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The Daily Canadian Sep 18, 1906

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Array SpaU# JKcmobian
0MB I-    NO. 91.
Fifty Cents a Month
ihits Will All be in
Place Tonight
uildings Beautifully Decorated aad
Displa>s are of Unusual Merit- -
Three Days Program.
nj mlilnlgW Hii- fair building will
l completely furnished uml equipped.
,1,1',,1'atisni committee has stir-
>Wil Itsi'lf. Tlia- fliiHK and bunting
Bat iiini" ,t"' ''aft(-',ri a,"i eolnmns
abundant uml more taste-
l;,-,1 than ever before. Tlie
are .ill prepared ami many ol
filillsitis are now In place.
��� sl   table*   will   lie  sls'Vsiliil
. Unit uml flowers. The
sbles I'lmiain tin- minerals.
.bread uml iireserves. Along
Ide an'  llle displays of the
H Coke    Ht    Gas    ciimpuny,  tbo
v.,  linglm-crlng works, lbe Nel-
snrks,    the    Alllst'hnliiieis-
mpany, D, J. Robertson &
si tlie Kootenay Marble works.
fcobtbll   or    tbe    Qolden    West
. sany   iif  Calgary   is  already
���   .. iiii  A.  Nelson in charge,
'.,.,;..any has the only union soap
:;, 111  Mii-rlca-.
sis- sssiitb side ure tbe displays
,. Standard Furniture company.
if;, inly furnished in dark red
sr.'sn;   tbe  Nelson Brewing com-
��,> mi'l iin- Thorpe company.
���J. A. McDonald hus bis old stand.
e Inteuda to put tn a mammoth Bug-
itlck siisil  Invite  visitors to guosB
I weight.    The nearest guessor will
pounds of chocolates; thu
iiiiil Iss'si   iwo  ixiunda.
ItIh   lirsi  annex,  the   original    fair
���IkluiR. contain*  the district exhibit,
Kaslo, including Then Adams' nio-
���sirle and   lhe     North    Shore,    In
larais- nl John Hyslop
J'I'll-  entries number nearly 1000, ex-
���ii- li.'��� "I  slislrlct  collections.
1 Th- mineral exhibit is   on   a sraslo
pi-: attempted before In Nelson, nor
pcbahl)   anywhere   else.    There   will
������ ins siiMhit    of    Kootenay    and no
���si.-.- of ore   unrepresented.    The In-
fcrniittiiiiiti Conl company of Colemuu,
Ilia. has sent a splendid display.
Jtt'hen    the    directors    finish    Iheir
["iss s.'iiUht everything win be in op
Jit fssr the opening lomorrow,
[The hssii-ls nre well filled  now and
crowd of visitors hM only begun
Thi  program for tbo three days wUI
First Day.
*  " si m���Judging of exhibits.
'���' a. ni���c.lokel  match,  Bdmonton
1 Nelson.
I is in���Formal opening.
II Sn p. m.���Aerial torpedo explo
lona ami balloon ascensions by Pro
essnrs Williams und  McLennan.
:u.���Sinl- l.elta Troup.
P. m���llors    races, first  bent,
nailer mile, for horses owned In Nol
in dlstricl.
���I p. in.���Horse races, second heat.
3:16 p. in.���Ilaseball match, Rosa
ami vs. Phoenix.
"���I" p. m���Sml-Letta Troup.
8:15 p. in.���Japanese Parasol Drill
ad operatic seleotlons; amateurs uu
llroctlon of Mrs. Melville Pitrry.
p. m.���Opera house���"Hooligan**
Second Day.
'   111    Crieki't  mutch;   resumed.
1.���Balloon ascension.
Sinl 1,1'lln Troup.
s -Horse  mens, first  bent,
: in p.
p. 111
.,     '-" I'
Pair mill,
sips'ii   rues
p    111.���Horse   nice   open,
ilfi    p. in.���Lncrosso    match.llevel
lfl"k" vs. Nelson.
7 :;" p. 111.���Sinl Letta Tmitp.
s���!���' p. m.���Japanese Parasol Drill,
'���' p. in���opera house���"Johnnie on
I'lls:   Spot."
Third Day.
���Buildings open,
in.���Junior baaeball match,
p'lilipurt  vs.  Nelaon. .
I;sn p. m.���Balloon ascension.
'-' p  ra.���Sml-Letta Troup.
-1-11 p. 111.���Horse races, open, ipiar
'"!��� mile.
:!;l'| p. in.���Lacrosse mutch, Revel.
Nokia vs. Nelson
11. in.���Sml-Letta Troup.
;15 p. in.���Jnpaneae Parasol Drill
m.���Opera    house���"Alplionso
"'id lliisluu."
Revolutionists  Arrested  and  Shot.
Milan, Sept is.���Lyndeberg and
vm. Iwo of tho most promliinnl rev-
I "lm Imim-y outlaws, hnve been arrest-
,!|. tried by court lunrllnl nnd execut-
1,1 !>>' shooting, ai tho scene or their
"ml 'murder, in a previous -pttjempt
'" iii'iiliii-e these Iwo men they killed
""���'"I'm or lhe policemen who wero
IWrstilng Ihem. Before their exooutlon,
'���Miili'lii'i's. ,u,ii Kent housted of many
murders they took part i���, with other
revoluuonist. |rom thc Atla���(lc �����
ncos, in tho Sveaborg mutiny. They
were In receipt of weekly salaries
from the terrorists.
Force at Dunlea Mines Capture Young
Mountain Goat.
W, .1. Richards, manager of the Dunlea mines on Tan Mile creek, tho properly nr (i. w. Bartlett, is In the city
ror lhe fair.
Ilu reports Rood results at the
mines, where a second aud lower tunnel Is now being driven, lln brought
down a ciilleciiiin of average samples,
taken across the whole lead, ror assay. Previous assays or ore rrom nearer the surface have shown values av-
eraglng about ISO to the ton in silver.
On Ills slnir are Jack Sharpies and
Harry Harper. In their hours orr duty
they have iiiiii magnificent spurt, as
Hie upper valley of Ten Mile creek is
in the heart of the best game country
In llrlllsh Columbia. Their bag Includes a live mountain Boat, which
has been brought to the city, three
olher minis killed, a deer and grouse
unnumbered. They have also caught
trout iu the creek lo the number of
the tangle for the position of general
overseer. Ono ls Wilbur Glenn Vollva,
who supplemented Dowle In authority,
while the other ls Alfred K. Bills, who
Is generally supposed to be a candidate ln the Interests of Dowle. Vollva
his conducted his campaign on a platform that declares for the rehabilitation of ihs- manufacturing plants of
Hon City, while the fight of Bills has
been along the lines that the real
wealth of the community Hob in the
wealth of the soli, that the manufacturing plants attract an undesirable
class and then-lore eliould he abolished, leaving Zlon solely to tho home-
liiiililers. The result of the election
probably will not be definitely known
before tomorrow.
Bryan in Colorado.
Italelgh, N. C, Sept. 18.���William .1.
Bryan's Itinerary provides for another
busy day iu Norlh Carolina today. He
began Ihe day with an address at
Winston this morning, wheru a considerable crowd turned out and gavo
liliu an enthusiastic greeting. Prom
Winston he proceeded to Greensboro
and thence to Salisbury, at both of
which points he was slated for speeches. Concord and Charlotte are the
points scheduled for this evening. Tomorrow Mr. Hryan will proceed into
South Carolina, Colombia being his
first stopping place.
Annulment of Last December Elections
Masonli temple here today. This comprises all the New England states,
New York, New Jersey, Deleware, Pennsylvania, lOhlo* Indiana, Illinois,
Michigan and Wisconsin. The rest of
the country ls within the southern
Jurisdiction, which ls an Independent
hut affiliated body. The Initial session was devoted to the opening and
preliminary ceremonies, routine business and the presentation of the address of the sovereign grand commander, Henry L. Palmer of Mil
waukee. Tonight the Ihlrty-thlrd degree Is to be conferred on the candidates elected last year, this being the
most Important feature of the meeting.
The session will continue over tomorrow.
Nelson  School  Board  Meets This Af
ternoon to  Prepare  Agenda for
Friday Morning.
The board or school trustees will
meet In the office of the secretary,
Dr. E. C. Arthur .this afternoon at 4
Friday evening would be the regular meeting night, but the earlier
date Is chosen ssi that business may
be prepared fur the convention of Interior school trustees which will be
held here on Friday.
Invitations to the trustees of cities
and rural districts of Kootenay and
Houudary were sent out several
months ago, and although few definite replies have been received there
Is certain to he a fair attendance, as
many or the trustees will lie visitors
to the Nelson lair.
The provincial trustees' Institute
lias been In existence for two years,
and conventions have lieen held In
Vlotorla and Vancouver. The iusli-
title has already exercised considerable Influence upon amendments to
tile BOhoOl act.
The Nelson board has been represented on eaoh occasion, by Or. Arthur. He Is ot opinion tbat In some.
respeots the interests or the interior
are different frnm those of the coast
cities, which havo hitherto had the
majority representation ln the conventions.
He therefore wishep to organize the
Interior boards, so that their Influence
may he felt at the next convention,
which will be held in Nelson in Easter
week of 1907.
Nipped in the Bud.
Port Hope. Ont, sept. 18.���George
\V. Lawrence and Ulllan Brown, re
speillvely 2K and 2:1'years or age. residents or oakfh'ld, (ienesee county, N.
Y, came to Port Hope yesterday. A
marriage license being secured, tho
couple sougbl tho Methodisl parsonage The minister nol being at home,
they'were compelled i" wait until
this morning, when they again repaired to the clergyman's bouse. Missing hlm. Ihey returned to have another clergyman** name Inserted, l.i lho
meantime the Issuer of marriage licenses received word that tbe prospective bride bud a husband and two
children living in the United Slates.
\ messenger waa dispatched io ihe
parsonage annulling the certificate.
When tha groom-tube applied tor the
Insertion of another ministers name,
i���. was dumbfounded m the news
awaiting him. The girl I* Bald to hnve
originally come from Manvers township, Durham county, but had been living In Ihe United Slnles fur sumo
For Control of Zion City.
Chicago, Sept. 18,-This was election day In Hon city ami for the time
being all tho residents of the Dowl-
oiinimiiulty lei arfnlrn of business and
religion go by tha hoard while they
gave their attention to the battle at
Hi,- noils. The election wns for a general overseerttrustee of tho church B
nroperty,) ami was held in pursuance
of the order id the circuit court, which
took this method of straightening out
Interesting   Observations   of   Winnipeg
Ex-Mayor Andrews.
Winnipeg, Sept. 1-.���Ex-Mayor Andrews has just returned from a
lengthy trlii ln Europe. Interviewed
ou the operation of municipal ami public utilities he said lhat he took a
great Interest during his travel In the
problem of state and municipal ownership ul' public utilities, adding:
"The great strides which huve been
made lu Ureal llrltaln during the past
ten years iu this regard are evidence
that it is one ot the great question*
under consideration by the people. Tho
municipalities are ull acquiring thu
public service as fast ub possible. The
government have made such success
witli the operation of the telegraph iu
connection with th- postal department
that they have taken over the operation of the telephones us well. At the
present time they are working very
harmoniously with the National Telephone company's system, although
there ls keen rivalry between the government and company. In 1911 the
whole system Is to come under government jurisdiction and then they
will own and operate all the telephones. Although the railways are under the control ol the board of trade,
who insist upon a very excellent service at quite reasomrble rates, yet
there Is growing a strong feeling iu
favor of the government acquiring the
railways aud operating them.
"In moBt countries on the continent
they are much further advanced in
their practical tesls of municipal ownership than In Great Britain. In Germany the people own and operate
practically all the railways and use
the same business methods in acquiring them that any sharp business cor-
poration would use and withal .they
have dealth quite fairly with the companies. Very low rates prevail In Germany and the service is quite satisfactory lo the people.
"1 saw more, however, of the operation of the railways," said Mr. Andrews, "in Belgium. Here the government have acquired a great portion of
the railway systems. There are 2890
miles of road owned by the government, and they have traffic arrangements over the other lines. Besides
giving an excellent service the rates
of travel are very cheap There are
three classes ot travel, the second
class being quite good enough tor anyone, ln order In encourage travel,
Benson tickets are Issued, which entitle the holder to travel anywhere on
governmenl or corporation lines, in
Belgium. They hear exactly the same
privilege* as the passes Issued here.
The bolder or the ticket is required
to furnish si photograph of himself,
unmounted, which is pasted on the
tickets for purposes of identification.
They also Issue similar season tickets
for periods lasting from 15 days to a
year at varying prices. While in Belgium I purchased for myself and family second class season tickets good
for 15 dnys at $8.20 each and on theBe
tickets travelled from Brussels to Spa,
Ardennes, Antwerp, Ostend, Blacken-
liurg and all the principal points of Interest in Belgium. During those 15
days I must have travelled 2000 miles
and wus enabled to return each evening to Brussels. The railway stations
are commodious and sume of them are
magnificent. During my 80 days' travel In Belgium I was never Into five
minutes. The governmenl also operate wllh greal credit to themselves
and Willi satisfaction to the people lhe
telephone* and telegraph*', all of these
nlllltles working one with the olher.
lly Ihis plan there is a wonderful saving in expense, since all mny frequently bo operated under one management."
