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The Daily Canadian Aug 29, 1906

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 i il
jpaU^ (ifomahian
1.   N<>. 74
Fifty Cents a Month
ugh Outline of New
Crisis in   British Cabinet
jded by Liberal Concessions
lo  Radicals.
\n;. :"s    in butb houses ot
parliament on Annus!  1st,
(.���,,  iveri- made conoeming Hie
s Kovornmenl    to    be
sli, Transvaal under letters
,. j. in be manhood suflraga,   All
tl,..   s-isbiliii-s   over   _i
Ituns und Boers, on au
I   ,   -.., hsivs- tbe franchise.
I rn Boer sentiment the
\    ���       ilistricts are to bu pre-
i loral areas���sixteen iu
���       nre to be made into 0.
I - ���        eats,
|1 is  divided  into three
Itnnd;)   lb)  Pretoria;
/���In' Transvaal. The Hand
i     rpftng in one placo may lie
Hritish.)  ls to have 81
[ ii Ills-fly  Hritish.I Is lo
the rest    of    the    Transvaal
I lly Dutch,) is to have 29
assnc-lily     will    lie
five years and members will
payment,  probably of   ��200 a
bul expenses.
.��� i I ��� .amber of fifteen mem-
���1! appointed by the crown, will
I ���-������: during the first Trans
��� riiiitiii-ni.
��� sri-il people are to have votes.
rs ;slTs--iini; the natives will not
nndei    new    leKlslaturc.     The
niiiii.issjniier will administer Swa-
i-orsg Deferred Statement.
li is a rough summary   of    tlie
b>  Hie Earl of Klgin, the co-
relary, In Ihe house of lords.
I in- iiinii-r secretary in the bouse
ei-colonlal secretary. Mr. Little-
s|mki- fssr lbe opposition, was
within Ills right when he entered
Hesl against lbs' munner In which
loveramenl hnd kept everybody In
rl. ssn whal tney proposed lo do.
Lyttleton showed great skill as a
plug debator, though lie lacks the
'I- ssf oratory which ilckles the
>>l   politicians    and    ensures  u
H"    It was a first rale speech,
ii    linger   seemed    to    wander
"���'li Un- proposals and lo rest for a
"i - ai li ,ir the weak spots.    Kor
I ' ';  he accepted the principle of
��� nn in fin- tlie Transvaal, but
argument was that ilie iwo races,
"is  ssss.l   Boer,  bud   not   sufficiently
II ;'"'i iiiai granting them a goY'
111'" nl so early a stage wus not
Wing iin- machinery for nil men in
Transvaal to work for the good "f
colony but was promoting racial
"nt.' which might lead lo serious
l,-,'!i K.       The   division   of   ruces
1,1 I"- embittered by political party
Sir Gilbert Parker
1   made a ��\ iai study or South
1"' affairs, was affrighted al the
I'" '   of   Boer   iiHceniluncy.     "Vou
' uing fin- lo ihe tinder or racial
'"'���   exclaimed Sir,  Bvelyn .'cell,
not addicted in strong speech.
"I- Itadlcal Keiilleuiun from the
'"s counties, Mr. Everett, wus nil
���'"I sympathy lor lhe liners, who
'"' "Hie vlcliins of g "cruel" nnd
t'aslnllng" and "8111111101111" wur.nuil
pulled up by ihe chairman Tor the
':ii'' 1 urn of iiis argument, a staunch
"-d   Mr. wedgewood,   Rayed   the
The result would be Hint the
linrllam.nl   would   be  Dutch  and
11 Hn- Chinese compounds would he
than ever.   Mr. Wedgewood hns
n,��SouthAfrloaand knew whal lie
1 bilking ubout.    "1 Ihlnk," he ob-
v,''l,    :-'i" will find It  very difficult
"'"vim  Hie Boers  from seceding
Ji Hie llrlllsh empire."
,,:,"��lille, following the Earl of Bl-
���lalement In the House of Lords,
' / '�� had been engaged in quite a
.'"ed debate. Whilst lhe rolonlnl
secretary In the commons wns
'"'is the new constitutions, his con-
! ' "' lluke of Marlborough, who wns
'"tlial   under   secrelnrv  In   the   Int..
;"r"'ii"in. was denouncing 11 in thr
';. The ilnke hhw smnll clinncc of nn
I' sinn n being returned in the noun-
' 1 "'c's of the Transvaal���a grave.
"""''  where the  ascendancy  of the
llrlllsh race was eavnlved. lie came
near to wringing ins bands at the pros-
peel  ol  all  lbe Kuo,|  w,���k ilone l,v  ������,.!,
pro-consuls as Lord Mllner and Lord
tShelborne being ,llsslpate,i i��� six
�����**_*����� , ,l*id   Harris,   with    dtreel
douth African knowledge, pui  out
ib.- grave posslbiUl) ul Boer domln
.nice. "Constitutions might be *cii and
iruly laid," sai,1 i,e, "bul whal nag
would wave over the parllamenl build'
ing iii Pretoria twent) years hence!
win 11 be il..- Union Jack or the Hag
01 the Transvaal republic"] Then came
Lord Ullner, speaking with slow and
-"'"in.1 earnestness. No man is more
closel) listened t"; peers benl forward
111  their sssals. so Ihai un word should
be lost 11 k:ih evident thai he bad no
desire to be pessimistic; hm in- spoke
��� sm ni ilu- fastness of his knowledge.
There was no mistaking thai be saw a
tragedy behind the precipitancy nr the
government As u. ihe distribution of
-seals, in- mourned Hun tho future ot
the Transvaal was lefl to chance. The
Marquis nf Lansdowne severely rebuked the government for doing tilings in
such a tremendous hurry   He apprec-
lab sl ilu- 11 -s. but he did mil Ignore
iheir proclaimed Intention in secure Hie
political power In the Transvaal.
Lobby  Opinion.
An Importanl pan of Hn- statement
n^pirdlug iin- government's isdlcy In
.south Airlea is considered to be the announcement uboui Chinese labor. Manj
members, it appears, entirely misseii
.is significance, and tailed to realize
ibai a clause is 10 be Inserted In the
Iransvaal constitution refusing the
auctioning . .1 labor of a servile character���the Liberal interpretation ut
which would include Chinese Indentured labor, Pew arc aware lhat ibis
drastic Interferenoe witli the future
iiitiisvaai administration has been tho
cause of a prolonged Cabinet crisis,
file battle has heen fought with great
heat between rival sections of the cab-
net, ami ll is said to have ended only
a couple of dais ago in the triumph of
ihe Itadlcal ministers. The clause is a
.���une. sslon to the extreme Radical
wing of lhe Liberal party.
For the tut ure or South Africa this
high-minded prohibition by the tmper
iui government is regarded as even
more fatal than the provisions for the
rrasvaal constitution.   Imperialists iu
Ills' house ot commons view the arbitrary withdrawal of Chinese labor from
the mines as the death Warrant of Ihe
country. Tie- proposals of tils' govern'
ment for enrranchising the colony are
regarded almost with equal dismay.
The certainty prevails that the country
is; being hands d over lo the liners.
What is severely criticised Is tbe in-
Creditable haste With which lhe Liberals are affecting an nbsolule political
social nnd economic revolution in tiio
Transvaal, which must naturally react
upon tbe whole of Smith Africa. It is
lln- must drastic change thut hns been
brought ahoul since 1 sat in Parliament," observed nnc Unionist member;
ansl similar sentiments were expressed
by others.
Sir Wesl Rldgeway, chairman nf lho
South African constitution committee,
who was seen last evening lu the parliamentary lobby, declined to express any
opinion in regard t'> the government's
proposals until tho reporl of ids in-
qitlry was published. The right Imn
genUeman, however, expressed his sat
letaction of the manner in wlilcb ihe
statement   bad   been   received   by   Ihe
Municipal Tenements.
Toronto, Aug. 29 .-Mayor Coates-
worth and Property Commissioner
Harris propose to mage Investigation
Into a scheme tor erecting houses tor
artisans in Toronto, Thoy claim that
If cheap bouses Tor workmen were lo
be obtained it would attract industries
to ihe city. Comptroller Hubbard
strongly opposed the scheme, claiming thai the citizens' money should
not be Invested In thnt way.
Captain    Coppen    of    Nelson    Cricket
Club Regrets Criticism and Praises
Home   Team's  Conduct.
a. 11. t'sspps-n. capiain of ilie Nelson
Crtokel .lull, seen loday 11^ regard to
ihe reflections made by one member
ur tho team ou ihe treatment accorded
10 visitors by lhe Vlciorlu players,
".11 lhe first place 1 remit very
niiicn thai anything bus been snld on
ihe subject.
"Personally, 1 bslleve that tbo vie-
lona men did their best. We were
entertained without any cost to our-
SSlveS ul  a conceri  up the tlorgu;   ut
11 smoker und ul a dance, and everything possible wu�� done on each occasion ror our OomfOrt anil enjoyment.
"There was some disappointment
and some criticism nl lhe tool Hint
we had to pay for our luncheon al lhe
grounds. '1'be membors uf tbe Vic-
tnria committee explained thai they
bad been unable lo arrange otherwise
They were profuse In their apologies
and Ihey were. 1 think, generally accepted.
"About   the   lallyhn   there   was   ovi-
ti-iitiy n  misunderstanding.    II  calls
at  nli hotels nnd those who ride have
Isi pay ns a  mnllcr of    course.     The
Vlcioi-la  crlckclers had  nothing  lo  do
with It.
"The choice of grounds  wins deter
mined by drawing by the captains.
\ Ictoria was lucky, that Is all.
"I'he remarks made al ihe smoker
by .Mr. Chfluld of Hie Scultle club
might be construed ns a reflection on
Victoria's hospitality, but 1 thought
they were made in a Jocular spirit
'I   wish in Kav  ih;,,   1   believe  ihe
" 1ty    id    our     11    were    quite
pleased with our entertainment, nnd
b'-'tr im ill win. We bad a very en-
loyabls trip"
Hippie's    Bank     Defalcations    Almost
Rob  Presbyterian  Church,
Philadelphia, Aug. 29.���Bo ureal was
llle confidence reposed ln Frank K.
lipple, Ian- president ot the lti al Bs-
taie Trust company which was yesterday ioicesl lo tlie wall because of
iin- secrel  business    transactions   of
Hippie,   Ibul   Hint   Institution   was   vir-
tually the bank of the Presbyterian
church, noi only or the general assembly, which was a large depositor, bin
. vcu in* smallest Sunday school organisations iiud hundreds oi Indivldo-
uis Willi a big faith in lit elntegrlly ot
ihe hit- president hud Intrusted their
funds uml savings to tbe Institution,
"It almost destroys :t person's faith
In/humanity," said ll. P. [ford, private
secretary to Dr. Alex Henry, secretary
of the board nf publication and Sab-
bath school work or tho Presbyterian
church. "As treasurer or the trustees
or the assembly Mr. Hippie had qon-
t;ol of over $1,000,000, and as treasurer of ih.' permanent committee sm
bonus missions and sustenance the
synssd of Pennsylvania and the Presbyterian hospital of this city, other
large amounts were at his command."
nipple was not known to have heen a
stock ^peculator, although financiers
sav he was one of the many who lost
heavily in ihs- Consolidated Lake Superior company stock several months
Philadelphia. Aug. 29��� A meeting is
in progress nl llie offlc- of a large
national bink and It Is stated that
sufricicnl funds have been placed to
enable the Heal folate Trust company
to reopen Its doors within 4S hours.
\s n preliminary to this the court
will he c'tilloned to dismiss lhe attorney receivers.
Polish   Festivities  End   Up  in  a  Quar
rel That May Cost  Lives.
Fort William, Oat.. Aug. 29���A Polish wedding al the coal docks section
last nighl wound up In a big fight,
ansl as a result Pete Btannlukl, employed on ihe sewer construction gang,
received such injuries Hint for a time
his     life     was     despaired   of.     He   Is,
however, resting easily now and the
physician thinks lie will be able to pull
hinl through.
Ii is thought Hie row' was caused
b\ neighbors or Uie man who was
married und who were Insulted at not
being Invited to the celebration, 'lite
right took place iii ills' backyard oi
ihe house where the dance was going
,-n. The Injured man. who wus one
ol' the musicians, ws-iil to the dour be
iween two of the danoes and was al
once pounced upon by IhVee or tour
assailants, who beat him badly with
sticks of wood and au empty gin bottle. They made oil' when other mom
bi't's or ihe household came to his
rescue. The police were soon on the
scene and made three arrests, one ol
iise persons arrested being in bed In
the hsstis" nexl door. The exncl charge
In be laid ngnlust the persons will not
he known ior a couple or days, until
It Is seen how the wounded man progresses.
Bridge  Foreman  Killed.
Liiinlis,!.     Ont,     Aug-    29.-- Charles
Armstrong, Qrand  Trunk bridge foreman, of Stratford, was fatally Injured
yesierday nt t'tsve bridge here by 11
tall rnini a trestle 88 feel high. Ills
ode wus crushed by his   fulling   on
si  timbers and he lived only a lew
minutes after reaching the hospital.
He was 46 years ��r age nnd leaves a
widow ami iwn children.
Prominent  Solicitor   Dies.
Guelpli, Out., Aug. 211.���Alex Creel-
man, brother ur A. 11. Creelman, genet.! sullcllnr ror tlie Canadian I'ucINc
railway, died lii'le yesterday, aged 85
years, lie wus manager ol the Imperial Hank of Canada at Niagara Fulls
and woe spending a holiday here
,vllh another brother, President Creel-
man or Ontario Agricultural college.
Consul Shot.
T.'eilslu, Aug. 211.���The Russian consul here, M. Lapow', was shot In the
stomach today by a Russian concession contractor named Lavtasky, who
was promptly arrested. His victim
is in a critical condition.
Appointed Ambassador.
Hunt.', Aug. 2:1.���Ai today's mooting
ol llio council or ministers the Mur-
outs 1)1 Snn Mlli'no, who was tor len
minister Iii the cabinet, was appointed
ambassador to the court of Rt. lames.
New Steamer Breaks Gate
in Lactone Canal
Basements Flooded and  Buildings
Wrecked-Lock Will bt Repaired in a Few Days.
Montreal, Aug. 29.���Early this morning the steamer Dundiiran of the newly
organised Hamilton 41 Montreal Steamship company, crashed through Cote
si. Paul lock of the Lachlne canal, precipitating a solid wall ol water nine
feet In height Into the lower locks or
Seigneurs street. The lower locks
held firmly in spite ot the sudden pressure, aud the water backed up flooding
buildings in lhe immediate viclnlly, and
causing damage to the extent or many
tnOusands or dollarB. iia.ements of
many of the houses ou Notre Dame aud
Fulford streets were aiso Hooded, as
the water overflowed the banks of the
canal basin at that point.
The principal losers are; Holding
I'aui & Co.. $51X1(1; National Printing
company, $10iHi; James Shearer Mfg.
Co., $1000; Canada Paint company,
ln the case of the Dcldiug Paul &
Co. it is likely tTiat a large part of its
building will have to be rebuilt, so
badly   were  the  foundations shaken.
The accident was caused by the engineer of the iiundurn being unable
to reverse his engines in time. The
canal will be repaired for navigation
tomorrow morning.
Alexander McLeod. who ���was nominated last rail by McGIll university
for Ihe fourth Rhodes scholarship,
pluced at McGill's disposal, hns been
elected as Quebec's representative at
1 'xtord. McLeod is a native of Prince
IMward  island.
id  that they  were Increasing the receipts to the city from the tramway.
Mr. Taylor reported   total   net pro-
proceeds from Ihe dances to be $90,80.
The  treasurer, J.  M.  Lay,  reported
as follows:
Tickets and subscriptions   $ C93.90
Snsiker          9.25
Ladies' competition    97S.50
Excursion. Kuskanook         86.25
Hances        Un.6u
Concert        136.50
Suggested  That   Nelson  Buy   Its  Own
Debentures���Proceedings of the
20,000 Club Meeting.
The 20,000 club members in general
meeting at the board of trade rooms
last night heard satisfactory reports
ssi progress from bulli committees.
Ample funds are in sight tor thu campaign uf advertising projected and a
series oi dances will begin lu iho winter.
