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The Daily Canadian Feb 12, 1908

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Array .'
, ou can.'pay more, but can not
juy a purer or better minkrai.
Ivathk  than "HALCYON."
*%\)ti glailtj *%ana
H.UMH   2.      NO.   213
p-��-'ncL,i Libra
���^T-OHIA, C 3
THi-i   DAILY  C._,^IAN
Will  be delivered    every evening    at
your  door for
icussed in Committee
uf Commons
jestatatlves Present Requests���
|Want Mortgages Included in
Legal Investments.
Ilaava, Feb. 1SS.���The coiniuaaus liunk-
\..r: commerce committee this morn-
,...ak  up  .liiacussiou  ul'  Ihe  govern-
, Insurance blil.   Among the Intel**
onted  before ih.* cnminlttee
un- hie Insurance  managers' us-
Itlon,   policy   holders'   association,
.11.111 life companies, life companies
d   business  under provincial
British    life   companies,   Ull-
in.-   insurance   agents'   ata-
|ii.'ii. tile unil..-! writers' association,
��� nl  1 ..uipaiiies and laud  mortgage
decided to have evidence pre-
p.i taj the committee on the matter
*al   lor   distribution   from   day   to
I'. a aiiipbi-11. ou behall ol the lire
I   . ���   agents' association, asked for
I .11  ot a clause in  the lusur-
BCI   to   forbid   rebating   unal   Uaada-r
penalties.     They   thought Uit>
Kent, a lair and reasonable premium
,..:....  .mai  were   willing  it should
opted   all   alinig   tbe   Hue.     There
-.--.fa  agents  111  this  business in
1.i.a and . .. .:- ..!.-��� of them support.
Insertion ol the clause to this
__    .Mr. Campbell also endorsed the
ia.--.ai   111   tlaa:    bill    tO   CUt   OUt   lolelgU
ce,    other     than   by   compauies
1 an.1.hau   licenses,   bul   thought
��� bhould i.r au aiueiidma-ut so us 10
fugeuls   a, 1,0 got enuugh  business
 1  1.. go outalds tne country.
'. I.. ..n.ard, on behalf of thu laud
....   association,  usked   that  loan
.   u, 1.. utures be Included In ibe
I".  .,1 horised   investm,-nis   for  in-
cumpanlsi and wus supported
_       Osier, M. 1'., Toronto, who de*
I ���   was no security ln Canaalu
Btood  so high.    Leonurd argued
I ,  la, mines   and   stock   were
investments.    Ilu   estimated   that
were fUG.OUU of  loan  debentures
(pi. 1.1   which   would   be   wiped out
1.ill as regards Investment,   lie
:,|l a  fifty     per    cent,     reserve
1... sufficient.
ence  at   Tampa   on   Immigration
Ways  and   Means.
pa,   l-'Ia ,   i.-,.|,.   1%,���Sa-veral   inmates    representing    fourteen
"   Siai.-s   faced   llovernor N.   I'
|rd today when in* called to order
outhern  Immigration   conference,
men ol prominence. Including fan
adora, governors or stutes,
111   aides   and   representatives
I'm. inn., commercial organisations,
Included in the attendance.    Ths
pntlon auditorium was handsomely
'I with tin.  national colors una!
pnted a in.>st. atiiaa-iivi. appearance.
mi- Broward, in calling tin- ion
f"" 1.1 order, explained tin. object
gathering to ba. a discussion "i
uiul  means  or  attracting  a  al.
I"1" "'ass   of   Immigrants    taa    the
''��� '"  prevenl   ilu-  oomlng  or  the
"i' ami criminal olassea rnaui  Bu-
whlch have flooded other sections
I1'" country, ami to con 1   ilu- al
J'1 ,n ' limiiiatloii  against   lhe  Sonlli
ligrfttlon matters by  Iiii' national
I"".*' 11..table men have ben secured
p^i-esa ih.- convention. Among them
""'   Oerman,   Italian   ami   Spanish
Msadors, Henry Waiters,m, of Lou-
; '���   1   Watson nmlssloner a.r
f'"11""' of Souili Carollnn. ami Got*-
""i." .siniii, ,,f Georgia, who .���������
made a tour of Europe to study
"nmlgratlon <n,<-Kt la,���.
T��   Elect  Episcopal   Bishop.
_*>*}*��� (la., Feb. 12.���A convention
r '  PfPiscopal diocese of Georgia bo*
" Sl   Paul's Church in Ihls city to-
" Weol   a   bishop   to   succeed   Rt.
Iii,,.,'.,.""1 **��� N"l8��n. who has serv-
cbarge ror many years, but who
���>��� of Ati '" "rosl<-e ovur tn�� no-** <>������'-
f       Atlanta.   Among those who are
mentioned for the biefaoprio an- lev.
Frederick F. Reese of Nashville, Hev.
.1. 1*. Winchester of Memphis, Rev.
Father Hughson of Charleston, Rev.
Kobert s. Ooupland ot Baltimore, Rev.
c. 11. Btrong of .savannah, Ur. 0. c. Williams 'il MobilS, anal Ra-v. William I'.
Capers, sou of the bishop ot BoutS
Oarollna.    The only olsrgyman outsld 1
lln South whose nam-- is in, hlloiia.-d au
coiiin-cl 1011 Willi the honor in Ita, VA' IJ
Mason of Detroit.
American    Naval    Authorities    Making
Waahington, D. c, Feb. tl.���Much interest is manifested in the Navy Department lu the trial of the new sooul
cruiser Chester, which is to take place
Hi. latter pari of this week off Iho
New Bmglaud coast. The Cheater, with
her sister sbi|is. ths Saia*m ami Birmingham, are of a type entirely na-w-
to the Amerlcun navy. The Chester
ia th.- lirst to have iis trial. The Birmingham will be tried next month, but
tin* Salem has ben delayed ami probably w-ill not have Its trial run until
The interest in the scout cruisers
lies in tlie fact thut while all three
have tin.* same lines, tin* .saini- tonnage
and the same estimated speed, each lias
motive power radically different from
the others. In these types of ships the
oaval officers win have an excelled
chance to ilgure out for themselves the
relations between the turbine and the
reciprocating engines. Also the recij,-
n.eating a-ngitia-s may be compared wiih
two distinct types of turbine engines
ami in tha.' I.ii.ii analysis to laa* worked
nut the .Navy Department will be in a
pa sltiain to know Whether the old-style
reciprocating engine is tin- aaiuul of
either the Parsons or Ihe Curtis turbine engine.
The Salem is equipped with reciprocating engines, and tha- Chester haa
the Parsons turbine. When all three
vessels have been tuned up a series of
runs will be heid to determine their
relative merits. Tbe results will probably ha,., considerable: Influence in de-
11 miming tin* engineering policy of the
-Navy Dcpurimcnf in the mutter of bul*
thship equipment hereafter.
French    General     in     Morocco     Moving
Forward���European   Couriers
Robbed of Mail.
Tetuan, Feb. 12���Hritish. French, Oerman and Spanish postal couriers, while
on their way to Tangier, thirty-two mile:*
distant, have been robbed of all the correspondence written In Arabic that they
Paris. Feb. ll!.���Telegraphic advices
received here from General d'Amade.
lhe French commander in Morocco, state
that, he has occupied Ka.sbahould, It is
said, without resistance, and ravaged
the  surrounding country.
Furnace Burst.
Pittsburg, Feb 12.���A dozen men wero
burned, two of them fatally, in a terrific explosion of molten steel in the Monongahela blast furnace of tbe National
Tube company, McKersport, near bere,
dftrly today. Tbe huge steel plated fur
nnce, 100 feel in length, burst at tin-
tap hole and 50 tons of liquid metal
dropped to the tloor accompanied by an
explosion, and splashed over the heads
and bodies of the workmen nearby. A
slip In the furnace caused hundreds of
tons of Iron ore, coke and limestone to
drop to the bottom, forcing the heavy
steel plates apart. The men ran but the
metal     splashed     Into   the   air   when   il
struck ihe cold tloor aud thedetonatloni
broke all the windows In tlie plant for a
radius of i wo squares causing Intense
excitement in the town.
Miles Will Try in America.
London, Fch. 12.���i-histance Miles will
leave here for the United States on
March 1st, to make an attempt to win
the American amateur court tennis
championship honors as well as to regain the British championship which he
lost last summer to Jay Gould. Mr.
Mites hns practiced steadily for three
mouths.    Ho shows good  form.
No Longer a Noble.
Moscow, Feb. 12.���For signing the
Vlborg manifesto a section of the ancient Km Ik dynasty, now a professor
in Moscow University, and a prominent
leader of the constitutional democrats,
yesterday was expelled from the Moscow nobility by a vote of 200 ugalnst
New York To Paris Via
Bering Strait
Expect To Cross Three Continents in
Nine Months���Great Send Off
For Motorists.
New York, Feb. I'i.���Six automobiles
started from the Times square at 11.15
a. m. on the race to Paris by the way
of Behrlng Straits. The departure was
Witnessed by a great throng of people
uiul the racers were followed up Hroadway by several hundred automobiles.
The Blx automobiles contesting In the
.New York to Paris race started from
the Times square. Forty-Second street
and Hroadway ul 11.15 a. m. today anil
were cheered by a throng of several
thousand persons. Accompanied by
more than two hundred motors of all
descriptions the racing machines made
their way up Hroadway aud Riverside
drive to the city limits where they
turned north on the road to Albany.
From that city the route to San Francisco, which is the objective poiut of
the lirst stage of the trip, lies across
New York state to Huffalo, thence
through Cleveland and Toledo to Chicago, to Omaha, Ogden, Reno, Ciolalllelal.
San I-nii.... Obispo and San Francisco.
Mayor Mt-Cle.lan waa to have given the
word to start, but he was delayed and
Colgate Hoyt, of the Automobile Club
of America, took bis place.
All traffic ln the neighborhood of
Times square was slopped halt au hour
before the siart. Automobiles clogged
the Intersecting streets and lined the
route for many blocks. No such aggregation of machines has been seen iu or
aboul New York siuce the last Vanderbilt cup race. A band in the official
grand stand played the anthems of the
nations und the cars lined up for the
start. A pistol shot seul the contestants away amid the cheering of the
people and hoarse hooting or hundreds
of auto horns. The contesting cars are
the queerest looking machines ever devised for motoring purposes. Willi their
heavy equipment of stores nnd camp
utensils, several were a modern representation of the prairie schooner. One
resembled a hook and ladder truck with
long running boards on either sides
eajulpped with picks, shovels, ropes and
a alozen other articles. The clothing of
tlie drivers varied from laluck bearskins
to pure white fur, the outllt with head
dress of a French team. Three French
cars, one Ciertnan, one Italian and one
American started in the race. Three
men constituted the crews of the foi
elgn machines, but there were only two
ln tlie American car, the three French
cars are steered by O. Uourcier Si
Chaffray, _ Goddard and M. Pons, the
German car by Antonio Scarl'ogllo, und
the American car by .Montagu Roberts,
All of tlie machines carried the Hag of
their own nation, uud that of the United
States. They were plentifully decor*
ataal wilh signs and placards so there
could not bo uny mistaking their identity whenever seen. The buildings surrounding the Times square were decorated with Hags and bunting.
Estimates vury as to the length of
time the raoe will require. From six to
nine months il .s believed will be con*
Burned. All tbi* drivers are confident
of reaching their destination through
the llelals of Alaska and Siberia. Steamers will transport the machines from
San Francisco to Vftldez, Alaska, nnd
from Nome to East Cape, Siberia,
across  llohrlng  Strait.
Robbery* Under Arms.
Rich   Hill.     Mo.,     Feb.   12.���Securing
���.12000   In   cash   after   dynamiting   and
wricking    tlie     $11,01)0   building  of  Uie
Farnia-rs' and  Merchants' Hank in  this
city, live baniiits, heavily armed, terror-
lied lhe town here early today and afler
exchanging shots with several anneal
citizens, escaped to tho rough country
BOUth of here. No one was Injured by
either tha1 shots or the explosion. The
j dynamiting of the vault of the hnnk
aroused tho town and lhe population
hurried to the bank building. Many nr-
rived in time to see tho robbers running
away. Somo of the citizen.", opened flre
which   was   returned   by   thu  fugitives.
Cashier J. Vv". Jaiulesou said the thieves
bail secured all the available cash in
tlie bank. Tbe building was completely
wrecked uud muny of the neighboring
structures shuttered by the explosion.
The sheriff of the county organized a
posse but as the robbers had secured a
good start tbeie is little prospect of
tneir  being overtaken.
General Killing in Florida.
Valdosia, Ga., Feb. 12.���Attacked by
a mob of lynchers just across the Florida line yesterday. Jack 1-ong, a white
man, fought his assaiiuats desperately,
wounding ten of tliem aud forcing the
others to kill him iu the fight. Long's
offence was killing James Sapp, a
wealthy citizen. A sou of Sapp had
killed a brother of -Long's aud escaped.
