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The Daily Canadian Feb 6, 1907

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Array rStoUS
Fiftt Cbnts a Montb
hief Resource of
Iriiish Columbia
Devoted to Industry Attacks
Imicr McBride's Reports
as too Modest.
number the Brltlnh Colum-
|i     Its-rord says:
British Columhla is a de-
Progressive Industry    und    Its
I Importance   and   augmenting
Hid be more emphatically Slid
Ij  proclaimed Isy the nowapa-
of tha province, which, as n
noi give it thc prominence
Similarly In official quarters
expansion   and   consequent
ifluonee on the general IndUB-
Iniioii do not always appear lo
liii.ly recognised. For instance,
Irsilsls* the premier, who is ulso
ol mlnea, In his published ad-
the oleotorate of British  Cows-   think,   altogether   too
iccrnlng It".    His brief com
ihis Industry and the uttltude
nvinclal government toward it
{gratifying  to  know  that this
industry Is In a most flour-
fcnilitioii;  thut In the last few
���re has been a remarkable de
in   particular  of the  Coast
iss.   of which hid fair to rival
.   mnl value of    their output
���it those in tbc Interior of
v.Turnout has not thought It
i<< make alterations in the
���nidations, believing that the
of that Industry are best aerv-
atlng the Impression tbat the
ctlug It are not likely   lo   he
ii    our   opinion,   the premier
ive lieen quite justified In dl-
linlslic attention to the fact that
si productive placer-gold dlB-
'in  and Cariboo ���financially
oinpanles are making extensive
s for thc recovery of gold
rii larger scale and ln a man*
Kiven promise of permanence
|tions: that Kossland. Boundary
mlneB are steadily Increas-
I   output of gold and silver In
Jinn with copper: that the proof- silver in 1906 waB larger In
than   for   years   previously,
Itiin-llng the comparative small-
[production of this metal In the
during the year:    that   an In-
! nearly 7,500,000 pounds In the
|of copper produced wss an ad-
er that  of  1905 of nearly  20
;  that tho production of lead
wen maintained and this with-
j".*!-. in assistance in the way
from the Dominion, the estl-
nnil decre" -' this year as corn-
frith lam   being  attributable to
iiiuelterB owing to labor trou-
|lie Crow'H Neat PaBB Coal com-
���lllmrles:    that    there    was a
|rssni tonnage of coal mined de-
ahovs' mentioned labor trou-
ihnl tbe chief market for Van-
Imul coal was lost to n con-
I'xtanl    following    the    San
disaster lost spring,
ir, theie nre    the    permanent
which  may reasonably be ox-
is result from the discovery of
(>.:i.-i- of pay ore down to nearly
depth In Koeslaud mines: tbe
|tiai Increase In output of Bound's, with  the certainty  of still
enlargement    of    production:
|ewiil  under favorable auspices
mining    nt    Alnsworth;    tho
Ignlfirance of success having at-
Ideeplevei mining lu the Slocan,
hililer-Carlboo   company   having
countered   good   ore   between
limn feel depth; the improved
ns in  the Silverton  section of
lean   Lake  district;   the  Impor-
developments    nt    Mount.
{Vancouver Island, and the ad-
i lhe  producing  mines of the
of the Britannia,   on    Howe
land the llrown-Alnskn company
Portland Qanal.
heady expansion of conl mining
pns Is nlso worthy of note���on
V'T 'Bland,  where the Western
npnuy has opened up what Is
Illy a new    mine;    nt    Nicola,
Iwo companies pre prepnring to
' coal In considerable quantities;
���clou. Simiikameen, und  In the
|Nest Pans, where, near Hosmer,
It. Ib developing a coa| mine,
re, In the upper  Klk section,
I coal properties nre being ays-
""" prospected.
nnectlon wllth the reduction of
" costly modern linprovemonta.
ilready made or In hand, at  tho
^smelters lu Ihe Boundary die-
at Trail; the Installation of
roasting aud otber plant at
smelters at Trail, Nelson and
Marysvllle, and the operation the greater part of the year of tbe Crofton
works after a long shutdown, are all
noteworthy evidences of    progress    lu
Best of all, though, from the polnl
of view of Ihe encouragement of tho
further Investment of cnpltnl in the
mining and smelting Industries of British Columbia, there Is the fact that
apart from the lurge unioimt of net
profits expended lln further development nnd equipment by several of tbe
bigger companies, and ihe nei earnings
or close corporations engaged In mining, between $8,000,000 snd $4,000,000
wbb divided among shareholders In mining companies. Since nothing else is
so convincing to prospective Investors,
this distribution of surplus net profits
may well lie regarded as �� matter for
sincere congratulation.
Now, the Mining Kerord Is not suggesting that the honorable the premier
should have included In his manifesto
the whole of these facts, lt is simply
taking the all ton brief and modest
Statement of the head of the government as a text and from it Is venturing
upon the foregoing little discourse,
whicli mny well be given wide publicity, since It Is slmnly a review of nomo
of the leading features of a very gratifying Bltuation In regard to mining ln
the province, the value of the products
of which, as pointed out on another
page of this Issue, is greater for 1900
than that estimated for the lumbering,
agricultural nnd fishing Industries of
British Columbin combined.
Earl Grey's Bereavement.
Ottawa, Feb. G.���Telegrams of sympathy and condolence from all parts of
Canada and cables from Great Britain
continue to iwur Into Government
House to Earl drey over the death of
his daughter The funeral will Iv conducted with simple ceremony ai (}ov-
ernment House before the body iB entrained for Bt John, where It will be
placed on lioard the steamship BnipreBs
or Britain for Interment in ('.rent Britain.
C. P. R. Official Predicts Great Things
In Development During the Coming Summer.
Winnipeg. Feb. 6.���in an Interview
last night with regard to the future of
British Columbia, Mr Marpole spoke In
the most optimistic strain.
"The West could not be Judged," he
said, "by Eastern standards. The West
motto was. Live and let live.' There
were piles of gold awaiting iu British
Columbia for young men with grit who
were prepared to rustle. Everything
in the province was thriving, fisheries,
mines, lumber and fruit industries."
Questioned with regnrd to coolie labor from British India, Mr. Marpole
considered that the Indian coolie had
been a failure and he was little hopeful
of that class of labor.
"The Indians," Bald Mr. Marpole.
were not reliable and though of little
use on fruit ranches they had a much
stronger Instinct for fishing and would
travel long distances to gratify It."
For Vancouver Mr. Marpole prophesied great things. He believed It would
soon have a population of 100,000. He
was not sure the real estate boom waa
uot overdone.
Victoria and Vancouver Island would
always be popular on account of the delightful climate and the natural beauty
to be enjoyed there. Victoria and Kb
surroundings greatly resembled the
Welsh coast nnd the shores of Southwest England.
Asked bb to hlB opinion on the recent
electloiiB in UrltlBh Columbia. Mr. Mar-
tiole said he had regarded the election
very much as he waB wont to regard
a borne race. Both Bides had been sanguine and he would have been no more
surprised If tho Liberals had won u
sweeping victory.	
Winnipeg, Fob. 0.���Hallway officials
of the transcontinental railways are
now beginning to make extra efforts in
preparation for traffic westward in the
spring and summer months.
The present year, according to reports, promises to eclipse all previous
years In the excursion line and In addition to large Immigration thousands
of tourists and travellers are expectod
to visit British Columbin, all of wh ch
traffic will have to be carried by the
railways of the West. The tourist
travel promises to be heavy during thc
summer. .   , ���,
In accordance with the custom or
previous years special cheap excursion*!
-will be mn from Eastern Canadian
points to the Pacific Coast The rates
offered are a material reduction ove
usual rateB and no doubt will be wel
warranted by the Inorenso of travel
which Is sure to follow.
Several Important conventions will
be held on the Pacific Coast this year
and consequently traffic will be heav-
lor. In May the Mystic Shrlnors �� "
meet In Los Angeles. There will
about 60,000 delegntoB come *���*> es ���""
It is expected that the mnjotltv **m
either come weBt or return by way or
the Canodlan Pacific railway TM
Chrlsllan Endeavor convention ww
bring fully 5000 delegales to Seattle
Price of Metals.
New York, Feb. 6.-811ver, 68 l-!e;
���topper. 24 3-4c; lead, $6.
London, Feb. 6.-8llver. 31 ��-�������
Emperor William Pleased
With Bail
New Reichstag Will Support Colonial Policy on Which Former
House Was Dissolved.
Berlin, Feb. 6���Emperor William today Ib described as being in good humor over the result of yesterday's re-
balloting In the reichstag elections,
which emphasized' the government vie
tory of January 25.
His majesty had never witnessed
such spontaneous enthusiasm for himseir ns he did lust night, when a procession was formed 40.000 to 60,000
strong and marched through the streets
to the palace singing, "The Watch on
the Rhine" and other patriotic songs
Nor had he ever felt Buch unity between him and the people. The em
peror was returning to the palace
shortly before midnight, after hearing
a lecture on turbine engines, when he
first mot the enormous crowds spreading toward the palace. His majesty'!*
automobile wus surrounded and he was
scarcely able to advance. The people
followed the emperor to the palace,
where thousands were massed In the
Luslgarten, fronting the estate, where
they waited for the emperor to address
them, which he did, his remarks being
received with prolonged applause.
The government uow counts upon
1ST to 201 members of the reichstag to
support the colonial policy upon which
the house was dissolved. The present
position of the parties Is as follows;
Centre, 105; Conservatives, 80;
Agrarian and Anti-Semitic group, 29;
National-Liberals, 55; Radical group.
4G; Socialists. 48j Poles, 20; Alsace
Lorralners, 7; Independents, 10; Guelph
party, 1;  Danish party, 1,
The defeat of the Socialists in the
kingdom of Saxony, where they Iobi 13
seats, caused astonishment.
were all well and reported no serious
Inconvenience on their rather Jong
train Journey.
If Colonies  Share  Imperial  Privileges
Must Bear Responsibility.
London, Feb. G.���At the annual dinner of the Huddersfeld chamber of
commerce, Lord BrasBey, referring to
the claim of thc colonies that they be
consulted in negotiations of treaties,
said: "If their claim to a larger share
In the direction of imperial affairs bo
admitted, they must bear at least
some part of the responsibility of enforcing the observance of international
Donald Mgcmaster at Hawick said
he agreed with the German statesman
who declared lately that If the empire
adopted Chamberlain's policy the empire would be born anew. Was lt possible the parent nation and ber children wero so absolutely lost to the inheritance from their forefathers they
were incapable of coming round a family table and making a reasonable bargain for thc mutual benefit?
At a sale of postage stamps high
prices were realised for rare used and
unused Canadian. A Nova Scotia. 1851,
used shilling violet brought ��8 10s;
another with threepence, blue or original wrapper, ��17 10s. A Newfoundland 1867 shilling, scarlet vermllllon,
used ��13 5s, and an 18G0 fourpenco
orange vermllllon, unused ��5; a Canada, 1862, ��6 7s; sevenpenny-halfpen-
ny green tint, ��9 6s; and 1858 sixpence, grey lilac, ��8 5s.
Colonel Oiroiiard was the principal
guest of thc Canada club dinner yes.
terday. Sir Charles Tupper presided.
Lord Strathcona was also present.
Relieving Hailed Trains.
Montreal, Feb. 6.���Four Canadian
Pacific transcontinental trains pulled
Into Montreal last night within a few
hours of each other. They were tho
first trains from the Far West to
reach the city since Saturday. They
hnd boen snowed up at no less than
five separate points on the way across
the prairies and gradually approached
each other, though tbe first and last
started over 48 hours apart. Passengers
Mexico    Wages   War   on    Desperado
���El I'aso, Tex., Feb. 6.���Advices were
received here today thnt tho Mexican
government hus decided to deport to
Tehauntepcc every Yaqul Indian, peace
fill ns well as warlike, from the state,
or Sonora, To this end the truopB In
that state will be largely reinforced
and a rcl,,t iless war will he made
against th- hostlles.
From time to time captured Yaquls
have been .sent to Tebauntepec and
most of in ,n bave died. Tbe removal
from Sonora of the peaceful Yaquls
will deprive the others of the state of
their most reliable laborers.
Latest Detailed Advice to Fruit Growers From Provincial Board of
A bulletin recently issued by tbo provincial department of agriculture contains some valuable Information and
advice for fruit growers in all sections
of Ihe province. Lists are given of varieties proved to be commercially prof-
Itahle In the *veral fruit growing districts.
The circular'aavB;
This list Is -published as experience
has shown that the varieties named
may generally be safely grown for commercial purposes, and to put Intending
orchardlsts on their guard against recommendations of tree vendors and of
others who have not the means of obtaining reliable Information. It must
be understood, however, that the list
does not contain the names of all varieties which possibly may be safely
and. probably ln many cases, profitably
For commercial purposes, a great variety of each kind ot fruit Is not recommended. It Is better to profit by
experience and plant only those varieties which are known to be profitable,
in apples, one or two, and at the outside three, varieties of known suitability and excellence and good moneymakers, are quite sufficient for any district.
