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The Daily Canadian Jul 12, 1906

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Array \%\}z  pttily CtmaMan
No. 33-
���eme Court of France
iHils Condemnation
of Most Sensational Intrigue
(id False Accusation History Records.       |
inh   VI.   Tho supreme court
uli ,,,,���.,.,[ its iii'i'isimi annulling
������.,(] ,i Dreyfus wUhoul a
[l( ,,,, f i ni the deelaloo is a
H,lr v(���, tion   "i  Dreyfus, on
j j|jm 1(l PL.H|oratIon to bis rank
. .,,., ibough ii'1 had nevei
,,,!,,i ureyfW, <>f the arUl-
,,1,,-r nf it  wealthy   Hebrew
,,, \\ ,������-. where be wns born in
uU October it, 1894. arrested
nt     common.cuiinn
georeU   tn   a  foreign
hu hiwr he wan tried
.ml round  guilty, and
hu   wuh   publicly   de
.. pmied to Devil's isiumi,
Kieiicii   Guinea, there
.1 spend tbe remainder nt
he frtendl ami relaitvus of
ubl)   ins wite, always burn his innocence, mui devoted all
s  to ihe work  ol'  praying
i..i<i iieeu unjustly condemned.
I'iquarti when lie became ehict
intelligence department of the
nuy in L895, examined the doc
in tbe proceeding* a^ainm
and formed tbe opinion thai
Mice {Hilnted lo .Major Count
j as being the guilty man He
jtipnn determined to aee that jus
done to Dreyfus. Soon _uuec-
h ne) 1'itpiart was supereuded
l.. i ni Hi.. Intelligence department
ne] Henry, and then began a
preserve the honor of tlu
bli armj. Dreyfus ou November
p97, charged Emerhnzy wiih writ
Incriminating document, inn the
was acquitted by a coiittninitial.
M, Cftualgnao became head of
each war office, ho read tu ihe
ber of deputies documents which
}<tid proved the guilt of Dreyfus.
Plquart afterward charged that
y document fl were forged, for which
pas arrested ami degraded. Tbe
ds of Dreyfus were tireless in
Ihk liis ease, anil brought about
arrest of Colonel Henry, chU-f of
Intelligence department, who ftnallj
��� d that he bad forged one ol
criminating documents, und later
Itled suicide in prison. Hy this
tic whole of Prance wuh arrayed
against Dreyfus, und ihe utmost
ment prevailed in military, polit-
nil social cin lea. In .lune, L899,
h courtmartlal of Dreyfus wuh or-
and lhe prisoner wus brought
from Devils Island to lie ronied.
meantime tlie press throughout
orld bad been tilled with atoriis
I" barbarities to which Dreyfus bad
subjected during his oonflnemenl
���vil's Ireland, which aroused fur-
eellng in IiIh favor.
second courtmartlal of Dreyfus
d ill Itennes, Fiance, A-UgUSl  7th,
and  resulted  in Ida again  being
'led. in; being sentenced lo   ten
imprlHonment in a fortress. Latei
mined a full pardon from Presl-
l.niilici.   mnl   so   was   free.     The
|iids ut the unfortunate captain were
monled.   They obtained fresh ev-
|ii"' in his behalf, nnd Anally got the
D lore the supreme court.    Maitre
nl, counsel   fur  Dreyfus,  in  argu-
11nsi  a further trial, said  many
���he rtdinesses were dean or had dln-
i ��� tl.    Dreyfus, be added, did  nol
il  ill iges.    Me desired only tbe
Dion of IiIk honor and the rcsto-
���i ids name to the list of officers
'rench army.
iiiciai prosecutor, General itau-
I1 ii. concluded his argument hy ask-
Imt   the  verdtci     of   Ibe    Hennes
MUiuirllal be quashed  without   a re-
''    rhe judgment of ibe   supreme
���day waa a complete vindication
j ins.
A Profitable Theft.
'. .inly la,���More than $100,000
a  tn  the  Alaska   I'ik'H'ic    Ox-
"iiifnuiy hero hns been stolen
mini His. Hlt'iniH'i- Ida May, und
1i:ih been obtained ns to who
iiom nre. The ahlpnaenl was
mi Fairbanks, anil wiih Irans-
1 Ns'imnn.   The lsln May was to
il to Iho Sarah al Fori 01b-
ni li whh there thai the loan
Like Wild Beasts.
'Hills, Trans-Ciumashi, .Inly 12.���
Jiivming Hows has been received hero,
Iwi'i'lblo ravages Isv Turkish troops
���"*"��� H'l' border In Turkish Aniu'iiia.
Pkllors who were collecting Inxes aro
Fifty Cents a Month
said to have indulged In frightful outrages. The population of the city of
Van Is refiresi'nti'd to have been nearly
destroyed by the Turkish troojis, who
pulled down houses, assaulted the women and acted generally like wild
.-onster Celebration in Progress at Victoria Today.
iHiieclai i.i Tim Dolly Canadian.)
Victoria, July 12.���It is estimated that
there nru rally 4,000 people In attend-
iinee here today from ull nolnis in the
province 10 celebrate the Qlorlous
Twelfth, The innllHler parade Ibis ar-
li'inoon was a iibetlonii'lial success. The
procession was through lhe central pari
of ihe city along Government straei to
Beacon Mill park, the favorite rendezvous for afternoon outdoor meetings.
The vast assembly wus presided over
by Provincial Qrand Ussier Wallace.
An address ol welcome was delivered
by Mayor Morley, who referred ill stirring terms Iss lln* long history of lhe
order ami ihe principles tor .which ii
llev. Miiiiii Smith and Poal (Irand
Master Thomas nuke, or Vancouver,
also delivered speeches. These were
followed by local clergymen, represent,
ed by ftev. 8, ,1. Thompson, president
of Ihe Methodist eonfereni'i*. and Honorary Qrand Chaplain its'v. Dr. Raid, of
The weather conditions are sieligbt-
A. Carney, of Ka��lo, Telia Btbry of Sale
of Kootenaian���Report to Nel-
ton  Amusing.
A. Carney, of Kafilo, is in the cily
today, tie aaya that there is great
amusement in Kaslo over the report
���eni to Nelson of the sale of lhe Koot-
tnaiau and lis efTeet. The imaginative*
<:oiTeH|>ondent mild:
"There-1a*n��-nu etafchjr tn<Kuslo to
��lay who does uot believe that u general election is uear at hand. The reason lor this remarkable uuauiiuity is
lhe purchase of the Kooienaian newspaper by lhe Conservatives. For some
lune pusi the local Conservatives have
been  dickering    lor the    paper.    '1 he
Kootenaian is a small weekly sheet,
with a very limited circulation, but It
bas heretofore been conducted by Liberals, and a Liberal newspaper In the
home town of Lhe chief commissioner
of lamls and works was an offence in
the eyes of the faithful. Webster, the
proprietorj lixed B pretty stiff price on
the plant, 18,300, and it was generally
supposed that the Conservatives would
hesitate to put up so much cask They
did for a time, but lately the wires have
been working between here and Victoria, and yesierday the deal was consummated. Webster received $2,300 In
cash, counted oul to him In good bank
notes. He would not accept payment
in any other form, and the purchasers
assumed $1,000 ol liabilities for stock,
etc. Webster is well pleased with the
transaction. A few months ago he
bought out his partner's half interest
lor |400, and Mluckburn thought he had
struck a snap."
Mr. Carney says: "Kaslo Is not so
l>oor as to have to wire Victoria for
$2,800. The purchase was made by
Kaslo men withoul outside assistance.
The Kootenatai) has in the pasl been a
Steady loser, with little circulation and
no Influence.
"1 dare say Mr. Webster Is pleased,
but not half so welt as ihe stockholders
who own   lb per cent.
,\s to the conviction that the purchase of a small  weekly  sheet   means
an Immediate general election, thai
may be felt by ihe co-respondent���car
talnly by no one else iu Kaslo."
The Columbia & Western Land Grant.
Tho Nelson News, discussing ihe Columbia & Western land grant of 800,000
acres thai was authorised last session,
'Now as to the claim that (he C..P. R.
were equitably entitled lo Ihis land subsidy: In the lirst place, let It be distinctly understood thai the C. P. U. did
not proTess to have any legal claim to
then lands. The mere tact of iheir asking for special legislation showed conclusively tbal they knew they had no
claim upon the lands that they could
enforce in the courts."
Such Q statement of the case is petti-
logging in the extreme. Certainly, if
Hie C. 1*. H. could have enforced Us
Claim to the laud In question, it would
not have sought special legislation. Hut
ll la an entirely different thing tu say
lhat they were not entitled to the laud.
The only reason that the company could
not have claimed the land under the
Subsidy Act of IS97 was the fact lhat
Ihe surveys had not boon made within
the time specllled in the act In question. Had tho surveys boon made within tho time required, no ono would havo
questioned the right of the .company to
get the lands, ami ihey would have been
handed over by the government without a word of protest.   The lands wore
given '"** the construction of the railway, and under the contract were to
have been handed over as earned by
sections. The section for which tho
S00.000 acres were given was substantially and well built within tho time
specified, and nobody bul a politically
dishonest man would Hay that because
lhe survey had not been completed In
time iho company should not got (he
'and earned. For the government to
havo taken refuge under a technicality
of Ihe kind In order lo evade transfer
of tho lanil:-' wottJd have been repudiation in the first degree, aud probably
the drst persons lo have attacked li on
lhat score would have been members of
Ihe opposition.
Excursions  on     the   Kuskanook     Well
The Steamer Kuskanook left, tho city
wharf shortly after 1:80 this afternoon;
wiih a big crowd on board, the heat of
the day being conducive to relaxation
on ihe lake.
The clly band is on board, and will
return wiih Ilie excursionists at fi:ir>.
Tonight ai 7;80 the second excursion
parly will start. On arrival at Procter
a dance will begin. Tho hig dining
hail will be cleared and Iho windows
open to lhe Veranda, Music will bo
provided by the band and orchestra.
Kvery comfort and convenience has
lieen carefully provided by the commiltee. The excursion will return to lho
city shortly before midnight. The Kus-
kunook can make lhe run In less than
an hour from Procter io Nelson.
This will be the lust special excursion of the kind on tho Kuskanook,
which will be placed on the regular
daily run to Kootonay Landing and return very soon, probably by Sunday.
Insects Cause Shipwreck.
Lacrosse, Wis., July 12.���A message
from Trempealeau at .*>:;t5 a. m., seat
by tne Burlington railroad agent, says
every one who was on board tho
steamer Qnlnoy, which ran ashore and
burned near there lasi night, will bo
saved The desire nf thy officers of tho
QUlncy to escape lhe myriad uf Insecls
which infested tho vicinity of the
searchlight when i! was turned on
caused tho accident. To escape ihe insects the light was turned off, and ihe
pilot in the dark mistook a landmark
aud ran tho boat aground.
Ontario IMan Killed Abroad.
Syracuse, N. V., July 12.���A special
dcspaich to lho I'ost-Sumdard from
Tupper Lake. N. Y., says: "James Mc
Donald, of Cornwall. Ontario, while attempting to board a moving train on
ihe New York & Ottawa road at Santa
Clara yesterday, fell under the cars
and was cut In two, dying instantly.
Steamship Arrival.
New York, July 12.���Arrived today:
The steamer Harcelouu from Hamburg.
Week of Sport at Victoria in August-
Fixtures   With   Kokanee
and Rossland.
This afternoon on the recreation
grounds a cricket match Is in progress
between teams representing the married and single members ol tbe club.
Tho match began at 4 o'clock.
Its real object is to enable tho committee to select a team io meet the Kokanee eleven which Crozier Uourko will
bring down next Thursday. Tho ranchers will bo without tho services of 11.
Q, Steven, guesi of Captain Puddon at
Thirteen Mile point, who played for his
county In England, but they are still
Formidable opponents for the Nelson
cricketers. The match will begin early In tho day, and stumps will not be
drawn until 7;au. George Horstead
will supply lunch iu a marquee on ibe
A letter has been received from L.
Yorke, of Victoria, Inviting the Nelson
club to send an eleven In August to
take part lu a week's tournament with
teams of Victoria, Vancouver, Now
Westminster, Seattle, Tacoma aud
The next engagement of tho club Is
for n match with Rossland In Nelson
on September 3rd, Labor Day, when
the local cricketers hope to atone for
lhe decisive defeat suffered in Uosslund
on May 24th.
Was Known to Nelson.
San Jose, C.nl., July 12.���William
Webster, a newspaper man well known
on tho coasl, dropped dead hero last,
nlghl of heart disease. Ho wus 70
years old.
Just ns wo go to press the following
telegram, changing the time of tho
Kuskanook excursion, was received:
"Please insert in your ovening issue
lhat the Kuskanook will leave at 7::>U
Instead of 7 tonight.   1. G. NELSON."
Entire Russian Ministry
Ready to Desert
Still Endeavors to Effect Compromise by Securing Coalition Cabinet.