Long saw the lather of the slayer and
shot aim to death. Long was arrested
and litty men visited the prison and
took Long out to bang him. A spectator
says mat Long lought the mob to a
. tandsiij] in the prison but was knocked down with a club as he run out of
the door. Then another light ensued iu
Which the combined strength of the men
was required to subdue the prisoner. A
start to a place four hundred yards
distant was made but Long fought every
incli of tbe way, the path being marked
wilh splotcues ot blood, ll is said he
was beaten lo deatn before he was
dually hanged. Four of the members
of the mob were wounded so badly that
ihey may die.
Wreck   Believed  to   Have  Been  Caused
by Big Loan to Alaskan Railway Promoter.
.Montreal, Feb. IS,���There is a story
t;oiug in tinaneial circles tnat gives the
explanation**, and every financier be-
Ji* res it is nearly right, of the liquidation of the Sovereign bank, whose head
oilice waif here.
The story turns practically on the relations that existed between Mr. Frost,
an American financier aud railroad
builder, living in the States, and Mr.
Stewart, who was then general manager of the bank, and tbe stock broking
iirm iu Toronto of Francis, Osborne A.
.Mr. Frost had two great schemes in
his hand and was badly In need of
money. lie had an Alaskan railroad
proposition, in which he proposed to
build a railway fro-m the Alaskan port
in the United States, about 150 nilles
inland, to coal lields and gold fields,
that are now heing worked.
At the same time he had a scheme
under way for a high-class electric road
between Chicago and Milwaukee, known
au the Chicago _. Milwaukee Railway.
To carry on these schemes he was most
anxious to get money, and he found
it impossible to get it iu the United
in some way he opened up negotiations, as it is supposed, with the above
mentioned Ann of Toronto stockbrokers, and it is believed that Mr. Osborne
01 this tirm negotiated with Mr. Stewart ol  the  Sovereign  bank.
it is further stated, and the state-
nu ut is couiiinied here, that Mr. Osborne borrowed about $2,U00,0uu from
.Mr. Stewart of tiie Sovereign bank on
the security ot a block of Alaskan Railway bonds. This was t ipposed to be a
Strictly tall lean, and that at any minute ihat .Mr. Stewart asked for the repayment of the money, it payment would
be made; but when the bank wanted
its money .t could uot get it. Shortly
after it tried to get back this money,
tbe other bank*, were called in, a rearrangement was made, Mr. Stewart
retired, and .Mr. Jarvls, the well-known
stock broker of Toronto, and Mr. Jeni-
niett, formerly ol the Hank of Com*
ii,etc ���, were pitl in charge of the affaiis
oi' lhe Sovcrei!*n bank.
As soon as these two gentlemen got
Into office they .saw this call loan ot
two millions which bad not been realized, and they Instated upon payment,
or, if payment was not forthcoming,
then   further security.
According to the story down here,
further security was forthcoming in the
shape of a large block of the bonds of
the Chicago ami Milwaukee railroad,
which Mr. Frost had in his possession.
With these bonds, it is also believed,
there went a very considerable portion
of the common or bonus stock of the
Chicago and Milwaukee railroad. These
two securities, viz, the Alaskan bonds
and the bonds and stock of the Chicago
and Milwaukee, are much larger than
12,000,000; Indeed, if the bonds of the
Chicago anil Milwaukee could be told
there Is enough In them alone to pay
over $2,000,000; but of course every
thing depends on the value of these
bonds and the prospects of the road.
Dominion and Provinces
In the Field
In Effort to Bring Out Settlers From
Britain���Canada From Ocean
to Ocean*
Ottawa, Feb. 12.���At present there
twenty-two special immigration agents
in the liritish Isles, all of whom, except
one, receive $100 and their expenses.
Four of these are from Ontario, three
froin, Quebec, three, from Alberta, six
from Manitoba, three from Saskatchewan and  three from liritish  Columbia.
Carberry, Feb. 12.���Mrs. S. Mahan
was trampled to death by a vicious
horse at her home near here today. Mrs.
.Mahan went out after her children had
gone to school to fix the horses. A
neighbor called to pay a visit and not
finding Mrs. Mahan home, she went to
the stable and there found Mrs. Mahan
lying unconscious and badly trampled
beside one of the horses. She only
lived a short time.
Frank, Feb. 12.���Daniel McNiel, a
miner, was killed yesterday in the west
end collieries. He was In Uie act of
loosening the coal shute when the coal
began to move, aud smothered him. He
leaves a wife and one child.
Winnipeg, Feb. 12.���A soft snow ls
falling here today and the ice is in poor
condition for curling. All games in the
bonspiel which were to have started at
9 o'clock this morning, have been postponed till tomorrow morning.
PIcton, Feb. 12.���Hugh Turner, 28
years old, employed at Mar in and Say-
ers' gorve mill at Glenora, was killed
yesterday afternoon by heing caugut in
the belting in an effort to adjust it. He
was married only a few days ago.
Berlin, Feb. 12.���W. E. Raymer, insurance broker, committed suicide in
Waterloo yesterday hy shooting himself In the temple. Worry over business
matters is supposed to have been tlie
cause.    He leaves a widow a"nd child.
St. Thomas, Feb. 12.���Hugh M. Howard, a Michigan Central railway engineer, was probably fatally crushed between the engine and tender yesterday.
Ottawa, (Feb. 12.���Charles Thomas
Latoure was sentenced to 12 months
in prison on the charge of issuing forged
Port Dalhousie, Ont.. Feb. 12.���John
C. Holdwin, pattern maker, employed by
the Maple Leaf Rubber co., is dead from
blood poisoning caused by a cut in the
hand. He leaves a widow and child in
Hartford, Connecticut.
Calgary, Feb. 12.���Chief Stuark, of
the flre department has issued notices
calling upon all churches and amusement halls with a seating capacity of
over five hundred to connect with n
second lighting company as preventive
of panic in case light fails. All thr
doors In the hallways of such buildings
must open outwards ami all aisles and
passageways must be kept free.
Miners and operators have just con-
eluded their monthly conference here
and refused to give anything for publication.
Regina. Feb. 12.���In the supreme
court this morning Judge Prendergast
dismissed thirteen cnar-grs against
Mayor Smith, claiming damages
amounting to $2G,000 for unlawful arrest. Tho charges arose as a result of
the famous Chinese raid of August 2..rd
last, when all the Chinamen in the city
were gathered at the city hall, and tin-
search for the murderer, Charlie Mack,
carried out In the resorts of the Celestials. The thirteen Chinnmen were
liritish subjects and they'claimed $2,-
000 each from the mayor for unlawful
the Dominion in the northern constituency by the same name. It is now
represented by A. J. Adamson, but as
he lives ln Winnipeg, the people want
a resident candidate. Should Dr. Neeil*
ley get the nomination, and there is
every likelihood that he will, there will
be three members of the provincial
house resigning to run for the Dominion. They are J. T. Brown, opposition,
who is Liberal candidate lor Qu Appclle.
A. Champagne, government, who Is -Liberal candidate lor Battleford, and Dr.
Needley, government.
Many Changes in Service in North and
South America.
Toklo, Feb, 12.���Wu Ting Fang, minister from China to Washington, will
sail for America tomorrow, February
IJ, on the Pacinc mail liner Siberia, accompanied by J2 students.
San Francisco, Feb. 12.���It is said
here that with ine coming oi .Minister
u u, wno replaces Chen Tung Liang
Cuang, who ielt Washington last. July,
ihc-ru will ue a complete change of the
(Jnineee consular service in tne new
world, lor the membeis of his suite will
ue new omcials who are coming to re-
pie-seut the cuinese governmenl in foreign ports. Besides the new consul-
general ior San b raucisco there will be
in the VV u party the new consuls tor
New York, the City of Mexico, Lima,
and Havana. New consuls for the i-*a-
dnc islands and Honolulu will start tor
there. _  _____
Strenuous Denial.
London, Feb. 1;;.���A special despatch
irom ii iuana tu a ut��a agency hert
eaya tnat uotutt aiexanaer iiadih.
through his legal adviser has issued a
ft-aiicuuous ueuiai oi h>s reported engagement to Mrs. Coine.ius Vanderbilt oi
.\tw  York.
Plague in West Africa.
Berlin, Feb. 12.���Owing to an outbreak of the plague in West Africa,
Cnaucellor Von Buelow has decreed the
strictest sanitary inspection of vessels
arriving in German ports from that
Trial   Revealed   Remarkable   Career   of
Von  Veitheim, Soldier,  Bigamist and Murderer.
Regina, Feb. 12.���Dr. Needloy, pro-
vlucla' member for Humboldt, lina _���
nouncud lur inteja-aou of going out for
London, Feb. 12.���Carl Ludwig Von
Veltbeiin, German born but a naturalized American, who posed as a baron
and was also known as Frank Kurtz
and Carl Sueldericli Murltz, was sentenced today to twenty years penal
servitude, at the Old Bailey, having
been convicted of attempting to blackmail Solly B. Joel, a wealthy London
anal South African financier and mine
owner, out of *.80,000. He was arrested
four months ago in Paris and extradited
to England. The man has had an ad
venturous career. He has served ln
the German navy and army, was once
In the Bulgarian army and has had
many adventures in Australia, America
and Japan. He went to Cape Town In
1SH7, and the following year shot and
killed Wolff Joel, a brother of Solly
Joel, at that place. He was arrested,
pleaded self defence and was acquitted.
Some years afterwards a body was recovered from the Thames and was lden-
tltled as Von Velthelm's by his wife
but later the adventurer was discovered
serving in the Bechuanland police.
Before sentence was passed on Von
Veitheim, the police today heard a remarkable story of his career of crime
and fraud. Accajrding to this recital
Von Veitheim hus committed bigamy
wltli no less than seven women. This
Includes a woman he married In 1904
ln Yankton, South Dakota, and a young
Anta-rit-iin woman whoso name is uot
yat mentioned whom he met In 1905 on
board a steamer between New York
anal l.urope. lie was married to the
second woman ln Paris by a mock
priest. The prisoner Is alleged to have
obtained large sums of money from
most of his wives. The police allegations against htm include charges of
theft and blackmail and the assertion
that he Is a deserter from the German
Oil Explosion.
New York, Feb. 12.���Tho explosion
of cans of case oil which were being
prepared for shipment ln a shed on a
pier of the Standard OU works at the
foajt of Nortli Twentieth street, Brooklyn, today set fire to and destroyed the
shed, pier and a two storey brick building adjoining lt. The loss Is about
Fifty Cents a month
King Manuel Warned To
Be Merciful
Believed That Acts of Clemency Will
Rally General Support to Side
of Monarchy*
Lisbon, Feb. 12.���The Times this
morning publishes a long despatch r��
viewing events in Portugal. It says that
the situation is improving daily and
that the government adheres u> its policy of conciliating public opinion but
that it would be a mistake to consider
all danger over. Que ot tiie most widely read newspapers declares that the
King has pacihed, but not disarmed,
public opinion, and urges Lhe widest application ot the royal prerogative ol
mercy as the mainstay oi the throne.
American  Association  Meets to  Discuss
Proposed Changes.
New York, Feb. 12.���The regular biennial congress of. the National Trotting Association met at the Murray Hill
Hotel today, with the wise men of the
harness racing wond gathered to discuss the laws of that sport. The meeting is looked upon in racing circles as
one of more Lhan ordinary interest. It
s the twenty-fourth meeting in the his-
ory of the association, and all changes
,iade in tne x>r^sent rules and all new
.ug.slation enacted will be in force for
.ne  next two  years.
Most important of the proposed changes iu the rules is the one regarding
the giving of a matinee where admission is charged. It is probable that the
i ule adopted by the American Trotting
association last year will be followed.
This will permit any club in membership with the N. T. A. to give a three
days' matinee meeting and charge admission without the horses incurring
The matter of racing two and three-
year olds will be taken up hy the association. Many of the members believe that a rule is needed to permit
two and three-year olds to race In
three heat races, instead of three in Uveas tbe rules of the organization now-
read. Another matter that may be
i.rought up at the meeting is tlie proposal to license all drivers of the N.
T. A. This rule was in effect some
years ago, but was later repealed. Those
in favor of reviving the rule argue that
the system of running tracks in licensing every jockey and trainer has proved
of much benefit.
Japanese Offer Accepted.
Laos Angeles, Feb. 12.���The American-
Japanese rapproachment was the feature of the morning session of the fleet
committee in the council chamber today. The Japanese offer to help entertain Hear Admiral Evans and his blue
jackets was accepted in the spirit in
which It was made. The members of
the committee considered that the voluntary offer of the Japanese was so extraordinary, magnanimous and prase-
worthy that they passed a special resolution accepting  the oiler.
Ontario Horse Show.