Nothing Short of Guarantee From
United States Can Quell Mutiny Among Islanders.
New York, Sept. 18.���Commercial
ami financial men who have interests
in Cubai continue to watch the situation Ip the Island. Cables sent to Havana requesting answers to vital ques-
Uoiib. were replied lo In an unsatisfactory manner and this gave rise to
comment, especially in Wall street.
The opinion there was that all cables
were being subjected to as strict censorship. The Times Bays that the almost universal opinion among financiers yesterday was that annexation
was lhe only real solution of the problem. Tho Times quotes the heud of
one of the leading Cuban banking
houses as Baying it wae rumored In
Havana that the commercial element
In Cuba advocates free trade with the
United States. If this is guaranteed
there will be no opposition to annexation. President Palma Is stubborn,
but has no backbone. He has taken
the advice of men outside of the government and been false to hlB friends
in the cabinet.
An arbitration board should be
formed in Washington and sent down
to Havana by the (president, to remain
for at least five years. Taft will say
and do, when he - arrives In Havana,
what will make the leaders of both
sides squirm. Both sides are to blame
and have committed serious faults.
The conditions are chaotic today, because both Bides are scared and do not
know what will happen when Taft gets
there. While members of the revolutionary junta expresB their pleasure
over the suspension of hostilities, they
declare in positive terms that there
would he no permanent peace unless
the Liberal demands that the last elections be annulled are granted.
"We will lay down our arms." said
General Guerra. "when negotiations
for peace are begun, but we cannot
accept terms that do not include the
annullment of the elections held last
December, nor will we accept such a
promise from the Palma government
unless annullment is guaranteed by
the United States."
Bhayne for year* ha* been one of the
prominent State *treet merchants and
a leader ln various civic movement*.
For 12 mouths he has exhibited signs
of mental disorder.
While   Her   Husband   Lies   in   Regina
Jail  Writ Gilbert Expires.
Important Resolutions Adopted at Vio-
toria Congress Today.
Victoria, B. C, Sept. 18���At this
morning's session of the trades and
labor congress several additional resolutions were submitted and were referred to appropriate committees.
Among the subjects Included In these
One In favor of the establishment
of industrial technical schools throughout the Dominion.
Another ooudemnlng the Dominion
government for failure to proceed
against those guilty of corrupt practices In the departmental service and
requesting that the government dismiss Mr. Preston and prosecute him
for alleged Irregularities.
Another resolution asked that all
further expenditure on account of armaments cease, and that the militia
force be disbanded and International
arbitration be adopted instead.
That Chinese Immigration be interdicted was the subject matter of one
resolution offered, while another along
the same lines asked that the present
tax of $500 per head be raised to $1000
per head.
An Invitation from Winnipeg to hold
the 1907 congress ln that city wae
read amid applause and referred to
thc committee.
This afternoon the delegates were
taken for a trolley ride about the city,
visiting the various points of Interest
Regina, Sept. 18.���Mrs. Gilbert, wife
of Josiali Gilbert, who Is lying ut the
present time in llcglnu jail awaiting
hla preliminary trial on the charge of
murdering Barret Henderson, died on
Sunday at the ago of 75 years, on the
farm which Ib alleged to have been
the cause of her husband's present
unfortunate position. Mrs. Gilbert
had been in weak and falling health
for come years past and It ls thought
that the terrible anxiety of the last
tew weeks contributed considerably to
the hastening of her end.
Heavy Typhoon Occurs at
Hong Kong
Unique Souvenirs.
Unique souvenirs of Nelson have
lieen designed and patent ed by .1. O.
I'utenuude. They are sterling silver
spoons In the form or shovels. The
handle Is surmounted with the head
or a prospector; along the handle aro
a pair or specimens, then clusters or
Milt. The spoon contain* In roller a
view of Nelson trom Morning mountain, Showing the smelter, the lako
and the bills.
Helpless Yacht Rescued.
Norfolk, Va��� Sept. 18.���The British
ship Lovalne, Captain Daniel, arrived
in this port yesterday, towing the sailing yacht Palatine, owned by Charles
X. Ledllr, said to be a millionaire ot
St. Louis. The Lovaine rescued the
Palatine near False Cape, on Sunday
night The yacht had lost her rudder
and was In a helpless condition at the
mercy of a northeast gale and dangerously near the treacherous shoals of
False Cape when sighted by the Lo-
Still Awaiting Orders.
Washington, Sept. 18.���Preparation
by tho navy department ror any emergency In Cuba continue, but no additional orders havo been issued de-
palching warships to Cuban waters.
The Minneapolis and Newark are under rush orders to prepare for sea hut
have nol yet been sent away. The
situation has nol yet developed to a
point where it is believed that battleships will be necessary.
Weigher of Gold Arrested for Falsifying United States Mint Scales and
Pocketing $18 a Day.
Philadelphia, Sept. IS. ���Charged
With falsirying the neales used In
weighing gold, Thomas \\V llurff. for
12 years assistant weigher and representative of the coiner at tho United
Suites mini in this city, and a respected citizen or Woodbury, N: J., was arrested yesterday by Secret Service
Detectives Griffin and Santera. Ho
was taken before United StateB Commissioner Craig and held In $1000 ball
ror a further hearing on Friday next.
The system by which It Is alleged
llurff defrauded the government Is n
simple one. A copper planchette, or
unstamped iienny, wns either fastened
on the bottom, or laid in the pan uf
the scales on which the gold Is weighed. One of Ihese plancheltea weighs
11-1011 of an ounce, which la tlie exact
weight of the $3 Mexican gold pieces
being coined at the mint hern. At
each weighing lho government lost $::
In gold, and figuring on aix weighs a
day. Ihe loss properly was $18. llurff,
It ls said, had been adding the disc
lo scales for several months. Under
the law the weigher Is allowed 10-100
of an ounce shortage in weight for
wear on each 0000 ounces of the gold.
Not Enough Evidence to Convict Dan
Cameron of Neglect.
Dan Cameron, charged with neglecting his horses, was tried this morning
by the mayor and Alderman Selous,
justices of the peace.
The evidence showed that the feed
of the horBes cost their owner $5.35
from August 21 to September 6, about
17 cents a day for each horse, up to
the time when they were fed by the
Dr. Frank, V. S., testified thait the
horses showed signs of lack of food*
for a considerable time.
Cameron swore that he had visited
and fed his horses regularly, although
he admitted having been drunk for a
part of the time.
There being not sufficient evidence
to warrant a conviction the case was
dismissed, Magistrate Selous remarking that tie was not satisfied as to the
truth of Cameron's evidence.
In Memory of Chickamauga.
Chattanooga, Tenn., Sept. 18.���War
veterans from both North and South
are gathering here In considerable
numbers for a three-day reunion in
observance of the forty-third anniversary of the battle of Chickamauga.
While veterans of VVTlder's brigade ol
mounted infantry are most in evidence, numerous other organizations
are represented. A unique feature Is
a reunion of the survivors of the famous Andrews raid, the daring "raiders" and tbe equally daring pursuing
party who figured ln the historic cap-
lure of the engine "General" on April
12, 1862, both being represented.
Changes in Ocean Currents are Simultaneous With Earthquakes
and Caused Loss of Ships.
High Degree Masons Meet.
Boston, Mass., Septa. 18.���The annual session or the Supremo council
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite Masons for the Northern Mnsonlc Jurisdiction of the   United    States began ln
Playing Battledore.
Ottawa, Sept. 18���Chief Justice
Weatherhee and Justice Russell of
supreme court of Nova Scotia, have
reported to the speaker of the house
of commons that Mr. Fielding has
been unseated for Queens and Shel-
bourne and therefore the constituency
ls vacant. Upon that point both are
agreed. They also report that an appeal has been taken on the personal
charges to the supreme court. So far
the supreme court has received no no
lice of the appeal.
Record Customs Payment.
Portage la Prairie, Sept. 18���Probably the largest single customs entry
ever put through ln Canada, and certainly the largest by all odds that has
ever heen put through in the West,
was passed through the customs office
here yesierday, when 54.S7I tons of
sleel rails lor the Grand Trunk Pacific railway, valued at $1,500,000, wero
entered. Tho duty uaid was $382,-
722.31, which Is regarded as a record
customs payment.
Staats General Opened.
The Hague. Sopt. 18���The Staats
General was opened today. The speech
from tho throne, which opened parliament, dealt almost entirely with proposed domestic legislation. A bill extending lhe financial autonomy of the
Knst  Indian  colonies  was  announced.
King Edward's Cup.
New York, Sept. IS��� King Edward,
the Times states today, will give another yachting cup to American
yachtsmen. The cup will be tendered
to the Jamestown exposition. The officials are likely to invite foreign
yachts to tho competition.
Chicago Merchant Goes Insane.
Chicago, Sept. 18���John T. Shayno
has been declared insane by a jury.
In the county court and the American
Trust and Savings bank haa been appointed conservator of his estate. Mr.
Last of Pulajane*.
Manila, Sept. 18.���Reports received
from the' punitive expedition Bent to
the Interior of the Island of Leyte lu
pursuit of the Pulajanes, state that as
a result of tbe recent attacks by the
troops thc Pulajanes have broken up
into small parties. The last band near
l.apaz has been dispersed.
Winston  Churchill  Out  for Oovernor
on Unique Platform���The Contest
Makes Deep Impression.
Concord, N. H., Sept. 18���The Republican state convention which assembled here today is one of the mo*t
notable gatherings of Its kind which
the Granite state has ever seen, marking the close ot a campaign that has
attracted  attention far  beyond  state
Winston Churchill, the novelist, ls
responsible for much of the Interest
in the campaign. He is out for governor on a unique platform. H- attacks the Boston & Maine railroad,
and declares that Its Influence In New
Hampshire politics ts paramount. He
says that this influence was largely
gained through tho issuance of free
passes by the railroad to members ot
the legislature and others and declares
that such passes should be abolished.
He also advocates a direct primary
law, tax reform measureB and the
elimination of the lobby ln the legis
lature. Since the beginning of Mr.
Churchill's campaign almost the sole
topic of discussion In political circles
has been the free pass question.
That Mr. Churchill cannot win the
nomination Is the general opinion
among those well informed Ji to the
situation. But the platform that Mr.
Churchill is supporting has undeniably
made a deep impression. The result
of this probably will be that the convention will declare for a change of
the existing relations between the
railroad system and the lawmakers,
and will nsk the senatorial and representative districts to select candidates
in sympathy with the reform. The
platform may be expected also to declare agalna tthe lobby, and probably
point Its finger ln scorn to the Salem
race track legislation. The taxation
question is likely to be met by resolu
tionB providing for the establishment
of a commissioner on equalisation.
There has been some gossip that
Churchill, In the event of hla falluje
to win thc nomination, might bolt the
Republican ticket, make an alliance
with th'.- Democrats and run at the
head of a fusion ticket. There ls be
lieved to be small chance, however,
mat this will occur Former United
Stntea Senator W. E. Chandler le
Churchill's political adviser, a'nd It is
not thought that Mr. Chandler would
sanction a bolt from the Republican
Taft Party's Progress.
Tampa, Pla., Sept. 18���Tho Tart
party arrived last night, two hours late
behind the government tug Pickering
at Port Tampa, and proceeded to the
cruiser Dcs Moines, which awaited the
partv at the quarantine station at the
entrance lo Tampa. The cruiser Balled Immediately for Havana.
Will Change Their Name.
Milwaukee, Wis., Sopt. 18.���The
Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen.
late last night decided to change the
name ot the order to the Brotherhood
of Locomotive Firemen and Engine-
men, because 25 por cent ot the members are engineer-.
Hongkong, Sept. 18. ��� A disastrous
hurricane occurred here today. Several ves-els were wrecked to the' harbor.
The typhoon lasted two hours.   The
British     steamer     Monteagle
ashore. ���
Manila, Sept 18. ���Cable reports
from Hongkong state that a typhoon
which sprang up suddenly at 10 o'clock
this morning did enormous damage to
the shipping in that port. The German steamer Johanne and the steamer San Cheque-, were sunk. The
Hongkong-Canton and Macao company's steamer Falshun foundered,
and of the crew the purser and mate
alone survived. All business In the
city ls at a standstill. The typhoon
lasted two hours.
Honolulu, Sept. 18.���As a result of
the stranding ot the Pacific Mall
steamship Manchuria and the transport Sheridan, both on their way to
Midway Island, all within less than a
month, there I* much congestion ot
passengers here and the long interruptions of malls Is causing great inconvenience.