Sl.    Pet ersburg.    J uly    12.���Finance
Minisier Kokovsoff has given authority
lor the statement thai the resignation
of the entire cabinet Is in the hands of
iin- emperor. So far as can bo learned,
liowe\er, bis majesty Is not yet ready
io charge the constliutlonal democrats
with the lask of formiilg a ministry,
and la still seeking to compromise the
isKiie by forming a coalition cabinet,
composed of the moro solid of tbo conservative and liberal elements ln ihe
lower and upper houses of ..parliament,
under the leadership of Count Hydon
and M. Stakovich.
Grand Duke Nicholas Nlchllevltch,
commander of the guards corps and
the troops In the military district of St.
Petersburg, has tendered his resignation to the emperor on account of the
1'iobranjensky affair, but his majesty
declined to accept it.
The police have not found any trace
nf the men who robbed Assistant Cashier Gasperovitch of the admiralty yesterday, but there is reason to believe
ihat they were former workmen from
Port Arthur who turned revolutionists
on account of the treatment to which
ihey  wero subjected there.
Secures Permanent Adoption of Former
Olheiser Girls.,
The Olheiser children, aged respectively il and 11 years, who wero removed from their mother's custody by
the agont of tho Children's Protective
Association aud taken away from Nelson two years ago, have recently beeu
ihe cause of some anxiety to their father at the coast. Mr. Frank Olheiser,
iho father of these girls, was not in
children in charge, he having deserted
his wife on account of her immoral life,
lie did not know of the proceedings of
the society till the case had been con-
eluded in ihe courts here and the children taken into custody by Mr. C. J.
South, lho society's agent. Some time
ago Mr. Olheiser went to New Westminster, where ho has since been employed. Ho was allowed to visit the
children so long as they wero in tho
Children's Home at Vancouver, but recently they have been adopted out by
the society, and Mr. Olheiser is unable
io find who or whore their foster parents are. Ho has engaged a legal linn
lo take action against the society, and
will endeavor to enforce It to deliver
tho children back to his care. The
agent of the society, Mr. South, makes
ihe following statement of the society's
side of tho case:
"The father was told by me a long
lime ago to make application to the
juuge at Nolson for a rehearing of the
"The society never promised tho children In question to the father, who had
deserted them knowing lhe fearful coupon in which they wero living in Nelson;" added Mr. South. "Tho children
are adopted under the act, and are happy and well Cared foi". When parents
lose control of their children through
tuelr own misdoings, it Is against tho
best Interests of the children to allow
such pa rents or guardians to havo
any  Intercourse with ihem."
Court House  Notes.
His honor Judge Forln hold a chamber session this morning and hoard
three applications.
In Fernau vs. Canadian Metal Company, A. M. Johnson and R. Hodgo appearing, an application for directions
at? to the delivery of the statement of
claim was ordered to stand.
In tho estates of Robert Wood and G.
R. G. O'Drlscoll. on 12. C. Wragge's ap-
plications, S. P. Tuck was appointed
official administrator.
Appeal has been taken on behalf of
the plaintiffs In Star vs. White from
the taxation ot the defendant's bill of
An application on behalf of the defendants to soil the plaintiff company's
property for costs is returnable at Vlo
loria today.
A Handsome Subscription.
Grimsby Park. Ont., July 12.���Over
$S,000 was taken in in cash and subscriptions nt a mooting of ihe Christian
mission here on Sunday afternoon. Ii
followed an address by Rov. A. 11. Simp-
sou, of New York, who appealed for
funds to carry on the work of the mis
sion. This Is the largest sum collected
by any Canadian alliance. Rev. A. B,
Simpson Is one of the most pathetic
and powerful pleaders for subscriptions
in aid of evangelistic missions In foreign countries the world has ever
known. He has boon for years tho
llnanclal agent of the Evangelical Alliance, a protest ant undenominational or
gantzallon which sends out ami supports missionaries lu all countries of
the world. The society la responsible
lo no one, but has collected and expended millions of dollars. Two years
ago at a meeting held In Now York city
Rev. Mr. Simpson made an appeal
which brought $C4,(10l) in a single offer
Prairie  Province  Suffers from   Sever*
Electrical Storms.
Winnipeg, July 12.���William Atkinson's house, situated at Mount Royal,
about six miles west of the city hall,
was almost entirely demolished by
mollshod by lightning yesierday morning, and his four children and a visitor,
Mrs. William McKee, of Carman, had
a miraculous e��oape from death. Tho
beds in which tho children and Mrs.
McKee were uleeplng wero burled lu a
mass of debris, and fire broke out in
tho upper story of the house, but for-
tuuately was extinguished with little
Fully fifty yards distant from the
house bricks and glass were found that
had beeu hurled broadcast by the lightning. Mr. Atkinson was going to the
barn when the bolt struck the house.
He was knocked headlong and blinded
for several seconds.
Recovering his sight, he looked up
and saw flames at the top of hie house,
and, rushing upstairs, be succeeded in
extinguishing them and in extricating
his family from the piles, of lath and
Neighbors living close by quickly
gathered at the scene when they saw
what had happened and assisted the
Sweltering on the Prairies.
Winnipeg, July 12.���The hot spell has
continued with, if anything, increasing
intensity during the past few days, and
yesterday   at   Elgin   the   thermometer
registered 101 in the shade. Today it
Ib cooler, and thunderstorms indicate
relief for the sweltering citizen's. Such
excessive heat without any prostrations
or casualties having been recorded Is
certainly a marked tribute to the buoyancy of the climate.
The Fresno Slump.
Glasgow, July 12.���There was a big
slump in the shares of the Fresno Copper Company on tho local stock exchange today in consequence of the announcement that Frederick Slebert, the
expert appointed to examine the property, had condemned the mine. Five-
dollar shares dropped immediately to
The Annual Harvest of Immense Cereal
jaith Begins Next
Winnipeg, July 12.���That grain cutting will commence within thirty days
i3 the forecast in the Canadian Pacific
Railway Company's crop report received hero yesterday. A large proportion of the wheat is already well headed out, and the growth is as rapid as
possible. The height of the grain is already sufficient, aud the only process
remaining is that of heading out and
tilling in. Local rainstorms havo been
very numerous, and have boon well distributed over the wheat-growing district. There are, however, some dry
places where a day's rain would be exceedingly welcome. On the main lino
west of the city there has been moro
than enough, but rather less than
enough at C'haler, Alexander and Oak
hake. Further wesl, from Indian Head
to the ond of the wheat area, conditions
nre most satisfactory and the prospects
full of promise.
The Methodist parsonage was this
morning the scene of a very pretty wedding. The contracting parties were Mr.
John Philip Evans, of Salmo, and Miss
Agnes M. Ogden, recently of Rockforry,
England. Miss Ogden was attended by
Miss Gertie Craig as bridesmaid, and
Mr. J. Patterson official ed as host man.
ihe ceremony was performed by Rev.
R. Newton Powell, pastor of the Methodist church. Mr. and Mrs. Evans i*i-o
to reside at Salmo.
A Banker Absconds.
Regina, Sank., July 12.���G. W. Tonge,
a young Englishman who has been in
the employ of tho Union bank here for
alKHit a year, has been missing for
lhe past few days, the only trace of
ii.m so far being a draft for $5i��0 which
he cashed  at  Moose Jaw.    Plukerton
men are reported to be assisting the
Royal Northwest Mounted police in the
search. Tonge haa farmed two or
three years in Manitoba before entering
tho ser ho of the Union bank in Regina, and had previous banking experience ln England.
Race  Horse Owner  Leaves Considerable Fortune.
London, July 12.���As was shown by
his will, which was proved yesterday,
John Russell Gubblns, of County Limerick, the celebrated race horse owner,
left a personal estate, exclusive of realty, valued ut $840,170. Mr. Gubblns bequeathed $fi,0oo to his steward, Georgo
Armstrong; $r>,oou to his stud groom,
Michael Hums, and u year's wages to
all bis servants. The residue of the
estate will go to Mr. Gubblns' two
nephews, K. N. Uiownlng and D. R.
Mr. Gubbina won many big races, including the Derby, with Galtoo More in
181*7 and wllh Ard Patrick Hi 1!��02. The
former was sold to tbe Russian government for $100,000, aud the latter to the
Gorman government for about the same
Shot VIce-Admlral.
Sobastopol, July 12.���Vice-Admlral
Chouknin, commander of the Black Sea
fleet, who was shot yesterday supposedly by a sailor of the battleship Otcha-
koff, died this morning without having
regained consciousness.
Coast Boat Clubs Advocate Permanent
Regatta Course,���Nelson Men
Favor Present Plan.
It is learned definitely that at the
annual meeting of the N. P. A. A. O.,
which will be held in Nelson at the
close of the regatta, a motion will be
made to have Lake Washington, near
Seattle, chosen as the permanent
course for tbe annual regatta.
Tbe reason *��� *tr*rifrr"i 'i*H|H "Bt
satisfactory' home courses of most of
the clubs which are members of the
association. The Victoria course la in
the Royal Roads; it can be kept clear,
but the chances of calm water for two
days are generally small. The Vancouver course Is in the inner hffrbor,
fairly smooth and calm, but never free
from floating logs and always disturbed by traffic. The Portland course Is
on the Willamette, a tributary of the
Columbia, a pretty stream and smooth,
but narrow, not deep, and seldom free
from  snags and  floating brush.
Only Nelson has a really good course
available, a broad, deep body of water,
nearly always calm, and that can be
kept reasonably clear during the regatta. It is, in fact, far superior to any of
the others, and fully equal to Lake
The representatives will offer vigorous opposition to the proposal to
change from the present arrangement
to a permanent course. The success
of tuelr efforts will depend very largely upon the degree of support accorded
lhe local club In this year's regatta and
the Impression created among the visiting oarsmen.
Brakes Fall to Act.
London, July 12.���Owing to the
brakes failing to act, a motor omnibus
running from London to Brighton dashed down a steep hill near Crawley this
morning and was overturned. Six of
the passengers wore killed and a score
were badly hurt, some of them probably sustaining fatal Injuries.
Not on Land.
Nanton. Altn., July 12.���I. Campbell,
a prominent real estate dealer of   the
west, drowned  while bathing.
English Bank Discounts.
London, July  12.���The    rate of discount of the Bank of England remained
unchanged today nt ,3 1-2 per cent.
War Oflice Committee Discussing Improvements
Safeguard From Temptations For
Soldier and Sailor to be Placed
on Comprehensive Basis.
Ijcndon. July 12.���War Secretary Hal-
dane, in opening the new portion ol the
Soldiers' and Sailors' Home at Plralico
last  night, aaid:
"Unless the people worked for ths>
welfare of the soldier outside his bar*
profession, they would not get the qualify of men needed. They could not Induce men to give to the country their
best services unless they were prepared
to hold out some prospect of care and
help due those willing to lay down their
Uvea for the nation.
"For some time," he said, "a war office committee had been laboring on
plans along these lines, and for the cooperation of existing agencies with
some state assistance for a systematized arrangement for providing employment for former soldiers and Improving their material condition. Tbe
committee's report would show how
deeply the religious aspect had Impressed those concerned with army administration."
Mr. Haldane was not connected with
any particular denomination, hut held
the profound conviction that unlets
those concerned with the welfare of
the soldier strove to awaken In him a
sense of his Infinite worth and of the
eternal verities, they would never succeed In their work. Soldiers and sailors, he said, were liable to temptation,
as are all men, but their safeguard waa
ln the consciousness that man la aa
necessary to Ood as God la to him. Mr.
Haldane said he felt strongly that the
sw uf the apiiitiiklaeateot the army
should be placed on a comprehensive
footing. He had been striving to develop a new element In the war offlce
organization for Increasing the breadth
and reality of the foundation on which
this matter should be dealt with. He
said the army council had decided to
appoint a committee as part of the regular army organization charged with
looking after the spiritual needs of the
soldiers on a broad and comprehensive
basis. All churches are to be represented on this committee.
Declines to Co-operate.
Moscow, July 11.���The Zemstvo con-
Kress today adopted the resolution declining to cooperate with the government ln the work of famine relief while
the present local and central administrations continue to confine their efr
forts to Independent charity work,
A Practical Method.
Berkeley, Cal., July 12.���Wishing to
honor the memory of John W. Mackay,
Jr., his brother, Clarence H. Mackay,
and his mother have donated 1100,000
to the University of California (or the
establishment of a professorship of
electrical engineering.
He Got It Over With.
Elroy, Wis., July 12.���Conductor N.
M. Rlggs, who was arrested here yesterday in connection with the murder
of Millie Ellison at Minneapolis, shot
himself early today, dying Instantly.
Will Take a Ride.
Buffalo, N. Y., July 12.���Three score
automobiles started from here today on
the 1,100-mile tour of the American Automobile Association through northwestern New York, Quebec and the
New England states to the White mountains.
French Revolution���Louis XVI.
Causes, poverty of the people;
lilRh taxes; no voice in the government: oppression by the nobility and
Third estate, representing the lower classes, organized under royal
edict, but the lights were curtailed.
Necker, minister of finance, looked
upon to regenerate France, dismissed
by  the king.
Louis XVI retires with royal fam
Uy to Versailles, just outside of Paris.
Musses call on Louis XVI. to save
them from rapacity of tho nobility,
promising him safety.
Russian Revolution���Nicholas II.
