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The Daily Canadian Mar 24, 1908

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Array ��������"
e   monarch   of
all  the  time.
bottled  at
3Uje JUxiltj QjAxnabiari
i   .as.
your  door for
ed    every evening    at
SO GEINTJS a month
loLl'MK   2.      NO.   253
Fifty Cbnts a   month
>f toy's Report on
Opera Hoose
i oi City Fire Department Calls
Attention to Dangerous State
of Public Buildings.
iiiest of  many citizens The
dun publishes the Cull text of Fire
Deasy's leport ou public meeting
and   their   facilities   lor   escape
.   ,,i Bre or panic.    The report ls
i|.   Mayor  S.   S.  Taylor  and
lire, Wau-r uud  Light Committee.
lit..  Il.ell.
iderlng  the   Importance ol   pro-
.   ihose  assembling  lu   buildings
ghoul ilic city, and. iu order to re-
:.   the  couditlous   found,   without
iinera] alarm, l bare the iion-
uddress   you,   in   coinniitU'c,  ou
Schools, and other buildings, show-
Inietly, how   uiey  are  provided, iu
i   lire,   or   panic,  and   whatever
red neoaasarj to avoid calam
leh   us     the   recent     Illinois     in
i,   cities   and   towns.
..   going Into the school question
necessary   to   direct   attention   to
building  used as a theatre, ou  the
i   ol   Victoria  and   Ward   streets.
arriving lu Nelsou, two years ago,
.   reported on  th.s structure and
s   wen    made   by   loriuer  councils
���   made as secure as possi-
A number ol chauges ware nude,
in    even   now   taking   place;   but
Is   no   doubt   that   danger   exists
Wnch might cause loss ol lite at
>e,   especially   when   a   crowded
i. e   attends   performances.     The
���   room is under one of the main
aye.    ii   Is  not  provided  with  lire
...  appliances aud  no  regular at-
,l is present during performances.
ii,,ber Is dry uud the basemen!  Is
and   1   consider   ll a   regular   lire
uvcr this are two Hours aud two
ii a.    The lighting of the theatre Is
ctrtolty, and, wheu performances
.   lhe   audience   sits  In   darkue.-s.
witch  for  turning on  and  off the
i.eing  on   the   stage.     The  exits
.t marked or lighted aud a nuuibci
chairs are loose.    From the gal-
there   ls   uo  outside   Bre   escape
i.e galleries are not provided with
:. I  rails  and   are   not straight  down
u..   Micei.    Almost directly over the
inne   the   people   would   meet,   iu   a
in. and one of the stairways  would
the tlrst to go in a lire starting In
i so-called basement.    We have Just
killed   two   hydrants, on   the   stage.
In i.    ibey   formerly   had  one   line   ot
J gulden hose.   There ls no lire prool
una or sprinkler system, no lanterns
1 the   basement   ls   open   and  some-
it t littered with paper.    Whether the
Irlng  nn.I  healing systems have been
'N't leil   I   do   not   know,   and,   taken
Snerally, the  building  Is not a proper
it tor the assemblage of hundreds ol
rhe central public school is, pruclleal-
Ihree storeys In height, on the Ward
rest side.    The   furnace  Is  under one
' the class rooms and is not provided
'Hi proper lire lighting appliances, and
"<��� only  means of lighting a tire I  In-
ull'-tl    a     chemical     extinguisher   be-
0|iBliiB to our department.    Wi�� have a
feet    electrical    gong     between     the
hool and the fire hull, and the princl
|l>u; is provided with a means of calling
Un-   department   and   turning   oiitv the
���hole school.    We had the furnace und
Wfes examined und placed In good or-
<i"1 and nn escape made on the balcony
��V8r the rear ground exit.    One furnace
has been discarded and  It  would bo us
*''" to do away with lhe other and pro-
"de sieves In the rooms.    To make the
building Biife  It   would  be  advisable to
build outside stairway  lire escapes under
'"' windows of the upper IloorB. Where
' Is but one stairway, from the up-
lluiirs,   some   provision   should   be
made for those crowding behind. Should
��_ child tall, und others crowd forward,
'"���'e would  be a means  for those be-
'"'l   to   suvo   themselves.   Instead   of
climbing over each other.    The children
w'ell drilled and a fireman goes lo
The high school is not crowded with
"eh.dais. No lire escape on outside of
upper class room, and bnl one stairway
iu middle of building. Doom open outward and should l���. kepi open during
school hours. Principal bus gong, but
alarm should be also provided tliu Janitor iii basement Basemen) furnace
and pipes good, aud garden hose ready
for use, connected lu small main, in
belli high and central school grounds a
regular lire hydrant should be attached
and hose provided.  ���
In the high school the Hours are oiled,   Which   I   consoler   Is   not   safe  either
tor the scholars of the firemen.
The Hupiist basements whore the
class attends, is fairly safe. It Is on
the ground door. Kound a door there
looked, and uo key handy. Notified the
Janitor to nave a key kept In the door.
Fraternity hull is, i understand, only
used temporarily, The doors have been
made to open outward. There is a Bre
escape ou the building aud we have
provided a wooden ladder tor emergen
dee. There is a partition dividing the
clusses, wilh a small door between.
Kound too ninny doors and turns for a
proper school  room.
The convent school was Inspected.
Some time ago we had a lire escapi
placed on the building. They have lire
hose and hydrant ou every hoor. The
children marched out, but no regular
lire diili. A double door opens on
Josephine street and a email door on
the Ward street side. Class rooms are
on what are called the grotuid iloor,
but It is loo high from .the ground, being above the basement where the
beatre Is Installed. Ordered that all
doors be made to open outward and
kept uulocked during school hours. The
boarders have a means of escape to
the sidewalk through a window aud
could drop Into the >ard without serious injury. Ordered tlie installation ol
a lire alarm. They have a telephone.
Will drill Uie scholars.
The Churches���A majority of the congregations meet ou the ground tluors.
There Is little danger provided the isles
are wide enough aud are always kept
clear of chairs, lu the church recently
luken over by tho Mcltiodis congregation it would be advisable to have a
stairway to the ground floor, lndepeu
dent of the one exit, Irom the gallery.
The skating rink has been provided
with a double door and platform wulk
to Falls street. It would be advisable
that tlie doors and windows should not
be covered with inflammable bunting
at any time, and tbe limit us to number
attending entertainments should not be
In conclusion permit me to state that
the various outside cities are passing
stringent laws. The Fires Deoape Act,
a provincial measure, is of no practical
use. We have a large number of bylaws���some good, others conflicting.
and some useless. It would be a 1,1, ss
ing if they were all amended aud consolidated into a bylaw that would be
beneficial. I WOUld recommend that
the building inspector and tbe chief of
the lire department lie authorized to
prepare and submit a consolidated bylaw for your consideration. We might
incorporate from the laws of other
cities their most useful sectluns and
have something for our city both workable and legal. Permit me also to place
on record my opinion that all school
buildings should be constructed on the
plan thai safely should be lhe first consideration. 1 favor the ground floor
school buildings for children; in most
(���uses where they have high buildings,
the Smaller children ari' placed above
Ihe   large   ones.     The   best   kind  ol   lire
protection should be installed end chll��
dreu drilled to act as firemen, a duty
(hey must perform some time er oilier,
and a means of making them cool and
able lo avoid panic both when young
and in years to come. We have hydrants lo spare ami It would be advisable
to have our Iwo largest school buildings
equipped, with little cost, the department providing lhe hose. This might
save lives and property nt any time
and I am ready lo drill lhe children. II
bus been a pleasure to visit tbe schools
regularly and lhe teachers are cool.
efficient ladles and gentlemen. They
all understand the position, In regard
lo lire or panic, and Ihe danger here,
in Nelson, is minimised; but we must
prepare for emergencies and, ns eternal
vigilance is the price of safety, I place
ihls before your honorable body tor consideration  and acllon.
Your obedient   servant,
chief of tire department
Certificates of Work Are
Cheaply Obtained
school every day;  hut drilling is oi
use when a panic occurs.
Duke of Devonshire Dead.
Cannes, Franco, March 84.���Spencer
Compton Cavendish. 8th Duke of Devonshire, died here Ihls morning of heart
failure. He was born on July 22. 1888,
und was a son of the seventh Duke, and
Blanche, daughter of the sixth Barl of
Carlisle. IS
Official  Checked Work on Contract
from Long Range���Canada
from Ocean to Ocean.
Cuban   Politics.
Havana,   March   21���The   Zaylsta   In
convention nominated by acclamation
Alfred Zayista. He Is president of the
Liberal parly, lender of the Nationalist
party, and vice-president of the Senato.
leave an opening, but Tor the balance
of the fight they were at it hammer aud
tongs. Over 1000 saw the contest,
there being 0 moounted police and 4
city police on duty at the ringside tu
see that the law was upheld In the
manner of prize  lights.
Lauder did most of the leading und
lauded oflener than Lombard, but the
latter landed several Limes wilh effect
and in tbe thirteenth round sent Lauder to the Hour with a terriilic left to
tlie   head.
The Scotch boy was dazed but took
the count ol lour and wheu Lombard
rushed in to complete the job be cleverly ducked a bard left swing the men
going iuio a clinch. This was tbe only
time be was knocked down during the
Ottawa, March 24���The civil service
commission's report is ready for parliament. It lays stress on the increased
cost of living in Ottawa wbl^h practically means a recommendation for Increased salaries.
Warrant is Issued for arrest of Albert
Myers, Ottawa man on charge of attempting to kidnap a fourteen year old
Hull girl. Meyers attempted to abduct
the girl as she was hoarding a car on
Saiurday night and was later arreBted
Ibut a magistrate grained bail and he bas
not been seen since.
Premier Scott, accompanied by Mrs.
Scott and daughter, left yesterday for
Keglna. fie had an Interview with
Laurler before leaving. Asked to correct tlie report that he contemplated
returning to federal politics Scott replied:
"I have not seen any newspapers
since I went away but you can suite
there Is nothing ln tlie rumor as far as
I am concerned. I am quite to devote
my energies to the province of Saskatchewan, where there is plenty of room
for work and where the prospects of
the Liberal party are still bright."
Mr. Scott has recovered his health
and will ��� re-enter on official duties In
full  vigor.
Second reading has been given to
bills referring to the Western Alberta
railway (Mr. MacPherson), and Occidental Fire Insurance company (Mr.
Koss,   Yale Cariboo.)
