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The Daily Canadian May 23, 1907

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 4%\)n glaih}
I.   No. 297.
bcdnle Benefit to
jlas, Local Agent, Sounded
ks Men, of City, in Ad-
Ice���No Complaints.
it Northers ruilway service
ad prospective chaugos In it,
i lome comsent In NelBon,
eadj been made the subject
iroleal from the 2U.U00 Club.
uuglns, local ageut uf the
formed The LJally Canadiuu
ie Iiini, he thought carefully,
be bualness meu of Nelson
change waa recommended,
���r.-iniiil that It would be gen-
ired with the present time
w Bj'Btem will confer many
un Hit' peoplo of Nelaon.
liter nf connections at Sikj-
i.i-i nml west bound trains
1 neither gain nor Ions going
gain >>f 24 hours golug east.
Neluon, through Spokane,
easl ���*! west, there will, lt
a loaa of six  hours of the
lould not be forgotten lhat
|h>> alternative route  by   the
ftlernallonal, via Yabk and
Ni'laon   l"winess  man   who
l^'i'iiil uiu- day ln H|H)kmu', or
��� man wanting n day In Nel-
lange meana a saving of two
BiTHtund to lie the Intention of
j li cumpany to put a t'ullmun
tin* run    Tourists who with
trip from Spokane to
may th-u do flo In comfort,
ut tht* ordeal of a notoriously
JtiBtj  journey on a summer
real advantage will be that
-spokane can  leave there
''���nilion, Hpend Sunday In
return   Monday   morning,
8 itti hour from business,
��� uf Ymir, Salmo and other
pnlnls  will   be   somewhat
ed, but It Ib expected that
1 rains can be made avail-
1 by way of compensation.
people of Nelson the adits   to   be   altogether   with
new schedule.
1 Mill hopes for a few mln-
��� tits und will not bo pre-
ke a definite and detailed
il until early next week.
NELSON, B. C, THURSDAY, -MAY 23, 1907.
Fifty Cbnts a Month
,es* Theory aa to Murderer .of
Amelia   Staffeldt.
'it. May  23.���After  a   whole
irk the police toduy are aa far
l'l Unite dug to Ihe identity of
r nf Amelia Charlotte Staf-
���' Vs nr sild girl  who was K
maultod and killed with a
|a Oi isi m Qtweniboro yesterday.
1 nits Inspector personally haa
��� 'I"* case.   Every delall of tho
1 lisi'D carefully gone over, he
I, 'iml  1111  love  affnlra of  the
|ili mlghl have possibly have led
Imd como lo light.   Infor-
Ik.'iIumI from an employing car-
f"��>* luad to something tangible,
inter told the police that he
Iiiii-ii yesterday who had worked
���minimi Tor iwu months |ianl. Sev-
"'<��� ini'ii had heen drinking anil
iboy Htaried for Manhattan,
ll'iuiliiiiar la aald lo havo atarted
Jlu'liun by a ahort cut acroaa the
Pi Inlo 11 Held In which Miss Slut-
_'"i*l'��i' was found.
��� al "f   Inapaotor   Flood's   detec-
Tiiik Uu, crinie wua committed by
'"'* mini, on nccount of Ihe many
P**- liliaaeH. Joseph Englc ,lhe
���"ii who aaw a man running
|"i'' liiriu shortly heforo ho found
���' s mutilated corpse, aays that
���um k cyca wore a crazy look
���startle, hlm.   llo snyu thc man
��� lorelgner.    Adam Mtimmol, who
���*'iking with BngOl, also believed
fla eiiimiry algla of the atmnger
i wiw a foreigner.
Mainly Women.
f"n|, M. II., May 23.���The nppour-
r ���' Q. Chamberlain at the court
I '"'Iny Indleatod that the suit ln
been twice postponed on account ot Illness of the Justice. Shortly after 1
ii clock, the hour set for the re-openlng
of lhe caae, the court rami was filled
wllh an Interested crowd of spectatora,
most of them Christian Scientists, the
women being In the majority.
Uncle Joe Cannon Repudiates Issue of
Tariff Revision.
Washington. May 2;!.���Speaker Can-
nun, on having |>|B attention called to a
report Which has gabled currency ihut
he la out for tariff revision as a presidential candidate, and has abandoned
the "Stand Patters," yesterday said:
"1 do not know where the grapevine originated. The only knowledge 1 have
In the matter Is the report."
Mr. Cannon said further: "In the campaign of a year ago, the Republican
party won a victory which gave them
a majority of 68 In the 60th Congress,
which organized in December upon the
cry, "Let well enough alone," and I
have no doubt Ihnt the 60th Congress so
elected will bo true to their pledges.
Make lhe campaign."
Ruined by Fire.
Iluffalo, May 23.���Several pieces of
fine marble being carved at thc works
of George VV. Maltby 4 Sons, of this
city, for the McKinley mausoleum
which is being erecled at Columbia.
Ohio, were completely ruined by flre
which dealroyeil the plant this morning.
The completion of the mausoleum will
nol be delayed, according to ,\ir. Maltby.
Tbe loss of the plant will reach $50,000
Protests    Against    Non-Fulfilment    of
Many Tresty Obligations���Not
Likely to Yield.
[brouilii by
i A. Ki
"nexl friends" ngnlnsl
' nml several other Chris's "ailing for an accounting
l*'*rly ur MrB. Mliry a   K(1,Vv
'" winder of tho denomination,
reached today after having
Toklo, May '_:).���Japan is considerably
concerned about thc recent attitude of
the Chinese newspapers on dynastic
mutters. The Maiuiehl Shimpo. an ex-
oellently Informed Journal, Interprets
the comments of these newspapers as
foreshadowing the beginning of a struggle for tho succession, thc Dowager Kin-
press of China, who la the virtual ruler
of the empire, being now 77 years old,
The civilized world, Ihe Mainlchl thinks,
may expect an uphcaveal at no very distant date.
The JIJI. regarding the matter from
.la;,mi's viewpoint, points out that
China's pigheaded attempts to enforce
the new policy due to China's so-called
rights and recovery of spirit, of no eon-
cessions to Japan, have already nullified an Important provision of the
Treaty of Pekln, namely, thu exploitation of thc forest of the Yalu river, negotiations as to which between China
and Japan, were recently abruptly
broken off at Tlen-Tsln. This action,
the JIJI holds, threatens the stability
of all treaties, lt warns China that Japan was prominent in promoting the
programme of the powers for the preservation of the integrity of China, hut
should treaties be rtellberatoly ignored
the attitude of the powers mny suddenly change the regard for her. Telegrams say that the Japaucse minister
at Pekln has vigorously rejected China's
demand for thc restoration of the Man-
churlan mines, appropriated hy Japan
during ihe war.
The Koktimln. in a leading article
that Is supposed to relied official opinion urges united action by the powers
to enforce the open door ns the only
hope of preserving peace In the Par
Kasl. Japan, It says, Is ready to cooperate lo prevent present conditions In
China from running their course.
(ion Tcrauclil. the Japanese minister
of war left today upan a pleasure trip
to Manchuria, which is regarded as an
interesting fact at the presenl Juncture.
Yip Wing Libtsl Suit.
Yip Wing, the Nelson Chlnnmnn who
sued the editor of the Chinese paper nt
Vancouver for libel*, is again disappointed Tin* case came up Tuesday and was
adjourned for the third time There
were mnny surprises when the case wns
up The argument was as to whether
some Changes In the private prosecutor's translation of the alleged libel was
a sufficient ������surprise" to counBel tor the
.Icfeuce to Justify the court In granting
an adjournment to thc latter to con-
alder the changes. Magistrate Williams
llnallv agreed with Sir Charles Tupper
and Mr. II. W, 0, Honk that they were
entitled   io   iho   adjournment ub tna
changes were withoul notice and somewhat extensive, although Mr. .lospeh
Martin. K. C, nnd Mr. D, Donaghy or
������. private prosecutor Yip Wing. Ml*��
at length that the defence had the ^
H,ged llhel  SUlt,   In J*���*^ '    *
is practically a now charge
Summary of Aylesworth's
First Session
Transparently Unfair in Handling of
Insurance Commission���Often
Overridden by Chief.
Ottawa. May 23.���Hon. A. B. Aylesworth, minister of Justice, will not do.
To a great many Liberals tbls will seem
Hat absurdity, for he ls the Idol of what
Mr. Fowler, in a moment of felicitous
vituperation, styled the "burdocks."
That is the trouble: he has the back-
bencher's conception of party warfare
Joined to lhe brain aud the prestige of
a front-bencher.
The unfairness of which the Insurance commission ia convicted must be
considered In connection with .Mr. Ayles-
worth's case. Apart from the ugly anxiety to drag Mr. Borden's name into
the Pope-Fowler lands transaction, we
must remember that a great deal of the
exploration Inlo Mr. Fowler's affairs
was unjustifiable. Mr. Fowler offered
���certain properties to organisations with
which Mr. Foster wus concerned, lt
was projier to investigate Mr. Foster's
management of I. O. F. and Union Trust
funds, aud it was pissps-r to Investigate
whether Ihe purchases he made were
prudent; hut what concern hud the commission with the manner In which Mr.
Fowler obtained these properties? The
question seems unanswerable. Again,
one of Mr. Foster's unhappy syndicates
bought a certain quantity of landB before, and a certain quantity afler Mr.
Foster became closely identified with
the management: the money flrst and
last was derived from the Foresters. In
the former transactions the commission
showed no Interest; it scrutinized the
latter minutely. Taken In conjunction
wllh the other circumstances, this can
only be described as suspicious. Yet
again, the report contains a bad Instance of a statement favorable to Mr.
Foster being burled In one of the volumes of evidence, where lt will not be
read by ono person ln a hundred of
those who iieruse the report.
When a matter Ib brought inlo politics the responsibility must be at the
door of some politician; and in this case
the popular Impression charges the matter up to Mr. Aylesworth's account. It
is a matter of popular impression; de-
Unite proof Is lacking, and Mr. Aylesworth has made the most elaborate disclaimer of having "inspired'* Mr. Shop-
ley, who dominated the Insurance commission. But tlie Conservatives utterly
scout his denial, and are certain that ln
some more or less subtle way his spirit
of party warfare was communicated to
Mr. Shepley, who is his bosom friend.
It Is impossible to pass judgment on a
matter of mere Burmise. All that one
can do is to note that public opinion
more or less clearly connects Mr. Aylesworth with the partizan twist given to
the commission, and that this is an unhappy association for a man who should
be it leader.
So fur as more definite politics are
concerned, tt Is to be noted that Mr.
Ayleaworth remains a confirmed lawyer,
lie Is not an ordinary member, nor even
nn ordinary minister. He waa brought
In to he a leader, lo redeem Ontario
from Its submergence by tho present
wave of Conservatism. To consider him
adequately we must ask ourselves
Whether anything thin ho hns done will
Increase tho Liberal delegation from
Ontnrlo from lis prosont standing of 39
to lhe Conservative 47. How can a
lenilor to that sort of thing? Along
two main Hues. He must give his party
a correct lead ln matters of policy, lie
must nppfeal to the country tn a general way as In touch with the people's
point of view. In both respects Mr.
Ayleaworlh hus failed. A curiolisly long
Hat might be compiled of Instances in
which lie has given the wrong loud, nnd
hns boon overridden by his chief. Lust
session, for example, he opened the
Cinq Mars case by doclarlng that Mr.
Foster's case should be laughed out of
court; and before the afternoon was
over Sir Wilfrid assented to Mr.
Foster's motion. In the Lord's Day Act
he took a hopelessly wrong line, and
after rejecting Mr. Borden's principal
BuggeBtion, was forced to acquiesce in
It when lt wns adopted by tho Senate.
During recoBS he denounced Mr. Bourassa with exaggerated vlolenco, nnd
ho took submissively nn unmerciful
drubbing when that formidable gladiator got him in the House, llo declared
that there waB no reason why Mr. Hy-
mun should resign, und Mr. Hyman did
resign, nnd the premier,expressly approved his course. So lately us the
light over the Hamilton Undliil Railway bill ho look the wrong Bide.
This Hamilton Radial bill affair may
be noticed at some length as illustrating
this point. The fight over it van followed by the Petewawa -camp debate, In
which the government won a signal
success. The opposition wus absolutely routed ln thiB conflict; and yet It may
be guessed that it will reap whatever
political advantage may accrue from the
episode. The most significant Incident
in the business is that the Ontario opposition made no right ln the Toronto
House. Why? Surely Mr. Graham and
Mr. MacKay must bave known the facts
which Mr. Fielding brought out. The
only explanation wiiich occurs to an observer here is that the Otnarto opposition did not dare, even with a good
case, to make head against tlie Provincial Rights storm now sweeping Ontario. If that explanation Is correcl, if
the storm ls so sti.'ng, lt will be like
whistling In the tenth of a gale to put
forward even so strung a defence as Mr.
Fielding unfolded. Mark now how
things fit together. The Hamilton
Radial Railway bill was a bad business.
The department of Railways and Canals did not like it; Mr. Fielding opposed
It. Mr. Aylesworth hsd a spleftdid
chance. By siding wltb Mr. Fielsilng he
would merely have shortened the bill's
misery, for it was doomed anyway, and
he would have placed himself upon the
popular side, and would have figured aB
the real friend of Provincial rights. The
Petewawa incident came a day or two
later; buttressed by Mr. Aylesworth's
slaughter of the Hamilton Radial bill,
the moral effect of the government success would have been tenfold. That ls
how opportunities are lost in politics.
Mr. Aylesworth's one big piece of
work was his duel with Mr. Foster over
the Insurance commission and In this he
performed to the rapturous satisfaction
of his friends the "burdocks." Speaking from a dispassionate point of view,
one may say tbat It was a damaging
speech, by far the best which he has delivered, and making serious holes in Mr.
Foster's defence; but that It was hurt
by his hldeoUB comparison of Mr. Foster
to the wretched Mr. McGill.
Apart from the taste of comparing a
man who acted absolutely within the
limits of the law, and who kept In full
touch with his directors, to a convicted
felon, whose sjiecial crime waa the concealment of facts from his board, the
comparison has the serious political
fault that so brutal an exaggeration wil]
have the effect of stirring up sympathy.
