everything
In the category of administrative acts
except extravagance.
The Globe has not been happy in its
attempted criticism of the affairs of
thc government of this province and we
respectfully Btiggest that It have respect
unto one of the paragraphs of Its own
article, which says '"The management
of Hritish Columbia's affairs Is not a
matter for other provinces to discuss."
Apparently the Ottawa government
intends to deal with the labor problems
of the country in their own way and
will make the Issuo a straight party
one. Their detennlnaiion Is evidently
to go no further than the enactment of
a measure for compulsory conciliation
and InvestigaUon. The attitude of the
member for S'analnio who said. "It is
Impossible to interfere by force of law
In labor disputes." may lie laken as
she attitude of the governmenl and
while opposition members complained
that the proposed legislation Is unsatisfactory hecause it does not go far
enough the government has lntlmater
ihat such legislation Is all the country
will get. Thus Ihe Liberal party is
again declaring Itself and thc declaration is not such as to inspire further
confidence in the minds of laboring
men. The Liberal party is corporation
and syndicate bound and Its feint st
legislation shows how cowardly and
weak it Is.
Thero has never been a time In lhe
history nf Canada wbou the strong arm
of tlie law waa more necessary to In-
leifero between striving corporations
ansl Btruggllng laborers.
The phrase, "compulsory Investigation," sounds well and ls a slight step
In advance of previous lerlslallon, but
'be term, "compulsory conciliation," Is
as hollow and m'snlngl'-fs as the pretences of tho government
The plea that the country Is not
ready for more drastic legislation Is a
sham because It Is the duly of every
government lo enact such legislation as
will protect tho rights of the peoplo
wbs'ther tho country Is ripe lor such
leglBlatlon or not. Under the reglmn
of the Laurler government It will be a
lM| Ume before the country will be ripe
lor advanced and progreSBive leglslallon
upon any subject but In tlle mennllme
the people must content IhemBClveB
with the reflection thut they havo
placed and maintained lhe Liberal parly
In powor that they must Buffer the consequences of their folly.
A careful perusal of lbe Ottawa debate In another column of this paper
will bIiow how eminently fair is tho attitude of the opposition by comparison,
it is not difficult to judge who Is ln
Ihs right
The Victoria Week has an excellent
cartoon modeled after the famous
phonograph advertisement entitled "Mis
Master's Voice. *%ho cartoon represents the Phonograph labelled as "The
Ottawa Machine," while In wrapt attention before the^peaklng funnel stand
two great quadrepeds with speaking
face resemblance to W. W. B. Mclimes
and J. A. Macdonald. The crouching
and humble attitude and expression of
the listeners is a tribute to lho correctness of the Bltuation and the artist's
ability to draw well.
Lritlsh Columbia's example In this
content Is something for the other provinces to follow. Not one of them
should permit the grasping and dishonest Ottawa concern to get lis nrlp or
to retain its grip upon ihs> provincial
government. The graft and dishonesty
practised at Ottawa onghl to bs- eon-
fined to that point until, by a general
rising of the people, we can wipe these
evils out once and forever.���Ottawa
Slily tmft alter date llntend lo ap .y to th.
Chief Co5mlaitonor ssl i..n.is ��ss i �� .rk< lor
pemlailo* to ].sir,-h����e lhe follow n�� deicribjd
laud: Bi'tmu-slonthe east aide ol Arrow UU*
in tte West Kootenay diitris-i. about �� iam
above Ilurfii City. commencing ��t �� I*"" P'"J*
ed al Use i.iitlissi-l i-ssrner ol I    ������� UM * pur-
ohsue, thenoe wi *-w ehalus.. theses 0"r�� ��
chains., tbonce wml -*" ehain., ihenM -"u;b����
i-hssusss to point of iisinmenceuieut ssssl sssuiain-
lug miners >l ns.srssor leaa.
January 18, 11*07. ........
A Texas woman who believes in the
simple life, ownes a million acres. She
resides forty miles from her front gate,
and her back yard is 60 miles wide.
The neighbors do not borrow the morning paper from here, nor do any of their
children play in her back yard.���Miner.
It has been suggested lhat the reason
the ankle bas been placed between the
foot and the knee is to keep the calf
from the corn.
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
Price $2,000.00
H. E, Croa-lsdaile & St
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Take notice that thirty daya after date I intend to applj" to the Chief CommlMloner of
UMdl and Worki at Vietoria for permission to
out and taste away timber frnm thu following
described landi lu Weit Koolanay:���
No 1.���Commencing at a post planted at the
southwest eoruer of timber licence No. 7SJ1;
theuce east torty cbalni; thence north eighty
cbalm; tbence eait WD chains, thence south to
northern boundary of timber 11* en ��� K-MH-.theuct.
weat along said northern boundary to
the nortb-west comer of aald license;
then south to the northern boundary
of timber licenee WIS; thenee west to
a point due south of the polntof com mem-men t;
ihence north to the point of commencement.
January L.th, IW7
No. 2.���Commencing at the northwest corner
of timber licenae tm.'I , thenre south to thc northern boundary of timber license 7018; tbenre west
to the north-west corner of said timber ,,.-ni-.
tbence iouth to the northern bonndary of tot
M2; thence following said boundarv nf said
lot west to the right of way of the 11, C. Houthern Hallway; thenee following said right of way
In a north easterly direction to the *, 'ace of commencement.
January l'.i   IW7.
No. 3���Commencing at a southeast Oom rof
limber Itcenie No. 7821.about fifty ehains - imi,
oi Iho right ot way of the B <\ southern Kail-
way 'then-recast lfio chains; thence north fortv
chains; thence west 100 chatm.; ihence south
forty chaius to place of commencement.
January IMh, 1907,
No -I.���Commencing at a post planted at the
intersection of the louthern boundary ofthe
right of war of the fi. C- Southern Kailway, and
the eastern boundary of lot ��� lKT; thence iouth
to the northern boundary of license application
No Si thence tail IfiO chalnn; thence nr rlh to the
southern boundary of timber license Ho, "I9A;
ihence following the southern boundary of said
Mcenae westerly about sixty chains, more or 1cm
to an eastern boundary of said llcente; thence
.'outb forty chains; thence west eighty chains;
then north to the rufat of way of the B C.
���-outhern Railway, thence following said right
of way ln a southwesterly direction to the place
.���I beginning.
January IMh, 1K07
No. 6.���'ommenclng at a poal planted at the
southwest corner of timber license "���������'������ thence
west sixty chaini more or less to a point due
-"inh of the southeast corner of license application No. 8; tbence north slxf chains more or
iesi to the iouth bouudary of llceOH application
No 4; thence north lo the Dortheaat corner of
iald license application Nol; thence eolt tothe
southeast corner of timber license 71W; thence
north forty chains more or lens u> a  point due
wtet of too north-weel corner of timber license
ttatl thenre fast to tic* Dortbweet corner of -old
Umber license No. (So*.; theme w.uth lao chains
to the point of commoncemont
January 1Mb, Hk-C.
No, ft ���rommeneing at a MO| ��� .*��� *. tod st the
southeast corner of timber Mediae flf*-.;**.*., ibmce
*--,*���! :.j 'In* --.'.tlr-it-M corns! of license applica-
tlon No. 8; ibtOM nortii lo southern boindary
of lleenie application So. is; thence weit to tbu
riorihwait corner of license application No 1;
thenr* -sonth to the northern fceundary of
ii in her license ��W>; thence eait to tha northern'
Corner of tlmltcr Uee me VAh; thence south
thirty chains; thence east to tbe west boundary
of timber .i-.-n*.* \'M. tbenei* north to thc place
of beginning.
