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The Daily Canadian Mar 30, 1907

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Array 5k*ilj}  ��cmatoa
Volume I.   No. 253.
Fifty Cents a Month
Ichool Board and Council
Used Building Will Meet Require-
fnents lor Next Seven Years-
Ready To Go Ahead.
\l    iin* expenditure thiB year of a sum
iHiir   $CO,DOU   thu   citizens uf
|b1.-.ssh will remove a discredit that has
attached to the city, will add an-
r   lu   the   credilable   public   bulld-
hs and,  will   provide adequately and
sspeclubly    for school  accomodations
sr  probubly the  next  seven  or eight
Yesterday    was   no    holiday for the
I leiulii'iH nT tin' board  of school  tnis-
ur of Ihe special commiltee of Ihe
Ity council appointed lo acl wllh them,
fimi 2:80 till fi p. m. they were busy
surveying and discussing plans.
Tin- result was un agreement that the
w 19-rOomed building be placed lm-
-sliuii'iy west of lhe present two-
oryed structure, that tbe latter be re-
lined, to be covered as sunn as possl-
wlth veneer, and Its basement lm-
isved to be suitable for two class
0111H when necessary.
Tills plan will make 18 class rooms
illnlile next year, whicli at the nor-
I rate of increase of Nelson's Bchool
illusion, should sssillli-,. for at least
> is years. It is thought that the old
Ittlng cau be so Improved as not to
ract very greatly from the appear*
���i. nf the whole
rriss-ri- will be absolute harmony be-
fi'i'ti ihe school board and the council
all mailers connected with tho floal-
flt nl the necossary loan, and its ex-
pnsllmre to the beBt advantage.
Tlie members of thc school board and
��� si-hmil building committee of the
bund] assembled on the public school
Minds yesterday afternoon at 2:30.
,11 the members were present, nnd
Knglneer McCulloch was also ln
Nearly   au hour   wub   spent   looking
Jver building! and grounds and dlscnsa-
ng possible dispositions.    The    party
proceeded lo Dr. Arthur's office.
W. Irvine took the chair, and asked
sn expressions of opinion.
A fti-r a  little discussion  It  wna  re-
sslveil on motion of R. J. Steel and A.
Emory, thnt the two-storyed pari of
I'* isrs-ss-nl buildings be retained, and
is- iis-w 12-room building may be placed
est of It, as near as may bo found com-
piitllile with efficient lighting.
The mayor remarked that the decision seemed to him a very wise one,
calculated to win the approval of
It was agreed that the single-storey
< Hires   should   be   at   flrst   moved
a short distance so that they may
le lissbltahle during construction.
Tlie next subject of discussion was
lhat of grading nnd excavation. It was
agreed that the grounds should be levelled ns far as possible, the proceeds
Of excavation, and of the knolls toward
Blnnlcy street i0 be used for filling In
I towards Ward Btreet, ns recommended
hy the city engineer.
The Mayor thought there should bo
Ino delay In  the beginning nf grading
land excavating.    He thought  the city
(���could secure gratuitous assistance from
lhe prisoners In the Nelson gaol.
Aid. Irving endorsed Ihe suggestion.
but thought the by-law Bhould he bur-
I rled through to that thero Bhould  not
1 be too much expenditure undertaken be-
j fore the debentures are Boated.
The mayor undertook that all neces-
Isary   assistance   to   expedite matters
vould be given by the city solicitor and
city clerk.
The amount to be asked for was then
Itokeii lip   Some of th. tril8(ees thought
f J.u.noo would be sufficient, but the may-
i "i", Capt. McMorris and Dr. Arthur felt
JGO.OOo w0���id be safer, and It was bo
resolved, on motion of Dr. Arthur, seconded by R. J. Steel.
mayor then asked for a definition
slalitB of the council's repruson-
of lh���
Jatives on the joint committee. Dr. Arum* thought that certain formal ino-
"ns must come from the achool board,
out pointed out that the board's action
"'i'l already beon materially Influenced
"> 'he members of the council. He
'"ought lhat the board could not legally
ut'cgato Its  statutory  dutieB, or  any
part of them, to Ihe clly council or u
committee of II.
It was resolved on motion of R. J.
Sleel anil A. I). Emory thai the secretary be Instructed lo boo If the Vancouver school board's plans were suitable
for Neisnn'B requirements,
Tho meeting then adjourned.
German Imperialists Try To InvenfWsr
llerlln, Mnrch 80.���Die Well Am Mooing, a largely clrculiiled weekly political newspaper, an organ of the German
Imperialist Liberals, publishes today
what purports lu be autlienilc details
nf an alleged pint by England, France,
and Italy to secure desirable porlluns
of the Turkish Empire us auun as tbe
Sultan Abdul Hamld dies.
England ls tu annex the whole of the
western part of Arabia, thus securing
the coast line from Ihe nurth tu the
south of tho Red Sea, which thereby
becomes a llrltlsh sea, being surround,
ed by llrltlsh territory or protectorates.
France ls to annex extensive districts
in Asia Miner, including Palestine, and
Italy is to annex Tripoli and Albania.
It ls said to be an open question wheth*
er Russia und Austria shall join In this
partition scheme and take their respective shares of Turkey, or combine with
Germany In opposing such an attempt to
dismember the lineman   Empire.
Die Welt Am Montag adds: "Germany seems (o be left out In llle cold."
An editorial note Is appended to the
article emphasizing the Importance of
Us Information, and calling attention
to the urgent necessity of carefully
watching the development of eventB ln
the Near East.
A Year of Flowers���Styles and Colors
That Find Favor with Ladles for
Easter Hats.
The absorbing topic among the ladles
of Nelson for nearly a nienth has been
Easter Is the season for new hats
even to many to whom It has no other
significance. The season cloHlng today
has been one of lhe best in the history
of Nelson: on account of the general
prosperity, present and prospective, lhe
ladles are free to indulge their lastes
wllh little care for economy.
The fentures of the season are roses
nnd black velvet ribbons. Hats are
heavy with flowers, and the variety of
shapes Is greater than ever.
Fred Irvine & Cu. state that this has
been une of the mosi successful seasons
for Easter millinery lhat they havo yet
experienced in this city, having sold
nearly all of their Imiiortcd pattern und
trimmed hats, which required them to
wire for a special lot ln order to BntlBfy
Ihe demand, and they expect to receive
that lot today in time for Easter.
The openlug, which wns held in their
Bkow rooms on the second floor, wns a
grand success, the display of millinery
and other goods being equal to that of
any uf the largest retail establishments
of the eastern cities. They have now
In charge of that department one of the
best milliners In the West und their
many customers express their apprecla.
tion of the excellent work done and the
copies of pattern hats well accomplished hy Miss Rea Patrick, now ln
charge of Fred Irvine Co.'b department.
Among the leading shapes for this
season's styles, are the Mushroom,
Shepherdess, toquo and sailor effect.
Masses of flowers, inallties and ribbons
are used extensively ln trimming, while
wingB are atlll used to relievo the effect,
llnth cnarse and flue straws are being
made, fulluwlng the Pnnnnin and Ix-g-
horn styles. Fine mesh laces are now
Inking the place of Irish lace, while
largo, round hat pints are used for
The ParlBlan tilt Ib an Important feature in Ilie new hats, tho correct angle
being the most Important lu giving
smartness to the creation. The Dlrec-
tulre modes will be worn with some
styles of gowns, but the' preference
seems to bo for tho medium rather than
the extreme types of headgear.
At Kerr & Co.'s there prevails a similar condition. Orders are heavy and
there has been little time for preparation for a formal opening.
Among the favorite hats are the
Mushroom and Leghorn, heavy with
roses, among which Amerlcnn Itenuty
seems to bo the favorite, and trimmed
with black velvet ribbon.
Of Ihe colors, new leather, white lilac nnd npplo green are very iiopular,
while nmong the Shapes are drooped
sailors, bent brims and mushrooms.
Flowors of ail klnda, Duchess ribbon,
and line Milan braid are also In favor.
The season of course ends loday,
with general satisfaction to tho ladles,
and Incidentally some profit to the merchants.
Deliberate Suppression
at Ottawa
Party majority in Committees and
in House Vote Against All
Motions for Inquiry.
Ottawa, March 30.���The membera
who seek to learn the details of any
hills which were presented to the government finds the whole army of government members furiously objecting.
When Grand Trunk officers are asked
to come with accounts, these members
move in amendment lhal the officer
need nol bring the uccouuts with him.
Sometimes amusing incidents occur.
Early this week Mr. Johnson, of Cape
liieton, for the purpose of postponing
a disclosure, moved that a witness who
had been Biunaisined wills papers should
uppear on Friday morning instead of
Thursday. W|-,.>u the man antl the papers came, Mr. Johnson, according lo
his custom, objected tu the evidence
and to the time when it was offered.
There was a great laugh when he was
reminded that tbe order had been obtained by himself. Government supporters have vehemently protested
agalnBt the examination of private accounts of persons dealing with the government, and ln an evil moment Mr.
German, speaking In the house, recalled
the fact that Michael Connelly In the
McOreevy Investigation refused to show
the private accounts of the contractors.
The member was a little confused when
hj was reminded: tbat the house���led by
Sli- John Thompson���compelled Connolly to hand over all the books and allow
them to be Inspected.
An appeal against lhe ruling of the
chair shutting out evidence of the
Grand Trunk promotion bills was twice
sustained by the majority and later by
the government majority ln the house.
It may be stated here that ln the Agricultural committee on two occasions a
majority has, by a straight vote, shut
oul evidence showing who obtained the
$'100,000 paid to the North Atlantic
Trading Company. The public will
therefore understand that whatever disclosures may be made will be obtained
In spite of the most determined opposition on the part of ministers and their
leading supporters who doubtless have
reasons for their policy. The only recourse agalnsst this obstruction, which
really amounts to a conspiracy, is the
publicity obtained by an appeal flrst to
the committee where the votes are recorded and then to the house where a
full record is taken of the proceedings.
For two days this week the suppression
of Grand Trunk lobbying accounts was
discussed ln the chamber so that the
country will have to get a pretty clear
Idea of the position of affairs.
