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The Daily Canadian Mar 18, 1907

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Array iLUMK I.    NO.  243.
Fifty Cents a Month
fork Accomplished by
Delegates at Victoria.
fiovircial Government Sympathetic
-Attorney-General Promises
AU Needed Assistance.
IMayor Qlllett returned from Victoria
Isi unlay night ufter utlendlng the an*
pal convontloo of the Union of British
slumbla Municipalities.
I This days were spent In considering
jtstniiiiiiiU-iitinn  from  42 municipalities.
was ths'ii agreed thut the number of
lisiiiK'-i-s In the Munlcipul Clauses Act
aki'sl for, could not be obtained ut tbe
resent session of the legislature.
H vssss, Ihorefore decided to Interview
ktssrney-Qenoral   Fulton   to  see   what
ialstance  the government  would glvo
tarda revising the whole acl during
J ,'S*''HS.
IMr Pulton promised to do everylhlng
psible lis asslBt  the executive of the
sn hi the wofk of preparing u new
ssinl suggested  that u meeting be
granged between the executive of the
is ami the cabinet. With this ussur-
ills- members retired.
|Tli,' following recommendations were
passed  by thp union for changes
] bs- mails' ut the present session: To
fible lbs' clly   of   Nelson   to  borrow
issr school purposes ln excess of
"���������in   borrowing   ixiwers;   to   In-
iii'* rate of lnters*st on arrears of
tool luxes from li to 8 per cent., to
���>ki' Is uniform with the r_M on other
���ears;  to enuble the city of Ksslaud
Ksl usHlstauce  ln   the  maintenance
her schools on account  of her Inutility In secure any revenue for that
prpose from the mines; to change the
���ii'ii ssf ibe uct  which exempts  rail-
lys on the portion of Iheir lines run-
Inp  ibroiigh cllles Incorporated  since
[The union also recommended, at the
���tance of Chilliwack Surrey and
iirnaliy, that a Ditches and Water
Aci be passed; and thai Vtc-
Tla unit Vancouver's present requests
granted as a temporary relief until
** li'gbilatlon can be enacted.
Mayor Qlllett Is satisfied thai the pro-
clal governmenl will generally com-
wlth the wlBhes or thc union .
A   sub-committee   waB  appointed   to
pet in Vietoria In June to co-operate
Mth   lhe   cabinet   In   drafting   a   new
luiilripal CLiuses Act    or substantial
|nii'ii(lm.iii[. to the existing act.
Copies of the amendments agreed
|l��m will be senl to all municipalities
approval or suggestions for further
Inienilment. The executive of the
|nlnn win meet again In Nanaimo on
Tth to consider the replies, and
���III report to a general meeting of the
Jnlon In the same clly on Oct. 9th. The
|UKKestinns, as llnnlly approved at that
'ting will then be presented lo tho
liinsi.ite of  Revenue  and  Expenditure
Passed by Legislature.
Edmonton, March 18.���The estimates
ve been brought down In tho house
���nil passed. Tho estimates Indicate
pat Alberta will spend $2,763,1174.18
jjnrln'g 1907, and schedule *'B," which Is
Pealgnated to provide for legislation
Ind the maintenance of the public Institutions, salaries und civil service from
ta. 1, 1908, to the passage of the estimates at the next session, names $400,-
Pf|o us the amount. Thc amounts called
|��r by the departments In thc estimates
Civil government. $166,000; legls
lutlon, $34,000; administration of Jus
lice. $1146,722.08; public works, $1,293,-
education, $306,676; ugrlculttiro,
���433,S70.56;  hospitals,  $34,600;   mlseel-
|�� is, $99,960.
Tho estimated revenue during 1907,
|he premier stated, would be, approxl-
hiutely speitlilng, $200,000 greater than
lhe receipts, but Ihe government pro-
jkwhiI lo expend out of current account
200,000 on the construction of telephones In Alberta. Consequently the ac-
pninis win practically balance at tho
���Flose of the year.
In delivering his budget speech, the
premier gave a brief resume of tbe
*"rlt done by the government during
P>�� pan year. The attorney-general
����n  taken  over  the criminal  law de-
���ri,eme,!l.,nd "10,""*d "**"'* oa��.
ine public works department although It had not expended the total
ha',1 ",.���"' IUI yettr'8 ��PP"DritU���
w 1, , , . fea' dl'nl of "pessary
work; hud built 246 bridges, of which
lures. The total expenditure on brldKi-s
was 84*5,000. Twelve ferries Were to
operation, of which four were Installed
this    year.      The expenditure on this
IH nn���T I?""* K"r tlllJ rlKhl "f MMSf
$18,00(1 hud been puld.
J. 8. Dennis  Saya Kootenays Are  Attracting Many Settlers This Season.
J. 8. Dennis, land commissioner of
the C. P. K., was In Victoria the olher
day. In an Interview with one of the
papers, ' Dennis said there was a
great uomand for C. P. K. lands
throughout the province.
"Tho prospects for a record year ln
tho history of settlement In the province Is excellent," he said. "There are
more Inquiries than ever before for
lands These come from residents of the
llrltlsh IsleB. eastern Canada and the
l.'nlted States. For the most part the
enquiries ure for fruit lunds."
The Kootenays are attracting a great
deal of intention In this line, and Mr.
Dennis Ihinks that the Columbia valley
and other areas of tbal pun of the province will become very important fruit
produdcers. The staple production will
be apples, which, after all, Is perhaps
the most satisfactory fruit which can
bis produced. This ls due to the fuel
that there ls not the same need of
haste in the marketing of the apple
us there Is with other perlshuble fruits,
such as peaches and plums.
Mr. Dennis thinks thut the valleys of
the Kootenays will yet become the
great producers of apples in tho
Some of the City  Clergy  Combat  Request of Miners���Rev. F. H. Graham
Will Not Commit the Church.
ln several of thc city churches yesterday forms of petitions, asking the
provincial government to refuse the request of the boards of trade, and of the
meeting of miners, smeltermen and
lumbermen, that the Lord's Day !Act
be not enforced In connection with the
mining, Bmeltlng and lumbering Industries, were read.
At St. Saviour's yesterdiy morning
Rev. F. II. Graham mentioned the petition and its object but declined to read
It, or recommend it to his congrega
tion for approval
He remarked that the chief ensctlng
clause of the act already contained 23
sub-clauses setting forth exemptions.
He was not convinced, nor did ho consider It Incumbent upon him as a clergyman to decide, that no other exemptions were required.
Moreover, among both the supporters
and opponents of the act were respected and consistent members of his own
congregation. He declined to create a
line of cleavage between them, or to
add to the commandments by committing the church, even the Nelson branch
of It ,to either Bide of a controversy
which Is not essentially religious, and
the decision of which must be according
lo expediency. In which he was quite
content to admit the legislators to be
better Informed und probably better
Judges thun he wns.
As the congregation dispersed the
comments thai were made were of almost unanimous approval of the rector's utterance.
Checker Players in Session.
Boston. March 18.���Some of the best
known checker players of the country
gathered horc today for the opening of
a week's tournament for the national
championship. Among tho Important
business matters to be considered was
thc project for organising e national
professional association In addition to
the championship. In which the purses
amounting to $600 will be distributed.
Among the players entered nre Charles
F Barker, of Boston, who for twenty-
olght vears has held the national championship; L- S. Head, of Bronxvlllo,
champion of New York slate; H. W.
Reynolds. Syracuse, and .1. .1. Lannin,
Making Record Run.
Winnipeg, March 18���The Overseas
Limited arrived in Winnipeg last night
at midnight, after having made a record run between Fort Williams and
Winnipeg. The time from Montreal
was slightly behind the time made on
tho lust trip, but it i�� expected that
more than tho difference will be gained
between here and Cnlgnry.
New Steamer Line.
Portland, Me., March 18���By leasing
of wharf property In thiB city for a long
term or years, arrangements have beon
completed for a now line of Btonmers to
run between thla port and tlle 81. Lawrence river. The line will be used to
bring down large quantities of pulp-
wood from the Canadian provinces.
Notorious Machine Juggler Still in Office
Government Blocks all Attempts to
Investigate Frauds and "Graft*'
of Gvil Servants*
Ottawa, March 18.���There is a now
development in the oase of the xprth
Atlantic Trading com puny whose contract was terminated lust November.
Under Uie contract the company was to
receive $G per head for Immigrants.
This agreement could only b*' terminated on four year's notice unless the
terms were violated. Mr. Oliver stated
that there had been a breach of the
agreement and so cancelled the contract. Doubtless the real reason was
the exposures or tbe last session of the
various frauds connected with the contract itself and the popular condemnation of the whole business. But the
sequel of It is that the company is
claiming large damages, and that a
government officer sent to Europe to
investigate has come back with the report that the company has done all
that the contract required. Seeing that
Mr. Smart, who as deputy minister, ne-
gotlated the contract with the company has now become the Canadian
agent of the contractors and Is pushing
the claim the country may be prepared
for the worst. As the company was
getting $100,000 a year from the government, the bill will be a pretty heavy
Meanwhile Mr. Preston, Inventor of
this contract. Is In South Africa, though
he is under salary as the commercial
agent of Canada in China and Japan.
He is receiving a -salary of $3000 and
expenses. How much he ls receiving
from other sources no one knows, but
his chief occupation at present appears
tn be to boom South Africa as a field
for farm immigrants from Great Britain. Kngllsh papers are publishing a
series of letters from Mr. Preston, of
which the following two sentences may
be taken ns samples:
"The Dutch settles have proved lhat
a return, unequalled in other colonies.
can be readily had here for a very mod-
orate expenditure of farm labor."
"South Africa can more readily support
millions of population ln ite agricultural
possibilities between Table Mountain
and the Zambesi than Canada cun between Winnipeg and thc Rocky mountains."
Are the people of Canada paying Commissioner Preston a large salary to tell
English farmers that Canada is not as
good a field for them as South Africn?
The country is paying heavily to induce
farm laborers to come to Canada rather
than go elsewhere, and here is an officer
in the pay of the government spending
his time and efforts to persuade British
farmers to go elsewhere rather than
come here. Why does Mr. Preston do
this? He Is not u man who works without motive. Is he In the pay of some
syndlcute which Is working up Immigration to Bouth Africa? Is he trying to
vindicate hla Nortb Atlantic contract
and his own record as nn Immigration
officer In England by causing the immigration to fall off when the contract
is cancelled and he ha.**, quit bis Job?
Sir Richard Cartwright, who is Mr.
PreHton's chief, has bS&n questioned
but will only say thai he Ib waiting for
information. Sir Richard is entirely too
The house divided on straight party
lines to vote down the following motion:
"The government ought not to continue In office public servants who, tn
violation of their duty, mnke use of
thii- official position to promote their
private interest."
This motion, moved hy Mr. Boyce, of
Algoma, seems reasonable. Sir Wilfrid
Laurier admitted that, the principle
stated in the motion was sound, but
called upon his followers to vote lt
down becuuso the mover Introduced it
as a condemnation of Obed Smith, commissioner for immigration at Winnipeg.
No doubt Mr. Northrup who opened the
d^cusslun with a sfatement of the easi*
against Smith, ns well as Mr. Boyce.
Mr. Lennox. Mr. Borden, Mr. Foster
uud other opposition speakers, reflected
severely on a government officer and
still more severely on tlie department,
of the interior which excused and even
justified his course.
This is the case: .1. Obed Smith has
u salary of $:t,000 a year with various
perquisites. He is the chief immigration officer in the Northwest. Mr. Smith
Is not satisfied with his duties and his
salary but speculates heavily in lands.
Recently he put through a sale of 47,-
000 acres at $6.66 an acre to parties in
Vermont.      The  New   England   people
claim to have been deceived, tu that a
block-of 7.800 acres was sold to other
parties, whereas, the Vermont men
thought they were getting It all. They
sue(* Smith and his partner and got
judgment for $14,00) damages, the
judges considering that the plaintiff
had   boen  deceived.
The charge tliat Commissioner Smith
made use of his position to promote his
private Interests rests on his evidence
in th:s trial. He swore that Homestead Inspector Ridingtou, In the discharge of his duty, sent him reports
which he u��ed/ In making the sale.
Copies of these documents, and in one
case, an original, were taken away by
the Vermont promoters, who seemed to
havo been furnished with much official
Information. Now, the inw provides
that sn employee of the department of
the Interier shall not, without authority,
diHclpac Information of which he becomes possessed In the discharge of
his duties. For tlie rest we quote Mr.
ObeiJ Smith's testimony. After stating
that KJr. Powell, one of the defendants,
had carried off at least one of Mr. Rid-
Ington's reports, leaving no copy in the
office, Mr. Smith testifies:
Question���Who is Mr. Rfdlugton who
sent you this report? Answer���One of
the homestead inspectors up there.
Question���An employee of the Dominion government?   Answer���Yes.
Question���Paid by salarv? Answer���
Question���And you have made use of
government officials to report for you
ln order that you might make money
on the side?   Answer���Yes. that. Ie true.
So that we have the chief Immigration officer of the government, whose
business lt Is to place immigrants on
the kind and is well paid for doing it,
giving his time and attention to land
speculation, using the reports of other
government officers to assist him in his
trading and in making money on the
side. In this particular deal Mr. Smith
and his partner seem to have made
about $30,000 profit for themselves.
Whether he has been guilty of deceiving the New England speculators or
not. he has got the department involved In an unpleasant story. The
worst of it Is that both Sir Wilfrid
ond the minister of the interior supported Mr. Smith'and called upon the
House to vote down Mr. Royce's reasonable resolution because it seemed
to reflect upon a government officer.
This concern for a land speculating official is in sharp contrast lo the conduct of the government a short time
ago when it dismissed a village postmaster, receiving about one-third of Mr.
Smith's salary, whose only offence was
that he was reported to have another
Interest In a small grocery In another
nart of th*0 town. The government
party In the House voted to a man
against   Mr. Boyce's motion.
To Be Superannuated.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, March 18.���It is very probable that during the present session
of the legislature one of the oldest civil
servants of the province will be super-
ftnnuated. Col. Wolfenden. King's
printer, hau )>een over 50 years In
harness, and would probably welcome
retirement from duties which are pearly becoming more onerous. No department of the government is developing
more rapidly than that, of the printing
bureau, where fees and business from
timber notices ts more immediately felt.
Mr. Wolfenden is the last of the old
guard with the exception of the depu-
'y minister of finance, Mr. Smith, and
Auditor-General Anderson, Mr. Gore
having retired a year or two ago from
the lands and works department. Mr.
Wolfenden will probably retire on full
Story of Slaughter of Jews at Podihilo
Rouioi Intense Excitement in
New York.