Many persona who were travelling
on Important business are stranded
here. Some of them Intended sailing
on the Mongolia, others on the Butord.
The latter was scheduled to sail for
San Francisco last night, but at 2
o'clock yesterday afternoon the order
was received to proceed to Midway
Island. The Midway trip Is most unwelcome to the steamship officials,
a* the location is most dangerous because of the reefs and streams. The
tug Iroquois, the largest on the coast
and the most powerful ln Honolulu,
will probably leave for Midway tomorrow.
New York. Sept. 18.���Shipping men
were much Interested today in a cable
despatch from Toklo which stated that
the Canadian Pacific Railway company's steamer Empress of China, on
arriving there Sunday, reported that
considerable changes have taken place
In- Pacific ocean currents. They regarded thiB as accounting for the
stranding of so many steamers recently ln the vicinity of the Hawaiian
islands. The steamers Manchuria and
Mongolia and the United States transports Thomas and Sheridan have met
this fate. The Toklo despatch adds
that the report ot tidal changes harmonises with the Kobe observatory
reports of a great earthquake In mld-
Paclflc which preceded the convulsion
at Valparaiso by several hours. This
ls believed to have made Important
changes tn the bed of the ocean.
New York, Sept. 18.���The German
steamer Johannes sailed from Dell, an
islsnd off Japan. She wae huilt at
Lubeck, Germany, in 1903 and is owned by M. Jebsen. She registered 952
tons net. The British steamer Falshun was built at Lelth In 1887 and
registered 1425 tons net. The British
steamer San Cheung was built at
Hongkong tn 1902 and is of 389 tons
register. She Is owned by the Cheung
On Steamboat company of Hongkong.
The British steamer Monteagle arrived at Hongkong on September 14
from Vancouver and Honolulu. She
registers 3425 tons net and was built
at New Castlo ln 1899.
Takes Wise Precaution*.
An old reader, on perusing In these
columns some recent articles on swimming, writes us to say that has, in his
time, saved three persons from death
by drowning, says Saturday Night, although he does not consider himself
a particularly good swimmer. But he
makes one excellent suggestion when
he relates the method he adopted. Instead of jumping in empty-handed he
always seised a stick or a piece of
board, which he tttrust into Ihe clutch
ot the drowning peruon, und the rest
was easy. Ho wa�� tn no danger himself and easily drew tho drowning person to safety. A iierson may be very
far gone, yet will clutch a stick and
hung on. This ls a sensible method
which, If followed, would save the
lives of many who drown lu attempting to rescue others.
Front Page Filler.
San Francisco, Sept. IS.���It has been
practically settled that Philadelphia
Jock O'Brien and Sam Berger are to
box 46 rounds for the heasvywelghl
championship at Colona on Thanksgiving day.
!'|i    .;
!      s
1     I
���*i    *1
i. iii WWw^
The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now in order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
We have plenty Of thnn tn red and blue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,    -   8.50 per pair
These blankets arc justly celebrated for their excellence
them in this city.
We alone carry
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows. Comforters, Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing. Oil Clothing. Sweaters. Miners' and prospectors' Soots
and Shoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and  prices  surprisingly Low.
PubllHliod six days h week by thc
Baker St., Nelson, B.C.
Bubscription rates, "*) cents a inoitth delivered
Ui thp city, or th.OO a year if lent by mail, when
piltl ill advaiift*.
AdTertii-iiiK rate.1- on application.
All monies pabi In settlement ut The Dally
Canadian accounts, either for subscription, nr
adYertlstng, most be receipted tor on the printed
[arms ol tiie Company.   Other receipt! are not
���' Uy noe word we are some Limes judged to be
wire antl by one word tomeUmos Judged to be
foolish.   Let un there/ore   be careiul  what we
There are Increasing evidences,
week by week, of ihe prospective importance of the city of Nelson ay an
Industrial center and these cannot but
be gratifying io the stalwart pioneers
who have staked their all on the
future of the city in the belief that,
in importance antl growth, il will make
good. Not only in the improvement
in conditions affecting the mining industry is there assurance of a large
increase in the population and business of the city, but in other respects
it would seem that Nelson is to
achieve fame and fortune. Kor the
stability of trade conditions, the city
will, of course havo to depend largely
upon ihe development of the mineral
resources of the district of which it is
mitutviUy and geographically the center and the distributing point. But as
on auxiliary of these and an Important
addition to the assured prospects of
the city as an Industrial center, there
are already under process of construction several mills ami manufacturing
establishments that will contribute
largely  to iis industrial growth.
The construction of the sawmill al
Procter by ihe Wattsburg Lumber
company, while n few miles out ot
town, will be, for all practical purposes, a Nelson industry. This mill
will employ a large number of hands
who will draw their supplies from the
city and who will naturally spend
their spare time aud money in here.
Adding to this tlie probability of almost immediate construction of the
MeGoldrick mill, almost within the
ciiy limits, the extension oi manufacturing industries is already an assured
fact. The natural advantages of tin1
site are an Ind uee men I to capital to
invest here and there would seem tu
be no reason why anyone need feel
apprehension as lo ilie ultimate destiny of the city.
These Industries are, however bul
the forerunnerH of many others of a
variety nnd importance that must
augur well for the huh of lhe Kooteuays. The Canadian is authorized to
state that, Within a month, there will
be commenced here the construction
of a building to he used ns a pickling
nnd canning factory..
This has boon brought about hy the
advertising in foreign newspapers or
a well known realty broker, and ample
capital is behind the venture. The
promoters will be in the city In a
short time to select the site for the
new undertaking and to make contracts with the ranchers and gardeners of the adjacent territory for their
next year's production,
This will open a new field for lhe
horticulturist and will tend to introduce variety into the experiments
made among gardeners, and other tillers of the soil, who are now confining
their experiments and product almost
���exclusively to fruits.     Tbat    the val
leys along the line of the lake and
rivers are adapted to produce plentifully all kinds of vegetables and garden products suitable for pickling, has
been well known but the attention of
the growers has not been called to the
(Risibilities of these things because of
the unsatisfactory marketing facilities.
To have, at their very door, a factory
hungry for all the product of the farm
will spur many to employ additional
labor and cultivate larger areas. Thus,
whatever may be the ultimate settlement of the labor problems of the
Kootenays, an extensive addition to
the population may be confidently
looked for In the near future.
The pickling industry will naturally
lead to the establishment of canning
industries and much more fruit than
is available for shipment to outside
markets, in a fresh state, will become
useful for canning purposes.
Ii can scarcely be conceived that a
distriet with the agricultural and horticultural possibilities of the Kootenay should long escape the notice of
those seeking investment of their cap-
ital in such enterprises as these we
discuss. At the same time, credit is
due those who have entered into correspondence and correctly represent-
<d these possibilities to the prospective investors. Let the campaign be
continued. The publicity that has
been given the city has already borne
good fruit and the energetic band of
citizens who have been spending their
time and money to attract attention
lo Neison are reaping their reward.
And while ihey are reaping their reward, the city will profit also and it
behooves all classes to enter heartily
into the effort to make Nelson what
il may easily become, the banner city
oi iin- Interior <>f the province.
When the city has in operation, its
own power plant and is iu a position
in inter the marke! as a supplier of
motive energy, there will still be new
fields to conquer. There need be no
misgiving as to the outcome of this
enterprise and the steady and stable
growth of the city should encourage
all lo take a fresh and rosy view ol
the possibilities that are hovering
within such easy reach of the loyal
Notwithstanding the repealed at-
tompts tu belittle tin- importance or
iin- revolution in Cuba there seems to
be no doubt that matters there an*
assuming an attitude that is menacing to the peace of the Americnn republic which is acting in the capacity
oi a protector among these recently
"rescued" islands of tin* Atlantic
ocean. The fact that two American
warships have already been despatch-
id to the Cuban waters and that at
I. ast two more have received hurry
instructions to prepare for emergency
�� rders, is In itself, suflclent evidence
of the gravity of the situation. Tbe
latest despatches, indicating that the
revolutionists have attacked British
property in order to force the hand of
the Hritish authorities and compel the
intervention of the American government at this critical juncture, shows
that the Cuban revolutionists nre by
no means fools and that they are prepared to submit their case to the highest   tribunals available.
The chief complaint seems to be
that the election of the president of
ih<- so-called Cuban republic was corrupt ly effected nud that the responsible elemenl, the more intelligent
class of the electorate there, were defrauded of their rightH and suffer a
corresixinding Injustice. If this Is the
sum total of their    grievance    It can
easily he put aright and the Cuban
authorities are certainly to blame If
ihey are attempting to maintain an
authority which was corruptly gained.
The matter has uow evidently assumed international importance and
will no doubt be threshed out to a
finish. There can be no wish on the
part of any true American to uphold
the authority of a corruptly elected
president and we may reasonably hope
that the difficulty will be adjusted
without resort to extreme annexation
measures such as were proposed at
the commencement of the revolt. If
however, these must take place we
hope that the matter will be summarily dealt with and the peace of the
Islands bordering on the American
e rntinettt assured.
If the Liberals are "caught napping'* after all the din and roar about
early elections that is being fed into
their ears by the party press it Is a
positive proof that the resurrection
will slip by without the Liberals being aware of the incident.
We know now why those election
rumors fill the air every little while.
It Is to give opposition papers a text
upon which to write editorials on high
finance and show how to decrease taxation, increase expenditure and still
show a husky surplus.
Visitors from outside points coming to
the fair are invited to call at The
Canadian office any day and see us
squat our burning thoughts into something less than a quarter of a million
copies, all for five cents.
If you see It in the corporation
press take it with a grain of salt.
Watch our smoke.
Notice is hereby Riven thai sixty days alter
date I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner nf Land,- and Work- for permission
to purchase lhe following described lands .situate in Weti Koon-nav District, Commencing
at a post marked "A, Blrsch'S B. K. Corner"
planiid-it th.* B.W. corner of Lot .To., about 7
miles north ol Purton city and about % of a
milt- weel ol the Columbia river, thenoe norih
BO chains; thenoe weattt I'hiins tlience south
ni chainsi thence eul to chains to point of oommencement, containiiiK 820 acres.
Dated this nth day ol Beptember, 1*08.
A.   Hi KM H,
Per EUi-PU Slye. Agent.
BUty 'lavs after date, I. Margrett McQuarrle,
intend io npplv to tin* llouoruhh* thc Chief dun-
misalonerof Landsand Works, Victoria,B.C,
lo purcbue lbe following described land, C in-
menclng at a post marked   M. MH.uarrie, on the
hank of Lower Armw lake, thence to chains
west; tbence60chains north; ihcnce 4fi chains
east; thence 00 chains south to place of com.
meneement. said to contain ibu acres nmre or
less. Covering ground held by 0, B. Anderson's
pi exemption,
iMic'i this 14th dav ol September, 190.1.
MAK'iKKri  McQUAftlUB.
W. L, Pavne, Agent
Notice i" bereb; given tbat sixty dnvs after
date i Intend to apply to the Honorable tbe Chief
Commissioner ol Landsand Works (or permission
to purchase thc following described lands -ItuaU*
In West Kootenay district: Commenolng at a post
planted hi Robert I'orlett'i north entt corner
post and nuirk'd A. M's N. W. 'orner lbence
easttochalnsi tbenoe 40chains south, mure or
less to the Kootenay river; thence to cbaina west
along   the   Kootenay   river;   Ihence   lo  chains
north, more or less, to the place of eommeucement, containing no acres more or les .
Sept mbcr llth IDOt'i.
Ajntii Moors,
William Mooai u Agent.
Nntice i-  hereby given  lhal  si.Mv  .luv-   niter
date i intend toapply to the Honorable the Chlel
Commissioner nf Lands and Works fnr permission
to purchase the following deurlbed laud*. Miniate in tbe We.-t Kootenay district, and adjoining
Paul Andre's pre-emption, starling at a pom
marked A.J. Long, N EC, eurner, on the west Bnore
of Lower Arrow* lake, ihence kt chains West,
theuco 40 chains south, tbenee 20 chains easl,
ihcnce 4<_i chains north to point of comntence-
Blxtj dav*. after date I intend toapply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner ol i ands ami Works,
Victoria, lo purchase 40 aerea of land: Commencing at a pott planted at :l 6 City oi Nelson's
power pin ut lot s. K corner post, on Kooteuay
rlveri thanee SB chains south, thence west *v
ehains, thenee north ffi ohalni thence eut 90
chains io point of comnn'iic' ment.
Nelson, it c, Ang.t, loot. B, J. Cukran.
Kotiee i- hereby given that 00days from date I
uiiiioi iu apply 10 ihe Honorable toe Chief Commissioner of Lamls and Wnrk- ior permission
to purchaie thc  following  described   bin!-.  -it-
uateiti Wesl Kooteuay District:   Commenting
at a post marked ���' K. Btewart's N w. corner
pOSt." situated near the Jinn lion  of  i-ost creek
and Bouth  Fork of Salmon, thenoe south 40
chains, more or   lew;   thenee  east   to ebalns:
thenc- north 40 chains, more or less;   thenee
west So chains to point nf commencement.
