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The Daily Canadian Feb 2, 1907

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Array _Eh
-paily Canafcian
Cl     NO.  206.  NHL-*--,  P.U., c,*a*- ���,   ! , ���
AcBtide* Kirkpatrick   an<^Victory
I   -     '  -"���*  "��" >"������ Oovernor 0. B. 1 ������ i tllf PT   IO    1 rTIlT
I AUorney Jerome to
Open Case
Defence Still Unkown���
|   be insanity and Appeal
"Unwritten Law"
k Feb. 1.���Harry K. Thuw
isi disappointed num in thu
yesterday when, after an*
fenuoui day'a work the oounfi-sl
complete ilu* jury to try hlm
nurder of Btantorfl White. To-
attempt will be made to
in   [ury, and while the proa-
iiuld be good were the men al-
worn kepi in the box, there
k'i ions thai another weedinp
���id occur If the twelfth Juror
today and none excused. As*
Eistrlci Attorney Garvin wili
Itln* prosecution's case briefly
Bee establishing the fact of
;edy will be produced. It ifl
it while the selection of the
progress the district tutor-
... * in making ii oloflfl tnvesti*
J those already choBen, and Mr.
li." determined to be sure that
ItlH* best possible Jurors from
loin, of view before the court/
(tie* hearing of the testimony.
project shall be Increased by $5,000,000.
The Illinois engineers estimate that
|tf,000,000  would  cover    the    cost  of
this greal work, but the Internationa]
board regards that sum as Insufficient
to meet the needs of the project.   They
say that it cun scarcely dispose or the
flood water of the section tu be drained, even its present sparsely populated
condition, while If the Inhabitants multiply as expected    the   Calumet river,
under    the    local    engineers'    project,
would lie forced huekwards    and    into
Lake  Michigan,  just   as  it. does  now.
The International board is prepurod to
recommend a project costing in the aggregate, 117.000,000.     While   prepared
to meet  any decision    on   the part of
congress or the war department as to
the construction of this improvement,
the international hoard is really much
opposed to H, taking the grounds that
there  are  better  ways of successfully
disposing  of the   sewage of  the  tract
sought to be drained than hy the adoption of a plan which is certain to considerably reduce  the    level    of    Lake
Michigan, ami  so -injuriously affecting
the navigation in  this and  the  whole
chain of lakes.
Issue of Peace or Strife
With Japan
Views of Japanese Statesman on San
Francisco Incident and its
Probable Results
York.    Feb.    1 ���Later ���The
al Jury was completed late to-
>* election of the twelfth juror
b surprise at the end of n long
ous day, the end of the eighth
risl  and immediately after he i
1    worn Justice Fitzgerald or- !
ii.    adjournment    until    10:30
I Monday morning    District   Alamo, who hns been contend-
yesterday   afternoon  for lhe
one nf the man now In the
bui   who has  failed  to  gain
���  of the defendant's counsel
:e   was reluctant when court
lo begin the actual nroeeod*
mt  a further opportunity  to
Thaw's counsel     At his rc-
���h.refore, Justice Fitzgerald or-
1!  the  talesmen  who have not
examined to be in court Moneing readv   for   jury    service,
any of  ihem  be needed.    Mr.
���-  'hen  announced  that   If there
gnisinge in lhe meantime the state
lace  all  of  Its  direct testlmonv
( the  lory  at   Monday  mornlne's
The  defence wns notified  to
���_tnaS8 to proceed hy Monday
One of the Great    Names    in    Modern
Chemistry Is Gone.
Ht. Petersburg, Feb. 2.���Professor
Dlmitrl Ivanovitch Mendeleef, known
aB one of the world's greatest chemists,
died here today. Professor Mendeleef
was boni at Tobolsk, Siberia. In 181.4,
and in addition to be ing a distinguished chemist was a geologist, philosopher
and educationalist In 1871 he foretold
not only the existing, hut the general
proi>erties of three new chemical elements, each of which is now In the
table of elements under the names of
Gallium, Scaudsum and Germanium.
respectively, thus it has been stated,
justifying his own words that the "periodic law would permit the Invisible to
be seen and the unkuown to be known."
Justice   Clute  Gives   Extreme   Penalty
for Malpractice.
on of Project for Diverting the
I Waters of Calumet River.
Jlngton, Feb. 2.-H the Calumet
B in In* turned backwards in its
fnnn  Lake  Michigan to form  a
I pi canal Into the MIrhIhaIPP-. ��"
rl bv the sanitary buard of ( hi
fop International waterways coin-
n Insists thai,    the coHt    of    tlu
Toronto,    Feb.    2. ��� For    supplying
drugs for improper purposes Mrs. Lillian Miller, who practiced as The Doctor De Voss Medicine company, was today committed to Kingston penitentiary for two years by Justice Clute in
the criminal aatsses, John Godfrey,
counsel for tlie defendant, asked the
court to take into consideration the fact
that Mrs. Miller had already spent
seven weekB in jail and had hitherto
home a good chara-cter; this was her
first appearance in court. Mr. Godfrey
said that she had been engaged ,in a
business that hitherto had borne a legal
construction. She had carried on business and given instructions to hor
patrons that the renuleies she sold
were not for improper purposes.
Justice Clute refused to grant a reserve
on the ground that letters put in by the
crown and which were found in possession of the prisoner were not evidence. His lordship held that the let
tern were admissible as evidence.
Justice Clute was very pronounced
in his remarks to the prisoner before
passing sentence upon ber. The evidence left no doubt as lo the abominable traffic in which tbe prisoner was
engnced. The unfortunate part of the
whole thing was thai letters nnd papers
found In her possession were to a very
large extent from marled women who
were lured Into purchasing Ihese noxl
ous drugs. A more disgraceful thing
had not been disclosed since he took a
seat on the bench. The people who
bought drugs were liable to life Imprisonment. He could find no extenuating
oirenmstnnces nnd would give the full
penalty allowed by law.
Washington, Feb. 2.���United    States
Secretary ot  State Root  positively refuses to make any statement touching
the  Japanese   situation   in   connection
with  the conference which  took place
at the White House on Wednesday eve-
uing between  the president  und  somo
members of the cabinet and the members of the California delegation.    He
does, however, enter a sweeping denial
of any  published  interviews attributed
to him as to the imminence of war or
the state of the treaty negotiations, or
indeed    any    phase    of    this subject,
which he regards as one eminently un-
suited  for  public    discussion    at  this
time.   The Japanese ambassador is nol
accessible to newspaper representatives
and he declined to lie seen this afternoon, hut the members of the embassy
staff affirm that he has not authorized
any newspaper statement on this subject.    It   appears that   the   statement
that the press cable despatches ascribed to   Baron   Hayasht. the   Japanese
minister for foreign affairs, to the effect that  in the event  tbat the courts
upheld  the  San  Francisco school  officials, the    matter    of    discrimination
against  Japanese    will require.-  diplomatic treatment,  waR  erroneously  attributed in some quarters to Secretary
Root, who has lieen put in the position
of saying that he received an  ultimatum   from   the   Japanese   minister for
foreign affairs.
New York, Feb. 2,���A Washington despatch to the Times says:
California cau bring on war with Unpeople of Japan if she wants to.   That
���   -f  _._._���.   th,.  nresidf
was brought here by Governor O. B
Moore who arrived yesterday from
Samoa. He stated that a trading
schooner came into Apia with the news
shortly before he sailed. It is deemed
probable that the earthquake was the
one which recorded iteBelf on selsmo-
graphs In various parts of the world.
According to the Instrument at Apia,
Samoa, it lasted for several minutes
and was said to be the heaviest shock
ever recorded. It was thought at the
time it occurred somewhere in the
South Seas but as no report came from
any civilized island it was believed that
it occurred at sea.
Bfiiisti Columbia Socks
Are Strong
Their Majesties to Take Week's Rett
in French Capital.
London, Feb. 2.���King Edward and
Queen Alexandra left lusl night for
Paris, travelling lncognltl as the Duke
and Duchess of Lancaster. This Is the
queen's first visit to Paris Blnce 1889.
when as Princess of Wales she visited
the exhibition. As their majesties desire the trip to France to be aB private
us possible there was almost an entire
absence of ceremony on their departure.
Sailors' Strike Begun.
Sydney, N. S. W., Feb. 2.���The
Oceanic Steamship Company steamer
Sonoma, which was to have sailed from
here Januady 30, with malls for San
Francisco but was prevented from start-
in); owing to 56 members of the crew
striking, all of whom were sentenced tor
a month's imprisonment, today succeeded In shipping a crew of non-
unionists and sailed for the United
Mining and Business Circles of Qrand
Forks and Sister Towns Very
Many Deals Negotiated and Plans
for Spring and Summer���
Weeks Quotations.
people or .lapim u m.<   .���
Is  ihe gist of whai  the president has
been telling the Californians ever since
the public school Incident in Sim Francisco attracted   international  attention.