A startling and alluring suggestion
wus made by VV. 11. Jouob, mat tbe
new debentures should bo sold 111
i.eiaou. All agrued tuul 11 would be
a splendid advertisement 01 prosper
uy, bul .nr. Lay was ol oplniuu ihai
lucre is not $60,000 lying Idle lu Nelson seeking Investment at u per cent,
l'ne idea wu- generally approved, It
found feasible.
As soon as definite data can be obtained the club will begin systematic
advertising of the city's power plant.
The meeting was culled to order at
8:80. In the absence of the president
and vice president W, W. Bear was
elected lo the chair. Others present
were f. M. Chadbourn, J, m. Lay, w.
II. Jones, A. W. Ilyndinnn, 11. K
Douglas, .1. E. Taylor, 8. M.  Ilrydges,
The minutes of the ItiBt general
meeting Were  read ami adopted.
S. M. Ilrydges, chairmiin ��r lhe advertising committee, reported that the
literary part or the folder was prac-
lically completed by E. K. Heeslon.
and thai good progress waa being
made with ihe birdseyo maps.
VV. II. .limes explained that Hiss
birdseyo views hud been drawn In
Vlctnrin and seul to New York to be
Al the chnlrinan's suggestion the
grant by the executive oommlttee of
an additional $:i5o, making at total of
iiiim for the work of the advertising
oommlttee was approved and confirmed.
S. M. ilrydges also reported thai arrangements bad been made without
out for lhe publication of nn article
s-n Kootenay fruit growing In tho
Washington  Magastne of Seattle.
,1. E. Taylor, chairman of the enter-
iiiinmeni committee, reported thai tha
s -lies or pavilion dances would end
Thursday night; Hint arrangements
had lieen made ror Inter cars, for refreshments and for three pairs of
prises for a grand dancing contest,
three donated by the city jewelers nnd
three bv the club. He thought that a
11 rles of winter dances would be well
���11Iionized and he was arranging for
it, He rennrted a full attendance nt
-.���cry meeting of the committee.
Mr. Tn'vlor regretted that no revenue could hn derived from spectators
nl tho pavilion dances, but was pleas-
Total   ..' $2014.00
S. F. relief fund  $100.00
Folders     50.00
Pamphlets     331.20
Ladies' competition    125.00
I'hotos   104.7(1
lluttons     S5.00
Nelson  Boat club    20.00
Secretary, salary and rent  240.00
Signs     40.00
Postage     63.15
city of Nelson    20.00
Sundries     224.20
Halance on hand     687.75
lucr.ascd by our summer's work aud
uy uus w,amor oUaer.auouS. ino motors ..ors s.1'11 ailu tlie balloon is iu
goud condition, but Uie car aud ine-
..uauscal equipment will be entire.)
rebuilt, in cans during the winter.
Tne expedition will arrive here next
May aud win lind everyUiiug ready.
This year lhe Whole summer has beeu
consumed In building lbe plant. 1 ex-
ptct to return to Kurnpe ill the mid
die of Sepis-mber leaving a small parly
here to guard  our headipiarlers."
Tolal    $2014.00
All reports were adopted.
A. L. McCulloch then addressed the
meeting on the subject of the approaching visit of Ihe Canadian Soci
ety of Civil Engineers. He suggested
that tbe 20,000 club Join the resident
members of the society in entertaining them. He thought the visit af-
forded an excellent opportunity of advertising Nelson's power plant and
that the city would have electrical
power for sale at an early date
The matter was left to the executive committee at Its meeting on Sep
temebr 11, with the explicit approval
of the general meeting and an expression of willingness to cooperate ln every possible way with the resident
members of the Society of Civil Engineers.
In reply to a question by J. M. Lay,
Mr. McCulloch preferred not to give
any figures as to the future cost of
power, but said that the rate was fixed
by the bylaw authorizing the issue of
the first power plant debentures and
could only be changed by order-in-
VV. W. Beer had some private Information ou the subject. He thought it
might be necessary to refund a part
nf the cost so as to give really cheap
light and power, unless the bondholders would consent to its alteration.
J. .M Lay urged the Importance of
having definite information available
as soon as possible and that tt should
be advertised extensively.
Mr. McCulloch estimated Immediate
requirements at 500 horsepower for
city lighting, 250 for the tramway and
100 for small motors. The total capacity or the four unit plant when
completed would be 6500 horsepower.
It was agreed that the entertainment of their excellencies Earl and
Countess Grey next Wednesday
sliould be left to the city council.
Secretary Chadbourn reported that
600 pamphlets bad been sent to Hon.
J. II. Turner In London and others
were disseminated wherever it was
Ihuught advisable.
J. E. Taylor thought that dances
should be discontinued during September and probably October. He
thought no attempt should be made
to raise money during the months of
the fair. He was gratified with the
support given by the public but would
like to see more Interest taken by the
club members.
\V. H. JoneB Introduced a new sensation by suggesting that it would be
a splendid advertisement for Nelson
if the new Issue of $50,000 debentures
for the power plant could be taken up
In Ihe city.
W. W, Ueer thought it Impracticable at the rate of interest that could
be paid.
W. H, Jones���There'B a lot of money in Nelson drawing ouly 3 per cent.
J.  M.  Lay���Where?
Mr.  Lay   added,   after   the   laughter
subsided  that  there Is little Idle capital In Nelson.
It wns resolved that the retiring
member! of the committee, W. G.
Thomson, A. Lenn, J. .1. Walker. J. E.
Taylor, II. E. Douglas and .1. G. Nelson were re-elected on account of the
unfinished business they have on
It wns suggests. Hint tho two
chairmen be continued in ofrice. .1.
F Tnvlor nblcled, asking tn lie re-
reved. bit. rinitlly ecnenled to remain In office for unoiher month.
The general meeting then ad-
Wellman   Explains Why Polar Expedition Is Detslned.
Toronto's Big  Annual  Industrial  Exhibition  Is in Full Swing.
Haium.BfoBt, Norway, Aug. 29.���The
following dispatch was Motived here
y. Bierdny from Walter Wellninn, loader of the Wellmnn-Chlcago Record-
Ilorlad polar expedition, at Splt.ber-
"I have dec.dud not to attempt 11
voyage to northward In Uio air In''
cause of defects lu the equipment of
my airship. According 10 the announcement made last winter In anticipation of Bitch'a possibllty thu ex-
p. diilou will continue next year. My
party ls now completing a great balloon hoitBe and other features of the
piailt and making experiments with n
view to a campaign in 1907.
This year Ja one ot experiments but
lhe next will be one of nelion. Our
cmvlctlon of buccpss tn 1907 has been
(Sp.cial  to  The  Daily Canadian.)
Toronto, Aug. 29.���Tlu formal opening of the annual industrial and commercial exhibition louk place at 2
o'clocs here yesterday afternoon. The
arrangement to have King Edward
open tbe lair had not been carried
oul as was ut first promised and at 2
o'clock Sir William Mulock, chief Justice of Canada, pressed tlie button
wltich set the tons of machinery in
moiion. Thousands witnessed Uie
sight and then adjourned to the grand
stand to witness the afternoon performance.
In the course of an address in the
. venlng Sir William Mulock paid a
high tribute to Canada and spoke
strongly against the prevailing spirit
of militarism that is rampant among
the nations ot the world. Ho urged
Canadians to cultivate loftier ideals
than those encouraging a belligerent
spirit. He said: "The strength of
Canada lies in her happy and peaceful
homes," and called Canada "the last
graceful spot of refuge on God'B green
earth to which men can come from all
quarters of the civilized world, settle
down, become prosperous and rich citizens without having to pay the penalty of the sins of their ancestors."
The crowds in attendance at the
exhibition are greater this year than
ever before and the exhibition itself
distances all former efforts. The citizens and prnmoters of the fair are ln
a jubilant  mood.
Flock Into Province on
Every Steamer
How Laurier Govenuntnt is
ing the  Labor Problems
British Colombia.
Expectation IM Victoria of a New Judicial  Appointment.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Vlcioria, Aug. 29.���There is much
speculation in political circles here as
to what the "hurry up" cabinet conference at Ottawa means. It 1b rumored that a tip lias hetu received by
certain of the faithful in tblB city to
the effect tbat It is planned to spring
the general elections at once to take
advantage of tlie great prosperity prevailing from one end of the Dominion
to tile olher. The rank and file of the
Liberal party here are displaying
great activity aaid it is believed that
something unusual is In the wind.
The impression is general hero that
the announcement will be made in a
tew days of the appointment of Mr.
Justice Duff for tlte vacancy on the
^supreme court bench.
Strike Will Be Averted.
Hamilton, Ont., Aug. 29.���Contrary
to general expectations no street railway strike took place this morning,
though the men last night spoke freely of the probability of one taking
place. As a result of a mass meeting
held early this morning a husis for
negotiations wns arrived nt, and In
consequence a more hopeful feeling
exists. An early settlement Is now
looked for.
Yesterday The Canadian published a
special despatch from Victoria which
staled tbat a special despatch had been
received there from Ottawa belittling
the danger to the labor situation ln
Hritish Columbia over the influx of
Hindoos. The Ottawa despatch stated
that investigation had been made by
tlie department of immigration and it
had been ascertained that only about
fifty Hindoos bad arrived in the province and that no alarm need be felL
On Monday of this week the Vancouver World published the following
under a scare head" Hordes ot Hindoos
Continue to Come."
Since the Imposition of the $500 poll-
tax on Chinese, the number of Celestials coming here had fallen ofl to some
half dozen a year, but equally aa bad,
il not worse, are the hordes ot Hindoos
who come to Vancouver on every Oriental liner. On the last Empress there
were 240 Sikhs and twice that number
are expected on the-next steamer. It
seems probable that some corporation
iB interested iu Importing the Hindoos,
as they would never make enough
money In India to pay their passage to
Canada. It has been figured out that
the Hindoos who come to Canada make
twenty times as much money here as
they can in their native country. Almost as soon aB they land here they
are given employment by tbe mills,
and paid at the rate of from 11.50 to
$2.25 a day. while In India their pay
averages about ten cents a day. Tbe
Hindoos do not spend their money
here, but in most cases leave their
wages with the firms for which they
work, and as soon as tbey have enough
money to live comfortably in their own
country they go back, taking good
Canadian money with them. They will
not accept any kind of work either. A
Chinaman will work on a farm or as a
street laborer, but a Hindoo must get
the best employment going, and they
are seldom found working anywhere except tn sawmills."
The question to be asked by everyone Interested in labor problems now
Is whether the department If Immigration is seeking to quiet tbe alarm of
Ibis province at Oriental Invasion by
substituting Hindoos for Celestials.
The question ls a grave one In view of
the fact that the World's statement Is
fo Ihe effect that the Hindoos accept
only the better classes of labor, and always obtain the highest wages paid to
orelgn labor. A new difficulty Is thus
created as apparently the new element
is to enter into direct competition with
he partly skilled Anglo Saxon labor
tlready in the province.
Special  Meeting of Council  Called fo.
Tomorrow  Night���Mayor  Gillett's
A special meeting of Iho city council Is called ton tomorrow night to arrange for the recepllon or their excellencies Und and Lady Oroy next
Mayor liillelt said this afternoon
that probably a delegation will meet
them at Kootenay Landing. They
will bu formally received at tho city
wharf and driven to the nrmory, cs-
co.tod hy a military guard or honor.
At the drill hall a brief loyal ad-
dress may be read on bohair of the
Those are Ihe only suggestions by
lbe mayor. They will ho considered
and decided upon by the council. The
mayor feels, however, that it would
be a mistake to attempt an elaborate
entertuilnment In Ihe short space of
time that is nt the disposal of the viceregal party in Nelson, between their
arrival nt noon and their departure
for the Arrow lakes early ln tho even-
Tennis Championship.
N'wporl, R. I., Aug. 29��� William J.
Clothier of Phl'adelphlu toslay won the
tinnls championship, derating Heals
C .Wright of lloBton, tho present hold-
or, 0���i. 6���4, 6���4.
Chamber of Commerce Accepta Nelaon
Board of Trade's Courtesy.
The following self-explanatory telegram has beeu received ln reply to
ihe invitation of the board of trade
10 the Spokane chamber of commerce:
Dear Sir: We beg to acknowledge
your favor of the 17th ItiBtant. While
our trip to Nolson Is undertaken ln
purely a social way we did not expect
any such entertainment us your board
il' trade Is arranging to provide. Our
thanks nud appreciation must, there-
ore, bo given ln person.
Wo  beg  to advise thnt  from   15 lo
211 Utiles will accompany our party.
We will  be  pleased    to    have    the
names of your recepllon  committee.
Very truly youro,
L. Q. MONROE, Seoy.
A Startling Suggestion.
London, Aug. 29.���A correspondent
of the Daily Mall today calls attention
to the fact that all the revolutionary
-times In Ruas.a by anarchists and the
at tacks in other countries, are executed by moans of a magazine pistol ot
ono make, which seems to point to a
s nlial organization with a single
brain In control, pulling the strings ot
111:11 chism the world over, finding
runds and arming anarchists with a
uniform weapon. If this Is so the cor-
respimdent suggests that the matter
Is or much graver International Importance than If the affairs were the mere
criminal acts of Irresponsible lunatics.
Some  girls'    fncea    am    the    best
chapcrsins they can possibly have.
! I
I Wee
\ ',1 i;v"i
'H' ill
1*1 tii
m The Daily Canadian
 - STORES '"
Crown Gem Jars, pints per doe., $1.00
Crown Gem Jars, Quarts per do*., 1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Half Gal, per do*.., 1.50
Our stock lias just arrived. Secure
\"iir requirementsat these low prices
before they are all gone.
l*lll,lis,lle.t Rt* ,1h;. - is sirs-Is Isy Uie
.���anaIiian ftm.iaiiix'si iomi'anv, i.th.
tinker St., Nelson, a. tl.
BabK-iptlou riiii-. '" s ��� i ��� si is-.ssntii delivered
in Hit- i-il>, or sfcs.uu ss yssiir il m is; bj uisisl, slieli
,:,x id savaace
Aaverti.Mli,.' rules, on application.
All monlM paid In aetUemenl ssf  .penally
fana-iimi account., either to, lubscrli u er
advertising, must be receipted lor ,-u the printed
fnrm- ol iiu- ' sunpany.  other receipt, are nol
���By one Wsiril we sue sometime. jilsSKsu 10  t.e
wiie and ot one woru lomoilmea jis'im-.s s.  lie
tooil.D.   la*, uss uierefi.re  bo Lioolui  srlitit we
,��y "���l.liMiell s>.
Tin' leadership oi a political party,
especially when it becomes avaricious
for graft, is a. difficult uirfk. Jusl now
Sir Wilfrid Laurler is having no little
trouble in ids camp in the matter ot
selecting a candidate t.s fill the vacancy caused by Hie elevation of Hon,
Charles Pitzpalrlck m tho chief justiceship of Hu- supre  court nf Canada and, according 's' report, the difficulty of maintaining solidarity, not
to suy peace in the ranks bas well
nigh driven tin- premier in distraction, it is in the ancient capital,
Quebec, lhal Hn- trouble lias broken
out iifi-esh. und according i" lhe Ottawa Citizen, that ih.- factions are becoming hostile.
These troubles are, howover, of tlie
kind ihai are naturally expected by
lead ts uml -Sir Wilfrid's tad and mas-
terlj handling Of nu ll will a rail him
where   a    I, ss   slum-Ill    |K>ltti_i_fJ    WOUld
mil. Ii Is nm with Hn- troubles ,,:
the political leaders thai we are now
concerned. According in tie- same pa
per ihe Quebec Uridine compmiy, wblcb
induced  tin-  government  t"  guarantee
Its hnnds in tlie ivi.nl of 17. 1,000 lo
build the bridge across the river nt
lhat point, is finding the presenl an
opportune moment to press iis case
for further IJoininion aid.
The Quebec Chronicle says:
���This sum    nf    money  ($7,000,	
large as it appears, will not suffice
to complete the Quebec bridge and its
branch railway from Victoria Cove te
Champlatn market, with terminal facfl
illes. 'In fact, it is said among those
who have figured "" the matter tha'
the bridge company will have tn re
cs-ivi' aid from ilie Dominion govern
"The governmenl Is accordingly in
vlted ie 'meet the rallwav and stoatu
ship nun concerned "Ith as little de
lav ns possible, to discuss the sllna
Hon and come to a practical under
standing In regard fo It*'
The Montreal Oasette reminds He
government thai li has already pled?
e;\ dip country's credit '" "a heavy
responsibility*' for "a commercial]*,
doubtful   project," and    adds:    "Tin
"OVernmeril    will   lie   Invited   In   give   il
few millions more in order in proteol
iiseif against   the  total  issss  ssf the
previous d motion of $7,000,000."