Toronto, Feb. 12.���Promineut horse-
nitii from many parts of the Dominion
are in Toronto for the anuuul horse
show of the Ontario Horse Breeders'
Association, which opened in St. Lawn-nee Arena today and will continue
until Saturdny. .Many prize-winning
Shires, Hackneys, Ciydus, standard-
breds and ponies are Included iu the
Suffragettes Gaoled.
London, Feb. 12.���Nearly fifty women suffragists, who yesterday made a
raid on the house of commons, were arraigned in the police court today and
sonteuced to pay a fine or suffer one
mouth'a imprisonment. All but two of
the women preferred to go to jail.
Pope Used Ireek Rite.
Home, Feb. li.-��� Tho Pope yesterday
at lhe Vatican, In the presence of thrt'c
thousund persons, celebrated mass with
the rite or the Greek church for tho
tifteeuth centennial of St. JohnChrysos-
U   *
. -
*   4
St a     '''
' "i
' (1 \
I 1 ���& DaQy Canadian
a.- .
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
iu these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their   arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
raniidl Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital  Paid Up $4,860,000
P Rest    $4,860,000
legislature to affect distrust and wish to
place a limit on the people's confidence
ln their leaders.
Preparation for the next Dominion
campaign Is the nrst duty of every Conservative. The West cannot afford a
continuance of lhe Laurier regime, and
British Columbia especially cannot afford in in- stultified by such representatives as tha* sa-ven now at Ottawa.
Conservative candidates should be chosen without ali-lay and (be party organized in every district.
Ge..rge Meredith's 80th Birthday.
London, Feb. 12.���George Meredith,
who iu tin' opinion of man; :�� entitled
in the liighesl place In h'ngltsll llctl, n
was eighty years old today. A distill*
gi.i.sheal depaituiloii uo.ive'ed to him
the congratulations of the Bojiety .if
Authors. In a pretty little home in the
Surrey hills Mr. Meredith is spending
his. old age in almost as* good health
and spirits as he knew ln his prims.
Enthusiasm for outdoor sports has ap*
parently kepi the great novelist, whose
literary career began back in the early
'Sip's, tree from the afTlictiaiiis that be-
sa.i ilia- author whose life is wholly
Certificate  of  Improvements*.
D. R. WILKIE, President.
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest allowed on  deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
iNBi-soiN bkanch A*   Wt.   LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.   D.  18G9.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve Fund  *4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kinds of Banking  Business.
SPECIAL   ATTENTION   given   to  the
avin.js    Bank    Department,   and
'merest    credited    Quarterly    on
3avings Bank Accounts.
on Application, In Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
"April Foail" No. 1 Mineral I'lalm, altualr-
ln tht* Nt'laon Mining Ilia*lal.naot WflSl Ka.otenav
Where located: Between ISaf,1*-' p*"'1 8*naiy
cra-ekai. an.l aboul oue hall milaa from tlie Yoor-
Illaala Mill.
Tak,. untl.-e lhat I. F O. Green, ai'tlntr a�� agent
faar J. F. .Swe.lba.-rn. Free Miner's ala-rtlfia-ate No.
K7ir>, Intend, a-Ixty al.avaa from the ilaie hereof,
lo H[��'.ly to the Mining Keeonler for a a'ertifii'ate
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Orown Grant of tne above a-laalm.
And further take notiee that fti-tlon under
nei-tlon 37, must I.e  eommeneed   before  the lssu-
hii. .��� ..f such certiiii-Hte aaf improvements.
llale.l khUasti alaj of January. A. D.,1907.
F. aj. til'hKN,
Nelaaon, II. C.
Certificate  of Improvements.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published Blx Osyi a week Dy the
Baker St..  Nelaoo, B. C
tinoscriptlon rates. 50 eenls a mouth delivered
tn the city, or 15.00 a year If sent by mall, when
paid ln aalvance.
Advertising rates ou application.
All monies pal.l in settlement of The Dally
Cauadlaau aa-aaoiints, either for subscriptions or
advertising, must be receipted for on lhe priuted
forma of the Company,   other receipts are not
Wednesday,   February   12,   1908.
The siaeech from tho throne at opening of the present session of the legislature contained the iollowiug party
"With the aim of encouraging and expediting railway construction, it is
proposed to exempt from taxation for a
period of ten years from tlie time of
completion, certain railways already
i-uthorized. To do tills you will be asked to pass an act empowering the government to grant such exemptions."
Opposition was of course to be expected. Suspicion is always aroused
wheu a government asks a legislature
to surrender any part of its power. As
a general principle, requests should be
very rare and should ouly be uiaale
uuder exceptional circumstances, it is
impossible not to smyputhize with the
complaint of opposition members that
they are asked to give a biank endorse-
xnent to future acts of which at present
they know nothing, aud to delegate to
the ministers a part of their own duties
to  their constitueuts.
The questions to be answered are:
Is it necessary? and Is it justified'/
All will agree that railway construction is urgently required ln many parts
of British Columbia, and that without
some substantial encouragement such
construction is not likely to be undertaken at a very early date.
There are people who denounce any
proposal to aid a corporation by money,
land, exemptiaan or any other means.
It is a favorite attitude of leaders of
opposition. The same people are always ready to condemn a government
which falls, even ln such circumstances,
to secure tlie undertaking of such works
of development.
That is an Impossible attitude. If
we   want  railways   built,  we  must  be
prepared to pay something for them.
There is always a financial risk in the
building of a line, and the certainty of
a period of unprofitable operation. No
corfaoration is going to build as a work
of charity or philanthrophy. The work
is of benefit to the people of the district served and of the province as a
whole. There Is no Injustice in askim.
the beneficiaries to contribute in some
way to the cost.
The second question ls wnether tlie
negn, iatlons that must precede any
agreements can be better handled by
the cabinet or by the whole legislature.
On this point there is hardly room for
serious controversy. The legislature's
proceedings are open to the public and
are in fact published. The cabinet's
meetings are secret. The cabinet Is,
in fact, In the position of a board 'if
directors. It can negotiate with heatls
of corporations without the handicap of
Similar conditions arise In civic councils. It has been found again and again.
in Nelson as well as elsewhere, tha, the
full council ls at a great disadvantage
in arranging an agreement with a corporation because the council's deliberations are public. Such matters are invariably left to committees, or even to
lhe mayor alone.
That Is practically what the provincial legislature Is asked to do now, to
delegate such duties to lhe cabinet without demanding Immediate information
and justification of every step.
As to possible dangers, there Is of
course the risk that the Interests of the
province w-ill be betrayed by the cabinet. That risk Is incidental to democratic governments. No one Imagines
that Premier McBride and his colleagues
are going to be false to their trust
The confidence of tbe people in their
ability and integrity was expressed a
year ago in a way that was neither
hesitating nor ambiguous. It is rather
hypercritical  for the  opposition  ln   the
"Red Point," "Vernamo," "Greenwood Fractional," '-..reenwoo.l and Jack I'ot Fractional"
Mineral claims, sitaiate In the Neisou Mining
Division of Wesl Koolenay   taistriet.
Where located'���-On Eagle Creek above the
Foormati Mine.
Take naatla.e that I. John Mcl.atchie, of the
Cit> a,t Nelson, acting as agent fair Jons. I'.Hwed-
ber^. Free Miner's Certificate No 117475 and
Oscar Jaahnson Free Miner's I'-rlMa-ale No BB-J3,
intend slity .lavs from lhe dale hera-of to apply to lhe Mining Ket-or.ler for Certificates of
Improvement-,, for the purpose ot obtaining
a'raawu Grants of tne above claims
Aaa.l furth.T take notice that action, under
Section LIT, must be ctnnuiena-ed before the Issuance aaf such Cerltfia-ales of Impraavenaents.
Dated till.. 27lh day .of September. A. D.. 1907.
Nelson Land District. District ot West Kootenay
Take notice that Fred, J. Hammous, agent for
Fred J Tanner, of Neisou, occupation watchmaker, intends lo apply for permission to purchase the following described lands: Commencing at a post -pUnted nbont 2}.j miles eait of
Wilson ereek, thenee 40 chains in an eaaterly
illreetion, theuce IS) ohaini south, thenee 40
eh ulli*. in a westerly direction, tbeuce 20 ehalns
imrtn to the point o( commencement, containing
Ni acres, more or less
Dated Nor. 90th- luR*
F. J. Sammonb, Agent.
In the matter of an application for the issue nl
h duplicate Certificate ol Title for lutri 4, B, 9. 11,
lit, 'eVi. and Z2, nl lot H'Jl, Uroup One, in the
Dintrict ol Kootenav (M-ip698).
���Notice il hereby given tbat His my intention
to issue at tbe expiration of one month Hfler the
fl republication hereof adoplleate -f tht* certificate of 'J itli- for tbe above mentioned lotl iu
tbe name oi Klehard II el me, which 0ertlfl< atenl
Title in dated the Mtb day ol November, 11*00,
and numbered GHIOA.
Land   Registry Offlce, Neinou, IJ. ('..January
nth, lyue.
"II   F. MArLaon,"
District Registrar.
lor, Intends to upply for permission to
purchase the foilowiug described Und: I'oiu
muiiclng al & poit planted ou the louthern
boundary of the ti: U. Southern right-of-way
about 40 chaius weslerlv from the.**.. W oorner
Of lot 898,4, Kroilp 1, KootctlHV, theuee south oh
chains, thenee ea��t 4U chains, thene,.' north 60
ebaius to tbe sou'heru boundaiy of the laid
right-of-way, thenee westerly along laid nouth
ern boundary of right-of-wuy to the point
commencement, aud contaluiiig 240 aeren, more
or less.
Dated November 9th, 1907.
Jchn James Camkhon.
Nelion Laud District. District oi vt est Kooteuay
Tnke noli, e that Fred J .Samraous. agent ior
A A nallard, of I'roclor. occupation rancher,
Intend! to apply for permission to purchase the
(oilowing deaorlbed lands: Commencing at a
poit planted about I' A miles east of Wilson creek,
theme lonthweit ���!'��� ohaini, thenee northwest 20
'bains, thence northen.--.t2u chains, thenci- south-
aaal BO ohaini to the the point of commencement
containing 40 acrei. more or less.
bated NOV.30th, IWl.
AKiHIBAI.U  AM>KJirtO>'  Ballarp,
Agent F. J   Sammoni.
Nelson Land District. DiBtnct of West Kootenay
Take uotlee tbat W. A. Hudson, timbererulser,
of hpokane, hpokane eounty, Waflblngton, oue
of the United nlatesof America, intends to apply
[or a special limber license over the following
den rlbed lauds: Commencing at a post marked
No '.i, planted on the north haul ol Corn creek,
at lhe junction uf tlie North fork of Corn creek
with tne mum *-ireai_n, about Ave miles lu a
westerlv direction from eouilueuce of said Corn
ereek with the Koou-uay rlvvr; theuce north 40
Ohaini; thenee west   Itio chains; thence south 40
chains; thenoe eait 100 ohalna to point of commencement, eontalnlng MO aires more <rr less.
���said iand adjoins Umber limit No 7 on the
west and limber limit No. b oa the south, as located by me.
Located November 7, 1907.
William A   HrpsoN, Looator.
Witnessed by Patrick C. nhlue
Declared and signed by tbe within named W
A. 11 ml roil on the 99th day of November, A D.
1907,   before  me  at Hpokane,   Hpokane   County,
Waahington, one ol the United suites of America.
ki] |pi-iri t Uistriei ni Wesi Kootenay
Take notiee ihui i..abella I'it-rce, f Htrassburg,
000U atiori married woman, intends to apply
for peiuilssion to purchase tbe following des*
i tit,i-i 1 h ii< 1 k : 'oniineiieiiij* nl a post pluuted at
the in ten-eel ton of tbe mirth boundary oi Lot
���Ms-i, and the easi bounuary ol Lot -No. 811*3,
thenoe eat-t .'-0 chain*-, more or leps, lo the north-
eail euruer of JimU-r Limit No. 7i571, theuee
north 80 chains, thenoe west 20 chains, more or
l.i*a, to -.he east side ot W hatsban lake, thenee
Iollowiug same in a souiherlv and westerly
direction 10.- ehaiiiH, more or less *u the Intersection with i ot Hla*r��. tbence B6 ebaius, more or
leal, following   easterly   boundary   ofLotHlKr��to
point of commencement
Dated 7th Ootober, 1907.        Imahki.i-a I'lkacK,
F. 'i. FAfgLlEH, ��gent.
Nel-...n Lain! District. Distrietoi West Kooteuay
Take notice that Alexander J. McCool, of
Fernle, 1st. C, occupation clerk, intends to apply
lor permission lo purchase the followii k ues-
eribed land: Commencing at a post plniiied on
ine southern boundary ol B 0 Houlneru Knll-
wny right-of-way, about one and a half miles
westerly from tlie northwest corner of lot MH3,
group 1. Kooteuay, thenee south M0 chains,
ibenee east HO chains, thence north HO cbalus to
southern houndary of said righl-ol-wa., lhenoe
wesl HO chains along said southern boundary to
point of commencement, and coutaiuing 600
acres, more or less,
Dated November 9th, 1907.