Poverty of the workingmen; exces
���ive taxation; little voice ln the government; oppression by the grand
dukes, bureaucracy and holy synod.
Douma, representing the peasants
and workingmen, demands more liberty.
Prince MIrsky, former minister nf
the Interior, who suggested many reforms, discredited; M. Wltte resigns.
Nicholas II. retires with the royal
family to Tsarko-Selo and Peterhof,
a few miles from St. Petersburg.
People appeal to ciar to redress
their wrongs. '
The Daily Canadian
Crown Gem Jars, Pints per doz., $1.00
CrOWn Gem Jars, Quarts per doz.,     1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Half Gai. per doz., 1.50
Our slock has just arrived. Secure
your requirements at these low juices
before ilie}' are all j;i>ne.
��mS���SS���IISSIMISl ���    I SI   H1IIIM III S���M���������S���MS������S
Pabllihod hlx dnyj a week by tho
Maker Si .  Nelson, B.C.
bubsariptlon relet, W touts a month delivered
in tlitJ city, or (fi.oo ii year if eoni by malt, whan
|IHill 111 Hll Villi.c.
AiiviTiiMiu ratea nn application,
All moiiloj paid in nttlrmem ol Tho imilv
Canadian accounts, either foi itibsorlptlouH or
advertising, musl be rocolptod for on the printed
fnnnN t.f the1 ,-inj.aJiv.   oih. i receipts are nut
ifUI.*Y   12. I'XKi.
������ ity one word we are sometimes judged 10 to
win and by one wont sometimes judged to be
foolish.   i.et us therefore be careful what we
nay."���l'n\m ii s.
Canada's representatives al the sixth
congress of the chambers of commerce,
now convened in the city of London,
evidently were in tlie front line of the
Bring line wiih resolutions affecting the
lntergrity and prosperity of the Empire,
There are over two hundred delegates
In attendance from the various parts oi
tne Hritish Empire, and H is apparent
thai the questions involved in a readjustment of tariffs affecting the Interrelation of the various colonies, together with olher Questions involved in
maintaining Imperial reunions, will re
CBlve full discussion.
While the despatches do not indicate
Hie nature ol till ihe resolutions which
will be submitted, we believe the Can
adian representatives .sounded the key-
noie in ihe proposition which was bu
enthusiastically passed yesterday. Tho
resolution looked not only to the Interdependence of the various colon)eg of
the empire. Inn to imperial Independence of foreign countries, and to tho
solidarity of British domains in the
scattered parts of the world. This res
olution was opposed (In debate, only;
bj representatives from India and from
Lancashire in England. The explanation of such opposition may readily be
surmised, because the average inhabitant of the light little isle Is narrow in
his views, and the Indian representatives would cot be aide to appreciate
the significance of such a resolution as
would meet the wisnes of the more ad
vaneed portions of the empire.
Since tariff readjustment semis necessary or desirable  iu older to main-
lain and  extend  ihe commercial  tela
Hons which already exist  between the
various British colonies and the mother
country, ii is onlj reasonable to assume
that the efforts of the congress of the
chambers of commerce will be accord
ed some consideration by the statesmen
both   of the  colonies  and   the  mother
land     It  Is always  wiser thai  all mat
ters affecting commerce have their first
consideration from men who are actively engaged In and truly representative
of commercial pursuits,   AH statesmen
are more or less theorists, and the his
tory of ���commerce affords many striking
examples of the ruin of vast commercial  enterprises  by  the tinkering    of
statesmen   who   have   lacked   practical
experience in the affairs which    they
have sought  to regulate,   In  ibis connection it Is do harm to call attention
to the facl that most of the attempts
which  have been made in  the  pasl   lo
readjust   commercial,   and   especially
tariff, relations   between   the mother
country nnd her colonies huve been the
efforts  of  statesmen   rather   than    oi
those actively engaged in business affairs.    It  was because of this that  Sir
Will rid   Laurier  so   signally  failed   to
secure for    Canada     what     years ago
might   have    brought     her into closer
tcucb   with   England   to   the  great  ad
vantage of both countries.   Sir Wilfrid's
election  campaign    was    won  on  Uu*
promise, to give Canada "free trade as
Ihey   have   ii   in   Knglatid."     However
fallacious his arguments at thai    Lime.
the universal hard times made tlu* people id' Canada ready for any son    of
change that would promise some relief
from the financial burdens of the hour,
and in the vain hope thai  the mystic
words "free trade" would do something
toward an ameliorated condition, they
voted his party into power.    Sir Wilfrid secured an amendment of the tariff
by which Hritish exports were imported
Into Canada at a reduced tariff, but in
doing so  he lulled  to see  far enough
into  the  needs or possibilities of the
future lo press for a  preferential  and
reciprocal  engagement on  the  part  ot
Greal Britain.   His boast was that Canada   need   not   ask  for  any   "quid   pro
QUO,"   and   that   the   Canadian   governmenl hud ignored all such sentiments,
The effect that this blunt refusal of a
return preference had on British states*
men may  be inferred    from    remarks
made  by  Mr.  Chamberlain  und    Lord
Rosebery,    it  would  appear  that    Lho
question Of a preferential tariff in the
Interests of the colonies had  heen  up
for consideration  In  England  ut  that
time.   Mr. Chamberlain said, "It would
have been hard enough to carry through
ihe idea hail all the colonies been per*
sisleni advocates of it, but Canada does
not favor it.    With Canada in practical
opposition,  I   would  not  now   touch  it
with a pair of tongs."   Lord Rosebery
also said, "Mr. Chamberlain bad a proposal which bad some force and gained
some strength, but now (since Sir Wil
flid'S deliverance) il must be approached with the reverence due to a corpse."
sir Wilfrid's hostility to a preferential
tariff within the bounds of the empire
is well known in England, and the opponents of preference over there   are
constantly quoting Canada's premier in
their opposition to such measures.
Now,  however,  that   the question  Is
being taken up in a bUBlness-like way
by representative   commercial    men���
the men who, after all, really control
such questions when they once arouse
to interest in the facts���we may hope
that some tangible progress will result
from their efforts.    The Ideals of empire are gradually broadening, and each
of the colonies, us well as England herself, is obtaining an Imperialistic ambition which augurs well for the scions
ni the British race.   Ii is not necessary
to feel any antipathy toward other miliums iu order lhat a united aud cordial
relation   may   exist   between   the  colonies, and with the limitless resources,
so varied in their nature and so widely
distributed, there is no reason why any
part of Brltajn should remain depend'
em  upon any foreign nation for   anything needed In peace or war.    if the
Imperialistic dream will work out inio '
a reality, us It may well nnil easily do,
there may be a guarantee of peace and
safely  for ull   the  nations that   is  not
possible While the integral parts of the
Itritish  Empire    remain    self-centered
and self-interested.    But  it is by the
harmonizing of business Interests more
than in any other way that this will be
biougbi about
opportunity   for   tho  severest   self -discipline.
It is something for a team to play
well together In any nl the many land
games thai an- so popular, but there Is
always the hazard thai something may
happen to put ihis or that player oul
of the game for the moment. Indeed,
ii is always an Interesting part of tho
laud pia> to anticipate being temporarily shelved by some one who outwits
the player. Bul In aquatic sports, particularly those like rowing contests, the
whole study Is to keep In the game, and
by stroke and breath to make an Infallible purt ol the united whole that in
j sum total constitutes ihe rowing machine, These are" doubtless some of
the reasons why rowing always appeals
io a certain class of Bportsmen, ami
why regalias are worldwide iu their interesi for contestants and onlookers.
Tlie cily of Nelson is peculiarly favored
In ber location on the arm of Kootenay
lake, and she should be proud of lhe
young men among her citizens who
ke.p alive this grand old spori in ..o
heari oi lhe mountains. Tbal the year
for holding the annual regatta of the
X. P. A. A: 0. he lake here has relumed will he inspiring to the local lovers of this form of contest, and tho appeal which Is io bo made hy ihe local
cluli for assistance to do honor to ihe
occasion ami extend unstinted hospital-
It) to the guests will meet with generous response, ii is worth while for tho
city, either as a corporation or by individual subscription, to lend a cordial
support   lo the  regatta.
And Builder
Bole agent foi the Porto Hii" l.iiui1.it
Oo., Ltd., rotnil ynnls.
Rough nnd droned lumber, turned work
nml braokots, Ooful laili mnl Bblnglci,
niii.Ii nnd doora.
CVini'iit, brlok mui linn- fur nnlo, AM..-
ninfir giilidor.
Y.irtt .tin/ f.iclnry Vernon, St..
e.ist of Hall.
Teiopim��� m.  Nelson, B. C.
Bargains   MILLINERY    Bargains
Wc will sell off our en-
lire slock of Summer
Millinery ,.t Less
Than Cost Prices.
""' ��:! wo,, ior!i0
i.;i.Hi'*' ready-to-wear Straw HaU, worth $i cu, |mo
linis worth 13.50, Jl.fsii and $6.00 fin- lam        ^^^^
'l'l'imm '"'"���'���" H��t�� worth IB.00, fe.00 and 17 00 for I3rn
Imported Pattern Hum worth $8,00, $10.00 and $15 00 r���j."!-',���
Bargalna In Chlldren'i Straw and Muslin Hati ���nil i���f,���,
T""s" Hth on .-M.i n i��� our .tore, and win i���. ,n ' ," ,'1"1""
All Now Goodtf nnd tlil.s
Sciisom'n Styl#M��
Fred Irvine <& Co,
In spite of the Increasing number of
holidays aud festivals there is one day
that is never .suffered to be forgotten
by the members of the Orange frater*
mil society, and that day is ihe Glorious Twelfth. "To the memory of <the
pious and Immortal King William"
there will be many toasts drunk today,
and ibe Battle of the Boyue will be
fought over again in tbe light of modern history for now as then, tbe principles which distinguish tbe Orange society are sacred and Impeachable,
There will be difference of opinion as
in whether the anniversaries of that
famous snuggle are worth keeping in
such elaborate remembrance but to the
Orangeman "eternal vigilance is the
price of safety," and who is there to say
that he is wrong? It is not only toward
the past that the Orange brother turns
his face but he has a keen and watch
tut eyeto the present and the future,
and perhaps this country will never
know all thai li owes in the way of religious liberty to the proud and often
vainglorious boasts or silent watchfulness of ihe men who follow the life and
Like every olher society the Orange
brotherhood is a fraternal one. it aims
to Inculcate high nation Ideals and the
strictest malntafncnce of religious
equality before the law. It it has its
faults, it is in that respect no worse
than many other fraternal organizations, bin in common with Ihem it lias
of late years been redeeming Us claim
upon society's attention by making
careful selection of its novitiates nnd
little reproach can now be uttered
against the society. The provincial
grand lodge meets ibis year lu
Victoria, and next year the grand
assembly for the whole of Canada will
meet in Vancouver. In 'his province
the order numbers among it members
some of the best known and most highly respected citizens and they are today
keeping ihe nalal day of their order.
Thirty days aftor dsto i Inland nuking appll-
mi -a to :hi' llunoroble dm Chief Commisilouer
ofiandflami work'.foriiBpooifll license to cnl
and caw away Umber from Uio following deacrlbed taunt. Horn mcitcl tig at a uoel placed on
ilie NoiiiinTii boundary nf 1'imher bfcense Ne.
ft.176, and ���bout turiiHiith o< nh .��f tin- N, vv. corner ol lot 628 u. i. Went k nay, runningtheoce
weM ho chains, tbenco loutli Hi chains, thenee
oasi Sochi ns, tbonce noriii no chaini i<> polnl ol
I) I 19th April PJini.
Daniel Tuomsy
Thirty (lays aftor date 1 Intend to apply to thi
Commluloner uf Lands a in I w nrlts, victoria, iur
anpeelal llci*ns<*tocut mnl carry atvav Umber
from the following described lauds. Commencing al ii post umriced J. K. a., s. W. corner, planted on the west bank of Cayonso Creek where the
creak Intersects the easl bounder) 'if lol wil mnl
rudnftig north inn chains, the tec east in ehalns.
thonco south 160 chains, thenee wesl lo point ol
Judo 9th 1906,
Notice if bereby given that, thirty days after
date, t Intend le apply to thr Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of funds ami VVorksfoi a
special license to out and carry away Umber from
iin; following desc-ibed binds, situate on Lemon
creek in Ute district of West Koolenay. Commenolng at a post plan ed on .Lemon ere k.
eleven ill) miles from Kootenay Uk.-. incoming
i.i.i 2648, marked ���'��, Wi n k. corner post'';
thence forty (���ni)i-iiniii�� westi thencu eighty (8-j
south; thenee forty (loj chains rail] thence
eighty ��8iji chains north in pdnt of commence-
ment, containing three lniii.in-.inii.! twenty (820)
aores, mora nr less
Dated tbo 80tb day of June, A.D., l'JUfi.
