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The Daily Canadian Jul 4, 1906

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Array 5U*U|j (fttmatocm
No. 26.
Nut lie Violated by
I millions Call the Lower House
Jewish Duma"---Report
ol Commission.
I-, n.rs '. July 4.���The occups-
II nf the Aland iHliuitlH. be-
|.'illl;llld  lllld   Sweden, the  Asso
I,. 1    ,,1'iii.illy   informed,   hi
ilie nieiimires ml,en 10 prevent
..1 arms ond iiiiiinuiiliion
ltli I-'inliiiid lino Russia, nud there
hi ot violating iho treaty
,     ol  I860 by rebuilding the for
lloniarsuni)  destroyed   hy
Biritislt 1 1 liming tin-   Crimean
nl .1,11;  force sent   to   the
In 1  n i.-:s of 11 few hundred ma
Infantry who are living    iu
install'. Russia, July 4.���The trial
llul   ol   Vicc-Admirul    Roil-1;.  and the officers of the lor-
iroyei Bdory began here
l'i . - liurg,    July    4.���A    |iolnt
S ���  liroiighf 1,111 iu the parliament
,1 He- inassiu-re of Jews ul
ll] -1 rll.i,. was no religious
.1  nl   ih.   .lews   among  the   peace
I   11    in  population.    The  lighting
nl il in Iho police. tTOOpi and
I i Hundred  ou   llle one  .side,
Mis  Jews nml revolutionists on the
|t.   'lit,- parliamentary commission
oieiwlieluilng evidence thai  Ihe
iv.is   deliberately    prepared,
ill" us ns in..tion of Chief of roil     proclamation!   were
liroadcast     hy    the    police
Inn iin- soldiers ami Black Hundred
I 1. ��s with being enemies
I 01  sate  and   responsible
I Is  revolution, and saying lhe low-
the Jewish 1I1111111    The com-
1 ' ti    |irool 1,1 every hand Unit
��� riming was slarleil il was dl-
ii li; 1 In- police and supported by
troupe, who fired only ul .lews and
iin- report does sot ��pe>
Hi   blame lor lhe throw
"I Hi ginul bomb Into the pro-
    -ii 1  ii 11  says thai    several
i ��� win- Hied and thai    u
""���ui   later among    the
iiiindreil accompanying ine pro-
1   en*    Jul)   I     A   hand or terror-
11      ni "I 16 young men. with
1 I'tpilpmenl  of bombs and revol-
iin" In-11 captured by ihe police
rnnuin, European Russia, July 4
1 liillnher 1,1 ainieii bands of revolu
��� 1 -I'll look possession of a
1 1 which wns transporting am-
1    mui carried   off   lhe    exploit' "I'Iiiii; ;:.'.o pounds of    dynu
���   will   he  a   glove  ciilllesl     lllis
id   llrovo I I ai s o'clock
'��������� iwei'ii Roberl Miiwati,   of
1 ' nnd Josqph Holland, of   Nor
iii  Knglnnd,
ihed Uf  With   Badly Crippled    Machinery.
Vl"1'. July  1.   Information was
11 '"���"'  today   thai   fhe    l-'uhi-e
1111   America, due m reach
!  14 'lays ago from Marseilles
'  '''    arrived in Bermuda today
'   "i Uio Italian steamship Dlnna-
ul "' her 11 n passengers   und
" hi good health.
"' tiuerlcn was picked up on Juno
;       """  dlBtance uff thS   Azores
'" ���'' disabled condition by the
:,""���",'������   siie wus flying signals ol
"��� "^J ihlnery being orlpplod,
"" Ccnt"1 Will be Between England
and   Belgium.
Bug., July 4���In    the semi-
���' lho grand challenge oup to-
^   ",,l|lv Huh. Cambridge, hem the
'    '" ''"'i  by half n length
, '" ' """ �� und 11 seconds,
���,",  '"h Nm,l|nuo do Grand of Bei
Iimi iv:i,
1 iis
1|'" Third Trinity of   i'a
" '��'�� ii'iiiiths in 7 minutes and
""���   The Belgians and  Trinity
Hull will thus contesl In lhe minis for
the grand challenge eup tomorrow
The Argunauis-Trinliv Hall race was
a magnificent one. For the flrsl quarter of a mile ii,,- boats' noses were
level. Trinity Hall ihen slowly forced
10 fhe front. Hair the distance wus
reached In :i minutes and 26 seconds
iin- Oanadifns then wen- hardly a quarter ol n length In the rear, and were
making desperate efforts lo overhaul
their opponents, but the repeated spurts
of lhe visitors proved unavailing The
Trinity Hull crew always responded
w... a kiikIh quickening of their stroke
and held the lead to the end afh
ol the best races ever wiim
Report of the Wimbledon and American
Wimbledon, Bng., July 1.���May But-
ton and Q. w. Billiard were beaten In
the semi-finals of the mixed doubles in
the International lawn tennis champion
ship games today by Miss Thompson
nnd  A.  U\ (lore.
11. L Doherly again won the International tennis championship today, defeating I-', 1.. Itisley by I! sels to 1. The
scores are 1; I,   |.i;, g.jf i;.5i (;.).
Ai Philadelphia: American morning
game. New York l, Philadelphia :i.
At I'iitsi.urg: National morning
game, Pittsburg) 0. Chicago I.
At Baltimore: Eastern morning
game, Baltimore 8, Providence s.
At llosfon: National morning game,
Boston 8, Philadelphia 2.
At Chicago: National morning
game, Bt Louis :!. Chicago 0.
At Cleveland: American morning
game, Detroit I, Cleveland II.
At. St. l,oiils: National morning
game, Cincinnati 12, St. Louis 0,
i.imbledon, Juiy 4.���In the semi-final
Of the ladles' doubles, .Mrs. Hilllard and
May Sutton heat   Miss   l.ongliursi   and
Mis* Thompson by 8-6, c-2, c-4.
Ports at  Dalny  and   Antung  Will    be
Opened on Completion of
Slight Details.
Pekln, July 4��� Tin- Japanese military authorities on July 1 st transferred
the control of Mukden, Manchuria, to
the Japanese civil administration.   The
hitter are arranging for the withdrawal
oi military control from other interior
cities after Manchuria during July aud
The American consul, Thomas Bam.
son. bus returned to Mukden to conclude arrangements witll the Chinese
for the opening of Mukden and Antung
to foreign trade, in accordance with the
terms of the American treaty with Japan In   1808.    Some of the details are
yet unsettled.
The  I'.   S.   government     is  pressing
china in establish custom houses al
Port  llalny and Antung,
Independence Day Sentiment In United
Chicago. July I���The Ham's Horn
today sends out a new declaration of
Independence signed by President
Roosevelt, Joseph \v. Polk, W. T, Jerome and .1. Prank llanly. ll tends as
lol low's:
"We declare thai these United Slates
Of America shull henceforth be lieu
Irom the rule of oorrupl men; thai the
government be restored lo the control
of the in>iiiie;  t ii is. 1  Integrity, fidelity
nnd Intelligence be the sole qualifications for public honors, and their unselfish patriotism be the highest Idon)
of  citizenship.'-
in a political editorial on Independence May (today! H continues:
"The Fourth of July, which we celebrate Ibis year. OUghl to be a day of
thanksgiving as well as n day of Jubilation, 11 is our good fortune to celebrate our country's Independence ��l
foreign yokes, nnd we may also rejoice
over out; more recenl independence ot
foes, within the past year has seen a
wonderful revival of the national conscience. We have repudiated scores of
things which us 11 nation we once loler-
aied nnd even admired, I'm methods
nr government ami our methods of business hnve been vastly Improved by
tne drastic reforms that hnve been ue-
oompllBhed. It is our privilege this
year fo celehrule Ihe overthrow of mure
than one political trickster and business grafter. With a man like House-
veil In the While House, and With the
certainty of having either Roosevelt or
Bryan ot some other man of their type
ns Roosevelt's successor, wo may look
I'nrward to at least sis happy years.
Moreover, there is 11 large number 01
splendid men, like Hanly, Polk nnd nig
gins, directing the affairs of our large
state*. 11 win he almost Impossible for
men like Gorman, Quay und Addlcks
to again dominate national affairs us
they huve done In the past. We have
reached n higher standard, That Is
the real cause of Fourth or July rojoic
Fifty Cents a Month
Heir Presumptive of lhe
German Empire
Birth of a Grand Son of Emperor
William Causes Great Rejoicing in Europe,
Hnrlin, ,Tuly 4.���Crown Princess Frederick William was Bafely accouched of
a son at D;i5 thiH morning. The boy
It well formed and Strong. The gUM
of a battery of artillery began to fire
slowly in the square opposite the pal*
.nf at about noon, nnil tons of lliou-
Hands within hearing of the salute
Mopped in tbe streets or paused in their
work, counting the guns, tor h had
long been announced that tl Bhots
would be Qred for u girl and 101 for a
boy. After 73 had been passed ihey
knew that an heir presumptive had
been born.
An hour later a half million copies
of the official Gazette, containing the
following proclamation, were given out:
"Her imperial and royal highness the
Crown Princess of the German {Umpire
and Prussia was happily delivered of a
prince at 0:18 a. m. in the Marble palace at Potsdam, to the Joy of his majes
t> the emperor, her majesty the empress and the entire royal household.
This pleasing event will be made
known to tlie inhabitants of Berlin
Uirough the usual cannon shots. The
crown pri&cess and thewprince are in
the best condition.    (Signed)
"Minister or the Royal House."
AM  the  public    and    many    private
buildings are  decorated  with  Mmi* \
The news of the birth Of his grandson will be communicated to Ehnperdr
William by means of a wireless despatch from Kiel to the steamer Hamburg, on which his majesty la proceeding to Trondhjem, Norway. She was
last  reported in the great  belt.
There was great rejoicing at Potsdam when it became known that Ihe
crown princess had given birth to a
son, A salute was hied and the town
w;is decorated.
A Flyer Wrecked.
Altoona. Pa., July 4.���A runaway car,
living like (he wind down a mine branch
track that runs between Puritan nnd
Portage, just before midnight last n'ghl
jumped the track a short distance wesl
of Portage and crashed Into a party ol
Ult foreigners, who were holding a cele-
bratlon along the track. Thirteen were
killed instantly and without a moment's
warning. Several others were injured.
The car was smashed to kindling wood
and Ihe tracks were lorn up for a hup
dred feet.
Baron Engages a Fortune.
Kssen. Prussia, .Inly 4.���The engagement is annotiiK d of Barbara Krupp,
the youngest daughter of lhe late owner
Of the great Iron works, Frederick Al
tied Krupp, to Baron Tillvon Wilmow-
ski, son of the governor nf Prussian
Saxony. Praulein Barbara, although
by no means so rich as her sister Pur
lha. is presumably worth $12,000,000.
