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The Daily Canadian Feb 5, 1908

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L canlpay more, but can not
���i purer or better MINERAL
,.r than "HALCYON."
*%\)n glailtj
TH-   DAILY (   \-3JbUf4oR.-"*-
Will  be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
ILUMB  2.     NO.  207
Fifty Cents a month
Initial Legislature Is
Opened Today
of  Legal Procedure Promis-
KcdistriftHition Bill Aiming
at Equalization.
a,  Feb.   6.���Ths  Ontario   Icgls-
. ��� ;.. II,-al   at   Si   o't'la.ck   tills   Ui-
li is   Honor   Sir   Mortimer
. i,.ml governor.     The speech
ii me pro���Issd legislation lu
I ft/ltb   ,t  Maw   to decreasing
[auditing    trials  und   lessen*
cost ol  lliiguilou.    A bill lo Te-
ihe conatltusnoiss of thu prtJv-
urdi i as mr us possible* to equat-
.. Ion  is  also  promised.
-.1 alma   will bo uskud to con-
.iii  Increased  appropriation  to,
uool    .mil  taa ilinelld llle minim.
i i..i  license act, an act creating
nnd   municipal   boards,   public
free   grants   act,  suppleiiun*
. in,,  act, and the Ontario ibops'
ii.'n .hi.
|i real,   Feb.   S, ���Tho    cold     wave
out    Quebec    cuutluued     today
.���  lowest   figures of ths  season.
bud     waa    the  a oldest simt,  thu
|)ii.    . ,   registering  4U below zero.
1 ...   II   ...a-s 4i lielow, Megan-
���ftelow, SL Agatha 41 below.
I'. I. a.���While oiling a mail the c. rial works, where orauge
, made, a coat bIuuvu on thu left
pi win am Friendship, 2o yours old.
ii ilu- gearing, drawing In his
I arm, terribly crushing tliein
...lilliory was Hloppeal. '1'lie
lu be amputated laelaiw the el-
rlendshlp wub only married a
.ilis ago.
Feb, 5.���An effort to unseat
illver and several councillors
Minn may be a step taken by
u Interests to Invalid*** tin-
reduction bylaw passed by the
in il Himie days ago.
Oni.,   Feb.   6.���While   In   a
uiir yesterday Andrew Bowlby,
iVindsor'S  best  known citizens.
��� ed .i small ilrill used for liorlng
..s.-d too*���    The drill Is now
l to in- ln hlB atoiiiiicli. Doctors
X rays to locate lt.
������    Feb.  Ta.���Apparently   there I.
mi Investigation Into the death ol
nhan, of Montreal, in Jail here.
��� ia alleged, wus choked to death
���  aroused great Intsresl and ll
luiugbl   the   provincial  aiitluiiitlef
I" move, bul the Blieiiff appsara ta
���  . advised otherwise.
.. iVi,. 5.���An Immediate smsl-
l "ii of Ihe Anglo-American, Mon'
Ontario, and  London   Mutual   Wrs
I oompsnlSS  Is  denied   hy  olll-
.i Hi., oompsnlss,
ford    Onl.,   Feb.   r..���Two   hoys.
M  "ii   tin.  railroad   truck   near  Mid-
f      have been Identified us .'oim
i��. aged   ui, ami   Reuben   Lewis,
IS!, both of whom  ran uwny some
���'-'" from tin, Mohawk Institution
They   were  evidently stealing  a
''it  ii  freight   train  when, It. Is Biip-
'    one   fell   off  when   lie   became
���'I  by oold, nnd   pullsd  his  com-
.mi off with him.
found by his lirother.
calm, from   I'Snglunal  ,
and located on a farn
they   bave  ever  lines
bachelor1!  hail
about 35 years of ag<
riie two brothers
���la'.-'ai years ago
il'    fi.    "I'.  Where
res.    0****j      "ing
The   deCea   <���*.
Kingston, Fch. 5.���A mild type of
nieiiBli s has developed at lhe Itoyul
military college. Piye cadets are In the
hospital Buffering from the disease.
Quebec, Feb, B.���Baptist.- .Hrolet, an
old man. was picked up ou the slre..t
laat nlghr w;tl, DOtD u ch and leet frozen.
Quebec. Feb. 5.���Two ex-convlcts.
Bonaafaii*, and Onllette, were sentenced
this morning to three v'.-nrs each m the
penitentiary f.ar robbing pour boxes In
Charlesbourg church yesterday.
German   Priest  Protests  Against  Treatment of  Hit  Flock.
Strassliurg, Feb. 5.���Some remarks
made by the Roman Catholic rector of
lhe village of Ars on thu occasion of
the birthday of Emperor William, Jan.
Uth, have caused a moat lively sensation in clerical and mlKtary circles in
Alsace. The rector in thu course of an
address spoke as follows: "Qood Catho-
Ucs have no reason to celebrate the
emperor's birthday. Catholics are here
only to pay taxes anal serve in the army.
When responsible offices are vacant we
are pushed aside. Our duty on this occasion Is to pray God to endow the emperor with more Insight." The commander of the Blxta-amth army corps
has Issued oralers faarhiilding his soldisrs
to attend the Roman Catholic church
In Ars.
Dominion    Stock    Breeders'    Grants    to
New Westminster, Calgary, Brandon and  Winnipeg.
Ottawa. Feb. 5.���The second convention of the National Live Stock Association of Canada began its sessions ba-re
today with delegates In attendance from
���the Maritime Provinces to Hritish Columbia and from all the intervening ter-
ritory. The- gathering is to be in ses-
slun three days and there Is ample evi*
alence to show that it will be the most
successful ciiiiv!>ntiiin of Ita kind ever
held  In the   Dominion.
The programme provides for an exhaustive discussion or the exports, lm-
porta and Inter-provincial Hade In
breeding and oommerolal live stock,
the relation of the transportation companies to the live stock Industry, a re-
amassment of the regulations permitting the entry free of pure bred stock
from the United Btatas, the health of
Canadian live stock, and the Scottish
premium system of hiring Btalliona.
Among the schediili.,1 apeakers are K.
O. Matthews Of Alberta, Robert Slnton
of Keglna. Theodore  ROSS of Chai l.itti'-
town, Qeorge n. Qrelg of Winnipeg, nr.
A. G. Hopkins of Ottawa, and F. M.
Logan of Victoria, 11. C.
Toronto. Feb. 6���The Dominion Shurl-
horu Breeders' Association yesterday
vol.'d JSSUti to New Wi'simlnsti-r; $��H0
to Calgary; linn to Regina, and $r..r." to
Manitoba provlnelu' and stuck fairs.
���rince Albert, Sank.. Feb. 6.���Fred.
'". aged SB, a well known ferry*
waa run over by a Canadian Nair-
*" -um engine yesterday and horri-
mangled.       Wright  waa   very   denf
1 d nol hear the engine.   Both bis
and  rlKht   hand  were cut  off.     lie
I' early this morning. Ilia only known
. c Is a brother In llarbailoea.
rince Albert,  Sask., Feb. r,.���An In*
i wim arrived in the city yesterday,
'""  thai  .lack  linger .a  resident  aif
Pjaco, has been devoured by wolves
1  Kennel Lake, north of here.
I"1 .HI... |.*ph. 6.���l.oiillaire, ten year
I son aal Charlss Hav. local florist, ls
r "iiiily IU with lock Jaw and Ihore ia
t'r hope for his rocovey. The boy
|�� vaccinated during tho small pox
"le and the wound becoming ln-
piied, luck Jaw resulted.
Siwa, Feb. 5.���Mr. Lewis, M. P.. haa
lae   for   "fool"   hunters  and   conso-
.,     ���    luovea   lo amend   tho   criminal
["' by Insisting n Clause aevercly pun-
'���  homlcld,. while limning.
j^.em Was Common in
All Departments
" Arthur, Feb. 5.���John C. France.
... ""'i- In Oliver lownHhlp, shot him*
���"   Jesierday    und     was   dead   when
Florida to Speak First.
St. Augustine, Fla., Feb. 0.���ThiB city
Is rapidly tilling with delegates to the
Kepublicau Btato convention which ts
to meet here tomorrow to finalise ala'la--
gutuis lo llie national convention ut
Ohlosgo. Addition InlereBl attuehea lo
the conventliin from the fact that It will
bu the first of the state oinveiiHons to
choose delegates. Contested delegations
will be Bint from several counties, owing (o the spill  between Ihe while and
colored element   of   the   party.    The
while wing .popularly known us the of-
DOS-holding element, Is In favor of Instructing tne delegates' to Chioago In
favor of Taft, while tb.. negroes have
espoused tha cause of Senator I'a.iakii'.
The Taft adherents appear oonfldenl
of winning out. though II Is evident Hint
the convention will witness a spirited
contest between the rival tactions.
Mrs. "Pat" Campbell's New Show.
New York, Feb. 5.���Now York playgoers, who have not hud lunch opportunity to grow entliusliistlc over tho
product ions mnilc bo fur this season,
aro awaiting with some eagerness the
first presentation of "Bleotra," which is
to bo made at tho Gnrdon theatre next
Monday, and rehearsals for which nre
now in progrsss. Tho play will be put
on by Mrs. Patrick Campbell and the
cast will contain another notable l'Sng*
llsh uctress In the. person of Mrs. Herbert Ueerbohm Tree, wife of the distinguished London actor and manager.
The furthcoming production of "Bleotra" is not the original Oreek drama of
Sophocles. It Is from the German of
llofmanstabl, the English vi-rslon ho ng
tho work of Arthur Hymens All the
coRtiimes and scenery for the production have boon Bent over from Londou.
Laurier's Right-About Face on Question 4>f Producing Documents���
Ottawa Comment.
