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The Daily Canadian Jul 26, 1907

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Array The Daily Canadian
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TENTS in .V   sizes and weights
UNDERWEAR   at   al!   prices
From 8 to 12 Pounds.
SCX,  MITTS,  etc.,  etc.
HAV,   FLOUR  and   FEED.
Iii all these Hues we offer   excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital   Paid   Up    $4,825,000 Rest    $4,825,000
D. E. WILKIE, Preuident. HON. ROBERT JAFKRAY, Vioe-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and iut<*refit allowed at highest   current  rate from date of
opening of account, and com pounded quarterly.
��J,   IV1��   LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated   A.  D.  18G9.
.$3,900,000     Reserve Fund	
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of tanking  Business.
8PECIAL ATTENTION given to the
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published six *uays �� wc-i'i by tne
Baker Bt--   Nelson, B. O
Buoscrlptiou rule*, bO -:,-.- a month delivered
in the riiy. or l&.OO a 1 en If -��� ni by mall, when
paii! in advance.
AdvertlBlUR rate** on h ; i * i  ������ lion
    pntes paid  in   settlement ot  The I>*lly
accounts   cither   for huliHTipUous or
is, must lie receipted lor on tbe printed
the Company.   Other receipt*** aie not
Friday,   July   26th.   1907.
It in Inevitable thai al each gathering
to   welcome   him   Sir   Wilfrid   Laurler
should refer la his work iu London,
which waa the occasion of his al��s< nee
from Canada.
Those who watched for and read the
daily reports from lhe imperial Conference, know well that Kir Wilfrid,
so far from accomplishing anything,
had only one id' a, which was to pii'vem
anything from being done. In thai be
wuh succcKHful.    Hut  that, of course, Ik
something he oannol   boaat  of to the
crowds thai gn et him. He must tt-11 ol
some positive achievement His Gallic
imagination has come to Ills aid. J1 <
has actually CODOSived and described
bUnaeU us the hero of a whole series of
dramatic Incidents, all  Imaginary,
The following account from the Mall
and Smplre Is a fair summary uf the
story Sir Wilfrid hns told lu Qui b iC,
Montreal and  Ottawa:
"Scarcely had lie assumed control
when he discovered that 'the conference
was not without Its*dangers!' Whai
the 'dangers' were he does not tell US.
Hut they seern to have been devised
by the Hritlsh for some nefarious purpose. The average premier would not
have detected these perils. But Sir
Wilfrid, with the sagacity for which he
is duly credited In all his own speeches.
to say nothing of those of Hon. A. B.
Aylesworth, twigged theni on lhe spot.
and by the Simple process of dcrnari-i
Ing 'equity for all,' had them prompt!.1.
removed. Thus was Canada saved, oh
the very first day, from unknown and
therefore indescribable terrors. The con
ference rejnirt, unfortunately, does not
record this remarkable, and. Indeed, iii.
torlc incident. In all probabahllity
Campbell-ltannerman had tlie story eliminated lu order to hide his own shame
Tbe danger point passed, Sir Wilfrid
took his next step, which consisted of
directing 'the discussions and the resolutions along the line of fidelity to our
rights as British subjects.' Presumably
some members of the conference were
slightly off-color on the question of
civil rights, and it was really fortunate
that Sir Wilfrid was at hand to keep
them straight. The conference report
does not make allusion to the circumstance to which Sir Wilfrid refers. Hut
it is possibly owing to haste iu production or to reluctance to do justice to
the great man who kept the other members iu order. Sir Wilfrid tells us further lhat he secured the formation of an
[mperial Conference 'which will meet
every four years and which will supply
a lack tliat no wexisls between the colonial office and the colonies.' This is
an aehiveiiient of Undoubted importance,
aud il is ull thu more astonishing because the report of the Colonial Cou-
ference of 1908 (page :'��4) alleges that
the quadrennial gathering of the pre-
mlers was determined at thut meeting
on Lhe suggestion of Mr. Hlchard Sed-
don, then premier of New Zealand. I'er-
haps the report of the proceedings ol
L903 is erroneous; or it may be that
Mr. s.-Iidon plagiarized Sir Wilfrid's
Idea live years in advance of its birth!
Hut the proposal thut there be a conference evey four years is a minor affair compared to what followed in relation to steamship subsidies. 'During
the last days of the conference 1 announced a new Idpa,' exclaimed Sir Wilfrid, ' an Idea which has become historic���the All-Red line.' He then explains that the scheme contemplates
lUbsldlted fast vessels on the Atlantic
and Pacific. The project,' he added,
was a vast one, which demanded much
thought. His Ideas were In the Interests of Canada and the whole Empire,
und although he had grown old uud
white in the service ot the country he
waa prepared to work with all his energy to further tho cause.' The picture
here drawn is very touching. One can
almost see the white-haired patriot,
after anxious thought, rising, towards
the end of the conference, with lire In
Ills eye, and dtermtnution in his heurt
to impress upon wood-headed Hritlsh
ministers who had never before heard
of such a proposition the desirability
of bonuslng steamship lines on both
westward and will sit in Vancouver on
Wednesday, July 31st. tu the Manitoba
Free Press of July -4th Chairman Kil-
lam is quoted on the'commission's programme, making no mention of Nelson,
but stating that three days are reserved
for other applications that may be received. Nelson has a case of vital importance to present. The wholesalers'
association began to prepare it���and
stopped. A special committee of the
board of trade was appointed to take it
lip, We are credibly informed that that
committee has not met to date. Have
energy und public spirit in Nelson evaporated under the glories of our summer
Wednesday's telegraphic despatches
announced the arrival of Evelyn Nes-
bitt Thaw uud her mother at Tacoma,
en route for San Francisco, Tuesday
evening. Today's despatches announce
that the very interesting ladies are still
at Banff, The matter is of no importance, only that it tends to disturb the
reading public's faith in the reliability
of  Associated   Press   despatches.
Yesterday's telegraphic desputches
announced the arrival at Fort William
of the visiting British journalists. Our
esteemed contemporary Informs us this
moining than an official of the Dominion Immigration Department left Ottawa for Quebec yesterday to meet the
visitors there. Is the official going to
attempt a new 'round the world record'.'
The closing address of Senator Borah in the Haywood murder trial Is In
keeping with the best traditions of
American legal practice. He adhered
to the rule established and accepted in
English criminal practice centuries ago,
thut counsel for defence may make any
appeal to suve his client, but counsel for
the crown, or state, may only present
and marshal the facts, but not appeal to
feeling or prejudice for a verdict against
the  accused.
Riot on Italian Battleship.
Mesina. Sicily. July 25.���Fifteen men,
Includiug several officers, were wounded
last night on board the Italian battleship Sardegna, during a fight between
sailors of the North and South, following a quarrel over the Nasi case.
Important Problem Solved.
London, July 86.���A Danish civil engineer, says a consular report just issued here, has succeeded in producing
beer In the form of tablets. They are
dissolved in hot water. When cooled the
beverage is a beer of excellent quality
and   Havor.
Lucky Thief.
New York, July 25.���A despatch from
Geneva reports that un Americun of the
name of Day, described as u wealthy
Chicago financier, has been robbed of
a pocket book containing $100,000, chiefly in notes, while travelling on an express train from Munich to Lausanne.
The Hallway Commission is travelling
Russia's National Game.
St. Petersburg, July 26.���While
searching a house in this city the police
found a detailed plan of the Haltic railway, which is an Imperial line, and also
a plan of the Imperial yacht Alexandria.
*\ number of men and women who were
living in the house in which the documents were discovered were arrested.
The authorities claim that they have ascertained that an association has been
organized to prepare a fresh plot against
the life of  the Czar.
Corporation of the City of Trail.
Applications   will   lie  received   by   llio under-
signed for the position! of city clerk��� mmmsfi
im ata lei of Miles (combined), of Trail, or applications wiif be received for ass-ssnrand city
clerk only, ninl chief of police only.    Applicants
to itste Ktfc and experience,,   aii uppucsiious
mint be lu betOfl lhe /7th instant.
CltV  Cerk.  Assessor,   Collector,   Inspector of
Health Kti'l l*rsillII0S. Inspector o[ Licenses,
Provincial Constable, Chief of Police, etc.
For Sale Cheap
One 60-Inch diameter, by 16ft. 8ln.
i**m*. i.iiil.'.li.ecl, return multi-tubular
boiler. In fair condition. Elgbty-two
'Hi-la. tubes, 2 1-3x2 1-6 In. steam
dome. Boiler Is good for testing to 160
lbs. per square inch, and a working pressure of 80 to 00 lbs. Mountings consist
of safety valve, stop valve, water
gauges, try cocks, sludge cock and
check valve, set of fire bars and bearers.
One 9-in. diameter x 14 In. stroke, high
pressure, variable cut off expansion,
valve engine with governor. Fly wheel
and belt pulley are those not originally
supplied with the engine but are suitable for ordinary requirement. Engine
has been used to drive electric light
at the smelter and Is In good condition.
One vertical multi-tubular exhaust
steam heated feed-water heater, 4 ft.
high, 10'/4ln. diameter with openings
for 3-ln. exhau-U pIpeB. Corrugated copper tubes Inside through which the feed
water passes. Btop valve, drain cock
and safely valve. Apply to
The Hall Mining & Smelting Co.. Ltd.
nelson, a. c.
NeUon Land iMilrfet.   District Ol West Kootc!iK>.
Take   notice thut   William   Andrew   Eton,   of
Fernle, 11  C . hotel   keeper, Intends to applv   [or
tt special timber licence over the following del
Brand lands;
No. i ���Commencing at & posl i ��� ������> ''*- : about
three mt et north of tlie international Boundary
hue, ninl ahum eight miles went of the Kootenay
liver, and nbout two miles north <d the nnitii-
West turner of timber licence No. 8067, itaenofl
north no attains, thenee sastJO cbaini, thenee
south 50 chains,   thence   -*.*.. -I ���*.-��� .-Mains   to point
of commencement,   ami   oontatnlng M0 acres,
more or less.
Located ISLh June 19u7.
No. 2. -Oomttenotas at a post planted at th
south* ast coruer of \\ illiam A Koss1! No. 1 claim
ami about two miles norih oi the N. W corner
ol   tun her   licence    No    Suf>7,   theme   north   SO
obalm, tbe'noB wast90chains, thenee smith BO
chains, thSUOS east HO chains to the point of eommeucement. aud containing BiOacrCS, more or
Located 1-Mh June, 1907.
No 3 - Commsttfltng ai a poil planted near
Bridge creek, about oue mile ttastOl lhe northeast cornerof William A. Ross's No. 1 claim,
nn.I about five mile* north of the international
bound ary line, theuee nortb 10 ebstns, thence
west88chains, thence aouth 80 chains, tbence
east 80 cbalm io ihe point of common cement,
and containing -too acres, more or less.
Located IHU June, 1907.
No. 4.���Commencing at a pout planted near
Bridge cieek at tne southeast corner ol w Illiam,
A Mors' No 8 claim, thenee nortli ho chain.-,
tbence east 80 chains, thenee youth Ho-hatus,
tbence weit HO chains to the point ol commencement, aii.l containing 640 acres, more or less.
Located 12th Juue. 1907,
No. 6. Commencing at a post planted mar
llndgc creek, at the southeast corner of William
A. Ross' No. 8 claim, theuee south HU chains,
: hem . '.v -: 80 chains, thenoe uorth 80 cbalnsi
tbence east ho ehaius to the point uf commencement, an I containing 640 acres, more or leas.
Located I2ib June.1907.
No. 6 t'ommenclng st a post planted near
Bridge creek, at the -southeast corner Of -A illiam
A. Ko--- No. 8 claim, thenee south 80 (hains,
ihenreeast 80 ehalus, thence north ho elialnw,
thence west 80 chsins to the point ol commene****
ment, and containing 640 acres, more or less.
Located lil li J tine, r>-7.
No. 7.��� (.'ommencing st a post plsnted about
one mile south of the southeast cornerof William
A Hoss' No. 0 claim and about two mllei north
of the international boundary llu,. thenoe north
w chains, thence west no chains, tbence south 8o
chains, theuee east HO chains to the point of
commencement, and containing 640 aires, more
or less.
Located the 12th of June. 1907.