All they have to do Is to g.Vt Into the
fight   and   keep  on  insisting on   their
present course, and the result  will be
certain.   Not now, nor in the Immediate future, because Japan is uot  now
in condition to tight) and knows it. hut
a continuation   of   California's course
will bring abont such a careful preparation for war on the part of Japan as
took  place  before    the    Htruggle with
Russia,    lt   will  lead   the .lupanese  to
think thai war with the I'nited States
is invited  and once they  pet   that notion  settled in  their  heads  they  will
not   refrain  from  preparation lor war.
When they are ready they will po at
tl,  and   If  we  are  not  ready, too,  so
much the worse for ns.    The position
taken  by  the Japanese  is simple und
clear.    They believe    in  their    social
equality with any oilier nation on earth.
They ure   ready    to make It pood   by
force   of   arms.    They   feel   that   tliey)
have already proved It hy defeating the
UusniiuiK and huve no desire to make
any further demonstration id' thai kind,
but If a nituutlou arises where It would
seem necessary to them to make such
a further demonstration, they will lose
no time in gi'tting at lt.
TSklo,  Feb.  2--jHaron  Kautaro  Ka-
neko, a   distinguished   member of  the
Japanese house of peers, and a special
ambassador  recently  detailed  by    the
Imperial government to visit America
und Biudy politics and economic conditions, has just beeu interviewed on the
Sun Francisco school question,   ln the
course of the Interview he said: "From
the outset 1 knew it to he a local questiou,   unendorsed   by   the   Americans.
This   is   more than  coufirmed  by   the
president In his message, which 1 consider the greatest utterance since the
farewell massage of President Washington.    It is unprecedented in the way
It strongly advocates a foreign cause.
No stronger or abler advocate could be
found for Japan.   When the text of his
message   beurlng  ou   the school   question was  fully translated in the leading papers throughout    this    country,
even ln   Formosa   all    could    readily
ser anil appreciate the profoundness of
Ills argumentB. Had the question arisen
elsewhere  the   crisis   would  have   occurred and lisuil defiance have been ut-
tend   the   length  and   breadth  of  the
empire.   On the other hand, the quiet-
uess of the president's message early
demonstrated the strength of the confidence in   President   Hnsevelt,    l:l    the
typical  American  sentiment  generally.
"As a sincere friend of  the  Americans  1 could not  lint  regret   that   San
Fiauiisi'o should  have chosen   tlie  Inline ni Chinese for effecting their political aims.   All my friends who have
recently returned from abroad, making
observation of eduoatlonal systems tn
civilised  countries,   concur   In giving
'he first rank to Hie American system."
Toklo, Feb. J,���The reporl thai u satisfactory solution of lln* Situ Frum-lsco
Bchool  controversy  Is in slghl   Is welcomed on all sides, though li  was believed from ths- outset lhal  there was
lis, causs- for alarm.     'i'he   reassuring
sis'ws is fivBh cause loi' profound sat
lsfact<on us proving   the   firmness of
tb- friendship between Japan and   the
United   States.    Th"  efforts  of Presldenl Roosevelt in find a solution of the
question are highly appreciated.
Church Destroyed by Fire.
Crenfell, SusK., Fi-b. 2.���The Methodist church here was*, totally destroyed
by fire yesterday afternoon, the origin
being, 11 Is supposed, due to an over-
h' ated furnace. Tile town pioneer brigade fought the flames for some time
hut to n-s avail, with tb*1 temperature
*!ii bi'lssw zero. The building and cou-
s tits were worth abom $2000, with insurance of $1*100 In the Oanada, divided
as follows: $1000 on building, $200 on
contents and |1000 on the organ. A
new church will be ready for occupancy
on the first Sunday ln March.
Don't stop working until the last
Conservative voter has reached
the polls, until all reasonable men
who are not normally Conservatives have been appealed to, and
until the  polls  are closed.
NelBon not only wants to elect
John A. Kirkpatrick for his own
sake, and in part payment of the
debt which Nelson ln common
with the rest of the province owes
to Richard McBride, but lt Is desirable that, he should poll such a
majority that the hirelings of the
machine will learn and not soon
forget lhat neither its bullying
threats nor its sneaking appeal to
sordid individual interests have
any weight with the self-respecting voters of the West.
It Is not only that lt Is the deliberate and almost openly avowed
Intention of the Liberal machine,
which Ib financing nnd directing
this campaign to give to the
Grand Trunk Pacific not ouly
what the Dominion governptent
order-in-councll    ordered  Premier
McBride to -*ive them, accompanying the order wltb a scarcely-
veiled threat, hut to grant the
whole of the outrageous demand
of F. VT,  Morse.
It It* nol only the prospect of
spoliation of the northern hai of
the province, staggering as that
prospect Is���that is nol lhe greatest danger or the greatest wrong.
British Columbia ls threatened
with permanent dictation uml control by the Otawa machine, exercised with every aggravation of
insolence and arrogance,
The only wuy to escape that
danger and thnt humiliation Is by
an emphatic rejection of the Machine and all lis candidates,
Vote for John A. Kirkpatrick,
supporter of Richard McBride, the
champion of Hritish Columbia's
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Feb. 2.���The following
are the receipts from thc various district customs offices for the month of
January, as received by R. R. Gilpin,
chief collector at Grand Forks: Grand
Forks, $1286.61; Greenwood, $1881.87;
Phoenix, $1781.51; Midway, $397.21;
Cascade, $106.29; Carson, $49.60; Keremeos, $35; Sidley, $17.50; Osoyoos.
$15.69; total, $6671.11.
At a meeting held here yesterday for
the purpose ot reorganizing the Grand
Forks Rifle Association, the following
officers were appointed: Captain, I. A.
Dlnsmore; secretary, 8. T. Hall; treasurer, Percy Clark. An executive committee was also appointed composed of
R. Spraggett and Fred Reed.
From    present     appearances     next
spring and summer will be  a banner
season   for  building  In  Grand   Forks
The local contractors report that sev-
.���ral important contracts have already
been let for substantial dwellings.   The
building that will be done will chiefly
consist of dwellings, and In view of this
building boom a great demand for lumber will  likely exist,    to    provide for
which the Yale-Columbia Lumber company is at present cutting some four
million feet of saw logs on the North
Fork  of Kettle  river.    Added  to this
'he local lumber merchants are reported to have several million feet of lumber now on hand.   It Is claimed that
the erection of quite a number of dwellings will be commenced  ln the early
���spring, a good number of them being
in the North Addition, being built by
and for the accommodation of smelter
It Is reported thla morning that unless the coke supply Is improved at the
Oranby smelter at once, the entire
plant will cloBe down for a mouth or
so. or until n sufficient supply of coke
li on hand to keep the eight furnaces
���tinning, lt Is claimed that every
time a furnace is blown out and started up again, a cosl Is entailed of ahout
$1600. and It is thought best, unless relet conies al once In the coke supply,
to close down the entire works.
Gotch Wins.
Chicago, Feb. 2���Frank   Gotch,   the
American champion wrestler, won from
Charles Hackenschmidt last   night   ln
straight falls In 36 and 18 minutes.
The week In mining bas seen operations resumed at the Hall Mines smelter but closes with the news that the
big Granby plant may be forced by the
uncertainty of the fuel supply to suspend operations.
in Kootenay and Boundary generally
negotiations are active and indications
are many that sew properties will be
acquired by those wbo have capital tor
Wherever the stage of development
permits active work is still going on,
at Alnsworth, in Slocan, ln Lardeau,
Ymir, and Sheep Creek districts.
The market for the past week has
been active and trading fairly brisk.
The local demand has not been up to
the mark, but business from outside
points has more than compensated for
the lack of trading ln the immediate
Rambler-Cariboo has again been ln
great demand, wltb a strong market,
and shows every indication of advancing several points during the coming
Alberta Coal is now on the 9aol an.
market and the treasury shares of ti,
company are causing a great many i.
iiilries. with several sales record d  in
ternatlonal Coal and Nicola Coal Mines
were neglected, with prices weak and
no interest appearent.    Diamond Vale
Coal continues strong with a good demand.
Consolidated Smelters, Carlboo-Mc-
McKlnney and Sullivan remain almost
unchanged, with but few sales recorded
Boundary copper stocks have been ac
tive, B. C, Dominion and Oranby. es
pecially the first, selling readily.
The following are  the apnnvdma*
quotations for the wek ending to*my
Alberta Coal   	
American Boy  	
Breck.-Lund Coal   .