Nelson Land District.   District of West Kootenay
'lake notice thnt F. I*. -nurden, acting as agent
iorJ.H   Horden, of   I'okiok,   N. B.,  occupation
mechanic,   inuuds   to  apply for permission   to
purehabe ihe joilowintr deaorlbed lands:   Commeneing at a post plriiited on the easterly shore
of Arrow lake and about 10 chain.- north of the
N. K. corner of  lot B108, thenee east 2b  ehalns,
thenee nortli 40 chains, more or less, to the lako
ehoie, tbence southwesterly along ihe lake shore
to the point of commencement,  aud  coutaiulug
Hn acres, moru or lesi.
ialed November IHlb, 1907. Jamks 11   KrKPKN,
K. P    Bi'KliKN, Agent,
Nelson Land District.   District oi West Kootenay
Take notice   tbat   Jobu James Cameron, of
Fernle, British Columbia, occupation contrac-
r per-
t the
est 10
���usl 40
Nelson Land District. District oi West Koc
Take notiee that John Shlell. of Needles
occupation rancher, intends to apply fn
mlBsiou to purchase tno following dew
laud; Comuienciug at a post planted n
northwest corner of Ixd WW, then.,' ���*.
chains, thence south BO chain", theme f
chains, thenee uorlh HO ehalns to the pc
commencement, and containing BIO acrei,
or less.
Dated 18th October, 1907. Jamb's -ii i
            F li. FAt'gi'iKH.  \gent,
Nelson Land Dlstrlet   District of Weit Kootenay
Take notice that Angus  MoGUl, Ol ibe Otty of
Neisou, occupation 11 reman, Intend! toapply for
tiermlssion tn purchase the  following d  mrlbed
Innds:    Comuienciug at a   post   i���   ,��� h(   tho
N. W.  corner   L-   C.   Morrison's   ranch.   In   Fn
alley, lh*i.ce   uorth   forty   (40) cIihiio,.  ihenc
ast fyty (40) ihains. thenoe lotllh       ity (to
alus, ihence west forty (401   chains oin1 0
m menoemtnt,   and containing   one hundred
d sixty (160) a cres, more or less.
I) ted riepte Jiber 2nd. 1907.        A.soi s   Mh.iii.
Nelson Land District. Dlstrlctol West Kootenay
T��ke notiee that Hugo Carstens, of Winnipeg,
Mhu.. oecupalion publisher, intends to appl)
for permission to purchase lhe following de
scribed land:
Commencing at a posi planted on lhe west
- oundary of L. tilt, tl. I, (nbont 5 miles from Arrow Lake, on Mom-uito Creek) and 31 chains 7fi
links south or the N. w. c, of said lot, running
thence .lestHU ehulns, tbence south imi chains,
tbence east SO chains, theuee north mi chsins to
place of commencement, containing 64o acres,
more or less.
��� tiAi'.: i'" Mai-sham.,
Ancnt   for   Hugo (.'arsteiis.
Dated .A December 1907.
Nelson Land DiitricL   Distrietoi West Kootenav.
Take notice that Tina Bergmau, of Altoua.
Man., occupation wife ol O. Bergman, furmer.
Altoua, Mhu., lutendi to applv for permlulon to
purchase the following described hind :
< ommauciug at a post plauted at the N. K. C
of Hugo Carstens' application to purchase and
ruuuing tbeuce west HO ebaius thenee nortb*)
chains, theuce east 40 chains, thence south ft
chaius 25 links, thence east 40 OH aim, theuce
south 71 chains 7ft links to point ot commencement, containing 607 acres more or less.
Chari.Ks^ .Makmiai.l,
Dated 'X:i December
Agent   for   'llua   Bergman.
Nelson Land District    District of Weit Kootenay.
Take notice lhat Levltieorge Payne, of .Needles,
B. u.| occupation rancher, intends to apply for
pormission to purchase the following described
lauds: Commencing at a post planteil about I ">
chalni west of Whatshau creek ami 88 B14 ebaijis
south of the southwest corner of Lot No- BoU
running thence north SO chains, thence west Ho
chains, theuce south 12 Iftft chains, theuee eaat
���22,.f��8ft chains, theuce south 67 Btf chalni, thence
67*419 (chains ea^t to poiot of commencement.
containing 4H1 acres, now surveyed as lot ftlsj
Dated Bib January, 1908. Lavi ������iokok Pav.sk.
West Kootenay Land District. District of Ooat
Take notice that I, George A. Hunt, of Kitchener, oooupatlon timDerman, inland to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described land: Commencing at a
post plan-ted about 40 ctntus, west ol Thompson
marked N. W. corner, thence south 10 At chums
thence east 44.67 chains, theuce north :u.4.'��
chains, thence west along B. C. Southern hallway to place of commencement, containing 9b,IB
Dated January 8th, 1908.        Okokok H. Hl*nt
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notiee that I, Frederick Adie. of Waneta.
B. C, occupation merchant, intend toapply lor
permission to purchase tbe following described
land: Commencing at a post planted about 10
chalni west of the N E. corner of lot -��� ::, thenee
north 90 chains, thence east HO chains, theuce
BOUth 20 chains, thence west HO chains to point
of commencement, containing loo acres, more or
Dated January 21st, 1908.        Fkki-ki. . ,. AniK.
NelBon Land District-   District of West Koo'enay
lake  notice   that James   Fisher, ofKosslan>>,
B- c , occupation prospector, Intenda to apply
for a syeclal timber Icem-e over tho following
described lands;
Location a^o. 1. Commencing ata post planted
about two miles west of the Columbia and
Western Hallway's right-of-way and about one
mile north of the northern bonndary of�� ���'. i.
lot 2698, and west of Dog creek, north of Farron.
B. O.i beluir the initial post adjacent to the
nortliwes' corner of timber licence numhor 137.>l
and marked J. Fisher s N K. corner, thenoe
south HO cbalns, thenee west 80 chains, tbence
north Hi ehainfl, thence east BO chains ti, the
���point of commencement and containing 640
aeres, more or less
Dated December 16lh, 1908,
James Fisher, locator.
Location No. u. Commeneing at �� poit planted
at the southean corner being tin- Initial poal
adjacent to the northwest corner of Umber
licence No. 137--4 sud adjacent to the northeast
corner of J F"isher's No 1 location and marked
J. Fisher's B. K. corner, thenee north HO chains,
thence west 80 chains, theuce south Ho chains
thence east 80 chalni to the polut of commence-
ment and containing 640 acres, more or less.
Dated December 16th, 1907.
James Fisher, locator.
Location No 3. Commencing at a post planted
at tbe southwest corner aboul one mile north of
h e uoithera houndary of C, P. K. lot BB, B, a*ul
ahout 2 miles west of timla-r licence No. 18764, and
about four miles west of tbe Columbia and
Western Railway, north of Farron, B. ('..and
adjoining J Fisher's No. 2 location ou the north,
being thu initial post and marked J Fisher's
8. W. corner, theuce north 80 chains, tliem c east
80 chains, theme south Ho chains, theuee we-t
B0 chains to lhe point of commencement and
containing 64U acres, more or less.
Dated iJe'.ember 16th, 1907.
Jam-s.h F"isher, locator.
IxH-atlon No. 4. Commencing at a post planted
at the northwest corner  being   ihe   tuiiiul   poit
adjacent to-the southwest oorner of J Fisher's
No. 3 location and marked J. Fisher's N W
corner, thence south B0 elmlns to the northern
boundary of C. P. It lot 269B, theuce cn-l mi
chalus, tbeuce north Ho cbalus tlieuce west mi
chains, lo tbe point of commencement and cou-
talug 640 acres   more or less.
Dated December Pith, 1907.
James Fisher, locator.
Location No. 6. Commencing at a posi planteil
nt lhe southea** corner being the iiiillnl post adjacent to thftH, W. corner of ( Fisijer's No. H loeaiion, and marked J FjHher'sH k corner,tbenofl
north H0 chains, tnence west HU ohaini, ihence
south HO chains, thence east fto ohaini to tiie
point of commencement, and containing 640
acren, more or less.
Dated December 16th, 1907.
James Fimikh, locator.
Location Ni. 6. Commencing at a post planted
at the  northeast corner being   the   Inllhil   post
adjacent to the northwest oorner of J. Piibcu"!
No. 4 location and marKed J. Fisher's N.y.
oorner, thence soiilh HO chalus lo the northern
t'oundary of C. I'. It. lot BOOS, theme west BU
chains, thence uurtli 80 chuina, thenee cast BO
chains to the point ol commencement aud eon
taining 640 acres, more or less-
Dated December 16th, 1907.
J. Fisher, locator.
Location No. 7. Commencing at a post planted
at!the southwest corner being the Initial post
adjacent to lhe northwest eoruer of J Fisher's
No- 2 location and marked J. Fisher's H W
eornt-r, thence north*) chains, lhenoe easlHO
chains, then e south 80 chains, theuce west HO
chains to the point of commencement and containing 0-10 acres, more or less.
Dated December 16th, 1907.
James Fisher, locator
location No, H.  Commencing al a post planted
at the southeast corner and   being   the   Initial
tiost adjacent to the southwest corner of J
"liner's No. 7 loeaiion and marked J Fishers
H K. corner, thence north 80 chains, thenee west
80 chains, thence south 80 chains, ihence east HO
chains to the point of commencement and con
taining 640 acres, more or less,
Dated December 16th, 1907.
4Ah*�� Fisher, locator.
Location No. 9, Commencing at a post planted
at the southwest corner being the initial post
adjacent to the northwest corner of ,1. Fhher's
No. 7 locstion and marked J Fisher's B W.
corner, thenee north go chains, thenco east HO
chalui, thence south 80 chains, thence west K0
chains to the point of commencement and containing 640 aciei, more or leu.
Dated December letb 1607
James FliHIR, locator.
WE sire now showing one of the vary l;irj;i_st and best assorted
stocks of Ladies' Under Muslins including Night Dresses,
Corset Covers, Drawers, While Underskirts, Combination
ruder Muslins ever shown at such low prices. We ask the ladies
to call and inspect our stock and to compare our prices.
i>>, attos No. io. Commeneing at *> poat planted
at the  lontheaal   cmcr   being   the   iiiltlii.   i,p,isi
aujacent to tin   nortneaal corner of J  Fisher's
No.    8   loeaiion   and   marked   .1      Fir-hct's   tt.   E,
oornor, tht noe north m chains, thenoe weatBO
chums, thence south bo chains, tbence eait80
chains to ihe point of commencement ami oon*
tatulug Mo acres, more or ie.s
Dated Decembfr liiih, 19U7
Jam���i Fihukr, locator.
An extent-ion of 10 days   within   which to 6010
menee   publication    graliled    by   me   tins   dale
Deoember ���t-.-t, 1907,   Harry  w right. Assistant
GommlHs-lOUer of Laud- and   Work-.
West Kootenay Land Dlstrlet. District of Wesl
rake notice that [,1.0. Jansen. of Hpokane,
Waih., occupation tim-beruiau, intend toapply
for a special tlmher Uoenoe over the follow iiii*
descrioed lands:
i    Uonunenolng at a post planted at thi EL W,
corner, about i mile from  Kvin   Johnstons 1' j R
No.B6S.iatd poit being placed on the interna*
tloind honuiiary   line,   thanoe   ninth    t"   ciiains,
tnenoe eaat 160 chalna, theuee south 4uciiuiiis,
thence west itio ohalnJ to point ol commence*
ment, coutaiuing 640 aerea.
Dated Dec  mber 3rd, 1W7. J. C. JAM.KN
2.    Conimenelug nt a pott  planted at the .-   v.
corner,  about  40 cnalni   Uorlb   irom   the o. W.
corner of location No I , thenee north W chalni,
th *nce east ltH<  chain-,   ihemi-   south 40 chains,
tnence west L6Q ohaini io point ol oommenoe-*
menl containing 64o acrei J. O.Jamuw.
8, (Jum me in tug at a pont planted at the fl. W.
corner about 40 chains norm irom the fl. W
comer oi location No 2. the noe nortn 60 ehaini,
tnenoe eait Wi chains, thenoe south 40 ohaini,
theuce west 160 chains to point of oommenoe
mcn-i, containing 64o-acrea, J c, Iamiem.
4.    Commeli'-lng at a post planted at lhe -. W.
corner, about Ul ohaini nortb from ihe.**.. w.
oorner of looatlon No ������, ihence noun 4uchain��.
thenoe eaat 160 ohalna, tbence south to cbalni
ihence wesl W*i chains to ooint of oommenoe*
in- nt, i.'ootuining t>40 acren. j. Q, jashkn
o. (Jommeueiug ai a |Kis.t planted at tbo 8 -A'.