No. 8,���Commencing at a post plan led at tbe
-southeast corner of William A. Bom' So. 7 claim
thence north 80 chains, thence ..t-tHO chains,
thence south 80 ehalus, theuee wot-MJ ehalus to
point of commeneemeut, and i niaiuing tV4u
acres, more or less.
Located the 1-th day of June. 1907.
Dated this 6th day uf July. 19u7.
William a.m.bsw Kosh
Notice Is hereby given that "������ dan after date I
intend to apply to iho Hon. Chief Commisaioucr
of Lauds aud **'orki for permission to purchase
the following described lands, situated in West
Kooteuay district: ('ommencing at a postmarked by name as nil tint pout of the Houth Fork
branch, one hundred feet from the function of
Lost creek with the south lork; thence one-
quarter mile to tbe northwest corner post, thence
ttne mile to the northeast corner |M*st, thenee
one-quarter mile to the southeast coruer post,
thence one mile to  tbe place of eommeucement
June 27, 1907. Located by Wm   Connolly.
Nelson Land District.   District ot West Kootenay
Take notice tbat William Andrew Poss, of
Pernio. B C, hotel keeper, intends to apply tor a
special tiinUT licence over the folltiWing described lands:
No L���Commencing at a [���������-: planted about
no chains east ol tlie northeast corner of timber
licence No. 807H, and about ho chain* north of the
northern Inmudary of timber licenc' No. H07jf,
and anout 12 miles west of the Koolenay river,
and about two and a half miles north of the 3-U-
:��� -i uallona. 1--���'! ic< nr> Hue, ill tile District of
Wesl Kootenay, thenee south BO chains, thenee
west 80 chains, thence north -��� chsins, thence
��� I*-; W chains to the point of commencement,
containing 640 acres, more or less.
Located 14th June. 1907.
No. 2.--Commencing at a ir-ost planted at the
northeast corner of William A. Ross's No. 1 claim
and about one mlJe north of the northern boundary of umber licence No. 8072, thenee south 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence north Ht)
chains, tbence west 80 chains lo the point of
commeneemeut, and eonlaiug 640 acres, more or
Located 14th of June, 1907.
William Awubcw Hn -
Daled this .'ith of July, 1907.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that (feorge Alexander, of Kaslo,
B t\, Intends to apply for a ** .-��� *"��� timber
licence over the lollowlng described I anas:
Commencing at a post planted at tbe northweat
cornerof Hectlon 12, iownshlp7. Kootenay ilin
triet, being about ons-ihirt of a milt; south ol
tin- M.uiii i.u-ni-1'i'c > line of the Indian reserve;
thence south about :*-.���> chains to the easterly
bank of Kootenay river; thence southeasterly
along Kootenay river bank about 60 chains to
the south boundary of Hectlon 12, Township 7;
thence easterly about bo chains lo lhe uorthwest
00rn��r Of Lot Wi! ihenee north HU chains along
the west boundary of Lot 812; thence west no
chains to tlie point of commencement, aud coutalulug ClO acres, more or less
Dated July 4. 1907. (isoKGE \ i.rx ani.rk.
Take notica that I>. H. Telford, of Haskatooti,
Mask , occupation nawinill operator, Intends to
applr for s special timber licence over the following described lands;
No. I. Commencing at a post planted at the
southeast cornerof Lot 4272, MoMjultocreek, West
Kooteuay, thenee north K chains, more or less,
lo the corner of l��t 4272, thence west 40 ciialns,
theme north 60 chains, theuee east 80 chains,
thence soutli 80 chains, theuee west 48 chains to
point of commencement, and contain!m: BW
acres, more or less*
Htaked May 31, 1907.     Daviu II km-. . TSi.*rom>.
No. 2 Cammeucing at a post al the Inner
angle of lot 4i'72, Moequllocreck, West Kootenay.
thence north 180 chains, thence east 4U chains,
thence south 160 chains, thence west 40 chains,
lo place of commencement.
Htaked May 11, 1007.     Daviu Himiv Tei-FOBO.
No 3. Commeucing at a poit about three miles
northerly from tbe northeast corner of Lot 4*7*1,
Mosquito creek. West Kootenay, iheuce south 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence north 8o
chains, thence west m chains to plsce of commencement and containing 640 acres, more or
Htaked June 4, 1907.     David Henry Tsi.koko.
No 4 Commencing at the northwest corner
of No. 8, thence nortli m chains, thence east 80
chains, thenos south 80 chains, thence west Ho
chains to place of commencement, and coniAin-
ing 640 acres, more or less.
Htaked June 4, 1907       David Henry Tslpord.
No. .V t'ommenclng at the northwest corner
of No. 4, thence north BO chalua, thence eait 8o
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains to point of commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or leas
Htaked June 5, 1907.      David HSNRV Tf LfoRD.
Notice ts hereby given ttist 3u days after dale [
Intend to make application to the Honorable tbe
Chief ('ommissiouer ol Lands snd Works, Vic-
lorla, 11. Cm f r a spt-r lal licence to cut timber on
the following described lands In West Kootenay
district: Commencing at s posl ��ltusled on
Hlueberry creek, itlwiut four miles frtmi Its mouth
SU<1 adjoining - in* .'���" W corner of my application No. 1, Ihenee iouth80 chsins, thence west
WicbsiMh, thence north 80 cbaini, thenoe east 80
chains to point of commencement
Dated May 191k, 1907
K. .W KniiiNsnN.
Nelion I and District.  District of West Kootenny.
Take notice that Kvan MuClelland Fraser, of
Fernle, H ('., cleik, Intuuds toapply for a special
licence   over   the   following    .fo-i-ri b"��i   lands:
(Commencing at a poal planted about seven
miles west of the Kootenay river, and about one
mlle north of the lnieruatlonsl boundary floe,
snd about one and a quarter north-easterly from
tbe north east corner of timber licence No, w .?
thence iouth 80 chains, thence weit 80 chains,
thence north HOchalns, thence east 80 chains to
point of commencement, and containing (Ho
acrei, more or less.
Located 12th, of June, 1907.
Man McClii.lan Fraser.
Dated this Uth of .luly, 1907.
Take notice that c C. Clark, ol Nelson. I) C,
saloon keeper, Intends to apply for a ipeclal t!m
ber licence over tlie following deicrlbed 1*04*1
Commencing at a ;**..-t planted ou Morning
Mountain, ahout one mile west of Bnvdter creek,
and adjoining c 0 (.'lark's location for timber
licence No 1, aud nbout one mile south of Nelson, thence wett 80 chains, thenco south 80
��� ���bail''-, thence enst 80 cbalna, thence north 80
chains lo pine of beginning.
Dated July 16th, iwi7. c. C, Clark,
David Booth, Agent.
Bargains in
Wash Belts
100 Doz. Fancy White Wash Belts
w?t,i rt:J^s. 25c Each
antm ���    tPl
Nelson Land D^tr! i. Dbirlctof West Kootenay
Take n.cie. t...... Kr-t   h  Fianiwan, A  B Klder,
and K. W .-.null, ol dp-jk me. Un��h . occopatlon
ranchers, iiin-n I tu a| plv [oraiperlal Umber
luvm-e owr the loil.i.riug described lauds:
Commencing at a po i p mted ai tbe southeast
corner  sbo 'I ill mil. - from th-   Koolenay river,
ou the Wsst side, tbeuee uorlb BO cbalna, tbenoe
west Hu  chains,   '.*..ri.��-   sou h  HO cbaini,   tbence
easts ciialns to point ol i immeocomonti au<i
cunt ait ii oc om a. ������--, mora er 1 ss
Dated July i ;ji. i^"'7. Frakr Fiavaoam,
A   B. Ki.ukH,
K   W  Smith   tgenl for Appll ants.
Nelsou L.in-1 I'l.tn-t    [>u*rfct of W'esl Kootenay
Take m t|<M Uial   - r^..�� Plauasan, a S J bier,
and K    W     Si.,Ph.   Up  la',>.    Wash .   <M��upallon
ranohrra, tnien.i io apply fora si��-dal ttmbn
licence over be foi io a Ing destrlbsd Uuds:
Coiiiui   n.'ii n ul a p��wi  plsnted  one   mile   north
and one ml *i '- ' ol poar Ko l, which post is
about >)X miles 1 ��� it l ��� Ko , i.Miav ��� iver. ou the
West side, tli-i: *<     -    !   I   "" ��� lull* *.. I hi Dl >* west BQ
obalns,  tin���!.*<��������� ^   Uti   0 tdtalnr,  lliri  oajtW
ehalni !<��� j��*> ni ' f "ttrttnencemen*, ��ui contain-.
loir (HO aerea, more ��� r ess.
Dated Jnl>  bith. i'Ki. Fh***k Ki.a"aoaic,
A    S   Kl I.KH,
K. Vf. Smith, koaoltot Applicants,
Nelson Lan I   'IstrtoL  District ol Wast Koohraajr
Take no lee ilwi k  \\   bmttb, Fraota  Klana
gas, aud   v   o\rK   ���   l   ������! Spokan**. W a*h . occupation    ranchers,    Intend   to   apply   for   a   special
Umber   liosnos  orat   the   following  described
lands: Commencing at a post planted at the
southwest corner*, about eight miles from the
Kootenav river, on the West side, and atsml
tb ret- mill - !>>>rlh of (he international boundary
line, on tbe west bank ol Hrldg creek, on tb"
north fork. Ihen-'c north 80 chains t-cuce east
HOchalns, thtpee south HOrhailis. thence west 80
ehaius to point of cotniiieucemeut, and eoutalti
Ing Mo ucres   mors nr less.
Dated July Uth, iyu7. K. W   Smith.
Frank Ki.anai.an,
A- V   Kluss,
K. W. Smith. Agent.
tfOlsOO 1 and District.   District of West Kootenay
���'ake ii.iiict- that K W. Smith, Frank Man*
gaii, and A. S. klder. of Spokane, Wssta . oc<*u
patloti ranchers, Inteud to spply tor a special
limber licence over the following dew rlbed
lands: Commencing at a post planted at lb-
���ouiheast corner, at;out eight miles from the
K.mU-iii) river, ou the west side, aud about
three miles north of the intTnatlonal boundary
line, on the west bank of Hrldg creel, on the
north fork, thi-nce north 80 ehains, thence west
HOchalns, tlience south 811 chains, thence eaal Hi)
chains to point of commencement, and coiiUaIu-
Ing ���'���>*) acres, more or less
Dated July 1Mb, lKuT. K  W. smith,
Frank  Flama-uak,
A. ���    J LDKR,
K. W. SmilM, Agent.
Notice is hereby mv.-ii 'hat Go days after date I
Intend to applv to ibe lloiioratde the Chief Commissioner of I.a:ids and Works for a special
license to ��� ut and carry awar :...-'��������� from tha
following described lands tu WYst Kootenay district :
No 1.���Commencing at a post marked William
Walmsley, planted at Kokanee Creek Siding on
Die I'rueter extension, ou the west side (if Uu
���H8W, on the soutti side of the West Arm of Km.:*
- im*. lake, commeucing at the N K coruer |>oit
rnnuing south SO chains, west SO chains, north HU
chains, east 80 -vbalus to place of beginning.
Located Mrd June, 1907.
William Walmslky, Locator,
Janes HrHKAhn as Ageht
Take notice that M days alter date I intend to
apply to ibe Hou the Chlel Commissioner of
l.i.n-f- and Work*, Victoria, for p. : un-- o.n lo
ent and carry away timber from the followlug
described land, In West Kootenay : -.
No. 1. Commencing st a post planted at the
southwest corner of limber license 8-M8, thenre
west 80 chain" tbence sonth HO chains, thence
east 80 chains, theuee north HQebalns to place ol
commeneemeut. v.
Daled May .11, li��U7.       J. T Birobbs, lx>calor.
J   W   Cot-HCRM, Agent.
No. 2. Commencing nt a post planted at the
southeast corner of application .No 1, thence cast
HO cnains, thence north ho Ablins, thenee west 80
chains, tatties south 80 chains to place of coru-
inerici no-nt.
Dated May HI, 1907,       J   T. Bukoess. I,ocalor,
J   W. Coi.stRN, Agent.