The list, as recommended for the
upper country, Is;
Late Summer���Yellow Transparent,
Red Astrachan.
Early     Fall���Duchess   of   Oldenburg,
Later���Wealthy. Mcintosh Red, Cox'b
Orange Pippin, King of Tompkins
Lateat���Jonathan, Wagner, Spitzen-
berg. Red Cheek Pippin, Rome Beauty,
Northern 8py, York Imperial, Yellow
Newtown Pippin.
Crabs.���Hyslop,  Transcendent.
Fall���Bartlett, Flemish Beauty.
Later���Louise     Bonne   de    Jersey,
Beurre Clalrgeau, Beurre d'AnJou.
Early���Peach Plum.
Mld-Seasson���Bradshaw, Prince En-
gelbert, Monarch, Imperial Gage.
Late���pond's Seedling, Yellow Egg.
Campbell's Early, Moore's Diamond.
Black Tartarian, Royal Anne, Blng,
English Morello and Early Richmond,
for Preserving; Belle Magnifique, Olivet and May Duke for preserving or
Early���Triumph, Yellow Bt. John.
Later���Early Crawford, Elberta.
The following is added In advice to
fruit growers on the subject of buying
and planting trees:
While In no way deprecating the extra-provincial nuraerles, it Is a self-evident fact that acclimatised nursery
stock Is preferable to imported stock,
and, therefore, It is recommended that,
when possible, trees should be obtained
from local nuraerymen. The wisdom
of this advice is, I believe, sound, for
the following reasons: Being acclimatised, no time Is loat In adaptation to
the new condlUons; being freshly taken up and transplanted, the riak of loss
by drying out and by frost are so minimised that very few of the trees die.
The principals being on the ground and
having reputations to sustain, lt la to
their interest to sell only such stock
as ar etrue to name, and tbe substitution of other varieties than those wanted cannot be done without consent, tn
case of mistakes they are mete easily
rectified; the risk of disease and posts
ls minimised; the opportunltvof visiting the nursery and lrt#MM)g tho
stock before buying; the necessity and
expense of Inspection Is avoided, for It
must be remembered that all nursery
stock from any point outside of the
province must be sent to Vancouver
and t here inspected by a quarantine
officer of the board, and the fees paid
before It Is allowed to he moved.
Condition Assumes an
Alarming Phase
Usurper of Venezuela Presidency
Rises from Penury to Affhnnce
���Interiulional Influence.
New York, Feb. 6.���A cable despatch
was received in this city yesterday
from a high goverrunent official in
Caracas saying that thc condition of
President Castro ot Venezuela had assumed a more alarming phase and that
he was expected to die within 24 hours.
The message came by way of Curacoa
and was dated February 4 (Monday).
It Ib probable that the despatch was
taken there from Caracas for transmission to New York.
President Castro Is at Macuto. a sea-
aide resort near Lngnay, where he has
beon under treatment of his physicians
since December. His affliction is known
to be of a serious nature, and several
times he has been close to death.
Ciprianis Castro wns born ln the state
of Tachira, Venezuela, In 1860; his
mother a negro and father an Indian
patriarch of decidedly Mormon tendencies. It Is said that Castro was one of
60 children, for the moat part Illegitimate. He kept a small store In his
youth and tended his father's cattle.
Castro was penniless when he usurp-
ed the Venesuelan presidency ln 1900,
and at a salary of fli.000 a year he
amassed a fortune of millions during
his Incumbency. He owned tbe finest
houses In Venezuela, vast ranches and
two palaces. He also owned the steamers of the former Orinoco company,
vast amounts of railway bonds and
huge deposits In French banks. It ls
believed that he always figured on fleeing the country and spending his remaining days In France should the turn
of political affairs ln the South American republic make it undesirable or un-
safe for him to remain in the country.
In brief, his political career was as
In 1892 he took part in the unsuccessful revolution of Palacio, and when tbe
atruggle collapsed he fled to Colombia.
He made bis appearance again in public life ln 1899 as a deputy from Tachira
under President Andrado.
Disappointed by the treatment ac
corded hlm by President Andrado, Castro in May, 1899, started a new revolt.
Aided by Hernandez, Mendosa, Matos
and other leaders, Castro defeated the
government and entered Caracas in October. Immediately he proclaimed himself president of the republic.
In March, 1901, he was elected president, after putting down the revolts of
various leaders who deserted him when
he usurped the presidency. The armed
rlsiatance to his rule continued until
October 12, 1902, when Caatro decisively defeated the forces of General
Manuel A. Matos.
In 1906 Caatro was elected for a second term ot six years. He bad uaed
such bloody methods ln putting down
all revolts against his rule that at the
election there was practically no resistance to him.
As president, Castro began immediately the policy of oppressing foreign
capital aud monopolizing home Industry. He created for hlmstlf and his
close friends and political supporters
monopolies in the exportation of cattle
and In the trade ln fresh beef, alcohol,
tobacco, matches, hides, leather, milk
and other staples, and In the control of
navigation and trade along tbe Venesuelan coast and inland waters. Ly
means of these unjustifiable monopolies he fulned many thousands of native planters, manufacturers and traders.
Tbe fate of foreign capital under Castro's regime was exemplified in the ruin
of the Caro railroad, the Callao and
Imataka mines. Ihe Manoa company,
and several irrigation and steamship
companies. He annulled the rights of
existing companies and turned thero
over to his friends,
ln July, 1904, he seized the asphalt
lake owned by the New York tt Ber-
mudes oompany, refusing the request
of the United States for a suspension
of proceedings pending an InvestigaUon. The properly was sequestered In
thc hands of CoBtro's personal representatives, who sold tho aaphalt and retained the proceeds. With the execution of the asphalt and the French
cable companies, which continued tu
fight tor their rights, nearly all the In-
dnatries of Venesuela dwindled away
and disappeared under Castro's rul*.
Many of them were taken over without
any other formality than a decree from
the president. Those that were not
dealt with In this highhanded mannei
were driven from the country by adverse Judicial decisions and by extor
Personally, Castro was a most Insignificant specimen of humanity. He
was small of stature, extravagant In
dress and vulgar in hla manners. He
wns conspicuous at social affairs by
his fantastic capers. Though he had
led several revolts he made lt a point
to keep In the background when there
was any real fighting tn be done. His
courage was Illustrated by his action
during the earthquake of 1900, when he
Jumped from his window, 30 feet to the
ground, abandoning his wife and child
In tbe palace to their fate.
Assassin Attempts Life of Successor to
Servian Throne.
Constantinople, Feb. 6. ��� George
Christicb. son of the late King Milan
of Servla by Mme. Christicb, bad a narrow squeak from assassination last
night. An unknown man shddeuly at-
tacked Chrlstich and attempted to
plunge a dagger into his breast. The
weapon, however, struck a thick pock-
etbook and only Inflicted a scratch.
Chrlstich, who is 18 years old, lives
here. His mother's life haa been
threatened on previous occasions.
Chrlstich was mentioned as the possible successor to the throne of Servla
at Uie time of the murder ot King Alexander and Queen Draga.
During a visit to Constantinople the
little King Milan of Servla was attracted by u beautiful Turklah girl, Artemisia Johannid, daughter of the sultan's
chief architect, and she became tbe
mother of a son, whom Milan caused
to be christened with his own name.
Later, Artemisia became the wife of a
Servian nobleman named Christicb, who
was minister of Servla at St. Peters
burg for many years.
Well Known Nalesn Cltlien Seeks   lo
End Hia Life at Grand Forks���
Victim of Despair.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Feb. 6.���About 12
o'clock lest Saturday night Mrs. Emil
Laraen, wife of the proprietor of the
Province hotel in thla city, noticed
some suspicious signs and noises about
a certain bedroom ln the hotel. She at
once notified her husband, who went
to the room, which was occupied by a
Swede named A. Olseu.
Upon entering the room Mr. Larsen
found a razor covered with blood lying
on the floor, while blood was spattered
over the room generally. The victim
of the attempt at self-destruction waa
lying ln the bed with the bedclothes
tightly tucked about him and lying tn
a pool of his own blood with his throat
badly slaahed. A close examination of
the room showed conclusively that Olsen had attempted to hang himself by
the drop cord of the electrlo light before he had resorted to the rasor.
Mr. Laraen at once telephoned for
Dr. Kingston and Chief of Police Savage and the Injured man was removed
to the Cottage hospital, where he ta
now lying In a condition between life
and death.
In an interview today Emtl Larsen,
proprietor ot the Province hotel, said:
"A. Olsen..-who attempted suicide ln
my hotel laat Saturday night waa about
35 yeara of age. He arrived here on
February 1 trom Nelson and had apparently beon on a big drunk before
reaching thla town, but he only had
two drinks In my hotel on Saturday,
the day he tried to kill himself. He
was a blacksmith by trade and expected to go to work for Frank McFarlane
laat Saturday on a logging contract,
and was greatly disappointed en Saturday when Mr. McFarlane, who was
unable to find Olson, left town without
him. I hell-eve that, being In a despondent mood and missing this Job. combined to Induce him to attempt to take
bis life."
It Is learned that Olson is well known
ln Nelson and also ln Spokane, having
lived In both of these places.
Manoeuvsra of Counael.
New York. Feb. 6.���Interest In the
opening of today's session of tbe Thaw
trial centred ln the manoeuvers of counsel for the defence, who at the end of
yesterday's proceedings bad an earnest
consultation among themselves on the
further conduct of the cose. It waa ev-
ldently decided to put the matter
squarely up to the defendant, and before the court session began today all
or the alx lawyers who have represented Thaw slnoe the beginning of his
trial went into the prisoners' pen to discuss the matter with him. They were
otlil there when Justice Fitsgerald took
the bench. They then tiled into the
courtroom along with the defendant.
All the lawyers took their accustomed
places at the conn-seta* table.
Scarcity of Fuel Likely
to list
C.P.R. Sopt. I. S. Lawrence Discuses Coal Famine and Shows
its Causes and Results.
"All reserves were exhausted during
the long eoal miners' strike in the fall;
the eoal mines, on account of illness
of their employees and other reasons,
are not yet producing anything like full
capacity, and tbe transportation companies are unable, on account or the
exceptionally severe weather entailing
frequent interruptions of traffic, to
handle and dispose to the best advantage even the supplies that are available."
Such Is the summary of the fuel sit-
uatlon In Western Canada given today
to The Dally Canadian by J. S. Lawrence, divisional superintendent or the
C. P. B.
"The outlook," continued Mr. Lawrence, "is not encouraging. It will
probably be the end of April before normal conditions are restored. Our Inability to move cars as rapidly aa we
should do ts one of the causes of the
scarcity of fuel, and the scarcity of
fuel la one of the causes of that Inability.
"At the beginning of the coal miners' '
strike In the fall we had a reserve of
10.0M tons of coal at Nelaon. 50-00 tone
at Smelter Junction and 7000 tons at
Bholt. That reserve tided us over the
strike but left us at tbe beginning of
the winter with no reserves.
"Then came the exceptionally severe
weather of December, with snow blockades everywhere and with an unprecedented demand tor fuel from the prairies, which are dependent entirely upon
coal. The -coal mines were still not producing enough to meet that demand
and have never caught up to It.
"Ever alnce the railways, mines and
smelters have been living from hand to
mouth. We have been taking -ooal
wherever we can get lt.
"I think that Nelaon and Eaat Kootenay have suffered less than any other
part of the West
"There la today not a pound of coal
reserve from Los Angeles to Fort William.
"The American transcontinental lines
have suffered as much aa we have,
many of them far worse, on both main
and branch lines.
"At preaent we are all refusing
freight aa far aa possible.
"As the winter breaks and the demand tor fuel for domestic purposes
slackens, the situation Bhould grow easier, provided the mlnea -can during that
period work back to their full producing capacity.
"But ln the beat possible circumstances, an early spring to reduce the
demand, production at full capacity hy
Ute mlnea, restoration of adequate facilities for transportation to the railway companies, and freedom from labor troubles for both mines and rall-
waya, lt will still be next August before
any company can again begin to accumulate a reserve."
s.i "I
Revelstoke Riding.
Strawberry Flat���Taylor, 3;  Cayloy,
3; LeFeaux, 4.
Smith Oreek���Taylor. 3; Cayley, 3:
LeFeaux, 0.
Lllleoet Riding.
83-Mile House���Eagleson, 3;  McDonald, 3.   Bagleson elected; returns -complete.
Chilliwsek Riding.
Full returns give Munro    (Lib.),   21
Divided Opinion.
Kingston, Jamaica, Feb. 6.���At a
meeting ot the city council held yesterday, at which the attendance waa
amall, Phillip Stern, the representative
of Kingston In the legislative council,
proposed a motion expressing unabated
confidence la Governor Swettenham.