American Carriers Raise Freight Rates
Because of Legislation.
Washington, March 30.���!n accord-
with their intention expressed somo
ago, the railroads constituting the Western Trunk Lines, the Central Traffic Association, and the Eastern Trunk Lines,
have filed with the interstate Commerce Commission, tariffs increasing
their rates on eastbound grain nnd grain
products, to become effective about
April lBt.
This action of the carriers was taken.
It is understood, because of the enactment by legislatures of the some of the
western states of laws regarded as In-
lmacal to their interesas. The particular law to which the railroads take exception Is the two-cent-fare act of tho
legislature of Nebraska. Soon after the
passage of that act, officials of the railroads Interested], held a meeting ln
Chicago at which it was decided not
only that they should test the constitutionality of the measure, but thnt It
would be neceasary for them to Increase
their freight rates on eastbound grain.
given to the signal and lighting system
of tho route, and a sum of $20,000 will
be expended on a thorough telephone
system, so that accidents to vessels and
other matters of interest to navigation
may be communicated io Quebec and
Montreal without delay. The work will
he rushed as soon as tho Ice clears.
Belgian   Senator   Discovers   New   Foe
to Disarmament.
Brussels, March 30.���Senator Rousseau De I.uhay. one of the founders of
the peace society, said In an Interview
yesterday that he did not believe Ihe
question of disarmament would come
up at the next Hague peace conference,
because diplomacy does not want to
see this matter settled. Were lt done,
tho senator said, the role of the diplomatic world would be considerably curtailed, lf not altogether abolished, and
therefore the diplomats were bound to
do their utmost to keep the question of
disarmament out of the programme.
Child  Labor in Ontario.
Tho special commitlee of the Ontario
legislature Inquiring into,the question
nf child labor, heard some interesting
evidence at tbe recent session,   Mr. J,
J* ��������������������� * wvwwvvwww^wv
No More Sunday Drunks.
An important step was taken by
��� the board of police commissioners
at a special meeting held in the
city hall Thursday afternoon just
as The Daily Canadian went to $
press. M~_
Hereafter the public sale of llq- ��
nor in Nelson on Sunday ls prohibited. Other provisions for minimizing drunkeness and other vices
were also taken.
After a general discussion during which the chief of police wub f
instructed to keep a stricter con- f
trol  than in the past on profes-
��� slonal vice, and to minimize it as j
f far as possible, a new step was {
M decided upon.
It  was   unanimously   resolved
f that   the   chief of police be Instructed:
"That the sale of liquor to per-
$ sons already intoxicated be absolutely prohibited.
"That the poll's be Instructed,
tn the case of anyone found drunk
on Sunday, to discover and prose-
��� cute the person wbo supplied the ���
X liquor. **���     '���
"That   all   public   entrances to
bar-rooms must he locked on Sun-
X days."
Celtic Arrives.
Slasconsett, Mass., March 30.���The
steamer Celtic, Naples for New York,
was in wireless communication with
the wireless station bere when 160
miles off the Nantucket lightship at
9:30 a. m. today. She will probably
dock about 8:30 a. m. Sunday.
Not In Harness.
Redlands, Cal., March 30.���William
Penn Rogers, for a quarter of a century
a resident of this valley, but who was
formerly an associate editor of Harper's
Weekly, died here suddenly to day,
aged 63 years.
Strike on Western  Roads Inevitable���
Both. Sides Say Concessions are
Chicago, March 30. ��� Chairman
Knapps, of the Interstate Commerce
Commission, and Charles P. Neil, labor
cummissloner, arrived here today from
Washington to offer their good offices ln
settlement of the dispute between the
western railroads and members of the
Brother hood of Railway Trainmen and
of the Order of Railway Conductors.
The first meeting did not begin under
highly favorable auspices. The repre-
sentatlves of the men, Grand Chief
Morrlssey, of tlle trainmen and Chief
Conductor Oarretson, of the conductors,
were positive In their assertions before
the meeting that the men would not
abate anything of their demands. They
declared that it was not In their power
to accept less than the men had asked,
for the reason that the membership of
both organisations had voted on the
propositions to be considered and the
vote was overwhelmingly ln favor of a
strike unless their demands were
C. H. Brown, chairman of the general
managers' offlce of railroads, was equally explicit In his assertions that the
railroads could not go further than they
have already gone.
C. P. R. Will Pay.
The Canadian Pacific railway has
agreed to consent judgments for about
$20,000 damages, in connection with the
Azilda wreck near Sudbury, Sept. 12th
lust. Mrs. E. E. Blackwell, widow of a
Toronto polleman, who was killed receives $8,080; the widow of Thomas
Puddlcombe, $8,000, Mrs. Hermann
$8,032, and there are others to participate under the present Judgments.
Peasants Fight Gallantly
Againt Troops
Government Forces Slowly Winning
���Defection of Sympathetic
Soldiers Was Feared.
Bucharest, March 30.���Field guns
loaded with grapeshot, according to the
official reports, are winning against the
revolutionary party, whose arms are
merely hay forks and scythe blades.
The insurgents were able to hold their
own against the troops at close quarters and even withstood cavalry
charges, doing terrible execution with
long-pronged forks and scythe blades
strapped to long poles, but the slaughter
since the troops used artillery appears
to be terrifying them Into submission.
In the district of Vlasliica, where the
outbreak was particularly serious, large
numbers of insurgents have surrendered
and denounced their leaders to the authorities with the result that many of
the latter have been arrested. The government hopes that with the leaden in
jail the undisciplined bands will soon
abandon the field.
Tbe self-styled "generals" usually
turn out to be oountry school masters
and village priests. Numbers of women
are fighting In the insurgent ranks and
many of them have been found among
the killed, side by side with their husbands, sons and brothers. Details of
the attack of the peasants on tlaltaz
show that a pitched battle was fought.
The Insurgents, who were several thousand strong, began the assault at midnight, carried the outer earthworks by
storm, and captured a suburb, which
they set on flre. Three battalions of Infantry attempted to stop the peasants'
entry Into the city, but the fork and
scythe-armed rustics fought desperately, hand to hand and bad almost routed
the troops when the governor ordered
field guns loaded with grape to be fired
at the Insurgents, who wavered and
then fled.
A number of conflicts between troops
and peasants continue to be reported.
Two thousand insurgents at Georj are
said to have been quieted by the assistance of the authorities, without resort
to force: 150 more rioters have been
wounded at Baleshtuhl and several of
them have since died, and many have
been arrested.
Artillery was used at Valoelele and
elsewhere and ln some Instances whole
villages are said to have been utterly
destroyed by flre of nine Inch shells.
Although tbe disorders are dying
down in some districts the agitation ie
spreading ln the provinces adjacent to
the Carpathian mountains which hitherto have been qnlet. Much plundering
and Incendiarism have taken place
among the farms and In lslolated hamlets. Troops are In active pursuit of
the marauders. With the object of preventing, so far as possible, the fraternization of troops and peasants belonging to the same district and also the
possibility of fighting between relatives
belonging to the opposing forces in the
revolutionary districts, the Moldavian
troops, belonging to the fourth army
corps, have been transferred to Little
Wallachln, while the Wallachlan troops,
attaced to the flrst army corps, have
been detailed for duty in Moldavia.
County  Court  Docket.
The quarterly session of the county
court which opens In Nelson next Tuesday morning, will probably be over by
noon of the same day.
There is only one case to be tried,
that of W. H. Willson, M. D., vs B. O.
Borden, for professional services.
The following will apply for naturalisation: Nels Gustaf Oatlund, William
Wilde, Swedes; Oke Joe Handley,
James William Ruddy, American; John
Boy, Austrian.
Beating Former Records.
Liverpool, March 30.���The shorter sea
Voyage between Great Britain and the
American continent via the Canadaln
route bas again been demonstrated by
the Canadian Pacific royal mall steamship, Empress of Ireland, which arrived
here at 6 a. in. this morning.
Improve St Lawrence.
Two million dollars Ib the sum to be
expended this year In imprroving the
St. Lawrence route from Montreal to
the sea. In addition to the river and
channel proper special attention will be
J. Kelso, superintendent of neglected
children, declared tliat the laws were
noi enforced, and suggested the appointment of women as well as men officers
lo tin- enforcement of these laws, slat-
Ini: that during the last few yeara the
number of young children employed ln
stores had groatly Increased.
One   Newfoundland    Village    Protests
Against Exclusion.
St. Johns, March 30.���Advices from
Hay uf Islands say that a number of
fishermen at that mullein beld a public
meeting Thursday and adopted resolutions protesting against the policy of
the government ln excluding the Americans from the herring fisheries there.
The resolutions call upon the Imperial
government to take measures to secure
the unobstructed prosecution of the herring fisheries by the Americans. The
resolutions were forwarded to Governor
MacGregor today for transmission to
the British Cabinet. The village of Bay
of Islands waas built up hy the American frozen herring industry.
Montreal Rates Raised.
The Canadian Flre Underwriters have
increased the flre Insurance rates ln
Montreal by 60 cents on the present
gross rates and 40 cents on the co-Insurance rates. The outer districts of
the city they increased 25 cents on the
gross and 20 cents on net co-lnsurcanoe
rales. This has been done because the
reply of the city council to the suggestions for Improveed flre protection tbey
consider unsatisfactory.
Prices ef Metals.
New York, March 30.���Silver, 66%c;
copper, 24%c; lead, $6.
London, March 30.���Sliver, 10 7-lld.
All   Sections   Report  Progress���Bright
Outlook far lessen   Stock
Market Quotations.
The week in mining has been marked
by activity and progress everywhere.
The managers of smelters have had the
fear of another coal strike ever before
them hut have not reduced the scale of
operation. Seven out ot the eight Granby furnaces are running.
At Alnsworth, Bandon, In the Lardeau, Sheep Creek, and at the Queen
Victoria work Is going on steadily, with
constantly Improving prospects.