Richard Wilkinson, manager of the
Owen Sound Dredging company, of
which A. G. MacKay, leader of the Liberals in the Ontario legislature. Is
president, was before the commons public accounts committee this morning regarding dredging done In Georgian Day
In the summer of 1900. The witness
had certified to work done by various
dredges after statements had been
signed by government inspectors and as
far as he knew the accounts were corrected but Bennett, M. P. for East Sim-
coe, wanted to know how inspectors
could certify to the work carried on
at the same time by two dredges which
were a mile and a half apart. Bennett
questioned the witness regarding visits
he made to Ottawa in 1905 and l��0o to
lender for dredging work and endeavored to bring out evidence of collusion
between the Owen Sound Dredging Co.
aud the Penetanguisho Dredging Co.,
but tbe witness denied all collusion.
Lonodun, March 24.���The body of an
unknown man was found iu the Thames
river near Mouut Brydges yesterday, it
is thought to be that of Parry Bartlett,
a young Englishman who disappeared
from Londou three months ago.
Hamilton, March 24.���-New regulations regarding marriages, as explained
by Bishop Dowling, do not place the
ban on mixed marriages excepting
wiien they are performed by some one
other than a priest. Marriages performed bp magistrate aud Justices of the
peace will not be recognized alter the
present Lent season.
Toronto, March 24.���Couusel of Mrs.
Minnie Turner, accused on Saturday
of performing a crminal operation on
Miss Winters and who is iu jail pending trial of the charge pending the
death of the girl, is seeking release as
It is taken for granted that the trial
on the latter charge wil never take
Chatham, March 24.���Cecilia Carron,
four years old, of Dover, was fatally
burned in a bon tire aud her mother Is
in a critical condition from burns received in trying to rescue the child.
Toronto, March 24.���Joe Mlievttch,
who had just arrived from Slavonia
was shot dead in a log shanty south of
John street as the result of a drunken
brawl. S. Maketch who is supposed to
have committed the murder is held and
will be charged with the crime. Another man. El Meoth. who was seen
shouting outside the shack, is also held
by   the   police.
Toronto, March 24.���Plans of architects have been accepted for the Victoria University library to be erected.
The building Is likely to cost about
$85,000  exclusive of fittings.
Toronto, March 24.���The statement
of the affairs of the Berlin Shirt and
Collar company, recently assigned,
shows liabilities of (82,459 and an apparent  surplus of $71,477.
Chatham. March 21���II. Murphy was
fatally  injured by u log rolling on him.
Toronto, March 24.���Ernest Gregg
and Miss Gregg, returned missionaries
from liurmah, say that there was no
unrest lu Hurninh when they left there
Toronto, March 24.���Norman Wilson,
alias Kobinson, admitted in the police.
coiitt this morning that be had been
guilty of bigamy when he married LetiB
Ashton, having five years before married Miss Mlnnes. His only excuse was
that his llrst wife left him shortly after
the marriage, and as he had never
heard from her, he thought her dead.
Wilson had a child by his second wife
u short time ago. He was sentenced to
a year in central prison.
Toronto March 24.���Ministers of East
Slmcoe county have sent a petition to
the legislature asking that secret and
fraternal societies parading on Sunday
lor attending church or other purposes
he forbidden to hire bands and make
a big dlsplny. and also that they be forbidden to hold a general dinner afterwards.
Calgary, March 24��� Hilly Lauder, of
Calgary got tho decision over Harry
Lombard, or Chicago, after 15 rounds of
terrific fighting at the Lyric theatre
here last night.
For the first 4 rounds the men fought
carefully  apparently   being    afraid    to
Boycotte Japanese.
Toklo, March 24.���The newspapers
are all issuing extras with accounts of
the attempt to assassinate D. W. Stevens.
Marquis Ito was deeply affected by
the receipt of the news and said
through his secretary: "I cannot express   my  sorrow."
Marquis Ito  Is  In  feeble  health.
Baron Ishl said to the Associated
Press; "Mr. Stevens is the man whom
I should not expect to be assassinated
at the hands of the Koreans, whom he
has consistently befriended. The fact
that Mr. Stevens life was safe ln Korea
nnd Japan and that IiIb assassination
was attempted In America has brought
out universal comment that the deed
waa Ihe result of the propaganda ln
America against Japan."
Hongkong, March 24.���The boycott Is
growing. Placards are stuck on the
walls reading: "The Japanese are a
barbarous humbug. The Chinese government does not love the people who
are now weeping. The Chinese will
cause a bloody boycott of the Japanese
immediately and can see annihilation
which is expected within a few years."
Order in Council Futile.
Work on Power Plant Has
Been Delayed
Council Meeting Devoted to Clearing
Up Routine Business���Sale of
Debentures Made Easy.
Vancouver, March 24.���Mr. Justice Clement this morning granted
an order for the discharge of 157
Hindus held in the C. P. R. sheds
under the Dominion order In council. He took the ground that parliament gave to the governor general in council power to keep out
any particular class of immigrants,
��� but   had   not   given   the   governor ���
* general the right to delegate that
power to any subordinate, no matter how high he might stand, and
the order expressly stated that
the minister of the Interior might
at his discretion prohibit the entry
of any particular class.
******** *******************
The matter of most urgent importance
before the city couucil lasl night was
lhe Uie chiefs condemnation of the
opera house as a fire trap, and his recommendation of improvements to be
made ut once -iu otuer buildings.
The mayor is working in harmony
wilh the board oi school trustees to
etl'ect a sale ol the school debentures
ou saiisfuciory terms, which means 9b
net lo the city, aud definite results are
expected within a lew days.
The other matters dealt with were
generally of a routiue  nature.
The council met at 8 o'ciock with all
members present. The minutes of the
last meeting were read and approved.
The finance committee reported recommending the payment of a payroll
aud sundry accounts. A discussion
arose as to excessive payment for inferior work aud tbe possibility of fraud
in connection wilh accounts, both iu
respect to power plant work.
A special report recommending a
power plant payroll of $1,528.7!* and $15
expenses of K. A. Browu, was presented.
It was resolved, on motion of Aid.
McMorris, that hereafter no accounts
be presented by the finance committee
until checked, and receipts examined.
Aid. McMorris moved, subject to legal
advice, that a cheque be issued to Judge
Wilson for $5u0 iu payment of his accounts.
The mayor explained that neither
himself nor the city solicitor felt at
liberty to advise in the matter.
Aid. Procter seconded Aid. McMorris'
motion, and it was adopted.
A. letter, addressed to the Are, water
and light committee, was received from
the chief of the fire department. The
mayov explained lhat he considered it
of such Importance that he had presented it to the full council.
The first part was a warning against
the use of the present opera house,
which Chief Deasy described as a fire
trap, calling attention to the fact that
the furnace was directly under the
sta.rs of one exit, that all the stairways curved, that the only means ot
turning on the light during performances were on the stage, that there is
uo fire proof curtain, no means of fighting fire and that the main exits converge ln a narrow hall.
Aid. Kerr asked If the building were
safe, apart from danger of fire.
To the mayor, the city engineer reported that the building was fairly
strong structurally, but In desigu, as
to exits, etc.. It was, as described by
the lire chief, a death trap.
After further discussion a suggestion
that the matter be referred to the fire,
water and light committee was adopted.
Chief Deasy further reported that the
central public school was in a dangerous condition in spite of every possible
precaution, including regular drills. He
condemned the furnace still ln use as
dangerous and recommended Its disuse.
His report ou the other school buildings was that danger was slight although  there  were   many   defects.
This part of the report was also referred to the fire, water and light committee.
The report on the convent school
showed a fairly satisfactory condition.
The church buildings were reported
comparatively safe, with the exception
of the building now occupied by the
Methodist congregation, especially the
This matter also was referred to the
fire,  water and  light committee.
There was also a report on the Alice
roller  rink.
The mayor reported prompt compliance with an order for a door opening
on Falls street.
This was also referred to the same
The chief finally recommended a revision aud consolidation ot all existing
lire and fire prevention bylaws.
Aid. Patenaude moved that the chief
of tlie fire brigade and the city engineer
be Instructed to prepare such a bylaw,
whleh was carried.
The Banltary inspector wrote asking
that au extra team be bought for his
department, setting forth reasons, being chiefly the constant use of the present team   for various  civic  purposes.
The request was referred to the tramway and health committee to report.
On the question of charges for hauling then- was a suggestion of fixing
charges at $7 for driver and team, $11
for driver aud double team. This was
moved by Aid. Procter and Patenaude.
Aid. Kerr, seconded by Aid. Hale,
amended the first price to $7.50. The
motion was adopted, only Aldermen
Kerr and Hale opposing.
Tlie mayor reported that he had Instructed City Electrician K. A. Brown
tbat his services were more valuable at
tbe piant than at the council meeting,
and, in consequence, he and W. Shackle-
ton were there. There had been unforeseen accidents and delays, but he
understood tbat progress was being
made at an entirely satisfactory rate;
the old draught tube was removed, and
the cement work was going ahead satisfactorily.
in reply to Aid. Procter the mayor
said he did not feel disposed to criticize
men who were obviously doing their
best ln respect both of time and quality.
He thought the city was very fortunate
in having the services of Mr. Shackle-
Aid. Procter wished for a definite estimate of time required for completion.
The city solicitor's report that the
city was not liable for any damages ln
respect of the claim of George F.
Motion for loss by the bursting of a
service pipe, was received and the city'
clerk was Instructed to so notify Mr.
A property owner wrote stating that
she was financially unable to make
sewer ennnections as ordered, and action was deferred.
There was other Informal discussion
of sewer construction and a general Instruction lssueu to the city engineer to
hurry matters as far as possible before
the rising of the water.
The question of the security to be
given by the Canada Zinc company came
up on a letter from the city solicitor.
The company offered a bond for $2,000
signed by the directors. This was accepted on motion of Aid. Procter, the-
sureties to be satisfactory to the city
solicitor, and the mayor was instructed
to execute the contract.
The mayor reported, from the chief
ot police, that the outting of trees In
city park property complained of at the
last meeting amounted really only to
appropriation of trees already felled by
city line men.   No action was taken.
The claim of J. H. Boyes was then
further trJten up for further consideration, having been laid over from the
last meeting.
Aid. McMorris remarked that the
matter had been disposed of by last
year's council and once by this year's
council, and now for the first time mention was made of over time work and
overcharge for board. He moved, seconded by Aid. Procter, that the letter
be filed, and it was so resolved.