New York. March IS.���Tin- cable de
���snatch recelvod lust niglit hy this Jewish Journal, of this city, repotting thai
Is rrihlo massacres have occurred nt
Podihilo, Rounianin, has caused consternation among the Roumanian Jews
in Now York. They fear another Kish-
nleff affair, in which so many Kussinn
lews perished, Podihilo is only ahout
:)0 miles from Klshtnieff, which is
across the Hussian frontier. All of thc
Unu uinu Issu society in New York have
been notified to attend a mass meeting
tonight in the Manhattan Lyceum, in
the heart of the East side Ohetto. The
best measures that can be taken to aid
the afflicted nt Podihilo are to be discussed aud decided  Upon,
The cablegram received hero announcing the massacres was signed, nc-
i*nring to the recipients, by their loading merchants of I'lidlltlln.
French Destroyer Dameged.
Lea Sables, Donne, Prance, March 18.
���Tho torpedo boat destsrayer, Dell, ran
ashore during n thick fogTt'.ar here loday and damaged her boats but she
succeeded In getting nff-Jkiil reaching
this port. ���
English Authors
New York, March ld.a^falter Pel-
sum, an English author and playwright,
died Sunday at the Manston house garrison, on tlle Bound, ln his 63rd year,
of pneumonia.
Ocean Liners Wrecked
White   Star   and Elder-Dempster
Lines Losers���Passengers
and Crews Saved.
London, March 18.���Details were re
celvod this morning of the disaster to
the White Star Line steamer Suevlc,
homeward hound* from Sydney, N. S.
W\, by way of Capetown, with n-early
6ul) passengers and crew on board. She
struck the Brandts rocks, cloae under
the Lizard lighthouse, at about 10:30
last night, and will probably be a total
wreck. Lifeboats and tugs from the
Lizard and Falmouth soon reached the
scene and together with the Suevlc's
own boats, commenced landing the passengers. The women and children were
first sent ashore. They were no fewer
than 1G0 children on board, many of
Ihem being babies In arms, whom the
local fishermen and their wives lifted
out of the boats and carried through the
surf to nearby cottages. A fresh sea
and fog hampered early land operations,
but the fog lifted about 7 this morning and from then forward boats loaded
with passengers were sent ashore in
quick succession.
London, March 18.���Almost within
sight of the wrecked White Star Line
steamer Suevlc, the Elder-Dempster
steamer Jebba, from Calabar, Lagos
and other West African ports for Plymouth and Liverpool, ran on the rocks
under the cliffs near Prawlc Point early
this morning. Her 70 passengers, many
of whom were soldiers invalided home
from the West Coast of Africa, and her
crew, were safely taken ashore by the
breeches buoy. Heavy seas are breaking over the steamer, rendering the lifeboats, which are standing by the vessel, useless. The Jebba will prove a
total loss.
Three Engliahmsnt Sent to Bush Camp
on  Fools' Errand.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Winnipeg, March 18.���Three Englishmen, named S. Aimer, F. Russell and
E. J. Keefe, who only arrived In Canada
via the steamship Lake Champlaln two
weeks ago. have recently been up
against a nasty experience that they
will not forget for a while, and incidentally their purses are depleted to
Ihe extent of about $16 each, which
was about the sum total of their cash
j.boul one week ago they were employed by the Scottish, Scandinavian
Employment agency to work ln the
hush at Fort Alexander, at the upper
s nd of Lake Winnipeg. They were told
to proceed to Selkirk, where they
would be picked up by the teams of
the Sproule Lumber Co., the concern
or which they were going to work.
Arriving at Selkirk they were obliged
in wait there two days and pay hotel
are before the sleigh went north, and
it required a long, cold drive of two
lays up the lake before they reached
their destination.
Here they were told by the foreman
that he did no*t need any men and had
given no Instructions to an employment
agent to send men to him.
They arrived ut camp on Saturday
laat and wore given their board until
Monday in return for chopping a huge
pile uf wood.     ,
The foreman then advised them to
:sec the Indian minister, who lived
about three miles away They started
nut according to Instructions, but lost
iheir way and It was many hours before they found the house.
Mr. Thomas the minister, kindly
drove them back to Selkirk and they
arrived In Winnipeg this morning.
The matter has been banded over to
the city police to inveslgate antl In the
meantime the three strangers are
sitranded at the Immigration hall.
Maeterlinck's Old Abbey.
Maurice Maeterlinck has bought a
mined abby In Normandy which dates
from the eighth century. The old refectory where 400 monks sat down to
meals more or less frugal la still In-
tact, with carved woodwork walls and
an Immense oak beamed celling. Here
Mn- terllnck will Install his library. The
rest of the place Is to be completely re-
i.lured.    The grounds, overgrown dur
ing a century of neglect, are to be left
as they are; the great writer will have
the vegetation cleared from the stone
benches. He says that he may bequeath
the abbey as a resting place for all
poetic souls wbo need contact wltb nature and Inspiration from ancient
things, but who must gain these rent
The First Methodist Church in Victoria
to be Torn Down.
The old Methodist church bluldlng,
at the corner of Pandora and Broad
streets, Victoria, is about to be torn
down. With its demolition will close
the first epoch of Methodism ln British
Columbia. Governor James Douglas
laid the corner stone of the building on
August 15th, 18S9, some six months
after the arrival of the first Methodist
missionaries to Vancouver Island and
British Columbia. From tbe memoranda placed ln the -corner stone ot
the building the following extracts are
"Of this, the first Protestant church
erected in these colonies by voluntary
contributions, the following persons
constitute tbe first board of trustees,
viz., Rev. H. Evans and Messrs. John
T. Pldwell, Charles Dodd, John Cooper,
Henry W. Thaln, Robert Elford and
Richard King.
"With these memoranda are deposited some coin of the realm, tbe Christian Quardian of June 16th 1869, published ln Toronto, C. W��� containing the
first conferentlal list of stations of
Wesleyan ministers, in which these missions are included, with the latest numbers of the Missionary Notices, as also
of the Halifax, N. 8��� Provincial Wesleyan. the New York, San Francisco
and Portland Christian Advocates and
the British Colonist and Victoria Gazette of this town."
Charge to Jury in Thaw Caae Will le
Delivered by Justice Fitzgerald
Next Monday.
New York, March 18.���When the
Thaw trial ls resumed today, the question of admitting the Hummell affidavit
will be taken up. The outlook la that
this sensational document will be admitted, read and spread on the record.
This work, It la expected, will be concluded at the morning session and will
probably complete the state's rebuttal.
Both District Attorney Jerome and the
Thaw lawyers seemed to be agreed yesterday that unless something unexpected presented Itself, Hr. Delmas would
begin his witnesses ln sur-rebuttal this
afternoon or tomorrow morning.
Evelyn Thaw will probably be the
first witness called by him. Her testimony will be a contradiction of tbat
given by Lawyer Hummell regarding
tho affidavit. Whether Dr. Britton, Dr.
Evans and Dr. Charles Wagner, the defences experts, will be called again
Thaw's lawyer's did not seem sure yesterday, although lt is their Intention to
call Dr. Graham Hammond and Dr.
Smith E. Jollffe and possibly three or
four other alienists. The; expect that
the case will go to the jury by Monday
night next. Further examination and
sross-examlnation of witnesses, they
believe, will take three days. Mr. Delmas will want a full day for hia eum-
mlng up and Mr. Jerome the aame
amount of time, ln that caae Justice
Fitzgerald will probably adjourn the
court until the following Monday morn-
ng as the charge Is likely to take up
si whole session at least.
Fire In Walkervllle.
Walkervllle, Ont., March 18���The
eastern part of the town was visited by
..llsastrous fire yesterday afternoon. The
McGregor-Ilanwell Fence Co., was
'turned out; also the Roman Catholic
church, built 73 years ago. The total
loss is $80,000.
Factory Burned.
Owen Sound, March 18.���The two-
story factory of the Manning Wood
Fibre Co.. located in the suburbs of
Brooke, was destroyed by fire last night
logether will all the valuable new nia-
hlnery. A large quantity of made-up
stock and prepared material was destroyed.    The loss. $30,000.
Hockey and Manslaughter.
Cornwall, March IS.���Charles E .Mast-on, the Ottawa hockey player, charged
with manslaughter In conn-action with
the death of Bud McCourt, Is out ou
ball of $8,000.
Prices of Metals.
New York, March 18.���Silver, 67-Jic;
copper, 26c; lead, $6.
London, Maroh 18.���Stiver, Sl ll-16d;
lead, ��19, 16s.
Town Treasurer  Dead.
Brockville,   March   18.���George    McLean, town treasurer la dead, a victim
ot paralysis.   He waa (t yeara of age.
Parliamentary Committee
All Unfriendly,    j
ill Men Refused Privilege of Cotm-
sel and Cross-Elimination���
Watts Persistent.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Ottawa, March 18.���The nine members of the parliamentary committee Inquiring Into allegations of a lumber
"combine" In British Columbia, are acting like  nine prosecuting attorneys.
W, A. Galliher, M. P., Is 111 and unable to be present to look after the in.
terest of his constituency.
A. E. Watts has applied for permission to cross-examine hostile wltneaaes.
The request was granted at the first
sitting but refused at the second and
third. The lumbermen retained counsel
but tbelr counsel was refused any
rights. Mr. Watts will rdnew his application at each session of the committee.
E. K. Beeston returned from the coast
laat evening.
F. J. Snyder will leave for Chicago
Wednesday morning.
Rev. Father Althoff delivered an eloquent discourse yesterday on the IU*
and times of St. Patrick.
George Doyle, an old-timer ln Nelson, now fills a position ln tbe offlce ot
P. Burns tt Co., at Fernie.
Chief of Police Save of Grand FOrks
waa ln the city Saturday night. He
returned home Sunday morning.
Wm. Gosnell haa returned from ���
business trip to the Slocan. He reports
a gratifying revival In buaineaa throughout the whole distriet.
1. H. Gillespie, for some Ume teller
iu the Canadian bank of Commerce
branch ln Nelson, will leave for Victoria In the morning, where he will -reside In future.
The merchants of Frank, Blalrmore,
Lille and Bellevue have Inaugurated the
cash system. All the merchants In the
towns named, excepting a Chinaman
and two or three Italians, nave signed
the agreement.
The Nelaon Transfer Co. expects s
consignment of a carload of horses today. As showing thp demand for good
horses tn Nelson It may be remarked
that this firm has sold a team of hones
every day for tbe paat 10 days.
Copper advanced three points on the
American metal market today and la
now worth 26 cents a pound. This ls
all the more remarkable on account ot
the recent drop in the price of copper
stocks. Silver also rallied several
Mrs. Dunsmuir and Miss May Dunsmuir, wife and daughter of Lieut.-Gov.
Dunsmuir, have left tor England, where
Miss Dunsmuir will be married ln June.
The prospective groom is Edward Hope,
son of the registrar of the privy
John Malcolm McLeod, Infant son of
Donald McLeod, Stanley street, died
this morning at 7:60 o'clock. Death resulted from broncho-pneumonia, following whooping cough. The funeral will
take place tomorrow afternoon at 2:30,
Rev. F. H. Graham officiating.
J. O. McLeod, superintendent of the
railway mall service, with headquarters
at Vancouver, was tn the city last night
en route to the Boundary. It Is understood that Mr. McLeod is looking over
Ihe ground with the hope of being able
to make some improvement- in the
The ladies of the Woman's Missionary Society* of the Methodist chuch will
give a social in the parsonage this evening, under the title, "Something tor
Everybody." Besides a programme of
musical numbers, refreshments, etc.,
there will be a story-telling contenst,
and a "Story In Song" competition.
A meeting of the Kootenay Game
Protective Association -will be held In
the board of trade rooma Thursday evening at 8: SO o'clock. AU Interested ln
its objects are earnestly requeusted to
attend. Many coast associations are
approaching the legislature on the subject, and lt hoped that something may
be done at the present session.    The
Srovlnctal game  warden   has recently
���ued circulars on the question.
* -
The Daily Canadian
f i
���-. !     .
I     l|   n    mm*
ts   11 ���',' :mi��-
Two Cars of the Celebrated
A. B. C.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:  Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... $4,700,000 REST $4,700,000.
D. R. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY. Vice-Prea-dent
Branches ia British Columbia:
slowed current rates fron
J,   M.   LAY,  Manager.
Deposits received and interest allowed current rates from date of opening of
eccoun*.. an-d compounded quarterly.
The Royal Bank of Canada
CAttlAI JTJ Pt*-l*
TotAl Assets
Depcssits of UM and upwards received at highest current rate and Interest
paid quarterly instead of semi-annually, as heretofore.
 Nelwn Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.	
Published ill 1ST* * w**x :T '-*
Biker St.. Nelson. B. C
BoDtcrtptlon rwtei. so cents * con'.i d-ellvered
In ihe citv, or SS.uC �� year l. sent by nail, when
paid In scvanee
Advertising rati - on application.
All r.\ v.;- -, paid in settlement of The Daily
Canadian accounts, either for subscriptions or
idn-' t;- .:.s muit be receipted (or on the printed
fnrmi ot the Company. Other receipt! ire not
MAkCH l��. I907.
Yesterday throughout the world Irishmen and descendants of Irishmen, of all
classes, creeds and parties, honored the
day that is sacred to the memory of St,
Patrick, the kindliest and most lovable
of all the saints in the calendar, and
the pttTOO of the Green Isle.
The history of Ireland makes sad
reading. The bright passages are few
and far apart. A brief period of peace,
Prosperity and happiness, when Ireland
was tlie Mecca of the scholars of Europe. *as ended by the inroads of the
Northmen. Although the Irish fought
gallantly and won many victories, although the permanent results of the
Viking invasion are far less than in
either England or Scotland, the possibility of peace was destroyed. The Irish
became p?rforce a race of warriors and
havp so remained. The unhappy
island, torn by feuds, offered a tempting field to Anglo-Norman ambitions,
and could never be reunited to expel
the invaders.
The successive settlements in the
Pale, in Ulster and in the South were
for centuries armed camps, outside of
���which, a brave but disorganized rac��-
still weut.s its free, lawless way, until
the terror of the French Revolution
forced the Hritish government to make
future  rebellions impossible.
What the futnire may hold for Ireland we cannot fo reset1. Much has already been done to improve the people's condition industrially and educationally, and more yet remains. Certainly Ireland d�� serves well of the British Empire,
No race, within historic times, has
produced in proportion to its numbers
���bo many great statesmen, soldiers and
echolars. The Island has given to Britain her greatest military heroes past
and   present.
It is a strange and sad phenomenon
that the members of a race which has
waged a hopeless war at home for a
thousand years never fail to rise to
eminence in other lands.
But it is not only in the qualities that
make for success that the Irish are preeminent. They have been noted from
time immemorial for courage and loyalty, for the buoyancy of heart that
conquers defeat and for gallant devotion to lost causes.