Salmo, Auguit llth, 1906.
T, H. Atkinson. Agent.
Notice li hereby given thai 00 davs after da'e I
intend to spply to the Honorable tne chief Commissioner of Land** and Works to purchase the
following described lands,3J*i a> rcV more orless)
commencing at a post planted on the WUI bank
of t'pper Arrow lake al a point ubout ' miles below Nakusp,and marked a. A. B. il. N.R. corner
post; thenee *> ehain* westi thence 40 chains
smith; thence ���"��� chaini i ut, nmre or less to lake
���bore; tbence along lake shore lo point of beginning.
Dated this .|h.hn ofSeOL.HWfl,   Q.A.B.HaLL,
SO dayi after dun* I Intend lo apply to Ibe Uo
orable thc i hief Commissioner of Lands ai
Wofks, Victoria. H U, to purchase B4U acres
land situate west of Arrow lake ou Ilu* West tl
ol WhatOhan ereek and joining lhe north boiuc
ary ol s"1 ���'   Annable application to purchai
Commenting al a posl marked K ,i. B. rt. k. co
ner and running wes' to chain--; thence north
chains; thence eut 80 chains; theuce south
it. J. [Elliot,
Kotiee i- bereby given that 00 davs after date I
Intend to apply lothe Etonorale Chief Commissioner ol Ui nds and Works ior permission to pur
chase the following doscrfbed landa. situate In
tb.* West Koolena*. district; starting Irom a posl
planted at the N." K. comer of V W. Robinson's
Application to purchase, thence40chains east)
B0 ohalns south] 20 chains wut, SO ehalns north,
40 chains west, 20 chains north, 30 chains east, 40
chains north to point of commencement, contain-
log l�� acres.
Dated 18th dav of August, IQOfl
per Ernest W. Robinson, Agent.
laud on th
laud ou the west shore ol upper Arrow Lake mi'l
joining J. li. Feeney'i pre-emption;   Running
WUt to Chain**; thenee nonh BU rhailis, thence
8Ut 40 Ohalns, to the Shore ol 'he lake; thence
south following the lake shore to point of commencement, containing Mi aires more or less.
1MI...I  Alli/llRt iy   IMM'..
Dated August ly, 1906.
j. J  kki.i.v, Agent,
Notice is hereby  glveu   thai   ilxty  dav  nfier
dale I intend to applv to the Honorable tbe
Chief Commissioner uf ..and-, and Works fnr permission io purchase the following described
land on thc west side of Lower Arrow Lake and
Joining the south line of the Indian Reservation!
Kunning we-l ki chains; then. ��� -uith -so chain.-;
tbence eut 90 chains, to the shore of the lake;
thence nonh following thi ike ihore to the
point of commencement, containing too acres
more or less.
Dated August 20, P.m. W. B. MacuwD
J. .1. Kei.i.y, Agent.
Dated at Nels.
her. 1000
B.C., this KthdavofS.pl.'
A.J, Lono
Wm. Pollard, Agent.
Noilce is hereby given Unit 60 days after date 1
Intend lo apply to  the Hon. lbe Chief C i.s-
sioner of Lands ami Works fur permission lo purchase ihe following described lauds in West
Kootenay district, province ol Hrili-h Columbia.
Commencing at a post markeii A. a. Burton's
H. w. eornei the south side of Cariboo creek,
about   hv lies  easl   of   liurlon Clly town-ite,
and al the liorlhwesl corner of William McDev-
Ut'S prc-e.tin.tion I'lahn, thenee easl Hi ( hains,
ihence north 00 chains, thenee west 40chains,
thence south 60 chains to the place of beginning,
containing -40 acres more or less.
Dated this 24th day ol July, 1906.
^_____   A. A. Bt'RTON.
Notloe Is hereby given thai t intend, 00 days
after date  to apply   to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of i ands and Works for permission
to purehase thc following descrlbea lands tu
West Kooteuay district, aboul live miles south
of Burton Ctty, commencing at a posi planted on
tbe eaat bank   Ol tract 0. K., ana marked "*. H.
Hamilton's B w. c. post," and running north to
chains, ihenee east SO chains, tlu-nce south m
chains, thence west HO < halus to place ol begin-
uin?, containing OKI acres of Intnl. more or [van.
Dated this Boa day of August, lyoe.
w H. Hamilton.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days after dale 1
Intend to apply to the Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lauds aud Works for permission to
purchase the  following  described lands, situate
iu West Kootenay district:  Commencing at a
post marked "B. Cnnkey'- N W. corner post," nie-
uat-j near the N E. corner of land applied for by
R-B,,thenee south 40 chains,mora or leu; thence
east WI ehalni; thence imrth 4li chains, more or
less*, tbence west HU. hains to point of coininence-
Halmo, Augusl 11, 1900. B. Coxkky,
T. II. Atkinson, Agent
Notice is hereby given that 60 .lays alter .late I
Intend toapply to tio* Honorable Chief Comtnla*
HioiiTof Lands ami Works lor permission to purchase the following deserlbod lands, situate In
the West Kootenav dlxlrict. starting from a post
planted at tlieB W.cornerof Srnosl w.Roblnson'a
Application lo Hnrehasc, mid on thc north hank
of the Nnrlh Kork of I og Dreek; lbence 10 ehnins
west, Hu chains north, I _ chains eut, 40 ohalni
south, .ii ehains west. VOchalussoulh lo Internee
t|oii of north Ilm*of K W. Robinson's Application
io Purchase, thence to chains west and 30chains
south to point of eommeneement, containing MO
DatOd lKtli day of Augusl, I'.Ml.
F. w, Robinson,
per BaNwr w. Robinson, Agent.
Notice Is herebv given that s|x(V days after
dntf I intend to apply to the Honorable thc
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase the following described lands situate In lbe West Kooleiinr
district, starting from a posl planted on the
north bank of the North Kork of Dog creek
tbence20 chains west, SO chains north, W eliains
west, 40 chains north, ki chains wesl, ��> chains
north, 'ki chains wet, VS. chains north, Wt chains
east, 20 Chains SOUth, tO chains cast. 40 chains
south, 20 chains east, loch-ins south lo point of
oommeneement, i-ontalning i>in acres,
Dated I8th day of August, i��<m.
Bbmmt w. Robinson
Kotiee Is hereby given that BO (layi after .late I
intend to make applli'Htion to the Honorable the
Chlel ''ouiuilsslon.-r of Lands and Works forpor-
misslon to purehaae 540 acres ol laud in tbe
district of West Kootenay, commencing al a po*-i
planted on the south side of Boundary creek on
the international bonndary line, one and a half
miles easl from (he Salmon river, marked "Kllhil
B, Adams, southern-*! corner," thenee west 80
chains, ihcme north HO chains, ihence east 80
Chains, thence south 80 chains to place of commencement.
Ki.tm* B. Adams, Locator
pc R  M. Itceves, as Agent.
Dated this 3th day Ol July,  19M,
Notice is hereby given   that slxtv days after
date I Intend io applv to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission Io purchase thc following described lamls situate in
Wesl Kootenav district; Commencing at a posi
marked J. II. . aiisloin-'s S.K. corner post, situate
in the Balmon (fiver Valley) al a point adjoining
J. Mcccher's laml  at  western  boundary, thence
west80 chains, theme north to chains, thenei
east so chains, ihence south to chains to point of
July Mtb, 1806. J. H. Vanstone,
T, H. Atkinson, Agent.
Notiee f�� berby given that 60 dan alter date 1
intend, lo apply to ihe Honorable tlie Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purobase the following deaorlbed lauds situat*-* in
West Kootenay district: Commencing ata post
marked 'H. Ron's H. w corner post," situate
near the N. K. corner of land applied for by A.
Mcl/pan. thence south 40 chains, moreorless;
ihnnce easi ^o chainsi thence north 40 ohalns,
more or less;  theliee  west  80 < halus to polul of
Salmo, August 11, 190(1 R. Ron,
T, II. ATK1SSOV, Afelit.
Notice Is herebv given lhat Sixty davs after
date I Intend lo applv to the Honorable the
thief Commissioner Of Unds and Works for
permission to purchase the lollowlng described
land-situate iu West K.x.leiiay district: Commencing ai a post marked "A. McLean's N w.
corner post,"Situate near the N.K. corner of land
applied  for  by  A, McLaHnlilali, theme souih  10
chains, more or less;  ihence easi m chain-;
theuce norlh 10 ehains, moreor less; thence WCSl
m chains io point of commencement
Salmo, August 11. 1906 A. McLKAN,
T. II. Atkinson, Agent
Notice is hereby given thai 60 days after date I
Inlcnd lo make appil-Htloii to the Honorable the
('hief Commissioner ol Undaand Works for per-
nil <soli lo purchase lhe follow ing describe.' lands,
situate in Wesl Kootenav district: Commenotng
ata postmarked "A. McLaughlin's n. w corner
post," situate near the N K. corner of land ap
piled for by p Me., rlhiir, thence sou lb 40 .hain--,
moreorless; thence east to chains; thence north
40ebalns,moreor lesa, thence west ni chains to
poim of commencement.
Salmo, August 11, 1006. A. M< I.An'Hi.AN,
T. H. ATKINSON, Agent.
Kotlce Is hereby given that 60 days after date
i intend toapply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Work's for permission to purchase
the lollowlng described lands,Situate In West
Kootenay district: Commencing at a posi marked .1. McArthur'i N. W.corner post." situate near
the N. I. comer of laud applied for by A Turner,
them-e south 40 chains mole or l.-s; thenc -cast
hii chain.-;   thenc,- imrth 40 chains, mora or less;
lho uee wesl 80 chains to poim of eommeneement.
Halmo, August II, 1006.
j. McArthur,
T. II   ATKINSON, Agent.
Notice is herehv  given that  B0 davs afler date
I intend, to apply to the Honorable the I'lilef
Commissioner of Lands and Works for pormls-
sioii to t-urebase the following deserlbed land-,
situate in ihe We-.i Kooteuay district; Commencing at a post marked "A. 'I unier's N. "A. rorner
post," silualed ut the N. B. coriu*- of (and ap-
plied for by B Stewart, thence south lo chnins,
more or less: theuce east Ho .hnlns; theme n��rth
Hi chains, more or It ss;   tbenee west BO chains to
point of commencement.
Salmo, It C . August II 1008. A. TuitNM,
Notiee is hereby given that-80 days after date I
Inlcnd to applv lo lhe Honorable the < hief' om
mlssloner of Lands and   Works for permission to
purchase the following deserlbed land tu west
KoOtenay Ulst'lct about m-vhi miles south of
Hurton Clly:   Commencing ata post planted on
the east bank of Trom ereek and marked Mrs,
w ll. Hamilton's s. w. c. I'.mt and running
north 80 ehalns; thenoo easl mi chains; thenee
south 80 chains; thenco west 80 cha'ns to plaoe
of beginning, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Dated this22nd day OfAUgUIt. 1900.
Mas. W. 11. H-.mu.7un
 W. H. Hamilton, Agent.
Notice Is herebv given that 00 davs alter dale I
Inlcnd to applv' lo the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase  the  following dc-crlbed  lands in the
West Kootenay district; Beginning at a post
marked It. Hell's H. K. corner, about two miles
east of the Balmon river, and hall a mile from
the I'end d'Oreille river, theuce 80 chains north,
in chains west, 80 chains south and 401 halus east
to plaee of beginning,
Dated '27th day of July, l*W0. R. It. HBI.L.
Blxty days after dale I intend to ntip'y tothe
Commissioner of Lauds and Works, "���'httorla, lo
purchase 160 aires of lund. Commencing at h
post planted on tho we��| Shore of Arrow Lake, at
tin iouth east corner of J .1 Christie's purchsae,
running nnrth 80ch��lns. tbenoe east _D chains,
thence south SO chains, thenee west 80 ohalni to
place of commencement.
Located May.'.'lh IU0C.
A. Carrie,
L. Ualuohir, Locator.
Wednesday, Thursday
Sept 19-20-21
The Fourth Annual Fall Fair of the Nelson Agricultural and Industrial Association will be
the largest ever attempted in South-
Easter British Columbia.   It
will be held at
On September 19th, 20th and 21st.
A fine programme of attractions is
now being arranged. Applications
for prize lists, space and full particulars should be made to the Secretary
Oflice : stS, Opposite Queens Hotel.
WEDNESDAY,   O        1      f A   ^A   ^ f IJ
BSES!:. Sept 19-20-21
riixiy dan titer date I intend to wplT to the
Honorshle the Chlel rommtmloner of Lund- nud
Wor** s, Victoria, to putohaae MO aorta of land,
located and deaorlbed �����* totiowsi Being the
northeast .limner of Beotlon twenty-two, Hn<l
the sonth hnlf of the north-went. <-,uartcrHection
twentv three,Townshipaixiy-nlne. Ami tarthtn
dasorlbod hh (allows:  CoeusoneUig ��t �� posl
murked J ,1 N. \V, eoriier, nnd planted IOehnliM
e,o.t ot the norUiwoHt comer of HertIon twenty-
two nnd running Mat -to < hains-, theuee nouth n
ohalns. Ihenco eant .0 chains, thenoe sontb SB
chains, tio nee west -" ��� ii-aiu-, ihence north 4i>
chains lo plaoe ol beginning.