��� -oruer, a tx-ul lo ciotius   north   from   the   K.   W.
corner of location No 4, thenee north 4u ohalna,
Ibeuce east I Hi chains, theuce   lOUtU   40  Ohaini,
thenoe weit 160 chains to point oi oommence*
meut, containing 640 acres.
December4th, iu07. J. c.Ja.ssks.
6. Commencing at a post planted ai Lhe8, W
corner about io chalni norm irom the '������ W.
corner oi locution No.6, thenoe nurth IU ehaini,
in. ace eaat i<i> i bain-*, tm n<<- south hi ciimus,
tnence weal IW chalui, to point ol oommenue-
niuiii, oon taining mu acres
Deoember 4th, 1907. J . c. Jansen
7. Commencing al a post planted at the .V W.
corner and adjoining the N, l��. corner ol loi 2990,
thence east 4ii chalna, theme south 40 chalni
thence east 4u ohalna, tnenoe eouth 00 chains,
thence weat Bu ohaini, thenoe norm p^i ohaini
to point oi oommenoement, containing 640 ai n ���,
Decemher 4th. W    b. mm I a
*t. i ommencing at a post planted al the a. w.
corner, nbont ) *. oi a mile in a louth westerly
direction Irom me south fork ol flalmon river,
aim aoont 1% miles irom the month, thenoi
south hu ohaini, thence eait40cbalni, thenee
north Wo chafna, thenoe west io ch-uu-* to poiut
of couxneuoemeut, ooutainlng Mu acres.
i',. ember6th, 1907. t. j. &_ooa,
Yon can buy a 10-��CTO Kruit  Itanrh  in   th��-  b��t   fruU  growing dlitricl
In   Hritish   Columbia   b)   paying   $10 dollar! down and $10 i>er montb
Kvon uh an  -hivoKtincnt  this  is  uiuih conaldoratlon.
Kruit Land hna trebled tti  value within tin* year.    What will It do next
WA Ml > *4T��UKT |
MelBon Land Dlitrlct, Diitnotof Wait Kootenay
Take nollce lhat W. A Hudson, of Bpokane,
W pablngton, I 8 A., occupation limber cruiser,
inn mi io af ply for a Ipecial umber licence over
me lollowlng uesi-ribeii landi: t iommenclng at
��� poll planted on tbe ii or lb nanit ot Com oreeg,
at tne junction of the north tork of Corn creek
with the main stream, about live miles m ,i
westerly dlroetlou iimn n,,. oonfluence ol laid
'-orti   ereek   wtiti   the    Koolenay   river,   thenje
north40ohaini theme w.hiiM, obalna, thence
south 40 chains,   thclice easi li^l   ci.aiiis to point
of commencement- containing oio acres, more or
Hated November 7th, 1907,
William A. Hliwon.
Nelion Land District. District of Weat Kootenay
Take notice ihat I, L w. uhaver, in ten, i to apply for a special Uoenoe locut and carryawai
limber inun 640 acres oi land: * '"inini-nol ug at
apostmurkeii L. tt . .-maver,   Uorlhweil   ooniUI
thenoe   alghly   chains south,   thence   eighty
chains east, thence eighty chains   north, lhenoe
eiginy chains west lo place oi beginning, containing 040 acrei, more or le.-*-. and eaal and adjacent to timber licence LMU4, and also souih
and adjacent to timbei licence No tfiOtf, ami alio
south and adjacent lo F A. rhaver limber limit
No. 1.
Dattd   November'Jlst, 1-907,
L. w. Bhawb, locator,
A. II AchKTl', agent.
Kztomlon Of One Week within WhlOh to advertise granted. Harry Wright, Ass't. Commissioner of Land and  Works.
Mellon Land District.   Distrietoi West Kootenay
Take  notice that  I, T.   _.   Logan,  ol Bonnsn
Ferry, Liaho, oecupalion   painter, inlend toapply lor a ipecial Umber licence   over   tho follow
mg deierlbed  landn   Oommenolng at u post
planied at the Southeast corner of Umber
licence No, 16494, thenco BMt 80 chalui, theuce
norm WMhaina,   tlieuce   wesl  bu chains,   thenco
smith bo chains  to   poim oi oommenoement,
containing 640 acres, more or less.
haied Novemberaiit, itx-7. t, l Looah,
Oolim hmith, agent,
Nelson Land District. DiitrlOt of W'esl Kooteuay
Take notice that 1, Charles Dutcher, intend
toapply lorn special Umber licence, to cul and
cany away limber fiom 6.-4 aires of land Cum.
meuclng ai No-1 post about 12 inlios west ol the
MANUFACTURERS     T   ^^*_U^m      Cta__-a~.Ur
AND DEALERS IN     J-^tllllDef f   OHlflgleS^
L��th, AloulUinj^-s, Doors, Window**]
Mail Orflnra promptly atwrnW^
-   rsm-,HoiN. B. O.
urned Work uiul hrackota.
VBRfVOM STRBEtT   -   ���
Kootonay river, on   tlu   north   side  of IHoundary
croek' and north, and adjacent to timber lloeniei
15496, and one mile nortb of the International
boundary line; eommencing ai a post marked
Charlei Dutcher'i Southwell corner, thence80
Chalni north, ihence mu ehaiiiH east, thenooBO
chain* south, lhenoe *-o ebrtinh west to the plaoB
of tn.-giiiiiiiiK, oon tain Ing M0 aorea, more or less
Looated NoTomber IBtc   1907.
chaki.es In ti hik, lLaocator.
No.'2. Commenolng at i poat marked l#harlea
Dutcher'- toutbeaii oorner, thenee ni iiiains
north, thenoe B0 obalm wait, thenooBO chains
���onth, thence 80cbalni eaal tn the place nf beginning, and weat and adjacent lo number one
timber timit, and containing wo acre*, more or
Looated November isth, 1907.
Chaki.es imtcheh. I-ocalor.
No :t. Oommenolni at a p t marked Charlei
Dutcher'i norlhwait oornar ami about IB mllei
weal of the Kootenay river on tbe nortn ilde o|
Boundary croak and north and ndjaceni totim-
i, r Hi ,i,.i. 16080, thanoe loutb BO enalna, thi qob
east ho  chains,   thence   north   So Chalni.   IheOCI
weat80ohaini to tba pine,. ,.[ beginning, containing 640 acres, more or leas,
located .November ISth, list?.
i'iiaki.)-:- Ddtcbir, Looator.
No. 4- Oommeueing at a post marKed Charles
Dutcher's    nor then*. I     cm in r.    thODOe   south    HO
chains, thenee wait B0chalni, thenoe north ho
chains, thence eait 80 ehaini to the place of beginning, containing mo acn i. more or laaa
LOOatad November lHlh, IWfi.
Chaki k> Imtciikh, Ivoeator.
No. fi. commencing at a poat imtrkni Oharlaa
Dutcher'i soutbeaii corner( thence nu chain-
north, tbence 80 ohaini wait, thenoe 80 obalna,
lOUth.   Ihence 80  chains   east In the   place of be-
ginning, containing too seres, more or less
Locate.i November ihui, ii#iT
Chabubb im'ihirh, Looatoc.
Ko 0. Commenolng at ��� poal marked t harles
Du cber'i aouthweat corner, thenee north vu
ohaini, thenoe eaal ho chains, thence south ho
chains, tbeuce wist Hn chains to the plae ��� ol he
ginning,   cotifiinlng 640 acres, more or less
Located .November IHtti, 1��"7.
(JffAKI.K-.   IniTCKEH.   Unalor.
no  i^-   "'VtHt lork, File creek.
Nelson Laud District.   Uistii.-i of West Kootenay
lake nollce lhat I, Joseph Patrick, of Nelson,
B.C., occupation lumberman, intend toapply
for a special llmhci licence over the following
deiorloed landi: Oommenclng ai a post planted
iiMint fi miles up the west fork oi hie creek,
and about 10 ohaini   from   the   bank of said west
fork, and markad Joaepb Patrick's h. E. corner,
theme W0��t 80 chains, thenee nortb 80 cbalni,
thonoo oaat BO ohaini, thence lOUtbBooba ns to
pointof "ommciiceinenl, containing 640 . ores,
more or less.
Dated Decemher Olh, 1907,      I0ICPR PATRICK,
J J, Lut 'a, agent.
No. 14-     West fork, Fife en-en.
Nclsoh Laud Dlllnct,   Dlitrll t of Wen Ku.i -uay
Take notice that Joseph I'alrlek, of N*. Isop,
B -j. , occupation lumberman, i\nvu is i * upply
for a special limber licence over lhe folh wing
aeicrtbed lands: Cointtieuclllg at a post piullted
aim,it two chains .li.talil, and in au easterly
illreetion (rom location No. IH and in,,rked
Joseph Patrick'I N. K. corner, ihence sou th HO
Ohalns, thence west HO chains, 1hei.ee loilhHO
chains,   Ihence cast   HO cbalns  to point Of COm-
niencemeiit, containing 640 acres, more or leaa.
Dated December 6th, iuo7.     Joemrn Patrick,
1. J. Lucia   agent
No   Ifi.    Wesl fork, Fife crana.
Nelson Land Dlstm-t.    District ol Wost Kootenay
Take notice tbat X, Joiepb Patrlok, of Nelion,
B.c, oooupatlon lumberman, intend to apply
for a specirl limber   licence  over  the   following
described lands:  Commencing at a post planted
aboul :.o chains distant ami In a westerly Olreo<
Ion from the west fork of Fife creek and about
ri miles from mouth of creek, and nuirsed Joseph
Patrick's B F. eoruer, thenco wost lllu chains,
thonco north 40 chalni.,  thence east I mi obalm,
thence  souih  40 chains to point ol mB*
mint  containing; 640 acres, roorr oi 1M��
Dated  December 6th, UWi.       JO-Dl T_\
1. J. LlCIA. S��l��
No. 16.   Htevens creea. -
Nelnon la*\n*\ Diitriet,  Distrietoi W��t~H
Takenottcp that I. Joseph ratrlnt,(���������y
11 ('.. occupation lumberman, intend ��'
for a special timber licence over the J-J
deaorlbod landai Commencing at a poc.l*
abonl .'.'.j miles up Hietens creek and l<"
direction from mouth ol creek, slid I*
Joaepb   Patrick's   N   K eorner,  theuce r
ohalna, tbenoa waitB0chains, the
clialns , tbence   east  HO  chains   to  '
oommanoomanti wataiftlng -to u*\ttu**m
Dated December 3rd, 1901.      Jos in ���,'*-,_
I. J    LPcl
So. 17.    fltevnns creek
Seisin l.an.l District    District ol Weil 1**1
Take notice that I, Joseph Patrick.fi!*1**!
B. C , occupation lumberman. Intend ,
for a special timber licence over lhe H
de��cribeil lands: Commencing at s I*'-'-
about I ini.r lu an easterly dlrectlnn '[J"
mouth of Stevens rreek, where It -rD-tP-*
c-trth-oo lake, and marked Joaeph li
corner,   thence   north  80 chains,   th
ohalna, thenoa south hu chains, unartj.
chains lo  point of t-oinmeniiemeiH, tOOg
Mo acres, more or less.
Dated December 2nd, 1907.      JosarH M
I.J. Luou,l^*p
No. 18.    Hicvens creek.
Nelson Land DiitrlOt,   Distrietoi West ID*
Take notice thai 1, Joseph **atrick.'rf'S
H. c., occupation lut;ih->rman, intiiidfl
fnr a special limber licence over th*' 1_9
oeserlb*d lands: C.uninuncfng st a U_*m
about .'i miles up r-teveus creek, sud ~
chains south fruin the bauk of in
marked Joseph Patrick's N K cord��, J
WUthBO chains, thence west BO chili
north ho chains, thence east WieliHln*
Dated December Bttd. IW)..    jossra H. .