The mayor recommended that the
fire, water and light committee be instructed to report at the next meeting
proposals for the management ot the
power piant after it Ib completed and
taken over by the city. This was agreed
to except that a fortnight was given
for the report, the report to include
presentation of applications.
The mayor reported a conference
with the board of school trustees at
7.30 last night at which by the board, on
motion of Dr. Arthur and W. Irvine,
the mayor was authorized to empower
Aemillus Jarvls and company to sell
the school debentures In blocks of
$5,000 and $10,000, with option to April
15th, to be further extended If half be
sold by that time.
The mayor thought It well to give
such option.
Aid. Procter���We mustn't hold* up
the building of the school.
The mayor's action was approved
without division.
Aid. McMorris asked that tlie posting
of signs on city poles be prohibited,
and it was so ordered.
The dog and poultry nuisance was
also discussed and an order given to
the city clerk to instruct the police to
suppress it.
Purchase of sundry small articles was
The mayor reported orders to the
fire and police chiefs to enforce the
order to clean alleys and yards. The
mayor also explained to the sanitary
inspector that it was no part of his
duty to clean private yards, that being
the duty of the property owners, performance of which would be enforced
by the police.
Council then adjourned to March 30th
at 8 o'clock.
But Exercised No Control
Over Work
Dominion treasury Most Make Good
All Damages on Quebec Bridge���
Company Never Had Money.
Ottawa, March 24.���The report of the
commissioners who investigated the
Quebec bridge disaster ls a startling
condemnation of the Dominion government. The eminent engineers selected by the government to make this Inspection have spent many months over
it. They report that the bridge failed
through faults in design. The designer was employed by the contractor, and
his plan was accepted by the consulting engineer of the Bridge Company.
The commission finds that these engin-
eeis miscalculated the dead weight to
be borne, and made the chords too
weak. The specifications were not satisfactory or sufficient, and if the bridge
had been completed it would not have
been sate.
It was also found that the loss of
life might have been prevented by a
reasonable exercise ot responsibility at
the time; that the company should
have appointed an experienced bridge
engineer to take charge of the erection
instead of men who had no technical,
training. Of the Quebec Bridge Company It is said that the staff was "inefficient and not well organized���the organization waa weak, in the,absence ot ���
a fully competent engineer? ot erection
and a forceful chief of stall for Inspection of shop work." Chief Engineer
lioare had not the necessary experience and the company directors did not
seem to realise the importance ot the
duties of this position.
So much for the company and the
contractors. How was It with the government, representing the people who
are paying for this bridge and making
It a part of their transcontinental railway? Mr. Monk has shown that when
the government took power to guarantee the bonds of this bridge the company was bankrupt. Its directors and
shareholders had practically no money
ln the enterprise, on which much lesa
than one per cent, had been provided
from private funds. The Dominion Is
paying the whole bill. Tet no control
over the design or plan was exerted
from Ottawa. Mr. Screiberner, government engineer, and Mr. Douglas, bridge
engineer of the department of railways,
at the beginning made some attempt
to Intervene, but the company's consulting engineer objected to taking Instructions from Mr. Screlbner, and the
criticisms of Mr. Douglas, now known
to have been exactly to the point, were
set aside or disregarded. The company
and the contractors had everything
their own way. All the government
did was to certify the bills and guarantee the bonds.
The commissioners find that the department, In allowing the final say to
the company's officers, gave them an
authority not ln keeping with the order-
In-council under which work proceeded.
The result of the situation was that
neither the government nor the company, nor the contractor had a man on
the ground capable of dealing with great
emergency. The commissioners say of
the events on the fatal August 29th:
"It was clear that on that day the
greatest bridge ln the world was being
built without there being a single man
within reach, who, by experience,
knowledge and ability, was competent
to deal with the crisis." When the
weakness was discovered word was
sent to New York, but there was no
one at Quebec with authority to call
off the men, and they remained on the
work to be sacrificed. If the Dominion
government, on which the whole liability and responsibility for thts structure rested, had kept even one competent engineer on the ground the lives ot
eighty men might have been saved. If
at an earlier time the government engineers had been authorized to prepare
the plans, or it they had been allowed
to pass upon them, as they desired to
do, the bridge Itself might have been
standing today as a sate and permanent structure.
. "m
fl ..j Dally Canadian
Important Notice to Newcomers and Intending Settlers
The Hudson's Bay Stores
Ranchers', Miners', Prospectors',
Lumbermen's and Railroadmen's
Suppplies   and  the   Leading
We keep the belt of everything, ;md the host only.
Our immense' business nnd practically unlimited capital give us sped;
advantages in buying, so that we can   sell,   and    do    sell,    HIGH    CLASS
GOODS at   prices generally charged   fur INFERIOR   ARTICLES.
Flour, Bran, Shorts and Hay Always in Stock
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CaplUI Authorized 110,000,000    Capital Paid Up $4,860,000
Reat    $4,860,000
D. R. WILKiE. President. HON. KOBEKT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Colombia:
Interest allowed on deposits  from date of deposit and'credited quarterly.
iNBUsoiN buanch ���.!���   IVls,   UAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  1869.
 13,900,000     Reserve Fund ,..
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all klnda of Banking  Bualness.
SPECIAL  ATTENTION  given  to the I      HOME  SAVINGS  BANKS   Furnished
.avings    Bank   Department,   and i                     .......                ,    ..
interest    credited    Quarterly    on on Appllcat.on, In Large, Medium
3avlngs Bank Accounts. or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published six days a wees by tbe
Bilker ���:.    Nelson, B. O
Bu ascription rates, l*j cents a mouth delivered
lu the city, or 15.00 a year tf sent by mail, wheu
paid ln advance.
Advertising rates on application.
All monies paid ln settlement ol The Dally
(.'auadlan accounts, cither Ior subscriptions or
advertising, must be receipted for ou tlie printed
forms of the Company. Other receipts are uot
Tuesday, March 24. 1908.
That Canada has grown weary of
the present administration is becoming
increasingly evident with every day
that passes, it is not necessary to
emphasise the various trials of
Strength between the parties lhat have
been made In many parts of the Dominion since the general elections In 1904.
Their results are of value only as links
ln a chain of evidence.
During the three years that have
elapsed since then, many provincial
campaigns have been fought with varying fortune .West of the Lakes the pat
ties are even with two provinces each,
and apart from thai circumstance, provincial results from Manitoba to the
Pacific may be regarded as having little bearing on the Dominion situation,
the issues being largely local. Premiers McJjride and Itobllu undoubtedly
owe their latest triumphs more to the
general excellence and honesty of their
administrative records, and to tbe weakness of their opponents, than to their
alliance with thu Dominion Conservative parly. And Premiers Rutherford aud
Scott owe theirs to the Initial advantage of being iu office and to the fact
that there had been no time for the
development of local issues.
Bast of the Lakes, however, the situation Is different. The nearness to
the Dominion capital keeps party lines
more distinct, and federal and provincial  issues  are  closely Identified.
In November, 1904, when the last Do-
jniulon campaign was fought, the Ross
government with its elaborate election
machinery was still in power at Toronto and able and willing- to help ils allies at Ottawa. A few months later
the Liberal .Machine met wilh over-
Whelming defeat. The Conservative
government has given Ontario efficient,
progressive and absolutely honest administration. The Toronto News, independent, notes the fact that with a general election ouly three mouths away,
there is not one act of electoral corruption, nor one accusation of administrative Jobbery, to figure as a campaign issue. There is not the slightest doubt in anyone's mind thut the
Whitney government will, at ils next
appeal, achieve another overwhelming
victory. What the effect will be on Uie
Ontario constituencies in the next Dominion campaign may be awaited by
Conservatives with perfect complacency.
The overthrow of au entrenched Liberal government in New Brunswick is
too fresh in everyone's mind io require extended comment.
But apart from such significant
Changes, and apart from the lact Uiat
for the first time in Canadian history
the net result of a year's bye-elections
has been a gain lot lhe Opposition,
lhe   strongest   evidence   of   a   Changed
popular sentiment is in expressions of
Independent opinions.    The revelations
of dishonesty and corruption iu the
public service led io denunciations by
practically every religions body in
Canada last year.
But perhaps the most convincing sign
is the attitude of the Independent press.
i*esterday we illustrated this fioiu the
Toronto News, edited by J. S. Willison
once an ardent Liberal and admirer of
Sir Wilfrid Laurler. Today we shall
Illustrate from the Winnipeg Tribune,
edited by It. L. Richardson, a former
Libera] ni'.-niber of parliament, who was
read out of Ihe party by Clifford Sifton because he dated to oppose his reu-
son and conscience to tbe order of
the  Machine.     Under  the caption,  "In- |
solent with Power," the Tribune says:
"More and more are Canadians beginning to realize that the power vested, constitutionally and by practice. In
the Ottawa cabinet is of such magnitude as lo breed positive insolence on
the part of certain political leaders,
and lhe air of bossism Is absolutely objectionable, not alone lo the people al
large, but to the men who are elected to
palrMament The slightest indication
of serious Independence on lhe part of
;i member brings down upon him lhe
chastisement of the machine, otherwise
the government, ami persisted in, the
party minions In the district where be
resides are at once informed that he
is dangerous und must be set aside,
simply to do as he is told, like a menial or dumb animal. This is no exaggerated statement regarding the situation in Dominion partylsm, and it
permeates the provincial life, and even
iu the civic arena, men who are elected
Office have an over-estimated notion
of lheir powers and the 'deference due
to me.' "
Missed His Calling.
Berlin, March 24.���The emperor has
ben spending two or three hours daily
for the past five days conducting rehearsals of the "Hugenots" for the last
society evening of the season at the
Royal Opera which was held last night
ln the presence of a brilliant and distinguished  audience.    The  performance
In the matter of an application for the Issue of
a duplicate Certificate ot Title for lots 4. 6, y, 11,
jy, -2h, and 8*2, of lot Ml, tiroop Oue, lu the
District of Kooteuay (MapttM).
Notice is hereby glrea that It ls my Intention
to issue at the expiration of one month after the
llrst publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of title for the above mentioned lots ln
the name of Kicliard Heinle, which Certificate of
Title is dated the Jtth day of November, 1906,
ami   numbered 631UA.
Land Keyistry Ofllce, Nelsou, B. C, January
17th, IMS.
"H. F. M.cLaoD,"
District Heglstrar.
Notice to Creditors*
In the  matter of the estate and effects
of   George   Harrison   (deceased.)
