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The Daily Canadian Jun 21, 1907

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 Jtoilg  <Sfan<*M<*n
IB 2.    No. 16.
nelson, b. c, Friday; june it, %907.
Fd��tt Cunts a Month
[atement by Members of
(���or and Two Aldermen Express
[ Their View of Dispute With
School Trustees.
blowing statement, was handed
fne Dailj Canadian this morning ln
nl a letter signed by the three
lln-rs oi tin! council who formed tho
(i;il committee appointed by the
nil 'to act with the board of school
in all matter! connected with
ferectloo of the  new  school build-
Daily Canadian:
li no inti'UtioQ of criticizing  the
Ju you take  with refereuce to the
Ition ol attaira us between the school
hi and Hie city council, we deem it
} fair liiul tlie public suould be made
sainted  with   the  tacts  relating  to
���untortunate friction that uppears to
It between these two bodies iu Ibis
llilie tho statement tbat the special
Induce of Uie couucil was appointed
aquett of the scliool boutd may
^.peu lo question,  tbe fact remuius
iii.  school bun 1,1 concurred iu the
nun, tit,   und the delegation from
oard to tt.e council expressed  un-
i< 11   approval   of   tbe   suggestion
mooted, even going so lur uu to
tu tbe council thut tile committee
1<1 bi ol great vulue In assisting the
fii in the carrying on und completion
* was plainly evideut in  the  pre-
ir) stages uf tho acbeme. when no
Jtliib ui  tin- board  tu consider the
|tiun was held without notifying the
- "i  the special  committee  of
ul such meeting, und profiting by
idvlce and suggeslionu offered  uy
In fuel, everything was lovely,
erfect liannony prevailed until the
^w atittiorizing  the issuance  of de-
i received the nsseni of the rate-
Having   apparently    used  the
ell, through lta committee, for the
use uf securing Its support for the
lw. tlie board evidently concluded it
thoroughly   competent  to  "paddle
>wn canoe," and work independent
I tile    Council.     At   least uubsequeul
's have   continued  thut   opinion.
Ithoul raising the question us to tho
ef the special committee to vote
mailers    affecting tlie new school
|.        we claim thut the bourd bus
irately  acted   with discourtesy   to
ouncll, und In u senae, hus stulti-
'self In Ignoring the special com-
1 when the1 plans were up for conation.    The  manner  ol   soliciting
j procuring the pluns was arranged
juint meeting of the two commit-
advlce and suggestions from
Jciuncll committee were naked for
freely given, und acted upon by the
I.      Under   the   circumstances   It
ll<) only huve been fair and honor*
" en lhe part of the board to notify
apeclal committee of the meeting
[tlie consideration of the pluns sub
���d, Hint oven ln the selection, they
ft at leasi have offered suggestions
""incurred in the selection made by
pile it is hue the members of the
"I board ure elected  by the  raters, ami have taken an oath to per-
faithfully   tbe   duties   devolving
"lein,   the   further  fact   remains
l"�� nhcuol board ucqulsccd In the
JlntimiH of a speclul committee, for
purpose, acknowledged  the
Siiilh- hy notifying them of curtain
piBa,  emphasized   the   Importance
ommlttee by accepting and uct-
j'lnni suggestion* offered, and flriul-
plien ii waH presumed there was no
[Milt)  (,f failure, through the fact
bylaw having been passed, glv-
I'he council, through its committee.
c��ld   shoulder anil Ignoring ihem
Weiely in ihe selection of plniiH.
1 Individual member* of tbe special
��b tee we have no fntilt to And, but
epresentatlves of  the   council   we
'���to school board has gone ont of
putting It mildly, to allow  a
itirtoay to the council, and so far.
"lily to this charge from the school
'I has not given this view a dlffer-
"loglzing for encroaching so much
""r space, we are.
W. 0. G1U.ETT
D. C.  McMOItniS
Special Committee.
��*r Supply  Running  Low���Prospect
Not Encouraging.
"onto. June 21.���The completion of
I new water tunnel uci-osb the bay
���(it be mnde any too soon. Tho tone
Tm Watemrks Engineer Pellowes
few Ji? "?; In dl8(='>88lng the water
Py Blt����tion, waB by no means en
couraging. At the present time there If
only ID feet of water ln the reservoir,
when there should be between IS and
20 feet. As a reBult of this the real-
dents In the northwestern part of the
city ure complaining ubout. tho low pressure and u\v anxious to know when
there will be uny Improvement. "We
are pumping all we can pump now,"
said Engineer Fallows*, "and 1 cannot
give any assurance of Improvement till
Ibe pew tunnel Is completed."
Shocked Sunday 8ohool Picnic Near St.
Catherines, Ont.
St. Catherines, Out., June 20.���A
fierce thunder storm visited the city
about 4:110 yesterday afternoon and
played havoc with the trees In the various sections of the city. The Sunday
school picnic from St. lilies Presbyterian church wus In the purk when lightning struck a large tree near the pavilion where the picnickers had taken
refuge Miss Chamberlain and Miss Julia Klnley were prostrated by the shock,
Ihe former recovering soon after Miss
Chamberluin was unconscious for fully
un hour and was taken to tho residence
of Park Superintendent Mcl.ellan,
where Dr. Shehan restored her to consciousness. After striking the tree the
lightning continued In u straight line,
touring strips of hark from the dozen
trees in line from the pavilion to Queen
Btreet. Superintendent McLellan and
many of the picnickers also Buffered
severe shocks, but were only 111 a few
Canadian Nature Writer Admire* Pre*.
Rooaevelt but Smile* at HI*
New York, June 21.���Cbarlea O. D.
Roberta, tbe Cunadlan nature writer,
who, together with Jack London and
Willium J. Long, wus recently styled
by President Roosevelt u "nature
taker," laughingly admitted that be hud
seen the magazine article fa which the
president wus quoted as- saying illtu his
nature storieB were avowedly fairy
tales, but tbat It did not disturb him.
"President Roosevelt is a friend of
mine, and 1 admire him exceedingly,"
said Mr. Roberts. "1 believe tbat ut
the moment he made the statement ascribed to him he was curried away by
his aider for criticism into a busty, unjust conclusion. President llooosevelt
says my stories are fairly tales. With
the most Irleudly feeling toward him I
will suy ln reply that lie is mistaken,
and that my stories are nol fairy tales.
"In presenting hla argument he calls
attention to my story, On the Night
Trail,' ln which a man carrying a lynx
lu a bag on his hack Is attacked by
eight wolves. 'Ibe man tights tbe animals with un uxe, but tlnully when
bard pressed slashes open the bug and
lhe lynx leaping among the wolves puts
up a tight that sends several of them
out of the battle. President Roosevelt as-
serts thut this is ridiculous und that the
lynx of tbe story would have stood no
more chuuee with the eight wolves than
a house cut would stand ln a light with
elghl bull  terriers.
"As a matter of fact, I believe the
president undoubtedly had in mind a
possible conflict between the Rocky
Mountain lynx, or lynx rufus, with
which he is familiar, and the big Western timber wolves. The story. In fact,
concerned the real lynx, known as the
lynx canadensis, u vicious and powerful
animal Inhabiting the northeastern
parts of this country, and eight common wolves, averaging barely half the
size of the Western species. I was
born and spent my early days ln the
backwoods of New lirunswick. Until
I was 14 years of nge my whole time,
with Ihe exception of a few hours a
week, was spent in the woods studying
"In tho story which Prosldent Roosevelt criticizes, I wrote of the animals of
New lirunswick, with the habits of
which I am thoroughly fumiiiur, and
not of the animals of the West. The
facts are bnsed on long and careful observations.
"Tho statement made by the president and similar statements made by
John Burroughs, tho naturalist, ntnrk
the establishment of two separate and
distinct schools of nature students in
this country. The school headed by
President Roosevelt and Mr. llurrotighs
maintains thnt the notion of animals Is
governed purely hy Instinct. The school
In which Jack London, Mr. Long and
myself arc classed believes that anl-
mala uro actuated by something distinctly akin to reason. Within the next
few days I shall issue a statement ln
which I shall answer the president more
Anxious Time In Paris.
Paris, June 21��� Tho cabinet held a
lengthy session last night, only breaking up at midnight. The crisis In the
Mid was thoroughly discussed. At 2
a. m. It was announced that Premier
Clemenceau had received a message
from the prefect at Narbonne stating
that ordor had been restored.
Story of Stealing Seat
in London
Trial of Corrt.ption.sts Postponed
Till Autumn���Bye-Election
To Be Held Earlier.
Paris, Juno 21.���There are persistent
rumors I hat tho prefect of the department of Narbonne has been assassinated.
Ottawu, June 21.���It is now practically admitted In government circles that
Hon. C. S. Hyman hus definitely retired from the government. His resignation, addressed lo Sir Wilfrid Laurier, is now at Ottawa, and will probably be communicated to the governor
general before Sir Wilfrid's return. Mr.
