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The Daily Canadian Aug 1, 1907

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Array Qlrje  Jlailtj   Ctmafriat^
IB   2.     No.   50.
.ment of Russia and
Rapid     Progress     of     Construction     on
Rainy  Lake  Line.
icnts Will Treat Each Other's
ts on Basis of Equality
���All Friction Ended.
^hburg,  Aug.   1.���The   signing
 tat  thu  foreign  ufllce  hero  of
\aat)   H$fos   llf   ctunmt'rce.   navigation
tmA  Mttrieu   will   be   followed    Mliori l\
'   by  tt># ��HBg<*Hl!on   of   .1   [mill H'ill   ���  tili'l!"
jHft the lust tracuH of contention*
ail-JJB-1 from   th*-   late   war
Tbe foreign '>Mi<v imlay c<mnr ni*-tl Mm
tMpttCfc  tO  Hi"   AHKiiciatutl    I'n-sH   fnnn
T0U0 Oft this   matt"!    ami   ailmfitcd  <<|-
tdOtly  ttUt   a   Ki-iifial    piiltiiual   imn -*
*��*.   VMMt   fcetWeun    tht'   two    stairs    was    in
^Hjprepurution and  that thu ne-
1 to    thla    end     had     almost
their   (onchisioii   and   that   the
     pro 1 ild be affixed to thu docu-
WeStte ft few days
TfeO Oftt-enti-   is   nmc<-lv**il   almiu   tin-
el   llnea   as   recent   si mi la 1
tbetween  France and Japan.
UftdOT |ti terms  IttisHlii  and Japan   will
Brantee their right* and ter-
T%��  aaJSjoUlltl**!,-    lunklllK   to  this   en
ts��t�� tUa**)   been   eouducied   with   min-
Plat* ���BTOCy   because   of   the   Japanese
fUaliksi Ot publicity   hut   It    was   learui'd
. tUlT t>��t 1*      11 11   MinlHter   Iswolskv ��
4aWlra    la>    ���t'tlle     lielllllllK     iiuesllons     Hi
*U*ta�� afaVT Best ami iuauKiirate .1 new  p**l
St******''    at f9AC.itu\   eiilunU'itluu   and   devel-
^^^^^^^ethe   Russian   provinces   nor-
Cat   the    l'acilir    was   net    in   a
t>     f *,a��oileiali"ii    and    conciliation
Ifof Jttpnn which enabled sat-
     ess to  he made  and  us-
��� W>Bcessl*.il outcome. The rela-
ItMS k*t*9een Russia and Japan are nu
iMfc ���'���MEUfHctoty hasls that the recent
tn Korea exercised no In-
H them.     Hussla.  who con-
ktrself    btinuil    hy    tie*   treaty    ef
j is content to give the other
^^^^^JHhose hands are free, a chance
OkMplon tie* Koreans.
0   eemniet'iial    irenty    between   tie
*H o (OOaBtries Is of a  lemporury   nature
1 aXptr** in  rout*  years      No   provision
^^^^^TP&T a  tariff  agreement   but   in
i*an   understanding  the  powers
agree   to   apply   the   most   fn-
^^^^^^Sklon    clause.    They    stipulate
farther  that   the   suhjeels   el   eaeli   shall
tajllj . *oual    coiuiuercuil    opportunity
WltbOBt    hlndruiie      illseriminatlon
Md   Ulatt   tell 111* I    sliall    he   silhji'el    Ie
apodal Imposts.
���ft*,  notll   Itniiortant    fentute   of   the
a0mTt��tlOn colislsls ol   au  arllele  exelud-
lag  KWSntuiiK   province   Irom   the   prolans Of the treaty.
Tato falberles cen\ ent inn Is to last lei
iMjmt*. There lias been much ills
���attatfaOOon over lie* -111 ��� --11 * * r 1 ol Mslllnu
litA\lA. The .olivet) <n eiuliraees tie
lOtok, Yellow Sea 1. ..ii 11* lull,I* Snail
sUTMaV* It Includes all sea animals with
th* ���WWPtleu  of  ihe  sea  otters
Th* 00**1   Is   to   he   mapped   Into  see
tlona, Ul*��  flsliiio*   liKlns   lor   which   will
It* auctioned publicly   lo lie* highest  hid
4-VT.       The     Russian     government      is
oMIgod to furnish the lln. .1.111 coiiHiil al
VladWoett < 1     with   two   month's    notice
tf tlW Jnteiilieii   to   liohl  such   auctions
Tha Japan esc concessionaires are kIvcii
i; tha tlAt to secure  lish  ou   the  beach.
H'pyl**'   makes   unusually    liberal   om
.OMMoOI   to   Japan   li-liiin*   on   the   Jtus
ttdaa Ooait and the Amur liver   ami ll  Is
������lawad    that    umler    ilii'sc    privileges
Japan Will dominate the llshcrles oi tlie
The  OOnviiit 11111   In slows   upon   .la pa
tteee iHects th�� right to llsh along the
efctlre  doant.   with   Iho   inception   of  III
elete Oftd rivers, to reiialr Ihelr lishlui'
��*ftnd there occupy  the shedu  for
Tying of  llsh   in  Hi-'  siiii  or   hy   the
^Bther neceHHary buildings,
HijfcpiuieHf   are   in   pay   the   hiiuic
Usee M Husslans and Ibe export of IIhIi
to JftpU Ih ileclaii'il  lo he fre>> trom all
<eXpOIX dllty*      The   Japanese   eoueessto'i
atiea Are allowed to duply Japanese la
Iwr along (he coast except at lhe mouth
<Of tfce Amur river, where they are
^fallfOd to employ Itusslans.
^^^^Hpw of the cneap piico of cool 1c
Is believed that the Japanese
��l)lo to heat down all mm pet i-
H^ho public mictions at Vlndlvo-
beoome pollened of nearly all
Ing COncCHHloIlH.
Fort Frances, Aug. 1.���The Ilalny Lake
railroad has reached Kaf Root, nine
miles away, Well on Its way to the border. It is confidently believed that the
steed will reach Kanler by August 10th.
as nothing is being left undone that
will bring about that much desired end.
That the track laid Ih not in such
bad shape as some have stated Is shown
by the tact that a special train bearing
a party of officials was run over the
line from Virginia to llricslmrg, thu
stait from the lower end being made
at 8 p. in. and lOrieshurg hcfnfs rached
at 4 o'clock In the morning. The party
consisted of Superintendent Murphy
and Treasurer Anderson of tbe Itainy
Lake railroad, the hitter's son ('harile,
Paymaster Perkins ol the same line, C.
W. Kiesweller. general agent of tbbe
Duluth, .Missahe & Northern railway,
with headfpiarters in Uuluiht. and II.
O. Frobasco of Grand Rapids, Mich. Mr.
Kiesweller's private car was used .for
the rahroad part of the trip, and from
Krlcsburg to this place they were conveyed by the Dan Patch, a new gasoline
The travellers arrived at Hauler and
spent the time looking over the Itainy
Lakes terminal point and the dual towns
at  the head  of  the falls.
It was the first trip to this section for
Messrs. Kiesweller and Probasco, and
both gentleman were lavish in their
praise of what nature has done for us
from both a commercial and scenic
standpoint. The object of the trip was
to arrange for freight and passenger
service between Fricsburg and this
poln until the line Is completed to Kanler, the company's terminal polut two
miles east of International Falls. Whhiie
It is expected that but a few weeks will
elapse until all rail business can be accepted for the border, nevertheltieei the
company will at once commence giving
service, and are so anxious for the patron a--'e of this section that they are going to take care of it from this time on.
Lightweight    Battle   in    San    Francisco
Wat Well Contested���Dane a
Good   Loser.
Died in Swimming Pool.
ailelphia, Aug. 1.��� Fdinund U.
president of the Northern Na-
bank and treasurer of the Henry
���Brewing company of this city,
and dead In tho swimming pool
I'ulumtda Club today. Mr. Wnt-
Rinlly Is away and he has spent
Df the summer at the club.
San Francisco, Aug. L���Jimmy Brltt
of San Francisco laBt night gained the
decision over Battling Nelson of Hedge-
swick, lit., at the end of 20 rounds of
as fast and pretty ba-tttllng as has been
seen In Sun Francisco lu many years.
At no time was either man in danger of
a knockout until the end of the last
round, when Brltt's right and left
swings and Upper cuts, which he landed
one after another at will on Nelson's
face, all hut put the Dane out. Nelson
did the greater part of the leading from
start to finish hut he wus outdone hy
llrltt by cleverness and ring generalship, and in everything but gameness
and ability to take punishment. Referee
Welch after announcing his decision
gave Nelson only two rounds out of the
'20, the second and the seventh. By
bis game fight Brltt wiped out an Impression last summer's battle placed on
hi in, that keeping away from his adversary Is the chief part of his generalship. His defence showed up better
than ever before aini he fought his man
almost ut will und from the tap of the
opening gong till the end of the lust
round  there was no lack of stumlna In
his blows,   if anything, he showed up
stronger tu the last few rounds than In
tho first 16, while In the last half of
the fight Nelson's hitting powers obviously dlminshed. While Brltt took nn
foolish chances he gave Nelson plenty
oi close quarter opportunities to put him
out if the Battler hud beeu able to land.
Nelson disappointed many of his admirers by his wlldness. In the last
S or 10 rounds he swung with right and
left scores of times and missed by u
small   margin.
Brltt made the following statement
utter the fight: "I have been on the
ground two years claiming myself Nelson's master and not making any cry
aa Is yet the custom of defeated fighters.
I bided my time uml after the result
yon see 1 never drew a long breath. I
am willing to meeting auy LS8 pound
man   In   the  world."
Nelson was seen in his dressing room.
He said: "I have no excuses. Brilt
Fought a good fight, but at that. 1 think
he won In the last round. I think I
ate too much supper: I can't say, I
went the pace and lost. I did my hesi."
"We have DO complaints to make," said
Nolan, the Dane's manager, "the decision is just.    Nelson Is tl good  loser."
The club made HO per cent, of the re-
c.eplls und the fighters 60 per cent, to
the winner and 40 to the loser. The total receipts were In the neighborhood of
$25,000. Approximately 10,000 persons
were Inside the building.
Locomotive Blown Up.
BrecUenbrldge. Mo., Aug. 1.���Three
employee! were killed and a fourth Is
dying as a result of tne blowing up of
a Burlington locomotive druwlng a
freight train, ono and three-fourths
miles east of hore last night. The explosion was heard three miles nwuy.
What. Is left of Ihe boiler of the engine
Is In a ditch on one side of the track
and the trucks In u field the other wuy.
Four cars were derailed and the engine
badly smashed.
Object to Georgian Bay
Dispute Not of Political Character-
Eastern Press Sarcastic at
"Hag-town's" Stand.
Ottawa, Aug. 1.���The campaign Inaugurated by the Toronto board of control in opposition to the Montreal-Georgian Bay Canal scheme Is causing some
excitement here. Advocates of the canal
say that Toronto's claim that the water
way would hurt the trade of that city
Is tantamount to an admission that the
canal would be a financial success.
A movement is already on foot to
meet the Toronto agitation and the local
press has taken the matter up with
vigor. The Free I'ress, the government
organ, sarcastic; Jly rewarks: "Toronto
Is getting more and more modest as the
time rolls on. The Georgian Bay canal
would benefit the whole West, would develop all Northern Ontario, would aid
in the growth of Ottawa and Montreal,
but because it would not run alongside
Toronto Island It must be opposed, at all
hazards. How characteristic of Hog-
The Ottawa Evening Journal concludes a long article in defense of the
project by saying: "The plan of construction by a private company obviates
the question of cost, provided there is
proper safeguard against undue burden
upon commerce In the way of tolls. The
safeguard exists. By the charter of the
company which wants to build the canal
the tolls are subject to government regulation." A further precaution Is taken
through which not merely would the
compuuy be subordinate to public pressure but which protects absolutely the
public supremacy. The charter contains
one of the most onerous conditions ever
inflicted upon a private company am !
bltious to utilize a public franchise. The j
government may at any time expropriate the canal at cost. In other words,
the company may at any time be ejected
by the government, and the canal made
a national property by payment of the
capital amount which the company expended In construction. It seems to us
that if this provision Is properly drafted
and safeguarded In the act as we have
a right to suppose It to be, it places the
Dominion in the extraordinary advantageous position of having a good contract for a great public work to be
placed at Canada's service on the equl-
able conditions without cost to the national treasury until the government
at auy time In the future
may choose to take it over, and
can get It then for the amount of the
original outlay. Opposition In Toronto
to a proposition of this kind would seem
to need to be exceedingly well argued
If Toronto Is to escape the discredit of
opposing a great factor o/ national ad
vantage merely because Toronto fancies
that her own self-interest might be benefitted by obstruction.
Is Impeding the Transportation of Blue-
stone to Edmonton.
Edmonton, Aug. 1.���The immediate
result of the disaster which befell the
great lumber booms ou .lune 15th last
was a great scarcity of lumber, but one
of the effects has been to delay the arrival of large quantities of Alberta blue-
stone from the Western Lands & Mines
company's  quarries up the  river.
John Walter's steam launches were
relied upon to tow the scows up the
river, but the launches have been required by Mr. Walter for his own purposes. In consequence of the necessity
of cutting more lumber to replace the
loss us far as possible. As a result, the
launch has been running to Mr. Walter's limits. 100 miles up tho river and
the Western Land & Mines company's
quarries are blocked with stone ready
to come down.
Dakota  Girl   Frit   in   Lova  With  Gypsy
King   and  Joined   Band.
Grand Forks, N. D., Aug. 1.���After a
search extending over several states
Katharine McMillan of Jatneatown, n.
D., aged 16, wns found In a gypsy oamp
near this city. She wus taken tn charge
by Sheriff Hanson, and with John
Wells, king of the gypsy hand. Is being
held   for the  Jamestown   sheriff.
Wolls and the young woman have
boon living together as man and wife,
although they admit there was no mar
riage ceremony. McMillan, father of
the girl arrived today and was present
when his daughter and Wells were arrested. The girl has been telling fortunes in the camp and she declares she
will never return to her home. McMillan Insists that she quit the gypsy band.
He will prosecute Wells on a serious
Wells won the heart of the girl on a
trip from Canada several weeks ago.
The McMillans came overland and were
followed by the gypsies. Together they
camped along the way and when Jamestown was reached Miss McMillan decided to go with the gypsies. Her secret was so carefully kept that her father
and the authorities were puzzled.
Sailing Ships on Strike at Newcastle���
Fighting in  New Hebrides.
Victoria, Aug. 1.���The steamer Manuka, which reached port today from
Australia, brought news of fighting in
the New Hebrides, In an encounter between the New Hebrides natives and
the punitive expedition landed from the
British cruiser Cambraln, to avenge the
murder of an European trader. The
blacks killed one bluejacket of the landing party and one was wounded.
News was received from the Caroline
group of the foundering of the trading
schooner Charles and Ella in a hurricane, Captain Warner and eight of his
crew being drowned.
i The ste. mer Manuka also brought
news of one of the most unique of
strikes, prevailing at Newcastle, a strike
of sailing ships. Stringent port regulations have been enacted providing
penalties amounting to ��187 daily if
vessels were left at the coal wharf while
no other berths were procurable. Shipmasters have struck and are refusing
to load. It Is probable that the original
clauses enacted l'or penalties will be
modified. More than 60 sailing vessels
were lying Idle at Newcastle when the
Manuka sailed.
Official   Report*  on   Larder   Lake   District Justify Claims Made
for It.