The proverbial wit of the Irish is
not the least strange of the many anomalies of Irish national character. The
prevailing note of the Irish song is sadness, the sadness of hopeless struggle
and vain aspiration. Hut. like the alter-
nation of storm and sunshine in the cli.
mate of the Emerald Isle, the hearts
of the people respond quickly to any
gladdening impulse, and no othe race
has ever been blessed with so full a
gift of spontaneous and happy
It is for such qualities of head and
heart that the world loves the Irish,
and the "*vearing of the green" on St.
Patrick's Day Is an observance honored
Some of the Liberal papers, as anticipated, have already begun preparation for an apology for the Laurier government's refusal of Fair Terms for
British Columbia. They protest that
Sir Wilfrid and Mr. Fielding have
shown every disposition to consider the
case or this province, and that the case
may safely be left to them. The honesty of such a plea can only be credited
at the expense of the intelligence of
its author. The case of this province
has been stated again and again by Liberals as well as Conservatives. Its justice has been admitted, it is true, by
Sir Wilfrid Laurier. But a resolution
has been introduced by Sir Wilfrid
himself, in which the rights or this
province are practically ignored. Under
'he circumstances how can any sane
man plead that our case Is safe in Sir
Wilfrid's hands? And whal championship can we expect from any of our
members of the House of Commons?
The only hope of British Columbia is
In Its own legislature. That Ib why we
havc urged that on this subject party
Hues should bo forgotten and resolutions of protest passed unanimously. It
is a childish answer to accuse Conservatives of trying to make party capital out
of the question. Docs anyone doubt
that the protest would be any loss sincere and strong if R. L. Borden were
The Liberal press maintains a diplomatic silence on the subject of the approaching colonial conference, although
an attempt is being made to hurry the
session of the Dominion Parliament
through so that Sir Wilfrid and his col-
leagaea may reach London in time. At
the last conference, and several times
since, Sir Wilfrid Laurier has opposed
ail suggestions made in other colonies
looking to closer union and mutual assistance. In the name of Canadian Independence he has declared that Canada can neither bear any share of the
burden of Imperial defence, nor give
any undertakings as regards commercial preference. Canadian independence,
without an army or navy, would be a
farce. Acceptance of imperial protection and persistent refusal lo consider
its cost is humiliating to the manhood
of Canadians, but evidently not to Sir
Wilfrid aud his colleagues. Between
the veiled disloyalty 0f the Canadian
government and the blindness of the
Little Englanders, now in power at
London, it is seriously to be feared
that the cause of Imperial unity will
suffer rather than gain by this year's
The excitement over the Lord's Day
Act is already subsiding. No attempt,
presumably, wili be made by the agents
of the Lord's Day Alliance to secure
Its enforcement until the intentions of
the provincial government are declared.
Many members of the alliance have
angrily protested that the provincial
government has no power to prevent
the enforcement of the act. and that
the attorney-general must give his consent to prosecutions for Its violation.
I* the revernd gentlemen are honest
iu their protestations, which we cannot
doubt, why do they not begin proceedings against the publishers of Sunday
papers, whose violation of the act is
the most open and the most easily established?
At the parliamentary inquiry into the
allegations of a "combine" among western lumbermen. A. E. Watts, of Watts-
burg, was granted permission to cross-
question several witnesses. He drew
fiom one hostile witness an admission
that his firm had not been refused lumber by any British Columbia manufacturers since 1904, and from another that
he knew that there were mills in Mritish Columbia operated without control
by, or understanding with, any association.
Provincial    Agent-General    Replies    to
Bsased  Statement Publish  in
London Paper.
The following is an extract from a
letter written by Hon. J. H. Turner in
reply to commem ln tne Toronto
Globe, reprinted in Loudon, on British
Columbia's claim for Fair Terms:
To tbe Editor of The Financier.���In
your issie of the 19th inst. ihere ap
peared an article on British Columbia,
based apparently, en some correspondence in the "Toronto Globe," in which
the correspondent states that the
claims of British Columbia on the Dominion governm**snt for better terms
lis The cost of administration owing
to the physical character of the coun
(21 The distance from lhe comm,-;!*
cial. industrial and administrative centres of eastern Canada.
t'.'.i The non-industrial character of
the province.
(4 s The disadvantages of the prov
lnce in relation to the market for Its
I will not deal with these heads of
claims, but wish to point out that then-
are other reasons quite as important
by which I). C. is entitled to better terms. When lhat province wenl
into the Confederation Its total popula
tion was ahout 10,000 whites. They had
little knowledge of the value of the
province, and at that ttnio practicaili
no public works of Importance except
the Cariboo road had been constructed,
whilst the other provinces on joining
the Confederation bad already built a
net work of roads, had been thoroughly
survi.yed. and possessed all the public
builslings, schools etc.. and all the cosj
of these works of development was
taken over by the central government
In the adjustment of the public debt at
Confederation. On the other hand. Hritish Columbia had to carry out all these
worlss herself after Confederation, and
some thousands of miles of trails and
roads, hundreds of schools, public offices, court houses, jails, etc., have been
built, and hundreds of thousands of
acri-fi of land surveyed at the expense
or the province since that time; the
cost of these works was. owing to the
character of the country, fully three
titniB as much as they would have cosl
tn the eastern provinces.
Then, at Confederation, the customs
Hill Street. Keir Silica.
Daurhter and pupil of Dr. Torrington. director
Toronto College ts* Music, desires a limited
ouinrcrof pupils in
Apply it residence or by mail.      Box 1109,
tariff awraco*! only about _.'" per cent,
on Imports; but it was in a few years
greatly increased, and now is about 35
per cent. This tells particularly against
1'ritish Columbia and her contribution
to the Dominion gnvrnnn* nt under customs and excise is three times as much
per head per population as is paid by
the other provinces. Indeed, since Con-
federation. Hritish Columbia has paid
to the central government some fi<> million dollars hard cash, while the total
expenditure of the central government
in and for British Columbia is under
40 millions. There are additional rea
sons  for better terms.
Too   Dry.
Niagara  Falls,  Ont.,  March   IS���Vic
toria Mall, a summer tourists' temper-
mice  house, was  totally  destroyed   by
fire yesterday.
We are now showing a splendid itock of Advance Style, in Ladlet' Trim,
ned Hat.. Now is the time to make .election, while .tock I. Qood, or to pi...
rder. for your EASTER HATS.
New Spring
Dry Goods
See Our Ladies' Blouses at 75c and $1.00 each
A Fine at.oi-tment of Ladie.' Undermu.lln.. Ladle.' Night Dre.tn, 75c
each. Drawer. *S0c pair. White Under.klrti $1.00 each. A very large .tockof
Dree. Material. In Wool.. Organdie., Lawn., Print., etc., to .elect from.
������Companies Act, 1897."
No. tit
THIS I? TO ctrtifY tbtt th.* '>Nakii��p Fruit
Unds, Llrait-d,Mis euthors.d ami licensed to
OB ry on bustnests within the provir-ee of Bmi-h
Columbia, snd to carry out or effect nil or any of
the objects ol the comp ny to which tho lafliln*
tive authority of the -beglslatute ot erlttsh Columbia extend*.
Tht- head office of the rom pan v i- *itnaie at the
Citv of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba.
The amount of the capital of the eoraiunj t* five
hundred thousand tio lam. divided Into two
thousand Ave hundred sharo* oi ten por cent
preference lUMk of the par value "' one hundred
dollars each, and tweoly-five hundred shares Of
common stock of the par value of ..ue hundred
dollars each
The head office of the company in this prorlnee
ts situate at tne C tr of Nelson, -nnd Kot-ort Wet-
more liannmgton, barrister, who e gddraM Is
tbe same, i- the attorney for the com MOT.
(ilvcn under my hand antl seal nf otnVe, Victoria, fro vine* of British Columbia, this 16th
net "' February, one thousand nm* hundred
and Mren.
[L.s.] 8   Y.WOOTTON,
Kegistra- of Joint jtock companies.
The objects for which the company h���� been
established and licensed tie:���
(a.) Buy ini;, selling, lea* in** oi (.tapering Ol
ooal mines,coal and wood lend*.(arming,crazing
aud fruit lands and tunU-r limit! aiui to wore
aid develop lhe same;
(b.) To carry oa th* busfneM ol Immigration
and Colonisation agenn, nm**.'* h ivmi,*t*�� to
assist   settlers    no  lands    purcha��vd  f.-oni   the
company and to Mettle the repayment ot eneh
advances with interest ou ��u< n terms and lu
such manner by way ni ruortK-i;* or agreement
aa may be mutually agreed Dpon.
(c.) To tarry on the btulneH of ranching,
breeding, selling aud dealing in cattle, boises.
sheep and other live slock ;
(d.l To purchase, sell and dt st In lumber,
wood. eoal. minerals, grain, provisions, cmtbiug
and general supplies;
(e) Tn curry..u trade as general merchants
and forwarders;
(f.) To ts-t.e ln payment of any property
acquired by the company, lhareaofihe eap-tal
stock of the compeny as rally paid up aud nonassessable or Otherwise!
(g.) To curry <>n the bii'ltie��� at manufacturers
and dialer :u power genantotl and motors of
every tlescriptinn, to construct anil ops-rat* all
cla-se* of rehldes, agricultural Implements,
machinery, boats, steamer-*, barges ami ferry*
in which tbcj-dld mtrior* are u-td; tooofutrnel
and operate bnat lines -nil tn carry on the business of carrier", cartage and j>��n-el deliveries,
to own ainl operate omnit*')- lin-'S abd v,bicles
and bnats for hire; to teli, Was* and supply
electricity; t*-> own and operate electric plants,
and generally to carry on any ot the busl-cas
Incidental to the niorctil*l purposes and objactl
of the company;
(h.) 'lo purchase, lako on lea*e. axsJungeoi
otherwise acquire or dlapoM of any real or
jrersonal proj-vrty. and any right* or privileges
which the company   may consider Decenary
for the purpose* of their operations;
and to sell and dispose Of any lands nr other reel
estate and personal property at any time m* tied
or con trolled by the company or any part 'hereof,
or any control therein, or claim thereon, and iren-
erally mdo all such things as are incidental tn
or conducive to the carrying out ol the objects
of tbe company;
(1) To oecome shareholder; In any existing- nr
proposed company, ani to promote and aasist in
promoting any com Mny carrying oa a business
pertaining to the objecti for which thii company
i* incorporated, and which may prove useful to
thi- company, and tO acquire, take over and operate the business of any such company nr c<*m-
panies, and to enter Into an agrtemfnt for sharing of profits, union of interests, reciprocal concessions nr otberwUe, wub any person or company and take or otherwise acquire or hold
ihares ami securities of tucb rompaoy or companies;
(]) To acquire and hold lands by gift or pur
chase or as mortgagees or otherwise as fully and
freely ai private individuals, and to sell, lease,
mortgage or otherwise alienate the same, and tn
exercise all the powers set out In the several
Sixty daya after date I intend tn apply to the
Hon. tbe''hief Commissionerof Landsand Works
Victoria, B. C , io purchase 120 acrea of land
situate in Kire Valley, Weet Koolenay, and described aa follows: Commenclngat the northeast
corner of Lot "flli. and running north 60 chsini,
them-e east 2U chains, thence south 60 chains,
them-e west 20 chain! tn place of beginning.
Kerch4th,UOT. w w.Bftamjnr,
J. E, A.TJtAiiLK. Agent
M\*.y days after date I intend to applr to tne
Hon Chief Commissioner of Lands aud Works,
Victoria, to purchase 4m acres of bind, in Fire
Valley, West Rootenay, and described as follows:
Commencing at a post planted at Walter Bull's
nortbweit corner and marked A. 8's B, E. corner,
and running nortb CO chains, tbence west Ufi
chains, thence south 6' chaini, tbence eait *o
chains to nlace of beginning, and being part o(
Sectloni ;M and 3-. in Township 71 and a portion
Of Dec tlons 1 and I in Township W, Group 1.
March'.tb, I'M. A. Bra,
J. K A nn* mm*.. Agent.
BtXtl daya after date 1 Intend to ipply tn the
Hon ' hief <om mis sinner of Unda and Works.
Victoria, B. (',, to purchaie 240 acrei of land, in
Fire Valley, d*seribed as toi ows: Commencing
at a >���-: planted _���>��� chains west of Walter Bull's
N. W corner and marked J W Holmes' Jr. S. E.
enrner p it, and runolnirfoulh 40 chains, tbence
west 60 chains, thence north 40 chains, thence
eait ft) ehalni to place of -������ *���::,:,\r,.- and being a
portion of BeetfOfl 35, Township VI, West Kootenay
March Bth, 1��-T. J. W. SOUOB, Je.
J. E. A WAST*! A<.iin*.
tilxty days after date 1 Intend to apply to the
Honorahle the Chief Commlminner of Lands and
Works, Victoria, to purchaie 640 acres of land,
situated on the west aide of Arrow lake, and deicrlbed as followi* Commencing ata post roark-
edJ.H's.V E corner and placed at the southwest corner nf I-ot 7903, Hpons 1 West Kootena;,
and running west 80 chains, theoce iouth ho
chains, thence eait mi chains to the ake sbote,
thence nor'.li along lbe lake to place of beginning
March 8th, IWT. J Haii.iti,
J. K Anxaiur, Agent.
Sixty days after date I Intend to apply to th��:
Honorable the Chief Commfnioner of Lands ami
Worki, Victoria, to purchaie 80 acres of land
located on the west lide ol Arrow lake and de-
de-crfbtd aa follows: Commencing at a poit
marked I' A'i N. B.corner, and plauted 4)chaini
no-th of the southwest corner of Mtt71*04, Group
1, West Koo enay and running anuth *) chains,
thence weit 20 chains, thence north *0chalui,
thence east A) chalna to place of beeinnlng
March llth, 1807. P. aukable,
J. E Awwarle, Agent.
Rlx'y davs alter date t Intend toapply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of 1,-anda and Works,
Victoria, to purchase W) acres of land In West
Kootenay, described as follows: Commencing
it a poit pUn'ed up Mosquito ereek, about sight
miles from the month and marled K Orosc* H W.
corner, thence aortr< 80 chalm, tbence tOcbtlna
eaat, thence ftt chains south, thence Vt cbains
weat to placeof beginning
Feb. lfoh, 1W7. B.O0SI,
J. E. ajwasls, Agent
Fred Irvine & Co'y
Notice 1* hereby given tnal two montbi after
date we intend tn apply to the Chief Cnmmii-
iloner of Undsand works for a lease of all ihat
laud being tbc foreshore adjoin.ng the Canadian
Pacific Railway Shipyard on tbe weat, part of
Lot ->A, group 1. ano being on the south shore
nf the west arm of Kooteuay Lake. Id the dls-
rlel of Kootenay: i ommeucine at the muther-
Iv corner of let TOM, proup 1; thenoe along the
louin weiterlv t-mndary of lotT'ftt and the extension thereof, in a north westerly direction, a
distance of tii feet; thence at right angles to
iald boundarv in a smith westerly direction, a
distance ol31i feet, more or leu. to the north
easterly boundary of the Citv Park, continued;
thence'paraMel to said westerly boundary of lot
9064. ln e south aesterty direction, a distance of
500 feet, more or less, to tbe northerly boundarr
of lot .S8A ; them e following the northerly boundary of lot dftt in a north easterly direction to tbc
point of commencement, the area being 3M
acres, moreor less.