These citations show fairly well
whal is done with the peoplo's tlliilli'S
nnd they bring homo ami emphasize
in the Westerner Hie righteousness of
the cull fnnn llrlllsh Columbia for
heller terms in tlte distribution ul' the
assets of the Dominion.
While Iii Hie Bloat wharves, bridges,
lighthouses, breakwaters and n multitude of olher ntlllli.'s are being built,
Hie Wesl Is left In shift for Itself;
inconvenience is suffi red, puhlle life
Is I'liilnni'i'i'i'd, the postal service Is Inefficient, nml apparently these things
nre no h icaUse the spirit of grab Is
so prevalent In the Musl and tho demand so Inslslenl thai tbe Wesl is
permitted to have the go-by.
Those  who live  in   lhe  const   clIlt'H
,,; British t'ssluniliia know how little
has been done in advance lhe Inter
s-sis sn navigation and to safeguard
human life, while mi lhe other hand
we may come nearer home and easily
tilscovi r a vast array of Instances In
which ilie people have been utterly
neglected. Take the Kootenay and
Arrow lakes urn! rivers as instances. Buoys are moved by
stress of weather and their places
l.-ri unmarked. Snags abound with
each succeeding high water and deadheads float beneath the surface of the
streams to the jeopardy of every craft
that sails these streams. No effort
is made to provide clear and well-
marked channels for tho flotilla of
launches thai are so much Ihe pride
of the cily and the convenience of llie
i _ettler.
The monies spini in the East are
lu rare Instances anything hut a sop
to constituencies to keep them In Ihe
humor of political loyally. It cannot
he gainsaid that what arc commonly
termed tie- advances nf the Kast are
made, not In lhe development of the
country hut hy the expenditure ni
vast sums of the public money In the
Improvement of public works. It is
(rue that capitalistic investment es-
i..ii i-Iies Industries there and they
help swell the imniiKius boast of the
;,:��� gr ss of sin- country. Bul in the
Weat, where every nerve ami muscle
is being strained to sspi-n new tracts
ssi  land, render navigable   new    ave-
su .-  -i transportation ami afford facilities  im   Hu-  rapid  expansion  of  the
ir vimi there Is little heed paid lothe
���e i ds nf tin- country.
It in nn wonder thai a cry has gone
up iiu better onus and matter nf Iii
ii,- surprise thai a conference of the
clal | n del '.ill be held thi i
fall at which Sir Wilfrid Laurier ami
his party will he mid in nn iininls-
takablc terms thnt there must he a
mule fair distribution of the vast revenues of the Dominion.
We publish ilie following paragraph
which appeared In a recent Issue or
the Seattle Times us a special ills
patch from Victoria:
"Before ihe next election in the
province nf llrlllsh Columbia thore h
every possibility ihat Hn- Liberals
mis linn- a change of lender. .1. A.
Macdonald, ihe presenl lender id ihe
Liberal opposition In tin- legislature,
while having the confidence ssr his entire rollowlng, Is nm a model chief ol
n party. He lacks In n strange way
His' fascination which is so essential In
n born lender. He Is odd nud methodical, unlmpaasloned aim deliberate in
Ills minim r. which unfits hlm in a
certain .1 greo for the duties attaching
in his position,
"Mr. Macdonald Is admirably adapt
Hn- judiciary,  nud  there  Is n
a feel, r s"t,t oul by way "I Seattld
I,, the faithful in British Columbia lo
prepare them fnr lhe graceful resignation of au impossible political lead-
er, it is not the duty of Tbe Canadian
is, sh'clde. The Canadian is not In the
confidence of the opposition in the
proviuc., bin it has a sufficient number of friends among the Liberals to
understand that Mr. J. A. Macdonald
has been a bitter disappointment to
the parly which aelected him as its
leader. It also knows that the item Is
ccnrc! In that It alleges there is no
one else offering for that position at
ihe present time, nor looming up on
the horizon of Liberal hopes,
In discussing the possibility of Iho
��l_v_t1_��� of Mr Jilts-doual.1 to the
bench It nitty He remarked thut the
suggestion mis' dcootlnl In s.'inc occult lilliniis': for the se'idll' : i'r the
iiissii.il.il. We hdl'dly like In Bllsgt sl
this imi ii has become sn common a
praoll s> lis reward faithful leaders or
pi-iiinlneni members of the Liberal
parly .silli appointments lu lhe jinll-
clnry thai there is nothing Btertllng
in the probability. If Mr Macdonald
can distinguish himself upon the bench
wi> fed Burc thore will be no disposition on the pari of any Conservative
tn grudge hlm the advancom tn! and
honor, and thus will another difficulty of ihe oppot isi ni In ilu- provincial
legislature be amicably solved,
lint we would warn the Liberal par-
is lu lii-iil.-.h Columbia against any
vain hope thai Ralph Smith will leave
:h>     II minis     pnsliamelil    In   lead   a
forlom hope. We know Mr. Smith
well enough t�� know thai when ho undertakes a leadership be wants some
thing to lead.
If Canada is prosperous because the
Liberals are In power then tlie dull
ilincs In the maritime provinces must
he caused by tile facl that Ihey are
so strongly  Conservative down  there
It cause the piny she appeared In
recently at Folkestone was very
short, Mrs. Langtry was hissed. ii
would have been distressing had folk
sinned  her.
People hnve nine to stop ami listen
to the story of your success, but thoy
are In nn awful hurry when you attempt  lo explain why you failed.
Canada Is sending barrel staves: t.,
Norway. They must be about opening
a  political campaign over there.
TAKE NOTICB lhal nn application hit heen
made In reftlAter Tariff Mliimg'L'unipani u llie
nwnet iu Pee Simple, iinner Un several lex
Sale Deedsfr U .)  Btenaoii, Deputy Aa*tf-j.M>r
nml i,,11.it,ir.if tin* Blueail A��*cw>nien1 PS-Hri-M,
tu Tariff Mining Company, hearing-late it.-* Miu
���day ni AuKual,   \. l>. IAi-5, ol all and singular
thou certain par-reli   r tract* nflaml 1 prem-
iaee altuate. lying nml Mug In the Dlatrlet ol
Koolenay, in the Province ot British Columbia,
i.i.m* parth iilurh known mid deserlbed aa l-ota
WA tin.I MO. Group I, Dlstrlel ..f Kootonay,
��� stiafpr" mi.I '"Bobtail" mineral  tatms.
Ymi rtii.i .'.I.-li i.( foil are required lo eouteat
the elaftn of the in*, ptirchaeer within fourteen
days from [he dm  the servicer t ii notice
'ii i'Hi.*hi.i in -!*���:'.nil i.i a reveal urrertlflrate
oilia-Ai'iulim-J Itc-jng Hied within roeh period,
you hM! t*-* fortivi'restopped and ilebarre-l from
setting ii|> BllV i l.iiiii u> or in ii'vi.,.. i ,./ tlie said
bunt, Hii.il -halt r...,K|.*r Tariff Mining 'Bin
as i-Hin-i |l,.*r.'(sf.
Dated hi Und-ltegstr) office Selton. 1'rovlncB
BrJtlsli uf MrilUb Columbia, ilu- itm, dat ol
August, \. D. HUB.
Diatrlri Registrar,
To Kootena) Mining rjirapans (foreign]
Hhafer udd and -Sliver Mining < .any
    E foreign.)
TAKE NOTICE 'hal an application hae been
nm ie hi register Clarence Hum.mi un I wner
InPeeBimpIe under a Tax Sale Deed from R J
���gietiaoii, deput) assessor nmi ei lleelor of (lie
Bloean AsMwmeni PI strict, to Ctaronee Harman,
bearing date I e Slat dayol July s. D. 190., of all
and lingular that pertain parrel i.f imi.l and
pram *���>*.- situate, lying mnl being m the hiMrici
of Km.!, nn.. ,n Hi.' Province of British Colum*
ma.  re pirilculftrly known aad described ee���
Lot 7*-'.. (.roup 1, Dlatrlct o' Kootenay, "Hotiry"
mineral elaftn
Vou and each of tou are required to < teat
the claim uf the tax mirrliawr irithlii fniirleen
itav from tin* .isi.- i.f tn.- service uf thii notice
upon you.and Indffauli ..f acaveai or certificate of lis peudi-ni being (lied within such per
Ind, you will be ( ver estopped mid debarred
fr..in setting* up an ��� claim to or in iespeH nf lhe
n;i).i irtii.i, ,li,.1 i -unii register Ularence HormaU
aa owner Ibereof
Dated at Und Realstn- nfflce Nelson, Provln-
i*. .ii BriflahColumbia, this i;m dm ol Augost,
A. I��   1000,
II   ���?  \h, Mon,
Dlatrlcl Roglatrar.
Toaporgeffenn Harmwi,
Wil i.n- a  londn-x.
prospect ihai bin elevation to tbe
bench mny noi long be delayed. In
Ihe supreme court or Canada al Otta*
wn then* Is a vacancy, riiUHi'tl by i!i"'
'I-'iilli   of Justice   H.-.lKWkk.       hi '  this
lonnoctlon ih�� nam.- of Jnstlce Dufl
of Hn. Kii]>n*nir> courl of iIiIk province
haa Iipcmi mentioned, and his frlenda
an*, ii in believed, doing what they
ran lo Beciire for hlm the appointment,
tf Justice Duff surcfM-ds td the sn-
prerae conn at Ottawa ii iH highly
probable thai the vaoanoy In the sii-
"'��ni" court or Hi" province will |><>
lllorl by Mr, Macdonald,
"In this cvfiii ii becomes a Question
who would assume the place ho
vacates hi dip liou��p, or the present
^'���miinrs of ih" opposition there in
n-'iic llk"!y to be uIv<mi tho leader-
Shin. The name of Ralnh Bmlth, at
nrosent a member of ihe Ihhiho ot
co'umona nf Ottawa, has very frequently beon iml forward nn the ioohi
natural  nucceRfior of  Mr.   MaedonnM."
Whellior lho above In the work of
ihe political newsmonger who often
k��'Ih hungry for copy or whothor ft Is
Nollee u hereby glren that Mdnyi alter date I
no.-ml toapply wilio Hmi Chief n�� mini uer
nf Uml- mnl iini-kh  l-i:   ilmiiIhisIhii 1,1 i-ir \i���>t-
ihi' [ullnwing .i.MTii,. ,i tundi iliualed lu Die
K.x.i'iiHv .|i��tii.i: < .niun. nelng ��i ii poll mark
...l "rfRWM I*; .'.rum/' plm.u-.i on llio ihoro ol
Lower   Armw   Lile,   ab'Mll   ono   mile I...ulli   nf
Uordon creek (J.d.u lou ereek.) Ihenee norlh HU
I'halis, Ihen o w at 0 elinfm tnenceaoiilh h>
ehalna, Lhetice east w oiijm t.. point of com
 iniiii, containing HW acrea  re oriels.
hi,,I i',n,i|,' mim: abaniloiied |��r.- <* ��� rtiini No Mi)
���Staked UilsH h day of ���ingtirt. !�������
V, N   Wi.l.VKiiii.N  AgCUl
Notice i* hereby given Him sixty daya ufi r
date l Intend  ppj*. io I In- Ifouomhlc tho
Chlel CominlMlonei n| Unds nnd Wnrks lor
p.-*inif.il.n   n.    purchase   Ihu   Mimclng ile-
���urlbod   I if  sliuate   in  the w*��i K onav
dlMrlii. -imliiii' fr.-tn a pnst plmit ,| nu tin*
iioith hunk ��'f lhe North Ko k n| lt,.,r creek
thuiice ltd chains weal, 30 chains north, M' IdHuk
went, in ilii.ii.s north", 20 ehulns wo>t, ���iiohaln*
nnrlh. 'jiii')niiu.i w**at, !Mchains north, w* I'lmln*
eaat. UO rhuiu- souih, ill chain, cast, 1(1 chaltii
iouth, 80 ehalna east, m.*h inasouth topoltn ut
Dommeiiuemeut, euiitRlnlng c-in nof*.
Datod ISlh day of ,*��� gnat, WO
'-a* m  W, i{ , irnoit
Notice lallcreh  given thai 00 d ivs after dato I
III I.Ild luit(.|.lv lu the llniiiipiMe Chief Comtntl*
hi.hi rof Undaand fforfea nrpcfinlsalohiopur-
ehaan the f.dl wing deacrllie-i IhimIk, slliiaUi In
the Went Knntenay nittrk't, sta uiu fr a post
plain.-.1 m i in- .s w.e.iriien.f iiiie-t W.RohtnrtoD'a
Application in i iir.iiii.e. mi.l nu de nor tii imnk
nf lhe Norih Fnrk of n,; ereek; thenee ill .hi.m-
Weat, Mi ehuliiH nnrlh, lT0 i*linltii en-it, |ile)iMini
Hi.nth, 'JlehuliM weat, -VehHlliHH.iiiih lo Mllei* -
���loiiuf north linen. K.W. Uobiiiioit'iApplication
to Purchase, thenc* 40 ehalni vveil and �� BbatM
th to polul of eommeutemeut.conUilnlugOlO
ne ���
i-t. !'.<
I in led lllh da) of Augus
I , U. KOUIN*m-->i
j.-r Kbkehi IV. Rot i.imon. Agent.
Notice i- b. flhy given that W days after date !
Inteud t.. applj to the Honoralei hlci nm-
vlnuerof Uudeaod Worki for periulwlou to pur
abase the loUowtng deserlbed lands.situate in
the Weit Koot- iihv district; itarting from a posl
planted at the N. E. cornerotP tt.Roblnaona
Application U�� pu-chsie, ihence 40 ohalna eaat,
B0 chains iouth, 20 chalm weit, no chaini norlh,
-io .-tiHins weit, 80 obaina north, iOohaioi i'��st, 4o
.ham-, north topolotOT commencement, containing too agree,
Dated l.th dsy ol August, iw.
D. C. K. RntilKsos,
 per Kb-*-kst W, RnalCToyi ApQPti	
Ni'tfi.v i** herehy given that -i.My day after
date I intend tu apply to the UoaoraUl '!w
Chief CommlMlimcr of Lamliaiid worll Wr p*r��
mil ion to purchase the following de*.Sri bed
Und 00 the west ^ho^e of upper Arrow Uke tad
mining J. II. Kecney'i pre-vniptieii: Kuniiiug
Wen -fciL-haltiii thence north fo chains, thenoi
east-toehalns, to the ihore of tho lafcei thenoe
(iouth foHo-trlng the lake >h��re to point nf emu*
inenccinetit, cMitnluing BjO acfel'"-"''! ot letk,
Dated AogtutW, ">���*.
li. k. Uacuton
.I.J   Kr.LL,   Agi   .:
Notice la hereby given ihm ilxty dayi after
dnle   I   ilileinl   |0  nlM.lv   to   the   llonorabll    the
Chief Cbmmltaloner of Undaand Worki for per
mlulon in purchaao the following described
imi.l on ihe weil ilde of Lower Arrow Uke ��ud
juluihg the south llueol the in.Mmi Kaaervationi
Itmiiiiiii; weal iWehalhai thence wuth B0 chalm;
linnet* ..ist -ji chattVt to lhe Bbore of thu lake;
theliee   tliirtii    f.-lhrn iliK   the   hike -li.-r.'l'-  tllU
polul <>i eomuieneeinenti contattilttg IW t\ rei
 re i.f lesa.
HAte.l AUgUStUO, 1000,
W  It. MArtKon
 J. J. Ki u\ . Agent.
Ki.tlce i- hereby given that two month! after
ilni.-1 Intend toapply lothe Honorable ibe t'hlet
CotnmfKsl ner ..f Utida and Worki foi .. Leawol
nil ih.ii land being the foreahon1 adjoining sub-
-ihi-.ii.il> l. ���; mid 1 of lot 3U9, Uruup one(l)
Kooteuay, mid being on Ihe smith ahore of the
Weal Ann .( Koolenay lake, in the dlstricl ol
Commencing al a posl wari-cd "A, E, ttatu'
loutbeaal corner p at": tht-nce oo chains west,
thence20 chalna northi itn n.i' 6U cbatnsctiati
iheiie ���'Jichnins south lolhe place ol commence
and loo shore to l-* be uai-d
ucnt; iheaa.d b
or sawmill purposes.
