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The Daily Canadian Apr 23, 1908

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Array ASK
The   monarch   of
same  all   the  time.
bottled  at
APR 23 1908
(Volume 2.    No. 278
Eneral graft
nyiliing Kequired Can be
Had in Ottawa
eg Tale of Stealing From Public
Treasury���General News of
Dominio". Government.
awa,  April 23.���The  foreign  trade
f th.   Iioiuiulon for the twelve month*
fed og   March  ill   totalled   $388,390,391,
Increase   or   ���,25.818,900  over   1907.
ft.- total Imports were $368,873,88G, an
1*1   of $18,008,940, and the total ex
$280,018,606,   au   Increase  of   $",-
ur   the   exports,   $246,960,968
n domestic produce, as compared
liiii $219,634,767  in  lyo".    Exports of
sign   produce   totalled   $33,045,638 as
l.nsl $32,571,839 In 1907.
| During the  month  of  March  imports
I   $30,06*^388  as  against  $36,843,-
��� ;u  iign. a decrease of $0,789,844.
it? of $17,943,487 represents a gain
183 214.
!'���  major of Sudbury, witli represen-
ivi >   of   the   people     of     .Manitoulin
ind,  protested   to the  commons   rail
���   committee   this   morning   against
renewal   from  year  to  year of the
rights   of   the   Manitoiilin   and
rthflhorsj   Hallway   company   to   build
i.e of railway to Sudbury. Little Cur
and  across  to  Manitoulin   [stand.
���   ��� barter  is controlled  by   the Lake
' i ior Consolidated company and the
..   Is made that  the  promoters are
prely   renewing   tlie   government   sub-
to develop Ihe Iron  mines  instead
' Millll'lng the obligations they had as-
n .-d   to   the   people   of   Sudbury   (lis-
'  and of  Manilotilin   Island.
In Ihe commons public accounts com
itee   this   morning   Northrup   moved
.-''   a summons   tie  issued   for  ihe ap-
1 'ranee  next  Thursday  of Archie  Mr-
���������  of  Windsoti.  Ontario,   to give  evl-
��� i<-e  as  to  fishery   rights  secured  by
m  in   Hudson's   Bay,  and  that  a gen-
'���l question ,ib to the Issue of fishery
|t- ises lie taken op then and prosecuted
ill concluded.
H.irker, M. 1*. for Hamilton, then took
'  Hie inquiry into tlie purchase hy the
ranscoatinental     railway    commission
"   $326,861   of   land   ln   St.   Boniface,
liirilloha,  for terminals  and  shops  for
!     i irand  Trunk   Pacific.
'"im    Henry   Keen.    Winnipeg,   gave
'  liuiony to the effect that lie purchas-
���1 :i parcel of'this land for $59,000 as a
��i i.   Investment and sold to the Trims
ontlnental  commission   for  $188,000.
Tlie railway commission  on   May  5th
"ill  take  up a case  ol'  the  liability of
illways for  damages  on   the   loss of
elghl  pul off nt  flag stations and also
I It"'  class  of  stations   where   il   will   be
' '���essary  to hnve  a   permanent  agent
Indite   Casseis  announced   this   morn
��� ^' that he would open an Inquiry Into
ie marine department either Thursday
t Friday next.
Boycott  in   Australia.
Ildney, N. S. W., April 23.���Tlie  boy
I by the Chinese of Japanese goods.
Ich  originated   In   China   as   an  out-
ie of the Tatsu Nairn incident ol
I February, ha* reached Sydney mnl
practically complete here. The .lap-
i��e YaniuUi sailed yesterday for Japan
limn passengers or cargo and with-
ihe .usual gold shipments destined
Another Little   War.
-in,la,    April    23.   -A   mixed    force   Oi
British and indiuu troops is nt present
l��'ing rapidly mobollzed for another
punitive expedition against the tribes
��'lio recently have beet) raiding and
looting villages on tbe border. Ten
thousand Mohmonds ure gathered ai
Kamall twenty miles from IJeshawui
and several thousand Afghans are Bald
'" have crossed the Kabul river to join
'in   malcontents.
Costly Steal.
��� ireat Falls, Mont., April KB.���William
Reman and Alfred (Inland were crushed
'''death yesterds. while stealing n ride
i" * car lilled will. .nils. The men wen
i" lhe car when ;i sudden job threw
Hie steel against Hie end of Ilie car on
loji of them. li ;i men were Iron,
Egerton, Ohio, an ; were en route le
'he Flathead reservation to lake ui
THfc  DAILY w*&g&
Will be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
Fifty Cents a  month
Ex-Governors     General     lntere*ted     In
Battlefield   Park.
London, April 23.���An important
movement is on foot to make a national
birthday presentation to Canada at the
lime of the Quebec tercentenary. The
Duke of Argyll and Lords Aberdeen,
Derby, Liinsdowne and Mlnto recently
issued au invitation to a number of
distinguished persons, suggesting that
a rund be raised here as a substantial
public contribution towards the ��250,-
000 understood to be necessary for
transforming the historic battlefields
into a public park. A meeting of the
promoters of Lhe movement was he!*J
at the Mansion House today, the Lord
Mayor presiding, when an executive
committee was appointed, whereof Viscount Midleton ls chairman and Lords
Strathcona and tlountstephen members.
Mr. Arthur Oleufell slated that a sug
geslion had been made that the Knglish
participation should take the form of a
memorial io Wolfe and Moncalm.
The response already has been very
gratifying, and the Uud Mayor has acceded to a request to call a public meeting, when the Duke of Argyll and Lords
Lunsdowne  and   Derby   will   speak.
Explanation Offered by Prelate of Eastern   Canada  on   Recent  Papal
Of the new regulations governing the
marriage of members of the Church of
Home, which went into effect on Easter
Monday, an eastern Canadian prelate of
that  church  says:
"The Pope, as sovereign head of the
Catholic church which is a perfect society, established by Christ, has the
right to make such laws as are conducive to tlie happiness and well being
of the members of the Catholic church.
This power over the whole church Is
vested in the Pope alone. A bishop may
make law* for bis diocese, a parish
priest cannot for his parish. A bishop
must not. make any laws wbich run
counter to the laws promulgated by
tin- Pope. Circumstances change very
much. Discipline may change. Doctrine cannot change. We cannot add
ur take from the fulness of the doctrine
of Christ. The new marriage law 1s a
mere  matter of  discipline.
"Au engagement tt) be valid must
contain tbe fie,- promise and mutual
consent of the two parties. The engagement must be In writing by both
parties and signed by the bishop, or
the .vleiii general or the parish priest
or two laymen. Il one or both of tbe
parties cannot write, this fact is to he
noted in tlie document, and another
witness is to he added who will sign
with tin- parties already mentioned. So
that if banns are published, and an interested party objects under the plea of
a prior engagement, the church will demand the papers to prove that prior
engagement Without these conditions
that engagement is null and void.
"Any parish priest-can validly marry
a collide from any parish in the world
providing he performs the ceremony
within the limits of his own parish. He
may marry validly in the church, or in
his home, or even in the street. Tlie
parish priest who would thus marry a
couple, neither of them of his parish,
sins it he celebrates without the permission of the bishop, vicar-general or
the parish priest of one or both of the
parties, If one of the parties reside
thirty days within a parish, the priest
of said pariah can marry them not only
\alldly but lawfully, and the ceremony
is a   real  and  true marriage.
"A Catholic Who bus left tlie church
is held ns a Catholic for this particular
case. The marriages of Protestants
:i lining   Protestants,   the   church   leaves
them alone, she leaves them to their
own rules and regulations, and if they
should later on enter tlie Catholic
church there will be no question of the
validity of their marriage, as far us the
presence of tlie priest is concerned.
"Mixed marriages are lawful when
a parish prlosi perforins them within
the limits of his parish, To lie lawful
a dispensation must he obtained from
the bishop, who only grants it for very
serious reasons. These marriages are
governed by the lite same laws as
catholic marriages, except in Germany,
In the German empire a mixed marriage
liv ihe magistrate, judge, squire or minister ts valid and binding. No one can
force a parlsli priest lo perform the
ceremony, otherwise It wilt be null and
"Matrimony," concluded the speaker,
"Is a contract Instituted by Ood from
the beginning of Ibe world; it Is therefor a sacred and religious contract and
contral common amongst men. This
contract commons amongst men. This
contract already sacred and holy, was
raised by Chris! to the dignity of n
sacrament. Therefore amongst Chris
ttans, marriage Is an essentially religious act, a source of grace and sancti-
llcatlons." \
Former Minister Laid To
Last Rest
Hits Syndicate Hard.
Now York, April 28.���Thurlow Wee I
Tt.irnoH, who sued the American China
Development company and the members
ot ihi- ChlupHeH railway Hyndicate to
recover $000,000 which be laid wom dm
'<�� him for obtaining certain oonoee
BlotM for lhe syndicate irom the Chinese
government, baa obtained a Judgment
Ior $398,481 against tho company.
Imposing Funeral of Dead minister
and French Leader���C: a. da
From Ocean to Ocean**
Quebec, April 23.���-The remains of
the late Sir Adolpha Csiron, K. C, former minister of militia for Canada, were
laid to rest this mottling in Belmont
cemetery. The funeral was one of the
most imposing ever seen in Quebec.
The streets along the rouie of the procession were crowded with people all
morning; Hags were at half mast on
different buildings, while blinds were
lowered in store windows as the cortege passed. The deceased was buried
with military honors. Among those
present were Hon.-K. Lemieux, representing the Dominion government, and
Major General Wilson, representing
Karl Grey. The religious ceremony
took place at the historic Basilica which
was crowded. While the remains were
being taken from the hospital to the
church one of the mounted men had a
leg fractured by his horse slipping and
falling on him.
Nelson Gardens
Since lhe recent pollen court convictions and fines of owners of straying
cuttle, dogs, poultry and other menaces
to lawns and gardens, there has been a
marked improvement in the appearance
oi up town premises,   Householders In
Nelson, as a rule will gladly beautify
lheir premises if assured of reasonable
protection for the result of their work.
Guelph, April 23.���Percy Perry, Bon
of Principal Perry of the high school,
Waterdown, committed suicide by shooting himself at Fergus today. He was
employed as clerk in the branch of the
Bank of Toronto. Xo reason can be assigned for his rash act.
Regina, Sask.. April 88.���Henry Ber-
lier was burned out of his house and
home last night in a prairie fire which
swept the country east of Regina. Several miles of prairie were burned over
and it is believed the loss to the farmers has been great. The Mounted Police are now investigating and until
their report is received it is impossible
to tell how much damage is done.
Battleford, Sask., April 23.���Miss
Anna Mathews is the only survivor of
a family of five as a result of prairie
fires in the Tramping lake district. The
father went to tight the flames which
were creeping down on their little home
and perished in the attempt. Tlie house
took fire and Anna Mathews, 16 years
of age, with her clothes ablaze, carried
her five year old brother and sister to
a place of safety, returned for her
mother, but was too late; she fought
her way again through the flames only
to find that the other children had
wandered into the fire zone and perished.
Toronto, April Si3.���Rev. W. Patterson, pastor of Bethany Presbyterian
Phi'anthropy, has declined a call to
Cook's Presbyterian church in this city,
his former charge.
Toronto, April 23.���Utterly destitute,
not knowing where her next meal was
coming from and with children to carr
for, Mrs. Mary Metcalfe, King street.
committed forgery and is now in the
hands of the police. Mr. Metcalfe knew
that Mrs. Josephine Maher was in the
habit of receiving money from Buffalo,
so she stopped the postmaster, got notice that there was a registered letter
at the post office for Mrs. Maher and
forged the latter's name and received
the letter.
other foundrymen will open shortly.
Kountlrymen have been trying Lo get
moulders to accept a reduction of wages
claiming thai higher wages are paid
here than elsewhere, but the union
would not consent holding that Uie
agreement entered into two years ago
would not expire until next May. It
was feared that there would be a lock
out or strike, but the Moore company
has broken the ice by agreeing to pay
the old wages in the meantime until
an International officer comes to settle
the matter.