Dated this Tth dav of January. A.D.. 190..
60 days afler date I lutend to apply to tbe Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands aod
Works, to purchase W acrei of land: Commencing at a pi-st marked (J. W. 8 N. E, cornel
post ana planted 00 tbe west ihore of Arrow
lake adjoining I-ot :C3 on the south side of said
I-ot, ihence west HO chalm along the southern
boundary of Lot 37,1; thence south 46 ii'2 chains;
tbeuce east 8u chaltis moreor less lo lake shore;
tbeuce uorth along Uke shore to place ol beginning.
Dated ath day ol Nov IW-
cm. ir.aan,
J. E. A5><Ai!i.i. Ageni.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commts-loner of Landa ano Works.
Victoria, to purchase 160 acres of laud located In
Kire Valley, being part of Sections Three and
Four. Township 64. and described as follows:
Commencing at a post planted at William
Williams'/i. W. corner, and maraed 'R. E. W*i
N. E. corner." aud running to chalus west,
thence 20 chains south, thenre 20 cbains east,
thence 40 chains south, tbeuce 20 chains eut,
thence 60 chains noith to place of beginning.
November .Sri, 1*< Boat I William,
J   V   AXKiSll. Acent,
Notice ts hereof given that flodavi after date I
inteud to apply tn the Hon the Chief commissioner of Lands and Worki, Victoria, for p-r
mission to v ������ :.*.** the following described
land; Commencing at a post at the intersection
id the south bounder? of lot 5>S. and eait
boundary ���>) -'.nlden tjueeii" mineral claim,
thence en-; '. ��� >.. ���:.*:"��, more or les*, to southeast corner poet of tot 5J&J. thence north jtt
chains, mo.-e or Ip*v to northeast corner p'st of
lot MS, thence eest 40 chains to the southeast
eorner poet of lol tbtaX thenee south 4o chains,
ihenee weat SO ebelnSa more or leas to the ea��t
bonndary ���*: the "Golden numn" mineral claim,
theuce aloos eeel r-oundary "Golden wueen''
miners! ehum to point of commencement, io
chains, more Of led
Kelson, B.C , March n.Wfi.
John chaRLtok,
Per Wk. lot-UNOTOM. Agent.
Notire li hereby given that 60 days after date I
Intend to apply t'o tbe Hon. Chief < ommlssloner
of I-an-l' and Works for permission to purchase
the following deacrlbed lands, situate In Weat
Koolenay district: Commencing at a post marked J L. Porter's N. W. corner, theme until *
Chains, following the eastern boundary of H.
selous application to purchase; themeeast -ft
chain*; tbenee north DOi-hatni; thence west ��'
r mm.at to point of commencement, containing
Ml sem more or less.
Dated this Utfa day of March, 19U7.
J  L. Poutib.
Hixtv dav�� after date I Intend toappiy to the
Hou. Chief Commissioner of '.**.- ami Worka
for permlsj-dou to purchaie tbe following de-
ic-ibed property at a post raarkeo "'i M . BJt,
corner, ' thence 40 chain* north, tbence 411 cbains
weit. ihence 40 chains aoutb, thence 40 rhalni
east to po.nl of commencement, a re lot tStlOS of
the abandoned pre-emptiou 72h of W C Knapp
and ll the eaat half of the northwest quarter,
aod the west half of the northeast uiiarter of
section 7. tnwnahipTn Weat Kootenay district, oo
the weit ihore of the lower Arrow lakes, containing lfi-* acres, more or lesi.
March 1st, W7�� osoaoe Milt-ox,
M. R. Mit^Carrie, Agent.
Notli-els hereby given thatilxty dayaafterdate
I intend to apply tothe Hon chief Commissioner of Lend* an*-) Works for the right to purchase the following deacrlbed landi: Commencing at a post marked **M. J Cameron's
N W corner post" planted at the P.W. corner of
the K. and b. block, No. Wi, running eaat YX)
chains: thence r.oi h 1.00 feet, moreor leas 10
the C.P R. line, thence weet 120 chalm to the
Arrow Lake: thenc north 1000 feet following
ihe ahore of the Arrow I^ake to the point of com
Da;ed thii lhb day of February, 1907.
M   J. ���'AMEROW,
3. M, CAMUOKi Agent.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lamls and Worki for
permission to purchaie lbe following aescribed
land: Bl uated on the east -i*.< of Arrow Lake
in the West Kootenay district, about S mtl��i
above Burton City, commencing at a post plant
ed at the northwest corner of C Bacber'i purchase, thence i*a.-t *> chains, theme n rth 40
<?baius, thence west *j) chaini, thence south 40
chnlni to i��olnt of couiiiiencement and containing **t acre* more or lesa.
January IS, I'JU7.
Wixium PiMJi-a.
BUty deyi alter dslej Intend to apply to the
Hon. thf chef Commluloner of Lendi antl
Works, Vietoria, to purchase Tjj arr*-i of lai>d, In
West Knouriay. ���*!��� --.r<.*.| as follows; Com-
mcti'dng at a pout planted abmil ft miles up
M ii* , iitn 1 reek from the mouth and marked
"A <>." N W. corner, thence anuth ��) chains,
thence eaat 40 chains, theuce north HO chalna,
thenoi 40 chains weat lo place of beginning.
February lfith, W07. A. Uraham,
J. I. AysARi.it Agent.
s-dxty daya alter da'e I Intend to apply tothe
Hon *b�� 1 hief ('ommlaaioner of Lands and
Works, Victoria, tn purchase HO acre* of land, In
West Kootenay. describe 1 H* 'ollowi: Com-
.���iien-ing at a post nmrked **D. H " NE. comer,
and belnjc ni the N.W. rorner of A. i;rahaiu'a
ai.pl*cailon f-pun bam which Hats-out h miles
up Mosquito t reek from the mouth and run
uing tu * hains south, ihenee m < hains west,
tbence At ains imr b, toeoce ���*. chafLi ea>l to
place of inrxi nuitig
February Utfa, 1H'7. 0. SntTOV,
j. F. axnbaI-I. Agent'      /
Hlttj daya after dale I Intend Ut apply to the
Hon Ihe Chief t ommissioiier of Unds and
Wo ks. Victoria, lo purchase fiacres of land in
Weal Koolenay,deiclhed an follows: Common-
riiiR at a post planted about eight miles up
Mofjiiito creek and Joining E. Crocs' application
to purchase, and marked C, M's H E. corner
tbence north W chaiua, thence west fl chain"'
theuce south fl chains, tbence eaat So chatm to
placeof beginning.
Feb. I6th, PJ07. C. MampalL,
3. E Annablr,
Hlxty daya affr date I intend lo apply tothe
Hon. the Chief Commlaaioner of Land- and
Works. Vietoria, B (' , to purchase W acrea of
land, i>(mated on the wesUJde of Arrow ink- |q
West Kootenay, and described aa follows: Com.
mencng al a post marked R fi t*. Z. enrner. and
rla'-ed at the aou'hwest corner of Lot 71W, (Jroun
,endrunnfD�� north 40 chains, thence west it
chains, thence -iouth tt ehaim, tbence east m
chains to iilac,. ����� beginning.
Hereb Ith, UOT. Roy H���4l!f
J. I. Ajiiubi.k, Ageut.
The Hall Mining and Smelting |
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
Full Stocks
B. C. Salmon
Atlantic Haddies
Manitoba White*ish
BEEF, PORK and MUTTON ol Finest Quality.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Orders by malt to any branch will bare
out pr<>mpt and careful atl-railon
Head Ofllce: Nelaon,EC
Notice is hereby ilren '* st M days alter date I
Intend to apply to the HoDnrable the Chief Com-
mlasloijur oi Landa and Worka for permlaalon
to pur ��� ..-- W) acres ol land, altuate on the Little
Moyle rtrer aUuit 1 mile (rout International
Bouudary aud about 1 mile from Hpokatie International Ky.: Commencing at a pool marked
D. (.rant's 8. K. corner posl, tbence wuat *������
chains: thence north *������ (hains; Ihenee eaat 10
chains: thence uorth JO chalus; thence east Go
chains: thence aouth 60 chaiua to place o( (.um-
" leoretneoi, eooU'tilug '2&i acres of Iai '
Ia.. a:--H', t   30th is*
eorement, conU'tilug 'Ito acres of laud.
i****!ii. Ouirr,
Sixty dsrs alter date I purpose maklnr application 10 the Honorable the chief Commlasjoner
o( Landa and Worka for pertnlssloQ to pun-base
the (ollowlng deacrlbed laud: Commencing at
a poat SIMM at theH. W comer of Lot WWU and
marked "F H. Y.'a" N. W. corner, theoce fo'low-
lUK tb*- southern boundary Ix>t HOO, to chalna
rortre or leas eaal to the weat boundary o( Lot
6901, th��nce following same south Sti rnatua to
the north boundary of Lot 690*; thenca about 70
��� h*ti:i- west along said boundary to the lake
shore; theuce uortb 3f'halna more or leaa (ol-
lewing tbe late shore to point of commencement, containing 3)7 acrea more or less.
Dated 1>m einU-r 17th, 1907.
F. G. Faoqciss.
Slxtj days after date I lutend to apply tothe
Hono-ablethe Chief Commissioner of landa and
Work* lor permlaslon to purchase the following
���!���������.<*���>/ .-d lauds In Kootetuy dlatrlct: Com-
mencing at a pott marked J. B. Annable1! northeaat corner poat, said poat belnic on tha south
side of the Lower Arrow lake, about two mllei
below Burton City; thence south 10 rhalns;
tbence wesi 20 cbains; thence soulb 20chalna;
thence weat 20 ehalna; thenee north S3 chalna
and -���" links, more or lesi to. tbe lake shore;
thence easterly along lake 40 chains, more or leai,
to tbc place of beginning, containing 106 acrea.
more or leas.
Dated this Mb day of November, 1908.
per K. L Bceiirr, AgJU.
Hlxtv daya after date I Intend 10 apply tothe
Chief Commisaloner ol lands aod Works (or
perml-��|on to purehase Ihe following described
land**- m Koolenay Dlatrlet, about three-quarters
of mile from Thrum's aiding: Commencing at a
po-t j. aeed at the 8 W. corner 0/ L 6**3, group
1. Weel Koolenay District; tbence weaterly
following the north boundarv of LiMf, 40
fhah a; thence north 10 chalon; tbence east 40
chain., moreor leaa, tothe N. W. rorner of
I/^'J3; thence south lollowlng the weat boundary
ot IA"3 10 cbaltu. moreor lew��, to plaee of com
metiremcnt, containing.4<i acres, mora or leaa
Dnted this 6ih day ol December 1W6.
H. II. PITO, Locator.
Notice ls hereby given that 60 daya after date I
Intend toapply lo the Hon. the Chief Commls-
sioner of Lands and Worka Victoria, H G . (or
permlaalon to purchaie the following deserJbed
[emu in WSSt Kootenay district: Commenciug
at a p tat planted at ihe southwest corner nl'ot
. <'���: croup 1. and mini in JO chains 10 the southeaal corner of lot 77��rj, group 1, Ihen In an easterly direction *0 chains, then north 20 chains,
then west *o chains to point of commenremenl,
containing ��n acres mere or less.
UM ated rebicary llth, 1907.
I'hilip W'aoe. locator.
Notice Is hereby given lhat sixty uayi after
dale I Intend to apply to the Hon. the Chlel
Commisaloner of Lands and Works for permis-
sion to purchase the following described land
sltua'ed In the West Kootenay district: Comment log at a post planted at tho "N. K corner
ol L Porters's pre-emption," and running
tbenee east 4o chains; thence south en chains;
thence west 40chains; thence north 40 chnins,
to placeof commencement, containing 160 acres
more or less
December 20,1906.
HaRKY ri'IRs, Locater.
M. R   McljUABRiK, Ageut
Notice ls hereby given that 60 days alter date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Cute) Com-
mlssl3nerof Landa and Works for permission to
purchase tbe following described lands: Com-
m* neing at a post placed 20 enalns west of the
southeast corner of Lot XS42, marked "R. A Bell'i
northwest corner," thenco south tn rhalni
tbence eaat 20 chains, tbenee north 20 chains!
tbenee west W chains to point of commencement'
com��1 ning 40 acres, more or lest.
Located ihtafith dayof Nov , 1906.   R, A. Bsr.L.
Notice Is herehy erven that 60 days alter dale I
Intend toapply to the Hon. Chief Commissionerof
Undaand Works, \ ictoria, for permission to pur-
cba��e the followlug deaeribed land, situated In
the West Kootanay district, on the weat side of
Duhamel (or ftLx Mile) ereek, near wagon road
ahout tbree rolles from Kootenay lake- Commencing at a poat marked "James J. Duck's fl W
post," running 20 chaini east, them* 20 chains
north, thence 80 cbains west, thence 20 chain
aouth, to tbe point of commencement, contain-
iff 4c acres of land, mire or leu.
*nt��d llth November, 1906.
Located by J amis J, Ooot,
Vat June a Tayuje, Agant.
Notice Is bereby given thst suty days |
date I intend f�� male application ij tit W
able Chief CommiMioner of Lauda acl *��taS I
Victoria. B. t ..for pernita��|on to purrbiwSlI* I
lowing '������'��� ril-4 Und, Situate ID 1:1 UiUf. I
Weal Kooteuay district: Commtn��:j|nine f
1 lamed at the aouthwest corner of ,��jW I
logon's pre-emption, markeii R. I KlUntg I
l-.>��*. (hence 40 cbaina west, thrnrsewSJ
north, theuce 40 chains eaat to JoabuMttej* j
northwest eorner. thenee south40rbslMnHM
of commencement, conuinlng 16uacns,esniJ
Dated this 23rd day of Nov..l*��.