Nottee Is hereby givon thi I 80 dayi from dale i
Intend loHpiily to the Honorable tin- Commit
si mer "I Until mnl Works fnr ji rii.i->.|..ii >.<
purchase the follow log deserlbod landi, Ultima
In the Weil Konlena) blslrlcl Hunting from a
P��i"i marked Minium Etrnesi Davison'sH, K posl
��]..nn two mil, h can ���>( uoer i'mk on the Arrow
Lakes thenee lOchalni muth. Iheiiec in ehain��
woit, thenee to chalm north, thenco easl tn j i
nf commencement, containing about im acrea,
Dated ihiiSth day of Juno, tflofl,
Willi lu Brhmi Daviiok,
Notice Im hereby given thai Layi from date I
intend to apply to the Hunu.ai ]��the UbleJ Com*
mlssloner of-Landi and Work*, foi perml*slnn to
purchase tbo following described lands, situate
m tin-mouth of Hutchl*on creek on th- Arrow
Lakes ln the West Kootenay District. A bout 80
Hcr^M of Uml; commencing m a post marked
W. H. P. S, W, ooBt, tbence no-lb �����<> flbatns, then-
co ea<t 20 chaijiV, thence south tn chains, tbence
wt'nt 20ebaloa to point of commencement.
l>rtiL'<! thU 4th day of June laud.
William Habby I BTgaa,
, William j. toys, agent
Notice i.t hereby given thai M days sflor dato I
t ti i.inl toapply io the Honorable the Chief Commluloner nl Landi mnl Worki fur permission to
ptirrhaao tin' followlug described l li lu tin'
Wesl Kootonay district; commencing m ��� puct
marked "NhiUlIcI Mid o tyro'j B k. corner,"
planted on tin- weil side of the Cotumbfn Klver,
i i t tnilei north of Burton City, and 80 chalm
north of thesouth-wesl corner of Lol B78, tlienco
north si chains, thenco weit 80 chalm, thonce
south 80 chains, thonce cail 80 chaini t" pniut ol
ci 'iicement, containing (MO acres.
Deled lltli 12th day of June, 1808.
Nathamrl McIkti u
T C, Uaklnion, Agent.
Notice la hereby given thai 80 dayi afb i dale I
Intend i" npplv to tiio Hoiiorablo lhe Chief Com-
mis-i.iii.'r.ii Unds and Works for permission lo I
purchase the followlug described lands: Coin- I
mencing it a post placed on the north shore of
tin- west arm "i Koolenay Lako, al Uio northeail
corner ol John tftranki' pre-emption, thence
wesl 10 chalm, more or loss, lo the southeast
.���orner of Lol No. 7J05, thence north 40chalna,
tbence east in chains mow or less, thence noriii
40 chains to the polnl of commencement
Ome-i June 15th��� IMS,
Imperial BankafCanai
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PATH OP... .18,000,000 IU,ST
I), ll. Wll.KiK, Preal ���.        |klN.. K,���,,,���,,, 3     '"'���;��� - filkJ
  ���v"'" i^inilsi I
Branches in British Columbia-
ARKOWHKAD,      (K)LDKN.     NKI.So.v,     ���KVK| s.,.,.,.     .
"will nt onrrant rai.'s tna
J.   M.   LAY, Man^l
 ^  * *"X1_11   j,
DcpoHitH reeeive.i uiltl il.fereKt ttUOWfid lit r-iirronr r���.      ,
and credited hnlf-veurlv "   lim,lt mU'H fr""> date of oj^J
count uml credit, il hnlf-yeur^
Notice Is hereby givi-n tlmt I intend w dayi
after dato to apply to tii- Chlel Commissioner ol
bandl ,iinl " ttrk�� fnr i��erini-i-K>n to puri'liHM'
lhe following riesetlbea landi, iltuate nt Fin-
Valley, Kootenay ' istrlct. > ojimencing nt h
post(marken t> ualisgher���south ��t-si corner)
placed nt tin- louth wesi corner of wction n,
townihlp00 thence north nh-ihiMih to the north
wen corner ol 'md socUon 88; thence easl in
chalm, thenco louth mo chalna to tin- south
boundary of said section 83, and thenoe wait ei
ohalni io tbe place uf beginning, containing a-ai
aeres, Hint being tho westerfy naif of laid mo-
Hon 88, township oo.
Dated al N.'Im.h, B C. Juin-'.tii 1900.
P. Burns & Co
Bronoh Marketa in  BosalAOd, Tmfl,  Nelaon, Ktaio, Sftadon, ThmFnkiB
Dourer mui Slooan t'ity.
Notice i�� hereby given thai 00 days from dale I
Intend to apply to tbe Honmabl iheOfaiel Com-
mlsiloner of binds and Works, for permission to
purobase 100 aorei of land ai Van Honten creek
In the Arrow bakenuthe West Kodtensy i��ir-
trlet. Starting from h poil mark- d A. I, I. N. w.
poit. thence lo chnirw out, thenee io chalna
iou*h, thence 40 chalna west, thence in i-hnins
north i<> point ��� fcommeneemonl
Dated thiK-fih day of June 1000,
William j Toys), Agent,
Notice i*- hereby given lhat 00 dayi after dato I
Intend to apply i��> the Honorable ihe Chief Commissioner of f-mnUmi'l Wnrks for pormlislon to
purchase tho following described imidi In the
Wosl Kootenay districti Commencing m h post
iniirkid M.Mi"". X  K i-ornir. iilmitt-d 40 ell aim
mirth of ihoS. W oorner of w A, Caldor'i preemption in i ire Valley, running 40chatni louth,
tOoiialni west, I'H'tniiiis north, m chalm east to
plaee of commencement
.Mai:I.k UoCAlWLini, UH'iitor.
w a. Caldrh, Agent
June 20th, 1000,
Notleo is hereby liven that 00 dayi after date I
Intend u ike application to tin' Honorable the
Chief Commissioner "f bandi and works for por-
mis-inn io pnrehaio lho following described
binds: Commencing m a poil marked a. \\. cal-
dor'i loutheail corner, section 13, Township 09,
running east twenty ohalni, south forty chaini,
west twenty elialnii north forty chains to place
of commenoement.
DaU-d July ."I, Itcii. JOHN IlAKas
Notiee i- hereby given ihat BO dayi after date I
intend to applv to the Honorable theCblef Commissioner of Landsand Wnrks M permission to
purchase tho following described tanda, sitnate
in tho Weil Kool nayulitrlot: Commencing ut��
post marked M McU. B. W. corner, planted i"
chalm wen ><t i. c. Morrison'i northwest cornet
nf his crown granted in mi in Klre Valley, running -in chalm ��� ast, in chalm north, m chalm
wesl) in< iisiin- south to plane of commencement.
M. McCAKOLtia, Locator.
W. a. t alms, Agent.
June-iith. MM
Notice Is horbj given tbai I In tend, 60 days
after data io app'y to die Chief Comnilsilouer ol
l.und- mnl Work* fur permission to piircliHxe lhe
fo<lowlug described lauds situate at Plra vgUey,
Kootenay district Commenulogai u posi fnmrf ���
ed l rgo Young   vortn wost corner) placed si
the north wesl corner of notion ~i* township 00;
thence east U chains lo the north eul oorner i I
said section 18; tbence soieb in chalm, thence
wesl 80 chaini thonoe north m i iihIiih to tho
place of beginning  eoiitnintiiK 880 acres  ami
being thQ northerly half of laid Motion tf, tOWtt-
Hated al Kelaon. B, 0, June ith hsl
Ordera by mail to any branch will haw
our prompt and careful attention.
He^d Office: Nelson,RC
Notiee li hereby given titan
niernd t-. apply 1���     '
lays Hl'er date I
TAKK MOTIOK thai l Intend to applr nt tlu
noil sittings uf ihe Hoard of Licencing Coin mis
alone��� for the city of Kelson, for a transfer t<
Uiorgi- Harrlaon nl kelson. 11 C. of my Mconsc
loseli fcrmcnuil and apfrltiiona liquors on ihe
premises kimw ii us ii.����� hake View hotel, Vernon
Btreet, Nelson, U,��'.
Dateii ilie Hb day of July, 1000,
ArnrsT TlfOMAS,
Witness, w, a Maoponaid
40 Acre Farm
Tliere nre no more manly jimi select
sports than aro aquatic aportfl. Every
element of rowdyism or its posaiblllly
is eliminated In the various athletic
manoeuverg by which young nien con-
teat for Supremacy on the surface of
tlie limpid waters.   As imlividtialH there
in every tax upon muscle and nerve,
calling for the most vigorous application to the struggle of cither a practice
or n contest, while in the "all-together"
obligations  lhat  are  Imposed there is
A valuable farm for sale, sftnated to
the heart of the fruit growing country,
40 acres, 3 acres well cleared and about
Tu trull trees planted, are bearing Home
this year. A good cabin, root house ami
stable on the property, also a nice
Spring. The bind Is of the very best
quality, and ran be all worked. It is
beautifully situated on Howeer lake,
West Kootenay, one mile from post office and store and Iwo miles from ('. P.
U. branch to Trout Lake. Splendid
farm for potatoes. There have lieen
four crops In succession without manure, and lhe last crop was as Rood as
Ihe first.
$800 Cash Takes It
Apply t" joHN CANNING,
Qrand Forks, B. O.
Or to Win. Simpsoni Hoy/sen,
Notice !<��� hereby slven tbatsixty too) days aftei
date 1 intend tu npplv tn the Ifiiiinnil>]<- lhe
Chief Commissioner <>f Caildl nml Wnrks fnr
permission to purchase tho following described
tract <>f lain): situate at Queens' Bay on the Wesl
ihoreof Kootenay Lake in the District of West
Kootenay, Province of British Columbia anil
containing by Rdmeaiureinem 194.180 acres i��-
lhe  same  nmre ur  less,  trhlcll   puree!   innv   be
i ����� particularly deacrlbed as follows, commencing ai a point on Uio westerly boundary ol
I,. 7iiwm;. t Wesi Kootenay District, being the
si ni tii easl eni ner nl h 08MO. J; thence vm-Ii ily
following the southerly boundary of LCtttti I,
OD chalm more ur less In the loUth we-l eor
nor nf shI-i  b>t f'H'.n <i. i; thenee astronomic
lOUth   HI   ellBlni   nmre   nr   less   |,t   lhe   li-nlli
orly boundary l 1). K. Dalloch'i AnpllraUon lo
I'urchnse; thenw easterly follmviiitr lho northerly boundary of aald h. If balloch's Appllcatlnii
in Purchase i-''Mi chaini nmre (.r loss to iite
shore of gueons'Bay; thence following ibeslnu-
osltyof the said ihoreln ��� 'nth easbrly dlrec-
tlnn 70 Cbalm III'", ui liau tO Die selilh west enr-
nei ..[ -ill Lol 7080O. 1; thenee imrlhei)\ follow-
. k th- westerly boundary of said u-t 7080 fi.'.
i. H chains more or less to point of commence
Dated June lfi, nm
. Nol Ke in  liPfPl
H. M. BtTIMm
Notice |s bereby given that sixty days after
date 1 intend toapply to [he Honorable the' bief
Comml'iloneroi I>andiand Worki for perm) sinn
tn pnre|ia>ie c JI *- fo'lnWftiK <teserlbe<l irmi uf LiihI
In   Wesl   Knoleniiv 'lUirlel: Bejriniiltit,' at ti j.n.,1
planted at tin- northwest oorner of koto.MTson
ling 'reek, fhenofl smith lOchalni, UlOUCO west
4ii chalna more or leas, thenee north 10chains
nmre  or Jess,  thenee east  tO lake shore. Snd lo
p'aeo of beginning) lho same is Intended to em
briii1' wlinI Is knu.hi tin (he Ilansuii pre-emption
Dated July 0, 1800, QSO. B. Whitk.
Sixty days after date I intend loapply to lho
Chief Commluloner oi Uml* ami W...k* al
Vic'oria. foi-pi'i'tnissfon tonurcbsseooc Ii und red
ami sixty (mo) acres of land, located nml descrlb.
Od   as   follows!   ''oinmenehiK  ul   n   jxx-l philitesl
elghly NO) chains east of the K.W corner of I)
Bulgeri pre-emption and marked "N. '"h n, w,
eoriier,"   and   riinniiiK   OOSt   mrly   (*ij  OhaJUa,
thenoe south forly (40) ohalni, thene.- wewi (inj
cliiillis, thence north furtv (40) ehalns tu pi tie,, uf
begin a ing
Juiv 7,1ft''. K. CnatsttR.
Notice Ih hereby givon that alxty days after
the date i Intend lo apply In tho Chlol commissioner of Unds and Works Victoria, for permit
sinn to purchase the following described inmi
situate in thi'-li-trlet nl Weal Kootenay; Harliim
al a point niHrkeil .tnhli WhlteM H. W enrner,
planted  ah��nt fi ehalns smith ot J    Mai '-
Notiee is hereby givrfi that DO dayi after 'Ut"
we Intend lo houiv to lhe Hocorable ihe chief
I'nmmisnioi'er of Landi mel Worki at Victoria,
B O. for permission to pnrchass the following
lUsirlhe'l lands, stt'iHte in   Wrsl   KnoletiH)'   dls
inet. t'ommf-nclng ai a post piimte.i ���i Timinris
Jerome's N B. post, ami mailed iw,* Deaell
and a ChOfjuetteN W,Corner; the iflOchalna
etift    there,.  30 eiiiiln;  rotlth, lln-nee 80 ihalris
wesi, i he me 2o eh i(ni north tn the commencing
post, containing to acrea more or lens.