A.ugnsi Ust, vkt\. Jamhk Johkstokk,
W. A. Cal der, Agent
Notice !���< tun hv gmn thnt BOdars irom data 1
intend i" apply Ui the Honorable the chlel Com
mlssloner ol Lands and Work*, (or permission to
purehaae ihe followiiiK described inudN, Miniate
hi tne dlatrlct o| Went Kootenay, adjoining Lot
7.11 on the wesl nrm of Koolena) lako, commencing at the Initial post placed al Lbe southwesi
comer of Ui 790, thence norih 90 chains, thanee
went ki chains, thenco soutli ao chalna, thenee
cast 20 chains lo point ol oommencoinent.
lulled Aug. Ifltn, lm. Jamkh Puna.
Notlco l" hereby given that flo days alter date 1
intend toapply to ihe Hotloruhle Uo  Chief I' -
mlssloner ol Lands and works for permission to
purohaae the tallowing described Undu: Oommenelng at a pott marked "J. A (1 K'M. \V. corner," ji'iife.] at ihe northcAHt oornarol I-ot f.**ii
rnii'itn*,'h*icIih1iin north; thenee mi chains rant;
Ihem e Wi ehulns south; thence ��o.*haln�� went to
point of eoinmcncemcut, OOOtalqlng 540 aeres
more or Jckh.
Dat-d the 31st day of July WOO.
J. A. Q'Raiur.
Notice is bereby given that 00 days after date
i Intend to Miniy to the Honorable the chief
Commlaloner ol hands and Works for permlulon
to purobase the tallowing deaeribed lands In ihe
Wosl Kootenay District: Cpmroenolng af s posl
marked T, It. Kronehe's l.iml B. K. corner placed
near C. '*. Poynti s. W. corner, tbence emu to
ohalna, thonco north 40 ohalna, thenco watt to
chains, thence south 40 cbwni to place of oommeneement.
Dated aotb day of July I9M.     T, it. numon,
By anubkw Ami, Agent.
Nothe In herehy given that ��> day-, after date 1
intend lo applv to lhe Uonorahle the Chief Com-
mlssloner oi I_ands and Works for permission to
purchase tbe following deserlbed lands in the
West Kootenay dlatrlet, near Burton City; oom<
mencing at a posl planted at the southeast corner
of i-eorga Hudson's preemption claim, Hint
marked Hurry n. Tolllttaton's N. K. C, pest, and
running south 40 chain*, thence wesi _u chinnx
thence north -pi ehains, ihence east 20 chains to
[���lace of   hi'KlnuiliK,   containing Nl acr- .�� of hmd,
more or Ion.
I'ated this -.lilh day of *ugust, 1000,
Hakjiy <i. Toi.UMiton.
Notice Ir- herehy given 'lint (HI days alter dale I
Intend lo make ,i)i|il|eHtlon lo -lo- Houorablfl Hie
Chief Commiasioner of Landsand Works for per-
mttmloli to pun*t<_-K<! alauil :t'*i acres of hind ,\tu
aled ou the Salmon river, Weal Kooleiuiydistrict
nommanoing al ti poat murked S ft. Mutlcr's N I*:'
Corner,  plauied on the went hank of the river
abonl i'\ miles north of tin* International boundary,   thenee   weat  >���"  clialiui, thence ho chalna
south, tlience aaal abont 20 chains to the river
ihence northerly along the river to placoofoom-
Angtist istbi WM. ��. u. Bums,
 ��_ Hj Atkinson, Agent,
Notice in hcreiiy given that two month*, after
dale I Intend lo imply to thp Honorable ihe Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works tar a Leai* ni
nil thai laud heing the foreibo.i ��dto 1 nim. hi,
dlvl-ious l, :t und t oi lot now, Qroup onem
Kooteiiuy, and heing On lhe south shore of ths
WOSt Arm of Kooteiiuy  lake, m the district of
Commencing At a ooel marked "a, 1: Watts'
aoutlieMHi comer pwl"j (li.-in.- oo ehalns west
thence 'ki chnl ns   north;  thence 00 chalm ���������! i
thenoe 2 ��� chains south to ihe pim* 0j i-,,,,,,,,',.,,'
ment; the said   laud and foreshore to be hu 1 land
for sawmill purpuM-N.
Dated thin iHl day ol A ugiiKt, I'm,
A. E. Watts.
Notiee t�� herehv given that 10 day* afler date I   [
Intend to apply to Uu Hon, the Chief Oommte-
Sinner Of UUldS and Works for periuis-loii lo purchase   (he   following   deacrfhOd   land" in   Wesl
Kootenav district, province of Hrlltsh Colombia!
Commencing at a l��is| marked "H llltaiii lolling    I
ton's northwest corner  post,"   said   |��.--t   being
planted ��t the southwest eorner ol the "Queen
Mineral Claim," and adjoining tho eaat lino of
M.i'hails preemption, theme south twenty (JI)
Chains   ah��ig   said   line.   Ihenee  cast forty (10)
. iiaina, theme north twenty (v)ohalns. tbenoe
west forty (Ml) chains more or less, to the plaee of
common cement
Dated l*.l<<ny of Augusl, PJOO.
By his agent J. I, Taylor.
Notice Is given Dial '-ti davs after date I Intend
toapply lo the Uonorahle the Chief Cnlui.ifs-
sioiier of   Land*-  and   Worka  for  |.et mission   lo
purchase the follow mg deaorlbed lands in the
Wesl Kootenay District:  Commencing at a peal
marked C. C. I'ovnt/. hand B, Iv Comer placed
near the Pen.I d'Oreille river ai ll idury creek
east side of Salmon river, tbenee eaal mo chalm
along the International Boundary Line, thence
nartn 10 ohalna, thanee west mi ohalna, ihenoe
south 411 chains lo place ol eomiiiem emenl.
Dated the kil\\ ui July 1000, 0, 0, I'oVNTZ.
By ami'hkw Ann,Agent.
Notloe Is hereby given that two months alter
date  I  Intend  to apply   to the  Uonorahle  the
chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
piTinllBlun to nnrehasc the following descrihed
landa situate on the west arm of Kootenav Lake
lu the Dlstrlol of We-t Kootenav ("ouiin'enclni;
at a post marked '���William (.Derby's N W. post;1'
thence we-t Iwctitv ffgrj chains; Ihenee south
twenty   [20)   chains;   thenee   east   twentv    (_Sl)
ohalus 1 thei north twonty [901 chains to the
poim of commencement) containing forty do)
ams, more or less
Dated July 7,19i)f.. I. (i. Nmaoi*.
Noiiee la herehy given thai 00 days after date, 1
Inlcnd toaptdv to [he lion. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and vUrks for permission  lo purchase
the following deacrlbed tract of Uml situate in
West Koolenay Dlsirlct: commencing at the
���onthwesl corner of I^d 7,:HHi; ihenee runlng
west 4i) chains; theuce north -H chains; thenee
west AU ehulns; Ihence north Ji chnins; theuce
ensi to ehulns;  theuce south 4o chains to point
of eommenoement, containing mo acres, more or
luited at Nelnoii, II (',, this 28K] dnv of .lulv,
PMO. Maiiv xanUn,
jn?r V. C. (ireen, Agent.
.Notloe is hereby given that oo davs aiu-r date I
intend to apply io ihe Uonorahle the chief Commissioner of hands and U.,rks for permission lo
purehase the following described   lands  situate
in West Kootenav District 1 Commencng m a
post murked "c, NlcArl bur's N.W. corner post
siluiite neur the N- Iv orner of land npplied Tor
hy M. MeArthlir theliee souih 111 chains, more or
less; theme eatt B0 chains; ihence north to
chains, mote or less; Ihenco weht tl) chalna to
polntof <omuiciici'uicnt.
Halmo, B.C.,August nth, Pk*\.
P. M< AliTMllt
T. II. ATKlNaoN, AgiMiL.
BlXty days after date I intend to upnlv to the
Commlsslonet Of Lands and Works, Vleiorla, lo
purchnse On hcm *- of land, silimte ttli'l deserlhed
us foUowii CommeOctng ata posi planted on the
wcf-U Hide of Arrow lake opposite Cariboo t-ily, ul
or near lh�� southwest vomer of M. Hnlg purchase, and marked "O, M. A., S. lfi, corner?' and
running north 40 ehulns, tbenoe west40 chains
to 11. Aunablc'M purehase, thence souih lOehuiliM
more or less to Die lake shore, thence along thu
lake shore tn place or bcglnmtlK>
August -Villi, 1.M, (i. m. Annaiii.k,
Notice l�� herehy given that (H) days after dale 1
init-nd to apply io the lioiioruhiu the chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works, Victoria, to pureliuse Ml acres of land, Hluate about one mile
east of Burton City on the easl side of Aitow
lake, and described us follows: Commencing at a
post planted ut the northeaat corner of Loi 0060,
thenee north 30 Chains, lbence west 11 obalns,
thonce south 'JOchuliiH, (hence east -in chains (o
plaoe of beginning
August -..th, imm.
j. r, stntrn,
Nollee Is hen hy given ihat t-idiTu itttr Jilt
intend   to   Hptdv   to the Hotmrtble lb. ��� ������������' \
Commissioner of Landl and  Worki :';;���:-:�����
SlOO to purchase lbe following lienrlbfd l��4l. 1
Iltuated lu the West Kootenay .limrirt. adjololsg I
c. L Pearson's on llie norlh.'��t��'id .mtinilo-*- j
 liter miles from thePeudd'Orvlllsrlr<r,f|
mencing nt ,1 p.��i marked C V tklUetiYttm
corner jmisI. thenOB *��i chain- n��tk,U-SM>l .
eliains wesl. Ihenee BQ chain- -..all. tl.-nn* e |
.hain- easl l,< place id eoniineie. in- ni
located thelsl day of August, UM.
Hkbvan Hb*her, Acut
Nolle., is herehy given thatdodansficreifej
intend to applv lolhe 11 r.il.le lfi��* *'hH< '*
mlsstnii.'rof Land-and  ffortJ (W I"mtm}���
purehaae the following described laml ">*'*-
Kootenai Disiriei hIi.-ui iti mllei - h "' Hlf"
ion City; commencing an. \��,-i pUut'il;"|i'"
-H-t hank of Trout ereek and m��fS��I ' L "*
er'B N W . C. post and ronnln-* lollth BU rW����
ihenee eu-t mi ehalns;  thenc.' north W ���"W"1'
llienee wesl *HO ch-ilns to III.   place of CO |T
ment, oontainlng HO acres, moreor loss.
Dated ihi" ���-'.'nd day ol AogUlt, B��        ||(,,
w. ll Hivn.ToN, Igeflj
Notiee m hereby given that M ''uyi *terto*i
intend to apply to ih*- Honorable tin* I nW' -�� .
minloner of Unds and Worki lor peml*tiotP�� |
purchase lhe following deserlbod atelc <�����
mencing al a J����it marked "J �� 1�� ������ "��� i
ner," placed on the cast d.w, of ,;�����-. ������ |
Lake at the northwest eonor of J- < brlilH *-l
plication io Purchase, running ihenee* �����"
c��st; thenco80chains north; thenoe �� iMg
mon or less, west to the lake iho'e; thence W
lowing lake Shore t.> polnl nl oominenceniwi
containing :W acres mote or l<*-s
Hated Ihe Brd day of July, INCH.     ff BlTl5,
Notice is herehy given lhat00days��|j��j^*
Intend lo appl) Io the Honorshle tho   n ii
mlulonerol Landsand Work- for "W"^^^
purchase lhe following doscriboil }��U'\*. |(
on Ih-easi side of Arrow  Uke' limine   i *
Ihe northcasl corner ol  A. Antl > S,J'''. j'(,nT
Ihenci. north foriy chains, t'1'""', "',, , ,,ii
chnins,  Ihenee south   fort)   ehalllli "' ���.
forty chnins to poini of oommenoeineM.<
laiiiing lwi acres, more or less u.i__m,
Dated Beptember 1,1900.    '���"I|-'.".,;
Notice is hereby given lhat t.t .lavs "'|11[J'wr
intend to apply m the lion �� l.let      ���'    ir(,|(lL.t
of Unds and Works for p.*riiil--l"       .*\ At
the following desoribed Isnds. si ""i^,,,,,* ���
Kootenav dlstricl: (���i.miiifiieliig a  . 0, /���
ed ��BR�� .M.L. corner.- pl����t��* ��" lie south d I
Lower   Arrow   lake,   ahoul   one   n       ""��'. ., ���
cordon creek (Johnston ereek,) tnann
chnins,  thence west 30 chain-, ii"
������hnlns, thenee easl SO chsliis "' r"'   	
nt, oontainlng Iflo arr* iJJ*J^"ift
-Torth *
, join ��
tntof cont1
iu\ e.
ked Ihis Villi dny of ���*'�������']��� '*ffioi0bt
A. W. ffOtVKItTOlt, AgJP*- _j
������ " "   '"������     "-* " "1   .,, ..i ..ner 'I*''
NotlM lis liiTclsy Klvi'li ll'ssl ��"l��!"" YistmsIi-
Inti-ml l y I" ll"' ll'siis.isslil'    ��''!���, ,���,,ur-
Kli.lii-r.il IjilislMiiiil VVihI- lor ��  i" Kl|������i-lss>
i-Iiiki- ilu- (oU-Wlng ili'ssiTii; ," ,���;,Psiriiii!��i'
Uu fiim Hilt -I *rro�� '"";' '.'..,, i,T"t. "'""
I'iiki iinirkuil A. Mini I " I'"'"',!''", ���;-,is..!""