Cobalt, Aug. 1.���It le not only mining
experts and prospectors who have become forcibly impressed wUh the appearance of vialth In the Larder Lake
district, but .he surveyors who are at
present making government survey
tours throughout the ountry. One of
these Mr. Robt. Laird. O. L. S., has just
returned from Larder Lake, having
been engaged surveying the vicinity of
Beaver House Lake, which lies about
eight miles west of the north-west arm
of Larder Lake. On several of the
pertles in that region numerous stringers of gold-bearing quartz ure in evidence, as the rock formation for the
moat part is similar to that found on
a number of the claims near Spoon's
Bay, namely Keddlck's and the Harris-
Maxwell, showing that the Beaver
House Lake district lies chiefly In the
chloride Bchist belt. It was stated by
Mr. Laird that gold was recently found
in this district in the galena rock.
Mr. Laird paid a visit to the principal
mines situated on Spoon's Bay, und
states that not only la plenty of devel
opment work being done on these properties, but plenty of paying mineral Is
being found. Speaking particularly of
the Chesterfield property, which adjoins Dr. Reddlck's claim, excellent
samples have been taken out, assaying
high In gold and copper, while the galena quartz veins are very numerous.
A sample from one of these veius showed the free gold. The vein out of which
It. was taken measured about four feet
wide. On this same property Mr. Laird
says there aro fifteen men working, and
he believes It will turn out to be just
as good a mining proposition as either
Dr. Reddlck's or the Harris.Maxwell.
The work of mining on all the good
properties in the vicinity of Larder
Lake has been greatly hampered because of thi* difficulties met with in
getting into the district. The country
In places where portaging lmd to be
done was quite marshy therefore, making It necessary to do all the canoeing
possible. In a short time, however.
tho facilities of travel Into the lake
from Boston will be greatly Increased,
as the government road is now completed to within three miles of Larder
Lake City. This will moan that with a
good wagon road a large amount of ma
chinory will he Immediately shipped Into Larder Lake.
Slavery in 'Frisco.
San Francisco, Aug. 1.���In a raid organised and conducted by United States
Secret Service Agent Richard B. Taylor, 15 Chinese slave girls were captured
yesterday and taken to the Alameda
county jail. They will be brought before United States Commissioner Peacock and given nn opportunity to show-
why they should not he deported. Kighi
or the women claimed to be natives of
tho United States and even said that
they were married and were permitted
to land as wIveB of Chinese domiciled
In this country. All were admitted at
thla port. Six of them do not appear
to bo more than 10 years of age.
Attacks on Europeans Are
French Warships Gather to Enforce
Demand for Punishment
of Guilty Parties.
Tangier, Aug. 1.���Dr. Morall. who arrived here last night on the German
steamer which brought a number of
Jews and refugees from Casa Blanca,
is the bearer of the report from the
French charge d'affaires there showing
that the slaughter of Europeans In Casa
Blanca was an outcome of a holy war
preached by the Arabs for the extermination of Europeans. On Monday a number of Arab chiefs entered Casa Blanca
and demanded that the harbor Improvement work cease.
The pasha of Casa Blanca pointed out
that tbe works were being done with
the sanction of the sultan, whereupon
the chiefs replied that the sultan was
no longer their ruler as he obeyed the
Europeans. They then began to utter
invectives at the Europeans in the town.
On Tuesday morning the natives began
their attack by stoning an European
and when the man tried to flee he was
surrounded and hacked to pieces. This
was the signal for a general attack and
as soon as the danger became known,
the French and Spanish residents
rushed to their respective consulates for
protection. During this flight at least
eight were murdered. M. Douvelle, the
French consul, demanded that the pasha
provide an escort for the recovery of
the bodies. The pasha pleaded at first
that he i had no cartridges, but upon
further representations he finally provided an escort. When this rescue
party, however, reached the scene of
the attack It was charged by a number
of Arab cavalrymen and forced Into
It is feared Casa Blanca will be Invaded by 20.000 Arabs today. The
pasha will answer with his head to the
French government for the general security of the city. This is the ultimatum
which the French crulBer QatlUee, due
to reach Casa Blanca today. Is conveying. The French cruiser Forbln, now
at Azores, also has been ordered to
proceed for Casa Blanca immediately.
The French newspapers generally demand that the government do not listen
to the sultan. They declare that the
magbzen, or governing power, is direct
ly responsible for the occurrence at
Casa Blanca, as It persisted iu main
tainlng the present pasha there In spite
of protests of tho diplomatic corps at
contention advanced by a member, that
sick persons should be treated at the
public expense. The points were made
that the physician's work is now done
under conditions involving the petty
worries of fee collection, the stress of
competitive commercialism and the
r 'ng of the profession by hospitals,
a***,,       "leties  and  similar organiza-
^JQqj        The increasing number
of i. ^//     voluntary or state in
stitution ^fc*     "f the movement.
Honeymoon and Business.
Somerville, N. J., Aug. 1.���In an effort
to make his 2,000-acre park like a fairyland, with gushing fountains, cascade*
and beautiful lakes for his bride during
their honeymoon, James B. Duke, president of the American Tobacco company,
pumped the Rarltan river at this point
nearly dry. Yesterday there was scarcely enoiiKh water left In the wells of th"
Rarltan Woollen mills to keep the boll
ere going, where 1,000 persons are employed, and operations were brought to
a standstill. To relieve tbe situation
Mr. Duke's manager ordered the pumping station closed down.
,  In the Blizzard Belt.
Aberdeen, S. D., Aug. 1.���One hundred
and sixty sijuare miles of growing grain
In southern Mrown and northern Spring
ountries was destroyed yesterday by
the worst hall storm experienced In thi.s
vicinity In years. The storm was pr*
reded and accompanied by a strong
wind and In half an hour the loss was
complete. The region damaged Ib In
the hoart of the richest country in this
Quiat  but  Uneasy.
Duluth, Aug. 1���Quiet reigns today
in both tbe range towns and Duluth
nnd work han been resumed, bui In the
background there lurks the black shadow of possible trouble from the more
desperate strikers, and the shadow was
never quite as black us it looks Utfi
Liverpool Holdings.
Liverpool, Aug. 1.���The following are
the stocks of food stuffs and provisions
In Liverpool: Flour, 22,000 sacks;
wheat. 3,043,000 centals; corn, 582,000
rentals; bncon, 16,000 *nxes; hams, 40,-
000 boxes; shoulders, 54,000 boxes; butter, 8(600 cwts;  cheese, 7.000 boxes.
Medicos Advocate Socialism.
London, Aug.   1.���In    convention    at
Exeter, the British Medical Association
has   utmost   unanimously   supported  a
Members of Team That  H\\\ Compete
for Palma Trophy.
Ottawa, Aug. 1.���According to advices received by the D. R. A., the following Is the team of riflemen which
hay been selected to represent Great
Britain in the forthcoming tour to Canada and Australia: Arm.Sgt, A. J. Comber, 2nd V. B. East Surrey regiment;
Col. J. H. Cowan, R. E.; Q. M. S. J. O.
Fraser, 1st Banff Art.; Lance-Corporal
A. J. Fulton, 13th Middlesex Rifles;
Arm. Sgt. A. Lawrance, 1st Dumbarton
Rifles; Arm. Sgt. G. McHalffle, Galloway
Rifles; Arm. Sgt. J. N. Martin, 5th V.
B., H. L. I.; Sgt. Ommundsen, Queen's
Edinburgh; Lieut. E. L. Parnell, 2nd V.
It., South Middlesex; Warrant Officer
A. J. Rowan, Royal Navy; Pte. H. Robinson, 5th Manchester Rgt.; Sgt. W.
Tatlow, 2nd Warwickshire Rgt.; Major
F. E. Varley, H. A. C; Sgt. Major J. A.
Wallingford, School of Musketry. Attached for Canada only: Lieut. J. T.
Peddle, L. R. B.; Capt. W. E. Stephenson, 2nd North Fusiliers.
Col. J. Hopton, late of the Highland
Light Infantry, will be commandant of
the team; Major P. W. Richardson, 2nd
Northumberland Fusiliers, will be the
shooting captain, and Capt. Langford
Lloyd. D. S. O., R. A. M. C, will be adjutant.
Unpardonable   Offence   ef   Young   Men
at City Park���Pleaded That
They Were Strangers.
The city council of Nelson, at considerable expense to the citixens, has
provided a public park where women
and children can spend a portion of the
day during the* hot season. That the
undertaking of the council Is duly appreciated by thosi! most concerned Is
best evidenced by the fact that every
afternoon the park Is visited by a number of women and children. The chll-'
dren can bathe In the water and naturally the mothers Beat themselves along
the shore so as to be convenient In the
case of an accident. It Is therefore desirable that grown-up men who are desirous of taking a dip In the lake should
exercise discretion In the matter of
clothing and the point at which the
plunge should be taken.
The other afternoon a dozen or so
families were at the park and enjoying
themselves In the usual way. There
were 15 or 20 children, properly apparelled, In the water and the mothers
were close on the bank. Just about
that time three men from the city rowed
up In a boat, and Beemlngly oblivious
of th .* circumstance that there were women and children present, proceeded to
disrobe themselves, and when absolutely nude, plunged Into the water. While
In this nude state they did everything
to attract the attention of those already
there, and of course the children were
called outf of the water by their parent..
and guardians. The vile creatures continued to disport themselves until the
time came for them to depart, when
they dressed themselves and started toward the city In the boat.
Shortly afterwards a well-known
citizen arrived at the park and being
Informed of what had taken place started In pursuit. When he caught up with
them he remonstrated with them for
their conduct. Their excuse was that
they were only recently from England,
und were unuccustomed to the ways of
the country. They did not volunteer the
Information us to where In England it
was customary for young men to bathe
In the presence of women and children
without first having taken the precaution to don bathing suits. However,
they were told thut the police would be
Informed, aud that should another exhibition of the kind take place the strong
arm of tho law would be Invoked to
serve out proper punishment.
C. P. R. to Use Electricity.
Medicine Hat, Aug. 1.���It Is the current report that one result of Vice President McNIoholl's visit to Medicine lint
will be the establishment of an elec-
tricul power plant at Medicine Hat to
operate the C. P. R. works and the pusher engines, and If successful the gas will
be UBed to develop power for much
larger purposes.
Delmas Had Enough.
New York, Aug. 1.���Martin W. Littleton, of ltrooklyn. has been selected by
Hurry K. Thaw to conduct his next trial
on the charge of killing Stanford White.
Prices of Metals.
Fiott Cents a Month
Japanese Soldiers Taking
Native Regiments Giren Year's Pay
on Disban-iing���Emperor's
Body Guard Spared.
Now York, Aug. 1.���Silver, C��1ic:
copper. l.'O-V:   lead, 15.25.
London, Auk. L���Silver, o*.' l-16d;
lend,   ��19 7s Gd.
Seoul, Aug. 1.���At 1 o'clock this morning Japanese troops surrounded the Korean barracks, after an imperial proclamation had been Issued disbanding the
Korean army, composed of 7,000 men.
Several hundred Koreans gathered at
the great bell during a thunderstorm,
but were dispersed by a company of
Japanese soldiers. The outlets from tbe
Korean barracks are guarded by machine guns. Two thousand of the Seoul
garrison will be disarmed and disbanded
today. The proclamation dlsbandlug
tbe troops says tbat the disbanded soldiers will be granted one year's pay.
The emperor's bodyguard will not be
Aided by Police.
Honolulu, July 25, via. San Francisco,
Aug. 1.���The Immigration officers have
conclusively proven that the Funchal
police authorities actively aided stowaways to get aboard the Hritlsh steamship Kumerlc when that vessel was in
the port of Funchal taking on immigrants for Hawaii. In all 74 stowaways
were aboard the vessel, several of tbem
having been brought from the Jail by
tbe police. A policeman In uniform
was stowed away and when found he
bad bis official sword w|th him. All of
the stowaways who could qualify as immigrants were allowed to land here by
orders from Washington.
Loads of Trouble.
Lodz, Russia, Aug. 1.���This city is
again tbe centre of a strike movement
accompanied by violence, disorders and
deaths. The troops have encountered
tbe strikers in the centre of the town
and some 30 men have been killed or
wounded. Business is at a standstill
and fears are entertained as to what
the day may bring forth.
Czar and Kaiser to Meet.
CrondBtadt, Aug. 1.���Emperor Nicholas left here this morning on board the
Imperial yacht Standard for a cruise In
German waters, where he will meet Emperor William. The Standard is escorted by four warships. The Empress
of Russia bade farewell to His Majesty
here and then returned to Peterhoff.
Collision but No Damage.
Hamburg, Aug. 1.���Officials of the
Hamburg-American line confirm the report that the Kaiserin Augusta Victoria
bad a Blight collision In the Channel on
July 27th with the French sailing ship
Vllle de Dijon. The Kaiserin was practically undamaged and proceeded on ber
Liberals Retain Seat
London, Aug. 1.���Tbe bye election for
a member of parliament for the Northwest Division of Staffordshire has resulted In the return of Albert Stanley,
Liberal candidate, with the majority of
2,349 over the Unionist candidate. Tbe
seat was made vacant by the death of
Sir Alfred Unison, Liberal.
Hawaiian Sports.
Honolulu, July 25, via. San Francisco,
Aug. 1.���Active efforts are being made
to raise 1120,000 by subscription to build
a yacht to be designed by Crowntnshield
of lloston, to represent Huwull lu the
traus-Pacllic race Irom Sun Pedro to
Honolulu In 19011.
Pressure Relieved.
Superior, Wis., Aug. 1.���The Allouez
ore docks resumed work this morning
with sufficient crews to begin unloading
cars. As a result the road is putting
its train crews ou again. Two thousand
cars of ore are standing iu the yards
hack of Allouez and these will be moved
down us fast as the docks are cleared.
Saved His Tips.
Poughkeepsle, N. Y., Aug. 1.���Robert
Stubbs, for years butler In the borne of
Levi P. Morton, has retired from Ills position with a fortune of 1100,000 and has
returned to England, his uatlve country.
to live.
George   Albert    Cluy    and    Margaret
Cunningham   were   married   this   ufur-
noon by Rev. E. H.  Shanks. 7
.* *> v.
The Daily Canadian
: -
I     *
���aah    ST.!
We    ruv    now
opening apa large
shipment of
Limoge's Elite China
These    goods   ate   assorted   so that   you   can   select   any   pieces   you
prefer and   make  up  to  your  taste.
! Hjil-ieat Quality nt Lowest Prl-sCaa*
A carload of
has just arrive !.    These  goods  have advanced  slightly,   but we  offer them
mpetia! Bank of Canada
Head  Office:   Toronto.
Capital   Paid   Up    $4,325,000 Rett    *4,825.000
D. B. WIL.K1E, Prahidoct. HON. ROPEKT JAiTRAT, Vice-President
Branches in S.itish ColumbU:
Deposits received and interest cl'ov. ed at highest   enrrent rate from date of
���icniuK of aocoout, and compounded qua)terly.
NB-usors branch .-ir.   ftd.    LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  1869.
 $3,900,000     Reserve  Fund	
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of  [Banking  Business.
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, In Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published nix. aavn a wet:* by the
Baker St..  Nelst u, ii. C
Cuuacrlptlou rates, B0 oentl a inoulh delivered
ID the city, or *5.K> a jc-ar II sent by wall, when
paid in advance.
Advertising rates OU application.
Ail monlM paid lu MtUoment of Tne Daily
Canadian accounts, either foi Mibsu-rii.tinu** or
MtiTeriMuit, must ho receipted for on ih*' printed
fonns of  the 1'i.inpMiy.    Other receipts  art not
valid.    ___           -���r���
Thursday, August 1, 1907.
An ftgreexnjanl haa been reach* d be-
ween the gctVernmentH of Ohi itio and
-toanitoba by fjaich the educational �����<���)���-
tlflcatea oi each will be recogaieed by
the other. The clrcumBtance has been
little commented upon In tb** prei ol
the Dominion, possibly because Its importance htiB not been appreciated, It
ia the first step, anil n very decided
one, towards the removal of the barriers
that now bnld the provinces apart.
