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The Daily Canadian Dec 17, 1906

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Array -��'���-,
MR I.    NO.   165.
011)6 SkiUj CanaMcm
of West Arm Are
[ Threatened
���fcclamalion of the Kootenay River
j Lands ol Great Benefit to Ndsoa
-All Interests Safeguarded.
I y , i<ni ssi recluimlug tho
L��,i,..i i.������l- in llie head s,r Kootenay
Lit wli-n- 11 recclvoH llie waters 01
L l*in��-i- Knolenay river, ls one ol
[, . : mi s,i iiie near future.
*hi nissiisi liua lieen under discus-
ilssr mail) -s quarter ot a century
tlK,. i-;   .sh-11    it    was first Jro-
...    l.ililis-lirOlllUUU.
liji.vs-i.tJ  issis|sissis'il   nieitns   of   uc-
Lilslblissis; Un   reclamation,   the  one
|n iiivucan'ii iu  Hie American  pro-
tins ll Ills  ss 1,Issuing of the outlet ut
isttiuy lake ssi Uie Narrows and at
lirsl  Ha|ilsla   10 allow of a more
ks.il -f-ai-s    s,i    the    suiumur    lugn
I lti!, His hared Isy some, will cause
pnuntM lowering uf thc level of
lilii lis ill- rtss-i Ann, to lhe detrl-
\11al His nl; ol Nelson, of the two
nti plants in llssnnlngton Fulls, and
I ali ills.- 1, Isleula ou Isssiss sides ol
k M_L
ll.!,..-.   is.  s ...  ..I  lhe lust meeting
I His-tsusiisi <ti nude, a resolution, ot-
sl bi ri  rf,   1.is Inr.  was udoiiled  lo
(Unci; "Thm  lliis  bourd of  trade
liua.- mi)   |iiau fur  the  Interference
lllll Uit- iiis.-s nt   flow   ut   waler   Into
Bd out ul sh-  Wesl Arm of Kootenay
|te, iniiii bints tune us lt Is conclu-
tl) ssiittwi, ihai    such    Interference
P usil iinit.s .   the height of waler
net IVi-nl Arm In flood time, und
I nol lower it  beyond  Its  present
ssal-T Imm in extreme low water.
The niatu-r hud uot been considered
lie council ul lhe hoard and no no-
e��I iiisii.tiii Iimi been given.    T. U.
kit. win, L  the   representative  In
nut llie present reclamation com-
uss.- unavoidably    absent    from
���wiliig tm account of Illness, as
����� us In* heard of ihe resolution he
f'fi.i|Ji-,l 1    i;, Itooier ot Spokane,
ti 1,1 ilu- company, aud received lhe
poring reply;
J-Kimii)  advisu  the board   of   trado
ft inj niclamatlon plan contemplates
widenluK   ihe   Imnks  of  the   Ann
I lit NarrowH nnd Klrst Haplds. There
luis'lissiiiii:.   ,.n;where, nor will the
r> 1* lowered below Ihe  low  water
"*   ���*���'" Issittl along thu  West  Ann
i�� fun,,!,,I  nor W(n navigation or
per Interests be injured.    Reclame-
Y'l 'tl Kt.,
lumls will be of tm-
fit I'tiis-IH lu Nelson, and I solicit
I aid .[
111   s-sunmerclul orgunizu-
_"��� " mj iilan Is adjudged Injnrl-
Ci ft llll"re��l 1 wl" change it to
r'UcvlsssAs uf iiniiHi, columblu on-
I J"~IVa I). Iteeder."
J III Interview given (o The Dally
f *1"'a�� ssn ihe onenslon of his Insi
L, '" Nelson.    November    21,    Mr.
""'��� ire ..11,111111 ll(,res in Kootenay
m t  in Idaho of the tlnesl
IM In Hi,.
world  that only   requires
Klw- It a value or over |li)l)
��� ik nil Bplendld alluvial son,
lln..,!1   *'"'*llll"l    for dairy   farming,
lmi  i""""" srow'nii "li Hie l��*neii-
ls',11, !l"  ''"" g"'**'"*, m* for
(V""' klll|l ol ngrlcultiirul Industry.
"*-"��� li stniy ���m, wny |n Wh|eh II
"' 'lraiii.il, that Is by lowering lho
_,,.   " K""ii*nay lake.    When I  first
r      '��) iiiifiui,,,, t0 ,|ie plan 1 stiul-
'.'' r' l""'ls on It that hnve ever
K , "'"'"    .Ml agree that it presents
T.|T'1,cr��W'' difficulties.
���11 ' '' :ill'*iuiy secured nil the lnnn
t|    0111I lis. Inlei-rered with  at the
i���miH whero tho widening  musl
riri       1,"T0  l<*"rno<l  "mt   there
,,���"., ",y  '"*   "n opposition   from
Hiiu 1 1       K"vi'i*iimpnl,   nor   from
'Hiii,. 1"   K"v'*���mcnt,   except,  to
Kin J  '"'v,l-'nl|on   and   tho   vested
t   " "i "IniTH,"
r*Ws'��"'7 s'"'' ""lay **"**��� 'eRn> ,m
fnnn |,',|- " U1'0 groundless. Any
Pm 11,      '' '"'  nttompt |g  made  to
1 ..,," "��t. musl  he approved by
>ii,| ,),r���vrr?  "f  '""h   ,l10   Dominion
"Hi. |i "" Kove^nnienls.
fnriiK ���,"!'" "Ol "hject lo the actual
Jnnnl ���, """ rpsnlntlon adopted hy the
Ikslv ,��� '"'''"��� ''"I thinks they nre
l1'"! that wi "" "hfoflnnalo Impres-
TuiU'eiiss,. ��� "oHovob the'project
��� i��� ,', "!"' ""-t ��'o "Hy li not
I f,.,,, " "iimi'nse benefit, to ho do-
" "�� snecesful achievement.
Apart rrom the creation or a new market by the sel I ling or 80,000 acres .si
rirh land, iiie expenditure, estimated
by Mr. Seeder at $5110,11110, would in
gnat part ol necessity he made In Nelion,
Tho (|Ueslliin will eerlnlnly be re-
Opened in the next meeting or the
boasd or trade.
Decline! to Assume Charge of Archives
at Paris.
Home, Dee. 17.���The extreme parties
slrougly protest against the repression
of yosterday'B popular ilenionslralluu
here In sympathy wllh Franc, and are
organizing i^ew manifestations, The
leaders, meanwhile advise their adherents to leave their cards at the
French embassy, where they are lining up by thousands.
The Hpaulsh government hus noil-
fled the Vatican that It objects to taking charge at present of the archives
0.' ih..- pairal nunciature at Paris. Spain
ci rtainly would have accepted the
tusk If requested by the Vatican lo do
so when the papa] nunciature ut Paris,
Mgr. Lomeellli, was recalled, as
France then could not have 1, ��� de any
objection, but after the expulsion 01
Mgr. Montagninl, lhe secretary ot the
nunciature and lhe search o( the archives, such a step might have lieen regarded ns hostile by the French gov-
Light or Darkness?
Mayor Gillett spent this morning (
at the city power plant ile has
no doubt lhat the plant will be
complete by the 21st, but now admits thai the time allowed tor ,
testing Is very short, perhaps too
The mayor has received a 1
ply from L.. A. t'ampbc-ll stating '
lhat "unless something unlore-
seen Intervenes, ii will be absolutely Impossible for the West '
Kooteuay Power & Light Co. to 1
continue Its service to the city ot '
Nelson later than the night or 1
December 21.
The mayor announces that in
the event of It being decided by
the engineers thai the plant cannot snlely be operated on December 22, which he still hopes will
not be the case, ample notice will
be given to all to allow of othei
ariangems'iits being made.
Three Applications Heard���Only Weekly Sessions During Holidays.
In counly court chambers this morning hlB honor Judge Forln heard three
applications. There will not be another chamber session until Monday, December 21.
In Adams vs. tlusk, A, M. Johnson
(br ihe plaintiff, applied to charge thc
plaintiff's Interest to tho partnership.
Adams & Co. S. S. Taylor, K. O., ap-
liosed the application on the ground
tlial the case was being appealed and
would be tried in January. Execution
was stayed pending the appeal, thu
plaintiff to give security for the
amount of the Judgment and costs.
ln Genelle vs. Genelle, 8. S. Taylor.
K. C. for lhe plaintiffs, applied to adil
the llowinnn Lumber Co. us defendants,
W. A. Macdonald, K. ('., opposed. Tho
motion wus enlarged to December 24.
111 dandy vs. Goldsmith, a Revel-
sloke case, It. S. Lennie for lhe plaintiff moved to hnve dandy ansl Yen, 11
witness, iioih resident al BHwood, Ind.,
examined by commission. II. 0, Hall
opposed. The order was refused ns to
Clanily but granted as to Yco.
Big Liner Ashore.
Kingston, Jamaica, Dec. 17.���The
Hamburg-American line tourist steamer Prlsessen Victoria Louise, from Now
Yoik December 12 tor this port, went
ashore last night off Port Itoyal while
on her wny back lo New York. Hhe
Is resting easily on a rocky ledge, 'lhe
German cruiser Bremen has gone to
her assistance, and the French training ship DiiguayTioiiln is preparing to
leave porl with the same object In
view The Prlsessen Victoria l,onlse
ls not In nny danger and the weather
is favorable to refloating her,
Prices of Mstsls.
New York. Dee. 17.-8llver, Ull 1-sc;
copper, 21 l-4c;  lend, 111.
London, Dee. 17,-SlWer, Ti MMI
lead,  ��1!) 12s Oil.
Reduotlon of Pl9 'renin  the near future  actuM  <lcvelo,��-
ment .work will commence In �� dletriot
comparatively close to Ashcroft, says
he JournaI, which will supply one ot
the long Mi wants uf the I'uclrle slope
--i��im'*ly. 1111 ample ore supply, _���a
"us furnaces ior tha production 01
1'lg Iron 01 high class, says 1*. h
Moore, M. B, Analyses or lhe ore prove
tluil ror mol Heel and general nianu-
racturlng purposes lhe ramous iron
ores or Sweden are lis only equals, in
character the ore fulfills every requirement rm- successful electric smelting
and Ihul method will probably be utilized, ns an enormous water power is
Quite close to the ore deposits, which
are very extensive nnd win undoubtedly furnish sufficient quantities for
iniiny years to come.
Roosevelt Sends   Special    Message to
Washington, Dec. 17.���President
Roosevelt loday sent a special message lo congress in which ho said the
developments ol the pust year emphasize with increasing force the need ol
vigorous and immediate action to recast the public laud laws and adapi
Ihem to the aciual situation.
The lumber and stone act has dem
onslrated conclusively that its clleci
is to turn over ihL. public lumber lands
to great corporations. Il has done
enormous harm, it is no longer neeu-
ed and It shuuld be repealed, the
desert laud act results so frequently
In lraud and so Infrequently iu matting homes on the land that it. also, demands radical amendments. That provision which permits assignment before Ihe patent issues should be repealed and lhe entry man should be required to live not less than two years
at home on tbe land before Ihe patent
Issued, otherwise the desert land law
will continue to assist speculators and
other large holders to gain' control ot
the land. The commutation clauses 01
the bo un-si>-a,l act serve, 111 a majority
of cases, to defeat the purposes or the
homestead act itself, which Is to ta-
I'lliiaie settlement.
In the city the commutation clauses
wiil assist the honest settler und
doubtless in some cases it does.
He recommends that a bill be enacted which will provide for government
control of the public runges through
the department of agriculture, which
ulone Is equipped for thut work. Sucii
u bill should Insure to each locality
rules lor grazing specially advantageous to Its needs and should authorize
the collection of a reasonable grazing
tee. Above all, the rights ot lhe home
seeker should be absolutely guarded.
James  Tarry   Predicts   Rapid   Grovrtn
for Kootenay Valley.
James Tarry of Klverview, one ol
the advocates or a road and bridge lor
the ranchers iu the Kooteuay valley,
"If the same rate of growth continues���and it si-ems likely lo Increase-
there will he more people In this district In 10 years than there are now
In Victoria and Vancouver together.
"Ten yeurs ago there were three settlers between Nelson and Itobson;
now there nre 800; next year there win
be B00. The rate or growth east 01
Nelson, toward Procter, is probably
Just as rapid and Just as likely to continue."
Hyman Is Dying.
Ottawa, Deo 17.���News has reached
Ottawa that Iho condition Of Hon. O.
8, Hyman, minister of public works, Is
very alarming, Aller having spent several days In St. Louis he wns taken to
a sanitarium, The best skill lhat medical science can supply Is being rendered hlm, but 11 la understood thnt
those lulls* acquainted wllh his condition expect a raial termination to ins
malady, He Is uot permitted to re-
calve uny communications whatever,
either public or private.
Will Pay Fire Losses.
Toronto, Dec. 17.���Al a meellng ot
the llrlllsh and American Western Assurance companies It wns decided to
nt once pay tho losses sustained ln tho
Snn Francisco fire. Seven per cent,
prererence stock was Issued, JUUU.uou
uf tlie former nnd |1,000,000 of common slock. Tho whole amount wns
underwritten In a snort tlmo". Manager Kennedy, who hus been In the
service of the company for 36 years,
Dr. Crichton Wins.
Toronto, Doc. 17.���Dr. Crichton ot
Castleton, wIiobo name was struck on
the roll by tho Ontario Medical council
for dlsmncefnl nmi Infamous conduct,
appealed to the supreme court, which
bas decided thai Ills name should be
Rake Off System Defeats
Lifesaving Schemes
Attended by Horde of Favored Contractors Who Supply Goods
WiiLcut Competition.
Otawa. Dec. 17.���In both chambers
or parliament attention has been calleu
to the terrible loss of life and tbe suffering Irom exposure caused by shipwrecks on the coast of Nova Scotia,
Prince Kdward Island, New Brunswick,
Hritish Columbia, and on the great
lakes. Some of these disasters, notably one on Vancouver Island, were
discussed last session, but others are
or recent occurrence. In many cases
lives that were lost could have been
saved If life-saving stations with proper equipment had existed near the
scene of the calamity. Two snip-
wrecked crews clung to their vessels
for many hours in plain sight ot tne
people on shore, who were in communication with outside places, so that
the newspapers In distant cities contained accounts ot the situation while
the men on the ship were vainly awaiting help. Had there been anywhere
ssn the neighboring coast some seen
equipment as might be expected those
lives could have been saved.
