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The Daily Canadian Nov 14, 1906

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Array Vol.! MK  I.     NO.   138.
<%\)z J-aily (Tuna Mon
I New Decision of Railway
But thc Whole Fabric of Distributing Cmtres May Be Attacked
by Modifications.
ii    1:.   Macdonnell,    spenking    thii,
ltiii.ruitis_ in a Canadian, reporter wnu
the decision arrived at by
111.   railway   commission   as  to  freight
La's- sss sssssl nut of this city, declared
L:,., el ;ii- department had recolv-
1,1 official notification of any
IsiiiiiiKi-- [hat were to bt- made. Am far
lm in rssiiiil see there wnu very liltle
liifisi ������ nn-  |s,ssi Ms-.    There  might  bs
cli     11, lln- way the tariff was cal-
liaii-il. !snl  apparently  Nelson  would
��� liitls, affected.    Thc  freight   rates
|ren- tss ise the Bamc, lt appeared, to
S'rtitin iniints in the vicinity of Nelson
; lis Nelson itself. This, however, is
|n!y un ilnough carload lots. The real
hangi- ss, iiisi seem to be in the point
1: i-i< h hlverythlng was very vaguo
jj tss ilu- present, and little certainly
uiilsl Is,, arrived at until definite In*
inic'liui-s Iiini been received, but
eemingly tin- railway commission aro
i; :-in freight rales from the
Is Instead of from that of
isiriliiiiini: contres.    Of course, wero
1 rs'Slls   sli.' ease, continued the lo-
ni t* I* 11 Height manager, then Nel
sis    would   not   be   affected.    A
i' in would necessarily be
mil' in apply to other centres. Mr.
lai'losiii'l iiisists-d that the mileage
its.- very system that the
I' ii is.nl iiiiii-avored to Inaugurate
as iii" arliltraries out of this
ly. There Is a low distributing rule
im Nelson and an arbitrary, based
��� rn point! outside. For-
I" sis nisi the case and a blan-
er a large area of the conn's -sis. rn.'d everything,
1 Sl 11k. presldenl of the board of
ails', i.- inclined to think that the new
hi nf the Commission. It it
Kins anything, means something that
faviiralile io Nelson. He haB always
snti'iiili'ii lhat It was not fair to charge
aslss ii,, same rnte as Rossland. Goods
*l bound had to go "0 miles further
si" Kossland, up a severe grade, than
i" Kasio aud there was nothing to
nl    that    Kaslo    should be
:,r-' ! 1 than Nelson.   It had been
reed .111 behalf of the C. P, It. lhat the
ical r;sis> from Spokane to Marcus had
1 lie ns.'t un as the C. P. R. had easily
jj* must illreci route from the east,
ti-T" ih goods wsto manufactured or
nl ih.-ir origin, Mr. Starkey did not
* now ilsis argument could hold
*"":     I   Hn* mileage system had to
��� adopted ii was a good thing but he
1,1 nm iiiink ihe mileage system would
limit,   in apply  |0    xelson    alone.
'""'r tllsiributlng  centres  would  also
V"" ' " 'I'1* same basis.   The chief
"in', however,  for which  ho  Is con-
inline, -   ihe establishment of cheap-
rates imn Kelson which would make
��'sl ni Iiiink more reasonable.
'������ N'elsou, secretary of the Whole-
Is ociatlon, thinks that thenew
;ls  I"   freight   rates   will  make
itif difference   ns    to    tho charges.
"fly ali,'ring ,|���, basis upon which
"> ��li "ilil lis. mnde.    The association
'I li'Tslsllng In Its efforts to bring
"""i"  freight   rates  Into  the  clly
"i Mr   Kelson did nol care whether
bl  ratea were based  upon n
'* "i nr Upon  that of a ills-
""lllll;: ,', une.
ollcc c
��urt  Investigation    Shows  Up
Co��t of Bribery.
''"' "��� Nov. 11.���The Investigation
i'*' charges of consiilracy  In  con-
*Uon win, me London by-election of
'* ' ���*    revealed  lhe expenditure of
'''"' 1 behalf of Mr. llyniau, the
li"'"i candidate.
'I'"1'* amounl $800 is charged to
w i'i lps|tlmate expenses, that sum,
L*-"���"B I" one of lhe witnosses, rep-
" "Hug the  payment  for  election
'"very aervic-
*>��� C.  Duffteld'a contribution  of
ir r.,1 "i """' 11i'""'(1 Charles Popper
�� in . ""���'  Cl"l'>ot*vii11ve  mnjor-
""'��� "f Uu- wards, Is also Includ-
;'   " |i" romalnder, with the excep-
��* *'"'. sniii to have been contrt-
liiins ir    '  "vm"" for a reception
I  v���, ',''"��� *'"�� used  In tho purchase
in ij,.,,,'],. "I|,'-'<*tly   and   indirectly,  on
Fifty Cents a Month
ly with knives. Five men were cut
?,?���'','.''* ��"u of wl'o,n Is expected
��� 1," ��� ," V,','"""1--'1 ��*We laken to
he hospital, The cause of the flghl-
ng is nn old feuil existing between the
iwo arms of tho service
Eight-Year-Old Lad    Enters   Brookline
High School.
New York, Nov. 14.���The Herald hus
the following special from Brookline,
Alnss.: Might years old, speaking four
foreign languages fluently, and wiih a
remarkable knowledge of mathematics,
algebra and physics, William James
Sldls, thought to be the youngest high
school boy In the United Slates, wus
admitted to the llrookllnc high school
yesisrduy nud look his seat In the
freshman class. Dnys twice nis age,
the average of a beginner at the high
school, looked aghast at the boy as he
entered the schoolroom, with classic
mould of features, slightly bent shoul-
d rs and wearing double lens eyeglasses.
This prodigy Is the only son of Dr.
Ilorls Sislls, a prominent German physician, lie Is named after Professor
William James, a Harvard psychologist, who Is observing with keen In-
teres!  this hoy's development.
The boy has formerly hud private
teachers, The handtap of having to
make up a half year's wnrk does not
fuze hlm, and It Is possible lhat bo
may soon skip a grade or two.
Royalty Luncheon.
Ixmdon. Nov. 14.���The lord mayor
of I/rndon, Sir William Treloar. and
the corporation of the city, gave a
luncheon at the historic Guildhall today ln honor of King Haakon and
Queen Maude of Norway. The function was attended by the ceremony
made familiar to Uie public hy similar
royal viators jof mcent pears. The
king and queen of Norway and their
suites drove In stale landaus escorted
hy detachments of Life. Guards from
Pndillnglou railroad station lo the city,
through mill's of streets lined by
tnsops and decorated with flags, and
received hearty ovations from the
crowds, with whom Queen Maude wns
always a favorite. A distinguished
assemblage. Including a number of the
royal family, met the visiting king and
queen at the luncheon.
Castellane Divorce.
Paris, Nov. It���Tho Countess de
Castellane (formerly Miss Anna Gould!
was today granted a divorce and the
custody of her children who. however,
will not be allows-d to be laken from
France without the consent of Count
de Castellane, their father.
Outcome of Old Feud.
"lh.'o    "'"    M""1{*    AJMJ"-
-     oecsirred on    the   streets of
m'""' l"��i night when   a   detach'
iii'li'i',1".',",""'';'""" 'ro"* Port RusbsII
I        " number of Infantrymen, all
���   *-ach side fought desperate-
Recent Developments Show That  For
tunes Were   Embezzled   by   Those
In Charge of Relief Funds.
San Francisco, Nov. 14.���The Chronicle says today that a new Investigation Is progressing In the course of
development! In 1he local graft scandal. It now appears that many sums
of money, large and small, sent from
different states to San Francisco for
Ihe relief of the earthquake and fire
sufferers, never reached the relief
commitlee. Some of Ihese amounts
were mailed to the care of Mayor
Schmltz. P. I, Henry, Detective William Hums and about 100 government
agents have been making an Investigation.
President Roosevelt Is the moving
spirit behind the Inquiry and he declares Hint no man guilty of diverting
the   relief   shall   escape   justice.     The
cases come within the Jurisdiction of
the federal authorities, because of the
Interstate character of the postal service, which It Is alleged was criminally tampered with. A considerable sum
iir money was also sent through the
express companies and Wells-Pargo,
which companies nre now Investigating the disappearance of Jio.r.so sent
in one package from Ihe citizens of
Searchlight, Nov.. which the relief
committee say they never received and
whicli the company says was delivered
to tbo representative to whom it was
The crime of forgery is said to be
Included In the offenses of Ihe raiders
of the relief contributions, it is sain
Ihnt In thc aggregate the stealings will
amount to 11.000,000.
End of the Bomb Thrower.
Irkutsk, Siberia, Nov. ll.-The man
who on Novebmer 12 threw a bomb at
General Reiiiietiknmiiff, governor of
Trans-Baikal, has heen Identified ns
�� workman named Nicholas Koshun
The drumhead court martial, before
which he was Hied, has condemned
him to death.	
Castro's Rumored Death.
���n  .. a. i.--.���.-  sy'siv   II���The Hutch
cruiser Kortenaer arrived here yester-
���nv from Wlllemstad, Curaooa, and W-
l��>rt.*d loday tha! al  ^Umeofher
le -lure II was rumored   lete Ih M
Is  persistently and generall)   belle, ed
that Presdient Castro of Venezuela was
dead hut that his death was being concealed by the Venezuelan government
Hi order to maintain Itself in power.
The Kortenaer has received orders to
hasten her preparations to put to sea.
Grand Forks Pay  Roll  Mounting  Up���
Hunter's Narrow Escape.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Nov. 14.���To be saved
by a single shot from his rifle from
the death group of a big black bear
was the thrilling experience of bid
Munroe of the Keltlo Valley Line railway ramp, now 'stationed at Fisherman creek. It seems that last Saturday Mr. Munroe was oul bunting for
doer when he came right on top of a
big black bear. Munroe just had two
shols In his rifle and fired one of
ihem at the bear, which was not more
than 15 feet away. * The shot took effect, but not fatally, and the bear, badly wounded, turned on the hunter, and
with a terrible growl rushed on him.
By this time Munroe realized the seriousness of the situation and that his
life depended upon his remaining shot,
so he carefully took aim and fired just
as the bear was about to raise on his
hind legs lo give his victim the death
embrace peculiar to his kind, but fortunately for the hunter the shot took
effect, having penetrated the bear's
heart, and he fell dead at his captor's
feet. The animal measured over six
feet In length and weighed over COO
pounds, while the skin was valued at
$50. Mr. Munroe ls receiving the congratulations from his many friends at
his narrow escape from an awful
During Ihe month of October there
waa some $120,000 paid out at Grand
Forks, made up as follows: Ihe Kettle
Valley nine construction, Jii5,000; to
Ihe Granby Smelter employees. $50,000.
while the Grand Forks Steel Structural works, the Boundary Iron works,
and olher Industries here contributed
fully $5000 to the total. It Is estimated lhal when thc Kettle Valley Line
railway starts work this month on the
big bridge over thc Kettle river, and
also start Ihe building of the depot,
Ihe pay roll for the next few months
from the Kettle Valley Line will be Increased to $75,000 per month, which
will make the total combined pay roll
from all sources $135,000 per month.
Ixical Fruit Inspector A. E. Rainey
has just completed tho inspection of
two car loads of apples which were
ssshlpisod ln from Wnqhlnirton. These
two shipments were found to bo fn
good condition.
Two carloads of spikes, fishplates
nnd bolts have arrived here for the
Irncklaylng on Ihe Kellle Valley Line
extension up the Nortii Fork. Several
carloads of rails are expected (o arrive here next week, when the track-
laying machine will be started to work
The Baptist Young People's Union
held a very successful social last evening. There was a good attendance
and 12 new members were added to
tbe membership roll.
The city engineer is beginning a
continuation of the sewer system along
Front street from Josephine to Ward,
in order to provide connections with
the old courthouse building.
RoBshtnd Is jubilant over the cessation of the Feniie strike and nine carloads of ore were sent down from the
War Ragle mine to tho Trail smelter
as an earnest of continued shipments
in future.
A general overhauling of the steamet
Moyle is under progress In order to
get that boat ready to supply lhe
place of the Kuskanook or Kokanee al
any lime when wanted during Ihe win
ter season.
II has heen definitely settled lo eul
off nil steamer traffic of tha C, P. R
upon the west nrm of Kootenay lake
this winter as soon as Ice forms. Com
niunlcatlon with Nelson will bo then
had by way of rail from Procter.
The new C. P. R. bout now building
on Okanagan lake, the keel of which
was laid about Ihe middle of Augusl.
Is now sufficiently advanced in eon
structlon ns to make her completion
practically certain within the next
three months.
W. P. Kenny, assistant vice presldenl
of the Great Northern railway, came
In last nlghl from St. Paul on his first
visit to this city, where his company
hnve gradually Increasing Interests.
Mr. Kenny Ib delighted with what he
has observe,] of Nelson and says it Is
the finest of Ihe Koolenay towns that
he has yet seen.
A meeting of the Eva company directors this afternoon Is deciding some
minor points as to the details of the
new work that is going on at the mine.
Tlie nilll bus beeu closed down for the
pnst few weeks because of a landslide
carrying away the flume. In (he menu
time Ihe compressor plnnt is still tin
der process of assembly.
The last of the tenders for tme new
Bank of Commerce were sent East
yesterday.    Manager   Huchnn   expects
iil.ii -work���rtiii sisj rtiasii.i ui ui. 1.1.1,1
dnte nnd lhat the wooden buildings
now occupying the site will he torn
down before Chrlslmns, when the work
of laying tho foundations of the now
building will be gone on witli at once.
Alleghany County Swarms
Wifh Criminals
Homes Looted, Wayside Assaults,
Widespread Lawlessness Despite Extra Police Patrol.
Piltsliurg, Pa., Nov. 14.���Despite tlie
etiorts of city officials and tbe police
department to put an end to the burglaries and holdups In this city, and
notwithstanding the veritable dragnet
that has been thrown out by thc public
protectors, reports of holdups uud burglaries continue to reach the public.
In Ihe fashionable Eust End section
or the city, where most of the recent
crimes have been committed, the house
of W. A. Forman, a prominent mechanical engineer, was entered by burglars
between midnight and daylight* this
morning. The burglars had forced a
side window with a jimmy and ransacked the house, among the articles
taken being an automatic revolver recently purchased by Forman to protect himself against any occasion of
this kind. The house was robbed while
Mr. and Mrs. Forman were visiting
and the burglary was discovered upon
their return. The Forman residence
was entered several mouths ago and
several hundred dollars' worth of
goods taken. Mrs. Forman is proBtrat-
ed by nervousness brought on by tbe
shock of the burglary and fear through
publicity given the burglars and other
crimes in the city within the past two
Despatches to the Associated Press
from points in Alleghany county outside of ihis city, and also, towns in
neighboring counties, onus: me to recount dunlea ut , ;.<!,-,,:,- _...' nrlme.
From Hraddock it was reported last
night tlutt John F. Edwards, a night
employee of the Pennsylvania railroad,
was knocked down and robbed while
on his way home.