While the people of each province
hedge themselves round with artificial
restrictions on co-operation, the dream
of a united and bomog neous Canada
will   remain  only  a  dp am.
There is no unifying force more potent than u common system of elementary education. Al present Canada baa
not one system but alne. A member
of  any  of the  learmil   profession*:*   Aim
wishes io move from one province te
another finds bis credentials discounted,
and he can obtain recognition tor them
only by loss of time and money. This
does not apply to the clerical profesi Ion,
with the qualifications for which the
governments have nothing to do. The
restrictions on the legal profession have
some justification, since each province
makes its own civil law and rules of
pro�� dure. Hut no excuse can be pleaded in a country of six million Inhabitants for the Continuance of nine different standards of qualification tor
physicians and teachers. The prln-
ctpl"s of medical and surgical science
do not vary from district to district.
The hedging in of the medical profession, however, concerns only its own
members and they seem to preter it.
Bttt the schools are B matter of the
gieatest concern to 1 he whole population.
Administration of systems may. Indeed
must, vary with the conditions of the
diffiTi-nt provinces, but complexity of
curricula and of standards,  and multi
plicity of text books, conduce to neither
economy nor efficiency. Co-operation
among the provincial governments to
secure some degree of uniformity in the
Qualifications for teachers and in the
education given to the young would do
more than anything else to foster a national, as opposed to a provincial spirit.
Within the last three months two
important gatherings of educationists
have been held, one in Toronto and
one In London. The first aspiration of
each, indeed the purpose of each, was
to promote a feeling of unity, and measures to secure uniformity, in educational matters, first in the provinces of
Canada, and secondly, among the British peoples that compose the British
The question is not new. It has been
advocated before in many quarters.
Resolutions in its favor have been presented to the teachers' association of
British Columbia and have been defeated. The groundof opposition has generally been frankly admitted to be an
unwillingness to throw open the field in
British Columbia to teachers In the eastern provinces where salaries as a rule
were lower. That condition Jias been
somewhat modified lately. Salaries
elsewhere are rising and Hritish Columbia teachers are now little if any
bettor off financially than those in
other parts oi Canada, But even if that
condition were unaltered, it would not
cons! tute a valid argument. The Interest of B comparatively small class must
not be pleaded as against the public
interest, and it is surely In the interest
of all Canada that the children should
be Inspired with national sentiments
and   ideas,   iather   than   provincial.
Two provinces have made a tentative
beginning. The example is one worthy
to be followed, and is respectfully commended to the serious consideration of
our own educational authorities.
1 The Liberals of British Columbia are
going to hold a convention In Vancouver during the week of the Provincial
Fair at New Westminster. They should
not foi get to instruct all prospective
delegates to study the private cale-
cblSffl of the Machine In advance. There
Is room for only one organization of
thai kind In Canada, but, possibly the
provincial Liberals will merely organize
a branch to affiliate with the Machine.
The reported decision of chairman
Klllam, of the Railway Commission, is
that such natural advantages as easier
construction and lower cost of maintenance and operation, in the district
of which it is the centre, entitle Winnipeg to better terms than Vancouver iu
the matter of freight rates. It is a
novel exemplification of the law: "Cnto
him thai hath shall be given, and from
him that hath not shall be taken away
even that which he bath." If the argument be carried to its logical conclusion, the people who are coping with
the greattst physical difficulties should
be heavll>   laxed for their privilege.
Liberal organs continue to dwell on the
charm of Sir Wilfrid Lnurier'ts manner,
and the high esteem In which he is held,
personally, by most Canadians. These
are not matters of controversy. They
are conceded. Hut while we may be
proud to have a polished gentleman
and graceful and charming speaker to
represent us at banquets in London and
Paris, and to acknowledge our welcoming plaudits with symptons of grateful
emotion, we would still submit that
these are not the chief requirements for
a prime minister. There is nothing
strenuous required of Sir Wilfrid in the
way of formulating a policy for Canada
That was done for him long ago by Sir
John Macdonald. We can take Sir Wilfrid's acknowledgment as understood
though he has so far forgotten to ex-
piess it. All that he Is required to do
is to give the country such clean and
efficient administration as will enable It
to reap the full advantage of the era of
prosperity which all the world is enjoying and Canada as fully as any other
country. Clean and efficient administration requires honest and able ministers. So far Sir Wilfrid has signally
failed to secure them in sufficient numbers to man his cabinet. That is the
only serious task confronting Sir Wilfrid now.
Rostand Seriously III.
Paris,  Aug.  1.���M.  Edmond  Rostand,
the   famous   dramatist,   author   of  Cyrano   de  Bergerac   and   L'Aiglon,   is   reported  seriously  ill.
Favorites Withdrawn.
New York, Aug. 1.���Peter Pan, the
champion three-year-old of the season,
and winner of nearly $60,000 thla year.
will not start in the Brighton Derby on
Saturday. While at work yesterday he
struck one of his fore legs and limped
home so badly that his owner declared
him out of the race. Owner and trainer
agreed that the horse must have a long
r.-st. The withdrawal of Peter Pan
takes away much of the interest in the
big $15,000 Derby. Kean's other entry.
Zambesa, Will not start. The best
horses aihong the present eligibles are
Frank GUI and Charles Edward. The
former has a bad knee and it Is quite
likely that he will not face the barrier.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Butter, Eggs.
Camp aud Minora' Supplies).
430 acres on Kootenay Lake, between
Halfour and Coffee Creek; $12.50
per acre.
Baker St., Opposite Queen's Hotel.
Coal! Icel Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Frott,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
OFFIC j�� :
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   8U.
IN THE MATTER of the "Rivers and
Streams Act" and amendments
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
The Canadian Pacific Timber
Company,  Limited.
Notice U hereby  si ven il.at  ��) daya aft*r date
The OanedUn Pacific' ImberCoibmbt. Uaflti
intend* to submit to tha Honorable chief Cm
mtiMoiior ot Un-*]**- nn'I Worka a pr poial D*M#f
the provlaion**. nf ihu "Iti vera and Htreama Art"
and ameudmenta thereto, fur tbe right to Im
prof* Trottl creek and Ito tributaries from tb";
aourooe of mieh cr.'i-k itii'i trlbutarteato the point
where tbe POtOO flown into Trout lake In the Histrict of Went Kooteuay, uud to r-imnve obatruc
lion* therefrom und make tht* name fit for driving, sloriiiK.sortliiK ami hoomtOH logs, rafta and
crafla, Hri'i thi_��� fliimlnjr of lumber thereon, uUo
(or tbe riirht to colled 1oll�� thereon.
The lauda urTcelel arc crown lands and IxjU
770, 7VW), JtSia 77'.*, 771 ICt. 7W aurt 190, all in
Group 1, WeM Kootenay.
Dated thla with day of May, IW7.
bv then solicitor. It, M. Macdonald,
For Sale
House. 5 rooms and bath;  close in $1600
16 ft.  Lots on   I mill  St. for $450.00
$^4 Acres within mile of centre
of City, suitable for market
garden Terma   given
160 Acres on Kootenay river.
good springs, first-class railway   service $3,000
F. B.  LYS
Real   Estate  and   General   Agent.
West Baker Street. NELSON. B. C.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agent for Truscott Launches
and Peterboro Canoes.
Finest Lot of  Boats lu B C.
Foot of Josephine St.
w.   a.   OILUETT
Contractor   nn<J
Sole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yards. Rough and dressed lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath nnd ab logins, sash
and doors. Cement, brick and lime for sale
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon Ht . ea*t uf Hall
P. O. Box 282. Telephone ITS
Piano  and  Singing .Lessons
Given  by  Mrs.  Winter   Every  Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Eng., for theory ol music. Scholarship of the London Conservatoire of Music for singing and piano
playing. Address Box 796. Nelson.
Nelson Land Diatrict.   District nl West Kootenay.
Take notice that William Andrew Koaa, of
Fernle, B C, hotel keeper. Intends to apply for
a apeclal timber licence uver the bdlowiug des
-Tibed lands:
No. 1 ��� Com mend nr at a post planted about
three mi es north of the International ooundary
line, and about otahl miles went o[ the Knot**nay
river, and about two miles north of the northwest corner of timber lb ence So. nobl, thence
north SO chains, thence *���*"! �����> ehatOJ, thenea
sonth 80 ehaius, theuco weal Bo chaina tn point
of commencement, and "onlatniuK ttto acres,
more or less.
Located Vith June 19)17.
No. 2.-Comrnenclng StSpOSt plauted at th
southeast coruer of William A Kosa'i HO. 1 claim
and about two miles north oi the N. W coruer
Oi timber licence No. OObl, thence north *)
chaiUH, thence west W> chains, thence soutb 00
chatus. thence east 80 chains to the point of com-
ineucemeut, and coutainlug 6*to acrea, more or
Located 12th June, 1907.
No. 3. -Commeucing at a post planted near
Bridge creek, about one mile esst of the north
east cornerof William A. Ross's No. 1 claim,
and shOUt five mllea norlh of the International
boundary line, thence uorth (w chains, tbence
west 88 chains, tbeuee soutti HU ehalus. thence
east 80 chains to the point of eoiiimwuceiuent.
and containing 640 acres, more or lesa.
Located 12th June, ixn
No. 4.���-Commencing at a post planted near
Bridge creek at tne soutbaaat corner of William
A Koss- No Sola.u-i, thence north 80 chains,
tnence east BO chains, tbeuee south SO chains,
thence west 80 chaliih to the point of commencement, and cnnta-luing M0 acres, mure or less.
Located 12th June. lAfl.
No. !>. -Commencing at a poat planted near
Bridge creek, at tbe southeast corner of William
A. Koss' No. 3 claim, tlience south 80 chains,
thonce west 80 chain*, thence north 80 chains,
theucu east 80 chains to th* point of commencement, and cont-klniiig 6*0 acres, more or less.
Located uu. June. 19UT.
No. fi ���Commencing at a pott planted near
Bridge creek, at the southeast corner of William
A. }-..������.*���' No. 3 claim, tnence south 00 chains,
thencs Mat 80 chains, theuee uorth 80 chain*,
thence west 80 chaino to tbe point of commencement, aud containing 640 acrea, more or less.
Located 12th June, 1*)7.
No. 7.���Cointn.��������� ;.*.* at a post planted ahoul
one mllcaoulbuf the sun theaat cornerof Wlllum
A Koss* .vo iSclalm and about two miles nortli
of the lutertistloual boundary lint, ihenee north
80 chaina, theuee weit HO chain*, thence south m
chains, theuee east BO chaina to the polut of
commencement, and containing t*40 acres, more
or leaa.
Located the 12th of June. 1907.
No. 8,-���Corntneiiclti> at a poat planted at the
sou'heaat corner of \\ illiam A. Koas' No. 7 claim,
thence in-:::. - ��� chains, thence ea*.t 80 chaina,
then�� urath BO Ohalns, thence weal no chains to
point of corn men cement, aud containing tm
SONS, more or leaa.
Located the litii day of lune. 1907
Dated this Mb day of July. 1907.
William Ani.bew Hunt
ito lice la hereby given tbat 60 days after date I
intend to apply to tbe llf.n. * hlef Commissioner
of Lauda and *orkS tor permission to pun base
the following dwertbed lands, situated in West
Kootenay dlstrlot: Oommenelng nt �� ���*��.������ marked b) uame tn Initial post of the Knuth Fork
branch, one hundred feet from the Junction of
Lost ereek with the south fork; thence orie-
quarter mile to the northweat earner post, thenc*-
oue mile to the. northeast corner pom. thsnoa
one-fjtiarter mtle to the southeast corner post,
thence one mile to  the pUce of commencement
June 27, 1*X)7. Located by Wm   Conwolly.
Notice Is hereby given that Ho days after date j
intend to make a|ipll<-alli>u lo the Honorable ihc
chief Commissioner ol I-ands and Works, Vi-.
lorla, ll <; , f r s spec lal llcouce lo cut timber on
ihe following described lands in West Kootenay
district: Commencing at a posl situated Op
Blueberry ereek,abonl four miles from its mouth
and adjoining ���,. *, ���,���. , ..ru.-r of my applha-
llou No. 1, thence nouth 80 chains, tlicnce wist
mo chains, thence north Ml cbalna, thunee ��� "-i ���**������
r-haina Ut point of commencement.
Dsted Hay i9th, i9u7. K. .w Rosnmm.
Nelson Land Dlstrlot District ol West KoOttOlf
'laka notice that Moore, Kepple A ��� o., of i-aria d, Peon . Occupation lumbermen, intends tg
apply tor a special timher licence over the (ol*
lowing daaeribed >ands: Commencing at a post
plan'ed on Mosquito creek, on the weat side of
-��� rrow lake, aud ������ l...-- r one half mile west ��f the
sou'hwicit corner of Urn t*r limit No 4877. th. nro
north'/) chalm. theme west 80 chains, thenc >
(//���.tb '" chaiuR, theucu east H*> chaina to point nf
��ommene*sment uml containing mo acres, more
or .*��� -���
J/,il*d lMh, July. 1907 Mooa*,K��rri,K A Co.
John H. Calkins. Agent.
��*,*//�� l-an'i Pla'rlct Dlatrlet ol Weat Ktx.tenay
Tefci ���fttoi that v note. Kepple Ai Co., of Gar
leu/1, i'ntiu , occupation lumbermen, intend to
apply C-r a SMOlal limber HeeoOS over the foi
lowing described lands: Commencing nt fi pot
planted on Mosquito ereek, ��� n tba weal side of
Arrow lake, and about Ofll half mile weat, of the
���0Uthwest corner *<f Umber Umll No 4M77, tbeii'c
south >��o chains, theme wntt 8lt ciialns, thence
north HO chains, tl.chcu eaat 80 chains to point of
oommsnesmsntj md containing M0 acres, more
or l*t>s
Dsted 16th July, 1W7       Mooks, Fai-ei.s A Co
Joh* ft. ial* ii* a, Agent.
Bargains in
Wash Belts
100 Doz. Fancy White Wash Belts
Regular Price 50cts    "><q-    Te? ���-t
WeSe'l Them at . .    ^C    HaCll
Nelson Land District   District ot West Kootenay
Take DOtlOS that William Andrew Koas, of
Ferule, B C, hotel keeper, -:���:.*���--��� to apply ior a
special timber liceuce over the following described lands:
No.l.������Commenting ata post planted about
80 chains ea��t of the northeast corner of timber
licence No. 8078, ami about (Wcbaina north ol the
northern boundary of limber ttoanoa No. 807*,
and aoout 1.' miles weat of the Kootenay river.
aud about two and a half mllea north ' ii ������ ju*
tern all. .n p.. boundary lino, In the District of
West Kootenay. tlience south ft(> chain*, thence
west 80 chains, thence uorth 80 chains, theuee
eaat 80 chains to the point of commeneemeut,
containing 640 acres, more or less.
Located Utb June. 1B07.
Wo.tar--Commooting at a posl planted at tbe
northeast corner ol William A. Boss's No. 1 claim
aud aboul one mile north of the northern boundary of timber Uoenoe No ncn>, theme south 80
chain*, theuee oastSQ fthstns, theuee north 80
ihaina, thence west 80 chains to the point of
eommcuceim.-ut. aud contHiUg 640 acres, more or
Locsted llth of June, 1907.
William Ahlrsw Boaa.
Dated this Mh of Jti'y. 1907.
