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The Daily Canadian Jan 5, 1907

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 (fT a no foi an
Volume I.   No. 182.
Fifty Cbnts a Month
Socialists Nominate Frank
Speakers Score J. A. Macdonald ior
His Inconsistency on Labor and
Immigration Question.
New  interest  Is added  to tlie ap-
prisuclilns  election   csnit'-st   In   Nelson
by llie entry into the lists of a third
j candidate In the person or Prank Phil-
I lips, ihe genial secretary of lhe Miners'
iinlsin and president  or  No.  II district
ni the Western Federation of Miners.
The convention of Nelson  Socialists
I fur lhe purpose or nominating a can-
iltdate  us  represent tae  party In  tho
provincial  general  elections,  was held
I IsibI  evening ln    Miners'   Union    hall.
There  were 3d  members  present  and
as many  more In  sympathy  with,  or
Interested   In  the  Socialist Ideals.  Ernes! Mills or Greenwood preBidod.
'iwo names were presented to the
convention, those ot Frank Phillips
ami .!. \V. Holmes. Ilallotlng was pro-
est sled with at once and resulted in
His- selection or Mr. Phillips by 21
vnies In It, a selection which was then,
ssss Mr. Holmes' motion, made unnnt-
A campaign committee, consisting of
11 ilu- members, was elected, with J.
III. Matbeson chairman.    It was decld-
fed to iiohi an organisation and busi-
ess meeting tonight at 8 o'clock, fol-
llssweil hy a rally at ll.
Frank   Phillips,   the candidate,  then
ccepted the  nomination  and   thanked
|(he  meeting for  tho  honor.    He dls-
inii-d   any    oratorical     powers,  but
���thought he wns at least equal In that
iespi-i-i   io his  opiioncnts.     He   prom.
P-scl. If elected, to be a loyal and falth-
nl champion or the cause.
Mr. Austin spoke In reference to J,
IA.    Macdonald 8    remarks     Thursday
��� nlghi. lie recalled Mr. Macdonald's
lobjeci^n    to    assisted    Immigration���
n of English-speaking white men���
land   wondered   at his  support  of the
(Dominion      government,    which    bas
i avlly  Dismissed the  lntlux of South-
rn European paupers.
Prank Philips announced   tbat   an
|��utslde speaked would be available on
he 20th  nnd sugg slid  that arrangements tor a public meeting be consld-
resl lonlghl.
Mr. Handcock then del vered a rous-
|lng ora Inn denouncing capitalism aud
rlBtocracy. Ilu_ enunciated the novel
���theory that lt Is a crime to exploit la-
���bin-, that is, to hire any one at a fixed
���wage. Ho told of the oppression of
lihe poor In  England and Canada, and
��� warned his comrades to be vigilant lest
���they he denied the right to vote, like
Itlieir brethren ot Russia.
Other similar speeches followed.
Japanese Warships Coming.
Toklo, .Ian.  5.���a  squadron of Jap-
neso warships sailed  loduy  to pay a
rlindly visit* in the western coasts of
|he  United   Stales  and   Canada.    The
narshlps   will   proceed   first   to  Honolulu, arriving thero January 23.    From
llie  Hawaiian    Islands    the fleet will
proceed to Ban Diego, Cal., and artor
brief stay will proceed to San Fran-
blseo,   tlienco    proceeding    to    Puget
Bound, visiting    Seattlo    and Tacoma
Ibout the end of February.    Early In
flarch Esqulniault and Vancouver will
visited.      The squadron consists of
lhe  Hushldntc,  ltsukushlma  and  Mat-
pushlina,  all   protected   cruisers.    The
luce  vessels arc  lesser  typos of the
lighting machines of Japan and are all
tld  vessels,  veterans of  lhe Chlnn-Ja-
Jan war.   The squadron Is In command
III   Hear Admiral Tomeoka, late president   of  tho   naval  cadets  school and
rim commanded    the   third   cruiser
|quadron at the battle of TBushlma.
Absolutely Useless Member.
Wo have nothing to any against him
JMacdotinld) politically beyond tho
Pel that as a member of the legislate, ho hns been absolutely useless to
people of RoBslnnd. There Is no
J��re reason why this paper should
Jug his praises, than tho Individuals
Itossland should, nnd goodness
mows, ib,,re |B ���ot ,___!, |n,nvldual
���nihnslasm over him. The Miner would
ime to see itosinnd represented by a
an   who  can   do   something,    That's
pvliat counts In this dny or nge.   Cau
Mr. Macdonald point to one single
measure on the statute books or ono
single act that he accomplished for the
welfare of Rossland. He talks about
what he will do If elected. He had an
opportunity. Why didn't he do lt last
year?���Itossland Miner.
Wished Him 8ound Thrashing.
It is surprising what difference there
sometimes Is between the statement ol
a fact and the fact Itself. Mr. J. A.
Macdonald, to whom we wish a very
Happy New Year, and a good sound
thrashing at the elections, which will
be much better for him than leading
a corporal's guard or followers ln the
House, makes the following assertion
In regard to the government, namely,
lhat It bas refused to make a railway
corporatlaon pay its taxes.
That is the statement of the alleged
fact.    The fact itself ls:
Every railway company ln British
Columbia, that Is legally entitled to be
taxed, has been taxed at the full
amounl provided by law and has paid
Its taxes.
Thus ono of Mr. Macdonald's prases
Is olisiwn to be absolutely hollow, and
the others are not any better.���Colonist
Aylesworth Gets Busy.
Ottawa,  Jan.   5.���Hon.   A.   II. Aylesworth  Intends  to  introduce  a   bill   to
provide for duty on export of electric
Arrangements Being Concluded  Everywhere    for    Active    Development
Work  Next Season.
The first week of the year In mining
circles, while it has not witnessed
any Incrensed activity, has been marked by several Indications of another
busy and prosperous year.
The iinnoimeemeiii of plans by the
Highlander Mill & Mining Co., made
In Yesterday's Canadian on the authority of Henry M. Stevenson, is only
one of many similar plans. Every
property ln Alnsworth camp will be
the scene of intelligent activity during
1907. The fame of the Krao has made
it easy to secure ample capital for the
development of any Alnsworth property- -    .(i_W
While no really definite news is yet
obtainable, it seems certain that the
reopening of the Ymir mine and mill
will come sooner than Mr. Hand at
first expected.
From every district in Kootenay
come reports of arrangements for ac
tual work���on the ground, not the market, ism
The stock market for the past week
has shown but little change. Trading
was dull and shares inactive. Tbe
condition will undoubtedly dispelled
now that the holidays are over and
business ls once more assuming its
normal state, {lew York, Toronto,
Montreal and Spokane exchanges report the same condition of the markets.
Dominion Copper advanced slightly
at the beginning of the week, but llttlo Interest wns manifested aud the
shares then dropped a point or so
wiih  but  few sales recorded.
International Coal remained almost
unchanged throughout the week, with
no business of Interest being done.
Consolidated Smelters aud Canadian
Oold Fields changed but slightly and
with no business offered.
Caribon-McKinney weakened again
with no buying reported. Diamond
Vale also dropped a cent or so, but
maintained its price bettor than was
Ramhlor-Carlboo attracted a little
Interest, with n few thousand shares
traded in at almost unchanged prices.
Sullivan und Nicola Coal Mines were
innetlve and   weaker.
Following are the approximate quotations for Iho week ending today:
Asked. Bid
Albertu Coal 30 .20
American Hoy 03 .02
II. C. Copper   14.00     12,00
llreckenrldge-I.und  .   .      .66 .112
H. C.  Standard 20
California 07 .06
Carlboo-McKlnuey   .   .      .05 .03
Gonial, Smelters ..  ..145.00   136.00
Can. Cold   Fields 08 .07
Denorn  Mines 13 .1U4
Diamond Vale 271.      .26
Dominion Copper..   ..    7.00       6.50
Giant 02 .01
Oranbv 14.00     12.00
Inter. Conl 00 .64
Lnrdenu Mines 011.      .011%
Nicola Coal 117 -0fi_
Nicola V. C. & C 100.00
Nortii   Star 20 .17
Rambler-Cariboo   ...      .28 .27
Rocky Mtn.   Dovel 45 .40
Sullivan OTA      -Wi
West. Oil Con     1.90       1.76
White Bear, D%c paid.      .05 .04
Thirsty Prayer Meeting.
Kalamazoo, Mich., Jan. 6.���John A.
Ross, managing editor or the Knlnma-
���too (Inzelts*. yesterday announced thnt
the news department of the Onictle
would be opened every day In future
with prayer by himself or ministers
or the clly. The announcement created considerable surprise, as Mr. Ross
until recently expressed but little religious sentiment. **I believe reporters will be able to do belter work and
that the object or the newspaper will
be more thoroughly reached In this
way than heretofore," said Mr. Ross.
Civic Fathers Will  Be  Elected by Acclimation���Hammer the  Mayor.
(Special to Tho Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Jan. 5.���A mass meeting or the citizens was held Thursday
evening in Ihe clly hall for the purpose
of selecting a mayor and board of aldermen who could be elected by acclamation for next year's municipal council, and thus avoid the city considerable needless expense In tbe way or
an election. Alderman Fred Cooper
was elected chairman of the meeting
and W. H. M. May secretary.
A petition signed by nearly all the
business men of the city yas presented to the meeting by W. K. C. Manly,
which requested Mr. Jeffrey Hammer,
the local manager for P. Burns & Co.,
to consent to be nominated for the or-
flee of mayor. At this Juncture a vote
of the meeting was taken to ascertain
how many were In favor of Mr. Hammer, when a show of hands disclosed
plainly that Mr. Hammer was the
choice of the meeting.
Prospective Mayor Hammer, in addressing the meeting, said ln part
"that he was strongly against having
Grand Forks an open town." He said
he would mflst assuredly be against
such a move. He also stated that he
had worked for wages all his life and
was not in favor of a mayor and board
of aldermen serving the city without
At this meeting a list ot cltlzeus
were proposed as candidates for aid-
dermanlc honors.
Leaps Into National Prominence for
Fourth Time.