K. I. Kiuenll
*>. days alter date 1 intend it. apply WW��1
Chief commissionerof Landi anl "ortv!l
torla, to purchase 240 acn-s Of isnd l*��tSl|
Fire Valley and beluga portion el M^H
and 16 In Townabip W and deacrlbed 11 ������� I
Commencing at a post planted sl the h>hbs�� I
corner of the aoutheaat auarlcr ��l ***** I
Township 60 and raarkwl J ''��� I Z____ I
thence north 40 chains; thenct ��nt w.6""!
thence aouth 40 cbains; tbeuce tssi 40(B����s|
placeof beginning *
November K3rd 1906. ���,___-
losrnt Gi*
J. E, mWk-tm%J*_
Sixty days alter dele I Intend ****_tJ__\
Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Le&Sl ��^"**|
Victoria, to purchase IW acres nf laml absn" |
mile in eo easterly and weaterly dlrtctW*I
about ���_���... hr.111- Irom north to sou in.   ^^ f
November llth, 1906. J'&EF ���
Hlitydaya afterdate 1 inteoa ioapp]r*JI
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lesdi[UmQ
Victoria, to purchase 120 acres ol UtH
on the weatsldeof Arrow lake and l��i'�� "���J
north of I^ot 7V7S: Commencing *j**V__\~____\
at the N   K. corner of Lot W* and SHU I
H.   K    .-orner," and   running ��ortb.*l1SSI
thence west 90 chains, thence BOrUSfg I
thence west 20 chains, thence aoutb 9__ I
hence east 40 chains, to place ot WJ�� ���
Nov.Mth, 1906.
Notice Is hereby given thai Bffl *tt8
date I  intend   to applv to the !lf=g,
applv H
r of  l *
, -..-.Isslon to purchase Ihe '"ll,**ll,rl7i_.trttf I
,anda situated iu  the Weat K7%WH |U|
CMel\^Mmmisslom"r'o7 Lend! snd ���S8 I
mlaaion to Kuohseelhe ^SSSrBB
land, altuated in the Weat hT ,'n i��|
Commencing at a poit marked "JLJJ. m 1
west corner.* and uArth of A B. L**��M
ehaaeclalm, on Band Cree��; OHM-3M
chaliM; thence east 20 nslWltbMMSHp
cbaina; thenee 20 chalna weal. 10 POWfiJ
meneement. containing 40 acrea. tnorstr -���
December 20, 1900. Hixir Hit*
M. R. Mt-OCAHBiB.Agsnl*^
Hlxty .lays after Hate llntend 10 "PP'J ^\
Chief Commlaaioner of Lands and W*__,Wjm
chase 640 acres o( land, located i��JI'��Vi a ���**���
Uke, West Kootenay: t'otnfnsn"f " ���>!
planted at the "N.W. corm-r o,.f"S%M
Indian Reserve"; thence soutliJttn��,n ��� QH
west HO chains; thence north w rnsina, ���
east HO chalna, to place ol thinning.
Located J8th day of ����*���''JrLfafc
Locstir- ,
60 days after data I intend to *M��8tfi_\\\\
ChleK'on misalonerof Undaand ��������� *�����
chase 3*20 a. rea of and located in nJJJW
lug part of ISOUOOS0 and 10 WjfJ ( ^1
descilbed as lollows: Commenc D| ��� , �����
marked F. W. J. 8. K. corner and P'��nl^urefci*|
northweal corner of Wm. Williams FW
thence west 40 chains; thence sortsJJflMM
thence east 40 chains; thence south w *�� I
place ������( bcttinnln-fc*.
November 28rd 1906. w j0|dJ* [
J. K. AVVkitJ^I^, I
Notice is bereby given IbhlJ&SflfieS I
Intend to apply to ihe Hon. (*>Jle n(n��Sp!SI
of Unda an,! Works for pt**^JtHt_\
the following described land n^XjSH
district: Commenciug at a poll JffigiSM I
A Wilson'i corner DOfl plsntsd at tni ^ 1
corner of Section 17, Townaite 7, n���?fy_f I
40 chains, thence west ff^S^Stt ��91
chains, tbence cast 40 elm ni * I^J;���, rfI
meneement, conuinlng 160 acrea. *m ^ 7
Dated Nov. 29,1906.        ; {{&��, WjJ
SUtjr da/a after dete 1 lutes* w epj fM
Hon. Cbiercommlssloncr of **g��ffimjn I
to purchase 1H7 acres oMand. <��'">���" |iaWdJ I
poat marked B. B's N. %J^_t ^%\m 0*3 I
the N.W. corner 0 0. W sue! K<KM|
west side of Arrow take, sbont .^SBal
Burton city, thence west 40 shnlsii in' a| l
4S-M chaini, Ihence cast 40 Bhl4U<>jgB___\
MM chains to nlace nf beginning, com- ���
acres, more or less. ___   Bvl0g BOk**
Dated 29th day of -tytf&tfS "'^ ��� J' ��� 'l-l
Mi'l   si'      Ilu.
Notice to Fuel Consumers
All orders now standing on W. P. Tierneys
or our books for any amount or description of
coal must be settled for, otherwise delivery will
uot be made.
Dated February 18, 1907.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel and Poultry
Company, Limited.
;��� herehv given tbal SO days after date 1
nspplj   lo the  Hon. the Chief Cum in Is
lr nl ijiii''l- and Worka,   t ictoria, for  per-
ut aud carry a <ay timber from  tha
rlD| deacrlbed lands In West Koolenay:
nuncuclttg at n poat planted abuat eighty
ki weat of the mouih ot anreka creek, where
:o Karnes creek, aud  on  the uorih
<>| *...*- creek, and marked fl. A. Uutle's
i-i.rner poal. theuce west ��lghy chains,
irth elgiity  chaius, thenca easl eigbty
leuen souih eighty chains Ui point ul
id Jan 26th. 1W7.   li  A. Ursis, Locator.
leiiclng st a )>ost planted east of and
��� A Laurie'* location poll No. 1, and
A. Laurie'i aoiithweat corner post of
<>ii, tlience eaat eighty chains, tbenee
v cbalni, tbeuce west eighty rbalus,
in eigbty chaiua to point oi coinmeli-
id Jan 25th, 1907.   U. A. Lal-kik, Locator.
ieni mg ata pont planted about eighty
b nf r .nk* tOtta where It flows into
���_ ��nd marked (1 A. Laurie's south-
r i> nt, on location So. 3, thenee east
u��. thenee uorth eighly rhalea. thenee
chains, theme south eight) chalna
kttl Jan. tttia, 1W7.   ti, A. Lsi-rif. Locator.
tComineuciUg  at a post  planted   iouth  of
 .15 ii   A   Uurle'i location No. ��. and
r'l ij   a   isurle'a northwest comer  post,
ul80 1 hatUK, thence aouth   tti chains,
rtsl no ihains, thence north 10 chains
nt i*nmn:encement.
las 2&ih,lMffi  0,a.Utaii, Lowtor,
������ing    at   a   post    planted   eighty
taiUnd forty chalm south of location
t >u<t marked W   11. I'age'a aouthwest
ki pi'i ef      -! inn No &, theuee east eighty
LLwe north eighty chains, thenee weit
���7 chaini, thenee  sooth eighty chaini to
I of '-omiiif neeinrut
1 th, IW".     w, II - Paqi, Locator.
i.s .iik   ata  poat plauted   soutb   of
Ij    .     .      - atlon N-i   ���"'. ali'l marked W   H.
* vest corner poit of Iocaliou So <>.
��� !������' ��� ighty  chaiua, tbeuce aouth eighty
tbence weal eighty cbalni. thence north
chants 11 point ul comuH-ht'ement.
'i Jan. Bth, 1W7.     W. H. I'siie, Locator.
���- ���   *,t_   at   a   poat   planted   eighty
i-aoi and twenty cbains suuib of location
0 fi. and morked <j. A. Uurie's aouihweat
ier pott ol  location No. 7, theuce east eighty
i�� thence north elghly chains, thence west
y chains,   tbence  aouth  elgi.ty   cbains to
l'l ���.������:,���'��� Tjiefil.
rl Jan, *th,]W7.   0  A. Ucill, Locator.
'"tnineming at a post planted eighty
ifsaiand eighty chains south of location
Ko 7, aud marked ti. A Uurie's southwest
ber poat of location No. P. thence east
i chaina. thence north eighty chaius, thence
ifhti chains, lbence iouth elghly chaini
III of ��� ,.;.,in** le eiucllt.
fat d Jan   .���'>**,, 1��7.   ti. A. UCRII, 'orator.
���mmeucing at a post planted eighty
> eaat and eighty chains south of location
. and marked *�� A. Uurle'i louthwcst
��� u| location No. 9, thencecast 100 cliaina,
- north 40 chains, thence ��est lfio chain",
t suuth U chains lopoin toi commencement
���fsiMJau _��ih.lW7.   u. A. Uveis. Locator.
Commenelni at a post planted about six
���   iown  Barnes creek   Irom  the moulh  ot
pkii   reel   where  It flows inlo Barnes creek
utheaaterly direction, and narked Ot A.
i's south weet corner post of location Nonce eaM eighty chains, theuce north elghly
tins, tbence wesl eighty chalus, theuce ioulb
cbaina to polut of commencement,
fated Jan. 28th, IW7.    0. A. Lams, Ixwator.
('i'inmene|ng et a poat planted eighty
least ol location No. lo, and marked (*. A.
��'i aouthwest corner post Of location No II.
< raat eighty chains, thence norlh eighty
��. thence west eighty chaiua, thence aoulh
phiy chalus to polnl of commencement.
'eledJu.Sslb, l��i7.  H. A, Lsi-Rti, Locator.
- Commenelni at a ih'sI planted south of and
'"'ing loeaiion So. 11, and niarked VV. H.
northwest corner poll ol location No. It,
en��t eighty cnuina, ihence south eighty
. thenee west eighty chains, thence norlh
chaloi to point rn commencement.
���tted Jan. Wth. 1'JU7.      Vi. H. Faut. Ut ator.
��� -I'uiiiiueiictng at a post planted eighty
'inslast aud Sif try chaius souih oi location
II and marked 0. A. Uurle'i northwest
n��r imat of location No. 18, ihence east eighty
dni, ihence south elehty chains, th-nee weat
l��t'  chalna,  thence norlh eighty chalm  to
pint of com meneement.
'sted Jan.feth.lWT.   G. A. LaOSIS, Locator.
* -Commencing at a post planted north of
Q'Udjninlug iocaliou No. IS, end being marked
>A, Laurie'i louthweit corner poit of location
(l H. thence eaat eighty chains, ihcnce north
fn I y chains, thence west elghly chalna, thence
������a*, eighty chains to point ol commencement.
| I'ated Jan. 28ih, 1907.   Q. A. Lst-eis, locator.
weat 40 chains, thence north 160 chains, thence
cast 40 chains to point of com men cement.
Hated Feb Md, WW.   (J. A. Laurie, Locator.
21.-Commencing at a post planted forty
chaini weat aui Shut] chains soutb of location
No. 'Sl. and niarked w. II. Page's northeast corner poat of location No.IL tnence west eighty
chalna, thence iouth eighty chaini, tbeuce eaat
eighty chaini, tlience north eighty chaini to
point of commencement,
Dated Feb. 2nd, 1807.      W. H. Page, Locator.
22.���Commencing at a post planted ee*t or and
adjoining location No. 20, and marked Q.A.
Uurle'a northweit corner post of location No.
13 thence aouth 100 chains, thenee eat 40 chains,
theticb north itw chalus. theuce west 40 chains to
point of commencement.
I'aled  Feb. 2nd, 1IW7.    Q, A. Lil'RIE, Locator.
23.-Commencing at a post planted forlvchalns
eaat ot loealion No. ��i and marked W. 11 I age's
norlhweat cornet poit of location Ko. 23, theoce
suuth 180 chains,'hence east forlvchalns, thence
north ino uhalus, tbence west forty chaloi to
polntof commencement.
Dated Feb. ��nd, IM,      VV. H. Psoi, Locator.
24 ���Commencing at a post planted lorty rhalni
BSel and eighty chains south of location No. 28,
aud marked u A. Uurle'i northwest cor**er
poit ol location No. 24, thence south elgi.ty
chain* thence eait eighty chains, thence nortii
eighty chalna. them-* west eighty chains to potU
ol commencement.
Dated Feb. 4tb l'J07.    0. a. Laurie, locator.
25 ���Commencing at a post planted eighty
chalnn cut of location No. 24, anil marked '��� A.
Uurle'i nortbweit corner post of location No.
2<, thence aouth eighty chalm, theuce eait
eighty, thence north elgh'y chains, tbence west
eighty ehalus to point of commencement.
Dated Feb. 4th, 1907-    0. A  Laurie, Locator.
36.���Commencing ai a post plan'cd about four
and one-half milea down Inonoakln creek, from
the mouth ol Klght Mile creek whete it flows into Inonoakln creek, ainl on the easl bank of
luonoakln creek, and marked Q A. Uurle'i
northweit corner poit, ihence aouth eighty
chain*, thence eaat eighty chains, tlience north
eighty chains, theuce west eighty chalna to point
otco m m eucetn e n t.
Dated Feb. 4lh, 1907.     O. A. Laurie, Locator
The Daily Canadian
Take notice thatl intend, thir y days after
date to apply to the Honorable the Chlel Commissioner of Unds and Worka for a ipeclal
licence Ui cut and carry away limber from the
following described landi, situated on Sandy
Creek, in West Kootenay district: Commencing
at a post plained on tbe welt aide, of said creek,
and marke**! "J. P. B's" northweit corner; thence
running south eighty chains; tnence east eighty
chatm, thence north eighty ehalni; thenre west
eighty chains to place of commencement
*     ' i.f. PWBCBERG,
Paled this l��lh day ol February, 1907.
Gathering at Strathcona  to  Bay  Farewell to Belvflle Tomklns���Tribute!
to Popular Manager.
The Strathcona Saturday night was
the icene of a function which will not
soon he forgotten by any who took part
ln lt. The occasion was a presentation by guests past and present to Del-
vllle Tomklns, the retiring manager.
At 9 o'clock the guests gathered ln
lhe dining room. This table-, had been
arranged lengthwise by Manager R. O.
Webb, who wuh ln the ssscret, and Sheriff S. P. Tuck, tbe senior guest, took
the chair.
Mr. Tomklns was escorted to a seat
on tho right of the chairman by Mr.
Webb, while all stood and sang In tones
of unmlstakeablo sincerity, "For He's
a Jolly Good Fellow."
The chairman then read:
"Mr. Belvllle TomkinB, Hotel Strathcona:
"Dear Sir,���A few of your numerous
friends and acquaintances, most of
whom have known you for many years,
bei; your acceptance of the accompanying ring as a slight token of tbelr cordial esteem, and of their appreciation
of that winning geniality towards all
who have had the pleasure of meeting
you during the many years you have
been associated with the public in the
"It Ib with Bincere regret that we.
learn of your departure from Nelson
and we all Join heartily in wishing you
and your wife success, long life and
happiness wherever you may cast your
The sheriff then added his own tribute of esteem and regard, after presenting the guest of the evening with a
magnlflccnt diamond ring anil a beautiful cut glass vase, the gifts of many
grateful guests to himself and Mrs.
Tomklns respectively.