Arrested President Resigns.
New York, Mny 23.���Frederick Burn
ham, arrested for grand larceny and
forgery, tendered l.,s resignation from
the presidency of the Mutual Reserve
Life Assurance society at a meeting of
the board of directors yesterday, The
resignation was accepted. Archibald
Haynes, formerly general agent for the
Equitable Life Assurance society, wns
elected to succeed Mr. Burnham. At
the same meeting George D. Eldrldge
tendered his resignation as vice presl-
dent, actuary, and member of the board
or directors. His resignation from the
office of vice president was accepted,
but he still remains actuary of the company and a member of the board of directors. No successor as vice president
was chosen.
Postmaster-General  of Canada   Replies
to American Criticism���Ignores
Reported Threat.
Ottawa, May 23.���In reference to the
statement contained ln the Associated
Press despatch from Washington that
the poslmaster-general of Canada had
notified the postmaster-general of tho
United States that it would be Impossible for the Canadian poBt offlce department to handle second-class mail matter coming into this country from the
United States by express or freight and
remaning here, Hon. Mr. Lemieux said:
"1 might state that no auch statement
has been made. Tho United States has
the samo prlvilego of remalllng toduy In
Canada under Ihe present postal convention as lt hns under the old one,
with tho exception thnt In.,tend of the
rale being one cent per pound It ts one
cent per four ounces, or four cents per
pound. Tho fact that the rale should
bu raised from one to four cents is the
natural consequence of the amended
convention. Under tho old convention
Ihe privilege of ono cent per pound wns
not a higher rate than the domestic
rale ot either country, but the remalllng privilege of one cent per pound
would, In my opinion, be a violation of
seel Ion four of tho convention existing
between the two countries.'*
Finnish Diet Opened.
Hebdngfors, Finland, Mny 23.���Pursuant to a decreo Issued by Nicholas, Km-
peror Russia, and Grand Duke of Finland, tho members of the flrst single
chamber Diet ot Finland, elected tinder
the new constitution, assembled for the
first time yesterday, but beyond the
verification of credentials no business
was transacted; the election of a president will take pluce today and the delivery of the formal speech opening the
Diet haB been poatponed until Saturday.
Lake Shore Busy.
Cleveland, Mny 23���At tbe hoadquar
tots of the Lake Shorn road In thiB
city it was said today that no Instruc
tlons to reduce pay or other expenses
had been received;
Thinks Disarmament Is
Caricature of Kaiser's Foreign Policy
���Checkmated by King Edward and Isolated.
Rome, May 23��� The attitude of Italy
at the coming peace conference at Tbe
Hague was defined in the Chamber of
Deputies by the foreign minister, Slg-
nor Tittonl. Tbe House was crowded,
among those assembled In the diplomatic gallery being the American ambassador, Mr, Grlscom.
In brief, Slgnor Tittonl said that the
Italian government was in favor of the
limitation of armaments, but the government agreed with the Austro-German
reservations on the subject because of
the difficulty in finding a practical, acceptable solution of the problem involved.
Continuing, tbe foreign minister said
tbe British government had not yet
adopted a concrete formula to be proposed to The Hague conference. Were
it possible to find a practical method
for ensuriug the limitation of armaments without injuring thc Interests of
uny stale, and without placing any of
them in a condition of inferiority to
others, a plan that ull might adhere to,
Germany and Austria would agree to it.
But they did not believe this to bo possible, and therefore, they would not participate in tbe discussion, would uot be
bound by the decisions arrived at, and
would preserve the most complete liberty of action.
"Therefore," said Slgnor Tittonl,
"while I today reaffirm the statement
that tbe Italian government Is ln sympathy with the most noble objects
which suggested the broad-minded British Initiative, we fully agree with the
Austro-German reservations on tho subject ot the Impossibility of immediately finding a practical, acceptable solution of the problem involved."
Previous to making his statement on
the attitude of Italy at Tbe Hague, Slgnor Tittonl, ln reply to interpellations
In the House, said that Italy's policy
consists ot unshaken loyalty to the
Triple Alliance, sincere friendship for
Great Britain and France, and cordial
relations with all other powers.
Berlin, May 23.���One of the most
amusing and suggestive comments In
the German press ou the present alleged
rivalry between Great Britain and Germany is the following passage, taken
from the Rhenish Wcstphalian Gazette,
a leading journal of aggressively patriotic views:
"Two players are sitting opposite to
one another engaged in a Btubborn contest on the European chessboard. One
of them tEdwnrd VII.) is a cool, calculating, and quiet player, while tho
other (William II.) is young, full of vi-
voclty, the reverse of calculating, rloh
in Ideas and fantastic imagination.
"There is no longer any doubt which
of these players will gain the victory,
so long as the contest is confined to
tho diplomatic chessboard. William II.
Is already checkmated.
"None of all those prlncos and kings
whom he visited tn the earlier years of
his reign, and whose friendship he
gained has remained true to him, ex.
cept the aged Emperor Francis Joseph
and the proprietor of the grentest gom-
bling hell in the world (the reigning
Prlnoe of Monaco). All the othera have
quitted their seats at the German Emperor's banqueting table, some noisily
and others noiselessly, hecause, so to
speak, the political cuisine offered to
them In Berlin is no longer suited to
their tastes.
"All the marks ot friendship, nil the
words of praise, all the presents, all tho
orders and decorations which. the Ger-
man Emperor has dealt out so lavishly
lo foreigners, and even his own passionate prayers, huve lieen fruitless, and
William II. now remains ln Isolated
Urges Prompt Action.
Albany, N. Y��� Mny 23.���Governor
Hughes sent to the legislature today n
special message urging thc passage of
thc so-called New York Recount Bill,
which ls to provide early procedure for
the re-counting of the ballots cast ln the
MeLollan-Hearst mayorallty election in
New York city in 1905. Tho governor
nlso recommends that the legislature
postpone its final adjournment until
niter lhe bill shall have become n law.
Strike Riot in Buffalo.
Buffalo,   May 23.���The  polco  and  a
number   of   striking   freight   hundlers
clashed this morning at the dock. Leonard Asce and Carlo Angelo, strikers, are
under arrest, the former with a bullet
wound In the right thigh. The police
say about 23 strikers attacked the
freight house. Tbe sbot was fired by
Policeman Larkln, who waB badly
handled by the strikers. Order was soon
Conference's   Solitary  Achievement  Is
Likely to Fall.
London, May 23.���In some quarters It
is believed the cabinet's decision refers
the scheme of on all-red route lo a
departmental committee, and practically
seals its fate. It is feared the entire
cost may fall on British taxpayers, and,
it tbls becomes generally believed, there
will be no chance of lt passing the
House ot Commons.
In the city the opinion is that the
scheme is an Ideal one, but not likely to
admit of practical realisation. Tbe Vancouver-Australasia service is especially
criticized, it being generally agreed that
fast steamers are too costly.
Whole Garrison Deserts.
Belgrade, May 23���The Turkish garrison at Ustaub, consisting of about 1000
men, has deserted. The soldiers com-
plained that they were given bad food
and that other conditions were unsuitable. Tbey carried off their arms and
thus far only fifty men have been recaptured. Ustaub is situated about 100
miles from Saloniki, with which it ls
connected by rail. It Is an important
trade centre and has a population of
20,000, consisting of Turks, Albanians,
Servians, Bulgarians and Greeks.
Complain of Treatment by British Mnl*
istera���Report Profound Disappointment.
London, May 23.���The Irritation ot
tbe colonial prime ministers with the
government was further voiced yesterday by Sir William Lyne, minister ot
state for trade and customs ln Australia,
who In an address to the Australian
chamber of commerce In London complained that they had been treated -unfairly at the conference.
Tbe government's action, he Bald, had
been negative throughout. It had negatived everything the colonial representatives wanted the government to do.
He complained that the press waa excluded from the conference agalnat the
wishes of a majority of the members
and the government had Issued to the
public only just what lt wished to have
published. It was remarkable, he said,
that the daily official summary gave a
good resume of the speeches of the Imperial ministers and a bad one of the
Two of the ministers���Messrs. Aa
quith and Churchill���he said, bad adopted an almost offensive attitude towards
the prime ministers. Mr. Lloyd-
George was the most reasonable minister they had tp deal with. Sir William
declared that, ae a new generation arose
in the colonies, they would lose the feeling ot kinship with Great Britain unless
something was done to sustain lt by
interchange and commerce and a quickening of means of communication.
Sir William said, ln conclusion, that
lhe representatives from Australia
would return borne with a feeling of
great disappointment.
J.  S.  Lawrence Transferred  to   Main
Line���Slocan's Grievance.
J. S. Lawrence, superintendent of the
Kootenay division of the C. P. R., ln an
Interview with the The Daily Canadian
this afternoon, states that on June 1st
he will probably���the arrangement Is
not absolutely settled���assume the position of superintendent of a new main
line division, formed hy subdivision. His
district will extend from Swift Current
to Medicine Hat, Medicine Hat to Calgary, and probably also Medicine Hat to
Lethbrldge. The subdivision has been
necessitated by the rapid Increase of
traffic on tho main line.
Mr. Lawrence will be succeeded here
by D. C. Coloman. at present secretary
lo Vice President Bury.
Mrs. Lawrence, and their son will ro
main In Nelson tor the summer.
Mr. Lawrence said: "I am really sorry
to leave Nelson. I don't know of any
more desirable place of residence, In
respect of scenery, climate and people,
between Vancouver and Toronto."
Referring lo the protests of the people of Slocan Mr. Lawrence explained
that he never cared to reply in print
to public agitation. But he showed The
Daily Canadian's representative that
even for the present year, which has
marked1 an Improvement ln the district,
the whole revenue from the branch is
absurdly disproportionate to the cost of
operating the line.
Cause of Death.
Tho Manitoba Free PresB of last Monday states that Mr. Luxton's death resulted from a stroke ot paralysis, the attack coming on Saturday evening whllo
ho wns nt the Commercial Club. He
wns removed ut once to the general hospital, whero he diod Monday. For a
few days bo had been suffering from a
severe cold.
Next Move of Liberals od
Irish Question
Unionists Say Redmond sand Otter
Leadefs Half Pwmised fo
Support BI1L
Dublin, May 23.���The Nationalists are
of the opinion that one result of the rejection of Mr. Birrell's Irish Bill by the
National convention will be.to compell
tbe Liberal party, at the next general
election, to Incorporate In Its programme some genuine Home Rule
scheme. In the meantime they expect
that the present parliament will pasg
Mr. Bryce'B Irish University Bill and
other Irish legislation. The Irish members of the House of Commons will -continue to cooperate with the Laborltea
on general legislation.
Tbe opposition politicians In Ireland
profess the opinion that the outcome ot
the convention threaten John E. Redmond's leadership ln the Nationalist
party, and declares that Mr. Redmond
and other Irish members ot the House
-came to Dublin from Westminister Intending to support the bill, but when
they reached Ireland they were forced
to bow to public opinion. They aay it
would be Interesting to learn how far
the Irish members were consulted In
the preparation of the bill, and whether
or not they promised the cabinet thetr
It ls certain, they declare that the,
Nationalist party would have been
hopelessly split lf the Irish members-
had attempted to stem popular feeling
and the wont ittsaenslons of recent
years would have resulted.
Popular and Antl-Brltlsh Movement la
Reported From Kabul.
Calcutta, May 23.���While no recent
serious disorders are reported, the situation remains grave. A strong popular
anti-British movement is now reported
trom Afghanistan.
The Mullahs of Afghanistan have
started a boycott of British goods.
At a meeting of Mullahs, held at Kabul, the Ameer waa denounced for hla
liberal tendencies, and especially fer
bringing foreign innovations into the
The Mullahs resolved that It waa on-
lawful tor Mahomedans to purchase foreign goods, as being against the Interests of Afghanistan. They especially
condemned the use ot Brtlsh sugar, In
consequence of objections to the processes of manufacture.
Violent speeches were made by several of the Mullahs, and their language
was so threatening that the Ameer's eldest son, the Sirdar Inayatulla Khan, dispersed other similar gatherings,'and a
number ot the ringleaders were
According to advices from the other
side ot the border, the anti-foreign
movement is spreading throughout the
the country, and the Ameer has given
orders for it to be sternly repressed.
Mullahs who preach against the British
are to be severely punished.
Although there have been no fresh
outbreaks ln Eastern Bengal the unrest
continues. It Is largely attributed to
the Hindu movement to boycott English
goods. The Mahomedans still refuse
to join the boycott and the bitterness
against them increases. A Hindu organisation called the National Volunteers
Is carrying on the agitation ln the
rural districts, keeping tbe whole population In a state of nervous irritation.
The members go armed wltb spears,
clubs and swords and sometimes firearms, preaching sedition, hampering
trade, destroying foreign goods and terrorising tbe Inhabitants. Trade has almost stopped and farming ls hindered.
The Jute crop Is likely to be seriously
Boisterous Belgians.
Brussels, May 23.���Discussion In the
chamber of deputies on Interpellations
regarding the recent strikes ln Belgium
led yesterday to a stormy scene. A number of socialistic deputies surrounded
the ministerial benches and then turned
to the ministers with their fists.
American Defender Launched.
Bristol, May 33.���The yacht Seneca,
which will defend the Canadian cup on
Lake Ontario in -August against the
Canadian boat, wns launched here yesterday. The yns-h* fill fly the colors
of Ihe Rochester Yacht Club.
Prices of Metals.
New York, May 23.���Nb\ report.
London, May 23.���Lead, ��19, 18s, 9d. The Daily Canadian
Prospect ors',
M-ners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TESTS -s a'   s res a*"d ���. 3-'.,
(."OERWEAR   a:   j     pr :����� *"-
C-:- ! to 12 Pounds.
BOX,  Ml���5   et:-   = ;:
In all these iir.es tre offer excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
tfeartQ  vhicfc ia se painfully lacking
-zsl ... z:zz;a -'
ft is pawl ill straaee that the qafck
ata of h-amor Thick prodoces comic
I * meets by tte square mile.
uJd ner^r be struck by the really
mhe absurdity of American concern
' the woes of Europe, coincident "ith
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
capital paid up....awna,
D E WU KIT. President.
BEST     ....   H. 730,000.