1 J. Lima, ����' I
No. 19     Stevens creek
Nelson Laud District    District of ffelllfl
Take notloa that I, Joseph Pstnci.o-7
B. 0., oecupalion lumberman, ,'|Ufa,liri#
for a Bpootal timber licence over *b*J n
leseribed lands: Commencing ill a_*___,
about 6 mllai up htevens cre*tk ""''/'jJI
local ion No Ih on the south, at*'1 ������"fi*M
Patrick'I N W, corner, theuce BMt 11
thence south  ho phuna, ueD0ew*>i__l
ihence uorlh HO chains lo Mini Of i"0"^
mciu. containing uio acres, noreorlt-w
Dated December 3rd, 1907.     Ji*i��'�� '*t I
1, J. Lt'tl-*, SIT      |
No. 'iu.   Weit fork, Fife creek. , ,*���
Nclkon Uuid Dlstrlet.   District of �����-_���
i ske notice that I, Joseph PatrlCl, ��'d
B.C.,occupation lumbounan. inM(***M
for a special Umber HceiWe OVIt ���ll,t|-5L
described lands: Commencing it * >'..&,_
aiiout 9 miles up the wesl fork 01 v��*���AgB
about :o chains north ol tbe OBBBBiMaa
Joseph Patrick's N. L eoru��r. *��������! |-
chalus ihence west WvkiAius, ���-1P** ",(,)_
chaim, thence call 80 chains to l*'1" -*I
meneemeiit, coHt��-,i_lag 6*1 acres- *V��**M
Dated December ��h, IWl.     *'*,**\ftiii
^a ��.   West fork, of Klfe WB***^-, u*4_
Nelson Land District.   Distrietoi ~* i*.Jfc
Take notice that i, Joseph   1 atr ~< j .,-J
B <;., occupation  liimberman.  I'"'' WU
for a special timber licence over u>   ��
deierlbed lands:  Conuienclna ���JlKrfcr
aboul 4 miles up tho welt fork pi*   ,tt*t'
plauted on  the  north  bank of UH������   ti ���
marked   Joseph   Patsark's  H. ���* Sljgi, I
south HO chains,  thenea west w���'',���, tor,
north HO chaius, theaceesit BuA11*'.,, **
of commencement, eontalnlng *"���"*        J
lOSS, Tn-SIS-S  ?tf
Dated December 6th, 1907.    -jWftftl
���      - The Daily Canadian
3 I 3 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
ration of our ,������������������, plant for ths manufacture ol new-sp,,,,,-,*. i,��� ng ,���������.,-,    WI, ,,"'';,/.,  " .   .
u^ratEnX��*��Tm*\       "'H "f ',""i""" P*P" '""' W'-k; ""��� """""'"' *�� '" ''''"   ''''"''''i'i S&t to"
We now offer for subscription the balance of our fir.t allotment of Preferred Stock in blocks of 100
���hsrss  sl   *l.00   per   share;   each  100 share, entitled to a bonus of 25  shares of Preferred.
Tl,.. pn-IVn.-d s.���.-l, is.niiu,,! ���, ��� ,livl,I,.,���i ,,,'T par <-,nt. commencing   Nov 1,,-r   I.   1908.    The   7   per
rem  dividend is due and parable before any dividend in pal ��� the common stock.    After 7  ber cent  has
heen  ;�����'   "l'"" Pref' :m..ll,,,ll,   slni-ks .h.-r.-,,!,..,- paril.-ip,,,, ,.,,,,������,..    Th,.,,. ���  ������ ������,���, ,...-���������  w,      ������.      ,.,,���..
nil ���could na.t |ia> from ja, tn oil per cent ,iivl,l,..i,dH. *
The books of'the -wrporatlon ars open ai nny Ume fur the Inspection of the general public There is no
watered stock no Infla ,-.1 values. ���., powid-floor plan, or huge promoters' profits In the enterprise. Onlllce
most corporations, iMtead of allowing 15 to isr, percent for advertising and sale of stock, the entire commission, literature, newspaper advertising, brokerage, offlce expenses, etc., Is limited to 10 per cent
Tl,,. public ara. r.anlially Invited lo v-IhII o���r demonstrating plant. 3��� Cordova street, an.l witness
id.- manufacture of pulp anal pap r from r.-fus,. material, such an slabs, discarded shingle bolte etc thai is
now   being  burnt   at  the  local mills.
t'aptain ii. A Mellon. J. P., American
Lloyds Agent, etc.
W, II. H. CilllHtcr. Ka_!fer Albion
Iron  WorkH. Vancouver.
Francis .1 P, QlbSon, llrltlsli Columbia  Trust  Corporation. *
I C, W. Kt.-anl.-y. formerly Can,.ral
Manager Weat ixmdon Paper Mills.
London, Knglund.
coi, t  ii. "Tracer, mc, Soc. c. B. P.
I.   8��� U. L. S., Con., Rug., former City
Ifiugineer uf Vancouver,
Fred Smith, member of Smith,
Wright & Davidson, Wholesale Paper
Co., Vancouver, B. C.
ll If. Burritt, Western Manager Cor-
lic.lli  Silk Co., Vancouver, 13. C.
Bnstaoe ll. Tenna, Barrister, etc.. Vancouver, B. C.
Geo. !���*. Cata.B, Cntes Shipbuilding
Co.,  Vancouver, 11.  C.
Craaly Kaalts.formerly General Manager Pacific Coasl  Coda Co.
annot diue on FROG LEGS every day.    We furnish the
*eeif   Pork,    Mutton  and Veal
Hams, Bacon and Lard
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
iu the market
Mincemeat of Finest Quality iu glass and wood.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Rossland     NELSON, ti. G-
IMPANOH   ACT.   1S1I7.'
r. by certify that "The Kooteuay
11 Si I tiiupany" has this day been re*
''"'I aa an I-xtrn-1'rovlnclal Coins' under uio "Companies Act, 1897,"
parrj or effect ull or any of the ob-
ti a.r the Company to which the legis-
iro authority of tho Legislature of
"Si Columbia extends, except the
Wtructlon and working of railways,
I'I Uie Iiusiness of Insurance
'"��� head aiiiiee of the Oompanj is lit-
hi I'ui-tlaiid, Cumberland County,
Phe amount of the capital of tha
P.iil'an.v la one million seven hundred
i'i 'iiiy thousand dollars, divided Into
I*, m. .a thousand live hundred shares
ions hundred dollars each.
I "le head oillco o�� the company In
|�� Province Is Situate at Nelson, an.l
"j h- Lennie, barrlster-at-law, whose
fi'irisa la Nelson, 13. C., is the Attorney
I "ii- Company, not empowered to is-
,llni transfer stock.
'"" Company is limitod.
1 ler my lian.l and seal or of-
.     I victoria, Provlnoe   of   British
lt'"UMliiii, this eleventh day of January,
iiiciisaiid nine hundred and eight.
!  I,   'I 8. Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
1 I'' objects Tor which this Com-
5 ar e b��ou e8taulll-,hed and register-
Ill0, ;u'!1"lre. ho'd, Improve, lease and
f i niber, farming, grazing, mineral
,. "-'i'i; lands, and the products there-
li'.v, ��� , "r Otherwise extract or ro-
f.'il- ,<''���',or,;H. stone and other min*
las',,,, "'"bl'r (rom nny land owned,
pjuti,���Z "c"'P'ed by Iho company, or
i   "' any other landb;   to    huy,  build,
construct, maintain anal operate plants
and works for Ihe development of
such lands, and for tbe handling, preparing and rendering commercially
available aif the various products thereof; and lo buy. or sell or otherwise to
deal or to traffic in wood, timber, luin-
biT. coal, stone, ores and other material, and any of the products thereof,
and any article consisting, or partly
consisting, thereof.
To engage in trade and maintain
To liny, build, hold and lease or sell
all kinds of houses and buildings, and
the lands on whirl, tha' same may be localed; to huy. own nnd hold, with a
view to lis Improvement and sale, any
kind  of real  estate.
To breed, raise and deal In cnttla-
and live slock of all kinds; and lo manufacture, huy, sell und otherwise deal
in   all   kinds of   dairy   products.
To construct docks, slips,bridges, machinery, ships, boats, engines, cars nnd
other equipment, elevators. water
works, gas works, electric works, viaducts, aqtt.'ducts and olher water-ways,
and tai sell the snma>, or otherwise to dispose thereof, or to maintain anal operate the same; to construct and to maintain and operate all trams, railroads,
spuds, switches, locomotives, cars,
trains nnd equipment, for Ihe purposes
aaf tho Company only, and nol as a
common carrier, that may be necessary
or deslriiajao ,ai transporting logs and
other minerals to tho mills and plants
of the Company, and ln transporting
tho manufactured products of such
plants to the markets; to log and
drive Streams; to construct and operate
To purchase, hold, sell, nsBlgn, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of any bonds or other securities or
jvldences of Indebtedness created or
Issued by any corporation or corporation, association or associations of tho
State of Maine, or of any other state,
territory or country, and, while the
owner thereof, to exercise all the rights,
powers and privileges of ownership:
To purchase, hold, sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of shares of capital stock of any-
other corporation or orporafions, association or associations of the State
of Maine, or of any other state, territory or country, and , while the owner
of such stock, to exercise all t he rights,
powers and privileges of ownership, including the right to vote theieon:
To aid In any manner any co.-poration
or association of which any lionds or
other securities or evidences of Indebtedness or stock ate held by the corporation, and to do any acts or things designed to protect, preserve, imi >rove or
enhance the value of any sucli bonds
or other securities or evidences of indebtedness or stock:
The business of the Company is from
time to time to do any oue or more of
the acts and things herein set forth;
antl it may conduct its business in ot-hcr
States, territories and possessions of
the United States, in British Columbia,
and in foreign countries, and may have
one olllce or more than one office, uud
keep the books of the Company outside
of the State of Maine, except as otber
wise may be provided by law. and may
bold, purchase, mortgage, and convey
real or personal property, either iu or
amt of the Slate of Maine.
All the powers of the corporation are-
Vested in the board of directors, who
may make, alter, umend or repeal all
bylaws of tho company, except such
by-laws as regulate or affect Uie election of directors anal officers, and except when the change of a by-law or
exercise of a power is made by statute expressly dependent upon action by
or cousi'iit of the stockholders.
Proviiled, however, that nothing herein contained shall be construed to authorise the corporation to transact business in any other state, territory, or
foreign country, contrary to the provisions of lhe laws of such state, territory or foreign country, and lhat nothing in these purposes shall he construed
to give the corporation any rights, powers or privilegt.-s not permitted by the
laws of the State of Maine to corp.jr-
alions organized under Section 6 of
Chapter 47 of the Revised Statutes of
the State of Maine, and the following
corporate purposes shall be exercised
only ln states and Jurisdictions other
than Maine, namely, the construction
and operation of railroads, or aiding tn
the construction thereof, telegrnph or
telephono companies, and gas or electrical companies, and such businesses
nre to be carried on only in slates and
jurisdictions when nnd where permissible under the laws thereof.
To Whom it May Concern:
Take notice that J. L. Warner is not
now and has not been since tho 18th
day of November last employed by or
in any way connected with the Bradley
Hug In coring and Machinery Co. of
Spokane, Washington.
Eminent    Scientists     Still      Believe    in
Lemoine in Spite of His Conviction for  Fraud.
Paris,   Feb.   12.���Paris    Ih   never   for
long without its lotwatioiij nnd the pail
few wci'i.K bave developed one of ihe
Hint order. Haa Henri Lemoine dls-
eovered how to nianufactuj'u diamond.-.7
Thla in the -great Question thut in u��i-
tating the boulevardefH, and, indeed,
that in inten-Htiiitf people all over ilie
World. It will hardly he fettled BflBlnSl
the ehilnis of Ihe inventor, even hy un
adverse verdiel in lhe proseeiitioii of the
Inventor by Sir Julhii Wernher. Proved
guilty of fraud or cleared, Lemoine tan
produce witnesses of onimpeao���abh
character to swear thai they saw hip
manufacture the diamonds. In the face
nf testimony of this kind, of what avail
v: equally trustworthy evidence to depone that th" thing id impo^i-dhlc, and
iin* diamond- some Lj.t conspirator ha'
purchased) to be switched into niH mysterious crucible at a i.i. irni u moment?
.Lord Armstrong, for .���x.niijile. i-ays
"1 am fully fc--.t-i-d.ee that M �� cnolne
has really discovered tbo Philosopher's
Stone. Like St. Thomas, I have seen
and touched- and I have now jtho absolute conviction that M Ltmoine is i
uenius, and that what ho asserts is
correct." In omnpany with several
other witnesses of standing. Lord Armstrong was present at one of Leinuinc's
experiments. The inventor passed
lound a paper of brownish powder, and
then asked Lord Armstrong to place it
in a little electric crucible. The heat
was turned on, M. Lemoine Btanding
some distance away from the furnace
to avoid the appearance of evil. Later
on the crucible wus removed from the
furnace, plunged In water and opened
by   Lord   Armstrong  and   others.
Inside was un agglomerated mass,
which contained a number of small diamonds of the purest water. Lord Arm-
strung und another -gentleman are prepared to swear there could be no trickery, but two other witnesses are equally stive that there was a sleight-of-hand
trick. There iB no doubt in anyone's
mind that diamonds were produced
from the crucible. The question is,
were Ihey put in us diamonds or powder? A chemist who believes in Lemoine declares that as the crucible was
heated to 3.0U0 degrees centigrade, no
finished diumonds could withstand the
beat, but would crumble'into graphite.