January l/itli. 1907
No. ".���Commencing at a -post plantcil at the
northeaat cornqr of timber license Mi*; thence
south forly chains more or less to the north
boundary of timl*r license tw. theuce east lfio
chains; lbence north forly chains moreor less to
a point due east of the southeast corner of timber license WW; thence weit lfio chains to ihe
place of beginning.
January 1Mb, 71*07.
So. *.~Commencing at a post planted at the
northeet-t corner of timber lleermp Ko, 4'dfi;
thence sonth eighty chains; thence ctittcighty
chaln*; thanee nortb eighty chains; thence west
eighty chains to place of commencement-
January b.th,1ft>7.
No tf,���Commencing at a post planted at tba
soiitheaitcortier of timber .license N'T*, theuce
imrtb eight? chains; lhetice east eighty chains;
i l-cin-c north 13(i eh- int more or less to the north
���-hi* I lorniT uf licfiiin ;ip|-!lcHtion No. 7| theuce
west tu southeast corner of timber license No,
tolK; thenoe north to thu southern boundary uf
license application No. >'���: thence easl to
the west boundary of ttmbur lloenil No.
H,.42; thencu aouth to the southwest eoruer of timber license mm.!, thonue west
to tb nortbweit corner of timber llueuse No.
���MS] thence aoutb to the northeait corner of
timber license No ttw! thence West eighty
chains; theuce south to a point due eaat of the
aoutheast corner Of tlmlwr llcenao **V*I7; tbence
weit to place of commencement.
January 1Mb, 1907
No lo.���Cotntnenclngeta poit planted at tho
noutJieaat corner of timber license 8419; thenee
south eighty chaini) thonce weit to the east
boundary oM-ot 813; theuce north tothe southern boundary of timber licrme No. 7018; theuce
east to the loutbeait corner of timber license
7018; thence north to tbe south boundary of umber Hoe nee tb49\ thence eait to plaoe of oom-
January IMh, 1W7,
P. UmP, Looator,
Oak itcDouoAi-i., Agent
Sixty dafs nfler dale 1 intend lu apply ��" 'he
Hon. Chiel Commissioner o' I-amll and Works
to purchase Ifl a��Tes of land, commencing at a
post marked It. H's N K corner post j.'auied at
the N. w oorner of <>��� vv. Steele1! data oo the
west side of A now lane, nbout i.mr miles above
Hm ton clly, t heme west 40 chains, Ih.-H-H! wuth
4ft.fi.:chains, thence east 40 chains, ihence north
-M.:..' t*lia iih tOplMfl Of beginning, containing IK
��erei, inwro or v--
Daud 4Hb day of Nov.jia*.  Bvaop m wm.
I    i:    A-NNAtOI     V'l'l
Notloi la hereby gl?eo mat twi uhi iftjw
dat.- we Intend wepply lo lhe ' blel ��� -mi-ns-
aloueror UlidhHiid ttoikhb-ra lease ol all that
lau I be'tog tbe loreebore -adjoiniuk Mn* ( iinadlan
Pacific tfailuav -Shipyard on lbe woet, cart of
I��t ;��A. group 1. and being ou tin* south shore
ol  the WMl nrm ol   Kooicimy   I-alic  in   the dlk-
rlctof Kootenay:  Oommenelng at tbi Mather
ly cirat r of 1 >t7'oft4, group I; tlu-nce along the
hontn western- boundary of lot 7i6t aiol  tlie ei-
teuton thereof* in a north weiterly direction, a
dletaaeeOf 4W  feet;   tbeuce at  right  ancle*  to
aald bonndary Lsatooth weetetly direction, a
diet*nee of Ul.'i feet, more or less, to the north
eaiterly boundary of tbe City Park, continued;
tbonce parallel to aaid westerly boundary of lot
7064, In a soulb easterly direction, a distance of
.W0 feet, more or less, to the northerly bouiii.arv
oflotsBAt tbence following tbe northerly boundary ol lot MA In a north eaiterly direction to the
point of Commencementi the area being 3.34
acres, more or lees.
_ Dated this 7th day of January. A.D . 1907.
Go dayt afterdate 1 Intend to apply to the Hon.
Chief Commissioner of Landsand works to pur-
chase IMl acres ofand located In Plre Valley being purt of bectionsH and 10 Township <i9, and
described af follows: Commencing tit a j>oit
marked F. W. J. S. K. comer and planted at ibe
northwest corner of Win. Williams' pm chase;
ihence west tOonalnil thence north (W chains;
theuce east *>u cbaiUe; thence south HO I'lmiuf lo
place of beginning.
November Brd 1906.
K. W. jORntrf,
 J. E, AwtaaUt, Agent.
CO days after date 1 intend to apply to tbe Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, to purchase B70 acres of land: Commencing at a posi marked Q. W. fi. N* & Oornei
posi and planted on the west shore of Arrow
lake adjoluing Lot BT8 ou the south side of said
tot, thence weit80 ebalus along the southern
boundary of I��t tit*, theuce south WJSS chains;
tbence east ��u chains more or less to lake shore;
thence north along lake shore to plat,** of beginning.
Dated 29lb day of Nov. 1906.
(itn. W SnutL,
    3. H. AKNSHl.t. Agent.    _
Sixty davs ;'.:���: date I loteuJ to appjv to the
Hon. Chief Commissionerof 1-ands and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 160 acres of land located in
Kire Valley, being part of Beotloni Three and
Kotir, Townihlp Ai and described as follows:
Commencing at a post planted at Wjliiem
Williams' ti. W. corner, and marked *'K. K. Wf
N, K. corner," and ruuniug 4u chains wett,
thence 90 chains south, tbence SOchalOl east,
theuce 40 chalm south, thence Al chains cast,
theuce 60 chains noith to place of begiuniug.
November '.Mrd, 1906. Hose K w'ii.i.IaM,
 J. K. AWUgtJ, Agent.
Notice ts hereby gl\eu tbat 60 days alter date I
Intend toapply to ibe Honorable the ''mel Commissioner of IJWM- and Works for permisalon to
purchase the following described lands: Commencing at a post placed 20 chains wesl of tbe
loutbeant eorner of Lot IMS- marked "K. A Hell's
northwest corner," tbenee south KO chains,
ibenee east -'���- tbains, theuce north 1�� chains,
tbence weat aOchains to polut of eommeucement,
containing 40 acres, more or leas.
Located this6th dayof Nov ,1906.   R. A. Bill.
mj.iv days after date 1 lutend to apply to tae
Hon. Chief Commissioner ot I_audl and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 480 acres of land, In Fire
Valley, weit Kootenay j Commencing at a post
plauied 60 chains west of the h. W, corner of J.
Koblusoti's pre-emp'l<iu. and marked W. W's >'.
E. corner, and running west 60 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thenoe ea*t 60 chaiua, theuce
north SO chains to piai-..- of beginning
Nov. lbtb, WOt, WlUL���m W��XUm
           J. K. A*jUa_a, Agent.
Sixty daya after date I intend lo applv to tbe
Hon. the Chief CommlMloner of Landsand Works
to purchase I60��er�� ��f land: Commenciug at a
poat planted on thc Weal side of m mfle creeg,
on wagon road, alt-nit two aud one b��lf milea
from Kootenav lake, aud marked "Neil Me-
Kechnle's H. Weat corner poel," thence east 40
chain", thence uorth 40 chains, ihenee weel 40
chains, thence south 40 chaiua, to pia- (. of com*
Looated thll I0th day of NoTember, 190ft.
  Wan M<KibHMi
sixty dan altar dato I purpoee making application lo the Honorable the 1'hlef Coin mlssloner
d Lands and Works for permission to punhaM
he following described land: Commi-
i poll Pll
narked ���
the following dtecrfbed land:   CorniiHiicliig
a poll nlaeed <it IhcH, W corner of Ui\ 6KB aud
marked "F. U. F.'a" N. W. corner, ihence following thc southern boundary Lot 61)00. (A chains
moreorless east to tbe west boundarv of Uit
���-���"I, theuce following aame south 30 chains to
ibe north boundary of Lot6Wr; thenee about 70
chains west along aald boundary to tbe lake
shore; thence north 30 chains more or less following the lake ahore to point of commencement, containing KI7 acres more or less.