The stock market for the week ending today was quiet with moat stocks
Inactive. Eastern exchanges report
business good In the Cobalt securities,
but no call for the western stocks. On
the Spokane market tradings continued
light with but little business.
Alberta Coal changed but slightly
throughout, and was In no demand. B.
C. Copper continued weak, but waa ln
good demand ln the West. Consolidated
Smelters were Inactive and unchanged.
Diamond Vale weakened slightly with
but little business offered. Dominion
Copper changed but very littl-a* throughout the week's tradings. Giant was ln
good demand at higher prices but few
sales were recorded at even the present
quotation. Granby remained almost unchanged. International Coal was erratic on account of the unsettled condition of tho labor question. Should this
question be settled satisfactorily an advance will undoubtedly take place. Nlco.
la Coal Mines was in no demand. Rambler-Cariboo had another flurry the last
few days and advanced from 2 to 3
cents per share with a good demand.
This activity ls accounted for by reason
of a reported strike. Sullivan sold well
but ehanged very little.
White Bear (assessable) Is In good
demand but the offers have failed as
yet to bring out very many shares.
Western Oil Bold better than for some
time, at good prices.
Following are the. approximate quotations for the week ending today:
Asked.      Bid.
Alberta Coal  . $     .34 Ml     .30 tt
American Boy 01%
B. C. Copper       7.12 tt     7.00
Belcher 47 .44
Con. Smelters   135.00     120.00
California    07 ,0��
Cariboo-McKinney ...       .04 .��Jtt
Diamond V. C 29 27
Dominion Copper      5.60       5.2S
Granby     .7.,... M2.00     llf.00
Giant     ^^^^^^^^^
Inter. Coal 62
La Plata lt
Nicola CM 07
North  Star   ,12tt
Rambler Cariboo 32 31,
Sullivan .08V4       .67%
White Bear <9>_c pd)       M'A      .06
West. Oil Con      1.80        1,70
Yale Koot. Ice 09
Tralna and Boat*.
Crow boat���On time.
Coast and Slocan train���On time.
Boundary train���On time.
Rossland train���On time.
Kaslo boat���On tine.
Man Crashed to Death in
Sampling Wfl
H. Bochtman, a Young German Laborer, Instantly Md la Ball
Mines Plant This Horn-tog,
A fatal accident occurred at the Hall
Mines smelter this morning between 7
and 7:30.
H. Buchtman was working In the
sampling mill near a shaft when his
clothing was caught and he was In-
stantly drawn lato the machinery aod
crushed to death, before any help could
be offered. Hla head and one toot were
nearly severed from his body.
The deceased waa a German, about
26 years of age. As far aa known locally, he has no relations In Canada.
D. J. Robertson ft Co. have taken care
of the remains, which will probably he
Interred on Monday.
The coroner and the provincial police wero at once notified. Dr. Arthur
haa decided to bold an Inquest A jury
will be impanelled thla afternoon aod
view the remains. The formal Inquest
Into tha circumstances of the accident
will he held aaat Wednesday or Thursday.
Thla la Ue third fatal -accident at tba
[UU Mlnea smelter ln two -and a half
At 3 p. m. the following jury waa empanelled: ft F. Gigot, G. W. McBride,
J. a Aaaable, H. Byers, p. A. Brewer
and A. 01 Emory.
Tbe evidence of .aha fltsapaoa. a ttt,
lo* workasan who saw tba accident,
and of the smelter superintendent, 8.
O. Blaylock, waa taken before adjourn-
The mayor haa already been handed
detailed plana for the aew public shcool
drawn by A. Hoeppaer, of Nelaon, an
architect with long experience, and who
la familiar with the apeclal requirements of school buildings.
Four gentlemen of Creston, R. M.
Reld. C. Hall. C. A. Inalfe and P. D.
Hope, who were sworn ln aa special
constables to assist In the capture of
Mannarlno a week ago. aak the publication of their statement that Constable
Wilson waa ln charge of the party to
whom Mannarlno finally surrendered.
Prof. O. C. Cogan, champion of the
world on the invisible wire, will give an
exhibition this afternoon at 6:30 oa
Vernon street near tha Ktondyke saloon, and at the same place next Monday at 11 a. m. and at 3 p. m. Prof-
Cogan haa performed at the fairs at Ottawa and other eastern cities. Prof-
Cogan haa performed on the deck of
the Empress of Ireland, and la grateful
to the C. P. R. oompany for tbelr publication of views of the performance. He
performs on a piano wire, No. 21, 1-26
of an inch ln circumference.
Passengers by the -Kuskanook laat
evening complain that they were unable to board the trim-ear which waa
passing at the time. They say tbat they
were only a few feet from the crossing,
but the street car official-* looked
neither to the right nor left. There were
12 or IS pedestrians wbo were anxious
to catch the oar, and the city (a out 60
of 76 cents. Lately the cars have been
running strictly on time, hut It does
seem aa It a little attention should be
given to passengers arriving by the
boats and trains.
Leaa Net Heavy.
Brussels, March 30.���It waa definitely
ascertained today that the amount Involved ln tha recent failures announced
on the atock exchange here waa exaggerated. The total reaches only 1100,.
000. Tha banks will furnish assistance
to several houses. Although oo further
failures aro anticipated ln tha near future the next settlement Is awaited wltb
some anxiety.
Death of Veteram
San Francisco, March 80.���Brigadier
General Richard Combe, U. S. A., who
retired In 1901, died today at tha Presidio today, aged 70 yeara. He was
born In Ireland.
Blase In Baltimore.
Baltimore, March 30.���Flre-early today destroyed the plant of the Mary.
land Steel Car Wheel Co., located at
South Baltimore. The damage la estimated at 1100,000. Tbe Itelh r>THrtf_rr
_��� STORES =
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hudsons s^y stores
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Witt *V��*~   Jjefc-ST-i.   iJH-Tii*.
 -- _���.-
,    -     . -
'        Easter Millinery
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v" 7���. y~:- -       Fred Irvine 6: Co'vl
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ME -noaii*-
Imperial Bank of Canada
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i he HaU Mining -aad S-meitj
Purchases Lead. Ccppr an: In
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J.   M-   L-AY.  A.
The Royal Bank of Canada
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Mima, m TTMisiw son. ate -na av. at-
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"   .-1        _    ' - -       :.. .
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I    JUtULT   IB   lit
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tatattamata taaaatt   .   ..-. tBtaaa .. m
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*   SK'    *i-����*-aa.        iv-T��'��       Ta-rtTar
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*t**^��. >����������� *WBU N*��t)tw*iii��' ia>>  -  i - liHIIMlU  .1
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iam." tarn-a w_^?��.
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tiav���i au. W
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"�����; - "     -  - ��� -" -" -i    T *���-;  ������    :������ mm  -.
���   l "    "* "-"-** tn'-AAmtsie zmrrinei:   ms^t-    t*m-
. mm-   _   ~-      I^S1  *���**��* >m*K atjUSa, M ���   ���,
-^     ���-'   ���*���       _ -. ' -   ��'���   3S'".s;i_r.. _ *OD3;. ��'-BBaa-i^-���__,.
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-���--. auralAw    MK     tUSKi.
��� 9
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miss. -��2isum�� �� ���"* Tina*
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*   - - ��I
, -��0I * ��� s*0�����S��"   I
, n  -��s��s: "*���        _-��.l The Patty Canadian
fecial for Camp and Hotel Use
Heavy Hams
le Very Best of Canadian Goods
!��� Burns & Co., Ltd.
Nelson, Kaslo, Rossland and Boundary.
���hereby Kivi-ii Unit M ila>'" aftt'r [lute I
Mplj   to Hit*  Hfiti, thu Cblef ('tiininih
*l ind Works,  Victoria, (or per-
li'J carry ftwa/   llnihtir from   th*
-Seni'i "*'' ��� '*���*���" '" ln Koolenay:
lem'int; nt a pent plnnted about eighty
_|o( Un; tumuli nf fl.iirek��OW��i where
Bto H.u-ii- - creek, mid on thu north
Breku oreeki"������' marked <*. A.I-aiirli'n
er pott, theiii'u west nlghl? chalnn,
eighty i-tii** i ���'* . Uti'in-'i <*ti-,i eighty
I nouth eighty chalm to point of
i *i.ili. 1W7.  0. A. Lai'hik, LoOfttor.
fccii* .'ii* nt a j"*"' planted enst of and
A Laurlo'a looatlon poll No. i, and
["A. 1.i*iir)*-*M nouth went eoruer pout of
, theuce ewitulghly cliams, theuee
fctv i iiiim-*, thufiee went rlt(hty chalnn,
ptii t-i��iny chalnn to point uf comioeii-
.lb, 1907.   (1. A. Laurie, Locator.
Di*n* i'n: at a jk'nI planted about eighty
' of fcureka creek where it llown into
,iiti*l innrked ii. A. Laurie'* ��outh-
pont, on location No. H, theuce eant
fcliiK, Thenee norih eighty chain*, ihenco
lly obatlll, thcuui aoutli; elgli ty chalnn
jneuciDK at a pout  plnnted   nouth  nf
aii'K <>   A. Uiirle'ri (titration No. 3, and
, A, ��� aurle'n nortbweHl corner pont,
ttui (iniiii-, thenre south   HO chains,
chains, thence north 80 chains
T&.3&U1, liWT,   0. A. LaiHiK, locator.
jpiuiug   at  a  pom    planted  eighty
��� and forty chains nouth  of location
mod marked W    H. Piigu'i southwest
I ol lucatirin No. 6, theuco eant eighty
lorth eighty chalnn, thence went
thence iouth eighty chnlna to
J6th, 1907.    W.H. Ysot, Locator,
Jienclng at a post planted  iouth  of
pinif loratlou No, 6, and marked W. If.
tfth*."-! eurner poit of location Ho 0,
hty 'iniiii-. thenee south eighty
���est eighty Chains, theuee north
ania !��� point of comtiiellcunieut.