Nelaon Laud DlHtrlet Dlstrictof West Kootenay
lake notice tbat Paul August Paulson, ol Kitchener, B.C., occupation lurnb.-rnisn, intends
to apply for a special timber licence over the following described lands : ��� nmmeucDig at a i���<-���*������(
plaiittid at Ihe southwest corner of surveyed lot
Hit OJ, tbence esst to chains, thence nonh ho
. theiicceast lo t   e southeast corner r.f said
thence norlh to the northeast cor n.T of said
ibauosesat is ihe west boundary of pre amp
 h Ur the north ti-ouiidaiy
llOn NO. b9i,
ol Unit
o( timber llesnoi No. 8**48, ll.-i,..* west along
said north boundary to the nrrrthwesl cornerof
said Licence, (hence south lo the north boundary
Ol timber licence No 7018 Ihenee weal to a point
due south of commencement, thence north to
point ot coiunieiicemeut, and containing (HO
acres,   more or less
listed July Ibid, HOt,    Pa ft   Al'Oftrr PAVMOS,
Nelion Land District. Dlstrictof West Kootenav
Take noliee shat Paul August Tauli-i u, uf Kitchener, B.C., occupation lumber man, lntendi
to apply for a sp�� rial tlintwr He -lire over the fob
lowing described landi: Commencing at a post
platiu-d at the southwest corner of feurteyed jot
r22l"Q 1 Ibencs ioulh to the northern boundsry
of HiiiImt licence No. 7018, thenee weit to the
noriliwtsi comer of said llmlier  Ihrence, thenea
south to tbe northern boundary of lot IU, n i
following said It-oundary, of ���- i*l lot weit to tho
right of way of the Hrlllsh Coluinlda Hontheiu
Itailway, tbence following said right-of-way lu a
north -easterly direction io place of commence-
iiK'iit, and Containing 640 SOreS, morn or leas.
Dated July 2nd, 118?}.    I'aim. Aroi'sT PauLHoM,
Tske notice that Dau Haker, pnaipector, -of
l-:iko, B. C , intends to apply for a special limber
licence over the to]lowing described lands:
No. 1. Commencing at a post plauted In the
dlilrict oi Went Koolen>y, about eight miles
west of the Kootenay river near tbe norlh hank
of Boundary creek md one mile no- ih nt thu International bound-try line, which claims are de-
���oribM fti follows: At the northwest corner ot
limber licence r-o kc,*\7. ihenee north HO chains,
thence eagl H" chain*, tin ie south HOchalns,
tlience m-.-i .hu chains to pi see of commencement.
i-ni.*.i 1st June, I'.fi". iu-, Bakkk
No 2. I'oiiiiiieiieing at a post pianlod at the
southwest corner of I an Baker's No. 1 claim,
tbence north 80 chains, Uicnce west so chains,
thence south HO chain", thonce cast HO chsins In
place of commencement.
Dated 1st June. 11N-7. Dan Bakcr.
No. *!!.--Commencing al a post planted ni lhe
northwest corner of Dan Hikers Nn 1 elalm,
thenee norlb HO ohalns, thence cast 80 chains,
thence south 80 ehalus, I hence wtml HO chains lo
place of commencement,
listed lit June, 1000. Dat* Bakkr.
No 4. ���Commencing at s post planted at tho
northeast coiner of Dun Baker's No, 2 claim,
thence north 80 chains, thence wesl 80 chains,
llx-nee south 80 chains, tbence cast chsins to
place of commencement.
Dated 1st June, 1007. dan IIakkb.
No A.-Commencing at n post planted at the
northwest corner of Umber licence No MbV,
thence north 80 c.nultis, thence nail HO chains,
'bence south 8b chains, ibence west 80 chains to
place of commencement.
I'aied June 4th, 10o7. I>an Bakkk,
Mo. 6.~Cornmenc:ng ul a post planted at the
norlhwest comer of Dan linkers No ft claim,
thence north lOOtaalttt thence enst 80 chains,
thence hoicIi 80 chain*, tbence west HO ehalus to
plaee of commencement.
Dated June 4th, 1W7. Han Bakkk,
No. 7.��� Coinioi iieirig at a post p,anted at thu
northeast    corn   r    of   Umber   licence    No. 00*0,
thunce north 80 chains, thence wci.i 80 uhalns,
theuee south 80 chains, tin-nee cs-l ni , bains to
point nl i onuiieiicemerit.
Dated June 4th. 19(17. Da* BAStt.
No. 8. Commeucing at a i��ist planted at ihe
norlheasl corner of Dau Baker's No 7 claim,
tbeuee north 80 chains, I heme west 8u chains,
llnriicf soulh 80 chains, thenre east HO chains to
plans of commeneemeut.
Dated June 4th. 1W7
Dan Bakkr
Nelaon i -��� ��� Di'trl.t. Dlstrictof West Kootanay
Take DOtlOl that UiMirge Hturm, ot Billings.
Montana, I ft. A., occupation, in r re ha in. in
tends to apply (or -permission lo pureba*e the
following  descrlLod  land:   Oommsnelng at  a
post plauted on the weal shore of CppwrWhal-
shau (' Sarlboo) lake, and at the rmrUi west corn-1
of t ot Hi t'J, thence west rQ chains, tbence south
-tOchalus, tlieiu-e east SO chains, thence uorth ��1
chalm to ]--i'' of commeneemeut. and coutainlug 8o actes* more or less
���in    ��lh, 1W7.
...... H-n-KM.
Nelson [And District. Dlstilet of West CoetttUt|
Take notlos that Paul August Paulson, of kit
chener. D* c . occupation lumberman, int-etidi
loappU for permlulon to purchase (he following described lands: Com met ring at a -post
planted on lhe weat laniiidary ol lot No .v.2 ���< 1
and at* ��� .* 10 chains ��outh of the s-outh boundary
of the rlsht of-way of the British Columbia
Htiuthrrn Katlway, and marked "P. A. P's soutb-
ea>t < .Tour," thelice west llJU chain], tbf noe
north to * -i-t south boiiiidary of in. iight-of wa>
of tin llrltlsh t'otumbla rtoulheru Katlway,
IbOnes tollowlng said laMindary.nf -..id right of-
way, In an eas*u*rly dlraeUoo to the WSSt t-ouiid
ary of lot No. NS-U4, tluiiiit -oulhlo pUes <<I
���-ommeiiceiaent, and containing IU) acrea, more
or less.
Dated ibis 13tb day of Jul>, U01
Pai l Atijt.ir Paoumt
Ne -..n I-and District. District of Wi��t Kooi��*i I
Take notlne lhat Edward Frsser, of kiib I
Montana, t s a . orcupstiou wool bum.*!
tends to apidy lor permlulon lo purckM.ZI
following describe! land: CeUMsTa!!
p*wt pisiibHi ��n the west shore of Cpia7ill.l
-���lian (' ariboo) lake, and al the mita-sEn
of Lot May, theue�� w est'X chains, tbfiilL.
encrtatiis. thence east A> chains. lfeSMsa-21
��� hains, tbeni** esai 4b chsins, more or 1-rts.tHS I
west shore of fpper W bsi-h.iut ant.-. ',,��� 9
thenc, northerly and westerly sbkBgttstjl
shore 80 ciialns, more or leas, lo poind u I
meiirvment.   aud  containing  Ut *e-m, aw" I
May ttth, i��n. Kkwasu Pu* [
sixty daysaflej late 1 purpose ma kin. ,m I
catmn to the Hon the Chief ('ommbstssHsl
land- and tt orki for permlsshm lo Mntaatkl
following described land: Comnnoruu g,|
l ; | �� . l al the northeast ' > rth-r kf I ** I
-k inner s applieallon to pnrchast turu I
"B h's. N. tt eoroer post" theme loll-nan* %|
eastern l*oundary of asld application. Bifcg-J
Viuih. thenre running ��� chaiin OSSt, "- ��i>
ciialns north to the southern boundary oil 11
HanuingUm's application lo purrhaar :i..i
ehalni weat along same tn [mint of mom
*rn-ni. coutalulug e*io seres, more or lest
Dated Jnd day of Msy. IS07
theme   west   -M   ehatna.   thcrni- north Nil etaalBL,
tbeni'eeaat 'At chalua, ihem v south Hu chaina to
point   of   commencement,   and   containing   Dk)
acres, more or leaa.
May _1*th. l*r. tt ��: i�� .*   Mckkil.
I, tbe underslanetl. after iu <lays intend to ap
ply lo tbe Hou. The ( hlef Commiaslotier of :*�����..*.��
aud ttorka to purchaae the IoIIowUik .Ie-. ril-d
land: Comiuem ing at the N K �� of lit ISOB
li. 1., thtuce west 40 rballii. thenee north JO
chains, theuee east So chains, thsnos Krotta H
chains in i��.n.i of conimencemeot, containing ���*'
acres more <ir leas.
I-.- nt.-     March tOlli, 1907. W. A   Mlllji
Hlxty days after date i purpose uiakiogappli
< atlon to the Hon < hlef ( ominlssboier of l^nda
aud Works, for i- ���:������>,������:. -; to purchase ilie foi
lowing *dBSCribs4 land: t'onimeiiciug at ��� post
placed on the weat shore ol Lower WhaUhau
lake, about a '. mile from the outlet ,,( saim .
aud marked "H. W's. N.K. corner post,* niu
i.i iik* tbence 8>i t hains west, ibein ��� ao chain*
south, theuee 80 cbalus east, tbence Mi chain*
uorth to point of commencement, coutalulng
640 acres, more or lesa.
Dated the iiul day ���f May. !W7
(higned) H   War am.
per F   C. KacviI [RR. A*xeut
Notice li hereby given that 00 daj s ��n,r date I
intend   to ipnly to the Hon   Chief t omnil*-. r
of IaihIs and Works for i-ermiaslon to purchaae
the following ilc*.,*rib*.-d tract of lsnd. situate tn
West Kooteuay dlslrici    < ommencing   at a posl
Slanted ou tlacer creek, near lis 00*flosses with
ummit creek, marked Margaret Meljunhlan's
N K. corner' theuee south 40ehsln*. ttaOOCS west
80 -i'hatua, thence north to chain*, thetiee east Mo
chains to place of commencement.
.M.-d May, !���*.. Makoarrt McLaDi iman,
William Harhoir, Agent.
I, the undersigned, Inteud alterOodays toapply
lo the Hon the Chief t ommissiouer of Ijindsaml
Works for parttlSStOO to purchase tPe following
deacribed laud : t 'omtnemlug at a post marked
r. M .Sharp's H K c . lm-aled on the west shore
of Hlocan lake, about twelve miles from the bead
of Hlocan lake, thence west 40 Chains, then.,
north 4V ehains thence east 4U chalua. thenc
south along shore of Slocan lake lo point of
Located May 4lh. T  M   Hhaki-.
Nelson I.ni.d Dlatricl Dlstrictof We.t Kooteuay
Take notice thai Kdward Peter* of Ymlr. brlt-
isb ( oinmbia, boonpatUO, miner, intends to apply for permission t0 purchase tbe following
dsscrlbod land* (ommencing ata pan planted
on |h��< north hank of I^>��l ereek. abtiui Ihree
miles easterly from the Junction of l��s| er.-ek
and Halmon rli.-r, lu tbe Nelson laud dl-trh-t
thence north (io chains, Iheuce w.- i ���- ,*h��� u,*.
tbsnOS south m chains, more or less, to i ,.-i
cieek, ihenee east lollowlng said i re.-k to p-din
oi lomuieiieeuient, aud coiitaliitng 4no acres.
more or less. *
Dated Juue Mb. 1W7 KbWAKO PrrKSi
District of West Koolenay.
Take notice tbat William David Anderson, of
Blrdsr. occupation brtdgemati. intend a to apply
for permission to purchase tha following den-rib.
ed lands* Commencing at a |-o.t planted at iho
north side ol Hummlt creek. marked H W
Ibence north *) cbalus, thenee east 40 chains!
thenee south 20 chains, thenee west 40 ehalus
to point of commeneemeut.
tt'lLl.lAM luvin Ani.krson,
        W. J. Hmrr, Agent
Nelson I*lld District. Dlstrictof West Kootenay
Take no(|e�� that John Phllbert of Nelaon,
Brltlah ( olumbla, occupation, saloon keeper, Intends to apply lor permission to purchase the
following described land: ('onlinehctng at a
post planted on lhe north iNink Lost creek, and
sbniu two and oue<|iisrter miles easterly front
the lunation of Uisi ereek and Halmon river In
the Nelaon land district, thence north 001 halri*
thence wesl flu ehalus. thenee south 80 ohalns,
more or less, to Lost creek, ibence east follow ing
iald creek to point of t-ommetiueinuui and con
uin ,ng -4HU acres, more or leas.
