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The Daily Canadian Apr 24, 1908

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Array ASK
The  monarch   of
same all  the  time.
bottled  at
VoI.UMK   2.      NO. 279
lieorge's Day Was
Duly Honored
���PhhlillES  ANU 8UNU8
Record Banquet at Strathcona Last
Night in Honor of England's
Saint's Day.
What was in may ways tlie best  ban-
. ..,   held   m   .Ni 1 .on   was  held   at
n���    Slialhconu    Hotel    lasl   night,    tbe
n.. Queen  lodge of  ihe Bona ol
id 0' inn th*' hosts.   Tbe fare pro*
.   b)    llo-    ..-let an   manager,   E.   E.
Phair, ��as exeeiieni, the speeches were
 ..-   good,  ami  tin-  singing   waa
the beat thai has ever graced .1
bouquet in Nelsou.
Hn- chair  was  taken  a  I,v.   iniiiuies
,;:.[   :> by   It. U. Jo>, president.     Ili,i��-
su* .1 ver) large atleudauee and lor the
ii,.iii   the   savoury   viands   Of   tbe
icona held  undivided attention.
rthun  ull   had   dined   well   the  Chair
...111 ruse and  proposed tlie llrsi ul  all
The King," followed by  the Na
ma!   Aulhem.      Then   telegrams   wars
��� , ; from other Sons oi England lodges
..,  iiuui u past   presideut, Thomas A.
li.<- next toa.sl proposed eloquently,
I roprlatelj alid lu language thai eom-
:    I dignity, beauty aud reverence, hy
..   c   Walla, was    Th.-  Well  Beloved
Memory ut Queen Victoria."
1 lien  K. A.  Crease,  lu  a Bpeeob  lull
..   worihy  thought  clothed  iu   worthy
.. .uuage,   proposed      Tin-   Army,   Navy
-.1  Auxiliary   forces."     Capt   Lome
Stewart, lu teplyiug, paid an eloquent
Inite .0 the loyalty of Uie Englishman
load and appealed earnestly lor popular   support   for   lhe   Canadian   militia,
ae  speeches   were   followed   by   "The
Deathless   Army,''   sung   Faultlessly   by
1:   11. Smith.
Ilie loast "The Day We Celebrate."
iraa proposed by Rev. F. H. Graham in
I speech that waa scholarly, eloquent
ml worthy, although marred. 10 some
��� [entire memories, hy the clrcumat/uioe
ili,t it contradicted absolutely a former
; 1 ecb   bj    the   same   speaker on   the
ine  subject.     "Tom"   Procter  follow
���.I  with "They  All Love Jack" In  mag
< .111  style.
Fred. Starkey proposed "Our Order"
in an excellent speech giving a hriol
historical account, and a Vindication
9 A. Wye followed with "The EBngliat
man,'' rendered In English syle
riie Motherland" was proposed i>>
I: K. HepHton ln a speech that would
have graced any gathering on earth
Hi" "home land" was never more
worthily remembered in a colony. The
Beech did not lend itself to cheering
interruptions liul'nt the close lhe speak
��� r  waa given  an  ovation  tlint   was   mil
II any degree perfunotory.   ED. H. Smith
'ii. 11 sang "Heroes ami Gentlemen.'
mid, forced  to respond,  gave  "The Old
brigade" in a manner that stirred ail
The speech of ttic- evening wus given
by w. A. Uaodonald, K c to "The
1..0111 We Live ln " Never before In
Nelson have the glories of Canada been
1.. splendidly portrayed. With his char
icterlatia impe nnd euse Mr. Maodon
aid set forth the splendor of "the heri
'.me" und Invited nil his hearers lo en
Iny with him the vision of Canada BI
lhe first, greateal and hesl ot the Em
1 s daughters.
c ge Brown then sang "Tin. Mapli
I., ur Forever" lu an enthusiastic chorus
Kindled LiuiiIh" were then honored
���1111I elicited characteristic replies from
tleorge .lohnstone. K. .1. Clark. It. !���'
I.awrenoa and H. E. Douglas. Mr
Johnstone pleaded for higher Ideals in
public life. Mr. LaWTenoe, though 11
Monmouth man. maintained the oredli
of the aneienl principality, Mr. Dong
laa, called at a moment's notice In the
absent r W. S. Riblet, American eon
r.iilai' agent, acquitted himself splendid
Hev.   I'*.   11.   Ginhuui   led   With   "Rule
"Tom." Procli spoke for Nelson In
ihe absence of th- mayor nnd made the
peeob of his Ui ���, helm; Interrupted
again and again by OHtbursts^of ap
l.l.uise. Ronald 11. iwn followed with n
C. W. Husk wn to reiii' for "The
Ladles" but was absent, I'o a call with-
"'it notlre G. Dlokson lose und made a
brief and brilliant Bpeecli which will
Insure a welcome at every future gathering in Nelson.
Mr.  Horswoll    replied    genially  am!
brightly for "Visitors uud New Conn.is.
and Rev.  F.  H.  Graham toasted  "Oui
host, 'Pop' Phair."
The banquet, one ot the most con
"latently enjovnhle ever held In Nelson
formally ended about 3.30 a. 111. with
"Auld Lang Syn"*." accompanied, as
were all the sonzs, by H. 8. Dodmer.
Will  be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
so cerNTs a  moistm
NELSON. B. C.. FRIDAY, APRIL 24. 1908.
-Joyful   Greeting   Prepared   for   Men   of
Atlantic  Fleet.
Santa Barbara, Cal., April 24. An
other round of festivities tor ths off]
"���is und m,.a of the American Beet will
begin tomorrow afternoon, when tin- ir,
battleships ut the Atlantic squadron ��ni
cast anchor In the harbor of Bants
Barabara for a live days' slay. The city
alreadj is ailing with visitors and eight*
set rs and never before have lis streets
ami buildings been so profusely decor
nted. Triumphal arches have been
erected al many street Interesectlons,
ami Immense signs that burn with the
word "welcome" are among the decor
at ions.
Tho Civic League has completed elaborate deooratlona for the reception and
entertainment or the naval nun. A
111 n.i ui thousands 01 dollars raised by
popular subscription has in-ill placed
ai Uie disposal of the league, Citizens
of Ventura und Ban Luis Obispo counties joined with tbe business men of
suiitu Barbara In providing the money
necessar) to cam out the elaborate
entertainment programme. The crowning leai me of tlie week will be the
Bora] parade and battle of Bowers on
tin. boulevard as the procession is re-
vied  by   the  naval olllcers.
Thinks Hanging Hurts.
Philadelphia, April it.���The accepted
idea lhat execution hj hanging is a
painless operation was disputed by Dr.
E. A. Spil/.ka, the eminent brain specialist, before the annua] meeting of the
American Philosophical society which
began in Independence hall yesterday.
Professor Bpltska said that he had witnessed BI electrocution! at sing sing.
Auburn and IJanneuioru in New York
state and at Trenton, and live hangings
in Philadelphia. Electrocution was. he
suld. the most humane method of in-
iliriing the death penalty because it
was the most efficient, the speediest
ami the least painful and be advocated
iis adoption by the commonwealth of
Pennsylvania. In every ease of hang
ing tlie bean of the victim continues to
beat u long time utter the fall through
tin- trap, sometimes us long ns thirteen minutes, and he believed consciousness at least from one to one and
a half niinules. The struggles of men
Indicated efforts to find a support l'or
their fei-t as they swung In the noose.
I leal h In many Instances, he was convinced, was purely due to strangulation.
Conditions of Annexation.
London, April lit.���It is understood
thut tin- conditions under which Great
Britain is willing ta recognize the annexation of the Congo Independent
state to Belgium, communicated to the
Belgian government by Sir Edward
Grey. Ihe secretary of foreign affairs.
Included the establishment of free trading nnd the uholitiotl of forced labor.
The delay in the receipt of a reply from
Belgium is interpreted to mean that the.
government finds it difficult to comply
with Great Britain's demands, probably owing to the attitude of numerous
Companies holding monopoly conres
Wholesale Arrests.
l.ublin. Russian Poland, April 24.���
The murderer of a policeman yesterday
was followed hy the arrest of three
hundred workmen in local factories
where lhe police found stores of am
munition   and  bombs.
Automobile Race.
Blalrcllft, N- V . April 24.���There was
an enormous gathering of people here
ut au early hour this morning to see
the nig automobile race which started
at B:01 11. in. For mill's along the "L-
mile track palling space bad been pie
exempted ami a conservative estimate
placed Hu- number of machines at 11.
000, Tl��. original entry list ot twenty
iwo machines was declared 10 lie right,
the only alteration in the details of the
inc.. being Hie shortening of Hn' dis
tanee. Instead or ten laps of the course,
Hu- ears will navel only eight laps
making tlie entile distance IBB miles.
Rumor Untrue.
Hi. Petersburg, April 24.���The report
published in England to the effeel thai
die Uiissinn governmenl    had   ordered
live warships lrom a firm of Clyde ship
builders Is untrue. Tlie admiralty has
adopted lhe principle thai all 1ml He-
ships should be constructed in RuBBia
ami it is Impossible that any vossela
have been ordered either here or abroad
lor ihls year, as lhe Duma I .lends to
reject the estimates on the new buttle
ships. The program for 1909 will probably  be small.
���^nj Legislative ^^\Fifty Cbnts a  month
English Ship Juiliiiun is
In Danger
Employers and Laborers Have Failed
to Reach Agreement���Thousands
of Men Interested.
Down   to   Led   Rock.
I'hicnyo. April 14���Opposite action
wa< taken by railroads east of Chicago
ana west of Chicago regarding reduced
rates for the convention today. The
eastern roads decided to make a rate oi
one and one naif cents a mile, lint tin
western rdadi refused to consider anything but two cents a mile as the minimum rate. The western passenger as
ssocl&tlon explained tbat because of
two cent laws ln various states the
western ronds have already reduced
their  through  rates to correspond.
London. April ^1 repi  I tion of the
great shipbuilding     .   :e of the nineties
one of the costliest ..nd most serious
contests iu the annals ot British labor,
Is now impending. The time limit fixed by the Shipbuilding Employers'
Federation within which ihe striking
workmen on the northeast coast may
return to work will expire tomorrow.
The men have twice vuted against reluming to wurk un the terms offel
ed and if Uiey persist iu their refusal
all the shipbuilding yards in the country will be dosed. Sutii a lockout
would involve fully a Quarter of a million of people.
The ship workmen on the northeast
coast have been 011 strike since last
January. Two disjiui.es are Involved in
the controversy. The earlier ln poim
of time uud the larger Is that affecting the engineering trades. The parties to it are tlie Norlheusl Const Engineering Trades Employers' Aasocla
tion and certain trade unions of which
the Amalgamated Society ol Engineers
is by far the must Important Most 01
tlie employers forming the association
are also shipbuilders. Others are build
era of engines for other than marine
purposes, so that the interests concerned extend considerably beyond ship
building on the side of both masters
und men.
1-aBt November the Employers' As
soclation. having come lo the conclusion
that they must propose a general reduction of wages on account of depres
sed trade, sent out notices to that effeel
to the men employed in engine shops
boiler sho|is and foundries. They pro
posed a reduction averaging live per
cent. The men are organized in twenty-
eight societies representing engineers,
machine workers, pattern makers, iron
founders, moulders, brass workers, boll
ertnakers. painters, and ninny othei
trades. The employers have various
agreements with these societies. In
some cases a month's notice, in others
two months' notice must be given on
either side of any proposed change of
wages, but to make the movement uniform two months' notice was given In
all cases. During tin' two months conferences took place, with the result thai
twenty-two out of twenty-eight union:
agreed to accept a reduction which
amounted to about half that proposed
by the employers, and was In the nature of a compromise,
With the unions which refused Uu
reduction, tin. Employers' Association
had a conference. Tlie proposals madi
by I tie employers nt this conference
which was the sunn tbat had alreadj
heen accepted hy ihe other unions, were
referred to a ballot of the nun. Tin
result wns against accepting the tends
offered by the employers. In accordanci
with ihls result the men left work tn
tlie estimated number of 7,000.
Meantime the second dispute, which
is of a precisely similar oharactei
arose in tlie shipbuilding yeards. The
parties to It ure. on the one aide,three
local shipbuilders' associations irom
the Tyne, the Wenr and Tees, actlnii
ill conceit, und. on the oilier side, nine
teen trade unions. Several of thesi
unions are also concerned In ibe en
gineeritig dispi.te. The shipbuilding
dispute came on ubout a month after
the other. Pew men, comparatively,
are out now. bill if the employers put
Into eff*>cl their threat to close down
all the shipyards unless the strikers re
turn 10 work tomorrow, widespread idle
111 ss is sine to result.