Dated tbla tlti day of August, 19
\. E. Warn
K'otlce la bereb) given thai i intcnd.OO daya
after date to apply to the Honorable tbe < lei
> omnilaaiouerol ��� audaand ���Aortaforpeimlaalon
I,, purebaae tbe foliovrlug deacrlbed Imi.l- m
West Koolenay dlatrlct, s bo til Ave miles south
of liuri..ii City, commencing m h poal planted on
thecal batik uf iiauiC. H.,auu marked "'*'. U.
Ilumllton'l H w. i- post," mi'l ruuuina u.-rth ni
chains, tbence easl ����� cbalni, theuceaoul i 90
chalna, thence wt��l �����) chain* to place ol begin-
ruriir, roii-uimiiK BlOaeresol land, more or let*.
Puted tbla Una dn> uf Auguil, lOOfl
W  II. Hamiiton
Notice is here y given thai 6fl dayi after date I
intend to apply to tne Houorab a I hief < nminla-
iloner of Uu.is ami Worki i..t pennhifou to
purebaae the following described anda, situate
in Weal ooteuay dialnct: t'omm ��eiii< ut a
post marked "B. Cooket - S a corner poat," iltuate n. ar ihe N K. c, in. r i i land ipplled for by
U.K. ihenee iouth 40 chains, more or leai; ihenee
eaat 80 ehain- j lhetice north to chains, more oi
le-.*-; tbeoce weatsochalui lopoini uf commencement.
Balmo, August n, 1908.
T. H  Atkinsos  Agent
Nollee  is  lierby given thai SO days after dale 1
intend, to apple totheDotiu a_>leibe Chlefcotn-
ini..M,.iieri.i  Und**: and W-- k-t..r i-rmisfimi In
porchantbe followingd-scrlbi i Imni* miniate ia
Wesl Koolen v district:  Cnmmenclng at u poal
marked  ' K.   Koss's ft. W  turner  post," Minute
near the N. E. corner ol !sml applied for by A.
Mei. an thenee south 40 cbalm, raoreurleaaj
tb'iiee east no chaluai tbence north 10 chalna,
more or le*ai tbence weal bo chalna to point ol
Saimo, AiiKiisi n, lOOd                    k. iti**.-,
 t ii   ukiv'.in, Keep*.	
Notice i" bereby nireo thai mtj dayi after
daie I intejid lo npplv to ibe Honorable ihe
i hief Comntisrlonur ol Unds and Works f..r
iiermlaalou to purchase the following deacrlbed
lands iltuate in Weal Kooifuay district:   Com*
 uclng nta poal niHik.i "A.McLean's N W.
euruer po��t."ailuau* n**ai the N.B. corner oMand
applied for by A McUngblau, tbeuce south io
chalus, more or km; thence e*st ai ebalna;
ibeuoe north 10 chains, mote or leasi tbenee weat
.-" i hains io ; ..nil ul. inumunuement
Sulum. Auku.-i II. 1006 A. Mi'LKan.
   _ T. ll. ATKiKaox, -.genl
Notice ls bereby given that 00 lays aft-r dato 1
Intend to nuke application to lhe Honorable tbe
Chief '���oiiiiiiiv.i,.ii. i nf Uudsand Works fur per*
mlaion to pmcbascihi fo'lowlogdeaerlbe : lands
rcltuale io Wesi Kooteuay disiriei: Commencing
ata nest marked "A McUuv hltn'i N. W corner
post," iltuate near lhe N B. twrner of land applied for by Y McArihur, llienee south40 chalna,
mora or less; th* ine easl 80 chains; them norih
40 chains, more oi leaa; IheucewesttOehalis t.>
poini ni commencement.
Balmo, August ll, woo, A. McI.ah.im in,
T, ll. Atkins..:,, Agent.
Nolle" is hereby given that iki days after date
��� im.ii.i toapply io the Chief Commissioner al
Unds and nrki for pei-mlasfan la purchase
the followlug deacrlboa lamls, annate iu Weal
Koolenay dlatrlct: < ommeneing ut a iam umrL
i .1 J M, Arthur'- N. W eorner pott,*' situate near
Hi. n. K euruer ol laud applied fur by a Tumi r,
Ihouoe souih in ehain*- more or le s; ibenc eaal
hi chains j thenoo north-40 ohalns, piore or leas;
ihen.' we i >o chains lo polut of comineii enu nu
Hal mir, A tig nit ii, nasi.
'. M(-Ai-thi K,
T  II   ATKI^gQW, Agent.
Notice if hereby given thnt 00 daya afler dale
I intend io apply to tlu* Honorable iho Cblel
Commissioner of Unds nnd Works lor pot million to urebase 'he followingd^s rlbed lands,
situate in heWa I Koolenay dlitrlet: Commen-
eiiut.it n poal marked "A- *u ner'i N. v> corner
poll," hltuated nt the .N IC.Oorne nt land up-
Idled for by K Pic wart, theQi'O south 40 cbalos,
inon- ..r less I tbence ���-���iint Bo ehalns; ihenee n nh
to chain., mor orkui thoncowcivOOcbal is to
pi.p.t **f commeuroinent.
Salmo, �� i . Augu i n loci; A.To��gga,
T ll atm-w.s, Ageni
Notice li b r-l y given that B0dayi afterdate I
in i.'ii i loapplj to th** Honorable the Chief Cornier of Undi and Worki for permlaslon i<��
.\hiik deaorlbed land in West
l   ahout  lev  11   mile!,   snn ill   of
��� Inr I il;. :    I OIIIDlChCitlg nl n pusl   planted ..li
lhe east bank of Trout creek mid marked .Mi-,
W ll Hamilton�� B, w. C, Post mid ru-ulng
UorlbSt ebalua; thence eaal su .-halus; ihonee
louth 80 chains! thence west no cha ns |o i.i.ifr
..I beglnuing, coiitaluiiiii IHO acres, more or l. n
Pnird thii iffllud day o| Augnst, lnuo.
ktaa W. II, Ha.iim��,n
         W, ll. llA��iii,i..\, Agent.
purchaie the fu
k otenay idil
days i Iter dale I
b tbo Chief) ..Hi
nt ii i
��� markpd ��� K. Stewart'*. N W. corner
uuxliMi lueJuiiotlon ol U*l rwek
Hi Pork of Bolmon, ihenee south io
llllin. ,., i, .v: ihonee usl 80 chains;
it-Vic*' north k) chains, more or loss; lbence
eatmcbalni m (adntolcoiiunencemeul
Naliiio   Aiiijiim 'I'l'. lOUO,
Nolle.' it- hereby .then ih
lm.*nd lo npplv loth. Hon.
minloner of Undaand Wonts mr iwrmluton to
uurcbaae lbe following doaeribed land in .Vusi
Knot, huv Pi-irhi aboul six mil, - .m.,11, ,,/ n���r.
ton City: commenolng at u potl plmiini on iiM.
easl hunk ,.f irom ereek ninl murk ed c, l. ii.;,.
it's n W. ^. Poil and running nuth km Hinlnx;
thenco eaat so chalnn thonce uorih 80 chalmi
thence wesl m chains to tbe plfcceof commenco'
in.>ul, Colitiiltnii)' i.in aorei, more or liSN
Dated Hun And dm of a. #u��t, iinhi.
W, II   If AMU-TOW, Aij.-in
Notice \f h< reht given thai Bo days ufi rdale f
inland loap ly totho ID rable the Chief Com-
mlssloner ol i midr- i Works for permission to
purchase tho following fl wrlbeil Imul in Wen
Kootenni Dlitrlo about seven miles south of
Hu ton City; Commencing al a posl phi'ted on
the eaat bank of Trout oroek nnd marked Ales
Clieyno'l  N. W. C. I'usl   and   niuiiliiK  stuiih  Ml
ohafnii tbonoi nt an chains; thence north ho
hains; theuco woitaichalna to prul of hoglnti.
Notice Is herebj given that ilit.
dgteliuteud to applv to the Hou. t'hlcfi ..minis*
Sinner Of   Uudl mnl   Works  lor   pUminfnn W
mi rebate the followi lie dci-eri bed lundi-s'tuate m
lv.'..    Kootenav dSSIot, adjoining the liltcmn-
tional boundary Une. about four mlluwBlpJ
lb*Columbia nver 0OmmenoIn| at a poet marked "I M Fi 8. W cornvr," eituato on the in-
iL-ruationsl boundarj line, at the southeast eor-
ncrnf J a 0 Kr.iiier'Hland; thciiceiaHtNlchaln*!-
thence north flO chains, Ihence west ���� chains,
thence south f�� ��*balm to tlie place of commcnic-
ment, eontaiiitug4An aeres mor" or Ittfc
Datcdi-ith June, 1900. , UWA M rUtit.
K, J. O'Keilly, Agent.
Notice ii hereby given that sixty dais from
date I Intend to apply in the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for nermlialon
to purchase ihe hdlnniii* rleicrlbM lands UP
nan* in Wen Konehay lMsirlci. between the
Pend   d'Oreille   river  and   lln*  international
boundarj Hm  ni t three milea frotd ihe Coh
umbla rlvcF. fomniebcing at a mmi marked
.1 > r. I-"-. ���- u corueraituato on the international boundun   Mm>. atsuit half a mile Biat of
thi eaai boundary ol tbe N. A P. s. Ky. lands:
thenee nnrth -to ehalns. thence eaal B0 ebalni,
thence south Wchelhe, theuce weal 80 ebalna, to
ih,' |)iaeoofoommoiicement,toutalnlngB20acres,
more or leaa.
Dated .'tlii June, IM. J, B 0. Iim-kk.
f. .i. O'Reilly, Agent
Notice i* hereby glvmi that M dav* after date I
intend toapply to the Hon. thu chief Commiasioner of i it*.'!' nud Works for permission to pur-
ehase   Ihe   hdlmtltig   deserilxd    Ittlldl III    West
KiHiieuay dlitrlet, provlnoe of iirin-ii Columbia;
Commenolng at a poat marked "WUIlam Toiling.
lon'l northweal eorner pon,"   ..nld   pool being
planted ai ibe southwesi oorner ol the "Queen
Mtuem! Claim," mid adjoining the inst line of
McPhail's pre-emption, thenee soul fa twenty (90)
chains along said line,  ihenee eail forty (40)
ehains, thenee in.rth twenty fflO) chains, tbenee
west forty (to) ehalns more or less, to the place of
Dated Ut day ol Aijgillt, 1U00.
William Tollinoton,
By his agent J. K.Taylor.
Notice li horeby gin n lhal slat) daya from date
I int' iei toapph i" iio* Hon chiel min^iucr
of Lauds mid W orki for permiaaiun lu purchaao
the following deserlbed landi situate In ������-������>i
Kootena) Dlatrlet. adjol x the in[>*runtioiial
boundary line, ai��.nt Bve mlleaeaatof the Columbia rlveri commencing at a poat marked K
*.'s s. u corner, on the International boundary
lineal l-aura M- Praaor'asoutheasi corner, theuee
norih ni chalna, thenoe eaal 10 ohalna, Iheuoe
Mitllb   *>' eliains   llienee   Hi-��t   In ehailii to the
place of commencement, contaluing .;-���" aeres
more or leaa.
Dated JOlh Juu,-. 1900, lUi Ml i.ii.ik.-u-irK
Notice i- hereby given tbal ilxti days after
dnle I in lend to apply I" tin- lioli Chiel I l-
siotier ol Lund- and Works for pcrmlulou to
purohaae Ihe following   deacrlbed    lauds   in
in.- Wen h nay district, south of lbe Pend
d'Oreille hut; Commencing m n postmarked
C. B's S. K, eoruer, situated on the trail near
h. ur ereek about a mile from the International
l idarj im.'. lbence weal mi ebalna, ihence
north hoehai n- mure or leaa to the Pend d'Oreille
river- theuce lollowlng lbe ki.mli hank ol tiit-
t'.'iid d'Orullle river sou theaat B0 chalna. more
or leaa; tbence aouth 'JO ehalna, more or leai to
the plaee oi commenoement, oontainlng Mo
acrea, more or leaa.
Dated Bth July, 1006 CHAWJU Butnt,
P. J.o'itieii). Agent,
Notiee i�� hereby given that slxti dayia.ter
date I intend toapply lotbe Hon. Chief Commie*
iloner of Lands and Works for permlaslon to
purchase the following deacrlbed lauds, in
tin Weal Kooteuay District) eaat ol and ��<i-
lolnlng James \. Maokensie'i laud; Commeno*
mn at a poat marked A.8's 8. K. corner, ou the
south   hank   ol   the   i'end  d'Oreille  river. Just
above the mouth ol the salmon river, ibenee
weat 80 chains, tbence north 00 ehains more or
lorn lotbe I. nd d'Oreille river, tbenoe fallowing
the south bank ol - eiald river ln a lOuUuugt-
i-riy direction to tin* place of oommeneement,
oontainlng Jfiu acrea, more or leaa.
Dated Ith July 1906 .abtiick BcmniDgM.
None.' ii hereby given thai *iU) dayi alter dale
1 Intend toapply to the Bon, Chief Commlaaioner
of Land* ana Worka for permlaalon to porobaae
ihe following described land- iu Weat Kootenay
Dlstrlol -outh ol the Pend d'Oreille river. Commencing si i posl marked K. T. M's, N. B. eoruer
on the south hank of the I'end d'nreille river,
abonl a mile and a half cast of tin* mouth of Fish
��reek ihen.r toutb su chalna, thenee west w
cbalni, thence uorih lo ehains more or less to
the PenddO'roille rher,  thenee followlni;  the
���outb bank ol tbe said nver In a northeasterly
direction io tbe place of commencement, containing .A< aire-, nu.re or le*s.
Daied 2nd July ISM. Ki.ia T. Mackiniil,
-VhTIIIH  StllNKII'KH. A|[clil
Notlec \* hereby given that M days after dato I
intend to apply to tba Honorable the chief ''nm-
mlsfloDirol Undi at.d Worki for permlulon to
riirchsse the following du>i:ribed Landi iltu*
ftifi In the Komriiay Diitiicl. Beginning at a
post planted on the north shore of thu I-ower
Armw Uke about 40 chains west of thu west
boundary Of ' H K L"t 4ftW, Marked II A W.
H K. corner, thence weit 40 chains, th.-iice nnrlh
���V)chains, theme tast 80 chaini more or len to
Uke ihore. then-e lti a south westerly direction
along lake shore to pnintnf commencement, con-
isitiitig too io( I more or lesi,
bieated June '/a, 1006,
H. A. Woi.vkbton.
A. If, W'0|.vKhT(1v, Agent
Kotlce is hereby given thm two mon*bi after
date l Intend la apply to ihe llonomi.le cniff
Commuiloner ol Landi and Worka forpermle-
���lon topo'ohaae til inindr.d aud foitv (Mo)
aorea of land, deeerlbed a�� followii Commenelnj
at a post pimiie.i nt tin- northwest oorner ol C
Uallagher**application to purehnse in Fin* Val
ley, on   the  we��t ilde of   DOW#J  Ar.iw l-iike. iu
Kootenaydiitrlot. marked MW.A.C*i N,t eor
uer"; ihenee ruunitiK eighty (SO; cliainaweati
Ihenee   clahl)'    (��<��)   south;    Ihenee   eight)   (80]
. halus east;   lliel  eigbty   (��>) " liailis ii.-lth   to
place of cominencement.
W  A. CaiiiKh.
Dated tbe Hod dayol July IMM
ft le
BUty days nfier dale I   intend  lo u|.|.)
COI tlllonei of Lands uu.i Woiks, I KtorlH,
purchaie too acrea of land   Commencing m
poal (limit-.I on the wesl shore ol Arrow [_akea
ihe sonih easi r oi I J Cbrlatle'a purcbai
running nortb 80 obaina* ihenee eael au obali
Ihence nuth BDebaiu-. ih. n. e wesi a
place of eoiniileli't'liKlil
Located May. -th 1900,
I..liAii.AoHKH, Locator.