NeUon Land District.   Dlslrici ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that Ceorge Alexander, ol Kaslo,
B 0.i luteuds to apply for a special timber
Uoenot over the following deacribed lands:
Commeucing at a post plauted at the northwest
corner of tiection 12, Inwusblp 7, Kootenay district, being about one-third of a mile aouth of
the aouth boundary line of the Indian reserve;
theuee nouth about ib cbaiua to tb,- ��� ***t.*ri *���
bank of Kootenay river; thenee sontheaatcrly
along Koolenay river bank about 60 chains to
the soulh boundary of Hectlon 12. Township 7;
ilieuce easterly about M chalua to the uorthwest
cornerof Uil nl; theuee north 00 chains along
the wed boundary .if I.o( 812; tbence �����-*.*���
i-haiua to the point of commencement, and contaiuing 6(0 acres, more or leaa
Dated July 4. 1U07. Cison-aE ALSZaKI'BB.
Nelson laud District.   District of West Kooteuay.
Take notice that   Kvan   McClelland   Y :*- *   uf
Pernle, B. C , clerk, intetida tu apply for a -;���*:���
tir����nce   over   the   following    oaasrlbed   lands
Oommsntins al a   i>ost   pianteti abonl aoyon
miles weal of the Ktajteuay river, and about one
mile nor'h of the luteruattonai boundary Hue,
and about one and a<iuarter north-eastwrly from
the uorth east corner ol timber licence No. S0fi7,
thence soutb HO ehaius, theuee weat 80 chains,
them-e uorlh M' ehaius, thence east 80 chains lo
polut of commencement, aud coutalulug t>*o
acres, more or less.
Located 12th. of Juue. 1907.
KVAN MtCl.KLI.A**   t f .   IK
Dated this 8th of July. 1V07.
Take uotlce that C C. Clark, ut Nelson. B. C,
saloou ���������;���(. Intends Ut apidy for a ���***,- ��� !������ timber llcenee over tbe following described land:
Coinmenclug at a post planted on Mornlug
Mountain, aboul one mile west of Hnuller treek.
snd adjoining C. c Cla'k's location for timber
licence No 1, and about one mile south of Nelson, tbence west 80 cbalus, thence aouth 80
chains, thence cast 80 chains, theuc�� north 80
chains to place of beginning.
Dated July 10th, 1901 V. C class,
Daviu Booth, Ageut
Neb n Land Dlitrlct, Dlatrlet of West Kootenay
Take notice that Frank Flanagan, A *-* Klder,
and K Of. Smith, of Hpokaue, Waah., occupation
ranchers, liiumd to apply for a ape* tnl timber
licence over the following described lands:
Commeucing at a poal planted at the aoutheast
coruer, atxmt nix mllea from the Kooteuay river,
on the weal aide, theuee uurlh -������ chains, thenee
west no chains, thence south HOchalns, thence
eaat 8u chaina to polut of commencement, and
containing <>ki acrea, more or less.
Dated July Uth, i>*t Frame Flahauam.
A   S. KLhkK,
K   W. .-situ   Agent for Appl!  ants.
Nelson 1 aifi District.   District of West Kootenay
lake notjee tnal Frauk Flanagan, A H Klder.
and K. W. Hmlth, Spokane, Wash., occupation
ranchers. Intend to apply for a special limner
licence over ihe following deacribed lands:
('ommeuclcg at a poat planted one mile uorth
and one mile east of poet No 1, which poal is
abonl nix miles from the Kootenay river, on the
west side, thenre north 80 chalua. theoce west 80
ciialns, thence south au chaina. thence eait 80
chains Ui |��olnt of commeneemeut, and contain-
luc mii arret*-., more or less.
Dated JiUy lSth, 1991. 9tUMM Flawauak,
A. H  Ki.ngn,
K. W. Smith, Agent for Applicants.
NeUon Land Dlstrlet   District of West Kooteuay
lakemcire that K W. Hmlth. Frank Klana
gHu. and A fl, Kl.lt r. of Spokane, Wash*, occupation ram hcra, lutend to apj I >��� lor a ape-cial
timber heem e over the following described
landa:     Comnienc.ug al a Met   planted  at the
southwest corner, shout eight mllea irom th*
Kooteuay river, on the weat aide, aud about
three mllea norih of the International boundary
line, on the west bank of Brldg creek, on the
north lork. theme north W chalua. thenre eaat
BO Chains, thence south M chains, thenea weal 80
chains to point o| commencement, and contain
ing Mo sores, mora or less
Dated July 19th, 1WJ7. K. W   Hmith.
A. 8   KLUES,
K. W   HMITH, Agent-
Nelson laud District    District nf West Kootenay
��� ake hollo-   tliat   K.W.hutltb,   Frank   liana
gan, end A.J Klder. of tipoltfttie, wash, wm
paiion ranchers, intend to apply for a social
limber Ibencu over the following described
lands: Commencing ata post planted at the
���outheagt corner, stout eight miles Irom Die
Kootenav river, on lhe west aide, and about
three miles uorth of thu international boundary
Hue, ou the west bank of Hrldg creek, on the
uorlh lork, theme norih 80 chalm, theiic wesl
��> chains, thence soulh 8n chain*, thence easl 80
chains to point of commencement, and eoiiUln-
:���*.")���> ...'i. ��� more or less
Dated July mh, 1907. K. W  HMITH,
FltANK Flanaoa.m,
A. U    H-I'SK,
K. W. sunn, Agent.
Nelson  1*1,1   iMslrb-t.    District ol V\Yi>l KoOtOOS*
Take in.tice ��hai Paul Annual Paulsen, of Kit.
ehenor, B.C., oooupetion lumbermnn, intends
to apply for a special timber Uosnoa over ths t..l
lowing described lauds: Commem lug ��t a i-..,i
plumed at the aouthweit i-oi iis-r of BUri <-vcl lot
.221 ���<} 1 thence south to tbe northern boundary
of timber llccnca No. 70)8. them-,- weit to ths
norihweat corner of said timber lloenot* them-e
soutb to the northern boundary ollot nii u*. *���*.��������
following nald boundary, of said lot wet to tbe
right of way of the Hrlllsh Columbia Boutboin
Railway, thsnos following said right of way in a
north-easterly direction lo place uf DOmmt DOI
ment. and r.-ntaiulng AtO aeroa, mfir.- or ISSS
Daled July .'nd, li��0,.    PaI'I. AuorsT PaBUOM
Notlcu Is hereby given that 60 daya after dan- 1
intend to applv to the Honorable tbe < hl.f I om-
mlaslotier of Lands and Works for ��� ipsola]
liceuae to ��ut and carry awav tlmlMir irom tht.
following described lauds tu tt,.��t Kootenej dis
No. 1 lominenclng al a poat marked William
Walriislcy. jdauted at Kokan..- ( r. ��-k Biding on
the Proetsr extension, on the west side <���( l^.i
MW. 00 tbe south side of the West Arm of K.-..t-
enay lake, lummenclng at the N K cormr ; ..-;
runuing south 00 ehalna. ivestSU chains, north no
chains, east 80 chalua to place uf beginning
Located Ird June. 1*17.
William W alms ley, laoeator,
Jame-i  fit'aiiAfin as Ag��">t
Notice la hereby given mat fiO days afterdate, I
iBtt-mlto apply Ut Ihr Hon. < hlef t'oiamissioner
uii.auda and Works lor p<-rinlsalon to purchase
the following described land In West Kootenay
dutrlcl, on west alnre of Lower Arrow Lake
adjoining Lot No Wll, on thesouth: Beginning
ata p-.st mark-d "Harry MeLeods N K corner
post UU planted on the shore of Lower Arrow
Lake, et the southeast .-orm-r of t'apt Foslnnd's
.4WS, thence west Su chains, thenre south JO
chains more or leaa to the uorth bouudan of It
Fullmore's P. B , thence 2'chains east aloug the
said boundary to lake, thonesnorth along the
lake shore 'JO cbalus, more or leas to pulni of
com in ence meut.
May '.ind, 11W7. j   u. Moors.
______^     Agent for Harry MeLeod.
Nelaon Land District. Dlstrictof Weat Kuoieuay
Take notice that i.SOTS* Bufus t arter of bir-lar
occupation, brulgenian. intends lo apply for per-
| mission |o purchase lhe following describe*!
.aud t ummem lug at post planted al the norlh
west cornerof B. flos��'application to purchase,
aiarked H W.. them-e north 40 chains, thenc*-
east 4U chaina, theme south Ju ehalus to A
��� iurry's preemption, thence west Ai ehains.
thence south JO chains, iheuce smi ju chains to
place of eummeuceuient Coutalulug 1A> acres
more or leas.
Dated July IS, l*r:        Usoaug Hvrrn Castes,
  W. J. B4UTT, Agent
Nelaon I-a ml District. Dlstrictof West Homme?
Take minx, that tieorg�� Hturm, of Hillings.
Monuna. 1 J A.. oooOMtton. merchani. L'-
tends to apply tor ueniilssloii lo purchase tbe
following deacrlhed laud; CommsOclna at a
Jh^I planted ou lhe   west shore of   VPm, w,��i
ol"n,(aMlb?,h�� Uk*'' *"*' Mth�� ����tbi...t corner
ol .ni niss thenre weat �� ebalns, thsnos south
40 chains, thence aaat 90 ehalna. thenea north 40
ehains to point ol commencement, ami contain-
���lake notice that :m days utter date I intend to
annlr to tin* Hon tht Ohltf <:omniiBsloiior of
Lutnls and Work*, Viet, rla, for psrmllSlon to
out and carry away timber from the following
deMTibtd land, in WMt Koot. nay:
No 1 Commencing nt a post planted at the
souihwrst (rorner of timber license WAG, thence
went 80 chnlna, thence soulh 80 (dialoa, tbence
eaal nodnilns. thence north ft) chains to place of
Dated May ��1, 1007.       J. 7. B0MUM. Ix��eslor.
J  W   Coi.BrKf*. Agent.
No. 2     rntniiienrdng  al   s OOft idanted at the
southeast oorner ofeppWeetlon oo. i, thenee eaat
Mu-iiaiiiM. Ihenee horlli 8(1 chains, thence west tt
chains thence soutli 80 chains to plaoe of com-
rnsnosmsnt _ _
Dated Mayai,D*07.       J   T. Bononaa, LoOAtOr,
J, W. CoLBt'RM, Agent-
Nelnnii Land District.   Dlalrlctof Weat Koolenay
lake notice that Paul  August I'nulaon, of Klt-
Ohsnar,   D, 0., OOOUMtten   lumberman,  lntenda
to apply for a special timber llOS > over the foi
lowing dMCtibed lands:    I oniiiieiicing at a i��>ni
planted ��' tha loutbweat corner of ���urveyed lot
7^1-0.1, thenco east 40 chains, thence north PI
ci.alnn, tbenceenatto t- eanutheaitcurnerolaald
lot, Ibinea north to ths nortbeaat corner ol aald
A* a. I    Sa    ,1.*.   BSalaaaal    I...,..., I .. r   ,     ,.i   , . r .     aTjflM I .
,'TPa, moro or toaa.
D.l.<] July taUa, HX-7.   I**.i :.  ' v... ai 1-aduun
In. *> a.*n*a* more or It-:
May Alb. lfct/7.
Oananj BTi'aar.
Nelaon I*n.l Dlalrl. I    IMalrlct of Wnl Knotena./
ra-tafi^ftft .'"" W*"<''"  M,'Ne"* "' ""��"�����*
i., .���^i. ���, ,8^ ���"������'���"pation n.nb.nt. intratu
MitSUtZ. Pr":""i'"> 1�� pa-rebut ih. follow.
.nn.l.HTlbmll.n.l: l'<.mm.celii( al a t��..l|.l.nl
iu*, au.l at lh<* i...,i. <��� .i i���rii.*r ol 1^,1 un
una. Waal -hi rhalns. Ih.ure north 90 ehalna'
then��� eaal an ihalus. then,,* soulh ni . halna ifi
point ol ... ,u i���,.,,. ..���i..,n, ami lomalnm. 16o
a. rps. tnorf or l.ss.
May win. lttn ttatna Mwi.il.
nll',lo^U"i,i""''<'.'"1' *"" **" ''������� iut��n.l l.. ap
ply to the llon.thi-chlrll'ominlaalou-rol Ui7,V.
Ta^l    ",**""" I"'"*1'*"*' ��"-- h.llowln, ,!..!,. mu.
ani.    pomiMOSlaf  al  the   N. K. t   ol   loiTwru
I.... a:.-    March ath. 1907.
Uat��.l the lod .lay ol May. IUCT7
.      ���   .     ���/""���"���ini   ��A.a,K,
 P" f  <>��� Katgiiaa. A��ont.
lu^'u'^^.K!^."!". !-">.).-ii.r.i.... I
wiahalns. thou.*, north 40ebalua, ih.nra iaat m
ih.lii.lo pl��,ColL*t)iillni*i.i*,*i,ii*ui.       ,l"-'*'*1 ""
Ht! M.y. Wl, M..,,,,,, ��, ,.Al��� ���LlK
north  vi , i,���i���,   Ihuot aaat �� .halna   ,..,..
aoulh   aloni,  ahore ol   Hlo,���u   lake   i ,'���    ,i   ,|
eommencemenl. i'oiu. ui
l.ueale.l May Ull. T. M.Bl.ani*.
Nelson Land District    IHslrli-t ol West K
Take nolle, thai Edwar.l Patmol Ymir, ent.
h ( oluiiil.la. oei*ii|..ll,���i, minor. Inteti.ls to a,,
ply lor perinlaalon Ui purehaa. the lolionln.
���lescrlhed laml: OoBuaanelnk at a post Blanlad
uu th. north hank ol i&at fl reek ahoulT n*'
mllea eaaierly Irom the Junction ol U���{ creek
and Halmon river, m ihe Nelaou land district,
thenco north Ou chaina, thenco weat Un chiilna
thenco south nil chaina, more or lesa t��� l ',
creek, thenee eaat lollnwlnx said creek to point
ol eoinmeucenienl, aud contalnlna ,hu uina.
moro or leaa '
Dated .lune f,ih,HKn. Knwaao I'niM.
Nelaon r.allii iJlalrlcl. Iliatrlii ,,l W'Vil Koolenay
.*!*# nonce lhat John Phllhert nl Nelaon,
Hrltlali I olumbl.i, oeeupiitiou, salco'i keeper, Intends to  a,,,,|,   ,,,r  perinlaalon lo pun haae the
lollowliiK   ilosoilbod   land:     11... i,<    ,,i   i,
poat planted on iho nortli hank I .... creek, and
ahout two aud ounquarler mllea r��at<rlv from
the lull.lion of l.oal creek uml Halmon river. In
th. Nelaon land dlatrlet, Ihenee norlh no chains,
.heiica weat nn Halm, tlicnce aoulh Nl ehalna
wore or leas, lo l.o,l ereek, llieni eeaal folloiviuir
aa d croek to p. lot of com cuincut and eon"
talutli, .hii a.rc. more or leaa.