Rodney, Ont., April 23.���The Henry
block, an old brick structure occupied
chiefly hy a hardware store aud several
Jewish families in the junk business,
was destroyed by fire yesterday. The
loss   is   about   $10,000.
Toronto, April 23.���According to the
ruling of Magistrate Kingsford in the
police court yesterday, it is illegal even
for a machine to sell chewing gum on
Sunday. Three shop keepers were convicted, but without fine, for permitting
an automatic cent-in-the-slot machine to
be left out over Sunday in the doorway
of their stores.
Toronto, April 23.���C. D. Wallace, nn
IDnglfshman, whose last residence was
Hong Kong, Is under arrest charged
with forging the name of J. Henry
Peters to a cheque for $37.60 drawn on
the Traders' bank. Wallace had been
a traveller for Peters. He admitted his
gu'lt hut said he intended to make the
amount good.
Oooderich, April 23.���The greatest
demonstration ever tendered to a
world's champion roller skater was
given Wiggins on his return from
Guelph last night after having defated
Conner? by nearly three miles, with a
total distance covered of 163 miles in
ten hours. Wiggins is prepared to defend his title against all comers.
Stratford, April 23���William Moyer.
who" shot Sergeant Lloyd at Wolseley
barracks, .London, is believed to he in
hiding in the vicinity of this city. Six
well armed detectives are on his trail.
The railroads are being watched and the
country Hooded with descriptions of the
man so that there Is little chance for
his escape. .Moyer has not been showing himself during the day but comes
out at night.
Toronto, April 23.���George S. Lyon,
amateur golf champion, says he Is perfectly willing to represet. Canada at
the Olympia games but could not afford
to meet his own expenses.
Hamilton. April 23.���Moulders employed by the D, Moore company returned to work this morning at the old
rate of wages  and it ls  expected that
Winnipeg, April 23.���Hundreds of
German Lutherans from luwa, Kansas
and Nebraska are preparing to emigrate
to the Canadian west. Thirty thousand
acres of land have been secured for
them In the Tramping lake district.
They are a thrifty class of people and
will make ideal settlers.
Regina, April 23.���It was learned today that a conference will be held here
on May 4th between Premiers, Roblin,
Rutherford and Scott and the executive
of the Grain Growers' Association, to
consider the matter of the western
provinces purchasing the interior elevators and operating them under government management.
Peterboro, April 23.���The cornerstone
of the new armory here was yesterday
laid by Sir Frederick Borden, minister
of Militia.
Halifax, April 23.���Guysboro Conservatives have nominated J. H. Sinclair,
M. P.
Hamilton, April 23.���John Swallow
was today sent up for trial on the
charge of attmpting criminal..assault on
a seven year old girl.
Toronto, April 23.���Justice Riddell
today refused ^n order declaring F. G.
Marshall. Tonne, furuiture dealer of
Kingston, dead. Marshall disappeared
seven years ago and the A. O. U. W..
which has a policy on his life assigned
to Mrs. Marshall. Justice Riddell said
it had not been proven that Marshall
was  dead.
Durham. Ont., April 23.���South Grey-
Liberals have nominated H. R. Miller.
AI. P., for the commons, and Neil Mc
Connell  for  the  legislature.
Montreal. April 23.���At a meeting of
the South African Veterans* association
last night it was stated that many Canadian volunteers were now starving In
South Africa, and it was suggested that
the government should now bring them
London. April 23.���Moyer, slayer of
Sergeant Llody. is said to be located In
a' barn at St. Jacob's, near Berlin, aud
will  be  starved   into submission.
Toronto, April 23.���J. J. Cassidy.
president of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association, died today. He was
well known to the manufacturers of
the Dominion having been before its reorganization for 15 years secretary of
the Canadian Manufacturers' Association. He leaves a widow and three
Hospital Ball.
The annual bait In aid of the Kootenay Lake General Hospital was held
last night in the Alice Roller Rink and
was one of the most pronounced successes of the season. Although many
people bought tickets for the sake of
the hospital there were not more than
2fi0 at the ball, a very small number In
comparison to the capacity of the floor.
The floor was in the best of condition,
the music was splendid, the supper was
excellent, and it is really doubtful if
any public dance ever held in Nelson
furnished as much real enjoyment to
the guests. The proof lies in the fact
that at half-past three, nearly an hour
after the formal programme was finish
jed, half the guests were still there
dancing extras. The lion's share of
the  credit   for  the splendid   success of
he hall is due to Mrs. W. A. Macdonald.
who as secretary of the Women's  Hos-
iltal Aid Society, really manuged it all.
How Duncan Ross
Party Divided in Many Districts���
Machine Distribution of Patronage Causes Trouble.
Vernon, April 23.���Mr. Duncan Ross, ���
M. P., who was nominated for Yaie-
Cariboo at last Tuesday's Liberal convention, will be relegated to political
oblivion after the next Dominion election. Prominent Liberals tear his cause
Is a hopeless one, and assert that the
choice of the party would havo fallen
upon a more popular candidate ���>.: ....
the manipulations of the p. l> 1 a
The defection of Mr. R. G. ���'. dlcy j
Sidley, in the Similkanieeu au>u. ,,
where his inlluence is very pn.-ioj.u-. 1,
continues to be an absoruiug ioi,.c
throughout the upper country. Air.
S.dley was suppressed and virtually ex
pelled from the convention after he had
protested against the renom,nation oi
the sitting member. His opposition to
.Mr. Ross was not based on general
principles, but to the specific neglect ol
the interests of the people of the Similkameeu district.
Mr. Sidley's lively protest against
the renominatlon of BIT. Ross is a surface symptom of the discord and lack
of cohesion prevailing in the Liberal
ranks through Ihe entire constituency.
Besides meeting a united and well organized Conservative opposition, Mr.
Ross will have to recken with the disgruntled Liberal element embracing
former supporters who enjoy no little
influence in their respective communities. This element is especially strong
in Greenwood, the home of the sitting
member, the Similkameen, Nicola and
in Ashcroft and Kamloops. It was unrepresented at the convention as the
party machine directed from here took
the necessary precaution weeks in advance to see that none but Ross delegates were selected.
It is now recalled that Mr. Ross won
the last election by a small majority���
a trifle over one hundred���although
polling took place a month later than
the date of the general election, and
that the return of-the Laurler admin
istratlon greatly handicapped Mr. Martin Burrell of Grand Forks, the Conservative candidate, who was unl nowu In
and did not have time to vielt s ores
of polling centres in the vast ��� n ti.u-
Apart from other consitl lat'oit he
dissensions among the 1 .i! t n'.l ill
greatly aid the Conservative cause.
With one or two exceptions prominent
Liberals did not attend the convention.
The absentees Included Mr. Stuart
Henderson, M. L. ��� A., and Mr. Dennis
Murphy of Ashcroft. They failed even
to be nominated as delegates, because
the machine had everything cut and
dried ln advance. Cariboo and Lillooet
districts were not even represented by
proxies. Nicola district sent only two
delegates. Yale four and the Similkameen a similar number to follow the
instructions of the machine. The Liberals of Ashcroft, including Mr. George
Ward, have not forgotten Mr. Ross for
his alleged favoritism in regard to the
award of a certain government contract of conveying mails and express
from that  town to Barkervllle.
A serious split in the ranks at Kam
loops has existed ever since Mr. Ross
handed over the distribution of tin-
patronage of that district and Lillooet
and Cariboo to what is locally known
as the Deane faction, and whose members comprise Dr. Wade, Mr. J. D. McDonald and Mr. F. J. Deane. a former
resident but now of Nelson. These politicians cut a wide swath at the recent
The stay-at-homes or anti-Ross faction is sullenly nursing Its grievances
Then Its influence will be felt. Mr.
Ross will recall after election day that
political patronage constitutes a double-
eged weapon which slaughters morr
friends than enemies. The anti-Dcaie
are numerous. Their 'eaders Ineludi
Messrs. M. P. Gordon. R. McKay. .1 H
Wilson and  A.  D.   Mclntyre.
and he summoned the volunteer fire
departmen. The belt was blazing when
the volunteer* arrived but before they
could get a stream of water It had burned through. The engine was not shut
down and when the belt broke the fly
wheel "ran wild" and burst into many
piece*. The fragments flew ln all directions, shattering the roof and walls of
the brick building. The plant ls a total
wreck and the loss 1* estimated at
A. Ii. Watts will leave for home in
the morning.
Mr. and Mr*. T. Glendenning are In
the city from Procter.
Mrs. J. W. Power and children came
ln from Kaslo last night.
Gordon E. Hallett and Mrs. Hallett
were lu the city today.
D. St. Dennis, of Slocan City, arrived
last night and is at the Hume.
Mrs. Theodore Ludgate and son came
down from Arrowhead last night and
are at the Hume.
R. F. Green left for the coast last.nlght
after spending several day* In Nelson
on private business.
G. O. Buchanan, of Kaslo, and Mrs.
Buchanan arrived in the city last night
and are at the Strathcona.
President of Guatemala Fired  Upon by
Guard of Honor���No Damage
Guatemala City, April 23.���The students who tired on President Cabrera
Monday were cadets who formed the
guard of honor. The cadets managed
to elude the soldiers who attempted to
surround them, and made their escape,
taking refuge In the military academy.
Later they were captured. Several of
those who were implicated in the conspiracy against the president have been
Panama, April 23.���A passenger on a
steamer which-arrived here yeBterday
from Guatemala Informs the Associated
Press that when he left, a few day*
previous, the situation in Guatemala
City was critical. He said that President Cabrera had left his residence for
fear of being assassinated. Indeed,
since the attempt on his life some
months ago, he has been seen ln public
only once, at the Inauguration of the
Guatemala Northern Railway President
Cabrera, the Associated Press informant says, seems to be greatly hated and
his enemies have sworn to kill him.
Managua, Nicaragua, April 23.���Advices received here from Honduras Btate
that the Honduran plenipotentiary in
Nicaragua has been reconcentrated ln
Managua by order of President Cabrera
and the minister has taken refuge In
the American legation.
Nelson   in  1910. 4
A  telegram   received   last   night   4
by   Dr.   Arthur,   secretary   of   the   1
board ol school trustees,  from C.   ��j
' McLean  Fraser, M. A., principal of
Nelson high school, who Is attending  the annual  convention of the
Provincial      Teachers'      Institute,
states lhat  the convention will be
held   in   Nelson   after   the   Easter
holidays In 1910.   In 1909 the convention   of  the    Dominion   Teachers'   Association   will   be   held   In
British   Columbia,   presumably   at
American    Publisher*    Appeal   to   Congress to Lower Duties.
Washington, April 23.���All of the
members of the house of representatives today received telegrams from
the publishers attending the annual
meeting in New York of the Associated
Press and the NewsPaper Publishers'
Association, urging action on the bill
removing the tariff from print paper
and wood pulp, and In reply Hon.
John Sharp Williams, the Democratic
leader, sent the following: "I Join in
your protest. Get the speaker to recognize tt or some one else to make a motion and it will pass.   It is up to him."
Representative Mann, who is chairman of the sub-committee appointed to
Investigate the paper question, said today that the committee was making
preparations to begin It* Inquiry. He
says that the committee will not begin
its work with any cut and dried plan,
hut will go into the work impartially
He could not say just when the committee will begin Its sittings but said
that before doing so the members desired to inform themselves somewhat
on the subject.
New York's Bucket Shops.
Albany. N. Y.. April 23��� The bill making it a felony to run a bucket shop
was passed today by a party vote in
the assembly. It now goes to the governor.
Fly Wheel Went Wild.
Chicago, April 23.���The bursting of a
fly wheel at the plant of the North
Shore Electric Light company at Wau-
ekgan last night caused the death of
two men and probably fatally injured
two others and brought darkness to a
number of North Shore suburb*. From
some unknown cause the belt on the
fly wheel, measuring twenty feet, caught
fire. The blaze wa* discovered by one
of the employees In the engine room,
Opera House.