Tbe ministers wbo replied to the
statements In the senate and house 01
commons admitted the helplessness of
the marine department and thc want
of effective lite-saving organization,
but pleaded poverty and the great cost
of providing such maens ot rescue
along our extensive coasts. This idea
may be considered iu connection with
facts revealed last session. It is a
siartllng circumstance that while the
lire-saving service is of so little use,
aud while ministers make excuse that
they have no money to pay for a better outfit, thc lighthouse and coast service of Canada cost last year |2,0SSi,-
IHf, whereas ten years ago the outlay
was only JIOC.057. In 1902 the cost ot
this service had risen to $600,311. Tne
lollowlng Is its progress since:
11)02-03 ?   064,143
1003-04 1,275,010
1904-05 2,507,307
11105-06   2,688,484
This enormous increase should have
provided an immensely better life-saving service, and it would have dono
so had the money heen honestly expended. Hut it may be deliberately
staled that from one-quarter to one-
half of the whole vote ror this service
has been either thrown away or stolen.
Such a definite statement could not
have beeu made except on suspicion
previous to thu investigation by the
public acounts committee last session.
An astonishing condition of affairs was
Ihen revealed. It was found that the
department of murine wus attended by
a horde of favored contractors, who
sold supplies, without competition, at
prices allowing a rako-orr of 25 per
cent, to 200 per cent, nfter regular
proms were taken.
Though the facts are familiar to
many, a few itlust ral Ions may be given. Tho lighthouse doparlmont hau
occasion to buy cerlnln standard articles, lhe prices of which are known
to the trade generally, and musl have
been familiar to the officers of Ihe department regularly purchasing them.
hiBtt-ad of going to the regular trade,
or tho manufacturers for theBo engines,
pumps, tailors and olher machines, and
for ordinary hardware, the department
bought them from Mr. Merwln, an
American agent, clnlmlng to represent
the New York firm of Urooks A Co.
Merwln purchased tho goods from a
Montrenl dealer, Ihe latter passing the
order on to Canadian manufacturers,
who sent the goods direct to the department. Here are some of lhe prices
which the Canndlnn ngont paid to th��
Montrenl firm, and beside them the
prlccR which Iho government, paid to
Mr Merwln. the ncrent of llle New
York firm of F. T, nrookn & Co.:
wis,,i   Wlmt tlm  for
Merwln (tovt. pslsl  rent
l��s|.1.      Merwln  i.nsllt
1 Pillar Simper   ...��605 I   800 lis
1 Steel  Derrick   ... 760 1,260 ca
i Capstan     300 650 Ml
1 Stiirtnvant Engine 205 B50 lot
1 Sturtcvant Knglne 202 660 109
1 Sturlevnnt  Knglne 335 076 18*1
This Is 11 sntnplo lot. Hut nt the
same time the government was buying
from Mr. Merwin and others suposed
to he representing tbe same group 01
contractors, goods to tbe cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars every
year. Most of these were articles
such as Isusiys, storeholders for gas,
signal cables, lighthouse lanterns anu
other apparatus tu which thc contractors claim a monopoly. Tho price paid
In some cases perhaps was two or three
times what it ought to be, and all the
excess does not ro to the manufacturer,
Knquiry has always brought out tne
explanation lhal tenders are not called for because Ihe favored contractors
are the only persons supplying the articles required.
Identical  Lead Proved on  Bay,  Mavis
and Tip Top.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Greenwood, B. C, Dec. 17.���Following close upon the recent strike on the
Mavis comes oue on thc next claim
south, the Tip 'fop. Without doubt the
Day. Mavis and Tip Top lead are the
same, only the lead seems to have
grown larger going south. On Friday
last the bondholders ot the Tip Top,
alter only a few days' work and without putting In a shaft, fouud the vein,
a foot and a half wide, at the bottom
ut an old shart 45 feet deep. The walls
are smooth and straight and the ore
ls literally shot with free gold.
The recent strikes on the Mavis ano
the Tip Top would creaae an excitement anywhere else on earth than the
Itouudary. But being so close to important mining centres and so easily
reached, there is no hardship entailed
in getting here.
A good, all-year-round climate, excellent water and loas or timber uo
not appear to be favorable to mining
But he progress without a boom ls
steady and satisfactory, and although
overlooked at present by the big operators, Greenwood's day will come.
Superintendent    Lawrence    States OB-
jection to Changing Service.
J. S. Lawrence, divisional superintendent of the C. P. R��� said today m
reply to a question as to the probability of the request of tne Arrow lake
ranchers for a through service to KoB-
son beiug granted:
"Besides giving some ground, perhaps, for a further claim to railway
connection at itobson, which might interfere with our schedule, it would involve either the withdrawal, two days
a week, of the steamer tbat takes tne
barge for freight between Arrowhead
aud Nakusp, or the placing ot another
steamer iu commission.
"the first alternative is out of the
qiKSjen. The freight traffic is sum-
cient to keep tbe steamer busy every
".In t,atfl_ down the lakes ln winter is n.i nearly enough to pay for tne
operation of another steamer. tt
wouldn't tie a business proposition Ior
the company.'*
Six Months for Theft.
Louis Dekonik came up for speedy
trial before his honor Judge Forin this
morning, charged with having stolen
?:!5il at Comapllx on November is
from one Nettie Morris.
He pleaded guilty and made restitution of 1263. He was sentenced to six
months ln thc provincial gaol, to date
from November 19, the day on which
he was incarcerated.
More Follow Crapsey.
Milwaukee, Dec. .17.���Rev. William
A. Smith of 8t. Paul's church, yesterday declared lhat many or the clergy-
would bo tempted to abandon the ministry and find sumo free atmosphere
In which (o servo ehrlst If the decision
of the diocese of Western New York,
which expelled Dr. Crapsey on heresy
charges, were made the decision \f the
entire Episcopal church.
Brandon's Fuel Shortage.
Brandon, Dec. 17.���All public schools
are to be closed down this afternoon
owing to no fuel supply being In town.
Several hotels will also be forced to
c'.ose and stores put up shutters, as
prospects for a steady supply are not
good. People arc leaving their homes
and living with neighbors In order to
preserve the supply. '
r Burnham Goes to Jail.
New York, Dec. 17.���George Burn-
hain, Jr., general counsel for the Mutual Reserve Life Insurance company,
who recently was convltced ot grand
larceny In using 17600 of the company's funds for his own purposes, today was sentenced to servo two years
In state prison. Sentence was passed
by Judge Greenbaum of the supreme
court. Justice Greenbaum granted a
stay of execution until next Thursday;
when counsel for the prisoner will present papers In an appeal which is to be
taken. Later, counsel secured from
Supreme Court Justice O'Gorman an
order to show, cause why a certificate
of reasonable doubt should not Issue,
and lt Is returnable Thursday.
Giand   Forks  Asks   Repeal  of  Provincial Statute.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Grand Koiks, Dec. 17,���The Grana
forks Twenty Thousand club has taken up the matter of the residence 01
Mr. Justice Clement, the newly-appointed judge to the supreme court bench.
11 C. Hanninglon, president of the
club, wbo is also a barrister, is reported to have said that the provincial gov-
ernment had uo Jurisdiction in the matter and in any case when a Judge was
appointed without any .conditions as to
his residence there would be nothing
to compel htm to live at any one poim
in prelerence to another. It waB, however, admitted that as the provincial
statutes now read an excuse was given
to the city of Nelson to appeal to ot.
lawa, and in consequence of this fact
the Twenty Thousand club has passed
a resolution os follows: "That the provincial government be asked to repeal
the statute ln question and that a copy
of this resolution be sent to the attor
ney general."
Grand Forks will shortly have an
agricultural Boclety here, the movement receiving the support of everyone, the farmers being enthusiastic
over it The movement is being
brought about through the Twenty
thousand club.
British  Columbia  Smelters  Unable te
Handle Product of Local Mines-
May Ship Abroad.
The question ot the disposition 01
products, both of ore and concentrates,
is becoming a serious one for Kootenay mine managers.
Whatever may be the cause, accumulation of ore during the coal fam
ine, insufficient capacity to handle an
that is offered, or some other reason
not given to the public, smelter managers display a marked reluctance to
accept shipments at present.
As the managers of the mines generally depend upon the returns trom
shipments to meet running expenses,
and as their facilities for storing ore
are limited, continued inability to fine
a market will in most cases force a
cessation  of production.
Two well-known mine managers 01
properties not far from Nelson are now
in the city seeking a solution of the
problem. They are already negotiating for the shipment of ore and concentrates to American smelters, as an
alternative ln case the local smelters
are unable, for an indefinite period,
to accept their product
Both would greatly prefer to patronize the home smelters, hut they have,
ft seems to them, no alternative at
present between snipping abroad and
closing down mines and mills.
C. P. R. Steamer Commissary Department Transferred from Revelstoke.
Captain J. P. Gore, superintendent
of O. P- R- lake navigation In Brillsl
Columbia, informs The Canadian today that the commissary department
for the company's steamers has been
removed for convenient from Revelstoke  to Nelson,
lt will he accommodated tn a- two-
storey building, 60 feet by 30. In future all supplies will be purchased in
Nelson and distribution will be made
Nine Sailors Drown.
Portsmouth, Eng., Dec. 17.���Nine
sailors belonging to the crew of thc
battleship Hindustan were drowned today by the upsetting of a cutter tn
which they were returning to the. warship. There were 40 men in the cutter and all were thrown Into the water. Owing to a heavy fog the boats
In the vicinity had difficulty ih rescuing 31 of the Bailors. Many of the latter were unconscious when picked up.
King Oscar Recovers.
Stockholm, Dec. 17.���King Oscar continues to improve, his general condition this morning being considerably
better, hut his recovery is expected to
to Blow. The following bulletin was issued today: "The king passed a good,
quiet night; his toiriperuiiirc ls 99.1.
The action of tho heart Is Btronger and
the mucus In the trachea has not Increased."
Will Supply Power to
Supplant Coolie labor
Revolutionize Diamond and Gold
Mining Industries���British
New York, Dec. 17.���E. H. Garth-
watte, the British mining engineer who
for the last eight years has been attending to the Rhodes mining Interests iu Central South Africa., arrived
here yesterday on tne Atlantic transport liner Minneapolis. He will start
tor California today, where he will
tak a month's rest
Mr. {Garthwaite has come directly
from the neighborhood of Victoria
Falls, on the Zambesi river, and spoke
euthusiastically yesterday of the project of harnessing the falls for power.
He said:
"The Victoria Falls are the largest
in the world, and when the work ot
utilizing them for electric power ls
completed 1 am confident that it wui
revolutionize the diamond industry ln
South Africa. I mean by this that the
transmission of power from the tana
to the mines will reduce the actual
working cost about 40 per cent. Tne
great horde ot coolies now at work
can ln a great measure be dispensed
with and the high power steam engines
used, running the ore crashers, will he
supplanted by dynamos which will he
run by powef transmitted from the
falls, 567 miles away.
"The power will be used also In the
working of the gold mlnea at Witwa-
tersrand, some 700 miles from tne
"The project ls being backed by
Lord Kelvin, Andre Blondin ot Paris,
Professor Kingenberg of Berlin, and
Dr. E. TlBset ot Basle. Sir Douglas
Fox and Sir Charles Metcalfe are the
engineers In charge, but the actual
supervision of the work ls ln the hands
of Ralph Mcrshon of New York."
Mr. Garthwaite said that South Africa has picked up considerably since
the war. "It Is a great country," he
Bald,) "but It is harassed by the British
government much in the way this country was 120 years ago, and there is
great danger of similar results."
Hr. Garthwaite said the reports heralding the cotton ot Rhodesia as a rival
to American cotton were absurd. The
African cotton, he said, was exceedingly coarse and could not at any time
be compared with the cotton of the
United States.
Simiikameen Solid.
The Star announces Smith Curtis aa
the choice of the Liberals of thla riding to contest It against Mr. Shatford.
Mr. Curtis' friends maintain, however,
that he will not accept, and they base
their opinion on the knowledge that
Mr. Curtis has no-more storoacli for a
good licking than any one else. If this
be so, he will find the Simiikameen, at
the present time, an excellent place to
keep his nose out of, for If be cornea
out he can count on as Bound a trouncing as he could very well run up
against anywhere in this hilly country.
���Hedley Gazette.
_,, Raisull Is Defiant
Paris, Dec. 17.���Raisull, the bandit
chief who has terrorized the people residing near Tangier, has, according to
an interview published here today. Indulged In unconcealed threats against
the French and Spanish residents. He
Is quoted as having declared tbat be
will not tolerate the presence of foreign warships at Tangier, adding: "1
have written to the authorities at Fez,
and will write to the negotiators notifying thc.m that before the expiration
ot five days the warships must depart.'
Accepting the Inevitable.
Paris, Dec. 17.���Interviews with ec-
clcsiastlcs as well as the tone of the
clerical press, Indicate a fairly favorable reception of the government's bill
for amendment of the separation law
ot 190S, and the prevalence ot the belief that lt will prove acceptable to the
church, as It places the clergy under a
teal system of common law.
Heir Asumes Control.
Teheran. Dec. 17.���The heir apparent. Prince All Mlrsa, who arrived here
yesterday, resumed control of state affairs. Tho shah is still too III to be
able to attend to public business.
il The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now in order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
VVe huve plenty of them in red nud blue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
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them in this city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows. Con-forters, Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Undorclothing. Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and prices surprisingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
UAP1TAL PAID UP... ,H,lillO,000 REST (*4,900,000.