Branches in British Columbia:
���taparfti matf-fld and interest ali"w��*)d at bi^ht-st   cturrent  rate from dale of
vprarjaq oi taeoaata and compounded qnarterly
J��   M.   LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Savings Department
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published ilx n*j* a wee* by the
B*ker St., Raton, B. 0,
au&ernpti<*>n ratea, Ht wa*.* * month dellTered
tn [be c;et. Of *''���*. 1 yt rt; if kd*. by  :>,..   wbea
Mil ID  r. !     .   ..--
Ad re tilling ratea oa appl lcatloil
Ail mum** paid in tetUemeni of Tbe Viilj
CiQidiis k'-'.-otiD'ji, cither lot *abvripttom or
adTertlnag. muil b�� receipt*-! (or on tbe print*-}
���formi oi ttit Company, uther receipt* tre no:
rtlid. _^	
MAY'M. 1907.
Lake Mohonk. in New York state, ls
an American Imitation of the Hague
and there once a faar American loren
of peace gather to pose and entertain
each other.
America is for tbe present almost outside the war rone. It would be completely outside hut for the retention of
Hawaii and  the Philippines.
The War of 1812 between Hriiain and
the I'nited States was forced on by the
trucukmce of the Kentucky "War
Hawks." Kentucky was safe from the
British fleet, and beyond ihe probable
limit of penetration by British land
forces. The Atlantic statea were opposed to war. The only enthusiasts for
It were the people who were really not
Just why Americans should continue
In a state of chronic agitation over the
danger of war in Europe or Asia is not
apparent. The armed truce of EurojK*
really involves many economic advantages to the United States, and also ensures that the nations which have to
keep armed to the teeth to watch each
other wil) not be able or disposed to interfere with American interests anywhere.
It is extremely doubtful if any useful
work will be done by the Hague Conference this year. This seems to be a bad
year for conferences.
The Russian Czar's first invitation to
the nations to meet at the Hague to discuss ways and means of establishing
universal and eternal peace, was doubtlessly inspired by lofty motives. But
practical statesmen were doubtful of its
advantages at the time.
With nations as with Individuals the
first law is self-preservation. It is each
���nations first duty to itself to keep pre- !
pmred for self-defence and to preserve j
in Its people the virtues of bravery and
of readiness to sacrifice self for country.
"That   man's   the   best   cosmopolite
That loves his native country* best"
said Tennyson 5u years ago. and Tennyson was no lover of wars. It is well to
preach love of mankind, and to inculcate justice among nations as among
men. but for many aeons to come those
will be the most progressive, and on the
whole, the happiest and best peoples, in
whom love of country and just pride of
race prove strongest motives, and who
are most willing and ready to fight for
their ideals when there is need.
So long as there is any large body of
people beyond the pale of European
civilization and capable of development
into a fighting race. Europe cannot disarm. The awakening of China is a familiar bogey, eo familar that it is often
treated with contempt, but not by the
wise. The awakening of Islam is an
ever present possibility. There are 800r
000,000 of Mahomedans in India, Western Asia and North Africa, whose courage has often been proved, and whose
enmity to Christian Europe never
Apart from external dangers there are
enough unsettled problems in Europe itself, either inherited from the past or
boru of new conditions, which will long
forbid disarmament or the recognition
of any limit but the ability of the
It is often forgotten that the German
Empire is very young, not so old by 11
years, as its ruler, who is still considered youthful. Germany has developed
In the last quarter of a century from an
agricultural to a manufacturing and
trading nation. Her Emperor would not
be content with the hegemony of continental Europe if he could attain it.
He aspires to world-power and has declared that "worjd-power means sea-
power." With that as his creed tie has
set himself to rival the British navy.
Under the circumstances it is hard
to see any possible guarantees of
peace, other than the preparedness of
all to make attacks upon them costly
and dangerous.
But the jealousies in Europe do not
threaten America; on the contrary they
insure her peace.
Why then do the good, kind-hearted
and peace-loving Americans waste so
much of their time they usually value
so extravagantly, fn worrying over the
woes cf poor Europe, "groaning under |
Tha Week, a Victoria weekly U agi
tatlng in capital letters, for a Victoria
bank for Victoria people." It is a sonorous phrase, bu: we can detect no other
merit in it. Our banking system Is one
'::-��. :;���-�� :. Ci-a-ii A.1 c .r U:*:-
are national. In the United States
Mnks are confined in their operations
to cities or districts al the best, and
the resni. is that disaster in one city
means ruin to the bank. An earthquake
or a conflagration might destroy Victoria, but her people's money deposited
in Canadian banks would be as safe as
la the Earj. of England. Old residents
of Victoria win remember the Garesche-
Green i^nk. which was a 'Victoria bank
for Victoria people.'" They may also remember that for a long time the 3ank
o* British Columbia, a Victoria bank.
kept I2.000.00i} belonging to the Duns
mair 'amily. in its vaults, and paid no
interest. At the time the money could
have been profitably used by a Canadian bank, but not by a Victoria bank.
The Week wants to be an authority on
too many things at once. Mining, prohibition. Lord's Day observance, moral
refona. -politics, literature, art, theology
sand education are all fairly within its
sphere. But no newspaper man is permitted to be an authority on finance.
Nelson ls seriously threatened with a
period of internal peace. The two problems which have caused anxiety and occasional divisions of opinion for the last
five years are solved. Our power plant
is practically completed, our foclish
quarrel with a neighboring corporation
is made up. and the decision to build a
decent school is taken. Peace may not
be wholesome for Nelson but it will, for
a time at least, be a pleasing novelty.
The decision of the people of Slocan
to ask the co-operation of the Nelson
board of trade in their appeal flrst to
the C. P. R. authorities, then, if necessary, to the railway commission, is
eminently wig*. \ tuber statement of
a business question by busipess men
will have far more efficacy than four
columns of editorial indignation and vituperation.
What about the Nelson city band1 Is
Nelson to be without music during the
coming summer? It is true that the
evenings are still a little chill for band
concerts on the street or at the Lake
Park, but warm weather is net faraway,
and it fs time for practice. Free band
music of good quality is a part of public
education, and should be, at least in
part .supported by the city.
Canada's young postmaster-general.
Hon. Rudolphe Lemieux, is showing a
firmness that is entirely praiseworthy
in the matter of the new postal convention with the United States, and a proper dignity fn ignoring the alleged
threat of the American postmaster-general to retaliate.
"Tact, propriety and dignity." are the
virtues the British admire in our Sir
Wilfrid. It's too bad they cannot detect any statesmanlike qualities, but
then, neither can we.
Notice If hereby jiTen tbtttiity dayi titer
dtie I intend to tpp'y to tne Honorable tbe
Cblef Comiatavloner ot Laa*:�� and Worki, (or
"permlulon to purtnatetbe fo! os tn-j ���_-���' :;:-���'.
I&ndi altuated in the Wen Kootenaf dlatrlct:
Commencing at a poat planted on tha eaat bank
ui the Slacaa rlrer. ���*���:. ..:.:a**j the northern
boundary of C Eotlaniacb claim. tker.de taa: .-*
chaini. thence north 40 cbaiat, then*** ��-������ to
tbe t>ank of rlrer. aad thenee -..:;. to point of
commencement, conulnlna HO acrea, more or
Located KayKih.lw:. I.E wiuojr.
JtoG   Uo ��� *t -  >.  Locator.
Sixty dayi tfter date 1 intend :-. ap*'.- to the
Hon. lbe Chief CommiMioner of Laa-i* and
'���'���rii Victoria, to pnrcbaae 120 a-rrea of land
l��ated on th* wett ilde of Arriw Uke and lytar
directly north of '...:.; "f* ��� ��� *d .���..-���.-:���-.* at a pott
I* a:.���."��� _ at tbe V �� rorsi-r of Lo*." /*���*. ��..: mark-
erf "B. B (> E. corner," and rtnainj north A.
chair*, thenee aest 2) chalm. theace zone 3i
cbaioa, thecce we��t SO chaint ihence fonth th
chalai. ibeace eait * chaini lo poiat cf '-_::���
April 3rd, 1907. Bektha Bskhixj,
J. 7.. .\>>*E_r. Afent-
1. tbe ander-iirae-d, intend after fiCidayi toapply
to tbe Hon.tbeXblef (Vtmmiaviouer of Lankan.
Work> for ptrmtfrloa toporchaae the foilowlnr
deacrlbed land: CoamenciDf at a poit marked
Tv,-.--*. g ;.. c . locate* 1 on the weat ihore
of gk-c-an iake, about twelTe aillM from the L��-a 1
of -. - t-. lake, tbence �����.-��� t chalm, (hence
oorth tf rbaiaa. tbenee eaat tf) ebalni, thenee
���oath alonf ibore of Blocan lake to poiat of
:j> kUr I May _:_.. T. ". Bnakr.
Sixty day* after date I intend to tpply to the
Hon Cblei ComislMloner o| Landi and Worka
to par'ha*t to a/ nf* of iar.d lot-ate* about Zm.lt*
loutheaat o' Barton: ��� :- *.--:.< ::.t at a poit
planted at the ao-olbweft corner of .'-���������". Bl��). and
marked O A Hnn*>r'�� aoTiheaal corner, tfctnc*
north 40 cbalni. tbence weat V) chalnt. thence
aonth *0 cbalm, theace eatt 30 cbaina u> place
of beiinmna.
tatttai April tirth. ".a:. O.A Bona,
ptr A. KiliX* Affti;
it Ur.;- u I * :������
:*.: p-.rz. ���-. - :���:��� : ..-���:.*.** :l ��� .. - H "���
aeriaeti La��d in Wet* Kaasaaaj ttetii ��� =���-
*oett<:i| at a fvat MdMl A ' ��'* "
hftraer poat. runntac *-' cbaiat MM >��� ���
tha haaaaa��� ot Timbtr Ucene* H
MMtberly Su chatm. these* w*-*ter.y *> chats*.
thaatta aortherly 5* chaia? aiona tne C. P. K.
tra^k lo the placeof roffiBenceaeat, contaln:n-f
two hoadr^f acrea, more or leia.
Loca-sed thU tth day of May. HOT.
<(May. nor.
1  C Bl^h.I
&a*etjaameStataa*e I paipajtt mmSr..t; t
tioa   io  the Chief CommUBJODrr of Land* aad
Work* to* p*rcci4*.  .. b   ; .-  _a_*e lhe fmloauu j
described laod:   CouiD.fi-^j at a [���-'���  plkv^i
at '.he n<-rtfaae*t c.raer of let trt*n aad marked "P McCsSB corntt t?**'.." runnin* tbenex
ftfchaias north theace 80cbaint ****t. t-
ehalaa aonth. theace S cbaina raat. to pint of
eoaaaaetteement. Lontaimnf �����+.��� eeata, more or *
I'ated tht* (tb day of Mar   1*>.T
twdaaAi Itrrxs M-rtrixocM.     j
perl> a. M.i i'UttH, Ajt-nt.
BUty daraa/ter date I pJsTpoae makiar ��rp>'
��� i      "_ I    liaBM O z.az*-*Un*Aet vi Latd*
aad a otts. t    per . ;      bate tht
lasriaa deaer:b**: laad:       iiwtailii
piaeed oa the we*i  i_Mn ol I��*rr   Wbatihan
:��ke, afe..'-i a it mi., tm tht auM ���; him
mz.z ~k?tts*2    ti   Vt*   :. ���       -.-���,-���'
Din*  tience a   chaict  tHl.
aoaih. ihenc* �� ehaim test,
north to p.iat cl comjnencemeai. conu:^:-<
tth acre*, morv or i��a-
L-aie.1 tbe 2nd day of M*       ��� "
t?i��n^;; H  ��iup
p<rF fi. wsBaoma* .%seat.
Cccic.r~_ H^nii''.
Ibr 2Cib, iai iwWa***
ing for 4 ilTJ. T�� ������
Sd on: s\xi of
Chili'-rn's **'-or it
Sptcu! DbtMBl Prwci
Special Sale of Children's Wear
;-   z-f,   L M*   Ortlltt lor    7-5-     _
Ci-:3i-c-i wnste   Drewei (or   $1 ^ "�����
C-   -:---'i   Wile   Pt-cale  Ds^tnei    tie.
C-   :-.-'i Wbste Under-fhir-U   5^*
lr'j-tj- S* p  Si*. s-t�� from           2^*-
.-.,-.,   V.,   1 Bonnet! 35c tie*!
,',,,-.,' C'cjt C01U from      ll-SOeie-,1
We sm If   -<:e:'. :- :' tMml
S��: s. Bj-91 -a
Fred Irvine <& Co'
.* ...
*  ur*,:
a*. * ft4
Suty dayi afiej lale I Oi-rp>>��* _atHat   ���:
cation  to tne   Hon.   tbe �� bie! >
Lan-li and Worta for ptrrai��:on to purchaie tne j
foilowtaf  deaeribed  land.   Commtncinr   a: *  ���
pott  placed   at the   MttihMtl
���'kipner'i    application    to    pOJtluM
*B S'i. >*. W. i-orati pcn.%' "tvr'.-r foitowias the I
eaatern boundary of ts: 1  a;;...  .*._.->    L��:2*
i**.".i!, it.a-ue  :i[.uin*es.
rbaini aorth to the ioath^.-E boa
Haoninetoni applxation to p-irvbaa*.
cbaina weat alone same u.' f^ict of coniaeace-
mt-ot, containing Mcatrea, more or leaa
Dated 2nd aay of Mar 19CT.
- gat I   I M-urL.
perP.G rsvamaam lyii.
��� ��� *.     a.
mat t
. - -      --   ���
Locaud Ap
eUty dayi after date 1 in:-- :   :-.*  a;;.;*        v.t
Boaoratle the Chief CommiMioner of i^n*.i and
Wcki for perm-iUJon to parchaae the fo lowtnf
detent*^ landa tn Weat K-.-:''c--j ::���;.::    I    -���
meactns at a poat planted ca the aonth ihnre of
Kootenay iake, aaa a'-Jomtne C. P. B Woek No.
W. aad oarsed "Tom Gordon a nor*:hwe��t comer
I-*:." ih-.nce aocth *u chain*, iheaea nM to \
chain*,  tbence north 30 ehaim.  Mr* Of
Lake  .-hor*.  lbence  weat tf chain* to pcint of *
com menc-e orient
I>ated thia *th of April, 1*307.