--ul) days  after dati- 1 Intend to u|.|.|v to itn
Comtoinloner of Landa and Worka to purcbaai
ni lerai ol land, iliuate ai-out on,- mlie eail o
iiurtoii iii), and deaorlbed* ai follows: loiu
mem Ing ���> a poat planted nn the nurthweei eor
nn of lot 0000 and runlng well Si chaini, tbeno
north to ebalna, then..- eaai 90 chalna,Ibenc.
smith aloni lot uo t>> plaoe ol beginning.
July ftth, l*i��. j. k. Mi NTKii.
' <inimhhii,ii,.r i,i i1" '" ""-���ll,,.',,/
",1" I" pun-iH-j- S",',11"! "orh^-Tl
**<-n*sofU,1,!,,i1���r.;.,ll,";^"l Ui_l
"t a Po-t SamS .Tm""11"^ "LS
J-'ialaBhei'sa,, i,"','^ "��5e��S
'��� >- A   \ki*s s���. ,       '""" l" PttM.. **1
thi,-1'om-ii..i0_.t���i jrjJ'*. ��� ouSL
{nlMlon io I.sirsi",.lS.M,'f,a4"'��f8
Imiil.i ComfttSSffit. SSfffl t���
HO K. n, curlier," runnln.i ., '''I ll
ohjlo, wuth, m clj.in, ���,',', S':-s'-1
pl���� oliommoncm.ni.    ���    -b,::s.-a5H
_Jol)r.ti.,i����i * *-Oia,,,^*e
nOttOB li lie'ehy jlren ili���i ��aT ^*'*w
liu-ll'l 1.,. 1,1,1, t'..*!,,. ,.,'.* ���!'.!'�� J
llls,.I..IH-ri,|l.��i���|. ,,,.   ���.  ���" S'1""!:^
iiits-iis,.,. n���- luiiowin, ,i��� ;,r. t"n��Ji
n tii.- ��, .i k...,i.������v ,ii.tIlM. p "'"ii. J
|sss��l   "11   llll.   ,i,.I �����(,. ,,,   , *H_|
ph. n., ihriii-c ki ., m , i��� ,.' !"**|
.���liinii. is. |,���ii,i ,,i ,.���,���������  . ���"'""���i
*����iro, nor In.        """im^fl
1^h-,si,.,i J���i,,. ,M,,,. is,,, .
 T:i! w".M.*i ,:.;t
Hlxty .lays after dale I mu-u ,,
l hief l'ou.iul.sloi,e,   ���[  l^ '' J '��WU|
\  Oloriu. lor (MTiiiis.ioin ,.,,._ ,! "^i
aod sixty (Itti) acre, of Uil,i,iwX,**��i
ed as follows: lonmiemn - -��� . -'1
clghiy (Hi) chains easl i.f n,,. s \\ ���*"
Bulaer's prvemplloiiaiiilinarhiii rrSM
curuir, und running e-ui |���rl, ,\ �����
Ihenee soiilh f.,rl) (40) chtlm lh��3
��� ���baiiiK. Itn liee north f���n) (*..',.,,... V* ,
betlnnlng " *>m
July 7, Iftli. atC|
Noiiee is hereby gtvto tbal Bl .i..,.,,,
Intend io apply io ,i���. n.,,, ih��.,'i^7__
���loner of Und* t Works fur t��i__ta__
chaae Ihe following d.-s.,,[,-.[ u'^\*t
kootena) district, pno uni-..[ iirni.r'riJ
'-ol mclng  al a  |.o-t  iiiHrt.'l \  |]fl
Notice ii hereb
intend t.. sj.ph i
oi Land- mid IV<
tbe* following di
Kootenay lo-tn
orner po
given thai '���" tla>sailer date I
the Hon. ('blef i onimissioiuT
��s f..r permission to (.urebase
ribed   laud-*, altuate iu Weti
youth ol tbe I'end d'Oreille
 nclog at a poet marked A  H .M's. N
iltuate at tbeaoutb hank of the Pend
ivt-r at Kilo T. MaeKt'iiiie's n.-rti, mut
ii, theuee aouth 80 ehalna, tbenee i-a-i
SUehailis. tbence norlh Ml ehains more or le*s to
Pend d'Orelllo river* tbenee weet BB ehalna,
owing the bank of the said river to th.- plaee
in. ni, ...iiiaiuiiiK i>to acres, mon
A. It Mai KKMUl
iiskii.kh, Agent
a,conUlnlng040acroao( Imul, more.
imie.i thiainnd do) of August, I0OU
\v. ii llAUii.Tow, Ageni,
Notleo is hereby given that Go daya aftor dale i
i nd io apply I., tin* Honorable if..* ohlol ('on.
inis-huier nf Lands und Worki for permission to
purchase tho following dtnerl I liinda siiunte
iu  West Cnotenay Dlit'ict:  ''oinineneiu; ai n
posi   uinrked  ".   MeArlhui'M N.W corner nnil
altuati nr Ihe rl. K. eoriier of Inud applied   fo.
h) H. MeAriliur theliee lOUth til  Ohalni, tlUTc  or
less;  thonco ensl  m   ehnllis;   tin m-e   nortii    |0
oho ni, nio'o <.r lean tnonoa won wi ebalni tn
point of i ommencemoui
Balmo, n C, Angual nth, two,
P. MiAmui u
T. ll ATKtNaoHj Agent,
Notice is lurcln given thai tvI d-us from date 1
intend loapply to the ll. rable the Chief Com
rQieeioner of Undi nml Wnrki ror permission
lo pun loi -��� !h.   followiliu daioribod   IuikIn  nIi
uaie in West Kooicimy Disiriei: Commencing
or les
Haled 2nd Jul) 1008,
Notice ll li.n-nvKiven thai sixty days afterdate
1 intend in apply to the Hon chief commluloner of l.nud-mid  Works for |M>rmlasiiui to pur-
efaaee thi following deaoribed landa iltnawln
Weal Kootenay Dlatrloti south of the pend
d'Oreille river, commencing hi * i-n��i marked
\i. H'i s. K.corner, situate ou the aonth bank
..f the Pend d'Orelllo river at -la v Macken-
nfe's southwest corner, tbenee wot fa Un ehains,
Ihence west ni chalna, thence north "u chains.
more or Ion to the ivud p'ureiiie river: thence
followlni ih<- south bank of tin-said river in nn
. uierlj mid uurtboaateriy direction to the place
of commencement, containing 'i-m acrw, more or
Dato 3rd July, 1808.      Mjunuiun IliacooBT,
Arthur Behnelder, Agent,
Notice li herebj given tbal slaty daya afterdate
I Intern" toapph to tbe Hon.Chief Commlaaioner
of i.iuids nnd worka [orpermlailon to purebaae
tbe rollowlng deaorlbed lands fn Weat
Koolenay District, wuth of tbo I'end d'Oreille
ri.er, commencing ai a post marked J N. .M's
s. w, corner, iltuated on tin* wotb i.ai.k of the
Peud d'Oreille rher, oppoalte the mouth of i'.
Mile Creek; thence eail mi chain., ihenee north
in chains mor.* or leai to the Pend d'Oreille river,
tbence following the south i.mikot the aald river
In a weeterly and wuthweaierly direction to the
[dace  ol   coiiMiielicemeiil,   I'oiitaiullii!   .TJI acres
more or I.'-.
Dated Brd July, IMS.       Jame- N. Ma- ki.:.vzik.
Arthur Behnelder, Agent.
Notice tl bereby given lhal sixty days after date
I Intend to applv to the Hon chief Commissioner of Inud- nnd Works for |u'ruiissli.ii |o iitir-
chn-c tbe following deacrlbed landi in weal
Kootenay Dlitrlet-wuth oj the Pend d'Oreille
river, commenolng al a i-nsi marked a K'-.v. \v
enrner, situated al  tin-southwest corner of Ia>t
ii-'., u I , thenee eaat Bu ohalna, n *o aouth no
ehalna, thence wesi m ebalna, thenoe north 8fl
chatm to tbe place of com moment, containing imi acrea, moro or less.
limed ".Mth  lino, looo, A ton i ikokk,
F. J.O'ltellly, Anent.
Nollee la herebj given lhat 0u daya after dale
l inicnd loapply (oiiielfoii Chlel Commlaaioner
ofl.mid-nn.1 Worka for permission to purebaae
the foibiwiiii: deicrlbed laud- lu w<-t Kootena.
dlatrlct, wuth of tbe I'end d'Orelllo rlvor, eaal ol
Klsfa creek,cominoncing ai n oosi marked K. u
II- N   W  eomor,  uIk.uI   half a mlb- eul of the
iiorihciul corner of Loi H'.'A.'i I., thenco wiitli
Pi ohalna, thonce oaal 8U ehalna, theuce norm 11
ehnllis,   thonco   wesl   KO  ehulns   to   the  place of
co loncemont, enuiaiiiluK KM acres, more or
Haled snd inly hwti.       Phko Vt, HkMoovtr
AitTHi-it M, itwKinmt, Ageni
BUty days afterdate I intend to apply to the
Commissi..n.r,,I   l.���i, I i  Works to purchase
nm acres ..I land, near Burton City, oommenelng
��' �� p"ii pla I at ii nli easl rornor of Lot
No. Kf*��*. nmi marked J, D, Mn'i wnthweat porner
and   running   north   In   chains, thence east hi
ohalna, ihenco wuth in ohalni. thonoe weal to
chnins to placoof boglnnlng,
July 13th, 1000, J, I)   Mc ccunCH
A. A. Mtirton. Audit.
Notice is lieroby eivqri lhat Oo daya after date I
inlcnd to apply to the Hon,.ruble the Chief Com-
mlssloner of Und* ,,u,| Worka for porinlulonI to
purchaao lbe f wing dcacrl I landi: V,,,'
no-ui-lugiita posl i,Miked   "J. A. (I, It's. \V  eor
nci.-p I, Him ii,.* no pom corner of I. i i;<i i
i.erih; Ih.iieeHii p),afni ���md;
iiih; thonoe80ohalna west i,,
���eineut, COIll  lulng l.|u acros
Notice is  hereby iilveii  that  ilxty day* afli
date 1 intend to appl*. to the Uon. cblel Commt��
iloner <-i Lands Hii.i Worka lot permiailon to pui>
.hu-.' th.- following deaorlbed lauds aiitioi.- in
Wesi Kootenay dlitrlet; Commencing al a poet
marked J.B. \ anatone'i 8 8 oorner post, situate
in th.- Balmon Rlrer Valley, at a point adjoining
J Mceeher's land al w.-t.rii hoiindnry. tlieiov
w.-I so chains, tbence north -Mi chain's, ilo-n.e
east so ebalns, thenee south io chains to |hUiii of
July Mtb, looo J. ii. Vumrona,
'I'. 11   Atkinson. Agent
Notice In herehy given lhat 80 days alter data I
Intend toapply to the Honorable the Chlel Com-
minloner of ijinds and Works for permlnion to
loir, has,-   the   folloum*   described   lail-i* III  tlie
West Koolenay district: commencing m a poet
marked H.MeC.tf.X cim-r, planted 4- chains
north of the a W corner ol w A. Caldvr's pre-
emption lu I ire Valley, miming .Ochnln- souih,
tt Cbalni w.-st, to chains Uorih, 40 chains easl to
place of oommencement
llagUi McCasdi.isii, UMMttor.
w a. calijkk, agent.
June ."nh, 1*",
Notice li hereby given lhat BOtfm afler date I
Inieml to make ap|.li,-mioii to the I'loiioratile the
C)ilt-f Coiiitnkssloiier ol I-��iid�� and Works for per-
mistiou   to purt-base  ibe  following  Jescrtbed
lauds: Comme&Olng at a poel marked A. W. Cal-
der's southeast corner, aectlOO IA Townnhlp 88,
riiiiiiiuK eail twenty chains, WOtO forty "haliis,
���t twenty chains, north forty chains to place
listed July 3. l*s_,
iiui.v Bam
alter dale I inicud
Notiee is ki veil lhal t-oda
toapply to the llouorabh
sioner of Lauds and Works for , ��� : inisslou l.
purcha-'e Ihe following  descril-*.!   lauds  in   tb
Wait Kootenay Dlitrlol:  Oommenelng at a m
marked U.C.Pprnti 1 nud B. K Conor plaaei
near the hind d'Oreille river ai Boundarj creel
ensi side of Balmon river. Ibenee eaat n chain
along the International Houndir) lln.. thenc
ll -rlh 40 chains, lhei.ee   wesl   so   chaliiv   thine
south 4u chains to plaee of commencement,
i��ated theSOtb of July m*.      c.c. ponrn.
' Hy ANoaaw A nta, Agent.
eh .in
Dal d tbo 2lit day of July looo    ���
J ��� A.O'Krii/.v.
Notic is her.hy given ihat is y, after data 1
��*"/���" tpplvto lbe Ho...,n.idr llie C, |,.|   V    '
mlMlisernf Undaand Worka for ..er. lu on   ���
pnrohamtbfl following d.se.|,,,.i   ���,;.''.
 "HnjfaUposI marked "J w ir";\v ,' r
ner," placed on thn eail -h re ���t i,,.�� ��� *
Uke at the ��� nrlhweit corner of .  Uhrlatlo^a In
e  sl. lheucc*.,'ehs|tis north;
moro or lea, weit tn tie lake
i"��l 8 iak.-sh  io point .
oontainlng BjjOaoroi mon- or \_���
Dated ihe Slrd day ol July, iwiii.
���lice tu chnin-.
'", lhetice ol
Kotiee li hereby given that two mod thi after
date I  intend   to apply   lo the  11 treble the
Chief Commissioner  of   ! und-  and   Work-  foi
permlulon to purchase the loiio��ing deacrlbed
landa altuate on tbe weet arm of Kootenay lake
in the iiiktrict oi West Kootenav;   Commencing
st a |sist marked -William KiuTby's N W poet;"
tbence west twenty ('.*��) fbain*; Ihence south
twenty CM) chain*; Ihcnce east tffeOtl [SO]
Chaini] theliee north twenty (Jll)   chain* to Che
polnl of oommeneement, oonuunfng forty (tuj
acres, more or lesa
hated Julv 7. IMS*.. I  li, Nrinok.
Notice is hereby given thai 80 dayi aflei date I
Intend to apply to The H table the Chief Com
missl r of Lands nnd Works lor  perilils-ioii   to
pnr. has*- ihe following deeerlbed landi, iltuate
in ih-- West Ki���,i, nny district; Commencing ul a
jh.si  marked   M   UeC. H. W. corner, phnited 4ii
ehalni wait of I. c. Monison's northweal comer
of his crown granted laud in hro Valley, running lo chains easi, in ebalni norih. m ohalni
��est. 40 obaina souih to place of commencement.
M. Mi-cam>i.isii, Locator.
W. A. I Al.l.KH, Agent.
June joth.'Jene.
Notice is hereby gi-.cn lhal 80 dav- after date, I
Intend to applv io (he Hon. Chief Cammlaloncr
Of Landl and Worki for permission lo purchnse
the following iteecrfbed iract ,.f land situate m
West Kooteuay Dlatrloti   C mencing m tbe
���outkweel corner of |��i 7,:uai; theuce runlng
West   4)1 chains; theliee north 90 chains, llienee
wesi 40 obaina| thei north 90obainai thence
easi hii ebalna; thence south tt chains i,. poim
of commencement, containing SHO acrea, more or
Dated at Nelson, H c, this Brd day of Julv,
l!*w- Maiiv M am an,
per  P, C   Ureen, Agent,
Notloe le bereby given lhat 00 daya after dale
I liilcinl  lo a|.|,jy   I,,  u,,.  llonornhlc  the Chiel
Commflienor of Laudi end Worki lorpcrmlssinn
to purchase the rollowlug dcserlla>.| lands lu the
vi.- Koolen ii Dlitrlet: Commencing at a poal
marked I. K. Frenches Lands, K.corner pla t
near c C. PoynU H. W   comer,   then, ���,[  ni
chains, ihence north   Id chalna, thonco wm ni
chains, ihence so.illi in chains io   i.i.u \ ,.,,���,
Haled ..l||, dey nf.luly IBM. T. It   I'liKS.tl,
li)* ANIUtKW AhlK. A get) |
Nollco,ii hereby given ihat 00dayi after dato I
Inlcnd to apply lolhe llouorable lhe Chief Coin*
minloner ot Unds mid Worki for permInlon i��.
pureliue ihe following deaorlbed hinds m the
��.st Kootenay diitrlcf, near Burton Cltyi coin
inciicliigulapost planted al ll ilt.ensi corner
of 'eorjte ""d-wi'i   pre-omi i��   end
marked Harry U Toi I Ing ton'IN k C n st und
running huiiIi lu chains, lhei.ee weit Vol aim
110 u. e norlh 40 ohalni, Ihcnce ens. JU chains lo
placoof beginning, containing So aeroi of land,
111 Te or le'H,
Dited tbtolOtli dayol 'uguit, lOofl,
Hahiiv ii. I'oi.i.iMirov.