D. R. WIlsKlE, President. HON. ROBERT JAKFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received awl interest allowed at highest current rate from date of
Opening account, nnd compounded half yearly
J.   M.   LAV,   M-an<ijf<ur.
und the further tact thai these same
mining magnates are increasing their
expenditures ln the west by millions
K in itself enough to suggest a different inference from that comparison instituted by the Toronto paper. People
who command untold capital, like tlie
Uuggenhelms, do not easily experience
(right nor do they withdraw from a
iikoiy field for fear (here may be some
slight flaw in their titles. And it, as
the Telegram says, titles in Ontario
are "determined by influence and appeals to lhe government" we do nol
Bee why the Guggenhelma should noi
bave everyone distanced in tbelr
ohances for Quit claim deeds to all the
property ihey might wish to acquire.
Tlh> Telegram has made an uulor-
tunate comparison. Hritish Columbia s
stains as a mineral field is more firmly
established today Ihan any part ot
Canada. The immense Investments
that are being made and the resultant
developments, almost always with
I'tolliable results, have been such as
to promise and assure for this province
the iead against all competitors in tne
matter of mineral deposits. It is true
that not as much clamor is now being
made by us as by Cobalt and Niplselng,
but that Is well. We do not want again
to experience a mining stock boom in
Hritish Columbia. Such affairs are always a curse to everyone except the
promoters, and perhaps even to them.
Cobalt is having lis fling, but until it
can show the long stretch of smelters,
refineries, mines, tunnels���proved to
long distances���which are now common In this province. It is too early to
institute comparisons. Twenty years
liom now Cobalt may be forgotten, but
in that time British Columbia will bo
a province honeycombed with wealtn
producing mines and glory holes only
now in the early stages of development.
And all this as much because of the
excellence of our laws and their capable and fair administration as because of nature's treasures.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital $3,734,310     Reserve $4,207,741
Total  Assets $41,800,353
Accounts of firms und Individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen   branches  In  Hritish  Columbia.
Special  attention  to oul  of town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       E. I..  PEASE, General Manager, Montrenl.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Published itx _*yi a weal by lhe
Bnker-St., Nelson, B.C.
Bubacrlptlon ratea- w cents a month delivered
lu the Oity, or $,..00 it year lt sent by mnil, When
paid In advance
Advertising ratei on application.
AU monlei paid lu aetilement ol The Daily
i i-inn-i**.-; accounts, either for itibBCiiptioni or
advertising, mutt he receipted lor on the prliiii'il
forms ot the Company. tutor receipt! nrr not
DBCBMBESR 17. .������it*..
ine word we are lomotlmei lodged to be
lil hy ouo rt'i.r.1  lOUetimei judged  to bt
.  t.i ne therefore he careful whet we
Tin- mining laws of Hritish Columbia are the pride of Uie province and
the envy of othur provinces less favored in the statutory regulations under which iheir mineral Industries are
���tarried on. It Is reported that the
United States In seeking a model for
the enactment of mining regulations
to apply to the Philippine Islands,
chose the British Columbia laws as a
basis ami that the fundamental features of our own laws have their counterpart In the laws of the Philippines.
This in Itself wonlil be B high complement, but the smooth working and absence of litigation In the matin bl
titles and claims in British Columbia
Ik sufficient to plnee the laws almost
beyond criticism. Recently thfl Toronto Telegram has been making some
Interesting comparisons between the
mining lawsol Ontario and those dj wis
province, and these comparisons lead
oii'j to wonder why, with such an excellent code us a model the laws oi the
eastern province of the Dominion are
not revised and amended so ua to lid
them of the objections which are all
too apparent.   The Telegram Bays:
"l.i British Columbia the miner settles the title to a claim when he drives
his stakes, ln Ontario the lawyers settle a title to a claim when (bey get
tlie patent out of the government ai
the Queen s Park* and even the patent
is not always final.
"In British Columbia lln.* miner applies for iiis certificate of Improve
ment or his crown grant. His application Is advertised. If objection is
raised the courts at once determine
the validity of every assault upon the
claim-holder'*, title, In Ontario the
title to k mining claim Is a question
of fact and policy to be determined by
thr .government    in Brltlah Columbia
the title to a mining claim is a question of fact nml law to he determined
by the courts.
"Hritish Columbia has a mining law
made by miners for prospectors, Ontario has a mining law mado by farmers for lawyers. The British Columbia
Inw produces satisfaction. The Ontario
law produces litipation."
The Telegram, however, waxes facetious when it remarks that 'If it only
had the minerals to match, the Pacific
province would soon become the Cobalt of the West." This is what may
lie called taking a fling. To compare
the mineral wealth that is known to
exist in Itritish Columbia with the uncertain propositions tn Cobalt 1s to
deal this province a very left-handed
compliment without lu any way adding
to the fame or claim of Cobalt. Cobalt
is experiencing that curious and phenomenal boom which is always some
time In the history of every new find.
bul at this early day the laudation oi
Cobalt as a mineral field richer than
British Columbia is, to say ihe leasi,
a Facetious undertaking, While there
may be no doubt of tho prospective development of Cobalt, and we hope no
doubt as to Its ultimate claim to a
place among the category of wealthy
mineral districts, it is too young yet
in SBSerl whir*so much gravity its su-
perlorlty lo any other portion of the
Dominion. Many experienced miners
from itritish Columbia have visited
Cobalt, men with a practical knowledge both as prospectors and working
miners, led by the lure that always
appeals to these men, for whom rugged
nature and bidden wealth have an Irresistible Charm. It is significant,
however, that most of these have relurned and that their verdict Is In favor of this province and against Cobalt. Thai the mining laws of whicli
the Telegram complains are to some
extent responsible for their return cannot be denied, but it is not only In respect of them that these practical men
have returned. They declare Cobalt to
lie wealthy in spots, and until thut district is as faithfully proved aa have
been some of the pay streak districts
of Hritish Columbia, It Is too early for
the Telegram to suppose that this
province is Inferior in mineral wealth
to Cobalt.
The withdrawal of the Guggenhelma
from Cobalt, whatever may have been
their reason for doing so, is significant
organs that they possess no ^uch capabilities, and therefore they persist
in hugging the mummified corpses oi
attempted   political  scandals.
What is true of Kaien island is
equally true, though in B different
sense, of Kiiamuat. We pointed out
that the I-itamaat affair is no affair
of this government. The Midway &
Vernon affair was as straight a deal
as any government ever bandied, anu
had it been handled differently the
same igivgiously yellow opposition
organs would immediately attack the
government from the rear. Nothing In
the history of party politics appears
quite so helpless tmd humiliating as
the position in which the provincial
opposition finds Itself, uud we are sadly mistaken If the public Is as blind
lo this condition as the organs would
try to make themselves believe, llie
case is ably put by the Qrand Forks
Uasette, which says:
"It is significant ol the weakness
ol their position that the chief Liberal
papers of the province have io rely on
the slinging of such terms as band ol
adventurers,' "robbers of the people's
heritage,' und so on, as their principal
weapons in fighting the present government. What they fail to realize is
that people generally are getting pretty sick of these juvenile tactics.
"The government will not suffer in
the least by such mel hods, and the
full evidence of tEe Kaien island bust-
n< ss can be read by any one wno
wishes to do so. But the perpetual
harping on these threadbare themes
reminds us of liosen BlgelOW's definition of the politician's speech: 'Bud-
jict stalled; expended: delayted; extended. Pump lively. Subject staitid
agin to avide mistaiks. Olnnlfl remarks; conilnood; kerrled on: pushed
il furder, kin' o' gin back to where he
sot out. Hez to stait his subjict agin;
does It back'ards, sideways, endways,
cris';-crnss, bevellin' noways. Con-
cloods. Conoloods more. Sees his
Bubjtct nosln' rotin* arter him agin,
Tries to avide it. Misstates It. rant
conjectur' no other plawsahle way o
Btaoylng on to it. Tries pump. No fix
Fin'lly concioods to conclood.'"
The local grit organ is unable to
distinguish between dead issues and
matters that may reasonably fall within the Sphere of interesting debate, lt
admits that If exploded fables are to
be no longer the subject of discussion
and criticism there is no longer anything to cull in question respecting tlie
administration of the present government, which is what Thu Canadian has
all along maintained. It repeats that
upon the Kaien island sales, the Kiia-
maat pre-emptions, the Midway & Vernon railway bonus, the Pendray leases
and lhe Hurnaby smalt holdings legislation the government Is still on trial.
We have called all of these dead issues
for the reason that each of them hus
been passed upon by the legislative
assembly and the course of the government has been approved. With respect
to the Kaien island sale, two paragraphs of the report of the select committee of the house may be of interest
to our readers as they completely preclude the repetition of such charges as
the local organ fondly attempts to galvanize into new life.
Clause 19 of the report of the select
committee reads as follows:
"Your committee finds that the sale
of the lands in question by the government io the railway company, upon
the terms and conditions Imposed, was
a deal pre-eminently ao the public advantage, aud hold the opinion that the
extraordinary reservations contained
in lhe crown giants set forth in paragraph 17 hereof will inure to the lasting benefit of the province."
Clause 22 reads as follows:
"Your committee find that no member or official of the government received any direct or indirect reward
or emolument in connection with any
of the matters Inquired Into, or any
direct or indirect promise of the same
in future, and lhat thp members oi
the government wero actuated solely
by a desire to secure to the province
every advantage obtainable under The
The other olauses of the report nre
equally Interesting and equally vindicative of the action of the government, but these iwo embrace lln1 whole
matter upon which the opposition Is
still endeavoring to fasten reproaclr
upon the administration. In othe.*
words, the finding of a select commit
tee in which leading members of tn
opposition played the part of inquisitors, huving completely exonerated
the government, we can see no reason
why the opposition should not accept
the finding, as is the custom in parliamentary nnd political procedure. We
grant readily thut If tho findings of the
select committee had been against the
government the opposition would be entitled to keep alive these issues till tt
succeeded in driving the government
irom power, hut all canons of political
decency require tirat such matters be
now closed. And if the opposition
were possessed of uny power of initiation, if it could devise new issues upon which to appeal to the people theso
matters would he relegated to oblivion.
Hut they have confessed through their
Notice Ii hereby given that �� dew "flor,'l'u,f;,'
Intend to make application to the honor*bta the
flnef ComjiiWiiotier of Un-.i ami Work- for per-
mtulon  t<> purehaae ihe following deaoribed
Undt!   �� .-iniHL'lielziK H-t _ poKt pieced  MjOi"".0!
the eouthweat corner port of I*m Watw.n s Application to Purohaae, rimniUK ��*���> ���**"������1-"-" ",,r i;
theuce40ehaimweati tbenoe BO ebalni smith;
theuee w ebalni eaat. to point "[ commencement,, containing 8*0 aerea more or leni.
D.ledO0U.b.r.3,l(IQ6. g0���lWiranl,
By bli agent, i.i.ni--t, W. Robiwboii
The bethblrdge Herald says; "W. w.
H. Mclnnes, now governor of the Yukon fs spoken of as a cabinet possibility in British Columbia. Hilly Mclnnes is big enough and brainy enougn
tc be In the Dominion cabinet. He is
resourceful and energetic und stands
for ihe people in all things."
Well, from all appearances London,
the seat of the late political C. S. Hyman, will need new representation
very soon. There's the chance tor
Billy! Resources nnd energy count In
a London  election.
The Vancouver World asks whether
we believe Hon. R. F. tlreen told the
truth in the investigation of the Kaien
Island sale. We believe the told (he
truth, and what is more, we believe
he told the whole truth, a thing which
the World certainly does not.
Straight  Goods.
The Nobel prize should have gone
tu 'logo, not  Koosevelt.
'lhe treaty of Portsmouth wouiu
have heen impossible without the de-
teat of Kuala in the Straits of Tsu
Sli i ma.
Koosevelt may get Llie prize, but To
go did the work.���Toronto Telegram.
Even  the  trukeys  are chicken-heart
cd about this lime of year.
The avenue of escape  is a popular
Hiity dayi after date 1 intend to Byi'lv lo ihe
Chief Commiaatoner of Landi and worka for
permlaalon lo purohaae the following deacrlbed
landi lu Kootenay Dlatrlet, about three���-���iiHrters
of tulle from Thrum1'** tiding: Commencing at �����
post placed St the 8. W. corner nf L688B, group
1, Went Kootena? Dlitrlot; thenee westerly
following   the   north    boundary of 1*4698, .b
chains; thenee norlh 10  chains;   thenee east -Hi
ohalna- moreor leai, to tbe   N. w. oornei of
LQ80S; thenee aoutb following tbe weft boundary
of U>H'.i:i   lti i-linltiti. more or leu, to place ol colli
menoement) containing 40 aorei, mon- or less
Uiite-i thii iith day of December, nw<.
H. H. Prm, Locator.
Notice is hereby given tbat 60 dayi after (late t
Intend to Rpj'lv to ihe Hon Chief Commluloner
oi Landa and work*-- for permlulon to purehaae
the followiiiK described land*- situated In tin-
Went Kootenay dlatrloti He inning at a pust
marked "William Kell'i N. w. corner," and
planted about one mile MUth of the north end
iif whatshan (Cariboo) lake, about twenty chaini
west of the west shnre nl said lake mh.1 nn the
south bnundiiry of K K. Kell'i application lu
purchase; thenee aouth B0 chslns; thence eaat U
chains, wore or less, In the said Inke shore;
theliee northerly along the said shore sn cbalni,
more or less. In the said south boundary of
K  It. Kcfl'supi'I lent inn to piirehiise; (hence "west
ji chains, moreor lou ti�� the point of commencementi containing tdOaarea- more or less
Dgted Oct. it, for*, Wuvlum Kw_,
lly F. 1. Hammond, AKeut.
Notice i" horebyglven that B0 dan alter datal
Intend to applv tn the Honorable the I hief I ���
mlMtoner ol Undi ��nd Work, for permlailon
to purchase *>0 acres of land,situateon tha Little
Moyle river nhoul 1 mile Irom International
Boundary and alwul 1 mile from Bpokane International Kj-: Commencing al *-*���*. posl markeii
I> Grant- 8. K, comer posl. thence wesl 40
chains; Ihenee   norlh   -to ehalns; thunee  enst Jll
cbalni; tbence north 30 cbalni; thence east fto
cbalni; tbence iouth Bfichalna to Pleca of commencement, conta-nlna 280 aerea ol land.