Hyman bud resigned his seal ln the
house before the close of the session,
so thai he has been a minister without
u seat for more than two months. The
premier announced in parliament at the
beginning of the session that Mr. Hyman had proposed to retire when the
first exposure of the London conspiracy
was made. Sir Wilfrid then requested
him to retain his place ln the government while giving up his stolen seat.
Mr. Hyman has finally decided to give
up both.
The defence ln the London conspiracy
case has succeeded ln postponing the
criminal trial until next uutmun, one
full year after the confession of some
of tlie persons implicated The excuse
for this delay was that the evidence of
Hug-the-Machine Preston was needed.
This officer of the government has been
doing,, 'v.-'lulls' worth mentioning since
he was dlsm.sBed from his position ln
England and appointed by Sir Richard
Cartwright to u Japanese mission. Mr.
Preston could have been here instead of
amusing himself in South Alnca und
Austrulla. Hui the real idea was to
posipoue further exposure us long as
possible and at least until after the
e ection in London.
As tbe fuels brought out in this conspiracy examination have been partly
forgotten it may be worth while to re
call some of them. The election la
question took place on June 13th, 1905,
when Mr. Hyman took office and went
buck to Loudon for re-election. It will
be remembered that the autonomy bill
waa then an Issue before the country
and that Mr. Hyman's return by a majority of over 400 was claimed as a
vindication of tbe government's policy
Not until a yeur after did the country
leant the manner by which that
majority was obtained. On September
2Mb, 190C, Joseph E. Rogers, Inspector
of criminal Investigation, laid a complaint before Magistrate Denison, of
Toronto, setting forth that John O'Gor-
man, a well known campaign manager,
with several of Mr. Hyman's lending
supporters, had conspired to corrupt the
electors of London by pnytnents of
money, and also to violate the secrecy
of the ballot by obtaining und -giving
information us to the candidate for
whom the electors.voted.
The first witness was Jeremiah Collins who bad been a returning officer
in tbe by-election and who made con
lession of his share ln the transaction.
Collins swore that O'Gorman gave him
$800 the day after tbe election and $120
subsequently to make good his expenditure. The total number of electors tn
tho division whero Collins operated was
301. Of these 249 voted, whereof 104
were bought for Hyman. Mr. Hyman
seems to have received 40 votes that
were not purchased, for his total vote
wus 144, which gave him 39 majority nt
that poll. In the general election of
the year before the Conservative had a
majority of 30 at this place.
Collins gave the exact details of the
methods adopted. After he had been
appointed deputy returning officer
O'Gorman sent for him and they arranged tho system. The regular price
for votes was $10 each, but tho managers were not disposed to pay the money
until they were sure of the votes. They
objected to the secret ballot. Deputy
returning officers in the plot wero there-
fore Instructed to fold the ballot In sucb
a way that when tho elector brought it
bnck marked the officer in tearing off
the counterfoil could see how he hud
voted. At Ihe poll there were two government scrutineers. The special duty
of one wus keep check on tbe paid
voters with the help of a list prepared
for the purpose. When the returning
officer found that an elector had voted
for Hyman he put the ballot Into the
box with tho right hand. If the vote
was for Gray the left hand was employed. The scrutineer conspirator
made note of the fact. Meanwhile the
money hud not been paid to the voter
but was in an envelope with his name
on It, left with a third party satisfactory
to the voter, to be paid when it should
bo known thnt he had voted right. In
this way the conspirators made sure of
the delivery of the goods. The 104
voters bought In Collins' division were
represented by $986 subsequently paid.
This was only one division.   In an
other division, according to Collins' testimony, the deputy returning officer and
another operator spent between eleven
hundred and twelve hundred dollars for
tbe same purpose, and by the same
routine. These statement:, were confirmed by a large army of voters who
were found and called Into court. More
than a hundred different persons swore
that they had received money for their
votes, under the terms and conditions
named above, $10 being the regular
price, though Home of the voters found
one dollar deducted as the agent's commission. A few only got $5. Some purchases were made at $7 and $8. and several voters got a little more than the
standard price. O'Gorman. who had
charge of the operation, was located ln
Mr. Hyman's committee room. Collins
Implicated with blm a number of leading Liberals of whom seven have been
committed for trial. These include Geo-
Reld, who has been Mr. Hvman's most
efflcctlve local campaigner during his
whole political career. Other persons
charged are u well known party campaigner who left the country when the
arreBts were made. There was also a
customs officer, a hotel proprietor, and
three others making the Hat of eight.
Mi sides Mr. Collins himself some of
the accused were returning officers. In
one ease a gentleman who had been
appointed returning officer had his appointment cancelled just before the election in order that a more satisfactory
operator should be selected, tlie original
appointee receiving $15 from the campaign fund. An old man named Wm.
Spcnce, who held a poll, confessed tbat
on election nlgbt he went to tea at the
house of one of the conspirators, and
later on met another who persuaded
him to allow them to go through the
ballot box and Bee which elector* bad
failed to vote as they were paid. He
bad taken the ballots to the conspirator's house and the examination revealed a shortage of two rotes that had been
bought. Thereupon the returning officer was paid the $20 intended for these
Among the winesses who testified In
the inquiry was J. G. Prltchet. It may
be explained that the charge of criminal conspiracy Includes not only the
London election but several outer federal and provincial contests. Prltchet
testified tbat he had long been acquainted with some of the accused and had
on many occasions received money from
them and other campaign managers for
his special duties. Mr. Prltchet is not
a mere briber but holds higher rank.
He was an instructor In the art ot ballot
switching, that Is to say in the art of
causing votes cast for one candidate to
be counted for the other. He mentioned
several of tbe persona charged aa men
with whom he had ln previous elections
done business of this kind. It was his
custom to met wlth-thene managers and
pay-masters a week or twelve days days
before a constituency would be opened.
Then Prltchet would go to the constituencies and deputies would be brought
to him whom he would train ln the
science of switching ballots. Occasionally Prltchett took a poll himself and
switched 26 ballots or so In a day. His
testimony was: "Some deputies would
forge five and some as high as twenty-
three. I think that was the highest of
any person's doing." They were paid $5
per ballot. Prltchet went on to explain
how the thing was done and gave a
good deal of other Information. He had
switched 27 ballots himself at a West
Elgin poll, had received money from
Mr. O'Gorman, Mr. Preston and various
other managers. Bogus ballots had to
be provided beforehand for purposes of
substitution, and these Mr. Pritchet
said he "would usually find In a convenient place. Prltchet gave the names
of deputies ln Brockvllle, West Huron
and other constituencies who had been
ln the service.
There came a time when Prltchett's
friends were in danger and it was not
convenient to have him ln the country.
Then Lewis came, invited him to get
out, and gave him $100. .While he was
away he received in letters $425 more.
He war, entitled to $100 a month according to the bargain, but according to
his evidence there was a deficit.
Service for Rancher*.
As a result of negotiations between P. A. Starkey, commercial
agent for the Kootenay Fruit
Growers' Association, and Capt.
Gore, superintendent of the
C. P. R. Co.'s Interior navigation,
an important concession has been
*> granted to the fruit growers of
tho West Arm.
Capt. Gore today authorizes the
announcement, that beginning on
June 24th the steamer Kuskanook
will leave Nelson dally at 5 a. m.,
and make all necessary calls between Nelson and Procter, and
that three times a week calls will
be made at Gray's Creek.
Mr. Starkey expresses the hope
that the ranchers will show their
appreciation of the concession by
facilitating the service ln every
possible way. He suggeats that
J wherevor possible there may be
common landings, so that the
steamer's stops may be no more
frequent than Is absolutely necessary. There are many places on
both shores were the ranchers are
close together. At each a friendly arrangement among.the ranchers should result ln the using of
one wharf for shipments.
Alliance Willi Liberals at
an End
O'Brien and Healy Are Read Out of
the Party���Will Fight for Home
Rale by Obstruction.
Dublin, June 21.���Sixty-four representatives of the districts of 17 members of
tbe House of Commons attended a meeting yesterday of the National Directory
of the United Irish League. John E.
Redmond presided. The object of the
meeting was to take steps for organising an Irish protest against the continued denial of self-government for
Ireland. Great unity of purpose was
shown and it was resolved to hold a
series of monster popular demonstrations throughout Ireland to endorse the
declaration of the national convention
that nothing short of national autonomy
will satisfy the Irish people and lead to
peace and content, as well as to Impress on the minds of British statesmen Uie necessity of finding some acceptable solution of the question. The
people are to be asked to cease the use
of British manufactures and to Insist
that the children be taught the Irish
language in the schools. Besides approving a number of other planks In
the national policy, a resolution was
unanimously adopted expressing confidence ln the Irish party and approval
of Its withdrawal from the Liberal alliance. The directory, hovvever, rejected by a vote ot 80 to 7 a motion Inviting tbe co-operation of Wm. O'Brien,
member for Cork, and Timothy Healy,
M. P. for the north division of Louth,
and rejected also by a vote of 70 to 4,
a motion favoring the retirement of Nationalist members from parliament,
which was strongly advocated by some
of the most extreme members of the
league. Mr. Redmond expressed to the
Associated Press his satisfaction at the
result of the meeting and said that he
anticipates a great popular agitation,
"with Home Rule as the sole plank of
the platform."