Big Jewelry Firm of Winnipeg Asks Acceptance of Prize to Bear
Their  Name.
A striking proof' of tho recognition accorded to lho Nolson full' ns Iho roprti-
tentative Institution of the kind for tho
Interior ol British Columbia, wns   re-
colvod  Insi  night   by tho secretary of
iho Agricultural society, Captain   Mc-
Morris. II Is an unaollolted offer of a
big Winnipeg ilrm ol a medal to bo used
ni tho Discretion of lha directors, bul
bearing the names of the donors. Tho
letter is us follows:
Winnipeg, .lune 27, 1IWC.
Secretary Agricultural Society, Nolson,
B. C���
Hoar Sir: In our endeavor to be
In nloso (ouch whh iho ranohlng and
agricultural puliiio ol Western Canada,
ku huve arranged to oiler for oornpe
ih inn nn exceptionally lino medal in n
handBome pane, This medal is stamp*
���.ii with a carefully, selected design in
high relief on iho ono side, being equal'
ly suitable for any class of exhibit. On
the reverse side Is a space where any
wording can be enslaved after the
award is made. The modal is a really
Iin.' piece of high-class die work, and
will be known as "Ibe Birks' Modal."
If the committee managing your fair
would like to use our modal, we will
bo pleased to send you one entirely for
competition in whatever class you may
think best.
We are willing to send our medals lo
llio most prominent fairs, as our desire
Is to hnve our name brought before
Iho most prominent organizers and exhibitors throughout Ihe west. We will
nlso send you a copy of our new trophy
book, in the hope that our line stock
of prizes may bo appreciated. Owing
to the exceptionally high tjunliiy of our
medal, we hope you will appreciate our
offer.    Yours truly.
Tlie letter will be laid before the directors at their next  meeting.
Rossland Council Takes a Firm  Stand
on  Nuisance.
Itossland. July I���At last night's
meeting of the city council Alderman
Marl in stated lhal ho had heard It was
the Intention of Mayor McDonald and
tin? licenso commissioners to refuse to
Issue licenses to the Palace hotel and
the Collins house "music halls" on July
llilli, when Ihe licenses for the ensuing
year are to be renewed.
In answer to this query the mayor
replied that he had made up his mind
to do all that he could to prevent the
two "music halls" from securing a renewal of their licenses. Tbat he was
satisfied It would work considerable of
a moral reform to close the two places.
Alderman Twaddle said be favored
fhe closing of the two theatres, as he
thought their influence was demoraliz-
Alderman Martin said he Ihought tho
city would lose $2(10 a year from each
of the places, which they now pay for
nm.Inning "shows." No one. ho said,
had over been robbed, uor had anyone
ever been killed In these places. The
ul her hotels. If they desired to, could
furnish theatrical attractions and draw
crowds, lie saw nothing very harmful
iu the music hulls.
��� To this rhe irtSyTfr replied that he
nnd the license commissioners had the
power and could lake the licenses
away. He had taken the responsible
ly, und would stand by It.
Coleman   Players Entertained���Tribute
to Opponents and Referee.
The Coleman and Nelson foolball
tennis met al the headquarters of tho
local team. Ihe Bartlett house, afler
the close of the sports on Tuesday evening. About fid persons were present;
whh B, Macleod In the chnlr.
Tho captain of the Nolson team. H.
Harper, in a few weltahoaen remarks
welcomed the visitors and compliment-
on Ihem upon Iheir gentlemanly play,
lie stnted on behalf of the Nelson loam
thai they would be delighted to meet
them again.
Mr. Smith, lho manager of the Coleman team, responded. Ho said lhal
ihey had enjoyed Iheir trip very much,
nnd wero highly pleased wllh lho trenl-
mont they had received, and would never forge! Iheir visit to Nelson. The
referee wns, he said, the most Impartial one they bad met, and Ihey would
endeavor to gel him appointed to referee In some of the league games In
tho Crow's Ness Pass. He assured lhe
Nolson team lhat if they could see their
wny to visit Coleman, they would receive a hearty welcome.
A very pleasant evening was spent.
members of both tennis displaying vo-
ml tnlent of no menu order.
The gathering cloned with n hearty
vole of thanks 10 Oeorge nnrtiott for
his hospitality, lie responded in ono
of his elinnu'ieriiitlcally vigorous
speeches, and declared Unit foolball
was iu Nelson to stay.
Sub-Land Stations to be Established at
Various Points.
Mdnuinion. .Inly 4.���On account of
Ihe rush of settlers Into the country
norlh and west and northeast of Edmonton, the minister of the interior has
given Instructions lhal sub-lund ngen-
eies shall be established at Saddle Lake,
Athabasca Landing, l.ac si. Anne. Pom
blna river crossing and Edison settlement. This will be of great convenience lo Iho settlers In the outlying ills,
iricts. who formerly had to travel many
miles to transact their business, and
gives indication of the progress of tho
grent country nortii of Edmonton, on
which her future greatness aud prospects largely, depend.
Trains and  Steamers.
Crow hont���One hour Info.
Slocan I rain���On time.
Const, Boundary and  llosslnnd  truiii
���ou time,
Grand Trunk Railway Co.
Nay Build One
New Transcontinental Line Must
Have Control of Access to
Eastern Markets.
Montreal, July 4.���Tlie nn noun cement
Is made here that the Qrand Trunk Pa-
cilic will have it�� (rains running across
the continent within four years unless
the section to be builti, hy the government is delayed in construction. While
the company has under the terms of ita
charter tilt 1911 to finish its line, the
necessities of the traffic and the development of the territory through which
their lines will run is so important that
the work will be rushed at every possible point. From Fort William to Edmonton a large extent of the grading
is already under contract, and construction work is under way. it is expected
that in about a year the whole of this
line will be built and trains running on
schedule time over that section. The
farther west is receiving close attention. Survey parties are in various
parts of the mountainous sections, and
as soon as the routes are definitely settled the grades will be struck and construction will begin. If the government
make equally rapid progress with their
section of the line, it will not be more
than three years before the Grand
Trunk Pacific will have trains running
from ocean to ocean. This naturally
led to an inquiry whether the G. T. P.
would place a line of transpacific
steamers on the western route to make
close and corporate connection with
lhe far east The charter of the railway company empowers them to build
and operate steamship lines, and they
will be in a position to decide long before their lines are completed what
ttielr policy in this matter will be. The
matter has already been up for discussion in the board of directors, aud It is
something which they agree musl be
determined in the future as soon as
the occasion demands.
A prominent official of the company
stated in an Interview here yesterday
that there is little doubt that the railway company would put boats of its
own into commission or make arrangements to operate its transcontinental
lines in connection with some Oriental
"The Grand Trunk," said he, "has
been in business for a good many years,
and so far we have been satisfied to
send our foreign freight by boats owned
by other steamship companies, and
there is as yet no particular reason
why the building of the G. T. P. should
niter that policy. It is something which
must he determined in the future as
the occasion demands.
"Hut one thing is certain. When outline Is built we must have immediate
and first-class access to the markets
of the east by a line of modern steamers crossing from Prince Rupert across
the Pacific to Japan and China. Of
course, there is no such line nt present,
nnd whether we build one or make arrangements with some line at present
running from other Pacific ports must
yet be settled���but we shall have the
connections at any event."
Magistrate   Pleads  for  Good  Behavior,
but Is Haughtily Refused.
London, July 4.���Miss Kenny nnd the
other women suffrngists nrrested in
Cnvomllnli Squure on June 21st for (renting u disturbance outside of Chancellor of the Exchequer AsqultlTs house,
are proving embarrassing to the magistrates by Instating on martyrdom.
One of the women was surrendered
by their bailers. The muglslrate nl-
most begged thorn to promise not to repeal their performances before As-
quiui a residence, but they nil positively
refused, nnd the court dually ordered
them to furnish bail in $250 each lor
good behavior for u year, or in default
to serve six weeks' Imprisonment They
all olected to go to prison.
Steamship Arrivals.
New York, July 4.���The steamer Kaiser Wllhelm der Grouse has arrived
from Bremen.
Slasconsett,   Mass.,    July    4.���The
steamer Majestic, from Liverpool, was
In wireless communication with the station here when 170 miles off Nantucket
lightship at 6:30 a. m. She will probably dock about 7:20 a. m. Thursday.
Cape Race, July I.���The steamer Empress of Ireland, from Liverpool, was
in wireless communication with the
Marconi station here when 200 miles
east of this polnl at 9:25 a. m.
Rossland Objects    to    Train  Whistles
After Dark.
This morning's Rossland Miner contains the following:
"The peoplcj of the southern portion
of the city complain that the engineer
of the evening passenger train from
Trail begins to play a solo with Ihe
whistle when he strikes the clly limits
and keeps it up until he gets as far as
Georgia street. It awakens entire
households, much to their discomfiture
and annoyance. The whistle Is a peculiarly shrill one, and emits an ear-
splitting noise. All that Is required under tho law from nu engineer Is to
whistle before coming to crossings."
The paragraph was shown to the
engineer of the passenger train referred to, who Is a respected citizen of
Nelson.    He said:
"The whistle is blown just once for
each crossing. We get into Rossland
shortly after 10 at night. I have no
doubt that one toot of a whistle does
wake them up and seems like a loud
and prolonged noise. A whistle blown
in the daytime would wake half of
Rossland. Instead of complaining, they
should be thankful. If it were not for
an occasional whistle of a train, the
town would have no sign or Bound of
Wallace Mountain a New Prospectors'
Mecca Because of Rich Cobalt Finds.
(Special to the Dally Canadian.)
Grand forks, July 4.���Corroborative
reports hav��_reached here today regarding the phenomenal strike on the
West Fork of Kettle river which exposed big bodies of silver ore on Wallace mountain, in which cobalt has been
found in an almost incredible quantity.
It was first thought that tbe Duncan
mine, when the first samples were
found, wns the only property having
Ihese values, but recent careful prospecting has disclosed the fact that considerable virgin ground on Wallace
mountain possesses cobalt in paying
quantities. The average assays of the
silver ore taken from their recent rich
rinds was $125 per Ion in cobalt and
silver. Cobalt is reported to be worth
55 cents per ton. The result of this
rich strike is thut many claims are being slaked nnd it general stampede Is
being made up the West Fork, all
heading for Wallace mountain, which
has alreudy become famous as the cobalt camp of southern British Columbia.