NOTICE is hereby given that all
creditors and others having claims
against the estate of the said George
Harrison, deceased, who died at Nelson,
llritish Columbia, ou the 27th day or
IX-eember, lyu7, are required on or before tbe 2Uth day of April next to send
by post, prepaid, or deliver to the un-
deisigned, their Christian and surnames,
addresses and descriptions, the full particulars of their claims, the statement
of their accounts and the nature of the
securities (if any) held by them;
And further take notice that after
such last mentioned date the administrator will proceed to distribute the assets of the deceased among the parties
entitled thereto having regard only to
the claims of which he shall then have
notice, and tbat the said administrator
will not be liable for the said assets or
any part thereof to any person or persons of whose claims notice shall not
have been received by him at the time
of such  distribution.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 17th day
of .March, A. D. 1908.
Solicitors for the Administrator,
James H. Harrison.
One-Way Colonist
Rates to Alberta and
British  Columbia
LONDON f46.05
OTTAWA    61.40
OTTAWA via Chicago 62.45
QUEBEC 56.00
Tickets on sale Feb. 29th, April 29th,
1908. Corresponding low rates from Intermediate points.
For furthor Information as regards to
rates,   etc.,  apply   to
c k. Mcpherson,      j. mok,
u.i'.A.. Winnipeg, li P.A.. Nelson
C.I' A , Nelson. B.C.
last night was heard by a crowded
house and wus received with uncommon enthusiasm, the audience little
suspecting who had drilled Ihe narlom-
ers. Those who apprttrea in the production say that the emjieror's energy
wore on their nerves severely during
the   rehearsals.
China In the Game.
Washington. March 24 ��� China,
through Minister Wu. Its diplomatic representative ln Washington, haa extended a cordial Invitation for the United
States battleship flee! to stop In China
on Its way round the world .
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay Ice and Fuel Co.
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   Ste.
Notice ls hereby Klven that the reserve over
certain isnds In South-East Kootenay. notice of
which apyeareu lo the British Columbia Cazette
of the 14th of August, lfrJO ami bore date of August 12th, 1890, ls hereby caui-i'lleii. The above
mentioned lands will he open for location under
the Land Act on March .10, 1908.
Deputy Commlaaloner of Lauds aud Works
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, R C. December 16th. 1907.
Notice Is hereby given that application will be made by the undersigned
at the next sitting of the Board of
License Commissioners for the City of
Nelson, to be held thirty days after the
date hereof, for a transfer of tile liquor
license standing ln the name of the
Estate of George Harrison (deceased)
for the premises known as the Lakevlew
Hotel ln the City of Nelson, situate on
Lota 13, 14 and 15, in Block 87, Subdivision of Lot 95, Group 1, Kootenay
district, to Napoleon Mallette of the
said city.
Dated this 17th day of March, A.D.
Administrator of the estate and effects
of George Harrison (deceased.)
Tremont House
Kuropeftn and American Plan
Heali 83 eta.   Koomi from u. eta. to ll.
utuy White Help employed.
Baker St., Nelaon Proprietor!
Only the best
ble q
quors and cigars
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward The
dining room ts unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. BRIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court  lions.
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baler Street, Nelson. B. C,
l-arge   snd   Comfortable   Bedroom    and  First
olass Dining Room.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprlatresa.
Bartlett   House
Best Dolkr-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar la the Finest.
White Help Only Employed
Joiephlne Bt.
Nelion, B. g.
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and fl.GO a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Boarders.
Fred   Irvine & Co.
New Spring Jackets,
Ladies' Suits
These have just arrived and are   the very latest   styles   and   materials.   We
also have a splendid stock of
L��adie.s'   Dress   ��Skirt.s   in   all
the  Best Colors and Styles
Complete stock   of   Children's   Wash   Dresses, White Underskirts, Drawers,
Aprons, and Pinafores.
Now is   the time to   make   your selection   while sizes are all in stock.     You
will find these prices as  cheap as you can make them.
Fred Irvine & Co.
313 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
We now offer for aubacriptlon the balance of our firat allotment  of    Preferred    8tock    In block,   of 100
shares  at  $1.00  per  share;   each  100 share, entitled to a bonus of 25   aharea of Preferred.
���n. Jb,e, Vf?"Kd stoc,k ls 'nlltled to a dividend of 7 per cent. commencing November 1 1908 Tbe 7
een nil 1 ������**?t���'\ TTUl bl'"F ""y "IV'd"n" ls ���>a"1 "'���"" ,h" ��'��in.onTo���. After 7 p.r cent,
ed shot   i n tn .'";;ti, Htncks thereafter participate wroalljr.   There Is no good reason why tbe Fr
ea snouia not pav lrom J., to 60 per cent, dividends.
watered sinrk   n,   ,1    ,   I "'";,,tI"n ar�� "'"'". 'i' i,nv !i"'" f,,r ����� iMPeotton of the general public.   There ll ��
most   con orat'l.   s    In.,'    ,      '"'n 2 ""V""1���"'.,'-"' I'1'"1' '"' buW P��mOt��M��   profits   In   the   enterprise.    Colli,
laslon   l     r' tro'n     J ����"w "K II toll per oent tor advertising and sale of slock, the entire com
mission, literature, newspaper advertising bWltera*., Office expenses, etc , Is limited to 10 percent.
themaluntrni'r^n/'nnlM^n'i''^' lnVl,t"'1   t0,V'S"   ""r ����moi��traUllg   plant   HI   Cordova   street,   and   tljam
no^X   l��".rnt   nl  tL n.o.!a|Pn.rMlH"""        ""*  '""""^ ^ a" 8"""''  ^v"**'1  "hln*10  Mi'' "^ ^
Captain II. A. Mellon, J. P., American
I.loyds Agent, etc.
W. II. It. Colllster, Manager Albion
Iron Works, Vancouver.
Francis J. p. Gibson, BrltlBh Columbia Trust. Corporation.
J. C. w. Stanley, formerly General
Manager West Loudon Paper Mills
London, England.
Col. T. II. Tracoy, M.C., Soc. 0. F... P.
L. S.��� D. I.. S., Con., Eng., former City
BJnglneer of Vancouver.
Fred Smith, member of Smith,
Wright S- Davidson, Wholesale Paper
Co., Vancouver, n. C.
H M. Ilurrltt, Western Manager Cor-
tlceln silk Co., Vancouver, B. C.
KiiHtaoe II .lenns, llarrlRtor, etc , Vancouver. B. C.
fleo. K. Cates OatM Shipbuilding
Co.,  Vancouver, ti   C.
ilieely RollH.fot uvrly General Manager Pacillc Coast (Joda Co.
When You Buy Fruit Land
DON'T be a'trat-ted hy cheaper.  Inferior or  Inaooasslbls  lands  whleh exist. In the  Kootenay,  as elsewhere
l���,i j;. t   ihe   best.    Take advantage of a double selection.
,    our selection waj made with the ntmoil car. si a time when we had the whole district to plckfrom.
...   your  selection   made  rmm ours   thus you get ihe benefit or a double and cumulative selection.
FURTHERMORE,     remember ,Mlll  ,,, ,���. H1���.C(.SHfll| (h(, f(,||l)W|nK ���,,��� quumiPg aro absolutely essential:
in      I'll'';   C!>.    Soil;   (III.  Water;   < 11   Ace. sslbllily;   d). Transportation.
WE  SELL  OUR  OWN   LANDS.     We  own ever 20,000  acles,  title   perfect.
THE SOIL  is deep loam  wilh clay subsoil, tree rrom stone.
THE   WATER  on  these  lands   Is   pure   and   abundant   both   In   running Streams and  numerous springs.
THE  MARKET  for your product   Is  right  at jour door on  existing IIiich of  transportation.
BUT when you buy an orchard tract you wan I   more than soil;   more than pure water; more than transpor-
|utlon;   '     i  wanl   A   HOME     A   place to live In-  THAT  IS WHAT WE   HAVE   FOR   SALE.
I        office   with   dally   mall  service;   express trains, stores;  schools���A   home   every   few   steps.    You   get
|me comforts of civilization combined   with the  pleasure or a  profitable, healthful and beautiful rural home.
TERMS���$10 Caah  and $10 per  Month    for  10 Acres, with  liberal  diacount   for   larger   paymenta.
Write   or   call  for   Maps,   Photograpn.   and   all   information.
Kootenay Orchard Association
British Columbia
I cannot dine on FROG LSGS every day.     We furnish the
>ef.   Pork,    Mutton  and "Veal
Hams, Bacon and hard
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
in the market
Mincemeat of Finest Quality iu glass and wood.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Islo, Rossland     NELSON,  13. C�� Boundary
I Utj.i Dutrtet.  District of Went Kootenay
H.,trv   Btril. Of Nelson. tMO<
- rtal ...   ifeot,  intend* to apply tor
��� ���-������ in.'   following   i.ewriU'-l
��� i.'ing   ��l a   inn.   plantt-d   at   lhe
salt  corner   <���?   1>>1   37.1,   thenee  running
-    tlifi.tT   weat 20  iii.u.v   IbtDM
oi iom, to the northerly
' i,   tht-lire   lullowlllK   MTU
140   I"' to   point  Ol   IHTHITf* 1 "lOQUWlti
ion '>r loO>V
,i, IWW 11 *KRV BlRIt,
K   U   ��!*�����!<. Agent
. Und District.  District "��� Wool Koolonoj
ll at Prod, J. Hummoui,  ageut  !nr
���  Neiwiai ooonpoUon watch -
��� intends to m<(��iy ior por*tuMion to pui
sing described lauds: Com men-
t ��� .. f anted about 2\.t mile" east ol
I .    H.     tmiiip.   in   no   euUTlf
Mi'.n. Ut. iilt j) c hut un south, tbence *u
gLiiuft wetterlj direction, thanoe �� chains
pi" the i not of i ommonoontoat* oootaJ a 1m
1 I   ItM
*u-i Noi Mh, lain,
kkiuhj. k lean Taw/mo*
F   J    e.HNIlM,   Audit
'     ; -inn     lMr.lr.el ul V.VII KooU'li*)
I"'  Uiv tl
���t��MT oil
tliat   Prod J    iSammotis.   agent ior
ol  Proctor, 001 apotSon rani nor,
��a'to��ppij (0| patmtMlon to pajrebooo tne
I bed    1nii.1i>:     Couiuu'Ihiiik nl h
iMUin.'.l ��btmtlU iiilleacasl nf VMUoii (TK'k,
bains, tnenot northwest SO
_ n.. rtli. mm A>chains, thenee .outh
PWchaiui ui uif ihe point ol i-oiiiniutioamuiit
���'���inihK ...... n i moro oi lew.