"Ben" replied briefly and very happily ln spite of the surprise of an entirely unlooked-for-gift and the discovery of the warmth of the friendships
he had made.
The letter wa* signed by, or on be-
half of: O. P. Wells, W. A. Anstle, R.
S. Lennie, B. J. Travers, E. C. Arthur,
T. C. Gibson. D. C. McMorris, C. W.
Busk, W. B. Clayton, I. G. Nelson,
.lames McDonald. R. M. Hood. Thompson 4 Douglas. J. A. Irving, G. W. McBride, A. Leith, Wood-Vallance Hardware Co.. Hudson's Bay Co., Bell Trading Co.. W. G. Thomson, E. A. Llndsley.
R. Andrews, R. J. Clark, Thorp & Co..
H. E. Wade, Green Bros, ft Burden, A.
Notice U hereby given that 80 <Ur. .lttr date
I listens. toapplT to the Honorable the Calel
t'-ommtwloiier of Lend, end Work,, Victoria, tor
a ipeclal licence toeut and carry away tlmtser
trom the loUowing deacrtbett pies.-*- of land In
Weat Kootenay diitrict: Commencing at a posit
planted an chalu. trom the ea,t iboie ttt I'pper
Arrssu lake and adjotolna block :('.��. on the .mills
aud markesl "Chaa. thl'a" northwest corner,
tnence .outh 80 chain,. then"e eaat *, cbaina,
ihence north 80 chain., thence weat 80 cbaina to
point ot commencement.
Dated the UL day ol March, 1907.
Cm." Ehl.
Take notice tbat thirty day. after date I Intend
to apply to the Uon thc Chief Commluloner ol
Unsl. and Work, at Victoria, H. c, lor a epeclal
licenae to cut and carry awav timber (rom the
lnllowlnK deacrlbed land, its West Kootenay:
Commencing at a pet planted 20 chains went
o( the norths ast csirner ot 1.01 812, and at tbe
southeast corner ot I ot 7786. thenee east X
chalna, theuce south lis chains, thence eut ao
chain., tlss-nce nstrth 40 chain., lbence eaM 80
chains, tlience north .0 chain., thence we.t IA)
chains, ibenee .outh 411 chalus to place ol com-
meneement, containing &40 acres more or leu.
Dated March 9lh, 1907. Pitm Iran.
Not&n Is hereby given thai Us rly days alter
date 1 Intend to applv tss the Hotlnrttlilc the Cbtot
Commissioner ot Unsl. aud Works, Vtctsirln, tor
IH-rss.ss.l'0 lo cist and sarry away Umber trom
the tisllowlug deicrtlscd land. In West Koolenay
Limit No L���Commencing at is psssl three-
rnartcrs ssf�� mile up Mm- Mlles-ieek.on Kooteuay river, and marked William Walnssley's S K
s-tsiuer posi. theiu-e 160 chains w,st, Ihcnce 4s,
chains norlh. ibcns-e 180 chains east, thence 40
chains to the point of Iseglnnlng.
LocaWsl March sth. HOT,
Wss.ii.n Wassassisr. Locator.
e. 8ukh_n, Ageut.
I.isTilt No. 2���Commencing at a poat about
three-sssmrters ,1 a mile up Mne Mile creek, on
the West Ann ot Koolenay river, aud marked
William Walmsley's N K eorner post, ihence 180
chains west, lhens-e 4s) chains assuth, theus-es 180
ehalns cat t, aud 40 chains uorih to polntof beginning.
��� Located March 8th. IW
w ii.: saw Walmblit, Locator.
P. Sheram, Agent.
E. Shipley, C, 8. Rashdall, K. 3. Fraser,
C. Burt, G. ts. Revell, H. Mclntyre, R.
J. Steel, Nelson Brewing Co., R. B. Hay,
Nelson Tranafer Co., W. Rutherford, J.
H. Taylor, S. BrydgeB, Blake Wilson,
H. A. Douglas, S. Wye, S. P. Tuck, W.
WllBon, N. J. Cavanaugh, U Crawford,
A. McQueen, T. M. Bowman, W. P.
Dickson, G. W. Hughes, W. 8. Drewry,
Fred Starkey, J. L. Retallack, W. R.
Seatle, M. G. Irwin, B. B. Mlghton, H.
Brlggs, W. C. Bayly, R. Ley, J. G. Billings, H. Ewart and W. Robertson.
Mr. Webb then made a presentation,
on behalf of himself and Mra. Webb, of
a splendid gold p!n Bet with a fine garnet. Mr. Webb told of his reluctance
to close a deal which involved the retirement of so successful and popular a
manager. He added that Mr. Tomklns
himself had urged him not to hesitate,
while thanking him for the consideration.
Mr. Tomklns tendered his thank-a to
Mr. and Mrs. Webb, and wished them
entire success.
Cigars and other refreshment* then
went round and an Impromptu programme was organized. Telegrams of
regret for absence were read from N.
L. Mclnnes and W. Doull, Jr.
R. 8. Lennie testified to the popularity of Mr. and Mrs. Tomklns, not only
lit Nelson, but with viBitorB from all
ports of the  world.
Blake Wilson, one or the late owners, paid a tribute to the changes effected in the fortuneB and In the value
of the Strathcona during Mr. Tomklns'
1 management. He hoped that we would
not leave Kootenay but would again
be the host of Nelsonltes, if not In
the city, not farther away than Kootenay Lake.
Other speakers who expressed their
appreciation of Mr. Tomklns and their
regret at his approaching departure,
were F. A. Starkey, N. J. Cavanaugh,
Col. McDougall, Dr. Arthur, J. A. Irv.
Ing, E. A.i Llndsley, Mayor Gillett and
R. J. Clark.
Mr. Webb, speaking again, added to
hiii regrets, and promised to try to
serve his guests aB faithfully and acceptably   as   his   predecessor.
Musical numbers were contributed by
S. A. Wye, F. M. Chadbourn, A. M.
Whiteside, and by a trio composed of
F. W. Guernsey, of Trail, W. Anderson-
of Cascade, and F. A. Starkey. The
gathering lasted long enough to welcome St. Patrick's Day.
During the evening Mrs. Webb was
introduced to the assembled guests.
She was greeted with cheers and "She's
a Jolly Good Fellow," made a brief acknowledgement and retired.
Mr. Tomklns will remain in the city
till Wednesday or Thursday.
Tfc' Sttathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager*
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample   Roonu.
a  pott iplnnted   elltitT
in No. 14 ami maraefl Vt.
I i'i -('-.niimt'iipinu
p��lui north uf location N... _	
I'Atts'a hou tii w vat enrner pntt 01 locution No
;��� Hipbm . jk.t i-uhiv chain*, thence north
Wv fl'v chalnn, thence weit elaMy <-halnn, thence
Tjutb eighty chalnn lo point of uomminnenient.
| I'aled Jin. ��th, I��i7.     W. H. P*o��, Locator.
[_)*-Commencing   at   a poal  plauted eighty
Innenat of locution No   U, ind niarked G. A.
irle'g aouthwe-t corner p'Btof loeatiou No.
tlience  vast  eighty   chains,   thence   north
llbty obalm, thence weat ol*hty chain, tbenca
���Wltn eighty chulna to point of com nie uee men t.
touted Jan. 89,1907.    G.A.LiUSISi Locator.
I 17.���Commencing at a poat planted aoulh of
|ni| a<|ioiiiliig location No. 1(1, and marked U. A.
���**nrle i north went corner poat of location ^.
���]. tnanoe cant  eighty   chalna,   Ihence   south
-fifthly chalnn, Ihcnce west eighty chains, thence
jwrih eighty chalna lo point of coinmenvuiucnt.
I'ated Jan. -mh, IW7.   U. A. I.auhir, Locator.
IK--<'ommeuclnf   at a post planted eighty
i��ln��iouth ol location No 17. and murkedJ*.
m   \*te'n north weat wmier pent of locution No.
K'tuene-camaighiycbaina, b nvesouiheighty
l'.'""'^ thenco west eighty ehalni, thonce north
f'*��'* chains Ut point of commencement.
UxJ*t��d Jan. an, iwt.     W H. |>��oi, Locator.
fc,lu1~-(;omTnoneiiig at a post planted eighty
pnaiiiB aoutb Ol location No. 18, and marked tl.
ta. uturlB'i northwest corner poit n( location No.
P"< thtjiicv cast elirhty chalna theuce south
piKiity ohalni, tbeuce west eighty cbaina, tbenc��
attntti eighty chain* to polntof conuueneomMit.
"��ted Jan, 39th, lixn.  ii. a Utmw, Looator
I -^.--Commeucing at a poat plantcil about
P'Kh.iyeha na east of the mouth of Klght Mile
where it titnptlea into luonoakln creek,
�� tV"" "0,uh bHnlt "' Inonoakln creek, and
���ittciin. A Laurie's northeast corner poat of
"'i nm No. in, theuce iouth IW obalui, Uionce
Take notice that 1 Intend, thlrU days alter
date, to applv to thc Hon the <?bief Commliaiou-
erof I.and�� and Works for aa;H>clal license toeut
nie' carry awav Umber Lorn the followlna dc-
hi-rlbed landa, situated on -Sandy creek, tn Weat
Kootenay dlatrlct: t'cmmenoing at a poal plautetl ou th-'- went aide of Bantly creek aud called
J. P.S'ltouthwest corner post, tbence running
eaat ���"*-- chains, thence north 40chains, thence
west 40 chains, thence north N) chains, theuce
west 40 chalna, thence aouth 1-M chaini to place
of commencement.
Dated tbla Uth day of Blared, 1907.
J. P. swikubkiij. Locator.
lake notice thatl lutend thirty daya afterdate
to apply t ��� tbe Hon, the Chief Commissioner of
Lanas aud Woiks for a apeclal license to cut and
(airy away timber from the following described
landi. aitualcd cast vt Dug cicek, iu the dlatrlct
of Woit KDOt��Day 1 Commencing at a post marked '-The Boundary Lumber Company*! northwest
comer poat " planted about a mile east of tbe
Columbia and Westcii railroad, and about Ihree
miles aouth itl the big Tunnel, thence 40 chalna
south, thence <*o chalui eaat, thenee 40 cbalni
south, thence loo chains cast, theuce 40 chaini
north, theuee 80 chains west, thenco 40 chalna
nortb, theuco 80 chains wmt to point oleum*
tn en cement.
Dated 4lh March, 1907. J (ilNH.Lt,
Agent lor The Boundary Lumber Co.
Take nollct that 1 inlcnd ihlrly daya after date
to apply lo tbe Hon the Chief Commlaaioner of
Undaand Worka for a apeclal licenae lo cut and
carry awav timber from the following described
lands, altuated on Dog creel, In West Kootenay
dlstricl*. Commencing at a poit planted oo the
eait si le of tho Colombia and western railroad,
on or about ton chaius east, and marked 'lhe
boundarv Lumber company's post," and about
a mile aud a half Bonth of the Dig Tunnel, the
northwest corner, tlience tunning anuth Jw
chalna, th��n���� eaal4i>ihains, thenee north iw
chalna, tbence weat 40 chalui to place of commencement.
Dated March 4th, IW.. J uinIUI.
Take notice tbat thirty daya altar date I intend to apply to the Chief Commlailoner ol
Landiand Wor^s at Victoria lor permission to
cut and carrv away timber from the following
deicrlbed lands ln Weit Kootanay:���
No l.-Commencing at a poat planted at the
���eni th went corner of timber licence No. 7821;
thfnce east torty chains; thence north eigbty
chains; thence east 1*0 chains, tbence iouth to
nortbern bouudary ol timber license Bf>48;thence
weat along aald northern boundary to
the north-weit corner of aald license;
then iouth to the northern boundary
of timber liceuie 7018; thence went to
a point due south ofthe point of commencment;
ihence north to the point ol commencement.
January IStb, 1907
No. 2 ���Commencing at the northweal corner
of timber license 7821; thence iouth to the northern boundary of timber license 7018; thence weit
to thc north-west corner of said timber .ioenie
ihence south to tbe northern boundary of U>t
alii; thence following aald boundary of said
lot weil to the right of way of the B. C Houthern Railway; thence following aald right of way
in a north eaiterly direction to the place of commencement . _-.__ .���__,
January 16th, 1907.
No. 8.���Commencing at a aoutheaat eoni.tr ol
timber license No. 7821, about fifty chains anuth
of tho right ol way of the B 0. Southern Rail-
wavithence eait 100 chains; thence north forty
chains; thence west 16n chalna; thence couth
forty chains to place of commencement.
January 15lh, 1907.
vo 4 ��� ('omiiiencing at a poat planted at the
inter-aeOtion of tbe southern bouudary ofthe
righl ol way of the B. C. Southern Hallway, and
the eastern boundary ol Lot 5187; thence south
to the northern boundary ofllceuBe application
Sm rt; thence tact 160 chatna; thence nrrthtothe
southern boundary of timber license No. TMflj
llienee following the southern boundary of aald
llceuae weaterly about sixty cbains, more or les��
to an eastern boundary ol said license; tbence
aoutb lorty chalna; tbonce west eighty obalm;
then north lo thc ri.ht of way of the B.C.
Southern Railway, thenee following said right
ol way iu a Bouth-weBteily.direcliou to thc place
nl beginning.
January 15th, 1907.
No 5.���'ommenclng at a poat planted at the
���ontlrwait corner of timber llceuse 8M5: theuce
weal alxtv chains more or lesa to a point due
aouth of the southeast vornor of liceme applica
tion No. 3; theuco uorth Bixtr chains more or
lesi to the isutb boundary of license application
No 4; theuce east to the southeast corner
o( iald llceuae application of No. 4; thence
north to the northeast corner of laid licenae
application No 4; theuco 6ast to the aouiheait corner of timber license 7195; tbence
north forty chains more or lesa to a point due
west of tbe uortb-weat corner of timber license
tityfi; thence eaat to lhe norlhweat corner of aald
timber licenae No. 6AS5; thence south lfio chains
to lbe point of commencement
January 15th, 1907.
No. 6��� Commencing at a poBt planted at tbe
southeast corner of Umber license 6685; thence
west to the aouthwest corner of license application No. 5; thenee north to southern boundary
of license application No. 8; tbence wesl to tbc
norlheast corner ot licenae application No. 1;
tnence south to tbe northern bouudary of
timber license 8,>46; theuee easl to the northeast
corner of timber licenae 8548; tbence south
thirty chains; thence eaat to the west boundary
of timber license ib4l; tbence nortb to thc place
of beginning.
^ January ISth, 1907.
N0,7.���Commencing at a post planted at the
northeast corner of timber license 85* i; thence
aoutb forty chains more or leas to the north
boundary of timber license 8M6; thenco eait 160
ehalus; Ihcnce north forty chains moreor lento
a point due east of the aoutheast corner of timber licenae 8548; thence wost 100 chalui to lbe
placeof beginning.
r January 15th, 1907.