Half of lhe time of the house of commons last   week was taken  up over the
iviusa) of the government to produce
teoorda required by opposition members. The opposition decided to light
thiB matter out and settle it before further supply was voted. The campaign
began last week when the motion of
Mr. Ames for four original applications
for timber leases was rejected by the
majority, ut the request of aMr. Olivet,
the head of the department involved,
who had himself previously written Mr.
Amt-s  advising  him   to  move  for  these
same papers.   Determined to vindicate
the right of members to investigate
public business Mr. Horden on Tuesday
ot last week presented the question directly to the house on the following
���'ll is the undoubted right of Uie people's representatives in parliament lo
be Informed of everything necessaiy to
explain the policy and proceedings oi
the government and tor lhat purpose to
huve un opportunity of seeing and examining ail documents connected with
the transaction uf public business, and
lhal Uie dfinal of sucn right by the government justifies ihe refusal by this
house oi further supplies lo tlie
Confronted by this issue the premier
was obliged either to accept a declaration condemning the course of his minister supported by the premier hunseli
a few days before, or to go ou record
���gainst a principle recognized by all
responsible governments and laid dowu
hy all constitutional authorities. Sit
Wilfrid could make u real or apparent
reti eat from a lalse position or could
proclaim himself to the world as the
ht.ad of au irresponsible and autocratic
cabinet, governing in the dark and refusing to the people the privilege of inquiring into the expenditure of their
money or the control ot their domain.
OI the two evils Sir Wilfrid chose what
seemed to be tlie least. He aocepted the
resolution which wus passed unanimously. This surrender was greeted
wuh loud and long applause from the
opposition benches and confusion an
the government side.
Hut it wus one thing to force the government lo uccept the principle and another to get the papers. On Tuesday
the right of puriiameiit lo information
was admit ted, on Thursday following
the papers were ugain refused. Mr.
l.i.id^^askcd whether the application
tor li-Wes would be produced und wus
told that Mr. Ames might renew his
motion and It would be considered. Hut
a member cannot repeat a motion that
hus been rejected, while the govern-
n cut had authority to bring down the
records without a motion. So when
Mr. Fielding moved the house into committee of supply al four o'clock he
fcund the opposition determined to
keep him waiting till the question wan
settled. Until long alter midnight uo
other business WBB done. Some fifteen
opposition members and one independ
nil Liberal affirmed that the government  policy of conoealmenl  could not
b-*-. tolerated. Against this Sir Wilfrid
and Mr* Fielding pleaded that the right
of the house to Information meant the
right of the whole house and not of the
opposition alone -#nd that the majority
was not. seeking this information. Their
other pleti was that Mr. Ames .should
Ujave stated his reasons nnd made a
(tnlId protest instead of demanding relet.ids as a right, and giving later on ret*
'tuns that ihe premier admitted to be
sound. �����
There can ho no publicity so long as
a governmenl persuades its followers to
ii fuse motions for pnpers. The doctrine
that individual members have uo right
to Inspect, records is contrary to all
constitutional principles. As Mr. Lancaster said members will not crawl before ministers and beg as a favor whnt
they ought to claim as a right. Yet Mr.
Fielding gave as the reason for refusal
thnt Mr. Ames had stood upon his
rights Instead of asking for a courtesy.
The lUm of the premier's argument was
that, u member has a right to original
papers necessary for Information provided ho does not say he hus a tight.
Hut   when   ho   says   he  has a  right  he
ceases  to  huvo any.
Late on Thursday night Mr. North-
rup moved this amendment to supply:
"Subject to such consideration of the
public policy as cun be validly urged
In any case members of parliament
have the right to access to all the records of the government and to all the
Not the house as a whole nor a majority, but individual members, not as
a favor but as a right. Such was the
claim. It was disputed by the premier
and his followers who later on learned
to their confusion that they were lighting u motion every word of which was
taken from the premier's own admission of two days before.
At live Friday afternoon the opposition allowed Mr. Northrup"s amendment to go to vote. Sir Wilfrid and his
whole following vot*d against the doctrine which the premier hud himself
affirmed in the same words three days
before. When lhe resull of the vote
was announced Sir Wilfrid, apparently
supposing that Mr. Hordon and his associates might now be induced to give
up the fight, stated that early next
week he would make au announcement
on the question of producing the papers. This suggestion that he would
make things all right was not sufficient. While the government was allowed to take up supply, not a dollar was
voted during the afternoon and evening
The public accounts committee has
begun an investigation of the dredging
expenditure around Fort William and
Port Arthur. One group of contractors,
who are also politicians, has received
In a few years $l,30u,UOO for this class
ot work. Mr. Bennett and Mr. Hoyce
have begun an inquiry as to these contracts, the prices and the manner of
awarding them. We shall hear more of
them, but it may he stated that after
11*06 the Messrs. llowman began dredging operations in a small way and after
a time lormed a company in which
James Coumee, a prominent Ontario
politician, was largely interested. In
1904 Mr. Conmee left provincial politics
and became a member of parliament,
transferring his dredging interests to a
son-in-law. One of the Bowuians was
and is a member of the local legislature.
Apparently the dredging can be done
profitably at the present price of nine
cents, liut this political group had for
years a monopoly and received 20 cents
per cubic yard. In 1903 tenders were
called for by advertisement setting
forth that only c ntractors having
dredges on the spot lii'AprJl could compete, the only dredges there being those
of the above favored concern called the
Great Lakes company. This restriction
had afterwards to he abaudoned. Competitive offers were received for three
distinct works. There were several
tenders, some lor all three works, some
for one or two. The Bowman concern
was the lowest tenderer for two, and
for the third was the same as one of
the other offers. Instead of putting up
the third work to u second competition
the department gave the Great Lakes
company the whole three contracts. It
wus further disclosed that while A. T.
Bowman, as director and with his brother half owner of the above Great
Lakes Dredging compauy, was a party
to their tender, he also put in In every
case In 1905 and 19��t> another tender of
his own. In one year it was lower and
iu the other It was higher than the
company tender, but it was understood
that the company would do the work
if Mr. Bowman got the contract. Mr.
Bowman testified that in the first year
he put In a lender lower than that of
his company because he and his partners had learned that another tender
had gone in lower than their first one.
The only reason he gave for the double
tender in 1906 was that he made up his
mind to tender and did so though he
knew that his figures were nearly
double those of his own company. The
double tender system is not new in government contracts, many cases have
been known where a high and low tender were put in by the same person
under different names with the intention of throwing up the lower one If
there should he no outside tender between   them.
Mr. Alcorn, Conservative member for
Prince Kdward, Ontario, has Introduced
a measure whleh embodies most of the
election reform features of his party
platform. The bill limits closely the
legitimate expenditure of a candidate
and prohibits more strictly the free
transport of electors, punishing all concerned in it. lt provides thai v here
possible sheriffs shall be returning oHlcers with the registrar for next choice,
and that the deputies and other poll
officers shall be resident in the parish,
township or muictpnlity where ihey act.
Ballot boxes must he examined al the
opening of the poll to prevent fraud.
Heavy penalties are imposed on all
who practice or knowingly permit
fraud. Officers who violate the secrecy
of the poll a"0-* a year in prison. Corporations nre forbidden under penalty
of $5,000 to contribute to campaign
funds, while officers, directors or share
holders concerned In the transaction
are liable to a year's Imprisonment and
a heavy fine. Fine and imprisonment
await tho federal officer or government contractor who makes election
contributions, and any officer or employee of the government who acts ns
election agent or as canvasser Is to be
punished with fiue or jail or both. The
penalty of a briber Is imposed upon all
win) by public speaking or through tbe
press or In any other way try to Influence electors by promise of public expenditure in their district. Tluro are
other equally stringent clauses making
thi- measure a groat step in advance
in election reform. The governuit nl
whleh, In the speech from the ih.one.
at three sucessive Bessio.n proline- J
improved election laws, 1ms failed
again, leaving it for the opposition lo
Alice Thaw's Divorce Is
Petition Heard in Court Without any
Audience���iiarl of Yarmouth
Did Not.RepIy.
London, Feb. 5.���Sir Ulirell Barnes,
president of the divorce court, today
granted the Countess of Yarmouth, who
was Miss Alice Thaw of Pittsburg, a
decree nuSlil'yiug her marriage to the
Karl oi Yarmouth. The case was heard
in private. At the time lixed for tlie
commencement of the proceedings every
one not actually engaged in the case
were excluded from the court room.
The case was practically undefended
aud the hearing lasted for only half an
hour. The Couutess, attired in a fashionable black gown, was present, but
lhe Earl of Yarmouth was not in court.
Alice Cornelius Thaw, daughter of
the late William Thaw of Pittsburg, was
married to George Francis Alexander
Seymour, Earl of Y'armouth, at Calvary
church. Pittsburg, April 21, 1903. The
marriage followed a rather brief court-
tibiia and slopped the Earl's stage career
which had begun in private society
theatricals at Newport, and had later
been more or less successful iu a professional way.
Lady Yarmouth has always been the
favorite of the family with her brother
Harry K. Thaw, whose recent trial for
the killing of Stanford White resulted
iu acquital on the grounds on insanity.
She was present all through the Urst
trial of her brother but did not come to
New York for the second hearing.
The papers in the case are being kept
secret and all information regarding the
nature of the charges has been carefully
withheld. The statement was made,
however, that the character of the medical evidence to be given made a public
hearing inadvisable. It haa been wel!
known for two years past that the domestic affairs of the Y'arnioutlis were
most unhappy. The Earl's companions
and his manner of living, it was said,
were such that he could not give his
wife the place in society which she had
a right to expect. She supplied large
Bums of money to defray her husband's
extravagance and her friends say that
she conducted herself with dignity
throughout the troubles resulting from
their unhappy union and the difficulties
of her brother, Harry K. Thaw.