Holdup men are active in McKecs-
l��rt. where Gus Messenger, a hnskster,
was attacked by give men, but escaped with his money after a fight. Geo.
Hallet, a night employee of a steel
mill, was attacked by three negroes,
who secured but 25 cents.
At Sharon, In Mercer county. Michael Roccl is in a serious condition
with a wound In his head. He cannot
speak, but the police say he was beaten with knuckles-.
Joseph Caniiiie, an Italian employed
by the Pittsburg & Lake Erie railroad
at Newell, Washington county, was attacked by another Italian while at
work yesterday and his throat was cut.
His assailant stood off thc pursuers
with two revolvers and escaped to the
hills. Cnnlnie Is not expected to live.
The Italian who assaulted him had
wrliten two letters demnndiug a job,
Signing them "Thc Black Hand."    "
In Fayette county an attempt was
made to break into the store of H. B.
Lovolond at tlnlontown. The burglars
had prepared bundles of clothing to
lake away when Mr. Loveland opened
fire on them.    The miscreants fled.
"This Is My 44th Birthday."
George Washington Vanderbilt, one
of the heads of the "House of Vanderbilt," founded by the famous Commodore, was horn at New Drop, Staten
Island, Nov. 14, 18(12. Af(er receiving
a liberal education from private tutors
and at the best schools, he spent several years abroad In travel and study.
Though a man of great wealth���estimated at $50,000,000 or more���Mr.
Vanderbilt has never taken a prominent position In the world of society or
affairs as have other members of the
Vanderbilt family. He is a great lover
of art and is Interested ln philanthropy.
Among his notable benefactions nre liberal gifts of land and money to the
Free Circulating Library of New York
City* and the New York college for the
training of teachers. In 1898 Mr. Vanderbilt was married in Paris to Miss
Edith Sluyvesant Dressory, member of
one of the old and prominent families
of New York. Some years ago Mr.
Vanderbilt purchlsed 100,000 acres of
mountain land on the French Broad
river, near Ashevllle, N. C and laid It
out in a vast park, erected a magnificent mansion and stables, and stocked
the place with game. On this oBtate.
which he named Hiltmoro, he has continued to spend much of his time superintending the improvements.
Exiles Make Good Escape.
Cronstadt, Russia, Nov. 14.���Twenty-
flve   gnilni-s.   w-hn      were      npns-e.>en.l   tr.
hard labor in the mines for life nfter
having been convicted of participation
in (he August mutiny, escaped laot
night while awaiting deportation. They
were allowed to visit the baths under
an escort of 15 soldiers, whom they
overpowered and disarmed, the guards
killing one man. Tbe convicts then
donned civilian clothing and disappeared. Only one of the fugitives have
been recaptured.
Paris   Murderer   May   Escape  Capital
Paris, Nov. 14.���Tardy justice has
been meted out at the Paris assizes to
one of the most callous ruffians who
ever stood ln the dock. This was a man
named Elienne Hubert, who has been
sentenced to death for the murder of
Mrs. Velessek last February. The accused was employed In the restaurant
near the Gare St. Lazare, and fell ln
love with Mrs. Velessek, a widow, who
was cashier of the establishment. She
repulsed his advances, whereupon he
began a systematic persecution of ber,
which he continued after being dismissed from the restaurant. The woman
at last complained to the police, and
Hubert was sentenced to a short term
of Imprisonment.
As a result of the annoyance to
which she was subjected she lost her
position, and, dreading the vengeance
of Hubert, she quitted the neighborhood, changed her name, and opened a
newspaper shop In another quarter.
His annoyances earned him another six
months' imprisonment, which he completed In February. On bis release he
announced his Intention of killing the
At six o'clock one morning, just as
Mme. Velessek had opened her shop,
he rushed in upon her with a huge
knife. Attacking the defenceless won-
man with savage verocity, he plunged
the knife 26 times into her body. He
set up a plea of Insanity, but the doctors declared that he was perfectly
sane. The crime aroused such a degree
of public Indignation that a movement
is afoot to have the abolition of capital punishment, already decided upon
by the government, deferred until after
the man has been executed. The
chances, however, are that the man
will be reprieved because of the dlsln-
ellnation of the authorities to carry out
death sentences.
Locked In the House, Set Fire to Building and Perish.
New York, Nov. 14.���A New Brnns-
witit, :i.. j ,, epmiiii. to the Tribune
says three deaths resulted trom a flro
here yesterday afternoon, which destroyed several houses near Taston
avenues occupied by negroes. Two of
the dead were cbildren, while the other was a business man. Mr. and Mrs.
James Doran, who lived In one of the
houses, locked tn their children, Frank
and Susie as was their custom every
day while at work. Tbe children playing with matches set fire to the house
and before neighbors could break the
door down the children had perished.
The fames spread to the adjoining
houses and the whole block was fired.
William Seng, a business man who,
alter the alarm of fire was sounded,
left his business and hastened to the
seen;, which he was agent for for the
estate of a New York house, and some
of the property was near the fire. He
returned to his store and, greeting customers, fell dead, the run having caused heart failure.
Scrutinize Your Money.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 14.���The
United States secret service announces
the discovery of a new counterfeit $1(1
"Buffalo" United States note. This
counterfeit is apparently a photo-lithographic production, printed on two
pieces of paper with silk fibre distributed between them. The face of thc
note is greyish black. The numbering,
seal and large X ure of good color and
workmanship. The check letter and
plate numbers do not appear ln the
lower right hand corner, The back of
the note ls a dark bluish-green. By
Itself this counterfeit is apt to deceive
but when handled with genuine notes
the marked difference In the color of
Ihe back should lead to its immediate
Defeating Cupid.
Now York, Nov. 14.���A London despatch (o a morning newspaper credits
the Berlin correspondent of ti.e Daily
Express with the statement that, taking advantage of the fact that by marrying Baron Lienberg, Mrs. Sulzer, the
actress, became an Australian subject,
the Prussian government served a notice on her ordering her to quit the
country within a fortnight on the
ground that she ls an undesirable
alien. If she does not comply she will
be forcibly expelled by the police. This
step was taken to supplement the kaiser's banishment lo German South Africa of Prince Joachim, his majesty's
cousin, who Intended to marry the
Fatal Shooting Error.
Malone, N. Y��� Nov. 14.���H. J. Buoll,
while hunting in thc woods at Knshawn
.",1m-    HM.C    t.lulol..,..    f,..    ��    .....   ....
shot.    He  died    Immediately,
was 31  years of ago.
Royal Bank Purchase.
Winnipeg,    Nov.    14.���The      Royal
Bank of Canada today purchased a
$200,000 site on Main street, 40 feet
between Bannatyne and McDermott
avenues, from the R. J. Whitla Co.,
Ltd., being the old Imperial dry goods
Three Hundred    Landed    at    Victoria
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, Nov. 14.���Three hundred
Hindus arrived by the sleamer Tartar
today and were landed at the outer
wharf. Quarantine officers are busily
engaged examining them. They are
all destined for Vancouver and speculation Is rife as to the reception they
will get on arrival there.
The trades unions are up in arms.
A mass meeting will be held in Victoria tonight to consider the situation.
Oay'a Fatal Blaze.
Coldwater, Mich., Nov. 14.���Mrs.
Charles Mowry. aged 21 years, and her
three cbildren, Homer, aged f years;
Louise, aged 4, and a baby of six
months, were burned to death early today in their home on a farm at Ba-
tavia, on the Lake Shore railroad near
here. Charles Mowry, the husband and
father, rose early and built two fires
In the house. He then went to the
barn to do chores, and while there
discovered that his house was on fire.
He rushed back but the flames had
made such headway that, be could not
enter the house and his call through
the windows to his wife brought no
response. It ls thougbt that the mother and children were suffocated.
Flooda on the Coast.
Tacoma, Wash., Nov. 14.���Swamped
by a soaking rain the snow on the
slopes of the Cascade mountains bas
melted and flowed Into the rivers at
the base, thereby resulting in one of
tbe worst floods in this section for
years. Bridges have been washed
away, telegraph and telephone wires
are down, the train service ot the
Northern Pacific ls completely deranged, but up to the present no lives
have been reported lost. The whole
country between Auburn and the Cascade mountains ls reported to be
flooded. The full extent of the danger
and damage Is difficult to ascertain,
as all wire communications are interrupted.
Wants Marriage A.,.,-..���..
Paris, Nov. 14.���Prince Amedio de
Broglie, father of Prince Robert de
B*roglle, has filed a demand in the
Paris courts for the annulment of hie
son's marriage to Miss Estelle Alexan
der of California.
Politicians Develop Scandal to Defeat
Opposition Candidate���Judge's
Scathing Rebuke.
St. Thomas, Nov. 14.���"I have a
very strong conviction that the prosecute.- and defendant did all in their
power to pervert this case, and to
make it an instrument of malice to
cruelly injure an Innocent man."
In the course of a remarkable deliverance Judge Colter thus vindicates
the character of W. F. Hepburn against
the charges of immoral conduct which
caused him to relinquish the position
of Liberal candidate tn the recent by-
"Believing as I do," added the
Judge, that there was a foul and
most wicked conspiracy, and that the
legal procedure was perverted with a
view to making a victim of an Innocent
man, I have deemed It my duty to analyze this evidence at length."
The case came before Judge Colter
on appeal from the ruling of Magistrate Hunt. David Butler, hotel keeper of Orwell, was charged with keeping a disorderly house. He was convicted and fined $50 and costs, and
bis license was also cut off. The most
Incriminating evidence was tbat of
Butler himself, who swore that Hepburn had stayed at his place on the
night of August 12 and had had Improper relations with two women, Mrs.
Gllroy and Mrs. Stringer. Mr. Hepburn admitted being there on the night
in question, but denied emphatically
ali allegations of improper relations.
The women could not be found.
After hearing tho evldonce of Inspector Andrews, Judge t'olloe de.
Uvered a lengthy address. He held
that the charge against Hepburn was
not proven, because lt was supported
only by the evidence of Butler, and
Hepburn's position was one of much
more honor and responsibility than
Butler's. He then charged that it was
a plot for political effect. Both prosecution and defence united to pummel Hepburn. He believed the women
had been brought to thc hotel by Butler for the purposes of the plot, but
he did not believe there was any lm-
mor-..lty between them and Hepburn.
Thc whole thing had been manipuiut-
ed for "political effect" and for "theatrical dlsplay."
He agreed that the house wns disorderly, and therefore upheld the conviction.
Chancellor is Back Id the
Attitude of United States in Al-
gedras Conference Appreciated in Germany.
Berlin, Nov. 14.���Chancellor Von
Jiuelow, from his place in the reichstag, where he fell unconscious seven
months ago, spoke for an hour today
on Germany's foreign relations. The
highly interested audience Included
Baron Aehrenthal, the Austro-Hungar-
Ian foreign minister, several ambassadors and quite 60 members of the diplomatic corps who occupied seats ln
the diplomatic enclosure. Princess
Von Buelow sat in the front row of
the chairs in the court box. Every
foreign mission had exhausted Its allotment of cards ln providing places
for distinguished strangers.
During the course of hie speech
Chancellor Von Buelow said: "Our relations with the United States continue on a most friendly basis, resting
as they do upon historical and natural
reasons. The frontiers of the two
countries do not touch nor do our political interests collide anywhere.
"In order to smooth our economic
relations lt will be necessary to arrange a mutually beneficial agreement
In an obliging spirit. As both side*
have this spirit It seems Impossible
that we should not come to an under
"I wish to take advantage of the opportunity to say that we are grateful
for the attitude of the United States
at the Algeciras convention. The United States had only a slight measure
of Interest at Algeciras and too a reserved attitude, but thioucbont it ���>��-
Tne u_ss���.i BA^iet representative,
Hr. White, took advantage of every
opportunity to harmonise antagonisms
and to contribute to an honorable
agreement for all the states concern
ed. That Is to be highly appreciated,
because the failure of the conference
would not only have brought into the
relations of Germany and France a die
quieting Iritating element, but would
also have Introduced the same element
in the general situation of the world."
Large Numbers ef 8ettlers Now Going
Into That District
Caplain Gore, who bas just returned
from a week's visit to Okanagan lake,
where he has been superintending the
construction ot the new steamer for
the Canadian Pacific, says that business is booming in that section. Two
C. P. R. boats, the Aberdeen and the
York, are both crammed with passengers on every trip. While the fruit
season is over yet there is a big business being done ln freights. Settlers-
effects are to be seen on every southbound steamer and there ls a large
amount ot building material for their
also being sent by steamer. In addition, much freight Is handled tn the
way of potatoes and of feed. Altogether the Okanagan is looking very well
and everything points to a boom next
Hau'a Complications.
London. Nov. 14.���Karl Han, alias
Stau, professor of Roman law ln
George Washington university at
Washington, and who was arrested
here on November 8 charged with the
murder of his mother-in-law at Baden,
has been further remanded for a week
at the Bow stret police court today,
the papers In his case not having arrived from Germany. Attorney H. Wilson, who waa retained by the prisoner
at the last moment, briefly examined
the officer who arrested Hau, his questions suggesting that the defence will
try to show that the revolver In Hau'a
possession was never fired and was
purchased In Constantinople and not
In Germany, as alleged In some quartern.
Prices of Metals.
New York, Nov. 14.���Casting copper,
21 *l-8c; lead, $.r.-70; silver, 71 .18c.
London, Nov. 14.���Lead, ��19 7s 6d:
sliver, 32 16-16d.
Trains and. Boats.
Crow's Nest boat���One hour and ten
minutes late.
Slocan train���On time.
Boundary train���One hour and 2U
minutes late.
��� -���
____a___i The Daily Canadian
Cool uiglits are now in order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
We hm-- plenty of them in red and blue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blankets are justly celebrated for their excellence. Wo alone carry
them In this city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows, Comforters, Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing, Oil Clothing, Sweaters. Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best  quality and  prices  surprisingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL, AUTHORIZED... .$6,000,000. CAPITAL PAID UP... .f*V..,000
KEBT f., 880,000.
D. B. WILK1E. President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received nnd interest allowed at current rates from date of opening account aud credited half-yearly.
NB1.8ON hhanch -J.   M.   LAY,  Manager.
The ^yal 'Bank of Canada
ASSETS, $39,771,803
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accounts of firms anil individuals opened on lhe most favorable terms.
Thirteen   branches  in  Hritish  Columbia.
Special   attention   to out  of town business.
T. K. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.        B, L.  PEASE, General  Manaeer   Missis���
<���*���' W. HYNDMAN. Buuuf NELSON "BRANCH.
Published ai* daya �� wee* by the
Baker at.. Nelion, B. 0,
Uubaorlptlon rates, .^i rents a month delivered
In tlie ciiy, ��r |ft.00 a year if -Mnl by mail, when
paui iu advance.
AdverUllDR rates on application.
aii monlei paid In settlement ol The Dally
Canadian accounts, either foi Mibscrliiiiniis or
edvertlalngi must be receipted for on the printed
forms ol  Hie Company.   Other receipts are Hot
tSOVBMBBR l-��. 1<hk>.