���*w.i N,,v  i ,i,, Lvoi
Ak.IIIHAl.il   AMUUON   l.Al-I.A*l>,
Agent r. J  oa������������.
'"-'��� .-in. i    Dmtnei ol Wvit Kootenay
���k> tiotii i thai w, a. Hii.ir.on, Umbororuloor,
KH'irti,,. Hbokuo oonntfi WoohliMftomi on*
f ' UateaoJ America, inland*, lo appll
'*'"       "      ��� l.iil..  t     ll.VllfM-    IIVIT    III*'   followliiK
FHtwd Utitti     i oiiun.-nrliiK.au DOtl uirtiki-o
��� plauled nu ,|���. norii, bank ol   torn t r.-ek.
K* (Jun,'l��' I   Ho-  Nortli tor* ol Torn cn-ek
"  n   stream,   nlioiu   OtO   miles   10 a
it.ni (mm oonfioonoool s��.td Own
>tn the Koounoj river; ihenee nortb 10
wee)   WW chains; itu-iu e OOOtll  ���*>
.hem. , nM   ii.il i ilium*, io point ol coin-
.    "Kin M.i.ihinitiK NOooroi moro or loot
,*w land ktijoini timber limit No 7 aa in.'
.   "'"i uini,. i  Hum  No. 8 nn Hu* soulh, M ID-
��'��� b| me,
*M*d ttuy, mbtr 7, iwo.
ih,, Wii,i iam A. Ilrimois, Locator
lV,' ,Ml1' ,iU,] idtOOd by Hit* within DUDH  W
"i.<.ii  0"   Hi- JUlh .Irty of  NOTOmbOT, A   li.
,:, ;'"ri me hi Hpoiunu-, Bpakone CoantTi
���"���"���iitni.oneol thoUnltad BUttoof Amertoo,
"" Hi i.   iMmnci ot ttf��i kot.iciiHy
"���nun,.. ,ll|lt ifrthcliH rien-e,   I HlrMhhlnirK,
E ,���.   , ''" 1'n.riltHl   woi.iHU,   liltfln.H   to   Hpply
Iii'-m u  ,   ' '" paroboot tin- tollowloi ��������
'llll.ri ' UHMH-IIIK  lit   n   P0tl   plHlltt'il  Ht
"��� ni       i"""  <,(   "','   '"""���   honlHlHry ol  l/��t
,..',,.'' u"  ���"! bo una ire pi  i^,t  Na  KU6,
.1,,,"     '   'lirtlnn, inorr or leHH. to the north
E'fllirv''.    "'   tlrODor   Mm It,    No.   7671,   IbOOOf
,."!.�����).< Ii��lim, tbioico wym 2it rhiitiiH, mon-or
fMtilde   Of   WhHUIiHli   IftUv,   thnncr
 ���   Hi   h   mnithurl v   h-imI    wonterly
i'lHlim,  tnoro  or   Iumh   lo the lutt^r
t,,,," " i MiiCi, thtMHio iift .-I,j, ui-.,   more or
fun t,f        K tootorli   bouuilKry  ol Lot nM to
I ll.,..,, ,''""'"lirriiM.iil.
'ID Uotobar, 1WI7. 1HAHRM.A I'lKH.'K,
F   Q, FaikjI'IKK, ��� Kent.
I Tnki. Dlttrt,rt'   l��l��trl(-iot WomKoottuiiy
Lertiu, '('."'A'1'   ln,lt    Aloxiuiflor   J     Mt-Cool,  of
r pvriniJt" 000ttI*Uon olork, intondi to apply
*' 'I Inn I '"   lM,ir*'��>��"i'   I'm   followh.K   au
��uuiii���,;  ! "'"""'"fiiin hi h pom plnmod on
"t-rti  boundary  ol U   ft boutheru  Hnll>
'. lotbi
win,,  i
him iinj
"li with
NulMiii I.hu'1 Dlftrlct.   liifttrn-tol Went Kootfiiay.
Take notice that I'lua Bergman, of Altooa,
Man , (x.upailon w Iff of 0, UerKmati, farmer,
Altona. Man., lutemlh io apply for iHTmiKHion to
i   .* ��� f.. >.   ibe InllowluK .!,���-.Tit-.-.i laud :
^omtnuncitiK at a ���">-' planted al the N. E. C.
of Hugo Contono1 a] pltoonon to purchaae aDrl
running thenrt- went ��u chains tbence uorth HO
(-haiiiK, thenee emit 4U chains, theuce south U
chains '2b UnJu, tbence east 40 cr atns, thence
south 71 chalnn lb links to point ol commence-
ment, containing '�����*. acres more or less.
�� 'hak; r> Mai:-ii a:.i..
Aseut   for   Tina   Bergman.
Daled 23 December 1907.
Wool Kootenay   Land  District.    District ot Goat
lake notice that I, "George A Hunt, of Kit.
cbeucr, occupation Umoerman, lulend to
apnlv for permission to purchase the
fullnwiuK described land : Coin men* lug Bt ��
post punted about 40 chains, west ot Thompson
marked N W, corner, theuce south 10 8* chains
tbonofl east 44.67 chalu*., theuce north 31.46
chalnn, theme west along B. C. .Southern Hallway to plOOl of commencement, containing 98.18
Dated Jnnuarv 8th, 1����.       George H. Hunt
way right-of-way, about one and a half miles
westerly from llir noMbWfft corner of lot WOO,
group    1,    Kiolt-nay.     ihtOM   south    BO   rhaiuij.
theinv oui lOonolno. tbooot nortli Wonolni to
soulherti Umudary of said rtglit-of wa?, thoOM
went NJ chains along -aid aouthern boundary to
polut of commencement, and containing 600
uroo. moro or i< --
Dated  November 9th, 1907
Al.EXANliKR J    Mil'iml.
tfOlOOn UtUtd District    D.strici Of WOtt Kootenay
Take Uotlce that F. V. Hurden, arliug as age til
for J. ll Burden, oi Poktok. N H., ooonpalloD
moohanu , Lntonda to appiv for permission to
purchase the lollowing OOWrtbod lamls: C<mi-
taonolng at a put planted on tbe easterly shore
of Arrow bike aud ahout lo chains north o( the
S. K. comer ot lot M6.1, thelice east 20 cbatliH,
thenre north 40 chain!., more or .M>( tO the lake
slime, Ibeiii-e lOUtllWUtOrly along the lakeshnre
to the point of roliiiiiencriucllt, und conialuing I
rW aeres, uiore or les��-
1 ated  NovemlaT ISth, VM1    JamksH   HlRUKN,
K. 1'    BQBDBWi Agent.
Nelson I .mi.I District. District of West Kooteuav
Take notice thai John James Cameron, of
Keriile, British Columbia, occupation contractor, lutendl to apply lor permission to
purchase the following dowrfbod land) Commencing al a pool planted on the southern
boundary of the H: *'. .Southern right of-way
about 40 chalus westerly from the N. W corner
of bit HWH't, group 1, Kooteuav, tbence si.uih fiO
rbaliiH, theuce eaat 4t> Obolni, theucv north 60
i-bains to the sou< hern bonndaf| of the said
nght-ot way. lhence WWtorlj along lold south
.ni boundary of right oI-whv to the point
��� ���oiiiuieiiennenl, and containing MQ acres, more
or less
Dmed November lHU, 1907.
J    UN  JalJIia  (AWSIU1N.
Nelson Land Dislrict. Dlstrlctof West Kontetiay
Take nollce Ibat John Hbicll, of Needles. B C,
OOOnpOUnn ranch, r. Intends lo Oppl] lor per-
mission to purr base the following desert tied
land; Cmnmrnciiig at a posl planled ut the
northwest coiner of l>it ,HWt, thelice west 40
chains, theuce south Ho chains, tbence 0M1 10
.'lialiiH, thdice north Ho chains to tbe point of
loiiimcucemeui, ami coiilHinlng li-li hitcs. more
or less
t ale.I loth October. 11107. JaMBs SHlKi.l.,
r   n   FACQUIMO. Agent,
Nelson Land District Dlstrlctof Wesl Kooteliny
lake nollce that Angus McUlll, of I tic City Of
Nelson, occnpalion ll reman, inleuds to apply for
permission ta purchase tba lollowing described
lands: Commencing al a post planted al the
N. W.   coiner  L    ft.   Morrison's   mttQO.   In   Kir
alley, Uu tee   notth   fortj   (40) chains,  thene
nst   1("��>   (|ii|  chains,   ihelict   fcouih 11|   (40
alns, ihnirr west liTtJ (40) clu.liis ollilo
m ineluelni tit ,    and   < on la tilth m    one   bundled
d  sixl v (160) acrek. inoie or h-l-s.
iMct Mepte nb.T 2nd.  1907.        AMOOI    licGUL
Nelson Laud District.   Dlstrletol West Kootenay
Take notice that   Hugo GaMtOOki of Winnipeg,
Mau.    occupation   publisher,   intends   lo  apply
tor   penntaOiOD   to   purchase lhe    following (le-
siTtbed latin :
Coniuii-nclmt   nt   a   post planled   on    the  west
oiindary of \.i 427**, ii. 1, (about .f> nules from Arrow LAakSi on   Ali>ai|Ullo  Creek) and 81   chnlns ~,b
links south of  the N. W. ft. of aald   lot, running
theuce   west HO chains, theuce south   ho chnlns,
tbence east ni chains, theuce north Ml chains to
id * of commencement, containing   640 acres,
more or leu.
Aa-cnt   for   Hugo OolStoni.
Dated n December HJ07.
Nelaon Lan.l Distnei. District of Weit Kooteuay
Take notice that 1, Frederick Adle of Waneta,
B- C.i occupation i .M' iiiiut, intend to apply lor
permission lo purchaae the following described
laud: Commencing at a post planted about 10
chains west o( the N I. coiuerof lot 8622, thence
north 90 chalus, thence east HO chalus, thence
south 20 chalna, thence west 80 chalus to point
nf commencement, coutalulug 160 acres, more or
Dated Jauuary 21st, 1908.       Frkoirick Abie.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that Marlon Isabella Crease, of Ui--
City of Nelson, iu the Provlnceof British Columbia, occupation spinster. luteiidn to apply for
permission to purchase the lollowing described
land: Commencing at a post plauted at the
high wat.-r mark of the Halmon river distant
about U miles tn a southerly direction from
Halmo, B C, thence north 40 chalus, thence east
to chains, thenee south 40 chains, more or less.
to the high water mark of the riulmun river,
thenee west 40 chains, more or lets, along said
high water mark to the polut of oommeucemeut,
and containing 160 acres, more or less,
located on the 1st day of February, 1908.
