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The Nelson Canadian Jun 9, 1906

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! I.    Nn. 6.
[oniparisoi. of Aims and
Western  Federation   and   United
Mine Workers of America������
Their Differences.
Now thai the trial of three proml-
members of tbe Western Pedera-
ol .Miners on the charge of mur-
i: ex-Governor Steunenberg of
. is postponed , the following
larison of Lbat association in lis
and acts with those of the t'nlted
��� Workers of America by one of
i a .is foremost students of ecu-
c problems, together with his crli-
(a iim or both, will be read with Inter.
Iij   those who have not  made    the
le  dose sillily  of  these  questions,
quote from nn article by Mr. Willi  Hani, of Chicago:
flic   United    Mine    Workers,    Mr.
���'hell's organization, existing mainly
lie coal Iii l>ls easi of the MlsslSSlp-
river, is a  business enterprise, Tbe
Min   Federation    of   Miners,    Mr.
(Im a .oil's organization, existing main
ilie metal Holds west of the Mis-
t mm river, Is Incidentally a business
plerprlso,  inn fundamentally a phllo-
fjililcul agitation,
Tin   United   Mine   Workers  accepts
present  industrial system  nnd  re-
the . inployr as Its  partner. Tbe
in  Federation of Miners, on the
inics ihe preseni  Industrial system
|i i regards the very existence of tbe
lililoycr   as  nn   evil.
The United Mine Workers Is Inter-
'i-I   mainly   iu  the   division  of    the
hjreeds of the present Industrial sys-
between itself and Its partner, tho
nployer.    it   wants  to  Lnoreaae   its
Hhnrc ol ilie proceeds, and It wains
'luce  Its    partner's    share.    The
��� .iii Federation of Miners, on the
lie r bund, is Interested mainly In the
|lmlnatlun of the employer.    Il wants
��� wages, of course, but If It should
eed in establishing a Bcale of eveti
[ hundred dollars a day, It would still
��� bound by its principles lo spurn the
flaxing comforts of prosperity and to
Itself to a continuation of   tho
'There Is usually one of two reasons.
ic   prosence of a large number of
M.iiists in any irade union.    One is
Influence of Europeans;  the other
particularly  spectacular triumph
Hie machine over the man, and    a
hnlcularly cruel displacement of hu-
11 beings by superhuman tools.
Tlie flrsl of these reasons, tbe    in-
i'nee of Europeans, is Illustrated in
itnj   cities   by  the   brewery  workers
Ji'l by the bakers.   The other, the en-
otichmenl  of the machine,   Is  Illus-
''��� I b) certain locals of clgar-uiakors
i "f machinists,
lie- Western Federation of Miners,
wover, has not been devoured by the
'Miic. ami it does not contain more
an a small percentage of Europeans.
fhalever of   lawlessness    there    has
01  ihe history    of  the   Western
grcicratiiin has been American lawless.
Whatever of radicalism there
been in lhat history lias been radl-
- " cherished ami propagated by
ni'-rlcami, Tbat favorite national
apegoat, 'the foreigner,' ennnot be
iuled with the sins of the Western
deration and driven out Into the lies-
ol contemptuous Indifference,
"The explanation of lhe socialism ol
1    Federation   may  possibly  bo  that
: -mi men of a socialist temperament
1    happened lo be prominent  In the
Runlzntlon, and thai  they convened
other prominent members.
!l    Internal  policy ol the  Western
���lerntlon     of   Miners     Is  consistent
"li     Us   published     principles.    The
>"���'���'   Important  part   of  this  policy Is
rslon to the signing of contracts
1 'ii employers.   A contnicl Is regard-
1 ;m a manacle.    II binds one  union
"'ii another union    might    need  Its
"'hi-   Presumably ir a contract could
'    ' '<'.l by the whole working class
United  Slates  with   tbe   whole
laploylng class for the term of n year
i fixed scale of wngoa, the Western
erntion  of   Miners would  not sell-
object.   Hm in the absence    of
ii possibility It seems to tho Fed-
"nn lhal  contracts   Interfere  with
mobility and flexibility of the work/
'"��� 'hiss-   In other words, the hostility
1 'he Federation to the Idon of u ton-
���'' ia In one aspect  merely the re-
:i'" or its attachment to the Idon
sympathetic strike.
""sequence of not demanding a
ict, the Federation naturally dous
""l":""1 " dosed shop.   As It does
'-i> ihe employer to bind hlmso'.f
'' ''"'"''net to anything, It does not
ask hlrji to hind hlmBelf m tho exclusive employ nl  of union men.
"In t iree other respects besides Its
failure lo demand a closed shop, Iho
Western Federation of Miners follows
a policy which has often been admired
by enemies of trade unions. The Western Feicrullon lias no apprentice system, ll does not rostrlei output. And
it discountenances Jurisdictional quarrels between rival Irade organizations.
"So much for the philosophy of lb,.
Westen Federation of Miners. Now
for the lawlessness with which ll bus
been clurged.
"Then can be no doubt thai members of be Western Federation of Miners have frequently coerced non-union
"A prjgram of Intimidation lias at
times. Ir. certain mining camps, become
the equivalent of a closed shop contract. Tlie employer was not asked
to exclude non union men. The union
excluded them spontaneously, without
bolheilii; the employer about It.
"It han been snld thai individual non-
unionist) have been coerced. It has
been said that armed bodies of union
men have on several occasions made
attacks on mining property. Tin
cannot  be denied..    But there
Is a third charge which Is even more
serious. It Is said that tbe leading officials ol the Federation constitute au
'Inner circle' devoted to outrage nnd
assassin: tlon and responsible for such
spectacular and horrible acts of violence us the attempt at train wrecking
on lhe Florence and Cripple Creek rail
road, lie
caior uiib
ndependunl mine,  the fatal  explosion
in   the
and   the
irnor Si
ludependenc railroad station,
assassination of formei Gov-
unenberg, of Idaho.
fatal explosion in the Vlndl-
ihe fatal accident In the
No one can prove thai lhe Western
u did not commit  these acts.
No one |0 far has  been able to prove
that it did.   The judicial machinery of
th'r^stnie of Colorado has been In tbe
hands of tbe enemies of the Federa-
'ti Behave
Hon.    Many 'confessions' have In
Many    announcements
been nun e to the effect  that  llle lead
ers of the
1ms been
has been
cry case
Federation would soon be
Yet not a single convfetiou
recorded. In fart, no approaedi
made to a conviction,    in ev-
i'.he prosecution has oollspsed
aneoiiHly and so ignonilnlous-
fl trial has seemed lc| be In-
urre for the purpose of hu-
the defendants than of con-
em. The news of on Indictment mulcos the from page of the
newspapers. The news of an acquittal
if the outrages above men-
s repudiated vehemently by
the Federation. In most cases, if not
In all. It offered u large reward for the
apprehenilon of the guilty parties.
makes th
tloneil   wi
Grand  Rabbi  Wires Congratulations to
American Ambassador
at Rome.
Washington, June 9.���One of the lust
und strotgest instructions given by
Secretary Root to the representatives
of America at the Algociras conference
related to the protection of the Jews
in Morocco and the procurement for
them of eiuai privileges guaranteed hy
the signatory nations. Through Mr.
White's oTorls such a provision was
Inserted In the treaty which concluded
this   confe
gram has
rence.    The following    tele-
been received from the chief
I 111
rabbi of Morocco:
"Tangier, April 211, 1906.���Your Excellency: With a deep sense of gratitude It becomes my pleasant duly lo
express to you my warmest thanks for
your Inter'eni ion, In lhe name ot your
government, at the silting of the Aige-
clniB conference on April 2nd last In
favor of the Jews of Morocco. I, as
representative of the leading Jewish
community of Morocco, am successfully Interpreting the sentiments of my
co-religionists In ibis country by requesting you to he good enough lo convey to President Roosevelt and the
American government Ihe expression
of our grateful feeling for their noble
ami generous intervention in our be
hair. 1 prny Hod to send Ills blessings
on the literal American stntes, ihe
champions of Justice und the Buppori-
ers of the weak and the oppressed.
May she have unending prosperity,
mid be always at the vanguard of nations for tin relief of humanity,
i huve the honor to be, sir, your
most bumlle nnd obedient servant,
(Signed, In Hebrew)
'Grand  Hnbbl of Tangier.
"His Excellency, Henry While, Esq.,
American Ainliassador,  Home."
JHclaon Canatoan
Fifty Cents a Month
An error|r
the sermoi
Promise of
Shanks wil
ly Solemn
occurs ou our lns.de page
the notice of subjects of
a In the Baptist chmch to-
lie morning subject Is "The
Faith." nnd the evening one
I'wo Fires."    Rev. and Mrs.
sing as ti duet "One Sweet-
Thought"    at the evening
Review of Progress During lhe Week
Developments in Surrounding Districts���Quotations of Stocks
on Local Mining Markets.
The general mining situation In
Kootenay and the neighboring provinces nnd states continues favorable,
with many Indications of extensive development nnd expansion in the near
In the Boundary and ul Rosshmd additions to the list of shipping mines Increases from regular shippers; installation of new machinery, limiting uf
new companies and opening of new
mines nre reported almost daily.
In lhe Slocan there is-little. All
eyes are on the Rumbler-C.'ariboo,.No
report of the lead's being found in the
long tunnel has yet been made. However, experienced mining men have no
apprehensions, in a work of such
magnitude a few weeks' lime is a trifle.
Sheep Creek remains the field of
promise, nnd many parties of American capitalists are eagerly negotiating
for control of one or more of its rich
gold properties.
Near Nelson the l,n Plata has been
tbe mosl active during the week. Tbe
new concentrator has now been In operation successfully for a fortnight,
The mine has now a very bright outlook, with three years' supply of ore
In sight.