" By out* won! we are BOmetlmOB Judged  to be
wise and by one word sometimes judged  to be
(ooliih.  Let int therefore be careful what we
A single glance at. any of tbe organs
of the opposition in (he legislature or
the province will afford conclusive
evidence that ;i retreat has been
sounded on the better terms debate.
Long before Premier McBride went to
Ottawa to attend the Inter-provincial
conference these organs were full of
suggestions as to what lie should do
and predictions as to what lie would
do, and no sooner was the conference
assembled than their columns were
Tilled with faked despatches misrepresenting him and his position before
his colleagues. The most fertile imaginations wen* exhausted In reporting
lhe fiascoes and peccadilloes of Mr.
The running fire of misrepresentation was kept up and every fiction
that could be invented to discredit the
premier was hailed with delight and
published with enthusiasm. All other
issues were permitted to laps.* and the
question of better terms was made the
whole platform of the opposition party. It was evident that this was to
be the issue upon which the election
-campaign was to be conducted and
tho party phrases so hackneyed and
stale were pigeon-holed with glee over
thc new plum thai had dropped Into
tile lap of the opposition.
Singularly enough, however, the electors were unresponsive to this partizan cry and upon the premier's statement of his case at Victoria on his return from the conference, the cordiality with which his account Of himself
was r< ur'irvd 1
hearty   endorsement   of   his   action   by
his own followers, was -something of a j
cool douche to the hopes of the opposition.
The alacrity with which the premier
announced his willingness to meet Mr.
Macdonald to discuss this question
was equalled only by the silence with
which that announcement was received by the opposition leader. Here
was a decided embarrassment and the
organs were flustered to know what to
do next. Finally, the deliverance made
liy the leader of the opposition in his
authorized interview with the Vancouver World dealt the death blow to
the hopes of the partizan press. The
organs found that the Goliath whom
they had been magnifying and worshipping wits hut a man of straw, and
the curiously sheepish look that is on
the faces of those who expected a
statesmanlike deliverance from Mr.
Macdonald is In Itself B sufficient
comment t. the shock with which his
followers read his  words.
So a retreat has been sounded and
the question of better terms is not to
play much part in the campaign In so
far as it can be used by the opposition. True, the falsehoods that have
beon already nailed are being repeated and the misstatement of facts goes
merrily on. but only those who have
abandoned ail sense of honor in political affairs receive these with any degree of satisfaction, while the men of
all parties who desire good government above everything else deplore
tin* malicious attacks of these conscienceless journals.
Premier Whitney has been held up
as the man who dealt the death blow
to Mr, McBrlde's claims at the conference, as though the fact of a Conservative premier being so situated
that he was unable to see eye to eye
with another of the same party should
close the debate forever. It is to Premier McBrlde's credit that In the face
Of the opposition of the members and
even leaders of his own party In other provinces he maintained his ground.
Such conduct, of course, cannot Im1 ap*
predated by the opposition press,
whose motto is to stand together In
all events,
We are now to be treated to a rehash of thc C. & .V. land grants aud
the Kaien island sale, for the fiat has
gone  forth that  ihe abandoned  skate
"jRftsible Is to he said ahout
the better terms question. The flat
hns gone forth and nil the little echoes
repeat the tune to the beat of the master hand. The local organ attacks the
premier on the 0. _.- W. land question
again, and it will not he out of place
to recall some of the incidents that
are inseparably connected with the
The McUride administration was
called upou to Implement a contract
which had been entered into by its
predecessors in office under which
the C. & \V. railway was to obtain certain grants of land. The act granting
the subsidy had been passed years
ago, had been twice re-enacted, and,
when finally referred to the courts by
the McUride administration, was
found to entitle the O. &. \V. railway
to certain lands. The act passed by
the present administration was not a
subsidy bill, but was an enabling act
carrying out the obligations which the
courts decided had been Imposed upon  the government.
If any fault is to be found with the
0. ��- W. land grants It must he found
with those who originally enacted the
bill and those who re-enacted it, making Its provisions binding upon their
successors. As to who these parties
were we need only refer to the records
of the house. Mr. J. II. Hawthornthwaite, when he spoke last in Nelson,
gave the names of those who were
prominently connected with this measure. We shall quote his own words,
as reported in the local organ of the
opposition.    He said:
"And who do you think, you people
that read the Dally News, passed this
Subsidy bill originally? The Liberal
party can throw no stones ....
over this bill because, just fancy, the
Semiin government which re-enacted
the original subsidy had a good Liberal for president of the council tDr.
McKechnle), that fighting Liberal, Joe
Marl!.: for attorney general, while F.
J, Deane, the editor of your Daily
News, was a member of the house and
of the party that passed this re-enacted subsidy bill."
That is what Mr. Hawthornthwaite
charged against the editor of the local
organ when lie spoke here. The words
have never heen contradicted. Like
many another charge of inconsistency,
and even worse, the morning organ
lies silent under these accusations. It
deems It better to overlook these
lapses inlo Inconsistency than to attempt a reply, because no reply can
be made which will extenuate the dishonesty of the partizan editor who one
day votes a subsidy and next calls
down anathemas on those who are
bound by Its provisions.
The spectacle is a strange one. A
newspaper twits the premier for allowing the late attorney general to take
part in a political meeting because he
sat In the hoiiRo <*���>-�� *-#u*u on the C.
& VV, bill, but it slinks into oblivion
when its attention is called to the fact
that its own editor sat in the same
house and voted the same way as Mr.
No man could honestly vote for a
subsidy bill, with its binding obligations upon his successors In office if
the exigencies of party defeat and the
cool shades of political oblivion make
il necessary for him to revile his own
measure. Nor can any honest man
who voted for a subsidy bill condemn
It in after years unless he is willing
to lay himself open to the charge of
being a time-serving political opportunist.
Such men are worthy successors of
the Liberal party which, during the
years of 1S7.-7S, acknowledged the obligations under which they were resting on thc 0. P. R. question, and then
stultified themselves by opposing the
construction of that railway as soon
as they were relegated to the opposition. Commend us to any sort of politician excepting the acknowledged opportunist. What must be the vanity of
such men to fancy their words can
carry weight.
Not since many days has Nelson received news with so much gratification
as that which it received the announcement last evening of the settlement of
the unfortunate dispute between masters and men in the Crow's Nest Pass
collieries. The intimation that President Mitchell had sent deputies to investigate tlie .situation was received
with some degree of hope that the
trouble would soon eventuate In pence,
but the apparently futile attempts at
n conciliation as reported to the world
prepared the community for a long
siege, ami they had begun to accept
with philosophical endurance the uncomfortable situation.
There will he universal thanksgiving
throughout the upper country that
work is to be immediately resumed aud
it is scarcely necessary to moralize
fun her upon thc Incidents of the
unfortunate strike, While it must
be admitted that public sympathy was
about evenly divided between the company and the men, the more so because there is a growing sense of discontent with monopolistic conditions,
it has come as nn agreeable surprise
to discover t lm - in nil egggptlft., in::'
ihidings of President. Mitchell's delegate uphold the contentions
of the company.
President  Mitchell  has always  been
regarded as one of the fairest and
most reasonable of labor leaders, his
very impartiality often causing distrust among those for whom he labored and fought. It was Mitchell's
record more than any arguments set
forth by tbe local unions that carried
a certain amount of weight in forming opinions on the attitude of the
miners. Now that his deputy, Mr.
Thomas llurke, has given his decision
on the questions at issue between the
men and their employers this confi
deuce tn Mitchell  will be confirmed.
Of the action of Sherman throughout the strike nothing need be said.
The moral to be learned again, so
often learned before, is (hat men
puffed up with a little brief authority
can do Irreparable injury not only to
their fellows but to the whole country.
The walking delegate is sometimes a
dangerous chai act er. and whether
Sherman is responsible, personally for
What happened at Fernie or not, there
will be but one opinion as to the advisability of labor unions keeping their
���own autonomy ns far as possible.
Now that an understanding has been
arrived at we may hope to see the
matter pass Into the category of forgotten incidents valuable chiefly for
the lessons it has taught and the warnings which ihe ever-possible recurrence
of such incidents may teach us.
To read the Liberal organs one
would think that Finance Minister Tallow's position these days must be a
most unenviable one. Not only is lie
believed to be in the dark about Bomo
important matters connected with his
position, but he has the difficult task
of scheming out how tu decrease taxation, increase expenditure ou public
works aud still show a handsome surplus. This is admittedly sufficient to
drive an ordinary man into premature
decline, let alone his being denied the
confidence of his colleagues. Some organs are hard up for something to criticise these days.
The Hedley Gazette says that the
Hritish Columbia mining law as it
stands is possibly the best mining law
In existence. An evidence of this is
seen in the fact that when the government of the United States were investigating with a view to finding a model mining enactment for thc Philippines, it was the Hritish Columbia
Mineral Act whicli they chose.
Sixty .lays after date I Inland to nui-lv tp u*��
ii,,.. &Mi/c_mm_nnoaer^r Cabas mi-.! Works,
\ ietorin. in purchase LM aorei ol land about two
miles I* low Barton City, West Kootensy, commencing m h post marked "J a. Irvlori eaal
eorner post.U-sald I"'1-' being nn the easterly end
of nn Island west ol Lot6647,and <*iniinimr h'ii ihe
land contained in ."aid Island, being abont one
mile in mi easterly and westerly direction and
about 20 ehalni from north tn south.
November llth, is**}. J. a. Irving,
J. E. An.-AW.K, Agent.
Sixty days after dnte I inieml toapply lo the
uon. the Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works
io purchase l'-uaeies of land: Commeneing at a
post planted on the west side of Six mile creea,
OO wagon road, about two Hint our hall miles
from   Kootenay   Inke,   and   .'larlteil   "Neil   Me
Kechnle'i B. west corner posi " theme west to
chains- thenee north io chaius, thence east -in
ehains, thence south to ehalni) to place of com-
Located thll 10th day ol November, 1906,
Neil Mi Kn mux.
Sixty days after date I inteml to apply to tlit
Hon. theChicfi.'ominissiniierof Lands and �� orbs
res of land:   Comi
to porches-:
posl   marked "Xf.T. iJ'S SOUthl
said post being at the northi
Hudson's pre-emption claim!
itheatt of Hurton cit
ig at a
"rm*r post,"
irncrof Geo.
u two miles
- ...���st-tu ' iiHins,
south80Chains, west 4n chains, north m ehains,
east  BO ObaltU, south DO chains to plaee of commencement, containing '2io acre...
Located8tb dayof Nov. 1906,   Nkttik T. BlXB,
Notiee Is herehy Riven that m ilavs Irom dak* 1
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works to purchase -840
acres of land described as follow-*: Commencing
tit a post planted on the north bank of tbe Little
Movie river, about 200 yards frum mouth, ,ui.i
marked "R. McLean's S Vi. corii'T post "
thence east SO chains, thence north (io chains,
tlience west bO chains, thenee cuuth 80 chains, lo
place of commencement, and containing 640 aerea
mnre or lets.
Located aoth day Oct., 1006,      Hour. McLSAK
Blxty days after dale I purpose making application to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lanes
and Works for permission to purchase llie following described land: Commenolng at a post
placed ai the northwest corner of ll Dodd's application to purchase, marked "ft \v. it'-s. w,
corner WMt," running thence ��0 chains north*
theuee HU chain*--, east;  thence ho chains south;
thence 80 chains west to point of com nco-
ment. Containing MO acres, moreor less
Dated thi. loth dayof October. 1006.
K W, IUnnisuton,
per K. SHiKi.i., Agent.
Notice is hereby k1 ven tbal six tv days after dnle
I Intend to epplr to thoHou. Chief Commissi r
of Lands ami Works for permission to purchase
the rollowlng described lauds in the We-l
Kootenay district:   Be^innim; al a posi marked
���'J. 8, Blmineo's B. w. corner," and planted ab..ui
one-half mile east of tbe shor, or Whatshan
(Cariboo)  lake and  about a miles north of the
narrow, ..fill-Mild ink., and at the 8. E corner
of, Arthur Warren's njiidieatinii rn purchase;
thenei* ea-t so chains; tlience north fo chain"
ihence wesraochains to lhe northeast corner of
Aribnr Warren's appl p-at ion to purchase, thence
souih Nohalns to point of commencement, con.
tainiug ft 10 acres, more or less,
Oot. 18th, 1906, .l.a.PisnNKo,
1    L. II.-HMo.M., Agent
Notice Is hereby given lhat i'si davs afler date I
Intend to apply to Che Honorable the chief Com-
mlssloner o[ Land- and Works for perm-Minn t.i
piin-haselhcfnllnuing dcs,*nb.*d land- tltnttt
about in miles east ol the   CHyOtNelsOQ   On  Ihe
south shore of the Wett Arm of Kootonay lake
and commenong at a post placed nbout n chains
south nf thes-mtheast corner of Lot 9641, marked
s Thomas n. w oorner," thence south 20
chans, thence cast 30 chains, tbence north 90
chains, thence  west  J" chains to poini of COM
Dated Un- r.th.lnynf Nov.. misi       s Thi.*A*.
Notiee is hereby given that fid days after date 1
lutend lo apply to the Hon. Chief Commtssfontir
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the following described binds situated in the
Wesi Rootenay dlstricti   Beginning al a posl
murked "O. D tfaoMICllng's N*. W, corner "and
planted on the wesl Iboreol W hatsban (Cariboo)
lake, almiil three mil ts north of lhe fi ner NaT-
rows 01 the said lake and onooBlte the ifland tn
tin- Mid lake 1 ihcnce anti'"
. t" tin- Uke slum .
<e said shore in H northerly
Ion I-JO cbHins, moreorless,
���emeiit, containing ;h*0aeren,
and westerly
to point of 01
more or less.
Oct. 13. I***. O. V. Mac.Mi._imj,
By F, L. Hammond, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days after dato 1
iniend to make application to the Honorable the
rhief Commissioner of 1-iiudn ami Works lorpcr-
mi-sion   to   purehase   lhe   following  dc-erilieO
lauds: Commencing at a pott placed adjoining
the southwesi eorner post of I.on Watson I *VP;
plieatlon to I'urcbaso, running BQ chain- nor 1.
thence 40 chains west; thence ho chains south!
Hi. nee  in ehain- east,  lo poi lit of  commence
ment containing  _o acres more or leas.
Dated October 18, 1006.
Krn s W iNThit,
Bj his agent, Kbkbt. W. RobiksoH
Notice is bl rebj* given that 00 davs ..Her dale I
intend t.i applv to the Hon. ibe Chlel Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described landi In West
Kootonay district: Megiiniiug ai a posi marked
"Otto Ulnch's N W eoriier" and planted mi
the west shore of Wataban -.cariboo) lake, aoont
one-fourth mile west of the narrows ol Whatslmn
lake; lbence south 80 chains; thenee easl 10
chains more or leas to tlie -here of the Narrows;
Ihence following tio* said shore in a general
northerly and westerly direction ISO chains more
or loss, to th_ point of commencement, containing 8S0 acres mure or less
Dated ibis Wh day of Ocl ,1906
Ono Hihs.H,
K l- Hammond. Agent.