Jubilee Pageant.
London. April 84.���A committee of
Vienna citizens is arranging tor tin
Jubilee pageant in honor ol ftmperor
Francis Joseph. They have Just Insured
the emperor's life with 11 llritish com
pany for $1,750,000 until June next, in
order to cover the expenses for prepar
ationa of the celebration in the evanl
of his death before they occur.
In the Hugging of the train, claiming
to have been forced to act by two armed
and masked desperados, who when the
train bad come lo a standstill lost their
courage and made a quick getaway.
W'enk and Eilenius walked to Welch's
spur station when they were arreatetd.
They declared thai tlie bandits had B0
sticks uf dynamite and had planned tu
liluw up a portion uf the train lo secure
th,- money supposed to he aboard. A
slick ol dynamite was found im the
t..|i of a low bluff In-side Ibe cut where
the (rain was stopped. What was supposed to have been the report of torpedoes thought to have been placed on
the tracks were reports of shots fired
ut the engineer by the two bandits according to the two Germans.
P.   O.   O'Farrell    Eulogizes    Shores    of
Columbia   River  Expansion���Friend
of T.  P.  O'Connor.
Bandits Lost Nerve.
Butte, Mont.,April 24.���Lac' of nerve
at a critical moment oausi , the fall
ure of a detrerate attempt last night,
to hold up tne westbound north coast
limite'*. at .�� point two miles west of
Welch ".pur and about 12 miles wesl of
rtutt : on the line of the Northern Pa-
clfl-. Hudolph Wenk, Paul Filehius
and Albert TeAsdale have heen arrested for complicity In the ntlenipt. Wenk
and Fllenius admit na"!ng participated
Mr. P. A. O'Farrell, of New York,
who is well known in Toronto and in
liii'-s all across Canada, Is perhaps
the most Intimate friend in America of
T. I'. O'Connor. When "Tuy Pay" was
iu Toronto lasl year Mr. O'Farrell was
his bodyguard and his inseparable com*
paniou on his American tuur. lu Ihe
latest issue of T. P.'B Weekly appears a
letter from Mr. O'Farrell describing tlie
beauties of Halcyon, U. C, and il will
interest many of our readers who kuow
���or should know��� the Arrow Luke
country.    He writes:
Twenty years ago, when I lirst sailed
over the lonely waters of the Arrow
Lukes, there was not a house, or a hut,
or a log cabin, on either shore for its
whole 150 miles. Not a hut or a hunter along its 1100 miles of shoreline;
all was strange, weird, wild, fascinating beauty. We did pass one canoe, ln
which we recognized some Kootenay Indians because of the uncanny and most
melancholy chant that tell upon our
ears. A Corsican priest lived among
them and taught them ihls chant,, and
this was their weird Interpretation of
it. Hut save these few wandering savages the Arrow Lakes were as lonely
twenty years ago as in the dawn of
the world's existence. Some of the old
voyageiirs hud seen them, aud some
intrepid hunters had climbed the pusses
of the mountains above the lakes, and
had looked down in wonder, akin to
that which filled the soul of Plzarro at
lhe lirsl sight of the Pacific, when ull
his men looked at each other with "a
wild surmise, silent upon a peak In
Da rien."
And I have seen the wilderness transformed into fields of golden grain, and
orchards, and flowers? and gardens, and
lawns, where happy children played
and sang, and have seen men aDd women grow young and happy, being
sharers in the creation of a new world
of altars and of happy homes. Only
yesterday 1 sailed over these wonderful
iak.-s again, hut this time It was not
in a skiff, as twenty years ago. I was
in one of the excellently-appointed Canadian Pacific steamers that ply daily-
bet ween Robson and Arrowhead. Already along the shores on either side
the pioneer has done his work, and
the meadow- and the orchard and the
garden have displaced the wood. The
pear tree, the cherry, the apple, and
the peach tree have supplanted the pine,
tin lit-, the tamarack and the cedar.
Gin on every side by mighty mountains, neither the typhoons that lash
the Pacific to fury nor the tornadoes
that scourge the plains can touch these
shores. Storms and tempests are utterly unknown, and as equally unknown
are the extremes of heat and cold.
Picture Killarney on a vast and far
more beautiful scale, and free from
tempests aud mists and rain, and you
begin to realize the Arrow Lakes, with
their  beauty, grandeur, and  attractive
You are right in directing the atten
Hon of your renders to British Colum
bin. Tlie picturesque beauty of Its
lakes and rivers, and Ihe sublime gran
dour of its mountain scenery find no
parallel upon this globe of ours. And
its climate and soil are all lhat are
desirable for men or women who love
open air life and bracing mountain
-lit", and an occasional hunt for cariboo
and elk. The apples grown on the
shores of these lakes are the finest 1
have ever lusted, liner even than those
I hnve sampled from Lord Aberdeen's
.(Wonderful orchards about 50 miles fur
tner west. There Is something in the
sun. In lhe soil, lu the serene attuos
phere, in the ozone of these pure
woods, and In the absence of strong
winds Hint permit the growth and bios
som, nnd bloom of the apple in this
country as nowhere else on earth. One
rancher told me he realized $800 off
one  acre  of  fruit.
Sometimes I think of building a rhnl
et over there on the other side of the
hike where slopes the llulcyon Moun
tain. There you can now see the dark
woods rising one plateau above another.
1 could have a thousand acres cleared
away for flowers and fruit nnd mead
ow and lawn, and could have trails
cut through Ihe nestles up yonder in
the bosom of those mountains, .lust
think what a place Ibis would be to.
escape from that species of tiger hunt
that prevails In Wall Street! It Is
only four miles across the lake from
these wonderful mineral springs of Hn!
cyoi. Over there blows the softest
zephyrs, and from those sloping hills
you cun watch the moonlit lake or see
the dawn, rosy and lovely as when the
world was young, skipping from peak
to peak, till chased awav hy the advent
of the glorious sun th it smiles upon
tills enchanted   IHuQ.
New Religious Sect Cause
Of Trouble
Accept Commandments to Shoot aad
Burn AU Unbelievers���Canada
From Ocean to Ocean.
Medicine Hat, April 24.���-In the trial
for arson, for burning the huuse of Jos.
Lehr, against the section known as the
Dreamere, Jacob lleitz, an ex-dreamer,
ou the stand yesterday slated that
dreams were discussed al the meetings.
lf the dreams could be executed Lhe Interpretation w'as supposed to be carried
out by tlie Dreamers, lf tbe one wb 1
dreamed could not execute 1 ..t ....
someone else was supposed 1 -U It
It was one told to Mrs. Schn Utr id-
she should burn the I'.apusi . id I. ..1.
eran churches at Joseph burg. . ...s a.
nut the result of a dream, but lhe' creed
was to murder or burn. A. Mr. Karlut-
to made the suggestion.
He said he would du her a good turn
if she burned the churches. Letters
were read at the meeting from God
Jacob Merkel giving instructions to kill
and murder unbelievers, the names ol
John Lehr, W. E. Martin, J. P. llodach
and Dlas bad been mentioned for destruction. After Joseph Merkel, Jr., did
a shooting in Dakota all the Dreamers
were supposed to go armed. All were
armed in Canada. The kissing of the
Bible in court had no weight with the
Dreamers as the government and law
vers were of the devil aud aiilrming did
not bind them.
Montreal, April 24.���A deadlock existing for the past ten days between
the Shamrocks and other clubs of the
National Lacrosse Union is practically
at an end. Negotiations have been go
ing on for some days between the Sham
rocks and Montreal clubs and lasl night
matters reached a head hy a despatch
to Presiden Thompson of the N. L. 0.,
Toronto, giving conditions under which
the Shamrocks would play and which
were acceptable to Montreal. Last night
a favorable reply was received from
President Thompson which, according
to President *,Vhyte of tlie Montreal
club,  was favorable to the SI t ill 1. ;s.
Chatham. April 24���Th 1; B t- 1 n.
53 years old, a resident o Northwt od,
dropped dead while groon  n ,  h' n
Brampton, April 24.���John W. Searth.
section foreman of the Grand Trunk
railway, is dead from blood poinsoning
as a result of a rail falling on his toot
and bruising It.
Toronto, April 24.���Wm Perkins yesterday was struck by a falling chimney
and badly Injured,
Wingham. Ont., April 24.���A. Mus
grave, principal of Wingham public
school, was nominated by North Huron
(new tiding) Conservatives for the leg
Toronto, April 24.���The directors of
the Canadian Hank of Commerce have
declared the usual quarterly dividend
at the rate of eight per cent per an
Slmcoe, April 24��� North Norfolk Conservatives hnve nominated II. Plnnes for
the legislature.
Hamilton, April 24.���Baal Hamilton
Liberals have nominated W. M. Mr-
Clement for the legislature. A. H. Ward
Hope, K. C. will be the Liberal candi
date In  West Hamilton.
Toronto, April 24��� The tnklng of evidence has begun In the non-Jury assizes
of the suit of s. s. Bharpe, of Bridge,
to compel V7. .1. White of New York
and his wife to complete the purchase
of one million shares of Cobalt merger
stock for $150,000. White claims thnt
a clause in the agreement giving him
the right to Withdraw from the agreement lf Inspection of the property proved unsatisfactory was struck out of the
agreement by tlie plaintiff after he had
signed It.
Toronto. April 24.���Despondent over
the death of her child Mrs. Annie
llockeyrldge yesterday committed suicide by Inhaling gas.
Winnipeg, April 24.���Dr. "W. S. England, one of the most prominent surgeons In ln Western Canada, died at
his home here early this morning. Yesterday Dr. England wns attending to
his duties as usual hut about midnight
he waa taken ill and died shortly after
of cerebral apoplexy. The news of his
death will come as a shock to many
throughout Canada. Dr. England was
| born ln  Dunham,  Que.,  40  years  ago.
He matriculated to Ht0M uiLlegc In
I mi.", and graduated ifArinihid**�� >pQfte
spring of ^SS'J with high honors. "H*
served a tertn ashouse surgeon- In the
Montreal GeneraTJ^RiXuJ. In the fall-,
uf 1800 he cam>--uOVliQlSet,*>ndfka3L
appointed uijii 1 luiiuTh st nf llm ' Viilinl '
peg General hospitul wbich position he
held until 11102. Since then he haB been
practicing medicine in Winnipeg where
he has made a great name for himself.
He was professor of anatomy in the
Manitoba medical college, waa chief
surgeon In the general hospital and consulting surgeon in St. Boniface hospital.
He leaves two brothers ln Montreal, F.
K. England, a phyi-lclau, und S. P. England, a member uf the bar. His father,
Francis England, is still living at Dunham.    He leaves a wife but no children.
Winnipeg, April 24.���A basis of agreement was reached at a conference last
night between the street railway company ofiiciuls and representatives of the
conductors and motermen. A compromise has been suggested under which
the company will recognize the seniority
rule demanded by the men and will place
seats in vestibules. They, however, refuse to grant a nine hour day. These
terms will be submitted to the union
ut a mass meeting Sunday night for
acceptance or rejection.
Winnipeg, April 24.���A nice warm
rain bus been falling all over Western
Canada since lasl night, it will be excellent lor seeded land. About sixty-
live tier cent, of the seeding Is done
aud  rain is just what is wanted.
St. Catherines, April 24.���Mrs. Trav-
ers, widow of the late Calvin Travers,
fruit farmer, was found dead ln a pond
on the farm last evening by her son
who came in from tejork. It was apparently a case of suicide as the deceased had been acting strangely of late.
She was about GO years old.
Toronto, April 24.���Everything is now
lovely and harmonious in the National
Lacrosse League, President Thompson
and Joe White of Montreal this morning settled their difference with regard
to dates which threatened to disrupt
the league by the refusal of the Shamrocks to enter It unless arrangements
were more sutistActory to them. All
teams are now satisfied and the season
will likely be a successful one.
Smith Kails. April 24.���Robert Beatty,
Conduction on the C. P. R., living here,
committed suicide this morning by
throwing himself Into the Rldeau river.
The body was taken out ot the water
In less than 15 minutes, but life was extinct. He was a popular employee and
in good standing and the cause of the
rash act is unknown. He was 40 years
old and leaves a wife and two children.
Quotations on  Spokane   Exchange and
New York Curb.