Alberta's  Deputy Attorney General on
Lumber Combine*.
Calgary, June 21.���S. B Woods, deputy attorney general of the province,
came down from Edmonton last night
on departmental bussiness. With regard
to the lumber combine, Mr. Woods said
that some misconception existed as to
the attitude and duty of the Dominion
government in such matter. The House
of Commons had, at the instance of one
of its members, appointed a committee
to investigate the charge that a combine existed. That committee had reported that ln its opinion an unlawful
combination did exist. At this point,
said Mr. Woods, the relation of the Do
minion government to the matter
ceased. The evidence had been printed
and an unrevlsed copy of It had recently
been received by him from Ottawa but
Ottawa could do no more. The deputy
attorney general expressed tbe opinion
that the attitude of the Hon. A. B.
Aylesworth to the question had been
the only one for him to take. The administration of the criminal law was
ln the hands of the province, and It
was through the criminal code that any
unlawful combination must be attacked.
Mr. Aylesworth had said that the matter waB now entirely in the hands of
the provincial authorities and In this he
was undoubtedly right.
Asked as to what tho provincial gov-
ernment Intended tdolng about It, Mr.
WoodB said that he was now busy reading evidence taken by the committee
with a view to deciding whether an indictment should be brought, and, If so,
against whom It should be laid. The
evidence was very heavy and would
take some time to read. He would advise the government at the earliest possible date as to what course should, ln
his opinion, be pursued.
Washington Rumor* a* to Changes In
Japanese Staff.
Washington, June 21.���United States
state department officials and members
of the diplomatic corps wore much Interested today In the statement In a
Toklo newspaper, the Hochl, that the
Japanese government would probably
recall Viscount Aokl, the Japanese ambassador, and Is considering the appointment of Baron Kaneka as hla successor. Officials of the Japauese embassy say that the Progressive party
has taken the San Francisco disturbance as a pretext In effort to bring
about tbe downfall of Viscount Aokl,
and it is asserted here that Marquis Ito
has been Inimical to Viscount Aokl for
many years. It was authoritatively
stated tonight "that if the Japanese government has any Intention of recalling
Viscount Aokl. tbe news would not be
first announced to tbe world through
the columns of the Hochl," and "that
Ambassador Aokl does not attach any
credence to the report."
Since his visit to the United States,
when the peace conference was being
conducted at Portsmouth, Baron Kaneka, it is said at the embassy, has had
a great ambition to represent Japan as
tbe ambassador at Washington. He
was graduated from Harvard university
and he enjoys President Roosevelt's
Baron Kaneka is not a member of
the anti-administration party. He Is
a member of tbe privy council and a
loyal supporter of the Saonjl ministry,
and his appointment as ambassador to
the United States, It is said, would not
be considered as a concession to the
Progressives or to the anti-administration forces.
Veteran  President  Uurge*  Preparation
for Celebration.
Mexico City, June 21.���President
Diaz has Issued a proclomatlon proposing a great celebration to commemorate the centenlal of the republic's Independence. The ceremonies will commence on September 15th, 1910. All
citizens are expected to contribute towards the the fund.
Part of Regiment Ha* Mutinied and De-
uerted to Revolutionists���Th*
President Firm.
Narbonne, June 21.���The conflict In
which the 139th fired volleys caused
the worst possible Impression. The
shooting appears to have been due to
the precipitancy of a non-commissioned
officer, and it is stated that the commandant of the 139th waa so horror
stricken at the unfortunate affair that
he tore off his insignia of rank in front
of his men and later resigned his commission, but this Ib not confirmed.
CrowdB stood last night gazing at the
pools ot blood where the dead and
wounded fell. On the blood-stained
pavement stones are chalked the inscriptions: "Here fell the victims of
the 139th. Death to Clemenceau and
Picquart" The funeral of the victims
is fixed to take place today, and the
greatest disturbance Is apprehended. A
police commissary of Paris who was detached on special duty at Narbonne was
captured by the mob and horribly
beaten.   It is feared he will not recover.
Paris, June 21.���A battalion of the
17th infantry regiment stationed at
Adge, ln the department of Herault, has
deserted with its arms and ammunition
and joined the Insurgent wine growers
at Beziers, Uie headquarters of the regiment. The mutineers, who mostly were
recruited among the wine growers, number about 400 men. They marched into
Beziers, which has about 50,000 inhabitants, with drums beating and colors flying, and are now camped in the principal square of that city with stacked
arms. The deserters tried to enlist the
sympathy of the remainder of the regiment stationed at Beziers, but falling to
do so, they promised to eject them from
their barracks. Early this afternoon
tbe sub-prefect of Beziers notified Premier that the mutineers had offered to
return to Adge on the condition they
were not punished. A little later they
renewed their demand to be allowed to
re-occupy their former barracks at Beziers. M. Clemenceau curtly replied
that he refused to parley with deserters
or consider any proposal but unconditional surrender, adding that he was determined to utilize all the country's
forces, If necessary, ln order to suppress the uprising. Details of the mutiny show that a battalion of tbe 17th
Infantry regiment, sent from Beziers to
Adge on account of the soldiers' sympathy with the local wine growers, mutinied there this morning, raided the
magazine, filled their pouches with cartridges and with fixed bayonets and
flags flying, marched out of Adge and
entered Beziers. When notified of the
mutlnly. General Crolsade, commanding
the tilst brigade, met tbe mutineers at
Vllleneuve and attempted to persuade
them to return to duty. "Soldiers," he
commanded, "kill me or obey me." Tho
soldiers replied that they had no desire
to kill but were determined to return to
Beziers. A detachment of gens d'armes
tried to bar the road but after the mutineers had fired a volley ln the air they
were permitted to pass.
The mutineers, although without officers, marched Into Beziers in perfect
order at 6 o'clock this morning, the
cheers of the local crowds mingling
with the rolling of the drums and the
strains of the bugles. Afterwards the
deserters announced their Intention to
remain on the square until allowed to
reoccupy their barrracks whence they
were recently transferred. The people
gave the mutineers the warmest welcome and furnished them with ample
provisions and a supply of straw, upon
which the tired soldiers threw themselves, after stationing pickets and proclaiming their determination to defend
their lives In the event of being attacked.  ��� .
Case Against Haywood All
Defence Will Submit That Haywood
Is Hot Linked by Evidence With
Death of Stennenberj;.   ���_��
Boise, June 21.���What Is expected to
be the last day of the direct evidence
to be presented by the state of Idaho
against William D. Haywood, the secretary-treasurer of the Western Federation of Miners, charged with the murder
of Frank Steunenberg, former governor
of Idaho, will be occupied by the evidence filling ln the gap* left open because of the absence of witnesses or
documents. The documents are expect.
ed today and other detailed corroborative evidence will be added.
The state will go back to the San
Francisco chapter of Orchard's story
and may produce the record of sale* of
powder with which Orchard says he
made the bomb which he says he exploded at Alfred Bradley's door. Tola
will complete the corroboration of this
chapter. So far many statements made
by Orchard in his confession on the
stand have been corroborated. He told
of the house he visited and the room*
he occupied ln San Francisco. He told
of experiments with the peculiar bomb
which he *ay* was Invented by Petti-
bone. He told of receiving money from
."Pat Bone," who, He saya, was Petti-
U>ne. He described hi* plan* to send
Bradley, and possibly his whole family,
to their deaths with a bomb loaded with
dynamite. He gave his hotel address and
each statement has been corroborated
by witnesses whose testimony ha* not
been sucessfully assailed ln their cross-
examination. The defence will not attempt to deny or contradict Orchard's
statements that he ia many times a
murderer, or that he is guilty of crimes
which he stands charged with, but they
maintain their client, Haywood, had no
connection with them, and today or tomorrow will move that the charge
against Haywood be dismissed because
the state has failed to show hi* connection with any of the crimes which
Orchard has told of, or to connect him
with the specific crime with which he
stands charged.
If the motion of the defence ta denied
the defence will commence its innings
on Monday next. Clarence Harrow, ot
Chicago, will make the opening speech,
and will present the case for the defence. Then will follow the evidence.
Already some 50 witnesses are here
and that they will contradict Orchard
In many particulars is a foregone conclusion. The defence will be conducted
by Mr. Darrow, and he Intimates that
there are surprises to come. The evidence today, according to the state's
counsel, will be complete in the Unking
of Haywood. The real struggle begins
with tbe opening the case for the defence and the outlining of Its case. It
Is possible that the court will adjourn
until Monday when an adjournment is
taken this afternoon.