Tl. C. Copper 	
Con��ol.  Smelters   .
Canad. Qold Fields
Carlboo-McKinney .
Denora Mines  ���
Diamond Vale
. .35
. .02
. 10.50
. .20
. .08
. .05
,. .10
Dominion Copper    7.0*
140 on
-__--_| 6.75
International Coal
La Plata Mines ..
Lardeau Mines ���������^^^________
Nicola Coal Mines 09
Nicola Val. C. & C...100.00
North Star   20
Pathfinder 02%
Rambler-Cariboo 32
Sullivan 08
Western Con    1.90
Fortune Meanly   Acquired   by Russell
Sage la Worthily Used.
New York, Feb. 2.���It was learned
that Mrs. Russell Sage, besides giving
$1,000,000 to the Renssaeler Politic Instl-
$350,000. Of this, $260,000 goes to tbe
Young Men's Christian Association, and
$100,000 to the Emma Wlllard School of
Troy, of which Mrs. Sage is a graduate.
_l|_-_*     I _._���     * lul.l9 of the  provincial  parliament has
The paretic appeal of the local Libera, candidate for a_rest to J^ _^ ^ . al)pr01)rlttle llnes:
The pauhettc appeal of the local Libera  whww���*-��� - *,_,,     ���,,,._,
isplred U.o ����i<*e cartoonist, who suggests the above, and
������Please go *wuy and let M ��I*W*
Don't disturb my slumbes ��woei,
Sleep to me Ib such a treat
That I'd rather Bleep than eat.
Degenerate Scion.
Los Angelas, Feb 2.���Andrew D.
White, need l'l years, a grandson of
Andrew White, formerly president of
Cornell university, committed suicide
Thursday In his room at Thatcher
School, near Ventura.
Earthquake  Shock   In  Southern Sea���
I No Loss of Life.
San Francisco, Fob. 1.���The Solomon Islands In the South Sea were visited bv an earthquake several months
ago in which the earth opened and
deep gorges were created. The entire
appearance of tho Island was changed.
There was no loss of life.   The newB
HALL, O. A. B.
i ,       . . _
This will secure Reduction of Taxation, Better Terms for British Columbia, Stability and Progress. Down with "Machine rule" and Ottawa Interference with Provincial affairs.
The Daily Canadian
. . Just Arrived . .
English Cured Meats
Irish Roll Bacon
Ayrshire Roll Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire Hams and Bacon*
PRICE 27 l-2c PER LB.
Procarable Only at
We beg  to  notify our customers that our  Liquor  Department will
closed   all   day  Saturday next.  It being Election Day.
discreditable to an ambitious and progressive city.
The only objection that can be urged
against the request for a new building is the financial burden, and it
would be very short-sighted policy to
allow that objection to weigh. The
building of u new public school would
add to the value of every piece of
property in Nelson.
.No one who has any faith In, or good
will towards, the future of Nelson, will
oppose Ihe request of the school trustees for means of decently fulfilling
their statutory duty of providing real
accommodations lor ull children of
school age lu the city.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office
CAPITAL PAID UP....$1,600,000
D. B. WILKIE, President.
BUST 14,600,000.
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed current rates from date of opening of
account, and compounded half yearly.
imblsoin uwanch J.   M.   L_AY, Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital $3,734,310
Total Assets ..
. .$4,207,741
It seems likely, as indicated in a
Washington despatch published elsewhere in this Issue, that the Issue of
peace or war upon the North American
continent Is In the hands not of a nation, but of the state of California. The
treatment accorded Japanese residents
of San Francisco by the people of that
city will not long be borne by a high-
spirited and courageous race, as the
Japanese have proved themselves to be.
The possible eonfliel of state rights
with national Interests is tlie weakest
point tu the American constitution. It
nearly caused the secession of New
England during the war of 1812; it;
caused the Civil war of 1801, and it
may now provoke a war with tlie vanquishers of Russia. The saddest feature of the case Is that the anti-Oriental sentiment in the Pacific states,
which is not shared by tlie business
and property Interests, is but one phase
of labor union policy, fostered and developed into a permanent attitude by
the foolish words of self-seeking demagogues.
Dr. Young	
Win. Manson	
Chas. Wilson, K. 0
L. P.J. Champion.
S. A. Cawley	
Columbia I H.G. ParBons   .
Coniox ; R. Grant	
Cowicban   W. H. llayward.
Cranbrook ' J. .A. Harvey....
Delta ! F. J. MCKenzle. .
Dewdney ��� R. McHrlde
Soc, Luborur lud.
Cap. John Irving
11. Hrs.wster'	
II. Jones	
I 11. dorsum	
i C. W. Munro ���
i W. C. Wells   ...
j J. II. Bennett	
I J. N. Evans	
I Dr. King	
John Oliver	
lt. Jardlne	
i John Jardlne...
��� W.M. Dicken. ,
H. W. Gregory .
<:. It. Naden	
: T. W. Paterson.
' J. D. BwaBSon.. ���
Esquimau    C.E. Pooley	
Fernie   W. It. Ross	
Urami  Forks     E Miller	
Ureeuwood j E. G. Warren...
Islands i A. E. McPliillips
Kamloops :  F. J. Fulton....
Kaslo : N. F. Mackay   : John Keen.
Llllooet A. .McDonald    M. BoglMOn
Nanaimo    Dr.S.B.O'Brfan...]H Bhoppard.
Nelaon I J, A. Kirkpatrick
Newcastle   J, W, Cairns	
New Westminster  T. Glfford	
Okanagan   Price Ellison....
Revelstoke .. ..I Thos. Taylor	
Dr.Q.A.B, Hall.
J. Cartwright (Soc.)
Dr. W.J.Curry  (Soc.)
Thos. E. Kelly   (Lab.)
W. II. Moore   I Sue. I
John Mclnnes ISoc.l
I.   ItVlli'H (SOC.I
W.J. l.eillngluini (Soc.)
.1. II llawtlioiulliwsill (So
Frank Phillips (Soc.)
! F. L. Carter-Cotton
j L. A. Campbell ...
D. M.Eberts	
L. W. Shatford	
It Is gratifying to note that in spite
of clamors ln the yellow press, the
good Bense of the Hritish colonial and
foreign offices and of President Roosevelt and his cabinet have prevented
what was possibly an unpleasant incident between the governor of Jamaica
and an American admiral from developing into an international affair.
Accounts of firms and individuals opened on tho most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches  In  Hritish  Columbia.
Special  attention   to out of town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       E. L.  PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Published Blx days a week by the
Baker St., Nelsou. B.C.
UuDicrlptlon ratc*B, 60 cents a inoiitli delivered
lu the city, or ^.OO u year If sent hy mall, when
paid lu advance-
Advertising rates mi application.
All monies paid Ln settlement of The Ually
I'nuailiaii nccouriiH, either for subscriptions or
ml vert ui nk', uiunt be receipted for on Hi'* printed
forms of the Company.   Uther receipt!* arc not
���'By one wonl we are sometimes judged to be
win* and by one wonl sometimes judged to he
foolish. Let un therefor-, be careful what wc
Shortly after The* Dolly Canadian in
In the hands ol Its readers today thc
general elections will be over, and withiu a few hours the result will he known.
Elections are proverbially uncertain,
the very type ol' uncertainty, and any
resuli is conceivable. From every rid-
ing the latest report is that every candidate expects, or pretends to expect,
li', as we confidently expect, the Conservative governmenl is returned to
power, the period ol' progress and prosperity already so happily begun will
Undoubtedly continue ami lis good results will multiply. Eastern. American
and Hritish capital, which now hus every confidence in thf stability* efficiency and honesty of the present administration, will continue tu flow in
for Ihe development of the marvellous
resources of the province in minerals,
timber and agricultural lands. The
province will enjoy auch a degree of
prosperity us It has never yet known.
Hut if, on the other hand, the government Bhouldf?be overthrown, there
is no doubt that it would have a most
disastrous effect upon llrltlsh Columbia's commerce and industries. Capitalists are ever ready u, gamble with
nature, but they shrink from the other
uncertainties artificially added by man.
The mere publication hy Joseph Martin in 1900 of the mad programme he
intended to carry out If placed in power, did incalculable harm to provincial
enterprises that depended for success
on the assistance and -support of out-
Bl3_ capital.
W. W. B. Mclnnes is now, thougli not
the nominal leader, the most conspicuous figure In the Liberal ranks, and
likely, if elected, and the party returned to power, to exercise an influence ou the policy which it must then
W. W. It. Mclnnes stood as a Mar*
tinite candidate in 1900. As far as his
conduct can ever be taken to indicate
any convictions, be endorsed the mad
programme of Joseph Martin, which
startled sane public men and business
men and threw the development of the
province back  at   least  five years.