Arte ra short debate the motion waa
carried by four votes to two. The pass-
lag of this motion kas created much indignation In Kingston and notice already has heen given that It will be
Out fer Big Oama.
San Francisco, Feb. <���According to
a cablegram received yesterday from
Australia, Bill Squires, the champion
heavyweight boxer of Australia, will
leave there on the steamer Ventura for
thla oity, accompanied by his backer.
He challenges all the heavywelghte h_
..*, J
*.    *:
'V ii
r^*^e*t0*a^Mj-a )'
Tht b*i!y C��ha4U��
���- -������ **.
-��-*-�����-��� .J.'--��s- ���
i- rn mh
.���_-.* ii i i -aigai
.  . Just Arrived . .
English Cured Meats
Irish Roll Bacon
Ayrshire Roll Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire Hams and Bacon.
PRICE 21 l-2c PER LB.
Procurable Only at
fort.*" rftfwDy P<->nic stifl bf ac strif/l
a- ftl most to i_artakt *'f the nature ot
revolution, but they will not com** as
a result of _���� fi��-ry -shrieks of the red
...    ��� r-olutldbist
All cXaaaat *iii e*pei_s_uie :: feeling
u. relief thaf thr.* oountry has pro
Duuiiced ui on the question. Kniploy-
ers will und.rs.aiid that labor has
steadied  itself  ftnd   will   fe**l  mon COB*
Adenos in btvwUurot and Uu risk Imminent to largt- undertakings. l_al��or
Ittelf will settle down into that r_ftf_J
condition that \n conswiueni upon pro**
perity with th*- ssaursaee of cnntlnued
employment  at  Increasinc  fflgft
i tatty not be yet recognised, hut It
) u- verth<��������� true, that thla province
tu mwed ��� crisis in tabor matte]
���:.ut will have tremendous ajgntflotnc*
it. it* I'-lau-iii ti. future *-v.-nt> On thf-
whole common sense has won, and
v. hiii no man should deopfw soother,
the S<"f*:alisL. musl teoept in good laitli
Uu intimation of th*.* oountry 'ba' tho
euh :- unwelcome here.
DYlNc* ev HUN9RBD3
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto
D K. VTILKJK F*r��*irlent.
<tf, P.EST H.5*1,000.
Braachts io British Columbia:
'KiLDfc.N,       ____T��,     KKVLLST'jKE,
D��po(itt_ nostra) anil int'i-wit allowed current raws* from date of opening ni
������coo-ant, an'l Hmpoandad half yearly.
isbi_so-s buanch J.   M.   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
. A*,.7i
Am' U
Accounts of
T. E
firma and  Individuals opened  on the  most favorable terms.
Thirt_un   branches  In  Hritish   Columbia.
8pecial   attention   to out of town huainesa.
KENNY, Pre*., Halifax.       B   L   PEASE, General  Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Now thai the governmenl ha
sustained  we  ma)   not umiauinill;   an
, Uctpate   tat}   imiKirtant  trade   revival
thronghonl   the entire  country.    Alto*
! g��'th'*r apart  from  the exploitation of
'. Uu northern section ot iiie province fo>
j thr construction of another traiiKconti-
i n.*ntal railway, it must not be forgotten
| that   the eyes of the world hav.* been
Upon British Columbia during the last
; few  rears.    As a Hold  for investment
; t*. has rivalled many, if not most of the
: other parts of th*; world, and ii needed
i only that the political crisis ba past to
open the doors of opportunity to those
j who have Imh?ii ready to knock
In mineral and timber resources
: alone th*- development will be phenom-
' enal, while, as must always be the case
! when a country's leading industries
j thrive, progress in rapid in all other directions.
We may confidently look for large
Immigration, and especially .since the
] government has arranged to supervise
j this, of a most desirable class. In-
j crease in population will be rapid and
j that always means irade revival and
I stimulus
Every society, and for that matter,
every Individual who is in touch with
some point from which investment or
Immigration is available may now
speak confidently uf conditions here
und we believe lhe province* Ifl ubout
to enter upon an era of unexampled
Fuel MfaJne Will Be Followed jj;  ^tJ
Pendleton     Ore.,   Feb.    8.- Bnow,
which   has   been  falling   nearly nentiii-
uonslff   since   Baturdaj   Dttl-jUnJI   Ehffl
afternoon  changed   to   sleet,   which   is
accompanied by a very cold wind, ma
king the storm by fur   the   mosl  dnv
Sgreeab e   of  the  winter     There
ben tome (uss of cattle In th
em   part   of   the country,   but
most   part  th<
-.T..   .,T, .jip- tj*r* ! pi-trM v ��rrT  '���*'**'���*
}} .-    ; ,,���   ��� ,-_..:Mj..:.er   il land* si ������**
��� i ��� ti *.' i pm of Un.: a taint*: tb| st B
���poii marstd B b s S K corner posl plaited t\
it�� R. W tv*u<- ol Q.W.Staclr- eJeti >
wesi itde of Arrow lake about (mir nt]     ���
UuTtn-a eity, thenee west�� chain*  U
�� b.   hii-.   v... nw eo*t tt chain*. !h��l
Mull ehaim t<> plan ol t**rginniua\ ... .utamins��<
arrw Mi
baled 2��lh day u: Kof- IA*.   Bvau* Hraio***-
J   i.  ANNaaLl  .feat
None* U her.*!.*, gleea UBM t#o n.onib* alter
Uttt wt- Intend toapply  io the Chic' Com ml*
��� loner otLand* and *Aork* t-tt a lea��r of all thai
Ian i Ma* the foreatmrr adjoininit tht Canadian
Yucitv Railway PhtpTanl on tbe wart, part ol
has I 1>��: >A. group 1, Aii'i b.-int��ii ti,-.  i-<-itb uion
.    *.;,- nitanaoi Eoounay Uk��*   in ihe >tie
north       rletof Kootanay    ConmaMiDa at thi
r^*. .��,_     -v tornei oi i *t TOM. eronp i   tm na
ior   tn"     H>uti, westerly txvni.Urv ..MhtT'JM ati-1  lhe e\-
slockmeli  in   this OOUnty      ii-dimsi thereof. In a nnrtii woatetlj
Published il_ late a week by tbe
Canadian rosuKnira oomfa-hy,
Baker Hi.,  Neliou. B. 0,
BnomTlptton rate*, f>�� OMltl * woiuii delivered
to the r.itv. or tb.OD it >������*.-i If Kent by mall, when
pa!'! ln savenoa
Advertlitas rstai oi. sppltsflaUoUi
All monlai paid in wttfansat ol The Dally
Cguad-Un ao'iutiUi, either lot lubaCtlpttoni Of
ftiivertljilnK, tjiuai be rwelpted for on tie* printed
fOfiafl <��! tin* COM pan J. Othei receipt-i are not
"By one word we an; iouietimei j'i'ljfed to be
wUe and by one won anmfiitnua judged ti be
loollih.   i.< '   -is*  thertforv  be ���������-:������',...  wnt'. we
Klec'JoiiH. Ilk** all other public events
which  profouii-tfl]  stfr the people, are
wl-ynifleant In their renulta because Ihey
afford u fairly reliable indication of the
b*a( of th'* public pulse upon economic
and jMilliicnl questions. When allow
anren are mad** Tor the acefdeutfl that
are   Inevitable,   such,   tor  iiiHiance,   an
th** occasional election of a political
monstrosity or the defeat of nn oxcep
tional ly capable itatesman���when allowances are made for such accidents
the degree Of education ihat ban been
readied by the public In the aludy of
economic (pieHiionH may he Judged bv
th*' renu|t oi (be pntlH. And th*" lanf
election i�� not without in significance
alonfc then*' IlneH.
Apart from the slump In the ctty o[
Vancouver, which would ��ecm to Indicate ibat the sturdy We��terner It* re-
voltliiK from machine rules, the most
aignitfeant feature of the late election
wu�� the decline of the Socialist vote
ond influence We think the numeii-
cal flBUUlness of die BOOlallfll vote
mil .tt have been u Kiirprlne to both thfl
esiabllihed political parties, The rea-
eon for thla expeclaliou la uot far to
��eek. The Liberal prQflfl haw been for
three yearn mflgoifylng SoeialiBin and
glorifying Iin importance in the affairs*
of the government, until even some of
tho very elect were deceived Into the
belief that there wan -something In the
abatird Charges thai the Socialists controlled Hit-* government Nothing, of
course, was moro pleaBlng to Uie Ha-
claHeU thau ui have Bttfih notoriety
tbruet upon them, and they thetnselvea
made so prominent.    It juetified them
to some extent In their proud boast to
put a candidate Into thfl contest in ev
erj  riding.
Wit-h the counting of the ballots,
however, the real strength, ��.i weak*
neBs, of the movenvnt is discovered^
nnd it must be said that so far as voting numbers are concerned Socialism
fs apparently weaker today than ever
in the province of Hritish Columbia.
With any reasonably strong candidate
running against Parker Williams in
Newcastle he would have been defeated, leaving a solitary representative of
the ancient ami noble order to lend and
follow himself in the hotise.
The most cursory examination of the
Situation will reveal that it Is the inherent weaknesses of Socialism that
nre accountable for the results described The people or Hritish Columbia
have had more than their fair share of
Socialistic   OgltatlOIl.     Thev   have   been
drilled in  the principles ol the order
in the shop and mine, on the street,
in public halls and In and out of Reason. There jh nothing about Socialism
that can be known which the people of
the province as a whole do not know.
Yet. thetr verdict is overwhelmingly
agalnSI Ms empty platitudes and spe*
dons grumblings, a prosperous country has no use for grumblers and their
wail aud greedy chortle is lost on the
rutbtng crowd. When times are prosperous and the people share in the
plenty that Ih Rood it Is difficult Ut
stir up or at least to maintain for
hiiu; those class conscious distinctions
that the Socialist depends upon for his
Socialism, so far as Hritish Columbia la concerned, may now be num
bared among the discarded political ex
pcdlonofes of the demagogic appellant
for notoriety nud public favor. It has
had representation in the legislative
halls and has had a fair hearing at the
busting!. The voice of the people Is
against it and it is dead.
VVe do not mean that (here has heen
nothing contended for by the Socialist
tbat is desirable. Many of the measures advocated by the class-conscious
Socialist arc recognized as desirable
by many, if not nil, of thi? adherents
of older political parties. Hut the extreme revolutionary features und the
fierce and anarchical denunciations of
tho Socialist agitator do not appeal to
thit common sense of the average citizen     Reforms  will come.    Thoy will
The only possible explanation of the
defeat of Hon. Wm. Manson in Alhernl
i.i in the   overconfidence   with which
everyone regarded    his    election    as a
foregone conclusion. Personally popular throughout his district, he applied
himself to the affairs of his department
to the neglect of that cordial interest
in every voter which Is always thc sln-
cerest tribute to the worth of a vote.
Certainly Alberni has no cause for Ingratitude and could only have heen
���misled by the delusion that the Liberals would win.
W. W, B. Mclnnes has already arranged to open a law office In Vancouver. Let us see! From law to politics; from Victoria to Ottawa; from
Ottawa to Victoria; from Victoria to
Yukon; from Yukon back into the he-
loved battle of political conflict, and
on to inglorious defeat. Now back to
law. Nothing like being versatile, and
\\. W B, lias succeeded In squaring
ihe circle.
it is somewhat singular that three of
tho  mosi   Import ant     constituencies  in
tin* interior should be represented In
tlie legislature by the opposition. Be-
lievlng In the fairness of the government we do not expect the clrcum-
Btanoes to affect thfl situation, but we
fancy that perhaps two of these constituencies might like to have It. to do
over again, with different results.
California State  Makes War on Secret
Sacramento, Cal., Feb. 6.���A bill intended to strike a death blow to all secret societies and fraternities in high
schools was introduced In the assembly yesterday by Assemblyman Back*
< it. It provides tbat all social and lit-
* rary functions in schools shall be under the control of the board of educa-
ion or trustees, who shall prohibit the
organisation of any secret fraternity or
Bbolety connected with the schools.
Tho directors may refuse to issue
i iplomas to auy student wilfully joining any such fraternity or society that
uses the name of a school by associating lt with any fraternity without, the
Written consent of the board of educa-
t on or trustees shall be liable to a fine
Of |10  to  $100.
Oyster soup as served by eome restaurants Is probably so called because
one occasslonally finds an oyster ln It.
have feed for iu days or longei
Reports from (be Interim south of
bet. however ar.' tbal the supply of
baj  is exhausted and sheep ar* dying
b      tilile:       .
Railroad traffic is still demoralised
and probably will be foi several days,
although trains are running to ht east
and north In way of Umatilla. There
i bd  no *.rain  from Portland for
two days, while the general superintendent of the Washington _. Columbia River .a- -a II will require m ���
v ��� rk ti. n pali tht damage den** to
thai line in this count) Al M( acham
and Kamela, the summit of th* Blui
mountains, rain ha* been iallmg all
.  dUtm.
|    IMI 111 U>UD(U
(.���������i.  itifrnt* it right extah * ���
lt< a mui id MttHietlj dinettes.