There was a fair attendance at the
opera house last evening when the "Ret1
Cross Nurse" was presented. The p'ay
h-i* be��n ?een here before under another
���ta e. bu* the performance last nigY
was superior to former presentations ol
tbs piece. The National Stock CO!
petty Is well ent,fed to patronage, and
the stay of the company in this city
will greatly depend on the measure of
support it receives from the public.
The citizens of Nelson have complained
of the inferior character of the companies visiting here aud now that there
is a good company producing up-to-date
plays It should receive liberal patronage. "The Red Cross Nurse" will be
repeat, d tonight, and tomorrow night
"The Siuaw Man" will be the bill.
Acknowledgements if
Dead Premier's Worth
Many Tributes to Sir Henry Campbell-
Kannrrman���All Concede His
Absolute Honesty.
London, April 23.���"He was the faithful servant of his country, I am truly
sorry he has gone," is the expression
used on hearing at Copenhagen of the
death of Sir Henry C.npbell-Banner-
man, and it well expresses the deep
feeling of regret as for a personal loss,
underlying the tribute* given in ungrudging measure by the public and
newspapers of all shade* of opinion.
Tbat all are ready to admit that he
was not a great statesman ol genius or'
even a great administrator is not allowed to detract now the volume, the
warmth or the sincerity ol these tributes
tu hi* great force ot character, his un-
devlating honesty of purpose, his courage and geniality of disposition, which
enabled him to win all hearts in his
dealings with men which brought him
the highest position of the state.
General Louis Botha, premier of the
Transvaal, telegraphed a warm tribute,
saying the empire loses one of It* best
statesmen and the Transvaal one of its
true friends. In securing self-government for the new colonies ue raised
an imperishable monument to himself
and laid the foundation of a united
South Africa.
John Redmond telegraphing condolence on behalf of his party says: "We
all feel that Britain has lost a brave
and considerate friend."
Head of  Roman Church   in   Ireland   la
Bound for  New York.
New York, April 23.���Catholics ot
New York and vicinity, and especially
the Irish element of that faith, are preparing a great reception in honor ot
Cardinal Logue, the head of the Catholic church in Ireland, who is due to arrive here tomorrow. Cardinal Logue la
coming to attend the great celebration
to be held next week ln honor of the
centennial of the archdiocese of New
York. He will be the central figure ot
a notable assemblage of prelates that
will Include archbishops, bishops and
priests from many parts of the United
States  and Canada.
His Eminence Cardinal Michael
Logue, Archbishop of Armagh, has been
primate of all Ireland shite 1887, prior
to which time he had been coadjutor to.
the primate. Cardinal Logue is a man
of great learning and Is renowned for
his piety. He does not mix in Irish politics, but takes an interest ln the country's welfare and knows how to make
his influence felt when he deems It necessary for the public good. His almost boundless Influence among the
IriBh people was recently Illustrated ln
a striking manner. He objected to the
policy of one of the Sinn Fein party
organs which editorially spoke in favor
of forcing the priests out of politics.
Cardinal Logue denounced the paper,
and his mere denunciation was sufficient to drive the paper's readers away
to Buch an extent that It was found no
ronger profitable to run it.
Since announcement was made that
Cardinal Logue was to come to this
country he has received many invitations to visit Philadelphia, Chicago, Baltimore and other cities. His Eminence,
however. Is a man of much work and
little for travelling or holiday making.
It ls therefore very doubtful lf he will
extend his American visit beyond this
city, especially as he will have an opportunity of meeting here Cardinal Gibbons, Mgr. Falconlo and other eminent
churchmen  whom  he   might  desire  to
Eight  Killed  in   Mine.
Pittsbu-sr.  *������*-<'  33
eo .ued   to  hive  occur-ed   'cdiv   la   n
m'ne if ��he Ellsw rth Coal
Ellsworth,  Pa.   near here.    Elghl
are said to have been killed.   It is not
known how many men are ln the mine.
Drlnkwater is Worse.
Montreal, April 23.���Physician* In attendance upon Mr. Charles Drlnkwater,
senior assistant to the president of the
C. P. R-. who ls suffering from pneumonia, reported today that tbe patlone
I Is not so well,
Tried to Kill Witness.
Oakland, Cal.. April 23.���An attempt
was made on the life of J. T. Gallagher,
one of the main witnesses for the prosecution in the San Francisco bribery
cases, last night at the home of William
H. H. Scheneck, his bjother-in-law, at
East 20th street and Nlhth avenue east
Oakland, when a huge bomb placed on
the porch exploded and tore away the
whole from of the house. Gallagher
was up stairs at the time with his wife
and Scheneck waa ln the rear room with
his wife and four children and Dr. Guy
Brown. All escaped escaped except one
boy who was hit in the neck by a flying
missile. Gallagher's hat was pierced
I by a splinter.   The house was wrecked.
- Ijb Daily Canadian
Important Notice to Newcomers and Intending Settlers
The Hudson's Bay Stores
Ranchers', Miners', Prospectors',
Lumbermen's and Railroadmen's
Sopppiies   and   the   heading
We keep the best of everything, and the best only.
Our Immense business and practically unlimited capital give us sped;
advantage* in buying;, so that we can   sell,  and   do   sell,    HIGH    CLASS
GOODS at   prices  generally charged   for  INFERIOR   ARTICLES.
Flour, Bran, Shorts and Hay Always in Stock
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized   (10,000,000    Capital   Paid  up	
Rest    J4.925.000
D. R. WiLKIE. President. HON   ROBERT J AFFRAY, Yioe-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed on  deposit*  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
kblso.m bwa.-vc-m ��J.   jV1s>   LAY,   A/l*anajEer��
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.   1869.
 $3,900,000     Re.erv*  Fund	
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kind* of Banking  Busineis.
,av:ngs Bank Department, and
merest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, In Large, Medium
er Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
��� ���:.���..'...-���: iii  in-.* a '-T.-t-si  t,y tlie
nns-iniiB  PL'BU8HI?J<j COMPANY, LTD.
BtkarSt.. xtUoD, B. c
--SuL*��cripilon rtttei, bo oeiiu a mouib dallverud
tne u.j, ur *���  "   a year if teal by nu;;, v?Lt-n
aid 111 .wvftlice.
Ad Ten.* '..���.��� ou application.
All mumua paid lu ���tt.-itlemeiit of Ttie Dally
Canadian afciiuuiM, etUier for Bubucriptloiii ur
adrertlBlDg, inu��t U- receipted (or ou tue printed
forrnn of   .;.*   ininpauy.    Other receipt!  are not
Thursday, April  23,  1908.
At a lime when nearly every day
brings a new revelation of stealing
lrom the Dominion treasury by member* or friends of the party in power,
it i.-, Impossible to avoid the Question
"What about Sir Wilfrid Laurier?" To
whuiu, il not to him, is tlie country entitled tu look for lhe preservation of its
wealth and for the punishment of the
spoilers? is it to be accepted, as covering all the crimes exposed, that because tbe premier hlmsell is not a
tniel we must forgive ail the rest?
We have repeatedly pointed out Uiat
either Bir Wilfrid takes strangely little
interest In details oi public affairs or
else be is knowingly a party to the rewarding ''i criminals, insplte ol all tbe
horrible exposures of the uuiurio election trials, in spite of his "Hug the
Machine*1 cablegram, W. T. R. Preston
is still au employee Of the government.
The civil service commission has
made a very definite report showing a
decidedly dangerous condition iu several departments. Then.* was an outcry even from the Liberal press for the
punishment of some one. All thut has
happened is that Mr. Hrodeur, the minister most severely criticized, is allowed to appoint a specially instructed
commissioner to (ind fault with the Dormer  report   if  possible.    There  is  no
value in Investigations, however much
courage they may indicate in lhe premier, unless there is some evidence
of an intention to punish the guilty aud
pi event a recurrence of the crime. AI
ready there 1ms beeu so much proved
with so little result thut the country
hus lost faith lu .Sir Wilfrid Laurie7s
Of the conditions revealed hy Major
Jlodgfus   account  of his   dlsagieeinent
with his political superiors in the service of the Grand Trunk Pacific the
Vancouver Province says in part:
"The charges���charges oi th.* most
circumstantial nature have bees laid
and it remains for the government to
answer them and in the event of a failure to answer them satisfactorily, to
dismiss the high officials who are the
agents of the administration in this
nefarious attempt to swindle the public
If the construction of tlie Eastern
branch ut this transcontinental road Is
continued without an adequate inquiry
and the removal of offending officials,
the country will be forced tt) the conclusion that the Laurier Governmenl
has at last abandoned all efforts al concealment and has decided to make tbe
best use of the time left to it in apportioning the public mony among its
party  favorites.
"And there can be no doubt of tho
splendid opportunity which the construction of this (-astern branch of the
Grand Trunk Pacific will afford in tne
execution of such a design. This portion of the road, from Winnipeg, in
Manitoba, to Moncton, X. P., it is unnecessary to state, is being constructed
by the government, and when completed, It will be handed over, practically
as a gift, to the Grand Trunk Pacific
Corporation. In itself that is a gigantic
graft, one which the old Conservative
administration In Its most corrupt days
would not have dreamed of attempting.
Aa tlie governmenl then Is constructing
the road, it has proceeded to make it ol
Immense use to the putty before making it a present to the company. A
host of officials at generous salaries has
been appointed in connection with construction and in addition to these officials, it has been planned io afford
jobs, during the whole period of construction to friends and supporters of
the government. Every means which
could possibly be adopted to Increase
the coat to the public and put money
in the pockets of place hunters, contractors and the large host, of camp
followers, who must be provided for,
has  been  taken  advantage  of.
A general meeting of the Shareholders of the Imperial ('.ml & Coke Com
pany. Limited, will he held nt the office of the Company, Room 7*, Sovereign Hank Building, Mom re;,]. Thursday, the Thirtieth day of April, Puis,
for the purpose of electing directors to
bold  office  until  the next   Annual  Meet
ing. to consider the financial  position
of the Company, and to adopt such
means as may he deemed most advisable with a view to arranging Ita flnan
epH, and for such other business an
may he legally brought, before the meeting. The Chair will he taken at 11 a.
Per Geo, Pyke, Secretary.
"But tho most deplorable feature of
Thfs exposure is the unfortunate light
in which it places uhe Premier, Sir
Wilfrid Laurier. Sir Wilfrid has been
proven to have had accurate information regarding the dishonest practices
which were being carried on in connection with this work. Major Hodgins
himself went to him, confident that by
so doing the evil would be remedied
and the guilty punished. The whole
matter was placed before him in derail
and the onlj resull was the dismissal
or Majoi lb'di; nis himself. How are
we to b< laud any longer tlie high personal bun* .t. et the head of an administration who encourages the worst
kind of corruption by his official sanction0 The ��hole attitude of Sir Wilfrid Laurie, towards the building of
this transcontinental railway has been
a buprise and a disappointment to the
people of Canada The enterprise was
the result of secret counsels within the
cabinet, nf conspiracies against the
}������ el ei ii,.- di partm. ut under which it
was to be launched. After dismissing
and 'li-- r edit Ing bis own mini-t. r of
railways, Sii Wilfrid practically Imposed uj'"!i the people tin- burden of building Mi.' iiiad which Was then to be given fo a corporation composed of political friend and supporters. Having forced th.tr measure throflgh parliament
be proceeded to make it a political engine for 'be financial ben- fit nf leaser
party favorites. Finally he has sanctioned Th- action of the department in
throwing open, so to speak, to a great
crowd from Quebec, who must be fed
ar the public trough. Is the man who,
having the power to decide whether
honest} or dishonesty shall be ibe policy "T bis party, deliberately determines that it shall abandon itself to
every form of corruption, worthy of respect and confidence because he does
no directly soil his own fingers with
public loot?"
Mrs. Astor's Grandniece a Bride.