T.H  ���.0KTO5
ttxtftej* ettat date llntend io appiyiotiie
Hon. the Caief ComnalMloaer of Landi and
worn, Victoria, a C, to purcbai* ** acrea of
land: Commencing at a p**: planted at tbe City
of >elsoa't s E. corner p*.-*t. aa Eoeteaay nm.
i&eace Aj chaini aouth, fh-tant Mtl
ihence north a* chain*, ihenee ear\ 'Si chaini to
point of commenoement
Neltoa. B.C , April j*. i.*~ L.i. CVVUK
Sixty dan after date I tatccd :o app:? ;o Hoa.
the Chief Comttiaslontr.**'! (AMI an! Worki for
permlaalon lo purvhaae ti. (ollo-rinf deaenbed
lan-li ia Koolenay dl*:.-. ; '-oinnenaof a: a
���poit marked Bruce Wi.ii,. �� K.W. corner toat,
iltnated at tbe northeait eetaet of P. K 30 about
a mile eait of Slocan rhrar, tbence iouth f.
chaini, theace wea* z . a es, *.ntrace aouth flO
cbaini. thence ea*; *.- e*.4 z- :z-.z . i. ���:::. .
tbaisi, tbence eait ���.��� ehains, tbence north tf
cnafnA. thence weat &. chain* to poiat of commencement, coLUinmg ���*���; acre*, more or leaa.
Lo.;at��d March IStb, W.. Hues whits.
I, '.he un-ieriif ned, alter 60 layi Intend to apply to the Honorable tbe Chief '.oBimiatloner of
Land* tnd Work* for pflra(ttfon to purchaie the
foil,>aine land: CcmmeD-.-iL't at a pott marked
I I I ei Lot ISA, theace we*: iu cbaia*. thea<e
i-:*u!ii J.* chalm, theae* m_,\ _t. chain*, thence
.���...* i hain*. theae* Wtm tt chain*, thence
tomb-to cbaina, theace eati > _-i.l- :*_.��ai��
aorth ty cha.a* to poiat of tummeacement.
Located March -Tib. l.*r      J(  s. McSipsht.
.\. y. MrHir���T. Agent
obd B     iur* Loratae.    j
at -   ��� _-
mi:       i;*. i!*r U: *   - "--
}{��� z   : '- -.-���*. i  " *���*'- ;t   ���*- -
���   - i   ���   :   ���    *--     -   ��� *        -
���      i      :���<- :. ���.   a.-   :
c.szf k\ k p.-*'   ;������-*'   �� --- - '
Moaquiio cnet and >otatac E croaa tjMucauta I
to pcrtha*-:   eat wtethem CL jIti ml
. ::; ***. :��.._. ;i*;. -e **r*: ���* .*--���
theace m��i - aim. theace e**t a -z* '.
���     ���
C  M*x*p*i^.
J. t A��5a��ix,
-:itT za-* a::**:   -.a'* : istead to tpplr to ihe
Hoa thief CoomUtioner of Laada sad *ork* to
i-       .  vtog   leterlbed laad located
la Plre faileydutrwi of ��*��t Kootenay:   Cam-
meactog at a poal planted at tie t.   E. <.   ���
Hence weat tif chatm. i&eace aorth tf chalaa,
-    ���-���   ,     :*.._/ :���,--��� . . -.-;
uiniDgst** afrr*
:.  ,:. . ::.; ;. ;;:-. ��� ���'
b A- McpHte  Locator.
j.j Ktn.1 imeat-
For Further Information Apply lo
Take notice that tf daya >.'kr dale I iztmni to
apply to :ne Hon _:-*t z ji.caer of Lasii
and Worki for perciaaion W pcrrhate the following deaeribed .and*: Cmrieariag a: the
��uuth?att burner of lot 6X6. ihenee wett K>
chaina, theace tooth tf ettataa, theae* eastte
rbaiaa. tbence aorth ��>cbaina. theace *wl :
chaini tu point of coaimrit.rctat. camtalaing
Ki ac rea, more or leaa
Dsti '. April J*th, \��T. P   J, BkiLLTT
W. W. BSkZ-LSt, Agec:
I. tht unienlgaed, after ��������� lay* Intend to apply lothe Hi'D. tte Chief C-samiaatoaez of Lan-u
tad Worki to purehaae tte following deterlbed
land: Commencia�� at the N K t . of Lot Ti��
Q. I., theoce wett tn chain*, theace aorth X
chatna, tbence eatt 40 c&aiea. thence tooth a-
cha:m to poiat ofeommeocemtai. coauumng **-*;
acrea mere or leaa-
The HaU Mining and Sme
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
U* ��> : Hi; :. .*���*.:    :* "
f. Ih* un-ierilgtied. a.'ierWdayi iniend to ap-
Ely lo tbe Honorable th* Chief CommlMloner of
anda and Worki lo pvrdUM :he following described land: (.ommencing ai a poat marked
.v K C.iitnal* a: the m-vuia oi love creek on
tbe wett ibore of Slocan lake, tbence weit At
chalm. lbence touth A) ehaim. theace weat A>
caaim, theace iouth **fi ehaiLi. then*.^ we*: *,:
chalm, theace touth tf chain*. tben��e eaat t.*
��� nam*, thence north fe*. chalm to point of c-jib-
Located March rib. 1WT       .s  T McViwrt.
Bixiy dayt after date I iniend to tpply to tbe i
Hoa. the Chief CommiMioner of Ltndi ava '���
Work* to purehaae lev acre* of iand:Commei.nn?
at t pott planie-l us UM *e��; tide or 6-M. ��� real
on the wagon roai ab-.it fix mikt from Ki>.:.
enay lake, and ma.-ke'i Neil McKecnnie * wath-
we��i corner pott, theaet wett �� chalm. then'e
north *) ibaim, thenre eail 10chaina. tbcMl
toutb fe* cbaini to place of berianlni
Located Otie *lrl cay of April. 1>C
Rm MtKinijtit,
E J ��u.iorr, Agenu
Sixty dayi afier dale I purpoae making appli- :
cation to the Chief <'ommiM.oaer of Laa it and
Work* for L-ermtatioa to purehaae the following
described Und: Com mencing al a jv-<*i t'iaJ. ij
at the toutheait corner of P-W Q Haullain'i
tppljcaUon to puaha**, marke-1 '*K. rt S.W
corner." running thence Sj ehaim nor h. thence
ft'chaini eatt. thenre ty cnalm toutb, lbence ty
chaini wvit to point of eommencemen:, containing 640 acres, more or lea*.
Dated the ttfc !ay of April. MOT
Per P. C.  PiCsnce. Agent
Sixty day* after date 1 iniend to apply to tin
Honorable tbe Chief CommUaloner of Land* and
Worti. Victoria, to purebaae 13j acre* tf land
in Weit Kootenay. and der-vrnted a* foflowr
Commencing at a j-c-hi planted on tbe tail i:-fe
of Arrow Jate a*, the *outhwett vrr.att of L'OA
tnd miiktsl -1 A *C: H��, comer," tbtnc*
easi 21 chatm. thence aoutb tf chalm, theace
ea*i S&chfciai, then-.* v.uih JO cht-jm to Mcte-
Delnier'i pre-empiion. tbence wett \4 chaini to
Ftnqutert application to purchase. Ifaaaep nortb
tf chaina ibeni-e we.'. Aj chaini to .tie inorc.
thence nortb along the lake inon- \o place of
March I��tb, IWI. J  A  Kcllt.
Take   notice    that   iliiy   cayi   after   due t
I intend to   tpply  to the H  nc-rtble the C&:*u
CommiMioner of Landi tnd  Works for permii-
tiua to purchaie lhe foi.o��:ng deaeribed land  .
iit-caw-1 in the Weat Kootenay  diitrfrt:   Com
menc*i2g  tt t  pc^t aiaated at  the   toath-ra*:
corner of Lot r��i. ���.*, the iouth ilde ol ihe Wett
Arm of Kootenty lake, theace tfchilaiwett to
aouthweat corner of aald  iou theace tf cbalm '
*���  .*.L  ihenc* tO chain* ea*t. tbence * chalm t
aorth to place of tommeaeemea:, coatalaing Km* ]
a    *���
April fad. 1*77 laktzes fiotsan<_jr     '
per Ka-vrtr w   :-..t;>*cs. Ageat
Uhoicwiitf ProvUlonm,
Produce, - Pruit.
BUM  hn after *ia:t I tVhfthfl toappiy to ine .
'. Hon Chief CotamiMioner of Ltadt and Worki   ;
Victoria,   B-C ,  to pcrchate tbe following de   (
faribad land, iltuated in vhe Weat Kootenty dis   !
tommea-MBf t; a ;-ott planted oa the
wett lid* of Koottaay iake, near Rhlnuceroa ,
p :sz\, and mark-*.! ;. MoKlnnon't a. E. corner
, pott, thence wta: ��� --taiBi- theace north ��
i ratllWi thea.t f��j*. R .Lam* more or lew to lake
1 i&ore. tbeuce along lake ibore to poini of coe-
* meneement
j Signed J McKikko-5.
Sixty days after   late I intend to apply to the
Hon. the   Cfcltf   ' orcmiaioner  of Landi aad
Worki. \ Icioru. for per mutton  to pun-awe lib
, acrea, more or 1cm. lituated in Wet*.  K *>:en*r
rtlitric<: i oDEtci mg tt t poat plaate-i lii!����j
on the a.:.;. _- _i1fcry of I>��t TftiVand adjoining
, s. ��   comer of lat tm, theace north 10 cbaiat,
theace we* i fa cbaiat. thenoe aouth tf cbaiat,
j thenc eeatt Kcbaiai, theace north 24 chaina,
j thence eut 20ehaim to polntof commenaemeot
j      L-ocated March JOth, 1SX. 1. J. Wra-wi-ap,
:     .-nty dayi after date I intend toappiy to ibe
I  Hod    tke   Chief   CommiMioner of Landi and
Worki  to   pun-haae   the   following   de*crlbed
landi:   Commeaciof at a poat planted on tb*
;  eait aide ol Lemon Creak tllhe month of the flrtt
north fork tnd mt rked -R. Cooper'* toutheatt
eorner,"running f�� cbalni wesi, north 4ucbtlnt,
eail �� cbaiat. and iouth fej chtlti* to place oi
Dated Marcb 30th, 1907. R coorrt
J. T. Tirrmo, Agent
Gorenunent Qveamerr On�� Pound Bncks ntthtjA wwkly fmh frml
rhum.   For sale br all ItAding grooers.
Office hnd warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone TV
Josephine Street. Nelson, B. C |
Slity dayt after dale I purpoM mating appli.
ca:i ��� Is the Honorable the Chief Commlaaioner
of Land* aad Work* for permlMlon to purcbaie
lhe following de*..*.Urd land: Commencing ti
a pott plated about one and balf milea etMof
ttkwm Tip Point on Wbm��han Lake, ntar Cbrit-
tie creek marked *F W.0JI*s.U eoraer," ran-
alar tbence rt ehttni weti lo join land located
by P L. HaBffir,*,.*!, a* ageat, theace -.* chatm
aorth. "ihenf* to chatm eaat. thence Nj chaini
���outh to pomi of commencemeat, containing
ttt acres, more or !e��.
Dated the '/tb day of a pm, i��rt.
m     _ F. Vi. 8. Han.*r*I��.
Per F. <j. laliqvm, Agen:
Sixty day* after date I intend to applv to the
Hon. tbe Cblef ComrciMtoaer of Lands an i Worki
Victoria. toparchaeeOtf tcrei of land m West
Kootenay dlitrlet: Commencing at a poet
planted tbout�� mliet from tbe moutb ol Moi-
qolto creek and abont one mile wett of ibe laid
creek aad marked '*H. B. K's a.W corner." and
running nonh ty cbaini, theace east ty ehaim
thence ioulb #> chalai, thence wett ty chalm to
J*.a -: '������. t-c;:.ClLi;
March J��lh, 1KT7. H.H   R��S,
J. E. AMUSU, Ageat.
Sixty dayi afwr dat-I m-end to apply to lhe
Hon- the Chief 'ommiaiioner (U L��_idi and
Worki to purrbas* tfc? Ial}�����-ing detcrlUd
Undi. f.t.mmei.e'igai a poit marked "L A.
Tipping! K,cifaweat corner poat" and planted
n-.tr H D. Cum*'* laad. about btU mile fn.m
Slocan City, running aorth to chalm. eatt 20
chaint iouth �� chatm. wett A) cbtiai io place
of eonnBeoccmeni "^^
Dtt*d Mareh llth, IS"- L. A. Txtnm,
1. T  Tim.��v, Agent.
���uty dayi alter date I latead lo app.y to tbe
Hon the Chief CommUtloaer of Lands mut
Work, to purchase the following d etc n bed land
located la Firi Valley dUtrUt of WHt Kuow-aat
CoBmeaeiagatapotlpUaierJatthes W. corner
of John Bang' p.-e-^mptioa, theiw �� cbaiat
toath. thence tf cbaiat wett, thence *ocbalm
north, thenc* tf chatm eatt tr pU<v ol beginnmg.
RicatkD Kkrik, Locator.
J.J. EBtt, Ageat
Notice U herebj girea that M dtyi alter da'e I
intend to make applhatioa u. the Konortble tba
thle'vomialtiioner ol Landi aad Worki at Vic-
toru foTDermiMioa to porcbate the following
oetc ibed.ltnil*: Commcaciaf tt a pott p* tn u ���'.
at ibe to-jtbeatt coroer of lot t%. group 1 ihent*
I wuth K chalm, theace eatt *> rhalni. thenee
. north 38 chtini. theace wett W cbaiat to point
of ^���lamencemeni. ooatalning Hit teres, more o��
Selion. Mtrch 77th. l��.-7. axkii L. Wing.