���outb forty olmliii, lo'""1"!.,;,, iodmII����
Isnisiislssry; llli'lii'i- s'sssl ll*U ,l,nJ,iT'li-srlV���'"-""'
or OaMb-ldl OrMkl theaco noriii"�� *--,b��
llll-lll-li S'SIKl KlTly   S'llSll    '        ,,  ,'..
Ins-Ill, riilllillllllir''a" si'-rsa, 01�����        ji,arlSI'll
llalual Hss|llllllllia'r 1, I"1-    ,,K',,j,���^ Agt-nl.
Noli��� I. horuby Klvcn llinl ('['V" oblal''""',
mtisiiil 10 ispisly to ihi' HiiW?1,",,.,,11 '��;
mini ml l.ssiisNsiii.i." ",.���,, i, Ti-is. st"11"'
purehuo iin' I""""'!"..'; ''"'rl r' ',i,,,.!,!!"'1"!
Ir���.���iil..i-l..iiirk.'sl��'.'l  "       sJli.-.'f'S
���outb in .'hniiiK. then��� ''',"',,s'lui.sr1'""
north -I" .-hiiiiiK. then on "''"' 'Jin """tl
I'lSlll.lll'll.'l 11,    I'.SlllHlllillf   '��",,'J.I.PIW
 Iissllssliis,,sii tin-ims-l "I-*-A"' '
ii-iii tss purahaH,        , ,
llaloal tlslKffllli lUy nl Aim
���_^_m_mB_mkaaaWkaam The Daily Canadian
etc stock ot Foreign Wines, Beer, Uquori
i,   and   Canadian   Wines nud W-tukles
v,., ran bo�� ONE bolllo Port, Sherry, Claret, Bransly, litis, Ban, Eye, Bcotcb,
lleVr-tout, "r *"�� """i"""1 <|i"��ntltr you dsilre.    Fssi lamll, me try our
|,- .m.i-IONB .CO-
.periai Bank of Canada
* Head Office:   Toronto.
.,   u THOlUZ--D..,JWI-0,000. OAH1TAL PAID OP,.,.14,880,000
'"' KKST 14,180,000,
H WII.KIK, Prosiiluut. HON. KORE11T .IAFFKAV, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits ri
i ami cr-dll
1 und interest ullowi-il at nurrisiit riit.su from (Into of opening ac-
J.   M.   LAY, Manager.
I half-yearly.
Burns & Co.
Horn-Mill,  Tmil,   Nelion, Kaslo,
Denver and Slocan City.
Sanilon, Throe Forks, New
tsr Isralli'li will have
.-.ul alleuilou.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
Bid of 97    Received���Council    Passes
Bylaw   Regulating   Cost   of   City
Water for All Purposes.
The regular meeting of the city
council latu night was marked by two
important matters. After many years
Alderman SelouB secured the passing
of a bylaw regulating the use of city
water, and Induced the council to record its resolution not to compete
with cheap water power against Its
own electric light power.
An offer of _t7 for the new city de*
beniures was received through McDer-
mid & McHardy, but no immediate action Was taken. I
The meeting was called ubout 8:31).
There were presenl Mayor Gillett, ln
the chair, and Aldermen Hume, Se-
lotllj Rote, Irving and Annable. The
minutes of the last meeting were read
iinil  confirmed.
The finance commiltee repotted recommending a* payroll of $5M.25, which
was passed,
Alderman Hose introduced a deputation of the employees of the C. P. It.
machine shops, who came to complain
of the slaughter house In the vicinity
of the machine shops.
.1. II. Boyes stated that the grievance- was one of two years' standing,
The men had thought they must deal
with the provincial ,ri vernment. Por
tba!. reason no definite action had
heen taken earlier. They asked that
the slaughter house be removed, and
Stated that the only alternative for
the men was to leave their employment, to the number of 150.
Messrs. Johnston and Mortimer also
spoke, endorsing Mr. Boyes' statements. The complain! was then referred to the city medical health officer.
A letter from McDermid & .Mcllardy
on behalf of Kastern clients was read,
offering 97 for the new Issue of debentures.
The city clerk stated that there was
a verbal agreement made by ex-Mayor
Houston with Wood, Gundy & Co., the
purchasers of the first power plant
debentures, that they should have an
opportunity to bid. The mayor thought
that fiueb opportunity should be given
if no delay were caused.
B. B. McDermid spoke briefly, stating that their clients declined to pay
any more and had advised him that
the debenture market is very weak at
The  city   clerk   read  a letter   from
Wood, Gundy & Co., dated August 21,
asking to-be kept informed as  to future issues  of  city of  Nelson  debentures.
Other business was proceeded  with.
A  letter  from   Mrs.   E.   C. Godfrey,
on behalf of the Children's Aid society
asked   for  assistance  In  the   building
of the new home. The letter was filed.
A letter from the Nelson Iron works
asked permission    to   move    a water
motor to the main building.
The mayor had already ordered inquiry to be made for particulars.
The   police  commissioners   reported
lew Fall
ioods Arriving
��� of i Mn*��
Jno. T. Pierre
linker St.
NclMon, B. C.
recommending the following lalavleii
for the force: The chief, $110 per
month; Sergeant Pltchford, $90, and
Constable WiBhtman, J90. The present salaries are respectively $100, |��5
and %mi.
All the aldermen testified the fidelity and efficiency of the force and the
report of the commissioners was
Alderman Irving drew attention to
the need of completing the crossing on
the east side of Josephine street,
crossing Carbonate.
In reply to Alderman Irving the
mayor stated that permission had been
given by the managing director of the
fair to agents of cigarettes to post
signs on the fair ground fence. As he
wbb Informed that a revenue was derived from It he did not wish to Interfere, although he disliked It, at
others did.
BylaW No. 172, to amend the water
works bylaw nf 19110, was introduced
by Alderman Si-Ioiih
The bylaw provides for a new metre
rate ns follows:
Meter Rates.
Per 100 Cubic Ft,
GOO to   6,000 cubic feet 22 cents
6,000 to 10,000 cubic feet 20 cents
10,000 to 20,000 cubic feet 18 cents
20,000 to 30,000 cubic feet 16 cents
30,00(1 to 40,000 cubic feet 14 cents
40,000 lo 50,000 cubic feet 12 cents
Over 50,000 cubic feet  10 cents
Meter Rents.
For %-in. meterH, per month..
For -li-in. meters, per month..
For 1-ln. meters, per month..
For 2-in. meters, jier month..
For 3-in. meters, per month..
For 4-ln. meters, per month..
For  (i-ln.  meters,   per month..
A discount of 15 per cent iB allowed
for payment by the 15th of the month.
The bylaw received    Its   first   and
second   readingB   und   was   committed
with the mayor in the chair.
The first clause brought up the
whole interminable question of the
city water supply and Its use, with
Alderman Selous In a minority of one.
Alderman Selnus' position was endorsed by the city* engineer, who stated that of the 2.000,000 gallons of water consumed daily half could be saved
If there were no water motors In uee.
Alderman Selous: The object of this
bylaw, frankly, ls to compel all large
motor users to take electric power
and at the same time enable users of
small motors to continue with water.
No sane man will buy electric power
at $3 per horsepower when we are
selling water power at $1.25.
The 'bylaw was finally read a third
time and Alderman Selous gave notice
of final adoption.
Alderman Selous moved that the
city engineer be instructed to install
water meters wherever he thought it
advisable.    The motion was adopted.
The September payroll was authorized and the council adjourned to October 1.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Boom! are well fnrniflbe-d.   Table m good u anr
in Nelson.    Bar supplied with good
Uauort and clc-tri-
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont Hotise
European sad American Plan
Maals at eta. loom mn -6 trts. to $1
Only White Help Kmploje-.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Baker at.. Kelson
Battlett   House
Best DolL.r-a-D.iy House in Nelson.
Tho Ber 1. tbe Fluent.
White Help Ouly Kmployetl.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
Jowphlue Bt.
. .60
. .75
. 1.60
. 2.00
. 2.50
. 3.00
The Kg Schooner D/wm, 1A/-
0r "Ha��-a---*n_lf"   DCCl    lUC-
Tlie only Glass of Oood Beer in Nelson,
Hotel sis-sssisiisni'lsstlsssiss nasctsr.il to nunc In British Oolutn-U, H-leiIl.(_ip-ril_y. Special rates
to issssiitlily boarders. Only home hotel tn Nelson
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall aud Vt-rnnu,
two block* from wharf.
Ratei f 1.00 per day and up.
l-lre  mid  A-scldan.
Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest i-stnlilisli.-il Real Estate
Bnsiucas in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
p. o. Box ui.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
3. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day end Night.
Sample end Bath Rooms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Comer War. aad Verara Streets.
It doesn't satls/y a man's hunger
when he ls compelled to eat his own
No.  Alislusii7.il.  the  north  and south
poles are not voting places.	
Th* Stf athcona
Nelson, B.O.
Choice Fruit
I Have (0,000 Acres
of tbe
Choicest Frott Lands te
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    ���    Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample    Rooms.
-AI.Kll TKNI1KKH, |.r<M-.rlv l_dOI-.ll, WlU IK
'  ��� ���.-iv.-al   I,a   slss,  s.lislsr-it- I 111- Is-ssss,I   11
��� .Miimlay, llss- I'lll.-i-nlli lli-tisli'-r next, lm
s-Uoti itii',1 completion-I a Court House n
sated iss '
it Bouse,
1 l.a-1 I
. Sl ll Is ll   IV
 11 Ht It!
���I.ISS1IISS Ills-Silll ill
snsi.-isi laid Sip llll Jin
rlioopeel jsriss-siisisiiih,
Is.. Qoileralgned, hi bli
Isi il���. lilyi.l Ss-lis	
1 ���t Bv��o-!_-k in
October 16th, IMS, 1st
Bred Nellie'* Mineral
. ,l,.,.|isrs-.l fs.rl.-lts-'l lis
��� Is.-Isl tn lln- Illy i��l
f No
, 1UH'., fur sli-:
liissss- Hint aisiisllllsssi
msiv tic pcen sit tin'
offlce, Victoria, B, C.
.riiiini-iu .vsii-ni. Kelas
Us September neit-
s.i in- a-oompanled
ir tlva- <s> per cent, i
lender for the mftntnl pent
ot tan
nic w.srk.
lllSSSIISVS'l-llllI    Is'
ssn  lln- i-xi-i-nli
stlTsTss Will   _fl
���l ,,( lho con-
I'i" lowest or ���uy lender tint necessarily *��'
I'. ('  HAMI'l.K,
Public Worki Bnglne-r.
I Works lis-isiirtiiii-nl,
lis. ii O., 8lli September, !W��.	
 .tfOtli, lrw1"., mid
t priee ii|>cnt tna laid mlnwftl claims
�� ii-ii*n Mn* amount of delinquonl taxea
and OMtl Hi tha Hint' of forfeiture, with intercut;
toko! which have since accrued; ami fee for
CrOWH ernnt, is RKMJfi, which is the least amount
that will be Considered ft| a lender.
Knell tender must  be ruoomp&nlod  bj  an  ft.��
oeptOQ chet|iie. imyiilde to the order nf tlie l>epu-
tv Ci'iniiilssioiier of  Landsand  Works. It par at
Victoria, It, ��' , for the amount tendered.
Government Atnut. Nelson, B.O.
haled nt Melton, B, C , tiiM-.ih
day o( September, 1000. *
See them,   lli-m- thorn, nnil you will buy
no sitlis'i' make.
Montelfos Piano House, Limited,
410 Hastings Btreot, Vancouver, B..'.,
MHiissl'iii'luri-is' sllf-trihlilolss.