The fact that the Countess had decided deflniti'ly to Beck annulment of
her marriage was made known Januarja
Slrd when she applied to the divorce
court for a decree.
Tho Hertford family, the head of
which Is the Earl of Yarmouth's father,
to whom the Earl ls heir as eldest son
of tha* sixth Marquis, is one of the oldest and proudest of the Hrltl_.li nobility.
The Marchioness of Hertford stood by
her daughter-in-law throughout her
trobulei, hut ln vain. The family of the
Earl is much distressed at the noterlety
brought upon It as a result of the action
taken by the Countess. Since her marriage the Countess has made her home
ln England.
The Earl wns not In court. Only four
witnesses were examined. They were
the Countess of Yarmouth herself, her
maid, a doctor appointed by the court
and an American lawyer who proved
the marriage. The Countess gave evidence In support of the allegation that
the marriage hns never been consummated, and the maid testified that the
Earl and Countess had been living as
man and wife. According to the evidence of the doctor the Earl of Yarmouth was capable of the consummation
of tha* marriage, but counsel for the
plnlntirf stated that this did not affct
thi' allegation that the marriage had
not ba'en consummated, and he pointed
out to the Judge that It was within the
discretion of the court to nnnul the
marriage If It was proved that lt had
not been consummated.
The judge pronounced his decree annulling the marriage without comment.
In the ajrdlnary course of events It will
be made absolute ln six months.
No mention was made of a marriage
settlement, and it was learned that, contrary to certain published statements,
the question of revising the settlement
has not been discussed by the prlncl-
piils or their solicitors and thnt It ls not
likely to be discussed.    Thu brevity of
the proceedings came as a surprise to
everybody except thajse engaged on l.he
case. That the hearing should be short
was arranged when the application wi..s
made last week and the trial set for today, counsel then undertaking not to-
occupy more than one hour of the
judge's time. The counsel for the family of the Earl of Yarmouth, by whom
if was decided not to defend the action
of the Countess, made this possible.
This change from the previous determination to contest the case is said to
have been lnlluenced by Ihe evidence
given recently in Ney Yont at the trial
of Harry Thaw, broth of the Countess,
for the murder of Stanford White wilh
regard to insanity in the Thaw family,
as well as the verdict of the jury that
Harry Thaw was Insane when he committed the crime.
Aoki   Honored.
Toklo,   Feb.   5.���The  appointment   ot
Viscount Aoki, ex-ambassador to Washington,  as  privy  councillor will  be officially announced tomorrow.
Officially Free From Bubonic.
San Francisco, Feb. 5.���With the discharge yesterday of the last patient
under treatment within the isolation
hospital, San Francisco was officially
declared to be free from bubonic
Longboat's Amateur Standing.
New York, Feb. 5.���Tom Longboat,
the Indian long distance runner, who
ls under suspension by the amateur
athletic union, Is coming to New York
for the purpose, it is said, of appealing
to the commfssion of the union for reinstatement. Longboat has never seemed to understand the union's rules, but
his selection as a member of the Canadian Olympic team makes it necessary
for him to be reinstated by the union
before he can compete In the games iu
London next summer.
American    Metropolis    Suffering    From
Zero  Weather���Ice  on   Harbor
and in  Rivers.
New York. Feb. 6.���With tho thermometer registering a temperature of
one degree above zero at 7 o'clock this
morning, New Y'ork experienced a taste
of real winter weather. It was three
degrees colder than any previous day
this season and within one degree of
tie coldest weather recorded In New
Y'ork for the past five years. Since 1903
the temperature has never gone below
zero, but during that time has twice
touched that point, once in 1905 and
once in 1907.
Zero is very cold weather for New
Y'ork for tile lowest temperature ever
recorded by the local weather bureau
was six degrees below zero and that
has been reached only four times in the
last thirty-three years. The city lodging houses and the covered pier of the
charities bureau were overcrowded with
homeless men last night. Tlie body ot
an unidentitlod man who had crept into
the coal bunkers of a steamer lying at
a dock in Brooklyn and frozen to death
during the night was found today.
New York harbor was illled with a
great field of broken drift ice, which
stopped the passage of all except the
most powerful tugs and ferries. The
Hudson river, a few miles above the
city, was frozen over so solidly as to
form a natural bridge across it. For
the first time this winter a part of lhe
bay was frozen along the shores of
Staten Island.
Chlciigo, Feb. 5���A sleet storm during
last night which turned to rain early to
day seriously affected telegraphic communication between Chicago aud many
outside cities, especially in the west.
St. Lotifs, Omaha and Kansas City were
entirely cut off from the east during the
early hours by a sleet storm which surrounded St. Louis and extended Into
Won on A Foul.
Iaost-On, Feb. 5.���Tommy Quill, of
Brockton, won on a foul from Willie
Fitzgerald, of Brooklyn, lu the eleventh
round of their bout at the Armory A. A.
here last night. Up to the time the
foul blow was struck Quill appeared to
have slightly the better of the milling.
Fitzgerald suid that while the blow
probably went low lt was unintentional.
Shipwrecked Crew Reach Port.
Boston, Mass., Feb. 5.���At 9 o'clock
this morning the White Star liner Cymric, having on board the men rescued
from the burned steamer St. Cuthbert.
was reported as coming up tho harbor
toward quarantine, lt was stated that
she was not likely to dock before 12 or
1 o'clock.
Hearing on Labor Bills.
Washington, Feb. 5.���The house judl
clary committee today gave a hearing
to representatives of the American Federation of Labor on the anti-injunction
and other bills affecting labor that are
pending before Ihe committee. Daniel
Davenport of Connecticut and others
will be heard later In opposition to the
Situation at Lisbon Is
King Carlos Recklessly Refused tlu
Guard  Ordered   by Franco���
Chief Conspirator a Fanatic
Lisbon, Feb. 5.���Queen Amelle receives only her very closest friends
but made an exception in favor of the
wife of the foreign minister. The latter remarked that her eyes were dry.
"We have no Ume for tears," replied
the Queen, "1 am a daughter of
The arrival of her mother is expected
to be a great solace to her. The last of
the regicides was identified yesterday
as a school teacher. Ue had an abundance of heavy chestnut hair and beard
and a high broad brow, and waa plainly
the master mind. He looked the eypi-
cal dreamer and it is easy to imagine how the other two men
of the lower class in dress and appearance, under ths lire of hU words,
believed they were ridding the country
of   tryrants.
King Carlos was the victim of his
own imprudent courage. Premier Franco had arranged a mllitay escort. The
King disdained to meet his people surrounded by armed guards. Instead he
telegraphed the premier to have open
carriages in waiting and no toops. The
premier, who ltnew. the situation better
than the King, is blamed for not insisting ou his arrangements. The Dowager
Queen, who was at Lisbon, urgently advised the King against returning to
lhat city and when he insisted she telegraphed to him that if he came to come
San Sebastian, Spain, Feb. 5.���The
newspapers print a despatch from Lisbon to the effect that when Franco put
himself before the Queen after the assassination she cried: "it is you alone
who is the cause of what has happened,
and I dare not trust myself to speak to
you." She turned her back on him, unheeding the justification he sought to
Paris, Feb. 5.���A special despatch
from Lisbon says lt would now appear
that the man Casta, who was killed as
one of the assassins of King Carlos,
was Innocent. According to the despatch
he was employed by a Jeweller ln Arsenal street who swears that he despatched him to uurchase some postage
stumps at the time the royal carriage
was passing, that being the sole reason
he was among the crowd. He became
involved ln the stampede and was shot
down by a stray bullet.
Madrid, Feb. 5.���It ls understood that
ox-Preiater Franco, of Portugal, will
come to Madrid.
Lisbon. Feb. 5.���There ls no truth In
the rumor current yesterday In Berlin
thut au attempt had been made upon
the life of the minister of war ln the
lirst cabinet announced.
Lugos, Portugal, Feb. 6.���Four British
cruisers arrived here today and anchored In the harbor.
Madrid. Feb. 5.���The Spanish cruiser
Princess de Asturias has arrived at Lisbon. Many Portuguese residing ln Madrid have left the city fearing arrest by
the Spanish police. A number of Portugese suspects have been arrested at
Lisbon, Feb. 5.���It has been decided
that the bodies of the late King Carlos
and the Crown Prince are not to He ln
slate until three days after the funeral
service next Saturday. It was originally planned to expose them to the public
view before the services were held but
It Is announced today that lt will be
Impossible to prepare proper coffins until late Saturday night. The bodies will
lie tn state in the Church of St. Vin-
cente de Fora.
Alarm In Armenia.
St. Petersburg, Feb. 5.���Recent advices received from the Causcasas Indicate that the Russian Inhabitants are
considerably alarmed over the concentration of Turkish troops In Armenia
and the region seized from Persia,
which, it ls stated, is designed as a reply to any attempt at demonstrations
on the part of Russia. Russia has now
only two army corps on the Caucasus,
a large part of which ls dispersed ln
detachments through the country to
preserve order.
Lt ���
"8      .
��� l_a Dairy D���!���
Clothing,    Gents*    Furnishings
and Boots <\nd Shoes
;   ���.-   .-,     ._-���-.
'.������---������ - D_
-'--.,���.'...      -.-...���.-.-.-    : :      ���-���-.-.-.--  '.���*_  : -��� -.. '. --���-.-.: -
GOODS L. .TL-   Of)
. .
NELSON.   B.  C.
v    -, :   ; - ���   -   :���-   -.��� ~- - -:    : ���    <- -.1 -- :   . ;
-    iin*  __:*_il
���:    ____
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���: ���   L.ir�� __s
-     -      - ���
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*%*m **i t   r��m_i
1 :r-s>:r.. xn  ::   ��:
Crr re  Sciat.