P. Wtpt, Ageat.
Bztj )tyi tfter date I intend io applr to the
Hoa. ��� blef 'VnamtiiloDer cf Land* anil Votaj
to par bate 2^ acta of land, cfaais on Uie cttt
iKfeof Arr>*w uke, about two mflf-s from Pur ton-
Cotameoctn? tt ��� Mil plaou-d a; tie n t corner
of L 6547, and mtried NT B't S W f,-irner anl
running ektt ty cbaini, ibenee aouth * cbalni
tbence wea* tf cbaini, thence iouth :*!�� chain*'
tkaaat **at tochajm. ibe ce north ����� chaini to
plaw of beBinai'g.
Burion. April 23rd, 3��T. Nt-iigT. hr.zx,
A. A. Briroy, Agent
sixty dtyt tfter date f intend to apple to tbe
Hon the Cblef Com ml.* toner of lUoSeaa
?,��!}Ja \**/*���, to Pu^^'e ihe mSaSa dS
a Hii* ��. corner, and pltn'ed o*ar the aortb-
K?K ��! lhl **2.**tcat oae kUc mt Sf
tjaeaa nrer. and mnniag eatt fc cbaiaa tolot
ftl tbence aortb Mi hain*. tbeac* weittOehaini.
ib?ot* ioulb tt) ehaim to place of U-rioaiai
Mtr.htth.mT. MiLfiaHtKi
    Pin. Ham, Agent
ttSatH drV.' Mxtt <ut�� I ii-^ao toip~wyto"ih.*
vC"_;n.*CR!i ^^^^'^'UadtaaiiraSs
��fciona, B. t, to parch tte 1* acrea *f  i��i?i
S!RSl.��fi ^h- ~So^,!tsMe_S
ten bei at followi- rnaai    ���   ���   '      ,   w
icribed mfoilows: CwjmM^7i'Then'o'th*_Tx
������l roaoing aortb to cbalm,
eoraer of Lot TSL.. ���_
ihence eatt ft ehaim. thence
Sixir dav* after date 1 intend to SMtf to th��
Jon. Chief ComailMio^er of Land* and Worka,
Victoria, to patehaaa Sa) acres of land in Wett
ITi.   f.n. r      A    _...ll 1     _.     .-11 .      !��� ._     ..
fitfj.-i*. w i-jfruaw '..,) arret oi   iano   in at
J Kontenay, d-s-rlU-J  as followi:   Commtoritur
tt a i��ft*i (i .aed up Mo��^ulto creek, about eight
uillt* fr"tn the moutb am marked E.Croat's w
comer, thence nort- �� chalm, thence ��i chtini
eatt, thenc* r> cbalm toutb, tbenee 40 chain*
wett u- pi*o*- of beginning
Feb.iSth,i*vr. mmCarn
3 X- AntaLk. AgtoL
s  J  B  tmUMM, Attttx
1   ____*_____}% ��"*"5��I* I lOWsl I0.ppir��lbi
; Hon '-hl*f(o-B_sl��k.c��r cl UsttttB*7mti
io rastMaat m um ol-,.__,_,, .; j*.. *;;*
Comatncltt, ., ,  v��� *��_^___ ,v,'_ r
. con,,. ,*_ n,__i,rrMnit �� S��.ii  ._-'-,.
! is: ss sag sj %T*fs*2_��^
Suty dayt after date 1 intend to tppij to the
Honorable the Chief t'ommiif'.noer of Landi tad
worki, Victoria, to r��irebate the follow-mr
described laadi la Writ Kooteaay dUtrlcT
< "mmenciag at a jM*t plantH at the fc.1 coiaer
��_,WJa_,.LoJri|,i >u"-��*���� hltm aad marked
���a. m t* t tUB eoraer," tnd incntag ��.��uih ��
cbaini, theace wrtt w chains, mecce aorta ��
ehaim. thenre cast *> hatt* to pla<-* of begin-
r * l-.w  m rtA  Minr, inlh. ILi   .-��.
a.rch sth. mc.
t Sl smw.
1  I   KSSASLt. A���ttl.
>otl�� u ber.sjy jitp-i in*t m .,.,, .iter <U:e I
I0t��n,l UstpplT lo the Honisr��Me iht CMll 'om-
muiloDtr ol Uud. ud Work, lor wr-muilon
to purr h�� ahoul I'IkmoI lind. litij.t, o.��r
lb, ftusi d'UKlll, riv... �����, Koc,t,0��i li.tn, i.
,osi iS.v.iii^t ��� s,, .,,���,; r���_sm_0,'laj, 4[ t
poil E��ik..t s,. I. itoiBKjii', n. W. ,orn��r p^v
!__")"<> Ihs -Ksaib boODdarj ,n<t as,-h��i��i
iron I* w p,., .,, L_t 7iMi t_eoc_ ,oui_ tfc,LI;o
chiln. 'lien-, ^��t ���Unit 3 ch.ln. to, |��,mt ���n
i������tti t.,-.i!_rr��nd��i.b��in��lro_iS ��' p.v.t
ol Loi,.11. ih^n�� nonh ?���) ,.*>���:_. ��_.| ih,��,_
* ��'. u":5* -1" I'1*'1 ^ t*Iinnlisf
*th K.rrB. 1-JO. 7;. �� T��o��*��w
 a. O  lASK. Af.nu
���lllj 4��j�� ,It,r d��te | Intensl lo ��pp*T to th,
Bo.oj.hi, the ChKI lommlMlone. ol ilil, .at
Horti.Mctor-***, to par. *���-��*. Mtimrm ot :wjd.
'iSSStZ?.., ',**' E"WH* "' '���-"- '���*��. ����'' le
,"S.**..l0,Uo*,: ���.oHo-thsinst it t r..i m.rk
ed J.H,.S.I <��ni.r .cl pl_wl .1 ih, .uuth.
��� rtl eorner..I Let MO, Grcsssp I. �����, K���.;,n,",
SLOPES "**" ""'��">������ "senr, ��,nlh ki
rts,ln,. tbisno, tut ttt rh,tni lo the ��kc .hoie
ihince nor'htloni tl,, :.j. io p,�����,>l u.���n���i_-
M��rrh ��ih. IKl. i lUiom,
   I.t  ATltTB IfWI
t-DM Comml��ion,r ol Und, ,n.l Work. Vic-
tort, wptirthw 1�� ��rw ol l.nsl U fir, v_l!���,
timt koo��n��jsli.ir:rt,,r.d,i__ nu__ _, ,���ilr,m;:
l..tnm,ntln�� .1 .  p.��t m.rkrt w   H   ��r'.chf��
���V��.h.*,i.'; ���""r: '/""���1' ��� '"h���ln������ ,he""��
ftl J!.,bS*!��'"s I***!". "' it'"-"tt. .t..: t��in��
J?.__.l_?__S1('-..,-3 S'���* in��U.r..l|S�����.,r"
���__��_.-_Y-,�� '".' <".1" s *-on.-,a.,t*r ol
1*. i!'�� ,-s In To-, nihip :i si. I
M.rtb mh, lw:. �����-. h .�������,,,.
B,^ffl.'ll",te ' ihKM to .pplj to the
i.^T^'Jf ' '"**" ,* tollowln, de^rlic.
Uud. ^l)olniM the Arrow Un 111 ��>.t _ ..,
m.,,'.?l ��'"i ��ft- ��*��rnr*, pre-emption nd
?,/.. .1 �� ll* ��*w��eiK��..h.i1.-ei0eii��!ni
nortl ��i���n, Uke .bore, thence jii ch.ln. ,_.t
thence Ai ch.lni K>titb tben-e X ch.lni wc.l 10
g.�� ol bctnnlD,. eonumu,, �� .ce,, m07e ,,.
April u. 1807 EvI_T!, ��,_���,
s-?.c"iw U 'eeebj ,lr�� ik.l K d.ri.ller daw 1
S'filfi'flfttSl "on rl,"ltoata'tSS!���
tJ U1.I1 .nd fcorki lor permlMlon to purcbue
lhe loilo��ln, de��crlbed l.ndi, ilisi.te In W��t
��friJZsrti c��*"""i��'t .1 .Utmiri
Tl.,... ,."',' r-Zr-*un*t, thence suuth tt,
��i��l.mu*'." "" ""'m ^DltS'r, ol H.
��lmi ��pplle��tlon  10 ponh-ue;  thenteeswtw
^...'���J'^iV0."1-' ���*<������������'": 'benci ��"! I
^��rmU'mSi'o\'L"matnNm'''i- �����**����""���!
����t*l thi, Uth d��j ol V.rch. UOT.
   i. L. PObTl*^
11%'i'lfH',.'"",**'" 1D:end to apply toTbi
vEi-2*'. c��u'��"��k.iier ol Uni. and Work.,
V___?w~. ��'";���>��* "�� trrr. ���l l.nd. in Flic
ItUtj.mm^samammi, .nd de*. ib��i.. Am i
i-otiBenclnr .1 a p��t planted .1 Waiter Bull 1
f J? wl """" *nd ��"'*el A r, B K. corner.
'HiZ'"'^' ������'"���.��> chain., thenc, -��. M
eh_ ���_.*.,,lt;" '?_-_' ���" ,l""'- 'benceeut sn
S&SI2 I ^ ,1 ,'"_T*.��L.hlp71 and a portion
J. M ArSAAU,, Ag.pt.      '
Nolle* i, hereby fieer lis*! ���ft"H
laics,.] t��� apply t'.-s the Hoa. Ci*!**
ol Und 1 and Worki lor gramma
������.-,,...::.; Imt-l a**t��i
dbtrict. on we��t kfc.re ol Ism, WJ*
a-ijoinin. Lot No tsvt. on Ihcussslt* *,���
at . po.1 marked "11,rr, Xcles^l Ml
Cs*t .nd i i.nted on tbe titoi.lt jfl^
ik*. .1 tbeKiulbe^l 1. ta-i a,' i*4 "
i t*it. thenc* we*t SO cb.lt.  MfM3
chain, more or lew to the nsnk I
I Futlmore'i P. R . tbeoc** ch.!��i��
f t*ld bound.ry to Uke. ttttn't ''rl*m
I lake more JB chain., more 01 It* **_
u.nsmen.emeDt. ��� ���
M.y *_nd. UOT. !,V\
Arent -HirHirTT"
,     Suty d,yi alter date 1 intensl *�� 1
I  Hoso.   the Vb et   Com_il-**ioti" ���   j_\
1 �� orka, Victoria. 10 punU�� ss W""l
W *.-.   K^.senay.   deKrtt-ed  " **]>_*_
��� mencln, at a  poil planled   ,b<1.c.jT
Mu*juito Creek Iron Ihe mmm ___
"A   l5." N W. eoraer.  thenc ______
the-oce eut *) cbalni. thence ��?���,JI
lheni-.- ���,chaini weat to pia�����**'''*'Z���
rehruary l��h.l��: \___\
1. t Sfy.tts.___l
���sixty dayi after da'e I mica
Hoo   *he  Chlel t oBmu��i,*sn
Work,, Victoria, to por. *.�����* '
W'c.l   Kooten.y,   dcss^-rlbel -".T'ijii
:..-.-.[..��� at . 1- ,: m.rkcd * l* '    -   .^
and belnf al lbe N.W. e..mer 0. ,-  J]
application to pnrcha��e wtstra ����^tt_i|
up M..��,ullo t:reek Irom thi ������","kS|
nlng aa cbalni aoolh. iheo" ��� _______
Ihence ao chaini norih. theoce �� '""1
place of beginning. ,. 1 .
rebru-arj l��th. IM ,/.   -
j. 1 amass*.'
SUty daya after date I Inieasi je iPJJ
Honorable lb, Chlel ItiHttttml.m't"'",
Wsirki. Victoria to purchaie ��� asm,
!c--��t��d on tbe weat ilde ol AlTtl*i___
de.rrlrnd saa lollowi: Commeacml ��J
::.rk. ���! P A'i X.E. corner, and p,i';7|-l
no-th ol the aoulhweit cornel �� _*__tm
I. Weat tooenay. and ronmn, ���""'���gg
thenc* waU �� chalm, IM���.fStm
tbence e��aT�� cbaini 10 place ol "l"^
J..rrbI,Ui.l��:.    ,Mt0y*��l_f
Milyd.-r, .Iter d.le I l������J"'*.
Honorable lhe Chief Commi..s*>��' ' L
Work, lor permii-l.in l�� tM*����*. .-.-a*
sleiertbed land lo Weal lll",,e!")_|..,*J,
al a poat aboul 00* aodesjss.rf'- ��'; _
Kaioooe Uii ling, and matwnjJJ'M
*. �� corner, thenc. oorth >rba ni. ��� _,
.Vch.lni. tbeoc* ��ntb -��fba.*ntll""n
chaloi lo point ol comoienieliis'a      Bu(��
March kind, 1�� :      (fl-ene__\______?3e
6 HIT d.T. .Iter date 1 "���"^"'.tsA
Hotio-niWe the Cblel I ��n����" h��, __
Metis Ior permlulon to purebsue ����� __^
dcs. rll*d bad in IM *t��*SfhatSti
��� t a poat planted OD lhe oorth ��/��_���
creek, ahiul three quirier. ffjfffl t.4
���l ,,,.,. aad nar.e.1 Ev�� 1-I' < ,M
tbeoc* norlb �� chaloi. '>���''���" 7$Mt
thenee iouth JO cbalni. thenct eul ���*��
polnl ol commenctmenl.        ...jsE"
March 2a.d.lWgoMti_(-g0,,.i���..*j
Sixty .lay, *am ������� ? g_S_? .flSl
Hon    ihe Cblel CommW.'^;-,,, ,D, i_\
... _s^,ut , ne mile irom ""-��,#,;��� ��'
maiked "K. Kobln-loo �� " " ' ,,,1. _
1011th ����� cbaina. Ibeoceea" ';.,-, 10 f��
norlb �� chain., tbenee well *>").
ctjc enc*mcut .���
tSS w m _,__,_., tattM v^t rospectors
Who Want a Good Arcticle Wil] Buy
fives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
| Cured and Smoked.   Our Hums Are
Excellent Also.    All Are Canadian
Goods.  Pure Lard in All Sizes.