Dated Juno fdli, IU07. Johk 1'hii.iiiiit
��� "li* i* la l,cr. 1.. cl* , 1, IhalaUtydayanflcr.lfile
I Intend to appl \ lo thcllon. Cliicl (oinmlssloiicr
ol Lands and Works lor perinlaalon lo purchaa.
the follov.lnit described (rutOf land annate In
West Koolenay district;     potBIOl ncin*, at a pn.it
Sluntod abuul one half mile norlh from forks of
uinmll eroek,  marked   lean   ^ amernn'a H. W.
coro.r,  them *.* east  M ohrtlna, th a  norlh 40
chains, Ihenee   west 40 chain., tbMt,k
ciialns to place ol .*,,i������1..!1( ,.tIIr���,       rK
WlbLlall Haatnt a. ��^*
Nelaon l-and Dlslrici    Dlslrl.t ���| w���,,~
Take notice that K,.nk   MclionaH aa*
Ilrlllah I olumbla. necupalloo uiu, ,.���*"
apply f.ir |..-rniia.1,,11 10 purclias. ih, 1
!. ~ riled lands:    Uommenclu, ,t . ra-
....1 tha nont. hank ol U��t  c,ee"k iRgj
mile eaalerlr   Iron,   ibe   l.in.ilon  cl! bi "
and -almou river. In   the  Nelson 1.0JJ.
theuee   uorlh Ou chains,   theut. eui a t
Hi.IIUM M.uth 40 cbalna, thence .e,t mai
point  ot commencement,   ami   ecntaicij
acres, more or leaa *****-*tai
l.ated^Jnne Mh. l��n. ra,,, Metasj^ |
.���H""7.JU/!. *"��' *���*"��� I '""aa lo.���
Hon   c bi.f 1 ommlaalon.r of Iahoi .*
\ lcl��.rla ii c.. to purchaaa lbs Wim|
aolibad land, Mtuuted ia ��he Wett EaMtH
trlct: I ominancln-f at a poat plant-a* 3
west aido of Kootenar lak*. out -->"���,
IMiint, and markad J. McKlnnooi I i,
l��tat, thence west SO chala****. tbeact iri
f halm, thenre eaat BUrhalat a ore nr EmM
shore, thonce slon�� lake thorn to mSS
Uate*l April*. 1W7. Hlsoed J Htm
Nelaon Laud Dlatrlet.   Ulairlrlof WettCwa
Take   notice  that   Kdward Fnuar %t
Montana, r h a . orcupatioa ���.., fc���
tenda Ui apni) for MrtnlaaloQ te *��r
following deacriltwi land: t (innn-ser.
post planted on tbe weat ahore of rpm\\
shau (*> artljoo) lake, and at the tuuitaci
of Ia>i 913'A, Iheaos weat j) chalm tirw
���-. ��� aiti-a. thenoe e��at jo chalm. tfcesnw
c halna, theni-e ess' -W rhaina, mure or lea,
weat ahore ol I'pper W haubaa (larftac.
thence uortberlr and *���**...-:. .*---.
��� bore MO chalua,   more or    .*��������.;������.*
.-���.. cni.-nt.  and  oontalntni no aem.
May Uttli.UOI. lD��(i��7l
Hl��ty dayi aftej date ( Diirpoa* r,*i A
cation to the Hon. th.* . M.*f ro:iiai*-*i_
Ijin-i* arid Works for prrmut!^ to p-arttali
follow inf deacrlbe*! land * Coamaatl H
poal pla w! at tbe uorth eaat -ty-ratf il��^
-kinner'a application t*. purrhtM miSr
���K h ���. N. W. corovr pout thenre fciifl��0|t
��� ���������-������:. boundary uf iald aj-i .;������'.:*.* t*j
south, thenre runnlnf m rbalua tul i)m*
i l*auis north to tbe aouthern bounla".:*'
Hanninston ��� application U> p*ircha*t *!*���.
rhaina .�����������; alona aauie to i-.ict n: ----bw
meut, rou lain lug Mo acrea. moreorlaai
.���*'.*. iuti day ol May. 1WT.
(SlfDedlK Hi
per F. ti   r*PQt'ist. A|ttt
Hlsiy days after date 1 inteod u> *:;���'������
Hon Chlel 4 ommlkaloner of I.a; li ��:l��'"
for |K*riul*ai(-.ti to purchaae the folJwfli
a<rlU-d land in Weat Kooteuay <llatrM
uieudug at a poat marked A C. llsB
uurner poat. running ��) cbalna earttr't ���
the boundary of llsaber licence No ����� r
���������'!..:��� bo cbalna, tbence weaten; �� ��i
tbence northerly bO ehalni aloof tbitt
track to ihe place of commt-ncemanl, ��������*
two hundred a*-res. more or leas.
I - ������ t :��� i mis wth day ot May. 1*71.
A. 0. n id 1
Notice la hervny gleeu that 40 dayiansL
intend toapply to the Honorable tb*1 i*' ���
mtaaloner of Landa and   Worka lot ptnu
to pun*haae the followlug deacrllaul At'. A
lo   Weat   Kootenar  dlatricl'    f,,mm*tix'
noat |* ,: :u -i at the   west boundary ���'���-'*���
and about lu chains aouth of thraouU tea
of   tbe   right of way  of the  II   C.to*etM
way,  and   marked   P.  A    P'e ao-atb**it <*
thcucc weat lr*i chatui, thence north lot**"
Ixiundary of tbe right-of-way of B. i' ******
railway, thence following aald bounJafl��|
rlght-ot waj in an eaaterly dlreclion ��*"1
boundary of Lot S83 tn. thence aoutb top"J
. ..nuncio o'ln-t-itt, fwntalnlng 100 seria, *0*|
Dated thla Uth day of June, ISO?.
Paul acui-st f^*|
Noth e li h.-r.by given that alitj <1V]J
dale J Intend to apply lo the Uononw*
�� ommiailoner of Umb and YiorU ww��
aion to putcbaae tbe following dSSWlbsl W
land. altuaU'd In Weat KooP-na)* dlltrtn
in en ring et a jxiat plsnte*l ort (tum"11^
alM.ut one-half uillti norlbw'st from !<>�������
ed J.B. Mcl.'s N K. corner, tbenee weil��*
thence south * chains, tbence OUWWW
thenco north 4U   chaina to place uf &m
tttC May. lflirj. JomkH. K**W1
William JAwewyLT
Tsse notice tbat Harry Williaai* ill
B C, rancher, lntenda to apply 'orf*SH
lu purchase the following decrrlbea iw-|
Weat Ko'>teuay dlatrlet: .
t.omtnenclng st a poat planted MJMRl.
aotilheaat corner of Lpj all tbouian-1 bw��'
red and slihtT-flTO (WW). -VfenpeMOkp
dlatrlet, thenco aoutb twenty (�� ��i����-"
weat one huudr-cd and alsty (M0)OMl*B
north twenty ['JO) ehalna, Wtn*WSS�����,Ja|
red and   alxty 0��W) chalua to th* P"'11-Tl
mencement and  coutalulug M0 acrai *-*"���
lated the 19th day of May. IK"".      tfJlJ
I, the undersigned, after ��o da��i i-31"}!
ply to the Hou the Chief ConimlMi<.n.r"i
and Works for permlailon lo pott���"���'S
lowing described land: Comm����D|-njfl
marked N K 0 . aitnated on thef^J
Hlocan lake, about twenty mile* train h'*",���l
thence weal 40 ehalna, thelire aniiin ���, ti
thanOB east 40 cbalna, thence B-W^Spl
ahore *��f lake 80 chalua to point ol r
ment. ���_��� ..,i
Coeeted May4tb. KISt
BsucB Whits. A|��^
lay of May. 1��W    UH.cUirtK
r A. X.Mi*'vi.UtiO.Atw*
Hixty daya after date 1 purpose mail" I I
tlon   to  ih�� chief OommlMlonor SJCS
Worka foi  perinlaalon  to purehase IM " S
descrltM'd land:    Conimeiicing at a p* r
at the nnrtbweal corner of  lot 4*tB��    ��" ���
ed "P   MH "iH IC corutr poat,"  runn'UI^-
��() ehalna north Ihenee HO chaina weat, ^   ,|:
chains aouth, thence WJ cbalna eaat. w r^*.,
coinmcueuiuvnt, conlslnlng M0 ���"���"!
Hated ihit oth day of May, 1��W
(Hlgued) WTW
per D. A. BIcUuLUx
Nelson Land Dl.ilrKt.   Dlatrlet of Weal <**
Take notice that Paul A usuald'*""0 '������
eheiier. B, 0 . oootipatlon lwiiii>on��"vf ^
loapnl. for ponnlaaloii to purclui" ' ,
lnK Meseribed lands: Comniei Oil * ��� ���
idanted on the *0St boundarv of ' .^wut,
and about 10 chaina aouth of ^���ffiK'ffii
of the right of-way o| the Brjwl m[t0
Houthern Hallway, and marked *��� (
SSal corner," thence west ^ffSm
norlh to t li.. aouth boundary of lb�� "��� KN
of ihe Hrltlali Columbia *,ul,,lt;"i<iril>.
theucu following ��sld boundary.��>i^"��� f*
way, In an eaaterly direction lo the " llrt
ary of lot No. M'A-i-i.l. U^MIf^
commen.reiaent. and contslning WF"
or leaa. ,art,
Haioil thla l.ui. day of fuly, '*",'__ i-.tf*!
Pun. Aiovr**^,
ftotua la lierony ,lven mat HfffljSfij
Intel].*: lo a|i|.ly to till, "'.""'"''."."'.rnlllal*    ���
ml.aloiier ol lin.la ami Wnraa for P*'", 0|ll
purchase  I lie  lollovrlua ''"'/I'f',"�����.<���'
altuate In Weat Kooteu..)* ���""I'fii, ���...'��".
at .  poat plante.1 on l*lai*ar "l'*;,���>���� ,,
llneneo with  Htiulmlt creek.   ��,"J,,|I*!I
lUrliour'a   N.VV   corner. Ihelien a   .^.nn*.
tliolnm aaat 40 chains,   Uialioa "      ������r''��.uj
Ihenee Wothii ehalna to plaiv oteom"   ������
iard llaj 1��U7. wnxua1 The Daily Canadian
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L Burns & Co., Ltd.
NELSON, 13. C-
Hereby    Kiv.n    third  HO days
tend lo  aMdv to   the   Chlel  Coin-
Land   and    Worki-,   lor  a  h pec lal
nnd carry Umber from tho follow-
HUnK  aftuated  on   the  aoutheant
'   er.  In   the    dlHtrlet   of Went
Com in.-ncltiK at a poal placed abOUt
Ot Hose U-af creek luark.d *-K. M.
oorner," thenos ��" chalua
SO  chalua  eaat,   the nee MD chain*-
tO  chalua  weat   Ui   place  of  com-
Bhn llth day of June, 1907.
K   M. KkkvM, t-oefclor.
_   _    jercl-y   uivcn    tbat  B  daya
iten-1 io ,ipi>)\   t" the   > hl.J coiii-
Land-*   an-!    Workf,   for   a   ��|.ictal
a earrv timber from tbo follow-'
nds ntnated on lbs aoutheaat
>n river, in the dlalrlctof Weat
imencliut al a post ptOAOA "bout
Roue Leu creek, marked "K M.
���^uthweat corner," thence 80
ience (K) chaina eaal. tbence SO
lence UO cbalna weat to placu of
10th day of June, 1907.
H. M . Kssviu, Locator.
irlcl.   luatrietoi Wast Kootenay
ishami   William   Andrew   Koaa,   of
,'bOlel keej-.-r. lulend> to   apply   for
Mr licence o\cr the   foilowlns   dea-
ittclnR at a poat planted about
I the Kooteuay river, on Corn
tat Met of Weal Kootenay. and
il"- north of the international
jd about two mllea weat of tim-
661.'., theucu aouth 80 chaina,
jalna, thence north no clialna.
ain* ui point ol coinmencameut
10 acrea, more or h*��.
no, ivu7-
���jelns ��i * POil planted at the
ir of William A Koaa' No. ' claim,
Chain--, thence weat SO chaina,
Chain-, thence eaal nO chaina,
meucemeut, and eontainlnK
line, iioit.
WO. r-CeeseasnciMa:   Ht a poat   planted   aU.ut
Imm mikmatOOt  *��f   the   nortlieaal o[ \\ il-
HasSBO        lO t alslui.  ili-ii--.-   aonth nn   chaina,
"        ������^--s ���hub    Hm-uc-   north   wi  chaina.
llna to the point of commeuce
_jHaft wn acrea, more or lean.
June.   1907.
nclns at at  a  poat  planted   al
rner nf WMlem A-Boas'Ho.*
JSorili   hU  ehatna,  thence  weat >0
South no chalua,   thence eaat no
if commenoeinent,  contain-
     r leaa.
June, JVo7
inclnr at a i-c-l planted at the
IT of William A. Boos'No Sclllm,
Ohalni, tbence weal ���**���*��� ehalni.,
Cbalna. tbence eaat so chaina to
enceineut, aud coutalulug &W
tncliik' at *   l""**1   planted  iboot
nl the   nnrthea-t  corner of  Wll-
ft claim, tbonoa aoulh no cbalna,
cbalnv  thence  north no cbalna.
chains io the point of commence-
Tinne, iw7
ata port   planted  at  the
lllam A. Koaa' No.Gelatin
/chalua.  thence eaat N cbaini
lOfaafna, thenee weat  HU chaina to
emeQt,   and    containing ttil)
I June. 1W7
ato H^ttonclng ata  poat   planted  about
-*?��� ��_TVa��rof the�� nortbWeat cornerof Wil-
No 6 claim, tbenee north tO chaina,
1 Chaina.   theuee  aouth HO  ehalna,
.Ob:ilua io the point ol commence-
Otalnf iik two acrea. more or luah
fc Jour   IW7.
tain I n��: 640 aerea, more or less
De, 191
cing i ���
of William A. Koaa' No.Gelatin,
lancing Ht a poat planted about 40
thOf the uiirthweat corner ol WtlliMtn
Ji�� %  claim,   iheuce   aouth   *"  chaina,
'tnatftOcbaria.   Ihcn lorth    *>   rlminc
laaetlnf b>t!ns lo Hi.' i'..i:i'   'I   roinmcliet-
��� ���a**���lalriln-   t, 111  a. i   I,  a.      HlOrCOI    If--.
--���1Juuh. 19U7
Ia' 11  i 00111111   n  Inn n< a I">"1   plante.1   rIhuiI
inflMimt   of llo-   noriheaat   ��� -oruci of W il
LMM' No  9 claim, then. .   aouth .n> , halua.
Sanaeal ********" -������*- '���-   1||I>|||>|- norih siiimin*.,
^    "VEcbalna to the point of commeuce-
���ttntHiiniH' '���*�� hci-ck more or leaa.
^���f June, 19/;.
He U i^^mnenclUK at a poat plauted about
*>.���������� Mfliamm\X o 1 the not Un'it-I .-unn-r ol Wj|) i��n,
A ������claim,  theuee  north  *i chalm,
t'OOmkytti chains,   tin-in, <���   soulh   hu ehalna,
 ^Hlcbalnis t,i the point of comraeuce-
MaataslaABUil'iiiu M" in ten, more ot  lean.
tfSm  H.-a-Oemni-'ii. Ini; at a poat  planted ahout
'   OhnhU   OOUth    <il    tlie    northweil    corner   of
liUat  A, Koaa' So   1"  i-lalm.   then.*.- a.mth ho
^ **    -^"irsil  HO chalua, thence north Kit
. enat Htl chaina to point ol eom-
5n"dctintaluliig''l0acreH, more or leaa
"^Jtiue. 191/1.
100. Ift^OomineiiciUK Ht a  l>ost   planted about
MlMHlth   oi   the norlhweat corner o[ Wll
U*AnBt'   No-   >"   ��,laiin,    Ihenee    north   ftl
"^^Oe   weal  BO chalua,   thelice aouth HO
ice oaat HO chalua to the point of coniC
aud conlainliiK��4Ha��'rea more or lean;
^tb day of July, 1907.
Wll.I.UM AniiMW  Koas.
Dlitrlct    DlHtrlet of Weal Kooteuay
that Waller Kttwarda, of Kt*i i;u	
n   cook,  Inteuda   to  apply   tor  n
licence over  thu  lollowlng de��-
t'uinmenelng   ul  a  pout  planted
creek   running  Into  the head of
on   the   eaal  aide of Caribou   lake
Walter   Ed Wart)'fl   northweat coru-
loulh    60 chalua-   thence  cast HO
*nce   north Ht) chaliiK,  thence  weal HO
Bit Ol commencement, and  contain-
more or leu.