Alberta C. & C $
.15    t*
B.   C.   Copper	
Chas Dickens   	
.17 V4
Can Con. Smelter....
Copper   King   	
.03 %
Dominion  Copper   ...
Galbraith  Coal   	
Internatoinal  C. &  C.
Missoula Copper   ....
Oom   Paul    	
Rambler Cariboo ....
Sullivan  Bonds   	
Tamarack &   Ches'pke
Prices  of Metals.
New York, April 24.���Silver, 54c.
London.    April     24.���Silver,     24%d.:
lead,   iil'i, 5s.
Opening of Copper Quotations.
(Bv McDermld & McHardy.)
New   York.   April  24.   1908.
Asked Bid
Qranby    ��90.oo      ��85.oo
Dominion   Copper      1.81%        16Hi
C. C. Copper     4.75 4.50
Mike Sullivan Won.
Los Angeles, Cal., April 24.���Mike
Sullivan of lloston was given the decision over Jimmy Gardner ot Lowell,
Mass., last night after twenty-five
rounds that were all in favor of Sullivan. The verdict of James J. Jeffries,
the referee, was a popular one. Sullivan had the science and coolness but
lucked the strength to deliver a knockout, although severul times he had
Gardner at  his  mercy.
Hospital Ball.
The net profits from the Hospital Ball
neld tn the Alice roller rink Wednesday
night, amounted to S190.S0.
Lumbermen Meeting.
The Mountain Lumber Manufacturers' AsBoclutlon la ln session today In
the parlor of the Hume hotel. Nothing
definite had been done before the adjournment for luncheon. The market
tor lumber in the prairie provinces Is
tho chief topic for discussion. The future Is admitted to depend on the ability
of the farmers to meen their payments
this year. The demand for lumber Is
good but so far those who need It hav..
been unable to pay for it.
Americans are Diverting
Representation 1 Made to Authorities
At Washington���General News
Of Dominion Parliament.
Ottawa, April 24.���The programme
of the D. R. A. meeting this year will
be the same as last year's with the addition of a match ot cadets, according
to announcements by the committee
D. J. McDougall, M. P. P., Ottawa
East, who declined tlie Liberal renomin-
ation for the legislature, has reconsidered his decision and has now accepted
the candidature.
D. W. F. King, representing the Canadian section of the International
Waterways commission, bas gone to
Washington accompanied by Mr. Campbell of the Canadian Irrigation service,
to protest against the diversion by an
American company of the waters of the
St. Mary's river, south of the Alberta
boundary, ln Milk river which has ita
source tn Idaho.
Dr. Barnes, chief travelling Inspector
of the meat inspection bureau of the
agricultural departmen, has been promoted to the charge of inspectoral work
for the Dominion under the meat and
canned food inspection law of last session, in succession to Dr. H. S. Want
who resigned to become chief meat Inspector of the state of MInnseota. Dr.
Barnes is succeeded by Dr. Bruce ot
the inspectoral staff.
A deputation representing tbe gold
and silverware manufacturers of Canada, the wholesale and retail Jewelry
trade and the Canadian Manufacturers-
Association, waited on Laurier and
Fisher this morning urging that the
law of last session regarding a quality
stamp on all gold and silverware be
amended this session in some particulars and put Into Immediate force. The
law at present ls held up awaiting action by the cabinet. The question at
Issue is whether English made nine
carat gold or American ten carat gold
shall be admitted to Canada. The
American standard has been adopted
in the new law but the wholesale and
retail jewellers of Canada are united
that the law should be amended so as
to permit the importation of nine carat
jewelry, contending that It is as good
as the ten carat products of tbe United
States. The Canadian jewelry manufacturers are divided ln their views ot
the matter but are willing to leave the
matter with the government. Thejr
want Immediate action. Laurler promised Immediate consideration.
G. O. Buchanan Ib in from Kaslo and
Is at the Strathcona.
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Wheeler are ln
town  from Ainsworth.
A. J. Krapfel, lumberman, arrived
from East Kootenay last night.
Otto Lachmund is in town from
Revelstoke and is at the Hume.
Otis Staples arrived from Cranbrook
last night and Is   it the Strathcona.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Brandon arrived
from Trail this morning and are at the
W. J. Twlss, of the Confedrratlon
Life Insurance company, arrived from
the coast last night.
Ralph Clark and wife left this morning for the coast via Spokane. They
will reside in future In Vancouver.
P. Lund, president ot the Mountain
Lumber Manufacturers' Association, arrived from East Kootenay last nlgbt.
L. 3. Eaton, provincial Conservative
organizer, arrived from Creston last
night and left tor Spokane this morning.
P. O. Carroll, late chief of police of
Nelaon, left yesterday morning tor Portland. Ore., where he will reside tn future.
H. F. W. Behnsen, who Is making a
business tour of Kootenay. arrived In
the city last night and Is at the Grand
Blake Wilson of Nelson, accompanied
by Mrs. Wilson, was an arriving passenger on the Princess May from the north
last night. Mr. Wilson is manager in
the Kootenays for the firm of P. Burna
& company, and was accompanied on
his northern trip by IV uilntc Burns.���
Vancouver Province.
Archbishop Messmer Off for Rome.
Milwaukee, Wis.. April 24.-���The Most
Rev Sebastian G. Messmer, archbishop
ot Milwaukee, left the ctty today en
route for Rome to pay his ad limine
visit to the Pope. He will attend the
centennial celebration of the New York
diocese during the early part of next
week and will sail Tuesday on tbe
Kaiser Wllhelm II.
Tt--. 1 ...3 Dally Canadian
Important Notice to Newcomers aad Intending Settlers
The Hudson's Bay Stores
Ranchers', Miners', Prospectors',
Lumbermen's and Railroadmen's
Soppplies   and   the    Leading
We keep the best of everything, and the best only.
Our Immense business and practically unlimited capita] give us sperl
advantages In buying, so that we can   sell,   and    do    sell.    HIGH    CLASS
GOODS at   prices  generally  charged   for  INFERIOR   ARTICLES.
Flour, Bran, Shorts and Hay Always in Stock
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital   Paid   up..
Rest    $4,925,000
D   R. WILK1E. President. HON   ROBKKT JAKFKAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest allowed on  deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
���J.   M��,   LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  1869.
Capital 63,900,000     Reaerve  Fund ,  ��4,390,0C0
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  klnda of Banking  Business.
.avings Bank Department, and
nterest credited Quarterly on
savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
.  - .   ii **** 17 *��rt
.      . ��� ���     V.    ... A.-��: .A
SftlSSBfi    1     .
        .,     -  - :
ir a*J0 .. u ,        ��� _. :.
-    ���   .   ���
...    . - -    .
t-:-     :-      .-'.--
��� ���
.   - J
��� an .".
man gives bis o]
A   pan  of  the  account ci   Uu   .:.'��� .--
.    follows:
" l In   ii.��� mbera of yo'ir lo>
carrying on a huge game of
hi ["he right ol
minion governmi a
hnioii u will ensure u voters' li-
which  ;i   frei   expn   -ion  of opinion  of
'in   ��� It i tors  i .ni   ii.    obtained   la   i
ii' ctlon   with  i, ,i, mi issues cannot  be
oui 'I       Iii   Manitoba   ami   in   at
'��� asl cl   in   British  Columbia
tin provincial electoral districts do not
��� olm Ide ��Ith tbe federal districts. The
ri-uli Is tbat in mill cases there are
no lists adapted foi Federal elections,
In ni." Instances a federal district
contain portions of four or Bve pro-
vine ni districts Tin' only list available
under present conditions lor such  fed-
��� -ii  dlstt lets  la the  complete  lists ol
hi   ���   loin   or five  provincial  districts.
The result is that the returning offlcei
geti  list    aggregating 15,000 votes ivhi n
onlj   sn.   7.  are entitled  to vote in
hli di Uriel     it he attempts to make a
list   foi   hll      "'I Id   Irom   th<-   lists   pro
him hi is aro Hi <i and perse
cuted bj Hn officers oi the ftoblln governmenl and the thin red Una scandal
i ��� (plotted throughout Canada hy Con
servative polltlclani it u surely noi
arguable thai in the Dominion ��� lectloni
voters' ii. i. tor these ��� lections should
noi he prepared ami that Is all the
amendment! to the elections an con-
ti mpiato."
Mr.  Rosa   was  also aaked  regarding
the charms made hy Major Hodgins In
��� iriictioii witli the construction of thi
National transcontinental railway "i
have hail an opportunity lo look Into
tin question," he raid, "and if any Investigation be held it will only go to
prove Major Hodgins' Incompetence ai
;i il.niii onclii. er. The great deslde
i. ''im  ls  to get  the  railway  built.    If
Major Iladgtus had continued as district engineer. Issuing orders and ma
king classifications, while abaoluti ly Ignorant of conditions in his own division, no progress could have been made.
There Is nothing unusual in a man who
has proved a failure to attempt to raa-
"��� a responsibility for such failure on
someone else. If Major Hodgins had
accepted tbe advice of his best friends
he would not have called attention to.
his own Incompetency, but since he is
evidently determined to make trouble
be should be given every possible opportunity to demonstrate that, while he
��� a good military tnau, as a district i ngineer In connection with tbe
traction of national transcontinental  railway he proved himself an abso-
���   failure."
On   the  first  subject  probably   poor
Duncan doesn't know  that he Is  using
very  arguments for  Dominion   voters' lists which were so indignantly re-
d   by   the   Liberals   ib   I8!*G.       Of
tbe government has the right���
the   legal   and   moral   right���to   cause
voters'  lists  to be  prepared.    The  tea-
ol the Aylesworth hill that are of-
���  are, that It applies to two whole
provinces, whljeh  are Conservative and
therefore feared,  that  the special  lists
are to be compiled hurried!) in the heat
ol  the campaign, and  thai there is no
appeal from the special officer In flhaj
ol  the list    All these questions Duncan
-.   and   his   Interview   is   a  mere
siring   of  commonplaces about   which
then   is no dispute.
Dm such opinions from Duncan while
naturally they are not at all enlightening, are harmless, if Duncan imagines
he has made a valuable contribution to
the discussion lie Is pleased ami no one
is hurt. That his words are Irrelevant
and silly is not at al] surprising.
Hut wheu Duncan Hoss presumes to
say thai his Investigation lias convinced
A general meeting of the aharebold-
' is ,,l the Imperial Coal Ar Coke Com
pany, Limited, will he held at lhe ofllce of the Company, Room 78, Bqver-
��� inn Bank Building, Montreal, Thursday, the Thirtieth day of April, I'JOs,
lor the purpose of electing directors to
hold office until the next Annual Meeting, to consider tbe financial position
of the Company, and to adopt such
ue ai.s as may he deemed most advisable with a view to arranging its finances, and for such other business as
may tie legally brought before the meeting. Tlie chair will be taken at I 1 n.
Per Geo. Pyke, Secretary.
him that Major Hodgins wns incompe-
ten, he is presuming far too much. Apart
from the absrdity of any one quoting
his opinion as to an engineer's qualifications he has made several statements
tbat   be   knows  aie  absolutely   false.
Major Hodgins' ability has not been
questioned. As our local Liberal con-
tempoiiui coiiredis. Ins professional attainments are above dispute, lu Nelson
Duncan Boss wouldn't dare io pretend
to doubt tlit in. His Blanderous and Impudent statements an- only of Interest
a :i oi uu ibe value of his opinions in
Ore Shipped to Tacoma Smelter Assays
$18,000   to   the   Ton.
\ i"o i.i April i'i ���An experimental
shipment oi  nearlj   a  ion  ol  gold-cop-
pii   mii  tiuin  Ki.iskiuo Sound.  Vancouver   island,   to   the   slieltt I    at    t'acoiua.
has,   according   to   reliable   report,  as-
:   .1*  1   to   the   loll.
The owners ol the smelter had some
difficult] in getting tin Bhlppers to say
where lie' ore came irom. The latter li-
li.io,.  said ii  came from the cascades.
it now appears that the exceptionally
high made ore was shipped from the
mines of the Klasklno Mining Company
near Duncans. 'Ibe rub strike is the
talk of mining circles from Tacoma to
Duncans. .1. ll. WhJtmme, who lias
just returned to Victoria from an Inspection ot the company's properties,
bears out the promising statements of
tlie locator.
Town Wiped Out by Fire.
New Orleans, April .4.���A special
from Jackson, .Miss., says thai a serious
lire broke out and destroyed Raymond,
Miss., about lb miles from Jackson.