Miners are busy on tt'-rreek. where
there are many rich copper deposits
still undeveloped.
On tbe local market slocks huve
been fairly active and prices have remained very firm.
International Coal was again the
leuder, one firm of brokers alone having handled over 120,000 shares of this
security during the week. This does
nol appear strange when it is under
stood that this company have over
$400,000 Invested and are shipping
over 1,000 tons per clay. It would seem
thai these shares should be Bulling
around par instead of at one-half that
All of tho Coeur d'Aleue stocks have
been active, most of them having
shown a decided advance. Snowstorm
being the leader. It Is reported that a
Nelson firm has secured large contracts on this property, and the fact
that these improvements would be carried out has caused tho excitement in
the shares.
Among the "wireless" stocks the
American Deforest, preferred shares,
seems to be the leader.
The following are approximate quotations for the week at the close of
business today:
Asked.     Did.
Alaska Central     5.2B       5.0(1
AJnx 20 .1714
Alaska Oil and Mines..     .011 .02
Bullion 01 .00%
Belcher 40 .:i!l
Canadian   Smellers..   ..13.1.110    127.00
Curlboo-McKlnney.   ..     M% M%
Deer Trail Consolidated     .01 .011%
Dominion Copper     11.50       3.2S
Denoro Mines 07 to     .01
Diamond   Vale Coal  Ac
Iron 20 .25
International Ooal 0814 .07%
JuiuIki (Rossland) is -is
Juno   Mines 02 M\%
Lardeau Mines 0114 .01
Nicola Coal Mines tid .05
Rambler-Cariboo 21 .211
Western Oil 15 38
White  Benr (Rossland)     .0-1 .o:!Vj
Mining   Records.
One location of claim and four certificates of assessment work were recorded In the Nelson mining oftlce today.
F. A. Aklns, of Crcston, agent for
Phil Carey, of Yale, recorded the Lilian May, situated on Mountain Gulch,
on. the west fork of Summit creek, located June 1st.
Certificates of work were Issued to
A. Currle, agent for W. Mabar, on lhe
Blue Bird; to J. D. Anderson, on the
Monte Curio; to John Wn'dhcser, on
the Gold Standard, and to John Wald
beser, as ugenl for Mny Waldbcser, on
the Emerald.
As Others  Sec   Us.
The Herald la in receipt of the first
copy of Tlie Daily Canadian, the new
Conservative paper established at Nel
son, with David Carley as business
manager and W. W. Boer as editor.
The paper has a pleasing appearance
typographically, and In a business way,
If the price Is right, Ihe showing Is one
that should prove satisfactory to the
promoters. Editorially and locally the
first Issue makes a most commendable
allowing, and the Herald extends to
the new Journalistic venture the hand
of welcome, and trusts that It may
huve a prosperous career.���Cranbrook
Herald   (l.ib.l.
White Star Line Discourages Games of
Chance on Ships,
New York, June 9.���A formal warning lo passengers to beware of professional gamblers on shipboard wus published in tlie official passenger list of
lhe White Star line steamer Majestic,
which arrived here today from Liverpool and Queenstown. The warning
rend as follows:
"The attention of the managers has
been cuiled to the fact that certain
persons, believed to be professional
gamblers, are in the habit of travelling to and fro In Atlantic steamships.
In bringing this Io the attention of
travellers, the managers, while not
wishing In the slightest degree to Interfere with the freedom of action of
the patrons of the White Star line, desire to Invite their assistance In discouraging games of chance, as being
likely to afford these Individuals special opportunities lor taking unfair advantage of others."
(From the Province.)
That Hon. Charles Fitipatrlck's ,
last political act before entering
on his new duties at chief Justice
of the supreme court of Canada
should have been the liberation, .
long before his term had been
served out, of one of the most debased criminals who ever came
before a Canadian tribunal, Indicates the different light In which
very serious matters are apt to
be regarded at various times by
the same m'-i. We are quite satisfied that f.,T. Justice Fttzpatrick,
who occupies the highest Judicial
position in the Dominion, .. asked
for hit opinion regarding the release of the felon, Desire Bro-
thier, would condemn at impossible of Justification the act of
Hon. Charles Fitzpatrlck, the minister of Justice. As a member of
the bench he would, we are convinced, had that criminal been arraigned before him, have regard- '
ed it as his duty -to society to
place it beyond the prisoner's
power to pursue any longer the
shocking life and occupation in
which he had been engaged. The
judge would have said that such
a danger to society must be rendered harmless by the strictest
1 confinement, and that it was the
duty of Canada, in which his offences had been committed, to see
that he should not be permitted
to go elsewhere until he had un- 1
dergone the punishment which
the law regarded as necessary to
purge him of his crimes.
Stands on  Zinc While  Handling  Light
on  Linotype Machine.
Pelnlumn. Cln., June !).���P. G. Brocle-
way of Iowa, aged 20, a linotype operator In the office of the Petaluma Argus,
was electrocuted shortly after he too'e
hold of the llghl which furnished illumination for his copy. An electric cur-
rem of 225 volts passed through his
body. His death is attributed to the
fact that lie wns standing on u sheet of
zinc which lined the floor around the
The John Hubbard Prize.
New Haven, Conn., June 9.���Tbe
John Hubbard Curtis prize for tho
highest excellence in literary nnd rhet-
orlcul work on assigned subjects in the
academical department at Yale has
been awarded to Francis Hartmnn
Marcoe, Jr., of New York, of the senior
class for the original drama on tho battle of Hastings.
Tlie members of Nelson lodge No. 25.
Knights of Pythias, will hod their annual memorial services In their boll,
on Vernon street, tomorrow (Sunday)
morning nt 10 o'clock.
The Englishman's spelling of sa'oon
Is correct���a liesa. a hay, a hell, two
hoes and n hen.
Agrarians Make a Firm
Right  of   Free Speech   Prolongs
Session of Russian Douma
A Full Month.
St. Petersburg, June 9.���The demand
for opportunity to speak on the agrarian question In the lower bouse of
parliament is so oppressing that the
rule against the bouse sitting on Saturday has been abandoned, and the debate on this important subject will be
resumed today. Every member seems
to feel that he should make known tho
views of his constituents upon this issue. The leaders of the constitutional
democrats who realized the necessity
for action dare not propose to limit
the debate, as that would savor of restriction of the sacred right of free
A month has passed since parliament
met, and the agrarian question is not
yet consigned to committee, which
msut be done in order that the details
of the bill may be elaborated. The few
conservatives no longer attempt to cle
feud their views, and by tacit consent
tbe constitutional democrats, who feel
certain that their program will prevail,
are abandoning the Held to the radicals
and continue to urge the full nationalization of the land.
Mannikln, one of the peasant leaders, declared that the theory that tlie
peasants are conservative Is utterly
false. They were now as firmly convinced that the land belongs to them
as they were iu 1801, and that servitude should cease. They were utterly
incapable of grasping the idea of provincial property in land. He concluded:
"We were elected to give the people
land and liberty. We find it is necessary to expropriate private property
and confiscate the lands of crown and
church. The government must beware,
or Boon it will be too late, and the people will take what the government refuses to give."
Professor Maklm Kovalovsky, of Ta-
karkoff, and several members of the
lower house supplemented the action
of the house yesterday in accepting
the government's decision to insist on
a month's delay In the case of the
death penalty bill by addressing an
open letter to the emperor, applying
to him In the name of justice and humanity to suspend all executions until the question of the death penalty
is finally decided.
Guatemalan  Revolution.
Washington, June 9.���Secrecy no
longer surrounds the movements of
the cruiser Marblehead, which was
started north from Panama. The Marblehead had sailed for San Jose to
watch the movements of the American
steamer Empire, which Is reported to
have landed recruits from San Francisco and guns and ammunition for the
revolutionists. The Empire coaled at
QoeentO, Nicaragua, before sailing for
Sau Jose.
Before sailing for Sun Juan, according to despatches from Panama, there
was no attempt to conceal Ihe fact that
the steamer, whicn was flying the
Amerlcun flag, carried arms and ammunition. The vessel Is n tug 70 feet
in length, nnd her normal crew numbers 1:', men.
Irrepressible Lowery.
John Houston would probably make
quite a speech if he could drop into the
old Nelson Tribune office, and see Dave
Carley inking the forms, while the
parson was loading the hook with the
fruit of his upper stopo.���Greenwood
Prominent Physician Dead.
New Haven. Conn., June 9.���Dr. Robert Ives, n prominent physician of this
city, died today from appendicitis, aged
64 years. Ho was graduated with the
class of 1804 at Yale.
Last Rites.
The funeral of the late Q. R. G.
O'Drlscoll took place this afternoon
from the undertaking parlors to St.
Saviour's church, and thence to the
cemetery. The funeral services of the
church were read by Rev. F. H. Gra
ham, and tho Masonic ritual was conducted at  the  grave.
The pall-bearers were: M. S. Davys, R. R. Hcdley, S. 8. Fowler, H. V.
Rudd, C. W. West and R. H. Hinton.
Nelson lodge, A. F. and A. M.. and
St. Patrick's Society were well represented, and the attendance of other
friends was very large.
There were many beautiful floral offerings, Including one from St. Patrick's Society In tho form of an Irish
Imported Meat Still a Live Question In
British Houte.   .
London, June 9.���John Burns, president of the local government board,
has requested the foreign office to communicate with the state department at
Washington and ascertain to what extent reliance can be placed on tbe system of meat Inspection undertaken by
the bureau of animal Industry, ^announcing that he had taken this action
amending a reply to a question put in
the house of commons today by William Field, national member of the St.