Considerable local interest is being
manifested just now over a dead-lock
between the city council and Frank
Hartlnger, proprietor of the Columbia
brewery. The clly council some tlmo
ago notified Mr. Hartlnger not to sell
any more beer on Sundny, and also required him to take out a city license
for his brewery. The old brewery
man, who is considerable of a wag, is
making light of the official demands of
Ine city fathers, and Is taking the aldermen individually to task for expecting
him to comply wllh their demands.
This controversy has been going on
for some weeks past, and now the citizens generally feel that a hull should
be called, and considerable surprise is
being expressed on all sides at the
tardiness of the city authorities In nol
taking action against the Columbia
brewery and making a test ease in tlie
courts. Hartlnger claims Ihnt he has
authority to sell beer on Sundays, and
that his Dominion license is alone sufficient to enable him to carry ou the
brewery business.
The Y. P. S. meeting of the Methodist church held last evening was of
nn unusually Interesting character. The
meeting was In charge of Mr. Reld, a
native of Australia, who Is out travelling lhe world over. Mr. Reld gave a
very Interesting account of his visit to
South Africa, telling of the natives,
customs, etc.
A citizen with n taste for mathematical calculation hns been computing
the sums expended by the people of
Nelson during the past few months for
purposes which wore unnecessary, however praiseworthy. He finds that the
San Francisco relief fund, the 20,000
club, Kirmess, the Kosclans, the Pollards und lhe Dominion Day celebration accounts totalled considerably over
* 111,000. Whatever else It may Indicate.
il eertninly demonstrates an absence
of poverty.
Price of Metals.
New York, July 4.���Holiday; no quotations.
Ixmdon. July 4.���Silver, 29 3-lCil;
lead,  till 13s 9d; sine, ��27.
Attraction For Closing
Bays of July
Plans For Two Days Program of
Water Sports-Sketch of R. P.
A. A. 0. and Its History.
Nelson's next excitement will be the
annual regatta of the North Pacific Association of Amateur Oarsmen, which
will be held In Nelson on July ..iih and
The last association regatta was held
in Nelson In 1902, when the local boat
club competed In the junior fours, being represented by: Stanley Johnson,
bow; A. V. Mason, No. 2; Br Vernon
Thompson, No. 3; C. B. Winter, stroke.
On tbat occasion the Victoria (our,
the James Bays, performed the novel
feat of winning junior and senior championships with the same crew.
The next year the regatta was held
al Vancouver, Nelson entering In the
seniors with: G. C. Hodge, bow; C. B.
Winter, No. 2; G. H. Jesse, No. E; A. V.
Mason, stroke.
Nelson has entered a crew every
year since the boat club entered the
association in 1900. A series of mishaps, broken oarlocks, fouled rudders
and other accidents, has prevented, or
contributed to prevent, the winning ot
a single championship.
Last year an effort waa made by
some of the coast members of the association to drop Nelson from the circuit on account of the long trip required of the coast crews. The effort
failed. Though Nelaon is a fresh water town, nearly 4M miles from salt
water, and far smaller than the home*
of the other crews, It hss incomparably
the best race course of all.
There Ib more uncertainty this year
than ever before. The old crews are
broken up, and the new ones are unknown to each other, Nelson's crew or
crews not even being chosen as yet.
J. Teague, secretary of the Nelson
boat club, said this morning that the
committee would begin definite work
this week. The regatta program must
Include senior and junior fours, doubles
and singles. Everything else is in the
hands of the home club.
Mr. Teague suggests canoe races,
gunwale boat races with lady coxswains, fatigue races, swimming races,
and, possibly, special events for the
home club.
The program will be Anally drafted
and published in a few days. Every
euort will be made to make the regatta
of 1900 worthy of Its predecessors and
of Nelson.
Close Mission in Ottawa���Not Coming
to Nelson.
Ottawa, July 4.���Winnipeg Is the
next Canadian city to be visited by Dr.
Torrey and Mr. Alexander, who closed
their mission here Saturday night. The
month of January will be devoted to
evangelistic work In the Prairie City.
The mission in Montreal has been deferred until next April.
The evangelists will open their fall
campaign in Nashville. Tenn., on October 1st. From the southern city they
will go to Omaha. Tney will then rest
during the Christmas holidays, and In
January they will turn their footsteps
to Winnipeg. In March they will be at
Buffalo, and in April at Montreal. February has not yet been arranged for.
Dr. Torrey left for New York to
preach in one of the churches In that
city on Sunday. He will then go to
Norlhlleld. Mass., lo attend the Bible
conference. He will return, however,
on the three following Sundays to New
York and conduct services In that city.
Mr. Alexander and Rev. W. 8. Ja-
coby left last night for Chicago. Mr.
Alexander has gone to New York, and
tomorrow will sail from Montreal on
tlie Virginian. He will be accompanied
to England by Mr. Harkness, the pianist, Mr. Butler, the soloist, and Mr. Rupert Lowe, his private secretary. Mr.
Lowe will go from England to his home
in Australia.
Inland Revenue.
The collections for June at the Nelson Inland revenue ofllce were well up
lo the monthly average, without the
extra amount due to the half-yearly
payment of license.   The returns were:
Spirits      $1,893.50
Malt     000.00
Raw leaf tobacco       96.10
Cigars     246.15
Licenses      2913.00
Total I3.1J0.76
i^MI The Daily Canadian
===== STORES =
Tents, Blankets,
Overalls, Boots,
Mackinaw Clothing.
Everything for the camper, prospector, hunter and
I'liblfihed civ  lays u nrcrii by llio
Baker tii., Nelson, B, 0.
BuiiKi'riptiiiii rates, -riU if ii [I'll iiiouiii doJlvcred
in the i itv, or f'p.ou a year If icnl by mall, when
[mill in u [vanoe
Advert if im/ ratei on application.
All moolei paid In boUIcjouhI of Tho Daily
Canadian accounts, either foi subscriptions or
advertising, must ba receipted lor on Lhe printed
formi nf int.- Company, uiiht receipts are nol
JUUY   4,  1900.
" By oue word we aro somotlm< i Judged io be
Witt- tiii'i uy one word somutlmes Judged to be
foolish. Lei us Lberelore be cartel ul wiial we
As announced in our despatches yesterday, tbe czar bas evidently taken
alarm at Ibe persisteni demands ol Lbo
Duma, and lias aenl down to the lower
bouse ihe agrarian bill, which lie liopi b
will be successful in satisfying tlie do
raanda of tbe revolutionists. The reports which reach us, while meagre,
are no doubl sufficiently definite lu
place the best possible construction on
i..e varied features ol the bill, The
concessions offered ��s a compromise
witli the demands of tbe revolutionary
part}' would seetu to go a long way in
the rigid direction for a country ho far
behind tbe Bplrlt of the age as Russia,
bul this cainiiroiiiise haa been so long
delayed, ami bas so obvious!] bei n ol
fered as a placative measure, thai u
may be questioned whether it will be
accepted by the people. The iiroiotn-
rial in Russia lias new spill Into two
factious, the social-democrats and the
social 'revolutionists. Added to these is
tbe threat uf mutiny in tbe army ana
navy; and while i; la reported that the
czar discredits tlie latter, it must be
apparent that the throne of the autocratic emperor is tottering. Certain!j
autocracy and bureaucrac) are duum
The czar musl have listened to thi
advice of such middle-class ajlvisois a.
Mar tmtsev, Mlllukov am1 Jv(iiin\e
viich, who, iiiuu;',!.' ih.;, are among tbt
liberals, are ol the more moderate parly. An Interesting pevallcl exists be
tween the events ol I78U In Prance an-
those of 1900 In Russia, and he is a
shrewd horoseoplsl wbu can read whal
is on tho eaiih for Russia, to saj notb
jink of what may be In the beavens.
Turning to iih> provisions of the agra
rlan bill Itself, an < xumfnatlon of tin
measure will show thai ii is not unlikely to prove a delusive measure in   Its
application to the plague spots of Rub
stall   administration   respecting   land
holdings and tlie rights o) tbi  peasan
ry.   lis proposals in tbe first Instanci
are "to distribute upon favorable terms"
'ail arable lands in ISuropean Russia to
peasants who have not sufficient ara
i��.i' land    The "favorable terms" pro
vise is liable to. prove to be the "jug
handle" feature of the new law,   and
withoul   definite  and specific declare
lions as to whai ihese |.this are to be,
ttioso who know tbe methods of Russian bun aijcracy and lho    vaeiHi ting
policy  of  ihe emperor   will  fear ihai
this is  bui another attempt to evade
me reforms upon which tbe people are
t><> Insistent   Tbe second proposal "to
purchase for the account of the statu
me lands which private owners may be
wming to sell," iloon not promise much
In lhe   way of relief for the muzhiks,
for unless pressure is pul upon tbe rich
ami arrogant land holders by some power It Is Impossible to resist, they will
prove recalcitrant, and little land  will
lie offered for sale.    Should they even
be willing to pari with large areas, as
we pointed out last week, the available
ncronge lor each peasant would bo
helplessly small.
Of the proposal to assist peasants to
emigrate to Siberia and 'Central Asia.
We are nol competent to speali. Inn il
would seem to the superficial observer like an attempt to scalier the revolutionary forces und dissipate the at-
tention and energies of the muzhiks by
inviting Ihem to participate in an experiment at their own risk which In
the end may prove hazardous lo their
Interests. The last proposal, lo make
arrangements for ihe sale of such lands
as the migrating peasants may leave
behind ihem. will open the door for all
soils oi otiieial corruption and robbery,
and no one who knows how little the
officials of the Russian government
care for the proletariat will expect anything but an extension of the systems
by which the pour have been pillaged
for general ions.
The evident trepidation of the csar
at tbo success of the socialistic campaign which has been carried on in
Russia, and io which he refers as being
"delusive," is the, key to the whole
scheme as sel forth in the agrarian
hill. But the socialistic tendencies oi
Lhe people will nol be deterred by an>
autocratic pronouncement the emperor
ina\ make or hy any specious argument he may set forth. Socialism
promises too much, and is too Indefinite
iu its statement of its methods of public administration, requiring so little
thought Irom tbe illiterate classes that
arguments, facts, figures und statistics
all will fail io turn Lhe proletarian
aside from his dream of prosperity.
Russia is today perhaps the best
Spawning ground for socialistic Ideals
tbat exists In tbe world, and the most
in need of just such propagandism as
ib carried on by the socialists. The result of the agitation, now that tbe theory has obtained a firm foothold In the
empire, will be watched whh interest,
aud not without the hope that the agrarian ideals of the peasant class will he
largely realized.