Dated Deccmbe   17th, 1W7.
, F. n Fa twin.
Notice Im hereby given that sixty uayi after
date 1 Intel 4 to apply bi lbe Hon -tbe Chief
commissjoni rof Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following deeerlbed taud
situated lu the Weil Kootenay district: ('mn-
meneing et a poel planted at the "N.K corner
of L. 1'oriers's pre-emption,' and riiiinnig
ihenc*   easi    io chains; lbence south -Hi chains;
tbenoe weet40 ehaiiui thenoe north 40 chnins,
to place of commencement, oontainlng lfio acres,
more or less
December:*), IWW.
Hsithv pw*>Mj Locator,
i _    M- B- MiVi'AiiKia. Ak.-iii
Notice It. hereby given (hat suty daya alter
dale I inlcnd to upp v to tlte Honorable the
chief Commissioner of ]yinds and  Works, for
permlulon to purr hn*�� tbi* following deicrlbed
lands  Minuted   111   lhe   Weft   Kooti-iisy  tilstrbl-
Commeneing at a posi marked **ii h south
weet oorner," end nortb of a b Lijcbi-i, pur
chase cl-im, on Hand Greet] theuco north u
chuln*; thence eut 20 chalna; thence soulb 40
chains; thenc ^ii chains went to point Of commencement, OOP tattling 40 acrea, more or lesa.
December 20, JWfi.
llKKM   FfsViiKN,
 M, It. Mc>rn*i��, Agent.
Hixty dH>s after date 1 intend lo apply t��� uJt,
Chief Commissioner of I.n i,.!*- mil Work* lo pur*
chase tiio a'rea of land, located In Lower AfroW
Lake. West Kootenay: Commeiicltig al u post
planted Ht the "S.W. .om<*r of Am-iv Lake
Indian Iteserve"; thenin- south HO chains; i i-u.,.
west to chains; thence north tt) chalus; ibenee
cast h0 chains, to place ol beginning.
LOMtad *th day fl December. IVUA.
C  Hgwgu.
 . , I^M'ator.
Hilly days after dele 1 .niend loapply to the
Hon <(ie( hliit ouiiuis*|oucron_iiiid�� and Works
to purchase 'M0 acres nf land: tiotflinenelng at a
post marked "H.T H'stoutheasl i orner poat"
���i.i.| post l�� iuk at the nortlieast corner of (leo
Hudson's pre-umpiiou Qlalm, about two ml lea
southeast of Hurton city, thence west 40 .bains
���OUlb 20 ebalus, west 40 chains, north to ebalna
cast |0 chains, south '* chains to plane of commencement, containing 24u acrea.
Ideated Ith <lay of Nov its si,   Ngrrig T, IImr.
Victoria, lo purchase 40 Uliaof JaiTd.Jt'tAated
on tbe west side of Arrow Uke, nboui Mt toilet
below Hurton, and described as followa; commeuelng at n jmihI planted at the northeast
corner of Lot 7H70, and ruuning north 20 chains;
thenre west ttt chains, Ihinee aouihKO chains
lbence east ao chains to p)��ce of beginnlnir
Nov. llth, 1��00. "||  K.lHl.L,
      J- K ANNAHi.it, Agent.
NotiBe la nereby given thHt On daya aftor date f
lulend toapply to lhe Honorable lhe chief Commissioner of Unds and Works for pernilaalon to
purchase the following deaorlbed lands iltuate
about 10 milea east of the City ol Nelaon. on the
aouth ahore of the West Arm of Kootenay lake
end onmmencug at a poet placed about irt) ohalni
���outh of the southeast corner of Loi SMI, marked
���'8. Tliomas' N. W corner," thencf aouth 90
chalna, theuce .-ast 20 chains, thenee north V
chalna, thence west 90 chaini to [��oint of com
Dated this Bth day of Not., 1901.    g. Taonai
Hiity days after dale 1 Intend toapply to
Hon. Chlof Commissioner of Lands andWol
ANHEUSER   ����� ^ ��S
BUSCH...    Budweiser
DISTILLERS, 12 aiid 20 years old,
NELSON       ���0,"AaSRS.K,?rW-h    VICTORul
The Hall Mining and Smeltj
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
tenth   Rossland ANN^i
Winter   Carnival
Five   Days
Feb. 12, 13, 14, *5an<n.j
i "irand Truphlea and I-'.WjQ In prUea       T*��o Hauda In Atteiidanre
HOCKKY���Intonintionnl nnd Inter-Provinc-inl ^imp.fmihiie
HKOWBHOKn?0���Ohampionahlp or British Colnmbia
TOBO(f(iANINC���A mflfl n minute down tba "ZIP"
SKI-IMI���.lumping aad EUdug.   ClumipionKhin of Cnnadi
8KAT1N(�� HACKS-- For Chanipinnnbii> of British Columbia
CURLINd���A Provincial B��tfpll 1
Morsc-Karinic.       Mitn-nicradlrijc.      Ttus-of-War and other intercidnf etenli
Ked need railway ratea on all line
J. 8. C. Fraaer. 1'residenl
For further |��rtlc*utar> apply to
��1 Mate the Kinu E. A dual, net
Noti'-t- || hereby glren that -so thxn alter date I
Intend to anu t" the Honorable the Chief Com-
mlttlonei 01 Lands and Worki, Victoria. B. C..
lor nermlieJon b> purchase thafeUowiai denrib-
e*l land, situated In tbe Weat Koott-uay district,
OD lbe weat side of I uhamel lot All Mile) oreek*
on ne'er side of wagon road, about IMnt-UOl
fro n West Anu ot Koolenay lake: t umnieuclug
at a post marked Mrs Hattie Dock's N K. corner, running W chalus west; tbence 30 chains
south; thence �� chains east; tbence 3D chains
north, to the point of commencement, containing ou acrea of laud, more or leaa
Dated the 17th -November 1��M
Nu  Hum Im   i.
Johh t.  TaT&DR, Agent
���sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Comtplailpnor of Ltndi and Work*,
\ ietorle, to purehaae UO acrea of land abont two
miles below Hurton Clly, Weat Kootenay, commeuelng at a poal marked "J. A Irvlng's eaat
s orner poat." said po*t beu| on the easterly end
of an Island weat Of lit Wn, and clalmiug all the
land contained in aald island. Wing about one
mile In an eaaterly and westerly direction and
about*)chain* from north tn aouth.
November llth, PM. J. A, leviM),
J H. AfKABLr. Ageni.
SUty dava afterdate 1 intend to apply to the
QOn. thief Commissioner of Unda and Worka,
Victoria, to purebaae 1J0 tt rea ol laud located
< u tbe westsbleof Arrow lake and IvIiik directly
north of I>_t 71*70: Commetielrif at a poat plants)
���a the > K. eoruer ol Lot Vfib and marked "H li.
��, E jorner," and running north 'Ai chain*,
ihence weat 20 chaius, thence north -Orhajna,
tlience weat % chalna. thence south m <>balns,
ihence eaat tH chains, to nlarr- of beglnntnii.
NoT.lMih.lMl. Bibh* flubi.
J.E. Aio*iBi.i Agent.
Noilce la hereby given tbat 60 days alter date, I
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Coiamitttonei
id Lands end Works (or pennluton to purehaae
the following deaeribed land In Wesi Rootenay
district; Commencing *t a post marked Mrs. V.