:   ' _:-*:.:_���
- - s_h~t*m  i   not '   - ���;
_a *    -**'   ******! -
i"-.   _M *__*���.��*������. -    -*___.""***  J
-       li__J*t   _*�����**�����    *fr--a**-    *t
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aaS_���    _u:    ma__e��   -     sftn9**orv   J    ���*
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j      .   -am -ft-i   bM   ���_���__!   -     l___r*a  -     ���
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���-_*a.U��L -     .       .;   fr     ._��.;-_,      _HSI  -   * M     ���
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:._-*_   .     EBB   J*'*':ii    Lt   _BB_n__������_BK   t_iC   l^iL
. >--.  mn _is.it*. ir ,_������
���_.--. -T-s*ca_i-*-f Jlr_.   .���*���"'
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_<:���'_."..;i*.   Ksi   i    -Cli���.:. .-.a.*;'-     ; _ : .���
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>*i    "   .-��.    S   l_;   _____: .'__---��  -     v
.     -   -     IsUTU.    fr    -__i .      -     -     *:���������   *"'
���__i*-.J_.    _-*__s_   MfU_L lit ���-;,���. ���-*     Usrim   ��_~ fr
__i_t�� j*uii_ i?_ ���**"*' nr***a*'"***nw***-*- sviiC tail-
a     *ft-   -M     _|1I*S**��   IT _���L
Imperial Bank of Canada
'-a*--��   *..--.-��� see
Ii   i     ��^_2Ji    >���-
H-et-L-.  Or'ice:    Tc**-jfco.
IV-.-jv..-jsr.    t��^-L*   ~i -   .; s***Je**\
a'.I'    i-"-     ���    - ��� ���      - :     V.*.^. =-t~.ll-.i:
ian.^jj'-.: a ��-_:.   I'.Sr���:. r_ :
t i_0'*-rf JLtii >.-.^t-.- ���   _ .i.'.-. .iJ-J-i'/.^
T*JK*OCTa_      -r3CTI*0__
���*I3-_#V>-*   r-54*?A^-c*i -J.    1\_L     L_-A \r,    Alana^or.
-"   -.''
_  I
: .   - :     i *.,:      :.      ���>      .;     :-���-;-
��� - ��� . i .   - .
"��� ��� ��� ��� ��� -'. *   u *._    I: -   Hariftarf
-    -
��� ���    cm  **_fc
_t   - ; *
*     ' -   ���     ",'.���   -.'
��� .     -
- ���
***    E.    VASH ���
1*-U   il    Dl___���_*__f  a.   t   .-.
I______i    OO-     ii_���l| -_.      >-fr
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_- ..  -       .       ._.^-iui     *--���_-..*. :   -      i -��
- ���    a--**:    _*"      __.���|     V -j . .    *.��--_
t-A-VL.    A.-^TT
Cer:_:ic*tte   o:   J-rtprcrrernfot-.
The Royal Bank of Canada
HEA^ OFFICE,   !,:0:-:7>J_AL.
- -     - s*-fti--t*_��.**
w - [**_���Mrt       _-.-v'-i    twit    -LII-.   ___ty
-    -  ������ -
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. _>*.-. Jtrl   __l_l
I,     ^un_i*_ui-js_f fr; �� BW    *.i_u. -**-'.   _: ���__ fe. ~
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_ - : _i ���*_   in Vfr. fr*--*- . _>UO���
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45-E'.  *-   AT-f*- '.'.   :  ������--   ���--.   :-m
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j_S^-^��  &*'�����  A.-.-.V-���ft.
. I'��   VA .   '."Si   g*',';    ?.��� a-*
Rc_MB BnTexnchy G. A.  SPINK, Manager.
a.' * ���**
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-.ajfi_   *. ��� ar.-ijtl
���SSaai t*.    **_vo. i f
*l-sa^-*' '. -t .-,     - - ,    *
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Iiii'.   It   bun   be*:.
saWaaaayn   of   lha.-   ',jaj,*,*.-.;.,;.,   j,,'
for    obrlouhly    psrtiswa    pwpoMS,    ts
WishlM   t*at  Ume  Ot   lb.   bOUSS  lu   d
slug waiver*  (hat  coolal   ,aa,i   bs ..?  _ij
puta.lC    S**4*__ftS,    ai.aj    Ofl     **lala.lj    ll   ih
very :..,- . -   bl '.*.   ir stm
Ttj^y iu'j>��i. know, at l*.-^a,t J. A
donal.1 frws^ tl.at it la ujM;l��.-ha Ui esll
tjix.r. '!.. i..-ut,:nai.i-Ka,v.:iua/r lo explain
or juatify h.h '^aurs-.a: ,/, ilie provtedsl
1>-Klalatur,;. Ht ia la;,,^,,,,..!!,).; only to
tbr- autl,orfi;.' UuU sppolBtsd lalm, tin:
Dowli.li.ri csMas<, .'������'a, ma&bsi ..f ainam-
Ji/ft.',ua rew>lutloii�� '.f ,j,.*n���urfc by thta
provincial ba>uh��� f^ftn ettnei bin ra.*i,,oval.
flsjllSSSIItStlOltS to Sir Wlllrld I.aurl<*r
by Hon. Mr. Templeman and hla coS
ISSfllSS from this provina..* might hav.,
tbat ,.-fr.Li:t, but tbi.y hSTC not bssn rnad..-
and v.111 not be mad,.-.
Meauwblle tbe Uouilnlou BuvcrnmeDt
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man. i
."-ly   *iA  fully.
'.Liiij.i.ii'..*, <;  la  titter-
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���;   work   and   report   C -
''allTa'l,.       Q.l'a     aja.'.ft   IrOlfa   QOSStSOSi    Ol
grpsdlpncy, nwrdjp is a nattsr *
t-eay, tb*.*lr firm i��-|a.-,. ituraM  bt
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i",,ia:ri   tbat  Ix-Hlda.ii I, .
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L ��� .   - ^ -      .        _ft-l-a     *-_-.!'-   a.   _  -     .
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.L.-11 -a.   *_^t - L. _t   ^ft. : ��-   .-ft._,
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G?Lrtdica-t*>   of Lm-gfo yemrot**,
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r. _ haa n.ft_j
��� t��^-*.;
'  - L        *- ��� ,      .
:..-^i . -
���S. '��-" - - _ _-:.
Eleventh Annual  Better
Winter Carnival   Ever
From    Tuesday    Night
Until    Saturday   Night
Rossland    Carnival
J.  S.  C    FOiSE   .
FEB. 4 to 8
Tor I -     - Sftply to
A.   B.   MacKENZIE.
��*-.   *L; .'     -aat
���.---*-:  7-t.-
...*������   t   ���   , -. i
���  -       M:.. *-.,��-.*���
���  tV ��� L>_ft     H-VJf-i     Was*
*' -.11   1t*-*Lt_*_. >.    v"  --_���
��� ,      ���_#���-: . ���*-*-���--
'   ��. ^     ' ���     ir.-i    fr.-..-
���     - *-*.->. fr-v   Ht-ft
�� v     ..--���* v. ��.*>>
e    --*L-*-*--fcw tar  '--.      ���   --
- >"-*     -,<*      U(A8___V
���   a ��
_*fri*s_ *..e_t_->; *._   ..A-
���*.__.*��� 4- E . ���_*,.*������
��� -..._._-.     h -   --  aVaaVtrua oi w**; iwiuu-
7*x^ _>t*_iut ^^^^^^^^
KJlrftrj-xu.   boc���CB   I*---.I  ���*-**.   ofrrrr ftWBy
'   :.rvJL fr��. fr*.���*������_ 'j*   iftfri '     flB���IBilllH   -B Bt
t  ,. 1
��� 4 __fr__   IBB Li.    U-rXa-J*    -rt��_lj
*-fr*. a .*_���*. *.-4_,:y <!%___i x^n-. UMBWtt
��ac^-.j mm --af- it **__�� c-i _#x-t**-*�� -j*
s-*-._. ^ i*. ft.��� ���-*   _ .���. vr ���������_ frfrl   v-*;   -__-* ��*���-
-���.   :_l ba *   .
*       ��-    i- - - ��� -__._-
���r,'.��� fr_,'   _..,4. -��.. .  1/, /   A   -CUT.***-'
l-__o;   ' . .      *������*
_U_Wa ���_-������� feasor.
TII__' ���OTKESft
���. .     : ^ *. -
��� m.- r->-,--^-fcj
��� ��� '..;
TRIM   notice  that  I   will,   on   tho  Mh
lay >A March, ]-?''"*, ftpplj KW  ��� "
of i.h��s liquor lic'rtijw* for th*,- Silver Kin*;
boteli *-j'sate on  Jvotn B#r#n   17.   _m
���   '^., in  Btock Ten  (10), pa  I
somh nolo of Baker straat in Qu f
of  N'ilson,   from   ltrjb_rt   Dalziel   to   my*
B* If.
/>at'*d at Nelson, B. C, this 20th da>
of January, A. D. 1W08.
I-BT*Big -AB^sBtf1!Bill $
t     ��� '
-' wo*} ��_-: ��*.<*-,*. *j***+
_ i^����_*i*--' -y'. >��� t
*-���-�� ���   *���
;���   -      s.'...  *- :   ���!*>   U*
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MA.VUFACTURERS    T t_ _7_   - f
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Lath, A.ouldin^s,Door8, Windo^
"urntrd Work and t.triiwKutM.
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JJa,��l l*����mlH;r lib, 1KUS
jo<��i" "
I.J .1*1'*
.,���'�� The Daily Canadian
.niiiot diue on FROG LEGS every day.