The fear of publicity ��s one of the
strongest safeguards of the puDi:*
against tbe temptation to wrongdoing
and unrighteousness in the carrying on
of Industries which have to do with Lhe
public weal and in discharging the duties of public office. No legislative enactments could so speedily ;md so successfully have wrouglu a change In ih
packing house methods as the notoriety
obtained by a direct exposure of Lhell
nefarious Indifference to the public
health and decency. Nor has municipal
corruption ever had such heavy knock
out blows administered as since the
policy oi Investigation and report has
bi on adopted.   The frauds of insurance
companies and trusts and Immigration
concerns shrink Irom the public gaze,
and when there is reticence on the pari
Of any to disclose their Inner workings,
the public is not long In forming lis
own conclusions as iu ihe reasons behind the reticence, For some Lime
inerG have heen rumors of the improper
conduct of King Leopold in the affairs
of the Congo, and whh so much effect
that a commission was appointed by
him to Investigate these affairs. The
commission made Us report last October, hut the government, of the Congo
stale, of which King Leopold Is the
head, have refused to make public tbe
evidence upon which tbat commission
based its findings aad made its recommendations. Commenting on Mils refusal, ilie Outlook says:
"The apologlsis for the Congo governmenl cannot succeed hi persuading unprejudiced und humane minds  that a
government which thus avoids the
light is hiding for any oilier reason
than that its deeds are evil, Not even
Sir Edward Grey, the British foreign
secretary, could, according to this despatch, elicit from (he Congo administration anything bm a positive refusal
to publish (he evidence When ii is
remembered, moreover, thai Hie Congo
State came into existence by virtue of
lie- action of ilie powers in conference
a1 Berlin in 1885, and that King '<'<>���
|x)ld of lb.- Belgians Is king sovereign
of ihe (iingo State because the powers
entrusted lhe rule of dial laud to him
under express conditions, it semis as
it die contention ihat ihe powers had
no right io require ihe Congo governmenl to do iis duty were Ihe height of
Internationa] impudence."
Whai the powers profess t'j have no
right to do win he done bj public opinion if only the) facts are made known
to tbe world. Tbi Bignatorj powers
might have ihe right io make ih li nun
Investigations and ihen give' these to
tbo world. The desired results would
soon be reached.
The News-Advertiser ol Vancouver,
in a capital article on- the tactics of
ihe opposition press in British Columbia, states ibe case for (he governmenl
iu ; tsllell.    ll says:
*"lt is unfortunate t'"i ihe opposition
that all its prognostications of the dire
results ihai would follow ihe legislation Initialed by tbe government have
been falsified b) Lho coui'bo of events.
The treatment oi ihe financial Bltuation has ilm lie- province's finances on
a sound basis. The refusal Lo linker
wiih the mining laws, or to change tlie
incidence of ihe mineral lax, has in
spired capitalists wiih confidence to develop our mineral wealth. The changes
made in the methods id' dealing wiih
our limber lands have given security of
tenure and facilities for (lie transfer of
licenses, witli the result of Immense
sums being invested in the Industry
and consequent large additions to the
provincial revenue. The latts; legislation to call forth the jeremiads of the
member for Delta was the school act.
ami that has been put in operation ami
is working in tiio most satisfactory
manner. Where, then, will ihe opposition lind something on which lo make
an appeal to the electorate? Not one
id' its organs has ventured to give a
hint   in  respect  lo this."
Where? The answer is, they will
find a method of appeal to the prejudice
and partisanship of the electorate���nowhere else.
Hams and Bacon
J.Y. Griffin & Co.
A. McDonald & Co-
Notice fi hereby (riven timi Bo dayi from <1hIc i
Intend lo apply e> lhe Houojat 1" ibe Chief Com*
ntisaloner <>f tindt and Works I ���- pertni lion to
puri'iin<-e the following deiorlbert laii'i*, litnate
hi iin- month of lliiicjij-oti cret-k on tho Arrow
Lakes in the Wen Kootenay Dfetrjr) * bout 80
acres of land; commencing ut h noil marked
w. ii. p. 8.W, poit.tbence no tu 10nlmini,ihen-
w I'uftt 20 chains, thence foutli 10 chains, tbence
well 20 ehalDi to polnl of commencement.
Puled this ith day of June IBOC.
Win iau M ibrv Pi ri M
William j. Toye, ��okm
Notic-' is bereby given that (todays rrom date l
Intend io apply to Lhe Honorabl the fblei Commluloner of Landi and Works, for permlulon to
purchase 160 acres of Und hi Vhii Houten creek
in the Armiv Lukes fn the Wesl Koole&iy District. Slatting from a poll murk' d A I, I. N IV.
post, tbence 40 ohalni east, thence 10 chaini
suti'li, thence 40 chains went, thence to chains
north to polnl nf commencement
Dated this llh ill. v of June 1*06.
ahtui it Joan Loxo.
William J ToYE, Agent,
Notice is bereby ?!������ in lhat 60dayi aftor date
we Intend to amiiv to tbe Honorable the thief
Commluloner oi Lands hii-l vVorki ai Victorias
H C. for nermlN-HM to parch aie lhe foil owl HR
ducrfbod lands, silnate In Wesl Koolenay district   t omm< iu-iuk at a posl nlaiiu d al Th m
Jerome's N K pom. and marked Peter Pescll
nml a Choquette N W. Corner; tbenne Mchains
qui theuce w limine smith, theuce #) chains
west, thenre 20 cb'loi nonh to the commencing
post, lonlniiiini; 40 acres more or lotf.
Dated May 26.
1'c.rr.n DSSIl i
A. CfioycmK
W. a. Souks, Agent
Notlco is hereby given thatslxty days afterdate
i intend tonfd'lv io the Honorable Lhe Chief
CominLuloner of Landsand Works, Victoria, foi
permission to purchase lhe following described
lands iu West Kootenay. Commencing ui a post
marked Kdgar W. i ynessoulli west ciuuar hear
lo liurtii'l creek hiii! about 1 inflci south of Mns-
n of lo crook nml al-oui i mllei weal of t olumbla
Klver; theuce north 80 chain-, thence cast w
chains, tbence south so chains, thenco wesl to
chains to place of commencement, containing
W0 acres, being the same more or lees.
Dated June 4,1906,
Eixub W. Dykm
V. lvneh Agent.
Notice is hereby giyeu that 00 days after dal< i
lute ml to uifiki' ifj.j.lh tli]f>n to lhe llouorable the
' Jiief r uhttloucr or Landsand Work- rorpi r-
mhsion io pnmhaae ihe following ij.wht.Ikm1
la mis:   L'ommenclUg al ii pnKl placed on the cast
shore of Lower Arrow Lake, ml join lug J. Hnt< t,'
ure-emptlon on tbe southwest marked "T B.'i
N.w.c rucrp.ihi." Theuce runnlug -si ehaloi
oast j thence sn rhuiuH south; [hence HOchalna
more or less, west io the lake shore; thence following Ink- shore to point of commencement,
containing W0 acres, more or less,
Dated this 7th dav of Juno, IWO.
Notice i- hereby given thai today* "it r date i
Intend u, make application to the Honorable tin-
Chief Commissioner of Landa and Works for permission to purchase the following described
lands: Commencing at a post placed on ihe
northeast corner of r Kmauan's Application to
rurchaie.mirked "H, t 'aco ner post" running
80chafnsea*t; thence80chainss nth: thence80
chains wi'M; thence f"l lowing T K inn bail's east-
cm boumia-y to pomi ni commencement, containing 040 acres, mor. or leas.
Haknau Tji.i.nkv.
Dated this7th day of June, imp.
Notice li hereby given that oo ,i- .,,<, date!
intend lo make appl cation to the linnorable the
ibief rommlulouer of Lin Is ami iv< rks for ner-
mission to purchase the following described
lauds: Commencing m a poat placed at the lute section of the east boundary oi J Hates' pn -
(tnptioii and the north bouie'iirv ot T. KIjihIihii's
Application to Purchase, marked"T.K. Jr'i u Vf
comer post " Th nee following J Hates'eastern
loiiiidary, in ehitins north; IheuceSochalnieaitj
tbence In Ohalni lo tlie no thern boundary of
llioinab lierney'l Application to rnrcJnm?;
(hence following the norihcih boundary of same
and northerly boundary of I' Kluaban'i Application to I'lirciiHse. to poi t of commcucemcDt.
containing ��m acres, more or leu.
t. KnfAUAV. Jr.
Dated this 7th day of Juic, I'.Hi.',.
Notice is herb* given thai [intend,oo dayi
after date toapply to the Chief Commbatonei ol
i andi and rro ks (or permlaslon to purchase the
io lowing d<*serlbed lands situate at Fire '��� alley,
Koolenay district Commencing al a post [marred George young ^orth weit corner) placed at
the north west corner of section 28 township ���������������
thenoe east BO chalna to the north eut corner of
said section 2n; thenoe south 40 chains, ihence
west mi chains, thence north ������'> chaini to the
place of twinning continuing 8W acrei ami
being tbe northerly imiioi mu.i section na, toivn-
' Hid at Nelson, B. C. June 5th l!h��
Oboboi" Yoi'No.
Notice is hereby given that I Inteml.oo davc
after 'late, to apply to the ''bicf Commluloner of
Undi ami Work- for permission to purchase
ibe following described lauds, situate nt Fire
Valley, Koolenay District ('niuineucing ai ���
Pom (murk,-I George Voiiiuf norih oast comer)
phucd al the north cast eorm-r of section 82
township09; thence south *j chains lo ihe muih
cast corner of said section s-j; ihcnce west io
i bains, tbence north BO chains, and thence easl
10 chalus to the p!ace of begnniitig, eoniainiiic
820 acres, aud being the easterly half of said see
Hon33, township69.
Dtiicd at Nelaon, h. c. June Mb itw.
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1 monlhs 2U, ont year H.00.
Fred Irvine & Co'y
Notic Is hereby ��!veil that   I   Intend  *y days
afterdate toapply to the Chief Oommhtsloner of
Lands aint ��(irks for permission to purchane
ihe following descrlbea lands,situate nt Fire
Valley, Kootenay district,   ('ojlmencfng nt n
iiarkci l. ual'aghei
W2�� IP NTS  -9��||1
Dealers ia staple and fanoy Groceries,
Batter, Eggfl,
i      Oninpaiifl Miners1 Supplies.
placed at the south west comer of section 3tf
townshipN tin ine north60chains to ihe nortii
west corner of laid section 88; thence easl 10
Chains,  thenee   south an chaiiu-   tn   the  south
boundary of said section 88, and thenoe wesi in
chains to the place of beginning enntHinint; fio
acres,and being tbe westerly half of said section 88, township 09.
Ihiici. a, S ���'���',>���', o r. roue "���'-.-'    ��� -���   /���, .