Patrick's division of Dublin and president of the Irish Cattle-Raisers' and
Stock-Owners' Association, Mr. Burns
added that ho had ascertained that u
quantity, of boneless beef and pork is
imported to this country from America
and converted Into sausage, which are
sold as English products. He admitted that there were some serious difficulties In the way of efficient British
inspection of some of these Imported
foods, but said the local government
board had taken action to see that tho
local authorities exercised their powers to the fullest extent.
Annual   Convention  Will   Treat   Interesting Topics.
Milwaukee. Wis., June 9.���The annual convention of the Miners' National Federation will be held here Jun 20,
21 and 22. An attendance of 1,500, including a delegation of foreign visitors,
is expected. Among the speakers will
be B. J. Rothwell, of Boston, on "The
Arbitrations Committee;" Harry E.
Hooker, of Lansing, Mich., on "The
Model Local Organization," and H. B.
Taskor, of London, England, on "The
Export Trade."
Another  Ditattrous   Visitation   Afflicts
Eastern Canada and Destroys
Much Property.
Buffalo, N. Y., June 9.���Tbe following is a summary of the more serious
property losses by yesterday's storm In
South Ontario:
The deaths number three at Niagara
Falls. The walls of the two main gables of the general hospital collapsed,
and tons of masonry crashed through
the three floors to the basement. Plate-
glass windows were blown in on the
business streets of Hamilton, and 500
feet of the roof of the International
Harvester Company's main building
was carried away. Lines of communication suffered severely. At St. Thomas a portion of the roof of the Michigan
Central railway shops was blown away,
and street car and power service was
The 90-foot elevator lower at Port
Staley was blown over. At Chatham
the tower at Walker street church collapsed, and beautiful trees wore broken
and uprooted.
The cyclone swept through Rodney,
West Lome, Dutton, Sheddon, Seorra
and Flngal, lifting everything movable
In its course. Maxwell church, on the
sixth line of Plymouth, wns struck by
lightning, which tore n hole In the roof.
Ati Rodney the cyclone blew off the
roof of the Binder hotel. Rodney nnd
Surnia received the brunt of the storm.
Industrial and milling plants suffered,
Including W. F. Lawrence & Sons' mill,
from which 1,500 feet of roofing was
torn away.
Vintners' Meeting.
The annual meeting of the Provincial VintnerB' Association was held in
Nelson yesterdny. Tho usual routine
business was transacted, and the following  officers   were  elected:
President, L. A. Manly. Grand Forks;
first vlcet-presldent, W. Gosnell, Nelson; second vice-president, H. A.
Brown, Revelstoke; secretary-treasurer, Henry F. W. Behhsen, Victoria.
In the evening the visitors wero
banquqted In Fraternity hall by the
local members.
Will be Constructed on St.
Mary's River
Favorable Report on Charles Mac-
Kay's Enterprise���Will Sop-
ply Towns and Mines.
James Burwell, of Hermon & Bur-
well, Vancouver, hydraulic engineers,
Is In the city after a visit to East
Kootenay in the Interest of the SL
Mary's River Power Company, which
has been formed by Charles Mackay,
ot Nelson.
Mr. Harwell's detailed report on the
results of his examination will not be
available tor some time, but he has
intimated that It is favorable to the
prosecution of the scheme.
Tbe firm of Hermon & Burwell had
charge of the construction of the power plant at Lake Coqultlam for the B,
C. Electric Company, which was con*
structed at a cost of $1,500,000.
Mr. Mackay, seen yesterday and asked as to tbe company's plans and prospects, said that they hold a record for
25,000 inches of water In the St. Mary's river. They will develop sufficient
power lo light all the cilies and operate mines In the vicinity. Their markets will include the town of Kimber-
ley and Its neighboring mines, the city
ot Cranbrook, Fort Steele, Moyle and
all Its mines, including the St. Eugene.
Associated with Mr. Mackay in the
enterprise are Robert Campbell, James
A. McDonald and J. I). Kay, master
mechanic ot the St. Eugene mines, all
of Moyle; W. Hanwell, of Port Hammond, and Mrs. H. Ross and L. Shaw,
of Vancouver.
It may be, Mr. Mackay says, a fortnight before the examining engineer's
detailed report will be received. In
the meantime the organization of the
company will be perfected, and preparations will be made' for further proceedings.
The St. Mary's river is the only large
water course in that part of East Kootenay, and all hope of the development
of cheap power on a large scale depends upon the success of this enterprise, u success ot which Mr. Mackay
and his associates are already confident.
Sketch of Origin  and Organisation  cf
Pollard Lilliputians.
The Pollards, or Lilliputian Opera
Company, which will open a week's
engagement in Nelson at Sherman's
opera house Monday night, have an
interesting history. Formed 26 years
ago of the children, 18 in number, of
one family in which muBical and dramatic talent Ib hereditary, they have
grown into a world-famous organisation, furnishing three companies, one
of which is now in South Africa and
another in India.
The Lilliputian company Is the
school from which pupils) graduate, at
the age of 10, Into one of the other
companies. Every objection to children's acting and its possible injurious
effects is met as far as possible. First,
a training academy Is maintained at
Melbourne. The unfit are rejected.
Those who can sing and act are educated. The company, while travelling,
includes a teacher and a matron, and
every mental nnd physical interest of
the children Is looked after.
Bryan for  President.
Washington, June 9.���Former Senator James K. Jones, of Arkansas, called on President Roosevelt today. Afterwards he declared for W. J. Bryan's
nomination for the presidency. He
said: "I believe Bryan is the candidate of the Democratic party today,
and in my judgment will be the nominee, and will make the race under the
Democratic party."
All changes for advertisements must
reach The Daily Canadian business
office not later than 10 o'clock in the
morning In order to Insure Insertion
In the Issue of that day.
The Nelson Juniors defeated tho
Rossland Juniors this afternoon on
the Nelson grounds by a score of 10
to 6. 1
The Dally Canadian, June 9, 1906
Tents, Blankets,
Overalls, Boots,
Mackinaw Clothing.
Everything for the camper, prospector, hunter and
Published six days a iveeh by Ihe
Baker Hi., Nelson, B.C.
flul- Tj].u nt.';., .'.'> i i-:n
In the oily, or Jfi.00�� y�� ��r ll
pnl I Hi ml vmi' M
Advertiaioit rati - on application!
month til liven 'I
mi by mall, t, tti a
sIL'.NIi   ��t,   1QOG.
"By one word we are Boinetlmei ludg id to Le
Wise and by one woM sometimes judged to be
foolish. Litua therefore be careful what we
���ay. "���Com n ii ���-.
We have hitherto refrained from editorial commeni nn ilif North Atlantic
Trading Company Bcandals In order
that we might evade an) charge of
sensationalism or have anj Bhare In
the aggravation of such suspicions as
is so often characteristic of the Liberal
press. We have therefore read with
the greatesl interesl the comments of
the government and opposition papers
from the Atlantic to the Peaciflc, and
while al Oral we fi ared Lhal n mound
would he raised from the material of a
mole-hill, Lhere now seems to be ground
enough to ereel a mountain. So fai
as Lhe evidence of Mr. W. T, li. Pres
ton is concerned, we attach to it but
little Importance, whether it is in fa
vor ot the Ottawa government, ui
whether II is in attempted concealment of nefarious deeds, of whlcb it
luis been admitted thai they were cog
nlftant. .Mr. Preston is evidently shrewd
enough to look after himself lir last
and always, and ii he has concealed
anything because of a seeming loyaltj
to his chiefs, ii will i>.' conceded by
those who know him besi thai he bad
reasons sail fact6ry to himself for doing so. wiiai the countrj la nol disposed lo forgive Mr. Preston for is bis
brazen attempt lo dishi nor Lhe name
of Lord Stralhcona and to drag th�� fair
fame of thai honored nobleman into
his own pellucid i ontempt.
Jusl what has happened bi t wren
.Mr. Preston and Mr. Alfred Jury lhat
the latter should violate the compact
which was evidently once in existence
between them it is difficult to guess
That Mr. Jury travelled at third-class
rates and charged the government hy
which In- was employed���through Mr.
Preston, of course���first-class rare, he
admits himself, and gives as his excuse thai Mr. Preston did nol allow
him ,i sufficient!} large Bhare of the
proceeds of their united robbery, li is
evident, however, that Mr. Preston has
been "ai it again," even with his as
uoclates; and li Mr. Jury could be Induced i<; tell all, there mfgbl be Bill!
further revelations.
'The theft of letters from Lord
Btrathcona's office, ami other alleged
transactions which were sworn to with
such effrontery hy these parties, and
dented with equal emphasis by Lord
Stralhcona, may be passed over as being beneath comment. When agenU,
or ostensible agents, of the department
of Immigration find it necessary, or
even possible, to do Buch things in the
promotion ol their schemes, it is a serious reflection upon all who are responsible for the malfeasance, from
the prime minister down to the last
link in the chain.
We regretfully confess thai whal has
impressed us most with tbe unsavory-
ness of this entire sensation is the determined manner in which tbe names
of tbe promoters and interested parties
connecteii with tbe North Atlantic
Trading Company are withheld from
the public. Not that it would do lhe
people of  Canada   any   good   to know
Who   Ihey   are,   un*ess   it   would   he   to
afTord a clue to Mill mure sensational
\\V are the mure surprised to read
the confession ot tho premier of Canada, as contained In the statement
that ministers of the crown entered
into an arrangement and gave assurance to the promoters lhal their names
would not be disclosed. The offer of
the premier to submit the names confidentially to Hon. U L, Borden was
another evidence of the rapidly declining powers of Sir Wilfrid Laurler.