Noted Entertainer
New Voik, Feb. 5-���Elmer s. Dundy,
of the firm of Thofcpson ft Dundy, died
last night at the borne ol bli mother In
this city Mr. Dund*. was burn in
Omaha, Neb., In 1888 When the Pan-
American exposition opened at Buffalo
Eimer Dundy Joined partnership With
Frederick Thompson in the show business. Success led to main other ad-
ventnres, among t he most notable being Luna Park at Coney Island, and
the management of the Hippodrome at
th-* opi-ning in ihis citv,     ______________
tli't��n<* oMU> t^t. mor<-  Of  mt
i ..nii"i��ry of llif I'm   1-ark. nmtiii-.i' - ���
\--t.    pftralWl to Mid wt-iu-MiT boo-adi
��i lo a Mmi_t ��ui��rly dlnettea, a Juuu* oi
[Mt. non oi Ion, to tb* oortlitrl-j I
o   -v tluoce fouowlns ioi> oortbtrly boaod
n    .. . t MA tn * nortii aeetetij dlfteUon to thi
mm \m '��� wpsni.  i-i*   Mil totes
mon ir ie*!-.
D*t*0 ihu Tth day *>f Jauutrr. A.P.. l ���
sodu<el_K_*teltnt��Bdtoapph ti U   H
i    i.   tfommtalonsroj Land* anu Work* topur*
* tetea ol and located in t tw v��U"\ t**
tug pun-��; Sectional mnl 1" Ttnnuhlp ���    and
a*   ���'������Hows      f'Amiii<iii-1n*f at r. pott
murfct*.'. f W. J.& I. eornei *u<\ plant-M at tli*>
��� i eorner ol ��'m. Wiiiiaw*' putcba**!,
thenoi went 4n rhato*. tlrtiit-f nnrili *' tfcatni
them** ran M >*lia;i.-.   Uicdlc rwuth 10 clialm lo
itUccol li-p i-mi in p.
Noreabei I r I UO
K. W, Jordan,
J. K AnUsSLS. Aaent.
fio 'in;.* atwr >tat��- 1 liit^ii't io apply lu Ibe Honorable thr {'.hint (-ommuninitT ot l^ii'U and
.VorkB. to purcbue ttip acrei of mi. : Cum*
mcucinijata poet mark*-.! Q. w B N.K eornei
(������Mand plume*! on tbt* writ Hhore ol Arrow
Uk* adjoining I Jit';.;t on the doiiUi aitlv ot ��ai.l
I-ot. theirc HniiNi ebalu aluUK tin- loutltern
boondaryol Um Xi; ihenee touu ttM chain*;
tln��u��*t* eait Ho i'bai ur*. more Ol lenn lo lak> ikon
Ihanea north along la*** ihure to plate of begin
DMSd Mih "lav ol Kor. 1W6.
On w.stiei..
J  K Ax.iABUE. Axent.
Tnk.* nfi!'*r>' that thirty dayi ifur 'lale ! intent I-- npply to ih*- Chiel Commintoner ol
Landl ami Wi-r^n at Vi��torli Inr i��*riuia��loii to
��ut an-i carri away timlier from  ih*- following
deaerllwd lund* iu Wett Koolena]
No l.-r-qmuienf-m-jf nt a poll plnnte<1 at lbe
inuthwef. corner ��i timber li-*en**e No 7ff.il;
tb-'nt-e ea*t torty CbatOli LheOM north ci-hly
chain>; then**''-eau I aebalDi. tbenee nouth to
northern boun'tary of timber lloenu SMS;thence
w< it aloug xal-1 nortb*' n l-oiiinPiry to
the Dortb-wet I comer Of ftlil hcen*c;
tben ���outb to ihe uorihern bonndary
of timber tletaH ��18i then ������ wt-��i t-��
a po^nt 'Lie t-omb of the point of mmnieiicmeni;
thence nonii t" tb-.* pilm ol eooimcneenent.
January l.lh, 190f)
BlXtJ  ')*>'* after date I mien-t u, applv to tbe
Hon. Ohlal -T*unmix*mil***! ni Landi ana Worto,
:   \ ictorla. to purrbatv 160 acr�� of lain! locate*.! lu
1 I'ire valley, i*einir part ol Beetloni Three and
K.iur, Town'hip W, ari'l dea*-rlbed ac followi:
i ������mnieiiclng ai a poll planted at William
Wllllami' N. W. corner, and marke*! *'R K. W'��
N. K. corner," and ruining 4*> ehaim weit.
tnence ai chains wuh, thenre 'Jo chaius taut,
thence 4u ebalni soutli. ihence 2o cbaltu* eait,
thence 60 chalnn noith to place of beginning
November SM, 1906 Koai K WiLLuai,
J. K. ASVASU, \gcnt,
Notice in hereby gUen that 60 dayi alter date I
Inland toapply to tb- Honorable the ':..���* Com*
miMl-iner of J.aiid��
purchase lhe lolln
ud Worki for pe
ing dfinthsd   la:
��� nelng at a po��t piaeed A' oaalai veal of tbe
���o'ltheast corner of Lot SMS, mark***! '
.. - .  h.A Belli
. nnrthweai   corner,"   theuce    Ninth   *���> chain*.
i  thence eait 'Ai (hain;.. thtuce north an cnaiiu.
No-2���r,jmwcnein?ut the no-tb weat   corner | tbtinoe win t^Jcliatniio point ol commencement
f limber lloenaa 78:1: thence * m'li Uitbcnortb-
rn boundary of timber licence Tulk; thence weir
��� the noriii-wti: comer Of iald timber ...enrc
tbence Mu>h to the northern bonndary oi Lot
M_; thenos lollowlng said boundary of nald
lot weit lo the tight ol way of lln* �� C Houth-
crn ttallway; thenee rollOWlDg HJd right of way
In a north easterly direction to the plaoe ol com-
JanitB'y lilt*. MW-
No. & ���Commencing at a aoutbea��t coruerof
timber lleenie No- TS2L SbOQI ������'. ��� ebalna aoutb
of the right ol way ol the h   0, Houlbern Kail-  I     Nov. 18lh, 190C
cmtaiulng 40 acrei. more or let**.
Located tblsfllh dayol Nov . I90fl-
It. A. Bill.
Ilxty days' after date I intend to applr 10 tne
Hon L'biel CommUmouer of Lauds and Work*,
vietoria. to purchaie 480 aires of laud, iu itlS
\ alley, Weil Kooleuay    t'ommeuciug at a poal
RUnted uo chalus west ot the 8. W corner of J.
nbinson's pre-empllon, and marked WTW'I N.
E. corner, aud runuing weil 40 t-baiua, ihence
-���������iii. i*. chains, theuce east (Vi i-baiui. thenca
way;tbenee east lCo chains; tlience nortb forty
cbains; tbence west 1&< chalna; tbence iouth
forty chaini to place uf commencernent
rib 80 cbalni to place of btsliiuln
chaluii;  tbeuce iouth
men l
Jauuary 16th, 1907.
..Lllll Wi.:.um-
J. K a>->ii ;.t. Aaeut
�����0 4 ���Commencing at a poit planted at tbe
inierteotlou ot tbe aouibern boundary ot the
rlgbt ot way of the b. 0. bouthern Kailway, and |
tho eaateru boun<lary of Ixit 5181; thence bOutb
to tbe uortbern boundary ofllceni't appllcatlnti
N<>:); theuee east 10) chalm; thenee u, rlh to lhe
���onthorn boundary of timber lloenM No. 7106:
theuce lollowlng the southern boundary of tald
license westerly about sixty cbaine, more or lesi
to ao eailern boundary ol said iu'en-u, thnnce
aouth lorty chaius*. tbence weal eighty chains;
ihen north to the right of way of the B C
Southern Hallway, theuce lollowlng said right
of way lua south*we*(crly direction to the place
of beginning.
January Uth, 1WI.
No. 5.���'ommenclng at ii post planted it the
Eoulhweet corner of timber UesasrM3&t theuce
weit sixty chains more or le-ac to a point due
���outh of the southeast oorner ol lleanso uppli-ca-
tlm No. 3; tbence north msiy cbHliii more or
[en to the south boundary of lloenM application
No 4; lbence north lo thc northeast coruerof
Bald llceuHu application No I] them1***-* cost tothe
southeast comer of timber IIcuum- 719*3: thence
north forty chains more or le-as to a point due
west of the uorth-west corner of timber license
fl��15*; theuce east to Die northwest corner of iald
tl .-ibel license No. '������'���:;���.; thence Kouth ISO chiuiu
to the point of commeucciiient
January 16th, 1007.
No. 6.���Commencing at a post planted ut tbe
lout beast eoruer of timber lici-iin* 0683; tbence
west to thciouthwest corner of license application No. 3; thence north lo southern boundary
Oi license application No. ti; thence west to llie
Unrthweit corner of llcenhc Application No. 1;
tbence sooth to the northern boundary of
ti.uoer license M85; thenco east to ihu OOttfiSMl
enrner of timber license vd-, thenee south
thirty cbains; thence east to the went boundary
o,' timber license 8WJ; thence nortii to the place
oi beginning.
January 15th. 1907.
No. 7.���Commcnetng at a post plauied at the
northeast corner ot timber license 85H; thence
soutli forty chains more or loss to tho north
boundary of timber license SMS] ihcnce east 160
Ohalni] thence north forty chains more or less to
h point due end of lbe southeast corner of Mm
b..:r license 8-**��4S: ihcnce wesl lfr> chains to lbe
place of Ugimitng.
January l;.th, 7W7.
No. g.���Commencing at a post jdanted al the
uortbeisl corner of ttmber Hcense No. -S.VIG;
tbeuce south eighty chains; theme euHtelgbty
Obainij thenoe north eighty chain*-1; tbence west
���-Ighty t-hiius to ]dai>r ol commenewiu-nl
January' 1-Hh, 1907.
No 9,-Commencing at a post planted nt the
southeast corner of timber ;liei!tiHi* 8M.] lbence
north eighty chains; tbence oast eighty chiins;
tbence north 120 chains more or loss lo the norlh
camorncr of license application No. 7; thence
weit to southeast corner of timber license No.
8648] thenre nortii lo the southern boundary of
license application No, ti; thence cast to
tho west hftindiiry of timber license No.
3-j 12: ihence south to the southwesi corner ol timber license BM8| lbence wesl
to Ml northwest corner of timber license So.
BJWii thence south to the northeast corner of
timber license No. 85fS: thence west eighty
chains; tbenco south ton polut due east of the
southeast oorner ol timber llosnis 8617] thence
westto place ol c'lmmcnecment.
January 15th, W<
No. li>.���Commenclngat a post planted at the
sou t heae t coruerof timber license HtVI thenoo
B0Ul�� eighty ehalns; thence west to the cast
boundary of Lot hi. ; thenca north to tho south
em boundary of Umber llc��nie No. 7olM; tbeuce
east to tbc Houllieaat corner of timber license
7018; thence north to tbe south boundary of limber Uceuse &.W9; thence east to place of commencement.
January 16 tb, 1907.
P, LuHU, Locator,
Dak Mi-iKiriiAi.i, Agent.
BUty days after 0 .te T intend to apply to lhe
Hon. lhe ('hleM ommlssloner of Landsand Works
to purchase ISO acres ef land : Commencing at a
pnst plauteil on tht- wen side of Six mile creea,
on wason road, about two and one balf miles
from Kootenay lake, aud marked "Neil Mc-
Keehnie's H. West corner post," thence east 10
chaini, thenOfl north 40 chains, theuce wesl M
chains, theuce south 40 chains, to place of com-
LoOStM this 10th day ol NoTember, 1906.
Nkt M< Ki, iimi
-���iaty davs after date I purpose making appli
*'.iou to the Honorable the Chief Coruuiisaloner
oi Lands and Works lor permlMlon to jranihtM
Hixty days afterdate J Inlcnd lo apply to tbe
Chief Commlaaioner of Lands and Works for
permission to pureliase the following doicrllied
land: Floated ou the eaat side of Arrow Lake
in the West Koolenay dlitrlel, about .'> inll��s
above Burton City, commencing at a post plant*
ed at tho uorthwest corner ol 0. Bacfaer'a purchaie, tbenoe east 30 cbains, theuce n rth 40
chains, thenco west 20 chains, thence soutb 40
cbaini to point of commencement and coutaln*
lug 80 teres more or leis.
January 18,1907.
Wmjun Fimieh.
ANHEUSER   ��" ^ ��wwl
BUSCH...    Budweiser Beerl
DISTILLERS, 12 aud 20 years old.