A W neon's corner post, planled at the norlheast
orner of Section IT, Townsite 7, running aouth
4-> chalna, theuctt weat Hi chalna, theuee norlh 40
cliaina, thence east 40 chains to place of commencement, containing UB acres, moreor ieu
Dated Nov. ��, IW. Mas. V. A  Wiuon
J  WXUm, Agent.
Notice Is hereby glren tbat fin daya atter dati I
Intend loapply lo the Honorable the Chief <*om-
inl��aloner of Lauda and Worka for permlaalon
In purchase ihu acres of land, ioiuate on the Little
Jloyle river about i mile (mho International
boundary and iV-ut 1 mile Irom Hprkjuie Inter-
11'itionil Ry.: Commvodni ht a reel merited
i' tirant a H F_ corner post. Ibenee wen io
i.baiua; th.-nce uorih ��i ebalnii ibaopi eeal N
chains; Utfnoe north Jl chalna;  tbi'iicr .'nA 6u
i'hhiiia, thfti.-t aonth Mirbalui mi plan ot coin
miuoOioent, eoute'ninj 2M aorei ol lund.
LiH-aU'd Dot, .tuih ItsjH.
Dunn c.aaiTT.
Hixty days afterdate I Intend lo apply to tbe
Ho.iorabe the (hlel l'oii,mlaalon��f td Valid-and
, 'i1. V, xlP'"p'V,V.��",n,"IU4' lfl" **'���'��' "' land,
located In Fire \ alley aud deacrlbed aa follow**
(���'nniiiieiK'Inir eta pnat mailed 0, H. Uu���'a N w'
corner, snd planted it the houthwcsi oorner oi
lot lilh, and ruuning south Ho eliains, tlu-nce
cut Ji ehalns, tlience north Mi chalna, thenca
west 'JO ebalna to place of beginning
Nov. 1Kb, 1906. TJSfc H  McMii.uk,
J. K. AHNABI.lt, Agent.
Hilly daya after date I Intend lo apply to th��
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Unda and
Worki to purehaae 140 a<*rea of land, located lu
Ure \ alley, on west hide of Arrow lake <*oro.
incneiug at a post planted 40 chains west of the
miiihweit corner of J. Koblnmn'i prcemtdion
and marked J. Wa 8, K. corner, and rnnon*
north KO chains, thence neat ho chains tbeuce
south tt chains, thence east m chalus to place of
Not. IHtb, 1W6. jANIC WttUUU;
J. E. annahlk. Agent.
HUty days after dete I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Unds aud Worka fur
permlaaloii to purchase the following deacrlbed
landsiiiii Kootenay District, about three-ouarlers
of mile trom Thrum's siding: Cotnmeu.W at a
pOlt Placed at lbe H,W. corner of L BM, grouo
. Weal Kootenay flialrlcl; theuce wehter ���
following the north boundarv Of LtfM 4)
chains; theuce north 10 cliaina; tbenoe euttt
chains, moreor less, tothe N. W corner ,Vt
Lmsi tbuee south following the west boundafe
oi Lflte, lo Statu, more or fttt, to Seee of mi2
DienoenUAt conuinlng 4n acre��, more or lesa
hated this 6th day of Worn ber. iww.
_ h. ji. I'liTs, tabitoff,
nog i niei commissioner oi Unds aid Worki.
Victoria, to purehaae J��o acres of land, liM-Hted on
tho weat tide of Arrow lake, about flyemileifce.
low Burton CHy, end deeerfbod aa follows -rom
mencing at a pott marked "F. fi. B'lanuthaasSi
corner.-'end be/ngrtchalnieastof the t o ,we.
corner of Lot jniej tbenco nnrthttcheluaj e* i
westjfl chains; tben(�� aoutb �� ehalns; tbenm
east 40 chains to the place of bealnaini
NoTemborHth.IWfc. ���*����**m
Hlity daya after date I intead '������ ijf.ti
Honorable the Chief 'ommlMloD��ifliil|
Worku for permlulou to purthasf tttki
r*l^arrliH-*d lauds in   Kootenay dirtrtt 1
mencing at a poat marker! J A. Anukmq
eaaf  comer poat, tald pott bet
aide of the Lower Arrow   *-*���*. >*��� .i:i.|
below   Burton   City:   theme mdk if
theuce wear HO chalna;  tnem^ mttM
tbeuce west.'-*) chains; tliroce n-ansl^
and   20   link*,   more nr Ie��s to the ia
thence tMaterJy alnng lsk��e'chaloi. u
to the place of begiuniug, conuitutfM
more or tela.
l>��ted thla&th day of Noismbfr.M
) tir'
p��r K. L hvwet, I
Notice la hereby give" lhat miy *M
dau-1 intend to make gppHceUneteifl
abb* *���':���]. ! Tom nil salon er id Lauji toi **\
VutifTia H.t;.,forMfmlaaloalefBt.
lowlna described land, slluate In '
West Koolenay district: roumriiritglfl
Planted at Ibe'KiUIbVeal rurner of JoM
insoira pre-emption, fnarkrd B,1 K i * Ifl
post. ;b.*;i- .* to rhains west, lbllK��#f
north, thence 40 chains eait ti.Jo*bDike|
northwest conicr. tnence K'Utbtfektlnli
of commencement, containlnii !".��(.:���.*
lees. ,
l>ated tb s .3rd day Of Nov., Ift*.
K I. Ill
6" day* afterdate I intend ���   *.;;.; u
Chief Comnlasloncr of Und* tid wet
toria, to purehaae '24U acres of u
Fire Valley and beluga portion tlm
and 16 In Township09 end describe! at
Cotnmcnctng at a post planted at lie i
corner   of   the aoutlicaRt quarter ol *
Township   6<t and   marked  J (1
tbence norlh 40chalm; thenc* wit el
thence south 40 chain*; theuce eut-Ha
place of beginning
November ��lrd 1VU6.
Notice la hereby given tnatOOdiyjjME
inU'ud to apply to the Bonotnbh tflecifj
mlaaloner of Unda and Worka I" put**���
acrea ul land deacrlbed a* (ollewtl l-��_t__u
at �� post planted on the north bell ��_H
Moyle river, about ��W yar-lsfrcmB
niarked -'K McUan'a I W unfj
tbtnae east W chain". IbeaM ni-rthe���
tbeuce weat tW chaiua, ih- i.*-' ��>"!h l*"iLJ��
place of rommcocemeul,*u<lcootaiiiint,*s|
pn or leaa ,.  ,
Located Hth day (Kt., 1��*      Kon �����
Hllty days after dale I lutetil to spffj
'flonoruMs the) blel CnmmlulonBiMUjB
W���rka. Victoria, lo mirthawWScmej
locaiod and ileacr1l��ed a* followi: - '>��**}
*t a MMI plauied al tb* n.ittli��i,;''',rJJj
Itobmaou'ii pre-rmptioii in IH* ^ ��li'"' ,_Il
fir* mih- rrom KTwarrt Ui lln*i,w_Sff
Arrowlaktt and mexkid f oe* ��*���*���
running weat 00 t-hain*. thnn <��� ��.*u li v
thence cast rO chains, thenoe **��,,l,!l *,
thenoi ����*��i tO ohalaii tbencenorufl
place of beginning . ,
Nov   llth,lVU6. **'*].*_.