This witness does not believe Lemoine
to be a person worthy of trust, but his
belief in the artificial diamonds remains
unshaken, despite the inventor's supposed moral deficiencies.
The foregoing facts and possibilities
have transpired as a result of Lemoine's
attempt to get Sir Julius Wernher, one
of the directors of the De Beers company, to become his partner in the
manufacture of diamonds. It was three
years ago that Lemoine, a Frenchman,
;!7 years old, met Sir Julius, senior
partner in the London firm of Wernher
and Belt For some time the millionaire did nothing but laugh at the claims
of his enthusiastic young acquaintance,
but finally he was induced to attend a
demonstration. True to his word, Lemoine manufactured the* diamonds.
which Wernher had tested by his own
experts. Staggered by the possibilities
revealed in the experiments. Sir Julius
lost no time in making-secret arrangements  with Lemoine.    The former was
to supply the inventor with working
capital, amounting to $.:20,000, which
was to be used in the construction of
a laboratory. The proceeds of the business  were to be equally divided.
British     Conservative     Party     Rapidly
Concentrating Efforts to Win
on   Fiscal   Policy.
C P. R. Local
Time Table
S*-. S. KUSKANOOK leaves Nelson daily
ai C* a. m. making direct connections
for Winnipeg, St. Paul; Chicago and
j*iastern Canadian cities.
N O. 45 loaves .Wlson dally at 7.1.1 p.
m. cu.-nicciing with Arrow Lakes
steamers at West Robson, making
ti.imiuKl, connection with main line at
BevelBtojte  for all  Coast  cilia's.
Nio. 43 for all prrlnts in Ihi> Slocan
leu ves Nelson aliuly except Sunday al
1,  11.  in.
No. -41 for all points ln tho Houndary
loaves Nelson at 9.45 a. m. daily ex-
cep,    Sunday.
S. s. .Moyie leaves Nelson dully except
Sunt'ay ai 7 a. in. for Kaslo; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for
Lardo ���
For fit rf-her information as regards to
rates,   ot, *..   apply   to
G\ B. Mel *HEIlSi>N, J. MOE,
O.l'.A.V, .'laaul|i.K l> P.A.. Nalaon
0.P A , Nrlaaan, B.C.
London, Kch. 12.���The surprising
Dnionlst* success in Che Hoss ali\ isiam
of Hereford bye-elections, wherein Capt.
ciiva, beat lils radical opponent by o���t
a thousand, ihus regaining the seal ba
had held from 11100 until he was swept
away with the general landslide or his
party at the elections of Just two years
ago. has further elated t ii<- tariff .'���
fomeM, who have now entire control
of the machinery of the Unionist party.
'Ihelr icmurkahli- success at Mid-Devon,
a couple of weeks ago. when a Liberal
majority was turned Into a reform victory by well over a thousand majority,
lias now heen followed up hy this triumph in a representative county seat.
The worst blow the Unionists suffered
at the last general election was the
loss of the rural seats, and ludieati'ins
aro that the Tory party ls now regaining its old lime supremacy in the county constituencies.
Tariff reformers now claim with some
reason that theirs Is the only paaliry
which lias a chance of success and they
point to the recent bye-elections as in*
alicatious that they will win out at the
next general election, which is expected
for Ihe autumn of next yeur. Notwithstanding tile powerful support of Lord
Cromer, the free food adherents of the
1'nionist party, already ousted from all
official control of its destinies, have
been practically wiped out as a cou-
trollng factor in the political situation
by the series of bye-elections which
have demonstrated emphatically that
the working class is slowly but surely
coming round to a belief that their ultimate salvation lies with protection,
which has made the proletariat of
France, Germany and even the United
States, the most comfortable and even
wealthiest of any period in history.
Speaking for tlie official Conserva,ive
organization. Sir Alexander Acland
Hood declares that tariff reform will
sweep the country at the next general
Dead at 104 Years.
Ottawa, Feb. 32.���Mrs. Anna Blackwood, oldest resident of Ottawa, is dead
at the age of 104.
T-emont House
KuroDean and American Flan
Up���_If- 83 eta.   Rooms from 'XI cti. to II.
only while Heip Kmplo*fed.
Bantr Bt.. Nelioo Proprietor*
Most comfortable quarter**      Nelson
Only the best of Liquors and ilgars
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 60 cents upward The
dining room ls unexcelled lp the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 2S0.    Opposite Court  Hous.
and  Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelaon. B. (',
lairge    aaail    tLomlortalale    Baaalroom.   aual   Flrflt-
claiaDlulUK Roaam.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE,  Proprietress.
Bartlett    House
Best Dollar-a Day House in Nelson.
The Bar 1. the Flne.t.
White Help Only Kmployed
Joeepbiue St.
Nelion. B. 0.
Royal Hotel
Rates (1 >and (1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders
Wo have for sale a first class modern rcslalence. and four lots, In a
good residential position. The house contains four bedrooms, dining
room, parlor, kitchen, pantry, bathroom, basement, finished attic. Stone
foundation and electric light. Tho workmanship and material aro of the
best. The lols are fenced and planted wllh fruit and ornamental trees,
flajwer gat-dams and lawns.    Price   $5,000.
I--OM l-.UI-.l- l>,\U-
H. &  M. BIRD
One of
The Best
In Fruit Lands now offering. 157 acres
of choice land situated on Howser Lake.
$20.00 per acre, easily cleared.. Must be
sold at once.
For   full    particulars   apply
If you want Good Land
MeDermid & McHardy
���a- ������____���_ _���______________? __************ ��� S���������������
Is now ready to  execute   all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
Notice Is hereby given that the Great
West Railway Oompany win apply to
the Parliament of Canada, at the present session thereof, fur an act amending
the said Company's Acts of Incorporation by striking out the names of those
persons who, by Sections 1 and 2 of
Chapter liiT of the Statutes of 190.1. are
created Incorporators and provisional
directors of the Company and inserting
In lieu thereof the names of certain
other Individuals as such Incorporators
uml provisional directors; changing the
bead office of tin- Company from Kelson,
li. C, to Port Arthur. Ontario, and ex-
teniling the respective times for the
commencement and completion of the
various Hues of railway which the Company  is empowered to construct.
Dated Ottawa, 31st January, 1908.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
Notice Is hereby given that all taxes
for the year 190S under the Assessment
Act 1806 and amending acts, and under
tho Public Schools Act, are now due
and payable.
Collector of Revenue, Nelson. B. C.
Nelson, li. C, 2nd Jan., 1908.
W.    Q.    QlLLETT
Contractor   and
Soli- agent [or the Faarto Kl,*a. Lumtaa-r Co., Ltd
retail yarala.    Raaugh and alreftiiwi lumber, tnrna'd
work au.l braaakola.. Coast lath aand ahaugU... a.���h
and doora.    It.ini.nt, brick  and  lime (or aale
Automatic grinder.
Yard and laajtory: Vernon St.. eaal ol Hall
NBLSO.N,   fc*. C
P   O. Box 23- Teiaphone 178
In the matter ol an application lor the Issue ol
I. r,. andIS, Block b, Nelson city, subdivision ol
.*?." ".'aif' **"��� l,ronP "no, District of Kootenay
Notts* ,a hereby given that It is my intention
to Issue at the vxpiratlaan ol one month alter the
Hrst piiblli-Htlon hereof a daiplla'ate olthe (.'ertia-
. ate o. litle to the above mentioned lota lu the
uameof I'attle Rhodes which Certllieale ls dated
the 16th day of May, 1����.. and numbered lsm-k
..l'*'luLRe*""ry UHIee, Kelson, B.t:., January
Jlth, 1908. H. K. MacLKOD,
Dlatriot Keglatrar.
Cancellation of Reserve.
Notice ls hereby given that the reserve over
a'ertaln lands in Soutta-Kiist Kooten.iv. notice ol
which al.ye.are a lia tno lti*Ulsh ILolaimbla Uaaetle
of the Uth aaf Aaigm.t, 1SJ0 and bore date of Au*
gust l-Jah, 1890, Is h.reby caucvlleal. The above
aaientiailic.l hauls will be open for location under
the Land Ael on March ;��>, 1908.
Deputy Gommltttoner ol Lauds and Works
Lands ttllal Works lacpurtmout.
Vlctoi.u.K. a: , December li.tla.19u;.
I  ���
I   �����
'    ��
r    4
��� ���-.
)      I
- MH
,. iaawaO-
tf* /**t^T ���***     A    *t"*W  T **^ We  have a     most    complete    line in
I E���1     l\    U   l\l  ^^      beautiful  Gold   Filled   designs  for   men
\>Lyj[  Xx_iXX ^1 S. 9      at Prices ranging from.  .$2.00 to $12.00.
Ladles'   Ivong    Chains,     60  in. length, $8.00 to $45.00.
Neck Chiiins $1-75 to $9.00.
Long Silv.-r Na ck Chains $1.50 to $4.00.
Bllver Neck Chains 50c. to $1.50.
.N-Lwl.l.i^i"."'*0 * Watchmaker and Optician
Bargains in all lines
of Dry Goods. Millinery  and  Ladies'
Sec Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. L Ooadsdaile & it
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
$ J.50 to $ J 0.00.
Welcome Nugget Smoking
Queen Cigar Store
Mild a**d Appetising.
See  Oar Window Display.
Tclophono llll.
-f " ��� .:.     If.,,,.
' ^��*ii*t______
ss^jll'L 1*3-1
Corner of Stanley and Victoria Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot.
E. C. Smithsoii, Seattle : L A. ramp-
la-ll, Rossland ; G. 11. Buchanan, Miss K.
Patrlok, Kaalo; H. J. Hillyard, Vancouver.
ft_*or.     \ ci-ii,,m  and  \\ ,,,-,,   *<-)tr*��a��ati_.
M-XSON.     B.C.
T. Mi-N.-i.-h, Blocanj M. K. Wynn, R.
A. Simmons, J. IJ. Whittiu, Vanoonver;
J. Bwlnton, D. R. Cameron, Calgary; C.
J. Barrett, Dubuque; T. L. Lawlor,
Yiul.-; C. V. Falser, Spokane; O. M. McKay, Montreal; W. P. MoGill, Winnipeg;
J. Mnlligan, Phoenix.
A. K. Kraim, Cninbroaak ; 14. Muwat uiul
wife, O. Nelson. Granite; B. C. Beyssna,
Beaver; W. McLean, Hosmer; J. F.
Breitzmaiin Fernie; E. \v. Matthews!
Blalrmore; A. F Reid, B GibboiiB, Dud-
de,-; R. Robs.,n, Cherry creek ; J. Levis,
Slix-uii ; R. S. Sehwartz, Altoua; B. J.
Tamil, Erskine; D. R. Redick and fam
ily, Brandon.
J. A. Smith, Kaslo; A. J. Watson,
Crawford bay; J. B. Winlaw. Winlaw;
Mrs. MeKennon, Mrs. p. MoKennon,
Silverton; .1. B. hliss, Bonnlngtoh; C.
Moreton, 8 Mile; M. Davis, Fruitvale.
C. A. Clark, K. Biaiivuiuu, Rlondel;
Mrs. a. a. Iblaaat.nii, Ymir; N. McDonald, Elaaalt; J. C  Friars Cascade.
B.  Graham,   Pa-rry    Siding;   S.
Oranbroak; J. Huluaes, Bearer.
H     M.*it.,n.   O.   Furl.iigli,   Ymir ;   F.
Dickson,  Blocan; II. .1. Robertson, Ross-
liiinl; T   M    Winthraip, Trail.
Geo.  P.  Player
Office   Roon-a   No.   2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
IOST ��� Betwea-n Pally Canadian Oflla-a* anal
. Ham i.t Uburcb.a chain and lia-urt Has
the Iiiul-,].. K B. B.ensraved. FiualiT please re-
l.i'-l 10 I'ally Canadian lafllx*.
I,'ant BALDS ai a bargain a.r sxohsnfs lor Van-
...iiava-r |.r���lM-rly iiii alaainst   raeaa-, mnalern 111
every raapact 1- roomed realdenoe    l-'nll laasi.-
jneol with large den ant table lor billiard  raaa.m,
' |> I., do ����� .liable all.I '-.irri.ii,,. bOUH     'lav.. ana*a>
I..I" laa tli"   llai.-.a   i.al.l.-i,-   a.a.rt|..n   ..I  Bpokans.
Tbe..aaii.r. ij,,.,i,,-sft interest. Iiavs been trana-
I. ar.-.l ... the, hi.    Per furl her pHlla-iilaars write
I'. 0 li. x i.iu, Vancouver, n 0
\l-AM..K   Good boilnea. produoen to writ.
II      InrarsaOl    ..a.   tall    laiii.l.    ail   live   ��l,aa*k
..i-i.M.   . .l.-iaal. fr.ia.a al.y i-maa,-.   Ilrl.l.l, AmerlOSO
Live Slock  A�� i.aii..aa.   Vancouver, li   ,;.. or
V*. J   Va-lker, Hum.   II..I.I. Nelaon.