Raymond appealed to Jackson for lire
fighting apparatus but before aid could
be sent a message was received that
help would be useleBS, because tlie water supply bad been tut off. Communication witli Raymond  was then lost.
Applications will he received by the
under signed up to the hour of 5 o'clock
in the afternoon of Friday, April 24th,
for the position of chief of the Nelson
police force.
City Clerk.
One-Way Colonist
Rates to Alberta and
British   Columbia
LONDON $46.05
OTTAWA  51.40
OTTAWA via Chicago  52.45
QUEBEC  56.00
HALIFAX  63.45
Tickets on sale Feb. 29th, April 20th,
1&08. Corresponding low ratea from Intermediate points.
For further information as regards to
rates,   etc.,   apply   to
tit. A., Winnipeg, u p. a., Nelson
e I' *. . S'el.on. B.C.
To Osorge W, H'ni    [ormerlj ol Robsoo.B ���.
��� n.i Nelson, B.c
I ht-ieby Klvi- ynii notice Hist unle.s   y,,u   give
. good and .alio objection thereto m wmia* i
slis-ll nt Hn- ��� (pirsii'ii, "! 11 days bom im- <lnte
her -of proceed '.' Lbs r,-icislrttllni. el ll,.- nil,- ,,t
I be '": urn Ms Hli'l Kent������ Msy Rsllwtty mi'I Navigation Company n, lee staple I�� reaped in ihnt
Dices '���( isii'i knows ns Lots la Hi.--, :;, Bobeoo
Townaita. Group One, stootena) Dlstrlot, accord
Ins io plan thereof, filed *.- Number S26,not*
wiihs am] lute ihe aon-proa"uctlon ol the c��rtifl-
caie nf "mi" thereof.
I'nleil Ml Nels.ju, 11.i:.,Hits .list ilByo/Msrilb, 1MB,
II   r   M.t'Lnm,
IMstriet Ki-Klsirsr.
In tin- matti-r of an ippIlafttlO'l for r* fin pi .rule
<vm ni. at. ..f 7 ni< ,,f hu uii'livi.jc'1 one-quarter
Int-ereal tn 1a>i hi -.roup One. K*>ot��*riH> i>i*trut
known    af  "l^i   :.er fto   'ialiaKher'     Wiiifmj
Notice li hereby mven .hut it in my intention
after the cxplrmioii ot ont.* nmnlli   from the flrnt
publication hereof I . leeae a duplicate oru/i-
frite ol i nil-on tin obote deeoribed one-fjuartt-r
lateral Ln tb< name ot iohn p ht*>vi*n��, which
Certlfleate of Title le deled 'L.* 0th April. Vjuo,
au<I iiiiuihi*r��*(l ao3*S
Lm nd   HtiKiftry itttlt'f,  Nt-Icoii, B. <".,   March   3,
H. F, MAtUtou,"
IH-trtft i      "l-'rnr
Take notice that thirty days after
date, I. Harry Hhyinei:, intend to
apply to the License Commissioners of
Ymir district for a license to open an
hotel In  Kitchener, B, C.
Dated tbls 25th day of March, 1908.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay Ice and Fuel Co.
N. E. co,. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
INOW 1)1*1 CN
We    have    one    English  Millar, one
American Billiard and om   Pool Table,
We carry the host lines ot Cigars and
Tremont House
Kurouean aud Ami-Tlcrm  Plao
Heal" 8* via.   Knomi from A vtt   to 11.
ouiy White Help Kmployed
H��i   r 8t . Nelaon Proprlslort
Mont comfortable quartern       Nelnon
only tht.  t*est o lUquore and ulnar*
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovateil and reftir-
nisbed. Hooms 50 cents upward The
dining r��orn Is unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court  House
and Postofflce. Ntdson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelion. B. C,
Large   >ud   Comfortable   Ke<lroom    an-1   Ktrwt
(Mann Dining Koom
MRS.   E. C. CLARKE,   Proprietreee.
Bartlett   House
Best Tol ar-a-Day Houst in Nelson.
Tae Bsr ls the Finest.
White Help Only Kmpiored
Josephine St.
-."���>..'i    B   II
Royal Hotel
Rates il  and $1.50 a Day.
Special Rate* to Rejrnlnr Bon-rrlers
Notico i�� hereby Riven that William Franklin
Teeliel, "f the < "ily of Vlci'-rta. Iink been appuin
ted h * iommleeioner f����r the pnrpoee "f effectloK
an artju"tijH-nt fif tin- claimw of n*rtntn naftUen
in oeeupAiion of iari��in embreeed within tbe
boun'larici' t>f ih��* reeerre it tarn ted on tbe k...,i
urmv K v.*r >n the vicinity 'if Creeton, in ibe in*-*
trtet nf Weel Kooteney. And tbet tbe fl ret meeting, pur-imnt to th- hhI<1 itJiiiMi--w.ii, will tf,'
beld in the otxiv- ol the cnniitabie aii'i l*epnt|
Mintni; Kecorder hi Creeton oo Tbureder, the
Xlr\ flay <if April I'JOH.at ten o'clot-k In the fur..-
I'fivliiclH] .-i M'liiry.
Prorlneiel SeoreUryf; Offloti
luth April. L9O0.
Certificate  of  Improvements.
"April PbOl" No. I Mineral rutin. Mtuati*
In tht* Nelion Mln.iiK I>iviil Hiof \V����t KooUIiht
VVln-rn lorAtftl: BetWeM MCM atnl Wamly
ereeJUj and ��I��hii one half mll>* from thu /normal. Mill
f eke notice thai I, f 0. Oroen, eoUng u ngent
for J. F flwe'UwrK.   Free   .Miner's  * '(���rtlflcmtt; .No.
B747S, Intend, mxiy den from tbe dete hereof,
to apply to the Mining ECeOOTder for a Oertttlontl
of IniproTciiicnm, for (be pnrpoae of obtaining a
Crown draiit of tne abovi* claim.
And   further  takt*   notice   lhat   action   mi'ler
���ecti ��u 3i, irftint \,t- oonunenoed before tbeloQ'
an> ���: of ouch Orllflcate of irnprovemntiu
r'ated thta-OUh day of January. A. I*,, I.M7.
P. 0. OEBIK,
Metebn, n. 0.
Tendere Wanted For the Purchaee of a
Mineral Claim.
Tendera addruHsed io the undersigned, at his office in tbe Court House.
In the City of Nelson, will be- received
Up till the hour of fire o'clock in ihe
���rttrnoon of Monday, May 4th, 1908,
lor the purchase of tbe "Sitting Hull"
mineral claim, Lot 2(,U0, Croup 1, Kootenay District, wbW'h was declared to be
forfeited to the Crown at the tax sale
held in the City of Nelson on the 6tb
day of Norember, 1905, for delinquent
Fred   Irvine & Co.
We are showing this wesk some lovely models In Ladies' Costumes (or
Easter  Season.
Jackets and coats are somewhat eccentric In their shapes, one being
made of two pieces and Joined along shoulder, forming waists with sleeves.
Butterfly, Angel and Japanese sleeves are shown In many models with pleated
Skirts, with flare bottoms trimmed with same wide bands of material and
strappings.     We   invite   your   attention.    Come and see them.
Pretty White  Skirts for  spring  wear.      Splendid   stock   tf   Ladies'   Dress
More  new,  lovely models just  in   by  express.     See  them  on  second  floor.
New Dress Material and  Silk just   received.
Fred Irvine & Co.
Ian-.*  up till June 30th, IMS and. cost*.
The U|iaet price upon thu said mineral claim, which Includes the amount
of delinquent taxes and coals at Ihe
time of forfeiture with Interest, taxes
which haye since accrued, costs of advertising and fee for Crown Oram
(5)25.0UJ is (fJlTo.OO) which is the least
amount that will be cousldcred aa a
Kach tender muBt be accompanied
by an accepted cheque for the full
amount of the tender payable to the
order of the Deputy Commissioner of
Lands and Works, at Victoria, H. C.
at par.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this Cth day
Ot April, 1908.
Gov't   A��int,   Nelson,   U.   C.
Tenders  Wanted For the  Purchase of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed to the undersized, at his ollice iu tlie Court House, lu
tit�� City of Nelsou, will be received
up till the hour of live o'clock, lu the
atternoou of .Monday. May Ith, lVOD,
for tlie purchase of the "Yellow Jacii
mineral claim. Lot -ti&i*, Group 1, Kootenay District, whlcii w as declared to
be forielted to the Crown at the tax
sale held lu the City of Nelsou on Lhe
Ota. day of November 11*00, for deliu
yuent taxes up till June 80th, JUOu
and   costs.
The upBot price upon the said mluer
al claim, which includes the amount ol
delinquent tuxes aud costs at the tlme
oi lorleiture with luteiest, taxes which
have sine*, accrued, costs of advertising and foe for Crown Grant ($16.00)
in tiiil.lb) whlcii is tlie least amount
lhat  will   be considered  as a tender.
Kach tender must bo accompanied
by au accepted cheque for the full
amount of tbe lender payuble to the
order of the Deputy Commissioner ol
Lands and Works, at Victoria, 11. C, at
Dated at Nelson, B, C, Ihls 0th day
.,f April, 1U08.
Gov't   Agent,   Nelson,   11.   C.
Tenders Wanted  For the  Purchase of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed to the undwrsltn-
ed, at his office in the Court House, in
Uie City of Nelson, will be received up
till Uie hour of live o'clock In the afternoon of Monday, Way Ith, JiiOX, fur thu
purchase of the "Sitting Hull fraction"
mlueral claim, Lot 2d'J3, Group 1. Kootenay District, which was declared to
he forfeit' 1 to the Crown al the tax
sale held in the City of Nelson on the
���itli day of NoYSjnbar, 1905) for ilelln
quent taxes up till Juno 30ih, l'JOu
and  costs.
The upset price upon the said miner
al claim, which includes tlie nmounl
of delinquent taxes and cost.B at the
tlrno of forfeiture with Interest, taxes
whleh have since accrued, costs of ad-
vet Using and fee for Crown Grant
($18.00) Is ($64.40) which Is the least
amount that will be considered as a
Kach lender must lie accompanied
by an accepted cheque for the (ull am
ount of tho tender payuble to the order of the Deputy Commissioner of
Lutids aud Works, at Vlcloria, ti. C,
at  par.
Dated at Nation, H. C this Cth dav
of April, 190t>.
Gov't    Ag.nt,   Nelson.   H.   0.
Tenders  Wanted  for the   Purchase  of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed to the undersigned, at his ollice m tho Court House, lu
the City of Nelson, will be received ap
till the hour oi live o'clock ln the afternoon ol Monday, .May 4th, laob for Uie
purchase of the Yeilow Juck Fraction"
mineral claim, l.oi ^C'.'2, Group 1, Kool
enay District, which waa declared Tor
felted tu lhe Crown al lie- tax sale
held lu the ilty oT Nelson, on the Cth
day of Novemlier, L*0.'��, tor delinquent
taxes up tlH June 80th, I'm.', and coati
Tho upset price upon the said mm
cral claim, which includes the amount
of delinquent taxes uud costs at the
time of the forfeiture with Interest,
taxes which have since accrued, costs
of advertising and lee for Crown Qraff*J
ii'ib.ooi is ($64.40) which Is the least
amount that will he considered as a
Bach tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque foi tbe full amount ol tha U teiei paj able to the order of tbe Deputy Uommtaalont r ol
Landa and Works, al Victoria, L. �� .,
at par,
Dated at Nei ���n, 1! (' . llns 6th ilav
of  April,  1908.
Gov't  (Vcent,  Neleon,  li.  0
Tenders  Wanted  for  the  Purchase of  a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders add:, led tO I lie* tindersig
ed   al   his olhe.    mi   Ihe   Court   House,   in
the city uf Ne ion, ��iii be n eelvi d up
till the hour ut Bve o'clock m tha after*
noon of Monday, Ua) Ith, 1908, for the
purchaae or  the    nine  jack'   Mineral
Claim,   Lot  Utiss.  QrOUP   I.   Kootenav   Di
trlct, which was declared to be forfeit.
ed to ihe Crown al the lax sale held In
the City of Nelnon on the Cth dny Of
November, lilOu, for delinquent taxe.
up  till   June   30th,   190S   nnd   ooeta
The upset price upon the said mineral claim WhlCh luclildes the aiiiontil
of delinquent taxes and costs at the
of forfeiture with Interest, taxes which
which have since accrued, cohis of advertising and fee for Crown Gran I
($86.00) Is llir.C.,.-., which is tin least
amount that will he considered as a
Kucli tender must he accompanied
by un accepted Cheque for the roll amount or tin- tender payable to the or
der of Un? Deputy Commissioner of
Lands and Works, Vlctuila, B, C., at
Daled al Nelson, B, 0, this Cth day
of April, 1U08.