No. 8.���Commencing at a post planted at lbe
northeast eoruer of timber license No. 8516;
ihence south eighty chalna; theuce east eigbty
cbains; thenee uorth eigbty chalus; thence west
ehrbty chains to plaee of commencement.
��� January loth, 1907.
No 0, -Commencing at a tKist plauted at the
southeast eoruer of timber license k*>47; thence
north eighty chains; lbence east eighty chains;
theuce nortii 13) ch��ins more or less to tbe nortb
eaal tortier of llceuse application No. 7; thence
weat Ui southeast corner of timber licence No.
IMS) thenee nnrth to the aouthern boundary of
HceuBo application No. 6; thence cast to
the west boundary of timber license No.
Wiii; tbence soutb to the aouthwest corner of timber license 8542; thenoo weit
to th northwest eoruer of timber lleenie No.
85-1.1; tbenee aoutb to the northeast oorner of
timber lli-etiae No. 85l?S: thence west eighty
obalns; thonce nouth to a point duo east of tbe
i-MiMicKS' corner ol timber 11 -cuie 8617; tbence
west to plnee o.' commencement.
January 15th, 1907
P. Lund, Locator,
| D*X4 McDouoAU., Agent
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel &. Poaltry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker and Ward Sta.
"Companlet Act,  1897."
Queen's Hotel
BasUi 1-tTMt, Kelson. B. 0.
Lighted 17 Eleotrioitj- and
Heated by Hot Air
large and Comfortable Bedroom, and Fint>
ttmtutnlu* Hoom.  sbample Hoonu ior UMmtUtt.
ltal M��n.
MSB. It. C.CLARKK. ProKrtatreai
Grand Central Hotel
Tn.a hotel bai been completely renovated and
newly Inrnlihed with all modern equipment!.
Hot water heating throughout.
BATES : Booms, SOc. upwards ; meals 25c.;
apeclal ratea by tbe week.
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Neleon. B. C.
Tfemont House
European and American Plan
Meali tt cu. Boomi irom �� cu. to U-
Only White Help Employed.
Baker Bt., Nelion PropMeton
Bartlett   House
Best DoHar-a-Day House In Nelson.
The Bar u the Flneit.
White Help Only Employed.
Joaephlne Bt.
Nelson. B. C,
Royal Hotel
Ratea 11 and $1.60 a Day-
Special Bate* to Regular Boarder..
Most comfortable Quarter, ln Neluon
Only the beat oi Liquor* -and ilgare.
Pboyincr of British Columbia, j
So. 375.
THIS 18 TO CERTIFY that thfl "Columbia
Valley Land Company," 11 authorised and licensed to cirry on business within the provlnoe rt
Qrltlib Columbia, and to carry out or effect all
or any ol tbe objecti of tbe Company to which
ibe 1*billative authority ol the Legtilature o!
British Columbia extendi.
Tbe head offlce of tbe Company u situate at
the *Uty of Winnipeg, province ol Manitoba.
The amount ol the captulot the iald company
Is one hundred tbouaand dollars, divided Into
one thousand shares ol ono hundred dollars each
The bead offlce of the company in this province Is situate at the City of Kelson, antl Hubert
Wetmore llannlngton, barrister, whose addreu
ih Nelson. H. C, is tbe attorney for the conipany.
(liven under my band and seal of omceat
Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this 8th
liny ol February, one thousand nine hundred
tind seven.
[L.s.] 8. Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
Tbe objects for which thii company hai been
citablisbed and licensed are:
(a) Buying, Belling, basing or disnoslnt of
coal mines, coal and wood landi, farming, grating and fruit landi and timber limits, and to
work and develop tbe same:
(b.) To carry on the business ol emigration
and colonisation agents, make advances to asslit
s-tilers on lands purchased from tbe company,
and seenre repayment of luab advance!, with
interest on mch. termi and In lucb manner by
way of mortgage or agreement ai may be mutually Agreed upon.
(c.) To carry on the builneis of ranching,
breeding and selling and dealing tn cattle,
horses, sheep and other live stock;
(d.) To purehaae, sell and deal in lumber,
wood, coal, mineral, grain, provlilom, clothing
and general supplies:
(e.) To carry on tbe trade ai general merchants and forwarders:
(t) To luue ln payment of any property acquired by the company ebares of the capital
stock of the company ai fully paid up aud non
assessable or otherwise:
(g.) To carry on the business of manufacturers
and dealers in power generators and motors of
every description, to construct and operate all
classes ot vehicles, agricultural implements, machinery, boats, steamers, barges and ferries in
which tbe iald motors are used; to construct and
operate boat lines, and to carry on the business
of carriers, cartage and parcel delivery; to own
and onorato omnibus lines and vehicles and
boats for hire; to ull, lease and supply power,
and to generate and sell, lease, ana supply electricity ; to own and operate electric plant* and generally to carry on any business Incidental to the
aforesaid purposes aud objects of the company:
(b ) To purcbue, take or leaae, exchange or
otherwise acquire and dispose of any real or
personal properly and auy rights and privilege!
which the company may consider necessary for
the purpose** or tbelr operations, and to sell and
dispose of any landi orotner real estate and personal property at any time owned or controlled
by tbe company, or any part thereof, or any control therein or claims thereon, aud generally to
do all such things as are Incidental or conducive
Colonist Rates
Kootenay and
Nortii Pacific Coast
Ontario, Quebec,
Mar-tine Provinces,
St. Paul, Chicago,
aad United Statea,
On Sale Daily Till 30th April.
While the rates are low. Full particulars on application to local agents
or write.
A.Q.P.A.. Vanraunr. D. P.A.. Nel-wn
to the carrying out ol the objecti of the company:
(1.)   To become shareholders in auy ���dilating
or proposed company and to promote aud usiit
in promoting any company carrying on o bull-
new pertaining to the objects Tor which this
company is incorporated aud which may prove
uselul to this company, and toacqntrt.tako over
and operate the busine��i of any such oompany
or companies, and to enter Into engagements tor
���baring proflti, union 01 interest, Joint adventures, reciprocal concessions or othewlie with
any person or company, and Uke or otbarwlu
aeijulraand hotd shares and -securities of mch
oompany or companies.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
I have for sale Good Fruit Land
in every part of this district
Certificates as to quality of Soil cud my
Personal Standing furnished by
Responsible   and  Reliable Parties.
S* IM* BRYDGES, Imperial Bank Block
Fine Building Site
Ch��apc��t Buy
.���..In Town
120 Feet x 120 Feet.
One-half block south from Baker St
Only $4,000, on termi.
Oamps snpplied on shortett notice ud
low-art priiw. Nothing bnt ifre-sh ud
wholefsomn menta and lapplea kept In block
Hail orders receive 0-uefnl attention.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
Choicest Frott Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to a.ooo in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
I E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
Will Purchase 20 acres
on KOOTENAY lake,
at the mouth of Grey's creek. Practically level
and free from rock. 800 feel hike frontage. One
of the most ideal spots for a fruit ranch on the lake.
Fishing and shooting unsurpassed.   Apply to
In the matter of an application for the lune of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for an
undivided 1-8 of Lota % and S, Block 12, Town of
Notice la hereby given th eMt li my Intention
'0 issue at ibe expiration of one month from
the first publication hereof a duplicate ol the
Certificate of Title to the above landi in the
name of Florence M. Hodglm which certificate
is dated tbe 28th day ol December, 18W, and
numbered K66IK.
DUtrlct Kef utrar.
i-and Reglitry Office, Nelaon, B C
January 28th, 110?.
Certificate of Improvement**
"May," "B.C.,
"Strathroy." "Joy,
"Joy Frac
���nsji ta,\'..        oiriimu),        <fOV, "97 ���*'��>���'
tional," and "John D.Mab'ey" Mineral Claims
iltnated in the Slocan Citv Mining DlvUlon of
the Weat Kootenay District.
Where located:���North of Twelve Mile Creek
abont one and a balf milei up.
Take notie j that I, H. B. Jorand of Slocan fc.o.
Free Mlner'i certificate No. B78W0, as ag*nt for
Horace O. Van Toyl, Free Miner i certificate No.
84621, intend, alxty dayi from tbe dato hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
uf Improvemenu, for tbe purpose of obtaining a
Crown Qrant of the laid mineral claims.
And further take notice that action under
���lection 87, must be commenced before the Uiu-
ince of mcb Certificates of Improvemenu.
Dated thU >rd Day of January, 1907.
______ H. R. JORAND.
Certificate of Improvements
'Empreee," "Cllmai." "Hor-seahoe," "i^oeen,'
"Union Jack," iltuated ln Nelion Mining
Located on Porcupine creek.
Take Notiee that I, Frank Fletcher, agent for
the Active Gold Mining Company, Free Mlner'i
Certificate No. B832M. intend, 80 days from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvemenu for tbe purpose of
ibialniug a Crown Grant of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
Action 87, must be commenced before the Uiu-
since of luch Certificate of Improvemenu.
Datod Nelaon, llth Dee., 1M8.
Tenders Wanted for tlte Porduse of %
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to the underiigned, at kit
office In the court bouse, in tbe City of Nelaoa,
will be received nn till the hour of 5 o'clock in
tbe afterooou of Monday, Much IStb, 1W7, tor
the purchase of ihe "Uarfield" mineral claim,
lot -tuft, croup i, Kootenay District, which waa
declared to be forfeited to the Crown at tha
tox sale held in tbe City of Nelson ou the ��tfc day
of November. 1905, for delinquent taxes uptiD
June aoth, lane, and eosta.
The npeet price upon the said mineral elalm,
wbleh include* tha amonnt of delinquent taxee
and (wu at thc time of forfeiture, wllh interval,
taxei whk-h have alnce accrued, coin of advertising, and fee for crown riant (fffi.oo) to I6I.T0.
which U the least amonnt tbat will be considered
as a tender.
Kach tender must be accompanied by anac-
cepted cheque for the full amount of the tender,
piyable to the order of thc Deputy Commissioner
Qf Lands and Works, at Victoria, B C.,ai
"         IC, thu Mth day of.
Dated at Nelaon, B Q
ary, l8i/7.
this 14th day of Febrn-
- ...r_ltT A. RENWICK.
Government Agent, Nelaon, B. C.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addretsed to the undesigned, at bit
offlce tn the Court House, ln tbe Ciiy of Nelson,
 ' * -'-  ' ��� till tha hour of five o'clock
 Jonday. March uth, WW, foi
tha purchase of the "No. 2" mineral claim. Lot
win be received np
in the afternoon oi Mom
Fnamt Fi.rrcm*.
Certificate of Improvements
"Argo" mineral claim, iltuated tn the Slocan
City   Miuing   DlvUlon   of   Wesl   aootenay
Wherein ated: On Springer Creek near the
Vrlington Sawmill
Take Notice tbat I, Frank CGrean, acting as
.ieeiit for the Arlington Miner, Limited* Free
Miner's Certificate No. B4606, Intend, ilxty davs
irom date hereof, to apply to tt>e Mining Recorder
tor a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crswu Grant u^he above
And further take notice tbat action, under
Kcctlon 87, must be commen ed before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvemenu.
Dated this mh nay of December, W06.
F. c. Oim, Nelson, B. C.
E. C. TRAVES, Mua&cr.
Civil Engineers> Dominion and British
Colombia Land Surveyors
r. 0. Boi US   Thee* Ut W.
FRONINtf AND GRAFTING earefully attended to. Apply
���War KIM HotoL
8140, Group 1, Kootenay District, which waa de- *
dared lo be forfeited (o the Crown a', the tax tmie ^
held in thf Citv of Nelson on the 6th day ol November, 1905, for delinquent taxes up till June
30th, IWfi, and i-nsu.
The upset price upon the said mineral olalm,
which includes the amount of delinquent taxee
and eosu at the time of forfeiture, with interest,
taxes which have ilnce accrued, cosU of advertising, and (ee Ior Crown Grant itS.O),) u |DM.��L
wh tub li the least amonnt thai will be considered
as a tinder.
Eacn tender must be accompanied by an ait-
ccpted cheque for the full amount of the tender,
payable to the order of the Depi	
uf Land and Works, at Vietoru
payable to the order of the Deputy Commlnloner
f Land and Works, at Victoria, B *C , at par.
Dated at Nelson, H   c��� this 14th day of Febru->
ary, 1907.
novernmtnt Agent, Nelson, B. O.
C��rtiriestt��  or Improvamenta
RioTente, Orinoco, Queen Victoria fractional
and Ornoco Fractional Mineral Claims, sltnate
ln the Nelson Mining Division of Weat Koolenay
Located on Queen Victoria Mountain, near
Beasley Siding.
Take Notice that I, Frank C Green, acting aa
went for Michael Egan, Free Miner's Certificate
No. BM&,iotend, sixty days from tbe dale hereof,
loapply to the Mining Recorder for CertlfloaUa
of Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown GranU of ibe above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
section 87, must be commenced before tha
issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated thuacth day of January, 1807.
        F. C. flaaiK, Niuon, B, c
Certificate of Improvements
"Portia," "Amos,*
tina Fraction* l1
"East Side No. 8" and "Bet.
 ���   minora! claims, situated la
tha Blocan City Mining Division of West Koolenay Distriet
Where located: At head of Springer Creek, near
tha Arlington mine.
Take Notice thai 1, Frank C. Green, acting as
agent for the Arlington mines, limited .Free
Miner's Certificate No. BHiioa, intend, ilxty iifi
from the date hereof, toappiy to the Mining!*
cordorfora Certlllcateof ImprovementMorUw
pu r poie ot obtaining a Crown Grant of tha above
And further taka notice that action. uMt
Motion U, meet be oomaefteed boforetlwiM
I ���*>' ���
i ���
i ���������'$
**-', j
The Daily Canadian
Good Fortune
attends those who wear their birtHstones
and for this month we  have sonic fine
BLOOD STONES, in various sizes, llll*
able for rings which we can mount up
for you in any style desired. Why not have a look at our stock of loose
atones.    They are excellent  value and we   have   many   suggestions  to
make  as to  their  mounting.    Our  gold  quartz  cut  ready  for   mounting
may interest you.
Of ths*   diffmenm Ihere ix      T
batmen l��, ""'1 Iw*  ���*���"      !
Canned   Goods |
Ws ssirvy oulr m
FIRS TS       |
Oils' trial of our i
���Tartan  Brand
���will couviHCt' you   llinl ws?
cum b lull stivk
fTahl*;  Fruit
\'cj;i.*t:ilili.*.s J
Pto    Fruit *
Maple Syrup*
[gante  PH*Oe ��*�� Inferior J
Oootissi !
Ornamented Chocolate  Eggs.
Blue Bird  Eggs.    Cuckoo  Eggs.