Xew York. April 22.���Society was Interested this afternoon in the wedding
of Miss Emily Welles, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs, Benjamin Welles and a grand-
olece of Mrs. Astor, to Mr Henry Pelham Kohl,ins. well known in society
as a leader of cotillions. The. wedding
was celebrated in Grace Church and
was followed by a reception at the
home  of  the   bride's  parents.
noil ��� i- hereby glron that William Franklin
1 -������:/������:. uf tti��* < it} ..f Victoria, has been appoin*
��������� 1 n ' '.��.! :n.- -..,:.." f .- i: .- i . ,-j*..-,- ���,'. effect lug
an adjustment nf tlie elalms nf ��� eriaiu ���quatiers
in occupation of lam�� i-in braced Within the
boundaries <>f tbe reserve situated ,,n the Kootenay Kiver in the vicinity of Cremon. in the Pia-
trict ef Weoi Kootenay, nnd tbat the f.r��i mf-et-
lutf, pursuant to the laid Commission, will be
held in tbe otOoe ot the <'o��M<tble and Deputy
Mininie Recorder m' Creeton on Thnr��<uj\ tne
28rd day uf April. 1908,81 ten o'clock in the fore
HK.VKV 1 :s~n\- VODNQ,
I'rovlncUJ .Secretary.
Prorlncial Secretary*' Office,
10th April, JyOH.
One-Way Colonist
Rates to Alberta and
British  Columbia
LONDON *46.05
OTTAWA   51.40
OTTAWA via Chicago   52.45
QUEBEC  56.00
Ticket* on sale Feb. 29th, April 29th,
1908. Corresponding low rule* from intermediate points.
For further Information aa rcganj* to
rates,   etc.,   apply   to
o k. Mcpherson,      j. moe,
Q.P.A.. WlnnJpM, m P.*_, Nalso*
Take notice that thirty dayB after
date, I. Harry Rbymell, Intend to
apply iu the License Commissioners of
Yinlr district  for a license  to open an
hotel in Kitchener, u. C.
Dated till* 25th day of March, 1908.
Certificate   of   Improvements.
"April Kool" No. 2 Miuem! I'lslro. sllimle
In lhe Nelson Mining J'lvlal ,11 ol Wesl Koolullsv
When, located: Between Kni{le ninl Hsnrly
ereeks. and Hi,oul on,, half mile Iron, lhe t-oor-
man Mill.
rata u al,,- thai I, f r.Cir.-.-n. utIIU as auuiii
Ipr J. P. StrsdtsSrg, Kree Miner's I'urllnVataNo
11,47.',, Inland, slmv .|i,y. lr,,m the dale hereof,
tO apply 10 the MlulliK Iteeor.l.-r for a liurllflnaU-
of Improvements, for il��- pinpose ol obtaining a
Crown llrant of the ahove , iMirn.
And further take nollee lhat aellon uniler
seen 01 X7, ninslhe eomiijeneed before tba issuance of such Certificate of Improvements
Dated this MlB day ol January. A. II., IU07.
K. 0. OKE&N,
Nelson    11   fl,
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay Ice and Fuel Co.
N. E. co,. Baker   and   Ward   Sta.
We hare on* Knglwh Hilliar, one
American  billiard  and one  Pool  Table.
We carry the best lines of Cigar* and
Notice to Creditors*
In the  matter of the  estate and  effects
of   George   Harrison   (deceased.;
NOTICE la hereby given Uiat ail
creditors and others having claims
ayaiuat tue t-Bluie of the suld Ueurgu
Harrison, decuased, whu died at Nelbou,
British Columbia, on the 27th day ot
December, iuu7, are required uu or before tbe L'Uth day of April i.uxt to seud
by post, prepaid, or deliver to the uu-
del signed, their Christian aud surnames,
addresses aud descriptions, the full particulars of their claims, the statement
uf their accounts and the uature of the
securities tit any) held by them;
And further take notice that after
such last mentioned date the administrator will proceed to distribute the assets of the deceased among the parties
entitled thereto having regard only tj
the claims of which he shall then have
uotice, and that tbe said administrator
will not be liable for the said as seta or
any part thereof to any person or persons of whose claims notice shall not
have beeu received by him at the time
of such distribution.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 17th day
of March, A. D. 1908.
Solicitors for the Administrator,
James H.  Harrison.
Tremont House
KnroDeao uud Amerlnan FIab
Meall 35 cu.    Koomi ftjnm H cu. to 1-1,
uniy WAite Help Kmployed
hmt Ht.. Nelion Propria.ort
Most romiorlable quarters      Nelson
Only ii .   bun o :,.,:- nud i.lgars
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refur
nlsbed. Room* 60 cent* upward The
dining room I* unexcelled In the city
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. KRICKHON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court Hous*
and Poatofflce. Nelson. H. C.
Queen's Hotel
'Uut .iu*-.'i. Nt-linn. B. ft.
L*me   uud   ��;omfort*bit*    Bedroom     ��ud   Kim
L'lJLlH   J'l'llUH    Km.pill
MRS.  E. C. CLARKE,  Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
Propria lor.
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar Is lhe Pineal.
White Help Onl7 Kmplore*
.Insi'iihln,- Ht
Royal Hotel
Kattw fi and 11.60 a Da;.
Hiswl/U Bgt��* In Bjggjar Hoardr>r��
Tendera Wanted For th* Purchaae of a
Mineral Claim.
Tendera addressed to the undersigned, nt hi* oflloa In Ihe Court House,
In the cliy of Nelson, wll] hn received
up till Ihe hour of five o'clock In the
afternoon of Monday, May 4th, IIHiS.
ior the purchase of Ihe "Hitting Hull"'
mineral claim, I.oi 2SB0, Croup 1, Kootenay District, which was declared tu he
forfeited to the Crown at tho tax Bale
held In the City of Nelson on the Btb
day of NoTemher, 1906, for delinquent
Fred   Irvine & Co.
We are showing this wstk some lovely modela in Ladiea' Coatumea for
Easter   Season.
Jackets and coat* are aomewhat eccentric In their thigpes, one being
made of two plecea and Joined along shoulder, forming walata with aleeves.
Butterfly, Angel and Japaneae sleeves are shown In many models with pleated
Skirts, with flare bottoms trimmed with same wide banda of material and
strapping*.     We   Invite   your   attention.     Come and sae them.
Pretty White  Skirts for spring  wear.      Splendid   stock   of   Ladlea'   Dress
More new, lovely  models just  In   by expres*.     See them  on  aecond floor.
New Dresa Material and Silk just  r*ceiv**1.
Fred Irvine & Co.
taie* up till June 30th. 11��05 and cost*.
The upset price uikjii the said mineral claim, which Includes the amount
Ot delinquent taxes and cost* at the
time of forfeiture with Interest, taxes
which hare since accrued, cost* of advertising and fee for Crown Grant
($25.0nj I* (S170.00) which ia the least
amount that will be considered as a
Kach tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque for the full
amount of the tender payable to the
order of the Deputy Commissioner of
Lands and Works, at Victoria, B. C,
at par.
Dated at Nelson, II. C., this Gth day
of April, 1908.
Gov't   Agent,   Nelson,   U.   C
Tenders Wanted For the  Purchase of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed to the underslKu
ed, at his olfice lu the Court House, In
the City of Nelson, will be received
up till the hour of five o'clock, lu the
afternoon of Monday, Muy 4th, 1908,
for the purchase of the "Yellow Jack '
mineral claim, Lot 2089, Group 1, Koot
enay District, which wa�� declared to
be forfeited to the Crown at thu tax
��uN* held in the City of Nelson on the
6th day of November 1906, for delln
qiiunt taxe* up till June 30th, 1901
and   cosis.
The upset price upon the said miner
a! claim, which Includes Lhe amount of
delinquent taxe* and cost* at the time
of forfeiture with Interest, taxe* which
have since accrued, costs of advertising and foe for Crown Grant ($30.00)
i* itl'il.lb) which Is the least hiiumihi
that  will   be   considered   as  a lender.
Kach   tender   must    be   accompanied
i>y  au  accepted  ebeque   (Or   thu  full
nui'Mint of Iho tender payable to lhe
order of the Deputy Commissioner of
Land* and Works, at Victoria, B, C, at
Hated at Nelion, B, C, thin 6th dav
ot April, 1908.
Gov't   Agent,   Nelson,   11    ('
Tendera Wanted For the Purchaae of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed to lhe imdcr*Ii;n-
ed, at his ollice In tho Court House, In
the Ciiy of Nelson, will he received up
till the hour of five o'clock ln the after
noon of Monday, May 4th, 1608, for the
purchase of the "Sitting Hull Fraction"
mineral claim, Lol 2698, Group 1, Root
enay District, which was declared to
bo forfeited lo the Crown at tho tax
sale held In the City of Nelson oa the
fith day of November, 1906, for delln
'liiont taxes up till June 30th, 190G
and   costs.
Tho upset price upon the aald mineral claim, which Includes the amount
of deUnquent taxes and costs at the
time of forfeiture with Internet, taxes
which have since accrued, costs of advertising and fee for Crown Grant
ftSS.OO) is (164.40) which Is the least
amount that will he considered as a
Kach tender must be accompanied
by an accepted ebeque for tba full amount ol the lender payable, lo the older of tho Deputy Commissioner of
Lands and Work*, at Victoria, a C
at  par.
Dated at  Nelson, Ii. C ,  this  fith  day
of April. 1908.
Gov't   Agent.  Nelaon,   B.   0.
Tender*  Wantad  for the   Purchaae  of  a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addreeaed to iho undersisn-
ed, at his OfBce In thu Court House, In
thu City of Nelson, will be received up
till the hour of live o'clock In the after
noon of Monday, May 4th, 1908 for the
purchase of the "Yellow Jack Fraction"
mineral claim, l-ot 2692, Group 1, Kootr
enay District, which waa declared forfeit.-,) to the Crown at tbe tax ��ale
held in the City of Nelson, on tlie Btb
day of November, 190.",, for delinquent
taxes  up till June  noih. 1906 and coBts.
The upset price upon tbe said nun
cral claim, which include! ihe amoonl
of delinquent taxes and <-,,mh at the
time of lhe forfeiture with Interest,
taxt-s which have since accrued, ooeta
of advertising and fee for Crown Grant
(J2r,.oni la ($64,401 which is the least,
amount that will be considered as a
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted ebeque for tbe full amount of the tender payable to the or-
der   oi   ilie   Deputj   i mlsaloner   "f
Landa  and   Works,  ui   Victoria,  B.  v.,
at  par.
Dated a; Neleon, B. C. 'his r.lh day
of April, 190S.
Gov't  Agent.  Nelaon,  B,  0,
ed  to be forfeited to the Crown r t
tax sale held In tbe City of Nelson i
the Uth day of November, ].���'.. (ot L.
llnquent  taxes   up till June 3uu\ l��i|
and   coat*. 1
The upset  price upon tlii said mlM*J
| al c'alm which  Includes the amount*A
delinquent  taxes aud costs at toe tia��|
i or forfeiture with Interest, tales ��W��I
j  have   since   accrued,  cost* of sdrertsl
lug   and   fee   for  Crown Orant i|!5W|
is   (I5.V75I   which   is  the icast arnon'
that will be considered as a tender.
Kach tender must bo arompanled bfl
an accepted cheque for the full tmoiojl
of the tender payable to tbe orderajl
the Deputy Commissioner o' Lu���|
and Works, Victoria, II. C, at P��f- j
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 6ln dill
of April, 1908.
Gov't   A��eiit,  Nelson, B.    I
era   Wanted  for the  Purchlis of�� I
Mineral    Claim- I
Tendera  Wanted  for the  Purchaae  of  a
Mineral   Claim.