���an. Mtb, 1907.      W. 11. I'aub, Ixwator.
puiciKltiK   at   a   pont   plnnted   eighty
id twenty chain* nouth of loealion
f 6. and morkt-d i_. A. Laurie'i southwest
of location No. 7, thencu east eighty
ue north eigbty chalnn, thence went
if    theuce  conth   elguty   chainito
Jnn. .iith. 11)07.    (1   A. Lauhii, Locator.
���mencing ut a poit planted eighty
���*��t mid eighty chains nouth  of location
��� 7, nud marked Q, A Laurie's nouthwest
) P..-I of location No. \ thencu cast
���lulltin��thence north elghly chains, theuce
Klty ebalni, theuce south eigbty chains
M Of ruin in i-in*. MH lit
I Jau Mtb, UW7,   it. A. L*rmr, locator.
Dmenelug  at   a   pont   planted   eighty
a*>i and right? chains nouth of location
Sand   marked ��"���   A.   Laurie'i  southwest
lol Iocaliou No. v, thence east IW chains,
BDorlli io chaius, thencu wesl 16o chains.
iouth 40chalm to point of commencement
tJan asthfian.  0 a. Liimiii Looator.
phiincnclUK  at a ]Hi*il plauteil nbout six
own   Barnes ereek   from  the mouth  of
here It flows I tiio ttm ii- ������ creek
hi-ii-i- rl) dlrcctiou, and  marked O, A.
~   uiliwcnt corner poit of location No.
H.vt eighty chalnn, lbence north elghly
���nee wesl eighly chalnn, thencu noutn
halus to point of comiiieucuinunt.
I Jan. >th, 1007.    O. A. LaI'HIS, Locator.
mnmeiiclng nl a post planted eighty
fast of location No lo, and marked Q, A.
| Southwest corner poit of location No 11,
���Mat eighty chains thence north eighty
them .��� west eighly chains, tbence south
%*in* to point of eommeucement.
i._��th, 1007.  ti. A, Lathi*, Locator,
jaenclng at a post plauteil soutli of and
aloeatlou No. ll, and marked W. II.
fflhwi'si eorner post of location No. li,
it eighty cuahiti, (hence south eighty
lenee west einhty chains, theuce north
Itns to point of commencement.
K��n. 28th, 1907.     VV. H. 1'aok, Locator.
ameuclug Ht a post   planted   eighty
at and eighty ehulns soutb of location
ad marked  U. A.  Uurie's  northwest
Jatof location No- 13, tbence east eighty
kthtuce soutli eli-hty  ehalns, th-uee west
���ehain.-..  thence north eighty chains  to
# commencement.
fr.PmtaA Jnn  '2��\U,Y.>"1,   (i. A. LaI'RK, 1-ocalor.
lomtnuticing nl a post planted north of
ajolniug location No. 13, and being marked
Laurie's southwest corner post of location
ftlhoncu cast eighty chains, thence north
Ihains, ihence went eighty chains, thencu
ghty chalnn to polntof commencement,
"l Jan. With, 1007.   O. A. Lathis, Locator.
Commencing at a post planted eighty
([nortii of location No. 14 ami mariteu W.
B's southwest comer post m location No
jiich ni'i eighty cbains, theuce nortb
..cluilns. theuce west flighty chains, thenee
llghty chains to point of commencement.
1 Jan. *..ith, 1'.>������-,*      VV. H. PlOSj Locator.
ommenclng   nt   a post  planted  eighty
feast or location No.  lfi, snd uiHrked fl. A.
outhwuKi corner post of location No.
I   east  eighty   chains,   thence   north
* chnins, lbence west eu li t v uhalos, tbence
eighty chnins to point of commencement.
1 Jan. ���"-'. 1007. (J. A. Latkik, Locator,
pommenclng at a pont plauted iouth of
(joining location No. lfi, aud marked U. A.
Jfa northwest comer -post of loi'ation > o.
ance enst eighty chnins, thenca south
/chains, llienee west eighty chains, thence
(jwlgbty chRlns to point of commencement.
I Jan. 20th, 1007. 0, A. LAUHII, locator.
Commencing   nt a  posl  planted  eighty
��� south of lociifon No 17, and marked vv.
le'i nortliwest corner post of location No.
nci-vast eighty chains,  li ncesouth eighty
i. thence west eighty ohalni, tbence north
t chains to point of commencement,
fctert Jan. M, 1907.      W. II, Yah*. Looator.
Pommenclng nt a post planted  eighty
.���souih of location No. 18, and marked U.
arte s norlliwesi corner nut of location No.
aencu east  eighty ehalni   tbence iouth
W chains, thonce weit eighty chains, thence
Hint} chains to point of commencement.
fMJan.3Vth.lB07.   0. A Utimi, Locetor.
Commencing at a   post   planted   about
���tr ehalus eait of the mouth of Klght Mile
���a where it tun piles into Inonoakln creek,
iJW,1!8 f��V'h bftnk n( Inonoakln creek, and
a..     I; A ���"���"rie'i northeaat corner poet ot
l*vl��u F0, a��' l,,"hoo "outh lffo chaini, thonce
���*��* ohaini, theuce north loo chaini, thonce
T�� cbHins to point of commencement.
|ated Feh, '2nd, i��07.   o. A. Laurie, Ixwator.
-fUinuneneing   nt   a   post  plauted   forty
ini went and eighty chnins noutn of location
at, -nd marked W. H. pagu's norihcnsl cor-
Ki   "s i��' lot'ftl1011 hl>- -I. ihence wesl eighty
pains, ihcnce Bouth eighty chains, thonce east
Ihi) chains, thenee north eighty chains to
���__���   :   . .'."'"'iiuueotnent.
liJatcd leh. 2nd, 1007.      VV. H. I'aol, locator.
Jl??'7T,(i;<>ni,Vel".,,,1K,lt u P,t8t Panted oast of and
���dotting looatlon No.W, and marked a. A.
ft^h.JLuorl!WA* V0""" post ot looatlon t��o.
���.. lUenoe iouth 160 ohalm, thenoa Hit 40 ohalna,
Ihence north UO chains, tbence weit -W ohalm iu
point of commencement.
Datod Keb. 3ud, i��u7.   <}. A. Lai'rii, Locator.
2.,���Commencing at a poit plauied forty chains
east of location No. 22 and marked W. II. l-age's
northwest corner post of loeatlun No. 28, thence
���outh Modulus, tbence east fortv chains, thence
north 1ft) chains, thence west forty chaion to
polntof commencement.
Dated Feb. Knd, mn.      W. U. PaOi, Ixwator.
24 ���Commencing at a post planted forty chains
east and eighty chains south of location Ne. 23,
and marked U, A, Laurie's northwest cofar
post of location No, 24, thence south eigi.ly
chtiltiK thuuee uit eigbty chains, thence north
eighty cbains, thonce westeightychnius to point
of commencement.
Dated Feh. Itb  1W7.    0. a. Lauhie, locator.
26.���Comineuclng at a pout planted eighty
chains cant of location No. 24, and marked <? A.
Uurie's northwest corner post of location No.
2', thence south elghly chains, thence east
eighty, ihence north elghtychalns, theuce west
eighty chalus to point uf eommeucement.
Dated Feb. 4th, 19C7.    O. A. Laurie, Locator.
20.-Commeneing at a post planted abont four
and one-hall miles down Inonoakln creek, from
the mouth of Klght Wile creek where it flows into luonoakln creek, and on the east bank of
Inonoakln creek, aud marked (i. a. I<aurie's
northwest eoruer post, tbenco south eighty
chains, ihence cant eighty chains, ihence north
eighly chains, theuce wenleighty chains to point
of commencement.
Dated Feb. 4th, 1907.     U. A. Lavail, Locator
Take notice tbat thirty days after date I lutend
to apply tothe Hon. the Cbfef Commluloner of
Lands and Works at Victoria, R. C, for a special
llceuse to cut and carry awar timber from the
following described lands in west Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted 20 ohalus west
of the northeait corner of Lot 812, and at the
southeast corner of Lot 7786, tbence eait 20
chains, theuce iouth 40 chains, thencecast 40
chains, tbence north 40 ahalni, thence ea��t (to
chains, ihence north 40 ohalni, theuce west 120
chalui, thence iouth 40 chains to place of com*
men cement, containing MO acrei more or leu.
Dated March Bth, 1B07, Fbtib T.okd,
Notice is hereby given tbat thirty days alter
date I lutend to apply to tbe Honorable the Chief
Commluloner of Lauds aud Works, Victoria, for
permission to cut and carry away limber from
the following described laudi ln Weit Kooleuay
Limit No I���Commencing at a poit three-
ouartrrsof a mile up Nine Mik> creek, on Kootenay river, and markeii William Walmiley'i 8. E.
corner poit, theliee 160 chalm west, tbenee 46
chains uorth, thence 160 chains east, thence 40
chaltis to llie point of beginning.
Located March Hth, 1907.
William WauiSLtY, Locator.
P. Hii Iran, Agent.
Limit No. 2���Commencing at a poat ahout
lliree .(Hurler*, if a mile up Sine Mile creek, on
tbe West Arm of Kooteuay river, aud marked
William Walmnley's N. K corner post, thence ISO
ebalus west, thenoe 40 chaini south, thenee*. 160
ehains east, and 40 chalus uorth to polntof beginning.
Located March 8th, W07
William Walmilit, !<ocator.
1". mi khan, Agent.
Take notice lhat 30 days after date I intend lo
apply tothe Hou thc < ln*f Commissioner of
Lands aud Work*, Victoria, for a special licence
to cut and n. rry hwhv Kinder from the followlug
descried land, in West Knot- imv: Commenciug
at n po-i planted nt Kokanee Siding, on Sand
1'oini, ou iouth u'ii* West Arm of Kootenay
rlver ahout 1.' miles east of Nelsou, It C, marked
"C. F Walmsley's N.K. corner post," thenco K0
chains south, th) nee 80 chains west, tbence 80
ohaini norlh, theiic* 80 ohaDU to point of commencement, coiiiaiulug 'I1* acres, in ire ur lesi.
Located March itiih, 1907.
Chas. F. VValusley,
I*. HtiKHis, Agent.