Dated 10th February. 1VSJ8,
Marion Isahklla Crease,
Edward Manly Pktku, Agent.
Nelson Land District.   District of Wwt Kootenay
Take notice that James William (���allagher, of
the City of Nelson, ln the Province of llritish
> olumbla, occupation merchant, luteuds to apply ior p. Miii'r-i.ui to purchase the following
aworlbod laud . Commencing at a post plauttd
at the high water mark of the rtalmou river distant aootit 12 milts lu a southerly directum from
MlmOj H. C, thence north 40 chains, Iheuce
west 40 chains, ihenee south 40 chains, more or
lOWi to Un- high water mark of the Halmon river,
thence east 4i) chains, more or less, along the
said blub water mark to tbe place ol beginning,
coutalning ltva acres, more or less.
<<ocated ou ibe 1st day of February, 1908.
Dated 14th Kebruarv. 19o��.
Jamkh William u * i lacker,
KbtVARb Manley !'n Kits. Ageut.
Nelson Laud District.   District of West Kootena
Take nollce thut I John Arthur >cott, of IfODO
Cintrc, Out , occupation farmer. Intend to apply for permission to purchase the following de
scribed laud Ht the mouth of Humnilt creek:
Commencing Ol a post plauled at the southeast corner of lot ��782 marked N. K , theneo
south 40 chains, thence west 20 chalna. tbence
norm 40 cIihIuh, rhence east 20 chalnn to place of
commencement coutalulug so acres.
John arthch hcott,
W, J. Hcott, Agent.
Dated Feb. 18lh, 1908
Nelsni Land Mlstilet Districtn! West Kootciuiv.
Puke notfee '.hut Levi Ueorge Payne, of Ni-edlcs,
R, tl., oeeuptillon riineher. Intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following deserihed
UUld 11    Commencing at a post   planted about IA
���tiains west of Whatabab creek and 88.014 chains
-outh of   lhe southwest   corner of Lot No-   8MH
riinntiiF theuce   north so chalni 	
chains, lhence south  ," *
.tt.oW chair
eon I alt
lhence west SO
 j rhi. ur-.   thence east
.outh   67 M45 chains, thenee
^^^^^^ .in,'nl,
eloitns cast to point of eoinmoiicemei
lining IS1 aires, now surve>>d ah 1018185.
ed 8th Jauuary, !9o8. Levi Ueoruo Payne
Neisou Land District. Dlstrlcl of West Kootenay
Take notice that 1 Christie Hcott, of Mono
i.inter. Out .occupation married woman, luteud
to apply lor permission to nurchase the following describe.! iaiid near Summit creek :
Commencing at a post planted at the southeast corner of lot 8780 marked H. W., thence
north 20 chains, theuce east 20 chains, thence
south 20 chains, theneo west 80 ehalns to place
of commencement continuing 40 acres
W. J. Scott, Agent.
Dated Feb 18. 1908.
Nelson Land District.   District of West Kootenay
Take nollce that t, David Johnstone, of ChllU-
.v.,k    B  C     occupation rancher, intend to apply for periiiirsion to purchase the following de-
^r^mifnrdnK at a post planted 90 chains west
(rViii A Morrison's st u hwest corner tl ence
';"',. li ."atns, Iheuce west 40 chains; thence
, id clialns thence east 20 chains, thenee
�� n  , bains    l   ence  east  80  chains to   tho
point   of   imnmenceniint   and   containing   240
aeres, more or |Ott.     ^^    Dav1I) Johm1ito1)1,
March 9. 1908.
Anothre   Building.
ThoH. jN'riHun is calling for tcudtira for
tliu erection of a cuttage ou li is lots in
Fairview. Work on the building is to
commence at ouce.
Getting   Ready  for   Excavation.
The work of tearing down the old Method.Ht church i- almost through, aud ex-
eavitiou for the foundation will cotn-
meuce iu a few days.
Conservative   Executive.
A meeting of the Kxixmtive Committee
of the I.ilMTal-f'oiiHt^rvutive Asnisiat i. ni
of NcIhoii i- called for tomorrow night ut
8 o'clock iu the ofllce of Mossm. Leuuie
and Wragge.
Metals   and  Stocks.
fcSilver declined one point ou the New
York market today. Lead gained three
points in London. Among Boundary
stocks (Jruuby advanced slightly bnt B_
O. Copper weakened considerably.
Gansner-Me later.
The marriage was solemnized yesterday
afternoon in St. Paul's church by Rev. J.
T. Ferguson, of Christian Gansner, of
Kelson, and Miss Panla Meisser, of Da
vos, Switsserland. The bride was attended by Miss Elizabeth Ferguson, the groom
by his brothers, Leonard and Johannes
Boat  Club  Meeting.
At the annual maeting of the Nelson
Boat Club last night the following officers
were elected: honorary president, Dr.
Hall; president, E. C. Wragge; vice-
president, W. F. Mawdsley; secretary-
treasurer, J. Teague ; captain. F. Nott;
vice-captain, A. Poole: executive committee,  T. D. Desbrisay,   W.   S.   Pearcy,
Lieutenant 'Jovernor
Edward the Seventh, by the Grace of God, of the
I'nited   Kingdom of Ojeat Hritain, aud Ire-
laud, aud lhe Britinh Dominions beyond the
&eu King, Defender ot  the Faith. Kmperor
of India.
I'o all to whom these preseuts ihall come,���
ft reeling.
W. J. BOVTOL Attorney General.
Whereas by Section fi of the "(lame Protection
Act. 18!��8," as re-enacted by Section 19 of the
"Game Protection Act. Amendment Act, 1905,"
It Is euaeted that it shall be lawful for the Lieu.
lennni-Governor ln Council, by Proclamation to
be published In two successive Issues of the British Columbia Gazette, to declare a close season
for geese in any part of the Province tor anv
period of time, and
Whereas our said Lleuteuant-Goverunr, by and
wilh ihe advice of bis Executive Council, ha*
been pleased to direct, by an Order in Council
in that behalt.a close season for gee��e within
tbe County of Kootenay, until and Including
tbe 31st day uf August, one thousand nine hundred aud eight.
Now Know Ye therefore, that in pursuance
thereof, we do hereby proclaim a close seuou
for geese withtn tbe County of Kooteuay. until
aud including theilBt day of August, oue thou-
sauo nine hundred and eight.
In tesumouy whereof, we have caused these
our letters to oe made patent and the Great Uenl
of the Province to be hereunto affixed.
Witness, His Honor James Dunsmuir, Lieutenant (iovemor of our said Province of British
Columbia, in our City of Victoria, In our said
Province, this 19ih day of February, in the year
of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and
eight, and ln tbe eighth year of our relgu.
By command,
Provincial Secretary
^^^^^^^m ������!,! I        ���WW.1,1   W,l  III
H. W. Robortion, O. Lee, R. Sharp
Prospects for thti coining season were discussed, and it was to encourage early and
systematic training of crews for the N. P
A. A. O. regatta at Seattle in July, when
a desperate effort will bo made by Nelson
to defend the junior fourH championship
which is now held here, and also to capture the seuior four.
Doubt Finlay  River Find.
The Saturday Sunset has the following concerning the published reports of
the Findlay River strike: "Too much
caul ion cannot be exerclHed in accepting the stories of big placer strikes
which appear from lime to time in ihe
press. Tho story of the Findlay RiVOf
strike has apparently petered out to
nothing. A local ilaily published a circumstantial interview with the alleged
discoverer. The interview may or may
not be what the Interview said. At
any rate he denies it in tolo and suggests thut the story Is based on a
roadhouse boom .scheme. Newspaper
reporters as a rule have a fair sense
of responsibility and the reporter who
published the story was doubtless approximately correct in what he wrote.
It may all be true or it may not. The
discoverer may be sorry he spoke or
he may be quite as indiguant at being
misreported, as he says he is. The net
result is that the public cannot be
sure whether there has been a strike or
Rochette'a  Financing  Recalls  Career of
Madame  Humbert.
Paris, March 24.���The arrest yesterday of Henry Rochette appears likely
to develop Into a big scandal. It ls
stated that several prominent politicians are involved in the dealings of
Rochette who threatened the examining magistrate with the name of an influential senator. A large nummber of
brokers have suffered considerable financial loss through the error of Rochette. They had been instructed to
buy up shares ln bis concerns which
showed a tendency to slump. Accordingly on Saturday they bought up four
hundred dollars worth and received
Rochette'a cheques on the Bank of
France but payment of the cheques was
refused by order of the court. The news
of the arrest caused a panic in the
provincial branches of the Credit Men-
ier and Industrial bank directed by
Rochette. Depositors clamored all day
at the bank but no money was paid
Rochette continued a big financial
newspaper, "Le Financier," at a cost
of about $80,000 a month by means of
which he was better able to dispose
of stock in his various companies. One
of the directors of the Credit Menler
states that Rochette's affairs are solvent. He says that Rochette has nearly two million dollars deposited in the
Hank of France, which Is sufficient to
meet all liabilities and that the Credit
Menier and the Franco-Spanish banks
have the working capital of all Rochette's concerns.
Is now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
in   Addition "A"
We aro agents for most of the lots
ln the above addition, being agents for
P. C. Innls, Coats & Co., and the Nelson
Electric Tramway Co.
For full particulars aa to prices,
terms, etc., apply to
&   M.   BIRD
One of
The Best
In Fruit Landa now offering. 157 acrea
of choice land altuated on Howaer Lake.
$20.00 per acre, easily cleared.. Must be
���old at once.
For  full   particular,  apply
If yon want Good Land
McDermid & McHardy
You can buy a 10-acre Fruit Ranch ln the best fruit growing district
In  British  Columbia by  paying $1 0 dollars down and 110 per month.
Even as an Investment this Is wor th consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled ln value within the year.   What will It do next
MANUFACTURERS    T ^^tA-i     G,Ui*o.*Jtam*
AND DEALERS IN    l^tlUlDe*,   .OlUllgleS,
Lath, Alouldlnsrs* Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Brackets.