Reins'   Eggs.   Stuffed   Ducks   and
Chicks all sixes.
Make   >our  s-*'ecttomi  while   the  ctsck
is complete.
f,S.   H.   SEANEY
Phone J06.
25 Feet Frontage
on Bdker Street
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Rooting Pitch and
Bos! BuiideiM will find it to their ad-
Titiita^. io u*e our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Cor. Vwnon and Wmi-U StroutH,
NBL.SON.   H. c
J. FRED HUME. PiOMtetar,
P v. Wood, J. W. Uruce, Waltaburg;
.1. llarclav. Qr-6-anwood; J. M. Moffat,
Fort William: W. A. Henley, 1. P. Wilson. Winnipeg! W J. Mclntyre and
wife. (Irand Forks: It. P. Cidiiincton. II.
H. Cornish. W A. Allan. F. Q. Brown,
Vancouver: H. (.',. Nichols ansl wife.
Ymir; B. D. Xond. .1. Nond. Manistee,
Mich ; C. F. James and family. R. H.
James. Arrowhead.
E. Kelly. W. J. Elmendorf. Spokane;
vs membeia of Amaden Opera Co.; 1.
iiauffman. Bonnington; M. Iili-tntir.
Denver; I". L Fisher. Winnipeg; W
Colpman, J. Shaver. Cranbrook: W T.
Duke. Montreal; 1. TUtory, Trail.
j   Johnston, Kokan-ae;  J   il. Willis.
A. Moi-gan and wife. Winnipeg.
C. L. Copp. Tiosn Lake; A. J. Fee.
Red Peer; .1. Wilson, K F. Wilson. Spo-
kane: C. C. Brown, V-anoonver; C H
Sewell. J. Williams. A Williams. Bay
City; L. Parker  Port]
J. Francis. Bnrton City.
R. E  Davis. Sandon;   T. J. Harrison.
C.  Hubert.    W   Hasten.    J   Branth-
wane. J. L. Root, San Francisco; R. B.
Matt, F. Nolan, J. Monti, Spokane; Ul
Jones. Seatlle.
5 Roomed Building
Price $2,000.00
H. E. Ooadsdaile it _*;
Sex: EVvr :.- Firk of Coaaer-oe.
aVJ Kinds of Heating  P'.mts ta Stock.
Victor i SL. Nr. Ope<-a Hcuae.     Tel. 181.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stove*, etc.
121 East Baker St. Phone No. AIM
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
Swiss Cream Sodas
Fresh from the
Telephone KSL
A. M. Can, Bot C, E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlce: Beaiey Building.   P. O. Box
Baker St. NELSON. B. C.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy cr sell anything.
go to the Old CuriosJiy Stop. A new
Une of Japaaeso Qooda n0w on sale.
All ktndf of Din ner*-are In stock. Pattern*.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealer? in staple and fam-v* Grsx-ene_
Butter. Eggs.
Camp and Miuers' Suppliee.
Tht'  new   Huim*  Ktbool  Opened  todftj
*tih a full attendance of pupils.
J. O. PateuHUiii* rv turned Saturday
���renins from a visit to relumes In
The thtfd annual Itritish Columbia
UreatOCk show will be held in New
West minister Weiitustiay. Thursday
and Krida\  of tliis week.
The subjei't tor debate a: the nieet
in.tt of the Socialist p;\rtv m x: Krid.i>
evening will he: "Capitalism as It Id
and What Win BodaHaM Do."
The   last   issue  of   the   Gazette   con
rains the Incorporation of the Salmo
I ra tlni Co.. organlBtd t,i taka over the
buaineaa of Benaon A Ron  at Balmo,
B   C.
A meotinc or the rani; ivpat ion of St.
Saviours will be held in the parish hall
���his evening al 8 o'clock to consider a
matter of ImpoHanoe in connection
wiih the church property.
Fernie will havo an up-to-date sewer-
ao system A: the last meeting of the
council of that city the clerk was instructed to advertise for tenders for
the installation of the sewers
The Irish concert in the o-j>era house
Saturday evening by the children of St.
It i ph'a school was well attended. The
efficiency of the juvenile performers and
the general merit of the performance
were eridence of considerable natural
talent as well as of a very thorough
David Spencer, head of the hie store
which bears his name in Victoria. Vancouver and Ladysmith, has been suffering from a combined attack of pneumonia and stomach trouble. His oonditlon for n time tu serious, hut later
reports indicate an improvement, Mr
Spenc r la nev. (9 yeara of aee and hns
been actively ens-meed in business all
hl& lifetime.
"Olivette." Audran's famous comic
opera, will be produced at Sherman's
ot>era house this evening by the Atns
den Musical Comedy Company. Claude
Amsden wtH be seen as "CoqueUcot,*'
and Hazel Davenport as "Valentine."
Miss Kleanor Jenkins, the prima donna,
is well and favorably known in N'eison.
having made a splendid Impression
when here with the Olympia Opera
Company, four years ago. There should
be a large house this evening, notwithstanding so many counter  attractions.
The Store of Quality
If -fern like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you lo
try the
20th Century Package
Per Packape.
Graham Wafera  10c
Lamon  Cream   10c
Vanilla  Wafera     10c
Society Tea   10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Kritpo Ginger Wafera   10c
Butter���Thin   10c
Milk  Toaat   10c
Dainty City Soda (Salted) 15c
Saratoga  Flakes  (Salted)    15c
Put up In packages and thus
ever fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove thems.Ives worth lt.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Bottta \* hfrrbr Riven Ui*t I will Apply tt thf
nen mfcung of Uit- Uoanea C-ammhaoiitn fa
jaaCHyofftabon to hart Uit liquor Moema of Um
Sir��tlui.ti-4   H.>U>1    tr��HM**Vrrr<t    from   m*rse!(  to
KrtiuHi.i atom Webb <>f tba Clq of Kenoa.
DalM tbti Kb ��l��y ot Mnrch. A P., 1907
  R. Tohkiv��
1 RKNBIBIJ  TKisrwoHiHY VOVNfl l.Abv
to wko ohdrg.-..) ,ni iflrlol tbrnmn m.i
mt��ltt wfh  pi mn n��H*.lU-mirk   mu-t-tl prefir
n-ii      Apply Uaduna W<bt'. Str*tlnmu BotoL,
Al ssn,-(,     I
D l'l SDK   HO
.sl  r
����� ��s
Itt KslOMS, -l.'Asss hfsitesl
r   lr.1 (Ul. K. W  l*  hl,.k
A csillection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Bik�� Street.
VV.   a.   GILLETT
Contractor  and
.%>if ^gent (or lh# Porto Rloo Lumber Co.. Ltd..
r��uj] y��nl�� Rouith and dr*��*��<l lumber, turnfrd
wo:k and brmck*u. Cot��l !��th ��nd shlnn:!**, ?**h
ud d��oit, r-rmont. brieJt end Ume Kt �������.���?
Amomatir **rin Wr.
Y��rd ��od fn-tory: Vernon St.. .��� _��*, -.-.; Ha;)
Xin.NON.   ti. c
P  n   n��T ��l Telephone 1^
Sol ���-_> is titTeby itlrfn that at a m^t*.-
BtHn*. ,it Ufaw Commtartonen. to be ht
nt the
at afte*
mt- e\ptr��non of -W dat*. I io*en*l lo app t for a
:r* * ��� r ,.f my hotel linc��in*e for atOlMI total,
��l KaisVirw. to K   u   lJ,.r*-.!en
TWO KWl TAB!.KM ud OBI t'omblnalton Billiard aud Pool Tnt.le. hins.rik* ram pie te
and In nod condition. S.J. Ml|t��ton,Tobai*
count, Cranbrook, b. C,
Notloe t) hrrebr (Wea that John Vt'Iherson
ha�� nude application v,i,.i*r the ROTfcaoMol
Uit* "I.*.*, nor l.tc^or* *et, 1WV.*'(or a noiel li--eDf^e
hu th- Jacktoc Hotel, at Whitewater, ao \ Uiat ��
uieeiiof of (he Board of Ut-eoe-e Commiuioraei,
oJ t'if Uttsvortb M<*enee �� ��trtrt. will be held
lo��N>mider ��tieh applloaUon. at the Ka��:o ti- :-
at Raj-Jo-, on .���.ttlax. tht 2nd April. t>CT, at Use
hour ol eight o'clock in the afternoon.
Thief Uataa* !nij��e*-[or
ttataem b C .ard March, i-hk.
Acknowledged by critics to be
Best Blended aud Most Suited to the waters ot this
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Joserhine St8.
Decorations        - Novelties i
Cards and Post Cards
Wreathts and Vines of Ivy. Violets.
Maple Leavei. Rosea, dc , at 15;. 25c.
40c. 45c, and 65c each.
The newest things in NOVELTIES at
from 20 to 50c each.
And in
at 5c each and up.
W. G. Thomson
?.���r1_.^K *Dd XCs.su, B.C.
I'll.lit ,i-��.
John  MePheraon  baa
tion fur a license for ilu* Jackson botel
at WhlteVater.
A luxuriously furnlali d in - -
room, ou the same floor aa th.* dining
room, is the latest addition to tbe at-
tractions  of the Strathcona.
There will be a meeting of those la
t&rested in footbaii boom availing tlii^
wfi k.   when    the for th;*
coming season  will be  fall*   ti:-
Nearly every city ami town in the
province   is   celebrating the anninrer
fary of St. Patrick, either wiih a con
cert   or   6ome form of entertainment.
The musicians of Cranbrook have in
preparation  the  oratorio  "Kmn.
The    practice    work    indicates that a
musical treat i5  in store for the citizens  of Cranbrook.
The residents of Roomer want a public school. There are IS ; upils of school
ape. and School Inspector GilHs has
recommended    that    Hbemer   b    giren
the status of an    assisted    Kb
Tonight at 8:10 all Irishmen I tl
hail win gather in the K of P. hail to
Celebrate the national Festival. The
hall has been prettily and appropriately
decorated under the Bnpenrtslon of Chh I
Deasy. Other preparations fnr the internal comforts of the puests have !>��� ��� n
carefully and abundantly provided for.
The programme irill consist of Irish
songs, a few toasts and speech
reply, and then as many impromptu
speeches as there may be found inspired Irishmen. Those who haw- neglected to obtain tickets may see any
member of the committee before S
o'clock or g*et ticket* at the door.
The Full Measure
Style and Value!
You have i, ;���, rrect righl to ins,*-'
upon :i |s- sis*,** iss nnil perfect its la
Kb   ;s    :    0   -i  ���     ;H>H1K   Us.Ml   ��'..''   iss
?.    :-*:   a suit
20th Century Brand
will fulfill >" i- hss;!*- itexp
s,ii-l >. *:r ni rt ' tadlm demandi
11,,*>* nn- the m tn it Rpproasch to
perfeotlaB tbat wa find in iho tailor
in^ u*,,r!,i Wa s ,s:s prora dtaaa
fuel.- lis >-i,-,i it' >s>u will but give us
the opportunity.
$18.00 Style and Value for...$13.00
$20.00 Style and Value for $15.00
Boys'   Suits   at   j:    S3.   $4   and  $5
Important Sale of Men's
and Boys' Shoes
Men's   regu ar   &1.00   Box   Calf
Shoes   for $3.00
Boys" regular $2.50  Box Calf
Shoes   for $2.00
Clearance Bala of Mens' Under-
wear at $1. $1.50 and $2 per Suit.
Men's Cashs-nere ar.d Wool Socks
at 25c a pair or 5 pairs for $1.00.
Fifty Cent Hand Bagsl
They are beauties at the price.
Watchmaker Jeweler OpUdu
Talaphona a.v-t.
Whole-mla Provlailonai,
Produce, - Frult-
Uovcrnnient Crwiinory Onn Pound iirlcks received weekly fresh tttmla,
slim ii    Kor sale bj all leading gnxen.
Ofllce nnd warehouse: Hooston Block,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, EC
380 don. I.lnvn Collar* To Be Sold nt
Ij. a. gilker
Jul  in   B6MipC af n Carlond of
Sherman's Cpera loose
Monday and Tuesday,
March 18-19
Claude Amsden Musical Company
3..        PI30PLB        ^<>
Monday, the comic ppt-ra success, by
Prices 50c. 75c. $1 s.n.
Sal.-- of 9��ais at  Rutlierfn-d's Sam
day 10 a. m.
Red Cross Drug Store
fo.- your Prescriptions, Family Recipes,
Hair Tonics, and all kinds of
Drugs. ,
Note the Address:
Haker St., near Josephine, Nelson. B. C.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���On time.
Coast   and   Slocan   train���One   houj
Boundary train���On time.
Hessians! train���On time.
Kaslo conni--ctlon���On time.
XhflN are tht* finest ffriule of on* Sm-k* in tht*
iimrket nnd our pntvn arv right. If you **v in
IMWd Ifl un ht-ar fn>tu yoa.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
sv+~>~*au. A. ISAAC R. W. HINTON-
14. pnlrlritf nsssl .lohhlisg .Icwullsl with [��.��|WUh.    ShMt Mstlt
Work. Minlns Bsnd Mill Mavlilnory.     M��nulsitlur��rl��
Orm Cars,  U.  U.   Contrastora'  Cars,-
NELSON,    B. C.
ro. Boi*
UNITE and sin(j that   tie  insimrtstiMi
John T. Pierre are the proper thill
My last fall shipment has just snireA ���
them and place your order early for ia**!*
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
Mkis-.invMM m��n.
\V.  rking m��n,
,Mt(i In dpcH* iittir-a,
-.[MTtinu men.
MttiiJ-Hiimt rtiKit*
.Men that'M full ol fir*
The Razor that requires no honing, and is sold on
aa absolute guarantee.
Canada Drug: ��S: Book Co.
Spring Stock lust Opened Up!
Carload Linoleums and Carpet*
From Olasgow, Scotland.
Best Qualities, at Uow Prices.
Standard Furniture Company
Compkte House Furnishm
UntoUk-OT.    EmhiliM"
Vu,-is.l Hsi-h hlSIIK.
Ostanisni ii.*--,.-^,
������������-.. -a: .������. M.ssr.suM
STSSSSK Lumber, Shingles,
Uath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned %\'ork and Brackets. Mail Orders prompt^ ���*���* |
VERJION STREET   -   .   .   SHLItHN, B. *C- -
Wt* have notico from oor landlord to vacate our utorf tv A;��ril 1st
order to reduce our stock before moving we will s**-'! goods now in _
atafir&aUy redncrd prices. If yoa want  bargains In   Clothing   and   (I*
*.��� '.
^^niahlngB drop in and see for  y.-urself.
Galvanized Iron Work
art unequalled In the Kocteruyi. If you require llf PB
���moke SUcki or ipeclal work of any kind call =r_"'jTEEB
Wood-Vallancc Hardware Co.,


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