Take notice thnt 1 Intend thirty days after date
to apply ti tbc Hon. tbc Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Woiks for a special llceuse to cut and
carry hwa)* tlmher from tho following described
lands, situated east of Hog creek, ln tbc district
of West Kooivioiv : Commeueiiig at a post marked "Tbo Houndary Lumber Company's northwest
eoruer post " planted about a mile east of the
Columbia aud West-urn rsilrosd.aud about three
miles souih of tbe Big Tumid, thence- �����'��� chains
south, theuce ft) chains east, thence 40 chalm
south.tber.ee 100 chains east, thence 40 chains
uortb, thence 80 chaius west, theuce 40 chains
nortb, thenoe 80 ehalns west to polntof com*
Dated 4th March, W17. J Gmlli,
* Agent for The Boundary Lumber Co.
Take notice tbat 1 Intend thirty days after date
to apply to the Hon the Chief Commissioner of
Lauds and Works for a special licenae to cut and
carry awav timber from the following described
lands, situated on Dog creek, ln West Kootenay
dlatrlct: Commencing at a post plauted on the
east side of tbe Columbia and Western railroad
on or about ten chains cant, and marked "The
Houndiiry Lumber company's post," and about
a mile and a balf south of the Big Tunnel, the
in niiweM corner, thence ruuning south IflO
ebalns, theuce east 40 chains, theuce uorth 160
chains, ihenco went 40 chalui to place of com-
UK-nee ment.
Dated March 4th, 1907. J Gckklle.
First Festival of the Year���Special Mu
sic  Prepared  In   Many  Nelson Churches.
Tomorrow will bo Easter Sunday, the
chief festival or the church year, the
commemoration of the momentous
event, belief In which differentiates
Christianity from all other religions, ancient und modern.
The Kesiirreclloii of Christ after His
Passion and ills communln-. with ills
disciples, wiio had been witnesses of
His deulh anil burial, is the one miracle
that neither science or trunsiseudentiil-
Isui can explain awuy.
Ilellef In tho doctrine of tlle Incarnation has been much attacked In recent
years, and many efforlts have been
made to show that there Is no scriptural
authority for belief In any supernatural
features. Such attacks and efforts may
be left to win or die. Hut of the lesson
of Easter, that the Lord, the lind and
Man, Founder of the Faith, suffered
death, rose from His grave, and taught
Ills followers, can never be assailed on
such grounds as lhal. It is the cardinal
doctrine of the faith. It has been tes-
tllled to by all the evangelists and
writers of the epistles, and through the
faith the church catholic has won its
way, and become the gieatest force of
all time in the uplifting and refining of
Therefore the church holds Easter as
its greatest day, since on it is celebrated the triumph of God over death,
which Is the hope held out by the
church to tlie world.
The following services are announced
for tomorrow ln the churches of Nelson:
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
corner Ward and Silica streets;
Easter Sunday; holy communion, 6:30
a. m. and 8 a. m.l matins, 10:30 a. in.;
holy communion (choral), 11 a. m.;
children's service, 3 p. in.; evensong,
7:30 p. m.; Rev. F. H. Qrahom, rector.
Roman Catholic���Church ol Mary Im-
insculate, eorner of Ward and Mill
streeis: Low mass, Um.; high mass,
10:30 u. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m
Rev. Father Althoff. priest.
Presbyterian church���St Paul's, cor
ner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m; evening service, 7:30
p. m.   Rev. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.l Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev, R. N
Powell, pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school,
2:30 p. m. Rev. E. H. Shanks, pastor,
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. ni.; a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.   .
lako m,Hit tbat 1 Intend, tlilrtr day, aftsjr
date, lo aisply to the Hon. thc chief i:.,iiiiiii....ii,n-
er oi l.ass.l, aissl Works, foranpetslal license toeut
an-1 cany away timber liom the following de
Hcrlhcd Isstnl. hituatcd on Sandy creek, in West
Koolenay district: Commeiiolug at a pout plant-
ed ssn tlie went ilde ol Sandy creek and called
J. F, B's HoutliwcAl comer pout, tbence running
easst Sn chalim, theuee uorlb 40 chain., tbeuce
weat VS chalna, thence north Wl chain., tbonce
west III cbalm, theuce south I2u chalu, to place
Dated this llth day of March, 1-907
S. P. Swikdbk.o, Locator.
Notice ls hereby givon that :m days alter dato I
Intend to apply to tbe Honorable the Chief Commissioner ol Lauds and Work, tor . apeclal
license to cut and carry away timber from the
following described laud, situated ou the weat
aide of Big ��� Sheep Creek Valley: Commencing
���bout three and a halt miles uorth ol the later-
national boundary line and about one and a
halt miles west of the Nelson and Fort Sbeppard
Railway company*, land grant fn the dlatrlot of
West Kootenay:
No. 1 ���Commencing at a post planted two
miles west of Dig Bbeop oreek, known u ibe
aouthwest corner isont. Joining J. It. Cranston*.
Uml pr claim No. I, sslist'ssisig 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains enst, thence DO chain, aouth,
thence Hochaius west to point of commencement.
Located March 21st, IWI.
No 2.���Commencing at a post planted at the
southwest corner of location No, 1, known as the
northwest rorner post ol location No. fl, claiming
80 chains south, tnenee 80 cbains east, then e 80
chains north, thenoe 60 ohalns west to point of
Located March 21st, nun.
No. 8���Commencing nt a post placed half a
mile west ol lucatfon No. 2, kumvu a. tho southeast eoruer, claiming 8")chaius nurth, theuee Hi
chains west, theuco so chains souih, theuce 80
chain, oast to potut of commencement.
No.,.��� Commencing at a post planted at tho
southeast corner of location No. 3, known us tbe
northeast oorner, claiming 100 chains south,
theuce 40 ohalna west, thonoe '60 chains nortts,
thunee 40 chaius east to point of commencement.
Located March 21st, 1M7.
i. lr, gwioiiBKo, Locator.
K, T. gmsuusa, Agsnl.
Many of the churches ln Nelson have
prepared special music for the occasion,
and all are appropriately decorated.
The Easter music will be as follows:
*St. Saviour's.
10:30 a. in. Matins.
Processional hymn, "Jesus Christ Is
Notice is herehy given tbat thirty day. alter
date I lutend to apply to the Hon. tbe Chief
Commissioner of uud. and Works, at Victoria,
lor a special llceuae to cut and carry away timber
Irom tbe following described lands ID Weat
Kootenay, that ls to aay: ��� ommenclng at
Huscrolt's and Behernierhorn's pust No f,
ruuning theuce east 80 chains, theuce south 80
chains, thenee west 80 chains, tbence norlh 80
chains to point ol commencement post No. 3,
coutaiuing 640 acres ol land, more or less.
baled at Creston, B.C., this 22ud day of March,
A.D., 1SU7.
OBo. HisBCgorr.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days alter
date I Intend to apply tu the Hon. tbe Cblel Commissioner of   Lands  and Worka, al Victoria,
lor a special license to eul and carry away timber
from the following described lausls ln We.t
Kootonay, that Is to say:   Commencing at a
ruitnt 80 chaius east of the norlliwost coruerof
luscroltand Scbermerhorn'a posl No. 1, running south 40 cbains to post No 2, Ihence
east 80 obalns, tbence north 80 cbains, thenre
welt 80 eliains, theuce soulb 80 chains to place of
commencement post No. 2, coutaiuing 640 acres,
mure or less,
bated at Creston, B.C., this 22nd day of March,
A.I)., 1*17
Oio  Hi's, sorr,
,  J. O   t-'CHKHMKRHOKn
Notice I. hereby given that thirty day. after
dato I Intend toapply tothe Hon. the Chlel Commlnloner of Landi and Worka, at Victoria,
for a apeclal licence to cut and carry away timber from lbe following sleserlbed lansl. in We.t
Kooteuay, that ls to say: Commenciug at a
psssl planted 40 chains east of ibo northeast
cornor of block gin, (post marked 812 K. s,)
thence running east 80 chains, thence south 80
ebalns, thence west 80 cbaina. thence uorth 80
ohalns to location post No. 1, oontainlng 610
acre, of land, more or less.
Dated at Creston, B.C., thta 22nd day of March,
oio. Hnicsorr,
Take notloe tbat I Iniend, thlrsy day. after
date to apply to the Houorahle the Chief Com-
mtnlober of Lands and Works for a special
licence to cut and carry away timber from the
following deaoribed lands, iltuated on Sandy
Creek, ln West Kootenay district: Commencing
at a post planted on thc weat side, ol aald creek,
and niarked "J. p. S'l" northweat corner: thence
running south eighty chslnsi tnence east eighty
ohalns, thence north eighty chains; thenoe west
eighty chalna to place of oommenoement.
Dated this 10th day of rebruary, 1907.
Risen Today."
Preces and responses. Tallls' Festal.
Easter anthem, "Christ our Passover."
Chant Humphreys.
Psalms���Special. Psalm II., chant R.
Cooke; psalm I. VII.. Dr. Rlmbault;
psalm CXI., chant, P. Humphreys.
Te Deum Laudamus���J. L. Hopkins,
in G.
Jubilate Deo���O. N. Garrett In E.
Anthem, "If We Believe That JeBUS
Died and Rose Again," E. Ilunnetl.
Holy Communion���Kyrle, Gloria.
Gratlas, Credo, Rev. H. H. Woodward,
ln D.
Hymn, "Alleluia! The Strife Is O'er."
Offertory hymn, "Welcome, Happy
Sursiim Corda���Sanctus, Benedlctim
tin! venlt, Agnus Die, llev, H. II. Woodward, In D.
Communion hymns���"The King of
I��vo My Shepherd Is," Tbo Heavenly
Wood Proceeding Forth," "I Am Not
Worthy, Holy Lord."
"Gloria In Excelsls," Rev. H. II.
Woodward, in D.
Recessional, "Nunc Dlmittis," chant,
J. Barnby.
7:30 p. m.���Evensong.
ProceBslomsl, "Jesus Christ Is Risen
Preces and responses���Tallls' Festal.