Why the Immigration department of
Canada should find it necessary to
malic secret arrangements, '.and hind
Itself to keep from the public the
names of those who were In any way
taking part in the sending of Immigrants to this country, seems on the
luce oi ii almost like a conspiracy, It
Is no wonder that, knowing, this, such
men as Jury and Preston should lake
advantage of their knowledge, and that
Ihey should threaten each other and
finally expo.se each other, to the dis
comfiture of both, tint it is a serious
reflection upon the administration in
power at Ottawa, and In saying this
we are not iu any way blooping in the
level of the carping critics whose one
place In life seems to be to abuse those
Who are in an opposite political school.
The News-Advertiser of Vancouver,
which for many years has maintained
a high standard nf political morality
In 11b editorial columns, and which can
rarely be accused of bitting below the
bell, or in any way taking advantage
ol a political opponent, has said some
very perttnenl things recently anenl
the disinlegratlon of the once solid masonry of Lhe government situation al
Ottawa. In a recent Issue tl had oct a
Bion to criticise Mr. Fielding's budgi I
speech, and it lakes .Mr. Kidding to
task in the mailer of the public debt,
and offers the following apt criticism:
"Mr. Fielding raised an Interesting
question when he stated in bis budget
speech that no one would expect a
country like Canada to do anything
else bul increase iis debt We do nol
dispute the fact that that view is a
very common one, ami thai Mr. Field
ing will have many persons who will
agree with him. Iliu a little consideration of the subject; a reference to
what has been done lu other countries
where the conditions were verj similar
to those that have prevailed in Canada, will fail to show thai the creation
Of a great public debt was ihe result
of lhe settlement ol their territories or
of their Indus rial and commercial development If Mr, Fielding had read
the history of the United Slates with
a view to glean information that Jie
could apply to the management of the
finances of tin1 Dominion, he would
have found thai the statesmen of the
republic did not Incur large national
obligations for the purpose nf settling
the country and bringing its vast areas
under cultivation. Until the lime of
tbe civil warj the republic had practically no national debt. Thai gigantic
snuggle was (he cause of an Immense
debt being idled up during the live
years of conflict. Hut no sooner was
the war ended ami peace restored than
tip' government's attention was turned
lo tbe reduction of the debt, and Ibis
was accomplished with a rapidity lhat
was ilie wonder of the world und the
envy of other nations still carrying ihe
scarcely diminished burden created by
ihe wars of a past generation. Yet ihe
period of thirty yeurs succeeding Ihe
civil wnr was lhe 'growing time' of tbe
l'n It ed Slates. Population was flowing in from almost every country In
Europe; the tide of settlement crossed
lhe Missouri river and spread over the
'(.rent American Desert,' as the vast
plains were then called, It surged
againal the Rocky mountains and established a line of settlement between
the Middle States and the hitherto Isolated communities In California and
Nevada. New slates and territories
were carved out of the great national
domain; hundreds of millions of dollars w. re expended from led* ral and
state resources In providing for the requirements of tin si- new < ommon-
wciiths lint th.' statesmen who then
directed the affairs of lhe republic did
not attempt to mortgage 'be future to
provide for present nee.Is. On the
contrary, while meeting all obligations
nut of current revenues, they made
rapid progress in reducing the obllga
tlons Incurred in 'be war for the pree-
ervatlon of the Union.
We I'lini; thai Mr. Fielding, while
Ignoring the example set hy other
countries, has forgotten the declarations of his party while in opposition.
whai does Sir Richard Cartwrlghl
think of Mr. Fielding's latest financial
dictum whi a le' remembers his own
t tatemi at lhal a government which
could mil administer ihe affairs of Canada for bss than JSG.OOO,  v as guilt)
of a crime against ihe people? Ami
now wo have a Liberal finance minister
wiili a revenue more than double thai
amomii. Insisting lhal II is also necessary io add to ihe permanent debl I 11
temporal    " mores!"
Says the Vancouver World:
provincial press, Conservative as well
as opposition, at< unanimous in dc
mondlng an inquirj Into ihe Pendray
lots. Kaien island." etc. Certalnlj!
The World, perhaps unwillingly, pays
a very high double-barreled compliment
- one to the Conservative press, and
one i" the members of the government
at Victoria, if the Conservative press
had nol the fullest confidence In the
administration of Premier McBride et
al., it mighi have something to fear
from an Investigation; bul as ft is. it
heartily united with the clamorous opposition press in the determination to
probe matters to the bottom. When
the attitude of the conservative press
re the acts of the government at Victoria are contrasted with the attitude
ui the Liberal press toward affairs at
Ottawa, Il is almost a pity to call attention to the difference.
The thirty-sixth annual report of the
Royal Bank of Canada came to this
desk yesterday, and Is it most hand-
si me and ornamental volume. The
press work, cover and Illustrations are
all Works of art, while *the tabular
statements are in such form that they
can be easily understood even by those
who are not familiar with high finance.
A lis! of the officers of the; hank and
a detailed statement of the number of
shares held, with the names of the
holders, is given Evidently the Royal
bank is not afraid of publicity, nor In
dread id' an Investigation into its methods of doing business.
The christian Scientist: "Sickness
is only a manifestation oi sin."
The Regular Practitioner: "Then,
madam, your husband is on tbe road to
Hamxnock Sale
and secure your Hammock
fore the bargains  we ar
offering arc all snapped
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Hazlewood Parlor
Notice i- h>'ii,\ given omt GO day* from dale I
Intend lo apply to tlie Uonnmnh tin Chi��*fi ���
mltsloner of l-an-is >ni<l Work* for peiml*sIou to
purchase tin' following deicrloctl Ian n, situate
hi th< mouth <>f tiutcbt'onc k on  lhe Arron
Lakes In tin- Weil aootcney i��.m Id AboutM
acres ol Imni: commencing ��i �� post marked
w il. I* B.W. post, thence no Hi i" heme, ihon-
<�������� ea��1 20 chains, tbencecouth I" chains, thence
wi't-i ��> t'loOriN io point of cooimeui emeut.
Dated thli nil day of June 1906,
wii m>i Harry Pktkju
William J. Toi i: aoKiHi
Nolle ��� i< hereby given tlmi OOdaya t'ora dale 1
Intend to apply to tbe Hon uhW ihe I bli I Com-
nn-m.i tin oi i.iiniri ii in', w orka im permission lo
purchase 160 acres ol imei a< Van Moutcn creek
in lbs Arrow Ukotlntho tt'esl Kootenay District. Starting from e post mark* d A . i. N W,
pott, thence i> ctwlni east, iiu-in ��� W eh-ilui
hu ii, tbence 40 chains wei-t, thence Ki chains
iioiih to poiut ��� fcommencement
Dated ihlHth dsyoiJnue 1906.
A in Hi i: John  LONO,
William J Tovk, Agent,
Notice li hereby gp n Unit 60d��yi after -iiit'
vre Inii'iid to MTsDlv to the Honorable the Chief
��� oitn.i ssloncr <f f. n<u nn l tfoiks at Victoria,
H c forpennlsslou  tn imrclmi.i lhe following
ducrfbed lands,slt��ale it. Wesl k naj dli
trict. ��� oiiinc nclug ni ii post Hum.-a ����� Tbotnai
Jerome's N K post, hi..i marked Peter Dcsell
and A Choqnette W. W. Corner; thcnci .���
east thence W rimins routn, thence w chains
wost, till uce 30 <'li i Ins north to tho commencing
I'u-i, containing 40 acres more or less.
Urn nI May 35,
I'KTKR  DjtSl i
W. A..I.IM... Ag< 111
Notice li hereby given thai GOdayi sftcrdsic I
Intend ton|.piv to the Hoaorable i!���*- Chit (I nra
i iiKKioiit'i of r.ii.iMunl Work- f -I permission to
purchase tin- following described landa, Bilttatcd
in the district ol ft'csl Kootenaj niUnltiing lol
TOO on the West arm ot Kontonay utke. uom*
meut'log al an initlsl poBt placed hi tho routh-
west o irner of l^a 790! thence north no chains,
thence wast 10 chains, theuco south tO chains,
tbonco nasi in chains tn point of comments) inenl
Dated May 18,100S,
Jas. V\:\/\r.
Notice Ik hereby given tbatslxty days afler dale
I Intend to apply la the Honorable the Chief
CommlMlouer of i.hihIhhu.i \Votks, Victoria, for
pTmuwit-n In ntircbase tbe following described
lands in K'eat Kootenay. Commencing at �� post
marked K.i^.ir VV, i ynei south wesl c unoi re sr
io darnel creek snd about 2 mllei south of Mosquito c eek and ai-om i miles weitol > oluinbls
Klver; thenoe north s,) chains, iheuco cast io
chains, thence south **' chains, thence wesl m
chaini 'n p'oce of commencement, containing
020 aert-N, being the name more or less.
D.ih-.i Juno -I. liioti.
Bixur VV. Dynxs.