Notice la herabr given that friilaj*.
iniend to apply t# the Hon.��'hi' *M ,,|ft���Kl
Undaand Wofft, Victoria, for |��fl**B|
obaw theioiiowTeg deeerlbed U��4 "*J
tbcWcst Kootenav dlstrl.t   i*n ��e��"|
Dnhamal (or R|x Mile) treek, mh ^3
about ihree miles from Kootena* ���� a
inenelng at a poal marked '���JemilJ ��������
poat," running 'AO chalna east, tt��D��"|
tmrth, thenoe �� chain* west, &***.*?
south, to the point of coiiiiii''��'i*tf*"1**"
Ine 10 ai-rea of laud, man or ll
Dated llth Norember, iwa. . _
per John K, Tsvi/.s,Att^
Hiity daya after date I Intend tfttHgfl
Honorable the Chlof CommUHon��rw��ffl|
Works for permission to purchase IM WM
deaeribed land* in Koolenay <l*ui_r?Z
dug at a post marked "A. J Dl '"km
corner poaf;" aald post belov "��'"* ' ,��?
erly ahore of the Uwer ajnoal*t***M
due east, ou the northeaat oornvJ'JU
Oroup I; thence norihrt) ohelni I ������"".rL.S
roup i; ineioe norm wsbruvi "__,'_], ill
aouth W chains, more or le*. to tB"!fia|
theuce followlug said shore m K<��S"aV|
direction-M chains, mon oi I'*��2"?m
uvslniilna, cmitalulug Itn ern-s ����'��     I
Dated ihiH Mh day ol KOTeftbfT,J JJ'*j E
nerK  UB0��*W'
Notke ls hereby given lhal M ''���/'".jSI
I Intend, to apply to the ��oDO��W��L*effl
t.'itmmlasloner of Lauds and v*   '���*'
alon kl nnrchaac the following ,'*'ir ., �� f
Kootenay   district:      Ccinimeni Wi J1  Jf
marked r<3. If. Wallace's ntUtbweitw"gff
aald post belOff on the eaaterly tv"   rW._
Arrow   lake,   and   at tho  woiiUiwe-I.KBM
I'orter'a pre-emption claim; lMnw_!( 5 itrn^M
thenco south M chains, theuce *W_7BM
thenco south M ohalni. then'.; **_\7__\_\
moreor leu to the Arrow lake. ����a,*aif
eeateriy direction *0obatun. ��,"r'".,, o��*1
p]*e* of begttilling, contelnlng l�� l>1 rMl     '
Dated this mb dayol October,T-"*'WiuA*|
��- bli Hint. Khumtm L W��* The Duly Canadian
To Consumers of Coal
and Wood
The undersigned beg to notify the public that:
On and after the ist February, 1907, orders for Coal
and Wood will only be executed when accompanied by
CASH. This course has been rendered imperative owing
to the largely increasing list of our customers and the
fact that we pay IN ADVANCE for all fuel (including
freight). We find we must either adopt the CASH
SYSTEM or RAISE the price of fuel���the latter course
we are reluctant to pursue.
Thanking our patrons for past favors and trusting
(nr continuance of friendly relations,
We are, yours obediently,
Xelson, B.C., 31st January 1907.
����Em Fine Eiderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
Saa Our Varlaty of aoo I'lisiur.. Pram-ad In tha
Uataat Sty.aa.
Standard Furniture Company
Msusjii it HI-H-h Plinsii.
".lerrooor Maltresuea.
Marahell staissLrj Mattreuei.
Complete Hotuc Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
Ladle.' and Chlldre'n Club anew Shoei  $1,75 per pair
A NEW BOOK by a wall known Canadian Journalist. "The Camerona
ol Bruce." by R. L. Richardson J1.25; postage 10c
Our Mall Order Department Is at your aervlce.
Canada Drug & Book Co.
Novel   Confidence  Oame   Practised  on
Innocent Hayaeed.
Iroquois, Feb. 14.���A novel confidence
game ls reported from a tew miles out
in tbe country, which cost a farm-sr
12,000. A stranger arrived late at
night, who claimed to be a clergyman
locking for another gentleman of the
cloth living ln the vicinity. The farmer
extended hlx hospitality as a friend of
tho neighboring minister. Before they
retired, another knock was heard.
Again the farmer opened his door lo a
stranger seeking a clergyman who lived
a little further on. Finding his mistake
the stranger e^aculalel: "Well I want
to get married. The lady is ln the cutter with me." Tho fire t arrival con-
aented, on the Innocent suggestion of
tho fanner, to tie the knot, and the
farmer and his wife signed the certificate as witnesses. Now their nameB
are on a Joint note for J2.000.
Pulajanes on Rampage.
Manila, Feb. 14.-���Pulajanes attacked
and burned two towns ln the province
of Occidental Negros yesterday and
killed six members of the constabulary.
Two American teachers were reported
to be missing. No cause is known for
the uprising. Raids were made within
areas of 10 miles and schools were attacked and burned in several places.
The province of Occidental Negros has
been free from disturbances four years,
lt is believed that the raiders were
mountaineers avenging their hereditary
enemity against the coast towns.
hotel and the Riverside Methodist
church were burned yesterday. Loaa
Heaven will possess small attraction
for some women If there are no bargain
Drowned Body Recovered.
Ashcroft, B. C, Feb. 14.���The body
of Leonard McMillan, one of the victims of the drowning accident which
occurred November 6th., was recovered
yesterday a mile and a half south of
here.. The bodies of Hugh McMillan
and E. A. Etherbrldge are still missing.
Died for His Faith.
Kansas City, Mo... Feb. 14.���Bradford
H. Cox, a Sunday school worker and
evangelist, well known in Huston and
other cities, died yesterday from poisoning after eating oysters. His wife also
Is ill. He refuse! medical attendance
on the grounds of his belief.
The Dally Blaxe.
Pine Bluff, Ark., Feb. 14.���Five big
blocks of residences, the Third Avenue
Southern AlbertaOilFields
Every expert examining these Fields have declared
they are the coming Richest Oil Field in the World
Millions   of   Dollars   in Alberta   Oil Fields
******************************************** ����������������� *
The Canadian Northweat OU Company holds nearly 2,000 acres
iu the centre of the Known Oil Belt. At the present rate of development prices of shares will advance rapidly, and within a short
time will be selling for many times the present prices. The Stock
is uow Mtif** bought in Toronto and other Eastern centres���Spokane is also buyi. ft. We want the people of this district to share in
the good things oi this rich Western Canada of ours. To pour her
rich reasures into the lap of those who seek, we now offer a limited
amount of shares for developemcnt only at 50c. pet aharc to be
paid iu four instalments���25 per cent to be paid with application,
25 per cent in thirty days, 25 per cent in sixty days, the remaining
25 per cent in three months.
******** **tt*��*t********tt*t**t **********************************
Some men treat their wives kindly
because they are afraid to do otherwise.
There are many touching Incidents In
the career of chronic borrower.
Contractor to Undertake
Logging Contract, Delivering
2,000,000 Feet per Month.
Also First-class Mill Superintendent
Sec MouoUta Umbo lUouficturrn' Axdaiion
Send Applications to
Not more than 5,000 or less than 100 will be sold to
any one person.
���������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������<
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their ad.
vantage to use onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Pi~fS0K iiJst
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes,   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist  Baker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit,
Foci & Pooltry Co., Ltd.
N. E. eor. Baker and  Ward ata.
All Klnda of Heating Planta in Stock.
Victoria at., Nr. Opera Houae.     Ttl. 181.
T^e Stfatbcona
Nelson, B.O.
H. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood    Sample    Roonu.
A. M. Can. Soc. O. E.
Mining Work a epselslty.
Offl-ce: llcaley Building.   P. O. Box
Btktr at, NBL80N, B. C.
A* McDonald & Co.
Peal-eni in -staple and fancy Groceries
Bntter, Kggs.
damp and Miners' flupllaa.
Queen's Hotel
Basel street, Helm. B. 0,
Lighted by Eleotrioitj* and
Heated by Hot Air
Lerge aad Comfortable Bedroom, end Fltlt-
eleee imd ine Boom. Sample Booms for com mer-
tul Mn.
MBS. >. C.CLARKE. Proprlotrea
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall end Vernon,
two bloofci from wharf.