[1 '.nth, 19 '7 Walt-hk Kdwahihi,
by hla agent F. 0. Mannino.
Dlatrlet    Dlatrlet of Weal Kooteuay
__ that Walter Kdwarda, ut Ferguaon,
Rtfon   cook,  lntenda  to apply  for a
r licence over   iho  fallowing dea-
"o:   Commencing atapofltSJjf mil**-*
creuk   and   a .'4 mllii eaid from   A.
Oorner   poat No. 9, nud   marked   "Walter
[jtoortli weat corner punt,"  thence eaat
thence aouib 100 chaina,  thence weat
thence  north  bit) chalua  to  point of
netil, and containing MO acrea, more
I Mar siith. i'.in.        Wai.trh Kuwaum,
;   '; by hla agent Y f. Mann i no.
^^^._ . .	
id Diatrict. DlltMOl oi Weat Koolenay
Otlco tliat Walter Kdwar.Ia, of Kerguaon,
Opiitlo , cook, inleii.K to upidy for a
Hber llooucv over thu following dea-
da: Comiueueiug at n post plautcil
fie from the head of Cariboo lake and
jmt of aald hike, and   mini...I   "Walter
Rioiithu-eat corner," theuon north 80
hence OMt Hochalua, thunce aouth 80
pence weal HO chalua li point of coin*
nt. an I contnliiliiK 040 urie.s. more or
ayiuii'i, 1907. Wai.tbk Ru-habih.
by hli agent K. U. Mammiku,
nLend Dlatrlet.   Dlatrlet of Wert Kootenay
notice that Arthur K. Brans, of   Beaton.
B. C., occupation ernlsor, intend* toapply fur a
a peel nl  timbOT licence  over  tbe following  dea-
eri i  lends:    t'ommenclng at a port planted
atroui 6 in ilea up Stevens creek running Into the
east aide of Cariboo lake   marked "A.  �����-.   rvan'a
aoutbwcut earner post," thence north ho cbalna,
thenos   eaat HO t-haiea,   thence   aoutb HO chain*,
th.-nec  weat ��o  chalua   to   point   of commeuceineut. and c outaiuitig 64'. acre-, more or leaa
Dated May 3tlth. 1907. ASTStTB H. KVANB.
by hla agent F. C. Manni.no.
Notice la hereby given that thirty daya after
date 1 Intend toapply to the Hon. the Chief Commlaaloner of Landi and Work- for a apeclal 11-
Oenee tn COt and OUTS away timber from the
lol.owing dencrlbed landa in Weat Koolenay
district: Commencing at a post plauUjd on the
north bauk of Tan Mile creek, about one mile
ami a half from Hlocan lake, marked H. H l'ttta'
norlhweat corner poat. theuee uaat 1H0 ehaloa,
theuee aouth 40 ehalna, theut^ weal 1G0 chaina,
thenc,. north 40 chalua to plaee of commencement.
Doled tbla aJGlh day of June. 1907.
II. If. Fitts, Ix>eator,
A. W. UTnaas. Agent
Notice la hereby given lhat thirty daya after
dale I intend to apply to tb�� Honorable
Chief Commiaaioner of Lauda and Works at
Victoria, B. t... for a apeclal liceuae to cut aud
carry awav timber from the following deaorlbed
lauda In Weat Kootenay diatrict: Commencing
ni,. i*i..i planted On ihe weat bank of Smelter
creek, ataiiil oue mile aoulh of the City of Nelaou,
theuev aouth H0 chaina, thenee weal HO chaina.
then-e north HO cbaiua. tbeuee eaat HO chaina lo
plate of commeuceineut
Dated tbla llth day of June, 1907.
0. C. t'l.AKK, Ijocator.
D. It "Hi. Agent.
Take noting tbat Ileiierv John Johnson. I'oat-
maalerot Fernle, B. C, lntenda to apply for a
ap-eclal timtier licence over the following deacrlbcd landa:
Ko. 1 -Commencing at a pert planted In the
Diatrict of Weat Kootenay, abonl two mil b north
ul the intcrnalioual boundary line and about
one in lie weat of boundary lake adjoining and
bet wet* n licence* No tu 7t and HU69, thence aouth
HO chain*, tbence weat HO chaina. thence norlb ho
thetn-e eaat HO ebalua to place of comuieuceinent-
Datcd Juue 3, 1907.        EL  I. JoHNftoN, Locator.
ANn. Hackitt, Agenl.
No. J Commeucing at a poat planted about
otic mile north ol the northweat eorner ol II. J.
Johnson'* No. 1 limber claim, then-re aouth 80
cbaiua. thenee eaat N) chain". Iheuce north ��0
ehalna. tlicnce met  BO chaina to   place  of  euui-
Dated June 3, 191/7.        II. J. Johnhow, I-ocator.
Ani>. IIii'khi, Agent.
No 3.���'ommencing at a post planted at the
northweat corner id 11. J. Johnaon'a No. 2 timber
claim, thence aouth Hit chaina, thcucc weat(U>
cbalna, (bonne norlb ho chaina. Inence east HO
chaina to place of cnmmencemcni-
Dated JuneS, 1907.       H.l   JrOBagOM, Ixtcator.
No 4.-Commencing ata poat planted at the
nortbeaat corner of H. J. Jobuaou'a No. 3 timber
claim, thence nortli HO ehalna, tbenee weat HO
Ohalna*'thencs aoutb ho ehalna, tbenee uaat W)
chalua io place of commencement
Dated June t, 1907        11. J. JohwboN, lxn^ator.
And. Hai kxtt. Agent.
No. ft. -Commencing at a poal plauted at tbe
north-treat oomer Ol ll J Johnaon'a No 2 timber
claim, thenee north HO chalua, thenos eaat SO
Bheina thenee aouth ho cbalna. theuee weal HO
ehalna to place of eommeucement
Datwl JuneS, 1907.       II. J  Johnfon, locator.
And. Hai kktt. Agent
No.C ��� (Commencing at a ih>ki planted about
one mile north of the nor'hweal corner oi 11. J
Johnaon'a No. a timber claim then.-e aoulh HO
Ohalns, thence eaat HO chalua, thence Uorth HO
chalua, theuco weat (W chaina to place of commencement .   .
Dated Juue 3, 1907.        II. J. JOHHO0W, Locator.
ANl>. Hackktt, Agent.
No. 7.-0ommencing atftPOBt planted at the
uorlhweat corner of II. J. Jouubou'h No. ti timber
claim, tbenee aouth ft) cbaiua, theuee WeeftM
cbaiua, tbeuee north Hii cbaiua. thence eaat HO
ct-alna to place of eommcn,��ment.
Dated June I, 1907.        II. J. JoHNaoN, Locator.
ANh. IUikkm. Ageut
No. 8.���Commencing al a poat planted at the
nortbeeal coruer Ol ll J. Johnaon'a No. 7 timber
claim, thence nortli BO chalua, tbeuee weat HO
chalua, theucu aouth HO chalua, theucu eaat Oo
ehalna to place of coinmeueement.
Dated Juns B, I9U7.       B. J- J on suns, Locator.
ANh. Hackrtt, Agent.
No 9 -���Commencing at a poat planted at the
northwest coruer of II. J .lohiiHon'a No ti timber
claim, thence uorth HO cbalna, thence eaat 80
chaina, thenee aoulh ho chaina, thence weal 00
chalua to point of commencement
Dated June B, 19o7.        II. J   JoilNtioN, Uicator.
No. lo. Commencing at a nort planted at the
northweat corner of timber licence H074, thenco
north HO sbalna, thence eaat 80 chaina, thenee
aouth H0 chaina, thence we at Ho chalua to place
of coinineiieeineut
Dated June S, 1907.        II. J   Johnhun, Locator.
ANh. II ACkKTI, Agent,
No. fl���Commencing at a p*'Ht planted   at the
northweat  corner oi   Dan   (Jakcr'a   No   1 ','lalm,
**��� ���neu norlb HU chaina,   thunce cnat HO clialna,
mru aotitffgO chnlna, thelice weal HO cbaiua to
Dau Kaksr.
Take  notice   that   Dan   Baker.   prOBMOtor. ol
Klko, B. 0 . lntenda to apply lor a apeclal timber
licence over tbe billowing deacribed landa:
Nn. 1.���Commencing Ht a poat planted in the
diatrict of Weat Kooteuay, about eight mllea
wcat of tha Kootenay river near the north bank
of Moiindarv creek and one mile no-th of the lie
teriiHtloii.il boundary line, which claima arc deacribed aa followa: Al the norlhweat coruer ol
limber licence No. HOT-7, ihenee norlh HO chaina,
thenee eaal BO ehatna, thonce aoulh HO chaina,
ibence weal Hit chaina tO place of commencement.
Dated lat June. 1907. Dan Hakkk
No ��,���Commencing at a poat planted at the
aouthwert porner of  ' an   Dakar i No. l <-iaim,
thence north 80 chaina, tbenoe weal 80 chains,
tbonoa aouth HO chaina. tbence eaat HO ebalua lo
placu of comiticncoment.
Daton lat June. 11*07. Dan IIakkh.
No. 3 -
thenos nort,
the  .
place of eommciu-eiTient
Dated lal June. 1906
No -I- Commencing at a posl planted al tho
northeast corner of Dun Pakor'ti No. 2 claim.
thence norih ho chain*, theucu weal 80 chalua.
LhencO aouth  HO  anelna.   thunee  eaat chain* to
plaCO ()f Mini IM.'lli emeu I.
Dated l-i June, 1907. Dan Hakkr.
No. ft. Commencing at a poml planted nt the
nor'hwcHt corner of timber licence No AG(i9,
thenco north ho i-nulna, Iheuce eaat 80 chalua,
iheueo aouth HO chalua, thence wi -t 80 cbalna to
place of commencement.
Daled June Jib, 1907. Han Bakkr.
No. fl. Commencing at a port planted at lhe
northweat corner of Dan Bakor'a No ft claim,
thenee north 80 chnlna thenco ��� n-i Ho chaina,
Ihr-ncu aoii'h HO chain", theuee weal HO chaina lo
place of coinmenooment.
Dated June 4lh, 1907. -��� *n Hakkr.
No, Ti���Commencing al a poat planted at the
nortbeaat corn r of Umber licence No. HOBO,
thence norih 80 chaina, theucu weat 80 ehalna,
thoneo aouth HO chalua, Ihutico eaat  80 chnlna to
point of oonuneDoement.
Dated June Hli. 1907. Dan Uakrr.
No. H,    Commencing  at a poat planted  at  the
nortbeaat oorher ��f  Dan  uteri No 7 claim,
thcucc north 80 cbalna,  theucu   weat 80 chaina
thence Mm i h HO chaina, ihouce eaat 80 chaina lo
plana of eoini'ienceinent.
Dated J urn- 4th, 1907, Dam Hai. an.
Radical    Administrator   of    New
State a Likely Candidate
for  President.
Washington, Aug. 1.���Once more has
Governor Hughes of New York won
out by the use of political tactics wholly peculiar to himself. His latest victory is in line with others and it only
served to keep him before the public
and to make him more than ever a possibility that must be reckoned with by
delegates to the next Republican national convention. He is a curiosity in
politics, this taciturn lawyer of New
Yoik, and he wins his victories with
less noise and less beating ol torn toms
than  anybody else on record.
He seems to have only one plan of
r-aifiji;tign, which is to make up Ips mind
what the people ought to have and then
to sit down quietly and wait until he
gets it. He makes no threats, disdains
Ihe use of patronage, but notifies his
legislative opponents that in his opinion
people need thus and so and that he
will continue to call the legislature back
until it gives the people substantially
what they demand. He has won out on
every important thing he has presented
lo the legislature, and yet at no time
has there been the sound of a great
Gov. Hughes' achlvements In regular
and special sessions of the New York
legislature have given him such individuality in politics that the eyes of
leaders in other states are turned to
him as the kind of a man who is likely
to capture the imagination of the people
and who Is, therefore, "available" In a
political sense.
There is no doubt of the fact that the
trend of political talk ts toward Hughes
just now. There is a fight between
Taft and Koraker going on In Ohio, but
the secretary himself is playing golf at
claim No. 1.
Nelaon Land District. Dlitrlct ol Weat Kootenar
Take uotice that A. L. Reading, of Arrowhead, It CLi occupation, carpenter. Intend* to
app v for a apeclal timber liceuae over the followlug described lands: Coiiwnenclnn at a post
planted 40 chalua south of 6. E corner ol T. I,. 7,-
''*.'���, th. in e south 80 chains, thenoe eaat00 ohalns
tbeuee north 80 chains,  theuee west 80 chains ta
point    of   entniiieliccliienl.
luue Mth, r.<"7     Aa-rHi'R Lai unci Bbadiho.
Claim No. S.
Nelaon Land Diatrict-   Diatrict of West Koo'enay
Take notice that A. L. Heading, of Arrowhead, II c., occupation, carpenter, intends to apply lor a ���permi timber licence over the lol
lowing deaorlbed lands: Coinmenclug at a
poat planted 80 chains south of A. L. heading's
corner poat No. 1, tbence south 80 chains, theuee
i aal 80 chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
weat an ehalna.   to point of commencement.
Juue'J8th I'.a-7.     Aiuhi'k LauuKNcb Kbamno.
Claim No. 3.
Nelsou Land District.  Dlstrictof West Kootonay
Take notice that A. L. Reading, of Arrow-
bead, B ('., occupation, carpenter, lutends to
applv for a special timber license over the fol-
lowliiR described landa: Commencing at a poat
planted 80 chains aouth of N.Jt. eorner of A. 1..
Keadluif'a claim No. 1, thence soutb 180 chains,
thenoe east 40 chains, thence north 180 chains,
th-uce west 40 chains to point of commencement.
Juue 28th, 1��V7.    A uth i-it Lal-rkmck ktUUN,
Claim No   4.
Nelaon Land Dlitrlct.  District ol West Kootenay
Take notice that A. I.. Reading, of Arrowhead, B.C., occupation, carpenter. Intends lo
apply for a special timber Ilo&nsc over the following described lands : Commencing at a noat
planted 4U chaina south of .n. K. corner of A. L.
Keading'N claim No 8, thonce south 160 chains,
thence east 40 chains, thenoe north 160 ehatna,
iheuce weal 4t>chalns to point of commencement.
June 38th, 1907.   Arnica LAvaivca Reading.
Claim No. 5.
Nelson Laud DUtrlct. District ol Weat Kootenay
Take notice that A L. Reading, of Arrowhead, B. C , occupation, carpenter, lntenda to
apply lor a special timber license over the following described lauds : Commencing at a post
planted 40 chains aouth of N. E. corner of A L.
(leading's i hrui No. 4, thonce south 180 chains,
ihenee eaat 4U chalua, thence north l&oabalP"*
iheuce weat 40  ohalns to   point ol comment.*
Claim No. 6.
Nelaon Laud Dlatricl.   District of West Kootenay
Take notice that A. L. Reading, ol Arrowhead, it C , occupation, carpenter. Intends to
apply for a special timber license over the fol-
lowing deserlbed lands: Ciimmcnclng at a post
plauH-d 4U chains south ol N JC Corner of A L
heading's claim No. ^. theuee south 160 chaina,
thenco east 4o chains, thence north lftojchatns,
thence weat 40 chains lo point of commencement. . i
June OTtb, lin.   abthi-k Laurence Rbadino.
Claim Ko   7.
Nelaon I*nd Diatrict. District of West Kootenay.
Take notice lhat A. L. heading, of Arrowhead,
B. Oi occupation, carpenter, intends toapply (or
a apeclal timber licence over the following deacribed landa: Commencing ata post planted
70 chains aouth of N K oorner of A. L. Readlug's
claim No, A, thunce aoulh Bil chains thence east
W) chains, thence uorth 8U chalua, iheuce west W
cbalna to point of commencement
June Pta, 1W7.   AaTHi-B Lai'eenck Rbadino.