Gov't   Agent,   Nelson,   11.   0.
Tenders   anted   For   the   Purchase   of   a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed to the undersigned,   at   his  Office   In   the   Court  House,
in the city or Nelson, win he received
up Ull the hour of live o'clock in the afternoon of Monduy, May 4th, 11108 for
the purchaae of the "Uluo Jack I''rac
tion" mineral claim. Lot 1691, Group
1, Kootenay Histrict, which waa declar
ed to be forfeited to the Crosnitt
tax sale held In the City ol Xelsotl
the Cth day of November, '.;���'.'5. fori
llnqueut   taxes   up Ull June .-.
and   cobIs.
The upset price upon the aald lnl
al calm which includes the ,aM��
delinquent taxes and cusu it tlieII
of forfeiture with Interest, tiiM ���*
have since accraed, costs ol n!'*
ing and fee for Crown Qrsnt iff
is ($68.76) which Is the iiutso
thai   will  he considered tu a tendsr.l
Kach tender mint be arc-iref��iilri|
an accepted cheque for tht lull u""!
of  ihe  tender payable to the orttrl
the   Deputy   Commissioner ol Ll
and Works, Victoria, U C. ��t ft-
Dated  at  Nelson, II. C. IhH W '
of April, 1908.
Gov't   Agent,  Nelson, Il_
Tenden Wanted for the PurchiM <
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed Io llio unJ'f��*|
ed. at bis ofllce In the Cuurt Huu*,!
the City of Nolson, will be rrol'WJ
till tho hour of five o'clock In theinj
noon of Monday. May lib. !����}���.'"J
iiurclias���   ���f   the   "While  Cioutl   ""I
"'   ,&X' Ir.rf
��� since accrued, cms 0 ��'1�����.
DJ and reo for Crown Uisnt "-''J
[$160.96) which Is the I"1" ''LJ
that will be considered ���� �� '��� "1
Kach tender must I" "'"'"'il'SrJ
un aecpted cheque for the M'l ��'"1
01 the tender payable to IM ord"j
the    l.eniity   Commissi' '    "'. ,.F\
...puty   Commissi.'"'''    Of   �� ,
n   Works,   Victoria,   B.  <-.. ��>, > J
Dated at Nelson, I). C, this w
April, 1008. ,  ,���������,���-
Gov't   Agent.  N<*i����D' \
Tender. Wanted for the PurchiM ��'
Mineral Claim-
Tenders  addressed 10 Uie *��<������$
ed,   at   his  ollice   In   tho *�����'""    elf
In  the City of Nelson, ttlll ��"S3
up till the hour of live 0 ��*'��;*'?wi. *
ternoon  of  Monday. May �������   '   ,
ibe   purchase  of   the  "Hattf6 B^
mineral claim. Lot Wl.."1*    ��
a; Dislrict. which w as docW*   ,,
torfelted  to the Crown on        _  ���,,
of November, 1904 for 'i"11',"''���
up till June 30th,   1, a'"1 *J?\>
The upael  price upon ' i'' "���������nt
el claim which Include! tM ��' tf
delinquent taxes and costs in j
of forfeiture with Interest,'-��lai���rtl
havo since accrued, cost o -,��
ing and   fee   for Crown  Gran' j
ll  ($U8.96J  which is tht '�����s,ender.l
Uml will   he considered U ��� ,&***
Kach tender must be Jl**   rsill u"*"1!]
an nccopled cheque ror toe  ^1
of the tender parable U>      '.  [jiM
the   Deputy    Conimlss.on'', ,,.r.l
and   Works,   Victoria.  B.   ',     ,.,,, dil
Dated   Nelson,   B.   0.,   this I
of April, 1908. wuK;1,t   I
Gov't Agant, N��W��. *
	 The Daily Canadian
When You Buy Fruit Land
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With all varieties of
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P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Kaslo, Rossland     NELSON,  ti. O Boundary
Nalaea LonO Dut-rtol. Dtatne*. 01 Wool KooMnsy
i Kit.* notif-v ttiMt Barry Bird*of H��lwnionm- |
t'Kiiuu roal t'ctat-' ��K��ni. inti-inl" l" ��PP'>' tor
l��� rmlMlon to pinvhuM* Die f��>U,(v.ln*' iU'mtHkj.1
Undii Commvaetm *t ** i��**\. nUnu-.i hi tht
uorUiMst  eoruw  of Un tit.  tnenoa runntns
ii..rih'2Urh*liiii. thiutu w.bi '20 riiHlut*. theuce
���������nth SM-hatu.*. niun- ur LsM, tptb�� DorUWU
Lxiiitilary ��.l lAti H7*., theiu-f !ull*.v* inn north
i...miliary Uit if��3 to point ol <'*unin..*uiviii.-m
fiiitaitiiUfC ��������> mOtOO, uiorv or \v*H.
i).ii��a rebrasry Uih, ia** iukky Btu,
K. U   USSBS, Agent
Nation Lmi*i DUtrtoL Dutrtotol w��'��t Kootenay
Taaonotlot that F?en* J. Bammona, agent  ,<>r
rrt-.i.J   Tanner, of  NcUon. -.�����.���.ip*--..!.   wm.-h-
maker. Intendl to apply ior permlatfoa to pm
hime tht- following  OWOrfhea   Inii-in:    C.milii..n
iiiKtUlxwl    ^ImiU'il    ubout   2>,   Ullll'H   fiM.   ol
���Mivtou oreei, theaoe �� ��-iiaiu�� in an ��aaterl|
i traction   thenca 20 ebalni   Mtttn, thenoe ��
-liaim lu a wi-rUsTly (lin*ctlon,   tu.me *J. rliRli.*
north to the poiuiolcommencement,<'otiit.iuuiK
mi hitch, more or Ivan
1'Kted Nov. Julh. IW7-
pMgyMCX  iohn Talker,
F, J   HiumiiNU, Agent
Nelion l*-u��l UUtrlot.   DUlrlci 01 Went Kootenay
Takenotloe that  PrtdJ   Bammona, igintioir
a. a jmiiaid, of Proctor, oooupaUoo rancher.
iiiibudti lo apply for piTintaiiun >��> I'urrhaM tht
following  tlelwrlbed  landi:    Commenolng at a
pan puiiuM HtM.ni iWmUeteeel ol w U��oo i reeh,
thonoesouthwwt aochaliu, thence northweat��
1 baina.thenea northeaatwohatoa, thenca wath
������hi 151 ehainn Ui ihe tha point of oommenoement
 tain tug ��i aorea, mora or ium.
Hilled Nov. ielh, 1��J7.
AhtnnUl.li   AMiEHWON   Hai.i.am.,
Ag��-nl K   J   BsUOton.
N.iM.ii Land imtrict   imtriot of w��at Kootenay
Take notloe thai W. A. IIimIhoIi, thnhrrcnilner,
oi Hpokam*. Bpokaoi county, wunin*toa,one
ol thu i-mtud states ol Ameriea, Intenai w ..pi*i>
inr n Kiit-clitk   llmhrr   licviiw   over   the following
i. MTihe.i Un.lt.: Oommenolngal a pan narkea
l . 1 .punted on the north bank ot corn ereek,
1 uhe lunation of the Worth tort of 1 oru oreek
allll   the main   mrenni,  ahoui   Hve   DlUM   in ���
woite*lv itreetlon fron nflueneeol hmM uorn
nek with the Kooteuay river; thenee north ��
"-ttaltii; theneo went  1��> ehainn; theuce nouih  in
hatni thenoe eaat tao obalna to point 01 oom
tnenoament. eontatnlnii 640aorea noreor leaa
Maid land adjoin- tiuit.er limit No on IM
���veil ami timber limit No- * ���>������ the imilh, an located hy me.
treated November 7,1907.    ��� .
WiLi (am A. Hi'imoN, lioeetor
Witneeaed ty Patrick 0, Bhlne.
huclered and (rtgued hy the within nnine.! W
A Budapn on tin��� 2'Jft. -lay ol Noveinber, A O.
ftJtfl,  before  mo at h.    'tne,   ripokanc   t out tv,
Waihlngton,onaof th<    nited Bthtei ol America.
I'ATiiu k o Batm.
aU rlOt-  l lAtMOloi Weel Kootanaj
Take nollee that laal. le Pierce, fstia^hurg,
occu aiion married e..man, Intenei to ��ppU
tor permliMou to pnn-hnie the tolu.wing w
erlhod lenda: Common, nig ut �� poht tilaiiled at
Hie lutereucllou of the north l.inindary ol Wl
B186, and the cant boundary oi Lot N���� ��"����,
thonco eant Ml chatlin, none or let-n, lo the north
"am oorner ot Timber Limit No. 7e7l, thenoe
north So ohalni) theneo weal 90 chain-*, moreoi
tail, to the eaat ilda ol Wbauhan hike, thenoi
lol Up wing NRino in a Hti tit hurl v and Weeteri]
direction lOU ehainn, more or lesn to the tutor
Hoot ion with Lot MM, thenoe S6 chalnn. more oi
len, following eaaterly boundary pJlAteTBoto
point of eomineuceincut.
Dated 7th tn-lober, 1��W7.        Ihab.ji.la 1'ikkcK,
f. ti, KAitijiMKit, ���gent
Meleon i*and Dlatrlat,  Dlitrlot ol Wen Ko
Take   notloe   that    Moxindor   J,
trnltj,  U. C, oocuptitlon clerk, intend* to apply
pernUiflon to nurohaae the touowlog den
u diml:    CniiiiiiNii'liiK at tt poal planted on
itiliti     11 h. ft. Bouthern Kali-
way right-of-way.  nlxiut  one   aiui   a half  nUM
weatem from the northweat oornei oflot:**��i,
gronp 1, Kootenay, thenee nouth HO ehainn,
thence eant SO ehainn. theneo nor in ho ehalui, to
-nut in ni boil Hilary ol nal<l right of way, theuce
went Wl chalua aloug naul uouthern boundary lo
point of oommenoementt ami eoutaiuiug coo
eoroe, more or lemi.
Hand   November'Jib. 1907
Nelaon l.Hti'l IHntrlet D.ilnci ol West Kooleuay
1 aki* notice that K. 1'. Hurden, net lug an agent
(or .1.11 Burden, ol I'oktok. Nil, oeeunation
imeohaniOi Intend! to apply for permlnnltui to
purchase the lollowing Oewrlbed laiuln: Com*
iiiem ing at I 1-ot.t planted on the oaMorly chore
of Arrow lake nnd about 111 chains north of the
N. K. corner of lol ftltW, thenee eant -.Hi ehalns.
tbi ii* e north 40 ehainn, more or lenn, to the lake
iha ������. tbenoe eouthweiterly along the lakeihore
to the point of commencement, und containing
h   lo-it���*-. more or lem.
I ated November Ihlh, r.H)7   Jamkh 11   BOBOVf,
K.  P     llUBUEN.   Agulll.
Nelaon l-��nd DUtrlct. DUtrtot ol Weal KootenaT
Take notice that Iohn J allien Tameron, *��f
Pernle, Brttinii Colnmblai occupation contractor, InleudH to apply for penninMon to
pnrchane the following dencrihed lend] Commencing    at   a   pout    planted   on    the   southern
boundary ol the ��: ��    southern right-of-way
Mht>ul 40 eluitim  WOlterl*   from   lhe N, V\    enter
of lot IBBB, group i, Kootenay. thenee lontn w
Chaini th.nce eeat *" ehalun, thene* north oo
chalni   to   the southern   boundary   nl  the   caid
right ol way. thenoe weeteriy along laid south
.in   iHxiinUrv   oi right ol way   to   tlie   point
oommenoement, and oontalning M0 acrea, more
or lens
Dated November9th, iwn.
.1. UN  J A MR* t'AMKBOH.
NellOn Land District. Ihnlriel of Weet Kooleuay
Take   notice that John   Hhiell. of NVedlen, B.O.(
oeoupaUon  rancher, intends to apply toi per-
ini-.niou   to   pun-httitf   the (ollt��wing    described
landi   Commencing at a poel punte.1  at the
northwest corner of U>t 7HW. thence weni 10
ehailm,  lhence   soulh Hu  chains,   lhence  t-it.-l  HI
chalui, thenoa north mi chalna to the pointof
, .mini* noementi and oonteinlng ��-*����� mhhi moro
0 Dated iBth Ootober.Wtn, lam Bhhll.
P, ft. KtVyi'iRR. Agent.