L Burns & Co., Ltd*
,,.���, given uni :tu d��vN alter data I
,\_ iu iiie Bonorable tne (Intel Com-
Uiidi aod   Worka fnr a  ���peclal
���ut md earn awny timber from the
L .,*.:j��� i - Iii Weal Kootenay dis-
��� ������iii -mr at tpotl planted
nk  nf  Blueberry  creek, about
ui< Hi" rrvtrt  front   railway track,
1    ni rait, ihcnce ty <>liMn�� south,
iwett. llieneo -4t�� chalm  uorth,
��� wett, thenue 40 cbalm north to
IDA ���mt't.it.
'. Com menolni at a i>-��i planted
���i itOtrOl Location No l.tlmnce
tbenoaWcliaim north, theuce
... nee V) chalui tnutli, theuce ty
*    i   -da: ni toutb to point of
���in n-'itiK at apott pltaled
at ol nortliCHal corner of Location
+ nliHiui touth, thence .'A) chaini
,i clitloi uorih, thence i" chalna
io chaini toutb tbence So chalai
��� >1 cHiimeureinenL.
rreby given tliat 3u <l*vi alter date 1
ily to tbe Honorable tlie Chief Coin-
Undi and Worki, Victoria, for a
,.    to oal  and  wry  away liml*r
.��iiikdeaorlbad land ln lliedlftrlct
ie hi t poet ������,.-���: teveu milei from
Summit creek, in a wusterly direc-
l ii   M    Benny's northeaat corner
SO ihaini went, tlience 40 cbalm
. tn. halm went, tbence 40 chain*
i ni , imltiN ��� .i-i, tbence ���*���" cbalaa
s ki iiini nit euti theuce 40 cbalm
it "I i niiitTo-iircincot.
kjTUt, 1*7.
u. M bivhy, Loortsor,
anui'i ('rants, Ag-nt.
I- r. t'\ given that KO dayi atter tlate i
to [tie Honorable the Chief Com-
���and-*-* and Worki for a apeclal
|ut and carry twty timber from tbc
Ibed - -=��� - j ��� i - iltuated on the wett
��� < l> Creek Valley: Commencing
1 a half milea north of the Inter*
uudari Hae and about oue aud a
i>| tin* Nelion tad Fort-Sheppard
Qy'i laad grant In the dlatrlct of
icnclni   at a pott  planted   two
Hilt Slieep rrcek,  kuown ni  the
��� corner poit, joining J. K. Cramton'a
klm  No 1.. ug ty chalm  north,
I eatt, thenot HO chatm muth,
ilium* wu iKf'intol commencement.
IMan-h -ji -t  Hat,
mmenriug ai a pott planted at the
< orm rof lw ttlon No. 1, kuown at tbe
corner pottof location tio. 2, claiming
.'iiili, thence *) chalm eatt, then *e 80
rib, Ihenft* ho chalnt Wett to point of
March %let, WW.
ommenetni at a pnit placed hill a
ol I., ttlon Sn '1, kuowu at thu touth-
r.clttmlng "ochalna north, theoce mo
at, thenct W rhalni toutb, tbence W
t io Doiut of commanotiment.
J. 1>. gwiDRiMi, locator.
K   1   Kmukukjiv, Agent
|i> hereby Kiven that A) (lays after date
To applj t.. the Hon. Chief commlaalon-
t<l- ant Wi'rki for a ipecial llceuse to
-    away   limber  Irom  Uie following
Ik iltuated on the went tide of Hig
Nk \ alley, commeuelng about 4^ mllei
tiUTiiatlonal boundary line, and
ile west of Big Hbeep creek in tbe
|t*oit Kootenty J
imtnelnf at h post plauted about
I "I Hig Kheep creek, known a�� the
oer poit, claiming 80 ebalns nouth,
lm wait, tbenco i*o ehaim uortn,
in* i*a*t to point of commencement.
Commencing at a pout planted at tho
corner of Location So. 1. known nt the
corner post, claiming w chalnt north,
���lothim i-b-i. theuce M0 chalm aoulh,
bairn weat lo point of commencement,
oumenolng at a pott plauted at the
curnerol location No. 'i, known ai the
eoruer poat. claiming 80 chai ni north,
chain* wwt, theuce HO chalm south,
fcchatuivKM to polntof commencement.
ti April 16th, IWI.
J. P, gwKnaieo, t-ocator,
K.T  KmiluiklKN, Agent.
(Timber Limit bo. 2)
li hereby given >bat 60 duys after date 1
>applj to ihe Honorable the Chief com-
' ��>f landi tnd Worki  for   a ipecial
0 - ut aud carry away timber from the
1 ita rlbed land, iltuated on Kooakanax
Wett Kootenay dlitrlet:
'���������'��� i: ai a post plantcl at tho north-
iwofTunber Limit No WW, and mark-
Les'i mmi th wcsl eorner post, tbence
'ham*, thenco east M0 chalm, lbence
chatna, tnence weit 80 chalus to polntof
' March n, itw.      II. D. Lat, Locator.
(Timber Notice No, �� )
'"'lug at 11 post 1.1.1 ni.*il at ili<* southeast
��--no - limit, ami at ilie northwcit 001 nit
�����'f llceuse  No.  10240, thonce   norlb   160
' icnce enst 411 chains to west line of
enit No 10M5| following line of No.
10344, lixi chains, thence following Hue
t UconiQ No. Hi.!IU 40 chains to point of
��I March tt, IWI.       II. D. I.Ka, I-ocator.
[I Imber Notice No.4.)
" Is lii'reby given lhat 00 dan after date I
toapply to the Hon, Chief f'ornmlsstonor
I" ami Worka for a ipeelal liceme to cut
rry away tlmher from the following (ie-
I '""'Is, hltuau'don Kooakanax creek In
����y district, nnd about 11 vo mllei
\Pftr Arrow lake:
icing nt a p(int p'nnted on the north
iek and nhoul half ti mile from creek,
'cd ll D. U>it'i soiithenst corner post,
11!- HO chalui, thencu west HO ebalm.
utii N chains, thence cam HO chains to
|Wd March ill, 1907.       II  D I.ka, Locator.
(limber Notice No. f>.)
paiene|nK  Hl  h ,KI(ll ���mrklul  H.  D. Lea's
wal corner post, theuce north W chaiui,
^���Ktbf eait lliieor No.4 location, theuce
""Hi",  thence noutli 80 chalm, thonce
��������. , V,lls,"l,"liil ol coiiimcncenieni.
|��i"l Maroh II, iuu7.      H. I�� Lies, Locator.
(Timber Limn No. tl.)
h 1..1  ?W Klvt'n tl"1' Blxty day" after
I c "I. V   ,'" H!'l>ly   to the  Honorable the
nilmloner of Unds and Works for a
i'n. 1 11      lo ,,,u *nd  carry away timber
k   J"Ir     "f a��Wlb��dlMa, tltiiatcd about
i\ i-r.. J"!11 ... ' "PPT Arrow lake on Koot-
#,'  , k,','nNU-" Kooienav dlsrlct:
KIJi���| ���� �� poit planted nud marked II
Bi   1..,,,nW,'Hl comer post, thonoo east W>
���is'tin tu ""ll,h 8P ohtiint, tbence weit ho
���"������iiii'iii      "orth m Ohwni to point ol com-
��ted Mareh Bl, 1907. H. D. LtA, Taicator,
���"'ii'" 1 ri ,K ,lt.'1 l,"Nt ttlnntod and marked H.
if to lln*. , '���"''uer poit, iiioiu-v Mniili 80
��we#t�� ', lPfl *^��* '*nu of Na.rt limit.
An., a? ,'S*��0ii llieneo north 80 chatm,
au 1 l" Point Ol commencement.
1Jl��"')"ll,1907,      H.Il. Lit, locator,
IU,|,|11", i'i.i'i ?' ?!V!','! "'*'��" days
m*rts   Uv  .    ur ������PB'dai mthm,	
HWlihdifl. wiTO<ra.r 'mm tho following do-
Ul lu A ttt Kooteuay dlitrltit:
im that Hn days from ditto
use to nut
pommtnolni at a jmit planted on the north
bank af to M|lr creek about one mile tnd a half
from Hloean lake, marked K Htrmnd'i northwest
comer piwt. theuee east IflO cbalm, tbence iouth
W0halus, thenee well IG0 ehalin, thence aorth
���Wclitnm to polnl of commencement.
Dated thii .'in day of March, l'J07.
  K* ���'TKA!",��� UtPhUa,
Notice fi hereby given that TO dava atter date I
Intend toapph to the Hon. the Cblel Commie-
���loner of Undi mid Worki, at Victoria, for a
special liceme lo cut aud carry t*ay limber
from the following described landl lu Yale district:
No.L-Oommcnelng ata post plnnted about 10
chains chhI i>| main EetUa flWr and ahout one
mile more or lesi norih of Q*V K. Hlock No.
:��:*n, and marked Boundary Lumber Co'i 8. K.
corner poll No. 1, thene�� HO chalm ii'rth. theuce
Nn chains weit, thence fW chaina touth, thenoe 80
chalim eaat to tbc point of commcucetneut.
I'ated Mar h22ud,lW7.
N t, 2.-'ommenclnK tt a poit planted abont 10
chsini eait of main Kettle river about 80 chalnt
north of Boundary Lumber Oo'i Location No. 1,
and mined Boundary Lumber Co'i H. jc. corner
post No. 2, tbeuce ��0 chalm north, thence 80
cbaini weit, thenoe 80 chalnt iouth. thence tO
cliaim east to the point of commencement.
Dated Zind March, 1907.
No. 3.- Commencing at a post pleated about SO
chalm east of malu Kettle river aad about 80
chalnt nortb ol Boundary Lumber Co'i location
post No 2, and marked Boundary Lamber Co'i
a. K. oorner poit No. 3, thence 80 chalm nortb,
thence 80 cbaini weit, thence 80 chalm Muth,
thence 80 cbtlnt east to tbe point of commencement.
Dated March 22nd, 1W7.
No, 4.���Commencing tt a post planted about
If) chalna east of the main Kettle river and about
ho chalnt north of Boundari* Lumber Co's location post No. 3, aud marked Boundary Lumber
in'- B. K. corner poit No 4, tbenee HO chalne
north, thence 80 cbalm wett, tbenee 80 chalne
iouth, tbence 80 chtini eait lo thc point of commeucemcut.
Dated Marcb 22nd, 1909.
No 6.���Commencing at a post pltnted about
I.S chaini eait of main Keltle river and about
two miles north, more or leai, uf Itoundary Lum-
ber-. o'i l,ocatlou No.4, aud marked Boundary
Lumber Co's H K. corner poit No ft, thence 80
chalm north, thence 80 ohalm west, thence 80
chains south, tbence 80 chalm eail to the point
of commencement.
Dated March 23rd, 1007.
No. 6.���('ommenclng at a post planted about 25
chaliiH east of main Kettle river ou 0 I1. K. line
bloc 1 No. .1711, aud about 80 chaini north of
Boundary Lumber *'<.'���*. lm-iiium |m-t mi. ,'.. and
marked Boundary Lumber <Vi B. !'.. corner post
No. f>, Ihcnce HO cbalni uorth, following ft 1' R-
llne block No 2714. tbence 80chalnt west, thence
80 chalm south, iheuce 80 chalna eait to tho
point of commencement.
Dated March z.ir.l. 19OT.
No. 7.���Commencing at a post planted about
1.') chatm west ol thc mam Kettle river on C i'.K.
line bl >ck No. 2711, UM about HO chtini north of
Boundary Lumber Co's loeatiou post No. 6, and
maiked flnuitiltry Lumber Co'i H K. corner pott
No. 7, lbence IflO chalm north, following 0. P, H.
Hue block No. 2714, theuce 40chtlm weit, thence
160 vbalm south, tbence 40 cbaini eaat to tbe
polntof commencement. ���
Dated .March Bra. 1907.
No. 8.���Commencing at a post planted about
'JO chains wett from river bank aud about 8 milea
aouth, more or leai. of the latt east branch of tha
ea��i fnrk of tbe mnlu Keltle river or about IS
milea nortb, moreor less, of 0. P. K. Bloak No.
2714, on eail fork of Kettle river, marked Bound-
try Lumber Co'i N. W. corner post No 8, thence
Ml chalui east, tbence Hu chalm touth, tlience 80
.limn*, west, tii c i* 80 chaiui nortb to tbe point
of ei.01 me 111 *eiiicut.
Dated March Hth, IW.
No. v.���Comment*ine at a post planted about
20 chalui weit (rom rlrer bank, on the eaat fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chalm touth of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location poil No 8, and
marked Bouudary lumber Co'i N. VV. eorner
post No. 9, tbenee 80 chalm east, thenc 80 chains
BOtttbi thence 80 cbalm well, thenco 80 chalne
north to tbe potnl of commencement. '
Dated March 2Mb, 1907.
No. 10���Commencing at a poit planted about',
20 ebalni weit Irom river hank on the eait fork
ol Kettle river, aud about 80 cbalm touth of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location poit No. 9, and
marked Boundary Lumber Oo'i N. W. corner
poit No. 10, thence 80 cbafm east, thence 80
cbalm iouth. thenee ho chaiui wett, thence ty
chalus north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 2Mb, 1907.
No. lie-Commencing tt a pott planted aboat
15 chaini west from river bunk ou the eait toifc
of Kettle river, Hnd about 80 chnlni iouth of'
Boundary Lumber Co's location Mat No. 10, nnd.
marked Boundary LumliertVs N. W corner posl
No II, tbence 80 chains east, thence Wl ohMDI
toutb, thence 88 chaiui went, theuce HOc'ialu*
north to the point ol commencement.
Dated March __.lh,l��r7.
No. 12. -Commencingat a boat planted aUmt 12-
cbalni west (rom river bank in tbe eait fork of
Kelle river, and about 80 chalm touth of
Boundnry Lumber Co'i location post No. 11, and
marked Bouudary Lnmber Co's N. Vt. corner
no* 1 No. 12, thenee 80 chaini eait, thence 80
chalm touth, thence 80 chaini weit, thenue 80
nortii to the point of eommeucement.
Dated Marcb .Mh, 1907.
No. 13.- Commencing at a poet planted about
12 chains west (rom river bank on the eait lork
nt Keltle river, and about 80 chains smith of
Bonndary Lumber Uo'b location post No. 12, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'i N W. cornor
out No D<- Ihcnce 80 chaini eait, thence 80
chains iouth, tlience 80 chaini wett, tlience ID
chains north to the point ol commencement.