Located Oot, with i.��F.
fiAsiai Qturr
���     New Styles in Long Coats iorj^m
���  The Latest New York Shapes. Rest man-tailored
T finish- in light tweeds and plain cloths.
Prices from $10 to $25 each
Fletcher's   northwest   corner,   thence   muth   ��l
ohalni: tbenee aaai 10 ohalni.more or less, to
the weitern houndarv of Lot *���*. O.l.j thenoi
north 80 chaini to Koownai rlveri thence west
following iald ri.er to point ol command.��� .
cniilftluiiiK B0ecru more nr leM.
aotb October, tatio.
Hixt> dayi after 'tat. i intend toapply t�� the
Hon. fthief Commluloner ol Lands and Works,
Victoria, to purehaae 160 aorea ol Uml, located tm
thfl west side of Arrow lake, abmit live miles he-
low Htirinn City, and deacrlbed a�� followi: rom-
ment ini: at a poal marked "P. 0. B'leoutheart
corner,' ami being HO cbaina eut Ol Hie north went
eoruer of lot 3710; lbence nortb 40 chalna; thence
weat iti cbalni; thence aouth 40 cbalm; tbence
east -10 chains to the place nf b.*Kintilnn
November Hth. l!Wi. F. ti. B.m,
per J. K. AnnabU,
60 daya after date 1 inteml toapply tothe Hon.
Chief t'oinmissioiuT ol Lands and Worki, Vic
toria. to purchase 240 acres of anil located in
Fire Vallev  ami being.a  portion  ol PeetlOM U
ttml Ifl In Towmhlp69 anu deicrlbed u followii
Commenolng at a poat planted at tbe lonthweat
corner Ol tbfl sotilhen.-t quarter ol section ]���>
ToWtUtblp ������������ and marked J. '.. .-*. X. corner,
tbenee north 40 obaina; thence west go obalm j
thence aouth 40 ohalna; thenee east oo chaini to
place ol bcniiiniiiK.
November-Hrd iwo.
Joskin GtBBOM,
 J. E. AKNABLK, AkciiI.
Notloe li hereby given that ilxty dayi after date
I inteml in applv In the Hnn. Chief ('n.iiMiisslnner
of Landi fftti'i worki for permlulon to purohaae
the foUowlng deeerlbed landi In the West
Kontenay district: Beginning at a post marked
"J. H. Blmlneo'aS, w. corner," und planted about
oue*half mile eait Of tlie shore Of Whatahan
(Cariboo) lake ami about 2 mllei north of the
narrows of the said lake, and at the H. H. eorner
oft Arthur Warren'*, application to purchase;
thenee ea��t hu chainm thenoe north B0chain*!
theuee vet m ehaiiia tn the iioriheaxt enrner of
Arthur Warren'i application to purchase; ihenee
nouth so ehaina to point of commencement- oontainlng R40 acres, more or ier*-*.
Oct. 13th, IO*. J.H Hiuinko,
K. 1,. Hammond, Agent.
Notice it Hereby riven tlial 60 days alter 'late I
Inteml toapply to the Uonorahle tin; chief Coiu-
mixHlonernf Landa and  Worka for permission to
porchaae the following deaeribed land*, situate
about 10 ullu eait of the City ol Nelson, on the
muth nhore of the West Arm of Kootenav lake,
aud commeneug at a post placed about M chains
iouth of the ho_uilii'��*��t corner of Lol -��r,i-', marked
"8. Thomas ��. W corner." thenee south 20
chain-, thence easl '20 chain-, thenee north 20
chains, thonco west Ho chaini tu point of com
men cement.
Deled thla ��ih day of Nov., 1006.    tt, Thomas,
Notice is hereby given that N dayi after date
I intend toapply  to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of  lands and Works for permit*
tion tn purehaae the ioIIowHik deacrlbed landi,
Commencing at a poat   planted ou tin- norihea't
corner of  Peter ucNaugbton'l application io
purchase,   running   M chaiua   west   along   the
northern boundaiT of same; thenee ho ehains
north, thenoe80 chains east;  ihence B0 ilialns
south, along Ihe west boundary nfJnhn Kllinll's
application in purchase, io point of commencement, oontainlng Mn acres, moreor leas.
I'ated Oct. L'l, liK-fl. Thomas Smith,
By bli agent, Bbnwt w. BoBDntnt.
Notice Is henby given thai fiO dayt after date I
Intend tO apply to lhe Honorable the Chief Com-
mlssloner of Lauds aud Works, at Victoria, It. (..
for permission to purchase the followiiiK ''"-
lOribed lands,   situated   in  the  West Knol.iinv
distriet, south oi Forty Nine ertiek, oommenelng
at a post market] "L. II Choquette*! N. W. corner," theuce- 4U chains east, thence Ol chains
south, thence 40 chains west, ihence -to ehalns
north to the enmmerirement post, containing IbO
acres, more nr less.
Nelson, U.C , Oet. 16tb, 1906,
l. ii. QHOQngm,
Vi. A. -fOVM- Agent.
Blxty days after date I purpose miking application to the Hon Chief ('ommlssionemf Landl
aud Works fnr permission to purchase the following described laud; CommeiirMna at a post
placed at theiouthweslrnriierof R.W, Banning-
Inn's application to purchase, marked "L M 8.
H's 8 K enrner posl,'1 running thenco BD chaini
west; thenee BO chains south; thenee WJ ehalni
east; thenoi B0 chains north to point of eommeneement, containing M0 aeres, more or less.
Dated ihe loth day of October, um.
L. M. B, Hahninuton,
rwr R. BitlKt-L, Agent
ftfxy daya after date I purpoae making application to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Umls
and Works for permlaalon to purchase the following deaeribed land:  Commeneing at a post
placed on the liorlh houndarv of lot No. NM and
about two chains east of Whatshan ereek, mark-
ed "M. S*'s. H. W. corner," running thenee 40
( hains cast; thenee 40 chains north; tlienco 40
chains west; thence 40 chains south, to point of
romincnecmetn, containing 1G0 acrei more or
Latei the loth day of October* UD6,
M. Bstnu.
Per K...mat.,Agent*
BlXty 'lays after date 1 Intend toapply to tbo
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Unds and
Worki to purchase 640 acres of land, located in
Fire Valley, on wett aide of Arrow lake: Commencing at a pnit planted 4<> chalm weit of the
snuthweii eorner of J. Koblnson't pre-emption
and markeii J. W's B. K. corner, ami running
north HO chains, thence west K0 chalm, ihence
south 80 chains, theuee ca-; HO chains to place ol
Nov. 18th, laofl. Ja.hb Williams,
J. K. Annahlk. Agent
Noiiee ls hereby given that 60 dayi alter date I
Intend tO apply to the Honorable the Clilet Commissioner of Landa and Works for permlulon to
purebaae tbe following deaeribed landi! Com-
mincing at n posi placed it) cbtlnt west of tbe
sonthett"l corner of Lot 1648,marked "R. A. Hell'i
north wut corner," thenee south jn chaini,
thenee east _.) (halm, theme north 'JO cha iui,
tlience west it)chains to polntof eommeneement,
containing 40 aeru, moreor lest
Located thll Bth day of Nov., IWfl.   It. A. Bill.
Hlxty days afterdate 1 purpose making application to the Hon. Chief f'oinmisHiniier of Undi
and Worka for permlulon to purchaie the follow lntr described land: Cnmmemlng at a post
placed ��t the imrth east corner of B. C Fklnncr's
application U) purchase,  marked "H. D'l N.W
corner pot./'tbenoe following the -sail boundary of ume 80 chalna aouth; tlience rnnnlng BO
chains east; theme H) chaini north; ihence HO
ehains wesl to point <*t cnmiiieiicemfiit, containing MO acres more or lesi
Dated the Mill day ol October, 1906.
H Doun,
Per It. sunn. Agent.
Sixty days after tlate 1 Intend to apply to me
Hon Chlel Commluloner ol Undi ami Works
Victoria, to purchase .**.} acres "f land, In Kire
Vall.y, West Knnlehay: Commencing ata post
plantctl Hi chains wesl of t|M. H. W. .'orner nf J
boblnion'i pro ampllon, and marked W, W'l N.
K. corner, ami running west B0 ehalni, thence
south 80 ' hains, thonoe easl ro chains, thence
norlh HI) chaius lo place nf beginning
Nov. IHth, IBOfl. William Wm LIAW
J. E. ANNAIU.I, Agent.
Bixty dayi after date 1 purpoie making application to tba Hon chief Commissioner vt Uu.ti
and Wo ki for permlulon to purchase the fol-
lowing  described  lands:    Commeneing at the
norih west eorner of k. a Crewe'i application to
purahaie, marked "W. 0, O'a. R W corner"
running thence M chains north; thenee 80
chain, east; thence 80 ehalni south; thene.- ho
chains west to point of ennnnelicfinent, containing 64n aorea, more or less.
Dated the Uth dav of Oetober, LOGS,
W. O.OlLUm,
Fer J. HIitiLL. Agent.
���������������������������������������:*��������������������������> *��4n]
Hixty days alter date I purpose making application lo the Hon. Chicrcouiuiisiloner of Lands
ami Works fnr permission to purchase the following   described   lamls:     Commencing at   U,(.
norlhweat comer of D. Dodd'i ipptloatloo to
purchaie, marked "M. F'a 8, W, corner," running
thence Ro chains north; thence 80 chalus, more
or lesH, to the west shore of Wnltlhan take, fol.
lowing same 80 oh ains smith;  thciKc 80 chains
more or less, east lo the point of commencement
containing M0 ac ca, more or leas.
Dated the 12th day of October, lflrg,
M. trAO0.tJ.SB,
__^__ p*-r J Kiiiin.L, Agent,
Notice Is hereby Riven   that   sixty days afler
date 1 intend to apply to the Honorable Chief
Commissioner of Unds and  Wprkl (nr permis
sion to purehaae the following oewribedJandi-
Commencing _t a not,) placed on ihe northw-si
eorner of Albert Klllott'aiprileation to purchaio
ruuning 8o chains   enit along the northern
bnundary of same; thence 80 chalm north:
thence BO chain*, west; th.nee 80 Ohaini iouth to
point of commencement, containing 640 aonu
moreor leu, ����w��i
Dated Oct 18.1908. John Elliott
By hla ageut, Kit. est W. Kouimon.
Snow is Here
BVfiT A Speeder Sled or Cette.1
We lliivv 'I'lictti lit All I'rl.wH.
Standard Futnitute Company
tomplele House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmcrs
Mason A HlKeh I'lalior*.
Oatermoor UattreMM
(.lobe Wernicke Book Ca*
Notice la hereby given lhat sixty dayt. after
date I intend toapph* tothe lion. Cliief Coin mis-
sinner of Landa ami Works for permlaalon to
purchase tbe following deaeribed land* i��
Weat Kootenay Dlatrlet: Commenolng elan initial post plauied at the soulb*-asi eorner 01 Mo-
Coy'a pre-emption, thence 90 ebalna wen to eaal
boundary of ].ot (H9B; theuce following said
boundary south tOBOtttheaet corner of said lot;
thenoe lu chaini west; Ihence f*l chains south;
thence 30 ehains east; thenee 3'chains nurth to
���OUtbWMt corner of I,ot 2Uj tlieniH following
west boundary of Lot 139 to Initial post.
tieplembcr 81, 19tf��. P. I>. WuLr.*.
per Khnkst W. bont*tst��N.
Notice le herehy (jlven that GO.tHVs alter date I
intend to apnlv to the Honorable the Chief Commluloner of Lands and Works, Vn lorln, B. *���'.,
tor permlaalon tu purchase the following described [and, situated In the Weit Kootenay dlitrlet,
on lh�� wesl ilde of I "uhainci (ur KU Mile) cnek,
on upper side of WlgOO road, about J'^ milea
fro JO West Armol Kootenay lake: Commencing
at a -jaisi marled Mrs Hattle I'uek'M N.K cor-
nrr. running 4n ehalnr. west; theuce ."> chain-
lonth! theuee 40 eliains east; thence '20 chains
north, to the point of comm. ucimeiit, conialn-
Ing 8o acres of land, more or leis.
Pated the 17th Morember uao
M-H*   HaTTIE Dt'(E,
JoHM K   -AVLOK, Agent
Notice ls In reby Riven that Go days alter date I
intend toapply to the Hon. Chief Cotnmla_9onerol
Landsand Works, Victoria, for permUslon m purehaae in** following deioribed landi situated Ln
the West Kooteuay district, on the west ilde uf
Luhamel (or Hlx Mile) vreek. near wag.>n road,
about three mllei from Koolenay lake: Commencing at a post markeii "James I. Puck's H W.
post," running 'JO ehalna east, thenee '20 cbalni
uorih, thenoe B chains wett, thence 20 chains
South, to in-i'"!i.i ������! comnieiicemeiil, containing 40 acres of land, m .re or less.
>.W.d irtb November, 1906,
i>ocatcd hy Janes J. hi' v..
per John 1, Tavu>h, Agent.
Slity dars after dato 1 Intend l'> apply to the
lion. Chief Commissioner of Lands aiol Works,
Victoria, to purchase 40 acres of laud, situated
on the west side of Arrow Lake, about V/_ mllei
below Burton, aud described ai follows; Com-
menolnit at a post planlcd at the northeast
euruer of Lot TUTU, and running north JO chains;
thence west tO chains, lln nee south KO chains,
thenco cast 'Jo chains to place of beginning.
Nov. llth, IW��. II   I. DILL,
J. E. AjOUBU., Agent.
f?ixty days after date I intend to applv to the
Hon. Chief ConUttltttonei of Lands ami Works,
Victoria, to purchase UO acres of hmd about two
miles tKlOW Burton City, Weit Kootenay, rom-
nienclna at a post marked "J. A. Irving'* east
corner riosi," said post being on the eaaterly end
of au Island west of Lot6M7,and claiming all the
land contained in said island, Mhg about one
mile in an easterly and westerly direclinn and
about 2o chains from north to south.