Mclnnes' career has probably attracted little notice outside of Hritish
Columbia, but if he became a dominant
influence in provincial politics, It
would soon be learned and capital
again would seek otber fields.
A few hours more will tell. We are
confident tbat the province will choose
decisively to retain its present administration.
The Daily News this morning wantonly insults the returning officer for
Ymir and his deputy at Fairview, merely to cover a careless report by its own
In lhe milter of an application for tlie issue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for an
undivided 1-8 of Lots 9, and 3, Block li, Town of
Notice is herehy given tliat lt in my Intention
to issue at thu expiration of one month from
the tlm publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate of Title to tho above lauds in the
name of Florence M. HodRln-a which Certificate
is dated the 28th day of Uecember, 1899, ami
numbered MGIK.
District Heglstrar.
i*and KeRistry Ofllce, Nelson, B C
January 28th, 1907.
Skeena i VV.R. Lord.
Slocan   Wm. Hunter.
I). Thomas  P. Williams  (SOC.]
F W. Ho way...
Dr. Macdonald..
R. Caley ,
I .1. S. Itainey.
' J  \V. Logle (SOC)
'. W. W. La Keaux (Soc.)
J.W. Weart.
Bud w eiser
DISTILLERS, 12 aud 20 years old.
Mol* AtfuiitM In llt-Ui .t*.
_;��� >iu 1 til-tilt.
The Hall Mining and Smell
Company. Limited.
H.G. Tatlow	
J. V. Garden	
A. H. MacGowan.
W. Bowser	
Dr. McGuire	
Victoria���1 I Hon. K. .McUride
Victoria���2 J A. B. Thompson
Viotoria���3 ; H. 1. \V. Behuson
Victoria���4 : Aid. F. Davie
Tale * Cli*-. Semiin j Stuart Henderson
Ymir j J. H. Schofield  ... j J ^,re��� Hume ...
J. A, Macdonald
John Piercy	
Smith Curtis '
Dr. Kergan	
A. !������ Docksteader
W. VV. B. Mclnnes.
T. F. Neelands...
R. P, McLennan,.
A. Henderson. ...
, R. L. Drury
! \V. G. Cameron
I J. D. McNiven
I Richard Hall
Archie R Berry  (Soc.)
Geo. E. Winkler (Soc.)
\V. Davidson (Soc.)
1*;. T. Kingsley.
R. P, Pettiplece (Soc.)
A. Stebblngfl (Soc.)
Iv. H. McVety ISoc.)
A.G.Perry, F.Williams.
Dr.Ernest  HaU (Labor).
A. Johnson (Labor).
J, Houston (Ind.)
Cortlfluate   of  ImprovumeiitH
Now that the municipal power plant
i_ completed and in successful opera-
lion the citizens of Nelson will ask
themselves what is (heir next greatest
and mosl  urgent need.
There can be but one answer. A
greater need even thun the power
plant, of as lon*. duration, but perhaps
under the olroumstonoes not quite so
Urgent, is a new, sanitary, commodious
ami creditable puhlle school building,
For the fourth year in succession lho
ciiy has a board of school trustees
whose members are unanimous on the
Owing to the fact of the delay in the
completion of the power plant, and of
additional financial burdens necessarily
Involved in connection with it, the
board of school trustees of 1906 were
wisely ami considerately silent on the
Hut now thai the plant is runnlnj.
and power available for manufacturing,
and a hip influx of population expectod
during the coming spring and summer
the question of adequate school facilities becomes more important aud
more urgent than all other municipal
matters together.
It would be "slaying the slain" to
demonstrate that the present public
school quarters are insufficient, inconvenient, unsanitary and ln every way
Rio Tente, Orinoco, Queen Victoria Fractional
ami Ornot'o Fractional Mineral Claim*-, situate
tn the Nelion Mining I'iyim.hi of Welt Koolenay
located on Queen Vlctorlu Mountain, near
Betisley Siding.
Take Notice thnt I, Frank 0 Oreen, acting hn
agent for Michael Egan, Free Miner's Certificate
No. B5l&,inieud. ilxty dayi frnm tin- date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificate*-*.
Of Improvement***, for thfl purpoie of Obtaining
Crown Grant! of the above claims
And further take uotlce lhat action, undue
section 87. must be commenced before the
Issuance of such Certlllcntca of Improvements.
Dated thin 26th day of January, liW7
F. C. (.run, Newon, B  C.
No. 6.���Commenciug at fl posl planted at the
southeast corner of limber license WW*-"*; thenc*
west to the aouth wes 1 corner of license applloa-
tion No. 3; theuce north to southern boundary
of license application No.;(; thenee west to the
northwest corner of license application No. li
theuce south to the northern boundary oi
llmoer license 858j; thence east to the northeast
corner of timber license 8548j thenoe soutli
thirty chains; thence east to the west boundary
o( limber license 851'.!: thence north to tlie plaee
of begiuniug.
January 15th, 1907.
No. 7.���Commenciug at a post planted al the
nortlieast corner of timber license 8..U; Ihcnce
Bouth forty chains niun* or tell to the uorth
boundary of timber license8545; thenee east ISO
chains; thence north forty chaius more or less to
a point due east of the southeast corner of timber license 8548; theuce wesl 10' chains to ihu
place of beginning.
January lfith, 7*907,
No. 8.���Commencing at a poll planted at thfl
northeast  corner   of   timber   license No. (tvifi;
thence south eighty chains; tbenoe Etaateighty
chains: thence norih eighty chains; theuce wesl
eighty chains to place 01 oommencement.
January 16th, 1907.
No 9,���Commencing at n post planted at the
southeast corner of timber'license r*_-|7; thence
north eighty chain**; thence east eighty chalna;
theuce norih 1-Wch .ins uu<vi- or lees to the north
east 1 orner of llcenae application No- ">'. theuce
west to southeast corner of timber license (So,
H548; thenee uorth to thc southern boundary ol
license application No. 6; theuce cast to
the west boundary of timber license No.
3.">4_:; tlience sonth to the southwest corner of timber license BMJj thenee west
loth- northweal corner of timber license No.
86-Uf; theuce sonth to tbe northeast corner ol
timber license No. So..*.: theuce weht eighty
chains, thence south to a point due east of the
southeast corner of timber li.enae 8647; thence
West tO place of commencement
January 15th, 1907
No, In.���Comuieiiclngat a post planted al the
southeast corner of Umber license 8549; thence
south eighty chains; thenc- west, to the east
boundary of t_H 818; thencu north to the southern boundary of limber liceusi* No. 7ol8; thence
east lo tlie southeast corner of limber license
7018; thenee north to the south boundary of timber license 1*549; thenee easi to place of commencement.
January 15th, 1907.
P. Lind, Locator,
Das HcDodoxu, Agent.
I in-
Take notice that thirty days alter dat
tend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Landa and Wort I at Victoria for permission to
cut and carrv away timber from the following
deicrlbed lands in West Koolanay:-
No 1,���Commencing at a post planted at the
southwest corner of timber licence No. 7821;
theneo past torty chains; theuce north eighty
chains; thenee east 1*0 chains, theuce south to
northern boundary ot limber license KulHithence
west along said northern bnundnrv to
the north-west corner of said license;
then south to lln* northern boundary
of timber '.lectin- 7018; thence west to
a point due south of the point of commnnement;
thence north lo the point of commencement.
January l.'tth, )W)7
No. it - Commencing at the northwest corner
of timber license 7HJ1; thence south tothe northern boundary of timber license 7018; thence west
to lli< north-west coruerof said timber .lOflMfl
theuce sou1 h to the northern boundary of Lot
ll_j thence fill'iwlug said boundary of said
lol west to ths right of way of the 11. ('Houth-
cm Railway; theuee following said rlghl of uny
Hi a north easterly direction to the place of ram-
January 15th, 1907.
No. S -Commencing at a aoutheast cornor of
timber license No. 7821, about llfty ciiaim- south
of lhe right oi way of the H 0, Southern Rail*
Way (thenoe east IM chains; ihenee north forty
chains; ihcnce west 10" chains; thence south
forty chains to place of commencement
January 15th, 1907
No 4     Commencing ttt post  planted at the
Intersection 0] the southern boundary ofthe
right oi way 0/ ilie Ii. C Southern Hallway, and
the eastern Itoundary nf Lot 5187; thence south
to tin* northern boundary of llcenio application
No 3; thence bast 160 chains; theuce ncrlh to thu
loutheru bouutlary of timber liceuso No 7195;
thunce following the southern boundary of said
license westerly about sixty chains, more or less
lo an eastern boundarv of said license; thence
souih forty chains; thenco west eighty chnins;
then north to the right of way of the B.C.