New York, Jan. 5.���For the fourth
time in his life Henry Clay Frlck has
leaped Into national prominence. When
President Cassatt of the Pennsylvania
Railroad company was taken seriously
ill last summer and it seemed that he
was no longer able with his old vigor
to struggle wllh the vast problems presented to the head of that great system, the directors, lt Is said, cast
about for a possible successor in the
event of Mr. CasBatt's death. They
fixed upon Mr. Flick. Whether the
former steel magnate accepts the title
of president or not It Is quite certain
that he Is to be the dominating force
In the affairs of the Pennsylvania. He
la already a director and the largest
Individual owner ot stock-
Mr. Frlck is deputed to own about
60,000 shares or the stock ot the Pennsylvania railroad. His InMucnce in the
policy ot the road has been recognized
for some time, and during the past
few years rarely wns any Important financial project or extension of the
road decided upon until President Cassatt secured Mr. Flick's views on the
Bucking Beer Commission.
Edmonton, Alta., Jan. 6���The province of llrlllsh Columbia Is delaying
1 the work of the beer commission, according to the Alberta government.
Everything was In readiness for work
and British Columbia had made appointment to the commission of one
who was nol in a position to act. When
this was learned another was appointed, but the appointment was made Irregularly, and when the gentleman nr-
rive_^*at lhe meeting which was to
have boen held In Calgary he wns not
in a position to proceed. Though pressure hns been brought to bear upon
the British Columbia government ever
since no appointment has been made,
and for that reason nothing has lieen
done. The province of llrlllsh Columbia seems Indisposed lo take any
action iinlli lifter the elecllon, desiring to make enemies of no one. In
the meantime, other provinces aro
Vesuvius Spreading Itself.
Naples, Jan. 6.���The roceut renvy
rains have caused enormous avalanches of mud to Blart from lhe top or
.Mount Vesuvius. They grew In size
as they swept along and eventually
spread out over several square miles.
Trees In their path were uprooted and
farm buildings were totally destroyed.
A number ol animals were killed. A
man was carried for almost a mllo on
the sea or mud but was rescued by
three courageous women who made
Iheir way over the avalanche at tho
risk ot their lives and succeeded ln
bringing him to safety. A train on the
Vesuvian railroad Is blocked by. the
mud nt Snn Gulseppe, a village that
was nearly destroyed during tho eruption of last April. Workmen who have
been clearing away Ihe ruins of the
church at San Oulseppo, where there
was grent loss of life last April, dls
covered six more bodies.
Pacific Coast Mail Liner
Reported Lost
Left San Francisco for South American Ports on Monday���Unheard of Since.
San Francisco, Jan. 6.���The fate of
the Pacific Mall liner, City of Panama,
which Balled from here on Monday
last for Soutbern points, continues unknown. According to a telephone message last night, two life rafts came
ashore at Wardell Beach, 16 mileB
south of Pacadoro on Friday with
oars, boat-hooks and a barrel of water
and crackers. Later, two more similarly equipped rafts came ashore below
Wardell Beach, while off-shore wreckage was seen floating. Both of these
rafts, It Is said, Wsape marked City of
It Is known that the steamer had
trouble on the bar on leaving here
during a gale as she was stopped there
for a time.
The City of Panama was commanded by Captain W. W. Nelson, who has
Ihe reputation of being an excellent
seaman. First OMcer Pillsburg was
commander of the Manchuria when
she went ashore on Rabbit island, near
Honolulu. There are two other officers, a freight clerk and a storekeeper. The crew numbers 56. She was
due yesterday at Mazatlan, Mexico,
her first port of call. The beach Is
being patrolled for miles to watch tor
bodies which may drift ashore.
San Francisco, Jan. 5.���A report was
received here late last night that several life rafts and other wreckage
with the name City of Panama on them
came ashore at Wardell Beach last
evening. The City of Panama sailed
from here December 31 for the isthmus. Among her passengers was Dr.
H. Walter Coe of Portland, who was
booked through to New York, and
while at Panama was to have investigated the hygienic surroundings as far
as they affected labor. He was to have
reported to the medical educators as
Boon as he had reported to President
Mrs. Coe was with him and a number of prominent Oregoulans also.
In addition to her cabin passengers
the City of Panama carried 25 Chinese
and 20 persons in the steerage.
Wardell Beach Is on the coast of
Santa Cruz county, about 20 miles
north of Santa Cruz city, and very remote from any telegraph or telephone
communicalion. Tho news wa$ brought
to Pescadoro Inst night. PescVdoro Is
about 15 miles north of Wardelj Beach.
A heavy gale has been blowing for several days aud It is supposed the wreckage found on the beach has been
washed overboard.
The Cily of Panamn Ib owned and
operated hy the Pacific Moll Steamship oompany and has plied between
San Francisco and Mexican and Cen
I ral American ports. She Is an Iron
screw steamer of 1400 tons and was
built In 1873.
Shareholders   of   N. W.   C. A C. Co.
Want W. A. Qalllher   to    Explain
Non-Performance of Duties.
A general meeting of the North West
Coasl & Coke Co. was held in the offices In Ihe Aberdeen block yesterday
afternoon at .1 o'clock. *
The directors, J. L. Stamford, W. W.
Deer. F. Seaman nnd B. B. Mlghton,
sought tho advice of the stockholders
in regard to tho tendored resignation
of Ihe company's solloitor, W. A. Qalllher, M. P.
The directors slated that for certain services, which were not all legal,
Mr. Qalllher had received an order for
$2000 on the purchaser of the properties, F. H. Clergue. The services
have not beeu performed. It has also
boen learned that prior to tho provisional sale Mr. Galliher had neglected
other services to the company's serious loss.
By resolution of   the   company the
secretary was instructed to write Mr.
Gall her, after getting legal advice,
asking that his letter of resignation
be accompanied by an account of hii
services, and a statement of tbe legal
position of the company In respect of
all Its properties on the date of his
Duncan Ross Looks In���Deane Has Not
Yet Resigned.
The very latest political story heard
on the streets of Vancouver, says tbe
Province, is tbat the coming West of
Mr. Duncan Robs, M. P., ln the same
car with Mr. W. W. B. Mclnnes has
more significance than this mere social announcement would indicate.
The Information Is that Mr. Ross, too,
has been at Ottawa receiving orders,
and will immediately resign from bis
seat ln the house of commons. And
II haB been practically decided that he
will run in Simiikameen in opposition
to Mr. L. W. Shatford.
ThiB news created quite a sensation
thiB morning when lt was retailed on
Hastings street, among the snowbanks. Politicians who talked lt over
forgot all about the cold when they
considered how big a hand tbe Ottawa
government and tbe V. W. & Y. and
the Qrand Trunk Pacific ls taking in
tbe British Columbia jackpot.
And It Is said, too, that Mr. Ross
will shortly after Uie election take a
position of alliance with the Qrand
Trunk Pacific. The Btory ls that he
will start a paper later at Prince Rupert and handle an advertising campaign for the Northern townsite.
Mr.| F. J. Deane, formerly a member
of the provincial legislature, Is also
on the Mclnnes car, coming west to
draw cards. Unlike Mr. Mclnnes and
Mr. Ross, he has not resigned from
anything.    Nor does be intend to.
Prosecution   Will     Force     Defence  to
Explain Killing.
New York. Jan. 6.���According to an
announcement made yesterday it is
practically settled In the district attorney's office Just what will be done
by the prosecution In presenting its
case against Harry K. Thaw tor the
murder of Stanford White. From the
prosecution's standpoint the trial will
be a short one. About five witnesses
will be examined In presenting the direct case. These witnesses will tell
of the shooting and the events that
happened on the Madison Square roof
garden. It should not take more than
a few hours, it Ib said, for tbe prosecution to put In its entire .direct evidence. It will be a simple Btory of the
killing, showing that White was shot
at a table while watching the performance, without any chance of defending himself.
Tbe Idea Is to have tlie defence explain the killing. Unless there is a
change ln the present plans the crucial
part of the trial will come in these explanations. District Attorney Jerome
will have charge of the trial, assisted
by Mr. Garvin.
Flynn Knocked Him Out.
Los Angeles, Jan. 5.���Jim Flynn of
Pueblo won from Jack Sullivan of Boston here last night after 20 terrific
rounds. Flynn won the decision oh
his aggressiveness and terrible punching and on his ability to receive punishment. Sullivan's cleverness saved
him many times. Sullivan was often
seen to strike Flynn with his elbow
and butt him with his head. The
crowd protested against such acts.
Neither men were knocked down during the fight, but both took a lot ot
Obsequies of Baroness.
London. Jan. 6.���In the presence of
a congregation representative of all
classcB the body of Baroness Burdett-
Coutts was Interred In eWstmlnster
Abbey today. Tho abbey was crowded.
King Edward. Queen Alexandra and
the Prince and Princess of Wales sent
representatives, as did the workers In
the slums of London. The streets
along the route of the funeral procession  wore lined with spectators.
New Land Company.
Winnipeg, Jan. 6.���Tho Arrow Lake
and Kootenay Lakes Fruit Co., with a
capital of $150,000, Is incorporated
here. Thc provisional directors are
Duncan Chrystall of Montgomery,
Walter Youngman of Nelson, Frederick John Baker, Willis Horsley, Frederick Skewing Collier, ail of Winnipeg.
The company Incorporates for the buying and selling of land In British Columbia.
Extreme Resort.
Paris. Jan. 6.���Developments In tho
church nnd   state   situation    Indicate
that the Vatican authorities will even
order the clergy to leave the churches
in hopes of driving French Catholics
to demand redress at the ballot box.
The Dally Blaze.
Strathcona, Alta, Jan. 6.���The sash
and door factory of R. E. Blssett on
Qrlesbach street, was destroyed by fire
last night, with a loss of $12,000, induing many new machines; insurance,
Belleville, Ont., Jan. * 5.���The Qulnte
hotel was destroyed last night. Loss
Temporary Embarrassment.
San Francisco, Jan. 5.���The Examiner says that the firm of C. M. Sullivan & Co., a trust company of Gold-
field, Nev., is financially embarrassed
and that drafts drawn on the company
by San Francisco brokers have been
protested. Peter Grant, treasurer of
tbe company, ls here, and says the embarrassment Is only temporary.
Scott's Condition.
Regina,  Jan. ,5.���Premier   Scott  ig
very low today.
Prices of Metals.
New  York, Jan.  5.���Silver, 6�� 7-8c;
copper, 23 3-8c;  lead, $6.
London, Jan. 6.���Silver, 32 5-16d.
Kaslo   Conservative Convention    Will
unanlm.utly   TenJtr   Nomination
for That District.
The Conservative convention here
next Monday promises to be well attended. Never before were the Tories
of Kaslo riding so confident of success
as they are In the coming election,
says the Kootenaian. But that confidence will not be overrated and nothing will be left undone to secure victory. Organization is now merrily going on and will Boon be complete. R.