We furnish the
[ef,   Pork,   Mutton and Veal
Hams, Bacon and Lard
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
in the market
Mincemeat of Finest Quality in glass and wood.
5. Barns & Co., Ltd.
ossland     r\ELSOI\, B. C�� Boundary
ohemian Beer
He Nelson Brewing Co'y* Ltd
, ! DUtrlct.   Pn.tr.rloI Vfutt Kootenay
.- ihat Fred. J. Bammons, i|ial  i"r
.ii  N,ison, oesttpaUon watch-
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..'ii.i, oorapsUon  rmafihsr,
apply   Ior   |*t-rmtB*��iOU to pOJabSSS tOS
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: ,1 l��**4nct. Dlsttist ol Wssft Kooisaay
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nrrit-a woiiiau, intend- t<> apply
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t-haina mora or ii'M to the inter
i.-im. tUeaoB *>��� ohalna, mow 01
Kitorly  houmUry  of Lot M��*-> ���"
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I-    O* KAt'i-l'lfcK.  -.(-iiii.
trict.   Dlatriot ol WaatKLoouasf
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to  narohsM Ins follow inn aoi-
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ray, sboul ona sad �� hail m��M
;,, a,,,,   !|,\*,t>l       .Orllir      Ol    lOt   .������"-VaSt.
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an.l hiatrtJ t Dtatrtot of \s*sx aootaasy
that Y. P. nurden. at ling sa aa��n4
i, H, ,,i  I'okiok,  N, it., on upation
 li to apply (or parmlaaloii  to
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DUtrlot,   Iilatrlcl of Weat Kootenay
thai   John  Juno'-,  riin.croii. of
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'"   n   poal    piutiti-d   on   tl***-   HOilthfrii
ol       It:   <:.   rtoutlierii   rlghl oi -way
1 < hiiina WMtarlV   from   the S. W   corner
ro lp   I.   Kootenay,   ihence   Miulh IH)
'li   lieu  eaat   40  elmlliH,   ihence   norih Mi
" the aouthern bouadsry ol the  ��ai'i
A'-if, tho  wi-Khrlv   ttloliK Hiild   aoulh
"���lary of right oI-whv   to  tbd  point
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 bar 9th, i��n.
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1 "'"I DlRtrlCt. iMatriil of Weal Ktioteuay
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-���"i corner of un ,hvh, tiu-nce weal 40
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nee north hu chalua lu the point ot
111 'iiuiii, mid coniuiniiiK MO acrea, more
M li Oi-iotier, PMYl. JAM*! HhiBI.I.,
1    i,   CAtigttiKH, A nent.
1 ""tl Dlatriot    Hlatrlct of Weal Kool.ua)
'"Hob thai Angus Mc-in, of IhsOltyol
'"'eupBtion flrsmsa, latondi to apply 101
-'"ii U purohsis the following it-Hcrlhcd
' otiiiin-iK-liiK ��t �� DOSt plauled al the
'oruer L 0. Morrlaon'a ranch, til Yir
���Hn nee norih forty (40) clmlna, theue
') do) i-halita, thence aoulh .HJ t^'
1'" 'o i   wii-l lor ty (4'J) chalna olnt o
''���'"l,   and  (oiHMiiilii-*   one htintlicd
i ],u) aorea* more or leaa.
~- "'"'r "'1"1,   --*07, AMOtlB    Ml (.Ml.
'���'"i.i Dlatriot Dlatriot of Wait Koo tansy
nmiaa thai Hugo Caritoni, pi WlBntpeg,
���''ipatlon pUDllahar, Intenda to apply
I Ini I ��� " "�� PhrobSSt thu following dr
''" 'noiil*- nt a poat plauled on the weal
nTi oi j��� 487|p Q. 1( (a*jOUt 6 juii-tg from Ar-
kiw l-jtke, on M<>-.(iino Creek) and Jl chain** 75
iinka aouth of thu S W. O* ol t*��ld lot, IU nil 0|
tin ine weat tat ihallih, theuee ao.ith ho chain**,
thence eaat ho ehaiua. thenee north DO ehaina to
blsoe of coiiimeueeuieiit, eoULalniiiK ***u aOTSSt
more or leaa.
t'lIAHI.X��� .MahmuI4-i
Atteiit   for   is '.,���.,,*,;���:��� ���,-..
Date-t IA Heoember IWl.
Nelaon Land Dlitricl.   Distrust0! Wi-at Kooteuay.
Take notice lhal Tina Bergman, of Aliotia,
Man , ooonpatlon Vfilool 0. MerKmaii, tarmeft
Altoua, .Man , luteiidn to apply for ja*rmlaalou to
pun-tiaae the lollowliiK -l,-*, r it..-.I laud !
" iii.ii,:,*!,' ou ��! a spoai planted at the N. K .'
olHujjo Csratana' application to purchaae ami
runuliiic thence w��at SO ehaiua theuee north HO
ehaiua, theme i-aat 40 chalna, tbence aouth M
ehaina SB  liuka, theuce aast  40 ci.hiiik,   ihence
aouth 7i ohalna 7A Unas to point ol oonussaoa-
meut, couuiuiug 01X1 acrea more or l*-^^
CHaKLK*. Malt-iiAi,I..
A|-eul   for    j iu,,   ii. i,*m*tii
Dated it December li*U7.
Nelaon Land Dlairlet    IlMtrlctof Went Kootenay.
toko notloa that LorlOaorgs i'ayne, of haarJlof.
B. O., or. upation rancher, intenda to apply lor
t-t-rtui-Mou lo pureheat* tue loUoWlOg deacriLied
landa: t'oiunleiieiiiK at a poal pi��uii*d aoo'jt !-">
enalna weat of Wnaiahau creek und :; i ul4 ehaiua
aouth of the lonthwSSt corner of Lot No 1848
runniua theuee north Ml chalna, tiienee weat Ml
ehaiua, theuce   lOUtta   U Ufi  chalua,   thence SMt
tiJbOtS ehaina, thence aouth 67 m.'* ehaina, thanoe
67.41V ehallia  eaal   lu   polut   of  eouiiiiein . in, iit.
rolitaluiug l-*i arti-n. Un* -nr\ ������>,���.i aa lot 0199
Dated Mn January, 1MB. Lavi <iBokuk 1'avmc.
Weat Kooteuay Laud Diatrict. Dlatricl of <_ioat
Take notice that I, fi forge A Hunt, of Kit.
ehcuer, OOOUpatton t liu oer man, luieud to
apply for sperm laalnu to purchaae the
iiiiiowiiiK deaorlbed land: Commencing at a
poat planted about 10 stains, araat ol i bom peon
marked n. W, corner, U.enoe autitb iu At ohalxu
ttnuce eaat 44 b7 rlml, t, Ihenc*.- norili U.46
ttialna, theuce weat along B. C. *-*oultlerii hallway to place of oomttanoamont,oontalnlng :���>.!���*
Dated January Mh, UOB. QSQIMS H. HOST.
Nelaon I.Mini Dlatricl. Diatrict of Weft Kooiennv
InOr n.ui'c llial I, Krt-tieriek A.he of Uaiu-ta,
B- L', occupation men Intnl. in; n-t to apply lor
P0r_liaalOO to purchaae tne followiug Ueaorilied
laud:    ('ouiiiittiiciux   St a poal   loalited   ahout 10
ohalna wmi ol the a *>- cmeroi lot twXi, uieuce
nortn u ehaina, thanoi eaat oo chain**, thanes
aouih 20 cliitiua. theuce wial Ml chalua to point
of commencement, containing lou SOrsa, nn.ie Of
Dated January ���at. 1-A��.       KhSDKHick Ama.
Canada's   Forest   Area   Shrinks  as   it   la
Explored���Necessity   for  Careful
Conservation   at  Once.
Tlira.',.   liiintlraal   million   acia'H   is  the
iiiii'si .Minium of tlm toresl area of
Canada. Tills wan given recently by
Dr. u. K. |.'..iiniw, Dean .ai tne Faculty
nl Foreatr) In Una University of Toronto. In*. I-'ii-noav wuh lor years lioad
of tin' forestry ....ik ol tlis Pnlted
Blates, amI ia regarded uu one "f tlie
best authorities .jii forestry und timbei
.ai, tins luiiiiii.iii. iir. Fernow suid:
u we look in ilii.s vast forest area
fi.Jin tin- manufacturer's polnl of view,
from tne standpoint of supplies for the
ails and Industries, of Its eoiii'merclul
value, und Kiudy merely the geography
uud naiinv of tin- country, in the light
of ih.- reports am the more or less outlying pans aal I In- Bame, wt. will eoine
to the conclusion iliai three hundred
million acres, and perhaps less, will
cover fully the commercially valuable
iiiiiii.i'land area, actual and potential,
or not much more than one-half of the
commerctal forest area aal the United
At ona- tim.. ai��iit hundred mmion
acres was the generally accepted esii-
tnate of the timber land of Canada. Mr.
H ii. Campbell, anperlntendent of for-
estrj tot the Dominion government, was
not (iiiila* so pessimistic In a recent es-
uinai... Bpealtiiftg at a forestry convention helal in Yaiiniailili, bt. S., ne culcti-
latad tin* forest area oi the Dominion
ai aboul 586,000,000 acres, divided as
follows: ^
British    Columbia lS2,oou,uuo
Manitoba, **Saskaielia*wan and
Alberta    and    unorgantyed
territories   iso.ooo.ooo
Ontario   ,  40,00ii,uou
Quebec    ' I2o,ouu,uoo
New  llrunswick        7,600,000
Nova  Scotia     6,000,000
Look ut lt as one may, one thing
seems dear, and tliaL is that, on further
knowledge, Canada's -Inexhaustible"
forest and forest areas are shrinking.
and that this country does not possess
ilia* wealth that tt was once thought she
did. Tin* moral is plain: it must be
Canada's duty to look carefully after
what she lias and carefully preserve it,
and also make provision that these
ana* shall be so handled that a Future
supply aaf timber from the same areas
can be obtained. Anal Ihls means the
Introduction of forestry management of
these timber lands.