Mr. Lemleux Call* Official to Account
for Mining Fund*.
Montreal, June 21.���A novel suit was
Instituted ln the superior court hero
yesterday at the Instance of Postmaster
General Rodolphe Lemleux, the notion
being taken against Frederic Court*-
manche, the postmaster at Chambly
Canton, to recover 11,000, being the
amount sent through the malls', and
21,000 additional In the way of penalty
as provided by the statutes covering
postal service. On March 15th, Charles
Glrrard, of Chambly Canton, placed
$1,000 ln the hands of the local postmaster to be deposited In the post office savings bank. Courtemanche forwarded the usual report to the government and claims that he sent the deposit with it, but when the envelope
was opened In Ottawa the money waa
found to be missing. The postmaster
general now takes action to obtain
double the amount
Aokl Not Recalled. ,
Toklo, June 21.���Viscount Hayashi,
minister of foreign affairs, today declared that the rumor that Ambassador
Aokl will be recalled from Washington
Is without foundation.
- A I
:] -j
Prion of Metal*.
New York, June 21.���Silver, 67Hc;
copper. 22^0.; lead, 15.75.
London. June 21.���Sliver, il%f.;
lend, ��19,17s., (id.
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Imperial B^ai of O^ia
��**>   mt*.    t��i..-��iZ2r
TheR&v-lBank o 'Car^zi
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"" a   j^i*��a��oi-     i; ���,/ i ������      .i,:i.   r-vjt.!*   n'
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n   .���'.������-   ..r��.:   'iA2.aftc. a ���stiBini    ta^
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mnnri ��"��*i *' nli.U* wo"��
..*��p. o. h^jtnul-., Kiiit' )ominion Day Celebration!
Base Ball
TRAIL        KASLO        NELSON
Caledonian Sports
Foot Ball
Lawn Tennis
by the
Pony Races
Gun Club Tournament
Log Rolling
Launch Races
Ftre                  Firemens'
Works           Tournament
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he BACON We Sell
It Gives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and Smoked.   Our Hams Are
Excellent  Also.    All Are Canadian
Goods.  Pure Lnrd in All Sizes.
IP. Burns & Co., Ltd.
n Uti-I Dbtrfi-t. DtttrfCt of West Kootonay
I notice   Hint John   riiUburt, nl Nelson,
ti i'i��:umbia, isuoon  awepftj  totMdi* w
Un �� -j"'' i��l timlMT license ov.-r the lol-
| described landa:   Com me tiring at a poat
1 about three mile* up tlie first ria.it
branch ol Loat creek and about five miles
<-i'nn<!lnn southeasterly dUMtloa Irom
union of said laost crcea and the aouth
[Salmon rtver in the Nelson land district,
t.ortti Wi chains, thenee etsl *Vi chaina,
"",i]'h 80 chain*., thenee (rat 80 chains to
ol jmmememeut, and containing &*��
more nr less.
I June 12th, 11W7. John I'll at) but.
i Land District.  District of Wett Kootenay
DOtlOl that John I'bllberl. of Nelaon,
. (')liimbii, xaloon aecper, iutenda lo
(���>r ii Kttocial timber license over tlio fol-
described lands: Coiiiun-nclng at a post
���I on the north side of Lost creek about
lu .win! Mint In an easterly direction
be I iiictionof Lott ..-reek and the south
Balmoo river in the Nelson laud district.
' weat *> chains, thenre south HO chain*.
<hm hi chains, thence north 80 chaina
it of enmmencement, and contulning fi*0
mora or lean
'I June Uth, 11*07. John I'hii.iiert.
i Und DlatllOt  District of West Kontenay
1 notice   that   John I'hllbert. of Nelson,
h ���oliimbla,   saloon   keeper,   Intend* to
/[���m. MH-citil timber license over the (ol-
|K .teRTibcd lands:   Commeni'liig at a t>o*t
"�� the  north aide of Lost oreek  about
"��� llataal and in an easterly direction
it luoctlon of said Loat creek and the
"����� "(fHlmoii river in the Neb on Und d lain iw M Mi chains, thence south 8U chaina
ea,it��ihHius, thenee north 80 chalni to
'I connaeneementi   and  containing frto
f-i Juii- f.'ih. 1907. John 1'hii.bkht.
|�� Ijucl.'Ulstrict. Dlatrict of Wesl "ootcnay
' notiro that John Phllberl, of Nc1m.ii,
1 ('o!unjbta, saloon keeper, intends to
in �� i-pcciaj limber license over tho fol-
If 'Ucribeij muds; Commciiclng at a post
ou��' und one-half miles up the fir.I rijrht
blanch of 1,.m creek, and about I"1*-' "M1"*
"nnd in aaoullieaaU'rly direction (mm the
'"'"'I Mild Loat cook and thesoi'lh fork of
I"1 river In the Nelion land dlatr.-'l. UlBROfl
1 ^'Chains, ihence easl w chaina, thenco
"^'"���lialua. thonce   veil SO chaina   to point
������������'��� tn vnu'iii   and   eoutaluing MO aire*,
|*��-d June 18th| 1907. John philiikkt.
'"ii Und Dlalrlct. Wist riot ol West Kootenay
otlce that lnhii I'llbert, or Nelson,
'olumbia. galoot) keeper, Intends to
[V (or a special timber license over tbe fol*
"K tlcHi-rlbed landa: Coiiiincncliig nt a post
led atioot two miles up the right baud
I'll of Uist creek and about four miles dls-
"iid lu a southeasterly direction from the
|Uon of said Lost creek and Ihe south fork
toon river in the Nelson land district,
si uth 80 chaina, thence eaat 80 chains.
flee north Nl chains, thence west W) chains to
t of commencement, and containing Mo
��i more or less.
laud June lath, 11X17. John I'hii.iikht,
ion Land District. District of West Koo'enay
pke notice that John PhUthvt ol Nelson,
����n Columbia, saloon keeper, intends to ap��
lor a special timber licence over the lol-
Ting described lands: Commencing at a
' planted on the north si'le tif LOlt creek and
ic�� (mir milts distant and In au easterly
sfujiiu Irom the Junction of caid Lost creek
���iiieioutb fork of Salmon river in the Ncl-
lutid district, thoncn i aBl 80 chains, thence
11 i Mo die ni.  thence  weat 80 chains,   thence
n80'obalnitoini point of commencement
containiiiij HO acres, more or less.
iteil Juno Stb, ltKff. j0Un P.i.lb'rt.
Notice la hereby given tbat 30 days from date
(Intend tuapply hi the Hon. (.'blaf Commissioner
of latiiid* and works for a special license to cut
and carry away timber from tho following de-
crlhed lands in West Kootenay dlatrlot:
Commencing at a poat planted on tbe north
bank ot 10 Mile creek about one inile and a hall
from Hloean lake, marked K strand's northwest
corner post, thence eaat 160 chaiua, thence south
to chaina, thence weat 180 chains, thenoe north
40 chaina to p����int of commencement.
Dated thia 2lsl day of March. 1807.
E. htrano, Locator.
btlea |7 hereby giTen tftatliilrty days after
to 1 Intend to apply (��� the iWorabltj
1      .miiniUdmier oT Lands atW|   frnrks   kt
a>r-.,' r.i vor.t "i^'dHi lioeniatocutand
���HX!   '$ ""'herfrotn the following dertarlbei)
Vm      ?Ht (K(?,,Ul",y dlHtrlol;   Commencing
IJPOl planted Oil tbeweal hank of Smelter
��������'-. uut 0IU' "i He south nl lhe city of Nelaon,
t8Sftft"MM�� Sf?'0" we*ty80 clmh.a
teanf i^mll.8025,liL>J tht,lL'�� e*��t 80chaina to
moi commencement.
��ted tiii* um day of June, HW.
0. G. Ciiu, Locator.
d. Booth, Agent.
Nelaon Land District. Dlstrletof Weat Kootenay.
No. 1 ���Take notice that Ottorge A. Laurie, of
Creston, H 0 , lumberman, intend* toappfy for
a special timber licence over the following de-
acrlbed lands:
Commencing at a post planted about one mile
aouth of the Lick cabin, ou tne Lick cabin trail,
ou Inonakl in creek, thence north 80 chaina,
thence eaat HO chaina, thence aoutb 80 chains,
thence wtBt HOchalns to the point of commencement and containing 610 acrea, more or le*a.
May 1st. 1W7. ubo A. UueiK.
NeUon Land District. Dlatrict of Weat Kootenay.
No. 2 ���Take notice that George A Laurie, ol
Creston, H O., lumberman, intend to apply for a
xpeclHl timber licence oyer the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about one mile
aouih of the Lick cabin, on tbe Lick cabin trail,
on Inonakliu creel, thence aouth 80 chaius,
theuce eaat 80 chain*, thenee north 80 chaina,
thenceweat HOchalns to the point ol commencement aud containing 640 aores, more or leas.
May 1st, 11877. OCO. A. Laurik.