F. Green will be there to address the
gathering, and that he will be tendered
the nomination unanimously ls a foregone conclusion. Whether he will be
ln a position to accept or not remains
to be seen. For reasons beat known
to the Conservatives themselves which
will be made public later, it is the undivided opinion that Mr. Green should
stand for re-election here. His Conservative friends and others particularly desire lt, and will press acceptance upon him. Should he positively
decline tbat will settle the matter and
the convention will act accordingly.
So far, his retirement, as far as Kaslo Is concerned, Is uncertain, as no official intelligence has been received
here. Even If the reports prove true
he will be asked to reconsider his decision and requested to again become
tbe member for the constituency he
has served so faithfully and bo well.
Business Interests may deter hlm from
being a cabinet minister but not from
becoming a private member. One position demands all his time, the other
only part, and for this reason hope ls
expressed that he may again stand
for nomination and certain re-election.
Choice Epithets  Hurled  at  Vollva by
Chicago, Jan. 6.���Wilbur Glenn Vollva, general overseer of Zion City,
was denounced as, "Judas Iscariot,"
"Devil" and "Robber" by the followers
of John Alexander Dowle In a meeting attended by 2500 persons in Zion
tabernacle here. The first interruption occurred when Vollva made a ear
castle allusion to Dowle.
"Shut up," ordered a Dowlelte ln the
audience.    "You're only a dog."
Two ushers seised the accuser by
tho throat ln an effort to stifle his
voice. Gurgling through hands clasped
over bis moutb the disturber contln
"Don't you mention John Alexander
Dowie's name again, you Judas Iscar
lot, for he picked you out and made
half a man out of you���the rest Is
Soon after the disturber wae sllenc
ed an outburst followed Vollva's dec
laratlon that hu would distribute
pamphlets exposing the various Mason
Ic oaths.
A third dramatic sensation occurred
when Vollva walked to the front of
the platform and asked one of tbe followers of Dowle to shake his hand
The latter refused, declaring that he
would not shake hands with the devil.
Vollva predicted that before another
year had passed be would have reorganised Zion Clly . on a substantial
of Slocan
Election of Copsetrathre Candidate
Is Assured���All Districts Were
From every riding In the province
where candidates are now being chosen for the'legislature, comes Use same
story of Conservative unity and enthusiasm. Honest differences of opinion
growing ont of divisions caused by
former conditions, bave disappeared
with the conditions that created them.
The character and calibre also of the
men who will carry Conservative standards to victory leave nothing to be
The nominating convention of Slocan riding met at New Denver yesterday afternoon. J. J. Atherton of Sandon presided. Others present from
outside points were T. H. Wilson, T.
McNeish, D. S. Dennis, H. D. Curtis and
H. R. Jorand of Slocan; A. J. Burton
and S. Walker of Burton; R. H. Balrd
representing himself and T. Abrien of
Nakusp; J. H. Cory, F. F. McDougall
and E. Tindall of Three Forks; W.
R. Wills, D. McKlnnon and W. P. Mitchell of Silverton. There were tn all
16 delegates, representing 12 polling
Mr. Atherton, ln calling the convention to order, made a stirring address
expressing his delight at the spirit In
which the delegates met and hla confidence in the success of the cause.
Only one name was presented to the
convention. William Hunter of Silver-
ton was the unanimous choice. He
waa promptly notified and earns to the
convention, where, he waa n_��*ivcti
with cheers. In a short felicitous
speech he acoeptcd the nomination aad
promised to be a faithful representative. He declared himself opposed to
large land grants and in favor of the
Conservative policy of encouraging and
assisting agricultural settlement.
Other enthusiastic speeches wero
made and the convention adjourned
with cheers for the king, the premier,
R. F. Green and William Hunter.
��� Suspected Assassin.
St. Petersburg, Jan. 5.���At the requiem service held here yesterday In
memory of Major Generad Von der
Launlts, the prect of police who waa
assassinated by an unknown young
man Thursday, the police arrested a
man disguised ss an army officer who.
was trying to get admittance to the
church. The doorman noticed that the
man did not wear a sword and Inquired
his name. The man replied that he
belonged to the Semlnovsky Guards
regiment. Detectives nearby saw that
he was In a plain army* uniform Instead of the gold-decked coat of the
guards. They telephoned to the regimental headquarters and learned that
there was no officer of the name given by the suspect. The police think
the man Intended to kill Premier
Stolypln, who was among the prominent persona present
Burled Alive.
Blngen, Prusla, Jan. 6.���Forty workmen were buried yesterday In the cutting of a new railway line between
Lamscheld and Lelulngen. The dead
bodies of 10 of the men have been recovered. Later, three more bodies
were recovered, making a total of 13
dead. Most ot the workmen were
young men. Among the Injured are
four Chinese. It 1b considered probable that there are still 15 bodies beneath the fallen earth.
Increasing Officiary.
Winnipeg, Jan. 6.���An official circular Issued from the office of B. S.
Jenkins, general superintendent of the
C. P. R. company's Western lines, announced that S, Edwards, at present
assistant superintendent at Winnipeg,
had been appointed auperplntendent of
olographs on the Western division,
with head offices at Calgary.
China la Huffed.
Shanghai, Jan. 5.���Native newspa-
tiers report that the Chinese foreign office is considering the question of initiating Chinese retaliation for the
American rejection of the Chinese subscription to the relief of San Francisco
earthquake sufferers. The Daily Canadian
     ��� STORES -
. . Just Arrived* . .
English Cured Meats
Irish Roll Bacon
Ayrshire Roll Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire Hams and Bacon.
PRICE 27 l-2c PER LB,
Procurable Only at
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... .14,600,000 BEST $4,500,000.
D. It. WILKIE, President. HON. HOBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed current rates from date of opening of
aooonnt, and compounded half yearly.
J.   M.   LAY, Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital $3,734,310    Reserve $4,207,741
Total  A����et�� $41,860,353
Accounts uf firms and Individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches  ln  British  Columbia.
Special   attention   to out  of town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       K. h   PRASE, General Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Published six (lavs a WB6t by tbe
Baker Ht., Nelson. B.C.
Hnbserlptlou raters, .Mi rents a month delivered
lti the city, nr fc.ol) a year 11 lent by until, when
l'��ti-i in advaiioe
Ad vert Ihi iik rates on application.
All  monies  paid  ln   settlement  ol   The Daily
Canadian accounts, either lor subscriptions "r
advertising, must ba receipted for on the printed
forms of tlie Company. Other receipt! are not
���JAINLAWY ��. I.MI7.
"By one word we are sometimes Judged to be
wise ami by one word f-iomellinei judged tn be
foolish. Let us therefore be careful what we
Thf announcement made in the manifesto of Premier McBride with respect
the improved financial conditions
bf the province and the determination
of the government to devote lis ener-
gle_ Faithfully to the most profitable
expenditure of ihe handsome Burpltu
which lies in the treasury will he received with rejoicing hy those who
have any faith in the development of
the province. Tin- opposition organs
have heen lustily charging that the
government has permitted the roads
and highways to full into a state of
miserable disrepair, bul tbe fiharge is
not substantiated by Ihe citation of a
single instance. The charge in Itself
is as tar frnm tin* truth as any of those
inflammatory -grievances which ever
and anon are fanned hy the malcontent   Liberal  press.
While It is true thai there has been
forced upon the government a system
of retrenchment with reaped tn the
prosecution of extensive public works,
the highways of the province have not
been neglected, They are everywhere
In a better state of repair today than
J Jut. in the plans for realizing the
most that can be accomplished by the
expenditure of the Increased revenue
it may be assumed that the newer settlements whose needs have been presented to the government will receive
dillgnt attention. During the past
two or Uinae years extensive settlement has taken place in different parts
of Hritish Columbia. To rush hastily
into the consfruclion of expensive
roadways and before the settlers had
proved their holdings would have been
the height of folly.    The construction
of roads now disiarded and other public works in earlier days left the province with a legacy of debt from whose
burden it has but recently been relieved. To repeat such blunders would
have been unbusinesslike and would
cull for (he condemnation of all good
business men.
The government, however, having
passed the rubicon now announces its
intention of carrying into execution a
scheme whereby the dollars may be
made to yield the best results, aud
many of the rural districts will be the
beneficiaries of this movement.
It is surprising, therefore, to find
the opposition press indulging in the
cheap criticism that this proposal is
a species of bribery. For years the
opposition has been magnifying the alleged neglect of the administration and
decrying Its policy of economy, railing at Ui_ departments because there
has not been in operation the system
of extravagant disti Tout ion of public
funds which precipitated the financial
crisis six years ago. At no time In
its history could the government have
saloly made such an announcement as
is contained in the premier's manifesto, Now that it has done this the
action is characterized as dishonest
and corrupt. These criticisms show
the animosity ot the opposition, their
inbred suspicion, their long training In
lhat school where every dollar spent
In public works ls accepted as a bribe
and understood to be the price -paid
for political loyalty and support. Of
any other than sinister motives the
opposition cannot believe any government possessed, and the example of
Ottawa must he to some extent their
In tbe meantime, the good work initiated and planned by the government
will go on. That is an administrative
function of good government. The
money will be wisely spent. The new
settlements will have facilities for
transportation afforded them and they
will not be asked how they propose to
vote before the election nor how they
did vote after it fs over, A charge
from which the government is admittedly free is that of bestowing its favors with regard to political allegiance
and they will continue to extend thut
cerned over the "tactical mistake"
made by Premier McHrlde ln his selection of William Manson for the office
or provincial secretary. The solicitude
betrayed for the older members of the
Liberal-Conservativ-e party is truly
touching. We hold no brief for the
defence of the premier in his selection
of material for his cabinet, but the
characterization of Mr. Manson in the
Grit organ is a travesty upon human
decency und reaches the limit of purblind partizanship. The provincial
secretary has beeu a resident in different pails of Vancouver Island for a
period of twenty years nnd is known
in almost every nook and corner of
that miniature continent. There is
scarcely any public office lhat he hus
not held outside of a cabinet position,
and political preference and prominence has heen offered him for years.
As a business man he Is universally
respected and has shown rare ability
to manuge affairs whose annual financial turnover has reached the seven
There is scarcely a constituency on
Vancouver Island where Mr. Manson
could not be elected over any candidate the Liberals might choose a�� his
opponent. His selection by the premier for a place in the reconstructed
cabinet will meet with general approval if for no other reason than that
younger meu are being placed in positions of trust and responsibility than
formerly. The selection of men, irrespective of political or personal favor-
itisms is a creditable departure from
established political methods for which
Premier McUride is to be given credit.