Houtheru Railway, thunce following said right
of way iu a south-westerly direction to tbe place
of begiuniug.
January 15th, wny;.
No. 5.���Commencing at a post planted at the
southwest corner of Umber license Q685t thence
west sixty chains more or le-- to a polut due
south of the southeast corner ol license Hppllca-
tlon No. 3; thenco north slxtv chains more or
lesi to tho loulh boundarv of license application
No. 4; thence north to the northeast coruerof
said license application No 4; theuee eon to thfl
southeast corner of tlmher license 719,.; thence
north forty chains more or less to a polt<t due
weft of the north-west corner of timber license
6635; thence east to the northwest corner of said
timber license No. 0086; thence south 100 chains
to the point of commencement.
January 16th, 1907.
Sixty days after date I litem) to applv to the
Hon. chief Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, to purchase IflO acres of land looated in
Fire Valley, being pnrt of Sections 'Ihree and
Four, Township BD, and described as follows:
Commenolng at 11 post planted at William
Williams' N W. eorner, and marked "R. K. W's
N. E, corner." and running 4u chalnn west,
thence 'At chains --nuth. thence 90 ohalns east,
thence 40 chaius south, thenee au chains east,
thenoe 00 chains noith to place of beginning.
November itrd, 1906. Rosa K Williams,
J. E, Avnablk. Argent,
Noilce is hereby given inat 60 day. alter Jale I
intend toapply tO th-* Honorable the Cnlti Coin-
iui". mot oi Lands and Works for permission lo
purchase the following descrlbeil   lands:   Com-
mencing at a post plaoed 90 chains west of the
SOUthflaSt corner of Lot s-Mii, marked "R. A Bell'i
northwest eorner," thenc,. south 10 chains,
theuce easl 90 (hains. thence north '20 chains,
tbence west 20 chain* to point of eommeucement,
containing 40 acre*, more or less.
Located this . Ih day of Nov., 1906.   R. A. Bbll.
Blxty days aflttr date 1 intend to apply to tbe
Hon ('hief Commissioner of i_nidft and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 4��i acres of land, 111 Kir-*
Valley, West kootenav: Commencing ata posl
planted 60 chains wesl of the H. W coruerof J
Robinson's pre-emption, and marked W. W's N.
E. comer, ami running west 60 chains, thence
SOUth N chains, tht-nce east Oo chains, thenca
north 80 chains to place ol beginning
Nov. 18th, 1906. William Williams,
J, E. AMNA111.K, Agent.
Blxty days after date I intend to
Chief Commissioner of Land* and Works for
permission lo purchase the following deaorlbed
land: Situated on the east side of Arrow J.akin the West Kootenay dfMrtcl, about ,r> miles
above Iturton City, commanolng at a post plant
eaat the northwest corner ol c. Racher'*- purchase, thence east '-it chain-, theuce n-Tlli lu
chains, tlience west 90 chains, thenee BOUtb 40
chains to polut ol commencement and contain
log BO acres moro or less.
January IS, 1907.
Wllh am Killikr.
Hlxty days after date I Intend to apply tothe
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds ano Worku
to purchase 187 acres of laud, (rommeneing at a
post marked B, B'h N. K, corner post, planted at
the N. W. comer of ii. W. Steele'- claim on tho
west side of Arrow lake, about four milei nbove
Hurton city, thence west -to chalu*. ihenco south
.ft.,.;,! chain-*-, thenei' east .0 chnin*, tbenee north
���ti- .').' chalu* to plaOfl of begiuniug, containing 187
40.62 chalu* to plaee
acres, mon- or less
Dated 20th day of Nov., 1006,   BYIOM Hurton.
J. E. ANNAHLK, AgClll,
Sixty days after date 1 intend to apply to the
Hon. toe Chief commissioner oi Undsand Works
to purchase KM) acres of laud: Comment ing at a
post planted ou the Wesl side of feix mile ereet,
on waeon road, aboul two and one half miles
from Kootenav lake, and marked "Nell ilc-
Kcchnle'a S. WeBt comer poit," thence east .1
chains, Ihence north to chains, thence west 40
chains, thencti souih 10 chains, to plate ol com-
Located this 10th day of November. 190C.
Nan. M-Kechnii
���Ixty days after date I purpose making appli*
tion to the Honorable ihe chief Commlsaioner
cation to the Honorable the Chief Commissi _ .
of Landsand WorkN for permission to purVhaie
the following described land: Commencing at
a post placed m the 8. W corner of I.01 1000 and
marked ���'!���'. O, F.'s" N. W. corner, thence follow*
ing the southern boundary Lot 6900. 66 chalus
more or les* east to the west boundary of I>ot
6001, theuee following same south So chains to
thc north boundary of Lot6001! theuco about 70
chain* wcsl along said boundary to tbe lake
shore; theuce north ."to chains m���re or leis following the lake shore to point of commencement, containing 317 acres more or less.
Dated December 17th, 1007,
K. (i KalijuIIB.
Notice-Is hereby given tlial two month* niter
date Wfl intend to apph ',0 the -Chlel Commissioner of Lands and Work* font |eU0 of all that
land being tbo loreshore adjoining llie CHiiadiiiti
I'aclfle Railway Shipyard on  the ffest,  part ol
Lot ASA-group I, and being on tha south ihore l
ol  the wesl arm of  Kootenav  Lake-   In   the  dis-  ,
riot of Kootenay j  Oommenolug ai tin* soother*
ly corner of lit TOW- group I; theuee --long the
south westerly boundary Oi lot 70M and lha BJC-
tension thereof, iu a north westerly direellon, a
(QfltaUOe Ol -J96 teetl theuee at right angles to
said boundarv tn a south westerlv direction, a
dlstaiict. of 3i-�� leet. mor'-  or less,  to ih"   north
utterly boundary of the city Park, continued!
thence parallel to said westerly houndarv o| jot
7064. In n south easterlv direction, a dlsluiiOr* ol
600 feet, more or less, to the northerlv bourn.arv
of lot 68A; thenco following the northerly bourn!
aryoflol&Hl In a north easterly direction to the
point of commencement, lhe aren being 6.8*1
acres, more or leas.
Daied this 7th day of January, A.D., 1007.
Notice  li  hereby given   that slxtv days afl.r
date  I   Intend  to   applv   to  the Hon. the Chief
Commlaaioner of Landa and Works for permis
sion to purchase the following deaorlbed land
Situated In thfl West Kootenay district: Com
inenelng at a post planted ai tbe "N.B, corner
of L Portera'S pre-emption," and running
thence east 4o chains; thence south 10 chains*,
thenoe west40 Cbalni| thence north 40 chnins.
to plaee of commencement, containing Iti-i acres,
more or le**.
December 20, luoc,
Harry Pbtbbi, Locator.
M. It   Mh'carrik, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days alter
dale  I   intend   to apply  to  the   Honorable  the
Chief CommlMloner Of  Land* and  Works, for
ruilsslon   to  pun-has*- the following described
[Is  situated  In  lbe  West   Kootenav  district*
Commencing ai a posi marked -H H south
went corner," and north of A H. Luoa.'l, pur
chase 1 him, oil Hand Ctcck; theuce nortii 40
Ohalns; thenoe east 90 chains; thenee south 4o
cbains; tlience :��n chain* -treat, to point ol com
tnMCemunt, oontainlng 40 acres, more or less.
December 20, IWO,
Hknrv QlTDBX,
M. It, Mc-vJi-amru, Aguni.
60 day* nfter date I Inteud toapply lo the Hon.
Chief Commissioner of Lamls and Works to pur*
chase SAl acres of and located In f-'irc Valley ho
Ing part of Hcctlons 1' and 10 'Jownship **���*.>', and
described as follows: Comineuclng at a posl
markwd F. W. J. S. K. corner and plauli'd al the
northwest corner of Wm, Williams' pn-chasc;
thenoo weit 40 chains; thence north HO Chains 1
thenoo east 40 chains; ihence south 8U eliains to
plane of beginning.
November 2Vrd 1V06.
. K. W. Jordan,
J. K. Annahi.k, Agent,
60 days afterdate I intend to npplv to thfl Honorable the Chief Commissioner- o1 Lands and
Works, to purchase Wfl acres pi land: Commeneing at a post marked 0, W, 8 N. EC, cornei
Doit anu planted on thi' west shore of Arrow
lake adjoining Lot II7.I on the soutli side of snld
Iam, thence wentHO chnins along the -southern
houndary of Lot .'���.,��; thenee south 46.69 chains;
thence eail HO chalus moreor less to lake shore;
tbence north along lake shore to plat e or beginning.