Tendera addressed to tbe underslg,
ed ut his offloe In tha Court lions.-, in
tbe city of Nelaon, ��m i>, received up
tin the hour oi live o'clock iii the after
noon of Monday. May 4th, 1908, lor the
purchase of the "Blue Jack" Mineral
claim, Lot 8688, Qroup 1. Kooleuay his
trlet. whleh was declared to he forfell
I'd to the Crown al the ia* sale beld In
the Olty of Nelson on tlie (Ith day of
November, 1906, for delinquent taxes
up  till   June   30lh,   1905   and   costs.
The upset price upon the said mln
oral claim which Includes tlie amoimi
Of delinquent taxes and costs at the
of forfeiture with Interest, taxes which
which have since accrued, costs of ail
Vertlalng and fee for Crown Giant
($2.'i.oo) Is ($166.66) which is tba leasl
amount that will be considered as a
Kach tender must lie accompanied
by an accepted cheque for the full amount of the lender payable to the order of ihe Deputy Commissioner of
Uinds and Works, Victoria, II. C, at
Dated al Nol��on, H. C., this 6th dny
Of April, 1908.
Gov't.   Agent,   Nolson,   B,   C.
Tenders   anted   For  the   Purcha��e   of  a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed to the undersigned, at Ills ollice In the Court House,
In tliw city of Nelson, will be received
up till tho hour of Bve o'clock In the af-
ternoon of Monday, May 4th, 1908 for
lhe purchase of Ihe "Illuo Jack Krac
tion" mineral claim. Lot 2691, Group
1, Kootenay District, which wa�� declar-
purcliaso of the "White Cloud m" I
al claim. Lot 2687, Group 1, KooteMJ ���
District, which was declared to t�� ""' I
felted to the Crown at tlie tax HH
held In tho City of Nelson on ti* ����� I
day of November 1905, for del ngi**n I
taxe* ut, Ull Juno 30th 191)5 and coHM
The  unset  nrlce  iinoii the UU m���.\
that    will   be   considered   as  n  ���*�����-    ���
Each lender must hu ai-companM ��   I
au aooapted cheque for the fu.l f����" I
id   tlie   tender   payable   In   'I'V   isndl I
the   Deputy   Commissioner    of   l*��    I
and   Woi-ks,   Victoria,   B.  CL, ��', }'":    I
Dated at  Nelson, II. C, this ��f JW I
of April, 1908. ,���,.-        I
Gov't   Agent,  NejsotL "���
Tendera Wanted for the Purchase of
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to the ��"Jf"'^
ed, at his offloe In the Court H'V,
In the city of Nelson, will '�����, ��f��'',7
up lill the hour of five o'OloOll U��-J
ternoon of Monday, May 4lli. 11^3
: e purchase of Ihe "Hattla Bro"
mineral claim. Lot 1047, Grot-P .%%,
. ay District, which was declared wi
li rfelted to the Crown on ttJ* IU'    ',
Of November, 1904  for disllin"01"
up till June 30th, 1904, and c"a,*nln(���.
Tho upset price upon I''1' """'.-i of
��l claim which Includes the ��"fr}j0��
delinquent taxes and ooata al <���" ^
of forfeiture with Interest, >****dv6rti|.
havo sinco accrued, cost ot ,���-(|(i)
lug and fee for Crown Grant if-
Is I $J 23.95) which la the le��s *��
that   will  he considered as �� l���lgi bv
Kach tender must be iiccninp.'��� ,
au accopted cheque tor 'I'0/"" *"r nf
or tho tender payable to i"1'     , ands
the   Deputy    Commissions    ' r
and   Works,   Victoria,   ll.      ���  ���    .   (iay
Dated   Nolson,   B.   C,   tBIi.
or April, 1908. ,,.,,i,'llT.
Gov't  Agent, Nelson, ��
:T~nt" The Daily Canadian
When You Buy Fruit Land
DON'T be attracted by cheaper,  Inferior or  Inaccessible landa  whleh exist In the Kootenay, as elsewhere
���but get  tho  best.    Taku advantage of a double Belectlon.
1     Our aelecllon  was  made with the utmost care at a time when we had the whole district to pick from.
2.    Your   Belectlon���made   from ours���thus you get the benefit of a double  and cumulative Belectlon.
FURTHERMORE,    remember that to bo successful the following five qualities are absolutely essential:
(11.    Title;   12).    Soil;   13). Water;   (1). Accessibility;   (5). Transportation.
WE SELL OUR OWN LANDS.    We own over 20,000 acres, title perfect.
THE  SOIL  Is deep loam  with clay subsoil, free from stone.
THE   WATER on these lamls  ls  puru  and  abundant  both  In  running streams and numerous springs.
THE   MARKET for your product  is  right at your door on existing line* of  transportation.
BUT when yon buy an orchard tract you want more than soil;   more than pure water; more than transportation;  you want A HOME���A place to live in���THAT IS WHAT WE HAVE FOR  SALE.
l'o*t  ofllce   with   dally   mall Bervice;  express  trains, stores;  school*���A   home  every   few   steps.    Yi u   :,et
the comforts of civilization combined  with the  pleasure of a  prolitable, healthful and beautiful rural ho.,:e.
TERMS���$10 Cash and $10 per  Month    for  10 Acres, with  liberal  discount   for-  larger   payments.
Write   or  call  for  Mape,   Photographs   and   all   information.
Kootenay Orchard Association
British Columbia
cannot dine on PROG LEOS every day.     We furnish the
\eeiy   Pork,    Mutton  and Weal
Hams. Bacon and hard
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
in the market
Mincemeat of Fiuest Quality in glass and wood.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
iKaslo, Rossland     NELSON, H* G- Boundary
���on Land Dutrtat* Oloxtyotot Woot Kootenay
itkf notice llita.1  Hurry   Bird. Of Ni'Imhi. OfOU*
ton tool mtotm tgoni, intend! to *py\y tor
i iiMlon to porohtsM tin? (dMhuuik aoBOrtbed
.    Comm��noin| *t ��� j��<m planted ��t uw
rtheaat  oornei  of Lot   .7...  ibanoa numum
IN 2tt rhmim.   theuce   went '20   rlmlun.   thence
ith nobalnf. more or lau, to the northerly
i ndary ��f U>t 37:t, thene? (aliowin* north
ina*ry l*ot 313 to point ot oonmanoamonl
ininiiia 4tl At'tv*. more or Wtm.
���-.u-,1 Kebruary lhtn. 1W��* IUrhy Hiri>,
F. ft   QfeW-f, AK*'iit
Kelson Land District.  DurtrtotoJ Wait iCootanaj
UltP notice that Fred. J. Kftmmour.. am-nt lor
fr.it J Tanner, ol Neleon, i>c.-iljmlioU wal.h-
rimh.'r.   tntelltlK to ai-ply   lor   |>,*rintnMoii to pur-
L.u�� tin* following dawribad landa:   Commen*
log at a poat    planted    about  2' t   mHer*  easl oi
>\:.��oti oroek, thenoa -t" ohalni in an easterly
���ir.-iiuu, theuee V���� ehainn nouth, thence *0
baini tn a westerly dlrtWUon, thonoa�� chain*
north to ihe point ofoommanoamant) Dontainini
��l rn iff*, more or lews
luted Nov.iuth, 1W/7.
Khkpru'k   Iohn   1 annkh,
f. j i-ji\i��(iN��, Agant
���"���������Hhui Land Dlitrlot.   Dlntrlcl ol tt out Kootenay
Take notlM that Kred J- Bammons, ifoh- ll"
��� a   i.aiiaid. of Proctor, DOcupaUou ranohor,
Intendl to applT lor penOWOn W pun-liasi- the
lollowing ilcHcrlbt-d lainlt.: t'oiiiiurncmK at a
!>".! |.|,mt.'d about ft.. inileneHkl ol WlllOD creek.
'..��� m .��� louthwott aochaini, thanoa northwoit w
1 baini.theaoa DorthoastflOobaioii Uionce louth
���*-��� ^HliHtnn to Iho the point of commencement
ui UinlOK 40 acre*, more or less.
hatw) Nov. Alii. Wirt.
AmHIBAl.li   AM.KH.*I��)N   BaI.I.ARI',
ARCllt   K     J     rA^MttNH.
Nelson Land Dlntrlcl    Dint net ol Weal Koou-n.iy
faka iiottct* thai ss.a. Bodaon. UmberonUaar,
"i Spokane, Spokane eoiiiuy, waahington. one
ol the t'nited HUtatol AJnerto*,, Intenda to apply
���oraipectal timber Lioenaa orai the following
(escribed Landa: Oommanoinarat a poat marked
1 ��� t planted on the north imua of Corn artok,
tune Junoilpnol the North fork of Corn oxoek
MUi   Oic. main   ntreaui,  ahom    live   tnlicH   in a
wotteM* dlrooUon from oonfiuanoeol aaid corn
'rceK wttfa lhe Kootenay river;   tiicncc  north W
* nalna; tbence went LM ohalnai thenee louth n
Chalna; thenee eant LOO obalna to point of corn-
on iici'iueut, eolitalnltiK fl-to wren more oi lens
Said lan.l adloina in t iimii No 7 on t-he
��i -i and timber limit No H on the Houtb, aa lo-
1 ated by mo.
located November 7, VJOl.
Wili iam A. Hpiwon, Locator.
Witnessed hy I'atnek O. shine*
Declared and klghed by tha within named W
V   iludlOO   on   theWihdaj  of  November, A   ft
JW7, before ma at b. -.ana, Spokane Oounty,
"MhlngtonionaOI tb.   n tied Blataaol amenoa,
I'ATKirK ft-. Onvn,
way rii(lit of way.   about   one  ami   a half tulle*
waaterl] it un the northweat oomat oflotftWS,
gronp   1,    kooteuay.     thonoa   nouth   80 ehainn,
thenoa eaai *> ehalna��� thanoa north ho ohalna to
Muthern boundary of aald rigbt-of-wmji thenee
went 80 chalnn along Bftld southern boundary to
point o( commencement, and containing 0W
aoroa, more or leai.
Dated Noremberoth, iwr;
Neleon Laud DlHtrlct    D.etriei of W eat Rootenay
T��ke nonce lhat F   I', burden, acting an agent
lor J. II   Burden,   of   Pnktok,   N- B,  occupation
meehailtc,   Intftuls   to   applv   Tor   |N*rmiKiloii   to
purchaae tha lollowing naacribed landa: Com-
inenolna a- a i<wt planted on the aaatarly ahora
of Arrow Ink.* and abottt U cbainti north of the
N. K. corner  of   lol ftldt,   theuee eant  2v  chaini*.
thence north 40 afca-tna, mora or leaa, to the lake
iho ���. thenoe aoatthareatarly along tha lake ahora
to tha polut of commonnamantj and oontaiulng
Bu aorea. mora or Ion- .        ,, _
i ated NovuntU'r lHth. iw^   JamkmII   Bl'RPKN,
F. 1*    HVRi'KN, Aifent.
NelMin Land Dintrict. District of Weat KooU-nar
Take notice tlial John Jamen t'ameron, of
FernlOj Blittah i olumbla, OOGUpatlon contractor, luienda to apply for permiaaion to
purchase the following deaortbed landi yom-
menoii g ai a poat planted on the aouthern
boundary of tbe B: ���'. southern right-of-way
aboutWchain* wealarli   from Uie.s.tt   corner
of lot HUM,-croup   1.   KootcuHy,   thenre   nniiih m
ohalna. thenoe aaat tu ohalna, thenoe north w
chnlns to the mm(hern boundary uf tha nat-I
right-of-way, Lhence wenlerly along Bald nouth
cm   boundary   of  right ol way   to   the   OOlnl
commencement, and containing MOaoraa, more
or leaa.
Nelaon Land Dlitrlct.   District ot Weal Kootenay.
Take li fillet* thai Tina Bergman, of Altona,
Man , occupation wife of ft. Bergmau, farmer,
Altona, Man . lntendta io apply for pcrinitikiou to
purchaae the following described land :
CoininunciUK at a poet planled at the N. E. C.
of Hugo Oajatena1 application to purchase aud
ruunlng theuee west SO ehains lhence north 80
I halna, thenee eaat 40 chains, thence douth l>
chains '26 I mk-.. thence eaat 40 ctiatns, ihenee
nouth 71 chalnn 75 links to point ot commencement, eon la In lug 607 acres more or leaa
''iuk;..-. Ma Kill am..