Nelson Land District   District of Weat Kootenay.
No 8.���Take notice tbat W. H. Page, of Fire
Valley, B. C��� cruiser, intends to Apply for a
special timber llceuue over the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about one mile
aouth of the Lick cabin, on the Lick cabin tratl,
nn luonakliu creek, thence south 80 chains,
thenee west 80 chains, thence north 80 chaina.
thence east 80 chains lo the point of commenee-
nu'iit anil containing 640 acres, more or less.
May 1st. 1907. W. 11. 1'auR, locator.
Uto. A. Lai HIK, Agent.
Nelson Lund DIitricL Dlatrict of West Kootenay.
No. 4.���Take notice that W, H. I'age, ot Fire
Valley, B.C., cruiser, intends toapply for a special
timber  licence' over   the   following described
Ian tii j
Commencing at a poat pjii'itod about one mi'e
aolitii oi the Lick rniijn, oh tho Lick Cabin trail,
on Inonaklln creek, thence north 80 chains,
thenue wost 80 chaina, thonce aoulh 80 cbalus,
thence east 80 chaius io the point of commencement and containing 640 acrta, more or leaa,
May lat, 1807. W. H. Paob, Lotator.
Qio. A Laurie, Agent.
Nelaon Land 1Mstrict   District of Weat Kootenay.
No. fi ��� TaVo notlee that George A. Laurie, oi
Creston, B.O .lumberman, intend* to apply for a
Ipeolal timber license over tho following dea-
erlbed lands: ....
Commencing at a pent planted about one mile
south and one mile west, of the Lick cabin, on
lhe l.i k Cablu trail, on Inonaklln creek, thcuce
west HOchalns. thence tiorih HO chain*, thence
east 80Ohelnii thence south 8') chains to the point
ol coin incitement and containing 640acrcs, more
or less. ,' *���
May lat, 1007. ��*<>- A. L/DRtl.
Nelson Land Dlatrict. District oi Weat Kootenay.
No 6���Take notice that George A. Laurie, of
Crciton, B.C., lumberman, intends to apply for
n special timber license over the following doa-
cribed lauda:
Commencing at a poit planted about one mile
south and one mile west of thu Lick 0ftDin, on
the Lick Cabin trail, on Inonaklln creek, thence
went 80 chiiiiiH, thence south HO chains, thence
east 80 chains, thenco north 80 chain*, to the
point of commencement and containing 6*0
acies, more or leas. :   _
May 1st, lt>07. ('BO. A. LtuftiK.
Nelaon land Dlsiriot. DiBtrict of Weat Kootenay.
1*0 7,-Take notice that George A. Laurie, of
CreMtdn, B. ('..lumberman, intends to apply for
a (becljil limber license over the following dea-
Wmmwottg nt a poat Rjantjpil about one
(luarlerofamllein an easterly directum from
Lie!! cabin, on luoimklin creek, hence aouth 40
claiua, tbertoe cuat Km chains. Ihence north 40
c a us theuce went 160 chains to the point of
commouwmout and containing 640 acrea, more
or less. ,  _
Hi/lit, I tw: 0��o,A,UMil.
' "iii m
The Daily Canadian
Consumption   of   Copper   Increased  30
Per  Cent.,   Production  Only
Five Per cent.
The large conHiimerH are exercising
all tho Influence they poSMRS���and it Is
a powerful one���to bring down tho
price or copper. Their efforts although
concealed, are, nevertheless, strenuous
and persistent, and would undoubtedly
be Hucreasful were Is not that they are
unable lo show that Increased supplies
are keeping pace with increased re-
QOlfemenL In the meantime consumers
are pursuing tho "short-order" policy,
buying unly in such quantities as their
rctiulrt'ment imperatively demand. Respecting the situation a leading Boston
copper  authority   says
"In spite of the many rumors regarding the possibility of a decline In
the price of copper and of the report
Nelaon Land District.   District of Weat Kootenay.
Notice Is hereby given that tbirtv days alter
dale I. J. P. Kwedberg, of Nelson, it. C , miner,
intend toapplv to the Hon, lhe Chief (.'ommia
aioner of Lands and Worka, at Victoria, for a
apeclal license to cut and carry away timber
from tbe following described lauds, situated on
Summit creek, in the West Kootenay dlatrict:
No. I.��� ommenclng at a post marked J. P. 8's
timber limit, northeast corner post, located on
west tork of Hum mil creek, about 2 miles from
main creek, thence running south 80 chains,
thence running west 40 chains, thence running
north 40 chains, thence west 40 chains, thence
north SO chains, thenee runnlntr east 40 chaina,
thence running south 40 chains, thence east 40
chaina to place of commencement.
Dated th; ��� ��� i:. day of June, 1JKJ7.
J. H. BWtOBBBO, Locator.
N*. 2.���������(iitiinenciug atapost mark-d J. K. B'a
timber limit, uonliwest corner post, located on
west fork of Summit erect, about two mllea from
main creek, thence running south 80 chaina,
thence running cast HO chains, thence running
north 80 cluiius, thence running weat 80 chaina
to plare of crunmeucement
Dated the (Hh day of June. l'J07.
J. P. SwaoBieo. Locator.
No 1. Notice is hereby given that SO daya
after date 1 Intend t<> vply u< the chief Commissioner, of Land' ant Works, for a apeclal
license to cut and carry >liuber from the following descrlbtd land-, situated on tbe southeast
side of Salmon nv r In the dlatrict ol Weat
Kootenay: Comn.eiiclug at a poat placed about
200 yards west of Hose Leaf creek marked "U. M
Iteevea'a uorlhweM cornvr," thence 80 chaina
aoutb, Glenn ni chains eaat, thence 80 chains
north, thence 80 chaina weat to place of commencement
Located on the 11th day of June, 1907.
R   M. RlSvu, Locator.
No. 2. Notice la heteby given that SO daya
after date 1 intend to applv til ihe Chief Com-
tnisatoner, ol Lands and Works, for a apeclal
license to cut aud carry timber from the following described landa aituated ou the aoutheaat
side of the Salmon rlvor, ln ihe diairtctof Weat
Kootenay: Commencing at a poat placed about
200 j ard* weat of Rose Leaf creek, marked "It M.
Reevea'a No. 2 aouthweet corner,'' thence 80
chains north, thence 00 chaina eaat. thence 80
chaina aouth, theme 80 chelus weat to place of
Located on the 10th day of June, 1907.
K. M. Kbrvrs. I-ocitor.
Notice la hereoy given thai 30 daya alter date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the Cnlet Commissioner of Lands and Worka for a apeclal
license to cut and carry away timber from the
following detcrlbcd landi lu West Kootenay district;
Location No. i Commencing at a post planted
on the aouth hank of HI .cherry creek, about
four miles up tbe cre��k from railway track,
tnence 120 chains east, thcuce 80 chains aouth,
thenee 40 chaina west, thence 40 chaina north,
thence 80 chains west, thence id chtina north to
point ��� I commencement.
April 6th, |90b.
Location No 2.-Commencing at apoat planted
at the northv.uat coiner of Location No 1, thence
120 chaius w- al, thence *) ehalns north, thence
40 chains ea.it, thenee 40 eba'ua aouth, tbenee 80
chaius west, theuce 4(i chaina aoutb to point ot
April Mli. 1906.
Location No 3 ��� Commencing at a poat planted
120 chains weat of northeast corner of Location
No. 2, thence 40 chaina aouth, thence 120chaiua
eaat. theuce 80 chaina north, thenoe 40 ehalns
wett, tiunce iocbalna loutb thence SO chaina
weat to point of commencement-
April 6th, 1W6.
Kanaar W. Robimbon.
Notice la hereby given that 30 daya alter date I
intend to apply to the Honorable tbe Chief
Commissioner of Landa and Worka, Victoria,
for permission to cut and carry away timber
from the following deacribed landa, in Weat
Kootenay :
No. 1��� Commencing at a poat planted on the
fouthweat corner of surveyed lot No. Ti-il til,
thence east 40 ehalns, tbenee north 80 chaina,
ihence east to the soutneaat corner of aald lot,
thence north to tbe northaaat corner of laid lot,
thenee east to the west boundary of pre emptlon
No. nit thence aouth to the north boundary of
timber licence No. 83t8, tbenee weat along the
said boundary to the northweat corne-i of said
license, ihence south to the north boundary of
timber iie-.nae No. 7018, thence weit to a point
due aoutb of commencement, tbenee north to
place of commencement, containing 640 acres,
more or leas
Dated May 25th, 1907.
P, A  Paulson, Locator.
J. A. Si-u.ivan, Agent.
No.'2-Commencing at a poat planted at tbe
southwest eoruer of surveyed lot No. 12*11,1,
thence south to the northern boundary of tlm-
oer lleenae No 7018, theuce weat to tbe nortn-
weat corner of said timber license, thence aouth
to the northern boundary of lot No. H 2, theuce
following laid boundary of aaid lot weat to the
right of way of the B. C. Southern Hallway,
thenre following said rlght-of way in a northeasterly direction to place of commencement.