Kotlce Is horebyglven that sixty days aftoi'dale
l intend to apply to the Hon Chief) ommlssloner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the loiiov-Jii-v* described land- In West Kootenay
district:   Beginning al a posl marked -*   k
A Men's B K eorner," and plauied on the east
shore Ol  Whaubali  [Cariboo]  Uke,   about one
mile nnrlh ol the southern end of the lake;
theuee north ho chain-; tbenco wesl -to chains,
more or less, tu the shore of Whatshan Uke;
theuee following said shore in a general southerly and easterly direction 100chains, more nr
less, to the polut* of commencement, containing
890 acres, more or lees
Dated this bth .lay ofOd . IK'S k  Alain,
k L Hammond Agenl
Nolle,.  ,-  herebv  given   that  sixty  days after
datei in (end lo appiv tothe Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands a na Works for permission to purchase the following described lands In the "est
Kootenav district: Heginniug a! a postmarked
"Bertha Qlraab'a N. K7corner,"and pinnied on
the east shore of Whalshan (Cariboo) lake, al lhe
narrows of the lake, and aboul one mile south of
Arrow lake trail; thence south B0chains; ihenee
we-t wi chains mor.* or les- io the shore ol the
narrows;  tlience following  tin   said shore In I
general northerly and easterly  direction  ISO
chslns more or less to the point of commencement, eontainiug t'AO acres more Ot less
Dated this 8lh dav of Oct , 1006
     F. L. Hammo.m , Agi
Sixty days alter date, I Margretl McQuarrie,
Intend to npplv lo the Honorable the Chiel Commissioner nf  LamU und  Works,  Victoria, B. C,
'o purobase tha following described inml, Commencing at a pOSI marked M. MiH.uarrie, on Ihe
bank  of   Lower  Arrow   lake,  them-e 40 chains
west; tbence 60 chains north; thenee to chains
east; the  W chains  SOUth  tn  plaee of Com
menoement. said to contain itw acres mon* or
less, covering ground held by Q, B. Anderson -
Dated this llth day of September, 1110(1.
HajtouffT mh.cakhik,
W. L. I'avnk. Agenl
sixty days afu-r dale I purpose malting application io ilie Chlol Commissioner of Lands ami
Work- for permlnion to purchase the following
described land: commeneing at a post marked
'K   l's S   I*;   corner," ami-iluate abom one mile
from Silvtr Tip point, on Whataban lake, and
near Christie creek, running thence BOcnalns
north; thenee ni chains west; thoncego chains
south, following the lal a shore; thence 80 cbains
easl to the point of commencement, oontainlng
6-in SCl-S more, or less .
Dated the llth day of August, IWfi.
K. FacwI'ISR,
Per K <;   F.ugriKR, Agent
Noiiee in herebv given that B0 days aftor date
I Intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described lands;
commeneing at a poet planted on the northeast
corner of Peter MeNaiightori's applieatmn to
purchase,   running   BO chains   west   along   the
northern boundarv of same; thence so onatni
north; thenee ni chains eaM; theuee ni chains
���south, along the west boundary ol John Elliott n
application to purchase- to point of commencement, containing ivto acre-, more or Ices.
Dated Oct IS, 1906. Thomas Smith.
Hy his agent, Krmwt W. Koimkbon.
Notice is hereby given that 80days after date I
intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Ullds and Work* ut Vi.....-.IB. w. ���*.,
tui permission to purchase the following defer! bed laii-in, situated lu lhe West Kootenay
district, soutti of Forty Nine creek, commencing
bi a post marked" L. II Choquette'S H. W. 001S
ner," thence 10 chains east, thence lu chains
soiilli, theneeto chains  west,  thence io chains
norih to the commencement post, containing 160
acres, more or less.
Nelson, B, 0 , Oct. 16th, 1*906,
W. A. Jones, Agent.
Sixty days after date f purpose miking application to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds
and Works for permission lo purchase the following describfd land: Commencing at a post
placed at tin* soinhweM corner of It. W, Haunlilg-
ton's application to purchase, marked "L. M.S.
H'S-9 B. eorner post,'1 running thence Ho chains
west; thenee so chains souih; theuce SO ehains
easi; them-e ni chains north to point of eommeneement, containing 840 acres, mnre or less.
Haled the llilh day of October, I WW.
L. M. S. H.iNNtvaTON,
.             Per R. Bhieu.. Agent.
fllxy days afler dale 1 purpose making application to the lion, chief Commluloner of Lands
and Works for permission to purchase the following described land:  Commencing ata posl
placed on lhe north boundary of lot No. KM and
about two chains east of Whatshan creek, marked "M. B's. S. Vi, corner," running thence .0
chains easi; thence 40 chains north; thence 40
chains west; lbence to chains south, to point of
commencement, containing uo acres more or
Dated the loth day of October, lWiti.
M. Shjki.i..
Per R. BHIKLL. AggOt
Notice is hereby given that sixty daJ_after date
i inieml to apply to the Hon. Chief Commie-ion
erof  Lands ainl   Works for permission to  nur-
chase the following desoribed lands, ISO acros
commencing at a post marked John Toye, planted 00 the eail shore of Lower Arrow lake, about
fine mile north of Sunshine ereek, Ihenc. (ortv
chains east, tbenoe forty chains south, thenee
forty Ohalni West, thence forty chains north
along lake-bore io point of commencement.
Dated Ihis 18th day of September, 1806.
 Haiiiiy GIBBON, Agent.
Notiee is bereby glren that 80 days alter date I
intend to apply to tbe Honorable the Ohief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase the following de-cribed land, situate
in Plre Valley, in the Wesl Kootonay district, adjoining W. A. iBalder a pre emption, storting at H
post   marked  M. Melinnrrie'N soiilhwcst corner,
running80 chaini east, tbence 40 ohalna north,
Ihence wi ehain- wesl   thence 10 chains south lo
point of commencement.
Dated thi.. iiih day of September. 1806.
Mahv Ma.iAititiK,
J. K. Tayi.uh. Agei
Sixty days afterdate I purpose making appli.
cation io the Hon. Chief Commissioner ol LamU
and Worksforpermlsalon to purchase the rollowlng deacrlbed land: Commencing at a post
plaood a the north east corner of B.C skinner's
application io porchMe, marked "U.D'a N. w
corner post," tbenoe following the easi bound-
ei7 <"-Mine 80 chains sooth | thenee running hi
ohalns east; thenco 80 chains north; thence so
on Bins wen to point nj commencement, containing 840 acres more or leas.
Dated tbe luth day of October, IpdO.
.  Per R. Bhikll, Agent
60 days after date 1 Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works. Vle'orla, II C , to purOhUM 040 aerea of
land situate went rif Arrow lake on the west side
Of WbatOhan ereek and joining Ihe north Imuiiil-
ary of H. J. Annable application to purchase,
Commencing at a post marked II. J. B, H. K. corner and run ni tig wes* ho chains; ihenee north HO
chains;  ihenee *M\ 80Chalna] thence -south lo
point of commencement
September 2nd HUB. R, J. Ei.i.iot.
Notice is hereby given that 60-lay* afler date, I
Intend to applv to tho Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands ami Works for permission lo purchase
llie following deserlUd lamls iu the West Kootenav District: Reginnlng'at a post marked "W,
s Klvldge's s w cornor," ami planted about
one quartoi mile west oi the west shore ol whatshan (Cariboo) lake, and about oue and ouc-
'inarler miles north of the southern end of Hie
lake; thenre north m chains; Ihence eaal 40
chains moreor less to the Rhore of the Whatshan
lake; thence followlnr..sald *hnre In n ironeral
TTr,uiii\T.-y~7iiTi7 >-n-'itvf,, ���nTilTTlfiirTWitmSTiii mC-Fe"
or leu to a point on  the shore due east ofthe
post of commencementi thence wen *.ii chain-i
more or les to the point of commencement, con*
tain Ing '!���_.> acres inure or lesa
Dated this Uth day of Oct., !9tW.
-   _, W.8. KLVIlxii,
F. L. Hammond, Agent.
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Kotiee la bereb) riven tbat 00 dayi alter date I
iniend to apply to the Honorable chiel Commissioner o! Undsand Wort- for permission liiimr-
chs.se lhe following described lands, situated on
the ea-t  side ol  Arrow lake: CommettOlnij al a
postmarked a Malleoli's location post, Ibenee
south  forty  chains, followiiiK W. Toyc's cu.-ieiii
bonndary; tbenee eaal sixty ebalna, in east bank
of Oarlbudl 'reek; tbeuce norlh forty chains;
thence east sixty chnins to point of oommencement, ContalOlneBO acres, more or less,
Pated September 1, ISW.        At.KXA M-tCtlOD.
Per N. DBMlRSj ARent.
alter dut.*  I
ntice Is herebv Riven that �����> Oavs alter date I
*nd to spply '"ihe Honorable tbe Chief Com-
ilraerol Unds end Worka for permission io
chase the lollowlnf-leacrlbed lands, siiuaie-l
ihu ensi si.ie of Arrow inke: Commencing at
northeast'-orner of A. Anthony s punhn.e,
nee   north   fortv   chnins,   thence  west forty
ins, ihence BOUtb   forty chains, llieneo east
 y  eliains  to point of i-.mmeneemeiif, containing ltiu acres, more or less.
Hated .September 1, 1906.     JUOM K. Macleod,
perN, Dcmmii agent.
i'oIIcc is herebv iM-.cn tbat sixty days after
tel iniend to applv tothe Bon, Chlel Commls
oner of Lands and Works for permission to
urchasc the following deeerlbed lands, in
est Kootenay District: Commencing at an Initi posl planted at the southeast comer ol Mc-
iiiai ji
. . pre-emption, theu.
Uii'uidarv of Lot MCSj thence rollowlng said
boundary south to southeast corner of said lot)
thence io eiiK.ni- west; ihem.* '_ ohalns south;
thence 80 ebalna east; thence 20 chalm nortii to
tooth west corner of I.oi 922; thenee following
���a,*.! boundary of Lot __���_! to Initial posi.
- ptember it, 1000. D. i>. Wolff,
per Ebnknt Vi, Kohinhoh.
Notice is hereby given that00dan afterdate,]
Inteud to apnlv io the Hon. Cblel Commissioner
of Land*1 and Works for permission to pureiiase
the following described lands, sltuale on the
Ki_*t shoreof bower I-ako,  about one undone
Notice Is herebv given that H��- a
dale I  Intend to apjdy [<, \\���. u .-V,*���" **-
missionerof [ands ami Work, i ''*
to  purchase  lhe  lollnulnu  d,.,,. ii. I'""'"1'
uate  iu West Kootenay   mMjHeL ________
at a post marked "A. Hir*..*|,*,'K l.nn**a
planted at the S, W.eornei ol Life ""���
miles liorlh of Burton c)lv nh,i ' .''���'���u��
mile west of the Columbia riwV�� ' '
ho chains; tbence west-*) ' listi,, ' o , i"* *-"
���SO chains; thence cum _, chain-, m       .' **
uieHcem<.til,euiilulnli.g:-._u**rre,   '     '  ; '*-*���
Hated this nib day of September, ng
Nollee In hereby given that Ri<ur, .,���, ,^J
Intend loapply lo the Honorable XL ,'r .'^'l
mlpsiolierof Umds and Work-, fun  ���"'
purchase the following deacrlbed ltndT9
from a post marked W.T'snortlivrc'l   itiH
south to ehnllis, Ihence east sij vi.L, Jj
north -MehHlns, Iheliec wesl Ht) chalm t/iiw.
commencement, containing M term. 9
less; adjoins on the east of A. Ahi|i<,iiv,ib2
tton to purohaae. m
Uau*d this Mb day of August, 1306.
N.I>K��EIL..AK,n.^ j
Noiiee i.**hcreOyKIvenil1(It-.l.Mv,illv,11,ltITj
J Intend to ap,dy lotbe lb,,, i in.;,'    �����i
-tuning ai u post b-irtsduti.i^S'M
planted on the east shore"' '         B
.iaif mile" South of Edge.	
joining J. T. Bealtle'a application to purchase.
and commencing Ht B pOSI markeii Honald Wil
son's Souih West corner, tlu-nce running North
suty ehalna,tbenoe Baal lorty ebalna, thence
���South, sixty chains, tbence West  forty chains lo
place of commencement, ami oontainlng Md
acres more or less.
l>.NAl.n   W"|JJHlJf,
M. It. lloUD-UUtn, Agent.
Daud this _.th day of Beptember, iwic.
Notice is  liereby given that tWO months aftei
dale I  Intend to apply  to the Honorable Chief
('ommlssloner of bantu ami Works for permission to puretiasi* 640 acres ol land, des* rlUd as
follows; Comineuclng al a post planted nl tbe
soiilhwcst of i.i. Mortlson's rati-n in Fire
Valley, West Kooteuay district, markfd "J. H.
Monro's northeast cornerposl"; Iheliec80chains
Weat] theuee HO chains South; llienee H) chains
east; theliee NJ chains north to the place of com-
meii< etneni
Dated Uth day of September, iwfi,
J. H. MI.M.U,
w. A. Caii-in, Agent,
Notice Is hereby given that (<0 dav- afler date
intend to apolv to the Hon. chief Commlaalon'
of Lands ami Works for permission to i-urcha
lho folluu-iuK -l-*triti-c<l laiol... hlliiai.* In Wc
Kootenav district: fii-giunlng at a lawl marki
���Arthur Warren's S. W. corner, " and plaiil-d -i
the east shore Of Whatshan (Cariboo) lake, ahoi
two miles north i>f lhe narrow-, of Whalshs
lake, and al llie S. K corner of Vi. gOCOmbe'S a
plication tO purchase; thence east 10 ehain
thence uorih 80 chains; thenc.- west 40 chain
thence south -so chains to point of commene
ment; Containing 830aerea more or less
Haled this Mb day of Oet. 1906.
AiiTitnt Wahkcn,
I   I.. Hammomi, Agent.
tfixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Commissioner of Unds and Works. Victoria to
purchase 160 acres of land, situate and .-Scribed
ai follows: Commencing _ta post planted on the
west side of Arrow lake opposile Cariboo City, at
or near the soiilhwcst corner of H. Ball nur-
Oheee, and marked "U. M. A...S. K. corner." and
running norih 40 chains, thenee west 40chains
toll. Aimable's purchase, thence south M 'bains
moreor less to the lake shore, thence along the
lake shore to place of beginning,
Auguit-iith, line. a. M. As.vaiu.k.
Notice Is hereby given ttuttuxty days alter
date I intend to applv to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner Ol   Lands and   Works    for
permission to purchase the following described
Unda ill thc West Kooti nay district;    Heglnnimr
st a post marked "James Q Praser'sN.B corner'1
and named oil the easl shore of WbHlshan
(CarlU.) lake, about one half mile north of
Christie creek; thence south 40 chains, more or
less, to lhe north   boundary of W. Si-combe's an-
piicittoii to purchase; thenee weet along tbe said
bonndary 10 chains, more or less, to lhe shore ol
the lake; thenee following the said shore lu a
general northerly ami easterly direction Wl
ehulns. more or less, to point of commencement,
eontainiug Itm acres, more or lesa.