While we mean no disrespect to any
claimant of Mr. Manson's position we
think that if the News' version is correct and others have been overlooked
In the premier's choice, it shows that
Mr. McUride wants- to surround himself with the very best available counsellors in the party he leads.
In the closing paragraph of its reference to the new minister the height
of puerility is reached.   It says:
"For Mr. Manson The Daily News
has every respect���as a private citizen.
Put as a legislator he Is one of the
weakest of the weak���a good man
without the strength of conviction
requisite to successfully mingle with
and hold his own against companions
of the coarser grain."
How does the Solon of the News
know this? The assertion is a pure
and unvarnished assumption. It betrays an utter ignorance of the character of the man it belittles, and in another respect it is as shallow as it is
insulting. Even if Mr. Manson were
the weak man he Is said to be by the
irresponsible Grit organ, he will not,
In the McBride cabinet or In the Conservative party be obliged to "mingle
with and hold his own with companions of the coarser grain."
And since we have said this much
we shall add that Premier McHrlde
is not making "tactical blunders" In
theee days any more than he did when
ue outwitted Sir Wilfrid Laurier's
scheme, for securing control of this
province at the price of better terms.
Cranlirnok. .
II. Brs-wster..
C. \V. Munro.
.i. B.Bennett.
.1 N. Evans...
, Dr. King	
.Iishn Oliver..
H. .laidlne...,
John .larilln'-.
Iir. Young	
Win. Munson.
C. Wilson....
s. A. Cawley,
.1. .A. Harvey...
(Jmnil  Forks.
Tbe morning organ Is serlouBly con-
We reproduce below a special despatch appearing in the Daily News
this morning dated Victoria, Jan. 4.
We think the publication of the article
ln these columns will do the cause of
the Liberal-Conservative government
more good than a closely reasoned argument because It Is a clear disclosure
of the methods upon which the Daily
News depends to make Its capital
against the government. The despatch
fs as follows:
"H. Helgesen, Dominion fishery inspector of the district between the
Skeena and Hazleton, who ls here,
strongly denounces the McHrlde government for Its land ]iollcy.   He says*.
'" 'There is no greater menace to the
prosperity of Itritish Columbia at the
present time than the wholesale ac-
quisliion of fine mining lands and
other districts in the Interior by foreign and home capitalists and speculators. The districts adjacent to the
Skeena and all the rich valleys between the Fraser and the coast are
drlltiug inlo the hands of people and
syndicates who will hold lheni until
lhe influx of Immigrants through the
mountains and over the Grand Trunk
Pacific. Then they will feed on this
tide of settlerB by asking their own
"Mr. Helgesen also makes a startling
statement respecting the scrip issued
to Ihe Strathcona Horse and other
South African soldiers upon their return from the front
"'If I remember rightly, there wero
COO of these Issued entitling the holders to their choice of land In various
sections of the interior. People who
are in a position to speak with author-
lly claim that this number has increased ln some mysterious manner, and
many go so far ass to offer wagers that
some 2000 are now In existence."
It ls needless to deny such evident
fabrication. The morning paper knew
the wire was a falsehood before it sent
the copy to the printer. But what does
it care? Having no good honest ground
upon which to stand in its criticism of
the McBride administration It descends to the levd of the thug, and
while not daring to openly assert that
Mr. Green'B department had been corruptly administered, Its Insinuates    In
New Westminister
Richmond ,
O. It. Naden	
T. w. Paterson..
J. D. Swiinsssn...
M. Eagleson....
H Sheppard	
Dr. G. A.B. Hall.
ItW, llowny....
DC. Mncdonald..
.1. W. Wear!....
.1. A. Macdonald.
II. Tanner	
.1. W. Morrow.
A. B. Doeksts asler
T. F. Neelands..
. .P. A.Gilchrist.
J. W. DeB, Fni lis
l(. McHrlde	
(' E. Ponl'-y	
W. It. Ross	
E Miller	
E.G. Warren	
A. B. McPllillips.
F.J. Fulton	
A. McDonald.,
.i. Kirkpatrick.
T. Gilford	
Price Ellison...
Thos. Taylor...
F. L. Carter-Cotton
l). M. Eberts....
L.W. Shatford,.
Wm, Hunter	
R. G Tallow	
.1. F.Garden	
A ii. MacQowan.
W, Bowser	
Soc, Labor or Ind.
C, Tossel ! Dr. McGuire.
Jstlin Mclnnis (Soc.)
E. Dynes (Soc.I
W. J. Ledinghum (Soc.i
Hawthornthwaite (Soc.i
Frank Phillips (Soc.)
P. Williams (Soc.)
J. W. Logle(Soc)
H. McBride (Ind.)
s Livingstone (lnd.-Con.)
Geo. Kllby (Soc.)
W. Davison (Soc.)
10. Kingsley (Soc.)
R. P.Pettlpleoe (Soc.)
A. Slebblllgs (Soc.)
K. H. McVely (Soc.)
.I.E. Dubberly (Soc.)
Dr Ernest Hall (Labor).
A. Johnson (Labor).
I Special
i Bargains for
��� Christmas
Having purchased a complete line ol
manufacturers' samples in Ladles' Silk
Ties, Sharfs, Stocks, Belts, Fans, Op.
era Bags and Shawls, we are selling
them at wholesale prices while they
last. No two articles alike and over
700 Ladies' Ties to select from. We
Invite Inspection.
Supirt Henderson Chan. Semiin.
headlines that this may have been a
reason for his leaving the cabinet. The
old story . Insinuation, Inuendo, fabrication and brazen lie, because there
is nothing truthful to say exefpting
what would reflect credit on the government.
The organ which keeps a paid correspondent at Victoria to invent these
fabrications, publishes them without
shame, while it made a violent attack
upon the Daily Canadian because thi3
paper reprinted an article published
by the Kaslo Kootenaian respecting
the sale of his practice by Dr. Hall, the
Uberal candidate. We -.-ive credit for
the item. The News lakes responsibility for its own. It calls ub a coward for publishing what purported to
be the truth about Dr. Hall. Coward
is too honorable a name for the paper
that will publish such insinuations as
appear in the despatch above.
Moro than this, if the Daily News
dares to publish what it knows to he
the facts about the government's war
scrip transactions we will in turn undertake to publish what we know to
be the truth about Dr. Hall's negotia
tions for the sale of his practice.
It will he observed that H. Helgesen,
quoted ln the despatch, is an official
of the Dominion government. The Ottawa administration is doing its work
in a manner quite up to the usual
Tariff Revision as Canada gets it
from Hon. W. S. Fielding recalls the
lemon pies which the guest praised:
"What I like about your pies, ma'am,"
he said, "is that they haven't got that
flavor of lemon I object to in some
pies." And what Canada likes about
the Fielding tariff revision is that it
does not carry the fine flavor of free
trade that has been eulogized by the
Toronto Globe, Toronto Star, and other
advocates of the pro-Yankee Tad tliat
would wreck Canadian industry and destroy Canadian nationality.-**-Ex.
In things political the Nelson News
has lied for months past, will continue
to do so until the elections are over
and probably after. We crave the indulgence of our readers for these remarks, as it Is not our Intention to
adopt the News' style of political jour*
naliBin. We were reluctantly forced
into It, as we believe when you are
dealing with a viper he ought to be
handled as such, and because we have
faith in tho homeopathic doctrine of
"like cures like."���Kaslo Kootenaian.
This is the real issue In the preRenf
provincial campaign: Are we to manage  our  own   affairs   ourselves,   or   Is
West Transfer Co.
GE0R0E F, MOTION, Han-pr.
General Teamsters and Dealers In
Ooal and "Wood.   Express aud
Bagguge Transfer
P_1__8  Office: Baker St.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Bo*
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
our local business io be administered
from Ottawa by a premier who lakes
his commands from the federal author*
flies? If we w-lsh to pay such huniil-
laling tributp to the Dominion, w-e
shoulil elect the Liberal party io office and place Mr. Mclnnes a! lhe head
of our gsiveriiment.���I-rinlnoe.
We Carry
Large Stock
_of Fine Eiderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
Sew Our Variety  of .MK) I'lvturcN l*i*nmcd  In  thu
l.llttHt     *Ht> 'It-H.
Standard Furniture Company
MiuiUn <_ Klsch l.iin***-.
u*-ii**ui..,'ii* M.iiiiu.-M-..
Marshall Hanttarymattresses.
Complete Home Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
Notii-e ii hereby given that 60 den titer date i
Intend te npply to the Honorable the Chief Cotn-
mipsioner of Lauds mid Work*.. Victoria, B.O,
ior permission to purchase the following described land, situated iu the Weht Kootenav dlitrlet,
oil thy went lide of I uhatnel (or HU Mil.*) Break,
00 iiI"-T ilde of wagon road, about '..".,, miles
froJi went Arm ol Kootenay lake:   <"omnieiirliig
ftt * poet marked Mrs Hattie Muck's *-.k oor<
ner. running 40 Ohalni went; thence 20 chains
iouth; thence 40 ahalni east; thenoe 90 ehalni
north j to the POlnt Ol commencement, containing HU acres of land, more or leaa.
Dated thu 17th November 1806.
Mh*.  Batch Duck,
John E. Taylor, Agent.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co-
���Sixty dayi attar date I purpoee making application to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner
of Land*i and Work* for permission to purVhasu
the following described land: Commencing at
a post placed n\ the 6. W corner of Lot tfHOO and
markea "K. O. F.V N. W. corner, thenee follow-
lrifc the southern boundary Lot 6900, 65 chains
more or less east to tbc weat boundarv of Lot
 I, thence following same south .to chain* to
the north boundary of Lot 6M)if; theuce about 70
'���Iniiii*. west along aald boundary to thc lake
shore; thence uorth :w ebalni more or leu following the lake shore to point of commencement, containing 317 acres more or leaa.
Dated Decern bet 17th, 1907.
F. G. FAugt'lM.
Notice Ih hereby given tbat sixty daya ftfter
date I Intend to apply to the Uon. the Chief
Commissioner Of Landa and Worka for jwrmla-
sion to purchase the following described land
iltnated In the Wait Kootenay dlatrlct: Commencing at a pout planted at the "N. K corner
of L. Tor ten's pre-emption," and running
theuce eaat 40 chains; thence aouth 40 chains;
theuce west 40 ehalni; thence north 40 chains,
to place of commencement, containing 160 acres,
more or leis.
Harry I'ikkh, Locater.