Dated May 25,
w. a. Jqmm, Ayent
Notice is hereby given thai sixty days afterdate
I  intend loapply   to  ihe  Henoribh-  ihu  ('Jiivl
Commluloner of Und-and Works, Victoria, fnr
permission tn pnrchase ihu following deacrlbed
iBii'is in West Kootenay. Commenolng nt a post
inarke'i Kdgar W. i yflossouth westeojner near
to Garnet creek and aboul i miles south of Mm,-
iplim Cieek and almnt 1 miles West of I nliimhla
Klver;   thencfl  north   mi ,-IjmIi^, thenee east  4U
chains, tbence louth B0 chalna, thence west -to
tdiHtiis to place o( oommenoemeut, containing
130acres, being tlm HUB more or less.
Dated Juno 4, itwc.
BpoabW. Drm.
V. hvNis, Agent,
NotltJfl In hereby given Unit midiiy* after,lute I
intend to make application to the Honorable ihe
chief Commissioner of Landsand Wnrks for per*
mlcaloa to pnrchase the following described
lauds: Commenolng at ��� pi.si placed on 'he east
shore of Lower Arrow Lake, adjoining J.Kates'
ore iinplinii   nn   the SOOUlWeSl  miirlfcd "T   ".'s
N. w. e rnerpott." Tbence runnlug 80 ohalna
easti thence *��� eham�� aouthi ihenco >vieiiaius
more or lew, wesl tO lie; :hio slime;   thence fob
lowing ink.' shore to pnfnt of commencement,
oonUfnlng Wo acres, more oi less.
... svu.n nrer 'late i
intend t- appl/ to the Honorable tho Cblel
i ommlaslooor of [stsdo and Works tot pensfs*
ilon to purohaae tlte following described lauds,
situated in tdocan Dlsfrict. Commencing ��i
north t-HNt oorner post ,>f Lot 18*0, ibence runn-
tag smith Uchains, thenco east Kchalna,thonoe
north in chains, theme weal nohAni toC, I*. K.
richeof wny, following -nm'' south wait to a
point intercepting norih hns ol l.oi WO, tbenes
east to point <>r eoumencementi containing ���-��'
aorei more ur lees,
Hay Anii 1906.
r. Lj, QAmran
Notiee la horeby given that 00 days after date I
Intimd to npplv m iho Honorable tbe Cblel '**m��
mlnloirar "I Land- mid Wnrks fnr pertnlsilon I"
purchase tbe following deicrlbed (-amis situated iu the Kootenay Diet/let Beginning el ���
post planted mi lho imrtii shore nf the Cower
Arrow Uskoaboni I'1 ehalns wesl ������( tho wee
boundary id �� P. K Lot 1008, Marked H. a w
.- K corner, tbenco wesi 10 ohalna, tbence nortl
OO chalna, tlienoe east 80 chaini nmre ,ir Iraa t<
lake shore, thenee in a voutfa westerly dlrectloi
alone lake aliore to point ol Bommen.QemotiLcon
inlniin; I'*' acrea re ���r less.
Located June gg, 1000.
II. A. Uul.vntTi'V,
A. N. WnhvKhTos, Ago
Nolle,-  i-  hereby Riven llmt twnmoatairf
dale   I   ln'en.1  lo n|<p]y   tu tin- HeDiTitirl]
Commissioner nl  l-amf* and W'atktht
lion   lo   pureoase  nx   Iniinlni! ���ti'l I
m res .,( bind, described aa followi! dial a poll planted al lhe in.tUi*-,! ��
I-  tiallaidier's m.i.lt.Hti,^ !���> rtin'hw.l
"l> ����� Mac'i soDtneail eorner'i ruumuOi
eighty (Nn)ihaiiis westi ihen<rei|[liir(��|ia
north,   then,,-  HtrJitv  (sni ehsltit ml.
eight) csi) eimiiis smith in the i��U.f --
menrcmcut, containing all hmniM ��wa
(I'M) acres, more or lees.
Dated the ;nd of April, 1801
Ii a KoOgL
W* A. Cauhb, *rEt
Notiee is hereby given that an ���]*>- Traill
I to make application In the *odiiiIIH
Notiee \n hereby given that two mon'ha afler
iite i intend toapply to lhe Honorabb Chlel
Com mlssloner of bands and Works forpermla-
sinn lo purchase ��i\ hundred and tuny (64oj
aeres ni latid. described aa follows: Commcni ihk
at a (mat planted al the northwest oorner of L.
Ualtagher's application to porehase in rlre Valley,  "li   lhe   Welt side nf  UiWi'i  Ar OW I.uke, tn
Kootenay dlatrlct, marked "w. A.C'a K.K. oor
ner"; thence running eighty (80) chalna west;
tbence eighty (*") Month; ihem,- eighty (*>)
chalna easti thence eighty {*>) chains north to
plaee nf enmnielieelneiil.
Dated the and day nf April, 1��""
"ated IblanhdasofJune, i
Tims Kmajug,
Notiee is hereby given tiisi 00 daya afb r tlkte I
Intend to make application lo Lhe Hauorabletbe
Chief Coinmlaslom > *-i Landsand Work�� for per
mission to purchase ihe following described
land*: Commenolng hi h post piaeed on ihe
Dottbeasl roruer of J' Klnatian'i Application to
Purchase, m -iked "ii. 'i * > orner posi " riinniiiK
80 ehalns east] tin mr wiehaii.s lontbi thenee m
Ohalna west; thence f ���IIi.hihk '���'  Kinuhan'seasl
ore bounds*; to point ni commenoesirnii containing 040 acreii inon or less,
Hannah TixitNxr,
Dated tbl* 7th day of 'unc, t OB.
Notiee i- hereby given ihat 00 dan after dats l
im' mi io make ippj etuion to the Honorable lhe
Chief Commlaaioner ol unds and Works for ner
iiiiMmi  tu puichaae the roiiowmK desoribed
lamb:    Commenolng  at a  poll piaeed at Ihe lute Kueiion oi ttieeasi boundary of J Bates' pi<
uniptlun nnd Ihe mirth boundary off Kiniiliuii
Applleatloa in purchase, marked "T.K.Jr'i" \.
enilier Host "    1 '���   '���'"��� '"'l
Notice is hereby gh-cn that l Inland, 00 days
utter date to apply w lha Cblel Commlsalonor oi
i anda and WoNta for permission to purohaae tbe
following described lands and premises, iltuate
at Fin- Valley, Kootenay Dlstrlet   Commencing
at ,t post tniarke't P. II. O't.'niinor imrlli eaal 0O1
ner) placed at the north easl enrner ol s,.i-iinn
'i\, township00; thenee suiiih -tn eimiiis, tbence
west in ohalns.thence north tu rbalni to the
northerly boundary of said notion Ji; nnd then
oe east 10 chaini lo the piece "( beginning, containing W0acres, and being the nonh eul one*
qu irter of said notion ft, townabip 09.
Nelson, B. 0, June ah pjtw.
P, 11. O'COKSOR.
Notice i��horoby given tbat60 daya from date
1 intend to apply to tbe Honorablo ihe Chief
Commlaaioneroj UmUxnii Worki tor pormls-
stun lopurohsM tin ruiiowini; deserlbod lands,
to th" Wesi Kooieimy District, easl side of Colombia Hlver.ahooi J �����"
i>h< River,about a miles north nf burton City,
IIItlOg  al * p,ii.I   inaike.l    hn M    WlllterS
ai the ��. W. oorner of it. u.Hnnib'H
uim, iiiejiee n.Tth to ottatua more
h boiimlnr)   of Miles  i ft Troll'I
���asi liti chalna, thenee
 - -unesa to the North bound*
f b ll  fulfill'* preemption claim, thenco
polnl of commencement*'	
H   VV    .,
oi lesa intii	
fl Uio
1 ���".' CommlMlooernfUmlsamlWnrubrS
mission lo purchase Lbe rollowlnr 4onfi|
(amis: i.iumneiieiriK ��t �� tmsi planted algM
lorthwest corner of liable h^nmiibi'iajB
ion to purchase In Fire Valley, tmrti4'��
SIC   N    K   enrner," riinniiii! hi clmiii'��<*!���
1  l'"11 Hi.   t" chains ea-l. eH'liHinmsflUl
plaee of i ouiiiK'Jicciiielit.
K. M. HcCiXDUIH.bsdd
.   , W, A. t'Al.liEt.AfraL
���'iily 2nd, IS08.
Notice la hereby given that 80 dan ike �����
intend to apply U, [he Hmmrahle thus*-*
mlsalonorol Unds and Wort��fori��f��.-sa'
p'inhase  tin- fnllowilir diwrlUd Isr^sM
in Hu- Wesl Kootenay district: I ������> u
I""1   on   tl msI Mile "f Tiiliprn-ei.ialflfl
Arrow l.uke, and marked "J. ' il ��� ^I
corner,'* thence easl ni ctiHtn-. n��-mva4��fb*H
chains, thence west 80 chains. iiieint��.**81
I'huiii. I,, polnl D| ,,,,���, 'imin. ivnuiegfi
����a�� rea mm, or lesa ,^_
Located June I8lh, lOOO. J-J ��i;ia
T II. Wiui*MWS.A|ei
>im>   'lays   niter .lale I i ml tn nl'l'l'i"*
Lommlssloner of i-inds ami ft'oriiiopeidi
80  aeres  Of  land, slimtte ftheiitniicnilirnaa
Burton City, and dseorlbcd u tolloei: ''*
mencing ai a |,.m phiuted on iiieimniif*!*
Her of lot 0800 and rnnnij: weal VcbslBalbM
uorth  iu ohalns, ihenco eait Jtclisiii��.ihs��
aouth along lol 0580 in pu< f Nvlinnne-
July nu, 1000. J.R llnrrgj
Mi\ly  days  rifter  date I Inlend l.ni'pl,r'"*l
1 ommlssloner ol taunU hh.i Works,vktinwH
purobase three liiind'od and twenty (H)��e��fl
and near burton City, and deacrtbeilaifcimOB
toinmenclngatalpoal idanted nt iin-n.>nh����
enrner uf  Ihu id Bnli(ei'. im- emplleii ��ml
ed "A.A.B'a. 8.W Corner," Ihcuceeaitla,   _
chains,   thenee  loUlll   fortl   lini elmiiK tliri;|
est forty (io) chaini, Uicnce ���_
ohalna, them,- worn eight) m fV!%S9
1 b twenty (30) olialm to place of bojliiV
���Inly .Mil 1000, A.A-rlnsr M
' ninmlialsineral Unilssml IVnrksfornsii����J|
Iowij   CnmmoiicitiH al n noil mImm>--i *lV
'"��� '"n*< fijtt&i
Dated thtl -'ml day oi June, 1008,
LlO M, Wintkii.
RaU'H Hr.va. Agent,
Notiee la hereby giv
lieitce cast io eliaiiis, tl cesoViih ;�� chalnsi
leneo wesi lo chalna to polnl ofnommenrement,
June li, IWO, John Uiijtk
J.Fiiaxkii, Agent,
''"^-'���.n.iU,:;;,;,! ,;i'::,;;;, ':<>��y*J.
Ullll llnrll,,.,!,. ^Minilnry  ���, ...   ,"  ��� ' '"),"' "illllll
"<���'"""iI'ui'i,,,,,,,���,;,,:', ,'. �� ��.ifif.ii.