Agent   lor   'Una   Bergmau.
Dated '23 December ilW7.
W��-i.t  Kooteuay   Land  Duurici.    District oi Goat
lake notice that 1, Oeorge A. Hunt, of Kit
ehenar, occupation timoermau, intend to
apply for permission to purchase the
fullowlug described land: t'ommeuclug at a
punt planted about 40 chains, Went ot Thompson
marked N. W. corner, (bence south 10.3t chalus
theuce east 44.67 chains, theuce north 31.45
chains, thence west along B. C. Southern Kail-
way to place, of commencement, containing 98.lt)
Dated January 8th. 1008.        GIvohgk U. Hcnt
Nelson I '.in! District.   District of Weit Kootenay
Take notice tbat I, Freuerick Adle. of tt'aueta,
It  ft., ociupatlou merchant,  intend to apply for
Krminslou to purchaae the following described
ud : t'ommenciug at a pout planted about 10
chalus west ul the N K u.uuerof lot m.-'-. theuce
north 2o chains, thence eaat HO chains, thence
���OUth 20 chalus, theme west 80 chains to polut
of commencement, containing 100 acres, more or
I 'i,i. d January 21st, 1908.       Frsokkkk Ante.
an riot*  i tetiKioi Weat aootenay
��� Hke notice thai lnal-t   la Pierce,   t Htrawsburg,
t'ctmlfifion   to   pun
Ml    .
id lands;   Com mem log ��t a poat plantar
oo- intersection of the north boundary ol iao
*l*i, and the eant boiiu.iary ot Lot N" K��i
ttitn. e east MOhalna, more or lent*, lo the north'
�����m coiner of 'limber Limit No. 7671, lhence
'i"itii ho ciialiin, thence went '20 chains, mo c or
��*��. to the eant hide of tt hatabun bike, thence
lollowing same In a Southerly and weslerl>
otraotlon loo chains, mote or leaa to the inter
"uctioii wiib i ot BUB, thenceao ohalna, more or
'"w. lollowing  easlerly   boundary   of Lot Hia*'. m
V"int of coinnieticemunt.
l,nted7lb OetolH-r, l."i7.        Ihahki.i.a I'ikkck,
F   ft, KatlyUIKK,  ��� Kent.
Mellon Lund District.   Dlstrlctof Wesl Kooieimj
Take notloe that   aioxhikUt   J    fcfoCdol, of
'ruiy, B. C, occupation clerk, intend* In apply
l"*rmisslOii to purchase the following des
u d 1ml     Commencing at a post planted on
hlUi,i   .   tt. ft. Bouthern  Uall-
Kalaon Land District. Dlstrletol West Kootenay
Take   Uotlce that John   Shlell. of Needles, B l.,
oooupatlon rancher, Intendl to apply lOfpar-
mi-nioii   to   purehafi'   the following    dei-erlbed
lend] Oommenolng at a poal Plant* I ai the
north wail corner of i*'t WBti thenoa went 10
chMins  tbenoe wntb lo obalna, theuce eaat40
Chalni, thence north MO chalus tO the point of
com mi ueeincnt, and containing BIO acres, more
0ri��Sed istii October. ti��o7. Ja��f�� sntii,i���
F. ft. FAfyt'iKH. Agent.
N.-lson I Hint Dlitrlot Distrint ol West Kooleuay
��� Jake notice thai Angus M.-ttlll, ol the flty of
Sebon, occupation Unman, Intenda to apply for
permiaaion ti purchaae the followingAeeorlhed
lauds: fonimenciiig at a post planted at the
,\ W corner L ft. Morrison n ranch, in Ur
' iilley. th.t-ce   north   forty   (40) chiiius,  thene
Mft  i.-iy (to, uhalna, thence aouth     .ii> C��
, iu , tience weit forty (401 ebalni        olnlo
m i, .ue.un nt,  and containing one hundred
d sixty (ltvti) acres, mote or lens.
Dte.i Septa J) bar and   190T.     Mom IHGtiL
Nelson lAnd D^triet.   Dlstrlctof Weal Koolenny
Take notice lhat   lliiiio Carstens. of Winnipeg,
Man.    occupation   puldlnhcr,   i nda  lo apply
lor  permisrlnu   to   purchase the   following dell rlbed laiin; . #
Oommanoina at a poat-plamed on  the west
oundiiry of L. 4772. U I. (atioitt B mill's from Arrow Lake, on lioaqulto Creak) and 31 chain'' 75
link** south of thoN.tt'.C, of said lot, running
tbanoa   west mi chains, lhence nouth   HO chains,
thenoa eaat 80 ohalna, thanoa north 80 chains to
pleofl  Of commencement,  coutalning   BeO aer��s,
more or leu. ���
( IIAHI.RM Miii-iiiii
A trout  for   Hugo t'arstuns.
Dated 81 December IWf7.
Nelson Land Dlatrlct    District ot -aem Kootenay.
rake notice thatTev I <-eorgo I'lyno, ..f Needles,
k ft jucoupatlou rancher, rut is to apply ior
ncrmhislou to purchase tbe following deseribed
..niin- I'oinnicii.llig st a poat planted about In
. . ,,: weTof W batsbau e'eek and 88.014 chains
nn th of   tlie   sou'h went   corner  of Ltd No-   HidS
iimiilhi* thahce   north ^0 chains,   thenee west HO
��� I.,*,   thenee   south   U IM eliiitus.   IheiH'e east
������ 688 chiiiun   thenee south  f-7 Hi;, chalnn, thence
VtMO chalnn east  to   polnl of conuueiiecment.
eoiitainliui Wl acres, now surveyed as lot H185.
Detedltn January, 1WM. Levi Oaoiio. Patni.
Nelson Land Dinlrict. Dlstrlctof tt'est Kootenay
'lake notice that Marlon Isabella Crease, of the
City of Neliou, in the Province of British Columbia, occupation spinster, intends tu apply for
permlislou lo purchase the following described
laud: Coinmenclug at a post planted at the
hign water mark of the Halmon river distant
about 1-' miles ln a southerly direction from
halmo. B ft., thence north 40 chains, thence easl
40 chain*., theuce soikfcb 40 chains, more or leas,
io the high water uffrfc of the rialmon river,
then, e'west 40 chains, more or less, along said
high water mark to thu pointof commencement,
and containing 160 acres, more or leaa.
Um aietl on tne 1st day of February, 1U08.
Dated loth February. 1W>8.
Marion Isabkli.a (*riaib,
tnwAHu Mam \ Pinna, Agent.
Nelson Laud District. Dlstrletol tt'est Kootenay
Take notic�� that James William Gallagher, of
the Olty of Nelson, in the Provluce of Uritlnh
i olumbla, occupation merchant, iuteu.ls to apply lor perm it* s ion to purchase tho fol lowing
described land: Commencing at a post p.am. .1
at the high water mark of the rialmou river din-
i,in i aooul IS milcN lu a floutberly ditectiou from
nalmo, 11. ft., iheuce norlh 40 chains, thence
west 40 chains, tiieuce south 40 chaius, more or
lens, to the high water mark of lhe Saluiou river,
thence cant to chains, more ur lens, alung the
���aid hub water mark to the place ol beginning,
containing LSI acres, more or less.
Looated on tha 1st dny of February, 1908,
Dat.tl 14th IVbruarv, 11*08.
Jamkm William (Iai lauhkr,
Nelson Land District.   District of West Kootena
Take notice thai I John Arthur f-eolt, of Mono
Centre. Out , occupation farmer, lutein! to apply lor pcriulHHlnu to purchase the following described laud at the mouth of summit creek 1
Coinmencing ni a posl planted al the southeast eorner of lot 878., marked N. K , theuce
nouth 40 chains, thence west '20 chains, thenee
north 40 chains, thence earn fl, chains to plaoe of
commencement containing 80 aeres.
John a in urn Bcott,
W. J. Bcott, Agent.
Dated Fab. 18th, 1908.
Nelson Land Dislrict. Dlstrletol West Kootenay
Take notice that 1 Christie Scott, of Mono
Cantor, Out .oeeupallou niarrliid woman, iutend
to apply lor permission to uurchsse thu lollowing described iaud near Bumiiiit croek :
Commencing at a post planted at the southeast, comer of lot 8780 marked 6. tt'., theuce
north .����� i bains, thence cast -V chains, theuce
south 20 ohalni, theuce west-ft) chalus tu place
of eommenoement containing 4o acres.
Chuihtii Scott,
W. J. Hcott, Agent.
Dated Feb 18, 1908.
Tuke noticr thnt wc will at the next
meeting of the License Commissioners
npply lor a transfer of the liquor license for tlie No Place Inn on Josephine street, Nelson, from Pollard and
Wade to H. H. Moore.
Dnted at Nelson, this 9th day of
March  i.-uii.
Career df Latest Accuser of Spoils Party
at Ottawa.
Major Arthur Hodgins whose charges
against the G. T. P. commissioners have
brought him into the lime light, is well
known to old NelBonites but riot, perhaps, to those who have come here
within the last seven or eight years.
The career of the gentleman who
would not prove complaisant has been
a distinguished one. (iraduttling from
the Royal Military College, Kingston,
(Jut., in 1882, he was from that time
until the completion of the C. P. R. ln
18MI engineer on construction in the
prairies and mountain sections.
From JSSti to 1889 he was engineer
on construction of tho C. P. R. short
line through tbe Btate of Maine, and
in 1881*. engineer on conntruetion of the
C. P. R. extension from Toronto to
In 188!* he went to Mexico as engineer on construction of the Mexican
inter-Ocean from Vera-Cruz, hut left
ou account of ill  health.
Prom 18!*0 to 189i> he was in the
Kootenay country, llritish Columbia, residing principally in Nelson, practising
bis profession, and in 1898 he went to
youth Africa as lieutenant with the
first Canadian contingent.
During the South African war he was
promoted to the ianU ot major, and
went on the stuilf of Sir Percy Girouurd
as officer in charge of construction on
Imperial railways in the Transvaal and
Orange River colonies. He remained in
South Africa, and when peace was declared was appointed as the government superintendent engineer of railways in the Transvaal and Orange
River colonies.
Major Hodgins returned to Canada
about three years ago, and was appointed district engineer in charge of the
400-mile section east of Winnipeg on
the national transcontinental railway.
His resignation last October created a
great deal of unfavorable comment, and
it was freely asserted that more lurked
behind it than then was announced.
A son of Judge Hodgins of Toronto,
a Liberal of the old stamp, it was believed that his uncompromising rectitude bad proved an obstacle In his preferment  by the present administration.
Shakespeare's  Memory Kept Green.
London, April 38.���The customary
dramatic festival was held at Stratford-
on-Avon today in celebration of Shakespeare's birthday anniversary. The old-
world town was the Mecca for hundreds
of admirers and devotees of the immortal bard, among the number being many
celebrated literary and dramatic lights.
At present the various Shakespearian
societies throughout the country are engaged In plans for the erection of a
memorial which it is proposed to be
set up to commemorate the tercentenary
of his death, which will occur in 1916.
It is proposed to raise one million dollars, of which half is to be spent on
the monument. A line site In London
has been selected for the monument in
Park Crescent, adjoining Regent's Park
and looking down the imposing vista
of Portland Place.
To Wed Count.
Naples, April 22.���The marriage of
Miss BHeanor Crawford, eldest daughter
of Marion Crawford, the novelist, to
Count Pietro Rocca, will take place
To (ieorge W. Beale, formerly of Kobnon, B. v.
ami Nelnon. B. 0,
1 haiehy give you notice that unlcBH you give
a good nn.I vuliil objection thereto in writtng I
ihall at the expiration of 14 dayis from the date
hereof proceed to the regix trail on of the title of
The Columbia and Kooteuay Railway and Navigation Company in fee simple lu reap��ct to that
?���..-<���.' of land known aa l."i 3 in Block 3, Kobion
owniiie. Group One, Kootenay Dutrict, accord
Ing to plan thereof, filed aa Number 026,notwithstanding the non-prod uctton of the Certificate of Title thereof.