M. K   Mci.I'akkii, Agent.
Nptiee Is bereby given that sixty days alter
date I intend to apply to tlie Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands aud Worki, for
permission to purehaae the following deserlbed
lands situated in the West Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post marked "II. U. aouth
trett corner/' and north of A. li. Lucas's, pur
ilm*-.' i-l miim. on Mmi Creex; thenoo north 40
chain*| thence cast 90 chains; thence south 40
chains; thence 90 chains went, to polntof Commencement, containing 40 acrea, more or leaa.
December 20, 180ti.
H_..KY   1UVHKN,
M    I!    Mc ;i*AHl((H, Agent
Hlxty days after date I Intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Joints and Works lo purchase 040 acres of laml, located  In U-wer 4jrnw
[     ���ill,, Willi t l/,U,lllll_tl' (   ',...,   II, 11 ISS,.I   I,.. -I _,        *.._.,
���nasetnu acres m mini, located in u>wer *_:j*ow
[.uke, West Kootenay: Commencing at a Jpoel
planted at the "N.W. corner of Arrow Lake
J ij rl' it ii Reserve"; thence south K0 chatm; theuce
wesl 80 chains; lbence north SO cha'-	
com KO chains, lo place of beginning.
Ia, ii-K-i 24-lth il�� v of December, 111)6.
o! hi
. Hewrli.,
BUtt) days after date I lulend toapply to the
Hou. Chlel Commissioner of I-andi and Works,
Victoria, to purchase I GO acres of 1 ainl, located on
the west side of Arrow lahe, nl t  live tnllcK be.
low Hurton -'ity, and described as follows; COttt*
ineni'lug al a poel marked "F O, B'l nuthftftftt
comer," and being ill cb a Inn east of the northwest
corner of I-ot tm] thenee north 40 chains; Ihence
west 40 chaius; theuee south 40 chains; thence
eust 10 chains to ihepiace of beginning.
November Hth, 1906, F. (J. Pkkk,
per J. K. Annaiii.e.
sixty daj
.... da>s after dati* I Intend lo apply lo Die
Hon Ihe Chief t.imiiihsloncrofUiois aud v. orki
to purchase *J4i) acres of land:   <'ommenclng al a
pomn -fl) cuhiiis, veai vi i-nams, norm 4ii chain*,
easl 80 chains, south 90 ebalus to plaee of commencement, containing _!4o acres.
I,oe.Hten Kth day of Nov. llKJti.    Nbttik T. Hikh,
Blxty davs after date J intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner oi Landi and Worki,
Victoria, lo purchase 40 acres of land, Hituated
on the west side of Arrow Lake, about VU miles
below Hurton, and deioribed aa follows: Comineuclng at a iMi-vt planted at the northeast
corner of Lot 7970, anl running north 'JU chains;
thence weet W) chains, Ihrnce south UO chains,
thence easl 'Jo chains to place of beginning.
Nov. llth, 1900, H   K.Diix,
 J. K Annahlk, Agent.
Notice is hereby given thai 90 davs alter dale 1
Intend toappiy to the Honorable lhe chief Commissioner of Landl and Works for permission to
purchaie the following deeerlbed lands sltnate
about 10 miles east of the City of Nelson.on thc
iouth shore of the West Arm of Kootenay lake,
and OOUmeneog at a pout placed about 90 chains
south of the syuiheaal corner of Lot 9M9, marked
"fl. Thomasr'N. W corner," thence south 20
chains, thence cast 20 ehalna, thence north 20
chains, thence weat 2o chains to pulnt of com
DfH-ed thll 6th Atj of Nov., 1906,     B. TROMAl.
Sixty days alter date I intend to apply to the
Hon Chief Commissioner of Lamls and Works,
Victoria, to purehase IW ftOTBI Of land aboul two
miles below Burton City, West Kooteuay, commencing, at a post marked "J. A. Irving'*-* east
corner ixtst," said -poet being on the eeeterly end
of aO Island west Ol Lol f*.47,and claiming all the
laud contained   lu  said island, being about one
mile in an eaaterly ami   westerly direction and
about '!��� chains from uorth to south.
November llth, 1906. J. A. Irving,
J tt, annaiii.k. Agetit-
Hlxty days afterdate I inteml to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commiasioner of Lands antl Works,
Victoria, to purchase l'JO acres of laud localed
on the went ilde of Arrow lake aud Irllii directly
north of Lot 7970: Commencing at a post planted
at the N K. coruerof Lot7976 and marked "B, B,
ti. K corner," and running uorth A\ chain*-*-*,
thenee west 20 chains, thence norlh 20 chains,
thence weit 20 chains, tlience souih 40 chains,
theuce east 40 chaius, to place of beginning.
Nov. *4lb, I90G. Bkktiia IIrai>i.iv.
J. ft, ANNAHLK Ageut.
.Hlxty days after -late J lutend  to apply to I lit*
Honorable the Chief commissioner of Un-in iu-j
Woiksfor pexmlillon to purehaae the following
dper-nibed lands In Kooteuay district; rum.
mencing at a pc_ri marked J. B. Aunablch imrth-
-,-.., i -,...,   ���.   |     -.-       ��oi   rf.   ������.     -. j, . i i; r     ���    -
east eorner posl, said post being ou tin *..., ,
aide of the UOWer Arrow lake, abom itm ,|
below   Hurton   City;   thenee   south   30 chaini)
thenee weet iai ihains; thenoe eoutb 30 chaUu;
thenee wist 20 chains; theliee nnrlh Hi ��� litiui
aud 20 links, more or lew* tu the Iftluibont
thence easterly along lake 40 ehains, more or leu,
to lhe place of beginning, containing K* -.itm,
more or less.
Daied tin- 5th day of November, 1WB.
per k. l Bnrnr, Ag-tnt,
Notice Is hereby given thai 00 dayi afterdate, I
Intend tn apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the following deserlbed land in West Kootenay
district: Commencing at a posl markeii Mr.*-. \
A. Wilson's corner post, planted at tbe northeast
corner of Section 17, Townsite 7, running south
40 chaini, theuce west 40 chnins, thence uorth 40
chains, theuce east 40 chalus to place of com
meneement, conuinlng 160 acres, more or less
Dated Nov. 29.190C. Mn V. A. W ii>on,
J. Wilhon. Agent.
Notice is hereby given tbat 00 dan alter dale I
Intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worki for permlsslon
to purchase 2M0 acres of land, situate on the Mule
Moyie river about 1 mile from International
Bouudury and tbout 1 mile from Spokaue International Ky.: Commeuelng at a poel marked
1>. (iranl'a B. V. corner Dost, thenee west 40
ehalns; theuce north 40 chains; thence east 10
ehains; them*.-north 20 chalus; thanee east GO
ehaim; ihence south GO chains to Place of commencement, conta'ulng 2H0 acres of land.
Located Oct. 80lh luM.
Djjfltt (.KAST.
Blxty days after date 1 Intend to apply to tha
Honorable thc Chief Commissioner of Landi and
Worka, Victoria, to purchase 160 acres of land,
located In Fire Valley and described as follows:
Commencing at a *post marked n It M. _ * N.W,
corner, and planted at the lOUUtwetl corner of
Lot 781Ii, and running south tkt ehalna, thenei
east 20 ehalns, thence north 80 chains, thenc.
west 90 chalm to place of beginning.
Nov. 18th, UM-. *.eo B. McMillan,
J. E. AltNAHLE, Agent-
Notloe Is hereby given that sixly flayi after
date 1 Iniend lo make application tothe Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works sl
Vietoria. ti. <*., for iM-rmissiofi lo punhi Htbe following deeertoed land, situate in Fire Vulh'T,
West Kooteuay district: Commencing at a pott
planted ai the "outlines! corner of JeSbui Bob
insoii's pre-emption, marked It. 1. K'i H B.eon_g
post, lbence 40 chains west, theuce 4f' i-lm;**
north, thence 40 chains east to Joshua KublUMHi'i
northwest comer, ibene. south Hi chain* to plia.
of commencemeut, containing lflo acrei, more or
Dated this -3rd day of No\\, li**
 K. 1. KtRh'woop.
00dayi after date I Intend to applv to tio* Hou,
Chief Commissioner of Land* ami' Work-. Vie
toria, to purchase 240 acres o[ land located in
Kire Valley and being a portion of fecll-ms Ii
and It. in .ownMiipfi*.'und described as followi:
Commencing al a post planted nt the Km thwart!
corner of the southeast oiiarler of section li
Township 00 and marked J. _. B. t. corner,
thenee norlh 40 chains; tbenco west GO chaini;
thence south 40 chains; thenee easl <-���" < :.������ ��� ��� u>
place of beginning-
*  ' lao
November _EIrd liwO.
login 'iiiw'S,
J- K. Aunablk, Agent,
Notiee U hereby given tnat 80 days from dm** I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief < mn-
mUsloner of Lands and Worka to purcbaie MO
acres of land descritied as follows: Ce-iumeiiriiig
at a post planted on the north bank of tha I ink
Moyie river, about 200 yards from moutii, an.
marked *"K. McLean's ti, W. eorner poftt,"
thenee east -����� chains, thence north HO eliains.
thence wesl _0 chains, thence aouth 80chalUf, lo
place of eommencemcnt.andcontaining-M0aeru
more or less.
fiocated aoth day Oct., 1906.      Robt. M(.I.kax.
Blxty davs after date I Intend to apply to the
  -   * Land-   -J
Blxty days after date I intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works to purchase MO acres of land, located In
Fire Valley, on west side of Arrow lake- Commencing at ��� post planted 40 chaiua wet of the
southwest corner of J. Robinson's pre-emption
and marked J. We ti. K. corner, aud ruuning
north 80 chains, thenee west 80 chains, Ihence
nmi (li 80 ehalns, theuce east 80 chains to place of
Nov. 18th, I'tfi. Jant Williams,
J. K. Annaiii.e. Agent.
Blxty days after dfttc I Intend to apply lothe
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
iiermlaslon to purchase the follow lug described
lands lu Kooteuay District, about three-quarters
of mile from Thrum's siding: Commencing ata
post placed at lhe H. W. corner of L MM- group
I, West Kooteuay District; thenee wester!v
f. , winr the north houndarv of L 4508, 40
chains; theuce north 10 chains; thence easl 40
chains, moreor less, tothe N, W corner of
I/.H'JH; Ihenee soutli followiiiir tbe weft boundary
of IJV-W 10 ehalns. more or less, to place of eommeneement, containing 40 aen a, more or lees.