NELSON       ���'- A_.._.t,7,!,7..B-,t,"H    V1CTORU
The Hall Mining and Smeltij
Company, Limited.
th* following described land: Commencing at
a pott piaeed -it tbe B. W corner of Lot MO and
marked "P. O. F.'s" N. W. corner, tbeuce fo'low-
intrtbfl southern boundary Lot 6800. &'�� ehalni
more or less east to tbe west boundary of Lot
SWl, thence following aame soutli 3o eiiatns to
the norih bonndary of l��t 690-i; thenco about 70
Chnlni weet along said boundary t*> lhe lake
shore; thence north BO chains more or lets fol-
I wing ihe lake shore to point of commence-
ment, containing sit acres more or less.
I'ated Decernb��   17th. 1907.
t*Q Fauqi'iiH.
Not Ice Id hereby given thai siitv tUyi alter
date I intend to apnlv to tbe lion, the Chief
CommlMloner Of Landsand Works for permis-
uon to purchase the following described land
situated in lhe West Kootenav district! Commencing at a post planted at tlu "N.K corner
of L. Forters's pre-emption," and ruuning
thence east 40 chains; tbenoe soutli 4u chains;
theuce wesi 40 cbalm; thenee norlh 40 chnin*.
to plSOOOl commencement, containing lOOaorei,
more or leis
I'eeemner'JO, 190C.
h-ahrv Psrsss, Loestsr.
M. It   UCQtUSStS-, Ageut.
Notice Is hereby given IhatlUty days alter
date  1   lulend   to app.T  tn  the  Houorahle  lbe
chief Commluloner 01 Undi and works, for
permission to purchase tbe fol1 owing de scribed
lunds situated  iu   the  Went   Knotciiay  district:
Commencing "' " post marked "H. fl sonih
vast oorner. snd north ot a   is   Luoa^-s, pnr
ehaseil-lm, on Bend  Preesi theuce north 40
Chain*; Ihenee east  90 chains theuce  M.ulb 40
ciiains; tbenoe90 obalns weat to point of com*
mencemont, containing fiacres, more or less.
Dece'iihertt), 1'Jwi.
Hkmhy Havdkn.
M. I'.   Mr ItUttftIK, Agent.
Hixty days alter dale 1 intend to npply lo the
1 blef Commissioner ot Undi ami Works 10 pur-
einise 6*10 a**res ol land, looated In Lower Arrow
lake,  Wen  Knolenay:   Commencing  ftl  a imihI
plantcil Bt the "N.w. corner of Arrow Lake
Indian Reserve"; them'"*smith m ebalus: ihenee
wost 80 obatnsi tbenoe north BOcbalns: tbenc*
easl Wl chain*. !����� plnee of bl ulnnli
Loftalen 20th iiavof Dec
nOcr, 1006
Hlxty days after date 1 intend to applv lo the
Hon the Chief Commissioner ot Lands audi * orks
to purchase BM seres of land: Commeneltis at ��
post marked "N.t B'ssouthesst corner pom"
���aid poit being ui the northeut cornor of Oeo.
IlUOBOn's preemption claim, ahoiii tu��i miles
f��niihrastof Hinton Cily, thence west 10 clialiii-
iouth 'As cbaina, west 4(> cbains, north -in i huins
���aast n obalns, south 21) chains to place el com-
meneement, containing *24'< acres.
LOOatedSth dayof NOV. 1006,   NstTtST, BSBSi
Sixtv days after date I inteud to apply to lhe
Ion. Chlol Commissioner ol Lands Hmi Works.
Mclorin, to purchase 40 aeres of land. Iltuated
tm the west aide of Arrow Lake, about .'J!-miles
below Hurton, and described as follows: Commencing at u post plauied at tb
" *.ot 7970,
'orner of Lo
tbence wesi
 - northeast
and running north _o chains;
chains, thenee south so chains,
thence east BOfihUM to place of henliiulii-,
��� "llTfilU,
. K Annahlk, Agent.
Nov. lllh, 1908.
Notloe is hereby given tliat BO daya alter dat* I
Intend to apply to {he Honorable lb*- chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission lo
purchase lhe following described lands situate
1 bout 10 miles easl of tlm cTBThsSoJ on the
south shore of the West Arm ol Kootenav lake,
____��__%____��*at H P011 #***& Bbout aoi-haiQH
.VBlSh_I.n_-.w_.''If'" coruerof L��l ,iiA*> marked
"9 Thomas' N. -A corner," thonce souih 20
ihains, .theuco east 30 chains, tbeuoeuorth 20
cbalni, thence weit ao cbalni to point of coni-
point of com
ted thu Sth day of Nov., 1906.    8. Thosas.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
tenth   Rossland anxuai*
Winter   Carnival
Five  Daya
Feb. 12, .3, 14, 15 and \b\
'.tiraud TrOtthlSI and U.OOOii, prim       IwuBamla hi Attendant
HOOKBT��� Int'TiiiitidiHil nml iHtcr-Vniviiirtnl rhntDpiuiiKbips
SN()WSHt)KIN(;-(,.uiinpioUHhipof Hritiali Oiliinibin
TUUtXHiANINC���A mih- h iiiinuto down lhe "ZIP"
SKI-INO��� Jumping ninl Hue iiik    (*baii.pioi��hip of Qsasds
SKATINf J HACKS- For ChiinipionKliip of Hritish Qa.TiTi.Ms
OUBLIMO���A PrtiviiK'iui Baospia]
QoitS-BwlSf.      KneqsCtSsdlSl       taga*t$*flat and other interc��ilnK e?fei
Bed need raiin
C. Fraser. PfSSldSBl
For t . r 1:_-��� r particular*, apply lo
MllSTS lhe King K Adaiii'.iVrntan I
Noilce l* hereby ftrn lh*l fi" dap alter dale 1
lu'end to *pplj lo lb** Honorable the Chlel 1 nm
miuloher o[ Lamls and Worki, Victoria, It C,
tor permUflnti to ptUtthUS tin followimt !��� ���������ith-
ed land, iiniaied in the Wen Kooleuat dlitrlet,
on the west -;���:��� of 1 ubamet (or **lx Ufie) creek,
ou no er side ol wjgou road, alioul & toil el
Ir.'jj We-it Arm o( Kn-*ienav lak��: Cnmineuclns
at a p..-.t marked Mri Hattie liuck'a * K cor-
n**: 1 ,.*,*.-/ *������ cbalm wen; theucv 'to chnin*.
South; theuce �� chalus east; theuce *v chains
north to thi> bo'.nt of commencemeui, coiilaln-
Injr SO aerea of land, moreor leu
listed ll.-.* Itth AoT��mb��r lttiS
SIM  IIattii Uni,
John E Tayloh. Agent
^iIly Aen alier datul intend loapply to lbe
Hon. Chief Coinnita*toner ol J >;nii anil V\orki.
Victoria, to purchase i"��* m i-- of land about twn
miles b-low Hurton City, West Koottnay.com-
ififnclun ai a 1-.*: marked "J. A. Ir-Mug's eait
corner -post." said post being on the easterly end
ol an li-land weit of I>it6.*>l7,aud claiming all lbe
lind contained In said island, being about om
mile in an easterly and westerly direction and
about 'Ai chains from norlh lo south.
November Uth. law. J. A. laviKe,
J E, Aunasls. Agent.
Slitydaya afterdate I inland to apply to the
Hon. Chlel CommlMloner of Lauds ami Works,
Victoria, to purchase UD acres of land located
011 the west Sum Of Arrow lake and iviug directly
nnrth of Lot 7tf.fi. Commencing at a pOSI planted
ai lhe N E. corner of I/it "'/7ii and marked *'B H
B E .wrner," and running north Ai chains,
tbenoe weat 20 chains, thence north *) chains,
tbenoe weel 80 chains, thence south *j chalm,
  oast 40 chains, lo place of beginning.
*      "" BlBTiia b*AD__T.
J. E. Aknable. Agent.
Nov. Mtb, 1906.
Notice la hereby given lhat Go days alterdatc 1
iniend to apply to the Hon. Chief UOlsmusJonei
of Lands and Works for permission to purehaae
the following (.escribed land In Wesl Kootenay
di met ('ommenclng at a poit marked Mrs V
A WUSOn'l corner poit, planted at the northaast
coruerof Section 17,Townsite7, running south
I" chains, thenoe weit 40 chains, theuce north ��J
cbalni, Ihenoe east 40 chnins to place of commencement, containing 160 acres, moreor less
Hated Nov. 2��, 1006. Mas. V. A. Wiijon
J. Wnjon, Agent.
N'ollce Is hereby given that 60 days alter date 1
lulend lo apply to the Honorable tbe Chief Com-
mlssloner of Lands ami Works fnr permission
to purchase880 acres of laud, sltuale on the Utile
Moyle river abonl 1 mile from International
Boundary aud r.bout 1 mile from Spokane inter
national By.: Commencing Ht a poit marked
I�� 'iranls 8. K. corner post, thence west 40
ehulns; tbenoe north 40 ebalus; theme 0fl*t a)
ehains; tbence north 30 chain*;  tbODCS cast &t
ohalns; thenoe south (Vtebtlni to plaee ol commencement, couta nine 880 aores of land
Located Oct, .Wth 1808.
Dahisi. llltiNT.
suty days after daU 1 intend toappiy to the
Honorable;the Chief Commissioner of1Wt nd
Works, Vietoria,topnrebsae MOacras ol land
��h ated in Fire Valley and described a�� followi*'
(. *iiimeiiciug at a post marked Q, It. MoM'i N W
90vtlSiv��Mld Bf411*^ at Lbs southwest oornerol
ut Tos, ana running south Ba ebalns. thenoe
__StS_s! .'"'. tl,Y��,,��'"��.-,|b �� cbains. 3U&0S
welt 90 obelus to place ol beslnnlni
StOT.ath.lS00, t,r.i>. B. M.Milus,
J. E.AsfXSStB, Agent.
Sixty days after dale I Intend toappiy tothe
Hnuorabie tbo Chief Oommlsiloner ..iWidaaud
\orki to purchase Btt acres ol Uud, looatodln
Kire Valley, on west side of Arrow lake i,,,
mencing ata post planted 40 chaini we tof___
"uuthWMt corner of J, Bobluson'i pre-emption
ami marked J. \V"a H. _. eorner, and ni 1 ��
north ft) chains, ihence wen 8u ohlui tnenel
south wSfiaini, thenoe SMtttoh^sto'slJos13
commencement Hiatooi
Nov. 181b, 1006. Jasb William.
J-E. Annablb. Agent
nfJ?^0**" ,H",cr a*lc ��� i,ltei"l �� epply lo the
chief Commissioner of Unds end Worfi _i_
permission lo purchase thu following descrii ,
lands In kootenay District, about ifiKSSSS
of mile Irom Thrum's siding : OommeBOTnt ata
poirplaced at tbe S, W. corner of L tttws "grSu!
1, West Kootenay Inmrict; theuee wasta-ttS
following   the  north   bonadsn ol lVI
cha us; Thence north 10 obalnil thenee eas't 40
chalus, moreor less, lotbe N W ""J1*
l-OBMti thenoe south following the imt___t__f_��!
of L6����:i 10 ohaini more or L-, UBssWbB
meneement. containing 40 aores. mono. Imm -
Dated this 6lh day olVeumher lm      lu""
  M��H. FiTTs.'l.ocator.
.,HLx(_-, _**/.- ���ft'Fdste I intend to apply U7]Z,
Hon Chief OomntlSSlonsr of Lands ai r w..i
Victoria, lo purchase 160 acres of amir ... .rk'-
Ihe west side of Arrow lake, sffuuffi aSffff
low Hurton City, and described u fififfs" Cm
ueuclne at a post marked "F ti b'a anuth 1 .'
corner,ff��idbcfuRiiOchalUBeaBto ti^mp.i110'"1
corner o( Lot 27lorUjence B^JsBSJifSHB
weBt 40 chains; thence Bouth tfoSait?���_���_?____
east 4L) chains to th. Ulaco of *!__$��'' lbenc��
November Hth, 19*. ^""iLhK*
Sixty dayi after date 1 intend u> ��:*
Honorable Ihe Chief t'ommUilnnrr of 1	
Work* for permlulon to purehasa ibeloitm
'l""ii"-i  laudi In   Knolermv  .intrlrt   '
mencing at a ptiit marked J  H Aouiblt.
east eorner poil, aald post ������...���..;
aide of the Uiwer Arrow lakt, abuulin
below   Iturton   CU) I   -tifiic   -��� .���*���   .* u
thenee wen  .*.- ehalni;  ii  !:,.'.(���>
tbence weit .*" cbalm; thenoi uortb mrt
and '20 liuku, more or lea. : '., .mi
ihen. .��� eaiterly along lake4<MhKini, mon el
to the ptact- of beginning, eunuiDin|UM
more or leas
Dai. d thii Mh day of Novembtr. IM
2.1. ifl
per K. L BVSSir. AgjaL
Notice ts bereby gtren thai tuiy dayi S
date 1 intend to Bul applleailon w UiBr
able Chief CommlMloner of Laudi ��i:' *tfl
Victoria. B.i .for permlnion to purcbutlbl
lowing de.-nh.-i laud, iltuate Id fin Tif
West Kooteuay district*. ComnutirinfUlBl
planted ai th�� *o:ithw*st eoruer uf JoabsaW
Inson'i pre-empllon, markeii U.I.K'iB.lST
poet, theuce 40 chains weit, tbenw Sd"
nortb, thenoe fl chalm ea��t u. Joibuskufc
uorihweit corner, thenoe soutli ��jcbslsiu
of commencement, containing !* n:<��.-��
Daied thiS-Srddayof Not-.ISOS.