Dated May i'.lh, 1907,
1' A Paulson, Locntor.
 J. A. Sullivan, Agent.
Notice la hereby glveu that 30 days after date 1
ippjy to the Honorable the Chief Com*
miaaloner of Landa and Works, Victoria, for a
Intend to apply to t
.ipcclal lloenie to cut and carry away timber
from the following described land In the dlitrlct
of WcalKootei)ay:
('ommenclng at a poat about aeven milea from
the mouth of Summit creek, in ��� westerly direction, marked U M Denny's northeast noruer
post, then" ��� no chains weat, thence 40 chains
snutli, thence 40 chaina weat, theuce 40 chain*
south, thence 80 chains east, thenco 10 chaina
north, thenco 40 chains eaat, theuce 40 chaina
north to polut of commencement.
Located May 7th, 1907.
ti. M Bknnv, Locator,
A NOUS C'L'SRtK, Agent.
Notlee Is hereby given that thirty daya alter
date I Intend to Apply to the Honorable tho Chief
Commissioner of Landa and Worka, Victoria, for
permission to cut and carry away timber from
the following described landa: ('ommenclng at
a post marked No. 1, K. Hloux, and planted at
the northeast corner of Lot 3638 c. P R. block,
near the west fork of Kettle rlvor, Yale dlstilet,
rt.C, thence running 80 chains east, 80 chaina
Bouth. 80 chains west, 80 chaina north to point of
D.ited April 1*7th, 1907.
No. 2,���Commencing at the northeast corner of
No. t, ihence running eaat 80 chaina, thence
aouth 8n chains, thence weat 80 chaina, thenee
north 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated April 27,1907.
No. 3��� Commencing at a point About one half
mile west of the northeast corner of C P. R.
Illock No,8638, tbenee running north 80 chaina,
thence west 80 chaina, thenee sooth 80 chaina,
thence east Ho chaina tn point of commencement.
Dated April 20lh, 1907.
No 4.���Commencing nt the northeast corner
of No. 8, thence running north 80 chains, thenco
west KO chains, thence south 80 chaina, tLenco
east 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated April 291.1, lOin
No c.--commencing at a poat planted north of
Conkling creek, near west hue of C. P, K. Block
No. 2704, thence running west 80 chaina, thenoe
south 80 chaina, thence eaat 80 chaina, thence
north 00 chaina to point ol commencement.
Dated Hey lit, ltv7.        I, Rioui, Locator.
from the London market, of a sharp
decline Id G. M. B. In that market, the
more Important copper Interests In this
city say there Is absolutely no Indication of any decline ln the price of Lake
or electrolytic grades In thla country.
It Ih true that there Is practically no
business being transacted at present,
but that there is for the reason that
consumers are well supplied up to the
first of July and have not yet commenced to look after their requirements
for the third and fourth quarters of tho
year. That inquiries will soon be made
for consumers' requirements for those
coming quarters Is the expectation of
all producers. It Is possible that consumers are holding off in hopes that
some change In conditions may occur
and that there may be some decline
from the present high price baslB. Producers, however, declare that consumption has largely increase 1; some say
the Increase has been nearly 30 per
cent, over last year's consumption,
whereas, the output of copper haB increased less than 5 per cent, throughout the country. So far as can be ascertained., there Is no immediate Indication of any let-up In demand and
when the buying movement does begin
it Is likely to be very active and ex
cited."���Los Angeles Mining Review.
Queen's Hotel
Baku Street. Nelaon. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
All People Will Fight at Any Old Time
or Place for Busineaa!
Business Is light���a continual struggle���just as life Is. Man has reached
his present degree of development
through struggle. When Inertia or content gets the oetter of a business man
It is time to telephone to the undertaker. The only neutral In the game of
business Ib a dead one.
The business warrior who takes the
blows of his rival's hammer ln a jaunty
spirit can walk to business every morning with a geranium on his Semi-ready
coat and a silk handkerchief nestling
close against the Semi-ready Btgnet of
Surety. "We know all about tbe business war," said the president of the
Semi-ready company, "for our succesB
was only achieved after a 10 years'
Btruggle with every contending interest Injured by our revolutionary system
of making men's fine clothes."
Peace and Anarchy.
London, June 21.���The Morning Post
states that an anarchist plot against
The Hague Conference has been discovered. The outrage was contemplated
for the first sitting of the congress. The
Russian minister at The Hague, however, gave warning of the plot. The
necessary measures for safeguarding
the lives of the members have already
been taken. 	
Piano and Singing Lesions
Given by Mr*. Wintar Every Saturday
���Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Kng., for theory of music. Scholarship of th* London Conservatoire of Music for singing and piano
playing.        Address Box 796, Nelson.
Nelaon, B. C, June 10th, 1907.
SEALED TitNURRB will be received by the
tiovernmeat Agent, at Nelaon, B.C., until noon
June 26th. 1W7, for auppllea of meat, bread,
gr-'Cerlea, hardware, boota and shoes, clothing,
dry gooda, fuel, mid drugs, for the Provincial
Gaol, at Nelaon, B. C , for one year from July
lat, 1907, to June 30th, 1908
Forma of tender can be had, und samples of
clothing and dry gooda Been ot;the Provincial
(���aol. Nelson, B. C.
Tne loweat or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Uovernment Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 90 days after date 1
intend to make application to the Honorable the
Chief Commlasioner ol Lauds and Worktt, Victoria, B, C, f.-r a apeclal licence to cut timber on
the following daacrlbed landa In West Kootenay
district: Commencing at a post situated on
MlueiKTry creek, ii bunt four miles from Its mouth
aud adjoining tbe N. W. corner of my application No. 1, thence aouth BO chains, thenoe west
80 chaina, theuce north 80 chains, thenee east 80
chains to point of commencement.
bated Hay 19th, 1907. E. ,W Robinbok.
Take notlee that D. H.Telford, of Saskatoon,
sn.sk, occupation sawmill operator, intends to
apply for a special timber licence over the following deacribed lands:
No. 1. Commeneing at a post planted at the
aoatheast corner of Lot 4272, Maaketo creek, West
Koot nay, thence north WChalns, more or less,
to the corner of Lot 4272, tbenee .vest 40 chains,
thenco north 60 chains, thence eaat 80 chaina,
thence aoutb 80 chains, thence weat 48 chaina to
point of commencement, and containing (WO
acre*, more oc leas*
Slaked May .11, 1*1?.    DAVW Hinhv Tblfohd.
No. 2. t'emtnomiiig at a poat at the Inner
angle of lot 4272, Maaketo creek, Wost Kootenay,
theiieu north 100 elialns, theuce east 40 chains,
theneo south 160 elialua, thenee weat 40 chains
to piece of commencement.
Staked May 81,1907.    1 avm Hinkv Tbi.kohh.
No. 8, Commencing at a post about three mllca
northerly from the northeast corner of Lot 4*78,
Maaketo creek, West Kootenay, thence south 80
chains, thenee east 80 i halns, thenoe north 80
chains, thence weat 80 chains lo place of commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or
Staked June 4,1907.    David Hinhv Tei.foiui.
fii.i Commencing at the northwest corner
of No. 8, ttmuco nortn 80 chain*., thenoe cast 80
chaius, thenee south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains to place of commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or less.
Staked June 4,1907.    David Henry Telford.
No, 6. Commencing at the northwest corner
of No-4, thence north 80 chains, thenoe eaat 80
chaina, tbenee Bouth 80 chains, thence weat 80
chaina lo point of commencement, and containing 640 acrea, more or leu
staked June 6,1907.    David Henry Tilfoiid.
Lane and Comfortable Bedrooms and First-
daesDlnlHg Room. Sample Rooma for Commercial   Maq.
MRS. E. C.CLARKE, Proprietress
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room Ib unexcelled in the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 260.   Opposite Court Rome
and Poatofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
European and Aaaetioan Plan
Maai, V ota.   Boom, from % eta. to tl.
Only Whit* Balp Implored.
Baler St., Nairn* Proprlatora
Baftlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House ia Nelson.
The Bar la the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine St.
Take notice that 30 days after date I Intend to
upplv to the Uon the Chief Commissioner of
Landa and Work*, Victoria, for permission to
cut and carry away timber from the following
described land, in West Kootenay:
No. 1. Commencing at a post planted at the
rtoulhweat corner of timber lleenae 8M6, thence
west 80 chains, thence aouth 80 nhalna, tbenee
eaat 80 limine, thenco north tf) chains to place of
com me or-: in out.
Dated May SI. 1907.      J. T. BtiBOtSR, Locator.
3 W.Oolbuhn, Agent. .
No. 2. Commencing at a poat planted at the
aoutheaat corner of application No. 1, thenceeait
HO chains, thenee north 80 chain* : hence west 80
ohaius. thenee south 80 ehalns to place o! commencement.