HoTember nth, 1906, j. a. ibvin.i.
 J H. Annable, Agent.
Notice Is herehy ({iven that 60 dan after tlate, I
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permissinn to purchase
the following described land In West Kootenay
district: Oommenelng at a poit marked Mrs. V.
A. Wilson's corner posi, planted at the northeast
corner of Hection 17, Townsite 7, running south
4ii chains, thenee nest 40 chains, thence north 40
chaini lo place of commencement, containing r^i
acres, mnre or less.
Dated Nov. 99, 1�� .. MM. V. A. WHJOH,
 J. W'llaow, Agent.
Sixty days after date I purpose making application to thc Hon, Chief Commlnloner of Lands
and worka for permlaalon to purohaee the following described  land:    Commencing at a poll
placed nt the northwest corner of II Dodd'i application tO purehase, marked "B Vi H's H .V.
cornor post," running thence SO ehalni north;
thenco HO chains east; thenee BO chain* soutb;
thenco Ho chains west io point of conunence-
incut, containing M0 acres, more or less.
Vated this loth day of October. 19ue.
H- V,'. IlAN.-IMiTON,
Mhif.ll. AgenL
Notice Is hereby given thatilxty days att��r
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commlnloner Ol Lands and Works, for
permlMlon to purchase the following described
lands in the Welt Kootenay district:   Beginning
at a post marked "JameaQ Frusor'sN.K. corner
and Panted on the easi shore of Whatshan
(Cariboo) lake, about one half mile north of
Christie creek; thence smith 4ochalns, more or
less, to the north bmindaiv ifW Beoombe'l application Ui purchase; theOOl we*l along the said
boundary 40 chain*, more or less, to the ahore of
tbe lake; thence following the said shoie In a
general northerly and easterly dlrsOtlOll HO
chains, more or less, to polnl of cominenciiient.
containing n,, aem, more nr lev*.
oot uth, woe JAMES", num.
 F. L. IIammunp. Agent.
Notice Ik hereby given that sixty days after
hedae intend In aoplytnthc Hoi. tlieChbf
t_ominlssloiier.il Lamls ami Works Inr perata-
s mi tnpurrhsso the following deaeribed land
In lhe We-t Koolenay district:    Beginning al a
post marked -i*;   u, Kell'i U.B. eorner." end
planted on 'he-shore of Wbai*hau (Caribou) lake
at the northweal corner of nud lake; thence ��>
chains west; thence40 ohaini south; thenee ��
elm ns cast: thenoe to ohalni south; lbenceeu<
���tochains, moreor leai to tbe shnre <,f tha said
��X___nS? n,,rthrr|v ,ll""p ����'��' ttlA hike ihore
?,     A  '   ? .' ':r ltui to tf'" M��t o. common.
*im _ V. 0,lllll"l"K i-fl acres, more or less.
Dated Ool 12, m, K, Hi Kej|ii
P. Ii Hammonp, Agent.
IiinISK. !"'rf,'y KtVf.ii that fio.laysafter.laie I
"I'lf w.the Hon. the Chief Commli.
Iloner Of Undi and Works for permlulon to pureliase  the   following   dcsonb-.l   lands m   vVeS
r, m,n .'!,..'   ,r '''��� I,r��vlm>e of Briiish Columbia]
"'",��" ��i",Nt marked "William Tolling.
!__i_a _i' ,'"lp 1,,n' ""���"'�����' *��htfi twenty t'20)
ihi n. ffe H'"   '"'^ thence eaat for.y   io
Mmmeneentent. aininow W ^ to U,tJ plR,je o/
Dated lit day of Auguit I9W.
, ^^^   Hy his agent J. K. Taylor.
Ilf.nt_.Ji .i'i. f.'lpr 'Vt0 ! Inlpll,, tn "I'l'")- 1" <ho
��� j'l-f orninUsionerofUiidsan.IW.irks
lopurhBje H-jHereso ainl: Cnniuiencing at a
mMwPagRnn';' "", '"l' W��'M ���"��� <>'���� SitofrUa"
ron  To tn ,', '��� in\"'nl  ,wo *n . 0I>0 0 _�� "til"
(1 ali     ih,.', T'"'r  _��-*l_  ,,IPnf'R  (,'u,t',���1
menSement! ''l"1""'' "' i>IrC0 ot Co1"-
located this loth day of November, lOOfi.
Mil McKichnik.
Notice Is hereby niven tbal 00 ilavi ,[*,,.,,,,
SffiSd?^*iSff{?"i ���"'''"'���*
ut l-ail'H and   Works (or   H-rmivsio-i innrh-k
planted on tho weat iho re of Wbatahaa7cU
lake, ab.ml three mil �� nnrlh of _t | ,,[. v
rows of the said lake and ODOoalta i|i.��� ui_i���i
lhe subl   lake;   thenee smith �� Chains
east 40 chain*-, more or len to the labo
Itn nee  tollowiDg   the   U|d   rto��lBa_��1_l
and westerly oirectlnu 1_0 ebalaa,oonctl
to poltil olc.immeiiceineiit.efiiitalrilnf :i*im
more or less,
Oot.ii.iifo an umma
    By F- L- IlaXH05h,A|eDL
Notleo ls liereby given that iuty nin i
date i intend to make application to tin- iio
able Cblel Commlatoner ol Ui.-i* and v,,t_
victoria, b. c, for nermliwloo to pun-bit*tb.
lowing deserilK-d land, situate iu Kir* Val
West KOOtonajr dlitrlet; <'"inmtnrin|f*��ti|
plained at the southw.-st .-orner of Jct-hoaI
iMOU'l preemption, marked II. I. K'i H.toi
post, thenee 40 chain.-- treat, then i ,
nnrlh, thenee 40 eliains ea-t to J.i*.hu��R...ttu.
northwest comer, thence south -fietiilnitnti
01 com meneement, coiiiaining h'lacrsii.inm
Datod this iHrd day of Nov., UOt,
If I. Kiiil����b
Hlxty daya afterdate I int. ti I to ��m
Honorable the Chief Commiuloimrnf Umlii
Worki, Victoria, to purehaae BO uml I
located aud deaeribed as (ulmwi:  Cem
at a poel planted at tha aootbwett enrewi
BoblusoiCs pre-eniptlun in Kire VMHev,aadibi
fire inlk-s from Kdward Lamllny, west i '
Arrow lake, and marked P. U's N �� com
runnliiR west fo ehalns. Ihenee south ��r
tbeuce tait vi chains, thence smith a'ttm
thenco i-asl 4o chains, thence nnrlh I'i ihWM
place of betiinulng.
Nov iHth, lnoe. rain Oud
_  J. B. A gyaeu, Aie nt
Sisiy days after date 1 intend to t,\,v>\* lot
Honorable tbe Chief f'oinmlstlonpr of Us'lu
Works for permission to purehase lhe foiloitl
described lauds in Koutmav iliitrtct: t'o
mru. ing at a poet uiariced J IL AnDaMr'iDor
Bait corner poet, said post being on the kw
sple of the:Lower Arrow lake, abooil*. al
Ih'Iow Hurton city; tlu-nce south Su'bill
thenee west '20 ebalns; thence iouth Si tb '
tbenee west 90 chains; theme north _ ���*
aud ."��� links, more ur less tn the likri
tbenoe easterly along lake 40i*lialni, nnrf oik
to ihe place of beginning, cuntainIdr 106 w
more or leaa.
Dated this bib day of Nnveiiil-er, 1��*_-
  per K. L- Hirset. A(M.
m\Iv davs after dab- 1 Int. u I tnipplj��i
Honorable the Chiel Coinml**-|.*m*r-fUtidn
Works for iKTinisslon lo purchase lh<? kOM
daierlbea lands in Kootenay dlatrlct! ���""��
Clng at a  post  marked "A. J. IhH'i iftuthi
corner itust." said  poet being on the north*
erly ahore ot the \*tta_tt Arrow inketiniisiii
due east, an the northeast corner nf b>t!
(ironp l; thenee north 60 chains; east 40 tii
south in chains, more or less, to lbe lakes
thenc. loiiowing said shore In a soutfctdlr
direction f>0 ehalni. more or les* lo llieplw
beginning, eontainiug IW acres, mnre -a"
Dated this 5th day ol Morember, IW
���**____ fc Br,""_'__���____.
Nmi.. is herebv given that W UiJllfWi'
I InU-nd, to apply to the Honorable tb*O
CommihsioiKT 0J Lands and Worki for wm
���ton to purebaae the following describe*! a*
KiM.tenay dlatrlet: CommciuinK H �� _
marked''J.H Wallace's nnrthweitcornerM*
iald post being on the easterly
Arrow lake, and at tbe -
I'orter'Hpre-eniplioneialiii; thence easts'(IM
thence south '20 chains, thence writ Sthtt
south  20 chains,
. eo _w
mere or leas to the Arrow lake, ihcnce l-ai-awl
easterly direction HOchaln*, more or lesi wl
Place ol beginning, containing _ _*�� seres, mo.
Dated thll -tub day Of Octol-er. tm*m*
By his agent, Kw.^hth L Brwn   .
Hlaty dava afler date 1 inten 1 tnaH'lyf']
Honorable the Chlel Commlaaioner ol uwn��
Works, Victoria, to poreh-ua 180iioti ofw
I... ated in Kire Valley and dea rlh ,J"'\,
Ormmencing at apoei marked 0 B am   ,
corner, and plained at lhe -wntbwebW*
lot 7HI5, am)  running south tt. chaini. W
east ai chain*, tbenee north m chain*', im*
west _o chains in place of beginning.     _
Nov.iHih, im. DgO H.MiHiUW.
J. K  ANSAl I F. Ag<rUt- .
BUty  days   after.late! Mill ��� meklni �����
cain.ii in the Ron, Chief CommimonerofU!
and Worki for permlaslon to purds-f u����
lowing deeerlbed land:  Commam-lnf��<n
plaee.lal the soulhweil eorn.r of M.��W?S
plication to purchase, marked ' r t ���**. rt,
ner," running tbenee m chain* north, uW(
chains wesi; thenco w ohelni south, tbejj"
chains east topolhtol cnmnirn>i Inent.o"*
Ing Wo aorei moro or leaa.
Dated the loth day of Oetober, Iw���|r.,lirtt
|K*r II Hd'h.--
Blxty daya after date l purpose ]"hlk','*Sfl
cation to thi. Hon. Chief Cniuiiii-*!*;""""'    ,-j
and Works for pumsisl P��" h **_' ,\ i
lowing deaoilbod lands: Comwanwifl
noil plaoed at the northweal ',"f"'r.;rii
a, Creaee'i application to  imrrhaw ��
"K.R's H. K corner," running tbenei ���
north, thenee BO thalr.s west, thont-*
smith, tbenco SO chains rust to P' I"*0
cement, containing mil acrei. aiotoOi
Dated tbo Uth day of October. U'"J.0_im,,,.
 *^.i enraLLAi-it^
Sixty days after dnte I lflWdV/B?wl
lion. Chief Commissioner of Lam" "". , m
(-, ., i  mt  ,.t  Unit     col
X. VV.
 m ssi unsl. '���","","'"'-";i',-,.i'i
A 11. ��*.N.K.i �����"���������r I/'*'   ��� ��� ,w
ssrnsir ssl ������� ���**1'1', ",���,'],.,.*�����'!
WH.na.nl Arrsssv IhIh-.ssIs'siii idsii ���,nil
BO-tOII < Ity. tlss-ll.-.' WUI llir''")'"-    i,�� SSi
W.Jii s-lisilllss, IhonOO OUt til s-lsssln.. '  '.',���|���1(I
inmafiolni i.s i.in.s-sii toiinnlng,mh��"
isrrs-K, nissrss or Iss... .    .,, u,,.. B0|N*
iiuiosi am. duj- ���i Xf_lffi,nl!?_&J
i  ...lls-r-""'
ihnt r*fclV".'".Ofi"
Nsstls-r 1. Iis-rs'lsv His
liiiisiis! io nuko ���npllootlon to to
Ohio'flommllilonorol Unsl. .n
ISllH.lDll   10    piirs-llll.SS    till-    lOI'O
IhiisIh: Coiimions-liiif ��t i DP1' ',,������>.rl'11"
lissrllii'Mti-.ssiicroM's-lsT Ms ^iii's.'' ,,',,!s.;
mui in pnrobo/., lolloitloi tn�� *�����" |nl ,.,1,
minis wi isIioIiih .niilii: ll"'""."~, ,iis��s"*��1"'
llioiis-is His i-lsnlnii nisrili; ilioni- *;!,"' hii win.
imiiii ssl  i-iii'ssmmt, lsisnt��l"ll,n
morn ssr Ii-.��.                            aiufht KH.,u,ii
flylilinontKHmatW"	 ^������������������������������������^������������������������������������.��
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Denver and BtoOM Oily.
j "'   *        iltto any i.rmc.i will hue
' ���'      : ll��� 1 ! < ���.r.-'ul ttltniliill.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
ur dati* I (HUpQM tiiKklnt! appli*
���. Am-l1"" " ' ' I|"'( ( ommieelooei ol taaoa
\K "uriiiori 'Union to panfiaM Hi. (ol*
I ("pwrtU-il Uii.U: Cuinm.-tiiitiir nt a pott
.-. 1 *t Hi- - .tl.^Mi-urueri*. J-t-ili-ira-M'-
p��Uh in i.iir.*ii��*-c. marked ��� H. tt'a & K. e��r-
*****   njmiiiru " . ;,., m-i-iiktnt n-irlti. tltfiii-vN)
����� u ehalni ���outb. thenoe SO
' "-*1*     1    it oi romnencemeni. oontelo-
V 1 01 lau,
wb-1 th. lllh luy of u,tober, I90A.
K. HlllIU.
pur J. Hilt BIX, Agent.