Mail Orders promptly attended
Certificate   of Improvements.
"Red Fotnt,*' "Vernamo," "Greenwood Fractional," "��.reenw��Mx. and Jar>k Pot Fractional"
Mineral Clalma, situate ln the Kelson Mining
Division of Weft Kootenay District.
Where located:���On Kagle Creek above tbe
t'oorman Mine.
Tase notfee that I, John McLatchle. of the
Cit> ot Nelson, acting as agent lor Jons. P 8wed-
berg. Free Miner's Certlfleate No B7475 and
uscar Johnson Free Miner's Certlfleate No B623
intend sixty days from the date hereof to ap
i>ly to the Mining Kecorder for Certificates o
Improvements, lor the purpose of obtaining
Crown (irantri of tbe above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
Section ;r7, mutit be ctunraenced before the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated tnls. mui day .of September, \  D , 1907.
Certificate of Improvements*
���April Fool" No. I Mineral Claim, situate
ln tht Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenav
Where located: Between Kagle and Sandy
creeks, and about one half mile fmm tho . nor-
man Mill-
lake n tlce that 1, F ft. Green, acting U agent
(or J. t. Swedberg. Free Miner's Certificate No.
H7475, intend, sixty d*\ys from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for tbe purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of tne above claim.
And  further take   uotlce   that   action under
section 37, must be commeuced  before the issuance of such Certificate of improvements
Dated this >i I. day of January  A, D , 1907
r.ft. GREEN,
Nelaon. II C.
Tate notice that Alfred Kdward Watts, of
Wattsburg, British Columbia, lumberman, ln
tends to apply for permission to lease the fol-
It-wiuu described land, situate near Procter on
the south shore of tbe west arm of Kootenay
Lake, more particularly described as follows:
Com mi nclug at the northwest corner of Lot 4
of Lot JtW, G out. 1, West Kootenav District,
thence 1(*M> feet (.'���.'. chslns) westerly along the
south shore line of the wust arm of Koot��nay
Lake aud being the north boundarv of Lot 4 of
1 nt ::"'.i to the northwest coruer ot Lot 4 of Lot
Bflt, theuce BBO feet (:>4 55 chains) aloug tbe south
shore Hue of tho west arm of Kootenay Lake and
being the nurth bonudary of Lot 16 ot Lot WO,
(.roup 1. Wfst Kooteuay District, thence north
��� i.' feet ('J chains); thence easterly 3960 feet
(00 00 chains) and parallel with the south shore
line of the west t��rm of Kootenay Lake; thence
south 13J feet (i chains) to point of cammenue-
ment, and containing 120 acres, more or less
Dated this nth day ol February, A. !>.. 1908.
Take notice that we will at the next
meeting of (he License Commissioners
apply for a transfer of the liquor 11-
(ansa, for the No Place Inn on Joae-
rhim> street. Nelson, from Pollard and
Wado to H. H. Moore.
Dalod at Nelson, this 9th day of
March 1908.
W.   O.    GILLETT
Contractor  aand
Sole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail yards. Rough and dressed lumber, turned
work and brackets. Coast lath and shingles, sash
and doors. Cement, brick and lime for sale
Automatic grinder.
Yard ana factory: Vernon St.. east of Hall
P. O. Box 232 T��i��>T.r.oTi.�� 177
We have one English Billlar, one
American Billiard and one Pool Table.
We carry the best lines of Cigars and
In the matter ot an application lor 'he Issue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Ti'le to Lota
4, b. and 6, Block 6, Nelson Uy, subdivision ol
pari of Lot 182, Group une, Dt trlct of Kootenay
��� Map 186)
Notice is hereby given that It is my intention
to issue at tha expiration of one month after tbe
first publication hereof a duplicate uf the Certlfl-
iateo Title to tha above mentioned ots in the
name of Pattle Rhodes which Certificate ta dated
tue 16th ilar of May, 1899, and numbered 1897-k
Land Heglstry office, j>elaon, B.C., January
24th, 1908. H. F   MACLKOU,
tttstrlct KffclMttar.
In the matter of an application for a duplicate
( ertlfluate of Title of an undivided one-quarter
inierest in Lot 87, Group Unn, Kootenay District,
known as "Let Her Uo Gallagher' Mineral
notice is hereby given that It la my intention
after th*. expiration of one month from tbe first
publication hereof, to issue a duplicate Certificate of > ltle on tht above described one-quarter
tntere-.t in tht name oi John F. dtevens, which
Certificate of Title is dated ihe 6th April 1900.
and numbered Su88K
Land Registry office. Nelson, B. ft., March 8,
H. F. MacLeod,"
District Registrar.
Notice is hereby given that the Oreat
West Railway Company win apply to
the Parliament of Canada, at the present session thereof, for an act amending
the said Company's Acta of incorporation by striking out the names of those
personB who, by Sections 1 aud 2 ot
Chapter 167 of the Statutes of 1903, are
created Incorporators and provisional
directors of the Company and inserting
ln lieu thereof the names of certain
other individuals as such incorporators
and provisional directors; changing the
head ofllce of the Company from Nelson,
B. ('.. to Port Arthur, Ontario, and extending the respective times for the
commencement and completion of the
various lines of railway which the Company Is empowered to construct.
Dated Ottawa, 31st January, 1908.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
IB 1 . '
Tne Daily Canadian
it is very Important that Jewelry should be carefully examined, especially i ins settings. Valuable gems are frequently lost through neglect of
having the settings repaired or replaced. It has been our pleasure to
remodel many fine combinations to better advantage than previously.
We guarantee to please you in style, quality and durability of workmanship,
Watchmaker and Optician
Btfy Now
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra suaps for
investment or for a home.
Building Lots
Carbonate   St.   (25   It.J $175
Observatory   St.   (50  ft.) $200
Latimer St. (50 ft.) $750
Also excellent sites, close in, for ap-
l>artment bouses, residences, factory
sites, etc,
NOTE.���As an inducement to build
up Nelson tbe city levies on Improvements a tax of $1 in the thousand only.
Real Estate Agent
S15  Baker St..  Nelaon.  B. C.
Fire Insurance
Insure your house and furniture in
Do not put It off. Delays are dangerous. Call at 322 Baker street, or if you
have not time to call drop a line to
General Agent for the Kootenays.
Agents  wanted in  all  Kootenay towns.
P. O.  Box  534.
-AT THE���
Queen Cigar Store
Rich,  Strong  and   Delicious
Telephone 161.
All Kinds of Heating Plants ln Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Ooera House.      Tel. 181.
Corner of Stanley and Victoria Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot.
E. Pope, Calgary; P. E. Elford, Montreal; A. Sullivan, .1. c. Johnson and
wife, Quebec; T. Ditchburn, Vancouver,
H. S. Elliott, Toronto.
Oor*.    Vsst-non tt.n.1  Wsit-U   Street.
NKUSON..    H.��^,
.1. Fisher, Rosalan; C. McDougall,
Sandon; ll. O, Marshall, Vancouver; A.
Mclnnes, New Denver; L, A. Manly,
Culmar; 11. H. Hugh, Winnipeg; \V. It.
Fletcher, Si. Mary's; ti. P. Henry, Loudon; J. W. Tlnling and wife. New York;
C. K- Ward, Cranbrook; G. Binder, London; 11. H. Stanton, Denver; F. Walker,
Tacoma; S. F. Doran, Chewelah; w. C.
Thomas and wile, Boundary Falls; J.
R. Brown, Greenwood.
J. Al. Desorals, Fernie; E. W. Bowman
Nez Perce; G. Kerr, Miss Clay, Winnipeg; R. Ilorrie, C. M. Kid. Gutallua; .1.
w. Wakefield, Quebec; J. Reynolds,
Perry Siding; F. Noxon and wife, Slocan; O. Larsen, J. Klliott, Spokane; W.
Lyall, Frontier; F. Woodrow, Grand
Forks; O. Harris, Proctor; H. G. Overy,
Fire Valley.
II. B. O'Neal, Slocan
Vancouver; P. Blackle
P. Swannlgan, Missoula; J. C. Taylor
and wife, Beggar Prince Co.; J. Irving.
New   Denver;   W. Kushton,  Winlaw.
E. H. SlSterson, Toronto; W. Lisle.
W. J. Habgood, Trail; L. Strandell. J.
Boyd. W. Watkins. J. VV. Kyte, Cranbrook: Tlios. Mitchell, F. Osbourne.
Baitle Creek.
II. Simpson, F. Perry, Rossland; R.
Hennell,   Cranbrook.
Mrs.   Hayes.
A.   Blackle.
Pearl Brooch, yesterday (Sunday) at
noon, between St. Paul's church and
post ofllce, or between post ofllce and
Strathcona hotel. Finder will kindly
return to this office.
JX)K SALE at a bargain or exehRnKe for Vancouver property au almost new, modern in
every respeel 13 roomed residence. Full base-
mem with large dan suitable for billiard room,
t'p to-daie stable and carriage bouse    Two nice
lots in the nuest resident portion of Spokane.
The owners baslnes. interests have been transferred to tbe eoaat. For furtber patleulars write
I', o. Box 1-Mi, Vancouver, B. c.
If you want upholstering or cabinet
work for tins spring get it done now.
We huve some choice quarter cut oak
and will build yon a piece of furuiture to
order at the price of factory goods Soe
us for second bund goods.
Turner Beeton Block, 606 Vernon Street.
A. M. Can. So��. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:   Room   10,   K.-W.-C.  Blk.    P.   O.
Box     434.
Baker   St.,   Nelson,   B.   C.
15   Volume.���Library  Cloth,  published  at $25.00.
History of the Times, 2 vols.; History of Egypt; History of China; History of India; History of Switzerland; History of the United States; History of Spain; History of Russia; Life of Whlttler; Life of Lincoln; Life
of Holmes; Life of Longfellow; Life of Napoleon; Steam, Steel and Electricity.    Special for the Set $12.50.       Mailed free on receipt of price.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd
I.   W.  VV.
A meeting of the local branch of the
Industrial Workers of the World will
be held in Miners' Union hall tonight
at 7.30 o'clock. A full atteudance ls
F.  O.  E.
'ibe regular meeting of Nelson Aerie,
F. O. E.. will be held lu the lodge room
tomorrow night at 8 o'clock. There are
several Initiations to be performed nnd
some Important business to be transacted.
Publicity  Bureau.