Dated May 81,1907.     J T. Bukukss, Locator,
J. W, C'OLBuait. Agent,     ,
Royal Hotel
Bate* |1 and *1.60 a Day.
Special Rate* to Regular Boarder*.
Moat comfortable quarter, ln Nelaon
Only the beat of Liquor, and cigar..
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Butter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addreued to the undersigned, at his
office, in the Coart House, in tbe City of Nelaon,
will be received up to the hour of five o'clock,
ln tbe afternoon, of Friday, June 28th, 1907, for
the pmebase ot the "Tamarac Mineral Claim,"
Lot 3802, Group 1, Kootenay dlatrict, which Is
declared to be forfeited to the Crown, at the tax
���ale, held in tbe city of Nelson, on tbe Uth day of
November. 1906, for delinquent taxes up till
June 80th. 1906, and coats.
The upset price upon the aald mineral claim,
which includes the amount of delinquent taxes
and coats at the time of forfeiture, with Interest,
taxes which have since accrued, coats of adrer-
tlalug, and fee for Crown Grant (126.00) Is IU0.90,
which la tbe least amount that will be conaider-
ed as a tender.
Each tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for ihe full amount of the tender,
payable to the order of the Deputy Commlasioner of Lands and Works, at Victoria, B. C, at par.
Dated at Nelaon, B. C, fflls Wth day of May,
Government Agent. Nel&ou, B.C.
Notice ia hereby given that the Watteburg
Lumber company baa applied to Hla Honor the
Lieutenact Governor tn council, under tbe provisions of the "Rivers and Streams Act," for the
right to improve Rykerta creek, in the district of
West Kootenay. British Columbia, by removing
the obstructions therefrom and straightening
tbe banks thereof, and to construct dams, booms,
slides and chutes, and make such other improvement* a> may be necessary for the driving and
rafting of Iocs and the Huming of timber thereon
The lands to be affected are goverment lands and
Lott 261 and MS, Group 1, Kootenay district, and
the tolls that are proposed to be charged, if any,
are such aa may be fixed by a Judge of the county
court of West kootenay.
Dated this 27th day of March, A, D. 1907.
Tn the matter of an application for the Issue of
a duplicate of the Certificates of Title for Lots 11
and 12, Block St. Town of Sllverton (Map 574);
the aouth !�� ol Lot 8, Block 6, Town of New Denver-arid Lot l, Block 91 and lot 8, Block .%,
MeGllllvray's Addition toNcwDeuver(Map567);
Notlco ta hereby given tbat It la my Intention
to issue at the expiration of one month from the
the first publication hereof duplicates of the
Certificates of Title to the above deacribed lands
In the name of Henry Mhcran and Harry Bheran,
which Certificates are dated the 17th Mine, 1899,
the till of October, 1894, the ttrd July, 1895, and
the 19th January, 1898, respectively, and are
numbered 2021K,10447A,783C and 88flK, respes-
H. F. MacLEOD,
District Registrar.
Land Registry Office, Nelson, B.O
Vth. May. 1907 "
���*a*"|��"��i ���.-������.
In tho matter of an application lor Ihe Issue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title tor Lota
lft aud 17, Block-26, Town of Nelson.
Notlee is hereby given that It la my intention
to issue at the expiration of one month after the
Ilrst publication hereof a duplicate of tin Certificate o[ Title for the above I .ou ln the name of
Frances fc. Day, which Certificate Is dated the
19th Heptember, 1899, and numbered 23AOK.
Land Registry Office, Nelaon, B.C., 15th June,
1907. H. F. MacLKOD,
District Registrar.
We have five desirable residences for sale. Call and make
us an offer for all or any of these
Brydges* Blakemore & Cameron* Ltd.
3 Improved Ranches For Sale
On Kootenay Outlet, between Nelson and
Procter.   Choice locations.   For particulars
Choice Fruit
l Ha��� 10,000 Actea
of the
Choicest Fratt Lands In
Bcitian CobniiMa.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
We gag For Sale One of the Prettiest Homes aa
Nelaon, Situated in Fairvtew, Close to the Cat Line
Large 7-room houw. Ston* foundation and (Intel*** cellar. Cm-
pl*t* water *y*ttm. 10 lot* undtr cultivation and planted In large, bearing fruit tree*.   Thla la a enap.   For particular* apply to
Wl,      D-_    T% .     a     When you can accure a good horn* at a 0_%
VT Hy    r��iy    IvCut RummI,,* coat, on good terme   *T
Well built 11-room hou**, Carbonate StrMt, $5,850, half ca*h, balance mortgage, 7 per oent. >
Five-room houee, Robaon ��t., 11,700   half caah, balance on* and two yeara.
Six-room house, Carbonate St, 13,300, half caah, balance mortgage.
Four-room home, Silica St., $1,500, half caah, balance $20 monthly.
Six-room hou**, Joaephino St., $2,500; $14)00 caah, balance $35 monthly.
Kootenay Land & Investment Co.
Phono 1-47.       P. U. Box 44a
Something for the practical man.
Juat lnve*tlg��tel���That I* All we
ask of you; and you owe that much
to yourattf.
WARDSL   -   mS0R,B.C
Notice la hereby flvon that thirty dava after
date I Intend to apply to the Board of Lloeaea
CommlMlooera for the Ymir district for a trans-
fur ol tbe llcanco held by mo (or the Fort Bhep-
pard hotel to F. Adie.'
Waneta, B. C, May
(Signed) A M. SHIILDa.
Stammer Excursion
.... Rates East
From Nelson $52.50
To Winnipeg, Fort Arthur.
St. Paol, Dotatb, Siotu Oty
Chicago $84.00 Montreal $$4.00
Toronto $78.50 St. John $8440
St. Lout* $80.00 Ottawa $82.55
New York $100.00 Boston $8850
Halifax $101J0
On Sak July 3, 4,5.   Aogtwt 8, 9.10.
September II, 12.13.
First Class Round Trip, 90
Daya limit.
Corresponding reduction* from all
Kootenay point*. Ticket* available for
lake route Including meal* and berth*
on lake steamer*. Through rate* quoted
to any station In Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime province* on application.
A.O.B.i.v.ntKmT.r. D. t. A., Nalaoa
w. a. aiuuETT
Contraactor and
Holt agent for the Porto Rloo Laaiier Co., Ltd.,
retail Tarda. Rough and dn**ad lonsar, taraaa
work and bracket., Coaat tela sad a/anglee, aaah
and doora. Cement, brlek snd luao tot aste.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon It. .eaat ol Ball  '
I 1NBLJWJIV, B,o.     *
t. o. Box m Tsleakoa* IN
m* The Daflv C^Tutfun
i .:
iit ���.
W- ;
{Just a Feu-
51.Lhr.? CI
I- -��5*   *V.�� E   :>'*���-��.'
rttJB   ant  r   JB
;*���%  *C    i  *: - -ad��  Itn, ii tun.,,,  run  SZ.M
~u*     ������1,'riait   UBiiiwiiiM    u     taa    o���
bUhm  "."   t*uz:..         ���-���
tW   �����      I I   nut  saanc - :
uai i.- -      ���*���
s??3:- :s E��?��
hZ *���?*&.   HZ a.9   SOWZ**-*'.!.
-��m m *.��vi 5,iac  fcjiszs)*:
2  Eh.   9m*~*.   -OwUTO   Ki��:
Bell Trading Co.
H.    alt-   fZltZV    * non   Iml
i -: ��� ssaa *��*.���  ^
���    -^'Jat���
The Straihwia
r     '���-.'-     A.T.     . V uii'     '-   ���
-    L*J :    - t_ -
"     . VI.
���     -      ' iiip*"*"
L    1    ���" ir-r:ii':;.     l.matarf't
:      ���- t   ~ -��                  : :���
. ..>..:           -     ':--._ fast Jk- -
�� -���     ��� i          :.          ._. -     ���> -    i-\ ���
'���..     ..:,.   i . -    ���.- Btt
.*��������.--    -".:    ;-  r -:   .:   ::-   ������:  r
-' ���: .:_ -is  um  Tnu   sauasr
i "Sb *"**��"'���f nf 9*i- I runi.aa:'  i.  A.  J-
uj   :��� - ���  - . -..:..:
iiaast    lflrtrinT   u   Uf.   ]���    a"
SMBbbbbbbsT   BOiaBBX.    iT   TjBja-isVl-    *.Xir3
_-'    ?���-   '.r^i -
.--      ��� BBBBSl  JBB>
DM BTi3   ��2BTT1rtaiC':Q7T.
wisjibl 7j-it T-nn Utr**;-   am mn tmn
I Inst mmwrnWrnUi hx.1  ?%aEnx
siTTTrt   .JUIJe    *��*E3D���^
"it- tne   ��� i   pm
^B ��� - -    HVaJMlBK   ittii   n    *r*��srai
:   ..'. . ....        :   .   ���        . .    .      ~. ���
..:   ���:       -.     " .      ���\   . In n.