&i days after date 1 intend loapply totMl
Chief CommiMioner of Landi bd I Wlirlv"L
toria. to PUrshSSI 2*40 acnu of and i <*�����
Klrt Valley and being a portion ��l 'wlHfl
and 10 In Towu-hlpftSand ���!��������� rvf'i u nmtm
Commeucinv at a po��t plantad at tkl toil
corner of tlie southeast quarter ol m*_
Towmblp  G'J snd   marked   I  Q   & *
Ihenee north M ehalus 1 thenee ����t ���)
thenoe south 40 chains; tbence eut flu
place of beginning.
November Wrd HOB,
lours oi
J. E   AHMBU,A(��l
Notice Is hereby giTen toat 80 t*P ______*
Intend to apply to the Honorable the ( bwI��
misiloner of Lands and Works loJSBfl|
acrea of laud described as follow'   (onea^
at a post planted on the norih bukeHK-jL
Moyfe river, aboul 200 yard* from raontM
marked   "K.  luilean's  B   fl   ooriflJ*
tbeuoe east SO chains, thence eerttflSBI
theuce west SO chains, Ihence south W��J"
place of com meneement, and cou ist ntstflis
more or leas. .   .
Located Nth day Oct.. 1*A_.      itotrt.Mrlirt
Hixty days alter date 1 iniend (0 sppljS
Honorable the Cblel 0��am lasl-bsrol uss*"
Worki, Victoria, to purchs.se ffy)��crei ol*
located sad described a. Ifdlowi:  Cotnei"
it a post planted at ths loiitinrcMec-rortJ1
Kobinson's pre-emption luKirt* Vslier-Ws
live mllei from Edwanl Lamiluc well ���"
Arrow lake, and maiked F O'sH E ��ff��*
running WOSl 60 chains, thence south ����
tbence east BO chains, tbemv wow a*
ihence east 40 chains, thence nnrtb ���_"�������
place ol heginniug ._,-.
Nov   ISth.WOS Fai��0��*
J. K. AjoublMi*
Notice Is hereby given that BOflayiSjWj
lutend to applv lothe Hon. OhielCoiBBim"
Undsand Works, victoria, ior per_U_d����
chase the following descrlK'd land, BiS*^^
the Weal Kootenay diitrict. on tii
Duhamel (or Six Mile) creek, neerwsffl
abonl three mllei from KtMiteiisy \"\,T
mencing at a post marked "James J. ���"���ffij
poBt," runuiiig '20 cbsiui SUt, ' ��������� <"''' -,' L
north, thenee *) chains weit, ibew* *c"
���outh, to the point oi eommeniwmeofc mm
ing 40 acres of land, more or less
Dated -Llth November, 1808, ���-
located by JammJ.W*
perJoHHK. T-m-OK.AliiK-
��lxly days after date 1 lulend WttM&l
Honorable the Chief Commissioner ol UWJL
Works for permission to purchase the pn
descrilHJd lands in Koolenay dinrirt: wwjj
cfng ��t a post marked "A. J  D ll'iJNlH
corner posl," said post being on  �����' WR�� J
erly shoroof the Lower Arrow lake ann �����
due east, on Iho northeaal comer ni**'
Oroup 1; thenOS north fio chains; Mlt w J5|
���outh 40chatnr. more or lesa, tOW[USS
thence following said shore lB������r��t___2
direction 60 chains, more or less lowiRTl
bcglnnlug, eontainiug  160 acre:
Dated this'
mere W
I'ltlllMIIIIH        S.-W    ��������.���  .      ���__.
Sth day of Novew ber. i*^ j. ^��
���perK L.BuKi*ST.A��enl;
Notlco is hereby given that SO dsnCH
I intend, to apply��� to ibe HonorablJlBMa
Commiasioner ol Unds and Works lorsj^
sion lo Mir chase the lollowlng ile��nww j
Kootenay district; Commencing: �� "J|
northwest cnrnHIja
marktstl "J. H. W.ll.tse'i
�����lsl ikiii being mi Hie sauMnj ""v"0',Mi-
Arrow lake, anil al lliis ���i>��"'wr".1Sciil��
Portor'a pre-t<niplli���i dsalm: tli��-ui*'-*'*"ij,|,il��
Ihen��� ��olilli IM chaini. llieuiT <_".___
ihenco toulli ao chalna, ihi-nci; J"l,JiSj
mora or leaa to Ihu Arr.m* lake, lhi*ni��'"���III
eaaterlj iiirecilonooohHua, mon_���� ���<
place o( be.Inning, conl^alag 1-W �����"' ���
Bit*) thi, Mih <U�� ol <3tloUr.llt*.1liUt0,
���- SU a.eol, K-MKITII i. B����<".
������ i" mmwataamtatm
To Consumers ot Coal
audi Wood
|e undersigned beg to notify the public that:
On and after the ist February, 1907, orders for Coal
Wood will only be executed when accompanied by
l,SI I.   This course has been rendered imperative owing
Itlic largely increasing list of our customers and the
that we pay IN ADVANCE for all fuel (including
Ight).   We  find we must either adopt the CASH
IS'ITCM or RAISE the price of fuel���the latter course
Jure reluctant to pursue.
Thanking our patrons for past favors and trusting
Icuiitiiiuaiice of friendly relations,
We are, yours obediently,
hsou, B.C., 31st January 1907.
APPAIB8 0* MctllLL
Intere.tmo    Sidelight    on     ll.ivers.ity
Reaching Out for B. C.
KSoi Fine Eiderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
Mm Our Variety of ��UX> Mlotur_��a Hrum��*J In tha
L,at��*tl  Mtyt��H.
tanda*d Futnittstz Q>mpany
Complete House Furnishers
Mil '���  Risch Pianos.
���*- fl ,..m|   MftUrt'SMS
Marshall Sanitary Mattresses.
Undertakers,    Embalmers
lies' and Children Club Snow thee.  J1.75 per pair
if.w BOOK by a well known Canadian Journalltt, "The Clmerone
IBiucc," by R. L. Rlchardaon 91.2S;  pottage 10c
Our Mall  Order D-epartnieiU la at your service.
inada Drug & Book Co.
A university such a .McOIll Ih no muull
financial undertaking, though it is
scarcely ��vr considered In this light.
Some lime ago Mr. Robert Iledford offered to give the university $50,000, provided a tola) additional endowment of
nol less than a million dollars be raised.
Wllh this object In view, a meeting wns
held in Ihe .Montreal board of trade
building a few days ago, attended by
i-isril Htratlicona. Karl (irey. Hlr William
Maedonuld und many olher well-known
men. in explanation of tlie appeal for
uildlllonal funds, ll wus stuted tliat during lhe past year McUIII had lusl year
a deficit of nearly 113,000. P. H
Mathewsoii, of lhe Bank of Commerce,
who dealt with the figures, slated lhal
ln ten years time the expenses of the
Institution hud more than doubled.
$204,000 In 1S96 as compared with
$432,000 ln 1906. Of the latter sum
$277,000 was paid out ln salaries and
wages. In ton yearH lime some magnificent gifts had been received from
Lord Strathcona and Sir William Mac
donald, but as these were mainly for
new buildings and equipment,, the ex-
pensea of maintenance are in no wny
lightened. The only other large sums
received In this period hnve been from
three Bpinsters, a MUs Orkney, who
lefi hy her will $25,000; and the Mlsaes
Dow, who bave contributed $60.00(1.
The Misses Dow nre women who figure
Utile In Montreal's affairs except when
It comes to charitable donations. They
are quiet, retiring women of middle age.
who were left an immense fortune and
n great business by their family (the
Dow's brewers). Tbey reside in a big
house on Phillips Place. They enter
lain but little, and are seldom seen In
public except at concerts. With their
money and a desire for the aame, they
mlghl cut a swath in Montreal's society,
but their alms and ambitions lie In
other directions.
Tht)) PtBy Cm_Jin
t.i iifgk tnilttir.! !�� th�� -iM Wii'!.
theli- Mlccest nnd finpularllv irrnniniri,**,
Tile company consists of eight Rentlo-
nis'ii, who provide a light, bright and
versatile entertainment or a humorous
nature, comprising musical burlesques,
sketches, choruses, coon songs aud
dances, comic quartettes in character,
ballads, etc., in faot. an endless variety of up-to-date musical brlc-a-brac.
They also include among their number
a lightning art-humorist, whose funny
stories and songs are Illustrated with
drawing board and crayons in a moat
Inimitable style.
Kdward Hranscombe's name is suffl-
clem to guarantee that the musical excellence will be assured, and Mint the
programme will be of a refined and at
llatlc order.
Milk of human kindness looks more
or Iush blue nfler It bus beaeu skimmed
by an ingrale.
Hiiunlng expenses go right on when
business Is at n standstill. 	
The Scarlet Mysteries.
Nelson Is shortly to be visited by a
celebrated English company known In
London, Eng., as Ihe Scarlet Mysteries,
who are announced to appear for two
nights only at Sherman's opera house
on February  11  and  12.
This party of entertainers who are
touring under the direction of Edward
Branscombe, whose name has been associated with several previous successful ventures in this country.
The Scarlel Mysteriles bring wltih
them o reputation of six years standing,
during which [>erloil they have nttraci-
Nntice is bsreby Riven that on tieyt alter date 1
intend to spply to tbe llouorable tbe Chief Commissioner ot LandB awl Worka for a license to
prospect lor coal and petroleum over the follow-
inn land: Hituatcd 10 niiir- north ot the inter
national boundary line aud east of the Flathead
river' btgtnuiu-K at a post marked W. K. Cooke's
N.K rorner post, tlienct* So rhslns south, theuee
SO chains wes-, tbenoe SO chain* north, thence SO
chains east to point ot commencement.
Dated Nov. 13. 1906. W. E CoOKE.
Notice Is bereby given that sixty days alter
date I Intend to apply to tbe Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worki lor
a lice nm* to prospect for co* i and petroleum over
tbe following land: Situated 10 miles north of
tbe international boundary line and east ol tbe
Flathead river, beginning at a post marked K 11.
Cooke's N. W. corner post, theuce SO chains
Boutb, tbence SO chains east, thence SO cbaiuB
nortb, tbence So chains west to point of commencement.
Dated Not. 13. IBM. K. II. COOKI.
��������������������������������������������������������� ������������
Every expert examining these Fields have declared
they are the coming Richest Oil Field in the World
[fflions   of   Dollars   in Alberta   Oil Fields
The Canadian Northwest OU Company holds nearly 2,000 acres
in the centre of the Known OK Baft. At the present rate of development prices of shares will advance rapidly, and within a short
time will be selling for many times the present prices. The Stock
is now being bought in Toronto and other Eastern centres���Spokane is also buying. We want the people of this district to share in
the good things of this rich Western Canada of ours. To pour her
rich reasures into the lap of those who seek, we now offer a limited
amount of shares for developement only at 50c. per ahaie to be
paid iu four instalments���25 per cent to be paid with application,
25 per cent in thirty days, 25 per cent in sixty days, the remaining
25 per cent in three months.
***************************** **************** ************M*****************
Send Applications to
Not more than 5,000 or less than 100 will be sold to
any one person.
Notice Is hereby given mat sixty days after
data 1 Intend to apply to the Honorable the Cblel
Commlaaioner ol Lands aud Works for a license
to prospect f >r ooal and petroleum over the fol-
1'iwiiiK land : Situated 11 miles north of the international boundary line and east of tbe Flat-
bead river. Beginning at a post marked R. 8.
Parker's N. W. corner posi, tlience Sl) chains
south, ihence SO chain- east, tlience w chains
north, thence 80 chalus west to polntof com*
Dated Not. 16,1906. li  8. Pakxib.
Notice Is bereby given < bat GO daya after date I
intend to apply to the Honoraole tbe ('blef Commiasioner of Lands and Works for a license to
froBpect for coal and petroleum oTer tbe follow-
Dg land: -Situated 7 miles north of thc interna
tlonsl boundary line and east of thc Flathead
river beginning at a poit marked J dribble's
S. I. corner poat. thence 80 chains north, Ihence
80 chains west, tbeuce so chainx soutb, thence SO
chains east to point ol eommeucement.