Kitei |l.00*per day and up.
fc&Sg.'k      NELSON. B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
Tali hotel bai been completely renovated and
newly furnished with all modern equipment*.
Hot water hefting throughout.
AATES -. Rooma, 50c.  upwards ; meali   28c.;
apeclal ratea by the week.
J. A. ERICSSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont Hotise
Inropean sod American Plan
Meali X eta.  Roonu from �� cu. to W.
Only White Halp Implored.
Btktr St.. Nelaon Proprietor**
Bartlett  House
Best DoUu-a-Da*/ House la Relmu. |
The Ber U tht Finest.
White Help Only Implores.
leeephlae M.
Royal Hotel
Rates |1 and $1.80 a Day.
' ' Bates to Regular Boarders.
Moet comfortable quartere Id Nelion
Only the beet ol Liquor, ud ulgere.
Notice li hereby given that 00 dava alter date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
miaaioner of Lauda and Worka (ort Hoente to
firoaptet for eoal and petroleum over the fullow-
ng land: Situated two mile* north of the inter-
national boundary Hue and weat of the Flathead
river, beginning at a poet marked W. LeUallaU*
N. W. eorner poat thenoe fWchalm aouth. thence
tto chalna eaal. thence SO cbaina northi thence W
chalna weit to point of commencement.
Ittted Nov. If. 1908. W. LkUalum.
Excursion Rate
Rossland Winter
For the Rocmd Trip
Trains Issvs Nelion 9 s. rn. and 6:35
p. m. Returning, leave Resslsnd 8: IS
snd 6 p. m.
BoMng Lots for Sale
h;>& m. bird.
������* T. G. PROCTER ____
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelson
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choice Fruit
I Ban 10,000 Aem
Choices* Pratt Landa in
Brtthh Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 3,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor -prices.
I. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C
Full Stocks
B. C. Salmon
Atlantic H*%ddies
Manitoba Wliitetisli
BEEF, PORK aai MUTTON of Ftoeat Qoaltty.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
(Men by mall le in branch will bare
aai praapt ud oerefel a	
He-ufOfi.ee: Neboo, B. C.
For detailed information apply to local
NOTICE |g hereby ftvea thnt en application
will be made to the Leglilatlve Awaubiy of tbe
Provlnoe of British Columbia ftt lti attt aeulon
fof an act authorising the Patrick Limber Com*
peny, Umltod, to piaoe,caaitraet, end Maintain,
idimorduoi, booma, plan, alldei, end other
worki tn and acroaa the Kootenay rivet at or
near Thrumi Station Uboui oppoitte Bub-lot IV.
of Lot 4SSR, Oronp 1, Kootenay diitrict): and in
and aetoM the Little Blocan rlvor; and in and
acroH tba Slocan river at epotnt or point* below tbe aoutb of tbe Little Slocan river; tor the
purpoee of 4r
tbeaurtaoeol._   _,_..
tbe purpoeei aforeiald; to clear. Improve, and
remove obetrnetloni from the iald riven for log-
driving, rafting, and booming purpoeei; to levy
and collect toui and duet on lon, timber aad
lumber ot peraoni nalng or profiting by aueb
worka, clearing or improvementi; to enter upon
and expropriate landi; and do all other thtngi
necwary, Incidental or conducive to tha eier-
clie of any of tho above powera.
Datod the 10th day o! December, 1906.
Solicitor for the Applicant.
9 mouth of the Little Slocan river; tor the
eof driving, rafting, eoning. holding,aud
wturing law-logi and timber; to occupy
-face of the aald riven where neceuary for
Certificate of unpcoYe-meiite.
"May," ���I.e.." "Btrethroy," "Joy," "JoyF-iae-
tlnuel." aod "John D.Meblev" Mineral6laiaa.
Kauai In the loan Clt*- Mlalag DlvUlon rf
e Weet Kootenay Dlatrlet.
Where located:���North ol Twelve Mile Creek
about one end e half mllee up.
Take notlo. that I, H. B. Jorand ef Sloean ��.o.
Free Mlner'i certificate Ko. B7MU0, set -Meat tor
Horn* G. Van Tuyl. Free Mine, ��� eerufiaie Mo.
B4821, intend, ilxty daya from the data hereof,
to appl; to the Mining Kooorder tor e Ccrtlfleeto
of Lmprovemenu, for tee pnrooae ot obtainlas m
Crown Grant of the -uld -mineral elalau.
And further take notice thai stolloi nader
Section n, .nntt ne oommonoed telon Ihe Meu-
anee of eueh Certificate, ol l-eiproreaieats.
Dated thU Ird De; ol Janoerj. Ml.
In tbe matter of an application lor the laeue or
a iliipllsalc of the Certificate of Title tor an
uniilvldcil l-HolUU', and a, Block RTowaol
Notice ia hereby ilren th atlt la mr Intention
lo luue et the expiration ot one nouth Irom
thc Drat publication hereof e duplicate of Ibe
Certificate of Title to the above laud, la tho
name ol Florence M. Hodglu which Certificate
li dated the -Sth slay ol December, IM, sand
numbered SHIK.
H. r. MicLKOD,
Dlitrlet Begtitrar.
i*nd Realitry Offloe, Nelion, B C
January Mtb, I-WI.
Notice li hereby given that on Monday, February 2&th, list, that the Court ot Revliion for
the Muolclpelltv ol tbe City ot Slocan will be
held In the City Hell oa above dale, al I )��� ,
for tbe purpoee of reviling the Aieeeiment Roll
of the City of Slocan. Tboae making complaint!
agalnat their aiaeaament ere required to bave
their proteiti In the handi ot tbe -City Clerk ten
slav, prevloui to the fl rat Bitting of the Court of
Dated It Slocan, Jauuary Mih. HOT.
Notloe li hereby given tbal tn dayi alter dale I
Intend to apply to the �� on. Chief coatmlielssner
nf l��oda and Worku tor a slcenae to proapect for
coal and petroleum over tbe following land*.
Situ.ted tlx mile, north of the International
boundary line and eait of tbe Flathead rlrer.
Beginning atapoat matkesl S. B Uoro'l N. W
corner pod, iheace ��o ehalni aoulh. Iheaoo as
ehelni eaat, thence flo cbalni north, tbenoe go
ehalna wait to point of commencemeat
Dated Nov. lClWS. E. B. Suae.
1. J. OOYLK, J. 8. CARTER,
A.O.P.t., Vancouver. D.r.A, Nel<on
w. a. aiL.L,ETT
Contractor and
Sole agent Ier the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Lid,,
retail yardi.   Hssiiet-aaiiil droned lumber, turned
wnrk and bracket., Coaat lath and ahlnglea, m.h
and doon.   Cement, brick end. lime for iskIo.
Automatic. grinder-
Yard and lactory: Vbrnonst.. eaetof Hall
r. O. Bex m, Telephone ITS
Certificate of Improrementa
"Arco" mineral claim, iltuated ln the Blocan
Clly   Mining   Dlvlilou   of   Weit   Sooleney
Where lo-ated: On Springer Creek near the
Arlington Sawmill
Take Notice that 1, Freak C, Oreen, acting bi
��ant for tbe Arlington Miner. Limited' Free
Iner'i Certificate No. BMOS, Intend, ality dayi
Irom date hereof, toapply to tlie Mining Reoorder
for a Certificate of Improvementi, for tbe purpoie of obtaining a Crown Otent of tbe above
And further take notice the! ectlon. under
section   r,   must be   imsii ed before Ue
taiuenoo of inch Cartlfleate of Improvement!.
Dated thii ltth nay ef Deoember, ins.
F. 0. Baaas, Nelaon, B. C.
Certificate of Improvement*
"Eapreee," "Cllmai." "Boieeahoe," "Oneea,**
���'talon Jack," iltuated in NeUon Mining
Located oa Psircuplne creek.