.- ���   :���     J- C    SBBBsl   tPssasassjl    '!llt5t
::-       ..:
. "��� LBDi
r ��� ;    ������ "��� r .t' "    ""   .. ���   l - ..
��.n i��up��  i.  *   uni  t. 3L- imx it
GiDard s Sauce ^ ^:Jt- **
���   ����    �� -   ��*��    *S
��um:t��; -a  &uin-^c iho'- ioj:
iit. - : .:.:   ���-.     ���J  u:-:
���PTimwKnTT*. mrararamf mnawn rnr h **** i
A    tj air �� cm it-   I
L  C   TRACTS    HajAfg
C. A Benedict
Zzamsr SIUsa tszu      -������ - ^. ;���  �� j
^^-tri^e  "
v    -.   ?nsir. are if -oh V^-.
-:       : .i -  ;.; : -    : :r~i.~t
t- ;  sttfi       .: ...::;..     . .    ���:
'.n. *iiT:vr���~ aar. a -tin msun. 3;ir-x.-t -.
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-IT..:      V-v> -j,.     ]/-���r"*nilH     T-TUS*    It*   ��'
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Oki Curiosit> Shop
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Sec Us
For Good Fruit Land
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I ���:.:.- ���:.   -_-���: *jx--o.i    *'   ji:r���mm.
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Jt*   [."���:   jt"-     ..';-" ::*   tZ\i:
���    n   -':���-��� -:       ���--   :     ;���; -    ..; ;    ��� -
m    V -**%%-. C**    :
Zaitvul   �� i~...:-
TTiXK : V7
T     >:.:::     :_a.**j.     ~     --;::������
i JtnBW_i^-t   3��".  "S'o-.i  "C:'u_ii.;^
3L   >r*.rEi   (ait  *r_5��   *    -J.f^a^
��� . .- i_ T'.imx - >"- :; - ��� ��� - ..
Li.it* . ~.L~i. T- v i.;.i 7n__:'"** ��
:,. a ' . n���i - T l: - : - - "5 ." ;- ��� -r-
��� ���:��� ' r.t.mi: '.- T :nzs "r. *
V*.:.^.- X-i = STt*- a - u 1 1_*
Bi.ii;   I..*.":.:      :    2Lii7    x.uw_u._.
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ta*!     ~;i.      nitl"7"!!1-!.    3Kir^n__i:j     u: :
::���::������      v - -. ���-x__?    _i_.r
;��� " -   .:^-   i*T-i^--j   i  mdiia..*
See Ow Di_?Uv of
AI Prxxs frac i5c
SJ.CC ��-as SI^5
Up to $20    j
Iffiira     *>4a.
n|  ���n-s s _^^e*;*,"
:..:if.     :
���  fr.,   ��.___JC>%.   5-
. j*;
E   *^TT   HT-P-lT". : T.
��� i ���   :
*-; ��: T*ore can bt imparled  into Canada af,.. *.._ ���
A".utt In
The Americanized Encyclopedia Brittawtr
In Ten Volumes
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Li
;o   3A-. ER  m -5  WARD.        Phone 81
For a Stylish Suit
��� -    n    : v - ':::,;
I ������ r .'���>  ���
--���enmiini    ;a    3
_.-:.:- . ���       HI
- :���*.-: i-j   u: f*a:
.'a Sjatpe Xo�� Oaij-toefgj,
- TfcB*      0��   it   Vio�� b.
--���-    .-   .* .-   7... r-    ' K...'.-a,T.'
;-a*a-te*d    5-   nsoiey   rtf^n.1.^
High C*iss Taiiort. Baker St.. Nelson, at
W. G. Thomson
IS f?EN0W/1 ED
Stimmef Clotning	
ITS $7.50 to $J0
j. a. qIlker'
Wrw/n i rjrrr z-t���ir���rjn.
":������   Si lnti    Tliia f   inr  -��^.;rtr*Bt:n
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-;    L
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iiera."** tw*ri-r-; 1 - i.r: t.:.:
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a    art   i'ls-ra.       t:   i   .l  ���   :   .-
I B^steasioB mW&ttier Qc Bnti mr X_-
: -   List   r*r:.m ���:    lm   .     j   fu"t
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Uif zz>*n   *r. 1   ;*.   - .        --_���-
ILl  Spring is Here
r^-;-ii;:��i :;
: -.i'-i 5eLicc br ptisiag :a:o stock all I
::iz.:.t-  Lkziizt:   :;:���;����� :Iier.  Spades,|
^-'--i-j  Xj.it;   ri .-;   r:;:;; F  :i:   Tree Praners,
.Tit ^z-L-.tTi. ?zj.. Girder "*ools. Etc.
*^-^�� r^*Tt':^.  m, ; u   team- t.-a.�� �����
��� ���.
9 -
1- D
Fresh   L.o-&al
-^;w ~-�� =.*,;-�� = ���
J. R .*\shdown Hardwai
Coctpatsy. I Isaaaaa**.
*sV  A.    %XAC
rt w. misto*'
Waterproof Paints
si��ff ��'T-��r* v��� lia j: v
���"T-xtajp* v n*. .or p . ;
IVtsIs-m C:ic ^ Gai C:.
^es*,sier*ist���I-r-t-i.  *   t.i���&t
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*��.*.-  Ei~.-X  ��.S����-
��� ir S^*r.*y tf*e*. H��_|,;n   ��   ;
The Store of Quality
Brand New Art Bel! Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker Sc
Anotief  Snap!
-'>��> = ::�� -:..��  i   '.-��-����j
1-J-..   : M-- :     j- ,-; : -.   .j-,.   -��. ,
JOW  c<3.   r.-=     ���: ��..,- ���....,.  i; .-: ;
;.;���:.:��� ira   r��-.    _.~�� i'*r 'i/- m .:��   '
;-��.    tKi: ^i3.-   jj .-�� I-iCtit KS ��-
R��p��^---a aa^o ->c*e��b��nai e**^wT��_* ��*. txfi DtavfaucK.   Sl-saaaat M*rt*
**���=**- mmmi Mjsij Hi  *t*^j^*#rv��*��Mr-y .     11 ��� 11 unaa, I f 1 mr���I 0*
Oi-aa   C��-��tv.   ��.   ti.    Coe*cnu;tor��'   CJar��.
NELSON,    B. C.
I: to*l
i - ;���: m _
2-ri iacitc-u ynnnaai iii ?,������r.i
Ctunnici * - T,f >irrrnn
rai.nr'iu ��� tarr-ii? -i. ��z_kif. j. :
rJ-J    *.��:  = ��
���.(-....;    - .   .
: -     v   :   - ���     i ��� :
Id     I    -.-i - .-    .-;
Spring Stock lust Opened Upl
Carload Linoleums and Carpet*
From Gla*i{o%��-, Scotlarwl.
Beat Qualitiea at  Low Rri^ea.
Standafd Fturnitafe Comp��uiy
&.im:a u ; .- : ' 1 : -
. ���JT*!nil rt*f .1 1 ~ .~-**yt.
M.��--tat.. tn.i   j" ��.��    --��b-i
l^SaStfa Lombef, Shingles*
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turrvocl Work and Brecketa. VaU Ori*tj crTt;s> sUfoJ*"!
^^^^^^        1E��>0> STWEiiT   -   .   .   VEUIO*. t*. c
-;   i'.:.,t   :-:
.���.I'SCI   *_JL3C_.rt-��.
!** Ej��r ej��*- t- P��.:*< Si, A".
77irge Shczv Cases
and Two Counters
���    ���'-!   "������:   T.*.-
raam*ta*kv ~���jx   *i\
"* in   "ji:nu*t ���i&
:ar T^r-  c
*J-  *"-'**-���-   -aai��tji��*i7    A3i>t"f ��)��,�����tt
' *' "   -  -���   t    i-Tfttt-st-init. i T
"^IlI��� *,lMi- *��������  'iit^bi aV  uiiiu*.  3'uiart
:��� ^ i.-.^Mtzmrm' Iri Jjv. L ?   :   i^u-ji.
K?/? 5^I��   S
FOR atuM
t ���   C   Et��*     TV*.   ��� I
fohaucofiist   Bate Street
_7 :-:  :
���mi Ivv:
n-.cu-   .:7ii   .%-.,   2*x*r fc��'-.
NELSON,    -    B. C.,
SLATER SHOES i'Somawf Necessities
:: "^:e
t $-:.e
4,Tlie Royal"
0.1��2E��*  -C5E
*-5 SOtZ-ES
LAWN a******
A��dCLI>! = ��,$
Door and Window Screens
A-* $��**>**��
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., UmW
���^-Mi NELSON *"���
I ^*^^l��A����^^^����VS^M��>^s��<v��ys^�����a^����>VS^VS<���*^SS*' ����%l*��'*'*


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