Dated aa th day of Nov. 1D06.
UKO. w.Btiel,
J. ��. A FN ABU, Agent.
Hlxty day* after date 1 iniend to apply tO the
Chief Commissioner oi Landa and Worka to pur
chase 640 aorasot land, looated in Lower Arrow
Lake, Wi'M KooleiiHy: Commencing al 11 por.t
Planted at the "N.W. comer of Arrow Lako
Indian li.scrve"; thenee souih at chain**; tbence
West SO chains; thence norlh ��0 chains; theme
east80 chains, tO place ol beginning,
Located 96tfa day Ol December, uss;.
0   HBWB1.I.,
. ixtv davs 1
Hon the Chief
tO purchase 21'
poll marked *
said  post  being at lb
late l .
tend loapply lo the
uioner of Lands and Works
of land: Commencing at a
H s soiuiiesst corner post "
irthaaal oornerol Geo.
Hudson's pre-emption   laim, abom two mils
southeast ('f  Hurton C|ly, thenee west 40 chain*-'
suuth20chains, wesi 40 obalns,north40chains
east 80 ehalns, souih 30 chains to place ol com
meneement, coulnlniug MO aorea,
1-oca te-l Uth dayof Nov, 1'JOtl,
- ixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. Ohio! Commissioner of Lands and Works
Victoria, to purchase 40 acres of land,iltuated
on the vest side of  Arrow  Lake, aBlBl
below Hurton, and described aa follows" Com"
mencing at a poel plumed at Uip northeast
corner of Lot WD,audi* Hug north 20 ebalns;
thenee  west  ��)  DhalUI,  tbtUOO SOUth M _____!���
K Annaisi.i:. AKenl.     '
Nssv. lllll, I WW.
hlsUO.S 11 IllTClsy -ivrls I Ssss! SO sin vis UU, ,1m,. 1
lisiisissl i��� sismiy Us ii���. Honorable ii,,- ShM r ,���,.
mill oner ssf Landa mi, Worki fur nermlulnn a.
purcbau Uie followlo. ,i,V,���,i{ ���,,���,,
silslissi 111 mile, OHI ol ll���.  s !,,| Sel'   ,      ,"
���issltl,  Ihora ol   UleWellArn  ,.   Kssse u " ak��
an* ���omiiieni-nK at ,, poll plaood abonl Mobatni
���V.?1!'."' ii"\��'L'.it>!!:Ks.t corner ol U>| ail, marked
, ","",*'r." "WH ""utii 20
tt am elinliiH, ihenee north "20
went an cbalu�� to point ol com
Purchases Lead* Copper and Dry
Winter   Carnival
Five   Days
Feb. Mm XZm Um 15 and
> lifiud*
i AUewUm.
& Orand Trophies mid l-',00o In (truer*.-
HO(IKDT��� Intt'riitiliu.iiil and hitt'r-Vrnvincial (���huinpiounbijs
SN<>\V8Hi.KIN(;-<*haiiipinnshipof Hritish Columbia
T()H()(i(.AMN(*- A mih- a minute down the "ZIP'
HKI-INM���Jumping and lU'-iii-L*:    nmnipicm-hip of Canada
���SKATING HA*'KS���Kor C__4mpio____ipOf Britilfa Coltuabu
CURLING���__ Hrovin.iiil Hormpiel
lls'Tr-.' ���l.it**i'i*_ M -,-���, ':* ; ifCi,.:        Tugi-of-War and other iiM'*rr'-.li]i_>i��)
fld railway rate* ou all ll
. H. D. Fraser, 1'reiMeiit
er particular, ippljic
t. Aiirnui...
Notice Is herebv Rlvei) tliat fti dan alter dan- I
lutein! tf apply to lbe Honorable the Chief Com-
mIntoner 0i_4Uldl and Wotke, Victoria, II ' .,
lor permiaaion to purchase the foiiiiuiux deacrlbed laud, sltualod in the W-rst k ��� *��� ���������*-. dittrh 1.
on thu west aide of I uhamel (or BU KUel eteak,
on DPMI side ol wagon road, about J'^ miles
fro.fi West Arm nf Ko-nteuav lake: Cornuieiirttix
at a i>oat marked Mrs Hattie Daok'l > B 0O^
uer. ruunlux to chains wett: thence 'Jji chain"
bouth; thence 40 chains eaat; thenee 'JO chains
north, to the point Ol commeiicenieni, eontainiug fto acrea of laud, more or leas.
Dated thu lllh November 11*06
Mm lUmr: Doati
John K TxTLOft, Agent
Sixty days alter 'late I Intend to np|dy t.
Hou Cbiei Cosualaaloner of i^tmis hh-i Work
Victoria, to purehaae 1..) acres of land about two
mllen below Hurton CUT* Weat Koonntiy. com*
metK-tug at a post marked "J. A. Irving 'I east
corner poat," aald pobt being nu tin easterly cud
of au It-laud went of I��l fi.'>4T,aud claim lug all the
land contained iu said island, befog abont one
mile In an easterly and   westerly direction and
about 90 chain*-- from north to south.
November llth, 1906- J. A. Irmmo,
J. E. AJQUBU, Agent.
Hlxty Oaya after date 1 inteo-l I
Houorahle the Chief lotnuituiotimi
Workr-lor nerinUslon to purrhtrcfl
deserihi-t lands in Kooieny i
in e net tig at a post marked J. B Ann
in*-: corner jr-ost, aald pwt be.
(fide of the Lower Arrow take,
below   Hurton   city;   thin*-, i
theme weal BO chaini. tin-nowii
ihcnce wt si Ai ehatns. them-e oontl
and   20  links,   more or leu lo.tti
ihenci- easterlvalonglakekirtlUll
Iiii the plnee of   U-glntili)**, cvDUlllIf
more or leia.
Hated thU&th day of NoTr-rafcf.lK
per K. Iktm.tu
Notice Is ...
dale I intend to make applitw******
Vlctorlu, B, i. , for iMTiiiifM-miopii-l
Hlxty-days afterdate I  intend
Hon. Chiel Commissioner ol Landa
toapply to the
 ids and Worka.
Victoria, to purchase UQ aerea Ol land located
on tbe weatalaao. Arrow lak-* and i*iug direom
north of l��t 797-S: Commencing at a post plumed
at the N. E. corner of l/>l WM and marked -h. B.
S. E jorner," and running north *J�� chains,
thence wesl 90 chains, thence north 90 chains,
thence weit 20 chains, tbeuce mnth 10 rhalllf,
Ihenee cast -to chalna. to plueol t^gliining.
Mot. Nth) 1006. Hektha BjudutTi
J. E. Annable. Agent
Notice Ih hereby given that Go dayt
intend to apnlv to the Hon. '"
of Lands and World*- lor
a lie
date. I
permission to pnrehaai
ue following deaeribed Land in Watt Kootenay
district: Commencing at a post marked Mrs. \
A. Wilaon'auorner post, planted at the northeast
coruerof Section 1��, Townsite 7. ninning south
40 chains, thence west 40 chains, thence north K
ehalni, theuee east 40 chains to pUce of commencement, containing 160 acre*, morwoi leai
Dated Nov. 28, 1900. Man. V. A  WnjO*
J. WUJOir, Agent.
ntcr date I
hu f I mn
Notice in hereby given that Oo days
Intend toappiy to the Honorable the
mlssloner of hands aud W'orks for pe
to purobase 9N acrea of laml, situate on the Little
Moyie river about 1 mile from Inter national
Boundary and kboal I mile from Hpokaiie Inter
national Ky.: Coniiiieiicltig at n post inarlicd
I). lirant'i H, K. comer imul, ihence weil .o
ObalQIi thenoe north -tn chain-**; ihence aaat so
chains; tin um-north -fo chains;  thence eaat flo
ohalna; thenoe aonth 80 ehalna to place of com-
ineiieeirient, containing 'Ml acre*, of Uud.