Nalion Land ntsirlct   Dmirtct of West KtMitenay
lake noliee that'Angus Metilll, of Ihe Olty Ol
Nelson, occupation tl renin n, in ten tin to apply for
oermiaBlon to purchaae the following deecrlbed
alula:   Oommenolng at a pom planted hi the
.\   w   comer L   0. Morrleon'i ranch, to  Ur
alley* tbtnee north forty (io> ohalni) thene
H^1   fo'iy   (10)  elmitin,   ihelict    south il)   (to
��� in . iheme wen forty (40) ohalni        olnl n
,��� ncamenl.  ind containing one bundled
.t mty (100) aorei. more or lee*
1 lHopto.oher.ind.  I .IH.        ANtnn    MM  ill.
Nelson Land Dlstrlcl.   Dlitrlot of Weal Kootenay
Take notice that   Hugo canOcim. of Winnipeg,
Man     OOCUnaUOn   publisher,   Inteu.lH   lo   Hpply
h.r   permteolon   tO   purchase the   following  Or
si ribed Land I ...
Commanolng hi h pool planted on  the went
onndary ol L. 4719, 0. I. (about 0 mllei ttom. arrow Lake, on   Mosi|iiltn Creek) and l\   ehalnf 7(>
links nouth td   the N. W. t*. of   aald   lot, running
theuee   went HO chains, thouce   nouth   BO chalnn,
tbenoe eaai BO ohalni, thenoe north BO ehainn to
piece of commencement, oonteinlng M0 aoreii
more or leal.
���   il \ i:l i-> Mahhiui.l,
Agent   for   Hugo OarlUni,
Dated 18 Deoember iwi7.
Nelion Laud Dtstip-I     Dlntrlcl of Well Kootenay.
lake notloe thai Levi George Payne, ol Needles,
tt c occupation nineher, intends to apply for
nermlMlon to purchase lhe following described
In ml h:    t'oinno in ing at a post  planted about U
ohalni wan ol Whatanan oreek and B8.M4 ehainn
Miuih of the louthweet oornei of Lot No- hmh
Minntnr lhence north 80 chains, thenee went HO
Ohalni, thenoe nouth Wlfift ehains, thence eant
" ,hH chalnn. Iheme nouth 07.840 chains, theuce
,'.7.4111 chalnn QUI lo point of couimriicoiiinut.
containing 481 acrei, now mrveyed ai lot M185
Datod 8th January, J908. Levi Oaoaei Faynb.
Nelson Land htstrhl,   Distnelo! West Kootenay.
'lake uotlce that Tina Herginan. of Altona.
Mau , ooonpaUon wife of C Bergman, farmer,
Altona, Man , Hitelidn u> apply for permlnHlon to
purchase ihe following described land :
I'omniuiiiMii* at a |hihi p|autt.*d at the N. K. f'.
of Hugo '...���.!,-' a)>pllcatlon lo purchase and
running tbence west ho ehainn thence north ho
chains,, ihenee eait 40 chains, thence south I
chains 90 links, thenoe eant 40 t-nalns, theuee
nouth 71 chains tb Unkn to jmiut ol commence
ment, containing 6o7 acres more or leas.
I'lUKii- Mak um..
Agent   for   Una   Bergman.
Dated iii December 19u7.
Wet*t   Kootenay Land Dlnrici.    Dliinci ol Qoit
Take notice that I, Cieorge A. Hunt, of Kit
ehener, occupation timuerinan, luteud to
apply      for      perminslon      to      pnrchane     the
lollowing deenribed land:    oommenolng at a
post planted about -10 cl.ftiun, went ol Thompson
marked N. W. coruer. iheuce nouth 10 'it chalus
thence UmMt *t4.to7 chains, lhence north 81.40
chains, tlienee west along B. C. Southern Kail
way to place of comuietieement, contaiulug Wb.ls
iiaii-d Jatiuarv 8th, l'JOH.       Gkoboe H. Hunt
Nelion Laud District. Dinlrlet of Wet Kootctiay
lake notice tbat 1, KretltricE Aille. of Waneta,
ft t ., oeiupMHi.n nierehaut. Intend to apply for
peruiinnlou topurcliaite the following debOribeil
laud: 1'ummetictnu at a post planted about 10
chain* west o| the N K. em tier of lot 3622, theUce
uorth 80 ehainn. theuce east &u chains, thence
aouih 20 chains, theuce west 80 chains to point
of commencement, eonialuiug ltk) aerea, more or
Dated January Btt, VmH.       I kim.I'.i. k AntE.
Nelson l.HUd Dmtrlel.   Dlstrletol West Kooteuay
Take uolicc that Marion Isabella Creaae, of thc
Clty ol Neleon, in the Prorlnoeol Brtuah '-olumbla, oeeupallou nptiister, intendl to apply for
permisiloU lu purchase lhe toUuwltlg descilbed
laud: I'omuieucing al a post plauted at the
hlgn water mark ul the Salmon river distant
abiHit it milek in a southerly direction from
halmo, B ft.-, thence north 40 chalus, thence easl
40 chains, thenee RUh to chains, more or .������-*-.
io the high water iiftrk of lhe Halmon river,
thence west 40 chains, more or teal) aloug naul
high water mark to tho point of commencement,
ami Containing l'*o acres, more or lean.
Located ou tne Int day of February. 1908.
Date,) loth February, laws
MaBIoN   iHAliKI.LA   CKK.vnE,
KnwABO Manly Parana, Ageut.
Nelson Lead Dinlrlet. Dim let ol Went Kooteuay
Take nollce that James William tiallagher, of
the City of Nelson, tu the rrovluee of Hrltmh
i olumtita, occupation mereliaiii, Intendl lo apply tor peimltMou to purchase lhe following
described land: Commencing at a tmsl planted
at lhe high water mark uf lhe eialnmu river dtl>
taut aooul lg inilta in a -mulherly dtn-clioii from
mUmoi B, c, thenoe   north 40 ehainn. thenoe
west 4o chrtlnn. tlienee south 40 chitiun, more or
lenn. to the high walrr mark Of the Salmon river,
lhence canl 40 chains, more or lens, along tbe
said hltih water mark to the place ol beginning,
cniilaiulng itvH acres, more or �����������������
IjOCated on tha lnt day oi February, 190ft,
Dated I4th February, V*<H.
Ja��KH   Wll.l.lAU   ' i *.    I C.MKl'.,
Kiiwakip Mam.iv i'i i ki:,*., Agent,
Nelson Land Dlitrlot. Dmirtct of Went Kootena
Take notice that I John Arthur  Scott, of Mono
Centre, out., oooupatlon fanner, intend lo apply for permission io porohaae the following da
scribed laiiit at Lhe mouth of Miinmli creek:
I'liiuiui'iii Ing al n post planted al lhe southeast coiner or lot H78* marked N. h., theuce
nouth 40 chalnn, Iheuce went Al chalnn. thence
north 40 chains, theilOe east .'u chains to place ol
oommencenieni containing ho acres.
John A .crura BoOTT,
W. J. Boott, Agent.
Dated Feb. Uth, !*���*���.
Nelsou Laud  Dlntrlcl.   Dlntrlcl ol Went Kootenay
Take   notice   that 1   Christie   Hcott, of   Mono
Center, Ont,oooupatlon married woman, iutend
to Hpply tor permission to   purchase the   lollowing described .and near Summit creek :
i.ommeneing at a pont planted tit the southeast cornor of lot H780 marked 8. W\, thenee
north no ehainn, ihenee east 20 chains, theuee
south 80 chaliifc,   tbenoe  went 80Ohalni tO  place
of oommenoement oonteinlng 40 a roi.
chbistir Boon,
W   J. Hcott, Agent.
Dated Feb it*, ww*.
Tuke uutlco thut we will at the next
meeting of the License Cumnilssloners
apply lor a tiansfer of the liquor license for the No Place Inn on Josephine street, Nelson, from Pollard anil
Wade to H. 11.  Moore.
Dated at Nelson, this Oth day of
March 1908.
Head  of  the   Church   in   Yukon   Arrives
at Vancouver en Route to Mother
Country for Synod.
Vancouver, April 2<\.���Very Uev. I.
C). Stringer, familiarly known in Canadian Church of KriKlaml t-ircloH an
l*i..h��i|i uf the) Yukon, with his family,
(.nhtilsiliiK uf Mrs. Stringer and three
children, Ib spending a week In Vancouver baton soing earn on his way to
attend ihe I'uu Anglican (joii^iexK,
which nu'eiH in London. Kngland, in
June of this year. Bishop Stringer and
hta futnU) are staying at the Ihidiuintou
hishop Stringer went to the Yukon in
L903, Ills lirst charge being at White-
liorse, but ill 1905 ho wus appointed
bihhop to succeed the late lamented
Bishop Bompas, so widely and respect-
tolly known in Western Canada. Bishop
Bomptvl died the year after the appointment of his successor. Bishop Bom pan
had formed the diocese of Yukon, which
was formerly a pail of the diocese of
Selkirk. The ecclesiastical boundariea
of the diocese are the same as the geographical boundaries and include all
tin- territory properly included in the
Bishop Stringer has seven ordained
ministers in his charge as well as several lay agents, and these practically
cover the work of the Church of England in that territory. Several of the
missions are to Indians, of whom there
are about 1,000 in tbe Yukon, their
hands or tribes consisting of an average of about 50 members. The MoOfte>
hides and the Selkirks are the chief
bands and, in common wilh other tribes,
have headquarters tu which they return
after hunting expeditions.
Speaking of th.* genera] moral condition of the Indians iu the Yukon Bishop
Stringer says that, as in all other places
where the white population has come
into contact with the natives, the latter
have degenerated. This ts not wholly
because of the Introduction of "lire-
water," but because many of the whites
were new tu the Indian associations
and bought their cheaply made curios
at fabulously extravagant prices. The
haughty distrust, of industry peculiar to
the Indian was thus fostered aud the
result! have not beeu creditable.
Bishop Stringer says that when the
Anglican church missionaries first went
unong these northern Indians 40 years
ago. they were rather a superior race,
as natives go, but that cannot bo said
of Ihem today, half a century of communication with the whites have debauched them to a terrible degree.
Of the moral tone of the white population ot the Yukon Bishop Stringer has
a moderately high opinion. Making exception of the adventurers, renegades
and loose characters who are always
found In the wake of a mining camp,
the rank and tile, iho prospectors and
miners who have stable interests in tho
country, are of a moral and physical
fibre of which uo man need feel ashamed.
"By just blocking out a hundred or
two hundred of these and doing the
same thing in Vancouver, you would
llnd tlie average of morality as high
among these isolated human beings as
you would And it in your own beautiful
city," said the hishop.
Bishop Stringer has had an extended
experience in missionary work in the
Arctic regions, having tirst gone into
the work under Bishop Reeve lu 19U2.
and being appointed to the missions of
the Arctic coast, with headquarters at
Hersche] Island, In the Arctic ocean.
Hero his work was among the Estpil-
maux, and incidentally among the whalers who anchored at that island, which
has the safest harbor in the Arctic re-
uions. As many as 17 whaling ships,
with lheir complement of men, anchored
in the harbor there each winter. The
Esquimaux hired out to the white whalers and after learning the business
went into it on their own account, devoting themselves chiefly to chasing
small whales, but occasionally drawing
the long bow for big game.
The bishop and his family will leave
for the east next Monday, ami Bishop
Stringer will proceed alone to London.
leaving his family ut Ottawa for a part
of the summer, lie will return to his
work in the Yukon next September.
Speaking of the Pan-Anglican congress, he said It way the lirst thing of
its kind in history, and a large number
of ths bishops of thai, church from all
parts of the world would attend and
participate in Hs deliberations. The
bishop will attend the synod of tho
Church of England In Canada, which
Convenes in Ottawa in September, on
his return  from England.