Dated JuneOlh, 10U7. John Piiiliikht.
Nelsou I>��nd District. District of Weit Koolenay
Take notice that Fiauk McDonald, of Nelson
British Columbia, occupation miner, Intends u\
apply for permissioti lo pur.-hase thu following
described lands: Commencing al a post planted
on tho north hank of l^.st creek snd about One
mile easterly from lhe junction r f l .,<.i creek
and Halmon river in lhe Nelaou laud dlslrici,
thence norlh Co ciialns, ih-nce east 60 chnlua.
thence tonlb fin ������hains, theucu wesl tt chsins id
point of cotnni-ureineut, and coniiiinlng ��fri
acres, more or leis.
Dated June ( tn. 1W)7. Phank McfViNAi.n.
Notice Is ben i��y glvon that 00 days utter dato I
Intend lo applv io thu Honorable the Chief Commissioner of f. uds and Works for m.rmlsslon
Ur purchase lhe following described laud, sltuatu
In ttest Koobuny district: Commencing ��i n
post plant d ai tho wost houiidsry of Lot ItlOl,
and about 10 chains south of thesouth I i,|.in
of the right-of way of the M. c Hoiiihern ralf
way, and inarknd 1*. A. P'i m��u beast corner
thence west 100 ���'hains, thence north lo the soulli
boundary of t e right-of-way of It. c. Houlberu
ral way. thenc following asld huundury of said
right of ��a> In .in ec-terTy glrecllon io lhe west
boundary of Lnt.UWCl, Iheueu soon, to plncu of
commencement containing loo acres, morn or
Dated this llth day of Juue, 1007,
Paul AVfllffT Paimon.
per F,
- ,*i*.   '. I.  hiiu,
0    KAfyt IBS, A,. :.. I
Hlxiy da), sfler dale 1 intend to ippiiaftl
Hon Chief Commlstloner of Lands ac 1 ^ d
���-�����-- ,.,, (,, piirebaae the foliusliisl
���riibed laud in Weal Koolenay district t�� I
menelng st ��� post msrked A. C- At no.lAsa I
uorner poat, running so chslst ue.*i usl
the boundary oITlmGrr lien--* N�� m i*uh(
southerly AO ehalni. ibence westen; ��� tkus I
IbsnoS northerly M ehalni along tkeCris
track to tbe plscw uf comtneoceuciil, - wiiaa^ j
two buudred a< res. more or lass.
I"��ih ihu vtb day of May. I *T.
A. C. Hi is, Lecui
Nntli-v Is hereby riven tbat SO Oayt ��'>���**��-.
.'���.������*'. to apply t<> The Honorable :!.cl/.|::
miMlotier of Landi aud Works lor parciiMiat11
purchase   the   following   den rlhrd ttlft atAS|
xituatc in *vi Kootenay district: (*emaiad||
at a post planted uu Ha-cer creek. S��*rhc��|
���'..-... with Hummlt creek, mark*. Y��m|
Harbour's  N. W   rorner. thenre soitli 41 S
theme east   40  ehalai,   Iheuce   n..:v.  *.   ���
thenee W��at 40 ohalDi to plac* of MUmi I
-   "l May ; ��r,. tt IUJam ������.��<* f
Notice is hereby -given tnet 00 days alUtUUl
lau-ti'l to apply u�� the Hon. Chief (ousts���
ol i hi.**.,   -anrl Works for permlsaton toyvi
Fit   t-af
district, on west shire of Urwsr Arros ua
adjoining lain No IM*. ou thesouth: bmoum
at a p-nal marked "Marry MeLeod* M bbwI
i ���-: ���*>*.-! iisi.'.d on the iborr of I. ���������' '-' ,
I^ke. at ibe southeast cornet ot Capi f-jcutil
i I'.'l^. tl.��-uif wen 30 ehalni, theoce **a*|
chiiu* more or* le��p to the north buUD-linttll
*.'���!*��� - P. K , tlii-ii--*.'* .|ii!:..ii.**i .!���**.*
said boundary to labs, ttn*ui< ��������� r:L ��. '-Cm
lake shore Ai chains, more or less k> ftOa%
��� ��� .- i- n- ��� incut
May lad, 1-JU7. J. D.L ���
Agent tor Han? MrU4 I
Htity days after date 1 intend to apny vOt
Hon. lhe ��� tn.-l Commissioner of UacitHg
Works, Vir-ioris, u> purchase IJ0 ���"��� :u
b-'at.-d on the west side of Arrow isk* w-lWH
directly north of lx��t 7970: OoaoMmoatta} al��l*|
planted al tbe N K. cornerof Lot WM a*^ "*1
ed "ll. B H g corner," snd running w*fuj|
chains, ihenee west JU chains, tbenrt ���'srJJI
( hams, theme weit W chain* thenre aoiall
chalua, thence eaal 40 chains to |s*n.l -' ���**f*J /
April 'J9rd. 1W7. RBIM BSJDtr i
J. K. Anhabi.i, Agiii
"��ii    ini'iiiT    i" ��� ��i    mi    riiaiai.    ����ws��*^   ��� .    �����
chalm. thence eaat an chains more nr [*���?������
shore, thence along Iske I bore to point ot ���"
Dated April 4. 1W7.
Signed J   M.Sikw
West K.Mitinay dlitrlct:     (MUMMl ������ ���'��*1
pi.,n icd atKiut on.- half mile uorlb Iron    ' ,'lK
Hummll  creek,   marked   Jean   -�� aiueron ��� ��� ���
corner,   ii,.ii.-,.   rail   40  ehalus.   tbenee m _JJ
chalm, thence   weit  40 chslua.   IlieDee*11"- ���
clialna to place of eutuuieucameut ���
.*l:*l  M.jr, 1IW7
iiiin in ,*iu* il* ., ,
WiLLim 1U.-..H s. A,,oi-   Mm
Illi-ll.-illK St . [.���.-! |.IhIi** I Oil Hlllll*." "T
slM.ul nu, h.lt mil. 1.1.rlli �� ��� si It.iM I'"*' *"
i*l J.�� MpI.'sN K.vornii,. tli.li.r ��*-"��";S
tlipni-r south <ii ib.In,, IMMt ��*"' '" ������
tin-in*,, unrlli ��l oh.lns to J.I.M* ol *-,.*.��'*-���
ilr.l Hu, l��U. Jo���� ����� Ni US >>���
William b,.-��o. ..**.��'���"
T.k*. iiiilli*** Ih.i II.rr, Williams "l*.*J|
B 07, i.in I,..,, lut.iiils to .pplr I"' f, ���,7,|
to piiri'lisn,. thu Inlli.Will, il.sltll**.! I"��� I
Wi*.i Ko.,1,*,,., .It.trirt: -iioul
inrni-liiK .1 s pr*t plant**.) a.llsi  n''u   ���
 Mi. ��*i i-orlHT ol Ixit .fx tboiisali'l "V '.Villi
r.*il .nil . ii:hl> Hi.- (fltiMft). tlrciiipolir (W- "^|
,11-atr,,-,, thriii*. south lw.nl, (*��)' ���'���""- I,,.l
��i��l om* htuidmil anil sl.lr (HW) t-haliu* '"T|i
mirth twi'tily (20) rhalns, Ihi-nrr rant ''D , ���<B
nil .ml nlsty (1��1) chains In 'hr P"'""'.,���
in. ii. .nn nl   .nil  roul.lulIlK ** arr-JI* *"      f
Usl.*.l tin* en, ilsy ol Ma,, imn.      ������,������
H."���� Willi."
I, tin* urnlrrstftiinl, afti'r r*0 ilav, inlrnrt t^.r
ply to Ihr Hon lliot'hl.M-omnilnsliiiii'r-' ������
iiii*i Works  lor  pi iioin-.li.il  lo f<"r""",.��
IiiwIik ilfsirlhril  l.nil:   lloiiim.nilnn H!lL
inarkr.l  N   K  <* , sltliatril   on   ����� Wfft'sM
Ml.nan laki*. nlKint Iwrnly mllrs Iniiii *>h�� �����     I
llii-lii-i- nisi ��l i In,In.,   llniiii* south *>'" j, I
tin m*<*  rast 40 rhalns,  thrnc  ��"'"'   ������J,��I
shore of  Ink.   HO .'lisI.n tn point ol --i*******"  ���
ui'iil. umir. I
LottttM Msy Uh. t**< *","   I
B.tiC. WHIT1, ���*P^L-I
HUtyilays.ll.r ilatr I plirpos" "l"',",''?,ffi,*'l
Hon io tin* t'hlnl t'ommlssloiiiT "' ,.',', "I*
Works for lu-rtiilsBlnn lo pim-hasc thr l"" _J|
.li-.irllHiillanil: loinm.nilnf .1 a |MtQ|
��i lln* norlhwfst<*orn..riif lol.M". ' ��"'' SB
i*.| "I- MifsHK ��rn< r will," ���r*""""Ji..n,i��l
i-ii Imiiis north ih.lin wiili.lii" wi*,l. "'���,;���
rh.ins south, thmii'i* Ulrhiilns ��.st. '" P��- ,,ra
i*oiiiiin*ln*i'llli*nt,  i out.111111,   M.' ��'*rt-n.  m
lliitiil thl.Olh il.y of M.v, I1W    ���^.���,lWii I
fail If I'KTKR K'O'*', I
Ni'lson Ijinil lilslrli't. Dlstrlitof W.sl *'fflSj S
Tiiki* nolli... thai il,*n���, ItiiftisCarlsr oi*-* , .
oi'.-iip.tl'ilt, lirlilKiunnn, llilollils to apl'i)* ' ,. ��� **
ml.���I*.M to plirAl.so lln* followlliK .KTStFJ
liiinl . t * iTi.orii   In,: at postpl.nlrn st in*    ., ,
WM rn**r ol   11. Hon.- appIlonMO"'",1''1,*,,.*.!
liinikixl    H. *���   tin* mill   .0   nll.l. '* Tj ,
rssi   ��l   . iniin..   lliriira south   ���*> !"J ' "*,��� ���'
lurry's   prii-i-mptlon,   thono*   wi'Sl  *'*-,���. *i,l!
 nn* n.oith   **i , hains, lll.tiiw W��af *' "... ,.: .
nl.i I   lonimm miiiit   poliUlnli'll  ������*"
limn* or h*nn. L, ,.,i*i.
Italo.1 July li, 1IW7.     ow.su�� "tin "' *'
W. J.bcoti*. *���������"
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nd DUtrlct.  District of Went Kootenay
hlce that  GeoCge   Alexander, of  Kaslo,
ipsltou mine manager, Intends (..*.,-
eial Umber licence over the follow-
nl land: Commencing at S P*��"l
the northeast corner of I-ol 1006,
KoutciMv DlStrtot. thence well 00
ico south 40 chains, thenoe east ��1
ice north 40 chains to the polut of
cut, and containing 240 acres, more
flfrm**. fl. 1 'Jin. GSOMI AlJtXAM'KK.
I IHstrlct.   Plstnctoi W����t Kootenay
! that  (leorge   Alexander, of Kaslo,
.lion mine manager, luteuds to %p~
rial limber licence over the follow-
lands:     Commencing  at a itost
the   southeast   corner o/   Lot   IUU6.
otenay    I list rid,   tbence   north   W)
west HU chains,   tlo-in-c    south 80
east SO chains   lo point of coin
and  containing 640 acres, more or
fall,  WI.
l.Ei.Jtl.S   Al .1 X AM'KH.