Located Oet. with UOB,
blxty  dayi  aller date I  Intend to npplv l.i tlm
Honorable thfl Chlel Commlaaioner ol Land-" and
Works, Victoria, to pnrohaaa Ml aorei ol land,
located In   Kire Valley and deserlhed as follows:
Oommenelng at a poal marked a h MoM'alLw,
comer, and planted  ai the southwest corner ol
Lot 7HUi, ami running south K'i chains, thence
chai A) chains, thenee nurth H�� chains,  th i<
west 9C ciiHius to place of begiuniug
Nov. IKih, im, 7lK(P. h. McMillan,
J. E. Annahlk, Agent.
Hixiy days after date I inieml to apply to the
Hoiioiable the Chief Commissioner o| LKiiiUnnd
Works to purchase MO acres of Innd, loeated In
Kire Valley, on west side of Arrow lake: Com*
mencing at a posl planted .0chalna wc-t of tbfl
southwerl corner ol J. Kobinson's pre-emption
and marked J. W's K. K eorner, and running
norlh SO chains, theuee weal 80 chains, thenca
aouth flo chalnn, theuco oast HO chaini to plug of
NOV. IHth, Wit, }kNY. Wil,I.IAMB
J. E. Annaiii.i:. Agenl.     '
Hixty clays after date I iniend to apph totho
Chlof Commissioner of Landl imd Works
permlaalon to purchase the fnllo-tlng d
lands In Kootenay District, about three .
of mile from Thrum's Hiding: Cotntnenclns * n
poit plueed at thu S. W. corner of L i.sh.i -rrano
1, Weil Kooteuay DlatrlOt) thence weiiler v
lollowlng tho norlh hoiindiirv of I, IMIH ��>
ipafnil thence north io chnins; thenoe cum 40
rner of
'H ThomiiH'
chalus, ;thcnce
chains, then
Dated thii 6th day of Nov., 1B06
H. TaoMAi.
thence north 10
chains, more or  leas, to thi
I-Omw; thenco soutli following the weltboiirTd*���*���
ot EMM   id chains, more or leaa, to pi \f__t.
meiiuement, conluiiilug 40aoril, mora or le*-.
Datod thll 0th day of Deicniber Usui
 ______"" ���*i ''���"'������tor.
Hixty days after ilale I intend t(l ���,,n,v .    ..
Hon. .htef Commissioner of  Landl  ai .    W...VJ
Victoria, lo purchase 100 aorei ol land liieaie ii . ,',
tho weil aide of Arrow la.a, nboin nn ���hi���. ,
low Iturton city, and daaorfbed hh fofloWi V ,
inHliclng at n DOlt marked "V t,  _>t Hnll',|,' "'"
corner," and HUgWohalnioaitntthi __��_!
coruerof Lot _7I9; thviie,. no. r j, ��,Vhal ���! ^ '
west 40 chains; thenee houIIi in ohalni.' ""'p
eait 40 chains to the place of boilnnina   '     ,'llu'
November _4fh..gofl. f*, H
���        PerJ.K.ANNAllLK        '
hereby given ummtj
ate ap
lowing describe.!
West Tcoounay
diitrict; t'c-ttoine
���planted ai the aouthvvvSimDM'*!
(naon'i pre-emption, markc-lK.! k
post. Ihenee 40 chain-* we-: thet
north, thenee-Wcha1ii��eastt.>Jo��bi
northwest eurner, thence ���utiUtoc
oi commenoementi coiitaiiiiDitiwt
Dated this 2Srd day of Not.,I��
t"��i days'after date 1 Intend >->-������/.���.
Chief i ominiialoiier ol lJtn-.li ���*�� ���
toriu, to purehaae MO tut* ���'��� ttt
Fire \'allev and being a i-ortioa ��
and I8 1n Townltitp��*J ao 1 '!-**"W-i
Couimeiiclng at a post planted ilu
corner of the southeast ijuarter ���
Township ft'.' and marked I. ft I
thenoe north to chains; thenc* ����
thence aouth 40 chain*; tlu*ureeu.��
place o[ beginning
November tffd 190f.
j. k. mte~\
Notlco la hereby given laat-W^tj
Inteml toapply to the tioWtt
inissloncr of Lauds and Wnr
acrea of land .leserlbed a* follow.: ��
ala i��>st planted on tbi iutiii t**Dta
Uoyfa river, about 900 yard*'��������*������
marked    "K    McLean's   B    ������    _\
thenei eaal so chains, thanci ^*\
tbence weit HO ebalus, tlience**"*"11"
pise* i,i conuniMU,cmt'ni.andconi��._w
more or leai oa_.ii
Looted :toth day Oct.. WO*    ^Z
Hlxty  _Un oiler dale I liiien*! ��#
Honorable th-jChlcH "imn: i,r'^Jf
Works. Victoria, to pun Iihsc J't�����
located and .leserlbed a- tolloWJ. ���*���
*l a po��t planted at Hi* soniliim <*
Kotdnson's pre emption in I lt*|f*V
��--   __.il!..   1    tri....-.!   1.nihil,���
rom Wward i.-ntn.f;
. s I ���
id marked I   "'���> *"*
60 ohalni, ihenc wu'"
Ohalna, tbenre^ijjfl
five  miles
Arrow Inks
running wen i
thenoe easi mi i
tbenoe eaal -m chains, thai
plaoe Ol beginning.
Nov mih, VAfi ��**J-
j. k, ktrfit-Ua}
NotlOC Is herebv given tiiat Wf'JlJ
intend toapply to liaHon.ChtefgJJ
obaae the lollowlnl deicrlbed WJ"
the West Kootenav dlsirht, i.u t'"-
Dubamel (or Fix Mile) eiwk.wjS
abOUl Ihree miles from k"'iciif*. ^
mencing at n posi marked ' ������������""'f _.M*
poat." runiilng KI chain- Mil   '""
north, thenee 10 ehalni ��'.*, wvm
south, to ihe point of oommen��"P-
itig 40 acres of land, more or lew
Dtted l-lh November. I����- ;
Located b) ������ ���*������'���?''
perJouM.  TATM>a,W
Blxty day-ratter date i mn;n;| '"{-J
onorable the Chief CommlMjjJWg"
oo tm**
i iaki��?
���orner ti
rinied thla _th d_j tn Novemwr. ���_*���
iwr I. L. BuMff-w
that K___
irks for permission t
described landa in Koot
elns ai n poit marked
'orner post," said post
erly shoreof lhe I,ower
due easi, on lhe nortl
���Hroup I; thence norlh i��
souih 40 chains, more o.
thenoo rollowlng iald ihoro  o ������
direction ao ehulns. more or H��m
Nollee In hereby |1T.
I  intend, to npply  to thi
Comnilssloiier of Landl ��
sion to i urobaaa the i"'1"
Koolenay   dir-lrlcl:     Con
marked -J. H wallaoo'i��
snid post being on the H
Arrow Uke, Htid al the
I'orier's pn* empllou vlalm
Ihcuec south _o chains. I
Ihence anuth BO chains, 1
in re or leas to the Arrow lake"1'      1(
eaaterly dlw-tlonMohalnii ",1��iS'lc��i
!!OtltulUltlK I*0"1
in_ ��������-''
���...,'.'  SST'l.
', li1**' ,,
j.i si lMgtnn_g>i
DaU'il tlili 2lllli ilay ol ,)i'l��l"''j'jj"��',
B-HI. aienl.Kan""11'*���'"'" ITESHXPOSll
icliine Offered lo Drop
nd Trunk Pacific Not Only Wants
Half of Province but Sends
Out for Cheap Labor.
rial tu The Ually Canadian.)
i ii.. Fob, ii.���A London cablo Just
< t>;. lln- Colonist aayBi   The Lon-
l'l sm.' . tliiw morning, February 1st.
iiorlolly:   "The outcome of the
elections In   Llrltlsh   Columbia
s\   will   In-   wii'.sii.il   with   very
iteresi   and   much   concern   by
i   Knglnnd   who  have  financial
s in the province.    Only a few
.. sin- colonial province waa ro-
.iith distrust owing to Its freak-
n-mslatloii.     Latterly   ll    haB   re-
,| iiself. stable government hav-
s'li brotiKlir about, we understand,
Introduction of party lines. Our
ar. thai this satisfactory condi-
Rrttish Columbia's governmental
, Is nol likely to be disturbed and
���ly hope for the good of Cana-
eral and llrlllsh Columbia fn
hlm- that this will prove to be the
1 English Investors regard with a'
|I eye legislative novelties such as
llrltlsh Columbia now, and the
��� would  Is.' making a big mls-
|f lt reverted to the chaotic con-
which   prevailed  a  few   ygeurs
abovi.  cablegram,   which   camo
neuter's ugpncy, was read at
:u   Conservative   meeting   held
s^nlghl nnil had a tremendous ef-
the audience, the opinion being
Thunderer" had epitomized
lation quite clearly.
is, around town tonight thai
I Itoss will be offered the editor-
( ih.' Victoria Times in a hope
���llitate lhe Liberal party ln Urlt-
president of the Liberal cam-
mmlttee in this city resigned
there being a great Quarrel,
blaming the other for the delicti bad overtaken them. A ban-
Ill be given Premier McHrlde al
|ar.l Hotel on Monday ovening,
i being arranged by the leading
of the city. Arrangtnents bave
sl" for ilOO seals and lt Is ex-
li.' funclion will prove one of
notable ever held In Victoria.
t ill., close of the great meeting
Premier Mcilrldo requested
-'���spondent to say he congratu-
I>n>lilo of the province on the
I He never for a moment doubted
me. The province has been
ss under the present regime
was never a doubt as to the
hi bis mind for a single moment.
buyer,    Feb.    I.���Arrangements
lunlly complete for the bringing
rltisii   Columbia of  50.000  Japa-
liullil the western end of tho
unit  Pacific.
illi'd  Supply Contracting Co..