'"IlliillilliK J2ilHjr8S, mini. i��� loi��7 ���on'i
1 Hi Ull, Tit t*f af Jum, ,&>*"'"'**��� '*���
sifN.',"!r,"i,'", '""",>' Klvt'" "'��i I iiili'iiil ai ,, ,
Uuds and WnfH ,, '"'.,' ���      """in���� sriil
"IO I win,:  ,!,.���.,1 r.���'"/K'  ,'.*;'"��  "0  PUroflllM
����ll����, KonUinsiy 111,1, ,.,"r'" """'"I Wrsl
|.;-si (,,,.i,k...l .,���,:,���,���. V ,,,,,,,' ""'"'""! "' ��
l.fiu I'll li I   ll���.  ,���������' ,,��'.'"" '"I'-sssI .���.nil,.,)
lonrnshlpOBf llioncosouii, ��, .'.���"', "''V11"11 %
���ut oorner ..f Hiii ���. , , ..l111""'" i is-s.-u i,
 in-, Uu-.      l,��  .     ,,'': ll!"'V" ��"��'   "
ISIi'liHlllM., II...   ���..'!,       ,","'"".""'I   I ���.���  OUt
tioiiiH. i...ii,i,i,,m.     "i-ii'th' lofsaldsoi.
umiiuit Yoiko.    ,
...tl..- Is h'-ri'liv Kivi-ii iIiki   I   Inl 1, mi .lays
an. i .lu..', i.is|i|.[v intii.. CblelCommlHlonorol
f.in.is an.f Work, f.ii peimlwlo rebus, lhe
fuiiiiwiisii desO'lbM iiui.is, situate ot Klre Vallar,
tto liav I'lslll.1.  ('i.liiliirllillii: ill 11 J....I (luii.fc
od P. If U'Connor  smnli eul cornor) plncoil ai
tbo nmHi rasi tornar ol leoilon ���'('.!, i.��ivhkM|. r.n:
Llienofl WMl m ' Iialn,. Ibenco li.Tlfi mi .Inifns,
llieneo .-.si iii.iiiii.iK, ami llieneo eolith A0 cbelna
ii. tbo i.iii.a nf i.'-kIiiiiiuk. oontnlnlng UN eero,,
Ilalnl ..I N"l    "  "   '
Deled ���i Noi B.o.Jun
0��om. Yon��2;^��ur"'
hi tbenoo lort)  ii'i ''
I...I.V  (In) ihaln
ll, i��� thr |.l������|
fVKom >f.'.��
niirs buo ii���. inlipwine ,",?���,'   '"",""��� ������
west K. in,,, hi, "?���. ""'in w lands, n u���,
''..liii.il.la WvorBlsoli i ������,""'"' '""'"<���  ���
niylall,,! >���|,[','      | ','���", '""'I' "' linn,,,,
lOaon, more or I,,�� '''"'' "'"''��� Mag
T .-  ,. '"AMU Ni.Hii.v
T   I     M.KINM1N,   Ak
Hlxly .lays utiyrii,,,,, i ,.,.,������. ,
i otnmiuinnor i.i i.������,\,'      �����','/' 'T!"1' '" "'��
purehMoteo nerds     7,,f,  ' Wo���"' Vlolorln, to
n.sl lilanliil ,,n i|... ',.,"���   ''" OHO no ni ���
lhe sooth ass ,.,!,,.    'iUl,"',.,,"ll *miw i..t., ���"
runnlne north *, i,,,,'   ������     JniiW, pun ,
Hi" souii, Hjiri,,   In"'''"'1' "��"1 -���" ehalns
-' '       "".ni", thenee weal ioohelns .
slaty (KB)��cr.	
I'lilml Jum. 21, luusl	
W, A. ClI.I.KIi, A(.'l'DI_
, Notice i. ii,.,,.,,)- siyou iiiai m ii.iys "ffi'.'S!
Inlcnd toapply ���. ii,,.��� rslilo n.e' hkl���
misaonerol Undo and Wnrks mr pen" *JJ|
purebaae lbe f iiine dsaerltwl fa """SI
IU Hi trjctol Weal Koolenay,aotololilf
n�� on the freal arm ..1 Koolenay W�� '" i
mencing al an i si poal placed al Um '���""
��eatoorne?ol Lol 7*.rthenee nortii *'f"Jl
thonoe wesl lOolia thence sooH "'"JTI
tbonceoul i.i , i,���i,,>. uil.uiin..f mrn."""" I
I'm.d May 88, f.ssi ��� ,��� i
Ji- In"".
Wxly daya siln-r ,i,u., I inii-sMlTtTTppia' w '���*���
' in>l�� rnl Unds and Works, yWJtJ
imndssss,. I'lu ���,.,,.��� ���| |,���,���|,iniMi,. .mil.''--'*!
"" i.ili..ii��   Commeiioliia al si posl pI'PJSJ
I'Rlloy's |.i.-���m,,0,-ii "n,,".V ,.
'nrnori Ihcuco I'ual .to rlinlu
miss.. Ihence sveat on chains
1 nh i,|..ii|.   lln, Inl.
���'  Allll 1ISM1,
\V, I'Al.l.Kll. I-
. pis.
p, law1.
Disc,        im
l^ii-ali'il Msiy,.���|, in
. Nnllcc la horoby irlji isTOilnyeiillf>*A
ll'cnd In apply i',, ii,,. .,,i,i,. iliri'lil.    ',
"lKh! 'nl li.miHiin.i Works (..rl"'"',1"',',,.
Piiraho.p lho i.,ii.,iyiiii( iloscrlliod i��'" ?   ,,���,
'"''I ilia nl ll |in��l inn 111. -.1 W   It  Mr. H. r.'      .
Pliiiilod iii ii,,. n  w, corner nl �� *���   , ,��.
ro-0lnpllon  In   Hi,. Valloy, ns.siilnk ��',,,'
imrlli, luchiilnsvroat, BOolittwsouth,	
�����i lo piece ol coi o lent,
VV, It. MnCAM.ll
hi, I.-'*"-
Juno aith, luun.
st. nn:i AMiiis... ���- ���
W. A.Cai.iikii,'I!"11 ���
The Daily Canadian
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y, Limited
[Another  of the $150,000 Novels I
"The Man Between"   X
Post Paid, Cloth, 90c.
A shipment oi
oyal Vienna Hand Painted China ���
Pieces from 65c to $> 15.00. ***
The Very Latest in Ladies' Hand Bags
1*8.50, $3.50, $7.50.
[500 New Linen Papeteries f
" India Lawn," regular 35c line, at 25c
"Sylvannia," " 40c " at 30c
" Tudisco," "      500    "   at 40c T
only "f the BARGAIN HANI) BAGS left.   Selling ���
at the Reduced price. ���
\OL      f O     f* Kootenay  Agents
(Starkey & Co.,  ts&slz
WholsUMfllu    I'l-nviNi.lIlM,
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y, Limited
laniiiiiiim QovaruniPDt Orecuiiorr On-Pound Bricks received wivkly fresh
from tlifcliurti.   For si le by uli Leadinggrooors.
OfOofl nml wiirr-liouso: ]. nuton Blooki   PhonoTO.
Josephine Street.       -       -       -       Nelson. B. C.
'he Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores*
Coal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Bunt Baildara will find it to tls.-ir advantage to uio ��ur Pitch.
Welson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd.
��������������� 1 lli'iilin/; Plant* mill MsiiIith
Sanitary Appliances.
f'Wne 181, Opera House Blfc. Box 401
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
Methodist   Ladies'   Enterprise   Success,
ful and Enjoyable.
The strawberry fesllval held Inst
evening on the grounds of the Melliii.
diBt church was a most successful affair. The amount of latior Involved is
perhaps noi us apparent to the visitors
ai: might lie. There has been no stint
of hard, willing work, und the reisilt
was  most  gratifying.
The groundB of the church lend themselves to such outdoor events as that
of last evening. The Illuminations,
consisting of electric lights and Ian-
lernB. made the srene very picturesque.
Tho city band was tn attendance, and
played selection* during the evening.
Leader lrwln is to lie congratulated
upon the state of proficiency of our
hand. The selections given last evening were of a very high order, and gave
gri'ui pleasure to those in attendanoe.
Among the features Of the evening
were lhe (lower stall, the candy stall
and the lee cream islands.
It was very pleasant to move around
among the tallies doited here and there,
surrounded by merry parties of ladies
and gentlemen, or to meet the prome*
nailers aa they wended iheir way.
laughing ami chatting with friends as
Ihey mcL
The attendance was very good, and
the large force of workers wus kept
busy attending to the wants of those
who called for the good things provided.
The ladles of the Methodisl church
are to be congratulated upon lhe marked success of this most pleasant social
Nelson   Enthusiasts    Decide    to  Enter
Team in  New Organization.
At a meeting of baseball enthusiasts
held at A. Kite's last night, the following officers were elected:
Honorary president. R. E. Lemon;
president, <J. P. Wells; vice-president,
James Neelands; secretary-treasurer.
Dr. llrlggs; manager, Charles VValms-
ley; committee. J. O. Gllllce, N. Cava-
naiigh. O. W, llartlett, F. A. Brewer,
T. U. Procter, Al. Treglllus, W, II.
Thompson, Blake Wilson. W. A. Ward,
E. McLeod, A. Fife and M. S. Parry.
It was decided lo enter a team in an
International league, and lhe secretary
was Instructed to authorise Dan Thomas, of Kossland, to represent Nelson at
ihe organisation meeting to be held in
Norihpoif tonight
New Discovery in Method of Transporting Oil.
New York, July 11.���An ingenious
method of Increasing the capacity of a
pipe line for the transportation of fuel-
oil hy rilling the pipes and using water
as a lubricant hns been discovered and
made practicable by recent experiments
In the eastern oilfields, The inventors,
sinning wllh lhe fact that water Is
more limpid than the oil, then reasoned
lhal If a lilm of water could be ninde to
boat the Inner surfnee of the pipe It
would acl ns a lubricant over which lhe
core of oil would slide more easily than
over the metalli surface of the pipe, and
ihen they reasoned further that if a
small amount of water were Injected
into lhe nil und the mixture were given
n roinry motion as it passed through
the pipe fhe heavier specific gravity of
the waler would cause it to accumulate
in such a lllin nud thus accomplish the
desired result. They obtain the desired
rotary motion by rilling the pipe in helical lines, somewhui after ihe manner
of u gun-barrel, nnd the experimental
results were so suiisfnctory that an 9-
inch line :il miles long has heen con-
si rucl ed. This lino hns been found to
deliver from eight lo ten times llle a-
mount of oil thai n plain pipe does under similar conditions of diameter of
pipe and pressure.
The volume of wnter used Is about
lu per cent of lhat of the oil nnd. eon-
trury lo fears which wero fell before
the experiments were undertaken, no
difficulty is experienced in ihe subsequent separation of ihe oil nnd water,
'.Ul per cent of the water used being
tapped off from a seltllng-tank. The
mixing of oil and water hns lieen tried
with plain pipe, wllh some success as
regards pumping, hul lbs' surging of the
mixture in the pipe was found to lead
lo such a thorough oniulslllealinn of
lhe oil nnd wnler us to involve heavy
expense lor separation. Wllh the rltlod
pipe no such effect Is experienced.
Thai llle action of the rltlod pipe is as
described Is not n matter of theory. A
half-mile experimental lino of 3-lncb
pipe was laid before the service lino
was constructed, in which sections of
heavy glass pipe were inserted, through
which the hellcoidul action was clearly
Tho large use of fuel oil on lhe l'ncl
lie Coast makes tho subject of its'distribution from lho producing centres
one* of large Importance, and this Invention promises to he as useful as it
Is unique.
"I'm up n tree," admitted lhe bolting
sonulor; "hut my bnck Is to lhe wall,
und I'll die In Iho Inst dlteh, going down
wllh Hags llylng, and, hurling defiance
al the foe, soar on the wings of triumph,
regardless of Ihe party lash flint bnrks
nt my heels." Ho looked as though he
mount it, too.
In view of the fuel lhal microbes are
now aald to lurk in the mouthpieces of
phones, no man need be surprised when
ho calls up his besl girl in have lhe answer como back, "Don't bacilli."
NntiiT is hereby lifen th��t :��l <liiy�� niter date 1
illll-Illl    tO   ftDftlf    to   tllf   ClliOf ClUIllllliJHiOIULT  uf
i-iuiiih end Wiirfch tor m np.-fUi ifceiiM to nu end
i^rry hwhv timber from tin.- followiiiK deacribod
lendl Hi w-'i KootiMiiiy district:
No. L���Tonunent'tng nt �� post .narked "le
OtM-rg'K IOttUlWett corner poll, Hint plunted on
tin- eul Bide of 1j ii ii ca ii river, ebont ten rallu
uortheetl ol Went Fork <>l Pttnoeo river; tbence
B0 ohelni eouth, thence wii-haiii* i-Hst, thence 80
ohelni  north, thenee HO chuitth West to joint of
No. 2.���Commencing nt n poit merited Ole
Oberg'i "<> itheeet pout end plented nn tbo eturt
utile, Duucen river, ebont n dUoj * ortbeeet of
West Fork of lmiiciui river; thenee NO cliuint
north, thtie- nt, clitiine Mlt, thenee 80 chaini
south, the iui- 80 chttlUB west to point of commencement.
No. 3 Commencing at a pott marked Ole
oberfe's northeast corner poit, and planted on
the t-n-t ��l<ifl of Duncan river, ahoul 11 miles
n- rtheimt of Weil Fork of Duncan river; thenco
Mebitni weit, thence U0 chalm north, thence
Mebelnieeit, thencejUO ohelni south to point of
*itt, 4._Coiamemiiitf nt a pout marked Oil
t'i..i��i'-  r-s.nit.iu  hi eo i.er DOlt, nnd plant- <l on
thf eeel lide ot Duncan river and ebont Ul (
mllen northern ot Went .Fork of Duneen river!
thenee no enelni north, thence hm-IihIiie, miu
thenee "> ohelni toutb, ibenoi "oHmm* weti to
point of eonunenoement,
No. B.���Oomtnenolng   at   a poll   marked   Ole
Oberg'i Dortbeeel corner post, and plented on
the eul lldl of DuncHU river and IDOUl 12 1 ��
miles nortbeut of West Fork of Duneitu river;
tbenfle Hi' chains trait, thenee HO chains north,
thenee BO chains east, theuce HO chains south to
point of commencement.
No. fi.-Coinmeneintr at a post marked Ole
Oberg'i tiortheiisi corner post, and planted on
(he e .st side of Duncan river, and about l-'tl-I
miles northeast of West Fork oi Duncan river;
thenoe Hu Chain* went, ilifiit'fHu chit tin north,
tbence ��J ohelni But, ihenee 80chaini south to
point of commencement.