V. i>.mi> Agent.
Notice is bon by Kiven tliat 00 dayi sf'or date I
iiil��ml ti apply In the Hoiioml.it; tbe Chief
Commlssloror of Lands and Worki for permission to pnrohaso the following de��i ribed Intnl.-,
situated in nlocan District. Commencing at
n irtli cunt roller po-t of Lot 88 0, ���hence ruim-
lug south M chains, thonceca��l sot haitis. iheuce
north 40 chains, tbei \c-t 30 chains to < . P. K.
right-of'Way, following same Mi'ith wesl to n
point Inter opting nnith une n| i..t: ftao, thence
e   t to point of commencement, containing ISO
acres more or less
May 80th 1908.
f. I.  OsNSNIK
Notice i* hereby given dial OOdayi after date I
Intend to make applleat to "be Uoi ible the
Chief ���' Dissloner of l mi.Nan \ Works for per-
mlislon to purchase tho following described
lands: Commencing at a i* m placed on the east
ib ore of Lower Arrow Lake, adjoining J. Bates'
pre-emption on tbe southwest marked "T *.'��
N. W. c rnerpost." Thence runnlcg BO ohalni
east; thence so chaini sou'hi (hence SOcbalm
mure or less, west to the take ihore; thenee tol-
lowing ink- shore to point of commencement,
con timing 640 acres, more or lest
Tiiu- Kivunv
Dated this 7th 'Ir- of June, luotl
Notice Is hereby given that 60 i!ayi aft r date I
Intend to make application to tbe Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works foi ncr
iiiia.siun to purchase the following described
lands: Commencing nt u po��tplaced on lhe
n I'lh.-n"! e(,iner of T Klliaban'J Applb atfoti to
Purchase.marked "H. 1 - eo'iurpofi " tuuniiig
W\ eimilly ea-t; thence80 chains south; thenee80
chaini iv, st; thence following T Klnaban'seast-
etn boundary to point of commencement, eon-
talulng 540 acres, mor�� or less.
Hskkau TigRKBr.
Patiil this 7th day nf  'nne, I (if..
Notice i< hereby given that SOdayi alter date I
i��>ten I to make npp. cation to the Honorable ihe
Chief' ommlssionei of tands snd Works (or ner
mission to put chase the foUowlng described
laniis: Commencing si a post placed hi tin- into section of theeasi boundary of J Bates' pre
emptlon ami the n<>nii i> <un lary nf T Kiioiiiau's
Application to Purchase, marked"T.K.Jr'aHW.
Co-ner post" Th nee following J.Bates'eaatern
: onndary, io cbalm north; tliciif-cKor-haln*ch��t:
Heme in chaini to the no thorn boundary of
iiuntiKii i -nn���>���'- Application to I'ltrehaM?;
I hence fniiowiug tbe northeth bounds y <���'. same
and northerly boundary of T. Klnabau's Appn-
catlon i" Pnrchase, to pol t of commencement,
containing 82u acres, more or teas,
T. Kimiian, Jk.
Hated tin-:th day of Ji  1906.
Notice is herby given that I Intend,00 dayi
��(ier date to apply to the ihief Commissioner of
Lauds Mint Wn-ks fur permission in purcimse the
lo lowint; described laudi situate at fin VaXiev,
Kootenay district. fniiMiieni-ing Ht h post (mark*
ed George Voung -North west corner) placed ��t
the not iii west corner ol section 28 township 00;
thenee east so chaini to tbe north east corner of
raid section 28; tbence sou'h 4o chains, tbence
west ��*i chains, tbt e north 40 ehains to the
piaee of bei-itiniiii; containing 880 acres, and
being the northerly half of said seetion tt, inwn-
' uti'il ut Nelson, b. C. June .".Hi 1906
0l QRGH  V". Mi.
Notice is herei-y given that I Intend, 60 days
after date, to uppiy to the Chief Commissioner of
i.Hinis and Work- for permission to purchase
the follnwiiiK described lands,situate at Klre
* alley, Kootenay District Commencing hi a
post (masked Qeorge Vnuug north east corner)
placet at tlie north cast comer of section 82
township W; thence south wt ehains to the south
east corner ot said section b*j; tbence west m
t bains, thence north no chains, and thence east
40 chains to the p'ace of beginning, containing
320 acres, aud befna tbe easterly half of laid mc
Hon82, township 69.
Dated at Nelson, U. 0. June 6th 1906,
  GgQROg Vqukq.
Notice is hereby givt-u that 1 intend ao flays
after date to appfy to Lhe chief Commissioner of
Liiluls  Ktl'l   u orkti  for  permission   lo  purchase
the following described lands,situate at Kin-
Valley, kootenay I ixtrjct. (oniiionclng at a
Ppit(markeo L Haltagher-aouth west corner)
placed at the SOUlll   wesl  corner of  section  ::.;
IownshlpOS thence noith so chains to tho north
west eortier of mi.I section 83; thenee eaal io
chains, thenee sou lb *> chains in Uie south
boundary of said seotlon 88, and thenoe weal W
chains to the place ol beginning containing 820
acres, and belugtbe westerly naif of laid lection S3, Inwtishipii'J.
Dated at Nelson, B c. June vh 1900.
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Hams and Bacon
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAH) UP....��:i,'.��io,iioo KK.ST $8,900,000
l). B. Wll.KIK, Praddant,       110N. BOBBBT .l.UTKAY. ViotvPraddnl
Branches in British Columbia:
ytnA ut BDiraai ntt.-M froi
��� J.   M.   LAY,   M��n����cr.
Depodta reoelred nml latatwl illowed ut ourrani rut<-�� (ran rtiii.' of opening w-
C'lunt njill oredlted hulf-ycurly.
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I'. <.AU.AI.II>
NoUee li bereb) given tlmi I Intend. 00 den
uftcr date lo apply io tin- CblefCommlnloneroi
i iiikIm uini Worki fin permliilon to parcbtue tho
foUowlng duerlbed landi nml premiiei, ntuate
hi Kirt- Valley. Kootenay DUlrlct Commencina
nt a poll (marked P, if. O'Connor north eati ror
ner) placed at tbe north (.'hm cornet ol lection
���!i, townablptUi thonoe toutii 40 cbalna. tbenco
ffetl -in obalna, tbenca north �� rhalni i��> ii.��
northerly boundiry ofiald lection 21; and then-
i-iM-Hn tili'huiiis. to i he pi.-i'.- (i beginning con*
iHiiitiiK 180acra��, and being thenorTh ea^t one*
quarter *ii yni.i HCtlon 21, township S9,
NcInihi. D. C. Juiiu 6th 1WW.
F. 11. O'COWIOB.
 ��KiiHi,K Yot,M.1Agei11.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in gtapleaod fancy Groceries.
Batter, Bggs.
Oainpand Uinerj' Snppliea,
  WHOLK8ALE   AND KKTAIL ������-���
Branch Mnrketa io  Bowland, Trail.   Nelwn, Kaalo,  Sandon, Three Porka, Kon
Denver and Slooan ('itv.
urdprn by mull loam branch win hare
our prompt iiiki eareral attention.
He^d Office: Nelson, B. C.
Starkey & Co., tt
Limited, Winnipeg.
W'holtsnle Provision*
And Builder
Bole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber
On., Ltd.i retail yards,
Rough and dressed lmnber, turned work
and braokeU, Const Imli and shingles,
sash and doors,
Oement, brick and Hum- for Bale. Anto-
matdo grinder,
Notloeti hereby given that 60 dayi trotn date
i Intend i" apply to the Honorable the Ohlel
Commlu oner ol undiand Woilci for permbi'
^f.m ni purohase the following deiorlbed lands,
la the west Kootenay OUtrloti eaal ilda of Col
iiinbiu Blver,about imllei norUiol iiurtnu city.
Commencing at a post marked LeoM witii,,\
H W. corner, at the s. w. corner ol it. II. Hmiiii'a
preemption olaitn. tbence north 10 inaiiirt more
or li-hx lo lliL'Koutli tiuiitidiirv of Ullet Cat roll'|
preemption claim tbence east W cbalaa, thence
.tititii to cbalm more or h*��h to tlm North bound*
ury nf K.H  Bmllh'i preemption claim, tiiuioe
wohi ao ohalni to point of i imencement; con*
tmiiiiin so Hrrtu mora or leas,
Dated thin '2ini day of June, 1000,
Kai.ch BJiYS, Agent,
Yard and factory Vernon. St.,
east of Hall.
Telephone its!    NelsOH, B* C.
Kotlco ll licrt'liv given Mm!  I  intend, do itiivt
after date, to apply to the Chief Commimionerof
andi and Worki for permlulon to currhaio Llto
following deic'tbcd lands,situate ut Kitv Vallev
Koo'oniiy District. IV lenclngalo ponrmarb'
.-I P. H. O'Connor south east corner) placed m
the north easi��ornor of seoilon M, townshli.V."���
tbence west 40 ehatng, tbence north m chains
thence<eui,40'chainii,and the south 80 chains
to ih- place ol beginning, containing Sw uoroi,
Dated at Nelson, n. c. June ItUi nwd.
  P. H. O'Connor
Notice in hereby given thai so dayi from data I
Oolumblii Rlrcrabout, mile, i...ni    t 1   ,
D��t'."1 this lit Day ot Juno, Vm.
T. C. UAXtmoil, AgtMit.
Dominion Qovornmonl Qraunen Ona-Foond Brioki
from (beciium.   K.ir wile iiy all leading
Ofileo nnd wanbonM: Hbtujon Hlcx-k,   Phone T!i.
Josephine Street.       - .       Nelson
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Coal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
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Nelson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd. Canada Drug and
Book Co'y> Limited
JUNE 1st
Today we inaugurate our Cash System of doing
business, and below is a list of a few of the changes this
system will enable u:: to make. These are not Si'iu iai.
but regular prices:
DRUG Department
Cash Price
OH Price
.25    Mennen's Talc  1'owder 20
J1.00    Beef   Iron and Wine  7S
.25  Wood  Alcohol, pts       20
.50  Wood Alcohol, qts
���444 ^���������������������.�����������������������������>4t>��>##
The Dally Canadian, Jane 9, 1906
Steednian's Teething Powders
Stedman's Teething Powders
Williams' Shaving Stick  . ..