Oct Uth, 190T-. JAMUO, Kramer,
K. L. Hammom,. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that slxtv days after
'    ���'��� '������'������ feChlel
of Lands ami  Works f.,r permlali
'   inds
������    ���   ��������� ;' :: *":
thenoe 80 chains north, tbenee m .������.���,:���,. .^i
point of corniiieiicenieiit. ���
Hated tblslttb day of September,IM.
* sTunuilM
Harry QlBSOR.Aictt.
Notice is hereby given ihnt -ao.        ��� _\
intend to apply Io tin- Honorabl. l(M I ~1
mlssloner ol Unds and Works Inr in-'n-ann
purchase the following doerrlbed lunl.-i:-*J
on the easl side of Arrow lake: CnmurB-Ufi
ibe southwest corner of A. Aiithoriy ipurSa
theliee south twenty chain*-, tbenee eutM
chains, thetipe north twenty rhalni        ���-.-
twenty chains lo point of eoinnutii.-emtBi.i
tiimiiig Mo ai ns. moreor less
Hated >-.>pk-mbt-r 1,19f(i
Bemme H.air-tc
per N. DUOB, Apfll
Nollee is  hereby given  thai -uij daft iHfl
dale I llllelid toapply tothe M..r.orat.let_tttMgM
Commlaaioner of I*ndaand Works for mi
to purchase the following described bl
ab In the West Koolenay district, tXtAlt
Paul Andre's pre-emption, -lariiitf it
marked A.J, Long, N K. rntti-r, OflUSVI
of Lower Arrow lake, thence 9D ifmi
theuce 40 chalus smith, tlonee _ij ,*fn
theuee 40 ihains north to pomi nf tut
l.at.-d at Nelson, B.C.,  (hU ntli <U) nUvmfl
ber, IKO X.J.lmf
Wm. PoilARO, A(fBL
Notice Is hereby given that sixty iini
date I inlcnd toauply to the Hoimrillr It ~
Commissioner of Ij, ml* atul Worki '������: i- -ejosI
to purohaae the following described lao'liut
In Wesl Kootenay district :Coiiiiiii'!iriQ'(itt|>
planted at Bobert Corlett's m>tih fui i
post  and  marked   A. M's  N. Vi. Ci-rn.r UM
east 40 ('101111-; tlience 40 chains Mini.
less to the KOOtettay river; Uh-ihi*-Wi-hilDiH
alonic   the   Kooteiisy   river;   IheOCS H ���
north, moreorless, tn th'* piece 0| i*onus
ment, containing inu acres more or lesi.
Hept-mlar Hth UQg,
William Uootl ac A(<
Notice is hereby given that w>dav* itlrri
intend to apply to the H,ui theCfalsfG
sioner Ol Lands and Works (or itfrmistw
purehase the following de*-* ribc.f landl tl
West Ko-iteiiay dlstrbt: 11.*��:!iiiiiii-. tl ���
���narked'. 1). Rell and H. Heirs . K
about 2 miles cast of thc Halm-m riv.r irrliM
', mile from the I'end d'Oreilh' nver; ihrt
chains north; thenee 40 chain*, mat; "*'
chains south; thence 4u chains eut m plus-J
beglnni* g.
Hated the 22nd day of tk-ptemher, 1M��.
K H-U.
R. M, Rervi-, At.m.     !
Sixty days afler date I DUrpi
cation lotbe Honorable lhe''
K mstltiH ��|
lief I'dllUO-*
-lull  In pUTO
the date I intend to apply to tbe Hon. tfioChle)
'   'Hiinissloiier of Lands and   Works  fi
sion fccurcke*. ti** frlliwlng djeartbaa ian
in the West kootenay dlatrlet: Beelnnlni at
post marked "K, it, Keil's n. k. oorner.'' and
planted on lhe shore of Whatshan (Cariboo) lake
at the northwest comer ol said lake; ihenee so
cha ns west; tlience Hi chains  Month;  tbence -IU
ebalus east: thence iu chains south; thence oi_s<
tu ehalns, more or less lo the _hore of (ho said
bike; Ihenee northerly along llo MV\ |,lk(, t,,���-,.
��u chains, more or leaa, to tii*. point of common-
ceineutLieontalnlnj UO acres, more oi leu
Dated Oot, IB, Um, k. r. kkii
P, 1. llAMMosn. Agent.     '
1 Lauds and Works for ]
Ihe following deserlta-d  laito     wimi
a post  marked "I��. I"s BL Vi. corner,
K. I'aii'-iiler's application  to purelue
l thenoe to ehalni nortb i thence 80 c
] theuce wi {'hains south; tbenee 80 c
j io the point of eommeneement,con
aeres, more or leas.
Dated the lllh day of August. 1 .*������_. ^
Per K. ti. KAi^rtEB, A-t��t I
Notn-e is herehy given that Wdsjsslter*
Intend to apjfly to the Etonorebleue-kfHJ|
misalonerof Lands and Worki tn purfhw"
following deeerlbed lands,Wl seres, bms��
commencing at a p<ist planted on tin'wai"
of Upper Arrow lake at a pointaboDtTfOJI
low Kaknep.and marked d. A. n H... K��f<
posl;  thence HU chaius  West;  tlieine-""
south; Ihence Ml chain11 east, in* re er l****
shore; thence glo,iK  lak,. shore lo H1
<IIUli"(f n U.IL J
Dated thlatithda��ofSenL.liW, G.A.B.JMH
Noiiee ls hereby given that 0G days aTier dale I
tntei.d to ap.dv tube lion chief Commlaelonei
of Landsand Worka for permlaalon tonurchsu
the  following described find.  BS V in     , *
Weit Kootenay disiriei: He Inning ���( ��� ,(oM
marked   "William    Keifs   N.   W.   corner*    ,,,
f Whatahan (I arlbpoj lake,aboul twentychalni
west of the we.t shore ol IS dlakeend on the
south bonndary of g r. Keip- ipplleatl n o
purchase; them-e aouth WcllSlnSi thenee U >
chains, more or less, to the snld lak,. vi,,..";'
thence northerly -along the said "hot-Ht cl an*.'
more or less, to ihe laid SOUth hoimd-ir*. ��l
K 11. K,-ll*�������l,ll,.,,,li���, ...piirHiVi-.Tl, ,,'',,'
aii-li��ln��, ni.r."ir lu, to ilu- s.���n,i ,.f.r.i,,���,,.,,,���
"",',"!* S��ji.'5i,,l| """,'"'". "ton in hu.
"" 'Z''.. ,   ���        "u.liam Kkii.,
Bj t. I.  ll-MMs.M,, ABiii|.
liBti-sl Oct, la, l'>
Nistli-ss lis hi-n-liy Blviii Hint ui ,|���v. ���(,,,.,, ,,. ,
ntand to apply i��� ,i���. n������. ,,,,. <*t,,.*I.-,,,���,, ls.
.iiiii.-r n Undi and Work, lot mi ,���iui ,���      ,[���
'���!'����� .,' wing .i.,iTii���'i I,,,!   ,"i"';
Ks,s,ii-iisi.v dlitrlot, prorlnoa nl Brlttali -olnmbff
...inmniii-liili atapnM ���.. rk.-.l-\l sllsnr ''*
ton'i iiisriiiw,.,t oorner mil" ui, V,,.    .  ?
I'lHiit,..  sii th, k������n,���,.,pi Stn���S I .,,,'��
blnar.  Claim," mm ���,i)���i��� ,"Kr,   . . '���, ,'/,*';
MoPhall'i isrs,.iisi,iii,i, ,i  ...'".' '"..'
hall',pre-emption, sii
i- iisinss along nal.t iin
eliHiiiH, ih,.,,,
r   ';��� (JO)
eqnunenooment, piaoapt
I)��tc.l lutrtaj, ���| AsimiKt ltson.
Wll.l.UM Tnl.l.lNHTOK,
__��y hla agent J. K. Taylor.
Hlmy slBy.sstipr dnle I piirpiw, iii.lsii,,,,,,,, n
tion us tin. ch et Commli     ,      '' "'���"*
w*���rk�� lor perinlu on \���,i ��.��� , ���,"',','������* ",1"1
'Is'isTllsi-sUiiinl: Comnii-.,- ii. , ���'" ',"""" "t
��� I. I"_ss�� W enrni-r." ���i'i,,,,"],,* n���.'",,.,","'rl"'1'
iti'j is? ts   i'iiin-1.1 r,T.-[Tits n~s'sV.TT-,17~r7r~\'���'"""I.
mini thenee .��� ehain, ,, ,ni ,",,!, , '^'i'""-
earni ili,.i���,   ssn ,.|���i ,58!        '" �� '��� iam��
Iss'isi'i- Nil ishnliia
wi-s-t lis).,,hit ol nm ||
lu-ress mo e or Is
llIllllilllllK I'^ll
ratesl tl,_ nth il��j- n/ Auguat, lias.',
, ..:���*���
N.slls-s-tsluTi-liy given lli.it-1
I llili-lldtiiai.plv li.tlio Hon
��i IhiisIh sssssl Worki for perm
His- following deacrlbed i��,,.i-
plantod  in. Nsiriii Weal i
Ihenee running twenty cha
Iwenty chain- Wut, tisi-in-s' s-
thence twuntyohalnaJtait, ih.
BoUth In pi'llll n( roillliii'lirs'lii
inn mi aeru moro or leaa. ���...
KI'SKKS, k Bw.^
w.i Toit.r
Dated tlusiisi day of October, i_��.
Mixty dayi alterdital norpoa,tnaklittj
cation  lo lln. Hon. llilrl I'i,lisiiii 1"*""
ssss,I Worka tor ponDlallon 1" I'siO'ls.''
iiisiiiig ducrlbe. landi  Com ,'"*",
pisss's',1 hi thelouthwcil oornerol H.w
plication iss nnronan, timrks'si ". ['
ns-r,*' runniiiK Ihenci .sili'liHln. i'1"'.'1'
ohalni ws-ssi; (iifiii'i- so ehalni
cbalmeait lopolntol commens
more or lei
ll I
,'.���l. S
Datod tha loth slay ol Ootober, IW.
r >n'sis'i�� I
:. sniiit-
Nsslli's- la In-ri Isy rlvs-ii Uni '*",",'��� slssll
Intend   te  apply   lis tins ll"11"",1'1', , .��������
Commlulonei of Jinda and ��"/k" 'I'VuM
Hon to pnri'liaae tli<��� lisllowlisK 'l-;r''rl,'.,.iiKI'll
n the Wui Koolenay d I, i    JlMS
Hills'"* I
psssl innrki'd "Kli'iiiior lllr.i'ls'!' s
asnl iilunhilnii il,|, sii.-.| s-lniri'"1 II'
Whalahan [Oarlboo] l.ak.-. ssi '"";"   ....ssbil
mile,,outh ol Arrow inks'umls ',M"'.'....,<it����W
liiiiiua: thence eaal Js' cbalni "'""SLrR,���
���hore ���i the Harrowai tlienco lo l<"tl"�� ��^
i-lson- in n m-ui-rsil n.iillu-rly anil ��''
tinn an . i,,iin . mnri- or leulopo
ment, containing WO aeru more st '''* \,,Qa, 1
Dated Oot. Bth" W06. K''K'v,',i    II
I'.  I,    IIHSIMMN,.. .\P ���"''.
...     , ;-- ;    ���,i,,rsli��l
Ns.llri'lahi'ri-iivglv.-n tlial'I V!',*"���- S��l��l
[ Intend lo apply to Hie ilnsi 11"'*" ""��� in.1
it ,.i Landiand worki f"rV'ni",s ,,1111" .1
s'Iisiks- uss- fiillnsiini! duerlbcd .�������>"'" ���iiW]
Kootonay dlitrlet: Beginning B'",'',.,i,iiii_I
"W. s,.i'i,iiiiic*a h K cornor." ��'���;' n "f'K ,i.*|
eaal   ss.lii.ri- sst   '.VIsiil-liHii (I'a'i' ,'?.���],,
Iwss mlls'S   uorlli '���' " """
is' His
is.-') I
I liiillia, tii.tr.- ssr li.a, In lln' s"1*
following Ills- asslil alsssrs- III a l*'1
and i-Hali-rlv sllrsi'tluii 1-*" s'tiain- "",;j;.j,ilii<
Hiss pssiiit ui oommeneement��� "'""
arrea, inon- or losa. ,__
Dated ibis Btii day ot Ool ,1*"' vv mcM
r. l. Humo****' 'i����r HBbas_s
ANHEUSER    ~AND THE original
BUSCH...    Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
NELSON       t,,,"��� _fSP_S.l!?-_*rtw*'h    VICTORIA
3. Burns ��& Co.
,llM.)i ���' ni,1 -in in  Roealand,  Trail,  N-ftlnon, Kaslo,  Sandon, Tliiw Forks, New
Ihuivor nud Slooan Oity.
,-,, io ninl io any branch mil have
npi ari'l rarefol 1-Mention.
He*d Offlce: Nelson, B. C.
; Kip]
I ssl.
er dull- I purpose niaklnif appli-
11, chief ('ommlaaioner di Umda
uni ���ion to purcliHNe lbe foist lands:  CouiiiieficiiiK ata poet
iHlthWCSI rorner of J. HhlHl'K ap-
n has.*, marked ��� K. K'a H. K. Cor-
iclice Ni chains north, tbenn- Ht
uee HI cbains  BOttUt, tbenee Hi
ni "i commencement, eon-tain*
ire 01 leaa,
day ofOcto-ber, lOtH'.
pei J. hhiki.i., Agent.
dale I purpiee  rnaklit-* appli-
11 on chlel Coiomlesloner01 Lsuida
���  iterntlsafon to pun-ham. the  fol-
1 I lauds:   Commencing ait a poet
.    liortheUt MiriKT-nf It rililell'n
icaiiiin in purehase, marked "M, K 0's_._L
niiiiilux llH'ti'i* wit hat tin north to the
iiinUrj   of T. I, 608.1. thnice MJ HialiiK
��� -i chains south, thenoe SO ebalni
mn of commencement! coniatninK (H *
ih) .,r less.
tii day ol October, v**..
M. K- ilHKNKKI.I.,
per J Hhiki.i-, Agent.
vs aller date I purpose making nppli-
Ihe  Hon   the (lib f  I'oiiiiiiUsIiiiut of
Is ami work- hn permlnion to pnrehaae the
WINK   <1i--t:I.   !   lind:     romjneneiliK   at  a
if tho jiiiii'lioii ol  Harties and
inereiki   sn . east of K. .1. Klllott'-. at>
haa-. marked "Vi. N l"s. B. .v.