Take Notloe that I, Frank Fletcher, anal tor
tbe Active Oold Mlalog Compeny, FroeMlaer'a
CerUfioate No. Ian Intend, so dayi treat Bale
hereof, lo apply to the Mining Recorder Ier a
Certificate ol Improvemenu tor the purpoee *t
obtaining a Crown Qraal of the above elauaa.
_ And further lake notice thai ectto-a. nader
Section 17, muat be commenced before the laan-
anoe of auch Certificate of Improvements.
Dated Nelaon, llth Deo.,
fuitk -puHeua.
sCartlfloata of Improvemenu
Rio Tente, Orinoco, Queen Vlstarla Fraetfoa-al
end Ornoco Fractional Mlneiml Cletm%attt   '
In the Nelaoa Mining DlvUlon *���! Waal Kaoit_
Loceted on Qumb Victoria Mountain, -aa
Beailey Siding.
Take Notice tbat 1. Frank C areea, acting i
agent tor Michael Egaa, Free Miner', Vertlfic*
No. BSiMntend, mty daya from tho dele ht
to apply to the Mining Reoorder for Gertlfl'	
ot Improvementi, for the purpoae ol obtolntag
Crown Granti of the above elalma.
And further take notloe that tetloa, nader
Beotlon m, muat be commenced beam tha
iBBUenoe ot such Certificate! of Improvameate.
Dated Uua ��th day of January. Imn.
F. c. Gnaan, Nauoa.B. C.
Certificate of Impeorcmewhi
"PortlaJ' "Amoa." "Beat Bide Mo.��" aud "Bet-
tlna Fractional" mineral elalma, altuated Ul
tba Sloean City M Inlng DlvUlon ot Weat Boot-
enay Dlatrlet
Where loceted: At head ol Springer Creek, near
the Arlington mine.
Take Notice that I, Frank C. Qreen, -acting *m
agent lor tbe Arlington mlnea, Limited, ft**
Mlner'i CerililMte No. B4KW, Intend, alxty data
Irom tbe dato hereof, to app'y to the Hiring a*
corderfore Certificate ot improvoBieats.fortRw
purpoae ol obtaining a Crown Oreat of Ihe aboy-a
aaoUon-Js\\muat be coamans^d kelojre 1
Bee ot auch OerUSca *	
Dated Ihlt IMh -lay
Audi urtber lake notice that -action, uadar
aecHouii, muit be coameneed kelore Ika Issu-
anee of auch Certificate ot Iaprovemeata.
Dated thll Uth day nt Deoember, IM.
F.C. Sana, Nelaoa, B. 0.
V 1
12 j
AT * 1 mmf* 1_ m Alarm Clocks, each ....$1.50 and $2.50
'-^aalJLO'W'sKlS    ee# Mission  Clocks, each       $6.00
*  Oak Clocks, each   $12.00
See Our Finn Display of Bedroom Clocka, each   $4.00
Clocks -All New. All list Best Chime Clocks, each   .. .$20.00 to $35.00
tbc Market Offers.
I*om li llie lime when yim need a good UMBRBLLA.    Our Itock il new and up to-
date and evtry I'mbrella 1, ISsiaranteed.
j       Of the   difference   there iss
���       between  1st. and 2.*fi>s.  in
Canned   Goods
We carry only
One trial of our
JTartan  Brand)
will eonvinee yon   that we
cany a full stock
(Table Fruit
Pie   Fruit
Maple Syrup j
[Sams Price am Inferior 1
Hoods i
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kinds of Dinnerware ln stock. Pat-
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep-
lug, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stove*, etc,
121 East Baker St. Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
-Cor. Vernon -and Ward  -Street*.,
MiLSON,   II. C.
FRED J. HUME. Proprietor.
Hume���H. Manning, Revelstoke; A. C.
Stewart. 0. A. Mclntyre, J. E. Ther-
mault, J. A. Gauthier, W, P. Algue, Vancouver; P. Peebles, New Westminister;
A. L. Cotte. Chllwack; Dr. and Mrs.
Leech, Brandon; R. Scare, Brantford;
H. Giegerlch. C. F. Caldwell. Kaslo; M.
D. McLeod, P. K. Harvey, Rossland: M.
T. Griffin, Winnipeg; Mrs. A. Oddie,
Ymir; Miss Strickland. Moose.law; Miss
Anderson, Northport
STRATHCONA���F. Elwell and wife,
Bonnington; A. G. Creehnan, Rossland;
J. E. Davidson and wife, Mrs. Archibald,
Cowley; A, Colpman, Cranbrook; W. C.
Wilson,-GreenwoodJ S. D. Hell, Toronto.
Ql'EENS���T. D. Woodcock. T. R.
Forbes, Slocan; .1. B. Unimex, Erie: A.
J. Handley, Moyle: W. J. Wilklns, Winnipeg; F. A. Pook, Cranbrook.
LAKEVIEW���O. Dahl. Cranbrook; C.
Catten-el, Creston.
ROYAL���J. H. Beverly, Northport; D.
Moleson. Trenton.
BARTLETT���E. Sullivan. Poorman
mine: S. A. Taylor. Greenwood.
Fraser, Bonnington: J. L. Brown. Vancouver; .1. M. Harrison, Emerald mine;
J. Mooney. D. Mooney. C. Frigo,'Prince
Edward Island; F. W. Johnson, Creston;
M. Magulii, Omak.
Sherman's Opera House
Thursday, February Uth
"TheScarlet Mysteries**
Prices; 50c   7fic   |1.00
Seats now on salt- ai Rutherford's,
We have just unloaded a car of
Putity Flout
Made from high grade Manitoba Hard Wheat. Without a
doubt it is the best flour on
the market. Money refunded
if not satisfactory.
Telephone 161.
1'RtININO AND GHAFTINU carefully attend-
ed to. Apply
RI1v,-r King Hsstt-1.
F. C. GR**JEN      F. P. BURDEN      A. H. GREEN
Qvil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
T. 0. Box 14 j    Phone 26! B.
The adjourned annual meeting of the
Kootenay Fruit Growers' Aaaociation
will be held In the Board of Trade
rooma at 2:30 p. m��� Friday, February
22, to receive the auditor's report on
the accounti of 1906.
D. C. McMORRIS, Secretary.
Notice la herel.? _l\t>u Uml ut m iiH-etiuf ol tlie
Hoard of L.i'uiHe CumiiijHMoiieri*), to \m held after
lln* expimiou of 80 (layi*, 1 intent) to apply for a
iraimfttr of mv hotel Un<*en��e for the'Jrove hotel,
at Fftirvlew, to K. (J Borden.
���burg l-i
near Crauhruok, B.C, also Buttbineu at fro
Watttburg, B.C.
TWO FIB6T-CLAS9 ROOMS, ateam heated.   Applr housekeeper. Urd flat, K. w. Cfblock_|
_____   _m
The Daily Canadian
Silver recovered one point on the
New York market today and two in
The school trustees of Nelson and
other interior cities will be At Home to
the visiting trustees in tlie K. oi P. hall
tonight. Addresses and musical selection will be given .
The Liberal-Conservatives of Nelson
will meet in the board of trade rooms
at 8 o'clock p. m, od Wednesday, Feb.
L'Oth, for election of officers, perfecting
(if organization and general business.
A meeting of the directors of the
Kootenay Fruit Growers' association
was held in Secretary McMorris' office
at 2:80 p. m, today to prepare business
for the adjourned annual meeting which
will be "held  next  Friday.
The Xelson junior hockey team leaves
for Rossland tonight to play in a tournament tomorrow morning. The line-up
will be: goal, C. Cummins; point, J.
Jaceson; cover, J. Bell; forwards, G.
Gore, J. M. Miller, A. McDonald and
V Bergman; spare, F. Miller.