15      ....Williams' Harber7s  Bar
Tanglefoot, ease of   25 sheets,	
Glycerine and Rose Water, 4 .>z. bottles
Stationery Department
,75        250 page Letter Books     50
?i.2S          250 page Letter Books        $1,00
[,50 250 page Letter Books    1.25
2.00        500 page Letter Books       1.50
2.50    1000 page Letter Books     2.<x>
1 l'apeterie, containing 24 sheets paper, )
.25        (ruled,) 24 Envelopes, 1 penholder, ,     .15
(     1 Pen, 1 Piece Blotting  )
.25  Novels 15c, 2 for .25
.30 and 35c     Writing Tablets 25
.25     Writing  Tablets 15
,15 package, 2 for 25c,      .Envelopes       3 for .25
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y* Limited
^* �����������*������������:������������������ �����������������������
MANUFACTURERS    T <*..��* th*.*     Cf.4~.~f**
AND DEALERS IN    LiStXiDet,   MllHglCS,
[Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
limed Work unci HriicketN.
Mail Orders promptly attended to.
fhorpe* s Lithia Waters
Thorpe's Ginger Ale
(*fit s/flf//ii'
ml/M, lh( dmfwi/ spirits in dtiigltt
lhat thft ilrlnk.Nmd at our H.nl,i Kntintnin
had tonio propsrtlfi Ix-sltlcs nfrethUlfT
We 11.(> iiiily real (run syrups of Ih, Hum
quality Fountain, cimntiT. classes ami
nesptlOlM   art   kepi   BiTupulotiBly olMn.
BaktrStrat, kslton, B.O.
Ic/1 Tip" for a
Canadian Morning.*
Kootenay Coffee
P^177-        ���        BAKER ST.
Gait Coal
Termd Hpot Cssli
TeleptioDO W6 linker X
A full line of Crockery,
China find (lliiHMwiirc.
Alio Second Hud Goodi ol Ku-ry Description,   Wi> bars not i)h 'pixiiifl mni m-ll iu
LoWO'l PrlCM In 'lnwn.
BUi IH'Xt tn
P.H Tii-ki il Office.
Program  of  Sports   for  Two   Days    Is
Approved���List  of  Attractions
to   Suit   All   Tastes.
huccpss  or the  Dominion  Day
celebration was assured by the very
ButlHluclnry   preliminary   report   of  the
finance committee presented lust night
to the (Antral  meeting.
ijhe Kporis committee have their
work outlined, and all other commit-
teei reported  KUbHtanllal   progress.
The meeting whh held In the elty
hall.    Anions ttiote present were:
Mayor Gillett, in Lhe ehair; \v li
vine, J. J. Malone, 0. V.  WellH,  .1   H.
Wallace, J, B. Annable, w. B. QosneU,
J. A. Irving, \v. It. Thompson, .1. J.
Walker, 0. WaJmaley, ic. McLeod, w.
R. McLean, N, Malette, A. Thomas, f.
Hrewer ami  H. HL Douglas.
The minutoM of the hist meeting
were read and  approved.
w. b. Gosnell, for the finance com-
mlttee, reported j;,:;;: already subscribed and more to come. The announcement was received with applause,
.). .1. Malone and 0, P. Wells report
ed for the eporta committee thai an
outline of Bporta covering two days had
been drawn up as a draft program, as
Monday -A. ni., children's sports,
pony races; p. m.. baseball, 2:30; lacrosse, 8:80;   evening,  rock  drilling.
Tuesday���A, m., Caledonian sports,
log rolling aud chopping; p, m., football. 2:80; baseball, ;.::;o.
The trap shooting tournament win
be carried on  both days.
The following appropriations were
recommended: Baseball, 'ores teams,
WOO; lacrosse, |150, football, $260;
pony races, $100; rock drilling, $175;
trap shooting, $75; Caledonian sports,
$75; log-rolling and chopping, $50; children's sports,  $20;   total, $1,200.
.Some  doubts   were expressed  as   to
whether so large an appropriation for
sports would leave enough for other
expenses, bul It was held that as re*
spouse 'o the canvass was general and
generous, it  was safe to proceed.
The report was received and approved, and   lhe committee authorized
to continue preparations.
The advertising committee reported
recommending that Ihbi year's precedent be followed in advertising extensively, bul   not   printing programs.
J, A. Irving favored printed programs, and on discussion it was agreed
that plain programs without advertisements be printed and distributed.
The committee also slated that posters would be prepared at once.
J. A. Irving reported for the lighting
and decorating streets committee, recommending that lighting equipment bo
purchased raiher than rented.
W. R. McLean moved lhat the Streets
be wired In any event, and the committee agree to pay a portion of the cost
of permanent installation, if resolved
W. Irvine strongly endorsed the suggestion. He thought that the cost had
been overestimated. He moved that a
BpOQlal committee be appointed to
confer with the council and the fair
directors committee. The motion was
carried. J, A. Irving, J. J. Malone and
F.  Hrewer were appointed delegates.
The decoration committee was instructed to take charge of preparations
for music.
J. 11. Wallace reported for Ihe trans
portatton committee that the c. p. It.
and O. N. It. companies offered a fare*
and-third rate for all. and if any trains
were brought in single fare rate would
be granted.
The secretary read a reply from the
20,000 club staling lhat no club excursion would lie held on July 2nd or 3rd,
and assuring the committee of the
club's support for the celebration.
C. A. Waterman was elected marshal
for the two days, the sports committee
to appdlnt if Mr. Waterman should bo
unable to act.
The matter of refreshments on ihe
grounds was left to the sports committee.
The secretary waa Instructed to invite the Kootenay Launch Club to participate in the celebration.
The committee then adjourned lo
Friday night, .lune 15th. al  8 p. m.
Confirmation   and   Ordination   Services
to be Held in St, Saviour's���New
Pastor in  Methodist Church.
Tomorrow will be Trinity Sunday,
one of the chief festivals of ihe church,
celebrating the Trinity of the Codhead
by the descent of lhe Holy (Ihost,
which was commentoraled by the services of Pentecost or Whiisunday.
The doctrine of Trinity, or triune
nature of tho Deity, has probably
caused more heresies and divisions
than any other article In the creeds of
lhe church. About hall a century ago
it wns rejected by a large body, nnd
the result was the organization of the
I'nitarlan church, which has l,un\ nnd
still has, many eminent adherents. The
Inevitable consequence, frankly accepted by the Unitarians, was the denial
of the Divinity of Christ. Belief in
the Three Persons in One God is conceded even by those who do not hold it
to be a necessary corollary of belief in
the Divinity of the Messiah, who prayed to HI:. Father, and promised that
His ascension would be followed by
the coming of lhe Comforter.
Special services are announced for
tomorrow In St. S iviour's church.
where a class prepared by tbe rector
will receive from the lord bishop of
Kootenay lhe rite of confirmation, or
"luying on of hands," as it Is called In
the New Testament, and a missionary
student will be ordained to the (Macon-
Confirmation Is Ihe sequel and complement of baptism. On behalf of the
baptised Infant his sponsors make
promises ol renunciation and obedience;' at confirmation the youth, come
to years of discretion, renews the
promises in ids own person.
In the Methodist church the new
pastor, Uev, K. Newton Powell, will
deliver his first sermons in NelSOIL
The following services are announced for tomorrow in the churches
of Nelson:
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
corner of Ward and Silica streets; Special services tomorrow as follows- He-
ly communion, s a, m.; morning iwsy-
cr. Hi a. m.; ordination service of W.
T. Johnstone, student, to the dlacon-
ate, 11 a. m.; children's service, address by R, D. Harrison, 2:30 p. m.;
evensong, confirmation service, sermon by the lord bishop of Kootenay,
7:80 p. m.    Rev. F. H. Graham, rector.
Roman Ciitholic���Church of Mary
Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
Streets: Low mass, S a. m.; high mass,
10:30 a. m.; evening service, 7:80 p. m.
Rev.  Father,  Allhoff, priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, l] a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m,; evening service, 7:30
p.  m.    Rev. .1. T. Ferguson, pastor.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service, 11
a. in.; evening service. 7:30 p. m.;
Sunday school, 8:30 p. m. Rev. R. N.
Powell, pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school,
2:30 !����� m. Rev. E. EL Shanks, pastor.
Morning topic, "Their Gcd; His People;" evening subject, "The Palace of
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special
services will be held today. Knee
drill. 7 a. m.; holiness meeting, 11 a.
m.; a praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation meeting at 8 p. m.
WEEK of JUNE 11th
Pollard's Lilliputian
Opera Co.
Monday "The Runaway Girl."
Prices 50O, 7.V' nnd |l .(H).
Scats on Sale nt Kufherford's Fridoy,
III n. in.
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit.
Thorpe's nioe cool drinks.      Lunches
put up u specially,
W.J. Walker,   Bstr,
For Everything Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars. Tobaccos.
Do You Enow Thurman's Special Mixture?
Mill hand?', bushmen, yardmen, engineers, mlllrlght, Highest wages paid
lo competent men. families wishing
lo make pcrmancnl homes, will he supplied wiih materials for homes and as
much laud as ihey need for cultivation
free nf charge. WATTS K- CO..
WnttsburK, near Cranbrook, U. C.
Nelron, B.U, June Mil, 1006,
SKAI.KP  TKNDKKH will In-  received   t>y the
Warden ol ihe  Pmrlnelal gao), NelioOj B.0,
miMl nonii JnnefAthi tot mirpUes 'or one Tear,
from July 1st. 1906, lo June BOtb. WW.     Meat,
dre-d, groceries, liardwere, hoot* nnd sboeii
clothing, dry goui, fuel i&d druga
FmuiH for tender ana -\< ������ nifniiens <>ui w> lh<i
hi the 1'rovlneiHl gaol, Notion,
The loivent or toiv tender oot neecsjuuily hc-
cenie.l. K   K UtMON,
Thirty dayi
cation to the
<>[ I ninls and
and edrr; an
orlbed tuiids
ihe iou)hern
6876, and ���bo
ner of lot 52*
,ve<t HO chill
CHHt H.M'llH  II!