Psalms���Special, psalm CXIII., chant,
J. Battlshlll; psalm CXIV.. Tonus, Pere-
grlnus; psalm CXVIII.. chant, Goodson.
Magnificat, Rev. H. H. Woodward, in
E. flat.
Nunc Dlmittis.
Anthem, "I Am the Resurrection,"
Roland Rogers.
Hhymn, "Alleluia! Hearts to Heaven
and Voices Raise."
Offertory hymn, "The Day Thou Gav-
est. Lord, Ib Ended."
Recessional, "For All the Saints."
Church of Mary Immaculate.
There will  be  special Easter  music
by the church choir.
St. Paul's Presbyterian.
Morning���Hymna���61, "Jesus Christ
Is Risen Today"; 58, "Blest Morning,
Whose First Dawning Rays"; 537, "Golden Harps Are Sounding."
Evening���Hymns���61, "Jesus Christ
Ib Risen Today"; 64, "The Head That
Once Was Crowned with Thome"; 56,
"Christ the Lord Is Risen Today"; 62,
'The Strife Is Over, the Battle Done."
Anthem, "The Glory Song."
There will be a special children's
service at 3 p. m., to which parents
and others are Invited. The choir of
30 voices, snd orchestra of 7 pieces will
be present, as they will be also at the
evening service; which will be as follows:
Selection, orchestra.
Opening hymn, "Christ the Lord is
Risen Today."
Anthem, "Seek Ye the Lord." Choir
and orchestra.
Scripture lesson.
Hymn, "Come Ye Saints, Look Here
and Wonder."
Selection, orchestra.
Anthem, "The Heavans Are Telling."
Choir and orchestra.
Contralto solo, "The Resurrection."
Mrs. Thurman.
Offering,   Selection.  Orchestra.
Hymn, "Christ the Lord is Risen
Selection, orchestra.
*��� Baptist.
There will be Bpeclal services at the
Baptist church on Sunday appropriate
for the Easter time. Special music ls
being prepared by the choir and others
for the occasion. The evening service
will be in the form of an EaBter praise
service, with hymns, anthems, solos and
Evening���Organ postlude, Mrs. Ast-
Hymn, "Crown His Head with Endless Blessings."
Invocation, pastor.
Hymn, "Look Ye Saints."
Anthem, "The Lord Ib Risen," Lam-
blllottee. Choir obligato by Mrs. Shanks.
Solo, "Look Toward the Cross," Feu-
lis     Mrs. Shanks.
Easter Dawn, pastor.
Hymn,    "Hall   Thou Once  Despised
Solo, "I Know That My Redeemer
Liveth," Mrs. Shanks.
Hymn, "Now Begin the Heavenly
Anthem, "Why Weepest Thou?" Ga-
biel. Solo and chorus.
Hymn, Christ the Lord Is Risen Today."
Postlude, Mrs. Astley.    	
Notloe Is hereby given that 80 dara after date
l Intend to apply to Ihe Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Landi and Work., Victoria, for
aipeclul licence toeut and carry away Umber
irom tbo following described pleu- of laud In
West Kootenay district:   Commencing at a post
Xlanted 20 ebalns Irom lho east sho o of Upper
rrow lake and asljolaing block DM on Ihe south
ausl marked "Chas. Mil's" northwest oorner,
thonce souih 80 chains, tbence east 8i ebalus,
tbeuce uorth 80 uhalns, thence we.t 80 obaina to
psslntof essiuuieneeuieisl
Dated the 4th dsy ol March, 1W7,
Hall Street. Hor Silica.
Daughter ami pupil of Dr. Torrlagton. director
Torimto College of Muiir, deilrei * limited
���urabarof pQpUilD
Apply at r-Mldence or br mall.      Box 1101.
--C-vrtlflcat*   of Improvementa
Rio T��nte. Orinoco. Queen Victoria fractional
���nd Ornoi-o Fractional Mineral Claim*-*., altuate
ln the Nelaon Mining Division of Weat Kootenay
Located on Queen Victoria Mountain, near
Beaaley Old lug.
Take Notice that 1. Frank C Green, acting aa
went for Michael Kgan, Tree Mioer'a Certificate
Kb. BMblntend, ality dajri from the date hereof,
to apply to the Ululng Recorder for Certificate*
of ImproTemen'i, for tha purpoie of obtaining
Crown Oranti of tha abore claim*.
And further take notice that action, under
aectlon 87, muat be commenced before tht
laauance of inch Certificate! of Imprurementa.
Dated thtfl Mth day of January, 1007.
r.C. tiuiir, iNiLioji, B. C.
The Strathcona
N-alson, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
Certificate of Improveaunts
"Portia," "Amos,** -asast Side Ke. I" end "Bet-
tine Fractional" mineral claims, altuated In
the Slocan Clly a Inlng Dlrlllon of Weat Kootenay DUtrlet
Where located: at head ol Springer Creek, near
the Arlington mine.
Take Notloe that I, Frank C. Oreen, utlng aa
agent for tbe Arlington mines, Limited, Free
Mlner'i CerllBoete No. B.80S. Intend, ilitr dan
from the dete hereof, to epp,F to the Mining Be
oorder for a Certllcate of Improrementa, lor the
purpoee of obtaining a Crown Grant at the nboro
lau   I
Ana further take notiee that notion, nnder
Motton-K, muat be commenood before the lean
snee of auofesCertificate ol Improvements.
DeM hSTStt dsr'' Desesihsr, IMS.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample    Rooma.
Queen's Hotel
Malar Street, Kelson. B. 0.
Lighted by Kleotaioitj and
Heated by Hot Air
Urge and Comfortable Bedroom, end Flret-
olaMJ'lulug Boom, .ssts-Jiple Kuuuis, '.or s.uiuuiei-
sslal  Men
MBS. B. C.CLAKKK. Frolirletresi
Grand Central Hotel
Tela hotel ha. been completely renorated end
newly furnished with all modern equipments.
Bot water heating throughout.
BATES I Rooms, 50c, upwards ; meali ���lie. ;
special rate, by the week.
J. A. BRICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court Houae
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tf emont Hotise
Boropean end American Finn
Mean a eu. Booma Irom as cu. lo H
Only While Help Employed.
Baker Bt.. Nelaon Fronrutors
Battlett   House
Best DolIar-a-Day House to Nelson.
Tha Oar tt the Flneat.
Whlta Balp Only Kmplored.
JFoeephlne Bt.
Royal Hotel
Bates tl and 11.60 a Day.
Special Hates to Bevnlar Bonders.
Must comfortable quarters ln Nelson
Only tbe beat of Liquors and Ugara.
March 29th to April 1st
Fare and One-Third
For thc Round Trip
To and from all points.
Tleksts on aale March 27th to April
1st.   Final return limit April 2nd.
For full particulars, rates and folders
apply to
A.O.P. A..Vanoouver. D.H.A.. Nelson
Wholesale aat Betau Dealers la
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oamps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest prioe. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats and anpplee kept in stock
Kail orders reoei-re oarsfal attention.
Fo* sak... Frtiit Lands
In every section of tfcis district.
Large or small tracts.
S. Me BRYDGES, Imperial Bank Block
Fine Building Site
Chaapest Buy
....In Town
120 Feet x 120 Feet.
One-half block south from Baker St.
Only $4,000. on term.
Choice Fruit
l Have 10,000 Aem
Bcttteh CobmbtA.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
For Sale on Easy Terms
10-Acre Blocks at Thrum's
Being a eub-dlvlslan of tha Manhart Pruit Farm. Pint slaaa Pruit
Land. Practically cleared and free (ram rack. Plenty water and a depot
and poetafflce right at tha door.    Par particulars apply to
In the mutter of an application for tht luue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for an
undivided itl of Loti i, and S. Block 19, Town of
Notice la hereby given th ��� Ht ti nr Intention
to Iwue at the expiration of one month from
the flrst publication hereof a duplicate of the
certificate of Title to the above landi ln the
name of Florence M. Uodflni which Ortfdcate
li dated the Wth day of December, Ittt, and
numbered H661K.
H. F, MacLeod,
Dlitrlot Metutrar.
i*nd Reglitry Offlce, Nelion, B c
January-Mth, 1907.
B. C, TRAVES, Manager.
Certificate of Improvt-jneats.
"U.j," ��� B.C.," "Strathro-f," "Joy,** "Joy Fractional," and "John D.Mtblej" Mlaeral claims.
���Ituaicd In Ihe Slocan City Mlnln, OlTlsloa ol
the Wnt Koolena; Dlitrlet.
Where located:���Nortii ol Twelve Mile Creek
about ono and a half milea op.
Take notlc, that I, II. B. Jorand ol Blocsu. k.o.
Free Mluer'a certificate No. B7SW0, ea eaeut for
Horace U. Van Tuyl, Free Miner a eertlOcate No.
Biejl, intend, (sixty daya from tho date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Reoorder for * Certificate
olltuprovemenu, for tlie purooae ol obtaining a
Crown Urant ol the aald mineral elalma.
And lurther take notice that aeUon nnder
Section 87, muat be commenced before the laau-
ence ol auch Certlflcatea of Improvemente.
Dated thla Srd Day of January, ISO;.
Certificate of Improrementi
"Fmpresa," "Climax," "Iloraeahoe," "Queen,"
"Union  Jack,"  iltuated in Nelion Mining
Located on Porcupine creek.
Take Notice that I, Frank Fletcher, agent for
the Active Gold Mining Company, Free Mlner'a
Cerllllcate No. BXOl*, lutend, -90 daya from dete
hereol, to apply to tbe Mining Recorder for a
Certlllcate ol Improvementa tor the purpoee of
obtaining a Crown Urant ol the above elalma.
And lurther take notice that action, under
Section 87, muat lie commenced before the iaau-
ance ol aueb Certificate ol Improvemente.
Dated Nelaon, lath Dec., lime.