Dated at Nelson, B.C..this 31st day of March, 1908.
H   F. MacLkoo,
DUtrict Kegintrar.
In the matter of au Rppllrallo'i for a duplicate
Certificate ot Title ot an undivided oue-quarter
lutorert ln Lot S7. Group One, Kooteuay District.
known an "Let Her Go Gallagher' Mliteral
Noiire t�� hereby given thai It is my Intention
after th* expiration of one month from the firm
publication hereof, to Ume a duplicate Certlfleate of I Die on tb�� above deaurib��d one-quarter
nn. :*"-t in tht name ot John I" Hieveus, which
Certificate of Title in dated lhe 6lh April, 1900,
and numbered BortiSK.
Laud   Kegislry Office,  NelBon, B.C.,  March   3,
H, F. Ma.'Lkoo,"
Dlstrlat Keeidtrar.
ThLs  1^ Vour
500 yards Tapestry Carpet, Red and Green  Pattern* ., �� -80
750 yards Tapestry Carpet, Green and Fawn 1.00
250 yards Tapestry Carpet 1.25
450 yards   Brussels  Carpet 1.46
1250 yards Brussels Carpet i 1.76
500 yards Brussels Carpet,  Floral  and Turkish Patterns   1.76
1000 yards Wilton Carpet, all colors, per yard from $2.00 to  S.25
800 yards English Axmlnster from $2.50 to 3.00
200   yards    Ingrain H .,    1.26
J00 yards  Ingrain   1.00
100 yards  Ingrain     65
Stair Carpets,  per yard,  from     75c. to  . 2.60
Tapestry, Ingrain, Brussels, Velvet, "Wilton and Aixmlnster Huge In all sues, from    6.00 to  75.00
Portieres:   $4.50, $5.00, $6.00, $10.00,   $15.00, $16.60, $18.00, $20.00, $35.00, $76.00
up to $100.00.
Odd Lace Curtains, 35 pairs at cast  price.
Holds Good Until May 1st
300yards, pretty designs, 57 In. wide.     65
100 yards, pretty designs, 57 In. wide , 50
400 yards,  finest quality,  66 In. wide      75
72 only, Table Cloths, 63x84, each 2.00
25 only, Table Cloths,  72x90 4.00
A   nice   line   of  Napkins   from  $6.00  to $10,000 per dozen.
200 doz.  Napkins,  ready- for use $1.00 and $1.25
10 doz.  Napkins     1.50 to 2.00
15 doz. Napkins 2.00 to $.00
Tha most complete line of Towelling and Towels In  B. C. at all prices.
500  pairs  Pillows,  per  pair from 2.00 to 12.00
30  yards  Cotton   Sheeting ,      .33
500 yards Family Sheeting          .40
300  Sheets,  ready  made,  2yards   by  2'/2 yards, par pair 2.00
350 Sheets ready  made Twill, per pair. 2.60
Pillow Cases,  all  ready for use, 3sizes,  per   pair  from 40c   to       .75
Circular Pillow Cotton, 40 In., 42 in., 4*in , 35
Complete House Furnishers, Funeral Directors
A good opportunity ia offered to investors for a short time to purchase
stock at 10 cents per $1 share in one
of the best asbestos propositions on
the continent of North America. For
prospectus  apply
BOX  987,   NELSON,   B.  C.
You ran buy a 10-acre Fruit Ranch  In  tho best fruit  growing dislrict
ln  British  Columbia by  paying  $1 0 dollars down and $10 per mouth.
Even as an Investment this ls wor th consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled ln value wl thin the year.   What will It do next
If you want Good Land
Lots   in   Addition    A"
We are agents for most of the lota
In the aDore addition, being agents for
F. C. Iunia. Coats & Co., and tha Nelson
Electric Tramway Co.
For full particulars aa to prices.
terms, etc., apply to
HL   &   M.   BIRD
Partly Fwntohed Modern
Residence and Three Lots
Situated on Hoover St, between Stanley and Ward.    Bight Rooms and
Basement all   ready  for furnace.    Now rents for >35 per month.
PRICE: $4,000w00.   TERMS: One-Third Cash, Balance 6600.00 per year at
7 per cent.       For   full   particulars   apply
Mc Derm id & McHardy
ISl3U,SON, B.  G.
KF58SES L��mbe��, Shingles,
L,��atl-i, Mouldings, Door s, Windows.
Turned Wt-rk and !Bi-BOlc*��t��a. Hail Orders promptly attended
I Tne Daily Canadian
Not everyone can claim the diamond for a blrthstone, but anyone
may wear a diamond, and if you are Rettine; one you may as well pot
the best, and in the best and moot suitable setting. We keep only the
best stones, and as we manufacture all kinds of Jewelry we are competent to advise you as to settings. We have always on hand an attractive
stock, of Kings and Pins of all kindB set with this most precious of gems,
the diamond, also a Block of loose  stones.
Watchmaker and Optician
Red Ipitor
Batteries for
Hot Sparkers
Phone 221A. P. O. Box 161
Three   Room   House   on   one-eigth   ace
adjoining     city. Lot    cleared,
fenced and  planted.   $350 ONLY.
Building Sites
200 ft. corner, short Uistauce from
car   line $1,000
75 ft. corner, (lane) excellent site
Cor business man near centre
of city $1,100
1.1*0  ft,  corner,  In  Fairvlew���near
lake  and  cars���good soil $ -Soo
Land for Market Gardens
G acres within one-half hour of linker  st
14 acres within mile of cityl would
Real  Estate Agent
315   Baker  St..   Nelton.  B. C. *'*
Special for Saturday
For Sale at
Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor. Josephine and Mills Sts.
Phone  19.
Wr��f-.     Vertion  antS  ^Vttt-tl   St re��t.H
>l?I.SO>.    B.C.
r. .'. Stevenson, W. E. Truesdale, II
A. Small. Vancouver; C. H. Halg, Phoe
nix. H. F. Strong. Montreal; i; E, Hal
lett and wife, J. D. Keen, 13-MIle; Mrs.
Anderson, .1 W. Power, Kaslo: E). St.
Dennis, Slocau; T. Glendennlng and
wife, Propter; C. W. Minneton, Toronto
.\lr*J. T. T. Ludgate and son. Arrowhead
TV S. Lawlor, Ymir; P. II. L-utz, Montreal: T. F. Cbatterton. Silverton.
y^& ^
km B%- ������ .
Corner of Stanley  and  Victoria   Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot
J. H. Green, Lethbridge; F. McFar
land, Toronto; W. C. Ritchie and wife,
Port Arthur; O. O. Buchanan and wife,
Kaslo; P. Hanson and wit,-, A. il. Hope
and wife, T. McGregor, .1. Sweeney,
Seattle; J. E. Carrall, W. Manhart, Spo-
W. McDonald, J. H. McAngue, Rossland; H. (J Ala-ion. Arrowhead; W. A
Logan, K. J. FVjley, Koch Siding; D. li.
Hlggam. Procter; W. King. Spokane;
A. H. Stinson, J, A. C'ardy, F. I>. Payne,
A. N. Macdonald, ('. I-:. Sugden and
wife, J. Bapre, Winnipeg; Mrs. A. Q
Gallup, Mrs. .1 Peacky, Balfour; II. C.
Smith, n A, Smith, Clubb Landing; II
M. Parry, It. Kvans, K. Arnold, V. S.
Sheppard, Lethbridge; .Mrs. [.. B. Luther
Ainsworth; C. London, Salmo; I.. .\lr-
EClbbon, Hamilton; P. Bent, Cranbrook;
T. P, Graham, Nakusp; il. Robertson,
Q. II. Low. Calgary, C. II. Dickson, L.m
A Ford, II KImber, M. Kelsh. A. E
Jones, Bonnington; .1 Winfress, Cran
brook; I. Ranken, Tagbam; A. J. Hash
band, Columbia Gardens; G, Smith. C
Smith. F. Henry, Shields; A. BufTey, R.
Semple, M. McKay, Vancouver; I'.
Btrambolt, Granite,
II. It. Hayward, London; Mrs. .1. Ran-
dall, J. Grledor, J. Watt, Dundee; F. il
Day, Lethbridge; D. Clark. Calgary; J.
Syre, Dryden; Mrs. E. Herrick, ('. Merrick, Miss II. Herrick, .Miss E. Herrick,
II-  K   Brodder,  B   Welby, Rossland;
O. Merton, f. Banbury, Slocan; J. West*
l"y.  it.   Barrows,  Fernie;   li.  Stewart
nrsi ]���il,li,.���!!,,��� I,,.,,.,,,  ��,|���p||,.h,e   ...   ,,,.,.'
till.�����..- i.i ilUe for n bovs mentioned lou i,,
'IFF'F.^FF.F" "HV"' s *���.m
f*''1*  B  i  . January
I.MIi.l   lt,-Kjsirv
17th, us*.
"II    Y  UACLaoD,"
Dlstrlot k.-bi.i
all Kinds  of Heating  Plants  In  Stock
Victoria St.. Nr. Opera Houee.       Tel. 181.
Wall   Papers
Our new stock Is now In.
Holders same as hangings.    Largest variety ever shown In Nelson. Sample
books sent to any part of tbe city   on application.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Scld   His   Home.
George Playle has soid his residence
in Fairview. The purchaser is a recent
arrival Irani England.
Metals  and  StockB.
The  downward   trend   un   the   metals
und Btock markets continue
(ion quotation ot leadj ��19
io.*,est for over a year.
The Louis  the
gfxf m
Impure  Milk.
Dra  Kendall and Rlgga, of Vancouver,
'I* ii.r*    thai   "in   ot   i m  babies  under
one year old thai died in thai cltj  last
umtnei   LOO pei li bed bj  the effects of
bad   milk.
Started   Building.
Fleming 6\ Sou are getting out thn
foundation to. their new store In Kair-
\ii w The building will be brick, and
work on Its construction wi\) proceed
until   i oinplt'ted.
Turkish   Baths.
The contractoi tor the Tui klah hath
in Fred Hume's building on Vernon
street has begun work, in addition to
the Turkish baths there will he three
regular  bathrooms,
More   New   Buildings.
Work commenced on two new dwelling houses in ETairview this morning.
Tht " are at least half a dozen residences in course of construction in that
suburb at  the present time.
Come and 'Ask.
A fan, evidently valuable, was found
in the Alice Roller Rinh the morning
aitcr the Oddfellows' ball. The owner
may recover it by Inquiring either at
the office of The Daily Canadian or of
tt.   L.   Douglas.
Good   Team.
The new tire hall horses are giving
uood satisfaction. They took to their
work like well trained horses. The
Chief and driver have had them out
nearly every day, and they make good
nine climbing the steep hills.
or   groceries   ls   what    W6   want.      You
can't do batter than bring your lis! hen
Our stock    la    complete,  fresh  and
prices right    Bring In your ordera we
will  execute them  proper);
Corner .Silica  and Jo-eptUne Sts
R.   M.   R.   Dances.
Tiie last oi' the season's dances given
by No. 2 Company, Rocky .Mountain
Rangers, will be held in the armory to-
monnw night. The Hangers have afforded the people of Nelson an opportunity
for pleasure which has heen greatly appreciated.
Summer Plans.
Present Indications would suggest
that North N�� Ison will have a very
large population tltis summer. Not only
those who have camped across the lake
every summer for the last ten years.
I nit st vera I score of new comers, are
only waiting for the beginning of spring
to establish themselves by the shore of
the Arm.
Line to  Procter.