IhiU'd I'.-th
latter date I intend making appli-
Honorable tho Chief '-'onimiBsloiier
worki.loraipeolal lleen��e to cut
��y timber from the following dei<
CoinmeuclnK nt n post blaoed on
boundary of Timber LloeoH Nn.
in liti-liHlnmi rth of the N. VV. cor-
'-. i. West Koocflay, running thence
ns, thence until, so chain*, thence
liMiicu north HU chnlus to point ot
April IftOO,
DiMIL Tcojiky.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
Kooini are well furnished-   Table as good aa anf
In NeWon.    Ukt hi i i.-d with good
llauon mi',   lean.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
European and American Plan
Meala 26 cti.   Rooma from 26 eta. to 11
Only White Help Employed.
Baker Bt., Nelson Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
best DolIar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar li tbe Plneat.
White Help Only Employed.
Joaepbine Bt.
The Big Schoowr iv^      *n.
Or -rUH-iwI-rUIf"   DtXf   I UL.
The only Glass of Good Beer iu Nelson.
Hotel Accommodations second to
none in British Columbia.
Special Kates to Monthly Boarders.
The only Home Hotel iu Nelson.
Lake Vittto
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two blocks from
Rates $1.00 per Day
and up.
No Chinese Help employed.
Teiupii���. us.      NELSON, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. EB1CKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Lwaled. Opeo Day sii.1 Nlglit.
Bampleitn'l Bsth Booms Free.
Opposite Court Hoax and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
Th* Stfathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Good   Sample    Rooms,
Queen's Hotel
Bski't Street. Nelson. B. O.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
lArgo sod ToraforUble Bedrooms and First'
cUns Inning- Room. Sample Rooms for Coinmer-
M.I Hen.
MRS. K. C. CLARKE, Proprietress
West Transfer Co.
General Teamsters and Dealers in
Ccal nnd Woo'.   Express aud
bag|;ai:o Trausfei
3>"o'"i!ox".?8  Office: Baker St.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese (ioods now on sale. All
kinds of Dinnerware In stock. Patterns.
Choice Ftisit
58 Acres and
50 Acres.
 ���      Both Pieces of Land Near Nelson
Clearing light and soil excellent.
Very easy terms on payment win be arranged.
Phone 247.   Office next Canadian Bank of Commerce.   P. O. Box 096.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call   f|      O      Wit     PTtlfN
aud examine our list.   JL JL��   Q&   JLYM*   JDUvJ^
Durance.   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Keal Estate
Business in Kooteuay.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Fralt Lands la this district.
Most of it siiante on the West Arm and Main Lake.   See me before yon decide to locate.
S. M. BRYDGES, iwe��&k!ank
A Speculation
300 Shares   Northwest  Coal
Stock for $7S.OO.
���McDermid & McHardy
Choice Fruit
Lands      ^^^^^
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Fralt Lands In
British Colombia.
wiinl.'M.i.' inn) Retail DcalLTN in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps HnppHed on nhortost notioft and
lowest- price. Nothing but fresh nnd
Wholesome nicnts nnd supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
Thompson & Douglas
I'AIMItiHN nnd
Sign   Writing a Specialty.
Wall Reaper nnil Burlap.
First Clo*>8 Heating Plunts and Modern
Sanitary Appliances.
90 Day Round Trip
Winnipeg, Pt. Arthur,
Duluth, St. Paul.
Phone 181, Opera House Blk. Box 401.
Through Excursion Rates
Toronto, Montreal,
Maritime Provinces,
New York, New England
on application.
Dates of sale : June 4, 6 7, 23 25-
July 2, 3;   Aug. 7, 8. 9;    Sept. 8,' 10.
Tickets subject lo usual variations of
route and include meals and lierth on
C. P. R. steamers on Great Lakes.
Full particulars from
D. F. Agent, Nelson, B. C. Th* Daily Canadian, Jtme 9, 1906
Our Souvenir Spoons are the
Best You Can Find.
We have about 80 different kinds,
in Stirling aud Enamel, ranging
in price from QOcts to -?���.' 60 each, nnd most nf them nn1 new designs
In Pins. Bracelets, Knives, Trnve, Paper Oottera, etc, we hav
nil tlie latt si Oauadiau ami Nelson Souvenirs.      If you are
looking for a Souvenir we cannot f��il to suit you.
Mail orders receive prompt aud careful attention. '
M INi'FlU DRIKG !!'.�� H.I.KK
Wood=Valiance  Hardware
Companyi  Limited*
Shelf and Heavy Hardware,
Mine, Smelter and Mill Supplies, Stoves and
Ranges, Cutlery,
'    Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Sbeetmetal Work,Oastlsgs, Builders' Material nnclMuituR and Mill Machinery,
iUlir,. nnd Works I'tnii o[ Park si.
l��in >?���,��_���   JO l.
Nelson,  B. u.
Tartan      |
'The Store of Sweets/'
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
��� ���
syrupj Longhurst's
The only brand Hint lias stood the
'st in NYI.miii for tht Inst two years.
Phoue 95. Bnker St.
4    OwiOR to the Increased demand for ��j
X this brand our stock was sold out im
4 some sizes; we are lu receipt of a full <
ortment in quart, half gallon aud i
gallon tins.
Bell       I
Trading :
Co.       !
Sole Agvi-.ts for Tartan Erand in Nelson.
PHONE 56. ���
Prompt Attention to Mail Orders!  *
a ���
������������������������ ����������������������� �����������������<>�����
The Latest Modem Appliances
now in use at this
I'.IIOIIS  OAl.l.l.l)   POR
Ami DBL.IVBRBD i'ivi:i:
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
JOY'S Cash Grocery
" Tell me wh.il Ihey cat
and I'll tell yen wliat Ihey arc."
So says some wise body, and
1 guess Im could, People who
reltBb good thins* are awake to
the opportunities we offer i<>
secure the best ol everything
ai tbe lowest possible prices.
My stock ni' staples and fresh
Groceries Is unsurpassed by
Roasted    Plymouth    Roi k
Obloken 60c per tin
Heine's     Sweel     Pickles,
Gherkins 65o per bottle
Spanish Olives	
 85c and r,tic per bottle
Hothouse Cucumbers.36c each
l/oeal Qooseborrles.ISc per box
Asparagus  ir.c per ib
Spring Cabbage....  10c per id
Strawberries i!t>c per box
will meet jou at the door
or in the store
Notice is hereby given thai John
Miles hu* made application for a hotel
license  under   the  provisions   of  the
"l."i ��� License Act, 1900," tor a build'
Ing which he proposes t�� ereel al
Miles Perry, lo lie known as the Miles
hotel, and thai a mcetinK or the Board
of License Commissioners of the Yniii-
License District will be held to consoler such application ;u the Provincial
Police Office at Nelson, on Wednesday,
the -7Ui day of June, 1906, al the hour
Of 10 o'clock in lhe forenoon.
Chief License Inspector,
Nelson.  II. ('.. Dili .lune,  1906.
Cor. V.rniin and Ward Street*.
NIJ1.SOIV,   B. C.
���I   FRED HUME, Proprietor
S K Ycrkcs. Seallle; William Springer, v L Clark, M Vetter, Spoki : C
II McDougall, Eureka mine; (| R
Green, Victoria; P ll Burnbam Grand
Forks; .1 E McNaughton, Vancouver;
C r Shorwln, Alnsworth; It Clothier
Alex Sharp, Orient;  A H Mackenzie,
Rossland; (' ll Grant, Montreal
I G   Robinson, Creston;   S Leabur-
man,  .Moose Jaw;   ii  ii  Smith,   Rossland;  ii  E Tliornfelilt. Alnsworth.
J Burns, ymlr; .M Jones, Arrowhead;
J R Balrd, Michigan;  W Pairweather,
Scotland;  W .1  Coulter, Pilot Hay.
t  Thompson,   Fmlr;    ii   Graham
Grand   Forks;    P   \V   Walker,   Spokane
T II Davis, Pilot lluy; P J Kllowlson,
G McDonald, Crawford Hay.
D Tisilale, .1 ll Jones, Lardo; A wil-
Mains.  Moyle.
M Maurer, l. Smith, Slocan; T Mur-
phy, Sandon; T Matthews, Lardo.
E Johnson, J  Ludwlg,  Fife;   R  v\'il-
llamson, W Renwlok, Rossland; u Mc-
Intyrc, Alnsworth;  J H Olson, Kaslo;
(1  Scott,   Chlcaso;   W   F   McLniichlan,
Spokane;   D McNaught, Seattle.
D Barton,  Pincher Creek:  J Dunn,
Wlnlaw;   .1  A Snnpe, c  \y Robertson.
It Myers, Tacoma.
There were no r;isi*s before ilie city
police court this morning.
H. !,. Lindsay has ordered a i>ik ship-
menl of tine Peterboro canoes,
The usual rehearsal by the Choral
Society will Lie held Monday evening
at 8 o'clock in the K, oi P. hall.
Tin- Jim*' meeting of the University
Club, which would regularly hi- heW
tonight, lias been postponed to ii.u
evening of Saturday, June 16th.
The funeral of the late Robert Wood,
ni' Oranlte, win take place Monday afternoon ;ii 8:80 in mi tlu> Standard
Furniture Company's undertaking par-
The trial of George Cann on the
charge or stealing win begin Monday
morning al 11 o'clock before his honor
Judge Porta, it. M. Mflcdonold has
iji't'n retained lo prosei ute,
<i. I<\ Motion arnl Angus Shaw leave
for ih"' coael tonight to represent
Kootenay lodge No. 10, 1. O. 0. F\, at
the grand lodge meeting which opens
In  Vlctorln  Wednesday, June   I8th,
The price of silver advanced 1 point
today on both the London and New
York metal markets. No London lead
quotations are Issued on Saturday, ho
yesterday's price of u tT per ton i*
Kill! in force.