1 I>litrlct.  District of West Kootenay
t that George   Alexander,   of Kaslo,
atlon mine manager., lntendi to Op-
leiai Umber licence over  the  follow-
~   landi:     CommcnclUK at a   P"il
ate soutbeiit   corner   of   1��1   lutf,
���r^oieiiay   District,   theuoe    north HO
Ignce  ea��t fit) ehalus,   thence  smith 80
i  wesl Co chalm  to  tho  point  of
it, and  containing 480 acres, more
��� 27, vn
[*ftd District.   District of West Kootenay
-���-*-- thBt George  Alexandei,  ol  Kaslo,
Ion mine mansser,   lntendi  to ap
al timber llceucw over tbe   follow-
J   lands:    Commencing   st   a  poll
I the   uortbeast   corner   ol  Lot 1004,
it.-nHv     District,   thenc*   west  40
aoutb leu chains,  ibence oast *o
north I��0  chains   to   the pOlntol
it, and  containing 64u acres, more
I 27, 1907. GKORiiE A LEX A NUM.
District.   District ot West Kootentiy
tbat George Alexander, of Kaslo,
atlon mine manager, intends  to ap-
"  1  Umber  licence ovsr tbe lolhn*
Is in i-      Com menelng   at  a  post
southwest corner  of Section   13,
ex delta y   District,   thunce  north 40
soutb   boundary   of   tlie   Indian
ce   east   about   10  chains   to   the
er of said Indiau   HeMrve, tbence
i,   theiii.*'   east   about 70 cbalus to
ilary  of  Lot  H12.   tbence   south 80
i west 00 chalua  to  the   punt  ol
it, aud  containing 800 acres, more
1*17. IW7.
district. Dlstrictof West Koottinsy
that George Alexander, of Kaslo,
Kn mine manager. Intends to ap-
.1 Umber licence over the follow-
lands: Commencing at a |kmH
the Intersection ot the north .tne of
wnsbip 7. Kootenay District, and
* the Indian Reserve, thence iouth
. c east about 70 ehalus to the wust
liin M*.'. thenc- nortb wi chains,
���>oui 70 chsins to the point of cm
and containing M0  acres,  more or
. 1W7.
iimhiii Ai.Kt-.snri'.
LDlslrlct. Dlitrlct of West Kootenay
B that George Alexander, uf Kaslo,
ttlou mine manager. Intends to ap-
l\l Umber licence over lhe fol'.ow-
i lands: Commt nciug al a |k>si
to intersection of tbe south line of
towio>hip -* K.Hit. i.n\ Dlsiriut, und
-f Go- lu.li.iii Keserve, thence east
s to tiie west boiimtary of l,,.; >>;:,
0 chain* to tho aouth bank of
(hence westerly 80 chains along
if Gtial riser to the weit line ol "Sid
-Sfceii-c -south **���'��� chains to pmnl of
���mil miiI   conlalulug  Uu acres, more
District    DUtrlct of West Kootenay.
thnt   Gi>orge   A lexander of Kaslo,
Slli>n   mine  manager, Intends to ap-
els I   timber   licence over tbe follow-
'   lauds:     Commencing  st a post
southwest corner of Lot bio, Uroup
district,   tbenee   smith   Its) cIihIiis,
"     haius lit the northeast uorner or
...re; thence norih about HOchalns
War;   theucu westerly along the south
river about lb chains to   tic south-
of Lot  4ifi;  thenc*' north about 80
nnrthwcsl  cornerof  said Lot 411 j
bout 7J  chains  to  the  southwest
11:   thence  north about :tft chsins
t uorner of Lot .'���*.'',. iheuce weit 40
i point of c<iminenceineiil, and COD*
laere*.. moreorU'is.
#-77, 1VU7. GsoitdS AiHANttr.it.
,1ce   Is   nerebv    given    that   B0 dnys
Intend to  apply to  the  Chief  Com-
if   Laud   and   Works,   for  a  special
land carry Umber from the  follow-
~ lands,  situated  on   tlie ioutheast
in   river.  In   the   district  of West
ommencing al a post placed ntsiut
of Itose Leaf nrwk marked "It. M
liu'i'ii   corner,"  thente MO chains
180  cbsliii  east,   thenco W) chains
IS HO  chaltii   Weit   lo   place  of coin-
��� llth day of June, 11HI7.
It   M. Kkkvrn, I*
Is  hereby   given    thnl ��i  days
nieiid to apply  to tho Chief Com-
'  I��iiiIh  and   Works,   for  a special
md carry Umber from the follow-
lands  situated ou   the  Mmthcnst
linon river, in lhe  dlstrictof  West
moucfug al a post phiccd  ahntit
t ol Kose latsnt crook, marked "ft   M.
woulhwest    corner,''    Iheuce  80
Ai,  thenee 80 ciialns  cast,  thelice IK)
th,   IbcnccBO chsins west lo place of
the 10th day of June, 1907.
11. M.  ItSKVKH, l.u.iilui.
I District.   Dlitrlct ol West Kootenay.
I hercliy given  tbat thirlv dayn alter
P. Hwed iieir.  of   Nelson,   II. U , iiiliiur,
nsplv   to the  lion, tho Chief Comttiis-
ftainli  and  Works, at   Victoria,  for   a
.jsiisc  to mil  and   carry away  Umber
i following described lands, situated on
��k, lu the West Kootenay district:
' nmonclng at a poat marked .1. P, -H's
At,  northeast corner post, localod on
of Hummll creek, about 2 miles from
thence running south 80  cbiliii,
���nlng west 40 chains, thence running
���alns,   thunce  west  40 ehalni, tbenee
 Alns, thence pinning cast 40 cbalus,
������nlng  south  40 ohalni, thoumi oast iti
" alac of commencement.
Wi Mb day of Juno, 1IW7.
J, P. HwrniiKiuj. Locaior.
���tnmemdng at a post marked J. P, H'i
���t, norllnvest corner noil, located un
BHummlt ciees. about two miles from
thonce mi ii ii nu- south ho chulus,
Inlng eait no chsins. tbence running
Tiatns. thence rnnulng wostKO cbnlni
|f��lh day of Juue. 118X7.
J, P. Kwkjihmu, Locator.
Nelson Land District Dlstrictof West Kootenay
'lake notice thai Walter K<lwurds, of Ferguson,
B.C. occupation took, intends to apply tor a
BpeoUU titnlier licence over the lollioAlug dei-
.1 UK I lands: Commencing at a post planted
IU "ill- - up a ��� in k ruiiuiug Into lhe bead oi
t arib io lake, on the easl side of Cariboo lake
and nisikcd "Walter Kdwards northwest corner," Iheuce south 80 chains1 thelice east HO
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence weft Oil
"hains to point of < umineni-eineut, and containing Mh acres, more or less.
Dated April g7th, 1911 Wai.tkk WVWAMJmO,
by bis agent F. 0. Mannish.
Nelson Land District Dlslrici Of West Kootenay
Take noUce that Wiiltcr Kriwanln, of Ferguson,
M c , occupation cook, Intends toapply for a
���pedal Umber licence over the ftllnwltig descrilied lands: Coiumeuelng at a post-Ti1, mil r-
up Hleveui creek and a *����� mile east Irom A.
Kvau's corner post No. 9, and marked "Walter
Edwards s norlhwest corner post," thenco east
40 chains, thence aoutb 160 chains, thence wesl
40 chains, iheuce north Hid chains to point of
commencement, and containing 640 seres, more
or leas.
Dated May 80tb, l<fU7. W ai.tkh Eiiwaki*.
by his agent F  C. Masmv,
Nelson I.��n<! District. District of West Kooteuay
lake uotlce lhat Waller Edwardi.of gerguson,
B. ('., oecupatiou eiMik, Intends to apply for a
special timber liceuce over the following described lauds: Commencing at a |��>st planted
about a mile from thtr head of Cariboo lako snd
one mile esst of said lake, aud marked "Walter
Kdward'** Southwell corner," theuco north 80
chains, thence east So chains, thence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains to point of eommeucement, aud coutainlug 640 seres,  more or
Daied May aoth, 1907. Walter Ki.washw.
by hli agent X. C. Manninu.
Nelson I^iud Dlslrici. Dlstrlot of West Kootenay
Taxe notice that Arthur K. Evans, of Beaton.
H. I", occupation cruiser. Intend-i toapply for a
special timber licence over the following described lands: Commencing at a post plauted
about ��� miles up Hteveus creek running into tbe
east ude of Carl boo lake markod'A. *.. rvan's
Miutbwi*.it corner |*K��st," tbeuee north 80 chains,
thence east NO ehalts, thence soutb 80 chains,
th-ence west ho ebalns to p mt of commencement, and coutalulng i>i<> acres, more or less
Dated M��v Sutb, I'.ot. ahthur K. i.vans.
by hli agent F. 0, Manning.
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
��� Irttt-J Intend toapply lo lhe lion, theCblef Commissioner of i:iii*!*. Hint Worki for a ipoclal licence to cut and earrv away timber from the
foi low* Ing tfSHtrlbnd lands In Wt<il KcMdeliay
dlstrlct: Commencing at a po.-t planteil on lhe
inrili bank of leu Mile creek, aboutouemlle
snd s half from Hlocau lake, marked li. H Pitta'
northwest corner post, theme east 180 chains,
ibence south 40 chains, theace west 180 chains,
thence north 4(1 chains to place of commencement.
Dated tbli 2Clh day of June, 1907.
11. If. Pirn, Locator,
AW. bTUSHS, Ag.-lit
Notice Is hereby given tbat thirty days after
date 1 Intend to apply lo lhe Honorable
('hlef Commissioner of 1 mi.-"- and Works at
Victoria, B.U., fur a ipsctel license to cut and
Carri away Umber from lhe followlug described
lands In Weil Koolenay district: Commencing
at a post planted on lhe west batik of Kmeltt-r
creek, about one mile south of the City of Nelion,
thelice Miuth 80 cIihIiis, Uicnce wcM 80 chatus,
tbence north HO chains, theuee east 80 chains to
place of i i no ue. -infill
Dated this lllh dsy of June, I -iT
C. C. I   I.AKK,   Loch tor.
f>. ItcoTii, Agent.
Nelson larnA District.   District ol West Kootenay
Take  notice    thai  John   Phllbert,  of  Ncliuu,
Hritlsh  Columbia,   saloon    keep*, r,    Intends   to
apply   fur a special   Umber   license over the fol
lowing assert bed lauds: Commencing at a post
plmi ed about three miles up the lint right
hand branch of Lost creek and   about  live mllea
illitance and In a southernl-urly direction from
lhe -ui* ii.-n of -iii.! Ixist creek and the south
fork of Halmou river in the Nelaon laud dlilrh i,
theuee north 80 chains, theuee east 80 ehalni,
i lien e south 80 chain*., thence west 80 ehalus lo
polut of commencement, and coutalulng 040
acres, more or leas.
Dated June Uth, 1007. John 1'iju.bkst.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootetiay
Tnkc notice lhat John Phflberl, nf Nelion,
Hi Illsh Columbia, saloon icc|tcr, luteiidi to
apply (or a special timber license over the following dcxcrlhiil lands: Commencing at a post
planted ou the north side of l*<>->l ereek iit.utii
six mil.- distant and In au easterly dlreetlou
from the liinctlou of l."-i creek and the smith
fork ol Halmon river lu thu Nelson land district,
theuee wesl 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence east 00 cbalm. thunce uorth 80 ehalni
to point of commencement, and containing mo
acres, more or loss.
Daled June Wih, 1007. John I'iui.hbrt.
Nelson Land Dlilrict. Dlitrlct of West Koolenay
'luke notice that John I'hllbert. of Nelaou,
British Columbls, saloon keeper, Intends to
apply for a special timber license over tbe following described lauds: Commctu-lug at s nost
planted on the north sldcofJ<ost creek about
���our miles distant and in an caiturly dlreetlou
from the Junction of snld l^ost creek and the
iouth fork of Halmon river in the Nebon land dlitrlct theuee w< st 80chains, ibence south 80chaim
theuee east 80 chnllia, iheuce norlh 80 ehnins lo
point nl commencement, and containing 640
acres, more or lesi.
Dated June 12th, 1907. John I'iiii iohi.
Nelson Laud District. District of Wesl Kootenay
Take no Geo thut Johu Phil bet tf of Nelson,
ltriti-.li Columbia, saloon keeper, lutends to
apply lor o special timber lloenss over the ioi-
lowliig described tends: Cumuieuclng ata post
nt.om one and one-half miles up the lint right
hand brniieh of Lost crock, and about four miles
-in-lit n t ami in a southeasterly direction from the
junction of snld Lost c oek and the south fork of
Halmon river In the Nelson land district, thenee
norlh wiohitlns, thence cast 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thunce west Hi chalua to point
of commencement nnd containing 040 aeres,-
lliiii  loss.