,  ...     . ry.'*? * rf..Jk
Notice Ishtreby given tbat 1 Intend,00 dav��
after date, toapply to the Chlel Eommlsilonerol
I ands and SV01 : - im pei rnlMlon to purchase tbe
following deso Ibed lauda, situate al Fire Valley,
Kootenay District. Coiumcnelug ai s posl (marked P. H, o' Connor south east uorner) placed it
the norih easl 1 orner ��� f ic it inn 83, township W;
thonce west 40 chains, thenee north ni chains,
theuce east 10ehalns,and thenre south 80ehalns
to the place of I eglnmng, containing 880 aeres,
Dated at Nelson, B.C. June bth law.
P. E, O'Cowkos
UBOBOB VO| Mi, Agent.
The Latest Mddern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.    -    NELSON.
Notice |i hen by iiiv n thii 00days sf'erdate I
int'-nd ti apply io the Honorable the ChleJ
Commissioner0/ LatuUaud Wurkf. for permission to pnrohase the following described IhihIn.
situated in slocan Dfsfilot, rommenciug at
north east porn*r post of l-ol .'s1* 0, 'hi nee ruon.
ing south 80 chains, thenee ca*< Kichaini,theo',e
north 4c ohalna, thenee wesl -c <-i>hihh in r. h. h,
right-of-way, following sa  Mmiij west to a
pidni Intercepting north lino of 1.11 8830, thence
east to point of Bommeuoemont, containing 180
acreit m-ireor If
Moy BOtfa 1006,
('. UOaKSSlR
Notloe is tierchv Kivcn that 00 days nfier date I
intend to apply to ihe Honorable the Chief ('om*
mlMloner of Uiuls <u>d \V,,rl<N ro" permission lo
piirchiise the followiiiK de crib -I Unds sltn<
ateii in tho K otenay i>i*t Id. !ie).iiiuing ��� 1 a
posl planted on the north shore of tin- Cower
Arrow   Uke tiboitt   |o cbnli^  WCSl  of  ibe  We|��
boundary o' C I*. K  lot   IM11, Milfked   II   A   IV
h U, corner, thence wesl in chains, iher
Mchnlns, Ihence eaat BO chalm mni-n n
I-keshoie   Ihen  ei
along lak
lafnmg n ,
UwaTool Juno 88, t9O0,
If. A. U'dl.VKRToN.
A. Hi WOLVISTOJf, Agent.
S norlh
ucnains more ur 1^8 to
... south westerly dlreotloU
ire in polnl of commenoement, con*
Notice is boreny given iimi 00days from date 1
intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of 1 hi, li sud Worki for permission to
purchase the following described lurid*, in the
West Kootenay l>Mrlet Simd N'and, lu lIn*
Columbia Klver about 4 miles north <i Hnrtmi
''Ity; all of mri Island nbove high water, being
10 acrei- more 01 leu,
Dated thi-tst Day of June, 1900.
Pbaxk Norton
T C   MaKISsos, AkciM
Sixty dayi afterdate i Intend to apply to the
Commlsslmieruf Landsand Works, victoria t<<
purchase 100 tier.-- of land. Commencing at n
posl pbinted on ihe weat shore of Arrow Lake at
the south esst corner of J J I'hriMde'n pun Iihic,
running north so chslns. Ihenee earn 20 idiains,
Ihcnce south SOchalns, thence west 90 chaini to
place of 1 oiiiiiieti'.'iuenl.
Located May, !-ih 1806,
A.  1'iIUllK.
1. Qallaghsb, 1.0' a tor,
Notice is bereby glveu lhal 00 days from date 1
Intend to apply to ihe Honorable the Commls
simer of Lands and Works for itmiiiMdon to
purchase the lol lowing described landi, situate
lu the west Kootenay District, fuming from ��
posl marked w iiiiuiu Rrueai J'aviiioiri��. k tMmt
about two miles east of Deer j..rk on ibu Arrow
l*kei thence40 chains south, thence t-i Hmiiii
west, ihence 10 chains north, theuco east to point
ofeomnAnccmenti coutaiolog about iftj acre*.
Date! IhllSth day of June, 190ft.
Notice l�� ben by given that 00 days aftor dale 1
inicnd toapply lo Tho Honorable the Chief Com
mlsaloiier of Unds ami Works for permission to
pnrchaae ibe following described lands in (ho
nesj Kooieiiiiv district; 'oiiiiu.-iieinif nt n i.,,.t
marked "Nstfianiel Melntyre's 8. fi. lirneV*'
planted on lhe wesi side of the Columbia Rlvci
it Lou I , miles uorih of Unrlon ('It v. ninl HUehalrif
north of the aontli-west corner of Lot 878. thenco
nortii 80 chains, tbence west B0 chains, tfaei	
south B0 chains, Ihence easl wehnins to point of
commencement, containing MO acres.
Dated thU 12th day of June, 1908.
Hatha hi it Mcixtthh,
i.e. M akin ion, Agent.
Notice I. hereliy given lhal Ahlnyn aftej dale I
intend toapply lo tho Honorable the Cblel Com-
mlsslouerof Unds and Works for perm I hi
purchase the following described lands:
mencing at a posl placed on the north 1I1
the west arm oi K iay Lake, at tbe north 1
-nor of John etranks' pre-emption, the
west   III Chains,   more   or   teas,   In   Hi,   lOUtlU
corner of Lot No. 7406, thenoe north *0cha
thenee eaat in chains more or U ���. tbence m
ui chains to the point of commencement
Dated Juno tilth, IBOft,
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP.,..ff;i,:iiw,ii(H} BB8T... I3TOJ
D. B. WILKIK. Pnddant        HOK. KoBKKT JAFBBAV, riu-PraidMl
Branches in British Columbia:
mm-! un;r:t;Mi'h;.l",,:;:1.!"''r''K' nU"w",[ * -um-t����-fr��� ** ��< +*4
.xiu.m.,^ hiMWH .1.  M.  UAY, ManagJ
P. Burns & Co.
Brauch Uarkoti In  BoBlnnd, Tr.-���l,  N,N,,���, K���sl���,  .s,,���l������, Ti,,,, Ptorti *\
Denver nnd SI0041, en.v.
Order, !.)��� mall Man, f.rnnrl, will bin
ourprompl snilcarolul aiuwUun.
He^d Office: Nelson, B.C
 "U tn piirrhasi. Hi-
IiiIihwIiik de/orllwa Isn.ls ���n.| premlsi.. situate
BiFIr,. VHl'cy. Koolenay DUtrlcl Comueoclni
hi ti |..,st (marked I', ll. O'Connor oorth ea��t ,<,r
ner) placed al Uie north eaal corner ,.t section
U,(ovrnantp Ml thonce south fo chalna, thonoe
weal in ohalna, thence north 10 rhalns i.- u,u
ii.irilnTly bolmdir; of said section 21; and thou
coorsl Wchalns to the piece ,1 bcglnnlna, con-
'���'< I leflarroa.and Ia'Iiib lhe norlh eaal one-
i|iniin-i of said seetlon 21 lowuablpOO.
Nolwn, B. (;. Junefith its.,,
f. n. O'Comoa.
Qkobqm Vol s... Agent
Notice i. hereh) given itun 00 day,
I liiu-iiil ii, apply iu ih,. Uouorabli
1 mlssloner ol Unds and Works fur Dermis
alon lopurchaae lhe following descrlhed landa,
111 lhe Weal Kootonay District, eaal side nf Col'
Ulnhla ltlv..r,al,on| Lf iuit.-K norlli nf llurlioi City
Lominonofng at a posl tonrkod 1.1,. m wiuter's
9 �� oorner, at the N.W. corner ofll. H. Smith's
preemptl lull,,, thenoe norlh to ehalns 1	
or lees to Ibe south lioundarj ,,f Mil... < uiroll's
preemption claim. 11 ,*i jo chains, Ihence
south 40chains mor,. ,,r lass 10 il.,- Horth i�� |.
my o, 11 11  Bmllb's preemption elolm, thenee
,vi.i :-.i chains n, ji.lnl of mauii nnoouil; i	
lalulng Nacres more or u.s.
Dated tills, ^od day ���l Jui,f, 1900,
I,to M. Wimr.H.
Ksf.i'u hlvk, Agent.
Null.,, iv hereby given thntstxty (00)days alter
^f��,l    )"f�� I'l'lV    to   111,.    Il.ll, ul,     |ho
i blrl i ommlssloner ,,( i,,,ii.Ik    Works lor
permlsalon to purchase tlie lollowlng deacrlla-d
lr���.-, of land: situate hi 'i ns' Bay ou the wesl
shore of K ii,,., Uke In tbe Dlatrlci .,( \v,..i
Koolenay, Provlnra m Briti.i,  Columbia nnd
i-ntittiiuiiijr by admcunren i IMJIk) acres be
ib,. same more or 1,-,-s, wbici, ,,���r.-.-i may u-
more particularly ii,.Hri|M.,i ���H follows.   Com-
momjiuratapalm ,,n th,. westerly i ndorynl
I.. 7i��j r,. i n,.M k in,,- Dlitrlet, being the
south out oorner of t cpia. I; tbenc, .,,riy
followiiiK il ii.-riv boundary of L. 11851(1 f
BOohslns inon- nr less i��� ii,,. mohIi wesl corner of uld b,i oag, 0. II thonce astronomic
south  lo chains more or loss to u,,. north.
orlyboundary., D. ft. Ball 's Application lo
I'ureliasoi thonce oi rlv following if
prly boundary of aald fa. It. flalloch'i Apidlimlloii
to rurehaac :'^:itj ohalna more or h-.s tn the
Ml"r'' o'V n��' ?ayi thenee following the slim.
oslty ol Hi,- snid shore in a uorlli ceatvrly dlr	
Hon TOckains ���, ���r |0H ���, ilie south ,,,.,! ,..,r.
nor of aald Lol 7080 G, 1; thence nnrtlierly follow-
Ing llio wuterly boundary ol said l.ol 7080 O. I,
J "08 illallls mor,'
Dated Juno lo, 1808.
i in point ,,r commenc,
missioner of Unds ami Worka for penhlaslon'to
niu'diHM- the following described inn,Ik, ittuitad
in thedlstrloii.f West Kootemy,adloinliu l���i
vision tbo Wesl urn, of Kootonay l.sk,. ,,,,���.
miio-inoai an iniiini p,,n piai-od'ot Uio southwest corner ol Ix.t v��i; tbence nortb �����, rbalm.
thence weal 10chalna, thence s.mt'i isi cbaina
Uienceeait 10 chaini io point nt commenoement
Datod May tn, lanfi.
, ,      Jas. Kiu/nu
&P Kootenay  Agents
IH R. A. Rogers & Co.
^v*> LimH-eri. Winnioee.