D. J. Robertson Sc Company
8-M.Rti TENDBHB, unpcmsrllii-sl "T<-nil-
"s'lisssil hniiie," will be rei-islvi'il bjr thassssuls-i
im-liiplo iioisiisslThiiisiliivtlii- Kith Bepwm-
i. I'.H,, l,,r in,- t-s's-s-ttiiii mill i-iilnisli'llssl's'i *
n-roiain frsssiss- its-liissil-lissssss- ill llnina'. il"lr
moral ni.irli-t '
'"SIs-.aiss.rtllrHll.ttl.l-Olllrill'l Htlll I'sHllS- isl I*',,-
: 'si's bo seen iiii iiiiil allot ihs- ith Beptember,
"��� "'   II Miss-   ssl   tlsa-   Iliivcniiii.-lil/K1'11 ���
,|-"ii. sssssl ni ilau LaiulH sunt Works [li-purl
���. M-lorla, 11. il.
t.��s is isr���,,���.���i raiiat in- aooompanled ha- cash ��t
m'rcpW i.sink .���ii,-,,sis- ssr oerlilloato s.1 deooill
'""Isssrlii, ,1 imiiii ���, Cisiss.lii, sssissls- isssyiilslc U>
o uiiilcrslBned In tho ssisin sst iiiki, whloll "hall
'"'rtelteil it the pari! u-iiiI.ti.ib decline to
'"���' I'siss  raol aalii-n i-iiili'd iils'in loop sii.
10null, choauoi ssr i-s-rllllriili- ol dePMll ol nn-
"'; --t.,1 ta-issU-rorH will t.a- rs-liirni-il Issllii'in HP;
''lie execution oi lhe iniiiiinl llieaucoeMIiil
�������r win in- required m liirnish n bond.ulm-
''U'l two iiiratGa In UlO sum nl ��1..*hi i-u.-h.
1, I" 'luo Inltllmi-nl ot ilu- work contracted Inr
'"" -isiMisstissii ���[ ti���. llonorabloOnl-I ',"'"���
','���"""" r Upon tbe s-xi-ssull.sss nt lln- bond lho
"li.rlii-ssu,. ot cortttlQate Ol sloposit of above
l��'ii'iii-si wit retiirded lo Uie contracior.
1 i-i- sun ii,,i be considered unlel" made
' ""iiis- iissiiiB ..i,,,| s and signed Wllh IM
'"'Miniaturenf this tenderer. ,,
sl or any i.-mu-r nol necesssrilysc-
Dnder and by virtue ol tho powers oontalnftd
In ii i-i-rtiiln innrli:iia[i', wliIds will Is,- prmlui-od ssl
tin- um.- ..I ilu- sate, itu'sv will be offered lor sale
by unbllo sssis-tisin by ttlohard T Bvaiu hi tin-
Courl House, In the -Ityol Rossland, ����� i'��� on
.Mists,lav, tilt- '.Mill day nf Sa'|iti'[sstisT, A I)., USUI,
111 Uu' linurnl nssiill, tin' equity nl ri'tll'llipllon 111
tlssst ili'islrislili' Imi'i sif liitnl ssn Uu- I...av.-s Arrow
lake, stnown nn Desr Park, sml conilstlni ssf 16117
aorea, moreor I.- .*- s, .mil tne msjisr part of tlie
Kssr furlht-r parUcUlarl and ti-rins ninl s'siiiill-
1 ol sale apply tn
Mortgagee. Bollcltor.
tils iif M "in 1 i'ii I Cliiuiitii-rM, Kssssslsinsl, ll.C.
aland; 7th Bept '""
Dated hi Bos
TAKE NOTICE lhat an apl
i��� B.oBlmplo,iindr-"
Sonson, dojiuly si
Hlsss-nn Al
sit slss
1  ll!
lii'iitiiin Inns beon
ss ihs- owner
. tax Htilt- IH'i'il from It..I.
��or 1.11.1 collector nl the
sirlcl to clan e Harman,
1   IslHVstJlllV  \   II  ���*
et Kns'le
,111  Its
if   Illllll   Hlllt
is; iii Hie District
,| llrlllsh Cisluin-
ktinwit hiisI described as���
Dlatrlet of Kootonay, "Henry
-rl'iiln t'"
lying ami lies
Last 7-1. Urnlllil
mineral claim, _^^^^^
Vou and eaoh ol vou nre required in contest
the claim ol the tax pnrchasQr within lourleon
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelaon. B. C.
Lighted by Klectricuy and
Heated by Hot Air
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Large and Comlortable Bedrooms and First-
class Iiiiilnsi Room, -ample Rooma lor Commercial Hen.
MRS. E. c. CLARKE. Proprtetreaa
The well known
Onr Beer Garden is
the Finest in the
-   Proprietor
Nelson and
\ Single Fare
From Pentlclon, Calgary, Midway and
all Intermediate and Kootenay
On sale September 18, 19, 20.    Return 24th.
Royal Hotel
TAKK NOTH'K U.h!  Ml) appllOaUotl   lies bfflB
iniiii" to r*.'Ki**ttT TartB Mining Company ai tbe
ownor in vee SltniHo, under two savor*) 'l��x
Blue Deedi from K .1 Stcnson, Deputy Ajseanor
nnil OoHeotorot tlie Bloean Aub-nment DUtriot,
to Turiff M imni: Compan)'i beHiliii; dat-o l\w. .������itli
ilav of August, A. it. inn, ni nil and lingular
iiioHt- certain parcel, or traeu nt taint and itrem*'
IscH Httnatc*. Ivini;   and tii'liiK in i In* 1'i-n h*i of
Kooi.nay.in ttiL'l'rovinn* of Brltuh Columbia,
inon1 pafti'Milarly known ninl doaerlbed an - Lota
."vVi and .VKi, Group 1, DlKlrict cif KooU-nuv,
"Slmfor" ami "Kolitalt" iiitn.Tiil plahns.
You and <jaoh oi jrou nru rwjttirad to eontait
tbs olalm of the tax purehaiei within lourteon
lau? of tbe torvlooot thlihoUee
upon ymi, and imlofiult of nenvt-at or certificate
oillspenaom bolng Bled within inoh porlod,
vou will hv forever eitopped and debajrroq from
letting up anv claim to or in resiwoi of tli�� said
land,anal inall regtiterTariff MWIngCompany
an owner thOfeoL
Dated at Land ReglBtr) Ofllce Nelion, Drovlnee
Hrillxh of IlrltlHli (-olumlita, tlilx 17tti day of
AiiKUHt, A. D. \\<o<y
H. K.Mai LEOD,
To Kootenay Mining Opmnany (tonlgnl
Hhafei* (inld and Bllvor Milling Company
inteml to apply to tlie Honorable tlie ('blef L'oin-
uilM-doiicr of I.tiints and Worku for perm Union to
turohRM tlie following d-scribed land lu West
ootenay Dlturlcl about NV-tU inlleH noutb of
Hurton t'lty i  Commenolng at a w>hi planted on
llie east bank Ol Trout creelt and marked Alex
('tieytie'x N. W, 0. Tot., and running soutli to
cliriiiis; ihriiie entit (to ehftttin; theuce north HO
ehalns; llienee west ail i bains to pout of heglnn-
ini:. eontainliiic oto acres of land, more or It-na.
Dated tills ��!itd day of Aiignst. 11X10
W. H Hamilton, Ageut.
s frssm 11
NKI1. f. MACKAY, ,
"'l"ity -ommlailonsr a.t Umls ami WorHJ
'I- isii-l Wisrw. uenrtment
Vltlurla, B. C, 81lt AllKlllt, U06.
Imili'sVili-liiisils'l ii I'"
���   '������!( Illi-s'  ���-'
asowner ,*^*"Jriwrtith Ofl(oe Nelson, froviu-
Dated at .'���H!,;]1|;;i^illi lhlH nil. day of August,
no of BrltUl
A. iv WW.
ii. r
District Roglitrar.
To Beorefl Henry lUnnMi
f�� wiltmrA. Hendry*.
Notiee Is her-'by alven that tHi days after dale I
Intend to apply In tho BonuriblB the ('blef t'om-
miuloner of L-ndi nnd Works for permlulon
to purchase the following described land, situate
in Kire valley, tu the Went Kooteiiuy distriet, adjoining Vv. a. Caldori pre-empttoiii starting at a
luiKt marked M. Metjuarrle's MUthweit corner,
iiitiiiloi: ���**���' I'lnilnw east, thene < 4') chains north,
Lbence W Chnlni west thenee ���.<) chains south to
point of commencement.
noted this nth day ��f September, i.tu;.
___ J, K. Tavuir, Ageni.
Notice ts horeby glveu that tto days after date 1
Notiee is hereby given that sixty rlayn after
date I Inteml to urp'y to thc Honorable lbe
chief CommlMloner of Lands and Works, for
permission to purchase the following described
lauds com ine ne ing at a post marked George Tol-
ltngton'B N.B.C. post, at thf southeast eorner
ot J. O. Meiirade's pre-emption claim and
running sonth 40 chains lo nouth went eurner of
Oeo Hudson'*, pre-emption claim; thenee west ki
chains; thenee north 40 chains, thence cast _
chains to plaoe of commencement, containing N
acres of land inure or less.
Dated (his 8th day of August, 11XW.
A. A. Hinton, Agent.	
Blxty days after date I Intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands aud Works at
Victoria, for permission to purchase one hundred
ami sixty (Kiii) acres ot land, located und described as follows: Commencing at a post planted
eighty (80) chains QSlt of tho N.W corner of I)
Bulger's pre-emption and marked "C. 15. C's N. W.
corner," and running east forty (40) chalnn,
Ihenco south forty (4i>) chains, thenee west (40)
.���.halus, thence north forty (40) chains to place ot
Rated $1 and $1.60 a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Boarders.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers lu
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplis-il on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing bnt fresh aud
wholesome inents and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive carefnl attention.
E. C. TRAVES.  Manage*.
Jiilv 1, IW*.
Ti-lsv [ilvi-tl Hint IW ilavs alter tlate 1
Inland in airily to the Upnorable ilie titilel (luiu-
siiiii'.ref'l.uiiits nml Works for iseriiilsslnn lo
nnn-liaie tbo lollowlng ilosss-sllsasl Umls sitsinteil
tin the a-aal ulsls- nl Arloaf lukis: 1 iissimolii-liil! al
tin- sssssllhilvM s-ssrun ot A. Anthony's pim-liaM,
llifiift- loutb twenty ehalni, thenee east twenty
ehalns, lli.-nco nsirlli twenty ebalns, thenco west
twenty obalm to point of ramnum-mciit, oon-
laliilna mi tii-ias". inn's' ssr less.
latotl Bopt-m-��r 1, l����,     BlsanM.STUABT,
per N. llasaas, Aaont.
W.   a.   QILLETT
Contractor and
Sole agent tor tbe l'orto Rleo Lumber Co., Idtl..
retail yards. Itougb and dre<iicri Imn tier, turiieu
work anil hraeke'a, Coast lalh and Hhlugles, sash
and doors. Cement, hrlek and lime for sule
Automatic grlndur.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. east of Hall,
P 0. BOx -2X2, Telephone 17H.
West Traosf et Co.
Genenil Tenuisters nnd Dealers in
Coal and Woo .   Express aud
hagguite Transfer
��K! Office: Baker St.
or Vancouver
On Bale September 28th October 3rd
inclusive.   Return Oct llth.
Fnr full particulars and berth reservations apply to local agents or write
A.H.P....Vani-nuvei-. D.P.A.. Nelson
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple aud fancy Groceries.
Butter, Errs.
Camp and Miners.' Supplies.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
Round Trip
From all Points North
and West of Marcos
Selling dates Sept. 18-19-1
20. Limit Sept. 24.
City Prufienger Agent.
A ��.*.. A., Seattle.
; .:. I
I 1
! I
1 1
: '-3
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
And Dl
Baker Street.     -    NELSON.
For Ever
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Ss Ton Know Ttumu's -pedal N-rtnc?
The Daily Canadian
Precious Stones. If you want to make a good investment put your
money Into a Diamond. Now is the time before the price gets higher.
Our selection of stones Is the best,
Book Ahead For |
��� *
:Preserving Pears:
X      Tho right kind are scarce.   We ���
*  have a uloe lot of local BartlettB ^
and Flemish Beauties to arrivi
Lowest market prices -guaranteed,
��� I
Bell Trading j
l        Company        ���
��� ���
44 <A Tip" for a
44 Canadian Morning.**
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want tn buy or baI] anything,
go to the Old Curloslt;' Bhop. A new
lino of Japanese (lninls now on sale. All
kinds of Dtnnerwa-6 In stock. Patterns.
MALT .ind
75 cts* per Gallon
We Want Fresh BJggg.   Will give tin
Highest Market Prloe.
! Joy's Cash Grocery
"Maple Leaf" Brand.
UNIFORM BURNING [i Die moat lm-
par.aat factor whon blasting on u largo
Mule. "M*plc J-eaf" brand ta olalmurl
iiiptTfor in this raapeott
CainparJtoujj with other makci invited.