Dated Juuo 19th11007. John PhiLbbrt.
Nelson Land District.   Dlalrlctof West Kootenay
Take notice that fobn I'llburl, of Nelion,
British Columbia, saloon keeper, lntendi to
apply for a special Umber liucnso over lhe followlug described landa: Coniinunclns at a post
rlanled about two miles up tho right hand
much of Lust creek and about four miles .lis
taut and In b southeasterly direction from the
Junction of snld Lost creek and the south fork
of Halmon river in the Nelsou land district,
thence south 80 chains, thence isisl 80 chaina,
thence uorth HO chains, thunce west so ehalni ts
point of ciiuinicju-eiiieiil, and cuntuining 640
acrei, more or leu.
Datid June 12th, 1007. Johh Philbirt.
Nelson Laud Dlatrlet.   District of West Koo'enay
Take   noitco   that   Joh'i   I'd ll-c t   of   Nelson,
British Columbia, saloon   keeper, liileudi to ap-
Cly for a special innlu-i licence over the fol-
iwlng described Inudi: Commencing at a
post punted on ibe north it-to of lost creek and
abotll four miles dlalntit and In an easterly
direction from lhe junction of said Lost creek
nnd Ibe Kiulli fork of Halmon river In the Ncl
son land iDHtrli I, thenen i nht no chulus, Iheuce
soulh 8ti chalm. thence west HO ehnins thence
north 80 ehalni to iho point of cnmmeliooiiuml
and containing mm acrei, moro or leu,
Dnied Juno uth, iuo7. John Philbibt
Industrial Awakening at Home Leads to
Movement for Their  Repatriation.
Chicago, July 26.���King Oscar in anxious to secure the return to Sweden of
the hundreds of thousands of Swedes
who have emigrated to America, and
has begun an investigation to determine
what were the conditions which prompted his people to leave the fatherland
und what would be necessary for Sweden to do to induce them to return.
This investigation is a part of the Industrial awakening which is now on
in Sweden, and the recent chang? In
the post of the Swedish minister to the
United States was made with a view to
furthering the return of Swedish American-* to  their  fatherland.
Mr. Lagercrantz, the new minister,
was charged to open a bureau In the
United States through which a Swedish
American desiring to return might secure Information an to tbe conditions
in his trade in Sweden and the probabilities of his prospering there. Consul
Kkmnn. who died recently in Sweden.
left 400.00U crowns ($11C,000) to the
bureau which Mr. Lagercrantz is to es
The editors of Swedish newspapers
and Swedish ministers In Chicago yes
terday received from the "emigration
Invest I gallon committee of Stockholm
a circular calling on them to ascertain
from each of as inuny as possible of
their Swedish-American readers and
The chief causes of his emigration
from Sweden.
His present condition and earning
Whether he is employed In agricultural, mechanicat, or other pursuits,
nr as an unskilled laborer.
When and how often he has visited
Sweden, his family connections in Sweden and In the United States, and In
what trades he has been employed in
this country.
Kditors of Swedish newspapers are
asked by the royal Swedish statistical
department to publish this request for
information at intervals, and to send
all data to the Royal Swedish consulate,
17 Slate street. New York City, before
October 1.
The circular says In part:
"It would be best If the Information
requested were sent in the form of a
narrative of personal experience and
containing Information as to where and
when the writer was born In Sweden,
where he grew up as a child, where he
m 1 i  mmaaapatti���        ���   j-l���l.���   . i, i
Nelson Land District. District of We��t Kootenay
ink.- uotlce that William Andrew Koss, of
Ferule, B. 0 . hotel keeper, Intends to apply for
a special timber licence over the following described landi:
No. 1.���t'ommenclng at a post planted nbout
live null's wcM of ihe Kooivn��y river, ou Corn
croek, in the District uf Weil Koolenay, snd
i.fing about six miles north of tbe Internstloual
boundary line, and shout two miles west of ttm
ber licence No. 0O4h, Ibence souUi 80 ehalni,
then- v esst H0 chains, thence north 80 chslui.
ihenee weit so chslui to point ol commencement
and uoutalnlns MOairei, more or leu.
Located 15th June, 1W7.
No j���Commencing st spoil plsnted st the
norlhweit corner of Willism A Hum' No.lclslm,
thence iouth so ehalni, tbenee weit 00 cbaini,
thenc- north HU ehnins, tbence esil 00 cbalus.
io Un point of commencement, snd containing
'���in acrei, more or leu.
Located i*>ih June, 1U07.
No. a���Commencing at s poit plsnted about
two miles weit of the uortbeait coruer ol William Koss' No 'i '.lilm, tbence iouth HO chsins.
ihenee eait HO cbslni, tbence norih HO chslni,
i hence -sest 80 c hai ni to the point of commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or less.
LocHicd mo June. 1H07.
No. i i'i.iiiiii-'ii.'Iiik' st st s post plsnted at
lhe northwest coruer of Win lam a. Koas' No. S
claim, thenco uorih HO ehalni, thence west ho
chains thenoe south M0 chslni, thence esil 00
chains to the polut of commencement, contain
ing 640 acrei, more or less.
Loceted 1Mb June, 10U7
No. b. t'oninu-ncluK st s post plsnted st the
northwest corner ot William A. Koss' No. :t claim,
ihenee soulh SO ebalns, thence west W chains,
thenco north HO ch ilns, tbsnee can HO chains to
tbe poini uf commencement, snd containing c-to
acres, more or Ion.
Located l.'itli  luue. 1**7. **���
No 6 Commencing st s pom planted about
tuo ntich weit of ihe nortbcait coruer of Willism A. Koii'No ftelaim. tbence iouth mo cbaini,
ibence east HO chslnn, tneuce north 80 chslni,
Ihenee weit 80 cbaini to the point of commence,
ment, and containing 640 acres, more or lesi.
Loeated 16th June, 1907.
("oiiimciiciiif at a post  planted   nt  the
corner of William A. Ron* Ni   "   '
No. 7. -- _ . .
tiorthweit corner of William A. Horn' No.6cla1ni,
thence nortb ho chslni, thence esst ho ohalni,
tbence iouth HO chalm, Ibence welt 80 cbaini lo
point of commencement, and containing 640
acres, more or leu.
Located iruh Jnne,lW7
No H ��� Commencing at s post pluutod ahout
40 cbalm south of the northwest coiner of William K. Kuii'No 6 cliiim. tliehcv north si chains.
Ihenee west HO chslni. thence south HO chslni,
thence cast 80 cbalm lo the polut of commence-
iiioni, and containing 640 acres, more or leu.
Located lSih June,1907.
No tt.��� Commencing at a post planted about 40
Chalm south of the northwest corner of William
A Kims' No. 6 claim, thenee iouth 80 chsins,
thence west Ho ebalns, thenc-i north 80 chslni,'
thence esil Ho chslni to tbe poln' of commence-
ment, snd containing MO acres, more or less.
boosted 15th June, PUT
No 10 - Commencing at a post plsnted shout
two mllei west of tho nortnesit corni'J of William A Koss' No. 8 claim, thence iouth ho chslni,
thence eait HO chains, tnence notth ho chslni,
thenee wen HO chains to ihe pdul of commencement, nnd containlugMO acres, inure or leu.
Located Uth June, 1007.
No. 11.-Commencing st s poit pi in ted about
two miles weit of the northeast corner of Will lam
A. Koii' No. 9 claim, tbence north 80 chslni,
tbence enst ho chslui. thence south 80 ehalni,
thenco west ho cbalm to the point of commencement and containing (110 screi, more or leis.
Located 16th June. 1907.
No )9, ���Commencing st s pmi planted about
JO chalm south oi the nortbweit corner of
Will htm A. Koii' No. 10 claim, thenoe s uth HO
chains, thence w. it HO chains, thenco north HO
chains, thence eait Ho chillis to potui of commencement sud contslnlug eld acrei, moreorleis
Located lMtt Julio, 1907.
No. i:i Commencing st a post planted shout
Jit chains iouth ol lh�� northwest comer of William A Koss' No. 10 claim, tbence north HO
chains, thenc- welt HO chslui, Uicnce loulh B0
chillis, thence eSstHOchstUi to the point of
ini'iiceni'-nt uud coutalulug 040 acrei more """
listed this 6th day of Jul) , 1907.
William Ahi>rkw Huss.
of comF
was confirmed, alt his personal history
up to the time he left Sweden; in what
year he emigrated to America, when he
again visited Sweden, his present family relations In Sweden and In America.
"He should also tell at what trades he
worked in Sweden and at what he has
been employed In America, and should
compare his econonlcal condition in
America with his condition In Sweden.
"If the person reporting came from a
farming community he shonld give information in regard to the economic
conditions of bis home district, how
many acres of land he owned. If any, in
Sweden, whether the income of his farm
was sufficient to support a family, to
whom the farm will descend by inheritance, etc. He should also tell what difficulties he encountered, if any, in securing his home in Sweden and in securing
farm  labor.
"If the informant came from a city or
village in Sweden, he should give Information with reference to economic
conditions In that city or village, his
father's trade, and particulars in regard to conditions in his home and in
his trade in his home city.
"The committee believes the principal causes for emigration from Sweden
are the lack of sufficient bppdrl unity for
work and the difficulty of reaching a
liosltion of Independence, and the consequent difficulties placed in the way
of marriage and the establishment of
a home,
"It Is for the purpose of removing
these obstacles and of Improving condition In Sweden that the emigration Investigation committee has been organized."
The committee in charge of the Investigation is composed of 100 prominent Swedes, including many members
of parliament and the provincial governors.
Sweden is said to desire particularly
the return of skilled mechanics, of
which there Is a greater scarcity In
Sweden, owing to the better opportunities for high grade workmen In tbe United States. Manufacturing towns which
15 years ago were prosperous communities are said now to be almost depopulated because of the heavy emigration
to America.
The bureau which Is to be established
In the United States will, it Is said, be
provided with enough funds to assist
mechanics back to Sweden.
Queen's Hotel
BUer Itraet, nelson. B. C.
Lighted by Electrlcltj- ud
Heated by Hot Air
irUble Bedroom-  _ 	
temple Rooms for Commer-
MKH. E. i: ci.AUKK. Proprietress
Large and Comfortable Bedroom, and First-
cl.asuiDlDtf Koom  .     ..
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled in the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. BR1CKBON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Ttemont House
Bnropesn sod Amerlean Plan
Hesli 35 cts.   Aooms from �� cts. to tl.
Only White Help Omployed.
Bsker St.. Nelson
ft  TRBOmiiUB
Propria tort
City   Ruler*   Have   Imitated    Dominion
Flanance  Department.
Ottawa, July 26.���There Is much perturbation In Ottawa over the fact that
City Auditor duff hns entered a vigorous criticism of civic financial methods. It la not claimed that any moneys
have been misappropriated in the ordinary -sense of the term, but that parts
of sinking funds have been utilized for
purposes of general revenue. The municipal act is very strict In its provisions about Linking funds. Lhe bondholders' guarantees being provided and
left alone. What has been used from
them has been called  "surpluses."
The auditor holds that there is no
such thins; aa such surpluses, at least,
not until the debentures have expired
and been paid off. The use of such
moneys this year Ib nothing new. It
has been going on for several years, and
Is responsible for what haa been called
the "sleeve account."
Year after year it has looked as
though there would be an even break
in the finances, or a deficit, but suddenly at election time more or less
bandHime surpluses woul dappear. It
has caused some i>eople to claim credit
for judicial financial administration,
when, according to the auditor, the reverse was Ihe case.
Baftlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tbe Bar If the Finest.
White Help Only Kmplored
Josephine Ht.
Nelson. B. 0.
Royal Hotel
Rates 11 and $1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarder*.
Host comfortmblc quarters In Nelson!
Only the best of Liquors .mi t Ig.rs.
Veteran Servant Dead.
Ottawa .Jjly 25.���A member or the
civil service for 44 years and confidential messenger of all the premiers since
Confederation, was Louis la Frauchaise,
who died today. It is not many days
Blnce he wns at the House of Commons
and he expected shortly to take a vacation.	