" num.in: Iheuee ho chains north; Ihence
��� n-*, Knhaiiis sinith; thence Hi
h to !'Diut of commencement] contain-
m .        nn nr lev*
'������ ..I Oi tober, iw��.
Per J. -Bhiki.i., Akchi.
yi after date 1 purpose making appli*
He- Hon tin- Chlel Gommlia-oner of
lund w rk. lor permleiloo t�� purohaae tbe
irliiR i1i'fcrilK*iI Uii'li**:    ('tiinineii-'fiiK at a
;���..* :���.*-��� ��� routheaat oornerol If, K.Qrenin   to  parch**--  marked -V. D'-rt,
running thtnoo-0 chalnn north;
-     Ihenee Hi ehalni east; theliee ho
���tiHi: tiom<��� 80chalna went, to point of
nelieemcnt, containing Mil acres,  more or
h* i:ith dayof October, WM.
I'er J. Mi fell. Agent.
* herebj Klven thai BQ ilavs after date I
D>l in inula* applji ntlou to the Honorable lhe
f CommiMioner of UiuIh aud Works for per-
lo purehase the followiiiK deeerlbed
'iiinmenclog at 11 post on the north
idsry nl Uit Ht. and aboul J ehalna east of
'-��� iam i-ek, running-to dnalnieaatj tbenee
iin. imrlli; ihence -to chaini- west I thenee 4ii
�� Ninth, to ]h>|ii( nf i.-immencpnieiil, con-
'"���*-' -1 res more or less.
t'.-'l Oelobct IK, IBM,
t-tOM WatooN,
liy In- agent, BRMR W. ROBtNeOV.
;ty <isrs after date 1 purpose making -appli*
111 to ik.-11.m tine!commlaafocier ol Landa
Wurks hn iKTinlsslon to purehase the |ol-
��p-aescrfwd land: < oiiimciiciUK ala post
I if Hint Km yards west of tho Whatshan
Irsilau.l about two milea smith of What
f. markeii "B.C. B'l W K comer post."
tut Ihenee so chains -south; thenee Hi
f��t; ihenee80cbalni  north;  thenee mi
M Hit* huh day of October, 1906,
II 0. Hkinnrk,
i'er It. Hhiki.i., Agent
ftf'er dale I Inii-nd loapply Ul the
i" * hii'f Commiasioner oi hands and
'Ms,  in purchase  IHI acres of land,
1 wcsiffdeol Arrow lake, adjoining
deicrlbed hk follows: Oommenoing
l��*i planted on Hm* west boundary of Lol
���Wwitt'JO 1 hains north of the H. V,. corner of
""'   li'-m-e west :�����> ehnins, ihcnce lOUth ��o
'��� 111,11,r ,.MM ;t,i ohaini to the weatern
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days afler date 1
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
miaaionerol I_nda and Works for permission to
purchsaa the following deeerlbed lands m [he
���Aesi  K00t.11.ty district:   Hegluiiliig at a  post
marked ''Alexander Fraser'aJr, W. corner," and
plauied   mi   lhe   .-asl   shore   of   the narrows of
whatahan (Cariboo) lake, at thefl-K. eorner ol
H-rnhard   HlMOb's   appltcatloii    to   pureliase;
thenee eaat tf ebalna] tbenoe aoutb 60chains;
lbence west _QChains, more or less, lu the shore
of Uu- narrows; thence following the said shore
In a northerly direction so chains, more or leaa
to the |si|ut of comintncemeui. containing 3-0
seres, more or less.
Oet. 18th, 1-00. ALEXA.M.KR FRASKR,
by K. I.. Hammond, Agent.
Blxty davs aflei Sale I purpose mating application to tin Hon. Chief Commissioner of Landa
and Works for ts-rmissioii to purehase the following dasortbea lands:   Commencing at ihe
northeast comut ol r, ],. HauniUKloii's upnllra-
llon U pun-httM*, murked "K. A. 0. B. K. corner,"
fin tn in.* ihenci- BO chains north, thence 80 chains
wesi. ifianoe Bo ebalni south, tbenee00cbaina
eail io I'.'ini oi eommeneement. eontainiug wo
acres, more or lean.
Hated thr luili day of October, 1'JOf..
K  A. ('HFC ASK,
per J Bhiki.i. Agent
Notice Is hi
' glv
thai (Ul flays after dnte
I Intend toapply to theHon Chief Commissioner
Of Lands ano Works for permlaalon to purchase
ihe foii.itt Ing deeerlbed lauds in West i..
Hlstrlei: |t->|.lulling al a jiost markeds
hard Hirsch's S. K. eurner," and plauteil on the
cast ihore "f tbe narrows of Whalshan (Cariboo)
lake:  tbenee  n  rth Ko chains:  thein-e   west W
ehalna more ot leai. to the ihore of Whatahan
lake; theuce followiiiK said shore in a general
southerly and easterly direction ISO chains more
or less, to point of enmitieiicemeiit: coiitalninK
120acrea. more or legs.
Hated IhisMth dayof Oct. 1906.
ItKHMlARli IIimii,
F. I.. IUmmonii, Agent
Blxty days after date I pnrppae making application to r i Hon. ihe Chief com mlssloner nf
Lands and Works for permission tn purchase the
following .i.s.iiUii laud:   Commencing at a
pOlt placed about half it mile weat of flames
creek, ami aboul out* mile north of the mouth of
the same, marked "J. Bs. S W. corner," rutmiOK
thence ho chains norih;  thenee " > chains cast:
thenoe BD ehalna aonth to tbe north boundary of
W. N. l'oole's application to purchase; thence 80
chains west to point iif commencement; containing M0 acres more or leas.
Hated the 13th dav ol October, 1906.
J. BsntL,
Sixty daya afl-r (lale I purpose makliiK application to tbe Hon. Ohlef Commisaloner of i.hm-i-
and Works for permission lo purchase the following deaeribed lands: t'nmmeuclnK at a posl
placed about half a mile west ofthe lower end of
Whatshan lake, marked "D. H's. N, W .eoruer,"
run n iiu; thence HO chains siuiili; ihence W chains
east; them-e HO chalus north; theme 80 chains
west to point of eouimuncenieut, containing 040
acres, more or less
Dated the i_th day of October, 1908.
I). Dodii,
Per J.Bhiill, Agent.
Bjcty daya after date I purpose making application lo the Hon Chief t'oinmlKsloner of L*ndl
nnd Wo ks for p. i mission to purchase the following deeerlbed lands: i ommenclng at the
northwest eurner of K. A. (rea.e's application to
purchase, marked "W. 0. H's. H w, corner,*'
ruiiniiig thence HO ehalna uorth; thenco so
chains easl; thenee HO chains souih; ihemv HO
chains west to point of rcjiiiim-net nu-lil, contain-
lug M0aer_-j more or less.
Dated tho l-iih day of Ootober, IW.
I'er J. siiiKi.i., Agent.
The Daily Canadian
I'llISS    0|
sis I'll' II Nil. 1I7H, llli'llii- llisltls
11 J. Kl.l.IISTT, Agent
';;; i��lirri-lij gWon liiaUoUay. ,,'iardalal
 '*���" I'sil'.ii in iliisfloin.iu'.le Ilm
,'""," "*"i-r ..I Landi nml Workalu. w.
""..'" 1 *l  iiu- lollowtni sls-��st.'��'il
";';"i"s; is! is poll plaood aboul una
"I ��iis.i.|i���ii crock nmi abonl iisr.ss
t is inn.hmi iake, rsmuinu asisliiiiii!.
���Mls-lialni svi-.l;  llsi.|ii'i- His I'liiilim
���";"��������� m flialn, eaal, i Iiilisl s i-
1 ��� '-���lll.llllMlU ..I.. ll.Tt-N m..r.- ..r l.-��K.
I'IiIiiNti.i, is,,;,
���    . . 1*i:ikh .MrNAiiiiniiN,
".'  ' i-ni:i'!il, Kknkst \V. Kssisinssisn
-1-1" s.i.v KiV,.|i ,llllt osl sIhvh Hlti-r ilalo I
"I'i'.v in ii,,. iiimoriiiii,. theOhlol Oom-
,;; "   I'S'issls. ssml Wnrks, Vlilnrlii. in pur-
is    s.s   ���|   l,,,,,^  Klmotc iilmiil  ,,||,, iiiih.
��   Illlll   I Hy   Ml  ||,|. ,.,���l   ,|,|,, ���|   Amu,
"ii isi'i'ii ii.fiiiiiiwss: Comm 'iiinHi,
��� ni "'Sn  !' ""rt,"**iNt oorner ol LofOHO,
Rniiti'.i., *fn,a'ni, Ihonoo weit40ohalni,
""Hill Jilcli,     . 	
<"*' i ih.im
S|\l)' , I in-
iiiii'.'i in tn
nml  WisrllH
IsssvIiik deac
iiiiriiiwi-ni s-
imi' isii-,' ui
llienee 80 obi
in li'*". tn III
I,iss Ini: .nun
inure nr leal,
s'lilllstllllllSS i'
Dati'sl til
alterdatel piirp..Ho making appli'
1 linn. Cblel Css llss.fisliur nt l.ssssilv
Issr js,'iinS���l.iii lis piiri'liaBo the fnl-
���riiii-ii IhihIh:   Commenolng al tho
r nl  I).   Iloslsl'fl H|,|.:S'tslissis   tn
il "M. k*b H. w. corner," running
iiurili; tbenee mi chatm, mora
... .t sslinrs' nf WliHtHllHll lako, lol-
--is-iniiii- ."mh, thenee Bo ohalni,
i-hsi lis llis>|snfill nf t-nliinii'li.i-inoiit,
11) aorei, iinsrs- ssr low.
Hth ilny nl October, 13TS.
Sst. 1st sulisit.
por J. siiiKi.1., Agent.
thonoe eut (Oonetaa lo
J. R   Ill'STKIl
iiii'ti "isiiisi-si.iii, i ,,i land,
is,- iii'M.'rl'i ':*""!'s*it'sis in pnrobaie iiis-issi-
iis.-i   ' ' ' '����dii   'I. enoing ��t tho
 -. .���,..,''i'��� !��� i ,.0.<,*i,*'_.PI,Ur��MSn '"
il'i-iii'i- sin ,. . ���'" " " **��� "��� corner," run
il    ' ��� tiiaini ss.ssstii, u ,. hi , imni.
n ii���, .���,.���. '""" rth, thenoo JO chalna
'"'"��� us r" ,,i"i,,."""":''"1" "'l'"1' oontainlng
"'""' '-'""I'lyiiriii'iniMr, lgim.
I"' J Binmi,.Ageni
is i'.."i',';."1V,'.n 'V'i'.V,',i'."0".s.' making appli-
"silk, f,,.,"*; '"   ' siil��sl,iii,-r ���| Lhii,i��
il'  i! ���i!|  'i1*1*'"" '.' pnri-haiu llio fol-
*���' ��''''""*H,s,'Sl'o;:;"o,rl',.,-''l*!l
'"'""���"-���".���l,,        WMl' thi'iui' ��0 ishiiln,
 .'��� I,,'";};'����'to point ot coin inon-
-���,-'" *'��)'nl lli'lnl,,.,, igo,
Per J.miiKLL, Agent.
Nutii's- is hereby glwo that lUtty iisi>" ktla
slals-  I   liiu-mi  In apply to the llnnnralili'l'hl.-l
Commlaaioner ssi Landi ami worki lorpermla-
.imi rn pnrehaae the (oHowtng deierlbed Undi
Commenolng sst a poal placed nn the norlbm nt
corner of Albert Bllloti'iapplleauon to pnrehaae,
riiiiiiinii sn chaini eaal along tho northern
bonndary of .sine; llienee m cbaina north;
IheneeMohalni irea'l th��nooeDooalniipulh, to
point of s'ssiniiieiiseilii-til. I'ssnlatllllllst MO aortli
inore or Iosk,
Dated Oet. li, IM. ���"'"�� K'11"".
Hr liln siBoiit. Kksbsst W. Itismsssss.
Nollee Ih hereby isl.s'Si Ihssl DO ilnys ssllsT slsile I
Intend loapply t" lbe Hon. Obleffomm sunm-r
..(..a and Worki for porm mIo i i.. nor h ��s
the following deicrlbed landa altualeo in the
Won Kootenay dutrloti   Beginning at a poll
iiiiirksil " Herbert Warren'i N. B-oo-ner,  ami
iin.-. mi the sv ��t "1 '' Whatahan (Cariboo)
ke ��,,    t. 'in- iinisrlesssslle imrlli ol tin- aoulh-
ornend." tho lake; thence weitWehatnil tbence
an iihoi'Iiiiiiih; thenoo call DO ebalni.more nr
(aai   to  Whataban   orooki   tbence follnwing
in rlh along life oroek and lako ihoro an oba	
more or le&, to polnl ol oommonooment, eon-
l.iliiliil! I'sln hstoh, inure nr ll'��H
,,,,,,.,, ,,ll���a,,,,,,iy,,IO,,,,.,e,.M.��;TWA|i|iKi(|
p, I,. H.oiMiiNii, Agent,
Noiloo in hereby given tbal wi dayi .Iter -lal,-1
i,,u,!.ii,.,.pi.'> '"��"; <>"<<���',"' '���',;';',',":, ,"r"h',',"
ol Undi ssml Worki for iwrinlnlon      I "   ''
r____',_tttthen��-_8o    .,? v._i.ai.!mWVl-gS
r1!1111   i,    ,,    i, i    -nirr of tho ield lake
lakeat the m   tlear.   i.hi r    > (1| (l||)l|
���Aenoeeoug o chaii . t ���- ''\v| lll.hllll ���.,,l
Executive      Meets      and      Traneacte
Routine Business.
A meeting of the executive committee of (he 20,000 club was held last
evening at 8 p. m. F. Starkey was in
the chair and there were present J. M.
Lay, T. G. Nelson, S. M. Hrydges, J.
Lean, C. Walker, B. K. Beeston and
W. H. Jones.
The minutes of the previous meeting
were read and confirmed.
S. M. Brdyge-S brought up an interim
report of tho advertising commitlee.
The secretary read a letter from the IJ.
C. Engraving company on the subject
of cuts. The let-Usr was received and
referred to Ihe advertising committee.
k. k. Beeston -reported tbat he had
-sent the Globe an article which that
paper wanted $20'l to publish. He had
replied asking them to hold it over to
a later date.
The secretary read a letter from J.
s. Dennis, land commissioner of the
C. p. R., addressed to Mr. Procter,
slating that he was getting out a
pamphlet dealing with Southeast Kootenay In 1900, and asking for material
for it, especially any personal experiences of Individuals; also a copy of a
circular letter sent to several ranchers last week, asking for this Information. No acknowledgment had been
received.    T. G. Procter and the sec
Notice In hereby given that 00 dari alter date 1
intend toapply tn the Honorable the OtJlal Coni-
infN8i.-merof Lamls and Worku for permlnion to
purchase lhe followiiiK described Until, t'om-
muicintf at a post nlaced 20 OhtlDI went of lhe
���outheaet corner of Got SMS, narked "H, a. Bell's
northwest Burner," thence south xn ebalfs,
tbenoe east tn (haiiih, tbenee north BOobabu,
tbenee west _w chains to point of eoinniein-eineiit,
oontainlng Maeree, more or icsn
Located this t;th day of Nov , 19011.   B. A. Bell.