At the statutory general meeting of
the shareholders of the Black-Mackay
Mining Company, William Spurck,
Seattle; Roberi Campbell, Moyle; Le-
ander Shaw, Vancouver; George M.
Gunn and Charles A. Mackay, Nelson,
were elected directors,
His lordship the bishop of Kootenay
returned yesterday morning from Kaslo, whiic he held a confirmation service Friday night. He will hold confirmation and ordination Ber vice 8 in Si.
Saviour's church tomorrow, and will
preach at the evening service. He
leaves on .Monday for Cranbrook.
No Inquosl was held Into the drown
tng accldeni ai Alnsworth. Dr, Har
tin, of Kaslo. district coroner, made Inquiries, derided thai HO illfpK'81 was
necessary, and Issued orders for bur
lal. The body is now In Nelson In rare
of D. J. Robertson A Co., who arc
awaiting instructions from relatives nf
deceased In Quebec
Rev. H. Newton Powell, pastor of tho
.Methodist church of Nelson, arrived
from Vancouver with his family last
night, He was mel al Robson by C. F\
McHardy, and at the city station by
several other members of the church
committee, The new pastor is a young,
Active and vigorous looking man, and
makes a very favorable impression.
At the special meeting of St. Patrick's Society held last night, besides
arranging lor attendance at the funeral of their late president, <;. R. (i
O'Drlscoll, the members appointed a
committee consisting of .1. Fraser, R. J.
Clark and D. M. Carley to draft a resolution of regret and condolence, to be
adopted by the society al a later moot
W. A. Macdonald, K. ('., for the
Jackson Mines, Limited, has filed notice of appeal against tlie decision of
his honor Judge Forin in the case of
Q a Uriel le and others against Cortiana
and ilie Jackson mines, garnishees.
The garnishees contend that an accounting should have been ordered before the liens were declared hist
Ii  is reported  from Marysvllle that
The Store of Quality
Specially prepared
Is the
Correct Thing
to use nn str-wl, rrir>��. and nil fresh fruits.
We have it in in pui nd sucks to
sell at
$*.00 per Sack.
Have n sack sent up with your next order
for irroeeries.
Hood & Teetzel
K. w. C, itieck.    Phone 18,
Ice Cream Sodas.
The Finest in the Land.
la a iipot'BPiiy In every well regulated borne.  Ourcloekseoinbinebeanty
udifKiffti wuii HiH.iinic aocureoy h time-keepers.   Wo liivlte Inspection
nf QUI flocks    tlicyitif bero in rfruiit Variety 0t Style!    trow v.lay gtrtko
Hint alarm, ai f:t ui> to the fluo Imported ones.    We also b��vo those C_.
fdinons null' aliiriii onei ai oiilv It DO,   Cniiic In today. f\
Goods ,ind Millinery
WHITE   MUSLIN   and   LINEN SHIRTWAISTS - Long and       short-
sleeved, al d cui ol 26 and 33 i-:i off regular prlcoa,
CASHMERES���Bought   below regular   prices.     Cuslnneres   in   while,
sky, navy, cardlual, fawn, al the low price of BOc a yard.
millinery���We are showing the latest   In Ladles' and   Children's
parasols���The   newesl  In colors and white,   A line line in black
al   close  juices.
SHOWER-PROOF   COATS���In new  und   llle  latest  styles,
light summer  suits���Verj Btyllsh, commencing at fS.SO to |10.
Separate Skirts ut  %'l:l', In while and colors.
SEE   OUR    HOSIERY���Three  pairs   far  $1 "ll.     ,\   very   good   hose al
85c a  pair.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel
& Poultry Co , Ltd.
Deliveries matte daily throughout Nelson
and its suburbs. Phone 148.
Two houses on Lake Btreet, in good
repair, of 5 rooms nnd \\ rooms, for
cash, $275. Apply to M. Scully, linker
Shacks for Sale  Cheap.
Must be moved at once.   Apply Yale-
Columbia Lumber Company, city.
a large number of horses and cattle
have died in that elghborhood under
circumstances thai indicate chemical
poisoning, it Is believed by some that
arsenic in some form is precipitated
on the land from the stacks of the
Marysvllle smelter, Litigation is likely to result.
Practices for the various spectacular attractions of Kirmess are held daily in the Agricultural hall, and all the
performers are acquiring proficiency.
The grand march wns successfully rehearsed last night. The children's
flower drill and tlie tambourine dance
are on this afternoon, and a practice
Of tbe sextette is called for Monday
from fi  to  7  p. m.
Price   of   Metals.
New  York,   June !��.-  Silver,   05   1-8;
copper.   IS  l-S;   lead,  $5.75.
Loudon. June 8.���Sliver, :io 1-lDd.
We   huve   jus!   np, Bod   up  s e  vendue lines of K�� I   lliseuits. uuil ns we
buy diieci  from  tin.  factory, you can
depend upon getting fresh, crisp k la.
Christie's Brandy Snaps, per n> .pir
i eristic's Dinger Snaps, per II. 20c
Christie's Cheese Waters, per Ih 2(o
Christie's Praham Wafers, z Ib. Una
each .pic
Christie's Assorted Sandwich, per Ib 26c
Christie's  Social Tens !5c
I'niisiie's Arrowroot,  per  Ih 2fic
Christie's Desserts, per lb S5c
Christie's Chocolate Fingers, per lb.86c
Curistie's I'ule Nolr, per lb 25c
Christie's Cocoanui  Bars, per lb....25c
Christie's Wafer Hulls, per Hi 60c
Christie's Water Ice Wafers, per Ib.COi
Christie's Macaroons, per Ib.
Christie's Clenm Sit'lus. 2  lb. t!nS..35c
Christie's Pig Bars, per Ib 25c
Ramsay's Cream Sodas, per tin....36o
Ramsay's Molasses Snaps, 2  lbs...25c
McCormick's Cream Sodas, per tin.85c
\\> will bo pleased iii show you these
Toye & Benedict
Josephine St.
Telephone 7
RAMSAY'S 2 lb. Cambridge
Package for  40c.    .Fresh
and the best on the
Telephone 181.
The regular fortnightly meeting nf
the city council will he held In the clly
hull Monday evening al 8 o'clock,
Better Linen. getter pH
Belter Hakinjr. Ildler Sly'le.
In Our Collars Ib.ln in moil aula odcred yoi
livery i'orr,.,.| Sly!
kind m| Collar.
hiikIhIv oenrtlghlod lofliiy,
More tomorrow.
,,irijn,'i,'.e"' "V!' "ll"'" '. ""> '�����>unaer
ni piiadneu.   rne iin-i ��i��n(,t n,nrsiKhi
tMawlnovirytet,De.l���nm8n' " "l"
JJSWKI.LKR      nnd      UI'TIOIAN
I have decided to retire from the Shoe Business in
Nelson and am offering my entire stock of
Most of these goods have been opened 11 p this Boring, and
are ri^ht up-to-date in regard to style and workmanship,    We jii\c a few lines in the following
materials and prices :
Men's Velour and H"* Calf $6.00and 10.00 $8.60 nnd 14.00
Men's Valour and Box Calf $4.00 and $4.50 $1.06
.Men's Pine Mux Calf in Bala und BIUoliers$8.2I S2.2f,
Men's Tun Bluchers and Oxfords $6.00 and $6.36 $8.60
Men' Sol,- Leather Working Boots $8,(0and $4.00 ?2,;r,
Men's Chrome Bluchers Outside Counters.$3.60and $4.00 $8,50 and 12,71
Men'   Hand-made   Chr ml Calf high
und low cut $6.00and $8.00 $8.76 and $4.60
Women's Hoots $r,.oo t:i.7r.
Women's Hoots $3.H0 $8.00
Women's Boots     Jl''.ii ji.75
Boys' School shoes Prom $1.60 uj
ClrlK* School Shoes  Prom $1.46 up
Children's Shoes ,  .From 75c  nj>
These Goods Must be Sold Regardless
of Sacrifice.
All book accounts must be settled by June 25th, or they
will be placed in our solicitor's hands for collection.
E McCausland
��� ������������������������ *��+***************4>*4>4>*4>��*4>��4>+4>*4,4H>4,******4.**t
t MnaaBSBaaMaMi^nm^i^ii^i^i^n
I ���
: Standard Futnitvte Company j
��� AGBNTS -       . ,    .. ���
��� uuoa * B ;;i;,i'iM"e Complete House Furnishers and Undertakers.    ���
��� Olobe WernUka Book Cusai 1 ��.e�� 101,1 Offlcs I'ur re J
J. H, Ashdown Hardware Co,, Ltd,
We would invite you to inspect our lnrne arid varied stock of
No need to slitter from beat if you
will only cull and ask I
ot"::; Hot Weather Requisites
Store open from ? n.m. to il p.m. every day except holidays nnd .Sundays
I Don't Forget we are SEMI -READY
I Headquarters       f*<    i_4  $
1 f�� Clothing
���Sewi||�� Maohlrm "VaadltM jbc ..  Doxan.
Mow liiS Siachlnu oil IBc  4 ������*. Ilottla.
Maohlna Balta unu aaeh.
Haveyouiseen the AntMnatlo Dron Mend Now Home for saloat
H8.00.   It is a marvel of simplicity.   Perfeot in finiali.
Very light running,
S Hlgh-OlaM Tullora. linker St..,  Nelson, H. O.


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