It has been decided to postpone tho
meeting of the Publicity Bureau, which
waa fixed for tomorrow night, to the
call of the committee, as the latter
wish to make a thorough canvass he-
fore reporting.
Resumed   Work.
The  stonecutters  are   preparing  Uie
stone for the court house and the full
force of men will be working again in
it few days. Contractor Gillett intends
to have the building completed by the
first of August.
Ceddio   In   Gaol.
Chief of Provincial Police W. J.
Devitt arrived from Salt Lake City last
night with the Italian, Ceddio, accused
of the murder of Louise King at Niagara. B. C, on Nov. 18, 1906. The extradition proceedings took a long time.
Ceddio will be tried at Greenwood at the
spring assizes.
The   Opera.
The "Beggar Prince" company played
to a fair house last evening. Conflicting opinions as to the merits of the
company are expressed, but all who
were present admit that the performance did not reach the degree of excellence promised from day to day by tbe
advance notices. Tonight "La Mas-
ootte" will be the bill.
Halcyon   Lithia   Water.
This brand of water has now become
famous and Harry Mcintosh states that
it is being sold in all the leading hotels
in British Columbia. J. Falconer King,
the well known lecturer of the Edinburgh school of medicine, has pronounced it one of the best table waters
to be found anywhere in the world. It
it put up in a bottle about the size of
the ginger ale bottle, and has an attractive label with a picture of tbe Halcyon
In Hatches vs. C. P. R., and Anderson vs. C. P. R , F. C. Elliott, of Trout
Lake, obtained orders for revision of
taxation, to take place at the next sittings of the court at Golden. In the
estate of J. B. Schwartz, H. C. Hall, on
behalf of Margarctta Schwartz obtained letters of administration. Iu Hanson vs. Tin Workers J. O'Shea and R.
S. Leunie appearing, Mr. Lennie obtained a stay of proceedings. In Winlaw vs. Robinson McKenzie, Harvey and
McCarter for defendants obtained au
order lor directions.
Cleaning Up.
The mayor's instructions to the chiefs
of the city fire and police departments
to insist upon an immediate and general cleaning up of the alleys and yards,
were unanimously approved last night
in full council, and it was resolved that
the work should go on, and that failure
to comply at once with such orders
should be followed by police court proceedings. It was further explained that
the employees of the city sanitary department are responsible only for city
premises. Private premises must be
cleaned  at the  owners'  expense.
Back  From Ottawa.
Bruce White returned last night from
the coast where he attended the annual   meeting   of  the  Canadian   Mining
Electoral District
All British subjects over 21 yeara of
age, who are resident in the province
for six months, and one month in the
riding, are entitled to have their names
entered on the voter8' Mat for Nelaon.
Applications for thla purpose will be
taken at the office of the undersigned
every  day during  office   houra.
Sec.   Nelaon   Liberal-Conservative
Nelson, March 20, 1908.
Only 35c Per Do*.
Corner Silica and Josephine SU.
pi-iorvB 7
Books on
Fruit Growing
No matter what your business or line
of work. If you would attain the highest
degree of success possible, you must
make a study of it.
There Is no more effective or economical way of doing this than by making
use of the experience���the knowledge
gained by others���past masters each In
his particular line.
A visit to our book department will
put you ln close touch with the best
authorities of today on all subjects relating to fruit growing.
If you can't call and look through
them, drop us a card and we will send
descriptive list and prices.
W* G* Thomson
Nelson, B.C.
Prions. 3-4.
Institute, which Is now an important
and powerful body with a membership
of nearly a thousand. There were few
delegates from the west. The Cobalt
representation was particularly strong
and at one time there seemed to be
danger of a fight for control between
Ontario and Quebec members. The
petition from Kootenay for a renewal
of the lead bounty and raising of the
mlninmum price was endorsed without
hesitation. Mr. White saw Messrs. Re-
tallack and Pratt who are carrying on
a steady campaign of education and
hope to Becure the granting of the petition.
Tomorrow night at the weekly meeting
of the Churchman's Club the programme
���will consist of a debate on the question
"Resolved that it is in the intrest of Canada that Orientals should be excluded from
British Columbia." Among the speakers
will be: John Fraser, G. H. Playle, W.
Ebbs and A W. Dyer. All who are interested are invited to attend aud ladies are
especially welcome.
Many New Bridges  Under Construction
on Branches of Kootenay Division
of C. P.  R.
The C. P. R. at present has a force
busily engaged In placing in position
four large steel bridges in the Kootenay
district. These replace wooden spans
and trestles.
At Alamo, on the Nakusp and Slocan
line, the new bridge ls seventy feet
long and will be completed during the
next fortnight. On the Slocan Lake
branch, at Lemon Creek, a new sleel
structure one hundred and ten feet
long will be in place within two weeks
At Murphy Creek, on the Rossland
branch, a span, one bundled and two
feet long, will be swung Into position
this week. At Stoney creek, Just north
of Trail on the Rossland branch, a
monster steel structure live hundred
and eight feet long, with towers ninety
feet high, will be ready for traffic ln
the course of a month.
Two additional steel structures of
great magnitude have been ordered to
replace wooden spans near Shields on
the  Boundary section.
J. J. Campbell left for Victoria Monday  evening.
Angus Mclnnla came down from New
Denver yesterday.
W. A. Macdonald, K. C, left for the
coast last evening.
Fred Elliott, the Trout Lake barrister, Ib ln the city.
0. .H MacDougull was in town lust
night from Sandon.
His   Honor  Judge   J,   R.   Brown   ar-
Wholesale and Kemii Daal.rs in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps Supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but   treah and
wholesome meats and supples kept In itooji
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.  C.   TRAVES,   Manager.
Looking b.   k. I  see,  I  never saw before.
This  is lhe exclamation of satisfied customers.
have fitted
fully stubborn cases that  others have   failed   In      Satisfaction  an """^
We make a specialty ol  Hue watch   repairing.     Mall orders  im,!!,"1!!1**
tended to i'n'inpti. ,,.
Hollow Concrete
Blocks For Sale
AM shapes and facings,
These blocks are absolutely  th.- boat
material   to   he   bad for building pur
poses, foundations, retaining walls, etc,
being cheaper than brick or stone
Tenders given on all kirula of building
work.    Stock on hand. ���
Head Office:  Baker Street, Nelson. B.C.
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shop
Whether used at a regular meal or
for a pleasing refreshment at an odd
time, you will And that it is all that
It should  be.      Costa  60c  per pound.
J.  J.   WALKER,  Jewels,
\\  hcHCNiiic   I'icivInIdi
I * i-o limits,
government Creamery One Pound Hrioks received weekly fresh from Ihi
churn.    For sale by nil lending grocers '   !
Ofllce and warehouse :  Houston Block,
Josephine Street.
I'm. (tie 78.
Nelson, B.C.
For Sale at
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cor. Josephine and Mills Sts.
Phone   19.
rived from Greenwood last night and
is at the Hume.
W. 0. Thomas, of the Dominion Copper company, was over from Boundary
Falls last  night.
��1. Homer Gtasty, Jr., was in tlie city
last night on business connected wilh
his   mining   interests.
F. Walker, chief despntcher on the
C. P. H. Kooteuay division, returned
from a trip to Tacoma last night.
Harry Williams, one of tbe pioneer
ranchers of thu West Ann, Is In town
for a few days after several months'
G. C. Hodge will leave Tor the coast
Sunday evening to Luke charge of some
new construction work for the IJ. C.
Telephone company and will probably
be away most of the sluing and summer.
Prices  of   Metala.
New   York.  March   24.    Silver,
London. March 1!4.���Silver   96
bad,   JJ14,  0��.
Openlno. Copper (Juotationa.
(Hy McDermld & Mcllardy.)
New  York. .March 24,  1908.
Dominion Copper.
H. C. Copper	
.$ 92.00
Quotations  on   Spokane   Exchanae   and
New York Curb.
Alberta  C.   &   C $      .10    %
II. C. Copper         4.62^
Chas.   Dickens            .17%
Can.   Con.   Smelters..     70.01)
Copper   King            .03%
Dominion   Copper   ...      2.12H
Galbralth  Coal     .22
Gertie 04
Granby        8(5.00
Heela          3.00
International   C. &  C.        .69
Kendall          1.00
Missoula Coppper  ...        .09%
Nabob 04
Oom   Paul 06%
Panhandle 05%
Rambler   Cariboo   . .. .25V4
Rex    18
Snowshoo     .11
Snowstorm          1.88
Sullivan 01
Sullivan  Bonds   	
Stewart 67 V4
Tamarack & Ches'pko       .80
4.87 %
.04 '/���
.18 ft
���01 tt
It behoOTM every man to look ift��
his new heiidwear. and now It tit
time and here the place when* you ta
get the most recent styles antitheses-.
est shades In nobby Hats There��
Bolt Hats and Hard Hats���Hats slit
low and high crowns, broad and wnw
brims, hound and unbound, Made j
sl7."H to fit ull heads and suit all uoi
And  tbe prices  will lit all pockets to
J. A. Gilker
This Is   Ihe  season   of   tin-  year   when   you  devole your attention lo 1st
household duly. We are prepared to meet your requirements with a full lists'
Ready   Mixed   Paint.,   all   colora, VarniaheV   Stain..   Ensmilt,
Alabastine,    Muralo.
Everything   necessary   for  the   renovation   of   your   houae.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Nelson Brits,
Fruit   Trees
Home grown fruit and shade
tree*, currants, gooseberries, grape
vines, etc., etc. One of our specialties is our large Held grown roses.
These wi;i bloom the first year.
Send for our descriptive catalogue and price list, and give us a
trial order. Tht? largest growers
In   II. C.
The Riverside Nurseries!l
I *���**********************, **************************** I
Pure and (heaj
We have looo pounds of
which we will sell at :, bargain
5 lbs. for $1.00.
Special  prices  for  larger  lots.    Come
ln  ami Inquire.
Gioquette Bros.
Phono 258.
THE   Unto Date  Bakers
F. C. GREEN       F... BUKUtN        A. H.GREEN
C'vil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Bos 140    Phone 261 B.
Geo. P. PUye��
Office   Room   No.  2,   ELLIOT    BlW<:|
,3fc I
Jobbing   promptly   attended  to.
and Estimates.
Apply 415 Hall St.  |
INEU.SO1N,    -    B. c'|
We  make  a specialty of
Hardware Supple
For  Ranchers
Send  us  your ma" orders-
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co,


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