Hlxty days afterdate I intend to apply tothe
Honorable the chief Cotamfttlouer ol l_.uds and
Works for permission to purchase the following
deenribed lands in Koofenar distriet: dim-
menelngat a post marked j. b, Annable'i nortb-
east corner post, said posl being on the south
side of the Lower Arrow lake, about two miles
below Burton City; thence smith TO chains;
Ihcnce west al chains; theuce south '20 chains;
then oe West Snchalnii thenee north .�� chains
and ."i links, more or ten lo the lake shore;
tbenoe eeeterly along Uke-iOrhaii-**, more or lento toe place of beginning, containliift IDTi acres,
more or less.
Dated Ulli-tb day of NovcuiIht, 1��W.
per K. L Bi*rnkt, Ag.*nt.
BlXty daj! after date 1  Intend to apply to the
Honorable the Oblef Commlnloner of uinde and
Works for permlnion to purchase tbe following
described Unds in Kootenaj district: Commencing at a post marked "A. J. mil's southwest
corner i>ost," said post being on the northwesterly shore of the Lower Arrow lake and IB links
due salt, on the northeast corner of Ixit Tii'i
(Iroiip ]; theme north CO chains; east l" chains;
south 40 chains, more or less, to tho lake shore,
tbenoe following said shore iii a toathweiter'y
direction 00 chains, more or less to the place o'f
beginning, containing 160 aeres, more or  lew
Dated tnl�� Bth day of November, 1906
A. J. Dill,
per K   I. Bt'RNKT, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that (. > day* after date I
Intend to apply to tbe Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lends and Worki for permltsiou to
purehase the following described lands, ln West
Kooteuay: <'ommeneliig at a post planted at
the northeast corner of ��� ot -4396, Q, 1., marked V,
Fletcher's northwest corner, thence soutli NO
chains; tbence east 10 ebalns, more or lets, to
the western boundary of Lot 30rt, Q. I.; thence
north HO rhalns to Kootenay river; thenee west
following said river to point of commencement,
containing NO acres more or less.
2-th Oetober, 1906.
Frank Fi.bt.ukr.
Notice ls bereby given tbat 60 days alter date I
Intend to make application to the Honorable tbe
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following desc-lbed
lands: Commeuelng at a post planted on the
northeast 00 ner of Peter McNaugbtoii'��� application to purchiiM , lollowlng tbe east boumlnry of
���iiiih- h*i chains soutli; thence HO chains east,
thenee Hn chains north; thenee HO chains west to
pniut of eommeneement, eontainiug 610 acres,
more or less.
Doled oet. 13,1906. At-BUtt Elliott,
By his agent Khnkst W. BOBIKBOIf,
���mvT*rar~f**B. ���r"_j--i. -
thence following tin* shore nm* "��� ""j*"7 .   ,*     ,
ako in a goner*, northerly end ^[' /';',;,.
tion W cKftln . more or lew. ' P ��(. ^
mgnoo nticontaining un Mroi,more
Out. Hlth, I-**-*' ANTOtNKTTK H1H-CII,
By F. I-. 1U��_iom>, ABenL
Notice in hereby glveu that fi days after dale
1 intend, to apply lo the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of lands and Works tor permission to ru rebate the followlug descrlbea landl,
Kootenay  district:    Commencing   a' a  post
marked **J. H. Wallace's northwest Corner oust,"
said post being on the easterly side of Lower
Arrow lake, mid at the Mou'hwest corner of
Porter's pre-emption claim; theuce cast ttl chains,
thence south U chains, them-e west Hi chains,
tlience soulb :'.���! chains, thence west 60 chains
more or lest to tbe Arrow lake. Ihenee iu a imrih
easterly direction OOehaitis, more or less to tbe
place of beginning) containing 140 acres, more or
Dated this Wtb day of October. 1906,
J. It Wallace,
By his agent, KWK1TH U Bhknict.
Notice is herehy given thai DO days after date I
Intend uiak lug application to the llouorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works fore
special license lo cut and remove Umber from
llie following deserlbed lands, situated ou tbe
skaget nver;
commeneing about i'>0 ebalus north of the
sou theaat corner of Lol"-' 2, Yale district; llienee
running east forty (10) chainsiiottlb one hundred
ami sixty flOOJ ebalnt) west forty (401 chains:
norlh one hundred uiul sHty (H-41) ehains, to
iilace of commencement.
Haled October 16th, 1-JOfl. D. 11. TEI.kobd.
Certificate of Improvements
"Spyglass" and "Qlobe1! mineral claims, situnle
in Trout Luke Mln ing Division.
Located mi Poplar creek.
Tmle Notice that 1, Bruce White. Acting as
agcllt   for (lie Spyglass Milling ' o., Free Mitiers'
Certificate No b ,.��i.v,, intend. BO days from the
dale hereof, toapph lo the Mining Recorder for
a Certificate nf Improvements for the purpose of
obtaining a ('rown -.runt of the above claims.
And further tike notice ihat notion, under
Section :I7, must be commenced before the Issuance of such CertiflORtO Of Improvements. ,
Duled 2 ih October, IWXi. Bhvck Whitr.
retary were appointed a committee to
draw up a letter lu reply,
J. Walker, chairman of the entertainment committee, reported that
they were $1G0 behind in the expenses
of the recent operatic entertainment.
Resolved, That all bills be O. K.'d by
the chairman of each committee and
then handed to the treasurer for payment. A vote of thanks was passed
to Mr. Parry for his efforts in connection  with  the  recent entertainment.
Treasurer Lay reported that there
wus $251 in the banU.
The secretary reported that mining
circulars bad heen sent out every
week for nix months us ordered, and
asked for further instructions. A rea*
olutlon was passed tu continue this
Kesolved, Tbat the secretary receivo
only $25 a mouth salary and $10 rent
of office for the next three months.
Also lhat the secretary be paid his salary of $&U a month for October and
A committee was appointed to arrange a series of dances for the winter with ihe entertainment committee.
The committee will consist of T. G.
Procter, J. Glllam and VV. Walker,
Resolved, That the secretary communicate with all tbe tourist associations
in Canada wllh a view to the exchange
of literature. The committee then adjourned.
Letter   of   Resolution   From   Sandon
Miners' Onion.
Sandon, li. C, Nov. 13, 1906.
Editor of The Daily Canadian. The
following resolution was unanimously
adopted at a regular meeting of Sandon Miners' union No. 81, or the Western Federation of Miners, held here
on Saturday evening, November 10,
1906. Kindly insert the same in your
paper and oblige, very respectfully,
Whereas, In an issue of the Nelson
Daily News of Tuesday, November ti
there appeared an article under the
caption of "A lilack Kye for Sandon,''
iu which the Sandon Miners' union is
charged with fomenting trouble and
preventing the resumption of mining
operations on au extensive scale; in
hiuuuting also that the majority of its
membership were uot in sympathy
with the movement to prevent the introduction of Asiatic labor Into the
camp; and.
Whereas, Whenever requisitioned by
a mine manager the Sandon Miners'
union huve at these times endeavored
to secure for them any kind of help
that was needed, standing ready today
to co-operate with the mine managers
in auy measure which, in their opinion, will benefit the country as a
whole; and
Whereas, We believe no better evidence could be adduced of the working man's loyalty to the camp than
Ihe fact that many of the mining properties at present fu active operation
w��t*e brought to life through the intelligent efforts of men who hold membership in the Sandon Miners' union;
now, therefore, be it
Resolved, That we deprecate the publication of an article which can only
tend to injure thc camp and brand as
a malicious falsehood tlie imputation
cast upon the Sandon Miners' union;
be it further
Resolved, That we reaffirm our opposition to the employment of Asiatic
labor fn any capacity whatsoever, believing as we do that this class of labor is a detriment to every interest
that makes for the permanent prosperity of the country; and, be It further
Resolved. That a copy of this resolution be forwarded to every local of
the Western Federation of Miners In
British Columbia, and also to the public press.
Certificate of Improvemtnts
"Kellpw No. 2,"  "Vevey,"  "Hnppj-  Medium,"
"international" end "A tn Fractional" mln-
cnil chii nn, si hull nl in IhcKlocHII Clly MllllliK
Dlvliiou of weat Kootonay ilisirirt.
win-re located!- North of Twelve Hfleereek-
H 1)0II l tWO lllllCN 11)1.
Tako notloe tbat ', tt. K. Joreiid, of Blocan��� B.
c, Krce Hlner'i   ortlfloate No. 1178900, uaffeht
for !������ A. Cole, free Mlner'H CerhtScale No. Mtti,
Intend, Hlxty dayi from the date hereof, to iipp y
tothe MiiniiK Recorder for a Uertiflcateof im��
provemeittH, for tlm pprnoioof obtaining a Crown
trnnn n wm Tmiin-nii-.-irrrr.^: ��� ���
And further take notice that aclloti, tin 'cr
Kecti'ili H7, in un t Ih' roiiimeiici-d before the Immii-
anceof hui'Ii CetliJleateof Improvement*.
Hat-'d thiiH'-ilth dnv olMepli'inliiT, I'.UHl.
Birds ihluk a good deal about thoir
dress, and are careful to keep themselves tidy and in good order. Ot
course, their fashions differ, because
birds themselves differ, but they do
not change. A robin today dresses
just as her grandmother did, and none
of her neighbors would dream of calling her old-fashioned. Neither birds
have many suits. Two a year is quite
sufficient for most of them, and many
nre content with only one. As a rule,
the gentlemen dress more gaily than
their mates, though they spend less
time upon their toilets. Just watch
your canary afler he has had his daily
hath. See how each separate feather
Is cleaned, pulled and looked over, and
how all the loose ones are taken out
and dropped. All this fs done by the
bill, for a bird's neck Is so flexible that
It can be turned In all directions, but
the bill cannot reach the head, and so
Mr. Canary uses bis foot. With It he
combs his hair first on one side, as if
to get nil the tangles out. Then he uses
his hair oil, for although complexion
powders are not known in the bird
world, hair oil certainly is. Ladles and
gentlomen alike carry fl about with
them. They have a little punch or sack
at the back near tbe tail for the purpose When Madame Bird wishes to
use it, she squee.es it out. with her
beak Just as you would press a rubber
bulb; then she laya the oil on her head
against, turning hor neck lu all directions until every feather In her head
is straight and shining.
The true philosopher Is one who
makes the besl of it when he gets the
.woivi|_of It. ^,
Silver King Hotel
Boat Dollar a day honae In the Kootenays.
Hoomi are well furnlBhed.   Table u good u any
in Neliou.     Bar lupplled with good
llaaon and claara.
W. B. McOANDUSH, Proprietor.
Tremont Hotise
Europem an. American Flu
Meal, K ota.   Boomi Irom �� cu. to 11
Onl? White Balp Implored.
Baker St., Nelaon Frop.leton
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Diy Hotise in Nelson.
The Bar l�� the Flueit.
While Help Only Employed.
Joie phi ne BU
Lake View Hotel
t.omer Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf,
Bates f 1 00 per day and up.
Telephone 118. NmELSON,   B. Cm
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERIOK80N, Proprietor.
Centrally Locates!. Open bay and Night.
Hample anil Bath Boomi Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
Tfc Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample   Roonu.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelaon. B. C,
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Lane and Comfortable Bedroomi and Flrlt-
claa, TiltilUK Boom. Sample Boomi for Commercial Men.
MBS. I. C. CLAKKK, Proprletreaa
The well known
Onr Beer Garden is
the Finest in the
J. CROW,   -   -   Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rates |1 and fl.BO a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Where   Igiiiimncn    Is    follns���ImviiiR
moro money thnn you know wlml lo tio
Whole-isle mid Id-tun Dculera ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
damps trapplitid <yi shortoBt notice and
low***nt price. Nothliig but fresh and
wholesome meath and supples kept in htock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES. Manager.
W.   a.   GILUBTT
a. Contractor and
Hull- ftReilt for Hit- IVrln Klco t.iimbt-r To., f,td.,
nMttll yurclfl. RoQffb nml iln��H-il In in ber, .urni-.-
work nml l*i*urk**ts. Cout loth mid sIiIiikIph,mah
mnl -Itt-irx. Cement, brick ami linn* lor mil**.
Automatic grinder.
Yard ami bicloiy: Vernon St.. cast ol Hull,
Telopbono 178.
P. O. Hox m
West Transfer Co.
GEORGE F. NOTION, l_na.tr.
General Tonuml'irB and Dealers in
Oeul nnd Wiwid.   Kxpnsss and
HdtfKSKe Tmimfcr
.c.!t_".?2 Office: Baker St.
J. II. Nlokemou ">_ J. If. Howarth have ihis
day entered into cn-pnrtni-rtthIn tn carry mi lbe
Jmvi.fy ami optical IhinIiichhIii Ni.hoii, under the
Arm iih me tif Nlckurum ���. I .iwar.h.
uuiutniTti' iO-h day'nl UiiloiMr, Hk)-.
I banking my ouitomers for }>nironai,'e ln Iho
luist aud hoping for a contlnuim--*. ol the aauie to
ibe now linn, Your.-, truly,
For Sale....
^__1^.___eA Modern Residence
and part of three lots in a good position on Josephine street.
These terms only hold for a short time.
h. & mTbird.
One of the Best Improved Ranches on
Kootenay Outlet for Sale....
About 400 Fruit Bearing Trees; also Small Fruit, House and
Outbuildings, Hay Sheil, and 20 Tons of Timothy Hay. Nice'
Hay Meadow. Spring WRter and Fine Lake Frontage. For
particulars apply to
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acrea
oi the
Choicest Frait Landa in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
We Will Sell
WOO Yale-Kootenay ice  9 t-2c
Insurance, Frait Lands, Real Estate.
McDermid & McHardy
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Ontario, Quebec
Maritime Provinces
and the Old Cotmtry
Tickets on sale dally Nov. 24 to Dec. 31.
Good for three months, wiih stop-over
privileges east of Fort William.
Plncher ��56.25
Fernie 6Z.2S
Cranbrook 67.45
KmIo     7BJ5
Nel��on 78.25
Rossland 79.55
Grand Forks 81.55
Phoenix 83.45
To Montreal
and nil points west thereof
Oorrs-ppooilinply low mt.es from nnd to
other uisinlii
8LEKP1NQ CARS, Standnr or Tourist,
Halifax, St. John, Montreal, Ottawa,
For detailed; Information, sailings for
ocean steamers, first class or tourist
sleeper reservations, apply lo local
agents or write
K. J. COYLE,    '      J. S. OARTER,
A.H.F.... Vmis-ssiivor. ll.KA.. Ntslsinn
Nollco if hort'liy rIvi-ii Dial llie par.ni'rchfp
liorctolore HUtttlttftis boivroen u��, tin* un-U-rsicn-
cil, ��s Imli'l kci-ji.r-s 111 Hit- Iimvii nf Klicll, HrtU^h
CiiSuinliiii. hm Ihis.lay lii.*i*n .Ii>-..Im*.| liy nnihiiil
UhIi'iI lliiM'-Tlli ilay nf OOtObet, VM*\.