Dated  Nm*. ll'. I'.Mi. J.Gmmu.l.
Notice is hereby given that 0" days after date 1
Intend to apply to the Hon Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for a license lo prospect for
coal and petroleum o*rer the following land:
Situated six miles norlh of the International
boundary line and east of the Flathead river.
Beginning at a post marked A. Hurd'* 8. W
eorner post, thence 80 chains nortb, thence 60
chains eaat, thenoe 80 chains south, thence *>
ebalns west to point ot commencement.
Dated Nov- IS, 1908. A, Hoed.
Notloe Is here by glren tbat sixty days after date
1 Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a license to prospect
for coal and petroleum over tbe loUowing land;
Situated 10 miles nortb of the International
bouudary line and east of the Flathead river,
beginning at a post marked C, Cook'-. 8. W. corner
posl, t�� ence 80 chains north, thence 80 chains
east, tbence SO chains sonth, thence SO chains
west to point of commencement.
Dated Nov. 18,190ti. L\ Cooke.
Notice ls bereby given tbat sixty days after
date I intend to apply to the Honorable Cblel
Commiasioner ol Lands and Works for a license
to prospect for coal and petroleum over the following land: Situated nine miles north of the
International boundary line and east of the
Flathead river, beicinmug atapos' marked II.
Krueger's N. W. corner post, thence SO cbaltu
south, thence 80 cbains east, tnence SO chains
north, thenoe 80 cbains west to point of commencement.
Dated Nov. 13,1900 H. KruEOKR.
Notice in hereby given thatslxty days after date
I Intend to apply to the Hou. Chief Commission
erof Lands and Works for a license to prospect
for coal and peiroleum over lho the following
and: Situated nine miles north of the international houndary line and east of the Flathead
river, beginning at a post marked C. Krueger's
N. E. corner post, thence SO chains aeuth, tbence
So chains west, tbence 80 chains north, tlience SO
chains east to polnl of commencement.
Dated Nov. 13th, 1906. C. Krueoeb.
Notice ls hereby given that SO days alter date I
.poly to tlie Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a license to
Intend toapply tothe Honorable tne Chief Commissioner of LandB and Works for a license to
prospect lor coal and petroleum over the following land: Situated two miles nor h ofthe international bonndary Hoe and west of the Hatbeal
rive, begihn-ng at a post markeii 8. Collins' 8. E.
chains west, tbence 80 chslns sonth, thence 80
chains east to point of commenoement.
Dated Nov. u, 1906. S. Collins.
Notioe Is hereby given that 00 days after date I
Intend to applr to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of LandB and ta'orks for a license to prospect for
coal and petroleum over the following land:
Situated two mlUs north of the International
boundary line and west of Uie Flathead river.
Beginning at a post marked C C. BJborna' N E.
corner post, thence 80 cbains sonth, thence SO
chains west, tbenoe 80 cbalni north, thence 80
chains east to point ol commencement.
Dated Nov. 14. 1906 C C BjHOSfS.
tgr_-___�� -i IffT-JFTih
P* Stt&ifceoiia
Nelat*, tt.ti.
fi. Tomkius. Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood    Sample    Roomi.
Queen's Hotel
Beker MlMl, Nelion. B. C.
Lighted by EU-olilcitj stnd
Hasted by Boi Air
Large end Comlorleble Bedroom, nil Flnl-
-tlsuaDlnlugRoom.   Sample Uomni lor DornuiT-
���eul Um
MRS.   I. <S.(J1.AKKK.   I'rops-I.lr.M
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Hates llOOJper day and up.
P. O. Box 151.
Telephone US.
Grand Central Hotel
Tnls hotel hss been romplelt-ly reuovated and
newly furnished with all modern t->|ulpmenu.
Hot water heating throughout.
KATKH : Rooms,  60S.   upward*. | meals   -6c. ;
���pedal rates by the week.
J. A. ERI0K8ON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Op|>osite (,outt 1 louse
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont Hotise
European and American Flan
HmsIi 25 cu.   Boom Irom �� ou. to 11.
Only Wblu Blip Employ-*!.
Baker Ht., Nelion Proprietor!
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dolkr-a-Day House in Nelson.. |
The Bar li the Flneet.
White Help Only Employed.
Joeophlne 81.
Nelion. B. c.
Royal Hotel
Ratea $1 sod 11 ,G0 a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Boarded.
Mosu comlorUble riuarter! Id Neleon
Only the belt of Llquora and clirari.
Notice ls hereby glveu tbat 00 days alter date 1
itend to apply to tne Honorable the Chlet Com
mlssloner of LandB and Works for a license to
froipect lor coal ami petroleum over the follow-
ne land: Situated two miles norlh of tl e international boundary line and west of the F lathead
river. Beginning at a post marked L.B Noland
er's N. ��. corner post, thence80chains south,
tbence SO chains east, thence W chains norlh,
tbenoe to chains west to pom t of eommeneement,
Dated Nov. M, 1906. L. B. Molandih.
Notice is herebv given that 60 daya alter date 1
Intend to apply to the Honorable Chief Commissioner ot Lands and Works for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum over the following
land: Situated two miles north ol tbe International boundary line and weBt of the Flathead
river. Beginning at a post marked w. Tinker's
8. W. corner post, thence 80 chains north, thenoe
80 chains east, theuce 80 ehatns south, thence SO
ehalns west to point ul commenoement.
Dated Nov. M. 1906. W. Tunun.
Notice is hereny given that ao daya alter date 1
Intend to apply to the Honorable Chief Commls
sioner of Lauds and Works for a license to prospect for ooal aud petroleum over the following
land: Situated two miles north of the International boundary line and west of tbe Flathead
river. Beginning at a post narked J. Collins'
N. K, corner post, theni-e 10 chains south, tbence
80 chains west, thence Oo chaius north, thenee 10
ohalns east to point of commenoement.
Dated Nov. 14,1906. J. COLLINS.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 data alter date 1
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a license to
prospect for eoal aud petroleum over thf following land: Situated two miles north of the international boundary line and west ot tha natbead
river. * eglnnlug at a post marked W, UUallali'
N. W. corner post, theuce ��0chains south, tbence
80 chains east, thenco 80 chains north. Uience 80
chains west to point of comi.ieuei;menU
rated Nov. m. 1906. W. lbU&llais.
Notloe ls hereby given that 60 days after date I
inteud to applr to the Hon. Chiel Commissioner
of Lands and Works for a license to prospect (or
coal and petroletrm over the foUowlng Uud:
Sltntted six miles uorth of the International
houndary line and east of tbe Flathead rlrer.
Beginning at a post marked S. H. llurd's N. W
oorner pott, thence 80 chains south, thenca 10
ohalni eaat, thence 80 chains north, thenoe V>
Excursion Rates
Rossland Winter
Fate and One-Third
For the Roand Trip
From Kevelstokc, Fernie and all Intermediate and branch Une points.
1 ^^^^m^^^^A^^^^mmmmmmm*M.m*m^mfmtm
-fasMflg Lots (or Sale
h. __ mTbird.
____! T. G. PROCTER ~__\\
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelson
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
For detailed Information apply to local
A.Q.I".**.., Vincoimr. D.P.A., Ntlsson
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
Choktst Fratt Lands in
British Couimbta.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 3,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
Heavy Hams
Most economical for Camp and Hotel use.
Large shipment just received from W.
Davies Co., Toronto. . . Also Davies
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Orderi hr mmll lo UT brueh will kin
0111 1���'���--*     '  *
HmdOfite: N-__o_.B.C.
NOTICE Is bereby ti.en tbat an aaallcatlon
will be made to the Leflilative Aiaambly of Ua
ProTinceof Brltisb Columbia at lumaztMHlon
Ior an act autborlilag the Patrick Lumber Com*
pany, Uml tod, to place, construct, and maintain,
a dam or dams, boomi, plan, slides, and other
works ln and across the Kootenay rlvor at or
near Thrums Station (abont oppotlU Sob-lot IV.
ot Lot 4M8, tiro-. 1, Kootonay dlitrlet): and In
and across the Llttlo Blocan river; ana In and
acroes the Sloean rivor at ��� point or points below the mouth ot the Little Slocan river; for the
purpoae ot d riving, rafting, sorting, holding, and
manufacturing aaw-logs and timber; lo occupy
the surface of the mid rivers where necessary for
the purposes aforeiald; to clear, Improve, and
remove obstructions from the said riven for log-
driving, rafting, and booming purposes; to levy
and collect tout and duet on lota, timber and
lumber of persons wing ar profiting by such
works, clearing or Improvemenu; to enter upon
and expropriate Undi; and do all other tbiugs
nee-wary, Incidental or conducive to the eier-
clee of any of the above powers.
Dated tbe 10th day of December, 1906.
Solicitor lor tbo Applicant.
Ccftntcjtte of ImproTsmsiiffs,
"May," "B.C.." "ttratkror," "Jot," "Jot Tne.
thud," aad "JohaD.lt>h-n"liusintClalBi,
���Uutu-dln theHloessm city Ulnlai Olrutoa ot
tkt W-Mt Kootraar DUIriot.
WkmloMtod-s-Northof Twain Hlli CrMk
���test oae and st hall mll�� ap.   ,
Tit. notlo that I, II. S. Jorand ol Bloean I.e.
Vn* Hiner'i certlllrale No. MttMU, su t_.nl (or
Horace It. Van Tayl, tr** Miner ��� etrtlleate No.
���M2I, intend, lixt; dstjri trom the date hereof,
to applr to the Mlnlof Reoorder tor a Oettlleato
ol lapro-remeab, tor Ue paraoee ol OMaialai a
Crown Urant ot the md mineral elalaH.
Aad further take nolle* that aettoa under
Section tt, ami u ooauaenoM before the loss-
uee ot inch CertHtntei ot lmproTemenla.
Dated thii mt Dar ot January, 1W7.
In tho matter of en epplteatton for the luue ol
a duplicate ot the Certificate of Title tor an
undivided 1-8 of Lou 2, aad 3, Block 12, Town ol
Notice Is hereby given tbat It te my Intention
lo luue al the expiration ot oue month trom
theflnt publication hereoi a duplicate ot the
Certificate of Title to the above landi In Ihe
uemeot Florence M. HodglM which Cerltflcete
li dated tbe atli day ol Deeember, UN, and
numbered ��MIK.
H. F. MicLKOI),
metric! Retlitrar.
land Reentry Offlce, Neleon, B C
January ��th,l��OT.
Notice Is hereby given that on Monday, February 36th, 1907, that tbe Court of K .vision for
tbe Municipality of tbe City of Sloean will be
held in tho City Uall on above date, at 3 p.m ,
for the purpoae of revising tho Assessment Boll
of the City ot Slocan. Those making complaints
against tholr assessment aro required to hare
their protests In the hands ot the City Clerk (en
'lays previous to the ilrst sitting of the Court of
Dated at Slocan, Jauuarr 24th. IW.
chains west to point of commencement
Dated Nov. l��. i��06
X. H. HMD.
w. a.  aiUUETT
-Contractor and
Solo agent for tbe Porto Rico Lumber CO., Ltd..
retail yerdi. Rough and dre��ied lumber, turisod
work and brackets,, Coait lath and uhlnglea, rath
Md doom, Cement, brick and lime tor uie.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory -. Vernou st.. east ol Ball
INBt-SON,  B. C.
r. O. Boa m Telephone in
FRIININU AND QRAFTINu carefully attended to. Apply
MlTtr Klai Howl.
F. C CUZM      F. r. MflUOl      A. H, CltED
CvU Engineers, DombtiM aad British
CM.VK-T0WA fc M0TDUT __. MUM. I. C.
r. a in i�� n-atuii.
unoaK oi improvements
"lasreai," "Climax," "Honeahoe," .'Queen,"
"Union Jack," iltuated In Nelton Mining
Located on Porcupine creek.
Take Notloe that I, Frank Fletcher, agent far
tba Aotive Oold Mining Company, FrtwMlaer'i
CertHeate No. BBOga. Intend. M dayi trom-ate
hereof, lo apply to the Mining Recorder tor a
Certificate ol Improvemenu lor the purpoee ol
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above elalma.
Aad further take notice that aettoa, under
Section (I, muit be eommenoed. before the lieu
aaoa al nth CertMeaM ot improvameate.
Dated NeUon.Wiih Dee., IW.
run lunua.
-Q-mrtlfloeitm  of Improvmmmnt*
Rio Tente, Orinoco, Queen Victoria Fractional
aad Ornoco Fractional Mineral Claiusn, iltuate
In the Neleon Mining DlvUlon ol Wait Kooteaay
Looated on Queen Victoria Mountain, near
���eailey siding.
Take Notiee that I, Frank C. Oreen, aciing aa
-went lor Michael ban, Free Mlner'i certHeate
No. BUMntend, ilxty daye Irom the data hereof,
to apply to the Mining Reoorder for Certlfiealea
ot Improvementi, lor the purpoie ol obtaining
Crown Oranti of the above elalmi.