Jim ted this Clh day ol December, \'-tt\
h. ii, Pith, Looator.
00 -In j ��� after date I Inieml to apply to lhe llouorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, to purchase 1170 acres of land: Commencing nt a poit marked 0. W. K. H, K. imrnci
iHisluud plHliled on the wcsl sbon* of Arrow
lake adjoining botg-I on thc souih side of said
I-ot., tl-.-p-e westNo chains along the southern
boundary of I-ot *378| thence souih M.M chalus;
tbenee east 80 chains more or less lo lake shore;
thence uorih along Juki shore lo plate of beginning.
Dated 29th day of Nov. 1W0.
Cko. \V. BTKKL,
J. K. Annaju.f., Agent.
ROtlOe is hereby glveu that 00 days after date I
Intend io apply to the Honorable ttm Culcl Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the following described lands: Coin-
mtnclng at a post placed 20 chains west of the
southeast corner of Lot 2542, marked "K. A. Hell's
norlhweat corner," Ihcnce south M chains,
thenee east 20 chains, tbence north 20 chains,
theneo wesl so chains to polntof commencement,
containing 40 acres, more or less.
Located this Oth dayof Nov., 1000.   R. A.Bkll.
ttfxly days after dato I Intend lo apply to lhe
Hon chief Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 480 acres of laud, In Fire
Valley, West Kook'nay: Commencing nt a post
planted oo ehalni wen Of tbe B, W. corner of J.
KobltiRon's pre-emption, and markeii W. W's N.
K. corner, and running west 00 chains, thence
south 80 chains. Ihence east 00 chains, tlience
north 80 chains to place of beginning
Nov. 18th, 1000. William Williahh,
J. K. Annahlk, Agent.
Blxty 'It.y*- after dite I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works
to purchase 100 acres of laud: Commeneing al h
post planted on the west side of Hix mile creeft,
on wagon road, about two und one half miles
from Kootenay Jake, aud marked "Neil Mo*
Kechnie's B. West comer poit," thence cast 40
chains, Ihcnce north 40 chains, theuce west 40
chains, theuce hou tii 40 chains, to pluce uf oommencement.
Located this 10th day of Norember, 1900.
-Nil _ HcKacHNll.
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of I
Works. Vielorla, to purchase 200 acres Of lati-
looated and described as followi: Commem*
at a post planted at tha southwest oornei
Koblnson's pre-emption In Kire Vallev, aud a
five miles from Edward Landing, "west Ilde ol
Arrow lake, and marked F. O'a N, E. comer and
running west 60 ebalus, theuce south *0 - '��������� '������**
ihence east V0 chaini, thenoe south -"**:���������.
thence eait 40 chaini, thence north 40 chains to
place of beginning.
Nov   18th, lOOt, __U_0_ Obahoi,
 J. K. ACTABLE, Ageut.
Notice ls hereby given that 00 days alter dnte I
Intend loapply to the Hon. Chief Cnuimlssloiorof
Landiand Works, Victoria, for | _rinlMloti to purchase the following deserlbed land, stiustiillti
the West Kootenay district, on the west aide ol
Dtihamel (or Hlx Mile) creek, near wagon rnacl,
about three mllei from Kootenay lake: Com*
meuc|rig m a poat marked '���James J. Duck's t- W.
post," running 20 chains eaat, Ihence '.*' chsini
norih, theuce -0 chains weat, thence ������_ ���; ������-'
south, to the polut of commencement, containing 40 acres of land, more or leaa.
D-ttted lXth November, 1900.
Located hy JamuJ. D('(*k.
per John K. Tayloh, Agent
Hixty days after date 1 Intend to apply t�� iti��
Honorable the Chief Commissioner nf Landl IM
Works for permission to purchase thc followi"!
described landi in Koolenay district: Commencing at a post marked "A. J. Dill's southwest
corner post," said post being on the northwesterly shore or the Lower Arrow lake and Sn linkl
duo cast, on the northeast corner ol Lol '^19.
Uroup l; thence north fO chains; cast 40 ebalni!
south 40 chalm, more or less, to the lake shore,
thcuc* following said shore In a aotithweinrif
direellon -Ml chalus. more or less to the place t
beginning, eonlaliilng 100 acres, more or  leu
Dated this Mb day of November, 1900.
A.J. Dill,
 per K L. Bpayer. Agent
Notice li hereby given that 00 days after dsti
I Intend, lo apply to the Honorable Ihe Chlel
Cnminlssloner of I.s mis and Works lor Jiermi*"*
sion to purchase tho following dOOQtfbod land-.
Kooteuay dlsirlct: Comineuclng At a i* '���
murked "J. II. Wallace's iiorlhwesleorner poit,"
said poit Ik Iiik on lhe easterly side of Li.*-* ���
Arrow lake, ami at the southwest eorner ol
1'orter'i pre-empt lou elalm: thence east HO chain',
ihenee south a) chains, theuce well 'JO chain*,
Ihence south *_0 chains, thence west 00 chain*
more or less to the Arrow lake, tbence tna nortl.
���'lifter ly illrcctton 00 chains, more or less to th*
nlaec of beginning containing 140 acrei, more of
Diii.-.i (hls'Jl'th dny of October, 1905.
J. II Wallack,
Hy his agent, Krnkkth I.  HritNlCT.
00 dayi after dale I Intend to apply to the lion
Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works to pur
chase 890 acres Of and located In fare Valley bo
Ing part ol Beotloni^ and ID Township MP, and
described as followa; Commencing at a posl
marked F. W, J. B.K.cornci and planted at tbfl
uortbwesl corner of Wm. Williams' puiphaici
tin nee west 40 chains; theuce north W chains
tlience cast 40 chains;  theuce aouth -SO chains to
place of beginning.
November _8rd 1900.
F. W. JoitbAN,
J. K. ________ Ageut,
Hlxty days afterdate] intend toapply tothe
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Landa and Work"
to purehase 1H7 ueres of land, commencing at *��
post marked B, B's N. K. corner post, plauied tt
thc N. VV, comer of (I. W. Hloele^s claim on the
west side of Arrow lake, nbout four miles above
Hurton city, theuce west 40 chalna, theuce aouth
40.62 chains, thence cast 40 chains, thence north
40.W ohalns to place of beginning, coiiiainiiigl-****"
acres, more or less.
Dated 29tb day of Nov., looo.   Byron Bukton.
 J. K. AfiNAiii.r, 'gent.
Sixty days after date I Intend (0 apply to tb<-
Hoii. Chief Commissioner of l.nnds and Worku,
Victoria, tO purchase lflo acres of land located in
Kire Valley, being part of -Sections Three ami
Four, Township oil, and deaeribed as follows
Commencing at a post planted at William
Williams' N. W. corner, nml marked "R. K. W's
N. K. comer," and running 40 chains west,
thenoe 20 chnins south, theuce 20 chains easl,
thence 40 chains south, theuce 20 cbains easl,
thence 00 chains north to place of beginning.
November 2;ird, ltf"0. KoMt �� Williams,
J. I. AXNABUC, Ageut, The Daily Canadian
Stock-Taking Cleanup Sale!
During the First Two Weeks of January We Offer Big
Bargains in Staple Goods to Clear Out Odd Lines.   .   .
China and Glassware Department.
3 Butter Dishes, nickel top and stand, glass bowl,
regular $2.50, at - - - $1.50
2 Butter Dishes, regular $2.00, at - -     $1.25
4 Royal Crown Derby Vases, $7 and $8, at Hall Price.
1 Blue Copeland Dinner Set, $32, at - - $20.00
Vases, all kinds, at One-Third off regular prices.
1 40-Piece Tea Set, regular $6.50, at       - ���    $4.50
Royal   Crown   Derby,   Copelands,   Miuton,   Doultou,
Wedgewood, Coalport, and Beleek China
Goods at One-Quarter off.
Book Department.
2-V0I. fcets, regular $1.00, at 75c. Set, postage 20c , comprising Conquest of Peru, Data of Ethics and
Education, Descent of Man and Origin of Species,
Lincoln���His Life and Times, Napoleon and His
Marshalls, Washington and His Generals, etc.
5-V0I. Sets, Publisher's price $5, our price $1.25, postage
30c. Works of H. Rider Haggard, Mary J.
Holmes, Edna Lyall, Charlotte M. Braeme, Rosa
N. Carey, Alexander Dumas, McAulay's England,
R. Waldo Emerson, Cooper's Sea Tales, Mysteries
of Paris, Mayne Reid's Works, R. L. Stevenson.
Shakespeare's Works, 14 vols., in box, large type, $4.75
Postage 55c.
Medical and Reference Books.
Wagner's Standard Horse and Stock Book.
$1.50 Gleason's Horse Book.
$1.50 Dr. Chase's Recepies, large ed
The Home Doctor,
The Care of the Sick
The New Tokology
Dr. Chavasse Manual for Wives and Mothers
Maidenhood and Motherhood       -      $1.25
Koradine Letters.   Cassels Family Doctor.
$1.10, postage paid.
Standard Fiction at 20 per cent. off.
Thin paper Limp Leather Editions, regular $1 lines, at
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Over 700 12 mos. at 25c, 35c, 50c, and 75c.
Framed Pictures.
AU sizes and prices at 1-4 off regular prices.
Miscellaneous Goods.
A large variety, consisting of Suit Cases, Handbags,
Wood Carved Screens, Fancy Clocks, Candle
Sticks, Bouquet Holders, &c, &c, at prices not
near their cost, marked down to Hake Them Go.
Every article is new in good condition.
Dolls and Toys J -4 off.
busch. ������       Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
NELSON       ���*"*A__r_^_I_?-,*,-h    VICTORIA
IHeavy Hams
Most economical for Camp and Hotel use.
Large shipment just received from W.
Davies Co., Toronto. . . Also Davies'
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
uruer-i uy mull to rut branch will hsv<> TV        * /\m, mm   1 wm,    atm
our prompt .,,,1 tWui .ttomtoi. He*_l Office: Nelson, B. C
The HaU Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Ti)ry Oves-
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co._ Ltd.
Commemoration of the Epiphany���Who
and  Whence   Were   the   Magi?���
Services Tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be the Feast of the
Epiphany, the second great event commemorated In the church year, the
manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles.
No holy days occur during the week
The gospel for the day Is full of
points on which learned opinions have
differed, and still differ, although lt
is a plain narrative told by St. Matthew.