Take notice that John Koss, of Fernle, B C,
hotel keeper, intends to apply for a apeclal timber licence over the followlug described landa:
1. Commencing ata poal planted in the Dlstrlet of Weat Kootenar, Nel*nti Minim: Division,
on the north fork ol in- aouth lork of Loat creek.
about five miles up creek from where two folks
meet and about six miles north of the International Boundary Lino ahd about twenty-eight
mllea weal of Kootenav River, Ihenee oaat 8ti
ehalus. tbence north 80 chains, tbence weal 80
chaina io bank of said creek, theuco dow a stream
to place of commencement.
J, Boaa, Locator,
2. Commencing al a post Planted at the southwest corner of ", Koss'i No 1 location, thence
weat 80 ebalns, thenoe north 80 chaina, thence
eaat W chains more or leaa to hank of said croek,
thenco down stream to place of commencement.
J. Koas, I.ocator-
8. Commencing at a post planted at or near
tho southwest oorner ol J. hoaa'a No 1 location,
thonce weat 80 chaina, thonce aoulh 80 chaina,
ihenee east 80 chnlna, moro or leaa. to aald creek,
thenee up stream to placo ol beginning
J hoes, Locator-
is Commencing at a post planted at or near
tho aouthwoat corner ol J Roas's No. 1 location.
then e cast So ohalns, theuee south 80 chains,
Uicnce west 80 chains, mora or leas, to bank of
aald crook, thenoe up stream to plaoe ot com-
J. Rosa, Locator.
ft. Commencing at a poat planted about two
mllea south of the soulh west comer of J. Rosa s
No. 1 location, on tha north fork ol the south
fork of I. ft creek, and about four miles up
stream, Dom where the two forks meet*, thenee
oa��t 80 ehalus, thenc-* north 80 ohalus, thenco
west 80 chaina, more or leaa, to bank of said
ei eek, theuee downstream lo place ol commencement.
J. RotM, Locator.
A. Comr-ieucliiK at a poat planted at, or near,
the south-weal corner of J. Itnaa's No b location,
on l.oal crooK, thence west 80 chains, tlience
north 80 chains, the'ice 80chatua eaat, moro or
Ie--.. to bmik of -nid ere. k. thence down stream
to plain* of commencement.
Looated .".Hi Juno, 1W7. J. Kiwi, Locator.
Murray Hay. Uncle Joe Cannon Is reasonably sure of the support of his own
state, but the idea of his nomination
does not seem to have progressed any
great distance, at least toward the eastward. Vice President Fairbanks bravely saved a young woman from drowning, but since then he has relapsed into
his Innoucuous habit of making speeches
to law classes and mothers' clubs. Senator Knox holds the great state of Pennsylvania in the hollow of his hand, but
everybody knows that he will not hold
many other states in the same place.
Meanwhile Hughes has been sawing
wood, with a Baw so well oiled that it
never squeaked during the process. He
caused the legislature of New York to
meet in special session and by sheer
force of his curious deadweight insistence, he broke the deadlock between
the senate and house, routed the Wads-
worth fraction, compelled Tom Woodruff and Herbert Parsons to crawl under
the bandwagon and secured a reappointment of the state on substantially
t\t% same grounds as those he recommended at the regular session, when
the legislature refused to comply with
his reasonable suggestion.
From the day he was inaugurated
until the day he permitted the legislature to adjourn llnally after carrying
out his well considered wishes, Gov.
Hughes never has had his own party
hardly behind him. During the campaign it was said he was cold and didactic, that he created no enthusiasm,
and that he could not get the people
behind him. Yet he was the only man
elected on the republican ticket, and
was elected by a decisive majority.
After his Inauguration he took up the
work of governing the state In a fashion which dlsappoolnted everybody.
When he started out Hughes was a
distinct disappointment, and he had
few friends.
Yet after a while the governor in his
quiet way began to develop a policy
which would have been recognized as
extraordinarily radical if it had been
announced in the flrst place in a lump
and with perfervfd rhetoric. He formulated the idea of a public utilities
commission, the like of which is probably not known in this or any other
country. For downright radicalism it
far outstripped anything President
Roosevelt has ever proposed. It seemed impossible that it could be passed.
There was immediately formed a combination of more unscrupulous senators
and representatives, both republicans
and democrats, to beat the pet measure
of the governor. They defied him to do
his worst and waited for him to strike.
They expected retaliation in regard to
their pet bills, threats of vetoes, and
withdrawals of patronage. None of
these things happened. The governor
was apparently as weak aa water. He
did not neem to understand any of the
possibilities  of   practical   politics.
The governor, having framed a measure which he knew was In the public
interest, contented himself with letting
the people themselves put It through
the legislature. And the people did.
The public utilities bill of New York
has become a law, a commission has
been established by the governor and
confirmed by the senate and It is preparing to overhaul the corporations of
*'e state In a way that hat never been
attempted by any other state or by the
federal government.
The governor found that the appointment of the state under purely political auspices had been pronounced unconstitutional. He made a demand upon the legislature that the state should
be districted on a fair basis, without
regard to the political fortunes of any
member, and in such a way as to make
the dlstiicts as nearly as possible of
the same size. The legislature rebelled.
It adjourned, and the governor. In his
quiet way. called them back again, and
made it evident that he would continue
to call them back until they passed
that title apportionment bill. The
speaker of the houBe and the powerful
Wadsworth faction of which he is the
junior head started In to fight the governor once more. Now they have failed
Just as Ihe same people failed on the
public utilities bill. A fair apportionment has been passed and the legislature has adjourned.
It Ib no wonder politicians are standing with their hands upon their mouths
and wondering what mnnner of man is
this that has come  among  them.
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner*
To Charles ��. Slionaon, or any other person
to whom he may have transferred hla interest la
the "May Blossom" mlner'l claim, situated on
Drown Mouutaln, two and a half miles southwest ol Yinf, in tho Nelson M mln***-* Olvlrlon, ol
West Kootenay Dlatrlet. and recorded in the
Recorder's ofllee, for iho NeUon Division.
You and each of you are hereby notified that
I have expended two hundred and Ave dollars
(2tVY00) tu labour and Improvements Upon the
above mineral clatm in order to hold the aame
under tho provlsl uia ol the Mineral Act. and if
within nlnetv dava from tbe date of this notice
tou fall or WDM to contribute yonr portion of
the expenditure, (which Is ono hundred and two
Ally dollars (fl03.8b) tor the two yeara ending
Hth May. f-isiv.} together with ah ootita of adver
ttsln-R, vottr Interest lu the said claim will become the properly of the undersigned under
Sec. 4 of an Art entitled : ''An Aut to Amoud the
Mineral Act, 1W0."
Dated at Ymir, B. 0 ,16th May, 1907.
In the matter of an application for the ls��ue of
duplicate of the certificates of Title for Lots n, 7,
a, and 17,-Mlock 2, town ol Kitchener (-*ap Ut)
aud U>tMK7, tiroup Due, lu the District of kootenay
Notice Is hereby kiv.-u that It Is my Intention
to issue at tho expiration ol one month after the
flrst publication hereof, duplicates of (>irllflca tea
of Title ol the above lota lu the name of Joseph
Walker which certificates are dated *J2iid dayof
June, IWW and   numbered   2181 A aud   M82A   re-
" Land  Registry  Offlou, Nelaon, B. t:.,v��nl July,
"H. F, MALijKm,"
District Itcglatrar.
Queen's Hotel
Baker atnet, Nelaon. B. v.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated bj- Hot Air
laanra and Comfortable Bedroom, and Flrat-
claasDlnlni, Boom.   Sample Boom* for Commercial   af.n
MRS.   K.  C.CLAKKE.  I'roprletiea,
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled In tbe city.
House healed throughout with hot
J. A. EKICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
European and American Plan
Moala u> eta.   Booma from �� ou. to 11
Onlr White Help Employed.
Baker St., Nelaon Proprietor,
Battlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Rdson.
The Bar la the Pineal.
White help Onlr Employed.
Josephine BL
Nelaon. B. C.
Royal Hotel
Rates tl and $1.50 a Ttoj.
Special Bates to Bee-nlar Boarders.
Moat comfortable quarter. In Nelaon]
Only.the beat of Llquora and I iRars.
Id the matter of an application lor the issue of
a duplicate of tbe Certificate of Title lor Lota
16 aa.! 17, Block 76, Town of Nelflon.
Notice li hereby jet veil that tt ia mj intention
to Inane al the expiration of one month after the
flrst publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for the above Lota in the name of
Kr-kucca it. Day, which Certificate la dated the
19th 8ei<tember, \nO��, and numbered 2S50C.
Un.l Rett if try Office, Nelaon, B.C., 15th Jane,
07. H. F. MacLKOD,
DUtrlct KesUtrar.
Not ce la hereby Riven that after the expiration
of slxtv days from the .lat- hereof the Patrick
Lumber Company, Limited, lntenda to Mibmil to
the Houo"able Chief Commlaaloner ot Landa and
Worka & proposal under the provisions of the
"Rivera and Btreama Act" and Amending Acta,
for the rltht to Improve the Siocan river from
the mill dam of aald company (altuate about
three mllea above the Junction of sala Slocan
river with the Kootenay river,) to the mouth of
tbe Little Hlocan river, and to Improve the LlUle
Hlocan river and branches thereof to the north-
trn boumlnry of sub lot 2, lot 7160, and nut.-lot 1,
lot 7161 ftroup one, Kootenay district, and to
improve the tributaries of said rivers; and remove obstructions from said riven* and tributaries*, and to make the same fit for driving, ator-
Ing, sorting booming and rati ing logs, timber,
lumber, rafts, and crafts; also for lhe right to
collect tolla thereon.
Tho landa to be affected are the following: (a)
Lots ML 7H69, 6450, NU, 6452, 861U, 681177M46. S60��,
7*28, 7065. rfJOi, 4812, all In Group one, Kootenay
district; also landa covered by pre-emptions
numbered 46, 103, 11&, 135, 148.164 and 570; also
lands covered bv limber licenses numbered 5856,
.ViSS, 5581, 5685, 5586, 5SOT, and 5ftWJ; also lands of
tbe crown.
Dated thls6thdayor July, 1907.
by Ita aollcttor, K. W. Hamninutum,
For Sale Cheap
One 60-Inch diameter, by 16ft. Sin.
long, underSred, return multitubular
boiler, In fair condition. Eighty-two
JV4-I11. tubes, 2 1-3x2 1-6 In. steam
dome. Boiler is good {or testing to 150
lbs. per square inch, and a working pressure of 80 to 90 lba. Mountings consist
of safety valve, atop valve, water
gaugeB, try cocks, sludge cock and
< herk valve, set of Ore bars and bearerB.
One 9-ln. diameter X 14ln. stroke, high
pressure, variable cut off expansion,
valve engine with governor. Ply wheel
and belt pulley are those not originally
supplied with the engine but are suitable for ordinary requirement. Engine
has been used to drive electric light
at the smelter and'Is in good condition.
One vertical multi-tubular exhaust
steam heated feed-water heater, 4 ft.
high, lOttll. diameter with openings
for 3-in. exhaust pipes. Corrugated copper tubes Inside through which the feud
water passes. Stop valve, drain cock
and safely valve. Apply to
We Have Been Most Successful  T7aa��4,4f54-   T  *��aY*Ac
Recently in Selling Oor FtVtX   i^aUOS
We sell only good selected landa ���and at reasonable prices.
Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Ltd,
' ���*A>'*******VS��**��**V*****aV^
Lots for Sale at from $100 to $200.
Prices will be raised 15 per cent, after 1st August.    Buy while they are
cheap.   Terms one-third cash, balance in six and twelve months.
We Have Fot Sale One of ths Prettiest Homes to
Nelson, Situated to Fairview, Ckwe to the Cat Line
Large 7-room houae. Stone foundation and firat-claaa cellar. Complete water ayatem. 10 Iota under cultivation and planted in large, bear
Ing fruit trees.   Thla ia a anap.   For particular* apply to
Choice Fruit
I Have f 0,000 Acres
of tie
Choicest Frott Lands to
Benin Colombia.
Can sell any quantity froia 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Something for th* practical man.
Just investigate!���That la All we
aak of you; and you owe that much
to youraelf.
Kootenay Orchard
WARD ST.   -   HELSON, B. C.
on  1600   acrea,   south   of  Burton   city,
for aal*.   Apply to
The M. & W. Land Co., Limited,
A. M. Can. Sao. O. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Box 434
Baker St., NELSON. B. C.
The Hall Mining ft Smelting Co.
NEL8ON, b. c
F. C GREEK       F. T. B0KDEH        A. H. GREEH
Gvil Engineers, Dominion and British
ColumbU Land Suroyors
r. 0. Box 145   rkaac'MlB.
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
To Winnipeg $46.20
To Port Arthv. St. Paul.
Dnlath. Stoax Gty
Chicago S64.00 Montreal M4.00
Toronto ��78.50 St. John ��*4.00
St. Lou la S60.00 Ottawa  S82.5S
New York $100.00 Boston $85.50
Halifax $101.30
On Sale July 3. 4, 5.   August 8, 9,10.
September II, 12. 13.
First Class Round Trip, 90
Days Limit.
Corresponding reductions from all
Kootenay points. Tickets available for
lake route Including meal* and berth*
on lake steamers. Through rate* quoted
to any station In Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime provinces on application.
A.G.I'.i..V.ucouv��r. 1>.P. A. Nelaon
AND IN THE MATTER OF the plan of
the Townaite of Robaon, part of Lot
Three Hundred and One (301,)
Group On (1,) Kootenay, of record
In th* Land Ragiatry Offlc* at N*l-
���on aa "626."
Take nntlc tha. on the ".th day of July, A. It.
1.107, at the hour ol 10:91. o'clock lu the foreuoou,
al tbe t'ourt Holla*, tn thu city of Nelaon. In the
I'rovlnoe of Ilrltlah Columbia, application will
t*<* m,u).. to the Judge of the County Conrlot
Weat Koolenay. by the Columbia and Koutanay
Kallway and Navigation Coiuiatuy for an order
tl.at the plan of tbe aal.l Townaite ot Kt.baon, of
rouor.1 at Nelaon, In the Province of Brltlah
Columbia, as "6 6" bo cancelled, and th.t the
applicant may enjoy the landa comprised within the aald Town bite free from any eaaemunla
nr rlifhta of any peraon to opan any land or
lanes, atreet or atreeta, equate or eqnaree, park
or parka acroas, wltutu or upon said lands.
Hated at the City of Nelaon, In the Province of
llrltlsh Columbia, thla 27th day of June, A.D.,
Agents for Louitheed, Bennett, Allison, Taylor
A MeLawa.   Solicltora and agents for tha
Columbia A Kootenay Railway A Navigation Company, applicant..
To R. BBLlir'oOMPAWir. -T^
The Daily Canadian
Do  You   Know  What Tl-ii�� Is    ���
It is the Iloval Standard flying oyer al my camp. Willi a Rood, ordinary pair of eyes it is plainly risible. If you cannut see it cimie down
to my office and get fitted with   proper glasses.
$15   to   $60.00.
Watchmaker and Optician
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��� 28   3lb.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   $4.5C
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���Afternoon In June, July an.l August       a>
hRCNINW AND liKAFTIN.' carefully  atlfclKt
to. Apply
Waami King H.,.ei.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to tbe Old Curiosily Shop. A new-
line of Japanese Goons now ou sale.
All kinds of Dinnerware In stock. Pattern*.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Basy Terms.