Limited. Winnipeg-
Wholeaalei Provl��lonc,
Slxiy days after date i intend to apply to lhe
' imlaslonorol Unds mid Works,Virion, tn
|mf;-l''""'-0 reaol Uml altnatc bod
���. rniiows Commencing ���i ��� i���,.i (,i���.,,,.,, ..,,
[hi castshoro of Arrow Inks'oppwlte jJleeiood
I ng  a , b  wesl coiner ,,(  i��� ,,1
O Alloy's pre-emption and>lharked I' I. N IV
earner; thenco eaal 00 chalna, Ihence son lb i,i
','"     ,    ii' "'���|","'l"""> t lake re,
b,Tln'ul,,g '"* "'" l"k" """��� "' '' " "'
Joue -'on Igoo,
f I-Alinfrr.
W. ' u.niK. l..���-ai,,r.
Notice l- hereby given Ibal 80 days afler date I
In'ond loappl) lolhe llonorable the Chief Com
ml" !1 nci nl Landsand Works foi nermlaalon (l,
purohaae the following deacrlbol Si Corn
inenclngal a posl innrlio.l w k So H H ,.,,,,,,.,
1 ""i al Ibe N  vv oornei .,( ��' a  l���\,\"i,
prc-omptlnll lu rin- Valley, ruiinlUK 80, limn.
jorlb, 111 chalna wesl, 80 chains south, iOobalns
�� placoofcommoncemcnt.
w. it. afcGiKnuatt, rxwator
W. A.CaLPBR, Agi
Jim. aim, moo.  '" "��	
Is hereby given thai no days afior dalo 1
I Works for pcrmlaalou lo
< ���';:"'"'  lands In ii,-
t:   (null,
nt lain
inarked H, McO. N i:
���Ing I
planted i��ii,���i,i.
..-���riii ,.( iho 8. w corner .,('��  a  ' .,
-mi In rire Valley, in    J,}���elu ,',.."  m"
��chal,i.we.t Bchal ���   k,, .', "," ' ;
I'imoof menoemont B ' "'
Maolii M,r,
CDUsit, Locate
J 30th, iom.      W *���."��"����� Agent
KplteeU hereby given I In i ,in��� ...     .      ,
 ml lo apply I,,,,,,. i, ibletSe Chief Com
in .ho,wo.v,K,!,ul',:':,i!,; ���:,'.' snr.ne',:"",:";
posl marked  M. Hoc. h  H'   ,���,,,!   ,',1 '," "
chain, won ,.( I, <��� So? laon'anJrti' '      "   "'
�����Un.,a,n^S' tl^ SL^t.
riUAa 901b, 89M,
'stl, t/icalnr
I Al.wtii, Agent.
e9*h**��lvutCn^unejv (ii���.p������mi Brlokg rooflived woakljrM>
""'iiiliooli.ini,   foraaiohyaJl londlug����oam
Offlosuml w,i,oi,,���IK,.; Hotuton Blook,   PhoneTB.
Josephine Street.       -       .       .       Nejson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting |
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
Coal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for PreservinR Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Boat Bnllder. will lind if to Iheir ndvaufage to Ou our Pltoh.
Nelson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd. ���*+���*$*���������:������������������������������������������
anada Dtug and
oofc Co'y, Limited
lorher  of the  $150,000  Novels}
"The Man Between"
Post Paid, Cloth, 90c.
\ shipment of ^
/al Vienna Hand Painted China ���
Piecea from 65c t<> �� 15.00. ^
'The Very Latest in Ladies' Hand Bags     f
$3.50, ^3.50, $7.50. ^
00 New Linen Papeteries |
"India Lawn," regular 35c line, at 25c
"Sylvannia," " 40c " at 30c
"Tudisco,"    -      "      50c   "   at 40c
,[the BARGAIN HANI) BAGS left.   Selling
at the Reduced price. ���
Canada Drug and
Book CoV, Limited
'he Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd.
, 1 BSOK1 T.i It.     KlSTKf'.Mt A CO.
Hi.�����,���., nn.l ILmlrrs nl
Mniinl.���l,in*rs ,,l
ic Ugtr Beer and Porter     j   Every Known Variety Soft Drinks
And the Celebrated  ' Red Ribbon Beer."
V,':,Y,,,,V1',\,.X"- J4" WM. GOSNELL, Manager
Curiosity Shop    HEADQUARTERS
nu wanl 111 imv nr mil anything,
lhe ui,1 Curiosity Shop.  A new
il J ipnnesD t:.h��1k now on iale, All
"i   Dlnnorwnra  in   Muck.   I'm-
Excursion Rates
" Pare and One-Third
'" all  I'. S. points
1  I|,|lin;' ��atJ, ::ni, til,,   BHiial
llmll July (il),.
' ;: 1- DOUGLAS,
"> l'as��eli||0I ��gcnl.
Vm Erarythlng (liaal
tu Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thurnun's Special Miilore?
90 Day Round Trip
Lao l   ������������
Winnipeg, Pt. Arthur,
Diilnth, St. Paul.
Through Dxonnlon Kntos
Toronto, Montreal,
Maritime Provinces,
New York,  New England
mi BppUoatton,
llnli'H of mile : Jllne -I, II, 7. 2!!. -'ii;
July 2, ll;   Auk. 7. ��. il   Sopi. s, 10.
Ttoketl lubjocl ,(1 usual varlattopo of
route nml InoludB meali nml berth mi
O. l'. 11. s1'  il.ers <m Great Lakes.
Full particulars from .
V. P. Ab'out, Neleon, u. ('.
The Daily Can��di��n
Results of   the   Concluding   Contests���
Baeeball Honors Even���Faulds
Are   Again   Victors.
The Nelson Dominion Day cck'liraiion
ended last night quietly ami peacefully
in the exliuuKtlon of the pariieiimnta.
Many visitors remarked on tbe generally orderly character of the crowds
and  their comparative sobriety.
.ue events that were  pulled off ye��-
Lerday too late for publication were the
liasihall match, roek-drlllint,' and junior
basket ball.
Colville turned the tables on Nelson.
winning by y to :..   By the differences
in   the number of hits and errors,  the
Colville boys earned their victory. The
game was marked by many interesiiug
plays and generally    snappy    lield'ug
The errors were costly, though not  name roils.
Th.- detailed  score  follows:
('oh'ille. All. K.   Itli. PO. A.   E.
Phillips. <>h  ..   . .  f,      ]       2     S      2      ll
Hard,   lb 5      1      2    10      0      0
Bharr, rf 5    o    I)    7    ;:    0
Towns end. c 5    (��     l    u    o    0
Ryan.  If r>      I      1     1      0     0
.1    Wrighl. hb...  4      2      1      2      6      1
Jonas, ef 6    2     1     i     0    "
Roy Wright, p.. 4 I i i ;t o
Relmer, 8b   ....  1     l      l     0     1     0
Totals 12 .) 11    27 11 1
Nelson.             AM. It. HII. PO, A. B.
Harrington,  p... i 1     1    2 :, 0
Oilpatriclt, pa... 4 0     0    t 6 '������
L  McPhee, 2b..  4 1      1      1 1 0
Shroedcr. lb.... 4 1      E     9 0 0
<;.   McPhee, cf.. 4 0      12 0 0
A.   Bishop. 8b... 4 0      0     1 0 1
K. Bishop, If.... 4 0      1      1 0 0
Plant-hard, c . .. 3 0     0     6 0 0
Briggs,  rf 3 0      0     3 0 0
Totals 34     3      C   27     9     4
Three-base hit. Sharr; home run.
Shroeder; double play, J. Wright to
Phillip? to Hard; struck ont, by Wright
7, by Harrington (J; time of game, 1
hour and in minutes; umpire, Harry
Wright, It,   L.  A.
By  innings 1 2345G789
Colville 0 3050001 0���9
Nelson 0 1200000 0���3
Rock  Drilling.
The annual rock-drilling contesi look
place lasi night on tin1 lot opposite Ihe
Tremont, where many such contests
have been held. The sidewalk, windows, roofs, fences and lumber piles
In the neighborhood were, as usual,
black  with spectators.
During a contest only experienced
observers standing -lose to the rock,
close enough tu hear the "bite" of the
drill, can form any estimate of the ex-
eeuiion being done. Hut all who can
see at all can see the hammer swung
by strong arms, the straining of muscular backs and the quick, deft change
wiilioul the loss of a stroke. The contest is one of many exhibitions of physical strength, endurance and skill, delight in which seems to be character*
istie of the Anglo-Saxon race.
The only entries were those of J. and
(J. Knulils, of Greenwood, and H. Walters and A. J. McGUltvray, of Silver-
toon. Frank Brewer, Jacob Dover and
Frank Phillips were iu charge. The
Faulds brothers added another lo their
long list of victories by drilling S6
inches lo Hie Silverton team's 81 1-2.
Basket Ball.
The juiinior teams of the high school
and U. M. U. put up a far closer game
than the seniors had done Monday
night. The game was even less onesided than the score, t; to 2, would indicate.
The players and Iheir scores were:
High School. Field. Penalty,
Swannell,  forward     0 0
Gore, forward    o o
Turner, centre     2 2
I.eei, guard     0 o
Rason, guard    o o
Total, 0 points,
it.   M.  u. Field. Penalty.
.laekson.  forward     0 0
Corry.   forward     0 0
Niekcrson. centre     1 0
.\i;iier. guard    o        0
Fills, guard     0 0
Total,   2   points.
During  the   evening   ('.reworks   were
set off from many different points In
die city withoul any recorded mishaps.
The Mahara Minstrels entertained a
lair crowd In the opera house, where
the Jugglery and music were much admired.
The program was brought to a close
|)J a ball In Fraternity hall, at which
many Of the visitors were present, and
which was kept up until an early hour
this  morning.
Displaying fcnterprise.
It is interesting to learn that Ihe Imperial board of trade hns at lasi awakened to some concoplion of the value
to the mother country of the growing
commerce of Canada, and Is sending a
representative to rho Dominion who
will appoint correspondents In various
cities and towns to report from lime to
lime and so keep the merchants of tlu'
motherland acquainted with lhe oppor
amities arising  here.    Tbe    Canadian
people will be pleased ut this action of
the Imperial aulhorlties. although tt
comes somewhat late���late, at least,
when we consider that the merchants
and manufacturers of the United Stales
have for years now been kept acquainted with business conditions in Canada
through the reports of the American
consuls sent to the bureau of information at Washington and there published for distribution throughout the republic. Still, with Lhe strong sentiment
Wmch exists throughout Canada in favor of BritiBh trade, business relations
between the Dominion and England
will undoubtedly receive a decided
stimulus from this action.    These cor-
respondents, if selected with discrimination and with a view to their qualifications to properly discharge their dn
ties, ought to accomplish an extremely
viiuable work for the Dominion by
keeping England informed regarding
the progress of lhe country. If Great
Britain does not very soon display reasonable enterprise in capturing the
Canadian market, it may be lost to her
A Liquid Experiment.