St. Matthew's story, divested of the
majestic language of the English nible,
1> that shortly after the birth of Christ
wise men. probably philosophers,
came "from the East," led by a remarkable Btar, seeking the birthplace
of the new-born king, to pay Him homage. King Herod, perplexed, consulted the Jewish divines and authorities.
The prophecies were studied and revealed that It was foretold thai the
Messiah of Ihe race should be born
in Bethlehem. Still led by the mystic
star thev found the Lord's birthplace,
worshipped the Divine infant and, mistrustful of King Herod, departed again
into that vague East from which they
The Star of Bethlehem remains one
of the unsolved problems of astronomy.
Several tlmeB since, once about every
yearB, brt/jj^t wandering slnrs have
iipiieared which have been believed to
I Ike Ihe same aB that which signalled
It* the wise of earth llle coming of the
The "wise men of the East* hnve
beun the subject of endless speculation.
Chinas. India and Persia have been
guested as Iheir country. Hut other
questions arise also to which no answer la yet forthcoming. What did
they know, and how. of Jewish history
anil prophecy? Was there a liellef
among the learned of all nations that
God would take upon Himself the nature of mam to redeem the world, aud
be born among one of the poorest of
{'�� races? Or waB the East referred
to ,'eopled by ono or more of the lost
tribes ��t l8"*el who *uu clie,l8hcd the
promise? ..
The fact' that these questions seem
not to have ^curred to the evangelist
would Indicate that the evenls he records seemed natural to him, mid lhal
Ihe coming of a Mflne Saviour was a
common article of faith among all peo-
pies. The disasters that wrecked the
Roman world and put out the light of
learning for centuries In burope nnd
Western Asia have made all such questions unanswerable, perhaps for ever.
The following services are announced at tho various churches for tomorrow:
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
cor. Ward and Silica Btreels; Feast
of  the   Epiphany;     holy communion,
m.; morning prayer and holy communion, 11 a. ni.; Sunday school, 2:30 p,
m.; evensong, 7:30 p. m. Rev. F. H.
Graham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets: Low mass, 8 a. m.; high mass,
10:30 a. tn.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.
Rev. Father Althoff, priest.
Presbyterian church���St Paul'a, corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m.; evening service, 7:30
p. m,; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev,
J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev. R. N.
Powell, pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.: Sunday school,
2:30 p. m. Rev. E. H. Shanks, pastor.
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
He; holiness meeting, 11 a. m.; a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.
To Observe Week of Prayer.
New York, Jan. D���ln pursuance of a
custom inaugurated some years ago by
the Evangelical Alliance of America
the coming week will be observed as a
"Week of Prayer" by the churches of
more than a dozen different religious
bodies. The special topics suggested
by the Alliance for each day of the
week arc as follows: Sunday, "The
Call of God to His People"; Monday,
The Church of the Living God"; Tuesday, "The Gospel of God's Son"; Wednesday, "The Christian Ministry";
Thursday, "MlBsions���Home and Foreign"; Friday, "Christian Institutions";
Saturday. "The Coming of the Kingdom." For the closing Sunday the pulpit topic Is: "The Attracting Power
ut* ChrlBt Crucified."
Certificate of Improvements
not ice
"Impress.*1 "I'limm," "HotMShos." "ftueen,"
"Union Jaisk," Mlnssti'-t in Nelton Mining
l.sii'ssls.l ISI) I'oreupllio ereek.
Take Nistli-i. 11,iit I. Frank Ftcti-her, agent fnr
the Active Oold Minis k Company, Frs-ss MIii-t*.
Certificate No lls._.:i lutein), Ht slnys. from sinl,-
hereof, to apply to tbc Mining Recorder t-sra
Certificate ssf linnrsm-menta for the purpose ol
obtaining a crown lirant of the above clalmi.
Ausl further tako notice that action, uudcr
Ss-s'iSssss 37, must lie commenced before the Issuance of Htls-h Certificate of Improvement!.
Hated Nelaon, 13th Pee., IMS.
Certificate of Improvement*
"Hattou" mineral claim. Hituated ln the Nelaon
Mining Mvlilon of Weat Kooteuay dlitrlet.
Where Isn'ssisjsl:   llss Toad mountain.
acting af
agent for (leorge A. Campbell, Free Mlncr'a Certificate No. I "si77. Intend, sixty days from the
Take Notice that I, John McLatchtc. actios
Mis     ���
 ,    .ays
date hereof, to ap|> y to the Mining Recorder for
a Certificate of lnitirovemetiUs, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crotvn llraut of lhe above claim.
Aud further take notice tliat actiou, nii-'cr
section 37, must Ise csstnms'iissed before the lssu-
aneoof such Certiltiiateot Improvements.
Dated this nils day of November, IHQfl,
John McLatchib.
Silver King Hotel
Bout Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Roomi are well furnished.  Table aa food u toy
in Nelion.    Bu supplied with good
ltauon end clears.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tf emont Hotise
European snd American Flan
sis 16 cts.   Roonu tram 26 ots. to W-
Gnly White Hslp Employed.
Rik-r St.. Nelson Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Best DolUr-a-Day House in Nelson,
The Bar li tht Attest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine Bt
Kelson. B. C.
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Rates 11-00 per day and up.
P. O. Box IH.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. KBICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally lamated. Open liar and Nlghl.
Sample and Bath Rooma tn*.
Opposite Court Hou. and Post Office.
Comer W��ri ud Venue Streets.
Tfo Strathcona
NelKou, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample   Roonu.
Royal Hotel
Rates |1 and $1.50 a Day.
Speoial Ratea to Regular Buarden.
Building Lots for Sale.
H. & m7 bird.
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelsuu
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Aem
Cbofccst Frait Lands in
British Coiombi*.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one bloc*.
Buy now and get thc ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nebon, B. C.
 __.9 q_	
Only the beat of Liquora and tigara.
Queen's Hotel
Baku Street, Motion. B. O.
Lighted by Eleotrioity aad
Heated by Hot Air
Una and Comfortable Bedrooma and Flrat-
olaaa Tllnlug Room.  Bample Rooma lor Commercial Ken
MRS. 1. 0. CLARKB. froprlttraaa
NOTK.-t ll bereby given thatan application
will be mad* to the Lei Illative Auembly of the
I'rovince of Brltlah Columbia at IU next teuton
for au ant authorising the Patrick Lumber Com-
pany, 1.1 mi tort, to place, construct, -nd maintain,
a dam or dams, bouui, piers, slides, and other
worku ln and acroee the Kootenay river at or
near Thrums Station (about opposite Sub-lot IV.
of I-ot _v._, Group 1, Kootenay dlitrlet): and fn
und across the LltUe Blocan river; and in aad
across the Sloean river at * Point or points below the mouth of the I ittle Sloean river; for tbo
purpose of driving, rafting, sorting holding,and
manufacturing saw-logs and timber; to occupy
the surface of the said riven where necessary for
lbe purposes aforesaid; lo clear, improve, and
remove obstructions from the ��at_ rlvera for log*
driving, ratlins, and booming purpose*.; to levy
and collect tolls and dues on lota, timber anu
lumber of persons using or profiting by such
works, clearing or Improvements; to enter upon
and expropriate lands; and do all other tblngi
necesaary, incidental or conducive to the ever*
clae of any of the above powers.
Datpd the l(Hh day of December, IMS.
Solicitor for tho Applicant. The Daily Canadian
January   Clearance  Sale
Of Cut Glass $6.
I      Berry   Bowls       Each
�� Yo_ wiinl the Bowk.   We want thc room.   Don't mln the chance.
{Looking for Good **\
��� Things for New Year #
Oranges,   Sween   Navels    25c T
Malaga   Grapes 35c -J
Pears, 2   pounds   for 25c +
Bananas,   per  dozen    50c J
Nuts, per  Ib 25c ���
Layer  Figs   ,per   Ib 25c X
Let U6 have your New Year's j
order now and avoid Monday's X
rush. ���
,i   I
Bell Trading Co.!
Old Curiosity Shop
It you wanl lo liny or sell anything.
go to the Old Curiosity Shop, A new
line of .Japanese Goods now on Bale.
All kinds of Dlnnerware In stock. Patterns.
January 1st being a day of resolutions, let me suggest one to you.
Resolved   by  us, that   we  give ���
Joy a share of our grocery trade
during 1907, and then Joy will be'
with  us  till  the year's end;  and*
let us all say, Amen.
Joy's Cash Grocery <
Cor JoMpbinaand Mill sm.     I'-bone l
Wa Hnve ii Spool-Uly
4***%-*  It-* ft*-* 1.1     Sllltli       of
for Xinnw Trada*
Stoneware, Crocks, Bean Pots. Tea Pots, Etc.
Munroe & Nelson
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping. Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, etc.
121 East Baker St. Phone No. A114
Fancy Chocolates
Leave your order early for
your N&&  Year
Choquette Bros.
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
mfmmmti E Wv
i Arri/ak
��B___N'' '
t-or, Vtrniin and Ward Streets.
J. FRED HUME, Proprietor.
J. Oppeubeiniur, Cbewolali ; P. H.
liiirnlimn, Ki-v. W. R. Ross, Martin Burrell, Grand Forks; M. Caple, Medicine
Hat; Miss A. Bonnernuiu, Portage la
Prairie; R G. Sidley, Sidley; J. J. Bins,
John R Rctallack, H. F. Green, Kaslo;
0, A. (lass, Victoria; W. H. Hatton, Arrowhead; A. C D. Blamliartl, Bonning-
ton; A. S. Goodeve, Rossland ; W. H.
Adanis. Golden.
H, McDonald, Kaslo; 0, E. Sutherland,
Ymir;   F. P. O'Neil, Spokane;   O. J.
Handler, E. Booth, A. Anderson, Movie;
L M. Graham, Burton.
G. H. Estahrnoke, C   M. Tripp, Koeh
Siding; J, Watson, Hamiota; J Velzouia,
\V   Thompson,  W.  Wntson, Nakusp;
H. SUswort Spokane; E. Dulken, Greenwood.
H.   Peterman,   C.   E. McDonald, W.
Teunant, .1. F. McLeod, Ymir;   W. J.
Murphy. Pilot Buy; J. M. Ferrett, H. L.
Fife, Slocan.
S Ellis, Elko;   J. Bell, Vancouver; B.
Brett, Anaconda
T. L. Bloomer,  Castlogar;   J.  Busbar,
Wiulaw; J. McCaskill, Kock Siding; R.
Couu, Rosebery.
J. Gates, Eureka;   A. Miller, Creston;
J. linlsi,  W. Vnileur, Rossland;  L.  W.
Tavemer, Arrowhead
To One and c4U
Our Many
Customers We
Wish a Happy and
NeTD Year.