H. E. Ooadsdaile & <��
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Kinds of Heating  Plants  In  Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. ODera Houae.      Tel. 181
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch aud
Boat Builders, will lind it to their ad-
vantage hi uml* our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stove*,  etc.
111 Eaat Baker 8t. Phone No. A114
1#  ���niuni.ifiici i ������' ���:   (rum  tlie  liiiunt   tObMOOi fUU-
rtpened und dm������WBtttDSd      U'l nilli). full*
tu: nn-.I afl'l  OOOL     A tObMOO >'Oll
I c-baccooift.   Baker Street.
Soolall��t   Party  meet*  even   Friday
m-, lu un* ulnars1 I'uion Half
���allowed tn taitL- part m
Austin j BecrtUwy.
��� i   ��� [ng Ht x i�� m.. i
All are iiivititl; any i
Patronized by Ear! Grey and Nobility
Hotel Strathcona
Best Located Hold in NeUon
Ajiurtlnciit* Elegant    .'uialue .'tiolet'Sl
I'tvility and i lt'anliliesa.
Buparvlaed bj proprlatox and wile.
A. II. I-'rimcis. 18-Mlle; T. J. Hunter.
P. H. Christie, H. E. Noble, Winnipeg;
\V. L Smyth, Pembroke: C. D. Toting
an.l wife. 1. A. Crandall. .\Hss R C. Wilson. Maple Creek; L. H. Crandall aud
family, Minneapolis.
Cjr. Varnon   aartd WaarU iit r-sssst aa.
rskbi^eao.-N. i*. *w.
B. L. Waddell. Vancouver; S. Watt.
A. Poole, Toronto; 11. Shannon and
wife, Chicago; P. McKion, E. \V. Mur-
iay, I.. Cam]., Spokane; A Carney. Kaslo; F. E. Freeman. New York; S. A.
Sutherland. Mins F. Kembal, Miss M.
.M.Kane, Mrs. Mann, A. F. Dudgeon.
Revelstoke; A. J. llrown and wife,
l'lncher Creek; R. A. Peacock. Mon
Teal; J W. L.ogan. New Westminster;
.1. k. Waldo, Winnipeg; M. Scott, Qu'-
Appelle; E. D. Cathro, Hegina; C. J.
Ilaiirh. Seattle; H. B. McKeeham,
Grand Furka,
.Mrs. H. G. Athchlaon and family, Oro
ville; Oswald D. Stohl, Kayala; J. W.
1;. linen. Cn-sttm; O, Franklyn. New
Y..rk; I). McKay. Nanaimo; F. Arnot,
Calgary; R. H. White. Trail.* ft S.
'"..odwln. Crawford Hay; U B. Crowe.
Miss il. Sawyer. Midway; C. Cookson,
Phoenix; F. Smith, Spokane; J. 8
dossil.-I.I. Koseljery; (.'. Gausner. Uriin-
;t. : .1. Miller. Gray Creek; H. R. McCon*
ni 11. Toronto; J. T. Ryan. Calgary; G.
Stewart. Rossland; F. La Orr. II Mawds*
ley. Procter; A. Young. Vancouver; M.
W*. Howell, Goderich; .1. Pltxaitnmons,
Victoria; \V. A. ('aider, Edgewood; J.
McGregor, Crawford Hay; S. Clarke,
Winnipeg; C. McLaughlin. Summit; IJ.
O'Hearn, Warsaw; F. McArlhur. Salnio
II   .1. Ilarton. L. K. Illelh. rwiek. Erie;
.1  K. Wharton, England; B. Casting. Buyer King.
I F Kilhy. S. W. Martin, R. V. I'yr-.
.1. P. Mclntyre, Winnipeg; J. a. Rankin.
Vancouv ir,
T.  Bpencer, D.  IIolniR, Erie;
J. Vall-
mer, Btko; O. Croialey, Castlegar; T
Ryan, Rockland;   ,1.  llrown, Nakusp.
3 to Consider
24 LOTS, an excellent block ��500.
Easy terma.
LOOM HOUSE. Hoover St., splendid
garden, fruit treea, etc. $1,500; one
half cash, balance |15 per month.
6 per cent.
6 ROOM HOUSE, verandah, garden, one
and a half blocks from car line.
$8 50; $375 cash, balance easy.
(OLD CHAIN, b-ttWWa llunver ��U'l Vernon
i-tre-L-ln Hultnbli- ri"*��nl will be n��M for lU
rwiiirn.    MclHrinl'l & McJUrrty.
A I'KAHI. HIMH'KNT FIN. Kinder return to
thla offlot   Reward Offi-red.
A l'OCKI*U!OUK . .,i.(uiiii!<K �� mkiihI ,(,,'.,.i. .,i
tin- toooat H-Hllt'f MlDltiK ' "in-, an *, parable
to <;. t:. Wade, and letters. Finder kludl*
leave at No t'Uov Ion.
rWO KIKHT-ULArtH HO()H8,iteimheit��<l
t>lv bOQMkMW, Srd flat. K. W. ti. block.
���*   J'AKTNKH   with   ��� ������hki  to   j urebate a fruit
i > n* h iiciir Nelion    A -food ipeculatlou.   t'ori-
tier in-.' : unl be actively ��� ua<*or\ ou landi
f ..i -particular! appl/ T  u. Pit' >i i Jtli.
Customs   Receipts.
The  oolleotlons  at  the   Nelson  Quo*
tome house for July amounted to $iit.-
S.   O,   E.
NeUon Queen Lodge, s. o. IB. will
meet in tbe lodge room tonight al B
Choir   Picnc.
The   ra< rubers  of  the   choir  pf
Paul's chinch are enjoying a picnic
ilie norih shore of the Arm today.
Cal1  for Tenders.
Archlteol Carrie Is asking for tendon
tor repairs to the drill hall. Tender!
^ill be opened next  Monday at noon.
A Week from today an eleven representing tiie Nelson cricket club will go
tu Castlegar for a return match with the
local  cricketers.
Inland   Revenue.
The collections for July amounted to
(4,211.02, made up as follows: Spirits,
$3,328.44; malt. $150; raw leaf tobacco.
$110.68;  cigars, $221.90.
Bravery Reward.
P. Lainont has presented Kdward
Litchfield with a watch and chain in
recognition of thu boy's gallantry In
risking his life to prevent a fire in the
warehouse of the Canada Drug and
Hook company.
St. Saviour's S.  S.  Picnic.
A couple of hundred children accompanied by their Sunday school teachers
aud lhe parents of some of them, started for Procter this morning on the
steamer .Moyie. Many business men followed at 2 p. m., and the total attendance will probably be a record.
Police Court.
The on'y case In the city police court
today was that of an able-bodied vagrant who has spent several days begging, with a broad Scotch accent, for
financial assistance on the ground of
his aliened services in South Africa. He
was given till the departure of the next
train to relieve Nelson of his presence
Coming  Soon.
The Juvenile Hostonlans will play another engagement in Nelson, opening
August 15, and continuing three nights.
This company has visited Nelson several times iu the past and has always
received a very enthusiastic reception.
There are several new people in the
organization, and many of the yld favorites are still  in   the  cast.
"The   Girl    From   'Frisco."
"The (jirl Prom 'Frisco" is a good
���how for the hot weather. The spectator is not compelled to think much, and
no mental effort is required to follow
up the plot. There is simply a little
dialogue, interspersed with singing and
dancing, all well up to the average.
There was a fairly clever character part
taken by the rural detective, from time
to time referred to as "Shadow." The
man who took the part is the best actor
in the company. It is too bad that programmes are not provided for the patrons. Sometimes there may be curiosity
as tu the name of an actor, and this
curiosity cannot be gratified without the
aid of a programme, Tonight (he same
company gives "The Girl Kroin New."
That's What They  All Say.
A recently retained visitor to Victoria
who w;is in tin' Capital during the fire
Informs The Canadian that he was
struck by the persistency with which
the remark was made aud repeated.
"Victoria never bad any of those big
fires while Tom Deasy was chief of the
brigade" Being pressed for explanations It was stated that Chief Deasy*!
plan was to prevent fires, and if they
did come to be ready at all times to
fight them. Three gentlemen were discussing the fire problem last Sunday at
the florge Park. One of the speakers,
who was an old-time fire fighter himself in San Franclspo and later prominent in organising the Victoria department closed his argument with the following emphatic statement, "Tom PsftST
was the giftstSSl1 fro fighter on the Pacific coast." Since Chief Deasy took
charge of the Nelson fire department
there have been remarkably few fires
in this city. This, taken In connection
with the estimation In which he is held
in th" city in which he formerly lived,
should affonl food for serious reflection.
J. Roche At Co., House Painters, etc
H*e me for prices. General Delivery,
Post   Office.
The Store of Quality
$2.00 per Crate
Fraah In avery morning. An
excellent chance to get your
preMrvIng fruit at a moderate
Rob. E Hood & Co.
K. W. 0. Block . Phone 10.
Puffed    Rice 15c  pkg.
Toaeted Corn Flakes - 15c pkg.
Shredded Wheat Biscuits ��� 15c pkg.
Malta Vita .... 15c. pkg.
Grape      Nut*    -    ...    2   for   35c
All  Cooked  Foods  Ready  for Immediate Use
C. A. aBenedtd
Corner Silica and .!..-.  : I. *.*��� 8tf.
PHOP.K   7
76c Hooks for 2ffc
2&g Book, for 2 for  3Sc.
These hot days one wants to nvoi.l
undue] exertion, either ment&l or pliy
sieal. That means thai you want a notul
supply of reading to pans the time thai
iniKht otherwise be occupied more actively. It also means that you want
mostly Unlit reading
WE      HAVE     A     LARGE     QUANTITY
of just the sort you wanl for sunim.r
readinK. Hooks to sui! all tastes. At
the pricea* we offer them, you don't need
to consider the question of cost. You
can afford to have ull tb* hooks you
We huve a large accumulation of current copyrights. 766 books mo dheapei
editions published!. To r.'duee our stock
we offer them at 25c each.
We have also a larue number ol n*u
ular 25c editions which we will sell for
tlie  next  two weeks  for  2  for  25c.
W. G. Thomson
BOOK8ELI.ICB an.l     *yul���__     U    n
Phon. 34.
H. Mawdsley came down from I'roctei
last evening.
I. H (.'run.lal! and family, of Minneapolis, ure visiting Nelson and are registered   at   tlie  Strathcona.
William L. Spry, wife and son will
leave for Kenora, Ont., tomorrow morning, where they will reside In future.
Captain t'orc has returned rrom a two
weeka' visit to Portland. Mrs. Gore and
her daughter win remain away for a
month  or so longer.
A. Carney, timber inspector or Kast
Koolenay, arrived from the Crow's Nest
Hue last night, lie reports ull the mills
working at full capacity. The only
drawback Is the shortage of cars.
It. K. Noble arrived from Winnipeg
last night to assume lhe management of
the Strathcona hotel during the absence of tin- proprietor, R. G. Webb,
who will leave In a few days Tor Kng
land   by   way   of  the   Pacific.
Formerly Lived  in  Nelson.
J. A. Alkiuan. whose name uppears
so frequently in connection with the di��
pute between ill.* judges of the Supreme
Conri of HrltlHli Columbia, was a former
resident of Nelion. lie practised law
here during the early part of 1S9S Since
buvlng h.re he has lived in Dawson
City nnd BoldOalda, Nov. He recently returned to Victoria and resumed ihe
practice of law.
Good Cause for Complaint.
Many visitor, to Nelson are surprised
ut lhe Inferior clan or Irult that is pro
vldeil for the mi. sts at the hotels. This
complaint Is made not alone ugulnst the
hotels but lhe transportation companlei
alao are subject.*.! to severe crlii.-lKin
for the same reason. It hus been clear
ly established that the best rrult grown
In   the  world  Is  produced In  Ihe neigh
borhood of Nelson. Why is it, therefore,
that the hotel! should not exercise care
In seeing that the dining room was
provided with not only choice fruit,
bin the best the market affords? The
majority of tourists come hare to Be.
what they g!���w |n th,. country. The
hotels and dining cars are the only-
places  where  they   take   meuls, and   It
Wholesale- anil Bi'Lnll Dt>tlern In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oaopi mippli^d un ihortwt notice and
lowt-Ht price. Nothing but  fresh Biid
wholesome nieatHtind Nupples kept in stock
Muil orders receive ciirefnl attention.
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Is Remow/ied
lT5 5cE/iEi7Y
��� 1
Tolophoue 161.
Sherman's Opera House
"The Girl from Now"
by the "I'rlde of Now York" Co.
Prices 60c. 75c. und  $1.
Seats on sale at Kutherfotds.
INELSOIN,     -     B. G.
Sealed tenders will b" received by the
undenltftH <\ until 12 o'clock noon Mon
d;i> tin* .".iti it.Bt, for making -mpalra to
the Dl-if] Mall. Sp.-cl Ileal ion uii.y be
Been at my ofllee.
does Men a great pity that our rlaftore
are compelled to eauWAte the capability
or thf Kootenay as a fruit producing
country by tbe ciasa of fruit which is
placed before them on the tables at the
various   placuK   in   which   they   have   to
take their meals, a gentleman rrom
Calgary in formed The Canadian this
morning that be wan induced to extent)
his trip to Ne'non on account of having
seen Home of die Kootenay frull at the
Former city. He wan therefore greatly
disappointed to S&d when be came hero
thai much of the fruit appeared to have
been culled and the superior rarleUei
���hipped out of the country, TIiIh Ih not
an it should be, and the advortlHeinent
tlniH gained for the Kootenay will not
help the country much.
Value** at
*ir,.oo, |18 00J80 oo to |M,00.
All ono Price
I   it -Wsiiirm
KODAKS And A" Assad
===========================   (I* rcsh Stock Twice a %M
This is tlie season  for taking photos of
Kootenay s unrivalled scenery.
TOURISTS,   We can supply you with
anything  in  the  Kodak  line.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Iij
COR   BAKER   and   WARD. Phone  81
'B.   A.   I8AAC
R.   W.   HINTON ���
ROlJi*NI>lik4�� ANO
t.poh l.ifct  ��M��J .,...-...]!,u  va.ki.tail \. II li   I sasaapsat v-M.    H|,.a. uM ft
Work,  Minion ..nil  A1III ,Mnthln.r).      Monula*.! urlri^i    I
Or��   Cars,   H.   te.    flllllll MUUll ���"   Car.. I
NELSO-N,    13. C.
**'     '   !  I
MANUFACTURERS    ��  ��_�����!���     CL.' I
AND DEALERS IN    JLtMIlDef.   dllingleS.
Lath, AAoulclinvj**, Doors, Windowj'
I iirnud Work nnd HruukutM.
vkkinoin tirwiiirr . .
Mnil ' ir.t.n* promptly .ttimr*
Kill II IK. t*��. c.
The Hall Mining and Smeltia
Company. Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry (tej
BAKBR ���siRiiirr. fNi.uft-.oiN.
Whoiwmm  Provlnlon*.,
Produce, - Hrult.
OfjTernment Creamery On" I'nunrl *Briok�� mtwlTnd weekly frf��h from *|
rhnrn.    Fur ml., by all loading irrooera.
Office and wartbotSM.  Hoiuton Block,    Phon* 79.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B.
Our shipment of these has been delayed in transit bnt -*���*>���"* ^l
them now, and in order to clear before the season is to"
far advanced we are selling them at prices that
should place one in every home.    Call and
be convinced and enjoy comfort.
J. H. Ashdown Harcfwa*
Company, Limited. n*-i.*>" B"'*'
Galvanised Iron
Our (MSUlUtl for liirnliiK out nalvunlzod !��������� Work of ���*l">rTI
doHcrlptlim uru iiiioquiillod in tho Kootenays.
Eve Troughs, Conductor Pipes. Sow>toj
Stacks and Furnace Work. etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Limited ^


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