���j"tj*.��Tiiiil.rii��t_ 1 purpoee making WP_h
JJ*"" to tlie M..11 chief UommtiKloner ol Landi
j �����<*>o*_i I,,- itermlMion (0 (raroheee itie (ol-
'��� landi:    Commencing at a Vital
lie iiMt-tlif-iPti orner nl It BhltdVl
t"pur. Iih**.., mirked "M. k o>h. k.
'-}". -Tinniitjj tbeaoa ao ohauu north to tJu
11   ni t. i. -ana, tlienoe BD ohelni
ilmlni miuih, thence W ehalni
^i-iiii ..j ,,,,,,menoement. cntaiiiing mo
",����� ��'���.���.or leu,
��� MMidayof October, 1906.
per J Miini. Ageut.
-���-, ���Ufi,. (I
Kotiee 1- hereby (Iron uiai"' dari titer date l
in tend tn apply i.ititp nonorebU the Ohiti Com-
nilMioiHT of I.���11,1- tu<] Work* for pormtMlon tn
rarchan the tollo-aing deaorlbed limda lu the
Wfft Knot**, titty .ItnlrU'L: Itegtuniiig tt a poit
marked ',AJ��X*nd��f Knu-rr's N. W. Corner,' ami
litanled on tin- in-: nlion*- o| tin* narrow! of
Whnlidian (Caribou) Ink-.-, at the-8. K. corner vt
h-rnhnril   lIlrnh'K   applictUtim    to   parohUBt
ttienci' "��*>; -m cliaina; tbeuue iouth 8uehalni)
thpin-v wfHt 4'M'lintii*, more or lew-., to the ihore
of the narrow*;  lh**luc following the ".aid ihore
in a northerly 'lire. Hon *-*' ohelni, moreor ie��
to thi poim ni oonunrnoementf containing s_u
acres, more or lens,
Oil. 18th, 1808. Al.KtASIiKR Praam,
hy t* ].. lUaMiiNii, Agent.
Hlxty il
��� date 1 nnrnote making appli;
I '""" tin- Hon. the Chlel t'ommlaaloner of
K��,, ' ��ork" (or permtmon "> purehaae the
, ...   ��� ��� t 1 m.i:   commenelni at a
���kiffa. ,";'"' lh? Jiiiit'lloii nl Jtarin��i_ ami
I**.* .-.
aiKli-aiii of it. J'. Kllloifa in
narked "W. N )"��- ��> �����
"OIIIIJIK   tll.'lll'CI
���("-:. Ill Kit
hale ���^__________________________^^^
- Llienoa80ohalni north; then>
uneegi.thalni lOUthi thenee BO
Hit of 00 noefflenll eontaln-
1     **!l * in 11   <>r lt**a
��) nf Oetober, UOB.
W. N. I'iM.i.K,
I'er J.Hiuiu.. Agent.
iu*!,r',*>,",,eril'iiol parpoee making appli*;
4'.     I','!"   ,,'*��" ��'e rhiel Oom M.mer Ol
tiin..   '     ,ks '-tr iHjrmliilon to pnrohaee the
wth,1.'" flwrlbwl laml-.:    ronim.*m*liig at a
/",' l!" ""HllienM eorner of M.h.tireti-
i] ]*.:
. !>'
ini , ;;���'    r'Miiiinn thene.* wi ohalni north:
,1,,,   "���    theneo ho chatna eut] thenoe M
1   thenre so ehalni weit, to point itl
iim""""""in, uiining wu lereei mote or
""fclthcmh dayol Oetober, 1906.
V Dodo
I'or J. Hhlell, Ag.nt.
��&____��� ^r ^M
IH.W "    '
r .iai.. i purpoee meklni appli
������uiwnrb t *����� ChlelOommlMlonerol _*ndi
loiiii-,,!   '"���; permlulon to pnrohMe the toi*
.....,   ��� ���-'���uii.'.i uii.ti:   Oommenotni at the
imni,   ,    "","'r "' V, DiHld'i applteatlon   to
rutftje tiV.', "lllt������,,,1 "C.L, (I'm N. K. eorner," run*
���nl i   !"' h" 'il��i"H Hrtuii, thenoenohalm
'mi i.i ehalna north, thence80 chaini
���Mn t'�� tii i   �� Otenoemetl . eontainiug
*W tho ljth dayol Ootober. 190A.
por J Hhiki.i.. Agent
���lay* aflei dahl 1 purpoie iiiaking appli"
 .,-_,_ lo ih.* Hon, Cblel -t omiDlnioucr of l_iu.li
an.l Worka Iur u. : n, ;*.*���:.m lo purehaae the following deeerlbed lande: Ooinmeneing at the
tiorltieait corner of c I.. IfatinlntctoH'i appllca-
Hon to pnrehaae, marked "E. A. V-att. E. eorner,"
in umn�� thenee w sheiiw north, tbenoaBOohalnl
Weit, llienee Ko rhalni anuth, ihenee ttt) ehalni
eail to point of euiiinien��teraeut, eonlalnlng t>lo
acre*, mure or U*n.
Uateil the l.lh .Iny of lH*toher, 1906.
per J Hiiiill. Agent.
Notiee 1* herehy given that 80 ilaj'i alter ilate I
liiietiil lo apply i.i ihu Hon. Chief t oinmUiloiier
- ( i.amli ami VVorki for permlailon to purehaae
lhe (oIIowIiik denrlbed landl iltnnteil In the
Weit Koottnay dlltrlotl    .Iteulnnlng al a pni
marked "Herbert Warren'i' n. k. eorner," ami
planted on the w if ihore ol vMiat��han (i'arli><��>)
lake, alx.iil ono-onartei mile north of the -...iiili
em end of tho lake; thenee wim HO ehalni; Ihence
lonth HO ehalni; llienee -.mt M , tihum, more or
it***,   io   \\ hiii-imn   oreoki   thence foiiowinn
nonh along lhe creek ainl lake ihore Hn chalna,
more or leaa, lo [mint of commencement, eonlaliilng-Mo acre*, moro or leas.
Dated ihi* Ith day of Ootober. 1908.
K. 1. Haumosi), Agent.
t-Mxly dan ui .f\- Mate 1 lulend to apply to the
Honorable the ('hlefi'oinmliploner of Lamli ami
Worki, Victoria, lo p.irelume 1*) aerea of laml,
loeate.l ou lhe wc*t rtl.leof Arrow lake, ailjnlnlng
,._ dot
ata poii plauteil ou   ,...- <���-��,. . ,	
MIH, about..) . im ni- north of the B. Vt. corner of
^^^^^^ "i��at bouudiry of Loi
���MIH. about -A) tn-. norm of the 8. Vt. corner of
aald lol, thenco went -TO ehalni. ihence loulfi fio
elialni, tl.. ine eait .'10 ehalin (o thu wc-i-rn
 -��-,_ w��� b7k ttianfn north
dnchiitni tji plaei
non No. 87��r thenee north
f licginnlng
R. J. Elliott, Agent.
i-iii^ii.I i, �� ''r'hy -ylvon that ftii (tavi iflerdaie 1
���I '���out    ,,rX.l" "'e H��n. C lift. Cnininllilotinr
"'p loiinli. "!,rIt!,i"fiH*imiiainn to pnrohaee
Weit K Ift      ''ooorthid Inmla altuateil in the
���."'���srk.li'".';.11,"^  "f*trlrl;    llegltinlllR  al a poat
��mu ,' ,*n\ll*alle mreh'i It. K. e"     " "    *
likeat ii q   lhe Ml"" ~"
0S2Mlh,,11 "'eaat
I whatahan (Oariboo)
rner ol the inl.l lake;
' ciialnil thenee weat -in ehalna,
n lho ihore of Whatahan ereek:
"8 the Hhore line of mlil creek and
*u iiotllii-rly ami eaaterly illree-
.1.1.111- '' n,,,re *"" Wt*t, to limnl nl com-
I8ih(|���n aln*"l lfW aorea, moro or leaa
���     _   , A. TOINgTTI  HlHHi H,
"y r. h. Hamhonu, Agent
The b-iSy Canadian
Finance Minister    Explains    Terme ot
Contact   With   Salvation   Army.
re Assisted Immigration.
Some curiosity has been expressea
b. Hit- genera] public in regard to me
exact terms or Ihe agreement entered
into bi'lween Ih-. provincial govern-
mini iin.i thc Salvation Army for the
direellon of Immigration toward ism
tab Columbia, and -some members <>i
tbe Vietoria board of trade have wait-
<-d on Hon, it. (i. Tallow, urging expedition in carrying oul tbe arrangement
While ibe minister did not cure to
divulge the exact terms <��r the contract entered Into wllh the Salvatinn
Army he was not averse lo dlSCUSSftlg
ihe proposed granting uf 185.000 to aid
(be former organization in bringing
settlers to British Columbia.
'i'he matter, be said, hud been con*
aide red during the conference held between Commissioner Coombs ami members of the cabinet. There wus no
doubt that Jt would be a measure in
lhe Interests of the West and ono
which would assist in the execution ot
any plans the Salvation Army might
have in View in regard to the encouragement of Immigration to this province. Hut, he contended, the money
wasn't needed yet. ii was not Intended that it should be used in bringing
lhe men lo the country. Tbe Army
wasn't looking lor ubsulute paupers.
The expected tlle settlors selected to
pay at leas! u portion of their transportation und other expenses. All tbey
did was to extend necessary assistance and to direct their proteges as
to the best districts in which to matte
their future homes. Therefore, the
-li^UDi) wouldn't be needed immediately. The use it was proposed to pui
lhat sum lo waa entirely different to
lhat which, apparently, the Victoria
board of trade members bad in mind,
if BUCh an appropriation were made
the Salvation Army proposed disbursing it in the payment of transportation,
etc., or the families of those settlers
who, having left the old country upon
the recommendation and through the
co-operation or the Salvation Army, are
Satisfied with the change aud wish
their immediate relatives to join Ihem.
These  people, as a rub*, hadn't  sum-
cient funds on hand, alter a lew
months had convinced them that they
bad been cast amid agreeable sur-
roundings and were lu a situation with
belter possibilities than formerly, to
bring their wives and families to Join
them. It was when lhat stage had been
reached that the Army wished the gov-
1'inmijnt sup propria tion of |H6,0*Uu so
that it might lie possible to again aid
ihem financially.
It was further pointed out by Hon.
Mr, Tatlow lhat any raonry which
might be appropriated in the way outlined would only be banded the Army
as a loan. The latter, he understood,
lent it to lhe settlers for the purpose
mentioned only on condition lhat it Ik*
paid back in installments. As It was
relurned it was re-Invested for tbe BS*
slstance of Others. Thus the fund was
kept in continual circulation, and
through it, new jH-oplo were constant
ly doming into the country. Thai was
the way fhe Army worked, and there
was no doubt that the system was an
admirable one. It was particularly
beneficial to a country such as the
western portions of Canada, Upon tbe
prairies it had been placed in operation with very gratifying results,
Whether the same would be done in
Brutish Columbia he couldn't say.
That was a question which had to b?
Silver King Hotel
Beet Dollar a daj house in the Kootenaya.
Roomi are well famished.   Table M sood u _ny
ln Nt.-lr-.oii.    Bar supplied with good
lio'iorn and -.atari.
W. B. M0OANDU8H, Proprietor.
"Thii   Is   My   53rd   Birthday."
Meerbohm Tree, the renowned ro-
man tic and tragic actor, was born in
London December 17, 1853. His real
name is lieerbohm, which has been Anglicized Into Tree for stage purposes,
Mr. Tree was educated in Oermany
aud made bis first appearance on the
stage In 187***. He made his reputation
in "The Private Secretary," in the role
of Bev. Robert Spalding. He had played, it is said, at least 1UU parts before
be studied the "ways and tricks and
manners'' of a meek young curate,
whom he chanced to meet at a dinner
party and set all the theatre-going
world crazy with his revelation of tho
character in the role of Mr. Spalding.
ln 1887 Mr. Tree becam. the manager
|spf the Haymarket theatre, London,
holding the position until 189B, when
he became the proprietor and manager
of Her Majesty's theatre. Mr. Tree ana
his wire, whose stage name is Maud
Holt, havn made several successtui
tours of America.
Hlxty dayi tiller tlate 1 inteml loapply to the
iimi. the CniefOomnlMionarof f__adiana Work*
to , in -tin- ���.:.*��� ic i.f ..\ land: (-'oininenciiif; at a
post marked "N.t B'lsoathatst corner posi,"
���at.t  poll  holliK  u! tin* I."Hh.-usl rnrii'-r ������:' ' "*.>.
Hudson- pre-vnipiloii statin, about two milt-**
Koiitlieut ol hurton Oity- thence ��.*-��� -Mt chain*.
���"Hiii if <-li��i!is, .-..-t 40 attaint- north tllchaiiii,
SMI ��i ehalni* sonth 90 chains to place of eom-
nienrement, containing MQ acrea.
I_>eal*n8lh daynlNov. 19D6.   NkttiicT. Biekk.
Sixty dayi alter date 1 Intend to apply lo lhe
Hon. -'hief Uontinlstlonex ol Lands and Works,
Victoria, to pureliase Il'-U acres of laml locate.I in
Fire Valley, b_l_tf pari of Bsottons Threes and
Four, Township iv, and dcwrtbeil aa follows:
('.nuinciu ing at _ ptiat planted at William
Williams' N. Vi. corner, and marked "R. E. W*.
N. K. corner," and running 40 chains went,
thence 'io ehains south, thence 20 chalna east,
lhetice 4ii cliaina south, thence 90 Ohalni cast,
thenee f^ ehalns north to place ol twinning.
November 83rd, Ufa.        Ron e WtuiJuo,
J. K  ANNAlti.g. AKeut,
Outlays alter tlate I intend to apply to tlie Hoiiorahle ihe Chief Commissioner of l-auds nn.f
Works, to purchase ;<7il acres of land:     Cum-
menelnsats spoil marked 0.W.s. N. B. eornei
|-*.��t iiii-i   planted  on  the  weht shore of  >rrow
lake adjoining Uit :r.:i on the strath side ol said
l/it, then e ucstSU .huiiis aNhng Uie southern
houmlary of Utl STS; thenee south Oi','2 ehalnt.;
tlience east K0 chains more or lesr. lo lake shore',
Iheliec north along lake shore to plate of beginning.