Young Woman  Murdered  Employer and
Kept Body  in  Her  Room.
Vienna failed to reveal any traces of
the missing man, a search at his house
was decided on. Accordingly the police
went to Glegler's rooms, whereupon the
Doell girl jumped from the window and
lied. Investigation showed that the bed.
which was made, and apparently unoccupied, contained Glegler's body. The
remains were black, and In an advanced
stag,* of decomposition. There were
traces lhat death had been caused by
s���f*oratlon. It was evident that the
girl had cooked and slept In the same
room with the ileaal man for weeks. She
had made off with the uum of 12.500,
but was arrested at Halle. It was ascertained that she hail a sweelhiart,
and be has also been taken into custody
on the suspicion that lie hud something
to do with the crime.
Notice is hereby given that tiie Kin-
ney-MUler Cedar Company, an extra pro
vinciua company Uuiy icglsLcred, as
SUOh, and  authorized   to  cuary  ou  uusl-
uvso wiuiiu the province oi British Col-
uiuiaiu. uud liuviug us head oiuce at
Creston, iu the sum province, manufacturers, navo lay deed oi assignment,
aiuieai the nth day oi December, lstua',
assigned all ns personal property, real
estate, credits, and effects, which may
i,c sslssd and sold under execution io
me, chaiies o. Kodgers, ot Creston,
uiitisn Columbia, lumber manufacturer,
lur th..- general  benellt ol  us clealilors.
A  meeting ot  the creditors  will  ne
held ut ilie ollicc ot It. M. .Macdonald,
bar-rial, i ai law, oorner Baker and sum*
ia-,, sir. ets, Nelson, B, t'., ai the hour ait
three o clock In the afternoon on iu.,o-
uuy, the siiml day oi Deosmbsr, is"ii, ior
ilie giving of directions with reference
t0 tin- disposal of the cslllle.
And further take notice that all creditors ara- raapiired on or betore lha' SS.sili
day ..i Deosmbsr, isjut, to nia' v.hii me,
ihu asslgni... mil particulars of their
claims duly verified, ami the nature oi
tn,. security, it any, bald i>.  them.
And notloe is berebj given thai after
tha 2Mb duy or Deoember, i!,u7, I will
proceed to distribute the assets amongst
the creditors of whose debts or claims
i shall then bave received notloa and i
will not be responsible for the assets,
or any part thereof, so distributed to
any creditor of whose debi an olaim 1
shall not then bave received notloe.
in,i,.,i at Creston, ii. 0��� ibis i tilt day
ot Deoember, 1807,
To Whom it May Concern:
Tako nollco that J, L. Warner Is not
now and has not been since the 18th
day of November lasi employed by or
in any way connected with the Bradley
Engineering and Machinery Co. of
Spokane, Washington.
Merlin. B*eb, 6.���More than usuully
grhesome is the murder story which
comes from I.elpsic. Paul Giegler was
the proprietor of a book shop In the
Can .1). usiiasse. und with him lived,
pn.l'.ssa'dly as housi-kceper and assistant, u young woman named Minna
I ina.11. Alain,t the middle of November
Giegler disappeared Irom view, but
his housekeeper explained this by say-
that he had gain., to Italy on business.
Aa li, did not return inquiries became
more pressing, and the young woman
then made the fnlnl mistake of altering
her story, saying thai Qlegler wus In a
Vienna hospital.
This change of tale aroused sits*
plclons,   and     when     Invi'stlgatloiis   In
B. G.
Jobbing   promptly   attended   to.     Plans
and Estimates.
Apply 415 Hall St. Box 385.
Auction Sale
Dent's New and Second
Hand Store
Wednesday, Feb.
At 2 p. m. Sharp.
We have a large assortment of aecond
hand furniture, new mattresses, couches, granite and tin ware. Our goods are
on view from now until day of sale.
Don't miss this opportunity. Our goods
at your prices.
Turner Beeton Block, 606 Vernon Street.
No. 331.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897."
or deslraule lu transporting logs and
other minerals to the mills and plants
of the Company, and ln transporting
the manufactured products of such
plants to the markets; to log and
drive streams; to construct and operate
To purchase, hold, sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of any bonds or other securities or
evidences of Indebtedness created or
ls8Ua.tl by any corjioratlon or corporation, association or associations of the
State of Maine, or of any other state,
territory or country, and, while the
owner thereof, to exercise all the rights,
powers and privileges of ownership:
To purchase, bold, sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of shares of capital stock of any
other corporation or corporations, association or associations of the State
of Maine, or of any other state, territory or country, and , while the owner
of such Btock, to exercise all the rights,
powers and privileges of ownership, Including the right to vote thereon:
To aid in any manner any corporation
or association of which any bonds or
other securities or evidences of indebtedness or stock are held by the corporation, and to do any acts or things designed to protect, preserve, Improve or
enhance the value of any such bonds
or other securities or evidences of Indebtedness or stock:
The business of the Company ls from
time to time to do any one or more ol
the acts and things herein set forth;
and it may conduct its business in other
Stales, territories and possessions of
the United States, in British Columbia,
aud iu foreign countries, and may have
one office or more than one office, and
keep the books of the Company outside
of the State of Maine, except as otherwise may be provided by law, and may
hold, purchase, mortgage, and convey
real or personal property, either ln or
out of the State of Maine.
All the powers of the corporation are
vested in the board of directors, who
may make, alter, amend or repeal all
by-laws of the company, except such
by-laws as regulate or affect the election of directors and officers, and except when the change of a by-law or
exercise of a power is made by statute expressly dependent upon action by
or consent of the stockholders.
Provided, however, that nothing here-
iia contained shall be construed to authorise the corporation to transact business in any other state, territory, or
foreign country, contrary to the provisions of the laws of such state, territory or foreign country, and that nothing in these purposes shall be construed
to give the corporation any rights, powers or privileges not permitted by the
laws of the State of Maine to corporations organized under Section 6 of
Chapter 47 of tbe Revised Statutes of
tbe State of Maine, and the following
corporate purposes shall be exercised
only fB states and Jurisdictions other
than Maine, namely, the construction
and operation of railroads, or aiding in
tbe construction thereof, telegraph or
telephone companies, and gas or electrical companies, and such businesses
are to be carried on only In states and
jurisdictions when and where permissible under the laws thereof.
Tafemont House
Feb��*a*y 4 to 8
Noiico is hereby given thnt ull taxes
fair tin- year imis under the -assessment
Act 1906 unal amending acts, and under
tb,. public School!
and payable.
Act,   tiro   now   due
Collector of Kov. niio, Nelson, 13. C.
Nelson, B. 0��� 2nd Jun., 11)08.
RATE���Fare and third for round trip.
Tickets on sale Feb. 3 to 7 Inclusive.
Final   limit,   Feb.  10th.
Corri*H|i<itidcnci> Invited nnd cheerfully  niiBwercd.
Call on or wrlto
IC. J. OOYL1-, J- MOE,
A.ai P.^.,VaucouTer. u F.A., Nelion
I hereby certify that "The Kootenay
Cedar Company" has tills day been registered as an Extra-Provincial Company under the "Companies Act, 18U7,"
lo carry or effect all or any of the objects of the Company to which the legislative authority of the Legislature of
British Columbia extends, except the
coustructlon and working of railways,
and tiie business of insurance.
The head offlce of the Company is situate at Portland, Cumberland County,
The amount of the capital of the
Company is one million seven hundred
and fifty thousand dollars, divided into
seventeen thousand Ave hundred shares
of one hundred dollars each.
The   head   olllce of   the   company   in
this  Province is situate at Nelson, and
H.   S.   Lennie,   barrlster-at-law,   whoso
address Is Nelson, B. C, Is the attorney
for the Company, not empowered to Issue and transfer slock.
The Company Is limited.
Given under my hand and seal of office  at  Victoria,   Province    of     British
Columbia, this eleventh day of January,
one thousand nine hundred and eight.
Keglstrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The   objects  for which   this     Company has been established and registered are; ���
To ucquire, hold. Improve, lense and
sell timber, farming, grazing, mineral
and other lands, and the productB thereof; to mine or otherwise extract or remove coal, ores, stone and other minerals and timber from any land owned,
leased or occupied by the company, or
from any other lands; to buy, build,
construct, maintain and operate plants
and works for the development of
such lands, and for tho handling, preparing and rendering commercially
available of the various products thereof; and to buy, or sell or otherwise to
deal or to tralllc In wood, timber, lumber, coal, stone, ores and other material, and nny of the products thereof,
and any article consisting, or partly
consisting, thereof.
To engage ln trade and maintain
To buy, build, hold and lease or sell
ull kinds of houses and buildings, and
the lands on which the same may be located; to buy, own and hold, with a
view to Its Improvement and sale, any
kind of real estate.
To breed, raise and deal ln cattlo
and live stock of all kinds; and to manufacture, buy, sell and otherwise deal
iu  all  kinds of dairy  products.
To construct docks, slips, bridges, machinery, ships, boats, engines, cars and
othor equipment, elevators, water
works, gus works, electric works, viaducts, aqueducts and other water-ways,
unil to sell the Bam,., or otherwise to dispose thereof, or to maintain and operate the same; to construct and to maintain and operate all trams, railroads,
spuds, switches, locomotives, cars,
trains nnd equipment for the purposes
of the Company only, and not as a
common carrier, that may be necessary
Bnropeau and American Plan
Meal- 85 eta.   Boomi irom X eta. to tl.
only White Help xmployed
Baia-r Bt., Nelion Proprlelort
Mont caimlortable quarlera      Nelion
Only the best of Liquors and Clgara
Grand Central Hotel
We have for rent the office ln the
Mara Block over the Royal Bank, lately
occupied by Mr. E. A. Crease.