A meeting attended by P. A. Starkey,
the president <��i the board of trade, u,
C. Brock, secretary of the Fruit Growers' Assaciation, and J. (I. Ward, district manager of the B. C. Telephone
company, was held this morning in reference to the proposed telephone n'r-
cult to Procter, it seems more than
likely that as soon as some preliminary
arrange men ts have been car fieri out,
the proposed line wblcb will take about
two months for construction, will he
put in hand.
Engineers' and
Our slock is complete In all the everyday  requirements.
Steel Tapes, grad. to links or feet.
Steel und Wood Straight Edges. Scales.
Protractors,  Triangles.  T  Squares.
Drawing Paper (mounted and 1111-
mounted) .Tracing Cloth. Tracing Paper, Blue Print Paper. Ml good reliable
lines that we guarantee to give saiis-
Write   us   for sample  and   prices.
.Vote Books,  65c  each, $7  dozen.
Drawing Pencils, Koh-I-Noor or A W
Faber's   $1.25  dozen.
Agents for tile Rechter Instruments
ol   Precision,
W. G. Thomson
Nelson, B. C.
Phc,n�� .1-4.
St.   George's  Day.
Today Englishmen throughout the
world are celebrating the anniversary of
it Oeorge, patron Balnl of "Merrle
England." In Nelson the celebration
\>ill take the form of a banquet at the
Strathcona Hotel beginning al it o'clock.
Kit.borate preparations have been made
for a genuinely creditable programme of
oratory and music. Including speeches
by Kev. F. ll Graham, E. K. Beeston,
E. A. Crease, F. a. Btarkey, it. a. Joy
and (leorge Johnstone, and songs by
.Messrs. Smith. Procter, Houald and (1
K.  Brown, Qrizelle, Mason and others.
Quotations on   Spokane   Exchange   and
New York Curb.
Car Early Rose
Seed Potatoes
Send   us  your orders early to  avoid
Telephone 161.
Alberta C, & C	
.$      .1-1..$
B.   C.   Copper	
Chas   Dickens   	
Can.   Con.   Smelters.
1 'opper   King   	
Dominion  Copper  ..
Galbralth Coal   	
.03 V.
.    E5.00
International C. & C
.73 %
.Missoula Copper   . ..
Rambler  Cariboo   ..
��� lO'/f.
Tamarack &   Ches'pk
3        .80
Prices  of
New  York, April  2
London,  April 23,���
Silver,  25
1-10 d.;
lead,   ��111,  5s.
i.ifiiteu-sYfji Governor.
('A MAD A.
PROVINCE 'it- Hl.ri IsH fol.I'MBIA.
Bdwart the Seventh, by the Qrtoo of Qo4. ot the
I tilled   Kinir.j.it;! of 1>jhh(   Hrtnln    *������:   Jr.*-
Imcl, hiii] the Hniir-I.  ln,m\ulou*< Ijcyond Um
Boom King, Defender ol the Falun Emperor
uf Indie
To nil tu wiiom tbete prmenti ������halt oome,-
.V. ,)    BOWfXft, WK.rn.'V QohOtnl.
whereas by Bei tion B ..f the "Oam��� I'Min-iiou
Ac*t, iwtn," hs re-eoacted by Section 1�� ot ih*
"Game rrot<-ci..m a t. Airn'inira��;iit Act, fttub,"
u li enacted o.mi It HbHii I*' lawful for tbe Ueu-
t��tuiHt-��M.v in.>r in c.) idcII, hy Proclamation ft>
be |Miiil|t*hi'il in twt. lucc:eHlVe tunuon of the Hrlt-
ish Columbia Gate tie. to declare a cloce leeeoti
for kpi'h.' in any pari of tho Province lor au:
period ���-( time, nmi
tt bereaa our naid UautenaiM Governor, by and
witli the advice ol hi- executive Connell, ha*
been pleased to direct, by hu Order ln Council
mi tlint Uehult.ii clOM Meson   for  K��*ese   wlthiu
the County of Kootenay1, until and iru-ludir-g
thi-:tifi day of Auguitfona tbonaand Dins huu
dred Mint elsht.
Now Know Ye therefore, (bat In purtnanoe
thereof, iva do bereby proola n a done Mason
for nee Me wllhln I In- t ..uu ty nf KooUtitiy, until
Mint Itichi'lliiK the 'flfl day of AiiKimt, one thou*
���and Dine hundred hiki ei��ht
in testimony irhereof, we have oeneed tbeee
our letter*- to he made pait-nt and the Great Hcul
oi the Provisos to h** hereunto aiiixed.
ft Itnew, Uih Honor .irtiii���� lnumiijulr. Meuten*
hiii Qorernor of our ��.hh Province or BrIUu)
.���Olumbla, in our <.ity of Victoria. In our laid
Province, thli l'Jth daf ..f vobnotr* in the year
of Our |,nrd one thou-and u ne hundred and
eight, and In the Blfhtb yenr of our reljtit.
By command,
ProTluclal Secretary. "
Opening  ot Copper Quotations.
(Hv  McDermld  &  McHardy.)
New   York,  April   2'i   ,1908.
Asked Hid
Granby    $90.00       |80.00
/^otmnion   Copper....     1.75 I.GO
C. C. Copper      4.76 4j0
Wholenale and   Ketall Dealer** In
Fresh and Salted Meats
OsUD.pt Nuppiifd ou thartant Botkw ud
hmiMi pnre.        Nothing bsl troth ond
wbolerH)mt�� nteHtHnntl Htipplr'rt kepi in Ht-ock
Wml onlcrw receive ejin^ful att*'iitiou.
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Manajfet*.
Hollow Concrete
Blocks For Sale
All shape* and facings.
These blocks arc absolutely tlie best
material to be hail fur building purposes, foundations, retaining walls, etc ,
being cheaper than brick or stone.
Tenders given on all Kinds of building
work.    Stock on hand.
Head Office:  Baker Street. Nelson. B.C.
N'otice is bereby given that the Government Lots lu lhe townsite of Hosmer will be offered for sale by auction
at the Lock-up iu Hosmer at ten o'clock
ln the forenoon, railway time, Wednesday,  April   a2nd.
Bids below the upset price will not
be received.
Terms, one-third cash, one-lhlrd 1st
of November, 1H08, and one-third 1st of
.\lrf>, l'JO'J, with Interest from 1st of
May, 11)08. A fee of flu will be charged
for each Crown (Jrant wheu issued
Assistant Commissioner of Lands and
Works for the Southern Division
of East Kootenay.
Cranbrook,  3uth  March,   1HU8.
By virtue of a Warrant of execution
Issued out Of the County Court of Blast
Kootenay, liold**n at Cranbrook, In an
action whereof A. Q. Bownesa Is Plaintiff and M. .1. .McPeak and Louise K
-McPeak aro Defendants, I have seized
and taken In execution all lhe right,
title, estate and Interest of the aald
defendants, M. .1. McPeak and Louise
K. McPeak, iu that certain hotel building, situate in the town Of Sirdar, B. C,
and now in the occupation of the said
defendants, aud will offer the same for
sale by public aeution, at my offloe In
the City of -Nelson, II. C, on Wednesday, the 22nd day of April, i'JOti. at the
hour of twelve o'clock noon.
Terms of sale, cash.
Intending purchasers will satisfy
themselves as to Interest and title of
the  said  defendants.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, 14th April
8.  P. TUCK,
Sheriff of South Kooteuay.
The above sale Is postponed until
Friday, the first   clay of  May,  1908.
A. M. Can. Set. C. E.
Mining WorK a Specialty.
OfHce:   Room   30.   K.-W.-C.  Blk.    P.   O.
Box     434.
Baker  St.,   Nelson,  B.  C.
Corporation of  the City of Nelson.
Applications will be received by tho
undersigned up to the hour of 6 o'clock
In the afternoon of Friday, April 24th.
for the position of chief of the Nelson
iwjlice force.
W. tt. WASSON,
City Cle-rk.
Fire Insurance
Insure your house and furniture In
Do not put It off. Delays are danger
,ua. Call at 322 Baker street, or If you
have not lime to call drop a line to
General Aflent for the Kootenays.
\gents wanted  in all  Kootenay towns.
P. O. Box 634.
Notice Is hereby given that under tho
provisions of By-law No. 80, "Pound
and Dog Tax By-law," It Is unlawful
for any person to suffer auy bone,
mule, bull or cow, sheep, goat, pig or
other cattle, or poultry to run at large
within tho limits of thu City of Nelsou.
Every owner of a dog in the City of
Nelson Is required tq pay annually a tax
of two dollars for each dog owned by
No person shall suffer or permit his
dog to run at largo In the City of Nelson for which such person has not paid
the tax required of him aud unless such
dog shall have around his neck a col-
lar or strap to which shall be attached
a metallic plate lo be supplied by the
city on  tho payment of the said tax.
Warning Is hereby given that any
person guilty of an Infraction or violation of any of the provisions of the
above named liy-law Is lu addition to
the fees and charges set forth therein,
liable upon summary conviction to a
penalty of One Hundred Dollars and
the costs of prosecution, and In default
of payment to Imprisonment for a term
not exceeding two months.
By Order,
W.   E.   WASSON,
City Clerk.
Nelson, B. C, April 8th, lid's
W.   a.    QIULETT
Contractor  ..mi
Hole sgenl for ths r.,rt��, Kt���o Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail ynr<ts. Rough sud drenssd lumber, turned
work mid brSOkSts, I 'oast l.lli and shingles, sssb
sn<) doors. Ccim-ut, brick snd lime for saie
Automatic ktI ruler.
Yard snd factory: Vernon St.. east ol Hall
rvtit.Hti.-s,  B. C
P. O. Box 282 Telephone 1T7
Nervousness    Headaches   Sleeplessness and  DDuIoms on
the bent physlolans.    Nine limes In  ten eyestrain Is the ,]|,-,.,., ,'"   |,u��l��
in^'  can effect m  DM inanent cure that   does   not   remove   ih '""' Notlj.
Is what our scientifically fitted glasses do, ',au"e-  Tint
Mail   orders     reoaive    our    p.ompt   attention.
J.   J.   WALKER,   Jeweler
W'holcwiu*  Provlsilons,
Protlute, - Rrciit.
Government Creamery One I'outnl Bnckn received wecklv fr.,��h ��~.
churn     For sale by all lendmg grocers f">m *���
Ollice and warehouse :  Houston Block,    Pnone 10. '
Josephine Street. Nelson, B.C.
'.hilt are just the thing for businessmen, are here in all sizes and in deiigm
and fabrics to suit all tastes. These suits are well cut and well made and
we guarantee the fit as well .is the durability of every garment becauii
they have been carefully made with the design of p'eaBing our customed
and  holding   their permanent  trade.
Thin ls the s�� asitn of ihi* year when you devote your fUtanttofl to th�� I
b0US< hold duty. W*8 an- prepared to meet your reijuiruiiieuis will, a full lioui-f
Varnishes,    Stains,   Enamels,
Ready   Mixed   Paints,   all   colors,
A la bast ine,    Muralo.
Everything  necessary   for   the  renovation   of   your   house.
J. H* Ashdown Hardware
Company.   Limited. Nelson Branch.
\\'e have opened a meal  markel   In
McDERMlD'S     BLOCK,     WATER     ST..
and would solicit trad*- from Palrvfc-w
reel den ta, also ;i share of ih" patrons e
of the citizen* of Nelaon
Will  guarantee   prompt   d< livery and
BatiKf..c'lon in the following lines;
Jobbing  promptly   attended  fo.    Plena
and KHiluiateH.
Apply 415  Hall  St.
Box  33S
C. GREEN A. F. BORDLM        A. H.t.KEEN
C'vil Engineers. Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. box 145    Phonr 261 B.
From $10 to $25,
Old Curiosity Shop
Geo. P. Player
Offico   Root,   No.   2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
We   make   a   specialty   tt
Hardware Supplies
For  Ranchers
Send  ua your mall ordera.
Woocf-Valiance Hardware Co
���HeeMeeHOTHi i


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