ThLs  I-s Vour
500 yards Tapestry Carpet, Red and Green  Patterns $ .80
750 yards Tapestry Carpet, Green and Fawn 1.00
250 yards Tapestry Carpet 1.25
450 yards   Brussels  Carpet   1.45
1250 yards Brussels Carpet 1.75
500 yards Brussels Carpet, Floral  and Turkish Patterns 1.75
1000 yards Wilton Carpet, all colors, per yard from ��2.00 to 3.25
800 yards English Axminster from 12.50 to 3.00
200   yards   Ingrain 1.25
-!00 yards  Ingrain   1.00
���00 yards  Ingrain     .65
Stair Carpets,  per yard, from 75c to  . 2.50
Tapestry, Ingrain, Brussels, Velvet, Wilton and Aixmlnster Rug* in all sixes, from    6.00 to 75.00
Portieres:  $4.50, $5.00. $6.00, $10.00, $15.00, $16.50. $18.00, $20.00, $36.00, $75.00
up to $100.00.
Odd Lace Curtains, 35 pairs at cost price.
Holds Good Until May 1st
300yards, pretty designs, 57 in. wide 65
100 yards,  pret'.y  designs,  57  in. wide        .50
400 yards, finest quality, 66 in. wide ,    .78
72 only, Table Cloths, 63x84, each 2.00
25 only, Table Cloths, 72x90 4.00
A   nice   line   of Napkins  from  $6.00  to $10,000 per dozen.
200 doz. Napkins,  ready for use $1.00 and $1.25
10 doz.  Napkins 1.50 to t.00
15 doz. Napkins 2.00 to 3.00
The most complete  line of Towelling and Towels in  B. C. at all pricea.
500  pairs Pillows,  per pair from 2.00 to 12.00
30  yards  Cotton   Sheeting     .33
500 yards Family Sheeting ;     .40
300  Sheets,   ready  made, 2yards  by  2'/^ yards, per pair 1.00
350 Sheets ready made Twill, per pair 2.60
Pillow Cases, all  ready for use, 3sizes. per   pair from 40c   to      .78
Circular Pillow Cotton, 40 In., 42 in., 44ln 35
Complete House Furnishers, Funeral Directors
A good opportunity Is offered to Investors for a short time to purchase
stock at 10 cents per $1 share in one
uf the best asbestos propositions on
the continent of North America. For
prospectus   npply
BOX  987, NELSON.   B.  C.
You can buy a 10-acre Fruit Ranch  la the best   fruit growing dlstrlcl
In   llritish   Columbia   by   paying   $1 0 dollars down and $10 ]>er month.
BJren as an Investment this ls wor th consideration.
Fruit Land hns trebled In value wl tulu the year.   What will It do next
If yon want Good Land
McDermid & McHardy
Lots   in   Addition "A"
We are agents for most of the lota
In the above addition, being agents for
P. C. Innla. Coata & Co., and tha Nelaon
Electric Tramway Co.
For full particulars aa to pricea,
terms, etc., apply to
H.   &   M.   BIRD
Partly Forntavhcd Modern
Residence aad Three Lota
Situated on Hoover St., between Stanley and Ward.    Eight Rooms and
Basement  all   ready   for  furnace.    Now  rents for  $35  per month.
PRICE: $4,000.00.   TERMS: One-Third Caah, Balance $500.00 per year at
7 per cent.      For   full   particulars   apply
rNEL.SOIV, B.  G��
MANUFACTURERS    f  M*^i*.A^.     Cf��i�����!��.
and dealers in Asunvoer*, oiiiiigies.
Uath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Bracscatai. Mail Orders promptly attended
VBRNOIN STR^Bi   ��� ���  .   MBLfON, B. O.
I ;���
1 Tne i>aily Canadian
Not everyone can claim the diamond for a blrthstnne, but anyone
may wear a diamond, and lf you are getting one you may as well pet
the best, and In the best and most suitable setting. We keep only the
best stones, and as we manufacture all kinds of Jewelry we are competent to advise you as to settings. We have always on hand an attractive
stock of Rings and Pins of all kinds set with this most precious of gems,
the diamond, also a stock of loose stones.
Watchmaker and Optician
Red Ignitor
Batteries for
Hot Sparkers
Phone 2.-,\. 1'.  0.  Bra  16G
Three   Room   House   on   one-eigth   ace
adjoining     city. Lot     cleared,
fenced and  planted.   $350 ONLY.
Building Sites
$00 .    corner, short distance from
,.ne $1,000
lb ft. corner, t lane J excellent s'te
: ir b islrjusa man u*-ar centre
.   corner,   in   Fairview���n, ar
and  can���good sol!....J -iou
Land for Market Gardens
-i,   uu���half  hour of Ba-
!4  acres   within   mile of  clty(   would
Real  Estate Agent
S15   Bai*er   St-   Ne!��on,   B.  C.
|   JIM   HILL
|     CIGARS
$      The Best 2 for 25c Ggar on
t   tk H.rket.   Fr-:sh Picked.
\ -AT THE���
> Queen Cigar Store
J        EUSH   4   MATT HEW,  Props. J
Special for Saturday
For Sale at
Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor. Josephine and Mills SU.
Phone  19.
,   j.        >  ������ ."."   ���������;���?���     -   ���    ��   ��� ���
.    ��m-\    m
A*mmmmmmmnC~' "* ^Sf^
t"~  wu    mtt I P           ��� fa
mtm ���
% j
e:^ ~  .:
Cot*.    Vssi-noti *��n*J ^Vtar-tJ   Streets*
rvKi.**.<>>,.   H.tr.
A  Scott, J. McLennan. Wlllop Point;
II. A. Small. W. .1. Twiss, .1 Gourlay,
v. A Whit,-. Vancouver; T. R. Rlsey,
I.. L. Jones, 8-Mile; E. C. Lyman. Kaslo;
.1. VV. Leathorn, C VV. MaeKenzie, Winnipeg; J. Johnston, Moj i< . I W i'.'i'.'-
iDBon, A .1. Krapfel, E. .1. Nuan, E. S.
Porne, Cranbrook; C. McNab, 11. II.
i:. ss, Waldo; W. C. Cunningham, M.
C. Jackson! Hamilton; L. S. Eaton, Victoria; P. Lund and daughter, Wardner;
F. C. De Bois. Fernie; S. A. Mundy.
Three Valley; E. S.- Sanders, Qi Idc n;
O. Lachmund. II. ('. Hoppins, Arrowhead; P. E. Line, Revelstoke: E. T.
Turhther.  Spokane.
.   :f';!i"   ri  .>. ���"
���fO ���
n ... *-*��� ��
Corner of Stanley and Victoria Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot.
Otis Staples. Cranbrook; W. Raron.
Chicago: Chas. G. Glen. A. F Dudueon
Trout Lake; A. D. Wheeler and wife,
Max Swain and wife, Ainsworth; P.
J. McGrath. Seattle; R. A. Qaunce, .1.
Prenllle, J affray; J. ll. M, .Smith. Cole
man; M. Roe. .1. Small. R. Beacher, W.
Dencler,   Vancouver;   K.   II.   Schofield,
Calgary; T. E. Smith and wife, K  a;
W. Strong, St Johns; VV. Manhart, Spo-
��� ��� i ��� : CO Smart and son, '/.. '/.. Ander.
son, St. Paul.
P. ll. Baker, il. Carver, Leeds: A. J.
Courist,  Liverpool;   H.   R.   Pecknp    Toronto;  R   Law. Pi a;  11   F. W.
n, Victoria;   P. Lenox. P. J. 11nr-
P   *ct< ���     li    L    Doj le,   7-Mile;    l;
J  McSwaln, Trail; .1 Stone
Si ittl      r    tfcPartlan   On en wood    ii
J. Phillips ami  wife, Spokane;   Mrs. S
���   on, Salmo,
I   Stewart   and   wife,   R.  Pharr.  Ross
land:     Mrs     Miller,    Harrop;    C.     E
R   Chaney, Rosthern:   i
oleman;  .Mrs. T. McColliser,
Hope,  Sandon.
A. Buffey, R. Semple, M. McKay. Van
B.   H    Wilkinson.   Procter:   S
a and family. R. A   Jevons, C. E
- ilmon  and   wife,  Winnipeg;    i    I.
Berg.  Calgary;     A.   Gil,son.     Kokane,
'���r��-ek: \V  H. Muhllg, si. John;  D. Crosby. P   Trow   .i.  Sutherland, T.  Haines,
Oka ��� ;   Crossley,  Castlegar;   D.
I ii ana .:;���! Landing; Mrs. W.
A. Smith. J. R, Smith, Vernon; .1. Mo
Knight,   Shii Ids.
C   Simpson.  J.   McNeal,   Vancouver;
rrJck, Ml i Herrick, Mrs. Herrick,
Teel    Alta ;    I.    liuntly-.  J.  Forsyth, Slocan;  w. ii. Cooper, West lev.
J. Bird, Rossland: H. Kynoch, B   n.i
lingar, Slocan; l. Glover, R. Love.Alns
worth; J. Bond.
der. ' ��ill be receive,| niilll 13 o'clock
���ion Monday, May ith, 1908, foi grad
Ing the public school grounds as per
pl.-ms prepared bj the cifjr engineei
The surface soil to be piled and spread
over ground after grading i- complete.
Tendera to state (a) price per yard;
(in inniii sum.
Also separate tendera for removing
three rooms from presenl location to
eorner ,,r stanlej and Mill streets, aad
closing any openings necessarily made.
Secretary School Board
Wall   Papers
Oui  new atock Is now In.
borders same as hannlngs.    Largest variety ever shown In Nelson. Sample
books sent to any part of the city   on application.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
County   Court.
Hi> Honor Judge Brown will hold chambers in Nelson next  Monday.
Bom  in N't Isoo tiiis morning to Uie
wiit ol Percj J. Glajeer, a sou.
Street Cars.
It i.s  announced  thai   the street  cars
win resume Bervice nexl Miuuk.t.
Fire  Alarm  System.
in- red globes and i Ignsis for tits
Hit alarm system sre sow on their way
here and wiU arrive in a ton days.
St.  Marks  Day.
T-iiiHi. .��.<. (������ iiiu ih,- festival of St.
Mark there will i"' a celebration pf the
holj communion tn ���>'   sm loui a (murch
ai   10 to .i   in
Metals and Stocks.
Silver suffered a Further decline to-
da; and Is now si the lowest quotation
for a year and a bait Lead remains
low.    Boundarj  copper stocks are dull
L.  O.   L.
The regular meeting of L. O. L. 1692
will be held in the K. ot V. ball this
evening. Business of special Importance i-> to i��t- transacted and a full attendance of the  members  is requested.
Martin   Burrell.
At the nominating convention of the
Conservatives oi yale-Cariboo, held at
Vernon yesterday, Martin Burrell was
ti odered a unanimous nomination and
accepted. Hi--* victory over Duncan Ross
i- conceded by all parti* -.
"The Squaw Man."
Tonight the National Stock company
will produce "The Squaw Man," said to
be the strongest piece in their repertoire. The company has'established a
ci'(lit with Nelson audiences that must
!������   profitable as tin* season progresses.
C, Hay of th, 0 K. Bakery finds it
impossibh ��� i carry on his increased
business in the premises be now occupies, so h< is making extensive altera-
ii his building. A targe oven will
b< pal In. and a new hous-' Greeted on
the vacant lot adjoining. They will be
commenced at once.
Dogs  Poisoned.
The dog polB4 Qi I : !��nsy in Fairview
The other day <-. M. Gilchrist suffered
the loss of a valuable animal, and yesterday afternoon Bd. Mason's dog died
From the aam< cause. The offender appears to bave used strychnine, a piece
of meat ynpn grated with 'hat drug being Found �� ose to where Mr. Gilchrist's
dog died.
To Organize  County  Lodge.
A meeting for the purpose of organizing s county Orange lodge will be
held in the K. of i*. hall on Monday
evening next Representatives will be
pn sent from Trail. Rossland. Slocan
and Sandon. After ths business of the
... is transacted, a banquet will
ht* tendered the visiting delegates by
tl-   brethren of the Nelson  lodge.
Fegiment   Authorized.
The Rocky Mounts n Rangers are
gazetted as tin* 102nd Regimen! on tho
. adian militia establishment. This
Involves the formation of a second com-
pan> at Nelf>on as th.> headquarters centre. It is not known yet locally whether
the new regiment will include the com-
pan!*.- at Revelstoke and Camloopavor
only those of Nelson, Itossland and
Kaslo, In any event it means a col*
onelcy   f��i    J.   T.   H.   Holmes   of   Kaslo.
Car Early Rose
Seed Potatoes
Send  us  your ordera  early to avoid
Telephone nil.
sj* �����**JJ **s*
I.VMK.- D0N8II1  lie.
I.it utfii-iiji ftovvrnnr.