H. & M. BIRD
One of
The Best
In Fruit Lands now offering. 157 acres
of choice land situated on Howaer Lake.
$20.00 per acre, easily cleared.. Must be
sold at once.
For   full   particulars  apply
If you waat Good Land
MeDermid & McHardy
j>EUSO"N, B--JO.
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms BO cents upward The
dining room Is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICSSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Postoffice, Nelson, B. C.
Qtseen's Hotel
Baker Street. Nelion. B. O,
l.��r���ia  *.ii.l   Comfortable   Beatrooma and Flnl-
claai Dining Koom.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
Best Dolkr-a-Day House In Nelson.
The Bar la the rineit.
White Help Only Employed
Is now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
3(4 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
loneplllllll  it.
Nelion. B. tt.
Royal Hotel
Rates fl nnrl. fl.so a Day.
Bpeolal Rates to Regular Boarders
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned have submitted to the Lleu-
tenaut-Govemor-in-Council a proposal
under the Rivers and Streams Act for
the clearing and removing obstructions
from the Duhamel Creek (otherwise
known as Six-Mile Creek) ln the District of West Kootenay, Province of
British Columbia, and for making the
said creek Ot for rafting and driving
thereon logs, timber and lumber, and
for erecting and mulntainlug dams on
the said creek, and for construct ing
and maintaining booms for holding
sorting and delivering logs and timber
thereon, and for attaching booms on
Kootenay Lake at the mouth of said
Tho lands to be affected by such work
are Lots 787. 788, 7601, 7773, 43114, 8411
and 8413 al] ln Group One, Kootenay
District, and other lands not Crown
granted, occupied or Improved.
The tolls proposed to be charged are
such as may be fixed by the Judge of
the County Court of West KiLaotenay.   .
Dated the 28th day of October, 1907.
W.   a.   QIUUETT
Contractor   and
Hole RKi'iu for the Porto Kloo Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail viints. Rough ami dreaeed lumber, turned
work ami bracket*. Coaat lath and ahlnf lee, mth
nn,. doors. (Vim-lit, brick and lime lor tale
Automatic grinder.
Yard aud factory: Vernon Bt.. eait or Hail- m
INBLSON,   Eft. G.
i*   O. Box 232 TueDhone 178
A. M. Can. Sea. C. B.
Mining Work s Specialty.
Offlce:  Room  1��i,   K.-W-C. Blk.    P.   O.
Box     434.
Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
In the matter ol an application lor the laaua ol
a duplicate ol tbe Certlfloate ol Title to Lota
4, fa. anal 6, Block S, Nelaon city, lubalivlilon ol
part ol Lot 182, Group One, Dlatricl ol Kootenay
(Map 486).
Nullce 1�� hereby alven that 11 li my Intention
to time at the expiration ol ona month altar tha
Ural publla'atlon hereol a dupllcataol lha Certlo-
rateo. Title to tbe above mentioned lota ln the
name ol I'm lie Khoalei which Certificate la dated
the 16th day ol May, 1899, and numbered 1897-k.
Laud Keal.trT Office,  Nelion, B.C., January
a. r.atacLkoD,
Dlitrlct Batlatrar.
'���Mill, 1908.
Cancellation of Reserve.
Notice li hereby given that the reierre over
certalu landi in Houtb-Eait Kootenay. notice ol
wblcb apyeareal ln tne Brltlib Columbia Qaaatta
ol the uth ot Auguit, 1890 aud bore data ot Au-
glut n!th, 1890, li hereby cancelled. The abore
mentioned lanala, will be open for location under
the Land Aet on March 30,1908.
DaapntT Commtuloner ol Land! and Work.
Ian.Is and Work! Department,
Victoria, B. *:., Deoamber Uth, 1*07.
.. km
���f -t
"   'i'ffl^
- Ine itefly Canadian
Wc l��n i     - : '
���;.-'-      -:   :    ���     ������'-    ���-���������;���--   '
���   ������  L-i  -=-:  -l   '���-.-        SS SS   ���:   t-l-SJS
.,   -   j   j       LOCAL  AST'  GDEPJ
., r    'j . j:;'.*E-    6013    ,*..��    t *> I   '.
*       L.S    *
:    ��_���
i     1    S���_
L   -.' ���-���- :
.- L
ft1AM_l  Aft.IL l*l*��r_,
Jfc�� l-_4.l-.fcW.
*A'atchirsiiLi;j.- a-ss Opt;riaa
HOTEL   A= =    .'ALA
Bargains in all lines
of Dry Goods, Millinery  and  Ladies'
:        ;   :- - ���
-    .-
...   -
li. E *    "
. ��� ���        ���
���  -       -   ���
.- *      ���������������-. .   H  L
- -.-���_-.--
_ .    - -
Sec Us
For Good Fruit Laud
io Acre Blocks to Soo
Acre Blocks.
Bee:ael. Prices.
E��_s*y Terras.
B. L Ooadsdaile & _;
Kex*. ISx��vr u. c.a_.k of C-.^L.2i*/rc*
$1.50 to $10.00.
Wt'.-_'.~i   '*..���?���.: Sraokiiig
Queen Cigar Store
Comer torfa  Sta-
T wo Block*, fro��� D .;. -_-.
���    -
_    - . ��� ���    .'.    - -
H_ Eka ELFlean  i.   -
I ear .- .
- -
I    I
���     .-
��� -. - . >-.- ���
r.-    ��� 1     . ...Skson.
> -_���
B. - -    .;.
Pi . ���  ���
I li.      B   H   *
-   E   .
K. s.i n.
v   v.-    - .-. h
...-������ i I
B   '- Lan-b, &a-
J   I: H/Misod: O.
. - -
Geo.   P.  Player
ING   &   HMKI."
OMeS   Ro*--   NO.   2     ELLIOT      BLOCK
We have just received a .-:.:;
ment  of   Heinz  Goods  in   following line.
14-oz.   Bottf*   Sour   Mixed   I'i..
14-os.  Bottle 8��<-et Mixed   Pickles
14-oz. Bottle Gherkins Picklea.
Pint Bottle Ketchup.
Telephone 161.
Ii torn-
��� i.   ���  *
P. O   Boi 1-ffl,  Vaaeour* f   K  '
ttot i
my,; Wotkatt, u
li - a mil   " :���   *    .���-*������ l ftoee
> \      brefetred     B   i      .i ��� tntx/SUvn
> ���!     Applj lo J   Deoey,-jonier V-*Tao_ au*i
toe itf��--;U.
rWO FIRST-* L__l AOf>J_L i>ui b*.-��t*d     Ap-
MT _������������*fcf*!-r. ��rd flat. K    w ��    blocl
More Colds
Ate Again
Fortify yourself  by  pur.;,
IRsd  Ban)   will   break   U]a a  cold  in  tt
hours.     I'ria.
eoiiii.H in SL..',-   bottlss and quickly cttrsi
any  opiigh,
Canada Drug & Book Co'y* Ltd.
*���  i    v : .   i
: :     -..:-*���=_---���   _"
.  -   . -   .   ��� - ���
;   _ -���:   :".:<: * t-
���     ; i    l    . - ��� ���    : ��� ���:"
: --:���;���;* ~*f "- -
...      . .
:   _,.<: .   ���_     __.**;i-    :������.',���-,*-.*   ;ii-i'-fa-
-.t   _ n.
r*.   . t__**t
- ;.   -
��� ������---���������     - ��� .   ���
.   -
' ��� ��� -
.-..-. -    -     L. ���-     *���
'.-------'--   I     '-    - -
... .    _ ..    . .     .. . -.   _-��� L.
*    ft'-".
-    ���  _���
_���*.'       - _    '   . -_-
-   l .    . - l r_ir>
: -       '   .   - ' - --      " L
-    .     - ? -    ���     ".      ���      . ���
l* the
Li.   L*_e-
. _     ,   .. .       ,-...._-
. * -. but owing
'.      '   _-*.*-riS
I -Lrnim.    Tr-a: :.- a -
*t ihe call ol the
. - -r-rpe-a-Led
-      - -v   at   t��� end  of
K --LL2 Koch.
. - -  chard    K,  - - -.   this
*      ��� . _-.    " "L-    _. ...
- _ ���   Bsrr -iv   prsa
A    li.    Gecnre   Kurtz   a:.i
. - ������ ���     '  .'���' ���    -���������:   '���'������
-  e.-y.    The
later, Mias.��
tw vat assls*- .  ���
* - _���    -   .  '_-���
L-  -   S--.--.-r.  Mr.
'  - ;��o.V_ane
��� ��� i. ���        '   ���       _���-������-: ! -
BrUa  i=.--'S
- r.   ia  Nelson
.���   alL
= i--ft     --T     Si
���   '.' nl! who ����� ���
*���    Ball o! IMI   I --*
���ver  pr-ren   .-
'..-..-. . . -.- ...
.*   -.-.-   loot   ���*-ii;
-���oaded     The de*L-
the    walls  and
r-k or  white  drsa-
iDy diapofeed
11- ~     -   -. -/.-JDJ5 a
. -. ��� |      i- *���     ���    -������   . -
of the hall  carpets, ooocbss  aad ��ssy
" ii |.l, lasnl i       as ******
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling Alley
-i     M'^nday, Thurtday, and Saturday ereclitgi.
Hf/r:.!   :������    rttaMMMMM   and   eveninga,
arfflkottt   bar..-, r-blldren  ltc  aduSta Jtic,
In*lu.|In . -kales.