Liquid air is to be trial for refrig
Grating puriM)ses in California. A plant
has been established at Los Angeles
with a capacity of 450 gallons [km- day,
and the product may be used in fruit
ears. There is reason to fear that the
liquid may prove too expensive for this
service, and In the past there has been
difficulty in preventing premature evaporation. The experiment will, however,
he watched with greal interest, and it
is possible that Triplet's Ideas may be
demonstrated to have a commercial
Injured Passengers Improve.
Salisbury, .Inly 4.���The injured pas-
stngers of Ihe Plymouth steamboat
Express, wrecked here July 1st, are
generally improving. The condition of
Edward W. Sentelt, of Brooklyn, N. Y.,
however, Is uot quite so good. Robert
S. Crltchell, of Chicago, passed a restless night, but Is con selous and rational. Miss Hitchcock, ol New York city,
is much better. The pulse of G. H. V.
Allen, of Fair Haven. Vt., is Improved.
Small Fire Scare.
Montreal, July 4.���A small fire In the
basement of the Windsor hotel, which
broke out shortly after midnight, sent
dense volumes of smoke into the upper
(loors and caused a scare among the
guesls, many of whom fled from their
rooms Bcantly clad. Very little damage
Prefer Fine to Gaol.
Toronto, July 4.���Richard .laches, F.
Beer, Herb Frank and John Allison,
whose premises were raided by the police, pleaded guilty to being keepers of
common gambling houses. They operated "hand-books." Each was fined
$200 or three months in jail. All paid
if ���" " ���      r���"-"jirfri"'-���fr ���''irrTriiT'^,"*j"i,��TTirr^,iirfiiifr''jrr��. a���i
Firnt ci;ujk Heating Plants mi't Modora
Sanitary Appliances.
Phone 181, Opera House BIk. Box 401
Gait Coal
Tormn Spot Cuh
Ti'lophnne *to
Thnty dan utter data i inland making appU<
i-nli m Id ihfl Honorable the Chief ('i)ininiKsl(iniT
n( 1 mull. ninl wink*, for a speclHl  Heeiine  local
mui csirr) hwiiv Umbei Irom tho Following dai<
crtbed lands.  Commoootaa at ��� poat placed on
Hit-Kniithciil Ixmiinlwry of Timber LlOBDU No.
6878, and nl.oul 10 ehrtiiii, u rtli of tlie N. W. corner ot lu S'JKii.! well Knooiiiiy. ruinilngtlieoce
wl'M so I'lmitis. Uieuoe lonta w obalQi, theoca
cuM BOoba tin, ilit'in'c north SD rhulns lo point ol
Duled I9th April It**.
lUNin, Tro-MRY
Thirty daya after date I intend, toapply to the
GommlMtoner of Larrti and Work-., victoria, for
a special license to mit and <'nrry away Urobac
from ihe following described lauds. Com tne tic-
im; nt u post marked J. B. a., e. w. corner, planted >>ii iii���> Hast iiiink of Oayouso Ursek Where the
creel. Intersects tbe east boundary of lotstu." mid
rinltiiiiK norih I fill i-tiiiins. Hicni'o utmt -li) c-IihIum.
thonoe south IflQ chains, Lhbnee w*>pi to potui of
June 0th lixxj.
J. K. ANNAltt.K.
Notice is heroby given tlutt, thirty days after
data, I Intend to uppty to the Ho��oruble iiu-
Chief Commissioner of I.iiihIh uml Workti (or a
MM'tinl license to cnl and carry away timber from
the followiiiK described ImioIh, nltunte on Lemon
creek hi thodistrtol ol West Koolenay: Com-
mettolna ai * post plaUieq o�� u>mon ore k,
eleven fll) miles from Kootenay Uke, luijoiniiiK
Lot 'i^tM, marked ���'����� Wi ����� K- corner post";
thence f��rtv (40) cbalni wool; thflnoa eiRhiv (��������)
loutbi   Ibenco forty (Hi) chahis vnst;  ihence
eighty (80t cliniiit:  north  to polnl of eoiuinence-
iioiit. (oiiiiiiiiiiiK three hundred tuid twenty (:iai)
acres, more or less
hated the aith day of Juno, A.D., iwofi.
Biteca Wiiitk
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house ill the
Rooms urc well iurnlsheu.   Table as good as ana/
ID Nelson.    Bar supplied with good
Honors ali'l i.Uars.
W. K. MfOANDLISH. PmprioUir.
Tremont House
Ktiropean and Am'-rlcan 1'lmi
McaIi & cts.   Rooms from i'i ets. to |1
Only While Uolp Km piny ;;<1.
linker Ht., Nelnon Proprietors
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar li the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine Ht.
Nfilnnn. B. 0,
The Big Schoontr T% . .     f A _
Or "Hillaod-Hall"    DCCt    \\J\.*
The only Glnas of Good Beer in Nolnoii.
Hotel Accoininodationa Becouil to
noue iu British ColuuiL-iu.
Sn.ri[il Kntoa U\ Monthly BonrderH.
Tho only Home Hotel in Nelson.
Lake Viet*
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two blocks from
K��t��s ll.(X) jK-r Day
and up.
No Obiuose Holji employed.
jayaa   nelson, b. c.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. BBIOKBON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open l*ay and Nlgnt,
SKtnploand  H*th Rooms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office*
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
Th�� Strathcona
/ Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
tloocl    Snmple    Rooiiim.
Queen's Hotel
Hsker Rtroet, NcIh.ui   ft if.
Lighted by Eleetricity and
Heated by Hot Ait
Larao and Comfortablr; Ba.lrooms and First-
class liming Koom. Saraple Kooins for i \n imfr-
rial Men.
Mlta. K. 0. C1.AKKK, Proprfolress
/''T&fWrT} The well known
\JI\\J V C, Snlinrlmu
fUj J,  p. I -      Our Beerdnrden is
��� ��� !    ...    ��        the Finest in the
���" Ktaiteniiys.
West Transfer Co.
General Tenmsters nnd Dealers in
Coal and Woo I.   Express and
HnwraKo Transfer
K't.r.S  Office: Baker St.
Choke Fmit      ��*��-
Both Pieces of Land Near Nelson
Oleariug light and soil excellent.
Very easy terms on payment can bo arranged.
Phone 247.   Office next Oanodmn Ennk of Commerce.   P. 6, Box USA.
We have Improved aud Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
I insurance!   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Real Estate
Business in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
I have few Sale the Choicest
Frait Landi in thii district.
Most of it si mate on the West Arm and Main Lake.   See me before yon decide to locate.
We Will .Sell.
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60,oo.
McDermid & McHardy
Choice Fruit
I Have JO.000 Acre*
of the
Choicest Frait Lands In
British Colombia.
Can sell auy quantity from 5 acres to 2,006 in one block.
Buy now aud get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Kelson, B. C. |
cIfyssland's Grand
Union Celebration
under the auspices of the Miners' Union, and the Mayor,
Council aud Citizens.
Two Days CarnM of Summer Sports
Monday, Tuesday, JULY 16, 17, '06
irk DrilHiiK GOUtMtt, Horst* Suing, I.r.t rouse nud Raseball, 8*wing and Chopping
.Hies k. Running mui Jumping Kai-.x of all kind*, Tug of War, Tmpi'ee ami Flack Wire
rforiiiitnrcK, Buloall Awciislon, Fir,' Wnrks und gciKTnl Rpnrln.
A program which will ontrlvnl In h�� variety and cxoellem-e, any heretofore
vritnesaod in rritinh Colnmbia
$3,000 - IN PRIZES - $3,000
For fuller particulars apply to
J. R. MORRISON, Secretary
TAk'K NOTICE that I Intend lo applj at tin'
uexl sitiiiiff ol tlu* it..m.l ol Uootioliif roiiinifs.
i lo
tiio t'lly of Ni'lsmi, for a IruiiNfiT to
n of Nelson, II U.
lUi-Mv : Nutmiii. li (J. ol my UettUL.
toMdl fcrineiili-d and HpiiltuoitH liquors on llie
protnUu known tin tLe Luke View Hotel, Vernon
Mreet, NuImhi, H. O.
Duled the ith day of.Iu'y, lSWli.
Anu'sT Thomas
Wiiims, W. A  M.H'iin.".Al.i>.
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit
Thorpo'a nico cool drinks.      Lnnches
put up n specialty.
W.J.Walker,  ��S
MM The Daily Canadian
The finest stock we have yet shown.    It includes some
special  pieces  iu  new  and   beautiful   designs.     In
smaller pieces the prices are quite as attractive.
Finely cut Nappie and Bon-Bon Dishes at
$3.00 and ��5.00 are our leaders.
I Three Big Leaders I
*     For Hot      j
x     Weather      :
Monseratt Lime Juice:
*     *
I looting nml Ki'l't'oshiiif
Welches Grape Juice X
To one quart Bwooteuod lomou- X
ada itdd (me tumbler Grnpo ���
.luice, ond vim havo a delicious J
bevarngo. ' J
Morton's Raspberry   j
Vinegar I
The only genuine. We hnve j
others but these lire t lie Beasoil 's 1
favourites. w
SBell Trading j
I        Company        ���
44cA Tip" for a
44 Canadian Mo rn ing.**
Kootenay Coffee
lee Cream Sodas.
The Finest in Ihe Land.
"The Store of Sweets/
Fruits, Confectionery ind
Ice Cream.
Phone 86, Bukor St.
_ ^aasSHi-ii.1
O..I-. Vernon csnd WssrtJ  StreatH,
NI-LSON,   11. C.
J. FRED HUME, Proprietor.
A T Garland, A Lucas, Knslo; Mr.
and Mr8. Thompson, Five Mile; F Mc-
Li-en!, Pilot Bay; W Hunter, Silverton;
R Gillett, Slocan; F E Simpson, Cranbrook; Mrs. 13 II Mortimer, Greenwood;
A 12 Rutledge and wife. Fort William;
J K Devlin, T A llrydon, Victoria; Ming
Kee, .1 Oppenheimer, Maxwell Smith.
Vancouver; J Bangs, Fire Valley: J C
Metcalfe, Hammond; T D Smith, Winnipeg; W H Wilson. Revelstoke; t' H
Traaler, Kamloops; .1 11 Old, Arrow
W A Beall, Cranbrook; E P Qalnow,
Montreal; Noble Blnns, Trail; 11 V At-
diiKh. Vancouver; D A Boyd and wife.
Victoria; .1 A Knox. Revelstoke; G M
McNIchol, A S Lund, A B Lund, Phoenix; n .1 Oavanaugh, ic Saadllands, san-
tlon: 11 I, Mitchell, Toronto; R K Lindsay, Winnipeg.