Dated March Mth, 1907.
No 14, Commencing al a poit planted aboul
10 chaini \r it from river bank on the eait fork
if Kettle river >unl about 80 chains iouth of
Itoundary Lumber Co's location pott No. 13, and
rked ftoun lary Lumber Co'i rf W. comer po��t
No 14 tlience 80 chains eait, thence 80 chalm
Sill, tlience 80 chalm weit. tbence HO cbalm
north lo lbe polut of c.m.meucemout.
Dated MnrclriMb. mn.
No 15,-Oommencing al ii poit planted about
10 chains wett irom river bunk on theeastfork
,    Ketlle  river,  iml about HO ehalni south of
mind, y Umber Oo'i k��1��2 ?' R,,li W?i��
Boundari Lumber Co'i *   VV. corner post No. 16.
thanoa M chains east, tbence 6n chalm iouth.
llienee ftTcbnlns wcsl, thenco 80 chains uorth lo
nolnlol commencement
rated March 2Mb, 1W.
So le.-Cnminenelng at ft ml igMJW ��&*J
8 chain* weil from river bunk on the enit lork o
lie     ���   river,  and  about 80 ehalns   touth   ol
marked Boundary Lumber co'i N, w.mniery ��
n   V tnence rf ohaini eu , Ownoe BO ohMnj
eoutli. llienee P cliaim WOlt. theuco 80 cbaina
north to tho point of commencement.
Dated March Bth. iwff. _   .
No H.-t'ommenelnK ItftpMl panted about
r, .VhattiB wen from river bunk on the eaat fork
ntKeUU river, and ebont 80 eliains iouth o
fttSSS Luntbcr Co'i iQCftUonport No. I    am
88!In? ��o ith       e .com. cluilns west, lbence HO
I Sl S! nmui to the point ol commencement.
Dftttd March '2Mb, 1807. ,    .     ,
*__\^g3tt^^*/t^ ��
lloimslurv   ���iiniii", '   "���,*'���. S.W. mrner
���Vm w*!Bj3s, mJ&lfEmt a*.
Boundary Smelters Likely to Grant Advance���Detail, of Rescues by
Joe Snively.
Grand Fort-a, May 23.���A considerable
amount of speculation exists here now
as to what action the directorate of the
Oranby company will take with reference to allowing Its employees the re-
quested ,'.'. per day for eight hours work.
A prominent mining man arriving here
loday from Oreenwood Btates that the
general feeling there aud also In other
Itoundary towns Is thut the men should
be allowed the desired advance in wugcB
owing to the fact that any work about a
smelting plant lankH amongst (he very
must huzardous classes of work available, owing lo tbe gases und smoke,
us well us the cuntlnuul danger of bodily
Injury to nny one employed on the
works. From the latest information to
hund it ls more than likely that when
this Granby Biuelter blows ln its furnaces
lu a few days time, tbe lowest wageB
on the pay roll will be $:i for a day of
eight hours work, as the Granby company, heretofore noted for Ila liberality
towards its employees, Ib not likely to
be the llrst of tho Houndary smelters
to refuse the small Increase asked for,
especially when the price ot copper Is
ranging between 'ill and 25 cenls per
To drop Into the raging foaming
waters of the Kettle river some fifteen
feet deep at the First street bridge, and
to float down stream on a chunk of
wood, to he picked up a mile down the
river by Joseph Snively, ln his row
boat, was the thrilling experience of
John Hutchinson, a pioneer resident of
Grand Forks, lt seems that Mr. Hutchinson was standing on the log jam at
the bridge yesterday afternoon when he
missed his footing and fell into the
river, but very fortunately he managed
to catch an old root of a tree and by
this, means kepi his head above water.
In the meantime Joe Snively, who ls an
excellent boatsmun, saw the accident
and without delay manned his boat and
started down stream after the perishing
man. lly this Ume hundreds of people
crowded the bank of the river and several roller parties were sent down the
Btream, but by the time they arrived
opposite where Hutchinson was they
found that their work was already done
for Joe Snively had already dragged Uie
half drowned man Into his boat. Mr.
Hutchinson was at once driven back to
town where he was received with
cheers, and whero he received treatment and soon revived. Too much
praise cannot be given Mr. Joseph
Snively for hlB heroic act In rescuing
his brother citizen from a watery grave.
Another fatality by drowning was
narrowly averted yesterday, this time
tho victim being young Arthur Clark,
the nine year old son of Mr. Robert
Clark of the Seattle mine. It seems that
the lad along with his older brother
Leslie, a lad of thirteen, were playing
on the bank of what Is known bb a
borrow pit Just beside the C. P, R. track
near Niagara, when the earth gave way
and landed young Arthur in about nine
feet of water. The lad not being able
to swim immediately sank. In the meantime his brother waa calling for help
and his crleB reached his father who
was quite a considerable distance off.
Mr. Clark on reaching the water plunged into the little lake juat iu time to
rescue htB child, who had sunk the
third time. When landed on the shore
It wna some time before, and with great
difficulty, the boy was restored to consciousness.
Word has reached here today that
Tom Kennedy, who waB employed on
Uie log drive of the Yale Columbia Lumber company, at Midway, was drowned
near Midway a couple of days ago by
falling under the logs. .. 	
The Duly Canadian
�����  -
���   I     "I
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel a Poaltry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker and Ward Sta.
KotUw it herebv given thai al a meeting of tha
lloant o( LleeucoCoinmlttlonert, to bo hurt alter
the expiration of thirty dayt, I Intend to anply
for a trantter of my hotel ItMttM for tho OrfitOn
hotel,at crotton, toflfforge ��� Md.    ,   '
16th fttay. 19��7. B. J.MH.UM.
Kotlce It herehv given that I will apply at the
next meeting of the Meeuie Com mitt lone m,
for tho City of Nelton, to have the lltinor llcunto
of the Silver King Hotel trantlerrc.1 from my-
self to Kobert Piilllel, of the City of Nelton.
Datod miu 70i day of May. 1907.
K. M   MKANbl.lMH
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner*
To Charles O. Hlmraon, or any otber pertoti
to whom he may have transferred hit Interest la
the "May Blossom" mimr*l claim, iltnated on
Hrowu Moiintiitn, two and a half miles southwest of Ymir, iu tbe Nelson Mining nivbioii, of
West Kootenay District, and recorded In the
Hue-order'n ofllee. for the Nelton Division.
You and eaeh ol you are hereby notified that
I bave expended livo hundred and five dollars
(���ju-'i.tui) in labour and Improvementa upon the
nbove mineral elalm Id order to hold the same
under the provisions of the Mineral Aet. tnd If
within ntnetv dftTM from the duto of this notleo
you fall or muse tO contribute your portion of
the expenditure, (which it one hundred and two
tlfty dollars (|lfi'2.A0) tor ihe two yearn ending
Kth Mny, 1'.Hj7,) together with ali eosta of adver
tlsing, your Interest iu the aald elalm will become the property of the undersigned under
net'. 4 nl mi Aet entitled*. ''AnAoi to Amend the
Mlueral Act. IWO." .     -;	
��������� ���""���*���' **-BMr-ja��-*iu
Birthday   of   Flnt   Great   BoUnlit   I.
Celebrated in Capital of Hla
Native Country.
Stockholm, May 23.���All the universities and learned and scientific societies
of Swedeu today held exerciseB In celebration of the 200th anniversary of Carl
von I.lniie, the father of the modern
science of botany. Llnne, often known
as LlnneuB, the Latinized form of the
name, was born ln the province of Sma-
liiinl, May 24th, 1707, aud died In Upsa-
la, Jan. 10th, 1778 He was a naturaliBt of
the highest rank and not only was a
most enthusiastic Btudcnt and explorer,
but placed the knowledge of plant life
on a scientific basis. Ills system of
nomenclature still prevails as does a
similar system of zoology.
Llnne wus u son of a Lutheran clergy,
mun and In childhood was designed for
the ministry, but be was so fascinated
by flowers and plants that be made no
headway In his theological studies. His
father was advised to bave him taught
a trade, and In fact he was apprenticed
to a shoemaker, but, fortunately for the
scientific world, Dr. Rothman, a physician at Wexlco, who had noticed the
boy's enthusiasm for botany, prevailed
upon the father to allow him to study
medicine and natural history. The
physician took young Llnne Into his
own household, and there he studied
and worked among the plants and flow-
era for aome years.
Ambitious to pursue his studies the
young man went to the university of Up-
aala. He was unable to obtain employment and while at the university he suffered at times from actual hunger. Later
he attracted Uie favorable notice of one
of the professors, who obtained for him
financial assistance.
ln 1732 Llnne made a botanlal tour of
Lapland, mostly on foot, a journey of
4,000 miles, which resulted in his first
published work on botany, it was su
well received that it excited the Jealousy of Dr. Rosen, professor of botany
ln the university faculty, who had him
dismissed from the university on some
shallow pretext. The unfortunate young
man then journeyed to northern
Sweden, where he assayed metals and
did odd Jobs at the mines. His steps
next led him to Holland, where be pursued his studies and completed several
of his most Important botanical works.
He was fortunate in finding a wealthy
patron, who sent him to England to
study tlie gardens and herbariums there,
and where he made the acquaintance of
all the British botanists. He visited
Paris also and learned the theories and
methods of tae French gardeners.
Returning finally to Sweden he established himself ln Stockholm as a
physician. His ability was almost Immediately recognized and he was elected president of the Royal Academy. The
chair of botany in the faculty at Up-
Bala was the height of his ambition,
and he attained lt in 1741 upon the retirement of his old enemy, Professor
Rosen. He soon made that department
of science in the university of Sweden
famous throughout the entire world,
and students came from all countries to
receive his Instruction. Distinctions of
all kinds were bestowed upon him by
foreign nations as well as his own. He
was elevated to thc rank of a noble and
took the title of Von Llnne. All the
learned bodies of Europe elected blm
to members ship and he received invitations from many of the great universities to join their faculties.
lt was at the university of Upsala
where the most notable of today's observances was held in honor of
the great botanist's 200th anniversary.
The exercises were participated in by
representatives of many of the universities and scientific societies throughout
the world, including the Linnaean society of London, the Smithsonian Institution at Washington and Shaw's botanical gardens at St. Louis. During the
day tho Linne monument in the Cathedral of Upsala, where the famous botanist was burled, was piled high with
floral tributes sent by the leading scientific societies of the world.
For Immediate
Sale Only
Exceptional opportunity to acquire house situated on two of the
finest resldental lots In Nelson.
Easy of access and on level grade
from bustnoss centre. Residence
contains hall, sitting, dining and
bedrooms, bath nnd kitchen pantry.
Large coal and wood shed. Electric
light, water and sewer.
F. B. L.YS
Weat Bakar Street        NELSON, B. C.
Th' Strathcona
Nelwn, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
Notice ls hereby given that thlrtv dava after
date 1 intern to anply tothe Bonn! of Licence
Commissioners for tlie Ymir district for a transfer of the licence held by mo for the Kort Sheppard hotel to V. Adle.
The Lending Hotel in the
Good   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Bakar Mrwt, Nelion. B. 0,
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated br Bot Air
Larf. and iiomlorUble Bsdroomi and flrat>
olaMUlulissi Usssiiu.   sample Koomi lor (Jonunui.
Mai   K.n
MBS. B. (!.CI_IHKE, froerletrMi
Grand Central Hotel
Thla hotel hai been completely renovated and
newly furolabod with all modern equipments.
Hot water heating throughout.
RATEB : Rooms, 60c. npwards ; meala   25c.;
sifdal rates by the week.
J. A. EBIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 260.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice, Nelson. B. G.
Tremont Hotise
Bnropean and Anerlca-a Plan
HmIi X Ota.   Boomi (mm a CU. lo H
Onlj Wilte Balp Implored.
Bakn St., Nelion Proprlnon
Bartlett   House
Best DoIlir-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar U the Flnott.
White Help Oslj* Implores).
.Mcphlne Bt.
Royal Hotel
Bates tl and fl.CO a Day.
Special Batea to Regular Boarders.
Moit comfortable quarters. In Nelion
Only the -best of Liquors -and cigars.
A-McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Butter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
Examination for Assayers for Licence to
Practice in British Columbia.
An Examination (or Awayera will be held In
Victoria on the 27th Hay and (ollowlng days.
Entranco for auy examination muit be made
in writing to tin Secretary of the Board of Examiners, at least ten days before the date iet lor
beginning of examination, and must be accompanied by the prescribed fee (|15)
Any additional Information desired may be
obtained (rom Herbert Carmlchael, secretary,
board of examiners, Victoria.
Minister of Mines.
Department of Mines,
Victoria, li. C, 16th April, Fin.
Notice Is hereby given that the Wattsburg
Lumber company nas applied to His Honor the
LieutenantOovernor la couucil, uuder the pro-
vlnionit ol thc "Elvers and Streams Act," (or the
riKhtto improve Kylcorts creek. In the district of
West Kootenay, Brliif.li Columbia, by removing
the obstructions thcrelrom and straightening
the imu bs thereof, and to construct damn, booms,
slides and chute*, and nuke such other impiove-
inotits as may be necessary (or the driving and
rafting of loirs aud the II urn lug of ttm her thereon
Tho lands to be affected are govermcut lands and
I<ots'J51 and A't'i, Group 1, Kootenay district, and
the tolls that are proposed to be charged, tf any,
are such as may be fixed by a judg-j of the county
court of West Kootenay.
Dated this Hth day of March, A, D. 1907.
WaneU, B. C, May lit,
(Signed) A M. Sriilm.
-, 1U7.
I have Juat returned to Nelaon and
have opened up at the aame old atand,
and now ready to do all kinds of
KAL80MINING. Shop rear of Bartlett
Owner lives out of town and is anxious to make a quick
deal.   Call and see us for particulars ; we can
make it worth your while.
Brydges, Blakernore & Cameron, Ltd.
Two of the Best Improved Ranches
With liroring orchardi! and running witter on -each propwtj.    Theae proportion can be pnrohaaed on reamnable terma if acrid at once.
Choice Fruit
I Hare 10,000 Actes
Choicest Fivtt Lands la
-DtttlBB * _*owftnMn ���
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
40 Acres First-class Frait
Land on Kootenay Lake I
s   Within ���/, mil* of Earl Grey*. Raneh.