J. 9. Clute, inspector of customs,
wired from the coast last night and la
ln the city today. Mr. Clute's former
district has been divided, Mr. Bushy
taking the coast, including Yukon, and
Mr. Clute retaining the interior of British Columbia from 'Ashcroft to Fast
Alberta and a part of Saskatchewan.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Nelson board of trade will be held in
ihe board of trade rooms tonight at
8:30. Aa it will be the last meeting before the annual convention of the Associated Boards of the Interior, delegates will be appointed for that body,
and resolutions for presentation to It
will be prepared.
Salvation Army.
Nelson is favored with a visit today
from Adjutant Wakefield of Brandon,
a Salvation Army officer who has been
In charge of the western department of
the immigration work of the Army. This
fs the adjutant's first visit to British
Columbia and he is exploring the possibilities of immigration, with a view to
perfecting the scheme of the army to
bring out a number of desirable immigrants, according to arrangements with
Ihe provincial government recently announced. Further reference to the objects of this visit and the scheme of the
army will be made editorially in this
paper tomorrow. Tonight Adjutant
Wakefield will take charge of a special
meeting to be held at the army citadel.
The local officers will assist but the
adjutant will deliver the address. He
may touch incidentally on immigration
matters, but it is to be especially a
red  hot  Salvation  Army  meeting-
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
Per Package.
Graham Wafera  10c
Lemon  Cream   10c
Vanilla Wafera      10e
Society Tea   10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krlapo Ginger Wafera  10e
Butter���Thin 10e
Milk  Toaat   10c
Dainty City Soda (Salted) 15c
Saratoga Flakes (Salted)    15c
Put up lu packages anil thus
ever fresh. It costs Uttle to
give them a trial, aud they
prove themselves worth it.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Notice of Sale
1'nder ond by virtue of Ihe powers
of sale contained In a cfrtoln mortgage, which will be produced at the
time of the sale, there will be offered
for sale hy public aucilon on Kriday
the 1st day of March, 1907. al the hour
of 2:80 o'clock in the afternoon, at the
office of Uie undersigned, by O. A. Waterman &. Co., Auctioneers, the equity
of redemption In the following property, namely. Lots 23 and 114, Hioek 44A.
Nelson City, aud the frame residence
thereon situate.
TERMS: Ten per cent, of the purchase money lo be paid down al the
time of sale, balance to be paid ln 20
For Information as to prior Incumbrance, and for further particulars and
conditions apply to
Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
Solicitors for the Mortgagee.
Dated at Neleon, B. C, this 7tb day
of February, 1907
A Good Laundry Soap
3 Pound Bats
2 for 35 cents
C* A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
We have still a large number of those
76c paper bound editions of copyright
novels, which we are offering at
25c Each---5 for $1.00
These are books (mostly by more or
less well known and popular authors,I
which have come out during the past
eight or ten years, and are mostly all
good, well written books. The copyrights covering ihese are still in force,
unsl they are nut published in the cheap
Come In and Look
'rhttrn Ov-ur.
W. G. Thomson
!t��a��t.Seb "d Nelson, B. C.
Phonv 34.
Three Furnished
or Unfurnished Rooms
or Part of House.
WboleK&k* untl Retail DMlan In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps Biippliod on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothiujr hut fri-sli and
wholesome meats and sopplett kept in btouk
Mail orders reoeive careful attention.
E. C.  TRAVES,   Manager.
Room 1, Hudson  Bay Block.
Trains and Boata.
Crow train���Two hours late.
Coast  and Slocan  train���Five hours
Rossland train���On time.
Kaalo  connection���On time.
Boundary train���On time.
Don't expect to find horse sense In
an automobile. I
The Full Measure
Style and Value!
You have a perfect right to iiiBlst
upon a perfect fit and perfect syle
when you are paying from tlii to
$25 Tor a suit.
20th Centtwy Brand
will fulfill your highest expectations
and your mum exacting demand*.
They arc tin* nearest approach to
perfection tliat we find in the tailoring world. We can prove these
facts to you if you will but give us
the opportunity.
Prices for This Month:
$18.00 Style and value for. . $13.00
$20.00 Style and value tor. $15.00
Boys' Susts at $2,   $3,   $4   and   $5
Importanl Sale of Mens'
and Boys' Shots
Mens' regular $4.0*0 Bon Calf
Shoes for  $3.00
Boys* regular $2.50 Box Calf
Shoes  (or    $2.00
Clearance Sale of Mem" Underwear at $1. $1.50 and $2  per Suit.
Men'a Cashmere and Wool Socks
at 25c a pair or 5 pairs for $1.00.
Ill "*   'I ���.!
Red Cross Drug Store
for your Prescriptions, Family Recipes,
Hair Tonics, and all kinds of
Note the Address:
Baker St., near Josephine, Nelaon, B. C.
The Marshall Sanitary Mattress  $24.00
The Ostermoor Sanitary Mattress  15.00
The Elastic Felt Sanitary Mattress  13.00
The Ostermoor, fitted two sides,  8.00
The Jumbo, a good two side Mattress  6.00
The Common Wool Top Mattress  4,00
Cheap Mattresses   -, rx,
D. J. Robert son 8 Co.
BAaKER street.
Semi-Ready Clothing
For 1Q07 la now to hand ^^
Fifty Cent Hand Baj
They are beauties at the price.
Telephone 333.
Starkey & Co., ��S��
Whole-tale Provision-.,
PrtiUucc, - Fruit.
Dominion Government OrMunery One-Pound Knefcu received ��i��_tl
(rom the eh urn.   For sale hy ull leading (rmciira.       ' '
Office and wan-bonne: Houston Block,   Phone "9.
Josephine Street.      ���       -       ���      Nelson, B,(
Bohemian Be<
The Nelson Brewing Co.,
A Word to the
Thin jear w<* have Rppnotated the w-anmli
tomerx mid have pahwd mto stock tk|
Good Cheer Art Base Bo
This stove is wlapted fur hard coal ou)t,ih
mitt-M-d to give Batiisfuetion.
J. H. Ashdown Harf
Company, Limited.
���B. A.  ISAAC*
R.  W.   HINTON'
R��p-lrlni and .lob-hlng ���xatsut-il -with I>as��p-,ti.l
Work- Mining shikI .Mill Machinery.      Miinuf,
*���*"* ��� ���       _~* __��,.���__       I.*       k_t        I^nM^-Msui-tn-Ke'    -��__.�����
atch.   mttaetM
nining mihi ,*viiii macninary.      Mcinufactur
Or* Gmrm*  ft* tt.   C ontrHctor*'  Car*.
I'tiCltnr nl Hull and
Front HUMi.
Bualnaaa man.
-Working man,
Man In driiH uttlsra.
Sporting man.
Mand-ao-ma m,tn,
Man that'a lu II ol lira
UNITE and ninR that   Ihe inij��
John T. Pierre are the proper*
My taut fall shipment hn* j-ort i
them and plaoe jour ords-r early f����
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic
Subject   to   Confirmatk
W<* Will  Bury
Wrs Will Sts"
10,0110 IlambiurC-arllxio    27-%
C.OHO Sum-vail.  07
10,000 11. ft   Anmlgan-lmed  Coal..Offer
100 Sullivan Honda ���������
B,000 American Hoy ������������
1,000 lnls-mallonal Coal
B. B. Mighton Sz O
Drawer 1082
5KS5 L��mbe��, Shingle*
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windo**
Turned Work and BraivkctH. Mui Ordcre prompW ^
v*NO>  STIlKirr   .  ���   ���   INI.l_SON.B-tf-
Our M-nck of Skatea la complete and VI
Including  tho  popular
BOKER'S   BEAUTY  and  CHARM (Lad1"-'
Woo4-V��]laiice Hardware
"Vttotaaan ���       _ �����; -


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