It II McKee, Pilot Bay; II B Crockett,
Calgary; .1 L McLaughlin, Portage la
Prairie; E .1 Shepimrd, Toronto; Geo.
Robinson, Elko; D .1 McDonald. Kaslo;
William Gray. A 11 Anderson. Salmo:
'I' .1 Graham. Grand Forks; .1 R Thompson and wife, Cascade.
0 Hall, W Hall. Castlegar; .1 Owen.
Bonnington; T McCarthy, Rossland.
.Mrs.  MiEntiiilT. Spokane;  Q  Faulds.
.1 Faulds, Greenwood; .1 Williams   anil
wife. Williams' Siding; C T Leltch, Tar-
w  A Chambers,  Phoenix;   ll  Brandon, Rossland:   A Macmali.in, Spokane.
II  Dixon. T Maiiland. Fernie;   I'  E
Allen,  Spokane.
11 V Wis.-. W A ('aider, Edgi'wooil.
E O Couper, Kaslo; W Edwards, Ferguson; N McMillan, A .1 McOIUlvray,
New Denver; .1 Spenoer, Granite; G 11
Courtney, Cranbrook; D M Falk, Far-
run; W Clark, Wesllev; s L Williams,
We hnve jusl received a shipment of
Sliiniffs Jelly Powder In lhe following
Wild Chajfry
Pine Apple
Telephone 161.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Gamps supplied nn shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats aud supples kept in t-toek
Mnil orders roeoive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
Hotel girl.   Apply nt Club Hotel.   K.
J. Cumin.
A bartender,   Address Box 1IJ2, Nel
son, II. C.
The Joint Influences ot extreme beat
and  reaction combined to make today
in Nelson   very quiet.
Several residents of Nelson have
Kone over the border to celebrate Independence Day iu Spokane. An Amer-
iean Hag floats from lhe Strathcona
and u lew private residences.
Ian Colin Campbell, son of .1. J.
Campbell, has graduated at the Koyul
Military College of Canada, Kingston.
He won, in the closing tournament, the
governor-general's medal for revolver
shooting with 88 points, his nearest
competitor seorlug only 70.
The Twenty Thousand Club is in-
debted to W. A. lialllher, M. P., for a
complete bgI ol the geological maps of
the Dominion ami summarized reports
of tin- work of tim Dominion geological
survey department Held parties for IUU2'
IM, all of which were received todnj
hy P, ai. Chadbourn, secretary.
'lhe first dahlias of the sumnu'r were
deposited upon tin' editorial table of
this office ihis morning from lhe gar
lien nf Mr. 11. B. Clark, Josephine street.
Mr. Chirk last year had these Mowers
in bloom on tho Isl id' July, nnd con
grain la to s himself thai in- is beating
the Benson.
Tomorrow (Thursday) evening lho
quarterly meeting of lho R. c. Fruit
Growers' Association will he held In
the Nelson board ol trailo room. T. A
J try don. of Victoria, president, will ot
eupy the chair. Max Smith, of Van
convit. Dominion frull Inspector, and
.1. c. Metcalfe, of Hammond, will aisi
be prosenl and deliver addresses. Tho
subject of all speeches and discussions
will be tin- care of orchards. The parly an* in Kaslo today. Later ihey will
visit Creston ami Cranbrook.
Thf police court docket this morning was very light. A landlady and Inmates were line'!. A drunk, arrested
before thi' celebration, received an option of $10 or 80 days. The night bartender at the Sherbrooke admitted having sold liquor to; minors, hut pleaded
lhal lie was always very careful, as ordered hy the proprietor, and that the
two youths who obtained liquor had
come in with blackened faces, and he
thought they were trainmen. Chief
Jarvis did not press for a sentence.
The Store of Quality
Imperii Tea
because we Import our own hulk tens
and pack them ourselves, thus being
able to give yen ;i much belter article
and still make as good n profit as on
largely advertised teas. Vim are tho
one who profits. Every pound guaranteed to satisfy or money refunded.
Red   Label ff()c
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
Yale-Kootcnay Ice, Frt^t, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries mini l ilnily tbronKUOut Nelson
iiimI iis sliliinlis ' 1'liniie I Is.
And Builder
Sole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber
Uo,, Ltd., retail yards.
Hough and dressed lumber, turned work
nnd brackets, Coast lath ami shingles,
BOsh and doors.
Cement, brick nnd lime for sale. Automatic grinder.
Yard .ind factory Vernon, St..
enst of Halt.
Telej.hono "m.     NeiSOn, jB# Ce
Hot Weather Drinks
Morton's Raspberry
Quart Bottles   -   65c
Pure Grape Juice
Quarts   -   -   -   70c
Lime Juice
Quarts   -   -   -   50c
C. A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine sis.
���>&*��* ie��*~*r
is not complete without a good
We  have a full lino of them at prices to
suit your purse.    Al��o Wash Boards,
Tubs, Clothes Pius, Clothes
Linos, Pulleys, Etc,
Nelson Hardware Co.
PHONE l^..       NELSON, li 0.
To the Members
of the
20,000 Club.
Patronize the 5000 who nre
here now. ami we will
be a long way toward our goal,
Thorpe's Lithia
is equal to any aperient
auti-rlieuinatic waters buttled iu
the United
If 3*011 use enough of it we
can  Mipport  another
fainih iu Nelson.
&, Co., Limited.
Thompson & Douglas
Siirn   Writing (I  8p.salo.lty.
Wall Papsaremd Burlap.
All changes tor advertisements must
reach The Dally Canadian business
offlce not later than lit o'clock in the
morning In order to Insure insertion
in  lhe issue of that day.
Soda  Fountain
in town at the
Hazlewood Parlor
Try oar Double Jersey
A Fine Assortment of Fruits,
Nats and Confectionery.
Plume 2"6.
A full line ol Crocktry,
Cliinri (ii til OliiHs\Miru.
Alio Becoml HaiM fl hoi Rvory Powrlp.
(tftll.     Wf IlilVf l/'il   thr Kii.lilMLUil M'll til
Uwenl I'rltna In Town.
BakerPt., next to ������ i\u Tlokel Offlco.
r 0m sip cft/us
ytiit U/U it: drttimg spirits in ddioht
M(yc:tdtk UwsfdmM-Iitttixmfmk
t��II>   YOU   KNOW
thHi tin' drlnksrerred at our Boda Fountain
had tonfo propertioi buidoi rafraililng f
Wa u*o on'j- rt-ui fruit lyrupi ot tha Qntat
qtuiittj' Fountain,counter, (,''��'���''<����� ami
receptaolei tit kept ���arnpulotitly (dean
Dakar Street, Neliou, If 0.
Look In and lei Us allow ��oo the
TLoprlool. $60.00.
ami ukinu iho price of other high grade roach*
Inuaajiti basis it simply moans tloti rougot
fias.oo tv.irtti hrtoii.oo,   it is tin- moNt ex*
teuslvely used machine in H c. today.
You din) them in use everywhere.
W. G. Thomson
BTATI0NBR. INclSOIl,  15. L.
I'liniic .14.
Tho "Glorious Kinirth" w.-ih markod
by two easiiiiliiis even in Ni-Imiii. Two
dogs, frftiernlzlng on lhe tramway
tracks, wero run over hy Ihfl car and
ii you want to place your reel in lux
ui'jous quarters take a looft al out
Fancy Cottons at 25g .ind 35c.
Lfslcs nt 50c to 75c.
Cashmeres, 25c. 35c nnd 50c.
Sep our wtnlou fn| 1'n<lerweitr VfttUOS. Hiil-
brlggallri from SOo to fine. Ntionul Wnnl fnnn
ll.l^i up.
If you wish neat and thoroughly
comfortultlo Kvc Glasses that will
not fall of
Out Sta-Zon Will Satt Yoa
WWJBLMB      nml      OPTICIAN
Ian ueei'SBlty In .wry will rrnulati'it home.   Our i,li��'ksi-,iuibln,.|...������
(.[.It'NlKii Willi atuolute aii'iirm-y as time >kMMrs.   We fnvlh- I !;!;.'*
ol out Clocks  theraro h.-n- in aim rarlaty ,.f styles -from ��.|��J. u"'
ni. I alarm, al is up 10 tlm One Imporlwj ooaa.    We also i,���,,..,
ramou. little alarm ooaa ut tutiv 11 rxi.  Come In today.
************************+****+f***************ut   '
X EVER l)lSl>l-A^'!il> IM INBLSON
\ Standard ��uttiitutz Company!
��� AOBNT8
��� Mason ,t If'Ml, fiiiu
T    " i staraoor" Matlrc
Complete House Furnishers and Undertakers. 1
l>. \\.nil V,- BiHlk Caael Hases an.I OIDOO Knrufti
Repairing and Jobbiiig a Special
Shirl ful Work, CMtlDgB, lliiililivs' Matartol nml Miuiliii nnd Hill Mm liin.Ty.
Offloe uml Worki Foot nf l'mk si.
I'hi.nv.    Jtil.
Nulsum, II. C. I
I. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Li
Wfl would invite you to UlBpOot our large ami vniicfl stuck of
No need to suffer from heat if yon
will only cull nud oak to see our
Hot Weather Requisifc
Store ojm'ii from 7 a.tn. to (. p.m. every duv BXOOpt liolidnyH nnd Suniliiy^.
^V~��^~�� B. A.  ISAAC J. A.  HONEYMAN/v/>yv~^^wV^I
Ui.piiirinu and Jobbtns cxcwuiod with D#*patoh. Shwet Mttitta
Work,  Mining Ond  Mill Mnctilttury.      IVIiiiuifiiutiii'vi'.H uf
Ore   CtsrHf   IV.   IV.    Contni'ctnr.s'   t'or-.
NBLrSOlN,   B.  C.
^WM^': ���' -'^l^s^^f^S^l
Don't Forget we are
��� J. A. oTLker
MANUFACTURERS   T       4 o< *       1
and dealers in Lumber, bhinglest
LtMth, Mouldings, Door**, Windows,
Turned Work and Braeksta. UnU Onlen pniinpiii mi ��'ldl
VBRNON 8TRBBT  -  -   -   iNlil.soix. B. ��.
have demonstrated to us, and if you will let us make yoa
one suit we'll convince you that the clothes \vc
make arc puperior to all other makes
in every detail of
Bigh'Olan Tallon
Bnltoi Si., Noliofi, 11 n
Carpet Sweeper
Aro Astcnowljdvacl t., bej Withoul  " R|v"f'
WIJ   Sell  Thum.
Wood-Vallance Hardware CoYLt(1


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