Notif*. Is
In tin- -mattiT ot an application fur the lime of
duplicate of the <'t'rtltli-Htea ol Title loi Lota (I, 7,
*. nn.I 17, Mlock -', (own nf Kltrliener ("ap H��
and l<otftl87 Uroup One, In tbe Di(Uriel of Kuote-
In-rt'i y Klven that It In my Intention
to iNnue at tin.' expiration ot one munib after the
flmt publication lirrenf.-ilup!U*��t���*.>.- of C't-rtlllcatei
&f Title of the abovp Iota lu the name of Joaeph
'alker which curt IllcalvH are dated iKm! dayof
June, 1WW and uuuitwrfd !!���� A and ��4W A respectively.
I .nnd Rcgtitry mil re, NeUon, B. Q.-JBrd July,
1907. - '
"H. f. MArl.tuii.*'
Dlntrlct Rettlatrar.
IN THE MATTER of th* "Rivera and
Streams Act" and amendment!
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
The    Canadian     Pacific    Timber
Company, Llmltpd.
Notice li hereby
 ereby given that *0 daya alter dat*
Thu Canadian rarllle'*'linbor Company, Mm lied,
lntendi to aubmit to the Honorable Ctilel Coin-
mUaaoner of 1..ui't�� and Worka a rr poaal under
thu priiviniom ui tho "Kirera and Stream* Art"
and ameodmonti*! thereto, for tho rlicht to Im-
provo Trout ereek and Iti trlbuUrlea from the
Hoiirech of niit'li ereek and trlbutarlea to the point
���w b-re Ihe mine tlowa Into Trout lake lu the 1>1"-
trtutot Woat Kooteuay, and to remove obnlmo-
ilonH ttiereirom and make the aame fit for driving, nlorfne, aortltiir and tmnmlng loga, rafia and
tTithn. and the flumlng of lumber tnereon-* alio
for the right to collect toll* thereon.
The IhihIm aftceie 1 aro Crown lauds and U)ta
770, 7WW, WM, 772, 771 7C9, 782 and 1W, all In
iirniip 1. Woat Kootenay.
bated thli IWtb day of May, 1907.
by their lolleitor, R. M. Macdonald.
Id the matter of an application lor the luue of
a duplicate of tho Certificate of Title lor Lot*
to and 17, Block 36, Town of Nelion.
Notice li hereby given tbat It li my Intention
to luue at the-expiration of one month after lhe
flrvt publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for the above Lota In the name of
Fran ecu K Day. which Certificate li dated the
19th September, 189t, aud numbered 2350K.
l-jiiid Keg it-try Office, NeUon, B.C., 16th June,
lMn. H. P. MacLkod,
Dlitrlct Keglitrar.
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner*
ToCharleid. Sim peon, or any other penon
to whom be niay have transfeirud his Interest iu
tbe "Mav Blossom" miuer-tl claim, iltuated on
Brown Mountain, two and a half miles southwest of Ymlr, In the Nelson Mining Division, of
Weit Kooieuay Dlstrl-t, aud recorded In the
Kecordcr's office, for the Nelion Division.
You and each of you are hereby notified that
I have expended two hundred aud Ave dollars
[���Jo'..(Hi. lu lAbour aud improvemenla upon the
above mineral claim In order to hold the aame
under the provlil.nu ol the Mineral Act. and if
within ninety dayi from lhe date of thla notice
rou fall or refuse lo contribute your portion of
the expenditure, (which It one hundred and two
(Ifly dollars (SUUO) lor the two years ending
Hih May. 1907,) together with ah cohIs of adver
tiling, your interest lathe said claim will become lhe property of the undenlgued under
See. 4 of au Act entitled : "An Aci to Amend tbe
Mlueral Act, 1WU "
Dated at Ymir, B. C , 16th May, 1907.
Not.ce Is hereby given thatafter the expiration
oftdxty iiavc from tbe date hereof the I'atrlck
Lumber Company, Limited, lntenda to nibmtl to
tho Honorable Chief Commissioner ol Lands and
Works a proposal under the provisions ol the
"Klvera and Htreatus Act" aurf Amending Act*,
for the right to Improve the flioean rlvtr from
the mill dam of said company (situate about
three miles abovo Ihe Junction ot -alii Hlocan
river with tbe Kooteuay river,) to tbe month of
the Llilie Hlocan river, aud to improve the Little
Hlocan riv> r and branches thereof to the northern bouudary of sub l< l 2, lot 7I8U, and sub-lot 1,
lot 7101 group one, Kootenay dlitrlct, nnd to
Improve the tributaries of said rivers* and re-
tnove obstructions from ntd rirvrs and tribu-
tarles, and to make thesame lit for driving. ��tor-
|ng, sorting btKi.rlng and raiting logs, timber,
lumber, rafts, and t.rafli; also for tuo right to
Collect tolls thereon.
The lands to hu affected are the following: (a)
Lois SKI, -���I'.:', ftt-'-O, MM, 0ib>, M10, ��*y7, M��, 3009,
V.2S, 100b. .WW, 1*1'.:, All in Uroup one, ITootenay
district; al"" lands covered by nreemptious
numbered l''. 108, in, 135, 149 IM an.I .v;u. also
lands covcreii by timber licona'-s uumber-id fig-M,
bM, ..si, ..*���-...-.'.*���., it si, and AM8; alio lands of
the crown.
Dated thla 0th day of July, IMP.
by Its solicil'tr. It. W. IIannim-i-in,
Notice ts hereby given that the Wattsburg
Lumber company has applied io Hla Honor the
Liuuteuaut Governor In council, under the provisions of the "Iltvers and Stream* Act," for the
right to Improve kykcrta creek, in the -ll*ti let of
West Kootenay. Brfllib Columbia, by removing
the obstructions tl erefrom an.I straightening
the banks thereof, and to construct dams, booms,
slides and chutes, and mskesuch <uh. r iuip*rove-
menta as may be necessary for the driving and
rafting of log* and the 11 timing of timber thereon
The lands to be affected are goverment lands and
Ixtts 2bl and 2-i. uroup 1, i. ooteUay district, and
the toll! thai aro pioposcd to lie charged, If auy,
are such ns maybe ilxud by a judg -of the county
court of West kootenay
luted i.i ts'-/Mb dayof March, A, D. 1907.
*.. .\l i Mil HU H'MUKM CO.
We Have Been Most Socccssfoi 17^,iX   ��  ~_.f-
Recently In Selling Our   JTafUlt   l^andS
We tell only good selected land* ���and at reasonable price*.
8.  M.   BRYDGE8,
Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Ltd-
1 -A-VVVS^-ViV*^"
a      Lots for Sale at from $100 to $200
Prleee will be raised 15 per cent, after 1��t August.    Buy while they ar*
cheap.   Terms one-third cash, balance In six and twelve months.
We Havre For Sale One of the Prettiest Homes to
Nelson, Situated to Fatevtew. Close to the Cax Ltoe
Large 7-room houae. Stone foundation and first-class cellar. Complete water system. 10 lots under cultivation and planted In large, bur.
Ing fruit trees.   This Is a snap.   For particulars apply to
Choice Fruit
I Have (0,000 Acna
of the
 Fratt Lands to
British Cobmbla.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 3,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Something for the practical man.
Just Investigate!���That Is All we
ask of you; and you owe that much
to yourself.
Kootenay Orchard
on   1600   acrei,   south   of  Burton   city,
for sale.    Apply to
The N. & W. Land Co., Limited,
A. M. dan. 8m. 0. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Ofllee: Henley Building.   P. O. Box 434
Baksr St. NELSON, S. C.
F. C GREER       F. P. BURDEN        A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Colombia Land Surveyors
F. 0. Bex 145   rfceac Ml B.
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
To Winnipeg $46.20
To Port Arthur. St. Paul.
Duloth, Sioux City
Chicago S��4.00
Toronto f7a.H0
9t. Louis $60.00
New York $100X0
Montreal $84.00
St. John $9*4X0
Ottawa  $82X5
Boston $86X0
Halifax   $101.80
On Sale July 3. 4, 5.   August 8. 9. 10.
September II, 12, 13.
First Clan Roond Trip, 90
Daya Limit.
Corresponding   reductions    from    all ;
Kootenay points.    Tickets available for
lake route Including meals and berths ,*
on lake steamers. Through ratea quoted
to   any   station   tn Ontario, Quebec or '
Maritime provinces on .application.
Ail. I*. A.. Vanrouvvr. D. P.A.. Nelson
AND IN THE MATTER OF the plan of
the Townslte of Robson, part of Lot
Three Hundred and Ono (301,)
Group One (1,) Kootenay, of record
In the Land Registry Office at Nelson as "��26."
. Take inilliv lhat tin Iho *��lh day ol July, A. U.
mo:, at ihu liitur nl in:*! u'olook la tbe fonnebn,
at tho Court lloti.it la tbe titty ol Kelson, to the
ProYtnce of lit* tlsh c.ilumbla, application will
be in.'!** to the Judgo ot the County Court of
West Kimt!*n.y, bv lhe Columbia and Kootenay
Hallway anil ?>avi|.tlon Company for an order
that tbe plan of the ulit Townslte eft*������- -"
roeord ��l Nelson, In the   I'roiloee
"oliunblt, .s **6 ��'- be cancelled, and
... ���  -  -���        -           -jy eefooMaia
or rights of any person to open aay leaa er
      -_. _n�� Met i
applloant may enjoy the lands eomprsMd With*
Iii th. said Town Hiie free Irom any	
lane., streot or streets, square of sg-Muos, park
��� parks .oro.s, within or upon Mia leads,
tested at the City ot Nelion, In the fravlnee ol
-     -K    l*..l.i ...I.I.       ,l.l.*l*7lh    ,f.v   nil...      .   *ft
British Columbia, IhlsKlh day of June, A.D.,
Assets for Lougheed, Hean.lt, Allison, Taylor'
A Mrl..ws KtiiMlton and agent, for ths
Columbia A KuotMay Beltway A Navigation Company. spplAwaH.
The Daily Canadian
Our Stock is Complete
Here are two Soap Specials:
125   31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   $4.5C
��� ?2 BARS GOLDEN WEST for $2.75
I This nor. will be Closed Every Thursday '
I    BAiteruoon lu .luue, .Uily and August
^�� �������������������������������������������������������)
PRONINW AND GRAFTING carefully attend
to. Apply
Old Curiosity Shop
It you want to buy or sell anything,
SO to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All klndB of Dinnerware In stock. Patterns.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
drock Prices,
y Terms.
,. Croadsdaile & SS
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Ill Kinds of Heating  Plants in  Stock.
!  :
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.      Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will nnd it to their advantage to nse our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, etc.
111 Eaat Baker BL Phone No. A114
I: Hi
!��� manufactured from *ne flnusi  tobmoo, nan*
rlponed uud dew-ftwoetcned     it's mild, full
flavored and fnoj.    a tobacco you
ought to try.
f oiucconlst.   Baker Street.
Oot*. Vofnon   end Ward Slroet.,
ivm .son, ��***. c
ll. L. Beclairth. Chicago; E. Kelly
Spokane; fi. H. Aylard, New Denver;
O. .Murphy. Hamilton; G. H. Cook. Min
neapolls; B. A. Haker. Vancouver; A
\\". Bradford, Montreal; A. C. Day, Fer
Die; A C. McCoikoll, Calgary; W.
Brown, I It. Robertson. Toronto; J.
Dililun, A. Bcldon. E. Heldon, Bradford; Mrs. J. D. Anderson. A. \V. Ostby.
New Denver; G. F. Kansom. Samlon;
M. Liewls, Portland; Mrs. J. S. Anderson and daughter, Mrs. E. W. Hazel-
wood, Trail; V. A. Pearson, Calgary;
Alex. Anderson. Montreal: IS. W. Raw-
son. Vancouver; E. Baley. Eholt; R. A.
Hutchinson, Spokane; R. McDibben,
Rossland;   J.   Cosgrove,  Calgary.
Patronized by E��rl Grty and Nobility
Hotel Strathcona
Best Located Hotel ia Nelson
A pun in* in- Kletiunt.    Cuisine Choicest
Civility anil cleanliness.
Supervised hy proprietor and wile.