K- ... At i the Seventh, by tha Qrsca nf Qod, of th*'
tTnltad  KlOffclom of Ojeal Sritoln. ttnd Im
Un.;, -ml tbfl itrltUh Pomlninm I"-.nn.1 tin
Imi  King,  Defender ol  tbfl  i-Hith, 'Kmnvror
of India
Poall to whom tbaaa prsssouiihsll oomSf���
If, j  Dowsss, ��ti. rney Qsasmli
Wnsiyai t    Baeilone of tt Game Profaetlon
Act, wwi," h- re-enacted by Baetlon 19 "i th*
"tiama Prof rtiou \ t. Amendment Aet, itm.-i,"
n i* ana ted thai it -tinti ba imvini f..*- the Lies
(enant-Qovernoi In �� ounnfl. u\ ProcbUDatlqii to
ix* pnbll��he<1 iu two luefeaatva iaauat <>f (!,������ um
lab Columbia (iaaettp, to declare a oloae wtmooo
for   tOvm   Hi   any   |wil   'if   tba   Province lor  mr
period of time, mid
Whereas oni iMd bfeutenant-Oovarnor(bysnd
*riih ibe id viae ol bfi Uxwmtlre Council, ba*
been pleaaed to din-rt, \>\ aa Order in Council
lotiiHi behalf, o eioaa waaon for gt<��aa wl r tt ir
the County of Kootenay, until him) Inelndl ��
tbeSiftdayoj Angnat.one thoaaand nine ban
dred and utRht
Now Know Vi* therefore, tii��t in puransnoa
thereofi WS 'to bereby (iroilR-m a nlot* m-oiion
foroeeoa wltbln tbe County of Kotisnf^ ottii
-���ml iiK-iu-iiiiK the Slat day of aiikui>:. imi bun
rand Dfna hundred mnl ciKhi.
tn tsatfinony wbersof) are h��v�� tanaa (h<<��.
our let ten to be made patent and theOj ^tsi***,;
oi tin? iToviii.-.- to b��* hereunto afllssd,
*> Itseaa, Hi* Honor Jaraei I>unamulf Men ten
mil Qorernot   ol   our  *n\t\   Province  of   KrltIvJ.
olumbla tn our city (>t victoria., in our told
IToMiii.*. thin lmii  .div (Pf  Fi-lirunry, In thnyeai
nitiiir Lord one tboftjand n*ne bnndrtd snd
��� inui. mi<i in thu ' ]*��� i.;o year ot our reign.
By romiiiand,
Provincial Becretarj
. 5k--:     i��l ?C^-S
���  -   . .
of groceries ts what ws want You
cant do better than bring yom lint here
Our stock is complete, fresh snd
prices right Bring In your ordera wi
will execute them  properly,
Corner Silica ami  JopeiiUme Sts.
PHOM-    7
Engineers' and
Our stock is complete :i ;i!l ih, everyday  requirements.
Steel Tapes, grad to links or feet
Steel and Wood Straight Edges. Scales.
Protractors,  Triangles.  T Squares.
Drawing Paper (mounted and unmounted),Tracing Clotn. Tracing Paper. Blue Print Paper. Ail good reliable
lines lhat we guarantee to give satisfaction.
Write   us   for sanij.le   and   prices
Note  Hooks, 65c each, J7 dozen.
Drawing Pencils, Koh-I-Noor or A W.
F.iinr's  fl'ib dozen.
Agents for the Rechter Instruments
oi   Precision.
W# G. Thomson
Nelson, B. C.
Phone .%���*.
���ill  Klnda  of Heating   Plants  ln   Stock
Victoria St.. Nr. Ooera Hou.e.      Tel. 181.
present senior captain, a majority for
Capt Lome Stewart, and captalnciei
for Lieutenants Alex. Carrie and C. T.
R.  C.   Mission.
The mission now in progress In the
Church of Mary Immaculate, will con
ilnue until Sunday evening next. Each
day at 0 a. m.. 7 a. rn. and 1.30 a. m.
Masses are said, and ar the evening
devotions the missionaries deliver ser
mons on subjects of Importance fo the
members of lhe conKrecatlon. The attendance at all services is large and
the Interest taken both by Clergy and
laity Increases as the mission draws to
a close.
Lady  Lecturer.
Miss A. I. A Murcutt, F. n. R. Q, B., of
London, England, the world wide traveller, lecturer and writer, who arrived
recently from New Zealand and Australia, will arrive In Nelaon on Saturdav
May 2nd. She will five a series of lectures, oommenolng Sunday. May 3rd, in
the Congregational church building, now
occupied by the Methodist church. Van
OOUVer  citizens   gave   Miss   Murcutt   an
ovation nlghl after nlghl for an entln
w k ur lectures and the same experience has heen repeated In every town
and City in whleh she has since spoken
Her lectures win include "Japan and
the Japanese," "New Zealand, the Homi
or   Democracy,"   and   "Russia   and   Its
island Prison. Sagballen."
In |b. m���tt,r Ol hi, aj.|>ll'-*tl���ll tut the IMU.
. .Ii.u4I.-mi. I .-rllll, St.- nl Til In Inr lnt.4, ��, 9.
!���', VK itlet 8*. ef l,,t 8U, ��,r���li|> One, lu t
lllstrlet of K,���,l,-i,H> [ManSM),
NotlO. is hcrel.v nl\.-i,  thst 11 Is my   llitentl.
to uunaal lha ozpirstlon of on. nn., .h after 1
first |>llt,ll<-Htl���n In-rcKf R .liipll,-,,!,- 'I tlie Cl
nllrslt-ol   title   f,.r   Ids abOTS   moatlOQad lets
tb. nmne ,,t itiehnpi ll, hue. which OerMeete
lillv Is dut.-.l the -'<lh dny ,,[ NnrcinbiT, 1!>
.lei Doubeied SSlOa
hand Keglslry timif, Nclsiin, B, ��� ..Isnns
!7��ti, UK*
"11    K. M.cI.ioii,"
iMsl-iel  Kt.K|.trss
Fire Insurance
Insure your house and furniture In
Do not put It off. Delays are danger-
jus. Cnll at 322 linker street, or If you
bave uot time to call drop a lino to
General Agent for the Kootenays.
Agents wanted  in all  Kootenay  towns
P. O. Box 634.
Wholessle and   Kctstl Dealer, in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Canipfl supplied on ihortatl notion and
lowest price. Nothing l>ut   frt'Hb and
whnlfriiuii'' ltientsiUKl HUpples kept in Btock
Muil Orden receive careful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Hollow Concrete
Blocks For Sale
AM shapes and facings.
These blocks arc absolutely the best
material to be had for building pur
poses, foundations, retaining walls, etc.,
being cheaper than brick or stone.
Tenders,given on all klnda of building
work.    Stock on baud.
Head Office:  Baker Street, Nelson. B.C.
Notice is hereby given that the Government Lots iu the townsite of Hosmer will be offeied for sale by auction
at the Lockup in Hosiner at leu o'clock
in tlie forenoon, railway time, Wednesday,   April  liUnd.
Lids below the upset price will not
be  received.
Terms, one-third cash, one-third 1st
of November, l'.*u&. and one-third 1st of
May, ll-ms,, with Interest from lBt of
May. 1908. A fee of $10 will be charged
for each Crown Grant when issued.
Assistant Commissioner of Lands and
Works for the Southern Division
of East Kootenay.
Cranbrook.  .i'.'th   March,   LAOS.
By virtue of a Warrant of Execution
iasui d .Jin of the County Court of Kasi
Kootenay, holden at Cranbrook, in an
action whereof A. ti. liowiusa is Plaintiff and .M. J. McTeak aud Louise E.
McPeak are Defendants, I have seized
and taken in execution all the right,
title, estate and interest of the said
defendants, 11 J. McPeak and l.oulse
B. McPeak, In that certain hotel build
in1-*, situate In the town of Sirdar, II. c���
and now in the occupation of the said
defendants, and will offer the same for
sale by public ai-ution, at my office in
the City of Nelaon, B. C, on Wednesday, the Mod day of April, litOH, at the
hour of twelve o'clock noon.
Terms of sale, cash.
Intending purchasers will satisfy
themselves as to Interest and title of
the  said  defendants.
Hated at Nelson, U. C, Mth April,
S.  P. TUCK,
Sheriff of South Kootenay.
The above sale Ih postponed until
Friday, the first day  of May,  HI08.
A. M. Can. 8o��. C E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:   Room   10,   K.-W.-C  Blk.    P.   O.
Ilox     434.
Baker   St..   Nelaon.   B.   C.
Corporation of  the City of  Nelson.
Notice ls hereby given that under tho
provisions  of  By-law  No.  no,  'pound
and Dog Tux Uy-law," it ia unlawful
for auy person to suffer uny horse,
mule, bull or cow, sheep, goat. Jiig or
other cattle, or poultry to run at large
within tliu limits of thu City of Nelson.
Every owner of a dog in the City of
Nelson ls required to payuumiully a tax
or two dol.urs lor each dog owned by
No person shall suffer or penult hi.
dog to run ut large in the City of Nelson for which such person has not puid
the tax required of him and unless such
dog shall have around his neck a collar or strap to which shall be attached
a metallic plate to he supplied by the
city  on  the payment of the said tax.
Warning is hereby given that any
person guilty of an infraction or viola
tion of any of Ihe provisions of the
above named Uy-law Is in addition to
the fees and charges set forth tin rein,
liable upon summary conviction to a
penalty of One Hundred Dollars and
the cosis of prosecution, nnd In default
of payment to Imprisonment for a term
not exceeding two months.
Iiy Order,
W.   B,   WASSON,
City Clerk.
Nelson, B. C, April 8th, 1908
W.    O.    UIULETT
Unntrnutor   unci
loll HKt'til for the I'orto Hl��-.o Lumher Co., Ltd
rauil yar-U,    Rough mnl ���i-��f>u(j��! lumbar, turntod
work min" braauta, < <*n��t 1..U1 and IbtniMg, phhIi
an��l  Ooon.     Cement, bTlafc  and  lime for dale
Automatic urinder.
Yard and factory: VornonHi.. oant of Hall-
H. O. Box 282 Teiapboue 177
DI sts ucrtm
Nervousnesa   Headaches- .Sleeplessness and  Dtudnasi ��������
the i-esi physicians.   Niae times in ten eyestrain is the ,i'in..i
Ing oan en id a nermanenl oure thai  does  not  remove > '���'n
Ii what oui iclentlfloally iltted glasses do, cau8e
Mull   orders     receive     our     p.oinpt   attention,
J.  J.   WALKER,  JeweU,
\VI-utt>-*<4nl��j  ProvlsloriM,
Produce, - f-rult.
Uovermncnt Creamery One Pound  Bricks received wccklv fnish #��,_  t
���dram.   For ��iie by uii bjadiag gioosn """ "*
OHI11* mid warehouse : Houston Block,    Pnoue 7ii
Josephine Street.        - - Nelson, B. C.
that are just the thing for buiinesimen. are here in all tizei and in deiigni
and fabrics to suit all tastes. These suits are well cut and well made and
we guarantee the fit as well as the durability of every garment becauM
they have been carefully made with the design of pleasing our cuatomcrt
and   holding  their permanent   trade.
This  Is   tho  B-MaOfl   of  Um   feU   wh-M)   you  devote  your tttCQflM tn tM
lioufli bold duty. We are prepared to meet your roqiilretnents with a full llMd
Ready   Mixed   Paints,   all   colors, Varnishes,    Stains.   Enameli,
Alabastine,    Mural o. ��.
Evftrything   necessary   for   the   renovation   of   your   house.
J. H, Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited. Nelson Bn-t** f
We have OpOSOd a m��;.t niark-I In
anil would ���Olieil trad** frotD Falrvf.'W
re.sidents, also a share of the patronage
of   tli<'   dUsem   nf   Nelson
Will piaranti ��� prom pi deltvi 17 and
sat in fact ion In ttie following lines:
Jobbing  promptly  sttooded  to.    Plans
and iOstliuuttM.
Apply 415   Hall  St. Box  385.
C'vil  Engineers, Dominion and  British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. bos 145    Phon. ?(,! P..
C .unaware
SETS   FOR   A   FEW DAYS.       I
From $10 to $25,
Old Curiosity jhQPl
Geo.  P. Player
I NO   il   SMKLTTN'tl  00
Office   Room  No.  2.   ELLIOTBL0CK-
fNEUSOiN,     -    Ft- C'
We   make  a  special!/ of
Hardware StippKes
For  Ranchers
Sond   na  your mnll orders.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co


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