V* mile lake frontage.   Free from rock.
I   Plenty water.   $38 par acre, on terma.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to tbe undersigned, at his
uiike In tho Court Houae, in the Cltjr ol Nelaon,
will be received up till the-hour of five o'clock,
in the afternoon, of Friday, May Slit, 1*17, for
the purchase of the "BUrer Champion Mineral
Claim," Lot 8438, Group 1, Kootenay District,
which was deviated to be forfeited to the Crown
at the tax sale held In the City of Nelson, on the
6th day of November, 1906, for delinquent taxes
up till June aoth, 1906, and coata
���i he upset price upon tne satd mineral elalm,
which includes the amount of delinquent taxes
and costs at the time of forfeiture, with interest,
taxes which he��e since accrued, costs of advertising and fee for Crown Grant (l2S0o,)u|81.S,
which is the least aniounttbat wilt be considered
as a tender. , j
Eaen tender mutt be accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full amount ot the tender,
payable Ut the order of the Deputy Commissioner
ol Uml and Works, at Victoria, B C, at par.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, thia SOth day of April,
Government Argent, Neleon, B. C
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to the undersigned, at his
office la the Court House, in the City of Nelson,
will be received up till the hour ol five o'elock In
ttie afternoon, of Friday, May 31st, 1907, for the
purchase of the ''Bryan Mineral Claim," Lot
1699, Group 1, Kootanay r .strict, which was
leclated to be forfeited to the Crown at the tax
sale held in the City of Nelson, on the 6th day
of November, 190.V for delinquent taxes up till
June 30th, 1905, and costs
Tbc upset price upon the said mineral claim,
which Includes tbe amount of delinquent taxes
aud costs at tbe time of forfeiture, with Interest,
taxes which bave since accrued, cost of advertising, and fee for Crown trant (fib.00.) is 193.31,
whicli ib the least amount tbat will be considered
aa a tender
Each tender must be accompanied by an ac*
rented cheque for thc full amount of the tender,
pnyabiu to the order of the Deputy Commissioner
of Lands and Works, at Victoria, B. C, at par.
Dated at Nelson, B.C., this 80th day of April,
Government Agent, Nelson, B. 0
Victoria Day,
May 24th
Medfctoe Hat vs. Nelson
New S.S. Kuskanook
Nelson Gty Band
Leave Nelson 8 a. m.
Leave Kaslo   7 p. m.
$1.50 RETURN
Tickets on Sale at City Met Office
Land Registry Act
Take notice tbat an application bai been made
tn register Hugh Ross Llnklater an tbe owner in
Feu filaiple, under a Tax Hale Deed from Robert
A. benwlelt. Deputy Assessor of the Nelson As-
ncssrneut district, to Hugh Ross Llnklater. bear-
lug date the 7th day of August. A. D. 19ob, of all
and singular that certain parcel or tract of land
aud premises situate, lying and being ln the
Town of salmo, lu tbe Province ot British.
Columbia, more particularly known and described as Lot 18, Block ' lr\ Town ot Balmo,
(Map tsi'i), being a sub-division of Lol 20Ra, Group
1, Kootenay district.
You sud each of you are required to contest
the claim of the tax purchaser within fourteen
days frum tho date of the service of this notice
upon you, aod In default of a caveat or oertlBca'o
nf lis pemleus being filed within such period,
you will be forever ebtopped aud debarred from
Hutting up auy claim to or in respect of the said
land, aud I shall register Hugh Ross Llnklater
as owner thereof.
Dated at land registry offlce, Nelson, Province
of British Columbia, this'21st day of February,
A. D. 1907.
District Registrar.
To Mimlock A. Henderson	
In the -matter of ssn application for the luue of
a duplicate of the Cerllllcate or Title ol Luis :i ansl
4, Block 17, Un 9, Block SI anil Lot 12. Block 10,
Nelsou Citv (Maps 21* and 266A )
Notice Is isiTs'i-y Kiven that It la my Intention
to tssssss- a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for
thealKivss lots at the expiration otonemonth alter
the llrsst publication hereof in the uansc of Krani
Jacob)' anil null I'ohll.wliicliHsrtltcateotTitle
la slalcl this -ttli day of January, Ittft, and numbered 4*7 A.
District Registrar.
Ian' Re,!atry (intce, Nelaon, B.C
tth, April, IUR.
K. J. OOTLE,           J. 8. CARTER,
A.Q. P. A..Vancouver. P.P. A., Nelaon
W.   O.   aiLLETT
Contractor and
Sole -agent (or the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yarda. Rough -and dreued lumber, turaed
work and brackets, Coast lath and ahinglea, faata
and doors. Cement, brick and Ume (or aai*.
Automatic grlndor.
Yard and 1 aclory: Vernon Bt.. last ol Hall
P. U. Una Vtl. Telephone IM
F.C GREEN      F.r. BURDEN      A.H. GREEN
Qvil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Swreyors
.    I*. 0. Box 145   PkooeJtlB.
In the matter of an application lor the Issue ol
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title lor Jin un-
dlvbU'd 'ao( lot 48XJ, group t, In the 4lstrictof
Kootenav (except pan 12.if acres thereof.)
Notice ls beroby elveu that It Is my Intention
to Issue at the exi)ir:iM.in of nne month after the
llrst publication tu-n.ni it iiii|>licatvotths Certlfl-
iate of Title tor t��e above m-ntloned lands, in
the name of Malcolm McCorinlck, which Certlfl-
vmtti Ih ''and the 19th September, 1101, and nam*
bered 754 a.
Und Registry Offlce, Nelson, B.O.. April tM.
1UU7. H, K. M_.cLt6K
i, r. mmm.\i-m*vv,
District KhMth \
The Daily Canadian
Australian WEST Kixm-XAY
EliCKE* Cj.
.-w-t. - rn -   hi j..
Fresh 22: 5i:d Meri
jtw^sk ;r-i:*- > ��.i:nif  ms   tr**i wit-
TT-firT������*���*���    ::�����-������ -'- '
E-  C.   TRAVES    V-ica-re.
it  uk H.x" sxcms _   .
EmBoj f '�����._. b  ar ii_��-
by Kate Douglas Wi<
~ PRIEST, by       ....       Harold Bi^
a:-; : l v:-:rs. by       -     -     g��o. Ba. r MecJ
.:-  A ROGUE,       - - -       Harold Md
the hoover h:m_   Canada Drug & Book Co'y, i]
: =   E i �� �� =   i -:   rt "��� r D P-: *���*  f ���
"1*1*1��������� tth -"������v"i*i^'vvY^"i,N'yv.'y*yY^
| Bargains!    Bargains!    Bargain
Ow Fancy Vesting* Must B�� Sold
Thus   Month   Regardless   of   Cost.
*    : . -    a. -,,-   , -rt".-.;,';-  I' 'X.    a, : ���.- tl SC
-i ��� ri.: ��� ���!������    ::.: !  ;���:  i-; ! :-!iist:   '-.- V.'X.   .-.'.���t.Jt
....   .....     .._   .__......... .  ,. -.. ..    ,   ;::-
J         ' 4;!:i:..^L::            Baker St.. Nelion, B.C
_=*.;-__., ���
���                .. !i :-.:.    !-'-_J3
1 New
Goods Arriving Dai
*   ::-: !-.��     ���<  :'  _: ���; .a-.sj  Sr*T 1-3 M��-*tJ MrU   i Stow.
1  a:   l   -.        ;-;���   : ���   E:   ���-,   .-.   S-:tA     "WALKC.ER"   :-���
ll*KTW   Slk     IT.
i^sJS��2fc^��*sli,��i^_i__t... 4
.'.=.����� -i-'tZiL-2J3Ba
W. G. Thomson ta(j *?" *rl M MaDO Spring is Here
I'_r      ._?.-:
John T. Pierre. Baker St.
Old Curiosity Sho,'
_;  7: z  vi:*  -     *
fs ���-: **_..   " '. C. -
Sam   -V.   ."_:.-_rsfcf
tl. Mai, :: ___-*
~ - ir r.    *.  '"     "���
Wanted to Buy
���i rvv.t z-i'.-vv. ::: ::.... .....   __'���_���_  - _-s;Eg :=:���:��� 5:ockall4
���-..'_'.���>.���.':���: : : :.-.s nz.z~.tz gardener orhoasebo'.dtr SpT
Shorels, Rike-s. H a   .-:.:_ Forks. Tree Prtnm,
Tret Sprayers, .--a:: Garden Tools, Etc.
Sec Us
- - - ��� ..
j rr_^- : :-; r-:.-_-.-
}��-_.���*   Kffin.
^-   ^ :-   ���"   Vi:   *-:r_ __ l  ���_   7  5
For Good Froit Land  ;~""       a. , ,_
  V   ifl-.i   <_   E- -.__.     -   -_
:c Acre S!_.:V-i :: S-oo V.   v ;:.____�����
Acre Bl >cks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easv Terras.
:*.' Ki;
:ts.7 i- =���-. Kiro..-?-* s riirti  w_r-
-i.?   t: -_w __i~_tf*  ;; Kt    ���".��� ���
E L Croadsdaile & ��   .
{���Tin lag
B. C.
SAMUEL  A.   WVE   Pi*a��> aai Singing Lenoos
  ; ���'.- t.i w-t * -���_.- e..-.. s.-_-ii.
>-E.*T.'.3 EM*S��EP_
A:   ���: ::j   :'  ..'t* ir   ? i_j   ;;
Mr-.t-    sr|1J
T_r   -Hi.:-*   :'  '-'. ���   -
-_,.:��   -ir'7   r.: :      ;;
7-7J   tz^Trt a   ���-.--���-���_
-.-������-.   ':���.:���
~7-   S77-7L.          '_,   .   '.-
i-~77.:   V.   '.
i**.;-_-.i   '     s-i*.:
' ��� i   *��      -_|. ���
: :   ���:.
S-_  S>.*.-'�� C-.: ���
TH     ��._��   r     --,..-   ..
-*    Sir.'i-i     -   ���  :   -.
*��--���-   :���:   -i .-:  ���   ,-���
T-.ti.;          T-.-      .--,-���.
J. H. Ashdown Hardv*
WOLVERTON&Co. c���_���=>!^rf.
- -���'*    z  ��� - ��� -     \.i ������
��� ������������--li.;    I'm*
Upton's Teas
* -    i ��� -.      :     * '    I    ��� ���    .
��� ;*  c - "-_, -. -.-.
B* "���=���'���-= T��a N*. 2 .. *&_
-:���'  P-i.-.   - -1    K;    * 3C^
-����� Pr--,: - -s,   Si  ��� k.
���/V*>->-~- ��.  A.   ISAAC It W.  HIKTON -~~
P�� 1 rl n���   ��. ��� J  ^ti.tt^t>i rim mm c_. ut m*3 \... ' ��� y~   I i ������ ��� -    -       ��� * %teb
NELSON,    B, C.
*  rtT- i S-U V Cz-tr'-i -: ,***���
; 4rt a? Azt'esmt  ��:r ~H   H*
Waterproof Paints
Nelson Coke ft Gas Co.
Alberta Farm Land       : _,   . ���  :^;-
-k .-. -.-..... f,~ -..��__,���  The Store of Quality   '.'':'
Geo. g. McLaren I    Jelly j ��r
-- -   ���-.- .
v I
'- :    r ���-*
_     ���
-7 :.r
J K   :,s*
��    "    :   :
t : ������  7s
'' "���:���*""*: v
��� T ���* - l
...-  ,     1
���IV   -I      {���;, .     vt
r I       ?   |
v . - ��� - em - ���
r.. ��� -j ���*...*,-
livj. Ca-ps: c u- --   - j -,; i-.; ;��,-
jacksov p.a*^:_ ���-=;.
���   *    11     Irts maat
.AS-:,   -.-   ���::--.     ,;.;-*,   ��    _r    r.-r.AsK,
,    .s u.* ns:i js ��._*��
-    ������     11 I��� ���   ,     ...   ?*_Tm_,
>-        ;      >v>-  ���������.: ' .���      ���      :    *
;...   .._   -   -        ���     "-  ' -       "   ;   ���   v ,     ��� I   f  ��� ���   v
':     *     ���       ���   :    ��� ���     :-'������-
���   .*
-   :  -*
Spring Stock lust Opened Up!|
Carload Unolaunu and Carpet*
Prom nimgon, Scotland.
*tVe*t Qua!iti���� at  Uow  ��>ricv--.
Standard Furniture Gmipanyl
1_A = E~
�� _; c-epp '
p* S~a;- ;
A..   Of*-  -  1.:-!
MOT   I.!        ��� .1,
'-ir.; i sp.iit***
v , .    v.%    ... ..
;.-.    -;     u- ���        ���/
;*<*ttit**< ���_.:  ri
���a t*j��  r-.tr.
-.    .���.    _t����       _-:    ,���     j     - ...:i   .m     _
jsiluim^ Lumber. Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*!
.,.     TurnwiWoritfindliraUttn. M��_; o-l^r, tttjct ����a**'l
 vtaoo.N strebt . . . vfa_so**. ra. c
H ma   bsT-.-i _, r-tist. l<mr
US ta*. Bake. S-- Pnr-,, ������:   i**:     ' ' ;*5*��^��g��tt%** ^_T
r^gg 5/j<yq; Caigj
and Two Gotaten
2 Packages for 25c
r:�� si_e
*    *   ������* *'     'I'S'7   A   ..   :    Issl THS
K. **  C  Kotk     VtrTim SI
  ���*- ���* Ca- Smt.CS.
-     -' aCWIHJON AKO MTtOVlttCtkl.  LJUvD
-E-P *A.KTE5 p;p SAoWi..: M. P. �����/-��*_
i-   ! -:-   I   i-i        -,   -_...,   __, Mining Wtsra i Mptalaftf.
I-.     ~.-l -:   ': .   ,fl_L��     P   0   BsCI  t'v.
t__:,l       _J9
Sunn, tt
������ _   -. :    ll"
���Mar ��t_ ma:s b. c
royal. R. Andrew & Co.
Launch aad Boat
Jsiss:. K : i
���a. Na
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co.. Li


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