        F��-na rtatcasa,
��� ^*mm���
Certificate of Improvements
"Areo" mineral claim, altuated In the Slocan
City   Mining    Dlvlalon   ol   Weat   Kooteuay
Where lo ated: On Springer Creek Bear tbe
Arlington Sawmill
Take Mtlce that I, Frank C, Qreen, ectlna *t
agent for tbe Arlington Mlnea*. limited' Free
Mlner'i Certificate No. BeKM, Intend, alxty dav,
from date hereol, to apply to tie Mining Recorder
for a Certificate ot Improvemente, for the pur-
poae of obtaining a Crown 'Irant of the abore
And further take notice that notion, uader
(section 87, muit be commen ed before the
limanoe of anch Cenlficate of Improvemenu.
Dated thla Uta nay of December, IM
F. C. Oaten, Nelaon, B. 0.
F.C*SMDI      r.r.BUWHI      A.H.6MW
CM1 Eogtottrs, Dmninkm aad British
Colombia Land Swrcyors
r.0.ftHtlU   noatMSt.
MHWINtl AHD eRARlHO carefully
ed to. Apply
"Companiea Aat, INT."
Provwcr or British Columbia. )
No. 176.
THIS 18 TO CERTIFY lhat Ike "Columbia    ,
Valley Land company," ieauihonead aad lloen-  ���
S*i VSy.'ton Ixulaeee within Ike pcovlaoe of ��*:,
Brltlah Columbia, aad to csarry oul or eleel all
or any ol the objecu of the Cumpany to wblch
Ihe Uglilatlve authority ol the Leguleian of
Brltlah Columbia ezleada.
Tha heed oflee af the Company u iltaale al
the City ef Winnipeg, province of Manitoba.
Tha sMaount ol tae oaplul ol the aald eompaay
U one hundred thousand dollan, dlvtdea lato
one tbouaand aharea of one hundred dollan each
The head oJIce of the eompaay la thla provlnoe U altuate et Ihe City of Nelaon, and Robert
Wetaore Hannington, barrleter, whoee addnee
la Neleon, B. c, la tbe attorney for Ihe company.
Given under my hand and teal ol oefee at
Victoria, Province of BrltUh Columbia, thu Ith
day ot February, one tbouaand nine hundred
[U a.1 8. Y. WOOTTON,
RegUtrar of Joint Buck Compaalee.
The objecu Inr wh'ch thu eompenv haa been
eatabluhed and Ueeuaed are:
(a) Buying, soiling, kaelng or dlipoelaa ef
coal mlnea, eoal and wood landa, farming, gracing and fruit laade -and limber Umlu. -and to
work and develop Ibe aame:
(b.) To carry on the buaineaa ol emigration
and oelonUetlon agenu, make advance, loeaalil
���alien on landa purcbaaed from tbe company,
and secure repayment of such advaneee. with
Inleravt, oo such terms and ln such menaer by
way of mortgage or agreement at may be mutually agreed upon
(c.) To carry on the business of ranching,
breeding and aelllng and dealing In cattle,
hones, sheep and olher live stock;
(d.l To purchase, aell end deal la lumber
wood, eoal, mlaeral, grain, provision!, clothing
end general supplies:
(e.) To carry on the trade aa general seerch-
anU end for warders:
(I) To Issue la payment of any property acquired by the oompany sham of tbe capital
stock of the oompany ee fully paid up and aaa
aosauablo or otherwise:
tM) To carry on tbe business olmanofaeturan
and dealers ln power generators and motora of
every description, lo construct end operate all
classes of vehicles, agricultural Implements, machinery, boats, auemera, bargee and ferries la
which tbe said luotorsareused; to oonsUuot aad
luotorsare uacd: lo u___	
operate boal lines, and to carry ou tke easiness
oi carriers, cartage and parcel delivery! to own
and operate omnibus lines end veal-sloe ead
boau for kire: lo sell, leaie and supply power,
end lo generate aod aell, leaae, end supply ftleotrl-
city: to own and operate electric planu ead gen-
erelly to carry on any business Incidental to the
aforesaid purposes and objecti of lhe company:
(h ) To purehaae, take or lease, exchange ��r
otherwise acquire and dupoee of any real or
peraoael property and any rights and prlvllae-sa
which Ibe oomimuv may consider necessary tor
the purpoee- ol their operations, aad to sell and
dupoee of eny landa or other real eslate end per
���ooal property al any time oaaed or controlled
by tbe company, us- aay pari thereof, or any control therein or claims thereon, end geneielly to
do all auch thlnga es are Incidental or conducive
to ths carrying oul ol the objects ol the oompany:
(I.) To become shareholders la anyobtlng
or proposed compiny and to promote aad eselat
la promoting eny company carrying on a kasl-
nose pertaining to the objecu lor wblch this
company u Incorporated and which may prove
ueelul to this company, aad to ecqalra, take sen
and operate the buslae*aof auy such eompaay
or companies, and ta eater Into eagagemeaie for
-*              lei.Joln*	
sharing proBts, onion ot latoraei, Joint adeoa-
tone, reciprocal concession! er olkewlM with
aay person or company, aad lake or olberwlae
as-qulreand hold snaree -and aeenrltlee of enoh
��� oiepany or compaalee.
Notice le kersbyglvea tket Jas. H Ooodeaoack *
kee made applioatlon under Ike aroyIdeas e
 >re Vote! iloooM
M log ol ike Board ol Lleeaee Coma
b..i> ofe-Sl-S^'l^JelleS
loi llie
e meet ing    _
of tbe Ainswetth
to consider look l
���aO/amm. i
1 -
1������ e*aty Canadian
We can show you thc newest styles in TRAVELLING BAGS, HAND
BAGS and PURSES, and can sell Ihem to you at moat reasonable prices.
They are all first-claes goods, and it will pay you to have a look through
our stock  if you  require anything in thii line.
J. o.
aaaatjaaaaaaaaat �������������������>���+�����������
:To Arrive          ���
Socialist    Party  meets  every   Frldar
i*v  !,::ik ni ��� y  ii. . n.  tt.e * inert' f'nlon Hal.
Ai: n*. in-rllM) any one allowed tf. take part ln
ihe debates     J. Austin, .-c ere tary.
:    For Easter!
���           ���
Store will be closed Good Fridty ���
(ind Easter Monday. *
Ornamented Chocolate Eggi.
Blue Bird   Eggl.    Cuckoo  Eggi.
Robins'   Eggs.   Stuffed   Ducks   and
Chicks ill sizes.
Make  your  lelectsons  while  the  itock
ii complete.
S.   H.   SEANEY
Phone 206.
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
Price $2,000.00
H. L Croadsdafle & ��
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
AH Kinds of Heating Plants In  Stuck
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Houae.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Buildera will And it to their advantage to nee our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co,
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing Stovei, etc.
121 Eaat Baker SL Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
Cor.  Vernon ��*!*��...   \\ -rii   .sss-ol-is.
>l_l_SO>,   B. C.
J. FKED HUilli, Proprietor.
\V tl. Short. E. S. Wailworth. G. F.
���Wadsworth, Montreal; .1. A. Cox. G.
Dobassn. J. Q. Wilson. Vancouver; F*. E.
Simpson, Cranbrouk; C K. Brown. Spo-
k��ne; .Miss B. J. Laird. Salmo; H. G
Nichols and wife. J. C. Austin. Ymir;
A. Fuermann. Milwaukee.
N. L. Parsenow, Berlin; B. G. Hamilton. Calgary; Mrs. A. II. MacNeill. Mrs.
E A. Ewert. Kossland; It. J, Abb��. To-
Knito; J H. Anthony, Winnipeg; F. D.
Hire. Greenwood.
A. E. Orchard. Moyle; S. Davis, Grand
Forks; O. J. Handly, Ymir.
A. V. Cree, Grand Forks; T. Hunter,
D. Miller, Cranbrook.
T. H. Henderson, Arrowhead; Mr. and
Mrs.    Johnstone.    Vancouver;    A.    G.
Davis, Creston; J. B   Bremner, C. McDonald, Ymir; R. Sullivan, Sourls.
J.  Berry.  Beasley;   p.   Almond  and
wife, Winnipeg;  .1. .Jowett, H. Jowett,
E. Jowett, Fernie;   R. Faulds. Burton;
H. C. Metcalfe, R. Taylor, Spokane.
It C. Campbell. Edmonton; H, F.
Dorey, Edgewnnd; M. Daly, Burton. A.
Mi-I'herson. Phoenix; I. M. McNallv,
dSlooan; J. H. McDonald, p. McCabi.-.
G Watklns. Koch's Sidlnii; J. Dell. E.
I.. Kiscnn, Spokane; A. Pelnault, Win-
nlneg; C. Shafrotik. Gerrard. F. Hudun-
ski, Poplar; N. Waynouth, R. Kuskurtas,
Swiss Cream Sodas
Fresh from the
Telephone 161.
Notice 1* hereby jjiveti tliat at a meet In*? of the
Bohri nf Lfeeaie Coinmiationeri!. to b_ in*M after
the expiration of W&mje, 1 iii'i'inl to app r for a
transfer of my hot*] lincenv for die QtVtt hotel,
al Fairvlew, to E- ti Borden
Notiee la hf roliv nlvpii that I will applv at ttie
next metUlog of tin- tAeaaee GoBunlmonon for
tht'Ciiv of NaJun tobt-n ihallqaot Ueenoeofuia
NtrHtiKoiiH howl   UftDatarrad   (ram myusu to
Ki-KiiiiiM < rj-ri- Wel.li of tht- City of Nelson.
Datod thiH yt7i day ut Mann, a.i> , i��ot
cook-Hotel,190. WaUran.lMtatonoa  Phona
Vou'k man with gMdofflMexpoflenaoaeaktfl
poHltinii    Apply Vox .rilH, Nolion, H. 0.
,\ POSITION AH LkKK. by a bookkeeper who
Isquiek nn ) a-ccuratea- flguTff. Addivn Brd-
iiry K   IU:t, ______t. Keg na. 8a��k
WOMAN BHCO-I) i OOK, W0.00   Waltreai SK.U)
At mure    W, I'ark* r.