Haled SSth dav t.f Nov. MOB.
J. K. Am-UBU, Agent.
Tfemont Hotise
Kuropeau and American Plan
Meals 'Jt cts.   Kooms from X cu. to tl
Only White Help ��mplojt>d.
Baker Bt-. Malsoa FroprUUirs
Bartlett   Hotise
Best DolUr-a-Diy House ia Nelson.
The B��r li the Ftsseit.
White Help Onlr Kmployesl.
Building Lots for Sale
H.  <&  M.  BIRD.
Josephine St.
Lake View Hotel
('..hit Hall and Vernon,
two blocka from wharf.
Kales 11 00 per day and up.
J\ O. Box lftl.
Telephone 1 IB.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Sample and Bath Booms Free.
Opposite Court House aod Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
Schools for scandal geem to be badly overcrowded.
Notice In herehy given that 80 dav*. after diile I
Intend to make application to the llouorable the
Chief CoininlKtioncr ol l.andn ami WorkN for nc-r-
inivioii to purchase the followiiiK dejorlbed
lau.I*-; Coiniiii'tieliiK hi a post plaeod ahout olio
mile eaxl of Whatxlmn ereek ami ahoul three
Intl.-*. miitl. of H hn.-Iiini lake rnnninv wtchnlna
souih; Ihenee fWelmin* WWt! thence Hii ehalna
north; thence ��" ttbalni east, ta point of eom-
meneement. eontuiilng 840 Idles more or lens,
i ated October is, IBM.
By till agent, SaKtST Vi. ROBIVSOM
Blxty davH alter date I purpoee making appli-
ration to lie Hon. Chiel Commlnloner ol Lendi
and Works lor permission to parflhue iho i��i.
lowing dewrlbed land:  Commenolng ata noil
piaeed ahout ion yar.ls west of the wliHtaliati
lake trail and ahtiiil two milea itoutli ol What.
lliah lake, marked "B. C. H's N It. corner post,"
runniiiK thenee ho chains iQUtb; thenee HO
ehalus we��t; thenre SO ohalni uorih; thenee (kt
chalnn cmi, In point of ct)iiiiiii>m*euirtit; eonlaliilng Mil aorei, more or lew*.
Paled the loih day ol October, IW.
11. Q- HaiKNia,
Per H HlitlLL, Agent.
ro dayi altar date l Intend to appiv to the Hon.
Chief (.otniniaaloner of Landi* ami Workltopor-
eha.se Hiflacrct of ami h.catetl in Fire Valley being part of Beotiomt and lo Townihlp _.*nd
descrlbed a." follows:   Commencing at a post
marked F. W.J. S, K. corner ami plauied at the
northwest corner ol Win. Williams' purchase;
thenre went .0 chains; theuee liorlh HO chains;
Ihenee cast 40 chains; theliee south HU chaini to
place of tiegimihli;.
November Slra i��>u.
F. Vi. Joupan,
J. K. ANNAlit.R, Agent.
rka lor per-
Notlee is herehy given tnnt HO days (rom date I
lulend to Hpply to the Honorable lbe Chief Com-
mlasloner ol Landi and Works to purchnse 840
acres of lam) descrlbeil as follows: Commencing
at a post plautetl tm the north hank of the l.iltlc
Moyle river, al>out 'AMI yards from mouth, and
niarked "K. MeU*an'a H. Vi. rorner post,"
llienee earst so chaius, theme norlh HO ohalns,
thenoe '���vest ho chains, thence souih mt chains, to
place of etimiueiieeiiieut. and containing 610 aeres
more or less.
Located nth day Oct., l9ofi.     ltoin*. McUan.
NoUoi Is hereby given lhat (Al dava after dale 1
intend 10 make ��ppu.alien tothe Honorable th
Chief Dommlrtlnner ol Und* and Works t.
mishiou it. purchase tbo follow):
lands: Commenolng at a post ou the uorio
boundary ol LotBH and about9 ohalm east of
Whalshan creek, running 40 ebalnieaitj theneo
-.0 i-tuii ni- uorih; tbence -to ehulns wesi | ihenee -lu
eliatua soutb, to point of etnnuieiu'emoni, eon-*
talnlng Wo neres more or lean.
Hated Oetober IH, 1900.
[_M_ Wathon,
Hy his agent, BKKMT Vi, EtOBtltlOM
Sixty tlavs afler dale I purposa inakliig appli*
eati.m to t-e Hon. the chief Commissioner ol
Lands ami Works for permission to pureliase th-
(tilhmlug ���\it.fi ii-i'.l land: Commenelni: at a
posl placed ahout half ;*. lull* west of Hainet.
creek, and aboul nno mfle north nf tin- mouth of
the naina, marked "J. H's. H W. eorner," running
tbence80Ohalni north; thenee 8. ohalni east;
ihr nee Ho chains south to the north houmlary ol
W. n. Poole'i appltcatloq to purchaiei thenoe ho
(Inim * west to point of commencement; containing MO aeres more or less.
Dated lhe Uth dav ol October, 1906.
J. Sll IBU..
A collectiou of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.	
NOTICB is hereby given tbat an application
will be made to tbe U'elslatlvc Assembly of the
Provlnoe of Brltlah Columbia at lie next lenlon
for an act aulh.<rir.lng the Patrick Luinh-er Company, Limited, to plaee.eoualruet.snd maintain,
it .Imn nr.,uiu.-, Looms, piers, slides, ami other
works in and across the Kootenay river at or
nearTbrameStation (about opposite Hun lot IV.
of l/il 4-ri*JH, Qrann 1. Kootenay district)* and in
antl aotOH the Kittle 8|ocan river; and lu and
across tthe Slocan river at a point or points below the mouth of thc I ittle Sloean river; for the
purpt.se of driving, rafting, sorting holding, and
manulueturing saw-logs and timber; to occupy
the surface of the said rive rn where necessary for
the purposes aforesaid) to clear, improve, and
remove obstructions from the said rivers for log-
driving, rafiing. and booming purposes; to levy
and collect tolls and dm- oti logs timber and
lumber of persons using or profiting by such
works, clearing or improvement*-; to enter upon
and expropriate lurid*; and do all other things
necessary, incidental or conducive to the eier-
else of anv of tbo above powers.
Haled the loth day of December, 1000.
Solicitor for the Applicant
The Sttathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
���S T. G. PROCTER 35
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelson
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample   Room*
Queen's Hotel
Baker -Street. Nelson. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
irtable Bedroom.      ___.
H��mple Roomi lor Commer-
ItRfl. K. C. CLARKE. Proprletreai
Large and Comfortable Bedroom* aod Fln(->
cUib Hiulug Room.
Royal Hotel
Rata. $1 nud $1.60 a Day.
Special Bate* to Regular Boarders.
Hlvlydays afterdate I Intend to apply to lhe
Hon. OtuelOommtltloner of Land* mnl Wi.rks,
Victoria, to i-iir. Iiiim* ISO aorei of land l.tcaled
on lbe wont ilde ol tttoet lake and lying dirocilv
11.mh of I.... 7W6: t'uuimi niiiii; at a poet planted
at the N.K. corner of Lett 71>7ti mid marked "B.H.
R K corner," and rnniilng north '20 obaina,
thunec welt -'ll chalnn, thenee north 90ohaittJi|
thence went '20 clinliiH, tbence south 40 chain-*.,
thence eacl -U) chalm. to place 6f Iwginning.
Nov. Hthi lattfl. Hkbtha mraolkv,
J. K. Annabi.k. Agent
< af| r ilale l purpose in-akin*, appli*
0 Hmi. Chief CommlMloner of Landl
Hlxty darn n
cation to thc I  > ���	
ami Work* for permlselon to pi)rebate the fol
lowlrg dexeribcil  lainh:   ('ommut)i'lng nt a \�� nt
blaoea about ball a mile weit oi the loner end oi
WhiilHliat) lake, matkcl "D. p'tu N, W .corner,"
run ni ng Ihence Kit chain** N.nitli: tbeuce -SO cbHina
east; thenee SO chaliiN north) tbence m ehalna
west to polut of comnuncement, ctintaluiug 64Q
acre*, more nr Ichh
Hnteii the 121U .lay of Octolier, 1U0��.
I'er J. Hhiki.i,, Agent.
Notice i**" hereby given that a court of Revision
and Appeal, mdt the provlHfoiiN of the "AKiesB-
iv. 'in Act," i'.iul," and Amend ing Acts, and tbc
"Public Schools Act" will l��e held in the court
houM*. in the Qltjr el -Selaon, on Thunder, lie-
eembei snth, Wt, al Lbe bonr ol 10 o'clock in the
forenoon, for the Nelson Aatieaamcnt dlitrlet, and
tbe HumeScboii) hiiitrict, Vmir ScbiMd Hifdrlct,
Halmo tohool Hiatrlct, ami Creston Bchool Mh-
trlet.eontaincl therein.
���Hidgeof Court of ltev 1**lon and Appeal.
Dated nt Nelson, P.c,
thll ith day oi heceuihcr, UU6.
NOTICB lu hereby given that the Court of Po-
v is ion to correct and revile the Votera' List for
the year IW ., t*>r thcaahi City a] Han.ion ns pre
pared by the Clerk to the pounon, win meat In
the Council chamber, Cily Hall. Snn don. ���*��, C ,
on Friday, December Slit. UOB at 8 o'clock, p tn.
Daied ai i-amioti, ii. C, December mtb, hm;
UK. LYONX, ��.M. (I.
Ms,.t s-sssisfssrlsstils- uUBrters ill NelsoD.
Only the Isss.i ul U,|uora .lis! i Ig.rt.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Diiildera will And it to their ad-
vantugo to use onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
TAKK. N01ICK that a Court nf Revision of the
Votera' Usl of the City of Katlo will alt on the
Silt itav of December, nice, nt eleven o'clock,
a. ni, (local lime), and continue from day to day,
if raqiilittt, ��t the council Ghudbori bl the city
of KrnIo, 11. t'.
Dated thla lOlh dny of Itonemtier, r.t ti.
Clerk ofthe Municipality.
TAKK NOTHI4 lhat a Court ol Eeytllon nf
the Voteru' lm of the Clly of rranbrook will alt
nn ilie 2\r-t day of December, IH00, at 11 o'clock
(local tithe), nnd continue from day to day, II
roiiilHlU1, at thc Council Chambers, Crauhrook,
U O.
Dated thi" t'.lh day tif December, 100(1.
Clerk ol the Municipality.
Wholesale and Kclull Dealers iu
Fresh and Salted Meats
���Gamps mipplit tl nn shurt^Ht uotico aud
loweat price.       Nothing but fra-th and
w holi'M* ii ti** uji'ii t s nud Hnppl.'H kept in stock
Muil ordto-s receivo onroful nil. ntiou.
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
Contrnutor  una
Hole age"* t*n lho Porto Itiro Lumber Co,, Ltd.,
retail yard*.. Itoncb uliddrvflvl lumber, turned
work and bracket*, Coast lath and ehlnylea, i-at.li
and doom, (-cmeiit, brick and lime lor sale
Automatic grinder.
Yard ami factory: Vernon St.. eaat of Hall,
NKLSON,  B. 6.
P. O. Box 382, Telephone 178.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
Choicest Frott Lands In
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 3,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
New Year
Ticket.) ou pnlo at nil Canadian Pacific
Kail-way Offices, Port Arthnr to Vancouver, and all internailiat**- branch line
points December 21. *�����,��, 23, 24, 26; alao
December 28, 29, :tli, 81, uud January 1.
Good Rcturai g Until January 3,1907.
A.��.F.*..Vaneonver. D.F.A., Nelnon
Certificate of Improvements
"lUtton" mlniTRl I'laim, ���Ituaicd In tlir- NVImni
M mint; IHvliloti of Wesi Kitotenny tllt-Urlci.
Whori' located: -On Tor.I mountain.
Tnki' Notire that I, Jolm McUtclil. artiiie at
ancnt loromrsu A. Camiitti'll, Free Miner. Cer-
iiiicHie No. Ultm, lutMid, *��Uty <Ikvn Irom the
'lau* hnreof, to npp y U> the Mlnlutt Reeorder for
a i'ertlltiaaleof l.ii|��rovt>tnci.U,fortb��piir|H>ncof
ohtainltiK a t'rown (train of tbe above rlaliu.
And further takA nollee that notion, un tr
si'i'tmn in, immt I*' i-oiumi'iH'-d belore the Issn-
anee ol *��u<rb Certlllrnle ol Improvement*.
Dated thii 17th day ol November, I'm
John MiLat*. hic.
Certificate of Improvements
"Hpygla-iT and ' <i:i>U>" mineral elaims, allimtu
in Trotit l_tke Minion Hlvlslon.
l-ocatedon 1'oplart-roek.
'lade Notice Uml I, Hrm-<- \Vliil<>. a��*iJnK Kh
ugent (or lbe Hpyglaiia MIuIok ��� o.. Free Wiuits'
Orlineate No B eft, liit-nd. CO daya from the
date hereof, lo applv to the M inlliK Uecnrder for
a t Vriiiiraii* ol I m prove men ta for tho purpoie of
oliliiiniiiic a t'rown lirnntuMlii- abovv elalm**-
And further tako notiee that action, under
-Jfctinii 17, riiiifit be coiniaenced before tbe Ifi^u-
anee of ���ucb CertiQOiite of iiii(*.;i.vt'ininl**.
Haled mh Ocir.i.er. li>00. Hkitk WtiiTK
PRUNING AND UKAKTINU carefully attended to. Apply
Silver King Hotel.
Excursions to
Eastern Canada
Oriental Limited
With through touriBU car to
To Toronto, Montreal
and point! wot
%? $78.25
Corresponding low ratea to
polnta east of Montreal.
Tickets on sale Nov. 24th to
Dec. 31st. Oood for three months
with privilege of extending limit
Going via Sault Ste Marie
stopovers allowed east of St.
Paul and Duluth.
Going via Chicago stopovers
allowed east of Detroit and
Port Huron.