Sola AB��r.t. N��sl-��oi., B.C.
"The Store of Sweets/
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phone ilu. Baker St.
NKLSON, R  (*.
Cor, Vernon and W��rtl  Streets*.
NELSON,   B. ti.
J. FRKD HUME, Proprietor.
A. Nelson, C. P, Douglas, F. R. Wilson, A. DesBrlsay, Vancouver; Mrs.
Lapfar anil daughter, (.'. B. Legg, Spokane; C- -I- Coffin, Montreal; F. M.
Stevenson, Midway; .1. P. lllulno.Yinir;
ll. P. Ramsay, Rossland; c. L. Fisher, tt'. u. Cannon, Winnipeg; A. P.
Dudgeon, .1. ll Boyd, A. Robinson,
Revelstoke; S. A. Skead, Calgary; T.
W. Ireland, San Francisco; V. M.
Qreen, New York; H. W. Warrington,
Grand Forks; G. C. Illiickniiiy, Golden.
,l. A. I'iits. \v. J. Francis, Montreal;
Mrs. C. II. Reynolds and child, India;
Miss Day, England; Mrs. G. K. Hub-
hand, Hamilton; J. C. Dixon, Vancouver; Miss Gibson, Qreenwood; R. Al.
Stado, Seatlle; W. II. -altMdge, J. M.
Turnbull, Trail.
II. Smith, Moyle; A. Pearson, G.
Eastman, T. E. Henderson and wile,
M. A. Giifliihs, Spokane; J. T. Prince
and wife, Ynilr.
R Hughes, Qreenwood; G. Lang-
land, T. Nichols, Silverton; .1. M. Taylor, Koch Siding; S. Osborne, U. Hoi-
man, t'omstock.
T. .May, Nakusp; G. Fagan, 11. Cuss-
well, Vancouver; ,1. S. T. Montgomery, Virginia.
T. li. Clarke, Woodstock; .1. Williams, Winnipeg; .1. Servis. Pilot Hay;
.1. M. Farrell, Slocan; .1. Bonner,Rook-
ford; C. II. Green, trail; Mrs. I).
Stockton, Cranbrook; Mis. p, .1. Mui-
Ian, Ynilr.
G.  Siiera
.1.  Glover,
n.  Isly, 'i'. Welch, Spo-
Sanderson, Qrand Forks:  F. Oil-
i r.  Bilverton;    Miss    i'.   Mackenzie,
.Miss N   I,. Macken-lo, iMIss N. Maoto
enzle  .Triiul   l.ake.
R.   ,1.   Murray,   Revelstoke;   R.   Mc-
Crach, Spokane;    Mrs.   M.   Jennings,
Kaslo;   R. Graham, Procter.
F.  R. Jackson, Bennington;   .1. Kay,
Beasley; w. Burrell, Walkerton; A. P.
Barber,   Revelstoke;   A.   Rcntoll,   Vic-
torla;   II.  Williams, 13-Mile Point;  M.
Resly, O. Aberl, P. Grilll, Spokane;  i
Stewart. I). Ingilo, Fernie.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boal Builders will lind it to their nd-
vontago to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Yak-Kootenay Ice, Fraft, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Lti.
Deliveries made daily throughout Nelson
and its buburbs. Phone 148.
The conventiun of police chiefs will
be helil Thursday afternoon at nn
hour and  pluee to be arranged later.
The final meeting before tbe fair of
the board of directors of the Agricultural Bociety will be held in the office
ln the fair building-., tonight at 8
A rumor was in circulation this
morning to the effect thnt John Houston, Mi U A., uud ex-mayor of Nelson,
had been killed In Nevada. No con
firnuitlon can be obtained, tl is'lenrn-
ed that John Houston disappeared
Irom Goldfield last Sunday night, and
his present whereabouts are unknown.
A letter received last nlghl liy Mrs.
Houston from a friend in Uoldfield
told of the finding of the body of a
man of aboul the same height, weight
and age as John Houston, dead uriir B
railway track. Beyond such resemblance there is al present uo ground
for ihe rumor thai the dead man ls
Nelson's ex-mayor.
Mining  Records.
One transfer, one power of attorney, four locations and five certificates of assessment work wore recorded  in  the  Nelson mining office today.
.1. Bernard transferred tOf N. Hart-
man tor\ a nominal consideration a
one-sixth [merest in llie Scerro Verde,
on the south fork of the Salmon river.
F\ A. Shaver recorded a power nf
attorney to H- Pennikelt,
R. ina recorded the Acme, nt tin*
head of Five Mile creek, located August 29.
J. (J. Devlin, agent for A. Poole, recorded lhe Victoria, on Sheep creek,
located  September 5.
H. Uelehert, agent for J. Johnson,
recorded the Belcher, at thc head ot
the west fork of Kokanee creek, located September 11.
0. Anderson, agent for D. E. Grobe,
recorded the Enterprise, on thc south
slope of Stewart creek, located August 28.
���I. Stewart recorded the Mieawher.
on lhe divide between Quartz and
Stewart   creeks,   located   September 5.
Ocrtifieates of work were granted:
To X. Nattestad, on the Sioux and
Mlnahaha; to Nels Everson, on the
Allyn and Eccleston; to H. Kippin, ou
ihe Coumlln.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���Two and a half hours
Slocan train���On time.
Coast, Boundary and Rossland train
���On  time.
Price of Metals.
New York, Sept. 18���Silver, (17 fi-Xc;
copper,   tS   l-2c;   lead, $-r>.75.
London, Sept. 18.���Silver, 31 6-lfitl;
lead,  ,eIS 10s;  zinc,  .U_:7  IDs.
New Styles.
Vou have never seen before will be
shown at the Exposition in the superb
"New Art" Hell pianos.    D. J. Robertson and Co., local agents.
The Store of Quality
Don't Forget
Fruit Jar
The prices are just the same as for
the ordinary  kind
Pints per dozen $t.00
Quarts per dozen f .25
Half gal. per dozen   1.50
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. 0. Block . Phone 10
$(0 Down
$ f0 Per Month
will purchase in acres of
splendid fruit land which
will double in value iu a
few months.
Are yon grasping the
present opportunities?
fill MKN, ut isll��i-, fssr ivssrk In Uss- wsi.silss.   Asslily
in \v. K. Cooko, (sawmill, Ratio.
I.AHV STKNUlillAl'IIKIi fssr po��IUOH Ills'
liisss'l  I ss- svllli a'lnitlisytsr'is fiiuillv.
!..,< IV . I'miHillmi i.llli.-
HISH M KN, Mill lliillilssssllill/iilKillljClint
iiissss Engineer,   WAttsbUfg Lumber in
Craii-ruuk, fi. 0
to our out-of-town customers. Come
and see us ami make our store
your headquarters during thc fair.
Red lemonade for the Indies nnd
youngsters and good cigars for
the old man.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
Recently Issued
of Outstanding; Merit
and Interest
'The   Awakening   of   Helena   Ritchi
by Margaret Deland $1
"Mountain   Wild   Flowers   of   Canad.
by Julia Henshaw 52
'Coniston," by Winston  Churchill.$1.
"The  -Treasure   of   Heaven,"   by   M
Humphrey   Ward $1
'Made  In  His  Image,"
by Guy Thorne, $1
'Silas Strong,"   Irving  Bacheller. .$1
'Lady  Baltimore," Owen Wister..$1
W- G. Thomson
BOOKSELLER an.1    VT-1---,     R   p
STATIONER. INt'lbOU,   13. I_.
I'lsssssa- .14.
Received daily frnm the
Coldspring ranch on
Kooteuay lake.
2Mb. crates $1.25
Telephone nu.
O.f sip cf litis
Wi/i/uiic thtdmbmg spirits in delight
thai the i!riiihniaairvr.d atoUrSodl Fssiiiitsiin
isasi tssiiis- propertlei besldei refreihlngT
We u-as aslily real frsiil siys-upss ssf the 111), .t
quality.     Fountain, oouuter. Kianiie.a ami
reoaptaclei nre kept Mrupulously olcan.
"The   Storm   Centre   of   the   World'i
Religious and  Literary  Debate."
(11  Santo)
Cloth $1.25
_Jv Mail $1.35.
"Tin- snini is ii flnoly-stlrrlng, great-
ly-movtiig romance, mnl li is the Inter
nretation alao of a new oruiade, II
is :i vivid nnil varied story ��f Italian
iii.- and n< Hun Intimate mnl far-reaching Influence which Rome, ns the capital uml oontre of tin- Catholic church,
exerta throughout Christendom over
nil mankind.
"The romance nf tin- strange nml
stronuoUB love between llenedetto uml
Jeanne makes 'ilu- Sisini ;i lissssl. lis be
road twice."
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
Get  F0R Sept
Busy    First
Select Your Requirements early for Grouse
See Our Window
Nelson Hardware Co.
Sportwnifu'fc Headquarters,
PHONE IB.       NELSON   B, C.
Gait Coal
Term. Spot ���_ih
Telephone 366 Baker wueei
September 19-20-21
Ward & Crenel] present
Wednesday- -"Holligan's Troubles."
Thursday���"Johnnie on the Spot."
Friday���"Alphonse and Gaston,"
Prii-rs 60c, ,.-,, sf i .00. Sent,, oa F���]��� llt
Rutherford's Monday morning.
Visitors to the Fai*....
Are invited to make appointments to meet
their Friends at MASON & RISCH
ALL, ARB VVI-L,COs\>ls:.
POR SAM*- Wo nn* offotlnR for te\n �� swell HtUe Banph, fi milea out ol \',i�������� 	
ooneUtlnKof 10aorea ol tho flaoel r.uii.latUlonKoolonay lake la wallf-lri?tSroSSrt./ d
mi.l iiofKnoi contain an Inoli nfinHi h.ii.  :iw fruit in*,--, uow boarlns i im tr.(..i, j'
yours ,,1.1; mie-liulf ncro of Btraw berry plaMai largo quantity o/iraalTlpJita'
good il welling, im. rwtJalered valor right of in intthea aini land ii now in
1I...1.1M..1.    Mini..,,.    ffrifr.iil..n   If   i (������������! l"d       I,,,,.,-,, ...,i      '     W '"
thorough "inlo of Irrigation if i
three Hi-l'**.  Prlno 4i��,..h). r
13ant] iHinoiiihis w
-ir.iy     h:;rr:v!:l riuiili!
Vitwi'-tiri^h. balanca mn
por cent Intereat,
Watches! Watcp
We are   lleailquartere f0r tin. _
American Watches manufacture.   7
are making every effort to ��1   '
regulremenlB of railroad men '
J. J. WALKER,-��^afl"��s��
ne 3.33,
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty I
Slia-i-lini-ti-l Work, llimtiiiKK, Builil.TH' Mitti-rl.-il nnd Mining; ninl Mill Mm,-
Olllce nml Works Knot nf Turk Bt,
I'hoiio    -HI.
N��l��on, ii. c, I
&C0.,   ��SKLiISi
<*-   ^v*��t        Limited, Winnipeg,
WhOIMBIS Pro\'l-��l.)t.M,
Dssniuiiun Uiiv'-niini-nt (In-nnirry Oils- Pound Brlokfl nii-ivi-il ws-,-klr k_ ,
frnm tile ssliurn.    Ksir hiiIi- liy nil InuliiiR gnxMn,
Ollii-i-nml wiirt-lniuHis: Hotiastiiii Illm-k,   Phone 711.
Nelson. B.C.
Don't Forget
Is your furnace In ihape to itart tha winter with?   If noil
ll the time to have it repaired.
L H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Ll]
PLEASE NOTE���We will not lie responsible for any furnace Dot llM
by Oolober 1st, 1900.
Repulrlnii und .l.al,lal,,L- ux-cut.al with P--illlllllll    (thMtMetal
Work, MlnlnK nnil .Mill Mii-I,lu.ry.      Miniuliiclurir, ol
Or-i C.ii-a.,  H.  M.   c���isli-���'tis,s��-  Citra.
S��Str8S.?��l"!a    INEUSOIN,   B.  C.        WU
We Will Sell
500 International Coal
10 Marconi, Canadian
1000 Yale-Kootenay ke
- _fJ
- ftl
- 9 it
McDetmid & McHardy
'-.- . V ���'���'���;-" ' fi.* '������'<���
i, :i.���'c.'' "���������:/.*'"���
Just Arrived!
A large consign
nieut of
All sizi-s iiiiii Loweat Prion
mtS& in Ltimber, Stingiest
Uath, Mouldinjjrs, Doors, Window*
'I'urned Work and Hrncket*. Mail Onlers promptij ��tti"lll<IW'
VBRNON STRBBT  - - .  Nlil-NOIN. B. c.
Our stalk  Of HANI)  HAWS la vi-ry aW*
Inolndlug gradea to suit nil reqalranioats. ,f
If yon wish n low priced *tw wu nun inppvJ  '
nlso corry the liest, qnalltlna iniiilii liy
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y. ^


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