And lurther take notice that action, under
lection tt, murt be commenced before the
iHuance of luob Certificates, of Improvement!.
Dated thu Hth day of January. Iain.
F.c OaaaafNiuoii,!. C
"wCftluCJktt Ol -AflEtSVOWflftHAIS
"Helton" mineral claim. llluaHd In the Nelna
Mining DlvUlon ot Wait Kootenay dlitrlet.
Where located :-On Toad mountain.
Take Notloe tbal I, John McLaukle. acting ae
agenl lor ileoree A. Campbell, Free MlaeM Car
ta-saie No. Mmi. Intend, alxty dn��i from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Seeorder Ite
a Certlfioalaof Improvementi, ior the punaee sil
obtaining a Crown Oraat ol the ab��M etaflT
And! urther take aottee that action, unlet
leetloKF, muit lie commenced before tie tan.
I* rjnj
* **i ���������
:,' \
t "
"     'is
it I
The Daily Uftadiai!
Your Old Jewelry
-WIN be Worll! bisim-thlng tu >osi if yon bring it to be filed up. Ixok
after your genii. Set that they arc In perfectly safe condition We can
replace the dawn or give you a ne* anting that will show the gem lo
lbe besl advantage
Bftfat d^lined four points today.
No .hane*--; aro report-ad in otber metaJ
STOP!    j
Of the  difference there is      J
l,.|Sl*i-s*ll    1-T      HIKl    -,'\*I'-.    ill ���
Canned   Goods ���
Ws- i*arry -only
FIRSTS       ���
Une trial or onr ���
;;Tartan   Brand}
Will i-onvince you   thai we       J
earn* a full itock ���
Table  Pruit
l->ie    l-ruit
.Vltiplts Syrup j
VSumu  Price ns Inferior J
tlooda 1
iiBell Trading Co, I
! **************************
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything.
(0 to tbo Old Curiosity Shop. A new
Hue of .Japaneae floods now on sale.
AH klnda of Dlnm-rware In stock. Hat-
tarn i.
|Now My Friend]
Wouldn't yon like something
tteae cold mornings; something
that would send the blood through
yonr veins and fill yonr heart
with Joy?
Now, tell your wife lo buy a
pound of that good coffee that Joy
sella, and serve Bome, good and
hot, for breakfast. After drinking some of that coffee, things
will look rosy all Ihe day, and
\&oy Hsill meet you at the door I
[Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor J���v i.toiii- an.l Mill SU.     Phone 1>
\v��  Minis  �����   Hpcclnlly
Beletitul Stock of
for  Xmnn  Irmla.
$toac__r<. Crocks. Bean Pots, lea Pots, Etc.
Munroe & Nelson
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stovea, ate.
121 Eaat Baker St. Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
Cur. Virnon and Ward  Streota,
FRED J. HUME, Proprietor.
D. K Whitehead, Toronto: N. C
Mackay, C. W, McLean, C. It Garland.
Kaslo: .Mrs. H. MeCurciieon, Greenwood; A C. McCorkle, Calgary; H
Ue and *��*lfe. P. a. Paulson. Spokane;
A. H. Tuttle. R. Clarkson, Ymir.
T H. Tretb-ewey, i.a jilau; D A. Mc
Fatland. Coleman.
W, Gray. Balmo; A. N. LeCaln, Gren-
fell, lt. c.  MeKurstry. G. Coleman,  F
*,V   Power, Cranbnsok.
R   K   lameH. I., p. Little, Vmlr
.1 D McMillan. Regtna; J, Mapnus,
Orenlcll; J T Smiih. Labado; P.Daly.
P. F. Janes. Ymir: G. W. Ferguson and
wife, Nelaon, \Va��h .; .! Iturcb. Dutte;
0. H Burtl-n. It II Itoddington, Craw-
ford Bay
J   L  LeRoy. N  Dates. Ymir.
W. A. Adams, Rossland.
W. Ninz. Sloean: .1. Mcintosh, Grand
Forks;;   C. L. Bank'-r.  Morrishurg;   C.
I' ok. Stanley;    B,   Vlttonl, Moyle; J.
li.tk'-r, Gerrard.
a.   Allan.   .1  Allan. Vancouver,   D
liltc". Trail.
We have just unloaded a car of
Parity Flout
Made from high grade Man!-
loba Hard Whoat. Wlihniu a
doubt It is the beat Dour ou
the market. Money refunded
if not satisfactory.
Telephone 161,
Sherman's Opera House
Two Nights Only, Monday & Tne-si'ay
February Uth and 12th
Mr. KrtH_.nl KiiorrtmU-pref-eni* the [ftinoim
"Scarlet Mysteries''
From  LondOd.   KngUnd, prettentliiK the Ifttttt
LflOtfOD Nnvtlti-** in Kf.fi* ���; MuMi-ftl ConeAj
Prin-h; Mo., 75c, $1.00
h.i.i* tin Ml.* at  K i fi'l If.nl r Bat Unlay
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office; Bealey Building.   P. O. Bo*
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
All Kinds of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Houae.     Tel. 181.
ENHlNIElt enit BDiHMJM et WetuburitMlll,
iii'.i CraUbnss.ls. ll'* , ssls-si IluHhmen At I'rocter
SI 111.
Wettubum, B.C.
TWO TIUT-CLAB9 ROOMH, iteam U����t~-.   Ap-
1-lv boueekee-ocr. Brd net, it. W. C.block.
Neil F. Mackay, M. L. A. for Kaslo,
was In tlie city last night ncs-iviug the
eoogratnlatiotu of his frienda.
N. .1. Cavanaugh itatea this morning
that slii|siis'-nts from the Queen Victo-
tia copier its,ii'.-s will begin in about a
week or ten days.
i* W, McAjui K C . or Kaslo s.niv*
ed in the ettj last night ami |s-ft this
its.��� .-sis.,- :. . 1:* iter, N Y , -ftl. sn In-
will again aitdergo ������     rglca    iperadon
H   C,   BuIUl        - ii  charge of
th>* ri---   ]*i\..':  plan .-    the .",<)
days teal for thi- AlUa-Cbalmera-Bul-
lock company. s.i>s that i*\.|-> thing at
the p'aut is w   :,*:;:;   -ss*iefactorfly.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Nt Ison Untveraltj ("uli will be held in
th.* club parlor Saturday night at s
o'clock. Tlie programme for the eve-
niug will be a jsaj, *r 'iu Bthlca and Pol
itlcs" by Rev   F. H   Graham.
Members of .**���.'������!-.���!> Aerie, Fraternal
Order of Eagles, will be At Home In
their lodge rooms this -evening Ths.
progtamme will include progressive
t-ard games. musKlc and ilaneing. The
Eagb.-s have deservedly a high reputation in Nelaon for hospitality ansl for
efficient management uf such functions for the enjoyment of their guests
Provincial   Association   to   Assemble   in
Nelson   for   Annual  Con
fere nee.
On Wednesday anil Thursday next
week. February 11 and 15, the membors
o' Isoards of school trustees of the
ptovlnce will assemble in Nelson. The
meetings will be held In the board of
trade rooms in the morning, afternoon
and evening. The programme, a fairly
lengthy one, hftfl already been published
in The Daily Canadian.
The Provincial Trustees' Association
is only three years old. The two for
m*ir conventions huv,. ijeen held In Van
fouver and Victoria, lis object ia to
watch legislation In the Interest of ed-
ucatlon generally, and of school boards
In particular. li will he interesting,
therefore, to nee to what extent the
resolutions adopted���notice of about 'JO
baa been given���will constitute a crlt-
Ic'sm of the latest amendments to the
School Act.
As a matter of fact most of the lm-
portant amendments, apart from those
dialiug with the financial relations between the province and ihe municipalities, have heen passed at the instance
of the boards of trustees.
ii is not certain yel how many will
bi in attendance. It is assumed thai
a'l the cities will be represented, and
it ls strongly urged hy the interior
n embers that all towns nndl rural districts should also lis- represented, if not
In the person of a member of the board
a' least by proxy.
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ittle  to
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K. W. C, Block . Phone 10.
Ae McDonald& Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Butler, Eggs.
Oampand Miners' Supplies.
at Cost
I have a few linw of Silverware
left from Christmas. This must be
sold at once.
At Cash Price
Knivi-s. Forks. Spoons, Tea Si-ts.
Cake Plates, biscuit Jars, Napkin
Rings, etc.. all Triple Plated Ware.
WholeMl-i sad Hpull Dtelen In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camp* iupplied on ahort**��t notice and
lowest price. Nothing bat fresh and
wholesome meat* and nopples kept in htixlt
Mail ordt-n* receiTe can-fcl attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
C* A* Benedict
Comer Silica and Josephine 8t8.
PHO,\K  7.
Filing Cabinet
which we offer at reduced prices because we want the space to complete
another line which we have 'ak'*n up.
is ;m upright Cabinet run-Msting of j
six   files,   cornice   anil   base.     It !
measure.: Height .1 .in., wirith 12in.,
d<*pth  lf.in.    Valti" $!!"��� on.
We Offer it for $18.00.
consssis of two units, each containing nine files (3 Wea wide and
i de-p.s I.e. 18 fil���-.-, in all. Also
cornice ansl base. One unit is fitted
���with acme lock. The whole measures: height 39in.. width Sli^in..
drpih IT'siln.    Value $41.*.'o.
We Offer tt for $28.00.
W. G. Thomson
_?A��T.B0KK'k_R "d Nelson, B.C.
Phones A4).
coal! __wood!   Starkey & Co., ��g_5
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
offi. i:
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   Ste.
Fifty Cent Hand Bagsl
They are beauties at the price.
Watchmaker Jeweler
Talephona AAA.
*   IPES
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Three Furnished
or Unfurnished Rooms
or Part of House*
Room  I, Hudson Bay Block.
With the Curlers.
Judge Forln'a rink, which still stands
highest In the President vs. Vice-President series, Is first Into semi-finals in
the Burns cup contest.
The following games are scheduled
f* r today and  tonight:
I p. m.���Starkey vs. Wells on No. "
ii e.
7:30���No. 1, Richardson vs. Hedley;
No. 2, Fox vs, Mclntyre.
Tobicconist.   Baku Strut.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will And it to their advantage to nse our Pitch
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Red Croas Prog Store
for your Prescriptions, Family Recipes,
Hair Tonics, and all kinds of
Note the Address:
Baker St., near Josephine, Nelson, B. C
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
Price R000.00
H. E, Croadsdaile & ^
.Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
At least two-thirds of the married *
men you met are henpecked, bu t they 1
d sn'i know it.
An ounce contributed to the happiness of another is a pound added to
yom own. I
Trains and  Boats.
Crow train���715 p. m.
Coast   and  Sloean train���Four hour!
Rossland train���On time.
Kasin connection -On time
When yon compare your freights you will buy in Nelson
D. J. Robertson & Co.
Will continue for ANOTHER WEEK
Whole-Milt* Provls-tlonci,
Dominion Government On>amery OnePonnd Bricks received weekly fmh
from the rhurn.   For sale by nil leading groccru.
Office and warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone "9
Josephine Street. - Nelson, B. C.
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co., Lti
A Word to the
This ywir we have appreciated the wants of oua
tomen and have passed iuto stock the
Good Cheer Art Base Burno
This htove is adapted for hard ooal only, aodii|i
autoed to give natiefactiou.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwa
Company, Limited.
B. A. ISAAC n. W. HINTON *********
RopnlrlnB nnd .lot-thins nacuted -with iMa-Mtch.   8he��t ****
Work, .vlliilsriK aruTMIII Machlsnasry.     MssinutHClsisari ol
Or* cars, ft. ft.   Contractora* Car*.
Cornfirnl Hi*l -tnd
Front Strt-cti.
ru Boi��
UNITE and sing that   lhe  iti!i��f>rt��tio��< (
John T. Piorre nre the pnsjser thii*
My last fall shipment hne Jum arrived. ���
them aud place your order early for _mu_l
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
 ���  7  ___���
ftuwInc.Hrt mon,
Working men,
Man In ilf*cH�� ftttlr*.
Sporting ni-vn,
HandNomi men,
Mtn that's full of fir*
Subject  to  Confirmation
VVe Will Buy
We Will Se"
10.000 Ramblcr-rnrltinn    27V,
f.,000 Sullivan   07
1".000 B. C.  AnialBiinialed  Coal,. Of fer
100 Sullivan Bonds
8,000 American Boy
1.000 International Coal
B. B. Mighton & Co
Drawer 1082
phone 1
AND DEALERS IN   Litttlhztf  Sh-flg\ZS>
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window**
Turned Work and Brackata. Mail Ortera promptly attto*1
VERNON8TRBBT   .  .   .   NBUON.B.C.
Our atoek of Skatii la complete end "'
Including the popular
Wood-ValUnce Ha*ivwe Oi


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