H. H. Claudet, F. Patterson, Rossland;
A. Pli rson, Spokane; L. Hall, Calgary;
J. Carruthers, .1. E. Robertson, Montreal; Mrs. R. G. Weaver, Calgury; J.
H. Armstrong, Winnipeg.
G. D. Wheeler, Tacoma; D. C. Mackenzie and wife, R. J. Wilson and wife,
Winnipeg; A. M. Snyder, Sacramento;
S. Wilkinson, Wisconsin; G. B. Baker.
O. Dunn, Calgary; G. Hutchins and
wife. Toronto; Mrs. S. D. Sinclair, Miss
L. Winslow, Prince Albert.
.1. Regno, 1,. B, Orchard, Nova Scotia;
P. T. Keillor. Fernle; R. J. Man, Winnipeg: D. W. McArthur, Idaho; D. C.
Band, D. R. Robertson, J. F. McDonald,
Calgary; G. Young, Ymlr; W. R. Henry.
G. Schwink. Salmo; J. H.Beley, Vancouver.
H.   Fotlyce,   R.   M.   .lessup,   Rossland;
Et.   I,.   Forker.   Honnlngton.
Mrs. Hall. Calgary;   W. Nelson, Plioe-
nlv; H. E. Hiiyward, Greenwood; J. Mc*
Camara,  W.  Hall,  Baden.
h. Cronk, Revelstoke; E. Armstrong;
Slocan City; \V. W. Hamilton, A. C. McGregor. Greenwood; .1. Smith, W. Mor-
riasy, Fernle; J, w. Shaw, T. Oscley.
Kng'aiid; T. Wiiktilsat. Rossland; 0.
Matthews, Waverley; J, wnicocks, s. s.
3 to Consider
24 LOTS, an excellent block. $500.
Easy  terms.
5-ROOM HOUSE. Hoover St., splendid
garden, fruit treee, etc. $1,500;. one*
half cash, balance $15 per month,
6 per cent.
6-ROOM HOUSE, verandah, garden, one
and a half blocks from car line.
$8 50; $375 cash, balance eaey.
A. McDonald &Coe
Dnalern in -staple and fanny Groceries.
Butter, Egga.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
���lOLT) CHAIN, between HooTer and Vernon
str.-i-ts Huititbli' roward will bt paid for Id
return.    MeDerml<1 A McHardy.
PAIR <>������ DARK BLUE QOQULKS, on Baker Ht.
Will amler please learo them at the Hudson's
Day hi ore and receive %���> reward.
TWO FIK8T-OLAH8 ROOMS. ste��m beated     Apply houcefcueper, 8r<l Oat. a. W. C, block.
R.  -M.  R.  Dance.
A private dance will be Riven In the
armory tonight hy members of lhe company.
No  Choir  Practice.
The usual weekly practice of the
choir of St. Paul's Presbyterian church
will   not   be held  this  evening.
Regina   Exhibit.
Some fre.sh fruit will he consigned to
Reglnn tomorrow morning; more fruit
and flowers will be sent Sunday morn
Bank for Creston.
The Canadian Hank of Commerce haw
opened a branch in Creston iu the Mon
roe block, to ihe great gratitleution of
tbe titiueny, whose accumulated profits
were getting in  their way.
Nelson Against All-Comer*.
A suggestion has been made that the
Nelson Cricket Club issue a challenge
to a team to be selected from the crick
etery of Rossland. Trail and Castlegar.
August Regatta.
Several crews are practising steadily
Tor the lapstreak fours races, which will
form a feature of the Nelson Boat Club's
mid-summer regatta to be held on
Thursday. Aug. 8th.
Interior  Candidates.
E. C. Arthur, M. A.. M. D.. of Nelsou.
and W. H. Sutherland. M. D., of Revelstoke, are tbe candidates of the B. C.
Interior Medical association for membership on the provincial medical council.
R. M. R. Cricketers.
Lieut. C T. Partington, captain of
the R. M. R. Cricket team, states that
he appeared on the Recreation grounds
Thursday afternoon at the appointed
hour with a full side, and found only
one member of the Nelson cricket club.
Baptist Social.
The ladies of the Baptist church invite the public to their lawn social this
afternoon and evening on the grounds of
the pastor's residence. Refreshments
will include raspberries and cream, ice
cream, home made candies, etc. The
city band will be in attendance this evening.
Former  Nelsonite  Dead.
The death ocurred in Spokane on
Monday, of Ormond Summerville, formerly employed in the Nelson branch of
the Hudson's Bay company. Death was
due to consumption. Deceased leaves a
widow, formerly Miss May Tyera, of
Nelson, and one daughter. The funeral
took  place in  Spokane on Tuesday.
Mines of Sandon.
George Ransom, former manager of
the Payne mine at Sandon, is in the
city today. Me is now working the Sovereign mine, below the Payne, and meet-
ing with excellent results. Mr. Ransom is
with excellent results. Mr. Ranroiue is
confident that the former capital of the
Silvery Slocan will revive and be as
prosperous as ever.
Comic Oprea Coming.
"The Girl From 'Frisco," which will
be the rnuBlcfti comedy pre-ao-nted by ih-o
"Pride of New York Co." at the opera
house on Wednesday is the very best
comedy of their whole repertoire, and
plaeased the Calgary audience to perfection, everyone proclaiming It to be
one of the finest ever presented to a
western Canada audience. The pretty
costumes, splendid choruses and exceedingly funny comedians make it an evening's amusement which is refreshing
and leaves one pleased and satisfied, receiving full value for his money.
W, Irvine left for the Coast via Spokane yesterday on a trip of business and
pleasure combined.
M. 11. Claudet, of Klmore Oil Process
fame, was in the city yesterday and left
for  Rossland   last  night.
G. H. Cook, of Minneapolis, who has
been looking aftetr his many interests
In Kooteuay, returned to the Hume last
Lord Sholto Douglas, brother of the
present Marquis of Queensbury, was the
guest of ED. Mallandaine, of Creston, for
several dayH this week.
Arthur Dickson, the genial manager
of the Hotel Monroe was in the city yes-
t'rday. He reports prosperity and contentment  round  Creston.
The Store of Quality
$2*00 pet Crate
Fresh In every morning. An
excellent chance to get your
preserving fruit at a moderate
K. W. C. Block . Phone  10.
T & B
Everybody who uses our coffee
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We Sell Mote Coffee
in proportion than any grocery
store in* Nelson.. So it MUST
C A. aBenedlct
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PHONl!   7
We  have 2   secondhand  typewriters,
both   these  machines  ar.*   in   llrst-class
WE    OFFER    THEM    AT    $40    CASH
Whole-Kale and   K.-iiiii Dealers tn
Fresh and Salted Meats
We also have the EMPIRE" typewriter���Cash price, $60.nn���and a full
line of the. best quality typewriter
W. G* Thomson
EZ-SSSiP "" Nelson, B. C.
Phont 34.
English Court Restores Conjugal Rights
to Lady  Bagot.
I^oudon July tit.���The* divorce court
today handed down a decree granting
Lady Bagot, of Uugley, formerly Miss
Lilian May, of Baltimore, tho restora
tion of her rights as a wife. Lord BflgOl
was sued on the ground that an allowance of $4,000 to his wife was not sufficient for her maintenance and that of
her baby daughter Barbara. He left
his wife soon after the christening ol
their child. It is understood that Lord
Bagot, before his marriage, signed an
agreement o.u�� nil the children born of
the union should be brought up in the
Roman Catholic faith, but jurists held
such a contract was not binding. Counsel for Lord Bagot announced today
that the defendant did not propose to
resist the claim. In the event of Lord
Bagot not obeying the decree of th��*
court Lady Bagot will be in a position
to sue for divorce on the ground of desertion.
Anarchists Acquitted.
Mannheim, Germany, July 26.-���Tim
29 anarchists composing the entire
national convention of tho German an
archlst societies, who were placed on
trial here yesterday, on the charge of
holding an Illegal open-air meeting were
acquitted hy  the  court today.
Another Heir for Italy.
Turin, July 2fi. ���Official announce
ment ts made that Queen Helene ts In
an Interesting condition and that accouchement Is expected In a few
months. Three children have already
been born to the royal Italian couple.
Engines? ���
INEUSOIN,     -     B. C.
W.   a.   OIULETT
Conti'iictor   and
Sole if ent for the Porto llico Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail yarcli.. Hour!) and dresssd lumber, turtiei]
work aud brackets, Coul Uth and shingles, rash
and doom. Cement, brick and llm-j (or sale
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. east of Hall
INICI .HON,   l>.  -U.
P. O. Box 202. Telephone 178
Sherman's Opera House
July 11, Aug. 1.
The very funny Musical Comedy Buccihh
"The Girl from Frisco"
by the "Pride of New York" Co.
A MubIcuI Comedy In two Acts. Bps-
dally CoHtumed Choral, Change of bill
on Thursday night.
Prii-oa 50c., 7ric. and fl.
Heuts on hiiIi* ut Rutherford's Monday
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesomo meats aud supples kept in stock
Mail orderB recoivo careful attention.
E.  C.  TRAVES,   Manager.
Is Removmed
|T5 5CE/1EI?Y
Its Busies Energy
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
a *.:��� 11 ��� [or TlUtOQtt Launches
ami I** *. * ���>���'!���.. Canoea.
Kliii-Hl Lot of   Boat* In B.C.
Foot of Josephine St.       Tel- A18
Telephone 181.
480 acres on Kootenay Lake, between
Halfour and Coffee Creek; $12.5(J
per acre.
Geo. g. McLaren
Baker St., Opposite Queen's Hotel.
For Sale
50 ft. Lot and Cabin on Mill St., $275.00
16 ft. Lots on  Irrnlt 8t. for ��450.00
6% Acres within mile of centre
of City, suitable for market
garden Terms   given
160 Acres on Kootenay river,
good springs, first-class railway   service $3,000
F. B.  LYS
Real   Estate  and  General  Agent.
Weat Baker Street. NEL80N, B. C.
Piano  and Singing Lessons
Given  by  Mrs.  Winter  Every  Saturday
Mra. Winter holds certificate from
Iloyal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
C'ollogo, London, lilng.. for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Consor.
vatolre of Music for singing and piano
playing. Address Box 796, Nelson.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Frott,
Fuel A Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. oor. Baker   and   Ward   8U.
KODAKS And A11 Accessories!
=====================   (Fresh Stock Twice a Week)
This is the season for taking photos of
Kootenays unrivalled scenery.
TOURISTS,  We can supply you with
anything in the  Kodak line.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd
COR   BAKER   and   WARD.
Phone 81
R.   W.   HINTON
' B.   A.   ISAAC
Ucpiihlug   antl JohbliiK ��*tttvutwd with  DvupHtuh.    Nh����t MtUI
Work.,  .M i 11111 if  ttt-i-t!  .Mill  JMuc tilnwr-'-y .      Munufucturwrs ot
Om   Cars,   I-*.   Iv.    Contrsuturs'   iaimrm.
NELSON,    B. C.
Trlf ptou K
1*0. Bin m
MANUFACTURERS    1   ^ 4t^^     Cf.i*.��|����.
AND DEALERS IN    l*%Sm\0tt*   i>JllllgleSt
Ufitl-i, Mou Iti in ���*<*���, Doors, Windows,
Turned Work nnd Bracket*. Mail Ordsn promptly MtuMi \
VUWINOIN STRIIirr    ...    m'.I.HIIK, h. c
The Hall Mining and Smelttyj
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores
2-piece suns
BAKI'R si m.i;i, 1NKUSOIS.
Whoieaaia Provlalorw,
Produee, - Prult.
Uiivi-.niiiH-.iit Craunery Oue Pound Brlcka received weekly freah from ^ I
.'hum.    For Hale by nil l.iuliiiK r-rrooera.
Office and wnrehouiw: Hotuton Block,    Phone 7��.
Josephine Street.       - -       Nelson, B.C.
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder.  Spad*3*
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Pruners,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention  paid to letter ordera.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwatf
Company, Limited.
Galvanised Iron
Our facilities for tiirnlnR out Galvanlaed Iron Work of evert
doRcrliillnn arc uncqiinllod In Iho Kootenays.
Eve Troughs, Conductor Pipes, Snob*
Stacks ana Furnace Work, etc.
Wood Vallance Hardware Co., Limited


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