JAMKS O. M.liltAliK,
Wltneni  au-x. Btew-arti I'hiiip P. MoC-jlltitn
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything.
go to tbe Old Curiosity Shop. A new
lino of Japanese Hoods now on sale. All
kinds ot Ulnnerwure in stock. IV t
Thirty-SM.nd Annu-I ConrcntioD
American Bankers'
St. Louis, Ho., Oct. 16-19, 1906
Huiui'l trip raten to St. Louis
and ('lileago on Sal*. October
mil to 13th.
St. f-ouis..
. .$t4>.00
������ 04.00
-Colag transit limit leu dnys
iiohi iimi'nf Snlc, Final return
limit November Stub, JDOfi.
Round Trip Rites to Southern
lucffei. October i.tli, 1��W, on
pale ilnily. liinll.'if tu :i months
front tlate nf sale.
os Angeleaanil Santa Harbara . $3S.tO
I 'asadena ,  86.10
Sutita Monieii  8t,,30
Kiversldi'nn<l Han Hnrnftrolno.... 89,10
KecllaiKtM  so 7,)
For Kiutbfr lutormation Apply to
City I'ltH-i-ii-eer ARiint.
A II. P. A., Souttlo.
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes aud Sizes.   A free
smoking and most sat-
isiiicf&ry pipe.     "
W* eA. fm/RIkUN,
Tohaccoaist.  Baku Strut.
' The Daily Canadian
WHY NOT       i
Made in Canada
Cannot Be Beaten Ior Quality
Cocoa,  per tin    15c and  30c
Parisian Chocolate, per bar..10c
Chocolate Cream Bar, per bar, 5c
Diamond Chocolate, per bar..10c
Chocolate  Ginger,  per  box....25c
Milk   Chocolate,   per   pkg    5c
Assorted   Iceings    2   for  25c
Bell Trading
Coal and
Telephone 265
Some Wise Body
Has Said:
In England thoy raise fine
horses. In Scotland they raise
fine men.
In England they feed their oats ,
to horses.    In Scotland they feed
their oats to men.
Feed yourselves and children
B, & L Rolled Oats
ami then watch the results.
B & K. Rolled Oats in Sib, 801b and <
40lb sacks for sale at
I Joy's Cash Grocery j
-or.Jo.t'phlueand Mill BU*      Phone 19
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bout Huil.lt rn will (itn! il tss then- ud-
vantage tn lists ssnr Pitob,
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
I lb. box   -   50c
1-2 lb. box -   30c
nheeegoods nre an fine as th-o moraoxponilv-
klndBi tin.* en ly difference la the package.
Plioue 25. Bnker St.
Next P. Burns & Co.
Cor. Vsssriion ond Wus-il  Streets,
NBUSON,   13. O.
,T. FEUD HUME, Proprietor.
A. Carney, ll. A, Carney, Knslo; J.
\V. Collins, A. Casey, J. Q. Mlllohamp,
J, Oppenhi-imer, Vancouver; tl. \V. Health-, Cranbrook; A. .1. Jackson, Qreenwood';  II. S. Holoroft, Toronto.
Robert   Irving, Kaslo;   C.  Olmstead,
New York. c. ll. Smith, Spokane; K.
II.  Ellis,  Itevelstoke;   E.  .1.  Grant, ,1.
Smith, P. Henderson, Rossland,
Mrs.    W.    Simpson,      Howser;      R.
Wilkes. Jerry    From    Kerry    Co.;   11.
Hamilton, Granite.
T.  Rooke, Cork  mine;   A.  E.  llttrk-
nian, Hewitt mine; T. Jones, Poonnan
(1.   \Y.   Langdon,    C.  Davey,    Cranbrook.
C. Hlnodliiill, Hartney; T. McArthur,
C. II. Sibbald, G. Dewar, G. Walker,
Ynilr; Miss L. M. Schultz, Mrs. Hogan
F. Culver, Silverton;  J. C. Newman
Moose Jaw.
D. McLean, F. Pearson, Kaslo.
O.  R.  KoenlK.  Eureka;   R.  Roberts,
G.  Heron,  Poplar;  J. Farrell, Vancouver; R. McNeill, M. McNeill, Ymir; T.
Williamson. Heaver.
Sherman's Opera House
���David Garrick's Love'
Prices, 50c, 75c and |1.00.
Flan   opens   at   Rutherford's   Friday
Pure Ontario Honey
5 Pound Cans     90c
JO Pound Cans $1.75
Telephone 181.
Potter & Cummings
Application, for the position of
; Janitor of the Public School building,
Nelson, will be received by the under-
' signed until is p. m. on Friday, the
| 16th Inst. Dulles to In-Kin December
I 1st, 1906. E. C. ARTHUR,
No [oe li hereby given that nt e meeting ol the
I Hoard of uoente Commlufonerii to ho ii_id in
h'ff ContUMe'i office. *t Kelion, on Uth Decern-
Bf, ir��n'>, I iutt'ii'l i) hi'ply fur a Imtut'Vr nf mv
,    otel lleenie for Ihe I'kIhci- hotel, at Ymir. lo
Anliibbhl.. Hints
I    -ih Korembor, v.m. mitcnkix tait
i.ivv.f j n��� BKrauuiy ntti'iia-
Biker King Hotel.
A drunk was fined $5 and costs this
morning before Magistrate Crease, it
being his  first   known  offence.
Poles have arrived for the supply of
electric tight for domestic purposes tor
the Inhabitants of Fftirview.
The hockey meeting which was to
have been held last night in tho Hume
hotel has been  indefinitely  postponed.
C. 11. Archibald, of the Palace hotel,
is in the city. The Ymir people are
sanguine over the prospects of sever
al important mining deals now pending.
The latest organisation of St. Saviour's church, the Junior Auxiliary,
are making their first social attempt
this afternoon with a tea in the parish
It is announced that the Liberal association will meet tomorrow evening
and discuss the Hindu Immigration
problem, always supposing that they
get a quorum.
The city power plant fs being constructed as rapidly as possible, but it
does not seem likely at the present
minute that It will be finished before
some time in December.
E. S. II. Winn aud T. Grant are over
from Kossland today. Tliey were engaged all the morning in the registrar's office in the taxation of costs
in the case of the Spokane Falls _:
Northern Railway company vs. the
Porto Rico Lumber company of Ymir.
The Hindus ln the city, who number
between 30 and 40 men, are impatient
of gettln. work. They say it is difficult to find nnd people will not believe
they are capable of doing it. Men are
wanted for brush work in lho woods
but no Hindus need apply, although
the Sikhs themselves declare that they
are used to tbat kind of thing in their
own country. A few are thinking of
going into the I'nited States, where
"Ice" does not fall from the skies, but
are afraid of being stopped at the
boundary on the ground of being physically unfit.
There was a fairly good attendance
last night at the opera house at the
production of the "Virginian" by the
Harold Xelson company. Mr. Xelson
did noi appear on the occasion but
represented by his colleague and
partner, Clifford Bruce, in the title
role. It may be said that Harold Xelson bas cut loose entirely from the
management of C. P. Walker of Winnipeg and is now touring the West in
company with Clifford Uruce on their
own behalf. Hence the alteration In
the style of plays that are now being
staged, the Xelson company reverting
to  that   which   first  made   them   their
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order to clear out this line
we are reducing the price to
40c. We only have a limited
quantity so don't delay ordering if you want any.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries miiile daily throughout Nelsou
and its suburbs Phone 148.
book-kkkckr  Expo-lanced lids book-.Mp-r
sshisIs jisTitsain-iit jssisltlnss.      Address K. L.,
Dally t'sui.illsm OIIK-f.	
.'sO MKN. sit shut, fssr work In the wssssils. Aiitily
i.s W. K. CiKik... .siwlsslll, Ksis-ls,.
I.AISV STKMIIiltAI'IIKIl f,sr l>si!<Uissss III. sstsiitry.
slins.l home with s-injilisyer's, family. Apply
ssstx VV., ISaiiAsllHU tiffin-.
BI'SIIMKN. Mill llailslMslis: lfsBKlli|[l*sslilr��ctor��,
ulsss, KitgiiieiT WaUsslisiri; l.ssiislsei Co., near
I'nsulsr.mk. II c
00MP3TEHT NTHH-S liiau. Five i-lilldrea.
Apply box CIS.
HOUSE, oIom sn.   Apply JOHN BOCBE, Nelson
TWO II Its l '.CLAIM BOOM!, uteiuss lis-iitesl    Ap-
ply Iiiiii"-keener. :'r-l ___��� K   K I*. Iiliss-k
I'AKs I-.I.--IE-OIII isi.mitiiim hxpres,. rsusspsssiy's,
svAKisn, S_drstS sl toMIss* B.Tliism. frssm lls-nrs-
Bross., Winnipeg. Hi-ward Inr return to Kxpresa
Good Tea
If you want a cup of
real good tea tr}* our
T&B Blend
at 50c per pound.
Our 35c bleud is the best ou
the market for the money.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
O11 Our Entlro Stock ol
To Make Room lor
���New Stock
We have a splendid range of these,
and Wfl have them at all prices from
SOc to $10
W. G. Thomson
_?_?_*�� ""��� Ndsou, B. C.
Phon* ���..-*.
name In the Kootenay. .lust how much
Mr. Nelson has done for the public is
not always appreciated, even by the
old Kootenay residents. Ten years
ago, before the advent of the Canadian
actor, the theatres of the West wero
chiefly visted only by barnstormers,
more or less, with scenery nnd cos
tunies too often almost entirely absent.
Tbe Xelson company has invested
Something like $10000 in scenery and
lias introduced Shakespeare and high
class drama. To draw a house now a
company must be good and not n presenter of cheap melodrama. In .S.it.
this wns by no means the case. The
"Virginian" last nlcht was well acted
and thoroughly enjoyed. Tonight will
be given "David fJarrick's Love,"
which introduces a couple of scenes
from "Hamlet."
Examines  Properties.
S. S. Fowler has just returned from
a visit to the North Star and Stem
winder proporties fn Easl Kootenay.
He admitted to a Canadian reporter
that he had been there for the purpose of making a report on these mines
but said that as his report was necessarily confidential he could not be expected to make any references to the
On the North Star there hns been a
good deal of work done during tho
past summer, with a view of exploiting
another lens of ore, and several shipments have been made. The Btemwlnd*
Winder is another property, lying further down the gulch, which is owned
by Messrs. Mackenzie and Mann. I [fro
also has been done a good deal of de
velopment and some ore of fairly good
grade has been uncovered. The ore is
an intimate blende of lead and zinc,
the problem of separation being tbo
chief point in the exploitation of tho
A  Newspaper Bargain.
The  biggest  dollar's worth   ln     the
newspaper   line  today   is   the   Family
Herald and  Weekly  Star of  Montreal.
Other large city weeklies make f. eblfl
Mow   About   Your
Guns and
We bave Etey's, Kyuoek's, Win-
ehe&ter, and Cogswell &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's. Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Kniv.-s. Wading, Belts,
Ossnts, funis, Ota.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box  631       PS'clMon, B. C.
Two Books
Worth Reading
"The Invasion of 1910"
LORD ROBERTS snys of this bonk:
"The catastrophe that may happen II
we still remain in our present state ol
unpropstreilni-as is vivlslly and forcibly
staled ln Mr. Iai Quex's book, wblch
I recommend to the perusal of every
one who has the welfare of the Brltlab
Empire at heart."
Rudyard Kipling's New Book
"Puck of Puck's Hall"
Canada Drug & Book Co's
....Cash Stores....
A, McDonald & Co.
Dealers iu stnple anil fancy Groceries.
Butter, Eggs.
Cnmp nnd Miners' Supplies.
attempts to follow tin- big Montreal
weekly, but they rail far short of it.
The Family Herald and Weekly Star
spares no expense lo give Us readers
the best to be bad anil the result is
iheir subscription lists are growing
larger every year. The beautiful premium picture given Ihis year with
ib.- Family Herald ami Weekly stnr is
entitled "A Tug of War" and Is eer-
lalnly a gem. It Is one of those pictures you see in an art store with a
price of generally Iwo or Ihree dollars
on It.
The Family Herald and Weekly
Star deserves Ihe first place in every
home In Canada and combined wllh
your own local paper lt Is about all
you require. If you are not a reader
of the big Montreal weekly try It for
1907 and you will never regret It.
Talking about It will neither put a
piano Into your home nor bring hack
lbe days���valuable days���your daughter is wasting. Let us tell you how
easy we will make it for you NOW lo
give your family tbe piano tbey have
wished for so long.
"Acts .Not Words"
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
Tlie Best In the
.Market und Never
Out of Sizes.
Christmas Stock]
Arriving Daily
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Bilverw
anil Novullies.    Onr (took ol M
is sure to IntetMl '
"ri*. Cul-'lj,!
anion, ajjj
Watchmaker Jewtlcr 0ptitiii
&Co., ss&ftsj
Wholea.ilti Provision**,
Dominion QoVarnment dreamery One-Pound Hrii-ks reoelved woek. tn& 1
from the churn.   For sale Xjy all leading grooen.
Oflice and warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone 70.
Josephine Street.       -       -       *       Nelson, B. C.
Repairing and Jobbing a Sptciiljl
SheetmctJll Work, (laittngB, Builders' Material ami Mining and .Mill HllIllMM
I Mis,no    2111.
Offlce and Works Foot of Park St.
m.waiii ci.. Nelaon, n.C.1
A Word to the Wis
This year we lmvo appreciated tin* waut-sofoq
tamers and have imihw<I intn utock tin
Good Cheer Art Base Burner|
This Htov-i' is adapted for hmd oon] onl7,-_o_n
ontood to gifB ntisfaction.
^ ]. H. Ashdown Hardwai
Company, Limited.
(tepuirinic ni.tl .foM.ii-*u i\vcntc*.lu!tli I >����pftt_At.   She*t Mitrfl
Work, ...ii.i.itc mui Mill Miithincrv.      MunulucUtraril ol     "
Ore   Ciii-m,   IV.   hi.   Contructom'   Cur***-
.NELSON,    B. C.        ]TCk
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Inipurt-Ji-* ttt   I 'if .w
I .iiif H-*-)!'   tiniklH
Jno. T. Pierre|
llaker St. INcl-nun, t^Oj
i Just Arrived!
A large cnusiK-i*
meut nf
All Kizcs and Lowest. Prices
SSS L��mbe��, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned Work and Brackets. Mail Orders isrraniiHy
    VKRNOIN STRBI3T   .  .   .   NBI.SON. B. C
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famous Kootenay Ra"!'
Becaute we ca nnot procure a better, taking '" -��rj__ I
count design, workmanship, cooking qualities an��r     |
We will be pleased to ehow you Its good points-
Wooct-VaUance Hardware H
WHoIm ��!�����


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