Noiiee |t herehy given hat 00 dayi after dale i
intend tn make npplleatioi he llouorable lho
I hief I omillisslouerof I ,-, in!. ��� ��� , W,. ks for )mt-
misHloti to purchase about   i" .ores of land slfii
ated on the Balmon river, Woal Kootoiiaydlalrlcl,
'��� lenotng at a post marked a it. Butter*. N tt,
Corner, plauied on the wesl  k ,u 11,,- ii.   .
about Af iiillesnoilhoftl.ciiilernatloinilhoui.il.
ary. Ihence wesl 00 chalio., theuce Bti t hnlns
souih Ihenee easl aboul 90 ehulns to the river,
lbence northerly along l he river to place of com
UiellCeinent '
AtlgiiHt IMlb, 1-KM1. o  ���'   H|iTi;n,
T. II Atkinson, Agent,
fiaiy data .if er dale I intend loapply to (he
Hono.abie (he chief c In io ner pfXafads and
Woes, Vleloriii. to j.urehase M0 acrea of land,
lociiied   and   described   hn   follows;    Bglug the
heioulh balfol ihe uorthwoll ouaftorBootlon
tee ily three, Powuiblpiixtynlne And/urlbor
dewrlbed aa f.Uowi: Commencing at a i.ost
marked J J. n. w comer, and planted tn ohalna
ciistot the nortbweit CO ner of Mcclloii iwcntv
iwoaiidrmiiiiiig mn in. h ��� ins. tbence souih i-u
Cans, thenoe east -III ehains, tbence south '.'II
ba   is,  theuee  JVeil  BO Oil ll 08, tbence north 411
oneine tonlioe of beginning.
Allglllt'JIalJVUO JAMgHJoilKHlUNK,
W. A. Calder, Ageut.
H w  corner
aboul iwo i
mid ut the l
 I fil'fl
thenee norih ����> obaina, tl  ..
ihci.ee lonth 80 cbalm toUu pUm
coiilHinlng .'hi n.-n-s more ,.i |...
Pat.-d IhUMlbdayofJDly.UU
        a iit^
Kotiee i* hereby given thai mo-**
dntel intend toapply to tbe UoaonSd
��� ommtntonerof Undsund w���rkifi.i)M
to pnrehan tbe following d.��fit^iS
ate Hi   Kire Valley on Uo w. .1 lldeelfl
row  Uke, Kootenay dlilrlci   l.��7.iS��
lows:  Commencing at h (��..? j..��-72P
norlh wait oorner ol w a Caideri ��� ���'.'!
marked "A. Mel/s tou thu est eom.r^S
thenc.- furty (4U) , h���m. eaati Um^H
chains nonh; ihem,- |,,rn ({.ij n.o%\
theliee   forty   ("0   chains siiuth to !_t(W
commencement) eoutaitiiug od. ha'
sixty (180) acres more or less.
Iialed June W, IW6. A.tot'i WrL.-^!
W A.CiU.u if-TT
Noilce || hereby given tbat lilt) :ir.J
dm.' I intend lo app'y to ilie H n.-uJil
Cblel fommlnloiter of Un.i< mi i*-u|
parmlaatoo to purchaae the foPovUtii
Ui,d- commencing at a ]s.st nun-,!',
ling!..ii s K, K C. poet, si th* Niniba
ol J   ii. HeOrade'i   pre cmptlo-i a
running south 40 chains in *...nt:���*-��?	
Geo Hudson'i |.rcempiioU'lBiin;tiin-tii
ebalus; thence north m cfaitm, \t>n*m
i hnlns to plaee of comiueu.fiuint,rutin
ftCree "! Imul uo.re or less.
I ia ed this atb day of August. ����.
ni.sij-i.i I'.sj.-xn j
A A Itorlai >o::
Notice li herehv given that KMin-Jt-rlli
Intend to tpply io lhe Hnu..r��|.tffet1ijr
nii-'i.iner ..f lands nud Works t-r^'WJB
pun haw the   following   deserlls--; ,>a��
mencing m a j..-* marked w a a, tin
plauied al Ihe N W. crner el " i'tti
pnemplloii  lu  K|re  V��lh), riinu:B(W_a
nortb, iu ehalni weet, HOeii��iu������inik.riM
cam lo plaee of eommenoomul
w, k HcCaguiBLl
W. A Cam.h,1(i
Jlllie ���Jllh, 11106.	
Voti.e is h.Teln   glvell  I hut M (1��T* ill.
intend m make ��p|ii>i-an<ui tothi'[li>!i'��**��I
Chief Commlnlooer ol l-andi and w��uwia*|
mission to (Miichase Uu nen-s nl !lB-l����l
,1 -in. t of West * iiolcu��..ct.mm.*��*liiie��?<l
I'lsin ed on Ih.  ...uih ilde of li.'iin.|srfmtm|
Ibe llitertiall il houndary line. c.i<' ��B'1,'"i
in lea aaat from the ShIth.-h nvrr mirW"���l
.. \duui-. -ontheusi , orner," tli-'B"* ��*������
chnins, tbonce north **��i rhalni, ih-*iw����*Bm
rhalni, tbenoe souih to cbalni leptHtttM
mencemont ,   J \
KMItl   K  Ai'iS* h'��l". I
|M*r KM. KeevcsiAieut
Pated ihi-9th day of July, p-ie.
Blxty days after date I intend toiffJijB
ii. n  '. i.ni Comminlonei dI t.a��-isii.* ""'^1
\ li toi ih. to pun bale i" acrei ul ��*������
monotng m n.,...-t planted ui ti eciij -[^
powet  plant lol H  K eormr MLM k*>*.lf
river, ihenc JO chain Ui. n.��-i"��*"*;
ehalna, thence north .*> chnin- U��w<
chnin- io polnl of coi mc int.
Ncl��..n. II c . Aug it, 1006
K J.i'flUl
Notice   !��   herehy   giveii   Iiiai si��i    ���.-���-���;
date l intend toapply to the HmonUi fktm
I minloner of BA [ff��*tf{Ba
o purchase the followingdeacriW��f|��a
i. Weil Kootenay dUtrfct: BeginningaUM
dant.d ai the northwwtcornerotuaM^
lo piinlui
Ii    "
ilantcd at the liort	
Dog Creek,  ihence south *��cbali- -
uo.re or  letk. IhctJCl^^
�� ��,r>
il,,. �����"
si,,.,- sn  law IIi.-ii. i ��.' >ii'":������
inmwlurii known u the Utumtn��t_\
P-tedJnl-MW. ""��� * ���"������-
N'.l  i- ����� r.-l.y ���lv,-li tlial >'";J'l��
,.<���.,��,.-1 l I i.s apply I "" '   ,a��
Honor oIL. ami ��'sti- vi,-i..".-    i'g
.lou  I ri'lnu..- III.- lisll.'sssiis.' 'I'-' '.*,: "5
.iiohi- !o ii���-iii.iri.'i ot ��"���"*;";';'���3
i.li.riiliiniii, ,T,-,-ls: .-l��iniis.'��l �� I"'1��'   ���, I
II...     .......     ..       ,,-  r       I, rt lll'-l    .'"      .
Jolin Whll-'l B,  ��'
ehsin, w.uiii .si J   Mai	
riisiiilin; sn,rlli :m i-lmliis.  ll"
III. .< ssssolli SO i-linlii.. Uss i
IhiIiiI of i-iinitni'iit-, ins-Ill.
.lino- 11. I1.N1
,.l ...rnrt.
i ,1,-ti.iH
JOH, ,,Mirl-
l K.tn�� """'   -
��� sill.
N ������ I.y,,i,-..i. ��JXl��
lilt I In ll|s|il,   In llll- H "' '    ' , lM[1,.,|rtB��
iiil.rtl,,  of Uml. nml Wl"k\   ,  ., i, ,110*
piin-liii.i- Hi.- liillos, ma slorrliw "jEKyjB
In Il-tri.-l .sl ��Vo.lK.��,t.'i.��r.;{l' ,��.
WOW. 11,0, lints,'' K,,'"""*',,.'...'!l��."1
PlllS nl tin- llilllill   |i"-l   |.la,""l '"     iirti.
.-.sroi-rol 1^,1 7!��l. Ill.-nr,' ll'"   ' ���1,',|    li.'.lliW'
sis-i su i-toiiiis,, lhonr.1 s-isisin --''���. -
out .M .-hal, iss.liil'ili'"" '"', y,,ii>
Imi, ,1 .In, I ill,. Il>.',.
N..U.-.- I> li.-.tt.)- Klv.-i. ...�� *���">..",,,. tw.
Is-nil   l. apily  1" Hi" ',"�����" .. is., iw"'
,���i i. r,-l.i.s.H 11.,' f-.M-nltU'l1   r ",hlll���i��
,v ti���, iiiim'
sn,I   usssl �����'
.Ino In iniri'loi". Ill,' ''Ml"vl""i!",''���'.;"��ilii'iiil��
.iiohi. .i In llio Weal Kn ..��>' " ' ,'.nirf-
.'. I,. IV,irs..ill'i...li lls'-'l',1'11;-,1!,,'' iii.'rliri'''
quarter mil.'. Inn rati* Vr !,i'iss.ll','
���iiik nt a.nml l"!'.l;k'',,.l..'������ ,������ni. iw'
1 1
pnal to
U>il ilii>
. In
y Klv
Inland i>, apply t" l,,.,.'."'l
.Issin-r nl lai.nl>, Mill  "Of
soiii'l  lln- lolls.ssliiK 'I'
w.hi k. s.v ilhlrli-lt
itiurk.-.l It. Ili'll'a H K
,1   ll���> Hill
,. i. al.
11 UK   ',' *
III  l,'���  , .
rlvor, t',V;1'T���Ti *i."h��l"*i
 hnliiiwolliMti ..-��..i.u. �����������' ,
Is, |,l���i'|. olhi'Klniilnit. ���. II II."-
li���t,,l Bill .lay nl .'nl)'. !����'���
NollMlal,��l.b����lvolltli��t��,��|C"J , "'
I,,,,,.,,,, loapplj-lo in.'I""  ���      iiu ;
i.rol l.nnil. mnl  ��'��'''  ,��� ��C
,,,_��   ||.0   InllosslllK  ' I'"''1        p,���l sl'lll*,1*
v 'iv.'i'i'.'riu'r. ��ii'iiiTl,',l "'' I,1"' "'""J1 'ihi'i*'1"1.
iviteltelil,' S'iivriil j*^%\��'m
.rlh iiii'hniii ' 	
onn iniiii, nm ni'i'i'i
 re or loi
li. Mai
'VariiiiK * >.*.��"'��"'' The Daily Canadian
20 Pltces Brussels, Velvets
and Tapestry Less than Half
Regular Prices
From 10 to 23 Yard Ends
**���       ' ' y g==J
tperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:  Toronto.
| \|, PAID OP...,$8,900,000 KKNT $11,900,000
Wll.KIE, President HON. IIOBBBT JA.'VKAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
at ciirri-iit rutes from slut,' of opening nc-
:- rirt'ivi'il tuul iuTi-ri--,, allowc
twitted half yearly
J.   M.   LAY,   Munngssr.
Hali Mmi! g and Smelting
Company, Limited.
urchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
[oal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Boal Builder! will Hnd il h> HltK advantage to dm our Pitch.
lelson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd.
Recent Decision of Grand Forks City
Solicitor Carries Bridge Bylaw.
(Special to The Daily Caudian.)
Grand Kurkti, Aug. ilit.���Considerable
couatui nation waa caused here yebtei'-
day when. Acting City Solicitor A. C.
duuuu rendered au oinuiou to tlie city
council that the bridge bylaw that was
supposed to nave been defeated by
two votes at the election held lait
Saturday had passed by one vote. Mr.
outtou baaeu tilt opinion that the b*>
votes cast in lavor oi the bylaw wae
uioi'-d than ihree-l'iiihs of the total
votes cam. He pointed out that thu
six bjioilcil tialiuta u.-j duclarcd by the
returning oflioer under Bection To ol
the Municipal] Bleotion Act should not
Ixi counted uh votes cast, and conse-
tjiH'Ully, leaving the upoiied lmll<il��
out, the bylaw bad legally passed by
ODQ vote. St'cUon ".! of the Municipal
Elections Act, Upon which Mr. Sutton
gave his opinion, stales that spoiled
ballot! shuil be rejected uml shall not
he counted hy Hie returning officer.
An Informal meeting of ihe cily council was held last evening lo consider
the matter ami an official meeting of
ihe city fathers will be held next
Monday evening, when tho hylaw will
b>* reconsidered and finally passed.
When tills Is done the building of the
bridge will lie commenced at once. It
will lr- built across the Kettle river
at  the head of Fourth  street   aud   will
ho the heat bridge lu the Boundary
d stiict, cn-stillf. some $Sti0n. The passage of this hylaw meetB with the general approval of a larr-e majority of
the heavy proportv owners.
Arthur LniWnnl nn old prninector,
ai-rivcil from Franklin camn yesierday.
where he has he��n dolnc development
wnrk on the Spelter Klntr property,
Mr. T,*vi"ford nnd the other owners
nr.** juhilnnt over lhe result of his
work, he now having uncovcre-i a nay-
ntrfal. of high grade zinc ore which
Is over 10 feet wide. This ore was
found at a death of some IS feet. Several assays of this ore have recently
heen made and the returns show from
22 to 42 per cent In zinc and 2 per
cent in copper. As speltnr is now
worth about 7 cents a pound, it will
make the ore taken from the lowest
assav of 22 per cent worth ahout
tlfi.fm Jn nine to the ton. to say nothing of the copper values.
Contractor Wooderd, who has had
the contract for dealing the right of
way on th*1 first It. mile extension of
the Kettle vallev line up the north
fork, was in town today mid Informed
your correspondent that his cn*np it
now nt Banncek ftlty nnd thnt he will
have his contract fully completed by
Aimust H.
government line of communication ls
being Installed now. The present telegraph wires Will be used and there
will be stations at Nanaimo, Arlington
hotel, Little Qualicum and Union bay.
This line ia not to be confused with
the local telephone service. It Is
strictly a government Une and the
telephone at Nanaimo will he In the
C. P. R. telegraph office. At Union
bay it will be found In the house of
Thomas Hudson. Mr. Hudson is work'
ing for the government placing Ul*
phonet-) and Is at present In the tilty.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Rooms (ire well farntuhed.   Table m good na evtf
in NeUou.    Bar lupplled with good
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Xuroptan and American Plan
Mem 35 ct��.  Roomi Irnta �� ctl. to tl
Only White Htip Employed.
Notice U lierobr given tiniia Court ol Revision
mil Appeal lor Hn- fVln.nl Hintricin t,t rfcMiiu,
Hiuni', "line -mt Vmlr. will he li'-W lu Uu*
court House i�� (In* utv nf Nelson, B. .1, nn
Monday, lha 17th d-arof September, i M, sl the
hour niiOitO o .-lock in itn* forenoon, lo bear and
determine nil appeal" Irom Ibpu'csamet).-' made
In iii.' above m.-u lon-*U **li >ol blstrtets fnr tin*
vi-nr t'.Nhi, tiii.l  r llit- "1'llbllfl ""i* In mis Ai't."