}. A. IRVING _ CO.
Telephone 1(11
^, uit r-sis. I ,,r   Hss-icst
Bole a it i in mr iin- Potto Ki��� Lumber Oo., Mil,,
rs-tsill ytirsls-. Its,unit unsl slrs-.,s.sl 1 nintx-r, turiis-d
wssrk sssisl lirm-kit>, I'liamiatii Btul nliliwli*, hhkIi
ssss-i slisur. s',.|mn|, |,]|,.|i B���,| n,,,,, ,���r flit
Asitiiiiiiiil,' irrnsai-r.
Yiir.l niisl (Bs-tssrj: Vsrnssn St.. cut of il Hll,
r (i. liox 2sa. Ti-ii-rliisiii- m.
On nwl nftnr DeouDbet Ihi my betting and
plumliiiiR biinliicHS will lw located in m>* now
Ibop. tWO -loor-s etmt of opura house, on Vlrtorli
Tel. ISI.      S. A. WYE
TWO F1RBT-CI.AB8 ROOMS, ��te��m heated.   Jtp-
]sly hOUMkMpor, ""l Q��t. B. W. 0, bltnit.
ouc-c. Apply Dally I sssssssliaii offlisi- Msm-lsis
Silver deelined one point today. Other Quotations art1 unchanged.
Horn, today, to lhe wife of Snnuiel
D. Uadcliffe, Hail Mines road, a son.
Martin Burrell of (.mud Forks aud A.
Go;>deve and W. K. Ksiinjj of Holland
were visiters to the city lost night.
A meeting of tlie directors of the Agricultural Society is called for Tuesday,
Jau Hth, in the secretary's office at three
p. in.
A difference- of opinion anion*-, ranchers
at Clubh's Landing early iu the week led
to an assault,for which the aggressor paid
$10 aud *lii fin costs in the provincial
court this morning.
Belated lead quolations from London
were received loday as Follows; Jan.
2, ��18 17s 6d; Jan. I!, ��18 17s Gd;
Jan. A, ��19 12s <��d. Lead is never
quoted on Saturday.
Revival meetings in the Baptist church
at Keruie begin tomorrow. Rev. B.
Goodlield, B A , pttetOT of Oranlirook, is
the evangelist. Rev. C. Padley of Nelsou
will supply Cranbrook doriug the campaign.
R F. Green, late chief commissioner of
lauds and works, arrived from tl ��� coast
last night on his way home to Kaslo. He
was met at the Struthcona by a host of
friends who siucerely regret his retire-
nieut from active politics.
A meeting for all the young men in
connection with the Baptist church has
l>een called for tomorrow afternoon at
,) :3U for the purpose of orgauiiiug a
Young Men's Christian Union. All persons interested in such an organizatiou
are cordially invited.
At the Baptist church tomorrow evening Mrs. Shanks will sing "There is a
Loud Mine Eyes Have Seeu," by Crowu-
iugshield, nnd the choir will render
"Come Thou Fount,'* by Dungan, solo,
duet, aud chorus. The subject of the
sermou, "Angels of Glory."
The familiar story of "Said Pasha"
lends itself admirably to clever acting
and bright and catchy music. The effects
of costume and scenery are also very
brilliant. The opera has been appropriately chosen for the Ro-scians' last
appearance in Nelson for at least two
The sudd(-n fall of the mercury this
moruing probably pleased everyone, aud
especially the curlers, skaters, and
hockeyiets, who bave been wondering if
tho fruit growers had really induced the
Laurier government to change the climate
of Nelson by withdrawing the brief wiut-
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���One hour late.
Coast   and   Slocan   train���One   hour
Boundary train���On tfme.
Rossland train���On time.
Rinks for  Home  Contests Chosen  by
Nelson Curling Club.
At the meeting of the Curling club
last night 21 rinks were chosen,
though in three cases vacancies had
to be left. The names are ln order:
Lead. No. 2, No. 3, and skip, as follows:
A. D. Emory, Captain Robertson, W.
A. Thurman, F. Starkey,
B. White, J. Hamilton, G. Spink, A.
T.   Walley.
W. Ward, Dr. Morrison, II. Falconer,
R. W. Drew.
J. Holmes, Jr., B. N. Otiimette, C.
M.   Fraser.  N.  J.  Cavanaugh.
W. Walker, J. A. Gibson, J. H. Van*
stone, C.  D. Blackwood.
S. S. Fowler, J. E. Annable, H. Houston, J. G. Bunyan.
W. Swannell, J. L. Buchan, C. D.
Goepel, W. W. Beer.
T. M. Bowman, J. O. Gillice, W. H.
Jones. J.  H. Wallace.
B. Wilson, J. H. Christie, ��� Benson, Judge Forin.
The Store of Quality
Apples Today
at $1.50 per box
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
PRUNING AND IJKAFTINCi oaralully attend-
issl to. Apply
"liver King Hotel.
Vienna Sausage  In tins, 2 for.: 25c
Pork  and Beans,  large tins 20c
French   Mustard,  per   bottle    15c
Ham Loaf and Veal Loaf, 2 for 25c
Chicken  Loaf, 2 for          25c
Herrings  in Tomato Sauce,  2 for..25c
Kippered  Herring, 2 for    25c
Sardines  in  Tomato  Sauce, 3 for. ,25c
C Am .Benedict
Corner Silica aud Josephine Sts.
Of Special
..To  office   men,  and  to  all   who   use
Stationery and Office Supplies
Especially Those Who
Have to Order by Mad.
It is our .pecial care to give all orders entrusted to us
Prompt and Careful
This is an Important consideration lo
any business man. and especially to
those who have lo order by mail, and
who are consequently more dependent
on the carefulness and promptness of
(hose to whom they entrust their orders, and on the degree of Interesi
taken ln Ihe manner in which their
orders are filled.
We Specialize in
Office Supplies.
W# G# Thomson
��_____����� "nd Nelson, B. C.
Phone 34.
R. M. Hood, F. Seaman, R. Bird. .!.
H. Fox,
R. S. Lennie, 11. E. Douglas, A. J.
Dill, H. G. Goodeve. *
Rev. E. H. Shanks, .1. M. Lav. H. F.
McLeod. L. B. DeVeber.
F. Irvine, G. A. Hunter, .1. O'Shea, W.
G. Gillett.
N. McDonald. B. B, McDermid, C.
Longhurst, A. Carrie.
W. G. Thomson, B. Fotheringham ���
Dr. Hawkey.
Dr.   Gibson,   , J.   Holmes,   Sr.,
H. Mclntyre.
J. H. Taylor, H. E, Dill, A. Perrler,
H. M. Bird.
��� Shipley. F. Deacon, G. C. Hodge,
W.~ Richardson.
Whole-atle end Bated Dealer. U
Fresh and Salted Meats
OiuiipF supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fro-ah and
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive (.ireful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
A, McDonald & Co.
Dealers to staple aud fancy (.Jroceri-i*
Butter, Eggu.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
Sherman's Opera House
Wednesday, January 9
In the Laughing Success.
"Said Pasha"
Final appearance lu Nelson for 1 years.
Prices, $1.(10. 75c, 50c.
Seats at Rutherford's Monday morning
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and   Ward   Sts.
J. Masson. B. B. Mlghton, Dr. Arthur, R. R.  Hedley.
 , J. F.  Hume,   Dr.    Clav-ton, G.
Nunn, A. H. Gracey. Captain Gore. C
V. Hall, George Wells.
Russia in America,
Philadelphia, Jan. 5.���Shortly before
noon an unknown man threw a bomb
Inlo the Fourth Street National bank
on Liberty Btreet, the result being an
explosion which tore the bomb thrower
to pieces and killed W. Z. McLear, tho
assistant cashier. Several other employees of the bank, and pairons were
hurt. Two of these may die. The
bomb thrower had demanded money
from the president and when refused
he hurled the missile. A slight fire
A Mass Meeting of Conservatives
will be held in the Committee
Opera House Building,
Saturday. January 5th,
1907, at 8:30 p. m.     ���
A full attendance of all interested
is requested as matters in connection with campaign work
are to be arranged.
January 3rd, 1907.
Campaign Secretary.
Men's - $2.0O to $3.SO
Women's 3.315 to 3.SO
Misses'       ...       1.7J5
Fifty Cent Hand Bags]
They are beauties at the price.
Telephone .l.t.-l.
Starkey & Co.,
Kootenay Agents
R. A. Rogers �� Co.
Limited, Winnipeg.
Wholesale Provisions,
Dominion Government Qreflmonr One-Pound Brinks roceivisd wrxsklj* frsshh
from the i-hnru.   For Kilts by nil Itstuliiift ftcoert,
Offiise and warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B. C
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
SheetmetaJ Work, Oaetinpi, Builders' Mat.s-ri(J aud Mining and Mill Msohiiinrj.
I'll,.1.0   3<M.
Ofllce and Works Foot of Park St.
s*Nol��<>!l,    It. C.
A Wof d to the Wise
This year am have .ipjirwialc.1 the .vautH tif tturrns-
toman and have pniiftd into stock the
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
Thin stove is -adapted for bard coal only, and in guar-
autood tt> give satisfaction.
]* H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Rapnisrlnii ond Jobblns mecuted with Oeapotch.   duct MtKil
Work, Mining Mini Mill Machinssry.     Munufuwt urtrsi of
Or* Cars,  kt.  kt.   Contractor-** Chi.,
(Sornssr nf Uss I ssss-l
From fltroetii.
NELSON,    B. C.
EiuHinuMM men,
Working m*��n.
Men In dPdM iitt lr-c,
-Spot-tina men.
Mundftomv mutt.
Men that'M full of tlrm
UNITE and  ..inK that   the   iniportatiniiK  of
���John T. Pierre are the proper thing.
My last fall Hhipnient has just arrived.   See
them and place your order early for Xmas suits
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
All Sizes 35 to 44
Now is the tiuio
to buy your
Winter Overcoat.
AU Prices from $ X 0 to $30
J. A. gTuker
AND DEALERS IN   LiitOVklt*  Sulttgl__>9
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows,
Turned Work and Brackets. Mail Onions promptly attend, d to.
 VBRNOIN 8THBBT  -   ���   -   NBI-80PX. B. O.
Our ttock of Skates Is complete and  varied,
Including the  popular
BOKER'8  BEAUTY  and  CHARM  (Ladles.)
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y
NELSON. r_.1i


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