No. 7.- Commencing   at  a post   marked   OIo
obex's soutiivrest corner pott, and planted on
the cii-i side of Duncan river and annul U 1-4
miles northeast of the West Fork nf Dlineau river;
thence Hi (IiuIiir east, thenee Ho chains south,
theuce *i chains west, theuce W chniun north to
point of commencement
No. 8.���CoinmenelUB Ht a post marked Ole
Oberg'i southwest corner post, and plantcil on
(he east side of Duncan river, and ahout 14 1-1
mile" northeast of the West Fork of Duncan
river; thenee 811 chains east, thence M ehalns
���OOth, thence 80 chains west, thence 80 chains
north to point of commencement.
No. u.���Commenolng hi a post planted on the
eul ddeol Duncan river and marlc-dOle obcrg'R
ist, nnd nhont  11   ll miles
Silver King Hotel
liorlheaHl of Wesl Fork of Duiichii river; thei)<
BOchalm west, thence BO chaini nortii, (hence 80
chains eut,'thence HO chains south to point of
No. 10.���Commencing at n post marked Ole
Oberg'i southeast comer post hu'1 planted oh
tin-ensl side of Duncan river aud ahout 1.', 1-4
miles northeast of West Fork of Duncan river;
theuce 80 chains wesl, thence 80 chains imrlli,
thenee 80 chains east, thence 80 chains south to
point of commencement.
No. M.���CommcneiiiK  al a post  marked   Ole
Oberg'i Southwest corner post and planted on
tbe cast side of Dum-an river and ahout 16 1-4
miles northeast of West Fork of the Duucan river; thence 80 chnins east, thence 80 chains south,
tbence 83Chaini west, thence 80 chains north to
point of commencement.
No. 13.���Commenaln4 at a post marked Ole
Oberg'n nortbeut comer poet and blanted on
the eul lide of  Duncan  river and  CDOUt  111 1-4
mile* nortbeut ol West Pork of Dnncan river;
thence 80 chnins  west, thenee 80 chains north,
thence 80 ohalna eeat, thence so ohalna south to
point at commencement
No. 13 ��� Commencing at a post marked Ole
OIk"k'" southwest corner post and planted on
(he cant tide of Duncan river ahout hi 1-1 miles
northeast of the West Fork of the Duncan river;
thenoe ho chains east, thenee HO chains south,
thonce80 ohallll wesl, thence 80 ehalns norlh to
point of commenoement,
No. 11. - Commencing   at  a post   marked   Ole
Oborg's southwest corner post und planted on
the east side ol Duncan river and about 17 1-1
miles northeut from the Weal Fork of Duncan
river; thence ho ohalni east, thenoe no chains
south, thenee ho chains weit,thenoe so chains
north to point of Commencement
No. 18.���Commencing at a post marked. Ole
Obctif's northeut corner post and planted on
tho out ilde of Duncan river and about it 1-4
miles nortbeut of West Fork of Duncan river;
Ih. iui- 80 chains west, thence BO chains north,
thence 8u chaini out thence 80 chnins south to
point of commencement
No. 18. Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg'i southwest corner post and planted on
the cast side of Duncan river mid about 18 1-4
mllin northeait ol tho Weal Fork of Duncan rtv-
btj thence W ohalni east, thenee BO chaini south,
thence80 ohelni west, theuce so chains north to
point of commencement
No. 17,���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg*> aouthwert oorner poet and planted on
the cut tide ol Duncan river and about IS 1*4
miles nortbeut oi the West Fork of Duncan river; thence BOchalm cut thence80ohelni south,
thenee SO chaini went, thonco 80 ohalni notb to
point of commenoement
Hated JutieHth lHM.        Oi.B Oueho, Locator
Notice is herebv Riven that :fc) days afler date I
intend to applv to the Chief Commissioner of
Landi and Works for a special license to eul and
carry away timber irom the following described
landl, situated In the Welt Kootenay district:
No. I.- Commencing at a poaTmarked 0  D.
Hoars wont Invest corner posl, and planted on the
east bank of luui'-an river aud about *> 1-4 miles
northeait of west fork ot Duncan river; thence SO
ohelni ensl. thence 80 chains south, thence 80
chains west, thenee 80 ehalns north to pi-int of
No. 8.���Commencing at a post marked 0, D.
Hoar's northeut comer poit, nnd planted on the
east side, of Duncan river, and about 80 1-1 miles
northeut of west fork of Duncan river; thence80
chains west, thence &i chains north, thence HO
chains east, ihence 80chains south to point of
No B.���Commenolng at a post marked o. D,
Hoar's southwest corner post aud planted on the
eut side of Duncan river, and about 'JO 1-4 miles
northeut of lhe west fork of Duncan river;
thenee 80 chaini north, Ihcnce 80 chains cast,
thence So chains south, thonce 80 chains west lo
point of commencement
No 8.���Commencing at a post mukei o. D.
Hoar's southwest corner post and planted on the
cast bank of Duncan river, and ahout 81 1-4 miles
northeut of the wesi fork of Duncan rive-;
ihen-e 80 chains north. Ihence 80 chain" out
ihence ho chains south, thenco 80 chains west to
point of commencement.
No. fi - Commenolng at �� post marked <>. D,
Hoar's lantheut corner post and plnuted on the
cast fide o! DunUO river, anil aboul it 1-4 miles
northeut of weal fork of Duucan river; thonoe 8o
chains north, theuco ho chains east, thence 80
t'haius south,  thenco BO chains west to point of
No 6, nmmcucin.T at A post marked O. D.
Hoar's nutbeul corner post and planted on the
OUt Bldl Of the DlincaU river, and aboul 28 1-1
mil s northeast of the wwl fork of Duncan river;
ihcnce BO rbalni north, thenee BO ohalni eatt,
thence B0 chains south, thenc BO Ohalni wesl to
point of oommenoemeuC.
So. "��� -Commenolng at a post muiked O. D.
Hoar1! tOUthWOll comer pout and planted on the
eut i de of Duncan r vtr, aud about 831-4 mil s
northcasl  of   the wesi  fork of   Diiiieau   river;
thence hu ohalni cut, thence 80 ohalni south,
ihence BOQhaini west, theme 80 ehalns north to
point of commencement
No. 8.���Commencing at n post marked 0. D,
Hoar's northeast comer poit and planted on the
east side oi Duncan r:ver, and aboul 81 1*4 miles
NouthcaM of west fork of Duncan river; thi nee Bo
chains west, thence 80 OhAlni norlh, theuce Hi
chains cast, thciue 80 ohilUI south to point of
comui' ncement.
No. 9,���Commenolng at a post marked O, I).
Hoar's southwest corner post nnd plan led ou
the easl side of  i niiean  river nnd ahoul 88 1-4
mllei northeut of the weit fork of Duncan river; ihenco ho chalm cast, thence so ohalni louth,
thence ho ohalni weit, thenee so chnins norih to
point of commencement
No. 10.���Commencing at a post marked o. n.
Hoar's noi thenst corner post and planted ou the
east tide of Diini-nu river and ahout 39 1-1 miles
northeast of the west fork of the Duncan river;
thenre 80 cluiins, wesi Ihence 80 chains nortii,
thence 80 chains easl, thenee 80 chains south to
point of commencement
No. ll.���Commencing ��t ������ ��i post marked 0. D.
Hour's southwest comer post and planted on the
cast side of Iniuean river nml nbout J.t 1 I miles
northeast of the wesl fork of the Duncan rlvcr;
thence so chnins east, thence HO chains south,
Ihence 80 chains west, thenee 80 chains norih to
point of commencement
No 12,-'-Commenolng at a post marked <>��� D.
Hoar's northeast corner post and planted on the
cast side of Hunt an river and ahoii>. 881*4 miles
northeast Of lhe west fork of ih,. Duncan river;
Ihi-ueeHO chains west, theuce 80 chalus nnrlh,
thenee 80 chains cast, thuiioe 80 chains houHi to
polul of commencement.
Best Dollar a day house in the
Kooms arc well furnished.   Table an good u id?
tU Nel.'on,     Har supplied With good
Uunors mid ciaan.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Knropean and American Plan
Meals ii els.    Kooms from 'ih cts, to 81
Only White lUlp Kmplojed.
Haker Rt, Nelson Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The B��r Is the Fineit.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine St,
The Big Schooner I}���, 1 A_
Or ������Hall-lndllall"    DvCt    lUCo
Tho only Glnnn of Good Beer In Nelson.
Hotel Accommodation!, second to
none in Hritish Columbia.
Special Rates to Monthly Boarders.
Tho only Home. Hotel in Nelsou.
Lake Viet*
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two blocks from
Rates $1.00 per Day
and up.
Telephone lis. NhLSVN, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally .Located. open Day and Night.
Sample aud B*th Rooms free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office*
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
Tne Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Good   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelson. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
I.irsjr anil t'omlortshle Beifrooms anil First-
class limine Konm.   Halsiple Rooms lor I'onnner.
eta) Meu.
MRS. K. V. OI.ARKK, Proprietress
[* n Af^tTTJ The well known
\JM\\J V Ca Suburlmu
tl\J 1 E,L      Our Beor Harden is
  , the Finest in tho
West Transfer Co.
General Teannters and Dealers in
Coal and Wuoi.   Express aud
l.tiifuaxe Tnmsfer
[WtffA  Office: Baker St.
No. is.���Commenolng ��t n poil merited o. i>.
Himr'HNoulhwosl corner post nml pliiiiiinl on tho
i'ii*i ��liU'nf tlu- Duiinui river mnl nhout IM W
niih'd nurihuHMt (if tin- west fork nt iin- Duuitsn
river; thi-nce 8o ohalni eiwt, thenco ho ihnlnn
ninth, thonco SO ohalni w.-i, thence so ehaini
nonh to point of commencement.
No. 14.���Cammenoltif ut n poet muke<1 o. i>.
Uoar'l tiorthwunt OOrtter poit nud plnnli'il on lho
OAlt Blnfl of  Ulinean rl er uml nbout  il II mill's
northeait ol tliu west (orkof iiu> Puncmi river;
tlKiiivSO i-hiiliiB  WMt, tbonce m rhahiN  north,
ilifiuoHOi'lHiuM oiiMt, thcnci'Sn chains south to
point of commencement,
Dated June t>th 1000,       (>. D. Hoak, Locator.
By his Agtmt, Ouc Ohkho.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
"Iro   nut)   A wi; kit-Mil T* 4   T7     mm 4   ��|,      j
n8uranc&   Keal estate ana Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Real Estate
Ilnsiness in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Froit Lands in this district
Most of it situate on the West Arm aud Main Lake.
fore you decide to locate.
> me be-
' ^MA**1*AMMM^*MMtl*J*��/*M/*MM^**4*A*,
We Will Sell.
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDermid & McHardy
Choice Fruit
I Have 10.000 Acres
of the
Choicest Froit Lands tat
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Winnipeg Exhibition
From Cranbrook, B. C,
Round Trip.
On Solo Jnly 20th to 27th.   Good to re-
turn until August 2nd.
u ,,,���.    Eastern
Next Selling     _ ,
D��tts  Excursion
August 7-8-9, September 8-tO
St. Paul Chicago
Ontario <^ueboc
Maritime Provices.
For rates, berth reservation nnd detailed
information apply to local agent or Write
E. J. COYLE,    J. 8. CARTER,
A.G,P.*.,Vnncduv��r,    D.P.A., Nw*on.
Wtiiilrsnlts iinif ltctnll Dealers 111
Fresh and Salted Meats
Gumps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh nud
wholesome mentis aud stipples kept in stuck
Mail orders reoeivo careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
90 day Eastern Summer
Good going Aug. 7, 8, 9,
Sept. 8, 10.
Stop-overs   allowed west
Missouri River.
8t. Paul
Minuenpnli* i ir��� ...
Fort William *JU'M'
Kansas City
Chiongo    (14.00
St. Louis ��0.00
Torouto 88.H0
Montreal    100.00
Ottawa 100.00
Now York 100.00
For rates to nil other
points apply
City I'uHtifiigor Agent.
A O. F. A., HtsUtlc.
A. McDonald & Co*
Dealers in staple and fancy Orooerle*.
Batter, Err*.
Oanip nnd Miners' Supplies. '
The finest stock we have yet shown.    It includes some
special  pieces  in  new  and   beautiful   designs.     In
smaller pieces lhe prices are quite as attractive.
Finely cut Nappie and Ron-Bon Dishes at
$3.00 and $5.00 are our leaders.
To one quart rather suec'j
lemonade add one tumbler nf J
Pints 40c.  -   Quarts 70c I
Everything to tempt the ap-*
��� petite will be found at     f
tii is store. ���
Bell Trading*
44 <A "Tip" for a
44 Canadian Mo rn ing.**
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
; Joy's Cash Grocery J
If yoa ilim't lilts' gtnlo
deal where the trade is bo brisk that l
fresh BuppHea two received
every d.iy.
Some of fhe Nice Things
Today nre:
Homo Cooked  Boiled  Ham,  per
pound Sfto.
Groase & BlnokweH'a PoU-odFialii
hikI Meats,
Bardinos���Sportsmen, King Osoari
nml Kuweit.