Paled n( N.-i��nn,/. G , iin- >ih dayol .uu'.u-i,
Jinl|!i' nf Court nf lti'visKin at)') Appl'ill,
Nelson Assessment lumrii-t.
miim:wai. act
Certificate of Improvements
Gigantic. Giant,   flttl Oban*1*, Chahalali, mid
Twenty Mite Praeilon mineral utatms. Mtu-
ate in Uu* Kelson Minim- DivMou of west
Kootenay iiiKtrli't
Where located! Oo < uodeefountain, between
Wild ������omand Bear! reeks,
Take notiee iimi I. John UcUtoble.of the city
nf NvIhiid. hi'Uiii!  h*-h>_ji-iiI fnr Joseph Htur��t*oti,
free Miner's Certificate No. B51A, Intend, slaty
days from tbe date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder fnr ('erUflo&toi of Improvements, for
iho purpose nf ciitHiiiiiiK Crown Grants of tne
above cla'ms
A ml fiirlln-r lake nnttOP lhat ui'ttnn,under ttO-
tinii .t7, iiiiiHt i>  comueueed before tin- i-i-nan.*.'
of sin-ii ii-rlili -ail- nf hiinrnvfiiii'iitN
Dated this Mm ii.iy i.i July, A. D.3M6,
Baker St., Nelion Proprietors
Bartlett   House
Best DolUr-a-Day Home in Nelson.
The Bar 1. the Fiimi.
White Belp Only Employed.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
I'lre and Aeeldant
Real Estate and Mining
losephlue BL
The Big Schooner n.._ 1 [\r
Or "HallindHall"    DCCl    1 UL��
Tbe only < ihws of OoikI Beer iu Nelnun.
Histt-i aoeommodittloiia Meou. Us nssnt- in Brit*
l-h I'llniiilslH. Hatt^ll.isii|j^rsls.y. H,K'i'ls.l rales
to monthly boarders,. Only Isssme hotel tu Nelson
OOW1NI iM MTAINI.l iY and -ill JCA.
Corporation of tbe City of Nelson
BY-LAW No. 171.
A By-Law to raise $50,000 for the completion of the Electric Light and
Power Plant of the City of Nelson.
Lake View Hotel
Corn*!* Hall an'l Vermin,
two blocks frnin wharf.
Kaien . 1 00 per day nnd up.
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
OlnVst MtAbluhed F.'nl Estate
BuKiwsK in K.Miti.iiiiy.
Nelson, B. C.
P. O. Box 151.
Teliiplmiie UK.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. ERICKSON, Propriotor.
Centrally Located. Open DaT and Night,
Bainpleand B.th Booms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Frott Lands tn this district.
Most of it siuiHl" ou the West Asm nnd Main Lake,
fore yon dwiiie to locate.
See me be-
City Solicitor Dead.
Hamilton, Ont, Aog, M.���Fran*
Mockeloan, K, ('.. one of ini- oldest
iiii'iniii'i'B <>r the Ontario bar and for
ninny years ciiy oolldtor tor Hamilton, l�� dead.
'. Burns s- Co.
ch Market! in  Borland,  Trail.  N.laon, Kario,  Sandon, Throe Forks, New
Denver and sioran city.
Government  Telephone.
By next Tuesday telephone communication between Nanaimo and Union
hay will l.i- a possibility, says the
Nanaimo Free   Press,     A   Dominion
Mountain Wild
Flowets of
By Julia W. Henshati)
> mnil to huv branch will have
upi and cartful attention.
He-id Office: Nelson, B. C.
���A simple and popular Kiiide to the
names and descriptions of the (lowers ihai bloom above tho clouds."'
Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
R. P.rithet"_co., LIMITED
A honk for every teacher, school nml
private library,   i.��<i every   Ipver sif
our wild   flowers.
Price $2.75
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Casti Stores....
Kootenay Lake Fruit Fair 1
'fiitl Display of Fruits,
""ii Vogetebles,
^mrleaoloseBopt, .ith.
���te'1* n on all luiiitH mid ii'iiins
THI-O. !"��� ADAMS.
Kaslo, B.C., Friday, Sept. 14th
WHRBBA8 ii pcMtlnti h tn been predated to
the Vunfelpftl fanned of Uu Corpor��tton of tlu
City n( Nt-l-i(in !>i-.ii. i| liy lln- owners of nl li-rtst
oii-U'iiili nf lhe vttluu nl tlie r.'iil properly hi ibe
khIiI illy itn nhnwn hy the lut revlxetl uDnt'itKiiieni
roll, reguettlnit th* itld Council tn introduce
���a By-Liiw to r��l�� IflO.tt'O.OO lor the pnrpOM ol
earn plating thocon-nrueUon of th��*K eotrt^Llgnl
Hmi rower 1'Inni now b Ing aonvtraeted by the
city ni Nelson nt the Upper Bonnington Full-,
Kootena; klver, Hrfl-h i ol umbla.
AND WUBRRA8 It Is deemed e\p. iliont to
rompleta the Ueot'lQ l.miit nml Power pltint.
AN'l> wiiKlt-AS fur the pnrpotMaforeitahl it
will lie neoomiy to borrow the sum of l-'Uly
Thnu.and Dollin (tau.000.00), and loi inedoben-
uire< of the ('Uy o( Nelion for the puriH>*>eof
rilling taiil hmount.
AND VV11KKKAS tlir- whole miioiint or the ratable Ihii-I of thu -m.l city, aceontlut. to the
l.tst reviled AMMiniOnt Rou, In one million two
hundreiliiu-' Kixty-IhreotbouKiUil eight hi)mlre<)
nml lorty dotUn(|t,S6&BI0)
AM' Wlll-.hKAS U will be lemiisle to ntine
iniiUiil'V by rate Ibe sum of FourThotiaatiil One
Hundred ��ii<i Seventy Nine Dalian (11,17900) (or
paying the tald debt and interest.
Now therefore the Munlctpal Couocll ol the
corporation of the City of Nelfon enacts et>
followi :-
1 ���ft ahull ami mny he lawful for the Mayor of
tho corporation of the city of Nelion to borrow
UpiO the Credit or the aabl Corporation, by way
of tbe aobontur**! heretnaftcrireutloneil, from
any perton or poroona, body tir brnllea corporete,
who may be willing lo anvance tnttaineann
loan, a "Um ef money no) exceedlnt in the whole
lbe hiiu  of  Fifty Thomaliil DollrUl (IW.00000,)
mi i tocauie al! mob inuuio ruined or reoelved
I ��� be paid Into the hands of ihe Treasurer of the
mii,i ��� orporatlon for the purpoee and wllh the
Object berelnhef m- recited
t. -It ihWl be lawful for the Mayor nf the said
Corpora toll lo cause anv number oldcta-litiueH
t�� b< made, executed and issued for such sum or
mmi bi mny bo required for the pnrpowand
object UOlDiald, hoi exceeding bpWeVi r. the sum
of Fifty TbouMnd Uollara (MjOO-OW, eaoh o(Jtho
-ui.i debenture" hclna of the denomluatlonof
Out* Thousand Dalian (SI.000,00) and all inoh debentures hhull I..* sealed with the seal of the Cor-
poraUon uu.i signed by the Mayor thereof.
a���The aald debentures ahall bear date the lit
���lay of October, liKt'., and shall be made pajable
In twenty years (rom (he said date in lawful
un me *���   ot   ''ii uu la at   iheolllceof the Bunk of
Uon treat In Nelson aforesaid, which laid plaoe
of payment shall he <lesl*<naicd by the said debenture*, and shall have attached to them coupons for the payment of interest, nud thu siicna-
tnrcH   lo   the  Interest coupons may  be either
written, slumped, printed or lithographed.
4 The said debentures -hull bear inlereat at
tbo rale of ft per cent, from the dale thereof,
which Internal shall he payables mt-iiiinually m
said office of the Mmik of Montreal in Nelson
,ii>iiv...ul, tu lawful money of Canada, on lhe
first del of April and ii im day of October reapec-
livclv lil each year during the currency thereof;
mid it slmll be cxprcscd in said debentures aud
wiupoui tv bo ao p yabla .
:., It shall L�� lawful for lhe Mayor of sili.l I'r-
poraUon to negotiate and sel! Ihe said debcu
Hire-, oi* any id Mn in fnr less than jiar, but in uo
in*.' -'li.ili llie Mild ilcbeiitureH or any of them he
tieitotlntcil or sobl f��r leai ihan ninety-live -ja-r
i-elltuui of their \aluc ilielu.iluu the cost ol negotiating an I sate, brokerage and all other incl*
dell alc.\pcll*'H.
ii. There shall be raise.) and levied incach year
during the current v of snld dclH-ntiires the niiiii
of Twenty live Hundred Hollars (K.-'sii) for itay-
mciil of lnliTCKLaii'1 ihe sum of slxu-eli llund-
nil and Ko cnlv nine Hollars nl,Bn.w) lot pay
nielli of lhe viud debentures by laic Ntillleleiil
iliereforc on all the ruin lib* laud lit Hie said
7 It shall be lawful for the said Municipal
Council to rcpnichasc any of the laid debeu-
ttires upon such terms its may be unreel imoii
with lln* leu"] holder or holders thereof OX
anv liart thereof, ellher at the time of Hale or
tiliV llltHOqilOII' lime or limes,nlid all delHUitures
so'rc) urchased shall lorihwllh booanceued and
destroyed end no reissue of debenture*��o re*
purchi'iscd shall bo made tu consec,uencc of such
�� This Ky-Imv shall take effect on or after
I lie .'.Hi day of September I'.'n'.,
li This lly-'tiw may be cited for all purposes
as the t'lty of Nelson (Ctectrlo Light Loan Ky Law
No iti, nam
Hone and  passed  In  Council  Assembled   this
��� ��� September 1K00,
Tne Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
Choice Fruit
I* Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frott Lands in
British Columbia.
Can sell auy quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy uow and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Biker Btreet, Nelnra. B. O.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hat Air
RATES ��3 fSK DAY      ���
Large and _omtorl_.l�� Beslruomi -ud Pint*
clans. TsmtiiK Rssssiu. Hample KsMsias. tor Commercial Hen.
MK.��. K. C. ISI.ARKK. I'roprletreal
The well known
Our Bear Garden is
the Finest iu the
St. Pnul,     Dnlulh,
Port Arthnr
Sionn City
Knnsns City $58.80.     .    St. Ltniifl |l��.00.
C,liii,���Ku *64 00.
On .uuV A-Kiutt 7-8-il. Septenilier 8-10
Finiil limit Oetober UlRt.
J. CROW,   -   -  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Toronto J7H.IIB.   On snloSeptember 89-10
Limit November 30th.
Unit's tl nnd $1.50 ii Dny.
Special Hater, to R.yulnr Hi nnl,".*.
i,i Ri'inii Pmlor* in
Fresh and Salted Meats
(lumps. Mipplltid on shssricRt noiloo nilfl
lowwl price. Nnlh'inr U��t I'l-.-.-l. nml
W'lml.ssimns moatsn)ul snppli^ kOpttn htoCX
llni's onlii-H rscs lOn onrnfnl nllmitinii.
E. C. TRAVES.   Manager.
nrupowd l*> I
thnt tin* iiUivi- Ikr true nopy o. thi
.nun   -.vlih-li  lhe VOW ..(  Un*
li-h.i.lltv Will b�� I*'l.��*ii >ll U-OCily ""   Nrl-.'H
mi tu.-s.tiiy tin- iiii iitiy "i Boptomberi neti, bo-
iwwjii i n* r.inuK nf!' tiVbM'k li.m. nml " .rulork
ii.in., Inr Hu' ICwl Wiinl nt ilu* I'tMilii'll I'lninii'i-i*
nl tlu-tiiriu-i nf Vtitttrtii nml JukSphltiOMireeli,
nml fur lln* Weill  Wiinl  mi   llit* Itimnl nf Trmtf
ii.niuisHi tiio cornor ol Viator Is hihI Koou-iiity
"*"'*' W.K.WAHSON
City ciork.
Nol-Min. h.V��� AugliHtKUtllWO,
A. McDonald &C0*
Denlen. in Staple nnil funny (lro.ie.ini..
Batter. Egg).
Onmp nnil Miners' Supplies.
Milwaukee |68.ao    On sale Autrast 7-8-1).
Limit October III St.
Through rates all ftntious���Ontario,
tjuebec, New York, New Englnuu, Maritime Proviuces ou application.
E. ,T. OOYLE, .1. S. CARTER,
A.H.l'. ...Valll'siiivlT. D.P.A.. Kflsisn.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fratt, Foel
&. Pooltrv Co., Lid.
Contractor nnd
S..1.* Hut'iii for tin* Porto lUro Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail VRnli.   Kougb Htid dro ted i r- torned
WOlk Hint hi'.i'.'kvl-. 1'iiKHt Ulll Hllil '.liiiii-l. -. -ii-ll
nix I door*.    Oemvnti brick Hint ilmu lor cAlfl
Yiiril mnl frtciiiry: Vt-rnoii Ht.. runt ol Hull,
INI5I.HON.   B. C.
P.O. Bos SM. Ti'U'phmii- 178,
West Transfer Co.
General Tesmstetn nnd Dealers iu
Ueal and Woo .   Express and
t'.nginiKo Transfer
.",'i!"__,_01m Office: Baker St.
The Last of Eastern
On Sale September 8-10
Winnipeg ^
St. Paul { ��62.60
Duluth I
Port Arthur      J
OhiraiKii 1114.00
St. Louis *J��0.00
Final limit October .1st.
Ou sale September 8-8-10 to Toronto fro ��...
Limit November 80th.
Rates to nil other eastern points
ou npplii'utiou.
City Pawwnger Agt>nt.
A tl. P. A., Prattle.
Deliveries mad. daily throughout Nelson
nnd its suburbs Phone 118.
Thorpe _ Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
For Everything Good
to Smoke.       *
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do Yoa Know Tharffiu's Special Bxtutl
W* c4. THURfMN*
'.:    'i'l
I**.   1
>'<<���' 111
m ��� I
The Daily Canadian
T>�� * cAre you taking advantage of the L o'lf
XsW-rgrt-inS   111 <Pr/eu tue are offering in Cut Glass.
{1     i     {* 1        _ An 8 in. "Bowl, Iforth $7'.50 for $5.
v-ftf t ljrla.SS_-_ o, a fine Water SeU bottie ���4 6 fine
-   - *' . ' " Cut Glass Tumblers at $10.00.
NOTICE���Wo will semi Isr express to any part of the country,
nml if net fiiuml satisfactory, it can !����� returned ut our expense.
Dominion Co.iper stock lias advanced In the last week from $2.76 tsi SfTs's
uiisi is still rising.
Lest Ye Forget!
t l
X Crawford Free Stone:
"The Store of Sweets."
Peaches !
Fruits,  Confeitionery and
Ice Cream.
Phone 16. Baker .St.
J Iu large variety tire now in J
for preserving,
Buy while quality is
:*Bell Trading!
��� ���
��� Company        ���
s8_   lti
44 cA Tip" for a
44Canadian Morning."
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
Old Curiosity -Shop
If you want to buy nr g^ll anything,
go to the old Curiosity Shop. A new
line nr Japanese Qooda now on sale, All
kinds of DInnerware In stock. Patterns
Making Dependable
Fortunate is tin- utoro thai has the
reputation for dependability     For*
tun-ate it the public that has such t\)
���it-in* in its midst,   Fortunate confidence between n stop* mid its buying i
Public means prott th   This i��tore bas <
grown, and is ffrnwlliR on just Ihese
Uuet.   No ambition higher than ih.*;
���evlng yonrconfidence   other things
Htv bound tn come
We wanl every trade trsUMrlion to
Im* satisfactory,  mid  il it is not wo<
want yon to tell ns ni-ont it,
if you have not bough I   rrom on]
wmi us o t mil order.
! Joy's Cash Grocery!
Gor.-MfphlDoaii. Kill Bti,     Phons i
6or, V.i-non ...... \\ isij Stru.tM,
N_tL_SON,  U. C.
.1   KKEU hi ill.. Proprietor
11 Geigericb, J. Macdonald aim wife,
1 Kaslo; .si Smith, A Fairweather, F a
'. btenson, Vancouver; .1 A Kuox, To-
' r iitu: Mr anil Mrs J F Buvali, c'ssle
j initu: .' I-; Legg, C A Trlmborn, Spo-
! kane; Douglas Patterson, Truro; Mary
I l-'. Dolan, Davenport; S 11 Bowman, G
(' .McCarter, RevelBtoke; J Watson, D
| P Kane, P II Walsh, Kaslo; W E
| Truesdale, Seattle.
M -I Haipln, wile and son. Kaslo;
Thomas Conlan, Toronto; W S Drew-
r> and wife, New Denver; J G Denis-son. Rossland; W M Doull, Montreal;
Quy Lowenbury, Creston; F B Hol-
Btead, Vancouver; G O Buchanan,
IJ Mcl'hall. Trail.