ANTKD   niflce. Baker Streei   ground floor
j.n-l.-rra-.l     ���..x I.a.', a',,!,,,,lltafi
am Kaia.MKI. IL.I sl.. Inrlil-I.e.lnr uulimilial,-
cl  ,.i    Apply to J. Danoy, oorner Vernon auai
���i.a..-i',iiii.. itreets.
TWO KIRHT-CI.AHH HOOKS, ��l.*aiai heated.   Apply bousskMSSt. Irs Hat. K w. 0. block.
8t. George's Baking Powder was introduced  to  the  Canadian  public.
Now thotisuii'li-, of h'-iiHcwivoH  u.se it for cahos,  plus, rol.H  and  bllOUitt,
Hut there ara huh many mora who do not, and wo want them to try just
one ran of St. Qeorye_ baoaUM we know that ono can will make them
firm biendl of thin nlmolut'-Iy pure Cream Tartar Baking Powder. Trial
cuiis 20 ceiilH, 21b tiiik $1; four Intermediate sizes. Prepared by the National   Mi ii,'  tv  Chemical Co. of Canada. t
Canada Drug & Book Co'y* Ltd,
Tne Daily Canadian
Churchman's Club.
The men's whist tournament will be
continued  at the Churchman's club  tonight.
Skating   Lessons.
W. Hoare has been engaged by Man-
ace Gibson of the Alice roller rink, to
give  lessons  in skating every  morning.
F. O.  E.
At the meeting of the Eagles tonight
there are several initiation ceremonies
to be performed. Proceedings will begin  at S o'clock sharp.
K. F. G. A.
A meeting of the directors of the
Kootenay Fruit Growers' Association ls
called for Friday, Feb. 14th, at 2.30
p. m.  in the secretary's office.
Cement Blocks.
The alterations to the residence of W.
F. Mawdsley have been entrusted to Q.
('. X&Bg, architect. Cement blocks, manufactured in Nelson, will be used for the
S. O.   E.
A committee meeting of the Sons of
England will be held tomorrow evening,
the* 13th inst, in the office of S. A. Wye,
Victoria St., at 8 o'clock, to arrange for
an At Home.
Partner Coming.
Mayor Taylor has received word from
Cecil B. Smith, of Winnipeg, who ls being retained by the city as consulting
engineer, that he cannot visit the city
till March but his partner will come on
at once.
Railway   Men's   Ball.
The firemen and engineers are certain
to have a very successful ball for the
first annual function. Their preparations are elaborate In all departments,
anal good progress has already been
made with them.
R.  M.  R. Dance.
The weekly dance in the armory will
for this week be given tonight Instead
of Friday. Tbe hours of dancing are
from SJ.30 to 12. The institution Is popular with the soldiers and greatly enjoyed by  their guests.
Library   Ball.
The diri-etors of the library wish to
correct an impression that the ball they
are giving Friday night is a masquerade
ball. That has never been contempla-'
tad. They have suggested a bal poudre
but as already announced the use of
powder is entirely optional with their
Board of Trade.
At the regular meeting of the Nelson
board of trade tomorrow night it is expected there will be a request from the
.Mountain lumbermen, possibly not officially, for something like a reconsideration of the resolution adopted by the
Associated Boards on the subject of
timber leases and the general provincial
uilininistratlon of timber lands.
Contract Awarded.
At last night's meeting of the board
of directors of the Methodist church
thu contract for the new building waa
awarded to W. G. Gillett Mr. Glllett's
ligures were $22,000 for granite or $26,-
for marble. It was decided to build
marble as the directors felt that It was
well worth the small difference ln cost.
A few hours canvass today resulted ln
securing $2,600 of the extra $4,000.
Albany, Feb. 12.���State Senator Burr
has been notified by telephone of the
death at his Indian head stock farm at
Commack, L. 1., of Edward, the well
known horse owned by Frank Work.
Edward many ycarH ngo established a
record of 2.1SIV4. lie was 35 years of
age, holng purchased by Mr. Work 32
years ago for $12,500.
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling Alley
Hand: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings.
Mornings, afternoons and evenings,
without band, children 15c adults 25c,
Including skates.
Evenings with band, except Saturday
evenings, 40c, Including skates.
Saturday evening, band and special
attractions, to 11 o'clock, 50c, In ��� iidlng
skates, spectators 25c.
Smoked and Salt
Kippers       15c. lb.
Bloaters      2 lb. 2,5c.
Smoked Halibut 17c. per lb.
Salt Herrings.... 50c. per doz.
Cod Fish 2 lb. bricks 25c.
G. A. Benedict
Corner BIHca and Josephine Sts.
Our annual clearing out of unsold
magazines. ,
We have put them up in bundles containing from 60c. to 75c. worth of magazines.
We are selling them for :..".'���. a bundle.
This sale has come to be an annua]
feature with us, and is watched for by
many of our customers throughout the
Last year they were snapped up very
quickly, and the supply being necee-
sarily limited, they were soon all gone.
Moral���"Do  It  Now.**
W# Ge Thomson
itfZlVii* "d   Nelson, B. C.
Phon* .**a.
T. McNeish, of Slocan City, is at the
L. A. Campbell arrived from Rossland last night.
G. O. Buchanan came duwn from
Kaslo yesterday.
A. H. MacNelll, K. C, went over to
Rossland this morning.
Dr. J. B. Thom, surgeon on the Empress of India, ls paying a flying visit
to his sister, Mrs. Peter Lamont. Dr.
Thom returns to Vancouver Friday and
his ship will sail for Hong Kong Tuesday.
H. C. Hannlngton and D. Whiteside,
of Grand Forks, and J. D. Spence, of
Greenwood, barristers who came to attend the sittings of the supreme court
yesterday, returned to the Boundary
this  morning.
Advance Guard Reported.
Philadelphia. Feb. 12.���The French
automobillsts, Eugene Lelouvier, Mau-
hice, Declphe, and Max Hohenman, who
left New York yesterday on a 22,000
mile Journey to Paris via Behrlng
Straits, arrived here at 4 a. m. today.
Germany Consents.
Berlin, Feb. 12.���Speaking before the
budget commission of the Reichstag today Rr. Kirege, permanent German
member of the arbitration court, said
that Germany soon would sign the
agreement reached at the Hague last
summer. This was not signed by Germany at the conference itself because
the other great powers have postponed
affixing their signatures.
Good   Season.
The  Phoenix  Pioneer  says  that  one
tie making concern In the Boundary ls
expected to clean  up ahout $10,0U0 for
the Winter's work.
Lincoln's Birthday Observed.
New York, Feb. 12.���The hanks, ex
changes, courts and other Institutions
were closed here today In honor of
Lincoln's birthday. Dinners and receptions under the auspices of the various
patriotic societies were held In many
parts of tho clly. Among the organizations holding banquet* tonight are the
Kentucky society of New York, the National Democratic club, and the New
York county committee of the independence League.   ,
In tho matter of nn appl I cation for the Inmic o
duplicate** of the ,'ertlflcaU*- of Title to foUll
13 and 18, group 1, Went Kootenay Dlitrlct, rIbo
known ai the 'Kootenay Chief," "Comfort" and
"Lutu" mineral claim* reipectlvely.
Notloe Ib hereby -ilven that lt I* my Intention
to in-iii* at the expiration of one month after thu
flr-it publication hereof a duplicate of Certificate
of Title ao. 6901a of an undivided hi nm-i.. m
each of the a-iove lot/*, i-.mi.mi on the 17th day nf
May, A D, 1-886 lu the name of John C. Amnworth,
and U��o tl duplicate of Certificate of Tllle No.
6900a of an undivided ls_.-IOt.th-, in each of the
above loti, issued on the J7th day o[ May, A Ij
1886. In tbe name of Ocorge J. Ainsworth.
Land Kcfflstry Ofllee, Nelson, U. C. August6ih
H. K. MacLeod,"
DlKtrlct Keirlstrar.
NICKER80N, the Jewetery Manufactur-
er'�� Agent will sell you goods from mim-
ples at 26 per cent, less than regular
prices direct from the factories. In 8
days from order. Everything in the
line.   Order now.
Wholaaaale all 1   Ka-lall Paalpr. ,11
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplitil a.n shortest notdoeand
lowest price. Nothing but   fr,*sb and
wholesome meat* and Buppla-aa kei.t in stool
Mail orders receive oasrsfnl attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES.    WanaR-t.
Ha- settings is a,in- specialty.    You can  Bad  tho newest ami n.a,,.
. ,,i jewelry riglii here ait our, establishment ���"*���>
J.  J.   WALKER,  Jewefe,
Tickets for sal.- faar ll  ..f 1.   I-'  ami K. which t_M place Feb
niary l.u,
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay  Ice,   Fruit  and
Foe! Co.
N. E. co,. Baker   and   Ward   Sta.
Whoiusiuc  Provlelone,
Produce,    .     - fruit.
i, nt i'ri.,iiiury Ona. Fnnnd Hncks rweivod weekly fresh from Uu
ahuru.    For sale by all leading grocers
Ollice and warehouse:  Houston Block,    Pnone 79.
Josephine Street. - Nelaon, B. C.
We have a Good Selection of
Qheap Houses from $750 t'>
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
Old Curiosity Shop
Take notice that I will, on the !,tb
day aaf March, 1908, apply Tor a transfer
of Hi. liquor license fair the Silver King
Hotel, situate on Lots Seven i?i anal
Eight (Si. in Ill.ack Ten (10), on tli..
south side of Baker streei In the c|ty of
Nelson, iraam mvseir to Elisabeth
Dated at Nelson, B. ('., this 2oih day
of .January, A. D.  1908.
F.C.GREEN       I.P. BURUtfl        A.H.GREEN
Cvil Engineers, Dominion and  British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. OS Boa 145    Phaanf 2.1 B.
A.I1 Kinds of Heating Plants ln  Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Oners House.      Tel. 181.
PWELSOP**-.,    -     B. o.
Jobbing promptly attended to.    Plans
and Kstimates.
Apply 415 Hall St.
Box 385.
If you want Dphdlsiering aar cabinet
wank for this spring gel it done now.
We have some oholoe quitter oni a>,ik
anal will build you ��� pleas of furniture to
order at .the price of factory goods, See
Da for second hand goods,
Turner Beeton Block, 606 Vernon Street.
A. M. Can. Bos. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Ollice:   Itoom   10,   K.-W.-C.  Klk.    P.  O
DoX     434.
Baker St.,  Nelson, B. C.
We   have  still a number   of
suits that will be sold at the
From $10 to $25,
We would like to see all our patronscomrortable this winter and In ordtrlrl
do so we have In stock the best assorted line of healing stoves and cootn-l
sta.ves  and   ranges ever before presented to the public In Kootenay.
We would he pleased to show you our line and befo>-* making yoor Ml
chase kindly see what we have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Nelson ���rt.KVj
Real  Estate Agent
315  Baker  St..   Nelaon.   B. C.
Alberta Creamery butter In 31b., 7 lb.
and 14 lb. blocks at 37c per pound.
For Sale at
Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor. Josephine nnd Mills Sts.
Pure and Cheap
We have 1000 pounals of
whioh wo will sell in a bargain
5 lbs for 1.00.
BpeoJal   laiices  for larger lots.   Coiue
in and Inquire.
Choquette Bros.
Phone 258. THE   Upt.aD.ile  Bakerj
CAPITAL,   ��25,0OO.OJJ  In   2500    taa\%
of $10.00 each.
MANAGER, Crosier W.  Bourtie.
OFFICE, No. 322 Haker St.  (Crow
& Co.)
SEE the cement blocks displayed in"
Standard   Furniture   Co.'s  win,
APPLICATIONS for  Btock are
PARTICULARS  and   forms of Appl
tlon  may be obtained at the 0*
pany's office, or from H. A. StevHJj
Solicitor, Nelson, B. C.
Corporation of  the City of Nd
The Hoard of Health of the --��<
Nelson dea.in It advisable thai ��i
measure of precaution ull cl��.lr.a-iisslii��l
be vaccinated, nnd notice Is heirfe
given to I hose desiring to be vaccinal]
and who are not In a position lo in-*J
the expense thereof, that the Mcdl*]
Health Officer will he In the l'"ul*i
Chamber, city Hall, on Thursday.'
tilli day aal' Fa-binary, between Ihsl"
of 4  unal  B o'olook p. m., and  _
succeeding week .lay aB required at ��JB
same time and place, for ihe pur_V
vaccinating those who may f**r
City Clerk-
Fa-bruary Gth,  11108.
Wo have still a large s��""rl'
ment of heaters to choose 1'"��
Also n fow odd stoves which �����
will sell AT COST during stocktaking.
We would like you to call "J"1
Inspect our stock.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co*
__   -


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