Fresh Sferawborrios nnd Tomatoes,
Jello [oeOreaui Powders aud Orosse
& Umckwell'a Bonnet Tablet*.   Also]
Wo aid   Uennett   for   making curds
and whey.
JOY will meet you at
the door.
OonJoiepblneaad mui Bti.    Pnoao i"
'The Store of Sweets/
Fruits, Confectionery nnd
Ice Cream.
is 88. Bakoi si.
NKI.SiiN, H  0,
c.��r. \'��r,..in MsitJ Ward Stravtua,
,1. FliKD HUMK, Proprietor.
.1 K Btephenj, 11 Wright, .1 Callaghan,
Vancouver; F McLeod, Pllol Bay; 11 rc
llulloway, Kokanee; Q Smith, MIb.s
Smith. Toronto; A Q Smith and wife,
Cowley; M McLean, Argenta; B C Chip-
man, c f Caldwell, Kaslo; F a York,
H Mi-Tiivish nnil wit'i*. Moose Jaw;
11 It Hoffman, Chicago; (i o Buchanan,
Kaslo; .1 Aconite, Pllol liny; s Phipps,
Itevolstoke; Mrs. A t.' Hamilton, Plloi
Buy; .1 K Cram, Moyle; .1 A Rows, Eng
land; C Bohack, High River.
.1 A Ti.vn. Sirdar; Q dales, Sandon;
1' li .hiilil.   Bonningtoni    J Davis and
wife, Grand Forks) .1 Martin, Oerrard.
(i Sniiih. Slocan; Mrs. Hustelft, Ores
Ion; .1 Phllbert, Cobalt; Rev. W Scott,
Troul Lake; 11 B Hughes, Moohi> Jaw;
.1 W Coughlin, Spokane.
.1 II Kerr, Vmir; <; J Smith, Trail; N
Chlsholm, Kusiii; \v s Smith, Poorman
.1 il Beckett, Vmir; W Clark. Knslo.
.1  McDonald,   Salmo;    .liilm    Miles,
Mih's' Ferry; W Matlieson, Kaslo,
.1 Dawson, M Jones, Phoenix; T I in I
Ion, Vancouver.
.1 Boyd, Procter! ���! Panltor, Bholt; B
W Robinson, Oiiawa: 11 Williams, Thlr-
teen-Mile Point; i; M Lethbrldge, Calgary.
.1 Potter, Creston; M (hiRKins, Lardo;
.1 Bennett, Wostloy; s Arensberg Phoenix.
We arc receiving strawberries
direct from the rachcrs. Place
your order for preserving
at once as they won't
last much longer.
Telephone 101.
Bargains in
For KvervthiiiK (iood
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do Yon Know Thurman's Special Mixture?
The Daily Canadian
A full line of Crockery,
China and OlimHwiiru,
AlioSooond Bundfloodiot Every Duotip*
iimi.    Wa 11 live vol Hit' gOOdlund Null Ht
Lowest Prlcei in Town.
Hiksr Ht., m-xt lo ".P.ll Ticket Offlco.
Mrs. M. Downie, of Medicine Hat, la
in tlie city mi u week's visit to Mrs. J.
a. Irving.
No change occurred In anj ���tt the
metal quotations today on either mar
Mr. J. E). Annable, who is collecting
exhibits tor the Winnipeg fall exhibition, Is Including among the curiosities
tu be sent a Jar of preserving tomatoes
gtown on tin1 Perndale ranch of Mr.
A. H. Shannon, mar Five-Mile point
luese have been on exhibit before the
original preservation was done Borne
two years ago. They bave kepi In ax
oi ileal conditlon( and are as good In
appearance as when first pin np.
A carload ol apples and bnnauns consigned to .1. A McDonald & Co. reached Wanota Monday night, inn did nol
arrive In Nelsou until this morning Mr.
McDonald thinks tlie delay excessive,
as li Involves a beavj loss to him on
perishable goods. If ll is Impossible
for B Single inspector lo do tin- work
more rapidly, he thinlta others should
br appointed, or nt leaal an assistant.
None of ihe frull waa condemned.
The C. P. il. nnnouncca tho Follow
inn changes in Btcamor schedules sail
Ing rrom iliis port: The Kitskunook
will go mi the regular run to Kootenay
[finding,     leaving       at      4:3	
Sunday morning, the same hour
aa ai present ror lho Crow's NohI
trnins. The Blotimot' Moyle will relicvi
lhe Kokanee, and go on iho ICnfllo ran
nn .Monday morning, leaving lha citj
wharf at 7 o'clock, or an hour oar I tin
than the present limo.
Tho Dominion Bxpress Comport) Is
doing Its share towards assist ins lho
Kootenays In lhe mat I or of transportation nt exhibits lo tho fall fairs along
,...�� line of the C, P. ll. In the north-
west. Tho announcement is made ihat
they will convey with the usual express csre all fruits or produce or other advertising matter to its destination
both to and from prairie [minis ai half
rates. This will make possible the Inclusion of some exhibits which otherwise might not be made available tor
exhibition purposes.
Ben  Davis  Held  Chair as  Security for
In the city police conn ibis morning
Ken David was charged with the thefl
ol ;i Morris chair irom "Doctor" Kam
Von. The accused admitted taking the
chair, bul said lie did noi nn an to steal
ii. lie bad worked for Kam Von anil
received no wages, and bis friends
urged hiiti to got some security.
The magistrate wns nl opinion that
there was no guilty Intention, and lol
Ben go on suspended sentence,
incidentally Chief Jarvla found op
portunity  to presenl a real grievance
which the force has suit d from foi
;i long time. Tho proprietors of certain
saloons and their Staffa wilfully mis
lead the police in the Interest, often
mistaken, of men who are wanted. The
chief explains thai snch proprietors are
never asked to act as informers, seldom even as witnesses, hut they are
expected to know and to tell who sloop
In ihefr establishments each night,
Trains   and   Steamers.
Crow boal - Half hour hue.
Bloc an train���Half hour Into,
Spokane train���On time,
Coast, Boundary and Itossland train
���Half hour late,
The Store of Quality
of a good  cup of tea are always satisfied with
They flay If hns n flavor nf lis own
rarely found in tea af the price. And
why sliuiiliini ii? in our blend is n lea
wiiii-ii alone sells al one dollar a pound,
mnl which glvea lhe tea a delicious
Tho lii'Bf proof of the quality of Im
portal Tea In lhe facl Uu nuy buy li
.-mil nnihiuK else from uu.
Try a  Pound and See.
Blue Uabel a��c
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Blot* . Ph.mi. 10
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fael
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made dnily throughout Nt-ltson
mill Uf suluii'liH. l'liuue 148.
���r-~ - ������-'	
Pure Maple
"Direct from our otvn Sui/ttr Bush.
It's too good lo pill up in lius. I've
hud It shipped In bulk, und I bottle It
Imperial Quart hrs - - 70c
Imperial Half Gallon - $1.35
Special prices for 5 gallon cans
Ootno in und smnplr if.
C* A* Benedict
Corner Sill��� and Josephine sis.
is not complete withoul u good
We have a full line of them ut prices to
suit your p'nrse.   Also Wash Boards,
Tubs, doilies Hns, 01otb.ee
Lines, Pulleys, lite.
Nelson Hardware Co.
PHONB 15,      NELSON, li 0.
Lave Your Order With Me For
Cherries and
Now, ns the season Is closing, and 1 will
Bee that your order is rilled with the
besl frull to be had al ihe lowest market prloe.
Ha^lewood Ice Cream
'hone jo6,
 0    (7=
We have paid speci.il attention, this
year, to providing for the ever increas
ing summer demand for Souvenirs.. As
a result of our efforts, we have a range
of Souvenirs which for
Variety, Bc.iuty and
Moderateness in Prices
is not excelled anywhere.. They consist
mostly, too, of articles that are useful
as well as pretty.. Our
35c Line of Souvenir Chinaware
decorated with local views Is particularly dainty and pretty.
W. G. Thomson
ffiSSffi^ """ Nelson, B. C.
Phon* ,i4.
Thompson & Douglas
Sinn   Writing .,   Hpocl.slly.
Wi.li Papar and Burlap,
To the Members
of the
20,000 Club.
Pulmni/.e tin' .".ihhi who ore
In-IV HOW,   Mill  \V0 u ill
i��* ii iniiL' way in-
\\ .'tnl OUT t-'o:tl.
Thorpe's Lithia
is i'|iml to nuy aperlont
iiiiti-i'iii'iiMintir waters bottled in
tbo United
If you use enough <>f it wfl
nm support another
family In Nelsou.
& Co., Limited.
f/it si/i ct'tin*
Willi..1!, th liniimt/spirits in dtl'tiM
iimi lho drinks servad ttour Soda Fountain
lui'i  tonic properties In-, .lia refreshing*
VV eonij real hull syrups ..i ,i��� i\n,.,
quality      Knii'iiiiin, ooiinur. glasses and
receptacles ��r.- kept lorupulonaly olesn.
Daker Street, Katsou. H D
Slllir ON UAKI)
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit,
Thorpe's nice ood] drinks,      Lunehea
inn up a Bpeolnlty.
W.J. Walker,   ��&
Hotel girl,   Apply nf riuh Hotel.   13. |
J. Oucrftn.
A bartender,   Address Mux h;2, n.-i
Kim. II. (!.
a small purse (lady's),   Owner ran
oliinin K.-uiii- by appllootli   this of-
Price of Metals.
NOW   Vorli,   July   12.-  Rllvi-r,   06   IS;
copper, 17 7 S; oloctrolytlo popper stock,
is 8-8, dull; load, $6.76,
tendon, July 12.���Silver, 80 l-8| hud,
E10 Os 3d; zinc, ��20 17s Od,
Mining Records.
in the Nelson mining office today certificates of woii; were granted to ,T, C.
Butler on the Rosentrol, and to J. P,
Bwedborg mi lhe Gold Leaf fractional
Qalt Coal
Termi Bpot '"null
W. P. TffiRNEY
Telophom m bssi., Hir.-.-t
Old Curiosity Shop
ir you wanl to buy or sell anything,
ko io ihu old Curiosity simp, a new
tine of Japanese Goods now on unio. ah
kinds of Dlnuerware In stook, Patterns,
If you wanl to pluco ymir feel In luxurious quarters iul<�� u look al our
Fancy Cottons at 25c and 35o.
Llsles at 50c to 75c.
Cashmeres, 25c, 36c and 50c.
Beo mir wiiiilnw for Dnderwoar Valuos,   Hut-
��j��W�� fri'Ui ��'��� lu floss.   Niiiural Wool fruiii
'*"���-���������- I-
M*S1'K��I"II'HKI(H OF TflK rUAWKlilill
"'"    Repairing and Jobbing a Sptcut,
Sheetmetal Work, (instlnun. Builder*' Mnti-riul und Mining mj j^,..
(lllls'H uml Works Foot of I'nrk St,
 IK'      JIM.
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, ]&
l.i II   KKIi.TKKI-.il st i II
Hr, ���.-,- nil.!  II..till i> i.f
Fine Lager Beer and Porter
Every Known Variety Soft r��u,
And the Celebrated " Fed Ribbon Beer."
TRM3PHONB  >....  M
I'. <>. it. >\  Jin.
]* H, Ashdown Hardware Co., Lit
We would Invite yon toiuspool our large mnl wled itooli nf
Nss iii-i��I fo sulli-r frnni hint if von    TT_1.   XTiT if T> i"s
��ni ������iy,���ii.���mil nskio ,,,.,��������� Hot Weather Kequisite
Store open fruiii T u.in. to 0 is.us. sivi-ry slay enepl huliihiys nml .Smulmi
���\x~n~n~v B.  A.  ISAAC J. A.   HONEYMAN'>~~~vV>��A*|
Mupiiiriitu and Jobbtna ���x��out>��d with Dsapiitoh.  BhwM Hfd
Work, Mifii.K nnd Mill M��chIn��ry.    MmHifnctiirurMoi
i>rc   Ciii'M.   R,   Iv.    Ciinti'iitloi-M-   Ciitn.
NELSON,    B. C.
| Don't Forget we are SEMI-READY
M Headquarters
1 For....
and dealers in LtiiiiDef * Shingles,
Uath, Mouldlngrs, Door**, Windows.
Turned Work nnd Ili-iickoU. Mail Ordan l��r ptly nil-u.ls.1"-
VBRNON BTRBBT  -  -  -   Mil.N(l>, B. O,
have demonstrated to us, and if you will let us make yon l
isiie suit we'll convince you that the clothes we
make are superior to all other makes
in every detail oi
llu/li i'iW Tallm-B
Baker Bt., tfel��ou, I1 ''
\ gM*.         \J. ItLj
Watches! Watches!
Thr boil irrnih-s iu Ann rii-iin tnovoinonB.    "''
hj oouipots wtth Hiuitorii Iiimiwh   Kim" *""
repairing uml opttoa our hpociiuly-
JEWELER       NELSON. B. C,       0PTI0AN(
Carpet Sweepers
Aru Aoknowl��dff��d to bu wltii����ut  ����� R"
WEI .Hull Thum.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y. ^


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