T (;   Street,  Kaslo;   A Anderson, J
Brown. Calgary;  P Oenelle, Winnipeg.
C O'Rourke, Fernie.
('   Hansen,  Bomiers   Ferry.
.1 11 Cranston, Itossland; F N Fleming, Vancouver.
WJ Drey, Miss A Carlson, Spokane;
John Nlchol, Islay:    .1   a    McDonald,
Marysvllle;   Alex   Gillis.   Miss   .lennie
Stewart, Vmir.
I.   I   McKonzle,  Grand   Forks;   W   I
I :i  Frontier,  Washington;    .1    Beard
Nortliporl;  (' c Edwards, Clan; c M
Niimmor, Bonnington.
S   Johns,   Seatl! ;     c,   Tremouth,
Banff;    \   1-:   n nsirldge.   London;   II
llcEnai,   Rossland;  o   Ellis,   Preston;
V   Dickson, Creston.
The funeral of Ruth Eveleen, daughter of .Mr. and Mrs. Anders Hogbeck,
was cssndiiciesl this afternoon by BeV.
E. II   Shanks.
C. F. Mcllardy lift on the Crow boal
ihis morning for a trip to the East,
combining business with pleasure, lie
will lie away from Nelson tor aboul
two months.
Ilsinilil, i'Ciirils o    slock    has    tinac-
counlaiilj ili-lin- ,i fi  Ill tss 32.    li
is said    thai    Bill ssli    few    holders
would fell al lhe highest ngure, many
are anxious tn dispose of II now.
In the presence ,,f Provincial Constable Young yesierday afternoon
Hugh Dunkey nf Falrvlew made resll-
tail,ni <*f the nronertv of Mrs. [Ipjobn
wrongfully retained  by hint.
Our Pure Maple
Syrup Is Going Fast
I. Lejv. Your Order With He For
Cherries and
It Is bottled tight and will keep,   IJay in
a supply before its too late.
Quart Jars   -   70c
1-2 Gal. Jars $1.35
"The Pringle Co'y"
"A Thoroughbred Tramp."
i m Friday ovening n %M Bewing Uachine
will be given away.
Prices .Mil- nml )���__, Ohildron ���.."������.
s-iii.s nt Uiiih, rford's
rail i:\.|.i-ivK privilege of selling relre.h
���'������"'-"" , .,������ -,.,-i. ij ���. ��r��� Injuring llie. .11
r,.lr.>;|,i..,���l..., ,..,:,, ..,    N rlluous "louiS
""'V*'"1    "'" "* Is""!) l,-li,l,-i s.���i ���,,,..
���hus h,,.,.|,i,.,i   ,t certified casque n.r lull
""' secouipeny each lender,   _ildr.ii
,   ,       ,            U.C MiMuiiKi..georeurr,
��*'"���� Agrlenliarsl and i i-is.s.i Aunoletion
.-.i'Imiii, Is s    August il. Isms;
l|MI "'    "V ""���'" I Mtb I   l'inii.1,,.,1 com
is.'.'"-,'. i"|"'"|'.",',""*'' '"'''*'    '"r '"'"��� "I'l'1.'
""u    ! I I rowlng-u .Oiled win, .aii uml
.''T !.?'.'. , ",r, i"";,'1'"!,"-" ��ppiy t��� s, w.
" ,,s, nil, I. I ���ii���,||���n i.(He,..
Gait Coal
Term** Idoi '���Ar*h
Telephnn.- SM HttOr Hirer
��i eel j ie* en ronmi; i.n Improvement*!   Termi
upply tn y, (.. winkii, owner.
BMll.l PRKMIKRTYPKWR1TBRtorreolorule,
Apply Qneen cigar Btaw.W, H.Smltb.
ROOMS to LIST  Nicely furnliliod ami clean I v
���xopt roomi tor steadygueiU or translonti. An.
plyMr< MfUmhHn.over Pierre'* tailor ihob,
The Infanl dauehter of Mr. nnd Mrs
\\\ A. Thurman died al 8 o'cloeh this
morning Mr and Mra Thurman will
have 'he deppeat sympathy of nl! in
this, thfir third bpreavpnicnt within
:i verv short time Tho fiiT-ml v i)|
tttkp place tomorrow afternoon at 'J.'M).
\ former m*>mher of We Nelson
Boal club's first four has lately taken
11 qnift pracllcp to surprise conwet-
'tors al th<1 club regatta on S��ntemher
11 Unfortunately hn suffered an accident yesterday, was "plnmb" up*?<��(
nnd hal tn b'1 rescued h>- -. launch.
IT(> tut* stin be a winner but nnf aa
i  dark horse.
It wpe learni d last nterht thnt
Qporee Vndorson, the c^nvlef who es
capad from trnol on Mi in dav secured
n change of clothing and n mir of
b'nnV't'.- n�� nn Italian's sbne^c innr the
hr*n't of -n'Jerenn crook. He hi" oas��
ed the s'lmmH nnd n^snmablv (������
h a'"nn' for Kootenay lake smith of
in conseauence of representations
bv the provincial police the dairymen
of Fafrvtew have snleninlv promised
to take effective steps to prevent their
ctetle from being a niii��anre to any-
"ne. fomnlalnts have beem frpquent
of era-r! ns and orchards ravaged, A
small boy was receptiv attacked by a
r*ow and onlv saved from h'-inc pored
h" th In'er'-' n'ion of a ne|e:hI)or arm
ed  wl'h a rail.
Now, as the season is closing, ami I will
see that your order Is filled with the
best fruit to be had al the lowest market  price.
Hazlewood Ice Cream
C* A* Benedict c u cu a mcv
Cnrnr-r sm��� and Josephine sis.     I *J* * ��*�� Ok^Tkl 1 Ld 1
rnt-r silit-ii mnl Josephine K
>HONB 7.
Phone 206
G. O. Unchanan arrived from Kaslo
this morning. He says that the new
machinery for W. E. Cooke's sawmill
has been manufactured in Toronto in
record time and according to British
Columbia specifications. Work In the
logt'iiiij camp at Le Blanc on the Lardeau Is going ahead, Mr. and Mrs.
Coke have gone there today. A raft
of lumber will arrive at Kaslo soon.
Tlie old machinery, which Is lu good
condition but not heavy enough for a
61 ' feet a day mill, has been purchased by A. E. Watts for his Procter
All the remaining cricketers except
K. Reid, who will make his home tu
Victoria, returned from the coast last
night and report having enjoyed their
trip very much. Mayor Qllletl and
Fred Starkey were entertained by
.Ii hn A. Turner, 11. It. Thompson, John
Elliott and other old Koot. nutans. Mr.
Starkey says Lhal the sight of Nel-
suns colors in Victoria or Seattle always guaranteed a warm welcome.
I'ior.s-o] Robert Poster, "Old Tulip,"
delightfully renewed his acquaintance
and coached the Nelson team through
the match witli Portland.
This art moon at   I o'oloek  Malcolm
Shaw  and Miss Jennie    Lurnly    were
married at  the club bote]  by  Rev, .1
T. Ferguson.
The Store of Quality
Now is Ilm time in Imv penobea fur
prenervliiK The.v ore nl liVir
ls.,.,,1 n,i�� nml the price ia na Inw
iu il will U
We Imv., n fiT.h ntnr-k nf deilciuna
Burden p.-nr_nii bund
Full ,li;i.l,V We Iin,.- r,-,-i-i'.l
llis-��l..,|i-i.|ii|,iiii.ni fnnn nun n mi
mnl i-ini rappl.v iinir wiuiiB in
Hns lino.
Are onmlim iu now iu gondeondi-
lii'ii.   They won'i lull long
We nihil lllivi- frnsh
Cantaloup*,!     Ulna Tomtit..um
Banana* \\i.t_i-.i,_.,,,,*
Hood & Teetzel
K, W. C. nioek  . Phone 10
The widespread and ever Increasing
custom ol sending picture postal
cards is often spoken of as "a fad."
But that's a, mistake. The Picture
Postal Card has become popular be
cause it answers a practical purpose,
and lor (hut reason ii hae cpmv to
stay, and its use will become more
ami  more general  as time goes on
ONE REASON why it has appealed
so strongly to people tin* world over
is that it furnishes a convenient
means of sending a word of greeting
to friends without having to write
btters when for one reason or another letter writing is Inconvenient
We  carry  one   of   the    largest   and  :
finest   assortments   of   Picture   Postal
Cardl   in    British   Columbia,   including
a    beautiful    selection    of   local    view  J
W. G. Thomson
Phone .^4.
$f0 Down
$t0 Per Month
will purchase io acres of
splendid fruit land which
will double iii value in a
few months.
Are you grasping the
present opportunities?
Get  F0RSept.
Busy    First
Select Your Requirements early for Grouse
See Our Window
Nelson Hardware Co.
SpnrUmed's Headquarters,
PHONE IB.       NBLSON, 1!. 0.
Puddings,  Jellies and  Salads  Prepared
in  Ten   Minutes.
The indies of Nelson are specially
Invited to visit the Bell Trading company's store during the remainder of
this we.-k aad to learn from Mlas
Bnelgrove ol Toronto how to make
delicious  puddings,  jellies  and   salads
in io minutes,
Miss Bnelgrove represents the Pure
Gold company of Toronto, from whose
preparations the dishes are made, Kor
puddings and j* Mies only milk ami
water, and for salads only Vinegar and
waier have to be added, and i" minutes' coi king on a small gae burner
produces a delicate dish lit for a
king, or even for u newspaper man.
The gas burner used by .Miss Bnel
grove in her demonstrations Is supplied by the Nelsdn Gas & Coke Co.
Cai iip cj (ml
"Wdlhtfc (htdrnfuag spirits in ddight
jkyctrithcbliisrf<lmim-Jk kiu'aMhst*%
imi> vol; KNOW
that the : -��� ��� -. -il nt to,: .->!������ U Foilutftlti
had   tonlO propf-rUei bcililoi   refrmhliiK .
(VeU'eoD'r real imtt syrnpi "( Uufla��ft
quality       Fi.miOuij, i-.iui.i.������    flaHW aud
neeptaeUi ��*���* kept ���antpnlously <*ie_*.u.
linker BtrtCt, NcIhiii. B. ('.
We ate
B-Cetrtag daily
Plums, Peaches
Crab Apples.
Prict   of   Metals.
Ns'iv Virk. Aui; 2D.���Sliver, 00 Wo
copper, mi';  lead, �����". 78
l^inslssn. Aug. 20,���Silver, 80 7-J.
I.n.l.   C17 His; zlne,   C27 fin.
Trains and Boats.
Crow Imni-on nn,,..
Bloeao  iraln   On  time.
CishhI. Boundary uml Roseland ii��l"
���On ilm...
As ii is near preserving lim** we wonld
ii.ivisf you in leave your ordei*
with as.
Telephone 161,
Mining   Records.
Ten looatlons and smi' oertiflcate of
uss. ssitu'iii   work    were    recorded  in
lilsj   NelSOU   tllllllllB olfioe today.
VV .1 Mulronej, agenl tor w l, :���:_���
son; ,i. ,i. Ormond and B. viik, re.
corded tlm Helen uml the Jennie, iss.
cated su the headwaters of Prlesl river. Augusl is, and us agenl rm- Q, u.
Btoner, the Dlxey, ii. B. and Josle, io-
cated ;ii the same time und place, hm
siKs-ni for J, Ungeral, lhe Copper
Olonce, located Augusl IT in ilm mini.'
place, and fm- himself tho M, ll., In
lhe Halm- itlas-i' sm Annum   Iss.
.i. M, Culberson, agenl for Vf, U Ks
sssn. ,i. .1. Ormond and h viik, t.-
sis sIit iin. Olympla, located August l"
ai the headwators of Prlesl river.
i .i.iiiiisisii, agenl i'<��>��� ii Relchert,
recorded the Bcott, located Augusl H
mi Evening mountain; and nn agent
for J. i.. Porter the Pearl, located ut
the same time and pluc...
A certificate of work wuh Ismicd to
I.  .Iiilinsiin  on  the Overman  and  Bnn
EO MSN, nt iii  for sisirk In tlie woods.   Applr
!    to W.B. Cooke, uwmlll, Kulo,
l.AHV STKNI.illlAfllHUIiiriiisisltliiiiliisi.iinm.
I    good home with employer, family.    Ai.fy
!      Issix W ,, I iiiiiiiIIhii otlli'e.
:   KM'KKIKNs ICO   I.IM.MI   K1IOM   HIKI.    Amsly
J    Halcyon II is H|sniiu.. tt. 0.
KMI'l.llsMKNT im inill ru'i.l. li- 11,11111, .Iiis,��ii.
I      t'sss-Mllil hlK wile.    Apply Mllliiiy.ls'ls- Bote]
CAItriiNTKHH���Apply I0J0I111 llssr:s��. SSIll, a null
.    hihii ay.
Thompson & Douglas
gAINTBRg mi,j
HlBM   Wfltlng ������  Kn_s.ll.Ity.
Wmi Paperand Burlap,
Hll.ll' ON IVAK'i ]_,_;�� C./.-T
NTKKHT... -        NIlLSON
3500 New Members
Ate added to tbe Mason
enoli year.
...      ... We wnnt yon In join the family,
wo win iiirispt, you ou easy terms, and guarantee you will never lm mt
for having joined us.
Call and get partioulars of onr ciikv payment system.
Mason & Risch Piano Co., Ltd.
OBoai  Hiiiiin i,
II11.I..111 buy Modi
di      ,     , ,.H,issw I'milii:
Hiuiiiinni Furniture Oo,
One Eye at a Tin
Klnss wl.i.l. suns',   .  t  '"i^;
.....1 .iii.i.,���i���iy I,,,,, Sftr**!
wmOd bnrtyoSey^a^JJ
r��l��phon. aa3i
Repairing and Jobbing iSptciij,
Slis'ssliiH'Ial Work, ('uHtiliKs, lluililrrs' Mat.-rial nml Muiihk mnl j^ij j. .
(Illli'i. nnil Works Pool "f l'iu-k St.
IM-...M-J    JM4,
Starkey & Co., Egg
\N'IioI��:m<iiv- I *r����\-l*��l��>ii��,
I 'rtiduu.,
Dominion Qorenunent Onantor One-Pouid llrisks received wwtlTinyi
fnnn tin* .'hurt..   Por salfl I.y nil It'it.liuK gltlfl-ia.
(Hlii-i'Hiiil wiircliouH..; lloiislon Hlss'k,   Plums-ill.
Josephine Street.
Nelson. B. C.
Don't Forget
It your furnace In shape to start the winter with?   If not. |
Is the time to have it repaired.
I. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., I
PI.EASR NOTE--W�� will not lie rps|xinslble for anv furnace nol __���
by Oriobisr 1st, 190C.
B.  A.   ISAAC
R.   W.   HINTON
R��pall It.H mid ........Iny cx_��_titv��.l with Ik-NsiiiUli.   .sh-cl M.l.ll
WOrlC, .Ml..Iiik mnl Mill M.i.l.lnorv.      M,.,,,,I,,_1,1, ess ,,l     '
��>r�� .nm, w. u. Oontraetons* Uum.
Maryland Casualty Co,
Which issues policies for tlie following:
Accident, Health, or combination ol tlie two.
Plate Class Insurance.
Burglary or Theft.    Steam Boiler Explosion.
McDe*m_cf& McH&tiy
rc ���_*_*��
t..>_tf*~.fn.rro_/if^b</MV.&fl_r/nV,/,.,..r,SI SS,., SI,'. .s',S?,Tv...S.',i..1.s,., SuSl_-" SSS,6��"��H*,"|
��� Just Arrived!
A large shipment of;
Hart, Schaffier& Ma��'��
Latesl Patterns, Latesl Styles, nmi All Ooodi Onairmtse-
and dealers in Lumber * S!iitighs��
Uath, Moulding*., Doors, Window**
Tur-naU Work and Mra.k.ta.          Mnil OrnVrH promptly m�� ��'w'*
 VKRNON STHIIliT   .   .   .   -,1 ;|,M< )>. It. C.	
Our Block  of MANU  SAWS is very eom
ins'liiiliiiK grades to tul nil requlrenmntt.
If yon wisli n low prieed m wu onn snpply )'oa'
hIho curry tha Isi'sl qualities mad. liy
ti Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y*lii


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