^iisigs'r K. ti. Hussel, agent for
I'runk on the west coast en-
Its' arrangements with  a Japa-
|li'".viiii.ni agency through a Jap
for lhe supply of laborers.
sills (iolss visited Princo Rupert,
ri'isoris  to the Japanese gov-
srsi feature ls the statement
ilu. authority of Hussell that
i are not lo be Bent back on the
on of Ihi' railway; Ihey are to
uyi'd by the railway along the
under the Orand Trunk wants
iTvatlvcs beaten; they cnnnol
laps If Ihe Conservatives nre roll money for bribery iB every-
ml the conBt cities will return
���alive nil through. So will tho
"Hands    off    British    Co
(lvilscim- Manufacturers Dislike
Publishing Contents.
.   Feb.   1.���A delegation,   reptile nuinufucturerB of patent
b, waited on Iho minister of in-
venue today and  asked that a
Ich   the   minister   intends   sub-
To parliament should not provide
glueing of tlie contents on the
or instance,  strychnine,  Is  a
' constituent of somo of these
���". yel If li were niarked on the
T package It would destroy tho
fe delegation came from Mon-
��onto aud Urockvillo.
Queen's Hotel |T> Strathcona
Biter Street, Nelion. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Us��" .ml OomlorUble Bwlroom. snd Kirn-
clta.ninluit Room. Sample Boom, lor Commer-
eul   U.n
MRS. K. C.CLARK-. Proprlatrat.
Tremont Hotise
Knrope.is snd American Flsn
Hmi. �� cu.   Room, (ram * cu. to 11
Onl; While Halp Kmploresl.
um, lit. N��l��on rraprutoil
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-.-Day Hotise hi Nelson.. |
The Bsr I. lhe ritse.i.
White Help Onl; Kmplorei).
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood    Sample    Rooma.
Grand Central Hotel
TM�� hotel hm beeu iomplel-1.   rciinvMeil tnd
DIWlJ furnlBlii-l ittlti all modern eqolpmtnti-
llm ivmtt li-'inn-; thrr-iiKhout.
BATKS : Hootnri,  Wk*.   uinvr-mh
���ln'finl ratea by lbe wef-k
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor.
Te lephone. 2f>0.    Opposite Court  House
and Postoffice, Nelson. H., C.
Price $2^
H. E, Croadsdaile _
Next Door to Bank ot Comn
JMepblne St.
N.l.ou, II. O,
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from vrlitrl.
Katei li.oojper da; and up.
P. O. Box IM.
Telephone 118.
Most comlorteble tiimrlcrN its Nelsstsn
Only the belt ol L{s|iiorn Husl s.lxar..
___       POOL.
A collection of all the I:
Shapes and Sizes.    A fl
smoking and most sa*j
isfactory pipe.
W* cA. THURm
Tobacconist.   Baker Sti
Royal Hotel
Kate* (1 and 11.60 a l)��.v.
Speeial Ratea to Regnlar Boanlerf
Contractor and
Boi* ���i'nl for lbs. I'tsrtss Itls-ts Lumber Co., Ltd..
refill ysirslss. HourIs mnl oreMQO lumber, turned
work nml Isrsi'ltt'tfl, OOMt 'sills anil s-litiis.'!,"-. i'h.Is
_ml ilonm. Dement, brick usi'i llmo iur aalc.
Autom.tlss grimier.
Yanl Rinl Issi'lssry: Vi-ini.u HI.. en.totHr.il
NliLHON.   B. C.
F. 0. Box 182. Telephone 178
wl to. Appl;
F. C OMEN      F. P. BUR
Civil Engineers, Don
Columbia Lanl
COR.ViaORIA Ic K00TE***.
r. 0. Ba 145 I WEST KOOTENAY
WliohMii*-* uni Keuii De_leri lu
i Fresh and Salted Meats
Oampa supplied on slmrteat notice and
low��m prion. Nothing liut fresh and
wholaBome meats nnd ragplai kept In *-.<�������
Muil orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES   Manage*/.
Bsephine Sts.
foUowlng hooka on
try Raising
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit,
Foel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N.E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
Fifty Cent Hand Bagslj
They are beauties at the price.
TelepHone 333.
I Fruit Trees, by V. A. Wangh TOO.
iNotes on   Apple   Culture, by
-\l.y ..". HOC.
i Practical Frnit Growing, by
f.er P. Wright... JI 00
1 Fruit Cultnrihi, by Fuller *l.tK>
Fruit Culture,   Isy May-
**        |1.G0
, in Fruit Culturist,   by
��1 IE
. ik.,  50c.
r Keeping, by Beak- i 70
|il 10c. Extra;
Promptly uud Care-
Vtend'.d io.
mut ion lunv
\ten makes
ind fniluri.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their advantage to une our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
&/"*���> Kootenay  Agent-*
I   ft R.A.Ro?erS_Co,
^v*t        Limited. Winniw.
Wholesale Provisions,
Dominion Government Oiwinm-rr One Pound Bricks received weekly (i��b |
from Ihe churn.    For wile by nil leading grocers.
Offloe and warehouse i Houston Block,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street.       -       -       -       Nelson, B. C.
Coming Next Week
Will  exhibit  in thc
Opera House Building
For  Six   Days,  Commencing
Monday, February 4
An  intt-rt'Btlug nnd instructive exhibition   for liirlicB.  gentlemen   und  Hill-
Bohemian Beerl
The Nelson Brewing Co., Ltd
tee  Them Spinning,  Weaving  and
Blowing Glass.
See the Little
lady's   dross  is   made   entirely
spun and  woven   as  fine us
���Vdmission 16l and 25c,
Efterno    s: 2 to 5.     Evenings: 7 to 10.
Btach   vil.i       receives a   present   free.
jiurcliiiwrs      -a ill    ifttllhf
��� interest ol tin*- hh1_ W. ii.
'tiKrfts <>l tlii* mU\ ( .ii-tlul Stuck
, B.D..IISrq Jmiimry, UOT,
S. !'. TOOK,
tiherlflo! _____ Kootenay
All waited on alike till after the election ut the
Red Ctoss Drug Store
llaker St.. near Josephine, Nelson, U.l'
A Wo*d to the JA
This year we hnve upi>rty*ialed thp want.; of va
tomen and huve paaied into stock tbe   I
Good Cheer Art Base Bum
This -stove is adapt, d for hurd cof-J only, and a||
BJftMd to jtive Hatisfaetiun.
J. H. Ashdown Hante
Company, Limited.
*v~~*B. A. ISAAC R. W. HINTON-
Raspnlrlng ��.nd .lohhlnit nicutHl with DMpatlili. .8_f?i^?
Work. Mlnlrm anil Mill Machlnnrv.     Monulositurt'l��
Or* Cur*.   U.  U.   CosntrttctorM*  Cum-
rNELSOIN,    B. C.
AH Kinils of lli'iitlim Plants in Stork.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.      Tel. 181.
Win u yon oompom your ii-cights you will buy iu Nelson
K J. Robertson <S_ Co.
continue for ANOTHER WEEK
Working men.
Men In dremi attire,
Mpcjrtlnl* men,
Hssindssome men.
Men tl-iut'M full of tlt-K
UNITE luid sinn tliat   the  inii��i����ii*l
John T. Plums art* the proper tbi* J
Mv lust Tall shipment bM jnst nrrivrd I
them and place your ordor early for Xiw**^
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor!
Subject  to  Confirmation
We Will Buy
We Will Sel*
lO.OnO Rambler-Cariboo    21%
5,0110 Sullivan    07
10,000 11. 0. AtnalKaniali.il Ooal..Offer
100 Sullivan  Ilondii   ...
5,000 American  Hu.v
1,000 IniiTiinllonal Conl
B. B. Mighton <S: Q
Drawer 1082
I'lioW I
______*_ Lumbet, Shingles,,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window^
Turned Work and Brackets. Mail Orders promptly","
VBRINON ���TRBEtT  -   ���   -   NB1.80N. B. t-
Our stock of Skates Is complete ano
Including the  popular
BOKER'S   BEAUTY   and  CHARM  (L��t*l_>
K��rl<* I
Wood-Vallaiice Hatdwate
A-noi���i- NELSON.


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