Kv'-niMLi!  with band, except Sa'urday
ll.. I'x.. Including skates.
Saturday evaning. band and special
sttrsotlirna, to ll o'clasck, 50c, In u.ling
skaUrs, B[*erLtaUjn 25c.
8ET8   FOR   A   FEW  DAYS.
From $10 to $25.
Wheat Flakes
for Breakfast
~.-.i i-:zz.t:'-.z:i: :.tri :. ..:.
S:���etiing rea. s_f-.* :.r -rfcik-
Try a package
5 lbs. 50c.
C. A. Benedict
OaL-Loer 5    z* axi .*o����;it_*i,-   i-_i
F*-l-��0**��'E  T
Yoo C__ S*tc
Money   on
Mac bines aad all Talking
=/  ��ea*
-*.-.-   _i
3ECA-SE   --v    ���>---_:    i "=l:st   Ma
-----   ..- _   ?."-  - i-   : --- .*   -' -   -i^.-
price   yon  have   u>   ;*? ti;���-:-*-
r -_ =.!_   .   -   ���._.���_     ��� .   - _. :
���r-;    ���;     _.*    r___-_*_:- !*   you
-.:'      ������'-'���-&'--   :���    _ _. ;���   ;. -. > -   '
: i      -    ���      *��� :    **;-.-,-.--,'    -    _.'...    ;*  -.
b.      !-���_   l    ;  -t    ,:.   ��� ��� - ��� *    -      *   *i
Esr s-cn   Phorvo.j'-a-.r'-fte
���Home."  MaOe.
'Gen,' llMt; -s_._.--.     j:r.50:
Columbia   Grop**.opY*x>ryt*
Hi ���.-., |j- ���>���>. *S5-.-���.��� s_L-i $-><,u<.
Ed acn   Go<d   Mould   Reccrca���s-Oc   eac*^
11 disc reoords 75c each
12 disc record! ��1JS fe&cti
W. G. Thomson
SSSSr "a    Nelson, B. C.
Phone ��--��.
Btity Now
We have a Good sSelection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
for temporarily tired dana^-rs. The new
floor, only finished late yesterday afternoon, was in perfect condition. It Is
easily the best dancing floor ever available In Nelson. The supper was excellent and the service, supervised i,y Bel-
>1lle Tcmikins, enabled ail the guests to
Uake their refreshment in comfort and
.-. harry. The orchestra, Curtis.'
.-.ever did better, and that it saying a
iLrea*. deal. There were 24 dances on
���-te programme and six aupper extras.
and stiii m'-.'-L -.ban a score of devo'.e.-.*.
tr.adly ac/.epiaraj four more extras at the
r,Tj*e. Ail were encored, more than haSf
A Li-em twice ar.d not a few of them
tAWtat times. TS-a.s season ba* been a
perfect carnival of dancing recalling the
gaieties of four or Ore years ago At
tbe conclusion of last night's event tbe
bosta were assured by the best possible
judges, tbe ladies, that there had never
t*en a better or jollier dance given In
N      ---'I.
Ye-,   by   Sight  of  Death.
Tyark.   Feb   i __ Death   from   shock''
was  the  verdict of physicians   who. examined  Into the  Kudden death of Mrs
Claudlne _rj of -his pSace.    Mrs. Abry
|0ld Curiosity Shop
CAPITAL,   !25__O0/0)  'n  25.00     ahares
of 110.00 sach.
MANAGER, Crotler W. Bourke.
OFFICE, No. 322 Haker St.  (Croasdalle
* Co j
SEE tbe cement blocks diaplayed ln the
Standard Furniture Co.'s window,
APPLICATIONS for stock are Invited
PARTICULARS and forms of Application may bt obtained at the Company's offlce, or from H. A. Stewart,
Solicitor, Nelson, B. C.
Wl��l��ja*^at  S.UC   ,_���*..'_   L-i.--,
Fresh and Salted Meats
C��_Lpf   fTLZ'ti-j.**-!    ->i    *:.
k*-r*trt prv*-- >" ������:.:*:
vru.utMont*- ^.-mti* taJii Ft;-;
___. ord_r�� r��>��T--  -an*-**
.*���*.*  I turn -. ���
... _.  ���     ...
E.   C.   TRAVES.    tManager.
has captured the confide!
geaa of good Lhlngi   The c,,,., .iuB **
D amonda.  8i.warfare,  Blscks,
American   and   Imported    /.jtcht.
Solid  Gold and  Silver  tws*t .
Ornaments.   Table   Cut tr/p  Et
S   to   yoo   a
.   ��� i
M>*\*oo*Ke\w Mi Ot*
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay  Ice,   Fr-sit   and
Ft*el Co.
orr*' t
H. E- oo.. Baker   ana   Was   Sta.
Whol��si��iits   Provisions,
Goremmecl CLrwair.ery One-Pound Kn-I, n<*;T^i w***k:y fn*h fmm a,
< tuTL.    For sale by all leading grocers
Office and warehouse : Houston Block.    Poooe T*/
Josephine Street.        - - Nelson. B.C.
���-���--..-..  ft
rule a
al��--  a,
Dtk  L
' .- .: .       -       -      -    ..-    -
- - :   . - ���      ��� -       ���
tt. et lea avL  -,rocp  One.   La   !*.��
spree Lift. ->nt_a��
-x;   -,*     _ a .    ������-���.'
n bx-r*- '   , a -
ftt.a.   !:������
aarai fl- *_-,._.  i *   -
-.'���       Lt- ���.--���,���       ..
OStce. Keiton. B   C . Jaauary
B    f  M��  Lao:  -
Tn... - - * -���.-, -- -ft*
We   have  still a number   of
Mists that u ill be sold at the
l     11IIIM HI I'i III II WH II Willi II IB II11 111 II i   II
Real  Esta'.e Agent
115  Baksr  SL.   Nelson.   B. C.
F. C GREFJ        F. P. maea        A. H.GKI-F-*.'
C'vtl Engintscs, IXitiiijiicm and British
Colombia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Bsx 14;    FIkiik 2*1 B.
We would like to ��ee all our patronscomfortabSe this winter ar-i :n ral
do so we bave tn stock tbe best assorted line of beating stoves aad �����
stores and  ramr.es ever before presented to tbe public ln Kootenay
We would be pleased to show yon our line and before maiinj j����f|
chase kind y see what we have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwa.
Company, Limited.
S'elian Ban
Ail Kinds  of Ueaung  Planu ln  Stock
Victoria 8L_ Nr. Ooera House.      Tel. 181
NICKERSON, the Jeweiery Manufactur
er'a Agent will sell you goods from samples at 25 per cent. less than regular
prices direct from tbe factories, in _
daya from order. Everything In the
line.   Order now.
on Friday was watching a number of
boys and girls skating nn -���'������
wben the Ice broke and three of the
boys were drowned. She watched the
work of rescue and wha-n tha I-..;.- an re
brought out of the water Bhe fainn.*d
She was removed to her liamie but died
without recovering consciousness.
CapL anal Mrs. Paddon came in fra.m
Crawford Hay yesterday
J. Genelle arriva*d Irom Cascade Sast
night and Is at the Strathcona.
K_ I Kirkwood, of Sl'.can City, cam.*
down last night and is at tbe Hume.
O. sji,Dwell, superintendent of the
Hewitt mine, came down from Sllvert.m
last night
A. E. Watts, of Wattsburg. arrived
on last night's Crow boat and at tha
D   A. McF*arland. late of ih.   v..
Canada    Collieries    company,   at   lllaii-
more, Is ln the cily on a visit.
Pure and Cheap | Fruit!
Wt   have  ll.*.,, pounds of
which we will s.-ll at a bargain
5 Iba for 1.00.
Special   pric.-s  for larger lots.   Come
In and Inquire.
Choquette Bros.
Phone  258.
THE   Unto Date  Bakeri
Alberta Creamery butter in 3lb , 7 Sb
and 14 Sb. blocks at 37c per pound.
For Sale at
niborts. Almonds. Wl
Chestnuts. Apple CMter, N'ort��t����j
apples. Baldwin Appl**, J*t ���"*-*
Figs, large layer, California <���
and Malaga Grapes.
A   large   assortni.iit   ol
Sum "_
Wholesale and retail priaa - V*t9
Meeting   May   Be   Arranged.
Oxford. Entt . FVI,. 5���The
that the Oxford university athla-tk- club
has declined the challenge sent hy the
American Int'-reol).-giau- athl.-tir ;,-
Bociation for an iniarnatif.>nal track and
field athletic meeting bet wean teams
representing the universities of the
I'nlted State*, anal fSr,-at lirltaSn at the
Olympic games In 1!>08 are not tru-
The qu'-stioi, of aoceptaaoe ..f Um
American collegians' challenge has not
yet been decided A meeting of the
Oxford unl.an will be held to consider
the question.
Joy's Cash Grocery
S, H. Seanej
'hone 2' ��;i.
I    .'_.   I US''
Ca.r    lais,'|.!,i
inpl  MIS
Prices  of Metals.
New York. FVta. 5.���Silver. !,r..V,c.
I��ndon. Feu. D���Silver, 25"4d.;   laa'l
��14, 12s, 6d.
Opening   Copper  Quotations.
New  Y'ork,  Kal,   :,.   |MI
(By -kttD*ru,id A McHardy j
Asked Did
Granby    f{15.00        V
Iiomlnlon Copper....    2 00 i sr i
B. C. Copper     o.w, <   f '
We   have  still  a  lai
,    .  ��� in>��
ment  of  healers  to c-li���'.'-���
Also a few odd slov.'
wiik-b '
will sell  AT COST durlnK '
, slot!'
We wouhl like you
Inspi-ct our stock.
i-.ill 'nl
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co*


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