TWO FIRHt-ui-aisS hou MB, steam heated
ply h on ne keener Sfd flat, K. W. 0, blocJt
KdOB sri'PLIKD from the leading -retteiletot
Pure Bred Poultry, guaranteed tree to htm*},
Apply J (' Hlxon Box IW, vancouver���flw'y,
ot the Vancouver Poultry and I'   _________________
TW<i POOL TABI.E8 aud ona Combinatlnti Billiard and Pool Table. Ever*thin* oompiete
and fn (rood condition. B. J. Mlghton, Tobac-
conlat, Cranbrook, H. t:.
unlay evenliK.belwe n��Hto*.c<- and Milt m.i
by ��*nv otStaint'y St Kinder plrare return to
th la offlce.
Joseph I.ut-bie has Bold hit* residence
in Fairview.
There is stilt good skating at the Sandon rink, but the boys are too busy for
hockey or even curling.
Silver bas again declined many points
on both metal markets, the American
quotation being now 65^, cents.
All ihe butcher shopg in the city will
be open on Monday neii until tl uoou,
and will then close for the day.
T. G. Procter arlved home last night
by way of Spokane. He ie suffering
from a slight cold contracted in Victoria.
"A Double Elopement" will be the
bill ut the opera house next Monday
evening It is a comedy unci said to be
very funny.
The Slocan Mining Review predicts
that more ore will be shipped from the
Siocan in 1907 than in any other year
since 1900.
In the Nelson mining office today W.
P. Wisenthal recorded the Snowdrift,
located March 25th, near the head of
Sproule Creek.
H. Harris leaves for the northern
coast Monday morning. Mrs. Harris will
remain in Nelaon for about a week, the
guest of Mrs. Applewhaite.
The Mother Lode mines In Sheep
Creek valley near Salmo have so far
Shipped llfc-te tons of ore of an average
smelter return of $98.88 a ton.
The tea arranged by the Ladies' Aid
of the Baptist curch, to be held at the
home of Mrs, J. C. Boyce, Wednesday.
April 3rd. has been postponed until
Monday, April 8th.
Captain and Mrs. Johnstone, of the
Salvation Army, who returned last Monday night from Toronto, will conduct
special services all duy tomorrow commencing with a prayer meting at 7 a. m.
The Cranbrook officers, aiBO Lieutenant
Wright and the other local members of
the NelBon corps are expected to arrive
from Vancouver In time to help with tomorrow night's service.
The Store of Quality
Fmsler ri-turu to this uflls is sod receive reward
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
Per Package.
Graham Waferi 10c
Lemon  Cream   10c
Vanilla Wafera     10c
Society Tea  10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krispo Ginger Wafera   10c
Butter-!-Thin   10c
Milk Teaat  10c
Dainty City Soda  (Salted) 15c
Saratoga  Flakes  (Salted)    15c
Put U|i In packages and thus
ever fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth lt.
K. W   C. Block     Phone 10
Contractor  and
Sole afjent fnr the Port" fUoo LttDtbU ('o., Ltd..
retail yard**. Hough and dnmed Mimher. turned
work mui bracket*, ('riant lath und nhliJioe*, Fash
and doors. Cement, hrlck and lime (or sale
Automatic art ml ur.
Yard and faz-tory: Vernon Ht.. east of HaU
P. O. Box 2S2. Telephone 17R
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or noil anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A now
line of .Japanese Oooda now un Rale.
All kinds of Dlnnerware In stock. Patterns.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers In staple and fancr Groceri.,
Bntter, EgK��.
Oampand Miner*' BtippUe*.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a ���poeloKy.
Offloe: Ilealey Building.   P. O. Uo
������kor at, NELSON, a. C.
3   doz.  for
C* Am Benedict
Corner Silica ami JoBi'iiWne Sts.
1 Books
Everybody who would make the most of
themselves and realize ttoeir highest
possibilities should  read.
Right and Wrong Thinking
And their Results, by Aaron  Martin
Crane, price   $1.75
Health Through Self Control
In  Thinking,   Breathing,  Eating
Price $1.75
Thfse are not "fad" books. They are
thomughly sane and scientific They j
are written by men who are recognised
authorities on the subjects treated, and
set forth Cade and principles which are '
coming to be recognized by the world's
leading thinkers,
Orders by mail promptly and accurately
attended to.
W. G. Thomson
It0aToSk "d Nelson, B. C.
Phon. a*.
Greatest Known Wire Walker,
With his giant beard, will givs his unique and daring high wire exhibition
across the street near the Klondvke
hotel TODAY at 5:30 and Easter Monday at 11 a. m. and 3 p. m.
The Full Measure
Style and Value!
Yssu liuvi- a perfect right to iimiM
iilhin n |si'rfi'i-i Iii mis! perfect style
when iml urs- isuyiun Irssii, ,11, in
tm Iur a htiit.
20th Century Brand
will fulfill yiuir highest-axpectatloni
uml your 11111-11 exacting demande
Tliey an- the D-aareftl approach to
perfection thai we tind in tht- tailor-
ing world. We ran prove these
facta to you if you will but give us
the opport unity.
$18.00 Style and Value for. . .$13.00
$20.00 Style and Value for...$15.00
Boys'  Suits  at  $2.  $3.  $4  and 35
Important Sale of Men's
and Boys' Shoes
Men's   regular   $4.00   Box   Calf
Shoes  for $3.00
Boys'  regular $2.50  Box  Calf
Shoes   for $2.00
Clearance Bale of Mens' Under-
wear at $1. $1.50 and $2 per Suit.
Men's Cashmere and Wool Socks
at 25c a pair or 5 pairs for $1.00.
HOUSES     \tStm,
�����������������������������-    I Auioiit.
LOTS i    *"��� Baker 8t
v       w I    NELSON, B. C.
J. S. Gordnn. provincial luspi-cior of
public BchoulB for Yale and Cariboo,
untl president of the provincial teaoh-
err' institute, arlved from Vernon laat
niKlu und is at the Strathcona.
A private letter from Victoria re-
celved last night by J. A. Kirkpatrick,
states that Harry Wright, ex-.M. L. A..
was appointed to the gold oomissloner-
ship at Nelson early in the week .
R, T. Lowery, editor of the Greenwood Ledge, visited Sandon last week,
and received flattering notice from the
Slocan Mining Review, which nominates
him for tlie ixiBt ol* King"n prlnier.
V. h. Sizer, M. E., expert for the Star
.Mining it Milling Co., will reach Bandon
on Monday, aud proceed a few' days
later to tbe coast to give evidence lie-
fore the full court In the Slocan Star
mining case.
The annual meeting of the Nelson
Free Library Association will be held in
the city hall on Wednesday, April luth,
at 4 p. m.. All who are Interesied In
tht welfare of the Institution are requested to attend.
The association football season was
opened in Nelaon yeHterday afternoon,
by a match on the recreution grounds
between the Clillrchlnen's Club'and No.
2 Oompanjr, It. U. R, Although none of
tin players have had nny practice this
year, tlie match was a very good one.
There Is excellent material in both
teams. About 200 spectator! witnessed
a close and keen contest wlilcb ends-d
ln a victory for the Churchmen by the
score of 4 goals to 2. E. W. Wlddow
sou made un eltlcii'nt referee.
Sherman's Opera House
Monday, April Ist,
Return engagement of "My Wife's
Family" Co., in
"A Double Elopement**
The funniest tarce ever written. Special vaudeville turns.
Prices 50c. 75c. J 1.00.
Plan at Rutherford's Saturday.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and  Ward  Sta.
A collection oi all tbe Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
We have just received a most complete and
well selected stock of strictly fresh seeds.
Come early and get your supply. Prices right.
in ' Ifclimi    IS.IISI
We huve notl-M from our landlord tn vacate our store by a ,rl
order to reduce our stuck before moving we will Hell goods a ''' >l
at greatly reduced prices If you wunt bargains in Clothing uV" ""^
Furnishings drop ln and see for  yourself. '   ' "-''���'"'���'a
\Vl-ion_Mnit.-  PnivlaUina,
Products, - Pruit.
Government Dreamery One Pnund Uriiks ni-eived weekly tn.ii *_,
iburu.   Eta sale by ull lending grocers ma ""-*
Ofllce ami wnrohoiise: Houston Block,   Phone 70
Josephine Street.       -       -       -       Nelson. B.C.
2S9 doz. Linen Collar* To li�� Sold at
$1.50 per doz.
BAKI;R Slkl  Cl. M;L8()N.
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock al! tie
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder. Spades,
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Folks, Tree Pruners,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention paid to letter  orders.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Kwpnlrlng nnd Jnhhlng -oxtsuutMl with Daapntch.   HtiMtMittl '
Work, Mlnlnjr ��nd Mill ,M��Lhlnci*v.      MttnufuUurtriol
Ort  Cura,   ht    N.   Contmotora'  Gmrts.
gom^ofHenaad      NELSON,     B. C. JSS    '
BuMlnumi men,
WorklriB m��n.
Men In drwHA nttlra,
Sportlntc m��an,
HnndHom* men,
Men that'll full of fir*
UNITE ftnd  sing tlutt   the   importations of
John T, Pierre are thi* [jnipertlwij*!.
My litBt full ihipmaol biw jnot arrived. BM
thfin und plaoe yonr order eady for Xmasnui*
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
Spring Stock lust Opened Up!
Carload Linoleums and Carpets
Prom Glasgow, Scotland.
Best Qualities at Low Prices.
Standard Fatnitttte Company
a a BINTS i
Mn-.mi <it I'.i-. [j I'lmioft.
Oitmaoor UtttWMft
MurMiHll Hani tary UftttTtMU.
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmcrs
AND DEALERS IN   Ltfftlbef,  ShktLgl&*
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windo**'*'
I urnad "Work and Brackets.
Galvanised Iron Wort
are unequalled in the Kootenays. If you require 'ir p,P���<r'
���moke Stacks or special work of any kind call or ^'''Et0
Wood-Valknce Hardware Co,, Limited
���^^~"~^B. A.  ISAAC R.   W.   HINTON ~-"-NA/*��
Mail Order* pronipUr ��'K,l4ed,ft
INBLSON, B. O. ���m
"i ' s'fiTitiiltiii


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