For   further  information call
on or address
t'lty PaKt-enger Agent.
A (I. F. A., St-stUlo.
A. McDonald & Co*
Duileri in staple and fancy Groceries.
Butter, Eggs.
Gamp aud Minors' Supplies.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or s��ll anything,
SO to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line ot Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kinds  of   Dlnnorwar* ln   stock.   Pit-
A. M. Cun. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Beatey Building.   P. O. Hox 434
Baker tt, NELSON, B. C.
���^TrrrwiOTa !
The Daily Canadian
New Lilies - - Jt*st Opened!
SILVER  DEPOSIT WARE, in   lea Sets. Dottles. Flasks, Glasses, Toilet
Uuttles, Vases.
JEWEL CASES, In Golsl ausl  Silver.
FANCY  BACK  AND Slot  cuwiBS, In the newest designs.
Take Old Santa's Advice and Buy ���
Your  Xmas Groceries  Here.
Our Latest Arrivals Are:
Harry Webb's Genuine English
Plum Pudding
1 lb., 40c; 2 lb.. 75c; 3 lb., si.iu.
Just Like Mother Makes.
CHOCOLATES.  35c  per  Ib.
1-lb. Fancy  Boxes, 50c and  /oc.
MEAT,  1-lb.  Jar,   20c;   2-lb.
Tin,  35c;   5-lb.  Tin, 75c.
j Bell Trading Co. j
Coal and
Telephone 265
$1.75 per Box
? Joy's Cash Grocery j
Cor Joiephlnennd Mill ttla.      I'hone ID
We  Hnvu   ii   MpL-_iu!h
Huluutud Stock of
lor  Vmkis 'IV(ide.
Stoneware. Crocks. Bean Pots, Tea Yob-, Etc.
Munroe & Nelson
Order Your
Chris tma;
Fruit Cakes
We make them in all sizes
and designs
Choquette Bros*
I lb. box   -   50c
J-2 lb. box -   30c
Thaugoodi tin* h.i Ana i�� ihe moreexpetisi.e
kinds, ihu only difference is the paL-kage.
Phoue 25. Baker 8*.
Next P. Burns & Oo.
VJop. Version anus Ward   Stru��t���,
J. FRED HUME, Proprietor.
C. o. Burns, Winnipeg; H. A. Upper,
Itevelstoke; J. Allen, New York; Mrs.
N, L. Kneeland, Ymir; P. n. McEwen
and wife, Detroit; P. P. Olson, Sand
Point; Mrs. Andrews. Saseatoon; J. (j.
M'siz-, Macleod; W. E. Hooley, Fernie;
.1 utienlis'ini, C. T. Kolston, Vancouver; .1. II. (llass. London; T. Morrow,
Montreal;  .1.  M.  Davison, Sloean.
ll.  P,  McOraney, Itossland;    C.    ll.
Smith, Bpokane;  .1. T. Beattie, Greenwood; C.  B. Tlllan, Kevelstokc.
S. W. Nelson, New Denver: s. J.
Nash, Cardiff; W, Keale and wife,
Granite; O. D. Emlck, ,1. Lawson, Kossland.
T.  ('. Williams,  Cranbrook;    P.    A
Lav.ton, Sandon.
Three members    McKwen    Co.;    B.
Jewell.   Spokane;   11.   II.   Smaller   and
wile, Chesaw;   F.   R.  Jones,   Colville;
W. I. Jones, Palllser; A. Norgren, Will-
law; .1. Aitken. A. Thompson and wile,
W.  I. Thompson and wife, Ashcroft.
F.  Meyer,  E.  McCoy, Ymrl.
S.  Pigeon,  D. Machell, Ymir;   W. (.1.
Cox, llosebery;  G. K. Meade, Creston.
11. Hamilton, Wallace; J. Thompson,
Winnipeg;    .1. w. Dodsworth,   R.   a.
Jones. Mareking; M. Matthews. K. wu-
lei ton, Ciaik;  W. Riley, Bonnington.
M.  Kaufman,  Grand   Forks:   J.  Wilson, A. Griffin, Moose Jaw;  M. B. Ar-
clilbahl, Vernon.
Pure Ontario Honey
5 Poand Cans     90c
W Poand Cans $1.75
Telephone 161,
Wcst Transfer Co.
General Teamsters anil Dealers in
Coal aad "Wood,   Kipressand
Baggage Transfer
r'o'tr,"  Office: Baker St.
tiik RETURN forthwith nl ssli book! borrowed
l,v PMplooi Ns-Ihisii rrssssi lliis libriir)-of Walter
W llsis-r, cmissslluii ssllls-s-
DRS SMAX1MQ   ANP   SKWINU -Mrs.   Berlin
w.i is.spots Boyal Hsiuk ssi cminsiss.
LADY KTK.NOUIMI'HEK Inr position In country,
lissssil lusiise wills cnsplssyssr'ss lamllv. Apply
uss. W.,i'��oe,llaniilU<<e.
BU8BVKN, Mill BandiandlsOgglngOontMcton,
Hl.ss Kisstliii'i-r    Wftttsbnn l.sunbtsr Co., near
Craabronk. B. 0
TWO K8BT-CLABJ HOOM8. means boated.  Apply houaekuepor. 3rd dat, K. W. C. block.
H. 1 .McCraney, collector ol inlnn-d
revenue al Rowland, was in the city
lasi  sight
Not even a vagrant was available for
a session of the city police court Una
Born, December 15. to tbe wile or
Constable .1. I). Wight man, Victoria
���street, a son.
C. I. (lillan of Rowland was in the
eity yesterday on his way home from
a trip to Hevelstoke.
All metals have advanced sinci* Saturday; sflver one point, copper three
points,  aud   lead   four points.
Preparations are being made at the
Queen Victoria mines for the installation of the Kiblet tram, which is expected to arrive during the week.
u. T. Beattie of the staff of the local
branch of the Hank ot Commerce, returned Saturday night from Greenwood, where he has been relieving.
Business men agree iu declaring that
never before iu Nelson has Christmas
trade begun so early or reached sucii
lisures.   All expect a banner season.
At the adjourned meeting of the
board of license commissioners for
Ymir district held Steurday afternoon
the application of B. C. McArthur tor
a license for the Northern hotel, Balmo,
was granted.
The petition of the Thrum:-; rancu-
ers and the resolution of the Nelson
board of trade in favor of a road on
the nortii shore of Kootenay river, and
a bridge near Beasley, have both been
forwarded to Victoria.
The monthly general meeting of the
-iU.UuU club, the date for which would
fall on Christinas duy, will be held iu
the board of trade rooms tomorrow
night at 8:3U. A full report of all activities of the club and of all receipts
antl disbursements since its inception,
wil! be presented.
When the pupils of the Hume
school reassemble after the Christmas holidays, they will be quartered
in the new building, und Miss Bate
will again be in charge. The school is
not finished In all details, but will be
habitable. It is expected that the increased attendance consequent upon
the removal to more convenient quarters will soon necessitate the appoint'
ment of an assistant.
A special meeting of the board ot
school trustees was held in Dr. Arthur's office Saturday night, with all
the members in attendance. Two appointments to the staff were made.
The vacancy caused by the resignation
of .Miss Shrapnel was offered to Mrs.
fearcy, who has been in charge for
the last two months. Miss L. Aber-
crombie was appointed to the new position. Miss Abererombie is a sister-
in-law of Inspector (iillis and has had
IU  years  of successful  experience.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In ordor to clear ont this line
wo nre reducing the price to
40e. We only have a limited
quantity so don't delay ortler-
inK if you want any.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Ship Your Christmas Presents
by Dominion Express Company
C_.cap.Bl, safest and quickest means
of forwarding packages of merchandise, valuables and jewelry to all parts
of tho world.
lt is strongly recommended that
shipments be sent so as to arrive at
destination some days in advance,
thUB avoiding the rush and ensuring
most careful handling. Arrangements
can be made for delivery tho day before Chrlstmans when desired.
Special attention given to shipments
for Great Britain and Europe.
For further Information apply to
company's office on Daker street.
Phone 113.       O. E. FORD, Agent.
cP_r Gallon.
C* Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
A Good Book
As a Gift
Especially when it is beautifully gotten
up with
(Inr stock Is replete wiih just such
Rich Leather Bindings at $1.00. $1.i>u,
���J2.00 and up to *'1.U0.
A Full List of the Poets in Cloth
Bindings at 85c and 90c.
profusely illustrated with photos ot
well-known actors and actresses in the
various Shakesperian roles. Cloth,
$2.75',  leather, $5.00 and $4.50.
India Paper Edition of Shakcspere,
in  limp  leather binding, $5.00.
We have also a long list of Stand-
ards, including SCOTT. DICKENS,
READE, etc., in leather bound India
paper, Pocket Editions, at 90c to $1.25,
These are especially suitable for Uitt
Books.    Then there are
in dainty ooze calf bindings, $1.50 each.
Wagn-er, Verdi, Handel, Rossini, Bach,
Chopin, Mozart, Gounod, Mendelssohn,
Sullivan, richly bound in leather. $1.00
W. G. Thomson
�����_____�� *nfl Nelson, B. C.
Phone .34.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel &, Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
The Great McEwen.
When ths- Greal MclOwen opens Ins
engagement at Sherman's operu house
toulsht local theatre goers will see for
the first time- his wonderful illusion,
"After the Hull." Tin- startling and
mystifying act has heen proclaimed
wherever lt has lieen shown as the
moat elaborats; in the world ssf musk-.
The Blago is sil as a lady's boudoir
and a large mirror, such as is useu
there, Is wneeieit in. A lady returning
from a party steps In lo arrange tier
hair, aud at a wave from tlie mam-
clan's wanil.  disappears In    thin    air.
Boys' Coasting Sleds.
Spring Runners, 90c,
$1.25 and $J.50.
Dolls, Toys, Games
All   new   itiiods  and  pricei
Kodacks, .v"!-!.,,.,-,-.
Albums, Stamp and Post
Card Albums.
All Uu- New linsiiis are lii-re���
honks for the yssun�� in every
conceivable style���(lift Booki,
lli-aiitlful Hooks In binding ami
letterpress, ah tin- new thing*
In fiction.
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
How   About   Your
Guns and
Wa have Kloy's, Kynock's, Wiu-
chiwtfr, nnd OcmhwoU &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kyiiock's, Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Banting Knives, Wading, Belts,
Coat's, Pauts, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 031      Nelson, B. C.
On unit *��fter Deo-ember tit my lieatlnn an-1
pi ii [st)! iik l.tif-iiitms will 1* lowted in my now
ihoPi two doors c*st ol opera liouxf, on Victoria
Tel. 181.      S. A. WYE
Sherman's Opera House
Commencinij   Monday,
December 1*7,
The Great McEwen
And  hit Company
Prices���76c, 50c, 26c.
SeatH at. Rutherford's Saturday.
Til,- speed with wlilch this Illusion ih
performed, tin- utter absence ot darx
Htupis. shines or hlnrk clothes, make
this illusion stand inn from ull Hiss rep-
ertolre of any magician.
Trains and Boats.
Crow  bout���Six hours  lau-.
Coast  and   Slocan   train���One houi
Boundary train���On time.
Itossland  train���On  time.
Something for Xmas
Nothing more acceptable by any
member of the family than a pair or
Slippers. Whether it be Warm Slippers or Fancy Slippers wc wish to say:
"We can show you a swell assortment.
The ROYAL Shoe Store
R.  ANDREW  &  CO.
Fifty Cent Hand Bagsl|
They arc beauties at the price.
Telephone OSO.
&Ci\        E0** _.ay A_ent��
L0..    J__u_��__��*co.
^V*��        Limited. Winnipeg,
Wliole_suie *Provlalon��,
Domlnion Ootermnent Creamery One-Pound Hrinks receivi-sl weekly frwh
from the churn.   Kor wile Isy nil liwliiiK gMMfl,
Olllco nnil Warehouse I Ifou-iton Block,   Phono 7H
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specially |
Sheetuiotal Work, CnatingH, Builders' Mntoriiil nud Miniisi! and Mill Mtu hinery
��� ���ln.no    JIM.
Office aud Works Foot of Park St.
MANAUIJU. INolHon, 11. C. I
A Word to the Wis
This year v,o havo iijipr-fointod tho want-s of ourcni
toman mid Imv**1 imbm-mI into Htock the
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
Thin Htov-! is adapt**,, fctr bard oonl only, unri uirawj
aiitood to give Bctinfnotion.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
���{���pairing tind .l.tl.hlnu ���ssccutesl with I Iwpatch.   Mh��*t Mstal
Work, Mining and MIU Mui l.lnts-rv.      MftnufavturarM.il
Or�� Cara,  U.  H.   -;..,,! ,-,,_l ,,,���������  earn.
CornerolHtllAnd        rvi 13* I    Cr-klVI        p��      _-�� THrpimMl
FronlHlneu. l^tK3,M���iMa\Jl7*t*      C*.   Wa I'.u. Bs.ilW
Bualnaaa men.
Working mvn.
Man In sIi-hnh ,,ttli-_,
Sporting suets,
Hnndnoma men.
Men t hnt'M full of fire
UNIT.: unsl ling that  tho  Importation! ol
John T. Piorre aro the proper tiiinir
My but fall shipment hau jnut nrrivi-il.   S��
th.ni nnd plaee your order early for XmwffliU
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Ttiilor
All Sizes 35 to 44
Now in the tiiiu*
lo buy yonr
Winter Overs-out
AH Prices from $10 to $30
j. a. qTuker
MANUFACTURERS   T tL C<.��       *_,.-,
AND DEALERS IN   ^UitiOetf   _>__I_lgleSf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turn-ad Work and llrn.-..tN.           Mali Orders promptly nttonrte.1 to-
VBHNON STIJI :i ���: l-   .  .   .   INBUSON. B. C. .
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famous Kootenay Range'
Became we cannot procure a better, taking lnt�� ���><������
count dealgn, workmanship, cooking qualities and pri"
Wa will be pleased to show you Its good points.
WoocJ-Vallance Hardware Coy


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